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GOD IS LOVE AND LIGHT Channeled; and give by Orthon, on the 31st July 1969

I have spoken so often to you; in metaphors, and I do use the term "power" (as energy) it's in form of Light, and "light" is in the form’ of power (energy). Light is a source' of energy, a source of energy; which is the condition for the development of all life so you are; a part of the energy of light. In Genesis it’s mentioned that God Created Light, so this is mentioned in order to explain, that the factor of light in the form of energy that’ is a condition of life. Your planet belongs; to 'one’ solar system out of many solar systems. Your sun has quite a definite energy in the form of light, and the energy of light that your sun emits has quite a definite frequency. There are other suns in the universe which gives off very different frequencies than the frequency your sun gives off to you. The frequency of the sun in this solar system is created by the rotation of the solar system in this galaxy. I told you that this energy will increase. This will take place; in the form of light. When I am here speaking about an increase in energy; it is an increase in energy' to' this earth' and through that - to all life on earth. This will take place because the rotation' in the solar system will change and because this' galaxy' will soon have a different rotation from what it has today. In this manner the new energy IS a new light frequency; all is being raised, to a higher level. I give you this information so you can understand that when God Created Earth, He Knew the Exact Time, for the increase in this energy, and therefore I do tell you that is; what is, now drawing near to this Earth, Is God's Absolute Will. So what now is going to take place, in this universe, is the workings of the Power of God in such a way that this increase in energy will be' renewed’ reborn in form of ‘His’ Light. Therefore the cycle of light on earth is closely in accordance with the evolution; of Earth, and the whole of Cosmos. Millenniums ago all plant life on the earth was different from what is manifest today. All animal life too had undergone a change, and man entered; the stage of life. These are the different levels' on the’ evolutionary’ path’ or different Era'. Therefore it’s also necessary in the evolution…that the wo’man' on this Earth is brought to the point where s'he' can receive this kind of increase in energy in the form of light a light that will be incorporated into your cells your molecules and your DNA this time, in a Spiritual way, please receive it.

It’s also comes as the Earth’s wo’man’ has reached a point in development, a point where new energy can be received; by a great part of mankind, because of an up’liftment in each own mind/spirit. A general mutation on Earth; will then take place; in the form of a new kind of life. Into all forms of life on earth will changes come; to a vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, and for/to each wo’man’.

See when a wo’man' can manifests a higher form in his spirit, in the form of an increase in intelligence; it is necessary that man be given; a new understanding about the coming sequence of events, in all matter, so that this development of life on earth; in the future can/do and will proceed in peace and harmony. For know this increase in energy which will happen and comes to mankind in the form of God’s Light, will not and can not be abused. It is told in metaphors’ and in another way, some other place; now it is being repeated’ here – it is an increase in vibrations. Man knows about this kind of increase in vibrations; in the form of light - just think of your laser-rays which you now have discovered. Increase in the energy of light; do also mean an increase in ‘the structure’ of the force field’ Aura' of man, in such a way that the new’ energy' will change the human force field, yes it will be changed. It means too that the energies will be increased; in such a way; that each cell’ which moves in this force field will also be influence by the renewed energy and is increased in intensity so that life can and will be lived; in another way; in another' time' and that death - as you know; death - will no longer; take place - simply because of light and energy.

For this reason there has been talk about life, everlasting or an eternal life. Most knowledge about this has come to you in form of prophecy. This energy of light, can be controlled by man at another level. Now since man knows of the mechanics of the solar system, that will

