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FREE - SUMMER - 2011 - ISSUE 01



HELLO, Welcome, to The Trip, Issue 01. The Trip is a ridiculous little publishing venture, but it has some good intentions. It's going to serve as a platform for the people in Berwick with something to say or show, to be heard and seen. It will also feature just general Berwick goings on and shit (who it was that got thrown down Bedrocks’ stairs without any trousers on, who got wasted and cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend on Meg’s Mount, all the important stuff) and hopefully we will also be able to provide comprehensive listings of what is going on in and around town. It's also not to be taken seriously 100% of the time. We are not The Daily Star for Christ's sake. There's a lot of talent in Berwick that goes un-noticed, and hopefully that's where we can come in. Photographers can showcase their work, bands can tell us about their new album, writers can write for us, anyone can get involved in one way or another. That's the idea anyways. It could fall flat on its' arse, be ridiculed and never see daylight again. Hopefully that won't happen... Expect; stupidity, untasteful, bias & one sided writing, unfussy photography, poor spelling and grammar and more school boy errors. We won’t apologise for any of it. But to make up for it we’ll also bring you some amazing journalism, views and thoughts, brilliant photography and arts, and the best of the rest too. In Issue 01, we have; an illustrator’s illustrations and thoughts, a video producer on starting out, a barman on cocktails, some bands on new albums, old albums and splitting up. There’s writers, surprisingly writing, photographer’s recent and past works, a new internet t.v. show, a great little reason to get drunk more often, some DJs on why they’re trying to change what the people of Berwick are listening to, some pictures of penguins and pink seats (not together, if we had pictures of penguins on pink seats we wouldn't need to start a shitty little magazine, we'd be rolling in the clams) and some of the best things to do in summer around the town. A good variety, I'm sure you'll agree. Five hundred copies of this issue have been printed, and they will be distributed all over the North East, hopefully further. We'd say thats some pretty good coverage for the people involved. That's all we're hoping for really, get some Berwickers the exposure they deserve and hopefully something, absolutely anything will come of it for them. Example; if we get a few more faces along to one of the bands we feature's next show, or a photographer gets a couple more likes of their photo on the ol' Facebook malarky, we'd say we've done our job. Oh, and we're planning to have a right good knees up for every issue we release, where people can get together, eat some canapes, drink the finest wines, have a lesuirley chat with peers, boast about how much time you've spent in The Alps or The Italian Riviera this year. You know how shit goes down in Berwick... All is agreed. We are here to help Berwickers get places, we shouldn’t be taken seriously all the time, we'll tell you what's on, we're going to try put on some good nights, but most importantly we want you all to get involved in one way or another. So if you like the sound of that, get in touch, get on our website, and we’ll look forward to working with you. Enjoy Issue 01 in the mean time. Cheers for picking it up!















Dom Joly has lead quite the life. He went to school with Osama Bin Laden, then got famous for shouting into a over-scaled telephone in a library. He was the genius behind Trigger Happy TV, World Shut Your Mouth and Dom Joly’s Happy Hour. The latter a show in which he investigated cultural attitudes to alcohol around the world (travelled world, got pissed with best mate Pete). He went to The Jungle, wrote a book about skiing holidays in Iran and living it up in North Korea, and writes regular columns for several newspapers. All that seemed left to do, was of course come to Berwick-upon-Tweed to do a stand-up gig. /// On June 4th, The Maltings played host to Joly as part of his first ever stand up tour. The evening begins with Dom flitting through his childhood rather quickly, so we get to the interesting bits pretty quick. Clips from Trigger Happy and World Shut Your Mouth follow and show the man at his sidesplitting best; crawling over roads dressed as a snail, sneaking up on eskimos and the hilarious celebrity interviews which somehow lead to a young man completely obliterating a pink guitar, and his own hand in the process, on stage. Stories of his departure from the BBC after a tabloid witch hunt add a real sense of humanity to the show. You just want to be best friends with him and take him through to the bar for a pint. /// He takes care of a few hecklers with ease and it’s onto the Gillian McKieth bashing. How he managed to not actually murder her inside The Jungle I have no idea. He then protests that because of broken bones from a trip to South America’s Total Wipe Out course, he often has to wear Ugg boots. Never will I look at the man in the same way again. To finish, Dom explains his plans for the future. He films us clambering and jumping over the chairs to the exits, planning to use it it for the trailer of his new project, War Of The Flea. /// This definitely wasn’t the funniest stand up set we’ve ever seen, but somehow we don’t think that’s what he was going for. There’s not many people who have lived a life like this man has, And it’s clear to see there will be more on the way from our friend Dom Joly. Hopefully he’ll return to Berwick for another show sometime in the future.

ACRYLIC Acrylic are Chris Hutton and Mark Purvis.

/// All seemed perfect, but a problem arose. A

nights, and want everybody to leave feeling like

They are DJs. Now before these lads were

few people around town, weren’t too keen on

they’ve had a good night and maybe heard

spinning disc, can anyone of you remember the

an “indie” night down in The Barrels, was the

some new stuff that they wouldn’t have heard

last time an absolute top quality indie or

music too mainstream? To us, “indie” means

anywhere else in Berwick.”

alternative tune was played in any pub or bar

independent music, perhaps not on

around town? We have Keeks, Mr. P etc. down

independent labels anymore, but with a real

/// Lets hope that one is sorted out then. It

in The Barrels, who are pretty amazing (for

independent heart and soul to the tracks. To

seems to be, as the lads have landed a DJ set at

those of you who haven’t attended one of these

others, indie means lager louts, Liam Gallagher

the brilliant Borders Green Festival, along

nights, the shapes thrown down there, are

look-a-likes, hooliganism and a shit load of

side quality acts such as The Briganties, Ditch

completely and utterly the most ridiculous I

arrogance. Even worse, some people think

Your Sidekicks and Le Woodsmen. As for

have ever seen, seriously fun), but there was no

of indie as The Kooks...

further afield, Acrylic are always going to be

one playing good, guitar driven tracks.

