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MAY 24, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.21

demographic were confirmed by the prominently featured THE DRAMA SURROUNDING the article, ‘Security duties at port Port Police/Port Authority may soon be in hands of industrial dispute impasse was RSVGPF’, as per the further heightened over this past Searchlight Newspaper. week. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E Reports describing this Gonsalves and Edwin Snagg, government’s intent on the Chairman of the Port economic welfare of one Authority Board, reported Vincentian working class by JP SCHWMON

exclusively to a Searchlight staff reporter their intention to lay off the 80 plus Port Police Officers. Gonsalves, who is also the Minister of National Security, Air and Sea Port Development, is said to have confirmed, in that Friday 17th May 2013 issue, the move to place the management of the Port Authority’s security operations under the purview of this country’s top COP, a stance the Prime Minister was said to have noted as (apparently just) “one of the options being explored. But it is the preferred option.”

Union President responds

Port Police are responsible for ensuring security at the Cruise Ship terminal, among other ports of entry.

Some sympathetic observers have denounced the Prime Minister’s announcement as irresponsible and churlish. Cools Vanloo, Public Service Union president, criticised the impact of PM Gonsalves’ declared objective on the PSU’s constituents, as an overzealous scare tactic. “This is just another form

of intimidation. When I first heard of this I asked, ‘why is the government moving towards this action at this stage of the dispute?’ And we could only come up with two things — the Port’s management bungling of the incident involving the two dismissed officers which really is an embarrassment for them, and that the non-payment of the officers’ annual increments could quite possibly have far reaching financial implications, as any payment to the Port Police might just be incentive enough for the non-PSU represented Port workers to mobilize their union on their behalf… so if this issue has implications beyond the Port’s management, the best thing to do, it appears, is to [threaten to] take out the Port Police, ” Vanloo said. As for Chairman Snagg’s inept attempt to disguise the proposed redundancy exercise as a ‘much discussed’ policy suggestion, Vanloo again reiterated FOR THE VINCENTIAN “… the Union


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, in the face of an unresolved industrial matter involving the Port Police, has intimated that an option of disbanding the unit has been discussed.

Cools Vanloo, President of the PSU, which represents the Port Police, has termed the PM’s indication as an overzealous scare tactic. and the Board just recently completed very amicable negotiations on behalf of the Port Police… Continued on Page 3.

V Angels of Mercy 2. FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN

THE ANGELS OF MERCY ARE ALIVE AND WELL, and are doing more than their regular jobs. High on the hills, in the bushes that remain on the new Argyle International Airport site, a most horrible but ultimately beautiful drama unfolded. The Cuban workers, those that are crushing rocks from 6.00 AM until 6.00 PM daily, discovered

two lovely, homeless female dogs. Both were very pregnant, due within days, and one was obviously feral (wild) The dogs gave birth on the same day. The wild dog was so starved that she ate her young offspring immediately. She soon looked for more, and was about to begin eating the other dog’s family of pups.

The Cubans then witnessed a most heartwrenching and horrific dogfight. They were so emotionally moved by what they observed, they immediately set about to rectify this dangerous situation. They authorized the excavation of an immense hole, and then constructed a very tall fence to surround this

compound. They placed the 10 surviving puppies with their Mom into this protected haven. When the supply of mother dog’s milk had dried up, these heart-minded Cubans fed the family with sausages, eggs, bread, etc., and kept Another homeless dog in SVG, not one of the dogs the Cubans cared for, but it could well them supplied with have been. water. However, the wild that the owners treat the mother dog, desperate for food, managed to break in, steal, and eat a puppy pups with loving in front of its terrified kindness. siblings! The shocked When last THE Cubans proceeded to VINCENTIAN visited mend the fence, and this now historic site, we stoned the feral dog. discovered another very A kindly neighbour pregnant, homeless, but notified the St. Vincent somewhat fearfulSociety for the friendly female dog, due Prevention of Cruelty to within days. The ever Animals (VSPCA) of warm-hearted Cubans these amazing but very promised to care for the real events. They arrived needy mother and her quickly, bringing food pups, and to immediately and medicine, and began alert the VSPCA of their immediately their search arrival. for good homes. However, A thousand kudos to the wily Cubans prethese ‘Angels of Mercy’, empted them and were the humanitarian Cuban successful in finding the workers and the VSPCA pups nine homes. THE volunteers! VINCENTIAN hopes

Road Fatality No.2 for 2013 ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES has recorded its second road fatality for 2013. Five-year-old Joville Glasgow, a resident of Layou, lost his life after he sustained injuries in an accident, around 8:00 am on Wednesday 22nd May. One resident told this publication that Joville’s body was resting on a ‘slow sign’ painted on the road, after impact with the vehicle. THE VINCENTIAN could not confirm whether or not Joville died on the spot. Reports are that Joville and his brother, Leroy Adams, were crossing the main road in Layou, after a morning bath in the river, when they were struck by motor vehicle, PS 491. Leroy, who also sustained injuries, was, up to press time, a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital A police release of Wednesday 22nd May, stated that Rae-Ann McDowall, a 24-year-old

employee of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority, the driver of the vehicle, was assisting the police with their investigations. In a telephone conversation with a resident of Layou, the person told THE VINCENTIAN that residents have voiced incessant concern about the speed at which vehicles “race through de town.” “The drivers dem doh respect the ‘slow signs’ dey paint on the road. Dey jus fly through like is no body business,” said the resident, and reminded that “only las year two man from North Leeward dead when a vehicle knock dem down on the Layou main road.” The person admitted though, not knowing whether the driver in this case was speeding. A post mortem will be carried out on the deceased boy to determine the cause of death.



News 3 Concert held to support Airport

Rose Hall Drummers man the donation box.


THE CAPITAL PROJECT, the Argyle International Airport, was the focus of an activity jointly undertaken by the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization and the South East Development Inc. The activity took the form of an open concert dubbed, ‘Argyle Airport Cultural Extravaganza’, was staged on the grounds outside the offices of the International Airport Development Company at Argyle, on Sunday, 19th May. It was hosted under the theme: ‘Supporting our airport through cultural expressions’. Excited spectators were treated to a wide variety of performances, including drumming, steel pan music, dancing, singing, and poetry recitals. The performers ranged in ages from young children in the Renaissance Dancers, South East Steel Orchestra, break dancers, the explosive songstress Singing Kristy from the

Left: Resistance Heartbeat Drummers echoed the rhythms of Africa and the Garifuna.

Thomas Saunders Secondary School, to the older folks from the Diamond Group, Erasto, Resistance Heartbeat Drummers, the Rose Hall Bum Drummers; and then to the veterans like Mr. Mason of Layou, among others.

Rose Hall Cultural Development Organisation According to the President of the Rose hall Cultural Development Organization, Mr. Selwyn Patterson, the activity is in its second year. His organization had joined up with South East in 2012 “when so much work

hadn’t been done on the airport”, and done a similar activity at the turn-off on the old road. Patterson said that his group believes that the airport is very important, as “it will promote family and cultural communication and help with employment and export.” About the entertainment, he called it “edutainment,” and expressed delight that they were able to bring many persons to one place. These persons, he informed THE VINCENTIAN, will be invited to place a donation in the collection box, which will be given to the International Airport Development Company.

Patterson expressed his group’s pleasure to network with other organizations to engage in something of national importance.

South East Development Inc. Ms. Marla Nanton, Music Director of the South East Development Inc., called the Argyle Airport Cultural Extravaganza a “positive initiative to raise funds for the airport.” Benefits, she said, are far reaching and she felt good to know that her organization would have contributed to such a project. At the end of the event, the money collected was handed over to officials of the IADC in the box in which it was collected.

Are The Port Police Defenceless? Unconfirmed reports reaching us reveal ...among other things meetings over a two-day they’d agreed to cease period between Port the practise of importing Manager Bishen John, retired Police Officers to his HR Manager fill the top ranks in the Charmaine Tappin-John Port’s security services and Commissioner of and start to promote Police Keith Miller which from within. Now where commenced on Tuesday is all this coming from?” 14th May, 2013. The union boss said this Port Police keeping Following these new agreement can only their ears open meetings, a circular was be executed upon dispatched to the Port payment of the Though no official Police requesting that outstanding increments correspondence was the officers provide the as ordered by the Labour received by the Port necessary qualifications Commissioner. Police or their union, the as the Port was Meanwhile, Leader of officers are kept abreast “updating” its personnel the Opposition, Arhnim through their files. This though was Eustace, has decried the organisation’s treated with a wave of proposal, calling it a scuttlebutt. “We just suspicion as the officers “guise to fire [the Port hearing through the were already cued into Police]… another set of grape vines… the PM alleged Cabinet victimization.” At the had council meeting at discussions alluding to time, he was responding ULP headquarters and the eventual to a question posed by he allegedly stated that disbandment of the this reporter on Clemroy we could ah come to he Port’s current security Bert François’ Current and discuss the problem; force. A position, Affairs programme aired he would ah help us, but according to the officers’ on NICE Radio last we join with Vanloo and rumour mill, taken Tuesday evening. sick out so he has 2 primarily because “the Eustace lamented the million dollars to pension PM is very angry we sick dismal state of the local us off and hire police out,” the officer job market, while [instead],” one officer continued. remarking that instead shared with THE “They saying that we of attempting to improve VINCENTIAN. have to re-apply, but Continued from Page 1

the situation, the government is proposing to actually worsen the rate of unemployment here. “Where are we really going in St. Vincent and the Grenadines these days?” the Prime Ministerial contender queried.

most of us already went training school and the officers up there told us they don’t understand why,” the officer further stated in relation to Snagg’s reassurance that the Port Police would be given the opportunity to apply since new persons will have to be recruited to supply the RSVGPF’s additional manpower demand. “Also, it have police, custom officers and custom guards who don’t have any subject at all… the last set of persons is politician send them [to work as Port Police] so they ain’t done any training or brought anything so is he [the Prime Minister] going to fire them and re-employ only those who have qualifications?” the distraught senior port officer remarked. Upon realizing the full import of the Snagg/PM Gonsalves’ edict, the officer noted “right now is tension. We have nobody to back us more than the union, so we would have to show our

dissatisfaction somehow….”

Widening concern But the Port Police may not be as defenceless as they appear — if the axiom ‘strength in numbers’ still applies within this socio-political sphere. The Port Authority has succeeded in cultivating such an untenably volatile employer/employee relationship across its entire scope of operation, that the situation is nearing its breaking point. According to one Port operator, “about two weeks ago they had meeting with Noel Jackson and the National Workers Movement and he tell we Port has no money to pay we increments so we can’t get no money, but we watching this thing with the Port Police… we behind them too!” Further, the Public

Edwin Snagg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SVG Port Authority, spoke of the disbanding of the Port Police as a much discussed policy option. Service Union president is confident the law is on the side of the disenfranchised Port Police officers. “They are not defenceless, they have the Employment Protection Act that is supposed to protect them, and the Union is ready and able to do all that it can within its power on their behalf. It is now only a matter of the Port Police wanting to fight and refusing to be muzzled.”




Matthew ÂDadaÊ Culzac ; Rose PlaceÊs First Modern Centenarian by JP SCHWMON

SATURDAY 18TH MAY MARKED ONE HUNDRED YEARS SINCE THE LAST CHILD OF Peter and Evelyn Culzac, Matthew ‘Dada’ Culzac, entered the realm of the living and took up residence in Rose Place, Kingstown. Family and friends converged on the Catholic Pastoral Centre, Edinboro, last Sunday evening, in a celebration of Dada’s 100th birthday. Remarkably,Dada still maintains an upright bearing today, a feat attributed to the strict measure of discipline for which he is renowned across his friend and family circles,. A sharp wit and unique sense of humour remain firmly intact. First amongst those paying tribute was Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, who asked ‘Dada’ for the secret to his long life, to which the centenarian replied, “Probably because you were my Doctor 50 years ago!” Describing the occasion as “a stupendous moment,” long-time friend and former parliamentary representative for West Kingstowm John Horne gave thanks and referred to the occasion as family and friends gathered to celebrate not just the biblically promised 3 score and 10, but rather “a person who has achieved 5 scores.” According to Randy Kennedy of Randy’s Supermarkets, “Dada is the first person from Bottom Town to

celebrate 100 years of life — and he’s doing much better than some who not half that.” His firm but quiet control is another of Dada’s character traits that was highlighted as individuals living at home or abroad toasted to his long life last Sunday. “Even when faced with difficulties you never see him ruffled. ‘Dada’ has this uncanny ability to stay calm,” expressed West Kingstown MP Daniel Cummings. “I am always amazed at his depth of knowledge… I have come to appreciate how deep he takes his Christian belief which clearly played a critical part in his life. West Kingstown is proud to celebrate with you ‘Dada’,” the MP continued. Lystra Culzac-Wilson, one of many grandchildren, described Dada as a man of few words who “governed his family pretty much through body language.” Reminiscing on the very effective Dada “bad eye”, she said, “he would often threaten to break out the cane, but his body language was enough.” Notwithstanding, she said, “‘Dada’ is also an incessant source of inspiration.” ‘Dada’ proudly passed on to his children an appreciation for adhering to disciplined principles. It is, he says, a widespread lack of discipline in local families that is singularly responsible for the current barrage of social ills. He recalls

“sometimes my children would spend the afternoon in the sea and all it took for them to know I thought it was time for them to come home was for one of them to spot me coming around the corner. And I never really had to flog them; well only one of them, once and he learnt quick.” Of today’s youth, he said, “Is no use you speak to these young generation, they not listening to you so is no use to try to advise them.” He passionately disparages the particular set of young men who adopt the pants-belowbutt mode of dress as a “wutliss way of life.” He extolled the virtues of dressing to impress saying “if you have ambition, you would never dress like that.” Young ladies in skimpy get-ups also came in for a few stern words from the centenarian who likened some of the outfits he has seen in recent times to “the mash of a fisher’s seine… you know how it does hurt me to see young people down here dressed like that? I tell you is ah dirty dirty habit.” As fate would have it, Dada lost the love of his life some 40 years ago. Prompted at the sight of his symbol of fidelity and enduring love still proudly adorning his ‘married finger’ the conversation eventually got around to Dada’s love life. “Me? Married again? Fuh wah?” he responded between chuckles before sobering up to add “I am never going to find

another woman to treat me like my wife. The generation of women today they call them in the bible vipers… I will never remarry.” In his heyday, Rose Place was a community imbued with the pride of a community who struggled to rear families in what some may say were harsher economic times. To this Dada smiles and says, “Things were harder yes but life was nicer… .” It is ‘Dada’s’ desire to see his neighbourhood returned to its former glory. In the meantime, he remains a staunch believer of his Christian values, a devout Roman Catholic and ardent lover of red wine and Matthew ‘Dada’ Culzac, 100 years old and still chocolates. going strong.

