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Annual Report | 2021 Fiscal Year

MESSAGE from the Chair



fter a difficult but extraordinary year in 2020, as the Trustees rose to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we started off 2021 with the heartbreaking news of the passing of our President & CEO, Barbara Erickson. Barbara’s vision, courage, audacious spirit, and her love of our mission changed this storied organization in so many ways, and in every way for the better. We miss her greatly, but we know she would be so proud of what her beloved Trustees has accomplished during these challenging times, and we are confident in the future thanks to her remarkable nine-year leadership of the organization.

As I write this, we have just announced that John D. Judge has been appointed as the fifth President & CEO of The Trustees, and we are eagerly anticipating his tenure. He assumes his new role in February 2022. John has been the President and CEO at the Appalachian Mountain Club for the past ten years, and is known for his passion for outdoor citizenship, community-building, and accessibility for all, as well as his track record of success as a national voice for climate and environmental justice. I look forward to introducing John to all of you in the coming months. We have immense gratitude to the leadership of Jocelyn Forbush, who has served as Acting President & CEO for the last year. Her stewardship of the organization through one of the most turbulent and challenging years in the Trustees 130-year history has been exceptional. Thanks to Jocelyn’s focus and dedication to advancing our mission, the organization continues to be financially stable and is poised for exciting years ahead. This report is a testament to all that the organization has accomplished over the last year, and to our strong financial foundation. As always, we are grateful for you, for your generous and steadfast support of The Trustees and our mission. It is because of you that we can and will continue to accomplish so much as the conservation leader in Massachusetts.

Peter B. Coffin Chair, Board of Directors


MESSAGE from the President


he past year has been a time of tremendous change in the history of The Trustees. On behalf of the staff, I want to express our gratitude to you, our members, supporters, volunteers, colleagues, and friends, for your ongoing commitment to our mission. We would not be able to make it through these tumultuous times without your dedication and devotion to all that we do.

As an organization built over 130 years ago to support and manage change, we are responding to the call of this moment. Over this last year, The Trustees has adapted, pivoted, and flexed the organization into a new way of working in order to adapt and grow. Our very founding was a response to a major societal and economic shift, when Charles Eliot identified the need to protect the special places which, “by great good fortune, still exist near [our] doors.” Today we are confident that we can generate a great good fortune to leave for future generations. As you will see in this Annual Report, The Trustees is continuing the momentum established through Barbara Erickson’s leadership for the past nine years. Even in these most challenging of times, we are protecting more open space, we are creating more opportunities for health, wellness, and access to nature, we are deepening our commitment to fight climate change, and we are affirming our obligation to celebrate the diversity in our own communities and to creating welcoming spaces of belonging for all. Thank you for being there with us as we continue on this great journey.

Jocelyn Forbush Acting President & CEO

The 2021 Annual Report documents the Trustees' 2021 Fiscal Year—April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021—and events throughout 2021.

2 THE TRUSTEES Cover photo: Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, Nantucket ©Above Summit

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1. Celebrate Inclusion: Trustees Managing Director of Community Impact, Janelle WoodsMcNish (left) and her daughter Jasmine (right) welcome Boston Mayor Kim Janey to the Juneteenth Celebration at Nightingale Community Garden in Dorchester. 2. Arbor Vital: Trustees Acting President & CEO Jocelyn Forbush uses an Ames shovel to break ground on a major program of tree care and renewal at the Governor Oliver Ames Estate. Tree care services were donated by members of the Massachusetts Arborists Association during their 2021 Arbor Day of Service. 3. Spring Blooms: Visitors were eager to venture out without masks for the first time in over a year, taking in the delightful bulb shows at Naumkeag (pictured) and Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens. 4. Youth Movement: Trustees’ One Waterfront Ambassadors work to engage the community on waterfront issues in and around their neighborhoods. This summer’s crew posed for a group shot while visiting the Crane Estate. 5. Park Party: The Party for the Park at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum honored artist Jeffrey Gibson (center), seen here with deCordova Curator Sarah Montross (left) and Jess Wilcox, Curator, Socrates Sculpture Park (Queens, NY). 6. Remarkable Gift: Don and Rosemary Hudson, parents of late Trustees Governance member Jamie Hudson, enjoy a relaxing moment at the opening of Jewell Hill in Ashby. Jamie’s bequest helped make the protection of Jewell Hill possible, and its scenic summit vista is now named in his honor. PHOTO CREDITS: 1, 4, 6) Trustees; 2) Jared Charney Photography; 3) David Edgecomb; 5) Krista Photography


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Italicized articles are edited and reprinted from recent issues of Special Places.



Barbara J. Erickson ©MICHAEL BLANCHARD

Trustees President & CEO (2012-2021)


As the first woman to run the nation’s first land conservation and preservation nonprofit, Barbara Erickson made history the moment she became President & CEO of The Trustees in 2012. But looking back at the nine years she spent at the helm of the organization, the true impact of her expansive vision, wisdom, warmth, and determination become both larger and clearer. To name a few of her achievements on behalf of the organization: Annual visitation to Trustees properties has grown by more than 75 percent, exceeding 2 million people; membership increased by more than 40,000 households; the operating budget expanded by $10 million; and revenue doubled. And of foremost significance to Barbara, nine new reservations—iconic places in critical threat of being lost to development—were protected forever. These remarkable feats reflect the remarkable woman who led the way. Barbara was an advocate for the natural world who propelled The Trustees to the forefront of the conservation movement. She was a forward-thinking president who


Audacious Vision, Remarkable Leadership, Indelible Impact

grew and strengthened the organization in lasting ways before her untimely passing in January. Without exaggeration, Barbara Erickson was one of the most important individuals in The Trustees’ 130-year history. “Barbara was an exceptional President, who led the organization into a new era with a strong vision. She will continue to serve as inspiration for all of us for many years, and we look forward to continuing the work that she began,” said Peter Coffin, Chair of the Board of Directors for The Trustees. Growing up in Wyoming, Barbara cultivated a love of the outdoors and a love of traveling, eventually migrating to Massachusetts 20 years ago. After stints at Earthwatch Institute and Save the Children, she became The Trustees’ fourth president and hit the ground running. She worked with the Board of Directors and senior staff to launch The Path Forward—the five-year strategic plan that commenced shortly after her arrival—which outlined a series of bold goals, including the $26.2 million Cultural Resources Campaign to revitalize critical

cultural sites like Naumkeag and Castle Hill. Every goal described in The Path Forward was met, and many exceeded, before the 2018 deadline for completion. Under Barbara’s leadership, The Trustees grew in size and scope. Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens, Governor Oliver Ames Estate, Dunes’ Edge Campground, Gerry Island, the Brickyard, Jewell Hill, and Mary Cummings Park became reservations. Complex integrations brought The FARM Institute, Fruitlands Museum, and deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum under The Trustees’ umbrella. Barbara spearheaded crucial partnerships with the nascent Boston Public Market, placed a new emphasis on arts and cultural programming through the Art & the Landscape initiative, and spurred new forays in local agriculture. She sought to make the organization newly relevant to diverse audiences, to introduce Massachusetts’s most special places to underserved demographics, and to emphasize diversity and inclusion, ensuring that every visitor feels welcome on the premises of Trustees properties.




These priorities informed Barbara’s approach in leading the development of Momentum, Trustees’ current five-year strategic plan implemented in 2018. Momentum is wide-ranging in its aims, from taking a leadership role in gauging and mitigating the impacts of climate change on the Massachusetts coast, identifying and developing critically needed open space along the Boston waterfront, expanding Trustees’ public gardens and garden program offerings, elevating agricultural and cultural experiences, and engaging more families and children in the wonders of the outdoors—all while continuing to advance the organization’s central mission by acting to conserve and protect the Commonwealth’s irreplaceable landscapes. The seeds of Momentum planted under Barbara’s management and leadership are already bearing fruit: Large-scale public garden revitalizations are playing out at Long Hill and Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens; One Waterfront, the organization’s initiative to identify and create green space and outdoor recreation opportunities for


underserved urban communities while buffering against the threat of rising seas along the Boston harborfront, has established its first planned new park site, in East Boston. Trustees’ community-supported agriculture programs and local food offerings are more popular than ever. And one of the most ambitious fundraising efforts in The Trustees’ history is now underway, with more than $100 million anticipated to have been raised by the end of this strategic plan period. Barbara’s ambitions for the organization have been called nothing short of “audacious” by many in their recollections of her life. As the public face of The Trustees, Barbara was an inspirational and resolute leader with a sharp intellect and clear foresight. But “Barbara’s pride in her professional accomplishments paled to what she felt for her family,” said Jocelyn Forbush, now The Trustees’ Acting President & CEO. Her sense of responsibility to future generations—to children like her own Lucia and Marcelo, and countless more for years to come—guided her every action.


For 130 years, The Trustees’ mission has centered on protecting and sharing places of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in the Commonwealth. Protecting these special places requires special people to show the way. For all that you’ve done and for all that your work continues to do, even in your absence: thank you, Barbara. Edited from an article in the Spring 2021 issue of Special Places.





Fiscal Year 2021 was a

challenging year but one in which the Trustees emerged as strong, if not stronger, than before. In a year impacted throughout by Covid-19, we were able to grow Total Assets by over 27% to $385m, deliver a surplus (after recognizing a $4m PPP loan) and avoid any staff layoffs or furloughs. Among the many highlights, was the continued growth in Admissions with over 2 million visitors taking advantage of access to the open spaces and nature that the Trustees is able to offer; a 37% increase in a five-year period. Similarly, membership rose to record levels; the number of members almost doubling to 206,000 over the same period; and growing by over 30% in 2021 alone. We also saw impressive growth of 36% in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs and our flexibility at the onset of Covid-19 allowed us to quickly invest in our Farm Stores, which resulted in a growth of over 52% compared to Fiscal Year 2020. Fundraising was also extremely strong with almost $38m being raised; a great indicator of the support for our mission and strategy. There were, of course, challenges in our Earned Income with Property programs, summer camps, rental and Gala events all being impacted. Even in these areas we moved quickly to adapt: introducing virtual events and camps, developing new programs, and extending Winterlights well into January. The Trustees is a growing organization with a mission that resonates with the public. This was never more evident than in Fiscal 2021 and we now look forward to opening up more of our indoor spaces and resuming a full schedule of programming and events for many more people to enjoy.

Financial Report CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION (in thousands of dollars)


FY 2021

FY 2020



Other assets



Pledges receivable









Fixed assets, net








Cash and cash equivalents

Investments Funds held in trust by others Assets related to split-interest agreements



FY 2021

FY 2020

Accounts payable and accrued expenses



Deferred revenues



Liability under split-interest agreements



Note payable







FY 2021

FY 2020













FY 2021

OPERATING REVENUE Property & Other Revenues

Endowment Support



26% David D. Croll Chair, Finance and Audit Committee 4 THE TRUSTEES

Programs & Mission


18% 10%

Contributions & Grants

FY 2021


PPP Grant

Education & Engagement




















PPP Grant








Net assets released from restrictions







Property stewardship




Visitor amenities and engagement








Land conservation




Historic and structural resources

























REVENUE AND SUPPORT Endowment support appropriated for operations Property and other revenues




NON-OPERATING ACTIVITIES Capital contributions and other income







Investment income, net of amounts appropriated for operations and fees




Net assets transferred or released from restrictions






















Non-operating expenses

Contributions and change in value of split-interest agreements TOTAL CHANGE IN NET ASSETS

*In FY21, The Trustees implemented a new revenue recognition policy as a result of adopting new accounting standards.



Land Conservation

In the past year, The Trustees protected, or helped protect, four properties totaling 332 acres. Fee Acquisitions (Present & Future Reservations) PROJECT | CITY/TOWN (photo#) NEWLY PROTECTED ACREAGE | PARTNERS/DONORS | DESCRIPTION

Jewell Hill | Ashby, Ashburham, Fitchburg (1) 296 Acres | Gus Crocker, City of Fitchburg, Town of Ashburnham The Trustees secured its 120th Reservation through the generous bargain sale of land by Gus Crocker, in partnership with the City of Fitchburg and Town of Ashburnham, and with a generous bequest from the estate of former governance member Jamie Hudson. The Trustees’ purchase of this former dairy farm protects critical watershed and agricultural land, as well as its stunning trails and breathtaking view from the summit of Jewell Hill itself.



Conservation Restrictions (CR)

Root Remainder Interest | Great Barrington 35.5 Acres | Stephen L. Root


This gift of property expands Monument Mountain Reservation and was made to The Trustees in 2002, subject to a reserved life estate. Upon Mr. Root’s death in December 2020, the life estate came to an end, resulting in the completion of his gift.

Bullitt CR Amendment | Ashfield (3) .52 Acres Through an amendment to an existing Conservation Restriction on a 103-acre property, The Trustees strengthened the overall protection of the property by eliminating an existing “Caretakers Building Envelope” and associated access.


Dudley Street Disposition | Boston (2) An inaccessible and unused 2,533-square-foot area adjacent to The Trustees’ El Jardin Community Garden was sold to NGO Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation to provide improved building access for the adjacent mixed-use building, which is currently being renovated to accommodate additional affordable residential units. El Jardin CG remains a vibrant community garden. 2






MARY CUMMINGS PARK Beloved Burlington and Woburn open space now under Trustees’ care BY JEFF HARDER


ithin one of the most congested regions of the Commonwealth, Mary Cummings Park has endured as a counterpoise of peace, quiet, and open space for nearly a century. And now, with The Trustees having assumed management of its 216 acres straddling Woburn and Burlington, it’s a great time to get acquainted with this approachable, ecologically diverse hidden gem inside Route 128. “It’s a suburban property, but in some ways it has an urban park feel to it,” says Jeremy Dick, Trustees’ stewardship manager for Mary Cummings Park. “It’s a little bit more approachable for people who aren’t necessarily backwoods hikers and are looking for more of a park-like experience.” Before passing away in 1927, Mary P.C. Cummings—a teacher, child advocate, and philanthropist who left her estate to be held in trust by the City of Boston— asked that the former farmland property remain “forever open as a public pleasure ground.” The park soon became a treasured retreat and provided critical habitat for rare species, but as development sprouted up all around, it was perennially at risk of being swallowed up. Fortunately, in the late 2000s, a group of stalwart local residents established a volunteer organization, The Friends of Mary Cummings Park, to staunchly advocate for the Park’s conservation—and in spring 2020 the City of Boston designated The Trustees to manage the property.

Signs of a transformation are apparent from the moment you turn into the park’s newly defined entrance on Blanchard Road. Arriving visitors take in a sweeping view of the new picnic lawn as well as Flyers Field—named for the radio-controlled aircraft enthusiasts who gather there—and the Pollinator Meadow, planted with natives like goldenrod and milkweed and encircled by an ADA-accessible trail. The park features three miles of paths, including the MilliporeSigma Science and Nature Trail, which travels half a mile past stonewalls that recall the property’s farm history. After reaching a five-foot-thick silver maple, the landscape abruptly shifts: a 125-foot boardwalk bends into a marsh buzzing with wildlife. Other trails travel around and through wildflower-punctuated meadows, Northeastern University’s Burlington Campus, and early successional

and established hardwood forests, eventually connecting with the City of Woburn’s adjacent Whispering Hill Woods site. The revitalization of Mary Cummings Park is a cooperative project of the City of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts PARC Grant Program, and The Trustees, drawing on support from donors and corporate sponsors like MilliporeSigma, Keurig, Breckinridge Capital Advisors, and Cummings Foundation. And while its revitalization continues, the property retains a sense of discovery that’s endured for 94 years and counting. “You travel through different habitats and landscape types—open fields, marshes, woodlands—and there’s a certain sense of adventure,” says Dick. “On every trail you take, you find something new.” Edited from an article in the Winter 2020 issue of Special Places.




Public Policy Update The Trustees advances policy solutions through longstanding relationships with leaders at the local, state, and federal levels. Our advocacy team works with lawmakers to find points of connection between our mission and broader governmental policy goals, ensuring conservation has a seat at the table. Among many other projects this year, we advocated for land conservation and restoration projects as key tools for mitigating climate emissions and managing climate impacts. Following are highlights of recent advocacy work.



STATE OPERATING BUDGET Every year, The Trustees and our friends on the Green Budget Coalition advocate for increased budgets to key state environmental agencies. This year we secured full funding for the departments of Conservation and Recreation, Ecological Restoration, Environmental Protection, and the Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program—all of the increases we advocated for. We also authored and helped pass legislation that closes a loophole in the law to reimburse MassWildlife for hunting and fishing licenses that they give away for free to people ages 70 and above. The agency had already been reimbursed for discounted licenses for those age 65-69, so this new law creates consistency and helps provide much needed funding to the experts who conserve and manage fish and wildlife habitat and protect rare and endangered species.




STATE LEGISLATION LANDMARK CLIMATE CHANGE LAW The Next Generation Roadmap landmark legislation passed into law in Spring 2021, calling for Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The new law requires the state to transition away from fossil fuels and towards the use of Natural Climate Solutions (NCS): strategies that protect, restore, and better manage natural and working lands—such as forests, farms, and wetlands—to remove carbon emissions. In Massachusetts, natural solutions have the potential to remove and reduce an additional one to two million metric tons of CO2 equivalent per year—about same amount of carbon as emitted by 435,000 cars annually. The Trustees helped craft the NCS legislative language and shepherded the NCS policy through the Legislature. We are now an active member of the Commonwealth’s Natural and Working Lands working group that is creating policies to implement the new law. 8 THE TRUSTEES

The Town of Wareham in southeastern Massachusetts proposed to rezone 756 acres of globally rare coastal pine barren habitat to make way for dense commercial development. The Trustees opposed the proposed zoning change as it threatened the collapse of sensitive ecosystems, including The Trustees’ Theodore Lyman Reserve, along with the Plymouth Carver Sole Source Aquifer and Red Brook Wildlife Management Area. Trustees directed an effective communications and outreach campaign in Wareham to educate residents about the importance of protecting these critical resources. Together with our local partners, we reached out to likely Town Meeting voters via earned and social media, phones, and direct mail. Over 2,000 residents turned out for Wareham Town Meeting on April 10, 2021, voting overwhelmingly to protect this critical acreage, with 85% in favor of blocking the zoning change.

TASK FORCES & COMMISSIONS Trustees has also been honored with the following State Commission: Glyphosate Study Commission — Trustees was instrumental in establishing this statutorily mandated commission, which was created to ensure licensed pesticide applicators have access to the least toxic alternatives to removing invasive species in managing habitat and ecosystems. Julie Richburg, Trustees Lead Ecologist, has received a special appointment to this commission.


