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MAY 18, 2012

VOLUME 106, No. 20


Prospect farmer on multiple charges SIGBERT PETERS was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prisons this week on multiple charges in connection with theft, violence and other offences committed against a number of foreign professionals residing here. The 27-year-old farmer of New Prospect was charged with assaulting Caroline Taylor, a 24-year-old medical doctor of England, by raising a knife at her, with intent to commit the offence of wounding at Sion Hill Bay,

on April 24, 2012. He is also charged with assaulting Sakunthala Wifesinghe, a 21-year-old university student of England, by scratching her on her neck with a knife, and is further charged with indecently assaulting Wifesinghe. Additional charges against Peters include: the theft of one Amazon kindle electronic book valued at 89 pounds, property of Wifesinghe at Sion Hill Bay, on April 17, 2012;


Devon Ashton did not seem to make good use of his ‘freedom’.

LESS THAN TWO WEEKS after being discharged from a murder charge, Devon Ashton ended up behind bars again, after failing to pay the court forthwith for cocaine possession. Ashton, 23, of Campden Park, was on Tuesday fined $1,500 forthwith for possession of four grams of cocaine, with an alternative of six months in prison. Ashton failed to pay the fine and was taken to Her Majesty’s Prisons.

unlawfully, and maliciously wounding Ginel Garcia, a 43-year-old civil engineer of Cuba/Sion Hill Bay, by cutting her on her left wrist and elbow with a piece of broken bottle; and unlawfully and maliciously wounding Kenneth Sloggeth, a 63-year-old civil engineer of England/Diamond, by boxing him on his mouth, at Sion Hill on May 23, 2011. Peters pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared in Court on

Monday and was remanded, pending sentencing.

Sigbert Peters pleaded guilty to six charges.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young had convicted Ashton following a trial at the Serious Offences Court on Monday. Sentencing was postponed to Tuesday at the request of attorney Grant Connell.

Lawyer pleads for leniency Ashton was not represented at the trial, but following his conviction, he retained Connell to mitigate on his behalf. As a result, Connell requested an adjournment.

Attorney Grant Connell put in yet another plea for leniency on behalf Continued on Page 3. of a client.


In celebration of the Inauguration of the 13th President and Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

H.E. Dr. Ma Ying-jeou

H.E. Wu Den-yih




News 3 Sarwan calls on Gonsalves

The Vincentian PM paid tribute to “governance issues,” and cited the P.J. Spencer, who is Chairman of Caricom Patterson Report as a starting point to RAMNARESH SARWAN, the 31-year-old Prime Ministerial Sub Committee. reforming governance structures and Guyanese right handed batsman, wants “I did the donkey work,” Dr. arrangements. Vincentian Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves mentioned. Dr. Gonsalves is “disappointed” that Gonsalves, to help him to get back into He indicated that he could not some players selected on the tour to the West Indies cricket team. speak on the selectors’ behalf, but England encountered visa problems. The Vincentian Prime Minister added: “I expect Chris to be selected.” He saw it as an “embarrassment” to made the disclosure last Tuesday The Vincentian leader outlined his have players “hanging around and morning at a media briefing. He has role in the episode, which included can’t get visas.” not wasted time with Sarwan’s contacts with Chris Gayle, while the “I don’t understand how that request. player was in India, as well as with becomes a complex activity,” Dr. “I communicated with Dr. (Julian) persons in Jamaica. Gonsalves sighed. Hunte,” Gonsalves stated. As far as Gonsalves looks forward to Chris Dr. Gonsalves is concerned, he sees no Gayle being part of the reason for some former players’ West Indies outfit for the inclusion in the squad. One Day International He made it clear that governments and T20 series against ought not to be running cricket affairs. England, the series But he called for a “great deal of against New Zealand, balance,” as it relates to the approach and the International of those in charge of the region’s most Cricket Council T/20 delicate subject. tournament in Sri Lanka Dr. Gonsalves declared that “I don’t September. want to make headlines in cricket,” “I don’t see what Continued from Page 1. but when the final agreement between roadblocks can be put in the West Indies Cricket Board and his way,” the Vincentian When the matter resumed on Tuesday, Connell Chris Gayle is signed, Dr. Gonsalves leader pondered. begged the court for leniency, stating that Ashton and Baldwin Spencer, the Antigua and He established that he was 23, and his parents died when he was at a Barbuda Prime Minister, will be there did not want to “diminish tender age. Connell also asked the court to take into to witness the decision. the authority of West consideration the fact that Ashton had been Gonsalves’ comments came amidst Indies cricket,” but he remanded on a more serious charge for a long time, comments on the Chris Gayle saga. pointed to ongoing and was discharged from that matter by the same court. Prosecutor Inspector Adolphus Delpleche did not respond to Connell’s mitigation. by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

Ramnaresh Sarwan sought the assistance of PM Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, following the PM’s intervention in the Gayle affair.

Ashton behind bars again

Dr. Ralph Gonslaves apparently wasted no time in responding to Sarwan’s request.

Caught in the act

WE WANT TO THANK FRANK DA SILVA, noted commentator and philanthropist in his own right, for sharing this photograph with us. The photograph, which Mr. Da Silva indicates dates back to 1890, shows a view of Fort Duvernette (Rock Fort) and Young Island which was originally referred to as Young’s Island. The shot is taken from Calliaqua so that it presents a view that is generally rare among photographers of that period

and even today. Note the tranquility, even quaintness of Calliaqua, with its spaced housing. Times have brought change to this land of oursn and we are pleased, thanks to Mr. Da Silva in this week’s column, to offer readers the opportunity to judge that change for themselves. And while we are at it, we would welcome submissions from other readers, to this column.

Evidence at the trial revealed that around 10:30 p.m. August 18, 2011, police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), on duty outside the Central Police Station, acted on information received and went in the area of the old temporary vegetable market at the Reclamation Site, on Bay Street. Ashton was met sitting under a light with a piece of board in his lap and a razor blade cutting up what appeared to be cocaine. He tried to run, but the lawmen had already circled the area and he ran into one of the officers. He was subsequently arrested and charged. In his defence, Ashton denied possession of the cocaine, saying that it belonged to another man who was about five feet from him. Ashton said he was standing urinating when the police arrested him at gun point.

An earlier charged dismissed On May 2, 2012, Ashton was discharged from a murder charge during the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) at the Serious Offences Court, after the police failed to locate the key witness for whom a bench warrant was issued. A prima facie case could not be made out based on the evidence presented by the other prosecution witness. Ashton was charged with the murder of O’Keefe Lynch, 18, originally of Lowmans Leeward, who died from a single bullet to the head between August 7-8, 2008. Lynch’s body was discovered around 5:45 a.m. August 8, 2008 in the road leading to Joyette’s Garage at Murray’s Road, Kingstown.




Burglar jailed for seven years Lewis was convicted of burglarizing the home of A 34-year-old Richland Jenis Howard of Park man was sentenced Richland Park. to seven years in prison Evidence presented by this week for burglary. the prosecution showed Justice Wesley James that around 10:30 p.m. handed down the penalty on October 23, 2011, at the Criminal Assizes Howard was returning on Tuesday. home from a neighbour A nine-member jury when she met Lewis had found Lorenzo Lewis standing at her gate. He guilty at the conclusion asked the woman for of a trial on Monday. some salt, and she went by HAYDN HUGGINS

Labourer jailed for ‘weed’ by HAYDN HUGGINS A 29-year-old labourer of Belair is into his fifth day of a two-year sentence for possession of 80 pounds of marijuana, with intent to supply. Chief Magistrate Sonya Young handed down the penalty at the Serious Offenses Court on Tuesday, after Nashon Clete Exeter pleaded guilty the previous day. The Court heard that police officers of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) were conducting a stop and search exercise at Keartons, Barrouallie, when they saw a jeep coming from the leeward end. The occupants of the vehicle seemed to have recognized the police, for the vehicle stopped suddenly and proceeded to reverse. The lawmen entered their vehicle, gave chase and caught up with the jeep. A search was conducted, during which the drug was found in taped packages in the trunk of the vehicle. Exeter was charged jointly with Nathan John, 23, of Questelles. John maintained his innocence, and the prosecution withdrew the charge against him. Attorney Grant Connell represented both men.

to get it for him. Lewis went into Howard’s yard and stood at her kitchen door. However, as she went to the cupboard for the salt, she felt someone grab her from behind and place a sharp object to her neck. She looked around, saw it was the accused and started screaming. He told her to ‘shut up’, but she continued screaming and her daughter, Rea-Dawn Howard, shouted from upstairs and Lewis left. As he was leaving, Howard threw a broomstick in an attempt to hit him.

In his defence, Lewis, who was not represented by a lawyer, admitted that he asked Howard for salt and she offered to give it to him. He, however, told the court he heard gunshots and Howard was scared, so he told her he would take care of her. Under crossexamination by Crown Counsel Colin John, Lewis said he did not have a gun, knife or stick at the time. When John asked him how he was going to take ‘care of the woman’, he said, “I was going to take

‘Snowy’ awaits sentencing Justice Wesley James directed the jury to MICHAEL ‘Snowy’ return a formal verdict of Wilson of Old Montrose not guilty on that charge. will be sentenced next The charges stemmed Monday, May 21, for from an incident around aggravated burglary and 10 p.m. on December 22, damage to property. 2011, during which A nine-member jury Wilson broke into the found Wilson guilty of home of Beatris Samuel both charges at the of New Montrose, armed conclusion of a trial at with a cutlass and the Criminal Assizes last allegedly chopped Tuesday, but sentencing Beatris’ greatwas postponed. granddaughter Mishka, Wilson was also several times. charged with wounding 14-year-old Mishka Winesses refrain from Samuel with intent, but testifying by HAYDN HUGGINS

Another armed robbery in Kingstown by KENVILLE HORNE THE SPATE of burglary and robbery seems to worry many Vincentians who wish to go about their business in peace and comfort. On Monday 14th , around 11:45 pm, Andy Prince and his commonlaw wife, Shanny Hall, exited their jeep at a junction in Murray Village . They headed through a short cut to Paul Over.

Prince told THE VINCENTIAN that they were half way home when an unknown assailant, masked and wearing a ‘hoody’, jumped out of the bushes and pulled a gun on them. “Shanny was so frighten that she fall down,” Prince told THE VINCENTIAN. Still shaken from the ordeal , Prince said that the gunman then pointed the gun at Hall and said,

care of her just so.” Lewis admitted hearing Howard screaming and that he told her to shut up, but he denied entering her house and putting a sharp object to her throat. The complainant and her daughter testified for the prosecution, as well as Corporal Clifford Harry and Constable Colin Pitt. Lewis was also charged with assault, but the jury found him not guilty of that charge.

“Ge me da bag ya .“ The assailant then pulled Hall’s bag from her shoulder and made his exist through some bushes, into a dark alley. Hall was relieved of over two thousand dollars in cash that she had planned to use to purchase an Airline ticket to Canada. She also lost a Blackberry cell phone valued at $1500 and other important documents. Prince is upset by

what transpired. He believes the person might have been watching and may have been waiting for him. He is saddened by the fact that his common- law wife had to suffer and he couldn’t do anything. “When the man was pulling off she bag, she was screaming, screaming,” stated Prince. The matter has been reported to the police headquarters.

Mishka started testifying, but she appeared to be ill, and Crown Counsel Carl Williams, who was prosecuting, asked the court to stand the case down for a while. Justice James adjourned the matter for ten minutes, and on resumption, Mishka told the court she no longer wanted to give evidence. Mishka’s aunt, Kerry Ann Samuel, was called to testify, but upon taking the oath, indicated that she did not want to proceed. It was when Beatris was called that a graphic account of what transpired was heard. Beatris told the court she heard a noise like a chopping and when she awoke, she saw the accused armed with a cutlass peeping to see where Mishka was. Beatris asked him what he was looking for. At that time, Mishka got up. Wilson followed her into the toilet, chopped her several times and left. Wilson had gained entry by chopping through the front door. When Crown Counsel Williams asked the

Two to stand trial by HAYDN HUGGINS TWO MEN would appear before a judge and jury for aggravated burglary and wounding. Last Friday, May 11, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, sitting at the Serious Offences Court, committed Shane Black of Cane Garden and Ashroy Roberts of Sion Hill to stand trial in the High Court. At the conclusion of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI), the Chief Magistrate concluded that a prima facie case was made out. The indictment stems from an incident November 1, 2011, when the home of Kamal King of Cane Garden was burglarized, during which King was allegedly chopped with a cutlass. Several items were stolen including a television. Five witnesses testified for the prosecution at the PI which had commenced at the Serious Offences Court on April 23. Among them were the complainant and investigator Constable Orlando Collins. woman how she was able to see Wilson, she said there was light from the living room shining into the bedroom. When asked if she had given Wilson permission to enter the house or chop down the door, she said no. Justice James gave directions to the jury that since Mishka did not complete her evidence and was therefore not crossexamined, they must bring back a verdict of not guilty of wounding with intent. Wilson, who is not represented by a lawyer, has indicated that he would be calling witnesses to testify on his behalf at the sentencing hearing.




ÂComing in from the coldÊ by WILLIAM KOJAH ANTHONY

WHEN THE HMS PROTECTOR docked at the Cruise Ship Berth, Kingstown, on Friday 11th May, its complement included two very proud Vincentians, Jumar Parsons and Denroy Cole. The ship arrived at 2 pm, and crew members had time to experience the atmosphere at Heritage Square, within walking distance of the port. And it must have been quite something for those men who took time out to enjoy some Vincentian hospitality, for the vessel was coming off duties in the Antarctic. The vessel, an ice breaker, is the Ice Patrol Vessel for the Royal Navy and the eighth ship to bear the name. It patrols and surveys the Antarctic and South Atlantic, and has a high resolution sounder installed to enable surveying of the ocean floor. Lieutenant Commander Phil Payne reflected on the ship’s four-month tour of duty in the southern region. He recalled that it was winter there, and it being “almost dark, all day all night.” For him, the Caribbean segment was to “warm up.”

The HMS Protector at the Cruise Ship Berth. by his experience. His family was Inset: Jumar Parsons, one of the two Vincentians serving on the HMS Protector. entertained on board later that day, and the Glouster and HMS He expressed gratitude to Recruitment Team in 2002. Prime Minister was scheduled Southampton, before the HMS the ship’s commander for Cole captained this for lunch. country’s Under-19 InterProtector. allowing him to come home Parsons was born in Rose Secondary School Volley team He is still getting used to while still carrying out his Place, to the south of the for three years. being away from his family, duties. nation’s capital. He grew up in but he uses available means of From the area of Gomea in His advice is that “people Belair, to the eastern interior communication to be in touch. who get an opportunity to go West St. George, Cole is using section of mainland St. A fitness fanatic, Parsons away must come back and put every opportunity to broaden Vincent. his horizon, and looks forward enjoys being in the gym, a something into the country.” A former St. Mary’s R.C. trait he developed while Parsons’ compatriot, Denroy to continuing his “exciting School, Bishop’s College and working on Mustique. Cole, had secured his vacation career.” While here, the officers and SVG Technical College He admitted to a life-long when the ship docked at crew of the HMS Protector student, he worked as a Data interest in joining the military, Kingstown ans was not Proud Vincies also welcome one of their Collector with the Agricultural and things seem to have fallen onboard when THE outstanding colleagues, Ministry and then as a into place. Although he is not VINCENTIAN visited. Vincentain Louis Providence. Parsons expressed pride Security Officer with the on the actual front line, He is also a former with being able to be at home. Mustique Company, before Parsons is content that he is Technical College student and Mr. Providence is a retired naval officer having served for He sat uniformed on Saturday enlisting with the Royal Navy. able to live up to his ambition. enlisted with the Navy after morning and seemed unruffled He had duties on the HMS attending a presentation by a 22 years in the Royal Navy.

L-R: Jumar Parsons with retired naval officer Vincentian Louis Providence and Lieut. Commander Phil Payne.




