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JANUARY 25, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.4





Venezuela celebrates its Independence was hoisted by Chargé d’affaires of the On July 5th, 1811, the Embassy, Mrs. Daliana National Congress in Guanipa, amidst a Venezuela declared its fanfare performed by a Independence from the trumpeter of the Royal Spanish Empire. On 14th St. Vincent and the May, 1813, The First Grenadines Police Band. Republic within the Simón Bolivar’s work country was lost to the also came in for Spanish, and Venezuelan commendation. Liberator, Simón Bolívar, At a short ceremony assumed military action which followed, Chargé from San José de Cúcuta, d’affaires Guanipa told to liberate it from Spanish the audience, “This, our power. celebration, constitutes This year, 2013, the continuation of the marks the 202nd Great Historical Project Anniversary of of the Father of the Venezuelan Nation, Liberator Simón, Independence and the and the Socialist Plan of 200th Anniversary of the the Nation written by ‘Admirable Campaign’ Commander Supreme undertaken by Simón Hugo Rafael Chávez Bolívar. Frías… .” To commemorate the She went on to speak country’s Anniversary of with honour of the fallen Independence, the President of her nation, Embassy of the Hugo Chavez, and raised Bolivarian Republic of concern about,“the Venezuela here held a dangerous aggression Flag Raising Ceremony outside its compound, and unacceptable Murray’s Road, last situation that President Friday, 5th July. of Bolivia, Evo Morales, The flag of the encountered on the 2nd Republic of Venezuela of July after attending By Gloriah…

the II Summit of exporting gas countries in Russia”. To her, this action highlighted the need for countries to “request respect to our process of liberation,” and “indicates to us that we must remain united to face the wild aggressions of the empires and neo-

liberalism.” Hon. Cecil Mc Kie spoke on behalf of the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He told the gathering that he was confident that, through the relations experienced by St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Bolivarian Republic of

Venezuela, “true relations with other Latin countries have been enhanced.” Mrs. Daliana Guanipa, Chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Venezuela, highlighted the leadership of Simón Bolivar in the struggle for Venezuela’s independence.

Vincy culture to be showcased The Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture and the SVG Port Authority have come together in an effort to showcase the culture of this country. The two entities are collaborating on staging a Cultural Festival, during the period July 19 to 21, 2013, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. According to information made available to the media, the Festival will feature local, regional and international cuisine, arts and craft displays; a Children’s Playground; book exhibitions; demonstration of traditional cultural characters (wining donkey man, Dame Lorraine, etc.); choral speaking; folk singing; drumming circles; steelband music; a fashion show, and daily entertainment from some of this country’s leading performing artistes, including gospel artistes. The Festival is viewed as an advertisement opportunity for local business, and as an occasion to experience the wide possibilities that exist for use of the facility. Activities will run from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily. Expect to see local works of craft like these and more at the Cultural Festival.

V News 3 Fewer cases of HIV/AIDS in SVG 2004, the World Bank said a total of 796 HIV-positive cases had been reported, reaching an annual high of 108 new cases. At that time, it said 54 percent (431 cases) of the HIV-positive cases had THE WORLD BANK says the government developed AIDS-related diseases and of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves experienced a case fatality rate of 51 has reported few cases of HIV/AIDS, since it implemented a “comprehensive” percent (405 cases), leaving 391 persons living with HIV/AIDS. prevention, treatment and care Among AIDS cases, the World Bank programme to address the epidemic. said the fatality rate was 94 percent. The Washington-based financial It said UNAIDS (2006) estimated institution said last Friday that this programme involves the participation that HIV prevalence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was 1 percent, of civil society. compared with 2 to 4 percent in the It said that, between 2004 and 2010, the annual number of new HIV- Bahamas, Haiti, and Trinidad and Tobago, “suggesting that the positive cases in St. Vincent and the government had an opportunity to Grenadines declined by 41 percent prevent the epidemic from escalating from a baseline of 108 to 64. as it had in other Caribbean During the same period, the bank countries.” said the annual number of new AIDS The World Bank noted that project cases declined by 38 percent from 40 implementation involved mass cases to 25. campaigns and provision of HIV Moreover, it said the total number of persons tested for HIV, through the lessons, as part of life skills training in all public primary and secondary Voluntary Counseling and Testing classes, “which have likely contributed program, reached 8,927 in 2010, to enhanced prevention activities and “exceeding the project’s target of changes in behavior and attitudes.” 2,000.” It said the project design was Following the identification of the aligned with the country’s priority of first HIV-positive case in 1984, the halting and controlling the spread of World Bank said the government of St. HIV/AIDS in a comprehensive Vincent and the Grenadines manner, while strengthening human established a response programme, and institutional capacity. which eventually led to the The World Bank said project development of the National components were structured around HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted implementing agencies, “which created Infections Strategic Plan 2001-2006. But it said, despite the “high level” a clear division of labor.” Given the country’s limited human of HIV/AIDS awareness in the resources, it said the project drew on country, “positive behavioral change and strengthened existing expertise in remained a challenge.” other World Bank-financed projects. It said the annual number of new National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan HIV-positive cases declined by 41 percent from 108 cases in 2004 to 64 in It noted that the National 2010, the final project implementation HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2004-2009 year, stating that the project expanded focused on a “comprehensive voluntary counseling and training approach.” services in all 39 health centers. At the time of project appraisal, in bY NELSON A. KING; US CORRESPONDENT


Strengthening human resource The World Bank said the project trained more Mass media campaigns promoted changes in counselors and refurbished and equipped behavior and attitudes towards prevention and life after an HIV-diagnosis in St. Vincent and the 18 health centers to provide HIV rapid testing. Grenadines. It also said while the sexual interactions, including European Union is currently supporting the government, the latter unprotected sex with multiple or has “proactively transitioned key staff concurrent partners; stigma; and economic conditions that fuel the into its permanent structure, thus exchange of sex for goods or money,” it promoting continuity of key added. interventions. The HIV and AIDS National “The challenge moving forward is to retain key staff to manage, coordinate, Strategic Plan 2010-14 said the population segments at risk for HIV and implement the program, and to were heterosexual youth (men and continue engaging and strengthening women) and men who have sex with civil society organizations and line ministries through training, provision men (MSM). “A finding shows that while of technical assistance and unprotected sex between men may opportunities for networking and contribute to HIV risk in SVG, the coordination,” the World Bank said. number of those men is probably small enough to only partially drive the HIV On the ground in SVG epidemic,” it said. “Data suggest that a larger According to the St. Vincent and the population segment of heterosexual Grenadines HIV and AIDS National Strategic Plan 2010-14, the main mode men and women, young adults, mostly with low economic resources, who may of HIV transmission is through have multiple partners and may heterosexual contact, accounting for about 70 percent of all HIV infections. engage in periodic or sporadic transactional sex, either to cover basic It said recorded needs, or have access to other material homosexual/bisexual and vertical items they could not otherwise afford, transmissions account for 10 percent is also at risk for HIV,” it added. and 4 percent of cases, respectively. “The national response to the “HIV risk in St. Vincent and the epidemic has been aggressive with the Grenadines is at the confluence of establishment of a National AIDS different but overlapping population Council and its Secretariat (NAS), cosegments that interact socially and chaired by the Prime Minister and the sexually,” said the Plan in a Minister of Health and the statement. Environment, to provide a multi“The HIV epidemic in St. Vincent sectoral coordination,” the statement and the Grenadines is driven by continued.

Un - headlined news APPARENTLY IT HURTS POPE FRANCIS to see priests driving around flashy cars, and he has told them to buy something more ‘humble’. Reuters News reports that as part of his drive to make the Catholic Church more austere and focus on the poor, Francis told young and trainee priests and nuns from around the world, that having the latest smartphone or fashion accessory was not the route to happiness. “It hurts me when I see a priest or a nun with the latest model car, you can’t do this,” he said. “A car is necessary to do a lot of work, but please, choose a more humble one. If you like the fancy one, just think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world,” he said. Since taking up his position as head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has caused quite a stir in the Vatican. For example, he has vacated the luxurious papal apartments for a Vatican guest house. What will he think of next?

The National AIDS Secretariat Headquarters in St Vincent and the Grenadines.




Prosecutor applauds police and public by HAYDN HUGGINS

PROSECUTOR at the Serious Offences Court, Inspector Adolphus Delpleche, has lauded the local constabulary and the public on their performance during the Carnival celebrations, which climaxed on Tuesday July 9. “I think the police did an excellent job in maintaining law and order,” the prosecutor said while speaking to THE VINCENTIAN following Wednesday’s adjournment of the Serious Offences Court. Delpleche said 27 new arrests were brought before the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, but they were all in connection with minor offences. These included damage to property, assault causing bodily harm, simple wounding, possession of offensive weapons and small quantities of marijuana. The Kingstown Magistrate’s court has not been sitting in recent months as the presiding Magistrate, Rechanne Browne-Mathias, is on leave. As a result, all new arrests from Kingstown and its environs are taken before the Serious Offences Court.

Civilians lingered on the scene of the shooting for some time after the wounded police officer had been taken to hospital.

Police officer wounded by KENVILLE HORNE Men and women of the Royal SVG Police Force forego engaging in the revelry of Carnival to ensure that law and order is maintained. Delpleche pointed out that the new matters which came before the Court on Wednesday reflect that this year was very quiet compared to previous Carnivals when there were much more serious matters coming before the court on the Wednesday after Carnival. The prosecutor thinks the vigilance of the police patrols impacted significantly. “The police patrols were very effective in terms of being a deterrent, and the arrests that were made for possession of edoffensive weapons were based on keen observation,” he said. These weapons included

knives, scissors, ice-picks and bottles. And while Delpleche highly commended the police for their role, he also praised the public for conducting themselves in an orderly manner during the entire Carnival season. “Without them (public) the police’s work would not have been effective,” Delpleche underscored. “I look forward to an even better Carnival next year. I would like a Carnival without any arrest for a criminal offence,” the prosecutor concluded. Apart from the death of 17-year-old Camillia Trimmingham of Diamond, who was run over by the rear wheel of

Inspector Adolphus Delpleche, Prosecutor at the Serious Offences Court, reported that this Carnival period was relatively quiet when compared to last year. a trailer in the heat of the J’Ouvert morning revelry, there were no reports of any major incidents during the Carnival celebrations.

‘Que Pasa’s’ sentencing adjourned, again by HAYDN HUGGINS THE CONFISCATION HEARING and sentencing of convicted money launderer, Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau, has again been adjourned. The confiscation hearing is now set for October 9, 2013, pursuant to Section 9 of the Proceeds of Crime Act. However, Gellizeau, along with Bermudian seaman Winston Franklyn Robinson, will be sentenced on July 22. The further adjournments were granted last Wednesday, at the request of the defence. Gellizeau is represented by UKbased attorney Shiraz Aziz, instructed by local attorney Mira Commissiong. Alberton Richelieu of St. Lucia is representing Robinson. The previous adjournment of Gellizeau’s confiscation hearing and sentencing was decided during a Case Management hearing on May 7, after the defence indicated that they needed additional time to study the prosecution’s statements related to the application to

confiscate Gellizeau’s assets. An application for the confiscation of Gellizeau’s assets was filed March 8, 2012, the same day he and Robinson were convicted on money laundering charges at the Serious Offences Court. The confiscation application, which was prepared by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in conjunction with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), was made in relation to approximately EC$10 million believed to be Gellizeau’s benefits from criminal conduct. This includes vehicles, yachts, houses and cash. Chief Magistrate Sonya Young had committed Gellizeau and Robinson to the High Court for sentencing after convicting them of two money laundering charges, March 8, 2012. The charges stemmed from the April 5, 2008 seizure of US$1.7 million in cash, aboard a yacht, ‘Jo Tobin, in Vincentian Waters. The men were charged with bringing the money into the country and concealing the cash, the proceeds of criminal conduct.

(L-R) Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau and Winston Robinson are up for sentencing.

A MEMBER OF THE ROYAL SVG Police Force is said to have been treated and discharged from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after being shot in the foot, on J’Ouvert morning, Monday 8th July. The officer, a constable, whom reliable sources named as Sunil Barker of Penniston, is reported to have sustained a gunshot wound just after the ‘J’Ouvert celebrations had climaxed. He was in civilian attire when shot. The incident occurred outside Choice Meats Ltd. business place on Bay Street. When THE VINCENTIAN arrived on the scene, the officer had already been taken to the hospital. However, there were a number of ice box vendors, J’Ouvert revelers and others on the scene. Witnesses recounted seeing a group of police officers taking a young men into custody. The man is said to have put up some resistance. A woman who said she was close to the officer when the incident occurred, told THE VINCENTIAN she heard a loud bang and then noticed the officer going down. “Me na see nobody take out no gun, up to now me na see no gun,” she asserted. She confirmed that other police officers came to the wounded officer’s assistance and took him to the hospital. On Wednesday, when THE VINCENTIAN contacted the Police Public Relations Office for verification, Inspector Hawkins Nanton said he could not comment on the matter.

