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MAY 2, 2014

VOLUME 108, No.16



The police recognises that it has a part to play in ensuring that both locals and visitors feel safe in SVG.

Frankie Joseph, Assistant Commissioner of Police, does not think there is an upsurge of homicides in SVG.

The idyllic atmosphere Referring to the Mayreau incident, he of Mayreau was said, “It is really a tragedy, and I am fractured with its first hoping that this is an isolated case. recorded homicide “I hope that this is going to be the first and only tragedy of this nature by HAYDN HUGGINS there”. Joseph underscored that the Grenadines ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, in are tourist attractions and, while the police charge of crime, Frankie Joseph, is hoping that have a duty to protect all the citizens of St. last Sunday’s stabbing death of Limore Grant Vincent and the Grenadines, tourists, in on Mayreau, known for its peace and particular, must feel welcomed and safe while tranquillity, is an isolated case. visiting these shores. Grant’s death is said to be the first ever “People have to be more tolerant of each recorded homicide on that Grenadine island. other”, he urged. The 24-year-old died from a single stab He pointed out that most of the disputes in wound to the neck. St. Vincent and the Grenadines have occurred Joseph was carrying out the administrative operation of the constabulary because there was no proper communication between the parties involved, and in the absence of Commissioner Michael disagreements sometimes end in tragedy. Charles when THE VINCENTIAN spoke to him on Monday. Mayreau – no police station Charles was expected to return to the state by weekend. According to the population and housing Deputy Commissioner Reynold Hadaway census of 2012, Mayreau has a population of is currently on vacation leave. 271 persons, comprised of 143 males and 128 Joseph said that in the past, the Grenadines were model countries in terms of females. their peace and tranquillity. Continued on page 3




VENEZUELA: Two tales from one city

proportions that one reporter said, were unimaginable. They are wont, therefore, to question the commitment of the SO SAID HENRIQUE CAPRILES, the government to their plight, opposition politician who narrowly when their basic needs go lost the presidential race to Mr. unattended. Nicolas Maduro in an election last What is clear though, is that year, as he addressed a rally of those same slum dwellers have protestors in a wealthy district of stayed clear of the antiCaracas, Venezuela, in late government street protests, February. citing, among other reasons: a The street protests against mistrust of the opposition; the the Nicolas Maduro led threat of violence; and strong government had all but disagreement with the demand intensified at this point, but that Mr. Maduro should leave Capriles seemed to have office. recognised that the success of an A News Americas article effort to force the government to reports one person who lives in a compromise or, more ultimately, slum, in a tiny brick hut, as out of office, lay with an the saying, “I’m a Chavista, but involvement of the millions of things are going badly..... poorer Venezuelans whose Maduro is doing things badly. support, in the main, holds the But I don’t support the violence government intact. of the opposition either. They Election after election in are full of hate.” Venezuela, not least the last one On the other hand, a resident in 2013, has shown in vivid of a pro-government slum known demographic detail, that the as 23 de Enero, declared, “I’m country was and is sharply not bourgeois, before all I’m divided. Venezuelan and I’m in the But the division that the opposition,” News Americas street protests have thrown up, reported. according to independent From what can be discerned observers, is not simply denoted as anti-government protests and in terms of rich on one side and pro-government rallies continue the poor on the other. unabated on the streets of It is correct to state that the Caracas, is that the situation is majority of Venezuela’s poor not far from being ‘two tales support the government that of one city’. they see as a continuance of A reading of reports the Bolivarian Revolution of from what can be its architect, Hugo Chavez. described as the right and And apart from a few instances left of the media, agree of noise from among the poor on one thing: the who reside in the slums of the protests in Venezuela capital Caracas, the protests, are confined to the which have resulted in the loss east side of Caracas of life of at least forty persons, where the rich tend have not taken place in the to live. There, slums. protestors burn Mr. Maduro has, for bonfires even his part and from the vehicles; children outset of the protests stay away from against his government, school, and stores described the protestors are shut early. as “spoiled, rich kids.” This is in stark But there is no contrast to the doubt, given west side of the reports from city where, for all independent intents and observers, that purposes, the poor some of those who live. Reports from reside in the persons who slums have have visited questions about these areas, the speak of a government. calm there, in The which one shortages of would hardly staple food know that the items and basic Henrique Capriles motions to his city, household otherwise, supporters who have come out commodities, to demonstrate against what they was locked in affected the violent street say is a worsening situation in poor in protests. Venezuela. “Change is not possible in Venezuela if the slums are not involved.”

Schools there remain open, restaurants serve up the favourite dishes, and residents involve themselves in pastimes that they would do on any normal day of the year. There exists though, a commonality between the two. They both face the same frustrations of a worsening economic situation in the country: skyrocketing President Nicolas Maduro waves to supporters who had rallied in support of his administration. inflation rates, considered among the highest in the world; violent crime, with Venezuela said to have the second highest homicide rate in the world, in 2011; and having to spend long hours in food lines when basic goods go scarce, though with Mr. Maduro taking over many private operations, goods are flowing again, into the country and into state-run groceries which make goods available at highly subsidised prices. So, while economists and sociologists will rule that in Life goes on as normal in the slums on the west side of times of economic and social imbalance, the poor are the ones Caracas. who are especially hard hit by the consequences, and are likely to be the first to make their feelings known and seen, the street protests that continue to plague Venezuela have been led by and comprised of middle and upper class Venezuelans. They have overflowed like avalanches on to the streets, waging pitch battles with security personnel, causing dislocation to commerce, while in the city’s poorer sections, where equally large numbers of persons reside, life goes on as usual. The Socialist Revolution of Hugo Chavez may just have Violent clashes between protestors and security widened the split in his personnel on the east side of Caracas. country, Venezuela, and as a result, two conflicting tales arise: one from the violence of the streets, and the other from the calm of the slums. As per the opening quote in this article, Mr. Capriles, himself a member of the privileged class, knows full well that the battle is going to be a long one, may be even a losing one, unless he can win the confidence of the poor. Then again, may be the poor has had their fill of violence, since, as Mohandas Gandhi said, ‘Poverty is the worst form of violence.’ (CBMN) Corn meal was in short supply during the late months of 2013 and into 2014.

V News 3 OAS bringing real benefits for real people


commitment to development. The money will go towards enhancing tourism-related THE ORGANISATION OF activity. She is hoping that American States (OAS) is vendors, including crafts making efforts to improve the persons, will take advantage lives of citizens in six Caribbean of the opportunity to improve countries. their products, and that OAS Country service providers achieve Representative, Melene Glynn, similar progress. confided that the US$398,000 OAS is keen on helping provided under the OAS smaller and vulnerable Special Multilateral Fund of economies in the region, the Inter-American Council for according to Glynn, who Integral Development pointed to tourism as a (FEMCIDI) project dubbed: catalyst for achieving other ‘Craft enhancement and strategic objectives. business planning training to She looked at this support human capacity intervention as a launching building in the public and pad for further involvement private sector’ will “bring real with the country’s benefits to real people.” development. Six Caribbean countries The project will run for two will benefit from the venture. years . They include Dominica, St. Laura Anthony-Browne, Lucia, Grenada, Director of Planning, Antigua/Barbuda, St. Kitts welcomed the new measure, /Nevis, Jamaica and St. and described it as Vincent and the Grenadines. “dovetailing” with the St. Vincent and the government’s National Grenadines will get Economic Development Plan US$39,077 of that total. which runs to 2025. For Glynn, this venture Anthony-Browne noted the demonstrates OAS’ change in the rural economy by: WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

as a result in the decline of the banana industry. She pointed to the need to strengthen the private sector, and emphasised the urgency of “reengineering economic growth.” Anthony-Browne looked at the recent OAS initiative as a measure aimed at reducing (L-R) Laverne Grant – PS Ministry of Tourism, Laura Anthony poverty, creating jobs, Browne – Director of Planning, and Melene Glynn – OAS Country and profferred that the Representative, formalise SVG’s part of the OAS Special money properly used Multilateral Fund of the Inter-American Council for Integral could lead to Development . improvement in people’s lives. Grant assured the OAS that the Tourism, Sports and The Director of Planning Culture Ministry, highlighted her Ministry “will do its best cautioned that the funds must the beneficiaries of the project to ensure that the project is be appropriately disbursed, successfully implemented,” so as mostly unemployed youth, and urged full accountability that they will be able to women, and at risk and transparency in the approach the OAS for further youngsters. disbursement, citing that, once funding. Grant pointed to training the procurement rules were The Centre for Enterprise which will ensure observed, “life will be easier Development (CED) and development and design of for everyone.” Invest SVG will provide products for the individuals She thanked the OAS for aspects of the training. and private sector entities. their generosity. Laverne Grant, Permanent Secretary in

Mayreau joins the homicide count Continued from Front page Mayreau is the only inhabited Grenadine island without a police station. However, according to Joseph, the Ministry of National Security located some land there about a year ago for the construction of a sub-station, and he is hoping that would commence soon. He said there is currently a small patrol boat based in Mayreau, to which one police officer and two auxiliary officers are attached, and they do the necessary patrols, apart from the coast guard which has a base in Canouan. He recalled that when the incident occurred last Sunday, one of the officers attached to the Mayreau based patrol boat was on the scene in a few minutes. “It tells us that, even though we are patrolling, we cannot be everywhere at the same time,” Joseph said.

Joseph: ‘No upsurge in homicides’ Up to press time Tuesday, eleven homicides were recorded in SVG so far for the year, compared to seven up to the end of April last year. However, Joseph is not of the view that there is an upsurge in homicides or that the situation is alarming. He noted that sometimes there is an increase in homicides over a particular period, but that does not mean that at the end of the year there

would be an increase over the previous year. But, he stressed that one homicide is one too many and the homicide rate is always cause for concern. The senior cop said the police are very concerned about the use of illegal firearms, and emphasized that seven of the homicides recorded so far this year were gun-related. The Assistant COP pointed out that, while the police could put measures in place, they cannot fight crime without the support and cooperation of the public. He is, therefore, urging citizens to report any suspicious activity or suspicious looking vehicle/vehicles spotted in any part of the country, and to feel free to call the police if they have information regarding the committal of a crime/crimes, or have overheard any conversation of a plot to do so. “They do not have to come to the police stations to give that information, or to give their names and addresses if they don’t want to. What the police want is the information so we could act on it,” Joseph explained. “Most of the time crime, is not committed in the presence of the police, so we are very dependent on the public to solve these crimes,” he contended. Twenty-seven homicides were recorded last year, of which 11 were gun-related.

Drought conditions affecting water supply THE DRY SPELL currently affecting St. Vincent and the Grenadines has forced the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) to restrict water supplies in numerous communities across the country. According to a press release by CWSA, “The continuing lack of rainfall here and throughout the entire region has now resulted in a further decrease in the inflow from the rivers at three of its major intakes.” The major intakes are the Dalaway, Majorca and Montreal water systems. The current dry spell here is in contrast to late December 2013, when torrential rainfall resulted in flooding and landslides. During that period, about 10 inches of rainfall descended upon the land in less than five hours. But 5 weeks ago, drought conditions were

declared by the CWSA. CWSA said that Unless there is production at the three increased rainfall soon, water systems is now residents here can expect estimated to be below that their water supply 50%, with the worst will be restricted. affected being the Montreal System, Kingstown and its which supplies mainly environments, including the Marriaqua Valley, Ratho-Mill, may also Belmont and some areas experience short periodic in the South-East of the interruptions during the island. daily peak hours of 5am The release noted that to 9 am and 5pm to 8pm. during the past five The CWSA is weeks, the CWSA’s appealing to the general technical staff has been public to continue to trying to avert the need observe strict water for rationing the supply conservation measures by closely monitoring by eliminating wastage and managing the three at public facilities, systems. However, given reporting leaks and the forecast of relatively limiting water use to low rainfall in the only priority household foreseeable future, the activities. water supply from the CWSA is St. Vincent Montreal system will and the Grenadines’ have to be restricted. only provider of pipeAdditionally, because borne water and of the reduced supply sewerage services. from the Majorca and Additionally, the CWSA Dalaway systems, it is is responsible for solid also expected that waste management residents at higher services throughout the elevations in and around country.




DPP appeals sentences in liquid cocaine matter by HAYDN HUGGINS

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams has appealed the sentences imposed by Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, in the liquid cocaine matter involving 23-year-old Lisa Hooper of Campden Park. Hooper was last week Wednesday, April 23, fined $27,000 for possession of 1,235 grams of cocaine with intent to supply. She was ordered to pay the court half of the fine forthwith or two years in prison, and the other half by June 23, with a similar alternative. The sentences are to run concurrently if the fines are not paid. Hooper was also handed two three-year suspended sentences, one for conspiring with British national Naton Smith and others to export the drug, and the other for conspiring with Smith and others for the purpose of drug trafficking. Hooper, who had pleaded not guilty to the charges, was convicted on all three counts, following a trial at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court. Efforts by THE VINCENTIAN to reach the DPP

on Tuesday were unsuccessful, but Senior Prosecutor in the DPP’s office, Adolphus Delpleche, who prosecuted the matter, confirmed that the appeal was filed on the day after Hooper was sentenced. He disclosed that it was filed on one ground: leniency in sentencing. Delpleche did not give further details. It is interesting to note, however, that Naton Smith, who had pleaded guilty, February 13 this year, to charges in connection with the same matter, received custodial sentences while Hooper, who was found guilty, was handed non-custodial sentences. Smith was sentenced to two years in prison for possession of 1,235 grams of cocaine with intent to supply, one year for attempting to export the drug and one year for conspiring with Hooper and others to export the drug. The sentences, handed down by

DPP Colin Williams (right) has given notice of appeal against the sentences imposed upon Lisa Hooper whom Jomo Thomas (left) represented. Inset: Lisa Hooper is said to have paid half of the fine ordered by the Court.