/// “This was a problem because people have

keeping an eye out for opportunities to get

pre-conceptions about what “indie” is and what

some decent music played out to the Berwick

/// “We got talking to a few people who were

kind of crowd it attracts. When you talk about

folks. Keep tabs on where and when they’ll be

all up for the idea of a night of indie-only

“classic” indie as we have done on our posters,

playing, just search for ‘Acrylic’ on facebook.

music.” The Battery offered Acrylic a friday

people tend to automatically think of The

night spot, and it was a huge success. One of

Stone Roses, Oasis, Happy Mondays etc, - who

the busiest fridays the pub had seen. A few

are bands that we love - but they come with a

more nights were put on, and then the duo felt

certain stereotype of attracting lad rock loving,

perhaps it was time to up sticks. So they moved

lager spilling, football louts which isn’t really

their record collection down to The Barrels.

the case. We don’t want trouble makers at our


KaTie chappell illUsTraTor


Aren’t those there illustrations lovely. Yes they are.

have been the artists inspiring and motivating Katie.

when there is a story or a message or a meaning

Lovely is a good word to describe everything about

But it isn’t just fellow artists that get her creative

behind it. I am not a fan of fiddly decorative stuff...

Katie Chappell and her illustrations it seems.

juices flowing. “I take influences from everything

unless it’s got owls on it. I do like owls.” All the

around me; art, food, travel, people, conversations. I

morals and righteousness goes out the window for a

/// Based in Newcastle and Sunderland, Katie lives

like to think the illustrations that come out are just a

bit of owl. Quite right.

with her flatmates Jill (human) and Cornelius

big mash up of all the information I’ve absorbed. It’s

(hamster), and drinks lots of tea. She has just

all a bit subconscious, innit?”

/// So the future seems so bright for our young

completed the second year of her BA(hons) in

/// In this day and age, perhaps it is even more

illustrator. As already mentioned, she graduates next

Illustration and Design, and will graduate in June

important than ever for an artist or illustrator to have

year when she then plans to move south to get a job

2012. The love of drawing and illustration she has,

their own style. The growth of this new internet thing

as a successful professional picture drawer. By

started at a very young age, “I’ve always drawn stuff...

means that it is much easier to catch plagiarism and

succesful, Katie means “Someone who can make

my earliest memories of drawing are of sitting at my

copy cat designs. So as important as influences are, it

enough money from illustration to live comfortably

Granny and Grandpa’s house with a pile of printer’s

seems as though the young illustrator is all about

and enjoy what they do!” Unfortunately it’s a lot

paper (my Grandpa was a retired printer) and asking

having her own, strong individual style shine through

more difficult to be able to do that up in the North

them what I should draw next. I haven’t stopped

in her work. “It makes me so angry when you can see

East, but hopefully one day we’ll be able to support

drawing since.” When we asked if there was any

that someone has just ripped off another artist,

the likes of Katie, so they don’t have to head to the

particular artists and illustrators who could take the

especially if they are making money out of it. Where

big smoke to keep afloat.

blame for this, she told us that Quentin Blake had

are your morals, people!?” There are none Katie,

illustrated most of the books she read as bedtime

there are none... “Scribbly, sometimes colourful.” is

stories, there were Mabel Lucie Atwell pictures

how Katie describes her own style. Short but accurate.

hanging around the house and grew up admiring this

We’d also add amazing and meaningful into that,

work, among the work of others, such as Nick Sharratt.

scribbly, amazing, meaningful and sometimes

/// More recently, Marc Johns and David Shrigley

colourful. “llustration is so much more interesting



Ok. So first things first. Almost everything I write in this

the person to pass any blame or responsibility to, in

even though she, herself, had written 2.30 + 3.50 =.

article, or in any article I may be allowed to further

times of accident or displeasure. Now, my first thoughts

After some slight yelling, and a look that said “I don’t

write, is my opinion. It is not fact. It should not be taken

on a solution to this problem, probably wasn’t the best,

believe you, but i’ll let you win to satisfy your pathetic

at face value. When The Buggles wrote ‘Video Killed the

which was to give these customers a resounding “twat”

mind” she eventually agreed to pay the extra pound.

