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AUGUST 10, 2018

VOLUME 112, No.32


2018, marked the send-off for the 59year-old. The occasion was the first full, NOFIELD CRUICKSHANK BECAME known as open Service of its kind conducted by the Malachi Kingman on his acceptance of the Nyahbinghi Order. Rastafarian way of life. Mourners viewed the body on the Little did he know that he would be at ground floor of the Peace Memorial Hall. the centre of a history-making event in Then the casket, draped in a large red, SVG. green, and gold cloth, was wheeled under Such was his abiding faith and a Tent, erected outside the Peace adherence to the Rastafari philosophy, Memorial building, from where the practices and overall lifestyle, that he Service was conducted. was accorded the full rights of the As anticipated elements of uncertainty Nyahbinghi Order on his recent passing. filled the air surrounding the ceremony. He was found shot dead at his home in It was not the customary display. Calder on July 26, 2018. Investigations continue into the circumstances Continued on Page 3 surrounded his death. Malachi Kingman’s passing provided the opportunity for the Nyahbinghi Order (of Rastafari) to impress their A Thanksgiving Service at Peace Memorial Hall last Wednesday, August 8, religious rites and practices on the Vincentian landscape. by: WILLIAM “KOJAH” ANTHONY

Ancient Priest Bongo Abuna Rasbones Tafari and family members lower the symbolic red, green, and gold cloth before the casket is covered with dirt.

Ancient Priest Bongo Abuna Rasbones Tafari conducted the proceedings in accordance with the rites of the Nyahbinghi Order.


V News 3 Kingman gets Rastafari send-off


Continued from Frontpage ANCIENT PRIEST BONGO ABUNA Rasbones Tafari led the service in accordance with full Rastafari rites and practices, and reminded the gathering that Kingman knew no other life than Nyahbinghi. Drumming, chanting, and reading of verses of wisdom (some from the Bible), characterised the service and the tributes flowed ‘into reasoning on Rastafari’. A procession through Kingstown, accompanied by Tributes to Malachi were typical Rastafari drumming many and unsolicited. and chanting, culminated at Kingman was the the Kingstown cemetery where defender. Kingman was interred. Born in Edinboro located Kingman remembered Kingman’s sister, Mary Schumacher west of capital city Kingstown, recalled him as one with great respect Kingman was described as one of the modern prophets. He was a (Martial for women. He was a painter and Arts) Black Belt Master, and that, farmer who “lived a humble life,” she together with his adherence to said. Rastafari, accounted for his sense of She confessed that he will be missed, but that his memory will be in discipline. His nephew, a member of the local “our hearts forever.” For Mary,

Part of the constabulary, admitted to owing his discipline, guidance and direction to Kingman. Kingman showed culinary and business skills in the family shop at Edinboro. His ‘Ital’ provided students from the nearby J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School with an

procession featuring the drummers. alternative. When Kingman moved to Calder, there was always a supply of watermelons or pears for his nephew. Kingman will be remembered by his nephew for, “.. all the things you taught me. Love still I.”

Family members of Kingman were supportive in every respect of the Malachi Kingman’s casket, draped in red, green and gold, lay in full view of the public Rastafari rites in accordance with which their loved one was and those gathered for the service. ushered into a new realm.




Three charged with multi-thousand$ theft Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS THREE MEN are awaiting their next Court date scheduled for September 10 in connection with a major dishonest transaction at a local

business place. Conroy Trimmingham of Calder, Bevon Jack of Layou, and Philbert Regis of Redemption Sharpes are charged jointly with the theft of a quantity of aluminum windows and door parts

valued at EC$320,000, the property of Kendra’s Aluminum Products Ltd of Campden Park. The items were reportedly stolen between January 1, 2014 and March 26, 2018 while the men were

allegedly employed with Conroy the business. Philbert Regis Trimmingham The men were not Serious required to plea when Offences Court on they appeared before Monday. They were each Chief Magistrate granted $30,000 bail Rechanne Browne at the with one surety. Attorney Grant Connell, representing Trimmingham and Jack, had requested a short adjournment, as the defence would be opting for a paper committal procedure rather than an oral Preliminary Inquiry (PI). Connell also told the Court that the defence is privy to certain documentation that had

Women to be tried for murder THREE WOMEN charged with the September 4, 2017 murder of another young lady, have been committed to stand trial in the High Court by way of Paper Committal Procedure. The Magistrate, the Prosecution and the defence went through the evidence on Monday, and concluded that a Prima Facie case was made out for Twanecia Ollivierre and Alana Hudson of Chapmans and Campden Park respectively, as well as Taylor Mofford of Belmont. Ollivierre and Hudson were 19 at the time of the incident, while Mofford was 18. They are charged with the murder of Simonia Da Silva, 23-year-old timekeeper of Fair Hall, who died after being stabbed several times, during an incident at Fair Hall, around 12:20 am on the date in question. The Paper Committal Procedure which lasted for about half an hour, was presided over by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, while Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche appeared for the Crown. Attorney Ronald Marks represented Mofford, Grant Connell represented Hudson, and Michael Wyllie appeared on Ollivierre’s behalf. Taylor Mofford

a nexus to the case, and would like that information to form part of the bundle if a paper committal procedure was adopted. Regis was unrepresented. The men were granted bail on condition that they surrender their travel documents, including passport, Identification Card (ID) and driver’s licence, and report to the Police Station in their respective district three times per week.

Lawyer complains of bail restrictions

Alana Hudson (left) and Twanecia Ollivierre.

The ganja issue impacts tourism our youth getting a criminal record but also our tourism”, Attorney Grant Connell told the Court, in mitigation while representing Grenadian national Lucas Crosby who was charged with possession of 64 grams (2.25 ounces) of marijuana with intent to supply, possession for the purpose of drug trafficking and attempting to export it. The Court heard that around 6:15am, August 7, police on duty at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) were summoned to the Lucas Crosby Departure area. On (Facebook photo) arrival, a security officer pointed out Crosby and THIS COUNTRY’S said he had conducted a tourism product was search on his person and highlighted during a luggage, during which a marijuana case at the quantity of marijuana Serious Offences Court was found. A marijuana on Tuesday. cigarette was found on “Introduce a ticketing his person, while a system for offences like portion of the herb was this which not only affect discovered in a plastic

Bevon Jack

bag concealed in a t-shirt in his luggage. Crosby pleaded guilty to all three charges. Connell commended the security personnel at the AIA, but according to the lawyer, his client may have forgotten the herb on him and in his luggage during his hassle in packing. He noted that the amount only valued about EC$75, and “that’s not the real MaCoy.” He contended that Crosby was a 63-year-old father of four, came here legally and was married to a Vincentian. He added that his client had no previous convictions, was extremely remorseful, and pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity. Crosby was fined $500 forthwith or two months for drug trafficking, $500 forthwith or two months for attempting to export, and $300 forthwith or two months for

possession with intent to supply. Speaking with THE VINCENTIAN as he left the Serious Offences Court, Connell said, “Matters like this affect our tourism. The Prime Minister might not want to admit, but some persons come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to sample the herb, to smoke a good spliff.” Connell added, “The Prime Minister has made it clear that his government would not be decriminalizing marijuana for recreational use, although I think he would do it about two months before the next general elections. In the meantime, a ticketing system should be introduced to avoid younsters being criminalized, and our tourism being affected.”

ATTORNEY Grant Connell has complained that the condition for bail which requires that the defendant surrender his passport, Identification Card (ID) and driver’s licence, restricts that person’s rights and freedom. The lawyer was addressing the Serious Offences Court Monday on the issue of bail while representing two of three men charged with the theft of a quantity of aluminium windows and door parts valued at EC$320,000, the Attorney Grant property of Kendra’s Connell Aluminum Products Ltd of Campden Park, between January 1, 2014 and March 26, 2018. One of the conditions for bail was that they surrender their passport, ID and driver’s licence. But Connell, representing Conroy Trimmingham of Calder and Bevon Jack of Layou, told the Court that when someone’s ID card is taken away, they are literally left without their identification, and are unable to fulfill requirements at the Commercial Banks. The other defendant Philbert Regis of Redemption Sharpes, was unrepresented. According to Connell, the office that issues ID cards no longer gives a temporary print out when the original ID was surrendered to the Court. Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche indicated that he had no knowledge of this, when asked by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne. Connell expressed the view that if a person who is released on bail wanted to leave the country, they could take a boat and do so even if their travel documents were surrendered. He pointed out that it was the amount placed on the surety which would act as the deterrent to someone absconding. Speaking with THE VINCENTIAN later, Connell said, “A person should not be made to surrender his ID to the Court. This condition is outdated. The Court needs to move with the times.”

V ÂTheir interest is to take the countryÊ: Santana



event celebrating the 81st policy is providing alternative means palace two hours after the attack on anniversary of the National of combatting the shortages, and Saturday, President Maduro Guard, in Caracas, when Santana cited tax incentive on imports announced that those behind the drones armed with as another remedial measure. attempt on his life had been captured, explosives detonated Creative ways of trading are being the UK Guardian reported. overhead. encouraged, and several innovative He suggested an initial If there was doubt as to currency measures are being adopted. investigation showed Colombia and the the intensity of the battle for Santana praised the Vincentian US state of Florida, home to many the country’s stakes, government and people for their Venezuelan exiles, were linked to the Saturday was the most support after Saturday’s escapade. He assassination attempt. defining expression as far as assured that the Venezuelan “I am alive and victorious,” the Santana is concerned. He government is strong, that there is socialist president said. “Everything pointed to Venezuela being majority support, and the people are points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in gripped in the throes of an loyal to the Bolivarian Revolution. alliance with the Colombian ultraunconventional war and Meanwhile, as of last Wednesday, right, and that the name of Juan economic sabotage. authorities in Venezuela have arrested Manuel Santos (President of Francisco M. Perez Santana, Head of “They are using every weapon,” six people suspected of using Columbia) is behind this attack. Mission/Venezuela Embassy, Santana said from his office last explosives-laden drones in the failed “We cannot allow them to poison described Saturday’s attempt on Tuesday. attempt to assassinate President Venezuela with their violence, hatred, President Maduro’s life as ‘defining’. He referred to measures aimed at Nicolas Maduro. death. The political life of Venezuela LAST SATURDAY’S ATTEMPT TO kill frustrating cash through international Interior Minister Nestor Reverol must be institutionally, democratically Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro banks. The squeeze on finances, he pointed to the likelihood of more and constitutionally respected,” has strengthened the will of the people said, has caused difficulties in supplies arrests. Maduro stated. in their defence of the Bolivarian of food and medicine, and the shortage Speaking from the presidential revolution. of raw material That’s the message from Francisco is slowing the M. Perez Santana, Head of Mission, at industrialisation the Embassy of the Bolivarian process. Republic of Venezuela in St. Vincent Santana and the Grenadines. pointed to Santana described the attempt as a policies by the “dangerous escalation.” Government to ON SATURDAY LAST (August economic sanctions designed to Footage of the drama highlight a counteract the 04), while addressing a parade cripple the Venezuelan economy, curious Maduro and his wife staring destructive to mark the 81st anniversary of violent street-protests, sabotage, upwards as explosions echo around devices. relentless hostile propaganda, to them. An open Port the Bolivarian National Guard, Venezuelan President, Nicolas mention some. To date, all these The President was addressing an Maduro was attacked by two attempts (including last explosives-laden drones, in an Saturday’s bombing) have failed attempt to assassinate him. He to reverse the revolution escaped injury, but several although, they have, to some officials were hurt. degree, placed serious hardships Members of the media circulate outside an apartment complex This is the most recent in a on the people. where one of the armed drones series of attempts by the Who is behind these is said to have crashed during Venezuelan rich elite and attempts? In a speech following President Maduro’s speech. international capitalist forces to the assassination-attempt, reverse the pro-people President Maduro said: “The (Credit: Ariana Cubillos/AP) revolution, led by Hugo Chavez failed attack has been organized and Nicolas Maduro. These by the Venezuelan ultra-right in are aided and abetted by international capitalism, led by attempts include the violent collusion with the Colombian Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores, looked up at the sky the USA. coup d’etat against Chavez oligarchy.” The hand of the In his speech after the and winced after hearing the sound of an (supported by the USA), Venezuelan elite has been attempt on his life, President explosion. (Credit: You Tube) identified with this Maduro made it clear that the series of attempts, path of Revolution is peace, law, supported by and the Constitution. That international Constitution, adopted in 1999, capitalism’s led by the THE ST VINCENT AND the examples in the repeated confirms Venezuela’s U.S.A’s ruling class. Grenadines/Cuba Friendship failures to murder the late revolutionary character, and Why these attempts? Society joins with the chorus of Commandante Fidel Castro. defends the rights of the Even since Hugo condemnations worldwide of last We recognize the right of Venezuelan people, with oneChavez and his Sunday’s attempted all people to advocate for the third of its 350 articles devoted government took assassination of the leadership policies they deem to those rights, including the Venezuela’s prime of the Venezuelan government appropriate, but insist that right to work, to free medical resources (oil, gas, and Bolivarian revolution. one must never resort to care and to education. metals, land, Whatever disagreements one assassination and murder as We at the Venezuelanindustries, etc.) out of holds with public policy and the means to attain one’s goals. Vincentian Friendship the greedy hands of the actions of any governments, no The will of the people must Association stoutly condemn An injured soldier being helped Venezuelan capitalist Saturday’s assassinationsuch action must ever be never be subsumed to the following the explosion and class and placed them attempt, and call on Vincentian condoned, whether by desires of powerful cliques, stampede that characterized the at the disposal of the organizations, individuals, and commission or omission. As a whether home-based or attempt on President Maduro’s life. nation’s masses, the the Government to do likewise. long-time supporter of the external, and one can detect Credit: XinhuaAP) Venezuelan elite has We strongly support President Cuban Revolution and its heroic in Sunday’s failed attempt, not relented in its Political assassinations have no people, we are well aware that the old hand of the conspirators efforts at turning back Maduro and his administration. place in today’s world and we As he declared: “WE ARE ON there are those, who in their who have repeatedly failed in the progressive THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE, express our solidarity with the frustration at not being able to such attempts against the changes. Not satisfied ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF Venezuelan people and with their current achieve their goals by Cuban leadership. HISTORY!” leadership in combating such wealth, the rich is democratic means, resort to To advocate for policy changes Michael ‘Mike’ Browne methods. hungry to again nefarious methods including is one thing, but democracy President Renwick Rose plunder Venezuela’s assassination attempts. Cuba’s demands respect and obedience VENVIFA SVG/CFS resources. In this, they history since 1959 is full of such to the will of the majority.