Police Officers in training

He described the course as fulfilling a mandate “to ensure A NUMBER OF POLICE that officers are trained and OFFICERS are into a three-week equipped for the challenges training stint at the Old that face them.” Montrose Police Headquarters. Joseph, recognizing that Superintendent of Police “this country is not endowed Frankie Joseph, Head of the with natural assets,” Police Training School, registered the need “to make welcomed the participants last use of the nation’s human Monday morning, and noted resources.” that it was the first such The Superintendent pointed exercise for Junior Nonout that criminals were using Commissioned Officers. sophisticated methods in their by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

operations, and cautioned that challenges,” Joseph vowed. “we cannot allow the Police to Training is critical be left behind.”

themselves.” He pointed to training opportunities available to members of the RSVCG Police Course topics Commissioner of Police Force, and reminded them Keith Miller stressed the that they could perform their The Police officers will be importance of the exercise. For normal duties and study, and drilled in areas like Tourism, him, “training is critical to any that leave was an option for Customer Relations, Human organisation.” those officers desirous of Trafficking and Domestic Miller encouraged the attending classes. violence. trainees to read a lot. Miller also reminded the “This is not a holiday, “You cannot stop reading,” officers to ensure that they set vacation or time away,” Joseph the COP advised, and good examples for those under stressed. recommended that the newly their command. The officers will also look at promoted officers read this “You have to be smart,” Duties and Responsibilities, country’s laws and Miller advised, adding that Public Relations and newspapers, and listen to and officers must “accomplish more Complaints, Time watch news on radio, with less. Management and Intertelevision and the internet. “The way you deploy your personnel Management, Case His hope is for them to “get resources is critical,” Miller File, Monthly Returns, among involved.” outlined. other areas relevant to Miller indicated an increase “Take this training policing in the broadest sense in the number of policemen seriously,” he added, and of the word. and women holding college encouraged them to “get it “We want you to leave fully degrees, and urged the right.” equipped to face the participants to “lift

Red Cross focuses on disaster preparedness Junior Non-Commissioned Officers were involved in the first ever local training for their ranks.

THE LOCAL RED CROSS SOCIETY continued its month of activities with a Disaster Preparedness training workshop on Monday. The workshop came two weeks before the official start of the hurricane season. Addressing the more than twenty participants at the opening ceremony at the Red Cross headquarters, Kingstown, Red Cross president, Bernard Morgan, said the workshop was “timely and important.” Morgan said that at the Red Cross Society, disaster management is a year-long activity, but the workshop would focus on the state of readiness for the 2012 hurricane season, which formally starts on June 1st. The training

Red Cross Director General Bernard Marksman (left) leading a session at the Disaster Preparedness workshop. Right: Bernard Morgan, President of the Red Cross, emphasized that training was a priority area of his Society’s endeavours. workshop examined the country’s early warning systems, management of emergency shelters, management of emergency supplies, damage assessment and search and rescue. “It is essentially a refresher course for some of our group leaders and volunteers, but new material for most. I urge you to take this information and knowledge from this workshop back to your communities and share with the people that you serve, to enable all of us to make better decisions before, during and after a disaster,” Morgan said. “The SVG Red Cross is

rolling out its strategic plan for the period 2013 to 2015 in which training would be accorded the highest priority. We appeal to the group leaders and volunteers to participate fully in the training programmes as we seek to build capacity within our organization and our communities,” the Red Cross President further stated. Resource persons were drawn from the Red Cross Society and relevant government agencies. Among them was Director General of the Red Cross Society, Bernard Marksman.

V Antigua quake raises more concern



“THE REGION has not seen its largest earthquake for more than a century. …. we are expecting one.” This is the warning from Seismologist Dr Joan Latchman, who is attached to the Seismic Research Centre, UWI, Trinidad and Tobago, following last Friday’s (May 11) 4.0 magnitude earthquake off Antigua. Confirmation from the Seismic Research Centre, the official source of information for earthquakes and volcanoes in the Englishspeaking Eastern Caribbean, stated that the activity occurred 50 miles east of St. John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda. Dr. Latchman highlighted that the region has recorded a major earthquake every 100 years, and she believes since that time period has elapsed, “we are expecting one.” She warned in unambiguous language: “The region should expect such an earthquake.” According to Dr. Latchman, as reported in the Antigua Observer newspaper, the pattern in which earthquakes have occurred in the region has been consistent, and although authorities cannot predict when and where

it will happen, “such an earthquake is well overdue.” Reports are that there have been a number of small earthquake activities taking place off Antigua & Barbuda although they have not been felt by residents. Dr. Latchman explained that, while the effect of the smaller quakes has not been felt, “the big vaults which are accumulating their energy have not released it.” The head of the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) Philmore Mullin agrees that Antigua & Barbuda is very vulnerable to earthquakes. This recent warning and sign come on the heels of an earlier warning this month that put the region on notice to prepare for tsunamis. That earlier warning came from the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission of UNESCO. UNESCO IOC Assistant Director General Wendy WatsonWright had said then, “Lurking beneath the azure waters that wash up on countless coastal and island beaches and vacation spots is the potential for a devastating tsunami,”

The aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

adding, “it is not a matter of if but when a tsunami will strike the region.”

St. John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, has had its fair share of quakes. Since the Antigua quake of May 11, 2012, at least 6 smaller quakes, 2.6 to 3.2 magnitudes, have been reported in the regions

around Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. The last major earthquake to hit the region was the Tuesday, 12 January 2010 that

devastated Haiti. Its magnitude was said to be 7.0. The region is known to be vulnerable to earthquakes.



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‘Take warning, you better take warning’

Othniel Sylvester plain and simple

‘THANK GOODNESS HURRICANE Such and Such passed us by. Yo cyar see that God love SVG? We are the Land of the Blessed.’ And we can go on and on with expressions of how, even why this multi-island state we call St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been spared, in recent memory, the real wrath of a natural disaster. The danger though is that, if we continue in that vein, we will continue in a vein that describes us as a people suffering from ‘it-won’t-happen-to-me syndrome’, which could prove more deadly than if no mitigating measures were put in place by the state, to address a natural disaster. Sure, we have felt the trimmings of hurricane force winds recently (Tomas 2010); for certain, we have witnessed the destructive nature of water that takes all along its way to carving its own path (floods of 2011); and for those who can remember, we have inhaled the sulphur spewed from a volcano (Soufriere 1979). And yet, through it all, we are by nature wont to disregard all warnings of a threatening natural disaster. The latest warning of a ‘possible earthquake in our region (see page 7) comes from our own backyard. It is not, as some would want to say, from some distant persons locked away in some distant land and, therefore, is of no significance. This latest warning is not at all any further away from us than the ones made by local authorities, who have encouraged that we not rule out the likelihood of a tsunami in our region. We should, as a rational people, stand up and take note — rub our noses into it so that it stays with us. Sadly, our memories don’t often run deep; as a people, we are known to forget very quickly (whether that is being forgiving or simply forgetful is still up for grabs). But one would not want to ever believe that the experience of Haiti, January 2010, has all but faded from our minds. That we have moved forward and upward qualitatively in our efforts to manage and encourage preparation for disasters, is beyond doubt. It can be said with some certainty, that we are today better prepared for a natural disaster than we may have been before 1979. In terms of being prepared for an earthquake, if ever a people truly can be, we have to credit our policy makers with ensuring that there exists a building code that speaks to that reality. We have, even as we admit to that commendable effort, to hope that that code is being implemented without favour, without regard for person and/or place. After all, as the vivid pictures of Haiti and Chile in the aftermath of earthquakes showed, buildings fall, and (they) fall on people. With the exception of a resulting tsunami, it is the tumbling of buildings that causes death and leaves in its wake the challenges of clearing up and of affording to clear up. Worse when a nation, as susceptible as ours, is exposed to the vagaries of not only natural disasters but to economic threats occasioned in recent times by globalization, it has to respond to providing the material cost of addressing the aftermath of an earthquake. This cost is phenomenal (Haiti, Japan), and the matter of psychological damage is not even factored into the equation. The road to recovery is long after any natural disaster, but this truism does not eliminate the need to ask the questions: What new planning must be done to ‘weather’ the anticipated threats like the occurrence of an earthquake? Do we accept the responsibility as citizens to do our part in advancing the protocols that are usually associated with disaster mitigation measures? No one wants to be accused of crying wolf but, if the truth be told, it is no longer a question of if we are going to experience a disaster; it is a question of when, and the answer to that question is, anytime. It follows that the best time to prepare is in times of quiet and when we are in control. It may yet be a few weeks away from the beginning of what is described as the Hurricane Season, but it’s never too early to get prepared. Like the cub scouts say, it is always better to be prepared.

THIS IS EASILY THE MOST challenging column I have ever written. At one stage, I was resolved to lift my bat and let the hostile delivery pass untroubled outside the off stump, clear of my head. On second thoughts, I had to be man enough to deal with the difficulties posed by thedeath of a true friend, genuine historical figure who turned out to be enigmatic and, in a sense, a victim of social forces in the local scene. The burial of Othniel Sylvester was scheduled to take place at Chauncey, the village of his ancestors, and mine, on Thursday morning at 10 o’clock , 17th May. My maternal grandparents were interred in the very cemetery where Othniel will be finally laid to rest. Othniel had grown up among the Villagers in the Chauncey-Questelles complex. They knew him best. It is a comfort zone. He was a pillar of the church. It is back to roots in the end, devoid of pomp, ceremony, and show. Shorn of the borrowed robes of society. Othniel clearly considered me a fellow villager, first and foremost. Then we entered into a tighter embrace through the mutual friendship of Danny Williams, who was most radical in outlook. Quite naturally we were supporters of Joshua’s P.P.P which in S.V.G was both the political expression and vehicle of and for the toiling masses. As a poor boy, Othniel had chosen the law as his profession whereby he could promote the social and political well-being of his people and, in the process, make a good living for himself. When he returned to St Vincent as a lawyer, one of his first briefs that catapulted him into the engine-room of local politics was his representation of Ivy Joshua in the ill-fated Public Works Enquiry (1963). Followed soon the 1966 General Elections, which returned the P.P.P by 5 seats to 4, Slater having won his North Leeward seat by 4 votes. There was much political wrangling in the midst of the debate on Statehood which was scheduled for 1967 in the first instance. Then matters intensified in 1967 after Slater had crossed the floor and new elections were called on May 19, 1967, in special conditions in the teeth of P.P.P. opposition, which saw the Labour Party winning Government 6 to 3. Through it all, Othniel led the legal cases for the P.P.P which had intensified to the point where he himself as Speaker of the House had journeyed to Commonwealth Office, along with Deputy -Speaker and P.P.P. nominated Senator Errol Layne, to clarify what should be the objective constitution of position to England . As Opposition Leader Milton Cato pointed out there was a clear case of conflict of interest in that Sylvester with Layne held a contract with Government that involved the Deep Water Pier “Scandal”. Indeed, the newly elected Labour Government cancelled the Deep Water Pier contract immediately on forming the Government, but were later troubled with their new Ministers, J.L. Eustace and “Son” Mitchell, who were finally dismissed from the party. In the ensuing elections results 1972, there was a tie of 6 each for both P.P.P and Labour, with Independent “Son” Mitchell who sided with P.P.P to present the country with an Alliance Government (including Minister of Communication and Works Othniel Sylvester) that lasted until 1974 when the Joshuas threw their weight behind Labour and returned in a subsequent election a Government of ten-two-one is murder. Mitchell had been sole survivor of the massacre. Thereafter, the Labour —P.P.P, said to be “the strongest in the world” conducted public affairs until its defeat in 1984 by the N.D.P. which had been formed by Mitchell in 1975.

During the ten years preceding, Sylvester mostly concentrated on practice of his profession which grew by leaps and bounds. He was a very disciplined practitioner, concentrating on property cases, a very lucrative and international banking trade. He was by no means flambuoyant but a stickler for hard and unrelenting toil which paid dividends aplenty. Perhaps his most prized asset was a Casino and beautiful lands at Pembroke purchased in an auction by a bank, the debtor a white planter for whom Sylvester’s father had “Slaved” for many a year. With the N.D.P victory, Sylvester was thought to come into his own, the power behind the throne, the man who manipulated political events behind the scene. Among other things, he immediately became Solicitor of the National Commercial Bank, and he could celebrate with swinging party at his home his conferment of a C.M.G. Finally, it seemed, he had inherited a Government that was “amenable.” But the honey-moon period was shortlived. The problem arose over Government‘s intention to purchase Orange Hill Estate which Sylvester rushed to purchase on behalf of a Danish Group. Undeterred, the Government acquired the estate from the Danes for the price which the Danes had paid the original owners. From that moment, Syllo transferred his allegiance from the N.D.P in search of a more sympathetic Government. It was a long time in coming and represented a Gonsalves M.N.U and a faction of old Labour which Syllo hoped will see the emergence of Ken Boyea. Instead, the U.L.P was formed with Ralph Gonsalves having out- foxed all his rivals to become leader of the U.L.P which has taken control of the country. The truth is that Syllo was of a generous and sympathetic nature: ask some lawyers who were loaned money by him to settle emergencies. When a young Registrar appeared to have erred in misspending funds, Syllo chaired a meeting with eyes red like pepper from crying, having anticipated the worst. Note how he went out of his way to try and rehabilitate Mark Williams after his slippage from the straight and narrow way. Silky Da Silva and other octogenarian friends tell of the pleasant and easy-going Syllo they knew. Let the wretched of the earth in South Leeward speak of the generosity of Syllo. Syllo was expected to turn over his law firm to his very able daughter and gradually move into complete retirement. After all, he had reached the pinnacle of his profession and as citizen. He had long been honoured with a Q.C; he had acted as Judge; he had earned the C.M.G, and above all, he was named on a list of eminent personages who advised generally on the sensitive Caribbean Court of Justice. Then the troubles came, not single spies but in battalions. First illness descended with heavy hand on both Sylvester and his adoring wife who predeceased him while in the throes of his own illness. Sad news also broke over his relations with the Danes who claimed that their lawyer had wrongfully intercepted their compensation, and Syllo’s counter claim and defence were frowned upon and dismissed by Appeal Courts. Perhaps Syllo could bear the material deprivation but not the loss of his pride and dignity- and friends who deserted him in his hour of need. Syllo was stripped of every accolade society had donned on him. No sweat. He brought nothing at birth and he takes nothing to the grave with him. May his life be a lesson unto us. Au Revoir.




Gonsalves, Baptiste et al IT HAS BEEN sometime since I put pen to paper. Quite a lot has happened since and, as the old time calypsonians said, ‘a lot ah ting air happen yet’. Up here in the Big Apple, Ambassador Gonsalves found himself in a spot of trouble, not of his own making, and it seemed to have been interpreted like any Vincy issue is these days, i.e. down party lines. I want to say that Ambassador Gonsalves deserved more respect than he got and in a broader sense, you have to be a black man living up here (USA) to understand how far-reaching the implications are. Funny thing, according to a friend, is that a black ambassador clashed with a white policeman, in an America governed by a black president. The more things change, the more they remain the same. So Anesia Baptiate got herself expelled from the House… not by the Speaker, but by her immediate boss. I’ll be honest and say that the reports I got up here led me to believe that she was one for the future, but I must support Mr. Eustace on this one. If you can’t accept the rule of law, you are ruled out. But there should be no rejoicing on the part of the ULP. Mr. Eustace showed firm leadership. He demonstrated that he was not afraid to take what some might think was an unpopular decision. In the end, it was a firm decision… decisive. He must have worked out the repercussions, and I am certain he would have figured out how best to respond to them. And while I am on the business of the House, I hope Mr. Eustace finds a female to replace the female he fired. He has got to keep the balance, you know. What about bringing back Vynny Frederick? One Love. Garnet - N.Y

Anesia cut her own throat IT WOULD SEEM to me that Anesia Baptiste has cut her own throat. She seemed definitely to be one for the future, but now that future seems to be so far away, that I cannot see her anywhere in the distance. She should have known better than to write, put on paper, all that she did. It is foolish for anyone to believe that this letter would not have reached the public. No one can say, as she did, that you cannot follow a ruling of an organization you belong to, and expect to continue to be part of its leadership. Now, it seems she is not even a member of the party she chose

YOUR editorial of last week (May 11) got me thinking about parenting and moreso about fathers and fatherhood. The first thing I settled on is that our fathers need to recognize that fatherhood is more than being a sperm donor, i.e. simply proving that you can reproduce, like some men like to say, ‘that they have strong sperm’.

showing understanding and empathy. Interestingly, the ages of three recent suicide victims all end with 6. The ages were: 16, 26, and 36. There are those who will say it is significant, for it shows the mark of the beast, 666. Be that as it may, we should never rule out the possibility of demonic activity in these cases. Nor can we rule out the possible lack of support and help when it was required. Sometimes we see a person suffering from a problem, but we are of the view that he or she would pull through. It is important that if we have a loved one suffering emotionally or otherwise from a hard circumstance, that we give them moral support; be there for them and even guide them towards professional help. The most important thing, however, is to understand that God loves everyone and is willing to be our friend, if we allow Him. He cares and can help us in our problems so that we don’t have to suffer alone. We can take our problems to Him in prayer. Let’s continue to pray for this nation. God bless. Kennard King


Reaching out to fathers

Suicide victims, all ages end with 6 MUCH SYMPATHY is extended to the families of those who lost their loved ones tragically through acts of suicide. When tragedies like these occur, the pain is hard to bear, and requires much support from friends and relatives, to assist the families of these victims to pull through. Many persons are critical of persons taking their own lives; they forget or don’t know that the person suffering to the point of wanting to take his or her own life, is the one who feels the pain. It is important that we learn lessons from these occurrences. A person can be suicidal but yet carries a smile and appears to be normal. That person will not let anyone know his/her plan if that person has reached the point of committing suicide. It brings to the forefront the need for strong families. For when there are strong families, there will be trust, good communication and love. Many times, the suicidal person feels there is no hope and sees no hope. A good understanding is needed in these cases, and being there for them is also of importance. We should not try to lecture the individual, but simply be a friend and lend a good listening ear, while at the same time

to join. All of this is of her own making. What did she expect? That Mr. Eustace would roll over and play dead? The lady, a bright lady, if I may say so, cannot eat her cake and have it. She is either in on all conditions or out if she objects. And now she is calling for a third party. Perhaps she should learn from Dr. Gonsalves who tried the same move and ended up moving BACK to something which he had criticized for years.