Design by Community With input from neighbors, plans for Piers Park III come into focus


n August 2020, the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) designated The Trustees as site developer for what will be Piers Park III in East Boston—the first public park established through the Trustees’ Boston Waterfront Initiative. Site designation launched a comprehensive community engagement process around the design for the new park. Meetings with neighborhood associations and community groups, webinars, and a community design survey actively gathered feedback and input throughout 2021. The community design survey achieved over 1,000 responses by the fall, 20% of which were completed in Spanish, before a second survey, launched to collect community wants, needs, and concerns about the site’s future programming and events. Concurrently, the Boston Waterfront Initiative added an Engagement Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator to spearhead family programming, events, and local East Boston outreach. Co-hosted with local organizations including the Veronica Robes Cultural Center,

East Boston YMCA, Piers Park Sailing Center, and Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH), events in and around Piers Park I in July, August, and September were well-received and attended, including: Sabores de Nuestra Cultura: Family Festival; Oceanside Capoeira: Brazilian Martial Arts; Viernes Caliente: Salsa Classes; and Greenway to Seaside: Educational Bike Tour. In addition, the Initiative maintained an expanded presence at neighborhood events to spread awareness about The Trustees, answer questions about the future park site design, and encourage community design survey participation. Looking ahead, outreach will continue to drive the community design process into 2022. Park construction is contingent upon the next phase of agreements with Massport, including the execution of a development agreement and a ground lease. To date, The Trustees has raised $25 million in pledges for the Piers Park III site, which will fund a significant percentage of the anticipated capital costs for the project.

Piers Park III

ONE WATERFRONT CEO ROUNDTABLE The CEO Roundtable acts as strategic connectors among public, social, and private sectors in support of the goals of One Waterfront. 2021 Members: Ronald P. O'Hanley (Chair) PRESIDENT AND CEO, STATE STREET CORPORATION











TBD* NATIONAL GRID *At press time, Trustees was awaiting confirmation of a new representative from National Grid.





State of the Coast: The Islands The Trustees’ 2nd Annual State of the Coast report was released in August 2021, a data-driven publication highlighting the climate change-driven projected impacts of sea level rise and storm flooding faced by the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and the Elizabeth Islands. The report spotlights both current and potential future adaptations, and features impacts to beaches, salt marsh, developed areas such as harbors and business districts, coastal banks, and habitats across the islands’ towns. As outlined in the report, current data and modeling indicates that more than 3,500 structures on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket may be impacted by storm flooding by 2050, with nearly 800 structures lost to erosion. “The impacts of flooding and erosion on these beloved Islands will affect thousands who live and work there, and the thousands


more who visit each summer,” says Tom O’Shea, Trustees Managing Director of Resources and Planning. “To put this into perspective: today’s storm is tomorrow’s high tide. The storm surge from Winter Storm Riley in March 2018 produced a water level on Martha’s Vineyard that is roughly equivalent to the average height of the highest tide projected for 2050.” The 44-page report was underwritten by ReMain Nantucket and supported by Breckinridge Capital Advisors. The inaugural State of the Coast report, released in summer 2020, focused

Rallying for the Refuge Coskata-Coatue-Haulover Wildlife Refuge* juts out into the Atlantic, wrapping back around as the protective barrier beach for Nantucket Harbor. Its 1,452 acres form a large wildlife refuge system including The Trustees’ Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge (916 acres); and two parcels held by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation (NCF): The Haulover (104 acres) and Coatue Wildlife Refuge (390 acres). It is a beautiful but vulnerable landscape, and one of Nantucket’s most exposed beaches to sea level rise, storm flooding, and accelerating erosion from climate change. To confront these challenges, Trustees and the NCF are partnering to use the Refuge and its diverse acreage as a “living laboratory.” Under a three-year phased adaptation project, the team is working to identify resilient intervention methods and adaptation strategies that can maintain access and sustain habitat and barrier beach integrity. The first phase of the grant-funded 10 THE TRUSTEES

project launched in early 2021, to develop a volunteer-led beach profiling monitoring system, design initial beach resiliency concepts to bolster the Refuge’s resilience for the next 10-20 years, establish a partnership to conduct a coastal wave and sediment study, and prepare for potential longer-term projects. This phase also includes production of podcast episodes and a 360-degree panorama video tour to broadly communicate and illustrate both the beauty and challenges unique to this special place. The second project phase, projected to commence in 2022, will see implementation of coastal wave sediment studies and resilience intervention work as well as the establishment of a coastal resilience fund, followed by continued community outreach, education, and engagement in the final phase (scheduled for 2023).

on 13 Coastal Zone communities on the North Shore; planned future reports will cover South Coast and Cape Cod communities. State of the Coast reports are available for review or downloading at



*While not an actual place name, for the purposes of this program, Trustees and Nantucket Conservation Foundation are using this name to indicate their combined refuge properties (as outlined above.)


Natural Healing I

Innovative Great Marsh restoration project expands to landscape scale

n early 2020, Trustees began restoration work on portions of the 20,000-acre Great Marsh—the largest contiguous stretch of salt marsh in New England—using an innovative nature-based technique. Originally launching at an 85-acre pilot area at Old Town Hill in Newbury, the project aims to restore the natural hydrology of the marsh by repairing agricultural ditches dating back to colonial times—and expanded during the Great Depression—when vast re-ditching programs were launched to drain the marsh, in areas viewed at the time as swampy, nuisance land. By the late 1930s, nearly 94% of New England salt marshes had been re-ditched, negatively altering the health of this important habitat. “A healthy marsh is a marsh that allows water to come in during high tide, and drain itself of that water during low tide, without retaining standing water,” said Russell Hopping, Trustees Lead Ecologist, Coastal Ecology. “The marsh needs to flood, but if it retains too much water it will drown the plants, killing them, which over time causes the marsh to subside due to root loss.” Today these ditches continue to disrupt natural tidal flow and draining processes, drowning the plants. By layering the base of a pre-determined number of ditches with marsh grasses, cut from above, sediment borne by tides is allowed to accumulate and build marsh peat naturally. This raises the base of the ditches high enough to allow new grasses to take root and thrive, thus healing the delicate balance of flooding and draining. The restored, healthy marsh is then

equipped to continue to build, keeping pace with sea level rise. The pilot program received a boost from a National Coastal Resilience Fund grant in 2019, expanding the project scope to 300 acres. A $1 million award in spring 2021 quadrupled the amount of Great Marsh acreage The Trustees is able to work towards restoring with this technique. This North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant expanded the project to a total funded scope of 1,274 acres of marsh in Newbury, Essex, and Ipswich, making this effort the largest coastal or ecological restoration project in the 130-year history of The Trustees. The additional land funded through the NAWCA grant is owned by The Trustees (689 acres), Essex County Greenbelt (141 acres), and the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (86 acres).


In early December final permits were received for restoration work to begin in Ipswich (132 acres) and Essex (111 acres), while the second year of restoration drew to a close at Old Town Hill, in what is expected to be a 3-to-5-year process. Regular mosquito monitoring at the Old Town Hill site has already indicated improvements, with a year-over-year percentage of “dry” areas (where no standing water occurs to sample larvae) increasing from 8.9% in 2020 to 25% in 2021—a statistically significant decrease in standing water on the marsh, as its natural draining processes begin to heal. The Trustees now has 358 acres fully permitted with 916 acres in the planning phase, following the completion of design and initial monitoring work. At press time, restoration work was anticipated to launch next at the newly permitted sites in late 2021 or early 2022, weather permitting.









With only a few additional paths, small trees, and one orchard to go, the gardens at Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens (note the new name) are happily welcoming members and new visitors. This garden was perhaps the most perplexing to program and plan: Its Colonial Revival roots, daunting entrance, and estate-like grounds challenged a welcoming experience for many audiences. Today we have opened new doors to that effort, welcoming many and building new creativity in ecological garden designs and pollinator programs set adjacent to extravagant seasonal horticultural displays and beautiful legacy gardens. 12 THE TRUSTEES

Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens, North Andover. Top & Middle: Enjoying the spring flowers at BloomFest; Bottom: The Garden Gateway welcomes visitors with accessible classroom space, a retail shop, and restrooms.

Long Hill, Beverly. Above: The new garden room designed by Julie Moir Messervy is the first new garden space added to Long Hill in decades; Below: Visitors can picnic, or attend a public program or private event in the new pergola and brick terrace built this year.

In spring 2021, the arrival gates opened into the heart of the property, capturing the rural beauty that few had ever experienced before. Here, a new driveway, parking area, and Garden Gateway building now welcome everyone and orient them to available options for how to spend their day. All of the signage is bilingual—a first for the organization— welcoming the large Spanish-speaking communities of Greater Lawrence. You can venture along mown grass paths through the meadow. Let your children run over the land sculptures or lie on the wooden bridge across the small pond to watch frogs and pollinators in the wetland garden. Explore the new cutting garden, bursting with blooms for CSA cut flower bouquets. The main house awaits at the end of a new, universally accessible approach. While Covid restrictions prevented going into the house this year, QR codes in a window of each room allowed visitors to hear a short interpretation about the interior on their phone while they peered through the glass. Beyond the house, the legacy gardens (Rose Garden, Perennial Garden, French Garden) ignited with seasonal bloom. Together, new and heritage spaces spread across the property and link the main house to its stone-edged fields. For the first time, the full extent of the property’s varied spaces is revealed. The master plan guided not only development of the physical spaces, but provided vision for engagement, programming, and visitor experience. The property opened in April with BloomFest, showcasing displays of 160,000 bulbs. By summer, our annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables filled the beds in rich seasonal displays. Classes offered in the Gateway classroom explore the

horticultural arts from cut flower arrangements to plein-air painting while little explorers are guided through meadow and wetland in search of butterflies and insects. The first phase of the Long Hill transformation opened in late June. Today, the main house welcomes visitors to wander the first floor, watch an introductory video, peruse books in the revitalized library, and buy a bit of Long Hill merchandise in the retail space. A new event pergola, set within its own garden room, is already booked for 25 private events. The adjacent carriage house provides accessible restroom facilities, and the renovated catering kitchen supports not only private events, but Long Hill’s sold-out Halloween on the Hill and Tea on the Terrace programs. The legacy Sedgwick Gardens continue their revitalization: the 2,500 plants here have been catalogued, mapped, and labeled, and soon this ‘living collection’ will be available to search online. Long Hill’s biggest surprise is its new garden room, designed by internationally acclaimed

garden designer Julie Moir Messervy, that invites visitors into a sunny circular central lawn surrounded by beds of summer blooming perennials in hues of purple, burgundy, and white. Beyond this garden, meandering accessible paths invite a wander through a cedar-studded meadow and, eventually, to dive through the trail opening into the acres of woodlands hardly ever explored here. This fall work has begun on Long Hill’s lower campus. A new propagation greenhouse, adjacent to the garage-turnedworking classroom, is almost complete. The farmhouse, used by the Sedgwicks as their first home while building the larger house atop the hill, will become the Nancy and George Putnam Horticultural Learning Center, providing two additional classrooms, new amenities, and a welcoming orientation space for those attending Long Hill’s educational programs. Charles Eliot described our organization as a ‘museum of landscapes.’ Fletcher Steele envisioned gardens as a place for ongoing creativity and invention. Mabel Sedgwick felt that gardens offered infinite possibilities for change. These two properties create the platform for uniting the words of these visionaries into action. Through all of our garden properties we protect some of our most iconic scenic, historic, horticulturally rich, and ecologically sensitive places. Today they are more than historic house museums— they welcome our members and guests to actively engage with each place and each other, or to simply rest, relax, and revel in their beauty. Cindy Brockway is The Trustees’ Cultural Resources Program Director.


ANNUAL REPORT 20 2021 13 3




Increased family-friendly opportunities and engagement resources cultivate audience growth Innovative visitor experiences were fundamental to Trustees farms’ success in 2021, while infrastructural investments in agricultural operations laid the foundation for future impact. In addition to continued Covid-conscious events, the properties launched more family-friendly programming and enterprise initiatives that welcomed broader audiences and provided more engaging and inclusive opportunities for all.

Powisset Farm, Dover Powisset Farm expanded its culinary programs for adults and kids this year, and it celebrated Pride Month in June with new OUT at the Farm weekend programs. These programs featured a dynamic line-up of inclusive and educational activities for guests of all identities, and also included the ever-popular woodfired pizza, local musicians, story time, and barnyard experiences.

Appleton Farms, Hamilton & Ipswich A year-round visitor experience has been introduced at Appleton Farms—including weekend tours, hikes, public programs, picnic-style food service, large seasonal events, and an expanded farm store. After purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven, Appleton’s culinary program was expanded to include highly anticipated weekend wood-fired pizza picnics. Additionally, the Appleton Farm Store reopened for in-person shopping in June to great community reception for its updated design/layout and expanded merchandise offerings.

Weir River Farm, Hingham Music filled the air and the hearts of all who attended Sunset Picnics, Weir River’s new outdoor summer concert series. The sold-out weekly events featured Boston-based musical artists, rotating local breweries, and locally sourced cuisine. These programs tied into a broader set of outdoor summer concerts across various Trustees properties and, benefiting from cohesive statewide promotion as well as a clear demand for Covid-safe outdoor programming, quickly became favorite and highly anticipated community events.



On the Farms


Chestnut Hill Farm, Southborough Trustees has rescued a late 19th century, Dutch-inspired timber frame barn located at Deerfoot Farm—a now defunct Southborough farm—from demolition. Working with the Southborough Historical Commission, and honoring the deep agricultural history of Southborough, The Trustees has disassembled the barn and reconstructed its timber framing at Chestnut Hill Farm. The Deerfoot Barn, set to open this fall, will provide a year-round spot for the community to gather and a much needed accessible, indoor venue for new programming and other engagement opportunities. The FARM Institute, Edgartown This year, The Trustees has reevaluated The FARM Institute’s role at Katama Farm, enabling it to grow its impact of delivering farm-based learning opportunities for Islanders and visitors alike. In July, the Athearns, owners of nearby Morning Glory Farm, assumed responsibility for the agricultural operations at Katama Farm. A new lease agreement with Edgartown enables The Trustees to focus on offering programming for families and children, including summer camps, school programs, culinary lessons, and barnyard experiences. The Trustees looks forward to this refined scope as it energizes experiences for families at The FARM Institute.




2021 has been a truly transitional year for arts and cultural programs at The Trustees, not only with the changing course of the pandemic, but also as we continued to expand and diversify our cultural and artistic programs. Visitors flocked to the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum throughout the year to take advantage of a rare treat: art sited outdoors (and lots of it!). Over the course of the year, we increasingly welcomed visitors indoors, too, and many rapturously greeted a series of ground-breaking exhibitions, including the highly original Visionary New England, organized by Senior Curator Sarah Montross; Monumental Cloth: The Flag We Should Know, a piercing re-thinking of the legacy of the Confederacy by 2020 Rappaport Art Prize Winner Sonya Clark; and spectacularly moving exhibitions in both the museum and sculpture park by renowned artist Jeffrey Gibson (Mississippi Choctaw/Cherokee). Hailed by Murray Whyte of the Boston Globe as “dazzling,” Gibson’s exhibition INFINITE INDIGENOUS QUEER LOVE inspired an outpouring of affection from visitors, who repeatedly described original works in the exhibition as otherworldly and who expressed delight in the accompanying family-friendly discovery gallery, where all were welcome to touch samples of the fringe and beads that Gibson uses in his artwork. While much of the public attention at deCordova focused on the dynamic exhibition program, museum staff also began planning for the museum’s 75th Anniversary upcoming in 2025, which has presented us with an opportunity to consider the legacy of this storied institution as well as its bright future—both indoors and out. Special thanks to our community of volunteer guides, who continued to offer tours of the sculpture park to members of the public in order to share their knowledge, despite the continued limitations of social distancing. Meanwhile, artists and visitors alike delighted in a year of thought-provoking exhibitions at Fruitlands Museum in nearby Harvard, where Curator Shana Dumont Garr organized a series of jewel-like projects, including Piecework: Resistance and Healing in Contemporary Textile Art, whose diverse artist roster and introspective themes brought deep emotional resonance to our art program. In Fruitlands’ Native American Gallery, Garr and independent curator (and artist) Gina Adams brought together over a dozen contemporary Indigenous artists who currently live and work in North America, creating an exhibition that evoked the impression of a dynamic conversation between artists and artworks and that echoed across space and time. Jessica May is The Trustees’ Managing Director, Art & Exhibitions, and Artistic Director, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


Installation view of Jeffrey Gibson, INFINITE INDIGENOUS QUEER LOVE. Photo: Julia Featheringill Photography; Jeffrey Gibson, Because Once You Enter My House, It Becomes Our House, 2020; Gina Adams, Blanket Chest of Heart Filled Gratitude / Waabooyan Wiikobijigan inaadiziwin inde minwashkine miigwechiwendan, 2018. Photo courtesy of Accola Griefen Gallery; Sonya Clark, Monumental Cloth, The Flag We Should Know, 2019. Photo: Carlos Avendaño; Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute), “Protect Our Elders”, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist; Kim Weston, Medicine, 2018; from Visionary New England exhibition.



Shining a Light on




rustees members and visitors are curious. When they can watch a coastal dune or salt marsh being restored, talk with a mason laying new brick, or witness the transformation of a table being conserved, they leave with an indelible memory to share with others. Most do not realize what it takes to properly conserve a property—to preserve, protect, and manage a natural or cultural resource to prevent deterioration or exploitation, and maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for staff and visitors. Bringing light to those efforts, sharing behind-the-scenes work of the organization’s mission as it is being carried out by Trustees staff members and expert consultants and partners presents a great opportunity for engagement. This is the core of Conservation in Action, a new initiative to elevate visitors’ experiences by opening the doors to our work and welcoming people of all ages to witness special moments in our ongoing conservation efforts. Through this lens, we showcase strategies and practices that improve the condition, function, aesthetic, and/or longevity of resources or assets on our properties. The goal is to share these moments; to spark a bond between guest and organization that builds a collective desire to invest in our properties. This bond comes through working beside us, witnessing a transformational moment, or recognizing that each membership or financial donation furthers our work.




