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MIND, — Dr. Seuss


OF AMAZING! — a PCPS freshman (class of 2024)



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The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment was founded in 1995 by Edward and Patricia Leahy to honor the life and memory of their son, Edward R. Leahy, Jr., whose personal disabilities were attended to with compassion and skill by many health professionals over the course of his life. The Leahy Endowment provides financial resources to support theoretical and applied research, faculty development and support for programs that advance the cause of disabled persons who need long-term assistance. The endowment supports the work of persons practicing in physical and occupational therapy, nursing science and related health care areas, with particular interest in individuals and groups that approach their practice as scholars, teachers and practitioners. Primary recipients are University of Scranton faculty from the Panuska College of Pro­ fessional Studies, consisting of the Depart­ments of Coun­seling and Human Services, Educa­ tion, Exercise Science and Sport, Health Adminis­tration and Human Resources, Nurs­ ing, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. The endowment was established and is supported, in part, by the Leahy family and is enriched annually by gifts from corporations and individuals who wish to support the work of the Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment.

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VOL.20 NO.1 FALL 2020 CHALLENGES IN THEORY & PRACTICE PUBLICATION COMMITTEE Raymond Schwenk, M.S., Editor Patricia Connolly, Editorial ­Assistant Office of External Affairs, The University of Scranton

PANUSKA COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Debra A. Pellegrino, Ed.D., Dean Victoria Castellanos, Ph.D., Associate Dean Kevin Curry, M.S., Assistant Dean, Director of Advising Center Raymond Schwenk, M.S., Assistant Dean Diane S. Muniz, Office Manager/Secretary to Dean Patricia Connolly, Secretary to Associate Dean

PCPS BOARD OF VISITORS Barbara Bossi Melinda C. Ghilardi William Grant Monsignor John W. Jordan

Edward R. Leahy Timothy Mooney Maureen Pesavento Gerald Savitsky




MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN Dear PCPS faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends: True to our nature, members of the Panuska College of Professional Studies have come together to support each other and to give back to a world that needs US now more than ever. At the start of the global pandemic, PCPS sent out a biweekly e-newsletter, Embracing the Call to Care, with inspiring stories of students, staff and faculty during unprecedented times in our world. As we continue to confront the many challenges that COVID-19 presents, this issue of Challenges in Theory and Practice focuses on stories that embrace the creative work being done by students, faculty, staff and the Board of Visitors to advance our strong academic college and continue our rich Catholic and Jesuit tradition of seeing the Divine in all things. As many of you know, the beloved poet Mary Oliver brings me great inspiration. I think of her quote: “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” PCPS hears the “Call to Care” and uses that creative power to make a difference in teaching, learning and actions. Walk through these pages with me and see a world filled with possibilities. In deepest gratitude,

Debra Pellegrino, Ed.D. Academic Dean of the J.A. Panuska College of Professional Studies THE WORLD I LIVE IN I have refused to live locked in the orderly house of reasons and proofs. The world I live in and believe in is wider than that. And anyway, what’s wrong with Maybe? You wouldn’t believe what once or twice I have seen. I’ll just tell you this: only if there are angels in your head will you ever, possibly, see one. ­— Mary Oliver

The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment

Founder’s Society • $5,000 and more

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Michael E. Kelley, Ph.D., BCBA-D,

is an assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance. Dr. Baylow holds a Doctor of Arts in communication sciences and disorders (with a specialization in swallowing & swallowing disorders). Her present employment is as a voice and swallowing specialist, where she is responsible for performing clinical swallowing evaluations, behavioral voice assessments, flexible endoscopic evaluations of swallowing, and videostroboscopy on a variety of adult/geriatric patients (e.g. GERD, LPR, etc.). In addition, she is an assistant adjunct professor at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York.

is a tenure-track professor in the Counseling and Human Services Department. Dr. Kelley received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Louisiana State University with a major in psychology. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at the Marcus Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His supervisors were Dr. Wayne Fisher and Dr. Cathleen Piazza. Since 2016 to present, he was a full professor at Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Florida) and executive director of the Scott Center for Autism Treatment at Florida Institute of Technology. Michael has 48 peer-reviewed publications since 1999. He is a licensed psychologist and a licensed board-certified behavior analyst.

Dana Gadaire, Ph.D., BCBA-D,

Cristen Walker, Ph.D., CRNP, CCRN,

is a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Services. Dr. Gadaire received her Doctor of Psychology in 2011 from the University of Southern Maine and a Master of Arts in clinical community psychology in 2008 from Georgia State University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia. Dana, a licensed clinical social worker and school psychologist, is also a board-certified behavior analyst. She is teaching courses in applied behavior analysis and counseling specialties and supervises graduate-level trainees in applied behavior analysis. Clinical duties included direct provision of diagnostic assessments and behavioral family therapy, supervision of early intervention programming, and clinical supervision of graduate students/trainees. Research endeavors focused on evaluations of the behavioral mechanisms underlying common behavioral interventions such as group activity schedules and token economies.

is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Nursing. She recently completed her doctoral studies in nurse education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She was a faculty specialist in the Department of Nursing at The University of Scranton since 2014. She is the course coordinator for Nursing 250 and the course instructor for several didactic and clinical courses. She is a family nurse practitioner for Traditional Home Health and Hospice since 2016. In 2019-2020, she was named the National League for Nursing Jonas Scholar.

Emily Gerstle, Ph.D., is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance. She recently completed her doctoral studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee under Dr. Stephen Cobb in the Kinesiology department with a focus on neuromechanics (biomechanics and motor behavior). One of her major teaching strategies is to include students in the research process. Her overarching research interests are to examine people and their everyday movements to improve the overall ability to stay physically active for as long as possible. She has taught lab sections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in biomechanics, and in the graduate occupational therapy musculoskeletal pathology and occupational function. She is a beginner and intermediate ski instructor.

Lori Maria Walton, Ph.D., DPT, MS, MPH(s), CLT, is a tenure-track professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in physiotherapy with concentrations in neurology & women’s health from Nova Southeastern University, where her research focused on the “Impact and Incidence of Maternal co-morbidities on Health Related Quality of Life (Neurobiological, Social, Emotional & Physical Changes) and Health Outcomes for postpartum Bangladeshi women: Comparison by Birth Mode.” Lori received a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) in 2005 from Creighton University, where she researched “Risk of Falls and Neurologic Symptoms in Patients with Fibromyalgia.” Her most recent employment was in neuroscience, adult neurology & obstetrics/gynecology from 2017-present at University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE.

THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE BEAUTY OF THEIR DREAMS. –– Eleanor Roosevelt This quote is inspiring and I think it pertains to all of us as freshmen because it serves as a reminder that life is what we make of it. Our college experience can be great if we just believe in ourselves and try our hardest. –– Jessica Tsu ‘24



PUBLICATIONS Caramanica, L., Bressler,T., Betz, C., Zalon, M. L., Shelton, D., Chlan, L., Miner, S., & Arslanian-Engoren, C. (2019). A concept analysis of transitions of care for population health. Research in Nursing Theory and Practice, 33(3), 257-271. https://doi.org/10.1891/1541.6577.33.3.257 Constantino, R. E. & Zalon, M. L. (2020). From disruptive to frugal innovation: Meeting the healthcare needs of diverse patient populations. In Murrell, A. Petrie, J. L. & Soudi, A. (Eds.). Diversity across the disciplines: Research on people, policy, process, and paradigm. IAP-Information Age Publishing. De Marzio, D.M. (Ed.). (2020). David Hansen and the call to teach: Renewing the work that teachers do. New York: Teachers College Press. Hanson, M.J.S. (2020). May-Hegglin Anomaly: A case of thrombocytopenia, hearing loss, and cataracts. The Clinical Advisor, 23(2), 26-29. Hosseini, D. H. (2020). Misallocation of Demand and the Persistent Non-emergent Use of the Emergency Department Post-Healthcare Reform. Hospital Topics, 1-8. Nicoteri, J.A.L. (2020). Disordered eating: Not just a problem of the young. Women’s Healthcare. 8(4), 34-38, 44. Smailova, D. S., Fabbro, E., Ibrayev, S. E., Brusati, L., Semenova,Y. M., Samarova, U. S., Rakhimzhanova, F.S., Zhussupov, S.M., Khismetova,Z.A., & Hosseini, H. (2020). Epidemiological and Economic Evaluation of a Pilot Prostate Cancer Screening Program. Prostate Cancer, 2020. Subasic, K., Kronk, R., Mantione, A., & Vital, M. (2020). Exploring Genetic Literacy in a Small Hispanic Population. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. https://doi.org/10.1177/1043659620938127

YOU HAVE TO GO WHOLEHEARTEDLY INTO ANYTHING IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING WORTH HAVING. –– Frank Lloyd Wright I like this quote because it is a reminder that hard work and passion yield success and happiness. –– Vanesa Figueiras ‘24

PROFESSOR PRESENTS AT GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM Dr. Hengameh Hosseini Hengameh Hosseini presented her talk, “Global Collaboration to Rebuild a Community Hospital System in Kazakhstan,” at the Global Symposium of the AUPHA Annual Meeting. She is pictured here with two of her collaborators from the Republic of Kazakhstan giving their Zoom talk in June 2020.

FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L EN G ES IN T H E ORY & PRAC T I C E



THE COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE BADGE The College Knowledge Badge workshop was offered to Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts (grades 9-12) on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020. A collaboration between Mary Troy, Ph.D., assistant professor of counseling and human services, and Rebekah Bernard, M.S., information and technology specialist in Admissions and Enrollment at The University of Scranton, the workshop provided information on the steps to applying for college, taught the Girl Scouts what to look for when exploring college options, helped the Girl Scouts examine their future goals and interests, and answered commonly asked questions about the college application and college essay. The workshop also helped attendees understand how to showcase the leadership skills they have learned as Girl Scouts on their college applications. All Girl Scouts who attended completed steps to earn their College Knowledge badge.

Rebekah Bernard

Workshop Offered

Mary Troy


PRESENTS AT NEPA LEARNING CONFERENCE Dr. Debra Pellegrino, dean of The University of Scranton’s Panuska College of Professional Studies (PCPS), served as a panelist for the virtual NEPA Learning Conference that was held on Thursday, Sept. 17. Dean Pellegrino’s presentation was titled “Collaborative Philanthropy in Action,” and she presented the work of The University of Scranton and the Autism Collaborative Center of Excellence (ACCE) alongside five other panelists. “It was a wonderful opportunity to explain the story of ACCE with the positive aspects of collaboration as well as its peaks and valleys,” Dean Pellegrino said. “Collaboratives are messy but so worthwhile, especially when you are serving individuals with autism in the 13-county region of Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania. The key with any collaborative is come to the table with your ideas and stay at the table.” The 19 projects of ACCE were presented at the 19th annual U.S. Conference on disABILITY presented by PCPS and The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held virtually on Tuesday, Oct. 6. This marks the second consecutive year that the conference focused on exploring autism across the spectrum and building inclusive communities. “The ACCE conversations began in 2017 after examining the census data research. In the 13-county region, one in 68 individuals are diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder),” said Dean Pellegrino.




Although we cannot connect on campus together, we can still connect on Zoom. And, this is exactly what our graduate student members of the Chi Delta Rho (CDR) chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota International Honor’s Society in the Department of Counseling and Human Services have decided to do on a monthly basis. Each month, graduate students meet on Zoom to connect and “kick back.” Thus, monthly “CDR Kickbacks” provide an opportunity for students to socialize, offer support and simply kick back with one another. These students recognize the importance of connection and look forward to kicking back together on a monthly basis.



VIRTUAL ESCAPE ROOM ENGAGES STUDENTS When classes switched to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the Spring 2020 semester, my goal was to keep students engaged in their learning process. To ensure this goal, as well as assess their learning and grasp of the material for Chapter 7 (Aging and Services for the Elderly), I developed an online escape room for CHS 112 – Introduction to Human Service Systems. The escape room consisted of six clues that encompassed material from throughout Chapter 7. After reading the chapter, students utilized the PowerPoint presentation and other materials to assist them in unlocking each clue in the Chapter 7 escape room. Upon successful completion of the escape room, students submitted (through D2L’s dropbox) a selfie showing the “Congratulations, You’ve Escaped!” screen. — Mary L. Troy, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Counseling and Human Services


Everyone knew coming into this school year that almost nothing would be the same as before. Social gatherings have been stopped, and academic gatherings are nearly impossible to organize. For academic clubs, there has been a sense of camaraderie lost from the inability to gather and discuss shared interests and concerns. For the human resources majors and minors, Dr. Ken Zula wanted to ensure these students that just because there is no way to gather in person, it doesn’t mean that there will be a break in the chain of information. To keep these students all on the same information, Dr. Zula and I reached out to the CTLE to create a Desire2Learn course where the DHA majors and minors can all receive guidance on how to navigate these difficult times while pursuing a college education.