Radio Star’ in 1979, they did not actually mean

on the head with any nearby mammal or reptile (you

Before finishing the drinks, then complaining about

Universal Pictures had brutally and inexplicably gone

don’t want to use birds, they would get tangled in the

the quality of them, DEMANDING HER MONEY

round to the BBC studios and murdered the cast of ‘The

hair, and fish would start to stink up your place of work),

BACK! This was when I reached for the lizard... This

Archers’. It was their opinion. It didn’t happen....I think.

but after consideration I judged that this would be a bit

was followed by a customer claiming that his change

harsh on the animals, so I came up with my current

was BROKEN, because a £5 note I handed him, had a

/// The centre of my first rant, I think will have to be

motto. “Manners cost nothing, but if you have none, I

rip in it. How pretentious can the clientele of one bar

annoying customers, a subject close to my heart and I’m

will overcharge”. It seems to be working, as I don’t feel

be, when first price is debated wrongly, and then

sure one that will be familiar to any reader, who works

so bad when people are paying £5 for a pint...

customers are worried that currency has ceased to

in the service industry. Firstly, why do customers think

/// Also, the delusion that customers are always right,

work because thereis a slight fault with it? Imagine if

that because you are serving them, that instantly makes

that’s all it is, a delusion. They’re not. They are clearly

everyone were like that, “Oh, I was really enjoying this

you below them? What makes them think that because

not. Customers are idiotic twats. They don’t know what

book, but then the cover got wet, so I couldn’t read the

it’s their day off or because they’ve summoned enough

they want, and when they do occasionally manage to not

last 300 pages” or, “I drove down to Brighton at the

energy to pull on some hideous, flowery frock and leave

screw up a transaction, there is always a problem with

weekend, but someone scratched my car whilst I was

the house for the first time since their hip replacement,

money. A customer the other day argued with me for at

there, so I had to walk home”. Twats.

that anybody who crosses their path with the intention

least 10 minutes about the price of her order. The order

to provide a service in exchange for being paid to do so,

came to £5.80 but she was adamant that the total should

/// I could continue, but I think this has been far too

immediately becomes their underling, who deserves to

be £4.80. After pulling out same paper and adding up

much already, or it has gone much too far, so I shall

be spoken in any way that the customer sees fit, and is

the sum, she concluded that the price should be £4.80,

cease writing. Good Day!



While saying convenience breeds complacency is a bit

be heard by the masses is as easy as “Soundcloud”

It makes “songs” sound like they were created by

of a platitude when it comes to musing on our modern

or iTunes can make it (I can’t make it.)

robots and no human ever touched them. I’m talking

culture, it seems a shame that the arts, a thing a lot of us

/// No-one struggles to get out there. So there’s no

implied semantics here, no judgment being made of

hold dear, is something that suffers in its integrity.

pressure to produce something astonishing. There’s no

actual sound or artistic quality. You would be doing the

/// Music in particular is something that is now so readily

pressure to captivate the listener; to be adventurous,

world a favour if the next time you hear someone use

available that it’s almost too easy not to take it for

dangerous even; to be anything beyond “slightly not

the phrase “I was listening to some MP3s last night,” if

granted. With the dawn of digital downloads and today,

banal.” Struggle feeds the fire of creativity in artists

you would correct them and remind them that they

still living in the shadow of Napster, where iTunes runs a

and the struggle to be heard has been taken away from

were listening to a “song!”

monopoly on the download market; music has become

them. It hardly seems fair. For the rare exceptional

/// Remember having to leave your house? Remember

so omnipotent and ubiquitous that almost seems to not

artist (in any medium not just music) struggle is

going into a shop and finding a record (showing my

exist: As if the internet has some internal dark matter

something transcendental and not a thing to wallow in.

age but I am a vinyl junky) or C.D. and talking to the

that somehow manages to delete the sound just as

The literal meaning of the word “Jihad” is “a struggle.”

other shoppers about what you were buying and what

it emerges from our speakers.

Modern convenience complacency has given musicians

they were buying. Remember listening to a song with

/// Now I am aware that by this point over two brief

a sort of “victim” mentality. They are victims of the

the shop owner or in one of the sound booths with

paragraphs that I already sound like an octogenarian

victory over their own Jihad. Everyone can be heard,

friends. Talking, evaluating and generally interacting

technophobe and somewhat of a Luddite. I would like

everyone is special; therefore no-one is heard or is

with other human beings? This is what we’re losing.

to assure you that I am speaking from a place of

special. Everyone is anonymous.

We’re losing our music society. It’s another thing that

experience. I am the owner of an iPod. I do “do

/// The artists are still invisible but the audience, no

gets locked in behind your bolted front door as it is

downloading” on a fairly regular basis. When I

matter how discerning in their tastes are less grateful

pumped into your screen like consumers on a drip fed

download an album I am not wracked with guilt that I

for their efforts. The endless availability and possibility

diet of convenience. We are starting to lose our

may have just sent a supervisor from HMV to the dole

the internet bestows to be able, it would seem, to listen

appreciation of/for music. We are slowly (or not even

queue (although now I’ve written this I probably will

to any song written by any musician EVER means that

slowly anymore; the momentum is gathering)

be.) I do love my iPod. I have heard so many bands at

hunt is over. It’s there bleeding out of the speakers,

becoming ungrateful spoiled brats.

the click of a button. I don’t seem to listen to whole

profusions of melody and rhythm. There was no chase

albums anymore as I walk along the beach: That skip

to find it. A search engine led you to a page with a list

/// Like I say, I love my iPod. But I don’t respect it and

and search option is really handy – so much so that

of MP3s.You hear the MP3; it’s there... but that is all it

in turn does not respect me.

sometimes I walk the whole beach and have not seen

is. There was no victory to savour in finding it.

another person or seabird but I have seen lots of album

You did nothing.

sleeves digitised and sweeping in front of my eyes. Yes,

/// While we’re on the subject, and straying wildly from

it is quick. Yes, it is easy. But this is my problem with the

my original point, isn’t “MP3s” and “WAVs” the least

whole thing; it’s too easy. No-one struggles. For a young

attractive sounding words for songs we are yet to hear?

