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GSSSA Basketball title games set in all four divisions By RENALDO DORSETT Tribune Sports Reporter THE GSSSA Championship matchups are set in all four divisions setting the stage for next week’s final series to decide division champions for the 2017-18 season. The final set of game threes took place Tuesday night at the AF Adderley Gymnasium featuring everything from blowouts to a thrilling finish at the end of

regulation to close out the night. The Anatol Rodgers Timberwolves recovered from a 0-1 series deficit to complete the backdoor sweep with a 53-50 win over the top seeded CI Gibson Rattlers. Tied at 50, the T’Wolves inbounded the ball to Andre Calvert who drilled a three pointer from the left wing to advance to the championship for the second consecutive year. The Rattlers led 15-11 at the end of the first quarter

and went on a 10-0 run to start the second. They built as much as a 14-point lead in the second on a Tyrell Butler layup for a 25-11 before Jayson McHardy ended the drought for the T’Wolves. The Rattlers maintained a 28-18 lead at the half and led 39-30 headed into the fourth quarter. The CI Gibson lead was 13 with just under four minutes left to play. The T’Wolves trailed 50-37 when Kirklyn Farrington

scored and sparked a run and the T’Wolves closed the game on a 16-0 run. Anatol Rodgers responded with a 74-73 win in game two. On the other side of the bracket, the CC Sweeting Cobras advanced as they completed the two-game sweep with a 71-56 win over the Doris Johnson Mystic Marlins. The Cobras took game one of the series 57-47. In Senior Girls play, a tough afternoon continued for the CI Gibson Rattlers as their programme

suffered elimination along with the Senior Boys. The CV Bethel Stingrays emerged 47-39 to complete the sweep after their 39-36 win in game one. The game continued after a delay Monday night due to a power outage yesterday. CI Gibson led the game 12-9 with 3:03 remaining in the second quarter at the time of the outage. On the other side of the bracket, the defending champion Mystic Marlins breezed to the final with a

National High School Soccer Championships set for April

ABOVE: 2016 National High School Soccer senior boys champions Champions Queen’s College.

RIGHT: 2016 National High School Soccer senior girls champions St Augustine’s College.

THE Bahamas Football Association, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture, announced that the Samuel P Haven National High School Soccer Championships 2018 will

be held April 17-21 in New Providence. These Championships will showcase top teams from various school leagues for the senior boys and girls divisions. In this year’s championships, the finalists from BAISS and GSSSA and the champions from GBSSSA

(Grand Bahama) will compete in a single elimination tournament to decide who will be national champions of 2018. In the 2016 edition of the tournament, St Augustine’s College and Queen’s College took the honours for the senior girls and boys

respectively and other schools will certainly want to make their claim as the best soccer team in the country in 2018. More information will become available as the start date approaches. Good luck to all of the schools involved in their various leagues.

CARIFTA MASCOT ‘IGGY’ THE IGUANA A BLAST AT PALMDALE PRIMARY By RENALDO DORSETT Tribune Sports Reporter THE tour for Iggy, the mascot for the 2018 Flow CARIFTA Games, continued yesterday with Palmdale Primary as the latest host school. The Local Organising Committee, headed by IAAF Councilwoman Pauline DavisThompson, presented Iggy to the Palmdale Primary School during a special assembly yesterday. It continued the series of public appearances of the iguana, a rare species found in the lesser populated islands of the Bahamas mainly in Andros, San Salvador, Inagua and Exuma. In introducing Iggy, Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations’ public relations officer Philip Gray said he is a “calm, cool, consistent performer, always hitting the mark at the right time. He is fun to watch as he maneuvers to outwit his opponents. He is a fierce decathlete that is good at every

event on and off the track.Draped in the Bahamian uniform, Iggy made a grand entrance with eight members of Palmdale’s track and field team as they performed to the tune of the “Theme for Rocky.” Before he descended the podium and interacted with some of the students, Iggy performed to Julien Believe’s “Caribbean Slide.” Davis Thompson urged the athletes to take advantage of the opportunity of competing at the region’s top junior meet once they reach the age of qualification. “When I was your age I did not know things like the CARIFTA Games existed. Many young athletes were able to raise to the public awareness on this stage and have become household names in track an field. Athletes such as the Bahamas’ own Shaunae Miller have starred at these games and Usain Bolt of Jamaica who competed right here at the Bahamas in 2002,” she said to the group of primary school students. “Education is very important in helping you to achieve your

CARIFTA Games mascot Iggy. goals. Whether its track and field, whether its basketball, baseball or whatever you want to play, your education is important. The gifts that God blessed you with will always make a way for you.” For the eighth time, the Bahamas is set to host the region’s

premier junior athletics talent at the Flow CARIFTA Track and Field Championships. Under the theme “Faster Further, Higher”, the North America, Central America and Caribbean Athletics Associations (NACAC) will stage the 47th edition of the meet, March 30 to April 2 in honour of the late Dr Bernard Nottage. BAAA President and CEO of Flow CARIFTA Bahamas 2018, Rosamunde Carey, CEO Carifta 2018, said the Bahamas will again make history as they welcome the region to the Thomas A Robinson Stadium. The meet is expected to host 26 countries, 500 athletes, 400 volunteers and some 150 local and international officials. The Bahamas last hosted the meet in 2002 and has claimed the title four times - 1980, 1981, 1983 and 1984. Davis-Thomspon is one of six Bahamians to win the Austin Sealey Award, given to the meet’s top performer and was a member of the last Bahamian team to take the title.

44-21 over the RM Bailey Pacers. In the Junior Boys division, the CH Reeves Raptors completed a twogame sweep over the SC McPherson Sharks, they will advance to face the defending champion DW Davis Royals. In Junior Girls play, the TA Thompson Scorpions advanced to take on the perennial champion HO Nash Lions who defeated the CH Reeves Raptors in a two-game sweep.

CITY BOWLING: LEAGUE: SONITH LOCKHART NAMED MVP SONITH Lockhart of Carib Construction was the men’s most valuable player in the City Bowling League competition at Mario’s Bowling and Family Entertainment Centre on Monday night Lockhart toppled the pins for a 244 men’s high game and a 649 high three-game set. David Slatter of Telco Enterprises was the runnerup with a 638-second high set. Raymond Adderley of Carib Construction and Ansel Ferguson of Giga Tech both downed the pins for a 238second high game. Driskell Rolle of Asurewin Pocket Pleasers and Marina McClain of Carib Construction were the ladies’ leaders after they both crushed the pins for a 636 high three-game series. Rolle also led all players - male and female - in the high game department with an impressive 256 and McClain followed with an outstanding 235-second high game. Team scores for the evening were as follows: CDM Knights 3, Ten Back Strikers 0; Carib Construction 3, Telco Enterprises 0; Asurewin Pocket Pleasers 2, BEC Shockers 1; Clayton Gardiner & Associates 2, Avengers 1; City Leaguers 2, Brooklyn Strikers 1; Checkers Café 2, E&U Water Coolers 1; Island Game Strokers 2, Bahamasair Flyers 1; Giga Tech 2, NUA Crusaders 1. • The top five teams after four weeks of second-half play are as follows: E&U Watercoolers 10 2 Carib Construction 8 4 Ten Back Strikers 7 5 The Avengers 7 5 Giga Tech 7 5

VOLLEYBALL UB MINGOES TRYOUTS THE University of the Bahamas’ Athletic Department will hold open tryouts for its women’s volleyball team 9am on Saturday at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium. The tryouts are open to all 11 and 12thgrade students as well as recent graduates. Financial aid is available to all eligible players.


