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THE OPENER Hello, again. Welcome to Issue 02 of The Trip.

/// Riots happened, just incase you missed it.... There wasn’t much rioting going on though, was there? It was mostly

/// I’ll start by looking back. Issue 01 seemed to go down a

mindless looting and violence. It had been boiling up for a

storm. Honestly, we really were completely and utterly

while, mind you, and I do not think that what we experienced

overwhelmed by what the majority of you lot said about it.

over that five or so days, will be the worst we experience in

Possibly the most pleasing thing though, was the amount of you

the not too distant future. However, I truly and sincerely hope

that wanted to get involved! That’s great. Keep it coming. So

if there is to be more, that it is rightful protesting and for a

the general consensus was positive, we can’t thank you enough

reason and a cause much more important than grabbing some

for the reaction. Cheers! I’ll get the pints in...

new trainers.

/// The launch night was... eventful. The scheduled headliners

/// The governments and bankers continue to detach themselves

Espionage Of The Loc sadly couldn’t make it due to unforeseen

from reality, and insist on convincing us they are all actually

circumstances (drugs raid). Secret Gang Handshakes’ Robert

clinically insane and living in an entirely fucking different world

Wilkinson was up to his usual tricks; jumping on tables,

to this horrible little one we do. The economy seems to be on its

stomping around, plenty of crowd participation. Marvelous.

last legs every day, and then the Germans come along bailing

DJ for the night Ian Thompson, of Roy’s Iron DNA fame, even

everyone out and saving us all. Hooray! Well done, Germany.

pulled out the guitar before he hit the decks. What a

Something, somewhere, must change.

multi-instrumentalist. Espionage frontman Brendan had managed to stay out of the jail and played a few acoustic

/// In the mean time, here’s a silly little magazine to tide you

numbers to the masses of you that came down to The Barrels

over until the end of days. That’s right! The Trip Issue 02! Look,

(cheers again, no pint this time, don’t push it). Re-enter Ian,

you’re holding it in your hands. It’s an actual tangible, physical,

less acoustic this time. Shapes were thrown like there was no

touchy thing. It smells so much better than an iPad, and even

tomorrow thanks to his impeccable choice of tunes. It was a

more; Apple don’t know when you’re reading it! Excellent.

night to remember (or not) thanks to these guys.

/// In this one, there’s Keeks giving us all a lesson in DJ-ing, that could easily be transferred to your life in general. Then there’s

/// A lot has happened since then. Cricket has been on telly lots.

a mysterious letter that came through my letter box, Electric

All day, for five day spells. That is a lot of time. A lot of time.

Penelope minus a member, The Warehouse Announcement, the

Festival season occurred. Locally I attended The Green Fest and

sorely missed Peter Lannon, Not The Berwickshire Advertiser,

Rowchester. Both were cracking. Of the bigger festivals, that big

some thoughts on commuting and day time tv, The (former)

month long one in Edinburgh was the only one I went to. The

Mockingbirds, and much more hilarity and brilliantness.

Edinburgh Festival I believe it’s called. It’s great, really great,

There’s shit loads of words on paper, in simple terms.

but it’s also expensive, really expensive. I’m regretting not going to more. Will I ever get the chance to see The Strokes or Pulp live again? I hope so.

Thanks for picking us up. Enjoy.
















PETER LANNON Recently, the Maltings Theatre & Cinema announced that CEO and Artistic Director Miles Gregory was stepping down at the end of the year.Dr Gregory, who took the position in 2008, said ‘I feel we have reached a position of strength where I can say with confidence ‘job done’ and move on.’ /// You’d be forgiven for thinking that sounds a little smug, because… well, it does. However, not only have ticket sales doubled since 2008, but in 2012 The Malting will be awarded roughly four times more Arts Council funding than in previous years - quite a feat in the current economic climate. So maybe the man is allowed to be a little smug. /// But ‘job done’? /// Obviously, Dr Gregory sees his personal mission for Berwick as being complete, and fair enough. But it raises the fear that the Maltings board will feel the same; that they will heave a sigh of relief and sit back a little in their chairs, comfortable in the knowledge that everything’s fine - they’re selling tickets, putting on productions and booking acts on an increasingly large scale. /// I, for one, hope they don’t. The changes that the programme has undergone in the last three years have been brilliant, and there can be no doubt that there has been a massive injection of life into the building itself. The job, though, is far from ‘done’. /// Yes, profits have increased, and as The Maltings website states ‘50,000 tickets annually in a town with a population of just 12,000’ is undeniably impressive. But what does it actually mean for the area? Is everyone in Berwick going to the theatre at least twice a year? Let’s not forget: while the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed has a population of 12,000, the


THE TIDELINE RUNNERS borough - in which The Maltings is one of only two theatres has a population of nearly 56,000. /// I’m not saying that the Maltings has failed because not everyone in the area has bought a ticket this year. Nor would I argue that it would be a success if everyone did. All that those numbers mean is that people are buying tickets. And that’s fantastic, for The Maltings, for the artists and companies involved, and (hopefully) for whoever bought the tickets. But it’s still just ‘bums on seats’, and I’m not sure if that’s enough. Does theatre only happen in a dark room full of comfortable chairs, with a few people on stage ignoring the other 300 people there? /// I don’t mean that there’s no value in a good play, but there are so many more possibilities to explore, so many ways that a community can be involved in, and enlivened by, art. /// In 2012 The Maltings will have the biggest opportunity (and obligation) it has ever had to push the boundaries of what it can provide, and I hope they do. I’d love to see more unconventional productions, more events and shows happening in unusual spaces, more performances and projects that engage with and involve members of the local community.

Let me please, introduce to you, a new independent theatre group; The Tideline Runners. In February they will bring their debut production, ‘Human Interest Stories’, to The Maltings. Script writer and man of many a talent Robert Wilkinson, describes the show as a drama with lots of laughs. The story line follows a year in the life of reporters at an independent newspaper that has been hit by controversy. Phone hacking rears its ugly head again. From the shadow of their crime, the reporters strive to get their good name back, and take themselves to heights they have never been before. They want to inspire. Along the way, a shocking event threatens to ruin them forever. What will happen our young friends!? Well come along and find out. It’s on 22nd to the 25th February 2012, and according to Bob includes top drawer swearing and weapons grade sarcasm. I like the sound of that then. If this turns out to be as interesting and enjoyable as every thing else Robert has been involved in over the years (which we are sure it will), it’s sure to knock your socks off. Get along to see it. Go on, off you go.

/// Thankfully, it’s already starting to happen. On top of the excellent existing youth programmes within The Maltings, there are plans to create the centre’s first education department. Dr Gregory also hopes to appoint a head of visual arts before he leaves. /// It’s an exciting time - for everyone in the area. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to find out out what happens next.


“Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets, historians, biographers, &c., if they could; they have tried their talents at one or at the other, and have failed; therefore they turn critics.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poor Sam – smarting from a dud review, and still five days before he could afford to restock his opium stash. Some days just start off bad and then get worse. /// But he does have a point. See, when I first set up my local review blog, it wasn’t the culmination of some ceaseless and indefatigable slog. No, it was the result of waking up and realising I had to start playing to my strengths; or rather, start elevating my lack of strengths to a height of unmerited glory. /// Like Coleridge, I suspect most reviewers aren’t qualified to write anything. Take me, for example. Sure, the BBC have ‘quite liked’ a couple of pilot sitcoms I wrote for them, but that’s about the extent of my professional recognition. I haven’t even gone to university. This has impacted on my career thus: a) The world of work considers me uneducated (despite possessing an animal cunning that can rip through a dustbin in seconds), and: b) My opportunity for advancement through nepotism has been severely curtailed. /// Oh, and I’m rubbish at initiating sex romps with captains of industry, so blackmailing my way into a dream job looks doubtful. /// And as I began to think destiny had no other plans for me beyond the Three in a Bed omnibus; no break in the clouds other than an occasional snog with a Farrow & Ball paint chart, it turns out (and Abba was right, Abba is always right) I do indeed have a talent, a wonderful thing. Two, actually.

(1) A deeply unfashionable tendency to express a definitive opinion. (2) An ability to let criticism slide off like a buttered whore on a fat man. /// To be a reviewer you simply need (1) to present a critique, and (2) to weather the shit-storm provoked by (1). Comforting in a time where the value of a degree has plummeted like a lemming with a pocketful of rocks. /// With regards to (2), ladies and gents, be under no illusion. Walking the path of the reviewer is to invite a hit-and-run. It is a truth universally acknowledged that your words walking in beauty like the night will be as welcome as a doctor with big hands on a gynaecology ward. Folk attracted to the performing arts can suffer from emotional haemophilia – cut them and you’ll never get their feelings out of the carpet. Unless it is written in 100% glowing terms, your review will often be seen as a personal attack. You are, after all, treading on dreams. I have only ever given one production what is technically termed “a bloody good kicking”. At the time I was furious, livid, the show I reviewed a ghastly exercise in lazy arrogance and audience disrespect. My words reflected this in no uncertain terms. One particular line ran: “It [the show] was the vocal equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. Melodies flew overhead only to mysteriously disappear and re-emerge several bars later, shaken, confused and having inexplicably lost time.”

/// Ouch. The first rule of reviewing has to be don’t say something that you can’t support. Fair enough. But there should be a second rule governing how that something is said – remember, your funny is often someone else’s cruel. I look back on that critique now to feel my insides blushing. /// As Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, so these days I regularly perform dutiful self-reviews. This involves flashing a torch up my own backside to check I’m not looking back down at me. /// Coleridge, I hope, would approve. 03


Daytime T.V. is turning me into a fascist; If not that then

very smart people who know all about scary

me of the scene in Clash of the Titans when the three

at least a misogynist. I swear to god it’s true. It’s enough

cancer-shaped shit. So, if anyone who sees a film star

blind old hags share the one eye. Earlier this year

to make me wish that I never have another day off again

smoking and makes that their sole reason for taking it

Cilla “Surprise, Surprise” Black was heard to say of

as long as I live. I’m certain that I don’t EVER want to

up - despite being constantly bombarded with

the Japanese earthquake disaster that it didn’t

retire. This may sound a touch melodramatic but... well

un-questionable facts that one day you WILL cough up

concern her too much because she “doesn’t really

read on you’ll see what I mean.

your lungs and kidneys – then that is that persons OWN

know anyone in Japan.” Blimey, and this from a

FAULT. That’s fucking Darwinism. Move on...

woman who had a song called “For Anyone Who

/// The summer is over, I’ve read all of the books that

/// Lorraine Kelly: To this day I am frankly amazed to

Ever Had A Heart.” Prime Twat in Excelsis; Carol

people have kindly bought me for my birthday and

find that her full name is not actually “Lorraine Fucking

McGiffin is always on hand to offer her thought on

Christmas and I finally have a day of nothing to do.

Kelly.” What’s up today, Lorraine? “Did you know that

Man-flu whilst looking Gary Busey has splashed out

Thanks to some important drinking the night before,

Britain is the worst place to live in the U.K.? “No, I did

on a nasty blouse from New Look. Special guest is

I’m too hung over to perform anything meaningful or

not know that. Now eat a shit and die!!! This woman

Kerry Katona who’s been described as a “force of

attempt any task more complex than making a pot of

made Justin Bieber seem charming and rakish like some

nature,” which would be true if you expand the

industrial strength tea. It’s half past six and I’m horribly

pre-pubescent hybrid of Noel Coward and David Essex.

semantics of that phrase to include dry heaving and

awake - the result of some Pavlovian conditioning in

Stephen Hawkin’s right hook.

my sub-conscious that likes to wake up a few moments

/// What fresh hell is this? Jeremy Kyle’s dragged his

/// On and on it goes: An eternal merry-go-round of

before the alarm. Tea, toast, remote control and...

trawler net through a branch of Farmfoods and then

patronising, self-serving clap-trap. I’m about to fill my

BOOM!!! There it is, the ruining of all things good

spent the best part of an hour screaming at some solid

pockets with stones and run headlong into the sea:

in the world: Breakfast Television. This is the home of

gold nutters and ordering paternity tests like others

“Blah, blah, blah X Factor,” “Blah, blah, Dame

insufferable cretins dribbling into their right-on pelican

order take-away pizza. NEXT! Antiques: sell your old

Barrowman,” “Blah Downton Abbey,” “Blah X Factor

bibs about John Barrowman (The Patron Saint of

shite and buy that iPad2. Good Morning: Philip and

again,” with not one of these worthless cud-chewing

Fabulous), The X-Factor and today’s latest health

Holly talk about bleached arseholes, Katie Price’s latest

wastes of skin and oxygen asking what the girl from

scare bollocks.

“book” (which I guarantee you she has neither written

N-Dubz has to offer the world; “Sorry darling, you’re

/// The health issue in question today: Should films that

nor READ) and pretend that Colleen Nolan is Oscar

singing out of auto-tune.”

contain footage where characters smoke cigarettes be

Wilde re-born in woman-form.

rated certificate 18? Hmmm; ponder, ponder, ponder.

/// As you can tell, I have already reached a rolling boil

/// And then... I see him. It’s love at first sight:

Well considering that this ruling would affect films such

temperament-wise as my patience is tested to the very

Something so charming, life-affirming and delightful

as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future,

limit by this carnival of twats. It’s not going to take much

that my anger abates and I’m left in a warm pool of


for me to go nuclear. So you have to hand it to “Loose

Zen-like calm. “Who is this talented and charismatic

CHILDREN the answer – in my humble non-smoking

Women” for finally tipping over the edge. Today, the

broadcaster?” I hear you ask? “What colossus of light

common sense fuelled opinion – is NO!!! “Why is the

revolving door cast comprises bland-as-buggery host

entertainment has managed to sooth and assuage the

ruling being mooted for government approval,” you may

lady, the Geordie one, the Carol McGiffin one and the

moaning bitter Irish prick?” Ladies and gentlemen,

ask. Well, it would seem that children, when presented

one guesting on Strictly Come Dancing and looks for

I give you the sensational “RASTA-MOUSE!”

