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AUGUST 03, 2018

VOLUME 112, No.31



Dr. Godwin Friday, Leader of the Opposition NDP, expressed his party’s concern about the spate of killings here, and called on the government to address the situation. the identity of the people involved, we cannot leave it up to the criminals to clean up the streets by wiping out one another. That is chaos, an emerging anarchy in our country.” LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION Dr. Godwin Friday is Dr. Friday expressed his ‘strong views’ during a concerned that there is a tendency by certain persons press conference he hosted last Tuesday, at the in authority here, to leave it up to the criminals to clean opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) up the streets by wiping out one another. headquarters at Murray Road. He fingered members of the present government The Opposition Leader expressed alarm at the as treating certain reports of gunshot killings as a spate of recent killings in SVG, and appealed to the special type of criminal activity, spurred on perhaps Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration to stick to by gangs or individuals caught up in a retaliatory its campaign promise of being ‘tough on crime and frenzy, “with the view that the rest of society need the causes of crime’, rather than allowing the not concern ourselves too much with them. criminals to take on one another. “That approach,” Friday interpreted, “says that if He reminded the conference that in 2003, just we the law-abiding people walk our side of the road, after the NDP party lost power, there were only 11 we will be safe from violence and we need not fear murders in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. for our lives,” and concluded, “That is foolish “We seem to be getting used to numbers up in the thinking.” 30s now,” he stated. As far as Friday was concerned, “… crime is The opposition leader said that the recent spate of crime, violence is violence. No matter the source and 4 killings in one week has created even greater

alarm which prompted a news service to exclaim in its headline, ‘Death spree: Four in a row’. “This state of affairs is not just worrying, it’s alarming,” said Friday. He said that the “seemingly endless reports” of killing and wounding have created a feeling of fear and insecurity among ordinary people, and he laid the blame for this unnerving situation at the feet of the government. “In the years 2016 and 2017, those were recordbreaking years for homicides in SVG. In 2017, you will recall, SVG recorded 40 homicides, a record for this country,” said the Opposition Leader. Yet, he said, his hope was that the recordbreaking trend would not continue in 2018 even as he recognised that the evidence of the recent killings was not encouraging. He appealed to the government to be proactive in fighting crime and violence in the country. “And to live up to the ULP’s campaign promise to be ‘tough on crime and the causes of crime’.” by KENVILLE HORNE




News 3 ÂProsecution not using forensic evidenceÊ

Attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne made a case for the proper gathering of forensic evidence and its use in matters before the court.

report. … Long ago you used to get more reports from experts matching ballistics … the evidence with the gun, etc., etc, . You hardly get back reports now,” said the experienced lawyer. “They are trying to base their evidence on beating a confession out of the defendants or hoping they have enough witnesses who would have seen (what transpired),” she added. According to the Senator, in most cases, there is nobody there to give eye witness evidence. “The forensics in St. Vincent is sadly lacking; even a simple thing as taking photographic evidence. You would be surprised how many police cases …. They bring the photographer, they take the photos and when you get to court, you never see the pictures; either they are over-exposed , they are not good or they never even bother to produce the photographs.. and finger printing is a thing of the past,” said Bacchus- Browne. Something drastic must be done to correct this issue, Bacchus Baptiste urged. (KH).

VETERAN CRIMINAL LAWYER and New Democratic Party Senator Kay BacchusBaptiste has called out the State’s Prosecution Services for failing to ensure that they have and can rely on forensic evidence in many criminal cases. Because of this, she said, there has been far by HAYDEN HUGGINS less conviction than there could/should have SENIOR MAGISTRATE RICKIE Burnett has stressed the significance of providing been. the Court with conviction records. Speaking at a NDP Burnett made the point during a sitting press conference last of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday at Democrat Monday. He was presiding over a matter in House, Murray Road, which 31-year-old Alanzo Bailey of Green Bacchus-Baptiste Hill pleaded guilty to attempted burglary declared that in many and damage to property, committed of the cases in which between June 11 and 12, 2018. she has been involved, However, when the issue of sentencing the prosecution has arose, the Court heard that while Bailey failed wholly to make had previous convictions, his conviction use of forensic evidence. sheet was not before the Court. “They may come, yes, Burnett, seemingly displeased, questioned whether he was supposed to they mark out the sentence Bailey without scrutinizing his scene, take exhibits, conviction sheet. etc., etc., and nothing “The record of the defendant is one of the happens to them or things the Court would have to consider in they send them away determining the appropriate sentence for and you never get a him,” he explained. report, even ballistics

ÂContinue to cuss me,Ê urges Dr. Gonsalves place that he should have check in voluntarily at the mental hospital …. I DR. RALPH GONSALVES, Prime Minister want them to say those things over of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and and over again,” said Gonsalves, leader of the Unity Labour Party has a adding, “I want them to say every clear message for his critics and incident which happens at the airport, detractors. however minor that yo pick it up.” He has invited them to “continue to He said that airports all over the cuss the ULP administration policies world are met with complaints but and particularly me.” there are those in the opposition here Speaking aside during a press who magnifies every issue at the conference on Monday 23rd July, Dr. Argyle Airport. “Yo meet something Gonsalves noted, “There are some that shouldn’t happen, like if yo meet people who just want to talk until they a garbage tin which should be taken are dead, that they don’t like the up in the morning and yo pass there at airport and they don’t like the airport lunch time and it still there. Yo say because first of all they said it wasn’t they want run airport and this is how a good thing… that what Ralph is they can do and yo spend a lot of time doing there is complete madness.” on the radio, and yo have a talk show He surmised, “I don’t know if they host who never do anything in he life think that by saying so it irritates me, and his job is to see if he can create it annoys me,” and admitted that he confusion. had pity for such persons. “Please, for heaven sake, continue Yet, he encouraged those in to cuss the education revolution, opposition to keep on criticizing. continue to cuss (the) Modern Medcial “I am encouraging you, if you are in Centre, continue to cuss the Rabacca the opposition, every day you get up, Bridge …….. I want you to do all those Ralph is a fool to build that things in the opposition because what international airport, a complete you do, you keep the ULP in power jackass, that we were right in the first longer,” said Gonsalves. by KENVILLE HORNE

Senior Magistrate not pleased “If I am to go on and sentence him without his record, and he appeals, what am I going to tell the Appeal Court?” Burnett questioned rhetorically. “I know how the Court of Appeal operates, and I am guided by it,” he added. The matter was stood down to have Bailey’s conviction record produced in Court. When the hearing resumed, it was revealed that Bailey had 14 previous convictions for various offences, including theft, attempted burglary, criminal trespass and breaching a Court Order. There have been several instances before this one, in which conviction records were not before the Court, to assist Magistrate in sentencing. In a case as recent as July 17, there were Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett is not no previous convictions before the Court for pleased that the absence of conviction 23-year-old Kendol Moses, who had pleaded records delays sentencing. guilty to stealing a bottle of Sunset Strong damage to property conviction about two Rum from Randy’s Supermarket, July 16. However, when questioned by the Senior years ago, for which he was fined $350. There have also been instances in which Magistrate, Moses admitted that he had a conviction records were not up to date.




Intruder jailed after escaping death sentences will run concurrently. Bailey also promised Abraham and CLOSE TO ONE month after Alanzo the Court that he would turn his life ‘Coloman’ Bailey’s life was spared while around. attempting to burglarize a popular Abraham had shot Bailey in the business place in Kingstown, the 31-year- right leg, with his licensed firearm, old fisherman has apologized to the when the businessman went to his proprietor, Earl ‘Groove’ Abraham. ‘City Lyfe’ Restaurant and Bar at “I really sorry”, Bailey told Abraham Higginson Street, Kingstown, in the before leaving the dock, at the early morning hours of June 12, 2018, Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on and met the intruder in the passage at Monday. the side of the building. Bailey had He was sentenced to nine months in already damaged a gate and the glass prison for attempted burglary and six of a window before Abraham got there. months for damage to property, in The Green Hill man pleaded guilty connection with the incident. The to both charges when he appeared Stories by HAYDN HUGGINS

before Senior Magistrate Rickie very early age, and had received six Burnett on Monday, after being strokes of the cane for committing an discharged from the Milton Cato offence when he was a little boy. Memorial Hospital where he was Observing that Bailey had spent six nursing the gunshot injury. He was months in prison in 2016, Burnett unrepresented in Court. asked him whether he got alcohol to “You are a lucky man to be alive,” drink during his incarceration there. the Senior Magistrate told him before Bailey replied, “No,” prompting the passing sentence. Magistrate to opine, “If you want to be Abraham, who was asked to take helped with your drinking problem, the stand, was commended by the prison seems to be the place”. Magistrate for his shooting skills. Prosecutor Curlene Samuel, in “If it was somebody else who did not recommending a custodial sentence, know how to master this thing, you said that Bailey was given chances in (Bailey) would have been a dead man,” the past, having been placed on Burnett told the defendant. suspended sentences and bonds. Abraham told the Court that he had According to Samuel, “Reform is been suffering at the hands of burglars nothing for him right now.” for a long time, at his ‘City Lyfe’ That was the second time Abraham business, as well as his Restaurant at had to resort to the use of his licensed Mahogany Square, Richmond Hill. firearm during encounters with In relation to Bailey, Abraham said, burglars in his business places. The “He is a young fellow. He needs to first was at his Restaurant at change his life. He got a final chance, Mahogany Square about four years he could have been a dead man.” ago, but in that incident the intruder When asked for an explanation was killed. Carriacou- Union Island earlier, Bailey said he was intoxicated The use of technology was a key route by boat. when he committed the offence, and factor in helping Abraham capture He said he came here got into trouble whenever he was Bailey in the recent incident. He had for vacation last intoxicated. picked up footage of Bailey’s Christmas and had an Bailey had 14 previous convictions movements, at the scene, while intimate relationship for various offences, including theft, monitoring his business place with his with a Vincentian attempted burglary, criminal trespass surveillance devices from his New woman. He had no travel and breaching a Court Order. He had Montrose home, on the morning in documents. embarked on a life of crime from a question. Redhead indicated that the woman with whom he was involved was in Court, and Burnett ordered that she be called to take the AFTER DEVELOPING Abraham, 31-year-old boat and disembarking stand. She corroborated engine problems causing carpenter, and Smart, without the consent of an Redhead’s story, but their vessel, Jack 29-year-old fisherman, immigration officer. could not recall when Sparrow, to drift, pleaded guilty to being Prosecutor Curlene their relationship Grenadian nationals prohibited immigrants, Samuel told the Court started. Neshan Abraham and entering the state by that around 9:05 a.m., Burnett told her that Dexter Smart ended up boat without a passport, July 26, the local coast Redhead would have to at the Kingstown entering the state by guard responded to be deported, but he could Magistrate’s Court on boat other than at a port information that the return, once “he did Monday, facing three of entry, as well as vessel, Jack Sparrow, things the right way.” immigration charges. entering the state by was seen drifting When the Magistrate between Bequia and asked Redhead why he Canouan. The coast had given the police the guard assisted the name Akeen Charles, he Grenadians, but it was said Akeen was his discovered that they had second name. no travel documents. When questioned they told the officers they left UP TO PRESS time Wednesday, Police had made Grenada for Bequia, and an arrest in one of six homicides to have occurred developed engine here in the space of just over a week, (July 18 to 27), bringing the homicide count for the year to 16. problems on their way On Monday, 20-year-old Joel King of Layou was back. The men were fined taken before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, $300 forthwith on each charged with the murder of Layou resident Billy charge with an Adams, who was shot and killed in that Central alternative of one month Leeward town last Friday night. King was not required to plea when he appeared in prison. Before handing down before Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett. The the penalty, Senior matter was adjourned to August 2 and transferred Magistrate Rickie to the Serious Offences Court. Burnett told them, Meanwhile, up to press time, investigations “While we welcome you were ongoing into the spate of violent crimes here. here, you have to comply The other five persons killed between July 18 and with our law because if 27, all as a result of gun violence, are Lorenzo Gould, 28, of Vermont; Marcus James, 25, of Arnos we go to Grenada we have to do the same Vale; Roger Billingy, 42, of Park Hill; Morando thing.” Williams, 36 of Frenches, and Malachi Kingman, 59 of Calder.

Illegal visitorÊs time ends abruptly AFTER RESIDING here for about eight months, Grenadian Ronel Redhead’s ‘residence’ ended abruptly on Monday, when Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett ordered that he be deported. The Senior Magistrate told the 28-year-old painter that if he wanted to return to these shores, he must do so legally. Appearing at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Redhead pleaded guilty to, being a prohibited immigrant entered the state by boat without a passport, entering the state by boat other than at a port of entry, as well as entering the state by boat and disembarking without the consent of an immigration officer. He was fined $300 forthwith on each charge, with an alternative of one month in prison.