cause man to reconstruct the energy of light in miniature, so that these waves of energy; will and can then be used, in such a way that moving through them will be possible. From your own science; you know that light is a corpuscular current. The speed of the corpuscular current; will increase as the wave length will decrease. This means you will have one form for wave’ propagation’ in’ the light’ plus another form for corpuscular current’ in the light, and because of this, all of life on earth will in 'a now' change; be changed radically and totally. This Increase ‘in rotation’ takes place because a meeting with' another' an un’seen’ galaxy': This will increase the rotation; then this will cause’ an increase’ in energy; through the light, which again will change the structure of all matter, because the matters’ on Earth is influenced by this energy; of light. It all sticks' together' - and yes - all is predetermined and ‘calculated’ beforehand - By God and God Alone -. When you reach a point where you empirically have experienced these increases in energies that lay throughout the universe, you can calculate purely and scientifically; simply; figure' out, new’ forms of increases’ in this energy. This is a knowledge About God about His Power and His Nature. Know, those who reach that’ point’ will never ever interfere with the workings of the universes as they will always allow these energies; to work freely in the universe (where all do work through love, in perfection) knowing’ all are a part of these energies, a part of God and (all-wise), therefore disturbances here will never bring about a disaster to anyone or, said in earthly language - so you do not bind yourself in the balance to a certain place. First then can you be allowed to work with these energies and in such a way; that you can use the energies naturally, without trying to alter them, for your benefit. Human life has been going in the opposite direction, man tries to control nature with his consciousness, in order to enrich himself from nature Therefore these changes must now come. There are lines of forces which are everywhere in the universe, and which underlie, the structure of the universe and the development; of the universe. These lines of forces are of' light’ in the form of ‘corpuscular’ it simply is; the universal powers and works in a wave/volume. If you increase the corpuscular current in such a way; that you increase the speed of these corpuscular currents, a new time simply will enter, because time and movement always belong together, and therefore times lie in space and because space moves. Yet we do not see it as time, for we know all is energy, an enormous creative energy. It will be of importance to you; not only to be given an understanding of these things, but also to have an absolute knowledge; about the nature of these things, their working and function, so your minds will never again; try to control Energies; God's Energies and these lines of forces, that do go through the universe, in the form of his spirit - The Spirit of God. We now arrive at ‘the crux’ of the matter - that the spirit is stronger than these lines of forces. Yet, only In A Spirit being raised’ so high’ that ‘ego’ will/do’ serve’ and only’ serve’ these lines; God’s Forces' is the Power of God; using them too; in the absolutely knowledge; of their True Divinity and therefore does not abuse them. For it is God’s Spirit that created them, now since this spirit; is also God and IS Implanted In You - you do and can have a spirit, that will be able to control these lines these forces, through your own spirit through your will and in the deep knowledge, that it is the Forces of everything in existence; It Is DIVINE. Therefore, this knowledge can/will only be revealed; when the mind’ controls’ the ego; in such a way’ that the ego works with these forces. That your ego never ever work with them in order to enrich ones life or one'selves, at the cost of all other life forms. Then you will all discover, that you ‘own’ an unlimited richness; in the form of the universal

life a creative power, that is Gods Power and is His Energy, right at your fingertips'. I told you, that through visions; you would see The Kingdom of God; in such a way that your sciences dol become knowledge and so great, that you will Know God; His Nature, at quite another level than the level at which mankind now finds itself on. There will be as wide a difference; in the new manifestation of life, that enters into a wo’man’s consciousness, as there is between you and all matter. Therefore the jump in the evolution, which now will be taken, is so enormous; that man doesn’t understand it, for man does not understand his own spirit’ simply because man does not understand; God’s Spirit. Know, man does not understand God - because man opposes - The Law of God that governs life and lay throughout all of nature. That is why I also told you; that it is only s’he who in spirit and soul are ready, who will/can receive these energies. For s’he who can/do/will control his/her spirit and who has control of the ego; through ones mind, in such a way that s'he' leaves these energies alone, (so they can work out fully and as God intended in ways so life can be lived in a peaceful, in harmonious ways through a love of everything, around them) who will now get this mutation at this specific time, it as simple as that. A corpuscular ship (i.e. a space ship or so called "flying saucer") is built according to the God’s Law it’s a pattern; I’m here speaking about. The corpuscular ship is built’ to the smallest detail in accordance with the Law of God an energy in form of light, and the light of the corpuscular ship. is therefore superior in its form. Simply because of that spiritual power that manifested a corpuscular ship. Meaning that the corpuscular ship; can move faster than light. I told you and I taught you, that if you move an object; faster than light, this object will disappear’ from sight - as It passes’ to another dimension, you’ve already observed this in part, in sounds. Some of the first things I taught you; in this ‘our school’ was that we are able to; manipulate’ time’. We can do so - in all forms of energy, also that which controls the light and without opposing the law of light, for the following reason. Because all that we do physically, we do in such a way; that our action’ always serves’ to edify the energy, and never is it used for destructive purposes.

