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The Trustees

Annual Report | 2016 Fiscal Year


MESSAGE from the Chairman

“I remain confident that through their hard work and commitment, The Trustees’ fiscal health and reputation are in good hands.”


I am writing to you at a historic time for The Trustees. We have just completed the acquisition of the Steep Hill parcel, 20.5 acres within the Crane Estate that was held back from the original 1949 donation of Castle Hill, and which now means that the entire estate is, at long last, fully protected in perpetuity. This effort would not have been possible without the generosity of many of you: more than 700 donors from 199 communities across the state and beyond contributed to this critical conservation effort. That effort, along with our merger with The FARM Institute in Edgartown and our acquisition of Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, has made this one of the most exciting years in our 125-year history. But these transactions belong to the current fiscal year, so I must look forward to reporting more about them in next year’s Annual Report. Fiscal Year 2016, though, was also an active one in the land conservation arena. We acquired several important properties, including 16 acres on Pegan Hill in Natick—which enabled us to greatly increase our existing reservation on the Dover/Natick line—and the Donovan Parcel in Manchester-by-the-Sea, which adds 30 acres, including valuable habitat for endangered species, to our Agassiz Rock Reservation. Our Bringing Our Stories to Life campaign to revitalize our cultural properties is winding down, and the work it has enabled this year has been nothing short of spectacular. At Naumkeag, the Chinese Garden has been fully restored and is open once again to the public, as is the Italian Garden at Castle Hill. Work has now begun towards revitalizing Mabel Choate’s greenhouse and farming operations at Naumkeag. And at The Old Manse, a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities has been received to assist us in creating a new and much needed welcome center on the footprint of the old barn, which will provide space to properly welcome visitors to this historic site. In the area of engagement, The KITCHEN and the Appleton Farms Booth at Boston Public Market have given us a very visible presence in Boston, providing a valuable connection for the organization and its mission to the people of Boston and beyond. A new day camp at Appleton Farms has been very well received by the local community, and on our 125th birthday in May, thousands of guests came out to visit nine of our historic homes which had been opened for free in celebration of our big anniversary. This has been a year of tremendous growth, driven by the ambitious goals of the strategic plan. Barbara and the staff have responded to the challenges laid out in The Path Forward with dedication and focus. I remain confident that through their hard work and commitment, The Trustees’ fiscal health and reputation are in good hands. The year ahead is the fourth in our five-year strategic plan, and the bar is raised even further, but we are well poised to succeed in accomplishing everything we have all set out to do.

David D. Croll Chair, Board of Directors



When I look back over this, our 125th year as Massachusetts’ first and largest preservation organization, the word I most connect with our success is this: partnership. In each segment of the organization, we branched out to recruit and embrace partners internal and external, large and small, both venerable and fledgling, to continue to accomplish together the inspired and robust goals set forth in our strategic plan. It is only through these partnerships— across all organizational disciplines, from land conservation to ecology, from development to membership—that we’ve been able to move the proverbial needle so significantly in this historic year. We continued to make great strides toward our “Excite” goals. Raising our visibility by bringing our 116 properties to life was—and is—at the core of that effort. A greatly expanded menu of programs from the Berkshires to Boston went a long way in encouraging our key audiences to either visit us for the first time, or come back for repeat visits. Total visitors to Trustees properties grew by a robust 35.1%, a major increase which reflects the great time and attention our staff and volunteers gave to crafting and delivering engaging and innovative programs like the Chestnut Hill Farm CSA, the Appleton Farm Camp, and increased holiday and school vacation programming statewide. On the land conservation front, The Trustees protected or helped protect a significant 1,035 acres with the help of many state and local agencies, in addition to private donors. These collaborators include, among others: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, MassDevelopment, Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and local land trusts and conservation commissions in Dover, Westport, and Seekonk. Our work is becoming more critical by the day, and knowing we are not alone in pursuing our mission is ever-inspiring. Our collection work statewide got a significant boost this year, thanks to the Cultural Resources Campaign, Bringing Our Stories to Life. From The Old Manse to Naumkeag, The StevensCoolidge Place to the William Cullen Bryant Homestead, our collections team was busy categorizing, counting, and conserving our incredibly diverse collections, including furniture, objects, documents, and photos. This effort included expert museum scholars, appraisers, and conservators, and required more than 1,000 volunteer hours—indeed, a true team effort. A final word about valued partnerships, as we reflect on the past fiscal year. Without the significant and enthusiastic support from you, our internal and most stalwart partners, The Trustees would not have had a chance to celebrate 125 years, let alone thrive and grow as we have this past year. With the help and guidance of our governance boards, volunteer committees, and financial supporters, we’ve made this historic year one to remember. I thank you for being our partners and champions, and look forward to continuing the collaboration into the next 125 years.


MESSAGE from the President

“It is through these partnerships that we’ve been able to move the needle so significantly in this historic year.”

Barbara J. Erickson President & CEO





2016 in Pictures


Financial Report


PROTECT Land Conservation


SPOTLIGHT Saving Pegan Hill


STEWARD Setting the Standard


STEWARD Ecology Report


STEWARD Gaining Intellectual Ground


EXCITE Connecting the Dots


GROW Spreading the Word


PROFILE Making a Statement in the Sand


Governance Volunteers


SPOTLIGHT What’s Old is New Again


Cumulative FY16 Gifts


Semper Virens Society








The 2016 Annual Report reflects activities and donations during Fiscal Year 2016, which ended March 31, 2016. Cover photo: Plant Sale at City Natives, Mattapan. ©Trustees




2016 in Pictures









CREDITS: Trustees: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9; Fruitlands: 2; Roger Farrington Photography: 6, 11; R. Mansfield Jr./Anchor Imagery: 10; Studio B Photographers: 12, 13; C. Richards: 14; Person & Killian Photography: 15, 16; David Welch Photography: 17



Financial Report The Path Forward—The Trustees five-year strategic plan, which culminates in 2018—continues to show significant progress. Fiscal Year 2016 marks the third year in the plan, and further sustains the impressive overall financial growth of recent years. This year, the continued and ongoing refinement of the approaches and tactics articulated in the plan brought growth in many funding sources, both earned and contributed, providing increased resources for the essential work of the organization. Earned revenue increases totaled 9% and were driven primarily by admission fees, permits, memberships, and enterprise activities. A continued focus on membership retention and on-site joins spurred a 4% increase in membership revenue over the previous fiscal year—a record $4.2 million for FY16—with member households up 6% to a new high of 50,000. In addition, the launch of our “Excite” program, through increased public programming and enhanced visitor experience and marketing, led to 12% growth in property revenues over the prior year. We remain focused on striking the appropriate balance between protecting the land and utilizing revenue opportunities in order to fund this protection. Contributed revenue increased by 25%, including an 11% growth of the annual fund, as well as a marked increase in restricted grants, partially supported by the Cultural Resources Campaign. The continued revenue expansion, complemented by prudent financial management, is designed to support the ambitious objectives that underpin the strategic plan. The growth in our resources has allowed us to continue to judiciously invest in capacity building, engagement staff, and technology in order to drive the connection to and usage of our reservations. Overall, our financial position remains strong, with $263 million in assets and only $6 million in liabilities. At $129 million, our endowment valuation reflects a slight investment loss for the fiscal year that is in line with our peers. The draw from the endowment has remained a steady and vital component of the revenue mix. In calculating the endowment spending, we continue to employ the hybrid model that was adopted in Fiscal 2013, designed to reduce the volatility in the annual support for operations. The Trustees has seen impressive growth again this fiscal year in large part due to key strategic investments as well as a strong staff and board that is focused on increasing awareness, visitation, and community support throughout the state. We simultaneously are committed to fiscal prudence to ensure that we are growing sustainably and responsibly. We are excited about the progress that we have made towards achieving our strategic goals and look forward to continuing to build on that momentum in the years ahead.

FY 2016

OPERATING INCOME Membership dues

14% 34%


Contributions, grants & transfers

Property revenues


21% support

FY 2016


10% 31%




Member services



Marketing & communications



Property & resource stewardship

ENDOWMENT (in thousands of dollars) 150,000





$141,431 $128,951



30,000 0

Amy L. Auerbach Chair, Finance Committee


FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014

FY 2015

FY 2016

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (in thousands of dollars) FY 2016 FY 2015 FY 2014 OPERATING INCOME Property revenues $10,094 $9,056 $8,170 Endowment support 6,194 6,385 6,247 Contributions, grants & transfers 9,424 7,533 6,135 Membership dues 4,213 4,043 3,807 SUBTOTAL 29,925 27,017 24,359 OPERATING EXPENSES Property & resource stewardship Programs* Fundraising Member services Marketing & communications Administrative SUBTOTAL

FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 2014

10,113 9,407 2,938 1,976 1,698 3,778 29,910

12,125 6,778 2,540 1,353 1,116 3,008 26,920

11,801 5,635 2,269 1,110 1,098 2,548 24,461

OPERATING SURPLUS/(DEFICIT) Non-operating contributions, Investment and other activity


















*Programs include Land Conservation, Ecology, Agriculture, Cultural Resources and Visitor Engagement


Total contributions, including operating support, special projects, new endowment, and other designated gifts totaled $13.3 million in FY16.




Land Conservation

In the past year, The Trustees protected, or helped protect, eleven properties totaling 1,035 acres. Fee Acquisition (Present & Future Reservations)

Conservation Restrictions (CR)



John Donovan Jr. Parcel at Agassiz Rock Reservation Manchester-by-the-Sea 30 Acres | Atwater Land Nominee Trust; Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea  This generous gift of land significantly expands the Agassiz Rock Reservation, protects endangered species habitat, and enhances the existing trail network. The Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea provided a grant to integrate the parcel into the existing reservation.

Freedberg Property | Chester

193 Pegan Lane | Natick 16 Acres (see spotlight)

124 Acres | MassDevelopment


Gifts of Land and Bargain Sales of Land The Board and Staff wish to thank those who have most generously made gifts of land during Fiscal Year 2016. Atwater Land Nominee Trust Richard, William, and Earl Bradley William G. Makris


 hrough this generous donation by the Freedberg family, 125 T acres of forest land have been conserved through Trustees affiliate, Hilltown Land Trust. The property includes picturesque Griffin Brook and Round Top Hill, the highest point in Hampden County. This area adds to a network of conserved lands including Chester-Blandford State Forest.

Devens – Phase 2 | Harvard

 his purchase of 16 acres in Natick increases the size of the Pegan T Hill Reservation and dramatically improves the visitor experience. The expanded Reservation offers sweeping views of regional peaks and a trail network over Trustees land, as well as that of abutting conservation partners.

Sarah Freedberg

125 Acres

Second phase of conveyance of Conservation Restrictions to The Trustees to implement the Devens Open Space and Recreation Plan. The CR protects water supply, provides public access, and preserves portions of the Willow and Nonacoicus Brooks riparian corridors and the area around Plow Shop Pond.

Makris Property | Westport 15.7 Acres | William Makris; Westport Land Conservation Trust William Makris donated a conservation restriction to The Trustees and the Westport Land Conservation Trust, permanently preserving 16 acres of meadow, upland forest, and salt marsh along the East Branch of the Westport River.

Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens | New Bedford Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), the City of New Bedford Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), New Bedford Conservation Commission  ith grant awards from the LWCF and the City of New W Bedford CDBG programs, the City of New Bedford purchased a conservation restriction on the Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens, contributing to the overall revitalization and permanent preservation of The Trustees’ 114th reservation.