Whether you’re one year old or 100 years old, blowing out the birthday cake, candles is a must.

FOR RENT 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, unfurnished house at Richmond Hill, five minutes from Kingstown, suitable for residential, offices or storage. Large dining, kitchen and living rooms. Burglar bars on all windows. ALSO 924 square feet (28 x 33) storage space on ground floor of above building, own entrance. For viewing and other information call 456 1913 or 493 3830 cell AND 542 sq. ft space at General & Maritime’s warehouse building Murray’s Road.

Tel 456-2400 Five generations of the Culzac family still shepherded by ‘Dada’ Culzac.




Jamaica gets blind Senate president DISABLED PERSONS in Jamaica in particular, and across the region in general, had another flag of hope raised in their favour, when Senator Floyd Morris, a totally blind man, was elevated to the presidency of the Senate in Jamaica last week Friday, May 17. Senator Floyd Senator Morris, of Morris is the first course, has been blind person to something of a symbol of the integration of disabled head the Jamaica Senate. persons into mainstream society. In 1998 he became the first blind person in Jamaica to be appointed to the Upper House (Senate). Now, he becomes the first blind man to head the Senate. Morris’ installation was witnessed by several disabled students from various schools across the island. Michelle Golding Hylton, Head of the Integrated Department at the Salvation Army School for the Blind, and who was chaperone for several integrated students, summed up the occasion for the Jamaica Observer by saying, “It will be an opportunity to show persons who are disabled that they, too, can be in a superior position,” Blind second-year student at the University of the West Indies Alister McLean said, “I think what this will do is open the door for more persons in the disabled community to get promotion, and this will serve as positive publicity for us to be employed, especially in the private sector, because currently most of us who are employed are employed in the public sector.” In accepting his new position, Morris declared: “It is with a great sense of humility that I express true appreciation to my colleagues for the confidence they have reposed in me in electing me as president of this Senate. The expectations are high, and I commit to you that I will do my utmost.” Senator Morris is no stranger to public life. He served as junior minister in the labour and social security ministry, under the P.J. Patterson led PNP administration, 2003 to 2007. Here in SVG, the National Society of and for the Blind is currently marking Blindness Awareness Month.

Maya ceremonial site destroyed in Belize DENNY GRIJALVA, the politically connected Orange Walk businessman in the very hot centre of what has become worldwide condemnation of the destruction of Noh Mul, has issued a statement in his own defence. According to one news report from Belize, Grijalva, principal of the construction company that wreaked havoc on the site, has neatly extricated himself from the issue, claiming that the foreman of his company was the one responsible for directing the removal of One of the backhoes clawing away at the pyramid’s sloping sides. material from the Maya archaeological site. Inset: Denny Grijalva, owner of the construction company, tried to pull Grijalva went as far as himself out of the hot seat. to promise an internal investigation into the backhoes clawing away at the most important site in northern whole affair. pyramid’s sloping sides, leaving Belize, near the border with This, of course, comes on the an isolated core of limestone Mexico. heels of a Belizean government cobbles at the center, with what “It’s a feeling of incredible announcement, claiming that it disbelief because of the ignorance appears to be a narrow Mayan has launched a “vigorous” and the insensitivity ... they were chamber dangling above one investigation into the using this for road fill,” Awe said. clawed-out section. circumstances surrounding the Belizean police said they are “It’s like being punched in the near total destruction of the Maya stomach, it’s just so horrendous.” conducting an investigation and archaeological site known as Noh Noh Mul sat in the middle of a criminal charges are possible. The Mul in northern Belize. privately owned sugar cane field, Noh Mul complex sits on private News of the destruction of the land, but Belizean law says that and lacked the even stone sides site broke early last week. any pre-Hispanic ruins are under frequently seen in reconstructed Reports from the Belize or better-preserved pyramids. But government protection. Institute of Archaeology indicated Awe said the builders could not Meanwhile, the main that a construction company had opposition People’s United Party possibly have mistaken the essentially destroyed one of (PUP) has called on the United pyramid mound, which is about Belize’s largest Mayan pyramids Democratic Party (UDP) 100 feet tall, for a natural hill with backhoes and bulldozers, “to because the ruins were wellgovernment to, “ensure that the extract crushed rock for a roadknown and the landscape there is perpetrators are brought to building project.” justice, and that the full extent of naturally flat. The head of the Belize Institute “These guys knew that this was the law is applied”. of Archaeology, Jaime Awe, said Denny Grijalva, a Guatemalan an ancient structure. It’s just the ceremonial centre dates back by birth, is politically linked to bloody laziness,” Awe said. at least 2,300 years and is the the UDP. (Source: AP) Photos from the scene showed

Jamaican dreadlock weds Speaker’s daughter SPEAKER OF THE USA HOUSE of Representatives, Republican John Boehner, may be a strong opponent of legalizing marijuana, but he had no problem giving away his eldest daughter in marriage to a dread-locked man who was arrested in 2006 for possessing marijuana. The Republican House Speaker reportedly looked on proudly after walking Lindsay down the aisle. Lindsay Marie Boehner, 35, married Dominic Lakhan, 38, a Jamaican, two weekends ago, in what was described as an intimate ceremony amid a

lush Florida garden. According to Gossip Extra, the ceremony, restricted to a guest list of 60 persons, took place under heavy security. At least a dozen plainclothes cops were seen patrolling the hotel grounds, and a uniformed, shotgun-toting Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy stood by his squad car in the parking lot while Delray Beach cops were parked on the street. Reports said that Lindsay Boehner wore a flowing white strapless dress which allowed her to display a huge tattoo etched across her arm.

Dominic is reported to have worn a grey suit with his dreadlocks flowing freely down his back. Interestingly, father-in-law Boeher, as though to dispel any rumours of tension, also wore a grey suit to match his new son-in-law. When Dominic, whose occupation is given as construction worker, was arrested in 2006 for marijuana possession, he claimed to have had the marijuana for his “personal use.” There is no evidence one way or the other about Dominic’s current position

Dominic Lakhan, a Jamaican-born construction worker from Florida, married U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s daughter, Lindsay. regarding marijuana. But critics of the House Speaker nonetheless, are wondering how he is going to reconcile his stubborn stance against legalizing marijuana and

entertaining a convicted user of the drug, albeit for a misdemeanor possession of two grams, as a member of his family. (Source: Gossip Extra)




Proud Fisherwoman of the Year Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS EARLA MATTHEWS of Campden Park is proud to be this country’s 2013 Fisherwoman of the Year and she is urging other women to get involved in fishing. Earla’s advice came during an interview with THE VINCENTIAN shortly after she was announced Fisherwoman of the Year at the annual Fisherman’s Day event on Monday, at the Calliaqua Playing Field. Earla, who went to sea on Monday with her two daughters, Shennel Matthews, 22, and Tamara Matthews, 13, a student of the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School, landed a catch of 24 lbs to win the female competition. Earla’s advice to the women is to, “go out and fish, because fish is the best. Once you start to fish, you will love it.” Tamara declared, “I like fishing. I feel proud of it, and I want us to keep it up”. Shennel expressed similar sentiments. The ladies admitted that Monday’s fishing expedition was a little rough, but they Earla Matthews is proud to be a did fisherwoman and elated with her not award.

encounter any major difficulties. Earla, 55, recounted that she has been fishing since she was about 13 years old. The inspiration came from her brother Gilbert Matthews who

died about three years ago at the age of 59. For copping the title, Earla received $500, a trophy, two gift vouchers and one pack of mustard hooks. Rosalie Griffith, who landed the second heaviest catch of 19 lbs, received $200, a cellphone and gift voucher, while Lenor Davis received $100 and a cellphone for landing the third heaviest catch of 18 lbs. There

were five entries in that competition. Addressing the closing ceremony, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said, “I want to congratulate all who went out including the women; not only the women who went out, but the women who had to stay at home and worry if their man coming back. Thank God we are all back here today.”

FishermanÊs Month deemed a success willingness to have it continue,” ACTING Chief Fisheries Officer Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard is Cruickshank-Howard said. Monday’s event was the 38th satisfied with this year’s Fisherman’s Month of Activities which culminated Fisherman’s Day held in St. Vincent on Monday at the Calliaqua Playing and the Grenadines. “The day was a good one. We Field. “This was another successful year,” didn’t have any incidents,” Cruickshank-Howard Cruickshank-Howard said, and expressed told THE gratitude to all the VINCENTIAN during a brief interview on sponsors and people who supported the Wednesday. She noted that for the event. first time three The total catch for the Fisherman’s Day fishing co-operatives participated and each Competition on Monday was 6,989.5 held a week of lbs compared to 5,819 activities in Calliaqua, Barrouallie last year. One hundred and ninety-six fishers and Kingstown participated compared respectively. These coto 183 last year. Sixtyoperatives are: the nine boats entered Goodwill Fisherman’s Cooperative of Rose compared to 56 last year. Thirty-nine boats Place, Kingstown; the returned with catches Calliaqua Fisherfolk this year compared to Organization; and 41 last year. The the Barrouallie Jennifer CruickshankFisheries average weight per Howard, Acting Chief Development Fisheries Officer, declared boat for the day was 179.2 lbs compared to Cooperative. the month of activities a 142 lbs last year. The acting Chief success. This year’s month Fisheries Officer of activities was held thinks this new under the theme, ‘Increasing Fishing initiative, which is expected to Productivity through Innovative continue, was a success. Technology’ and the slogan, ‘New “They (cooperatives) were all Technology fish effectively’. happy to be part of this new initiative, and expressed their

Fish vendors must be reasonable PRIME MINISTER Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has warned vendors not to be unreasonable with the fishermen. The Prime Minister issued the warning on Monday while addressing the annual Fisherman’s Day event at the Calliaqua Playing Field. Dr. Gonsalves said fishermen complain that they do not make the money, commensurate to the risks they run at sea. “The fishermen complain to me that it is the vendors that make the money. If the vendors are not reasonable with the fishermen, they will kill the goose that lay the golden egg,” Gonsalves warned. He underscored that fishing was a business. Among the other persons addressing the ceremony were Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Saboto Caesar; Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Raymond Ryan, and Acting Chief Fisheries Officer Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addressing the closing ceremony of the 2013 Fisherman’s Day Month of Activities.




Drug traffickers await sentencing KESTON MIERES, David Sammy, Ronald Burnley, James Gordon, Nigel Octave, Adrian Clement, and Mark Corbie will be sentenced when they return to the High Court in Kingstown, June 28. Justice Wesley James will make the imposition. The seven Trinidadians were found guilty of possession of drugs with intent to supply, attempted exportation of a controlled drug, and drug trafficking. They were charged with having one thousand six hundred and fifty one pounds of marijuana recovered in an operation involving the Coast Guard, November 11, 2010. A nine member jury returned guilty verdicts, May 16, 2013. Justice James’ summation lasted over three hours. It was around 1: 45 when the jury left for their deliberations. They returned at 4:13. The men were acquitted of possessing an AK firearm magazine containing 28 rounds of 7.62 ammunition.

Sentences according to the law Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams applied to confiscate the pirogue seized during the enterprise, as well as assets under the Proceeds of Crime And Money Laundering Prevention Act. The men face life time for drug trafficking, one and a half million dollars fine for

Colin Williams, DPP, successfully led the State’s case.

Police ‘mum’ on ‘Scarface’ issue by HAYDN HUGGINS UP TO PRESS TIME WEDNESDAY, THE VINCENTIAN had not received a report from the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department regarding last week Tuesday’s shooting death of remand prisoner, Anthony ‘Scarface’ Hamilton. Reports are that Hamilton, who was remanded on charges of robbery and assault causing bodily harm, was shot and killed by police close to 11 am. He was reportedly shot after being escorted in handcuffs from the Serious Offences Court’s holding area to a washroom of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, located a few yards away in the same building, at Paul’s Avenue. Anthony An autopsy conducted the following day revealed Hamilton ‘Scarface’ died from gunshot wounds to the Hamilton died as a result of chest. gunshot inflicted Head of the Police Public wounds to the Relations and Complaints chest. Department, ASP Jonathon Nichols, was not in office when THE VINCENTIAN contacted the Department on Wednesday afternoon, but Inspector Hawkins Nanton, attached to that Department, said, “With regard to the ‘Scarface shooting, I will touch back base with you,” and indicated that it would definitely have to be another day. When contacted, also on Wednesday, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), ASP Sydney James, told THE VINCENTIAN that the circumstances surrounding Hamilton’s death were still being investigated. He declined to comment further. In the meantime, speculation and public debate regarding Hamilton’s death continue.

attempted export of a controlled drug, and half a million dollar fine plus 25 years on the other counts. It was the first time in ten years that anyone had been prosecuted on indictment for a drug trafficking offence, according to Williams. He attributed the drug haul to improvements and strengthening of border patrols and surveillance. The DPP praised Daniel Suter, Criminal Justice Advisor to the Eastern Caribbean at the British High Commission, for helping to prepare legal

The seven men face possible life sentences for drug trafficking.

aspects for the trial. Williams expressed pleasure with the outcome of the matter, but noted that “the war on illegal drugs was an ongoing one.” Trinidadian lawyer Mario Merritt represented the accused. Their trial marked the first for the Assizes. It began May 8.