Fathers must understand and accept that children perform better in school if fathers take an interest in their education. It is proven that children have more confidence when fathers spend time with them and show them affection. Children learn from what they see, and they can learn a lot from just watching their fathers. The thing is that they, the children, should be seeing good examples when they watch their fathers. Sadly, instead of good things, many children see men, young men, fathers, killing each other, fighting each other, cursing. Quickly, we lose the fathers,

whether to the grave or to prison. Those fathers who are tempted to commit acts of crime, those fathers who continue to ignore their children, those fathers who run around dropping their sperm here, there and everywhere, need to realize that children who are deprived of love, care and attention are more likely to be tempted into a life of crime and destruction. God knows that we have enough already involved in this type of life. We don’t need to produce any more. Fathers, get involved in your children’s lives. J. Clarke

* Whether COP Keith Miller would consider granting leave for those overweight police officers to go to the gym? * Were any workers/staff injured in the fire at the Buccament Bay Resort? * Are security guards being made to work longer hours than they should at the Buccament Bay Resort? * Did the PM not know that when he put his mouth in the Gayle-WICB affair that he opening it for others to jump in, like Sarwan? * Is this Cutting Back Programme for banana fields infected by the black sigatoka just an exercise in cutting the trees but leaving the (infected) plant in the ground?

What a man!!! WELL Mr. Editor, you certainly step on one trade unionist’s corn with your editorial of May 04, 2012. To be honest, it’s not the first time that you step on people’s corn. The truth always, always hurt, but it must always be said. The nice thing about you, though, is you never seem to rant and rave about who the corn belong to; you never bother with the personalities. You deal with issues, and if the issues affect the players, fine, but is never an attack on the players. Not so with the trade unionist who continues, with the blessings of the government, to enjoy time on our state-owned radio station.

Last Wednesday he went home on you, Mr. Editor, or at least he tried his very best. In the final analysis, in my humble estimation, he did himself more harm than he might have intended to cause you, Mr. Editor. Try as much as he could to stay to the issues, he had to not only preface his diatribe against you with the most disparaging language his vocabulary allowed him, but he continued his best to belittle you right through his protracted oftentimes disjointed discourse. And his sidekick: the less said about him the better. The problem with

people like that trade unionist is that he can’t see the trees from the forest, or is it the forest from the trees? For him and others of his ilk, it’s never a question about the message; instead, like those to whom he pays political homage, it’s a question about the messenger. The poor trade unionist showed his true colours; may be now he could show the same colours when he says he bargains for workers. Then again, he might have a problem showing anything but one colour. What a fellow, eh? Keep on doing what you doing, Mr. Editor. Truth is on your side. Felix




Upbeat economic activities by challenges still remain The issue EARLIER this week, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves provided abundant information of upbeat economic activities mixed with enormous continuing challenges for our small multi-island developing country. In short, things are looking better, but we are not out of the economic woods. In summary, Comrade Ralph highlighted the following: 1. The preliminary data confirms the estimate that in 2011 there was real economic growth of 0.41 percent, following upon the previous years (20082010) of small negative growth. The projection for 2012 is 1.8 percent real economic growth. 2. The fiscal operations of the central government improved in the first quarter (January to March) of 2012, compared to the first quarter of 2011. The basic facts in this regard are as follows: (a) The current account deficit for the first quarter of 2012 amounted to $11.06 million compared to $28.18 million in 2011. (b) The primary balance moved from a deficit $16.8 million in January to March 2011, to a surplus of $3.07 million in the first quarter of 2012. (c) The overall balance (recurrent and capital) improved to a deficit of $8.07 million in the first quarter of 2012, from a deficit of $29.03 million in the corresponding period of 2011. Meanwhile, current revenue improved in the first quarter of 2012 compared to that of 2011, by 3.9 percent. Although recurrent expenditure fell in the 2012 period comparatively, it did not fall sufficiently to provide a current account surplus, given the existing revenue situation. So, we must collect more revenue while holding the recurrent expenditure tighter. Capital expenditure fell slightly, but these are early days yet.

health sector, physical infrastructure projects will amount to 5.827 million Euros (EC$20.9 million) and will include the Buccament polyclinic, the Mespo polyclinic, the rehabilitation of the Mental Health Centre, renovation work at the MCMH, the Union Island Hostel, and doctors quarters at Canouan, Chateaubelair, Mespo and Sandy Bay. The designs for all these projects are nearing completion and actual construction work will begin next year. For the B-envelope projects, these are the rehabilitation of the Grand Sable bridge, one bridge at Congo Valley along with repairs to the main and secondary roads in that area. These will start up before the end of 2012. 4. A project under the SFA 2008 of the European Union, namely the Hospitality and Maritime Training Institute costing 2.172 million Euros (EC$7.8 million). This will start up in July 2012 at Diamond. Nearly one million Euros (EC$3.6 million) will be provided for equipment and supplies, in all a total of EC$10.4 million. 5. The 10 million Euros ( EC$36 million) Banana Accompanying Measures, BAM, financed by the European Union. Preparation is currently underway, the startup is next year, and the project will run for four years. 6. The Post-Tomas and April 2011 Floods Project financed by a soft loan from the CDB amounting to US$12 million (EC$32.4 million) for mainly infrastructure projects amounting to EC$28.455 million, to be implemented on the following: the London Jack feeder road; the Lowmans-Lauders main road, Sandy Bay sea defence, the Dark View Projects galore sea defence, the rehabilitation of shelters at the Mespo Community There are many capital projects onCentre and the Campden Park going and in preparation. In terms of the massive ones, we highlight three; (a) Community Centre, the reconstruction of the Byera bridge, the rehabilitation of the on-going Argyle International the Caratal and the Miss Jane River Airport project which is on target for bridges, construction of sea defences at completion by the end of 2013, for the rivers at Grand Sable, Caratal, opening in early 2014; (b) plans are actively afoot for the construction of the Langley Park and Miss Jane, and the rehabilitation of roads at Jennings new city at Arnos Vale, with the draft valley, Perseverance, O’Brien’s, as well master plan being drawn up, and a as the Gorse mountain road. traffic study underway; and (c) initial Meanwhile, the capital projects are study being completed for the upgrade and relocation of the Kingstown Port to currently on-going such as the Colonarie Bridge, the Community College, and the Bottom Town area, and the roads. Houses are being built at Clare redevelopment of the entire waterfront Valley and some will shortly start-up at area. Green Hill. At the same time, preparatory work Saboto Caesar and the Ministry of is underway for six bundles of projects: Agriculture are hard at work re-building 1. The US$5 million Tomas Emergency Recovery Project financed by bananas and non-banana agriculture, including cocoa. the World Bank. Actual construction Foreign Direct Investments are work is to commence on the following actively on display at Buccament, projects before the end of 2012: the Bequia, Canouan and Mayreau. Local rehabilitation of the Hopewell and investment is occurring all over St. Zenga-Hopewell river (EC$1.1 million); Vincent and the Grenadines. Confidence strengthening the Teviot river defence is on show for our management of the (EC$1 million); rehabilitation of the economy, in the recent over-subscription Rose Bank and the Rose Hall in one morning, when SVG EC$40 community centres (EC$1.4 million); rebuilding of the Georgetown Secondary million bonds went on sale on the regional market. School (EC$0.5 million); rehabilitation The Bank of SVG has just posted a of the Troumaca-Ontario secondary profit of EC$5 million for 2011, of which school and the Rillan Hill community centre (EC$2.5 million) and the EC$1.6 million is being distributed. The stockpiling of gabion baskets government and the NIS will get over (EC$300,000). EC$700,000 in dividends. 2. The US$20.92 million Regional The Comptroller of Inland Revenue is Disaster Vulnerability Reduction aggressively addressing huge delinquent project. This is a four-year project tax payers, and a forensic audit is being financed by the World Bank. Actual done on five big firms in the state. A tax start up is next year. amnesty on interest and penalties is in 3. The 10th European Development Fund (EDF) of ten million Euros (EC$36 force until June 30th 2012, and the million) with the focal point being response has been good. health, with a B-envelope provision of Good governance prevails, and our 1.425 million Euros (EC$5.09 million) government is in the forefront of for other infrastructure projects. In the deepening integration.

Where is the vision for SVG’S development? IT SEEMS as though SVG is doomed to failure under the leadership of this ULP administration. There is no vision for the development of this country. It seems as though our future is hinged on a single project; a project which sucks all of the available resources, leaving everything else to fall apart. We are told, that on completion of the international airport at Argyle, the economy of our country will take off magically. In the meantime, we remain poised on the cusp of that magical take off. The one project hope The future successes, if any, of the ULP administration are hinged on the international airport, and for some reason, the destiny of SVG seems likewise to be hinged to this. All around us, everything is falling apart, be it the roads, the hospital, schools or agriculture, to name a few. Our national bank has been sold and the proceeds poured into the airport. Reigate building has been sold to finance the same project. We have not even been extended the courtesy of knowing the sale price of that property. Crown lands are being sold for the same purpose. The Ottley Hall marina is up for sale. The national debt inches upwards by 2 and 3 million US dollars at a time, to finance the airport project. The wish for an airport has been recognised by the NDP a long time ago. Hence, a study was commissioned to point the way forward. It is this same study which has been used by this administration for the construction of the airport at Argyle. The question is though: Is it that necessary to complete the airport by next year, to the detriment of everything else? If we do not have the money, how are we expecting to do this? What about our other needs? And what has happened to the ‘coalition of the willing’? Was there really ever such a group, or was it another act of telling Vincentians anything? Roads The condition of the roads in SVG is awful- absolutely shameful! Driving from Kingstown to Layou is like running an obstacle race. The Windward Highway now has many holes and patches, as a direct result of the inferior work which was allowed on the project after it was initiated by the NDP. Feeder roads, most of which were constructed by the NDP, have been allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair, that some are now not even passable. The farmers are crying out about the state of feeder roads, which makes it near impossible to farm in a reasonable way, especially at reaping time. One will recall when the ULP was in opposition, they made a big issue of the road condition then- which was nowhere near to what it is now. When will some attention be paid to the roads so that vehicle owners can reduce vehicle maintenance cost? Agriculture It is now a well known fact that this Administration has killed bananas. There was no money to purchase spraying oil for the bananas which were being attacked by black sigatoka. There was a Minister of Agriculture and a Minister of Finance who decided not to accept the blame for the ravishing of the bananas by disease; but instead, blamed a public servant who was not in a position to defend herself. According to the Minister, it took him 3 months to discover that the request for financing was in the desk of a public servant. And even after that lie, it took about 3 months before anything was done to help banana farmers. All the money was going into the airport project, whilst agriculture and farmers and the country were suffering. We have reached a stage when our current Minister of Agriculture is ecstatic, whenever a shipment of bananas is made, regardless of the quantity. Look what we have come to!

And despite the other big lie that banana shipments were not suspended, it has finally come to light that it actually was suspended, and that we were being lied to when the denial was made by the Prime Minister. What effort is being made to improve the production and marketing of other agricultural produce in SVG? It has been acknowledged that we need to increase our production of agricultural produce if we are to ensure our own food security. We import produce which we ourselves can grow, some from as far as Canada. Why is this so? As it stands, we import much more than we export, even though we have a relative advantage in our rich volcanic soil. How much longer can this continue? The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Those who visit the MCMH often talk about the deplorable state of the hospital. Some will even say they will not risk being admitted there. In the last 10 years, have you heard of a Minister of Government seeking medical attention at MCMH? Or is it just that there was never the need, because none of them were ever hospitalised? The place is dirty. The fans and other accessories for the patients’ comfort are, in the main, broken. Sheets and pillowcases- you better walk with your own. Medicine- ask those who recently were there. Many essential medications are not available. In short, the hospital needs attention. The MCMH was rebuilt by the NDP. It was expanded, creating new wings; a modern emergency room and operating theatre were some of the features. The roof of the operating theatre developed a leak. But rather that fixing it, a bucket was placed to catch the drip and the NDP was blamed for the leak which developed during the administration of the ULP. Corruption Corruption, it is alleged, is hale and hearty under this administration. Money which should be spent in the upkeep of services for the benefit of all Vincentians, is apparently channelled elsewhere for the benefit of the few. Persons are paid handsome salaries and allowances for jobs they cannot do. Others are given a slap on the wrist for stealing from the Treasury. What really is the plan? It is difficult to figure the plan that the ULP has for the development of this country. A few things are clear, but they will not result in improving the economic status of Vincentians. We are regularly fed with a healthy diet of Talk; of Fool the people; of Lies; of Distractions and Made- up stories about the Opposition. We also know that many trips are made overseas to make friends so that we can beg them for goodies. On the return from each trip, we are told what we got as gifts or more often what we are promised. Usually, this is about US$2million or US$3 million at a time. We have become the beggar maids of the world, much to our embarrassment. But is begging a sustainable path to development? The NDP is waiting The NDP has done it before. We can do it again. We need to institute policies to facilitate development of our country for our people. Our youths need to be given a path that engenders hope for the future. We implore you to resist lies, bribes and false hope, and to stop voting against your own interest. The interest of the majority, and not of the few, should take centre stage.




The capacity to wonder “All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.” Cecil Frances Alexander (1818–1895) Irish hymn-writer wrote 400 hymns, All things bright and beautiful (1848) JUST KEYING IN THOSE WORDS from this very old hymn brings back many fond memories of my school days. Many of the readers from my era will also be able to reminisce about those “good old days”. We commenced the school day by singing hymns, and prayers. On some occasions, the principal or the teacher who was in charge of morning prayer challenged students with stories that unearthed some principle for fruitful living. That was what it was like for me at the Kingstown Preparatory School in the 1960s. And even as we pause to “go back in time”, we are grateful for those schools that have retained the practice of commencing the school day with prayer and thanksgiving. We commend the administrators of the learning/teaching institutions where God is still given prominence. We commend the teachers who live up to their responsibility to lead our wards along the paths of righteousness and Godly living; who teach that God made all creatures – great and small; who encourage our children to wonder about His greatness and majesty. God is wonderful ... and full of wonder. His creation daily reminds us of how good and how great He is. He is truly wonderful. I was recently reminded of this while conducting several Internet searches in relation to our galaxy. With the advancement of space travel and the improvements to “telescopic exploration”, mankind is now able to see the vastness of God’s creation. And yet, as far as we can see, there is still more to be seen. My curiosity then beckoned me to do some research in relation to the wonders of the oceans. I was equally amazed about the recent discoveries that we are making in relation to “strange creatures” that exist way down at the bottom of some of the deepest caverns along our ocean floor. But that is nothing compared to the new insights that I have gained as I seek to find out more about how the parts of my body work. In this exploration of the parts of our body, I am reminded that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Think about it, with all of the advances in science and the “new knowledge” gained, it is impossible to redesign man to function better than God’s creation. Can you think of a better way to repositioning eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet, and internal body parts? Man,

with all of his God-given knowledge, can never improve on God’s design. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Even with our defects and shortcomings, we are wonderfully made. God is wonderful ... and full of wonder. He colours our world with a magnificent display of beauty. We can rejoice with the psalmist of old who encourages us to “Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; break forth in song, rejoice, and sing praises” (Psalm 98:4). Later in that same psalm, we read that nature itself joins in: “Let the rivers clap their hands; let the hills be joyful together before the Lord” (verse 8). Yes, you and I need to pause on a more regular basis and just relax and enjoy the “embroidery of God’s earth”; the beauty of the trees and forests, the wonders of the rivers and seas, the intricacies of the exquisite placement of the stars, and so many more. God is wonderful indeed. Scripture also reminds us of God’s magnificence in the creation of individual plants. We read of the roses in the Old Testament book of Isaiah (35:1) and the lily in the New Testament book of Matthew (6:28). And we are filled with gratitude, admiration, praise, and wonder. Some readers may have an aversion to the foregoing comments. This writer is aware that there are some who do not believe that there is a God. Some individuals refuse to accept the idea that God created the earth and, by extension, mankind. There are still some who are more comfortable with the “Big Bang Theory” which advocates that the universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly creating the planets as we now know them to be. They seek to disprove the biblical record of creation by advancing the view that the Big Bang occurred approximately 13.75 billion years ago — long before the Genesis record. But as for me, I believe in the Genesis account. I believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, created the earth, the planets, the stars and all that we find in the many galaxies. And in all of His creation, he has provided us with the capacity to wonder. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to