Man charged with attempted church burglary by HAYDN HUGGINS

(L-R) Attorney’s Shiraz Aziz and Mira Commissiong represent Antonio ‘Que Pasa’ Gellizeau.

A 48-year-old man of Buccament was brought before the Serious Offences Court on Monday, charged with attempting to burglarize the St. Mary’s Anglican Church at Pembroke last Sunday. John Browne pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday. He was granted bail in the sum of $2,000 with one surety. The matter was adjourned to August 7 and transferred to the Layou Magistrate’s Court. Reports are that shortly after midday last Sunday, a Church member returned to the church and met Browne with a hammer trying to break off a door on the western side of the church. The Vermont police were summoned. They responded promptly and met Browne in the area.




Jack is in the race

Austin Jack Warner has broken ranks with the UNC, the party he allegedly helped to bankroll.

PM Mitchell wants action now THE CARICOM Heads of Government Summit to mark the 40th anniversary of the regional grouping, opened in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Wednesday 3rd July, 2013. Addressing the Summit on Wednesday was Grenadian Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, who was returning to the CARICOM meeting after five years in political opposition. He reflected on the current financial woes affecting most CARICOm member states. “Times are more difficult, and the need for solutions are more urgent… the results from this meeting should be far reaching and tangible,” Dr. Mitchell told his fellow Heads. He made a particular call for member states to implement legislation to resolve issues surrounding transportation and the free movement of residents and capital across the region. Dr. Mitchell advanced the view that a transportation task force to examine the various challenges affecting the region in this regard,

Trinidad and Tobago continues to be a hotbed of political machinations

Khadijah Ameen replaces Jack Warner as the UNC candidate in a byelection for a seat he held previously.

THE most recent development there, is that former Minister of National Security and representative for Chaguanas West in the House of Representatives, Austin Jack Warner, has announced the formation of a new political party. The party is called the Independent Liberal Party (ILP), Warner said, in a speech to ‘his constituents’ last week Friday. This comes as a response to Warner being discarded as the candidate for the United People Congress (UNC), in a by-election in that constituency, scheduled for July 29. Warner had resigned as Minister of National Security on April 21, 2013, and one day after he submitted his resignation as Chairman of the UNC, of which he had been a member for some 15 years. His seat in the House of Representatives was officially declared vacant on May 10, clearing the way for a by-election. He had first won the seat in 2007 in a landslide victory. The UNC is the biggest partner in People’s Partnership Coalition government. After recent deliberations, the UNC announced Warner was replaced by Khadijah Ameen as its choice to contest the by-election. Warner, as he had promised, kept his prospects open and announced his candidacy as an independent candidate and, not waiting for the UNC to expel him, the 70-year-old announced his new political party. In his speech last week Friday, Warner told supporters that, following the July 29 by-election, he plans to formally apply, on behalf of the ILP, to become a full-fledged partner in the

People’s Partnership coalition Government. But he also took the opportunity to take a snipe at his former colleagues, accusing the People’s Partnership Coalition Government as having changed since getting into office. He, however, urged his supporters not to blame A PRINCIPAl of a secondary Prime Minister Kamal school in Antigua and Persad-Bissessar for his Barbuda has called for removal, pointing them adjustments to be made with instead to what he referred respect to vacation periods of to as a UNC cabal, who he the school year. inferred as having The Antigua Observer disregarded the fact that out newspaper reported Colin of the 31 party groups in Greene, Principal of the Chaguanas, all nominated Princess Margaret him. Secondary School as making Of Khadijah Ameen, his the call. replacement and opponent, Greene is said to have he asked: “Which party recommended that the groups nominated her and at Easter vacation be reduced by one week and the August which meetings?” or summer vacation be Speaking at a UNC forum extended by the same earlier in last week, PM period. Persad-Bissessar had “Here in Antigua, the accused Warner of being Ministry of Education disloyal, to the party and manages that structure, and disrespectful to the people in I’ll give a couple of reasons his moves to wage a battle why there should be an against Ameen, in the adjustment in the school Chaguanas West by-election. vacation periods,” the Trinidadians await the Observer quotes Greene as outcome with bated breaths, since it is common knowledge that Warner has been one of the dominant personalities in the UNC, and that his support, both political and financial, has been critical to the party’s electoral success.

should be established within six months. Mitchell also proposed that a “Single ICT Space” be created. “There are real, real opportunities that our countries must grasp if we hope to compete in this global environment,” he pointed out. Dr. Keith Mitchell, Prime The 2006 Caribbean Minister of Grenada, Knowledge and Learning returned to make a call Network (CKLN), which for decisive action. was mandated to be established, is still not said. functioning, as several He also issued a call for member states have not more emphasis on ratified its conventions. cooperation in sports, This inter-governmental citing the need for better agency of CARICOM was facilities and government set up to build a regional assistance. broadband network “We need to do more for connecting all CARICOM our youths, as many have countries, and connecting been disappointed by their them to the world. This is leaders,” he said. (Source: needed urgently, according Caribbean News Day.) to the prime minister. “This continues to be a hindrance to the development of the CKLN, which is so CARICOM Heads and Officials in Port vital to its of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, for the work,” 40th Anniversary Meeting. Mitchell

Call for change to vacation periods saying. “We have three sets of vacations: in the Christmas time, we have three weeks; in Easter, we have two, and in summer we have eight. What has happened over the years, our association with external examination bodies has changed … what that has done for us is that many of the deadlines that have been set by institutions like CXC actually fall in the Easter vacation for many of our students and teachers.” What this means, among other things, according to Greene, is that teachers in the secondary schools are not able to take their Easter vacation, as they end up teaching throughout that break. An adjustment to the vacation period, Greene said, would keep children in

CXC demands have caused schools to have to adjust unofficially. school at the most critical time in their preparation for external examinations, and allow teachers to rest during the summer period, as opposed to volunteering their time during their vacation. “What we were advocating is to have a shortened period in Easter, and then that week or so that is (remaining) is added on to the summer,” he said. “There’s another dynamic to that. The teachers are civil servants and they have vacation requirements as prescribed by law, and by their terms and conditions of service, so they are entitled to 13 weeks vacation. So whatever structure that is put in place has to acknowledge that.”

(Source: Antigua Senior secondary school students may be better served Observer Newspaper) with adjusted vacation periods.




LowmanÊs School on the way up


ACCORDING TO PRINCIPAL OF THE LOWMANS LEEWARD ANGLICAN SCHOOL, Ms. Venda Smith, the school, in 2013, achieved its best performance since 2000. Ms. Smith described 2000 as an outstanding year, one in which the school gained top ten status, but since then, she told the school’s Graduation Ceremony on July 3, the school has struggled. She took pleasure in announcing that in 2013, the school had returned to its overall performance of 2000, gaining (in 2013) a 70% overall passing average, with 18 students being in the top 500. There were also extra-curricular achievements in 2013, particularly in sports, namely Kiddy Cricket, football and netball. In Ms. Smith’s assessment, some physical adjustments, resulting in an improved attitude by students, and quality teachers combined to make the difference in 2013. Top Performers As far as top Common Entrance Examination (CEE) students were concerned, Dimelon Francis placed 12th and 22nd overall for boys, while top female student Ahjea Jackson placed 16th and 34th overall for girls. Francis took home honours as: the Most Outstanding CCE, for which he received the Nicholas Lucas Award; Most Outstanding male student ; Best

Performer in Language Arts at; and Best Performer in Mathematics. Ahjea Jackson, the Most Outstanding female student, also took away the awards for Most Outstanding Spanish student and Most Consistent in Mathematics. Francis and Jackson, along with four other

students who gained 90% or more in the CCE Mathematics, received Dimelon Francis receives the Nicholas financial rewards from their Lucas award from Lucas’ brother. Lucas’ Mathematics teacher, James mother and Principal Venda Smith (left) Wilson. are also pictured. Also on the honours roll were Alana Delpesche for being the third best have made. performer, and Deacon William and “I beg you to respect your parents at Reanna Keizer for being the Most all time, even though your parents might Improved students, male and female disrespect you,” he said. respectively. The occasion of the graduation was also used to recognize and honour two Other Graduation items The Graduation ceremony was addressed by Aldia Gumbs of the Ministry of Education. She congratulated the graduands, commended the teachers for a sterling job, and informed that 2013 marked the last year for the CCE. This, she cited, will be replaced next year by the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA). Guest Speaker and past student, musician, Sylvan Scott, advised the students to believe in God, and remember the sacrifice their parents

Ahjea Jackson receives the award for the Most Outstanding female performer. former students of the school: Lawyer Keisal Peters for outstanding performance in Education; and Prosecutor Inspector Adolphus Delplesche for outstanding contribution and dedication to SVG.

Graduates of the Class of 2013 took place of pride.

Ambassador Marcano launches book FORMER AMBASSADOR OF THE NATO, the international Zionism, and BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF speaks to the right of people to selfVENEZUELA to St. Vincent and the determination, sovereignty, national Grenadines, H.E. Yoel Perez Marcano, independence, Integration and Social has published a book which, among Justice, as proclaimed by the Bolivarian other things, highlights his tenure, 2007 Revolution. to 2013, in this country. Speaking at the launch, was the The launch held in Venezuela, was Chargé d’Affaires Mrs. Yvette Wickham witnessed by: this country’s Chargé who had words of thanks for d’affaires in Venezuela, Mrs. Yvette Ambassador Yoel Perez Marcano for his Wickham; Mayor of the city of Valencia, leadership of the Venezuelan Mission in Edgardo Parra; Deputies Fernando Soto her country, highlighting especially Rojas and Saul Ortega; the Directors of Ambassador Marcano’s role in ensuring the Venezuelan Association of Caribbean that the International Seminar of Africa, Studies, Gustavo Fernandez Colon and Caribbean and Latin America, was held Diogenes Diaz; and a large group of for four consecutive years, bringing comrades, friends and relatives of the together academics, social and Ambassador. community leaders, to discuss the The work, prefaced by Revolutionary challenges of the integration of people. Deputy Fernando Soto Rojas, contains Ambassador Marcano is currently on several articles written by Ambassador duty at the Venezuelan Diplomatic Pérez Marcano in the period 2007 to mission in Belize. 2013, during his tenure as Head of Mission of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and scenarios related to the International policy of the Government of the late Commander Hugo Chavez and President Nicolas Maduro. The Ambassador, in many of the articles, takes umbrage with the ‘hegemonic policy’ and warmongers of the Mrs. Yvette Wickham, SVG’s Chargé imperialist d’affaires in Venezuela, addressing the Government launch of Ambassador Yoel Marcano’s of the United book. States of America and Inset: H.E. Ambassador Yoel Perez its Marcano recounts his tenure in SVG in subordinate his book. allies of



Carnival Heat

PlayersÊ Juniors win with ÂThe Garifuna StoryÊ by WILLIAM KOJAH’ ANTHONY ‘THE GARIFUNA STORY’, AS TOLD BY SVG PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL MAS BAND in the colour and artistry of carnival, won the 2013 Junior Band of the Year title. They secured the judges nod when they appeared at Victoria Park, Thursday July 4. That was five days after the originally scheduled date for the Junior Carnival extravaganza, which was put off because of bad weather. Players offered two sections, ‘Spirit of Ashanti’ and ‘Arawaks and Kalinago’, which

Winning Junior Section, ‘Spirit of Ashanti from Players’ ‘The Garifuna Story’. Left: Akel James, Junior King of Carnival, portrayed ‘Rays of the Sun’; from Ahdrenalin Mas Band’s ‘Existenz’.

after claiming first and second respectively in the Junior Sections of the Bands, combined to produce the winning band. Runners-up to Players

in the Band of the Year challenge were Guinness y de Lima Hitz FM Blondie Bird and Friends, with ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’, with

Sugar City and Botanic Gardens from the Band with in second position, and ‘Jewel Fairies’ from ‘Romancing the Stone’, a Mirage Productions presentation, m Players’ taking third. pirit of Ashanti fro ‘S n, io ct Se or ni Winning Ju Players also a Story’. copped the Junior ‘The Garifun Queen of Carnival title with ‘Hairoun Splendour of Nature’, portrayed by Raphelia Bailey. She beat Jaynaia Prescott, portraying ‘The Doric Temple’ from Blondie Bird and Friends, into second. Third place went to K-Tricia IsaacCollins who depicted ‘Summer and Winter’ from Metrocint General Insurance Company/The Vincentian Publishing Company in association with High Voltage Mas production ‘Tribute 50’. or Queen, ‘The Friends’ Juni aia Prescott, from d The Junior King title an d ir B ie Jayn Blond went to Ahdrenalin Mas portrayed by oric Temple’ s of the Caribbean’. D Band Existenz. Akel el the band ‘Jew James depicting ‘Rays of the Sun’ claimed the band’s first ever victory in this category. Second place went to Blondie Bird’s Jelani Niles with his presentation ‘Land of Sea, Sand and Sun’, with SVG Players taking the third spot when Tyrese Grant displayed the costume ‘Emperor Abubakari 11 of Mali’. Thirteen masquerade bands crossed the stage the in the Junior Carnival A “Jewel Fairy’ from Mirage’s ‘Romancing parade. Stone.’