— Marie Forleo

I like this quote because it reminds me to not wait around for success to come to me, but rather go after it and get ahead of the game. –– Taylor Maxson FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L E N G E S IN T H EORY & P RAC T I C E



STUDENT PERSPECTIVE One of the professors I have been learning from since last semester has a ritual at the very end of every class. After one breath, she says “thank you” to us. It is a calm and relaxing moment, just like a yoga teacher’s “Namaste.” After a long period of class (160 minutes!), I easily feel praised for what I have done for the day by just these two words. I also remember one thing when people say “thank you” these days. For me as a Japanese student, it is actually translated into “arigato” in my brain. This word is originally from an adjective “arigatashi,” which means “difficult to exist.” I believe all of us see everything around us differently now. Whether seeing classmates and professors in the classroom, reading books at the library, talking with friends over coffee, weekend museum visits, etc., there is nothing in the world that can be taken for granted.

— Minori Koga My name is Xicong Ge, and I am an international student who is currently enrolled in the family nurse practitioner program at The University of Scranton. Prior to the pandemic, my weekly life was involved with focusing on academic study, going to clinical sites three days a week, and fulfilling my duties as a graduate assistant. My busy schedule came to a halt as the pandemic began. Because clinical experience is a major part of nursing that allows us to apply what we learned in class into practice, online teaching without clinicals has been the most difficult part for me to adjust to. With a lot of organizations and healthcare providers rejecting nurse practitioner students to limit contact under the current circumstances, I believe that it is important to be patient and flexible with changes. I could not make up missed clinical time for the spring semester until August, and I had to find a new preceptor one week prior to this fall semester beginning. Even though I was worried and anxious, I understood that nothing could be done but to be patient. I am currently going to clinical practice, and I am complying with all requirements imposed by the clinical site such as wearing a mask at all times when in the office. Being in the healthcare field, I have witnessed the traumatic effects of this pandemic on people’s physical and mental health. I always prepare myself with updated information from reliable sources, such as the CDC, Prescriber’s Letters, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health, to answer the patients’ questions related to COVID and provide resources for them. Additionally, discovering a healthy method to relieve stress is critical. I began walking my dogs every day for at least an hour to keep myself occupied, and I noticed that I tend to think more positively now. Hence, I believe that self-care and learning to adapt to the “new normal” is essential as we continue to battle with the pandemic. ­— Xicong Ge

YESTERDAY I WAS CLEVER, SO I WANTED TO CHANGE THE WORLD. TODAY I AM WISE, SO I AM CHANGING MYSELF. — Rumi I like this quote because us college students are constantly changing and I thought this represented us well. –– Jonny Wells ‘24 8


When community-based learning became virtual for Fall 2020, the 260 PCPS freshmen started looking for pen pals. With the coronavirus pandemic still in full force, the residents of our local assisted living communities and nursing homes needed their spirits lifted. Our own Geri Barber, whose mom, Mary, was in a local center, assisted the freshman class in delivering the letters. We also had our own honorary mom, Joan Pilarz, who was also at one of our centers. We asked our President, Father Scott Pilarz, S.J., to deliver the letters to that center. The college freshmen wondered how to write a message to someone living at an assisted living center. They decided to write either a thinking-of-you letter or a caregiver thank you. Tips for Writing Letters to Seniors and Caretakers Send a long-distance hug with a heartfelt letter to seniors, their caretakers and other people who can benefit from knowing that you’re thinking of them. See below for some recommendations on how to write and share these notes.

PCPS Class of 2024 Brightens Residents’ Days

• Send positive thoughts. Share your positivity and well wishes. What do you hope for your reader right now? Is there anything you’d like to thank them for? • Give some personal flair. Share something that only you can. Is there something you’ve been doing that you want that person to know about? Can you share a story that will make them happy? • Avoid religion and personal views. Since we don’t know exactly who will receive your letter, make sure that your note is kind and broad — so that anyone who receives it will feel that it is meant for them. • Sign your first name. Sign your name to the letter to show your reader it’s coming from a kind and genuine person: you. While it’s important that this letter come from you, don’t share more personal information. Many of these tips can be found at girlscouts.org.

Dear New Friend,

put a smile on your face, I am excitedly writing this to hopefully To introduce myself, my name is 

What should I know before I write my letter? • Type your letter in large font size. • Make it personal. Let your creative side shine with bright colors, glitter pens, drawings, and other personal touches or clip art if that is easier! • Don’t write the date. While we often want to mark the date that we write letters, it may take longer than normal for this letter to be delivered. Leaving off the date will help your reader feel special and remembered even if they receive it late. What should I write about? • “Thank you” or “Thinking of you”— pick one! • Are you writing to a resident at a nursing home? Want to thank a caregiver? Decide what type of note you’re writing and let the message guide your writing. • Be kind and thoughtful. When you begin to write, think carefully about what you want to say and how you can spread kindness. Consider how you can craft a unique message that comes from your heart. How can you make the card extra special? • Be creative. Use your creativity, imagination and talents to make your note fun and unique! Consider adding a border, a word search or crossword puzzle. • Start with “Dear Friend.” Even if you don’t know your reader by name, starting with “Dear Friend” will make them feel special. • Introduce yourself. Let your reader know who you are and why you’re writing.



as I know these times can be hard.

at the University of Scranton Hailey and I am a first-year student nal therapist. I love to sing,  studying to become an occupatio of my favorite shows include  especially musical theatre. Some to  Chorus Line, and Les Miserables, Grease, Phantom of the Opera, A any of those! I enjoy going on  name a few, just in case you know walk,  to U campus is a great place walks to relax after a long day. The do here. Especially during the  the colors of the leaves and the  change of the season, I love admiring be grateful for the little things in  crisp air. It really reminds you to

and one of my favorite things to

life!!   I have two bulldogs at home, Gigi like to sleep and snore all day long

(left) and Mack (right). They

but are very cute, to me at least.

Dear New Friend,

at The University My name is Allie Lynch and I am a freshman be on camof Scranton this fall. I am super excited to finally that we had! pus, especially after the roller coaster of a spring gotten the have I gust, Since the start of the semester in mid-Au ce what living chance to meet so many new people and experien away from home is like. l track. I hope I am a kinesiology major on the pre-professiona e onto graduate to finish my undergraduate degree and continu . While at school to finish with a Doctor of Physical Therapy all team! I Scranton, I am also playing on the women’s basketb team. my with play and am super excited to get into the gym t than COVID-19 has definitely made things more difficul other people on normal this fall, but myself, along with many When here. campus, are trying to make the most of our time with ng I find things to be difficult or when I am struggli quote reads, something, I often think of a specific quote.The down and cry, “When life gives you a hundred reasons to break and laugh. smile to reasons show life that you have a million all aspects of Stay strong.” To me, this quote is important in COVID-19 life.Whether it be a busy week at school or when are so many gets us down, this quote reminds me that there things around me to be thankful for. me and I I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about soon! hope to hear more about you in the future! Talk

Allie Lynch has two golden retrievers, Teddy and Bailey.

FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L EN G ES IN T H E ORY & PRAC T I C E




Accommodations and Beyond

DR. REBECCA SPIRITO DALGIN, PH.D., CRC, CPRP, professor in the Department of

Counseling and Human Services and the Rehabilitation Counseling master’s degree program director, presented Accommodations and Beyond: Inclusive Strategies for Online and Classroom Teaching.

Students of all abilities and backgrounds want classes that are inclusive and convey respect. For faculty and students with disabilities, the classroom and online education settings may present certain challenges that need accommodation and consideration. The workshop focused on inclusive practices faculty can employ for students with disabilities. Topics such as classroom accommodations, disability inclusive language, confidentiality/ disclosure and stigma, universal design, and available resources were discussed. Dr. Dalgin received her M.S. and Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling from Syracuse University. Rebecca has been working with individuals with disabilities as a rehabilitation service provider, researcher and professor for nearly 30 years. She has been a co-facilitator of the annual U.S. Conference on disABILITY here at The University of Scranton since 2005. Her research interests and clinical work have focused on individuals living with chronic mental illnesses, psychiatric rehabilitation programs, rehabilitation education, and the intersection of disability and employment.

ALL ARE WELCOME! PCPS faculty and staff were invited to join the PCPS Book Club. In September 2020, a small group gathered via Zoom to begin discussing the New York Times bestseller How to Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. The important discussion began with acknowledging our own behaviors and attitudes and the discussion continued as we began to discuss our readings. In Kendi’s own words: “The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it — and then dismantle it.” Since we are all employees at a Jesuit Catholic university, the thoughtful discussion helped us examine our own conscience. Another great resource is Pope Benedict XVI’s Deus Caritas Est. Our goal for the book club as we continue to add to our reading list is to continue to promote constructive and charitable conversations with each other and realize that we are blessed and 10

encouraged to express our ideas and thoughts in a safe, respectful learning environment. In closing, Dr. Sonja Lund, assistant professor in PCPS and a member of the book club, stated: “I am extremely grateful and excited about the opportunity to engage with members of my PCPS family in our book club! Our first book, How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, is such an important and relevant topic that encompasses the lifelong work and journey of increasing self-awareness, addressing our biases, and advocating for social justice and change all while being intentional in our actions. Not only do these concepts tie into fundamental Jesuit ideals and values, they also allow for self-examination and personal growth. The opportunity to have open, honest, vulnerable and reflective conversations creates the space to capture and understand the worldview of others, which is something I truly appreciate as an individual with a love for learning.”


When the pandemic hit the northeastern part of Pennsylvania in March 2020, PCPS faculty adapted and kept their approach to keep students engaged and motivated. In the summer of 2020, many PCPS faculty met the challenge by studying and taking courses for online pedagogy. PCPS also has a mentoring system for Fall 2020 where faculty are sharing their expertise to help each other. In our true Jesuit Catholic tradition, PCPS faculty are caring and collaborative. The key challenge now is, how do you stay motivated?

We all have so many distractions in our lives that it is hard for professors and students to stay focused on learning. Here are eight strategies used for motivation: 1. Create a strong presence 2. Help learners believe they can succeed 3. Establish ways for students to monitor progress 4. Build a sense of community 5. Apply learning principles that are likely to lead to better outcomes 6. Relate the class to the learners’ lives 7. Support self-directed learning 8. Plan effective interactions In Fall 2020, as the ol’ dean of PCPS, I wanted to learn as well with this online format. I created a course in D2L after taking the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence program in online pedagogy. In the PCPS 101 Tapestry course for the Class of 2024, I built three virtual town hall meetings. In the first meeting, I had Zoom trouble and was about to give up, but my fellow PCPS professors were there to support me. So thank you, Drs. Teresa Conte, Hope Baylow, Ken Zula and Amy Simolo. At the end of the hour, we were laughing and talking to a few PCPS freshmen who decided to stay on the Zoom call. FYI… we had over 260 participants on that Zoom call. As a professor for many years, I laughed at myself and realized that with technology we will make mistakes, but we will adapt quickly. Personally, I would like to acknowledge all of the PCPS faculty and staff and our wonderful undergraduate and graduate students. Adapting pedagogy for online learning is tough, and PCPS faculty and staff approached their pedagogy for both synchronous and asynchronous learning in a very positive approach.




with Online Remote Learning

“The faculty have gone to great measures to ensure that the quality of education has not been adversely impacted by remote instruction. All of my professors are extremely easy to communicate with through Zoom, email and phone calls.” — Marissa Lembo “The students and faculty have embraced remote learning. Through this experience, we have seen that learning does not end, but instead crosses the traditional boundary. This creates a positive impact.” — Khandker Haque

COUNSELING STUDENTS SAY... “I enjoyed the professor’s creativity in using PowerPoint and Google docs to create a fun way for introductions that allowed us to use photos to describe ourselves!” “I enjoy the way the faculty poses a question and uses the breakout rooms in Zoom to allow us three minutes of discussion amongst our peers. It makes us feel like we’re still in the classroom.” “I enjoy the way the professor uses videos within his PowerPoints to highlight the work of different family therapists. It really drives home the point!” “I enjoy the way my professors open the chat so I can ask my questions anonymously during the lecture. It helps me to speak up when I have a question and not feel embarrassed for asking.” “I love using Zoom because I feel like I’m getting sound practice on working in the telehealth setting. I practice reading my classmates’ expressions, and I work on looking professional in my own frame!” “I appreciate that faculty sends files through Zoom chat. I know I can find it on D2L, but when they ‘chats’ it to us, it’s like receiving a handout in the classroom-instant!” “I love using Zoom for class because it works well with my work schedule! I’m not spending time on commuting, parking, walking into the building. Instead, I finish work and get right online! It’s been wonderful!” FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L E N G E S IN T H EORY & P R AC T I C E




Sharing Autism Information with the Community

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenge. For families of children with special needs, this is especially true, and their work to ensure their loved ones receive care is inspirational. Teachers, as well as behavior, speech, occupational and physical therapists, have also been challenged to devise ways to provide quality services in these unique times to families with complex and individualized needs. A common saying you hear in the autism community is if you’ve met one person with autism, all you have done is met one person with autism. No doubt as this situation unfolds, we are all going to have to continue to think creatively and work together. Our faculty and staff here at the University have worked to contribute a small piece to help with this challenge. Drs. Michael Kelley, Dana Gadaire and Vanessa Jensen have developed town halls to provide information, tips and tricks about a range of topics including COVID-19, autism, applied behavior analysis, anxiety and food, among several others. These town halls are provided at no cost and the recordings are available to the public (https:// www.alloneforautism.org/acce-hubs/executive-hub/townhall-recordings.html). We have interviewed ASD experts. Our most notable town hall was with Dr. Temple Grandin, who provided 1,500 people with her experiences. These town halls have been important to our community. In fact, our families have told us that COVID-19 in some ways has been a blessing. It has allowed them — especially rural families — to get information and connect with each other when they lacked a way before.