 A DCR purchased this large forested parcel—with critical habitat and M adjacent to the Southeastern Mass Bioreserve—with assistance from The Trustees. Angeline Brook Parcels | Westport 62 Acres | Rathmann Family Foundation, Westport Land Conservation Trust, Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the MA Department of Fish and Game  hrough the generosity of the Rathmann Family Foundation, The T Trustees assisted the Westport Land Conservation Trust’s purchase of three parcels of land totaling 62 acres along Angeline Brook, a coldwater stream in Westport. 50 Pegan Lane | Dover 24 Acres | Dover Land Conservation Trust, along with many foundations and individual donors (see spotlight)  y assisting the Dover Land Conservation Trust with their purchase B of these 24 acres, The Trustees helped secure additional land for conservation and further protected the adjacent Pegan Hill Reservation. Bradley Property | Seekonk 2.2 Acres | Richard, William, and Earl Bradley; Seekonk Land Conservation Trust, Seekonk Conservation Commission  ichard Bradley and his brothers donated these forested acres to the R Seekonk Land Conservation Trust with the assistance of The Trustees.


Rheault Residence | Dover The Rheault family completed the generous donation of their mid-century modern residence on the Charles River in Dover to The Trustees in 2014. The recent sale of the property to a new homeowner provides important funds to further the mission of The Trustees.

Tradelands: A Great Way to Support Trustees Gifts of non-conservation real estate—a primary residence, second home, or even commercial property—are a powerful way to support Trustees’ mission, and may generate significant tax savings. For more information, contact Rob Warren, Managing Director of Conservation, at

Enjoy Pegan Hill’s sweeping vistas from the shade of a towering copper beech. On a clear day, the view extends as far as southern New Hampshire’s Mt. Monadnock.

Saving Pegan Hill In Natick and Dover, the magnificent sweeping vistas seen from Pegan Hill are now open and available for the public to enjoy. Through significant, meaningful, and creative collaboration with our partners the Dover Land Conservation Trust, the Town of Natick, and the New England Forestry Foundation, Trustees has been able to conserve 40 acres of open space at this historic location, significantly increasing the size of the Pegan Hill Reservation. The effort included a Trustees purchase of 16 acres in Natick, and assistance to the DLCT in their purchase of a neighboring 24 acres, allowing Trustees to combine its trail systems and greatly improve the visitor experience at the site. Major gifts from the Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund, the Manton Foundation, an anonymous donor, and the Town of Natick were critical factors enabling the purchase and protection of this land. Trustees thanks these valued friends and partners for their vital contributions, as well as the numerous individuals and other foundations that provided the support necessary to make this landmark project possible.


Town of Lakeville Property | Lakeville 636 Acres | MA Department of Conservation and Recreation

Above: Celebrating the conservation of Pegan Hill: (left to right) Joshua Ostroff, former Selectman, Town of Natick; Chris Bartle, next-door neighbor; Barbara Erickson, President & CEO, The Trustees; Matt Gardner, Chairman, Town of Natick Conservation Commission; Whitney Beals, Director of Land Protection, New England Forestry Foundation.





Setting the Standard Made up of highly-skilled technical specialists, the Trustees Operations & Programs Department leads the implementation of vision and strategy for The Trustees’ key missionbased areas, including among them Land & Community Conservation, Field Operations, Cultural Resources, Ecology, and Agriculture. The team provides design and application of the best practices, policies, and stewardship standards that guide Trustees day-to-day operations. Our work to properly care for The

We have made great progress in assessing our buildings, trails, ecological landscapes, community gardens, and designed landscapes against our baseline standards, and are working to implement standards for farms, collections, and public gardens in the coming year.

Buildings & Historic Houses 340 buildings and structures—including 14 historic homes open to the public—for our staff,

historic collections, animals, vehicles, and equipment.

Trails & Waterways

88% Assessed 26,000 acres of land 408 miles of trails (including 27 miles of trails for skiers) 76 miles of coastland

Designed Landscapes 14 designed landscapes, including 11 public gardens

Trustees 116 places of exceptional ecological,

Community Gardens

cultural, and scenic value enhances the

55 community gardens in eight

experience for our visitors, and makes our reservations the truly special places that they are. We strive to uphold our commitment to be excellent stewards, and have begun developing a set of new baseline standards through which our work can be assessed, with the goal of achieving a level of excellence that honors the legacies of our properties’ donors. 10 THE TRUSTEES







Boston neighborhoods

Ecological Landscapes 80 priority landscapes, totaling 5,600 acres



Farms In addition to the areas above, Trustees is also one of the largest private holders of farmland in the Commonwealth. We maintain seven working farms, home to 460 laying hens, 31 milking cows, 45 pigs, and 125 beef cattle.

Ecology Report At The Trustees, we prioritize and direct our ecology work toward the most significant natural landscapes. We have identified more than 80 specific priority landscapes on which to focus, totaling more than 5,600 acres. Those landscapes include a range of habitats from the Berkshires to Boston, including barrier beaches, barrens, floodplain forests and grasslands. Most require active management to maintain their habitat value, including the control of invasive plants, suppression of forest regrowth, and the facilitation of natural processes necessary for plants and animals to survive, such as prescribed fire. Here’s how last year’s work broke down, by the numbers:

Rare Species

Grassland Management, Prescribed Fire & Habitat Restoration Strategic management of landscapes helps improve critical habitats for tomorrow’s generation of flora and fauna.


Acres of priority grassland habitat on 42 properties


Grassland acres burned at Long Point and Weir Hill.


Acres of habitat restored, including cedar swamp, barrens, early successional woodlands, savannah and grassland habitats


While rare coastal nesting shorebirds remain a focus for The Trustees, many other rare species need protection and management.


Trustees properties with state-listed rare species

Trustees properties with federally-listed rare species


Breeding shorebirds are one of the best indicators of beach integrity. Our feathered friends fared well this year.



Total breeding pairs counted on Trustees properties, including piping plovers, least terns, common terns, roseate terns, american oystercatchers, and black skimmers

Number of rare species protected on Trustees properties, including peregrine falcons, seabeach knotweed, and northern harrier hawks


Volunteer hours spent assisting with shorebird management

Butterfly Biodiversity Bonus

While rare species can serve as an indicator of habitat quality, equally important is the overall diversity of species these habitats support. Looking at butterflies in particular, the numbers show that Trustees leadership in restoring a diverse range of habitats is happy news for these winged wanderers.


Miles of beach in shorebird management program, covering seven properties

Butterfly species documented on Trustees properties

Invasive Species & Deer Control Invasive species and growing deer populations have proven a direct threat to forest regeneration, rare species survival, and wildlife populations.

where invasive plants 43 Properties were treated or monitored, including Japanese barberry, garlic mustard, and glossy buckthorn Properties open to deer hunting


Trustees properties open to controlled deer hunting (by permission only)





At The Old Manse, a group of Winterthur furniture historians examine the Grecian Card Table prior to its restoration.

Gaining Intellectual Ground Through the Cultural Resources Campaign, Bringing Our Stories to Life, The Trustees has been able to continue our five-year statewide initiative to increase our knowledge and understanding of the collections—collections that include thousands of objects, furnishings, historic interiors, documents, and photos. The project has enabled Trustees curatorial and archival staff to pay meticulous attention to each individual piece, inventorying, processing, and archiving— physically and digitally—the collections. The effort has included a wide-ranging collaboration among museum scholars, historians, conservators, and appraisers, and has led to some very exciting conversations and a significantly deeper appreciation of our assets. Our understanding of the collections is always evolving—new scholarship and new perspectives can breathe new life into our holdings, uncovering stories that were hidden over time. Our histories are reflected in the objects around us, and The Trustees curatorial and archival team is proud and excited to share the ongoing results of this project. We are thrilled that we are now able to help bring these, and many more, Trustees stories to life.


Here’s a snapshot of just some of the conservation and preservation work done by our archivists and curators this year alone:


The Trustees’ Archives & Research Center acts as a central repository for our 125-year history. Archival collections include institutional records, legal documents of the 116 properties, family histories, and photographs. All of these materials are inventoried and stored using best archival practices. Many are scanned for digital preservation and in anticipation of an online searchable collections catalog. Some of this year’s work towards this goal included:

12,906 | Existing Collections Catalog

1,000 | Volunteer hours

2,622 | New Collections Catalog records created

251 | Pages of Trustees founder Charles Eliot’s personal scrapbook digitally scanned and conserved

1,450 | Photos scanned for digital archives

130 | Boxes of Trustees historical & stewardship records processed

records edited to meet new standards


The diversity of material type, age, provenance, and geographic location represented within our collection is quite extraordinary, and Trustees has begun a statewide inventory. More than 2,000 objects have been professionally assessed in this project so far. It is only after individual assessments that the work of properly restoring and caring for the many historically important and valuable objects begins. As part of our Cultural Resources Campaign we have been able to conserve, among others:

280 | books 110 | pieces of furniture

deep cleaned, waxed, and spot conserved

20 | pieces of framed

7 | rooms of historic

9 | textile and

3 | statues

or fine artwork

upholstery projects


1 | fountain

Grecian Card Table GRECIAN CARD TABLE, ca. 1818 Mahogany, ash, brass, iron Thomas Seymour, cabinetmaker The Trustees, The Old Manse Collection

This diamond-in-the-rough Grecian card table was covered in 200 years of grime and dust, sitting inconspicuously and anonymously in The Old Manse’s small parlor for many generations. While previously thought to be a Boston piece by an unknown artisan, consultation with furniture specialist Robert Mussey has led Trustees to now attribute the table to leading Boston cabinetmaker Thomas Seymour. Further inspection by colleagues from Winterthur Museum helped confirm its attribution and document construction details. Inscribed in pencil underneath the table is the name “Boott” which we believe refers to Kirk Boott Jr., a member of a family of wealthy merchants. Boott was involved in the textile manufacturing industry in Lowell and Waltham. Upon marrying Anna Haden, the couple settled in Boston in 1818, right about the time they likely acquired this table, and adding to the Seymour pieces they already owned. While it is speculated that the table was auctioned off in a distress sale after Boott fell on hard times, how it ended up at The Old Manse remains a mystery. While the table was in almost pristine condition, it was black from generations of dirt accumulation. We received funding from the Town of Concord through a Community Preservation Act grant to help restore this piece, and after treatment by a conservator, the original figured mahogany veneer is once again dazzling. One can easily imagine this table in the stylish new home of the Boston newlyweds nearly 200 years ago.


Thomas Jefferson Letter THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) Autograph-signed letter to his guardian, John Harvie (1706-1767), January 14, 1760 The Trustees, Appleton Family Collection

Collecting famous autographs was a fashionable hobby among the well-to-do around the turn of the 20th century, and was made even more popular by the 1876 Centennial. Patriotic Americana was all the rage, and the Appleton Collection includes a great example: 50 prints of historic scenes of America and the presidents. This bound volume of letters contains writings from every president, beginning with Washington up to Theodore Roosevelt. Some of these items were purchased, while others were personally requested by the Appletons. In his correspondence with the family, President Roosevelt states that if his informal submission is not suitable for their collection, he could send them “a more conventional ‘presidential tone’ letter.” Perhaps the most important item is the earliest known surviving document written by Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826). Jefferson aficionados thought this boyhood letter was lost more than a century ago, however the correspondence—written in 1760 when Jefferson was just 16—resides in this collection. In his letter, Jefferson tries to persuade his guardian to let him pursue further education: “…by going to the College I shall get a more universal Acquaintance, which may hereafter be serviceable to me.”