Masters of propaganda THE RULING CLASSES are masters of propaganda. They have at their beck and call an army of media consultants (think Hans King, E.G Lynch, Elson Crick, Ernesto Cooke, Cecil Ryan, Junior Bacchus  et al) who never stray from the official party line for fear of being ostracized (think Anesia Baptiste). They eagerly and happily spread lies and half truths in order to gain and then keep their seats near the halls of power. They have learned that the more lies they tell, the more lies we believe. And the more lies we believe, the more dependent we become. Conversely, the fewer myths, lies and deceptions we succumb to, the less dependent and freer we are. As reggae legend, Bob Marley says, ‘never let a politician grant you a favour; they will want to control you forever.’ Propaganda is the mind bending science of persuasion and control. Its purpose is to forge allegiance to a political order or to ensure acceptance and consumption of a particular product whether it is needed or beneficial. Propaganda victimizes the public by changing and controlling people’s belief system, to the benefit of the political and economic ruling elite. When gripped by propaganda’s power, otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people have had their minds manipulated so that they acted against their own best interests. Organized and sophisticated propaganda is able to operate above the threshold of intelligence. In other words, without some imperative to trigger inquiry, very intelligent people buy into lies and myths the same as the general population. The lies and myths then become conventional wisdom. The human mind rarely accepts a challenge to conventional wisdom. When confronted with a challenge to the established belief system, the mind closes off. When this happens, the individual employs avoidance behavior, writes off the new knowledge as conspiracy theory and labels it as kooky, insane or stupid. The information is then dismissed, never to be considered again, even when the facts support the new knowledge. The main purpose of propaganda is to get people to accept views and opinions which are objective against their interest and that of their neighbours or co-workers. The people who use propaganda to persuade the populace against their best interests create myths and sell them as benefits. Some of us are old enough to remember when the propaganda from the New Democratic Party and the St Vincent Labour Party was that leftist

politicians like Ralph Gonsalves, PR Campbell, Renwick Rose and others in the United People’s Movement were to be feared, opposed and voted against because they were heartless, Godless communists who will take away your property and give it to the poor. Today, even with some effort, Gonsalves leads a government and country in which the majority of the poor remains deprived. Further, think deeply about what passes for information about health care. Medical propaganda emphasizes cures based on mostly toxic ‘medicines’ rather than prevention based on proper nutrition and exercise. With this system, the price of ‘medicine’ continues to go through the roof as the population gets sicker. Doctors and the medicine makers enrich themselves, while the medical system becomes a tremendous burden on the backs of the people. Medical practitioners have, for the most part, abandoned the real understanding of health which says ‘let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.’ Today, healthcare can be more accurately termed ‘symptomology,’ as what passes for healthcare is the treatment of symptoms, not disease. Part of the big lie is that processed, packaged food is healthy. The plain truth is that we eat too much processed and acidic foods and consume too much sugar. An increasing segment of the world’s population suffers from full-belly starvation. Our diet is high in calories and very low in nutrition. This is a diet that builds an obese and sick population and leads to early death. Our diet too is acidic, and too much acid in our body brings death. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts and little or no meats (which are packed with antibiotics and steroids) is more alkaline. This kind of diet leads to good health and long life. Too often citizens are propagandized into believing that they should abandon principles and vote for a candidate or support positions they instinctively know are wrong. As the lines in a popular poem says ‘dey tryin to tek we mind today, dey tryin to tek we mind I say. Brother, nah mek dem tek yo mind, nah mek dem tek yo mind, next time.’ An undiscerning mind is an enslaved mind. We must never drop our guard in a world full of tricksters and fraudsters. Send comments, criticisms & suggestions to




Is Gonsalves SVG’s worst Prime Minister?

Brookes University, England. Ivan O’Neal strongly believes that a gross lack of fiscal discipline and the fact that Gonsalves is not a university graduate in finance, are the major causes of so much economic recklessness and financial blundering by the THE FINANCIAL statistics about the state of the SVG The table shows that in 2010 Gonsalves was Gonsalves administration. economy in 2011 were released on 11 May 2012. The reckless, and that in 2011, he was even more Education cannot thrive without employment, table shows that under the incompetent Gonsalves, the reckless. Gonsalves does not have a clue what’s and employment cannot strive without a strong economy is in free fall, and is in utter shambles. It’s the going on. He is mashing up the economy, bleeding economy. We need a strong economy so parents can worst in SVG’s history. businesses and the people dry, whilst not creating get employment, and when parents are in The 6 most crucial variables in the economy jobs. employment they can financially support their Current Revenue, Current Expenditure, Current With the current balance, Gonsalves tells us in children to get a good education. Balance, Capital Expenditure, Capital Revenue and the 2011 budget estimates that it will be minus Education is the catalyst for sustainable Overall Balance - are all in a massive and serious EC$27 million. This is astounding. Gonsalves starts development in any country. In 2011, SVG suffered fiscal deficit. the year by telling us that he will manage the the worst Common Entrance Exam results in our economy so badly that at the end of the year there history; 1,116 children of the poor, including 56 per will be a loss of EC$27 million. However, he is so table showing gonsalves’ cent of males, failed the CEE. Children of the poor difference economic blundering actual clueless that the economy ends up much worse, with cannot learn on a hungry belly nor do home work in the dark without electricity. 2011 to a loss of almost EC$43 million, almost 60 per cent SVG’s weak economy and a lack of investment in actual worse than he predicted. Horrendous! Budget The capital revenue income (investment from science and technology education in school and 2010 $ Estimate actual actual university, is a serious failure by Gonsalves. millions abroad) is particularly worrying too. In the 2011 2011 2010 2011 budget estimates, Gonsalves told the people that In contrast, Singapore has invested in educating -35.34 EC$79 million would come into SVG from foreign 504.78 454.62 489.96 Current Revenue its people in science and technology. According to 5.55 investors. In fact, only EC$38 million came in 117.5 114.36 108.81 Taxes income & profits the United Nations Conference on Trade and -7.1 EC$41 million less than Gonsalves predicted. 98.83 105.93 117.2 Taxes Domestic Trade Development World Investment Report 2011, -5.85 Taxes International Trade 194.44 172.57 178.42 Foreign investment in 2011 was EC$60 million foreign direct investment (FDI) to Singapore more less than 2010. This reduction shows that foreign than doubled to US$39 billion in 2010. -23.9 investors have lost confidence in SVG and choose to 532.07 497.51 521.41 Current Expenditure Gonsalves’ policy of begging and borrowing and 9.09 invest their money elsewhere. This means that the 226.36 212.98 203.89 Personnel emoluments focusing on tourism is foolish, unnecessarily causing -9.82 economy is shrinking and there is less hope of jobs 45.49 55.31 53.26 Interest Payments severe pain and suffering to the poor, and threatens -28.86 being created by foreign investors. 159.89 148.24 177.1 Transfers & Subsidies the SVG economy with a sudden death. The overall balance in 2011 descended to minus The table shows that Gonsalves is highly -11.44 EC$67 million. This was an astounding 328 per cent -27.28 -42.89 -31.45 Current Balance incompetent and should resign. -20.51 176.67 63.01 83.52 Capital Expenditure worse than 2010. -60.9 38.31 99.21 79.66 Capital Revenue The Leader of SVG Green Party, Mr Ivan O’Neal, SVG Green Party -51.83 -124.29 -67.59 -15.76 Overall Balance is a university graduate in finance from Oxford Critique by Ivan O’Neal BSc(Hons), MSc, MBA

Creating a culture of peace in the Caribbean The Caribbean Women’s Association (CARIWA) held its 21st Biennial Conference in St. George’s, Grenada, over the period 24-28 April, 2012, under the Theme “Creating a Culture of Peace in the Caribbean”. The Conference was attended by Representatives from Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago. Participants expressed deep concern at the continuing incidence of crime and violence in its member countries, to the extent that the Caribbean has emerged as the region with the highest percentage of crime in relation to its population. It was recognised that socialisation is both a root cause of violence and a means of providing solutions. The issues of increasing crime and violence in society, cannot be

solved by law enforcement measures without attention to the root causes. These are located both in social, economic and political exclusion, as well as in flawed gender values. Crime and violence reduction must therefore be addressed on all these fronts. The Conference issued a call to the CARICOM and OECS Secretariats, national governments, civil society organisations including nongovernmental organisations, community based organisations, church and faith based organisations, youth and women’s organisations to support the creation of a culture of peace in the Caribbean through engagement in activities that will lead to an understanding of power, the pursuit of spiritual power, and the practice of non-violent lifestyles, through utilisation

of measures such as — (1) Unpacking gender issues with a view to separating truth from myth, and understanding attitudes and behaviours which lead to trivializing of early warning signs of violent behaviour; (2) Enforce existing laws that promote gender equality and equity, and protect against violence, identify gaps, and revise or create new laws where necessary; (3) Establish protocols of conduct by institutions and law enforcement officers, health workers, social workers and care givers, to ensure that those seeking support are dealt with in a nonjudgemental environment; (4) Conduct research to establish the prevalence of violence in all its forms, and use the findings for continuous sensitisation programmes; (5) Conduct awareness building programmes on

gender and violence prevention, using proven material and methodologies, such as popular theatre, which are sensitive to people’s needs, especially those entrapped by violence; (6) Utilise formal and nonformal channels of education from childhood, to reach all levels of society through gender-sensitive curricula and socialisation with emphasis on boys and girls, towards eradicating bullying and other forms of peer pressure that remain deep seated and affect them into adult life. (7) Encouraging communities to confront how their tolerance of violence against women by intimate partners spills over into violence as an accepted behaviour for men, and part of the definition of their masculinity; (8) Create safe spaces at

national and organisational levels where victims and perpetrators of violence can have conversations and receive compassionate counselling from trained personnel. (9) Ensure that basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, health services, and gainful employment are met for all citizens, and that savings and investments are protected. Delegates from St. Vincent and the Grenadines joined in the appeal to governments, donor agencies at national, regional and international level, citizens from all walks of life, to make sufficient human, physical and financial resources available to achieve a culture of peace in the Caribbean. Nelcia Robinson-Hazell President NCW




Screening exercises being conducted at the Belair Government School.

Vision screening programme for schools

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL students here now have an opportunity to have any vision defects they have, identified and attended to professionally. The opportunity presents itself through the Student Vision Screening Programme, a private-public sector collaborative effort, involving The Spectacle Shoppe and the Ministry of Education. The nationwide programme arose out of a shared view by the Spectacle Shoppe and the Ministry of Education that a high percentage of children in this country’s schools are affected by vision problems, which if undetected

will place those affected at a disadvantage. According to Management of the Spectacle Shoppe, “The aim of this programme is to identify students with visual problems, and provide follow up correction and treatment of disorders, in an efficient and affordable manner.” That establishment has, as part of the Programme, developed a Student Special Offer which makes further eye examinations and spectacles available to students, at affordable rates. This facility follows on the assurance of the Ministry of Education, according to Education

Official Elizabeth Walker, that “the student’s parent or guardian will be notified by the school, and the student will be referred for further evaluation and treatment if necessary.” The Student Vision Screening Programme took off in earnest at the beginning of this school term, after a pilot progamme in March. To date, students of the Belair and Dorsetshire Government schools have been screened. Principal of the Belair Government School, Joy Matthews, commented: “Having such a programme is most welcome and timely, and we appreciate the initiative and foresight

of the Spectacle Shoppe. We are aware of the high cost of doing these tests and some parents’ inability to meet such cost.” Simone Harris, Optometrist at the Spectacle Shoppe, expressed delight with the programme. “I am happy to see that The Ministry of Education has supported The Spectacle Shoppe in ensuring that every student in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has an opportunity to have good vision,” said Harris. The first phase of the Student Vision Screening Programme will concentrate on primary schools.

Mustique aids in reading THE MUSTIQUE CHARITABLE TRUST continues to impact the lives of children here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Trust’s latest demonstration of its

continuing commitment in this regard came when it presented a quantity of books and games to the Bequia Reading Club. Mrs. Lavinia Gunn, Administrator of the Trust, made the

L-R: Mustique Charitable Fund Administrator Lavinia Gunn, Bequia Reading Club Co-ordinator Cheryl Johnson, and Treasurer of Action Bequia Lucille Cozier.

presentation on Saturday 28th April, during a ceremony held at the Fig Tree Restaurant. Some 60 children were among those in attendance. Mrs. Gunn expressed her Trust’s delight in being able to make the donation, and in addition to complimenting the children for their attendance of the Club’s programme, encouraged them to read more and to take care of the materials. She impressed upon the children the importance of reading and how it helps in improving performances in other subject areas. According to Mrs. Gunn, “The Mustique Charitable Trust is always pleased to give to worthy causes such as the Reading Club, and

the Trust will continue to do its part in contributing to these necessary and worthwhile causes.” The gifts from the Mustique Charitable came about as a result of a referral by Mr. Richard Roxburgh, of Action Bequia, a Children all excited over their books and games. broad-based group committed Reading Club’s being the popular, ‘Lean to support community enhancing projects. Mr. programme and appealed on me’. to others to come forward The Bequia Reading Roxburgh was himself with their service. Club was established on referred to the Bequia Time was taken to November 19, 2006, to Reading Club by Louise recognize the Bequia encourage reading and Martin Hurley. Ms. Lucille Cozier, the Action for its donation of among the children of five book cases. Bequia. It holds an Treasurer of Action As an expression of annual reading Bequia, speaking at the ceremony, recognized the their appreciation, some competition for schools, of the children rendered among other outreach contribution volunteers appropriate songs, one programmes. made to the Bequia




Garifuna group sponsors Chief Chatoyer folkloric ballet By Nelson A. King US CORRESPONDENT THE BRONX, New Yorkbased Garifuna Coalition, U.S.A., Inc. says it will sponsor this Sunday the participation of the Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of New York at the Bronx Week Parade. The parade is part of activities marking the 41st Bronx Week, when, residents of the Bronx and visitors from the tristate region come together to celebrate the people, places, history and businesses of the Bronx. “Bronx Week is the ideal time to remind all

New Yorkers that the Bronx is a great place to live, work and play,” said the Garifuna Coalition in a statement. It said Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of New York was founded by Félix Gamboa, a former member of the Wanichigu Dance Company, considered the most prominent Garifuna dance company in New York during the 1990s. The ballet’s goal is aimed at nurturing and promoting the “Garifuna culture and identity in New York City,” the coalition said. The company is named in honor of the Paramount Black Carib

Part of the Chief Joseph Chatoyer Garifuna Folkloric Ballet of New York. (Garifuna) Chief Chatoyer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines or Yurumein, the ancestral homeland of the Garifuna people. The coalition said the company has earned a reputation as “one of the most acclaimed ambassadors of Garifuna culture, promoting the uniqueness of the

Garifuna-American cultural experience, and the preservation and enrichment of the American modern dance heritage. “Participation in the Bronx Week Parade is part of the ‘Garinagu Wagia Campaign’, with the goal of creating awareness and appreciation of the Garifuna culture and its contribution to the culture and society of New York City,” the coalition said. On May 18, 2001, the United Nations

Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), for the first time, awarded the title of “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangibles Heritage of Humanity,” to 19 outstanding “cultural spaces of forms of expression from different regions of the world,” the coalition said. The Garifuna language, dance and music were among those declared “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangibles Heritage of Humanity,” the coalition said.

On Mar. 22, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr, issued a proclamation, designating Mar. 11 — Apr. 12, 2012 as “Garifuna-American Heritage Month” in the Bronx. The proclamation was also in observance of the 215th anniversary of the exile of the Garifuna people from St Vincent and the Grenadines on Mar. 11, 1797 and their settlement in Central America on Apr. 12, 1797.

