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The Trustees

Annual Report | 2017 Fiscal Year

MESSAGE from the Chair & CEO


I am pleased to report that it has been another productive year in which we have continued our strong growth and made many accomplishments. We remain fiscally strong with an operating surplus, no debt, and robust fund raising. In the past year, we have completed our Cultural Resources Capital Campaign and reached or exceed the fourth year’s goals of our 5-year Strategic Plan, The Path Forward, which ends this year. As you will read on the following pages, we continue to be a leader in conservation and preservation with new ideas and innovative strategies. Our success is due in large part to all of you. As members, donors and supporters, you have provided the fiscal backbone for our future. You continue to be the face and the voice of the organization in the many communities around the Commonwealth where we work. This will be my last message as Board Chairman as I completed my term and eight years in that capacity at the Annual Meeting this fall. I am pleased to report that I will be handing over responsibilities to my successor, Peter Coffin, who has been a board leader and chair of key committees as well as a strong supporter of the organization for many years. It is great that the Board will be in such capable hands. I will remain on the board and active with the organization and am very appreciative of the opportunity to help lead this impactful organization.


David D. Croll Chair, Board of Directors


It is always important to reflect on the past and to celebrate the significant milestones. So often, we move quickly to get to the next finish line and this report allows us an opportunity to stop and to recollect our achievements and challenges. In the past year we completed the $26.6 million Cultural Resources Campaign. This initiative restored and refreshed many of our historic properties including our National Historic Landmarks across our diverse portfolio. The work to steward these important sites continues. Stay tuned for our newest initiative soon. And sometimes we must respond quickly to an opportunity. This past year, we rallied to purchase the last parcel of the Crane Estate’s beachfront land known as Steep Hill Beach. This inholding was a critical parcel to complete this iconic landscape. Many did not know it was unprotected but a surge of supporters came forward to help us close the deal in less than three months.


It was a true Trustees moment, when many came together to accomplish the seemingly impossible. I am always amazed and grateful for that kind of support and passion for conservation. Indeed, it is what fuels our work. And our work continues with more challenges ahead. We are now in our final year of the Strategic Plan and I look forward to reporting next year that we achieved all of our goals and that we have begun working towards the aspirations of our new plan.

Barbara J. Erickson President & CEO


2017 in Pictures

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PROTECT Land Conservation


SPOTLIGHT Saving Steep Hill


PROTECT New Reservation #115


PROTECT New Reservation #116


STEWARD Operations & Programs


STEWARD Ecology Report


GROW Engagement Report


PROFILE Preserving a Legacy


Governance Volunteers


SPOTLIGHT Greenhouses at Naumkeag


Cumulative FY17 Gifts


SPOTLIGHT Art & the Landscape






1. New Violet Riot display garden at Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton; 2. Jeppe Hein's Art & The Landscape sculpture at World's End in Hingham; 3. "Nature" play at The Old Manse in Concord; 4. Mary Wakeman's granddaughters celebrate Wasque's 50th Anniversary; 5. Home Sweet Home at Fruitlands Museum; 6. World's End 50th Anniversary Celebration; 7. The Trustees new mobile Farmers market; 8. YoYo Ma & Jill Hornor at the Naumkeag Garden Party.



Semper Virens Society


The 2017 Annual Report reflects activities and donations during Fiscal Year 2017, which ended March 31, 2017.



PHOTO CREDITS: Krista Photography: 1; Trustees: 2, 5; W. Townson: 3; R. Mansfield Jr./Anchor Imagery: 4, 6; Mark Gardner: 7; M. Healey: 8

Cover photo: The Boston Pops play on the Allée at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate to cap off the Trustees 125th Anniversary. Photo © Winslow Townson



FISCAL YEAR 2017 We have experienced extraordinary financial growth in the past few years as we have worked to achieve the targets set out in our five-year strategic plan, The Path Forward. Fiscal Year 2017 was a truly exceptional year, as it was also our 125th, and therefore included a series of events and programs intended to celebrate that milestone. In addition, we completed the $26 million Cultural Resources Campaign and merged with two other entities, Fruitlands Museum in Harvard and The FARM Institute on Martha’s Vineyard. With these recent successes, our financial position remains strong, with $291 million in assets and only $6 million in liabilities. The investment portfolio, which is now valued at over $150 million, remains a critical component of the capital structure, supporting over 20% of annual operating revenues. Property revenues and membership both experienced record highs in the past year, which is a testament to the continued engagement of constituents on our properties and in support of our mission. Finally, contributed income is a vital component of the revenue mix for areas such as land conservation and agriculture that do not fully support themselves financially, but are mission-critical. We continue to operate at a high level with a lean operation and at a modest surplus, which allows us to deploy resources where they are needed most. The Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Staff carefully manage the precious resources of The Trustees to ensure the most meaningful impact and long-term sustainability. We remain proud for all that we have accomplished and are confident that we can continue to build on that foundation to achieve our strategic goals.


FY 2017

FY 2016

Cash and cash equivalents



Other assets



Pledges receivable









Fixed assets, net








Investments Funds held in trust by others Assets related to split-interest aggreement



FY 2016

Accounts payable and accrued expenses



Deferred revenues



Liability under split-interest agreements







FY 2017

FY 2016


Other annuity obligation TOTAL LIABILITIES NET ASSETS Unrestricted



Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted









FY 2017


FY 2017

OPERATING EXPENSES Membership, Administrative marketing & communications

Membership dues



8% 36%

Contributions & Grants

Property revenues



11% 20%


Endowment support



30% Amy L. Auerbach Chair, Finance and Audit Committee

(in thousands of dollars)

*Programs include Land Conservation, Agriculture and Visitor Amenenties & Engagement

49% Property & resource stewardship



Endowment support appropriated for operations Property and other revenues Contributions














Net assets released from restrictions











Land conservation








Visitor amenities and engagement




Historic and structural resources










EXPENSES Property stewardship





Member services




Marketing and communications












CHANGE IN NET ASSETS Contributions and change in value of split-interest agreements

103 -

3,125 3,228 74






















Investment income, net of amounts appropriated for operations & fees Additions of Fruitlands and TFI Other one time adjustments TOTAL CHANGE IN NET ASSETS





Land Conservation

In the past year, The Trustees protected, or helped protect, five properties totaling 450 acres. Fee Acquisition (Present & Future Reservations) PROJECT | CITY/TOWN | ACREAGE | PARTNERS/DONORS | DESCRIPTION

Fruitlands Museum | Harvard (1) 210 Acres  Through our merger with Fruitlands Museum, we brought significant lands into conservation, which link to state and federally protected lands. Steep Hill | Ipswich (2) 20.5 Acres (see spotlight) Led by a challenge grant from a Board member, along with supporting gifts from across the country, we completed this acquisition of the last unprotected parcel at Castle Hill, preventing future development in the heart of this treasured reservation. Vulgaris | New Bedford (3) .12 Acres Although modest in size, this addition to the Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens prevents future development of an adjacent parcel, and at nominal cost through a City program.



Copicut Woods Reservation | Fall River (4) 516 Acres* | MA Department of Conservation & Recreation As was planned from the time of our acquisition of Copicut Woods, we granted a CR to the MA Department of Conservation & Recreation, a partner in the BioReserve project from the beginning.



Warner | Goshen (5) 203 Acres | Gary Warner; Hilltown Land Trust This donated CR protects an expansive wetland and valuable forest and serves as an important connector between large blocks of state protected land, creating an extensive corridor of protected land vital for wildlife.


Fox Creek CR | Ipswich (6) 16.8 Acres| Anonymous land donor This donated CR protects valuable estuarine habitat in the Great Marsh and frontage on scenic Argilla Road. *Previously protected acreage; not included in total FY17 newly protected acreage totals.



PHOTO CREDITS: Trustees: 1,2, 4; L. Owens: 5;



Protecting the remaining Crane Estate lands BY WAYNE WILKINS

What? There was land that could have still been developed on the Crane Estate? Wasn’t it all conservation land already? Do you mean part of Crane Beach could have become private and inaccessible? A few of the questions that Trustees heard when a parcel known as the Steep Hill Inholding became available in mid-2016, these statements above outline just how difficult and challenging the situation that presented itself was. Indeed, 20.5 acres on the Crane Estate—abutting the eastern edge of Castle Hill’s Grand Allée, extending down the hill and including 1,000 feet of frontage on Crane Beach—had been held aside from the Crane family’s original 1949 donation of the Estate for their potential future use. With no activity on this land in the many years since the gift of the Estate, most people understandably assumed there were no unprotected areas within its boundaries. But the Crane’s descendants had just decided that it was finally time to sell the land, and—thanks in no small part to the positive relationship maintained by Trustees staff over nearly seven decades—the family offered the organization the opportunity to acquire the parcel. Vital Lands Since acquiring the Estate, The Trustees had been keenly interested in protecting this inholding, not only to protect the iconic view from being marred by potential development and keep the pristine beachfront, wooded paths, and open fields intact, but for ecological reasons as well. The Steep Hill land hosts an important, natural maritime scrubland community—delineated by the state’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program as a BioMap2 Core habitat and designated as a priority ecological habitat by the state, as its relative isolation offers a refuge for feeding shorebirds, including endangered piping plovers. Keeping Steep Hill in its natural state would also help protect against future sea-level rise at the Crane Estate; its large boulders will help mitigate severe erosion that is expected to increase along coastline properties. For

these reasons, the parcel had long been included on The Trustees’ list of lands whose protection was considered critical.

