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instantaneously attend our Internet Bridal Show™ from the comfort of your own chair. This opens an entire world of thoughts and ideas, as well as suppliers who are waiting to answer your questions and fulfil your wishes. But that’s not all. This information age that we live in creates more decisions for you. How can you possibly know which information is credible, and what is gossip and hype? I am proud of our Editor, Judy Johnson, and her stable of writers and researchers. Judy has cut through all the noise attend and has created content for you in thisinstantaneously magazine that is our Internet Bridal Show™ from the comfort of your own chair. This opens an entire world of interesting, unique and trustworthy. The Real Life Weddings thoughts and ideas, as well as suppliers who are waiting to ur Internet Bridal Show™ fromare thenot wild ideas of what might be, but actual weddings of answer your questions and fulfil your wishes. One of the joys that I have as publisher is talking to brides as they are r. This opens an entire world interest of that worked. Our regular featuresButare crammed that’s not all. with beginning to plan their wedding. Each one of them tells me that they ll as suppliers who are waiting to This information age that we live in creates more transferrable ideas, new trends and practical methods of started planning their wedding as a young girl, dreaming about meeting the decisions for you. How can you possibly know which d fulfil your wishes. creating the wedding you envision. If your dream is of right person and creatinga a storybook wedding. They grow older and keep information is credible, and what is gossip and hype? dreaming and adding toevent, the story, their story, as they take little bits and 1920s’ sophisticated celebration or of a rustic vintage I am proud of our Editor, Judy Johnson, and her stable of ideasEver from movies, magazines and conversations with their friends, until hat we in creates plan mylive wedding, backmore you will find creative details here. wonder what factors writers and researchers. Judy has cut through all the noise their story becomes acontent visionforofyou what their wedding day will become. n you possibly know and has created in this magazine that is Mary and I felt that we which wedding photographers consider when choosing the person interesting, unique and trustworthy. The Real Life Weddings ndthe what is gossip and hype? behind the camera for the photos of a lifetime? Here is your ll decisions that Here at Wedding help writeweddings your story are not wildEssentials, ideas of whatwe might be,you but actual of by bringing ideas to or, Judy Johnson, of to discover just that! There g ceremony and and her stable chance is an amazing variety ofregular you, such as how organize yourself in the beginning strategy of planning interest thatto worked. Our features are crammed with udy has cut through all the noise your day,transferrable staying within your financial goalsmethods and even venues in Ontario for weddings; check out a sampling of trends ideas, new and practical of ways to make your first few in months of marriage better! We creating will also to you, free ofIfcharge, ouris 128 or you inThere this magazine thesend wedding you envision. your dream of a page book, The Bride’s t alone. are many that isthose this issue. Be inspired by fabulous gowns, flowers, Survival Guide which is more than a 1920s’ checklist; it has celebration thoughts,orideas andvintage memory joggers to give you a are Life not alone. sophisticated of a rustic event, ustworthy. TheWe Real Weddings sweet treats and décor elements. Just flip through to the to write your notes and to make comewhat to life. Please flip to page 82 I remember whenplace I was helping plan my wedding, backplan all youthe willdetails find creative detailsyour here. story Ever wonder factors be,this butdaunting actual weddings of of Contents on page 12 and you’ll be carried off on an fmight making tobride-to-be request your copy. in the last century,Table my Mary and I felt that we wedding photographers consider when choosing the person regularthroughout features arethe crammed with control the journey wedding were first everenjoyable to have to make all theof decisions thatplanning. behind the camera for the photos of a lifetime? Here is your rends and practical methodsforofa It werethat necessary smooth wedding ceremony and chance discover There is anstory amazing variety is your Wedding, your day, and with our to help, youjust canthat! write your your way.of he same magazine reception. venues in Ontario for weddings; check out a sampling of envision. If your dream is of a have the print version Enjoy, Fortunately, like you, we were not arethe many thoseand in this issue. Be inspired by fabulous flowers, I’m excited toalone. be a There part of planning, please send us pictures sogowns, we can include your story in our or of a rustic vintage event, rration publications, The Savvy sources for finding help. sweet treats and décor elements. Just flip through to the upcoming magazines. ails wonder what factors but here. we areEver on the Wedding Essentials has a history of making this daunting Table of Contents on page 12 and you’ll be carried off on an onsider when choosing person task easier, the by letting you maintain control throughout the enjoyable journey of wedding planning. n. months of planning. But we’re not the same magazine that ofscan a lifetime? Here is your e,photos you can any one your mother may have used. Yes, we have the print version Enjoy, at! There and is an amazing variety of Directory of the magazine, as well as our sister publications, The Savvy ddings; check out a sampling of Survival Guide, but we are on the n that you need. You can Bride and The Bride’s pired fabulous gowns, flowers, leading edge of the digital revolution. of thisbyletter and John JohnWebster Webster | Publisher With the to usethe of your smart phone, you can scan any one ments. Just flip through of the QR Codes in our Advertisers’ Directory and 12 and you’ll be carried off on an P. S. immediately receive the information that you need. You can ding planning. also scan the QR Code at the bottom of this letter and John Webster | Publisher One of our writers, Alanna Newman is getting married, and starting in the Fall Edition of Wedding Essentials, she will be telling her story as she uses The Bride’s Survival Guide to guide her journey from the engagement to the honeymoon.