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Editorial Calypso instead of the Diaspora THIS COLUMN was leaning towards highlighting (again) the issue of the Vincentian Diaspora, especially in light of the Prime Minister’s admonishment of those “in voluntary exile;” those who have never “run a fowl coop,” have “no interest in setting back foot in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but just want to create mischief.” But ‘better’ judgement prevailed and we, instead, refer readers to an article on page 12 of this issue. In so doing, this column has acquiesced to a cluster of sentiments expressed regarding what we might expect as far as censorship of this year’s calypso offerings is concerned. It appears that ardent calypso enthusiasts here, on listening to those radio stations which have released some of the calypsos for 2013, are fearful that, given what has prevailed in the recent past, some calypsonians cannot expect air play on some radio stations, and they can expect that pressure will be brought on others not to follow suit. This is indicative of what can be termed the ‘new culture’ that watchdogs the real culture. These sentiments cannot be simply brushed aside, since there is no doubt that in the past, the ‘words’ in some calypsos have aroused the ire of authorities here, and there have been public pronouncements made about those calypsonians, resulting in unwarranted division among a fraternity that we cherish (conveniently it seems) as being the mirror of both accomplishments and disappointments of society. It is clear that those calypsos that have received the rebuke and censorship of those whose ire they have aroused, have been, in the main, songs of a political nature, not to disregard those social commentaries that have provoked leaders and authorities in other spheres of life here. The danger, apparently being purported by many of those who have expressed concern, is that soon the ruling political regime will move, if they have not already, towards setting down guidelines for state-supported (CDC) competitions. When and if that happens, expect that the regime would withdraw financial support for competitions at which calypsos they deem as ‘unbecoming’ are sung. There are many who claim that already there are subtle means that may have already been employed, to influence the non-selection of certain songs and singers for advancement through those competitions. What, therefore, is there to stop the next step of withdrawing support? Now, no responsible, no right thinking person or commentator, regardless of how much he loves calypso and would want to protect its cherished role in society, would support lyrics, a song, that infer imputation of impropriety and deceit in a person of high public standing. Calypsoninas are not above the law, and therefore, must be respectful of the tenets, especially as they relate to libel and slander. But history has shown that calypsonians have always been on the cutting edge of expressing in words and music what they perceive as controversial behavior by certain publicly profiled persons. What is lacking today, is the craft and skill which characterized those calypsos of old. Dr. Hollis Liverpool, irrefutably one of the leading voices on the art form, and himself a controversial calypsonian of the highest order, is on record as saying that while he will “never support prime ministerial or ministerial censorship of political calypsos,” he cautions calypsonians not to use their compositions to “libel, slander and defame persons.” This is the challenge. Can calypso and calypso writers hone their skills so that what is produced and offered as a calypso is a work of art and not malice? It is one thing to mirror society, it is another thing when calypsonians simply pander to the crowd. This is not a slight of any calypsonian or groups of calysonians but rather a thought on which to ponder: To ‘beat back’ any thoughts they think the administration may have of censoring calypsos, they (calypsonians) should consider returning to the rudiments of calypso compositions and delivery. Calypsonians, regardless of their political preferences, must not allow themselves to be used as political means to a political end. They will defeat their treasured role, compromise the sacrifice of their fore-runners, if they succumb to a political agenda and worse, to what they perceived to be the sentiments of the crowd. Admittedly, the very thought that theere might be some bent on ‘controlling’ calypso, is a scary consideration. So, while this is a call for calypsonians and calypso writers to be more crafty in their compositions, it is also something of a warning to those who might be harboring thoughts of censorship. It is instructive that the latter reflects on what Brother Resistance, a former president of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Calypsonians Organisation, said: “There have always been attempts to censor the art form, but our history has shown it has never been successful. Government cannot silence the calypso singers, because they are the voice of the people.”

Same old Khaki pants LUZETTE KING’S closing question in her “Global Highlights” programme last week was, “Where Do We Go From Here?”, the very same question posed to the people by Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves in Unity Vol. 1 December 1, 1982. But first I add a few names to This Week of last week which went down well. Imagine I got the name and qualification of Major Leacock’s mother but forgot to mention them. There were others: when I was a toddler, our domestic helper was Ermine “Carib” Baptiste of Sandy Bay; Doreen Fitzpatrick of Bridgetown had always been considered a member of our royal family; and Evelyn Quammie, living just across the cemetery from us, was friendly with my three sisters Inez, Ermine and Elsie, all of whom broke the 90 years old barrier! We pick up on Ralph’s comments: “It is hardly possible to have a worse administered country in the Commonwealth Caribbean than ours with the exception of Guyana. The economy is falling to pieces as production declines or stagnates in all the major sectors of the economy. No set of fancy words spoken or rosy picture painted by Government apologists can change the real facts of life.

Economic Crisis Arrowroot, bananas, sugar, tourism, fisheries, and the fledgling manufacturing sector are in bad shape. The national debt is soaring to uncontrollable heights; personal income taxes have reached punitive levels; consumption taxes and an array of other indirect taxes are pushing -up rapidly the cost-of-living whilst dampening the level of personal savings; national consumption is some 25 percent in excess of the Gross Domestic Product as the country lives way beyond its means; the deficit on the balance of trade is in the region of $100 Million; and more than 30 percent of the labour force is unemployed. On top of all that, the (Labour) Government has dealt the commercial sector and the country as whole a lethal blow by the imposition of the three percent traders turnover tax.(VAT?)

Administrative collapse Administratively the country is collapsing. At the helm is a political leader (Milton Cato) who has now surely outlived his usefulness. There are no new directions; indeed there were no directions; just more of the same unplanned and ad hoc tinkering here and there. Within the public service, morale is at an all-time low as potentially creative personnel sit around within an administrative vacuum. Waste and a disregard for financial accountability and administrative procedures abound as attested to by successive reports of the Director of Audit. The State enterprises, by and large, are losing large sums of money annually. No accounts are presented for them to parliament and thus they escape the democratic scrutiny of the Public Accounts Committee. The deformed State Capitalism of the Cato regime is at once parasitic, undemocratic, and a hindrance to national development. Rather than being an engine for progress, Cato’s State Capitalism has

acted as a suck-me-well octopus and has blocked the growth of a truly national business sector by giving preferential treatment to regional and foreign capitalists.

Democracy on Trial On the democratic front, things are genuinely bad and the trends are ominous. The (Labour) government’s general disregard for the people’s opinion and rights are well-known and much-commented on. This includes legislative attempts to curb trade union and political rights and to undermine free and fair elections. Further the military build-up is becoming alarming. Yet though, the people in this country are not in open revolt - and that may well be surprising to a foreign observer, but beneath the surface there is simmering discontent which an appropriate spark can so ignite. At the same time there is an immense distrust of politicians and a cynicism towards politics. The real, genuine and understandable anger is there but too many of our people have allowed their political masters to make them wallow in despair by the thought that there is no alternative.

The Way forward It is vital that the hopefulness of our people and their yearnings for change be encouraged and their cynicism or hopelessness be struggled against. But that takes an appropriate political organisation which is flexible and creative and a political leadership which is sensitive, honest, and progressive. Dogma, sectarianism, intolerance, or the “rum and corn beef politics” of the old era will not do. Neither will a one-man set up with no clearly identifiable principles or structures meet the tasks at hand. Given the crisis situation described above, what is the way out? And how is this way out to be achieved amidst division among the opposition forces?”

Comments The foregoing is vintage Gonsalves, condemning Cato and the Labour regime in language similar to that levelled against the N.D.P Administration of yester-year. Suddenly, Robert Milton Cato is to be canonized in a way similar to Vincent Beache’s quantum leap from “coconut bat” to “Superstardom”. Properly doctored by an expert in plastic surgery, Cato’s “deformed State Capitalism” is now hailed as a humanistic “Social Democracy”, espoused by the U.L.P. With his back to the wall in 1982, Dr. Gonsalves prescribed a coming together of the N.D.P and the M.N.U (with others) to topple a despised Labour Government, and save the country from destruction. Instead he linked up with Labour and secured the complete devastation and ruination of the State. It is imperative that U.L.P be removed, the sooner, the better. “We have a country to build”, for we are really back to square one.




Healing rifts in a religion AFTER SLAVERY was abolished in the 1800s, an Afro-centric religious faith emerged in SVG. The dominant religions in the state were the Roman Catholic, the Anglican (which broke away from the Roman Catholic), and the Methodist. By 1912, the British government outlawed the faith under the October 1912 ‘Shakerism Prohibition Ordinance. The late George McIntosh tried hard to have the British government repeal the Shakerism Ordinance in the 1930s and 50s, but it was the late Ebenezer Joshua, the first black Chief Minister, who stopped the police from persecuting the Shaker Converts. By 1951, the Shakerism Ordinance was repealed. In 1951, the Council of Converts met at the Calder Church to select a registered name, and the late Leon Samuel suggested the name, Christian Pilgrim Faith, with which all council members

My life I lived my life as a gangster Everything happened and I am the leader And in this process I was injured I never thought of my life as a prisoner I gave my all for others. I exchanged my life behind bars I gambled it at no cost Sorry for the things I did in the past That cut through me like broken glass My life is shattered to pieces I lose my job, my character Now I am promising to do better. I lived my life to regret The things I have put myself to the test Now I want to do my very best now You know what life means to me Please set me free. P.C. Felicia Thompson St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 2013

agreed. That name was presented to the Governor in Council who approved and declared the Christian Pilgrim Faith a religious denomination within the meaning of Section 2 of the Marriage Ordinance, Cap. 151 of the revised laws of St. Vincent. After the 1912 outlawing, some members went to Trinidad, and by 1917, they too were outlawed there under the Shouter Prohibition Ordinance. They regained this freedom under the leadership of the late Dr. Eric Williams in March 1950, and registered as Spiritual Baptist in Trinidad. In 1978, the late Japheth Stapleton of Rose Hall, on returning from Trinidad, established the first Spiritual Baptist group under Act No 16 of 1978 — Spiritual Baptist

Organization. The late Duff Walker James caused a split in the Christian Pilgrim Faith and formed the Spiritual Baptist Archdiocese in 1983, under Act No. 10 of 1983. Sometime in 2000/01, an attempt was made to unite these factions. The faction continued and in 2002, both divisions celebrated fifty (50) years of freedom to worship with separate events: one faction going to the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, and the other to Belmont. Interestingly, both activities were visited by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. The division, sadly, is wider today. The Christian Pilgrim have since been incorporated by an Act of Parliament. The faith’s first Patriarch and Archbishop, the late Cosmore Pompey, said that,

whether they change to Spiritual Baptist or not, they are still Christian Pilgrim — not many Spiritual Baptists know that. The Christian Pilgrim Faith will celebrate sixty-two (62) years since they (converted) regained their freedom to worship. This will be in an anniversary service to be carried live on radio, 26th May, 2013, 2:00 p.m. The Spiritual Baptist Archdiocese is going to celebrate thirty (30) years of their existence on the same time and date. Why can’t the learned P.R. Campbell, who is a leader of the Archdiocese, educate and help to unite the one true Afrocentric religious Faith that exists in SVG? A Spiritual Watchman

Dishonest judgment Part 2 WHEN ARE we going to see honest judgment? 1. What about those lawyers who collect people’s money to represent them, and never turn up in court, only to know they were at other cases. Months go by, and your case was never heard. What becomes of the money paid as a down payment for services? 2. When are we going to see a reduction in fish prices so that we can say, ‘Bye, bye’ to chicken, and reduce our

hospital visits? 3. Why promote Fisherman’s Day, only to display the fish and not to reduce the fish price on that day? Instead, we put the fish on ice and push us to send our money overseas to buy chicken. It is time for us to start shopping in SVG. There will come a time when we will have no money to shop in SVG because all the money will be already overseas? 4. When are we going to stop fooling ourselves about factories? Ask ourselves these questions: Who buys our

products? Who pays VINLEC? Who loves what we produce? 5. When are we going to give the tired policemen a break from stopping us during working hours to check our licence? These are modern times. What happened to a computer check at the licensing department so as to give the police a day off? 6. When are we going to see a hotline number printed on government vehicles to call to report those drivers who are taking their grievance out on the vehicles? Who will make the fix when the fix is a dishonest judgment?

Those electricity bills

SPY straight and clean on this fuel surcharge bit. I must be a simpleminded person, but I was certain that somewhere along the line we were supposed to benefit from lower fuel prices. It seems we are not, for When I walked that VINLEC doesn’t seem to be road, enjoying any concessions in that The memories keep regard. flowing back, It seems the benefit for all this A tear slips from my eye, Petrocaribe business is down the The cold wind chills me, line and for the airport, since I But my soul weeps, understand that ViINLEC has been I remember it, paying for most, if not all the fuel The laughs and the hugs, that is being used on the airport. The good and the bad, And remember, we were not But now, supposed to be saddled with any I am like a stranger to you, undue burden for the My heart beats with every step, construction of the airport. Pounding on memories past, Yes VINCLEC, time to have early signs of aggression among Trying to forget everything in the past, some pity. Look at your profit our children. Too often we simple But the wind seems to remind me, margins again. Don’t try to put done their behavior as simply You left my world, make profits by bleeding the being rude, thereby brushing off population. Maybe you should be When u left, any reason for dealing with the looking at cutting cost, beginning It was worse than Haiti’s earthquake, problem. This is sadly so when I with your wage bill. Are your Rocking me to the core, hear teachers saying, “I can’t go workers (management, When I saw you, with ‘so and so’. He too rude.” administrations, accounts, etc, I hid in the shadows, End of matter! And another one not the linesmen and so forth) Knowing that, bites the dust. not some of the highest paid My heart couldn’t take it, With all the book learning about persons in this land, not counting True my days maybe cold without you, the place, isn’t it interesting that in all the perks like vehicles, etc? But I know things will be alright, we have more shootings, more I wonder how many VINLEC The years will pass and I will still be a stranger to aggressive behavior among our customers are up to date with you, youth than ever before? their accounts… commercial and But God will see me through! A little bit of TLC never hurts. domestic? It is time we get back to basics. Yanic Sayers Civil Servant St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 2013. GB.