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Editorial CARICOM in a Mid-Life Crisis? CARICOM IS LIKE A MAN; AT 40 YEARS OLD, it has entered the period commonly referred to as ‘midlife crisis’. In times past, ‘midlife crisis’ was associated with a period of indecision, even depression, and one when impulsive decisions were wont to be made. However, in recent times, it is a period that has been described both as the fore-mentioned and also as a period of transition, when, in fact, there can be tremendous growth.To make anything good of this ‘midlife crisis’, one has to recognize it as it develops, and take charge and avoid the ‘downers’, like depression. So what if we considered CARICOM as currently into a ‘midlife crisis’ period; what might we discover: a period of depression and indecision, or a period of growth? Sure, there has been growth and advancement through the 40 years, but the question is: Has there been significant drawbacks that have exacerbated a ‘midlife crisis’? The 40th anniversary of the regional integration movement was marked by the holding of the 34th Summit (of Heads of Government) in Trinidad and Tobago, last week. The venue seemed appropriate, since it was in that Caribbean country that CARICOM was founded on July 4, 1973, with the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas. After 40 years, the 34th Summit was still considering resolutions to transportation and customs related challenges — since the situation was still, in 2013, one in which the 15-member countries (of CARICOM) are still cut off from each other, and inter-regional trade was still a story of imbalances, favouring the larger territories. After 40 years, the economies of the member countries are, for all intents and purposes, small economies that produce and or offer the same goods and services, a reality that seems to fly in the face of meaningful inter-regional trade. After 40 years, the picture across the region is one of diverse development — serious disparities — with Bahamas, the wealthiest, with a per captia GDP of US$21, 985 and Haiti, the poorest, at US$671.(Source: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean — 2010.) No wonder therefore, that the 34th Summit was down to consider that disparity, determined, if pre-Summit reports were correct, to devise measures to close the (widening) gap. After 40 years, the region is still without a signal airline to link major airports and lower air transportation costs; in fact, there exists a situation of competing airlines for (the same) customers/markets. This too, was reportedly an agenda item, with Heads expected to consider measures to improve air and sea transportation, and to consider the attendant issue of customs requirements, the latter a burning issue as inter-regional trade in commodities are faced with a range of differing customs regulations. On this (customs/trade issue), Dr. Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada, 40 years hence, is reported to have made the clarion call for action to facilitate faster and cheaper movement of goods across the Caribbean. After 40 years, the 15-member CARICOM, the second-oldest economic integration movement after the European Union, has not reached lasting agreements to deal with trade ties, common security and mutual development. Yet, the 34th Summit received a proposal urging the admission of the Dominican Republic as a full-fledged member of CARICOM, in an attempt to reinforce the group’s international presence, especially, it would appear, in light of the EPA-CARIFORUM relationship. After 40 years, CARICOM is still plagued with demonstrations of insularity. Twelve members, for example, have found it to their benefit to become part of Petrocaribe, a facility set up by the late Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, that offers its members concessionary arrangements on oil purchases; a facility that has increased Venezuela’s influence in the region, or parts of the region. And all of this is happening as the US and China sweep through the region, in the persons of their Vice President and President respectively, looking to foster collaborations in energy projects in the region, a region, in so far as it relates to relations with the far east, that is divided by split relations between the People’s Republic of China (China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan). And on the issue of a common Court of Final Appeal: see a letter writer’s piece on page 9. So, are we or are we not in a midlife crisis?

The revived InterSchools Tournament AT LAST THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN REGIONAL INTEGRATION have spotted that the old School Tournaments had been a factor necessary to the establishment, growth and development of that noble concept. So there are now moves afoot to revive them in the hope that it is better late than never. I have made available to the management of the new thrust my own article on its history, written and published in the St. Vincent Grammar School Magazine of January 1990. I noticed too an article in the midweek of the “Searchlight” 2nd July 2013, aimed at whipping up interest in the renewed venture. That article featured our own 76 years old Foster Huggins, an old athlete of the mid-1950s. A better example could not be found anywhere of the complete sportsman who epitomised the motto of the school, an inquisitive mind in a superb body, emphasing the complementary roles which education and physical exercise play in creating the total youngster, the future cream of the nation. Unfortunately, I have to correct the submitted photograph that accompanies the article in question. It is not of the SVG tournament team that performed in 1954 in St Lucia. It is more precisely that of the B.G. S cricket squad that wrested the coveted Fraser-Neckles Cup from the regular champs, K.C.C. That squad comprised: Vin Cuffy (cap), Eardley Stephens, Alfie Roberts Eddie Griffith, Carl Glen, Ken Boyea, Victor Hadley, Venold Charles, Foster Huggins, Camie King, Raymond Liverpool, Ayrton Clouden, Lawrence Collymore and Kenneth John. The tournament contingent was normally 18 persons. In fact, five players were added to the cricket team, namely N.D. Jack, Marcus Creese, Alfred Herbert, Ian Mc Millan and Rowe as booster of athletics and foot-ball. I was the sole person subtracted as not being good enough as a supposed cricket specialist. I warn journalists of not doing research thoroughly, of often presenting slap-dash and inaccurate work presumably in the misguided interest of speed and time! For the rest of my contribution, I have to remark that that sportswriter showed brilliant judgement in selecting, probably the country’s best all-rounder of all time, Foster Huggins, around whom to weave his plug for the school’s tournament. Prior to the 1970s, we had only the Victoria Park to stage all games, principally cricket and football. It meant that there were two distinct seasons for

both games to share one venue equitably. As a natural consequence, we produced some very attractive athletes who topped in both fields, of which Foster Huggins was arguably the ‘First among Equals’ over the years. The galaxy of stars is impressive by any standard, and I challenge the likes of Carlton Horne, Maurice Lee or George Howard to fill in missing blanks in my list. Paul Boucher, St Clair Warner, Maurice Browne, Cayley Bonadie, Frank Mason Moulton Williams, Barney Jacobs, Augustine Dennie, Rudolph “Bricks” Wilson, Sylvester “Scobie” Taylor, Garnet Niles, Garnet Brisbane, Robert Mc. Caullay , Ian Neverson, Lawrence “Babs” Jones, Fred Trimmingham, Vincent Hadaway, Cambridge . The two major games apart, Foster Huggins was more than a jack of all trades, and the master of each. He featured when the Grammar School introduced aquatic sports. He was an ace jumper and hurdler in athletics. At soccer, he could hold his own as leftwinger, but, was impenetrable as the Nation’s goal-keeper in football. Huggins developed as a right-handed middle order batsman, a guileful medium pacer, a close-to-the wicket fielder who snapped up impossible catches. He played for both the national and the regional teams, establishing at one time a record partnership with his old Reeves House mate, Alfie Roberts of West Indies Test fame. For the better part of his adult years, Foster lived in the USA and England where his cricket caught the eyes of MCC Scouts, who invited him to their club which he slighted! At 76, Foster looks nimble, sprightly and able-bodied, still the sporting personality of fifty years ago when he was in his prime. He is indeed the perfect symbol to offer as model for the resuscitated games. But, we can go further back to the renewed post-war tournament which was hosted by Grenada in 1947. Vincentian representatives still alive but not exactly kicking are A.C Cyrus, Albert “Jus” Edwards, Bertram “Molly” Arthur and Dougal “Boogs” Cox. These four should be honoured for keeping hope alive in an integrated Windward Islands. We welcome the renovated tournament. The Fairer sex is included; many more schools are involved; a much wider variety of competition is on show; it is the time for the flower of our youth to bloom. In spite of all, our cup runneth over. We must seize the time.




Caricom 40, but no CCJ Mr. Editor, this should have been a period of celebration across the region. After all, we are supposed to be celebrating the 40th anniversary of CARCOM

but sadly, it seems the or two forward. celebration is only for the But, Mr. Editor, there Heads of Government. is one area of cooperation or lack of (I shudder to think that this cooperation that baffles is a case of Nero fiddling me. Why is it, as we while Rome burns.) speak, that the Caribbean Court of YES, AS I SAID, Justice, on which our WE SHOULD BE esteemed son, Justice REJOICING. Adrian Saunders, sits, is The truth is that not accepted as our final we have made court of appeal by 12 of some ground the 15 member states of towards CARICOM? meaningful I imagine that there integration. We have been all kinds of have some reasons why this is so, common services but can’t our political that we really leaders, our elected didn’t invent but governments, not realize merely built on. that this reluctance to Whatever accept the CCJ as our though, we have final court of appeal moved on some does not have a very fronts to carry nice smell about it? the ideals of the What are they afraid founders of of? Are we to conclude CARICOM a step that they feel they have

Help retirees I HAVE BEEN RETIRED FOR WELL OVER TEN YEARS NOW AND I DARE SAY, things have been brown. Given the prices for foodstuff, and the high amounts charged for electricity, water and telephones, my ‘little’ pension just about makes it every month, once I am prepared to forego some ‘niceties’ that I ought to be enjoying in my twilight years. Also, I have found myself having to get back on what I used to give to my church. The ‘few cents’ I have in the Building and Loan, I have no access to, as I write this.

And it’s no use talking about me buying a ‘new used’ car anytime now or in the foreseeable future. I’ll have to make do with the old jalopy; watch how many trips I make, for it would not be long before I cannot afford gas or pay to repair my car. I would be happy for a little increase, Mr. PM and Minister of Finance. As you would well know, my pension is no where near what some others are getting for having done a lot less than I did for my country. Retiree

years. So the Cricket Board organize their tours by International teams in the heart of the rain and we parade some of our best art in the rain. Does that make any sense? It hard, real hard for people to be buying up tickets to see big cricket stars and people spending hundreds on carnival costumes and SOMETHING GOT TO BE down comes the rain. All fall WRONG with we West Indians. down. How come we can’t see that I must be stupid or something something wrong with our understanding of our own weather? and definitely don’t have them bid degrees like our great planners, We so smart that look what we but is one thing I know, and that is do: We organize cricket in June when it rains in these parts and and July, and Carnival in most when it does not. islands now in the same months. And you know what: Them months is pure rain these last few Ground Hog

We don’t know the weather

much more to lose than to gain? Is it that a radical shift might cause them to lose the ‘power’ and influence they wield in their respective states? I find it hard to believe that, with all the anti-colonial types that now head governments in the region, our own Dr. Gonsalves, Dr.

Anthony in St. Lucia for example, would want to hold on to some old colonial practice which, by the way, many Commonwealth countries have seen it fit to do away with. Have our anti-colonial warriors all of a sudden turned coat, now that they have tasted a bit of power of their people?

Get off your backs and do the right thing, Caribbean leaders. Get rid of the Privy Council and accept our own. After all of that, it is good still to commend our leaders for having stuck with the regional movement for the last forty years. Johnson, L

Set up inquest now I KNOW THIS SHORT LETTER WILL REACH YOU DURING THE CARNIVAL SEASON, but I hope that it will meet with your consideration for publication. I want to join with the family of the late Othniel Whyte, of Union Island, especially his son, Abdon, in their call for an inquest into Mr. Whyte’s death. According to Abdon, it is a year since his father’s unexplained death and still there has been no move to order an inquest. From what I could remember, Mr. Whyte died during an operation involving the Coast Guard and the

SSU as they intercepted a boat crewed by Venezuelans. Two Venezuelans also died during that operation. As I understand it, regardless of who or what a person is perceived to be, if that persons dies in mysterious circumstances, especially in circumstances involving local law enforcement officials, there should be an inquest into that person’s death. So come on, Mr. DPP. Do the right thing and get that inquest going. The family of Mr. Whyte deserves it. Garnet. NY.

Too much ‘speechifying SOMEBODY CALLED IN TO A RADIO PROGRAMME THE OTHER day about all the ‘speechifying’ at the carnival shows. I didn’t believe what he was saying; but after I asked around, I have to agree with the caller. He was saying that since the carnival has an official launch, that is the only time you should have all ‘speechifying’. Open the thing and done with that!!’ You know, since the launch, and up to Dimanche Gras when I am writing this (Dimnanche Gras has not started yet), the CDC had ‘speechifying’ on at least four shows: The Miss SVG Show, Fantastic

Friday, Miss Carival, The Junior Pan Fest . The funny thing is that it looks like the same people doing all the talking, except for a few changes here and there. I wonder, Mr. Editor, how many different things these people have to say? Time to forget all the ole talk, and get down to the business of the show. Nobody wants to hear what the Minister and the chairman have to say. They just talking to themselves. So, CDC, get out the ‘speechifying’. Leave that for when we go serenading at Christmas time. Is then yo go hear speech. Larry

* If now that there has been a tragedy during the street jumps for carnival, is there going to be a move to regulate the size and types of trucks to be used on our already narrow streets? * I thought we had sound (audio) engineers in SVG. What happened to them during carnival, especially at the calypso shows? * Should calypsonians be compensated for the rotten deal they got with poor sound at Victoria Park? * Will the Ministry of Tourism (or is it the Tourism Authority) please publish the number of visitors we had for carnival and from whence they came? Why was this ever stopped?