unsigned band, getting your stuff out into the world to

There is no romance to them; no artistry. It’s just code. 05


album, that’s why they were so good, I suppose. So you could say it’s not really the same without him”. Instead there’s the dynamic duo of Brendan Portues on drums, and Callum Knox bringing the electronic side of the beats section to the live show. Ian does however, stress that the new percussion section is awesome, admitting, “Brendan’s pretty much amazing at everything, and Knoxy’s not bad either”. Nick Holmes on guitar and Steve Walker on bass complete the exciting new line up for the live band. /// The album, entitled ‘Dreaming’, is due for release at the end of the summer. It can’t come quick enough for the us, the fans, and the band alike. It’s been recorded over a long period of time. They’ve been getting bits and pieces done whenever they’ve had the time, and where ever they could find the space. “The plan is just to get the album out. There’s some tunes on there that have been kicking about for two years so it’ll be good to get them out there. Hopefully

Within minutes of meeting Ian Thompson, lead man of Roy’s Iron

people will hear it, and want to come to the gigs.” There’s no doubt

DNA, conspiracies and the wrongs of the the world were the subject

in our minds that once people have heard this, they’ll be gagging

of conversation. Within ten minutes we’d covered everything from

for some live shows from the boys.

Israel and Palestine to The Crusades. The man knows his stuff.

/// Dates they’ve confirmed so far this summer are; The Borders Green Festival on July 2nd, and The Rowchester Festival on July

/// So twenty minutes later when we decided to actually talk new

15th. As for more shows, Ian reckons they’ll play a few more local

Roy’s album, it came as a bit of a surprise to hear that it had taken a

dates, and after the release possibly even look to book a tour.

step away from more serious issues covered on their awesome first,

Great news for Berwickers and folk further afield too. “It would

onto a more optimistic level. “We tried to make this album a little

be coosty to tour the album, playing headline slots and supporting

more up beat. Less political I guess. The first effort was all thoughts

some signed acts too. Possibly even a small european tour as well.”

and conspiracies and things we believed in. This is more about being happy with what’s going on”. Comparing the teaser tracks from the

/// Judging by the title track of the album, Dreaming, and the two

second album to tracks from the first it’s easy to hear that

more they’ve released as teasers, Fresher and Clouds With You, the

progression. And we like it. It’s exciting to hear the band jump into

album is going to be on another level. You don’t want to miss out

unceratinty and look to go new places.

on any of this business.

/// There’s also changes in the make up of the band. Ian Jackson is no longer drumming with them, a massive loss according to Thompson, “Ian’s a miss, he done a lot of the beats for the first 06

“The fact they let me on the course proves they didn’t know what they were on about”

failed all my A-levels, turned up and they let me in”. The first year was just about passable, but the second proved unbearable, and Sammy decided education wasn’t for him. A bit late perhaps. /// As a result, his creativity went in the opposite direction as he sat about and smoked too much. For almost a year I heard nothing from, or about

Gallants, and it kinda changed my outlook. I started

“Being on the course got to be too much, and I just

Sammy Reed. So when I seen his newest band, Old

to look into picking patterns and finger style guitar.

kind of gave up. It just wasn’t what I thought it would

Bones, were supporting Ditch Your Sidekicks down

It just seemed natural.” Combining the new folky

be”. He stopped writing, and found it increasingly

in The Barrels on a friday night which all my friends

sound Sammy was getting into, with his old love of

difficult to find inspiration and the motivation to do

were busy, my family were on holiday, Big Brother

grunge and rock, him and bandmate Scott Jeffrey

something about it. “We tried to practice and

had finished the week before and my copy of

seemed to come up with something unique and

rehearse, but when you pay £35 an hour for a room

Twilight: New Moon hadn’t arrived from Amazon

original. “We started to write, using the finger style

no bigger than a toilet cubicle and the mic shocks

yet, I jumped at the chance to go and check them

in the verse but then reverting back to the heavier

you every time you go near it, you somehow lose

out. I turned up half way through the first song, and

sound for the chorus. We recorded the song Deluca,

a bit of your enthusiasm.”

was instantly glad Robert Pattinson’s beautiful face

and that’s when we realised there could be a bit

was still in the sorting office. Sammy had got good.

of distance in it”.

/// Thankfully the nightmare is over. Sammy is back

Really fucking good.

/// Playing with and being around other musical

in Berwick and there’s a shit load in the pipeline for

students 100% of the time also kickstarted Reed’s

Old Bones, and other projects too. Scott and himself

/// The guitarist and frontman had moved the 60

creativity, “I felt I had more to write about, more

have plans to play as many gigs as possible over the

miles or so south to Newcastle to study, and it seems

stuff was happening to me, and having people around

summer, and also release a 4-5 track EP they’ve had

there were 2 particular things that brought about

doing the same thing gets you going, you don’t want

almost ready for too long. Just a few vocals to put

the changes. Two Gallants, and the different

to stop”. The new people and places were providing

right on that we hear, so it should be with us soon.

environment. “Before I left, I was listening to and

the material, but the course just seemed to be getting

There’s even talk of a possible record label, studio

playing a lot of what you’d probably call, typical

in the way. “The fact they let me on the course proves

and practice room set up with in the area, comedy

rock I guess. Then someone introduced me to Two

they didn’t know what they were on about, I’d just

sketches with friends and a job in a chippy.

