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JULY 13, 2018

VOLUME 112, No.28






Fimber ‘Fimba’ Jardine took controversy created by his ‘Funky Business’ all the way to the throne of the Ragga Soca Monarch.


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Hance John defended with all his might, but fell just that wee bit short of retaining his title.

Jamalie ‘L Pank’ Stapleton was rewarded with third place for what was an improved performance over his previous two years.

Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper did just about what was necessary to keep him among the top Ragga Soca artistes here.

‘Fimba’, ‘Funky Business’ take Ragga title bird patrons who sang along with him. His knee-length, FIMBER ‘Fimba’ Jardine is this grey FBI-style coat, black country’s 2018 Ragga Soca pants and matching hat did Monarch. much to enhance his He claimed the TITLE on performance. A case of poetic the night of Saturday 7th July justice? at the Victoria Park, singing ‘Funky Business’ had to his controversial ‘Funky fend off a spirited performance Business’. by defending monarch Hance The song, by far one of the John with ‘De Ja Vu’. Hance most popular songs for Vincy was ably supported by a large Mas 2018, had generated contingent of dancers, and his much debate about its second place was no disgrace. suitability for airplay. Jamalie ‘L Pank’ Stapleton But ’Fimba’, a Mesopotamia showed marked improvement native, seemed to have in this his third year, and the wrapped all that controversy judges rewarded him with into his Saturday evening third place for his performance performance, and not even of ‘Whole Night’. appearing first could distract Fourth place went to the him from marching to the veteran soca artiste and throne. former Ragga Soca Monarch In fact, he easily won over Delroy “Fireman” Hooper with the full support of the early his rendition of ‘My love for by KENVILLE HORNE

soca’. The dread-locked artiste appeared on stage in a white outfit with red shirt professing that music is his addiction. He seemed to be reserved, and his fourth place was a just reward. The other competitors in the Ragga Soca Monarch competition were: Shane ‘Hypa 4000’ Husbands with his song ‘Lit’; sisters Samantha ‘Sunshine’ Bryant and Nadine ‘Nadiva’ Bryant performing ‘Take it’; Nickeisha ‘Nicki’ Pierre with ‘Pepper’; Shena Collis performing ‘Zaddy’; former Raga Soca Monarch winner Chewalee “Chewalee” Johnson performing ‘Love We SVG welcomes from England, the soca duo of Samantha ‘Sunshine’ Bryant and Nadine ‘Nadiva’ Bryant, whose father is Vincentian.

Carnival’; Ozarie Matthews with ‘Nyam Down Religion’; Kamara ‘Keido’ Foster with his number ‘Bam Bam’, and

another former Ragga Soca Monarch winner Sharnelle “Skarpyon” Williams singing ‘Mary Jane’.




Police nab gunman in Carnival heat Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS A MAN WHO was found in possession of a firearm in the heat of Vincy Mas 2018, was sentenced to four years in prison on Wednesday, after pleading guilty to the offence. Dan Butler, 51, of Diamonds Village, was arrested around 1:40 a.m. last Saturday by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who

were on foot patrol around Kingstown. According to the facts presented at the Serious Offences Court, on reaching the vicinity of the Kingstown Government Credit Union building, Granby Street, one of the lawmen heard a gun crank. Their attention was drawn to Butler who was sitting on a staircase along with Theodore Franklyn, 41, of Dickson, and Victory Martin 18, of

Georgetown. The three stood up after the police identified themselves, and the officers saw the gun on the steps where the men were sitting. When cautioned, Butler said he found the gun at Heritage Square. Franklyn said, “Ah Dan gun. He bring we up here to help him,” and he dropped the magazine for the weapon. The gun and the magazine were checked and turned out to be

empty. The gun was found to be functional when checked by a ballistics expert at the Old Montrose Police Station. Butler was charged jointly with Franklyn and Martin, who both maintained their innocence, and Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche informed the Court that the prosecution was withdrawing the charge against them.

Another ganja wine explanation THOUGH, there are several byproducts, including wine, which could be processed from marijuana, Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett did not believe Clinton Bowens’ explanation that he made wine from the herb. The 34-year-old resident of Fancy gave the explanation to the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court last Friday, after pleading guilty to possession of 8,838 grams of marijuana with intent to supply. “How many bottles of wine you have home?” Burnett asked Bowens, who replied, “Presently, I

Senior Magistrate don’t have none.” The Magistrate found it Rickie Burnett may strange that Bowens would not disagree that wine can be made from be making wine and had marijuana, but didn’t none bottled at home. “That’s a lot of marijuana think that the accused had made out a you know,” he told the creditable case in his defendant. own defence. “Yes, but I does do barbering, and it hard on have a bottle at me,” Bowens responded. home? I don’t “So you don’t really make believe that you wine?” Burnett further asked make wine, I “Yes, my honour, I does make have heard that wine too,” Bowens answered. before,” Burnett “You make wine and you don’t told him, but Bowens insisted that he made wine from marijuana. Bowens, who earlier told the Court he was the father of three children, ages 2, 3 and 5, was fined $8,000. He was ordered to pay $4,000 forthwith or nine months in prison and the balance by October 15 or nine months. Members of the Narcotics Unit conducting stop and search duties along the Rabacca public road, arrested Bowens around 4:30 p.m., on July 5. The arrest came after they stopped and searched a passenger van in which Bowens was travelling. Two packages of the herb were found one in a multi-coloured bag and the other in a black knapsack. Both were found close to his feet and he admitted they belonged to him. When cautioned, he told the police, “Officer, is weed; that is what me ah live by.” Persons who come before the Court on marijuana possession charges, have various explanations as to why they have the herb, including the production of wine.

Butler, unrepresented, told the Court that he found the gun at Heritage Square the night before and kept it in his possession. Responding to questions by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, Butler admitted that there were people enjoying themselves at Heritage Square at the time, but there were no police officers in sight. “This Court does not accept your story at all,” the Magistrate responded. Asked by the Senior Prosecutor what he was going to do with the firearm if the police did not find him with it, Butler said boldly, “I was going to keep it.”

But the Magistrate told him, “Persons come to Kingstown to enjoy themselves, not to be fearful that somebody is going to be walking around with a firearm.” She pointed out that the Court views offences of this nature very seriously, and the only option to be considered as a deterrent, is a custodial sentence. She noted that, to Butler’s credit, the gun was not loaded. Browne commended Constable 339 LaBorde, the arresting officer in the matter, as well as all the other officers, who worked tirelessly during the Carnival season to ensure that the country was safe.

„Decriminalize totally, but regulate‰, says lawyer RONALD MARKS, attorney at law and former government senator, thinks that marijuana should not only be decriminalised for medical and religious purposes, but also for recreational use. Marks was speaking to THE VINCENTIAN, shortly after he made a comment during a case at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court last Friday, in which Clinton Bowens of Fancy was fined $8,000 for possession of 8,838 grams of marijuana with intent to supply. A destruction Attorney Ronald order was also made for the Marks sees no herb. reason for Marks did not represent prolonging with Bowens, but told Senior the Magistrate Rickie Burnett that criminalization of he was currently reading the recreational use Draft Medicinal Marijuana of marijuana. Industry Bill which is to have its first reading July 21, and if that legislation is passed, the amount of marijuana for which Bowens was fined, and a destruction order made, could be sold legally for 19,000 Canadian dollars or more for medicinal purposes. Burnett admitted that the world was changing rapidly, but said marijuana was still illegal, and until the law changes, he would have to operate within the existing law. Marks agreed. When asked for a comment later, Marks told THE VINCENTIAN, “I think that marijuana should be decriminalized totally, but it should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. “It is a waste of state resources to prosecute somebody for small amounts of marijuana. It also hampers the future of young offenders who would have a criminal record for possession of small amounts. This will affect their applying for jobs and visas, and it would also put a stigma on their character.”



Regional Focus - CCJ

Confidence expressed in Justice Saunders

AT LEAST one Prime Minister of a CARICOM member country has made public his and his government’s support for and confidence in Hon. Justice Adrian Saunders, newly installed President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Governor General Sir Holness has Patrick Allen (right) expressed presents newly confidence installed President of that the CCJ, the CCJ Justice Adrian under the Saunders with his leadership of instrument of office new following the official President swearing-in. (Credit: Justice Adrian Saunders, will continue to guard the rights of the Caribbean people. Holness was speaking at the swearing-in ceremony for Justice Saunders at the Hyatt Ziva Hotel, Montego Bay, St James, Wednesday 4th July. “I am fully confident that, based on your commendable professional experience and personal attributes, you will discharge your functions in this new role with distinction and integrity,” the Jamaica Observer reported PM Holness as saying. The prime minister congratulated Saunders on his appointment, and commended him for his distinguished service over the years. The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) reported that Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, said Justice Saunders’ appointment “represents a milestone in our judicial history”, and sends a positive message to all about “the standards of our legal-education institutions. “The CCJ represents the essence of our independence and sovereignty. It is essential to the progress of the integration movement through the certainty and predictability it provides in the interpretation and application of the Revised Treaty [of Chaguaramas]….. I look forward to the day when all our members sign on to the appellate jurisdiction,” he said. As it stands, only Barbados, Belize, Dominica and Guyana have ceased to allow appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC), replacing that appellate jurisdiction with that of the Caribbean Court of Justice. (Source: JIS, Jamaica Observer) Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) congratulates newly installed President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Hon. Justice Adrian Saunders. (Credit:

First Caribbean-trained CCJ President WHEN St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Justice Adrian Saunders, a NATIVE OF St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was sworn in, Wednesday 4th July 2018, as President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, he became the first Caribbeantrained lawyer to assume that position. In formally accepting his elevation, Justice Saunders, addressing the swearing-in ceremony, said, inter alia, that his vision is for the CCJ “to become an established symbol of regional integration similar to the University of the West Indies and the Caribbean Development Bank, which will safeguard the delivery of justice.” But Justice Saunders, the third CCJ president, also noted that the states of Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda were the only countries that absolutely required a referendum to accede to the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ. “I’m extremely heartened to learn that the prime ministers of these states have recently publicly indicated

their desire and intention, respectively, to hold such a poll ... ,” he said. Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, remarked: “It is a matter of great regret that the country from which he (Justice Saunders) hails, St Vincent and the Grenadines, is not yet a member of the CCJ in its appellate jurisdiction. I tried in 2009 and failed. Maybe I will try again.” Barbados, Belize, Dominica, and Guyana are the only countries that have signed on to the CCJ as their final appeal court. Outgoing president of the CCJ Sir Dennis Byron, described Justice Saunders “as thoroughly prepared and fit to assume the role” as president of “an institution that has been serving the needs of people in the region.” Dean Barrow -Prime Minister of Belize and Head of Government for