VENVIFA condemns attack on President Maduro

SVG/CFS condemns assasination attempt

V The Sargassum debacle 6. FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018. THE VINCENTIAN


IN 2011, A ‘NEW’ TYPE Of seaweed began to wash up on the shores of islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The occurrence attracted little attention, for the general feeling was that it was a one-off ‘visit’; it would disappear as quickly as it appeared. Unfortunately for the Caribbean, the weed, known as sargassum, returned and has returned in increasing quantities every successive year since 2011. In fact, fishermen, government officials, marine biologists, hoteliers are suggesting that 2018 could he the worst year, with the weed settling in increasing quantities on the southern and eastern shores of the islands. Worst still is that no one has come up with an effective measure to combat the ‘new scourge’, and more and more Caribbean Governments are now acknowledging that the seaweed, which impacts on tourism, fisheries and wildlife, could pose a long-term threat. What is known is that sargassum is a floating weed. It is not harmful to humans, and one school of thought is that it can help nourish beaches. But that school of thought is like poison to the ears of fishermen across the region, whose livelihood has been challenged. They report that the sargassum tangles up their motors, their engines, their nets, their lines, making fishing almost near impossible. When a catch is made, as fishermen in St. Vincent and the Grenadines say, the catch is considerably reduced and they (fishermen) are forced into catching fish much earlier in their development, creating fears among fisheries officials about the fishing industry down the line.

Add this fisherman’s nightmare to the fact that the weed blocks beaches and repel, swimmers, and the tourism, hotel industry across the region is threatened. Long Beach in Barbados was one of those The beach front of Dennery Village in St. Lucia This is not affected by sargassum in July. was all but overrun by the weed. far-fetched, as borne out In Barbados, for example, the grabs But the reality is that sargassum by the closure of the world-renowned used to load sugar cane onto trucks continues to arrive. “It is definitely a St. James Club in Antigua until have proved good at picking up very large challenge, and a challenge October, because the sargassum has sargassum without removing sand that goes way beyond the capacity of taken over its beach and beach front. from beaches. small island states,” a statement from But the region is not standing idly A company in Guadeloupe has the FAO said. by and waiting for weed to “disappear developed a boat which collects it What is consoling, if it is at all, is in a puff of smoke,” as one government using a conveyor belt. that the accumulation of the weed is in Barbados said. Commercial uses of sargassum are confined for the time being to the Removal techniques have improved, also being explored. In St Lucia, one eastern and southern coast of the East and experts have even written entrepreneur is turning it into a plant Caribbean. management guidelines for use by tonic, while in Barbados a fertiliser The Caribbean is still open for resorts. project is underway. business. (Source: BBC)

New CoP for T&T

AS OF NOON SUNDAY 5TH August, 2018, the murder toll in Trinidad and Tobago stood at 324, quickly heading, one observer lamented, for the 494 murders reported in 2017. Whatever, Trinidadians and Tobagonians would want to believe that the incoming Commissioner of Police (CoP), Gary Griffith, will stick to his pre-appointment statement

about an intended plan to clean up alleged corruption — both in the police and government ministries over the award of contracts to gang leaders — and other statements about ensuring that ‘big fish would be caught’. Last Friday, the twin island Stephen Williams republic heard from Minister of has been acting as National Security Edmund Dillon Top CoP for the last Gary Griffith, a former soldier and that the terms of the six years. (Credit: contract were still to Minister of National cnc3) be determined, but Security will when that was done, become T&T’s next and his family higher with the expected the post of CoP will be left the country Commissioner of tropical wave approaching.” offered to Griffith. Police. (Credit: on Friday for However, NaDAM stressed He could not say when what he Powr103fm) the island was not under the contract would be described as a tropical cyclone watch or ready, only that he was previously warning. seeking advice on the planned vacation. It has urged residents to package. be vigilant and activate Notwithstanding, Who is Gary Griffith? emergency plans for their Sunday Newsday reported Gary Griffith was a member of the homes and businesses. that acting Deputy Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force for Grenadians have grown Commissioner of Police 15 years. He attained the rank of extra sensitive to warnings of (DCP) Deodat Dulalchan Captain in 1998. approaching natural and president of the Police He was appointed Minister of phenomena that could wreak Social and Welfare National Security in Trinidad and havoc on their landscape and Association Insp Michael Tobago in the Peoples’ Partnership lives. Seales were the only topGovernment led by Kamla PersadThis sensitivity a ranking police officer to Bissessar, on Friday 6 September heartened following have contacted Griffith 2013, a promotion from his position as September 7, 2004, when and assured him of their National Security Advisor to the Hurricane Ivan, a category 3 full support. Prime Minister in which he began storm, struck Grenada, Meanwhile, Dillon also serving in 2010. causing widespread advised that police service Prime Minister Persad destruction. was to remain under the Bissessar announced the removal of Ivan’s winds were said to command of acting CoP Griffith from the Cabinet in 2015 have raged through the hilly Stephen Williams. amidst controversy surrounding then streets of the Grenada When contacted by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan capital, St. George’s. Sunday Newsday on the who was alleged to have ‘sought to destroying concrete homes, matter of the handing over pervert the course of justice by asking uprooting trees and utility of the CoP baton which he the director of the Police Complaints poles, laying agriculture is expected to arrange, Authority (PCA) to withdraw a bear. Williams , told Sunday statement he had made in support of The financial cost of the Newsday, “I have no the Opposition Leader Dr. Keith disaster was estimated at comment.” Rowley, in a lawsuit before the courts. more than US$900 million, Williams was expected Now, three years after his dismissal more than twice the country’s to go on ten days’ leave as a Senator and Minister from a PP GDP at the time. (Sources: beginning last Wednesday administration, Griffith now accepts Caribbean 360, Grenada and is officially due to an appointment from the Peoples Voice). retire in mid-September. National Movement, his former Interestingly, Griffith nemesis.

Disaster Zones declared in Grenada

Recent sustained rains in Grenada caused idespread flooding of roadways. (Credit: CMC)

Grenada’s Kiddies Carnival had to be postponed due to flood damage to the National Stadium.(Credit: Pride News Magazine.

one-week postponement of Junior Carnival which had A TROPICAL WAVE THAT been scheduled for last interacted with the InterSaturday. Tropical Convergence Zone Damage to houses and the last week Wednesday agricultural sector, up to the brought heavy rains to weekend and early this week, Grenada for more than seven was still being fully assessed, hours. and even as that exercise was The sustained downpour ongoing, residents were resulted in overflowing warned that another tropical rivers, landslides, flooded wave was approaching the home and roadways. Some island and could bring more resident in the affected areas flooding. had to be evacuated. A NaDMA in a statement, So much so, the National issue on the weekend, said in Emergency Advisory Council part, “The country can expect (NEAC) declared the parishes showery activity and isolated of St George and St David, thundershowers likely to two Grenada’s six parishes, affect the tri-island state on disaster zones. Saturday. It is important to The St John River note that given the current overflowed, flooding the state of the soil after nearby National Stadium Wednesday’s heavy rains, the which sustained damage to possibility of flooding is even its ground floor, prompting a




PSU has full plate of concerns LAST YEAR, Elroy Boucher, president of the Public Service Union (PSU) praised the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Bill. That law came into effect November, 2017. Less than one year later, Boucher again referred to that Bill, but his feelings have veered. He has accused the Unity Labour Party government of lack of “care and love” for workers here. His finger-pointing came in the wake of complaints by workers of the Ministry of

Mobilisation. Speaking at a PSUhosted press conference last Monday, Boucher said that workers at an office located on the third floor of a building in Kingstown, have been faced with unbearable working conditions. Promises have been made for the office to be relocated. But Boucher pointed out that the delay is taking its toll on the staff. What has irked Boucher more is the failure of Minister Augustus Stephenson to respond to the Union’s request.

The Union, Boucher related, is also taken aback by the situation on the Grenadine island of Canouan, where workers attached to the Immigration Department have been faced with housing accommodation that ‘sports’ rotting kitchen cupboards and a leaking roof. A deteriorating building housing the Paget Farm Clinic is also of concern to the PSU. Workers at the Bureau of Standards are also experiencing difficult working conditions, and Boucher is anxious to

have these situations remedied. In addition to the far from appropriate physical working conditions some of its members have to endure, the PSU president repeated the Union’s call for adjustment to the National Insurance Services (NIS) operations, especially as it related to those former government workers’ right to some relief after they have retired. Boucher indicated that with the adjustment in the age of eligibility for benefits from 60 to 65

Local Aviation Service Co. frustrated AT LEAST one Aviation Services provider here has not taken kindly to a recent development at the Argyle International Airport. Vincy Aviation Services DBA Caribbean Aviation Management, on Wednesday, circulated a statement in which it sought to express “… serious concerns relating to the recent announcement of the Award by AIA CEO to Kayan Aviation Holdings to construct an FBO at Argyle”. On Saturday 28th July, the Argyle International Airport and Kayan Aviation Holding signed a Memorandum of Undestanding (MOU) granting the latter party the go ahead to construct a Fixed Based Operations and Commercially Important People (CIP) at the airport. Much ado was made of the signing with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves being present to add even greater significance to the occasion and the initiative. Ms. Annette Marks, CEO of Invest SVG, was singled out for particular recognition for having broached and effected the MOU with the Kayan Aviation Holding and its principal, Dr. Uday Nayak. The MOU appeared

but with retirement age remaining at 60, an income gap has been created for many (retired) workers. This space has accounted for a period of difficulty during which persons have found themselves without enough money to take care of themselves. “Persons are retiring straight into poverty,” Boucher pointed out. The PSU is suggesting that workers be employed to 65 so as to get rid of the income gap between the retirement age and the age of eligibility for NIS pension. Boucher alluded to industrial relation matters as they applied to representation of workers at Argyle International Airport and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. He contended that efforts were being made to frustrate the PSU

Elroy Boucher, president of the Public Service Union (PSU), presented a litany of concerns affecting Union’s members, and the lack of response on the part of those who can directly impact the situations. from becoming the representative of workers at those state-owned entities.

CID chief assures diligence by HAYDN HUGGINS

The paint has yet dried on a MOU involving the AIA, but it has raised the ire of one aviation-related entity. sealed and free of any objection until last Wednesday when the referred statement was circulated. According to Vincy Aviation Services Managing Director, Ricardo Drayton, the announcement that Uday Nayak of Kayan Aviation Holdings was going to be held to their commitment to have the CIP up and running by the winter season, “…is likely to put Vincy Aviation’s local operations out of business at Argyle, and will also seriously affect their business at Canouan Airport”. Further to this possible debacle for Vincy Aviation, the release referenced that

“… over the last three (3) years, Vincy Aviation has tendered for and discussed at least two (2) separate proposals for the development and provision of FBO services at Argyle”. This most recent rebuff was, as Drayton saw it, further frustration for his “company’s provision of quality Aviation Services in St Vincent and the Grenadines for the last eighteen (18) years,” as “Vincy Aviation continues to be overlooked for important Aviation and Cargo projects such as the FBO Operation and The Cargo Terminal Management at AIA”.

Vincy Aviation Services, also known as Caribbean Aviation Management, is a Vincentian Company that provides General Aviation services to many international clients including Private Jet companies from offices at AIA. The company recently renewed a Lease Agreement with the Airport for office space at AIA and currently employs twenty-five Vincentians in itsLocal operations. The Company also offers Cargo and Courier services regionally and internationally via sister company SwiftPac.

HEAD OF THE Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Hesran Ballantyne, has assured that the police would leave no stone unturned in their investigations into the recent spate of homicides here. “We continue to explore all leads to bring closure to these investigations. We know that nothing can bring back life, but we hope that by bringing the culprits to justice, we would bring some satisfaction to the families of the victims”, the CID chief told THE VINCENTIAN during an interview on Wednesday. “I personally see most of these homicides as senseless, which is not really a true reflection of our society. I am convinced that we are still a Christian oriented society”, he added. Ballantyne said that, based on the circumstances in most of the killings, the victims were targeted. But he hastened to add, “I condemn all crimes, and one homicide is one too many”. Ballantyne assured that the organization continues to put strategies in place in an effort to curb criminal activity, and is again urging persons with information which could assist in that regard, to convey that information to the police. He assured that such information would be kept in the strictest confidentiality.



