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Christmas in Ellicottville

Music Notes

Christmas Comes to Town, Next Weekend November 25-27, 2011 20 Monroe Street ~ 699-4162 Fri. November 18th, 7-11pm THE OZONE RANGERS Sat. November 19th, 5-9pm MO PORTER Fri. November 25th, 7-11pm THE ELECTRAS Sat. November 26th, 5-9pm ONLY HUMEN

36 Washington 699-4455 November 26th @ 7:00 pm 30th Anniversary Party Featuring: CHAMELEON

20 Washington Street ~ 699-2530 Wednesday, 8pm WAGNER & WINSTON

Thursday, November 17th, 8pm WEEKLY NOTICE BAND Friday, November 18th, 9pm RT LIVE

For the sixth year in a row, the Village of Ellicottville will welcome the holidays with three days of Christmas activities that have something for everyone, including strolling Christmas carolers, real-life reindeer, horse-and-wagon rides and, of course, Santa (for complete schedule, pick up next week’s edition of The Villager or log on to Christmas in Ellicottville - a beloved and much-anticipated yearly tradition - kicks off the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25.

By Denise Royer Freelance Writer It seems like we’ve barely had time to finish the Halloween candy; but let’s face it, Thanksgiving is fast upon us. And we all know what that means Christmas isn’t far behind. For those

of us fortunate enough to live in the Enchanted Mountains, we don’t have to wait very long at all. Christmas in Ellicottville - a beloved and muchanticipated yearly tradition - kicks off the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 25. For the sixth year in a row, the Village

Village Board

Saturday, November 19th, 9pm EASY STREET SLIDERS

HoliMont ZBA Hearing Posted, Speed Restrictions Discussed 8 Hughey Alley Ellicottville, NY - 716-699-4672

Book your Christmas Party at the Silver Fox Now! Be Sure to Stop in

Salamanca, NY ~ 1-877-553-9500 November 19th, 7pm Tanya Tucker Tickets starting at $20

By John Thomas Staff Writer Mayor Charles Coolidge opened Monday night’s meeting with the news that the sales tax payment from the state to the Village is down $648.32 from last year. He did not make any additional comment. He then opened the meeting to business from the floor. There was none so he turned to the agenda for the meeting. Harold Morton gave the DPW report. Mostly the crew has been picking up leaves and brush around the village. They also removed and stored the benches from Washington and Monroe streets. Mr. Morton stated that he had checked around the Village for water leaks and found only one. This was in contrast to something the mayor

reported. He had been informed that the Village is losing as much as 84% of its water due to leaks. The mayor said he was aware that the leak found was on a 6-inch main line, so it could account for much of the estimated loss. The mayor went on to say that he does believe the Village is losing water but not as much as the estimate. The mayor said he was going to ask Nussbaumer and Clarke to look into it. The mayor also reported that there have been problems with the Village’s computerized water meter reading system; sometimes some meters do not show up in the read outs. The board committed to continue to work to get the water situation under control. Last month the board entertained See BOARD page 11

of Ellicottville will welcome the holidays with three days of Christmas activities that have something for everyone, including strolling Christmas carolers, real-life reindeer, horse-and-wagon rides and, of course, Santa (for complete schedule, pick up next week’s edition of The Villager).

Conjuring up memories of times past, our little village will be decked out like a picture-perfect postcard. Beginning at noon on Friday, kids can delight in a fire truck ride with Santa, followed by interactive See CHRISTMAS page 9

Town Board

Board Touches Again on Fracking Debate By John Thomas Staff Writer

When Town Supervisor John Burrell opened the Town Board meeting to comments from the floor, the subject of Hydraulic Fracking came up right away. Resident Judd Cole passed out information he had obtained at an energy forum given at Holiday Valley earlier in the week. In a discussion of a possible ban on fracking in town, Mr. Cole pointed out that state law supersedes local law on fracking and said, “I think you are on the wrong track here.” The board members accepted the documents and said they would look them over. Supervisor Burrell said there currently is a committee looking into the legality of the town doing something to limit fracking.

Sheriff Don Augge reported that officer Tim Blosky is resigning from the department. A motion was made and passed to accept the resignation. The Supervisor mentioned that the town budgets for special patrolman to be utilized up to three times per month for special events. A motion was made to appoint Jim Marsh to patrolman. The motion passed. Dave Golly presented the Highway Department report. A motion was made to look into buying a new front loader for the department, as the current one is on its last legs. He reported that the department is “getting ready for the white stuff.” Snow tires have been installed on two of the police vehicles, and that all the vehicles are ready for See TOWN page 7

Benefit for Olean Food Pantry

Sneak Peek

Turkeys to Trot at St. Bonaventure University, Thursday November 24

In This Issue . . .

Event Spotlight: Ellicottville Christmas Stroll ... Page 8

By Nicholas Pircio WPIG, 95.7 FM

The archives of history suggest that originally, doing the turkey trot referred to a rag-time time dance that began in San Francisco around the early Experience a unique, 1900’s. It’s described as an awkward old fashioned holi- dance that eventually morphed into the day season with foxtrot. “The music was fun to listen the Christm-as to, and it made you move your feet,” Stroll.  Among the according to information provided by many events is Santa’s Sonny Watson’s “” Well, some things don’t change. The arrival, and the day is concluded with a modern version of the turkey trot still Living Nativity. (kids requires the moving of feet, just in a love the live camel.)  different manner. This year’s edition The 2011 Stroll and of the Twin Tiers Striders annual Living Nativity will Turkey Trot 5K Run and Walk will take place Saturday, take place on Thanksgiving Day, which is Thursday, November 24th. Norm December 3. Moore is one of many Turkey Trot enthusiasts helping to make this year’s run possible. “This is our fourth annual E’Ville Central School Announces Initiatives ... Page 3 (run). Last year, we had something in Now that the new school year is under way, the Ellicottville Central School the range of 150 participants. We hope District has taken time to reflect on some of the changes and initiatives facing to have that or more this year.” There parents, students, and staff. Superintendent Mark Ward touched on “Race to are no special features. “All we ask the Top” funding, the district’s financial outlook, and student performance. is that people bring a non-perishable gift for the Olean food pantry.” Moore

This year’s edition of the Twin Tiers Striders annual Turkey Trot 5K Run and Walk will take place on Thanksgiving Day, which is Thursday, November 24th. You can register on the day of the event at Murphy Hall, which is on the west side of the St. Bonaventure University campus. The races start at 8:00 and 8:20, with the walkers going first. There is no entry fee, and those who have registered by November 24th will receive a ticket for the 50/50 raffle. To do so, contact the Olean Family YMCA at 716-373-2400.

elaborates on the spirit of the occasion, stating that, “We like to think of this as a ‘feel good’ race. It didn’t cost you anything, and you lose a few calories before you eat your big meal. And you’ve given something to those who maybe couldn’t have as much if we didn’t help.” Moore notes that the more leisurely walk is popular among families with

young children. While some of the runners are very competitive, “Beyond that, it tends to be a very social event. You find a lot of the walkers are going in family groups, talking as they go and just enjoy going out and getting a little exercise first thing in the morning.” See TROT page 11

TANYA TUCKER: November 19th 7pm - Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel

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~ The Villager ~ November 17-22, 2011

Publisher’s Word “Is Mother Nature on Break?” Dreary November…Rain, grey skies, blustery, and quite wet. This is what we normally have to endure every year while we patiently wait for the white gold. Ol’ Mom Nature did a fine job with summer and we had a beautiful Fall season, but this month can be a little depressing, can’t it? One must keep busy to lessen the effects of our downward spiral of temperatures. And this is just what our retail community is doing! Along with every other village resident, our merchants are anticipating the busiest season of all – wintertime in Ellicottville. There’s a particular excitement around here, which only occurs when frosty temperatures prevail, and our population grows along with the building

enthusiasm. Of course, our local trade depends on this and the ever hard-working business owners are busy stocking up accordingly. I’m going to use the next couple of weeks to visit my favorite village ski shops and update my outerwear. Ski wear follows the age-old fashion adage – “Last Year Is SO Out”… A new coat, pants, gloves and the perfect hat are definitely in order. Oh, and goggles, too. Then there’s the accessories to tie everything together. I may not be able to ski like Trey Claus, but I’ll look better than him by the fireplace in the lodge, by golly! So, dear readers, do whatever you have to do to make sure you’re prepared for our coldest season. But take my advice – do it with style! Until next week.JZ

Parking Ban in Ellicottville Winter Parking Requirements from December 1 - March 31

Open 11 am Daily

(716) 699-5350 Open Late Friday and Saturday until 1am!

