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JULY 5, 2013

GTM Insurance C.W. Prescod Primary School, 2013 Panorama Champs for the School-based bands.

VOLUME 107, No.21


Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra, 2013 Junior Panorama Champs for the Communitybased bands.

Leslassa Armour-Shillingford, Dominica, Miss Carival 2013. Below: Gillian ‘Feisha’ Smart, St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, 2013 Secondary Schools Calypso Monarch.

Kristina ‘Singing Kristie’ Christopher, Layou Government School, 2013 Primary Schools Calypso Monarch and Junior Soca Monarch.




Starlift, C.W. Prescod in pan glory by KENVILLE HORNE

GJM Insurance C. W. Prescod Primary School maintained its position at the top of school-based steel orchestras in SVG.

(Editor’s note: Contrary to what members of the Executive of the Youlou Pan Movement might be wont to conclude, the comments made herein are entirely those of the reporter as named.)

GJM INSURANCE C.W. PRESCOD PRIMARY AND SEA OPERATIONS STARLIFT triumphed in their respective category, in the 2013 VINLEC Junior Panorama, held at Victoria Park, on Sunday, June 30th. For C.W. Prescod, it was their second consecutive victory

in the school-based categories, while Starlift dethroned Sion Hill Euphonium, forcing them into second place, in the Community bands category.

School-based competition C. W. Prescod, who last year became the first primary school to take the tile, eased to another hold on the title with a Telson ‘Taffa’ Wilson arrangement of ‘Baila Sanka’, a song composed and sung by Kendal Wiseman. The Girls’ High School rendered an interpretation of Gosnel ‘GC’ Cupid’s ‘Pan is Back’, arranged by Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey, to capture second place. Jason James returned to arrange Winston Soso’s ‘I feel to party’ for the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown, but had to settle, once again, in third position. The other competing bands were: The Bishop’s College Kingstown, returning after a year’s break, with Touch’s ‘Bad Gas’, arranged by Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts; Troumaca Primary doing Fireman Hooper’s ‘Facebook’, arranged by Junior ‘Super’ Delpleche; and Adelphi Secondary School who chose to do a Sonny ‘Sonny Banks’ Young arrangement of Skinny Fabulous’ ‘Monster’.

Community bands Sea Operations Starlift took the top spot with a rendition of Gerrard ‘Rasum’ Shallow’s ‘Perseverance’, arranged by Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts. They were clear in their delivery of the song and the young pannists appeared very confident

as they adhered to every instruction of their arranger. At the end of their performance they celebrated as if they were already declared the winners, buoyed by an overwhelming positive response from the audience. Defending champions Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, with their rendition of ‘True Vincy’ by Lornette ‘FyaEmpress’ Nedd and even with the audience’s roar of approval of ‘Fya Empress’ herself serving as a traditional ‘flag woman’, had a performance which arranger Rodney Snall might choose to forget. The band was unclear in their delivery, noisy (accentuated by poor use of the microphones) resulting in the direction of the melody being lost. Nevertheless, to the judges’ ears they performed well enough to earn a second place, with a confident Vita Malt Symphonix Steel Orchestra, playing ‘Sweet Music in Me’, by Touch, and arranged by Jomorro Francis, having to settle for third place. The other bands inhis category were: Canadian Bank Note North Stars doing a Junior ‘Super’ Delpleche arrangement of Becket’s ‘Gall ah rush me’; New Dimensions doing ‘Ooh la La’ by Becket and arranged by Sonny ‘Sonny Banks’ Young,; and SVG Port Authority Genesis who did Man Age’s “Good Times, as arranged by Delano Bristol. The mixed audience who turned up for what is fast becoming a highly anticipated competition, was treated to, among other items, a performance by reigning Calypso Monarch, ‘FyaEmpress’.

Sea Operations Starlift returned to their winning ways.



News 3

GovÊt: ÂAspects of Trafficking in Persons Report unfoundedÊ by NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT THE GOVERNMENT OF PRIME MINISTER Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says, while the 2013 United States Trafficking in Persons Report gives a more accurate reflection of the situation in the country, some aspects are “of concern to government officials as being inaccurate or unfounded.” In a statement issued in Washington last week, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Ambassador to the United States, La Celia Prince, criticized the report as “prescribing solutions for problems that do not exist. “While recognizing the commendable progress made by the government, the report asserts that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a source, transit and destination country for trafficking victims,” Prince noted. “While the report praises the country for investigating potential trafficking cases, it laments the fact that no prosecutions were made,” she added.

‘Begging for trumped

St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Ambassador to the United States, La Celia Prince. expected outcome of the investigations. “This is one of the things that the United States looks for when writing their reports, and we have registered our alarm to the Department of State that their reports are predicated on the assumption that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaking with trafficking takes St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Ambassador to the place in all countries United States, La Celia Prince, two weeks before the and that there are issuance of the 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report. always high-level officials involved,” concludes that elements she added. ucharges’ of trafficking are not “That is quite simply substantiated in the not the case,” the envoy Prince said that, in case, then there can be stressed. previous meetings with no prosecution. the US Department of “In my view, the SVG on Tier 2 Watch List State’s Trafficking Unit, report practically begs she “made it clear that the trumping up of Even as Caribbean the Government of St. charges,” she said. “It Community (CARICOM) Vincent and the notes that there were no governments, during the Grenadines has reports of public officials past year, have confidence in the legal complicit in human seemingly made efforts process, so that if an trafficking offenses, as in addressing human investigation is though this was an trafficking, the United conducted, which

Digicel lowers rate cents per minute for Digicel local and regional FROM TODAY, Friday calls also gives customers July 5th, subscribers to free texts, free Local the Digicel mobile service minutes and free will pay 59 cents per regional minutes”, said minute for local and Latty, who also stressed, regional calls by “This is the lowest rate activating the company’s on the island.” new rate plan by means The plan allows of dialing. persons who talk for five Digicel’s Country minutes on Digicel local Manager, Sean Latty, and regional calls to get made the disclosure and the next five minutes advised subscribers that free while persons who to access this reduced send five texts get the rate plan, they must dial next five texts free. *137# and follow the “It is always instructions given. important that we be “Choosing the new seen as offering the best plan which gives 59 value to our loyal by KENVILLE HORNE

customers, some of whom have been with us for 10 years and counting. With this in mind, it was easy to not only offer a lower rate, but in true extraordinary fashion, offer extraordinary value along with this plan,” said Latty. He promised that in the upcoming weeks, Digicel will be introducing more exciting offers, “and our loyal customers can rest assured that we will not only offer best value but will also continue to do exciting promotions that will allow customers to

Sean Latty, Digicel Country Manager, disclosed reduced rates following on the competition’s previous announcement of reduced rates. keep winning with Digicel.”

States says many of them have still not done enough in tackling the issue. In the report, the US Department of State listed six CARICOM member-states on its Tier 2 Watch List: Barbados, Guyana, Haiti, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are listed on the Tier 2 List. In distinguishing Tier 2 Watch List from Tier 2 list, the Department of State defines countries on the Tier 2 Watch List as those whose governments “do not fully comply” with the minimum standards in its Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) but are making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards, and the absolute number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is, among other things, “very significant or is significantly increasing.” Countries on the Tier 2 List, on the other hand, are those whose governments do not fully comply with the TVPA’s minimum standards, but are simply making significant efforts to bring themselves into compliance with those standards. The State Department claims that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a “source, transit and destination country for some men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex

trafficking. “Officials have expressed concern about the possible existence of adults pressuring children under the age of 18 to provide sex acts to men in exchange for money or gifts, a form of sex trafficking,” it says. “Officials have also raised concerns regarding foreign women engaged in prostitution in or transiting through the country,” it adds. The report says that other vulnerable groups include foreign workers and children under the age of 16 working in shops. “The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so,” it says. During the reporting period, the report says the Ralph Gonsalves administration “initiated both sex and labor trafficking investigations, raised awareness about human trafficking, developed screening forms to help officials proactively identify trafficking victims among vulnerable groups, and funded the establishment of a crisis center that could assist trafficking victims.” But the State Department says the government “did not refer any potential victims to the center or launch any prosecutions against trafficking offenders.”




Fire victims plead for help of a shop which she operated from her yard, “my stream of income has gone.” Though a value is yet to be put to the losses, in addition to the house and shop, they include all household items and All is lost appliances, furniture, clothes and school books. THE VINCENTIAN Judy said Deputy visited the scene this Prime Minister Girlyn week, to find only Miguel and debris and memories of parliamentary the four-bedroom, one- representative for the storey concrete and area, St. Clair Leacock, wooden structure visited the family last where Judy had lived Saturday. Miguel for several years. provided groceries and According to Judy, the referred the family to the property was not Welfare Department. insured. Both Miguel and Leacock Jennifer, a bornpromised to “get back to again Christian, them.” employed with Courts St. Vincent Ltd, told The fire the publication, “I was Above: Judy Bacchus According to Judy, the real shaken up when I (left) and her daughter fire broke out around realized that Jennifer, have made an everything we had 7:45 pm. impassioned plea for A small wooden house was gone, but what help to put their lives really comforted me is located in the same yard, back together. which was occupied by Romans 8: 28 which says, “All things work her brother’s girlfriend, Left: The remains after was also gutted. She too together for good for managed to escape the fire gutted a property at those who love God flames. and are called Paul Anevue. according to his Judy and her children, purpose””. with the exception of Judy was visibly Yannick, were at home strong. She admitted when the fire broke out. relatives, at various it was a great loss, but Yannick, a pannist, with locations. thanked God that no the Sea Operations “We are making an lives were lost. “Where Starlift Steel Orchestra, appeal to the public to there is life there is had left for practice at help us in any way hope,” she asserted. the pan yard at Old possible”, Jennifer She did, however, Montrose. pleaded. bemoan the fact that “We were there (home) She gave the cell with the total destruction and somebody in the number 491-6675 for anybody wishing to make donations of any kind to call her, and listed bank account #42182 at the St. Vincent Cooperative Bank, if anyone wishes to make a deposit.


night, June 28, is appealing to the public for A PAUL’S AVENUE FAMILY help. WHO HAD TO SCAMPER Since the catastrophe, FOR THEIR LIVES WITH Judy Bacchus and her four BABY IN ARMS, leaving children - Jennifer, 28, everything behind during a Yannick, 16, Cody, 9, and fire which destroyed their Jeneley, 3, - have been home and shop last Friday living at the homes of

yard said she smelt something. We went all over the house checking to see if a transformer blew or something, but we didn’t find anything. “My mother asked the neighbours if they had anything burning and they said no. We went back and sit down and about three minutes after we heard somebody shout from the road and say, ‘Judy, your house on fire’,” Jennifer related. She recalled that by the time they got up, part of the house was already in flames. “We tried to save the computer and other things, but unfortunately we had to leave them and run. We lost everything. We had to run with the baby naked because she (baby) had just finished having a bath”, a visibly traumatized Jennifer recounted. Judy said neighbours called the Fire Department which responded quickly, but by the time the fire-fighters reached the scene, the house was already engulfed in flames. Up to press time Wednesday, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was carrying out investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

Calypsonians urged to be creative Harvey Farrell. Venner expressed the VINCENTIAN MUSIC view that many TUTOR AND composers today tend to ARRANGER JOFFRE take an easy route to ‘JOFF’ VENNER HAS writing calypsos without URGED spending much time CALYPSONIANS here interpreting incidents in to be more creative and the society, nor seeking crafty as one way of to put a different twist to ensuring the survival of the information. the art form. According to Venner, Venner, the Music they are doing a job Director in the Ministry similar to the of Education, made the newspapers, radio appeal last Sunday, June stations and internet, 30, on the programme and pointed out that Hitz Talk, aired on Hitz calypso must be more FM. He was among three than that- it must have panellists discussing the craft to be interesting. calypso art form and the ways by which its Technology affects survival and relevance in quality today’s Vincentian society can be ensured. Venner recalled that The other panellists years ago when St. were legendary Vincent and the Vincentian calypsonians Grenadines had only one Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus radio station and one and Cyril ‘Scorcher’ newspaper, people relied Thomas. The moderator on the calypsonians to was Health Educator bring the issues to the by HAYDN HUGGINS

fore. Back then, he opined, many of the calypsos were every creative. However, with the advancement of technology, information has become much more accessible through the internet and talk shows on various radio stations, and Venner noted that when something of interest occurs, in a matter of seconds, it is on facebook. The calypsonian is disadvantaged here, according to Venner, because he/she sings only during the Carnival season and therefore, people would have already ventilated the issues by the time the calypsonians present it in song. “Our calypsonians are writing calypsos very straightforward on information we have already heard in the

news. The calypsonians now have a greater responsibility to craft their calypsos in a subtle way,” Venner explained. ‘Scorcher’ expressed the view that there are many people who don’t read the newspapers or listen to the news, and the young people walk around with their ipods, “so the calypsonians still have a role to take the issues to the people.” In recent years, many calypso fans here have complained that the calypsos today lack craft and creativity. The humour and punch lines have disappeared, and calypsonians sound as though they are reading from a newspaper report. Yet, there are others who feel that there has been some improvement Joffre Venner, musician and arranger has called for in the last three years, and calypso may well be calypsonians to spend time interpreting issues of the day. en route to a revival.




Another call for investment in LIAT

LIAT’s new ATR 72-600 aircraft gets a water salute from the Barbados Fire Service. RICHARD SEALY, Barbados’ Minister of Tourism and International Transports has called on the countries in the region that benefit from LIAT’s services to invest in the airline. Sealy’s call came during a ceremony to mark the inaugural flight to Barbados of LIAT’s newly acquired ATR 72-600 aircraft, the aircraft expected to replace the aging DASH 8 aircraft currently used by LIAT. “I strongly encourage those who benefit from

LIAT’s services to give it the same support which they have for years been putting behind the foreign carriers,” Caribbean News Now quotes Sealy as saying. The minister explained that LIAT’s re-fleeting exercise will cost upwards of US$100 million in equity and debt financing. “That is a considerable investment,” he declared, adding: “The government of Barbados is the single largest shareholder, and the reality is, given the sacrifices that we are asking Barbadians to make at home; the government and people and taxpayers of Barbados cannot be counted upon to simply ‘pony up’ every time LIAT needs assistance. We all have to come to the mark.” He cited the commitment on the part of shareholder governments, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, albeit recently, and Barbados as being convinced that “our investment in this airline, with its faults and all, has proven itself to be the bridge over the Caribbean Sea, without which the [CARICOM] Single Market and Economy could not function.” The minister explained that LIAT’s investment in new aircraft would cost up

Racial discrimination against Afro-descendants discussed

This young man shown here cooking inside his home on a farm near Paracatu, a town in Minas Gerais state, is among the African descendants waiting for property titles to their ancestral lands in Brazil. THE ISSUES OF DISCRIMINATION and inequality faced by over 200 million people of African descent living in the Americas was discussed at a recent forum, the first in a series of meetings held in Washington, D.C., last week. The issues came up for focus at the Organization of American States in Washington, DC, as the Inter American Human Rights Commission and the Rapporteurship on the Rights of People of African Descent and Against Racial Discrimination, launched a series on Transforming the Invisible into the Visible. Addressing the forum, Assistant General Secretary of the OAS. Albert Ramdin, himself a native of Surinam, described discrimination “among the most repulsive forms of human behavior, slicing away at human dignity and hurting the very soul.”