Steep Challenges Grateful to have the opportunity to purchase and protect the land, the challenge for The Trustees would still be monumental. There was the timeframe— just four short months from the time the organization was granted the right to purchase until the late-September deadline—and the price tag of $2.5 million. In the midst of a summer filled with special 125th Anniversary events and celebrations, it would take a true team effort and an enormous amount of focus to raise the funds necessary. Backed by an anonymous matching challenge of $500,000 to jumpstart the undertaking, a multi-pronged campaign was conceived, including a grassroots letter-writing and phone-calling effort

to raise awareness and support. Local community members canvassed their neighbors. Site visits were arranged, including a “Ride for Steep Hill” horseback event with members from local equestrian groups, which gave visitors the opportunity to see first-hand where development could occur and how easements would allow access roads through otherwise protected acreage. And in the end, it worked: thanks to more than 700 donors from 199 communities across the state and even the country, The Trustees were able to raise nearly $1.9 million toward the project cost. The Steep Hill inholding was purchased by The Trustees on September 28, 2016, permanently protecting it from development, ensuring its long-term health, and providing access to the entire Crane Estate in perpetuity.




New Reservation: #115

The FARM Institute Joins Our Vineyard Family BY GENEVIEVE RAJEWSKI


ead by car from the Oaks Bluffs ferry terminal to Katama Bay in Edgartown, and you’ll pass many of the things that lure tourists to Martha’s Vineyard every summer: families cycling along the island’s network of bike paths, teens jumping off the “Jaws Bridge,” swimmers and sun bathers at State Beach, and resort-town establishments hoping to lure visiting celebrities (or even presidents). But as you near the island’s southern shore, you’re greeted with a most unexpected sight—a 160-acre grassy field, punctuated only by grazing cattle, a silo and a few wood-shingled structures. Known as Katama Farm and operated as The FARM Institute, this new reservation of The Trustees is our first working farm on the Vineyard. The Trustees’ history on the island dates back to the 1950s, when local citizens concerned about land being threatened by development on Chappaquiddick approached the organization about formulating a preservation strategy. With the merger with The FARM Institute in April 2016, The Trustees


now has seven properties on the Vineyard set aside for public use and enjoyment. As one of the largest private owners of farmland in Massachusetts, The Trustees has seen firsthand the power of food-producing properties to inspire land conservation and attract the public. Located near our Norton Point Beach property, a barrier beach that separates the ocean from the bay, Katama Farm has long been used for agriculture. The land has been farmed officially since the arrival of the island’s first European settlers and, before that, the Wampanoag Native American tribe likely had small farms here in the summer. But inside The FARM Institute’s classroom building you can see what an alternate reality for the farm almost looked like. A rendering shows the land as a congested subdivision with 700 building lots, the streets already named—a proposed development that nearly erased the historic farm in the 1970s. Fortunately, a group of neighbors and friends interested in saving Katama Farm stepped up. With their help, the Edgartown Conservation Commission became the landlord of Katama Farm, conserving its

history and future as a working farm. After unsuccessfully trying a for-profit model—in which the town rented the farmland to a succession of three dairies—Edgartown turned the property over to The FARM Institute in 2005. For five years, this nonprofit had been running a beloved educational program that connected children to food and agriculture on another local working farm. After moving to Katama Farm, The FARM Institute used the proceeds from the sale of its previous property to build a new classroom building and to restore the barns for use by animals as well as for expanded classroom space for students. Today, The FARM Institute offers daily and weekly farm camp programs for children ages 2 to 17 during the summer, as well as a growing number of adult workshops throughout the year. During the fall, winter, and spring, it partners with island schools and local organizations to offer farm-related educational programming. The land is primarily used to produce meat and eggs: the farm is home to some 300 laying chickens, 70 head of beef cattle, turkeys, pigs, and sheep. The highly sought-after meat and multicolored eggs are sold on farm, and the meat also can be found in local stores and on the menus of local restaurants. And as part of the merger, The Trustees and The FARM Institute worked together on a fundraising campaign to support a long sought-after teaching kitchen for a farm-based cooking program that will encourage participants to think about how and where their food is produced. Both organizations hope, through the merger, to engage families with young kids in understanding how they together can have the greatest impact on connecting people with their food and where it comes from. After all, as the familiar saying goes: where kids lead, their parents will follow. Genevieve Rajewski is a Boston-based freelance writer who covers nature, animals, food, and science.


New Reservation: #116

Welcome Fruitlands Museum A new chapter begins for this storied place BY COURTNEY GOODRICH


n the early 1840s, Amos Bronson Alcott had an idea. He imagined a simple life based on the core principles of Transcendentalism—that people are inherently good and at their best when on their own in nature. Alcott, along with friend and fellow reformer Charles Lane, decided to create their own transcendentalist community, moving with their families and a handful of other supporters to a 90-acre farm in Harvard in the spring of 1843. They named their self-sufficient home “Fruitlands” in recognition of the bountiful fruit trees on the property. The 174 years between then and now have seen many changes on the Fruitlands property. First, the communal experiment failed after only seven months, mainly because the group of thinkers couldn’t produce either enough food or goods, or sufficient profits to cover even the first mortgage payment. Alcott eventually moved his family back to Concord, where he continued his friendship with other Transcendentalists, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. After years of belonging to Joseph Palmer—one of the Fruitlands participants—and others, the property was purchased in 1910 by Clara Endicott Sears, a wealthy Boston philanthropist and avid collector. Intrigued by the Transcendentalists’ short-lived community, Sears restored the 1820s farmhouse and opened it and the land to the public in 1914 as Fruitlands Museum. In the years that followed, Sears passionately added to the museum, assembling an eclectic collection of Americana. Fascinated by the relationship between Lane and the nearby Shakers, Sears became friendly with them herself, which led to the founding of the Shaker Museum in 1920 after moving a building from the Harvard Shaker Village to

the Fruitlands Museum property. Similarly, Miss Sears recognized that Native Americans had inhabited the Nashua River Valley for many millennia, and was concerned that there was a lack of understanding of native cultures in 20th-century America. As a remedy, she began collecting arrowheads and, ultimately, a geographically diverse assemblage of Native American objects. And in addition to the Shaker and Native American themes, Sears also collected Hudson River School landscapes paintings and folk portraits. And the 210-acre landscape itself, with its breathtaking views, archaeological narratives, abundant flora and fauna, and proximity to what is now the Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, provides a natural collection of its own. Fruitlands Museum became part of The Trustees, as it’s 116th special place, in 2016. We speculate that the merger was a move Miss Sears herself would have approved, given her admiration of The Trustees and its mission during her lifetime. “Our relationship dates back to the 1950s, with Miss Sears considering a possible merger with The Trustees at that time. Her letters acknowledge, even sixty years ago, the shared mission and vision of protecting and preserving iconic places for the benefit of the public,” says Joanna Ballantine, Trustees Vice President for the Western Region. “We have the same primary focus of preservation and enrichment,” adds Marie LeBlanc, former Chairwoman of the

Fruitlands Museum Board, who now serves on the Trustees’ Advisory Board. While the grounds—with almost three miles of walking trails through meadows and woodlands, and past several archaeological sites—are a natural attraction for visitors, other components of Fruitlands Museum are being revived with the Trustees’ support. Most notably, the integration presents The Trustees with an asset it did not have until this point—a dedicated gallery. Delving into the past is part of the Fruitlands experience—a cornerstone that will be cherished and preserved by The Trustees. “The museum has at least 6,000 objects in its collection,” says Shana Dumont Garr, Curator for Fruitlands Museum, “including 230 19th-century folk portraits—the second largest such collection in the nation.” Whether you come for a special event, a wedding, lunch in the Fruitlands Café, visits to experience the many elements of the collection, or the serene and profound beauty of its landscape, a trip to explore all that Fruitlands Museum has to offer will be an enjoyable journey into the nature and history of this remarkable place. Courtney Goodrich is a Boston-based lifestyle writer and associate editor of Design New England, a regional home and garden design magazine.



Operations & Programs


The Operations & Programs Department is comprised of highlyskilled technical specialists who lead the implementation of vision and strategy for Trustees’ key mission-based areas, including among them Land & Community Conservation, Field Operations, Cultural Resources, Ecology, and Agriculture. The team applies best-practice approaches and methodologies that guide day-to-day operations, in order to achieve a level of excellence that honors the legacies of the families whose properties we protect. In Fiscal Year 2017, the stewardship teams completed a three-year program of assessing our buildings, trails and waterways, ecological landscapes, community gardens, reservation entrances, and designed landscapes



against baseline standards established as an outcome of the 2018 Strategic Plan, The Path Forward. The final assessment level achieved through this endeavor was, in fact, greater than the goal set out in the Plan.