Conservation in Action projects may appear at any reservation across the Trustees portfolio, from high visitation properties to hidden gems, and from woodlands and beaches to farms, museums, and gardens. Each project is assessed for its potential for engagement, through such criteria as: Is there a life cycle to the project so stories can be shared at different points throughout the process? Does it showcase our technical expertise and best practice strategies for the work we do well? Does it inspire members and visitors to be more involved, through volunteering or philanthropy? Depending on the answers to these and other questions, projects are then assigned a level of support consistent with the visibility of the work—larger and highly transformative efforts may be shared through such tools and techniques as “hard hat tours” with project experts, signage describing our work, online videos, and social media posts to bring the effort to life. Others may receive informative signage outlining

the story behind the work and invitations for visitors to find out more about the projects on the Trustees website. To date, such projects as the restoration of the Rose Garden at Castle Hill, the removal of the beloved 250-year-old ash tree at Stevens-Coolidge which had reached its end of life, and even such a relatively mundane task as cleaning one of Naumkeag’s closets have provided initial models for Conservation in Action at Trustees reservations. Restoration work at Old Town Hill’s salt marsh, the transformation work ongoing at Long Hill, and the reassembly of an historic Southborough barn as a new engagement space at Chestnut Hill Farm are several of the current Conservation in Action projects underway. Trustees looks forward to utilizing this comprehensive engagement strategy to engage visitors and build awareness and interest in all aspects of the organization’s work and mission in the years ahead.

Left: Frame of a video produced to showcase the work of artisans and engineers in stabilizing the crumbling columns during the restoration of Castle Hill’s Rose Garden. Here, Jason Boucher, mason with Consigli Construction, discusses the techniques used to patch concrete in order to match the historic coloration. Above: A Conservation in Action sign describes for visitors the ongoing efforts to restore the salt marsh at Old Town Hill in Newbury.



Inviting new audiences to experience nature and Trustees places

In 2020, Trustees launched a new staffing unit designed to expand and diversify its program offerings for families and young adults. Outdoor Experiences (OE) focuses on creating guided hiking programs across Trustees recreational properties, as well as initiating programs that engage non-traditional audiences in the outdoors. At the same time, OE looks for ways to increase the reach of existing Trusteesbranded outdoor programs, such as Hike Trustees. Here are several of the many positive strides OE has made since its inception.

NEW OUTDOOR ADVENTURES Among many initiatives, a team of experienced guides is now providing guided hiking opportunities at Trustees’ recreational properties on the South Coast and in the Charles River Valley and Central MA areas. Hikes are organized at times and with themes that appeal to specific audiences, with such offerings as sunrise, after-work, or sunset hikes, fitness hikes, and birding or winter tracking hikes for families. This program is soon to expand to the Pioneer Valley through a partnership with the outdoor exploration company Adventure East, leading guided hikes, tracking, and forest bathing experiences at Mount Warner, Chapel Brook, Chesterfield Gorge, and Bryant Homestead. Plans are also being developed to offer kayak and mountain bike excursions through Adventure East in the next phase of this partnership.


STATE GRANT FUNDS NATURE PLAY TRAIL In late summer, OE was pleased to announce that Trustees is the recipient of a $50,000 award through the Commonwealth’s MassTrails Grants Program to facilitate design and construction of an accessible nature play trail at Copicut Woods in Fall River. Once open, the new nature play trail will not only be an engaging space for kids and families to enjoy being outside in nature, it will also help The Trustees reach new and underserved audiences in the gateway cities of the state’s South Coast, Fall River and New Bedford. ©CARLA COOPER

PARTNERSHIPS FOR UNDERSERVED YOUTH Trustees is committed to providing more opportunities to experience the outdoors for non-traditional audiences and people who may not be able to easily visit its reservations. Thanks to a grant from REI, exciting partnerships have been launched with several organizations devoted to providing outdoor experiences and programs for underrepresented young people who lack access to nature. Big City Mountaineers, Boys and Girls Clubs in Fitchburg/Leominster and Salem, and City in the Woods are now bringing youth from diverse communities to experience nature and Trustees special places through such outdoor adventures as guided hikes, kayak trips, and overnight camping experiences.



HIKE TRUSTEES TAKES OFF Relaunched in 2021 after a year’s hiatus, Hike Trustees received a renewed organizational focus to nurture program participants’ interests and motivations in getting out to experience Trustees trails. More achievable goals, monthly contests and prizes, and content geared exclusively for Hike Trustees participants has all been very well received and continues to drive interest. A Facebook Group (“Trustees Hikers”) was created as a way for participants to share their experiences and photos, and as a way to share Trustees-generated content. This very active group has grown to over 6,200 members in just eight months, and as word spreads to friends, many people new to the group are finding out about Hike Trustees, and the organization itself, after joining the Facebook Group. The new focus and robust promotion of Hike Trustees has driven participation in the program to remarkable new levels: with more than a month yet to go in the season, nearly 4,000 hikers (more than triple the previous highest season total) have logged 33,000 miles in over 11,300 hikes—increases of 61% and 70% respectively over previous season highs.




In summer 2020, The Trustees announced its recently launched initiative to create more inclusive spaces for visitors, members, volunteers, and staff across the organization and its 120+ reservations. We had just begun developing a framework for building more welcoming places where all people feel invited and feel a sense of belonging, and now, as we advance through the first year of the effort, I am pleased to report more fully on our commitment to Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity, and share some highlights of our early progress.

DBIE Initiative creates more inclusive and welcoming Trustees spaces ©TOM KATES


Core to the Trustees mission is the simple truth that nature and culture can soothe the soul and improve our lives… not for some, but for everyone. The Trustees has long been concerned with improving access to its properties and mission for all, and through a number of important initiatives in the last 20 years has been committed to better serving diverse communities throughout the Commonwealth. But the work to create more inclusive spaces that began in the last year expands the focus toward ensuring that everyone is not only able to access our properties, but that all feel welcomed and feel that they belong.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS The Trustees is committed to looking at diversity from a variety of different perspectives—gender, race, ethnicity, mobility and ability to access, LGBTQ, and more— and to better represent and welcome all communities to our properties through our programming, our exhibitions and interpretations, our signage, publications and communications vehicles, and by providing greater accessibility on our reservations and in our facilities. Here is a snapshot of what we have accomplished so far over the past year: On our reservations, we have begun to install multilingual signage to better represent and serve local communities, such as those at Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover, which is next door to the large Spanish-speaking communities of Greater Lawrence.




Celebrating Pride Month this past June.

At Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, The Trustees worked with the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohicans to change names of parts of the property that were considered offensive. New interpretive signage has been developed in collaboration with the Tribe to rightfully acknowledge that the site was occupied by the Tribe prior to their forceful removal by European settlers, and to recognize its significance as a sacred site for the Tribe. Exhibitions at our museums and cultural sites are highlighting work by more diverse artists and performers. We are creating programs that celebrate Juneteenth, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and Pride Month, among others, and are establishing partnerships with communitybased organizations to bring youth from diverse communities to experience nature and our special places. And we are working with more minority- and women-owned businesses as vendors and suppliers for our gift shops and events.


Left to Right: New accessible path at Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover; Participants in a Harlem Renaissance Garden Party event this summer.

In the Piers Park III project in East Boston, we are working closely with the local community on designs for the park, with working sessions held both in English and in Spanish, and we are surveying the community in multiple languages so that we can engage in a much broader conversation with those who don’t connect to us in English. We are also deepening our commitment to providing more access to our properties for mobility-impaired people, by creating new accessible and wheelchair-friendly trails at more reservations, offering adaptive equipment, and adding more accessible restrooms and picnic tables at a number of properties. Staff members are participating in workshops, training sessions, and peer discussion groups—and have committed themselves to ongoing learning and understanding how they as individuals can grow and contribute to creating a more welcoming environment for all. Numerous Trustees colleagues have dedicated themselves to championing this work and I am grateful for their efforts and enthusiasm. We are excited by the initial steps we have taken so far on this journey, but we acknowledge that this is a long-term commitment for the organization. We are eager to delve more deeply into the work, learning, and growth ahead of us, and we are encouraged by the passion and commitment of the entire Trustees community in what will be a far-reaching and transformational effort. Our resolve has never been stronger— to all people, of all backgrounds, persuasions, and abilities: You Belong Here! Edited from an article in the Fall 2021 issue of Special Places. Janelle Woods-McNish is The Trustees’ Managing Director of Community Impact.


PUMPKINS, PEONIES, AND PIZZA Innovations and expansions of popular programs attract eager audiences


After a year of innovating to offer Covid-safe programming, Trustees has expanded successful pilots while resuming well-loved events with the loosening of state and local restrictions. As a result, public programs have now returned to pre-Covid levels, with 160k participants engaged through the end of October, as many have sought the benefits of the outdoors in a time of global uncertainty. New and returning signature events celebrated the seasons and attracted large audiences throughout the year. With reduced capacity and adjusted visitor flow to ensure a safer experience, Winterlights sold out at both properties—Naumkeag and the Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate—even as the events were extended deep into January to satisfy demand. The Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover officially reopened after a multi-year property revitalization with 20 THE TRUSTEES

Bloomfest, a new event series inviting visitors to enjoy the expanded gardens in full spring regalia. Tickets for both Bloomfest and the 3rd annual Naumkeag Daffodil & Tulip Festival series sold out in a handful of days. The always popular series of summer picnic concerts at Castle Hill and Fruitlands Museum were expanded to more reservations, with new Blues at Bradley concerts at the




Bradley Estate in Canton, and with the bookings of nationally recognized musicians at Fruitlands. deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum added a new intimate musical experience, while Stevens-Coolidge offered their own Summer Picnic Concerts, and Weir River Farm hosted a new series of Sunset Picnics featuring local musicians from June through October, which sold out each week. The volume of tickets sold and the open spaces for all concerts ensured guests could enjoy live music in a safe manner. In the fall, Halloween on the Hill at Long Hill in Beverly welcomed visitors to this recently revitalized garden property, to rave reviews. As with other major events, tickets to this and the returning Incredible Naumkeag Pumpkin Show sold out, with 21k guests across the two series. In addition to key events, new smaller scale programming also proved successful. Many properties expanded the visitor experience through pizza picnics and biergartens. In the colder months, firepit programs sold out across several properties in what would otherwise have been a quieter time for engagement. Farm properties hosted harvest celebrations in the fall drawing in families for hayrides, games, activities, and local food. All eight of the Trustees summer camps—including the brand new camp at Rocky Woods in Medfield—were fully registered by early spring, welcoming 2,700 campers and bringing in more than $1 million in revenue. Afterschool programs were expanded as well. As The Trustees looks toward the future, lessons delivered by the Covid pandemic will shape visitor engagement for the better. It is clear many visitors crave experiences that connect them to nature and culture and have a newfound appreciation for spending time in the outdoors that will last well beyond this moment.







• Added 5 new rustic bungalows; booked at 73% of capacity • Added a walk-up window to reduce in-store traffic Visitation +15% Total Revenue +31%


• Added weekdays during shoulder season • Established peak pricing structure • Bolstered retail and café offerings

Nordic Skiing & Snowshoeing • Winter 2021 was Notchview’s most successful season to date • Revenue more than doubled the previous year • 230 kids took advantage of newly launched Junior Ski Pass program

Visitation +28% Total Revenue +69% Retail & Café Revenue +76%

Season pass holders +40% Equipment rentals +300% Ski lessons +124%


• First full year of operation • 15 campsites; updated amenities

Mountain/Gravel Biking (new initiative) • Two-month trial period, in partnership with New England Mountain Biking Association • Minimal impact on trail system and environment

70% occupancy Revenue +8% over projections

81 Access Passes sold +62% over goal (50)



riven by the need for more ways for people to spend time outdoors, as well as rekindled confidence from Covid vaccinations and the gain in Trustees Membership in the previous year, Trustees’ Recreational Enterprises experienced a banner year. The three campgrounds— Dunes’ Edge in Provincetown, Tully Lake in Royalston, and the expanded campsites at Rocky Woods in Medfield—were more popular than ever, hosting more than 40,000 campers. Capitalizing on the increasing popularity of alternatives to tent camping, Dunes’ Edge added five rustic bungalows, complete with bunk beds and essential furnishings, perfect for families and those who want something more than a tent but without the investment in an RV. At Rocky Woods, after a successful pilot program in Fall 2020, overnight camping was officially launched in spring with 15 campsites and updated facilities in great demand. Notchview, in Windsor, has had a year like no other, as well. Day ski passes last winter nearly quadrupled the previous year, and even with Covid safety concerns requiring the closure of the Visitor’s Center, revenue doubled that of any previous season. And, in late summer, a pilot program to assess the impact of mountain and gravel biking on the trail system was created, which proved popular and is planned to continue next year.



A Banner Year for Notchview and Trustees Campgrounds



Membership Report BY DANIEL VINCENT


2020 was a year of tragedy and transition, but thanks to the loyalty and generosity of Trustees Members—and a timely and compelling value proposition—it was also a year of success and hope, evidenced by record Membership growth that not only maintained but accelerated our momentum. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020 and we closed our properties and offices, we knew we had to be resilient and nimble in order to secure this vital revenue stream for the organization.

Staying Strong Inspired by Barbara Erickson’s determination to “weather the storm,” we decided to continue our acquisition and renewal campaigns as per usual. Because we were not in the office to process mail, we shifted operations towards our online channels and urged Members to join and renew on our website rather than through the mail. When we reopened our properties, we did so with advance purchase, timed ticketing. Overwhelming demand for access and limited capacity conspired to create tremendous customer service challenges. Delays in processing and fulfillment due to office closures and increased volume exacerbated service issues. The backlog of phone calls and emails was all but insurmountable. We hired temporary customer service associates to help us get through the backlog and respond to Members personally, through thousands of phone calls and emails, taking responsibility for inconveniences and frustrations and thanking Members for their patience, understanding, and support. During the pandemic, when people were desperate to get outside and do things, The Trustees offered something unique and safe, and Membership provided special access. Despite our initial concerns, Membership joins and renewals continued to increase dramatically. We ended FY21 with almost $8.3 million in total revenue and 83,000 Member households, an increase of 44% and 33% respectively, surpassing 22 THE TRUSTEES


our original revenue goal by more than $2 million. Our Annual Appeal also doubled, from $400,000 to more than $800,000—a sign that this growth was not just transactional in nature, but also philanthropic.

Going Forward In order to retain and build upon this growth during FY22 and beyond, we maintained our omnichannel approach, with all mail and digital channels at full tilt including a robust multi-part renewal cycle, expanded acquisition campaigns, and refinements to our online ticketing, registration, and e-commerce systems. We ensured that there is constant engagement with Members throughout the year in all our marketing channels, highlighting things to do, but also the mission work which so many connect with. We expanded Member pre-sales and previews and other Member specials for signature events like Bloomfest, the summer concerts series, pumpkin shows, and of course the return of Winterlights. We implemented a new outside caging service to receive mail renewal notices and acquisition applications to help us scale up (and speed up) processing and fulfillment, which increases Member satisfaction and

retention. We created a full-time, 7-daysa-week customer service response team to answer emails and phones more efficiently and quickly, helping Members with renewals, permit purchases, and registration for programs; and addressing general customer service issues in a timely manner. Thanks to these efforts and the continued loyalty of our Members, we have seen sustained growth now into the third quarter of FY22. By the end of the second quarter, we have reached an all-time high of 100,000 Member households and have remarkably maintained 20% growth from the same point in our record-breaking FY21. And because our Members typically remain with us for many years, we are confident this growth will resound well into the future. We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a thriving and growing Trustees of the future by stewarding this strong community of advocates and the vital support they provide, and by creating and sustaining a culture that recognizes and celebrates our Members, regardless of the challenges. Daniel Vincent is The Trustees’ Managing Director of Membership.

By the Numbers



2,080,565 FY20




The story of 2020 and the entirety of the 2021 Fiscal Year (FY21) was, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic. While most of the Trustees in-person programming was curtailed, many new online programs were created and were well received. Volunteering was also negatively affected by the reduction of in-person opportunities. The pandemic had an opposite effect for visitation and membership, however, as both areas saw growth. Here is a look at FY21—by the numbers:




The open spaces Trustees protects and maintains saw record numbers of visitors during FY21—a result of the inherent need to escape Covid lockdowns and to get exercise in the great outdoors. Actual numbers at reservations grew by a greater extent than these numbers indicate at first blush, as FY20 visitation numbers included the final year of the Trustees’ relationship with Boston Public Market.

$8,296,547 FY20

$5,750,958 Note: Includes Membership fees and gifts below Founders Circle levels.


Membership experienced remarkable growth in FY21—showing both how much our mission is valued and how well positioned Trustees was to respond to the pandemic crisis. Overall, our Member households grew by 30% from FY20’s numbers, and Membership dues increased an astounding 40% over the same time period.



Program Participation


Trustees offers over 5,000 workshops, classes, tours, hikes, events, and more each year. This number was severely impacted by Covid-19 in FY21 but has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels in the first several quarters of FY22.




Trustees provides hundreds of different opportunities for individuals, corporate groups, and students to volunteer their time in support of our mission. Prior to the arrival of Covid-19 at the start of FY21, Trustees anticipated growth in volunteer hours of approximately 6%, however those numbers were subsequently and significantly reduced by the pandemic.




65,495 FY20




Retail Experiences Expand, Online and In-Person The Trustees retail program has gained momentum, building on the learnings and advancements gained during the pandemic in 2020. Among these is a new online shopping experience——which uses the e-commerce platform Shopify to integrate all Trustees retail locations, including the farm stores, onto one comprehensive Trustees shopping site. Shopify offers a more seamless user experience and integrates well with other systems, yielding insights that will propel further growth. Many Trustees retail locations that temporarily closed for in-person shopping in 2020 have now reopened, including the deCordova Store, The Old Manse, Castle Hill Gift Shop, and all farm stores. In spring 2021, The Trustees opened new gift shops at its two revitalized public gardens—Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens in North Andover and Long Hill in Beverly.

The thoughtfully curated product assortments along with intentionally designed retail spaces has ensured the success of these stores, exceeding their annual goals within the first 3-6 months of opening. The Thanksgiving holiday has created the opportunity to showcase the culinary strengths of Trustees farms with a new initiative to sell pre-made holiday side dishes, prepared by Trustees chefs across four properties, alongside turkeys sustainably raised at neighboring farms. The promotion yielded strong sales in its first year and has served as valuable learning to gauge the capacities of kitchen teams during a busy time of year. Looking ahead to the 2021 holiday season and 2022, Trustees retail will continue to build on its successes by offering in-person and online customers new opportunities to shop local while supporting our mission.