then Chief Magistrate Sonya Young will run concurrently, which means that Smith is serving a two-year jail term. Smith, who had been represented by attorney Grant Connell, was called as a state witness in the matter involving Hooper, who was defended by lawyer Jomo Thomas. When contacted on Tuesday, Connell told THE VINCENTIAN, “the system is unpredictable, Magistrates differ, sentences vary. Thomas obviously saw the light at the end of the tunnel, by HAYDN HUGGINS (police) don’t want to hear what we hence maintaining the not guilty plea; but the have to say.” magistrate obviously thought otherwise. In light of ATTORNEY Grant Connell is But Connell told this publication, the sentences imposed, who knows, had it been confident that whatever issues the “If or when I am retained by the guilty pleas, she (Hooper) might have been National Omnibus Association Association, I am certain that the (NOBA) may have, they could be issues and concerns can be dealt with, reprimanded and discharged.” Thomas told another publication last week that resolved amicably. with the appropriate application of he intends to appeal the Magistrate’s decision. NOBA has been holding common sense”. THE VINCENTIAN understands that Hooper discussions with Connell, with a view Connell disclosed that there has paid the first half of the fine. to retaining him. been several issues which he has The Association had met with the resolved amicably with the police police last week Wednesday, April 16, since the appointment of to discuss a number of issues, Commissioner Michael Charles. including the Police Force Traffic “There are issues that there is Department’s ongoing operation to absolutely no need to engage the clamp down on the playing of music judicial machinery to resolve. Just in motor vehicles, without the written put egos aside and move forward in permission of the Commissioner of the interest of the people. Sometimes Attorney Grant Connell Police as stated in the Traffic Laws. it’s just a storm in a teacup,” Connell has not yet been officially NOBA’s president, Anthony ‘Code said. by HAYDN HUGGINS retained by NOBA but Red’ Bacchus, had expressed Up to press time Tuesday, Connell thinks the issues minidisappointment with the meeting, was yet to be properly retained by the SUPERINTENDENT Kenneth John, Head of the bus operators have can during an interview with THE Association. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Traffic be amicably resolved. VINCENTIAN, stating, “like they Department, is anxiously looking forward to the implementation of the penalty point system, which would result in persons having their licences suspended, once they accumulate a certain amount of points. “One of the things we want to see is the point IN THE SPACE of a two-day began acting suspiciously. Raphael Pompey, 55. His system. There are some drivers who have no regard period, Wednesday 16th and A search of the vehicle accomplice was named as for the laws of the road. Some of them have over Thursday 17th April, two uncovered a car fender, a car Anthony Ackie, 49. 100 convictions for traffic offences and are still nationals of St. Vincent and the door, and a black box, all When the two appeared in driving. Grenadines were nabbed with designated as cargo for a vessel court last week Thursday, they “They should be suspended, but the laws do not illegal drugs in other CARICOM destined for St Vincent. were charged with possession, provide for that,” Superintendent John told THE countries. Further examination of the importation and intent to supply VINCENTIAN during an interview last week. On Wednesday 13th, the black box led to the discovery of 307,812 grammes of marijuana; John also stressed the need for breathalizers to Trinidad Express newspaper four packages of a white powdery and possession, importation and determine whether someone is driving under the reported that a Vincentian (name substance, determined to be intent to supply 2724 grammes of influence of alcohol, and radar guns to check speed not released) was caught with cocaine. cannabis resin. limits. some 4.5 kilograms of cocaine The following day, reports from The court heard that the police John said that some omnibus drivers go to (street value EC$1.05 million), at Dominica said that two people, a had intercepted the two men in functions, drink alcohol and drive home passengers, the CARICOM Wharf of the Port national of St Vincent and the an open keel boat, named ‘Slick’, which is very dangerous. of Spain port. Grenadines and a Dominican, John had told THE VINCENTIAN in a previous The newspaper reported that were remanded into custody after with registration number J7-178PMH, and powered by 75 and 85 interview that, under the revised traffic laws, soon police officers were on patrol at appearing before a city to come on stream, there would be a penalty point the CARICOM Wharf when they magistrate, following the seizure horse power engines. system. The drugs seized are estimated observed a white Toyota Corolla of illegal drugs at sea, south of The revised regulations are also expected to to have a street value of more motor vehicle, driven by the Dominica, earlier in the week. make provision for the use of radar guns and Vincentian man who they said The Vincentian was named as than EC$680,000. breathalizers.

Connell: “NOBA’s issues could be resolved amicably”

Over 100 convictions, and still driving

Vincentians nabbed with illegal drugs




ÂNo to ganja.Ê says former health minister SARAH FLOOD-BEAUBRUN, a former health minister in the 1997-2001 St. Lucia Labour Party government of Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, has warned that the decriminalisation of marijuana could have negative health and social consequences. “Traditionally, we have a very poor record of monitoring legislation once enacted. We can assume that if marijuana were legalized, even if there were safeguards written into the legislation, there would be little or no monitoring. In practice, it would become… a free for all,” Sarah FloodBeaubrun said, according to CMC. She warned further that “There will very likely be increased use of marijuana due to experimentation. This will come at a social as well as financial cost,” and asked, “Can St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean afford this?” The former minister was also fearful that crime could

also escalate as a result of the decriminalization of marijuana, noting that many people commit crimes whilst “high” on drugs including alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. Flood-Beaubrum has added her voice to the ongoing public discussion, albeit disorganized, on the issue, especially since CARICOM appointed a Commission to examine the possibility of decriminalizing marijuana. The Commission was established by the 25th intersessional meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government, held in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, March 10 — 11, 2014. As far as that Commission is concerned, Flood-Beaubrum anticipates that it would comprise competent, unbiased persons “who would look at the issue objectively, taking into account all available scientific and social data regarding

marijuana use and possible effects. “It should not be a Commission established to deliver a result which is already predetermined, and the full report of the Commission should be made public before any decisions are made,” she urged. She did not hide her feeling that her own country seems to be preoccupied with the issue of decriminalizing marijuana, when there was much more pressing matters that warranted attention. St. Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony is on record as saying that it is important for CARICOM to adopt a regional approach to settling the issue of the legislation of marijuana. He cited

the movement of citizens within the region as making it difficult to deal with the decriminalisation of marijuana on an individual basis. He says a joint approach would be in keeping with the decision by CARICOM leaders at their intersessional summit last month to create a regional commission to consider the issue. (Source: CMC)

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, a former health minister in St. Lucia, has added her voice of dissent to the call to criminalise marijuana.

Opposition wants referendum on ganja

JAMAICA’S OPPOSITION Leader Andrew Holness has called for a referendum on the question of legalisation of marijuana in that country. Holness told the Jamaica House of Assembly last week that a referendum on the issue could resolve the uncertainties The University of the West surrounding the Indies, (UWI) Mona signed a issue. Memorandum of Understanding He suggested that (MOU), April 9. 2014, with the referendum could GenCanna Global, Inc., trading be held as Strains of Hope, to facilitate simultaneously with the conduct of research into the a general election medicinal properties of that is due in 2015. marijuana. “There is an election due some marijuana to the USA market. time next year; why Andrew Holness, Marijuana decriminalization leader of the not make or legalization has been a topic of Opposition in arrangements to discussion in Jamaica for Jamaica, has have a grand decades, but no governments suggested that the referendum at that have moved beyond the talking people show decide stage. time? It would be on the question of cost-effective and More than a decade ago, a legalising marijuana. government-appointed would certainly settle all these commission recommending thorny issues and, at the same time, decriminalizing the possession and answer the questions where are we cultivation of small amounts of pot, going on the social issues,” Holness saying the herb was “culturally told Parliament. entrenched” in the county, but that In support of his call, he referred to recommendation went nowhere in the the apparent mixed feelings on the face of fears of angering the US. issue among members of the major Now, with two US states having political parties, and advanced the already legalized marijuana and more view that, given this situation, it was getting in line to do so, the fear of dire probably best that the people decide. reaction from Washington has largely The Opposition leader’s suggestion dissipated. comes amidst his country’s moves in As the winds of change blow across stepping up research on the medical the hemisphere, however, pressure for properties of marijuana, and not least, reform is mounting. (Source: Stop the against recent reports that Jamaica Drug ; Jamaica newspapers) remains one of the major suppliers of




Child Abuse high on NCCP agenda said Evans. Over the last week, WITH THE RECENT the organization hosted a upsurge of criminal series of activities activities including child featuring Dr. Johnnetta abused, particularly sexual Mc Swain from Georgia, abuse, the National U.S.A. Commission of Crime Mc Swain is an Prevention (NCCP) has Author, Emmy Award been moved to act, and Winning Documentarian, organized a series of Life/Speaker activities to coincide with Development Coach, Child Abuse Awareness Facilitator and and Prevention Month, International April. Empowerment Speaker. During a press She was able to overcome conference On Tuesday a brutal childhood of 21st April at the NCCP sexual, physical and headquarters at the emotional abuse, and Cruise Ship Terminal, now travels worldwide to Nichola Evans, Director encourage and empower of NCCP, said her children and youth by organization has sharing her story of recognized there are triumph and survival. serious issues of criminal She was the keynote activities in SVG, and speaker on Wednesday “we must start from 23rd April, at a NCCPsomewhere.” hosted national Two areas of major symposium on ‘Violence concern identified by against Children’, held at Evans are the number of the Methodist cases of incest that is Conference Hall in affecting the nation’s Kingstown. children, and general Mc Swain told THE sexual abuse. “As a VINCENTIAN that it is result, the NCCP, in important that victims collaboration with key recover from their stakeholders in the area trauma and become of child protection, has victorious. “You can stepped up its efforts to grow, you can change reach vulnerable your circumstances, you children and families,” can be the person who by KENVILLE HORNE

can tell your story,” said Mc Swain, adding, “You have to break the silence.” On Thursday 24th April, the NCCP launched the Child Abuse Hot Line, and also hosted a book-signing of Mc Swain’s ‘Rising above the Scars’. On Friday April 25th, the NCCP staged a March and Rally starting from outside the NCCP’s headquarters at the Cruise-ship Terminal,

ending at Heritage Square. Many cases of Child Abuse are not reported for fear of reprisal or shame. Also issues of payment for silence have been a cause for concern here, and while there is much work left to be done to end Child Abuse, the NCCP is hoping that their initiatives pay dividends. NCCP was established in 2003 by a parliamentary motion as

Dr. Johnnetta Mc Swain, author and motivational speaker, used her own experience to highlight the need to address the issue of child abuse. a unified response to the upsurge in criminal activities in SVG. Its mandate includes the bringing together of key

Nichola Evans, Director of NCCP, recognizes that her Commission faces a challenging task. stakeholders to form partnership in preventing and combating crime.

South Leeward road project set to go: Inconveniences expected contract for major rehabilitation of the South Leeward road was TRANSPORT AND formalised. Works Minister, Senator Senator Francis Julian Francis, is confessed that the anticipating that there project has been on the will be a “lot of drawing board since inconvenience” over the 2005, and while he was next 18 months, while happy that the works on the South commencement was set Leeward road are at June, 2014, he undertaken. bemoaned the length of He made the time it had taken. observation during a “I find these things press conference at his take too long,” Francis Ministry last week conceded. Friday, during which the The Minister noted that the contract was signed for $22M and will involve the rebuilding of seven miles of road, but warned that “there may be adjustments.” He cited, for example, the construction of drains to take the water away from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and the realignment of the Campden Park Bus Shed to cater for container laden vehicles. “We have to facilitate the movement of large vehicles,” Francis said. Government’s Chief Engineer, Brent Bailey, by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

outlined aspects of the venture that will be done and, as regards to the drainage to the Minister of Transport and Works Milton Cato Senator Julian Francis (left) Memorial admits that there will be Hospital, he inconvenience but Ian Singh of anticipates that contractor DIPCON commits to it will be completing the project in the “bigger, quickest possible time. stronger, and more resilient.” that there will be Bailey indicated that “substantial there will be significant inconvenience”, but (traffic) diversions. He promised that there will vowed to reduce the delays and “try to be one lane available at complete the road in the all times, but stressed quickest possible time.” that there will also be He anticipates that “disruptions.” Ian Singh, speaking some 150 persons will be on behalf of contractors working on the project at DIPCON, expressed its peak period, and gratitude to work here indicated that there will again. He promised a be “lots of opportunity “solid first class road for truckers.” that will stand the test of Work will begin in time.” June and is anticipated Singh acknowledged to last 640 days.

‘Bun Pan’ gets burned again The Marriaqua United Friendly Society, commonly referred to as ‘Bun Pan’ was again the target of bandits when the business place situated in Freeland, Mesopotamia was broken into sometime during the early morning hours last Thursday, April 24. An employee confirmed that the perpetrator(s) forced their way through a side door and gained entry into the general manager’s office. No cash was stolen, however, according to the General Manager, but she confirmed that the burglar(s)

made off with a transformer, a replacement for one stolen in the last robbery. The property was broken into on June 3, 2013 and, according to the president of the Board of Directors who commented then, the burglar(s) made off with an undisclosed sum of money from the vault and some office supplies, including a transformer. Three doors were damaged then, according to the Board’s president, and he said then that that was the fourth occasion on which the business place had been burglarized.


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Transforming society In 2009, or there about, Jamaica, recognizing that it was descending into an abyss of crime and violence, introduced what it called a National Transformation Programme. The programme was intended to inculcate appropriate values and attitudes in society. Given what is engulfing our own society - continuing youth violence, child and sexual abuse, spiraling incidents of robbery, recklessness and ill-manners among our youth, indifferent behavior by our politicians — maybe we too in SVG require a programme of similar intent. For while all of this social ill-health breeds in our society, our politicians encourage a thinking and practice that money and jobs can transform SVG. Far from it! Money and jobs, like former Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding declared, “Cannot transform Jamaica,” and this is applicable to us as well. Every day, someone blames our problems on this, that or the other. When it’s not some global situation that is negatively impacting our economy, it is a natural disaster or the threat of one. Some even blame the problems on our lack of resources. It is as though we fool ourselves into believing that better can’t be done; that we can’t ‘fix’ the roads, ensure an adequate stock at our main hospital, provide all the help to those who are looking for it, because we lack a natural resource base, and we will have to borrow or source funds from outside, or wherever, so that we can ensure basic amenities and, ultimately, our own prosperity. What rubbish!! Sure, we need to address these basic human requirements. But the road to a truly prosperous society throws up other fundamental challenges that cannot be addressed by legislation or government. Those challenges have to come from deep within the psyche of the people, who must come out of a period of profound reflection with an understanding that this is how we live, this is how we think, this is how we treat each other, this is how we relate to our communities. Can the discussion on Reparations not be one that serves this larger purpose? There must be no political tainting of this reflection, since the intent is to transform society for all, not for a few, and in a manner and style that is not measured by the narrow intentions of a political party. Given the crime scourge that currently prevails here, which is really a representation of the seriousness or lack of seriousness which we attach to the hitherto referred reflection, persons like the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security need to recognize that we will fail in any effort to combat crime, unless we tackle the issues of values and the attitudes of those who are committing crime, and even those who are not. What can we expect from someone who has been brought up without regard for the moral code that speaks to killing, stealing and/or adultery? These are vested in the basic tenets of Christianity, the Ten Commandments. But while we boast of how Christian a people we are, we breed misfits and potential criminals by failing to impress this moral code on our children. Who can deny that a big part of our problem (crime) has to do with the fact that our children are growing up, especially during adolescence, not hearing these messages repeatedly in their homes. Yet we are wont to point fingers at a host of other reasons for our burgeoning crime situation. Some say it’s because of migration (separation of parents and children). Others blame it on women now moving into the workplace, at the expense of caring for the home 24/7. Few want to own up and say it’s more than that; it’s all of us; and it is all of us who have to commit to genuine reflection on our own places, our role and purpose in society. Once upon a time, government facilitated; it was not promoted as the panacea to our problems. Other institutions, the family not least among these, had a role and played a role in nurturing minds, inculcating sound values and attitudes. Have we sidestepped any or most of these institutions in the name of modernity? Whether we have compromised our responsibilities and have delegated them to others is something we have to reflect on and take the remedial action necessary. We have to transform society ourselves, in an image and likeness of who we are, how we live, how we think, how we treat others and how we relate to our communities.