Tap n o eers 24 B V’s T n e Scre e g r 5 La Enjoy the NFL Package Now at John Harvards Brew House! Beer & Pizza Specials

To all residents and visitors to the Village of Ellicottville: It’s almost time for the Annual Winter Parking Ban in the Village. This Ban affects Washington Street from Jefferson Street to Mill Street; and Monroe Street from Elizabeth Street to Martha Street and is in effect from December 1 thru March 31 annually. There is NO PARKING on these streets from 4:00 a.m to 6:00 a.m. to allow the Village D.P.W. to remove snow in the Village Business District. This parking ban will be enforced daily regardless of snow conditions. Furthermore, please do not leave vehicles parked on or across sidewalks which would interfere with the removal of snow by the Village sidewalk plow. Thank you for your cooperation. Howard T. Gifford - Constable, Village of Ellicottville

Happy Birthday

Steve Ward . . . . . . . November 17th Greg Thompson . . . . . . . November 22

Forever Plaid in E’ville

A Hugely Successful off-Broadway Musical, Saturday, November 26

“Winter Theatre in Ellicottville” program produces Forever Plaid. This event will take place on Saturday, November 26th at 7pm at the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Pre-sale tickets are available at the library. Seating and tickets are limited. Cost - $10.00. All proceeds benefit the library and the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church! (Funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts decentralization Regrant Program administered by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council.)

Enjoy Some of our Great Menu Items, while taking advantage of our free wi-fi and beautiful Firepit

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November 17-22, 2011 ~ The Villager ~

E’Ville School Changes Ellicottville Newsletter Touches on Changes and Initiatives

Superintendent Mark Ward touched on “Race to the Top” funding, the district’s financial outlook, and student performance.

By Nicholas Pircio 95.7 FM, WPIG Now that the new school year is under way, the Ellicottville Central School District has taken time to reflect on some of the changes and initiatives facing parents, students, and staff. Superintendent Mark Ward touched on “Race to the Top” funding, the district’s financial outlook, and student performance. “Race to the Top” is a federally funded program aimed at education reform. Ellicottville is scheduled to receive $17,000. The funds carry with them “a variety of requirements…highlighted by a teacher and principal evaluation system tied to student testing performance,” according to the school newsletter. When asked about “Race to the Top,” Ward said the

program will involve a lot of training for teachers because of changes in the Core Curriculum, ‘particularly in grades K through 6, with additional training needed in the high school as well. The real cost factor will be where teachers lose time in the classroom and us having to bring in subs. This does not mean (Race to the Top) isn’t valuable.” Ward notes that the Core Curriculum will be more difficult for the students, with kids expected to learn skills earlier than before. “In effect they have cranked up what is expected at the grade levels.” The impact is by no means unique to Ellicottville. Much the same was said by Olean School Superintendent Colleen Taggerty, in a recent radio interview heard on WPIG. Ward explained that many of the changes will focus on math and English/Language Arts (ELA). There is an emphasis for students to better build on what they learn from year to year. In math, students should understand how to get the answer, “instead of just the answer. The ‘how to’ is more important than just the number. Also, students should be taught how to use their math in the real world.” As for ELA, students in grades K through five can learn English through science, social studies, and the arts. For the older students, the English teacher is not the only person teaching literacy skills, or as Ward said, “Everybody’s in it.” Another emphasis is for students to back up what they write with evidence, “so as to get a true understanding.”

The bottom line is to get the students better prepared. Ward said, “Too many of our kids are going to college and having to take remedial courses, which they cannot even get credit for. So that’s a real issue. (Many of the) jobs that used to be available to kids (manufacturing and factory type jobs) don’t exist any more. So we have to change.” Ward said he believes it’s important for parents and students to accept and understand this. “It’s never too early to start exposing the kids to the kinds of jobs and opportunities that are out there. That’s one of the things we’re going to focus on here at Ellicottville.” Student performance, Ward says the school saw good progress made this past year. “We moved in a positive direction with our (test) scores. More kids were proficient, fewer kids were deficient. But I think every year is a new year, so we have to start again. We want our entire school district as a whole to be continuously improving.” Ward notes that parents, teachers, and students should expect challenges, given the state aid cuts that are continuing. “There’s no question there will be difficult challenges with the continuing reduction in state aid, with the tax cap, and with just the economic situation. I know that our staff will dig in, and that it cannot be business as usual going forward.” Ward said that the pain felt by smaller school districts like Ellicottville will be greater than in larger, wealthier suburban districts that rely less on state aid.

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Page 4 ~ The Villager ~ November 17-22, 2011

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Wingate Donates to Event

Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce Thanks Wyndham for Generousity

The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce would like to sin-L cerely thank the Wingate byc Wyndham for their generouso donation to Christmas in Elli-f cottville. The Wingate’s do-a nation helps to fund the manyt activities that take place allF weekend such as breakfastsR with Santa, horse and wagonp rides, fire truck rides with San-s ta and Christmas crafts. All ac-m tivities are provided to childreng throughout the weekend freel of charge as a kick off to thel Pictured above Shanell Kiersz, Director of Sales and Mar- Christmas season. Thank yout keting at the Wingate by Wyndham presenting Kelly Friel, Wingate by Wyndham for onceg Membership and Events Coordinator of the Ellicottville again, showing your commu-m f nity spirit and generosity! Chamber of Commerce a donation check. w f m o

Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to ECS Students who Designed “Forever Plaid” Poster

S w the Ellicottville Memorial internet to view a variety of T Library. Their design will images online. The finished p be used on posters and flyers project is their interpretation of o to promote our upcoming an image they selected. The show “Forever Plaid” which students used the software will be performed at the St. ArtRage and a Wacom Bamboo Paul’s Lutheran Church on Pen to digitally paint the image onto a computer screen. They November 26th. Olivia and Aidan are spent approximately eight hours ninth grade students at the taking turns to layer various L Ellicottville Central School images. who are currently taking Ms. Once again, congratulations C McGowan’s Digital Drawing to Olivia and Aidan! For O Congratulations to Olivia and Painting with a Graphics more information on the show C Venezia and Aidan Wilson for Tablet class. Neither student and ticket prices, contact the N winning the “Forever Plaid” has ever seen this play, so they Ellicottville Library at 699- S poster contest conducted by used Google images on the 2842. S C U B g A Nicholas Yaworsky from Bradford won $1,234.00 on Nov. 9th t Congratulations to Nicholas gaming machines with a variety 860-5130. Or online at www.O Yaworsky from Bradford, PA, of games. Denominations range k he won $1,234.00 November from penny machines to five Seneca Gaming and1 9th, 2011 at Seneca Gaming and dollar machines, making Seneca Entertainment has two Class IIC Entertainment’s Game Room Gaming & Entertainment a Gaming Facilities in Salamancap in Salamanca, NY. Nicholas place for everyone to enjoy and and Irving NY located att hopped on the Pegasus and began endless chances to win! the Salamanca facility andM to play. With the lights flickering For more information on Seneca Seneca Niagara Casino andO and “Congratulations!” flashing Gaming and Entertainments Hotel. Seneca Gaming andT on the screen, Nicholas knew he High Stakes Bingo or Video Entertainment is owned and was now a jackpot winner! Gaming Machines please operated by the Seneca Nation Our Game Room has over 300 call 716-945-4080 or 1-877- of Indians.