SVG Consulate receives donation of sporting equipment Comber, NORTHERN IRELAND: A large selection of new cricket and football equipment has been received by the Consulate of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to Northern Ireland following a donation drive initiative. The donations are from individuals, businesses and supporters of SVG, including Podium 4 Sport and various sporting clubs across Northern Ireland. The new equipment has been marked for Youths aged 14-17 in SVG, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Consumer Affairs; the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and Culture, and the Ministry of National Mobilisation and Youth. Arrangements are being made for transport to Kingstown and disbursement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Consumer Affairs. Dr Christopher Stange, Hon. Consul for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, thanked the people of Northern Ireland for their generosity that coincides with the SVG Government’s strong commitment towards health, wellness and engaging the youth, of which sport provides an important medium. This will be an ongoing campaign, and anyone who would like to

Dr. Christopher Stange, Hon. Consul for St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Northern Ireland, the driving force behind the ongoing effort to solicit assistance for young people here. contribute or explore how they may assist SVG are encouraged to contact the Consulate directly or visit the website:




Greiggs tackling Teenage Pregnancy by SHERON GARRAWAY SOME 30 parents of teenagers in the Greiggs community are currently engaged in a workshop to improve their relationship with their youngsters. The Parents of Teenagers Education Programme which began on 26th April will run until 14th June 2012 at 4:30 p.m’. The initiative is being headed by coordinator of Family Planning and Adolescents, Sister Prince, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment. Staff Nurse Eugene Jacobs explained that parents have been learning simple but effective skills at being better guardians at the critical stage in their teenagers’ lives. The ultimate objective is to reduce teenage

pregnancy by helping parents better understand the complexities of adolescence. Jacobs noted that many parents find it difficult to cope with the changes of adolescence, and have found encouragement in the programme which is held at the Doreen John Health Centre, Greiggs. She elaborated, “Young people know a lot more about sex, and seem to be experimenting at an early age. We give parents the skills to know how to talk with their teenagers so they have a better relationship and can advise them on life’s consequences and rewards.” Staff Nurse Jacobs said that the Parents of Teenagers Education

Programme also functions as a place where parents can encourage each other, and pointed out that at the end of the eight- week course, participants would also receive a certificate of

Staff Nurse Eugene Jacobs (furthest right) with other nurses at the Doreen John Health Centre Greiggs. completion. conducting a specific The Greiggs programme for teenage community has also been mothers, which has been

running for six years called the Greggs Adolescent Group.

Baptiste for North Windward seat

A LAST-MINUTE change of heart by former opposition New Democratic Party candidate Elvis Daniel failed to impress party supporters, during a candidate selection in the North Windward constituency last weekend. Daniel, who unsuccessfully contested the 2005 and 2010 general elections, lost to cricketer Louren Baptiste. Baptiste captured 23 of the votes cast, Daniel 17 and young lawyer Adonis Coombs managed to get 3 votes. New Democratic Party General Secretary Allan Cruickshank said earlier this week that over a hundred supporters turned out to the meeting held at the Owia

Community Centre last Saturday evening, but the majority of them were not eligible to vote. He noted, however, that most persons were shouting for Baptiste, making him by far the most popular among the three candidates. According to Cruickshank, Baptiste was required to get 75% of the votes but despite not having achieved that percentage, he was still given the green light. He said that the situation was referred to the Central Committee for ratification, and added that, even though the Central Committee has an overriding decision-making authority, it is normal that once

it is clear that the constituency division has made a choice, that that person will be accepted by the Central Committee, and be allowed to contest the elections.. Cruickshank said that potential candidate Shefflorn Ballantyne, who had previously expressed interest, was written to but had failed to respond in the allotted time. Responding to the issue later, Ballantyne appeared not to have knowledge of the letter to which Cruickshank referred. He said, however, that “a policy” of the NDP “pushed” him out of the party.




PM back in full flow which needed healing. He testified that doctors approved his IF THERE ARE DOUBTS travel schedule. He ABOUT HIS FITNESS, Prime announced that he was Minister put them to rest taking a retired nurse last Tuesday. along with him to “I am feeling quite well,” Taiwan. he said. She would dress the He outlined that he incision mornings and was “back in full flow,” evenings. and that the only matter Dr. Gonsalves will be was a “surgical incision,” in the South Asian zone by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

for the inauguration of President Ma Ying-jeou. Prime Minister gave an update on the Argyle International Airport. The terminal Building which is being built by the Taiwanese firm called Overseas Engineering and Construction Company (OECC) is almost at the quarter way stage.

There will be some expansion to the floor space. Taiwan has committed US $26.5 M for the terminal building. Another Taiwanese firm CECI Engineering Consultants Inc was awarded US$3.9 M for the design and supervision of construction of the landscape facilities including the Cargo Building. By June next year, earthworks at the Argyle International Airport will be completed, according to Dr. Gonsalves. $4.4 M has been spent on blasting with 300,000 kilograms of explosives ignited. Contracts have gone to three companies dealing with Stone Crushing, Quarrying and Airfield Lighting. The Vincentian leader expressed disgust with persons who lamented that “nothing happening out there,” He pointed to

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves seemed back to his usual energetic self after a period of incapacitation.

commencement of sea defenses “later this year,” and continuation of Wind Studies to determine the necessity of a cross field runway. The revised cost for construction of the Argyle International Airport was EC$652 M announced in Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves, 2012 Budget Address delivered January 9,

2012. He alluded to an agreement signed July 21, 2008, between President Ma and himself, in which Taiwan “pledged to give favourable consideration to providing an additional grant or soft loan to help St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the anticipated higher building costs.”

Gwendolyn Russell to be recognized FORMER CHIEF GIRL GUIDE COMMISSIONER GWENDOLYN RUSSELL, will be specially recognized when the Girl Guides Association convenes its annual general meeting this Saturday, May 19th. Mrs Russell will be recognized for her sterling contribution to

guiding. She served as Island Commissioner for St. Vincent from 1976 to 1994; was Chief Commissioner from 1984 to 1991 and President of the Association from 2003 until her retirement in September 2011. A gala ceremony will also be held in her honour later in the year.

Saturday's AGM will also receive reports from Chief Commissioner Rechanne Browne Matthias, and Treasurer Michelle Samuel, among other agenda items. The meeting will take place at the Girl Guides Headquarters, Level Gardens, and begins at ten in the morning.

V South East eyes Panorama 2012



OUTH EAST STEEL ORCHESTRA is coming off a successful concert, dubbed ‘Hearts of Steel’, staged at the Aquatic Club, April 26 and 27. From all reports, the steel orchestra captured the hearts of the patrons with pan music the way it is supposed to sound. The four- year- old steel orchestra, of circa 35 players, has been a contender from the very beginning, with its debut appearances in both the Junior and Senior Panoramas of 2010. They returned in 2011, this time joining the ranks of the first ever Panorama for communitybased Junior Orchestras. They also competed in that year’s Senior Panorama. Graduating in a sense, their participation in 2011 was concentrated in the Senior Panorama only. This year, the orchestra is already gearing up for its fourth turn in the competition, this time with a new musical director/arranger, Ms. Marla Nanton. Nanton, the holder of a Bachelor of Liberal Arts (music) degree from State University of New York (SUNY), follows a distinguished line of musical directors/arrangers, including Errol ‘Siah’ Isaacs and Tillal Webb. She brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been initiated into pan playing with an outstanding foray at Potential Steel Orchestra’s 1988 summer programme, a band she played with for three years. She was captain of the Girls’ High School Orchestra in the mid -90s and played for ten years with the Rhythmix Steel Orchestra. Her period of study in New York afforded her the opportunity to become a member of Pantonic, a 75person strong side, which was fronted then by the legendary arranger Clive Bradley. She was, in her own words, “better off for


that experience.” Nanton felt moved after the Hearts of Steel concert to make the following comment: “Pan must be elevated…, it has not been given in recent years, the recognition it deserves.” And maybe this comment had something to do with the choice of South East for this year’s Panorama: Skarpyon’s ‘Pan Dream’. The South East Steel

South East Steel Orchestra in concert under the directorship of Marla Nanton (back to camera). Orchestra membership currently reflects an age range of 7 to 55 years. Its youngest, 7-year-old Reneke Harry , according to Nanton, “is fun to watch…barely making it over

the rim of the tenor pan.” Reneke was recruited after an outstanding showing in the Pan Against Crime initiative. She hails from Stubbs. South East Steel Orchestra is a subsidiary of South East

Development Inc., whose motto is ‘Promoting development through Sports, Education and Culture.’ They are also a member of the Youlou Pan Movement.

‘Ploomie’s album is worth a listen Harold ‘Ploomie ’Lewis returns to the local music scene.

Stories by COLIN KING HAROLD ‘PLOOMIE’ LEWIS, one of St. Vincent’s most outstanding bassmen and musicians, is back on the scene with a sure fire hit on his hands, both in keeping with post trends and new developments in soca music. This is a very experimental album, and although he pulls short on a couple of tracks, in particular ‘Pum-Pum 2’ which is repetitive, and maybe tries too hard to embrace that which is new in millennium soca, the rest of the album is a breath of fresh air, in the barren wasteland that is ‘musical genre original’ in Vincy soca — (exception maybe Madzart and one or two others). ‘I comin’ back’ is the best thing on this album. It is not exactly Machel or Becket, but it is definitely traditional meets original. It begins with a dramatic orchestral sounding introduction, bringing to mind a major motion picture epic sound track — giving way to a very organized structure reminiscent a bit of the best in Vincy, Becket and his counterpart Frankie. The reference to Garifuna in this track, and the irresistible table rhythm — “So I went to Frankie to help me write this symphony/ you could sing flat/ you don’t need that/ so then I went to Becky to see what advice he could give me/don’t be discombobulated,

I am Garifuna resurrected….” The fused elements add up to classic soca, capturing the spirit of our people and our music at its best. (Included are references to Kevin Lyttle and Olsen Peters also). This album features a fusion of minor elements of R&B, Jazz-based soca in some tracks, also with a touch of Indian ethnic. Two other tracks worth highlighting are the patriotic ‘Nice to be back’ and ‘Sweet lime’. ‘Nice to be back’ makes note of Ploomie’s overseas experience ‘Congregation for segregation’ in reference to race separation (in the lyrics), and his desire for a return to home. The lyric reflects a sense of pain and homesickness. ‘I mediate everyday, to the Father I always pray, asking him for a sign, like I losing my mind…..’ Consummate arrangements people this album, elements of contemporary pop, on e.g. ‘Vincy party/Now 2’, featuring some diminished and augmented chords. There is even rap on this collection which is not satanic or overly suggestive. One thing I absolutely loved about this collection is the lack of excessive, electronic enhancement gimmickry and commercial pretense in lyrical content. A breath of fresh air in an era of noise pollution.







Soroptimists elect Management Committee THE 25TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Soroptimist International SVG was held on 24th April 2012. Reports which outlined the main activities for the past year were presented by the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Programme Action Chairman, following which Officers and Committee Members were elected to manage

the business of the club for 2012/2013. Those elected were: President — Miss Euna Thompson , President Elect — Mrs. Gail Davis, Vice President Mrs. Miriam Roache, Secretary — Mrs. Saline Barbour- Stanley, Treasurer — Miss Josie —Anne Small, Programme Action Chairman — Mrs. Nelcia Primus, Membership Officer — Mrs. Kathryn

Cyrus, Public Relations Officer — Miss Shannon Durrant and Committee Members - Mrs. Lavinia Gunn, Mrs. Zeitha Hadawy, Mrs. Nicola Williams and Mrs. Annelle Thomas . Mrs. Christine da Silva-DeRosa ,Immediate Past President, was also elected to serve as Federation Consultative Councillor for 2012/2013. Honorary Life

Soroptimist Club Officers and Committee Members elected for the 2012/13 term. Membership was awarded to Miss Shirley Charles, a member who has given dedicated service to the organization over the years. SISVG will be

involved in activities from July 13th to 17th to mark the 25th Anniversary of the club. Soroptimists from the Caribbean Network as well as others are expected to join their

sisters from across the world as they celebrate this great occasion under the theme : “ONWARD TOGETHER, BUILDING ON SOLID FOUNDATIONS” .



Credit No.: 4986-VCCFC – PPCR Grant No.: TF010206/ SCF Loan No.: TF010207

Credit No.: 4986-VC CFC – PPCR Grant No.: TF010206/ SCF Loan No.: TF010207 REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Structural & Site Vulnerability Assessment and Evaluation of Functional Characteristics of National Emergency Shelters: (i) Dorsetshire Hill Government School; and (ii) Kingstown Government School Reference No.: SVGRDVRP – C – CQS – 5

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Design and Supervision of Satellite Warehouses Reference No.: SVGRDVRP – C – CQS – 1 St. Vincent and the Grenadines has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services for Design and Supervision of Satellite Warehouses. Under Component 1 of this project, titled “Prevention & Adaptation Investment” it has identified a number of priority investments with the goal of reducing the country’s physical and economic vulnerability to adverse natural events through the piloting of adaptive measures to build resilience to current and future climatic changes. One of the priority investments is the construction of Two (2) Satellite Community Warehouses for storage of emergency equipment. The period of the consultancy is Eighteen (18) months. The Central Planning Division now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, CV’s etc.). A consultant will be selected using the Selection Based on Consultants’ Qualification (CQS) selection method in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, dated May 2004, revised October, 2006 and May 1, 2010. Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by June 1st 2012. Further information can be obtained at under Web Classified – Request for Expression of Interest or at the address below The Director of Planning Central Planning Division/Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning 1st Floor, Administrative Building Bay Street Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tel: 784-457-1746 / 784-457-2182 E-mail:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The consultant will perform a thorough vulnerability assessment of the two schools with the objective of (i) carry out site inspection, identifying structural and site vulnerabilities and functional shortcomings; and (ii) propose measures for consideration and possible inclusion in the rehabilitation / retrofit design of the shelters. The Consultant will be required to prepare detailed methodology and work plan for carrying out structural & site vulnerability assessment. In concert with NEMO, the consultant would review and if need be revise, their functional evaluation criteria of buildings for use as an emergency weather shelter. Also they would be required to prepare a vulnerability assessment and functional evaluation forms, including sections on wind and seismic resistance and overall site vulnerability. Carry out the structural & site vulnerability assessment of the schools. The Central Planning Division now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Firms should have experience in Structural analysis studies of older buildings with at least one successfully completed assignment during the past three years. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Consultants Qualification Selection (CQS) method in accordance with set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants] by World Bank Borrowers May 2004, revised October 1, 2006 and May 1, 2010. Further information can be obtained at under Web Classified – Request for Expression of Interest or at the address below. Further Information, Inspection of and Requesting Bidding Documents The Director of Planning Central Planning Division Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning 1st Floor, Administrative Building Bay Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address above (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) no later than 4:00 pm EST June 1st 2012.




BasilÊs cops major ECGC prize


JANINE JOHN, an employee of Basil’s Bar and Restaurant, baked her way to the converted prize of overall winner in the 2012 ECGC National Baking Competition. John defeated twentyone of the best chefs and bakers representing bakeries, catering services and restaurants throughout the country, in a test to showcase the best baking products. Addressing the closing ceremony on Friday, May 11, at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall, Marketing Manager at ECGC, Martin La Borde, expressed happiness with

the overall presentation of the products on display, and assured the company’s commitment to the competition next year. “I think it is something that we as a company must champion,” La Borde said. The twenty two persons participating in 2012 was an improvement from last year’s nineteen, and demonstrated a strong interest in the Competition, according to La Borde. He, however, cautioned against the pattern of sameness within the baking

industry. “We are in an industry that has a significant dynamism about it, and we shouldn’t settle for the same kind of thing over and over again,” Martin opined. He boasted that EGCG produces the finest flour, and challenged persons to use the local flour more often since, he observed, there was a tendency to import foreign baking products.

Partnership Agricultural Officer in the Planning Unit,

Janine John, overall winner, receives an award from Martin La Borde, Marketing Manager ECGC. Left: Colville King alluded to benefits to be reaped with the new partnership between Government and the ECGC. Colville King, recognized ECGC’s importance to the economy and society as a whole, noting that it plays a significant role in the balance of trade and food security.

He lauded the collaborative effort involving the Ministry of Agriculture and ECGC towards establishing a national poultry project, saying that “ this project will create employment, reduce the high importation of poultry projects and encourage persons to use ECGC products.” King was impressed with the presentation, and advised participants to use their talent to link tourism and food, while encouraging them to make quality their trademark . King concluded by urging participants to adopt ECGC’s motto “excellence through team work”.

The closing ceremony also witnessed the handing out of individual category awards. Janine John took the award for Best in Cake with a Rum Punch Mango Cheese Cake; Jaima King, also from Basil’s Bar and Restaurant, walked away with the prize for Best in Bread with his Pumpkin Coconut Coffee Muffins; Ricardo Gordon from Rems Bakery took the prize for Best in Pastry with his Damsel Pie; Venessa Francis-Lewis from Macaroni Beach House Mustique lifted the prize for Best Use of specialty flour. Winners in each category received $ 2,000, while the overall winner received $3,000.

Janine John’s Rum Punch Mango Cheese Cake took the award for Best in Cake.

Participants in the 2012 ECGC National Baking Competition.