GECCU in its infancy: Congratulations on its glittering silver anniversary (A radio talk, ‘The co-opway’, given in 1966 as a booster to the fledgling GECCU). “In the last Throne Speech read at the Legislative Council Chamber a few weeks ago, there was pointed reference to the island as being divided into “have-and havenots”, in other words a society split into the relatively rich and poor. I believe that this is largely a true statement of fact, and has been so from the time that we were created into the Plantation Society of the 16th century. I believe that this situation was not actively brought about primarily by the evil deeds of a particular Government, nor was it the out-growth of an obstructionist opposition which stood in the way of the Government’s good intentions. It springs mainly from the unbridled working of the capitalist method, which we seemed committed to work. Capitalism is founded on the supposed acquisitiveness and greed of human nature, and advocates what turns out to be cutthroat competition, an inglorious free-forall. Those who can, float or swim; those who cannot, perish. There are two means of escape from such a brutal proposition. We may reject the system altogether, or opt for extreme socialism. Alternatively, we may seek to repair its defective machinery, we may modify it, patch it up while leaving its essentials untouched. The credit unionist counsels reform, recommends the latter course as following the path of plain common sense. He fears that in a total rejection, the baby might be thrown out with the bath water, as the saying goes; the good might be jettisoned with the bad. Thus, while leaving the fundamental tenets of the system intact, Credit Unionism blunts its sharper edges, cushions the worker from the rigours of the naked Capitalist system that is weighted against him; it helps to shelter him from the biting blizzards of a rugged individualism gone mad, and provides, if I am permitted to elaborate on an earlier metaphor, a life- belt for the non-swimmer to keep afloat. Credit Unionism runs counter to capitalist dogma in its basic philosophy. Whereas capitalism is based on competition and profit, Credit Unionism is founded under the twin principle of cooperation and service. People do not usually go into business for their health, and only incidentally to create jobs and help serve the employment problem in the community. They go in simply to make a profit, to acquire wealth. Credit Unionists on the other hand get together, combine their

resources, usually slender resources for obvious reasons, and form an organisation which they control democratically, that is, on the basis of the human personality , of man as a human being and not on the strength of his invested money. They produce the thing or service, merchandize it on a fair basis of consumption. It is one of the most striking examples of self-help, a sort of do-it yourself organisation. It is a cooperative society in the true meaning of the term. The Credit Union is also a bank in its own right, for it has to do with savings and credit. But it is more than just another runof-the-mill banking institution. I was particularly impressed the other day when Mr. Jerome Burke in his talk stressed one’s character. In short, one’s God-given character that cannot be expressed in monetary terms is accepted as surety for a loan. On the other hand, the bank wants to see cold evidence of material collateral that can be translated into hard cash and that can be forfeited in the cases of default. What of the small borrower with no one or nothing to back him? This is the sort of thing I mean when I say that our economic system, such as it is, has no place for the small man. I am reminded of the inspired biblical paradox that states that ‘To him that hath shall be given; from him that hath not shall be taken even that which he hath”. How true in the economic life of so many of our country-men! For the small man caught in this predicament, credit unionism is his only salvation. The lending agencies want to sell him something so that they might enrich themselves through the interest rate; so too that despicable loanshark called money-lender. In this context, the Credit the Union can rescue him, for they exist first and foremost to render service. Above all, the Credit Union at work is the perfect illustration of true democracy in operation. Nowadays, there is an elitist concept of everything under the sun. It is the age of the expert. Even men who deal in normal work- a-day affairs tend to lay great store by their specialised knowledge, and get it cross that only they are fit to lead. They use all sorts of jargon and highfalutin language to explain the simplest things. Red tape and “officialise” designed to puzzle Continued on Page 12




But the ladies can speak for themselves

“Jumbie Man”

One night shortcutting through de cemetery At the gate ah met this super lady She said, Mr you know you frighten me I almost tek you for a jumbie, Mr you really give me ah scare What de hell you been doing in there? I CANNOT help noting the deplorable condition in though seemingly Lady ah live just behind the cemetery Kingstown and how it is apparently negatively undergoing significant Ah been only shortcutting me lady. impacting the lives of our precious womenfolk, who discomfiture, they I’m going to ah midnight soca party must use the city from day to day. continue to battle it out If you don’t mind come along wid me I am not here talking of the smelly vagrants without complaining; like Trying hard to convince de woman whom she must skilfully dodge to avoid physical true patriots. Ah reach out and hold she hand, contact. I am not talking about the important driver But the ladies can Well is there de trouble start who cannot afford the time to allow the pedestrian speak for themselves on De woman start pulling me apart to use the crossing comfortably. Some of these this matter, but I must What de hell yuh tek me for important drivers are indeed well dressed ladies in warn them, that, a Mr ah think you’re going much too far. trendy vehicles, whose conversation on the cell beautiful figure and a If yuh bin hear she phone does not leave them with the energy to be beautiful face can only go Let me go, let go my hand concerned with the ordinary citizen who has been where the ankles would Let me go, yuh jumbie man. waiting to cross. take them. Ah say let me go, let go my hand The hustling mini-van driver is of course “entitled Let me go, you jumbie man. to” easy speedy flow without having to be concerned LeRoy Providence Lady please go easy on me with the weak-kneed I’ll prove to you I’m not ah jumbie country people, inside or Ah got the woman to go with me outside of his van. In the To de midnight soca party. same vein, the busy driver of From de time she get on de floor MR. PRESIDENT of the Omnibus Since ASP Sampson got a delivery van just cannot Music sweet, she shouted more gime more Association, it appears that you are a promoted and transferred from stop, even though from more Please play that song again for me Calliaqua to Kingstown Police than ten yards away, he has bitter and angry man. Who told you and Ah want to free up my body, Headquarters, the area around, Mr ah giving you early warning seen that the lead vehicle in your members that you can decide what passengers should and should not listen (including Arnos Vale, Indian the parallel lane has come to I’m not going home till morning to? When someone is forced to listen to Bay, Lower and Upper Villa, a halt. This is at the busy She said she come from Fyzabad something he or she does not want to, Calliaqua) has become one of crossing at SINGER’s. You But she is not going back to Trinidad that becomes a nuisance. It is for this the noisiest areas on the island. see, he has to catch a boat at Ah know I love my calypso reason that laws were passed, i.e. to I will go further and mention But Vincy soca music sweet fo so, the Grenadines wharf and protect the public and their health in that something needs to be done Coming here wid you ah feel so warm he is a bit late. I am not particular. I am sure you do ‘nt know the about that loud music from the Ah never feel so since ah born talking of the effects of loud music on peoples’ health. CD vendors in Kingstown, Ah know yuh Vincy like to fete embarrassment to the How can you expect the Commissioner private vehicles, restaurants But ah never see people party so yet. citizen when some visitors to encourage members of your association and bars, rum and grocery If you should call and I’m not at home appeal to her for help in shops, hotels, private houses, I usually tek a nap on a tomb stone locating washroom services, to disobey the law? Section 31 of the Come in de cemetery there I’ll be after they had had to beat a Motor Vehicle and Road Regulation of the dance halls, even pleasure revised edition of the Laws of St. Vincent boats. Some vehicle owners But please don’t take me for a jumbie, hasty retreat from the have their muffler systems Ah hope by now you do understand related atmosphere at Little and the Grenadines 2009 chapter 483 specifies that no musical instrument or altered so as to keep as much Ah prove to you I’m no jumbie man Tokyo. noise as possible. Mr you can always hold me hand Yes, I was not thinking of loud speaker shall be played and noisy instrument or loud speaker shall be On page 288 no.18, paragraph Even if you’re a jumbie man. the stench from drains near operated in any motor vehicle in any 17 subsection (1) of the Noise to the Anglican School public place. Control Act states that no one is Josiah Bobby (SVG – 2014) building or from the one I recently travelled in buses in allowed to play loud music and near to the business houses Barbados, and it was so comforting not disturb residents in their homes. people will have peace and quiet in their of ACE and Reddock. What I having to listen to any music. There are Anyone who is so affected is encouraged homes, night and day, before the playing am primarily talking about no musical instruments installed in any of to report it to the police, who shall deal of loud music in public gets totally out of is the horrible condition of hand. the surface of the sidewalks these government buses. Why do we have with the matter immediately. them in our buses? They should all be I am sure Commissioner Charles will Concerned and the related drains in dismantled and removed. deal with this matter, so that all our citizen Kingstown. Laws are not passed for passing sake; It is eloquent testimony there are reasons for them, and they indeed to the neglect of our should be enforced by the police. We all infrastructure over the last should support the Chief Traffic Officer, twenty years, which PLEASE GRANT me space in your newspaper to write on Supt. Kenneth John, and our new (neglect) has come to fulla burning issue that has been confronting me for a few Commissioner of Police, for their efforts in bloom during this * Is it true weeks now. It has to do with the charging of Collin David rightly enforcing the laws. administration’s stint. that the Prison for the robbery of over one hundred thousand dollars, and If the Traffic laws and the Noise It is on these side-walks Commissionary the shooting of a police officer. Control Act of 1989 and amended in 1998 that our brave women battle made over One has to wonder if the police officers in St. Vincent were enforced, St. Vincent would have it out in fanciful shoes, and $360,000.00 last and the Grenadines are capable of investigating and been more peaceful and quiet. year and only solving crimes in this country or ours. Mind you, I $6,000.00 could be am not bashing the police officers, because there are accounted for? some who are very honest and god-fearing, and * Is it true that others who need investigating. workmen were seen NOW THAT WE have just come to the people not to pay taxes, therefore, I cannot understand how they can charge digging up part of undermining the prosperity of the end of the crucifixion memorial someone when, it is alledged by many persons, that the runway at the Roman Empire. He claimed to be a season, let’s look back at the he was nowhere in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. crucifixion politics. Strange as it may king, therefore threatening the power Argyle Airport, after That young man reportedly left these shores on the and position of the emperor; also that sound, it is true: Jesus’s gospel some stuff was morning of June 5th and apparently was always in message was about government. “….. he blasphemed. thrown on it to contact with persons here. Jesus was first tried by the high the government shall be upon his make it look as I am wondering why they are misleading the shoulder” (Isa. 9:6-7. In his priests and elders in front of Caiaphas public with their breakthrough story, when the though it was (Matt. 26:57) and then turned over to proclamation in Mark 1: 14-15, Jesus paved? perpetrator(s) could well be out there laughing at Pilate who, knowing Jesus’s declared that the prophecy of Daniel * What systems are them (police). May be the investigators need to get 2:44 was fulfilled; the Kingdom of God innocence, and being warned by his in place to ensure up and begin their investigations into this matter is at hand (and a kingdom is a wife not to have anything to do with that the famers all over again. the death of Jesus, washed his hands government). repay the loans they If all of this is true, how can we as citizens from the blood of the innocence. But, Matthew claimed that the central receive under this confide in them? We are very sorry for what no water can, in history, deny the theme of Jesus was the Kingdom new $6m scheme? happened to the officer in question, and would like gravest miscarriage of justice. (4:32). He was so diplomatic in his * Why people keep mission that the religions and political The motive behind the death of the to see the true perpetrator(s) brought to justice; but asking him when Messiah was a religious grievance, but we must not hasten to lay the blame on innocent leaders knew that his message was Ju-C will hit the religious grievances had no weight in political, but found it difficult to people just to say they made a breakthrough and streets again? Ah the Roman court, so it had to take a accuse him until the betrayal by just to get somebody to charge. wonder why they political charge against Him for Him Judas, one of his own disciples. So, when all is said and done, the officers should wouldn’t ask the After his arrest and imprisonment, to be brought to Pilate. let their consciences be their guide. people concerned if The final question his apostles he was put on trial (two trials Is it too much to ask that they make absolutely asked him was a political one — Acts actually) on several charges. He was there is any hold-up sure that they have the right perpetrator? charged for being a revolutionary who 1:6. in getting the plant posed a threat to the Roman Empire. ready? Name withheld on request Christian Democrat He was accused also of encouraging

Laws in place for loud music

Fake breakthrough

The crucifixion politics




Eustace blots his copy book…. again

The NDP offers hope to all Vincentians

The Issue


FROM TIME TO TIME, events conjure scenarios which bring out the best or the worst in mankind. These events are a test of our character, our mettle, our leadership skills, our compassion and humility, our sense of justice and fair play, and our love for our fellow men. When these events occur, we have to delve deep within our soul to find solutions, to find the right strategy to create the answers that will satisfy our society. Sometimes these events affect us in the form of disasters, human tragedies and the work of nature. By and large, we do not control these events, especially when they are created by nature. It is the human tragedies that we can influence in some form or fashion, through our own actions, or lack thereof. The case of Mrs. Rishatta Nichols is an ideal example of a tragedy gone wrong. No one likes to lose his or her job, and the circumstances of a job lost could be traumatic. Suddenly an income stream disappears, and there is concern over bills, food, health, education and so forth, simply because the avenue from which the finance will come does not exist anymore. Similarly, the case of Mrs. Nichols also highlights the lack of compassion, the failure to observe the laws of the country, and the disdain for poor people, on behalf of the opposition NDP, and its political leader, Arnhim Eustace. Here is a man who wants to be the next national leader in this country, but who demonstrates a total lack of humanity, common sense, and knowledge and respect for our labour laws.