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November 17-22, 2011 ~ The Villager ~ Page 5

E’Ville Church Anniversary Celebrates 3rd Dedication of Fellowship Hall and Community Room

On Nov 2nd St. Paul’s f -Lutheran Church in Ellicottville ycelebrated the third anniversary sof the dedication of its new It is fitting that -facility. -at this time they also celebrate ythe recent completion of a Hall/Community lFellowship sRoom with Kitchen in the nprevious worship area and office -spaces. This spacious room and -modern kitchen will serve as a ngathering place for elarge groups for meetings, electures, dinners, receptions and uthe performing arts. It is with egreat pleasure that St. Paul’s -makes its facility available for use by the community and welcomes all to fellowship in its spaces. Details may be acquired from the church office at 699 2265. On Sept. 19 St. Paul’s first Spaghetti Dinner of the season will be served in its new Hall. This popular spaghetti feast starting off the winter season has been a

tradition at St. Paul’s for many years. Please feel free to take a tour of the entire building while there. You are welcome to join in worship at 5:00 pm. Future dinners will be held on Jan. 14, Feb.18 and Mar.17, 2012. A service of praise and thanksgiving for our abundant blessings will be held at St Paul’s on Thanksgiving Eve, Wed., Nov. 23rd at 7 PM. On Sat., Nov 26 at 7 pm the Ellicottville Memorial Library is sponsoring a performance of the popular musical, Forever Plaid presented on stage in St. Paul’s new Community Room by the Olean Community Theatre. Tickets are only $10 and are available at the Library, Alexandra Gift Shop in Ellicottville, or at the door. This performance is funded in part by the NYS Council on the Arts Decentralization Re-grant Program. This month, St. Paul’s is

collecting canned goods for the Ellicottville United Church Food Pantry. Food is also being collected for Thanksgiving Dinners for families in need in and around our community. As part of our preparation for Christmas, A Prayer Vigil will be held on the first Sunday of Advent Nov. 27 from 8 am to 8 pm. All are welcome to stop in and spend some quiet time with our Lord as we prepare our hearts for the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. The church will also be open from noon to 7pm on Weds. Nov. 30, Dec. 6th and 15th. St. Paul’s welcomes all to attend worship services Saturdays at 5 PM and Sundays at 10:30 am. For more information contact: Mary Fox, 945-1176, The Reverend Wm. L. Kay, 699-2265 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Kettle Drive Opens in Olean

Kick off on Friday, November 18th and will Run through Christmas Eve

Majors William & Cecelia Tags, Online Red Kettle, Local said. The Salvation Army Lynch announce the 2011 Organizational Food Drives, works in many ways to give Co-Chairpersons for The Christmas Kettles and much, help to all who need assistance. Olean Salvation Army Annual much more. Programs during the holidays Christmas appeal in Olean, Kettle Opening will begin on include food, toys and clothing NY. The  appointment of Cindy Friday November 18th, 2011, the for children from families Scott of the Mix 101.5 Radio familiar sound of The Salvation who cannot afford such minor Station and Brian George of Army bell-ringers will fill the air luxuries. Major William Lynch Cutco Cutlery & President of with the spirit of Christmas. Co- explained, “Christmas is a time USW Local 5429 steel workers. Chair Persons  Cindy Scott  and for sharing and caring for others. Both of these individuals Brian George will officially The Salvation Army tries to give of their time to serve as kick off the Olean fund-raising reach everyone who needs help. Advisory Board Members at campaign goal of $90,000.00 by With community support, we the Olean Salvation Army.  The depositing his & her donation can attain our goal for this season .Official appeal for funds will in a Salvation Army Christmas and the upcoming year. If you kick off on Friday November kettle located at Tops Friendly are interested in volunteering to d18th and continue through Market on Friday November Ring Bell at a Red Kettle as an IChristmas Eve. Christmas 18th at 10am.  “Contributions to individual, group or business, aprograms in Olean will include this fine organization will benefit please Call Major Bill Lynch at tthese activities:  101.5 the the many needy families and 372-6740 or 790-9143.  Thank dMix  Annual Toy Drive at the senior citizens in our town and you for your help in spreading dOlean Mall. WalMart, Angel in neighboring communities,” the word to those in need and dTree, JC Penney online Angel Cindy Scott and Brian George those who can help! d n Don’t Miss This...

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Salamanca’s Silver Bells

Chamber Announces its 9th Annual Silver Bells in the City Festivities Cattaraugus County, NY Soon It will Be Christmas Day in Salamanca, NY and the 9th Annual Silver Bells in the City is celebrating wonderful acts of giving and many holiday cheers to share with family and friends, young and old. Join us as we begin welcoming in the holiday spirit at the Lighting of the City on Saturday, December 3 at Jefferson Street Park. This annual celebration will start at 5:15 pm as Mayor Jeffery Pond proclaims the kick off to the season. Watch the whole park come to life as sparkling strings of light dance in the night and say hello to our special guest everyone is sure to be jolly for! Silver Bells continues that night with a program of holiday cheer that is sure to send you into the season with joy.  Silver Bells in the City presents a night with “Madrigalia and Friends” a performance filled with seasonal tunes that will brighten the darkest of winter days. You’ll hear some settings of familiar tunes and texts by some of today’s most brilliant composers. Madrigalia and Friends will perform at Salamanca High School on Saturday, December 3. Doors open at 7:00 pm performance begins at 7:30 pm. Ticket pricing is $8/adult, children under 12 years of age get in free, family rates are available.   Give the perfect gift this holiday

with a little help from the Silver Bells in the City Holiday Craft Show on Saturday, December 10 at Seneca Elementary School from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Shoppers will be joyful of the selection of unique shopping at the many art & craft vendor booths. Along with the Holiday Craft Show, families will not want to miss Breakfast with Santa Claus. All the good little girls and boys are sure to enjoy this fun-filled morning with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus while eating their favorite breakfast at Myer’s Steakhouse & Inn from 9:30 – 11:00 am. Other Silver Bells in the City festivities include: Wreath/ Holiday Treasures Auction by Community Bank to benefit the Center for Family Unity; Poinsettia Sale by the Salamanca Rotary Club; Christmas for Kids at the Salamanca Youth Center; Routes to Art Holiday Sale at the Seneca Nation of Indians Administration Building; Salamanca Rail Museum Holiday Express at the Salamanca Rail Museum; “A Holiday of Music” a musical revue performed by the 2nd graders at Prospect Elementary School at the Salamanca High School Auditorium; Christmas Cantata “I Hear the Prophet’s Calling” at the United Congregational Methodist Church; Middle/ High School Band and Chorus

Concerts by Salamanca Middle/ High School students; Come see the live Reindeer & Enjoy Christmas Caroling at the Salamanca Historical Society Park; Christmas Carols by the Salamanca High School and Middle School bands and choruses; and the Christmas Lighting Contest by the Kiwanis Club. The 9th Annual Silver Bells in the City is sponsored by: City of Salamanca, Ray & Wyn Ritchie Evens Foundation; Salamanca Save-A-Lot; Seneca Nation of Indians; Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel; and Seneca Gaming & Entertainment. Event also sponsored by: Hotel Westgate; MJ Development of Salamanca; Weast Insurance Agency LLC; and Wildwood Grill & Saloon.   For more information on this year’s Silver Bells in the City, please contact the Seneca Salamanca Chamber of Commerce at (716) 945-2034 or visit us on-line at www.   Silver Bells in the City is held each year in honor of Ray Evans, lyricist of the famous Christmas song, “Silver Bells”. Ray Evans, a Salamanca native, was a pop lyricist who teamed up with the composer/lyricist Jay Livingston and wrote three Academy Award-winning songs together, as well as their famous Christmas song, “Silver Bells”. y b h i Third Annual “Crusin’ Into Christmas” Parade Scheduled for Nov. 18th C A Bradford, PA – The third annual “Cruisin’ Into Christmas” parade will be held in N downtown Bradford on Friday, November 18th. The parade is scheduled to start at s 5:30pm, at which time the new downtown holiday lighting will be lit for all to enjoy. t This year’s parade, which will proceed down Main Street to Veteran’s Square, is o sponsored by the Street Dreams Car Club and the Bradford Area Chamber of Commerce. 2   Organizations, businesses, and/or individuals interested in participating in the parade should contact Gary Hoy of the Street Dreams Car Club at 814-362-3717. Parade units t will begin lining up at 4:30pm at the Bisett Building Center parking lot on Davis Street. m   Bring your friends and family and go “Cruisin’ Into Christmas” in Bradford this year! b   c a Don’t Forget To Find Us On Facebook! p

