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NOVEMBER 1, 2013

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approach to finances, and been destroying the warned, “We was no question about suggested the need to gains that we made.” cannot paying the money, and manage the country’s He noted that there continue year chided the government OPPOSITION LEADER fiscal situation so that were no salary increases after year on for presenting the ARNHIM EUSTACE has current deficit is over the last two years. the same obligation “as some Leader of the supported the government- glowing achievement.” lessened. He pointed that there path.” tabled resolution He repeated the need was need to keep The Opposition Leader Opposition Arnhim Eustace led his approving the increase in Government’s to have surplus, and expenses in line and look expressed the government’s management of blamed the government’s to improve production disappointment with the opposition bench in cautious support of the borrowing limit from $35 finances having to borrow on their and revenue. “lack of impact on resolution to increase million to fifty million. (mis)management of “Let us work together banana farmers. the government’s The resolution was Eustace took issue resources. to get that settled,” tabled and approved at with the government’s For him, “we have Eustace indicated and Continued on Page 3. borrowing limit. last Tuesday’s Sitting of Parliament. Some of that increase will go towards paying Civil Servants the remaining one and half by KENVILLE HORNE Total expenditure also million to just over $12 million,” percent of a three increased from EC$128 million Gonsalves disclosed. percent wage increase PRIME MINISTER Ralph in the third quarter last year to Also at Tuesday’s sitting of granted to them since Gonsalves told parliament EC$146 million this year, while the House, amidst deep 2011. on Tuesday that the recurrent expenditure increased concerns from the opposition, As far as Eustace is Government received more from EC$118 million to EC$124 approval was granted for the concerned, by the time revenue during the third million. Capital expenditure Government of St. Vincent and the workers get the quarter of this year but climbed from EC$8 million to the Grenadines to increase the money, inflation would ended with a higher deficit, EC$22 million. borrowing limit from EC$35 have eaten most of it. compared to the same The current balance, a deficit million dollars to EC$50 The East Kingstown period of 2012. of EC$1.3 million in 2012, million. Parliamentarian stressed The Prime Mminister moved to a deficit of EC$5.4 The Prime Minister said the that the payment of the was responding to a million in 2013, while the purpose of this increase is to one and half percent was question by Opposition overall balance moved from meet the current requirements “no gift,” and that the Leader Arnhim Eustace. EC$2.6 million last year to a of the Government. “money was owed.” Dr. Gonsalves told deficit of EC$9.3 million. There was unanimous He supported the lawmakers that during the Gonsalves pointed to the 4.8 support for the motion resolution “because Civil third quarter of this year, per cent increase in recurrent regarding increasing the Servants deserve their total revenue and grants expenditure and about 170 per borrowing limit, with money.” amounted to EC$137 cent increase in the capital Opposition Leader Arnhim In answer to his own million, compared to expenditure, as the contributing Eustace explaining that he was question, “Who is going EC$124.2 million during the force to the widening of the only supporting the motion to repay it?”, Eustace same period of 2012. overall deficit. because he wanted Public answered, “The same Current revenue improved “In the recurrent Servants to get their salary taxpayers you paying by EC$2 million, moving expenditure, the items which increase. He called on the to… the same people who Prime Minister Dr. Ralph from EC$117 million in continue to show spending, Government to manage its are going to be paying Gonsalves tabled a motion to 2012 to EC$119 million in continue to show robust growth, financial affairs properly. back.” grant government increased 2013. would be the pensions, from $11 He posited that there borrowing power. by WILLIAM KOJAH ANTHONY

Increase in revenue but higher deficit




VINSAVE goes ‘down memory lane’

A display of photographs traced the journey of the institution through its 50 years of service.

by GLORIAH… THE VINSAVE CHILD Development Centre held an exhibition and local food sale to commemorate St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ 34th Anniversary of Independence on the premises of the institution, last Friday, 25th October. The event formed part of Vinsave’s 50th Anniversary celebrations — 24th July, 2013 to 23rd July, 2014 — and was held under the theme: ‘From the Past to the present: Down Memory Lane’. According to Director of Vinsave, Mrs. Janice Fraser, the event was held to remind individuals of the journeys which the institution has undertaken through its fifty years of existence. It showcased equipment from the past, along with plaques received by the organization. The journey down memory lane was undertaken mostly through pictures. A huge photo album made by the Vinsave teachers was on display, taking visitors all the way back to the days when the organization was called ‘Cansave’ (Canadian

Office equipment used in the early years of the operation. Save the Children Fund). One of the photographs featured was that of a very young, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on a visit to the institution. Supervisor of the Babies’ Section at the Child Development Centre, Ms. Yolande Jack, proudly showed THE VINCENTIAN the wealth and high quality of comfort toys and educational materials made by the teachers and Early Childhood Education students in training. The toys are used by children who attend Vinsave’s Day Care and Pre-school. Jack, in conversation with THE VINCENTIAN, emphasized the institution’s concept of parent involvement, and highlighted the parental information section of the exhibition and the value of the resource material on show, to the continuing education of the parents. Activities to mark the 50th year milestone will continue throughout the year and into 2014.

The information counter and display of items made by staff and trainees.



News 3

NTRC holds publicity drive


THE NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY COMMISSION (NTRC) held a Publicity Drive last Friday, 25th, October, under the gallery of the National Postal Corporation in Kingstown. According to Mr. Kyron Duncan, Director of the Universal Service Fund (USF) within the NTRC, the Public Drive was hosted to create awareness about the activities of the NTRC, with emphasis on the seven projects of the Universal Service Fund; to sensitize persons to what the USF does; and to provide information on the NTRC’s “I2 Competition 2013”.

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

According to Mr. Duncan, the NTRC is the telecommunications regulators in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with the mission to “efficiently monitor the operations of Telecommunications Services under the laws of SVG, while providing an open market to all telecommunications providers, ensuring fair treatment for consumers and providing Universal Service to Vincentians.”

The Universal Service Fund The Universal Service Fund (USF) is a fund used by the NTRC to

The NTRC took to the streets to highlight its work, and the public welcomed the opportunity. compensate any telecom provider who is required to provide or promote Universal Service. It has embarked on a number of projects which include: the Internet Project, providing internet access nationwide at various Learning Resource Centres; the Schools’ Project, providing wireless internet services to 107 schools in SVG’; the Maritime Project that has improved the VHF maritime coverage around SVG; the Police Station and Health Centre Project, which has either introduced or improved wireless

broadband internet access to Police Stations and Health Centres; THE Community Centres Project, increasing access to wireless Internet service at Community Centres; the SMART Project, providing specialized supplementary ICT training capabilities at the SVG Community College.

using their imagination and creativity to showcase their inclination towards innovation. It will focus mainly on the development and presentation of projects in the form of ‘Idea and Mobile Applications’. Participants will be required to provide detailed description of

The NTRC’s I2 Competition 2013

Government’s borrowing limit increased

The I2 Competition has been created to give students the opportunity to change the world

Ray Williams gets kudos VINCENTIAN BORN RAY WILLIAMS, who was honoured with a Technical Grammy Award for Excellence in 2012, came in for recognition last Tuesday, during a House of Assembly sitting. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves pointed to Williams’s accolades as an example of one seizing opportunities to advance. The Prime Minister referred to Williams’s work with world renowned artistes like Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder. Williams’s involvement in arts and music as a youth was used as indication of the pattern youngsters should follow. Gonsalves pointed to Williams’s parental

guidance which led him to set up a facility to teach people in 1995. Williams, son of former Police Inspector Claude Williams and Head Teacher Margaret Williams, left here in 1980 for Canada. He fused his foundation in music with technology and was instrumental in the production and promotion of Melodyne Software, which is widely used in recording studios to refine vocal performances to a level of perfection that was not previously possible. Williams set up his own Steinberg Canada Music Software in 1991, and though he has since traversed a distant journey from his hometown of

Chateubelair and honed his skills in Canada, he has not given up his roots. He has helped with the installation of many recording studios here. During this recent visit, Williams worked along with the Information Technology Department in a series of lectures and workshops. Culture and Tourism Minister Cecil McKie acknowledged Williams’s presence at last Tuesday’s House of Assembly sitting. He alluded to Williams’s family connections to Jules and Willis Williams, foundation members of the Band Touch, and proprietors and operators of Windy Recording Studios and WE FM

their idea, what it will do and who will use it. Eligibility is open to all students of secondary schools and all divisions of the SVG Community College. The competition will be held from October 18th, 2013 to January 31st, 2014. Further information is available at:

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Ray Williams has been a key pioneer of Canada’s music software trade ever since establishing Steinberg Canada in 1991. Radio. Look out for a full interview with Ray Williams in next week’s edition of THE VINCENTIAN.

“We need to put money into banana production,” the former Prime Minister stated. He noted that “we have economic difficulties,” but that not all of the problems were as a result of the international crisis. For Eustace, other adjustments had to be made. He indicated the need to “look more deeply at the finances of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” Opposition parliamentarians St. Clair Leacock, the Central Kingstown representative, Daniel Cummings (West Kingstown), Dr. Godwin Friday (Northern Grenadines) also contributed to the debate. They followed Eustace’s cue in support of the resolution, but their addresses were spiced with excerpts of derision of the government’s handling of the country’s economic affairs. Transport and Works Minister Julian Francis confessed that there were difficulties in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but he rejected the notion of gloom and doom by the opposition parliamentarians. Dr. Gonsalves expressed pleasure with the support from the members of Parliament when he wound up the debate. He described the government’s decision to borrow the money as “a sensible one.” The sitting of the House was expected to continue yesterday Thursday, October 31.




Policemen freed Morgan and Collins were left in suspense after the Chief Magistrate WHILE Police Sergeant Julius Morgan is reserved her decision on the remaining happy that he and two other policemen charges against them, following have been freed on criminal charges in written closing submissions by connection with the shooting of one of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) their colleagues, he hopes that the Colin Williams and the defence. They, victim would be compensated for injuries however, walked away entirely free sustained while on duty. from the Serious Offences Court last The police officer of ten years voiced Friday after the Chief Magistrate his feelings during an interview with ruled that she had dismissed the THE VINCENTIAN on Tuesday, as he charges after considering all the reflected with emotional pain and evidence. sorrow on what he described as, “a very unfortunate incident.” No sense of happiness His comments came after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young gave her final Morgan told THE VINCENTIAN, “I ruling last Friday, October 25. am happy that the matter went Sergeant Morgan along with through a full trial, nothing was Constables Orlando Collins and withdrawn by the prosecution and in Adrian Forde, all of the Criminal the end we were vindicated.” Investigation Department, were But he made it clear, “I feel no charged with conspiracy to defeat the sense of happiness about the incident.” course of justice, while Morgan and He noted that Edwards was shot Collins had been charged jointly with accidentally as a result of lack of unlawfully and maliciously wounding coordination between various units of Corporal Milford Edwards of the the police force, who were responding Narcotics Unit, unlawfully discharging to a call that there was a drug a firearm, excessive use of force, and transaction taking place on a beach at acting in a manner so rash or so Rose Place. He said it was around 10 negligent as to be likely to cause harm p.m. when the CID officers got to the to a person. beach, it was dark, and they were not All five charges stemmed from a aware that the Narcotics Unit was police operation at Rose Place, already there. Kingstown, December 5, 2012, during “The matter is very unfortunate, which Corporal Edwards was shot in and it was very unfortunate that my the right upper arm. colleague and close friend, Corporal At the close of the prosecution’s case at the Serious Offences Court, June 25, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young dismissed the conspiracy charge against Forde. She concluded there A LARGO HEIGHT man convicted of was no evidence to support the charge murder at the Criminal Assizes on against him after upholding his Tuesday will know his fate November attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne’s 29. objection to a report Forde had given Leroy Haynes, a 31-year-old to the police shortly after the incident, labourer of Largo Height, will be being admitted into evidence. The sentenced following a social inquiry objection was made on the grounds report ordered by Justice Frederick that witness statements are not put Bruce-Lyle. into evidence. A 12-member jury found him guilty The charges of wounding, of the murder of Basil Ellis, 37, of negligence and conspiracy against Redemption Sharpes, originally of Morgan, and those of negligence and Chateaubelair. Ellis died after being conspiracy against Collins were stabbed in the stomach with a knife, subsequently dismissed on no case Saturday, August 6, 2011. submissions made by attorneys Ronald According to evidence presented by Marks, representing Morgan, and the prosecution, Haynes and Ellis Duane Daniel, representing Collins. were friends, and Ellis owed him $50. Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

Edwards, was injured. I sympathized with him throughout the ordeal, and I do hope that he will be compensated accordingly for injuries he received while on duty,” the police officer declared.

Family affected Sergeant Morgan, who led the CID team during the operation, also seized the opportunity to apologise to the families of Forde and Collins for what they went through. “Because of the fact that I was team leader, I felt responsible that the other guys were also charged,” Morgan sighed. “For me, it was a financial setback, a setback workwise, and it adversely affected my family life. “Conspiracy is the charge that affected me most because the public had the perception that we planned to shoot Edwards. People were telling my 8-year-old son that, ‘Your daddy going to prison’ and ‘your father ain’t gone jail yet’ ,” Morgan explained, adding that he kept the faith. “Despite what I went through, I took it with a smile. I am a very strong person, I didn’t make it break me down,” Morgan said. He expressed the view that the matter could have been dealt with differently instead of criminal charges being laid against them.

Sergeant Julius Morgan is happy the case is over. Morgan concluded by expressing gratitude to his lawyer Ronald Marks as well as attorney Kay BacchusBrowne, who represented Forde, and Duane Daniel who defended Collins. The three police officers were suspended on half pay pending the outcome of the matter. Up to press time Wednesday, THE VINCENTIAN had not ascertained whether they returned to their jobs.