The offences were committed sometime between December 1 and 31 last year. The facts revealed that around 12:15 p.m. July 27, police officers attached to the Narcotics Unit, on mobile patrol in the vicinity of Randy’s Wholesale, Kingstown, saw Redhead in the area, standing at the side of the road. He began acting suspiciously. The police approached him, asked for his name, which he gave as Akeen Charles of Redemption Sharpes. He was searched, but nothing illegal was found. He was further questioned, and again said he was from Redemption Sharpes. Redhead was taken into custody, and it was then that he revealed he was from Grenada, and that he came to St. Vincent through the

Drifters end up in Court

Youth charged with Layou murder

V Guyana strengthens presence at Venezuela border



THE NEWS AGENCY DEMERARA Waves Towards this end, reported last week that Guyana was moving to much-needed increase its immigration department presence supplies - including near the border with Venezuela. medicine, food This as refugees from Venezuela supplies and continued to cross the border into Englishcamping equipment speaking Guyana, fleeing from what was - were sent to said to be political and economic crisis in villages near the that Spanish-speaking country. border shared with Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix Venezuela, a was quoted by Demerara Waves as saying, government release “I can say for sure that during the course of said. this week, we will be reinforcing the “There is minimal Venezuelans find all kinds of routes to cross into the Winston Felix – immigration department in Region One to (accommodation) neighbouring Guyana. (Credit: Bernie’s Travels) Guyana’s Minister of deal with the irregular arrival of arrangement in Citizenship – was Venezuelans into Guyana.” tarpaulins, hammocks, blankets, pillows, there because what has been happening is Minister Felix also reported on a newly cots. So, we have sent in what we think is expecting a report of that Guyanese have been very constituted board comprised of accommodative, but not all the Venezuelans necessary to accommodate those who are in the definite number of Venezuelan refugees by representatives from the Ministries of the open,” Minister Felix explained. are being housed. There are those that are Monday, July 23. Public Health, Social Protection, sleeping outdoors so for those we have sent (Source; Demerara Waves) (Credit: DPI Guyana) Communities, Citizenship, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and Civil Defense Commission (CDC), which was tasked with preparing a coordinated effort to give structure to the government’s response to the situation. The minister added, according to Demerara Waves, that the board was IN MARCH 2018, PRESIDENT has seen it fit to introduce even expecting an initial statistical report on Nicolas Maduro announced that new more drastic currency adjustment the exact number of persons seeking bills will be put into circulation in measures, and as announced last refuge at Guyana’s border. Venezuela, slashing the denominations week Wednesday by President A definite number on the recorded by three zeroes. Nicolas Maduro, the country is influx of Venezuelans was expected to This, he said then, was done as the replacing its national currency, the be provided at the next meeting, country positioned itself to take bolivar, with a new one that will scheduled for Monday, July 23. advantage of the interest in reportedly be tied to its Meanwhile, the government of Venezuela’s fledgling statecontroversial “petro” token. backed cryptocurrency. The new bolívar soberano (or Guyana said that it was ‘working to Four or so months since, Venezuela sovereign bolivar) is to enter use in facilitate the refugees’. the country Venezuela’s President Nicolas next month, Maduro holds a sample of the new according to hundred bolivars notes during a President meeting with the ministers Maduro. responsible for the economic sector As well as him that they had arrest warrants against his on March 22, 2018. Things have stating that wife, mother and brother. changed since then. (Credit: Reuters) the sovereign Based on this phone call and the fact that his bolivar will be relatives’ homes had become regular targets of the president said: “The economic “anchored” to visits by SEBIB patrols, the 32-year-old lawmaker, the oil-backed reconversion will start on August 20 who represented the coastal state of Vargas, definitively with the circulation and petro — which decided to flee. was launched in issuance of the new Sovereign Bolivar, Over the weekend, Olivares and his wife, the new monetary cone [sic] that is February — brother, and three-month-old son drove 18 hours going to have a new method of Opposition lawmaker Jose Manuel Olivares Maduro said to the Colombian border, which they crossed the country will anchoring the Petro.” shouts next to others, as they clash with riot illegally because the baby had not been granted a strip five zeroes Stating that the new currency will security forces during a protest against passport. from the bolivar alter the financial situation of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s Colombia’s center-right government, a fierce country “in a radical manner,” Maduro rather than government in Caracas, Venezuela June 5, 2017. critic of leftist Venezuelan President Nicolas said, “We have the correct vision of three as had (Credit: REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo) Maduro, has allowed them in despite the child’s what the economic future in Venezuela been initially lack of papers, and the family is now in the capital planned. should be, above all, we will achieve ANOTHER OPPOSITION POLITICIAN/activist Bogota, Olivares told the Reuters correspondent. has chosen to leve Venezuela. This move is it.” “We left the country in a traumatic way. I am The petro, he added, “will end up A Reuters report that appeared on news wires seen as an going to have to work now, hopefully as a doctor across the globe on Sunday 29th July, on Friday effort aimed at being consolidated technologically and but I might have to do anything, like so many financially” and will come to 27th July, 2018, said that opposition lawmaker countering other Venezuelans around the world,” Olivares “permeate all the national and and oncologist Jose Manuel Olivares, who led soaring protests over Venezuela’s crumbling health sector, said. inflation that is international economic activity.” Reuters said that Venezuela’s Information Despite being declared as “illegal” has fled for neighboring Colombia, after being told expected to that his relatives could be arrested unless he quit Ministry did not respond to a request for comment. reach a million by the opposition-led congress before Maduro says the opposition is a coup-plotting its launch, the petro has been moving politics. percent this Olivares, according to the report, said that late elite seeking to topple him by sabotaging the year, a Reuters ever further into the heart of the nation’s finances as the president has last week he received a phone call from a man who economy. Most economists instead blame report stated. Venezuela’s creaking state-led system for identified himself as a member of the Bolivarian According to endeavored to ensure its use across shortages, hyperinflation, and five years of society. one commentator said. National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) — local news economic contraction. (Source: Reuters) Venezuela’s Intelligence Service - who informed source teleSUR, (Source: Reuters, teleSUR)

More ÂzeroesÊ removed from the bolivar

Another lawmaker flees Venezuela




Family wants murder case solved quickly native land 40 days ago to attend the funeral of her mother, is pleading with the authorities to quickly solve the case. Antonia “Toni” Rose-Carter was killed in the home of Dexter Rose, a former St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ambassador to Cuba, on June 15. She was 69. Rose-Carter’s Dexter Rose, former body was discovered SVG Ambassador to around 5:30 pm on Cuba and brother of the deceased Antonia Rose- that day at her Carter, is hoping that his brother’s Queen’s Drive home, about a sister’s murder will be stone’s throw from solved. Antonia Rose-Carter was found dead in her brother’s residence. capital, Kingstown. She was temporarily by NELSON A. KING residing with her brother. THE FAMILY OF A BROOKLYN, New; THE VINCENTIAN reported that based Vincentian retiree murdered in her RoseCarter’s body was “met lying on brother’s home after returning to her US CORRESPONDENT the floor face down, hands tied together, feet tied together, and an area of her face tied to the railing of a staircase.” An autopsy revealed that RoseCarter died from strangulation. She had travelled home to attend the funeral of her 89-year-old mother, Germaine ‘Granny’ Rose, who was interred on May 26. On June 16, Dexter wrote on the social medium, Facebook, that the “precious life” of Rose-Carter, “the gentle, extremely giving lady,” was “mercilessly snuffed out yesterday [Jun. 15] at my home. “Makes no sense yet, but we trust that our community, with the police, can help us find her murderers,” he said. “Toni, we owe you this.” THE VINCENTIAN said St. Vincent and the Grenadines police were investigating the death of Rose Carter, who was also the sister of popular local social commentator Renwick Rose and veteran journalist Conley Rose. But, on Sunday, 40 days after RoseCarter’s untimely death, Dexter Rose wrote on Facebook that, since that time, family members’ lives have “suddenly turned upside down.” “Yes, it’s been 40 days since we

have not slept in our dream home, now turned into a nightmare, despite its architectural beauty,” he wrote. He added that it has also been “40 days since the investigating officers would look me in the face and doubt the mode of entry into my home, notwithstanding the clear evidence of forced entry, which someone overlooked. “But investigations are often about theories, while facts are and will always remain simply facts,” Dexter Rose continued. “Beyond the wild theories, which started to circulate 40 days ago, three children face the fact that some persons murdered their dear mother on Jun. 15, 2018. “Six surviving siblings still wait and hope for this not to be another COLD CASE, because our sister Toni was always too WARM A SOUL to merit being forgotten,” said the former diplomat and journalist. “This one has to be solved; let us hope before another 40 days.” Head of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent of Police, Hesron Ballantyne, had assured that “the police will explore all information received in an effort to crack” RoseCarter’s case, according to THE VINCENTIAN. “I am always of the opinion that one homicide is too many, and I strongly condemn any sort of criminal activity on our citizens and visitors to our noble land,” Ballantyne said. Acting Commissioner of Police Colin John was appealing to persons with information, which may assist in the investigation, to give that information to the police. He assured that the information provided and the person’s identity would be kept in the strictest confidentiality. John confirmed that the probe would include forensic analysis, which would have to be done abroad. A funeral service for Rose-Carter was held on July 6 at Lenox Road Baptist Church in Brooklyn. She was interred the next day at Pine Lawn Memorial Park and Arboretum in Farmingdale, Long Is., a New York City suburb.

Heist at Coreas Hazells Inc. POLICE ARE investigating a report of theft made by Maxwell Joseph, 47 years old Inventory Analysis of Twenty Hill, Vermont, on 30.07.2018 at 05:00 p.m. According to reports, between 08:00 a.m. on 02.01.28 and 10:00 a.m. on 18.01.18 at Diamond, some unknown person(s) stole eight thousand six hundred and fifty (8,650) sacks of cement valued EC$162,101.00; a

quantity of lumber valued EC$18,103.00; and three hundred and eight (308) lengths of ½” steel valued EC$5,000.00. Total value of the items stolen, EC$185,246.37, the property of the Coreas Hazells Inc. Police are urging anyone with information to contact the Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department at 1784-456-1810.




Accolade to honour Frankie

organization charged with executing the Accolade event, as he addressed the official launch of Accolade and a Journal/Symposium on the masquerade artform held last Monday at Frenches Arden Tannis, CEO of A&A House, under the theme: Tannis Promotion, gave a The masquerade artform comprehensive insight into exploring its potential for what the Accolade event was all ensuring a comfortable about and plans for the future. livelihood. Tannis explained that the by: KENVILLE HORNE Accolade event “is an annual event held in SVG to recognize ACE VINCENTIAN outstanding Caribbean MUSICIAN/arranger Franklyn artistes/personalities in the ‘Frankie’ Mc Intosh will be the field of music, dance, comedy, 2018 Accolade Honoree. poetry and drama.” The honour will be The first event took place in bestowed on the second April 2017, during which Annual Accolade Show and Vincentian songbird Judy Awards Ceremony scheduled Boucher was recognized, to for October 6 at the Russell coincide with the 30th Auditorium. anniversary of the release of Word of this came from her hit single, ‘Can’t Be With Arden Tannis, CEO A&A You Tonight’, Tannis said. Tannis Promotion, the

Tannis projected that Accolade could become a standalone as per the recommendations from an advisory committee comprising representatives of: the Ministries of Tourism and Culture and Foreign Affairs, and Trade and Commerce; Invest SVG; Centre for Enterprise Development; SVG Association of Music Professionals (SVG AMP); Coalition of Service Industries (SVG CSI); Regional and Diaspora Unit (RIDU); The Basic Needs Trust Fund. Ongoing deliberations will guide the development of a suitable business model for the Accolade Organization. The CEO also spoke about the Journal as a publication that will provide historical records and will serve as a One-Stop Shop for information on the music of the Caribbean and its artistes in the region and in the diaspora. It is expected to be made

The Bolivarian dream continues THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF Latin America and the Caribbean have never surrendered to invaders, and that struggle continues. So said Francisco Perez Santana, Head of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as he addressed an event held on Friday 27th July, at the Embassy, Murray Road, to celebrate the 235th birthday of Liberator Simon Bolivar, and the 64th birthday of Former President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Grias. Santana paid tribute to Simon Bolivar, who is regarded as the Liberator of indigenous peoples in South America. He recapped Bolivar’s dream of establishing a broad Latin American nation and his vision of a Gran Colombia including Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. But that vision never materialised for Bolivar’s successes reopened tendencies of parochialism which hampered the vision. Santana also remarked on the rebirth of the Bolivarian vision in Hugo Chavez. July serves as springboard for the Bolivarian struggle, he said and looked at the closeness of their birth dates — Bolivar July 24, 1783 and Chavez July 28, 1854 - as testimony of their dedication. Santana praised Vincentian leader Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for this country’s support of the Bolivarian dream. In his address, Gonsalves described Bolivar and Chavez as “titans” both of whom extended the cause beyond South America. The Vincentian leader rehashed

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and Embassy Head Francisco Perez Santana viewing the Hugo Chavez Memorial. Bolivar’s mission which saw him taking refuge in Jamaica once, where he wrote the famous ‘Letter from Jamaica’, that highlighted the indigenous people’s plight. Gonsalves noted that despite the period between both men’s lives, there are “commonalities.” “People must be free to rule themselves as they see fit,” Gonsalves asserted. Former Education Minister Mike Browne addressed the gathering in his capacity as President of the Venezuelan- Vincentian Friendship Association. Browne pointed out that both men: Bolivar and Chavez had “changed the course of history.” Browne will like to see something named in Bolivar’s honour. Friday’s event saw the unveiling of a Hugo Chavez Memorial. A cultural package saw dancers from La Gracia Dance Company thrilling the audience. Resistance Heartbeat Drummers kept up a segment of throbbing sounds with calypsonian Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar leading the chants for a free and independent Venezuela.

available in print and electronic formats. Others addressing the day’s event included featured speaker Lennos ‘Sculkly’ Hunte — artiste/designer/mas maker. (See story on Back Page). Chief Cultural Officer, Anthony Theobalds expressed the Department of Culture’s support for Accolade. He said that he looks forward to the Vincentian artists taking advantage of the opportunities to extend their reach into the world. Felix Lewis, CEO of Centre for Enterprise Development, made the case for the enhancement of creativity. He noted that while technology has been replacing much of the (human) labour force, it hasn’t been able to replace humans in creativity, innovation and invention. “The time is right and urgent that we make effective policy moves … to create and enable the system for the development of the cultural

Franklyn ‘Frankie’ Mc Intosh will be recognized and honour at the second Annual Accolade Event, for his sterling contribution to the advancement of Caribbean music and artistes. and creative sector in St. Vincent and by extension the region,” Lewis urged. Dunstan Johnson, Project Manager at the Basic Needs Trust Fund, recognized that the artistes need support, not least being to be celebrated by their own for their work. Remarks endorsing Accolade were also made by Hugh Ragguette , Chairman of the Carnival Bands Association (CBA) and Ricardo Adams - Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation.