HANSON INDUCTED AS FELLOW INTO AMERICAN ACADEMY OF NURSING Dr. Mary Jane Hanson, professor and graduate/DNP program director for the Department of Nursing, has been inducted as a fellow into two very prestigious professional nursing organizations. This fall, she was inducted as a Fellow into the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). This distinguished honor recognizes her as a leader in the profession of nursing. Of the 3.8 million nurses in the United States, she joins an elite group of 2,700 Fellows that includes practicing nurses, researchers, executives, administrators, educators, elected officials and consultants. The Nursing department is fortunate to have two faculty members, Dr. Margarete Zalon and Dr. Mary Jane Hanson, as Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing. Additionally, Dr. Hanson, who is a family nurse practitioner, has been inducted as a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP). This program invites nurse practitioners who have made a significant impact on the nurse practitioner (NP) profession. Of the more than 110,000 members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, less than 1 percent, or about 870 NPs, have been inducted as FAANPs. Dr. Hanson has been recognized internationally for her research on cigarette smoking behavior in ethnically diverse teens and her leadership in nursing education program accreditation. She is the current board chair for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) in Washington, D.C. 12





19th Annual U.S. Conference on disABILITY Exploring Autism Across the Spectrum: Building Inclusive Communities – Year II

Tuesday October 6th 2020

Presented by

J.A. Panuska College of Professional Studies & The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment



in collaboration with


Dr. Temple Grandin, world-renowned animal behaviorist and autism spokesperson, was the keynote speaker at the 19th Annual U.S. Conference on disAbility at The University of Scranton, which was held in a virtual format on Oct. 6. The conference, “Exploring Autism Across the Spectrum: Building Inclusive Communities,” was open to the public free of charge. Born in 1947, Dr. Grandin was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. At the time, autism was considered a form of brain injury. Her parents worked tirelessly to secure the best possible care and instruction for their daughter. Still, social interactions were difficult for Grandin through middle and high school. Dr. Grandin persevered, going on to earn a degree in psychology from Franklin Pierce College, a master’s degree in animal science from Arizona State University and a doctoral degree in animal science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She first spoke publicly about autism in the 1980s, and has since become an autism advocate worldwide.

Dr. Grandin is widely known and respected for her work regarding animal welfare, neurology and philosophy, and has authored best-selling books and articles on this subject. She has received several honorary degrees, is a fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers and has been featured in television and radio shows. In 2010, HBO released the film Temple Grandin, which won five Emmy Awards. Christopher Banks, chief executive officer and president of the Autism Society of America, and Jose Velasco, vice president of product management at SAP and SAP Autism at Work program, also delivered keynote addresses. The conference featured professional and family track sessions and a virtual vendor expo. The conference, which featured a number of live and pre-recorded speakers, is presented by the Panuska College of Professional Studies and the Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment in partnership with AllOne Foundation and Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence.

THE WAY TO GET STARTED IS TO QUIT TALKING AND BEGIN DOING. –– Frank Lloyd Wright I like this quote because it motivates me to do my school work and to get things done. –– Ethan Yuppa FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L E N G E S IN T H EORY & P R AC T I C E




The University of Scranton accepted a bequeath of nearly $1 million from the estate of Margaret C. Perez to the Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment. Perez had known University benefactor Edward R. Leahy, J.D., for more than 60 years. From left: Jonathan Spohrer, J.D., executor of Perez’s estate; Leahy, former University trustee and member of the Panuska College of Professional Studies Advisory Board; Debra Pellegrino, Ed.D., dean of the University’s Panuska College of Professional Studies; and Monsignor John Jordan, member of the Panuska College of Professional Studies Advisory Board.

Margaret C. Perez, Bethlehem, had known Edward R. Leahy, J.D. ’68, H’01, for more than 60 years. She knew his wife, Patricia, and their late son, Edward Jr. She also knew of the work of The University of Scranton’s Leahy Community Health and Family Center and Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Center Clinic for the Uninsured, and was so impressed by its service that she bequeathed a portion of her estate to the Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment at the University — a gift of nearly $1 million. “Margaret, or Marge as we called her, was a good soul and a lifelong friend. She never said an unkind word to anyone and went to church nearly every day,” said Edward Leahy. “She had no children or living relatives and when she passed away at the age of 88, she gave her entire estate to charities, including a portion to the Leahy Endowment at the University.” Leahy said Perez visited the Leahy Community Health and Family Center years ago and was deeply moved by the compassionate service shown to people with disabilities. Shortly after her visit, she told Leahy of her intent to bequeath a portion of her estate to the endowment at the University. The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment was founded by Edward and Patricia Leahy to honor the life and memory of their son, Edward R. Leahy, Jr., whose personal disabilities were attended to with compassion and skill by many health professionals over the course of his life. The endowment provides financial resources to support theoretical and applied research, faculty development, and support for programs that advance the cause of disabled persons who need long-term assistance. Primary recipients are faculty from the University’s Panuska College of Professional Studies. Perez was born in 1930 in Allentown to the late Manuel and Terrsa (Yllanes-Lugris) Perez. She worked for 47 years with Western Electric, Bell Laboratories and Lucent, before retiring in 1995. She was a member of St. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, Bethlehem. She died in March of 2018. 14


CASTLE Program

ADAPTING & FINDING NEW CONNECTIONS Last spring, The University of Scranton was awarded a grant through the AllOne Foundation to devise a school readiness program for pre-teens with autism spectrum disorders. We had proposed a one-week pilot program on campus, working with the children on social skills such as social awareness, coping, problem solving and academics. This program would also provide muchneeded respite care for parents who often struggle to meet their children’s physical and emotional needs in the absence of regular school structure and routine. We were thrilled to plan a royal experience for these kids, inviting the children to our Scranton CASTLE to Connect, Achieve and Soar Together through Life and Education (our appreciation to Dr. Lori Bruch for this clever program title!). Of course, like everything else in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our plans needed to change. We could not invite children to a live on-campus program. However, we understood that changes in school and community routines have disproportionately affected children with autism, leaving them with few options for accessing the supports they need to thrive. Thus, we wanted to create an opportunity for these children to experience connection and success, even if it must be virtual. Given that children would be attending school virtually as well, we decided to adapt our oneweek program to a five-week program of lesser intensity (on Friday nights and Saturday mornings) to reduce the number of consecutive hours spent on computers. Many of our children did not have access to the computers necessary to participate, so we used our funding to provide iPads to families in addition to sending care packages with all of the supplies needed to participate in programmed activities. We have had our challenges in the adaptation of our program, but we have a fantastic team consisting of current University of Scranton students (Peggy Doolittle,

in the Age of COVID-19


Virtual Summer

Connecting, Achieving, Soaring together T hrough Life and E ducation

Graceann Baldenko, Jessica Elcik, Shannon Gray and Shannon Hill) and a University alumnus (Robert McGowan). Our team has developed engaging activities, including: interactive video games, virtual escape rooms, scavenger hunts and construction projects (e.g., the children build remote control dinosaurs which we will be engaging in an epic battle during the coming weeks). We have also administered more traditional lessons related to relaxation strategies, conversation skills, responding to teasing, and study skills.