Labourer convicted for murder Around 3 p.m. on the date in question, Haynes met Ellis and asked him for his money. Ellis told Haynes he would give him the $50 the following Monday. The accused insisted that he should be paid the same day, threatened to kill Ellis and walked away. Around 7:30 p.m. the same day, Haynes met Ellis at the exit of the Windward bus terminal and again demanded his money. Haynes was armed with a knife. Ellis walked away and his girlfriend asked him why he was turning his back, while Ellis was armed with a knife. Haynes followed Ellis and made two attempts to stab him. Ellis, who was drinking a

Guinness, hurled the bottle at the accused, but it did not catch him. Haynes then ran up to Ellis and stabbed him in the stomach. He fell to the ground and his intestine started protruding. He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he died. Haynes opted not to give evidence at the trial which started last week Monday. He was represented by attorney Jomo Thomas who argued a case of self-defence and provocation. Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John led the case for the prosecutions.




Venezuela on Âmassive import exerciseÊ Rafael Ramirez, Vice President for the Economic Area, announced plans for the massive importation exercise. THE VENEZUELANS will embark on a “massive” importation of

food over the next two months, to combat food shortages in the run up to Christmas. Under the plan, a total of 400,000 tons of food shipments will arrive from other Latin American countries, with 80,000 tons coming from Venezuela’s neighbour Brazil. Vice President for the Economic Area, Rafael Ramirez, said last week that the import exercise was aimed at attacking at least two problems: the issue of shortages and a related strong inflationary pressure.

For the better part of this year, Venezuelans have experienced an Venezuelans queuing for food at a increase in shortages of several basic foodstuffs and Officials argue that current personal items such as milk, economic problems are the corn flour, cooking oil and result of an “economic war” toilet paper. being waged against the According to the government by wealthy allies Venezuelan Central Bank’s of the conservative opposition, (BCV) scarcity index, shortage who they say are seeking to levels are currently 21.2%, attack the country’s currency having oscillated at around and cause discontent in the 20% since January. population by disrupting food Authorities consider scarcity supply. index levels of below 14% “The president [Nicolas “normal”.

Reparations battle eyes Britain’s courts CARICOM is resolved to bring the government of Britain before the courts in its (CARCOM) demand for reparations for the slave trade, slavery and genocide. Towards this end, the Caribbean states have employed the services of a British law Firm, Leigh Day in London. Indications from the firm are that the Caribbean nations would prefer not to go to court, but will do so if an amicable settlement fails. Tong Best, Caribbean Journalist writing from New York, reports Martyn Day, the British lawyer who successfully

Martyn Day and supporters of the Kenyan group leaving the High Court.

represented scores of Kenyans who were brutalized by British forces and colonial administrators in the African country during the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s, as saying to a British newspaper: “I know they are hoping they can resolve this matter amicably rather than having to take the matters through the court.” Day is reported to have said further, “Our advice has been that the Caribbean states should be claiming (reparations) in relation to the impact of the slave trade on the Caribbean today rather than for reparations related to what happened to the slaves historically.” CARICOM is targeting the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands, seeking compensation from the major former slave-owning states in the form of financial and technical assistance to the countries as a whole, instead of through individual payouts to descendants of slaves in each country. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has repeatedly said that CARICOM was prepared to take the matter to the International Court of Justice in The Hague if it became necessary. All of this follows on a CARICOM leaders meeting in Trinidad and

Tobago where they agreed to set up national reparations commissions in each country; a recent Raparations Conference held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, fleshed out certain Dr. Ralph strategies which will Gonsalves, PM of inform further SVG, was one of action by the Heads. many Caribbean While CARICOM heads that Heads have not referred to the made a demand for reparations Issue a specific sum of at this year’s UN money in the General reparations case, Assembly. they have, with Dr. Ralph Gonsalves leading the way, referred to the point that when Britain abolished slavery in 1834, it borrowed (English pounds sterling) 20 million to compensate slaveowners in the Caribbean, the U.K. and elsewhere for the loss of slaves. In today’s money, the borrowed funds would be equivalent to (US) $200 billion. The slaves weren’t compensated.

state-run market in Caracas. Maduro] instructed [the purchase of] more food because that’s where they [the opposition] are playing dirty with the whole country. They’re deviating the food supply, they take it as contraband or they hoard it,” said Rafael Ramirez. Critics and the political opposition though, blame,“government mismanagement” for the economic situation, arguing that interventionist policies such as currency and price controls have negatively impacted imports and food production. “All [current economic problems] are the result of the administrative management of an inefficient, ignorant, and highly ideologically-driven government,” declared the coordinator of the opposition Democratic Unity (MUD) coalition’s food and agriculture commission in a press release today. Since President Maduro’s election in April, the government has implemented a range of measures to attempt to reduce shortage levels, such as increasing food imports, cracking down on hoarding and contraband networks, and stimulating greater domestic food production. According to statements made by the Minister of Agriculture last month, Venezuela imports 50% of food consumed. (Source:

Climate change affects fisheries sector THE BELIZE-BASED Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) has expressed concern over the future of the region’s seafood reserves, saying that climate change has a rippling effect on the fisheries sector. Dr Susan Singh-Renton, CRFM’s deputy director, warned last week that climate change will affect not only the fish and their habitats, but also industry performance and all the human social and economic benefits derived from this. Singh-Renton outlined that there will be ripple-on impacts for industry livelihoods and the contribution of fresh fish

in meeting the region’s food and nutrition security demands. She added, “The tourism industry will also take a big hit, as the typical Caribbean vacation will offer poorer sand and sea recreational activities. “Caribbean marine life is being threatened throughout the range of supporting habitats. Sea grass beds, mangrove swamps, coral reefs and the open ocean will face changed conditions, affecting sea life in both nursery grounds and adult living areas,” according to SinghRenton. Already established is that the coral reefs are being

affected by ocean acidification, increased sea temperatures that are known to cause coral bleaching, excessive Depleting fish resources sedimentation from will mean that there will land-based sources be less fresh fish to meet Dr. Susan Singh-Renton, CRFM’s deputy director. with SVG’s Minister of Agriculture usually through the region’s food and Saboto Caesar (left) during the 8th flooding, and Singhnutrition security Scientific Meeting held in SVG on June Renton called for demands. 30th, 2012 in Kingstown. careful monitoring and conserving of the region’s ecosystems. and Rural Development in the fish) and riverine inputs, Other factors which have Caribbean” at the 12th which provide much needed the potential to affect Caribbean Week of nutrients to local fish stocks. Caribbean fisheries include Agriculture, which took Singh-Renton’s caution changes to ocean current place in Guyana earlier this came when she spoke at a patterns, which influence the month. (Source: Caribbean forum on “Inclusive Evidence migration patterns of larger Based Coverage of Agriculture News Now)




Lawyer makes recommendation also charged in connection with the incident, but was ATTORNEY RONALD MARKS has acquitted at the close of the recommended that the relevant prosecution’s case, June 25. Marks, who represented authorities examine an incident which occurred last December 5 Morgan, told THE VINCENTIAN, “I expected the during which a police officer Magistrate to find them not was shot, with a view to guilty. From the facts, it was ensuring that incidents of this clear that it was an accident. nature do not recur. There was a report that a drug Marks made the transaction was taking place recommendation last Friday on a beach at Rose Place, and while speaking to THE the CID officers responded, VINCENTIAN shortly after not realizing that the Sergeant Julius Morgan and Narcotics Unit was already Constable Orlando Collins, dispatched; nobody both of the Criminal communicated that to them. Investigation Department When they got to the beach, it (CID), were freed of criminal was dark. They saw a man charges at the Serious turn around with a rifle and Offences Court. The charges thought it was someone stemmed from an incident on involved in the drug the beach at Rose Place, transaction”. Kingstown, during which He pointed out that the Corporal Milford Edwards of Police Force needs to seriously the Narcotics Unit was shot in update their procedures in the right upper arm. Constable Adrian Forde was responding to serious reports by HAYDN HUGGINS

and whenever a situation calls for a response as in this case. “Procedures have to be properly coordinated to avoid another situation like this. This is a very unfortunate incident. I am just happy that the officer who was shot was not killed,” Marks said. The prosecution’s case was that the CID officers acted recklessly during the operation. In his defence, Corporal Edwards told the Court that he was shot from behind. Edwards, who is lefthanded, said he had a M4 rifle slung over his right shoulder, a bunch of keys in this right hand and a flashlight in his left hand. He said there were Ronald Marks three suspects under their guard, and when Sergeant other two. Katherine Robinson of the He told the court, “I fixed Narcotics Unit took one of myself in a position with my them to urinate, he remained back turned to the river,” guarding the adding that when he had just

Colin Williams about looked over his shoulder, he heard an explosion from behind, his right shoulder went numb and he realized that he was shot. When contacted on Wednesday, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams, who led the case for the prosecution, declined to comment at that point. He however told THE VINCENTIAN that he will comment on the matter in due course.

Youth indicted for aggravated burglary stealing a purse containing a blackberry cellular phone valued A BELAIR YOUTH will stand trial $1,200 and other items. The offence before a judge and jury for aggravated was reportedly committed between burglary. March 27 and 28, 2013. At the conclusion of a Preliminary Six witnesses testified for the Inquiry (PI) on Tuesday at the Serious prosecution. They included Michelle Offences Court, Chief Magistrate Cumberbatch, Corporal Casanki Quow Sonya Young ruled that a prima facie and investigator Corporal Ashlyn case was made out against Kareem Bristol. Cumberbatch. The accused was without legal Cumberbatch, 20, is charged with representation. being armed with a cutlass entered Inspector Adolphus Delpleche the dwelling house of his stepmother, prosecuted. Michelle Cumberbatch of Belair, and by HAYDN HUGGINS

Building a French connection VINCENTIANS are likely to be granted the privilege of travelling to the French Caribbean Departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe for as many as 15 days without a visa. That is one of the things that will happen as a result of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves’ hopes will be enacted following a visit he made visit to Martinique last week. Gonsalves made the announcement in Parliament last Tuesday. He noted that citizens from Dominica and St. Lucia already have such privileges, and he expressed the hope of having the offer extended to nationals of other Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Travel privileges were not the only

issues discussed. Concerns relating to regional energy, cooperation in Trade, Health, in keeping with Martinique’s application for OECS membership. Martinique’s participation in the regional airline LIAT was also discussed. Dr. Gonslaves also had the honour of addressing The Regional Council of Martinique. According to Dr. Gonsalves, Martinique was “interested in finding an expression of Caribbean-ness.” And he anticipated enhanced relations in sports, culture and education. “We have to reach out, be flexible and creative in the kinds of relationships that we are forming,” the Vincentian leader pointed out. (WKA)




PM awakens ‘dull’ Parade by GLORIAH… A MAMMOTH CROWD, some say the largest ever, turned up last Sunday, 27th October, at the Victoria Park, on the occasion of the 34th Anniversary of Independence of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to witness the annual military parade, still the signature event of our Independence celebrations. Vincentians had huddled to the ‘Park’ in anticipation of seeing and hearing a combination of acts and proclamations that would have heightened and answered their expectations. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves took the The major act at the opportunity of the Independence Parade to annual Independence highlight some of his Government’s Military Parade has been, achievements and to bring good tidings to over the years, a creative public servants. military drill involving a number of the uniformed project; the Geothermal Electricity troops — military and para-military. As project; the creation of the “modern per usual, they were accompanied by city at Arnos Vale” where the current the Royal St. Vincent and the airport stands; and the removal, Grenadines Police Force Band and the expansion and modernization of Port band from the SVG Cadet Corps. Kingstown to another nearby location. This year, members of the public In what he called a “fantastic present called the drill “extremely project for 2014”, Prime Minister disappointing”. There was no creative Gonsalves announced that, come 2014, routine; apart from the quick and slow some 12,500 Acer laptops, “with time march displays, the crowd was Microsoft Word,” will be distributed to left bored. Even the accustomed sharp students in secondary schools here. turns at the top corners of the field did The securing of these machines, he not elicit the usual appreciative said, was made possible through the screams and wails. Instead, the government of Venezuela, the spectators themselves were the ones government of St. Vincent and the who put on the acts. They had Grenadines and financing from a deliberately adorned themselves in computer magazine in Europe, owned their national colours, using every by a naturalized citizen who resides in conceivable ‘style and fashion’, and Mustique. The crowd was elated. created a memorable spectacle that The Prime Minister went on to warranted many a photo opportunity. make their elation complete when he As far as proclamations went, the announced that, at the end of this Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Ralph month — October, 2013 — all public Gonsalves, in his Independence Day service employees, daily paid and Message, made two significant ones: other minored workers will receive a statements which received screaming salary increase of 1.5%, retroactive to and cheering reviews from the January, 2011. The one-and-a-half per majority of the expectant crowd. cent increase in salary, is the balance The Prime Minister entreated the to the heretofore-agreed 3% increase crowd to detailed information about in January 2011, half of which was the major projects that his paid in 2012. government has been undertaking for According to the Prime Minister, the past year and those intended for who is also this country’s Minister of the near future. Special among these Finance, the payment will cost the were: the Argyle International Airport government in excess of EC$9 million.

The RSVG Police Force Band and the SVG Cadet Corps Band combined to provide musical accompaniment for the parade.

The crowd may have been disappointed with the military drills but warmed to Dr. Gonsalves’ address.