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Editorial A culture of ingratitude THIS IS NOT BY ANY STRETCH of the imagination an original question, but it is one that has popped up and will continue to pop up along life’s journey. What must be overcome as a culture or as individuals in order for gratitude to flourish? The question in fact speaks to the assumption that we live in a world riddled with a multiplicity of expressions and demonstrations of ingratitude. Amidst all that, there is no denying that we live in a nation — which is different from saying we are a nation, where everyone is in pursuit of happiness. Each individual, supposedly, has his/her path/journey towards this goal. For some, this pursuit is found in books; others find it in service to others. But perhaps the most widely accepted form of seeking happiness is through the accumulation of ‘things’. Sadly, we fail to see that ‘accumulating things’, materialism, comes at a cost. That is why people who feel they are entitled to what they receive, find it difficult, if not near impossible, to express gratitude. In this state, everyday life — buying and selling, even relationships are viewed as disposable and dispensable — to be replaced if not improved upon tomorrow. Gratitude can never survive this kind of onslaught. And the lack of gratitude is contagious, passed from one generation to the next. Think of what this can do to what should be our real quest, i.e. building a nation of one people. Gratitude is essential for happiness, but modernity has regressed it to a mere feeling instead of enforcing it as a value — something that guides and influences our daily lives, our actions . Philosophers of old have told us that gratitude is an action of returning a favor and is not just a sentiment. By the same token, ingratitude is the failure to both acknowledge receiving a favour and refusing to return or repay the favour. In short, gratitude is the queen of the virtues, ingratitude is the king of the vices. Luckily for us, the act of gratitude is also viral, and has been found to greatly and positively influence not just one’s worth and relationships, but one’s own emotional status. That it why it is

incomprehensible why gratitude might be rejected and ingratitude embraced. It’s like saying the universe owes us a living. We do not want to be beholden yet we welcome those who would fight our cause and advance our pursuit. That ingratitude speaks to our incompleteness as human beings, and was borne out recently by the glaring absence of certain crosssections of persons from the funeral of Anthony ‘Code Red’ Bacchus. The fact that ‘Code Red’, was a practising Muslim who carried the name Bilal, and was interred under Muslim rites, should be an excuse for not being there. If it was, it demonstrates how immature we still are. There was not a single minibus driver or operator, not a single member of the Royal Constabulary, not a single member of the Government side — not even the usually unflappable Minister of Transport with whom ‘Code Red’ interfaced if not tangle with on behalf of the min-bus fraternity here. Clarity and accuracy, though, must be exercised here: Mr Arnhim Eustace — former Opposition Leader, his wife and daughter were among the nonMuslims who attended the burial service at the Chapel in the Kingstown cemetery. Not to have ‘shown their faces’, not to have made it their business — as they are wont to — to make use of the radio waves to pay tribute, was a combined showing of ingratitude to a man who, in fact, would have lost more than he gained — materially and emotionally — in his cause on behalf of a profession — mini-bus operator — he had chosen for himself. When the chips began to fall for ‘Code Red’, those who once welcomed his preparedness and courage to represent their cause, took an about turn from his person. When his final chips fell and he wallowed in a state of helplessness, they deserted him entirely. And when there was no more of him, they garbed themselves in clothing that seem to celebrate his demise rather that celebrate a life spent in part, dedicated to the cause of others. It is worth repeating: gratitude is the queen of the virtues, ingratitude is the king of

The mystery of my confession without repentance FOR A WHILE NOW SOME PEOPLE have been asking why my voice is absent from radio. Others insist I should return to writing regularly for the printed press. The reason is one and the same; “You have something important to say which this country needs to hear.” But this thinking is far from universal. I am periodically assailed with very verbose vitriols from NDP and ULP diehards, accusing me of everything from “neo-Judasism” to high treason. I generally react with the “water on a duck’s back” stance, except on the occasions when I borrow from Poorsah, making it known I didn’t leave “me mouth inna me mumma!” Then their anger goes on steroids, particularly the ULP goons, who simply nail me to the cross! I am no blameless lamb having committed trespasses by unwillingness to embrace ULP’s dogma whether by subjection or subjugation. This government follows the creed of infallibility of father, son and Holy Ghost; i.e. the alpha, omega and everything in between in SVG. It naturally follows that questioning them is burning-at-the-stake blasphemy. But I, being an unquestioning apostle of the Einsteinian gospel, “Blind respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth,” reject the omniscience and omnipotence of these self-proclaimed gods. I outline below some of my reasons. Before detailing these; let me say; I was never, I’m not, and will never be against the ULP or any party. What I oppose are the wrongs, deceits and vindictive practices that inter alia lead to: injustices against the poor and powerless; the further solidification of ignorance in the minds of the unthinking; and the surrender of our patrimony and nobility to foreigners for a few menial jobs on the terms of these aliens! I have expounded about the foreigner’s land grab on Canoaun and Ralph’s failure to “right historical wrong” there. I suffer terrible heartaches from his surrender, which are compounded by the government sending the Black Squad to threaten locals -who took industrial action to get wages owed- under the shameless pretence of maintaining law and order. The law says that you are supposed to pay for work done!! It is therefore the foreigners who are breaking law and MUST be sanctioned!! Instead the response was more akin to that of a fascist government despising democracy, justice and the protection of workers and the Poor! I hasten to add; I am not saying that the government is fascist; I am assessing the nature of this response.

In his budget the crown prince boasted about reducing corporate taxes and raising the threshold for taxable income. Poor people must understand that every time (without exception) the rich are given a tax break it means more pain for the powerless! Let’s be clear that no state can run without taxes for as Benjamin Franklin wrote, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” What this government is doing however, is shifting the burden of running the state onto the backs of the Poor. The VAT that should NEVER have been introduced against the poor in the first place is now 16%. So what is 1 % more you object? Well if it’s nothing why does the government need it? What is most important though is what this means to the Poor who must pay it!! When they make believe that these tax policies benefit the disenfranchised, they are being deceitful, for it is better for the ordinary man to pay his fair share and the rich pay his, and in the end we all have more for health, education, roads, water and the like. This is what happens in Germany where I live and pay taxes!! Trade unions are merely names and little else for a “labour” government need not hear from, much more see them! Little surprise then that the once-weekly programme of the PSU has been removed from the NBC, while the labour college remains a phantom. I cannot recall the last time the government has called in the trade unions to discuss anything regarding the country’s direction be this economic, social or otherwise. And whether it’s Buccama, Canoaun, or Mustique there is no government or union to stand up with the workers, much more for them. Then we have the sick situation of “random” murders and escalating gunviolence problems in general. This malaise is threatening to get out of hand; yet a serious, committed and resolute search for solutions seems not a priority of the government. How much of this violence is linked to poverty, desperation, hopelessness and unemployment? How much of it is linked to the lack of a proper social/civic education? How much of it is linked to the failure of the government to make building a socially and economically just society its first commandment? None of these are considered critical questions by the Gonsalves administration. Continued on Page 22




Mandela yes, Mac and Josh also I HAVE NO problem whatsoever in attaching the name of Nelson Mandela to a road, park, whatever, in St. Vincent the Grenadines. And I am also with you, Mr. Editor, in calling for persons to understand the greater significance of naming something in his honour. There are numerous streets, buildings, parks named in his honour in the USA, and I am

certain this is also the case in Europe and Africa. The man is simply one of the giants of the 20th century and the early 21st century. I would say he was one of a kind. How many people, with the same flesh and blood like us, after being punished so long by their enemies, would join with them to start to breakdown a system that was so rotten and had

Looking in our own backyard YOU KNOW, it seems that we Vincentians are always ready to jump on the bandwagon. The world is ready to condemn Donald Trump — and rightfully so — but before we get to the bottom of why the world feels threatened by Trump, there is a message in Trump’s victory that we Vincentians, with our five-day memories, might have just missed. Donald Trump became the president of the USA in 2016 not because he won the popular vote in the presidential election that year, but because he won 30 states and the decisive electoral college with 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227. Trump lost the popular votes to Democrat Clinton by more than 2.8 million votes. Do we recall any time in our history when a party won a general election based on the constitutionally provided for first past the poll basis, but did not win the popular vote? Having recalled that time in our history, do you remember what transpired after that? Was a duly elected government pushed out of office and forced into another general election? The question remains: Was any or all of this constitutional? Time we stop being distracted by what’s happening elsewhere and by the polemics of those who ‘control our destiny’, and come to grips with whom we have among us, and what they are capable of doing and likely to do in our name. Terrence

accounted for the loss of lives of so many people? That happened in the case of Nelson Mandela and the white South African President F.W. de Klerk of the time, to end apartheid. The two leaders would share the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, and I never heard Mandela say his white counterpart did not deserve the Prize. Now, while I say all that in favour of

Mandela, I would not be true to myself if I didn’t make a point on behalf of our own. I want to appeal to government to begin the process of finding an appropriate road, highway, building, facility, something of significance somewhere on mainland St. Vincent to name in honour of George Mc Intosh and E.T. Joshua. The airport named in

Joshua is no more, and and Joshua seem to that coast guard boat enjoy that status. named in McIntosh’s Get on with it. honour has gone to where I don’t know. Garnet, NY And while we are at it, is Dr. Gonsalves going to retire without doing the right thing and naming George Mc Intosh and E. T. Joshua national heroes? Forget about all the rest; they, especially Cato, 0don’t seem to have unanimous support. Only Mc Intosh

All is not well Mr. Editor, let us admit once and for all, that all is not well in Hairouna! Crime of all types, not least an unprecedented number of homicides — the majority by the gun and robberies bear down on us like a raging sea. The funny thing is that we have all kinds of draconian gun laws, but they all seem senseless since the criminals find it easier to bear arms than the law-abiding citizens. The laws, therefore, have failed to reduce the killings and robberies. And yes, many of the robberies are committed by persons carrying guns.

So, what must we do.? This country is too small for the authorities not to know or have some good idea about where the guns are coming in and who are the persons responsible for bringing them in. Once a young man holds a gun in his hand, he feels powerful. Do you think anything like some amnesty will encourage him to surrender that gun to the police? Ask former Commissioner of Police Miller how successful his gun amnesty was. The situation is more laughable when we consider that we are not

too far off from living in a police state. Police knock down doors without warrants, motorists are subjected to countless police checkpoints, accused persons remain on remand for such long periods, it looks as though the state has forgotten about them. Is there any wonder that law-abiding citizens are losing faith in our justice system? So, tell me, Mr. Editor, with all that contradiction, what are we supposed to do? I think that we know what needs to be done, but those with the

Emancipation Day! LADIES and gentlemen, based on authentic and credible research documented by renowned historians, the British Empire anticipated and feared defeat, and was given few alternatives but to abolish the Atlantic slave trade on March 25th, 1807. The Emancipation Proclamation Act followed many years later - July 1833, finally taking effect on August

1st 1834, better known to many as Emancipation Day! However, today I find it more fitting to refer to this day as Pan-African Revolution Solidarity Day. Four hundred years of revolution, insurrections, revolts, riots and resistance, that took place in the Caribbean and North and South America, ended in victory for our ancestors

who fought tenaciously to achieve our God-given right of freedom! We must acknowledge this day as a Remembrance Day, paying tribute and demonstrating gratitude, respect and admiration to the hundred million black men, women and children who fought and sacrificed their lives. We must now dedicate our time and energy whole-heartedly, to reeducate, reconstruct and establish autonomous and sovereign nations, communities and institutions which are self-sufficient, selfreliant, and we must remember to avoid conformity. Today, let us not forget that our solidarity is what gives the credibility and power to make and enforce change. Julian McIntosh

authority to do what is necessary cannot…. their hands are tied, if you know what I mean. And you know I have not yet spoken about how bad we are doing economically. Leslie, Kingstown

* How many accidents have there been on the newly named Mandela Highway? * Was there a blessing of the road before it was renamed? * What if anything, are the Health Authorities doing about having that private garbage truck full of garbage removed from the McKie’s Hill public road? * Do the health people realise what the residents there have had to endure? * Didn’t ‘Code Red’ not win settlement against Bottlers (St. Vincent) Ltd.? Was he ever paid? * Anybody realise how the fellow — his once comrades just leaving Coombsie, already found guilty, to take all the blame? * Has Coombsie been advised against holding a press conference? Is he protecting anyone?




Revisiting the 2009 Referendum

Introduction THE RECENT event to mark the elevation of Vincentian Justice Adrian Saunders to the position of President of the Caribbean Court of Justice has served to refocus the debate in the country, on the choice between the Caribbean Court and the London based Privy Council. It has also brought into the spotlight, the referendum in relation to the proposed 2009 Constitution, in which the ULP government sought to make several progressive changes to the1979 Constitution. This followed a period of consultations from February 2003 lasting almost five years, during which the views of Vincentians at home and abroad were canvassed, on the 1979 Constitution, and the changes which were required, in keeping with a modern sophisticated country. Indeed, this was a broadbased approach by the ULP administration, which crossed political, religious or racial lines. To be sure, the entire process had the full support and participation of the opposition New Democratic Party. The proposed Constitution contained many of the things that the NDP is calling for, including the matter of integrity legislation. It also addressed a number of other matters, including time limits for the Office of Prime Minister, the matter of the teacher’s service commission, local government, the establishment of an Ombudsman, and the determination of the final Court of Appeal for the country. It was in October 2002 that a motion was moved in the House of Assembly calling for the review of the 1979 Constitution. That motion was moved by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and seconded by the Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace. So from the beginning there was support from all members of the House, for constitutional reform. This was further exhibited when the House moved a motion on July 2007 requesting that the drafters proceed with the changes to the 1979 Constitution. Again this was moved by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and the leader of the Opposition, Arnhim Eustace. Once again there was political unanimity in the House on this critical issue.

More killings in SVG! (Excerpts of Dr. Godwin Friday’s Press Conference)

number of Syrians who voted for the ULP, in 2001 and 2005. It was clear then, that the NDP had changed its position on constitutional reform, and was bent on torpedoing the entire process, using these weak excuses. It was unfortunate that the NDP chose not to participate in this historic exercise, choosing rather to retard the people’s march towards a new and progressive era. From that moment, the NDP began its “Vote NO campaign”, urging citizens to oppose the 2009 draft constitution. They crafted, or caused to be crafted, a dirty campaign that was incredible in its nature, claiming that it citizens voted yes, the face of Ralph Gonsalves will be posted on the EC currency 100 dollar bill, and that expats from the United Kingdom will no longer receive their pensions.