Therefore there is also These Ones’ who can be in many, or in 1’other time-frequency; timeline simultaneous; because they/s'he stayed at a point’ where you now also live, yet in another form of movement there s’he will get a consciousness which normally is lived in the next form of frequency or dimension or even above that again. Therefore there is this catching up which will take place from earth; it will be of such a character that one will leave to that light-level, which lies above the earth today, and move to another flood’of light, or another RAY’ and be influenced by that through light as energy yet it can be done while living on Earth. Again this can be done only; by a consciousness that is mentally wise in peace and in balance. It’s therefore a revelation that now takes place in that’ consciousness’ that’s being brought’ up’ to another level; on the road of life yes’ to another ‘light-

frequency’ another velocity’ of light, and through that; to another age. Then, you yourself will give off’ an energy; in the form of light, and will, at this stage; at which the earth will find itself, be able to control’ matter which obeys, the light-frequency which will be prevalent on this earth, because you will be able to increase; the frequency of matter. You should understand’ too as there is an enormous difference and that is really of great importance; regarding all matter on any atomic level, in a mineral or a cell kingdom to be influenced by a wo’man with wrong intension, it’s of invaluable importance in Matter. For when you influence ‘matter’ in forms of energy that comes from of your own light into physical life because this light/intention will be influenced by your own spirit/soul. Knowing this will make you further understand what is being done if the energies is focused on destruction. for its here the energies are given to all; everything, if you are able to control this part of you; yes then you can either heal' all or die’... for it is you and only you who do control, your own life through a spirit will.

That’ you & your cells already do, the cells none stop as long as you live you live to your heart stop beating & your lungs take the last breath, you still exist on another level this part is mostly on the unconscious level for humanity at large right now.

Living Your God Given Life, In these Proper Energies; You Heal.

You; should not worry too much about what I am teaching you here, and about what I am telling you about here, for you should not believe, it is all so intricate; that you cannot understand, what a ‘form of movement’ is, or what this light in you can do, that' which I am here talking about. Simply; None of you wonder about a wash’ from the waves and that the wash of the waves changes, because of shifting wind forces, it’s the same here for all Increased’ Movement’ Gives an increased Vibration; in the Light and in a Higher form of consciousness it also gives an increased energy; in the form of your own; Force’ Field’. Everything will be shown’ to you and everything; will be explained’ to you, so that The Light a man ‘walks in’ must obey. Man developed on earth, and all man's development took place; in the form of light and energy, and therefore has the building up of man; taken place in such a way, that it is in close agreement with the energies’ a’ light’ web’ which is around him. Now’ the human eye do see everything within the ultraviolet light spectrum. When I am here talking about; Light Spectrum, it’s the light spectrum of the Sun; I allude to. So with any increased light; which was given from the beginning to Earth, caring for all life the perfect intensity, of this light was given a wo’man on earth - If that was any stronger' a man would become ‘blinded’ simply because; man can't/would not perceive; through his senses any higher forms’ of solar’vibration’ and therefore a man cannot’ see’ another world either, a world, that is Very Near and alive too, yet existing - in another frequency. ‘Even if this world lie just around a wo’man’ This is very important to understand now, as you soon will move to a next level & you will’ SEE' SEE everything for it has; All Just Changed.

A ‘Corpuscular Ship’ can move with so great a velocity; that it’ is’ invisible’ to the human eye. With the increase’ in’ energy’ in the corpuscular ship, an increase in speed of the corpuscular ship, takes place. When the corpuscular ship moves below its frequency, that is, moves below the maximum speed; of which it is capable, the corpuscular ship; will then become visible to the human eye, so it manifests itself, in the form of light. As the speed is reduced, the light it will' change’ before’ the’ human eye, so that the corpuscular ship; will manifest itself, in such a way; that it also can be seen as a solid object. If the Corpuscular Ship does not move, but keeps its maximum’ frequency; on the molecular level it remains ‘invisible’ to the human’ eye. ‘Occult' or fantasy to the people who have not seen it or who do not understand it. It gives you a new understanding, of these' other' words' I told you; that a ‘corpuscular’ ship can stand’ just ‘outside your front door’ and you could not register it, because it would be in another time factor’ energy’ because of the movement of its molecules. A Corpuscular Ship; can thereby’ come to man secretly, a man from a corpuscular ship; can thereby also stay’ hidden’ from man too, generally; because the force field of this man, is in another energy and because; of another velocity, and therefore; the cells are invisible because the structure’ of the cells & the molecules, DNA’s and Proteins on the atomic level, all exist in another time factor. Yes it exist simply at a frequency; which is above’ that of your sunlight.