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Editorial Another Independence anniversary has gone ANOTHER INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY, the 34th, has come and gone just like that. There was the traditional military parade, which has become an occasion for the Prime Minister to deliver promises of good tidings, as though trying to beat the Christmas rush, and in the process, as Columnist Clem Iton has said before, breech the protocol of the Budget Session by announcing matters of a national fiscal/financial nature that still have to await the approval of the Appropriations Bill before their proper implementation. The military parade has long been considered a hangover from the colonial days, and many a contributor to this newspaper has called for its removal. The truth is the current administration has given further sustenance to this ‘colonial’ exercise, since they view the occasion as another test of approval of its record. That being the case, there is little hope that there would be any lessening in ‘significance’ (of the parade) in the foreseeable future. But for what it’s worth, perhaps it is time to give more attention to the Schools Rally; involve the schools in some additional, meaningful participation - drills, exercise demonstrations - and give the necessary support so that this becomes the signal occasion of our marking of our independence. After all, there is always need to embolden a sense of independence and pride among the younger generation, on whose backs the preservation and furtherance of our sovereignty rest. And while we are on the issue of the future and the nurturing of the young minds of our nation, it is instructive that we take note of what was expressed by Cultural Research Officer Michael Peters, in an interview carried in THE VINCENTIAN’S Independence Supplement, October 25, 2013. Peters raised searching questions about our ‘named’ national symbols, purporting that we just might be misleading (more like fooling) ourselves and generations to come, into identifying with ‘symbols’ that do not in fact reflect our culture, our identity. The questions raised, the concerns expressed are not without purpose and more importantly truthfulness. If we are to carry Peters’ arguments a step further, we are wont to conclude that the only thing that signifies a ‘Vincentianness’ is our flag, (our national colours); all the other symbols (national food, drink, flower) being as far removed from our everyday life as snow is on our mountain tops. The issue here is whether we are brave enough to admit our folly and, as we did with the changing of the flag, to do something about it. So that the national dish could become tri tri cake which, according to our cartoonist of two issues ago, even our displaced Vincy Parrot (in Germany) requested of our journalist on a recent visit. Time we forget about spending energy on matters that are mere exercises for those who feel themselves intellectually gifted, and attend to the ‘bread and butter’ matters that make us one nation under God. And talking about one nation under God, how much longer will an Independence Anniversary celebration pass without bestowing honours, recognition on persons worthy of same? It must be something of an embarrassment that Vincentians in the American Diaspora have been, for the last three years at least, bestowing recognition on outstanding Vincentians among their midst. Should we not follow their lead and begin to bestow honours on those who have labored right here, on behalf of the betterment of Vincentians? And here, we speak not of recognizing those (e.g. politicians) whom we are wont to believe make the most contributions, when in fact they are handsomely remunerated for their ‘sacrifices’. We speak of persons — the salt of the earth — whose impact on the lives of others is direct and lasting. And we don’t need a new constitution to do this; we don’t have to wait on Her Majesty’s New Year’s and Birthday honours to recognize the work of our own. We know who they are, we know their worth, so why can’t we be public and non-partisan in recognizing that good? Independence is about encouraging a sense of self-esteem and control over our lives. It is more than donning outfits in the national colours.

34th Independence package-fall-out FIRST OF ALL, Keith Joseph reminds us for the umpteenth time that “military” parades to commemorate our independence make no sense at all. It shows that we are still dependent on the traditional way things were done in the old colonial days. In fact, there were official memos issued at the time concerning the salutary effect which these parades had on the native mind. True, our people are not any longer “overawed’, but we just go for the spectacle which in our time should at least be beefed up with the participation of different groups showcasing the development of the nation, focusing on a variety of relevant themes. The third anniversary 1982 of the Grenada revolution was such a display personally witnessed by Ralph, Renwick, Keith Joseph and me. I will not elaborate on the Prime Minister’s speech which was another “master-piece” geared to vote-catching over the next year or so, during which national elections are likely to be held: we may label it “Never jam today” with all the goodies generally and generously spread over the next year. Not a word about integrity legislation that is solely needed; nor about the cross country road of which so much was made 10 years ago; nor of the grandiloquent national stadium for which the youth yearn desperately; nor about plans to create or facilitate industrial growth to take up some economic slack and ease the jobless situation; and what about the playing field begun at Cumberland some 10 years ago! We have been promised a revised cocoa industry down the road, a return of bananas which they had killed and, of course, the international airport which, if it passes all hurdles, will be a tremendous boost to our economy, especially the tourism product, but over the long run during which, in lord Keynes words, we will all be dead. While the grass grows, the horse starves. The government has been inept in placing all its eggs in one basket. The spin-off effect will be too long in coming to support the brilliant idea of a new city on the site of the Arnos Vale airport. We shall soon see whether the saying still holds true; that the Vincentian electorate remembers only the last meal- the back-pay money which had been released, sweetly timed for maximum effect within sight of crucial elections. The first and foremost item on the agenda is the selection of a coterie of National Heroes to join Chatoyer. I have already suggested Mc Intosh and Joshua as true heroes, with Parmenos Eustace as a likely third. But on no account must Cato get the accolade, and it is Cato that Ralph needs for narrow political and personal reasons. The final debate can hardly await the beginning of the New Year within earshot of the next National election. Ralph’s close circle of friends and associates who oppose the Cato claim include Oscar Allen, Renwick Rose, Caspar London

(deceased) Mike Browne, Blazer Williams and Jomo Thomas, who resigned the chairmanship of the Ralph Gonsalves selection panel after the P.M had decided, Parnel opposing in principle, the decision openly to advocate that Cato join the pantheon of Heroes. But Jomo Thomas is now a firm believer in the Comrade whose Senate he now serves, and is likely to change his tune about Cato’s capacity, to suit his altered circumstances! Paradoxically, Ralph now needs the support of old Catoites for his son Camillo who is contesting the East St George seat, Cato’s foremost stomping ground. Cato as National Hero places a feather in the cap of both son and father who in real life had never been a favourite of Cato, who will turn in his grave at the notion that Ralph is using him for his own glory! “THE VINCENTIAN” did an Independence supplement for the occasion. They chose Clem Iton, an old Flambeau and Forum man; Leroy Providence, son of Leonard Providence an old Labour Party scribe; and me to express our views. The title of the first pieces speak eloquently for themselves; “Independence without Liberation is hollow”, and “How will we dig ourselves out of this hole that Gonsalves had left us in?”. As for me, I suggested that we were currently headed down the road to perdition and needed to change direction if we are to survive. There are four actions recently taken by Ralph that show that the leopard does not change his spots, despite his honeyed words on Independence Day. Firstly, Jules Ferdinand was reportedly offered candidacy for the Central Kingstown seat, coupled with the Deputy-Leadership of the Unity Labour Party if he would only bow down and worship. Secondly, Lorraine Friday was directly offered the Deputy Speakership without the decency of any involvement of his leader Arnhim Eustace at all. He politely declined. Thirdly, Jomo was invited to join the ULP bench on the Senate and Deputy- Speakership of the House, to which he hungrily responded. Fourthly, the PM is publicly clearing a path for reconciliation with Anesia Baptiste, leader of the brand new DRP. It is anybody’s guess as to whether she would naively take the bait as Jomo had done, or whether she would brace herself and stand up for principle as Drs. Friday and Ferdinand had done. My friend Adrian Fraser is fond of the statement that “There is never a dull movement in the politics of SVG,” I responded with my own favourite; are we about to experience yet another “mother of all elections”? Independence Day 2013 was a magnificent day; unlike so many before, it was not a rainy day, but Rene’s (birth) day nonetheless.

V Taking umbrage



with the ULP and Jomo

A professor for the Reparations Committee

Mr. Editor, my attention was heightened by two references in your issue of Friday 25th October, 2013. The first was contained in the ULP Column. In particular, my attention was heightened by the following extract” “There is a disturbing coarseness in our public and private discourses that does no credit to our country. Our talk show hosts on radio, particularly on opposition radio, have allowed the national debate to descend to new lows. We have to move away from this negativity and address national issues in the spirit of self-mastery, to I WISH TO USE your columns to suggest American enhance our possibilities, and to reduce our to the Reparations Committee that they Studies at the Pennsylvania State limitations.” exhaust every effort to have Mr. Roy I University; Founding member of the I pray that the ULP is also speaking to itself Austin, a distinguished Vincentian Forum on Black Affairs (a Penn State when it passes such judgement(s). Both political scholar who has served the government affiliated group promoting the parties are guilty of casting disparaging statements of the United States as ambassador to interests of black people). against their opponents, and if I may be honest to Trinidad and Tobago, a few years ago, Mr. Austin seems to me to be one of my conscience, the ULP may just be the worse of serve as a consultant to the regional those persons who should be invited to the two evils in this regard. reparations process. participate in this conversation we The ULP must be fair in its judgement of others. Among items on his C.V. are the have set out on. Could I say that it must first take the speck from following: Associate Professor of its own eye? Sociology, Justice, and African LeRoy Providence The second reference which caused undue discomfort on my part, especially as a senior citizen, was Jomo Thomas writing, “Even if Eustace were to drink from the cup of redemption and success in 2015, he will be 71 years old, with little DIVALI is one of the lamps’. Diyas are lit in different part of India. or no physical or intellectual vigor left.” most important festivals every house to banish Most of our ancestors I wonder if the learned lawyer and senator celebrated in India and the darkness and to who came here as realizes that in disparaging Mr. Eustace in this around the world where welcome good luck and way, that he is, by extension, disparaging those of migrant workers were good fortune. us who have attained the Indians reside. Hindus, but only a It is celebrated on the People wear new battle-tested score of vestige of our ‘Indianess’ darkest night of the year, clothes, meet their three score and ten? has survived some one friends and relatives, Is the learned senator which usually is sometime in the give each other sweets hundred and fifty years. saying that those who beginning of November. and gifts. Homes are also However, in keeping are 71 and over no During Divali, also decorated with flowers with the spirit of Divali, longer have the intellect known as the Festival of arranged in Rangoli to compare to persons let us all make an effort * Is that new Lights, homes are patterns. like himself? to dispel the darkness of system decorated with Divali is a festival of There are many 71 introduced ignorance and and older citizens of this earthenware lamps filled joy, prosperity, and good intolerance. Let our by the Customs and with oil, which are called fortune a celebration of country who are as Excise Department diyas. The name is the victory of good over inner light shine. intellectually alert and causing more delays derived from ‘Sanskrit’ evil, which is expressed may be moreso, than and frustrations which means ‘Row of in different legends in Elmore Gaymes many persons the age of rather than making the learned senator. I it easier for business hope that when he gets people and other to be 71, that he will importers? have the intellect to * Why was the IT THE OPPOSITION with them, I want Were invitations sent compete with those Co-ordinator allowed PARTY (NDP) has answers to other to the New Democratic younger than himself. to go on leave just disappointed me by not questions, not through Party? I believe that about when that new attending the parade. the phone but in the special dignitaries got Senior Citizen system was While I want to deal papers. letters signed by the PM. introduced at the Now I believe that wrong Customs and Excise? behaviour continues to * Are Supervisors at be shown to us down the Customs and here. Somebody tell me Excise Departments who is to blame. afraid to reprimand WHEN THE Prime Minister was opening. And even if it is re-opened, Stop the quarrel and junior officers finished with his boast about paying who is representing the workers? show us down here that because those the Public Servants what is rightfully Who will see about their severance ‘juniors’ have more you all have got a change theirs, I could not help but think of a pay? Who will see about their political clout than of heart. I beg certain set of workers in this country pensions? the Supervisors? Is who have been wronged, and it seems You know Ju-C was very much part Vincentians to stop it a case of ‘who put no one really cares. of the culture of Vincentians. Red Ju- fighting and cursing for me where’? I speak of those workers at the Ju- C became something that identified our parliamentarians * Is there a C factory who have been caught with us. Wherever we went in the world, because when the deliberate effort to their pants down, and now have we would always come back home to a elections are finished, run down the begging bowls in their hands. It is red Ju-C. However, when I sit down they are still friends. I operations of the now well over two years since this and think about it, Ju-C was never took my eyes and saw my Kingstown Port? factory closed, and not a word from really our thing because we never representative shake * Is a certain the shareholders, the workers’ union owned it. And that is the crux of the whistle-blower who (Burns Bonadie and the CTAWU) or situation. Private ownership could be hands with Curtis Bowman. I loved that. ‘blew’ the news the Government. I do remember the a real curse. When some people said about a certain top PM making one of his many boasts My prayers are still with the Ju-C official’s ill conduct about how the factory was going to be workers. I pray that you will get what “Watch there”, I said at a certain work “Love showing.” How re-opened. Well, that is what you call is yours, what you worked for. place, about to be many more did that? a real idle boast because I ain’t see dismissed? any movements at the factory at Paul Election is like a game Campden Park to say that it is re-

What is Divali?

Going to the goats I DON’T KNOW who is responsible, but whoever it is, I want to say congratulations for what is happening at the Kingstown cemetery. I must say that recently it has been kept pretty clean, with the grass not being allowed to grow to heights that used the hide the goats. The attendants there are now uniformed, and that seems to have added to their respectability. There is, however, one problem that still plagues the cemetery, and that is the number of goats that roam freely. You can’t even count to three after you ‘crown that person with roses’, before the goats attack the wreaths. They seem to truly enjoy the feast. Those wreaths cost a pretty dime, and it is a shame that they are not allowed to decorate the grave for a few days. Time to get the goats out the cemetery, or maybe we could assign a certain spot in the cemetery where we can bury them after we shoot them. Elizabeth C.

Longing for a change of heart

Those Ju-C workers

of cricket. So you people change your ways and learn to accept criticisms and not show bad temper. Ask God to control your hearts, and pray more that the pressures and hardships we are feeling will be lifted from our shoulders. It does not make any sense that we pray for parliamentarians and they do not pray sincerely for themselves. Independence came and passed. Is there any change in your attitudes? Shout it to me if others are not interested to see the change. If there is a Christian Council in SVG, get out of the hole and speak out. You have the key, so use it. Prayer changes things. Until next time. Bishop L. Frank




Of corruption and the NDP Prime Minister’s

Independence Address? Nothing to smile about!