IT REALLY HURTS me having to pay these high electricity bills. Every month I try to budget for what I think I have used, but more often than not, VINLEC presents me with a higher amount to be paid than what I have budgeted. When it’s not high fuel surcharge rates, it’s a reading for well over thirty days so that I cannot escape the VAT. Why should I, a humble civil servant, have to struggle to pay my electricity bill, when for the better part of the week, my home is not in use? It is high time government comes

We ignore aggressive behaviour Mr. Editor, I read somewhere, sometime ago that children who have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, or who have been neglected, tend to be more aggressive than their peers. I also remember someone saying that these are the persons who are more likely to grow up with violent behaviours. This came back to me as I reflected on the number of fatal shootings that we have experienced recently. I wonder how many of those who were shot or who did the shooting have been abused. Now, this is not an excuse but a simple reflection that maybe we are just not dealing correctly with

* Has the Minister of Roads driven through Kingstown recently? Has he been able to avoid all the pot holes? * How many people think that the PM was only trying out some picong when he took a turn on dem Vincies in America? How many people think that he practising for a new profession as a calypsonian? * Is the Head of the Traffic Department also the Head of the Fire Department? Is this a temporary measure, or is it a new cost cutting exercise? * Who are these illegal fishermen whom the Fisheries Officer referred to? Are they Caribbean people or people from afar?





A clear and present danger to the nation Re-printed from 2006 NDP is a danger to SVG The opposition NDP is a clear and present danger to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They are in complete disarray; the NDP is poorly led; its front-line consists of journeymen, lazy people, unpatriotic souls, a stoner of Church and God, a bouncer of cheques, aloof and unconnected persons, men of arrogance and no substance, and the clueless. This motley crew offers no vision, no philosophy, no policies, no programmes to uplift St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On the contrary, they routinely seek to block progress; they are mired in trivia; they wallow in the despond of dishonesty and defamatory utterances; and they oppose every progressive move as they place themselves on the wrong side of history. The NDP left the ULP a terrible mess in our nation’s condition. The ULP government has been cleaning up the mess but there was so much that we are still cleaning. The ULP government has performed well in foundation-laying and nation-building as no government before has done. The ULP government has many worthy projects and initiatives which have started and must be pursued or completed. But the NDP wants to stop them or roll them back. Truly, the current NDP is backward, leaderless, petty, divisive, bankrupt of ideas or vision, without talent in its front line, and incapable of moving St. Vincent and the Grenadines forward. Further, their chief propagandist and “de facto” leader has been found more than once, by the Court of Law to be a dishonest person. Moreover, the opposition NDP, if by some electoral miracle it were to get a chance again at governing, it will STOP or ROLL BACK a number of worthy projects, initiatives and decisions of the ULP government. Clearly, the NDP is a present danger to the welfare of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

* The Max Computerisation Programme. * The Financial Services Complex at Reigate. * The Mount Wynne/Peter’s Hope – St. Hillaire Resort Hotel Development Project. * The Rehabilitation/Rebuilding of Police Stations. * The Turning of “Dead Property into Live Property”. * The Heritage Square Development Project. * The Upgrading of the System of Disaster Preparedness and Management. * The YES Programme. * SVG’s Membership of the NonAligned Movement. * SVG’s firm, democratic and nationalist stand on Haiti. * SVG’s close relationship with Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico. * The National Adult Literacy Crusade. * The Modernisation and Reform of the Police Force. * The National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDEC). * The War Against Official Corruption. * The Ottley Hall Enquiry. * The Financing and Support for LIAT. Mitchell’s return

The weakness in the current NDP front line and the mortal dread of the Ottley Hall Enquiry, have prompted the former NDP leader to seek a return to the political limelight in a vain and forlorn attempt to help the NDP. Mitchell has returned to the fringes of the political table with all the political baggage he carried into his retirement. His political coat-tails are tattered even What the NDP will stop and roll back in Bequia. He is viewed, nationally, more and more like an ancient circus The following projects, programmes, performer, saddled with amnesia, who initiatives, decisions are among the very receives applause, more in pity than for many which the opposition NDP would real, from the declining bunch of stop or roll back, if it ever got a chance sychophants of yesteryear who adored so to do: him. It is all so pathetic. His * The Education Revolution. supportive, ancient cast on the political * The Targeted Strategic stage consists of such abysmal Interventions to Create Jobs and ministerial failures such as Allan Reduce Poverty. Cruickshank, John Horne and Monty * The Economic Policies which have Roberts. brought SVG commendable, sustained Meanwhile, more substantive players economic growth, without alternating from the NDP’s past such as Parnel peaks and troughs. Campbell, Alpian Allen, Jerry Scott, * The Agricultural Diversification Burns Bonadie and Carlyle Dougan Programme. stand askance from this charade. They * The International Airport at are abused daily on the NDP radio Argyle. programme as sell-outs. It has become * The Jet Airport at Canouan. so bad that Jerry had to leave his * The Cross-Country Road. recuperative bed to plead, correctly, his * The PETRO CARIBE Agreement . dignity. All of them are disgusted at * Vision Now! the poor quality of Eustace’s leadership. * The Rabacca Bridge Crossings. So, too, are the newer second level * The National Stadium at Diamond. crowd in the NDP. Each is dismayed at * The Modern Library and Lecture Eustace’s inability as a leader. Israel Theatre. Bruce, “Scumbo” John, and Dennie have * The Low-Income Housing Project. no time for Eustace, and so too Terrence * The Georgetown Administration Ollivierre and Patel Matthews. and Commercial Complex. No serious person in SVG thinks that * The Building of Learning Resource NDP has anything to offer. Those who Centres in every Constituency. trumpet the NDP’s cause fall into one of * The Rabacca/Orange Hill Tourism the following categories: Diehard core Development. supporters; those who are backward; * The Revival of the Arrowroot those whose personal agendas do not Industry. mesh with the ULP’s principled praxis; * The Hall of Justice at the De and those whose vanities the ULP Freitas Site at Richmond Hill. government refuses to stroke. Together, * The General Medical Diagnostic this assorted group does not amount to Centre at Georgetown. one-third of the voting population. The * The Playing Fields at Park Hill, Mt. NDP is finished and the people will Grennan, Vermont Valley, and never turn away from the ULP. Cumberland.

Victimisation continues This vindictive, wicked and callous ULP administration continues to use its long arms to victimise the poor and working class in this country. As long as you are perceived to be a supporter of the NDP, or you are critical of the ULP administration, you are condemned. And if you are a civil/public servant, you are either suspended or transferred to areas for which you have no training. Then, as if the punishment is not harsh enough, you pay the ultimate price: you are fired. The latest individual to feel the wrath of this ULP regime is Mr. Otto Sam. What did Mr. Sam do to warrant his dismissal? Mr. Sam loves writing and he has been writing for a number of years in the local newspapers. His hard hitting writings expose individuals and the ills that are affecting the nation. Mr. Sam wrote numerous articles against the NDP and some of its officials when the NDP was in office. Was he victimised? NO! As a matter of fact, when lands were distributed by the former NDP administration at Sans Souci, Otto was one of the persons who received lands, although he was a harsh critic of the NDP and a vibrant supporter of the ULP. Do you think that could have happened under the ULP government? Instead, Mr. Otto Sam was sent home by this ULP administration which he once supported. How does this ULP administration want this teacher who has given thirty-three (33) years of service to this country to survive? Does Otto have a mortgage? Does he have a family to support? Furthermore, Mr. Sam played a major role in getting this ULP government into power. He campaigned vigorously throughout the length and breadth of South Central Windward to get Mr. Selmon Walters elected. He was also instrumental as a leading member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union to initiate industrial action in 2000 against the NDP government, which led to the Road Block Revolution. Now in the year 2013, what is the payment for Mr. Sam? You are fired! Go home! Suffer and dead! Mr. Otto Sam was not the only person in South Central Windward who received marching orders during the past week. The Assistant Produce Co-ordinator at Vincy Fresh in Lauders was also sent packing. This outspoken individual received her letter when she reported for work on Monday 13th May, 2013. This is another clear case of victimisation by this ULP regime. The question most people have been asking is: Did the Agriculture Minister have a hand in the dismissal of the worker at Vincy Fresh? Moreover, Mr. Sobato Caesar, you are the Parliamentary Representative for the South Central Windward constituency from which two of your constituents have been recently victimised by your administration. The constituency and the nation need to hear from you about those dismissals. The victimisation of Mr. Sam and the worker at Vincy Fresh just adds to the long list of persons who have felt the wrath of the ULP regime. We can recall that in 2001, just after this

ULP government got into power, over six hundred (600) persons were released from their jobs. Those workers included watchmen, cleaners of schools and other government institutions. In addition, Mr. Ordan Graham, a former member of the ULP, was arrested and charged under an archaic law. Mr. Junior Bacchus lost his job. Mr. Leon ‘Bigger Biggs’ Samuel was forced to close his business, and over sixty (60) employees were sent on the breadline. The entire management team of VINLEC was dismissed and some senior government officials were transferred to other ministries. For instance, an employee in the Ministry of Agriculture was sent to Her Majesty’s Prison and, more recently, a senior worker at the government printery was transferred to the Kingstown Public Library. Most of the time, these individuals are behind their ‘new’ desks doing nothing at all. We must not the forget the three (3) teachers, Elvis Daniel, Kenroy Johnson and Addison ‘Bash’ Thomas, who contested the 2010 General Elections for the NDP and were not reinstated, although there was a Collective Agreement between the government and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union; where Article 16 states that teachers who contest General Elections and lose should be reinstated. Today, these teachers are still waiting. Also Curtis Bowman, who is the most qualified pharmacist in this country, and Margaret London, a highly trained nurse, cannot gain employment under this ULP government. Moreover, NICE radio, the radio station which brings the most sports, cannot get sponsorship from the National Lotteries, simply because it carries the opposition, NDP programme. We must also bear in mind the poor who suffered damage from Hurricane Tomas and whose houses have not been repaired by the ULP regime because they are perceived to be NDP supporters, although materials were purchased for that purpose. Instead, the government gave the materials to most of their supporters. Meanwhile, promotion is based on party affiliation. For a teacher, police, nurse or any member of the civil service to be promoted, that person has to be a card carrying member or a supporter of the ruling ULP; even though these persons are qualified for their promotion. It appears that this victimisation would not end under the ULP administration. It has never been like this in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Vincentians are saying “Enough! No More!” We have had enough, and it’s time for you, Comrade, to call General Elections so that the people can elect the NDP to office, to govern the affairs of the country and put an end to the oppression and discrimination of our poor and working class brothers and sisters.




Will power or want power? Sheriff Lewis is a National Hero “We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely... change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.” — George Sheehan Dr. Stephen Covey’s publications have had a significant positive influence on my life. It is therefore not surprising that I often refer to his works and writings on most occasions when I am invited to challenge young persons to excel at things that are noble. Covey, in explaining how we develop habits, points out that three basic “ingredients” must be present; we need to have the knowledge (know what to do), the skill (knowing how to do it), and the desire (wanting to do it). He points out that in so many cases, we know what to do and how to do it ... but often lack a strong enough desire to pursue the noble task. Many of this column’s readers can identify with Covey’s thoughts. As we reflect on the ideas that we have placed on the back burner, we acknowledge that in so many of the cases, we know what should be done. We often realise that we have the talent/ability to perform the task. Unfortunately, not getting the particular task done is often the result of our desire/motivation (for whatever reason) not yet reaching to the point where we will become proactive. Procrastination may set in ... or selfdoubt may appear to overpower the desire to pursue the particular task. But all is not lost. It is quite possible that today is that day when we will take the more responsible position and do what is required. It is now introspection time — time to look within. It is now reflection time — time to look back. As we introspect and reflect, let us consider those unfinished noble tasks that we have laid down for “some more convenient time”. We invite those persons who know that they have the ability to pursue a particular course of study but (up until now lacked the motivation to do so), to revisit their plans. There are so many opportunities to gain advanced knowledge on every topic that we can think of. Courses abound on every topic imaginable. What about those individuals who dropped out of school but know that they have the ability to gain certification? It is still possible to complete that academic journey. An unexpected pregnancy may have created a hiccup along the way. Lack of funds may have caused a stumble along the path. But there is still hope — if we want it badly enough. This is more than about having the willpower to pursue; this is about generating the want power! Do we want it badly enough? Are we prepared to make the sacrifice now, knowing that the gains will be magnified many times over in the future? Oh, the journey beckons! We can (and we will) pursue it, once we remove those hurdles of doubt and fear that slow us down. Instead, we will embrace the selfconfidence and faith that will see us through. The pursuit of physical fitness is another of those areas in our lives that demands want power. Physical fitness entails more than simply losing weight and looking good. It ushers in a lifestyle change that has multiple benefits: improved cardiovascular performance, improved selfesteem, enhanced stress management, enhanced alertness, and so on. The health enthusiasts among us will suggest, for example, that we engage

in regular physical exercise, avoid smoking, evade fatty foods, etc. In so many cases, we know what to do and we have the ability to do them, but ... we have not yet sufficiently motivated ourselves to do what is required to perform the health-improving habits. So many of us float downstream, waiting until the medical doctor instructs us to swim against the tide and to make the lifestyle changes that we always knew would be in our best interest. This then becomes a lifechanging article for some readers. These words now figuratively point a finger - but is not a condemning finger. It is a beckoning finger - an encouraging finger. We are invited to revisit and recommit to improving our lifestyle. It is as though that little voice within is increasing in volume as it says, “Yes, I can invest the time, effort, and energy in creating a better me! I am worth it! I will do it ... beginning now! Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not at some more convenient time. That time is here. That time is now.” The introspection and the reflection continue. And we revisit the final sentence in the George Sheehan quotation that was used to introduce this week’s article. This is as good a place to end: ... “Wanting the new me in preference to the person I now am.” And some pointed questions emerge: What state am I in? Who am I? What do I stand for? Where are my attitudes, actions, and habits taking me? Where am I going? Is this really the life path that I should be on ... or do I need to change direction? These are questions that we must each ask ... and answer. Some readers have made very wise decisions and are confident that their focus is noble and righteous. They seek to build brighter lives for themselves and others. They walk the narrow road and smile as they view the milestones and road signs that remind them of their pursuit of integrity, honesty, empathy, forgiveness, righteousness, and so on. They have opted for a closer walk with God, and regularly abide in Him. They see His blessings magnified and multiplied in their lives. However, other readers, in responding to the questions posed, now admit that their path is not so noble. Until now, their concentration was on accumulating so many of life’s “crowns and trophies” (not caring who gets hurt in the process). But they now pause and commit to making a positive change. They now drum up the love and courage to redirect their focus from self-aggrandisement (as the old people say) to a nobler, more caring and God-fearing path. They have the willpower and the want power to have a greater positive influence on the lives and communities that surround them. Their addiction for the new life now annihilates the older self-directed desires. They press on. They plunge forward. They leap to that higher calling having ignited their want power ... wanting more of that more fulfilling and uplifting life. Hurrah for the champion that emerges! We have cause to celebrate ... want power will see us through! Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