Richard Sealy, Barbados’ Minister of Tourism has called for greater investment in LIAT from regional countries. to US$100 million over the next two years in equity and debt financing. Also addressing the welcome ceremony was Dr. Jean Holder, Chairman of LIAT’s Board of Directors. Dr. Holder admitted to the risky nature of the airline business, but posited that the region “could not do without LIAT.” He charged that the airline was special because “it is the only airline that if it shuts for a week, can bring this region to a complete paralyzed close. It is the most essential airline operating in this region. Without it, people of this region would be isolated as prisoners in their little islands.” For him, the survival of LIAT for the last 57 years was a “remarkable achievement,” and he also urged countries taking advantage of LIAT’s services to invest in the airline. Captain Ian Brunton, Chief Executive Officer of LIAT, was also on hand to guarantee that the new “airplane is economical. But, also, the product offering is so much better than what we have seen in the past. It’s quiet, it’s clean [and] it’s nonvibrating... our customers deserve this change.” LIAT connects 21 Caribbean islands every day, providing approximately 120 flights per week. (Source: Caribbean News Now)

Cuba increases internet access

Albert Ramdin, Asst. General Secretary of the OAS, called on stakeholders to move on from the rhetoric to action. More people in Cuba will be able to use the internet, although access will still be under strict government control. According to Ramdin, while many countries recognize the problem, “discrimination in all forms is sometimes built into an environment and almost becomes almost structural.” Pointing to the recent adoption of the Inter American Convention Against Racial Discrimination at the OAS General Assembly in Antigua, Guatemala, Ramdin pointed to the momentum building on the issue and called on leaders and citizens to “go beyond agreeing to the precepts of conventions, and translate them into solid actions by implementing laws and policies which promote equality, opportunity and a level playing field.” Recounting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights – Ramdin reiterated the OAS commitment to the protection of equality and justice.(Source: Caribbean News Now)

THOUSANDS OF CUBANS have rushed to make use of the 188 new internet facilities set up by the Cuban telecommunications Company (ETECSA) since June 4.

While most of these users are linked to priority sectors, such as education, sciences, health and others, Legra expects that the expanded use of 10 internet rooms are established in different The increase in availability of provinces this year. internet service for ordinary Specialists continue to work in Cubans comes as a result of an Cuba to advance internet service undersea fibre optic cable linking in Cuba from a dial-up connection Venezuela and Cuba. service to ADSL, and a number of Cubans can now surf the web Wi-Fi networks are also expected for a small fee. to come on stream. According to the director of The newly opened 118 internet ETECSA’s Strategic Programmes, rooms joined 200 access points Jorge Legra, his company is which previously operated offering over 30,000 data exclusively at hotels throughout transmission services and the country. internet access, currently being The authorities promise a high used by 1.7 million users, quality and stable internet according to Juventud Rebelde service. (Source: Caribbean News newspaper. Now)




Life is priceless, not ganja, says lawyer


concurrently, that is, the men will serve only nine years in prison. Justice Wesley James ordered that the time spent on remand be taken into account. The men had been in custody since July 13, 2012, when they were arrest in connection with the offences. The judge also ordered that the 23foot pirogue, on which the drugs were found, be forfeited. The forfeiture application was made by Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams. Payne, the captain of the vessel, had admitted that it belonged to him.

Connell on life and ganja In mitigation, Connell drew reference to the Criminal appeal of Attorney Grant Connell called for the Kenneth Samuel who had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was marijuana issue to be seriously sentenced to 25 years in prison. addressed. However, the appeal court had penalties of life imprisonment on The four Barbadian convicted on a reduced that sentence to 7 years in charges of drug trafficking and drug trafficking charges leaving the 2005. Connell pointed out that conspiracy to traffic in drugs. manslaughter carries a maximum High Court after learning their fate. The men were sentenced to nine penalty of life imprisonment, but in The question as to whether marijuana years in prison on each charge. They the case of Samuel, the appeal Court has more value than life surfaced last also received an eight-year prison term used a bench mark of 15 years as the Friday, June 28 in the High Court during for possession of 1,706 pounds of guidance to arrive at the appropriate a sentencing hearing involving four marijuana with intent to supply and sentence. nationals of Barbados, who had changed eight years for attempting to export “In a case of manslaughter, it is a their pleas to guilty during the course of the drug. loss of life, which is priceless. What is a trial that began in early June. The possession with intent to supply before the court has a value. ATTORNEY GRANT CONNELL charge carries a maximum penalty of Therefore, to impose a sentence that is highlighted the issue as he made a 25 years in prison and a fine of EC$5 not on par or below a sentence for passionate mitigation plea on behalf of million while the attempt to export manslaughter would mean that the Joel ‘Ole Man’ Payne, 51, Ryan Corbin charge carries a maximum penalty of court sees ganja as having more value 36, Shawn ‘P’ Boucher 37 and Devon 25 years in prison and a fine of EC$1.5 than life,” Connell contended. Hurdle 39, who were facing maximum million. All the sentences will run Connell submitted that a similar bench mark be followed and the appropriate deductions be given in

light of the mitigating factors. The lawyer expressed the view that the marijuana issue would have to be addressed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines because, “it would be with us long after we mere mortals have gone to be great beyond.” He pointed out, “We know what we produce and what is the demand,” and hopes that “we would not have another coconut oil scenario.” Connell said three of the men had previous convictions in Barbados, but they were not of a similar nature. “A fine would be most appropriate since our coffers are empty and our jails are full. To hold them at Her Majesty’s pleasure would be adding expense to our tax payers,” he concluded.

DPP counters DPP Colin Williams referred to two different legal authorities to rebut Connell’s arguments. He highlighted the appeal hearing of Desmond Baptiste in which Sir Dennis Byron, then Chief of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), said that there is no automatic onethird reduction of a sentence because somebody pleaded guilty, the circumstances of the case has to be taken into account. The DPP also referred to the appeal matter of Jamal Grant V the Commissioner of Police in which the Appeal Court said that for less than 40 pounds of marijuana, which was a far less quantity than what the Barbadians had, a fine and confinement was appropriate.

‘Extremely lenient,’ says DPP explained that the Judge could be lenient if he wants. The charges of drug trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in drugs carries maximum penalties of life imprisonment. The men were slapped with the charges after being intercepted by the local coast guard July 13, High Court Judge 2012 about four and a Wesley James half miles off Fancy Point sentenced the men to on the northern coast of DPP Colin Wesley was nine years for mainland St. Vincent conspiracy to traffic in moved to remind that a aboard a Barbadian Judge could be lenient if drugs. registered pirogue he wants. DIRECTOR OF ‘Rolling Deeper’, bearing pounds of marijuana PUBLIC Prosecutions registration number with intent to supply and X349. A search of the 23(DPP) Colin Williams thinks that the penalties eight years for foot vessel revealed 1,706 attempting to export the pounds of marijuana handed down by Justice drug. Wesley James on four contained in 24 sacks. The sentences will run nationals of Barbados The sentences were concurrently. last Friday, June 28, handed down about two The men had changed days after seven were extremely lenient. their pleas from not Joel ‘Ole Man’ Payne Trinidadians were jailed guilty to guilty during 51, Ryan Corbin 36, by the High Court for the course of a trial early drug related offences. Shawn ‘P’ Boucher 37 June. and Devon Hurdle were Both cases were the first Asked what he each sentenced to nine in ten years in which thought about the years in prison for drug anyone here was trafficing, nine years for penalties, the DPP told prosecuted on indictment THE VINCENTIAN, conspiracy to traffic in for a drug trafficking “Lenient, extremely drugs, eight years for offence. lenient.” possession of 1,706 By HAYDN HUGGINS The DPP, however,




ÂKristieÊ and ÂFeishaÊ win Junior Calypso titles number ‘With rights.’ Next year, if everything goes TWO OF THIS COUNTRY’S according to plans, it will young entertainers have be a showdown between distinguished themselves Feisha and Singing for the 2013 carnival Kristie. festivities. Feisha will be into her Gillian ‘Feisha’ Smart fourth year at the St. secured the Secondary Joseph’s Convent version with her Kingstown. Having rendition ‘Vincy nice,’ placed second in and Kristina ‘Singing consecutive years to Kristie’ Christopher won former Secondary School both the Primary School monarch Shade Barker, segment as well as the Feisha ensured it was a Soca category. one, two for that Feisha beat Shadaney institution over the past ‘Tumpanks’ Williams two years, even though from Bethel High School for Shade, last year was ‘Teenagers wait,’ into a hat trick of titles for second spot and Moesha her. ‘Chowder’ Thomas from Having assumed the the Thomas Saunders mantle of Secondary Secondary into third School champion, Feisha place with her rendition will be anxious to ‘Education.’ maintain the St. Joseph’s The other finalists in Convent School’s the Secondary School dominance. It will be segment were: Giovannie interesting to see how ‘Super D’ Williams whose Singing Kristie matches number was ‘Sick in yo up to competition at the brain,’ Sameisha ‘Meisha’ Secondary School level. Haywood from the North Singing Kristie beat Union Secondary School the New Prospect duo of with ‘Be careful with ‘Singing Tia’ Wyllie and faces; ‘Ranking Brandon’ Cha-chanie ‘Lady Chanie’ Frederick from the St. Morgan into second and Vincent Grammar School third places respectively. with: ‘Unite this nation;’ Singing Tia did the Jasper ‘Loco’ Alexander: number ‘Proud to be ‘Carnival calling;’ and Vincy’, while ‘Lady Otis ‘Flippa’ Cain also Chanie’ performed the from the Grammar song ‘Education.’ School whose rendition Tolisha ‘Little T’ was ‘Love the children.’ Simon from the Brighton Singing Kristie Methodist with ‘Corporal dominated the Primary punishment;’ Rashid ‘The School segment with her Emperor’ Constance from St. Mary’s Roman Catholic with: ‘Singing Antonio,’ Damien ‘Boney Man’ Noel: Brighton; ‘CPEA,’ Anneilia ‘Singing Nelia’: Park Hill Government who sang ‘Tribute to mother,’ and ‘Singing Antonya’ Telemaque from Kingstown Anglican: ‘The Blessed tragedy,’ completed the Gillian ‘Feisha’ Smart continued Primary the run of good form for the St. School line up. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown. by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Singing Kristie dethroned two time champion Junior Soca Monarch Otis ‘Flippa’ Cain whose number was ‘Fo real.’ Flippa was stopped in

his quest for a third title. Johnroy ‘The Blinger’ Haywood from the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School

Continued on Page 25.

Kristina ‘Singing Kristie’ Christopher did herself ‘doubly’ proud.



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Editorial The Drug Trade among us THE CARIBBEAN SEA, believe it or not, is 1,049,500 square miles in area. It follows, therefore, that geography is pivotal when it comes to trafficking illegal drugs (narcotics) in the Caribbean. Last week’s back page article of this publication threw St. Vincent and the Grenadines into the spotlight of trafficking and the transshipment of narcotics into the US. But that may be a narrow focus, for if the truth be told, trafficking and the trans-shipment of narcotics, cocaine in particular, is a regionwide phenomenon, to which there must be a concerted regional oneness in response, as has been advocated before in this column, and which we note is in effect. The impressive maritime geography and the proximity to the cocaine producing countries (Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia) on the mainland, are significant factors in our effort to understand, if at all it is possible, the machinations of this illegal drug trade; and how the Caribbean (island) region is integral to the (trade) continuum, and to recognize how it affects the stability of our societies. Add to this the disparity in standards of living, the high rates of unemployment and the ‘illegitimate aspirations’ fueled by the avalanche of western styles, fashions and attitudes, and each and every Caribbean island is a sitting duck, reading for the dealers’ pots. The funny thing is that not a drop of cocaine is produced nor is the mother herb, coca, known to be grown in any of the islands. So, even in the face of the valiant effort of waging a war of interdiction against narco-trafficking, the Caribbean remains integrally woven into the fabric of the trade. The region serves as a vital cog in the trade that is circuitous in nature, i.e. no cocaine ever moves directly from source to final destination. And those involved in the trade will stop at nothing to ensure its continuum, much like the man (Lorenzo Solomon — see article referred to earlier) who exploited the bona fide services of internationally recognized money transfer services, to further his end of the bargain. This has repercussions for the thousands of innocent nationals, home and abroad, who have resorted to the use of these services for the quick transfer of cash, for legitimate purposes. Are we to expect an increase in scrutiny by these agencies and local authorities? Can we blame them if there is? On top of this, the inflow of illegal drugs, even if it is for purposes of trans-shipment, contributes to crime in a number of ways, this according to reputable organizations like the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODCV). Not least among this is the cultivation of a local drug use problem since couriers, those managing the trans-shipments, are often paid in product rather than in cash. Those ‘managers’ are induced to sell on the local market thereby creating a ‘dependent community’ who become unproductive citizens and who, eventually, have to be cared for, temporarily or otherwise, by the state. This ‘dependent community’ gives rise to secondary crime, so to speak, with the fostering of youth gangs, prostitution, and violent crime against persons and property. And there is the development of a gun culture, for (illegal) drug transactions are known to involve the exchange of drugs for firearms, an occurrence that descends to a situation of ‘the guns being in the hands of the wrong people’, giving rise to gang related acts of violence involving the use of said firearms. But sadly, the tentacles of the trade are not confined to a sector or class of society. The very sustainability of the trade often necessitates the involvement of personnel in law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the civil service. Not that fingers are being pointed on the local fraternities referred, but there have been instances in the Caribbean that have brought these institutions to the fore, their images tarnished by the action of a few among them who become enticed by the ‘profits’ down the road. And to crown it all is the laundering of the proceeds of drug sales. This opens professionals of a wide range to possible involvement, and those who fall prey compromise their professions with no regard for the fact that their involvement helps to undermine legitimate economic activity. This government and state institutions have, from time to time, given indication of decisive action against locals caught at one stage or the other of the trade. Suffice it to say, the problem still exists, indicating that there are still some who are bent on continuing to foster the trade. When we, as a people, led by whatever government we so choose, go unapologetically and without fearor favour , against all those known to be involved in this illegal trade, then we would have joined the ranks of ‘the caring society’.