The dismissal of Mrs. Nichols Early in 2013, Arnhim Eustace found reason in his own mind, to dismiss his party’s office secretary of twelve years, for what essentially was a “comess” situation. In his letter of dismissal he refers to her performance, her lack of confidentiality, and to an incident of theft. Mrs. Nichols, naturally feeling that she was unfairly dismissed, takes her matter to the Department of labour, seeking justice. The Labour Department finds that she was dismissed without cause, and that she was entitled to severance pay. Eustace disagrees and takes his case, complete with senior lawyers and an advisor on industrial matters, to the Hearing Officer. He loses his case, and not satisfied, proceeds to the Appeals Board, where he loses his case. He is ordered to pay severance within a specified period, and in a specified way. Public sentiment was that Eustace should pay the severance as mandated by the Appeals Board. Public sentiment was that this matter should not have been prolonged by Eustace. In fact, one of his Vice Presidents, St.Clair Leacock, opined that he would have paid the severance to Mrs. Nichols. Arnhim Eustace did not budge. He was bent on showing Mrs.

Nichols who is the boss, and who should be respected. He had no sympathy; he did not apply basic human principles. It did not matter that he did not run his office along classical management lines. He admitted in his letter that he did not have any confidence in his secretary, hence she did not have his mobile number. It was a shambles, a clear indication that Eustace could not run his party office in a proper manner. How could he now ask Vincentians for the job of running the ship of state called St.Vincent and the Grenadines? Further, in the payment of the severance, Arnhim Eustace showed gross disrespect for the Labour Department and Mrs. Nichols. He was ordered to deliver the cheque to the office of the Department of Labour, but he selected instead to send the cheque via registered mail to Mrs. Nichols. Clearly he intended to continue the frustration of Mrs. Nichols. When he was told that the payment did not reach Mrs. Nichols, he took to the airwaves to comment on his decision to send the cheque by registered mail. A concerned leader would have informed the Labour Department, or Mrs Nichols, about the registered mail; but that is the nature of the man called Arnhim Eustace; vindictive to the end as always.

Conclusion This entire scenario has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Vincentians, including those who support the New Democratic Party. The conduct of Arnhim Eustace in this exercise, leaves much to be desired. How could he, a former Prime Minister, a former cabinet member, and a former permanent secretary, not be familiar with the labour laws of the country? Where is his compassion and his so called love for poor people? He has been touted as being “cleaner and gentler,” but his conduct in this matter, is far from that. Arnhim Eustace must understand that Vincentians have seen through his vindictive nature, and they will have none of it. There are Vincentians who are not surprised at this. His attitude in the matter of the removal of Anesia Baptiste as a senator and a member of the NDP, is legendary. His rejection of the ULP’s “Together Now” strategy, must be remembered. His support for the efforts of the hosts on the NDP sponsored “New Times” programme in their efforts to divide the country, is clear for all to see. Arnhim Eustace represents a force for backwardness and vindictiveness in our beloved country. We must always reject his efforts to become the next prime minister in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, unless we want to retard the fantastic process that we have experienced over the last thirteen years under the ULP administration and the Comrade Ralph.

AGRICULTURE CONTINUES to dominate the political debate in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For its part, the NDP, through its agricultural consultations, has continuously highlighted the problems farmers are experiencing because of the neglect and poor management of the sector by the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration, while at the same time outlining its agricultural programme to the farmers. For thirteen (13) years, the ULP has failed the farmers of this country. The Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar, has presided over the death of the banana industry and the demise of agriculture in general. Recently, the government has made an attempt to assist farmers, but the programme is not properly planned; as a result, the implementation process is poorly executed. Farmers are questioning the mad rush by the government at this time to assist them, and it is their opinion that the offer to them is too little, too late. For thirteen (13) years, the farmers have been treated with contempt by this government. But, all of a sudden, the Prime Minister has begun to act as if he cares about them: The question the farmers are asking is: Are you genuine, Prime Minister ,or it your sudden reaction all in the name of political expediency? The ULP has deliberately undermined the independence of farmers, and has made them totally dependent on the government. It is now impossible for most farmers to purchase a sack of fertilizer. In response, the government has begun to distribute fertilizer to farmers, but it is not distributed fairly. It would appear that you must have a ULP party card to get at least one sack. For instance, in the recent distribution, most farmers were victimized. Some poor farmers were in the sun for a whole week literally begging for a sack of fertilizer but did not receive any, while other bigwigs in the ULP received up to fifty sacks. The question is being asked: What were the criteria used to distribute the fertilizer? This is intolerable, and the farmers are crying out for help. The NDP offers hope to the farmers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our programme for agriculture includes the revival of the banana industry. In the first year, when we return to office, one thousand (1000) acres of bananas will be targeted for rehabilitation and replanting. The whole agricultural programme will diversify around banana. This will be done through increasing production of a range of crops and livestock species as well as fish and related byproducts, thus ensuring a sustainable food security system for all. To achieve our overall goal, the NDP will develop mechanisms that: will support the sustainability of the banana sector in the global environment; establish a profitable and sustainable agricultural production and marketing system; increase agricultural productivity by the optimum utilization of the factors of production and the use of appropriate technology; improve the competitiveness in the domestic and external markets, and establish AgroProcessing and Agro- Based industries by promoting the backward and forward linkages within the

agricultural sector. The NDP will also establish an agricultural regime that would ensure that we: adhere to international standards of production with regard for the environment; are able to substantially meet the food needs of the tourism sector in all its form; meet the international demand and find new niche markets for all our crops and livestock; re-organize, expand and efficiently manage the irrigation system; re-organize and improve animal husbandry and domestic poultry production; and put measures in place to advance the fishing industry to be a major employer, a main source of foreign exchange and mechanism of diversification. The National Agricultural Renewal Programme will provide for the desperate need and the lack of opportunities. The following strategies will give these individuals an option to do the right thing: encourage affirmative activities through generating stable employment opportunities; increase the levels of opportunities for young people in the poorer communities; and rehabilitate infrastructure and housing in marginal communities through selfhelp efforts funded by the state and possibly the private sector. Moreover, the NDP will target the most vulnerable groups in society by using tools of education and awareness in an anti-crime blitz campaign. It will invest in the training and recruitment of personnel for the various arms of law enforcement, including the police service and public prosecutors, improve the co-ordination and communication among the security departments to ensure proper planning and effective implementation of strategy. This measure will include: use of advance information technology in the fight against crime; upgrading of courts including infrastructural improvements; improving victim support service and witness protection programmes; and establish and expand partnerships with private sector institutions in broadening the movement towards eradicating crime, e.g. merging with banks and other financial institutions in combating white collar and other forms of commercial crimes. The private sector could also be encouraged to join in an ‘Adopt-A -Community’ partnership with the state. But fundamental to any effective move against crime is the development of broad, communitybased partnerships focused on dealing with local crime prevention issues, and rebuilding the moral authority of elected and law enforcement officials who must lead the fight against crime and violence. The proximity of the Caribbean countries and the easy movement of people between them mean that criminal activity easily transcends the borders of the individual state. Regional co-operation and initiatives are a must. The increase of crime is a major concern, and the electorate of this country must elect the NDP when the next general elections are called, so that we can implement our programmes and policies to prevent and reduce crime.

V The Three Sisters



“Native Americans all over the U.S. and Canada use a term they call the Three Sisters to describe the Native American way of life through the gardening technique of planting corn, beans and squash together on the same mound. These Three Sisters — corn, beans and squash — supplement and complement each other. The vines of the bean plant grow up the corn stalk. The huge leaves of the squash vines keep the ground moist for all of the roots. The nutritious vitamins from each of the plants escapes into the soil so that they each benefit from one another.” Deborah Champlain WE CAN LEARN SO MUCH from nature ... and from the farming communities that have enhanced our civilization. The Deborah Champlain quotation that was used to introduce this week’s article is loaded with wisdom. It provides useful insights for our farming community (including the backyard framers like this writer). Many agricultural farmers throughout the Eastern Caribbean embrace this intercropping technique, and can attest to the value of doing so. But the experience could be very useful as an analogy too. We could learn so much about valuing individual differences and the importance of

interconnectedness; working together, we can help each other ... and helping ourselves in the process. There is beauty and value in cooperative effort and teamwork. And even as we expand on these thoughts, we reflect on the powerful acronym that this four-letter word “TEAM” represents and reminds us of: together, each achieves more. There is beauty and strength in creating synergies. There is wisdom in embracing the Three Sisters approach to life and living. This is as true in the home as it is in the workplace, church, neighbourhood, and the community at large. There are times when we are required to work alone. However, more often than not, the normal requirement is for us to work along with others. It is therefore commendable that many of our teaching/learning institutions are seeking to design projects and learning experiences that revolve around group activities. And while there are some facilitators and participants (students) who may be resistant to team assignments (preferring to go it alone), we must understand and appreciate the wisdom of the team approach. Vincent Lombardi (1913—1970) the American football coach stated it so well when he said,

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Many of the Asian communities have mastered the art of teamwork. Unlike the Western societies that encourage and reward individual performance, countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia train their nationals to focus on teamwork. Their reward systems are designed to highlight team performance. As a result, these societies tend to experience relatively high productivity levels. And while there are other cultural factors that will contribute to outstanding productivity levels embracing the team approach and maximizing the synergies that teamwork creates will always be considered a significant variable. Many education administrators, facilitators, and students complain about the unfairness that often accompany group assignments in our learning institutions. There are many instances where some team members “slack off” (and appear to be like parasites) by not making any significant contribution to the group efforts. There will

always seem to be a group member who is so focused on obtaining a good grade that they proceed to do the bulk of the work, even though they know that their “going beyond the call of duty” will result in some of the “lazy” and “bad-minded” team members getting the same grade. Over the years, teachers/facilitators have sought to devise mechanisms to counteract such undesirable behaviours. For example, some learning institutions have created peer and self assessment forms. Participating team members are then required to evaluate their performance and the performances of their team members based on a specific set of variables (e.g. research quality, time management, cooperation, etc.). However, even this is not fool proof. There have been complaints that some team members collude and agree that they will give each other top score on all the points being tested, in an effort to make sure that each person gets maximum grades for the particular assignment. This, however, is dishonest. It also defeats the purpose. Some participants rationalise the situation by claiming that they compromise in this manner “for peace sake”; to avoid conflict with

their team mates. However, imaginative teachers and facilitators could get around this. For example, they could encourage the respondents to send their work directly (privately) to the teacher/facilitator and not through the group leader/coordinator. We must encourage more team work and group assignments. But we have to try as best we can to make sure that the participants contribute to the respective exercises. This will give the Three Sisters approach a chance to work. The Three Sisters approach is not limited to agriculture. It can work beautifully in our homes, schools, neighbourhoods, churches, workplaces and organisations. It will not always be easy to accomplish but, knowing the value of this approach, we must not be deterred or discouraged when the various obstacles appear. We must be determined to embrace and be ready to advocate its benefits. We will accomplish more as individuals and a society when we pool our efforts, resources, skills, and talents. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Commonwealth Women’s Network Message on The Occasion of International Workers Day, May 1, 2014 elder care services. Difficulties in balancing work and family responsibilities also have a negative impact on the quality THE FOUR WORLD Conferences on women ending of marital life, contributing to the incidence of domestic with the Beijing Declaration violence. Some of the and Plan of Action in 1995, extensively discussed Women negatives include: lack of time to better manage health and and Employment. While well being; limited time at women’s economic need to home to strengthen family work beyond the home was ties; decreasing job emphasized, there was also satisfaction and less strong advocacy for women’s productivity; and long working work within the home to be hours conflict with children’s recognized and valued. The school and free time. reality then, as it is now, is Families need to weigh the that employment beyond the need for financial resources home does not remove the against poor management of need for continued work within the home, giving rise to work and family responsibilities, and arrive at most women working a a balance. Some coping “double day”. strategies include: avoiding working long hours or Balancing work and family overtime; negotiating for flexicommitments time; working from home in For many years, dual-career cases of family emergencies; accessing appropriate care for couples, as well as single young children and older parents have juggled their persons; and utilizing busy work schedules with maternity and paternity leave. reconciling family and work responsibilities — from child Role of men care, elder care to doing household chores and assisting Supportive fathers can play with their children’s homework. For many parents a large role in the love, care there is no access to affordable and nurturance of their and appropriate child care and children. Often they are the primary providers for their

Theme: Inspiring Change In Family Relations- Balancing Work And Family Life”

families. Researchers have begun analyzing the links between paternal absence and poverty. Children’s psychological, social and cognitive development can suffer from paternal abandonment and lack of affective and material support.(2) Fathers who neglect their financial responsibilities leave women with children more vulnerable to poverty.(3) Some mothers are forced to bring, or send, their children to work instead of to school.(4) Research in Central America and the United States has found that repercussions of paternal abandonment or neglect range from poor educational performance and school drop out (including early entry into the workforce, to teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse). The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has piloted several Recommendations to support men and women workers with family responsibilities. ILO Recommendation 165 is very explicit in “Recognizing that the problems of workers with family responsibilities are aspects of wider issues regarding family and society, and must be taken into

account in national policies”. Other International Instruments and Agreements, such as The Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, and The Beijing Platform for Action, uphold the need to recognize and create effective equality of opportunity between men and women workers with family responsibilities. There is a clear role for the State to develop and implement National “family friendly” Workplace Policies, after school care centers, and legislate for the granting of Paternity Leave, Workers’ and Employers’ Organisations also have a role to play in ensuring that female and male workers enjoy equal treatment of opportunities. A recent United Nations Report on the World’s Women states that women’s participation in the labour force in the Caribbean accounts for 48%. This may come as a surprise to many, since some data suggests that women are entering the labour force in increasing numbers. However, there still remain wide gaps between women and men in the labour force. Significant expertise and resources were made available

by governments, private sector and civil society organisations and women’s NGO’s to ensure that issues affecting women and men were adequately addressed. One of the main barriers to the achievement of gender equality is the perceived gender roles, most clearly defined by women’s reproductive role, biologically, and at the household level. It must however be realized that women and men juggling the responsibilities of work and family is here to stay. Employment is essential for the well being of everyone, increases economic resources to the family and protects against social exclusion. In order for dual career couples and single parents to fully enjoy and strike a balance, they also need the support of the State, Workers and Employers’ Associations, the Community, the Church, Women NGO’s and family members. All must work together to inspire change, including passage of National and family friendly Work place Policies. Nelcia Robinson – Chair of the Commonwealth Women’s Network April 26, 2014