Buildings & Historic Houses 343 buildings and structures—including 14 historic homes open to the public—utilized

for animals, vehicles, and equipment, as well as historical collections and staff housing

Trails & Waterways 26,000 acres of land 408 miles of trails (including 27 miles

81% Assessed

74% in FY16

95% Assessed

of trails for skiers)

88% in FY16

Designed Landscape


76 miles of coastland 24 designed landscapes, including, 11 public gardens


49% in FY16

Community Gardens 55 community gardens in eight Boston neighborhoods

Entrances 137 reservation entrances;

includes accessibility and appearance of parking lots, road and path surfaces, kiosks, and signage

Ecological Landscapes 83 priority landscapes, totaling 5,600 acres

100% Assessed

46% in FY16

75% Assessed

68% in FY16

76% Assessed

41% in FY16

Farms In addition to the areas above, Trustees is also one of the largest private holders of farmland in the Commonwealth. We maintain seven working farms, home to 56 acres of vegetable production, along with 460 laying hens, 31 milking cows, 45 pigs, and 125 beef cattle. 10 THE TRUSTEES

Ecology Report At The Trustees, we prioritize and direct our ecology work toward the most significant natural landscapes. We have identified more than 80 specific priority landscapes on which to focus, totaling more than 6,000 acres throughout the Commonwealth. Most require active management to maintain their habitat value. The scope of our ecology program and highlights of this past year's work are as follows:

Grassland Management, Prescribed Fire & Habitat Restoration Strategic management of landscapes helps improve critical habitats for tomorrow’s generation of flora and fauna.

1,695 Acres of priority grassland habitat on 43 properties 66 Grassland acres burned at Long Point and Wasque; drought conditions prevented scheduled burns at several other properties 27 Acres of grassland habitat restored at Bartholomew’s Cobble 2 Properties (Bartholomew’s Cobble and Naumkeag) where new

erosion control measures have begun to mitigate huge channels and increased sedimentation—due to increasing/changing levels of precipitation— impacting wetlands and habitats


76 Trustees properties with federal- and state-listed rare species 175 Rare species protected on Trustees properties, including peregrine falcons, seabeach knotweed, and northern harrier hawks

1 Property with a nest of bald eagles (Old Town Hill); first such nest on

Trustees reservations since the population’s decline as a result of DDT

Rare Species While rare coastal nesting shorebirds remain a focus for The Trustees, many other rare species need protection and management. ©L.QUINN; CREATIVE COMMONS

Invasive Species & Deer Control Invasive species and growing deer populations have proven a direct threat to forest regeneration, rare species survival, and wildlife populations.

40 Properties where invasive plants were treated or monitored, including Japanese barberry, garlic mustard, and glossy buckthorn

62 Properties open to deer hunting as a means of mitigating negative impacts on forest regeneration, rare plant species survival, and other wildlife populations posed by uncontrolled deer herd growth 30 Trustees properties open to controlled deer hunting (by permission only) 71 Deer harvested from 20 properties


729 Total breeding pairs counted on Trustees properties, including

piping plovers, least terns, common terns, roseate terns, American oystercatchers, and black skimmers

26 Miles of beach in shorebird management program, covering seven properties

Shorebirds Breeding shorebirds are one of the best indicators of beach integrity. Our feathered friends fared well this year. ©R.ROYSE





Engagement Report Organizational efforts to increase visibility and to provide a richer variety of programming offerings this year resulted in sweeping gains in property visitation, program participation, and volunteering. Significant gains were further bolstered by special events created to commemorate The Trustees’ 125th Anniversary. Below are summaries of the various ways people engaged with The Trustees in FY17:


Total visitors to Trustees properties grew by 25.9% this year, compared to the previous year. 2,008,178 1,595,436




TOP 10 MOST-VISITED PROPERTIES IN FY17: 1. Crane Beach on the Crane Estate, Ipswich 2. Community Gardens, Boston 3. Appleton Farms & Grass Rides, Hamilton & Ipswich 4. Francis William Bird Park, Walpole 5. Rocky Woods, Medfield 6. Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich 7. Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard 8. Powisset Farm, Dover 9. Norton Point Beach, Martha’s Vineyard 10. World's End, Hingham


Our second full year of expanded and more compelling program offerings brought a dramatic 74.5% increase in participation this year, and a corresponding 48.5% increase in revenue. This year’s numbers were strengthened by one-time events celebrating our 125th Anniversary—including the Boston Pops at Castle Hill and the “From the Sea to the Mountains” exhibit at the Boston Public Library. Even discounting these events, participation rose an extremely healthy 40.9%.



Parenthetical numbers indicate the number of Excite properties in each category. 148,543


Agricultural properties (6)


Cultural properties (7)


Recreational properties (10)

40,130 9,272

Beach properties (4) FY16





* excludes one-time 125th Anniversary-related events.



In Fiscal Year 2017, Trustees sold 1,271 shares at our three vegetable CSAs; more than 56 acres were tilled in order to grow the CSA produce. And we launched our first-ever Meat CSA with cattle, pigs, and chickens raised at Powisset Farm (Dover), Chestnut Hill Farm (Southborough), Moose Hill Farm (Sharon), and Weir River Farm (Hingham).


209,237 *




Appleton Farms *

653 10 663

Powisset Farm

354 75 429

Chestnut Hill Farm

153 26 179

Meat CSA**

n/a 52 52

The Trustees would not be able to accomplish its mission without the generous gifts of time and energy by our volunteers. We began as a volunteer-run organization, and the work our volunteers do today honors that legacy. Through more focused opportunities and improved reporting as a result of a new statewide tracking system, an increase of 61.6% in reported volunteer hours resulted in 56,820 total hours of volunteer time given to The Trustees across the state in Fiscal Year 2017. 56,820 35,152


TOTAL 1,323 * no longer includes produce grown at Moraine Farm in Beverly ** first year of operation






Total night stays at The Trustees four lodging sites decreased by 3.8% in Fiscal Year ’17, as compared to the previous year. 9,814








FY16 FY17

Dunes’ Edge Campground, Provincetown

3,080 2,991

Tully Lake Campground, Royalston

4,608 4,131

Inn at Castle Hill, Ipswich

1,277 1,548

Guest House at Field Farm, Williamstown


849 773 9,814 9,443





Preserving a Legacy of


Two summers ago, during a weekend getaway from their home in Roslindale to Field Farm in Williamstown, Rob Larsen and Judith Robichaud watched from their Guest House balcony as a storm and a sunset converged, casting hues of purple, grey, and green across the rise of Mount Greylock in the distance. “It felt like time stopped,” Robichaud says. They canceled their dinner reservations, popped a bottle of wine, and plated some cheese, too mesmerized to turn away. 14 THE TRUSTEES

That colorful memory speaks to creativity that never takes a vacation. Robichaud is an oil painter whose works regularly depict landscapes and natural scenes, while Larsen is a 30-year veteran of graffiti art who has exhibited works in galleries alongside some of the biggest names to ever hold a spray can. Their chosen media mirror their upbringings: Robichaud in the sleepy wooded outskirts of Worcester, Larsen in the industrial grey of East Boston. Trustees properties have been part of their relationship’s scenery since before their marriage—one of their first dates was a rainsoaked stroll along the Crane Estate’s Grand Allée. (“It was actually nice to have the place to ourselves,” Robichaud says.) Whether for artistic inspiration or a break from too much screen time at the office, visiting Trustees properties proved restorative, and the couple became members of The Trustees in 2004 to explore them as often as they could. Later, concerned from watching so many condominiums suddenly sprout from agrarian acres across the Commonwealth, the couple signed on as members of the Conservation Council. Last year, Larsen became a Corporate Trustee. Their entry into the Semper Virens Society followed family tragedy. Kamal Jain—husband to Robichaud’s sister, JoAnn—passed away unexpectedly, young, and without a will. Larsen and Robichaud decided to tie up their own loose ends and contribute to their most cherished organizations, and The Trustees’ devotion to protecting working farms and sustainable agriculture made for a fitting tribute to Jain—he helped JoAnn on her farm at the Brooks School in North Andover—and his ever-generous spirit. “It’s a way that he’s continued to inspire us,” Larsen says. “It’s a strange way to put it, but it’s true.” Today, Larsen praises The Trustees for helping Massachusetts preserve its natural wonders even as the Commonwealth becomes a hotspot for biotech and other digital-age industries. (Larsen is a front-end web developer while Robichaud is a user experience designer.) “We still have things that were here when the Pilgrims landed: the forests, the coastline, all this green space,” Larsen says. “I grew up a poor kid in one of the least green spots in Boston, and I could still know what it meant to be in nature…We still have all this ready access to green space, and it’s not like that everywhere.” And with a return trip to Field Farm on the horizon, that vision of nature’s brush painting the state’s highest peak looms large in their minds even today. “I’m in awe when I think about it,” Robichaud says, “and I can’t wait to go back.”


