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U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

We'll Publish some here; more you find on our sites. Our 4' web sites have more of what arrives all was Foretold' in old Myths all Religions on Earth. Its Changing' all that we are as we' step' further' up' in Evolution. These are a few Old' yet Very' Important' Original' Channelings. What you read here; was' given' more than 50 years ago in Denmark. It is on our 4' web' sites' you will find - all our updated news; much has been proven now and we will explain what more; is to come to Earth & her Inhabitants. Its a Spiritual Help To Ascend.The Voice from Heaven & Borup Spiritual School: Called U.L - Universal Light it's Unconditional Love it is given by the Galactic the Universal Christ Energy and is about new change coming.