old Bones 07

espionage o The loc & frie ESPIONAGE OF THE LOC

Of late, Espionage Of The Loc, Berwick’s very own party hard, pop-rocktastic heros, haven’t been around quite so much as themselves or their fan base would have liked. Lead guitarist Liam Portues has been out of town, so booking live shows and recording was difficult. The band themselves admitted that when they played as a three piece it just wasn’t quite the same. “There were thoughts of starting a new band, but it would have been a bit complicated. Liam’s been at uni, you can’t blame him for that, but he’s back now so everything is go for us again” explains frontman Brendan Portues. /// So come summer, it seems there’ll be a new lease of life for the band. A resurgence in their enthusiasm for the project. Great news for us. There’s more frequent gigs on the horizon, and just in time for Liam’s eventual return to the town, the lads have released to the world a new six track “pay what you want” recording. Cue Brendan, “The E.P’s called ‘It’s All To Come...and that’s a transparency for the feature...”. Interesting. A transparency for the feature? Someone please tell us what that means. He continues, bigging up the E.P. admitting “Aye, it’s quite good”. Xennon Easton can only laugh at his bandmate’s patter and it’s easy to see why they’ve built up a devil-may-care, lackadaisical reputation. It only works in their favour by making them extremely likeable, so much so, you’d think it was all some kind of P.R. and marketing plan from the mind of Lucifer himself... /// As ‘un-serious’ as they may come across, listening to Espionage’s songs it’s also pretty clear that this isn’t just a piss about for them. Callum never misses a beat, and Xennon is the perfect bass player to pull Brendan’s lyrical genius together with Liam’s raw but tamed just the right amount riffs and solos. It forms a powerful live sound, which comes across just as well on record. As fun as it may be, these boys have serious talent and know how to use it. They reckon their serious side may come across more in the near future. Work on a third full length album has begun, and the band have started to experiment with different sounds. Xennon gives us an idea of the direction in which they’re heading by saying, “Some of the new stuff is quite dark. I still wouldn’t say it’s less pop, there’s some awesome catchy pop riffs in there so far, but it’s probably more mature than we’ve ever been. Bloody good stuff.” /// Whatever direction they head in, the genius of Brendan, Callum, Liam and Xennon will more than definitely come through in the music they write and the way they play it live. We should all hope they follow up on their promise of more live shows over the coming months, this is a band at an exciting time in their lifespan.



leave the show dry of some of it’s finest qualities. Brendan manically presents the show with some great acting (you decide whether he is actually drunk, or if he’s just that good) while Xennon records and produces it brilliantly well in some difficult conditions. /// Le Woodsmen were the first band to be privileged enough to record a show in the lounge. Mark Reid and co. played two brilliant songs ‘Keep On Running’ and ‘Long Way

Being in a ridiculously good band isn’t good enough for the four of these boys though.

Down’. For a first episode, it all seems to run rather smoothly. There’s some serious hard

Oh no. Two of them have created an internet television show, which for episode two

work gone into this venture, and it has more than paid off for the duo behind the show.

featured the other band of the other two members. Confused a little? Let us clear things

They’ve created something interesting, quirky and original, and perhaps best of all; it has

out in your tiny little brain.

Berwick written all over it. It’s brilliant musically, equally brilliant on a comedic level and

/// Xbot Skeletor is the video production company of Xennon Easton. It all started as a

would make sure that changed though.

college project for Easton, but since he has kept the brand name to keep all his work

/// Step into The Loc Lounge; Robert, Knox and Wize. Liam Portues and Callum Knox, of

under one roof so to speak. Whether it be film, short films, live events, music videos and

Espionage Of The Loc fame, are joined by Robert Laidlaw on bass to complete the three

anything else that pops up. In the companies short history, it has created some excellent

piece. They were given the hard task of filling Le Woodsmen’s shoes for episode two,

work. The most recent pice being a fantastic performance based video for Roy’s Iron

which is currently still in the editing stage with Xbot Skeletor. Luckily enough we were

DNA’s comeback tune. Xennon admits his expectations for the video weren’t very high,

present at the recording and can report back that the band were absolutely marvellous.

as he was limited on location, space and time and in the end thought he hadn’t done

However, there also seemed to be a full scale party going on in the lounge at the same

enough to get the footage that he wanted. But you will know if you’ve seen the video

time. A lot more people were present, and they weren’t all willing to play ball and shut up

what a fantastic piece of production it turned out to be. Those of you who haven’t seen it

when asked.This meant recording was going to be very difficult for Xennon, no matter

yet, are really missing out on both the visuals and audio. He admits turning to trying new

how good the band were. Once again Brendan was an excellent host and there were

camera techniques and and using new effects to get there, and it definitely worked. In the

moments that matched, if not out laughed, the first episode. Who knows, the party

pipeline, there’s plans for a couple of videos to accompany the excellent rock sounds of

atmosphere could add to the show and make it one hundred times better, or it could mean

The Warehouse Announcement and a few more bands located in the North East.

that the sound recorded and footage gained aren’t to Xennon’s usual high standards, but

/// More recently, Xennon has teamed up with Espionage bandmate Brendan Portues to

through no fault of his own. Hopefully Easton can use his skill to bring together a show

create The Loc Lounge. An internet tv show which features a live set and interviews from

that at least matches the first, but if not, at least we all had a rather spiffing night up there.