Interactive video with Dana Gadaire

We have already been told by several of our participants’ parents that their children love the program, look forward to seeing their “friends,” and are eager to take part in our Scranton CASTLE each weekend even after attending virtual school all week. Finally, one positive aspect of the administering of our program virtually is that we’ve been able to reach families from multiple counties who would not have been able to attend the on-campus program we originally planned. So altogether, we consider the virtual CASTLE a royal success! — Drs. Dana Gadaire & Erin Dunleavy FA L L 2 0 2 0 • C H A L L E N G E S IN T H EORY & P R AC T I C E



OLIVER MORGAN, PH.D. RECEIVES INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD Addiction, Attachment, Trauma, and Recovery: The Power of Connection

by University of Scranton Professor Oliver Morgan, Ph.D., won the 2020 Independent Press Award in the category of Addiction and Recovery. The prestigious international competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected award winners and distinguished favorites are based on overall excellence. The book is part of the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). In his book, Morgan provides a fresh take on addiction and recovery by presenting a more inclusive framework than traditional understandings. Cutting-edge work in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology and trauma studies is integrated with ecological systems thinking to provide a consilient, comprehensive and holistic picture of addiction; societal disconnection, internal fragmentation and cultural dislocation are examined to better understand the need for connection and community as an antidote to addiction. “A solid work of scholarship based upon years of experience, expertise and research, this book is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to professional and academic library Health/Medicine collections in general, and addiction treatment supplemental studies lists in particular.” — Midwest Book Review Dr. Oliver Morgan has taught at the University for over 30 years, serving as program director (Community Counseling) and department chair (1997-2006), and was named the second Leahy Faculty Fellow for PCPS in 2002. You can listen to his podcast interview with The Science of Psychotherapy at https://bit.ly/OliverMorgan.







Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

I come from a military family, so this quote has helped me in the past while dealing with the loss of loved ones. — Joseph Lynch

— Dr. Suess

I personally like this quote because I believe it has so many applications in our lives. So often we feel sadness or disappointment because something has come to an end, or something is over that we wish occurred in a different way. We are left feeling saddened. We instead must reflect on the past, and instead of wishing it was still present, we should be grateful and happy for all that has happened. — Jackson Jonik

Y O U ’ R E B R AV E R



— Og Mandino I chose this quote because it inspires me to work hard and stay determined despite setbacks. Even though I may be wrong. — Christiana Faustini



— Winnie the Pooh

I chose this quote because I loved Winnie the Pooh growing up and it has been very motivational for me through the years! — Sophia Gousias


I like this quote because it serves as a reminder to never become complacent. You can only achieve something by working towards achieving it. — Joshua Muth







LIES IN GIVING UP. THE MOST CERTAIN WAY TO SUCCEED IS ALWAYS TO TRY JUST ONE MORE TIME. — Thomas Edison I admire this quote because it reminds me that resilience is the key to success. We should never give up so easily, instead try again and pick yourself up. — Elizabeth Cierelli



REMEMBER THAT. — Nicholas Sparks

This is a quote that reminds me of the journey I have begun with my college education. It serves as a reminder that college will have its ups and downs, but hard work and dedication will make it all worth it after my 4 years here. — Megan Cleary

YOU CHOOSE. — Dr. Suess

This quote reminds me that I have all the tools I need to succeed, and I should try my best to take advantage of everything that college has to offer so that I can enjoy my time here and get a great education. — Lindsay Tucker



Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Leahy


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Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Marzo Mrs. Mary Ann Maslar Ms. Annabeth R. Martino Mr. & Mrs. Laszlo Matsay Ms. PerinAnn P. Matthews Mr. Gerald N. Mattise & Mrs. Georgeanne Pivovarnik Mattise Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Mayer Ms. Christina A. Mazzeo Mr. Todd R. McCabe & Mrs. Michelle D. McCabe Mr. Neil J. McCabe & Mrs. Julaine McCabe Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. James McCaul Ms. Keely M. McClatchy Ms. Angela M. McCool Ms. Cathleen A. McCormack Mr. Paul A. McCormick Jr. & Mrs. Aileen M. McCormick Ms. Michaela E. McCrudden Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. McDermott Ms. Karly A. McDermott Mr. Frank J. McDonnell Ms. Mary Joyce McDonough Ms. Marybeth H. McDonough Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McEnerney Mr. Sean M. McFarland & Mrs. Jessica A. McFarland Dr. John F. McGeehan & Mrs. Catherine A. McGeehan Mr. John F. McGivern & Mrs. Mary E. McGivern Mr. & Mrs. John McGonigle Mr. Thomas J. McGonigle & Mrs. Monica McGonigle Mr. & Mrs. Richard McGowan Ms. Kaitlyn C. McGrath Mr. & Mrs. William McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McGuire Mrs. Kirsten McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Edward McKeever Mr. Brian P. McKenna Mr. & Mrs. James McKinney Mr. Kevin P. McLaughlin Ms. Carley D. McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. William McMonagle Ms. Carly A. McNamara Annalisa M. Mechanick Ms. Kathleen Mehall Ms. Kimberly A. Melchione Katherine G. Melilli Mrs. Jennifer E. Mellon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mendelson Dr. Susan Carol Mendez Mr. & Mrs. John Mercurio Mercury Dry Cleaners Ms. Patricia A. Meserole Ms. Laura Mettelman Mr. Michael C. Miller Dr. Edward J. Miller, Jr. & Dr. Jennifer A. Sylvia Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller & Mr. James Miller Dr. Tabbi L. Miller-Scandle Hon. Jeffrey P. Minehart Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Minogue Ms. Alexandra M. Miranda Ms. Karen Mitchell Mr. Matthew T. Monaco & Mrs. Denise M. Monaco Ms. Ariel E. Mone Mr. Timothy J. Mooney Mr. Guy P. Moore Ms. Kathleen E. Moran Mrs. Lauren Moran Mr. & Mrs. Chip Moreau Ashley E. Morelli Mr. & Mrs. James F. Morgan Jr. Ms. Erica Morgan Ms. Kirstin O. Morrill Mr. & Mrs. John J. Morrissey Mr. & Mrs. Brian Morse Ms. Christine Moser Dr. Joseph J. Mowad Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Moylan Ms. Ann E. Mulcahy Dr. Declan Mulhall Ms. Ethel Mullen Mr. Thomas J. Mundry & Mrs. Cathleen A. Mundry Mr. James V. Muniz & Mrs. Diane S. Muniz Ms. Shannon K. Munley Mrs. Mary Ann E. Muraca Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy Jordan E. Murphy Ms Angela M. Murphy Mr. & Ms. Timothy J. Murphy Mr. Daniel Murray & Mrs. Theresa Murray Ms. Meghan A. Murray Ms. Mary T. Murray Ms. Catherine E. Murray Ms. Nina T. Muto Dr. Georgia L. Narsavage Dr. Julie Ann Nastasi Ms. Gina M. Naticchi N.A.W.W. Dr. Andrew P. Nebzydoski & Dr. Patricia A. Morgan NEI Partnership