Cruisin’ into Christmas

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CHRISTMAS STROLL ~ December 3rd - Ellicottville, NY

November 17-22, 2011 ~ The Villager ~ Page 7


Cont. from front page

Finally, he informed the board that several towns have passed bans on fracking, and they are now being challenged in court, and that the state is clear that state law supersedes any local laws. A board member suggested that the town wait and see what happens to the local bans, and that precedence would be set by those decisions. Mr. Alianello said that more information and a video of the presentation can be found at empireenergyforum. com. Mark stated he had learned the county is going to shut down the laboratory that does water and blood analysis, in a move to save money. He said this would create a mandate that towns would have to pay private labs to test water supplies. Mark said the lab conducts about 1900 tests a year for local water districts, and that those town will have to pay more to a private lab for the same work. It was suggested that the county charge more for the tests, lower its costs, and run the lab as a breakeven proposition. Mark said he feels the county is making a mistake in closing the lab. Harry Weissman the Deputy Assessor reported that he is changing his schedule in order to attend and assessors meeting on Monday nights. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

line in. Mr. Alianello related how he had attended the Empire Energy Forum at Holiday Valley. He said there is a lot of “misinformation out there” about fracking but pointed out that the forum was run by gas companies and the presentation was “just their side of the story.” He said that with the new regulations put in place by New York State, not much drilling is going to happen in the state. He also mentioned that New York State drilling requirements are much stronger than Pennsylvania’s were before they were revised. He said that the once secret list of chemicals used in the fracking process can now be found at frackfocus. org. He went on to say that the average well uses five million gallons of water, and of that only 5% comes back up as produced water. The water is then treated and the contaminants removed. One by-product of the cleanup is salt, which can be used as road salt. However one of the contaminants is MTBE which is “very mobile” and can get into ground water if improperly contained. He said he’d “like to see more information on that.” He said there are hundreds of wells on the Jamestown aquifer and there has never been a problem with contamination.

/ e the winter. The one exception y is a vehicle that is having e speedometer problems. y Town Engineer Mark Alianello y reported that the Planning l Board has made revisions in d the building regulations. He s handed out copies of the revised s regulations to give the board a chance to study them. He stated n he would put together a sheet f outlining the changes. There e was discussion as to whether a to codes should be considered n regulations or laws. If they are y to be considered laws, public a hearings must be held before the . changes can be adopted. The l engineer reported about some f minor repairs on a pump at one e of the town’s wells. He also d mentioned he is reviewing plans for the realignment of the road n in front of Holiday Valley. He n wants to have the plan in place e soon, so that any other projects f don’t have to be delayed due to 4 lack of knowing where the road . will be. Mr. Burrell pointed out that once the plan for the road is s completed, the town can move y forward putting a new sewer s . , d t e Catt County Department of Aging Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 17th s s Thanksgiving is the time of topping, and a choice of either goes towards the cost of the year to enjoy with friends the 2% or skim milk. meal. beauty and happiness of the Reservations are required for The Cattaraugus County holiday season. To help bring the dinner and can be made by Department of the Aging Senior in the season, the Cattaraugus calling the site of your choice at Wellness and Nutrition (SWAN) County Department of the least 24 hours in advance. The program also provides the Meals Aging’s Senior Wellness and numbers are as follows:Allegany on Wheels service to senior Nutrition (SWAN) program (373-6376), Cattaraugus (257- citizens in our county who are sites will be hosting their 3035), Delevan (492-2543), over the age of 60 and are unable traditional Thanksgiving dinner Ellicottville (699-2752), to prepare meals for themselves, on Thursday, November 17, Franklinville (676-3993), have difficulty leaving their 2011. Gowanda (532-5598), Little home, have recently been The menu will be roast Valley (938-6066), Olean (376- discharged from the hospital, turkey breast with gravy, 5670), Portville (933-7080), and/or are recovering from an mashed potatoes, seasoned Randolph (358-5656), South illness or accident. If you or your bread stuffing, baked squash, Dayton (988-5037), and West family members find yourself in cranberry sauce, V-8 juice, Valley (942-6695). any of these situations, call the a dinner roll and margarine, A suggested voluntary Department of the Aging at 716pumpkin pie with whipped donation of $2.00 is asked and 373-8032 or 800-462-2901.

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Page 8

~ The Villager ~ November 17-22, 2011

Architectual Digest A Perfect Spot for Kids

Story and Photos by John Thomas Staff Writer In a kid friendly town it’s hard to imagine a more kid friendly house than this one. Situated on a large lot on a quiet road, this is a great house in which to raise a family. The main floor is well laid out with the master bedroom and the two kids rooms on the same floor; assuring that Mom and Dad can hear if the kids have any problems. Wall-to-wall

carpeting warms the main living areas. The kitchen and dining areas are spacious and well laid out. Downstairs is unfinished and available for whatever needs suit the new owners. There is plenty of space to create a family or game room. The oversized two-car garage also has lots of storage, and its own walk out door to the driveway. A large deck wraps around two sides of the home, and has a nice view of the back yard, and the mountains. In the yard is a swing set, the

driveway, and a parking pad on the upper level just off the front door. Everyone knows that the Ellicottville area is known for its non-school related activities such as skiing, golf, and hiking; but in fact, both the school district (Franklinville) grammar and high schools, are considered excellent. Many graduates go on to the major universities. Why would you want to raise kids anywhere else? For more information about this home contact Team Pritchard at Just a few miles from downtown Ellicottville, this home sits on a large lot off a quiet road. Its (716) 699-4800. large lot give the kids plenty of space to play.

T i c R s

a Just off the kitchen is the dining room. The linoleum floor The deck commands a view of the back yard as well as keeps spills under control, and there is a sliding glass The living room is painted in calming soft pastels, and m wall to wall carpeting provides warmth underfoot. door to the deck. a the distant mountains.

E’Ville Christmas Stroll

2011 Stroll and Living Nativity takes Place Saturday, December 3 Experience a unique, old-fashioned holiday season with the Christmas Stroll.  Among the many events is Santa’s arrival, and the day is concluded with a Living Nativity. (kids love the live camel.)   3:30pm-5pm there will be organ music and tours of St. John’s Church. Kids can make ornaments.   4pm-5:30pm cocoa and cookies in Mrs. Claus kitchen at the Barn Restaurant on Monroe Street.   4pm-5:30pm Santa and his elves at the 1887 building.  10am - 3pm Christmas Bazaar at the United Church on Elizabeth Street.   4pm-6pm wagon rides next to Town Hall, candy elves, caroling and live camel strolling around town.  Display of nativity sets and angels in the Holy Name of Mary Church Hall on Martha Street . 4:30pm - Reindog Parade on Washington St. 6pm Living Nativity at the Gazebo. Fun Fact In 1960 there were 16,067 gambling slots in Nevada. By 1999, this number rose to 205,726 slots which would be one slot for every 10 people residing there Ellicottville Book Club at the Ellicottville Memorial Library: Book Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1:30 pm. Contact Bev Webster at 945-4089 for more information.