Connecting the Dots


Total visitors to Trustees properties grew by 35.1% this year, compared to the previous year. 1,595,436 1,180,737

To achieve the goals of the Excite pillar in our


strategic plan, we are working on becoming more visible and bringing our properties to life in ways that create unforgettable experiences and make our mission relevant. Fiscal Year 2016 saw more people visiting our properties, taking part in our programs, participating in CSAs on our farms, staying at our lodging sites, and volunteering their time and expertise with our organization than ever before. Here are summaries of the various ways people engaged with The Trustees in FY16.




TOP 5 MOST-VISITED PROPERTIES IN FY16: 1. The Crane Estate, Ipswich & Essex 2. Community Gardens, Boston 3. Appleton Farms & Grass Rides, Hamilton & Ipswich 4. Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard 5. Norton Point Beach, Martha’s Vineyard


Expanding Trustees program offerings throughout the year and creating compelling programming to connect our audience—through all of their varied interests—to our properties, has resulted in a 19.7% increase in participation this year, compared to the previous year. Revenue from public programming grew by 25.5%.


148,543 124,069

Parenthetical numbers indicate the number of Excite properties in each category. 9,144

Beach properties (4)

19.7% FY15



Recreational properties (10)


Cultural properties (7)


Agricultural properties (6)






Total night stays at The Trustees four lodging sites increased by 2.5% in Fiscal Year ’16, as compared to the previous year. 9,574




FY15 FY16

Dunes’ Edge Campground, Provincetown

2,732 3,080

Tully Lake Campground, Royalston

4,428 4,608

Inn at Castle Hill, Ipswich

1,595 1,277

Guest House at Field Farm, Williamstown FY15





9,574 9,814



In Fiscal Year 2016, Trustees sold 1,545 shares at our four CSAs. More than 56 acres were tilled in order to grow the CSA produce.



819 849


Appleton Farms, Hamilton & Ipswich * 648


Total 763

Powisset Farm, Dover

435 127 562

Weir River Farm, Hingham

162 n/a 162

The Trustees began as a volunteer-run organization, and throughout our history we would not have been able to accomplish our mission without the continuing help and generosity of our volunteers. In this fiscal year, 35,152 hours of volunteer time were given to The Trustees across the state, a 31.7% increase compared to the previous year. 35,152 26,686

Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough ** 46 12 58

TOTAL 1,545 * includes produce grown at Moraine Farm in Beverly ** first year of operation

31.7% FY15








Spreading the Word Through the Grow pillar of our strategic plan, The Path Forward, we are committed to expanding our reach into new communities, gaining broader exposure for our mission and programs, becoming more visible to many more people statewide, and continuing to build the ranks of our most important constituency—our members. Fiscal Year 2016 was one of striking growth in all of these areas, and here are several


Fiscal Year 2016 saw notable growth in membership in The Trustees, and the achievement of several significant milestones. Member households grew by 6.4% to a new high of 50,000, and total individual members surpassed the 125,000 benchmark envisioned for the end of our strategic plan period, two years ahead of schedule. Impressively, new member sign-ups were up by 31%, as compared to the previous year. 47,000


ways that growth has been seen.



Through a concentrated and successful effort to proactively generate more in-depth, feature coverage in widely read and viewed national and regional print, online, and broadcast media outlets, The Trustees was able to nearly double the advertising equivalent value of media coverage, increasing it by 95.5% in Fiscal Year 2016. Preservation Magazine


Harvard Magazine



6.4% FY15


MEDIA VALUE $18,078,954 $9,245,726



FY16 Design New England

Northshore Magazine


Visits to the Trustees website grew substantially in Fiscal Year 2016. While traditional connections through desktop and laptop computers went up by 15% over the previous year, it was the Trustees mobile site that saw the most significant growth—52%. This is indicative of the fact that more and more people are connecting with The Trustees while they are on the go, and perhaps even while they are at a Trustees property.




% change

Trustees Website (desktops/laptops)




Trustees Mobile site (phones/tablets)





1,859,677 2,293,583



Trustees presence in social media continued its marked gain in popularity this year. Fueled by the wider variety of program offerings, and driven by an active and loyal fan base, Trustees social media accounts grew at a record pace in Fiscal Year 2016. Of particular note, our followers are extremely enthusiastic about sharing photos of the wonders they come across at Trustees properties, resulting in the near doubling of our Instagram followers.



FY15 Likes

FY16 Likes


FY15 Followers

INSTAGRAM 6,322 2,138 FY16 Followers


FY15 Followers

4,085 FY16 Followers





Making a Statement


When you visit Crane Beach in Ipswich as often as Fernando Álvarez-González does, the landscape reveals all the subtleties of the seasons: footprints in the sand once the spring breeze loses its bite, piping plovers hatching at the height of summer, the half-full parking lot announcing the bittersweet arrival of autumn. “September is my favorite month at Crane Beach—it always has been,” says Álvarez-González, a 45-year-old resident of Amesbury. “It’s sad in a way because the days are shorter, but there are some sunsets that are just spectacular.” Today, Álvarez-González is a noteworthy addition to the Semper Virens Society whose planned gift was inspired by his love of Crane Beach and appreciation for the work of The Trustees. Twenty years ago, however, he was a graduate school student who’d just arrived in Massachusetts after living his entire life in northwest Spain. The temperate climate of his upbringing made harsh New England winters hard to bear— sometimes it feels like they lasted six months, he says—so he made the most of the sunshine as soon as the snow melted. “I remember my school friends telling me that Crane Beach was probably the most beautiful beach in Massachusetts,” he says. “Even before I had a car, we’d carpool there. After I got a job and my own car, I’d just drive myself.” Crane Beach was a site for simple pleasures, whether running the length of the beach and back for a workout or tromping out to a quiet spot in the sand with a chair and book. On two occasions—once at Steep Hill Beach on Crane Beach’s western edge—his sanctuary at the shore even played host to memorable company outings. Now Álvarez-González makes near-daily treks on his way home from his job at a software company in Lexington. He purchased his home in Amesbury in


part because it’s just 30 minutes from Crane Beach. Along with his proximity to the place he loves, ÁlvarezGonzález’s relationship with The Trustees has grown closer, too, and by the time he spoke with his attorney about estate planning, a planned gift to The Trustees was an easy decision to make. With no children of his own, his contribution meant that others could derive the same happiness from visiting Crane Beach that he’d experienced himself. “I know The Trustees can put that money to good use, and nothing would make me feel better than knowing whatever I have will help continue its mission,” he says. And as an architectural historian by training, ÁlvarezGonzález holds The Trustees’ historic and environmental preservation missions in high regard. “In Spain, you find high rises built within a few yards of the beach and everybody considers that normal—no one really thinks in terms of protecting those spaces,” he says. “One of the things I fell in love with in Massachusetts is that there are still places like Crane Beach that are as undeveloped as they were a century ago. We’ve been able to keep them that way, but they won’t stay that way forever unless we continue to make an effort.”

Fernando Álvarez-González Crane Beach, Ipswich

If you have planned a legacy for The Trustees, let us know so that we may welcome you to The Semper Virens Society. (See page 30 for the list of Society members.) For further information, please contact: Caitlin McShera Director of Governance and Planned Giving Long Hill | Development Office 572 Essex Street Beverly, MA 01915 tel 978.921.1944 x1816 email




Governance Volunteers BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Spencer P. Glendon

Joseph Berman

Michael R. Kidder

Directors serve as the governing board of Trustees, charged with the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s operations.

Matthew E. Goode

Tatiana Bezamat

John W. Kimball

Elizabeth W. Gordon

Jane Lyman Bihldorff

Raymond J. Kinney, Jr.

Marjorie D. Greville

Sarah Hunt Broughel

Edward H. Ladd

Douglas B. Harding

Cornelia W. Brown

Philip L. Laird

Elizabeth L. Johnson

Ronald Brown

Catherine C. Lastavica

David D. Croll, Chair

Robert A. Jonas

Lalor Burdick

Robert A. Lawrence

Brian M. Kinney, Vice Chair

Jared S. Keyes

Richard M. Burnes, Jr.

David I. Lewis

William G. Constable, Secretary

Nicholas H. Kimball

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

George E. Lewis, Sr.

Amy L. Auerbach

Julia G. Krapf

Liza R. Carey

Deborah Logan

Clement C. Benenson

Theodore C. Landsmark

Sharon Casdin

Charles R. Longsworth

Peter B. Coffin

Martin Lempres

Robert A. Clark

Jonathan B. Loring

Karen S. Conway

Alexandra Liftman

William C. Clendaniel

Caleb Loring, III

Paula V. Cortés

Robert Mason

Frances Colburn

Peter E. Madsen

David L. Costello

Mark J. Mathis

Franz Colloredo-Mansfeld

Michael D. Maginn

Andrew O. Davis

Daniel K. Mayer

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Eli Manchester, Jr.

Jeffrey B. Fager

David C. McCabe

Mary Campbell Cooper

Joan M. McFalls

David R. Foster

Kathleen T. McIntyre

Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Katherine J. McMillan

Thomas D. French

Pauline C. Metcalf

Peter H. Creighton

Wilhelm M. Merck

Nathan Hayward III

Brian W. Monnich

Elizabeth Hope Cushing

John O. Mirick

Edward H. Ladd

Amey D. Moot

John P. DeVillars

Sara Molyneaux

Paul R. LeBlanc

Kathryn P. O’Neil

George L. Dresser

Frederick S. Moseley, III

W. Hugh M. Morton

Russell J. Peotter

Thomas A. Ellsworth

George S. Mumford, Sr.

Thomas H. Nicholson

Michael Prior

Louise J. Feigin

Virginia M. Murray

Eunice J. Panetta

Brooke G. Redmond

Franklin L. Feigin

Scott A. Nathan

Hillary H. Rayport

Anthony Rochte

Allen W. Fletcher

Nicholas W. Noon

Cynthia Reed

Jill Rynkowski Doyle

Rachel G. Fletcher

Julia B. O’Brien

Cyrus Taraporevala

Stanley Schantz

Ann C. Galt

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Christopher A. Shepherd

John L. Gardner

Ronald P. O’Hanley, III

Regan Shields Ives

Gale R. Guild

Carolyn M. Osteen

Jonathan A. Soroff

Henry R. Guild, Jr.

John O. Parker

Arthur K. Steinert

Carter H. Harrison

Richard F. Perkins

Hope E. Suttin

Thomas J. Healey

Edward N. Perry

Julie M. Viola

John K. Herbert III

Jonathan R. Phillips

Elizabeth Weinberg Smith

Eloise W. Hodges

Samuel Plimpton

Susan Winthrop

Jean Holroyde

Beatrice A. Porter

Paul S. Horovitz

Edith W. Potter

James S. Hoyte

Margaret L. Poutasse

Lily Rice Hsia

George Putnam

L. Jamison Hudson †

Eugene E. Record, Jr.

Janice G. Hunt

Henry S. Reeder

Roger B. Hunt

William B. Roberts

Cici Ives

John Ex Rodgers

Stephen B. Jeffries

G. Neal Ryland

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Jane Saltonstall

Carol R. Johnson

Preston H. Saunders †

Charles F. Kane, Jr.

Peter C. Schliemann

Leo F. Kavanaugh, III

Paul A. Schmid, III

Philip J. Edmundson

Edward H. Ladd, Chair

Stephen B. Kay

Charles W. Schmidt

James V. Ellard, Jr.

Bonnie Akins

Margaret R. Keck †

David W. Scudder

Jennifer Erskine

Lee Albright

Jonathan M. Keyes

Mary Waters Shepley

Michael Even

Steven A. Bercu

Judy Keyes

William Shields

ADVISORY BOARD This governance body advises the Board of Directors and staff on key issues, bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to its decision-making process. Brian M. Kinney, Chair Margaret G. Bailey David A. Behnke Laura Bibler Andrew P. Borggaard Stephen J. Browne Lucy Caldwell-Stair Alicia Hesse-Cleary Patty Crane Elizabeth de Montrichard Fotene J. Demoulas

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL Established in 1995, this Council was created to honor former members of the Standing Committee, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. It provides the opportunity for Trustees to continue to benefit from their advice and deep institutional knowledge.