Dr. & Mrs. David B. Nelson CPT Laura A. Newman Ms. Kate E. Newman Vinh X. Nguyen Mr. Christopher M. Nicchi Mr. & Mrs. Fotios Nicoles Dr. JoAnn Nicoteri & Mr. John Considine Mr. Brett S. Niehaus Mr. John A. Nimerosky & Mrs. Barbara C. Nimerosky Ms. Emily A. Nohilly Mr. Michael G. Nolan & Mrs. Kim Nolan Mrs. Karen A. Noll & Mr. Allen Noll Northeast Regional Cancer Institute Ms. Kelly L. Noto Ms. Adriana Nurkiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Brien Conor E. O’Donnell Ms. Aileen M. O’Donnell Dr. Charles O’Dowd & Mrs. Barbara O’Dowd Mrs. Morgan J. O’Kane Mrs. Sandra J. O’Keefe Mr. James R. Olechna & Mrs. Sarah Jane Olechna Ms. Margaret J. Oliver Mrs. Sue A. Oliver Ms. Mari J. Olshefski Ms. Morgan C. O’Malley Mr. Michael J. O’Malley III Dr. Alice L. O’Neill Dr. Alice L. O’Neill Dr. Stephen G. Opsasnick & Mrs. Margo M. Opsasnick Order of Malta, Scranton Mr. Stephen Ornstein Mr. & Mrs. Terrence F. Osborne Dr. Marla E. Osborne Michael J. O’Shea, D.D.S., LLC Michael J. O’Shea, D.D.S., LLC Dr. Michael & Dr. Martina O’Shea Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. O’Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Otto Mr. Christopher W. Ozoniak Ms. Jessica E. Ozoniak P&W Washo, Inc. Dr. Ralph N. Pacinelli Dr. Ariane Palmasani Conaboy Ms. Erica M. Palmisano Ms. Carolyn A. Pandolfo Mr. & Mrs. John P. Pappas Ms. Marissa F. Papula Mr. Mark Paradise Ms. Jennifer M. Park Mr. Todd T. Parry & Mrs. Debra L. Parry Dr. Neil Patel Mr. Kevin L. Patten Mr. & Mrs. Steve Patton Ms. Autumn M. Pawlowski PCPS Dean’s Office Staff Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Piepul Mr. Frederic PepeDr. Ellen W. Doss-Pepe Ms. Natalie A. Picciano Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Picciano Mrs. Mary Ellen Pichiarello & Mr. Joseph A. Pichiarello Ms. Susan M. Pickup Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Piepul Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Pierce Mrs. Barbara J. Piernot Mr. & Mrs. John Pilcher Mr. Carmine Pindilli & Ms. Kate Browne Ms. Kay E. Platt Tianna S. Popstein Juliette G. Porcelli Mr. & Mrs. John J. Porcelli, Jr. Mrs. Shai L. Post Ms. Bailey E. Potter Mr. Sidney J. Prejean & Ms. Melinda C. Ghilardi Mr. Anthony J. Primerano & Mrs. Michelle C. Primerano Mr. Timothy B. Primerano Dr. John Prior Mrs. Carina J. Pronitis & Mr. Mark Pronitis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Prosperino Dr. Laura A. Prosser & Mr. James G. Demetriades, Jr. Mrs. Mary-Cynthia S. PurcellMr. James Purcell Mr. Robert Purifico Ms. Jessica F. Pursino P & W Washo, Inc. Ms. Farrah F. Qadri Ms. Nicole M. Quaranta Mrs. Kathleen Quillen Ms. Erin M. Quinn Mr. Joseph C. Quinn Msgr. Joseph G. Quinn Mrs. Margaret M. Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas D. Raico Mr. Richard P. Rakauskas Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rapp Mr. & Mrs. William E. Reeder Ms. Anne Marie N. Reidy Ms. Caroline Reilly Dr. Paul F. Remick Mr. & Mrs. Calum R. Renton