Trustees Digital Platforms Drive Rapid Growth Spurred by investment in its digital infrastructure, Trustees is now entering the second year of transformational change in its ability to promote visitation, Membership, programs, and enterprise opportunities to a wider audience than ever before. Implementation began with the launch of the organization’s new

website in late summer, 2020, and has continued over the past year with the remarkable evolution of its email marketing program. The updated website features improved visuals, more curated content, and improved search functionality, all on a platform that is more user friendly and enables more efficient maintenance—with

one-year metrics indicating a marked improvement over the previous site: the total number of users has grown by 47% to more than 2.5 million annually, and average time-on-site has improved by 26%. The second phase in the Trustees’ digital strategy, and the focus for new growth in the past year, is email marketing. Utilizing increasingly integrated platforms and communications customized to the recipients’ interests and behaviors, along with more robust segmentation and automation functionality, Trustees digital marketers have witnessed remarkable returns: e-Newsletter subscribership has skyrocketed from 80K to over 250K subscribers in the last year alone, with open and click-through rates rising substantially and achieving results that outpace nonprofit benchmarks. Growth in the organization’s ability to market through these digital channels drives concomitant growth in Trustees Membership, visitation, program participation, enterprise, and engagement across the board—with positive, measurable results that will be seen for years to come. The Digital Strategy is supported by The Manton Foundation.





For Generations to Come While Peter Creighton was a child wandering the woods around his family’s Manchester home, he quickly learned that he had certain responsibilities to the landscape. His family “adopted” a prominent trail on the North Shore; charged with keeping the footpath in good repair, Peter happily joined in clearing brush. “That stewardship instilled in us that it’s not just about walking on trails and enjoying them, but being an active part of maintaining properties, and being part of a movement to protect the land,” Peter says.

Today, Peter and his wife, Catherine— who both joined the Semper Virens Society in 2019—are driven by a conviction that the future of land conservation relies on sharing nature with new generations. Peter experienced this firsthand, exploring Trustees properties with his late father Albert Creighton, a New England land conservation luminary and a Charles Eliot Award recipient who spent half a century with The Trustees. Soon, Peter cut his own path toward the organization: years after working a summer job at Long Hill in the 1980s, he served on The Trustees’ advisory board from 1996 to 1998, and on the board of directors from 1996 to 2006. Along with instituting term limits to encourage participation from younger members, Peter was involved in the Trustees’ merger with the Boston Natural Areas Network, among other initiatives.



Meanwhile, after leading a conservationfocused residential development company, Peter found a new career in delivering outdoor education to urban communities. He’s served as a teacher-educator with Thompson Island Outward Bound, Mass Audubon, and Boston Public Schools; since earning a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, Peter has begun developing an environmental literacy curriculum for fifth and sixth graders. “As a teacher-educator, I’m hoping that if I can open the eyes of urban youth, they’ll become comfortable with the out-of-doors environment,” he says. “Then they can pass their experiences along to their children, in the same way that saving a piece of land today benefits future generations.” After becoming acquainted with The Trustees through her husband, Catherine joined Peter in co-chairing The Trustees’ 125th Anniversary celebration at Appleton

Farms as well as the inaugural Snow Ball at Castle Hill in 2020. As a parent to two young children, she treasures seeing familiar landscapes, like Ravenswood and Coolidge Reservation, through their eyes. “We first visited Long Hill with them three years ago, and I wish I could have bottled their response,” Catherine says. “Running through gardens navigating woody thickets, peering through iron gates—their complete delight made it even more magical.” Considering the intergenerational role that The Trustees has played, a planned gift was a natural decision for the Creightons. “The Trustees is such an important part of our lives,” Peter says. “Managing my father’s bequests and the real impact that they have had has made me realize the benefits of planned giving to The Trustees, even in my 50s. For us, it’s a gift that lives on for the next generation, similar to my teaching.”

Planned gifts have allowed The Trustees to advance its mission for more than 100 years. You can be part of that legacy and help ensure our work continues far into the future. To learn more about how these gifts can help you meet your financial and philanthropic goals, contact Julie Lazarus— at 978.338.1172 or—or visit for an overview of gift options. If you have already named us in your estate plans, please let us know so we can honor your generosity through the Semper Virens Society.


Governance Volunteers BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Cecily C. Colburn

John Vasconcellos

Eloise W. Hodges

Directors serve as the governing board of The Trustees, charged with the ultimate responsibility for the organization’s operations.

Karen S. Conway

Bradford B. Wakeman

Paul S. Horovitz

Dr. Lisette Cooper

Andrew West

James S. Hoyte

Brendan Coughlin

Marc Zawel

Lily Rice Hsia

Peter B. Coffin, Chair Eunice Panetta, Vice Chair David D. Croll, Secretary Brian M. Kinney, Assistant Secretary Neeti Bhalla Johnson Andrew P. Borggaard William G. Constable Andrew O. Davis Elizabeth de Montrichard Laura DeBonis Philip J. Edmundson Uzochi C. Erlingsson Thomas D. French Edward G. Garmey Linda Hammett Ory Roland E. Hoch Elizabeth L. Johnson Julia G. Krapf Edward H. Ladd Martin Lempres Robert Mason Michael Prior G. Scott Uzzell Phyllis R. Yale Cyrus Taraporevala, Ex-Officio

ADVISORY BOARD This governance body advises the Board of Directors and staff on key issues, bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to its decision-making process. Jeffrey Bellows, Chair Michelle M.M. Abel James Alden Eleanor Andrews Margaret G. Bailey Joanna Ballantine Deborah Jensen Barker George P. Beal Richard M. Burnes, Jr. John Gibson Carey Chip Clark Richard M. Coffman

Charles D. Esdaile Michael Even Martha L. Gangemi Jade T. Gedeon Spencer P. Glendon Trevor C. Graham Leslie W. Hammond James H. Hammons, Jr. Mai Hanlon Christopher Escobedo Hart Alexandra C. Hastings

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL Established in 1995, this Council was created to honor former members of the Standing Committee, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board. It provides the opportunity for The Trustees to continue to benefit from their advice and deep institutional knowledge.

Janice G. Hunt Stephen B. Jeffries Elizabeth B. Johnson Charles F. Kane, Jr. Stephen B. Kay Jonathan M. Keyes Edward H. Ladd Theodore C. Landsmark David I. Lewis George E. Lewis, Sr. Deborah Logan

Cam Hudson

Amy L. Auerbach, Chair

Charles R. Longsworth

Bradley C. Irwin

Lee Albright

Caleb Loring, III

Frederick N. Khedouri

Clement C. Benenson

Jonathan B. Loring

Joshua A. Klevens

Steven A. Bercu

Peter E. Madsen

Ann W. Lambertus

Tatiana Bezamat

Eli Manchester, Jr.

Peter K. Lambertus

Laura Bibler

Katherine J. McMillan

Robert A. Larsen

Jane Lyman Bihldorff

Wilhelm M. Merck

John D. Laupheimer, Jr.

Sarah Hunt Broughel

John O. Mirick

Marie LeBlanc

Ronald Brown

Sara Molyneaux

Alexandra Liftman

Lalor Burdick

Brian W. Monnich

Molly Macleod

Rebecca Gardner Campbell

W. Hugh M. Morton

Adam J. Margolin

Liza R. Carey

Virginia M. Murray

David C. McCabe

Sharon Casdin

Scott A. Nathan

Drew McMorrow

Robert A. Clark

Thomas H. Nicholson

Pauline C. Metcalf

William C. Clendaniel

Nicholas W. Noon

Amey D. Moot

Frances Colburn

Julia B. O'Brien

Kate Morris

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Thomas L. P. O'Donnell

Al Nierenberg

Mary Campbell Cooper

Ronald P. O'Hanley, III

Christopher Oddleifson

David L. Costello

Kathryn P. O'Neil

Jeryl Oristaglio

Peter H. Creighton

Carolyn M. Osteen

Glenn P. Parker

John P. DeVillars

Russell J. Peotter

Kirsten Poler

Walter C. Donovan

Richard F. Perkins

Jonathan H. Poorvu

James V. Ellard, Jr.

Samuel Plimpton

Jonathan Rapaport

Jeffrey B. Fager

Beatrice A. Porter

Carter S. Romansky

Ronald Lee Fleming

Margaret L. Poutasse

Christopher A. Shepherd

Allen W. Fletcher

Hillary H. Rayport

Sukanya Lahiri Soderland

David R. Foster

Gene E. Record, Jr.

Jonathan A. Soroff

Ann C. Galt

Henry S. Reeder, Jr.

Arthur K. Steinert

Elizabeth W. Gordon

G. Neal Ryland

Hope E. Suttin

Marjorie D. Greville

Jane Saltonstall

Dick Taggart

Gale R. Guild

Stanley L. Schantz

Caroline E. Tall

Douglas B. Harding

David W. Scudder

Yanni Tsipis

Carter H. Harrison

Mary Waters Shepley

Melissa A. Tully

Nathan Hayward, III

William Shields

Thomas J. Healey

Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

John K. Herbert, III

F. Sydney Smithers, IV Caroline D. Standley


help us keep our special places forever green.

Planned gifts have allowed The Trustees to advance its mission for more than 100 years. You can be part of that legacy and help ensure our work continues far into the future. Contact Julie Lazarus, at 978.338.1172 or, to learn more about how these gifts can help you meet your financial and philanthropic goals. If you have already named us in your estate plans, please let us know so we can honor your generosity through The Semper Virens Society. ASHINTULLY GARDENS, TYRINGHAM


Augusta Perkins Stanislaw

Sylvia P. Constable

May H. Pierce

Margaret E. Steiner

John Fiske

Rebekah Richardson

Elliot M. Surkin

Alan F. French

Jane Saltonstall

Jane McC. Talcott

Dorothy C. Fullam

David W. Scudder

Patricia R. Ternes

Ralph D. Gordon

Mary Waters Shepley

John E. Thomas

Elizabeth W. Gordon

Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Julie M. Viola

Gale R. Guild

F. Sydney Smithers, IV

Natalia K. Wainwright

Roslyn E. Harrington

Caroline D. Standley

William F. Weld

Nathan Hayward, III

Elliot M. Surkin

R. Angus West

Janice G. Hunt

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Susan Winthrop

Elizabeth B. Johnson

R. Angus West

Andrew W. Kendall

Frederic Winthrop, Jr.

LIFE TRUSTEES Honoring those who have made extraordinary gifts of property, financial assets, or service to The Trustees.

John W. Kimball Catherine C. Lastavica Edward P. Lawrence James Lawrence, III Robert P. Lawrence

Lee Albright

George E. Lewis, Sr.

Elsie J. Apthorp

Susan P. Little

Wilhelmina V. L. Batchelder-Brown

Pamela Fezandie Lohmann

Nancy B. Bates

W. Hugh M. Morton

Frances Colburn

Thomas L. P. O'Donnell

For the list of Corporate Trustees, please visit our website at Trustees Governance, as elected at the 130th Annual Meeting, November 4, 2021.

CORPORATE TRUSTEES Corporate Trustees, along with Life Trustees, are the voting members of the organization. Each year at the Annual Meeting, they elect Board of Directors and Advisory Board, as well as new Corporate Trustees and Life Trustees.


Cumulative Giving The Directors and staff of The Trustees extend our sincere thanks to the following donors who committed their support to The Trustees. This incredible list of supporters contributed to our 5-year strategic plan, Momentum, and funded our mission during our 2021 fiscal year (April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.) We are deeply grateful to these generous funders for their commitment to The Trustees. They fuel our thoughtful growth, expand our reach, and deepen our impact. $5,000,000 +


The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund



1916 Foundation

Ms. Judith A. Galvin

Mr. James M. Alden

Barr Foundation


Nathan and Marilyn Hayward

Anonymous (4)

The Nancy Foss Heath and Richard B. Heath Foundation

Bank of America


Joan E. Appleton 1997 Charitable Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Priscilla and Andy Bender

David and Victoria Croll

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Mr. Roland E. Hoch and Mrs. Sarah Garland-Hoch

William W. Farkas†

The Boston Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

Mr. Clement Benenson and Mrs. Stephanie Terelak Benenson

The Manton Foundation

Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Weston Howland, III

Mr. Steven A. Bercu

The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust

Bronner Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Nessim Khedouri

Charles Sumner Bird Foundation

City of Boston

Krieger Charitable Trust

Mrs. Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld

Laura DeBonis and Scott Nathan

Ann W. Lambertus and Peter K. Lambertus

Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr.


Estate of Franklin L. Feigin


Deborah and Philip Edmundson

Abby and Peter Coffin

The Felicia Fund

Karen and Brian Conway

Tom and Jill French

Estate of Albert M. Creighton

Halfway Rock Foundation

The Davis Family Charitable Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Funds

Mr. Hamilton E. James and Mrs. Amabel B. James

Estate of L. Jamison Hudson

Ms. Pauline Cabot Metcalf

The Lynch Foundation

Eugene Meyer and Sylvia Pope

National Philanthropic Trust

Eunice and Jay Panetta

New England Biolabs

Amy and Jonathan Poorvu

The Parker Family Foundation

Mrs. Pamela B. Weatherbee

Mr. Peter C. Nordblom The Nordblom Company Plimpton-Shattuck Fund

Estate of Mary P. Barton

Creighton Narada Foundation John and Cynthia Fish Mrs. Gale R. Guild Estate of Storer Humphreys

Nancy Putnam† Estates of Ted and Anna Lou Rhoades

$100,000–$249,999 Anonymous

$500,000–$999,999 Mr. Robert E. Davoli and Ms. Eileen L. McDonagh Herb and Paulie Emilson The Deborah A. Hawkins Charitable Trust Ms. Elizabeth Livingston Johnson The Alan Karplus Trust Robert and Erica Mason Norfolk Charitable Trust Phyllis & Jerome Lyle Rappaport Foundation Mr. Cyrus Taraporevala and Ms. Fie Andersen TD Bank Phyllis Robin Yale and S. Tucker Taft


Mr. Joseph F. Azrack and Mrs. Abigail Congdon Ms. Anita Bekenstein and Mr. Josh Bekenstein Mr. Andrew P. Borggaard and Mrs. Jennifer M. Borggaard Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation


Ms. Patricia R. Callahan and Mr. David D. Dee Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hazen Churchill, Jr.

The Red Elm Tree Foundation

Karen and Bruce Clarke

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mr. Richard M. Coffman and Mrs. Gabrielle C. F. Coffman

David and Marie Louise Scudder Jill and Niraj Shah

Mr. Kevin H. Kelley and Mrs. Mary Ellen M. Kelley

Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston

Polly Thayer Starr Charitable Trust

Mr. Marty Lempres

State Street Corporation

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Lookout Foundation

Vanguard Charitable

Mr. Holbrook R. Davis†

Massachusetts Cultural Council

David Doyle and Maricely Perez-Alers

The Norman and Rosita Winston Foundation

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

Nicholas Edsall

Natasha and Dirk Ziff

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife

The Jebeka Charitable Foundation J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

The New York Community Trust Tom & Cathy Nicholson

William V. and Betty M. Ellis Family Foundation

The Ogden Codman Trust

Michael and Joan Even

Mrs. Louise C. Riemer

Evergreen Charitable Fund

Ms. Valentine Talland and Mr. Nagesh K. Mahanthappa

Eversource Energy

The Vesper Foundation

Fein Foundation

Gail and Ernst von Metzsch

Mr. Samuel M. Feldman and Ms. Marilyn Meyerhoff

The Feigenbaum Foundation

The Children of Frannie and Sam Wakeman

Fiduciary Trust Company

The Estate of Hope G. Wright

Fiduciary Charitable Foundation Four Seasons Hotel


Ms. Patricia L. Freysinger

The 1434 Foundation Inc.

Dr. David George Fromm

Akebia Therapeutics, Inc

Mr. Patrick Gan

The American Endowment Foundation Anonymous (4)

Mr. Michael A. Gangemi and Mrs. Martha L. Gangemi


C. Mackay Ganson and Julia K. Ganson

The Ausolus Trust Mr. Talbot Baker, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett R. Geer

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Mr. John A. Burgess and Dr. Nancy S. Adams

Carole Berkowitz


Rick and Nonnie† Burnes

Blackbaud Giving Fund Boston Properties

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Mr. Robert S. Cary and Ms. Janet Nussmann

Mr. John G. Carey and Mrs. Sarah Carey

Mr. and Mrs. W. Hugh M. Morton


Mrs. Susan Jennifer Gray

Citizens Bank

National Endowment for the Arts

CD 211 Property LLC

Nick and Marjorie Greville

The Coby Foundation, Ltd.

National Grid Company

Charlesview Foundation

Guidepost Growth Equity

Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts

The Morgan Palmer Foundation

Estate of Ferdinand Colloredo-Mansfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Guy, III

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Constable

Lauren and Michael Prior

Community Foundation of Henderson County

Ms. Deborah Hale and Mr. Martin D. M. Hale

Mr. Andrew Davis and Dr. Florence Bourgeois

Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam, III


Mr. Robert D. Rands and Mrs. Amelia R. Rands

Crane Fund for Widows & Children

The Robert T. and Judith B. Hale Foundation

Mr. Gonzague de Montrichard and Mrs. Elizabeth de Montrichard Mrs. Kelly Louise Dunn Uzo & Erik Erlingsson Essex County Community Foundation Judy and Carl Ferenbach Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation Fleischner Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David A. Fleischner Foundation for MetroWest Dr. Thomas A. J. Frank and Ms. Alexandra C. Hastings Timothy Fulham and Lise Olney Gardinor Prunaret Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Garmey, M.D. John Gintell and Robert Coren Christina Glen Goulston & Storrs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Healey Mr. Jeremy D. Henderson and Ms. Catherine C. Samuels Mr. John C. Keogh Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kidder Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kimball Mr. Brian M. Kinney and Dr. Nancy L. Keating Mrs. Susan C. Livingston and Mr. Henry H. Livingston Mr. Carl J. Martignetti Martignetti Companies

Ms. Diane Gipson Mr. Paal Gisholt and Mrs. Jill Gisholt The Goldhirsh Foundation, Inc. Ms. Jo Anne Goldman

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund

Mr. William R. Craven and Mrs. Pamela Craven

Starry Skies Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Creighton

Highland Street Foundation

The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Crockett

Mr. Steven G. Hoch and Mrs. Jane M. Hoch

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

The George G. and Doris B. Daniels Wildlife Trust

Eloise and Arthur Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan G. Davis

Martha and Peter Hurley

Mr. Stephen A. Davis

Edward L. Hutton Foundation

Estate of Francis P. Devlin

YourCause, LLC

Doolittle Family Foundation

Mr. Bradley C. Irwin and Mrs. Catharine K. Irwin

Edey Foundation

Jennie H. Jacoby & Douglas B. Jacoby

$10,000 - $24,999

CB Richard Ellis

Elizabeth B. Johnson

Mrs. Betty M. Ellis

David B. Jones and Allison K. Ryder

The Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Foundation The Weld Foundation Western Philanthropies Gertrude de G. Wilmers

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Kathleen Higgins Doolan

Horizon Foundation, Inc.