Good night, Irene NOT EVEN CARNIVAL’S EVE can distract me from writing on the passing of a noble worthy citizen and friend. In the early 1950s, I formed part of a New Montrose gang that developed from the policy of Government of creating a community, largely of the Civil Service type, to become resident of The statuesque Irene suitable land which bordered and her son Basil going the capital city to attend my wedding Kingstown. ceremony on the 9th From Bottom September, 1961. Town, where I was born, it was easy to link up with that gang, via the cemetery. The early group contained, among others, Cauldric De Bique, Alford Morgan, the Williams brothers Kenneth and Albert, Curtis Anderson, Stanley Anderson, Leroy Robertson, James Pompey, Basil Williams, and two or three others. Somehow or the other, the focal point of this august gathering was Frank Williams’ residence, and the central figure that attracted all was his wife, Irene. Judging from Andrew Cummings’ tribute to Irene, it would appear that two or three generations of boys used her home as a youth centre. Andrew’s wave comprised Woodrow, Harley and Garth Williams, the Iton boys, Joel Providence and others. They clearly jumped off our shoulders and helped to build solidarity among the early Montrose community, thanks in large measure to Irene who subtly managed events from behind the scene. My generation gathered for Nine Mornings walks; we formed a serenading choir under the tutelage of the venerable R.M Anderson; during the school holidays we went on various hikes and visited school-mates who lived in the country-side. In 1954, we walked around the island and of course, played cricket and football, and showed our prowess in athletics, though in that field we bow to the accomplishments of Andrew’s wave which sported four Grammar School victors ludorum. In all these activities Irene stood as the major coordinating figure encouraging the boys, often providing a plentiful supply of delicacies in which the boys relished. In my time, Irene so indentified with us, that when Basil went off to St Augustine to study Agriculture, she arranged a birthday party for him in absentia. I recall Edward Davy “Pino”, Leslie Davy “Tudder”, Carlos Mulraine “Bull Ram”, Cauldric De Bique “Mezza,” having a jolly good time, and

telephoning Basil in Trinidad, who was at time poring over his books for preparation for exams the following morning! Irene herself was no academic, but she certainly knew the value of education, and encouraged all to pay heed to the books. I remember studying right through the night at Basil’s home; but his father Frank discouraged the practice, explaining in his accountant’s language that we should never go past 1:00am, the point about which “diminishing returns” set in, whatever that meant!. Nor was religious instructions neglected. The Williamses were known for their staunch Methodism, and famous for their commitment to religious music and choirs. I recalled one of Basil’s religious duties was to drive a Methodist Minister from Kingstown to North Leeward on the odd Sunday. Recalling the past, the focus seems to be on the male, but there were some incursions of females in our lives. To begin with, there were two daughters, Ruth whom I taught at “Timmy”, and Jeannette. And there was additionally Yvette. Irene adopted her nieces, Jackie and Lavern, and, for all practical purposes, considered me her first adopted son, and Gilbert Telemaque her second. I recalled a passing parade of the other sex as boarders or whatever- Betty Boyea, Jacqueline James, Cecily Anderson, and Helga Cambridge who became a close family friend. But the Williams family remained a macho family by name and nature, especially after the birth of Francis and the male twins, Ronnie and Bryan. Other incidents I readily recall with linkages to the Williams family are, first of all, I learnt to drive in the first family car, a Hillman, P83. When I danced my two cousins, Silma and Greta John, in successive years at the Debutants’ Dance at the Coronation Club at Indian Bay, Basil sent me on loan his formal outfit, and I helped myself to his father’s formal wear on the second occasion! When I was about to get married in 1961, the budding Plant Breeder cabled me this advice: “Go easy. Remember that deep ploughing is not necessary to successful tillage”!! I took the advice, and when my daughter Andrea was born, Basil was her God- father; in return I God-fathered his loving daughter Janine. While I taught at Grammar School in 1960, a group of us put out a magazine called “Horizon”. In one of our early issues, I wrote an article “On Race”. Basil had occasion to request that article as he had not the time to prepare for a competition at the I.C.T.A. Duly doctored, my article on Race won first prize and was published in their “Sundowners” publication at the time. Good night, Irene. I will see you in my dreams.




Support Gun amnesty the airport I HAVE BEEN A REGULAR VISITOR TO YOUR COUNTRY, albeit spending most of my time in the Grenadines. I have had the opportunity, through the years, to observe your (country’s) development, especially as it relates to advancements in your tourism industry. While I would have preferred to have seen your trust in tourism remain a ‘home-oriented’ one, one without large resorts, all inclusive packages, etc. I will be first to admit that the needs of your people must be satisfied, and therefore, if it is that those with the means (to) are prepared to invest in your country, then so be it… may the people benefit in the short, medium and long term. That is why, given the recent heavy investments in resort type tourism attractions (Canouan, Buccama Bay), it was obvious to me that the next best thing to support investments of this magnitude, would have been improved airport facilities. To be honest, I was surprised when the decision was made to go the ways of a full fledged international airport. I had thought that something less expensive but effective might have been the way to go. However, as it stands now, the airport is on its way to completion, and there should be no reason for not supporting its successful realization. I find it discomforting, if I may say so as one who has spent much time here, that there are still persons, Vincentians, who would want to wish the airport bad. This project is going to benefit all Vincentians, both home and abroad, in the long run. It is time to put our unconditional support behind the airport. My wishes are for an unencumbered journey from here on towards the grand opening of the Argyle International Airport. *Anything wrong happening at our High Name withheld on Commission in London? request

*Are the Police stationed in Georgetown so comfortable in their new 'hotel' that they dont move to respond to calls for help and tip offs? Did certain persons escape being apprehended, even though the police had accurate information about their whereabouts? *Is Georgetown fast becoming a haven for thieves and the centre of theft of animals and agricultural crops? *Why did it cost less to subscribe to the calypso semi-finals on Cable Pay Per View, than what was charged for a ticket? Not to talk about the price at the door?

I RECENTLY READ ON THE NET THAT THE OPPOSITION LEADER in the Turks and Caicos Islands took a turn on the police there. Her gripe was that the police there were having or had little or no success with a gun amnesty progrmme implemented in those islands. It appears, from reports, that not one gun was turned in to the police up to last week Friday. I got to thinking about our gun amnesty that was introduced some time ago. I recall a few guns being turned in, but by and large, I must say that ours too, was not a success. Perhaps the outgoing Commissioner of Police can correct me on that, for it was under his watch that the amnesty was tried. What is clear is that there is still a

hell of a lot of illegal guns in our country. No one is going to tell me that all those recent shootings were done with legal guns. When is the last time a licencsed firearms holder shot anybody? It seems we are going to have to try another way of getting the guns out of the hands of persons who are criminals or who harbor criminal thoughts. Do the police know how these illegal guns are entering SVG? If they know, then they should be able to prevent them reaching the streets. Don’t get me wrong, this illegal gun business is no easy walkover, and I pity the police. Just a thought, though..

Is anyone paying attention to the prices of local goods? The prices driving in this country are going to hurt us very soon. The persons in the driving seat are not paying attention to what is happening. WWe continue to get catch in the traps set up by these big countries: Vat, Fair Trade, Caribbean Integration and Free Market. Can you tell me which one of these traps is helping us. Cant our leaders stand up and say to these trap builders, enough is enough?

The economists of this country will have to come up with a plan ver soon, to slow down the imporation of goods. Set a trap for the senders of goods to this country. Trap one: when they send their carrots here, we must already cut our prices for locally grown carrots. Trap two: keep jumping the import tax up.

I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE ALL OF THE STUDENTS who were successful in the 2013 Common Entrance Examinations. In particular, I would like to say congratulations to GianPaul Baker, his family and all at the Kingstown Preparatory School, for coming first. Also Kelcey Allen, from the same institution, for coming second for girls and 3rd overall. Congratulations to Areanna St. Luce, her family and all at the Calliaqua Anglican School. Wonderful news! Areanna's coming first for girls and second overall in the 2013 Common Entrance Exam is highly lauded. Alumni/ae from that school send her special greetings. Congratulations to Janique Nichols, her family and all at the Biabou Methodist School for coming 5th for girls and 8th overall in the Common Entrance Examination. Special greetings from extended members of St. Paul's/St. John's. All the best to all of these outstanding young students, and an encouraging word for those who were not successful this time. Wish you all the best next time. Love them all, and so proud of them. "It takes a Village..”



Cheryl Phills King.


Dishonest judgement Part 7 The economy and the economics EVERYWHERE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE ECONOMY AND THE economists who run the country. How come with all the economists in the country none could have awaked Cable without Wire? It took a visitor who is not an economist to shake up a company so that we can do what we do best? How come with all the economists in the country, none of them see that the building industry is heading downwards and it is time for one the economists to study why? Dont they know construction is the

Throwing away money

Congrats to CEE students

fuel for growth in any country? How come, with all the economists in the country, none of them knows what we must have a reduction in the prices to stimulate growth? The next set of economists will have to study in China.

Pushing up the prices

Editor’s Note : Edited for accuracy Mr. Editor: I noticed recently that some people leave their change (coins) behind. I have seen people leave their small change at stores, restaurants, even at public utilities offices. It has even reached a stage where if the coins fall on the ground the people leave them there. I remember a time when we were encouraegd to put our coins in a jar or a ‘save all’ and when the jar or 'save all' was full, we took it to the bank, or our parents took it for us, to have them changed into 'paper money'. That practice seems to have disappeared. A day will come when we might need all the 'small change' we throw away. Change or coins is money too; they add up. Seeing that some people dont want their change/coins, may be business places can keep a jar/bottle in which people can put their change. This could then be donated to some charity, not shared among the staff. Leon


The Girls’ High School and the Parents’ Graduation Committee 2013 would like to express their sincere thanks to the following companies and persons who contributed to the success of the Graduation Day Ceremony and Ball 2013. * ECCC * Sagicor * Singer/C.D. Veira * Bank of St. Vincent & the Grenadines * First Caribbean International Bank * GECCU * Lewis Pharmacy * P&S Investments Ltd * Hardcore Excavation * Basil’s Bar & Restaurent

* GTM Insurance Co * Incorporated Agencies * Karib Cable * SVG Sales & Co. * Accent Dental * Digicel * Mountian Top Water * St. Vincent Brewery * Galaxy Print Ltd * The Vincentian * Searchlight Newspaper * The News

Methodist Church, Parents & Guardians of graduates, well-wishers and other person who contributed to the success of the Graduation Day 2013.




Welcome returning Vincies Quality education for the carnival festival The issue It is that time of the year when the nation will focus on its premier cultural and entertainment activity, the staging of Vincy Carnival 2013. So far, the event has been attracting much attention and discussion. The private shows such as H2O, have attracted huge crowds, and this will continue throughout the festival. We welcome you back to your natural home, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, confident that you will enjoy Vincy carnival 2013, even as you interact with family and friends. You have saved long and hard for this moment, given the harsh financial and economic conditions affecting many countries, including Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Our carnival has improved by leaps and bounds, and is now comparable with other summer festivals in the Caribbean. We must thank the hardworking Vincentians who are involved in pan, mas and music for their work so far. We know that better can be done, but we are cognizant of the fact that there has been significant tremendous progress. In particular, we must point out the resurgence of pan, with a number of young persons participating in this art form. This is a direct result of the introduction of the Pan against Crime programme, with over two thousand persons being trained, and some eleven new pan sides being developed.

What to see As you settle into your vacation, we urge you to take time out to examine the tremendous progress taking place in the country, under the ULP administration. Our country has come a long way since the ULP was elected to power in 2001. Generally speaking, Vincentians are wealthier since the Gross Domestic Product and the Per capita Income has grown under the ULP. Our housing stock has improved, as can be seen through the Housing Revolution, and the many houses being constructed by the more than two thousand Vincentians who are employed by the various cruise lines. You no doubt will be aware of the serious propaganda spread by the opposition NDP, in their attempt to sully the good name of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. You will soon discover that the NDP has been engaged in a culture of lies. We urge you to listen to the radio programmes on stations who are supportive of the ULP administration, and if possible, to get involved by calling these programmes and expressing your opinion. Moreover, we urge you to travel through the length of the country to see the projects being implemented by the ULP administration. Most importantly, the international airport project at Argyle, must be an important stop for you. There you will see the tremendous progress at this all important project. Do not be afraid to visit the office of the IADC and ask questions about the project, or even

request a tour of the site. The Buccama Resort must be of interest to you, given the level of the smear campaign that was conducted by the NDP, against this project. The service is first class, and we urge you to experience this. You will see the number of Vincentians employed by the resort, and you will recognise the importance of this resort to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the nexus that exists with the international airport project. A visit to the Grenadines is a must, particularly to the island of Canouan. There you will witness tremendous development work, in terms of the construction of a new luxury hotel, and a yachting marina. Close to one thousand Vincentians, the majority from the mainland, are employed there. Development work is being carried out in Union Island and Bequia, offering employment opportunities for Vincentians. In your travels, you will no doubt complain about the traffic into and around the Kingstown area. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of vehicles, from around six thousand in 2001, to just over twentyfive thousand today. While you may have been inconvenienced in your travel, please understand that this is an indication that the level of wealth in the country has increased, and will continue to increase.

Holding our own At the end of your visit here, you will recognise that, given the current international economic and financial crisis, that we as Vincentians are holding our own. The truth is that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the only country in the OECS to experience positive economic growth for two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012. This fact has been verified by a number of regional and international agencies, including the Caribbean Development Bank. You will have heard about the recent award from the FAO, where St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been recognized for the work in reducing the level of under nourishment in the country, to under five percent of the population. This is no easy task, and is a demonstration of the commitment of the ULP administration, towards the reduction in the level of poverty. You will of course have witnessed the quantity of food crops (dasheen, tannias, eddoes, plantains etc.) and the wastage that we continue to experience in a number of fruit crops such as mangoes, grapefruits, five fingers, etc. All in all, you will leave the State with a favourable impression of your country, and that the campaign of lies launched by the opposition NDP, bear no fruit whatsoever. We urge that you continue to focus on the socioeconomic development of the country, and to pay attention only to the truth and the facts, so that you will be clear in your mind as to what is happening.

When the ULP administration introduced its “Education Revolution” 2005, it appeared that no consideration was given to quality education; since then, there has been a significant decline in quality education. It must be noted that any effort to increase enrolment must be accompanied by attempts to enhance education quality. What were the measures the ULP government put in place to maintain and enhance quality education in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? In 2012, most students performed poorly in the CSEC Mathematics exam. Having recognized the poor performance of students, the Ministry of Education was instructed by the Prime Minister to initiate a national discourse on Mathematics and the way forward. One year later, we are still waiting for that national discourse. What are the reasons why the discussion did not take place? Therefore, the stakeholders are yet to identify the possible problems and offer any meaningful solutions. If there are similar results in this year’s Mathematics CSEC exam, what will be the reaction of the ULP government? Will there be another call for a national discourse? Also, in 2012, we saw a decline in the number of students who were awarded National Scholarships from four (4) to two (2). The News newspaper of Friday 2nd November 2012, reported that the award of two National Scholarships that year was due to students not meeting the criteria for National Scholarships honours. The number of Notational Scholarships was reduced to two (2) that year, after it was increased from one (1) to four (4) by the NDP government some twenty-eight (28) years ago. The ULP administration again admitted that there is a decline in quality education. Following the release of this year’s Common Entrance results, the Prime Minister expressed his dissatisfaction of the performance of students, and stressed the importance of quality teaching, as if he was blaming the teachers. Mr. Prime Minister, it is more than quality teaching, it is about quality education. The message that is being conveyed to us by the Prime Minister is that the Ministry of Education cannot identify the problems and offer solutions after analyzing the Common Entrance results. For the Prime Minister to mention that he had a ten-point note to send to the Ministry of Education is somewhat puzzling. Within the Ministry of Education are trained and competent professionals who must be allowed to function. Mr. Prime Minister, you do not know it all. That is the impression we get from you all the time that you know everything. So, you are the lead spokesman on agriculture, the economy, on health and now on education. Where are the professionals who are qualified in these areas?