The Vote

The rest is history. Vincentians went to the polls in the referendum on November 25th 2009, and in the face of a dirty campaign by the NDP, voted against the 2009 proposed constitution. 52,262 persons voted, with the “NO” vote getting 29,167 and the “YES” vote 22, 646. Some 449 votes were rejected. This was a massive blow for the forward march of our country, away from the final vestiges of colonialism, to become truly independent. Of course, the NDP rejoiced, perhaps predicting that this was a sign of things to come, in the 2010 elections. They were sadly disappointed, and received a shock just about a year later, when Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves rang the bell in December 2010. Just a year after the referendum, the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines returned the ULP to office for a third successive term. It was a huge reversal for the NDP. They were relying on the results from the referendum to swing them into office. They people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines decided otherwise. Following the referendum in 2009, several pundits predicted that the The Referendum country will return to discussing the contents of the proposed Constitution. All this was progressing very well until just around 2007/2008 when the This has happened in a number of opposition NDP suddenly developed a ways. There have been discussions on the death penalty, the removal of the change of heart. Their advisers told Queen as our Head of State, and more them that if they supported the recently, the Privy Council. In every constitutional process, and if it was successful, then that would be a huge case, there was a remedy in the feather in the cap of Ralph Gonsalves proposed Constitution. But for the dastardly move by the and the ULP. Presumably, the NDP NDP, to oppose the reform process, was advised that this would be a huge the people of this country could have advantage for the ULP in the general been experiencing the features of a elections due in 2010. modern sophisticated Constitution. In July 2007, Arnhim Eustace Let us end with the words of St. Clair wrote to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, stating that his party was Leacock, a senator for the NDP in not going to participate further in any 2009. He said “Mr. Speaker, let me say constitutional reform unless certain from the onset that I have no things were addressed to the compulsion to a “yes” Vote, or a “no” satisfaction of the NDP. They called Vote, but I am a deep and abiding for the resignation of the then party man, and I understand the Supervisor of Elections Rodney imperatives of the argument that has Adams, and the dismantling of some been proposed by my party. Mr. ULP billboards. They wanted to see Speaker, where we go with this the final report of the 2005 general Constitution? Have there been elections and further demanded an significant improvements in this explanation from Senator Julian Francis, as to how he got access to the Constitution? The answer is yes.”

AS LEADER of the Opposition, President of the NDP and a citizen of SVG, I am alarmed by the most recent spate of violent killings in our country. We now have had 16 killings in SVG in 2018, alarming, since, for instance, in 2003 there were only 11 murders in SVG. The recent spate of four killings in one week has created even greater alarm, prompting a local news service, NEWS784, to exclaim in a headline: “Death Spree! Four in A Row”. The fourth, the most recent, occurred last week, Friday 27th July, when it was reported that Billy Adams was killed. The previous week was also a bad week as it was reported that Lorenzo Gould of Vermont and Marcus Sandy of Arnos Vale were shot to death in separate incidents, followed by last week’s shooting death of Malachi Kingman Cruickshank of Calder. This state of affairs is not just worrying; it is alarming! The seemingly endless reports of killings and serious wounding are creating a feeling of fear and insecurity among ordinary people in the country. The government must take responsibility for this alarming situation. The years 2016 and 2017 were record-breaking years for homicides in SVG. Last year, 2017, SVG recorded 40 homicides! A record for SVG! At the Consultation on Crime and Violence held by the Christian Council earlier this year, I said: “We can only hope that in 2018, this record-breaking trend does not continue.” That is still my hope today. But the evidence of far too numerous recent killings is not encouraging. Moreover, there is the tendency within the present government to treat certain reports of gunshot killings as a special type of criminal activity spawned by gangs and individuals caught up in retaliatory frenzy, with the view that we, the rest of society, need not concern ourselves too much with them. That approach says that if we, the law-abiding people, walk on our side of the road, we will be safe from the violence and need not fear for our lives. This is foolish thinking! Just ask Carlyle Douglas of NICE Radio fame, who was in his house, standing in his porch, on the night of Wednesday July 18th, when he was shot in his groin area and had to be hospitalized. Fortunately, he survived the incident. But, since he was shot and wounded, he could just as easily have been killed! My point is this: crime is crime, violence is violence, no matter the source and the identity (or suspected identity) of the people involved. We cannot leave it up to the “criminals”, so-called, to clean up the streets by wiping out one another! That is chaos and emerging anarchy our country. Those approaches are familiar in larger more violent societies such as areas of Mexico and Venezuela, where the government has lost control of the streets, and criminal gangs fill the breach. I call on the Government, particularly the Minister of National

Security, to be proactive in fighting crime and violence in the country and to live up to its campaign promise to be “tough on crime and the causes of crime”! Thus far, the ULP government has failed to do so. Instead they have been soft on crime and the causes of crime; soft on corruption; soft on job creation for young people; soft on combatting sexual crimes and violence against young girls; soft on equipping the police properly to fight crime; soft on prosecuting their supporters accused of committing offences. Gonsalves had said that the criminals would be given no space to operate, but the criminals seem to have taken over the country. The ULP has not done anything to show they are tough on crime. I know that crime and the causes of crime are complex and difficult problems. But we cannot throw our hands up and let mayhem reign. People expect better from their government. Government’s first priority is to provide security for the people. Without security, the environment that would enable them to invest, develop and prosper will not exist in our country. Security is, therefore, a precondition for economic development. I would be the first to agree and say that everyone has a role to play in addressing crime and violence in our society. And we cannot achieve this by merely locking ourselves in our homes at sunset and passing the night indoors as if riding out a storm. This storm does not pass if we let it alone; it grows stronger and stronger, until even our homes are not safe anymore! Instead, we must seek to understand the problem at its root and deal with the causes of crime before the situation gets completely beyond our control. I am reminded of the cautionary words of Professor Anthony Harriott, the Head of the Institute of Criminal Justice and Security at UWI, when he spoke here earlier this year at the National Conversation on Crime and Violence organized by the Christian Council. Having analysed the crime situation in SVG and other Caribbean countries, he spoke about three stages or moments in the development of the problem, with the last being a stage of chronic violence that is hard to control, as now exists in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. He cautioned that SVG may be tending toward this third stage, and advised that urgent actions be taken to arrest the slide in that direction. We would do well to heed his call and to follow the advice he offered then. I will repeat here what I have said many times elsewhere: There is a causal connection between economic hardship and an increase in crime. So, clearly, one of the ways of addressing the crime problem is by growing the economy and creating jobs and hope for our people, especially young people.




Refined through tough times

Emancipation ainÊt reach yet

“As we go through testing, we can rely on God for strength and perseverance. He is refining us through our toughest moments.” — Leslie Koh The late Dr. Robert Schuller is one of my favourite authors. His book entitled “Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do” is probably one of my favourite books. This book assisted me in coping with some of my most traumatic adult experiences. In its own way, it influences many of the thoughts that will be shared in this week’s essay, having provided useful reminders that we are often refined (improved) through tough, difficult, traumatic times. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it is “normal” to go through tough times. None of us should ever think that we are immune to heartache, disappointments, diseases, or accidents. These frequently occur when we least expect them. Their unpredictability can often seem to magnify the trauma. This is especially so when wounds are caused by the betrayal of a trusted friend or relative. However, it is often not until we take an objective (emotionally detached) view of the situation that we realise that such tough times act as refining experiences. They make us realise that we are stronger than we once thought. We can regroup. It is possible to refocus. And we are often fortified to accomplish much greater feats as a result of being refined through such tough times. History provides many examples of individuals who were refined through tough times. Many were traumatised during childhood or adolescence but were able to turn the trauma to triumph and their scars to stars. Media magnate Oprah Winfrey is among the many famous women who were raped during their childhood years. She was raped by a relative when a mere nine-year-old. It is no wonder that she continues to be an outspoken advocate for survivors of abuse. Other famous women who have been victims of sexual abuse include Jane Fonder, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Gabrielle Union, and Fran Drescher. However, the list is extensive. There are so many examples of Hollywood actresses who were also sexually abused during their childhood and teen years. However, as is the case with so many survivors of sexual molestation, they found persons in their communities who helped them to believe in themselves and to cultivate their latent talents and abilities to emerge as a person of worth. They each found a reason to hope, and grew through and beyond the disadvantages created by weak men who prey on the innocent and unsuspecting. These outstanding women carry a special victory torch to remind society that they have been refined by such tough times. They imbibe and portray the wisdom that emanates from Michelle Obama’s statement when she says, “You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.” The Internet now alerts us to the fact that young males are also targets of sexual abuse. Parents and guardians became increasingly aware of this in 1987 when 14-year-old

‘ONE OF THE greatest lessons which history teaches is this: know it and never forget it. Any government that is not conscious of the power of the people, is bound to be a bad government. That is to say, it will fool you, cheat you, and if need be, reduce you to hewers of wood and drawers of water, and without mercy keep you in what is considered to be your place. ‘This is the last great hill which the people of the West Indies will have to climb. It is the hardest of all. When you climb it you will have arrived at a height from which you will never fall.’ CLR James, Party Politics in the West Indies in the West Indies. Last Wednesday evening, I had the most interesting conversation with my 87-year-old mother: “Hey Sanga boy, what you did today?” “I took a long run in the morning and then stayed in the house for most of the day.” “You did not go to work?” “No Mom, today is Emancipation Day.” “Oh yes, today is August first?” “Yes Mom.” “Today is August Monday.” “No mom, today is Wednesday.” “Boy August 1st is not celebrated as August Monday?” “No mom, Emancipation Day is celebrated on August first and years ago, it was celebrated on the first Monday in August.” “So today is August Monday then?” “No Mom, today is Wednesday and we celebrated the emancipation holiday today.” “At this age I am not responsible for what I am saying.” “You know what you are saying Mom; you are just saying it wrong”. Mom is as sharp as a tack, but old ideas die hard. And so it is with so many of our people. The people can understand the most complex issues and ideas. The teacher must first have the ability and, more importantly, the willingness to teach. Sadly, too many of our leaders are not up to the task of teaching. They want the people’s eyes to remain foggy. The political class across our region has demonstrated for all to see, that it is only concerned with power and its own development. This class which rides on the backs of the people to glory and riches, could not care if August Monday falls on a Wednesday. The political class is selfish and constitutes a break on the further development of our region. The sooner our people realize this, the better. A white jurist on the Caribbean Court of Justice came to mark the elevation of Justice Adrian Saunders to the presidency of the Court. In his address, he invoked the wise words of the legendary Bob Marley and implored us to ‘emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.’ He urged us to reclaim our independence and sovereignty. He noted that the British want us to leave the Privy Council, and we should take the gentle push and adopt the CCJ as our final court. At least one politician, Kay Bacchus Baptiste, is on record claiming that Justice Heyton was out of order for urging us to free our minds of the colonial appendage. She claimed that the people know best what they want and Justice Heyton’s suggestion was condescending at best. Former PM Sir James Mitchell said that, based on his personal experience, even if he were to be the last man standing, he will forever support us remaining with the Privy Council. The Caribbean judges are bias and can be easily reached and corrupted by politicians, Sir James

Rufus Wainwright was robbed and raped in Hyde Park. Although understandably traumatized by the experience, his commitment to the pursuit of his noble dreams and ambitions resulted in him excelling as a singer, songwriter, and composer. He has recorded seven albums of original music. These examples remind us that even when exposed to a tremendous amount of trauma, it is possible to regroup, rebound, and refocus and accomplish great feats. The scars may remain for a very long time (especially if professional counselling is not available) but it is possible to live a fulfilling life even after such tragedies. Dr. Maya Angelou says it so well when she reminds us that, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” She would have known and lived the wisdom of this quotation. After all, she was raped when only seven-years-old. She survived. Her autobiographies revealed how she sought to cope with this emotionally debilitating experience by reading. She recalled that this “bad situation” created a lot of good for her, in that it forced her to gain knowledge and new insights from the books that became her comfort; her solace. So far, the examples cited in this essay have focused on childhood traumas that emerged as a result of sexual abuse. These examples remind us that it is possible to go through such dark moments and emerge victorious. So very often, we incorrectly assume that children who have been traumatized in this manner will lose out on life. However, they still have reason to hope. As traumatic as the experience may be, they can still aspire for greatness. Tough times may also emerge through accidents, death of a provider, unemployment, betrayal, and so on. Sometimes the tough time is created by our misjudgments or foolish choices. Regardless of the source of the tragedy, we often have the ability to pick ourselves up and accomplish great feats. So much depends on our focus as we go through, and emerge from, those tough times. We can still accomplish great things. With determination and focus, we can rise again. Confucius reminds us that, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” We have the ability to “emerge from the ashes”. We can defeat the defeatist mentality. We understand and appreciate that we are unable to undo the past. However, we can start from where we are and make a brand new ending. In their own way, the tough times (regardless of their sources and the intensity of the trauma created) can be sources of refinement. While we do not wish for them, overcoming them can make life more meaningful. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

claimed. This is a startling revelation coming from a man who was PM of our country for 16 years. Is he saying that during his tenure he called judges and influenced their decision making? Is Sir James aware that judges in Britain are also recused for apparent or actual bias? Recently a judge sitting here withdrew from a case because of an involvement with one of the parties, even though both sides expressed confidence in the judge’s integrity and independence. Judges are human beings and can be improperly influenced. But this weakness of the human spirit is not evident or unique to judges in our region. One opposition politician told Plain Talk if and when her party comes to power she will strongly urge that the CCJ be accepted as the final court. She claims to know that her party will not try to influence the court. What will be her views when her party returns to the opposition? PM Gonsalves was on record saying that he was opposed to the Caribbean Court. In 2000 he said of the Privy Council ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it.’ Recently he said he is now pregnant with sufficient knowledge of the funding, independence and operations of the CCJ, to lend unqualified support. Consequently, at the July 20 special sitting of the CCJ, PM Gonsalves declared his readiness to bring a special bill to the parliament on the issue. The support of both parties will pave the way for SVG to adopt the CCJ as our highest court. The opposition has won important cases at the Court of Appeals. Just before the 2010 elections it won the case regarding the Boundaries Commission. It also prevailed in the crucial elections petitions case. Does it expect to win every case it brings before the court? Or is the court only independent when it rules in its favour? Across the region, politicians play with the people’s minds on these very important questions. Politicians, once elected, generally run roughshod over the views and opinions of the people and reduce democracy to 5 minutes at the ballot box every five years, quickly say let the people decide. We all know that it is the parties and not the people whose views hold sway on most issues. If ULP was in the opposition and its leader questioned the CCJ, most of the supporters will line up behind the party’s position. Former Trinidadian PM Basdeo Panday supported the CCJ when he held power. His party lost and he withdrew his support from the court. The CCJ ruled against former PM Fruendel Stuart and he vowed to withdraw from the court. He claimed the Justices were politicians in robes. In Jamaica, the same foolishness prevails. A case on the issue went up to the Privy Council, but the politicians refuse to find a way to make justice more accessible to the people. CLR James is right. When the people gain the consciousness, the days of the Anansi politician will be over. As Oscar Allen would say, “emancipation still coming.” Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Geothermal project could kill the high-quality drinking water in SVG

DRINKING water is important for life. We cannot survive without water. The argument for geothermal electricity from an area of very high-quality drinking water cannot stand up. Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal is totally against the geothermal plant in SVG for environmental reasons. The Leader of SVG Green Party, Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, spent most of his youth living with his parents in an area known as Lot 14, which is very close to the site being converted to a geothermal plant to produce electricity. There is a graceful lake in that area known as Kiss; geothermal is more than likely to kill that lake. If this geothermal plant goes ahead, there will be a serious risk to the people of SVG. The risks are far too great. It could damage the aquifer and we would have no drinking water in SVG. It would kill our agriculture industry and cause an outbreak of water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. This would destroy SVG.