with a picture of “R-Patz” or “Someother-Twatz”

all the world like someone has painted a pig orange

smoking, will invariably decide that it is cool and take it

before colliding wildly into Barbara Cartland’s

/// Rise, repeat and give worship, people. Are you with

up as a new hobby instead of riding ponies or collecting

washing line. The sort of programme that makes me

me? Scream it like you mean it “ALL HAIL

stickers. Well, let me tell you this: SMOKING IS COOL.

abandon all hope as they highjack feminism and turn

RASTA-MOUSE!!!” Thanks, I feel better for getting

It’s dangerous, sexy and epitomises the rock ’n’ roll

it from “a quest for female empowerment and

that off my chest.

lifestyle. It also gives you cancer. It’s been proven by

equality” into “a bit of light revenge.” It all reminds

advERTIsE wITH Us. RIGHT HERE. IN THIs MaGaZINE. wEll, THE NEXT ONE. We are not selling out, thanks. We’re merely offering anyone with a screwed on business head the chance to advertise in the next edition, and online too. It’s ridiculously cheap compared to other ad space, and if you’d like we can even design your ad to look all nice and what not. The mag is distributed mainly in the North East and South Scotland, but there’s also a more than a few copies that will make it even further afield. Interested? Great. You would also be help fund a really great project, that would make you look good, wouldn’t it!? Drop us a line at to find out more.



probably go into great detail about all sorts of post hoc


and tend to agree with love her, I just happen not to.

excuses, and loads of people whose music taste I respect Does that make her work less good, because I happen to find it dull? Of course not, and I would no longer be

This piece can be shortened to one sentence, if you

arrogant enough to think so. Because that’s all ‘something

like: “It’s just one random arsehole’s opinion, that’s

being good’ actually is – more people like it than don’t.

all, so who fucking cares?”

/// You can bet your life that for every single classic album there will be a handful of high-profile, well-respected,

/// And the thing is, that’s all it ever is, no matter who

expert critics who think it’s secretly rubbish. And loads

writes the damn thing. Me, you, the editor of Mojo,

who think it’s great. Does that make the naysayers righter

God all-fucking-mighty himself, it makes no difference,

or wrongerer than everyone else? And what happens with

it’s just one arsehole’s opinion.

the next classic album, when the exact same thing happens

/// I know there are differences in the precise pucker of

but the love it/loathe it hats get switched around a bit?

each specific arsehole. Some arseholes write for very

/// And as for the fucking internet, well Christ on a fucking

influential publications, so it can be frustrating and in

bike, if you need to be told not to give a fuck about what

some cases quite damaging if they don’t like something.

some stupid fucker writes on the internet then you need

And journos, whether professional or amateur, can be

a slap. Any wanker can write a blog, and as you well know

incredibly herd-minded, so a couple of negative early

by now, any wanker frequently does. But even at the

write-ups can definitely produce a cascade effect, which

high-profile internet rags, they rarely ever pay their writers

is incredibly annoying.

a cent. Even in the world of print this is increasingly

/// But still, really, it’s just one arsehole’s opinion. Now,

common, so why would you worry about the opinions of

of course, some writers and some of the better publications

someone whose writing and whose insight are so incredibly

will put that random arsehole’s opinion into exquisitely

special they can’t get anyone to pay a red cent for the

well-researched and knowledgeable context, but there are

privilege of actually publishing it?

plenty of derivative, badly played, badly recorded albums

/// And while we’re at it, did I mention that paid or not, any

which add nothing new to the world and yet which people

review is just one random arsehole’s opinion, so really, who

love, so whether or not their painstaking analysis emerges

cares anyway? People enjoy things, or they don’t enjoy

in a positive or a negative way is still down to whether or

things, and this is an instinctive, emotional response which

not they, personally, instinctively like or dislike your music.

can’t be argued away. So everything anyone writes about

And more often than not, even for a lot of the bigger

your stuff stems from this instinctive enjoyment, or lack

publications, that random arsehole is some kid fresh out

thereof, of your music.

of college, or still in it, who isn’t being paid, and who in a

/// No music writer anywhere is ever capable of telling you

year or two is almost certain to have quit the music

the intrinsic value of your stuff. Partly this is because

writing business in favour of something that pays at a

music is too personal for that anyway, and partly because

slightly more dignified level.

the cultural impact of something, which is pretty much the

/// Alternatively it might be some jaded old fucker whose

only way we can measure quality in the long term, is much

years of experience have almost certainly served more

more dependent on commercial factors and blind chance

to entrench their pre-existing opinions than to open their

than it is on artistic merit.

minds, and honestly, would you care what your mate’s

/// So the next time your album gets butchered in

mum or dad thought of your album? Would you fuck,

Q magazine (if you’re lucky) or just plain ignored by

so why care now, it’s just some random arsehole’s opinion,

some ignoramus like myself (if your aim is a lot, lot

so who fucking cares?

lower) then just remember that this is still always just the

/// Even if a whole bunch of random arseholes don’t really

opinion of one random dude they happened to hand the

like it, does that lessen the enjoyment of the ones who do?

album to. Look at everything else they like. If they love

Would you be discouraged if you handed your album to

music that you hate, and vice versa, which is bound

a random person on the street and they didn’t like it,

to happen because no-one in music agrees entirely on

as if that would in some way render the enjoyment of your

anything, then why would you necessarily expect to

actual fans less meaningful? Would you fuck, because

agree with one another on the music you yourself produce?

who fucking cares about some random arsehole’s opinion, but that’s pretty much all that happens when you send

/// So bad reviews can be hurtful, they can be annoying,

your work out to be reviewed or submitted for radio

they can be inconvenient and they can be commercially

play or anything like that.

harmful. But deep down they mean absolutely nothing,

/// If I was on the Mercury panel would PJ Harvey have

and really, they are no more than just one random

won the prize this year? Would she fuck, because I find

arsehole’s opinion, and why the fuck would you ever

her work boring. I have no idea why, although I could

care at all about that?

ElEcTRIc PENElOPE Electric Penelope are without a drummer. However, all is not lost. The

unbelievable guitar player for example, and at a lot of the live shows

band recently, or perhaps more to the point, eventually, went in to the

you couldn’t even hear him. I just think the time is right to try

studio. But it was without Dave The Drummer, their recent show at

something new.” Again, truer than true, Jimmy’s guitar playing really is

The Barrels was his last with the band. On listening back to the

quite something. “The guitar just hangs over my voice, and Duncan’s

recordings for the first time, lead singer Anna Emmins and guitarist

bass just brings it all together pretty nicely” she adds. And as much as I

Jimmy Manningham were more than pleased.

loved putting down shapes to EP over the summer, I can see where Anna is coming from. I am genuinely excited to hear this recording

/// I bumped into Anna the night after they had spent the day in the

and see them live with the new line up.

studio. Slightly intoxicated, or just very excited about the recording,

/// I have said it before, I’ll say it again; there’s something about this

she proceeded to tell me, more than twice shall we say, that she had

band that I can’t quite put my finger on. And that’s what makes me

the rough cd in her bag right there. Right there. I have to say I was

want to see them live again and again, just to see if I can work out

more than fairly disappointed I didn’t have my Sony CD Walkman

what it is. I asked the band what they think makes people want

D-NF340 Special Edition Black CD player to hand so I could sneak

to listen to them over and over, Anna and Duncan thought perhaps

a little preview. I will take Anna and Jimmy’s word for it when they

people can relate lyrically. “It’s all everyday, mundane things really.