The Issue IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, at a public meeting in the North Leeward area, the Leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace, made what must be described as a befuddled and surprising statement to his followers. He said “… I know that corruption is part of the cause of our poverty that we face in this country”. The statement is indeed unique because unwittingly or otherwise, Arnhim Eustace has confirmed that the NDP administration was the most corrupt in the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Similarly, he is confirming that there is very little or no corruption being practised by the ULP administration led by Comrade Ralph. There is indeed a correlation between corruption and poverty. While corruption produces the image of people prospering and getting rich, there is a wider relationship to poverty, in the sense that corruption delays and diverts economic growth, thus affecting the most vulnerable in the society. Poverty by itself invites corruption. Corruption on the other hand deepens poverty, creating a sector of the society that is vulnerable to exploitation. It works best when there are weaknesses in key financial, economic, political and social institutions.

the high level of indigent poverty, a whopping 25.7 percent, and, we repeat, just about a quarter of the population.

The response of the ULP to poverty

Under the ULP administration, the level of indigent poverty, as measured by Kairi Consultants, the same company used by the NDP, was 2.9 percent. In the process, the ULP has created a fairer and more equitable society, with over ten thousand new jobs on offer for employment, a doubling of the wealth of the country from EC$1.1 billion to over EC$2 billion today, with a fashioning of appropriate public policies to fight poverty. Most important, there is virtually little or no corruption among government officials, although there are a few public servants who have flouted the financial rules of the public service, sometimes for matters of expediency. Where this has happened, then the required action is taken within the regulations. Significantly, no government minister uses state owned vehicles for The issue of Poverty their private use. No government minister is allowed to purchase crown Mr. Eustace will be well advised to lands at concessionary prices, as re-examine and to reflect on the under the NDP. There is proper and statement made to his supporters. transparent accounting where Even on his statement alone, there is government projects are concerned, a damnation of the work of the NDP and the approval of parliament is in its seventeen years in office. always sought in relation to public Vincentians will recall that just before sector related loans. they left office, the NDP had By the standards set by the NDP, a commissioned study on the level of 2.9 percent indigent poverty level is poverty in this country. That study an indication that there is virtually was done by Kairi Consultants of very little corruption under the ULP. Trinidad and Tobago, and showed The fact is that the NDP during its 17 that the level of indigent poverty years in office, really defined what among the population was 25.7 corruption is really all about. And it is percent. the ULP administration that has This figure by itself is significant, demonstrated, through its public since it indicates that close to a policies, an unrelenting campaign quarter of the population was living against corruption and corrupt in indigent poverty. Now, based on practices. the thesis offered by Arnhim Eustace, The ULP has focused on the the level of corruption in the society, delivery of good governance, and has and by extension in the NDP done so in the manner in which it has administration, must have been very administered the affairs of the nation. high, to create this level of poverty In fact, it is widely commented upon, among Vincentians. that the ULP administration which The examples are numerous, from came into office in 2001, has presided the fiasco of the Ottley Hall marina over the most impressive project, the Colonial Homes debacle, achievements for any government in the sweet-heart mortgage deals at the the history of St. Vincent and the former National Commercial Bank, Grenadines. the purchasing of state lands at knock down prices, the failed Union Island Conclusion project, and the list goes on. There are two other matters. When the NDP talks about Government ministers were taking corruption, it must reflect on its home state owned vehicles and using period in office. It must reflect on the them as personal transportation, all many corrupt acts that its members paid for by the tax payers of this and supporters were involved in. country. And then there was the Indeed, Arnhim Eustace was moved to Kingsley Layne matter, in which the talk about three or four examples of NDP tried to settle on a payment to corruption perpetuated by NDP the former diplomat, without proper supporters, much to the surprise of accounting. his listeners, who were not aware of So it is remarkable that Arnhim these activities. Eustace and the NDP could talk about When it comes to the fight against corruption and its relation to poverty, corruption, the ULP has a proud given what existed at the time. record, one which the NDP cannot Clearly the NDP is confirming that touch. We repeat for emphasis: it is indeed there was a high level of the NDP during its 17 years in office, corruption during their reign in office, that defined the word “corruption”. 1984-2001, as cross referenced with

PRIME MINISTER DR. RALPH Gonsalves’ Independence Address to the nation on Sunday 27th October, 2013, was the usual empty rhetoric to which Vincentians have grown accustomed. The speech sadly lacked anything novel or creative, as far as outlining measures to address the fundamental problems affecting the lives of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Instead, he outlined a number of old projects which we have heard about since the 2010 general elections. The question Vincentians are asking: Where are the plans to create jobs, improve the health system, revitalize the agricultural sector and to stimulate the economy? In his address, the Prime Minister declared that each student at the secondary and tertiary level would receive a laptop; but that is late in coming. The students should have had their computers since 2011, given that in the campaign leading up to the 2010 general elections, the ULP promised, once it was elected to government, that each school child would have received a laptop. It is now 2013, and we are approaching another election season. We also recall that laptops were distributed to some primary school students. The question now is: When will the other primary school students receive their computers? And there are hundreds of computers at the Ministry of Education waiting to be repaired. Does the Ministry of Education have trained personnel to effectively service and repair the computers? The Prime Minister appeared to be excited when he announced that his government would pay the 1.5 percent salary increase that was owed to public servants. Dr. Gonsalves should be ashamed to make such an announcement at that time after all the boast by him that the economy is doing well. His administration owed the public servants of this country since January, 2011, and to make the announcement on Independence Day that the 1.5 percent was to be paid, was nothing to be excited or to smile about. That 1.5 percent was half of the 3 percent salary increase that was legislated by the ULP administration in 2009. The government was forced to pay the other half in 2012 after the trade unions threatened industrial action. Therefore, it is crystal clear that the economy of this country is not doing well, for if it was, the 3 percent would have been paid since 2011 when it was due. The ULP administration has mismanaged the economy. And to make matters worse, the government went to parliament on Tuesday 29th October, 2013 to seek permission to extend its overdraft by $15 Million to meet its obligation. It must be noted that the NDP supports the public servants getting their 1.5 percent, but continues to criticise the ULP regime for the manner in which it is managing the economy. While the public servants received their 1.5 percent that was owed to them, it must be noted that since 2011 inflation has gone up significantly and workers’ contribution to the NIS will increase as of January 1st, 2014. So when one examines the situation

carefully, there isn’t anything really to smile about; the hardship continues. Vincentians should also be reminded that there was no salary increase in 2012 and 2013. During the seventeen (17) years of the NDP government, public servants received a salary increase every year. We must not forget that during the salary negotiations in 2000, when the Honourable Arnhim Eustace told the trade unions that his government was only able to pay 12 percent, the leadership of the ULP told them not to accept the 12 percent; they would give them 30 percent. Today, public servants are still waiting for that 30 percent. The Prime Minister also made mention about bananas. He said that farmers had begun going back to the lands and planting bananas. Where? Where in St. Vincent have farmers gone back to the land to plant bananas? The few banana farmers who remain in the industry are struggling and suffering, and this government is not assisting them in any way. Farmers have to wait over four (4) months for payments for their bananas; they cannot get cartons to ship their fruits; the bananas are not sprayed on time and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, the Minister of Agriculture was clearly embarrassed on Tuesday 29th October, 2013, in the House of Assembly, when he was asked by the Honourable Roland Matthews the following question: What is the revenue received from bananas that have been shipped to the UK market this year? Before he answered the question, he talked about hurricane Tomas, giving the impression that hurricane Tomas is the reason why banana is in the state it is today. But the real reason for the sad state of the banana industry is because the government did not spray the bananas to combat the Black Sigatoka. Do not blame hurricane Tomas. Hurricane Tomas struck St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2010. St. Lucia was also hit by hurricane Tomas, but their production has rebounded far in excess of that of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. When the minister got around to answering the question, he informed that so far for the year this country has earned $194,400. for bananas that were shipped to the UK market. What a disgrace! For an industry which once earned over $100 Million in 1990 and 1992, to $194,400 so far this year? And remember last year, the income from bananas was $1.5 Million. Even after the changes on the European market, in 2002, this country earned $43 Million for bananas. Eleven (11) years later, Mr. Saboto Caesar and the ULP have destroyed the banana industry. No farmer in his or her right mind should vote for the ULP when the next general elections are called. The ULP should pay a heavy political price at the polls for the destruction of bananas in this country.

V Cave Hill at 50 (1963-2013):



Path to prosperity “It is of the utmost importance that our statesmen and scholars, students and scientists should all realize that a university institution cannot survive unless it has as its constant goal service to the communities which support and sustain its activities.” — Right Honourable Errol Walton Barrow, Prime Minister of Barbados speaking at the graduation address at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, Barbados, on February 6, 1968. The Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies is now half a century old. This institution of higher learning commenced its operation as a College of Arts and Science on Saturday, October 12, 1963 (and was “upgraded” to become a full campus of the University of the West Indies in 1972). Its mandate was to provide quality tertiary level education for the citizens of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Pro-ViceChancellor and Principal of the Cave Hill Campus notes that, “Some of the finest minds in the region were mobilized to give shape and form to this eruption in capacity building. Vice Chancellor Sir Arthur Lewis had bequeathed to his successor Sir Philip Sherlock, a strategic plan for university expansion in the Eastern Caribbean. Lewis was committed to Barbados as a prime and proper location following the development of the St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad in 1962. Premier Errol Barrow of Barbados, and admirer of both Lewis and Sherlock, was keen to fashion with the help of UWI a critical component of the education revolution he prepared to unleash, and took personal responsibility for advancing the Lewis initiative.” We commend these Caribbean luminaries for the insights they displayed and the proactive stance that they championed to create and sustain such a noble institution that has chartered a path to prosperity for the people of the region. The Cave Hill Campus, through successive visionary leadership, continues to plan a course that propels the institution and its various stakeholders to new heights of excellence. It is therefore not surprising that the Campus has received international recognition in a variety of fields. The university has also attracted international students, and regularly receives invitations from reputable universities throughout the world that wish to partner with it. These initiatives testify of the very high respect that the institution holds. Many of our outstanding leaders in business and government throughout the Eastern Caribbean are graduates of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies. Many of their leadership and management skills have been honed at UWI. And it is at this institution that regional and international networks were created and/or strengthened. A visit to their website will provide ample evidence of the number of outstanding individuals that have graduated from this institution of higher learning ( chievers.asp). These outstanding and accomplished alumni emerged from the Faculty of Humanities & Education, the Faculty of Pure & applied Sciences, the Faculty of law, the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Institute for Gender and Development Studies. The UWI’s mission statement is: “To advance the education and create knowledge through excellence in

teaching, research, innovation, public service, intellectual leadership and outreach in order to support the inclusive (social, economic, political, cultural, environmental) development of the Caribbean region and beyond”. The faculty and staff at the various campuses of the University of the West Indies continue to do this well … and to make us proud as they perform their duties in an exemplary manner. Amidst the numerous challenges (especially limited finances) they continue to go beyond the call of duty as they seek to ensure that they bring the university to the people of the region. The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies, considered to be the fourth campus, is particularly focused on such outreach programmes. The level of enrollment at the Cave Hill Campus during the period 2000 to 2012 is worth noticing: a total of 3,938 undergraduate students were enrolled in 2000 (890 in Humanities and Education, 347 in Law, 78 in Medical Sciences, 890 in Science and Technology and 1,733 in Social Sciences). That number consistently increased over the years and in 2011 the number of undergraduate students who enrolled totaled 8,841 (1.330 in Humanities and Education, 671 in Law, 337 in Medical Sciences, 1,270 in Science and Technology and 5,233 in Social Sciences). An examination of the data related to post graduate studies also reflect a steady increase in the number of citizens pursuing such studies at Cave Hill. The administrators at Cave Hill, in an effort to correct the significant disadvantage that many of the ethnic minorities in the region face in accessing tertiary education, seek to secure bursaries and scholarships for such disadvantaged citizens. The Arthur Lewis Indigenous Awards are offered to the Kalinagos of Dominica, the Mayans and Garifunas of Belize, and the Garifunas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is probably useful to end this article by revisiting a most useful statement that was made by the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow when he addressed the graduation class at the Cave Hill Campus in 1968. He said, “When we speak of bringing the University to the people, we should not only mean that more and more people should directly as student enjoy its facilities, we should also intend that the citizens of the region should be encouraged to regard the university as their most important asset. We cannot rightly urge them to sacrifice for it merely by pointing with pride to its facilities or to its achievements or even its international standing. They must feel for the University the same concern which the fortunes of sugar, tourism and industrial development engender. They must be helped to know, as a settled conviction, that the efficient growth of the University is almost their only path to prosperity.” We, the people of the region, will be forever grateful to the administrators, planners, faculty and staff at the UWI whose insights and dedicated service have enabled our people to chart courses on the path to prosperity. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Dangers lurk in silence In March 2011, a major earthquake struck Japan. It was immediately followed by a tsunami. The horror of it all was televised to the world, particularly the damage done to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. And then the story disappeared from the international headline news as quickly as it appeared. It was as if there was a major conspiracy to deny people accurate information about what was actually happening in Japan. More importantly, the question is whether what happened there has importance to people in the rest of the world. I have read enough about nuclear energy and the dangers that can befall us in the event of a nuclear accident, to be very concerned with the silence surrounding the fallout from this nuclear accident in Japan. Many readers may remember the 1986 explosion in the Ukraine that led to the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. While the official claim is that the Chernobyl nuclear accident was worse than that at Fukushima, some scientists have concluded that the Fukushima meltdown is even worse because it occurred on an island nation. Since the meltdown in Japan more than 30 months ago, hundreds of thousands of gallons of the contaminated water, used for cooling the reactors, continue to run off into the ocean. This run-off water is estimated to be about 300 to 500 tons per day. Ukraine, located much deeper in Europe, did not present the world with the problem of runoff water going into the ocean, but there was the problem of serious contamination of the atmosphere as wind currents took the contaminated material to various parts of the world. With the accident at Fukushima, this great volume of water goes into the Pacific Ocean. Again some scientists argue that the Pacific is so huge that the contaminated water will easily be diluted as it mixes with the enormous volume of water that makes up the Pacific Ocean. I cannot say if these people, trained in nuclear science, are right. What I do know is that this huge gush of tainted water will at least affect the soil and the coastal waters of Japan, and thus negatively impact on anything or anyone that lives or grows close by or comes into contact with the contaminated water. To date, we are told that these problems are not associated with the meltdown at the nuclear plant at Fukushima, Japan. The big question is whether health and safety antennas should not be on high alert. Almost immediately after Chernobyl, we were told that the accident was controlled. Recently, there was a report that almost 1 million persons have since died from ailments associated with the Chernobyl nuclear explosion and radioactive fallout from the disaster. No one knows for sure how many more were injured, maimed and still suffer as a result of the Chernobyl accident. These are the reasons why the Fukushima accident should not be slighted. Because more than 300,000 tons of radioactive water has already leaked into the ocean, we should all