If you have planned a legacy for The Trustees, let us know so that we may welcome you to The Semper Virens Society. Friends of The Trustees who have made a bequest provision, a gift of life insurance, an interest in a retirement plan, or a life income gift are also included in the Society. Semper Virens Society members are invited to Trustees events and luncheons hosted at various sites twice a year.(See page 30 for the list of Society members.) For further information please contact: The Trustees | Development Office 200 High Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02110 978.921.1944 x1816 |



Governance Volunteers BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Douglas B. Harding

Sarah Hunt Broughel

Katherine J. McMillan

Directors serve as the governing board of Trustees, charged with the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s operations.

Alicia Hesse-Cleary

Cornelia W. Brown

Wilhelm M. Merck

Roland E. Hoch

Ronald Brown

John O. Mirick

Elizabeth Livingston Johnson

Lalor Burdick

Sara Molyneaux

Jared S. Keyes

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

Frederick S. Moseley, III

Julia G. Krapf

Liza R. Carey

George S. Mumford, Sr.

David D. Croll, Chair

Theodore C. Landsmark

Sharon Casdin

Virginia M. Murray

Brian M. Kinney, Vice Chair

John D. Laupheimer, Jr.

Robert A. Clark

Scott A. Nathan

William G. Constable, Secretary

Marie LeBlanc

William C. Clendaniel

Thomas H. Nicholson

Eunice J. Panetta, Assistant Secretary

Martin Lempres

Frances Colburn

Nicholas W. Noon

Amy L. Auerbach

Alexandra Liftman

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Julia B. O’Brien

Clement C. Benenson

Maria T. Madison

Mary Campbell Cooper

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Peter B. Coffin

Mark J. Mathis

Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Ronald P. O’Hanley, III

Karen S. Conway

Daniel K. Mayer

Peter H. Creighton

Kathryn P. O’Neil

Paula V. Cortés

David C. McCabe

Elizabeth Hope Cushing

Carolyn M. Osteen

David L. Costello

Kathleen T. McIntyre

John P. DeVillars

John O. Parker †

Andrew O. Davis

Pauline C. Metcalf

Franklin L. Feigin

Richard F. Perkins

Elizabeth de Montrichard

Brian W. Monnich

Louise J. Feigin

Edward N. Perry

Jeffrey B. Fager

Amey D. Moot

Ronald Lee Fleming

Samuel Plimpton

David R. Foster

Russell J. Peotter

Allen W. Fletcher

Beatrice A. Porter

Thomas D. French

Michael Prior

Ann C. Galt

Margaret L. Poutasse

Nathan Hayward, III

Brooke G. Redmond

John L. Gardner

George Putnam

Edward H. Ladd

Anthony Rochte

Gale R. Guild

Eugene E. Record, Jr.

Paul R. LeBlanc

Stanley Schantz

Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Henry S. Reeder, Jr.

Robert Mason

Christopher A. Shepherd

Carter H. Harrison

John Ex Rodgers

W. Hugh M. Morton

Regan Shields Ives

Thomas J. Healey

G. Neal Ryland

Hillary H. Rayport

Jonathan A. Soroff

John K. Herbert III

Jane Saltonstall

Cyrus Taraporevala

Arthur K. Steinert

Eloise W. Hodges

Charles W. Schmidt

Hope E. Suttin

Jean Holroyde

David W. Scudder

Yanni Tsipis

Paul S. Horovitz

Mary Waters Shepley

John Vasconcellos

James S. Hoyte

William Shields

Julie M. Viola

Lily Rice Hsia

Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Elizabeth Weinberg Smith

Janice G. Hunt

F. Sydney Smithers, IV

Susan Winthrop

Roger B. Hunt

Joseph Peter Spang

Phyllis Robin Yale

Stephen B. Jeffries

Caroline D. Standley

Naomi Yang

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Augusta Perkins Stanislaw

Charles F. Kane, Jr.

Margaret E. Steiner

Stephen B. Kay

Elliot M. Surkin

Andrew W. Kendall

Hooker M. Talcott, Jr.

Jonathan M. Keyes

Jane McC. Talcott

Judy Keyes

Patricia R. Ternes

Edward H. Ladd

John E. Thomas

Philip L. Laird

Marian F. Thornton

Robert A. Lawrence

Philip A. Truesdell

David I. Lewis

Natalia K. Wainwright

George E. Lewis, Sr.

Susanna B. Weld

Deborah Logan

William F. Weld

Charles R. Longsworth

R. Angus West

Spencer P. Glendon

Lee Albright

Caleb Loring, III

Hope W. Wigglesworth †

Elizabeth W. Gordon

Steven A. Bercu

Jonathan B. Loring

Marjorie D. Greville

Tatiana Bezamat

Peter E. Madsen

Doug C. Grip

Jane Lyman Bihldorff

Eli Manchester, Jr.

ADVISORY BOARD This governance body advises the Board of Directors and staff on key issues, bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to its decision-making process. Laura Bibler Andrew P. Borggaard Lucy Caldwell-Stair Patty Crane Walter C. Donovan Philip J. Edmundson James V. Ellard, Jr. Uzochi Chimdinma Erlingsson Jennifer Erskine Charles D. Esdaile Michael Even

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL Established in 1995, this Council was created to honor former members of the Standing Committee, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. It provides the opportunity for Trustees to continue to benefit from their advice and deep institutional knowledge.

Martha L. Gangemi




Dorothy C. Fullam

Pamela Fezandie Lohmann

Honoring those who have made extraordinary gifts of property, financial assets or service to Trustees.

Elizabeth W. Gordon

Jane C. Lyman

Ralph D. Gordon

Katharine W. McLennan

Gale R. Guild

Richard K. McMullan

Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Roslyn E. Harrington

May H. Pierce

Lee Albright

Janice G. Hunt

George Putnam

Elsie J. Apthorp

Roger B. Hunt

Nancy B. Putnam

Robert A. Barton

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Stephen L. Root

Wilhelmina V. L. Batchelder-Brown

Andrew W. Kendall

Jane Saltonstall

George P. Bates

John W. Kimball

Mary Waters Shepley

For the list of Corporate Trustees,

Nancy B. Bates

Catherine C. Lastavica

Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

please visit our website at

Frances Colburn

Edward P. Lawrence

F. Sydney Smithers, IV

Sylvia P. Constable

James Lawrence, III

Caroline D. Standley

Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Robert P. Lawrence

Elliot M. Surkin

John Fiske

George E. Lewis, Sr.

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Alan F. French

Susan P. Little

R. Angus West

Corporate Trustees, along with Life Trustees, are the voting members of the organization. Each year at the Annual Meeting, they elect Board of Directors and Advisory Board, as well as new Corporate Trustees and Life Trustees.

† Deceased

Frederic Winthrop, Jr.


New Greenhouses Build Horticultural Legacy at Naumkeag Forty-five years after collapsing under a snow load, Naumkeag’s greenhouse structures have been recreated and restored to functionality. Continuing the recent restoration efforts at the National Historic Landmark which were enabled by the Bringing Our Stories to Life Cultural Resources Campaign, the greenhouse project brings back a missing element to the landscape that celebrates the horticultural legacy of the Choate family, and will support The Trustees’ horticultural program long into the future.


The 19th-century greenhouses—which included several structures used for plant propagation, coldframes to extend the growing season, and an orangery that housed a peach tree—were a functional and aesthetically important part of the Naumkeag landscape. “We preserved and salvaged those elements of the original building that had survived,” said Bob Murray, The Trustees’ Structures & Landscapes Project Director. “We were able to mimic and reproduce many of the architectural details of the original buildings and incorporate them into the construction of two new greenhouses: the propagation house and the peach house.” The new buildings are more sustainable, as well, taking advantage of modern materials and technology, such as aluminum construction for strength, and radiant heat and low-e glass for greater energy efficiency. “We are bringing back a key element to the landscape that was an integral part of the Choate family's life here at Naumkeag,” says General Manager for the Southern Berkshires, Brian Cruey. “These structures will not only allow us to better support the horticultural needs of our recently restored gardens, but will also create opportunities for engaging our visitors with exciting new programming.” For more on this restoration project, visit



Cumulative FY17 Gifts The Directors and staff of The Trustees extend our deepest gratitude to the following donors that contributed through giving societies, strategic project support, critical campaigns, and special events. We are deeply grateful to these generous funders for their foresight and commitment to Trustees’ mission. They fuel our thoughtful growth, expand our reach, and deepen our impact. $1,000,000+

Karen & Brian Conway

Mr. Doug C. Grip & Ms. Karen Grip *

Tom & Jill French

Barr Foundation

The Nancy Foss Heath &

Highland Street Foundation

Miss Diane J. Gallan

Mr. & Mrs. Roland E. Hoch

Bernice B. Godine Family Foundation

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Henry P. Kendall Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Estate of Linda Sherman Johnston

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Lewis, Sr.

Mr. Keith D. Hartt & Ms. Ann H. Wiedie

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc./

The Lookout Foundation, Inc.