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RESULTS: ATLANTIC MEDICAL BARRACUDA SWIM MEET Boys 11-12 200 Freestyle - 1, Albury, AAC, 1:00.75 NATL. 4, Pinder, Roman Noah C, MAC, 2:25.64  NATL. 2, A, MAC, 1:00.89  NATL. 5, Sears, Taro, Ferguson, Tristin K, MAC, 2:27.20 AAC, 1:02.13  NATL. 6, Encinar, Gabriel NATL. 3, Williams, Rondon, DSC-BA, X, Mantas, 1:03.28  NATL. 7, Roy, Ishan 2:40.43  NATL. 4, Newry, Joshua K, FAC, A, MAC, 1:03.57  NATL. 8, Turnquest, Boys 8 & Under 100 Backstroke - 1, 2:44.56  NATL. 5, Mott, Koen M, MAC, Alexander B, Mantas, 1:04.02  NATL. 2:51.50  NATL. 6, Kemp, Yohancy S, 9, McDonald, Gadville L, MAC, 1:07.48 Burrows, Keron D, BSC, 2:34.86. 
 Boys 8 & Under 50 Breaststroke - 1, DSC-BA, 2:58.43  NATL. 7, Barr, Jack NATL. 
 Boys 13-14 200 Freestyle - 1, ThompFarrington, Will B, BSC, 53.11  NATL. C, BSC, 3:12.99. 8, Munnings, Mateo H, 2, Daniels, Maxwell P, DSC-BA, 56.53 BSC, 3:13.46. 9, Johnson, Arrieon W, Blue son III, Erald C, MAC, 2:12.69  NATL. 2, Pinder, Roman A, MAC, 2:18.07 NATL. 3, Butler, Damari K, DSC-BA, Waves, 3:28.85. 
 Boys 11-12 400 Freestyle - 1, Ferguson, NATL. 3, Ferguson, Rommel A, FAC, 1:00.70  NATL. 4, Bethell, Daniel, MAC, 1:03.81. 5, Smith, Jayden, Mantas, 1:05.26. Tristin K, MAC, 5:05.64  CAR. 2, Prince, 2:20.03  NATL. 4, Roy, Ishan A, MAC, 6, Hope, Luke A, BSC, 1:06.81. 7, Chat- Hodari E, BSC, 5:09.48 NATL. 3, Wil- 2:21.03  NATL. 5, Encinar, Gabriel X, lani-Pickstock, Jahan, MAC, 1:09.08. 8, liams, Rondon, DSC-BA, 5:23.32  NATL. Mantas, 2:22.83  NATL. 6, Longley, Sean Joseph, Christon A, Blue Waves, 1:12.46. 4, Kemp, Yohancy S, DSC-BA, 6:28.41. K, BSC, 2:30.47  NATL. 7, Turnquest, 5, Bastian, Cairo T, DSC-BA, 6:29.02. 6, Alexander B, Mantas, 2:31.06  NATL. 8, --, Knowles, Shantero M, Mantas, DQ. 
 Wallace-Whitfiled, Nicholas J, Mantas, Boys 8 & Under 100 Breaststroke - 1, Major, Lawson J, AAC, 7:10.70. 
 Boys 11-12 1500 Freestyle - 1, Williams, 2:32.16  NATL. 9, Beneby, Dominic C, Farrington, Will B, BSC, 1:52.50. 2, Singh, David A, BSC, 2:04.66. 3, Bethell, Daniel, Rondon, DSC-BA, 21:26.19. 2, Dam, Mantas, 2:35.53  NATL. 
 Boys 13-14 400 Freestyle - 1, LongMAC, 2:21.41. 4, Hope, Luke A, BSC, Brayden J, MAC, 21:37.82. 
 Boys 11-12 50 Backstroke - 1, Albury, ley, Sean K, BSC, 5:06.47  NATL. 2:25.38. 
 Boys 8 & Under 50 Butterfly - 1, Butler, Noah C, MAC, 38.03  NATL. 2, Ferguson, 2, Knowles, Reis K, BSC, 5:33.05 Damari K, DSC-BA, 48.36  NATL. 2, Far- Tristin K, MAC, 39.63  NATL. 3, Sealy, NATL. 3, Butler, Asa C, BSC, 6:15.32. 
 Kieran A, BSC, 46.64. 4, Roach, Noah Boys 13-14 1500 LC Meter Freerington, Will B, BSC, 48.90 NATL. 
 Boys 8 & Under 200 IM - 1, Farrington, F, MAC, 47.67. 5, Roberts, Seth G, BSC, style - 1, Bartlett III, Hugh A, MAC, Will B, BSC, 3:31.78  NATL. 2, Daniels, 50.39. 6, Barr, Jack C, BSC, 50.53. 7, Wells, 20:54.25  NATL. 2, Curtis, Jayden O, Maxwell P, DSC-BA, 3:42.09  NATL. 3, Cherkadin C, MAC, 51.78. 8, Simms, Mat- ORCA, 22:43.07. 
 thais A, BSC, 53.77. 9, Feaste, Lamount Boys 13-14 50 Backstroke - 1, Roy, Ishan Singh, David A, BSC, 4:18.63  NATL. 
 Boys 9-10 50 Freestyle - 1, Bain, Ayden W, BSC, 48.41. 9, Scavella, Andrew R, A, MAC, 32.27  NATL. 2, Reckley, Jared J, MAC, 34.89  NATL. 3, Thompson, Jake, T, FAC, 34.27  NATL. 2, Roy, David, BSC, 53.97.  
 Boys 11-12 100 Backstroke - 1, Albury, AAC, 35.20  NATL. 4, Miller, Melvin V, AAC, 34.30  NATL. 3, Albury, Kyle A, BSC, 35.08  NATL. 4, Moncur III, Tre Noah C, MAC, 1:20.87  NATL. 2, Carey, BSC, 38.50  NATL. 5, Gray, Wellington L, MAC, 35.41  NATL. 5, Roy, Anish G, Christian B, BSC, 1:32.87 NATL. 3, Kies- X, MAC, 38.63. 6, Knowles, Reis K, BSC, MAC, 36.82  NATL. 6, Gibson, Zion, selbach, Niklas M, LSC, 1:36.87. 4, Sealy, 38.74. 7, Eccleston, Anthony A, AAC, MAC, 36.94  NATL. 7, Wells, Caden A, Kieran A, BSC, 1:43.11. 5, Barr, Jack C, 40.92. 8, Butler, Asa C, BSC, 46.55. 10, MAC, 37.03  NATL. 8, Bartlett, Mikhail BSC, 1:44.96. 6, Munnings, Mateo H, Pinder, Cameo G, Blue Marlins, 52.98. 
 Boys 13-14 100 Backstroke - 1, Roy, A, MAC, 37.15  NATL. 9, Adderley, Tyler BSC, 1:45.86. 7, St. Rose, Romin A, BSC, 1:46.09. 8, Roberts, Seth G, BSC, 1:51.17. Ishan A, MAC, 1:08.64  CAR. 2, ThompA, BSC, 38.50  NATL. 
 son, Jake, AAC, 1:17.09  NATL. 3, Boys 9-10 100 Freestyle - 1, Bain, Ayden 9, Wells, Cherkadin C, MAC, 1:51.24. 