Mr. Jared M. Reznick Mr. & Mrs. James C. Riccobono Mr. Mathew T. Richardson & Mrs. Diana E. Richardson Dr. Patricia A. Richards-Service Dr. Catherine A. Richmond-Cullen Ms. Kathryn J. Rigby Kaitlin M. Rising Mr. Darren Scott Rivera Ms. Sara T. Rizzo Ms. Jenna V. Rizzuto Ms. Lauren K. Roberto Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Roberts Mr. Edward J. Robson & Mrs. Marie Robson Mr. John Rodgers & Ms. Dina Lee Mr. David L. Roll Ms. Frances C. Roller Mr. & Mrs. Gregory S. Rom Dr. Catherine Ann Roscioli Jones Mrs. Heather Marie Rose Mr. Timothy Rose Dr. Seth W. Rosencrance Mrs. Dana M. Rosencrance Mr. & Mrs. Barry Rosenthal Ms. Jeanine Rosh Ms. Zoe Rothrock Dr. Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon Mr. Michael J. Ruane Mr. Robert A. Rudnick Ms. Amber L. Rugletic Mrs. Wendy M. Runco Dr. Nicholas D. Saccone Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Sadowski Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Salemme Mr. Thomas W. Salitsky Mrs. Annette N. Sanchirico & Mr. Mauro J. Sanchirico Mr. Stephen E. Sandherr Mrs. Theresa P. Sandrowicz & Mr. Kenneth P. Sandrowicz Ms. Catherine R. Sangi Kevin M. Scanlon Ms. Megan A. Schane Ms. Nicole M. Schmitt Mr. Walter R. Schuster Ms. Jennifer J. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schwartz Ms. Caroline P. Segota Mr. & Mrs. James Segota Krista M. Segreti Ms. Taylor M. Septer Mr. Daniel R. Shaffern Mr. William P. Shaffern Mrs. Elizabeth M. Shaffern & Dr. Robert W. Shaffern Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shanks Sharon & Stephen Hudacek Family Fund Mrs. Mary D. Sheils Ms. Mary Beth Sheleman Mr. Thomas D. Sheridan Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Sims Mrs. Erin E. Skarbez Ms. Virginia L. Slattery Mr. Neil R. Slocum & Mrs. Dana M. Slocum Mrs. Emma J. Smith Ms. Mara Isabel Smith Mr. Gavin & Mrs. Jaime Smith Ms. Sydney A. Smith Mr. Brian Snapp CPT Ryan R. Snyder Mr. Samuel J. C. Soares Dr. Matthew J. Socha Dr. Brandon A. Somwaru Mr. Joseph L. Sorbera III & Mrs. Kristen M. Sorbera Ms. Nicolette A. Spaccavento Ms. Karen E. Spadoni Ms. Nicole M. Spaldo Mr. Joseph K. Speicher Mr. Brian Spezialetti Mr. Arlen S. Stabbe & Mrs. Eileen P. Stabbe Ms. Beverlee J. Stafford Ms. Amanda M. Stahl Piraino Mrs. Diane Olenick Stango Mr. & Mrs. Chris M. Stasko Mrs. Judy Stavisky Dr. & Mrs. E. Springs Steele Mr. & Mrs. Russell C. Stein Ms. Megan J. Steinmetz Mrs. Donna M. Steneck Ms. Richelle M. Stephens Stevens & Lee Mr. William Stockdale Dr. Angela M. Stolfi Mr. & Mrs. Chris M. Stasko Mrs. Catherine Rist Strauch & Mr. Joseph James Strauch Ms. Cecilia C. Strauch Ms. Renee D. Straup Mr. John Stroligo & Mrs. Erika J. HenryStroligo Mr. Patrick C. Strout & Mrs. Leah N. Strout Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Sullivan Mr. Matthew G. Sullivan & Mrs. Janice M. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Neal Sullivan Dr. Michael L. Sunday

Mrs. Kathryn A. Sunday Susquehanna Valley Assoc. of PA Occupational Hlth Nurses Ms. Mary Beth Swartman Kerbaugh Ms. Alison C. Sweeney Ms. Caroline A. Swift Mr. Adam M. Szydlowski Mr. & Mrs. William Tannaz Mr. Ian D. Taylor Mr. Kevin E. Tetreault & Ms. Patricia Wenkosky Tetreault Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Thomas Dr. Caitlin E. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Thompson Ms. Nicole M. Thomsen Hirsch Ms. Kelly M. Tierney Ms. Mary Toler Ms. Cathy J. Toner Ms. Jennifer J. Toron Fatima A. Torres Mrs. Cynthia A. Tow Mr. & Mrs. Gijs Treimanis Msgr. David L. Tressler Tripp Umbach Healthcare, Inc. Mr. Michael A. Troncellito Jr. TRUiST Mr. & Mrs. Mark K. Trumpore Ms. Elisa S. Tuffy Ryan P. Turck Ms. Alexandra R. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Turnitza Ms. Christine M. Tweedy Fusci Mr. Kevin A. Ulisse & Mrs. Christina J. Ulisse Mr. Edward & Ms. Jennifer Ureta Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Valdes Dr. & Mrs. Louis Valori Mr. John J. Valvano Dr. Gretchen J. Van Dyke Verizon Communications, Inc. Ms. Jacqueline T. Vindici Ms. Ann Marie Viola Mr. & Mrs. William Vita Ms. Maria L. Vital Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vizzard, Jr. Mr. John J. Vogel & Mrs. Theresa M. Vogel Ms. Antonietta Wagner Dr. Jeffrey Walker & Mrs. Cristen Walker Ms. Megan A. Walsh Dr. Kathleen Iezzi Walsh Mrs. Marian Walsh Mrs. Elizabeth A. Walsh Mr. Roger E. Warin Mr. Chris Christopher Warner Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Warpus Michael Washo Construction Corp Mr. & Mrs. Michael Washo Mrs. Mary Beth Watson Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Weber, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Webster Mr. Jerry J. Weinberger Mr. Craig M. Weiss Wells Fargo Ms. Robyn T. Wenzler Anna E. Wengyn Ms. Robyn T. Wenzler Mr. Robert W. Werner Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. West Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Olin Wethington Mr. & Mrs. Gehred Wetzel Mr. Christopher R. Whalen Mr. Mark S. White III Ms. Julia E. White Mr. & Mrs. Richard Whiting Ms. Alexandra E. Wieczorek Mr. David & Mrs. Judith Wierbowski Mrs. Christina M. Wilkinson Ms. Ingrid A. Will Mr. David M. Williams & Mrs. Julie B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Wilson Ms. Molly A. Wilton Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Winslow Ms. Kerry A. Winters Dr. Mary F. Engel & Mr. Lee P. Wontroski Rev. William C. Woody, S.J. Ms. Dorothy Wrazin Dr. Maria C. Yager Ms. Kelly A. Yanavok Mrs. LeighAnna Yasiejko Mr. Earle Yerkes Mr. Nicholas W. Yevitz Jr. Mr. William J. Young Dr. Margarete Lieb Zalon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zelno Mr. & Mrs. James Ziegler Mrs. Molly T. Zielen Prof. Deborah A. Zielinski Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zocco Ms. Diane Helyne Zyats

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Panuska College of Professional Studies 800 Linden Street Scranton, PA 18510-4670 710108


The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment

Contribution to The Edward R. Leahy, Jr. Endowment Contributions from friends and ­benefactors support the work of The Edward R.

Leahy, Jr. Endowment and its mission to explore new ways of delivering quality health care to underserved children and their families. Please help us to achieve these goals by making a contribution today. Founder’s Society • $5,000 and more Benefactor’s Circle • $2,500-$4,999

Patrons • $1,000-$2,499 Friends • up to $999

To make a donation, use the enclosed envelope or make a gift by visiting our secure website: scranton.edu/makeagift • Please type Edward Leahy Jr. Endowment in the field indicating “other.” The University of Scranton is committed to providing a safe and nondiscriminatory employment and educational environment. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other status protected by law. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational, extracurricular, athletic, or other programs or in the context of employment. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination and sexual harassment and sexual misconduct policies may be directed to Elizabeth M. Garcia, J.D., Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equity and Diversity, (570) 941-6645.

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