Views The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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Editorial New faiths – our reality AFTER NEARLY FOUR DECADES of independence, this county has come some way, yet, in many respects, it is still marking time. It appears we have not unshackled ourselves from the grips of a divide and rule syndrome and, therefore, have not, to any uncontestable degree, moved closer to that harmonious society, that nation of people - St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Some are wont to say: we live in harmony — black, white, brown, whatever; we have one religion and a common culture; we live together as one people. The truth is that this country has never had to bother with difference in ethnicity since, for all intents and purposes, the ethnicity of Europeans, Africans, Indians, Native Peoples, had all but been assimilated into a version of our colonial master, by the time independence came around. And while there has been an unattended floodgate of denominations with their various interpretations, rites and practices supposedly founded on the same ‘Holy Book’, we boast of being of a single faith — Christianity. And yes, we speak of one culture, and hang on to expressions/art forms like the steelband, calypso, traditional dance as though these distinguish us in any real way from any other people with, perhaps, longer similar traditions and practices. The truth is that we are today, more divided than ever before, our politics being foremost amongst the factors that contribute to that reality. Are we afraid to admit that we have a still immature sense of who and what we are, but strive to protect what we think we are, accepting new expressions into our melee only after struggle and arm-bending? The last two weeks threw up two experiences that speak to our still coming of age. Over that time, we gossiped in our ‘watering hole’, on street corners, in the market, on the highways and byways, about the incompleteness of a burial conducted here according to Muslim rites. We did so without a moment’s pause to reflect on our state of ignorance with respect to the fastest growing global religion that had entered our domain. Fortified by a faith perspective formed and fashioned by our Christian upbringing, we frown on this not-before-witnessed (Muslim) practice, but do not possess the courage to voice open condemnation, even though we harbor such sentiment in our Christian heart. And yes, if the truth be told, the

Muslim community here, showing visible signs of foundation and growth, has also to be cognizant of the fact that it is not only new to the Vincentian religious and social landscape, but distinctly different in thought and practice; that its arrival in this land comes after communications technology has contributed directly to fostering a certain hardened impressions of Islam/the Muslim faith. The Muslim community here must accept unto itself the responsibility of being open to its minority presence and therefore, the need to be proactive in meeting the ‘non-Muslim half way, on the path to a ‘harmonious co-existence’ and not a simple tolerance of each other. And the funeral of their brother Belal (‘Code Red’), was as good an opportunity as any for the Muslim community to have introduced if not impacted its ways on a still preconditioned society purportedly founded on Christian principles. In short, the Muslim surrendered a good opportunity (hopefully not by choice) to interface with a still suspicious Vincentian community. The burial service of ‘Code Red’ served more to separate the faiths than bring them to a closer understanding and acceptance of each other. But the story was different last Wednesday when the Nyahbinghi Order of the local Rastafarian faith, took to openly paying final respects to one of their own. In full, open and colourful demonstration, they impressed their faith perspective, practices and rites on a Vincentian public with which they — Rastafari — had fought for acceptance as a bona fide religion, worthy of the recognition by state and sundry, equal to that of any other religious denomination in SVG. The Rastafarians welcomed the opportunity, as morbid as it might sound, of the passing of one of their brethren, to continue to ‘teach’ the Vincentian society about their faith, and in the process push the broader society along the path to maturity. No longer is the upholding of the rites of Rastafari confined to some ‘temple’ somewhere removed from everyday society. The lesson here for the Muslim is that Rastafari continues to grasp any appropriate opportunity to say and show that they are an integral member of a developing country whose people are still set on the path towards creating a single cultural identity.

Yvonne Francis-Gibson Proclaimed As A National Hero ABOUT TWO MONTHS AGO WHEN it seemed almost certain that Yvonne had been breathing her last, I told myself that if she should depart before me who also has his boarding pass in hand, then I would surely recommend to the authorities that she be named a National Hero. On the day that she was to be buried, at about 11:00 am, I called Nice Radio’s New Times Programme and published my sacred thoughts via Bert Francois, the announcer at the time. I was thrilled when I heard the same call made by the SVUT past President Oswald Robinson, to rapturous applause. I congratulate the seconder of my motion which had been made publicly about five hours before. I have made the business of seeking national heroes an urgent cause of my own. In March 2002, I sent the ULP Government through the Minister of Education and Culture, Mike Browne, a list of four persons who I thought merited the accolade of National Hero in addition to our proclaimed Hero, Paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer. They were Captain Hugh Mulzac, George Mc Intosh, Ebenezer Joshua, and I later added on further evidence and research, Parmenos Eustace. I was under misapprehension that I stood alone pushing the claim of Hugh Mulzac, so I was most pleased to learn in August 2018 that the NYC had also plugged for Hugh Mulzac. My nose swelled with pride recalling that I was among three persons who helped to form the NYC of which I had been official patron. For sixteen years plus, the ULP has foot-dragged and pussy-footed over the decision of a formal declaration on naming a slate of National Heroes, as they have already danced around the mulberry bush over electoral commitments with regard to say, Cross Country Road, Integrity Legislation, limitation of two terms to any PM, accountability, national stadium, more specifically the Prime Minister has slept on the vexed question of national awards and symbols, taken back solemn pledge to reappoint dismissed teacher saying that his solemn word was not to be taken seriously, it was only “aspirational”. The Pm declared that it was under his leadership of the UPM that Yvonne cut her political teeth. Not true!!! Yvonne was indeed a member of the

DFM which threw in its lot in the UPM, but the leadership nominated by me and seconded by her was Renwick Rose. It was true that Yvonne had taken part in all preliminary talks leading to the formation of the UPM. In fact, it could be said that the cradle of the movement was her house in Clare Valley, now owned by Nelcia Robinson. I long ago suggested that the Resource Centre at Cane Hall be named in honour of Yvonne Francis. Government named it in honour of Doris Mc Kie, the mother of the current ULP representative. The people’s reaction to Yvonne’s death in face of difficulties with the next election in sight, has forced them to make an offer of an appropriate institution recommended by Yvonne’s friends. The truth is that the time of kindly gestures is past. We want the whole hog now. The just demand is that she join the galaxy of National Heroes which must be effected and publicised (by whichever Party) on National Heroes Day 2019. Time is running out. This writer is aware of the pain it will cause the Government to so revere an ordinary Black woman whom they had dragged through the mud. She had been publicly humiliated, jailed, thought of as the matron of “the house of infamy”. After she had left all political activity, the ULP pursued her by unceremoniously taking away the instruments and insignia of Justice of Peace! How low can one get! The dam of pent-up feelings for the pain and hurt which Yvonne bore with stoic strength, and Christian fortitude, all broke at her funeral on the 27th July 2018. Her body will have ridden on this wave of cascading emotion to high heavens. Yvonne has gone to join her deceased husband, Kelvile Gibson, General Secretary of the NDP, who was harried away by threats of libel hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles. May she rest in eternal peace. And may her son, Leroy, friends and acquaintances spare a moment, now and then, to reflect in the rays of hope that Yvonne left us. I was devastated and needed a little time to settle my body and soul somewhat before daring to put in print my thoughts of a fallen comrade.




I support the death penalty AS I WRITE this, Mr. Editor, there are 17 murders for the year. Mind you, I say 17 before the police confirmed it, but I think it is safe to add it to the list. Against this backdrop and last year’s murder count of 40, I don’ care much for what those heads of churches, all those human rights groups and even some learned justices have to say. I am an apologetic supporter of the death penalty. I firmly believe that it is a deterrent to crime. Not to enforce the death penalty, which remains on our law books, means that we will soon have to build

another prison, only for that new prison to become overcrowded just like those we have now. And so the wheel continues to turn as we build more and more prisons since it appears that all the social mechanism we have put in place — education revolution and all — just have not been able to effectively put curb on crime here. So we will continue to have our prisons overcrowded by some of the worst criminals who don’t deserve to get a ‘second chance’ at the expense of the state. I know there are those who will tell me that the

point I am making is a meaningless one, for we hardly ever have anyone to put to death, i.e. we don’t ever get the murderers, except in a few cases. That may be the reality, but don’t you think that these criminals/potential criminals are aware that if they take a life, they will not be put to death, but instead will live out their lives at the expense of the state and stand a chance of having some ‘merciful’ Prime Minister or who have you, grant them mercy? The playing field is definitely not level, as far as I am concerned,

when one life is snuffed out and the taker of that life lives to see the light of another day. Some people see the death penalty as an evil. I see it as a necessary evil which the State uses to protect the innocent from those who are likely to break the law. A life for a life ……… Desmond T.

Emancipation SO, AT LEAST one learned attorney here took umbrage with a white member of the CCJ for his reference to Bob Marley and his plea for us to ‘emancipate ourselves from mental slavery’. I wonder if the reference was made by Justice Saunders whether the attorney would have accepted it as appropriate, seeing that it was coming from a black man. But you see this black and white thing, I not in that, though I know you can’t escape it. It stares us straight in the face every day. But so much for that!! I, Mr. Editor, want just to reflect very briefly on the recent anniversary

Emancipation Day - that fateful August 1,1834 when it was thought that slaves in the British West Indies were on their way to knowing what humanity and freedom really was. We have to agree that thanks to the long and hard struggles since that day, we can enjoy, today, a better life than the one of our forebears. Notwithstanding, the struggle continues. For today, I see, in my own space and time, a class of people: blessed with wealth and access to wealth; blessed with greater opportunity than the majority of people; being able to afford security system to insulate themselves from

the criminals; blessed with a political inside track that brings them favours. I also see a ‘ton load’ of people still depending on handout from this class and the political class that they support; a ‘ton load’ of people who cannot sleep with a sense of safety; a class of people who will see their loved ones wither away while they wait on state services. All in all, as I reflect on another Emancipation Day Anniversary, I can’t bring myself to accepting that things have changed structurally. I see a new masters class, no longer predominantly white, and an underclass of so called citizens with,

State sanctioned killing … THE POPE’S pronouncement that “state sanctioned killing (of convicted criminals) is always an unjustifiable attack on human dignity and is wrong (with) no exceptions”. This, of course, is derived from taboos against killing members of your extended family.....which threatens survival. In the last 120 years, about 230 million people were killed or died as a result of “state or political” sanctioned killings.......loosely called WAR. The number of criminal executions is insignificant compared to this widespread and seemingly socially acceptable slaughter. The architects of these mass killings (too many to enumerate) are less than a dozen individuals.........aided and abetted by small groups of fanatics, supporters. The burning question is whether the impacts of nationalism, religion and economics are the greatest threat to our environment and life itself......or is it the individual mind state of certain human beings? A K Bronisas

Ganja tea versus smoking ganja

I READ IN a recent newspaper from Trinidad how a magistrate in that country found a man guilty for possession of marijuana when the man was found according to the State, rights and privileges, but with some of the herb which he used to make tea who survive or are made for him and his family. I mean, everybody should know by now that to survive to the extent people here, in the region, in the whole world, have that politicians want been using the herb, especially the root, to make them to. tea, and that many people over the world, including You see, learned people in SVG, would tell you how it is good for attorney, we have to treating asthma. I know many people here who emancipate ourselves have given marijuana tea to their children who but this time from suffer from asthma. unfulfilling, wolf-inIt is also known that the effect of marijuana sheep clothing politicians taken in tea does not have the same effect when who take us for a ride you smoke it. There is something, I understand, while serving the about the thing that gives you a high not being able interest of the few. We all deserve nothing to dissolve in water, so drinking marijuana tea will never give you a high. less than the best… So what is wrong with this Trinidad Magistrate? that’s what emancipation He living behind God back or what? He supposed should afford us. to be an educated man and should know the Mr. Conscious difference. I only pray that our magistrates and judges know better and would accept the other (medicines) uses of the herb and don’t send men to prison when they ALMOST every day in our small Woe to us! individuals, institutions, say and can prove that nation, SVG, a young man or Some shopkeepers and corporations, governments, they use the herb for woman loses his/her life. Some of bartenders give our young men Churches: Do not cut moral and making tea. these deaths are as a result of and women strong drinks and ethical corners for any reason. If I think it is time for gangs, drugs and/or family after they become intoxicated, you do this, people will retaliate. the police to do some real disputes. they seek to uncover their bodies; Let us do good, and trust God investigation rather than * How come The Government has no answer they exploit them. Woe to us! for our nation to come back to just dragging men with for this outbreak simply because Some Vincentians even practise Him. The Church must lead this Pastor Clarke get to the epidemic runs deeper as we witchcraft/magic. Woe to us! charge now. ganja before the court. act GG instead of have people bent on doing evil. Our children are feeling the Rev. Job? Some are taking other people’s evil of what we do, so these crimes Bishop Ezekiel Creese Peter Thomas * Did the Opposition Faith Word Ministries possessions resulting in their are some of the results. have any objection increase in wealth though illA sobering warning to to Pastor Clarke gotten. Due to their accentuated, when organizations like the FAO, IICA covetousness, their wives, being acting GG? the ECCB in 2008- and the like, whom the farmers husbands and children * Has any arrowroot had grown to believe had their 2009 devised a consume/possess evil, due from the last two plan to stimulate best interests at heart, seemed to to their wicked actions. crops been exported? In the columns of THE Woe to you! the economy of the sub-region, have given their blessing to the If not, where did the VINCENTIAN and the other These ill-gotten gains but they did not include PLAN. The farmers are now weekly newspapers of St. Vincent Agriculture, despite the fact, that preparing to organize in the money come from to are then used to help pay the arrowroot their neighbours in many and the Grenadines, and on talk in St. Vincent and the securing of their own welfare, and radio, the farmers have been ways. As such, they are farmers? Grenadines there were then, are requesting that the ECCB seen as ‘Good Samaritans’ expressing the seeming lack of * What is the use of 6,000 banana farms, which had publish an appraisal of the PLAN concern for their welfare, (and) as they give school to determine why it failed. the capacity to absorb 30,000 the ambulance supplies to the poor, build the authorities’ apparent workers, almost overnight. Since Would the FAO use its service if it does not indifference to the fact that homes, etc., but some of the sectors which the Plan influence to get that ECCB respond to cases of this money come through agricultural activity represented targeted, realized negative appraisal which should be shooting? Can violence, and drugs. What the very backbone of our growth for several successive considered imperative so that we do we do with money somebody give a economy, since the advent of years, it will have to be concluded could determine the best way seized from drugs men? Adult Suffrage. sensible explanation that the PLAN had failed. forward! When Judas betrayed This indifference was, in the of why this is so? Incidentally there was Christ, what did they do minds of the farmers, disappointment expressed that LeRoy Providence with the blood money?

Epidemic of crime⁄ woe to us as a nation

Farmers still waiting




Reflections on the 180th anniversary of the abolition of slavery

ON WEDNESDAY, August 1st 2018, our country celebrated the 180th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the Caribbean. On that day, the country was involved in an event to recognize the National Hero, paramount Chief Joseph Chatoyer, naming the Rabacca park after him. That event featured a national address by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, who held the audience spellbound, with a mini dissertation on the history of St. Vincent and the Grenadines during the post slavery period. It was clear from the information provided, and based on the reaction from the large audience, that there is a virtual gap in the historical knowledge of most Vincentians. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there is a rather lukewarm response to activities, which are organised to mark Emancipation Day in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The general feeling is that as Vincentians, we need to start reflecting deeper on our historical past, particularly that period around emancipation. This is a critical period during which our people, coming out of slavery, began to be assimilated into the Vincentian society, amidst the presence of the colonial masters.