be alarmed that there is a media blackout on what’s happening at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Already in Japan, plants and vegetables as well as fish and other marine life have tested with higher levels of radioactive contamination. Recently there were reports that some contamination has been detected in milk and vegetables as far away as California. Compounding the problem is that the report states that rather than declare a health and environmental emergency, the state authorities have raised the bar as to volume of contaminants that are allowable in water, liquids such as milk and other products. This should be of great concern to us in St Vincent and the rest of the Caribbean. Our food import bill has skyrocketed to hundreds of millions of dollars. We import lots of fruit, vegetables and other food products from the US. Many of our imports, cars, computers and other products come from Asia. There are also reports that business people in these ‘affected’ areas are reducing cost as a means to sell more quickly their ‘contaminated’ products. Are our Bureau of Standards and other control agencies performing the necessary checks to ensure that what we import and consume are free from contaminants, or are we simply concluding that these foods and products are safe because they are imported from larger, more industrialized countries? The problem in Japan should be of grave importance to us, because most of our vehicles are imported from that country. Are we testing these vehicles to ensure that there are no traces of radioactive contamination? Are the milk, juices, vegetables and meat products that come from these parts safe for human consumption? Are we unsuspectingly exposing ourselves to risks from foods and other products that are contaminated? We need to know the truth. Too much is at stake for there not to be a higher state of alarm. The Fukushima Nuclear Plant was recently placed on a 3 alert on a 1 to 7 scale alert system. There is a real danger that something truly catastrophic can still happen at Fukushima. There are thousands of radioactive spent rods at the damaged and compromised nuclear plant. The owners of the plant plan to remove the rods between now and year end. We understand that the task of removing these radioactive rods is sensitive and dangerous work. There is a possibility for accidents and serious environmental damage. For these reasons and more, the government and people of our country need to pay serious attention to what is happening in Japan. What happens there in the next few weeks and months could seriously impact on our health and wellbeing. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




The ULP government: The worst in SVGÊs history audit of public accounts by the Director of Audit; in 2008, the National Commercial Bank was killed with a massive overdraft of $185 million dollars; and this ULP government has had massive fiscal deficits for nine consecutive years from 2005 to VINCENTIANS ARE GOING is making our people suffer. 2013. through the hardest period in Remember the coalition of Investment in education living memory under the grossly the willing? President of has been proven worldwide as incompetent ULP regime. It Taiwan, Chen, was sent to jail; the most significant factor to seems clear that the ULP Gaddafi of Libya was killed; lift a country out of poverty government has been the worst Chavez of Venezuela has and squalor. However, in in our history. passed away; Badawi of 2013, the incompetent ULP When the ULP regime took Malaysia was voted out of government proposed spending office in 2001, they embarked office; and Manning of only $30 million dollars on our upon a short-sighted policy of Trinidad and Tobago was children’s education, only begging and borrowing as an voted out of office. 3.75% of the total budget for economy strategy. They put all With King Midas, things 2013 of $799 million dollars their eggs in one basket, and turned to gold; with Gonsalves (source: page 1 of SVG Budget year after year, we have seen they turn to …! Estimates 2013). this policy of begging and Just look at our country’s It seems as if they do not borrowing failing. finances: in 2007, government want our children to gain true SVG Green Party warned overspent by $63 million prosperity. the ULP regime that begging dollars without the prior In contrast, even before and borrowing is not approval of Parliament; in independence in 1963, sustainable, and this strategy 2008, government failed the

Singapore was investing 25% to 30% of their national budget in education. Even last year, they invested 10.6 billion dollars in education. For over 40 years, Singapore has invested heavily in education; but has this worked? Before independence, Singapore was a poor country with high levels of crime and prostitution. Today, Singapore is home to the world’s highest number of millionaires per capita at 17.1%. Singapore’s status as a low-tax destination, highly-educated population, home of clean air and low crime, and hub for finance in growing South-east Asia, has made it a top spot for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs. Contrast that with our ‘Midas’ and the strategy of begging and borrowing. SVG has high taxes, a high level of crime, a high level of teenage

pregnancy, high unemployment, the third highest rate of rape per capita worldwide, and a polluted and dirty capital, Kingstown. This government has left behind a trail of failure, poverty and squalor, and built a jail rather than a university. The ULP regime’s economic mission has failed, and our people are suffering the consequences. A Green government will bring true prosperity to our people. A Green government will operate a fair tax system and invest heavily in highquality education. We will build our own science and technology university, and ensure education is free, from pre-school to university. SVG Green Party

ARTICLE Today’s economic challenges FOUR: compel us to think and act differently IN TODAY’S ECONOMIC climate, we feel compelled to strike out on our own and be more innovative, capable of adapting to the changing needs of those around us, being ever mindful of their possible change in disposable income. This desire must however be tempered by prudence and basic common sense. We often have a myopic view when it comes to the negative things that may affect us, thinking that the ‘hard-times’ impact us only; but this is not the case. The ‘hard times’ affect the honest hard working man and the scammer around the corner in the same way. Sadly, the scammer is often a lot more flexible, inventive and convincing and can profit greatly in the present economic environment. Yet another day passes and meets you at home aimlessly surfing the internet, languishing at unemployment’s door, and then suddenly you receive an alert that you have a new email. Without much eagerness, you click on it; it’s

probably an invitation to a wedding, an overdue bill payment or something else you don’t have the money for. However, this time it is different, it’s the answer to your prayers. It’s someone interested in investing in the groundbreaking business venture that you placed online or in the classifieds. You receive an offer from your potential buyer or investor which you readily accept. He then sends you a cheque, but it is for more money than you requested. This is an early warning sign that you may be targeted by a cheque overpayment scam. The scammer will then give you an excuse for the overpayment and ask you to refund the excess amount– usually through an online banking transfer or a money remitter (such as Western Union or Money Gram) or transfer to another bank account in another country, in the hope that you do this before you discover that their cheque has bounced and you have lost the money you paid into their account.

Additionally, you may have unknowingly been used to aid in laundering criminal proceeds, as the money launderer will now be in possession of ‘clean’ money sent from your financial institution. Alternatively, not all of us have the entrepreneurial touch, so there are those who may seek to adjust to the economic challenges by furthering their education in an effort to gain employment or a higher salary at their present job. However, this too may provide an avenue for the scammer. You decide that you want to continue working while you pursue your studies, so you begin researching online degrees. There is an offer to do an online three (3) month course, following which you will be given a job with a ‘reputable’ firm. You thank your lucky stars, fill out the application which of course includes your personal information, and make arrangements to go to your financial institution the next day to withdraw the tuition payments which your ‘dream

school’ has requested be paid via money remittance business. You do so, only to realize that the institution does not exist and your money cannot be recovered, and there is someone who has all of your personal details as a result of the forms you filled out. Scams involving online degrees are on the rise, but there are a number of steps you can take to safeguard against being duped by these bogus schools. Visiting the ‘official website’ of the school is not enough. Go the extra step and type the name into search engines and see what comes up. Also, read reviews that other students and parents have written about the school. You should also check with the National Accreditation Board to see if the school is listed as being credible. There are a number of fake online schools today that lure students who are looking to get their degrees online quickly; but it should be remembered that the length of time that is needed to earn a bachelor’s or associate’s degree through an online school

should be roughly the same length of time needed if you take the same programme in person. It is important to be aware of the various scams that may arise, and guard against them. We must be wary of get rich fast scams. Despite the economic challenges, we must take the extra time to explore the opportunities that may present themselves. It is this sense of despair and urgency that the scammer will prey on. We must ask ourselves why these opportunities are so abundant at this particular time, why we never heard of them before, why is it suddenly so easy. There are instances of course where there are legitimate offers, but even then, we must be careful about our spending and try to save as much as we can if we are to reshape our future, starting now. Submitted by Financial Intelligence Unit For Financial Information Month 2013




Vincies get New York Independence honours

American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) scholarship to the Barbados Community College, where he studied NEW YORK, USA—based Vincentian laboratory technology. umbrella organization, Council of St. In 1980, he migrated to the US, Vincent and the Grenadines’ Organizations, enrolled at Hunter College and U.S.A., Inc. (COSAGO), on Sunday honoured graduated four years later with a three outstanding nationals during bachelor’s degree in chemistry. independence anniversary celebrations in In 1989, Young received a Doctor of the US. Medicine degree at Kings County Medical doctor Dr. Clifford Young, Hospital Center in Brooklyn. Three Born Again Christian Dr. Roxie Irish years later, he became an Attending and community organizer Garnes Byron Physician at Woodhull Medical Center, were honored at the gala 34th also in Brooklyn, where he continues to Independence Anniversary Luncheon, serve. organized by COSAGO, in conjunction He also joined Kings County Hospital with the New York Consulate General, Center in 1992 as an evening Emergency at Tropical Paradise Ballroom, on Utica Room Attending Physician, remaining Avenue in Brooklyn. there until 2003, when he left to COSAGO president Laverne establish his current private medical McDowald-Thompson, a former school practice, Citi Medical, in the Canarsie teacher and Chateaubelair native, said section of Brooklyn. the group saluted the honorees for Dr. Young is also currently an serving their communities “with pride Attending Physician in the Department and passion.” of Medicine at Kingsbrook Medical COSAGO also presented certificates Center and Clinical Assistant Professor to four nationals who spearheaded a in the Department of Medicine at recent fundraising breakfast, in Downstate Medical Center, State collaboration with the umbrella group, to University of New York, both in assist Vincentian athletes participating Brooklyn. in the annual Penn Relays. He is a diplomate of the US Medical The recipients were: Old Montrose, Board of Medical Examiners and Kingstown sisters Evelyn and Rosita American Board of Internal Medicine, DeShong and Yvette LaBorde, and and fellow of the American College of Murray Village, Kingstown native Physicians. Claudette Thomas-Butler, sister of Senator Jomo Thomas. Dr. Roxie Irish Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

Dr. Clifford Young flanked by wife, Hilda (R) and Registered Nurse Judith Lewis.

playing the defensive positions of Goal Keeper and Goal Defense. After migrating to New York in 1986, Irish, a year later, became a member of Church of the First Born, renamed Miracle Temple Ministries. In addition to being a minister and leader, Dr. Irish also serves as a teacher (Sunday school, youth bible study, and Bethel Bible Institute), choir director, mentor and counselor. She graduated from Bethel Bible Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Theology in 2003, earned a Master of Religious Education degree in June of 2007, and a doctorate in Christian Education one year later at the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute in Queens Village, New York. Dr. Roxie Irish (R) receiving plaque In 2003, Dr. Irish founded the United from COSAGO President Laverne Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn, a McDowald-Thompson. group of 30 persons who she said are “committed to helping to meet the medical needs of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The group’s motto is ‘We’re Blessed to be a Blessing’.

Garnes Byron

Byron, another Calliaqua native, who is a civil engineer by profession, described himself as a ‘Son of the Soil’. A member of the Brooklyn-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Diaspora Committee of New York, executive member of the also Brooklyn-based Vincentian Dynamites Calypso Tent, and public relations officer of the Friends of Dr. Clifford Young Her academic journey began at the Argyle International Airport, U.S.A, Questelles Government School, and Byron said one of his greater joys is Dr. Young, a St. Martin’s Secondary continued at the Lowmans Leeward working with the latter group. School alumnus and Calliaqua native, Anglican School, before winning a He disclosed that the Friends of attributed his success in his academic scholarship to the St. Vincent Girls’ High Argyle International Airport, U.S.A., and professional pursuits to unflinching School. which is only two years old, has raised to support from the community. Accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord date over US$35,000 for the airport’s “I am proud of that ‘village’,” he said, and Savior at the tender age of seven, construction. referring to the axiom, “It takes a village Irish became involved in personal “We, as Vincentians, have to put our to raise a child.” evangelism, visiting the hospital, political differences aside,” he told He singled out Bequia-born nursing homes, and the mental asylum, patrons. “This airport is a catalyst for Registered Nurse Judith Lewis and her at 13. financial growth in St. Vincent and the former brother-in-law, ex-sergeant of At the Girls High School, Irish was Grenadines.” police Selwyn Cumberbatch, for assisting the captain of Staff House, successfully A Grammar School alumnus, Byron him with board and lodging when he leading it to many victories. migrated to New York in 1980, where he migrated to New York in 1980. An avid netballer and basketball continued his education at Prospect After graduating from St. Martin’s player, Irish represented the Girls’ High Heights High School in Brooklyn. Secondary School, Young received a Pan- School and the national netball team, He later studied civil engineering at

COSAGO President Laverne McDowald-Thompson and Vice President Jackson Farrell (R) flank Garnes Byron after receiving award. New York City Technical College and City College of New York, CUNY. Byron is involved in just about every facet of the Vincentian community in Brooklyn: Community activities, mas camps, fundraisers, church services, promotional events, political meetings and bus rides, among others. He is currently employed by the architectural firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in Manhattan. A member of the Brooklyn-based Vincy Foreign Based entertainment group, Byron is “an excellent example of humility, integrity and commitment to service of his nation,” and “also understands the importance of family,” his biography says.