here’s quite a relaxed atmosphere throughout. Quite a surprise really. Episode two

a different band each episode. “It came to me in a dream mate, a day dream,” explains Brendan. “Basically I thought it would be cool to have a load of bands come play in my

/// In future episodes the guys are looking at making everything a little more professional

bedroom, make a tv show out of it, try and promote them all. Give them a little bit of

to add that extra edge to the show. Recording full sound through a mixing desk and

recognition.” So on many levels The Loc Lounge has the same honest aspirations as our

changing the lighting for a more polished look are high on the list of priorities. Recording

good selves here at The Trip. Look at us, putting in so much hard work, blood sweat and

the sound like that would definitely make a hell of a difference, not that it’s too bad at

tears just to promote this little town and it’s talents to the masses. It’ll all be worth it one

the minute mind you. There’s some surprises and awesome local bands lined up for the

day, world domination follows... Portues tells us the motto for the show “Come and have

rest of series one, and the lads hope to look further afield for the following series, and if

a drink, come and have a laugh.” This perfectly sums up this group of lads and what they

all goes to plan Brendan reckons Queens Of The Stoneage and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

are all about. The pair plan and direct the show together, they feel fully scripting it would

could be playing up there in his room by series 3.


1999- 2011

In November 1999, the members of two bands, Esme &

re-released to a wider audience and was met with critical acclaim. Later, and rightly so, it was

somethingelse, came together, forming a supergroup the likes of

named by ‘Is This Music?’magazine as one of the 100 greatest rock albums in Scottish music

which the world had never seen, Won Mississippi. They set out

history. Quite a feat. Kerrang gave the album a 4K rating, and BBC Radio 1 gave several tracks

determined to be the cleverest band around, a success still seen in

from the album airtime during Scottish and Irish sessions on the station. No’ bad.

their latest recordings. Everything started with lyrics. The music

/// Touring the album extensively for a year on the wave of their success, they supported the

was built up around them and listening back to early ‘Sippi you

likes of Stapleton and icons Death Cab For Cutie (on this matter, Rob says, “It wasn’t really a

think that perhaps that’s what made them a little different to

big thing at the time” It was a big deal Rob, it was Death Cab...).

other bands. That, and the fact they were keen on describing

/// Skip to 2005, another EP, by the name of ‘Futureproof y’rself’. The band released it as a

themselves as ‘The Backstreet Boys with guitars’ in thelocal press.

download only, planning to release it physically at a later date, but sadly this never came

“Everything comes out from the lyrics, and we were trying to

about. They still liked the music they were putting out, but felt perhaps it was time for a

write about things that people weren’t really writing about.

change. “We still felt the music was good, but it all sounded the same. We weren’t happy

There’s a lot of references to where we’re from in a lot of it,”

about that, we didn’t want to be releasing the same old crap over and over again,”

explains Rob Wilkinson, guitarist and lifeblood of the band

/// The changes certainly did come about. Original front man Martin McCleary got married

throughout their entirety, from their birth to their death.

and started a family. They parted mutually and another former member of Esme Patrick

/// ‘Sleeping Spoons’ was the band’s first EP. Recorded in four

Baird, was brought in to replace him. Bringing with him an extra guitar to the band’s sound,

hours, Rob reckons it’s the only CD they’ve recorded that has a

and a completely different style of singing compared to Martin.

song on they’re not particularly fond of, “We Don’t Do Routines

/// Five years passed, and eventually the another album surfaced from the depths of the

is the only track we’ll never play live, we just don’t really like it.”

complex band. ‘We Are, Are We Not, Natives?’ was released in 2009 and again was met with

Given the sheer amount of recording the band have done, that’s

a fantastic public reaction. Possibly their best yet. A new generation were now following the

impressive.just one song they don’t like? I do believe we can

band, and they were popular with the public of Berwick perhaps more than they had ever

forgive them for this

been. “The music was more accessible, it wasn’t just clever for being clever’s sake. The album

/// Live performances kickstarted writing, which quickly lead to a

was more considered than anything we’d done previous, but it was still weird enough to be us.

second EP, ‘Next Week’s Antiques’, including hardcore fan

Weird timing, chords where you don’t expect them, our trademark calling cards were still

favorite, the magnificent ‘Brody’,

there”. Five years was a long time to wait, but the album certainly lived up to the high

/// Following the success of their more frequent gigs, the band

expectations their previous work had helped to build for Berwick’s post rockers.

decided to go all out, recording and releasing a full album, their

/// They continued to play their famously brilliant live shows, with plenty of dates in Berwick

first with Dan Richards, who replaced Liam Holborn on bass.

and the odd one or two further afield. There was a 10th anniversary party of the band’s first

‘Welcomes Careful Drivers’ was born; an album more aggressive,

ever live show, down in The Barrels in 2010 (with some of what many believe to be the best

angular and edgy than their previous sound, People were noticing

tasting cake everto look that bad), and since the band have found it increasingly difficult,

them for it too. They originally released it themselves, but then in

expensive and impractical to get together as a band to write and practice. Patrick moved