2005 Collective Agreement with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union, and we must always remember the three (3) teachers who contested the 2010 general elections for the NDP and are yet to be reinstated. In addition, this vindictive ULP regime has failed to negotiate with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union for a new Collective Agreement since 2007. We are now in the year 2013, and no negotiation for a new Collective Agreement. Imagine, a new Education Act was passed in 2006 by this country’s parliament and has not yet become law. Why? Does this government really concern about the teachers? With all those factors that are affecting the teachers, they still give of their best. However, those issues that are affecting the teachers should be addressed immediately; so that they can function effectively in the classroom. We can only hope that among the ten-point note that the Prime Minister has for the Ministry of Education and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union are solutions to some of the problems that the teachers are experiencing.

Some priority areas for the NDP

The NDP recognizes that education is the key to the development of any nation, and has placed a high value on education, and our efforts will be focused on transforming and modernizing the school environment at all levels, pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. We will use advanced technology in all aspects of school administration and of curriculum delivery. Moreover, the NDP will place tremendous emphasis on quality education. The NDP has always been concerned about primary education, and believes that more needs to be done at that level. Hence, the NDP will place greater emphasis on the allocation of resources to primary education. The NDP will also look at the relevance of the curriculum, introduce continuous assessment, provide training for teachers to improve the delivery of the curriculum, involve parents at all levels of their children’s education, and begin special remedial programmes for slow learners. The NDP will go further and develop a special education component within the Ministry of Education to deal with gifted students and those who may have learning disabilities. We will develop strategies to effectively deal with undiagnosed and untreated development and learning disabilities and establish remedial education programmes to effectively deal with such learning disabilities. The NDP will also make skills Problems teachers are experiencing training more accessible throughout the country and ensure that targeted The teachers are hard workers and interventions are well designed and are giving their utmost best under the are appropriately linked to the labour market demands, national present conditions, but they too have development and the global economy. their concerns. Teachers are owed Once again, the NDP is appealing 1.5% since 2011, and they have not received any salary increase for 2012 to the electorate of this country for the opportunity to manage the affairs of and 2013. Promotions and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We appointments in the teaching service are not being done on merit. More so, will continue to emphasise that we the government has failed to have the better team and the better implement a number of sections in the policies to take this country forward.




Building communities

The demands of development

“We recognise that building communities goes well beyond random donations. It is about social intervention, social investment and genuine longterm commitment to partner with like-minded organizations to change the mindsets and provide opportunities for persons to learn, achieve and prosper. This is in fact the driving focus of the Power to Make a Difference.” – John Alves, Managing Director, Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited The concept of businesses giving back to the community is not new. The idea emerged in the 19th century when the more responsible and progressive companies began to provide workers with housing and other facilities as they struggled with the after effects of the industrial revolution. However, the idea has intensified during the last five decades. The thrust for corporate executives to balance the interest of the various stakeholders (shareholders, management, regular employees, suppliers, customers, trade unions, the communities in which they operate, and the society at large) began to really take root in the 1960s. This was largely fuelled by a group of 200 USA-based chief executives who formed a Business Roundtable that examined balancing shareholder’s expectations of maximum return on with that of the firm’s various constituents. They believed that by giving enlightened consideration to balancing the legitimate claims of all its constituents, a corporation will best serve the interest of its shareholders. It was this group that championed the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as we know it today(Business Roundtable, “Statement on Corporate Responsibility,” October 1981, p.6.). Corporate social responsibility has become popular in developed as well as developing countries. This is especially noticeable in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and India. Many firms are inserting line entries in their annual budgets to “give back” to those communities that support their products and services. Others go beyond this and donate significant sums of money to projects in communities that may be far removed from their markets. Some firms fulfil their humanitarian obligations by spreading their efforts over a multitude of charitable and community activities. Others may seek to zoom in on particular areas of activities. Some persons may readily rebut by indicating that many of these enterprises engage in these activities to benefit from tax deductions. However, we can be assured that many engage in these activities for “pure philanthropy”; loving the idea of giving and gaining an intrinsic reward from doing so. They make relatively large charitable donations, supporting charitable community service efforts, championing humanitarian initiatives, and striving to make a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged. There are several business places (large and small) that encourage their staff members to engage in voluntary service. Some go the extra mile and actually pay for any membership fees and/or annual subscriptions that may be involved. Others provide members of staff with time off to engage in community activities, and find imaginative ways of rewarding them

In a competitive electoral democracy, particularly where the country lacks resources that can be readily translated into money, the task of development is difficult, but not impossible. Therefore, those leading the ship of state must possess a clear vision of where they want the country to go. There are few such leaders around. In the last 60 years, the best example of countries that made the fastest transition from economic backwardness to development are Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The most distinguishing feature of these countries is that, in the period when they laid the foundation for their economic takeoff, they were all led by dictators, who were hardly concerned with workers’ rights and democratic elections. These leaders ruled for decades without having their performance card checked by the people through periodic competitive elections. Further, all of them were given a great deal of assistance by the Western developed countries and Japan. The sole intent of all of this aid was to make these countries into showcases in the face of the triumph and consolidation of the Chinese and Russian revolutions. The west was afraid of the so-called ‘domino effect’, where countries would fall out of the capitalist orbit, either to become non-aligned or worst, to line up with the Soviet Union or China, in what was then, a fight to the death ideological struggle for economic dominance and control. All of the above is to indicate to readers that independence and development do not come easily. How then are we to speak of and understand development in a 21st century world dominated by an international economic and political elite that’s primarily concerned with profits, comfort and luxury, instead of the basic needs of the majority? For us in SVG, an understanding of development demands that we are crystal clear what we mean by development. If we conceptualize development by the glamorous highrise buildings we see in New York and London, or even Port of Spain or Kingston, we would have misunderstood development. Secondly, we are told that to develop, we have to be able to compete in the world and command a market share. But in what areas does St Vincent command a market share that guarantees development? And if there is such an area of competitive edge, against whom are we to be competing? Obviously, we should not be drawing development plans that pit us against any country in our region. Moreover, our development project is a non-starter if we envisage competition as between us and the USA, EU or Japan and Taiwan. Therefore, our development must be long sighted, incremental and without illusions. The best way to do this is to understand our development aspirations as being solely about people, our people. There is much talk about food security and the need for us to cut back on our food import bill. But is this possible now, or has the genie left the bottle long ago? For one thing, these are not the old days when a government could have banned food and other products as James Mitchell attempted in during his 1972 to 1974 premiership. The days of banning products in the national interest are gone. Barring a total realignment in

for doing so. These individuals can then become engaged in activities that improve communities via health and wellness projects, social welfare initiatives, the provision of educational equipment and materials, sports and games equipment, preserving or improving the environment, and a host of other desirable and society-building activities. But there is still so much more to be done. There is still so much room available for others to provide invaluable community service. Service Clubs continue to play a significant role in building communities. Some corporations use these service clubs as the conduits through which they channel funds through to some communities, knowing that the funds will be accounted for and the respective communities will secure benefits. These service clubs have championed worthwhile projects to aid child development, mentoring programmes for the youth, facilities for the aging, and so on. Their members often work tirelessly to canvas support for these community-building initiatives. The invitation is therefore extended to the many readers of this article to consider joining one of these worthwhile organisations, with the distinct motive of giving back to the society that has nurtured and supported them over the years. And for those readers who are already serving in this capacity, the challenge is for us to ascertain whether we can make a greater contribution of time, money, and talent, knowing that, in doing so, we build lives and communities. In doing so, we will also grow. As John Ruskin says, “It is not what we get from serving but what we become by serving”. We become bigger and richer in spirit whenever we pause to build others. You and I have the potential to impact lives for good through our acts of kindness. We impact lives for good when we perform acts of humanitarian and community service. We are encouraged by the thoughts recently expressed by John Alves, Managing Director of the Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited when he says, “We have the power to care. We have the power to help. We have the power to learn. We have the power to succeed. And we have the power to make a difference.” And as we take on the challenge to make a positive difference in the lives of other (as individuals and companies), we can engage in activities that will develop youth through education, sport and culture. We can also alleviate poverty, poor housing and poor health through our preparedness to lend a helping hand. We can champion the cause of infants, the elderly, and the differently able citizens through our commitment to care. We are unified in spirit and in purpose to make a positive difference. We advance with renewed commitment to build and rebuild lives and communities, knowing that our time, effort, and resources will be well spent.

Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

international trading regime, they may not return. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ensured that poor and developing countries will never be able to use trade and make decisions about imports in their national interest. The trading rules do not allow us to make laws to ban products because we have adequate substitutes. Further, because of the use of cable television and the internet, our taste has been become warped and bent away from local products and directed to all things foreign. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, we will be not be able to redirect the taste buds of citizens to local products which are in many cases much healthier than the imports. Further still, both Gonsalves and Eustace agree that tourism is the lodestar that SVG must ride if it is to survive. Both recognize that bananas and agriculture generally have slipped especially since Windward Islands bananas lost its tariff protection in England. The available statistics does point to a growing place for tourism in the economy. Regrettably, if the treatment meted out to employees at the Bucuma Resort is any indication of what our workers can expect, growth in tourism will only mean further exploitation of our people without any real benefit redounding to the country. But this model of showcase development is all we are left with. We build projects mainly owned by foreign concerns where the most we can expect is low end employment for our workers. This is not bad in itself, because any self -respecting person prefers to labour for her daily bread than to sit at home waiting for meager handouts from family, friends or government. The airport at Argyle may offer some avenues for this kind of development. The airport is now a foregone conclusion. Neither the ULP nor the NDP can scrap it as a developmental project. Too much money has already been spent, so what we must do is plan for its completion beyond the obvious that its opening will make for easier transportation to and from the country. If the Maurice Bishop airport in Grenada is to be a guide, SVG will become a little more attractive following the completion of the airport. Investors may consider coming to our shores to do business. Some may be interested in tourism development because of the sheer beauty of our country. But national planners, even before the first plane lands at Argyle, should think through plans that look at the ways in which the airport can assist with the transformation of the eastern portion of our country, from Arnos Vale to Fancy and beyond. Proper development thinking demands plans driven by national concerns rather than by the ambitions of foreign developers. In short, the demands of development require more profound thinking and less talking. Unfortunately, sound thinking is in short supply among most of the political and economic elite. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Investment, innovation and free internet SVG ENTREPRENEURS and innovators are being let down by a ULP government that lacks vision and financial and economic intelligence. For example, Africa’s equity markets are hot, with investors attracted by the sub-Saharan region’s GDP growth rate and the fact that the main markets in Nigeria and Kenya have risen by more than 50% in the past year. By 2020, more than half of African households will have enough income to splurge some of it on non-essentials. However, SVG’s businesses and entrepreneurs are missing out on this multi-billion dollar market. Every day we have this incompetent government, money is being lost by SVG’s entrepreneurs, businesses and young people. All the ULP regime has done for young people is build a jail. What future does that offer? SVG needs to nurture its entrepreneurs and businesses and provide forums where entrepreneurs and businesses are supported, can share ideas and advertise their ideas to foreign investors. A major problem in SVG is that the internet is too expensive and not accessible to all. High internet prices block innovation, and when you block innovation you block investment from

abroad. It is crucial that every home and business has access to free, Wi-Fi internet for our economy to take off. A Green government will provide free internet. Investment is all about confidence: confidence in market potential, confidence in talent and confidence in institutions. Foreign investors are put off from investing in SVG because our economy is unstable and dangerously weak, and our people are underskilled. SVG needs to transform its workforce into a skilled and productive labour force to attract foreign investors. For this, SVG needs a world-class education system and our own science and technology university, free for all Vincentians. We must make the most of the skills and potential of our people. SVG needs to highlight the different opportunities for investors in SVG. However, at present, there is little to offer. No money is circulating and many businesses are closing down. To improve our investor-friendliness, SVG needs a vibrant private sector, lots of small businesses and innovators. Since 2001under the ULP regime, it has become consistently harder for entrepreneurs and small businesses to take-off as the economic climate has

got progressively worse. Some of the companies still standing are experiencing their lowest sales in 40 years. Ill-discipline by the ULP regime over public finances, fiscal policies and macro- and micro- economic and social reforms, has made it very difficult for SVG entrepreneurs and businesses to adapt to rapidly changing global conditions. Visit ‘SVG Green Party’ on Facebook to see examples of innovation and entrepreneurs coming out of Africa. This is what should be happening in SVG! A Green government will create a strong private sector to enable SVG companies to compete internationally.

We will also create an economic environment where innovation and entrepreneurs can flourish, and we will build our own SVG University to skill our young people. Free Wi-Fi internet for every home and business is essential to transform our economy, create lots of small businesses and attract foreign investment. This will naturally lead to mass employment. There is no other way to say this but, spending taxpayers’ money on a jail, rather than a university, was foolhardy. SVG Green Party

Awake Caribbean! A bright future awaits us! (EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael F. Nanton, who has contributed this article, is the Chief Executive Officer of the SVG Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The views expressed within are not necessarily those of the Chamber. We, at THE VINCENITAN, find that Mr. Nanton provides much ‘food for thought’ and are pleased to provide the article for ventilation by the public.) Let’s face it; we are hurting ourselves by assuming the identity of small Nations among the Nations of the World. We are a small part of a larger “Caribbean Nation”, and if this is a fact, our politicians must lead us to single Nationhood. Not later, but NOW! Enough of kicking the ball down the field with “Institutional Strengthening”. It has been 50 years since the failed West Indies Federation ended. Let us set “The New Caribbean Agenda”. The current and future global situation demands that we take charge of our destiny, utilize the creativity and energies of our collective people in productive and purposeful pursuit, while maximizing our ability to realize our fullest potential as a region.

Forty years as CARICOM – still far from ONE NATON. - Emphasize the power of trading on the international market as a single block. - Illuminate the “real” value of free movement of people, goods and services within an enlarged marketplace. - Engender the transfer of intellectual capital to solve the many problems and take advantage of the opportunities that face our people. - Lead the way to the creation of a new vision for the economic direction of the Caribbean that enhances growth, development and the full realization of our wealth. - Prove the point that decreased bureaucracy will lead to enhanced competitive advantage in the global market-place.


The fact is, none of this is easy to accomplish, but the longer we wait, the more difficult the task ahead. As individual small emerging and Reasons for inaction developing states, we are not only vulnerable, but totally insignificant There are many reasons for the on the world stage, like the “fly on inability of our islands to come the proverbial back of the elephant”. together as a single entity, primary We must chart our own course among these are:through innovation, excellence, - Political unwillingness by those productivity and wise choices. who control power. - Lack of education of our people to Together, we will command attention. Pooled resources will bring about the net positive value of changes in migratory and economic unity. trends, but the laws of natural - The reluctance of those who survival will ensure that the right control the financial resources of resources will naturally fit into the individual islands to change the right places. We are one people with status quo. - Fear of the unknown and change a shared heritage, but sometimes we do not recognize or acknowledge it for itself. selfish reasons (or otherwise). We cannot be afraid to sacrifice for the The role of the private sector greater good. Let this be the legacy of our generation! Let us be the The role of the private sector is pioneers of our future! pivotal in the process that leads to a Incidentally, is Guyana a part of “New Caribbean Nation”. Here are the Caribbean? Wake up my people, some of the critical elements:take a leap of FAITH! - Educate the politicians to the vast economic gains that will Michael F. Nanton derive from financial synergies.