New Masters Degree at SBU

v i p r c Differentiated Instruction: Students with Disabilities Is One of a Kind m t St. Bonaventure University Education and Students with to offer its existing MSEDt now offers a unique Master Disabilities) and a higher in Differentiated Instruction,k of Education degree: skill level to differentiate with which focuses solely on Giftedr Differentiated Instruction - students with disabilities and Education. P Students With Disabilities. The students with special gifts and   The new degree meets local,p state and professional standardsw program is the only one of its talents. kind in Western New York, and     The Differentiated for both areas of instruction.i Students Prerequisites for the programP one of five similar programs in Instruction With Disabilities degree is are the same as the otherh New York state.   Traditional MSED programs designed for elementary and/ MSED programs. The programr focus on working with either or secondary teachers wanting is offered on the Olean campuso gifted and talented students or to specialize in inclusion of and at the Buffalo Center atc students with disabilities and the full range of students Hilbert College in Hamburg,t exceptionalities in N.Y. It may be completed in 18a offer only one certification. with The new 33-credit St. general education classrooms. months. Bonaventure degree Students with exceptionalities   For more information, contact combines both areas into one refers to those with special program director Dr. René program, giving teachers gifts and talents, and those with Garrison at (716) 375-4078 or two certifications (Gifted disabilities. SBU will continue

12 Washington Street, Ellicottville, New York 14731

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3BR furnished unit @Alpine Country living, 3+ acres w/ scenic 84 acre hilltop parcel, formerly home to the Red Garter Restaurant, pond. Nat. woodwork, formal DR Meadows w/ view of slopes. Walk to slopes/village! Rental history! w/ FP. Outbuildings for storage it has so many possibilities! Amy DeTine $260,000 Tina Dillon $112,000 Melanie Pritchard $1,750,000 ML#B389315 ML#B397751 ML#B397233

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2002 mobile home, hardly used. 3 Scan this image with your All you want & need! 2bdr/2ba. bdr/2ba. 4+acres. Views! smart phone app to see all On Slopes, no maintenance. MLS#B387231 $85,000 MLS#B381986 $189,900 of our listings!

2ACRES & BARN! SKI IN/ SKI OUT! Beautiful woodwork throughout. Furnished 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo Spacious 3 - 6 bedroom, 2 bath on the slopes at Holiday Valley. Vintage home.. $ 98,500 $102,500

SOLD! Ski in/out 4+ bedroom, 3 bath chalet on the slopes at HoliMont! $633,000

An Alliance between HoliMont and ERA Team VP ... Located on the Mountain @ HoliMont


November 17-22, 2011 ~ The Villager ~

Up Close & Personal

Business Track

Paul Carmichael: Restoring a Dream

The result of all that work, beautifully restored sits in a hanger in town, the plane’s shiny metal and wood frame gleams with cherry red paint and several coats of polish. “We named her Rose, after Rosy the Riveter,” Paul’s restoration even went so far as to research the history of the plane.

Story and Photo by John Thomas Staff Writer

If you happened to be walking around town last Sunday morning you might have noticed a red by-plane floating over the village. It was Paul Carmichael in the Waco UPS7 he and his partner John Northrup are restoring. For Paul it was the culmination of thousands of man hours of work. “All it takes is time and money,” is the way Paul understates the kind of dedication necessary to restore a WWII era airplane. Paul and John first found the plane in St. Louis in 2006. “It was a big pile of bones. I fell in love with it immediately,” Paul tells me. By his figuring, he has put in over 6200 hours in restoring the plane; doing much of the work himself, fashioning covers, cowlings and other parts that were missing. He made a number of modifications to

the plane himself, explaining the need for a new electrical system, “all the plane had was a couple of lights on the tip of the wings.” He installed an electrical box and a new radio, and communication system. The result of all that work, beautifully restored sits in a hanger in town, the plane’s shiny metal and wood frame gleams with cherry red paint and several coats of polish. “We named her Rose, after Rosy the Riveter,” Paul’s restoration even went so far as to research the history of the plane. He found out that it was manufactured by the Weaver Aircraft Company (Waco) in the 1940’s as a training plane for military pilots. “It was made to take the abuse of a student pilot,” he says with a smile. He goes on to mention the sturdiness of the frame, “you can do acrobatics in this.” As we walk around the plane he stops occasionally to wipe a spot of grease off an

Page 9

already pretty clean floor; such is his dedication to perfection. He even found out that the plane was the sixth model to roll off the assembly line when it opened . We pass in front of the seven cylinder, 220 horsepower engine that in itself is a work of art. The propeller is made of cast aluminum, and he shows me how the addition of the nut cap at the center of the prop brings the whole look of the engine together. “They knew what they were doing back then.” he says wistfully. Paul started flying when he was 26 and by the time he was a few years older was doing aerial photography for the Department of Agriculture. He and his finance Gale Lynette Bobscine would spend up to 12 hours a day flying over 13 counties in Western New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. Together they would fly over and photograph every square mile of the territory. “We’d fly till we were low on fuel, land and fill up, grab something quick to eat, and get back up,” he recalls. “After flying for twelve hours we could have been in Havana Cuba, but we stayed right over the counties,” he adds with a laugh. Now five and a half years later, Rose is a testament to the loving care given to it by two dedicated men. “John (Northrup) has been a big supporter of the whole project,” Paul says. Looking back on all the time he has spent on the restoration, he seems satisfied with his accomplishment, but in a moment of reflection adds, “I didn’t anticipate the enormity of the undertaking.” So if you are walking through town some afternoon and you see a shiny red by-plane cruising overhead; likely will be either Paul or John at the controls. Give them a wave, they might just wave back.

Check The New Chamber Website out and Take Their

ERA Team VP Real Estate and Century 21 Unlimited Merge Nov. 1st

experience in the Chautauqua and Cattaraugus County markets and Century 21 Unlimited has more than 15 years of experience in the Cattaraugus and Allegany County markets. Clients and customers of both firms will now benefit from a much broader marketing and networking reach, covering the entire Southern Tier. “Attention to consumer needs has always been a trademark of both our real estate firms,” said Soffel. “Now we will be able to deliver our commitment to service to our customers from 6 convenient office locations throughout the Southern Tier

of Western New York and fully leverage the ERA core values of innovation, collaboration and superior service.” Brokers Bill Soffel and Linda Simons share a very similar outlook on the importance of professionalism and ethics within the real estate profession and have been very active within the real estate industry, at both the local and state level. The transition from Century 21 to ERA will be very smooth, as both national franchises are within the same parent organization, the Realogy Corporation, the world’s largest real estate franchise network. Soffel points out “While Century 21 and ERA share many of the same marketing and training tools, ERA’s main focus is on innovation and technology. With the real estate market continuing to shift toward webbased technologies, this focus will be a huge advantage to our clients and customers.” For more information about ERA Team VP Real Estate and the real estate market in the Southern Tier of Western New York visit www.myteamvp. com or call one of the main office locations: (716) 789-2600 Chautauqua; (716) 699-4800 Ellicottville; (585) 968-2113 Cuba.

at the 1887 Building. These activities continue throughout the weekend, but also include free pancake breakfast with Santa at the Kelly House Lodge on Saturday and Sunday, music from the Lake Effect Harmony Chorus Carolers on Saturday and Forever Plaid on Saturday night at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (tickets available for purchase at the door). While you’re in the Christmas

spirit, find out what the stores in town have to offer. What better time to get started on your shopping list, and perhaps find some treasures to put on a wish list of your own. You won’t want to miss out on this Christmas wonderland there is simply nothing quite like Christmas in Ellicottville to get visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head. For a complete schedule of events and their locations, visit the Ellicottville

ERA Team VP Real Estate at the Office in Cuba, NY

Chautauqua, NY (November 11, 2011) — Local real estate firms ERA Team VP Real Estate of Chautauqua, NY and Ellicottville, NY and Century 21 Unlimited of Cuba, NY are pleased to announce they have merged operations, effective November 1, 2011. The combined firm will conduct business as ERA Team VP Real Estate with its Cuba office located at 84 Maple Street, Cuba, NY, according to Bill Soffel, Broker/CEO of ERA Team VP. This is a very natural and strategic alliance as ERA Team VP has more than 20 years of

X-mas Cont. from front page children’s activities, a visit with Santa, horse-and-wagon rides and – a real treat - meeting one of Santa’s reindeer. The evening also features the Seneca Junction Strolling Quartet and culminates with the lighting of the Community Christmas Tree

Letter of Thanks to Catt. County Sherriffs from Resident Marzacco

“Thank You!” to Catt County Sheriffs Dept , for sending Deputy Chris Ellman and Leutentant David Schuman to answer a stressful call for help on 11/16/11 in my home that was potentially dangerous. the situation was assessed quickly and handled in a professional manner.. we need our police, lets be thankful for them. Linda Marzucco.