ULP regime like a dog chasing its tail

preschool and primary financially and school — can support economically competent youths to become Green government. Many successful adults. It is Vincentians are now ACCORDING to a United incompetent government economy is stoking Under this scenario, the believed that nine out of calling for the ULP to be Nations (UN) report, during that continually fails to crime, and crime is state of Ohio could send ten youths in SVG’s jails voted out of office. SVG must go Green, periods of economic create a strong economy. becoming an obstacle to every youth to college all cannot read. For SVG to move because only a Green stress, the incidence of The worse the strengthening the weak the way up to their murder increases and economy gets, the more economy. Crime prevents Master’s degree, in place forward, we must get rid government can boost of this failing, ‘dogthe economy, create jobs robbery may double. crimes are likely to businesses from thriving of a single year in jail. Under the occur. People, who would by generating instability One wonders why the chasing-tail’ government. and surplus revenue, and The high crime rate is improve the quality of economically normally be law-abiding and uncertainty. irresponsible ULP causing much suffering life for all who live in incompetent ULP citizens, are being The hopeless ULP regime built another and fear in SVG. Our SVG. regime, SVG has become pushed over the edge by regime is managing the prison for our youth, people deserve jobs, an example of how a the pressure of a weak economy and crime like a when there is ample SVG Green Party weak economy stokes economy and high dog chasing its tail. evidence that shows that prosperity and safe communities. This will crime. Only recently, unemployment, and they Research in the USA early intervention for SVG has experienced feel forced to participate has shown that the more youths — properly funded only happen under a three more horrific in unlawful deeds that time a child spends at murders. The murder they would never even school, the less violent rate in SVG is high and consider otherwise. Both he/she will become. society is falling apart. non-violent and violent Schools don’t just teach Since 2001, the ULP crime rates increase as children about history or regime has shown that people lose their jobs and maths, they teach them Union Movement is one of the best they do not have the are forced to fend for how to live in society too. From page 8 means of doing so. ability to create a strong themselves. Education reduces the masses and mystify the processes Secondly, the Credit union can be economy, and this is why The UN and the World violent crime. of work make ordinary people feel an economic boost to the country. It they have been unable to Bank both rank crime The research also that they could never aspire to certain forms a reservoir where local savings substantially reduce high on the list of looked at the cost / can be mobilised and tapped to effect crime in the past 13 obstacles to a country’s benefit analysis of crime. offices. The Credit Union meets this dishonest approach to life head-on. By the economic betterment of the local years. The ULP regime development. The In Ohio, USA, it costs offering opportunities to rank-and-file population. In both instances, I wish has failed to provide our economic incompetence of US$123,400 to members to direct their own affairs, it to stress LOCAL, for the major people with safe the ULP regime has put incarcerate a youth in a educates and emancipates. And, once commercial banks are foreign owned communities, and crime SVG into a dangerous jail, and only US$19,800 the common man has begun to get and they benefit largely foreign will remain high whilst downward spiral, to send the same youth confidence in himself, then he will countries. SVG has a financially whereby the weak to Ohio State University. become articulate, participate at St Vincent, like most undermeetings, ask questions and even run developed countries, usually suffers for office. financial leakage through the banks, In time, this approach will spill which invest the bulk of the locally over into the wider society, and he deposited funds overseas, even while will carry an inquisitive mind when there is a credit squeeze on the host tackling problems of national community. As I mentioned before, importance. other lending agencies operating on In an underdeveloped country like the profit motive lend only to the St Vincent, therefore, I believe that a relatively few who have some form of strong case can be made out for the money backing. For this reason, they Credit Union Movement on three tend to lend money readily to people fronts. Firstly, as a cooperative who handle a quick turn- over such as venture, it is the small man’s best commission agents and people hope of standing up to blistering engaged in the distributive trades attacks of raw capitalism. So, far from who do not in a real sense contribute depicting that “partnership is leaky to the wealth of the country. On the ship”, it demonstrates the strength of other hand, credit unions extend unity, that if we do not hang credit on a relatively long-term basis together, then we will certainly hang to folk such as small farmers, separately. In my first feeble peasants and fishermen who are approach to the social sciences, I was engaged in productive enterprises. forcibly struck by the strength of Finally, Credit Unions are a combinations in any form. Just as a fruitful nursery for democracy. They house may be regarded as something are literally democratic organisations more than just the bits of wood, run by the people for the people. galvanize and furniture which go to Opportunities for elected posts are make it up, so I recognized that most seized by ordinary people who collectivities represented something through them learn certain skills, and more than just a totalling of the acquire techniques which equip them individual parts. educationally for life. The history of For example, I learnt that ten men the movement abroad is studded with working together will do a piece of stories of humble folk who became work almost certainly in less than one competent treasurers and capable tenth of the time that it would take a administrators. By encouraging single man to do. And the 10-man members to involve themselves in the team will certainly do it more decision-making process, the Credit efficiently too. Similarly, the financial union creates the democratic possession of individual credit personality. With its cornerstone of unionists may not amount to much, self-help and self-management, credit but the pooling of systematic savings unions are the training-ground and of small units, can literally work logical units of a territory on wonders, if efficiently managed. Even threshold of Internal Self as the have-not nations the world Government. over are finding it increasingly Credit Unions are obviously here to necessary to get together in unions of stay. I only hope that people will various sorts, so I believe that it is quickly realize their value, cherish imperative that the have-nots within their ideals, and nurture and the country bind themselves together strengthen them during their to guarantee their social and troublous infant days. I have reason economic well-being. And the Credit to believe that they will”.

GECCU in its infancy: Congratulations on its glittering silver anniversary




BDS De Freitas to the rescue SOME CONCERN has been raised regarding the lack of regular police patrols at bus stops around Kingstown, particularly during the night. This view was expressed by local businessman, Douglas De Freitas — owner of Nice Radio, who telephoned into the New Times programme on Monday to relate a story of how he saved a young man’s life last Friday. “This is the most frightening thing I ever saw God forbid that I didn’t go to the ATM machine,” De Freitas said. The businessman explained that around 7pm there was a large crowd at the bus stop in the vicinity of Star Garage, near the entrance into Murray’s Village. But according to De Freitas, there was an even larger crowd, comprised partly of graduating students, in the area known as Mahogany Bar, in the area of the National Lotteries Authority Tennis Court. He related that he was making his way out of Kingstown when he saw a young man being chased by a group of people, which included male and female students in uniform armed with stones, bottles and other makeshift weapons. The youngster who was being chased fell to the ground and one of the young men in pursuit, after looking as though he was going to strike the youth who had already fallen to the ground with what appeared to be a large stone, had a sudden change of heart, and the young man was able to get up and run off. De Freitas said that he risked having his vehicle damaged and drove alongside the young man, beckoned him into his vehicle and whisked away to safety. When he questioned him, the young man explained to De Freitas that his younger sister had indicated that she was going to church and when he came

down the road, he saw that she was being fondled by a group of young men. That, according to the young man, was what sparked off the altercation. The businessman also expressed some concern that there might be a practice of selling alcohol to students at an establishment in the area of the bus stop near to the Girls’ High School. But even worse, De Freitas said

that the area is frequented by police, but then as it starts to get dark, they leave. “There is no police presence in these large gatherings,” he said. “If police were around, that would not have happened. We can’t have that many people there and no police in that area,” he said.

Douglas De Freitas, seen here handing a package of supplies to a December 2013, is known to be an outspoken but caring person.

DonÊt take chances with electricity by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY IF YOU HAVE a faulty electrical gadget at your office, farm, school or factory, get a professional to fix it. That’s the advice from VINLEC’s Chief Executive Officer, Thornley Myers. He was speaking last Tuesday on the occasion of the launch of his company’s National Occupational Safety and Health Conference, which gets going on May 15. That conference will be under the theme: ‘Educate, demonstrate, participate’. Myers cited an example of a family who resorted to taping a transformer which was causing problems at their home. Unfortunately, a child removed the tape and was shocked. He conceded that electricity was a high risk activity, and emphasised that it was important that high standards of safety be maintained. VINLEC has been holding environmental safety and health awareness campaigns for the past four years, but for Myers, safety is an allyear activity. “Anything that we can do to engender awareness, we have to do,” Myers outlined. The CEO dubbed the National Occupational Safety and Health Conference as a first of its kind. It

forms part of a month long observation Vinlec personnel, including CEO to highlight environmental health and Thornley Myers (R) at the launch of the National Occupational Safety and safety issues. Health Conference last Tuesday.

The Conference The National Occupational Safety and Health Conference swings into business May 15 following its opening ceremony at the National Insurance Services Conference room the previous afternoon. It will hear a presentation from the Attorney General’s office on measures to fast track the implementation of laws aimed at occupational safety and health. Myers highlighted that the laws surrounding safety matters were derived from the 1943 Industrial Machinery Act. He is anticipating that the adjustments will be made to render the laws more in keeping with today’s trends. VINLEC’s Anthony Patterson will

update the conference on safety thrusts in the environment. Mineva Glasgow will present on the “Economics of safety and health’ . Approximately 100 persons are expected to attend the Conference. Continuing activities will be held throughout May, one of those being issue of ‘Vision and Eye Care’. A Utilities Public Speaking competition is scheduled for May 21 at the Peace Memorial Hall. VINLEC officials will visit the communities of Spring Village, South Rivers, Union Island and Mayreau, and schools during the period. Workshops have also been planned. A Safety Ambassador and Safety Star Search competitions, May 30, round off the list of events.



Commendable showing at Penn Relays TSSS Head Coach Godfrey “Lion Heart” Harry addressing reception

Queuing up, in order, for 4x400m, L-R: Kerina Hooper, Rownesha Spencer, Cheslyn Spencer and Lenesha Olliver. Erasto Da Silva (in red) anchoring 4x400m.

games, which began last Thursday.

Boys 4 x 400m Cheslyn Simper (in red) The Boys 4x400m team holding her own on the 3rd of Azare Samuel, Rogike leg in the 4x400m. Thorpe, Neilo Thomas and James Cordice, mastermind behind Erasto Da Silva, running Cummings (competing for in that order, on Saturday, TSSS’ participation in Penn Relays, the first time) and Thomas, in that running order, addressing reception. ran their feet and hearts competed in the 4x100m Small School Heats. They out, buoyed dramatically placed fourth, clocking 44.68 sec, among eight teams. by the deafening screams of Vincentian nationals, who The heat was won by the popular St. Jago Secondary School had trekked mainly from New York to render boisterous in St. Catherine, Jamaica, in 41.42 sec. support, in the Franklin Field Stadium at the University St. Jago was eventually ranked no. 1, among 279 competing of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. schools in the 4x100m heats for Small Schools, with three other The young athletes clocked 3 min., 29.36 sec. in placing Jamaican schools placing in the top five. second to Winston Churchill High School of Potomac, Jamaican schools, participating in the Penn Relays for over Maryland, 3:28.23 sec, in a race that comprised 11 50 years, are renowned as the games’ powerhouses. schools. “I feel I could have done better,” Thomas, 16, told THE TSSS athletes queuing up for 4x100m heat in order of legs: Erasto In their individual legs, Samuel clocked 54.40 sec.; VINCENTIAN immediately after running. “We had a little Da Silva, Rogike Thorpe, Omar Cummngs and Neilo Thomas. Thorpe 51.73; and Thomas and Da Silva, competing in problem with the baton change-over. But that was my fault, their second successive year, clocked 51.62 each, in because I did not run out as hard as I could.” making their personal best time. He, however, said it was “a very great experience” competing Saturday’s performance was the “second best” for TSSS in the relays, adding that he felt “good” overall. athletes in the 4x400m since they began competing in the Competing in the games for the very first time, Cummings, games in 2011. Their best, 3:28.75, came in 2011. In 2012, also 16, of Enhams in the Diamond area, South Windward, said, the athletes ran in 3:29.97, and, last year, in 3:36.93. “The experience was good to participate with other teams from “When the guys ran, I cried,” admitted assistant coach the Caribbean and around the world” Camero Williams, of Richland Park, who is also a teacher at TSSS, speaking at a reception Saturday night for the The Girls take to the track athletes at the Vincentian-owned Calabash Restaurant and Catering House on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia. On the opening day, the TSSS Girls team of Kerina Hooper, “Neilo (Thomas, of Overland in North Windward) Rownesha Spencer, Cheslyn Simper and Lenesha Olliver, knew how much he made me proud today,” added running in that order, placed sixth in the High School Girls’ Williams, disclosing that Thomas was nursing a slight 4x400m, in a time of 4 min., 21.67 sec, in a field of fifteen teams. injury. This was a slight improvement over last year, when they Williams, who travelled to the games for the very first clocked 4 min., 21.81 sec., placing 13th among 14 challengers, time, also said Vincentian fan-support, clearly, spurred TSSS athletes and officials before reception Saturday night. but slower than the debut year, 2012, when they clocked 4:15.05. Thomas to continue the race. In 2012 and last year, the TSSS also competed in the 4x100m, Story and photos by Nelson A. King As in prior years, the Brooklyn, New York-based umbrella clocking 50.53 and 51.46, respectively.; Vincentian group in the United States, Council of St. Vincent Despite setbacks this year , with baton passing and confusing US CORRESPONDENT and the Grenadines, U.S.A. Inc. (COSAGO), organized a busload instructions from the Penn track staff, Hooper, 16, participating of nationals from New York to give boisterous support to the in her third Penn Relays, said she was proud to represent her ATHLETES FROM THE Thomas Saunders Secondary School (TSSS) athletes. Many others took the two-hour-plus trek from the Big nation internationally. continue to hold their own and make the nation evermore proud at Apple by car. “I feel very special,” she told THE VINCENTIAN after the prestigious Penn Relays, making commendable performances competing. “It’s good to represent my country and school. For the during their fourth successive effort at the largest collegiate track Boys 4 x 100m third time, I think I’ve done my best.” and field meet in the United States. Simper, 13, of Layou, the youngest of the athletes, who The lone Vincentian school, comprising 11 athletes, had what On Friday, the TSSS team of Da Silva, Thorpe, Omar competed for the first time, said her experience was “great.” has been described as a very creditable showing in the three-day