Dr. David Altshuler and Ms. Jill Altshuler Anderson & Kreiger LLP Anonymous (11) Ms. Amy L. Auerbach and Mr. Leo F. Swift The Ayco Charitable Foundation Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center BMR The Bok Family Foundation Boston Planning & Development Agency Mr. Roland H. Boutwell, III Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Dr. Horace Wood Brock Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Brown Mr. N. Harrison Buck and Mrs. Nancy B. Buck



Jounce Therapeutics

Rockland Trust Company

Mr. Paul D. Kaneb and Ms. Jill M. Kaneb

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford D. Rodney

The Paul and Jill Kaneb Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. Carter S. Romansky and Mrs. Lauren Romansky

Dr. Edward M. Kaye and Dr. Alyssa Lebel

Saquish Foundation

Mr. Joshua A. Klevens and Ms. Anna Sinaiko

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Schantz

Mary Levin Koch

William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust

Mrs. Julia G. Krapf Gertrude Lanman Ms. Justine Laugharn and Mr. James Laugharn

The Estate of Judith C. Skinner Mr. Donald R. Stanton and Mrs. Jeanne Stanton

Mr. Christopher H. Link and Ms. Amy Morgan Link

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Loring, III

Lenore G. Tawney Foundation

Ms. Iris Louis and Mr. Roger W. Louis

Chris and Meryl Thompson

Janet Mannheim and David Mannheim Mannheim Family Foundation Inc.

Mr. Christopher C. Thompson and Mrs. Elizabeth K. Thompson

Mr. Adam J. Margolin and Ms. Meghan K. Jasani

The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

Michael Mars and Terri Campbell

Melissa A. Tully

Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration

United States Department of Agriculture Ernest von Simson and Naomi O. Seligman

Marie and Robert McInnes

Mr. William Warner and Ms. Elissa Warner


Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust

Hans and Kate Morris

WS Asset Management, Inc.

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Mr. Marc Zawel and Mrs. Charlotte Zawel

Mr. Albert A. Nierenberg and Mrs. Catherine Nierenberg


Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC

Mr. Christopher Oddleifson and Mrs. Nancy Oddleifson

Patrick and Marsha Ahearn

Janet and David Offensend

Dr. and Mrs. Nile L. Albright

Mr. Scott D. Parker and Ms. Kathleen V. Martin

The Albright Foundation Trust

Mr. Patrick J. Pedonti and Mrs. Pamela C. Pedonti

Ms. Judith Ann Amelotte

Mrs. May H. Pierce Mrs. Kirsten Poler and Mr. Dwight M. Poler Prior Family Foundation The Prior Family Foundation Prometrika Richard & Ann J. Prouty Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee Margaret Walker Purinton Foundation Mrs. Wendy J. Rafn and Mr. Mark Rafn Mr. Jonathan Rapaport and Mrs. Sarah Rapaport

Akcea Therapeutics

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Allsopp Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Ames Eleanor T. Andrews Anonymous (8) The Ariel Group Inc Artisan Healthcare Consulting, Inc. Mr. Robert L. Ashton and Mrs. Gudrun Ashton Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker Ballentine Partners, LLC Mrs. Deborah J. Barker and Mr. Randolph H. Barker Mr. George P. Beal and Mrs. Barbara Beal Mr. Walter Beinecke and Mrs. Gina Beinecke

Mrs. Kimberly A. Redman

Bemis Community Investment Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts


Benchmark Senior Living Newton

The Rhode Island Foundation

Lorri Berenberg and Robert Wilstein

Mr. Jonathan T. Roberts and Mrs. Susan Roberts

Ms. Rebecca Bermont and Mr. Alex Benik

Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Record, Jr.

Ms. Cornelia C. Roberts


Taniguchi Deane Family Foundation

Ms. E. Andrea Brox

Mrs. Joan Person

Join the Circle today:

JoAnne L. Shrontz Family Foundation

Lenoir Charitable Trust

Claudia K. Perles Family Foundation

Founders Circle members are vitally important partners in ensuring The Trustees continues to grow and thrive. Unrestricted annual support is the bedrock of our efforts to protect and share the beautiful and historic places of Massachusetts. Thank you to this network of generous friends.

Mr. Robert Seaver and Ms. Tracey Bolotnick

Janet Q. Lawson Foundation Lisa S. Lewis and Bart Dunbar


Schmidt & Federico

Bob Bettacchi


Mr. Gregory P. Bialecki and Dr. Mary M. Herlihy Richard Bonomo and Holly Bonomo BOX Options Market LLC Mr. John M. Bradley † Brose Hie Hill Foundation Mrs. Joan Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Lalor Burdick Mrs. Ann S. Buxbaum John and Kate Cabot Rebecca Gardner Campbell

Ms. Catherine Fullerton and Mr. Tom R. Hancock

Ms. Tamsen Merrill Ms. Shepley Metcalf

John Mark Rudkin Charitable Foundation Inc.

Mr. James A. Gassel

Robert Minicus and Bridgette Minicus

William L. Saltonstall Foundation

Gaston Electrical Co., Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Monnich

The Sea Breeze Foundation

Rolf and Julie Goetze

Deborah and Timothy Moore

Goldman Sachs Gives

Sensible Financial Planning and Management, LLC

Trevor and Elizabeth Graham

Ms. Amey D. Moot and Mr. William K. Stewart

Griffin-Cole Fund

Mount Auburn Hospital

Mr. Nik Shah and Dr. Jessica B. Shah

Charles and Natasha Grigg

Dr. Liza Murrell and Dr. Frederick Murrell

Don and Mary Shockey

Mr. Michael Hall and Mrs. Donna Hall

Aksel Nielsen Foundation

Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust

Mr. James R. Hammond and Mrs. Leslie W. Hammond

Northern Trust Company

Mr. Andrei S. Soran

One Wheeler Road Associates LP

Thomas F. Staley Foundation

Ms. Sarah E. Hancock

Kate and Ford O’Neil

Stearns Charitable Trust

Mrs. Mai Hanlon and Mr. Morgan Hanlon

Ms. Anne Stetson

Mr. and Mrs.† Doug B. Harding

Mr. Stephen Oristaglio and Ms. Jeryl Oristaglio

Wendy Harman and Winthrop Baker

Oristaglio Family Foundation

Carol and Elliot Surkin

Mary W. Harriman Foundation

Catherine Orr Giovanetti and Graham Giovanetti

David and JoEllen Sweet

Mr. Larry D. Harris and Ms. Maryanne R. Lavan

Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison

Howard and Fredericka Stevenson

Mrs. Cristen Tabors and Mr. David Tabors

Mr. Keith D. Hartt and Ms. Ann H. Wiedie Mr. Wilmot R. Hastings Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. Timothy T. Hilton

Richard and Lynda Campbell

Mr. Cameron Hudson and Mrs. Patricia Hudson

Cardinal Brook Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunnewell, Jr.

Care Dimensions

Luisa Hunnewell and Larry Newman

Mr. Daniel Carlat and Ms. Tammy Bottner

Janice Hunt

Christine and Larry Carsman

Iorio Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Judith W. Caruso

KAYAK Software Corporation

Mrs. Sharon Casdin Casner & Edwards, LLP

Holly McLennan Ketron and Roger Ketron

Mrs. Frances R. Caudill

Sue and Chris Klem

The Chicago Community Foundation

Koechlin Family Trust

Mr. Robert A. Clark Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Mr. Matt W. Krummell and Ms. Valerie Davisson

Jason and Courtney Cole

Michael Kutsch and Tammy Coselli

Ms. Barbara G. Cole and Mr. Christopher A. Cole

Mr. John D. Laupheimer and Mrs. Deborah Laupheimer

Dr. Lisette Cooper

Mr. Greg Schnipke and Ms. Marie LeBlanc

Copeland Family Foundation

Lee & Rivers LLP

Mr. Brendan Coughlin and Mrs. Heather M. Coughlin

Mr. David J. Levy & Mrs. Persis B. Levy

Crestwood Advisors LLC

Lincoln Property Company

Mr. John T. Cunningham

Mr. Elisha Long and Ms. Carolyn Long

Mrs. Eliza S. Cushman and Mr. Russell Cushman

The Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Charitable Trust

Cydan Development, Inc. Dr. David and Karen Davis

Mrs. Molly Macleod and Mr. Blake Macleod

The Denver Foundation

John and Barbara MacNeish

DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP Sarah and Walter Donovan

Mr. William Mansfield and Mrs. Alexis Mansfield

The Eberstadt Kuffner Fund

Marcus Partners

Mr. Peter L. T. Eliot and Mrs. Katherine Eliot

Mr. George L. Markos and Mrs. Constance P. Markos

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Elterich

Dr. Gary D. Martin and Mrs. Karen Martin

J. Irving England and Jane L. England Charitable Trust

Estate of Philip F. May

Neal and Ronna Erickson

Helen & William Mazer Foundation

Alex J. Ettl Foundation Dr. Christian Fischer

Ms. Kimberly S. McGovern and Mr. Frank E. Scherkenbach

Mr. Gerard D. Frank

Mr. and Mrs. James Mellowes

David and Cristina Lewis

Anne S. and Brian K. Mazar


The Third Generation of Osceola Foundation

Dick and Karen Taggart

Elizabeth and Robert Owens

Mr. Jonathan K. Taylor

Alan and Judy Pemstein Mr. Daniel Pierce, Jr. and Mrs. Barbara Pierce William L. Pingree and Lucy C. Pingree Mr. Dana G. Pope and Mrs. Carolyn A. Pope Ms. Beatrice A. Porter Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Pruett Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Sally and Rob Quinn Mr. Christopher Randall and Mrs. Gareth Randall Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rasmussen The Neil and Anna Rasmussen Foundation Mrs. Margaret M. Reiser and Dr. Charles L. Cooney Mr. Philip R. Rosenberry and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Rosenberry

Jane and Hooker † Talcott Technology Park Ms. Dune Thorne Tiny Tiger Foundation Topsfield Town Library Mr. Yanni Tsipis and Ms. Kristin Kara Dr. Sophie V. Vandebroek and Dr. Jesus del Alamo Volition Capital LLC Mr. Bradford B. Wakeman and Mrs. Wendy D. Wakeman The Waldo Trust Walter Family Fund Mr. Eric W. Weber and Ms. Barbara Young Webster Family Foundation Cynthia Welch and Thaddeus Welch Mr. Andrew West and Mrs. Megan West Westchester Capital

Rubius Therapeutics


Mr. Kevin Whelan and Mrs. Catherine Whelan

Philip Guymont and Susan McLaren

Mr. Meldon J. Wolfgang, IV and Mrs. Sarah M. Wolfgang

Mr. John C. Hall

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Hamill Family Foundation

H3 Biomedicine Inc. Mrs. Ann T. Hall and Mr. John L. Hall, II

Mrs. Munirih Q. Yeshwant and Dr. Krishna Yeshwant

Richard T. and Eileen G. Hardaway Mr. Christopher Escobedo Hart and Mrs. Sarah Hart

Mr. Jonathan M. Zorn

Mr. Jay Hart


The Helen G. Hauben Foundation

128 Technology 128 Wheeler Road LLC

Mrs. Christine Haydinger and Mr. Timothy Landry


Dr. Jaye E. Hefner

Mr. Thomas F. Aaron and Mr. Steven Baron

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Henry

Alchemy Foundation Alkermes, Inc.

The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Hicks

Amica Companies Foundation Anonymous (7)

Chapel Bridge Park Associates

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Apple Lane Foundation

Charles River Realty Investors

H.T. Bailey Charitable Foundation

The Chasin Family

The Families of George and Michael Eberstadt

Margaret and John Bailey

Mrs. Pamela Dippel Choney and Mr. Jeffrey A. Choney

Mr. Michael R. Eisenson and Mrs. Barbara Eisenson

Mr. William D. Clark and Mrs. Mila S. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Ellard, Jr.

Mr. Thomas Bailey and Mrs. Judy Bailey Dr. John P. Balser and Dr. Barbara E. Balser

Alexander and Janice Colby

Mr. Jeffrey B. Fager and Mrs. Melinda W. Fager

Community Foundation of Western MA

Lynnette and Gerard Fallon

Bates Communications, Inc.

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Alexandra and Kristofer Bayha

Conn Kavanaugh Rosenthal Peisch & Ford LLP

Mr. Jamie M. Fay and Mrs. Maureen A. Fay

Mrs. Edith T. Bastian and Dr. James F. Bastian

Karen Bechtel Perkins and William Perkins

Dr. William W. Cooper and Mrs. Martha P. Cooper

Mr. David A. Behnke and Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

Ms. Paula V. Cortés

Mrs. Ruth S. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Costello

Laura and Gregory Bibler

Ms. Anne S. Covert

Bluebird Bio, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Covington

BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund

Marilyn Fife and John Cragin

S. K. Boreri, MD

Tim and Patty Crane

Bove & Langa

Sarah L. Creighton

Bowditch & Dewey LLP

CSP Charitable Foundation Trust

Mr. Peter J. Boynton and Mrs. Susan Boynton

Mrs. Victoria R. Cunningham and Mr. Robert S. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman

Currier Law Offices

Thomas and Lisa Brothers

Mr. John F. Curry and Ms. Susie L. H. Hwang

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brown Ms. Cornelia W. Brown and Dr. Henry B. Warren Karen Brush and David Brush Mrs. Eugenia E. Burn Estate of Jennie Ray Bush John and Mollie Byrnes Ms. Elizabeth W. Cabot Paul and Virginia Cabot Charitable Trust The Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation Judge Levin H. Campbell, Sr. Mr. Richard J. Canty and Ms. Hope B. Woodhouse Wesley and Dianne Card Jane Cheever Carr Mr. Avery W. Catlin Michael and Jenny Ceppi


Mrs. Jennifer Daniels and Mr. Matthew Daniels Natalie DeNormandie Derby and Company, Inc.

Mr. Charles Fayerweather and Mrs. Carol Fayerweather

Mr. Howard B. Hodgson and Mrs. Wendy Hodgson Holland & Knight LLP Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hollis, III Mr. Bruce E. Houghton James F. Hunnewell, Jr. Roy A. Hunt Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries Jewish Community Foundation Mr. David Johnson Mr. and Mrs. C. Bruce Johnstone Mr. Charles F. Kane, Jr. and Ms. Anne W. Eldridge

Mr. Andrew Forsyth and Ms. Kelly Williams

Patricia and Evan Kanouse

Dr. David R. Foster and Ms. Marianne Jorgensen

Dr. Tasso Kaper and Dr. Antonella Cucchetti

Mrs. Pamela W. Fox

Dr. Michael G. Kauffman and Dr. Sharon Shacham

Ms. Judy A. Frechette and Mr. Henry M. Frechette Mr. Stephen Fredette and Mrs. Heather Fredette Mr. and Mrs. Hollis French, III GCP H2 LLC Ms. Vinnie Giungno Susan Glessner Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Arthur Griffin Family Foundation Ms. Lee C. Griffin The Thorne Family Mr. John Guttag and Mrs. Olga Guttag

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Diana

Mrs. Kristin A. Kelly and Mr. Thomas J. Kelly Mr. Stephen V. Kenney and Mrs. Lisa Kenney Ada Howe Kent Foundation Dr. Erin O. Kent and Mr. Patrick Kent Kenwood Foundation Jonathan M. Keyes Mr. William E. Kiester and Ms. Jade T. Gedeon Athena and Richard W. Kimball Mr. David C. Kloss The Kneisel Foundation Mr. Edward W. Kohler, Jr.

The Dobbins Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff and Mrs. Diane Kontoff

Mr. James R. Dodge and Mrs. Michele Dobbins Dodge

Judith and Douglas Krupp

Donovan Hatem LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Kusel

Mr. Philip L. Chase and Ms. Deirdre L. Dow-Chase

Mr. Robert A. Larsen and Ms. Judith A. Robichaud

Mrs. Beth du Toit

Mrs. Patricia P. Lawrence

Mrs. Laura Dudley and Mr. Nathaniel Dudley

Mrs. Nancy C. Lemons and Mr. David W. Lemons

Estate of Margaret C. Dumas Mr. Richard V. Dwyer and Mrs. Barbara Dwyer

Mr. Michael F. Hines

Mr. Charles M. Linehan


Mr. Earl Littlefield and Mrs. Cara Littlefield

Joe and Deborah Loughrey

Mr. Stephen P. Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Shepherd

Ms. Christina Weiss Lurie

Ms. Tara H. Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Shields

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Martin

Mr. William H. Park

Mr. and Mrs. William Shields

Matrix Economics, LLC

Ms. Olivia H. Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Binkley C. Shorts

Matrix Partners

Mr. Donald J. Pegg and Mrs. Susan Pegg

Mr. Robert W. Silk and Mrs. Sandra L. Silk

Mr. Thomas H. Mattox and Dr. Jacqueline K. Spencer

Mr. Richard A. Perse and Mrs. Margaret Perse

Mr. Hardwick Simmons and Mrs. Sloan M. Simmons

Maurice Amado Foundation

Mr. Jeffrey W. Potter and Mrs. Jennifer Potter

Ms. Shirley Singleton

Mr. H. Bruce McEver Mr. Peter C McKay

Dr. Daniel Pratt and Mrs. Susanna Pratt

Alaina Spaziani

Mr. Paul McViney

Harold and Frances Pratt

Mr. Greg Spivy and Mrs. Laura Y. Spivy

Steve and Tish Mead

Prellwitz Chilinski Associates

Mr. Michael Stansky and Mrs. Jill Stansky

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wilson Meeks

Mr. Paul T. Przybyla

Michael Stanton and Brooke Stanton

Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady

Mr. John F. Randall and Mrs. Catherine S. Randall

Mr. Karel Steiner and Mrs. Catherine A. Steiner

Ms. Barbara Meyer and Mr. Michael W. Perloff

John Ravenal and Virginia Pye

Ms. Linda C. Wisnewski

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Reeder, Jr.