 Boys 11-12 200 Backstroke - 1, Albury, Reckley, Jared J, MAC, 1:17.49  NATL. T, FAC, 1:15.31  NATL. 2, Ferguson, Caleb T, AAC, 1:15.60 NATL. 3, Wells, Noah C, MAC, 2:51.08  NATL. 2, Wil- 4, Miller, Melvin V, BSC, 1:20.73  NATL. Caden A, MAC, 1:20.69  NATL. 4, Dar- liams, Rondon, DSC-BA, 3:08.25 NATL. 5, Gray, Wellington X, MAC, 1:21.94. 6, ville, Caellum T, AAC, 1:22.67  NATL. 5, 3, Carey, Christian B, BSC, 3:22.63  NATL. McDonald, Gadville L, MAC, 1:26.40. 7, Eccleston, Anthony A, AAC, 1:37.45. Albury, Kyle A, BSC, 1:25.31  NATL. 6, 4, Major, Lawson J, AAC, 4:14.45. 
 Boys 11-12 50 Breaststroke - 1, Dam, 8, Bain, Christopher, MAC, 1:48.50. 9, Moncur, Ayrton G, MAC, 1:26.05  NATL. 7, Roy, Anish G, MAC, 1:27.45  NATL. 8, Brayden J, MAC, 37.25  CAR. 2, Bosland, Pinder, Cameo G, Blue Marlins, 2:06.27. 
 Boys 13-14 200 Backstroke - 1, Longley, Butler, Daunte C, MAC, 1:28.66  NATL. Msanna A, BSC, 41.00  NATL. 3, Newry, 9, Adderley, Tyler A, BSC, 1:29.35  NATL. 
 Joshua K, FAC, 41.09  NATL. 4, Roach, Sean K, BSC, 2:57.25  NATL. 2, Butler, Boys 9-10 200 Freestyle - 1, Bain, Ayden Noah F, MAC, 43.79  NATL. 5, Kies- Asa C, BSC, 3:24.72. 
 Boys 13-14 50 Breaststroke - 1, Stubbs, T, FAC, 2:46.75  NATL. 2, Roy, Anish G, selbach, Niklas M, LSC, 43.80  NATL. 6, MAC, 3:07.15  NATL. 3, Adderley, Tyler Carey, Christian B, BSC, 45.17 NATL. 7, Kierro M, MAC, 34.40  NATL. 2, FerguA, BSC, 3:11.74  NATL. 4, Albury, Kyle Sealy, Kieran A, BSC, 49.11. 8, St. Rose, son, Rommel A, FAC, 35.93 NATL. 3, A, BSC, 3:12.25  NATL. 5, Laslop, Victor, Romin A, BSC, 51.43. 9, Roberts, Seth G, Bartlett III, Hugh A, MAC, 36.18  NATL. AAC, 3:26.28  NATL. 6, Rollins, Aiden V, Blue Waves, 3:40.77. 7, Johnson, Kevin L, Blue Waves, 3:50.71. 8, Lewis, Micah A, BSC, 4:33.86. 9, Johnson, Tahje D, Blue Waves, 4:59.83. 
 Boys 9-10 50 Backstroke - 1, Moncur III, Tre L, MAC, 42.08  NATL. 2, Roy, David, AAC, 43.42  NATL. 3, Charles, Jarrod J, AAC, 45.13  NATL. 4, Roy, Anish G, MAC, 45.91  NATL. 5, Albury, Kyle A, BSC, 49.04  NATL. 6, Adderley, Tyler A, BSC, 50.26. 7, Adderley, Oscar R, MAC, 51.41. 8, Bartlett, Mikhail A, MAC, 51.42. 9, Seligman, Roy, LSC, 52.76. 
 Boys 9-10 100 Backstroke - 1, Moncur III, Tre L, MAC, 1:28.66  NATL. 2, Bain, Ayden T, FAC, 1:30.29 NATL. 3, Darville, Caellum T, AAC, 1:33.00  NATL. 4, Roy, David, AAC, 1:33.84 NATL. 5, Roy, Anish G, MAC, 1:38.31  NATL. 6, Ferguson, Caleb T, AAC, 1:38.74 NATL. 7, Gibson, Zion, MAC, 1:39.92  NATL. 8, Albury, Kyle A, BSC, 1:42.97 NATL. 9, Adderley, Tyler A, BSC, 1:45.40. 
 Boys 9-10 50 Breaststroke - 1, Charles, Jarrod J, AAC, 43.36  NATL. 2, Wells, Caden A, MAC, 47.20  NATL. 3, Moncur, Ayrton G, MAC, 48.24  NATL. 4, Moncur III, Tre L, MAC, 49.17  NATL. 5, Fer- A YOUNG swimmer competes in the Atlantic Medical Barracuda swim meet at Betty Kelly Kenning guson, Caleb T, AAC, 50.71  NATL. 6, National Swim Complex over the weekend. Bartlett, Mikhail A, MAC, 51.97. 7, Gibson, Zion, MAC, 53.14. 8, Roy, Anish 4, Cooper, Elbert, AAC, 38.41 NATL. 5, G, MAC, 53.72. 9, Darville, Caellum T, BSC, 53.12. 
 Boys 11-12 100 Breaststroke - 1, Dam, Curtis, Jayden O, ORCA, 40.00. 6, AdderAAC, 54.05. 
 Boys 9-10 100 Breaststroke - 1, Charles, Brayden J, MAC, 1:22.02  CAR. 2, Prince, ley, Brian J, BSC, 40.22. 7, Reckley, Jared Jarrod J, AAC, 1:35.64  NATL. 2, Wells, Hodari E, BSC, 1:29.55  NATL. 3, Fergu- J, MAC, 41.36. 8, Roy, Ishan A, MAC, Caden A, MAC, 1:43.53 NATL. 3, son, Tristin K, MAC, 1:29.57  NATL. 4, 41.40. 9, Gardiner, Joshua, MAC, 1:02.02. 
 Boys 13-14 100 Breaststroke - 1, ThompMoncur, Ayrton G, MAC, 1:46.52  NATL. Bosland, Msanna A, BSC, 1:31.54 NATL. 4, Gibson, Zion, MAC, 1:51.11. 5, Roy, 5, Newry, Joshua K, FAC, 1:36.27  NATL. son III, Erald C, MAC, 1:12.96  CAR. David, AAC, 1:51.78. 6, Bartlett, Mikhail 6, Roach, Noah F, MAC, 1:36.89 NATL. 2, Pinder, Roman A, MAC, 1:18.17 A, MAC, 1:52.22. 7, Albury, Kyle A, BSC, 7, Kiesselbach, Niklas M, LSC, 1:38.91. NATL. 3, Ferguson, Rommel A, FAC, 1:59.75. 8, Rollins, Aiden V, Blue Waves, 8, Ferguson, Daniel H, UN, 1:46.80. 9, 1:19.91  NATL. 4, Adderley, Brian J, BSC, 1:34.39. 5, Dean, Joshua B, Blue 2:06.45. 9, Johnson, Tahje D, Blue Waves, Thompson, Matthew D, BSC, 1:47.27. 
 Boys 11-12 200 Breaststroke - 1, Dam, Waves, 1:47.78. 6, Eccleston, Anthony A, 2:14.13. 
 Boys 9-10 50 Butterfly - 1, Bain, Ayden Brayden J, MAC, 2:57.30  CAR. 2, Bos- AAC, 2:05.95. 7, Knowles, Renato, MAC, T, FAC, 36.12  NATL. 2, Moncur III, Tre land, Msanna A, BSC, 3:12.95 NATL. 3, 2:21.63. 8, Pinder, Cameo G, Blue Marlins, L, MAC, 36.98  NATL. 3, Moncur, Ayrton Prince, Hodari E, BSC, 3:14.43  NATL. 4, 2:43.67. 
 Boys 13-14 200 Breaststroke - 1, Stubbs, G, MAC, 43.86. 4, Albury, Kyle A, BSC, Roach, Noah F, MAC, 3:32.13 NATL. 5, Kierro M, MAC, 3:06.91  NATL. 2, Adder46.27. 5, Butler, Daunte C, MAC, 47.51. 6, Newry, Joshua K, FAC, 3:35.82  NATL. 