Walter C. Donovan


Ronald L. Skates Norton Q. Sloan, Jr. F. Sydney Smithers, IV Scott A. Solombrino Joseph Peter Spang Caroline D. Standley Augusta Perkins Stanislaw


Arthur T. Hadley †

Mary Waters Shepley

Honoring those who have made extraordinary gifts of property, financial assets or service to Trustees.

Roslyn E. Harrington

Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Elizabeth B. Johnson

F. Sydney Smithers, IV

Andrew W. Kendall

Caroline D. Standley

John W. Kimball

Elliot M. Surkin

Catherine C. Lastavica

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Lee Albright

Edward P. Lawrence

R. Angus West Frederic Winthrop, Jr.

Elsie J. Apthorp

James Lawrence, III

Patricia P. Storey

Robert A. Barton

Robert P. Lawrence

Elliot M. Surkin

Wilhelmina V. L. Batchelder-Brown

George E. Lewis, Sr.

CORPORATE TRUSTEES Corporate Trustees, along with Life Trustees, are the voting members of the organization. Each year at the Annual Meeting, they elect Board of Directors and Advisory Board, as well as new Corporate Trustees and Life Trustees.

Margaret E. Steiner

George P. Bates

Susan P. Little

Jane McC. Talcott

Nancy B. Bates

Pamela Fezandie Lohmann

Patricia R. Ternes

Frances Colburn

Jane C. Lyman

John E. Thomas

John D. Constable †

Katharine W. McLennan

Marian F. Thornton

Sylvia P. Constable

Richard K. McMullan

Philip A. Truesdell

Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Ralph B. Vogel

John Fiske

May H. Pierce

Natalia K. Wainwright

Alan F. French

George Putnam

Elise Wallace

Dorothy C. Fullam

Nancy B. Putnam

Winthrop M. Wassenar

Elizabeth W. Gordon

George S. Richardson

For the list of Corporate Trustees,

Susanna B. Weld

Ralph D. Gordon

Stephen L. Root

please visit our website at

William F. Weld

Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Jane Saltonstall

R. Angus West

Gale R. Guild

Preston H. Saunders †

Hooker M. Talcott, Jr.

† Deceased

Hope W. Wigglesworth



What’s Old is New Again at Crane

The design of the new Crane Beach bathhouses, by local Hamilton firm Allsopp Design, honors the simple spirit of the original structures and sits on the same footprint.

After 60 years, the Crane Beach bathhouses have been given a makeover. While the old bathhouses were a cherished part of the experience at Crane, the structures had become outdated and maintenance problematic to the point of being a losing battle. The $1.7 million investment in modern and efficient structures was one of the largest single stewardship projects in Trustees history, and (as we like to call it) the most visited of all Trustees structures, potentially the most significant! “We got a lot of feedback about wanting to keep the charm and timeless look,” says Peter Pinciaro, General Manager of the Crane Estate, so the fully accessible new bathhouses keep the exposed timber and natural pine paneling look of the old bathhouses while introducing new elements such as composting toilets to reduce water consumption by 90%, skylights, and increased capacity in the women’s bathhouse. And the updates at Crane didn’t end at the bathhouse door: additional new amenities at the beach included a retail shop and additional Snack Shack offerings, including hamburgers made from 100% grass-fed Appleton Farms beef. The completed project debuted on Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer, to rave reviews. We know these updates go a long way in improving the Crane experience.



Cumulative FY16 Gifts The Directors and staff of The Trustees extend our deepest gratitude to the following donors that contributed through giving societies, strategic project support, critical campaigns, and special events. We are deeply grateful to these generous funders for their foresight and commitment to Trustees’ mission. They fuel our thoughtful growth, expand our reach, and deepen our impact.


$50,000 - $99,999


Estate of John A. Andrews

David & Victoria Croll Estate of Marjorie B. Healey The Manton Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John S. Reed Estate of Ralph A. Vancura

Joan E. Appleton 1997 Charitable

$10,000 - $24,999 Michael & Margherita Baldwin Laurie & David Barrett

Estate of Mary C. Eliot

Mr. Steedman L. Bass

Lila W. Berle

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Esdaile

Mr. David A. Behnke &

Mr. and Mrs. † John M. Bradley

Mr. Jeffrey B. Fager &

Mr. Josh Bekenstein

Dr. Horace Wood Brock

Ms. Melinda W. Fager

Patrick & Aimee Butler Family Foundation

Tom & Jill French

John & Mollie Byrnes

Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation

Mr. Christopher A. Celeste &

Nick & Marjorie Greville

Ms. Nancy J. Kramer

$250,000 - $499,999

Dr. Florence Bourgeois Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan G. Davis

Ms. Anita Bekenstein &

$500,000 - $999,999

Mr. Andrew Davis &

Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc.

Nathan & Marilyn Hayward

Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat Mr. Andrew P. Borggaard & Mrs. Jennifer M. Borggaard Ms. Rebecca G. Campbell & Mr. Samuel R. Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Roland E. Hoch

Estate of Mary Jo Candy

Mr. & Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

Mr. Ronald L. Castle &

Crane Fund for Widows & Children

Rusty & Betsy Kellogg

Barr Foundation

Ms. Fotene J. Demoulas & Mr. Tom Cote

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick N. Khedouri

Estate of Robert Dudley Harrington, Jr.

Alexander Dingee & Susan J. Gray

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. LeBlanc

Anonymous (3)

William W. Farkas

The Littlejohn Family Foundation

Cox Family Fund

Mr. Spencer P. Glendon & Ms. Lisa Y. Tung

Mr. James E. Marble &

Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Creighton


$100,000 - $249,999 Mr. Clement Benenson & Mrs. Stephanie Terelak Benenson City of Boston - Department of Neighborhood Development Abby & Peter Coffin Karen & Brian Conway Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr. Estate of Jane Carpenter Bradley Mr. Samuel M. Feldman & Ms. Marilyn Meyerhoff The Felicia Fund The Nancy Foss Heath & Richard B. Heath Foundation The Winston Foundation, Inc. Timothy T. Hilton Mr. Edward H. Ladd Robert & Erica Mason

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr. Island Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth B. Johnson

Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation

Lucy R. Sprague Memorial

Sarah L. Creighton Mr. Walter C. Donovan Alice Willard Dorr Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kimball

Massachusetts Historical Commission

Ruth H. Dunbar

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Lewis, Sr.

Ms. Ellen Michelson v

Mr. Peter L. T. Eliot &

The Lookout Foundation

Michele & David Mittelman

Massachusetts Division of

Mr. & Mrs. W. Hugh M. Morton

Ms. Jennifer Erskine & Mr. Bryan Cashin

Town of North Andover

Michael & Joan Even

Mr. Samuel Plimpton &

Ms. Barbara W. Field

Fisheries & Wildlife Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation, MN Mr. Scott Nathan & Ms. Laura DeBonis

Ms. Wendy Shattuck

Mrs. Katherine Eliot v

Fields Pond Foundation

Eunice & Jay Panetta

The Prior Family Foundation

Mr. Jesse Fink & Mrs. Betsy Fink

Claudia & Steven Perles

Nancy & George Putnam

Alice & Jonathan Flint


Ms. Elaine Foster

Mrs. Louise C. Riemer

Mrs. Jane Saltonstall

Ms. Patricia L. Freysinger

David & Marie Louise Scudder

Mr. Lionel B. Spiro & Mrs. Vivian K. Spiro v

Dr. David George Fromm

Mrs. Carolyn Soules &

Mr. Cyrus Taraporevala &

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Gable

Family Foundation

Mr. Jason H. Soules Anonymous

Estate of Elspeth Eberlin Matkovich New England Biolabs, Inc.

$25,000 - $49,999

Mabel Louise Riley Foundation

Estate of Helen H. Ayer

Estate of Barbara E. Snyder

Charles & Christina Bascom

Gail & Ernst von Metzsch

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts


Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Brown


Mrs. Sara Jo Marble

Ms. Florence Ditirro Charisma Fund -

Ms. Fie Andersen Mr. John L. Thorndike

Ms. Jade T. Gedeon & Mr. William E. Kiester

The Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett R. Geer

The Weld Foundation

Descendants of Charles E. Goodspeed and

Mr. Frank Wezniak & Ms. Nan Tull

Leila P. Goodspeed, in loving memory

Justin & Genevieve Wyner

of Margaret G. Colburn and Charles G.

Yawkey Foundation II Anonymous (2)

Colburn Mr. & Mrs. R. Jeremy Grantham Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Guy, III

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. Keith Hartt & Ms. Ann H. Wiedie

Walter & Alice Abrams

Mr. Wilmot R. Hastings

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Ames

Mrs. Frank W. Hoch & Family

J. Jared & Cassandra L. Annello

Ms. Kathleen M. Horton

Apple Lane Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lenoir Hoynes, Jr.

Estate of Theodore S. Bacon

Ms. Laurie M. Hylton & Mr. Scott Hylton

Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker

David B. Jones & Allison K. Ryder

Mrs. Gina Beinecke & Mr. Walter Beinecke

Mr. Jared S. Keyes &

Mr. Steven A. Bercu Mr. Stephen A. Bernier

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Kidder

The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kimball

Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Bok

Mr. Brian M. Kinney & Dr. Nancy L. Keating

Ms. Karen L. Brush & Mr. David M. Brush

Mr. Marty Lempres

Mrs. Joan Buchanan

Mr. & Mrs. F. Joseph Loughrey

Mr. & Mrs. Lalor Burdick

Mr. † & Mrs. George Macomber

Kristin Campbell Samuelson

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Capital One Bank

Massachusetts Department of

Carney Family Charitable Foundation

Environmental Protection Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntyre & Mr. A. Duncan McIntyre

Mr. Richard P. Caruso & Mrs. Judith W. Caruso Mrs. Sharon Casdin

Mrs. Joan P. Middleton

Mrs. Frances R. Caudill

Ms. Claudia Miller

Mr. Robert A. Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Colin Moore

Ms. Barbara G. Cole &

Natural Resources Conservation Service Mr. Albert A. Nierenberg Estate of Rev. Edmund W. Nutting & Mary H. Nutting Robert & Elizabeth Owens Mr. Morgan Palmer The Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust Mrs. May H. Pierce William & Helen Pounds Lauren & Michael Prior Mr. Robert D. Rands & Mrs. Amelia R. Rands Hillary Hedges Rayport & Jeffrey F. Rayport


Mrs. Song-Mei C. Keyes

Mr. Christopher A. Cole Town of Concord

Arthur & Eloise Hodges

Mrs. Joan Person

Dr. Robert A. Jonas &

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission Ms. Beatrice A. Porter

Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

Cooper Meadow Fund

Mr. John C. Keogh

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Pruett

Copeland Family Foundation

Chester Kitchings Family Foundation

Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation

Ms. Carolyn Crane

Ms. Pam Kohlberg & Mr. Curt Greer

Margaret Walker Purinton Foundation

Gail Davidson & Thomas Gidwitz

Ms. Julia G. Krapf

Sally & Rob Quinn

Mrs. Elizabeth de Montrichard &

Mr. Matthew W. Krummell &

Mr. James Quinty &

Mr. Gonzague de Montrichard

Mrs. Elizabeth Quinty

Ms. Valerie Davisson

Dr. Edmund P. DeLaCour

Nancy & Ted Kurtz

Mrs. Wendy J. Rafn & Mr. Mark Rafn

The Dennis Family Foundation

Gertrude Lanman

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Rasmussen

The Families of George &

Dr. Cynthia M. Latta

Charles C. & U. Ingrid Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence

Mr. Anthony Rochte & Ms. Mia Rochte

Edey Foundation

Mr. Roger W. Louis & Ms. Iris Louis

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schantz

Deborah & Philip Edmundson

Anne S. & Brian K. Mazar

The Sedgwick Family

Mrs. Betty M. Ellis

Mr. David C. McCabe &

Seekonk Land Conservation Trust

Michael Eberstadt

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Record, Jr.