Mr. Arthur K. Steinert and Ms. Suzanne Pinto

Paula Moats McNay and Joseph McNay

Charles C. and U. Ingrid Richardson

Stevenson Family Charitable Trust

Mr. Matthew Montgomery and Mr. Kristian Kassimis

H. John Riley and Diane Riley

Mr. Campbell Steward

Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Henrietta Gates and Heaton Robertson

Dr. Mahlon Stewart and Ms. Pauline Frommer

Mrs. Roxanne E. Zak and Mr. Michael J. Zak

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregg Stone

The Westbrook Insurance Agency, Inc.

Mr. Scott A. Stone and Mrs. Jana Stone

Ronald L. Zarrella

Mrs. Henry S. Streeter

Mr. Charles A. Ziering and Mrs. Margaret W. Ziering

Merck Partnership for Giving

Michael Smith and Janine Smith


Synergy Investments Mrs. Donna Tadler and Mr. Richard Tadler

Elizabeth C. and Keith N. Morgan Mr. John T. Moy and Ms. Sonya E. Keene Catherine Coleman and Thomas Mullen

Mrs. Jennifer L. Robinson and Mr. Jeff Robinson Mr. Richard Doyle Rockwell and Mrs. Lyly D. Rockwell

Marc Tanner and Rebecca Rogers

Ms. Alicia Abad

Mrs. Patricia R. Ternes

Mr. G. Christopher Abbott and Mrs. Deborah A. Abbott

Mr. Bryan A. Townsend and Mrs. Catherine T. Mitchell

Mr. Peter A. Acly

Transitions Liquidation Services The Triple T Foundation

Dr. Stanley J. Adelstein and Mrs. Mary T. Adelstein

Ms. Carol E. Tully

Kirsten af Klintberg

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

Mr. Mark S. Ain and Mrs. Carolyn Ain

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander

Mr. Peter H. Van Demark and Dr. Kathleen A. Van Demark

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Aliski

Mr. and Mrs. Raimund G. Vanderweil, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alsop

Velir, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin V. Ruddy Mr. John P. Ryan and Dr. Claire P. Mansur

Mr. James D. Nail and Ms. Catherine Belden

Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Mr. James F. Wade, Jr. and Mrs. Margaret M. Wade

Chris and Pito Salas

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Walker

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Ms. Rebecca Ward and Mr. Mark Shull

Mr. Brian R. Neff and Mrs. Jana P. Neff

Mr. Richard M. Sands and Mrs. Leanna K. Sands

Network for Good

James Schwartz and Pam Schwartz

Mr. Harry J. Weiss and Mrs. Georgia C. Weiss

The New England Foundation

The Miriam & Stanley Schwartz, Jr. Philanthropic Foundation

Donna and Henry Whittier

Mrs. Carol P. Seale and Mr. Andrew J. Ley †

Mr. Francis H. Williams

Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc. Mr. Thomas L. P. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Oedel Oedel Foundation

Mr. Andrew Rushford and Ms. Kate Shamon-Rushford

Mr. Burton Abel and Ms. Michelle M. Abel Acadia Management Company, Inc.

Mr. Michael P. Murray and Mrs. Joanne P. Murray

Mr. Michael F. Sexton and Mrs. Jennifer S. Sexton

The 5 51 5 Foundation

Mr. Peter L. Torrebiarte and Ms. Barbara J. Erickson†

Michael Rotenberg and Karen Rotenberg

Mr. Michael R. Nowlan and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Nowlan

Christopher and Sarah Wolf


Mr. John W. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Noon

Sylvia and Aaron Baggish

Dr. Ronald W. Takvorian and Dr. Katherine Upchurch Takvorian

Mr. William J. Teuber and Mrs. Ann Marie Teuber

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Montminy


Ms. Lynda S. Vickers-Smith and Mrs. Amy V. S. Bryan

Ms. Regina B. Wiedenski Mr. and Mrs. Dudley H. Willis Edward and Imogen Wilson Mr. Michael T. Wilson and Ms. Susan E. Greenleaf

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ackerman Dr. Gina E. Adam

Mrs. Bonnie Akins

Mrs. Barbara H. Almy Sharman Altshuler and David Altshuler Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González AmazonSmile Foundation The American Folk Art Society Ameriprise Financial Mrs. Esther Ames Mr. Mark C. Anderson and Mrs. Susan Anderson Ms. Erika Anderson and Mr. Eric Klawiter Mr. and Mrs. James R. Andrews Mr. Louis Andrews and Ms. Mary Andrews Anonymous (24) Mr. Frank Anton and Mrs. Georgine T. Anton Mr. Olivier J. Aries


The Honorable Robert B. Collings and Mrs. Mary C. Collings

Mr. Stephen A. Besse and Mrs. Pamela M. Besse

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Stair

Mr. David B. Aronoff and Ms. Jessica B. Jacob

Bessemer Giving Fund

Kristen Deane Campbell and Douglas Campbell

Timothy and Emily Collins

Loretta Arthur and Dogan Arthur

Bibler Law Firm, PLLC

Mr. Michael A. Collora

Mr. James R. Ash and Ms. Erin M. McDonough

Mr. Henry F. Bigelow and Mrs. Judy M. Bigelow

Dr. Leann Canty and Dr. Prabhakar Devavaram Carol and Steve Carlson

David Ashcroft and Lois Ashcroft

Doreen Bilezikian

Christopher T. and Jane Fisher Carlson

The Community Foundation for the Capital Region’s Hershey Family Fund

Ashurst Foundation

The Bilezikian Family Foundation Ms. Carol Oughton Biondi

Mr. Robert J. Carpenter and Ms. Karen B. Maloney

Compass Fund

Mr. Glen Aspeslagh and Ms. Sothy Orn Mr. James A. Attwood and Ms. Leslie K. Williams

Mr. Norman Birnbach and Mrs. Deborah Birnbach

K. Bradford Carr and Nicola Carr

Mr. Richard R. Congdon and Mrs. Marion L. Congdon

Mr. Martin J. Auerbach and Ms. Louise Goodsill

Mr. Mark H. Bissell and Mrs. Laura R. Bissell

Ms. Sis Carroll

Susan Avery

Mr. Thaw Malin, III and Ms. Cynthia Bloomquist

Mr. and Mrs. Chris W. Armstrong Mrs. Gale H. Arnold

Mr. Neil R. Ayer, Jr. and Ms. Linda Lyons Susan Baer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Bain Mr. George P. Baker and Mrs. Lauren Jennings Mr. Jon M. Baker and Mrs. Patricia C. Baker

Mr. Charles H Betz, III

Mr. Harold E. Carroll and Ms. Amy Ryan Mr. Scott E. Carson and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Carson

Ms. L. Teal Colliton and Mr. Kevin Colliton Mr. and Mrs. Franz Colloredo-Mansfeld

Jane Condon and Kenneth G. Bartels

Mr. Russell F. Conn and Ms. Patricia Donahoe Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connelly

Scott and Mary Carson

Dr. Patricia Connolly

BNY Mellon Corporation’s Community Partnership

Carson Foundation

Mr. Michael J. Connolly and Mrs. Christina G. Connolly

BoardWalk Consulting LLC

Robert D. Carter and Gail Bolte

Ms. Morene R. Bodner and Mr. David P. Carlisle Drs. Amy & Joshua Boger

The Baker Family Trust

Mrs. Joan R. Bolling

Bob and Pam Baldwin

Ms. Nicole V. Bonneau and Mr. Daniel McCaughey

Joanna and Clay Ballantine

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Campanella

Mr. Edward B Ballard and Ms. Heather L. Mann

Miss Jennifer Bowers

Mr. Geoffrey A. Ballotti and Mrs. Leslie A. Ballotti

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Boynton

Mrs. Cynthia Boyle Dr. Francis M. Bradley and Dr. Adrienne W. Bradley

Ms. Deborah M. Carter Chip Carver and Anne DeLaney Mr. James Cavan and Mrs. Julia Cavan Mr. William G. Cavanagh

Mr. Steven Connolly and Ms. Stacylee Kruuse Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Coolidge, III Nathaniel S. and Catherine E. Coolidge

Mr. Dan Cederholm

Joseph Cooney and Lorelei Cooney

Ms. Donna M. Ceglia and Mr. Daniel Nadeau

Mary and James Nicoll Cooper Julie Corcoran and John Corcoran

Ms. Lynda A. Ceremsak and Mr. George Davitt

Ms. Patricia L. Cornelison

Mr. Kenneth Chaisson and Ms. Maureen Chaisson

Katharine and Mark Coté

Mr. Clifford S. Cort and Mrs. Carey C. Cort Mr. Maurice W. Coulon and Mrs. Judith A. Coulon

Mr. William M. Bancroft and Dr. Alice D. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brake

Ronald Barbagallo and William Clendaniel

Mrs. Pamela D. Brake and Mr. Stephen Brake

Brian Barmmer and Ayla Barmmer

Kib and Tess Bramhall

Laurie and David Barrett

Ms. Dianne Brand and Ms. Rachel Brand

Mrs. Mary V. Barrett and Dr. Peter Barrett

Mr. John P. Brennan

Mr. Walter J. Bart, Jr. and Mrs. Jeannette Harvey Bart

Mr. and Mrs.† Thomas R. Bright

Mr. Michael W. Clark and Ms. Pamela V. H. Clark

Ms. Kathleen Brill

Mr. Paul D. Cleary, Ph.D.

Mr. Thomas Cronin and Mrs. Patricia Cronin

Ms. Michelle L. Basil and Mr. James Dawson

Mr. Edward Broach and Mr. Caleb Broach

Coastal Barrier Island Foundation

Stefanie and Douglas Cronin

Mr. William Bronson and Mrs. Linda Bronson

Dr. Nancy L. Cohen, Ph.D.

Mr. Brian R. Cruey and Mr. Matthew King

IL Cohen Foundation

Dr. Susan M. Culman

Mr. John F. Brooke

Rhoda Cohen

Mrs. Edith L. Dabney

Dr. Traci L. Brooks and Mr. Todd B. Whitelaw

Mr. Barry Colella and Mrs. Heather M. Colella

Mr. Ed Dailey and Mrs. Mary Dailey

Mr. Glenn Batchelder and Ms. Candace J. Young Susan Baxter and Mr. Ward Baxter Beacon Hill Garden Club Mr. Arthur Beale and Ms. Teresa A. Hensick

Dr. Herbert Brown and Ms. Hannah Brandes

Mr. John E. Beard and Mrs. Molly S. Beard

Mrs. Tessa Browne and Mr. Ryan Browne

Beard Family Charitable Trust

Mr. Christopher H. Buder and Mrs. Heather A. Buder

Conrad Beliveau and Mara Beliveau Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Beller

Dr. Joanna Buffington and Mr. William Dean Brook

James Benenson III and Fiona Benenson

Don Bulens and Lynne Capozzi

Mr. Robert Benner and Mrs. Susannah Benner

The Bulens Family Foundation

Ms. Barbara J. Bund

Mr. Barry Bergman

Dr. and Mrs. James W Burns, Ph.D.

Mr. Matthew A. Berlin and Mr. Simon Liebman

Katie and Paul Buttenwieser

Mr. Kyle Bertoli and Mrs. Christina Bertoli


Mr. Vincent A. Chippari and Mrs. Deneen McQueen-Chippari Mr. Nathaniel B. Clapp and Mrs. Hester C. Clapp

Mr. William Bulkeley and Mrs. Debra Bulkeley

Mr. Christopher Benoit and Mrs. Jennifer Benoit

Mr. Barry C Bermana and Ms. Laura B. Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Cheston, Jr.

Mr. and Ms. David B. Broughel

Beals and Thomas, Inc.

Mr. Cameron Beck

Mr. Ron Chester and Mrs. Sarah Chester

Catherine and Paul Buttenwieser Foundation Mr. Andrew L. Cabot and Mrs. Maud C. Cabot


Mr. Jackson S. Craig and Mrs. Tracey Craig Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crocker, II Grover Cronin Memorial Foundation Mr. Joseph M. Cronin and Mrs. Sarah Cronin

Joanna Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Dannheim Mr. Steven Keleti and Ms. Jean Danton

Mr. Stephen A. Geremia and Mrs. Carol W. Geremia

Andrea Darling and Todd Brady

Susan and William Geresy, Jr.

Mr. Nelson J. Darling, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Geschke

Ms. Virginia L. Darrow and Mr. Armand G. Maldonado

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Gewirtz

Mr. Douglas J. DeAngelis and Mrs. Shay DeAngelis

Mr. Matthew G. Gilligan and Mrs. Linda M. Gilligan

Anne and John Decker

Ms. Claire M. Gillis

Dr. Edmund P. DeLaCour

Mrs. Lori Gilman and Dr. Michael Gilman

Mrs. Betsey S. Delaney

Mr. Mike F. Gilroy and Mrs. Terri Gilroy

Mr. Walter V. Demers and Ms. Jane Cashin Demers

Global Companies LLC

Anne and Chad Gifford

Mr. Frederick H. Glore and Mrs. Constance P. Glore

Mr. Douglas DeMuro and Dr. Joanna Kaye Mrs. Heidi Derbyshire and Mr. Ralph Derbyshire Ashish Desai and Gandhali Bhole Mr. Christopher J. Detmer and Mrs. Kyra Detmer Robert and Patti Deuster Ms. Maureen Dewar The Coraggio Fund Mr. Urbain J. DeWinter Dexter-Russell, Inc. Dr. Louis Di Lillo and Mrs. M. Donna Di Lillo Mr. Andy Diamondstein and Ms. Rebecca Diamondstein Mr. Edward D. Dick and Mrs. Dale G. Dick Mr. Michael A. Diener and Ms. Barbara E. Soojian

The Glore Fund


Dr. Alex Gold and Ms. Leslie F. Gold Mr. Jeff Ellsworth and Ms. Jacqueline Starr

Ms. Allison Forrest

The Elm Grove Foundation

Mr. David W. Foss and Mrs. Dolores Foss

Mr. David Elyanow and Dr. Denise Elyanow

Mrs. Elena I. Foster and Mr. Hugh K. Foster

Christine Eppich Ms. Elaine Espinola

Fowle Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Mr. Henry P. Euler and Mrs. Aline Euler

Ms. Pamela Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. John Lee Evangelakos

Ernst and Elfriede Frank Foundation, Inc.

Evans Family Foundation

Dr. John D. Freedman and Ms. Pauline Freedman

Mr. William L. Evans and Mrs. Barbara R. Evans Mr. Arthur Everly and Ms. Linda Everly Mr. Jess Farber and Mrs. Sandra Farber

Robert Forrester and Linda Forrester

Racemaker Charitable Fund Mr. Marc D. French and Mrs. Erin M. French Mr. Steven B. French and Mrs. Debra J. French

Mr. Frank DiRico and Mrs. Jennifer C. DiRico

Ms. Pamela Farkas

Mr. Darrell Doe and Mrs. Cynthia Doe Mr. John D. Doherty

Mr. Benjamin M. Faucett and Mrs. Sarah N. Faucett

Mr. Joseph B. Doherty, Jr.

Grace Fauver

Susan and Digger Donahue

Donald Fawcett and Bridget Fawcett

The Gaffney Foundation

Mimi and Peter Dow

Dr. Robert A. Fazzi and Ms. Diana M. Buckley

Dr. and Mrs. John Galt Garfinkle Foundation

Mr. James Febeo and Mrs. Jennifer Febeo

Mr. Myron Garfinkle and Ms. Cathy Garfinkle

Mr. Robert M. Doyle and Mrs. Cynthia T. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Farnsworth

Mr. Thomas R. Dugan and Mrs. Danielle E. Dugan

Mr. Daniel Feeley and Mrs. Molly Feeley

Ruth H. Dunbar †

Mrs. Gena Feith and Mr. Daniel Feith

Mr. and Mrs. J. Williar Dunlaevy

Feller Family Charitable Foundation

Ms. Cecilia E. Dunn and Mr. Lee W. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Feller

Mr. Mark W. Dunne and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Dunne

Mr. Hermann Field

Mr. Donald D. Durkee

Ms. Loren B. Feingold

Mrs. Dorothy Feng and Mr. Michael Feng Mr. Daniel C. Finbury and Ms. Patricia P. Reeser

Mr. Robert Earley and Mrs. Montira Earley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Fishman

Kathleen Ebbeling

Mr. John F. Fiske and Ms. Margaret Chen

EBS Insurance Brokers

Mrs. Elaine W. Fiske

The Echo Charitable Foundation

Nancy J. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Coventry Edwards-Pitt and Mr. Matthew C. Weinzierl


Mr. Frederick Ek and Mrs. Kimiko Ek

Albion Fletcher

Lisa Elder Mr. Douglas H. Elder

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Frisbie Mr. David M. Gaffney and The Gaffney Foundation

Andrea Gargiulo Mr. Greg Garland and Mrs. Heather Garland Ms. Alyse A. Gause and Mr. William D. Gause General Electric Foundation Molly D. Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Gerard

Mr. Richard Goldenberg and Mrs. Janet Goldenberg Weinshel/Goldfarb Foundation, Inc. Dr. Joel Goldstein and Mr. Reed Goodman Eugene and Melina Goldstein Mrs. Jenna Gomes Ms. Nancy Gomes Mr. Douglas R. Gooding and Ms. Stacy Cloutier Mr. David Goodman and Ms. Johanna Goodman Mr. Reed Goodman and Dr. Joel Goldstein Descendants of Charles E. and Leila P. Goodspeed Mr. Michael W. Goodwin and Ms. Christine Carroll Ralph and Elizabeth Gordon Ms. Laurie Gould and Mr. Stephen Ansolabehere Mr. Robert L. Gray and Mrs. Nancy B. Gray Mr. Eric D. Green and Ms. Carmin C. Reiss Mr. Joseph B. Green and Ms. Carol S. Green Mr. Daniel S. Greenbaum and Ms. Deborah Cramer Mr. Josh Greenhill and Mrs. Sarah D. Greenhill Ms. and Mr. C. Gail Greenwald Greenwald Family Foundation Madeline L. Gregory Mr. Jay S. Gregory Garth and Lindsay Greimann Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Griffin

George F. Fiske, Jr.