2003 the band were signed to Hackpen Records. The album was

further away, and drummer Adam and bassist Dan started families. So the heartbreaking decision was made that after almost twelve years, they should call it a day. /// Cease your depression already, some of the band seem to have projects drawn up for the future. Bob plays with local mentalists Ditch Your Sidekicks and has a solo project, Secret Gang Handshakes. He isalso looking to start a new project with DYSK’s Dan Cox, and ‘Sippi’s Dan Richards. Patrick has his own solo project Wiredrawn. All of the aforementioned are kicking out some good music, so if you’re an old ‘Sippi fan or a silly person who isn’t, you’d be mad not to check them out. /// So on July 22nd, in The Maltings’ Henry Travers Studio they’ll grace our ear canals for one last time. The end is nigh for Won Mississippi but we’d be silly not to expect something quirky ridiculous and down right awesome on the night. “We’ve always tried to make the live shows different from the records, keep them lively, immediate and exciting. So we’re going to make this one pretty special. There’s plans, but we’ll keep them under wraps until the gig”. It should make for a spectacular night. Rob admits it will be difficult and sad, but at the same time liberating. It’s time to mourn for one of the finest bands Berwick, sorry, Scotland has ever seen.







As you can probably tell from the interviews with bands

What is culture? Anyways, as you can see on our

What if we said there was a place where all of this

we have featured, summer seems to be the time where

beautiful back page The Maltings have some pretty

comes together as one? We won’t keep you in the dark

everyone plays more gigs. Espionage, Won Mississippi,

awesome shows lined up for July. Get yourself along, get

much longer. Edge, Low Cocklaw, whatever, it’s the

Roy’s Iron DNA, Ditch Your Sidekicks, The Warehouse

a pint and some Sahara Nuts (other nuts are available)

best place in the world. Jump off rocks into the river,

Announcement and more all have important gigs lined

have a seat in the competitively priced bar, then head

have a BBQ, swim about, float back to Berwick in a

up. The guys over at Travelled Music and Straw Puppet

into the theatre or the amazing new Henry Travers

rubber dinghy, and more often than not you’ll find the

have done a brilliant job with this years Borders Green

studio to enjoy the show! Just down from The Maltings

Espionage Of The Loc boyos out there, sometimes

Festival, with a fantastic line up headed by the return of

on Bridge Street there’s a whole host of culture, we

with a guitar in tow. When the sun is shining, you come

local favourites The Briganties. We’re sure Travelled

think. There’s the brand new Granary Gallery and bistro,

out the river, Brendan’s playing an acoustic tune

Music and Straw Puppet both have lots more on the

Mark Irving’s gallery and of course The Barrels

somewhere in the distance and your burgers are just

horizon for venues such as The Barrels and The Maltings.

Alehouse. You’ll also spot some of our little penguin

perfectly charred you’ll see what we mean by best

friends around the area.

place in the world.



There’s some fine sporting figures cutting about

4. Are you an outdoors person? You are? Really? The

Berwick. The annual Stanks football tournament will

weather’s pretty shocking up here mind. Okay if you

continue through the summer, and it’s always

must. Grab a tent, a camera, a disposable BBQ, some

entertaining over there isn’t it. Usually more the off ball

meat, a crate of beer or two, an acoustic guitar and set

antics rather than the skills on show. And if it isn’t

yourself away along Berwick’s fine coastline. When you

entertaining enough for you, the pubs aren’t a long walk

get to the end of Spittal (I know, we wish Spittal was

away. We’re disappointed at a distinct lack of former

never ending too) keep going along The Cliffs and you’ll

Berwick Rangers hero Kevin Haynes this year though...

find some lovely little sheltered coves. Pitch up, cook the

You can catch current Berwick Rangers heros in action

meat, take some photographs, have the beers and play

with a few pre season friendlies too; Hibs arrive at

songs all night. As long as the tide doesn’t come too far

Shielfield Park on 2nd July, Hamilton Accies the 8th July

in we guess you’ll be alright.

and Newcastle Utd on 16th July. If that’s not enough sport for you, there’ll be some cricket on somewhere, and you can climb the fence to get into the high school tennis courts. Failing that, we hear Sky seem to have a nice selection of sports on offer these days.


CHARLOTTE SUMMERS Charlotte has been taking photographs for too long. Those are her own words. Im sure she was merely having us on. As you can see, Summers has an obvious talent for creative direction and photography. /// When we asked her what work she would like featured, like many artists, she found it hard to find any of her previous work that she was particularly fond of. That’s probably a good thing though, it shows she’s constantly looking at ways of improving her work and pushing her boundaries. “I’m getting better with age and time. Each shoot I do is much better than the last.” Its clear to see progress when you compare her previous years of work to her more recent work. /// Another thing you notice looking through Charlotte’s more recent work, is that she is starting to develop her own personal style.There’s a certain vintage feel to them. A cloudy, almost eroded and diluted feel to the work (there’s probably a technical term, but we’re not up on photography terminology so we’ll keep describing it till you hopefully know what we mean). The snapper is quite proud of the fact she doesn’t use photoshop either, something that seems quite rare these days. She also uses 35mm cameras too, and loves the grainy or, once again, vintage feel that using different types of film can give you. /// More of the same for Charlotte in the future it seems, “I’ll be concentrating on getting more shoots done, keep improving, and i’ll see where it takes me”. Since we spoke, there has been mutterings of something exciting for her though, she has begun her own modelling agency. 12