Justice Adrian takes the oath of office of President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), administered by Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Patrick Allen. (Credit: Justice and Governance in CARICOM, said that the CCJ will make great strides under the leadership of Justice Saunders. He added that the integrity of the CCJ cannot be called into question, although his Government has been affected by judgements from the court. (Source: jamaica gleaner, da vibes)

Saunders considers himself fortunate

Sir Dennis Byron (right) outgoing President of the CCJ, greets the newly installed president Justice Adrian Saunders. (Credit: Jamaica Gleaner) NEWLY installed President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) — Justice Adrian Saunders said that, as he takes on the responsibility for the CCJ, he considers himself to be very fortunate. “I have been preceded in that office by two outstanding Caribbean jurists, and I was privileged to have enjoyed a close collegial relationship with them, Justice Michael de la Bastide and Sir Dennis Byron. Each in his own way, Mr. Justice de la Bastide and Sir Dennis Byron, have contributed to the solid platform upon which the Court now rests. I express my profound gratitude to them for their profound service and, in particular to Sir Dennis for his mentorship over several years,” he said. The new president was sworn in by Governor General of Jamaica Sir Patrick Allen, at the Hyatt Ziva Hotel, Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica on Wednesday 4th July. He has served as a Judge of the

Caribbean Court of Justice, since the Court’s inauguration in 2005, and has acted as President numerous times in the past. Also in attendance at the ceremony were outgoing president of the CCJ, Sir Dennis Byron; lead head of government for justice and governance, Caricom, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow; Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, and other officials from regional governments. The ceremony was held prior to the start of the 39th regular meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of Caricom, July 4 - 6. In addition to be president of the CCJ, Justice Saunders is also Chairman of the Caribbean Association of Judicial Officers. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from The University of the West Indies (Cave Hill) in 1975 and the Legal Education Certificate at the

Newly installed President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) Justice Adrian Saunders has been a member of that Court since 2005. Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago in 1977. He was called to the Bar of St Vincent and the Grenadines in that same year. He worked with Sir Dennis at the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, and was later reunited with him in 2011 when Sir Dennis was appointed president of the CCJ. He has served as a Judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice, since the Court’s inauguration in 2005, and has acted as President numerous times in the past.




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Air travel woes

THE GOVERNMENTS of the region (CARICOM) have had fingers pointed directly at them, raising concern about the high cost of air travel within and without the region. Not least among those issuing repeated warnings, has been the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), which has warned governments in the region about the adverse effects of high air travelrelated taxes and fees on travel. Joining in, more recently, on the same hymn sheet, are the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (CATA). While the recent CDB report on its study of the region’s travel industry is, for all intents and purposes, sedate, it does highlight the debilitating effects of high travel taxes and related fees. The CHTA and the IATA have been seemingly more upfront with their ‘’warnings, even as they say, they recognize the challenges the region’s governments face as they “wrestle with balancing their budgets.” But those bodies have been consistent in positing that taxing for additional revenue may have a reverse effect, as tourists may choose not to travel to or within the Caribbean, not to mention the obvious decline in intra–regional movement of citizens of CARICOM. All in all, any slow down and decrease in travel — leisure visitor arrivals, travel for business purposes — would result, in effect, in smaller tax revenues and constriction in commercial activity, as the CHTA and IATA have said in unison. All of this ‘advice’ from international and regional bodies come amidst similar observation by colleague Heads of Government, who have gone on record repeatedly, calling for a reduction in the travel taxes and fees, with one Head at least suggesting as an aside, that maybe, government subventions to LIAT could ease this burden on intra-regional travel at least. But we are wont, oh so pitifully — to discard what we hear from our own. And as far as this issue is concerned, this disregard for our own is exemplified by the fact LIAT’ CEO — Ms. Julie Reifer-Jones, speaking so to speak from the very bowels of the fledging regional airline - who in April this year appealed to Caribbean governments to revisit the level of taxation on airline ticket. Taxation, she admitted, was a “ticklish issue,” but a solution had to be found. There has been no response one way or the other to her appeal. Reifer-Jones referred them to a recent study that showed that intraregional travel had declined significantly. LIAT, she said, was now moving 750,000 passengers annually in comparison to one million in the past. It was clear, the CEO said, that when they looked at some of the factors contributing to that decline, taxes — airport and taxes directly by governments — were significant among these. The CEO admitted then, that LIAT had raised its base fare by about three per cent between 2009 and 2016, but taxes affixed to each travel ticket purchased (direct tax on tickets, security surcharge, departure tax, etc.) had increased by about 56 per cent. Has anyone listened to this lady? Has anyone who matters in the scheme of these travel-related issues, listened to anyone at all? Subject to correction but the recent 39th Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Summit held in Jamaica, found no space on its agenda to discuss the air travel industry in the region. As far back as May 1972, when Premiers Eric Gairy of Grenada, James Mitchell of St. Vincent and John Compton of St. Lucia met in the resort island Petit St. Vincent, to discuss and agree upon eliminating travel and work permit restrictions within their jurisdictions/countries, the Ecumenical Study Group, St. Vincent, raised the concern about the folly of speaking about regional integration, the movement of people, when the very people that are supposed to be united, cannot afford to travel within their own region. How far have we come since then? The services akin to air travel might well have improved as far as what is on offer as a means of travel. But can we say with any honesty, without water in our mouth, that it is any easier today for people of the region to travel within their own space, than it was in 1972? Why should travel be beyond the means of the many? Not to mention those we would want to attract as ‘spending’ visitors. There has been no semblance of even a baby step towards a revision of travel related taxes, fees. What a sorry picture we paint of and for ourselves!

Fun in the sun (This article starred in the SVG Carnival Magazine 1987)

dynamic “Man CP” and the consistent “Scakes”. In times past we depended on the Trinidad calypsos. With the time lag fans could not readily digest stale Trinidad calypsos warmed over for our festival. In the circumstances, we fell back on a plentiful reservoir of virgin sources and tapped a rather rich native vein in the process. Indeed, our cup runneth over. The songs have been cascading down from the tents which generate the correct atmosphere and create the right soil for the real bacchanal. Here, raw talent, naked ribaldry and sheer genius weave a mosaic that captures the essence of Carnival. It is the birthplace of folk-heroes, from “Professor” to “Ga-O.” Such an appealing product over-all, allied to an aggressive marketing strategy and a positive tourism drive, have caused thousands of people to descend on this little spot in mid-year. Leading the motley crew are, of course, returning Vincentians spellbound by the mystique of the rock. Next in line come the Trinidadians who would not be left out of fun anywhere. The Vincies and the Trinies of late, walk with their own competing bands. Then follow hordes of North American and European visitors come to let down their hair, their inhibitions and hang-ups, and participate in the original group therapy in its natural setting. The Arnos Vale airstrip plays big International Airport during the Carnival season. Charter flights turn night into day. Hotels and guesthouses are booked out solid months beforehand, and private homes strain to cope with the spillover. With places of entertainment going all night, it is possible that some visitors do not enjoy any fixed place of abode at all, but roam the streets without fear, cat-napping whenever and wherever they can. Taxis and vans do a roaring trade transporting people all over the place. The mini-buses behave like mobile music boxes, their drivers sweetly taking the many curves and changing gear on the steep hills to the timing of the accompanying melodies. Traffic snarls through the capital threatening to tie it up, as man and metal, bellowing voice and honking horn, vie for precedence on the densely populated roads. The capital serves subconsciously as a convention center for Vincentian exiles who converge from the four corners of the globe for their annual conclave. This ritual has grown to such importance that the participants make plane bookings a full year in advance, bolstered by an optimism in travel agents that remains unshaken by bad experiences.

IT IS NOW nearly 41 years since we have stopped celebrating Carnival on the Pre-Lenten Shrove Tuesday and shifted to a ten-day period of fun and frolic spanning the last and first weeks of June and July. The time has flown by like nobody’s business. The decision to make the change over was chiefly motivated by economic considerations. From a commercial standpoint, we could not cope with the stiff competition coming from the Trinidad extravaganza. A suitable date was then fixed that hinged together the two halves of the year climaxing with twin public holidays that took in Caricom Monday. It was a nice calculation. We had to dodge the June rains and duck the Antigua Carnival in August. True, we ran into the Barbados Crop Over but that poses little problem, save the irritations suffered yearly by our in-transit passengers at the Grantley Adams Airport. Perhaps the only disadvantage to talk about concerns the fact that the festivities fall smack into the endof-year session of school examinations. Change comes hard in these hide-bound societies, and Bertram Arthur and the Labour Government of the day deserve a round of applause for pushing the idea and displaying the courage of their vision. How vividly does one recall that first signal break with the past: De Man Age leading a new generation of Kaisomen with their stirring messages; the band “Climax” producing what turned out to be an anthem for the new Carnival — “Mas in July”; the great outpouring of talent by gifted masmen led by Roy Ralph, Sheggy John and Fuzzy Knights — making much of the six month reprieve that now follows the spending-spree of the Christmas -New Year holidays. An attractive package had to be concocted to hold interest at “Carnival City” for the 240 hours of gay abandon. At base, a cultural evening was introduced to fertilize the roots and nurture the growing national festival; and efforts have been made to keep alive the pulsating rhythms of our native pan music, reinforcing the new development with steel, as it were. Crowning it have been the highly acclaimed “Carival Queen Show” which embraces the entire Caribbean Basin and would long be identified with the electrifying personality of our own Donna Young who took the title on its premiere occasion; as well as the “All Stars” night featuring overseas-based Vincentian Calypsonians and other guest artistes from abroad More than a fringe benefit from the switch of dates has been the great leap forward in calypso spearheaded by the Cont’d on Page 10




Productivity or lack thereof I CAME HOME, now that we have the AIA for the first time since 2001. The last time I was home was at the same time – Carnival. There have been very visible changes in and around Kingstown since last I was here; but sadly, I don’t see a lot of locally owned business, especially in the clothes and apparel line. Those areas of commerce seem now to be dominated by

the Arab community which has grown appreciably since 2001. What bothered me most was what I observed as far as productivity was concerned. I don’t know what it would have been like, had it simply been carnival as a single distraction. But I tell you, from what I observed, the combination of carnival and the World Cup

Fireman vs Skinny, not the point!!! Editor’s Note: The sentiments expressed herein were first posted on Facebook. Permit me to air my views on a trending topic I would say, regardless of whom I supported in the Soca Monarch competition, it’s not important right now. What is important is that we have a Soca Monarch who was crowned last night (Saturday 7th July) at Victoria Park.... for the tenth time. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Fireman and Skinny Fabulous. Over the years, these guys have put their dedication and time into making Vincy Mas, the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean. I knew with the return of Skinny, it was going to be a battle. These two guys put on an awesome show last evening (Saturday 7th July). Any one of them could have taken the crown. If we say we love them, let us respect them in their own way and appreciate what they have being doing for the art form over the years, regionally and Internationally. Thank you, Fireman and Skinny. I can definitely see a rise not only in the Ragga and Soca Monarch competitions, but also in the calypso business. Young people are getting more involved in our culture. At this point, let me ‘BIG UP’ all the young and up and coming artistes like Fimba, Small Circle, Hyper 4000, Hance, Recka, Keido, Chewalee not forgetting Fugi, just to name a few. And we also have Young Tal and a few others in Georgetown. Congratulations, guys. Continue to keep it real with positive vibes. And to all social media users, let us use the opportunity we have to be positive about our festival. The celebrations continue tonight (Sunday 8th July). Eleven calypsonians will vie for the Calypso Monarch title. All the best to the Competitors. To all citizens, returning, nationals and visitors, have a Happy Carnival! Enjoy Vincy Mas, the ‘Hottest in the Caribbean’. Aunty G