Skarpyon’s ‘Hope’ springs eternal Story by: WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY Photos by: ROBERT CLOUDEN

Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, 2013 Calypso Monarch, came good on his promise of 2010.

Shaunelle McKenzie, joint 3rd place, returned to her roots, calypso, and showed some of what had earned her accolades in the Junior Calypso competition.

SHERNELLE ‘SKARPYON’ WILLIAMS was not in the original cast when the names were announced for the Dimanche Gras Calypso final. Ronald ‘Ron B’ Browne withdrew, for personal reasons, making way for a replacement. ‘Skarpyon’ filled the spot. And what a twist of fate it was. The stone that the builder had rejected, so to speak, proved to be the cornerstone of the foundation. ‘Skarpyon’, the cross-genre recording and performing artiste who had openly declared two years ago his ambition of taking the calypso title, made maximum use of his second chance, and worked his way to become the 2013 National Calypso Monarch, doing the numbers, ‘Until’ and ‘Song of Hope’. In the process, he improved on his best showing up to then in the competition — a second place finish in 2011. But royalty is not new to ‘Skarpyon’. He was

Dennis Bowman, joint 3rd place, made an impression with his commentary on National Hero Chief Joseph Chatoyer.

the Ragga Soca monarch in 2004 and again in 2011. He and his sidekick, ‘Jamesy P’, copped the Road March title in 2006. And it would not be conjecture to conclude that he will be extra pleased with this accomplishment, not only because he has fulfilled an ambition, but also because he took home a Nissan Skyline vehicle and a $22,000 cash prize as the 2013 Calypso Monarch. His victory also would have had a sweet taste to it, he having dethroned last year’s monarch, Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, who had to settle for second. Her numbers were ‘My gratitude’ and ‘Just.’ Dennis Bowman, with his compositions ‘Way ye dey,’ and ‘Songs they hear’, shared the third position with Shaunelle McKenzie who did ‘Mama Cry,’ and ‘I would never be a politician’. Javelle ‘Lady Diya’ Frank, with ‘Don’t cry Kingstown’, and ‘We inherit that’, made a concerted push for the monarchy, but there was no room for her in the top circle. Newcomer Glenroy ‘Homey’ Delplesche did the numbers ‘SVG will rise’ and ‘Dey say’, and Carlos ‘Chang I’ Morgan, also new in to Calypso competition, did the numbers ‘The pinch’ and ‘100 per cent Vincy’. Calypso monarch 2006, Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance, did not build on the momentum he gained from this year’s New Song Calypso version title. His songs were ‘Drunken Master’ and ‘Politicians’. John Dougan, into his first final, did the numbers ‘Betrayal’ and ‘Black man’. Glen ‘Bump I’ Richards was regarded as the crowd’s favourite, and the response to his number, ‘Judge Bump I’, aroused widespread pre-finals appeal. His other song was ‘Change our diet’. There were some expressions of disgust with the judges for having omitted ‘Bump I’ from the top four. The other finalist was Glenford ‘Azara’ Charles who did: ‘If’ and ‘Paint it’. The calypsonians were accompanied by the Police Band, featuring an eleven-man brass line.

Lornette ‘Fya-Empress’ Nedd, 2nd place, was always a contender.




Inside out “LOOK WELL INTO THYSELF; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.” - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121180) Emperor of Rome 161–180, distinguished Stoic philosopher. IT IS AMAZING HOW MUCH WE CAN accomplish when we engage in some degree of introspection and determine that we have the ability to accomplish some great feat; a task that previously seemed impossible can be within our reach when we decide that we have what it takes to make it through. This is just as true in relation to an academic pursuit as it is in relation to some goal that we set in relation to athletics, weight loss, building better relationships and so on. On the other hand, when we conclude that the task (whatever it is) is beyond us, we seem to merely float along and let that become our reality. So much depends on how we view situations. So much depends on whether we create the victory on the inside and have it portrayed on the outside. We often have that ability to make noble things happen. We can do it from the inside out. Bruce Barton (1886-1967), the American advertising executive and Congressman, said it so well when he reminded us that, “Great men suffer hours of depression through introspection and self-doubt. That is why they are great. That is why you will find modesty and humility the characteristics of such men.” As we seek to imbibe the wealth of wisdom captured in those words, we grow to appreciate the value, the significance, the importance, of spending that quality time to build ourselves from the inside out. And though some of the thoughts may invite us to engage in some degree of self-doubt and apprehension, those thoughts also have their value. They remind us that we are human after all. Such thoughts, in turn, should lead us to become increasingly modest and humble. And those character traits that are so nurtured will show on the outside. We cultivate them from the inside out! Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) also shared some useful thoughts along similar lines with us. This outstanding American editor, columnist and newspaper commentator stated it so well when he asserted that, “We forge gradually our greatest instrument for understanding the world – introspection. We discover that humanity may resemble us very considerably – that the best way of knowing the inwardness of our neighbors is to know ourselves.” And as we reflect on these pearls of wisdom, we remind ourselves that as we seek to get a clearer and better understanding of ourselves (on the inside), those experiences create a

platform, a foundation, for us to demonstrate greater empathy for others.We begin on the inside and create a better world on the outside! Individuals who have been assessed using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can identify with the foregoing. This “assessment tool” is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, had studied the extensive works of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and, in particular, his 1921 publication of his typological theories captured in his book entitled Pyschological Types, in which Jung theorized that there are four principal psychological functions by which we experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Participating in such an assessment provides a clear insight into how we are likely to respond to the world “from the inside out”. Such an understanding gives the participant a much better appreciation of the differences that exist among others. And while no personality type is better than another, understanding self helps us to better understand others. There is beauty in diversity. The world is a better, richer, place when we understand and appreciate ourselves and each other better. And it often begins on the inside and flows out to others. As we near the end of this week’s sojourn in In Touch, we reflect on the richness that is also generated on the inside when we make time to meditate and to show appreciation for the richness of creation and the many blessings that God has bestowed on all of us. This is no idle statement; we can all find so many things and situations to be grateful for. There is a source of untapped or underutilised strength there. Each of us, regardless of our challenges, disappointments, setbacks and shortcomings, will conclude that we still have so much to be thankful for. Even in our “little”, we are so tremendously blessed. When we pause to count our many little blessings and to meditate on God’s goodness, we can experience a new refreshing; we feel winds beneath our wings. Amid all of life’s challenges — it is still such a beautiful world. Appreciation of that beauty often begins on the inside and is reflected outwards. May we each portray that beauty that is reflected inside out. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

A celebration of nonsense OVER THE CARNIVAL SEASON I expressed my disgust over what sells as ‘good music.’ Invariably, I got a response one can hardly argue with” ‘Some of us have an affair with the past that is conditioning us from moving into the “New World.” Well the real emphasis here should be on the word new. Throughout history, people have tried to dumb down behind the broad blinder that we need to go with the tide or flow of things. But is there not a duty to struggle for what feels or sounds good? Are we to allow ourselves to be washed away in a bandwagon movement that proclaims all change as forward motion? Are there not standards by which we should be able to judge progress or to determine whether a particular development amounts to a movement backwards? If we agree that society progresses not in a straight line, but in fits and starts or zigs and zags, should we not look to see and identify when a step, some call change and forward motion, amounts to nothing more than giant steps backwards? At the risk of alienating some, the line must be drawn, otherwise our youth will not be able to identify what is positive in our artful expressions. Some may even take an everything goes attitude, simply because something, anything is done in the name of change, innovation or creativity. On J’Ouvert morning, an evidently intoxicated woman paraded the streets in nothing but a netted cover-all that left everything exposed. Some may say that this woman went too far. The police should have intervened if only to protect and save this woman from her own irresponsibilities. She should have been taken off the streets. She was not, and the cameras and IPads snapped her up for eternal ridicule. What if total nakedness is a carnival or two away? In some parts of the world, some revelers paint their skin, and complete nudity is the costume. Are we to go that route? Would such a development gain acceptance here? We may soon find out. Currently, mostly young men wear their pants way below their waist, thus exposing their backsides. This element of low culture has gained respectability, even though in the eyes of many it is neither cool nor swag. Are these misgivings a reflection that some of us have an affair with the past? Now to get to carnival. If we are serious about uplifting our art form and culture generally, how do we jump wildly to ‘Mad Hurricane’ or ‘General’, as opposed to the well composed, all people, including children friendly, non-offensive lyrics of Fya Empress’ ‘Ketch it’? If we are now of the view that everything goes in our music, do we allow Joseph Niles or Cici Winan to compete their gospel genre in a calypso monarch show and sweep all comers to the crown? Is there not a basis for concluding, on hearing a song, that it’s a love ballad, rhythm and blues, pop, reggae, soul or calypso? Should we blur these lines

on the grounds that what we are hearing represents the evolution of the art form and bright, innovative and enterprising young artistes will continue to experiment to create something of their own generation; which is catching on, ,whether we like it or not? Are we really at the point where anything and everything goes? Should any of us raise our voices? How many times will our artistes be allowed to recycle the same lyrics and simply change the name of the song or the chorus hook line? Have we not waved our hands and rags enough? Would we be asked, yet again next year, to move to the right, then move to the left? If all of us accept this as creativity and fun, what will happen to the truly creative young artistes who come along? Are we not on the slippery slope of turning our soca monarch competition into a ‘bacchanalist’ rivalry between two or three artistes, each bringing his/her posse to the park, where words from the competitor create all kinds of warrior or conflict situations? We seem to be at the stage where calypsonians’ inTrinidad were in the 1950s and 60s, when fans must be hyped against the other competitor. It is now clear that Soca has gone picong! I am not a purist. Neither am I against nakedness. Puritanical thoughts and pent up feelings about nudity and sex are responsible for much of what is wrong about our society. But we cannot allow our youth or our artistes to go overboard and sell us a pig in a bag. Be creative yes, but be true to the art form. Blondie Bird is right when he reminds us that mas is much more than bikinis and feathers. Mas is more about creativity and colour rather than nudity and wildness. Are we really serious when we allow an artiste with evidently deep pockets to up the ante on his competition each year with one techno gimmick after the other? ‘Fireman’ and ‘Fya-Eempress, who spent much less than fabulous ‘Skinny’, must feel like real winners in the face of this extravagance. Further, if you are a general and you’re showing off a helicopter, you owe it to the crowd to at least walk off the copter in full battle gear. But not to worry. If all that is happening now goes in the name of a youthful creativity and innovation, Plain Talk taking the soca monarch competition by storm next year. Performing under the name a ‘Ccelebration of Nonsense’, I am sure to capture the hearts and minds of soca lovers. I have already ordered a Harrier jump jet that makes vertical landing. I also have my hook line: “Move to the left. Move to the right. I am hotter than the burning sun.” Now you can’t be more creative or innovative than that! Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




The OECS economic model is a big failure The OECS economic model is based on the OECS economic union position of stabilising the exchange rate of the Eastern Caribbean dollar at EC$2.7 to US$1 at all costs, no matter what. The OECS economic model is a big failure and the cost to the people of the OECS is too high. All that has been achieved under this artificially high exchange rate regime is high unemployment, weak economies dependent on foreign grants and loans, many small businesses being forced to close down, and very high public debt. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has been inadequate in stimulating economic growth and bringing job security to the OECS region. In its 2012/2013 report, the ECCB pats itself on the back in saying that levels of liquidity in the banking system have been fairly high. However, how can this be so when in 2008, Gonsalves killed the SVG National Commercial Bank with a massive overdraft of $185 million, and all the OECS countries are heavily in debt and depend upon foreign aid? Clearly, what the ECCB says about levels of

Our economic strategy must be one that is founded on 100% of our electricity needs from renewable energy, aimed at creating thousands of jobs and revenue. Our people deserve prosperity. The creation of a Single Financial Space, as outlined in the ECCB annual report, is not a solution to stimulate economic growth. The OECS model was designed when external grants and preferential trade agreement were the order of play. We have to understand that the days of living off grants are over. SVG urgently needs a new economic model based on education and science and technology, with free wireless internet throughout our country. Innovation is increasingly being seen as the currency of 21st century. The future prosperity of SVG, in the new knowledge economy, will increasingly depend on renewable energy and free internet. This will bring poor families out of poverty. Today’s world is driven by vision and competent financial management. There is no space at the top for incompetence.

liquidity is nonsense. Mr Ivan O’Neal, Leader of SVG Green Party, has a BSc Hons in Accounting and Finance from Oxford Brookes University, England, a Master’s degree in Budgeting, Macro-economics, policy and planning from Bradford University, England and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Leicester University, England. Mr Ivan O’Neal strongly believes that we have to take the bull by the horns, restructure our economies and devalue the EC dollar to EC$3 to US$1. The overpriced EC dollar has been a major obstacle to SVG’s development, and it has stifled economic growth and sustainable development. Devaluation of the OECS dollar is a must. As a result of the high exchange rate, SVG is being swamped with (‘cheap’) imported food. In 2011, SVG imported $207 million in food. This money should have gone to SVG’s farmers, not foreign companies. We urgently need a strategy for import substitution to severely reduce the amount of SVG Green Party food that is imported, to help the local agriculture industry, and revitalize the rural economy.