Feting the athletes It was, patently, the strength and tenacity of James Cordice, a former president of the Philadelphia-based St. Vincent and the Grenadines Organization of Pennsylvania (SVGOP), SVGOP and COSAGO, that helped to realize the TSSS athletic trip. “I feel really good about what we’re doing for these children,” Cordice, the mastermind behind the nation’s participation and a Clare Valley native, told a Saturday night reception for the TSSS athletes. Vincentians came early in displaying national pride. “There are those who believed they wouldn’t come to the Penn Relays,” he added. “They came second (in Saturday’s race), and that, to me, is winning.” COSAGO president, Laverne McDowald-Thompson, a Chateaubelair native, was also very high in praise for the TSSS athletes. “This evening, we’re here to celebrate you, to give you thanks, because you came here to represent our country; and we’re proud of that,” she told the reception. Lorenzo De Caul, SVGOP president, who hails from Biabou, told the TSSS athletes: “I hope your experience was great. I hope you’ll take back something from this.” Emille Cox, a Vincentian-born judge in South New Jersey, urged TSSS athletes to excel athletically and academically. “Never believe that anybody is better than you…. .You’re no worse than anybody else,” Judge Cox said. Through Cordice’s initiative, the TSSS athletes had visited Rutgers University, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia, and Hampton University in Virginia, among other colleges and Vincentian supporters with athletes outside Calabash universities, prior to competing in this year’s Penn Relays. Restaurant on Sunday. TSSS Head Coach, Godfrey “Lion Heart” Harry, of New Montrose, said the tour was “an enjoyable one,” adding, towards the 14-member contingent’s airfare, which comprised however, that next year may be more “challenging” in financing three officials, including chaperone/manager Dawana Balcombe, the trip, with other schools’ potential participation. a teacher at TSSS. He intimated that the Grammar School, long expected to It was supplemented by EC$13, 122.00, which was solicited participate in the games, may try to do so next year. by the TSSS Penn Relays Committee, and included EC$ Otis Jack, Sports Coordinator at the St. Vincent and the 2,700.00 furnished by the COSAGO Penn Relays Committee. Grenadines Community College, also told the reception that he Additional costs, including hotel and transportation is seriously considering bringing a team from his college to the accommodation, were provided by SVG Penn Relays Committee, games next year. led by SVGOP and COSAGO, Cordice said. Cordice said the national lottery provided EC$25, 000.00









Rebirth of hope (Editor’s Note: This Message was received for publication after the Easter weekend. While it is late, we consider the Message pertinent and relevant for puiblication even at this relatively late date. Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Christian Council joins the Christian Community at home and abroad in celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We wish the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Peace, Love, Joy, and Hope in this season of the Risen Christ. When we think of the Resurrection, we are often reminded that Christ died for our sins and rose so that we have Eternal Life. It may be difficult for us to understand how this is relevant to our daily lives. The Resurrection affirms and celebrates the triumph of life over death, good above evil, and embraces hope rather than despair. These principles are fundamental teachings of the Bible to be found in the Church’s Message of Salvation and Witness in our world. They provide the basis for Christian commitment to a peaceful and just society. How does one make sense of the Resurrection of Christ amidst the numerous global economic, social, political, and religious challenges of the twenty-first century, which threatens the very survival of humanity? You do not have to look far and long to become alarmed and concerned at the state of our world. A quick look

Monsignor Michael Stewart, Vicar General of the R.C. Diocese of Kingstown. through our local newspapers and around our community provides evidence of poverty, child abuse, violence, victimisation, fear, and a major decline in our moral fibre. Certainly, for many of us, this leaves a deep sense of hopelessness, especially as we face our own personal struggles. However, the lesson of the Resurrection gives us hope that we can face them head on; that there is the possibility for improvement and rebirth, just as Jesus Christ’s resurrection is a chance for new opportunities, rejuvenation and restoration of life; if only we are open to it. The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 28 describes Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, frightened and bothered by the earthquake and empty tomb. ‘And suddenly there was a great earthquake…The angel said to the women, Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said’

Major Pierre Antoine, Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Rt Rev Calvert Leopold Friday CMG, Anglican Bishop of the Windward Islands.

with the fast development of technology and accessibility to information. However, just as these women understood their responsibility to spread this (28:2, 5 & 6). good news to the disciples, and These words of assurance in turn the disciples to people must have overwhelmed the everywhere; so too it is the women first with awe, but the Church and community’s assurance contained therein responsibility and duty to play must have, not much later, an active role in spreading the filled them with a sense of news of the Resurrection and gladness. For as Matthew its meaning of hope. We must reports, ‘they hurried away work to improve the state of from the tomb, afraid yet filled our community. It is our duty with joy and ran to tell the to help our neighbours, our disciples’…(28:8), more than children, the indigent and ample evidence that the those who just need a helping reality of the Resurrection hand. In these difficult times, brings hope and joy, not fear. we must begin to re-evaluate Similarly, we are called what it means for families and upon to forge forward and communities to work together, share the hope and joy of the to help each other, to stand Resurrection not only within together and rebuild trust and ourselves, but with all with faith. whom we come into contact. In being so committed and As described in the acting accordingly, we will Christian Council’s Easter avoid the danger of becoming message for 2009, one of the Church’s greatest challenges is flippant in our understanding of our situation; we will “dealing with society’s recognize that perhaps we tendency to reject the moral have been half-hearted in our teachings of the Church and its cry to return to traditional actions as servants of the Risen Christ; and instead arm values and standards”. In ourselves with the courage to 2014, this challenge is still very much alive, particularly rise to the occasion as we go

Rev. Adrian Odle, Superintendent of the Methodist Kingstown/Chateaubelair Circuit). forth into the world. As Christians, washed in the hope and joy of the Resurrection, we will overcome the death that comes from the paralysis of fear. The Christian Council urges all Christians to join us in spreading the news of the Resurrection, and work together towards the realisation of hope and fellowship that Christ’s death and Resurrection was meant to offer. That this hope and fellowship is shared not only amongst Christians, but that we reach out to every member of society no matter their station, conviction or limitations. Let us rise together and celebrate in the powerfulness of faith, brotherhood, truth, health, generosity, and rejoice in the joy of life. We pray at this time that “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 15:13.) Allelluia and Amen!! Blessed Easter.

SVG’s most recent Centenarian GOOD FRIDAY, which fell on 18th of April this year, 2014, may have been a solemn day for most Vincentians. It was, however, a day of much thanks and celebration for a family of Layou. That was the day, the Youngs celebrated the 100th birthday of their mother, Mrs Ruby Young. ‘Mother Rubes’, as she is more affectionately known, is the wife of the late Herman Fraser Young, a former Member of Parliament, and the mother of Tony (deceased), Franklin, Laverne, Loretta, Bertram, Margaret and Herbert, who also Mrs. Ruby ‘Mother Rubes’ Young with her children served as a Member of Parliament (L-R) Laverne, Franklin, and this country’s Ambassador to the Loretta, Herbert, Bertram and Margaret. United Nations. THE VINCENTIAN extends heartiest congratulations to ‘Mother Rubes’ on the attainment of this milestone, and wishes her continued good health and many more birthdays. May God’s grace and mercy be always with her.






-------------------------- 311936

---------------------------- 311960

---------------- 311348

$19 WKLY

$24 WKLY

$37 WKLY

Frost Free, 3 Glass Shelves, Fruit & Vegetable Crisper

Frost Free, 3 Glass Shelves, Fruit & Vegetable Crisper

$1,899 CASH

$2,399 CASH


20” COOKER Manual Ignition, 2 Shelves, Thermocontrol

20” COOKER Manual Ignition, 2 Shelves, Thermocontrol

Porcelain Enamel Grates, Steel Burners, Manual Ignition

---------------- 322620

------------------ 322621

------------------------ 322598


$10 WKLY

$13 WKLY

$719 CASH

$999 CASH

$3,699 CASH



$1,249 CASH




----------------- 322594

------------------------- 301943

$23 WKLY

$20 WKLY

Thermostat, Broiler, Electronic Ignition

$2,299 CASH

Frost Free, Fresh Food Crisper, Water Dispenser

7 Cycles, 4 Temperatures, 4 Waters Levels

$1,999 CASH



OR $299 CASH

Prices are correct at the time of going to print. Courts reserves the right to subsequently change prices without notice. Offers available while stocks last. All finance terms are subject to credit approval. Weekly prices are based on gold 36 months repayment plan. 3 to 36 months credit plans available. See in-store for details. PROMOTION RUNS FROM MAY 1ST - 31ST 2014.



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Gonsalves blasts PriceSmart

THE MEGA commercial conglomerate of the United States, PriceSmart, the largest operator of membership

warehouse clubs in Central America and the Caribbean, including Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, has

come in for sharp criticism from Cuba’s diplomatic missions in this region and Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. The Barbados Nation reported recently, that Dr. Gonslaves said in a telephone conversation, that the United States government should be “mindful of the implications of PriceSmart’s action”. According to the newspaper report, he could not resist “laughing at this infantile political move”, but was mindful that the PriceSmart is

incorporated into the laws of sovereign Caribbean states, and now engaging in “unnecessary, unprovoked acts” against Cuba’s diplomatic personnel and other Cuban nationals who are working in various regional sectors, including doctors and nurses. The reaction is to PriceSmart notifying Cuban missions in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, that their accredited diplomats, their families and staff would no longer be allowed to operate business accounts with the company operations in the respective Caribbean states, after being advised by their parent company ‘of possible violations of the United States embargo in transacting business with Cubans without permanent residency’ in countries of their operations. The Vincentian leader is reported to have said, that “neither the United States government nor owners and operators of corporate enterprises like PriceSmart

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, PM of St. Vincent and the Greandines, saw both the hilarity and seriousness of the move by PriceSmart to stop doing business with Cubans in Barbados, Jamaica and Barbados.

could be unmindful of the historic role initially played by CARICOM countries to bring Cuba out of the diplomatic isolation to which the United States economic embargo had assigned it following its Fidel Castro-led 1959 revolution”. He is also reported as having alluded to CARCOM’s “continuing involvement with the rest of the international community, minus the miniscule exception of three, in passage, year after year, of resolutions denouncing the archaic law” governing the embargo which has miserably failed to destabilise the government in Havana or to quench the revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people . .”. Criticisms of PriceSmart’s suspension of business accounts for Cubans have come from Cuba’s embassies in the three Caribbean states affected. (Source: Barbados Nation)

More farmers receive support process where we OVER 350 FARMERS gather very here have already important benefitted from the $6 information million Farmers Support for the Company loan continued programme., this, as the building of second batch of farmers the received assistance on agricultural Thursday 17th, during a sector,” handing over ceremony Caesar explained. at the Ministry of Caesar also Agriculture. highlighted that, “there The Farmers Support is going to be a Revolving Fund was component which will established two months accompany the lending ago by the government, process, where persons in an effort to boost the benefiting from the agriculture sector here. exercise must display the The programme avails necessary expertise of loans to farmers at a record keeping and rate of two percent. financial management. To date, 1,250 persons Manager of the have made loan Farmers Support applications. They Company, Charlene represent every region Garrick, also addressed and every commodity the ceremony. She urged grown here, this the farmers who have according to the Minister not received a visit from of Agriculture, Saboto the Agriculture Caesar, as he addressed Extension Officers to the handing over exercise patience, and ceremony. assured that a visit He assured that all would be forthcoming applicants will receive within the next two responses by May 14, weeks. and appealed to the She also emphasized farming community for the importance of followtheir patience. up visits by Credit “Because it’s a loan Officers or Extension program, whilst we are Officers, as they seek to working to execute the verify information for loans speedily, we have further processing of the to ensure that we dot all loan applications. the ‘i’s’ and cross all the Patrick Manning, a ‘t’s’, because it is also a Dominican, recently by Kenville Horne

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar said that loan applications have come from farmers from all the agricultural districts of SVG. appointed Co-ordinator of the Banana Accompanying Measure (BAM) programme, was introduced at the ceremony. He is expected to oversee he implementation of programming funded by the European Union to the tune of $36m, and the distribution of some 5,499 sacks of fertilizer, a gift from the Kingdom of Morocco. Meanwhile FAO Consultant Technical advisor to the OECS, Rueben Robertson said that SVG is doing well compared to the other countries, with respect to the recovery effort following the Christmas Disaster. Robertson explained that the FOA would be providing assistance to SVG under the Emergency Response Project which has allocated EC$ 900,000 to assist with fertilizers, livestock support, and rivers and streams clearance.


Aries (Mar. 21- April 20) Now is the time for completing hobbies that you've been working on for a long time. Job changes are in order. Go for interviews or send out resumes. Don't forget family obligations. Taurus (Apr. 21- May 21) You may need a good friend to lean on. You will have no problem getting along with clients. Don't agree to make any of those cosmetic alterations you've been considering. You can dazzle members of the opposite sex. Gemini (May 22-June 21) Your charm will be captivating. Think before you act if you wish to avoid friction. Your outgoing charm and obvious talent will be admired. Do a little investigating if there is someone at work you don't trust. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Unexpected bills will leave you a little short. Opportunities to travel will be favorable in terms of moneymaking connections. Minor fevers or infections will develop if you're over-stressed. Leo (July 23-Aug 22) Pamper yourself; the self esteem it brings you will be most gratifying. Changes in your home are apparent, and you must be willing to bend if you don't want to find yourself alone. Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You must make sure that all your personal documents are in order. Family members may feel anxious if you make promises you don't deliver. Children may be on your mind. You are best to avoid joint ventures.

Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You can make new connections if you play your cards right. Check into art objects or precious stones. You can do well in group endeavors. Attend seminars that will bring you in contact with the right people. Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) This is a great day to start that new health regimen you've been talking about. The advice you get this week may be based on false information. Any intimate relationships with colleagues will lead to gossip that could easily affect your position. Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Get down to business and do the work yourself. Don't be shy; show your abilities! Talk to someone with experience about budgets or consolidating debts. Get out and have some fun. Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Recognition can be yours if you present your ideas and stand behind your beliefs. Overindulgence will mean poor health. Your partner will be emotionally unable to cope. Find ways to make extra cash. Aquarius (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Educational pursuits should help you develop your hobbies. You have the stamina and determination to succeed. You may be tired of working for someone else. Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Take a close look at contracts and agreements that have been offered to you. Sudden good fortune will help you cover your debts. Don't hesitate to voice your opinions when it comes to matters pertaining to work.