say it sounds good though. To be honest, I would not expect anything

It’s not abstract. It’s real.” Then there’s the already mentioned guitar

less from them.

playing from Jimmy. Solos everywhere. That’s something you’re

/// “The summer’s been great. We’ve played a lot of shows. A lot of

hearing less and less of these days. Perhaps it’s that. Anna’s voice is

loud shows where people have been dancing, having a good time.” Says

truly unique. There’s no two ways about it. It could be that. I just don’t

Anna. Never a truer word hath been spokeneth. They’ve been really

know. Perhaps I never will.

busy, gigging regularly in Berwick and at a number of festivals, including the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival. “It’s a bit

/// Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to try and work it out at the mere touch

strange, because the night of Dave’s last gig, was the night I kind of

of a button on my Sony CD Walkman D-NF340 Special Edition Black

thought how good these songs would sound without the drums. It’s not

CD player. What I’m trying to say is that I hope they release that

acoustic, Jimmy and Duncan are still plugged in. There’s just a bit of

recording in CD format soon. Until then. I look forward to catching

space for the music to breathe I suppose. Jimmy really is an

them at their next show.


KEEKS Let me set the scene. It’s saturday night and you’re midway along Bridge Street. It’s pissing wet, you’re more than half way to being off your face and you’re lost as to what to do next. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere you hear the strangest of sounds. WUUUB. It is, of course, the unmistakeable low frequencies of DJ Keeks and the Defcon 1 sound system.


/// This demonic duo come out to melt peoples brains quite regularly on The Barrels’ Cellar Bar Saturday Night DJ schedule. So if you haven’t experienced this yet, you

won’t have to wait long to be brought to the dark side. And by that I mean Keeks will make you love Dubstep. There’s no questioning that.

/// I caught up with the man himself and fired a few questions at his mathed out

head. He’s just started a degree in Civil Engineering you see, he has it all going on. What a man! /// “At first I was doing half hour sets before Mr. P would come on on a saturday night. That’s all I could do, that was all the vinyl I had when I started!” straight away, I’m thinking this guy is a hard worker... He proves me right seconds later when we ask what gear he uses and why. “I prefer the hard work of vinyl. The drop is so much better when you work for it. A computer can do all the work for you, BPMs, beat matching, whatever. It’s so much more satisfying to do it yourself.” /// What makes a good set? How silly of me. “Lots of dubstep!” Of course, what else. “That’s what I prefer, but more recently I’ve started mixing it up a bit. And I like to get faster as the night goes on and people are drinking more. Build it up to a drum and bass finish.” Oh I don’t mind that at all. Not one bit. /// It’s not just all song selection though. Without the core skills you won’t last long according to Keeks, “Learn to mix, then you can learn to DJ” This kid is pull quote heaven. I’m beginning to think he’s been around for longer than I originally thought... /// He has a few stories to tell too. He’s packed out clubs to the busiest they’ve ever been, he’s had the fire service evacuate a gig because it got too hot in there, and perhaps most famously in this neck of the woods, he managed to set fire to The Barrels speaker system... /// So, enter Mark Long and Defcon 1. A sound system I have never seen the likes of before. It’s so large, only a quarter of it can fit in the Cellar Bar, and that’s enough to knock the glass bottles off their shelves upstairs when it’s at half volume. I can’t comprehend what all four speakers together might sound like. /// Since pairing up they’ve even started to branch out and do gigs elsewhere. Most recently World HQ and Head Of Steam in Newcastle. Obviously more and more people are taking note of our man’s talent. /// From here, Keeks says he just wants to keep building his profile, and by doing so, getting himself more gigs in the cities. He plans to record mixes, and hopefully that will help build his reputation. Look out for some of his mixes on our website in the near future.


THE WAREHOUSE ANNOUNCEMEN The Warehouse Announcement’s drummer, Bob Laidlaw, has just rebooted his

/// So what’s the plans for these new songs and the future of The Warehouse

laptop and it has some brilliant editing software. He thinks that this justifies

Announcement? I ask the question and some interesting thoughts are thrown

video recording everything, absolutely everything, the band gets up to. Taste of

around. Nothing’s set in stone is the short answer. The possibles? Another

your own medicine and all that, some of you may think. Well I have well and

album by this time next year, the return of Goldie’s word of the week, more

truly learnt my lesson. I apologise, to all those I have ran about taking

touring to more places, more frequent status updates from Scott, more video

photographs of. What a horrible feeling...

blog, maybe even a return to America, and ‘The Blunt Hour With Steven Walker’. With the working tagline of “No theym kind of blunts mun.” I’m

/// “I’ve got this plug in, called ‘Good Patter’” Explains Bob. “I can record

equally excited for all of these.

whatever I want, it takes out the shite patter, and well, puts good patter in. Pretty good like. Works best on certain folk” He says, looking at lead man Paul

/// You can tell this is just the beginning for these boys. When they’re telling

Sinclair. He goes on, “doesn’t really work on Goldie ‘cause he says nowt in the

stories from the road and the gigs they’ve played, they’re enthusiasm shines

first place” The band’s video blog (it is not vlog, it never will be vlog. If you use

through bright. Even when it’s losing money, drinking bodily fluids, or getting

the word vlog, and others like it, that then please eat this magazine. It might

shoed out the ghetto on their American tour, they’re keen to tell the tale. “We

help you understand my viewpoint, and make you realise what a terrible person

get home, we’re getting out the van and I ask the boys for the petrol money.

you are. Vlog? Please) has become somewhat legendary. Hilarious it may be, but

I see the carrier bags full of bait and I know I’m not getting the money. Forty

what the fans can’t see is the terrible effect this is having behind the scenes.

quid mind.” Designated driver Scott, forty clams down, but he got a good

TWA allowed The Trip into their lair, we can’t not tell the public what we seen

breakfast out of it and a story to tell. As lead singer Paul mentions later in the

that fateful night. Only thirty minutes in, bass man Steve Walker storms out for

magazine, perhaps a fault of the ‘Berwick Scene’ is that bands tend not to stick

a cigarette, complaining and mumbling into the distance about the incessant

around for long, it looks like it could be different for The Warehouse. They’re

camera in the face. Guitarist Michael Goldsworthy follows, and in doing so,

clearly enthusiastic about the state of the Berwick scene though (again, see

does he reveal the cliques of the band? Is it the newly shorn Walker, and the

Paul’s article for evidence), and obviously have a lot of respect for the bands

ever silent Goldie, vs. the never silent Courtney, wannabe Attenborough

that they share a stage with, inspire and are inspired by. With this lot it’s

Laidlaw and radio star Sinclair?

obvious their passion is still well and truly alive. They can’t wait to get back on the road and playing shows.