‘Fireman’ Hooper’s victory over white cultural imperialism sarcastic message of rebuke to people who look down on or scoff at the Delroy “Fireman” Hooper strikes me behaviour of carnival enthusiasts. The as much more than a high energy soca soca legend explained in an interview artiste. I have been reflecting recently that he was inspired to write the song on the significance of the lyrics from after he overheard a bystander the song with which he stormed to the contemptuously saying during the soca monarch title for the seventh time 2010 carnival period that the revelers two years ago. That song was were behaving like animals. popularly known as “Animal” and He retaliated and scored victory Fireman sent a powerful and profound with a song of defiance on behalf of R. T. Luke V. Browne

soca and party animals. He gave voice to those who did not have a microphone but who expressed their approval by following his commands to “root like a hog” and “climb up like a monkey” and “kick up like a donkey.” He used his creative and composition genius to write a song through which he could assert the supreme humanity of the so-called “wild” West Indians. He paradoxically and masterfully rejected a condescending reference by embracing it. He turned it on its head. The champion performer seems to be in tune with the wider Caribbean reality. I believe that he was able to craft those winning lines because of his historical consciousness and social awareness. After all, the men and women dancing in the street were animals in the same way that our ancestors were animals. Frantz Fanon pointed out repeatedly in The Wretched of the Earth, that native Caribbean citizens were subjected to dehumanization at the hands of European colonialists and imperialists. In the minds of those Europeans, the region’s indigenous people and the “imported” Africans and Indians were reduced to the level of superior monkeys that could therefore be treated like beasts of burden and described in zoological terms. Fireman Hooper may have achieved unrivalled success in the soca monarch competition over the course of his ongoing career because he literally sings of or from our experience, and generally has a remarkable ability to connect and communicate with his audience. He displays great insight

and intellectual clarity in unassuming ways. Fireman used his extraordinary talent to help uplift the “bacchanalists” and the whole Caribbean by extension. He attacked the distortions of white cultural imperialism with irony, biting wit and forceful lyrics. This unlikely defender of our dignity has already secured a place in the group of outstanding Vincentian cultural exponents.




SVG Players is 50th Band of the Year THE SVG PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL MAS BAND GAVE THE STORY OF OUR INDIGENOUS GARIFUNA PEOPLE much attention at this year’s carnival celebrations; they chose to make it their theme. Their interpretation created exciting, telling costumes which their revelers triumphantly portrayed throughout the festival.

THE GARIFUNA STORY SVG Players unraveled the contents of ‘The Garifuna Story’ through eleven sections paraded at Victoria Park, Carnival Tuesday, July 9. Those sections highlighted: Arawaks and Kalinago; Spirit of Ashanti; Birth of a Nation; Cotton Buds; King’s Ball; War; Paramount Chief; Sugar Sweet; Cassava Bam Bam; Punta Rock; Farando Drummers; and UNESCO Awards. The presentation was like a steel band symphony, each section crafting particular notes that struck chords to make up a smooth flowing melody.

50TH BAND OF THE YEAR SVG Players International’s “The Garifuna Story” had not only beaten the other twelve bands to take first place, but it had set aside Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends, the band which had been ruling the Band of the Year arena for the past three years. And in the process claimed the coveted title of ‘50th Band of the Year’. And those who had been following the preceding mas competitions would have recognized the hints. Leading up to Carnival Tuesday they had already won: the Junior Band of the

Year; Junior Individual of the Bands 10-15 yrs.; Junior Queen of Carnival; and Junior and Senior Sections of the Bands. And as if to savour the last drop of the royal wine, Players added the Uptown Competition to their list of accolades.

CONTENDERS Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends, with their presentation of ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’ came in a close second. As usual, the mas men and artisans of this band played to their soul’s content, exhibiting the firm belief that they had the 50th Band of the Year title ‘locked down tight’. But the judges saw it otherwise. Third position was taken by Owen Ralph & the Professionals with their presentation of ‘Shades of Colours’. The other bands in the competition were: Mirage Productions with ‘Romancing the Stone’; Beautex International with ‘Reflections’; Ahdrenalin Mas Band with ‘Existenz’; Tribes Mas Band with ‘Carnival is We’; Digicel Carib Nelson Bloc with ‘Legends of the Masquerade’; My Imagination Mas Band with ‘Trails and Nature’; Metrocint General Insurance Co/The Vincentian Publishing Co. in Association with Hairoun High Voltage, with ‘Tribute 50’; Stag The News Dragons with ‘A Touch of Class — A tribute to Vincy Mas’; Melbourne Artisans with ‘Carnival Reincarnation’; and Xtreme Fanatics with their portrayal of ‘A Passion for Neon (Playing with Neon)’. In this, the 50th year of band of the year, a veritable spectacle was created on the carnival stage, in true Vincy style.

A section from ‘The Garifuna Story – Band of the Year SVG Players Int’l.

Another section from ‘The Garifuna Story – Band of the Year SVG Players Int’l.

From ‘Jewels of the Caribbean – 1st Runner-up Band of the Year – Blondie Bird and Friends

Left: From ‘Romancing the Stone – Mirage Productions

From ‘Shades of Colour – 2nd Runner-up Band of the Year – Owen Ralph and the Professionals



Kings Ki ing gs & Qu Q Queens ueen ns go o fo forth orth h RICKY RICK KY is a three thrree times timess King g Photos by ROBERT CLOUDEN Last Sunday, 7th July, Ricardo “Ricky” Adams created King of the Bands carnival history, when he beat five other contenders into first place with his presentation of ‘Harrison’s Cave’, from the band ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’ by Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends. With a costume portraying excellence of creativity and handiwork, ‘Ricky’, the ‘rookie’, paraded his way into becoming the first ever King of the Bands masquerader to score a hat-trick of wins in his first three attempts.

CONSECUTIVE ACHIEVEMENTS ‘Ricky’ launched his King of the Bands ‘career’ in 2011 with ‘Eruption – Out of the Ashes’. Even at his first attempt, he looked seasoned. The following year, he came with ‘St. Georges Cathedral’ and put his stamp of authority on the competition. This year, ‘Harrison’s Cave’ was no exception. By the time he had walked onto the stage, the crowd knew the story – he would be victorious again. ‘Ricky’s’ winning costume, ‘Harrison’s Cave’, showed his mettle as he unleashed a passion even as he made his way centre stage. By the time the floodlights hit, his flair was apparent, his zest and enthusiasm were released and he simply became an exhibitor at one with his exhibit; an artist eager to be artful. A CAVE FOR A COSTUME The costume, at first glance, presented a view of the gaping opening of the cave. From as far away as one may stand, the obvious stalactites and stalagmites could be seen to frame the roof and cover the floor of the cave, presenting such a beckoning glow as to invite one to

enter. Were this invitation accepted, then the tour train eagerly awaited to explore the magnificent limestone wonder. As Ricky turned his costume to display its rear, the electrified audience was treated to the spectacle of the mountainside under which the cave was naturally created. It was a work of art.

Semone Richardson, giving a view of the front and back of her winning costume, “Oil – Black Gold’.

CONTENDING COSTUMES The five other costumes obviously were no match for Harrison’s Cave. The 2nd place winner was Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher with his ‘Puss in

Semone continues her reign

‘Harrison’s Cave’ gave Ricky Adams his Boots’ from the third straight King of the Bands title Melbourne Artisans’ band ‘Carnival Reincarnation’. Elroy Quammie from SVG Players International Mas Band with ‘An Immortal Journey’ from their presentation of ‘The Garifuna Story’, secured the 3rd spot. The other contenders were: Xtreme Fanatics with ‘A Passion for Neon’ from their band of the same name; Imagination Mas Band with ‘Spirit of Hell’s Gate’ from ‘Trails and Nature of SVG; and Beautex International’s ‘Out of Africa’ from their ‘Reflections’. ‘Puss in Boots’ assured that veteran masquerader Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher remains a force to be reckoned with in the King of the Bands competition. ‘An Immortal Journey’ took Elroy Quammie to third place.

Story by KARISSA CLARKE Phtos by ROBERT CLOUDEN THE LEADING LADIES OF MAS AND THE CREATORS OF THEIR INTRICATE COSTUMES represented well at Dimanche Gras, Sunday 7th July, for the parade of the Queens of the Bands. But for one Queen of the Bands, stalwart Semone Richardson, it was glory all over again. Semone Richardson defended her Queen of the Bands title as Queen of Guinness Y de’Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird & Friends’ ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’, with her portrayal of ‘Oil-Black Gold (Trinidad and Tobago)’. Her costume seemed to literally drip with oil and included gold accents throughout, to create an overwhelming roar of approval. It emitted a feeling of sweeping across the stage akin to an oil-spill but so much more enticing to the viewer. SVG Players International Mas Band followed in second place with Anakie

Anakie Cadougan, portraying ‘Birth of a Nation – The Garifuna’, copped second place.

Cadougan portraying ‘Birth of a Nation – The Garifuna’, a particularly colourful costume that featured Garifuna Petroglyph inspired designs, from the band entitled, ‘The Garifuna Story’. Third position was filled by a portrayal from Owen Ralph and the Professionals who had threatened last year to break into the top tier. Verlene Ralph-James displayed a costume entitled ‘The Silver Goddess’, a costume that was predominantly silver (from head to toe), from the band’s presentation, ‘Shades of

Verlene Ralph-James displayed ‘The Silver Goddess’ and won third place.

Colour’. Usille Joseph, portraying ‘Queen of Neon(Spectrum of Colour)’ from Xtreme Fanatics’ ‘A passion for Neon (playing with Neon)’, captured fourth place to register the band’s best showing to date in the competition. Melbourne Artisans’ accounted for fifth place with Cleopatra Weekes’ presentation of the ‘Return of the Obeah Woman’, regaled with skeletons and more, from the band, ‘Carnival Reincarnation’. Others who followed included, in order of rank: Cheryl Homsey Black-

man in an aquatic treat captioned ‘Beautiful Marine Park’, from Imagination Mas ‘Trails and Nature of SVG’; Metrocint General Insurane Co. Ltd/The Vincentian Publishing Co. in Association with Haiaroun High Voltage Mas Band’s Petra Pompey, portraying ‘Bird of Paradise’, primarily a white bird with rainbow dots strewn across it, from a presentation entitled, ‘Tribute 50.; and Pearle Williams from Beautex International’s ‘Reflections’, displaying a costume ‘Splendid Season’.



Carnival Heat

The ÂKingÊs BallÊ is the Best Section Story by KARISSA CLARKE photos by ORIS ROBINSON VICTORIA PARK WAS TRANSFORMED into a Royal King’s Ball on the night of Steel and Glitter 2013, Friday 5th July, at least for the ‘Glitter’ half of the show, that segment being given over to the Section of the Bands competition. This year’s Section of the Bands winner, the “King’s Ball’ from Players’ ‘The Garifuna Story’, featured a king, a queen and their subjects parading on stage, with pomp and ceremony that Victoria Park has not seen in a very long time. Carnival costumes are not simply meant to portray something — they are also expected, when properly presented, to evoke emotion. The ‘King’s Ball’ did just that, taking the audience through interesting twists of 18th century ball dresses that complemented the men’s red and white attire. Even as they gracefully waltzed in the height of the gay abandonment that is carnival, the audience was enthralled, maybe even spellbound. Defending champions, Blondie Bird and Friends, from their presentation ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’, offered a section named ‘Harrison’s Cave’, a portrayal that set the masquerade in ‘entrapments’ of green and gold, paying respect to one of Barbados’ treasured tourist sites. They placed second. Owen Ralph and the Professionals gave indication that they were not going to roll over and die. They set the evening aglow with a ‘Gold Rush’, a section from their presentation ‘Shades of Colour’, and copped third position. Digicel Carib Nelson Bloc’s ‘Magical Firebird’ channelled the phoenix through lots of reds and yellow, on the way to a

sfourth place. Their presentation for 2013 paid tribute to the ‘Legends of the Masquerade’. Seven other bands made presentations at the Steel and Glitter Show. From Beautex International’s ‘Reflections’ came ‘Gold Traders’ appropriately in dripping gold. Melbourne Artisans presented ‘African’ which featured fabrics and symbols typical of Africa, from their band ‘Carnival reincarnated’. Xtreme fanatics put on a good show with ‘Glamorous’, featuring show girls adorned in red and gold, from a band ‘A Passion for Neon The ‘King’s Ball’ winner of the Section of the Bands 2013 – from SVG Players International. (Playing with Neon)’. Hairoun Tribes’ presentation of ‘Soca Monster’ released neon green and orange monsters from their presentation entitled ‘Carnival is we’. Stag, The NEWS Dragons also unleashed a ‘Monster’ from their 2013 offering called ‘A Touch of Class — A Tribute to Vincy Music’. Imagination Mas Band, from their ‘Trails and Nature of SVG’, displayed an interpretation of ‘Hell’s Gate’, with a generous use of impressions of fire. And Metrocint General Insurance The Vincentian Hairoun High Voltage Mas Gold Rush’ – 2nd Runner-up Section of the Bands – ‘Harrison’s Cave – Ist Runner-up Section of Production revisited with the Bands – from Blondie Bird and Friends from Owen Raloph and the Professionals. ‘The Bridge Boys’ of the 1960s , from their band ‘Tribute 50’. This year, 2013, marked the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the open Band of the Year competition. The sections displayed at the Steel and Glitter show gave indication that mas makers were prepared to put their best feet forward, in quest of a 50th anniversary one time, Digicel Carib Nelson BlocImagination Mas Band- ‘Hell’s THE NEWS Dragons- ‘Monster’ $50,000.00 first prize. ‘Magical Firebird’ Gate’