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the experts Come through Wedding Essentials is here to help you with the important questions ­– like those related to planning a perfect wedding!



My parents divorced five years ago, and they are anything but good friends. I want them both to be there on my special day. How do I handle it?

A. The key words here are “your special day.” Meet with each of them beforehand and explain how important it is to you that both of them put aside any hard feelings so that you can have a calm, peaceful wedding and reception. Discuss all your arrangements ahead of time so they know what to expect at the church and reception hall. Since their relationship is not amicable, be sure that they do not have to stand next to each other at any time, whether in receiving lines or for photos. Put them and any new spouses at separate tables for the reception. Don’t be talked into anything that you aren’t comfortable with or feel could end badly.



This is a second marriage for me and I would just as soon not have any gifts from friends and family. I really only want to bring together everybody I love for a big party. Can I say on the invitation “No gifts”?

A. The proper way to handle the situation is to spread the word among family and close friends that gifts are not expected. A great saying for the RSVP card is ‘Your presence is present enough.’



When my sister got married she did not invite children. Some people ignored her and wrote their children’s names on the response cards anyway. How can I avoid this situation when I get married?

A. Some people honestly think the kids are invited. Others try to bully the bride into letting them come. If someone indicates to you that they intend to bring the kids, simply call them up and explain to them in kind terms that kids are not being invited. But, be aware that this may mean that some people will not be able, or willing, to attend in that case. What is important is that if this is a rule you have created… you need to stick to it for everyone. This keeps it fair and allows all to feel the rules are not just pushed onto particular people.

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Wedding Essentials VOL. 20, NO. 1 | SPRING / SUMMER 2018

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CONTRIBUTORS T.P. Black | Rita Callahan | Be Conrad | Alana Douglas | Imari Gower David Jones | Alanna Newman | Alicia Stewart | TJ Walker



I ’ve been at weddings where, after the bride and groom cut the wedding cake, they stuff pieces into each other’s faces, often even getting it on their clothes. What is that all about?

A. That’s a good question. This has popped up from time to time as there really is a new allowance from the standard traditional ways. It’s great to know there really isn’t a right or wrong and the two of you would know each other best as to whether or not this would be ‘funny’ at the wedding. Perhaps this is a discussion the two of you should clarify before the day begins. Make sure you are on the same page on how this will be done. The groom feeding the bride the first slice of cake, and the bride feeding the groom the second, symbolizes their commitment to share with and support each other throughout life. Such deep symbolism, can really show the way you choose to work together in life. If it is of the traditional mannerisms there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with having a little insight to the light side of fun that you two can get into. The important thing is that you both feel the same way during this moment.

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THE EXPERTS COME THROUGH Questions and answers from our readers and professionals.


3 WEDDING PLANNER TIPS FOR BRIDES ON A BUDGET Find out how to get the best out of your bridal budget.


DESTINATIONS: PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY ‘The County’ on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario is your perfect staycation.


DETAILS TO MAKE YOUR WEDDING GOWN PERFECTLY UNIQUE Keeping your unique style visible during your wedding day can be difficult.


COMBINING FORM & FUNCTION WITH CUTE WEDDING FLATS Form, function and fashion can be had at the tip of your toes.


FACEBOOK FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Answers to common questions found on social media.


HOW YOU CAN SPICE UP YOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS Learn the different terms used by printers and designers when dealing with stationery.


SAVE BIG AND STILL HAVE THE WEDDING OF YOUR DREAMS Here are a few tips and tricks to save your wallet on your special day.


CAN YOU AFFORD TO BE A BRIDESMAID Just what should you be paying for if you are asked to be a bridesmaid?


5 THINGS EVERY ENGAGED COUPLE SHOULD DO Try to sit back and relax for a moment. You don’t have to plan everything all at once.


HOW TO SURVIVE THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF MARRAIGE Though many couples live together before marriage now, it is still a period of adjustment.


CHOOSING THE PERFECT CATERER You are the star of the show, but the food you present will still play a supporting role.