William V. Ellis Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Roby

Mr. & Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson

Roehr Family Foundation

J. Irving England & Jane L. England

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross

Charitable Trust

Dr. William L. Saltonstall &

Select Horticulture, Inc. v

Mrs. Allyson T. McCabe

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Shields

Ms. Kimberly S. McGovern &

Mr. & Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan

Mr. Frank E. Scherkenbach Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Wilson Meeks

Mrs. Hope N. Smith

Neal & Ronna Erickson

Mr. & Mrs. James Mellowes

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Snider

Mr. & Mrs. John Evangelakos

Ms. Tamsen Merrill

Joseph Peter Spang

Saquish Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Farnsworth

Ms. Susan Mikula & Ms. Rachel Maddow

Mr. Scott A. Stone & Ms. Jana Stone

William E. Schrafft & Bertha E. Schrafft

Mr. William Finn & Mrs. Prudence Finn

Deborah & Timothy Moore

Carol & Elliot Surkin

Dr. Christian Fischer

Nichols Foundation, Inc., directed by

Mrs. Cristen Tabors & Mr. David Tabors

Dr. Elizabeth S. Saltonstall

Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Shepherd

Ms. Rachel G. Fletcher

Estate of Helen Putnam Sokopp

The Lee & Juliet Folger Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Nunes-Vais

Mrs. Sally C. Taylor

Augusta & Joseph Stanislaw

Ms. Sarah Freedberg &

O’Hanley Family

United Way of Greater New Bedford, Inc.

Kate & Ford O’Neil

The Waldo Trust

Estate of Dr. Hazel Palmer

The Leo S. Walsh Foundation

Mr. Arthur H. Parker &

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Weitzel

Adam & Hope Suttin Rupert C. Thompson Fund of The Rhode Island Foundation MA/RI Council of Trout Unlimited Gertrude de G. Wilmers

Mr. William Freedberg Mr. Christopher S. Gaffney & Ms. Karen Kames Mrs. Martha L. Gangemi & Mr. Michael A. Gangemi

Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Ganson

Anonymous (9)

Highland Street Foundation

Jane & Hooker Talcott

Mr. & Mrs. C. Walter Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Weymouth

Mrs. Carolyn B. Parker People’s United Community Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Wilson

Mr. Edward N. Perry &

Mr. Michael T. Wilson & Ms. Susan E. Greenleaf

Ms. Cynthia W. Wood



Thank you to our Giving Society members.

The Brown Family

The Helen G. Hauben Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brown

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Heald

Mr. & Mrs. Erich Buddenhagen

Dr. Jaye E. Hefner

Ms. Dinah Buechner-Vischer

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hicks

Mr. John A. Burgess & Dr. Nancy S. Adams

The Hoop Family Irrevocable

Mrs. Eugenia E. Burn

Charitable Trust

John & Kate Cabot

Lois & John Horgan

Paul C. & Virginia C. Cabot

Luisa Hunnewell & Larry Newman

Charitable Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hunnewell, Jr.

Unrestricted support is the bedrock of our

Honorable & Mrs. Levin H. Campbell, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome C. Hunsaker, III

efforts to protect and share the beautiful and

Mr. Richard J. Canty &

Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Hunt

historic places of Massachusetts. Since 1891

Ms. Hope B. Woodhouse

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Ingraham

Wesley & Dianne Card

Institution for Savings

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Chimento

Ms. Laura Iorio

with a bold idea, our impact has extended to

Pamela D. & Jeffrey A. Choney

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries

116 properties which welcome over 1.5 million

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Ms. Sara Jonsberg &

when Charles Eliot founded this organization

visitors each year. We remain committed to

Dorothy D. Conkey Trust Mary & James Nicoll Cooper

Ms. Cynthia H. Magrath Mr. Charles F. Kane, Jr. &

protecting and stewarding our special places so

Corning Incorporated Foundation

that they may be enjoyed by everyone, forever.

Ms. Paula V. CortĂŠs

Dr. Tasso Kaper & Dr. Antonella Cucchetti

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Costello

Jonathan & Judy Keyes

Ms. Anne S. Covert

Richard W. & Athena Kimball

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Covington

Mr. John P. Kirk & Mrs. Susan C. Kirk

Tim & Patty Crane

Phil & Donna LaCasse

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Crockett

Mr. F. D. Lackey, III

CSL International Limited

Mr. John Lanza & Ms. Ann-Mara Lanza

and the special opportunities members enjoy,

Estate of Bruce T. Dalzell

Richard Leavitt

please visit

Helen B. Danforth

Mr. James E. Lenhart & Mrs. Dipti Lenhart

Ms. Barbara A. Darrow

David & Cristina Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Derby

Mr. William W. Lewis & Mrs. Susan Lewis

Mr. James R. Dodge &

Mr. Jonathan B. Loring

Your generosity and partnership is critical in these efforts. For more information about Giving Societies

Mrs. Michele Dobbins Dodge

Ms. Sarah P. Wolf

Mr. Michael S. Bearse in memory of Eleanor Giusti

Ronald L. Zarrella & Carolyn Grant

Bemis Associates

Mr. Jonathan M. Zorn

Mr. Peter J. Bernard &

Dr. Janet M. Zwanziger & Ron Zwanziger Anonymous (9)

Mrs. Susan P. Bernard Bob & Karen Bettacchi Laura & Gregory Bibler

$2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Thomas F. Aaron Mr. G. Christopher Abbott & Mrs. Deborah A. Abbott Dr. & Mrs. Nile L. Albright Allegrone Companies Lindsay & Blake Allison Ms. Eleanor Andrews Mr. Robert L. Ashton & Mrs. Gudrun Ashton Ms. Amy L. Auerbach & Mr. Leo F. Swift Mr. Andus D. Baker & Ms. Rowan D. Murphy


Estate of Violette B. Biggins Charles Sumner Bird Foundation

Mrs. Charles P. Lyman

Estate of Margaret C. Dumas

Mr. Peter L. Macdonald

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Ellard, Jr.

John & Barbara MacNeish

Ms. Barbara J. Erickson &

Peter E. & Betsy Ridge Madsen

Mr. Peter Torrebiarte Mr. Christopher J. Wolf &

Ms. Anne W. Eldridge

Alex J. Ettl Foundation

Mr. William Mansfield & Mrs. Alexis Mansfield

Marilyn Fife & John Cragin

Shirley & Jim Marten

Dr. David R. Foster &

Mr. Thomas W. Mason

Ms. Marianne Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Hollis French, III Ms. Maryann French & Mr. Alan R. Howarth Mr. Steven B. French & Mrs. Debra J. French

Mrs. Camilla C. Blackman

Mrs. Walter F. Fullam

Ms. Morene R. Bodner &

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Gardner

Yasuko S. & Richard P. Mattione Mr. Thomas H. Mattox & Dr. Jacqueline K. Spencer Wilhelm Merck & Nonie Brady Ms. Barbara Meyer & Mr. Michael W. Perloff Mr. Kurt Mittelstaedt & Mrs. Martha Mittelstaedt

Mr. James A. Gassel

Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Monnich

S. K. Boreri MD

Ms. Suzanne F. Gauron

Ms. Amey D. Moot &

Mr. Peter J. Boynton &

Mr. & Mrs. Allan M. Gerrish

Mr. David P. Carlisle

Mr. William K. Stewart

Susan & John Glessner

Ellen G. Moot

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Braitmayer

Rolf & Julie Goetze

Mr. John W. Murphy

Kib & Tess Bramhall

Ms. Jo Anne Goldman

Mr. Michael P. Murray &

Mrs. Kristina M. Brendel &

Ms. Deborah Hale & Mr. Martin d. M. Hale

Mrs. Susan Boynton

Mr. Douglas D. Brendel Ms. Sierra Heath Bright

Mr. Owen Quigley Hanley & Mrs. Anne Hanley

Mrs. Joanne P. Murray Mr. Brian R. Neff & Ms. Jana P. Neff Tom & Cathy Nicholson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Harding

Mr. Nicholas W. Noon

Ms. Ann D. Brooks

Mrs. & Mr. Georgia Harris

Mr. Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Mr. Robert W. Silk & Ms. Sandra L. Silk

Ms. Pamela D. Adams

Ms. Shirley Singleton

in honor of John Kimball Mr. Mark S. Ain & Mrs. Carolyn Ain

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brake

Thomas Stair & Lucy Caldwell-Stair

Mrs. Bonnie Akins

Mr. Matthew Brand & Ms. Amy Brand

Mr. James Stern

Bear & Pam Albright

Mr. John P. Brennan

Howard & Fredericka Stevenson

Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander

Mr. David T. Brewster

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell Steward

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Aliski

Mrs. Irene S. Briedis & Mr. John Briedis

Mrs. Grace Stone

Alliance for Community Trees

Mr. & Ms. David B. Broughel

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gregg Stone

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey F. Allsopp

Ms. Cornelia W. Brown &

Mrs. Henry S. Streeter

Mrs. Barbara H. Almy

Summer Shades

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Alsop

Ms. Polly Brown

Mr. James D. Supple &

Mrs. Esther Ames

Mr. Thomas W. Brown & Mrs. Jan Brown

Marcia & Steve Anderson

Ms. Vicki J. Brown

David & JoEllen Sweet

Mr. Olivier J. Aries & Ms. Isabelle F. Praud

Ms. Minna R. Buck

Marc Tanner & Rebecca Rogers

Arrowhead Plumbing & Heating, Inc. v

Mr. Christopher H. Buder &

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Tate

Mr. Martin J. Auerbach &

Mr. Aso O. Tavitian

Sylvia & Aaron Baggish

Don & Lynne Bulens

Mrs. Polly Townsend

Margaret & John Bailey

Mr. William T. Burgin

Mr. Yanni Tsipis & Ms. Kristin Kara

Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr.

Rick & Nonnie Burnes

Ms. Gay G. Tucker

Dr. John P. Balser & Dr. Barbara E. Balser

Mr. John S. Butterworth

Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Vaillant

Dr. Jean T. Barbey &

Ms. Elizabeth W. Cabot

Mrs. Amy V. S. Bryan

Mr. Norman S. Walker & Mrs. Marie-Eve Walker

Mr. Stephen P. Oliver

Ms. Rebeca Ward & Mr. Mark Shull

Ms. Tara H. Oliver

Mr. Eric W. Weber & Ms. Barbara Young

Ms. Mary Jo Palermo &

Mr. & Mrs. R. Angus West

Mr. Stephen Hochbrunn Mr. & Mrs. John O. Parker Mr. Scott D. Parker & Ms. Kathleen V. Martin The Pelrine Family

Mrs. Phyllis K. Buell

Susan Avery

Mrs. Margaret M. Wade Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Oedel

Ms. Heather A. Buder Mr. Lawrence I. Buell &

Ms. Louise Goodsill

In Memory of Hatsy Thompson

Mr. James Wade & Ms. Maureen O’Malley

Dr. Henry B. Warren

Mrs. Beverly Malatesta Temple

Ms. Lynda S. Vickers-Smith & © KRISTA PHOTOGRAPHY

Mrs. Maureen F. Bousa Mr. & Mrs. William F. Boynton

Mr. Joel Allen Smith & Mrs. Kathy Smith


Mr. Edward P. Bousa &

Mr. Robert Adams &

Mr. Michael A. Simpson

Mrs. Rosemary George White in memory of Christopher V. White Ms. Sarah J. Whittier Mr. Jonathan G. Wicks &

Mr. Samuel Cabot & Mrs. Claire Cabot

Dr. Charlotte L. Barbey Mr. Jamison Barr & Ms. Sharon Alzner

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony B. Cahill, Jr.