Hundreds support fundraiser to help SVG

who lives in Queens, New York, recently formed the St. Matthias Charities Inc named after the St. Matthias Baptist Items Church in Dickson Village that was founded by Mc HUNDRED OF The dinner featured among Barnett's late grandfather, VINCENTIANS and other others, performances by Archbishop Percival Dick. Caribbean nationals on June popular gospel artistes in the Mc Barnett, who migrated 22 supported a major New York community; video to New York in 1980 said his fundraising dinner aimed at clips highlighting items fervent interest in helping his helping St. Vincent and the donated to the Milton Cato native land, intensified three Grenadines, organizers say. Memorial Hospital (MCMH) years ago fter participating in The event, held at the and other distribution site in a crusade at home with Friends of Crown Heights St. Vincent and the members of the St. Jude Educational Center in Grenadines and a message by Baptist Church on Bristol Brooklyn, New York was the Carriacou-born the Rev Street in the Brownsville Second Annual Dinner Cyprian Joseph, pastor of section of Brooklyn. organized by the Bronx, New Crown Heights Gospel Church He said the team, at the York-based, non profit group, in Brooklyn. time, conducted worship St. Matthias Charities Inc. Gospel and cultural artistes services at the MarketSquare "Im very, very happy about included Vincentians LaFleur in Kingstown , Sion Hill and the support that weve been Durrant; Anndean Charles, Dickson Village, and getting right across the board who doubled as Mistress of distributed food items to less from Vincentian and other Ceremonies; Ellsworth fortunate communities. communities" said the group's Quammie, a former "After we did that - that president and co-founder, calypsonian, who carried the same year - I donated a wheel Robert McBarnett, who hails sboriquet 'Life Boy'; chair to Georgetown Hospital; from Georgetown, in an Trinidadian Ruby Collins; and and ,when I cam back exclusive VINCENTIAN Jamaican Croswell Daily. (returned to New York), I interview. Rev. Joseph noted that Mc wanted to do more," Mc "It was a wonderful event to Barnett's compassion moved Barnett said. highlight what the him to help his homeland. So, in April last year, he organization has been doing "In many ways, compassion said he and his wife - with and to continue efforts, with for the people who need a support from well wishers the support of fellow healing," he urged. "So, lets such as New York merchant Vincentians, to give back, "he make a difference. As we see Ronald Chase, who furnishes continued. the need, dont just talk about clothes, shoes and other Mc Barnett an aide in the it - do something about it. I supplies and US$10,000.00 out Environmental Service commend my brother [Robert of the couple's pockets-shipped Department at Wyckoff Mc barnett] and the St. a container of s upplies home Heights Medical Center in the Matthias Charities, Inc." with the Brooklyn based Bushwich section of Brooklyn, Square Deal Shippers and said among his group's goals is How it all began Movers. furnishing medical supplies to McBarnett said the supplies all clinics throughout the Mc Barnett said he, his - including clothes, length and breadth of St. wife, Sharon and Dickson books,foodstuff, blood pressure Vincent and the GrenadinesVillage, Georgetown Native and diabetic monitors with from Fancy in the north to Joan Moore, a registered nurse testing strips, walkers, Story and photos by NELSON A. KING; US Correspondent

Chateaubelair in the northwest to the Grenadines in the south.

Section of dinner patrons viewing video highlights of St. Matthias Charities, Inc. mission to SVG.

crutches, canes and pampers were distributed to residents in Overland (North Windwards), Stubbs (South Windwards) and Dickson. The Spiritual Baptist said he returned home earlier this year to distribute a larger shipment of supplies - a 40 ft. long container shipped again by Square Deal Shippers and Movers - Which comprised medical supplies and equipment for the MCMH, such as xray view box; duplicator and film bin; and a US $100,000 endoscopy/colonoscopy machine, donated by Dr. Vijay Arya, a physician at Wycoff Heighs Medical Center and his foundation. In addition, Mc Barnett said, among others, wheel chairs, crutches, canes, commodes, bath chairs, pampers, food supplies and clothes were distributed to residents of Fancy, Owia, Overland and Sandy Bay in North Windwards; Dickson, Stubbs, Union Island in the Southern Grenadines; Barrouallie and Buccament Bay in Central Leeward, and Vermont and Pembroke in South Leeward.

President of St. Matthias Charities, Inc., Robert Mc Barnett, addressing fundraising dinner.

The Rev. Cyprian Joseph delivering message.

Plans on the card Mc Barnett said funds raised at the fundraising dinner will among other things help in the purchase of a bronchoscope for the MCMH, which is expected to cost over US$10,000. [A bronchoscope is a device used to see the inside of the airways and lungs. Bronchoscopy is a test to view the airways and diagnose lung disease. It may also be used during the treatment of some lung conditions]. He said the group plans to make good on its pledge to "take care of" North Leeward and the Grenadines, including the Chateaubelair Hospital, during its next visit either later this year or early next year. Since thr group returned from home this year, Mc Barnett said members have been packing another 40 ft long container with hospital equipment, supplies, clothing, food, toiletries, among others for disribution at home. He said immediately after the fundraising dinner an undisclosed donor pledged an EKG machine, which will be collected next week and shipped home.

Evangelist Ellsworth Quammie, formerly calypsonian 'Life Boy', singing gospel. In the interim, Mc Barnett said the Brooklyn-based Square Deal Shippers and Movers has been "very generous" in shipping home boxes of medical and other supplies at no cost. Mc Barnett said his group will hold its second annual fundraising barbeque on Aug. 24. at East 49th Street and Avenue D in Brooklyn. "The St. Matthias Charities, Inc. continues to seek donations and support and ask the public to join us at our annual barbeque," he said.




No Airport diesel in Fuel Surcharge opposition on radio saying the diesel used at TO INCLUDE the diesel the airport was affecting used at the Argyle poor people, since it was International airport included in VINLEC’s construction site in the calculated surcharge, computation of the Fuel resulting in higher Surcharge customers of electricity bills. VINLEC pay as part of their He deemed such electricity bills, would be assumption as “just plain illegal, declared Prime wrong”, and emphasized, Minister Ralph Gonsalves. as Minister with The Prime Minister’s responsibility for Energy, pronouncement came that “the law is clear during a question on the that the fuel surcharge is matter, from Opposition calculated using only the Leader, Arnhim Eustace, cost of diesel used to during a sitting of generate electricity.” Parliament on Tuesday, He assured that if July 02. diesel is used at VINLEC The prime minister power plants in the declared the notion as Grenadines to re-fuel opposition falsehood. He vehicles, it is subtracted stated that he has heard from the computation of senior persons in the the fuel surcharge. by KENVILLE HORNE

According to the Prime Minister, VINLEC charges the International Airport Development Company (IADC) the full cost of the diesel it supplies, and he downplayed any suggestion that there is any subsidy by the electrical company to the IADC. “Again that is another falsehood’ … that the reason why the fuel surcharge is so high is because VINLEC is subsidizing IADC,” stated Gonsalves. Gonsalves explained further, that Petrocaribe supplies VINLEC with fuel and pays for the diesel used at IADC. “Every month, IADC

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, seen here in conversation with opposition members, went at lengths to extricate VINLEC from any ‘miscalculations’ of its Fuel Surcharge. is supplied by VINLEC with diesel to the extent of EC$350,000 to $400,000, and at any one time, you will find IADC owing VINLEC but you will find always that VINLEC owes Petrocaribe more.” He noted that in May,

the IADC owed VINLEC EC$$5.1 million, but VINLEC owed Petrocaribe $10.6 million. In such event , Gonsalves disclosed there is a system of exchange cheque,“So, what happens, they exchange

a cheque. In fact, VINLEC benefits because VINLEC holds Petrocaribe money a little longer and therefore, they can keep it in the account and get a little money from it,” stated Gonsalves.

‘Taffa’ Wilson guides CWPS to success by KENVILLE HORNE KESSLON ‘ TAFFA’ WILSON has been the Director of Music at the C. W. Prescod Primary School (CWPS) since 2003. During his tenure, he has overseen the development of a steelband component of that overall programme, to the extent that lessons in pan playing comprise a subject on the school’s time-table. “We were able to establish pan as a timetable subject”. Not only is he himself an accomplished pannist, but he is a renowned arranger, and he has brought those attributes to the benefit of hundreds of young persons who have passed through the corridors of, and those who are currently enrolled at, the CWPS.. Wilson led the CWPS Steel Orchestra to its first taste of victory in the 2012 Junior Panorama for schoolbased steelbands, becoming the first primary school to have ever won that competition. He repeated that success in 2013. Of this year’s success, Wilson viewed it as being something special, in that, as he put it, “the odds were against us. “Besides having the physically smallest set of pannists in the

competition, we were limited, based on who could play in the band, because of a rule restriction. We also had the least instruments. While some bands had two and three basses, we only had one,” Wilson explained. His sights set on the wider picture as it relates to steelband music here, Wilson posited that each year the school enters the competition, it does so not just hoping to win, but to participate and show support for the Youlou Pan Movement (YPM), the organizing force behind steelband Kesslon ‘Taffa’ Wilson, has competitions in the overseen the successful country. development of a music “As the arranger, programme at the C.W. my thing is not Prescod Primary School. solely about winning. Each year then, in 2012, to the top I enter, whether it’s with position. C.W. Prescod or Elite Yes, next year Steel Orchestra, I enter presents an opportunity to help the YPM,” he told to achieve a hat trick (of THE VINCENTIAN, and wins) but Wilson assured made an appeal for other and expressed the pan sides to support the sentiment that “success movement. doesn’t come by Reflecting on the winning”. CWPS Steel Orchestra’s Wilson was grateful to success to date, Wilson the GTM Insurance pointed out that the Company, sponsors of band has been the CWPS Steel performing well, placing Orchestra in 2013. He fourth on numerous was also thankful to God occasions, moving up to for guiding the path of third and second places success to date.




A touching and humbling experience charge of the school where I started my PROSECUTOR at the education, has some Serious Offences Court, appreciation for my Inspector Adolphus work,” Delpleche said Delpleche, intimated that during an interview with it was a “touching and THE VINCENTIAN humbling experience to be shortly after he was recognized by the honoured. Lowmans Leeward The police officer of 29 Anglican School, my Alma years views the award as Mater.” a motivation for him and Delpleche, a lawyer by others to work hard. profession, received the “Always give of your best F.O. Mason award and never give up. No during the school’s matter how challenging annual graduation the situation may be. ceremony last Always strive to reach Wednesday, July 03, in the top. To borrow one of recognition of his the phases used by our contribution and Prime Minister, ‘turn the dedication to the setbacks into advances’,” development of St. the experienced Vincent and the prosecutor advised. Grenadines. “I have adopted that “It goes to show that phase and have applied people recognise you for it many times in my life; your work, and when the going gets recognition comes in tough, the tough gets different forms, and to going,” he added. have received this award Delpleche obtained his shows that the person in law degree from the by HAYDN HUGGINS

Brianna Richards is a champion speaker Brianna Richards of the Paget Farm Government School is the winner in the 2013 Digicel/ Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment 10th Annual Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition. The Competition was held at the Methodist Church Hall Kingstown on the 25th June, 2013. Taking second position was Zoe Porter of the Windsor Primary School, with Maya Abdoussala of Brianna Richards, Champion speaker (centre) flanked by the C W second place Zoe Porter (right) Prescod Primary third. and third place Maya Abdoussala. The three top students received a tablets from Digicel with one year, six months and one month data respectively. Other incentives included a challenge trophy which was also donated by Digicel, and the winning schools received the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment trophies. Other participating schools were Fairhall Government, Georgetown Government, Langley Park Government, Kingstown Anglican, Kingstown Preparatory and the Kingstown Government. The competition required participants to make a prepared speech on the topic, ‘Does the future of Health Promotion lie in Technology’, and to respond to impromptu questions. This annual event is organized by the Health Promotion Unit in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

University of Hudderfield in London, and has tremendous policing knowledge and experience. He began prosecuting at the Family Court and moved to the Serious Offences Court when it was inaugurated in 2005. He has been commended

by several lawyers and magistrates for his outstanding prosecutorial work. Delpleche had previously, among other assignments, worked for ten years at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Inspector Adolphus Delpleche (centre) accepts his award from Harold Allen. Also pictured is Catherine Lucas, Harold’s mother.




Miss Carival:Leslassa gains a convincing victory

“WE KNEW WE WERE GOING TO BRING IT HOME. Lassa, girl, you didn’t disappoint!” Those were the words of one among a group of past students of the Girls High School, recording the win of the Ms. Carival 2013 show by their former classmate, Leslassa ArmourShillingford, Leslass walked onto the Miss Carival stage at Victoria Park, Friday 28th July, and with her ‘Introduction’ began an exciting but classy affair with her audience, that unraveled throughout her other appearances: Swimwear, Talent, Evening Wear and Interview. Her defining qualities of elegance, poise, and obvious confidence made her an easy favourite with the crowd. Leslassa’s figurehugging, fuscia swimsuit caused a stir and many

felt she had seized that segment, but she was actually outdone by Ms. SVG, Shara George, who edged her out in a very creative, strappy, red suit. Leslassa was not fazed. Her evident selfconfidence propelled her to give the performance of her life when, in the Talent segment, she went through a skillful portrayal of modern ballet showing her expertise on pointe, executing graceful arabesques, energetic pliés, jetés and the like. Not only did she dance, but she introduced her piece with riveting poetry that pushed her performance up a notch or two. Being the third contestant out on stage, her jade green evening gown, covered with shiny green appliqués, didn’t come a bit too soon. It was clear by this

segment that Leslassa had been carving a space for herself. She dug in, maximizing the grace, the poise, the ultimate sophistication; and walked across the stage at Carnival City Victoria Park to the abject pleasure of the unlookers, among whom the group of her friends screamed and cheered and encouraged with whistles, and ‘yeses’ and wows’. Then, as anyone else would expect, Leslassa listened to her interview questions twice, thought for a moment, then gave answers which the judges later said were better than any other answers given that night. She had won convincingly, walking away with the judged Talent, Evening Wear and Interview segments and also captured the pre-show assessed Ms.

Photogenic title. Coming home of sorts After some of the excitement of her win had cooled down, Leslassa told THE VINCENTIAN that the show presented tough competition for her. She was excited and was very grateful for the support she had received from the Vincentian population. She explained that she had been a student of the Girls High School from January to December, 2008 when her mother, an official in the tourism industry, was attached here. “I made some of my best friends here despite my short stay,” she said. She said that she had been hearing the cheering party of her classmates but was not sure who they were until one came backstage during the show to let her know. In speaking about her talent performance, she said that she worked with the issue of domestic violence, which she had seen happening before her eyes, hence the reason she was able to execute it with such passion. Leslassa will move on next to the stage of the Ms. Jaycees Pageant, in Antigua and Barbuda. The other results were as follows: 1st runner-up, Ms. St. Kitts — Zinga Imo; 2nd runner-up, Ms. SVG — Shara George. Both the Community Spirited Award and Ms. Congeniality went to Ms.