Your Ellicottville





6690 Plum Creek 4 BR/4 BTH, 3 FP’s. Cust. kitchen. 2+ att. gar. plus det. storage bldg., furnished. B388745 $495,000

6777 RTE 242 3 BR/ 2.5 BTH home plus full lower level. Furnished. Lg. deck overlooking creek. B394852 $395,000

12 Dublin Meadows Contemporary 3+ BR home w/ garage, generator, hot tub Panoramic area views. B397707 $374,500

128 The Woods Turn key property w/great view of Holimont! 3BR/2 BTH, large front yard. B390514 $249,900

24 Dublin Meadows 2 BR, greatroom w/gas fireplace, lwr lev rec rm w/stone woodburning fireplace. B397023 $179,000

121 The Woods Newly painted, upgraded; ready to move in, fully furnished, lower entry level. B394940 $249,000

SALES 716.699.3954

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6833 Buchan Ridge 4 BR+loft/3 BTHS, many upgrades, great rm. w/fp. Lg. private lot. B391707 $495,000

7 Snowpine Townhouse 3 BR/2 ½ BTH, 2500 SF, furnished. Great location for ski in/ski out. Garage. B373545 $379,900

6827 Holiday Valley Rd. 5 BR/3 BTH chalet w/fin. bsmnt & hot tub; close to State Park, Casino & skiing.. B392082 $934,200 NEW LISTING!

13 Wildflower Four seasons of fun in this newly remodeled studio w/ loft, fully furnished .B394487 $129,000

Tamarack Resales 1 & 2 Bdrm units. From $67,000. Ski in/ski out and direct access to the pro shop for golf

F104 Snowpine Village Enjoy this fully furnished condo year round with a great view of the golf course. B367498 $169,500


Holiday Valley


716.699.2000 x 4600

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and Surrounding Areas

Fox Ridge For sale or rent! Townhomes w/3-4 BR overlooking HV resort.

Sugarpine Lodge Charming Bavarian B & B upscale suites w/private entrances, fireplace, walk to Village.

Morningstar Lodge Looking for proximity to Holiday Valley. Rent this chalet located on Upper Road; can accommodate 2 families!

3653 Cooper Hill 5 BR/2 BTH cust. built home on approx. 92 wooded acres w/pond, trails & timber B371201 $325,000

Lawrence House 3 BR + Loft/3.5 BTH , gas fireplace, sauna, full views of Holiday Valley.

Libby Chalet 4BR/4BTH, w/b fireplace great Holiday Valley views.

Alpine Meadows For sale or rent! 3 BR/2/5 BTH available from $274,000 across from golf course & ski slopes.

9470 RTE 242 Napoli 6503 Ashford Hollow Rd. 4+ BR/2 BTH brick home, Great home! 3 BR/2 BTH on Country kitchen, enc. screened 13+ acres overlooking pond & hillside. Many upgrades in family room. B395234 $192,500 B384660 $149,000

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6213 Peth Rd. Owner relocating! Newer 3 BR/2.5BTH chalet w/beautiful views. 5 min. to E’ville. B395727 $324,000

4500 Hungry Hollow 3 BR/2 BTH home, 2 car att. gar. Full basement, family rm. on lower level. B358503 $249,000

6471 Mutton Hollow Rd. 5 BR/4 BTH home on 5+ acs. Stone fireplace, walkout lower level, rec. rm. 2 car det. gar. B370340 $398,000

6152 Sommerville Valley 4 BR/2 BTH chalet on approx. 5 acres close to E’ville. Covered & open patios. B391811 $198,500

5673 Bryant Hill Rd. Country living only minutes to Village. Totally renovated 5 BR/3 BTH farm home. B388328 $252,500

Toll Free: 800-323-0020 ext. 4500

JANUARY BLUES FESTI VAL: JANUARY 6th &7th,2011 - Ellicottville, NY

Page 10 ~ The Villager ~ November 17-22, 2011

I’m Chuck Carlson, and I’m a Dealer for the People. I Believe Everyone Deserves to Drive a Newer, Safer, More Reliable Vehicle. See Me Today, and Drive Away with the Car You Deserve.



Introducing the 2011 KIA Optima In Showroom Now 275-hp, 3.5-liter, DOHC V6 engine Front/Front-Side/Side Air bags w/Roll Over Sensor AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio system w/10 speakers Air conditioning 4-wheel anti-lock brakes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) 16” alloy wheels 3,500 lb. towing capacity† Power windows, locks and mirrors Power steering 7 Passenger Seating Available

Starting at $19,200 • 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty • 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty • 5-year/100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty • 5-year/60,000-mile 24-hour roadside assistance*

KIA of Jamestown 1700 Washington Street, Jamestown New York

(716) 664-1222 •

The Kia 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program includes various warranties and roadside assistance. Warranties include powertrain and basic. All warranties and roadside assistance are limited. See retailer for details or go to*24-hour Roadside Assistance is a service plan provided by Kia Motors America, Inc. Some vehicles shown may include optional equipment. ***Government star ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( \U2020See product owner’s manual for load and/or towing capacity. 36-month lease, $2,500 plus tax at signing.


Truth Or Consequences End of Innocence

not all, of the allegations against that will put them in debt for a Jerry Sandusky are true or based good part of their post graduate in fact. I’m going to assume that lives.  Every week we hear he is among the most depraved about another scandal or crime.  our society has to offer.  I’m These are just the ones we hear also going to assume that his about.  How many others, Penn depravity was acted out under State for example, are swept the noses of Penn State officials, under the rug in order to protect coaches and administrators who the University’s reputation?  knew, at least, some of what was The amount of money raised going on.  They allowed him to by the athletic departments is remain in a position of power.  staggering.  Another reason They allowed him to be alone for protection, the University with children on the Penn State coaches, administrators, campus and they allowed him directors and board members Doug Arrowsmith to gain the trust of hundreds of are raking it in by the truckloads vulnerable children.  They were while other departments are  Certain things take precedence.  informed of what he was doing forced to have fundraisers and They must be protected at all and, to protect the university, bake sales.  It’s time to change costs.  At the very top of that list they looked the other way. this entire system. is the sanctity and innocence of Joe Paterno was among those      As for Penn State. When news childhood.  Our children should people.  Technically he did his of the scandal and Paterno’s always be priority number job.  He contacted University subsequent firing reached the one.  They rank above prestige, officials and washed his hands.  student body they rioted.  They tradition, reputation and, of He asked no questions when didn’t take to the streets for the course, money.  It is for this very Sandusky returned to his staff kids they took to the streets reason that I find myself writing and he looked the other way and smashed windows and this today.  Under normal to protect the reputation of a overturned cars and started circumstances today’s column football team.  Paterno had to fires to protect the coach.  The would have been about Rick go.  End of story. coach, also a tired institution.  Perry and his “oops” moment.       The sickness that has infected They should be ashamed of It would have been filled with Penn State is part of a larger themselves.  The coach will be my usual snark and dismissal.  disease that has spread from fine.  He’s made millions right Not today.  Today is about the the top down.  The NCAA as a along with the rest of them.  children and the monsters who whole has become almost mafia- Paterno believes in his innocence abuse them.  It’s also about a like in it’s ability and willingness in this whole, disgusting mess.  sick system that would dare to look the other way and protect Lets switch this up a bit.  Put to protect those monsters.  A a system that was broken years yourself in the shoes of a parent system that must be changed.  A ago.  Universities are institutions whose child was raped.  Is system that must be dismantled of learning.  Yet thousands Paterno still innocent?  He did from the top down and rebuilt of athletes are enrolled every his job to the extent of informing again.  A system that has failed. year at the expense of young his superiors.  But is he truly      I’m not on a jury and I’m people who truly deserve to innocent?  Technically yes.  not in a court of law.  There learn but have no talent on the Morally no.  He committed an are no attorneys or witnesses football fields or basketball act of moral incompetence.  By in this room right now.  For courts.  The athletes and not contacting the authorities he those reasons, and based on the coaches are afforded hero-like forfeited his right to remain in a information that has come out status while average students position of power.  End of story.  I’m going to assume that some, if are busy struggling in a system End of innocence.