Patriotic from the head down. Face painting in the patriotic sense.

Our children! Our Future!

Lifting our people up for the world to see.

Nationhood is about all of us, green, red or yellow.

Age and fashion indentifying our resourcefulness.

The Independence car.

Proving that you are never too young to represent Vincy!




LIAT worries continue EVEN AS LIAT took possession of the fifth ATR aircraft in its continuing refleeting exercise, there are indications that the airline is not yet out of the woods as far as its actual service is concerned. Carl Burke, President of the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots’ Association (LIALPA), which represents pilots employed with LIAT, told the Antigua Observer newspaper that the problems that led to what has been dubbed the “summer meltdown” have not been addressed, and the airline is again battling a shortage of pilots. “The problems we had during the summer are still with us today. We have a problem with flights being cancelled and causing serious delays throughout the network,” the Observer quotes Burke as saying. The problems to which Burke referred included numerous flight cancellations and delays that stranded thousands of customers throughout the airline’s network in July and August. The LIALPA president said there were cancellations this past weekend, but he did not give specifics.

Below: Carl Burke, President of LIALPA, has warned about continuing disruptions in LIAT’s service.

He also addressed the situation regarding pilot deployment, noting that because pilots could only fly one or the other, and several remain training in France, resources are stretched. Burke called on LIAT to hire more pilots with urgency. There are also indications coming out of Antigua, headquarters of LIAT, that LIAT engineers are considering industrial action to bring their concerns to the fore. Meanwhile, LIAT reported that its recently acquired fifth ATR aircraft was the first to be flown from Europe to the Caribbean by a LIAT flight crew, namely Captains Chris Cameron and Vincentian-born Captain Phil Gunsam.

V More bins for the city News


PERSONS IN KINGSTOWN have no excuse for throwing garbage on the streets. This, after thirty-four collection bins were placed at 17 locations in the capital. The number will increase as it becomes necessary. The bins are placed in pairs, encouraging the practice of separating litter keeping with the trend of recycling which has become not just a fashion, but a money earner. The placement of the bins is a partnership between the Solid Waste Management Unit of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) and All Island Recycling Inc. The venture coincides with this country’s 34th anniversary of Independence. Mary Jocelyn, All Island Recycling Inc. manager, expressed delight with the new move. She recounted her company’s role in the initiative in keeping this country clean with a project which involved 18 schools in Kingstown. Those institutions

were encouraged to join the campaign to clean up the environment in a competition which brought some money to the schools. Receptacles were placed at the schools and children were asked to put in plastic bottles and cans. According to Jocelyn, 400,000 bottles and 300,000 cans were collected. The school with the most packages earned $1500, with $1000 going to the second place and $500 to the third. All Island Recycling Inc. paid for the bottles and cans collected. Jocelyn was happy with her company’s drive to keep this country healthy, and outlined that the measure will resume today, November 1. Garth Saunders, CWSA’s General Manager, was happy that his organisation was able to support the Public Health Department and All Island in efforts to keep the country clean. Saunders considered the move as complementing the effort aimed at strengthening the sustainable waste management approach,

and referred to the wood chips endeavour, and recycling of scrap metal as examples. Gregg Francois, Collections Superintendent in the Solid Waste Management Unit, urged persons not to abuse the bins. He also warned citizens not to make the location of the bins a dumping site. François acknowledged that with any new venture, there will be “teething problems.” He is, however, expecting members from the Town Board and the Police and indeed the public, to ensure that persons comply with the proper use of the bins. Todd Lewis, supervisor of the Vector Control Unit expressed pride with the project and noted that “small strides” were being made in the fight against environmental degradation. Lewis also pointed to the benefits of recycling. The bins, painted in national colours, endorse the idea of garbage collection as an expression of national pride.

The bins are attractively decorated so as to draw attention. Pictured at this display at the CWSA headquarters are (L-R): Joan Ryan, Garth Saunders, Todd Lewis, Gregg Francois and Mary Jocelyn.





Samantha is queen of young mothers

and received a special Digicel/Professional Secretarial SAMANTHA MATTHEWS, appearing as Consultancy Services prize for that Miss Bambareux and sponsored by accolade. Suzette Hair Salon, was crowned the first Matthews, a Layou native, was ever Miss Young Mother, last Sunday, at understandably a home town the Layou Hard Court. favourite. The judges, a mixed panel of two Second place went to Miss Falls of males and two females, gave Baleine, Shanique DeShong, sponsored Matthews the overall nod after by Andrews Refrigeration. She was declaring her winner of Talent and adjudged the person with the Best Interview segments of the show. She Introduction, and Best Swimsuit and was also adjudged Miss Congeniality also took the prize for Miss Photogenic. DeShong was consistent throughout and might have felt hard done not to have taken the title. Miss Layou Petroglyphs, Shakira McDowall, appearing under the sponsorship of BMC Agencies, was third, while Miss Botanical Gardens Nadine Matthews, sponsored by James Droy Tennis from the Buccament Bay Resort, was fourth and also took home the best Evening Wear The show was well patronized by Layou prize. residents and persons from surrounding The other participants were communities. by: KENVILLE HORNE

Miss La Soufriere, Malaeinia Smart (Destiny’s Hair Salon), Miss Montreal Gardens Rolanda Gloster (Fullworth Boutique) and Miss Rawacou Dahmara Lynch (Searchlight).

After show fracas The event was ell attended one but was not without its hiccup, not least being the ‘stops and starts’ occasioned by intermittent rai, There was also something of a fracas that following the conclusion of Samantha Matthews, the first ever Miss Young Mother. the show when an argument erupted and escalated into some pushing and shoving in the contestants tent used as a dressing room. At least two contestants were heard to shout, “Samantha na deserve to win”. Unruffled, Matthews in an interview following the show, said she felt happy that she took the crown, and appealed to all young mothers, not to be afraid to pursue their dreams. The event was held as part of this country’s 34th Samantha anniversary Matthews was independence abled celebrations, and supported by was organized by four young former national men in netballer, Joanna rendering her Christopher. Talent.

AGAPE dramatists promise top performance actor, Caldon Charles, promises special effects that push the envelope. Charles is assuming, for the first time in fact, directorial responsibilities. He will guide a revamped THAT IS THE PROMISE of production of ‘STONE’, star actress Keisha first done in 2006. Johnson as she hinted at ‘STONE’ is a play set her AGAPE Methodist in a cemetery and Dramatists’ intention for concerns the murder of the Festival. ‘Matilda’, the fault Given what has been seeming to implicate the reviewed, the group is preacher or the likely to deliver top politician. But other performances, original questions arise: Can one plot points, and excellent fall in love beyond the ‘dramatics’ in the final grave? What are the delivery of their product secrets buried so deep? come this weekend, as Does Matilda have they have done in the supernatural powers, past. would she take revenge? As a matter of fact, Is there more to the last year’s festival’s best story? “For the first production of the 2013 run of the National Drama Festival, we are looking to set the pace, and hoping to leave a good taste in the audiences mouth.”

Charles wants us the humble audience to remember AGAPE is synonymous with “good story telling,” and guarantees that the remake is better than the 2006 version. So AGAPE’s foray into horror and comedy roles on and includes a pivotal role by lawyer turned actor, Karim nelson. The audiences can also look forward to these leading stage lights lights, ‘Ellud’Kevin Rodriguez (‘Ellud’), Caldon Charle (‘Pastor’), Keisha Johnson (Mathilda’), Keith Bailey (‘Comrade’), Kerone Browne (‘Jackson’) and Cecil Lynch (‘Rumbo’).


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You may have been too agreeable to someone who just wanted to use you. Someone you live with may cause drastic alterations in your usual routine. Your uncanny insight will help you make the right choices. You must get out and mingle. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Deception and confusion regarding your status in society is likely. Limitations with females could lead to unfortunate circumstances. Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset. You may cause a fuss if you come on too strongly in public. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You may be confused emotionally. You should put your efforts into creative projects. Discuss your problems and complaints if you wish to rectify them. Find out more, if you want to start your own business. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Try to deal with it quickly; don’t dwell on past regrets. Don’t offer to pay for others. You can get phenomenal returns if you present your ideas to those who can back your interests. Don’t reveal information that is personal or confidential. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Loans will be attainable and legal matters easily taken care of. New hair, new outfit, new you. Don’t depend on coworkers to help; they may only hold you back. Don’t get intimately involved with a coworker. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Someone you least expect may not have your best interests at heart. Be prepared to deal with groups and organizations of greater magnitude. Family members may want you at home, when your heart is telling you to spend time with someone you recently met. Romance can surface if you get into some of those fitness programs you’ve been putting off. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Try to be reasonable. Think before you act. Try not to overspend on friends or family. Try to avoid functions that will bring you in contact with those you find difficult to get along with. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You can meet someone who will become very dear to you if you get out and socialize. You may interest some of them in a service you have to offer. Don’t confide in any relatives whom you know have a tendency to meddle in other people’s affairs. Delays are evident. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Try to communicate if you wish to help. Be inquisitive about unfamiliar circumstances. Deception is likely. Risks will not be profitable. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Talk to peers who you trust in order to get sound advice. Check into art objects or precious stones. You can do well in group endeavors. You will be overly sensitive this week. You can make personal changes that will enhance your reputation and give you greater self confidence. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Expressing yourself in novel ways should lead you down new avenues. Upheavals may occupy your day. Heart to heart talks will clear up vague issues. Try not to be too aggressive or judgmental when talking to your mate. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Lending and borrowing may be a problem. Property deals will pay big dividends. Your high energy will enable you to take the role of leader in group functions. In-laws or relatives may oppose your personal intentions.


33. Sunday singers 1. American 35. Billy __ ship abbr. Williams 4. Cooking 37. Lendl of measuretennis ments (abbr.) 38. Lucky __ 39. Muscle8. Actress man’s move Lollobrigida 40. Cooking 12. Kitchenware spray brand 14. Absolute 41. Drench 16. Original 42. Florida Marlins’ garden home 17. Attention43. In last getting place sound 18. Track down 45. Expert in 19. __ and law groan 46. Veterans Day mo. 20. Foreboding 47. Mound 22. Refrigerates 48. Royal chair 51. Under 24. School semester 54. Will beneficiary 25. Dawson or Cariou 55. Calm down 57. Stir up 26. Scrapes 29. Cowboy’s 59. Relieve 60. Armistice rope 32. Agitated 61. Great

number 62. Imitator 63. Burpee product 64. HST follower

and Jillian 13. Infatuated 15. Demand the return of 21. Necessity 23. German DOWN gentleman 26. Grasp 1.__ creek 27. Leno, to (2 wds.) Letterman 2. District in 28. Texas London shrine 3. Forepart of 29. Folk knowa ship ledge 4. Private 30. Politician teachers Stevenson 5. Play a guitar 31. Rains 6. Gps. that heavily organize 33. __ -a-lug book sales 34. Contains and 36. Way out bake sales 38. Change 7. Moment one’s (abbr.) religion 8. Twins of the 39. Rifle, e.g. zodiac 41. Singer 9. Adored one Celine 10. Actress 42. Stubborn Patricia beast 11. Launders 44. Sound

sleeper? 45. Cursed 47. Tranquillity 48. “Take __ Train” (2 wds.) 49. Stack 50. Move upward 51. “__ Suede Shoes” 52. Frog’s cousin 53. Back 56. Pausers’ sounds 58. Cleanser ingredient




The Bamboo blowing tradition and Guy Fawkes Origin GUY FAWKES NIGHT, also known as Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night, is an annual commemoration observed on 5 November, primarily in Great Britain. Its history begins with the events of 5 November 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was caught guarding explosives placed beneath the House of Lords and arrested. Celebrating the fact that King James I had survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires around London, and months later the introduction of the Observance of 5th November Act enforced an annual public day of thanksgiving for the plot’s failure.

The Tradition is St. Vincent Due to the fact that St. Vincent and the Grenadines was once colonised by the British, a number of the British traditions were practised and still continue, even though the country became an independent state in 1979. Some traditions which continue up to today are tea drinking and tea parties, bamboo blowing (as part of the Guy Fawkes celebration), The English language ,furniture making and designs, Christmas and Easter holiday

celebrations, religion (Anglican , Catholic & Salvation Army), along with the parliamentary system which recognises the Queen as the crown and symbolic head of state.


Bamboo Blowing:


Bamboo blowing is an indulgence of mainly young males in November. It passes off as a representation or imitation of the cannon of earlier centuries. Some of these guns can be found Fort Charlotte and other places in St. Vincent. The fun of ‘blowing or ‘busing’ the bamboo’ comes from the competition to decide whose bamboo can make the loudest sound/shot. Other things used to celebrate the Guy Fawkes day include star lights and fire works.



Bamboo blowing- dont’s * * * *

Bamboo blowing - do’s * * *

Parental supervision is necessary for children under 10yrs of age Use only kerosene in the bamboo Keep your bamboo blowing away from flammable materials

Let your neighbours know that you will be blowing your bamboo, and for how long Seek permission from your parents /guardians before blowing your bamboo Break/cut open the bamboo after use (immediately or the next day) Show respect for other people’s space.