The town of Mammoth Lakes, California in the USA, is marshalling forces against a geothermal company — Ormat - that wants to substantially increase the amount of hot water it’s pumping from a source deep underground. Mammoth residents fear that the expanded pumping could threaten the aquifer that sits hundreds of feet above the hot water zone and supplies 70 percent of the community’s drinking water. What has people concerned is the distance between where the water is removed and where it is returned. It’s possible that removing that water could cause a pressure drop in the geothermal zone that might then draw down water from the cold water reservoir, says Bill Evans, a research chemist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. Or, it might cause steam and other gases to shoot up into the cold water aquifer, potentially contaminating it. Patrick Hayes, the general manager at the Mammoth Community Water District, said he can’t begin to imagine

for very strong environmental reasons, how much damage would result should as: (a) the geothermal plant has the potential to kill the very high-quality the water supply be compromised. Hayes says. “Without a reliable water drinking water in SVG; (b) we are supply there isn’t much viability in the blessed with excellent topography - the physical features of our country gives community.” us significant ability to produce all our Geothermal plants have several electricity requirements from hydro, environmental problems. The main concern is the release of hydrogen solar and wind SAFELY; (c) we sulphide, a gas that smells like rotten urgently need to cut import tax on eggs at low concentrations. Another renewable energy equipment; (d) in concern is the disposal of some the unlikely event of building the geothermal fluids, which may contain geothermal plant in that area, which is low levels of toxic materials. prone to volcanic eruptions, one Whenever you drill miles into the volcanic eruption could plunge SVG Earth and remove material, whether into darkness and economic ruin. it’s steam, water or hot rock, you It is absolute madness to build a release pressure that causes the geothermal plant in SVG; it is a waste ground above the geothermal pocket to of money and poses a serious longshift and subside. Even worse, the term threat to our living environment most abundant geothermal energy and health. sources are located in areas of high Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal, BSc seismic activity. In fact, some experts (Hons), MSc, MBA strongly calls for actually believe that drilling into the rocks around a fault line could trigger policy makers to pull the plug on the geothermal project for the many earthquakes. reasons given above. Warrant Officer Ivan O’Neal very strongly contends that it is not too late to cancel the geothermal plant in SVG SVG Green Party

two home series, firstly against Sri Lanka (3 matches) and secondly the aforementioned series against Bangladesh. By drawing the series against the depleted Sri Lankans, Jason Holder’s team earned five valuable points. Then, by defeating the dreadful Bangladesh 2-nil, they gained another five points. These ten points carried the home team’s tally to seventy-seven. Bangladesh lost 8 points decreasing their ranking points to sixty-seven. With that tenpoint cushion, W.I are back at eight and Bangladesh at nine. Only Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland are below West Indies and Bangladesh on the twelveteam rankings table.

call-in (radio) programmes, the outcry was the same. For the record, since Lara’s departure, West Indies have played 99 matches, won 22 and lost 50. Ten of these victories were against Bangladesh (7) and three versus Zimbabwe. From 2007 to now, nine captains have worn the crown of thorns. Ramnaresh Sarwan (4), Chris Gayle (20), Darren Sammy (30), Denesh Ramdin (13) and Jason Holder (26) were appointed on a long-term basis. On a temporary basis, there were four other leaders - Darren Ganga (2), Dwayne Bravo (1), Floyd Reifer (2) and Kraigg Brathwaite (1). Cricket connoisseurs, is Lara still the problem? Before this (2018) tour, Bangladesh had an appalling overseas Test record, with only four victories (two against West Indies in 2009), 42 losses and three draws, representing a total of 49 matches.

Fifteen years ago

Devalued statistics

In June 2003, the ICC published the first official Test rankings. These rankings revealed Australia at number one and West Indies at eighth. The ranking followed a just completed West Indies versus Australia 4-match series in the Caribbean. It was an historic campaign. Australia won the first three matches, the first time in 73 years (19302003) West Indies had lost three consecutive Tests in a home series. At that point, this Australian team had done better than the 1955 squad which won the 5-match series three-nil, but the victories were not successive. They had won the first, third and fifth tests. Aiming for a clean sweep, Steve Waugh’s team was astounded by Brian Lara’s regime which proceeded to make the highest fourth innings total in history to win a Test (418 for seven). The whitewash was averted.

On a serious note, should Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland have Test status? It is time the ICC introduce a two-tier system — a major league and a minor league. Could you imagine hard-earned runs made against Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Glenn Mc Carth, Jason Gillespie, Shane Warne, Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Colin Croft, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Wagar Younis, and Abdul Qadis having the same values as those made against these four (referred) weak bowling attacks? It is time for former players/batmen like Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge, Alvin Kallicharan, Graham Gooch, David Gower, Greg Chappell, Allan Border, and David Boon to send letters of protest to Wisden cricket statisticians. Devalued statistics are sending the wrong message to modern day followers of the game. Players, selectors and fans are duped by these inept performances. Mediocre batsmanship is regarded as great. Did you know Jason Holder is an inspirational captain? Reason? He won the series against Bangladesh, the same team Cricket Australia refused to entertain ‘Down Under’. The ICC is looking at quantity not quality, and this is one of the major reasons why Test cricket is dying.

West Indies at number eight by EARL ROBINSON JUST A FEW weeks ago, West Indies cricket fans were riding on the crest of a wave. The spineless home team had defeated the touring toothless tigers, Bangladesh, in a two-match Test series.

Number eight When the ICC Test rankings were released on May 01, 2018, West Indies were ranked at number nine with 67 points. Bangladesh had replaced them at number eight on 75 points. Subsequently, the West Indies were engaged in

Brian Lara At that time (2003) in cricket’s history, Brian Lara was one of the most hated players. In spite of the 3-1 defeat, he delivered as a batsman. His contributions were 26, 110, 91, 122, 14, 42, 68 and 60 — an aggregate of 533 runs with an average of 66.62 per innings. Everywhere you went, the cry was, “Get rid of Lara — he is ‘killin’ our cricket”. On




FLOW hands out scholarships

FLOW ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES awarded over $30,000 academic scholarship ceremony held at the Frenches House Conference Room, Kingstown, Thursday 26 July 2018. The ceremony marked 34 years since the scholarship programme was established, encouraged then by the workers representative - the Commercial Technical and Allied Workers’ Union, CTAWU - to recognise academic excellence and assist students with their financial needs. In remarks to dozens of parents, well-wishers and employees, the acting General Secretary of the CTAWU, Joseph ‘Burns’ Bonadie recollected fondly on the origins of the programme, then called the Cable & Wireless Annual Scholarship Programme, and expressed satisfaction that the programme has remained a top priority for the Company, and was now extended to children of non-employees and its customers. According to Bonadie, the programme came at a time when scholarships were not prevalent in SVG. He spoke of having witnessed the programme positively impacting the lives of many who have turned out to be exceptional citizens. He further urged the recipients to maintain good grades. This was a sentiment shared by the Country Manager of FLOW Wayne Hull as he announced the programme’s newest recipients, congratulated them, and spoke about the Company’s pride in being able to, once again, reward academic excellence as it pursues its mission to transform the lives of customers and employees across the country. Hull said he was happy to honour the legacy started in 1984, and assured the audience that the Company would continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Also addressing the ceremony was Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Mrs. Kay Martin-Jack who implored students to persevere in their academic studies. Another $20,000 in scholarship payments and bursaries are expected to be made when the CXC/CSEC and CAPE results are published in early August. When all is said and done, over $50,000 dollars in payments will be distributed this year to match the usual annual contribution. Joining the almost 30 current scholarship holders, will be three children of employees and two children of customers who were successful in this year’s Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA), students who topped the 2017 Lions Club South National Public Speaking Competition, and the student awarded the Best Student after Remediation at this year’s National CXC Awards. Three children of customers who applied to this year’s scholarship programme also received one-off bursaries to assist them in the new school year. They are Leandre Burnette, Joshua Veira, Nyle Toney, Safiya Andrews, Kaylee Robertson, Julien James, Rolicia Abbey, Zachary Ash, Jaykwarn Donald-Payne, Alejandro Tesorero, Joel Ross and Derica York. More than 200 students across the country have benefitted from the programme which complements the Company’s other philanthropic initiatives.

Scholarship recipients with Country Manager of FLOW Wayne Hull (left) and CTAWU’s Joseph ‘Burns’ Bonadie (right)




Another Scotiabank KiddyÊs Summer Camp

Participants in the 2018 Scotiabank Kiddy’ s Cricket Summer Camp.

APPROXIMATELY FORTY-EIGHT children – boys and girls - are more knowledgeable about the game of cricket after they participated in the 2018 Annual Scotiabank Kiddy’s Cricket Summer Camp. The camp, held at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, ran from July 2327, and exposed

the young participants to the basics of batting, bowling, fielding, catching, wicket keeping and running between the wickets. The children were also involved in classroom sessions on a range of topics, Denella Cresse – girls’ MVP. including personal hygiene, the laws of cricket, injury prevention, use of illegal substance, and the viewing of the Fire in Babylon video, a story of the period of West Indies Supremacy in world cricket. Following the camp, the most outstanding players were identified: Zack Thomas of Overland - best batter; Dexter Baynes of Park Hill Mathew Frederick - best wicket keeper and boys’ - best bowler; MVP. Mathew Frederick of Bequia - best wicketkeeper; Garek Cozier from Paget Farm - most outstanding fielder; Denella Creese of Chateaubelair Primary - MVP for girls; Matthew Frederick of Bequia Anglican - MVP for boys; Gianda Small from Owia and Isreal Cumberbatch Zack Thomas - best batter. of Kingstown Prep School - most disciplined students. Honorable mention went to Tyson Dalzell, Ozari Doyle and Orico Matthews who all received a kiddy cricket bat. Stanley Hinds coordinated the Dexter Baynes – best bowler. camp. Bertram Stapletom, Bill Edwards, Uzah Pope, Gosnel Cupid and Cleton Burnett served as coaches.

Kiddy’s Cricket Facts Scotiabank Kiddy’s Cricket was introduced to St. Vincent in 2000,one year after it was launched by the Cricket West Indies and Scotiabank. The Programme aims to help primary school children develop a life-long passion for cricket, a game deeply rooted in their West Indian heritage. Through

Garek Cozier - best fielder. the programme, children also develop positive values, interpersonal skills, selfconfidence, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship. Additionally, the Kiddy’s Cricket programme provides equipment and training for teachers to coach the basics of the game. I.B.A.ALLEN

V New Montrose resident off to Spice Mas Grenada



Digicel’s Marketing Executive, speaking at last Friday’s draw, congratulated all the finalists and promised Nanton and Hillocks the ultimate Spice Mas experience during the period August 10 -15. Wright also urged

Imran Nanton is preparing to have a fun time at Spice Mas Grenada.

A motorist gets a breakfast package from one of the Digicel girls this morning, at the Arnos Vale Roundabout. IMRAN NANTON IS BENT ON HAVING a fabulous time at Spice Mas, Grenada, this year, thanks to him having won the grand prize in Digicel’s #BettaFetta, 2018 Carnival promotion. A Digicel customer for some 15 years, Nanton, of New Montrose, broke out in a dance after learning he was the winner from among five other finalists. He thanked Digicel for always keeping its customers ‘top of mind’ when designing promotions, adding that he was most grateful for the opportunity to not only experience Spice Mas, but to do so VVIP

style. Nanton said he understands how important winning was to all who participated, and had taken the decision to take along with him another of the competition’s finalists, Odion Hillocks, to share the experience. The promotion, which ended on Friday, July 27, required Digicel customers to activate any social bolt-on and post a picture to Instagram or Facebook and tag DigicelSVG using the hashtag #bettafeta, for a chance to win a VVIP experience for two at Spice Mas. Jamisha Wright,

other Digicel customers to continue topping up, activating their Quick Pick bundles, unlimited data nights, social boltons and paying their postpaid bills for their chance to be among thousands of winners this summer in Digicel’s

Scratch, Match and Win Promotion. And in related Digicel promotional news, the Digicel girls were out this week at the Arnos Vale Roundabout, driving home to motorists how they could win in the telecommunications

service provider’s ‘Level Up Your Summer Promotion’ — a Scratch. Match and Win promotion offering up to $20,000 in cash and other prizes. Motorists were also treated to Digicel breakfast package.