Arts Council Fundraiser This Saturday Catt. County Council Hosts 6x6 Event

This Saturday, CCAC, at 100 Main Street in Allegany, will open its doors at 6 PM for the first-ever 6x6: Art for Everyone event. CCAC’s gallery wall will be filled with over 330 works of art measuring 6 inches by 6 inches. Collectible donating artists include Mikel Wintermantel, Barbara Fox, Thomas Paquette, Terry Saye, Sean Huntington, Elliott Hutten, Karen Fitzpatrick, and many others. Each work of art will be sold for only $25.





0 o By Mo m $ sq. 4 Ap de 99 ft. po l O ,900 in p tm en en t

Each Home Features:

• 3,000 Square Feet • 3 and 4 Bedroom Options • 1st Floor Master Bedroom w/ Private Bath • Large Kitchen with Granite Countertops • Stainless Steel Appliances • Spacious Great Room for Entertaining • 3.5 baths • Cozy Fireplace • Stunning Stone Exterior • Private Deck and Patio • Garage Parking

• Walking Distance to Shopping & Dining in the Village • Monthly Common Charges $434.46 • Taxes Approx. $11,000.00 6394 Route 242 East (Route 219) Ellicottville, New York 14731

SALAMANCA SILVER BELL’S FESTIVAL ~ December 1st-31st- Salamanca, NY

November 17-22, 2011 ~ The Villager ~ Page 11

Board Cont. from front page a request to spot zone the land around the old Louisville Slugger factory to allow the old factory to be commercially developed, and create lowdensity housing around the edges of the property. Without commenting on the plan specifically, the mayor said, “the one thing we have to be very, very careful about is spot zoning.” Instead there is discussion about creating a Commercial Zone 3 for allowing limited commercial development in some of the village. The mayor expressed general support for the project saying, “if this creates jobs and brings a tax base to the Village, this is a good way to do it.” The Planning Board will be meeting November 29th to discuss changes in the zoning laws. It was also announced that the ZBA will be holding a public hearing on December 13th at the American Legion on Maples Road. They will be discussing the request by HoliMont to extend the Greer Hill chairlift down into the Village by Adams Street. A large turnout of the public is expected, so the meeting has been moved to the Legion. The board heard a proposal by Nussbaumer and Clarke to establish warning signs


Cont. from front page Thanksgiving morning racing has become a tradition in Buffalo and Rochester, and the Twin Tiers Striders are trying to establish a connection in Olean, under the umbrella of the YMCA. Moore notes that the Polar Bear races, also put on by the Twin Tier Striders, are run as a service to the YMCA. In

around the intersection of Mill and Maple Streets, where Mill passes under the railroad. On more than one occasion the houses on that corner have been hit by cars traveling too fast to make the turn. The proposal included installing 10 MPH signs with flashing lights, and warning chevrons on each side of the track and intersection area. There was discussion about the effectiveness of flashing lights to slow down motorist. The mayor mentioned that before the flashing lights were put up at the intersection of 219 and 242, divers coming down 219 often would end up in the Catholic cemetery. With the lights the situation has improved. A motion was made to accept the proposal with the cost not to exceed $4,000. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the hot dog cart Balloons has set up in front of their restaurant some Saturday nights. The mayor commented that there is a perception about a “so called crack law” which allows businesses to establish anything between their front door and the crack in the center of the sidewalk. The mayor says there is no such law and that “its our sidewalk (the Village’s) and we have the right to control what’s on it.” One of the board members read from state ordinances regarding sidewalk sales of goods, which seemed to support the Village’s position. It was pointed out that some Village businesses put that way, insurance is covered for other races, which include running events at the Falling Leaves Festival in Salamanca, the Cuba Garlic Festival, and the Franklinville Maple Festival. Food contributions are described by Moore as, “Absolutely outstanding. Last year, we had to use several vehicles to get it all trucked to the food pantry. It’s a nice problem to have.” Just bring food items directly to the race site, and they will be taken care of by willing hands. And speaking of help, volunteers

coat racks, tables and benches outside with no objections from the Village. The board felt there is a clear difference between lining up to purchase something, and sitting down to be served food, or taking an item off a rack and carrying it into the store to purchase. The Constable reported that he had gone by last Saturday night, taken photos, and observed that the line to purchase hot dogs was obstructing the sidewalk. He said that the sidewalk in the area is sloped and that a passerby could easily be forced to walk into the street with serious consequences. The mayor reminded the board that in the past they have shut down the Gin Mill from selling hot dogs, and Double Diamond from selling portions of roast pig on the sidewalks. Patra Lowes reported that planning for Christmas in Ellicottville is going well, there will be fire truck rides as usual. There was discussion about finding a safe route along Washington Street for the hay rides. Due to the resignation of Sarah Baldwin from the ZBA a motion was made to nominate Jody Bentley to the board. The motion passed. The board received a letter from Time Warner Cable stating that their rates are going up next year. A motion was made to pay the bills for the month, which passed and the meeting was adjourned. are always appreciated. “There are a whole bunch of zigzags along the course where people are needed to keep it safe, to keep people on campus. There are a number of turns and for each of those, you need to have somebody (a flag person) there to make sure that no one turns the wrong way.” Moore says that local support for the Turkey Trot and Walk has always been great. Any questions should be directed to the Olean Family YMCA, at 716-373-2400.

CHECK OUT For All Your Cattaraugus County Events This Winter

THE DECORATING CENTER Your Complete Decorating Center




New Location

Phone: 716-372-5331 •DECORATOR FABRIC • 2202 West State Street, Olean Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM, Sat. 10AM - 3PM

Custom Homes • Historical Restoration Custom Mill Work • Bars & Back Bars

Distributors for: Window Fashions - Cirrus, Levolor, Comfortex Brass Tubing & Hardware Conestoga Cabinets Armstrong Vinyls GE Appliances Plate Mirrors Carpeting G. Michael Nickolson General Contractor

Phone/Fax: (716) 699-4516 Ellicottville, New York

CHRISTMAS IN ELLICOTTVILLE: November 25th-27th ~ Ellicottville, ny

Page 12 ~ The Villager ~ November 17-22, 2011

The Classifieds Page EMPLOYMENT

Village Readies for Season

Merchants are Encouraged to Deck the Windows and Get in the Spirit

FT/PT SEASONAL COUNTER HELP NEEEDED: Mid December throught April 15th must be available to work days and/or weekends. Please respond by mail to PO Box 438, Ellicottville, NY 14731 - Attention Laura. Falling Waters Spa at Holiday Valley Looking for Front Desk Receptionist, Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Nail Tech. Please call Brandy at 716-677-9700. WRITERS NEEDED! The Villager is looking for experienced writers who are timely, professional and organized. Please send writing samples and resume to PART TIME WORK: 2 positions for part time work in downtown Ellicottville. 1) Experienced Part Time salesperson to work weekends offering resort packages. 2) Receptionist with basic computer skills using microsoft office. 2 to 3 days in office. (weekends) Reply only by sending qualifications to: EXPERIENCE COOK WANTED: Experienced Cook - Must be available nights and weekends - Apply in person at The Gin Mill or Call 716-913-2882


Vacation Rentals: Plan your next getaway, wedding, reunion, golf or ski vacation with ERA Vacation Properties. Visit our website at for virtual tours of our properties, or call 716-699-4800. FOR RENT: Luxury 2-BR or 3-BR townhomes in Salamanca. Private entrances, FP, granite counters, Berber carpet, stainless steel appliances, washer, dryer, grounds keeping, snow removal, electric, water, garbage, sewer included. Various lease lengths available. Prices range from $900 to $1,100 monthly. No pets. Call to set up your appointment today! Palmer Rentals, 716-945-1906. SEASONAL RENTAL: 3 bdrm, 1 bath, fully furnished in village. Walk downtown and one mile from slopes. Email: Phone 905-651-3342 or 905-257-9163.