Above: Leslassa, Miss Carival 2013 danced her way to victory. Right: Miss SVG 2013 Shara George in her winning swimwear. Dominican Republic — Rosa Martinez. Otrher contestants were Dannyele Teneel Leslie, Ms. Barbados; Shari De Castro, Ms. BVI; Kabrina Robinson, Ms. Jamaica; Janelle Desir, Ms. St. Lucia; Jenelle Thongs, Ms. Trinidad and Tobago; and Yaimer Armes, Ms. Venezuela.

The Miss Carival Contestants of 2013 surrounding newly crowned queen LesLassa Armour Shillingford of Dominica.





Residents turned out to ‘pull seine’ to ensure the largest possible haul. Inset: Some persons took to cleaning their share to get a pot going.

Fish, fish and more fish

THE COASTAL TOWN of Layou was abuzz recently with activity reminiscent of days pastwhen fishing provided the backbone of its economic sustenance, once the estate which land-locked it went out of production. Last Sunday, for one of four days, the Layou

bay was awash with schools of fish, particularly ‘Skip Jack’, which proved too much for the resident seine operators to harness. So much so, seine operators came from Buccament and as far south as Calliaqua, to cash in on the catch. Residents came out to assist with ‘pulling seine’ to ensure that they took home a fish or two as compensation for their labour. Some (residents) even took to immediately cleaning their share to get a ‘pot or two’ going, on the spot. Others spoke of taking their share home “to salt and freeze,” for future use. Whatever the

case, the activity evoked scenes of a community in camaraderie, putting shoulders to the wheel to ensure the widest possible benefit to the people. And as one resident was overheard to say: “Who say Vincy nah hah food?” (Information and photographs provided by Kijah Gani)

Right: This young man was proud to display his catch for a day’s work.

These fishermen preferred not to pull their seine unto the beach.





More and more houses are creeping on to what was agricultural land.

Food production on the rise .. really?!!

rise in food production manifested on the ground in SVG?” Farmer Lennox Lampkin immediately posed the questions ACCORDING TO RECENT REPORTS, Prime “Where are the stats, and how reliable Minister Gonsalves announced that “As are they? May we also see the stats on banana trade falls, food production in food imports in the same period”? SVG rises”. A similar concern was expressed by A random survey makes this an environmentalist who observed announcement even more interesting. “Note that the piece cited no figures or Several people were asked “How is this evidence… Where are the specific LUZETTE KING Producer/Host, Global Highlights


NOTICE WHEREAS CARLTON BROWNE of Kingstown Park, in the State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines by his application filed in the High Court on the 24th day of June, 2013 claims to have acquired title by twelve years adverse possession of the land described in the schedule to this notice and has applied to the Court for a declaration of possessory tile. Now all persons claiming an interest in the said land are required to enter an appearance in the Registry in person or by this his legal practitioner within one month from the date of the last publication of this Notice which is being published twice in the papers. SCHEDULE ALL THAT LOT PIECE OR PARCEL of land situate at Kingstown Park in the Parish of Saint George in the state of Staint Vincent and the Grenadines admeasuring four thousand three hundred and sixty square feet (4,360 sq. ft.) abutted and bounded on or towards the North by lands of Cyril Browne on or towards the South by an existing road on or towards the East by lands of Thea Tannis on or towards the West by land of the Heirs of H. De Freitas as the same is shown on a Plan drawn and prepared by Osborne Browne authorized Land Surveyor and approved and ladged at the Land and Surveys Department on the 12th day of April, 2013 bearing drawing number G55/28.

statistics or numbers available to back up such a statement?” In similar vein, Clive Bishi-I’ Bishop counteracted “That statement does not reflect what’s happening on the ground.” Another concern in this regard was the depletion of arable land. “The acreage under agriculture is diminishing at an alarming rate .. so I really don’t know” says the secondary school teacher. A business administrator affirmed “From observation, the lands are dominated by bush” and “Empirical evidence is also vital, as places where crops were grown is now house lots or wild shrubs.” Further references were drawn to empirical evidence that ran contrary to the claim of rise in food production in SVG. The young chef, Esworth John, claimed “We import more food from oversea. I’m a chef, and often time I find it difficult to get certain foods to buy … one time there’s a lot another time you can’t find certain food.” John explained further “For instance tomatoes, you will find a lot in season, but when season out, you can’t find any. If there was a rise, I guess you would get anytime whether in season or not. .. I spend 6 months in TnT, and down there you could get any food at any time of the year.” A customer service manager questioned “What rise in food production is he talking about? Has he been to the market.... There is no rise in food production ...if there were...we would have an abundance and the prices would be lower.”

One in support Of those who participated in this survey, only the tea manufacturer, Andrew Providence, seemed to share the PM’s optimism. “Agriculture is well placed for economic takeoff” Providence asserts. “The reality is this” he explains “In the absence of banana, the farmers have resorted to the regular potato, cassava, ginger, eddoes, plantain etc... It is the only thing they know Farming”. Interestingly, though, Providence’s optimism is couched with an admonition “And as a result, there is

People continue to plant - carrying on the tradition of a spirit of industry among SVG’s farming communities. an abundance without markets.”

Reservations Even where there was a willingness to give the PM the benefit of the doubt for his claim of rise in food production, there were reservations as to its impact. One person made the point “I would think that food production has nowhere to go but up....are they making a big deal over an additional 3 yams an’ 3 sweet potato and 3 dasheen?” According to Lampkin “people are desperate and planting because they have no money, which in a way is good ... but it is not because of any government initiative.” The eco-tourism farmer, Casmus Samuel a.ka. Pappa Kojo, made a similar point, “it’s good economics for the normal man, that’s the way to combat cost.” Of most significance is the point made by the environmentalist “Let’s assume banana production is down by 90%. And suppose other food production is up by 10%... What is the net effect? Still a loss. So, what I suspect here is he is playing his usual word games.”

Government’s presence In more conclusive fashion, many of the participants of this survey expressed the lack of government initiatives that would improve agriculture industry in SVG. Samuel makes the point “our farmers are poor financially…they work hard without proper tools … they need to be subsidised and given loans …. give them the necessary education for them to be upgraded to business farming … encourage them to be co-operatives.. like government could have a variety of tools and a warehouse where these tools can be rented to farmers at reasonable prices … encourage the production yield and qualty..” One food technologist observes “With banana declining, a lot of the acreage has been converted into dasheen and other root crops. While that is good on one hand, dasheen and other root crops are long term, one payment options. Banana was a steady weekly income, so many farmers are still struggling to make ends meet.”


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Do not invest in joint ventures. Try spending the day catching up on any responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Try to channel your energy into physical work. Don't evade important issues; you may find yourself backed into a corner. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You will be well looked upon due to your compassionate and giving nature. You may be sensitive to a point of absurdity. You will benefit by taking care of other people's concerns. Your stability will aid you in getting support from your fellow workers. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You may have the opportunity to get involved in some interesting conversations. Sports, physical fitness programs, exercise in general will make you feel better and show some pretty quick results. Use your ingenuity to manipulate things to get what you want. Someone you live with will, be impossible. Don't let your personal partner hold you back. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You may find yourself in the midst of a pretty good deal. Hold on; your time will come. You may be confused emotionally. Jealousy may be a contributing factor to your emotional ups and downs. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Don't hesitate to visit someone who hasn't been well. Don't hesitate to come right out and ask for the pertinent information. Be aggressive and colorful, and you will get your way. You may not be too pleased with the actions of those you live with. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Try to communicate if you wish to help. You could be quite erratic regarding your personal relationship. Now is the time to concentrate on building a strong financial future for your family. Travel will be in your best interest. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Your greatest gains will come through your creative ideas. Travel is evident, but be cautious while in transit. You may find yourself in an emotional fix if you interfere in other people's problems. You can have a great time if you go out with the one you love. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Your personal secrets may be revealed if you let coworkers in on your family dilemmas. Don't let those close to you get under your skin. Older family members may try to put unreasonable demands on you. Sudden changes of heart may cause disruptions in your domestic scene. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Secret intrigues could get you into trouble. Erratic behavior may confuse others, and mood swings may result in isolation. Those you work with may have little consideration for the underdog. They will not have the patience to wait for you to complete things that they've asked you to do. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You need to take a break with the ones you love. You may get upset with peers or relatives. Your unique approach to life will interest others. Romance is quite possible if you are willing to approach someone who interests you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) You can make the most headway if you put in some overtime. You hard work and dedication will payoff, so stick to your guns and do your job well. Spend time by yourself to avoid any conflicts with family members. Friends may not understand your situation. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Your uncanny insight will help you make the right choices. Make changes to your living quarters that will please the whole family. Your ability to work with detail will bring recognition. Your greatest enjoyment will come through social activities and pleasure trips.

ACROSS 1. Commercials 2. Allow entrance 9. Use the pool 13. Lisa of the Louvre 15. Steam bath 16. __ and go 17. Privy to (2 wds.) 18. Intersect 20. Unpaid bill 21. Poet’s “always” 22. Angels’ hats 23. Sight from the crow’snest 25. Distort from a true value 27. Football shoe’s gripper 29. Like some den walls 32. Actress Catherine 33. __ broke (2 wds.)

34. More than a sec. 36. Curtain holder 37. Salad dressing bottle 38. Artist Yoko 39. Cartoonist Keane 40. Adolescent years 41. Abominates 43. Fixed shoes 45. Ten-cent coins 46. Germinated grain 47. Slugger Sammy 48. Ossie or Geena 51. Rowing need 52. Speeds 56. High-rise homes 59. Son of Isaac 60. School table 61. Musician

14. Deer’s horn 19. Root for the team 24. Letters on some tow trucks 25. Vaults 26. Shoelace problem 27. Sunday singers 28. Cuplike spoon 29. Unit of weight 30. Be theatrical 31. Has supper 32. Sphere 33. Act the hostess 35. Numerals (abbr.) 37. Compartment 40. Champagne salute 41. Towel designation 42. Filled with wonder 44. Smug

Shaw 62. Chop up 63. Chopping tools 64. Spring flower 65. City roads (abbr.) DOWN 1. Between 2. Cooked through 3. Uppity person 4. Upward slope 5. Ventured 6. “The Ghost and Mrs. __” 7. Those holding office 8. British thanks 9. Sign hurriedly 10. Sheep shearings 11. “__ Tired” (2 wds.) 12. Shambles

smiles 45. Jimmy or Tommy 47. Replaced a regular (2 wds.) 48. Baby word 49. Highest point 50. Bouquet holder 51. Unfooled by 53. Egyptian goddess 54. International treaty 55. Presses charges 57. Navigation aid 58. Poetic “before”








July 5th, 2013

July 6th, 2013

July 7th, 2013

July 8th, 2013

July 9th, 2013

July 10th, 2013







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THURSDAY July 11th, 2013 Morning 6:00 CNN News 9:00 Shepherd’s Chapel 10:00 Caribbean Newsline 10:30 Kickin It 11:30 We Cooking

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Health Talk Flash Back Direction My Child & I #13 9:00 Movie Comedy ‘Pg 13’ “The Wedding Planner” 11:00 Movie Act ‘R’ “Underworld Awakening” 12:30 Movie Act ‘R’ “Kung Fu Hustle” 2:30 Movie Com ‘R’ “Bridget Jones: Edge” 4:15 Movie Comedy ‘Pg 13’ “Connie & Carla” 5:00 CNN News

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6:00 CNN News 9:00 Shepherd’s Chapel 10:00 India vs Sri Lanka Tri-Nation Series 2013

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6:00 Funny Videos 8:00 Movie Action ‘Pg 13’ “Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows” 9:15 Movie Action ‘Pg’ “The Eagle” 11:15 Movie Act ‘R’ “House Guest” 1:00 Movie Dra ‘Pg’ Evening “Preacher’s Wife” 7:00 NCIS 3:10 Movie Action 8:00 WWE Monday ‘Pg 13’ Night Raw “Flight Of 11:05 Suits 3:00 House The 4:00 Law & Order: CI Phoenix” 5:00 CNN News 5:00 CNN News

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9:50 Caribbean Newsline 10:00 Movie Dra ‘Pg 13’ “Moneyball” 12:15 Movie Drama ‘R’ “Felon” 2:05 Movie Action ‘Pg 13’ “Premium Rush” 3:40 Movie Drama ‘Pg 13’ “The Color Purple” 5:00 CNN News

12:00 SVGTV Midday News 12:30 Headline News 1:30 3D 5:00 On Stage Evening 6:00 Dinner 6:30 Serving The People 7:00 SVGTV News 8:00 SVG Agri Perspectives 8:07 Focus North Leeward 8:55 3D 9:00 Tele-Classifieds 9:05 SVGTV Obituaries 9:10 Bold and the Beautiful 9:55 Super Six Draw 10:00 Movie Dra ‘R’ “Journey To The End ” 11:30 Movie Hor ‘R’ “The Bleeding” 1:00 Movie Action ‘Pg 13’ “3 AM” 2:35 Movie Action ‘Pg 13’ “Friday Night Lights” 4:30 Movie Action ‘Pg 13’ “Shaka Zulu: The Last Great Warrior” 5:00 CNN News

* Programme guide subject to change.




Not ready for marriage Taken for a ride

period of time. I have told this to my girl, but she I HAVE BEEN SEEING this girl for is still fussing about 5 years and we have a good and fretting over thing going. this married For the last 4 years, she has thing. been behind me to get married, Times are so and I keep telling her that I am to her like I used to be. hard right now, and yet she wants not ready for marriage. I am to get married and have children. Unwilling enjoying my single life for right I try to avoid her most of the now. I have seen many of my friends rush and get married, and times when I suspect she would Dear Unwilling, they all have regrets that they did be coming back on this same married topic. Frankly speaking, not remain single for a longer Five years in a serious it has caused me not to be so close relationship, and yet you despise the idea of settling down with the woman you love? She is not being unreasonable in her call for your hand in marriage. If you are vehemently opposed to the idea of marriage and a family at this stage in your life, then you need to be honest and let your girlfriend know she is wasting her time waiting around for you to do something you may never do. I also would hasten to say by now she should see that you are not the marrying type and not serious about having a family inside the bounds of marriage, and get out in good time. Both of you want different things, and on that basis should do the honourable thing and part ways now.

Dear George,


Dear George MY GIRLFRIEND convinced me to rent a car for her to drive her visiting friends around SVG, so that they can see the country close up. I am always at work, and have no time to show them around, and that was why I rented the car. She picked up her friends up from the airport and took them to the place where we had rented for them. I was so shocked out of my pants to learn that the ‘friends’ she had driving around and staying at that place we paid for, was her man on the side from T&T. Someone told me they saw her and a man driving out in the countryside. When I asked her about it, she said the other friends could not make it, and he had come here before. The people living next door to the place where he was staying told me that they thought they were married, the way they were operating. Imagine I rented a car for my woman to drive her man around the place, and rented a place for him to stay and make out with her. Right now, I told her I don’t want her back and she is telling me that we all make mistakes, and she should be allowed to make mistakes. The thing is, George, her ‘mistakes’ are too frequent and treacherous.