/// We all know most of that is not true... /// And playing shows is what they do best. Their album launch night at The /// All joking aside, The Warehouse Announcement have just released an

Maltings was spectacular. It will be remembered for a long time to come.

absolutely fucking awesome album. Visitors to will know

Absolute chaos it was. “I think all the hard work, and being skint for months

how much we loved it. We said things like “the baselines keep coming, the solos

paid off. No that I’m no skint now like...” says Bob. Paul adds that guitarist Scott

and riffs seem to get better the further you get into it, Paul’s vocals are flawless

Courtney’s front flip into the crowd was his own personal highlight. It capped

throughout and they’re backed up with some pretty smart harmonies. It sounds

the night brilliantly. Thankfully, Steve’s gran and sister, standing under the

big.” And “There’s not a single bad song on this album.” We stand by those. This

speaker which Scott launched himself from, were unharmed. Steve admits he

is a seriously good album. It deserves to be rambled on about the amount I

was worried when he seen Scott climbing up above them. “I wouldn’t of been

ramble on about it. It’s up there with ‘Welcomes Careful Drivers’, ‘Men In Wax

happy if you crushed them like mate.” For those who weren’t there, you’ll find it

Jackets’ etc. as one of the best albums to come out of Berwick.

on youtube, it’s a must watch. In the endthat’s what these guys are about; making some awesome music and having a right time of it. When there’s enough

/// When we met, they were about to take the album on a tour of the Scottish

people watching you to catch you mid flip, you know you’re doing it right.

Borders, getting it out to as many people, and melting as many faces as possible. Perhaps you would think after touring America, merely touring the Borders would be out of the question. Not for these lads, Jenny From The Block and all of that... Keep an eye on our site, and the bands’ facebook for tour stories, reviews and more video blogs. /// So down in The Warehouse, the practice space the band took their name from (literally a carpet warehouse), I’m treated to tracks from the album and, much to my excitement; two new songs. They have the tracks from the album down to

Check tour dates, listen to their music, watch the video

an absolute tee now. Tighter than some tight things... No messing, straight

blogs, comment on photographs of Paul being sick at

shooting, really fucking loud epic-ness. The two new songs; just as epic, just as or

loud. Perhaps even epic-er and louder.




/// So armed with a new and improved identity, ukelele, killer 3

City’ is a song on the EP that’s inspired by our time there.

/// After Berlin we continued to travel, sometimes in the same

countries [as each other] sometimes not. We continued to

write songs inspired by our environment and the people we

met and eventually chose the six songs we wanted to record.”

10 Remember The Mockingbirds? Well they are no more... Stop /// Recorded with Iain Petrie, ‘Wherever In The World...’ is now

that crying, for they have only changed their name you in the mixing stage and it shouldn’t be too long before we can

idiot. Allow us to introduce you to; The Moon, The Son and all get our hands, or ears, on it. “It [the EP] is dedicated to all

The Daughters. The line up stays the same, but with the of those who helped us, befriended us and put us up while we

abundance of other Mockingbirds around, the band felt a were in Europe. Many of these people were travellers

name change was necessary. themselves and are now spread out across the globe. So the

almost ready to give us a new EP entitled ‘Wherever In The

/// Being fans of actual things you can touch and bespoke

World You May Be’. Band member Anna Merryfield, describes

packaging over here at The Trip, we’re almost equally excited

their sound as “Quite folky with a lot of focus on the lyrics”.

that the EP will come with a booklet made up of pictures

She then goes on to tell us a little about where and how the

and images contributed by the people who inspired them

songs came about, “Last year we spent 2 months living in a flat

throughout their travels. Lovely.

/// What we are witnessing in these times of up and coming bands is, essentially, an underground movement, and one people need to know about… I feel incredibly lucky that I get to share a stage with these guys, and I'm not kissing ass, I mean it. I am proud to be a part of this movement. And I one day hope that this little bombshell will explode. I could write another thousand words about how much I love this place, and all it has to offer, but I won’t. I have rambled on long enough, I told you I would….

gone tomorrow (anyone remember “Lithium”?). They never really gave you a chance to fully appreciate everything they had, and I suppose that’s the Achilles heel of the B.B.C… /// The years may have passed and things may have changed since that eye opening night in 04, but my opinions on the local scene haven’t. Bands do come and go, but more often and not, they leave a footprint behind. A memento to show they were here. Bands like Inversion, who (to my knowledge) were the first heavy metal band to appear on the radar in 2005. They created such a hype in only 2 or 3 gigs. They may have only played a handful of shows, but if you ask any older ‘metal head’ (as the stereotype goes) about them, you’ll get a story of mosh pits and metal. Or Crystal Myth, one of my favourite local bands ever. I hadn’t heard local music like that until they came along. It blew my mind. The Absolute Kretins, who used hip hop to express the stories of everyday life. Bands like Klyptonite, who, whilst being responsible for some of the catchiest pop punk tunes around will be remembered for having the catchiest and cleverest name around (Clipped, tonight). I will always hold these bands with the highest of regard, up there with the signed acts that also dominate my iPod. /// The scene as it stands today is, in my opinion (like all of this, remember) stronger than ever. Great musicians are appearing everywhere, with great music to back them up. The younger generation is finding its voice in a big way. Old Bones, who were featured in the last Trip, recently performed at the O2 in Newcastle. And last year, Mustafa And The Lord seemed to be the local heroes to the younger crowd. Veterans to the scene are also still going strong, with Roy’s Iron DNA in full swing, as well as it’s baby brother Ordinaryson, who are responsible for my favourite local song ever; ‘Paradise’. The Portues brothers are still reigning supreme along with Xennon and Knoxy in Espionage, a band who have had more musical acts between them, than Pat Butchers had bad earrings. Mark Reid, a man responsible for old heroes Zane, now fronts Le Woodsmen, who seem to fire out great song after great song at an unbelievable rate. And Bob Wilkinson who put Won Mississippi to bed a few months ago, still wows audiences with the slow, haunting music of Secret Gang Handshakes. It goes to show, though the names change, there’s always a select group in the shadows. But they just keep coming. Electric Penelope, whom I saw at one of their first shows, blew me and everyone else away. Bands from neighbouring towns, such as Wheres George? Easter Street etc. all prove that the mainstream is not necessarily the place to find your musical kicks. All of these bands prove that, every weekend. Without fail. Even if you don’t fancy watching folk with guitars one night, that’s fine too, with a stream of fantastic DJs (Dave, Keeks, to name but two) that are now a part of our regular Saturday nights, you can have the best of both worlds…