40. Thomas Alva__ 1. Dames 44. Edges 5. Calendar 47. Berlin abbr. tune 8. Apple (2 wds.) computer 49. Indigent 11. Source 50. Aunt or 12. Compass pt. cousin 13. Basketball (abbr.) Hall of 51. Singer Tori Famer 52. Stick in Archibald the __ 14. Deviser 53. Paid 16. Red Muppet notices 17. Expand a 54. The girl’s well 18. Cow’s call DOWN 20. Moses parted one 1. NFL field 21. Chronicles 2. First-rate (2 25. Cast wds.) member 3. “__ Me Do” 28. Question’s 4. Greg, to opposite Carol (abbr.) Brady 29. Canadian 5. Insurance prov. provider 30. Diving bird 6. Troop 31. Physicians entertain(abbr.) ment org. 32. Small 7. Natives of hollow Berlin 33. One, in 8. Bad (prefix) Berlin 9. Cash 34. Mom’s dispenser partner (abbr.) 35. Olympian 10. Company’s Owens head 36. Follows (abbr.) 38. Ripken of 13. Storefront Cooperstown gas 39. Cul-de-__ 15. __-do-well 19. Switch

Kingstown: The Musical comes to town Theatre Arts will present Kingstown: The Musical, an original stage production featuring live music and an allstar Vincy cast at Indian Bay for six nights May 16, 17, 18 23, 24, 25. Starring Leeonney Bentick as Dr. Ann-Marie Taylor, a young doctor at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital; Brian Maloney as Quincy Grant, her would-be Canadian lover; Jeremy Barbour as Michael Thomas, R.N., Ann-Marie’s fiancé; and Deanna HadawayCarbon as Keara Jamison, Ann-Marie’s best friend, the event promises to be a night to remember, with an ensemble cast and 15 musical numbers ranging from classic soul to Vincy folk music, calypso, reggae, classical opera, soca, gospel, rap, stomp and more — all in a unique outdoor setting. Pannist/Percussionist Rodney

Small and his Ultimate band will provide the live music. The play is suitable for all ages. The story was written by Marc Erdrich, and the production is directed by Erdrich (stage) and Ruth Boerger (music), whose previous credits here include From Ballads to Broadway and Oh, Daddy! David “Darkie” Williams, an icon in the Vincentian performing arts scene, is the stage manager; Maxine Browne, the founder and artistic director of La Gracia Dance Company, is providing the choreography, and Anthony Theobalds is in charge of lighting. The stage venue, Tranquillity Bay Hotel, is located near the beach at Indian Bay and has limited seating for about 45 persons at

each performance, making for an intimate evening of entertainment. Theatregoers will be treated to multiple performance spaces and an experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen on St. Vincent. While weather will play a critical role in the success or failure of the production, Erdrich, who has lived here for 15 years, says he is confident Vincentians will be understanding. Theatregoers are encouraged to bring umbrellas. “This space (where the production will be held) has been calling out to me for years,” Erdrich said. “But I kept putting it off and putting it off, until finally, one day I said to Ruth, ‘Okay, this is it. We’re going to do it, the weather be damned.’ So we started talking about what to

positions 1991 (abbr.) 22. Zoo attrac- 38. Convent tions rooms 23. Magnify41. Small ing glass amount 24. Location 42. __ about 25. To shelter (approxi26. Item for a mately, 2 piggy bank wds.) 27. 2,000 pound units 28. Find a sum 31. Maybelline cosmetic 32. Samson’s downfall 34. Narc’s org. 35. Actress Pinkett Smith 37. Russia between 1917 and

43. “Untouchable” Eliot 44. LP abbr. 45. Marker letters 46. In vogue 48. Showed the way




Jeremy Barbour (left) and Leeonney Bentick in rehearsal. do and it was as if the space dictated the story line. It came so easily and the music just followed.” “I have to admit that from the beginning I loved the story line,” Boerger said, “but the idea of producing an outdoor musical seemed overwhelming — and it still is, in a way. But, once I made the commitment, I got excited about the process of choosing the music, choosing the cast, rehearsing. It’s all about the process, really: the challenge, moving beyond my own comfort zone.” In addition to the leading roles, the ensemble cast also

includes Kaela Barrett, Marjorie Brown, Kawano Cain, Kaywne Goodgie, Nadia Haywood, Kia Henry, Sylvannus Horne, Shaquille Hunte, Edwin “Son-J” Johnson, Chester Toney, and Michael Williams. Tickets can be purchased at Tranquillity Hotel at Indian Bay; and at Richie’s Famous, Singer or The Music Center in Kingstown. While tickets may be available the night of the performance, attendees are urged to call in advance for availability. The cost is $50. Show time is 7:30.




Ambris, Peters excel, Windwards fall short again opener Devon Smith, and shared 83 for the fifth wicket with his older sibling, Romel Currency (18). He had made his debut century 114 against Guyana earlier in the season. Smith hit 40 and fellow opener Tyrone Theophile got 22, but no other Windwards batsman made it to 20. McCarthy ended with 2-13 from five overs and leg-spinner Jacobs finished with 2-75 from 22 Sunil Ambris hits a second century. Kenroy Peters takes hattrick. Man of the Match Jamaican overs. Jermaine Blackwood drives Ambris’ effort while Jamaica held aloft faced 120 by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT straight during his second with the bat came balls and the Headley/Weekes trophy, innings century. on the heels of after the final ended in a draw struck 13 RISING BATTING STAR Sunil that of the much fours and Ambris hit his second first class at the Beausejour Cricket underrated Peters, who snared one six. He crossed the Ground in St. Lucia. century in his maiden season, a hattrick in his first over in landmark by lofting part-time SCORES: Jamaica 392 & and left-arm seamer Kenroy the Jamaica second innings, to 200, Windwards 217 and offspinner Andre McCarthy Peters lumbered into the finish with 6/66 as he over long on for his solitary regional cricket record books by 204/6. spearheaded a Windwards six. He was out soon after to Ambris, the young West grabbing a hattrick; but those fight back after they had Indies Under 19 wicketkeeper/ the same bowler when he performances were still not conceded a first innings lead of batsman, made 102 in the edged a wide ball to Carlton good enough to help the 175, being dismissed for 217 in Windwards second innings Baugh behind the stumps. Windwards to a first regional reply to Jamaica’s 392. He During his time at the after they had been set 376 for four-day cricket title. took 3/59 in the first innings. They had to look on for yet victory by Tamar Lambert led crease, he put on 58 for the He removed John Campbell Jamaicans. third wicket with veteran leftanother year as second best, (14), McCarthy (0) and David He batted 147 minutes, handed

Bernard Jr (0) with the score on 51, to become the third Vincentian to take a hattrick in regional cricket. He following on the trail of current Windwards coach Ian Allen in 1991 against Trinidad, and Deighton Butler against Leewards in Grenada in 2005. In spite of his efforts, the Jamaicans were still able to set a difficult target, thanks to the effort of man of the match and opener Jermaine Blackwood who struck 118, his maiden first class century. He struck 15 fours and two sixes from 170 balls in 227 minutes. Blackwood was dismissed for 94 in his team’s first innings. Smith was the first centurion of the match when he scored 111 out of the Windwards’ total of 217. But despite putting on an opening stand of 155 with Theophile (59), legspinner Damion Jacobs (8/47) proved too much for the other batsmen. The result meant that Jamaica clinched the Trophy by virtue of accumulating a higher number of points in the match. They ended with eight, including two batting points and three bowling points, while the Windwards finished with five - one batting and one bowling plus three for the draw.

Grassroot tennis In Clare Valley

THE GRASSROOT TENNIS Club (GTC) started the Introduction to Tennis Programme at Clare Valley last week Friday with children from the Clare Valley Primary School. The class was conducted by GTC’s Director Grant Connell, and classes will continue on a weekly basis for the duration of the third term. The Club has sought permission, from the National Sports Council, to lease the hard court facility at Clare Valley. “If this court is fixed with the assistance of a few good corporate citizens and good community spirit, it can be a beacon for sport in Clare Valley, and the various disciplines of basketball, netball and volleyball can all conduct programmes during the week to ensure the youths are occupied,” Connell said. “We hope that this court can be

ready for the summer so that it can facilitate a one week tennis summer camp which would be conducted by GTC.” This annual summer camp, which was held by GTC at its court at Murray’s Road, will hopefully be held this year at the National Tennis Centre, given that the number of participants has grown to 90. Connell, recognising the need for more courts, has written to the President of the Tennis Association urging that the camp be accommodated at the Villa courts. The Grassroot Tennis Club has held the Camp for the past 3 years, with its coaches Trevor Sam, Deron Grant, Onike Spann, Khir Huggins and Angus “Tennie” Soleyn. In other GTC news, three members of the Grassroot Tennis Club, Akeil De Roche, Anthonio Cain and Head

Children and teachers of the Clare Valley Primary School at the Clare Valley Court with GTCs Grant Connell. Coach Trevor Sam were expected to leave for Antigua today, Friday 2, to represent GTC in the 2nd Annual Caribbean Junior Invitational Tennis tournament, which would take place during 3rd -5th May at the Halcyon Tennis Courts, Dickenson Bay. It would be the second time that the Club will be participating in the tournament, having attended last year’s edition.

(L-R) .Akeil De Roche, Trevor Sam (coach) and Anthonio Cain will represent GTC in the2nd Annual Caribbean Junior Invitational Tennis tournament, in Antigua.

The team used the recently concluded Eastern Caribbean Junior Tournament in St Lucia, where they secured the under 12 and 14 boys doubles events, as preparation for the Antgiua Tournament.




Police One fight to stay up player, mixed attack and defence in scoring 76 “Since we were bowled out for twenty before slapping a long hop (against Team Rivals), look at the scores to cover, with a first and see how much we have century waving frantically improved….see how many times we have and screaming for his scored over two hundred,” urged a attention. smiling Police ONE captain, Vertil Davis, He struck eight fours at the end of last weekend’s Premier and one six and was the Division match against Carl Glasgow Law sixth wicket to fall with Chambers ASCO at Arnos Vale ONE. the score 178/6. Veteran The lawmen, who looked in danger batsman Gosnel Cupid of being relegated from early in the navigated the lower order season, moved ahead of former to hit an unbeaten 66, powerhouse News Spartans in the which included six fours standings after taking first innings and one six. The pair points from their opponents. featured in a 53-run sixth SCORES: Police ONE 258, Carl wicket partnership after Glasgow Law Chambers ASCO 245. the team had declined Police ONE won the toss and were from 92/2 to 125/5. indebted to opener Collison Cottoy. Calvin Glasgow (29) chipped in with He batted well in hitting his best score the long handle to add crucial runs of the season after threatening to come before the policemen lost their last good on previous occasions. three wickets for two runs, in a now Cottoy, a left-handed attacking Police-like collapse. by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT

Jenre Ollivierre pulling to leg during his top score of 71.

Police opener Collison Cottoy (76) mixed attack and defence.

match. The SVG U15 player bowled one over for five runs. Faced with the task of batting through the afternoon in good Desron Maloney conditions to garner enough bonus and finished with 3/31 and Andre Hunte possible first innings points, ASCO 2/53. History was created in that looked well on course to achieve that innings when a 12-year-old medium when Maloney (38) and Daron Greaves pacer, Jahiel Walters, in sending down (36) raised 84 for the first wicket. an over, became the youngest player to They, however, both fell at that score. bowl a ball in a premier division Delshun Da Silva (44) and Jenre Ollivierre (71) then took the score to 163 before another double strike saw them depart at 163/4. Da Silva struck seven fours in his 50 Meter Breaststroke and SHNE JOACHIM, who last innings while Ollivierre, who went 5th in the 100 Meter year won SVG’s first ever with the total at 209, struck six fours Breaststroke. swimming medal at a and one six. Walters then went to the Kyle Dougan, the SVG CARIFTA Championships first ball he faced in that level of while swimming in the 11 to Coach of the Year in 2013, cricket and walked back to the 12 age group, repeated that accompanied the team to pavilion with tears streaming down Aruba. feat this year while his face. Local swimmers can look swimming in her first year However, at the fall of the ninth as a thirteen year-old. Shne forward to more overseas wicket, Carl Joseph Law Chambers won the Bronze medal in the competitions with the SVG Swimming Association set to 100 Meter Breaststroke 13ASCO were unable to provide a tenth 14 age group, at the Games send a team to the batsman and were forced to close their Commonwealth Games in held in Aruba, April 22 to innings a mere thirteen runs adrift. Glasgow, Scotland in late 26, 2014. Glasgow, bowling what can only be July, to the Pan American Shne set a new Carifta described as slow balls, took 4/57 and Sports Organizations record in the 50 Meter medium pacer Salvan Spencer, 2/58. (PASO) Sports Festival in Breaststroke, in the The points standings at the bottom Mexico in September, and a The SVG swimming team to the 2014 CARIFTA preliminary heats and Swimming Championship (L-R) Shne Joachim – Bronze qualified first for the Finals. team to the Central end of the table show ASCO on 48, American and Caribbean Her new Carifta record of Medallist, Shane Cadogan, Nikolas Sylvester, and Kyle Police ONE on 38 points with News (CAC) Games in November 34.38 seconds is only .04 Dougan (Coach). Spartans on 35. in Mexico. seconds short of the Youth Olympics Games qualifying standard. She also qualified in fourth position for the Finals of the 200 Meter Breaststroke. Shne set three personal best times. SVG’s other participants were Shane Cadogan and JOHN SUTTON is the new president of the SVG Nikolas Sylvester. Basketball Federation. He was elected at the Cadogan, swimming in Federation’s recent Quadrennial General Meeting. the boys 11 to 12 year-old Sutton nosed past Wayne Williams in the race for age group, qualified for three president, capturing 21 votes to Williams’ 19. Finals and set eight personal Incumbent president Cleophas Glynn bagged 2 votes. best times. In the finals, Williams returned to be overwhelmingly elected Shane was 6th in the 50 First Vice–President, beating out Karrel Bramble 21 Meter Breaststroke, 8th in votes to 4. the 50 Freestyle and 6th in Sonia Lewis and Conrad Simon were voted in the 100 Breaststroke. unopposed as Second Vice-President and Third-Vice Shane’s performance in the final of the 100 Breaststroke President, respectively. Gailene Gordon turned the tables on Damron John for the position of General The recently elected Executive of the SVG was even better. Secretary, John, who held the position, going under by a margin of 39 votes to 3. Basketball Federation: (front L-R) Rohan Sylvester, swimming in Providence (Treasurer), Wayne Williams (1st For the post of Treasurer, Rohan Providence was voted in unopposed, with the boys 13 to 14 year-old Suzette Jackson gaining the Assistant General Secretary/Treasurer post via the VP), John Sutton (President), Conrad Simon age group, qualified for the same route. (3rd VP); (back L-R) Sonia Lewis (2nd VP), two Finals and set eight Forty-two teams and/or clubs out of the 56 affiliates were represented at the Suzette Jackson (Asst Secretary/Treasurer) personal best times. In the meeting. and Gailene Gordon (General Secretary). Finals, Nik was 6th in the Twelve-year-old Jahiel Walters bowling against Police One.