‘Clement Osbourne Payne (19041941) was a Trinidad-born pioneer in the Caribbean trade union movement. By an act of Parliament in 1998, Payne was named as one of the ten National Heroes of Barbados. In Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, in 1937, Payne led black Barbadians to resist the white planter class and he was expelled from Barbados in July. After Payne was deported, four days of rioting ensued, during which stores were burned and looted and cars pushed into the sea. The police opened fire, killing 14 demonstrators…. .’ Sheriff Lewis was born on December 25, 1905 at Maloney Village in Buccament Valley. He earned only a primary school education and following the death of his mother, migrated to Kingstown to live with his father’s sister. Sheriff’s first job was as a baker whose Portuguese owner, Mr Nieves, demanded that he perform non- jobrelated tasks (emptying ‘shit bucket’). He left that job and then worked as a stable-boy grooming horses in Kingstown. He saw “no future” and decided to emigrate. Sheriff travels took him to Cuba, 1926, where he spent 6 months cutting cane. He left and worked for seven years in Santo Domingo, working as ‘yard boy’ and getting opportunities to travel to Puerto Rico and St Thomas with his employer. From travels and life experience, he came to the realization that life conditions of poor black people were the same whereever he went. By 1935, Sheriff had returned to St Vincent and in an interview said: “Early in the year 1935, Albert Marryshow of Grenada visited St Vincent and gave a lecture at the Kingstown Public library about the war between Italy and Ethiopia……At the end of the address, Marryshow said, ‘We usually go out and fight for the Englishmen, I want to know if anyone will go and fight for our Ethiopian brothers’?” Sheriff was the first to take up the challenge. Standing up, he volunteered to go, saying: “From now on, I am no more ‘Sheriff’, call me Haile Selassie.” His quick response to Marryshow’s call demonstrated a kind of consciousness that was to serve him well during the October, 1935 Uprising. On the orning of October 21, 1935, ‘Sheriff’ and a group of friends were at their usual hang out in an old building on Back Street, called the ‘Ranch’, situated next to what is now the Hinds Building. Dominoes and cards were the games played but there was also lively discussion on political issues. Not many of the ‘ranchers’ could read or write but whatever reading material became available, those who could read would do so loudly for the benefit of the others. ‘Sheriff’ credits those discussions with playing a big part in developing his political consciousness, and that of his fellows. Based on his experiences and outlook, he became a recognised leader of the ‘Ranch’. His undoubted physical strength also contributed, since a leader of such a bunch in those times had to be “rough and strong”. On Morning of Oct. 21, the Legislative Council met at the nearby Court House to pass the Customs Duty Ordinance. This was going to increase taxes, and hence prices on a whole range of items including basic consumer items such as kerosene oil and matches. Sheriff and the ‘Ranchers’ were at the customary haunt when they heard of the new taxes and price increases. True to his leadership role, he explained that he suggested to the men that they should go and ask the Governor how he could raise the prices of goods when “poor people can’t get work to do.” But they were not allowed into the Court Yard, so they decided to go back to the ‘Ranch’

and discuss the next steps. Having no other redress, the men decided that something had to be done about the situation. Sheriff, as leader, began to give instructions as to what he considered should be the course of action. First, some men were dispatched to go up the Bay Street to the Arrowroot Pool to tell the women working there to stop working. This instruction was obeyed, the women complying. ‘Sheriff’ also said that the workers at the Cotton Ginnery on Murray’s Road, walked off the job on their own when they heard what was happening. Next, Martin Durham and Gordon Joseph were instructed to, “take some men and go to Sion Hill to stop all traffic coming into Kingstown.” Thirdly, it was the turn of the schools, a message being sent to teachers to tell children not to return for afternoon school. The Prisons was the next target, instructions being sent to the officer in charge, (the father of E.T.Joshua), to set the prisoners free, because, according to Sheriff, “slavery was over.” This request was refused; the prison gate was broken down and those prisoners in the prison yard were freed. While the events of October 21 were largely spontaneous and not premeditated, once the decision was taken to “do something”, it is remarkable the level of planning and organisation which ensued in the heat of the battle. ‘Sheriff’ explained that the objective was to bring the whole town to a standstill “until the Governor could tell we something about employment and withdrew the new taxes.” Clearly, political aims, not needless rioting by aimless rioters. Once the colonial government and planter class regained control, the Governor read the Riot Act, let loose local armed contingents and sent for British reinforcements aboard the H.M.S. Challenger. The valiant ‘Ranchers’ were hunted down and arrested, the full might of the colonial state being brought against them. They received harsh sentences‘Selassie’, 45 years, (later ‘reduced’ to 40); the others got between 5 and 40 years. Those considered to be the “most dangerous” were sent off to prison in Grenada, then the colonial headquarters for the Windward Islands. They included ‘Sheriff/Selassie’, Gordon Joseph, Julien Charles and Donald Peters. Sheriff died on July 14, 1978, ironically killed in an accident by a jeep owned by the Colonial Development Corporation (CDC), the British company which had the monopoly on electricity services in SVG. What British troops, the colonial government and the planter class had failed to accomplish was accidentally done by a British-owned vehicle. If Clement Payne wins national hero honour for his part in the 1937 uprising in Barbados, Sheriff Lewis should be so named in SVG because his leadership on October 21, 1935 brought the abject conditions of the poor masses into clear focus. The uprising forced the colonial authorities to respond with superior violence. However, the British instituted reforms that laid the basis for the social, political and economic advances that have been made across the region. Plain Talk is indebted to the revolutionary patriot, Renwick Rose, for the information on Sheriff Lewis in this column. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to:

V SVG needs its own currency 12. FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN


OUR ECONOMY is stagnating. SVG needs its own currency to stimulate the economy and create new businesses and thousands of new jobs. The OECS dollar has been pegged to the US dollar since 7 July 1976, at an exchange rate of US$1 to EC$2.70. This policy of the OECS of an artificially high exchange rate, has been a misfit to the SVG economy. It makes exports from SVG artificially more expensive, and it hinders attempts to build a strong, export economy in SVG. SVG should have its own currency, as this would mean we could control the economy better by adjusting interest rates to help control inflation. This new currency could then be pegged to the Trinidad and Tobago dollar or the British pound, as these currencies are relatively stable and strong, and Trinidad and Tobago and the UK are our biggest trade partners. With our own central bank and our own currency, SVG would have

substantial latitude to build a strong and sustainable economy to bring thousands of new jobs and a better standard of living and quality of life for all in SVG. Using science and technology, a Green government will create highpaid, high-skilled jobs, and SVG will be able to export high-quality products at competitive prices. Pegging our own SVG currency to the Trinidad and Tobago dollar or the British pound at an advantageous rate, will help exports and trade. By controlling our domestic currency, we can keep the exchange rate low. This helps to support the competitiveness of SVG goods that are sold abroad. The pegging of our own currency, combined with bi-lateral trade agreements, will substantially help our country. The fixed exchange rate dynamic supports economic growth. Also, this will protect our economy by shielding our currency from volatile swings, and reduce the likelihood of a currency

crisis. Just as the UK has its own currency and is in the European Union, SVG could have its own currency and remain in the OECS. The artificially high exchange rate of US$1 to EC$2.70 is part of the problem as it stifles economic growth and causes poverty, gross criminality, spiralling high cost of living, high rates of unemployment and the jail being full of youths who cannot read. This must change at the earliest opportunity. Entrepreneurs and small businesses in SVG have to compete in a global market when they try to export their goods and services. Being part of an artificially inflated currency is hurting SVG businesses and reducing their opportunities to trade. SVG must withdraw from the Eastern Caribbean dollar in order to boost small businesses. It is small businesses that

make economies strong, and SVG needs hundreds more strong, small businesses to boost economic growth. Changing from the OECS dollar to an SVG dollar is not a big problem. It will bring much pride and confidence to our people and country. The new SVG domestic currency will help drive economic growth, bring confidence to our dying economy and investments from abroad. This will then create new businesses, thousands of new jobs and surplus revenue. A Green government will move the SVG economy forward with a new SVG currency. SVG Green Party

ÂFanciful VinciesÊ play a significant role “WE ALLOW one or two people to run us in directions which are entirely unproductive and wasting time… some of these persons have no interest in setting back foot in SVG, but just want to create mischief… some of them are frustrated politicians.” These are some quotes reported on May 20th by I-Witness News (IWN), in an article titled, ‘PM knocks fanciful Vincies in voluntary exile’, attributed to Prime Minister Gonsalves. Interestingly, on that same date, IWN also reported that there have been six homicides in SVG since April 26th. Since there has never, ever been a time when six violent deaths were perpetrated on Vincentians in the short space of 21 days, one would have thought that PM Gonsalves would concern himself more with this calamity than he does with ‘cussin’ out Vincentians at his press conferences. Of importance too is that Prime Minister Gons,alves convinced Vincentians to vote for him in 2001 on the promise that he would be “tough on crime and the causes of crime.” Much to our peril, and under the watch of the Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party administration, SVG has been driven into a deep, dark abyss of criminality. To what end does the PM, who is also Minister of National Security, choose to heap scorn on Vincentians overseas instead of dealing with this crisis? Well, he appears to want to underestimate the concern of Vincentians who demand to see a better SVG, regardless of where they live. They invariably demonstrate far more concern than the PM who has the power in his hands to make a better SVG. Moreover, to dismiss in this way Vincentians living abroad, is giving little regard to a revenue source that needs some recognition. According to some reports, these ‘exiles’ pump over $126 million every year into the economy. As Minister of Finance, should the PM be reminded of the significance of this contribution, especially at a time when unemployment in SVG and among young people is of concern; businesses are dying left, right and center, while government owes millions to the private sector; people are working and not being

paid; some shops are now selling eggs by the single egg, and chicken back by the half pound? What does this say about his governance against evidence that he is presiding over the worst economic conditions in the history of our blessed country? Despite what turned out to be a false cusp of an economic takeoff round about the 2005 elections, we now find ourselves at the bottom of an economic hole. This hole is being dug even deeper every day, with every dollar that Vincentians are tricked into dropping in boxes in Kingstown and empty water bottles in New York for the ‘suck-hole’ at Argyle. Far from being frustrated politicians, therefore, the evidence is starkly in favor of the fact that Vincentian citizens living abroad are the mainstay of the economy, and they chose to extend that commitment by demanding better governance, particularly in the areas of the economy and curtailing the unprecedented crime in SVG. Luzette King Host: Global Highlights

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, addressing Vincentians in New York, October 2012.

‘Fanciful Vincies’ turned out in their numbers to support a fund-raiser for the Argyle Airport, held in New York in March 2013.



Vincy fashion designer thrilled by accomplishments

customers who tell me that, when they need a new outfit, accessories, fashion/beauty advice, AK Couture is the one place where they know that they will receive the truth, excellent A RISING VINCENTIAN FASHION customer service, great advice DESIGNER SAYS SHE IS VERY and a warm smile,” George THRILLED by her accomplishments, added. as she celebrates the first “So what’s not to love about anniversary of her new fashion AK Couture Boutique & Beauty boutique in the epicenter of the Bar?” she asks rhetorically. Caribbean community in Brooklyn, New York. Eye on the future “Yes, I am satisfied with the way things went this past year!” George said her immediate Zulema N. George told THE plan is to design a clothing line, VINCENTIAN in an exclusive made specifically for AK interview, about AK Couture Couture, especially for men. Boutique and Beauty Bar, at “But, of course, there will be 4516 Church Avenue, between haute digs for the women also, to 45th and 46th Sts., Brooklyn. add more beauty products to the The store was opened last June Beauty Bar side of the boutique,” to much fanfare. she said. “The first year of business is In the long term, she also the hardest, and I am proud to envisages opening a few more say that I have achieved all that stores, including one in her I set out to, and then some,” native land. added the only child of “Not only is it important to economist-accountant Anton me, but it’s one of my life goals,” “Frankie” George, a New said George about an AK Montrose, Kingstown native and Couture Boutique in St. Vincent ex-Grammar School master, and and the Grenadines. registered nurse Edna George, “I’m a Vincentian, and I love née McDonald, of Belair. my country and my people 200 The young fashion designer percent,” she said. said, in the past year, she was “I’m proud to be a Vincentian able to market the AK Couture entrepreneur,” she added. “I’m brand and boutique to a wide lucky to have the support and variety of people. unconditional love from parents “I was able to obtain a loyal and my other half, Ronney. They and consistent following that mean the world to me. loves the AK Couture brand, and “I’m honored to have support that is no easy feat,” she said. and respect from my fellow “It’s one thing to have people Vincentians, from Caribbean come in once, maybe twice to people, my community and purchase and support; but to internationally,” George have customers who call, email, continued. text, use social media, to inquire “I look forward to our second about new inventory, etc., on a year together,” she said. “I will daily basis, is an continue to service my customers accomplishment,” she added. with a level of professionalism, George said her major fun and haute digs that they achievement was keeping the won’t find anywhere else.” doors of the boutique open. “In this time, you hear about More than clothing many establishments that close their doors, either shortly after Besides high fashion clothing, opening or after many years of George said her AK Couture providing service, because they Boutique and Beauty Bar lose their customers, and lack of features a wide range of hygiene revenue and community support, and beauty products, such as to list a few,” she said. Another organic handmade soaps, achievement, she said, was including her signature body increasing her customer base “by butter “Kisses and fairy dust.” doubling the number of George, who earned a customers she had on the first Bachelor of Science degree in day she opened. Biology from the historically “Customers love our Black Howard University in merchandise,” she said. “AK Washington, D.C, and a Master’s Couture Boutique has become in Public Health from Long the first place where women and Island University, downtown men come to get haute digs.” Brooklyn, reiterated that she [Haute Couture is a French turned to fashion because of that phrase for high fashion. Couture passion. means dressmaking, sewing or “I love the sciences, but I have needlework, and haute means a passion for fashion,” stressed elegant or high. So the George, whose initial interest combination implies excellent was becoming a medical doctor. artistry with the fashioning of She said she has been garments.] designing handbags for nine “I have come across so many years now, and opened her first Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT

boutique in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in 2009, but closed it after a year, after getting an opportunity to work for a Miami-based handbag company as its head designer. George, who also currently owns an online fashion store, said, as an image consultant, she channeled her creativity, and utilized her eye for detail while styling for recording artists, models and actors/actresses. In addition, she said AK Couture Boutique and Beauty Bar highlights her “keen eye for the unique and trendy.” Right : Rising Vincy fashion designer Zulema George in her boutique during its first anniversary celebrations.