/// Berwick-upon-Tweed is, in the eyes of the greater public, ultimately a holiday makers town. A pleasant enough space, with enough sunshine and local history, where you could spend a few days in a caravan by the sea. But, what the greater public fail to flock to year after year, is one of the greatest and best kept secrets this town has to offer… The music. /// My first live experience in Berwick was all the way back in January 2004. It was that time of year when bands would come out of the woodwork and attempt to go home kings of the annual “Battle Of The Bands” held at the Maltings. I got the chance to play (and lose) with my first band at the time, The Solution. But at that point, everyone knew who the kings were… and it was This Side Up and Apple Core Masters who shared the throne. They just had it. Everyone went crazy for them, it didn’t matter how many times they had already played that month, as soon as Brian Martin introduced those 2 bands the crowd would always go nuts. My personal anthem for that time period has to be ‘Breakfast Bar Jingle’, because to me that opening riff sends me back to those days, being young and staring up at the stage wondering what it must feel like to have a crowd of people in the palm of your hand. To me, that riff is as iconic as ‘Alive’ or ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. To me, that song belonged on Radio 1, every hour of every day, and I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought it. They were treated like rockstars at those gigs, the coolest of cool to a lot of people. As the years progressed I would eventually become friends with them, even share a band with Bob, but to me, they will always be bands who provided the soundtrack to my early teenage years. The older I get, the more I realise that they were not the first band to hit the local scene in a big way. Bands such as The Scheme, Won Mississippi, Zane and Eastern Lane (the latter gaining national radio airplay) also dominated the stages of the Borders before my time. Yet, listening to them now, they don’t sound out of place with the more ‘famous’ music I adore. /// One thing that remains true as the years pass in B.U.T is the short lifespan of a lot of these great acts. ACM and TSU were all but gone by late 2005, and whilst Crystal Myth and the Absolute Kretins came and took their place, it wasn’t too long before they too were fading away into the mist. A lot of bands I saw at that time were here today,

BANDSONBANDS When asked to write an article giving my opinions and thoughts on the local music scene, my immediate reaction was “Fuck yes!” – But now as I sit at my kitchen table, drinking terrible instant coffee and trying to keep away from the Oreos, I begin to realise what a difficult task this actually is… Because there is simply so much to write about within this scene, it’s too easy to get carried away. So, if I begin to ramble on, I apologise in advance.



title obviously reflects the feeling of wanting to reach out to

part harmonies, a string quartet and the odd trumpet, they are these people lost in the wilderness of the world.”

in Berlin where we wrote little songs, busked in the freezing

cold on Alexander Platz and played lots of open mics. ‘The


Conspiracy? Hardly. As we all know the world is captured in black and white. Plain and simple. No ulterior motives exist and our leaders have acted and always will in our best interests and for the greater good. So all this chatter of dark undertones in the world economy, politics and big business can be easily dismissed if we look at things from a ‘normal’ perspective. Trouble is, can we believe that there is a ‘normal’? We have grown up in a world where television dictates most of our mental objectives. It pacifies our daily being and kindly offers us the chance to choose our direction, from what we wear to what we eat. Is this ‘normal’? No questions asked because we live in a democracy where the vote counts and we have ultimate freedom of speech and opinion. Really? We are continually being bombarded with thoughts and ideas that are not our own. Our education has been manipulated to hide the real truths of our time and to provide notions of an all-powerful good overcoming the evils of history time and time again. CCTV is installed on most buses, trains, streets, parks and buildings so that we can be continually tracked. All ‘just in case’ we step out of line. Our government has the powers to listen to our phone calls, monitor our Internet usage and basically violate any aspect of our right to freedom they see fit. Under section 41 of the UK terrorism act 2006 a person can be held without charge for up to 28 days. However, looking deeper into things, past the standard, we can work out what needs to be seen so that our tired and conditioned eyes can view an unsettling truth that lies beneath what we are being told – if we choose the red pill. We can dive into the Abyss far from our comforting norm and questions begin to be answered. Pandoras box is indeed fully open… the Internet has seen to that. No more will the question askers be left unanswered. We are starting to learn. Question the motives of our great wars, the terrorist attacks, our rotten economy, the motives of big pharma, the education system, religion… ‘Zeitgeist’ anyone?.....ANYONE? It is natural to question. We can grab all the pieces of the jigsaw and start to join the dots. Now we see a different picture starting to emerge. A picture so repulsive that it makes our stomach churn with a twisted pain and our tears flow until we vomit uncontrollably.. so to speak.. But with the bad comes the good. Now we know that there is something afoot we begin to gain clarity. It’s a serious mission but one in which we can and will succeed. With eyes open wide our awareness is now so crisp and clear that we can make life choices that collectively will swing the balance of power. WE are far greater in numbers than THEM. This is what they fear most. And so to music. What happened to our greatest musicians (glorified by TV and radio) who took the red pill, questioned, found answers and began to tell the masses through music…? Michael Jackson, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, John Lennon. These people are pieces in the puzzle, they are the dots. The events surrounding their deaths and how they acted before they died. Single minds can be silenced. Many minds make the greatest design. We are many. We are the silent but ‘aware’ majority. Noisy Darron


Commuting. We all do it. Whether it be to work, school, uni, or your mothers. It gets done. And it gets done

missing the giant, fluorescent, glowing, shiny and flashing button marked “Close Door”.

in many ways, walking, bus, train, car, pogo stick, hitch-hiking, horseback, chariot. But however you do it, you

/// As if the dusty, grey-haired, mint imperial dispensers weren’t making a massive meal

know that somewhere on your journey, someone is going to piss you off. The events in the following rant all

of this journey, I had two other annoyances to season the occasion. One, was a hen party

occurred during one 40 minute train journey between Edinburgh and Berwick, and even if these things don’t

from Glasgow, which I could deal with. The five rotund, drunken, loud women, as bad as

annoy you, they certainly know how to rub me the wrong way.

their singing and shouting and cackling was, were fun to watch, as they insisted on dancing (to no music whatsoever) and in their near-paralytic stupor, kept falling over,

/// First and foremost; Elderly People. And i’m not talking about the sweet 80 year old granny who you would

causing me to smile to myself immensely. The other reason I endured them for so long

happily give your seat up to because there isn’t a free one, I’m talking about the recently retired, late sixties,

was the fact the old women’s faces would drop in disgust whenever one fell over, causing

“respect me because I’m older than you and deserve everything for free”, elderly people. The constant tirade

a cease in their squabbling, and a drop in their crevice filled faces.

of nagging voices began as soon as they boarded the train, with the mouthiest of the 4 (and therefore the

/// However, the third annoyance, I did not like as much. This annoyance was a sweaty,

leader) exclaiming loudly in the carriage, that she was “not keen to leaver her luggage there”. There in this

300 pound man sitting next to me, who just kept shedding more and more layers until I

case being the luggage shelves. The area specifically designed to hold luggage. Followed by one of her

had no choice but to breathe it in deeply through my nose, as breathing through my

minions (I assume they were minions, they were all looking at her in terror), chipping in with “quite right

mouth had only caused me to begin to taste the salty splendour and cause me to fight

Sandra, what if one of these people takes it?” Of course none of us on the carriage were even thinking about

back my gag reflex. What happened next, however, actually made me die a little inside.

it, but after listening to these women for less than 30 seconds, we, or at least I, was considering the option.

About halfway through the journey, he pulled out some eye drops, fair enough, but when

/// So down the alley they stumbled with all their bags, and then decided to stop halfway down, to get

brashly applying this medicine, he did it so forcefully that it actually splashed out of his

everything sorted for their journey. Coats off, Handbags on the table, luggage above them. This caused a cue

eye and on to me, causing me to be covered in some of his sweaty eye crust. For which,

of people waiting to get further down the carriage which went out of the train door, meaning that the train

he did not even bat an eyelid of apology, not that he could, because then he would have

was delayed thanks to these time-gobbling comfort junkies.

to apply more ointment, the majority of which was already on my person.