Timothy T. Hilton

Robert & Erica Mason

Mr. & Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

Edward H. Ladd

National Park Service

Institute of Museum & Library Services

Eunice & Jay Panetta

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick N. Khedouri

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

New England Biolabs, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Kidder

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Reed

Mr. Martin L. O’Neil

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. LeBlanc

David & Marie Louise Scudder

The Harold Whitworth Pierce

Mr. Marty Lempres

David & Victoria Croll Anonymous (1)

$500,000 - $999,999 Estate of Hobson G. Coleman Nathan & Marilyn Hayward Estate of Doris Wilson Anonymous (1)

Richard B. Heath Foundation

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

$250,000 - $499,999

Estate of Barbara E. Snyder

Joan E. Appleton 1997

Estate of Alida B. Stange

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Reed

Norman & Rosita Winston Foundation

Mrs. Louise C. Riemer

Anonymous (1)

Mary Ann Streeter

Helen & William Mazer Foundation

Mr. Cyrus Taraporevala &

Mr. W. Hugh M. Morton, Esq. &

Charitable Foundation Abby & Peter Coffin

Charitable Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr. The Manton Foundation Estate of Elspeth Eberlin Matkovich

Ms. Fie Andersen

$50,000 - $99,999 The Arcadia Charitable Trust Estate of Janet O. Buckingham

$100,000 - $249,999

Patrick & Aimee Butler Family Foundation

Ms. Anita Bekenstein &

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hazen Churchill, Jr.

Mr. Josh Bekenstein Mr. Clement Benenson & Mrs. Stephanie Terelak Benenson

Ms. Fotene J. Demoulas & Mr. Tom Cote

Ms. Elizabeth O’Connor

Robert & Elizabeth Owens

Anonymous (3)

Claudia & Steven Perles Family Foundation

The Bok Family Foundation

Mr. Jonathan Chatinover &

Mr. Andrew P. Borggaard & Mrs. Jennifer M. Borggaard

William W. Farkas

Boston Committee of the Garden Club of America

Mr. Spencer P. Glendon & Ms. Lisa Y. Tung

Boston Redevelopment Authority Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc. Mrs. Cecily Campbell Colburn The George G. & Doris B. Daniels Wildlife Trust Mr. Andrew Davis & Dr. Florence Bourgeois Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan G. Davis EBSCO Publishing


Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Esdaile


Mrs. Diana M. Morton

Natasha & Dirk Ziff

$25,000 - $49,999

Crane Fund for Widows & Children

Fisheries & Wildlife

Mr. Scott Nathan & Ms. Laura DeBonis

Community Foundation of

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Division of

Gail & Ernst von Metzsch

Mrs. Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc.

Mr. Darryl H. Mallah

Mr. Jeffrey B. Fager & Ms. Melinda W. Fager Mr. Samuel M. Feldman & Ms. Marilyn Meyerhoff The Felicia Fund

Plimpton Shattuck Fund Lauren & Michael Prior Nancy & George Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Eugene E. Record, Jr. Mr. Carter S. Romansky & Ms. Lauren Romansky Mrs. Jane Saltonstall Dr. William L. Saltonstall & Dr. Elizabeth S. Saltonstall Mrs. Carolyn Soules & Mr. Jason H. Soules Town of Stockbridge U.S. EPA Office of Environmental Justice VIA Art Fund Wasserman Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation The Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Foundation The Weld Foundation Mr. Charles A. Ziering & Mrs. Margaret W. Ziering Anonymous (1)

$10,000 - $24,999

Ms. Laurie M. Hylton & Mr. Scott Hylton

Nanny & Eric Almquist

Island Foundation, Inc.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

David B. Jones & Allison K. Ryder

Laurie & David Barrett

W.O. Keeler Family Gift Fund

Mr. Walter J. Bart, Jr. &

Mr. Jared S. Keyes & Mrs. Song-Mei C. Keyes

Mrs. Jeannette Harvey Bart

Mr. Brian M. Kinney &

Mr. Steedman L. Bass Mr. John M. Bradley

Ms. Laura Kitchings

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Brown

Lenoir Charitable Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Erich Buddenhagen

Ms. Lisa S. Lewis & Mr. Bart Dunbar

John & Mollie Byrnes

The Littlejohn Family Foundation

Ms. Rebecca G. Campbell &

Mrs. Ann Macomber


Dr. Nancy L. Keating

Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Dana Markos Events *

Mr. Samuel R. Campbell

Massachusetts Department of

Mr. Ronald L. Castle &

Conservation & Recreation

Ms. Florence Ditirro

Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntyre &

Mr. Christopher A. Celeste &

Mr. A. Duncan McIntyre

Ms. Nancy J. Kramer

Ms. Judith Ann Amelotte

Neal & Ronna Erickson

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Ames

Dr. Uzochi Chimdinma Erlingsson & Dr. Erik C. Erlingsson

J. Jared & Cassandra L. Annello Ms. Amy L. Auerbach & Mr. Leo F. Swift

Mr. & Mrs. John Evangelakos

Ms. Sarah B. Cole

Mrs. Joan P. Middleton

Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Farnsworth

Town of Concord

Estate of C. Eldridge Morgan

Mr. David A. Behnke &

Ms. Rachel G. Fletcher

Dorothy D. Conkey Trust

Mr. Albert A. Nierenberg & Mrs. Catherine Nierenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Creighton Mrs. Elizabeth de Montrichard & Mr. Gonzague de Montrichard

Mrs. Gina Beinecke & Mr. Walter Beinecke

Ms. Patricia L. Freysinger

The O’Hanley Family

Mr. Steven A. Bercu

Mr. Christopher S. Gaffney

Kate & Ford O’Neil

Mrs. Susan P. Bernard &

Alexander Dingee & Susan J. Gray

Mr. Morgan Palmer †

Deborah & Philip Edmundson

Mr. A. Neil Pappalardo & Mrs. Jane Pappalardo

Mrs. Betty M. Ellis

Mr. Arthur H. Parker &

William V. Ellis Family Foundation

Mrs. Carolyn B. Parker

Ernst & Young Ms. Jennifer Erskine & Mr. Bryan Cashin

Mr. Scott D. Parker & Ms. Kathleen V. Martin

Estate of Ellen G. Moot

The Lee & Juliet Folger Fund

Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

& Ms. Karen Kames Mrs. Martha L. Gangemi &

Mr. Peter J. Bernard

Mr. Michael A. Gangemi

Mrs. Marion B. Bianchi †

Mr. C. Mackay Ganson &

Laura & Gregory Bibler

Mrs. Julia K. Ganson

Charles Sumner Bird Foundation Ms. Karen L. Brush & Mr. David M. Brush

Ms. Diane Gipson

Mrs. Joan Buchanan

Estate of Bernice B. Godine

Mr. & Mrs. Lalor Burdick

Ms. Jo Anne Goldman Mrs. Ashley Hubbard Harmon &

Michael & Joan Even

Mrs. May H. Pierce

Mrs. Ann S. Buxbaum

Ms. Barbara W. Field

Mr. Robert D. Rands &

The Carleton, Gibson, and Mock Family

Mrs. Amelia R. Rands

Ms. Elaine Foster

Hillary Hedges Rayport &

Dr. David George Fromm

Jeffrey F. Rayport

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Gable

Mr. James M. Harmon

Mr. Robert D. Carter

The Helen G. Hauben Foundation

Mr. Richard P. Caruso

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Healey Arthur & Eloise Hodges

& Mrs. Judith W. Caruso


Mrs. Sharon Casdin

James F. Hunnewell, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David M. Roby

Mrs. Frances R. Caudill

Luisa Hunnewell & Larry Newman

Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett R. Geer

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross

Mr. Robert A. Clark

Mr. Charles F. Kane, Jr. &

Nick & Marjorie Greville

Saquish Foundation

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Guy, III

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Schantz

Ms. Barbara G. Cole

Ms. Deborah Hale & Mr. Martin deM. Hale

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Shepherd

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Shields

Mr. Timothy R. Collins & Ms. Emily Collins

Mrs. Julia G. Krapf

Mr. Wilmot R. Hastings

Mrs. Hope N. Smith

Copeland Family Foundation

Mr. Matthew W. Krummell &

Mrs. Frank W. Hoch & Family

Adam & Hope Suttin

Ms. Paula V. Cortés

Rupert C. Thompson Fund of

Sarah L. Creighton

Gertrude Lanman

Ms. Arabella S. Dane &

Dr. Cynthia M. Latta

Ms. Jade T. Gedeon & Mr. William E. Kiester

The Rhode Island Foundation


United States Department of Agriculture

Ms. Anne W. Eldridge Mr. John C. Keogh George & Carolyn Koehler

& Mr. Christopher A. Cole

Ms. Valerie Davisson

Mr. John D. Laupheimer &

Mr. Edward N. Dane

Town of Williamstown

Dr. Edmund P. DeLaCour

Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust

The Dennis Family Foundation

Ms. Marie LeBlanc & Mr. Greg Schnipke

Genevieve & Justin Wyner

Mr. Walter C. Donovan

Mr. James E. Lenhart & Mrs. Dipti Lenhart

Anonymous (12)