(football) seemed to have a serious toll on the level of productivity in many offices. I mean, I visited some places at certain times of the day when production should be at peak, and there were quite a number of empty chairs and desks. I visited the bars and other similar places of business, and I found them packed when you would expect that they

would be empty, with some of them not open all. I am not saying we should ignore our carnival and not be part of the World Cup euphoria, but when we do so at the expense of the country as a whole, when we fail to produce, when our productivity levels hit rock bottom, then we are nothing short of being dishonest. I hope that when

employees are called upon to put in that extra bit to compensate for what they STOLE from their employers, that they will see the folly of their ways and accept the repercussions. Come on, people, it is our productivity that will make us better people and make our country a better place in the process. Visiting National

„Monkey see, monkey do‰ CITIZENS of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, lend me your ears. I’m here to appeal to the PM Comrade, and not to condemn him. Sir, you ask that the public should write of misconduct or laziness of any public servant. You also stated that even if you will not read them, you will have them reported to you. Sir, that is a no, no. There will be letters and phone calls that will never reach you, but need your input. Here is one such: I’m the grandfather of 3 boys. The second one is slow of speech, and his mother is ashamed of him. Her friends’ children of that age are all talking, but hers is not. She is also very abusive of him. He is

malnourished and maltreated, all because of his father, and her ignorance of failing to choose a good man to be her children’s father. I used to teach him; he can’t talk, but will show you fingers to suit the right numbers. I would like him to live with me, but the mother doesn’t want that, as I’m very condemning of her choice of men. Out of a field of over 12, not one winner, yet so only the Court can solve that future. In September 2017, I went to the ‘Welfare Department’ and was promised that the ‘Agent’ for over the River would visit us; but up to now, July 2018, no one has ever spoken to me or my daughter. I also spoke to a female Police

Officer. No one has ever spoken to the children’s mother. The child is still malnourished, maltreated, ill-treated, while that Welfare Officer receives a monthly salary for work which she failed to perform, a salary she doesn’t deserve. Are there no inspectors who will spend certain days in the field with these dishonest workers who will visit a few of their charges, as insurance. As a taxpayer, I demand better service to our youths, the backbone of our future generation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Grand Pa Pa

What the Bible says about stress WHAT IS STRESS? Anxiety, hardship, tension, just to name a few synonyms. But how can we get rid of them? Paul described his life of serving God with these words: tribulation, distress, imprisonment and sleepless nights, among others. But he also linked these with treasures that money cannot buy, e.g. purity, kindness, sincere love, honour, rejoicing and having nothing, and yet possessing all things. As long as we live on this earth, we will experience the unbreakable connection between trouble and hope. What is the real hope? Jesus said,

that if we want to follow Him, we must “deny ourselves and take up our cross”. If we try to save our live, we will lose it. If we lose our live for his sake, we will find it. We must challenge ourselves to find joy in our various trials. As long as we attempt to obey Christ, we can count on being able to deal with stress, and we can also count living a life that is pure, kind and with sincere love. These will help us to deal with stress. Bishop Ezekiel Creese Faith Word Ministries

Eighteen years of nothing FOR 18 YEARS, the ULP regime produced fiscal deficits, resulting in ultra-high unemployment and a declining economy. Agriculture has not expanded under the ULP. Where we once saw the lush vegetation of food crops, is now overgrown with wild grass. SVG exports have declined, resulting in negative growth of the economy. Tourism has not expanded. The ULP talks about tourism but never about tourism money. Tourists (cruise line visitors) get off vessels, walk about Kingstown to the Botanic Garden and return to the vessel on

foot. They don’t spend money in St.Vincent. And the AIA is not a plus to SVG’s economy. In my opinion, the AIA will not generate enough revenue each year to pay its electric bill. East St George is a classic example of the state of affairs in SVG. There are hundreds of people from that constituency who ate on ‘Poor relief’. This dependence of ‘Poor relief’ has kept the ULP in office, resulting in 18 years of zero multiplying effect; yet people are afraid to cross over. Kadmiel McFee

* Why we like to complain after the fact? Fireman singing his ‘Amen’ song whole season, not a word. Now he won, a whole set ah noise? Why? What really wrong with us, eh? * I wonder how many complaints the PM get so far about civil servants and other public officers not doing what they are paid to do? I wonder how many he has acted upon? * Are those entrusted with ‘managing’ our carnival, throwing out the baby with the bath water? Is there a deliberate emphasis on making our Carnival a series of ‘allinclusive fetes’? * Will there be a STATE FUNERAL for Yvonne FrancisGibson?

V Freedom of Information Act still unclear 8. FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2018. THE VINCENTIAN


IT IS STILL unclear as to when the Freedom of Information Act of 2003 will become operational. Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said in Parliament on June 28, that there were a number of criticisms

leveled at the Act, even though it was passed in the House, with some saying that it was too one-sided, too broad or too narrow. “And we just did not operationalize then,” he said. According to Dr. Gonsalves, the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act went together. “Because a Freedom of Information Act in all democratic countries, access to information is circumscribed on privacy

issues, employment issues, security issues — matters which are not yet ripe for disclosure,” he said. For instance, if a project was in its early stages, a Freedom of Information Act may not necessarily give one the ability to get a document, the PM explained. Back in 2016, Camillo Gonsalves, in his capacity as Minister of Information then, in response to a question by Opposition Senator Marcia Barnwell, explained in Parliament Camillo Gonsalves, as that the Freedom of Minister Of Information Information Act of 2003 in 2016, also referenced was not a harmonized to the OECS piece of legislation, and harmonized legislation that they were as impacting the anticipating harmonized operationalization of legislation within the the Freedom of OECS. Information Act. He added then that

the OECS had published a draft harmonized Freedom of Information Bill in mid-2004 and a decision was taken to await the finalization of this OECS harmonized legislation, while beginning the work towards identifying structures required to accompany the laws. Deliberations ended at the OECS level, and to date, Antigua and Barbuda is the only country to have passed and implemented the harmonized OECS legislation. Other member states, including St Vincent and Grenadines have not. Dr. Gonsalves posited that the reason this did not occur was the emergence of the European Union funded project throughout African,

Caribbean and Pacific Countries (ACP) grouping, to harmonize ICT policies, legislation and regulatory procedures. The project, HIPCAR, was launched in Grenada in 2008 and, following that meeting, it was agreed that the project would produce a suite of ICT related legislation for the eventual adoption across all 15 states. The Ministry of Legal Affairs received a substantially revised final version of the suite of legislation, which included Acts such as the Cybercrime and Freedom of Information Bills. “Our ministry is committed to implementing this entire suite of legislation, which includes the Freedom of Information Act,” Dr.

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves moved from ‘having to set up structures” to “awaiting the harmonized OECS legislation”, as reasons why the Freedom of Information Act, passed into law in 2003, was never operationalized. Gonsalves said, adding that he wanted to see this process well in train by the end of this year. (DD)




People of Determination

“The Government of Abu Dhabi offers quality care and services to people of determination. Moving away from conventional routes and methods to fulfil their needs and aspirations, and to ensure their active participation and integration in the weave of Abu Dhabi community.” - Abu Dhabi Digital Government The government and people of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), must be commended for their insights in reclassifying “people with disabilities” as “people of determination”. The positive move to describe such challenged individuals occurred in April 2017 when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum, vice president of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, championed the initiative. He was determined to use this as a catalyst to empower people with disabilities. He is quoted as saying, “Disability is in fact the inability to make progress and achievements. The achievements that people of determination have made in various spheres over the past years are proof that determination and strong will can do the impossible and encourage people to counter challenges and difficult circumstances while firmly achieving their goals.” It is anticipated that his positive and progressive move will enlighten, inspire, and encourage people all over the world to play a more active role in championing initiatives for personal growth for all people — regardless of their “physical challenges”. Several years ago, a friend and regular reader of this column, Gregory Weekes, had described such individuals as “differently abled”. And certainly, they are. Many of these individuals who are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged, possess outstanding talents in other areas. We can reflect on the accomplishments of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Fanny Crosby. They refused to let their blindness restrain them from outstanding accomplishments as musicians, singers, and song writers. We can also consider and be inspired by Ben Underwood who was born without eyes but uses his sense of hearing and sonar skills to enable him to walk around obstacles (see mvRRwu5Gw). He is described as “the boy who could see like a bat”. He has mastered the unusual skill of echolocation. These people of determination remind us that they can accomplish great things if only society will allow them to do so. It also raises questions in relation to how many of these latent, undeveloped, skills we have but have not yet learned to use. Indeed, we are fearfully and wonderfully made — even with our defects and shortcomings. Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to read about and view video footage of persons who were born with some of their body parts missing or not functioning. However, with a strong desire for independence, and persons to encourage them to persist despite obstacles, they have been able to live relatively accomplished and comfortable lives. These people of determination remind us that, regardless of our shortcomings and