/// To get the train moving, Sandra decided that she’d put her luggage on the table and put it in the overhead storage after the train had departed. A strategic move that all appreciated. However, when she attempted to

/// Now, Im not saying that a journey like this would happen to or anger a lot of people,

finally put her luggage away, she found it difficult and couldn’t lift it without a great deal of difficulty. Now, as

but it did to me. And as a firm believer in politeness, manners and mutual understanding

I was sitting directly under where said baggage was going to be placed, and being the kind gentleman that I

between one another I was completely appalled at the behaviour that I have described,

am, I should have offered my services to help this irksome, but kindly old lady. I didn’t. You may now be

and appalled at East CoastRail for not having any sizeable weapons to hand, when I

thinking about what a horrible person I actually am, do I conduct myself like this in all situations that

needed them. I wish I could say that this will probably not happen to me again, but as I

involve slight chivalry? Do I hold a door open for a young lady, only to slam it in her face, breaking her nose

commute to University many times a week, it probably will.

and causing the need for massive reconstructive face surgery? Or when on the deck of a sinking ship, do I head butt children unconscious so that I can get to the lifeboats and safety instead of them? No. I did not

/// So I just say this....If you’re sitting next to me on a train....Move.

help for this reason, that I thought to be very reasonable; In her first attempt to get the suitcase up onto the rack, she had kneed me in the leg, hit me in the face with her suitcase, spat on me a little, and caused her smaller bag to fall from the rack onto my head, for none of which she apologised. I believe I am well within my rights, to tell her to sod off (I would use a stronger profanity here, but I’m trying to kick the habit). /// Over the course of the next 40 minutes these women went on to constantly moan about how warmit was in the train, to which I wanted to scream at them to take off one of their 87 cardigans, as well as complain that the coffee they had bought from the trolley, for some ridiculously high price may I add, wasn’t strong enough. What did they expect? This is coffee served straight from a trolley on a train in the UK?! Topping off all the complaints however, was one of the “minions” of the group, going to the bathroom and coming back minutes later moaning that the door wouldn’t close. After being forced to listen to the following conversation (iPod batteries don’t last forever) I had located the problem, and in my head, performed a point blank assassination with a magnum to the head of the urine-filled biddy, due to her massive stupidity. After getting into the bathroom, she had tried pulling and pushing the door in both directions to try and shut it, evidently


davId sIMPsON

fOR a YEaR aT THE TOP SCOTT JEFFERY Although regretfully more active in my former years

similar size - I believe there is still room for growth.

problem though, as I seem to have managed to avert

than now, I still consider live music to be an integral

The good nature expressed between the town’s acts

from the point almost completely.

part of my life.

allows for a pleasant community in which they can each

/// Music’s a great outlet for me and a lot of other

hone their trade. This in turn encourages (and permits)

mostly brilliant people in this town- and part of me

/// Long gone are the days of doing nothing but pissing

younger chumps who are just starting out to give the

relishes in the fact that I am, and will most likely

off my neighbours by smashing the fuck out of my old

old rock and roll a go.

remain for the foreseeable future, undiscovered.

drums for hours on end, but the inner-passion and

/// That’s where I started with Ninepins six or seven

/// There is a certain sense of belonging in small scenes

longing to do so remains now - and will for years to

years ago. Playing any and every gig we could to make

like ours, and as soon as things start to become

come, I hope.

a bit of a name for ourselves. God knows if it worked

complicated, usually in relation to the making of money,

/// With age comes more responsibility and with more

but we had a great laugh and to me that’s all it’s about.

then you’re in trouble. The day it stops being fun is the

responsibility comes less time to mess about with your

I’ve been cutting about the scene with different groups

day I’ll launch my drums into the Tweed.

mates. This society demands a level of maturity which

ever since - occasionally travelling to the big cities to

if you aren’t careful, will drain and banish your

play for the odd rabble of un-enthusiastic gimps on the

/// Don’t get me wrong, if someone offered me a million

creativity- instead of just inevitably distracting you

way yes, but I’ll always maintain that I have more fun

quid deal and all the prostitutes I could eat- I wouldn’t

from it.

playing to 14 folk in Barrels basement on a piss-wet

(more like couldn’t) refuse. After all who am I to deny

/// Of course, everybody is creative in their own unique

night in November. (at least I did back in the days when

such guaranteed abandon? Most people who state

ways, but I’m rambling (as bloody usual) about music.

my stupidly loud drumming wasn’t a hindrance).

otherwise are lying, I’d sell my soul to the devil for a

Berwick has a scene to be proud of. An interest in

/// I was unsure of what I hoped to achieve with this

few years at the top- fucking right I would- its human

grassroots seems to be a universal trademark of the

piece from the offset- and this far through my overall

nature, no use sitting on that high-horse. Until that call

town and allows it to host a network of active bands

goal is still to be discovered. But I’ll carry on anyway.

comes through however, I’m happy remaining as one of

and artists way beyond its potential.

/// I was asked to write about the struggle of being an

the millions drowning beneath the waves of the

Although playing host to this expansive plethora of

undiscovered musician, but something tells me I am far

ever-deteriorating mainstream.

talent, far more vast than others offered by towns of

too under qualified for the task. I don’t think it’ll be a


Before I even start to write about what I’m supposed to

at the Sallyport and pick out one of their many cocktails

I’m going to point out anything I ever say generally

whilst listening to some chilled out tunes. Now,

pisses people off or ends up missing the point and

depending on what night it is, get your arse along to The

causing confusion. Only take what I say seriously if it’s

Barrels to watch one of the many artists they get down to

not completely moronic.

play, this is a tried and tested choice as the mix of the unique barrels atmosphere, the intoxicating cocktails and

/// Anyway, here we go. I’m going to try my best to help

the pretentious conversation from that beautiful head of

people date in good old B-town. I feel the fact we’ve

yours is a sure fire way of getting even the hardest of

resorted to making relations via keyboards a bit

hearts to melt under your charm.

upsetting, nobody seems to meet in organic ways nowadays. Since I asked a proper girl about what she

/// Now assuming you didn’t get too drunk and end up

would enjoy on a date and I’ve had a drink, I’ve

acting like the dick you really are inside and your date

become an actual expert.

isn’t thinking of pressing charges, head out to Paxton to the Cross-inn and treat them to one of the pubs Sunday

/// Since we’ve been “graced” with living on a coastline an

dinners as a way to refuel and cure that empty feeling

obligatory walk on the beach beforehand is a brilliant

in your head.

way to start as its easy going and if she has the


personality of a barstool you could always do a boost

/// I hope this will be a way to bring back the old school

while she’s distracted by the posh sailboat folks, but if it’s

of starting a relationship or at the very least, get your leg

all going well at this point head over for some pre-drinks

over......just joking. Maybe.