The Reflection The reflection process must take into account the salient facts around our history, from as far back as the Carib Wars and the struggles of the paramount Carib Chief, Joseph Chatoyer. Chatoyer gave his life in a valiant attempt to protect his homeland and his people. Our reflection must also consider the circumstances under which our forefathers struggled to make ends meet, following emancipation, and the period of apprenticeship which ended in 1838. We must understand that the history of this period is very relevant to our country’s present and future development. We would do well to remember the words of Edmund Burke, (1729 to 1797), that “those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”. So for example, those who forget the struggles of the Caribs, to repel the British and protect their homeland, will fail to appreciate the work of the ULP administration, in the wake of the work by SCL and Henley and Partners, to impose a new regime on our country, which will include the sale of passports. Further, that is why certain people were critical of the decision of the government to name a part of the leeward highway, in honor of the great South African leader, Nelson Mandela. Their lack of understanding of our history has created this poor awareness of the importance of certain historical facts. As a people, we have to learn from our history to make ourselves better. Our forefathers toiled hard, under the

whip of the colonial masters, to create wealth for countries like the United Kingdom. There is no whip these days, but this does not mean that we should not work hard, or even harder, because we are developing ourselves, creating a future for our children, and charting a better course for our country. Then there is the reparation drive. If we are not in tune with our history, if we are not aware, and cannot reflect positively about past, we cannot understand the reasons for reparation. And if we cannot understand it, then we are less likely to support it, and the reparation movement will lose the drive and stimulus that it currently exhibits. Thankfully, this has not happened, because most people in the Caribbean and wider afield, are aware of what reparation is all about. But most importantly, we have to have memory. While we do not want to live in the past, we must harness the events of our history, to build a better world for ourselves and our civilisation, despite all the challenges. So we must combine faith and reason, to marry divine inspiration and the creative imagination of our people, so as to work harder and smarter. And we must be in solidarity with each other, and be linked with our friends and allies, in the pursuit of our future development.

Conclusion As a political party, the ULP administration has always accepted and understood that, given the small size of our country, the scarcity of material resources and the existing external challenges, are serious factors to be considered in the management of our economy. The ULP administration has articulated a compelling narrative for a homegrown development. This narrative has been backed up by deeds, which have resulted in benefits for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is this progressive record that has stymied the Opposition NDP, into a feeling of learned helplessness, a feeling from which they are unable to escape. The ULP is well placed and fairly well equipped, better by far than any other political party in the State, to continue to lead the charge for further progress, always in communion with the people. As a country, we have our own identity. We are not better than anyone, and no one is better that us. We will continue to push always, the boundaries of our country’s possibilities, reducing limitations as far as is practicable, as we strive to provide more developmental benefits for all Vincentians.

More Killings in SVG! (Pt. 2) (Excerpts of Dr. Friday’s Press Conference) THERE IS a causal connection between economic hardship and an increase in crime. So, clearly, one of the ways of addressing the crime problem is by growing the economy and creating jobs and hope for our people, especially young people. The unemployment rate among the youth in this country, according to the IMF, is 46%. This is simply intolerable! We must do more to create jobs for our people. We must create in this country an enabling environment for investment and growth. The ULP government has failed woefully in this very important obligation. They have neglected the economy in favour of handouts to selected persons with the correct political credentials. Moreover, political victimization and heavy taxation of vulnerable sectors, such as the hotel/guest house operators hit with the $8 dollar per room per night tax, will not get the job done. To combat violent crime, our police service must be properly equipped to handle and to respond swiftly to reported instances of crime before they are committed or get worse. This is where the focus must be with respect to policing, not seeking to transfer and punish police officers for trivial matters. The investigation and prosecution of offences must be improved. Police officers’ conditions of work must be improved. Reduce the work load on current officers by employing more police officers. However, this must be done, not on the basis of finding “wuk” for supporters, but based on competence. I spoke about other measures in my previous press conference on crime held last year and at the Christian Council’s Conversation on Crime and Violence held earlier this year. I adopt them here.

Community Policing The effectiveness of community policing is recognized world over. However, such policing is clearly not a priority today. It must be championed again. The police on their own cannot effectively fight crime and lawlessness. It is obvious to most of us that there is a lack of trust between the police and the population they serve. Community policing is a way of restoring trust and making the police more effective. It would also help to remove partisan politics from the operation of police service. Let the service be strictly professional! There is more that can and will be said on the issue of the conditions of work and housing of the police, but let me focus on some other issues. Tackling crime must be dealt with both in the short and long term. What is happening in our society leads us to the conclusion that crime cannot be simply explained as greater and easy availability of guns and of gang warfare. These are obviously part of the whole equation, but it goes beyond that, especially when we look at the involvement of young people in criminal activity. We have seen examples recently of even young women being involved, including persons who were well educated. We are of the view that while we tackle

the issue head on and immediately, we must look at the root causes. It is because of this that we introduced the Spiritual and Social Redemption Charter in 2003 which the ruling ULP regime refused to have debated in parliament. We continue to see the need for addressing the issues raised in the Charter. In the past, we depended on the Church for guidance and work on matters of morality and addressing and up-keeping established values which we consider still very relevant today. The Church is no longer the mover in this area for a variety of reasons, including being itself infected by the political divisiveness prevalent in the country. Given that anti-social behaviour that can later escalate into acts of violence is present in the schools, we believe it necessary to start in the schools reinforcing the long-held values that have over the years held our people together as members of one community, assisting each other and looking after the interests of the community. But with all of this, the economic downturn in our society provides space and fuel for the unruly. While some applaud and speak glowingly about what is called the ‘education revolution’, the reality is that many of our school leavers, even those with university degrees, cannot find jobs. Our education curriculum and its general direction continue to be one that certifies graduates to find jobs which are becoming scarcer and scarcer, rather than creating jobs. But even in the creation of jobs, it is necessary for us to provide the context and the environment that stimulates entrepreneurial activity and attracts investment from our people in the diaspora and from foreign investors. So, the issue of criminal activity and the skyrocketing murder rate is complex and must be tackled on all fronts. Government must, however, be caring and must put in place measures that will convince the people that it is serious about dealing with crime and violence. It must provide a platform for our communities to understand that they have a role to play in combating crime, which has gotten completely out of hand. But we also accept that we all have a role to play, and we should not wait until violence touches us personally to demand action. The NDP pledges that this problem will be high on our political agenda in government. We do not hold the reins of government now, but are prepared to work along with others to tackle this alarming crime situation. It really cannot be business as usual; we must begin the process of taking back control of our communities, our lives and our peace of mind. In our Manifesto, we set out what can be done to address the problems of crime and violence in the society. To those prescriptions, I will emphasize that to address this crisis of crime and violence in our country, the ULP must be removed from office. Ralph and his gang have failed this country and, what is more, they don’t seem to care.




Love of Language

“The development of language is part of the development of the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people.” Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) – Italian physician and educator.

things that she loved.” She had demonstrated her love and passion for language even during those challenging closing moments of her life. We are forever grateful to those teachers and other adults who, in their wisdom, encouraged us to develop a passion for language. Donald Patrick Conroy (19452016), the acclaimed American author who wrote several novels and memoires, acknowledges this so well when he notes that, “I have read like a man on fire my whole life because the genius of English teachers touched me with the dazzling beauty of language.” We now have to continue the tradition and pass on the torch, so to speak, to the next generation. It is a privilege and an honour to be conduits of the passion for reading. We must encourage our wards to read widely and profusely as they seek to expand their knowledge and develop their various talents and abilities. Many of my generation will testify of the tremendous benefits derived from the study of literature (English and Caribbean) and the pleasure resulting from reading and writing poems. We journeyed through space and time as we explored the works of accomplished writers and poets. These enlightening sojourns enabled us to better express our thoughts and emotions. We readily and effortlessly discovered that, regardless of our desired profession, mastering language was perceived to be foundational. Today’s youths will benefit greatly from developing this love of language. In addition, they must now accept the challenge to learn other languages (e.g. Spanish, French, and Cantonese, to mention a few). The new world of work demands this. The bilingual (or multi-lingual) citizen will readily discover that they are more marketable when compared to their colleagues who are limited to communicating via a single language. Based on this reality, parents, teachers and education administrators have a tremendous role to play in guiding and encouraging our wards to imbibe to wisdom that is generated through this love of language … and the love for languages. The resulting feeling of improved selfworth having mastered language and languages will also prove most invaluable. The love of language will not happen by default. An interest in reading must be encouraged and nurtured from infancy. The caring adults in our homes, schools, and in education administration, must constantly seek to create and encourage programmes that will encourage our wards to develop the love of language. We are encouraged by the number of service clubs that now champion such worthwhile causes as they support reading competitions within and among schools. They invest time and money to broaden the minds of these young persons who will expand their horizons as they discover the benefits derived from the love of language.

THE TITLE FOR THIS WEEK’S essay surfaced during Monty Maule’s sermon at the home-going ceremony for the late Mrs. Yvonne FrancisGibson. This event took place at the Kingstown Methodist Church on Monday, 23rd July 2018. The comment was made as he reflected on the life and legacy of this outstanding teacher, trade unionist, choir member, and friend. He noted that, from a very young age, Yvonne had a passion for reading and a love of language. This craving continued throughout her adult life, and was especially evident as she taught at various schools throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Many outstanding Caribbean luminaries developed and nurtured an early love for language. An examination of the lives of Sir Arthur Lewis, Derek Walcott, Dr. Cecil Cyrus, Sir James Mitchell, George Lamming, Annie John, Una Marson, and many other outstanding Caribbean citizens, reveal an early addiction to reading. Their love of language propelled them to pursue their noble and varied dreams with passion. It enriched their lives and allowed them to enhance ours. In so many instances, influential adults play a major role in encouraging this love of language. Teachers, parents, and other concerned adults must be credited for inspiring the young minds to “explore the world through reading”. Many of these outstanding coaches and mentors lead by example. Onlookers can observe their passion for the written word as they readily and regularly “feast their eyes” on newspapers, magazines, novels, and other literature. Regardless of the number of modern day distractions, we must encourage our young persons to make the time to grow their minds through reading. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, recently challenged parents, teachers, and school administrators to consider providing books and other useful education-enhancement items as graduation or end-of-term prizes. This is an excellent suggestion. Books make perfect gifts on such occasions. They can ignite curiosity along particular subject areas. They can also play a major role in the expansion of knowledge, and the creation and/or expansion of winning attitudes. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929-1994) notes that reading is a perfect way to enlarge a child’s world, when she stated, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” These were not mere words spoken by the wife of the 35th President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy. History records that when her son, John F. Kennedy Jr., announced her death to the press, he stated that she Send comments, criticisms & had been “surrounded by her suggestions to friends and her family and her books, and the people and the

Condemn Crime and horror in Venezuela. ‘If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you at night.’ Angela Davis, American civil rights leader and revolutionary. ‘How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look.’ Bob Marley. The attempted assassination of President Maduro last Saturday was not only a criminal attack on the sovereign leadership of an independent nation, it was an attack on all norms of civilized behaviour which should be condemned by all people whether they support the Bolivarian Revolution which has been unfolding in Venezuela for the last 20 years. Those who tried to kill president Maduro and decapitate the leadership of the revolutionary Bolivarian Government have no regard for democracy or the sanctity of life. There primary concern is control, domination, exploitation and profit. The Bolivarian Revolution started in 1998 when Hugo Chavez won an overwhelming electoral victory. Immediately after this triumph, President Chavez committed to use the immense resources of his country to the benefit of his people. Poverty fell dramatically; the health and education of the vast majority of the people improved noticeably. The housing needs of the people were being met as millions of homes were built. Evidently, this did not sit well with the Venezuelan moneyed class or those foreign bosses who wanted to control Venezuela’s huge oil resources. By 2002 the bosses in Washington allied with local reaction tried to overthrow President Chavez. The military coup failed because of the massive show of unity and support from the Venezuelan people. But imperialism was not done. It tightened the screws on the Bolivarian leadership. It used its control over international institutions like the World Bank, IMF and the international banking and credit system to deny Venezuela much needed credit. The American empire blockage the country and got the Venezuelan business elite to stop importing or hoarding much need basic staples of daily life especially food and medicine. This pressure and stress paid off when President Chavez succumbed to Cancer in 2013. But the Bolivarians persevered. They held elections after elections and won. Then the powerful leaders of the world began a smear campaign. President Chavez and President Maduro were labelled dictators, narco traffickers, terrorist and enemies of democracy. The powerful don’t respect elections and democracy. The enemies of the people want to control the people. Reactionary forces in Jamaica said the democratically elected Michael Manley must go ‘either by overthrow or under throw.’ Salvador Allende of Chile was elected in 1970 and overthrown and murdered in 1973 in a bloody coup sponsored by President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. In this Orwellian world Fidel, Michael Manley and Maurice Bishop, Nicaragua’s Sandinistas, Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela were dictators and terrorists. And so it is with Maduro and the leaders of Venezuela. Pay attention to who always resorts to terror and violence. It is never the true leaders of the people. Those who want to protect their privilege and crave the resources of other peoples are the first to use terror as a means of frightening the people. Remember the violence unleashed on the people of Jamaica when Manley spoke of democratic socialism between 1972 and 1980. Take your mind back to October 6, 1976 when anti Cuban terrorists with logistical and financial support from the American CIA placed a bomb on a Cubana airline that killed all 73 persons on board off Barbados.

Make no mistake about it. Venezuela is being strangled and destroyed because its revolutionary leaders want to use the country’s resources to bring benefits to the people.