setbacks, it is possible to live productive lives. They sometimes “put us to shame” (those of us who have all or most body parts functioning normally) as they reveal that there is so much that can be accomplished, once there is a passion and commitment to do so. The Daily Bread Devotional once carried a most interesting article about a child who was born without the ability to speak. However, his mother painstakingly developed a “communication technique” that allowed him to use eye movements to develop an unorthodox mode of communication. She did not give up on her physically challenged son. This modern day example reminds us of the role played by Louis Braille in developing the now famous Braille tactile communication method that enables blind or partially blind individuals to read through the sense of touch; using the tips of their fingers to read. Louis Braille (1809-1852) was a French national who lost his sight as a result of a childhood accident. At the age of fifteen he developed a code for the French alphabet. He used raised dots on embossed paper to create characters (cells) to represent the letters of the alphabet. The characters or letters of the alphabet are distinguished based on the number and arrangements of these raised dots within the cell (group of dots). As a result of Braille’s determination to communicate, to read and write in spite of his inability to see, many blind and partially seeing individuals all around the world now live more productive and rewarding lives. We sometimes too readily and easily “write individuals off” when we observe them to have been born with physical defects or would have lost some physical or mental function due to an accident. So very often, with encouragement and a belief in self, they can make significant contributions to society. We need to regularly remind such individuals (and ourselves) that differently abled individuals need to retain their dignity as they seek, as best they can, to be independent and to live purposeful, rewarding lives. Many service clubs, community groups, churches, and other civicminded individuals have played (and continue to play) a major role in assisting these people of determination. What may appear to be an insignificant contribution of our time, talent, and money can go a long way towards aiding such individuals to pursue their noble dreams. Some of these individuals may be invisible to us since they tend to be “locked away” in at home or in an institution. However, with some determination on our part, we may be able to discover where they are and champion activities that aid them in becoming more accomplished. We should be determined to assist these people of determination. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Remove the fog from the Marijuana debate IT HAS LONG BEEN said that he who frames the question wins the debate. This is particularly true now as we talk about marijuana. If you ask whether people should be allowed to use marijuana recreationally as we now use alcohol or cigarettes, most people will so no. This is especially so because of the stigma associated with this herb. Politicians, police and doctors have led this demonization over the years. However, if Vincentians are asked whether they believe that our young people should be arrested and jailed for the possession of small quantities of the marijuana, or if police should brutalize our youth for such possession, the overwhelming majority will also say no. So let’s frame the debate and save our people/nation. A recent report issued by CARICOM says the following: 1. The analysis of the comprehensive information gathered indicates that the current legal regime for marijuana, characterised as it is by prohibition and draconian criminal penalties, is ineffective, incongruous, obsolete and deeply unjust. 2. Marijuana use for children and young persons should be discouraged. 3. Marijuana is a victimless crime. 4. Prohibition denied Caribbean substantial economic benefits. 5. While Marijuana should remain controlled it should no longer be classified as a dangerous drug with no medicinal and other value. 6. The law should be changed to move away from criminalization toward a responsible regulated, public health, rights-based approach. The Commission’s recommendations show that there is need for a thoroughgoing educational effort to destroy the myths and remove the stigma and demonization currently attached to marijuana. So here goes: Cannabis, better known as marijuana, has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It’s been heralded as a “cure-all,” revered for its healing properties, particularly for pain but also as a potential cancer treatment. Marijuana was a popular botanical medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, common in pharmacies. In 1970, marijuana was declared a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the U.S., a classification reserved for drugs with ‘high potential for abuse’ and ‘no accepted medical use.’ The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was formed to enforce the newly created drug schedules, and the war against marijuana use began internationally. In light of its history as a global panacea for all sorts of ills, its classification as a dangerous controlled drug is particularly unjustified. There has also been a significant scientific discovery that the human body is equipped with a cannabinoid system which offers evolutionary evidence that mankind’s relationship with cannabis goes back to the very dawn of the human species. The marijuana plant contains more than 60 different cannabinoids; chemical compounds the human body is uniquely equipped to respond to. The two primary ones are cannabinoid (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the latter of which is the psychoactive component. Cannabinoids interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. The therapeutic (and psychoactive) properties of marijuana occur when a cannabinoid activates a cannabinoid receptor. We still don’t know exactly how far its impact on our health reaches, but to date it’s known that cannabinoid receptors play an important role in many body processes, including metabolic regulation, pain, anxiety, bone growth and immune function. Marijuana has had a long association with medicine and spirituality. Taoist monks in ancient China burned

cannabis as incense, and consumed it with ginseng – a combination thought to open your psychic centres, allowing you to see the future. Cannabis was also revered as sacred in Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism. The earliest written references to cannabis are found in the Chinese Materia Medica, said to be written by Shen Nung around 2800 B.C. The oldest known copy of this book dates back to 50 B.C. Nung is one of three ‘celestial emperors’ revered in the Chinese culture. Half emperor, half deity, he is said to have ruled over China long before written history. Nung is credited with inventing agriculture – including the hoe, plow and irrigation – as well as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Often depicted draped in leaves and chewing on various plants, Nung was the first pharmacologist, experimenting with and recording the health effects of plants. Nung documented around 100 different conditions that responded well to cannabis, including gout, rheumatism, malaria and absentmindedness. Before Nung declared its medicinal attributes, the cannabis plant, called “ma” in Chinese, had been used for centuries in the production of textiles, paper, rope and pottery. Around 200 A.D., a Chinese physician named Hua Tuo performed surgery using an anaesthetic – a formula called Ma Fei San, which translates to “cannabis boiling powder.” For thousands of years, cannabis remained one of the 50 essential plants used. It was only removed from widespread use in recent times due to its controversial legal status. Marijuana has a history in Indian culture. In the Vedas, the sacred text of India, cannabis (bhang) is listed as one of five sacred plants, and the Hindu god Shiva is referred to as “Lord of the bhang,” meaning the Lord of cannabis. According to the Mahanirvana, “bhang is consumed in order to liberate oneself,” and liberation is the path to immortality. The ancient Egyptians, Persians and Greeks also used cannabis in a variety of ways, including medicinally and for spiritual upliftment. References to cannabis are even found in Islamic, Judaic and Christian texts, although an error in translation appears to have crept into the Bible along the way. The original Hebrew term ‘kaneh bosm, or cannabis, is found several times in the Old Testament. In the book of Exodus, God instructs Moses on how to make a holy anointing oil: ‘Take for yourself choice spices: 500 shekels of pure myrrh, half as much fragrant cinnamon, 250 shekels of kaneh bosm and 500 shekels of cassia and mix these with olive oil.’ In more modern Bibles, kaneh bosm has been translated as sweet calamus. The problem is this plant does not have the properties that the Bible ascribes to kaneh bosm. A 12th century painting found in a Sicilian basilica also ‘appears to show Jesus near a pot leaf.’ The painting is titled ‘Jesus healing the blind.’ Interestingly enough, modern scientific studies have since proven that cannabis delays retinal degeneration and can cure glaucoma The historical evidence seems to support the finds of the CARICOM commission on Marijuana. We will have more on this important topic next week. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Migrants, end your illegal occupation of Mustique now

of the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Pack your bags and go back to where you came from. Migrants in Mustique want special St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a a university graduate in Accounting With joyful hearts we pledge to treatment, and want the Indigenous graceful country - one nation with a and Finance and Economics from thee, population of indigenous proud people. Brookes University, Oxford, England, population of SVG to subsidise their Our loyalty and love and vow artificial lifestyle, and they are Backdoor ownership of Mustique by a the Migrant enclave in Mustique is To keep you ever free. foolishly out of step in claiming the sea group of superrich migrants through the highly counterproductive to Mustique Act NO 48 OF 2002 is very sustainable economic development for around Mustique as their property. What’er the future brings Our local fishermen have been fishing foolish and totally unacceptable. the indigenous population of St. Our faith will see us through in the sea around Mustique for Research by Warrant Officer Ivan May peace reign from shore to shore Vincent and the Grenadines. hundreds of years. These Migrants, O’Neal, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, his And God bless and keep us true. they have a few dollars and believe Leader of SVG Green Party, has wife and three children, lived in they can buy the sovereignty of St. revealed that the Migrants’ claim of Singapore from 1963 to 1965. Hairoun, our fair and blessed Isle, Vincent and the Grenadines, including ownership of Mustique is highly Singapore has one of the highest Your mountains high, so clear and dubious. The Migrants have sold standards of living in the world, with a the sea. green, There are no White Enclaves in Mustique twice internally to population of Chinese, Indians, Malays A home to me, though I may stray, themselves and have used the second and multiple more races. There are no Brunei, Cuba, Malaysia or Singapore. A haven, calm serene. internal sale/purchase of Mustique to White Migrant enclaves in Singapore. We do not want white enclaves in SVG. themselves, in the Mustique Act NO White Migrants in Mustique want Our little sister islands are, 48 OF 2002 to claim Migrants’ Those gems, the lovely Grenadines, to operate Mustique like a state within SVG Green Party ownership of Mustique, through the a state, but Mustique is the property Upon their seas and golden sands, back door. The sunshine ever beams. This backdoor ownership of The wicked and unpatriotic Mustique through highly dubious Mustique Act NO 48 OF 2002, has Mustique Act NO 48 OF 2002, is attempted to give ownership of totally unacceptable. Warrant Officer Mustique to Superrich Migrants. This Ivan O’Neal, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, very crude attempt by Migrants, White is very strongly demanding that the in the main, to transfer ownership of Migrants end their highly illegal Mustique from the indigenous People occupation of Mustique now, and pack of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to by NEGUS BYNOE without measure (Jn 3:34). their Bags and go Back to where they Superrich Migrants is totally We too, need to be filled with the come from. INDEED, our salvation is so much unacceptable. Ruach (Spirit), so we can speak forth OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM nearer than when we first believed According to Warrant Officer Ivan the words of Yah without fear or St. Vincent, Land so beautiful, O’Neal, BSc (Hons) MSc, MBA, who is (Rom 13:11), so we must not waste favour; so we can lay hands upon the precious time, but do our best to sick and see them recover (Mk 16,17redeem the time, for these days are 18), and perform even greater works evil (Eph 5:16). than these (Jn 14:12-14). The Messiah (Yahshua) came as We are living in a world where our Yah’s (God’s) appropriation or temples are not fit for the Ruach to From page 6 A delightful pandemonium reigns payment for sin, because the Law dwell, for we partake of all the supreme in Kingstown on Carnival demanded it; something or someone unclean things that we were forbidden Kingstown becomes a veritable Monday and Tuesday marking the MUST die for transgressing it; there to eat (Lev 11:47),saying that the laws hive of activity buzzing with roundmust be a blood sacrifice (Lev 17:11). climactic outburst of this ten-day are removed. Also we participate in the-clock excitement. Food places do orgy of mirth and gaiety. One is So He came to be the lamb of Yah, many pagan practices as well a brisk business especially in local to take away the sins of the world (Jn (Christmas, and Easter, etc), and struck by the clash of music, riot of 1:29), and in order to do that, He had indulge in many other sinful activities, dishes. Inside are served various color, display of talent and the to be a spotless lamb (Exod 12:5); He mélanges of Caribbean cuisine; so that the Ruach cannot dwell in our general movement of a teeming mass had to be sinless; He had to keep “temples” - our bodies), - (1cor 6:19), mingling outside are corresponding of humanity. It is the grand finale, every jot and tittle of the law (Matt thus rendering us powerless. mixtures of people in one “the last lap” that builds up in a 5:18). So we are challenged to live lives international melting Pot. rising crescendo to the final Satan, via the religious Pharisees, that meet the requirements of Yah, so During this season the society is explosion. tested Him from every angle — that the Ruach can live and function classless, nonracial, a miniature Then the curtain falls, a chapter physical, mental and spiritual (Heb through us (Jn 14:17). Only then will United Nations held together by closes. Carnival is over. The music 4:15) -but he was found without sin, we be able to function as the original dance, a tower of Babel whose lingua stops; costumes are discarded; the halleluyah! Church did - setting men free from the franca is music. The community bars disappear; the stage is His message was far from the bondage of “the evil one”. undergoes a distinct personality dismantled; visitors leave. purely legalistic, theological, and But we need to be freed first in change. It is African Market-Place, Kingstown resumes its normal religious utterances of the Pharisees, order to free others. And as we Mid-Eastern bazaar and downtown languid pace. It’s lack of business as and differed also from all of the other progress further into this tribulation Brixton — Toronto — Brooklyn rolled usual. Sects of the day. It was filled with period, we will need the Ruach like into one. But the lengthened shadows of the hope, love, and life, so much so that never before. All and sundry patronize the festivities remain: the haunting the people shook their heads in Too many of us have sold out to the established entertainment spots but, memories and pampered wonderment. “Never a man”, they Religious System, and just practise a more so, the makeshift “hole-in-thereminiscences of a lingering afterdeclared, “spake like THIS man” (Jn form of Godliness, but deny the true wall” and fly-by-night concerns that glow. Then anticipation of the next. 7:45). and full power of Yah (2Tim 3:5. We sprout from the pavement during the Travel arrangements are being sewn They did not know what to do with have itching ears and find ourselves Carnival season. Always, there is up twelve months in advance; Him. They hated Him but dared not with teachers/preachers who are not the constant jamming in the streets revelers begin to knock heads to see touch Him, as the people esteemed preaching “sound” doctrines, but to deafening Dee Jay music blaring how they can put together a better Him as a prophet (Matt 16:15). He rather fables (made up stories that out of temporary bars built without act the following year; officials was so compassionate yet sound nice), that will make us “feel doors. A triumvirate rules the roost compare notes with a view to more authoritative (Matt 1:22), that even good”, but who will not challenge us to by its recorded soca music — Becket, efficient planning in the future. demons had no recourse but to exit live soberly, righteously, and Godly, in Soso and Scorcher. So this year’s Carnival is their victims when he ordered them to this present world (Titus 2:12). The hucksters and small-vendors guaranteed to be the best ever. That (Lk 4:41). May we become so disturbed in our come into their own, doing a rapid is the pattern. The current year’s He was the only begotten Son of spirits, that we will say NO to the turn-over in their personalized always promises to be tops. The Yah, full of grace and truth(Jn 1:14). spirits of compromise, deceit, and lies, delivery service at crowded shows forty-year milestone only underscores It is recorded that He went about and resolve to do that which Yah where they miraculously thread their this trend. For, with Carnival, the doing GOOD (Acts 10:38),because his REQUIRES of us, and not what we labyrinthine way through mazes of father (Yah), had anointed him with graph rises steadily, and the sky is want, or THINK that He WANTS from people huddled together like devotees the limit. the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit), and us. transfixed in worship. with power. He was given the Ruach .... to be continued