1 SHOT ARCHERS 1 SHOT COINTREAU 1 OF THOSE LITTLE BOTTLES OF SCHWEPPES ORANGE JUICE, YOU KNOW THE ONE ICE TONIC GRENADINE There is a cocktail that exists, a drink so mind fucking, so ridiculously delicious that it can only found in one deep underground cave of mystery and deceit, where mirrors are said to line the walls and sheet music is said to line the ceilings. The recipe for said drink has been stored in said cave of mystery and deceit, where mirrors are said to line the walls and sheet music is said to line the ceilings, since it was first created by a large Canadian man-beast not so many years ago. UNTIL NOW... /// The Trip magazine unleashes the Canadian Head Fuck into the wild. Our source shall remain anonymous, his life would not be worth living. But let me tell you this, Ross Graham is like a young Robert Hanssen, remember him? (slightly more suited to mixology espionage than that nasty Soviet espionage, mind you). /// So, here we go. One shot of Archers in the glass. One shot of Cointreau in the glass. That little bottle of orange juice, you’ve guessed it, in the glass. Pop some ice in, right in. Pour what you have into a cocktail shaker, and give it a right good shake. This is actually harder than it looks. I had a go recently and within ten seconds I was blowing out my arse, or out of breath as some of you might say. I then could not for the life of me get the bloody glass out the shaker... Ross was on hand to help thankfully. After you’ve shaken it beyond belief, pop a little bit of tonic on the top. This settles it a little, and pushes the ice down from the top. Grab the Grenadine, draw a shape on top! As you can see, Ross has fantastically written Trip. Fuckin’ A. I managed a triangle. Not so fuckin’ A. /// It’s fruity, it’s sweet, it’s refreshingly tasty and above all it’s reasonably alcoholic. If it isn’t quite alcoholic enough for you, pop a shot of vodka in that glass, as it’s tasteless. The peach of the Archers, Orange of the Cointreau and pomegranate of the Grenadine all combine perfectly to enhance the experience of getting pissed in The Barrels. Enjoy it. I don’t know how you couldn’t.

GENERATE RADIO CIC Duns is shit. No two ways about it. And with the Scottish-English clan

lunchtime feature is more your scene... no? Then Donald Strachan

wars, all Berwickers will agree: Duns IS shit. So what do you do when

must be up your street, having recently presented a live 24hr

you’re sick of living in a chav-infested village without even Bedrocks

broadcast, captured a vox pop on a train of a beatboxer taught by the

or the brilliantly christened Charlies to keep you occupied on a

one and only Beardyman, and who has amazing links with

weekends eve? You set up a radio station.

up-and-coming artists such as the mind-blowing SaintSaviour. /// STILL not hooked? Amongst 40 other volunteers, presenting every

/// Well, that’s what Kyle Wilson and Oscar MacAndrew did. Both 17 at

music style imaginable, local legend Mr Paul Sinclair has his very own

the time, and having respectively gained a HNC in Radio Broadcasting

show on Mondays from 8-10pm.

and an NC in Business, the guys realised that Radio Borders is

/// They’ve covered Rowchester Music Festival, are soon to interview

completely wank, excuse my profanity, not the best shall we say, and

Sandi Thom, had a fortnightly feature in the Tweeddale press with

so, having applied for business funding, Generate Radio CIC was born.

borders talent series ‘Sound & Vision’ and were nominated for best

/// So why is this any less wank than Radio Borders, I hear you say?

radio station in the Scottish New Music Awards. In January’s ridiculous

Well, the amount of varied shows, hosted by raving lunatics (to put it

winter they even had local bus companies and schools updating them

kindly) with whatever music tickles their fancy on that day, that’s what.

before Radio Bollocks Borders .Winning! Tiger Blood, Etc...

/// If Kyle and Oscar’s breakfast show antics in varying states of

/// In fact, the station’s so good that Generate’s just been awarded a

sobriety and ‘get the funk up’ morning funk feature weren’t pleasing

grant of a casual £19,000, to boost the station from just online

enough for you, the rather unusual lunchtimes with utterly unique

broadcasting, to FM. Nae bad fer Duns.

Colleen-Henderson Heywood should be able to float your boat, filled with anecdotes and interviews with some of the most artistic people in

/// Want to listen? Good. You could even like them on facebook to find

the Borders. Or maybe another lunchtime presenter, host of

out more - ooo, another friend! Listen live on

Rowchester Festival Mr. Leonard Harper-Gow, with his classical

and support these lovely chaps over at their marvelous station.





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You love them, we love them. Everyone loves them. Roy’s Iron DNA will be launching their new EP ‘Aliens’ on November 13th at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus. They return for a show in November to celebrate the release, which will be their first slice of new material since their acclaimed 2007 debut


album ‘Men in Wax Jackets’. If taster tracks released for free download during the summer are


anything to go by, it is sure to be another cracking recording. We’re also trying to persuade the electro

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outfit to gig in Berwick, we know there’s a lot of people that want to see the boys play. Support on the evening will come from Capstin Pole, you’ll regret it if you miss this one.






I.d.s.T. MadE IN THE OUTskIRTs Of sPITTal

THE ‘ROsswORd Ross Davidson, we miss him dearly. Here’s a cross word he did for us!



sIGNING OUT... Well there it was. The Trip Issue 02. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did making. A

It’s all to do with local bands etc. and it’s pretty bloody hard.

ACROSS 1. Ian quite clearly believes in them. 4. Paul’s sandwich getting transportation. (See blogs) 7. Old Bones’ guitar! It’s beautiful. 11. All my friends, they are in control. 12. His brother is a traveller. DOWN 2. A staple in The Barrels. 3. RKW’s all too well known disorder. 5. Kat’s variation on the Jager classic. (Ask Kat!) 6. Babyful band. 8. Memories of T DJ’s. 9. ...Put a bullet through my brain 10. Our illustrious leader.

massive thanks to all the contributors, it couldn’t have happened with out you. Well it might have but it wouldn’t have been quite as good. Issue 03, now there’s a thought. At the minute, I think it would be good to have a photographers edition. But then again, I told you all about Issue 02 at the back of 01 and we’ve stuck to exactly none of it, so who fucking knows. We might have some stuff up our sleeves for you before Issue 03 anyways... ‘citing. Get in touch, whether you want to contribute or tell us it’s shit, we’d love to hear from you, whatever it may be. Drop a line to, and you’ll hear back in no time at all. In the mean time, see you in The Barrels on Saturday the 17th December for the second Trip DJ Set. The last one was incredibly fun, hopefully this one will be too. Get yourself down to The Barrels or wherever else, when ever there’s a gig on too. You’re missing some cracking local and not so local bands that come to the town if you don’t. Look out for stickers, and keep an eye on the mainframe over at There should be a new site with lots more stuff on it soon. Hopefully... Again, half of the stuff in here is probably made the fuck up. Lies. But whatever, the government and the bankers and the corporations get away with it so why can’t a stupid little magazine. Isn’t that photograph of Jimmy from Electric Penelope great? Yes. There’s stuff we’re not being told. Lots of it. I’m off to try and uncover some of it so i can tell you. Be curious, don’t believe everything you’re force fed by the media, continue to question reality. But most of all have a good time. That’s good bye from me, and from Jimmy.



The Trip 02  

2nd edition of The Trip Magazine

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