See it can also happen otherwise for if the corpuscular ships lower their frequency by pure will, then - they can be seen - for it will happen, that the molecule and the protein in the cell become visible; to the human eye. Therefore they can come secretly, and suddenly manifest themselves in front of you; in the form of light and energy – just like the angels in your scriptures. Then when these luminary' light' comes to you, these luminary comes; with energy in the forms of spirit. You will be influenced too, for your spirit will become influenced by that energy they represent and that is manifested around you, so you will be able to establish contact, with the corpuscular ship ‘standing by your front door’ and which is; invisible to your fellow men. You should not worry - when you, meet’ these things or beings, know it’s something very natural. The difference, lay in the spirit, which is in the form of energy, their energy is increased; it’s a loving energy an increase in velocity in their force field. There is nothing - mysterious about this. You should know - that only s’he’ who mentally manifests a spirit that’s capable of receiving this energy, will be able to survive this transformation that comes now, from one age to the other, therefore it is a rebirth, it’s a rebirth by your spirit into your physical forms.

A long time ago; I taught you’ that it’s in this’ force’ field’ in a wo’man’ which’ gives' a' Light’ and that 'manifestation' that brings’ about a human 'survival’; meaning that a wo'man' will survive; or die via ones own energy level - it is done with/by his/her own mind; each one ‘choose’ to go’- to a same place or higher stage' in that persons evolution, Its A free Will Choice - all must be free …

To Choose; Please Do

A New World!

For those; who manifest; a general Earth Mentality, will have to go to a world; where this mentality rightly belongs and continue ones evolution throughout space. Know; when I

Am here speaking about; where ‘this mentality rightly’ belongs, it simply means it belongs at the present time-line on this earth which also can be found similar in the universes for it simply exist;Tthrough A Law of God, it's a Divine Law of Free Will Choice to evolve through all of the layers; ‘UniVerses’.

So to be moved’ has no further consequence other that you are not yet ready to receive this new form for life. You Know it was said; In my Father’s House Are Many Mansions’ you can see them when you look up into the sky’ and now this Earthy School and all her inhabitants has a big test to pass to find out where each one belong on a next step in your own’ evolution.

Or ladder it is your' energy' that' decide' not me or any-one else’s you that now must choose, where you want to go, then you must also start walking in the direction of that light, and you find the sign in your heart, for your souls already know where you are going- your ego-who need to come too.

As My Energies Increase on this Earth & These New Vibrations takes place, all this ‘old’ Energy’ is simply separated; moved away’ ‘some to the right, some to the left”

That energy will no’ longer’ rightly belong here it will have to go to that place where the same energy in the form of light is present. This new energy has started, oh yes it is already present here and now. See therefore I taught that only the one, who is mentally in balance, with his spirit, and manifests that force field which lies close enough to the force field that’s coming from ‘the outside’from the next universe' in the form of spirit, will survive’ on the cellular level. The metaphor of increases in energy was given so that the understanding of the criterion of separation could now be possible. It was therefore necessary with this spiritual school, so that the earthy minds could be brought to this level, where the

mind would; not be unaffected by a negative ego, or so that; that’ ego would have a chance to change, be brought under control in such a way; that the’ ego’ would put itself on the next level, where one is only: ‘Of Service To The Power of God, in all of the Cosmos. This is the universal serving mind, that we represent; that is what comes, that is what you too will/can become. If that is what you choose to be-come now’ too ...