Mr. and Ms. Michael B Fleischman Mr. Allen W. Fletcher

Mr. Daniel Elias and Ms. Karen Keane

Mr. Stephen L. Fletcher and Mr. Michael D. Walden

Theresa Ellis and Adam Steinmetz

Alice and Jonathan Flint Jocelyn A. Forbush



Mr. Dustin H. Griffin and Mrs. Gale L. Griffin

Ms. Lula B. Kopper Mr. Richard P. Kosian and Ms. Sally Hamblen

Mr. Christopher C. Grisanti and Ms. Suzanne P. Fawbush Mr. Daniel Gropper and Ms. Tammy Allen

Dr. Richard J. Kosinski and Dr. Katharine S. Kosinski

Ms. Marni Grossman

Ms. Patricia Krebs and Mr. Gary Nielan

Mr. Richard P. Grudzinski and Ms. Julie Bowden

Mr. Geoffrey Neate and Ms. Carol S. Krieger

Mrs. Ann L. Gund and Mr. Graham Gund

The Kulpa Family

Mr. Robert C. Haas and Mrs. Helen Haas

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kupper, Jr.

Mr. Philip Hadley and Mrs. Nicole Hadley

Mr. Paul LaFerriere and Ms. Dorrie Parini

Mr. Charles M. Hale and Mrs. Karen A. Hale

Mrs. Judith Lafferty

Mr. Joe W. Hale and Ms. Beth Dininio

William Landes and Michele Landes

Mrs. Lisa Lafond and Mr. Jim Lafond

Mr. Christopher S. Haley Ms. Denise Hall and Mr. Ken Paull

Mr. Jeffrey A. Landon and Mrs. Susan K. Landon

Daniel Halperin and Marcia Halperin

Mr. Jay Lanigan and Mrs. Suzy Lanigan

Mr. Scott M. Hand and Mrs. Ellen M. Hand

Mr. John Lanza and Mrs. Ann-Mara Lanza


Ms. Craig C. Hannafin and Mr. Daniel P. Hannafin

Mr. Joseph P. Lanzillotta, Jr.

Ms. Holly Angell Hardman

Mr. Richard F. Hohlt and Mrs. Deborah M. Hohlt

Dr. Robert A. Jonas and Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas

Robert and Helen Hardman Family Fund

Mr. Matthew S. Holt

Mr. Dave Persampieri and Ms. Elisabeth Harper

Mrs. Judy Hood

Mr. Bradley W. Jones and Ms. Suzie LaMont

Philip S. Harper Foundation

Mr. James Hoodlet and Mrs. Penny Hoodlet

Mr. Harold L. Jones and Mrs. Cheryl B. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Harris

Lois and John† Horgan

Mr. Roy J. Harris, Jr. and Ms. Eileen C. McIntyre

Paul and Betsey Horovitz

Mr. Eric Josephson and Mrs. Irene Josephson

Tracy Harris and Glenn Newsome

Dr. Xinjun Hou and Ms. Shannon Hou

Mr. Carter H. Harrison Janet and Richard Hart

Mr. Stephen D. Howell and Mrs. Susan Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Harter

Lou and Ginny Hoynes

The Harter Family Charitable Foundation

Dr. Michael G. Hughes and Mrs. Nina R. Hughes

Wesley Hansen and Janette Hansen

Mr. John Harvey Nicholas Hasenfus Dr. Elizabeth E. and Mr. Whitney Hatch Mrs. Ann Haugh and Mr. William R. Haugh Dr. Jerry Hausman and Mrs. Margaretta Hausman

The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation

Richard and Helen Hughson Eric Hultmark and Wendy Hultmark Mr. and Mrs. Jerome C. Hunsaker, III Alfred Hunt and Tobin Hack Ms. Ann S. Hurd

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hedges, Jr.

Hurdle Hill Foundation

Ms. Edith H. Herbeck


Mr. and Mrs. John K. Herbert, III

Ipswich Hayward Street Mini Storage LLC

Dr. Walter C. Herlihy and Dr. Nancy J. LeGendre

Mr. Todd H. Jacobus and Mrs. Shana E. Jacobus

Ms. Polly Hernandez

Ms. Madeline B. Jacquet and Ms. Gabrielle Jacquet Fastert

Ms. Andrea L. Heyda Ms. Kathleen Heyer and Mr. David Moon Mr. George A. Hibbard and Mrs. Cynthia S. Hibbard Mr. George Hibben and Mrs. Julia K. Hibben

Mr. Ralph James and Mrs. Janice James Mr. Terence Janericco Mr. David G. Januszewski and Mrs. Kimberly Januszewski Ms. Susan F. Jarvi

Mr. Laurence M. Hicks and Mrs. Victoria W. Hicks

Ms. Kristina G. Jelleme and Mr. Jarrod Stolgitis

Hidden Spring Foundation

Audrey Jensen

Mr. Robert F. Higgins and Mrs. Kristine Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Jewell, III

Mr. Donald Hindley

Amy D. Johnson, MD

Mr. Jon Hirschtick and Dr. Randy Gollub

Mr. Mark W. Johnson and Mrs. Tracy D. Johnson

Mr. David C. Hodgson and Mrs. Laurie B. Hodgson Mr. Jeff M. Hoffman and Mrs. Jen Hoffman


Mrs. Amy G. Job and Mr. Robert Job

Mrs. Christie K. Johnson and Dr. John H. Johnson

Mrs. Nancy Jumper Herde and Mr. Michael Herde Matthew and Liz Kamens Mr. Christopher Pyne Kaneb and Mrs. Lisa L. Kaneb Ms. Sabrina L. Kanner Ms. Judith Katz Dr. Julie Kaufman Daniel & Gloria Kearney Foundation Ms. Gloria Kearney and Mr. Daniel P. Kearney Mr. Kevin R. Kearns and Mrs. Jessica Kearns Steven Kellem and Katie Kellem Kellem & Kellem, LLC Ms. Elise M Kelley and Mr. Brian Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kellner Mr. and Mrs. W. Clinton Kendall Mr. John Kendzierski and Mrs. Patricia Kendzierski Mrs. Lydia A. Kenton Walsh and Mr. Robert B. Walsh Grayce B. Kerr Fund Jared Keyes and Song-Mei Keyes Judy King Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. King Mr. Edwin Kinnen Mr. Lincoln Kinnicutt and Mrs. Sally Kinnicutt Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kneisel Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Knowles Mrs. Rachel A. Knowlton and Mr. David L. Knowlton Mr. Northrup R. Knox and Mrs. Victoria A. Knox

Ms. Deborah S. Lapides and Mr. Murray Lapides Mr. Jeremy Lapon and Dr. Denise G. Lapon Ms. Lee Regan Larkin Dr. William A. Laskin and Ms. Lisa Laskin Mr. William Lawrence, III Richard Leavitt & Claire Spofford Mr. Laurence H. Lebowitz and Ms. Naomi D. Aberly Georgia and Richard Lee Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee Mr. Kevin Lehman Mr. Timothy E. McAllister and Ms. Beth Lehman Mr. Matt Lehrer and Mrs. Alice Lehrer Mr. James E. Lenhart and Mrs. Dipti Lenhart Mr. Richard Leonard and Ms. Leah Larmon Ms. Rachel Lerner and Mr. Pete Lacombe Mr. J. D. Leslie and Mrs. Margery R. Leslie Ms. Sally Lesser and Mr. Stuart Lesser Ms. Anya Lever Mr. Henry Levin and Mrs. Audrey Levin Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lewis, Sr. Mr. Cameron Lewis and Mrs. Norma Lewis Mrs. Susan A. Lewis Susan Lewis and James Sullivan Mr. Robert G. Liberatore and Ms. Debra Krast Mr. Matthew C. Liebendorfer Mr. Stephen Liftman and Ms. Alexandra Liftman Claudio Lilienfeld and Cornelia Urban Mr. Edward C. Lingel and Mrs. Pamela M. Lingel Mr. John Lipkowitz and Mrs. Nina Lipkowitz Benjamin Liptzin and Elizabeth Schneider Ms. Susan Litowitz Litowitz Foundation Inc.

Cinny Little

Mastwood Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mines

The Littlejohn Family Foundation

Mrs. Jonathan P. Matson

Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot Minot

Dr. James C. Liu and Alex Bowers

Ms. Sara Mattes and Dr. Jerome Ritz

Living Springs Foundation

Mrs. Marilee Matteson

Mr. Robert B. Minturn and Mr. Dana S. Berg

Mr. Peter G. Lloyd and Ms. Helen Waters

Mrs. Eileen Matz and Mr. Robert E. Matz

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Mirick

Ms. Deborah Logan Evans and Mr. Mark L. Evans

Mr. Daniel K. Mayer and Mrs. Jennifer Z. Mayer

Mr. Christopher Morss

Mr. Charles W. Long Mrs. Leslie Lorber and Mr. Bryan Lorber

Dr. Roy McCauley and Dr. Shelagh McCauley

The Lorber Fondation

Mrs. Virginia McCourt

Ms. Deborah W. Moses

Mr. and Mrs. David Loring

Mr. Robert McCrae and Mr. Bill Newhall

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mrkonic

Peter and Babette Loring

Mr. and Mrs. David J McDonald

Mr. James H. Lowell and Mrs. Terri Zeigler Lowell

Mr. Wayne McFarland and Mrs. Kim McFarland

Maria Mucci and the Charles S. and Zena A. Scimeca Charitable Fund Mr. Joseph J Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyman

Dr. Barbara A. McGee

Ms. Virginia M. Murray

Brad and Shira Paul

Mr. Jeffrey R. Lynch and Mrs. Mary G. Lynch

Mr. Thomas G. McGee and Mrs. Sandra L. McGee

Mr. George J. Mutrie and Mrs. Martha Mutrie

Mr. Andrew S. Paul

Mr. Justin Lynch and Mrs. Julia Lynch

Dr. David J. McGrath and Ms. Beth Picardi

Edward Nardi and Bean Nardi

Mr. David Pellegrini and Mrs. Maureen Pellegrini

Melinda Lyon

Mr. James T. McGuinness

Eric and Amy Mabley

Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntyre and Mr. A. Duncan McIntyre

Ms. Martha C. Narten and Mr. Thomas N. Narten

Mr. Jonathan B. Penn and Mrs. Linda Penn

Mr. Jeffrey G. Naylor and Ms. Shawn E. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Peotter Mr. Christopher R. Perley and Mrs. Victoria A. Perley

Cynthina M. Macarchuk Donor Advised Fund

Ms. Margaret H. Morton and Mr. William G. Morton Mr. William B. Mosakowski


Mr. Peter L. MacDonald

Ms. Janice D. McKeever and Mr. Joseph F. McKeever, III

Ms. Julie E. Mackin and Mr. Daniel S. Clevenger

Mr. Christopher McKeown

Ms. Penelope Neal and Mr. Matthew Whitlock

Lloyd B. McManus, Jr Revocable Trust

Janet and Jimmy Neissa

Perley Family Charitable Foundation

Mr. Robert W. Macleod and Mrs. Barbara W. Macleod

Mr. Lloyd B McManus, Jr.

David Neligan and Lynn Neligan

Ms. Katherine J. McMillan

Mr. Edward N. Perry and Ms. Cynthia W. Wood

Alexander and Sunny Macmillan

Mr. Richard K. McMullan†

Dr. Deborah C. Nelson and Ms. Ingrid A. Johnson

Mr. Peter E. Madsen

Jack and Sue McNamara

David Mann and Jelena Mann Mr. Chris Marra and Ms. Rachel Schwartz

Cynthia and Dick Perkins

Ms. Kristin Nelson

Mr. David A. Persky and Mrs. Marlene Persky

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Meahl

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Netland

Kai Peterson Mr. Thomas Petr and Ms. Ariana Rizzitano

Steve Marrow and Dianne Pappas

Mr. William Leo Meaney and Mrs. Judith P. Meaney

The Greater New Orleans Foundation Sarah† and Jeff Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Marsh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Medeiros, Jr.

Ms. Laurie Petronis and Mr. Jeffrey T. German

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Marsh

Mr. David B. Megna and Mrs. Cindy L. Megna

Mr. John D. Nichols and Mrs. Nancy M. Nichols

Mr. Ronald G. Marshall and Mrs. Ellen Marshall

Mr. Keith P. Melanson

Carmela and Walker Martin

Ms. Anne T. Melvin and Dr. Daniel J. Sullivan

Mr. William Martin and Mrs. Kristin Hanson Martin

Ms. Josephine A. Merck Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Paine Metcalf

Mrs. Gemma W Martin

Ms. Lucy D. Metcalf

Ms. Eugenia N. Masland

Ms. Anne Meyer

Mrs. Lynette Mason and Mr. Ronald Mason

Middlecott Foundation

Ms. Poppi Eleni Massey

Daniel Mills and Elizabeth Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Martens

Mrs. Joan P. Middleton

Mr. Herbert Nolan and Ms. Mary Violette Ms. Diane C. Nordin and Mr. Thomas L. Keller

Ms. Joanna L. Phippen

Mr. Thomas Mullins and Ms. Julia Norman

Mr. Scott J. Pinarchick and Mrs. Cheryl B. Pinarchick

Mr. Alexander A. Notopoulos, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Plukas

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Nussbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Polishook

The Donal C. O’Brien Jr. Family

Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund

Ms. Mary G. O’Connell and Mr. Peter J. Grua

Mr. Roberto J. Pompei and Mrs. Marie Pompei

Kate O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Pongrace

Ms. Mary E. O’Connor

David Poole and Anne Poole

Mr. Scott E. Offen and Mrs. Grace G. Offen

Vida E. Poole

Mr. Brian W. Ogilvie and Ms. Jennifer N. Heuer

Mrs. Catherine Popper and Mr. D. N. Eckhouse

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Omstead, Ph.D.

Ms. Allison Porter

Ms. Susan Oppici Elizabeth and Robert Orgel

Dr. Richard S. Post and Mrs. Janet H. Post

Mrs. Nannette F. Orr

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Pottle

Mr. Eugene P. Osborne and Ms. Priscilla S. Osborne

Margaret Poutasse

Mrs. Margaret O’Shea and Mr. Timothy O’Shea Carolyn and Robert Osteen Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Parker ParkWest Salon


Ms. E. Morey Phippen and Mr. Brian Adams

Mr. David J. Parmelee and Mrs. Nancy A. Emerson

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Pierce

Mr. Michael Powell and Mrs. Devon Powell Ms. Hadley Powell and Mr. Alexander F. Powell Mr. Robert P. Powers and Mrs. Jane Powers Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pozen Mr. George G. Preble and Mrs. Joan Preble


Mr. Richard McKim Preston and Mrs. Lori Preston

Single Step Foundation

Ms. Lynne B. Preston and Mr. Robert G. Preston

Mr. Peter W. Skelton and Mrs. Marisa V. Skelton

Mr. Robert J. Provost and Mrs. Sandra M. Provost

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Slocum

Richard Skaggs and Barbara Skaggs

Mr. Jonathan D. Small and Mrs. Tamara C. Small

Mr. Michael Pulitzer and Mrs. Ramelle Pulitzer Nat and Holly Pulsifer

Mr. Joel Allen Smith and Mrs. Katherine Smith

Mr. David Puth and Mrs. Leslie A. Puth

Ms. Amanda Smith

Mr. James Quinty and Mrs. Elizabeth Quinty

Ms. Phyllis Smith and Mr. Kenneth Sallale

Mr. Robert A. Radloff and Ms. Ann M. Beha

Mr. Richard A. Snellgrove

Mundi and Syd Smithers Sukanya Soderland

Ms. Jane Ralph and Ms. Nadine Ralph

The Lawrence & Lillian Solomon Foundation

Mr. Lance A. Ramshaw and Ms. Abigail Wine

The Sommer Family Foundation

Ms. Anne P. Randolph Mr. Henry Rauch and Mrs. Susan Cooper Rauch

Alicia Southwell and Kirk Grosel Mr. and Mrs. Brian Spector


Mr. Lionel B. Spiro and Mrs. Vivian K. Spiro

Mr. Peter R. Rawlings and Mrs. Ellen Rawlings

Jeff and Chris Rodek

Mrs. Elizabeth K. Schodek

Jay Rawson and Ellen Rawson

Mr. Allan Rodgers

Mrs. Sandra Ray

Sandra Shepard Rodgers Trust

Ms. Judith Scheuer and Mr. Joseph Mellicker

Hillary Hedges Rayport and Jeffrey F. Rayport

Matthew Martin and Michael Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Schliemann

Ken and Ellen Roman Eileen Rominger and Robert Rominger

Mr. Richard E. Schneider and Mrs. Lea A. Schneider

Michael Rosenblatt and Patricia Rosenblatt

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Schreiber Craig Schultze

Mr. Thomas A. Rosenbloom and Mrs. Jessica Rosenbloom

Ms. Rene Schweickhardt and Mr. Jeff Hyman

Philip Rosenkranz

Ms. Carolyn Sciucco and Mr. Anthony Sciucco

Mr. James F. Reardon Mrs. Elizabeth R. Reece and Mr. Christopher Reece Mr. J. Stanley Reeve and Mrs. Abigail Reeve Mr. Michael A. Reggio and Mrs. Anne E. F. Reggio Mr. and Mrs. George A. Reilly Mr. William B. Reily and Ms. Caroline Reily Christopher Reisig and Gretchen Reisig Mr. Dale Reiss and Mr. Jerome King Mrs. Michelle C. Rhodes and Mr. Aaron Rhodes Mr. Walter G. Ricciardi and Mrs. Clara F. Ricciardi Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rice, Sr. The Rice Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Rich Mrs. Margaret E. Richardson Richardson’s Farm, Inc.