Hurt Dear Hurt, You are well within your right to cut ties with your girlfriend, based on the events that took place involving her and her ‘friend’. It was a well thought out and executed deceptive plan on her part, and must be seriously noted. You need to be with someone you can trust, and here it is she has broken the trust that existed and according to you, is a repeat offender. You have two choices: remain with her and hope that she changes her ways you can get professional help in the interim ), or release her and save yourself from a similar occurrence in the future. She has clearly shown you what type of quality you are dealing with and now it is over to you accept it or reject it.


No use sticking around Dear George, MY BOYFRIEND has told me that he no longer wants to be in a monogamous relationship. I thought he was joking at the time, but he repeated it to me time and time again, and now I am convinced he is serious. I asked him if I was not good enough for him and he answered “yes,” but still wants to change the terms and conditions of our relationship. I told him I am sorry, but I am out! Now he is telling me that he would never allow me to leave him like that, and I must think carefully before I do that, for I will have to face the consequences. I asked him if he was threatening me and he refused to answer. I am so confused right now, I don’t know what to do.

Scared Dear Scared, Clearly, you need to bring this relationship to a halt. His needs have obviously changed, and it is selfish of him to expect you to go along with this notion he is promoting. It is best to report his ‘threats’ to the police, and in the meantime, get as far away from him as you possibly can. There is no positive future with someone like this, and the man you fell in love with is obviously not the same man today.






(L-R): Kimya Glasgow, Model wearing Kimya Glasgow Resort 2013/14 Collection and SVG Ambassador to the US La Celia A. Prince at Reception at Embassy of Barbados, Washington DC as part of Caribbean Heritage Month Celebrations.

Kimya receives Award of Excellence Vincentian fashion designer, Kimya Glasgow, has added to her list of accolades. The renowned designer was a recipient of the prestigious AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for FASHION INNOVATION for her “remarkable contribution to Caribbean Fashion”, and becomes the first Vincentian and OECS awardee. The award ceremony held on Friday 29th June 2013 as part of Caribbean American Heritage Month, took place at the Caribbean Style& Culture Showcase held at the prestigious Marriott Inn & Conference Center at University of Maryland University College, where Kimya launched her 2013/14 Cruise/Resort Wear Collection. The award is given to those who “exemplify [sic] the innovation of Caribbean Fashion through unique and compelling designs, production and presentation”, by Karib Nation Inc, a US non-profit organization made up of CaribbeanAmerican

business professionals in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC Metropolitan area, dedicated to “the economic empowerment of small and Caribbean-owned businesses & professionals”. Kimya also represented St Vincent and the Grenadines at the White House at a discussion and presentation on Caribbean American Heritage & Immigration, hosted by Danella Sealock of NBC Channel 4, with an appearance by Boo Hinkson of St Lucia. Past award recipients include: CLAUDIA PEGUS - Trinidad& Tobago’; MICHELLE COLE — Guyana; UZURI INTERNATIONAL — Jamaica; and LOIS SAMUELS — Jamaica, pioneer model. Kimya’s participation was made possible by Invest SVG, along with assistance from National Lotteries Authority, Hot 97, Premium Distributors, Quik Print, Sweetie Pie Bakery, Palmyra, Premier Distributors, First Citizens, Levi’s The Trend, MaxDigitalDarkRoom& Oasis Spa.

Kimya presenting Kimya Glasgow Resort 2013/14 Collection at White House presentation on Caribbean Heritage Month and Immigration.

Karib Cable gives back This past week, Telecommunications and Cable Television provider, Karib Cable, provided the youngsters at the Salvation Army Home in Buccament with a special treat. The Home was the recipient of free cable television service by the provider. The children were visibly excited by the idea of being Karib Cable personnel, Salvation Boys Home Management able to watch and boys at the handing over of the instrument to allow their favourite free Cable Television service. shows, but will also be exposed promised Karib Cable’s support in to the wider world with access to the future. television. Accepting the donation were the Richard Hadley, Marketing Salvation Army’s Major Persia Manager of Karib Cable, expressed Antoine, Mrs. Norma Knights and that, while television gives the Ms. Nina Maloney, Chairperson and children the opportunity to enjoy Vice Chairperson of the Home’s cartoons and other shows, “it also Board of Directors. serves as an educational tool. The They all expressed joy to see a television is a medium of access to corporate entity making such a educational tool and the wider world donation and, like the Karib Cable which will open up the children’s representatives before them, eyes,” he explained. appealled for more corporate support Sale Manager James Ballantyne for the Home, which is providing an reiterated these sentiments and essential service.




Charleston “Charlie” Constance:

The Shoemaker

BORN IN PAUL’S AVENUE to Hayden and Delhi Constance, Charleston, fondly known as ‘Charlie’, is the seventh child of a family of 11 which included 9 boys and 2 girls. He hails from a family that has a rich cultural and sporting heritage: Oswald (aka Ossie), an accomplished artist and a leading mas designer; Melbourne, a Mas Band leader and artisan of envied skill; , Grantley (aka ‘I-Pa’) a veteran calypsonian and former Calypso Monarch; George and Franklyn, body builders and weight Some of the footwear produced by ‘Charlie’ and his crew of two. lifters; and Olive who held her own on the ‘Charlie’s’ ability to He is hopeful that thing, no Constance ever netball court. produce, and the some of the bigger stores got locked up for ‘thiefin’, footwear he put out for can buy his shoes to add The Nelson Block Shoe sale is neatly made, and to the variety available Shop customers are always at their stores. satisfied with the styles ‘Charlie’ began his and service he offers. Learning his lesson career as a shoemaker Charlie admits that when he was about 30 one of his greatest ‘Charlie’ speaks openly years, and has plied his challenges is marketing. about once being trade for a little over 20 Once his shoes are sold, incarcerated in a money years now. He prides bills can be paid and the laundering scheme, but himself as being a process can continue, asserts that he has foundation member of with the hope of being learned his lesson and one of this country’s able to employ more intends to stay clean. leading Mas Bands, persons. He says “ .. if is one Nelson Bloc. Charlie currently runs his small business the ‘Nelson Block Shoe shop’ from his residence in Paul’s Avenue where, as Plans are he puts it, his “little afoot to factory” is located, and provide easier which currently employs access to the shoe shop. two persons. Access to his business can be a little challenging, as the picture shows, but plans are in the making to cover the entire walkway to his premises. The challenge, though, has not deterred

‘Kristie’ and ‘Feisha’ win Junior Calypso titles Continued from Page 7. romped to second place in the Soca category with his number ‘Soufriere. He beat Delanzo ‘Lanzo’ Lavia from the Owia Government School who showed consistency in this segment, even though he dropped one spot from his second position the previous year. Also in the Soca final was Jahseem ‘Prince J’ James who turned the tragedy of his school’s misfortune of a fire disaster into a song entitled ‘KGS on fire.’ That was an animation of the Kingstown Government School blaze which erupted shortly before the

reopening of the school year last September. Iran ‘Soca Rasta’ Pompey from the Sandy Bay Secondary did the number ‘Motion,’ Haronese ‘Krazed Youth’ Collins from Thomas Saunders Secondary with ‘Vincy Soca party,’ and Sarah ‘Singing Chung Lee’ Charles from Greggs Primary School did the number ‘The Monkey,’ were the other Soca finalists. The artistes were accompanied by the band Akcess led by Junior Sutherland. Former Calypso Monarch and Road March winner Carlton ‘CP Hall played bass for this band.

Charleston ‘Charlie’ Constance, proprietor of the Nelson Bloc Shoe Shop. robbing or killing; our family aint dey in dat.” So even though business may not be as brisk as he would like it, he is prepared to weather the economic storm, and stay the course. He is encouraging youngsters to pick up the craft of shoe-making since, as he sees it, “there is a niche area not adequately served in SVG.”

He observes that there is only a handful of shoe repairers, and even fewer shoe-makers in and around Kingstown, and there is a demand for good shoemakers with an attractive outlet. People like to shop where the atmosphere is relaxed and where they feel welcome, and that is what ‘Charlie’ aims to provide.


NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the a Special Meeting of the Shareholders of Grenadines Ltd. will be held at the Methodist Church Building, Grenville July 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm, for the following purposes: 1.

To consider and if thought fit, pass the following special resolution i)

To remove the restrictions on the transfer of shares BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Section 4 of the Articles of Amalgamation of the company regar share transfers be deleted as follows: ³1RVKDUHVLQWKHFDSLWDORIWKHFRPSDQ\VKDOOEHWUDQVIHUUHGZLWKRXWWKHDSSURYDORIWKH holders of more than 50% of the shares of that class for the ti a majority of the directors of the company evidenced by writte their absolute discretion and without giving any reasons there WUDQVIHU´ ii)

To approve the policy on Directors appointment with respect t

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Each ordinary shareholder of the Bank of St. Vincent and the Gr 10% of the issued ordinary shares of the company shall be enti Director for each 10% of the issued ordinary shares of the compa

By Order of the Board


Paul’s Avenue, P.O. Box 592, Kingstown Tel: 456-1821 Fax: 457-2821 E-mail: Website:



Police One: The Champions

POLICE ONE ARE THE 2013 FIRST DIVISION CRICKET CHAMPIONS.They laid rightful claim to the title when they beat Radcliffe Too by 8 wickets at the Stubbs Playing Field, in the final round of matches last weekend. The title win gave Police One automatic promotion to the Premier Division for yet another season. The win also gave the lawmen a spot in the SVGCA New Super50 tournament, to be held in August. On the actual field of play, Radcliffe Too batted first and posted a subpar 68. Shawn Browne hit 20. Sylvan Spencer took 3 for 28 and Vertil Davis 2 for 28. Police One replied

with 148. Parnel Browne top-scored with 52. Daniel Mc Millan took 3 for 6 and Kensley Joseph 3 for 39. Batting a second time, Radcliffe Too were dismissed for 111. Kamon Green hit 32. Sylvan Spencer bagged 3 for 16 and Vertil Davis 4 for 22. Set 31 to win, Police One reached their target for the loss of 2 wickets. In other matches, Smashers won on first innings over Ruddy’s Electrical Unique Warriors at Arnos Vale Two. Ruddy’s Electrical Unique Warriors made 148 in their first innings. Leon Samuel made 50. Darren Russell grabbed 4

for 62 and Marvin Harry 3 for 23. Smashers in their first innings made 157 for 7. Ronald Scott stroked 101. Junior Bacchus took 3 for 17 and Samuel Byam 3 for 33. The Buccament Bay Androids and Robertson’s Surveying Belmont United match at Sion Hill ended in a no decision. Buccament Bay Androids made 88 in their first innings. Robertson’s Surveying Belmont United replied with 56 for 8 when play ended. The Triumph United Cricket Club and Combined Youths match at Buccament Bay was abandoned without a ball Police One are heading back to the Premier Division of local cricket. being bowled.

Praise for Maloney Maloney for the past couple years, and this achievement brings lots of satisfaction to me. I believe she is one of this country’s brightest prospects, and by extension one of the best in the region,” Ollivierre told THE VINCENTIAN. He concedes, though, that Maloney is still not at her Michael Ollivierre, Maloney’s best, but is confident that the Shafique Maloney ran away coach, continues to poiont to 14-year-old is one for the with the under-15 heptathlon in the need for improved future. a recent CAC championship. Ollivierre views Maloney’s facilities for track and field in achievement as is a significant SVG. milestone, seeing that “she is NATIONAL TRACK AND American and Caribbean Age the first local person to finish FIELD COACH MICHAEL in the top position in such OLLIVIERRE is in high praise Group Championship, for event.” of Shafique Maloney after she athletes under 15 and 13 “This,” said Ollivierre, “is years. The Championship was finished as the top athlete in an indication of continuity held in Curacao last week. the Heptathlon event at the from a young age,” and posited “I have been working with just concluded Central that this is more reason why

“more attention should be placed on the top under-13 athletes.” Ollivierre hopes the accomplishment by Maloney, and her talent and dedication to training, will serve as inspiration to other young athletes. As for Maloney herself, she expressed “feeling good because I know I put in a lot of hard work before the games.” Maloney, who is a member of ITDat Athletics Club, thanked her coach, Michael Ollivierre, “for his assistance and the confidence he has in me to achieve my goal.” She explained, “I was very confident this time because the last time I competed at

this event, I didn’t do too well but this time I wanted to do better, so I motivated myself and it paid off. Maloney, a student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School and a specialist in the 400 meters and 400 meters hurdles, destroyed the field in the heptathlon, an event comprised of seven events, in this case, an 80 meters sprint, long jump, hurdles, high jump, shot putt, throwing of the cricket ball and 1,000 metres. Ollivierre reiterated his call for a synthetic track so that athletes like Maloney could better helped along a path to becoming world class athletes. I.B.A. Allen

Roberts, Douglas off to Under-15 SHANE ROBERTS AND DELORN DOUGLAS, WHO ARE IN THEIR FINAL PREPARATION before joining their counterparts of the Windward Islands Under-15 cricket team, are in high expectation for the upcoming West Indies Regional Under-15 tournaments, to be held in Jamaica later this month. “I am proud to be representing the Windward Islands, and am looking forward to make lots of runs and take wickets which will help my team do well,” Douglas, a stylist batsman, said during

his final under-19 trials match at Arnos Vale playing field earlier this week. Douglas, who represented Radcliffe Too in the local first division cricket competition, admitted that he didn’t have enough bowling and batting especially for his club, but was still looking forward to do well in his first tournament at the regional level. Roberts, who is also looking forward to his first tournament at this level, said he was glad to represent the Windward Islands. He represented the Combine Youths Cricket Club

in the local first division, and believes he is ready after some good performances. The Regional Under-15 tournament gets going on July 12, with three matches: Jamaica will play Barbados, Guyana opposes Leewards and Trinidad and Tobago take on Windward islands. The matches will be over two days and will be played under tailor-made rules for Under-15 cricket. The Windward Islands last emerged victors of this tournament in 2007. I.B.A.ALLEN

Shane Roberts

Delorn Douglas




Netball: Stuck in gear by: E. Glenford Prescott

One of a kind IRENE WILLIAMS was the matriarch of the Montrose community. She was a genuine Vincentian woman. She was buried last Tuesday after the service at the Kingstown Methodist Church. The eulogy came from Gilbert Telemaque, originally from the Southern Grenadine Island of Canouan. And lawyer Andrew Cummings, within touching distance of her residence, gave a tribute. Irene generated widespread appeal. She galvanised communities throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and through different factors, her home at New Montrose became an international base. Her husband Frank preceded her to the great beyond some years ago. The union between them engendered some earth-shattering connections. It was at her house that I got to know Vance Amory in person. That was in the early seventies. Amory was the Nevisian opening batsman who made his mark on the Combined Islands cricket team. He studied in Barbados and sharpened his skills there. Amory established Vincentian connections, and I got a feeling that he enjoyed coming to Irene’s house. Irene was his Aunt in law then. The boys in Montrose, cricket enthusiasts and sports lovers, developed an admiration for Amory. He went to lead his island and that presented a source of pride to us. It was in the garage at Irene’s home that I learnt to play table tennis. Gravitating around her residence came naturally, for everything abounded there. It was not just a case of play. There was a serious approach to education and culture. Scrabble games took on a competitive edge, and that helped to broaden the scope of all of us who engaged in that pastime. No one was shunned at this house and sometimes I wondered how she coped with the numbers who took advantage of her culinary skills. Irene was part of an extended family. Her children had natural allies, for Frank’s brothers Henry and Moulton carved out their niche on the Vincentian landscape. Everyone could be sure of being well treated, once you entered Irene’s yard. She showed interest in education and ensured that the youngsters balanced their play with academics. She was a Methodist, but no religious fanatic. She was conscious enough to tolerate all spiritual outlook. Born November 6, 1919, she missed out on her hundred mark by seven years. That is evidence of the blessings extended on her for the kind she fulfilled over her career. She was the ideal neighbour, and that trait of love for the person next door seemed to have cast a wide net. Irene never seemed bothered by any travails in life. She was a source of comfort and inspiration, an example of how to handle any symptoms of potential stress. She maintained humility, even though there was that atmosphere of nobility with which she dealt with every aspect of her engagement. It was from her residence that I became familiar with places in West St. George from where she originated. Visits to the Spa water in Gomea were a regular for the Williamses. There were lands at Bois Wood to the interior section of Central Kingstown. When that area was something of a wilderness, the Williams family had carved out a base there. Lands there were fertile and produce was in abundance. That contributed to the supplies at the home. When Frank took time off from his duties at the Banana Industry, it was to Bois Wood that persons in the Montrose Community gravitated. That added variety to life. Irene’s passage along life-path was as natural as any. A poem on her programme is fitting. God saw her getting tired, when a cure was not to be He wrapped His arms around her and whispered Come with me. So keep your arms around her Lord, and give her special care. Make up for all she suffered, and all that seemed unfair.