That last bond issue: Is it cheap politics? the bond issue, it has to apply to the possibility of SVG defaulting on its bonds when they mature. In effect, Senator Cave has sounded similar There is a school of thought that alarm bells when he warns ‘a St. Kitts’ has been used to justify government “could happen in Barbados where borrowing and spending in times of there has been a $6 billion loan in six recessions. This is known as the years as compared with $4 billion in counter-cyclical fiscal policy which is 40 years after independence. He aimed at reviving a depressed reminds us further “that countries economy, particularly since people which borrow excessively can and will tend to spend less. One of the go bankrupt, affecting the standard of underlying principles of this belief is living of everyday citizens for decades that one person’s spending goes afterward. It has happened many towards another person’s earnings. times in the past and, unfortunately, it However, an Inter-American Development Bank economist Eduardo will happen again in the future.” Cavallo (2011) has alerted that ”without good initial economic Indebtedness of the ECCU conditions, countries have limited scope to act.” He further clarified that Of more regional significance is Dr. “countries in which governments have Arnold McIntyre’s (2011) findings of saved little during the commodity the Eastern Caribbean Currency Bonds versus shares and stocks boom years will have limited scope to Union (ECCU). McIntyre who is an increase spending to alleviate the IMF programme coordinator states, Bonds are debt investments upcoming recession stemming from the “ECCU countries are among the whereby an investor lends a certain current crisis.” world’s most highly indebted. All six amount of money, for a certain amount As we lay bare the bond issue independent ECCU countries (Antigua of time, with a certain interest rate, to implication, the reservations and and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. a company or country. Our exposure findings of Eustace and other to the recent investment scandals observers become more germane to the Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. would help us appreciate better that entire region. If Eustace’s reservation Vincent and the Grenadines.) rank within the 15 most indebted emerging buying stocks is a form of using our does not apply at the initial point of money, with the hope of making more. It is for the same reason that people buy bonds. However, buying stocks/shares is buying part ownership of the establishment offering the WHY DID MINISTERS and Whaling Atlantic humpback whales off St. shares. In the case of buying bonds, Vincent and the Grenadines”. Commissioners from the OECS we are offering a loan with an IOU We also know that rules are not countries huddle for two days at a arrangement. Bondholding is usually consistently applied and enforced in hotel in Villa with only one other between government and investor. SVG over how whales — and what country — Japan — in preparation for Traditionally, stockholding has whales — are hunted and killed. For the June 2012 meeting of the provided opportunities for long-term instance, our country is specifically International Whaling Commission financial returns and bonding (IWC)? And, why were the reasons for forbidden to hunt and kill calves. Yet, investments have provided income this meeting shrouded in secrecy, with it is normal for whalers to first target streams. On the basis that government no official press release or calves, wounding or killing them so as can usually raise taxes or create ‘Communiqué’ afterwards about what to attract their mothers, in utter additional currency to pay out at time violation of the international was discussed and how the of maturity, bonds are considered safer discussions benefit the people of our guidelines under which whales should than shares in stock. A key be taken for food. The practice is a country? component of bond transactions is None of the OECS countries, except shameful stain on our nation. confidence: governments can raise Hon. Saboto Caesar, Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, is much needed capital without giving up known to have any interest in killing Fisheries, said at the opening of last managing control, and the investor’s week’s whaling meeting that whaling large whales. At the meeting our income stream is secured. in Bequia is for the purposes of “food Whaling Commissioner boasted that security.” How an average of one “SVG is the smallest whaling nation Risks in bondholding whale killed per year could be and the only country in the OECS necessary for “food security” in that is a whaling nation.” No offence We need to be aware of bondholding to the Commissioner, but he should Bequia, is very puzzling. What is risks, also. Russia, in 1998, became think about bragging that ours is the certain is that eating whale meat in the first notable case in point in recent only Latin American and Caribbean Bequia is not necessary for human times when it defaulted on its national country that is killing these survival there. The Minister also said, currency debt. Declining productivity “Our whalers hunt in small open magnificent mammals that nurture and chronic fiscal deficit have been boats, using sails, and the objective is their young in the same manner as cited as possible causes of that crisis — human mothers, is not to our credit. to secure our food.” That is a tale of the Ruble crisis. Also reported is that ancient times, unrelated to what His disclosure that SVG is proposing it had an unexpected effect on former an amendment of the quota to 24 from actually occurs in modern day Bequia. territories (The Baltic region). He did not recognize that for years it 20, due to an extension of the quota In 2012, bondholders of Greek has been reported that speed boats period, is a move in the wrong bonds voluntarily participated in a are used to assist the sail boats in the direction. It is a backward move. rather complicated bailout plan that whale hunt. Within the last two years included swapping existing bonds for about one quarter of one of the whales Food security.. Aboriginal hunt new ones, in order to get 25% of their that was caught, was not sold or used original bonds. Much like the Russian Under the IWC rules, St Vincent in any way due to a dispute situation, unrestrained spending and and the Grenadines has permission to surrounding the catch. Surely if the national debts are also cited as causes take 20 Humpback whales over the meat was necessary for human of the Greek crisis. period 2008-2012. This allocation is in survival, it would not have been left to Within weeks and closer home, response to a claim that our rot. holders of St. Kitts and Nevis bonds “aboriginal” people in Bequia It is interesting to hear the have suffered a similar fate as those of traditionally depend on whales for Minister speak with such confidence Greek bonds. Barbadian Senator food. IWC quotas are meant to be about the manner in which the whales Geoffrey Cave expresses concern at the based on “relevant stocks from which are killed in Bequia. Perhaps on that prospect that investors, including indigenous groups, whose needs have basis, the Government will improve individuals, governments and pension been recognized by the IWC, can take upon its reputation of not providing schemes, face the prospect of only whales”. However, the Government of proper vital scientific information to St Vincent and the Grenadines has the IWC about the method and getting between $15 and $25 for each never provided a statement in support numbers of our whale kills and strikes $100 of savings they had bought in of its “aboriginal” quota. (a strike is when whale is harpooned these bonds. Again, some blame Evidence of SVG’s poor reporting on but not landed). excessive and reckless borrowing by its whaling activities is the statement In any case, the killing of whales in the Saint Kitts government as a made last year by the UK Bequia, in my opinion, does not possible cause of the crisis. On a Commissioner to the IWC who said constitute an aboriginal activity. It microeconomic level, this sounds like about St Vincent and the Grenadines: began in 1875 with Scottish William paying returns at a lower rate to investors from money other than profit “We expressed our disappointment at Wallace, who learnt the practice from IWC63 at the lack of adequate data to Yankee whaling ships. It began as earned by the government issuing the support the aboriginal hunts of North such in the Colonial period and not bonds. A PRESS RELEASE from the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE) on April 27 indicates that there is an oversubscription of $285,000 on a SVG government $40 million 10-year bond issue. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves boasts the oversubscription: “… it reflects the confidence of the market in the management of the economy, even in these difficult and challenging times. ” In response, Arnhim Eustace, an economist and leader of the opposition, asserts: “So you just barely went over the mark. … that is what is oversubscribed?!” Eustace also stresses the importance of the public being clear about what is happening with the bond issue. In fact, Eustace’s point is relevant to the entire CARICOM region and more specifically, the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Borrowing during recession

markets and developing countries, of which three (Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and St. Kitts and Nevis) have a public debt-to- GDP ratios of over 100 percent. All six countries exceed the ECCU’s target debt-to-GDP ratio of 60 percent. … About 10 percent of the regional debt is in arrears, concentrated in Antigua and Barbuda.” Of some concern, too, must be that Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Lucia represent 48% of the Eastern Caribbean economy. Therefore, what is happening with the bonds issue could be more perilous than we can deduce from the ECSE press release announcing an oversubscription of $285,000 on an SVG $40 million 10-year bond issue. Who would have expressed confidence in our economy has to be matched with a question about the purpose for which SVG issued these bonds: to stimulate the economy or pay old debts? What would it mean for cost of living if our government could not meet its obligations on any of its bonds? Luzette King - Producer and Host, Global Highlights

Whale Hunting is a stain on our nation with the indigenous Caribs or the Garifuna (most of who had been long exiled by this point).

Scientific research… Whalewatching The pro whaling position of OECS countries and their support for Japan’s killing of whales under the guise of “scientific research” has attracted the great disapproval of our Latin American neighbours. These countries are known as the “Buenos Aries” group and comprise Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. In Latin America, whale watching has become a popular tourism activity. Reports show that there are now 18 countries in the region that promote it, including Dominica. Whale watching brings tourists, foreign exchange and employment to our shores. Whale killing brings us a bad reputation. Today there is very little aboriginal whaling around the world. The remaining true aborigines, live in harsh conditions on ice caps. They are Chukots in Russia’s Siberia and Inuits in Alaska. They do actually need to hunt whales to live. Definitely not so in Bequia. It is past the time for us in St Vincent and the Grenadines to stop the killing of humpback whales. But if whale hunting is to continue, the very least that the Government should do is ensure that whale hunting is done in strictly regulated conditions and with the proper recording of data so that we do not further hurt our nation’s reputation in the world community or our image as a tourism country. It is time to embrace conservation. The value of whales to our economy is much greater if they are alive than dead. Our Government should lead the way in promoting and incentivizing our whale watching industry. The rewards to our people in jobs, foreign exchange earnings and standing in the tourism industry are far greater than in killing whales. Louise Mitchell Joseph


ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You may interest some of them in a service you have to offer. Be wary of those who have overly strong convictions. Your practical approach to life may charm someone who has been observing you. Your emotional partner may make you angry this week. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) You may have the opportunity to get involved in some interesting conversations. Make residential changes that will lift your spirits. Travel for business purposes may bring the highest returns. You will need to take a look at the renovations that are necessary and try to find the cheapest way to get things done. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You can accomplish a lot if you deal with other people's money or possessions this week. You may experience financial loss if you don't use good judgment. Be careful not to lead someone on if you truly have no interest. You can make a difference if you're willing to stand up and be counted. CANCER (June 22-July 22) If you work in conjunction with someone else you may find they're trying to steal your thunder. Opportunities for new and exciting relationships will be yours if you get out and join groups. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Make plans to mix business with pleasure. Dinner with clients or business associates should be successful. You should be trying to clear up legal contracts that have been pending. Take your time; do not make any decisions in haste. Your high energy and discipline will enable you to complete any seemingly insurmountable tasks. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Don't take advantage of your expense account. You can't do everything on your own. You may have difficulties with foreigners. You will encounter those who can help you further your goals if you attend functions that attract prominent people. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Make love, not war, and all will be fine. You will find that social activities will be enjoyable and will promote new connections. There may be opportunities to attend social functions that are linked to work. You will find that you can work progressively at improving yourself this week. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Do what you can to help them but don't neglect your own family. It's time to reconnect with some of the people you used to know. Be sure to take time for old friends or relatives you don't get to see that often. Think twice before you agree to take on any new projects. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Don't overspend to impress others. Confusion is apparent and you'll need some sound advice if you want to do the right thing. Your ideas can be put into action. Don't ruffle the feathers of those you care about most. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Keep an eye on your weight. Any difficulties with peers could be unnerving. Your devotion will be persuasive. Try to be understanding. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Have some fun, but draw the line if someone tries to fast talk their way into your heart. Your mate may want to pick a fight but if you're persistent with your affections their anger should dissipate. Socialize with friends, but don't overspend on lavish entertainment. Take care of the needs or responsibilities of elders. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Business trips might prove unproductive. Don't give your heart too readily. You need to spend less time daydreaming and more time accomplishing. You may find that you can be the recipient of valuable information if you're willing to be a good listener.

28. Business degree (abbr.) 1. Sharp point 31. Spanish 4. Almost noblemen closed 32. Home 8. Engrave schooler’s initials degree 12. Greek letter (abbr.) 13. Peel 33. Commented 14. Zhivago’s 34. 1/60 of a love min. 15. Biology, e.g. 35. Over, (abbr.) poetically 16. Andes native 36. Discontinues 17. Blind strip 37. Repulsive, 18. King’s seat informally 20. Insurance 39. Before forms (prefix) 22. FBI 41. Crossword employee heading (abbr.) 43. Protein-rich 23. Express bean displeasure 47. Designer 24. “Star __” Chanel 27. “__ So Fine” ACROSS

48. “__Almighty” 50. Parisian pal 51. “__ keep” (procrastinator’s motto) 52. Hurry 53. Mao __ tung 54. Poor grades 55. Large amount 56. Male heir DOWN 1. Student’s concern 2. Rash’s feature 3. Matched set 4. Mimicking 5. Singer Jackson 6. __ de

Triomphe 7. Arrived 8. Martinelli et al. 9. Good-luck charm 10. Study hard 11. Sombreros 19. Hardwood trees 21. Fleur-de-__ 24. Football scores (abbr.) 25. Fish eggs 26. Surround 27. Pronoun 29. Auction offer 30. Internet popups 32. Hot springs 33. Spotted 35. Finds acceptable 38. Puts in the fridge

39. 40. 41. 42. 44.

Locale Renovate __ rain Dove shelter Creates edging 45. “__Tired” (2 wds.) 46. Charge on property 49. Kilmer of “Batman Forever”








May 18h, 2012

May 19th, 2012

May 20th, 2012

May 21st, 2012

May 22nd, 2012






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V A million $$ question



Dear George,

I AM DATING this girl for just over one year and I would like to marry her, but I just would like to be sure that she is not marrying me for my money. I have recently inherited just under 1 million dollars in assets from my father, and she knows this. I met her just after I came into my

fortune. She says she loves me, and I have not seen anything to the contrary; but I just would like to be sure that she wants ME and not my money. Is there a way to make sure of this and to set my heart at ease?

Wondering Love Dear W/Love,

It is natural to harbour the thought of her probably professing to love you because of your good fortune. After one year, you ought to

A case of not bathing Dear George,

and otherwise.

MY HUSBAND is going about telling his friends and relatives, and my friends and relatives, that I do not want to sleep with him. He is even going as far as to tell them that he suspects that I have another man. George, this has hurt me deeply, and I am disappointed that my husband would stoop that low. He is not telling them that the reason for me not wanting to sleep with him is because he refuses to take a bath after he gets home from his work. He works in the field, and he smells to high heavens when he gets home. He is telling me that he is my husband and he should not have to take a shower if he does not want to. His position is that, I should sleep with him regardless to his condition. I am saying no to that and I am standing my ground. I am very hurt by what he is doing and how he sees me, and each day that passes, I am moving farther and farther away from him emotionally

Hurt Dear Hurt,

have, at least, a good idea of the authenticity of her love for you. If you are still in doubt and would like to move forward and marry her anyway, then I would suggest you do a pre-nuptial agreement. It would not matter one way or another for her if she truly loves and wants only you. While this may create debate between you two, it is one sure way to give you the peace of mind you seek.

Your husband’s immaturity and George childish behaviour will cause grave damage to your marriage, and the situation needs to be addressed immediately before the damage sets in and becomes irreparable. His lack of respect for you in wanting you to indulge with him in his untidy state, to put it mildly, is alarming. He needs to be told that his behaviour is unacceptable, and it would be a good idea for you to engage the services of a marriage counsellor. Let him know that the future of the marriage rests on his decision to seek counsel. Good for you for taking the stand you took! Cleanliness in my book is an unspoken prerequisite for a healthy relationship/marriage.


Girlfriend makes threats Dear George, I HAVE a big problem! I had a quarrel with my girlfriend a week ago, and she threatened to poison me. It is not the first time she has threatened me but this time she has taken it too far, I think. She is daring me to eat another meal from her, and all of this came about after she accused me of cheating on her. I am very honest in saying I have never and will never cheat on her. She is a very jealous woman, and this has been a problem in our relationship. I need to know what to do about her and how to convince her that I am not cheating on her.

Worried stiff, Dear Worried stiff When things get to the stage where death threats are issued, it is time to rethink your position. I do not think you would want to wait around to see if she is serious about her threats. Now is a good time to take an extended and indefinite break from her. You need to have someone in your life who wants to help you preserve it, not end it. Insecurity breathes jealousy, and that kind of jealousy will cause enough stress in your life to make you miserable as long as it exists. Now may be a good time to run for your life.