Mr. Steven P. Rosenthal and Mrs. Joan F. Rosenthal

Robb Scott

Karen and Jeffrey Ross

Dr. Sally Starling Seaver

Denise Rossman and Evan Rossman Jonathan Rotolo

Mr. Gregory Sebasky and Mrs. Ellen Sebasky

Ms. Carol A. Rouleau and Mr. Gerald J. Lipsky

Sedgwick Family Charitable Trust The Sedgwick Family

Ms. Jacqueline Rousseau

Dr. Stephen Segatore and Ms. Susan Sleigh

Ms. Cynthia Rubens Mr. Marc Rubenstein and Ms. Jill Hai Mrs. Janice Rudolf and Mr. John B. Emery Dr. Joseph C. Runkle and Ms. Amy Snodgrass

Migsie & Gar Richlin Foundation

Mr. Craig P. Russ and Mrs. Patricia M. Russ

Migsie and Gar Richlin Foundation

Colin Ryan and Janet Zuroske

Ms. Elizabeth A. Richter and Mr. Brian Schulz

Jason and Jennifer Ryan

Richter Family Foundation Mrs. Lynne Rickabaugh and Mr. Mark V. Rickabaugh Ms. Betsy Ridge Madsen Nancy Rie Mr. Jospeh Ripp and Mrs. Virginia M. Ripp Ruti Robart and Ralph Robart

Mr. Beau Ryan and Mrs. Susan Ryan Ms. Anita B. Ryan Mr. Anthony J. Ryan Didi and Neal Ryland Mrs. Bonnie Sacerdote Mr. Stephen Sachman and Mrs. Alexia Quadrani-Sachman Ms. Monica S. Sadler

Mrs. Dana Robbat and Mr. Joseph Robbat

Mr. William Saltonstall and Mrs. Katherine Saltonstall

Mrs. Sharon F. Robinson and Mr. A. Francis Robinson, Jr.

Mr. Nils R. Sandell and Mrs. Yvonne A. Sandell

Ms. Mary Etta Robinson

Mrs. Rebecca Saunders Mr. Edward Schadler and Mrs. Deirdre Schadler


Larry Seiler and Diane E. Seiler Fern Selesnick and Sheldon Frisch Ms. Luanne E. Selk and Mr. Jon J. Skillman Mrs. Ashley Serotta and Mr. Brandon Hockle Mr. Thomas M. Shannon and Mrs. Kathleen O. Shannon

Dr. Steven J. Spitz and Dr. Cynthia A. Ingols Mr. Peter G. Spring and Mrs. Alison Spring Ms. Laura A. Staich and Mr. Philip W. Ruedi Mrs. Caroline D. Standley Augusta and Joseph Stanislaw Ms. Joy Stanley and Ms. Patricia Sullivan Mr. James Stern Margaret Stevens and H. Michael Stevens Dr. Jane E. Stewart and Dr. George Volpe Mr. Geoffrey Stewart and Mrs. Joyce T. Stewart Stier Family Mr. David Stokkink and Mrs. Joanne Fattori Stokkink Dr. Jennifer P. Stone and Mr. Jonathan Green Ms. Catherine M. Stone Mr. Roger A. Strauch and Mr. Paul K. Strauch Amanda Strong and Jose Dias David and Nadine Strong Mr. Noah Stuart and Mrs. Sarah Stuart Ms. Amy Sturm Mr. Peter C. Sugar and Mrs. Susan K. Sugar

Sharpe Family Foundation/ Sarah Angell Sharpe and John Powley Mary Waters Shepley Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Sherbrooke Patrick and Katherine Sherbrooke Sherbrooke Family Charitable Trust Silicon Valley Community Foundation Dr. David A. Silver and Dr. Terri Silver SimpleBits, LLC Mr. Michael A. Simpson Mr. Karl Sims and Mrs. Patricia E. Maes The Sims/Maes Foundation, Inc. ©KRISTA PHOTOGRAPHY

Sumner Gerard Foundation

Mr. Mark A. Tracy and Ms. Wendy Putnam

Mr. Rob Warren and Mrs. Sally Mazur

Mr. Steven Sung and Mrs. Dawn M. Sung

Ms. Erin Trahan and Dr. Nathan E. Van Houzen

Mr. Robert Warren and Ms. Stefanie Fogel

Ms. Denise Trapani Hall

Mr. Philip Waterman, III and Mrs. Allyson Waterman

Mr. James D. Supple and Ms. Mary F. McDonald Dr. Mitchell L. Sweet, M.D. and Ms. Andrea Peraner-Sweet

Tremblay Family Foundation

Ms. Kathy L. Washburn

Ms. Lisa W. Sziklas

Mr. Andrew Tremble and Mrs. Megan Tremble

Ms. Margaret M. Talcott and Mr. L. Scott Scharer

Mr. George E. Triantaris and Mr. Steve Nigzus

Ms. Caroline Tall

Kelley and Mark Truchan

Mr. Solomon B. Watson, IV and Mrs. Brenda J. Watson

Daniel Tappan and Patricia Tappan

Mark and Jerilyn Tyrrell

Mr. Scott Wayne

Ms. Suzie Tapson and Mr. Gordon M. Burnes

Ms. Jody Lynn Ulmer United Way of Rhode Island

Dr. Janet Weathers and Dr. Ronald E. Cobb

Mr. Arthur S. Tarlow and Mrs. Janet D. Tarlow

Mr. Richard D. Urell

The Weathertop Foundation

Mr. Benjamin Tarlow and Dr. Kimberly Hutchinson

Elizabeth H. Valentine

Mr. Steven C. Webb and Ms. Karen Butz-Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

Mrs. Landis F. Van Alen and Mr. Alex Van Alen

Mr. Thomas P. Webber and Mr. Keith J. MacDonald

Mr. Frederic H. Winthrop and Mrs. Alice H. Winthrop

Mr. Peter B. Tarr and Ms. Gail L. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Tate Tausig, Brennan, and Gage Families David V.N. Taylor Foundation Mr. David V. Taylor Ms. Dawn Taylor

Dr. Bart A. Van Rees and Hilary A. Mochon Fran Van Treese Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Vanacore Deborah and Donald Van Dyke Mr. Mark F. Vassallo and Dr. Maria C. Garzon Vassallo

Mr. Daniel Waters and Ms. Penny Pilzer Mr. Lowell R. Watkins and Mrs. Helga Watkins

Ms. Marjorie D. Weerts Mrs. Charlene Weiss and Mr. Lawrence T. Weiss Gov. William F. Weld and Ms. Leslie Marshall Mrs. Susanna B. Weld Mr. John R. Wencek Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Wentzel Mr. and Mrs. R. Angus West Mr. Stephen K. West and Mrs. Ann W. West Westminster Barrington Foundation Mrs. Dorothy A. Wexler and Mr. Luke Sadrian

Charles Whitten and Nicole Whitten Ms. Sarah J. Whittier

Ms. Katrin A. Velder and Mr. James W. Ottaway

Mr. Paul Theriault and Ms. Margaret Roell

Gay Ryerson Vervaet

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thomas

Mr. Gary L. Vilchick

Mr. Thomas McKean Thomas

Mrs. Denise von Mering

Mrs. Lu-Shawn Thompson

Emily Vanderbilt Wade Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wiemann Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilkinson Ralph B. and Margaret C. Williams Fund Jennifer Williamson Mr. John C. Willis Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Wakeman

Mr. Nathan M. Wilson and Ms. Megan D. Gadd

Ms. Robin Tost

Mrs. Jennifer S. Walsh and Mr. Paul V. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Townsend

Stephen Warhover and Anne Warhover

Clay & Ginny Yonce Mr. and Mrs. Seamus S. Young Mr. Andrew Berg and Ms. Mandy Young Mr. David Yuknat and Mrs. Marcy Yuknat

Ms. Deborah L. Zildjian Mr. Eric Zimmerman and Ms. Audrey Kalmus Joanne Zitek Ms. Gail C. Zunz Dr. Peter J. Zuromskis

Mr. Peter L. T. Eliot and Mrs. Katherine Eliot

Ms. Natalia K. Wainwright and Mr. Andrew S. Wainwright

Matthew C. Torrey and Amy B. Torrey

Margo Yie and Charlie Yie

Natalie DeNormandie

TIAA Charitable

Mr. Thomas P. Walsh and Mrs. Elisabeth Walsh

Ms. Claudia Sauermann Wu

Dr. Patricia F. Widra and Ms. Emily Widra

Richard Williamson

Mrs. Denise M. Tompkins and Mr. Ronald G. Tompkins

Sara L. Wragge

Mary Crowther

Amy Wagers and Thomas Serwold

Mr. Michael Tith and Mrs. Kate Tith

Anita and James Worden


Mr. Richard D. Thornton

Mr. Norman S. Walker and Mrs. Marie-Eve Walker

Mrs. Nancy B. Woods and Mr. Fred Woods

Ms. Bonni J. Widdoes and Mr. Edward T. Dangel

Mrs. Emily V. Wade

Tiedemann Foundation

Ms. Christina Wood

Mr. Jonathan G. Wicks and Ms. Meredith Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomson

Mrs. Aletta W. Tibbetts and Mr. Richard S. Tibbetts

Marisa Labozzetta and Martin Wohl

Mr. Paul A. Zevnik and Ms. Ginny Grenham and The Zevnik Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Constance V. R. White

Mr. Richard E. Teller and Ms. Kathleen A. Rogers

Ms. Joan W. Wofford

Mr. Peter T. Wheeler and Ms. Elizabeth Munro

Mr. Stephen H. White and Mrs. Virginia S. White

Mrs. Barbara Vdovc

Ms. Alison Wintman

Mr. Robert E. Zaret

Mr. and Mrs. Richard White

Teal Pond Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Winthrop

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Weymouth

Mr. Peter Whistler



Mr. Patrick A. Wilson and Mrs. Nina C. Wilson

Mary Hable and James Heppelmann Alex Kratcotski Reubon and Jane Leibowitz Mr. Daniel K. Mayer and Mrs. Jennifer Z. Mayer Gloria Moran E. David Wanger and Amy Wanger Workflow Interiors, Inc. †


Patrick and Michelle Wilson Ms. Patricia S. Winer Mr. Paul Wing


The Semper Virens Society Semper Virens, which means “always green,” honors and recognizes generous individuals who have made a legacy gift to The Trustees. Since the first recorded bequest in 1902, support via wills and life income gifts has built and strengthened The Trustees’ mission. This strong financial base has provided important stability, enabling The Trustees to secure important landscapes and landmarks, acquire new reservations, implement innovative stewardship, share our conservation mission, and promote ongoing protection of threatened land across the state. We are delighted to list the members of the Semper Virens Society. In making a planned gift, these individuals have turned their passion into a legacy, and set an inspiring example for others to follow. Anonymous (19)

Jennifer C. and Stephen T. Chen

Albert and Suzanne Frederick

Ms. Rosamond W. Allen

Dr. Nancy Clair

Bradford and Marilyn Freeman

Lindsay and Blake Allison

Peter Coffin

Mr. Thomas D. French

Mr. Manuel Fernando Álvarez-González

Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Diane J. Gallan

Judith Ann Amelotte

Ken and Sally Collinson

John Lowell Gardner †

Josephine H. Ashley

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Constable

Mrs. Gloria J. Gery

Margery Harris

Nathaniel S. Coolidge

Ms. Cynthia Gibson

Mr. William S. Babbitt

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Cooper

Ms. Marjorie Coleman Glaister

Ms. Kate Barnhart

Ms. Paula V. Cortés

Joel Goldstein and Reed Goodman

Jeannette Harvey Bart and Walter J. Bart, Jr.

Mr. Peter H. Creighton Mrs. Albert M. Creighton, Jr.

Mr. Ralph D. Gordon and Mrs. Elizabeth W. Gordon

Ms. Alison Bassett

Gregory and Anne Crisci

Alexander Yale Goriansky

Elisabeth Bayle

Melissa Crocker

Mr. Morris Gray, Jr.

Mr. Christopher M. Begg

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Croll

Francie Grynkraut

Mr. David A. Behnke and Mr. Paul F. Doherty, Jr.

Patricia Crosthwait

Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr.

Susan W. Crum

Christopher Gunning and Louise Dube

Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Bezamat

Ms. Randi Currier

Philip Guymont and Susan McLaren

Barbara A. Field

Mr. James H. Hammons, Jr.

Dianne C. Dana

Barbara Hanley and Leo Brooks

Deb Davis and Art Raiche

Douglas B. and Susan Harding

Mr. Philip H. Davis and Mr. Eric M. Flint

Mrs. Roslyn E. Harrington

Ms. Karen Deane

Carliss Baldwin and Randolph Hawthorne

Deborah M. Blake Gwen M. Blodgett Ms. Cynthia C. Bloomquist and Mr. Thaw Malin, III Philip H. Brewer Corey W. and Donna M. Briggs Loring C. Brinckerhoff Mr. Edward Broach and Mrs. Caleb Broach Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brockelman Cornelia W. Brown Bonnie D. Brugger Holly Elissa Bruno Lois E. Brynes and Serena Hilsinger Mrs. Eustace W. Buchanan Mary M. Burgarella William L. Burgart Raymond and Susan Burk Ms. Winifred B. Bush Mr. John S. Butterworth Mrs. Mollie T. Byrnes and Mr. John H. Byrnes, Jr. Rebecca Gardner Campbell CDR & Mrs. Robert H. Chambers Jr. USN (ret.)


Robin L. Desmond Elizabeth Dill and Chris Rowbottom Robert A. and Suzanne Dixon Caitlyn and Kimberly Duncan-Mooney Mr. David T. Edsall Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall Thomas and Jane Ellsworth Mr. and Mrs. C. Herbert Emilson Dr. Ronald H. Epp Barbara J. Erickson† and Peter Torrebiarte Richard J. Erickson and Laurie S. Miles Lynnette and Jerry Fallon Mrs. Christine Ferrari Gaffney J. Feskoe Jacques P. and Fredericka B. Fiechter Steven Fitzek and Ann Bracchi Elaine Foster Pamela Herideen Fowler Ms. Adele Franks

Nathan Hayward, III

Mr. Richard W. Kimball and Mrs. Athena G. Kimball Mrs. Judith J. C. King and Mr. Mark A. King Mr. Brian M. Kinney and Dr. Nancy L. Keating Ms. Gaye Kirshman Lawrence and Sarah Klein Mr. Jeffrey R. Kontoff Jeffrey D. Korzenik Mr. Edward H. Ladd Mrs. Berthe K. Ladd Ellen B. Lahlum Mr. and Mrs. Peter Laipson Gertrude Lanman Mr. Robert A. Larsen and Ms. Judith A. Robichaud Monique Lehner Mr. Allan S. Leonard Josh Lerner and Wendy Wood Mr. George E. Lewis, Sr. Dr. Terri Loewenthal Caleb Loring, III Nancy J. and Holger M. Luther

Mr. Kenneth H. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lyford

Mrs. Eloise W. Hodges and Mr. Arthur C. Hodges

Robert and Linda MacIntosh Leandra MacLennan

Mrs. Douglas E. Busch

Harry and Caryl MacLeod

Mrs. Janice G. Hunt

Sylvia S. Mader

Melanie Reed Ingalls

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Manchester, Jr.

Al R. Ireton

Ms. Lisa Manning

Jay Jaroslav and Susan Erony

Albert R. Margeson

Hilary and Susan Jones

Shirley and Jim Marten

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Jordan

Linda J. Mazurek

Virginia Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McAulay

Charles F. Kane, Jr. and Anne W. Eldridge

Claire McCall

Steve and Betsy Kendall

Ms. Nancy F. McCarthy and Mr. Paul Creamer

Joyce P. and Charles B. Ketcham Mr. Jonathan M. Keyes Mary Ellen Kiddle Becky J. Kilborn Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kimball

Cathleen D. McCormick Mr. H. Bruce McEver Mrs. Kathleen T. McIntyre and Mr. A. Duncan McIntyre

Ms. Janice D. McKeever and Mr. Joseph F. Mckeever, III

Sharon L. Sharnprapai

Thomas D. McKiernan

Mary Waters Shepley

George and Suzanne McLaughlin

Mr. Joseph D. Short†

Katherine J. McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. Norton Q. Sloan, Jr.

Stephen E. Mermelstein

John L Slocum and Elizabeth A Slocum

Barbara Merrill and David Twombly

Mr. and Mrs. F. Sydney Smithers, IV

Virginia Michie

Ms. Emma-Marie Snedeker

Mary Mintz

James W. Spinney

Wendy D. Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. Burgess P. Standley

Christopher Morss

Mary Ann Streeter

W. Hugh M. Morton

Beverly M. Sullivan

Lisa Moses and Heidi Sjoberg

Carol F. Surkin and Elliot M. Surkin

Jennifer C. Shaw

Robert Newman and Nancy Jones

Hooker † and Jane Talcott

Mr. Thomas H. Nicholson and Mrs. Catharine Nicholson

Jack Teahan and Judi Teahan

Thomas L. P. O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Oman

Stephen Patrick Driscoll and Robert A. Tocci

Dr. Kleopatra Ormos

Peter H. Van Demark

Carolyn and Robert Osteen Mrs. Olivia H. Parker

Ms. Lori van Handel and Ms. Nancy A. Roseman

Mr. Alan Pasnik and Ms. Cynthia O’Neil

Frank Vartuli

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Payne

Gay Vervaet

Dorothy S. Peirce

Julie M. Viola

Joan Person

Edward and Linda Vitone

Kirk E. Peterson and Christine M. Yario

Ralph B. Vogel, II

Margaret Peterson

Ms. Carol Wadsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Petino

Ms. Margaret A. Waggoner

Robert F. Pilicy Harriet Marple Plehn

Ms. Natalia K. Wainwright and Mr. Andrew S. Wainwright

Anne P. Plunkett

Miss Roberta H. Waller

Nancy and David Ratner

William S. Wasserman† and Mary D. Wasserman

Colm J. Renehan

Mr. Phillip Terpos

Johanna Roses Robichau and Joseph Robichau

Pamela B. Weatherbee

Bea A. Robinson

Ms. Jane A. Weir

Mr. Stephen L. Root

Mr. Edward J. Weiner Constance V. R. White

Stephen C. and Emma Root

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Whiting

Mr. Philip W. Rosenkranz

Carol L. Wilkinson

Mrs. Johanna Hansen Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Winthrop

James L. Roth

Mr. Richard S. Wood

Paul E. and Lisa B. Sacksman

Mr. Stanley W. Wood

Amy L. Sales

Nancy C. Woolford

Stanley and Barbara Schantz

Meredith Young and John Chmura

John R. and Rebecca C. Schreiber

Mr. Mark G. Zawacki and Mrs. Nancy Zawacki

William E. Schroeder and Martitia Tuttle Barbara C. Schwartz David W. Scudder James G. Shanley and Karen P. Battles

The Trustees is Massachusetts’ largest, and the nation's first, conservation and preservation nonprofit. We are supported by members, friends, and donors. Explore 123 amazing places across Massachusetts, from beaches, farms, and woodlands, to historic homes, museums, urban gardens, and more.

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† Deceased as of October 1, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shapp

For more information about joining the Semper Virens Society, please contact: The Trustees | Development Office 200 High Street, 4th Floor Boston, MA 02110 | 978.338.1172

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