Statement of the assassination attempt on President Maduro As a Vincentian national with extensive training in international relations and International law I can do no less than to add my voice to worldwide chorus of condemnation of the effort to decapitate the Bolivarian Revolution. Saturday’s attempted assassination of Nicholas Maduro, the democratically elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, runs counter to the principles of justice and fair-play, democracy, sovereignty, non-interference in the internal affairs and independence of nations. As the Speaker of the National Assembly of St Vincent and the Grenadines, I am appalled when people sidestep and disregard the democratic electoral process, and resort to violence to settle problems in their favour, particularly after their efforts were rebuffed by the sovereign expressions of the people in recent elections. What is unfolding in Venezuela today, has an uncanny resemblance to the sad experiences of people who have tried against great odds to make a better life for the most marginalized sections of their population. The same kind of destabilization and deprivation, disruption and interference which is occurring in Venezuela, has been tried, tested and witnessed in Allende’s Chile, Jamaica under Michael Manley, Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution, and Grenada led by Maurice Bishop’s People’s Revolutionary Government. Cuba has had to battle against terrorism and sabotage, blackmail and blockage. All of these ploys and plans which are being executed in Venezuela, can be found in the criminal play book of the elite and powerful. At every juncture in all of these countries, local elites conspire with foreign powers to halt, retard, distort, reverse or destroy processes intended to bring benefits and relief to the poor and working peoples of these lands. The plan is to make the economy scream, thus creating doubt and uncertainty in the minds of the very people whom the revolution is intended to serve. Venezuela is an independent country. It must be allowed to administer its affair without pressures or outside influence. No individual, institution or country, no matter how big or powerful, should seek to dictate the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic. All sectors of the Venezuelan people should work to find solutions to the difficulties and problems confronting the nation. Nicolas Maduro, the democratically elected President of the Bolivarian Republic, should be allowed to serve his term of office in peace and with dignity. All attempts to remove him by undemocratic or illegal means should be rebuffed and condemned. All Caribbean governments and people should remember if they come for Venezuela today, sooner rather than later they will come for all of us. Long live the Memory and example of President Chavez. Long live the effort and fighting spirit of President Maduro. Long Live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Referendum needed on dangerous geothermal project in SVG

safe renewable energy sources — as opposed to geothermal - then there will be much more money circulating in the SVG economy. The renewable energy industry will create employment. Low-cost renewable energy will be a catalyst for the growth in small businesses. This will create mass WARRANT OFFICER Ivan O’Neal, BSc public. Vincentian companies which produce (Hons), MSc, MBA, Leader of SVG Green The SVG economy must be driven electricity from renewable energy and employment. Many small businesses in SVG have closed down, because of a Party, is making a very strong call for: by inventiveness and good engineering private households wanting to install lack of sales and high overheads such (a) A referendum about the proposal to ideas, not driven by foolish monopolies renewable energy equipment at their install a geothermal plant in SVG, as from the Colonial period. homes, all taxes and customs duties on as VINLEC’s high electricity prices. The argument for cheap, reliable research has shown that the geothermal SVG is not the private estate of the renewable energy products and parts project will kill our high-quality drinking ULP regime. The geothermal project is should be abolished immediately. and safe electricity in SVG delivered water. Let the people decide on the very bad for SVG as it will kill our It is crucial that VINLEC’s by geothermal is extremely weak and proposal to install a geothermal plant in high-quality drinking water. Having a electricity monopoly as the only cannot override the serious SVG by referendum, and, referendum will give the people the company with the right to sell environmental damage the geothermal (b) Legislation to abolish the power to decide whether this electricity in SVG, is urgently plant will cause to our high-quality VINLEC 1973 monopoly to sell dangerous geothermal project should abolished, and that new companies drinking water. electricity in SVG and to open up the be installed in SVG. This (referendum) producing electricity in SVG are 100% Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, BSc SVG electricity industry to Vincentian- will be very good for the democracy of Vincentian owned. This way, money (Hons), MSc, MBA, calls for: (a) A owned companies to produce electricity our country. made by these companies goes to referendum about the proposal to from renewable energy only to sell The ULP regime should not be Vincentians and it is Vincentians who install geothermal in SVG, and electricity to the Vincentian public. given the freedom to destroy our prosper. The money then gets spent in (b) The abolition of the VINLEC 1973 SVG must become a progressive country. SVG, and this strengthens our monopoly to sell electricity in SVG. nation and move away from the old As far as producing renewable economy. Give the people the power to decide. political dogma that is choking the energy in SVG is concerned, solar, SVG is losing millions of dollars a Let democracy be the yardstick of SVG economy to death, and boost the hydro and wind are much safer than year, because of the massive amount of progress in SVG. SVG economy by allowing small, geothermal. The high-quality drinking oil that is imported to create Vincentian-owned companies to water in SVG will be safe if we use electricity. This is killing our economy. produce electricity - from renewable these sources. If we stop producing electricity from oil SVG Green Party energy only - to sell to the Vincentian In order to help the growth of and produce it ourselves in SVG from

Farmers must now look out for themselves IT IS THE UNFORTUNATE reality that in SVG today, there is the perception that the weight of the law which is exerted on the lawbreaker is determined by the law-breaker’s connection to the

political “cable of authority”; so that the unemployed young man charged for shoplifting or stealing items valued at less than two hundred dollars, can find himself securely behind bars for a few months, away from

the very children he had stolen to provide for. On the other hand, the relatively prospering lawyer is provided with an “illuminated tunnel” to crawl out of and away from the consequences of his or her miscreancy, which had robbed the taxpayers of hundreds of thousand of dollars from the sacred precincts of the Registry. Or you can have a prominent legal personage, so play the cards, so that insulation is affected for the spouse who has refused to repay the loan of millions of dollars to the Bank of which he was the chairman. Some days ago, I was alarmed to hear an individual who had been intimately involved in that financial “free-side” at this nation’s expense, (i.e. the non-repayment of the loans) speak disparagingly of the persons who had had student loans from the Government and had not yet repaid them. I must remind us all that the reason for the nonrepayment of those student loans was that the students did not “land” the jobs they had anticipated, when they embarked on their university training.

Much of the reason lies in the long-lived stagnation of the economy. Mr. Hugh Stewart, who is today one of the prominent farmers in our land, was once the manager of the Land Settlement Estate at Richmond Vale; a senior officer in the Ministry of Agriculture; a leading member of the St. Vincent Banana Growers Association. In the 2012, February 24th 2012 issue of The News newspaper, there is an article by him captioned, “Developing Agriculture in 2012”. Many of the thoughts expressed by Mr. Stewart in that article are still quite relevant to our situation in 2018. In the penultimate paragraph of that article, Mr. Stewart said: “Many lawyers, doctors, engineers and public officers are engaged in farming in one way or another. In fact, despite the “help-talk” about education revolution, farming and banana farming in particular, has been responsible more than any activity for the education of most teachers, civil servants and other professionals in the Vincentian society. One particular village in

St. Vincent has the highest number of professionals both local and overseas, compared to other villages. It should not be surprising that such education was financed by the parents who were farmers”. And what is our position today almost eighteen years after Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his ULP team promised that they were going to revitalize the Banana Industry and agriculture generally? There was to have been serious attention given to our feeder roads. Nothing was done! The farmers had given good support to the ULP in those elections of 2001, on the bases of those promises. The farmers well remember that the ULP had gone to the extent of bringing a gentleman here from the UK, to assure us that we would have no problems with the marketing of our bananas, once we had elected the ULP to government. In the subsequent years, Dr. Gonsalves and his men grew in confidence, because of the docility of the people and the unpatriotic indifference of those, whom over the years the people had considered to

be of the mettle to defend the interests of the society. Sadly, too many of these intellectuals and scholars have turned out to be merely “pliable scrunters”, who harboured no qualms about throwing overboard the interests of the many, so that the enrichment of “the self” can prosper. The role of WINFA in the dismantling of the St. Vincent Banana Growers’ Association, is hauntingly painful. WINFA was supposed to be a farmers-oriented organization, how could they have been party to the crippling of the biggest farmers organizations in our land? In light of the fact that our economy is now crippled, and that Agriculture still represents the most dependable platform to lift us out of our misery, WINFA should feel duty bound, to agitate for meaningful support for the Agriculture sector. The farmers, however, must now commence the discussion towards the formulation of a dependable structure, to take care of their own welfare. LeRoy Providence




Essential services need toll free numbers A CALL HAS BEEN made for toll free numbers to be assigned to essential services and disaster management agencies here. The issue was raised by Donald De Riggs, Director of the Rainbow Radio League Inc. during the NBC interactive programme, ‘Face to Face’, aired on Monday,

August 06, 2018. De Riggs said that agencies like NEMO and Red Cross should be provided with toll free numbers to allow persons who have phones but who may have run out of credit, to make calls to these agencies. He also suggested the same service for the Milton Cato Memorial

Hospital, VINLEC, CWSA, the Coast Guard, Fort Charlotte and the Central Police HQ. “A person might be electrocuted leaning on a utility pole with a faulty ground connection, and a person nearby may have a phone and cannot call the VINLEC Hot line because they have no credit. If VINLEC has a

Traffic Department gets tough A VIDEO that made its way around social media recently that might have had a different intention, has instead resulted in a backlash. The video captured in vivid detail — both in terms of the visual and the audio - two minivans racing along a narrow, winding roadway at what appeared to be Formula One speeds. On viewing the video, the Traffic Department moved expeditiously and removed the two minivans from the roads of SVG. Senator Julian Francis, Minister with responsibility for Transportation,

confirmed that the vans were removed on Tuesday 7th August and were put in the temporary care of the police. Charges are expected to be brought against the drivers, but by Thursday, the minivans were returned to their owners. Minivans’ use of the roadways in SVG has been an ongoing concern. Many citizens are left with the impression that action against uncaring minivan drivers has been seemingly a tap on the wrist and temporary in impact.

toll free number, then anyone can call that number whether or not they have credit, much like the 457 1901 which is FLOW’s toll free number,” De Riggs said. A caller to the ‘Face to Face’ programme that day, lamented that whenever they tried to call 911 or the police, they rarely got an answer, and if you did get through, it was a run- around before you can pass on your information. In response to that caller, it was suggested that more persons be employed to answer 911 calls. These can include persons from the YES programme. 911 lines, by virtue of the nature of service they offer, need to be staffed 24/7. Last Monday’s programme focused on emergency communications as a viable back-up to conventional means of communications like cell

phones and land landlines. De Riggs explained that in the aftermath of any major natural disaster, cell phones service can be disrupted, and it is during these times that the flow of information is critical to the survival of victims and the protection of property, and this is where two-way radio proves its worth. During the programme, a demonstration was held which allowed (HAM) radio operators to call in to the programme and patched to the live broadcast. This is useful in times of national emergencies where radio operators in the field can connect directly with

Don De Riggs, Director of the Rainbow Radio League, placed the issue of tool free numbers on the agenda, for the authorities to consider as it relates to disaster management. NBC radio and others to provide live reports in the absence of telephones.






Another Crown for Miss SVG

DESPITE A TORN LIGAMENT which she sustained on the eve of the contest, Miss SVG 2018 - Shellisa Nanton was crowned Miss Flow Caribbean Culture Queen 2018. The Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant is a regional pageant held in Nevis during the Culturama Festival, and is staged over two days.

Shellisa Nanton, taking the weight off her injured ankle at the AIA last Tuesday.

This year, the Swimsuit Competition was on Saturday 4th August and the actual Queen Pageant on Monday 6th August. Ms. Nanton was welcomed home on Tuesday 8th August at AIA by a large crowd of proud supporters who expressed their congratulations.

Hon. Cecil McKie, Minister of Tourism and Culture, was the first to officially welcome and congratulate the Queen. He said that SVG was delighted when they found out that she was victorious, and her win now gives us the exposure and platform on which to market St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Hon. Montgomery Daniel, Minister of Housing and Parliamentary Representative for North Windward from which Shellisa hails, expressed that he was very happy but not surprised when Taking her first walk as Miss he found out Flow Caribbean Culture Queen that she had 2018. won. He expressed congratulations to the smiling queen and advised her to make Ms. Universe her next step. Shellisa, for her part, said that she was very happy to be home, and thanked God for helping her to complete the journey. She also thanked all the supporters and well wishers, and stated that she was honoured to be Miss SVG 2018 and now Miss Caribbean Culture. Thrilling the Nevis audience in her swimwear.