 Boys 11-12 50 Butterfly - 1, Newry, ley, Brian J, BSC, 3:34.44. 
 Miller, Matthew H, BSC, 48.53. 7, Bartlett, Boys 13-14 50 Butterfly - 1, Ferguson, Mikhail A, MAC, 48.74. 8, Kemp, Aidan J, Joshua K, FAC, 33.71  NATL. 2, Prince, DSC-BA, 49.25. 9, Johnson, Kevin L, Blue Hodari E, BSC, 34.19  NATL. 3, Bos- Rommel A, FAC, 28.01  CAR. 2, Sears, land, Msanna A, BSC, 34.54  NATL. 4, Taro, AAC, 31.57  NATL. 3, Bartlett III, Waves, 49.38.  
 Boys 9-10 100 Butterfly - 1, Moncur Ferguson, Daniel H, UN, 36.84 NATL. 5, Hugh A, MAC, 31.96  NATL. 4, Cooper, III, Tre L, MAC, 1:21.20  NATL. 2, Bain, Ferguson, Tristin K, MAC, 36.93  NATL. Elbert, AAC, 32.00  NATL. 5, Miller, Ayden T, FAC, 1:27.94 NATL. 3, Fergu- 6, Carey, Christian B, BSC, 38.90  NATL. Melvin V, BSC, 32.69  NATL. 6, Gray, son, Caleb T, AAC, 1:41.97. 4, Darville, 7, Munnings, Mateo H, BSC, 40.59. 8, Wellington X, MAC, 33.15 NATL. 7, Caellum T, AAC, 1:43.92. 5, Bartlett, Feaste, Lamount W, BSC, 41.89. 9, Sealy, McDonald, Gadville L, MAC, 34.91. 8, Knowles, Reis K, BSC, 35.64. 9, Adderley, Mikhail A, MAC, 1:49.75. 6, Adderley, Kieran A, BSC, 42.58. 1
 Boys 11-12 100 Butterfly - 1, Carey, Brian J, BSC, 36.07.  Tyler A, BSC, 2:10.32. 
 Boys 13-14 100 Butterfly - 1, Sears, Taro, Boys 9-10 200 IM - 1, Moncur III, Tre L, Christian B, BSC, 1:30.63  NATL. 2, St. MAC, 3:06.73  NATL. 2, Bain, Ayden T, Rose, Romin A, BSC, 1:45.06. 3, Fergu- AAC, 1:11.16  NATL. 2, Gray, Wellington X, MAC, 1:15.66. 3, Thompson, Jake, FAC, 3:11.21 NATL. 3, Charles, Jarrod J, son, Shawne L, Blue Waves, 2:10.07. 
 Boys 11-12 200 Butterfly - 1, Prince, AAC, 1:17.79. 4, Bartlett III, Hugh A, AAC, 3:15.97  NATL. 4, Miller, Matthew MAC, 1:20.87. 5, Tucker, Anwar J, Blue H, BSC, 4:09.03. 5, Rollins, Aiden V, Blue Hodari E, BSC, 2:41.84  CAR. 
 Boys 11-12 200 IM 1, Munnings, Mateo Waves, 1:53.21. 6, Pinder, Cameo G, Blue Waves, 4:15.51. 6, Johnson, Tahje D, Blue Waves, 4:25.14. 7, Lewis, Micah A, BSC, H, BSC, 3:30.88. 2, Scavella, Andrew R, Marlins, 2:18.12. 
 BSC, 3:38.46. 3, Barr, Jack C, BSC, 3:42.17. Boys 13-14 200 IM - 1, Thompson III, 4:54.70. 
 Boys 11-12 50 Freestyle - 1, Albury, 4, Thompson, Matthew D, BSC, 3:45.59. 5, Erald C, MAC, 2:25.96  CAR. 2, FerguNoah C, MAC, 30.44  NATL. 2, Newry, Simms, Matthais A, BSC, 3:55.05. 6, Fer- son, Rommel A, FAC, 2:33.84  NATL. 3, Pinder, Roman A, MAC, 2:34.95  NATL. Joshua K, FAC, 30.78  NATL. 3, Roach, reira, Sotario E, BSC, 5:29.19. 
 Boys 11-12 400 IM - 1, Prince, Hodari E, 4, Dean, Joshua B, Blue Waves, 3:41.09. 5, Noah F, MAC, 30.80  NATL. 4, Ferguson, Tristin K, MAC, 30.95  NATL. 5, Dam, BSC, 6:02.19. 2, Scavella, Andrew R, BSC, Tucker, Anwar J, Blue Waves, 3:59.58. 
 Boys 13-14 400 IM - 1, Curtis, Jayden O, Brayden J, MAC, 31.18  NATL. 6, Bos- 7:43.90. 
 Boys 13-14 50 Freestyle - 1, Pinder, ORCA, 6:14.38. --, Bartlett III, Hugh A, land, Msanna A, BSC, 31.49  NATL. 7, Kemp, Yohancy S, DSC-BA, 32.85  NATL. Roman A, MAC, 27.14  NATL. 2, Cole- MAC, DQ. 
 Men 15-99 400 Freestyle - 1, Gibson, 8, Ferguson, Daniel H, UN, 33.17  NATL. brook, Kailen D, AAC, 27.21  NATL. 3, 9, Johnson, Arrieon W, Blue Waves, Ferguson, Rommel A, FAC, 27.40  NATL. Samuel, Unattached, 4:27.04  CAR. 2, 4, Roy, Ishan A, MAC, 27.89 NATL. Laing, Darren I, GBT-BA, 4:32.69  NATL. 35.21  NATL. 
 Boys 11-12 100 Freestyle - 1, Ferguson, 5, Thompson III, Erald C, MAC, 3, Gaitor, Tenajh R, BSC, 4:46.63  NATL. Tristin K, MAC, 1:07.74  NATL. 2, Roach, 28.17  NATL. 6, Turnquest, Alexander B, 4, Neely, Shawn W, ORCA, 5:01.41  NATL. Noah F, MAC, 1:08.54 NATL. 3, Bosland, Mantas, 28.43  NATL. 7, Encinar, Gabriel 5, Roach, Jacob L, MAC, 5:09.22  NATL. Msanna A, BSC, 1:10.00  NATL. 4, Newry, X, Mantas, 28.61  NATL. 8, Bartlett III, 6, Evans, Rashad A, DSC-BA, 6:55.31. 
 Men 15-99 1500 LC Meter Freestyle - 1, Joshua K, FAC, 1:11.37  NATL. 5, Kemp, Hugh A, MAC, 28.94  NATL. 9, Reckley, Neely, Shawn W, ORCA, 20:22.57  NATL. Yohancy S, DSC-BA, 1:16.36  NATL. 6, Jared J, MAC, 29.45  NATL.  
 Boys 13-14 100 Freestyle - 1, Thomp- 2, Kajokaya, Jeong-il T, ORCA, 21:05.00. 
 Ferguson, Daniel H, UN, 1:16.86  NATL. Men 15-99 200 Backstroke - 1, Neely, 7, Mott, Koen M, MAC, 1:17.31  NATL. 8, son III, Erald C, MAC, 59.50  NATL. Ferguson, Rommel A, FAC, Shawn W, ORCA, 2:50.30. 2, Roach, Jacob Johnson, Arrieon W, Blue Waves, 1:23.38. 2, 1:00.59  NATL. 3, Colebrook, Kailen D, L, MAC, 2:55.43. 
 9, Carey, Christian B, BSC, 1:24.21. 
 • HERE is a look at the results of the Atlantic Medical Barracuda Swim Meet at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex over the weekend:

Men 15-99 200 Breaststroke - 1, Thompson, Mark-Anthony W, AAC, 2:43.49 CAR. 2, Thompson, Luke, AAC, 2:54.88  NATL. 3, Darling, Mark N, BSC, 3:07.26. 
 Men 15-99 200 Butterfly - 1, Laing, Darren I, GBT-BA, 2:28.60  NATL. 2, Kajokaya, Jeong-il T, ORCA, 2:58.43. 
 Men 15-99 400 IM - 1, Thompson, Luke C, AAC, 4:58.70  CAR. 2, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 5:06.58 CAR. 
 Men 15 & Over 50 Freestyle - 1, Gibson, Samuel, Unattached, 25.30  NATL. 2, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 25.36  NATL. 3, Laing, Darren I, GBT-BA, 26.23  NATL. 4, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 26.27 NATL. 5, Gaitor, Tenajh R, BSC, 26.62  NATL. 6, Roy, Yvann, AAC, 26.78  NATL. 7, Cambridge, Sidney A, BSC, 28.19  NATL. 8, Wood, Ralph III V, BSC, 28.25 NATL. 9, Russell, Dante, AAC, 28.53  NATL. 
 Men 15 & Over 100 Freestyle - 1, Gibson, Samuel, Unattached, 54.33  CAR. 2, Laing, Darren I, GBT-BA, 56.19 NATL. 3, Roy, Yvann, AAC, 58.19  NATL. 4, Thompson, Mark-Anthony W, AAC, 1:00.76  NATL. 5, Wood, Ralph III V, BSC, 1:01.94  NATL. 6, Roach, Jacob L, MAC, 1:04.01  NATL. 7, Mott, Kadin V, MAC, 1:04.58  NATL. 8, Russell, Dante, AAC, 1:04.92  NATL. 9, Cartwright, Uriah J, DSC-BA, 1:06.38. 
 Men 15 & Over 200 Freestyle - 1, Laing, Darren I, GBT-BA, 2:07.83  NATL. 2, Thompson, Mark-Anthony W, AAC, 2:10.26  NATL. 3, Roach, Jacob L, MAC, 2:22.02  NATL. 4, Rolle, Keilan A, FAC, 2:22.14  NATL. 5, Gomez, Damian A, Mantas, 2:40.52. 6, Sastre, Gabriel T, Mantas, 2:41.18. 7, Evans, Rashad A, DSC-BA, 3:12.12. 8, Taylor, Devardo L, Blue Waves, 3:40.48. 
 Men 15 & Over 50 Backstroke - 1, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 30.35  NATL. 2, Pinder, Ian X, MAC, 31.05  NATL. 3, Darling, Mark N, BSC, 32.40  NATL. 4, Cambridge, Sidney A, BSC, 33.54  NATL. 5, Rolle, Keilan A, FAC, 33.81  NATL. 6, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 34.41  NATL. 7, Mancera, Miguel V, LSC, 34.50  NATL. 8, Thompson, Luke, AAC, 34.63  NATL. 9, Mott, Kadin V, MAC, 34.82  NATL. 
 Men 15 & Over 100 Backstroke - 1, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 1:06.95  NATL. 2, Russell, Dante, AAC, 1:13.44 NATL. 3, Wood, Ralph III V, BSC, 1:13.87  NATL. 4, Rolle, Keilan A, FAC, 1:14.62  NATL. 5, Kajokaya, Jeong-il T, ORCA, 1:17.12. 6, Taylor, Devardo L, Blue Waves, 1:51.81. --, Williams, Dorian A, Blue Marlins, DQ. 
 Men 15 & Over 50 Breaststroke - 1, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 30.99  CAR. 2, Thompson, Luke C, AAC, 31.19  CAR. 3, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 32.46  CAR. 4, Neely, Shawn W, ORCA, 33.17  NATL. 5, Roy, Yvann, AAC, 34.76  NATL. 6, Pinder, Ian X, MAC, 35.77  NATL. 7, Cartwright, Uriah J, DSC-BA, 36.22  NATL. 8, Thompson, Luke, AAC, 36.60  NATL. 9, Mancera, Miguel V, LSC, 39.29.  
 Men 15 & Over 100 Breaststroke - 1, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 1:10.71  CAR. 2, Thompson, Luke, AAC, 1:21.44. 3, Pinder, Ian X, MAC, 1:22.20. 4, Cartwright, Uriah J, DSC-BA, 1:23.31. 5, Mancera, Miguel V, LSC, 1:28.51. --, Williams, Dorian A, Blue Marlins, DQ. 
 Men 15 & Over 50 Butterfly - 1, Gibson, Samuel, Unattached, 27.46  NATL. 2, Gaitor, Tenajh R, BSC, 28.44 NATL. 3, Darling, Mark N, BSC, 29.60  NATL. 4, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 29.79 NATL. 5, Wood, Ralph III V, BSC, 30.31  NATL. 6, Mackey, Jabez C, FAC, 31.38. 7, Mancera, Miguel V, LSC, 31.54. 8, St Rose, Shamar C, BSC, 31.98. 9, Cartwright, Uriah J, DSC-BA, 33.44. 
 Men 15 & Over 100 Butterfly - 1, Gibson, Samuel, Unattached, 59.42  CAR. 2, Gaitor, Tenajh R, BSC, 1:04.49  NATL. 3, Wood, Ralph III V, BSC, 1:10.46. 4, Kajokaya, Jeong-il T, ORCA, 1:10.68. 5, Mackey, Jabez C, FAC, 1:17.28. 
 Men 15 & Over 200 IM - 1, Thompson, Luke C, AAC, 2:15.87  CAR. 2, Carey, Davante S, MAC, 2:20.11 CAR. 3, Walcott, Andre A, MAC, 2:20.78  CAR. 4, Williams, Theo L, ORCA, 3:32.71. 
 Mixed 200 Freestyle Relay - 1, Mako Aqautics Club ‘A’ 1:52.05. 2, Mantas Water Polo Club ‘A’ (Sastre, Gabriel T M15, Wallace-Whitfiled, Nicholas J M14, Encinar, Gabriel X M14, Beneby, Dominic C M13), 1:54.22. 3, Mako Aqautics Club ‘B’ 1:55.95. 4, Barracuda Swim Club ‘A’ (Slatter, Katherine M W15, Knowles, Reis K M13, Carey, Christian B M12, Farrington, Grace M W12), 2:07.48. 5, Mantas Water Polo Club ‘B’ (Sasso, Thor M15, Gomez, Damian A M15, Turnquest, Alexander B M14, Sasso, Adonis M17), 2:15.79. 6, Barracuda Swim Club ‘E’ (Darling, Mark N M16, Adderley, Brian J M13, Kellini, Miray A W13, Higgs, Chyme D W12), 2:16.40. 7, Barracuda Swim Club ‘F’ (Gaitor, Tenajh R M17, Salpadimos, Maryianna A W14, Gibbs, Rhanishka R W11, Prince, Hodari E M12), 2:16.42. 8, St. Anne’s School Blue Waves ‘C’ (Sands, Gianna K W8, Cambrige, Olivia C W9, Joseph, Christon A 
 M6, Cartwright, Makhai I M7), 2:16.60. 9, Barracuda Swim Club ‘B’ (St Rose, 
 Shamar C M16, Miller, Melvin V M14, Singh, Sarah C W12, Pratt, Trinity C W8), 2:21.33. 
 Mixed 200 Medley Relay - 1, Mako Aqautics Club ‘A’ 2:19.12. 2, Barracuda Swim Club ‘D’ (Cambridge, Sidney A M16, Darling, Mark N M16, Prince, Hodari E M12, Pratt, Trinity C W8), 2:34.06. 3, Barracuda Swim Club ‘E’ (Higgs, Kyana D W11, Albury, Kyle A M10, Kellini, Miray A W13, Knowles, Reis K M13), 2:38.05. 4, Barracuda Swim Club ‘C’ (Farrington, Grace M W12, Adderley, Brian J M13, Fox, Maria A W11, Wood, Ralph III V M15), 2:42.45. 5, Mako Aqautics Club ‘B’ 2:58.62. 6, Mako Aqautics Club ‘C’ 2:59.13. 7, Barracuda Swim Club ‘B’ (Sealy, Kieran A M11, Singh, Sarah C W12, Longley, Sian C W17, Carey, Christian B M12), 3:00.80. 8, Barracuda Swim Club ‘F’ (Munnings, Mateo H M11, Slatter, Katherine M W15.