Climate Change Campaign kicks off MESOPOTAMIA, Vermont and Bequia will be the kick off spots for a climate change public education programme being implemented here, by the United Nations Development Programme’s Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (UNDP J-CCCP), in coordination with the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The campaign will start with the dissemination posters and erecting banners highlighting specifically tailored climate messages, as well as engagement with community members on climate

impacts. The engagements were scheduled for July 25-26, 2018 and will be followed by the promotion of a climate song and video entitled, ‘Climate Action’, on local radio and television stations. The song, written by Damion McTair and fellow artiste Adrian Wright, features local songstress Danielle Veira. ”Public awareness and public education is an important component of the push to integrate climate change considerations into every aspect of life of the Vincentian populace,” said Nyasha

Grenadine House gets new management team GRENADINE HOUSE has announced the appointment of its new management team effective August 1st 2018.Operations Manager - Karissa Norville and Guest Experience Manager Monique Arthur, will both oversee day-to-day operations of the hotel. Karissa Norville brings to the post 10 years of experience in the Hospitality sector. After working at Young Island Resort as Accounts Clerk, she became an integral part of the Grenadine House staff, first as a Guest Services Agent, then being promoted to Assistant Manager. Monique Arthur has worked extensively in the Services sector as Advertising Assistant at the News Newspaper for 9 years, then Sales & Office Manager at Hot 97. She also brings to the position her extensive managerial experience as Managing Director of Image Modelling Agency and 16 years at the helm

of her renowned day spa - Oasis Spa. The team takes over from out-going General Manager - Laela Constantine. Mrs Constantine was with the company for 10 years, joining the company as Assistant Manager, after attaining a BSc. in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from the University of Florida, then holding the position of General Manager for the past 7 years. Owner of Grenadine House, Mr Bengt Mortstedt has expressed his gratitude for the years of service given by Mrs Constantine and his enthusiasm for the hotel’s new management team. “I am grateful to Mrs. Constantine for the work she has done with Grenadine House, making it the premier business hotel in Kingstown. I wish her all the best as she moves beyond our shores, and I trust that she will promote St.Vincent and the Grenadines to all who she comes in contact

(from left) Monique Arthur (Guest Experience Manager), Laela Constantine (Outgoing General Manager) and Karissa Norville (Operations Manager). with. I wish my new management team, Ms. Norville and Ms. Arthur all the best as they move Grenadine House further.” Grenadine House is a historical 18 room hotel, located above Kingstown, the capital city of St Vincent & the Grenadines. It is a popular fine dining and special occasion venue. Built in 1765 as the residence to the British Administrator of

the island of Saint Vincent, it was known as The Great House. Now fully renovated and upgraded to provide modern comfort to guests. Grenadine House is sister hotel to the 50 room, 7 villa luxury, retro-chic hotel - Bequia Beach, located on Friendship Beach, Bequia and its partner restaurant Jack’s Bar on Princess Margaret Beach in Bequia. (Source; Grenadine House)

Girl Guides to represent SVG in Malta A CONTINGENT from the Girl Guides Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines left the state on Sunday 29th July 2018 to participate in the first ever Mediterranean Jamboree in Malta from the 1st — 8th August, 2018. The Jamboree is being held under the theme “Building Cultures”, and will bring together 2000 participants from the European Scout Region and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In WAGGGS’ 146 Member States, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the only Caribbean country attending this life-changing event. The international camp boasts a dynamic programme for the participants, and includes developmental workshops, traditional activities such as hiking and campfires, adventure and exploration of Malta’s World Heritage sites and attractions, and other international exchanges. The Vincentian delegation comprises 11 girls; nine (9) Girl Guides and two (2) Ranger Guides who are accompanied by two (2) Guiders. The local participants hail from several Girl Guide Companies

The Contingent of Girl Guides/Rangers that will represent SVG at the Mediterranean Jamboree in Malta. and Ranger Guide Units across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. After months of preparation locally, the delegation is expected to represent Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Caribbean well. (Source: Girl Guides Association of SVG) PRESIDENT: Mrs. Gwendoline Russell O.B.E. CHIEF COMMISSIONER: Mrs. Laura Browne

Climate change has meant more frequent flash flooding in SVG, causing millions of dollars in damage to the state’s infra-structure. Hamilton, Environmental Educator and National Climate Change Focal Point in Saint Vincent. The campaign has also seen engagement among the youth population with a photo and video competition and several school visits sensitising the young people about climate Nyasha Hamilton, change. Environmental Climate change — the longEducator and term changes in the weather National Climate associated mainly with natural Change Focal and manmade activities — is Point in Saint viewed as perhaps the greatest Vincent, says that threat to national development, emphasis will be especially for small island placed on public developing states. Islands like awareness and Saint Vincent and the public education Grenadines have been impacted activities. by stronger hurricanes, longer droughts, more frequent flash flooding and sea level rise in the last 20 years. In December 2013 for example, damage from the troughs impacting the island were estimated at US$93.3 million (13% of its Gross Domestic Product). The campaign aims to provide Vincentians with information on what climate change is and how people can adapt to it. The campaign was informed by a Knowledge, Attitude and Practise (KAP) survey completed in January 2017 and commissioned by the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership. That survey showed that 89% of Vincentians felt that it was important to increase public education about climate change and 85% wanted to see more community participation in climate adaptation. “We want to support communities in actively playing their part in helping the country adjust to climate impacts,” said Stephen O’Malley, UNDP’s Resident Representative for Barbados and the OECS. Noting the importance of participatory processes, he added “this process was entirely led by communities, with support from the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”




Second Vincentian Teacher for Taiwan Teachers Program (FET)” was accepted. FET is a programme implemented by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan that aims to enhance the English-learning environment for school-aged children in rural areas of Taiwan, by recruiting qualified foreign teachers to work in K-9 public schools in Taiwan.

In 2016, the Embassy launched FET in SVG and has encouraged Vincentian teachers to take the opportunity not only to teach in Taiwan, but also to explore Taiwan’s culture. Miss La Toya Williams became the first Vincentian to teach English under the FET. Miss Williams has continued her teaching in Taiwan for three consecutive years.

The Embassy, in its release, said that it is convinced that Ms. Rodney will be an excellent teacher and of tremendous assistance to Taiwan’s children in their quest to learn English. Ms. Rodney has some 30 years of teaching experience to her credit. She is expected to leave for Taiwan this month, August.

Another Taiwan Medical Team visits Ms. Wendy Marva Rodney heads to Taiwan where she will bring her skills to bear on an English Language Programme for primary school children. MS. MARVA WENDY Rodney, well known teacher from Rose Hall, North Leeward, is heading for the Republic of China (Taiwan). According to a release from the Taiwan Embassy here, Ms. Rodney will become the second Vincentian teacher to go to Taiwan to teach English. She will be attached to the Shuang Lian Elementary School in Miaoli County, Taiwan, for the 2018/2019 school year. Miaoli County is a rural area in the central northern part of Taiwan measuring some 1,820 square kilometers with about 560,000 people. The Embassy here stated that with the full support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ms. Rodney’s application for “MOE Foreign English

The Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) Medical team that was expected to arrive in SVG last Monday. A MEDICAL TEAM FROM the Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) in Taiwan was expected to arrive in St. Vincent last Monday. The team is scheduled to provide medical services at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) and to work closely with the doctors, nurses and staff at that Institution, July 30 to August 10, 2018. Dr. Hsiao-Ling Kao leads the medical team that also includes: Dr. Peng-Hsiang Fang (Neurosurgery), Dr. Keng-Chu Ke (Nephrology), Dr. Hsiu-

Taiwan banana expert for St. Lucia THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA’S (Taiwan’s) direct input into helping to improve banana production in St. Lucia, took another step forward last week, when Taiwan Banana Expert Mr. Tsung-Hsien Wu, Specialist of Taiwan Banana Research Institute (TBRI), was signed to assist in the implementation of the Banana Productivity Improvement Project in that OECS country. According to a release from the Taiwan Embassy in Castries, St. Lucia, Mr. Wu has ample expertise in banana production, pest control, climate adaptation and post-harvest technology. While in St. Lucia, he will collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture, the stakeholders of the banana industry and local farmers to monitor and control major pest and diseases, with an aim to increase banana field productivity levels from a low of 5-8 tons to 10-15 tons per acre. The St. Lucia Banana Productivity Improvement Project, which Taiwan is funding, will be implemented over a four-year period. During the first year, major focus will be put on restoring

H.E. Ambassador Douglas C.T. Shen (centre) with Taiwan Banana Expert Mr. Tsung-Hsien (left) and Head the Taiwan Technical Mission/St. Lucia, Mr. Mario Cheng. the industry to pre-Matthew (2016) conditions and increasing productivity on existing acreages. Thereafter, attention will be placed on expanding current acreages, enhancing resilience to climate change, establishing sustainable financing mechanism, building capacity and further strengthening the local capacity in disease control measures. (Source: Embassy of Taiwan, St. Lucia)

Hui Hsu (Chinese Medicine), Ms. He-Man Shen (ER nurse), Ms. YaHsin Lan (Anesthesiology nurse), Ms. Kuang-Hua Chang(Technician, Medical Imaging) and Mr. Yu-Chun Liang (Biomedical Engineer). In 2010, MCMH and CCH were twinned. Since then, the cooperation and exchanges between the two hospitals have expanded and deepened significantly. CCH not only sends its medical teams to visit MCMH every year, but also provides different customized training programmes for the medical staff from

MCMH. Five medical staff-members of MCMH will travel to Taiwan to visit CCH and attend some workshops there later in the year. Dr. Kao wishes to greet SVG, and specifies that the collaboration between MCMH and CCH has been enhanced in different fields year after year. CCH is convinced that the mutually beneficial relationship will be further strengthened, and looks forward to continuing cooperation in the future. (Source: Taiwan Embassy, Kingstown)




SVG signs on to Contingent Rights Protocol ST. VINCENT AND the Grenadines is among 7 Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries that signed the Protocol on Contingent Rights, during the 39th Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the CARICOM held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, July 4-6. The other signatories are Grenada, Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Suriname. The Contingent Rights measure will allow for CARICOM nationals who work across the region, to have their spouses and children join them in those jurisictions. The Protocol, which has been in the works for over a decade, creates a pathway for dependants of persons with approved Skilled Certificates to not only move freely with their lovedones, but access basic social services. Speaking during a press conference at Cabinet Room last week Monday, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said that before the protocol on Contingent Rights came into being, the spouse of a person with a CARICOM Skills Certificate was not allowed to be with their partner, unless the spouse took a 6-months stay subject to security checks or has a CARICOM Skills

Certificate which is a provision under the CARICOM Free Movement of Skilled Persons Act. The movement of skilled nationals covers the following categories: university graduates, artistes, musicians, sports persons, media workers, registered nurses with diplomas or degrees, teachers with diplomas, artisans with at least 2 CARICOM Vocational Qualification (CVQ), holders of associate degrees, and household domestics with a CVQ level 2. Dr. Gonsalves noted that he would like to see the categories of farmers and cosmetologists added. “Let’s just say for instance a university graduate is married to a cosmetologist, a cosmetologist is not one of the categories to the skills national certificate, he or she ….. would be only able to come for 6 months and can’t work. So what happen? You married to a woman, you could go and work but she can’t come,” said Gonsalves. Further, the PM pointed out, “Your children can’t come to access the schools and the health services.” As a result of these inconsistencies,

most persons applying for the National Skills Certificates were young, unmarried persons who had no particular family tie that would keep them from moving to another CARICOM state. The Prime Minister acknowledged that even before the Contingent Rights Protocol came into being, SVG was practising a similar version. “Even before this protocol came into being, we decided that we will allow persons to come. Of course, they would come and get a work permit to do something, and the children, when

CARICOM Heads at the 39th Regular Meeting, Montego Bay, Jamaica (Photo: they come, would go to school and access the medical service as if they are Vincentians,” informed the Prime Minister. He said that only one country raised some reservation about the Contingent Rights Protocol. Some Heads of Government had to leave the meeting before the signing of the protocol, but Gonsalves has no fear that “Very shortly, we will see everybody signing the Protocol.” (KH)

Five more benefit from VINLEC’s Scholarship programme

ST. VINCENT ELECTRICITY SERVICES Limited (VINLEC) is providing scholarships to five students who were successful at the May 2018 sitting of the CPEA examinations through the Company’s Scholarship programme. This year’s scholarship recipients are Antwone Compton, Kiara Hazell, Chrystofer Williams, Jod Baker and Jair Patrick, and they received their awards and recognition on Tuesday 24th July during an awards and orientation ceremony. The ceremony’s keynote speaker Dr. O’Mark Andrews, a former award recipient, expressed gratitude to VINLEC for its support and contribution to his success. He explained that because of the Awards programme, VINLEC has provided more than electrical power; the Company, he said, has empowered many youths across the island. He urged the recipients to embrace the opportunities for learning and to create their own path. VINLEC’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Thornley Myers used the occasion

Scholarship recipients with their parents and VINLEC CEO. to remind parents of the value of providing emotional and moral support to their children as they embark on this new journey. He said that while VINLEC is pleased to be able to assist the children financially, the children will need to have a secure family structure to overcome the challenges in this modern society. Directing his attention to the students, he said, “Even if you think the marks are not coming, continue to work hard, because along the way you will be developing skills.” He said that the technology is available for them to gain knowledge and that they should embrace it. VINLEC’s Education Awards programme started in 1984 to provide financial and moral support to children of employees. The programme catered to students at the Secondary level in the initial phases, but has since advanced to include children at the tertiary level. At present, there are twenty-eight students on the programme.




Bridge at Gordon

Bridge at Grove

Giving credit where it is due, but ⁄. THE MINISTRY OF WORKS must be commended for repairing and improving bridge access in the Spring Village area. However, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t draw attention to the fact that the roads in that village still leave a lot to be desired. Despite the fact that this country was not directly impacted by hurricanes during the last few years, torrential rains from these passing systems as well as trough systems have dumped considerable amounts of rain that have damaged roads and bridges. This situation is not confined to Spring Village. The damage stretched from Chateaubelair in the North Leeward area to Sandy Bay in the North Windward region. Flash floods and torrential rainfall continue to wreak havoc on our road system, and soil erosion has damaged feeder roads and bridges, creating dangerous conditions for motorists and pedestrians alike. On the way to Hermitage from Spring Village where CWSA has two tanks and VINLEC a holding tank for their hydro plant, two bridges - one at Gordon, the other at Grove - have been repaired and new guard rails constructed. The Ministry of Works can take full marks for that, including a well constructed bridge on the main road just before entering Spring Village. When the Cumberland Hydro project was commissioned many moons ago, I wrote in the local papers then,

suggesting that VINLEC should assist So, let’s follow up one good deed with the government with the maintenance another. of the roads in this area, as their vehicles were the primary users of that infrastructure. VINLEC does maintain the grass verge along their pipelines, which is necessary and commendable; but some of their profits can be used to maintain the roads in that area. After all, this is where the critical mass for that project is obtained, therefore some of the profits generated by VINLEC can be ploughed back into that community by having the roads to Hermitage properly maintained. VINLEC vehicles use those roads on a daily basis, and private vehicle owners have already paid their dues in the form of personal and vehicle licences, so we must demand that these roads be repaired, using concrete most of the way due to the winding and steep nature of the roads in this area. Being in the interior of the island, the rainfall does have a negative impact on asphalted roads; we all know that water and oil don’t mix. The grass verges along the roads grow very quickly with the copious rainfall; regular trimming and clearing of side drains are essential and will provide employment for villagers. VINLEC and CWSA can and should help the government maintain the roads in that area. Additionally, a properly functioning local government system can help solve these problems.

Sections of the main road to Hermitage.