Colonisation and God’s plan for building his Kingdom

Fun in the sun

V Atiron Returns and Wins



Jelani Niles placed second with a portrayal ‘Icthyophobia – Fear of Fishes’ A front and back view of Atiron Lockhart’s winning King of the Bands, ’Elements of Natural Disasters’. ATIRON LOCKHART HAS LONG TASTED the nectar of royalty. He created a niche for himself when he copped the King of the Bands title in three consecutive years (2007, ’08 and ’09) He added to that hattrick of victories this year when he displayed a costume entitled ’Elements of Natural Disasters’, from the band ‘Devastating Elements’, produced by the Sion Hill-based X FM 104.3 G&T Enterprise Lynx Mas Band. That costume, like those with which he would have won before, was designed and built by his father — Oxley ‘Giddy’ Lockhart renowned mas designer, master builder and masquerader for well over four decades. Second to Atiron was Jelani Niles. The young man, who won his first King of the Bands title at age 17 years, 2016, displayed a costume named ‘Icthyophobia — Fear of Fishes’ from Blondie’s 2018 presentation ‘Phobia’. Niles has taken over the role of King of the Bands for Blondie Bird and Friends from his father — Garth, himself a mas builder of no mean repute. Chewalee Johnson, perhaps more readily recognised as a performing artiste and panman, is quickly developing a penchant for

the masquerade component of mas. His King of the Bands costume ‘The Might of Africa’ from Nelson Bloc’s ‘A Journey through Africa’, fetched him third place. And experiencing perhaps the harshest displacement in this year’s competition was defending King- veteran Gordon ‘Tarya’ Boucher. His ‘A Fantasy in Nursery Rhymes & Lullaby’ from Melbourne Artisans ‘Dedicated to Memories’ was a crowd favourite, but found diminished favour with the judges who placed it fourth. Of the fourteen Mas Bands registered for competition this year, only eight contested the King of the Bands Competition. In addition to the first four, the others were: Meshach Pierre ‘I am Fireman’ from SVG Players International’s ‘Legends of the Soca Monarch #The Best of the Best; Fernando Serieux’s ‘Dreams of Nightmares’ from Tribes Mas Band’s ‘Sunrise to Sunset and Beyond’; McCaffrey Smith ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ from Owen Ralph and the Professionals’ ‘Things People Say’; Norman Quashie ‘Good will Triumph over Evil’ from Imagination Mas Band’s ‘In time to come’.



Players retain ÂTop BandÊ title: Hard work pays off SVG PLAYERS INTERNATIONAL are Band of the Year winners again. Their 2018 presentation - ‘Legends of the Soca Monarch The Best of the Best’, beat Mirage Productions’ ‘With Flying Colours’ into second place,

Lynx Mas Band’s ‘Devastating Elements’ into third, and Blondie Bird and Friends’ ‘Phobia’ fourth. “We have been working hard for the last couple of months, and now it has paid off. All those endless

nights, biting of finger-nails…,” Joel ‘Teacher’ John, Chairman of SVG Players Int’l, told THE VINCENTIAN. John said that the team worked tirelessly, even up to Tuesday — Mardi Gras - to ensure that everything was in place and ready for the crossing of the stage at the Victoria Park. “We made sure that we gave the people what they wanted,” he continued. According to John, they were forced to challenge themselves this year to surpass last year’s winning production. The plan was to be competitive and maintain the Vincentian touch, he said, adding that Players was a grassroots band that had been tutored by many

legends in the local Mas arena, as was evident in their designer and Band Leader, Julian ‘Piling’ Pollard. The key was to tell a story and, according to John, he believes that one of the reasons why the Band won the big title again this year was because the judges, and members of the public, were able to identify with

the story being told in the presentation. There were no hard feelings to fellow competitor Blondie Bird and Friends, who beat Players into second place to capture this year’s Junior Band of the Year title, and he thanked all the Mas Bands that participated in this year’s competition. Patrons, sponsors and the members of the public

who have supported the Band over the years, and the hard-working team at the Mas Camp — the crew from New York and the many volunteers - received commendations. It was anticipated that work into the 2019 presentation would have gotten underway as of yesterday. (DD)

‘Black Backed Kingfisher’ from second placed Mirage Production ‘With Flying Colours’.

‘Tidal Wave’ from third placed ‘Devastating Elements,’ a presentation of the Lynx Mas Band. Ah catch it, ah catch it’ (Fya Empress) from SVG Players Int’l Band of the Year ‘Legends of the Soca Monarch #The Best of the Best’

‘Nyctophobia – Fear of darkness’ from fourth placed ‘Phobia’, a presentation of Blondie Bird and Friends.




Queens make history

Semone Richardson, ‘Lepidophobia – Fear of Butterflies’ was joint winner. Two former Queen of the Bands winners are joint winners of the Vincy Mas 2018 Queen of the Bands competition. Ateisha Lockhart, displaying a costume ‘Moon ah Run til Day Ketch Um’, on behalf of Owen Ralph and the

Ateisha Lockhart, displaying a costume ‘Moon ah Run til Day Ketch Um’, shared the first prize.

Professionals ‘Things People say’, and Semone Richardson, representing Blondie Bird and Friends Mas Band, ‘Phobia’ with a costume entitled ‘Lepidophobia — Fear of Butterflies’, could not be separated by the judges.

With no provision made for a casting vote, the deadlock remained, and in the process, history could well have been created with ‘a first tie ever’ in the Queen of the Bands competition. The archivists, researchers, historians are already busy at work. There are, however, two clear and significant developments — some are wont to call them trivia Jennilee Glasgow displaying her third-placed with the tie. costume ‘Sugar Mami – Hance’ The first is that in winning the Queen of the Bands title in 2018, albeit sharing it, Ateisha joins with her brother Atiron Lockhart, who was adjudged King of the Bands 2018, to comprise the first brother and sister team to have won the Queen and the King of the Bands competitions in the same year. Ateisha added her 2018 victory to one in 2016. Semone, with the 2018 victory to add to seven (2017, ’15, ’13, ’12, ’10, ’08, ’06) she had already accumulated, became the ‘winniest’ Queen of the Bands ever. Her eight and counting K-Tricia Collis, the youngest of the will be hard to equal, far less beat. competitors, displayed her costume Jennilee Glasgow, who in recent ‘Red Seaweed from the Shores of times has become something of a Cavendish’ from Metrocint High nemesis to Semone, placed third. Her Voltage’s ‘Exotic Beaches’, with portrayal — ‘Sugar Mami — Hance’ was confidence. from Players International’s ‘Legend of the Soca Monarch — The Best of the Best’. Other entrants in the competition were: Jose Bailey, ‘Japanese Tsunami, 2011’ from Lynx Mas Band’s ‘Devastating Elements’; Alvern Cadogan ‘Diamonds’ from Nelson Bloc’s ‘Journey Through Africa’; Cleopatra Weekes ‘Sailor Overboard’ from Melbourne Artisan’s ‘Dedicated to Memories’; K-Tricia Collis ‘Red Seaweed from the Shores of Cavendish’ from Metrocint High Jose Bailey, ‘Japanese Tsunami, 2011’ Voltage’s ‘Exotic Beaches’; and a helped maintain the consistently high portrayal ‘Invidia’ from Ahdrenalin level of workmanship by the Lynx Mas Carnival’s ‘Peccatum’. Band.




ÂFiremanÊ defies the skeptics

There were many among the thousands of soca crazy fans who carried crosses in support of ‘Fireman’.

Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper, clad in angelic white, outperformed all other soca monarch contenders to take a 10th title.