Metro on board with LukeÊs Kids Club by KENVILLE HORNE

METROCINT General Insurance Company Ltd., the first indigenous insurance company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has reaffirmed its commitment to the Luke’s Kids Club (LKC) summer programme. Last Friday 3rd, Luke Browne, the company, which Founder of LKC, will celebrate its envisioned the 50th anniversary in day when the December, along programme will with have units communications throughout the service provider state. FLOW, (See separate story below) made presentations of monetary donations to Luke Browne - the Founder of LKC. The themes for this year’s programme is: ‘The Legacy of Nelson Mandela’ and ‘Climate Change

Matters to Me’. The participants would be engaged in a wide range of enriching activities surrounding the theme, and there would also be a strong focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. According to CEO of Metrocint General Insurance, Desiree Richards, the company has been sponsoring the Luke’s Kids Club since its inception, and is happy to continue to do so. “We are really thrilled to have been supporting such a worthwhile programme for some seven years now and to see the impact it has on the lives of “children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Richards. The programme, she said, is an extraordinary one. “The components of this programme are exceptional and beyond the expectation of a normal summer programme,” she said, and noted that it is a great opportunity for children to be exposed to learning, including learning about their country. Richards congratulated Browne for creating such a wonderful programme, and implored the young people to be an integral part of all its activities. Luke Browne, Founder of the Luke’s Kids Club, and this country’s Minister

Flow supports the Luke’s Kids Club AT A MEDIA launch held of Friday, August 3rd, founder of the Luke’s Kids Club and Minister of Health, Wellness & Environment, Luke Browne stated, that the programme which has been in existence for about 7 years, is guided under dual themes this year; “The Legacy of Nelson Mandela” and “Climate Change Matters to Me.” He elaborated that the summer programme will comprise a series of activities to better engage the participants, including: Field Trips and Educational Tours; Art and Craft and Performing Arts and Personal Development Sessions; Lessons about Nelson Mandela, Climate Change and various related subjects; Movies, and Documentary Viewings; a National Service Camp (popularly called “Boot Camp”); Hikes to La Soufrière, the Vermont Nature Trail, and Sports Training Periods with coaching experts; trips to the Grenadines and a 4-day Camp in Carriacou. Additionally, the programme will have a component focusing on healthy living, with emphasis on physical activity and diet. Meantime, in helping to assist in making this year’s programme a reality, Flow St. Vincent and the Grenadines extended financial support towards its activities. Flow’s country manager, Wayne Hull, congratulated the LKC on

Wayne Hull, Flow’s Country Manager (right), sealing his company’s support for the LKC with founder Luke Browne. successfully building on the initiative year after year to transform the lives of many children since the programme’s inception. Expressing his satisfaction with this year’s themes, he noted that it is fitting that efforts are invested towards educating the nation’s youths about the legacy of Nelson Mandela and fostering an understanding of the impact of climate change. He stressed that community building is a key initiative at Flow SVG, and noted that efforts continue to transform and uplift the lives of many across SVG, and recognized the LKC as sharing that ideal. In addition to the direct financial input, Flow will also extend the following services to the programme: complimentary broadband internet service, cable tv service, a fixed line service, as well as scores of giveaways for the participants.

of Health, said the idea of the LKC came about because of the need for children to do something during the summer vacation. “It was informed by an assessment of our national situation,” said Browne, on what motivated the need for the summer programme. He said that the annual event started as an Easter programme in 2011 and has since evolved. Since the programme started, over 1,500 children have been served, many who have come from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds and communities, and Browne boasted that there have been over 300 children between the ages of 4 and 6 participating each year. “So this is far reaching. We want to get to the place where we become something akin to the Girl Guides Association, the Scout movement, where we have units in different parts of the country and we broaden our reach in every part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, because we are not going to rest, knowing that there are some children out there who need a summer programme, who need a club

Luke Browne is more than happy to accept a sponsorship cheque from Ms. Desiree Richards, Managing Director of Metrocint General Insurance Co. Ltd. and we haven’t reached that child,” said Browne. For Browne, it was important that the summer programmes be seen as responding to a need for supervision of young people, especially those from single parent families, whose parents and guardians participate in the work force. He commended THE VINCENTIAN newspaper and Metrocint Insurance for adhering to their corporate responsibility, as well as FLOW for its outstanding contribution. This year’s programme commenced on 6th August and will run until 27th August. It is headquartered in Cane Garden.




RRL Inc. shares skills VOLUNTEERS FROM THE Rainbow Radio League Inc. – RRL, conducted a basic communications awareness course on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, for participants in this year’s Remedial Reading Summer Camp, now in its second week. RRL director, Donald De Riggs —J88CD and Eban Olliver - J88NGL joined the

summer camp which is being conducted at the Kingstown Technical Institute (KTI), to give an insight into the world of wireless communications as well as hands on experience using both VHF and HF radios. Also assisting with remote HF communications were radio operators Leon Ambris — J88NFJ and Talbert Franklyn — J88TF.

The students were introduced to the international phonetic alphabet which synced nicely with the remedial reading programme which uses phonemes to help students to improve their word attack skills. The students were also taught the importance of Amateur Radio (HAM radio) and its use especially in the aftermath of

storms. The Remedial Reading Summer Camp, which began in 2009, is the brainchild of Karyn Constance - a remedial reading specialist and a HAM radio operator with the call number J88NKC, runs for three weeks during the summer vacation, and has as this year’s theme “Put Reading First”.

Ms Constance said that the summer programme also includes field trips so that students can associate what they observe with words, and which helps with spelling, grammar, composition and comprehension. Article submitted by: Donald De Riggs.

SVG Cadets off to Camp

RRL member taking the participants demonstrating the use of a HAM radio to the young participants.

KCCU continues scholarship thrust THE KINGSTOWN COOPERATIVE Credit Union has been commended for its investment in education. That commendation came from Tshemiah Yearwood, a previous KCCU scholarship winner, as she spoke at the Credit Union’s 2018 Scholarship Awards Ceremony, last week Thursday. Yearwood, currently enrolled at the Girls’ High School, expressed gratitude for the KCCU’s support, especially that she comes from a single parent home. “The support played the part the father ought to have fulfilled,” she expressed openly. Among those successful 2018 CPEA students receiving awards were: Kendi Alexander and Luca Robert - Kingstown Preparatory and Ciara Jeffers - Lowmans Leeward Anglican, who received full Academic awards; David James Lodge Village Government, Khaliah Bentick - Lauders Primary, and Roniah

A FOURTEENMEMBER contingent from the local Cadet Force left the State on Saturday August 4 to attend the Caribbean Cadet Camp (CCC) being held in Barbados, from August 5 to 18. Over 200 cadets from The SVG contingent to the 2018 Caribbean Cadet Camp, Barbados. Antigua/Barbuda, Dominica, Barbados, Turks and Caicos are activities that build the British Virgin Islands, participating in the camp. teamwork and inspire Cayman Islands, Monserrat, The camp, which is held confidence among Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. biennially, provides a diverse participants. Vincent and the Grenadines, blend of challenging and The highlights of the camp Trinidad and Tobago, and development training include a 7K relay race on Sunday, August 12, and a drill competition on Thursday, August 16. As part of the planned social programme, cadets will get an opportunity to observe Grand Kadooment. In addition, the Caribbean Cadet Camp will join the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in celebration of its 30th anniversary at a service on Sunday, August 12, as well as at the anniversary parade on Saturday, August 18. (Source: SVGCF) Scholarship/Bursary recipients of the 2018 edition of the KCCU Scholarship Awards Programme.

Roberts - Lowmans Leeward Anglican received SocioEconomic Scholarships; Bursaries went to Chiniza Walcott — Petersville and Kacey CraiggJohnson - C.W. Prescod. A number of students received $150 vouchers each, $50 of which will be placed at a KCCU account in their names. The function heard addresses from Treasurer of the KCCU Board Gillon Frederick, Kay Tshemiah Yearwood, 2015 Martin-Jack of Scholarship Awardee, the Education testified as to the positive Ministry and impact of the assistance Tamira Browne she received from the who gave a KCCU. motivational sentiments as address. testimony of the Browne encouraged the youngsters to “study impact that the KCCU’s hard, be mannerly, and assistance was stay away from bad having. company.” Frederick was happy to welcome Yearwood’s

Students urged not to quit STUDENTS HERE HAVE BEEN urged to see their time in school through to the end. The advice came from president of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) - Wendy Bynoe as she addressed the Union’s 2018 Scholarship Awards Ceremony held last Friday. Bynoe pleaded with this year’s The 2018 SVGTU Scholarship/Bursary awardees scholarship/bursary recipients with Union officials, including President Wendy not to “drop out” of school. Bynoe (centre) She noted that students had the next seven years from secondary school cleared another hurdle along the path of to early tertiary levels. They are Marlique fulfilling their dreams, and thanked Jackson, Jayden Blugh, and Desler Pope. parents, teachers, schools and the Bursaries went out to Kylon Joe, community for contributing to the Glendon Douglas, Israel Cumberbatch, Mia students’ accomplishments. James, Kade George, Cheyenne Peters, Bynoe encouraged the students to tell Reanna Davis, Urijah Lyttle, Hosea others about the Teachers Union. Wilson, John Graham, A’ngel Mapp Skye Three students will receive $700 over Baptiste and Jianna Stowe.

V More Pan Against Crime graduates



School where the ELITE Steel Orchestra is based. Actual training was conducted under the guidance of tutors- Angus Browne and Toyah Martin. The progress of the trainees pleased Browne, who expressed delight in his charges’ abilities. “At first I thought they were too young to learn, but they were willing to learn and I am pleased with their progress as they all picked up during the two weeks.” Browne revealed. Browne expressed the hope that some of the trainees would stay with the art form, by becoming members of the ELITE Steel Orchestra or any functional steel band organisation here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The inductees got an Participants of the ELITE Steel Orchestra’s Pan Against Crime opportunity last Friday Programme displaying their certificates. TWENTY-FOUR more young people here are skilled in the playing of the steel pan. This when last Friday, August 3, they were turned out in a graduation ceremony of a two-week training

programme organised under the auspices of the Pan Against Crime Programme, and conducted/facilitated by the ELITE Steel Orchestra. The training was conducted at the C.W. Prescod Primary

Some of the trainees belting out ‘If Jah is standing by my side’. afternoon to demonstrate what they had learned, when they rendered five numbers of various genres — ranging from The National Anthem of SVG, to ‘Full Extreme’, ‘Every Praise’, ‘Whole Night’ and ‘If Jah is standing by my side’. Persons in attendance were enthralled by the dexterity of the players, given their ages and the relatively short period of training they had undergone. Each of the participants now has a certificate which testifies to his/her training. The Pan Against Crime Programme, the brainchild of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph

Angus Browneone of the facilitators of the training programme. Gonsalves, was first implemented in several schools and through community organizations across the country on February 20th, 2008, as the Government looked for ways to combat the 2007 upsurge in violence and crime among young people here.




She was naïve Dear George,

What else am I supposed to think? Why would two people, who once were together, chose to talk in the bedroom of all places? My girlfriend could not explain why she left the living room, the kitchen, the balcony and go all the way to my bedroom to have a conversation. She still cannot get over the incident and keeps insisting I should apologize to her ‘Ex’. Hell no! Am I wrong?

I MET MY girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend sitting on the edge of my bed having a conversation. I immediately asked him to leave the house and thank God for allowing me to let him leave in one piece. My girlfriend told me I Upset & Suspicious  overreacted and embarrassed her by Dear Upset,  asking him to leave.

I have no hesitation in saying that your girlfriend showed very poor judgement in choosing the bedroom to have that talk with her ‘Ex’. That talk could have taken place in a public place. The truth is, you can nail her on the count of being naive and displaying poor judgement- nothing else. If you cannot trust your girlfriend otherwise, then you probably should reconsider your choice to be together.


None of your business! George

Dear Sickened,

Dear George,

What this neighbour does within the confines of her house is entirely her business. While her lifestyle does not meet your approval, it is definitely no business of yours. Unless you can prove that her actions are causing you harm and making it impossible for you to peacefully enjoy the comfort of your home, then you should just “leave let alone”.

MY NEXT-DOOR neighbour is a prostitute, and something needs to be done about it. She has all these men coming to her house at ungodly hours, and yet pretends she is this upright woman otherwise. I hate the double life she is living. Should I let her know how I feel?



Ignore the newsmonger Dear George, A FEMALE friend of mine told me that my girlfriend is sleeping around with other men on the job. This female and my girlfriend work on the same cruise ship. I asked my girlfriend about the allegations, and she said this girl told her she is going to take her man away, and I must not believe anything she says about her. George, this friend has never lied to me before. Why would I think she is lying now? Suppose what she is saying about my girlfriend is true? I really do not know who to believe here.

Doubts Dear Doubts,  If you cannot believe the word of your girlfriend, then you have no business being with her. Some women can

allow envy and jealousy to get the better of them, causing them to do things that may surprise or shock you. Until you have empirical evidence of

your girlfriend’s infidelity, you need to dismiss and redirect all naysayers.



ARIES (Mar. 21‐ April 20) Your social skills with people may be more than just helpful. Secret affairs can only lead to devastating circumstances. You have a lot to offer. You will find that social activities will lead you into passionate meetings. TAURUS (Apr. 21‐ May 21) You will feel compelled to do some traveling. You will need a little competition this week. Gel involved in activities that will stretch your stamina. Help an older member with a prob‐ lem that faces them. Romance is quite possi‐ ble if you are willing to approach someone who interests you. GEMINI (May 22‐June 21) Don’t get involved in joint ventures. Relax I and enjoy what you’ve accomplished when you’re finished. You may as well work on proj‐ ects that will allow you to make progress. You can continue to make gains if you call a few people who can help you close an important deal. CANCER (June 22‐July 22) You’re on to something tangible and need to act fast Someone you care about may let you down or criticize your methods. Changes in your home will be positive. You will find that unfinished projects at home will be most sat‐ isfying. LEO (July 23‐Aug 22) Try to be understanding. Social events held in your home will be successful and entertaining for those who attend. Uncertainties regarding your home and family are evident. Make sure all of your travel and driver’s documents are in proper order. VIRGO (Aug. 23 ‐Sept. 23) You can make wonderful contributions to any organization that you join. Work quietly at your own goals and forget about situations that you can do little about. Helping children may be rewarding and challenging.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 ‐Oct. 23) Don’t let your mate stop you from attend‐ ing an event that could be most important. You need an outlet. Your partner may not understand your mood swings but if you are willing to communicate, a lot of grief can be avoided. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 ‐ Nov. 22) You can make changes to your home that will be pleasing to all concerned. Keep important information to yourself. You can invest in profitable ventures. Don’t be alarmed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 ‐Dec. 21) You may become rundown if you take on too much. Emotionally, things may not run so smoothly. You mustn’t give too much to your children. Your talents are likely to be discovered. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.‐ Jan. 20) Do not let them blow situations out of pro‐ portion. Help with your aspirations is likely, and profits could follow. You are in a high cycle where travel, education, and creative endeavors are concerned. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.‐ Feb. 19) Opportunities to get together with people in powerful positions could help you get ahead. Make changes to your home that will be pleasing to everyone involved. You will be able to dazzle others with your obvi‐ ous charm and your outgoing nature. PISCES (Feb. 20‐Mar. 20) Female members of your family may be dif‐ ficult to deal with. Your ability to put a deal together will surprise others. Your mind may not be on the job. If they’re too demanding, reconsider this union.