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Archers compete in first ever 3D Archery tournament in Bahamas By RENALDO DORSETT Tribune Sports Reporter HISTORIC Clifford Park on West Bay Street, Nassau lit up with excitement over the weekend as enthusiastic archers, cheered on by family, friends and spectators, squared off in competition in the first ever 3D Archery Tournament in The Bahamas. Antonio Abraham, coordinator of the ASA Bahamas Outdoor DAIR Archery Tournament, was pleased with the overall turnout of this inaugural two-day event which took place February 3-4 at Clifford Park. Three archers travelled from the United States to compete for a chance to win a vacation stay in The Bahamas, $800, $500, archery gear gift cards, among other prizes. Mr Abraham highlighted the tournament’s potential to become a major sports tourism magnet, as, on its initial launch, the event attracted international competitors along with their accompanying support contingent. Charity Armbrister, director of Events in the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, one of the sponsors of the tournament, was also pleased with the turnout of the event. “This event is a positive addition to the many things to do for tourists and residents alike, adding to the appeal of a Bahamas visit,” remarked Armbrister. The 3-D Archery Tournament featured three categories: two adult categories (Adult Traditional -15 yards and Adult Compound-40 yards) and a youth division for competitors age 18 and under (Youth Traditional - 10 yards). The youth division

ASPIRING archers compete in the ASA Bahamas Outdoor DAIR Archery Tournament at Clifford Park. of the tournament which fielded nine local competitors was hotly contested, with contestants coming from six schools: Doris Johnson Senior High, Saint Augustine College, Queens College, The Community School, HO Nash Junior High School, and the University of The Bahamas. Competition winners were as follows: Youth Traditional: Juan Glinton - Saint Augustine College - 1st Place Pericles Maillis - Queens College - 2nd Place Joseph Lynch - Queens College - 3rd Place