Halfway through the production of the magazine, we received an email from the address Here we go, we thought. It turned out to be very interesting. An anonymous writer sent us a little piece on a certain type of art in Berwick. Also attached was a photograph of a piece of work the writer claims he/she had completed a few nights previous. Below are some excerpts from the piece. /// “Berwick’s little collection of street art/guerilla art/graffiti art/ whatever you wish to call it art seems to be on a little upward curve of late. Of course we’ve had The Penguin kicking about for a while now, that’s pretty nice work. And then we had the “Banksy” episode, was it him? We’ll let you decide on that one... Someone retaliated and overkill sprayed a stencil of the Oxford English Dictionary’s most offensive word all over one of these. Perhaps not the best taste. And there’s been numerous other examples work pop up in the night”. /// They then go on explaining why this is a good thing “This art certainly brighten ones day. They bring the walls and other surfaces around town to life and inspire further creativity. I must stress that it is only the real art i’m talking about here. Like you said in one of the first articles on your site, “stencils more often than not look good, but ridiculously sprawling your name across the side of someone’s gable end is not art”. This must be adhered to.” /// Concluding, “Attatched is a photograph of a piece of work I installed recently. Interesting, don’t you think? The people of this town don’t realise what they have here, an almost completely blank canvas. I lived in a city for the first twenty years of my life, and it’s almost impossible to find space to express yourself. Take advantage fine Berwickers. You will hear from me again in the future.” /// Very interesting. The Pink Seat was the work the anonymous writer claims to have completed. It’s located on Spittal Point. The other piece of work featured is a small but amusing idea. Go check it out down where the Playhouse has been knocked down. /// We can count 6 of The Penguin around town, not including the overkill on the Lighthouse. Does anyone know of anymore? Keep an eye out for future additions to the Berwick art trail.

MOJITO 2 SHOTS GOLDEN RUM JUICE OF 1 LIME 6/7 LEAVES FRESH MINT ICE GOMME Squeeze that lime into the glass. Tear the mint leaves. Our expert tells us this “releases the flavour, basically”. Put them in that glass, add a good slug of the Gomme and smash the shit out of it with a plastic thing, that we think is called a muddler. This doesn’t have to be plastic actually. Now you need to go and get some ice from the little room through the back, our expert says; “this could take a while”. Chuck in the ice, and the double rum too, then for the fun part. Grab the cocktail shaker at the back of the cupboard and shake like you’ve never shaked before. Fill to the top with soda water or lemonade, and you’ve got yourself a drink. Add in more rum, or more Gomme to suit your tastes. You can use apple juice in there for an apple mojito, or even some Chambord for a raspberry one. You could even put some good ol’ tequila in there, “it’s all about what goes well together”. So next time your feeling a bit parched, make up one of these instead of grabbing that can of Carlsberg. Or even better get down The Barrels and they’ll do the work for you...



A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest,

attacks the slowest and most idiotic brain cells first, the

strict regimen of voracious alcoholic consumption

fattest, stupidest, buffalo, and when the herd is hunted,

weak buffalo if you will. Therefore, regular

beyond a bottle of shitty M&S wine a month, can

it is these weaker buffalo at the back of the herd that

consumption of an olympic swimming pool ‘s worth of

maintain the intellectual levels that they achieve

are killed first. This natural selection is good for the

cheap vodka helps eliminate these cells, constantly

during their college/uni/exciting years. We’re just

herd; their general speed and health is maintained by

making the brain a faster more efficient machine.

taking it as, the more you drink, the cleverer you get.

the regular culling of the dim little blighters stumbling

That’s why you always feel smarter after a few.

over each others hooves. Perhaps you are thinking,

/// The experts say the result of this in depth study

/// This is a massive excuse to get pissed basically.

what on Berwick’s face that has got to do with the

verifies and validates the causal link between weekend

Get back into the bars. Down that pint, or mojito. Your

consumption of alcoholic beverages, well let me

long parties and job related performance, and also

country needs you to be at your peak in these difficult

explain. In much the same way, the human brain can

explains why, after a few short years of leaving

times, and you shouldn’t deny yourself the life that

operate only as fast as the slowest brain cells through

university, or getting married and/or boring, most

you could have. Take life by the bottle and be all that

which the electrical signals and impulses pass. Studies

professionals cannot keep up with the performance of

you can be; a clever drunken bastard.

have shown that when alcohol kills off brain cells, it

the new graduates, only those few that stick to the


We’d also like to say a massive thanks to Matty Robson over at Straw Puppet promotions. He’s


been a major hand getting us in contact with


a few of the artists in the magazine, and we


couldn’t have put on the launch night with out his help. Top notch gadgey, man got beard. Got


an event coming up? Get him to sort it for you,


he’ll do an awesome job, and you’ll get to see his


awesome beard up close and personal.




Perhaps you have noticed that the majority of the articles in this here


magazine have been written by the same person. Yeah, we noticed


it too. Bit boring isn’t it. Well here’s where you can get involved. For Issue 02 we’re planning on featuring a lot more variety, in the writers


department especially. So if you’re quite the budding journo, or just fancy a ramble on, a moan or want to tell people about something, then get in contact with us. Pitch an idea for a feature, and you’re


work will more than likely feature somewhere along the line! Even if you think someone should be writing an article about you, we’d like


to know why. Issue 02 is scheduled for December ‘11, but depending on demand/


what’s going on/reaction to issue 01, we’d definitely be open to change that. Maybe you have ideas on how we can grow and develop the


magazine. Perhaps you have thoughts on how it could be improved? Again, let us know!


If you’re interested in anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks again for picking this up and reading it, we hope you enjoyed it. See yi’ the now.


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