George poses before specially-made hors d’oeuvres.

Young supporters celebrate with George.

V Karib Cable, National Properties donate 14. FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN



MAY HAS BEEN DESIGNATED as Blind Awareness Month throughout the World, and Karib Cable and National

Properties Ltd. have collaborated in this month of May, to enhance the work of the National Society of and for the Blind (NSOFB). The two corporate

James Ballantyne (2nd from left) presents computer system to Stanley Richards (2nd from right) in the company of Karib Cable’s Natalya Giowasingh (left) and Richard Hadley.

Karib Cable’s Richard Hadley, Marketing Manager, and James Ballantyne, Sales Executive, handed over entities have come the brand new device to together to provide a modern computer system Stanley Richards, President of the NSOFB, and one-year free on Tuesday May 21, subscription to Karib 2013, during a brief Cable’s broadband ceremony at Karib internet service. Cable’s headquarters at Frenches Gate, Kingstown. A representative from National Properties was unavoidably absent, but Richard Hadley assured that the donation was a demonstration of both entities’ responsibility and commitment to nation building. “The time has come to

bridge the digital divide between mainstream society and the blind, and the donation of this computer helps to do exactly that,” Hadley said. He explained that the request was positively responded to after the donors learned that the system the NSOFB had in its possession was no longer functional,and “they needed to keep up with their record-keeping and administrative demands.” Richards, in expressing thanks for the “generosity of National Properties and Karib Cable,” described the donation as “timely”, and assured that “it will be of

great help.” Indications are that, given the functionality of the system, the NSOFB can now move to add certain specialized peripherals that would make the computer even more assessible to blind persons. In fact, a representative of the NSOFB revealed that there are a number of blind persons who have some degree of computer literacy, and that the system can only help to enhance and improve their status, “not to mention what a year’s free internet from Karib Cable would mean for communications.”

V Canada provides more assistance to RSS




THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA has pledged its continued support and assistance to the Regional Security System. And this support was further concretised on Friday 17th May when Canada’s Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs) Diane Ablonczy announced a $5.3 million financial support intitiative. Minister Avlonczy made the announcement at the E. T. Joshua Airport, Arnos Vale, during a ceremony that wrapped up her one-day visit to the state. In making the announcement, she also commended the RSS for the tremendous work it has done over the years, and the efforts that are put into its operations. The latest round of Canadian assistance will help to equip the RSS, a collective security organization for the Eastern Caribbean, with new radar, infrared scanners and avionics for its air wing. “Canada is committed to working with our partners in the Caribbean to build a more prosperous and secure hemisphere for all peoples of the Americas,” said Minister Ablonczy, adding further, “By supporting the Regional Security System, Canada is improving safety in the region and helping to detect, disrupt and deter criminal organizations who work to bring drugs and contraband north.” The assistance will be provided through the Government of Canada’s Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program (ACCBP). The support will go toward upgrades to the forward-looking infrared radar capacity and aircraft sensors for

the RSS air wing and to upgrade communications networking between the air wing and memberstate coast guards and police forces. These projects have been developed in partnership with the United States’ Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, which is currently implementing a program for refurbishing the RSS air wing. This announcement builds upon previous Canadian efforts to support security and stability in the Caribbean. Since 2009, Canada has contributed approximately $20 million through the ACCBP to support police professionalization, justice reform, the fight against illicit drug trafficking, anticorruption projects and anti-money-laundering efforts. Grant Watson, Executive Director of the RSS, from the inception of the RSS, Canada has been a reliable partner nation to the organization and pointed to Canada’s substantial assistance in the area of capacity building. “To date the RSS has embarked on standardized correctional development and teaching method, as well as leadership training,” said Watson, who also stated that the Canadian Government has provided additional assistance in polygraph examinations. He expressed his organization’s appreciation for the support. According to Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the assistance will play a tremendous role in assisting the RSS in building capacity. He

commended Canada for its continued support, noting the assistance will further assist RSS in detecting drug traffickers and other criminal activities. He assured the Canadian Minister that the resources will be put to good use.

Minister Ablonczy’s visit here was part of a seven-day, seven-country tour in the Eastern Caribbean. She was accompanied by H. E. Mr. Richard Hanley, High Commissioner of Canada accredited to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Minister Diane Ablonczy at the function at E. T. Joshua Airport where the announcement was made about Canada’s support for the RSS.





V Teachers Union looks at violence 20. FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2013. THE VINCENTIAN


THE GENDER COMMITTEE of the SVG Teachers Union (SVGTU) hosted an impressive workshop on the theme, ‘Stop the violence against women and children’, at the Frenches House, Kingstown, on Wednesday 15th May 2013. The large audience of teachers, students and youths, heard addresses from Oswald Robinson and Margaret Jackson, President and Secretary respectively of the SVGTU; Chief Education

Officer Luan Gilchrist, and Hon Frederick Stephenson, Minister of Gender Affairs. Each touched on the importance of eliminating all forms of violence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.. The Chief Education Officer praised the Union for organising the activity, and noted that it fitted in well with the agenda of the Ministry of Education. She made a pledge to meet with the Union’s

Executive to discuss follow-up activities as proposed by the workshop. Presenters at the actual workshop sessions were: ASSP Jonathon Nichols who touched on forms of domestic violence and the law; Education Officer Mr. Dixton Findlay who spoke on the impact of economic conditions on the family and women; and Social Worker Nelcia Robinson-Hazell who examined strategies for

Persons addressing the Workshop included (from left): President of the SVGTU Oswald Robinson, CEO Luan Gilchrist, Minister of Gender Affairs Frederick Stephenson and ASSP Jonathon Nichols. reducing the level of domestic violence in the state. There was no representation from the Gender Affairs Division which was invited to make a workshop presentation.

A cross-section of those who attended the Workshop organized by the Gender Committee of the SVG Teachers Union. This activity was the first organized by the Gender Committee of the SVGTU under the

Executive Committee elected in 2012 and headed by Oswald Robinson.


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Your boss may be on the rampage and you certainly don't want to be the one to take the brunt of a bad situation. You may not have the same ideas when it comes to what you both enjoy. Take advantage of moneymaking ventures. Opportunities to meet new lovers will I come through pleasure trips or social events. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Get on with your life. This is a great day to beautify your living quarters or to entertain at home. Passion is about the best way for you to relieve tension. Residential moves will be in your best interest. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You may be confused regarding your love life. Relatives may play an important role in your personal life. You must follow your desires and dreams. You should be promoting your ideas. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You will have a problem with your boss if you haven't done your job. Concern yourself with legal matters and formulating contracts rather than finalizing your objectives. Try to address the real issues in order to turn things around. Your communication skills will bring you popularity and increased self esteem. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Listening can be more valuable than being a chatterbox. Be discreet about your personal life or whereabouts. Be mysterious. Try to concentrate on research and acquiring information that will be of value in your chosen field. Try to keep your opinions to yourself. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You may be experiencing emotional turmoil in regard to your mate. Avoid getting trapped in internal disputes. Try to curb your bad habits. You are going through a period of questioning.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don't take offense at comments made by coworkers. Don't make a move; your confusion has caused this dilemma and you are best to back away and reassess the situation. Don't let someone talk you into parting with your cash unless you can truly see the benefits of doing so. You may want to have a heart-to-heart talk with a close and trusted friend. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Make love, not war, and all will be fine. It's time to let loose. Your tendency to overreact could get you into trouble. Don'overdo it. You need to enjoy yourself. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Your knowledge and good sense will help more than you think. Listen to the advice given by those with experience. Your ability to ferret out secret information will lead you to an inside scoop on an amazing financial deal. Money can be made if you use your ingenuity. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Your attitude is changing rapidly and your plate is overloaded. Don't get involved in expensive entertainment that involves gambling. Use your energy wisely. Help if you can, but more than likely it will be sufficient just to listen. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You will profit from home improvement projects and real estate deals. Visit friends or relatives you don't get to see very often. Situations could easily get blown out of proportion if you have made unreasonable promises. You can avoid hassles by sticking to your work and refusing to get involved in gossip or idle chatter. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You'll find love and you'll get into tiptop shape at the same time. Don't let the erratic behavior of someone you live with interfere with your professional performance. Remember; talk to them, not at them. Changes in your home may be alarming at first.


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group 50. Pitch in 51. Capital of Switzerland 52. Previously owned 53. Big bundle 56. Mauna __ 58. Drug-regulating org.




A sad excuse for a man fooling around. I had no clue he would have done that. The woman mailed back some of the pictures to me and BASED on my understanding of a wrote at the back of each one that she marriage, both the husband and the now sees why my husband cannot be wife are supposed to give mutual respect to each other. However, in my turned on by me, implying that my body is not in good order or shape. marriage, my husband has been I am so angry and ashamed. I disrespecting me in the nastiest of cannot believe that my husband would ways. I cannot even tell you some of them stoop that low as to give another here because I am so ashamed. Suffice woman ammunition to fire back at it to say, he told the woman he is with me. There is nothing between my that I am like a corpse in bed, and he is just sleeping with me because he is husband and me anymore, and I do not want to remain in the too lazy to go to her. relationship. I told him I want out, He took pictures of us in the nude and made it his business to give these and he is threatening to take pictures to this woman. At the time of everything (house, car, children ) if I end the marriage. He is just a sad taking them, he said he was just

Dear George,

excuse for a man and a husband, and that is why I have decided to put myself back on the market.

Peeved Dear Peeved, It is a sad and costly mistake to disclose your bedroom life to anyone. If by any chance either of you is not satisfied with the sexual performance of the other, then you should be adult enough to talk about it. Marriage is not a competition but a partnership, and couples ought not to be doing things to make each other feel inferior in any way.

She is ungrateful Dear George, I AM REALLY messed up here and I need your help. I am not working but my girlfriend is. Before I lost my job, I was supporting my girlfriend and her child.  We moved in together after I met her with a 1-year-old and started to date.  There was nothing

that she did not have when things were good with me. Now that I am out of a job, she is talking about moving out. She complains that we cannot meet our rent and there is not enough food, etc. I do not know where her money is going; she isn’t even putting any of her money to help pay the rent and

to the food bill. Instead she says that her money is for her and her child. She is constantly talking about moving out to find her own place because I am not meeting my obligations as a man. What does she want from me? I do not know, and it is getting to me. I find her so ungrateful!

Angry citizen   Dear Angry citizen,

If you are convinced that your marriage is beyond redemption, then I strongly suggest you seek legal advice as to property sharing and custody matters. Before you get to that point, however, it may not hurt to seek out the services of a marriage counsellor, in a one last ditch effort to try and salvage your marriage. Given your investments thus far, it may be worth it to make another effort to save a marriage which I am sure had better days at one stage.


Confess your wrongs, man Dear George, I HAVE good reasons to believe that my neighbour’s wife could be pregnant with my child. I made one mistake and slept with her one time when she came looking for my wife for support after her husband had beaten her up. My wife was not at home and she ended up talking to me, and in comforting her, we managed to kiss, and things got out of hand from there. To this day I cannot explain how it happened. We never exchanged one word of love or sex before that day, and it is beyond my comprehension how we ended up in bed. She would not get an abortion because she does not believe in it. She said to me that she is going to make her husband believe the child is his. She is trying to convince me that she would be able to get away with it, but I am not sure. I am very stressed out about it, and I am not able to act normally around my wife. My guilt has affected our sex life and the way we communicate. What should I do now? This is one tight spot!

Sometimes a person gets together with another person for the strangest of reasons, and maybe you will never get to know the real reason why your girlfriend chose to remain with you up until now. It seems that she is not interested in building a future with you, and you need to clear the air. Ask her what is it she wants from you, and maybe from there you will be in a better position to decide whether or not you can deliver. It is important that at the beginning of every relationship, both parties discuss their expectations and be brutally honest in declaring if too much is being asked of either of them. You and your girlfriend need to have such a talk.

Taking advantage of an already abusive situation is very disappointing, to say the least, and you should not encourage or be involved in covering up of a wrong that was stupidly committed. Attempting to cover this up can and will eventually bring more hurt and complications for all involved. Every child should know who his/her father is, and every man should know whether or not he is in fact the biological father of a child that has been attributed to him. You need to ‘man-up’ and confess your wrongs and deal with the consequences.