ANOTHER NATIONAL Netball Championship ended recently, and as has been the case in the recent past, competition in the lower divisions was very keenly contested, with very little separating the teams. HOWEVER, IN THE FIRST Division, the status quo remained, with Vita Malt Maple and Western Union Mitres being head and shoulders above all others. In the league, Vita Malt Maple took top honours, with Mitres coming in a close second and Valley Netters third. The two teams were at it again in the knockout, with Maple edging their opponents by a solitary goal, 57-56. The pattern of two teams ruling the roost in the first division for a number of years is nothing new, according to followers of the sport, but the trend is causing some concerns to some linked to the sport.

then be developed.

Building clubs not just teams

Former president par excellence, Gloria Ballantyne, is also disappointed that the battle for supremacy in Division One netball is not more evenly contested after so many years. She believes that this has come from teams not forming themselves into clubs and approaching things in a more professional manner. “You cannot expect to improve if you do not put in the long hours on Gloria Ballantyne , former president of the SVG have got to Netball Association, wants to see teams move train to see results,” on to another level of organization and become Ballantyne said, the ‘Iclubs. love-netball smile’ overtaking her face. gets upset when the sport is not Ballantyne, who is still seen as doing too well, but readily offers No sustained development plans the face of SVG netball the world advice to help deal with problems. over, even after stepping away “I cannot leave netball Former national player and from administration over a decade totally....I am not in long-time member of Vita Malt ago, disapproves of the “wooing” of administration, but I still conduct Maple, Thelma Foster, believes players from lesser teams, but the Umpires Examination that teams have failed to develop admits that since the players are regionally, and help in any way enough good players to create a not on contracts, there is little possible.........I can never say no to unit that would seriously that can be done to keep them netball,” she said amid a soft challenge the front runners. from going to another team. She, chuckle that gradually turned into Foster, though, admits to the however, feels that teams need to a laugh. poaching of good young talent by do more to make their players Her major disappointment has more established teams. happy so they will not tempted (to been the decisions by the “Netball cannot go anywhere leave), and points to the teams Association to move from when you have teams going to like Joggers, and Falcons One and telecommunications provider take the better players from some Two, which she managed in the LIME to the competing Digicel. of the lesser teams.....that is not past. “I was mad because Cable & right need to encourage “You have to respect the Wireless (Lime’s name before) had the growth of teams not to be players, and their respect for you been good to us all the years. They selfish in your effort to win,” will come naturally........the came to us in the early years Foster said . environment must be created to when we were struggling, and Maple has been around for over make everyone comfortable, and provided us with funds, uniforms six decades and some of the no player will want to leave such and tracksuits.....they really went players, though not having been camaraderie,” she said. out of their way to support the around for that long, are now into In addition, she said that Netball Association......I never the twilight of their careers, a winning plays an important part supported that decision to change fact acknowledged by Foster. in keeping a team together, and must remember “People say that we are an old this helps with fundraising and kindness and moreso, when you team, but the fact is that we are other events, as happens with are down,” Ballantyne said, her still winning......that is not to say Maples now, whom she face looking like a head teacher on that we are not looking for good commended for still being around Monday morning. young players......but those that after all those years. Her smile returned though we have in the second team when she said: “I am glad that (Courts Maple) are not stepping Unwavering passion they have gone back to LIME.” up and we have to look The Association under the elsewhere.” Ballantyne is now a healthy presidency of Godfrey “Fuzzy” Foster said that her club’s three quarter of a century but still Harry had changed sponsorship approach would be different from displays a passion for the sport as by agreeing a three-year deal with the other teams in that they will she did as a longed limbed athlete Digicel, but returned to LIME for be going across the island to who wore SVG colours in the early the 2013 season. identify possible talent which can and mid sixties. She obviously

McDowall satisfied with her effort

Linda McDowall is pleased with her performance in her first international outing.

LINDA MCDOWALL may have placed fourth in the recent CARICOM 10K staged in Trinidad and Tobago, but she said she felt good about completing the race, especially given the quality of athletes against whom she competed. Noted for her middle and long distance track running, McDowall finished in a time of 47 min. 33 sec., to record her best time over the distance for the year. “Competing for the first time at an international event and representing my country was an honour, and I hope to compete at other events in the future,” a smiling McDowall told THE

VINCENTIAN. McDowall believes she has what it takes to replace the late Lisa Daniel as SVG’s leading middle and long distance runner, but admitted, “In order for me to continue the good work of Lisa, I will have to be at my best,: which means training harder.” The 2013 CARCOM 10K for females was won, again, by Tonya Nero of Trinidad and Tobago in a time of 37 minutes 22 seconds, more than 4 minutes better than second placed Alika Morgan of Guyana, who crossed the finish line in 41:46. Kernisha Pascal of Grenada was third in 43 mins. 06 sec. I.B.A.ALLEN




Netball stalwarts recognized being a stickler for detail and punctuality always being on time with the submission of relevant information. Administrator par excellence Lewis was also noted to be Ballantyne, affectionately known as ‘Miss B’, is a one always former national ready to give player, captain, advice and Sonya Lewis was cited for her trainer, coach, Bent on detail and being timely mentor adherence to detail and umpire and long netballers- both punctuality. standing Lewis, who hails from Bequia, was recognised for past and present. administrator, and her contribution in the area of administration at the Although not on the current executive, Lewis currently serves as local and regional level. She has served as lends her expertise for the national good when convener of the Secretary for both the local association and the required, and assists with the annual Calliaqua regional umpires’ regional body- the Caribbean Netball Association. Area Development Organisation’s netball committee. One of her defining traits was described as her competition. She is the longest serving president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, and CAMMIE ADAMS rode his new junction. has served as bike and did so to the top position Bailey, the dominant cyclist treasurer of the in the KPMG 48- mile road race, this year, clocked a time of 2 Americas which took place in the North hours 16 minutes 23 seconds. Federation of Windward area last Sunday, June Third was Dominic Ollivierre in Netball 30. a time of 2 hours 17 minutes 55 Associations Adams clocked 2 hours 16 seconds. He was riding his first (AFNA). minutes 21 seconds in the eightlocal race for some time now, as In addition, lap event and, in the process, he is based overseas. Ballantyne has condemned Zefal Bailey to his Shimano Bailey also returned served as the Vice second straight defeat. to the national circuit, but had to President of the Bailey did not have enough in settle for the fourth spot in 2 National Olympic Gloria Ballantyne OBE, is the tank, as he and Adams hours 18 minutes 3 seconds. Committee, which sprinted to the finish line considered the ‘first Lady of Oneil George, who defeated has crowned her Sport’ in SVG. positioned at the Langley Park Zefal Bailey in the last outing three weeks ago, suffered a punctured tyre on the second lap and was not in contention thereafter. In the 30 miles course category two for the road Shamon Hooper, 86 not out, guided his team, Peto bikers, Steve Ollivierre, in 1 Stars, to 159 for 4 from their 20 overs. That was hour 24 minutes 37 seconds, enough to give them a 74-run win over Carlos snatched first spot. James Troumaca United in the VINLEC North Second was the improving Leeward Cricket Championship match, played at Martin Bollers, who timed 1 Cammie Adams the Petit Bordel Playing Field last Sunday. hour 24 minutes 57 seconds, Vidal Edwards, 29, and Ronqiue Laborde, 24, with Curtis Lewis in third contributed to the score. Javon Samuel, 3 for 34, position in 1 hour 27 minutes. was the most successful bowler for Troumaca The mountain bikers’ United. category was claimed by In their turn at the crease, Troumaca United Shawn Chandler. folded for 85 from 14 overs. Kenneth Dember, He completed the 30-mile 32,was the only batsman with a score of worth event in a winning time of 1 Vidal Edwards undermined the chase with 4 for hour 40 minutes 10 seconds. 19 from two overs. Mayor Edwards, 2 for 19, was The other competitor who also among the wickets. finished the race was David Troumaca United appeared reasonably placed at Thomas; he did so in 1 hour 70 for 3 at one stage, but from the fall of the fourth 42 minutes 11 seconds. wicket at that score, the innings went into a There was no female decline. category in last Sunday’s Two other matches scheduled over the weekend race, which began at the will be rescheduled. Langley Park, and took Saturday’s fixture featuring Circumstances and cyclists to Touruma and back Sharpes was abandoned because of rain. The first to the gas station at Mount game carded for Sunday was also called off because Young. This constituted one of poor pitch conditions. lap or six miles of the course. The competition is slated to resume July 13. Ten Another race is scheduled teams in two Zones are taking part in this year’s for later this month. Shawn Chandler competition. Steve Ollivierre GLORIA BALLANTYNE and Sonya Lewis, two persons who have made sterling contributions to the sport of netball in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and are still doing so, were recognized by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association at its presentation ceremony held at the Kingstown Netball Center on Wednesday 26th June.

SVG’s ‘First Lady of Sports’. She has also held the position of deputy chairperson of the National Sports Council. Ballantyne is also a recipient of an OBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Ballantyne is often remembered by those players who have come under her charge, in her various capacities, that as national players they are ambassadors and as such must conduct themselves in a ladylike manner at all times. Ballantyne is referred to as the “First Lady of Sports”, by the National Olympic Academy.

New bike does it for Adams

Shamon and Vidal disrupt Troumaca


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Happy 3rd Birthday to one of the cutist little boy in Vincy land NATHANIEL MEDICA of North Union who will be celebrating his birthday on Wednesday 10th July 2013. Greeting from: Dad - Alphonso Medical, Mom Natasha Pope and the rest of the home circle. We hope you have a good day.






Sunrise: 12/2/1940 -

Sunrise: 26th Sept, 1928 -


Sunset: 15th June, 2013

Streams of Power Sion Hill Tuesday 2nd July, 2013

Grace & Truth Layou Tuesday 2nd July, 2013

Service at 2:30 pm

Service at 3:00 p.m.

MAY NOREEN LAYNE NEE BRAMBLE WILLIAMS Sunrise 11th May 1938 Sunset 26th June 2013

St JohnÊs Spiritual Pilgrim Baptist Church Sion Hill Wednesday 3rd July, 2013 2:00 pm

AGNES STEPHANIE HEWITT January 1, 1918 - June 11,

GWENDOLYN MCKENZIE GOODING Kingstown S.D.A Church Sunday 7th July, 2013 Service at 2:30 pm


Kingstown Evangelical Church Wednesday 3rd July, 2013 Service at 3:00 pm

The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines



JULY 5, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.21

Shevrille ‘Candy Man’ McMillan (standing at left) addressing the gathering. Others pictured with masqueraders of the Metrocint High Voltage Mas Band, are: (L - R) Marketing Manager Michelle Mortheley, CEO Desiree Richards, General Manager Jacinta Elliott.

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‘Candy Man’ and the staff of Metrocint General Insurance, including Director Mrs. Noreen Richards (3rd from right).

‘CANDY MAN’:THE NEW FACE OF METROCINT sobriquet ‘Candy Man’ would probably call him ‘Contestant Number 12’, ‘BBM’ or refer to him as the leader of a infamous new political party. With that overwhelming, positive national profile to his credit, ‘Candy L-R: Anna La Borde, Miss Metrocint Man’ has joined 2013, presents instruments for one free the family of the Metrocint High Voltage Mas Band first indigenous carnival costume to Ms. Weena Roberts. insurance company in SVG, Metrocint General by KARISSA CLARKE Insurance Company, founded by Edgerton ‘Uncle Metro’ SHEVRILLE ‘CANDY MAN’ Richards. MCMILLAN’S comedic In the presence of his presentations have made him a household name in SVG. Those colleagues, management, staff and friends of the company, who do not know him by the

and representatives of entities who have received sponsorship from Metrocint, CEO Desiree Richards, General Manager Jacinta Elliott and Marketing Manager Michelle Mortheley welcomed ‘Candy Man’ to the family. Richards, CEO, expressed her happiness to have ‘Candy Man’ associated with the company which her father started some 45 years ago. She recalled that her father began the business on a dream, in a time when it was unheard of for a black man to self-fund a business venture of this nature. “Vincentians just did not do this sort of thint,” she equipped. Jacintha Elliot, GM of Metrocint, cited Noreen Richards, wife of ‘Uncle Mtero’, for supporting him

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

with blood, sweat and tears towards establishing a formidable general insurance company, “where local persons felt comfortable and welcomed.” “Today, under the direction of daughter Desiree, and with a host of loyal customers and a competent staff, the company has grown to boast one of the largest motor insurance portfolios in the country, and our homeowners, contractors, all risk and employees liability products are creating quite a stir!” Elliott told the gathering. ‘Candy Man’ McMillan will serve as an integral part of Metrocint’s big plans for its 45th anniversary. Activities will commence in December, and he is expected to be the ‘face’ of those activites. ‘Candy Man’ was happy to

be a p[art of the company. The Marriaqua native told the gathering that his very first bike, car and home have all been insured by Metrocint General Insurance. “Metrocint treats you like family. Their rates are the best, and they all greet you courteously. There’s no one better,” he intimated. “As I myself have just started a family of my own, I know the importance of treating people well and appreciating others. That’s why I am beyond proud to become a part of the Metrocint family,” he added. So, look out for the ‘Candy Man’: he’ll be in your car, in your home, on your radio, computer and your TV, on stage and in the streets! He is the ‘Candy Man’, the new Metrocint Man.

Printed by the SVG Publishers Inc., Campden Park.

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