* * * *

Do not cut your bamboo longer than four joints Do not blow your bamboo in the street or pointed to vehicles Do not put gasoline in the bamboo Do not blow into the hole of the bamboo if there are flames around it Do not block the end of the bamboo with objects or hand Do not discard the used bamboo in the drains Do not walk around blowing the hot bamboo Do not play games with the fire from the flambeau

Parental Support Bamboo Blowing

The bamboo blowing is a tradition which assists with the socialisation, skill development, co operation, dialogue ,tolerance level, discipline, physical exercise and much more, for the youth who participate in such. Some people may not like certain aspects of it, but children will be children and boys will be boys. Parents and adults, instead of ‘putting them down, should be there with the youth. Your presence may just make things a lot better. Have an enjoyable Guy Fawkes Day/night on Tuesday November 5th.




Condom trouble

wreck and totally stressed out. One of the I HAVE BEEN married for 8 reasons why I used a condom too was that this years and never once cheated on my wife until a girl is not exactly a saint and has been around. I few weeks ago. I went with a good friend of hers am very worried! who vowed never to let my Stressed wife know what went down between us.  The day we had sex, I Dear Stressed, was careful to use a Seems like you have condom. After we were more to worry about done, the condom was than just a possible nowhere to be found. pregnancy since this girl Both of us searched the is known to be entire room and there promiscuous. I suggest was no condom. She called me sometime after that you talk with your and told me that the condom was left inside of her. Since that time, I have been a nervous man. I am expecting Dear George, this girl to tell me anytime that she is pregnant for me because HOW DO I get my that is a real possibility. husband to realize that we are married and I am We have never spoken his wife, and not his about it since she told mother? We got married me about the condom, and I am wondering how and moved just a few yards away from his I would handle it, if or mother’s house. Since when my wife finds out due to this girl becoming then, I have never gotten the chance to be a wife to pregnant. I have been a nervous my husband because of

Dear George,

friend and encourage her to get a pregnancy test just to rule out that possibility. You should also get yourself tested for possible STDs. It would not be flattering to your wife to learn that you succumbed to the bait her friend left out for you. Why leave it up to this woman to keep your dark secret and to decide if and when to tell you wife about it? You will never be able to give yourself fully to your wife with this hanging over your head.

Take the higher road and own up to your marital sins, and use this opportunity to renew your vows and commitment to your marriage. The information will of course hurt your wife terribly, but at least you will stand a chance of her giving you credit for your eventual honesty. Good luck to you, and stop trying to make your wife’s friends your friends!


Mother-in-law woes the constant interference from his mother. His mother would cook for him, laundry his clothes and my clothes, and once even insisted on sewing his torn clothing. I have had enough of her, and my husband cannot seem to muster up enough courage to tell her to butt out and let me be a

wife to him. I am not happy, and my husband seems not to get the message.

Disgruntled Dear Disgruntled, If your husband does not wish to MAN-UP and let his mother know where her boundaries are, then you may have to do it. Let your husband know that if he is too timid or ‘respectful’ to his mother to ask her to butt out, then you will have no choice but to handle that job for him. Both of you may have to seriously consider the option of putting more physical distance yourselves and your husband’s mother. In addition to that, I would strongly suggest post marital counseling in order to inject some objectivity into which is most likely a very sensitive issue for your husband especially.


I drug my husband Dear George, I HAVE A confession to make, and I would like your take on it. I have lost all feelings for my husband. I really did not want to marry to him in the first place, but he forced the issue and now, here we are. He simply does not excite me anymore. When he touches me in bed, it makes my blood crawl. I have pretended for many months now to enjoy sex with him. What I have been doing lately to cope with this disdain I have for him is to secretly give him a valium or something to make him sleep at night, so he would not be in any shape to want sex from me. I would drug him every time I think he would be asking me for sex. So far, it has been working for me, and I do not have to put up with his advances. When he goes to sleep, I use that opportunity to be with whom I want to be with.

Want Out Dear Want Out, You are treading on dangerous grounds and need to stop drugging your husband in order to postpone dealing with the real issue. This practice could have serious implications for his health, and should not be continued. If you are convinced that marrying this man was a mistake and there is no interest on your part to try to save the marriage, you should do the honourable thing and part ways. Your resistance to his sexual advances and urges would only infuriate him and cause continuous unhappiness for as long as you two are together. If you want out, then get out!






JosephÊs tenure extended

year term in October 2004, has remained in office for nine years while SQUATTER PRESIDENT Keith Joseph has showing little inclination to call the been given another three weeks to organisation’s AGM, according to occupy the seat of governance at the sources close to the sport. helm of Team Athletics SVG-the ruling The executive put in charge of the body of Track and Field in St. Vincent and affairs of the sport then read: Keith the Grenadines, after the meeting called Joseph — president; Leroy ‘Fisher’ last Saturday had to be rescheduled Llewellyn — vice president; Calvert owing to the lack of a quorum. Woods — secretary; Jacinta Ballantyne When contacted on Wednesday, an — treasurer; Desmarie Greenaway — annoyed sounding Joseph suggested assistant secretary /’ Forbes, Aldith that all questions pertaining to the Waldron and Vernette Mc Dowald. meeting “should be directed to PRO The athletes chose one of the most Leroy Llewellyn.” promising sprinters then, Courtney He, however, said that the meeting Bascombe, as their representative. was rescheduled “because we did not Over the period, Woods, a school have a quorum.” When quizzed about teacher, died after a short battle with what comprised that quorum, Joseph, cancer and was replaced by Keisha getting more annoyed, suggested “you Sutherland, while Greenaway can get a copy of the constitution from relocated to the USA. Mr. Llewellyn who is also the First Joseph has cited reasons for the Vice-president of team Athletics SVG.” delay, among them, the absence of an Joseph took time out to mention audited financial statement from the that the constitution states “that organisation’s auditors. whoever is present at the next scheduled meeting will constitute a Recent call for the AGM quorum and the meeting will take place regardless of what.” A few weeks ago, Llewellyn, who He then refused to respond to any like Joseph is in squatter territory, more questions before bidding goodbye frustratingly told THE VINCENTIAN and hanging up the phone. that he was unhappy that the meeting was not being called, as had been Joseph’s tenure promised following the 2012 London Olympic Games. Llewellyn, like the Joseph, who was elected for a four always-present Joseph, was part of by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

this country’s contingent to the Games. In fact, Llewellyn had indicated that as a mark of his disappointment in the continual delay, he had written to his president suggesting to him that it was time to convene the meeting, since the comments from the public were reflecting badly on the Association. When contacted by THE VINCENTIAN, Joseph said then that the meeting “would be held soon,” but could not give a date. The meeting was Keith Joseph will seek another term as president eventually set for last of Team Athletics SVG. Saturday, October 26th at the Xpert Computer Centre, upstairs the Music Centre and among the major items with Joseph, who is a paid vice-president of Pan was set to commence at 9 a.m. American Sports Organisation-PASO, Among the agenda items are the seeking to get another term. executive and treasurer’s reports and One source, in assessing the proposed amendments to the absence of a quorum at last Saturday’s organisation’s constitution. One source told The VINCENTIAN meeting, said that this is a clear that questions were to be asked about indication of the malaise which has set in sports administration in SVG, while the funds received annually from the another stated that “the same thing is international parent body to assist going to happen when the new date with running the affairs of the local arrives.” organisation. The election of officers will be

Nero: “I will regain confidence” JULIANA NERO IS able to retain her place in the West Indies 20/20 team, but has fallen out of favour with the selectors as far as the 50 Overs team is concerned. She admits to this, but is prepared to do something about it. In a recent chat with THE VINCENTIAN, Nero, a regular member of the West Indies Limited overs teams since 2003, asserted that she believes she can regain her place in the ODI set up. Nero, who was part of the West Indies team that won the 20/20 TriNation Series that involved New Zealand and England, admitted her performance in that series, in which she played four matches scoring 2,2,20 and 11, was below her standard. “I wasn’t satisfied with my performance in the series, but I believe with more hard work, especially in the area of

my batting by hitting more balls, I can regain my confidence. My main focus now is to continue my training to get in top shape for the team’s next tour starting in January 2014 in New Zealand, prior to the ICC 20/20 Women World Cup in Bangladesh in March,” Nero pointed out,” a relatively upbeat Nero said. “My fitness is the strongest part of my game now, but playing at the International level, I need to be well balanced in every facet, which will allow me to perform to my ability,” she recognized without prompting. Nero also recognized the need for expert technical guidance, and intimated to THE VINCENTIAN, that she had been told that a coach here would have been assigned to assist her. Unfortunately, as she confessed, this has not been forthcoming.

“Since I came back from the West Indies home series, no one from the cricket circle has contacted me to find out about my performance and what can be done to make me get better,” Nero said, adding, “Basically I am on my own preparing myself before joining the West Indies team in January, once selected.” Despite those challenges, Nero works hard to motivate herself to keep in shape, and has developed her own routine, which includes working out with her younger brothers. Looking ahead, a confident Nero said, “I still have a lot of cricket to play, and I believe I can still make an impact in both 20/20 and ODI versions of the game.” Juliana Nero made her 20/20 debut in 2003 against Sri Lanka, and

has played 45 matches, scoring 589 runs, with a highest of 44,at an average of 14.72. She has

played 76 ODIS, scoring 1243 runs, with her highest being 100, at an average of 18.27. She

debuted in 2008 against Ireland. I.B.A.ALLEN

Juliana Nero (batter) is working hard to keep in shape, even in the absence of promised technical support.

V Excruciating Payne hurts Vincy tennis players 24. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN


younger players a chance to develop… is NAVIGATORS AND OTHERS time that we let in the area of travel say the older players Barbados is between 90 know the and one hundred miles east direction we want of St. Vincent and the to go and put Grenadines, but for those emphasis on the present at the Scotia Bank youngsters……we Independence Table Tennis cannot go forward championship to witness with the current the performance of 14-yearsituation,” old Barbadian Stephen Stanley said on Payne could have been Sunday. excused for believing the Payne, who gulf to be wider.. produced a good Payne took the top allround game, prize with a dominant beat former display which left his national Vincentian opponents in a champion Joseph daze and possibly light Carrington in an years behind his standard enthralling best of of play. seven final, 4-3, at the West St. Elders impressed George Secondary on Former several times Saturday,winning Caribbean Singles 8/11, 11/8, 11/6champion, Orville Haslam, 8/11, 11/8,12/10, in assessing Payne’s game, 11/3. said that, “he is a special Earlier in the talent, and if he continues semi-finals, to develop at that pace, he Carrington had will be a quality player in beaten Damion the not too distant future.” Dublin 12/10 11/8 Stephen Payne performed well beyond his age 5/11 11/9, while Haslam said he had advised Stephen’s father, and expectations of the local Table Tennis Payne beat David, who is a good friend Fraternity. Deighton King of his, to take the young 11/5 11/6 11/4 the initiative at the first player to Europe to live for a 11/7. period of time and “by the age opportunity.” Payne had served notice of National coach Sean of twenty he should be a world his intentions earlier when he Stanley was also full of praise destroyed veteran and former class player.” for Payne’s performance, even OECS Singles champion, Among the things which as he lamented the lack of impressed Haslam was Robert Ballantyne, in the opportunities for young “Stephen’s ability to quickly early round. players here. assess the game and to seize “I think we need to give the Exposure for Payne by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Giving a runs down on Stephen’s career so far, his father said that he picked up the game in Barbados about four years ago, when table tennis was pretty much in the dumps. But his son’s enthusiasm for the game, followed by his successes in the regional and international circuit, have inspired a brand new batch of youngsters to Sean Stanley was impressed and took the take up the game, opportunity to highlight the need to focus and this has on the development of the young players. already started to bear fruit as evidenced by the year. He is currently achievements of the juniors in preparing for his trip to Washington at the end of the Caribbean competitions November to play in the US recently. His dad went on to say that: Teams Open Tournament.” In other results for the “As far as his development is Scotia Bank Independence concerned, he had a very tournament: Under 13 Girls: successful year last year. He spent three months living and Aliyah John beat Melia John 11/6 10/12 11/9; Under 13 training in the Dominican Boys: Cruz Halbich beat Republic with their national players; he competed in ITTF Samuel Joshua 11/6 11/8. Under 10 Girls: Vedel Junior Circuit tournaments in Charles beat Ariella Browne Guatemala, El Salvador and 13/11/11/6; Under 10 Boys; Canada. He played in the Ontario open and reached the Sadique Pompey beat Akiva Franklyn 11/7 12/10; Under quarter finals, collecting his 16 Girls: Natalia Adams beat first prize in table tennis of $25. The icing on the cake was Rodika Webb 11/2 11/6; In the Women Finals: Unica Velox winning the CRTTF U13 beat Natasha Shortte 11/6 competing in Jamaica last 11/3 6/11 11/5.

National 20/20 into big 8

The in form Atticus Browne will insist that Victors 1 get through the quarter finals.

EIGHT TEAMS HAVE booked their place in the quarter finals of the Local National Lotteries Authority 20/20 cricket competition, following the conclusion of the final matches in the preliminary round last weekend. LIME Radcliffe and Victors 1 led Group A, both teams finishing on 20 points from 6 matches. ASCO and Ishallz Byam’s Physical Therapy also qualified with 16 points each. Group B was won by Team Rivals with 22 points, followed by the ‘up setters’ Triumph United, on

16. Guardian Saints was third with 12 points followed by Police 2 on 10 points. Completing the line up in Group B were Radcliffe Too, Bequia and Victors Two. In the lone preliminary match last weekend, Victors 1 beat LIME Radcliffe by 25 runs. Victors One posted 123 for 7 off 20 overs. Christroy John topscored with 26 not out, Miles Bascombe hit 20, Atticus Browne 20 and Donwell Hector 20. Dyke Cato took 2 for 17. LIME Radcliffe in reply could only reach 98 for 7 off 20 overs. Lyndon James topscored with 30 while

Keron Cottoy took 2 for 28. The quarter finals begin this Saturday with ASCO facing Triumph United from 2pm at Park Hill, while Victors 1 oppose Guardian Saints also from 2pm at Stubbs.. On Sunday, LIME Radcliffe will clash with Police 2 from 2pm at Park Hill and Ishallz Byam’s Physical Therapy face Team Rivals from 2pm at Stubbs. I.B.A.ALLEN

Skipper Lindon James will be looking to lead LIME Radcliffe from the front.