The Families of George &

David & Cristina Lewis

Mrs. Deborah Laupheimer

Ms. Susan C. Livingston &

Michael Eberstadt

$5,000 - $9,999 Mrs. Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott Walter & Alice Abrams Alarms of Berkshire County

Mr. Henry H. Livingston

The Echo Charitable Foundation Mr. Peter L. T. Eliot & Mrs. Katherine Eliot

Joe & Deborah Loughrey

Mr. & Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson

Mr. Roger W. Louis & Ms. Iris Louis

J. Irving England &

Anne S. & Brian K. Mazar

Jane L. England Charitable Trust



Dr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Pruett Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation

Thank you to our Giving Society members. Unrestricted support is the bedrock of our historic places of Massachusetts. Since 1891

Ms. Rowan D. Murphy

Margaret Walker Purinton Foundation

Ms. Ruth Balboni

Sally & Rob Quinn

Mr. David M. Baum & Mrs. Andrea Baum

Mrs. Wendy J. Rafn & Mr. Mark Rafn

Mr. Stephen A. Bernier

Charles C. & U. Ingrid Richardson

Bob & Karen Bettacchi

Ms. Aileen K. Roberts &

The Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Brian L. Roberts

efforts to protect and share the beautiful and

Mr. Andus D. Baker &

Mrs. Camilla Blackman

Mr. Anthony Rochte & Ms. Mia Rochte

S. K. Boreri, MD

Ms. Jacqueline Rousseau

Mr. Peter J. Boynton &

Ms. Judith Scheuer &

when Charles Eliot founded this organization

Mr. Joseph Mellicker

with a bold idea, our impact has extended to

Mr. Kenneth T. Schiciano & Ms. Pixley Schiciano

Mrs. Susan Boynton Kib & Tess Bramhall Ms. Dianne Brand & Ms. Rachel Brand Mrs. Kristina M. Brendel &

116 properties which welcome over 1.5 million

The Sedgwick Family

visitors each year. We remain committed to

Select Horticulture, Inc. *

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

protecting and stewarding our special places so

Sharpe Family Foundation/Sarah Angell

Ms. Cornelia W. Brown &

Sharpe & John Powley

that they may be enjoyed by everyone, forever.

Mr. Norton Q. Sloan. Jr. &

Your generosity and partnership is critical in

Mrs. Sandra Sloan

Mr. Douglas D. Brendel

Dr. Henry B. Warren Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Brown Ms. Dinah Buechner-Vischer

Joseph Peter Spang

Mr. John A. Burgess & Dr. Nancy S. Adams

Thomas Stair & Lucy Caldwell-Stair

Mrs. Eugenia E. Burn

Mr. Scott A. Stone & Ms. Jana Stone

Mr. John S. Butterworth

For more information about Giving Societies

Carol & Elliot Surkin

Cabbage Hill Farm *

and the special opportunities members enjoy,

Mrs. Cristen Tabors & Mr. David Tabors

John & Kate Cabot

Jane & Hooker Talcott

Paul C. & Virginia C. Cabot

these efforts.

please visit

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Truesdale *

Honorable & Mrs. Levin H. Campbell, Sr.

United Way of Greater New Bedford, Inc.

Mr. Richard J. Canty &

The Waldo Trust Mr. Gary M. Warner & Ms. Elizabeth Wroblicka Dr. John G. McBratney & Mrs. Elizabeth I. McBratney Mr. David C. McCabe & Mrs. Allyson T. McCabe Mr. John C. McCarthy & Ms. E. Andrea Brox Ms. Kimberly S. McGovern & Mr. Frank E. Scherkenbach Mr. & Mrs. James Mellowes Ms. Tamsen Merrill

Mr. John Hastings Wasson &

Ms. Pauline Cabot Metcalf Ms. Susan Mikula & Ms. Rachel Maddow

Mrs. Gail Wasson

Ms. Claudia Miller

Mr. Eric W. Weber & Barbara Young

Deborah & Timothy Moore

Mr. John P. Weitzel † & Mrs. Elisabeth S. Weitzel

Mr. Brian R. Neff & Ms. Jana P. Neff

Charitable Trust

Mr. Yanni Tsipis & Ms. Kristin Kara

Ms. Hope B. Woodhouse Wesley & Dianne Card Mr. John G. Carey & Mrs. Sarah Carey Jane Cheever Carr Mr. Larry Carsman & Mrs. Christine Carsman Michael & Jenny Ceppi Pamela D. & Jeffrey A. Choney

Tom & Cathy Nicholson

Mr. & Mrs. R. Angus West

Mr. William S. O’Connell

Gertrude de G. Wilmers

Mrs. Joan Person

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Wilson

Mr. George F. Colony

Ms. Beatrice A. Porter

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Rasmussen

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Constable

The Prior Family Foundation

Phyllis Robin Yale

Mary & James Nicoll Cooper

Mr. Jonathan M. Zorn

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Costello

Anonymous (9)

Ms. Anne S. Covert

Mr. Kenneth Cochrane & Mrs. Pam Cochrane

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher H. Covington

$2,500 - $4,999

Marilyn Fife & John Cragin

Mr. Thomas F. Aaron

Mr. Paul A. Cramer & Ms. Mary E. Gard

Mr. G. Christopher Abbott &

Tim & Patty Crane

Mrs. Deborah A. Abbott Dr. & Mrs. Nile L. Albright


Lindsay & Blake Allison


Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Crockett Mrs. Victoria R. Cunningham & Mr. Robert S. Cunningham

Maurice Amado Foundation Fund

Ms. Barbara A. Darrow

The Ames Companies, Inc. *

Dr. David & Mrs. Karen Davis

Ms. Eleanor Andrews

Ms. Jane Cashin Demers &

Apple Lane Foundation Mr. Robert L. Ashton & Mrs. Gudrun Ashton

Mr. Walter V. Demers Mr. William Dendor Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Derby Mr. & Mrs. Peter Diana

Mrs. Michele Dobbins Dodge

Ms. Susan Baker Leavitt Mr. & Ms. John T. R. Lee

Mrs. Jennifer L. Robinson & Mr. Jeff Robinson

Doe Family Foundation

The Lempel Family

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford D. Rodney

Estate of Margaret C. Dumas

The Liman Foundation

Lucas Rogers & Mathieu Gagne

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Ellard, Jr.

Mr. Jonathan B. Loring

Charles S. & Zena A. Scimeca

Ms. Barbara J. Erickson &

Mrs. Charles P. Lyman

Charitable Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lyman

Ms. Luanne E. Selk & Mr. Jon J. Skillman

Alex J. Ettl Foundation

Mr. Peter L. Macdonald

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Servison

Estate of Joan F. Faulkner

John & Barbara MacNeish

Mr. & Mrs. William Shields

Ms. Barbara Fife

Peter E. & Betsy Ridge Madsen

Ms. Regan Shields Ives &

Dr. Christian Fischer

Mr. Michael John Mars &

Dr. David R. Foster &

Ms. Terri Z. Campbell

Mr. Peter Torrebiarte

Mr. Cameron Ives Mr. & Mrs. Binkley C. Shorts

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Mr. Robert W. Silk & Ms. Sandra L. Silk

Mr. & Mrs. Hollis French, III

Mr. Rajendra K. Mathur

The Sinclair Family

Mr. James A. Gassel

Yasuko S. & Richard P. Mattione

Ms. Shirley Singleton

Ms. Suzanne F. Gauron

Mr. Thomas H. Mattox &

Mr. Mark A. Snider & Mrs. Gwenn Snider

Ms. Alyse A. Gause & Mr. William D. Gause Ms. Claire M. Gillis Rolf & Julie Goetze Mr. Stanley P. Goldstein & Mrs. Merle Goldstein Mr. Charles M. Hale & Mrs. Karen A. Hale Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond & Mr. James R. Hammond Mr. Owen Quigley Hanley & Mrs. Anne Hanley

Dr. Jacqueline K. Spencer Mr. Daniel K. Mayer & Mrs. Jennifer Z. Mayer

Augusta & Joseph Stanislaw

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Wilson Meeks

Mr. Charles Stewart & Mrs. Diane Stewart

Wilhelm Merck & Nonie Brady

Mr. & Mrs. R. Gregg Stone

Ms. Barbara Meyer &

Mr. James D. Supple &

Mr. Michael W. Perloff

David & JoEllen Sweet

Ms. Amey D. Moot &

Marc Tanner & Rebecca Rogers

Mr. William K. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Tate

Hans & Kate Morris

Mr. Aso O. Tavitian

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Henry

Mr. John W. Murphy

Mrs. Sally C. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hicks

Mr. Michael P. Murray &

Mrs. Beverly Malatesta Temple

Mrs. Joanne P. Murray Ms. Elizabeth Neumann

Ms. Constance B. Coburn

Mrs. Catharine Newbury &

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hunnewell, Jr.

Mr. David S. Newbury Mr. Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Mr. & Mrs. Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr.