AFTER WINNING HIS NINTH SOCA Monarch title in 2017, Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper declared that he was just getting started. Those who labelled him frivolous then, may, by now, have eaten their words, for Fireman, in 2018, took firm hold of an unprecedented 10th title with his song, ‘Amen’. In a year that saw the return of regional and international soca sensation Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle to the competition after a two-year absence, Hooper was unremovable. Flanked by choirs on either Antonio ‘Small Circle’ Shane ‘Hypa 4000’ Husbands, Soca side of the stage, with props Edwards could consider 2018 Monarch in 2016, remains among the top resembling something out of a his breakout year. tier soca artistes in SVG. Spiritual Baptist meeting, most heavily tipped to ‘Fireman’ powered his way to a ‘Shella Posse’. dethrone ‘Fireman’ with his 2018 popular victory. First time finalist Johnroy presentation - ‘Soca Defenders’, proved ‘Madd King’ Haywood placed Some members of the public had to be no match for his arch rival on the seventh with ‘Water Bubble’, openly expressed their objection to night, and, though not disgraced, had Fireman’s 2018 presentation, but it and former Blaksand front was undoubtedly one of the favourites to settle for the second spot. man Denis Bowman finished Not even his use of the usual going into the competition. eighth with ‘Making Waves’. His performances at fetes and other extravagant props — jet packs et al — . The final five were: Kester could sway the judges. events in the lead-up to the grand ‘Flanka’ Chapman’s ‘Macco There was a tie for third between finale of the Carnival celebrations, Kamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle returned to Man’ in ninth position; were clear indications that he was one 2016 Soca Monarch winner Shane former Ragga Soca Monarch competition but could not add to his last victory ‘Hypa 4000’ Husbands, ‘Top Man’, and Chewalee Johnson and ‘Love in 2015. of the stronger contenders to take the Antonio ‘Small Circle’ Edwards, ‘Look we Carnival’ in 10th; Keith Soca Monarch title. In all, it was a good year for it here’. Even at 6:02 on Sunday morning, ‘Grabba Finesse’ Charles’ ‘Peaches’ in Vincentian Soca music, with many of Last year’s Ragga Soca Monarch, when the results were announced, 11th; Joel ‘Tha Fugitive’ Bibby and the young and upcoming artistes revelers still had enough energy to lift Hance John took the fifth spot with ‘Firebomb’ 12th, and the duo Tracy producing music that enjoyed good air ‘Bad So’; Ricardo ‘Recka’ Wilson, also their crosses and belt out the lyric, ‘Scarbz’ Cozier and Kesslon ‘Sicko’ play and support generally. (DD) making a comeback to competition, ‘Amen’. Small in 13th. ‘Skinny Fabulous’, probably the one had to settle for the sixth position with




ÂZANGIEÊ: Four in Five LAST YEAR, Lornette ‘Fya Emprees’ Nedd prevented Zamfir ‘Man Zangie’ from creating history. The Lady Monarch stopped the then defending monarch, ‘Man Zangie’ Adams, from being the first to do a beaver trick in the modern era of the Calypso Monarch Competition in SVG. Jeffers ‘Mighty Sheller’ Alexis had done a beaver trick between 1970 — 1974, but this was before the change from a Pre-Lenten Carnival and, therefore, not in what is deemed the modern era. ‘Zangie’ can consider himself as sitting on a special tier, since four titles in five consecutive years is an unmatched accomplishment. With confidence exuding from every pare of the young man, he first invoked a sense of patriotism and heritage with his ‘Hail Garifuna’ (with Garifuna

drumming et al), and then encouraged a sense of accomplishment with ‘What we Need’. And instead of following a female in the title race, as he did in 2017, he had a female follow him on this occasion. The versatile Shaunelle McKenzie got one step away from the title with her seamless, almost flawless renditions of ‘Life Isn’t Fair’ and ‘Changes in Man’. There’s no doubting this lady abounds with talent, and many feel it’s just a matter of time before she claims her first National Calypso Monarch title. The veteran Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne continues to defy age and, as one patron put it, reason. Year after year, since he debuted in 1975, ‘Scakes’ has been a threat in competition. His three Calypso

Shaunelle McKenzie – 1st Runner-up – getting closer to the very top. Monarch titles could well have been more, for he has finished among the top three in what he described as “ ‘I-can’tremember-how-many times.” His third place with renditions of ‘Portrait of a Nation-Builder’ and ‘Misses’, lyrics and musical arrangement for which he was solely responsible, set him in the uppermost echelons of Vincy calypso. Whatever the final verdict, the other

finalists did what they know how to do best deliver calypso. They were: 4th placed Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis (‘For King Calypso’ and ‘Calypso Rod’); 5th Fitzroy ‘ Brother Ebony ‘ Joseph (‘Bandit’ and ‘The Same People’); 6th Glenroy ‘ Sulle’ Caesar (‘Rape Yourself’ and ‘Fill in the Blanks’); 7th Sense’ and ‘Criminal Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Intent’); 8th - Elvis ‘ Hendrickson ‘Common Abijah’ Abbey (‘Vision’ and ‘De World Na Level’); 9th Sheena Collis (‘Come Guide Me’ and ‘Caribbean Angels’); 10th - Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts (‘For Love of Country’ and ‘The Obedient Boy’); 11th Adolphus ‘I Fitzroy ‘Bro.Ebony’ Joseph Come ‘ Miller continued, in 2018, to show (‘Opposition’ how consistent he is at and ‘Rum’). outstandingly at the highest level.

Zamfir ‘Man Zangie’ Adams – making it a habit of winning calypso titles.

Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne is forever a threat to all comers in any calypso competition. Members of the Resistance HeartBeat Drummers lent authentic Garifuna drumming to ‘Zangie’s’ ‘Hail Garifuna’.




GHS: Facing up to the challenges THE GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL, There were 100 per sustained by the drive cent passes in 18 inherent in its motto, ‘Per subjects, but Math was ardua ad alta (‘Through below the half mark. difficulties to the heights’, But even as she is 107 years old. expressed a degree of Headmistress Michele concern that she was not Beache maintained a “satisfied that the girls positive outlook about the are immersing performance of her themselves in reading for institution, but lamented their development,” she the state of the physical identified certain areas plant, as she delivered that were worthy of her report at the school’s praise and which Graduation Ceremony, generated optimism. Thursday 28th June at The Steel Orchestra the Kingstown Methodist fulfilled her expectations. Church. The Health Service Beache alluded to was praised for its “rapidly deteriorating set emergency response, and of buildings” with athletes/sportspersons “termites eating away.” were commended for She thanked BRAGSA performances especially Michele Beache, (Bridges Roads, and in Volley Ball. Headmistress of the General Services In sending them onto GHS, had many good Authority) for repairing new pastures and things to report, but she the floors, but added, endeavours, Beache also revealed the sad “There is so much more reminded the graduates physical state of the to be done.” that they were “free”, but school plant. The Parent Teachers that other institutions Associations have contributed to the had other rules, and that not school over generations, and attending classes will result in classrooms have undergone expulsion. improvements. Computers were She pointed out that for some damaged owing to broken air condition people, “discipline is mistaken for units, but the spirit of the institution imprisonment.” She urged students sees it taking the struggles head on. not to “waste time,” and to make Beache praised the Young Leaders proper use of it. for installing picnic benches which Life is like building a house, she came in “useful,” because “there is no advised. “The choice is yours to make: place for children to eat lunch.” to the stars or the abyss of The Headmistress will be satisfied destruction.” with “at least a paint job,” for the last Beache encouraged the students one was in 2011. along spiritual lines, and directed them to Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways Academics and more acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” There was a 95.7 per cent pass rate At the school’s registration August in the 2017 Caribbean Secondary 2017, there were 675 students. The Education Certificate (CSEC), a two 2018 Graduation list showed a figure percent fall from the year before. of 133 students.

Kelcey Allen making the dream work SHE GAVE the valedictory speech at the Kingstown Methodist Church Thursday 28th June 2018, at the staging of the Girls’ High School’s Graduation. Kelcey Allen, daughter of Selwyn and Jacqueline Allen, would have been difficult to match for the Award of Student of the Year and winner of the Prime Minister’s Award. She received the GHS New York Alumnae Awards for Physics; secured one of the Alliance Francaise’s prizes for French; shared the Additional Mathematics Award; and copped the top Award for Information

Technology. Kelcey was also the Head Girl, and was not confined to academic pursuits. She ran the full courses of Guiding and Rangers, and has been a member of the Girls’ High School Steel Orchestra for the past five years. Physics is her favourite subject, but she loves reading, listening to music, and finds time to crochet. Kelcey and her mates have learnt to count on each other and, as she indicated in her speech: “Team makes the dream work.”




Losing out to the phone Dear George, I VISITED my girlfriend’s house unannounced and I heard strange noises coming from her bedroom. I barged into her room, thinking she was there with another man, but met her there alone having phone sex with someone. I asked her who the individual was, but she refused, and said that whatever conversations she has on her phone with anyone, is none of my business. I told her it is different when she starts having orgasms on the phone with another person. I left her house and told her that she can call me when she is ready to talk about that particular conversation. It has been two weeks and she has not called. Should I interpret that as she is no longer interested in remaining in the relationship?

Uncertain Dear Uncertain, Something as important as this should not be left up in the air. Surely you deserve a better explanation than the one you got, and it is not as if a better explanation would make it any less wrong. What your girlfriend did can fit into the category of emotional cheating. You can give her another opportunity to come to the discussion table, and failure to take you up on that can be interpreted as a clear indication that she is no longer interested in remaining in the relationship.


Mother-in-law advances I tried to wriggle free, but she held on to me long enough for her I AM IN a real daughter to walk into predicament. My the room to meet us in a girlfriend has left me position I was unable to after accusing me of having an affair with her successfully explain. All I mother. The situation is tried to say what worsened by her mother happened, she refused to believe me. who did nothing to Ny girlfriend has since correct it. left the country for the The story is this. I Turks and Caicos went to my girlfriend’s Islands. Her mother is home, which is also her still after me, and her mother’s, to visit. My behaviour has left me girlfriend was not at totally disgusted. home but I decided to wait. While I was Lost out waiting in the living room, my girlfriend’s Dear Lost out, mother came up behind me, held me around my Things do happen at waist, squeezed her chest times that will leave you against me, all the while completely baffled. Your telling me she was the better choice and not her experience with your girlfriend’s mother falls daughter.

Dear George,

into that bracket. Maybe this was not the relationship for you after all. If your girlfriend had any trust in you, she would have had no problem believing your story. Her mother surely is not the kind of mother-in-law you would want in your life. You may suffer some emotional pressure right now, but this will pass and you will be able to reset your life in time to find another person who will be able to give you the benefit of the doubt, when it is needed. Do not take this one as a loss, but instead look at it from the angle that you may well have been handed a well-deserved break.


You can get her out Dear George, My 22-year-old daughter gives me a daily headache. She does not listen to me and refuses to obey my rules. She goes out at night, stays out for hours at a time, comes home drunk and gets very violent and disruptive. She does not work and is not interested in working. I am fed up with this behaviour, and she is just stressing me out. Please tell me how to handle this, George.

Exhausted Dear Exhausted,

Your daughter at this age, is living at your house as a privilege and not a right. You need to explain this to her, emphasizing that her failure to live by your rules could very well result in her having to leave the nest. You can have this talk with her one on one, or you can engage the services of a counsellor to help get the message through. The bottom line is you do not have to tolerate this behavior, and it is entirely up to you whether she remains at home or leaves.