Village Apartments Available: Upstairs 1 bedroom Loft includes Heat $650 per month. 2 BR Apt above Hoagie Haus @ $575 Per month plus utilities. Regular security deposits call 699-4193 Luxury townhome, 3BR, all amenities nearby, fully furnished, front door parking, fireplace, immediate occupancy. Call 814-726-1104 or (listing 61474). Lease seasonal rental:, Log Home on 2 acres, 8 miles North of Ellicottville. Full Kitchen, Parking, Laundry, All Utilities included, Flixible Price. Dec-Apr. Call 716-6762461.

PUBLIC NOTICES Pursuant to Section 7-728 of the NYS Village Law, a public hearing before the Village of Ellicottville Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) will be held on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 5:30 P.M. in the American Legion Hall, 6500 Maples Road, Ellicottville, New York to consider: Zoning Board of Appeal Application No. ZBA-2011-07: An application by HoliMont, Inc. (Jeffrey D. Palumbo, owner’s attorney) of 6921 Route 242 for a Use Variance to the Zoning Local Law requirements of the Village Residential District (VR) and Medium Density District (MD), and an Extension of a Non-Conforming Use to the Zoning Local Law requirements of the Low Density District (LD). The purpose for this request for a Use Variance is to develop a ski lift and ski slope on the property, which are not permitted uses within the VR and MD Districts. The property subject to this ZBA Use Variance application is located at 36 Adam Street (Tax ID 55.043-1-2.5) in the Village of Ellicottville and is vacant land. The purpose for this Extension of a Non-Conforming Use request is to extend an existing ski lift and ski slope on the property, which are not permitted uses within the LD District. The property subject to this ZBA Extension of a Non-Conforming Use application is located west of the 36 Adam Street parcel and is Tax ID 55.043-1-2.5, in the Village of Ellicottville. Application materials are available for review from the Village of Ellicottville Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer at the Department of Public Works Building, 9 Mill Street from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., weekdays. The Zoning Board of Appeals will hear all interested persons with regard to this application at the public hearing. Persons wishing to do so may submit written comments at or prior to the hearing.


Furniture Repaired, Refinished Or Replicated: Machine Caning replaced. Custom Furniture Built To Your Desire. New! Home Theater Cabinets or Shelves Designed & Built. FIVE POINTS, 716-938-6315,, Visit for Photos. Interior Finishing By Tom Clauss: Painting, plastering, remodeling, repairs, restoration work, electrical, plumbing & more. PROFESSIONAL PAINTING SPECIAL: DISCOUNTED PRICES! Free estimates. Call today! 716-949-9155. DALE’S CHIMNEY SWEEP, INC.: Inspection, cleaning, repairs & woodstove/rain cap sales. Stainless steel relining. Established in 1978. Insured, clean & professional. 716-373-8407. JonnyBarberShop: Gentlemen’s Preferred Grooming. 1 Washington Street, Ellicottville (rear of 1887 Building), 716-572-3321. Announcing NEW Business Hours. Sun/mon closed, tue/ wed 9-1 , thurs/fri 9-5:30, sat 9-2.

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ARCHERY HUNTERS: TWO 4X8 foot target backstops. 4 in thick $25 each. Former Hot Tub Covers. Your Pickup 597-6773 True Refrigerator : 48x30 sliding door, good condition: $300.00. Call: 716-3979527 Don’t miss out on a single issue! We’ll keep you in touch with all the news in and around Ellicottville!

Kazoo 11 has taken local window decorating to a new level. check out the animated polar bear and it’s baby in the window on Washington Street in Ellicottville. Congratulations Arlene and staff, maybe you have started a fad, maybe a window decorating contest should be in order. Published Every Thursday / AD DEADLINE: Mondays at 4pm Publisher Jeanine Zimmer

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M P Caroll Hardwood: Wholesale prefinished and custom hardwood flooring. Installation supplie and lessons available. For more information call Pam Bartell at 716-465-7212 or


Name of limited liability company: Seneca Telecommunications, LLC (“LLC”). Date Authority filed with Secy. of State of NY (“SSNY”): 10/7/11. LLC organized in DE on: 9/12/11. NY county location: Cattaraugus. SSNY designated agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 90 Ohi:Yo’ Way, Seneca Nation, NY 14779. Address required to be maintained in jurisdiction of organization: 1209 Orange St., Wilmington, DE 19801. Copy of formation document on file with: Secy. of State, P.O. Box 898, Dover, DE 19903. Purpose: any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF SUBSTANCE OF ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION. Sluggs Guns LLC has filed articles of organization filed with NYS, Secretary of State. Facilities of Sluggs Guns LLC are located in Cattaraugus County, United States Corporation Agents Inc. has been designated as agent of Sluggs Guns LLC upon processes against shall be served. USCA Inc. shall be mailed such served papers to 7014 13th Ave, Suite 202 Brooklyn, NY 11228. Purpose: Any Lawful Act

Miller’s Party and Tent Rental LLC, a domestic LLC, filed with the Sec of State of NY on 6/17/2011. Location: Cattaraugus County, NY. SSNY is designated as agent upon whom service of process against the LLC may be served. SSNY may mail a copy of any process v. LLC served upon him to M. Miller, 2813 Haskell Rd. Cuba, NY 14727. Any legal purpose.

NOTICE OF SUBSTANCE OF ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATION. On October 24,2011, Enchanted Mountain Optometry, PLLC filed with the NYS Department of State its Articles of Organization. The office to be located in Cattaraugus County. The NYS Secretary of State is designated as agent for service of process. The mailing address for the PLLC is 116 Bradley Drive, Olean, NY 14760. The purpose of the business is to engage in the practice of the profession of optometry.

NOTICE OF FORMATION of SYSTEMS FOR SUCCESS, LLC, Art. Of Org. filed with Secy of State of NY (SSNY) on 9/20/11. Office location: Cattaraugus County. SSNY is designated as agent for service of process. SSNY shall mail process to 4598 Whalen Rd, Great Valley, NY 14741. Purpose: Any lawful activity.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) for BYSIEK CPA, PLLC. The Articles of Organization were filed with the NY Secretary of State on November 3, 2011. The purpose of the LLC is to engage in the practice of Certified Public Accountancy. The office of the LLC is to be located in Cattaraugus County. The Secretary of State is designated as the agent of the LLC upon whom process against the LLC may be served. The address to which the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process against the LLC is c/o Edward J. Bysiek CPA, 2605 Back, Hinsdale Road, Olean, NY 14760.

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CHRISTMAS STROLL ~ December 3rd - Ellicottville, NY

6 8 5 2 1 9 3 4 7

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5 6 9 1 7 3 4 2 8

8 7 2 4 5 6 9 1 3

3 4 8 7 6 1 2 5 9

2 5 7 8 9 4 1 3 6

1 9 6 3 2 5 7 8 4

V i e ws

from the


November 11 Veteran’s Day Servies were Held at the Court House

es m.

Photos/Gary Kinn


C s n . :

Y m .

, f s y e

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Ellicottville’s Weekly Newspaper Online:

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8th Annual Beer and Wine Festival Last Weekend at HV

Photos/Gary Kinn

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