This serving mind, brings about that spiritual power which is necessary so that this huge power coming from the outside will not divide the molecules all the proteins in you. Yet they do/will be exited 'be atomized' Yes’ we know them as the divine song: and when they sing the original song of life, called ‘atom’I’zing’ or you could call it; 'Adam/Eve/DNA/Sing' for that' IS' these parts’ that sing’ in a universal chorus; in the human body, yes the Hu’Man the God'Man's body; do sing’ through his/her uni’verse a ‘hum’ these energy levels IS light-waves of the uni’verses’ It will then also be the truth that one's own force field will be at a level; where this form of increased energy can be accumulated in the body without the cells and the proteins being noticeably affected, see its’ that’ which simply gives you' another' light' you call it an ascension; or rapture oh it has many, many names: I can tell you what I call it! It is your own re’surrection your own re’birth back to all of this original; all the truly Divine in you. So are you coming with me? Then you must turn .. too … and walk with me ...

Therefore it was/is necessary to go; half-way, because at the half’way’ point’ you reach a point where you can meet’ another form of energy without suffering harm, physically. This is GODS LAW about help and intervention, know that’ we’ observe’ THIS LAW OF GOD to’ the’ letter’ because we must/will under no circumstance interfere with the body structure, of another human being or any other life form ever; It’s Divine. So if a wo-man's body that has a structure and the frequency, which do harmonizes with that force field coming from the outside in the forms of energy s'he will be able to walk these last steps to the meeting with the corpuscular ship.. Therefore this knowledge is the Alpha and Omega for You and Your Future Life – For It’s Your Future Life - that can be lived on your Earth right now. When; I AM talking here; about your’ future life. You should understand this correctly: It is that life which you should manifest; on earth, in the last days, of this Earth, because you will then become, the luminaries for your fellow men in the form of increased energy and light. Any arrogant mind, will not understand a serving mind, and the One Who Do Not Manifest the Serving Mind Can’t Serve; God's Law and The Power Of GOD - yes it is that simple. Therefore we are serving you in our life manifestation and in this; our school for you.. I taught you that God Is The Greatest Servant In the Form Of Spirit and Power. I told you too that Great Joy will be with us, when this meeting takes place, because you should understand, that to raise a human consciousness in the form of power to a next level: which it is a condition, for meeting with us. Is the greatest joy, because then … we are meeting the life, we have served in Unconditional Love, as One. Now, leave everything that which do not comply with these new laws for the human spirit behind you, for otherwise it will be taken away when you least expect it - and which is not necessary; in your thought - world; to prepare in your innermost self. For I tell you the day is drawing rapidly near. The power accelerates itself into culmination. I said to you that this increasing of the power would cause human minds to be affected because of the power of light, and that the negative would become more negative, and the positive more positive, for the increasing of power works through the human spirit and mind, and when the human spirit or mind is under the influence of the ego; there is disharmony with the; HuMan God Mind, and then a short circuit will take place; many humans do not cope with the influx of my higher energies; The Light Of God... .

'Then the fuses will be blown'.

Or as You Know it better; A Death arrives’ to you. Yet You Can Choose! To ascend; or you can choose; to continue as you live now too. For see you will always live on one level or another’ Some souls do ‘live on many’ simultaneous.

Please; Do Ready Your Selves Now! I’Am’ Here! Waiting!


Know now where the energy is manifested beforehand in mind and spirit, no short circuit will take place, instead a new light will enter into the human consciousness. It’s then our energies will/can come and it comes first to these ones; who are prepared to be receiving God’s Energies, no in full; yet for you it will still be enormous. It's an energy' that have a True Power Of God' In' You' So in order to give' of this energy that must come and yes it will come to you and it is given in this form and to the Earth to all; who live unconditional love and having a serving mind. Then, do receive these energies, which exist around you, with a dignified and joyful mind. Raise your-self via your own strength, through your spirit. Then you will receive our huge and creative energies. Know that then much power & glory will be yours, just as it always has been told; as you have come much closer to the true heaven; to God' in and around you and thereby … You will 'Know’ … ‘Meet’ … Y’OUR ’GOD’ For Heaven; as has been foretold, will Come To this Earth and a Paradise will be Returned as Earth Is stepped up to a next level; of Love; Trust and Wisdom, it will give Peace to every 1’Soul to Lit’ Up’ Heart's; Its Your Divine Light’ It's Gods Law; Know' I' Promise You; That ‘I' Have Returned

BRINGING YOU A New Heaven And Earth



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