SVG Rugby Club: More than rugby THE SVG NATIONAL Rugby Club continued to make meaningful contribution, not just in promoting their sport but in community building. On Mother’s Day, May 12th, 2013, members of the club made a special visit to the Lewis Punnett Home (LPH) to bring some cheer, particularly to the mothers housed there, and by extension to the general population. From among their membership and families, the Club collected a quantity of clothing, footwear, and personal effects which they handed over to the authorities at the home. A ‘special tea’ was also held for the inmates, who enjoyed the cakes and pastries prepared by club members. The LPH home currently houses 48 males and 44 females who, according to a club member, are in “constant need of pampers, cleaning agents, towels, sheets, clothes, shoes, toiletries and other personal items. on a regular basis.” The club is appealing to the public to remember the LPH with their charitable donations. Meantime, the SVG National Rugby Club, in addition to its mandate to promote the sport of rugby here, has plans to continue its community outreach programme. This is expected to include home visits to ‘shutins’, beach clean-ups, building “things” for the less fortunate, and helping local churches. One club member registered appreciation for all the help they have received to date, but especially singled out Tipi Punnett, Dee Williams and Dorothee Ollivierre for their unwavering support.

Scotiabank assists Boys’ Training Centre THE LIBERTY Lodge Boys’ Training Centre is the latest recipient of assistance under the Scotiabank’s Bright Future Programme (SBFP). On Saturday, Nathaniel Sandy of the Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre and May 18, Janine Defreitas of (SNFP) in a Scotiabank hand shake that formalized the staffers presentation of the washing presented a machine. washing machine to the Centre. Janine De Freitas of the SBFP expressed delight with the opportunity to work with the Centre, and alluded to future collaboration, inclusive of mentorship, Kiddies Cricket and football, karate and technology programmes. “We believe that the active involvement in sports and other activities will help to promote strong bonds, self confidence and motivation, pro-social skills, while keeping the young minds at Liberty Lodge busy,” said De Freitas. The Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre currently houses nineteen boys between the ages of 12 and 17 years. ScotiBank has been actively involved in supporting sporting and cultural organizations and initiatives. These include: The Miss Heritage Organization, The South East Steel Orchestra, Uncle Skinny’s Kids Carnival, The Adonal Foyle Kerosene Lamp Foundation, Scotiabank’ Bright Future Kiddies Programme members arriving at Cricket and the Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Can Fest. Centre.

From left: Sister Bullock, matron at the Lewis Punnett Home, with club members Sophie Goddard, Valarie Pelletier and Guy Hadley during the SVG Rugby Club’s visit to the Home.




CIBC celebrates its employees

CIBC FirstCaribbean employees were showered with appreciation and tokens for their dedicated service.

EMPLOYEES at the local branch of CIBC FirstCaribbean were in for a special treat last Thursday, May 16, 2013. That was the day on which CIBC FirstCaribbean joined its CIBC colleagues across the world, to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.

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It was the first time that the region had coordinated the celebration of their employees on the same day. CIBC employees from Trinidad in the South to The Bahamas in the North, were fully appreciated and recognised for all they do to make the organization a success. Here in St. Vincent, team leaders demonstrated their appreciation to

employees by providing them with tokens. At the close of business later in the day, employees got together for a grand social. This was not the only day on which CIBC has lived the standard of “Showing Appreciation,” but it was the one day that all leaders made the extra effort together, to make all employess “feel special.”


Dr. Patriana Badnock in personal consultation with a Mayreau resident.

VINLEC reaches out in Mayreau RESIDENTS of Mayreau turned out to support an activity put on by St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited in keeping with the Company’s Health and Safety Awareness Month 2013. In keeping with the focus for the month, a Heath Fair was held alongside an Electrical Safety Exhibition on Wednesday, May 15. Two medical doctors, Drs. Wayne Murray and Patriana Badnock were on hand to provide personal consultations. Two nurses were also present and conducted blood presure and blood sugar checks. The Electrical Safety Exhibition provided visitors with information with respect to electricity safety in the home and in public settings. Those who visited, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Health Fair, and applauded VINLEC for the effort. One visitor said that the interaction with VINLEC’s employees would have a long lasting impact, and noted that in addition to the health care service he received, he was able to learn about VINLEC’s operations in general. According to the Company’s Environmental Health and Safety Officer, Mr. Anthony Patterson, VINLEC has provided similar service to customers on mainland St. Vincent on numerous occasions, and thought it fitting to reach out to the community in Mayreau., He expressed satisfaction with the event and thanked the health care personnel who journeyed to Mayreau to provide services free of cost. This Health Fair is one of many public outreach programmes embarked on by the Company as part of EHS Awareness Month.






Saints end season on high comfortable victory. Winning the toss and taking first knock, Guardian General Saints looked to be in control after recovering from the early loss of two wickets with the score on 7. They were led on the road to the recovery by Omar Lorraine (24) and Sunil Ambris (79), who raised 83 for the third wicket before the former went LBW to spinner Andre Hunte. Ambrose hit eight fours and one five before he was bowled by legspinner Jenry Ollivierre with the total on 150. Saints then relinquished the initiative as they stumbled to 154-7 through some loose shots and good bowling in between. It was left to captain Kenroy Peters who compiled an unbeaten 77, to shepherd the lower order along to what turned out to be their final total of 243. Hunte took 3-46 and Ollivierre 2-38. The Saints bowling then set about doing what bowling attacks Darron Greaves hits a second innings Sunil Ambris had scores of 79 & 35 to all season had done against the 68 to give ASCO a glimmer of hope. help Saints to victory. ASCO batsmen: put the ball in good areas, and the inevitable rash shots will provide a spate of Stories by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT SCORES: Saints 243 & 77-1, ASCO 121 wickets. & 198 And despite an opening partnership GUARDIAN GENERAL SAINTS ENDED THE Saints, who may have been guilty of of 24 between Daron Greaves (9) and 2013 PREMIER DIVISION season on a being inconsistent for a major part of Oliivierre (15), things soon fell into high with a comprehensive nine-wicket the season, were indebted to their place. Under stern cross examination win over a ragged Carl Joseph Law middle order for another good first Chamber ASCO, at Arnos Vale TWO last innings total that set them up for what by promising pacer Romario Bibby, Carl Joseph Law Chambers ASCO weekend. eventually turned out to be a

were left fumbling for coherent answers. They found few, if any, and were eventually dismissed for 121; but it could have been worse after being 63-9. Their recovery was due to a counter attacking rear guard by Hunte (45*) and Darius Martin (12) who added 58 for the tenth wicket. Hunte struck six fours and two sixes. Bibby, who has impressed this season, bowled with good pace, keeping the ball up to the bat, as has been his modus operandi, to grab 6-39 from 12 overs. ASCO, asked to follow on, looked in good shape, with an opening stand of 52 between Darron Greaves (68) and Ollivierre (26). Things looked relatively comfortable and the possibility of holding on for a draw with the score reaching 97 before the second wicket fell. But things soon returned to the ASCO script with a deluge of wickets, including that of Greaves as they fell to 115-5. The pugnacious Greaves struck eight fours and two sixes in his knock. It was then left to the lower order, led by Hunte who got 34 (3x6, 1x4), to prolong the inevitable as ASCO were then dismissed for 198, with Romel Currency taking 3-38 and Bibby 3-53 for a match haul of 9-92. Set a target of 77 in 15 overs and with rain threatening, Guardian General Saints, led by an opening stand of 61 by Ambris (35) and Rickford Walker (36*), duly completed victory in 7.3 overs.

Rivals bear down on third straight title DEFENDING CHAMPIONS, RIVALS, ENHANCED THEIR CHANCES OF WINNING the Premier Division title for a third straight year after taking first innings points from LIME Radcliffe, in a low scoring affair at the Sion Hill Playing Field on the weekend. SCORES: Rivals 102 & 142-4 dec; Radcliffe 84 & 53-3. It was a match which was eagerly anticipated by the players of both teams and cricket fans who have been following the local games closely. However, at the end of two days, analysts may not have been far off, had they concluded that the contest fell well below what was expected. The hype surrounding the match fell flat by close of play on the opening day when Rivals were skittled out for 102 and Radcliffe were struggling on 39-4. The story of the match saw Rivals being asked to bat in conditions which good club cricketers and regional players would have been expected to negotiate with ease. The batting served up another of what maybe described as a sub-

standard performance, with no batsman reaching 20, though five players got into double figures, with Hyron Shallow (18) and Roneil Jeffrey (16) the best of the lot. Left arm spinner Andy Harper, took 3-30, and Delorn Johnson, 2-30, Dyke Cato, 2-4, and Westrick Strough, 2-34, were also among the wickets. LIME Radcliffe, with what should have been a simple task of getting 103 for first innings points, were in trouble from ball one of their reply when the experienced opener, Lance John, was taken at slip off Deighton Butler. They went into further trouble to be 10-4 as Butler bowled with accuracy and some relative pace to grab all the victims. Rodney Lawrence (20) and Dean Browne (20) then set about repairing the innings with a 29-run fifth wicket partnership that took it to the close. Radcliffe, the once professional unit, appeared to have been losing that touch over the last few years. Fans will recall how they lost two matches by default when in contention for the title two years ago and had showed even then,

signs of falling standards. Casmond Walters, 36, declared Cato who took 3-44. He struck On Sunday, the team hit its their second innings on 142-4. seven fours. nadir this season when Browne Shallow, in his most assured LIME Radcliffe, set a target of was ‘timed out’ after failing to innings for the season to date, 161 in 25 overs, played out for a turn up on time to resume his played both spin and pace with draw as they ended on 53-3 when innings. This resulted in ease, and looked to have a century play was called. Radcliffe’s game plan coming lined up, when he was caught off unstuck with the score moving to 468 within a few overs of resumption. They were given some hope through the efforts of Delorn Johnson who hit 26* (2x6, 1x4) as they battled to 84-8 before Lawrence was runout and Cato (0) was bowled by Jackson, without addition to the score. Butler ended with 4-20 and Orlanzo Jackson 331 to give their team an 18-run advantage. Batting a second time, Rivals, led by Deighton Butler; broke the back of Hyron Shallow hit a well compiled second Radcliffe’s batting. Shallow, 72, and innings of 72.




Female volleyballers off to World qualifiers THE NATIONAL FEMALE volleyball team is off to St Croix, United States Virgin Islands, to compete in Pool K of the second round of qualifiers for the World Championship. The Vincentian lasses will face off against ElSalvador, British Virgin Islands and host United States Virgin Islands, in a tournament that runs from May 25 to 27. Only the team finishing first is guaranteed a place in the next round. Shaun Young, coach of the team, told THE VINCENTIAN that the team has been in preparation since January

2013 and they have had the services of Brazilian volleyball coach, Joao Carlos Campos. “We have been preparing for a very long time, and the morale in the unit is very high, which gives me high expectation of the team,” Young said. Young recognized that the team has not played much regional volleyball matches leading up to this tournament, but he remains confident that the team will do well. As a corrective step in this direction, the team will spend three days in Barbados, during which time they will play a

series of warm up matches against local volleyball teams, before departing on the May 24th for St. Croix. SVG’s first game is scheduled for Saturday 25th May. Nikita Campbell, captain of the team, expressed the view that, once the team does what they have been drilled to do over the past months, the girls should give a good account of themselves. Campbell will lead a team that includes: outside players Bretisha Gregg, Junette Young, Krystal Ralph and Shanique DeShong;

The National Volleyball team that will compete in St. Croix. middle specialists Bownie Allicott and Shaquille Branker; setters LaDonna Woodley and Andean Spring; and libero Preanka Williams.

I.B.A.ALLEN Nikita Campbell, captain of the National Female Volleyball team.

Buccament Jack guides Survivors to big win Bay humbles Triumph WESLEY SIMMONS and Joel O’Garro assured a commanding victory for Buccament Bay Androids over Triumph United Cricket Club, in a weekend First Division match of the National Cricket Competition, played at in Buccament. Buccament Bay Androids, batting first, posted 253 for 7, led by Wesley Simmons with an unbeaten knock of 102 and Ray Charles with 63. Wesley Simmons hit Rohan Ash returned figures 102 not out to help of 3 for 48 to be Triumph’s set up victory for best bowler. Buccament Bay Androids. When Triumph batted, they were undone by the pace of Joel O’Garro, the Division’s leading wicket taker. O’Garro snared 6 wickets for 44 runs to help stop Triumph at an exact 100, Rohan Ash topscoring with 18. Asked to follow on, Triumph were again unsettled by pace and they succumbed to the fast bowling pair of Obed McCoy, 5 for 26, and O’Garro, 3 for 11, to close at 101, handing victory to Buccament by an innings and 52 runs. Deptor Culzac top scored with 30 in Triumph’s unsuccessful bid to avoid defeat. This weekend, Rudy’s Electrical Unique Warriors will face Robertson’s Surveying Belmont United at North Union, and Police One oppose Sion Hill at Joel O’Garro Buccament. finished with a match haul of 9 for I.B.A.ALLEN 56.

NATIONAL batter Cordel Jack began the 2013 SVG Cricket Association RBTT Bank Senior Women’s T 20 Competition with an important half century. Her 88 helped Survivors to amass 174 for 2 in 20 overs against Garifuna Stars in a weekend match played at the South Rivers Playing Field. Jack was ably supported by national player Samantha Lynch who got 38. Lynch returned to do damage with the ball, grabbing 5 wickets for 12 runs, to help restrict Garifuna Stars to a pedestrian 64 runs in 16 overs. In another weekend game, J.G Tigress beat Garifuna Stars by 7 wickets. Garifuna Stars made 99 for 9 from 20 overs. Rochelle John took 3 for 25. J.G Tigress in reply, raced to 100 for 3 from 15.3 overs. Latoya Providence, national all-rounder, top scored with 27 not out and Samantha Lynch put in a Shelly-Anne John was on 21. good all round performance. I.B.A.ALLEN

Vincy basketball star injured SOPHIA YOUNG, the Vincentian-born professional basketballer and leading scorer for the San Antonio Silver Stars in the 2012 WNBA, could well be on the sidelines for the 2013 WNBA schedule. Young tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee during the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association playoffs last week, and the preliminary reports are that she will likely miss significant time in the 2013 WNBA season. Young returned to San Antonio where she had an MRI. It confirmed the injury and corrective surgery was scheduled for this week. There was no timetable for her return, and speculation was rife that she would miss all or the better part of the 2013 WNBA which starts in late spring. Young is a three-time WNBA All-Star. She was the fourth overall pick in the 2006 draft after leading Baylor University to its first national championship in 2005.