Joachim medals again at CARIFTA swimming

New President for the SVGBF




Global outlook St. Vincent and the Grenadines will have a chance to see how they stand in Concacaf Football when the revived Windward Islands Football tournament winds up in Dominica this Sunday. The Vincentians played their first match against defending champions Grenada in Dominica, last Wednesday evening. The Vincentians come against hosts Dominica in tonight’s second round showdown. Next Sunday, it will be an all saints clash followed by the tournament’s final encounter. Vincentian footballers might have been match fit to some extent, with the Community Football competition serving as a valuable backdrop. That competition would have rendered some players match ready, and gave the selectors enough time to make an assessment of the players’ capability. Whether they would have had enough time to blend as a unit was seen in last Wednesday’s opening match. It would have been mixed emotions for the Dominicans. They missed out on last year’s revived tournament when they had to abandon the tournament in the wake of the most tragic circumstances. Their Head coach Kurt Hector and defender Noran Jno Hope died in a vehicular accident on the morning the team was heading to the airport for a flight St. Vincent which hosted the tournament. A second string Vincentian squad was assembled to fill the breach, even though that team was not in the actual competition. That improvised outfit actually performed as well as their senior counterparts. While they spoke volumes for the depth of the Vincentian product, it was an embarrassment that the real outfit hopelessly misfired. Vincentian football has been full of ups and downs. Some may say that the downs have far outweighed the positives. The fraternity will be hoping that this tournament signals a move in the upwards direction. There is a hint of nonchalance about Vincentian football. The FIFA World Cup looms large on the horizon. There is an element of doubt lingering over the entire scenario. The overwhelming thrust towards presenting an image of serenity is threatening to plunge the affair into a renewed burst of typical Brazilian culture. People have known Brazil as a country of the extremes. There is the potential to produce the best. But with the opposite tendency lurking behind the face of apparent peace and tranquillity, there is no telling when the reality could unfold. Brazilians have realised that the World Cup has not catered for the man on the street. Of course there will be benefits for the entire nation, and perhaps the economy will rise by the influx of visitors and injection of foreign exchange. The provision of the road and airports and preparation put into ensuring the facilities were in place will have a longer cumulative impact. This is a trial for another global spectacle in two years. That will be the Olympics. Last year, the Confederation’s Cup proceeded amidst some turmoil in Brazil. It will be a sad indictment if the World Cup advances in a similar vein. There seems to be challenges facing FIFA. The decision to award the 2018 World Cup to Russia and 2022 to Qatar have also pulled the lid off what was supposed to have been transparency by the World Football body. By the time the games are over in Brazil, there will be time to focus on the far Eastern showdown in 2018. Given what is happening in Ukraine, there could be questions over the fluency of the Russian spectacle. How that matter will pan out is left to be seen. There is the ongoing debate about whether the date of the traditional World Cup will be changed. 2022 in Qatar is some way off. By then, there will be a different outlook on the global agenda. How the world responds to football will be a matter of speculation.

SVG squash players dominate OECS youth tourney St. Vincent and the Grenadines Junior Squash players were once again in near irrepressible form at the OECS Championships, which took place in St. Lucia last weekend. Behind the fast growing Kai Bentick, Thandi Myers and Jason Doyle, SVG romped to victories in a number of age categories. Reports say that 12-year-old Bentick, playing in the Boys under 13 and 15 categories, dismissed all nine opponents without dropping a game winning 3-0 on all occasions. In the girls Under 11, category, reports say there were only two girls and they both were in their maiden tournaments at that level. In the end, St Lucia’s Isabella Segovia took that title from Brianna Findlay of BVI. In the Under 11 Boys, Luca Reich of the BVI was first, with SVG’s Jlan Mc Master coming second and Joshua Devaux of St Lucia third. In the girls under 13, the first place went to Giovanna MillerAlexander of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Second place went to Natalie Fay of the BVI and third place went to St Lucia’s Isabella Segovia. In the boys under 13, Kai Bentick took the title, with his compatriot Rashid Constance coming second. Third place was filled by Samuel Childs of the BVI. In the girls under 15, first place went to Thandi Myers of SVG, second place went to Emily Abriehart of the BVI and third place went to Lauryn Doyle of SVG. In boys under 15, it was

The SVG National Youth Squash team. Bentick from second place Leo Forte of the BVI and third place Tyler Segovia of St Lucia. In Under 17 Girls first place went to Thandi Myers, second place went to Deirai Myers also of SVG and third place was Abayomi Maddox. The Boys Under 17 saw the Vincentian dominance in full force, with Jason Doyle taking the top prize, second place going to Geronimo Ross and third Double Title holders Kai Bentick, Thandi place to o Akeem Myers and Jason Doyle. Constance. In the Under 19 Male in Bermuda in July. Jason Doyle once again proved The boys will be represented by unbeatable and was followed in Vincentians Kai Bentick and second position by St Lucian Jason Doyle, Leo Forte of the BVI Andre Segovia, with third place and Andre Segovia of St Lucia. going to Vincentian Omari The girls will be represented by Wilson. Following the completion of the Vincentian sisters Thandi and Deirai Myers and Abayomi tournament, the Junior OECS Maddox and Kersten Gardon of team was selected to play in the Caribbean Squash Championships the BVI.

Runs galore in Printery’s softball cricket LAST WEEKEND quarter final round of the NLA-Government Printery Firms Softball Tournament, threw up a wash of runs. In one of the matches played on Sunday, Media House amassed 383 for one in 20 overs against a hapless CWSA, who managed a paltry 83, in 10.3 overs. There were two century-makers for Media House. Steve Joseph bludgeoned the Water and Sewerage men to top score with 182 not out, and the master blaster of Softball Cricket here, Desron Maloney blasted his way to 153 not out. CWSA succumbed to a combination of Ronnel Davis, 2 for 20, and Travis Cumberbatch, 2 for 15. In another semi-final match played on Sunday,

Cole Trucking Bombers lost four wickets in 20 overs, but not before they had registered a challenging 251. Their opponents, Immigration, seemed uninterested in taking up the challenge and were bowled out for 84 in 12 overs. The two other quarter final matches, played on Saturday, were not as run-filled but provided their own cup of excitement. Physical Planning used up their 20 overs against RSVG Police Force, losing eight wickets and totaling 118 in the process. The lawmen, seemingly in a no nonsense mood, lost only three wickets in comfortably reaching 119 in 13.2 overs. Police Officer Roderick John enjoyed the game’s spotlight with a bowling return of 4 wickets for a

measly 5 runs, in his allotted 4 overs. ECGC earned a semifinal berth when, on Saturday, they made a mockery of the Port Authority. The ‘Flour Men’ raced out to a comfortable start and closed their 20 overs on a commendable 163 for 7. Darron Baptiste contributed 50 of those runs and Romano Spencer 47. Port Authority never found their footing and, with their tails between their legs, surrendered for 32 runs, Morrison Matthews having the enviable figures of 5 wickets for five runs in 4 overs. The first semi-final to be played tomorrow, Saturday, will pit Media House against Cole Truckers Bombers beginning at12;30 pm. The second will see RSVG Police facing

Desron Maloney, 162 last weekend against CWSA, had earlier in the Tournament registered a recordbreaking 222 against Physical Planning. ECGC. The final is scheduled for Sunday, beginning at 2:30 Pm. All matches are being played at the Daphne Playing Field.




Aid comes to an 8-year-old leukemia victim

Leukemia is cancer of the success, and it was blood or bone marrow, which overwhelming to see the produces blood cells. A person outpouring of support from who has leukemia suffers from friends, villagers and total an abnormal production of strangers,” said Mrs. blood cells, generally Alexander, disclosing that the leukocytes or white blood cells. second prayer breakfast will “I knew that I had to give help in assisting with the support in one way or the “ongoing expenses involved in other since, as a parent, I Leah’s follow-up treatments” could identify with Leah’s in Barbados, which includes parents, having a sick airfares and other related child and not knowing expenses. the outcome,” Mrs. The news of Leah’s ailment – Alexander, a Bornswift response Again Christian at the United Mrs. Alexander said, on Community Baptist Monday, Jan. 9, 2012, within Church on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, five minutes of her dad, Cecil Cumberbatch, being told THE discharged from Kingsbrook VINCENTIAN. Jewish Medical Center in “I decided to get involved in a fund-raising Brooklyn for pneumonia, she received a call from her eldest drive for Leah sibling, Sybil Jackson, who because the compassionate and lives in Welcome, a small village above Belair, that it Godly nature in was confirmed that Leah had me knew that it was the right thing been diagnosed with leukemia. She said that Leah’s to do in helping someone in need to parents were devastated by the news. bear his or her “The worst case scenario burden,” added played out in my mind, having Mrs. Alexander, just lost a former school mate who also hails (at the Girls’ High School) from Top Belair. from this same disease,” said With the assistance of a few Mrs. Alexander, also disclosing that “it was confirmed that friends, Mrs. two or three other extended Alexander, a family members had died from former police leukemia as well.” corporal in the Doctors had told Leah’s Royal St. Vincent parents that her only chance and the Leah Cumberbatch at six years old. Grenadines Police of survival was to get her immediately to a hospital in Force, who is Story and photos by Nelson A. either the United States or married to ex-police sergeant King Canada. Emery Alexander, formerly; Within days, Mrs. Jack, of Chauncey/Questelles, of the local constabulary, said Alexander said, Leah was US CORRESPONDENT accepted and flown by air she planned the first prayer ambulance to London Health breakfast in April 2012. THE PARENTS OF AN eight-year“This was, Sciences Center in London, old Top Belair girl, who is indeed, a Ontario, Canada. stricken with leukemia, have “The cost involved was received a much-needed huge,” she said, citing a financial boost to help defray hospital bill of US$280,000.00. exorbitant medical bills, after Fortunately, “her dad’s her relatives conducted a fundinsurance (at Scotia Bank, raising prayer breakfast last where he works as an officer), Saturday at the Friends of Crown was able to cover 80 percent of Heights Educational Center in the cost,” Alexander said. Brooklyn, New York. Leah’s mom had to stay at Brooklyn resident Brenda a hotel, adjacent to the Alexander, aunt of Leah hospital, for 11 months Cumberbatch, the third during Leah’s treatment child of Mrs. Alexander’s there, with the family brother, Norman partially bearing the Cumberbatch, and his wife, hotel cost Avril, said she was compelled to help Leah’s parents in their acute time Care and treatment of need by conducting a second fund-raising prayer Leah’s father said his breakfast since Leah was daughter was “placed in diagnosed with the disease, Ex-police Corporal Brenda Alexander the hands of one of the addressing prayer breakfast when she was six, in 2012.

Sections of patrons at the prayer breakfast. best oncologists in the world, and a team of doctors and nurses began working immediately.” Her cancer treatment, which included chemotherapy, should have lasted for six months but was prolonged to one year “since the hospital will not release her until they were satisfied that she was well enough to leave — a frustration period for Leah, her mom, and the rest of the family at Ex-netballer, Born-Again Christian Judith home.” “Baffy” Cuffy-Murray rendering song at Leah was prayer breakfast. finally given the “green light” to at three-month intervals. return to St. Vincent and the “Given the tender age Grenadines on Dec. 18, 2012 — when Leah was first “just in time for the Christmas diagnosed, the ‘Trooper’, as holidays.” she is called, has fought a very She is now close to ending good fight,” he said. the first phase of a “very “Even though the journey crucial two and a half years of and experience have left us intense treatment” under the with large medical bills, life is care of Dr. Elizabeth Cairney, precious,” he added. head physician at London “Therefore, every cent spent Health Sciences Center. on Leah to date was very well Additionally, since January spent. 2013, Leah has had to visit the “We give thanks to God, Milton Cato Memorial family, friends and wellHospital in Kingstown for wishers, and especially those treatment every month. who have supported our She also has travelled to numerous fund-raising Barbados nine times since ventures in Canada, St. returning home for the “more Vincent and the Grenadines, complicated lumbar puncture and New York,” Mr. (LP), where she Cumberbatch continued. receives chemotherapy into Despite Leah’s “many the spinal cord by needle,” Mr. setbacks” during her Cumberbatch said. treatments and having missed “These treatments, along classes at the Kingstown with the daily and weekly Preparatory School at least chemo (chemotherapy) pills, two or three days each and the grace of God have month, he said she was still been instrumental in ensuring able to place 13th among 33 that Leah is alive and well children in her class in the today,” he said, revealing that pre-Easter term, with 69 the final trip to Barbados for percent. this phase of treatment ends Leah has two other siblings on May 1, after which there — Zinnel, 17, and J’marley, 11. would be check-ups, starting






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CHIKUNGUNYA CONFIRMED IN SVG by KENVILLE HORNE The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment has confirmed that the mosquitoborne disease, known as Chikungunya has been detected in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The confirmation came from the Minister of Health, Clayton Burgin, during a press conference at the Ministry on Thursday, 24th April. Burgin informed the nation that there were three confirmed cases of Chikungunya here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The three confirmed cases were from the Grenadine island of Bequia. “The confirmation was made from the clinical specimen which was sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) on April 17, for the required testing,” revealed Burgin. Four samples of the clinical specimen were sent and three were confirmed. Burgin said that of the three confirmed cases on the island of Bequia, two are restaurant employees and the other, a member of the nonclinical staff at the Port Elizabeth Hospital. The Health Minister said that, although there are only three cases of the disease, he has been advised by the professionals in the ministry that “these are sufficient to now declare an outbreak of the vector borne disease.” Since that confirmation, a press release from the Ministry of Health, signed by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Luis De Shong, indicated that an additional 14 samples were sent to CARPHA for Laboratory testing, on Friday, April 25. Burgin said a disease of this nature will challenge “our public health

Clayton Burgin, Minister of Health, confirmed three cases of the Chikungunya disease but expressed confidence that Public Health Officials here can halt the spread of the disease. capacity to respond, particularly the pathological laboratory services.” He made known that the pathological laboratory at the nation’s main hospital is limited in its capacity to isolate or detect the virus; hence the Ministry of Health has to rely on the services of CARPHA to have the samples tested. Despite the limitations in the health service, the Health Minister said he was satisfied that the Public Health Officials within his ministry have responded to the outbreak with a high level of professionalism, and he was moved to say, “I am confident that we will be able to contain the spread of the disease.” The disease is now prevalent in the

Persons infected with the Chikungunya virus can expect to break out in a rash. The mosquito that carries Chikungunya virus can bite during the day and night, both indoors and outdoors, and often lives around buildings in urban areas. Caribbean, but before December 2013, little was known about it in the region. Public Health officials in the Dominican Republic are reporting over 3,690 suspected cases. Antigua and Barbuda health officials held a news conference last week Friday, to confirm that an individual in his mid60s had become that country’s first case. Chikungunya infection causes an illness with a similar mode of transmission as dengue fever, beginning with an acute feverish phase lasting two to five days, followed by a longer period of joint and muscle pain, headache and/or rash. The joint pain associated with the

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Chikungunya infection may persist for weeks or months, or in some cases years. There is no vaccine or anti-viral treatment for the disease, making whatever treatment is recommended one that focuses on relieving the symptoms. On the upside, Chikungunya disease does not often result in death, though the symptoms can be severe and disabling. Prevention is via mosquito control, and the Insect Vector Control Unit within the Ministry of Health is expected to intensify its fogging operations on the island of Bequia. Fogging will be done two days per week.

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