Adult Traditional: Daniel Schell - From Kentucky, USA - 1st Place Ben Jamieson - Local Archer - 2nd Place Gina Jenkins - Local Archer - 3rd Place  Adult Compound: Tasso Roker - Local Archer - 1st Place Marcia Falks - Tennessee, USA - 2nd Place Monty Roker - Local Archer - 3rd Place Scotiabank, the official youth sponsor of this event, was very encouraged by the student participation in these games. “The community is at the heart of

all we do at Scotiabank. We are committed to helping youth become better off and are proud of the display of talent from these young archers,” said Nakera Symonette, senior manager of marketing and public relations, Scotiabank Caribbean North. “In addition to engaging in a positive sporting activity, organisers gave these young persons a chance to compete for archery supplies to further enhance the physical education programme at their schools. Congratulations to the winning school,” Symonette continued.

Tournament coordinator and director of Archery Culture, Antonio Abraham, forecast that another event like this one is likely to be held before year’s end 2018. “Not very often do you have an event that men, women and youth of any age can enjoy together as a family, compete on the same field, attract visitors from all walks of life and bring communities together all in one activity. “Our events have the potential to have an eminently positive impact on Bahamian society from various aspects over time.”

MASTERS SOFTBALL LEAGUE REGULAR SEASON CONTINUES THE Masters Softball League continued its regular season action over the weekend at the Archdeacon William Thompson Softball Park at the Southern Recreation Grounds. • Here’s a summary: Corner Boyz 24, Tiki Hut 0 Jayson Sweeting had a huge day, going 4-for-4 with two home runs and eight runs batted in (RBI) to help life the Corner Boyz in their shutout win. Gay Knowles was also a perfect 4-for-4 at the plate with an RBI and he also got the win on the mound over Craig Bowe. Johnson Crusaders 23, Stallions 9 Warfield Bain had a perfect 5-for-5 with two home runs and five RBI as the Crusaders got a lop-sided win. Stephen ‘Slugger’ Brown was 3-for-5 with three RBI. Alfred ‘Skater’ Munnings was the winning pitcher and Will Elliott was the loser. Da Boyz 17, Kiki Hut 2 Dwayne Pratt had a perfect 3-for-3 day with two homers and four RBIs in the win. Vernon Clarke was the winning pitcher and Craig Bowe got tagged with the loss.

THE SCHEDULE Saturday 11am - CB vs Boyz 1pm - Shred vs Doz 3pm - Crusaders vs Tiki Hut.

Sunday 1pm - CB vs Stallions 3pm - Shred vs Tiki Hut

LeBron’s last-second shot gives Cavaliers 140-138 OT victory By TOM WITHERS Associated Press CLEVELAND (AP) — LeBron James hit a jumper over Jimmy Butler at the buzzer in overtime, giving the Cleveland Cavaliers a 140-138 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night. Moments after James blocked Butler’s potential game-winning shot with 1.3 seconds left, he caught a long pass from Jeff Green, created some space from Butler near the foul line and sank his fade-away shot to end Cleveland’s eight-game losing streak on national television. The crowd erupted and James was mobbed by his teammates as the Cavs got a much-needed win to ease tensions during a prolonged slump. Cleveland has won just seven of its last 20. James finished with 37 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds in 48 minutes. He also passed Zydrunas Ilgauskas (5,904) on Cleveland’s all-time rebounds list. Butler scored 35, and Karl-Anthony Towns 30 for the Timberwolves, who were in position to win in OT before James came to Cleveland’s rescue. Butler drove the left side and had a step on rookie Cedi Osman before getting off a short shot. However, James, who had missed a 3-pointer that would have won it in regulation, came from the weak side to reject it and set up the dramatic finish. The Cavs had lost their eight previous network broadcast appearances this season, prompting James to say last week following a lopsided loss to Houston that he and his teammates should be dropped from any more telecasts. Finally, they were primed for prime time.

AD ERROR To Our Valued Customers: Please be advised that due to a shipping delay Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs 1.89/lb advertised today in the weekly Solomon’s Ad will be replaced by CLEVELAND Cavaliers’ LeBron James (23) dunks the ball last night against Minnesota Timberwolves’ Gorgui Dieng (5). (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) J.R. Smith added 20 points and Isaiah Thomas had 13 points and seven assists in one of his best games in weeks. Towns made all six of his 3-point attempts and Minnesota drained a season-high 19 3-pointers. With the NBA trade deadline set for 3 p.m. Thursday, the Cavs are looking for a deal to salvage a season quickly slipping away. The team has been hesitant to part with the first-round pick it acquired during the summer in the Kyrie Irving trade, but Cleveland may have no choice in order to add a quality player capable of pushing the team back into title contention. Cavs coach

Tyronn Lue was back on the sideline after leaving Tuesday’s loss in Orlando in the first half with an unspecified illness. Lue said “I’m fine” when asked about his health, but did not provide any details. The Cavs were coming off their latest embarrassing performance in a string of bad ones in Orlando on Tuesday night. Cleveland blew a 21-point lead and scored just nine points in the fourth quarter against a Magic team that has won just 17 games. Cleveland appeared in control when Thomas hit a 3-pointer to give the Cavs a 124-116 lead with 3:57 left, but the Timberwolves went on an 8-0 run over the next two minutes to tie it.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1.89/lb We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Signed Management

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Nassau Street Hockey League ‘pucks up’ By MELISSA GAUDETTE Special To The Tribune IT was hockey night on Wednesday as the Nassau Street Hockey League featured two great games. The first game at 7:30pm saw the Sharks take on the Reefs. Game two at 8:45 pm pitted the Hurricanes against the Pirates. Both games were played at the Sand Trap on West Bay Street. The Sharks were hoping to break the Reefs winning streak and the Pirates looked to continue theirs. On January 31, the Reefs continued a six-game winning streak as they beat the Hurricanes 4-1. Reefs’ goalie Stephen Truszkowkski made impressive stops to help keep that score low. The Sharks battled the Pirates in a close game but the Pirates took an 8-5 win. Recently returned player Jason Kinsale didn’t miss any chances for the Pirates

as he raked in seven points (four goals, three assists). Joining Jason’s line was Kevin Taylor (Pirates as he helped make those goals by getting five assists in that game. The second half of the season has been off to a great start. Each team has seen one or two new players drafted to their teams. The current standings

TOP: Stephen Truszkowski jumps to catch the loose ball.

for teams are Reefs (1st), Pirates (2nd), Hurricanes (3rd), and Sharks (4th). Player stats and team stats can now be accessed on the league website: USTREETHOCKEYLE& s=hockey Come on out every Wednesday and cheer on your favourite team.