Calpsonian ‘Defo’ pleased with response Defo is the composer and singer of the song ‘Woodlice’ NOEL CASTELLO, known in the which has been receiving entertainment circles as ‘Defo’, much airplay on local radio is reveling in the popularity he is stations. receiving for his 2012 number, Defo, with some 32 years of ‘Woodlice’, but he would like to involvement in the calypso art see that enthusiasm form, admits that, while he transformed into purchase of his has produced a string of CD. popular songs like this year, by WILLIAM ‘KOJAH’ ANTHONY

he is yet to be recognized on the wider circuit. Along with the ‘Woodlice,’ Defo has ‘Mu clothes’, ‘One Caribbean’, ‘Letter from under the Ground’, ‘Natural disaster’ and ‘Black mind’, on a CD he has produced for Vincy Mas 2012. The recordings were done at

Jr. Studios in Cane Garden, run and operated by skilled musician Junior Sutherland. Designs for the CD cover were by Lance Chapman. Defo is confident that this year will produce Noel ‘Defo’ Castello is happy with something marvellous for the positive response to one of him. “I have songs his songs for Vincy Mas 2012, but wants more support for his like any other CD. artiste. Since you have two launching, ‘Woodlice’ has songs, anything taken off. can happen. First “I am feeling happy with of all you have to the response I am getting from go through to the the public.” Defo said, but he semis,” Defo would like the appreciation to projected. go deeper. He was among “Making fans is not all of it. the finalists in the New Song Calypso I want them to have one of this,” he said, ” pointing to a Contest staged at copy of his CD. the launch of the A cellular phone ‘top-up’ Vincy Mas and confectionary salesman activities at the Solidarity Inc Car who plies his trade in the Park, Saturday, vicinity of the Bedford Street May 5. branch of Bank of St. Vincent He was not and the Grenadines, Defo among the top mentioned that he “sacrificed” three finishers, but his business so as to finance he contends: “I am the musical production. the people’s King.” Defo is a member of the He explained 2012 cast of the Upstage that since the Experience Calypso Tent.

‘Defo’ delivering his popular ‘Woodlice’ at the Vincy mas 2012 launch.




Kingstown Hill gives early notice

Kingstown Hill could be another outstanding addition to the Community Lighting Festival as Dorsetshire Hill (pictured here) was last year.

Cambridge, Alex Browne, Richard and THE COMMUNITY OF Marlon Cambridge young KINGSTOWN HILL is giving sportsmen, Monty early notice of its intention Ollivierre, Rex Shepherd, to compete in this year’s Jeffrey Quashie and Community Christmas Kenroy ‘Shaka’ Lighting Competition. Shepherd. Towards this end, a According to a group of residents, spokesperson for the committed to this cause, Committee, the met at the Ash’s family involvement in the home at Kingstown Hill, Festival is seen as an some two weeks ago, to effort aimed at: fostering formalize plans for the a sense of community community’s amongst the residents of involvement. Kingstown Hill; and Mrs. Patsy Ashrekindling old Cumas, a Vincetian friendships and setting national currently the platform for forging resident in New York, healthy relationship spearheads a committee between present and that includes Ricardo older generations of ‘Puzzle’ Grant, Cecile residents of Kingstown. by PATMOS RICHARDS

Mrs. Ash-Cumas is the sister of the late Kenneth Ash, also originally from Kingstown Hill, who is credited with having pioneered the Christmas Lighting-up crusade. His home at Lowmans (Hill), adorned with thousands of lights and other Christmas decorations, became an attraction for persons across the state and even from neighbouring islands. Mrs. Ash-Cumas, who left St. Vincent recently for her adoptive home in the USA, is expected to return soon to rejoin the other members of the committee. She sees her effort as “primarily one of putting

CED Donates Computer to VincyKlus THIS COUNTRY’S LONE AGROPROCESSING cluster group, VincyKlus, is now equipped to start the basic functions of its secretariat. Thanks to the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED), VincyKlus now has a Dell computer to outfit its secretariat that will be housed at the SVG Bureau of Standards office in Campden Park. The cluster group was established by CED in 2008, with a view to facilitate the growth and development of new and

existing micro, small and medium enterprises in the agro-processing and service industries. Accepting the donation, Ms. DesrieLewis expressed gratitude to CED, stating that it was timely and note-worthy. “CED have been instrumental in the conception of VincyKlus, and the computer donated is but part of the many support services granted by CED. These will go towards the establishment of a secretariat,” she said. “Additionally,

honourable mention is made to the Bureau of Standards which will house the secretariat, and key personnel have already been earmarked to fully operationalize same. To this end, we convey heart-felt gratitude to CED for its tremendous efforts towards the development of VincyKlus, for seeing the cluster move from inception to maturity; and for being a champion of the cause.” VincyKlus was officially launched in November 2010. (Contributed)

General Manager of CED, Mr. Felix Lewis, presents the computer to VincyKlus Secretary, Ms. Desrie Lewis.

back something of value to my hometown of Kingstown Hill, but also as a mark of respect to my brother, Kenneth, and also to honour the memory of another deceased brother, Henry, who was originally part of planning for this

event.” The Christmas Lighting Competition forms part of the unique

Nine Mornings Festival which has developed into a major attraction for visitors.




National players shine

WINDWARD ISLANDS LEFT ARM SEAMER Kenroy Peters and national off spinner Dyke Cato helped their teams to honors in matches of the National Premier Division Cricket Competition played on the weekend. Peters, in his second season as captain, helped guide Saints to first innings honors over highly rated team Rivals. In a tense encounter at Arnos Vale One, Saints were put into bat and reached 115. Peters topscored with 29, while Mozario Matthews hit 26. The evergreen Olanzo Jackson took 5 for 47 and Asif Hooper 3 for 20. In reply, Team Rivals struggled against some good swing bowling and were eventually dismissed for 75. Asif Hooper led the batting with 32. Kenroy Peters led from the front, picking up 4 for 18, while Amral Bobb took 3 for 6 and Romario Bibby 3 for 27. Saints, batting a second time, reached 152 for 9 when play ended. Timothy Warner was unbeaten on 31. Kenroy Peters hit 31 and Sunil Ambris 27. Kesrick Williams took 3 for 33 and Olanzo Jackson 3 for 61. At Arnos Vale Two, OLA Boutique Radcliffe recorded their first victory of the season when they defeated ASCO by an innings and 92 runs, a victory set up by a five-wicket haul by Dyke Cato. OLA Boutique Radcliffe batted first

and compiled 261 for 9 declared. Andy Harper stroked 75 not out, Vebert King 62, Delorn Johnson 34 and Rodney Lawrence 28. Andre Hunte took 5 for 67. In reply, ASCO were bowled out for 155. Ragive Roberts hit 22 and Elric Morris 21. Dyke Cato bagged 5 for 59 and Andy Harper 3 for 33. Asked to follow on, ASCO were skittled out for a record low score of 14. Delorn Johnson took 4 for 7 and Andy Harper 4 for 1. In the First Division at Buccament, Bryden Frutee Youth United defeated LOG Masters by 10 wickets. LOG Masters made 67 in their 1st innings. Basil Weekes hit 24. Joel O’Garro took 4 for 19. In reply, Bryden’s Frutee Youth United managed 97 for 9 declared. Keroy Roberts made 34. Delshorn Welcome picked up 3 for 17 and Elvis Browne 3 for 19. LOG Masters, batting a second time, made 48. Isaac Trimingham took 4 for 6 and Keroy Roberts 3 for 24. Asked to make 18 runs to win, Bryden’s Frutee Youth United reached 19 for no wicket. At Stubbs, Belmont United won on first innings from Unique Warriors in a drawn game. Unique Warriors made 117 in their 1st innings. Onike Endeavour took 4 for 32 and Augustus Mofford 3 for 26. Belmont United replied with 130. Nickie Antoine hit 53 and Javed Cordice 32 not out. Calvert

Kenroy Peters, captain of Saints, took 4 for 18 and hit useful innings of 29 and 31.

Dyke Cato bagged an important 5 for 59 for OLA Boutique Radcliffe.

Williams bagged 3 for 3 and Joseph Medford 3 for 42. Unique Warriors were 118 for 6 in their 2nd innings at the close of play. Omar Williams made 54 and Christroy John 25. McKinley Delpesche took 3 for 13. At North Union, Smashers defeated Radcliffe Too by 6 wickets. Radcliffe Too posted 189 in their 1st innings. Michael St. Hilaire topscored with 52. Analdo Fisher made 50 and Romario Pierre 34. Marvin Small grabbed 6 for 93 and Antonio Charles 3 for 52. In reply, Smashers made 175. Kenville Sam led with 42, Redon Bentick hit 33 and Curtis Joyette 25. Kamal Greene took 3 for 23 and Daniel McMillan 3 for 40. Radcliffe Too disappointed to

close at 114 all out in their 2nd innings. Michael St.Hilaire hit 32 andArnold Jake 31.Adolphous Charles took 4 for 56 and Marvin Harry 3 for 24. Asked to make 128 runs to win, Smashers reached 133 for 4. Ronald Scott led with 61. This weekend, in the Premier Division, The News Spartans oppose Police One at Arnos Vale One, while Police Two face Saints at Arnos Vale Two. In the First Division, Sion Hill clash with Victors Two at Buccament, and Radcliffe Too take on Unique Warriors at North Union. I.B.A.ALLEN

Vitamalt donates to SVG Netball Association THE ST. VINCENT BREWERY LTD., through the Vitamalt brand, continues to put its support behind youth netball in this country. The Brewery, again in the name of Vitamalt, recently demonstrated

this ongoing commitment when it donated some $3,000.00 to the SVG Netball Association, to assist with off-setting expenses for the Caribbean Netball Union Jean Pierre Caribbean Under-16 championship,

hosted by SVG last month. A release from the Brewery recommits the brand to continued support of “wellness and fitness activities across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

L-R: Mrs. Doris Mc Intosh, Secretary of SVG Netball Association, receives cheque from Reneiro Terc, Brand Manager at the St.Vincent Brewery Ltd.


Paul’s Avenue, P.O. Box 592, Kingstown Tel: 456-1821 Fax: 457-2821 E-mail: Website:



Liverpool rolls over SVG

EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEFEAT against the Liverpool Football Academy, recently installed coach of the SVG Under-20 football team, Pete Morris, is satisfied with the performances of his players. Morris’ sentiment was expressed after the Vincy lads went under 3 — 1, in the match played last week Wednesday, May 9, at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. “Considering the time they had together to gel and establish chemistry as a team, I am satisfied with the performance of the players,” Morris said in a post match rap. Myron Samuel, captain of the SVG team, and who played against the Liverpool Academy two years ago, said that the Liverpool team Pete Morris, coach of SVG Under-20s, this time around may not have expressed satisfaction with his been as competitive, “but they team’s performance. played with the same style.” And in looking ahead, Samuel said, “I think as we prepare for the CFU qualifiers, we will have to work harder in the tactical area and be more competitive.” Samuel also voiced a concern about the training conditions, saying that a better training Captain of the Liverpool Football Academy accepts trophy from Minister of ground could improve the team’s Sport, Cecil Mc Kie. preparation. Mike March, Coach of the During their stay at the Buccament inroads into the Vincentain defence Liverpool Football Academy, intimated and opened the scoring in the 17th Bay Resort, under whose auspices the that the SVG team had “some good visit was organized, players and minute through Jack Dun. Jerome players technically,” but more needed technical staff of the Liverpool Sinclair incresed Liverpool’s lead in to be done in the tactical area of their the 56th minute, and John Mukendi Academy were also involved in mini game. put victory beyond doubt with another coaching sessions for students from He indicated that his Academy was in the 77th minute. schools on the Leeward side of the always on the lookout for new talent. island. SVG’s lone goal came in the 90th On the actual field of play, the minute when captain Myron Samuel Liverpool Academy made early I.B.A.ALLEN converted a penalty.

Liverpool coach Mike March recognized tactical deficiencies in the SVG game.

Liverpool on the attack.

Myron Samuel, captain of the U-20’s, scored his team’s lone goal.




Shimano Bailey takes another cycle event

Shimano Bailey (right) leads the way in the 20-mile race, ahead of Zefal Bailey (centre) and Lucky Antrobus.

High score in Mustique T/20 by PAUL JAMES

Andrew Pompey disappointed with the bat for Rock Masters.

MUSTIQUE Building Company Limited (MBCL) registered the highest total to date in the Mustique T/20 Championship when they blasted Lion Gate for 193 for 9 off the allotted overs. Glenmore Edwards scored a blistering 50 for MBCL. He was well supported by Kenroy Richards who hit 27. David Phillips did his best to restrict the assault. At the end of his 4 overs, he had the impressive figures of 4 wickets for 22 runs, in a losing effort. Lion Gate never looked like a team ready to challenge, and were

SHIMANO BAILEY recorded yet another victory in the continuing road race series organized by the SVG Cycling Union. That victory came last Sunday in a 20-mile road race, during which Shimano was pushed every bike length of the way by his younger brother, Zefal. Shimano’s winning time was declared to be 1 hr 12 minutes 49.49 seconds, with his brother’s second place time set at 1 hr 12 minutes 49.71 seconds. The Mother’s Day event saw cyclists riding from Ratho Mill to the Arnos Vale Roundabout five times, and finishing at the Howards Marine building in Villa Flat. Also on Sunday’s card was a 3.3 mile time trial from Ratho Mill to the Arnos Vale Roundabout three times. quickly bundled out for 95. The only batsman to get into double figures was Claudius Murray with a lonely 15. MBCL’s Glenmore Edwards and Kisroy Young captured two wickets each. Man of the Match was Glenmore Edwards. Alumbrera Sweepers meanwhile, continued to

Buccament Bay Resort adds grassed pitch THE BUCCAMENT Bay Resort has had its latest addition in sporting facilities- a grassed football field. The football field, measuring one hundred and ten yards by sixty yards, was officially opened last Saturday with a brief ceremony. However, it will not be in use until the next few months as there is some compacting still to be

undertaken. Last Saturday’s opening was addressed by Kevin Smith, General Manager of the Buccament Bay Resort and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Elvis Charles. The ceremony was held to coincide with the visit of the Liverpool Under-18 Academy

football team of England, who were on their second trip to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Before the opening of the field, the players engaged young footballers from schools in the area, in a coaching session. The grassed field complements the other sporting facilities already in use at the

Resort. Among the other sporting facilities are an astro turf football field, the Pat Cash Tennis courts and the Cricket nets, which came into being in March, in time for the hosting of the West Indies and Australian cricket teams there. The Buccament Bay Resort opened its doors in 2010.

Youngsters try out the surface at the new football pitch at the Buccament Bay Resort.

Taking the time trial was Cammie Adams in a time of 9 minutes 52.48 seconds. Zefal Bailey was second in a time of 10 minutes 09.52 seconds, and third was Shimano Bailey in 10 minutes 32.93 seconds. On Saturday, the Cycling Union also staged two races, a Power Climb and a Hill Climb, both at Argyle. Capturing the 300 meters Power Climb was Shimano Bailey. Cammie Adams took second place and Albert Quammie was third. The one-mile Hill Climb was won by Cammie Adams, as Zefal Bailey took the second spot and Lucky Antrobus was third. The local cyclists are using the races as preparation for regional meets in the upcoming months.

sweep through the championship when they easily disposed of Rock Masters Cricket team. Batting first, Rock Masters scored 117 for 7 from their 20 overs. Andy Spring scored 25 and Sunil Lewis 17, to be the main contributors to their team’s score. Keithland Cujo finished with the more than commendable bowling figures of 4-1-20-4. Cedrick Grant, 64 not out, and a no nonsense 22 by Keith Lavia hustled Alumbrera to victory, closing on 120 for 2 in 11.3 overs. Cedrick Grant was adjudged Man of the Match. Matches in the Championship continue this weekend at the lush Mustique Playing Field.

Alumbrera’s batsman Cedrick Grant leaving the field after his innings which sealed victory for his team.




Contrasting results in Bequia 20/20

Thriving on adversities TODAY, Friday 17 is the second day of the Lords test. There is a feeling of apathy by some Caribbean people. They are convinced that the West Indies’ losing streak will continue. The diehards harbour nothing but optimism, and place every faith in their team. They are not bothered by the build-up to the series, not visa problems, weather factors, selection concerns. But they are so worried about the team’s batting and their ability to adjust to English conditions. There are also rumblings that, with the Chris Gayle impasse having come to a conclusion at least on the surface, other factors of the earthquake are about to shatter the tranquility reached with the burying of the hatchet. Caribbean people seem to revel in conflict and the Gayle saga brought out the best in the regional tendency to kill and destroy. Persons thrived on the controversy, and reading into some people’s comments on the matter provided an insight into their combative nature. As the issue has come to a sudden finale, some elements seem bent on prolonging the agony of self immolation, and insularity will gain more momentum as long as Sammy remains at the helm of regional cricket. For with every other act of ineptitude displayed by the WICB, there rises the clamour for the resignation of the Board. But that will not solve the problem. And if the team does not win, there will be calls for changes across the board. The Three Test matches will be interesting. West Indies have always been the guinea pigs of international cricket. Whenever a scapegoat is needed, the lot falls on the West Indies. The rule to limit the number of fielders behind the bat on the leg side was to counter the effect of Lance Gibbs’ off-breaks. When that law took root, West Indies found another weapon. Their four-pronged attack dismissed teams and completed victory in two and three days, yet the rule was introduced to cater for 90 overs in a day. That adjustment was aimed at disrupting the West Indies fast bowling machine. Instruments were banned from cricket grounds in the West Indies when this area was seen as the place where cricket is a source of enjoyment. The West Indies continue to be disregarded. There is little appreciation for our welfare, neither in the alteration of the laws of the game nor in the scheduling of fixtures. Other countries have series designed to accommodate them. For the West Indies, no consideration is given to their way of life. But the region seems to thrive on adversities. This zone and its athletes and indeed cultural icons played a critical role in the fight against apartheid, a system which served as a rallying point for oppressed people the world over. During that era, it was the conscious actions of the regional stalwarts that helped to eliminate apartheid. This new generation must imbue that element of pride that marked the Clive Lloyd and Vivian Richards segment. Until we grasp that aspect of dignity, it will take us more time to handle the subtleties of international sports.