(Source: San Antonio AP)

Sophia Young, star basketball forward, could well miss most if not all of the 2013 WNBA season.

Cordel Jack dominated the ball to rack up her first half century, 88, for the season.




German influence FOOTBALL fans will be glued to the final of the 2013 UEFA Champions League final featuring Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, on Saturday. It will be at Wembley, the heart of English football. That will echo sentiments of disenchantment because no home team will be participating. Other football lovers might still be brooding because none of the Spanish favourites progressed. Both teams have to be congratulated for the emphatic manner of their progress. The German invasion represents an acceptance of a hitherto hidden factor of German impact on world football. The Germans have that knack of holding on to games, or springing a surprise when it is least expected. Their style of play has always been of an in depth nature. Recently, they have combined grit and determination with flair and finesse. Their consistency on the world stage has been assured by the foundation of their Club structure, and this year’s EUFA Cup is proving that. The Bundesliga, symbol of German Club football, has defined itself as a showpiece of international heritage. The German influence has seemingly caught on internationally. St. Vincent and the Grenadines did not escape the German ambit. The Windward Islands Football tournament saw a revival in April. That event was won by Grenada. It was a triangular affair with Dominica forced to withdraw following the death of two members of that tour party while they were on their way to the airport to travel to St. Vincent. The organizers replaced the Dominican squad with a President’s XI. That team was told from the onset that they were ineligible for the prize money. In the President’s XI was one Elias Straiter, a German, who wore the number 10 jersey. He was here studying agriculture on an arrangement to facilitate his entry to a university where he will also be doing Sports Management when he returns home. Straiter did not abandon what seems to be his country’s national pastime. He turned out for North Leeward in a League Competition organized by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation. Straiter, with a cool straight forward pattern of play, seems to have the ability to fit into any unit. His presence in the North Leeward team led to them achieving results of a positive nature. It was no surprise that Straiter came up as an automatic choice for the reserved Vincentian outfit. Youths in the North Leeward area benefitted from his presence. He played with a Fourth Division team in the Bundesliga. Straiter appeared as a youth for teams in Dortmund, so there will be no guess as to whom he will be supporting. Straiter, with some coaching experience, enjoyed the opportunity to intermingle with the North Leeward youths. There is no doubt that something from him will rub off in North Leeward. Straiter played two games for the President’s XI. He was a crowd favourite in the first game against Grenada. People at times called on the other team mates to “pass the ball give the white man.” The second match was a casual affair between the two Vincentian teams which the senior team won 2:0. Straiter missed the third match when the President’s XI were beaten 2:1 by St. Lucia. Straiter has left his mark on Vincentian soil. His record will show two appearances for a Vincentian national team, albeit a President’s XI. With the German influence at a peak, Straiter could be pleased with his contribution to the epidemic.

Zefal Bailey cycles to another win ZEFAL BAILEY continued on the path to be the top cyclist for 2013 when he rode to another victory last Sunday, in the 52-mile Facey Trading sponsored road race.

Zefal Bailey made light work of the competition in the category one division for road nikers.

Bailey, the youngest in the field among those in category one of the road bikers, took 2 hours 48 minutes 50.16 seconds to complete the course which began at the St Vincent Automotive Coop gas station on Tyrell Street, to Biabou, back to the Round About in Arnos Vale, then back to Biabou, before finishing at the Sion Hill intersection. Bailey outlasted the older and more experienced Peter Durrant, whose time was 2 hours 49 minutes 23 seconds and third placed Casnel Duncan in 3 hours 11 minutes 30 seconds. Bailey dispensed of any challenge by Durrant with about 10 miles to go and literally cruised home to victory thereafter. Taking the category two of the road bikers was Randy Wilkinson in 1hour 31 minutes 51 seconds, with Oneil George second in a time of 1 hour 39 minutes 49 seconds and third, Curtis Lewis, who gave up dealing with the more complete motor vehicles in preference to his cycle, in a time of 1 hour 48 minutes 21 seconds. David Thomas won the mountain bike segment in 1 hour 45minutes 08 seconds; Steve Ollivierre finished second in 1

David Thomas was tops among the mountain bikers. hour 49 minutes 20 seconds and Shawn Chandler was third in 1 hour 53 minutes 47 seconds. And in the female division, the winner was Niesha Alexander by some distance over the other participant, Crystal Durrant. Alexander’s time was 2 hours 23 minutes 16 seconds, while Durrant’s time was 2 hours 40 minutes 38 seconds. The category two of the road bikers, the mountain bikes and the females did one lap of the course, a distance of 26 miles. Next on the calendar of the SVG Cycling Union is the national championship.

Dismal chases in Mustique WHILE last weekend matches in the Mustique T20 Cricket Competition threw up some good scores as targets, those in chase of victory were dismal. Saturday’s match saw Salanga Tomahawks amassing 172 runs for the loss of 7 wickets against Pink House Tags. Nile Jackson cracked an unbeaten 55, Oneil Thomas had 34 and Razine Browne, 23, to be Tomahawks’ top scorers. The 4 wickets were shared among four bowlers. In reply, Pink House Tags proved to have little or no point to their batting and succumbed for 71. Olson May topscored with 11. Sherbert Jacobs grabbed 5 wickets for 23 runs in 3.3 overs and was named Man of the Match, ahead of Razine Browne who completed a good all round performance; he claimed 3 wickets for 16 runs in his 4 overs to add to his 23 runs. On Sunday, Milsom Construction took one step closer to retaining

their title when they disposed of a hapless Hybrid Alliance. Hybrid Alliance won the toss and if that was considered a sign that luck was on their side, their decision to send their opponents in to bat proved to be a slap in the face. Milson proceeded to slam a formidable 188 for 8 in their allotted 20 overs, Lennon Caine getting 60 and Kevin Green 50.

Shemorl Cato was Hybrid Alliance’s best bowler, returning figures of 3 wickets for 33 runs in 4 overs. In what was an excuse for a chase, Hybrid Alliance capitulated after 12.2 overs with only 76 runs on the card, to which Chrsitol Greaves contributed 23. Bowling for Milsom, Cedric Cupid took 4 wickets for 10 runs in 4 overs, Harris Roberts 3 for 9 in 3, and Kevin

Green 3 for 22 in 3. Man of the Match was Kevin Green of Milsom Construction for his 50 runs and 2 wickets for 22 runs. This weekend, Terraces Tags come up against Rock Masters on Saturday, and on Sunday, Pink House Tags take on Alumbrera Sweepers.

(Contributed: Adesha Peters)





IN MEMORIAM I In memory of JACK & BERYL KING of Chateaubelair, who went to the Great Beyond on June 11th 1993 and May 29th 2008 respectively. It has been some years since both of you left us Your love was a blessing and inspiration to us. God took you home For He knew the road was getting too rough for you both. Your love and care will always be remembered. They will be forever etched in our hearts and memories. We are truly blessed to receive your numerous blessings, May you continue to rest in peace. Lovingly remembered by your many children, relatives and friends.

The Family of the late CHRISTOBELLE RICHARDSON of Clare Valley who passed away on May 4, 2013 expresses sincere appreciation and thanks to all those who supported them in their time of bereavement by visiting, calling, praying, sending wreaths, and cards, and attended the funeral. Sadly missed by children (Selwyn, Palmore, Elroy, Nilda, Letsie, Juliet, Alton, Leslyn and Benedict), aunt, uncle, sisters, many relatives and friends. Rest eternal grant unto her, O Lord!


The family of the late CHESTER ROBERT BONADIE better known as ‘Boiler’ of the USA and formerly of Kingstown Hill who departed this life on the 9th April, 2013 would like to thank all those who sent wreaths, cards, telephoned, attended the funeral and in any other way sympathised with us during our recent bereavement. Lovingly missed by his children - Bertram, Alphonso (Ras Ital), Elliot Putty Dopwell, Cheryl Bailey. Sisters including Esther Thomas, Louise Toney and Janice Williams. Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, many other relatives and friends. May he rest in peace.


The family of the late CAULDRICK FERGUS of Sion Hill take this opportunity to express our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who prayed, extended sympathy, words of comfort, attended the funeral, visited and supported us in our time of bereavement. Perhaps you sent a floral piece, if so we saw it there. Perhaps you spoke the kindest words, as any friend could say; perhaps you were not there at all. Just thought of us that’s what. Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you so much, whatever the part.

The family of the late NEVILLE WINSTON HARRY would like to thank all those who sympathized with them on their recent loss, and all those who showed support and kindness at the passing of our brother, Neville Harry. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Blessed be the name of the Lord. From Lorna Nash, Barbara Harry, neices and nephews.




Methodist Church Kingstown

St. GeorgeÊs Cathedral

St. GeorgeÊs Cathedral

Wednesday 22nd May, 2013



3:00 p.m.

BERTRAM GEORGE HALL St. GeorgeÊs Cathedral

Friday 17th May, 2013

Wednesday 22nd May, 2013

3:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m. MS. GRETRUDE AGATHA JOSEPH Holy Trinity Parish Church, Commercial Road,

Kingstown Wednesday 22nd May, 2013

Georgetown, Saturday 18th May, 2013

10:00 a.m.

2:00 p.m.

CAROL BRERETON Mt. Moriah S.D. Adventist Church Monday 20th May, 2013 2:00 p.m.


The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines



MAY 24, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.21

A.I. REAL ESTATE South Rivers 4 bedrm Property on 2,952 sq.ft. - $152,000.00 - H716 Cane Garden 5 bedrm Property on 9,090 sq.ft. - $995,000.00 H717 Questelles 5 bedrm Property on 5,648 sq.ft. - Open to offers H515

Other listings are available Phone: 457-2087 Fax: 457-1382 Toll Free (USA): 866-978-0951 718-732-0545 Email: Website:


„PROCESS THE FISH,‰ SAYS TOP FISHERMAN successive governments have not done enough to develop the industry and THIS COUNTRY’S 2013 Fisherman of the help fishermen. Year, Lenford Jack, popularly called He pointed out there are billions of ‘Jerry’, of Rillan Hill, thinks it’s time St. dollars in resources in the sea and Vincent and the Grenadines embark on a “you don’t have to use chemicals to fish processing programme. feed the fish.” “We need to process our fish. There Jack thinks more could be done to are so many ways in which you can utilize those resources. process fish. The local consumer can “It is just talk and no action by both have the fish for the whole year if it is past and present governments,” the processed,” Jack told THE father of three sons and one daughter VINCENTIAN during an interview. lamented. “Japan makes fish farms,” He was declared Fisherman of the he underscored. Year on Monday during the annual Other mitigating factors Fisherman’s Day event held at the Jack also complained that the price Calliaqua Playing Field. of fuel is much too high. He noted that Jack landed a wining catch of 785 fishermen have to carry up to 60 lbs with the boat ‘Genesis’, which he gallons of fuel to sea, even though they owns and captains. may sometimes use about 25 — 30 gallons. Not enough done for fishing “If the price of fuel is reduced, the fisherman can reduce the price to the And while he is happy to have consumer, providing a healthier copped the title for the second time, lifestyle for the people. It is much the first being in 2001, Jack thinks healthier to eat fish than meat and chicken,” Jack explained. by HAYDN HUGGINS

L-R: Lenford Jack and his crew, Paul Johannes and Kenroy Charles.

Fisherman of the Year, Lenford Jack, with daughter, collects his trophy from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. His top prize, a 75Hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine, stands nearby. fishermen, and he is currently training his three sons, ages 12, 14 and 16, in the art of fishing. “It is in the blood,” Jack boasted. He reiterated his happiness at copping the title, but stressed, “My happiness is all because of the Almighty Father,” and pointed to the name of his boat, ‘Genesis’, explaining that it is a reflection of the strong spiritual values to which he and his family adhere. Jack commended his crew, Kenroy Charles of Lowmans Hill and Paul Johannes of Layou, who left shore with him around 4:30 a.m. on Monday to make the victorious expedition. “It was very good. The forecast was very cool, that’s what the fish like. We did not encounter any difficulty,” the fisherman of about 24 years explained.

In the blood

Prizes and other winners

The Rillan Hill man pointed out that, although Rillan Hill is more of a farming community, he was fishing since he was about 15 years old, at the time attending the Daisley Secondary School at Stubbs. He noted that his grandfather and father were

For copping the title, Jack received a 75Hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard engine, a trophy, a VHF radio, three life jackets and a case of outboard oil. Daniel Quow, who captained the boat ‘Sea Hunter 2’, landed the second heaviest catch of 663 lbs. He walked away with $2,000, a GPS/ fish finder combination, a handheld VHF radio, a case of outboard oil, three life jackets, a case of Guinness and two bottles of vodka. Andy Mc Millan of Kingstown, who landed 571 lbs, the third heaviest catch, with the boat ‘Determination’, received $1,000, a handheld VHF

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Lenford ‘Jerry’ Jack – Fisherman of the Year 2013. Radio, a Garmine GPS, a case of outboard oil, three life jackets, two bottles of vodka and first aid kit. This year’s month of activities for fisherfolk was held under the theme, ‘Increasing fishing productivity through innovative technology’, and the slogan, ‘New technology fish effectively’. The activities culminated with the fisherman/woman of the year competition and closing ceremony at the Calliaqua Playing Field on Monday. (More Fisherman’s day stories on Page 6)

Printed by the SVG Publishers Inc., Campden Park.

E-Paper 24-05-13  

E-Paper 24-05-13