Carnival Heat

The ÂKingÊs BallÊ is the Best Section Story by KARISSA CLARKE photos by ORIS ROBINSON VICTORIA PARK WAS TRANSFORMED into a Royal King’s Ball on the night of Steel and Glitter 2013, Friday 5th July, at least for the ‘Glitter’ half of the show, that segment being given over to the Section of the Bands competition. This year’s Section of the Bands winner, the “King’s Ball’ from Players’ ‘The Garifuna Story’, featured a king, a queen and their subjects parading on stage, with pomp and ceremony that Victoria Park has not seen in a very long time. Carnival costumes are not simply meant to portray something — they are also expected, when properly presented, to evoke emotion. The ‘King’s Ball’ did just that, taking the audience through interesting twists of 18th century ball dresses that complemented the men’s red and white attire. Even as they gracefully waltzed in the height of the gay abandonment that is carnival, the audience was enthralled, maybe even spellbound. Defending champions, Blondie Bird and Friends, from their presentation ‘Jewels of the Caribbean’, offered a section named ‘Harrison’s Cave’, a portrayal that set the masquerade in ‘entrapments’ of green and gold, paying respect to one of Barbados’ treasured tourist sites. They placed second. Owen Ralph and the Professionals gave indication that they were not going to roll over and die. They set the evening aglow with a ‘Gold Rush’, a section from their presentation ‘Shades of Colour’, and copped third position. Digicel Carib Nelson Bloc’s ‘Magical Firebird’ channelled the phoenix through lots of reds and yellow, on the way to a

sfourth place. Their presentation for 2013 paid tribute to the ‘Legends of the Masquerade’. Seven other bands made presentations at the Steel and Glitter Show. From Beautex International’s ‘Reflections’ came ‘Gold Traders’ appropriately in dripping gold. Melbourne Artisans presented ‘African’ which featured fabrics and symbols typical of Africa, from their band ‘Carnival reincarnated’. Xtreme fanatics put on a good show with ‘Glamorous’, featuring show girls adorned in red and gold, from a band ‘A Passion for Neon The ‘King’s Ball’ winner of the Section of the Bands 2013 – from SVG Players International. (Playing with Neon)’. Hairoun Tribes’ presentation of ‘Soca Monster’ released neon green and orange monsters from their presentation entitled ‘Carnival is we’. Stag, The NEWS Dragons also unleashed a ‘Monster’ from their 2013 offering called ‘A Touch of Class — A Tribute to Vincy Music’. Imagination Mas Band, from their ‘Trails and Nature of SVG’, displayed an interpretation of ‘Hell’s Gate’, with a generous use of impressions of fire. And Metrocint General Insurance The Vincentian Hairoun High Voltage Mas Gold Rush’ – 2nd Runner-up Section of the Bands – ‘Harrison’s Cave – Ist Runner-up Section of Production revisited with the Bands – from Blondie Bird and Friends from Owen Raloph and the Professionals. ‘The Bridge Boys’ of the 1960s , from their band ‘Tribute 50’. This year, 2013, marked the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the open Band of the Year competition. The sections displayed at the Steel and Glitter show gave indication that mas makers were prepared to put their best feet forward, in quest of a 50th anniversary one time, Digicel Carib Nelson BlocImagination Mas Band- ‘Hell’s THE NEWS Dragons- ‘Monster’ $50,000.00 first prize. ‘Magical Firebird’ Gate’




Make room for ÂGeneral SkinnyÊ

Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle has apportioned a new name to himself. He is the ‘General’. He proved the point and enacted the rechristening when he swept to his fifth Soca Monarch title in the last six years, on the wave of a number simply entitled, ‘General’. In 2008, he stopped Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper returned from achieving a Beaver with as much guile and cunning trick. Since that it has as we know him to have, but had been all ‘Skinny’ except for to surrender to the ‘General’. 2011 when ‘Fireman’ returned to the pinnacle. ‘Fireman’ stayed out of the ring last year and Stories by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ‘Skinny’s’ capture of the Soca ANTHONY Monarch title came as the only

blotch on a rampant Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd’s performance. Fya Empress placed second to ‘Skinny’ last year. This year, ‘Fireman’ returned and took second spot with a number called ‘Undertaker 21-0’. Fya Empress was relegated to the third position with her rendition ‘Earthquake’. Fourth place went to Shertz ‘Problem Child’ James with ‘Riot’. Eleven others contended for the top prize, embellished this year with a Nissan Skyline offered to the winner, in addition to increased prize money.

Sion Hill: Pan Champs again!! Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra grabbed the 2013 Panorama title with their interpretation of ‘I’m yours’, by calypsonian Errol ‘Man Age’ Rose and in the process, recorded their fifth consecutive victory (2009 — 2013) in this competition. In doing so, they matched the record of their arch rivals, Starlift, who accomplished the same feat between 2002 and 2006. Sion Hill, with a complement of seventy players, led by Tillal Webb, rendered a Sean Gomez’s arrangement to create an impression on the judges during the pan segment of a show dubbed ‘Steel and Glitter’, held at Victoria Park, Friday 5th July. The men from the Hill kept traditional rival Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra, their 72 players, in second. Starlift, under the captaincy of Roddy Dowers, played X-A Dus’ ‘King of the Road’, arranged by Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts. Whereas there was closeness in the number of players for Sion Hill and Starlift, Scotia Bank South East Steel Orchestra comprised 40 players. They played Winston Soso’s ‘Pan yard’, and their complement seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Based in the South Windward district of Stubbs, South East Steel Orchestra was directed by Marla Nanton, captained by Kevon ‘Benz’ Guy. Their arranger was by Barry Mannett. There was vibrancy about

Sion Hill Euphonium, with their 5th straight vitory, is proving difficult to unseat. Sea Operations Starlift had to this outfit and their display settle again for second spot, earned them the respect of making the longest period in neutral observers at the their history that they have venue. They had to settle for been without a victory. third place. Other bands were Vita Malt Symphonix Steel Orchestra, who opened the competition with ‘Vincy style in this July’, by the band Clymaxx. Jomoro Francis doubled up as captain and arranger for this ensemble. Their 48 players took on the bid for the title, but the judges did not place them in the top three. Georgetown All Stars’ played Annis Carew’s ‘Jam me’. They boasted 40 players with Captain Denzil Angus Browne and tuner John, tuner Ross Thomas and Ross Thomas. arranger Tillal Webb. A performance by the Potential Steel Orchestra musical band Touch served played ‘No’ by Touch. There as added entertainment for were 25 players in this outfit the patrons to the Friday led by Naketa Ashton. Francis night show, a night which Llewellyn was the tuner and hitherto hosted the Miss their arranger was Johnny Carival Show. ‘JP’ Pompey. The other band was Scotia Bank South East Solidarity Inc Elite Steel Steel Orchestra may have Orchestra doing Orande placed third, but they won ‘Bomani’ Charles’ ‘Saga Boy’, the hearts of many pan arranged by Kesslon ‘Taffa’ enthusiasts with their Wilson. Their captain was rendition and liveliness.

There was, therefore, no shortage of incentives, and the combatants came out blazing. Bruce ‘Steadygan’ Vincent opened the competition with ‘Supernatural.’ ‘Steadygan’ applied himself admirably then made way for Orlando ‘Syxx’ Foster with ‘Carnival Slave’. Johnny ‘Johnny Rebel’ Hall was ‘Rebellious’, and continued the momentum for Ryan ‘Royal’ Abraham with ‘Mad Anthem’. He raised the Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle came armed bar for and attired for the soca battle and won. newcomer Shane ‘Shaney Hypez’ Inset: Lornette ‘Fya-Empress’ Nedd had to Husbands who concede defeat to two hardened soca showed no warriors. nerves with his which saw the Ragga Soca ‘Show me yo Wuk up’. finals being staged on the The consistent Eddison same night. ‘Lively’ McDowall with his Shaunelle McKenzie, a ‘Skin out’ gave way to 2003 versatile artiste capable of Soca monarch, Reon ‘Fete creating an impact in any King Madzart’ Primus, out to arena, found out that last recapture glory with ‘Bodow’. Saturday was not her night. He did not repeat his royal Her number was ‘We dey.’ splendour. The other finalist was Keith Currency with ‘Pat it’ Tamisha Nichols who showed kept the audience enthralled. However, the judges were not ‘Zero tolerance’ in her song. The artistes were moved to place him high. accompanied by the band Hance John with ‘Hell yuh Kinetics. want’ maintained the rush in the double pronged package




Fya-Empress is Ragga Soca Queen again particularly stiff challenge from a former Ragga Soca Monarch, Shernelle Lornette ‘Fya-Empress’ Nedd retained the ‘Skarpyon’ Williams with his Ragga Soca Monarch title, Friday 5th ‘Hammer & Conchs’. July, 2013, with her hit single, ‘Ketch it’. The Ragga Soca Monarch ‘Fya Empress’, who won the title for competition was held, for the first the first time in 2012 with ‘Bam Bam time, on the same night and same card Talk’, managed to fend off a as the Soca Monarch, a change that had aroused initial negative response but which, given the mammoth crowd that turned out, seemed to have withered away to nothingness. ‘Fya-Empress, Tobago-based, had released her ‘Ketch it’ early in the carnival season, and soca lovers were instantly captivated by the jumpy beat and catchy lyrics. So much so, ‘FyaEmpress was riding on a high, leading up to the show. Skarpyon’s ‘Hammer & Conchs’, released at a later date, was also an immediate hit. Understandably, therefore, betting odds were split between the two, going into the competition. ‘Fya-Empress’, performing in sixth spot, hit the stage in a colourful mini dress, locks flowing, accompanied by a Shaunelle McKenzie worked hard troupe of dancers. She appealed to the and well, but had to give way on the audience to sing along and “ketch” a night. by KENVILLE HORNE

positive vibes, to which the audience consented obediently. Hers was a ‘moving’ performance, to an infectious rhythm that played into both judges and audience’s hands. Second placed Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, Ragga Soca Monarch in 2011, was his usual enticing self. The self-proclaimed ‘Stinger Man’ appeared on stage, armed with a hammer, ready to ‘soften’ the ‘conchs’. The song, with its easy swaying ‘tops’ and pulsating single undertone, was delivered in typical ‘Skarpyon’ suave. Third place belonged to Shaunelle Mc Kenzie, perhaps the ‘hardest working artiste in 2013, with her song ‘Up in dat’, considered by some critics to be her best offering in recent times. Shaunelle and ‘Fya-Empress were the only ones to have featured in the finals of the Calypso, Ragga and Soca monarch competitions. Some patrons were disappointed that Hance John, with his number ‘Sunrise’, did not make it into the top three. The young artiste commanded the stage and enthralled the audience in the manner akin to a veteran. Commendable performances came from Orande ‘Bomani’ Charles with ‘Wine for your life’; Tamisha NichollsLewis singing ‘Vincy whining boss’; and the entertaining duo of Recardo ‘Recka’ Wilson and former calypso monarch Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis performing ‘Butt me with respect’, supported by popular street personalities. Other finalists were: Johnny ‘Johnny Rebel’ Hall doing ‘Patruna’; Danielle ‘Daneel’ Veira with ‘Til Dawn’; and the evergreen Raeon ‘Fete King Madzart’ Primus who offered (to) ‘Light up the sky’. As she basked in her ‘queen’s’ glory’, ‘Fya-Empress told THE VINCENTIAN that she was happy with the merger of the (Power) Soca and Ragga monarch competitions. “I would like to see the idea implemented for another year,” she said. Not forgetting her many fans, she declared: “I love my fans to death, and I have seen more support than last year.” She’ll be back in 2014 to defend her crown. Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, armed with hammer, failed in his bid, by just that much, to claim victory.

‘Fya-Empress, mini skirt and all, unleashed a determined and eventual, successful defence of Ragga Soca title.




Girlfriend and brother worries not his fault that my girlfriend is attractive and attracted to him. He even I INTRODUCED my girlfriend of 3 weeks to my said to me that if I can’t younger brother, and since stand a bit of healthy competition, I should keep that time, he has been making advances towards out of the game.  I am very her.  She would tell me disappointed in him, and every time he does this, my girlfriend is telling and when I confronted him, he would tell me it is me that she is not

--Dear George,

comfortable with being around him. She is even talking about forgetting about me so she would not have to deal with my unscrupulous brother. Frankly, I do not even know how to respond to her. I feel so disgusted with my brother!