ACROSS 1. Stump 5. Commotion 9. Plant juice 12. River in central Switzerland 13. At any time 14. In favor of 15. Sand hill 16. Crossing 17. Atmosphere 18. Tailless amphibian 20. City in central Belgium 22. Greek god of the winds 25. Fishes 26. Reliable 27. Relaxation 28. Snakelike fish 29. Exclamation of contempt 30. Indian dish 33. A person that uses 35. Isolated 37. Skilled 40. Gum, yielding leguminous shrub 41. Pertaining to the ileum 42. Seaward 43. Long‐leaved lettuce 44. Apiece 46. Fool 50. Monkey 51. 10 cents US 52. Jaguarundi 53. Soak 54. Paradise 55. Quantity of paper DOWN 1. Sorrowful 2. 19th letter of the Greek alphabet 3. Vase 4. Cockroach 5. State in the S United States

6. Roman poet 7. Lair 8. Keyboard instruments 9. Stone splinter 10. Spring up 11. Harbor towns 19. Musical instrument 21. Period of human life 22. Consumed 23. Before 24. Petroleum 25. Exclamation of surprise 27. Organ of hearing 29. Used for resting 30. Doctor 31. Black bird 32. Meadow 33. North American

nation 34. Withdraw formally from an alliance 35. Very skilled person 36. Encampment 37. Cleric 38. Run away with a




lover 39. Set again 40. Gray 42. Peak 45. Help 47. Affirmative vote 48. Brassiere 49. Sweet potato



Mixed results for SVG in age group Football The Girls Under-15 team and officials.

The SVG Under-14 Male team, flanked by First Vice – President of the SVGFF- Otashie Spring(left) and Acting President of the SVGFF- Marvin Fraser (right)

Dopwell, Oryan Velox, Jequan Adams, Amron Thomas and Ronaldo Adams. The Management Team comprises: Bishon Williams — Head Coach; Carlton Dennie- Assistant Coach, Ronnell Hunte- Goal keeper Coach, with Debson Cruickshank- Manager, and Yosiah Dascent Committee Member of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.

Girls’ Under-15

Oryan Velox scored SVG’s two goals versus Dominica in the CFU Male Under14 Challenge Series.

Thursday 9th August. Representing St Vincent and the Grenadines are Jomelia Alexander, Rhoven Ashton, Galexea Awad, Clenetta Brudy, Deonce Coombs, Denel Creese, Cavorn Delpesche, Kanyan Douglas, Kendra Findlay, Arenna Grant, Areka Hooper, Kendra Isles, Tishana James, Sonja Mc Kie, Kacy Ann Providence, Kizzy Ann Providence, Shaielle Williams and Zerese Williams. The team’s Head Coach is Andrew Bramble, with Assistant CoachesAmalis Marshall and Shelly Browne. Danielle Jackson is the Manager, with Alisha Bonadie the Team Doctor, and Shevon Smith- Physiotherapist. Also accompanying the team are Anna French- Psychologist and Wayne Grant — Executive Member of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.

The Females Under-15 team suffered two losses in as many ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES’ Male The full St Vincent and the matches, in their outing at the Under-14 football team, had to settle for Grenadines contingent is made up of CONCACAF Championships, taking a draw against Dominica in their first 18 players and 5 officials. place in Bradenton, Florida, USA. outing in the Caribbean Football Union The players are Garwin On Monday, the Vincentians were (CFU) Challenge Series, but the Girls Davis, Dakarai Hector ,Uroy beaten 3-1 by Anguilla, and on Under-15 suffered two losses in the Ryan, Davids Holder ,Nellie Tuesday lost to Grenada 5-0. CONCACAF Championships. Ambriton, Raysean Matthias, St Vincent and the Grenadines is in Playing in Group A at Warner Park Zalpheus Medica , Figo Thomas , Group G of Division II of the in St Kitts on Monday, the SVG Karanje Alexander , Renson championships. Under-14 males earned a 2-2 draw Sayers and Saviola Blake . The Vincentians were slated to play against Dominica, with Oryan Velox The other members are Shemron Dominica in their last group match on netting both goals for St Vincent and Phillips, Kirtney Franklin, Shaquan the Grenadines. Velox’s first goal came from a set piece, and his second from the penalty spot. Dominica was coming off a 2-0 victory over Montserrat, with goals from Jason Joseph and Adriel Lawrence. That was the opening fixture of the group on Saturday. The Vincentians’ second match was set for Wednesday versus Montserrat, with a meeting against St Kitts and Nevis, this Friday 13th August. St Vincent and the Grenadines round off their campaign on Sunday Kewan Clarke (left) From left : Analdo Solomon, Nadia Peters, Marcus Dennie. against Antigua and Barbuda. Danrouy Edwards.

Eight more footballers off to Ranger College

the eight, having represented St Vincent and the Grenadines at the Under-20 and the senior men’s levels. “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to further my studies and build my Football career…” Peters said as though to represent the general sentiment. Solomon thanked his elder brother Azinho Solomon, a former student EIGHT VINCENTIAN of Ranger College, for paving footballers have secured the way for him. enrollment to the Ranger Assisting with travel College in Texas, USA. BALL BURNERS ARE THE only batters expenses for most of the eight, They are Kewan Clarke, to get into new champions of Female was the St Vincent and the Danrouy Edwards, Nadia double Softball Cricket in North Grenadines Football Peters, Analdo Solomon and figures. Leeward. Federation. Zavian Marcus Dennie, from the Zavian They laid claim to such The latest batch of Stephens System Three Sports Stephens bragging rights when they footballers heading off to took 5 for Academy, along with Jarrel bagged 5 defeated defending Ranger College follows the wickets for 16 and Mc Master and Angel champions Attackers Girls first three, Teffi Ann Browne, Ball Burners – 2018 Champions of scored 21. 16 from her by 8 wickets, in last Maxwell of CamdoniaShadel Cyrus and Shellisa North Leeward female Softball Cricket. weekend’s finals of the DMG four overs. Chelsea, and Tristan Hazell, who enrolled in 2015. Ball Burners easily Furniture Enterprises Simmons of Bequia United. In 2016, another nine erased their opponents’ Limited North Leeward The eight left St Vincent Vincentian footballers were the for 127 reaching total, female softball tournament. and the Grenadines between enrolled in Ranger College. loss of 2 wickets in 14.3 The match was played at last Friday and Monday for The nine were Altica Benn, overs, Lafecia Sam the Chateaubelair Playing the USA, where apart from Chrislyn Browne, Devon leading with an unbeaten Field. embarking on enhancing their Browne, Azinho Solomon, 48 and Stephens getting Attackers Girls from football careers, they will Darie Ann Duncan, Geziel 21. Sherrill Jeffrey was Spring won the toss, batted pursue studies in various Wilson, Kyle Edwards, Tyrone first and were bowled out for the only wicket taker academic areas. with 2 for 37. Tannis and Shian Perry. 126 in 19.1 overseas. Edwards and Mc Master Sherrion Williams, 36, and are the most experienced of Sandra Samuel, 17, were the I.B.A.ALLEN Attackers Girls – losing finalists.

Burners New Female Softball Champions




„ A lot of work for SVGÊs Tennis‰ – ITF Development Officer “St Vincent and the Grenadines should have a fixed Junior Development Plan going…They should have more adults and kids at the (National) Tennis Centre, and all places where there is Tennis… There should be more Tennis in the schools”. Noting that Tennis needs to be stimulated, Participants of the ITF Level One Coaching Course in a classroom session at the SVG Goede wants to see Community College. “more representation of Tennis players outside of going again”. St Vincent (and the Grenadines) in That is the view of the international tournaments”. International Tennis Goede admitted that whilst he Federation (ITF) would have conducted this latest Level Development Officer for the One Coaching Certification Course, Caribbean — John Goede. The Surinamese made this this is just one aspect of the development pathway. assessment last Tuesday at He therefore called for a the conclusion of an ITF refurbishing of the National Tennis Level One Course, staged at Centre facility and the need for more the National Tennis Centre Tennis events to be held there. at Villa. “St Vincent and the Grenadines has Goede further stated that a National Tennis Centre which a lot Tennis in St Vincent and the A practical session on the courts at the of countries don’t have…So they need Grenadines is “on the weak National Tennis Centre. to maximise what they have”, Goede side”. “THERE IS A LOT OF WORK to be done to Pointing to some of the areas where related. The National Tennis Centre get St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis attention must be paid, Goede advised, underwent some sprucing in 2015,

John Goede – ITF Development Officer for the Caribbean. ahead of the ITF Junior Tennis Tournament that year. The National Tennis Centre which last year, became under the supervision of the National Lotteries Authority, is currently being upgraded to host the SVG Cup in October. St Vincent and the Grenadines will not be hosting an ITF Junior Tennis Tournament this year, as it has done consecutively since 2007.

Horne Sports Academy rewards youth OVER 35 YOUNG PERSONS from the Rose Hall community received sporting gear and school supplies from the Kenville Horne Sports Academy (KHSA) last Saturday, during a presentation ceremony at the Rose Hall Community Centre. Over US$4000 worth of items , including school bags, books, pencils, pens, calculators, as well as soccer shoes, shin guards, cones, balls , bibs, shirts and training equipment were handed over to individuals and to the Rose Hall Cultural and Development Organization (RHCDO). Speaking at the ceremony, Selly Patterson, President of the RHCDO commended Horne for giving back to his community. Speaking directly to the recipients, Patterson said, “Don’t take these things for granted. If people like me had the opportunity to own a football shoe back in my time, maybe I might have been a professional.” He appealed to the recipients to take care of the items, encouraged the parents to be involved in their children’s lives, and commended Horne for his committed to and tangible demonstration of commitment to the development of young people. PRO of the KHSA - Denilson Richards said that over 200 hundred youths have passed through the academy. “I personally have benefited from being a part of the programme, whether it is by losing weight, building friendship, occupying my time on the soccer field or on a cricket pitch, learning new things, avoiding idleness

Kenville Horne makes a special presentation to Remano Ferdinand, to whom he had made a promise. and learning humility,” he testified. Richards was pleased to report that many of the young people involved in the prograsmme have either gone on to or completed secondary education. Founder of the KHSA, Kenville Horne expressed thanks to all who have played a role in his development and the development of the programme. He recognized Pisgah Youth Soccer Association, ZogSports and Tafadwza Ziyenge all in the USA and monies raised from a ‘gofundme campaign’, as making it possible to acquire the items that were distributed. He also highlighted the contributions of Jehaan Jack, Dominic Brisbane, Curtis Morehead, Kellie Pearce and Marcia Pierce. “What we are presenting today, as

Kenville Horne (right front) and some of the recipients at last Saturday’s presentation ceremony. small as it may be, will go a long way in the fight against crime and violence, idleness and illiteracy,” Horne told the gathering, and reminded the young persons especially that, “The greatest power you have comes from your mind. The power to be what you want to be, to get what you desire and to accomplish whatever it is you are striving for, abides within you. You are responsible for bringing it forth and putting it to work.”

Level One Coaching Certification Course During the twelve days of the Level One Coaching Certification Course, twenty- six persons sought to become certified. The course which had 17 participants from St Vincent and the Grenadines, five from Barbados and one each from Antigua and Barbuda, St Lucia, Guyana and the Bahamas, was conducted by Goede and Trinidadian — Kyle Hannays. The participants were engaged in practical sessions at the National Tennis Centre as well as classroom sessions at the SVG Community College. At last Tuesday’s Closing Ceremony, the participants were awarded with Certificates of Participation from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee and St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association , while they await their certification as Level One coaches. The course was made possible through the SVG Olympic Committee, with funding from Olympic Solidarity.

SVG in NACAC Championships

A TEAM OF FIVE athletes and one official left the state last Tuesday, August 7, to participate at the NACAC Championships in Toronto, Canada, from August 10th to 12th. Selly Patterson, The team is: Ruberth and Ruebertho Boyd, McKish Compton, Akani President of the RHCDO, commended Slater and OJ Jackson, accompanied by Manager Rawlston Morgan. They will be joined in Toronto by Kasique Oliver, Kimorie Shearman, Horne for his Jabari Michael-Khenshu and the lone female, Kineke Alexander, who will commitment to participate in the 400m. assisting with the The male athletes will compete in individual events in addition to the development of youth 4x100m and 4x400m Relays. in the Rose hall The team will be coached by Godfrey Harry who is already in Toronto. Community.




Additions to Greiggs Softball Cricket Competition A MERGING of the Men’s 20/20 and the Women’s 10/10, stiffer penalties for incidence of ill- discipline and the erection of a washroom facility , are the major additions that have come to the 2018 Hairoun

Brewery/ FLOW/ Greiggs Sports and Cultural Organisation/ Sea Operations SVG Ltd. Nar Fren Dem Softball Cricket Competition. This was a deviation from previous years’ operations, when the gender competitions were held at separate events, with the women’s competition preceding the men’s version. When the competition opened last Sunday at the Greiggs Central Playing Field, 14 of the 21 registered teams in the Men’s Division participated in the March Past and Opening Ceremony. Organisers, though, are expecting another three teams to be part of this year’s competition. The Men’s Division ushered in three new entrants - Fairbaine United, Moznet Strikers and Just For the Fun - while Rasfarco returned to the fold after some years of absence.

Discipline to be upheld highly Soon to be commissioned washroom facility.

GuyanaÊs U19s record first round win

LEFT-ARM leg-spinner Ashmead Nedd took 6 for 30 to help Guyana to a 10-wicket win over the Leeward Islands last Sunday, the third and final day of the opening round of matches in the Regional Under-19 Cricket Championship being played here. Playing at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, the Leeward Islands, who trailed by 113 runs on first innings, resumed on 22 without loss in their second innings, requiring another 91 runs to make Guyana bat again. The Leeward Islands started positively, their opening batsmen Simeon Gerson putting on 50 without loss, but took 5 for 82 for once that partnership ended, the Windward their innings crumbled - losing Islands. 10 wickets for 62 runs to be eventually dismissed for 114, leaving Guyana needing to make 2 runs for victory. They obliged closing at 4 without loss. The final scores: Leeward Islands 116 and 114; Guyana 229 and 4 without loss. At the Sion Hill Playing Field, the match between Barbados and Jamaica ended in a draw. Scores: Barbados 223 and 129 for 3 declared; Jamaica 140 (Rae-Win Senior 52) and 138 for 6. At the Park Hill Playing Field, Navin Bidaisee made 87 and Christian Thurton scored 75 to help Trinidad and Tobago to 304 for 8 declared, in reply to Windwards’ 238, with Teddy Bishop getting 76. Simeon Gerson took 5 for 82 bowling for the Windwards. The Championship was expected to continue last Tuesday, with Trinidad and Tobago meeting Guyana at the Sion Hill Playing Field; Jamaica up against the Windward Islands at the Arnos Vale Playing Field; Barbados opposing the Leeward Islands at the Park Hill Playing Field. Ashmead Nedd I.B.A.ALLEN took 6 for 30 for Guyana.