Mr. Robert D. Barthelemy &

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Campanella Dr. Leann Canty &

Mrs. Nancy C. Barthelemy Ms. Michelle L. Basil & Mr. James Dawson

Dr. Prabhakar Devavaram Mrs. Diane M. Capstaff

Mrs. Edith T. Bastian & Dr. James F. Bastian

Mr. John G. Carey & Mrs. Sarah Carey

Mr. Glenn Batchelder &

Christopher T. & Jane Fisher Carlson Jane Cheever Carr

Ms. Candace J. Young Estate of Evelyn J. Baum

Ms. Sis Carroll

Ms. Cynthia A. Bayley

Mr. Larry Carsman & Mrs. Christine Carsman

Mr. David B. Beal &

Scott & Mary Carson

Ms. Kathleen H. Almand Mr. Arthur Beale & Ms. Teresa A. Hensick

Mr. Robert Cary & Ms. Janet Nussmann

Mr. Paul Przybyla

Miss Kim Williams & Mr. Trevor Miller

Mr. Edward Beck & Mrs. Judith Beck

Mr. Avery W. Catlin & Ms. Katherine Catlin

Mr. James F. Reardon

Mr. & Mrs. Dudley H. Willis

Ms. Susanne B. Beck &

Dr. Verne S. Caviness &

Mr. Douglas P. Reed

Mrs. Andree D. Wilson &

Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Reeder

Ms. Meredith Becker

Mr. Richard Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

Mrs. Jennifer L. Robinson &

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Winthrop

Mrs. Ruth S. Bell

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mr. Michael J. Zak & Mrs. Roxanne E. Zak

Mr. Joseph S. Berman &

Mr. Richard L. Rodgers & Ms. Heather J. Reid Mr. & Mrs. Bradford D. Rodney

Mr. Charles A. Ziering & Mrs. Margaret W. Ziering

The Chasin Family

Dr. Reinier Beeuwkes &

Mr. J. Stanley Reeve & Mrs. Abigail Reeve Mr. Jeff Robinson

Mrs. Madeline H. Caviness

Mr. William A. Parker

Richard M. Chasin

Mrs. Nancy Beeuwkes

Mr. Jonathan Chatinover & Ms. Elizabeth O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Cheston, Jr. Mr. Poul-Erik Christensen &

Ms. Sharon B. Cantor

Mrs. Carol L. Christensen

Nancy C. Berube

Lucas Rogers & Mathieu Gagne

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Zuger

Mr. E. Garrett Bewkes, Jr.

Mr. George Chung & Mrs. Cho Chung

Rondeau Tierney Real Estate LLC

Anonymous (7)

Mrs. Marion B. Bianchi

Ms. Helen F. Clark

Mr. Robert M. Bick

Mr. Paul W. Clark & Ms. Carol R. Parrish

Mr. Henry Forbes Bigelow &

Mr. Ben T. Clements

Mr. W. D. Rosenmiller & Ms. Rae Korengold Mr. Preston H. Saunders † & Mrs. Rebecca Saunders

$1,000 - $2,499 Carrie & Leigh Abramson

Roberta & William Schnoor

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Ackerman

Ms. Luanne E. Selk & Mr. Jon J. Skillman

Mr. Todd Ackerman &

Mr. & Mrs. William Shields Mr. & Mrs. Binkley C. Shorts

Mrs. Nicole Ackerman

Mrs. Rhoda Cohen

Mrs. Judy M. Bigelow Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bolze

Mr. Timothy R. Collins & Ms. Emily Collins

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Borden

Mr. Richard G. Compson & Mrs. Beth A. Compson

Mr. Robert R. Borden, III &

Dr. † & Mrs. John D. Constable

Mrs. Daphne L. Borden

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Constable

Dr. Rachel Borson



Ms. Jill K. Conway & Mr. John Conway

Dr. Louis Di Lillo & Mrs. M. Donna Di Lillo

Mrs. Pamela W. Fox

Dr. William W. Cooper &

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Diana

John V. Frank Fund for Pomfret Area

Mrs. Martha Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Reed Dickinson, II

Claire Corcoran & Will Murphy

Mr. Charles W Dietrich

The Corragio Fund

Mr. Edward Doherty &

Mr. James Coughlin & Mrs. Kerrie Coughlin Mr. Maurice W. Coulon & Mrs. Judith A. Coulon Mr. Paul A. Cramer & Ms. Mary E. Gard Mr. & Mrs. Bruce deF. Cranna

Mrs. Joan K. Doherty Susan & Digger Donahue Mr. James S. Downey & Mr. Kevin O’Connor Mr. Robert M. Doyle & Mrs. Cynthia T. Doyle

of Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Greeley in memory of Arthur H. Phillips Mr. John B. Greenbaum & Ms. Chris L. Eaton

Irene & Richard Frary

Mrs. Madeline L. Gregory

Mr. West Frazier & Ms. Christine Collins

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Griffin

Alan French in support of The Mary

Charles & Natasha Grigg

French Bay Circuit Fund

Mrs. Campbell C. Groel, Jr.

Carolyn & John Friedman

Molly Daly Grosvenor Gerard

Mr. Richard D. Frisbie

Mr. Richard P. Grudzinski &

JoAnn & Jack Fruchtman Mr. & Mrs. David M. Gaffney &

Ms. Julie Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Gutman

Mrs. Lauren Cressman

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Driscoll

Mr. Christopher Y. Crockett

Mr. & Mrs. J. Williar Dunlaevy

Mrs. Stefanie Cronin & Mr. Douglas Cronin

Ms. Cecilia E. Dunn

Dr. & Mrs. John Galt

Mr. Christopher S. Haley

Mr. Thomas Cronin & Mrs. Patricia Cronin

Mr. Donald D. Durkee

Jim & Marianne Gambaro

Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond &

Mr. & Mrs. Craig W. Cullen, Jr.

Mr. Richard V. Dwyer &

The Garden Club of the Back Bay

Mr. & Mrs. Jack A Cuneo Mr. John T. Cunningham & Mrs. Daphne H. Cunningham Mrs. Victoria R. Cunningham & Mr. Robert S. Cunningham

The Gaffney Foundation

Mr. James R. Hammond

Mr. Greg Garland & Ms. Heather Garland

Ms. Sarah E. Hancock

The Echo Charitable Foundation

Ms. Helen B. Garland

Mr. Scott M. Hand & Ms. Ellen Hand

Mr. Michael Elzay & Ms. June Elzay

Ms. Alyse A. Gause & Mr. William D. Gause

Mrs. Craig C. Hannafin &

Mr. Peter George Eschauzier &

Mr. George C. Gebelein &

Mrs. Barbara Dwyer

Mrs. Jan N. Eschauzier

Mrs. Suzanne Gebelein Mrs. Eileen P. Gebrian &

Susan & James Curtis

Mrs. Mary Ann Esdaile

Mr. George L. Cushing

Mr. & Mrs. W. Gerard Fallon, Jr.

Ms. Rebecca Cutting

Ms. Barbara E. Fargo

Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Gerard

Ms. Dawn D’Alelio &

Mr. Benjamin M. Faucett &

Susan & William Geresy, Jr.

Mr. Edward H. D’Alelio

Mr. Charles M. Hale & Mrs. Kaaren A. Hale

Mrs. Sarah N. Faucett

Mr. Timothy J. Barberich

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Geschke

Mr. Daniel P. Hannafin Ms. Ellen M. Hanson & Mr. James Hawes Richard T. & Eileen G. Hardaway Ms. Lorli L. Hardigg & Mr. Jamey W. Pope Mrs. Elizabeth Harrigan & Mr. Dan Harrigan Mr. Colin D. Harrington & Ms. Deborah L. Balmuth

Mrs. Edith L. Dabney

Mr. Jamie M. Fay & Mrs. Maureen A. Fay

Anne & Chad Gifford

Mr. Matthew Daniels &

Mr. Alan H. Field &

Mr. Nelson Gifford

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Harris

Ms. Claire M. Gillis

Mr. Roy J. Harris, Jr. &

Mrs. Jennifer Daniels

Ms. Donna J. Wainwright

Mr. Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Ms. Barbara Fife

Ms. Virginia L. Darrow &

Mrs. Elaine W. Fiske & Mr. Philip L. Ladd

Mr. Frederick H. Glore & Mrs. Constance P. Glore

Ms. Eileen C. McIntyre Mr. Carter H. Harrison

George F. Fiske, Jr.

Mr. Richard Goldenberg

Mrs. Katrina B. Hart

Dr. David & Mrs. Karen Davis

Nancy J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. Edward B. Goodnow

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Harter

Mr. Henry Davis & Ms. Belle Davis

Mr. & Ms. David A. Fleischner

Descendants of Charles E. Goodspeed &

Mrs. Christine Haydinger &

Mr. Holbrook R. Davis

Mr. Albion R. Fletcher, Jr.

Leila P. Goodspeed, in loving memory

Mr. & Mrs. Ian M. de Buy Wenniger

Mr. Allen W. Fletcher

of Margaret G. Colburn, Miriam G.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Healey

Mr. Douglas J. DeAngelis

Mr. Stephen L. Fletcher &

Banks, and Charles G. Colburn

Maureen & Philip G. Heasley

Mr. Armand G. Maldonado

Ms. Catharine Deely

Mr. Michael D. Walden

Descendants of Charles E. Goodspeed &

Ms. Lea Delacour & Mr. Edward Bayne

George & Lisa Foote

Leila P. Goodspeed, in loving memory

Mrs. Betsey S. Delaney

Ms. Jocelyn A. Forbush

of Nancy C. Tigner, Miriam C. Wilson

Ms. Jane Cashin Demers &

Mrs. Paula Forrester

and Arthur S. Banks

Mr. Walter V. Demers Mr. Daniel T.M. Dempsey & Mr. Steven Rufo

Mr. Timothy Landry

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Hedges, Jr. Mr. Daniel C. Heintzelman & Mrs. Terese C. Heintzelman Mr. Jeremy D. Henderson & Ms. Catherine Samuels

Mrs. Elena Foster & Mr. Hugh Foster

Ralph & Elizabeth Gordon

Fowle Fund of the Community Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Gourdeau

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Henry

Ms. Elisa Grammer

Ms. Edith H. Herbeck

Ned Grandin & Deb Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. John K. Herbert III

of New Jersey

Mr. Frank F. Herron & Ms. Sandra A. Urie Mr. George Hibben & Mrs. Julia K. Hibben Mr. & Mrs. William C. S. Hicks Mr. & Mrs. Craig A. Hillier Mr. Michael F. Hines Mr. John J. Hitt & Mrs. Carrie Cullen Hitt Ms. Judy A. Hodge & Mr. Henry M. Frechette Mr. David C. Hodgson & Mrs. Laurie B. Hodgson Mr. Howard B. Hodgson, Jr. & Mrs. Wendy Hodgson Ms. Jen J. Hoffman & Mr. Jeff Hoffman PHOTOS APPEARING ON PAGES 26-28 © M. BASU


Mr. Richard F. Hohlt & Mrs. Deborah M. Hohlt Mr. Peter L. B. Hollinger &

Mr. Ronald R. Mourant &

Philip Laird & Amy Clarkson

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Marsh

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Lambert

Martin Fund at The Boston Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey A. Landon &

Carmela & Walker Martin

Mr. John T. Moy & Ms. Sonya E. Keene

Mrs. Wanda J. Mourant

Mastwood Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Mrkonic

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hollis, III

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Lane

Mr. Mark J. Mathis

Ms. Maria Muller

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hood

Mr. Joseph P. Lanzillotta, Jr.