Contributed by: Donald De Riggs




Babysitter going nowhere!! Dear George, MY HUSBAND chose a babysitter to take care of our 3-year-old without my consultation. I was shocked, to say the least, when she turned up for work. I immediately told my husband what I knew about the lady: that she has a history of being irresponsible and uncaring. He ignored me totally and insisted that the woman was staying. I have since taken a leave of absence (from my job) to watch my child until I can figure out what to do. I’m still at a loss as to why my husband would insist on hiring this woman, despite all that I’ve told him about her. Obviously I am uncomfortable with the

his marriage over the hiring of a babysitter whose reputation is questionable and precedes her. There is still time to work this out, and your decision to be away from work until this is sorted Unbelievable out is a wise one. Use this time to see a Dear Unbelievable,  counsellor, and maybe your husband will get to Something as see the big picture. For important as this ought now, he needs to remove to be properly discussed the blinders that are and any decision taken causing him to put this must be unanimous. woman before the Your husband needs to interest if his child and have an immediate marriage and you can rethink. It is quite help in this regard. surprising, to say the least, that he would risk George 

arrangement and have told him I would have to go and when I go, I’m taking my child with me. I have documented evidence of this woman’s horrid history, but yet he ignores it all.

Vasectomy gone wrong? health of your You could discover that relationship, and you the procedure is not should have included her I AM confused. I left my a100% guarantee and in that decision. Had you things can happen. wife a few weeks ago to done so, the news of this As difficult as it may take up a job in the pregnancy would have USA. Not long after, she be, give your wife the been taken in a much benefit of the doubt and called to say she was different light. pregnant and was upset use this time to level When all is done, get a with her about what you that I was not happy paternity test done. did 8 months ago. about the news. The truth is, we have Communication and trust are vital for the George been discussing me getting a vasectomy. I assured her that she would be the first to know when I decided to have it. In announcing Dear George,  her pregnancy, she remarked how happy she MY WIFE reported to me that her doctor suspects was that I didn’t have that she could be in danger of having breast the procedure. cancer, and has ordered her to have further tests. You see, George, I I have not said this to her, but should it be that want to know how in the she is diagnosed with cancer and has to remove world she got pregnant one or both of her breast, I do not think I could for me if I got a stay with her. vasectomy 8 months ago? George, her breasts are her best physical I never told her. features, and that was what caught my attention George, please tell me when I first laid eyes on her. I cannot see us what to do here because surviving this marriage should she lose one or both the thoughts I’m having breasts. My question is, should I tell her this are not very healthy for now? her.

Dear George,

Come on, man. Get real!!

Tears Dear Tears,  Your first reaction to the news of her pregnancy is quite natural, but I urge you to slow down the rate of your thoughts. Do not jump to conclusions until you do all the necessary checks. There is a possibility that child could be yours. Have a talk with your doctor about the procedure you had done.

Anxious Dear Anxious,  I am amazed that you have chosen to totally ignore your wife’s physical and emotional state at this time. You don’t need me to tell you that you are not only selfish but dishonest and hypocritical. What you professed as love for your wife, was only a physical attraction to her breasts. You are a sad excuse for a man, having not being able to see further than her breast. It is only love that could take you both through this difficult period. Start now to find it and use it accordingly. Only then can you redeem yourself.



ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You could do extremely well in competitive sports events. You may have difficulty trying to get your mate to understand your position. You will be emotional when dealing with coworkers or employers. Use your energy wisely.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You can’t lock your partner up and if you keep restricting their freedom you may be left out in the cold. Keep your mind on your work and stay away from situations that could ruin your reputation. Anger may cause you grief; control your temper and try to sit back and calm down.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Be sure to find out all you can before you commit to anything. Physical activity will help defuse your frustration. You can learn from those who have had similar experiences. Travel and communications will not run as smoothly as you had hoped.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Do not get upset about situations you cannot change. Be careful while traveling. Your stubborn nature will backfire if you give your mate an ultimatum. Problems with your boss could lead to unemployment.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Do not get involved in joint financial ventures. You are best to avoid joint ventures, and whatever you do, don’t lend to friends or relatives. Keep your eyes and ears alert for any evasive or deceptive statements. Empty promises could be likely where work is concerned.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) You will be misinterpreted if you get involved in other people’s problems. People trying to entice you to join in will be less than trustworthy. Don’t overspend to impress someone who interests you. You can make financial deals, but it may be best if you’re not using your own cash.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Underhandedness regarding legal matters or contracts must be counteracted. Your lover may feel rejected. It’s a good time for long awaited relationships to begin. Relatives may be less than easy to deal with.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Try to slow down, and take another look. You could be misinterpreted if you’re not careful. Networking will be a necessity. Your mate needs extra attention and is feeling rather insecure when you’re not in sight. Your support and concern will help.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Take time to help children with projects that may be too hard for them to do on their own. You will have to watch out for minor health problems related to stress. You will be emotional when dealing with coworkers or employers. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can be sure that any dealing with large institutions should go well. Evasion is likely if you aren’t direct about your feelings. You need some excitement in your life, and meeting new people in exotic destinations will certainly satisfy your desires.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21.- Feb. 19) Throw yourself into your profession. Networking will be a necessity. Things are looking up. You need to get out and challenge yourself. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will be able to get your own way if you use your intellectual charm and know how. Pleasure trips will be emotionally favorable. Time is money and you must be ready to take action in order to reach your highest potential. Relationships will become stronger.

ACROSS 1. Calcium compound 5. Tramp 9. Become film 12. First man 13. Spoken 14. Exclamation of disgust 15. Small child 16. Anger 17. The Lion 18. Highway 20. City in central Belgium 22. Pestilence 25. Wide valley 26. Enthusiastic 27. On sheltered side 28. Very skilled person 29. Method 30. Large flightless bird 33. Egyptian deity 35. Bundles 37. Simple song 40. Equipment for fishing 41. Follows orders 42. Sovereign 43. Leg 44. Clublike weapon 46. Exclamations of surprise 50. 7th letter of the Greek Alphabet 51. 6th month of the Jewish calendar 52. Son of Isaac and Rebekah 53. Monetary unit of Japan 54. Protuberance 55. Church recess DOWN 1. Laboratory 2. Highest mountain in Crete 3. Fairy queen

4. Develop 5. Greek goddesses of the seasons 6. Toward the mouth 7. Purgs 8. Salt of Oleic acid 9. Roman general 10. Excrete 11. Egyptian god of learning 19. Belonging to us 21. Part of verb to be 22. Seed of a legume 23. Resinous deposit 24. Period of human life 25. Wily 27. Exclamation of surprise 29. Roll of bank notes 30. North American deer

31. Honey 32. Exploit 33. Wield 34. Dutch navigator 35. Bleat of a sheep 36. Ancient district in S. Greece




37. A golf score 38. Diminish 39. Sweetheart 40. At that place 42. Great quantity 45. Fuss 47. Viper 48. Possesses 49. Bring civil action against

V KING: New president of ECOSOC 22. FRIDAY, AUGUST 03, 2018. THE VINCENTIAN


H.E. I. Rhonda King, Permanent Representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations

ON THURSDAY 26, JULY 2018, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) elected, by acclamation, H.E. I. Rhonda King, Permanent Representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations, as its new President at its 2019 opening session.

Ambassador King is the fourth female, the first woman from the Latin American and Caribbean region, and the first woman from the Global South to serve as the President of ECOSOC. The 54-member Council is one of the six organs of the

United Nations and serves as the principal organ for socioeconomic and related work. At the opening session, three Vice-Presidents were also elected: H.E. Omar Hilale (Morocco) from the African States, H.E.

Teodoro Lopez Locsin, Jr. (Philippines) from the AsiaPacific States, and H.E. Tore Hattrem (Norway) from the Western European and other States. The seat to be occupied by the Eastern European States is yet to be filled. Ambassador King noted in her inaugural speech, that her main priorities for the coming year will be to revive ECOSOC and to deliver a successful High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). She plans to restore ECOSOC’s deliberative function, policy guidance, and coordination role. The Ambassador also plans to ensure that the upcoming 2019 HLPF remains a visionary and action-oriented platform under the theme of “Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality.” Acknowledging the existential concern pertaining to climate change, Ambassador King intends to make

“Building Climate Resilience” her presidential sub-theme and highlight the transformative actions that can be taken to help Member States manage climate change and become more resilient. ECOSOC has a key role in demonstrating the interlinkages between climate change and other SDGs. The 6 SDGs under review during her presidency are SDG 4 (Education), SDG 8 (Growth and Employment), SDG 10 (Inequality), SDG 13 (Climate Change), SDG 16 (Peaceful Societies and Robust Institutions), and SDG 17 (Means of Implementation). To catalyze more creative thinking in preparation for the High-Level Segment of the HLPF, the newly elected President plans to convene periodic dialogues with and lectures from thought leaders. Ambassador King believes that she can deliver on her promises with the support of Under-Secretary-General and his team at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the entire UN system, and her bureau of four Vice-Presidents. (Source:

The mystery of my confession without repentance Chatoyer, Sheriff Lewis and the great Joshua AND RECENTLY WE offer no such mileage. HAD THE Mandela I learn early that Highway imperative confession is good for the decree. Parts of the soul. I admit that in nation were highlighting the issues dumbfounded when they listed above and others, I learnt of this “secret have sinned against the decision.” Public ULP and its holy trinity. agreement was NEVER These sins I committed sought! It was not consciously following the discussed; and those like MLK jr. Malcolm X, yours truly who had the Chatoyer, Fidel, Thomas gumption to question Sankara and others of this dictate, were that ilk, tradition of demonized as Ralph belief in justice for the haters; or simply poor and powerless. And, brushed aside as I pledge to do so again obstructing irrelevances and again until “justice and backward rolls down like waters.” nonentities who don’t So I am an unrepentant understand that rogue, for like Einstein, I decision-making in SVG celebrate impudence as is the preserve of the “my guardian angel in three wise men!! And in this world.” And like this case, what matters him, the idea that “an is international grandeur intelligent man can for consummate-eternal subscribe to a party I exhibitionist Ralph. find a complete mystery!” Continued from page 8



National Netball Tournament Concludes SVG General Services Maple. Other players from SVG General Services Maple were also showered with accolades: Nia Frederick - Best Defending Player Jr.; Daniella Lovelace- Best MidCourt Player Jr, and Shanise Humphrey — Best Attacking Player Jr. The other award in the Junior Division was copped by Jonelle John of OSCO Ball Warriors, whose 89.53% made her the Most Accurate Shooter. Meanwhile, Skiddy Francis-Crick of Metrocint General Insurance Maple, again, was the Most Accurate Shooter in the Senior Joseann Antoine (right) collecting the Division. She had an Best Defending Player award from accuracy rate of 98.77%. Nelson Hillocks. Francis- Crick also took first place in the Individual Shooting Competition, converting 58 of her 65 attempts. Her team mate- Joseann Antoine collected the Best Defending Player Award. Roseann Stephens of French Verandah X- Ceed was adjudged the Best Mid- Court Player, and Nicole Sandy-Stephenson of Mitres, the Best Attacking Player. Also presented were the Most Valuable Players of each of the Top Senior Shooter thirty —two teams which contested and Individual Nelson Hillocks (left) Shooting Competition the four divisions. presents the Best And, two team awards were Attacking Player award winner- Skiddy dished out, with Sion Hill Junior FrancisCrick,(right) Senior, to Nicole SandyNetball Team , adjudged the Most accepts the latter Stevenson. Disciplined Team, and Q- Tech award from Stella NORTH LEEWARD STARZ Boyea- Ashby, former Solution Netters- the Most Improved Team. was the last team to be SVG Netball captain. Making up the complement of installed as champions, teams in the tournament were six in when the 2018 FLOW National Netball Tournament concluded last Thursday, July 26, Division One, ten in Division Two, twelve in Division Three and four in Division evening at the Kingstown Netball Centre. Four. The North Leeward Starz clashed with Nice Radio Clinchers in the Division Two Knock Out final, but it was one-way traffic, Incidence of ill-discipline down Addressing last Thursday’s Closing and as North Leeward won comfortably, 71-28. Presentation Ceremony, President of the North Leeward’s dominance was acute, St Vincent and the Grenadines Netball having led 16-7, 36-17 and 48-23 in the Association- Doris Mc Intosh, reported a previous three quarters. drop in incidence of ill- discipline during It was a fitting piece of silverware for the 2018 tournament. North Leeward Starz, which had to settle “There was a marked improvement in for third place in the League competition, the area of discipline… There were very behind French Verandah X- Ceed and few players who demonstrated obvious Island Blends Maple. misconduct,” Mc Intosh revealed. As it turned out, Division Two was the In highlighting this improvement, Mc lone division that did not have a double Intosh echoed: “I must commend those champion — same winner of the League who made huge efforts to conduct and Knock Out Competitions. themselves appropriately.” The double champions were MitresMc Intosh, however, chided those who Division One, SVG General Services transgressed, and advised, “I remind the Maple- Division Three, and Sion Hill very few who attempted to bring the game Junior Netball Team- Division Four. of Netball into disrepute, to do some serious introspection, and to pull Awards The closing and Presentation Ceremony themselves together or we will not allow followed on the completion of the evening’s them to play Netball in the future.” In addition to Mc Intosh, Director of match. Adjudged the Most Improved Player was Physical Education and Sports- Nelson Hillocks, also addressed the ceremony. Shachia Nedd of Division Three outfit-

Division Two Knock- Out champions- North Leeward Starz .

X- Cel Summer Tennis Climaxes

Afe Lucas. THE X- CEL ACADEMY, Last Saturday, concluded its week- long Summer Tennis Tournament at the National Lotteries Tennis Court, Richmond Hill. Winning the Girls Under-14 title was Afe Lucas. She beat Angeleah Providence, 7-2, 7-1, not before the two squared off in a best of three tie breaker in the final. Among the Under14 boys, Angello Morgan had a 4-0, 4-1 undoing of Alhil Cyril to take

that title. Up the age group, Josh Mounsey outclassed Daryl Franklyn 6-3, 6-3, to Angelo Morgan. top the Male Open engaged in some segment. competitive matches. It was a similar His call comes case in the Females against a backdrop of Open, as Anastasia decreased competition White comfortably generally, not an beat Myka Williams, encouraging note in 6-4, 6-4. the record book of the Williams and current Executive of Mounsey combined to the St Vincent and the win the Mixed Grenadines Tennis Doubles title over Association. Aaron Weekes and Alexi Humphrey. Adjudged the Most Promising Female was Adonia Bramble, with Mc Carvy Cyril, the Most Promising Male. Fifty—six players contested the tournament. Head Coach at the X- Cel Tennis Academy, Kebajah King, underscored the need to have the Most Promising Male – Tennis players Mc Carvy Cyril.