LEFT: Pirates go against a sea of Sharks. TOP LEFT: Reefs line up against the Hurricanes.


5-Day Forecast



High: 79° F/26° C Low: 64° F/18° C






Partly sunny with a shower in spots

Partly cloudy

Partly sunny

Partly sunny

Humid with plenty of sunshine

Partly sunny and humid

High: 83°

Low: 73°

High: 83° Low: 73°

High: 83° Low: 72°

High: 84° Low: 71°

High: 84° Low: 71°

AccuWeather RealFeel

AccuWeather RealFeel

AccuWeather RealFeel

AccuWeather RealFeel

AccuWeather RealFeel

AccuWeather RealFeel

94° F

75° F

88°-75° F

89°-75° F

91°-76° F

91°-74° F

High: 81° F/27° C Low: 65° F/18° C

The exclusive AccuWeather RealFeel Temperature® is an index that combines the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, cloudiness, precipitation, pressure and elevation on the human body—everything that affects how warm or cold a person feels. Temperatures reflect the high and the low for the day.








High: 76° F/24° C Low: 72° F/22° C

6-12 knots


High: 81° F/27° C Low: 70° F/21° C

4-8 knots



High: 81° F/27° C Low: 71° F/22° C







High: 79° F/26° C Low: 69° F/21° C


High: 84° F/29° C Low: 73° F/23° C

6-12 knots


High: 79° F/26° C Low: 72° F/22° C


Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2018

High: 78° F/26° C Low: 74° F/23° C


The higher the AccuWeather UV IndexTM number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection.

tiDes For nassau High





1:59 a.m. 2:12 p.m.

2.4 2.0

8:22 a.m. 8:27 p.m.

0.4 0.1


2:56 a.m. 3:10 p.m.

2.4 1.9

9:23 a.m. 9:21 p.m.

0.4 0.1


3:52 a.m. 4:05 p.m.

2.4 1.9

10:20 a.m. 0.4 10:14 p.m. 0.1


4:43 a.m. 4:57 p.m.

2.4 1.9

11:11 a.m. 0.3 11:03 p.m. 0.0


5:29 a.m. 5:43 p.m.

2.5 2.0

11:57 a.m. 0.2 11:48 p.m. 0.0


6:12 a.m. 6:26 p.m.

2.6 2.1

12:38 p.m. 0.1 ---------

Wednesday 6:51 a.m. 7:07 p.m.

2.7 2.3

12:31 a.m. -0.1 1:16 p.m. 0.0

sun anD moon Sunrise Sunset

6:49 a.m. 5:59 p.m.

Moonrise Moonset

1:04 a.m. 12:28 p.m.





Feb. 15

Feb. 23

Mar. 1

Mar. 9




High: 79° F/26° C Low: 74° F/23° C





7-14 knots Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

Statistics are for Nassau through 1 p.m. yesterday Temperature High ................................................... 82° F/28° C Low .................................................... 72° F/22° C Normal high ....................................... 77° F/25° C Normal low ........................................ 64° F/18° C Last year’s high ................................. 84° F/29° C Last year’s low ................................... 66° F/19° C Precipitation As of 1 p.m. yesterday ................................. 0.00” Year to date ................................................. 5.69” Normal year to date ..................................... 1.73”


High: 83° F/28° C Low: 73° F/23° C

6-12 knots




High: 80° F/27° C Low: 74° F/23° C

High: 79° F/26° C Low: 74° F/23° C


High: 80° F/27° C Low: 74° F/23° C




insurance management tracking map H

uV inDex toDay


High: 80° F/27° C Low: 75° F/24° C

7-14 knots

MAYAGUANA High: 80° F/27° C Low: 75° F/24° C

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


High: 79° F/26° C Low: 75° F/24° C

GREAT INAGUA High: 82° F/28° C Low: 74° F/23° C









8-16 knots

10-20 knots


Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday: Today: Friday:

WINDS NE at 4-8 Knots E at 8-16 Knots NE at 6-12 Knots E at 8-16 Knots E at 7-14 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots E at 10-20 Knots E at 6-12 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots ENE at 4-8 Knots E at 8-16 Knots E at 7-14 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots NE at 10-20 Knots E at 10-20 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots E at 8-16 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots E at 10-20 Knots ENE at 6-12 Knots E at 7-14 Knots NE at 8-16 Knots E at 10-20 Knots E at 7-14 Knots ENE at 8-16 Knots

WAVES 2-4 Feet 3-5 Feet 1-2 Feet 1-3 Feet 3-6 Feet 4-7 Feet 4-7 Feet 4-7 Feet 2-4 Feet 3-5 Feet 1-3 Feet 2-4 Feet 1-3 Feet 2-4 Feet 4-7 Feet 4-8 Feet 3-5 Feet 3-6 Feet 5-9 Feet 5-9 Feet 1-3 Feet 1-3 Feet 3-5 Feet 3-6 Feet 2-4 Feet 3-5 Feet

VISIBILITY 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 6 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles 10 Miles

WATER TEMPS. 73° F 73° F 77° F 77° F 80° F 80° F 77° F 77° F 75° F 75° F 75° F 75° F 77° F 77° F 80° F 80° F 80° F 80° F 77° F 77° F 74° F 74° F 79° F 79° F 77° F 77° F


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JAIDA KNOWLES in action.

COUNTDOWN CONTINUES... WITH just 50 days to go before the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations hosts the CARIFTA Games for a record eighth time, the focus of attention on the pre-qualifiers for Team Bahamas is on sprinter Jaida Knowles and thrower Tarajh Hudson. JAIDA KNOWLES Event: 100m (Under-17 Girls) Qualifying Standard: 12.06 Qualifying Time: 11.89 Club: Star Trackers School: St Augustine’s College

Qualifying Meet: McKenley-Wint Meet Jamaica 1/20/2018 Jaida was also a member of the Bahamas’ Gold medal 4x100 U18 Girls team last year in Curacao.

TARAJH HUDSON Photos: Shawn Hanna/ Tribune Staff

TARAJH HUDSON Event: Discus (Under-17 Boys) Qualifying Standard: 41.50m Qualifying Distance: 47.81m at Roadrunners Meet 1/20/201 and 48.85m at Club Monica Meet 1/26/2018 Club: Cooper Throwers (Coach Bradley Cooper) School: St Augustine’s College

02082018 sports  
02082018 sports