Aries (Mar. 21- April 20) You may come down with minor infections if you have allowed yourself to get rundown. Take a look at yourself and prepare to make those changes you’ve been contemplating. Your moneymaking opportunities will flourish.

Libra (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Keep busy and let them fume while you’re not around. You may be tempted to get involved in secret affairs or love triangles. Stomach problems could prevail if you haven’t been watching your diet.

Taurus (Apr. 21- may 21) You can make excellent investments if you are in the right place at the right time. You can beautify your surroundings by renovating or redecorating. Verbal abuse may lead to walkouts; don’t make any rash statements you may regret later.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Children could cost you more than you can afford. You need some help this week. A need to be in love may fool you. Try not to discuss important matters with colleagues.

Gemini (May 22-June 21) Problems with your boss could lead to unemployment. You are best to get out of the house this week. Don’t let others know about your private affairs. Make arrangements to spend quality time together. Cancer (June 22-July 22) You need to keep busy doing things that you both enjoy. Opportunities to meet new lovers will evolve through your interaction with groups or fundraising functions. You are ahead of your time, and trying to stay in one spot could be asking too much. Leo (July 23-Aug 22) Put your energy into home renovations. Property deals look good. Don’t give your heart too readily. You may have difficulty trying to get your mate to understand your position. Virgo (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Avoid lending or borrowing. Travel for pleasure will be enticing. Need some adventure in your life? Exotic destinations beckon you. Short trips will be educational.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Let them know what your intentions are. You will find your vitality is lowered. Try out for a local sports team such as volleyball, tennis, lawn bowling, or whatever interests you. Pleasure trips will be favorable and bring about possible romance. Capricorn (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You are ready to blow up and your stress level has gone into over drive. Do something constructive outside. Set your goals and stick to your guns. Try to curb overindulgence this week. Aquarius (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Take your time; do not make any decisions in haste. Make sure all of your travel and driver’s documents are in proper order. Communicate with relatives who may need advice in order to find solutions to their existing problems. Travel will be favorable. Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will find the excitement gratifying. Look into the cost factor, but don’t try to get backing yet. You will also encounter individuals who can help you further your goals. Travel will lead you in new directions.

ACROSS 4. Worthless piece of cloth 8. Small guitars 11. Responsibility 13. Soak 14. Articulate 15. Long fish 17. Bleat of a sheep 18. Islamic chieftain 19. Not appropriate 21. As being 22. Child, who has no home 24. Mother 27. Beige 29. Covered vehicle 31. Mineral spring 33. Cabbagelike plant 35. City in central Texas 36. Sword handle 38. With undiminished force 40. Relaxes 42. Old 43. Egg-shaped 45. Extra time 49. Period of history 50. Gone by 51. Impervious to air 52. Capital of Yemen DOWN 1.Gold coin of ancient Rome 2. Lawless person 3. Ten decibels 4. Rod used to reinforce concrete 5. Continent 6. Soul 7. Consumers 9. Sharp 10. Laboratory 11. Fuming sulphuric acid

12. Israeli submachine gun 16. Foretell 20. Bloodsucking insect 21. City in NW Iran 23. German Mrs 25. Ornamental fabric 26. Capital of Western Samoa 28. Bone of the forearm 29. Large container 30. Incline head 31. Young woman 32. Too 34. Young eagle

35. Walk in water 37. 4th month of the Jewish calendar 39. Honey insect 41. Worn of women in India




44. Fall behind 46. Roll of bank notes 47. Period of human life 48. Yonder



Sion Hill tops Senior Panorama

The Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra reclaimed the honour of being Panorama Champions from their arch rival Starlift.

Ebony Pan Tammers, amidst some controversy, showed their worth with a third place on debut. COULD IT BE THAT SION HILL Euphonium Steel Orchestra, out of respect for their colleague Starlift Steel Orchestra’s 50th anniversary last year, had gifted them the Senior Panorama title? This was the question on the lips of more than one patron at the 2018 Senior Panorama Competition, Thursday 5th July, at Victoria Park. For Sion Hill Euphonium, with the strength of …. players, uniformed in contrasting blue for the males and silver for the females, and mastering a collection of …. pans, it all came together to make for a performance that patrons knew was going to be hard to beat. Employing the services of well-known Trinidadian arranger Terrence ‘BJ’ Marcelle as replacement for fellow Trini Seon Gomez, who had become something of a regular with Sion Hill, made little difference in their

enthusiasm and running style, and theirs was a winning rendition of ‘Carnival’, a popular 1983 number sung by Winston Sosa, himself a native of Sion Hill. Sion Hill’s victory in 2018 counted their eighth in total since their entry into the Senior Panorama competition here. The return of Trinidadian Duvone Stewart as Starlift’s arranger and their complement of …… players combined for an interesting interpretation of ‘Skinny Fabulous’ ‘Behaving the Worse’ of 2014. However, and not for the first time in their 51 years of existence, the Montrose-based orchestra had to settle for second place. The 2018 Panorama featured two newcomers and one of those made an immediate impact. Ebony Pan Jammers, under the guidance of Isadore Yorke

Starlift Steel Orchestra dropped into second place after only a year at the top.

of St. Maarten, competition were: South East Orchestra and Elite Steel took third place among the Steel Orchestra; Symphonix Orchestra. eight competitors. Steel Orchestra, Genesis Steel The St. Marten-based outfit, with some Vincentian connection, did a Yorke arrangement of Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper’s 2014 hit, ‘Unruly’. The other debutant - Epic Steel Orchestra led by Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey. comprised a number of players from the Girls’ High School and some from the Potential Steel Orchestra that seemed to have gone into hibernation. Many patrons thought Symphonix Steel Orchestra had one ofits better Others in the outings in recent time.

V SVGFF moving to repair reputation


THE EXECUTIVE of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF0, which is currently under the headship of Acting President- Marvin Fraser, is bent on doing all it can to redeem its image, in light of the recent two-year ban on its elected President - Venold Coombs. Fraser, speaking at a Media Conference last week Wednesday stated, “As an executive (member), as someone who wants to lead, I am going to concentrate a lot on cleaning up our reputation, building back our spirit, our camaraderie with each other, building our image all over again.” Conceding that Coombs’ ban and US$ 40 000 fine would have implications on the governance of Football here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Fraser noted, “Whether right or wrong, when we reach the point when an official of the Football Federation is seen in a negative light ….it is not just reflective of that individual, it says a lot about the sport, the organisation, which is just

not the executive but all of us, and it says a lot about our culture.” In mapping out the process of redemption, Fraser, who has served as Second Vice-President of the SVGFF since September 2011, proposed, “We are going to try to deal with issues …We plan to heal, but we plan to do it together…I want to ensure that affiliates are involved in all the decision-making processes of football, and that we follow a lot closer when it comes to the (SVGFF’s) Constitution, when it comes to our Strategic Plan, in moving football forward.” Cognisant that Coombs’ style of leadership would have caused fallout in some areas, Fraser underscored, “Different Presidents lead differently … Different people lead differently.” The Acting SVGFF President also announced that as part of strengthening the administrative capacity of the Secretariat, was the confirmation of Devron Poyer as General Secretary. Poyer has been in an acting position

since February of this year, following the resignation of Acting President of the Raymond Trimmingham. SVGFF- Marvin Fraser spoke Devorn Poyer has been confirmed in Additionally, Fraser to working towards healing the position of pointed to a meeting with the wounds and rebuilding General Secretary affiliates, “so that we can the image of the SVGFF. of the SVGFF. move away from the tarnish (ed) reputation of Last week the sport.” Tuesday, it was announced on That meeting was set for yesterday, that Adjudicator Chamber (Thursday), 12th July, from 6pm at of the Independent Ethics Committee the SVGFF’s office’s Conference Room. of FIFA, had found Coombs guilty of Immediately following Coombs’ ban, having violated articles 21 which deals the SVGFF received visits from two with bribery and corruption, 19 regional Football officials. Conflicts of interest and 15 (Loyalty) of On Friday last, Stacy Lewis-Daniel - the FIFA Code of Ethics”. Senior Development Manager of CAF As a consequence, the two-year ban and Caribbean Region Subdivision and the fine were imposed on Coombs, had discussions with Poyer, the preventing him from being involved in SVGFF’s Accountant Idris Baptiste, as any football related activities well as other members of the SVGFF’s (administrative, sports or any other) at Executive. the national and international levels. Then on Saturday, Howard Mc Coombs returned to the helm of St Intosh, CONCACAF and Caribbean Vincent and the Grenadines’ Football Projects Senior Manager, was hosted in September 2011 and was re-elected by the SVGFF and held discussions as head in November 2015, for another with the Executive. four- year tenure.

Linda Mc Dowall repeats CARICOM 10K win VINCENTIAN Linda Mc Dowall remained winner of the CARICOM 10K, when she copped the 2018 edition held last Saturday in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Mc Dowall’s winning time was 39 minutes 50 seconds. However, Mc Dowall second lien on the title, was slower than her maiden hold, achieved in 2016 in Guyana, when she stopped the clock at 37 minutes 57 seconds. There was no event in 2017. Second to Mc Dowall last Saturday was Grenadian Kenisha Pascal, who

crossed the end CARICOM’S line in 40 Secretary-General minutes 21 Irwin LaRocque seconds. crosses the finish Completing line for the the top three CARICOM 10K and was Barbadian 5K Run/Walk in Carlie Pipe, Montego Bay, whose time was Jamaica.(Credit: 46 minutes 12 seconds. In the Men’s Category, St Vincent and the Grenadines had to contend with a third place, when Junior Ashton timed 35 minutes 54 seconds. Ashton had to trail the Jamaican duo of Dwayne Graham and Oshane Archibald, whose times were 34 Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left front) minutes 15 seconds and 34 minutes 19 crosses the finish line for the CARICOM 10K and seconds respectively. 5K Run/Walk in Montego Bay, Saturday. (Credit: Meanwhile, veteran Caribbean distance athlete- Vincentian Pamenos Minister — Andrew Secretary — General Ambassador Irwin Holness and some of his cabinet Ballantyne docked in fourth in the La Rocque, participated in the event. colleagues, along with CARICOM men’s event, with a timing of 37 minutes 40 seconds. The CARICOM 10K, which also had a 5K THE RICHLAND PARK Playing CMT Outta Trouble in the component, was Field will be the venue for cricket quarterfinals. CMT Outta Trouble part of the 39th action this Sunday, when Sion Hill batted first and made 115 in 19.4 CARICOM Heads of Tallawahs and Street Fighters clash overs. Sion Hill Tallawahs responded Government in the finals of the Flow Carib Beer with 117 for 9 in 19.4 overs Meeting held 4th to Marriaqua Softball T20 cricket Street Fighters booked their 6th, July, also in competition. passage to the title play off when they Montego Bay. Before the finals scheduled for defeated Israel Bruce Smashers by 5 Jamaica’s Prime 3pm, CMT Out Ah Trouble 1 will take wickets. Scores: Israel Bruce on Israel Bruce Smashers CC in the Smashers 110 in 20 overs; Street Junior Asthon third place play off, from 12.30 this Fighter 111 for 5 wickets in 16.5 managed a third Sunday. overs. place for SVG in Tallawahs advanced to the finals the male 10K. with a hard-fought 1-wicket win over I.B.A.ALLEN

Tallawahs, Fighters in Marriaqua Finals

Linda Mc Dowall admires her CARICOM 10k Champion’s Trophy.