V SVG places joint second in WISG 24. FRIDAY, AUGUST 03, 2018. THE VINCENTIAN


St Vincent and Grenadines finished joint second place with host St Lucia, when the 2018 CBN/ Winlott Inc. Windward Islands Schools’ Games concluded last Sunday. This year’s second place represents SVG’s best showing in recent times, having placed third in 2014, 2015, 2016 (shared with Dominica) and last in 2017 when St Vincent and the

Male Basketball MVPNicholas Lewis.

Grenadines hosted the games. SVG’s 2018 tally of 27 points, the same as St Lucia, was due to a first place in Male Volleyball, second places in Track and Field, Football and Male Basketball, and a third place in Female Volleyball. However, the Vincentians were winless in Netball and Female Volleyball, to finish last in the four team competitions. As expected St Vincent and the Grenadines outshone their opponents in Male Volleyball. SVG beat Grenada, 3-1, St Lucia 3-0 and Dominica 3-0. In Football, St Vincent and the Grenadines, after going under to Grenada 2-0, rebounded to defeat St Lucia by the same score line but played to a goalless draw against Dominica last Sunday. In Male Basketball, SVG was defeated by Grenada 76-56, but wins over St Lucia, 72-63, and 85-78 in overtime versus Dominica, pushed them to second place. The next best effort for SVG was a third place in Female Volleyball, as

SVG’s triumphant Male Volleyball team. Pouching the MVPs for the various disciplines for St Vincent and the Grenadines Nhage Morgan- Female were: Ronaldo FranklynVolleyball MVP. Male Volleyball; Nicholas that team ended with one Lewis- Male Basketball, win against Grenada (3- Diel Spring — Football: 1) and losses to St Lucia Zita Vincent- Track and (3-0) and Dominica (also Field; Nhage Morgan3-0). Female Volleyball; The Vincentians were Nerissa Delpescheunable to muster wins in Netball and Merisha Netball and Female Lavia — Female Basketball. Basketball. In Netball, they were Vincent also shared whipped by Grenada 27- the award of Victrix 12, and surrendered to St Ludorum with St LucianLucia 30-21 and to Kimani Alphonse. Dominica, 20-11. The tale was the same Placings in Female Basketball, as SVG lost to St Lucia, 54Grenada was crowned 14, to Grenada 35-17 and overall champions on 33 45-11 loss to Dominica. points. They champed Track and Field, Football SVG’s MVPs and Male Basketball, and added a second place in

Netball, third places in Male Volleyball and Female Basketball, and a fourth in Female Volleyball. St Lucia, who also finished on 27 points, copped Netball, was second in Male Volleyball, Female Volleyball, placed third in Track and Field, and was fourth in Male Basketball and Football. Dominica ended fourth on 25 points. They won Female Basketball and Female Volleyball, was third in Male Basketball, Football and Netball and fourth in Track and Field and Male Volleyball. Seven points were awarded for first place, five points for second place, three for third, and Zita Vincent- Track and a single point for a fourth Field MVP and Victrix place. Ludorum.

Windwards U19 captain confident JAHANN JEREMIAH, captain of the Windward Islands Under 19 team, is full of confidence ahead of the 2018 Cricket West Indies Under 19 Championship, which bowls off here today at three different venues. Jeremiah believes the team is well balanced and the players should have benefited from a five-day training camp held here prior to the tournament opening. “This year’s team is much more balanced than last year’s so I guess that’s a key thing for the tournament. Last year, in the 3-day format, we didn’t put together enough partnership, even though

we did better in the limited overs,” he contended. “We are always looking to improve our performance, and the camp should have benefited guys. especially in building our confidence,” the captain added. As expected, the Windwards will be looking for an improved performance playing at home, and Jerimiah is hopeful that the senior players will contribute in this regard, saying, “I expect the senior players to play a key role and use their experience to guide the younger ones and the team in general.” The Championship which runs from August 3 to the 29 and played at four venues - Park Hill, Cumberland, Sion Hill and Arnos Vale - comprises two formats: a 3day with 3 rounds, followed by the 1-day competition. The six regional territories will compete in the 3-day format, with the Canadians joining in in the 1-day competition. The Windward Islands will take on Trinidad and Tobago in their first game match at Park Hill from today and into Sunday. Guyana will oppose Leeward Islands at Windward Islands U19 team with Sherman Wells (front centre) representative of WINLIOTT Grenada.

Dr. Kishorne Shallow, President of the SVGCA. Arnos Vale, and Barbados face Jamaica at Sion Hill. Meanwhile, Dr. Kishorne Shallow, President of the SVGCA, believes there are several benefits that will accrue to the host country. “SVG Jahann haven’t hosted an international Jeremiah, fixture for some years now, therefore captain of the it is a great opportunity for young Windward upcoming cricketers and other Islands Under Vincentians to see some good 19 team. competitive regional cricket,” he said. “Such a tournament will inject some revenue in the country, with about 150 persons visiting for 30 days; it is a glimpse of a potential sports-tourism industry, of which, of course, I am a strong advocate,” the President added. I.B.A ALLEN




Lessons in our lives ATTENTION turns to the second of three T/ 20 matches as the Bangladesh excursion winds up. The two matches at Central Boulevard Regional Park in the USA continue a trend of broadening the sport on the hemisphere. The West Indies and their fans will still be ruing the performance in the third ODI when the home team faltered by 18 runs. Bangladesh took that segment 2 - 1 in thrilling fashion. Congratulations are in order. They approached that series in gutsy mode, having been demoralised in the Test matches. West Indies had the opportunity of rebounding from a dismal first match when their bowling in the final five overs leaked too many and put Bangladesh in a comfortable position. The West Indies fire power fused in that first runs chase. That effort in the final showdown will expose to the coaching staff the work they have to complete to threaten at the World Cup. The lessons will prove valuable. Many people are upset with the team. They have overlooked that Bangladesh is ranked higher than the West Indies, or that West Indies had to qualify for the World Cup. The fact that seems to be some sort of rapprochement as far as the seasoned West Indies players are concerned, send signals of a redemption. So there will be no need for International Cricket Council’s intervention, or CARICOM to impose any ruling. West Indians have ways of settling their differences. The politicians are making headway on the political front. Moves towards entrenching the integration drive with acknowledgement of the no borders policy albeit in limited numbers, are steps in the right direction. The region knows the lethargic manner in which decisions taken at the highest have been carried out. West Indies Cricket is at an interesting crossroad. It is up to a new generation to fill into the international mould. The talent has been displayed from the earliest. We have shown that we are competitive. The decline is at the senior level. Whether the ongoing crop diverts for more dynamic spheres is to be analysed. The Under 19 tournament will provide the opportunity for Vincentians to assess the future stock. The Barbados Cricket Authorities declined hosting the tournament because they felt the subvention was insufficient. That St. Vincent and the Grenadines filled the void shows the extent to which countries go to maintain the show. Such sacrifices must be borne in mind when it comes to the big spending tours. St. Vincent has remained a faithful host in times of despair. Our forthrightness ought to be rewarded. Youths from St. Vincent and the Grenadines must be positioned to take advantage of the opportunities. It won’t be long before the football fever takes on local flavour with the Nation’s Cup. With the Fifa World Cup having stamped its signature, fans will be anxious to absorb another round of action, especially with players and teams they can genuinely identify with.

Bequia welcomes first Youth Soccer Tournament

SEVEN TEAMS are contesting the inaugural Bequia Youth Soccer Tournament which opened formally last Friday, July 27, at the Clive Tannis Playing Field. Three teams - Uprising Youths, Future Youths and Combine Youths will compete in an Under10 competition, and four Future Stars, Combine Youths, Young Stars and Rising Stars - in an Participating teams during last Friday’s March Past. Under-13 category. Spearheading the Godwin Friday shared a tournament is a six- member committee, which similar vein of support. includes Wayne Peters, Clayton Ollivierre, Marlon Addressing the parents and James, Ralph Stowe, Garfield Mc Intosh and guardians directly, Friday Clement Mc Intosh. stressed, “It is really important Stowe, who has been involved in training young that you come out and support footballers on the island for several years, gave an the children, and when you insight into the motivation that gave rise to the come, you do not cheer for your Tournament. own child, cheer for all the Dr Godwin Friday, He said inter alia, “The best time for learning is children.” speaking at at this age 10 and 11, and if we miss that window, Friday though cautioned the Friday’s opening no matter what we do, they are not going to learn parents and guardians. “Don’t of the Bequia anything or it will be difficult to learn.” put any pressure on them to be Youth Soccer Stowe added, “When we look at sports, and Maridonas, the Messis and so Tournament. Football in particular in Bequia, the standard is on …What they are trying to do nowhere what it was before …We cannot take a at this stage is to learn the game and most proper secondary school to St Vincent anymore, as importantly, learn to play as team mates, to make the standard is gone …If we are going to get back friends. Parents, you have to encourage them in Football at where it is supposed to be, then we that”. would have to start with the youngsters”. Last Friday’s opening took the form of a Ball — OStowe revealed that whilst the committee is in Rama among the teams. charge of the actual administration, the parents and The tournament was set to commence in earnest guardians are on board, hence, “We have put last Tuesday, with matches also slated for Friday, at together a players’ code of conduct and parents’ code the Clive Tannis Playing Field. of conduct”. The tournament is expected to conclude by the This, he said, is to ensure a synergy among all end of August. stakeholders. Lending support to the venture was Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs- Herman Belmar, who lauded the undertaking of the committee. Speaking directly to the parents and guardians, Belmar stated, “You cannot have done something better than to entrust the care of these children into capable hands.” Belmar, in expanding on the credentials of the BEQUIA Venture Royal Challengers’ Ian coaches and administrators, related, “They have the ability to Gonsalves was the spotlight player in last weekend round of matches in the Bequia Twenty/20 Cricket contribute and their willingness Championship. Gonsalves hit 111 in his team’s to give back to their community and the suppleness of the minds total of 150 for 4 off 14 overs, as they overhauled Davis Construction Port Elizabeth Masters’ 149 for that they are moulding … They 8 off 20 overs, in which Gonsalves accounted for 3 are the point of being moulded wickets for 35 runs. into the men and women that In another match, Knights Trading De Aussies will form the backbone of our gained a 6-wicket victory over Dock Side Marine. society”. Parliamentary Representative Dock Side Marine were dismissed for 113 in 14 for the Northern Grenadines and overs, Renal Campbell leading with 33 and Dean Browne accounting for 3 for 16. Knights Trading Leader of the Opposition- Hon De Aussies, in no real hurry, finished on 117 for 4 Ralph Stowe addressing last off 12 overs, Jasaon Hutchins hitting 51 not Friday’s Opening Ceremony. out, Me-Shack Williams 39 not out, and Geron Wyllie taking 3 for 40. In a high-scoring game, De Defenders’ 229 for 9 off 20 overs proved too much for Friendship United who gave it their all but managed 185 off 20 overs, beating Garfield Friendship United by 44 runs. Scores: De Defenders Alroy Hoyte 49, Michael Deane 34 not out, Deswayne Williams 30, were the leading run-getters for the victors. Verden Baptiste 30, Garfield Sargeant 25, Alrick Pompey 23, Deswayne Williams 39 did likewise for the losers. All matches were played at the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Port Elizabeth.

Gonsalves stars with bat and ball

I.B.A.ALLEN On field display in the Under-10 Division.





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AUGUST 03, 2018

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SOME MAS PEOPLE “ARE NOW VAGRANTS” outside of St. Vincent,” said Hunte, who himself was based overseas — USA AMIDST ALL the pomp and marketing — for some time. hype that drive Vincy Mas, this country’s The veteran mas man said that he annual carnival, there is at least one got the impression, since his return, person who is moved to lament the that there “is a categorization of people situation of certain persons who have in St. Vincent. Some are here and contributed to putting the carnival where some are there; they are not all in the it is today. same boat.” Veteran Masman, renowned artist, And taking that as his cue, he designer, outstanding artisan, cultural moved into a graphic reference to the activist Lennox ‘Scully’ Hunte, says current state of existence of many of that the grassroots people who were the ‘grassroot’ people with whom he involved in mas- making have been left worked; whom “I have known to have to suffer in SVG. worked really, really hard. A lot of Hunte’s comment came during the them are now vagrants on the street,” official launch of Accolade and a he voiced with contention. Journal/Symposium on the “They can work with their hands; Masquerade Artform, held at they are good; they have been Frenches House last Monday, July 30. (productive) in my time for years and The former teacher and Head of the years and years, and now I see them National Craft Programme here told sort of frustrated on the side of the the gathering that some weeks ago he road, not even have a chance to work was in conversation with someone, in a mas tent,” said Hunte. who expressed the strong view that “So when we think of carnival, in SVG had “a lot of money”, but “the reality St. Vincent has changed from people with the money were sending it yesteryear - between yesteryear and out of the country”. now; some are doing well and some are “They are banking their money not doing so well,” he added. by KENVILLE HORNE

The man with a number of mas bands and individual masqueraders titles, here in SVG and beyond, under his belt, made a passionate case for these grassroots persons to be assisted. “So,” Hunte said in a tone of appeal almost religious-like, “it is incumbent upon us to try and identify those who can do stuff and, by some means, try to help them to have a chance to come back to doing something. They are pushing carts in the market…… I see them pushing carts, moving load from one dock or from one stall or from one table to another table for two dollars and three dollars just to survive.” But it was not all lamentation for Hunte. He recalled, “I used to love carnival.. long ago Mas was not so much about money, but moreso about passion,” and he shared that in 1958, the total amount of money paid out by the Kingstown Town Board, organisers of Carnival Monday and Tuesday, was

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Lennox ‘Scully’ Hunte drew his audience’s attention and hopefully their sensibilities to the plight of the grassroot people who made Vincy Mas what it is today. $1,510.00. Hunte recognised that nowadays masmen, creators want to get something in return for what they put in, and that is understandable. All in all, Hunte agreed, “Carnival is a wonderful medium” for expression and some return. However, focus must not be lessened on those who make it possible, especially masmen and women, he proffered, adding, inter alia, that no one — of yesterday - must be left out of the bounty that can be reaped today.

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