Dear Disappointed It is a disgusting situation indeed, and your brother has proved that he is unprincipled. There is no perfect family, and your brother may be the suspicious apple in the bunch. Let him know, in the presence of your girlfriend, that his behavior is unacceptable and he needs to respect you as his brother and stop meddling in your affairs. Your girlfriend will respect you for taking this stand and you need to remind her that her business is with you and not your brother.


No need to bother yourself Dear George, I WAS ARRESTED, remanded in custody for a short while before being released. It was just a misunderstanding but they arrested me because of it. At first they wanted to arrest my girlfriend but in the end took me in instead. This happened in Barbados very recently. While I was in custody (2 days), my girlfriend stayed at her aunt’s house and awaited my release so we could travel to Vincy. When I was released, to my surprise, there was no girlfriend around. I asked her aunt about her whereabouts, and all she said was, so and so (calling her name) told her she was leaving and she assumed it was back to SVG she meant. Her aunt said she also thought that I was out of custody and was leaving with her. To this day, George, I have not seen or heard from her. I do not know if I should still be saying I have a girlfriend or not. I cannot say what my relationship status is! Am I in one or not? That is my question.

Man P. Dear Man P.

I’m faithful, she might not be.. Dear George, SINCE my woman and I have been seeing each other, which is 2 years now, I have not had any reason to use a condom with her. I have been very faithful to her and took her word that she is also very faithful to me. We trusted each other, at least up until a month ago. I am very sure that she is sleeping around, George. The evidence is too overwhelming! I have not gone to her about it yet, but in the meantime, I do not want to sleep with her without using a condom. So far I have been giving her excuses why I have not been sleeping with her, but never the real story. How do I handle this exactly?

Between Dear Between, Every relationship should be built on honesty, among other things, and you need to be totally honest about this and let your woman know what you are feeling and thinking. Tell her of your suspicions and show her whatever evidence you may have to prove your case. If it turns out that she has been indeed cheating on you, then you two need to decide the way forward. If you decide to stay together, it is wise that you two get yourselves checked to make sure you are free from STDs, etc. At the same time, get hooked up to a counselor who can help you sort the other issues out. If you feel the need to sleep with her during that time, then it is advisable to use a condom, but I do not see you comfortably doing this until you get the answers you seek.


This experience has shown up the quality of your girlfriend. Now you know the stuff she is made of, and it is not “lots of spice and everything nice”. You should not be wondering about a woman who has left you in custody and run off to her own affairs. Just be thankful that you are free from the legal system. Now, you just need to be free from the entanglements of the woman you thought you had. I have a feeling that she has given you your freedom and all the space you need to find someone new.




ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Take a second look; difficulties with appliances, water, or electricity in your home may be evident. You can offer your mate a commitment or promise that will help stabilize your personal life. Develop some of your good ideas. Call siblings or old friends to catch up on recent news.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You should be making plans to spend some time with the ones you love. Your personal life will be under the gun and you may want to avoid the questions your lover is going to want to ask you. Your fun loving approach will be admired and appreciated by others. Tone down and put some of that hard earned cash into a safe, long-term investment.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You can make drastic changes in your professional direction this week. Be aware of any emotional deception. Do not sign legal contracts or documents this week. You’ll be able to break bad habits if you put your mind to it. You need to spend time with friends and family.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Consider the source before you believe what you hear. If they don’t like the plan, suggest that they con tribute a little. Sudden changes regarding work and colleagues are apparent. You can win points with children if you take the time to show interest in their accomplishments.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22)

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)


You will have the discipline to make changes you feel are necessary. You will have to face each issue separately and in person. Anger might lead to carelessness and minor Injuries. You can make amends by taking them somewhere special.

1. Jacuzzi spot 4. Musical symbol 8. Flying Milit. Branch 12. Be without 14. Eject from school 16. Lion’s headpiece 17. Store sign 18. Magna __ 19. Glazier’s material 20. Diamond corner 21. Author Tan 22. Ute and Navajo 24. Years and years 26. Roast 27. Bowling challenge 29. Extended a subscription 33. Steering __ 34. Norwegian feature 36. DDE’s military arena 37. Like a diamond 38. Idle and Clapton 39. Hawaiian island 40. Noah’s boat 41.Obstructions 42. Street evidence 45. Metric measure 46. These are exchanged at the altar (2 wds.) 47. Quahog 48. More

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Do not invest in ventures that only appear to be lucrative. You can make a big difference to children if you are understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing. If you’re looking to do something worthwhile, consider volunteer work. Joining organizations will provide you with stimulating romantic contacts.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You can dazzle members of the opposite sex with your quick wit and aggressive charm. You can enhance your reputation by making contributions to worthwhile causes. Someone left a real mess for you to sift through. Advancement can be yours if you put your efforts into work related matters.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You will be able to work with fine detail this week. You may end up being blamed if anything goes wrong. Changes at home might come fast and furious. Organizations may cost you more than you can afford.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)

You may want to pull out some of those unfinished project you’ve got tucked away. Show what a dedicated person you can be. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Do your own thing, you need time to yourself. Personal alterations will be in your best interest.

You may meet that special person if you attend fundraising functions. Don’t even bother trying to get their approval on the things you want to do. Limitations will set in if you haven’t followed the rules. Acknowledge your lover’s needs.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

Lovers will be demanding. You are best to sign your partner up for activities that will be tiring. You will feel tired and rundown if you have allowed yourself to get into a financial mess. You won’t be well received by superiors or by your spouse. Don’t sign up for too many extra activities or you’ll have trouble fulfilling your obligations.

Try not to spend too much on children or entertainment. Refrain from overspending on entertainment or luxury items. Your trendy style and unique way of doing things will entice new acquaintances. Lay your cards on the table regarding your personal direction.

hackneyed 51. Entreat 52. Page margin 56. NYC’s __ Street 57. “Uncle Buck” actor John 59. Bright and open 60. Highest point 61. Receded, as the tide 62. TV producer Norman 63. Spur on 64. Mama __ Elliot 65. AES opponent DOWN 1. Messy person 2. Family member 3. Distinguished airmen 4. Take back testimony 5. Students ’ ordeals 6. Lively 7. Hanoi holiday 8. Referee’s kin 9. European car 10. “__ of Green Gables” 11. Lawyers’ charges 13. Prepared to propose 15. Prepares to

shave 23. Novelist Ayn 25. __ painting 26. Gators’ cousins 27. Stockholder’s unit 28. Brightens (up) 30. Make cloth 31. Anesthetic of the past 32. Sullen 33. “__ I Did for Love” 34. Brawls 35. Irish dance 38. Compel obedience to 39. Quaker product 41. Facet 42. Entertainer Zadora 44. Plowed

45. __ of London 47. Systems of rules 48. Loot 49. Mexican treat 50. __ mater 51. Sheryl Swoopes’s league




(abbr.) 53. Conked out 54. School alumnus (abbr.) 55. Bronte’s “Jane__” 58. “Grey’s Anatomy” network




Bethel Secondary gets steel pans By Gloriah…

LAST THURSDAY, 4th July, the Bethel High School in Campden Park became the recipient of a gift of steel pan compliments the RSVG Police Force and the National Commission on Crime Prevention, in collaboration with Petro Caribe. At the handing over ceremony, Acting Principal of the school, Mrs. Miriam Pompey, addressed the

The Bethel High School Pan Ensemble rendered a few items. gathering, informing them that, “We at Bethel focus not only on academic development, but on holistic development.” She explained that the gift, “helps the school to achieve its goals of expanding the vision for the students,” and predicted that, as there is a positive correlation between learning of music and student performance in all subject areas, “Bethel will become known as one of the most disciplined schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and will also return some of the best passes in the CSEC exam.” For the first time, the school has been assigned a full time music teacher, Mr. Ormond “Ossie” Williams, in the academic year 2012-2013. Towards establishing a full steel orchestra, a selection process has already been conducted to identify fifty students who will undergo a summer training programme for three days per week. From the new school year, beginning in September, renowned pan tutor Mr. Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts will beworking with the students. And Principal acting Pompey is confident that, come 2014, the school’s steel orchestra will compete in the Junior Panorama competition. Mr. Dexter Bacchus from the Curriculum Development Unit and Ms. Deon John, Past Director of the NCPP also made short addresses at the ceremony. The pans were handed over to Mrs. Pompey by Mr. Rafael Colmanares, General Manager of Petroles de Venezuela SVG Limited. Among the instruments received were: one low bass — 6 pans; 2 high bass — 4 pans each; 2 double tenors; 2 tenors; 2 triple guitars; 1 double guitar; and 1 double second. The Bethel High School currently has an electronic/brass band which is soon to receive sponsorship from the East Caribbean Group of Companies. The steel orchestra promises to be an excellent addition to the school’s music programme.

The presentation party including Mrs. Miriam Pompey (3rd from left) and Mr. Rafael Colmanares, General Manager of Petroles de Venezuela SVG Limited (2nd from right) .




Cricket Association caught out by SeymourÊs death by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT “HIS LOSS IS SIGNIFICANT AND THE VOID CREATED IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FILL.”These were the words of First VicePresident of the SVG Cricket Association, Elson Crick, in a short chat with the VINCENTIAN, as he assessed the passing of statistician, Thaddeus Seymour. Seymour, the country’s leading statistician on local cricket, died last week after a short illness. He was 54. A close relative of the venerable man of figures, St. Aurin Seymour, the young Seymour followed the numbers closely, well before entering his teens. And it wasn’t long before he was tagging along, like a young ‘Strolling Scribbler’, to the various matches at which the older man was in attendance. Reports say that on the passing of the older Seymour attention focussed on the young man, and he soon took over as the Association’s scorer, a task to which, it is said, he committed a major part of his life to this task.

matches....since he is the person charged with putting together the figures for the end of season is not something that cannot be dealt with though,” said Crick, sounding the usual man of extensive optimism. Over the years, Seymour was the only one dealing with the information for the Association, and Crick admits that the organisation may have been somewhat slow in not putting things in place for such eventuality. “Yes, that may have been the case.....but this is not to say that we did not have people who were working along or understudying ‘Thaddy’, but it is just that the process may not have been given the required urgency.....but again no one can predict death,” he said philosophically. The SVG Cricket Association is expected to hold its annual presentation ceremony sometime in November. Crick said that in addition to the latest figures and information, the Association will be seeking permission to access Seymour’s computers to garner years of information to update the records.

Thaddeus Seymour was a reservoir of statistical information as it related to local cricket.

Thaddeus Seymour follows those of Hugh Drakes and Godfrey Bobby Fraser who formed a long time scoring partnership in the commentary booth at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. And of the commitment of the three, Crick said, “It is really difficult seeing The man with the that commitment ever figures again since they received little or Seymour moved from nothing for their being a scorer to being Enigmatic time......these were men the chief scorer and the who loved what they main man of stats. Seymour has been were doing....there may His work consisted of seen by many as a be others......but it is putting together figures professional, but hard for me to see them for all local competitions someone who was organised and run by the enigmatic and fastidious. making that sacrifice.” Thaddeus Seymour SVGCA, as well as for In fact, many said he tournaments hosted here, was unapproachable; but served for many years as Assistant Secretary i.e. Windward Islands Crick, moving in to seniors and West Indies ‘make peace in the world of the SVGCA as well age tournaments, a local mode’, disagrees, saying, as a member of the cricket source said. “Thaddy’ was not easily SVG Umpires “His death could understood by people Association. He also create some problems for who came into contact was head of the the Association with with him.” Grounds and Fixtures regard to the figures The passing of Committee. from the recent domestic

Elson Crick, First Vice-President of the SVG Cricket Association, assured there were people understudying Seymour.



A front and back view of the cur-rent stage of construction involved in the FIFA Goal Project ONE at Brighton.

SVGFF still goalless......... confident GS says one up soon by E. GLENFORD PRESCOTT ALMOST five years after its approval date, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ FIFA Goal Project ONE is still to be completed. This while, according to information on the FIFA website, 113 countries have completed three and 44, including Cuba, have completed four. The information on FIFA.COM also shows that five countries have completed five projects and one has benefitted from an amazing six. The information shows that 193 countries had one project and 166 had two. Launched in 1999 by FIFA President Sepp Blatter, FIFA said the Goal Programme has to date provided support for over 500 development projects across the world, with a total

fences Reports say the project, which is being funding by FIFA to the tune US$1 million, has gone through many problems, among them construction and administrative, with Venold Coombs, President of the SVG Football Federation (SVGFF), appearing to show little enthusiasm for it, having inherited it from the Joseph Delves administration which he replaced in 2010. In fact, one source revealed Goal Project ONE – SVG: Ups to THE VINCENTIAN that and downs the SVGFF had approached government with a view to The St. Vincent project, taking over the project, in according to information exchange for the Campden submitted to FIFA by the Park Playing Field, something SVGFF, is to be “an extension the government reportedly of the technical centre”. The refused. project include: dormitories, a Another source indicated gymnasium, conference rooms, that the SVGFF had spectator stands, parking and approached FIFA for Goal of USD 200 million having been invested in them. According to the FIFA website, 215 projects have been opened, 110 are finished and yet to be opened and another 72, included the one at Brighton, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the process of being completed, and a further 123 still in the preparatory stage. Three have yet to get off the ground through varying logistical problems.