Down to the wire FRANCE and Croatia battle for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia this Sunday. The Frenchmen disposed of Uruguay in the semi-final, underlining their liking for South American opponents after the derby with Argentina in the Round of 16. When Belgium felt that they had done enough to stake a claim for the final, they came up against a French wall. A 1: 0 score line was sufficient to take France to the final. Croatia disposed of the hosts at the quarterfinal stage, but the focus was England who had become a glimmer of hope for Englishspeaking and Premier Football fans. When England dumped Sweden out the quarterfinals, the belief bug was biting hard into the English camp. Their obstacle was Croatia. Five minutes into the match, beers were pouring in the pubs where English fans watched, and those at the stadium in Russia were already popping champagne. Football is 90 minutes, and preparation must be for half an hour extra. That’s when the Croatians pounced. They clawed their way back with an equaliser in normal time and took the momentum to gain the lead. England were left gasping. There was a sense of accomplishment for both teams having reached so far. The chance is there for a team to be on the medal list. It will be another England/Belgium battle for the bronze. Belgium might be licking its wounds suffered in the semi-final. The averages are such that in a showdown like the World Cup, one is likely to lose a game. That loss might be better ahead of the Knock out stage. Belgium was threatening to defy the odds. The final and third place matches will enhance the spectacle of the World Cup. The attention shifts to Qatar for 2022. That for 2026 in Mexico, USA and Canada will be in more traditional time setting. Forty-eight teams will be in the 2026 final. That will increase the Concacaf stock. The region gets the opportunity to test their readiness at the nation’s Cup starting September. This comes at a time when St. Vincent and the Grenadines has become the topic of discussion. Former president Venold Coombs has been banned from football matters and fined US$40,000. The way in which he dealt with even members of his executive, reflects on some principles of life. Arrogance and cockiness do no good. It is convenient for the executive to distance themselves from Coombs. They will remember that recently Coombs was the high and mighty, and people rushed to his defence to befriend him. He was the savour of football, and when he ran roughshod, there were those ready to heap coals on those who questioned his irrational outbursts. Matters in football so overwhelmed the atmosphere that cricket fans might have missed the West Indies innings and 219 run win over Bangladesh. That game ended inside three days in Antigua. Bangladesh crashed to 43 in their first innings and 144 in the second. West Indies scored 406. That score was built around Kraigg Brathwaite 121, Shai Hope 67 and Devon Smith 58. Kemar Roach 5 for 8, did not bowl in the second innings. That allowed for Shannon Gabriel to get his five for 77. Miguel Cummings and Jason Holder also picked up five wickets, but theirs was from both innings. Cummings had a match analysis of 5 for 27, and Jason Holder 5 for 40. West Indies and Bangladesh are into the second day of the two match Test series in Jamaica today.

Jaydon Williams takes silver in Junior CASA team representing the OECS, was beaten 11-7, 11-4, 5-11 , 6-11, 11-3 by Jamaican - Lukas Thomson in the final, on Tuesday. He was seeded number two, received a first round bye, and journeyed to the final after sweeping aside Theodore Hagley of Barbados 11-4, 11-9, 112, then stopping Chad De Abreu of Guyana 11-2, 11-6, 11-1, in the semifinal. The OECS outfit also copped two third places, with Jayden George Jaydon Williams taking bronze in the Male Under-11 and Kai VINCENTIAN – Jaydon Bentick in the Male Williams had to settle for Under-17. the runner-up spot in the George outlasted Chad Male Under-11 category of De Abreu of Guyana 8the XXXVI Junior 11, 11-9, 11-9, 6-11, 11-7 Caribbean Area Squash on his way to the third Association (CASA) place, while Bentick, who tournament, at the La was last year’s runner Liquanea Club in New —up, beat Daniel Islam of Kingston, Jamaica. Guyana 11-2, 11-3, 11-3. Williams, who was Bentick was beaten by part of an all-Vincentian 4-11 ,11-6 ,11-5, 11-8 by

Taylor Carrick of Bermuda in their semifinal match up. But it was Jayden George who created a major upset when he beat the number one seed and favourite, Shiloh Asregado of Guyana 12-10 , 6-11 , 911, 11-9 , 11-7, in the quarter- finals. Meanwhile, Mikal Quashie lost to Adam Ardito, 4-11, 12-10, 1210, 11-8, in the Male Under-19 final. Also competing for the OECS outfit were Mikhail Quashie, in the Male Under-17, and Nadira Morgan in the Female Under-13. Both failed to get past the first round, and neither was able to stop any other of their opponents in the consolation efforts.

Other titles Phoebe Gittens of Barbados won the

Females Under-11, while Michael Alphonso of Guyana copped the Male Under-13, with Savannah Thomson of Jamaica - the Female Under-13. Guyana’s Shomari Wiltshire took the Male Under-15 and Sumirra Suleman of Barbados the Female equivalent. Megan Best, the Senior Caribbean Female champion, won the Female Under-17, as Barbados gained double titles in that age group. Khamal Cumberbatch, like Best, retained the Male Under-17, and it was all Barbados as well in the Under-19. Claiming the Male Under-19 was Josiah Griffith, while Amanda Haywood won the Female Under-19. The team event which began on Wednesday, ends tomorrow Saturday 14th July.

Walters in Windwards Under-17 Team A WEEK or so ago, Vincentian left-handed batsman Jaheil Walters was named to the Windward islands Under 19 cricket team. At the same time, apparently, the youngman was called up to the Windwards Under 17 squad, and is the lone Vincentian currently in Trinidad and Tobago representing the Windwards in the CWI Under 17 tournament there. That Tournament got going last Tuesday, June 10, with participation from Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands and host Trinidad and Tobago the defending champions. Lower order batsman and left arm orthodox spinner - St. Lucian Simeon Gerson is leading the Windwards. He has fellow countryman right-handed top order batsman Garvin Serieux as his deputy. The full squad reads: Simeon Gerson

(Captain), Garvin Serieux (Vice-Captain), Lee Solomon, Tyran Theodore, Dominic Auguiste, Akeem Auguiste and Keygan Arnold, all of St. Lucia; Mickel Rieviere, Ethan Doctrove and Jedd Joseph from Dominica;

Teddy Bishop and Tiron Charles of Grenada; and Jaheil Walters — SVG. I.B.A.ALLEN Jaheil Walters is the only Vincentian in the Windwards U17 cricket team.

North L’ward Cricket bowls off CRICKETERS in North Leeward and the surrounding areas will hit various playing fields, as the VINLEC North Leeward Limited Over Cricket Tournament bowls off on the weekend of July 21. This year will see the introduction of a 50 Overs competition which will complement the established T20 competition. Matches are scheduled for the Golding, Petit Bordel and Cumberland playing fields. The 50 overs tournament, which bowls off on Saturday 21st July, will feature six teams from North Leeward, as the NLSA looks to use this tournament as a developmental platform for a North Leeward team’s participation in the National 50 overs tournament. The teams will come from the various villages: Rose Hall and Coulls

Hill Combine, Rose Bank and Spring Village Combine, Troumaca, Petit Bordel, Chateaubelair and Fitz Hughes. This tournament will be a round robin format. The annual T20 tournament will be of a knockout format and will feature the usual eight teams. This tournament is open to players from outside North Leeward. RSVG Police are the defending T20 champions, and they will defend against Ajuba of Spring Village, Coulls Hills Rangers, Rose Hall Future Legends, Troumaca Star Lights, Rose Bank Warriors, Pito Stars, Chato Upsetters, Fitz Huges Summerset and Rudy’s Electrical. The T20 Tournament will commence following the completion of the 50 Overs tournament. I.B.A.ALLEN




The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines



JULY 13, 2018

VOLUME 112, No.28

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EPIC SOUNDS JOINS THE ‘PAN FAMILY’ based Potential Steel Orchestra, and was born out of an experience the NOT YET ONE YEAR in existence, and the orchestra’s arranger - Johnny ‘JP’ Epic Sounds Steel Orchestra is already Pompey described as “…serious impacting on the cultural landscape of problems players from Potential have St. Vincent and the Grenadines. faced for many years, attributed to In their debut year, the orchestra mainly by its leader.” placed fifth among eight entrants in He added, “Those problems we in the 2018 Panorama, held as part of the Potential were facing over the years, Steel and Glitter Show, Thursday 5th were having a negative effect on the July. band players, the wider community, From all reports following the show and the art form as a whole.” and reactions on the night, pan Pompey, who has also arranged for enthusiasts were highly impressed, Potential, told THE VINCENTIAN some describing the ‘newcomers’ as a that the situation reached the limit force to be reckoned with in the future. last year when 17 players, including Epic Sounds comprises 46 players, himself, who were practising for mainly youngsters from the Calliaqua Panorama 2017, were locked out of the

pan yard at Johnny ‘JP’ Pompey, Calliaqua. musical “After we director/arranger of were locked out, Eric Sounds, is we decided to pleased with the move on and Orchestra’s rapid form our own development and band, and Epic performances to date. Sounds was formed on July 28, 2017,” Pompey said. The Orchestra is captained by Daniela Payne of Calliaqua and has a management committee chaired by Christal Olliver of Glen. It is based, for the time being, at the Girls’ High School pan yard, and Pompey is grateful for the current Headmistress’s co-operation in this regard. “It is a worthwhile move in the enhancement and development of Pan in the area, as well as nationally,” Pompey posited. Since its formation, and we could go forward in a positive as a precursor to its participation in this year’s way in the interest of the art form,” Pompey said. Panorama, Epic Sounds Pompey is also the arranger for the have performed at a Girls’ High School Steel Orchestra who number of events, including the Invitational have won the Schools based Junior Panorama for the past five consecutive Tennis Tournament at years. They also won in 1994, 2010 Villa, August 2017; the and 2011. He attributed their success Youlou Pan Movement’s 40th Anniversary function to the interest the students have this year, and two concerts shown for the art form, as well as the tremendous emphasis former in Calliaqua. Headmistress Andrea Bowman, and “I am very satisfied current Headmistress Michelle Beache with the performance of the band, and we just hope have placed on the “instrument.” Epic Sounds Steel Orchestra impressed by beating some more experienced bands in its that first Panorama outing. (Credit: Oris Robinson) by HAYDN HUGGINS

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