It was the solemn promise by organisers, to be tough on persons who seek to bring the competition into disrepute. Delivering his remarks at the Opening Ceremony, President of the Sea Operations Nar Fren — Bradley Woods said that they would be intolerant of illdiscipline in this year’s competition. “Any player who disrespects any match officials, their team will be penalised”, Woods echoed, and further explained, “The penalty on the team would depend on the severity of the offence.” Woods recognized that in the past, some players have displayed ill-discipline during matches, and reiterated his organisation’s intent plans to lessen such occurrences, by instituting penalties to the offenders.

Washroom Facility/Storage/ Office Space Within the upcoming weeks, players in the 2018 Greiggs Softball Cricket Competition, will have the use of washroom facilities. Woods informed THE VINCENTIAN that members of the general public who want the services of the washroom would, however, have to

Best Dressed Team- LOG Enterprises Supreme Strikers. pay a small user fee. He said that the washroom facilities would also be available to organisations and individuals who have functions in the Old Greiggs School building. “They too can rent the washroom facilities,” Woods revealed. The provision of the muchneeded washroom facilities is an Bradley WoodsPresident of Sea undertaking of the Greiggs Operations Nar Sports and Cultural Fren Dem. Organisation, Sea Operations SVG LTD, Israel Bruce and Parliamentary Representative for South Central Windward- Hon. Saboto Caesar. Located in close proximity of the Greiggs Central Playing Field, the structure houses a storage area and administrative space, in addition to the washroom facility.

Opening Day winners

Part of Sunday’s two overs Ball –O- Rama at the Greiggs Central Playing Field.

LOG Enterprises Supreme Strikers was adjudged the Best Dressed Team at the March Past, while CGM Gallagher Novice won the two-over Ball-ORama which took place among the teams present. Competition will begin in earnest this weekend. Sion Hill Tallawahs won last year’s Men’s Division, with United Survivors Cricket Club taking the Women’s 10/10.

Walker seals Bequia United’s Win RICKFORD WALKER lit up last weekend’s round of matches in the 2018 Bequia T20 Cricket Competition, when he hit a century in Sugar Reef Bequia United’s 103-run win over Port Elizabeth. Walker hit 109, inclusive of 12 sixes and 7 fours, off 45 balls to help his team to 264 for 5 from 20 overs. Iran Mack, 2 for 40 was the best bowler for Port Elizabeth who replied with 171 for 7 from their 20 overs. Cosmos Hackshaw took 2 for 30 and Glendell Gregg 2 for 18. Thanks to a good allround performance by Chelson Stowe, Sugar Reef Bequia United

recorded their second win in this year’s competition, when they beat Knights Trading D Aussies by 7 runs. Scores: Sugar Reef 120 from 20 overs, Chelson Stowe 54, Dean Browne 4 for 15; Aussies 115 for 8 from 20 overs, Oswald Soleyn 26, Chelson Stowe 4 for 33. Knights Trading D Aussies bounced back in their second weekend encounter to beat Friendship United by 106 runs. Aussies made 184 for 9 from 20 overs - Jason Hutchins 39, Braxy Browne 34, Oswald Solyn 32, Courtney Ollivierre took 4 for 32. Friendship United were dismissed for 78 from 11 overs - Desbert Yorke 23, Marcus Castello 4 for

Rickford Walker – the latest century-maker in the 2018 Bequia T20 Cricket Competition. 29, Dean Browne 3 for 15. Defenders beat Dockside Marine by 175 runs. Scores: Defenders 236 for 9 from 20 overs - Alroy Hoyte 70, Deswayne Williams 66, Devon Stowe 5 for 29; Dockside Marine 61 for 9 from 12 overs - Sherlon Pompy 4 for 11. I.B.A.ALLEN




World Champs dethroned BANGLADESH beat West Indies in the T/20 version of their Caribbean Tour. They completed the mission in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Perhaps that’s the result many would have wished for. Their delight is heaping scorn on anything West Indian, has been so rampant over the years, that the Bangladesh win would come as icing on the cake. They try to pass off themselves as realists, calling it as they see it or as they like to say call a spade a spade. Except that they use their spade to see how much dirt they could pour on others whom they perceive to be making a contribution. They have to clear the sporting terrain to rule supreme. So any view that appears, without taking time to analyse it or place it in context, one prefers to make it a topic of discussion. When efforts should be towards promoting activities, focus is on issues that have gone or on which persons have time to make their assessment. People need no one to interpret things for them. And trying to hammer another for personal gains, brings you no genuine lasting rewards. It is in order to roll off prayers to the Almighty at the start of a programme. It is a different matter to live a true life without venom for everyone else. In the end, everyone will be judged. It is not up to anyone else to pass judgement. In any event, one has to look carefully in the mirror before coming out and giving testimony on others. Sometimes words defile people. Those written have deliberate effect. There is time to think before writing. That’s not the case with some people on radio. They fill spaces in between advertisements and waiting for calls. Instead of researching, they engender spite with the hope of inciting followers to join the bandwagon. People look forward to this production and follow the issues. They might be at a loss, for many would not be aware of the radiation. St. Vincent and the Grenadines remains a beautiful nation. Our sports men and women are as capable and skilled as those of any nation. We just have to put our minds to it. Talent abounds. It is a question of scouting and channelling those energies into meaningful rewards. Heaping up steam to derail anyone willing to make some improvement is counter-productive. Those of us from the older generation are knocking harder on the fulfilment of our journey. The concentration ought to be on running the course without the path of destruction for the sake of being competitive. The West Indies have some time to fine-tune for the World Cup. A series loss times before, is no guide as to the eventual outcome. The story of the Fifa World Cup is still fresh in a lot of people’s minds. A pattern will emerge over the stages. One thing is certain. No one knows exactly how the results will unfold. No matter how knowledgeable you are or how widespread your vocabulary might be.

“The Vincentian Culture is hurting sports” THE VINCENTIAN CULTURE is having a negative impact on sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines. That is the profound view of current St Vincent and the Grenadines national senior basketballerKishon Bishop. Founder of the Blue Chip Basketball Academy (BCBA), Bishop made this assessment last Monday, at the Campden Park Hard Court, during a break on day one of a three-day (Monday to Wednesday) Basketball Camp, known as Camp Introspect.

The Camp Bishop, currently based in North Carolina, USA, opined: “Vincentian culture needs to be more disciplined …Discipline has changed a lot.” Admitting to not being able to be definitive with respect to the breakdown in discipline, he, however, stated, “I don’t know if it is because younger persons are training children ... I don’t know if it is because of the media, but it has to be a combination.” Bishop posited, “It is kind of an anarchy there is no rule… there is no law and the kids do whatever they want …So when they come on to the field of play, that attitude comes (with them).” Careful not to lay

Founder of the BCBAKishon Bishop. blame solely on the youth population, Bishop noted, “Older players portray that to our kids.” Appearing more general in his outlook, the young man observed, “We are in a culture where there is no consequence anymore, so because there is no consequence for littering, we litter, so because there is no consequence for fighting on the court … We have to start to prosecute people publicly, and having standards and policies and procedures must be included.” Bishop though is not ready to cower in the face of the challenges, and instead promotes the growth of more sports academies here in St Vincent and the Grenadines to assist in the “culturing” of the young sportsmen and women. He is hopeful that the efforts of the BCBA can be a model for other sporting disciplines to

Female participants of the Camp Introspect, doing a layup drill last Monday at the Campden Park Hard Court. Tannis Hard Court on adopt, and help change the direction in a positive Thursday (August 9), and a match versus light. defending First Division The Camp and more champions of the Bequia Basketball - Raptors. Camp Introspect, Culmination of the which is a collaboration BCBA and Hope & Hope of the BCBA and Hope & Inc. activities are a Hope Inc., is a ChristoYouth Camp from 10 am Centric Basketball skills to 12 noon on Saturday, camp, which caters to 11th August, and later in males and females. the evening, a friendly This year’s three-day match versus Bequia camp ran from 9 am to United. 12 noon at the Campden This year marks one Park Hard Court, where year since the establishthe participants (6- 18 ment of the BCBA. years old) were instructThe mission of the ed in fundamental BasBCBA is to provide ketball drills, and involv- quality professional ed themselves in smallBasketball training for sided games and individ- young children who have ual skills competitions. the aspiration to become The BCBA, during the elite players at all levels week, hosted the annual of competition. Veronica Bishop Classic The BCBA has also at the Campden adopted the Girls’ High Park facility. School as part of its Also on the itinerary mandate to see the sport was a coaches’ clinic on develop among girls. Bequia at the Clive

Basketball camp offers positive alternatives YOUNGSTERS — both male and female — from in and around the Arnos Vale area are expected to be better equipped basketball players following their participation in a two-week basketball training camp, organized by Players Youth Academy (PYA). Orlando Ferguson, President of PYA and chief instructor at the camp, said the main reason behind hosting the camp was to address the need to offer positive alternatives to young people. “A lot of youths have been going down the wrong road involving in a lot of negative things, so opening up opportunities for them is making a start to them doing something positive in their life,” Ferguson told THE VINCENTIAN. Ferguson, a former national basketballer, also sees the camp as another effort aimed at keeping the sport alive here on the mainland. He admits that the sport has seen its challenges, like decreased

Camp participants into a drill during one of the camp’s sessions. support, but this should be used as an incentive to organize efforts like the PYA camp. The PYA president said the turnout was satisfying. The camp exposed participants to the basics skills in the sports namely, e.g. ball handling, shooting, passing, catching, rebounding. Ferguson also observed the need for conflict resolution

Orlando Ferguson, President of Players Youth Academy. techniques as the camp progressed. Gregory Williams was also an instructor at the camp which started on July 30th and will close this Saturday, August 11, at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex. I.B.A.ALLEN





The National Newspaper of St. Vincent and the Grenadines



AUGUST 10, 2018

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ROCKIES WOMAN SHOT AND KILLED The owner of the shop where and had, in the past, resided in the Bacchus met her death, was saddened communities of Sion Hill and Murray’s by the death, and admitted it has left Village. a stain on her business place. She told THE VINCENTIAN that the customer area of the shop was already closed for business, but Bacchus and two other persons were allowed to remain in an outer area to continue their bingo game. The shop owner related that a few hours after retiring to the upper floor of the building that housed the shop, by HAYDN HUGGINS she heard “a gunshot, and when I look out, I saw a guy running away from ONE WEEK after 20-year-old Joel the shop. Then I turn off the fan and I King of Layou was brought before the heard somebody groaning.” Kingstown Magistrate’s Court charged When she inquired of one of the with murder, another person has persons who were playing bingo, that appeared in Court on a similar charge. person responded, “Someone just came Thirty-four-year-old Colonel Thorpe there and shoot Lizy.” of Diamonds, in the South Central At that time of the morning, Windward constituency, was taken residents stayed indoors until the before the Serious Offences Court on police, in quick time, arrived on the Wednesday, August 8, charged with scene. The shop owner remained the murder of James Gould, 54, of upstairs and came down only when the Elizabeth Bacchus, homicide victim police arrived. #17 for 2018, was said to be a It was then, for the first time, that humorous and honest individual. she beheld the body of Bacchus, in a sitting position on the floor. by KENVILLE HORNE “I feel bad and like how it happened at my shop … the shop going be slow ELIZABETH BACCHUS might have been a for now. People won’t really want to humorous and honest woman, but that come back and lime,” said the shop did not stop a gunman from taking her owner who confirmed that bingo games life, with a single bullet to the back. were a regular pastime at the shop, Bacchus, 39 years old, also known and it was always well patronized on as ‘Bay Bay’, was last Saturday at weekends. about 3am, shot by a lone gunman “We would go round the clock,” the while (she was) playing bingo at a shop in the Rockies community, where owner reflected. In a composed manner, the shop she resided. In fact, the shop was just owner noted that it was quite worrying a short distance from her home. Bacchus was known to ‘hang out’ at to see women being killed, especially the shop where she met her death. No in such a manner, adding, “They can’t be killing women like that; women is one this reporter spoke to, said that their mothers too. It come like they she was the type of person you would could kill their mother too.” expect to die like this. Persons in the community are According to the shop owner, speculating that her death is related to Bacchus had promised to speak with a robbery that took place in a nearby her about a concern she (Bacchus) had. community, with Bacchus being a She did not live to do so. possible witness. Bacchus was the mother of one girl,

Her death was recorded as the 17th murder for 2018.

Man charged with chopping death

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Vermont/Diamonds. Gould’s body was discovered in the yard of a Diamonds resident around 6:20 a.m. on Monday, August 6. Reports are that he was chopped multiple times sometime between August 5 and 6. Thorpe is said to be the brother of Gould’s ex-girlfriend with whom Gould had two children. Thorpe was not required to plea when he faced Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne on Wednesday. Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delpleche informed the Court that the Prosecution is likely to call about 15 witnesses, and that the lead investigator Sergeant Malcolm Alexander, attached to the Georgetown Police Station, requested a three-month adjournment. Thorpe was remanded, and the matter was adjourned to November 7. Attorney Ronald Marks is representing him. On July 30, King had appeared before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett, charged with the murder of Layou resident Billy Adams who was shot and killed in that Central Leeward town July 28. King’s matter was transferred to the Serious Offences Court where he was taken on Wednesday, August 8. The matter was adjourned to August 15. He was further remanded. At press time Wednesday the homicide count for the year stood at 18. Murder accused Colonel Thorpe

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