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The next activity was the foam pit, with three lanes where people could run and jump into a large pit full of foam (see picture above). Readying to jump into the foam, Drez took three large jumps, landing far and deep in the foam. However, being so far from initial jump point, it was a struggle for Drez to get out of the pit and she became claustrophobic. Surrounded by foam, Drez took five minutes to actually get herself out of the pit. And so, after one jump into the foam, Drez was far from done and ready to move on. The last area of Rockin’ Jump consisted of an arena with a continuous game of dodge-

Photo by Ami Drez

1. SLAM DUNK After several bounces, Drez jumps for the hoop to dunk. After a few attempts at the basketball hoop, Drez felt it was too repetitive. 2. LOUNGIN’ Rockin’ Jump provides a lounge area upstairs in which people can realax and watch a game or the jumpers. 3. FOAM PIT OF DOOM Another aspect offered is the foam pit. Although at a glance it does seem fun, once is more than enough.

photo by Ami Drez

Photo courtesy by Tori Destefano


Watch Ami trying out all the Rockin’ Jump activities and having some trampoline fun at:

ball. Jumping into the game, once again she found herself among a much younger crowd. However, there were some children who far more experienced in the game of dodgeball than Drez. After being hit with the ball multiple times, Drez found it was hard to not only dodge the ball coming at her, as the space was limited, but also to get her hands on a ball, as there were not enough to go around. After trying out all sections of the center, an hour had almost passed, which was more than enough to satisfy a nostalgic childhood urge. However, if you do find yourself wanting to jump around, do some flips, shoot some

hoops, get balls thrown at yourself and jump into a claustrophobic mess, then Rockin’ Jump is surely the place to go. All in all, Rockin’ Jump definitely did not live up to The Viking’s expectations. Rockin’ Jump is very similar to a more well-known establishment, “Sky High,” but it is not the same. Despite offering new aspects like the basketball hoop, it is meant to attract a younger crowd for a reason. Although spending a Saturday afternoon at Rockin’ Jump does not sound too appealing to some people, it is what you make of it. A good time is just a good attitude away!<<<

APRIL 2013

The Viking: Volume 6, Issue 5  
The Viking: Volume 6, Issue 5  

Every year elite Palo Alto athletes choose to attend different schools, leaving Paly to wonder: What If?