Ms. Laura Iorio

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Oedel

Ms. Lynda S. Vickers-Smith &

Ipswich Charitable Foundation

Ms. Tara H. Oliver

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries

Carolyn & Robert Osteen

Vineyard Golf Club Foundation *

Dr. Robert A. Jonas &

Ms. Mary Jo Palermo &

Mr. James Wade &

Ms. Cynthia H. Magrath Ms. Karen Keane & Mr. Daniel Elias

Mr. Andrew S. Paul &

Mr. John P. Kirk & Mrs. Susan C. Kirk Mr. Joshua Aaron Klevens & Ms. Anna D. Sinaiko

Mr. Michael T. Wilson & Ms. Susan E. Greenleaf Winnetu Oceanside Resort Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Winthrop Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Winthrop Mr. Richard S. Wood Mr. Michael J. Zak & Mrs. Roxanne E. Zak Ronald L. Zarrella & Carolyn Grant

Mrs. Amy V. S. Bryan

Joanne Zitek Anonymous (7)

Mrs. Margaret M. Wade

Ms. Pamela S. Farkas Mr. Daniel Pierce, Jr. & Mrs. Barbara Pierce Project Bread Mr. Paul Przybyla

Mr. Michael Kutsch & Ms. Tammy Coselli

Razoo Foundation

Phil & Donna LaCasse

Mr. James F. Reardon

Mr. Paul LaFerriere & Ms. Dorrie Parini

Mr. Douglas P. Reed

Mrs. Judith Lafferty

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sutherland Reeder, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Lane

Mr. J. Stanley Reeve & Mrs. Abigail Reeve

Mr. Benjamin Larrabee *

Mrs. Lynne Rickabaugh &

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Wilmers

Ms. Mariet Westermann * Mrs. Olivia H. Parker

Richard W. & Athena Kimball

Mr. & Mrs. Dudley H. Willis

Mr. Charles Pardoe &

Dr. Tasso Kaper & Dr. Antonella Cucchetti Jonathan & Judy Keyes

Miss Kim Williams & Mr. Trevor Miller

Mr. Richard D. Thornton

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Ingraham

Mr. Stephen Hochbrunn

Ms. Meredith Becker Ms. Regina B. Wiedenski

Mrs. Marian F. Thornton & Dr. & Mrs. Henry W. Vaillant

Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

Mr. Jonathan G. Wicks &

Dr. Philip H. Thielhelm

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Noon

Ms. Sara Jonsberg &

Ms. Sarah J. Whittier

Ms. Mary Jane Thielhelm &

Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Hunt

Mr. Solomon B. Watson, IV & Ms. Brenda J. Watson

Dr. Melissa Tassé & Mr. Daniel Tassé

Ellen G. Moot †

Ms. Rebecca Ward & Mr. Mark Shull

Mr. Frank Wezniak & Ms. Nan Tull

Ms. Mary F. McDonald

Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Monnich

Dr. Jaye E. Hefner

Mr. James D. Houghton &

Mrs. Marie-Eve Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell Steward

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Harding

Ms. Jill Alison Hornor & Mr. Yo-Yo Ma

Mr. Norman S. Walker &

Howard & Fredericka Stevenson


Ms. Marianne Jorgensen


Mr. James R. Dodge &

Mr. Mark V. Rickabaugh

Richard Leavitt



$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. Martin J. Auerbach &

Mr. E. Garrett Bewkes, Jr.

Mr. Jacques Abatto &

Ms. Louise Goodsill

Mr. Gregory P. Bialecki &

Mr. David L. Goldman Mr. Leopold Abraham & Mrs. Katherine N. Abraham

Mr. James E. Austin & Ms. Catherine Overholt Susan Avery

Mr. Daniel H. Callahan & Mrs. Lisa W. Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Campanella

Dr. Mary M. Herlihy

Dr. Leann Canty &

Mr. Henry Forbes Bigelow &

Dr. Prabhakar Devavaram

Mrs. Judy M. Bigelow

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Ackerman

Axel Johnson, Inc.

John & Jane Bihldorff

Mrs. Diane M. Capstaff

Mr. Ronald J. Adams & Mr. Neal Eagleton

Mr. Richard R. C. Ayer &

Ms. Carol O. Biondi & Mr. Frank J. Biondi

Mr. Daniel Carlat & Ms. Tammy Bottner

Mrs. Carolyn Birmingham

Mr. Erik Carleton & Ms. Krista Carleton

Ms. Morene R. Bodner &

Christopher T. & Jane Fisher Carlson

Dr. Stanley James Adelstein & Mrs. Mary T. Adelstein

Ms. Augusta W. Ayer Sylvia & Aaron Baggish

Mr. Mark S. Ain & Mrs. Carolyn Ain

Margaret & John Bailey

Mrs. Bonnie Akins

Mr. George P. Baker &

Bear & Pam Albright Mr. Peter C. Aldrich & Mrs. Mary Lee Aldrich Mr. James G. Alexander

Mrs. Lauren Jennings Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr. Mr. Winthrop R. Baker & Ms. Wendy Harman

Martha A. Carr

Mr. David P. Carlisle Mr. Nicolas Boillot & Ms. Jennifer Cody

Ms. Lelia K. H. Carroll

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bolze

Scott & Mary Carson

Mr. Jay Quentin Bonanno &

Mr. Calvin Carver, Jr. & Ms. Anne DeLaney

Mrs. Brenda Bonanno

Mr. Avery W. Catlin & Ms. Katherine Catlin Ms. Lynda A. Ceremsak &

Boston Cares, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. William Alexander

Michael & Margherita Baldwin

Maureen & Edward Bousa

Mr. George Davitt

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Aliski

Dr. John P. Balser & Dr. Barbara E. Balser

Mr. Roland H. Boutwell, III

Susan & Appy Chandler

Allegrone Companies

Mr. William M. Bancroft &

Mr. Robert Boyett

The Chasin Family

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Boynton

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Art & the Landscape



The Meeting House A New End

The Meeting House


rustees landscapes, rich in cultural, historical and natural context, provide platforms for inspiration and meaning. In 2016, The Trustees launched a multi-year initiative, entitled Art & the Landscape, to present compelling contemporary art in the context of a public landscape. Launched with two temporary, site-specific outdoor art installations at The Old Manse in Concord and World’s End in Hingham, Art & the Landscape realizes a golden opportunity for engaging new audiences through powerful, interactive experiences while creating fresh dialogue around some of the organization’s most recognized properties. “The idea of outdoor art in Trustees places had been percolating for some time,” reflects Trustees President and CEO Barbara J. Erickson. “We had been talking to experts in the field and began thinking through how you actually do something that speaks to the stories of these places while keeping their integrity—but also allows for something new.” After a competitive selection process, The Trustees engaged renowned independent curator Pedro Alonzo to pair artists with sites. “I’ve had access to walls, buildings, even maximum security prisons… but not the landscape,” says Alonzo of this irresistible opportunity to curate original works for some of the Trustees’ most historically significant properties. He adds that the initiative allows artists to “develop works conceived to directly engage audiences outside of the traditional art world circuit.”


The Old Manse bore witness to the war for independence in 1776 and made its own mark on history in the 19th Century as a hot bed for intellectual activity. In The Meeting House, Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Sam Durant re-ignited the Manse as a platform for dialogue on the ongoing issues surrounding slavery, racism and segregation in America. This multi-faceted work included an open-air pavilion conceived by Durant as a welcoming, public gathering place for “recognizing and remembering that past, but needing to think about and imagine a different kind of future for the country.” Under the welcoming yellow canopy, a series of four Lyceums—in the spirit of 19thcentury public events of the same name—invited public discourse around these intractable topics. Inside the Manse, Durant installed a number of artifacts, seamlessly integrated with the preserved furnishings, related to slavery and the black presence in Concord.

A New End

In a sensory counterpoint to The Meeting House, visitors to World’s End in Hingham were invited to explore, touch, and create their own photographic interpretations of Danish-born artist Jeppe Hein’s installation A New End. Hein is known for work that invites play and a sense of wonder, as well as interaction with the site and other viewers. This work is a labyrinth composed of mirrored columns placed in a nautilus arrangement, rising from 3 feet tall at the entrance to 9 feet high at center. With a mound-shaped format echoing the site’s natural drumlin formations and prime placement near the water, Hein’s installation invited meditation and contemplation of this singular landscape.



Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Schmidt Roberta K. Schnoor Ms. Elizabeth K. Schodek Mr. William C. Schrader &

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Mr. Robert W. Thuotte &

Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. Wallace

Ms. Sarah M. Wolfgang &

Mrs. Mary M. St. Laurent Peggy & David Starr

Ms. Julia A. Barnard Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Tilghman

Mrs. Hope Winthrop

Ms. Wendy D. Wakeman

Mr. Meldon Wolfgang, IV

Mr. Thomas P. Walsh &

Ms. Rachel N. Wollam &

Mrs. Elisabeth Walsh

Mr. Brett P. Wollam

Ms. Sara Read Timmons

Ms. Christina Wood Ms. Natalie J. Wood Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Woods Mrs. Nancy B. Woods & Mr. Fred Woods Ms. Nancy C. Woolford Bob Wright Mr. Jeffries Wyman, Jr. Mr. James Wyner & Mrs. Giang Wyner * Ms. Laurel Zangerl-Salter & Mr. Carl Zangerl-Salter Mr. Paul A. Zevnik & Ms. Ginny Grenham/ The Zevnik Charitable Foundation Ms. Deborah L. Zildjian Mr. Peter J. Zuromskis Anonymous (17) ©ANCHOR IMAGERY

Mr. David F. St. Laurent &

Mr. Grant Forbes Winthrop &

Mr. Bradford B. Wakeman &

† Deceased v Includes Gift in Kind



The Semper Virens Society Semper Virens, which means “always green,” honors and recognizes generous individuals who have made a legacy gift to The Trustees. Since the first recorded bequest in 1902, support via wills and life income gifts has built and strengthened The Trustees’ mission. This strong financial base has provided important stability, enabling The Trustees to secure important landscapes and landmarks, acquire new reservations, implement innovative stewardship, share our conservation mission, and promote ongoing protection of threatened land across the state. We are delighted to list the members of the Semper Virens Society. In making a planned gift, these individuals have turned their passion into a legacy, and set an inspiring example for others to follow.

Ms. Rosamond W. Allen Lindsay & Blake Allison

Mrs. Mollie T. Byrnes & Mr. John H. Byrnes, Jr.

Barbara J. Erickson & Peter Torrebiarte

Al R. Ireton

Richard J. Erickson & Laurie S. Miles

Jay Jaroslav & Susan Erony

Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

William W. Farkas

Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Jordan

Judith Ann Amelotte

Robert W. & Bettyle Carpenter

Mrs. Christine Ferrari

Virginia Jordan

Josephine H. Ashley

CDR & Mrs. Robert H. Chambers Jr.

Gaffney J. Feskoe

Charles F. Kane, Jr. & Anne W. Eldridge

Jacques P. & Frederika B. Fiechter

Joyce P. & Charles B. Ketcham

Jennifer C. & Stephen T. Chen

Barbara A. Field

Jonathan & Judy Keyes

Mr. William W. Claflin, Jr.

Dr. Edward H. Fitch

Mary Ellen Kiddle

Robert A. Barton

Arthur D. Clarke

Steven Fitzek & Ann Bracchi

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Kimball

Mr. Steedman L. Bass

Peter Coffin

Elaine Foster

Mrs. Judith C. King & Mr. Mark A. King

Ms. Alison Bassett

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Ms. Adele Franks

Mr. Brian M. Kinney &

Elisabeth Bayle

Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld

Albert & Suzanne Frederick

Mr. Christopher M. Begg

Mr. William G. Constable

Diane J. Gallan

Lawrence & Sarah Klein

Mr. David A. Behnke & Mr. Paul F.

Glenn B. Conway †

Jim & Marianne Gambaro

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff

Nathaniel S. Coolidge

John Lowell Gardner

Jeffrey D. Korzenik

Mr. & Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Cooper

Susan Haupt Gerdine

Berthe K. Ladd

Deborah M. Blake

Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Mrs. Gloria J. Gery

Mr. Edward H. Ladd

Gwen M. Blodgett

Melissa Crocker

Cynthia Gibson

Ellen B. Lahlum

Cynthia C. Bloomquist

Mr. & Mrs. David D. Croll

Ms. Marjorie Coleman Glaister

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Laipson

Kib & Tess Bramhall

Patricia Crosthwait

Ralph D. & Elizabeth W. Gordon

Gertrude Lanman

Corey W. & Donna M. Briggs

Susan W. Crum

Alexander Yale Goriansky

Mr. Robert A. Larsen &

Mr. William E. Briggs

Dianne C. Dana

Mr. Morris Gray, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

Deb Davis & Art Raiche

Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Monique Lehner

Cornelia W. Brown

Mr. Philip H. Davis & Mr. Eric M. Flint

Christopher Gunning & Louise Dube

Mr. Allan S. Leonard

Bonnie D. Brugger

Elizabeth Dill & Chris Rowbottom

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Josh Lerner & Wendy Wood

Lois E. Brynes & Serena Hilsinger

Robert A. & Suzanne † Dixon

Barbara Hanley & Leo Brooks

Mr. George E. Lewis, Sr.

Mrs. Eustace W. Buchanan

John Downie

Douglas B. & Susan Harding

Dr. Terri Loewenthal

Mary M. Burgarella

Stephen Patrick Driscoll &

Mrs. Roslyn E. Harrington

Caleb Loring, III

Margery Harris

Nancy J. & Holger M. Luther

Mr. William S. Babbitt Jeannette Harvey Bart & Walter J. Bart, Jr.

Doherty, Jr.

William L. Burgart

USN (ret.)

Robert A. Tocci

Dr. Nancy L. Keating

Ms. Judith A. Robichaud

Raymond & Susan Burk

Caitlyn & Kimberly Duncan-Mooney

Nathan Hayward, III

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Lyford

Mrs. Douglas E. Busch

Mr. David T. Edsall

Mr. Kenneth H. Hill

Robert & Linda MacIntosh

Winifred B. Bush

Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall

Eloise W. & Arthur C. Hodges

Leandra MacLennan

Mr. John S. Butterworth

Thomas & Jane Ellsworth

Mary B. Horne

Harry & Caryl MacLeod

Mr. & Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson

Roger B. & Janice G. Hunt

Sylvia S. Mader

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Epp

Melanie Reed Ingalls

Mr. & Mrs. Eli Manchester, Jr.


Ms. Lisa Manning

Paul E. & Lisa B. Sacksman

Albert R. Margeson

Stanley & Barbara Schantz

Shirley & Jim Marten

John R. & Rebecca C. Schreiber

Linda J. Mazurek

William E. Schroeder & Martitia Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McAulay

Barbara C. Schwartz

J. Greer & Elizabeth I. McBratney

David W. Scudder

Ms. Claire McCall

James G. Shanley & Karen P. Battles

Ms. Nancy F. McCarthy &

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shapp

Mr. Paul Creamer

Sharon L. Sharnprapai

Cathleen D. McCormick

Jennifer C. Shaw

Mr. H. Bruce McEver

Hugh † & Mary Waters Shepley

Thomas D. McKiernan

Mr. & Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Mrs. John S. McLennan

John L Slocum & Elizabeth A Slocum

Katherine J. McMillan

Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Smithers, IV

Stephen E. Mermelstein

Ms. Emma-Marie Snedeker

Virginia & Laurence Michie

James W. Spinney

Mary Mintz & Andrew Mintz

Mr. & Mrs. Burgess P. Standley

Benjamin C. Moore

Patricia P. Storey

Ellen G. Moot †

Mary Ann Streeter

Wendy D. Morgan

Beverly M. Sullivan

Christopher Morss

Carol F. Surkin & Elliot M. Surkin

Robert Newman & Nancy Jones

Hooker & Jane Talcott

Thomas H. Nicholson

Jack Teahan & Judi Teahan

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell

Mr. Phillip Terpos

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Oman

Peter H. Van Demark

Carolyn & Robert Osteen

Ms. Lori van Handel &

Mr.† & Mrs. John O. Parker

The Trustees is Massachusetts’ largest conservation and preservation organization and the nation’s first land trust. We are a nonprofit supported by members, friends, and donors. Explore 116 amazing places across Massachusetts, from beaches, farms and woodlands, to historic homes, urban gardens and more.

Barbara J. Erickson President & CEO Joanna Ballantine Vice President, Western Region Jocelyn Forbush Chief, Operations & Programs Alicia Leuba Vice President, Eastern Region

Ms. Nancy A. Roseman

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. Payne

Frank Vartuli

Chester D. † & Dorothy S. Peirce

Gay Vervaet

Joan Person

Ralph B. Vogel †

Kirk E. Peterson & Christine M. Yario

Ralph B. Vogel, II

Margaret Peterson

Ms. Carol Wadsworth

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Petino

Ms. Margaret A. Waggoner

Robert F. Pilicy

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Harriet Marple Plehn

Mr. Edward J. Weiner

Anne P. Plunkett

Constance V. R. White

George Putnam

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Whiting

Colm J. Renehan

Hope W. Wigglesworth †

Bea A. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

Stephen C. & Emma Root

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Mr. Philip W. Rosenkranz

Nancy C. Woolford

Johanna Roses Robichau

Mark G. Zawacki

Donald Guy Ross

Anonymous (15)

Matthew Montgomery Chief Marketing Officer Noah Schneiderman Chief Financial & Administrative Officer Edward Wilson Chief, Development & Enterprise Editorial Wayne Wilkins Director of Marketing and Communications Design Lisa Rowe Foulger Senior Designer

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross James L. Roth

† Deceased

Matthew Mullin Graphic Designer

For more information about joining the Semper Virens Society, please contact: The Trustees | Development Office 200 High Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02110 617.542.7696 x1816

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Trustees Annual Report 2017  
Trustees Annual Report 2017  

The Trustees 2017 Annual Report 2017