Donwell Hector hit another half century in a last weekend match in the Bequia T20 Championship. REIGNING champions Knights Trading Aussies, JSM Salon Royal Challengers and Admiralty Transport Youth Combine recorded wins in last weekend matches played in the Bequia Twenty/20 Cricket Championship, at the Clive Tannis Playing Field, Port Elizabeth. On Saturday, Knights Trading Aussies registered another victory when they beat South Side United by six wickets. Batting first, South Side United were dismissed for 122 in 17.4 overs; Kenrick Cozier top scored with 29, Omar Lavia, Mishack Williams and Vernon Baptiste had

two wickets each. In reply, Aussies reached 125 for four off 13.1overs; Julian Edwards blasted 76 not out. Glendell Gregg with 2 for 30 was South Side United best bowler. JSM Salon Royal Challengers beat MANICOU by 10 wickets. MANI-COU were routed for 85 in a match reduced to 17-overs. Dr. Godwin Friday top scored with 33. Primus Nanton captured three for 11 for Royal Challengers. JSM Royal Challengers replied with 86 without loss off 12overs; Donwell Hector slammed an unbeaten 70. Admiralty Transport Youth Combine beat RBTT Carib Stars by 102 runs. Youth Combine posted 160 all out in 19.4-overs. Chelson Stowe topscored with 36, supported by Ellis Lavia

19, Dominique Stowe 18 Warriors Canouan. and McNeil Morgan 15. Cameron Lavia finished I.B.A.ALLEN with four for 33 and Shirlan Pompey claimed two for 26 for Carib Stars. RBTT Carib Stars were dismissed for 62 off 11.3-overs. Allan Foyle captured 3 wickets for 8 runs, McNeil Morgan 3 for 16 and Garvin Ollivierre 3 for 30 for Youth Combine. The Championship will continue this weekend with another three matches at the Clive Tannis Playing Field in Port Elizabeth. Captain Cordel Jack On Saturday, JSM will be looking to lead Royal Challengers will United Survivors to play Christ Warriors another title. Canouan from 2 pm. On Sunday from 10 am, Imperial Pharmacy West Side Knockers will take on South Side United, and later at 2 pm Knights Trading Aussies will oppose Christ

Female cricket bowls off

Semi-finalists decided in Bagga T20 by KENVILLE HORNE RSVG Police destroyed Rudy’s Electrical last Sunday to move one step closer to retaining the National Lotteries Authority Bagga T-20 Softball Cricket Competition. The lawmen are into the semi-finals after their victory over Rudy’s Electrical last Sunday, May 13, at the Kearton’s Playing Field, where they amassed 212 for 9 in their 20 overs, Salene Groege topscoring with 56. Ruddy’s Electrical were made to genuflect under the pressure of the lawmen, and were all out for a measly 31 in 7.1.overs. Rudy’s succumbed to the accuracy of Rolando Wright, 3 for 10, and Kenroy Martin, 3 for 16. Earlier on Sunday, Valley Boys continued in their unbeaten vein as they defeated Topsidaz

by 74 runs. Valley Boys chalked up 138 for 6 in their allocated 20 overs, Romano Mc Millan hit 32 run , with Sebastien Forde taking 3 wickets for 25 runs in his 4 overs. Consistent and disciplined bowling never gave Topsidaz a chance, and they were eventually bowled out for 64 in 19.3 overs. Romel Jack returned the impressive figures of 3 wickets for 3 runs in 3.2 overs. In matches on Saturday 12th, Suprizers dispensed with Hairoun Warriors by 4 wickets. Warriors were in deep trouble at 36 for 6, before Winbert Mapp’s blinding 51 pushed them to 105 all out in 19.3 overs. Godfrey Derrick had bowling figures of 2 wickets for 8 runs in 4 overs. Warriors looked to be challenging, but after the departure of their top scorer, Dillon

Duncan, for 22, they folded in 18.4 overs. In a North Leeward affair, Summerset schooled the youthful Circumstances, beating them by 27 runs. Summerset batted first, and it took the experience of Noxell Michael, 26, and Kevin Small, 22, to push them to 100 for 7 in 20 overs. Ronique La Borde took 3 wickets for 18 runs. Circumstances, with little or no answer to a deadly Relon Mc Kie, 5 wickets for 13 runs, were bowled out for 63 in 15 overs. In the semi-finals scheduled for Saturday, May 19, Surprizers will do battle against Valley Boys from 12:30pm, and Police will square off against Summerset from 2:30pm. The final is set for Saturday, May 26. All matches are slated for the Kearton’s Playing Field.

The RBTT Female 20/20 Cricket Competition will bowl off this weekend, as the local Cricket Association looks to select a team to participate in the West Indies Women’s 20/20 Tournament, scheduled for Jamaica later this year. The competition this year will feature five teams: Garifuna Stars, J.G.Tigress, Rising Stars, North leeward and United Survivors. Opening matches will be played at the Stubbs Playing Field, with J.G. Tigress opposing Rising Stars beginning at 11:00am, followed by Garifuna Stars coming up against 50 Overs defending champions, United Survivors. The Tournament continues on Sunday with Rising Stars opposing North Leeward, followed by North Leeward against J.G.Tigress. This year’s 20/20 tournament replaces last year’s 50 overs format. I.B.A.ALLEN




Papal Papal Nuncio Nuncio visits visits

FRIDAY 11TH MAY was a special day for Roman Catholics here. It was the day they welcomed the Papal Nuncio to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Papal Nuncio, His Excellency Archbishop Nicola Girasoli is the permanent diplomatic representative of the Holy See/The Vatican to the Caribbean. The position is officially known as an Apostolic Nuncio. Papal Nuncio, His Excellency Archbishop Nicola Girasoli (centre) stops to chat with On Friday morning , students of the St. Mary’s R.C. School. Bishop Jason Gordon is also pictured. Archbishop Nicola Girasoli was greeted by students and wife, and The Rt. Rev. Leopold Friday, School, St. Joseph’s Convent Bishop of the Anglican Church. Archbishop Nicola Girasoli delivering teachers of schools located along North Kingstown, The School for Children River Road and Fernside/Wilson Hill. The Papal Nuncio’s visit to SVG with Special Needs and St. Martin’s the homily at the Mass held at the These include the St. Mary’s RC lasted three days, during which he Secondary School. Cathedral of the Assumption. presented his credentials to the The students lined the streets Governor General and held discussions waving the flags of St. Vincent & the with the Prime Minister. Grenadines and also the Holy See. He also met and celebrated with the Following his meeting with students local clergy. in Kingstown, Archbishop Nicola His Excellency Archbishop Nicola Girasoli journeyed to the Marriaqua Girasoli was accompanied during his constituency where he met with staff itinerary by His Lordship Bishop and students of the St. Joseph’s Jason Gordon, Bishop of Barbados and Convent Marriaqua, and accepted a PAST STUDENTS OF THE MARRIAQUA SECONDARY SCHOOL, now gift basket on behalf of all the schools. St, Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, are for the first time in the history of the Later that day, His Excellency con- Submitted by Enrico Deshong) school, planning a school reunion activity to take place during the week of celebrated Holy Mass at the Cathedral July 14-21, 2012. of the The reunion is being spearheaded by a special Planning Committee of Assumption in the Past Students Association. The main objectives are: to keep alive the Kingstown. vision of the late Sister Patricia-Ann Douglas for the school in the Among the large education thrust of this country; to allow friends to reconnect with each numbers in other as a school family; and to raise funds to assist the school so that the attendance were current students and those to come, can benefit in a tangible way from Prime Minister those who have passed through the halls of the school. Dr. Ralph The School, in existence now for 44 years, has produced its fair share of Gonsalves and outstanding, well rounded and highly educated citizens of this country, his wife, Deputy and it continues to do so with an unmatched focus on instilling discipline. Prime Minister Some of the highlights for this year’s school reunion include: a Hon. Girlyn MSS/SJCM Talent Show and Exhibition on Monday, July 16th; the Miguel, Minister inaugural Sister Pat Memorial Lecture to be delivered by Monsignor of Ecclesiastical Michael Stewart on Wednesday, July 18th at the SJCM from 7pm; and a Affairs Hon. Recognition and Awards Dinner on Saturday, July 21st also at the school. Maxwell Several past students who have made significant contributions to the Charles, MP for development of various sectors of our country will be recognized and Central awarded for their efforts, at the Dinner. Kingstown Hon. Time to share a hearty laugh with PM Dr. Ralph Gonslaves The 2012 Reunion is being held under the theme “Fulfilling the dream; St. Clair Keeping the vision alive.” (right), MP St. Clair Leacock (left) and Mrs. Margaret Leacock and his Leacok. The school is currently headed by Vincentian-born Sister of Cluny, Sis. Jacintha Wallace.

MSS/SJCM Past Students to stage a reunion

The St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua is located in the lush surroundings of the Marriaqua area. Inset: Sis Jacintha Wallace is the first local Vincentian to head the School.




Vincies in U.S pay tribute to businessman that. “Let us take this moment not just to celebrate his life but to take an introspection in our life,” said the VINCENTIANS in the United States former Seventh Day Adventist Church recently paid tribute to prominent pastor. businessman Egerton ‘Creech’ Wood, The Rev. Alwyn Craig, pastor of the founder and CEO of the BrooklynAbundant Life Christian Church in headquartered Square Deal Shippers and Brooklyn, said he had “worked under” Movers, who died in a motor bike ‘Creech’s’ late father, Insp. Stephen accident in North Union, St. Vincent, on John Wood, as a police officer in the Mar. 25. He was 65. Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ “When I got the news, I froze for a Police Force. minute,” Maureen King, the “Let us not look at what happened Diamonds-born coordinator of the (how the younger Wood lost his life), subcommittee on the Diaspora but let the family be steadfast,” he Day/Week of Activities for the St. urged. Vincent and the Grenadines Diaspora Committee of New York, told nationals The birth and contribution of Square at a Thanksgiving and Memorial Deal Service in honor of Wood, at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in East In 1974, Wood, who taught at the Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, on Stoney Grounds Primary School for 10 April 22. years and was employed for a few “When I started a Day Care years as an insurance salesman, business, ‘Creech’ was one of those migrated to New York, at the people who encouraged me,” she invitation of the predominantly added. Vincentian Cavaliers Sports Club, to South Rivers native Almira Rodgers play cricket in Brooklyn. said she was “so privileged to know Two years later, Carl Stephens, ‘Creech’ because his mother was my owner of BWI Shippers, on Flatbush aunt. To me, ‘Creech was one of my Avenue, Brooklyn, employed him as a best cousins. shipping clerk, teaching him the “He was the one who gave me my shipping business. second husband,” she said to loud In 1977, Wood collaborated with his laughter. wife, Ruby, and the late Envoy “Boots” Joel Toney, a former St. Vincent Pereira in founding Early Bird and Grenadines’ United Nations Shippers & Movers. ambassador, who was visiting New But four years later, Wood ventured York after returning home on out on his own, forming Square Deal retirement, said “the economic impact Shippers and Movers. of ‘Creech’ Wood is well recognized by “’Creech’ not only built a successful the Government of St. Vincent and the business and provided jobs and Grenadines.” security for others, he also gave back Edson Augustus, the Deputy New to his homeland, many other York Consul General, noted that Wood Caribbean islands, and the tri- state of was not only a businessman but also a New York, New Jersey and sports enthusiast and an activist — “a Connecticut,” according to the Wood soldier who has gone to sleep just like family in a bereavement.

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“Square Deal Shippers has been involved in the feeding of underprivileged schoolchildren and the homeless; the adoption of several Kindergarten schools in the rural areas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines; and the sponsorship of several youth events throughout the entire Caribbean,” it added. “As the CEO of Square Deal Shippers, ‘Creech’ contributed to, and ensured the safe delivery of medical equipment and supplies, refrigerated morgues for hospitals, computers for rural primary schools, and building materials for churches and schools worldwide,” it continued. The family said “Creech” loved life and excitement, which were “clearly reflected by his involvement in sports and cultural events, both in St Vincent and in Brooklyn, New York.” It noted that, in the sponsorship of calypsonians for “Labor Day” Carnival parade in New York and “Vincy Mas”, the names “Creech” and “Square Deal” became “synonymous with cultural and social events. “For many years, on Eastern Parkway in the Labor Day Parade, ‘Creech’ would personally drive one of his trucks in front of the Square Dealsponsored Vincy band, proudly displaying his Vincentian heritage,” said the statement, adding that Wood also extended sponsorship to various sporting teams, cultural shows and exhibitions. The family said Wood will “forever be remembered for his contribution towards the acceptance of biking as a major sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” stating that he was “a lover of motor bikes and formed the SVG Cool Riders Club — a recreational club, which conducts road and health safety classes at schools and community centers, donates to schools and hospitals, and helps numerous

elderly people throughout the country. “Unfortunately, that love was so deep that it probably contributed to his tragic end,” it said.

Other tributes

Egerton ‘Creech’ Wood

The family said Wood will also be remembered as the “Heartbeat” of The Pembroke Motor Bike Dirt Track Independence Bike Fest Motor Cross, where thousands gathered, bringing together bikers from St. Lucia, Grenada, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Tortola, Dominica, and Antigua and Barbuda. “Many can still recall the stunts, which had them either screaming or praying,” the family said. Tributes were also paid in song and poem, and on keyboard and steel pan by, among others, pannist Calvin Seales; opera singer Colin Connell, who hails from Georgetown,; poet Wendell De Riggs; and Trinidadianborn gospel singer Gerard Placide. Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants; Grenadian American Councilman Jumaane Williams and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markoitz also sent messages and proclamations. “Mr. Wood made a significant contribution to shipping,” said Clarke, who represents the predominantly Caribbean 11th Congressional District in Brooklyn. “I want you [the family] to take comfort that Mr. Wood is in a place where there are no more suffering,” she added.




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Students, teachers, parents and others outside the school, following evacuation of the buildings.


SPARKING electrical wires at the Kingstown Preparatory School triggered an emergency response by electricity provider VINLEC, the fire department, the Government’s Electrical Inspectorate Division and

Personnel from the Electrical Inspectorate Division take a keen interest as the Vinlec emergency crew attends to an electrical meter affixed to the building.

officials from the Buildings Roads and General Services of the emergency units on the Authority (BRAGSA) on Monday morning. compound and an evacuation in progress. Teachers and pupils turning up to school shortly Information received said that electrical wires before 8.30 that morning, were greeted by the sight were observed sparking shortly after 8 o’clock and the school’s authorities were quickly alerted. Calls were then made to the emergency services who responded quickly. While officials investigated the source of the sparks, vehicular traffic to the Kingstown Preparatory School and the nearby St Vincent Grammar School was prohibited as police cordoned off the route. Some parents and guardians expressed interest in taking their children home or away from the scene and were granted permission to do so. Teachers were heard advising parents to take their children home before the all-clear was eventually given. Despite a reduced student population, classes resumed later that morning. There was no report of further electrical activities interrupting classes.

Manhole a danger to commuters

A MANHOLE left exposed without its grid for weeks is posing a threat to pedestrians and commuters at a bus stop on the main road into Kingstown. Persons awaiting buses at the bus stop opposite the Girls High School complained earlier this week, that the hole had been exposed for weeks, and that it was time the authorities attend to it. They expressed the fear that the authorities might not move to address the situation, until someone is seriously injured from falling into the hole. Information received from persons familiar with the area says that it was not the first time the situation occurred in that area. Uncovered manhole at bus stop and in close proximity to vehicular They expressed belief that the traffic. steel grid, which was used as a cover, was too small to properly Up to the time the danger area of the large drain which is about fit the hole which is close to 4ft x was photographed this week, the 5ft in depth, from the surface of 3ft. steel grid was still at the bottom the sidewalk.

Published by The VINCENTIAN Publishing Co. Ltd, St. Vincent and the Grenadines;

Police cordoned off the area and prohibited vehicular traffic to allow emergency personnel to attend to the problem.

Printed by the SVG Publishers Inc., Campden Park.

Issue May 18  

newspaper issue

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