Project TWO, with the intention of purchasing a Kingstown property owned by a lawyer, to construct an office complex. This, reportedly, was flatly refused by the visiting FIFA Development Officer. The SVG FIFA Goal project is said to have met its full share of controversy, with lands at Long Wall, bought by former president, St.Claire Leacock, being the centre of a family dispute over title. That deal fell through, resulting in the Delves administration, which had replaced Leacock, using what many say was its closeness to the government to secure Brighton Playing Field. According to reports, with the entry of the Coombs administration, the project was put on hold following the firing of then General Secretary, Ian Hypolite, who

was the liaison between the contractors and the SVGFF. And the reports say that after several meetings between Arthur Guy, representing the contractors, and the SVGFF, and amidst serious warnings from FIFA, the project resumed with Augustine Trimmingham put as the SVGFF’s point man. Trevor Huggins, General Secretary of the SVGFF, told THE VINCENTIAN that the project is near completion and Trimmingham should be meeting with the executive to give an update soon, but this will depend on the availability of president Coombs who is currently out of state. Huggins was confident that the project will be completed this year and the SVGFF will quickly move to Goal Project TWO.

Alexander earns CAC gold, bronze medals VINCENTIAN athlete, Kineke Alexander earned gold and bronze medals at the XXIV Central American and Caribbean track and field championships, which took place in Morelia, Mexico last weekend. Alexander, 27, gained gold in the 200m female and bronze in the 400m, and became the first Vincentian to win a gold medal at the championships. After clocking 23.09 in the 200m heats, Alexander went better in the final, as she did a time of 23.00 seconds, which became her personal best. She left Jamaican Aileen Bailey to trail her in second spot in 23.08 seconds, with the Dominican Republic’s Marielys Sanchez third in a time of 23.15 seconds.

Reports say that had it not been for poor race strategy, Alexander could have also claimed gold in Saturday’s final of the 400m. Alexander ran 52.33 seconds, the fastest time in the heats on Friday, and was the hot favourite for the top spot. She finished third in the final. It was her second bronze medal in the 400m at the championships, having achieved a third place at the 2006 edition held in Cartagena, Colombia. Alexander’s clocked 52.81 seconds in the finals, to trail first placed 18- year old Kadecia Baird of Guyana in 51.32 seconds, and Chrissan Gordon of Jamaica, second place, in 52.52 seconds. The achievements by Alexander in both events, helped her to attain

an A standard qualification in the 400 m and a B standard for the world championships, which will be in Moscow, Russia next month. Her successes also erased the memories of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, when she failed to finish in the 400m heats. Apart from Alexander, St Vincent and the Grenadines was represented at the 2013 CAC senior championships by male athletes Courtney Williams and Delhonni Samuel — Nicol, who contested the 100m and 1500m respectively. Neither got a podium finish. Williams’ time was 10.60 seconds and Samuel- Nicol recorded four minutes 0.682 seconds in the event. Kineke Alexander, stands proudly and above the rest on the podium, after the female 200m.




Round & Round IT IS ENCOURAGING TO KNOW THAT SPORTS MINISTER CES MCKIE HAS JOINED THE FRAY IN REGARDS to the Troumaca Playing Field. His assurance appeases the residents who are not just anxious to see a completion of a protracted venture, but to end a potential eye and environmental scourge. No one can endeavour to uproot any surface and leave the area to the elements. It is a recipe for disaster and a sign that the villagers are being taken for another. Former representative Dr. Jerrol Thompson is all too familiar with the Troumaca Playing Field drama. Every now and again, the issue comes to the forefront, but the villagers were happy to bide their time and believe what the politicians have come up with. If it appears that mileage could be had by placing the Playing Field on the front burner, you can bet that action will be swift and rampant. If on the other hand It seems to be of no significance, things are left to meander in the way that this situation has been left since it unfolded in the later sixties. Today’s Town Planners ensure that sporting amenities are an integral part of any society. It was strange that only forty years ago, the policy of political leaders was to destroy playing fields in the interest of other spheres of development. Everyone knows the value of formal education. The construction of a Secondary School in Troumaca, especially at the expense of Canadian children who plucked their pennies from their piggy banks, was a welcomed gesture. The adults in the community embraced the construction with no questions asked. Others, including youths, considered it an act of betrayal that the area, crude as it may have been, used for recreational purposes, could have been bulldozed to make way for the construction. The perception of many then, was that any secondary institution ought to have been provided with sporting facilities. Lands could have been purchased around the very playing field, and the school built. But no one was prepared to listen. So up went the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School. The cry for a playing field never stopped in Troumaca. An alternative site was found just beyond the school itself. Lo and behold, from the time the area was cleared, it turned into a rush for housing plots. The entire area has indeed evolved into a Housing Scheme, so the plan for a playing field has long disappeared. The need for a next phase emerged. That is turning into another merry go round. It is a pity that the government is not taking the people seriously. If they did, they would have stopped giving the village the run around and fix the Playing Field once and for all.

SVG U-23 Netballers on victory course

St Vincent and the Grenadines was one victory away from making it title number 14 in the 23rd hosting of the ECCB / OECS Under-23 tournament, which was to have concluded last Wednesday night at the YWCA Complex in Antigua. The Vincentians remained unbeaten, and were set to face two time winners, St Kitts, in their last match on Wednesday. The 13-time champions of the tournament, which dates back to 1991, St Vincent and the Grenadines was clinical in all their matches. The SVG Under-23 Netballers in search of this country’s 14th victory in the In their penultimate ECCB/OECS Tournament. match on Tuesday night versus four-time 17. Shannique De Shong, 2/3. champions St Lucia, St Vincent Once victory was secured Grenada has copped the and the Grenadines got past their tournament title on three against St Kitts, it would have counterparts 31-26. meant that St Vincent and the occasions. This proved to be the slimmest Frederick sank 27/35, Franklyn Grenadines would have won all of margin of victories for the -9/12 and Davis- 6/10 in recording tournaments held in Antigua. Vincentians. Tournament wins in 1991 - 94, SVG’s downing of Dominica, by a Mary Ann Frederick, 12/13, 1996, 1998 — 2002, 2006 and 2007, margin of 42-24. Roshel Franklyn, 10/13, Shellisa St Vincent and the Grenadines make up the thirteen previous Davis, 8/19, and Shanice Daniel , also dumped host Antigua and titles secured by St Vincent and 1/3, netted the tally for St Vincent Barbuda, 55-25. the Grenadines. and the Grenadines. The St Vincent and the In their opening match, the In previous matches, St Grenadines team was coached by Vincentians crushed Montserrat Vincent and the Grenadines saw Godfrey Harry, with Natasha 101 to 3, with Mary Ann off Grenada, 50-40, with Stapleton- Manager/ Chaperone. Frederick scoring a whopping 91 Frederick getting 48/52 and from 98 attempts, Davis 10 from

Pope to Lead National U19 Left-handed opening batsman Gidron Pope leads a SVG 13- member team currently participating in the 2013

Windward Islands Under-19 Cricket Tournament, held in Grenada. Gidron Pope who

recently led the Windward Islands Under-17 team to 3rd place in the West Indies Regional Under-17 Tournament in Tobago, has among his team, experienced fast bowler The national selectors have announced a 30-member squad Ray Jordan, for training ahead of final selection of a SVG team to who will participate in the West Indies Female T20 and 50 overs spearhead the tournaments, to be held in Grenada fast bowling next month. attack; The players were selected following a series of T20 and 40 overs wicketkeeper Anson matches. The squad reads: Sherry-ann John, Latchman and middle order Stacy-ann Adams, Kayleen Garrick, batsman Otis Latoya Providence, Melissa Billingy, Matthews. Phyllis Williams, Rochelle John, The full Gianni Marshall, Camille Garrick, team reads: Cordel Jack, Samantha Lynch, Gidron Pope Shaverne Clark, Kimone Homer, (Captain), Juliana Nero, Hazel-ann Foster, Anson Terisha Lavia, Myscha George. Latchman Also included are Chrystal Ralph, (Vice Captain), Niasha Williams, Viniesha King, Otis Matthews, The experienced Edelyn Turtin, Jeniesha Hackshaw, Teran Barnum, Juliana Nero could Suan Martin, Cristal John, Xavian well be called on to Stephens, Shenica Campbell, Shaniza Denson Hoyte, Romario ensure a creditable Daniel, Ronique Fergus, Phernel Grant, Romano performance by the Charles and Nikiesha Douglas. Pierre, SVG women Shannon cricketers. I.B.A.ALLEN

National Women Training Squad named

Gidron Pope, captain SVG Under-19 cricket team. Hooper, Ray Jordon, Darius Martin, Kimali Williams, Zan Dabreo and Ziani DaSilva. Former National and Windward Island batsman, Bertram Stapleton, will coach the team, while former mational off spinner Dyke Cato will be the Manager. Grenada are the defending champions. I.B.A.ALLEN






One Bedroom Apartment at Carapan Call: 593-4938 New 2 bedroom house with new stove and fridge at Fair Hall. Please contact: 498-6333

PROPERTY/LAND FOR SALE Investment Property at Kingstown Park Asking: EC$800K Call: 718 297 8005 2 lots land at Orange Hill totalling 6,480 sq. ft. Close to the main road with easy access to water and electricity. Interested parties please call 528-6987


The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines


A.I. REAL ESTATE Fort Charlotte 4 bedrm Property on 13,180 sq.ft. - $600,000.00 H893 Villa 3 bedrm Property on 21,766 sq.ft. - $831,000.00 - H114



JULY 12, 2013

VOLUME 107, No.25

Sally Spring 3 bedrm Property on 42,886 sq.ft. - $1.9m - H585 Kingstown Shopping Complex on water front. - CALL - CC082 Other listings are available Phone: 457-2087 Fax: 457-1382 Toll Free (USA): 866-978-0951 718-732-0545 Email: Website:


STUDENT’S DEATH MARS J’OUVERT CELEBRATIONS describe how she felt, and always entertaining the house. mother, ----Camille incident occurred. She would take anything and Trimmingham, of Murray’s An autopsy conducted revealed, “Since Monday I make a joke,” Molicia related. Village. on Wednesday revealed can’t eat.” Camille was in the southern Camillia’s cousin, Bruniel that Camillia died as a Camillia’s eldest sister, Grenadine island of Canouan result of multiple trauma. Baptiste, who said she was Phillicia Trimmingham, also there, recalled, “All I saw when she received the Camillia was living at related, “I feel sad, angry and shocking news of her Diamond with her father, was Camillia lying on the shocked. She wasn’t suppose daughter’s death. October ground and the truck over Curlann Baptiste, and to go that way, she didn’t even her,” adding, “I just feel like I would be four years since stepmother, Molicia Joe, reach 18.” Camille is employed in still dreaming.” since she was about 12 Camillia’s father chose not Canouan. Bruniel said she and years old, along with to comment. Camillia grew up together and Molicia’s son and a niece. Camille said that since the Up to press time they sometimes spent time Molicia, who told THE incident, she had been hearing Wednesday, police were with each other. VINCENTIAN on all sorts of things, but she continuing their Camillia is the second of Wednesday Camillia was does not know what happened. investigations. seven children for her in the company of six She could not find words to persons, Camillia Trimmingham would including have had her sights on doing her herself and CXC exams next year. other relatives and friends, by HAYDN HUGGINS mishap took place, SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Camillia declined to comment on what Trimmingham would have been happened at this looking forward to sitting the stage. CXC Examination soon, after “I was there recently being promoted to Form when it happened, 5 at the St. Clair Dacon but I have not Secondary School at Carapan. gotten over it But her life was cut short completely, so I after she was reportedly run don’t wish to over by a trailer, during the comment on what heat of the J’Ouvert morning happened right revelry last Monday, July 8. now,” Molicia said. A police release on Wednesday stated that around She indicated that 6:05 a.m. Camillia lost her life Camillia was like her big daughter. on Bay Street, Kingstown, “I don’t think when she was run over by one words could explain of the rear wheels of motor how I felt when it vehicle TK721, owned and happened, and how driven by Desmond Llewellyn. I am still feeling. I The release further stated can’t come to grips that it was reported that up to now. She Camillia was partying in a (Camillia) was Relatives left to mourn her death include (L-R) Aliscia Mayers, (aunt), Bruniel Baptiste (cousin), Phillicia J’Ouvert band in the vicinity Trimmingham (sister), Camille Trimmingham (mother), Curlann Baptiste (father), and Molicia Joe always the star of of the cenotaph, when the the house. She was (stepmother).

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