The MathWorks, Inc.

Frederick O. J. Muzi Foundation

Paul & Betsey Horovitz

Mr. Jeremy Lapon

Mr. John W. Maxwell &

Mr. James D. Nail & Ms. Catherine Belden

Mrs. Lily Rice Hsia

Mr. Robert A. Larsen, Jr. &

Mrs. Donna Hollinger

Mr. Philip M. Hubbard & Ms. Ivana K. Kazda Richard & Helen Hughson

Ms. Susan K. Landon

Ms. Judith A. Robichaud Ms. Carolyn A. Lattin & Mr. Venkat Venkatraman

James F. Hunnewell, Jr.

Mr. Jake Laughner & Ms. Kim Seward

Mrs. Walter Hunnewell

Mr. Christopher Lawler &

Mr. Willard P. Hunnewell

Mrs. Ruth Lawler

Ms. Penelope Neal &

Mrs. Kristen L. Dunlap-Maxwell

Mr. Matthew Whitlock

Mr. Daniel K. Mayer &

Mr. Nicholas Negroponte &

Mrs. Jennifer Z. Mayer

Ms. Deborah Z. Porter

Mr. Rick Mayfield & Ms. Holly Mayfield

Dr. Deborah C. Nelson &

Mr. J. Michael Maynard &

Ms. Ingrid A. Johnson

Ms. Ilene Greenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Netland

Mr. Scott McArthur &

Ms. Elizabeth Neumann

Ms. Vickie Thurber v

Ms. Ann S. Hurd & Mr. John Rodenhiser

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Lawrence

Ms. Barbara J. Hussey

Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Leahy

Mr. & Mrs. Sean M. McAvoy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Irwin

Mr. Mark Leavitt & Ms. Taryn G. Leavitt

Mr. Edward F. McBride

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Jackson

Ms. Susan Baker Leavitt

Mrs. Melissa K. McCarthy &

Mrs. Catherine Jacobus

Mr. & Mrs. David S. Lee

Ms. Kristina G. Jelleme &

Ms. Mary Ellen H. Lees

Thomas & Emily McClintock

Mr. Robert J. Newhouse, Jr.

Mr. Matt Lehrer & Mrs. Alice Lehrer

Mr. Thomas A. McCrumm &

Sarah & Jeff Newton

Mr. Jarrod Stolgitis

Mrs. Catharine Newbury & Mr. David S. Newbury Mr. Paul B. Newhouse & Mrs. Diane M. Newhouse

Mr. William S. McCarthy

Mr. Herb Nolan & Ms. Mary Violette

Ms. Judy Haupt

Mr. & Mrs. Pliny Jewell, III

Mr. Timothy Leland & Mrs. Julie Leland

Ms. Amy G. Job & Mr. Robert Job

Mr. & Mrs. J. David Leslie

Mr. H. Bruce McEver

Doe Noordzij Fund

Ms. Laura A. Johnson &

Mr. David J. Levy & Mrs. Persis B. Levy

Mr. James T. McGuinness

Mr. Alexander A. Notopoulos, Jr. &

Mr. David W. Lewis, Jr.

Marie & Robert McInnes

Matthew & Liz Kamens

Mr. Andrew J. Ley & Mrs. Carol P. Searle

Ms. Janice D. McKeever &

Mr. James F. Kane &

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Lichtstein

Mr. Arthur W. Rogers

Representative Hannah Kane Mr. John E. Karr & Ms. Patricia M. Russo

Ms. Alexandra Liftman & Mr. Stephen Liftman

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Nowlan

Mr. Joseph F. McKeever, III

Dr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Nussbaum

Martin McKerrow & Toni B. McKerrow Mr. Christopher McKown & Ms. Abigail Johnson

Dr. Laura A. Katz & Mr. Dan Berger

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan B. Lindenberg

Dr. Julie Kaufman

Ms. Cynthia H. Little & Ms. Amy Rossiter

Mrs. John S. McLennan

Mr. Stephen B. Kay

Ms. Nancy Corns Littlehale

Mr. William McLeod

Brian & Elizabeth Keane

Mr. Charles W. Long

Mr. Lloyd B. McManus, Jr.

Margaret R. Keck †

Mr. William B. Long

Ms. Katherine J. McMillan

Mr. Steven Keleti & Ms. Jean Danton

Charles & Polly Longsworth

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. McMullan

Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Kellner

Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Loring, III

Mr. Malcom McNaught &

Mr. & Mrs. W. Clinton Kendall

Mr. & Mrs. David Loring

Mrs. Emily D. McNaught

Mr. John Kendzierski &

Peter & Babette Loring

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Meahl

Ms. Penelope Low

Mr. Robert Alan Medaugh &

Ms. Patricia Kendzierski

Ms. Alexis Anderson Mr. Michael R. Nowlan &

Mrs. Barbara Medaugh

Mrs. Erin O. Kent & Mr. Patrick Kent

Ms. Sarah H. Lupfer

Ms. Justine Kent-Uritam &

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lyman

Ms. Lindsey Merrill & Mr. Robert Merrill

Michael Lynch & Gail Lynch

Ms. Lucy D. Metcalf

Ms. Susan S. Lyons

Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Paine Metcalf

Eric & Amy Mabley

Ms. Elizabeth Mills & Mr. Jeffrey Mills

Ms. Julie E. Mackin &

Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot Minot

Mr. Rein A. Uritam Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kimball, in memory of Margaret Keck Ms. Jane V. King & Mr. Michael Nacey Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. King Mr. James Kirschner & Ms. Anne Hutchins Mr. David C. Kloss

Mr. Daniel S. Clevenger Mr. Robert W. Macleod & Mrs. Barbara W. Macleod

Mr. Robert B. Minturn Mr. John O. Mirick Mrs. Margaret K. Montgomery in memory of Robert Montgomery

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kneisel

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Macmillan

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Knowles

Ms. Susan Mahan & Mr. Steven Kirincich

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Montminy

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Koehler

Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge Farm & Nursery

Morgan Stanley in honor of

Mr. Edward Kohler

Mr. Dwight P. Manley in memory of

Mr. Richard P. Kosian & Ms. Sally Hamblen

Patricia G. Manley

Pamela S. Kunkemueller

Mr. Paul R. Marcus & Mrs. Anne P. Marcus

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kupper, Jr.

Mr. Adam Markell &

L. L. Bean v Mr. Paul LaFerriere & Ms. Dorrie Parini Mrs. Judith Lafferty

Mrs. Rosemary Markell Mr. George L. Markos & Mrs. Constance P. Markos

Samuel “Clay” Yonce Mr. John Churchill Morris & Mrs. Katherine M. Morris Mr. Christopher Morss Mr. William B. Mosakowski Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Strong Moseley, III Ms. Deborah W. Moses



Mrs. Candace A. O’Brien & Mr. James W. O’Brien

Mrs. Susanna B. Place Mr. & Mrs. John M. Plukas

Mr. Peter R. Rawlings & Mrs. Ellen Rawlings

Dr. Joe C. Runkle & Ms. Amy Snodgrass Mr. John P. Ryan & Dr. Claire P. Mansur

Mrs. Eleanor Q. O’Neill

Mr. Donald J. Polonis

Mrs. Sandra Ray

Didi & Neal Ryland

Ms. Victoria B. O’Neill &

Ms. Vida E. Poole

Razoo Foundation

Mrs. Bonnie Sacerdote

Mr. Dana G. Pope & Mrs. Carolyn A. Pope

Mr. James Recht & Mr. Donald Greenstein

Chris & Pito Salas

Sally & Michael Orr

Ms. Allison Porter

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Reilly

Mr. L. Scott Scharer &

Carolyn & Robert Osteen

Dr. Richard S. Post & Mrs. Janet H. Post

The Rice Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Parker

Mrs. Diana Hitt Potter

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Rice, Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Schifter

Mrs. Joanne H. Patton

Ms. Susan K. Potter & Mr. Steve Potter

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Rich

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Schliemann

Mr. Andrew S. Paul &

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory L. Pottle

Mrs. Margaret E. Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Schmidt

Margaret Poutasse

Migsie & Gar Richlin Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Schreiber

Mr. Michael Powell & Ms. Devon Powell

Mrs. Lynne Rickabaugh &

Ms. Rene Schweickhardt &

Mr. Thomas E. Kelly, Jr.

Ms. Pamela S. Farkas Mr. Jan A. Pechenik & Mrs. Regina Campbell

Dr. Noel A. Powell

Mr. Mark V. Rickabaugh

Ms. Margaret M. Talcott

Mr. Jeff Hyman

Mr. & Mrs. Chester D. Peirce

Dr. Daniel Pratt & Mrs. Susanna Pratt

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Ridge

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold D. Scott

Alan & Judy Pemstein

Mr. & Mrs. Harold I. Pratt

Mrs. Nancy Riegel

Mrs. Barbara I. Sears

Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Peotter

Mr. George G. Preble & Mrs. Joan Preble

Deborah C. Robbins & Family,

Mr. Christopher Sellstone &

Ms. Gloria Percival

Mr. Graham L. Prendergast

Mr. John W. Perfetti & Ms. Fran C. Sobel

Mr. Charles Provenzano &

Cynthia & Dick Perkins

Ms. Cheryl Cronin

in memory of James O. Robbins

L. Dennis & Susan R. Shapiro

Mr. George O. Roberts

Sharpe Family Foundation/

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Petracca

Mr. R. S. Pulver & Mrs. Ann R. Pulver

Henrietta & Heaton Robertson

Mrs. Wendy Philbrick &

Mr. & Mrs. George Putnam, III

Mrs. Sharon F. Robinson &

Mr. Edward Baptiste Ms. Miriam Phillips & Mr. Charles Eley

Ms. Marian Raben in memory of Kate Gillooly

Mr. Stephen John Phillips &

Mr. Lance A. Ramshaw &

Mrs. Marianne Phillips

Ms. Abigail G. Wine

Mrs. Lucy C. Pingree


Mr. Cameron Ives Mrs. Heather D. Smith & Mr. Todd C. Smith

Dr. Laura Roebuck & Dr. William Meehan

Mundi & Syd Smithers

Ms. Anne Randolph

Ken & Ellen Roman

Ms. Janice M. Smyth

Dr. Nancy Rappaport & Mr. Colin Flavin

Philip Rosenkranz

Mr. David Snow

Mr. Henry Rauch &

Ms. Jacqueline Rousseau

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Spector

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin V. Ruddy

Peggy & David Starr

Mrs. Catherine S. Randall

Mr. William L. Pingree &

Ms. Regan Shields Ives &

Mr. Allan Rodgers

Mr. John Freeman Randall &

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew V. Pierce

Ms. Lyly D. Rockwell

Mr. & Mrs. Ross E. Sherbrooke

Mr. Karl Sims & Mrs. Patricia E. Maes

Mr. Richard D. Phippen Mrs. Barbara Pierce

Mr. A. Francis Robinson, Jr. Mr. Richard D. Rockwell &

Sarah Angell Sharpe & John Powley Hugh & Mary Waters Shepley

Jeff & Chris Rodek

Ms. Joanna L. Phippen Mr. Daniel Pierce, Jr. &

Ms. Linda Bliss

Ms. Cornelia C. Roberts

Mrs. Susan Cooper Rauch

Mrs. Elena Stasey

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Wakeman

Pamela & Richard R. Stebbins, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. Wallace