Desron Maloney will be looking to take ASCO closer to their first national title. Kenroy Peters will be banking on his experience to take Saints to the semi-finals.




It’s yesterday once more THE DECISION to ban and strip the Egyptian athlete Mohamed Youssef of his medal earned at a Kung Fu tournament in Russia, has triggered memories of October 16 1968 when three athletes set the foundation for Olympic ideals. Youssef was shown on stage in St. Petersburg holding his gold medal and wearing a T-shirt with a symbol commemorating pro-Morsi protest camp. The response to the Egyptian authorities is a reminder of the reality of life in that country. Governments have a duty to speak out about abuses in Egypt in the same way the world stood up against the evils of apartheid. Youssef has perhaps joined a trio of international athletes to champion the cause of human rights. Tommie Smith, who placed first in the 200 metres, Australian Peter Norman who captured the silver medal and John Carlos who secured the bronze all wore the Olympic Project for Human Rights badges. Smith raised his right hand in clenched manner and Carlos lifted his left, for they had one pair of gloves only. Since that episode, the men have endured the venom of hate, but they have emerged as trendsetters and have been revered for their contribution to equal rights and justice. The two Americans, both black, were expelled from the Games. Their Australian colleague, a white man, was reprimanded by his country’s Olympic authorities and ostracised by the Australian media. Norman died in 2006 and Smith and Carlos were among the pallbearers. The world must be thankful for Smith, Norman, Carlos and Youssef. There has been a full cycle since 1968. Time has healed the wounds that the so called protest action by that trio had caused. But the ongoing Egyptian affair has revealed that we have not gotten out of the jungle. While the spotlight on the international arena comes as necessary background, we have to attend to matters on the home front. Thankfully, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has not degenerated to the level of Egypt, or America about which the protest about conditions were in 1968. I venture to say that the question of human rights has been made manifestly evident with President Barrack Obama, winding his up his maximum two terms at the White House. Smith and Carlos’s awakening set the foundation that the American dream could get wider interpretation. I will not be annoyed if anyone condemns me for not clamouring to get a visa neither to America, Canada, or even other places where they are required. That might have been attractive when I was in my youth. But then I have lived my life in a particular manner and I have little regrets about it. In any event, what sense does it make to brood? I am content to pass the rest of my days in St. Vincent and the Grenadines just like Poorsah said, “no matter what the negative to be.” I have grown accustomed to tears and know the means of survival. I have cultivated it over that period. It can’t be worse for me and indeed must get better. There is an allocation for everyone. They have to find it. I have tilled the Vineyard to provide enough space to plant more seeds and nurture the crops.

Police out of title contention THE FIRST of the semi-finals in the 2013 Hairoun/Government Printery Sports and Cultural Club Domino Competition was something of a case of NOT saving the best for last. The RSVG Police Force, who had played unbeaten through seven weeks of the preliminary rounds of the Competition, and were odds on favourites to take the tile, suffered their first defeat at the hands of CWSA. A reinforced CWSA ‘apprehended’ the lawmen 25 to 19 in Friday’s semi-final. The best the lawmen can expect is a third place, if they beat Port Authority in the third place play off scheduled for today, Friday 1st November. Port Authority had to settle for a battle for third place honours after going under 25 to 15 to

Transport and Works in the other semifinal played last Saturday. What enthusiasts say is an “unexpected’ finals, pitting Transport and Works against CWSA, is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 2nd November, RSVG Police Force (short side) lost their first match beginning at and any hope of claiming the a Domino title. 4:30 pm, at the Thomas expressed thanks to the teams for Saunders Secondary School. their participation, and assured A release from the Government that the competition will be Printery Sports and Cultural Club staged again next year.

Calliaqua take over Stubbs Football again GTM Callaiqua United have retained their hold on the Hairoun Beer South East Development Inc. Football league title. They did so on Sunday afternoon at the Stubbs Playing Field by defeating Swizzle Stubborn Youths 5-4 on penalty spots. Both teams had played to a 1-1 draw in regulation time. Veteran player Bevan Burgin scored for Stubborn Youths, which caused an eruption in applause from the partisan Stubbs crowd. Leslo Mc Kenzie for Calliaqua, did what he does best, as he headed home the equalizer. Poor showing and a lack of intensity by the two finalists, left the occasion to be one of more hope than anticipation for a good showing. It then took the spot kicks, taken in fading An elated Calliaqua United after they re-claimed the light, to determine who would have enjoyed Stubbs Football League title. the moment more, and this did Calliaqua. Dwaine Sandy of Brighton Veterans was voted At the prize giving ceremony which followed , the best goal keeper,and Tori Thorpe of Brighton Chesley Miller of Stubborn Youths with 18 goals, Star Blocks the most promising youth player. got the trophy and cash award for being the Sandy also copped his team’s most valuable competition’s top goal scorer . player award. The other individual teams most valuable players awards went to Kendol Joseph- Stubborn Youths; Hadijah John- Aycees Choppins, Okeith JosephCGM Novice inflicted a 69-run beating on ASCO Playing It Safe; Kyle Peters- Calliaqua United, in one of two matches played in the National Akido Samuel- Carapan Sports Club, Andre Samuel Lotteries Authority 20/20 Softball Cricket — SVG Coast Guard, Don Laborde- Brighton Star Competition on the Independence weekend, at the Blocks; Jerry Jack- Stubbs Rangers and Enwar Dauphine Playing Field. Thomas- Volcanoes. CGM Novice batted first and made 151 all out Carapan Sports Club was adjudged the most in 18.3 overs. Renrick Williams, 42, Desron disciplined team and received the Rickie Burnett Spring, 20, Kemani Thomas, 19, and Hyron trophy. Shallow, 18, pushed CGM Novice to 151 all out in Brighton Veterans won the knock out 18.3 overs, when they took first knock. ASC’s competition. Otneil Lewis took 3 for 29. In a display of lack of application, ASCO folded for 82 all out in 15.5 overs, with two batsmen, Richardo Williams, 25, and Akeyso Davis, 20, accounting for more than half of their team’s total. Peter Richards took 3 for 4 bowling for CGM Novice. In the other weekend match, Gomea Bombers made light work of Older Boys, beating them by 8 wickets. Older Boys were held to 66 for 6 in 12 overs, Alvin Quashie taking 2 for 7. Gomea Bombers closed on 71 in 7.2 overs, Ovando O’Brian leading with 27. This Saturday, Nar Fren Dem face Older Boys at1pm, then C.G.M Novice take on General Hardware Supplies Richmond Hill United at3pm. On Sunday, Dr. Thomas Injectors oppose Out Ah Trouble from 10am, Bank of SVG All Stars play Shot Callers at 12:30 and Gairy Construction Simple Boys clash with Glen United from 3pm.

Novice have it easy in TBPO





West Indies in India


Test series between India and the West Indies was CERTAINLY, THE agreed. Out of the blue, it was CRICKETER who will be in the spotlight over the next announced that the W.I. few weeks will be the will be touring India in Indian batting star, Sachin November. The first Test starts next Wednesday in Tendulkar. To accommodate his Kolkata, in a stadium impending milestone of that can hold 200 Test appearances and approximately 90,000 his twenty-fourth people. The second and anniversary of Test Match final Test will begin on cricket, an impromptu two- November 14, in

Mumbai, the home city of loves Test cricket or cares about West Indies. the Little Master. Many of you may have already forgotten that in Marketing 2011, one of the Test in If there is one thing the West Indies began on the Board of Control for a Monday. They (India) Cricket in India (BBCI) were in a hurry to play knows is marketing. And their iconic four-Test good marketing usually series in England. brings excellent returns Tendulkar was rested because he wanted his — money. Not for one moment should anyone 100th international believe that the BCCI hundred on a big stage,

possibly Lord’s not Roseau in Dominica. No respect shown for the West Indies Cricket Board nor the fans in this region. Anyway, they say who pays the piper calls the tune.

Haynes (116), Clive Lloyd (110), Gordon Greenidge (108), and Carl Hooper (102). Soon Chanderpaul will join the 150 Tests club. At present there are six members. Also, like George Headley (24) and Tendulkar’s series Sobers (20) before him ‘Ol’ Man River Shiv’ is on It is often said no man the verge of a career is bigger than the game; spanning over twenty but the BCCI has years. Chanderpaul has changed that statement. missed forty-one Test In November 15, 1989, matches the W.I. played Tendulkar commenced between 1994 and 2013. his illustrious Test career; now twenty-four Sixth years later, that anniversary will fall on At the start of this the second day of the series, India is ranked second Test. In one number three, while W.I. hundred and thirty-six are at #6. But what is years (1877-2013) of Test not appealing is the W.I. cricket, he will be the have not won a series in first player to achieve India since 1983. Two the feat of playing in 200 years ago, they avoided a Tests. whitewash by one run. After losing the first two Forty-five years ago, to be exact, in July 1968, Tests, it appeared that Colin Cowdrey of the third would have England became the first been an easy draw. However, after 590 in play to appear in 100 their first innings, they Tests. Yours truly was were bundled out for 134 still in primary school. in the second. India got Cowdrey remained the 482 and 242 for 9 only cricketer who started his career in the wickets. One good thing about 1950s to reach that this series, it gives the landmark. W.I. an opportunity to Sir Garfield Sobers was next in line (1954 — play against top ranked opposition. Their last six 1974) with 93 appearances. West victories have come against New Zealand, Indies played exactly 100 Tests during Sobers’ Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. 20-year career. He missed six matches against Australia and Five legends one versus England. Since Cowdrey’s Recently, a question achievement, there have was posed to me been fifty-four other regarding my top five players to reach 100 Test legends of sport and appearances. Among entertainment. It was them are eight West easily answered. They Indians, namely, Shiv are: Edson Arantes do Chanderpaul (148), Nascimento, Pela Courtney Walsh (132), (soccer), Sir Garfield Brian Lara (130), Viv Sobers (cricketer), Richards (121), Desmond Muhammed Ali (boxer), The Mighty Sparrow (calypsonian) and Bob Marley (reggae singer). I should end with the song of the millennium — ‘One love’. Sachin Tendulkar will play his 200th Test against the W.I




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PERMANENT SECRETARY in the Ministry of Education, Nicole Bonadie-Baker, has lashed out against disrespectful and unpatriotic students. Bonadie-Baker’s action was prompted after witnessing several displays of illdiscipline by some students during the Schools

Nicole Bonadie-Baker, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, may have changed her message to suit what she assessed to be unbecoming behavior by some students attending this year’s Independence Schools Rally.

Independence Rally held on Thursday 24th October, at Victoria Park. She took to the microphone and pleaded with the students. “Can you please stop talking when other people are talking? Can you please have respect when your national anthem is being played? Children and young people, you are becoming a lost generation”, said the Ministry of Education official, much to the surprise of the audience. Bonadie-Baker was visibly upset, and singled out some individuals who she deemed were acting inappropriately. “The young boys who were eating at the steps, and who leave your packages there, is that what your parents taught you at home? If that is what your parents have taught you at home, they need to be trained too,” Bonadie-Baker continued. Referring to the independence celebration theme, ‘Working together to enhance national pride’, the Permanent Secretary noted that the students’ behaviour was not an example of children who understood what

it meant to be proud of a nation. She took direct aim in her admonishment, and expressed her displeasure with the actions of some students who attend prestigious schools and are members of associations that are considered prestigious. “The children who walk in when the national anthem is being played, the St. Joseph’s Convent, I am sorry I have to single out some students, and representatives from the Girl

This rather inattentive disposition of some students prompted the Permanent Secretary’s admonishment. Guides Association, you are representing institutions that mould young people to respect authority, and to have discipline “ She implored the children to, “Go home to your parents and your guardians, all of you, and from this day forth, try to understand what it is to be proud of your country and nation, because when you go to other countries, they are not

proud of you, they don’t know anything about you, and if you can’t be proud of SVG, nobody in this world is going to recognize you for anything you achieve.” It may not have been the message the Permanent Secretary came prepared to impart, but it certainly, from the stunned impressions on persons’ faces, to his been timely and impacting.

Seven receive National Scholarships SEVEN STUDENTS received National Scholarship Awards for the academic year 2012-2013. The seven were Kayrel Edwards, River Providence, Raheem Hall, Shontel Murphy and Stephanie Providence from the Faculty of Natural Sciences; Taj Lee from the Faculty of Social Sciences; and Allana Cumberbatch of the Faculty of Humanities. Each awardee was presented with a plaque recognizing his/her achievement, during the Schools Independence Rally, on Thursday 24th October. The students were chosen based on their performance in this year’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) and the General Certificate of Education (GCE) A’ Level Examinations. The single most outstanding performance was recorded by Kayrel Edwards. She gained Grade One passes

in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pure Mathematics and Communication Studies. She also received a Grade Two pass in Caribbean Studies. She is currently a teacher at the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua where she teaches Physics and Biology. Edwards also received the Prime Minister’s Award for her outstanding performance in the examinations, along with $EC10,000. Minister of Education, Girlyn Miguel commended the recipients. “I know your hard work is paying off, and I encourage you to continue to focus as you venture out in the world of tertiary education,” Miguel told the recipients. She also congratulated the teachers and the parents for their effort. Recipients of the National Scholarship Awards will receive full funding for a five-year period of University study.

Scholarship winners (from left): Raheen Hall, Kayrel Edwards, Allana Cumberbatch, Taj Lee, Stephanie Providence, Shontel Murphy and River Providence.

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