Mr. Karel Steiner &

Mr. E. Denis Walsh & Mrs. Eugenie Walsh

Mrs. Catherine A. Steiner Mr. Arthur K. Steinert & Mrs. Suzanne Steinert Mr. & Mrs. Warren R. Stern

Sandra L. Walsh Dr. Charles L. Ward, Jr. Mr. Solomon B. Watson, IV & Ms. Brenda J. Watson

Joly Stewart

Wauwinet Landowners’ Association

Stier Family

Mr. Scott Wayne

Mr. Lawrence T. Stifler &

Dr. Janet Weathers & Dr. Ronald E. Cobb

Ms. Mary McFadden

Weinshel/Goldfarb Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Joan Stockard

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Weld

Ms. Catherine M. Stone

Mr. John R. Wencek

Dr. Jennifer P. Stone

Mrs. Dorothy Amory Wexler

Garrett Stuck & Pamela Coravos

Mr. Peter Whistler

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy P. Sullivan

Mrs. Constance V. R. White

Ms. Judy Swaim

Mr. & Mrs. Richard White

Dr. Mitchell L. Sweet &

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. White

Ms. Andrea Peraner-Sweet Dr. Ronald W. Takvorian & Dr. Katherine U. Takvorian Ms. Suzie Tapson & Mr. Gordon M. Burnes Mr. David V. Taylor & Ms. Susan Sargent in memory of Susan P. Sargent

Mr. Luke J. Whitesell & Ms. Catherine McLellan Whittier Family Charitable Gift Fund of the Greater Worcester Community

Ms. Regina B. Wiedenski

Mrs. Patricia R. Ternes

Miss Janice Wilkins

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wilkinson

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Thomson

Mr. Eric Williams & Mrs. Elaine Williams in memory of Enid V. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tilghman

Mr. Francis H. Williams

The Todd Family

Mr. Ed Wilson

Mr. Michael K. Tooke &

Mr. Nathan M. Wilson

Mrs. Nancy B. Tooke

Ms. Patricia S. Winer

Mr. Matthew C. Torrey &

Ms. Shirley S. Winer

Ms. Amy B. Torrey

Mr. Paul Wing

Ms. Elizabeth P. Townsend

Linda C. Wisnewski & William P. Collatos

Michelle & Bob Tremblay

Mr. Nathan N. Withington

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Truesdale

Ms. Christina Wood

Mrs. Kristine Trustey

Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Woods

Nancy L. Tuckerman

Suzanne † & Bob Wright

Ms. Vanya Tulenko & Mr. Nunzi Sapuppo

Mr. Jeffries Wyman, Jr.

Mark & Jerilyn Tyrrell

Mr. Robert Zevin & Ms. Rhonda Smith

United States Department of Agriculture

Mr. Paul A. Zevnik & Ms. Ginny Grenham/

United Way of Rhode Island Upper Charles Conservation Land Trust, Inc. Mr. Richard D. Urell

The Zevnik Charitable Foundation Joanne Zitek Mr. Peter J. Zuromskis Anonymous (20)

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Valentine Mr. & Mrs. Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr.

† Deceased

Ms. Gay Ryerson Vervaet

v Includes Gift in Kind

Mrs. Julie M. Viola & Ms. Michelle Viola Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Vogel Mr. & Mrs. Ernest von Simson

Barbara J. Erickson President & CEO Joanna Ballantine Vice President, Western Region Jocelyn Forbush Chief, Operations & Programs

Foundation Whole Foods

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Thornton

The Trustees is Massachusetts’ largest conservation and preservation organization and the nation’s first land trust. We are a nonprofit supported by members, friends, and donors. Explore 116 amazing places across Massachusetts, from beaches, farms and woodlands, to historic homes, urban gardens and more.

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Ms. Wendy D. Wakeman



The Semper Virens Society Semper Virens, which means “always green,” honors and recognizes generous individuals who have made a legacy gift to The Trustees. Since the first recorded bequest in 1902, support via wills and life income gifts has built and strengthened The Trustees’ mission. This strong financial base has provided important stability, enabling The Trustees to secure important landscapes and landmarks, acquire new reservations, implement innovative stewardship, share our conservation mission, and promote ongoing protection of threatened land across the state. We are delighted to list the members of the Semper Virens Society. In making a planned gift, these individuals have turned their passion into a legacy, and set an inspiring example for others to follow.

Ms. Rosamond W. Allen

Mrs. Douglas E. Busch

Thomas & Jane Ellsworth

Mrs. Roslyn E. Harrington

Lindsay & Blake Allison

Ms. Winifred B. Bush

Mr. & Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson

Margery Harris

Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González

Mr. John S. Butterworth

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Epp

Nathan Hayward III

Judith Ann Amelotte

Mrs. Mollie T. Byrnes &

Barbara J. Erickson & Peter Torrebiarte

Mr. Kenneth H. Hill

Richard J. Erickson & Laurie S. Miles

Eloise W. & Arthur C. Hodges

Josephine H. Ashley

Mr. John H. Byrnes, Jr.

Mr. William S. Babbitt

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

William W. Farkas

Mary B. Horne

E. Priscilla Bailey †

Robert W. & Bettyle Carpenter

Mrs. Christine Ferrari

L. Jamison Hudson †

Jeannette Harvey Bart &

CDR & Mrs. Robert H. Chambers Jr.

Gaffney J. Feskoe

Roger B. & Janice G. Hunt

Jacques P. & Frederika B. Fiechter

Melanie Reed Ingalls

Walter J. Bart, Jr.

USN (ret.)

Robert A. Barton

Jennifer C. & Stephen T. Chen

Barbara A. Field

Al R. Ireton

Ms. Alison Bassett

Arthur D. Clarke

Dr. Edward H. Fitch

Jay Jaroslav & Susan Erony

Mr. Christopher M. Begg

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Steven Fitzek & Ann Bracchi

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Jordan

Mr. David A. Behnke &

Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld

Elaine Foster

Virginia Jordan

Mr. William G. Constable

Ms. Adele Franks

Charles F. Kane, Jr. & Anne W. Eldridge

Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Cooper

Albert & Suzanne Frederick

Margaret Keck †

Deborah M. Blake

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Diane J. Gallan

Joyce P. & Charles B. Ketcham

Ms. Gwen M. Blodgett

Melissa Crocker

Jim & Marianne Gambaro

Jonathan & Judy Keyes

Cynthia C. Bloomquist

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Croll

John Lowell Gardner

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kimball

Kib & Tess Bramhall

Patricia Crosthwait

Susan Haupt Gerdine

Wilfred E. Kimball †

Corey W. & Donna M. Briggs

Susan W. Crum

Mrs. Gloria J. Gery

Mrs. Judith C. King & Mr. Mark A. King

Mr. William E. Briggs

Dianne C. Dana

Ms. Marjorie Coleman Glaister

Mr. Brian M. Kinney &

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

Deb Davis & Art Raiche

Ralph D. & Elizabeth W. Gordon

Cornelia W. Brown

Mr. Philip H. Davis & Mr. Eric M. Flint

Alexander Yale Goriansky

Lawrence & Sarah Klein

Bonnie D. Brugger

Elizabeth Dill & Chris Rowbottom

Mr. Morris Gray, Jr.

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff

Lois E. Brynes & Serena Hilsinger

Robert A. & Suzanne Dixon

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Jeffrey D. Korzenik

Mrs. Eustace W. Buchanan

John & Audrey Downie

Christopher Gunning &

Mr. Edward H. Ladd

Janet O. Buckingham †

Stephen Patrick Driscoll &

Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

Mary M. Burgarella

Robert A. Tocci

Christine Kjellson

Dr. Nancy L. Keating

Ellen B. Lahlum

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Laipson

William L. Burgart

Caitlyn & Kimberly Duncan-Mooney

Barbara Hanley & Leo Brooks

Gertrude Lanman

Raymond & Susan Burk

Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall

Douglas B. & Susan Harding

Robert A. Larsen



Leaving a Legacy If you have planned a legacy for The Trustees, let us know so that we may welcome you to The Semper Virens Society. Friends of The Trustees who have made a bequest provision, a gift of life insurance, an interest in a retirement plan, or a life income gift are also included in the Society. Semper Virens Society members are invited to Trustees events and luncheons hosted at various sites twice a year. For further information please contact: Caitlin S. McShera Director of Governance and Planned Giving Long Hill | Development Office 572 Essex Street Beverly, MA 01915 978.921.1944 x1816

Monique Lehner

Mary Mintz

Paul E. & Lisa B. Sacksman

Gay Vervaet

Mr. Allan S. Leonard

Benjamin C. Moore

Preston H. Saunders †

Ralph B. Vogel

Josh Lerner & Wendy Wood

Ellen G. Moot

Stanley & Barbara Schantz

Ralph B. Vogel, II

Mr. George E. Lewis, Sr.

Wendy D. Morgan

John R. & Rebecca C. Schreiber

Ms. Carol Wadsworth

Dr. Terri Loewenthal

Christopher Morss

William E. Schroeder & Martitia Tuttle

Ms. Margaret A. Waggoner

Caleb Loring, III

Robert Newman & Nancy Jones

Barbara C. Schwartz

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Nancy J. & Holger M. Luther

Thomas H. Nicholson

David W. Scudder

Mr. Edward J. Weiner

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Lyford

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

James G. Shanley & Karen P. Battles

Constance V. R. White

Robert & Linda MacIntosh

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Oman

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shapp

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Whiting

Leandra MacLennan

Carolyn & Robert Osteen

Sharon L. Sharnprapai

Hope W. Wigglesworth

Harry & Caryl MacLeod

Mr. & Mrs. John O. Parker

Jennifer C. Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

Sylvia S. Mader

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Payne

Hugh & Mary Waters Shepley

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Eli Manchester, Jr.

Chester D. & Dorothy S. Peirce

Mr. & Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Nancy C. Woolford

Ms. Lisa Manning

Joan Person

John L. Slocum & Elizabeth A. Slocum

Mr. Mark G. Zawacki &

Albert R. Margeson

Kirk E. Peterson & Christine M. Yario

Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Smithers, IV

Shirley & Jim Marten

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Petino

Ms. Emma-Marie Snedeker

Linda J. Mazurek

Robert F. Pilicy

James W. Spinney

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McAulay

Harriet Marple Plehn

Mr. & Mrs. Burgess P. Standley

J. Greer & Elizabeth I. McBratney

Anne P. Plunkett

Patricia P. Storey

Ms. Claire McCall

George Putnam

Mary Ann Streeter

Ms. Nancy F. McCarthy &

Colm J. Renehan

Beverly M. Sullivan

Bea A. Robinson

Carol F. Surkin & Elliot M. Surkin

Cathleen D. McCormick

Stephen C. & Emma Root

Hooker & Jane Talcott

Mr. H. Bruce McEver

Mr. Philip W. Rosenkranz

Jack Teahan & Judi Teahan

Thomas D. McKiernan

Johanna Roses Robichau

Mr. Phillip Terpos

Mrs. John S. McLennan

Donald Guy Ross

Peter H. Van Demark

Katherine J. McMillan

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross

Ms. Lori van Handel &

Stephen E. Mermelstein

James L. Roth

Virginia & Laurence Michie

Jacqueline Rousseau

Mr. Paul Creamer

Mrs. Nancy Zawacki Anonymous (14) † Deceased

Ms. Nancy A. Roseman Frank Vartuli



Trustees Annual Report 2016  

The Trustees Annual Report 2016