NEWLY MARRIED? MAKE THESE SMART MONEY MOVES NOW Talking openly and honestly about money matters is one way to solidify your relationship.


Matrimony still exerts a powerful attraction for the majority of North Americans.

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The Bride’s Survival Guide is a 128-page planner/organizer created specifically for brides in SouthCentral Ontario. It gives you detailed information on every aspect of getting married – from how to word your invitations to how to pack for your honeymoon. To request your FREE copy [a $39.95 value], complete and mail the postcard opposite page 82. Or you can complete the request form online at [Quantities are limited.]

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real life weddings 16

LISE AND JASON A blind date can work.


CATHARINE AND CURTIS A happy event can come from a sad one.


ANNIE AND TIM A picture wedding from beginning to end.


MARYANN AND RICHARD College student sweethearts.


From wedding guests to hosting a wedding themselves.





GOLD, TITANIUM OR PLATINUM? Find out which wedding band is the best for you and yours.


AFFORDABLE ARRANGEMENTS There are ample ways to cut down on cost without sacrificing taste.


FLORAL FANTASY Fabulous flowers are key components of memorable weddings.


CLASSIC GROOMSMEN GIFTS From traditional to out of the box, these ideas will get your mind flowing.


FASHION PASSION A perfect gown reflects a vision of the bride that will be cherished for a long time.


10 UNIQUE LOCATIONS FOR AN OVERSEAS WEDDING CEREMONY A list of some of the best and most unique locations in the world to get married and why.


WHAT THE OFFICIANT WILL WANT TO KNOW Recruiting your officiant and coordinating the details with them is of primary importance.


GUIDE TO CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN 10 different areas and features you need to consider when choosing the right fountain.


EDIBLE ART Decadently delicious concoctions figure prominently in wedding celebrations.


TRADITIONS YOU CAN DITCH You can consider skipping certain traditions if they just don’t fit into your vision.

106 PLANNING AHEAD IS KEY TO A PERFECT WEDDING CAKE Find out what you should focus on to have a no hassle, top-notch cake at your reception.


YOUR BIG DAY Discover the six different styles that can show off the best in all body types.


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reception reference guide A quick chart to help you compare Ontario’s finest upscale wedding venues.


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a real-life wedding

Lise & Jason A BLIND DATE CAN WORK Lise was not interested at first when her friend, Carol, suggested she go on a blind date with a friend who worked at the same firehall as her husband. Lise was wanting to focus on her impending career as an elementary school teacher and continually rejected Carol’s idea, but eventually succumbed to the pressure and gave permission for Carol to give him her phone number. Time passed and finally Jay called Lise. An agreement was reached to meet at a Starbucks in Mississauga. “The only problem,” explained Lise, “Was that there were two Starbucks at that particular intersection.” After a half hour wait, Lise went to the other Starbucks, and there was Jay, patiently waiting. After three hours of conversation, they realized that they needed to meet again, but Lise wanted to be careful. When Jay asked how he could get in touch with her, she replied, “You’ll be able to find me on Facebook” and gave him a sweet smile. Jay spent a week trying to get through Lise’s security settings, but finally succeeded and asked her out on a second date. Over the next four years, they shared many fun times, laughs, life experiences and Starbucks dates.

AN OUTDOOR WEDDING Lise and Jay were married last Summer at Nestleton Waters Inn, Nestleton Station, near Port Perry, Ontario. Their Garden Theme fit perfectly with the landscape and layout of the Inn which created the tone and a unique vibe right from the beginning. Lise and Jay both remarked, “It is a beautiful Inn with gorgeous outdoor garden spaces, a pond and space for a patio cocktail hour and tented reception.” They both agreed that it was nice to be in one place and yet have a different “feel” to the ceremony and reception.

ALL THE LITTLE TOUCHES MADE THE DAY SPECIAL All of the little touches that went into planning the day paid off and made the day special. Lise created fans for the guests to stay cool while waiting, which were put to good use as the day was 40 degrees with the humidity. The fans included a message thanking the guests for being a part of their special day. The family history was acknowledged with a table set up as a tribute to the grandparents who had passed on and weren’t able to be there to celebrate with them. “It was important to me,” said Lise, “to use my grandma’s old hand mirror while taking pictures.” She also had a pendant with her grandma’s picture attached to her bouquet. In a more whimsical mood, they had pictures of both Lise and Jay as young toddlers having a bath, to indicate the men’s and women’s washrooms. Even the wedding favours were a reflection of the couple. “Jay and I both love homemade jam. We

16 | Wedding Essentials 2018

decided early on that this would be a great gift for our family and friends, and made both a raspberry and blueberry jam (with berries we picked ourselves) so that couples could each take home our favourite flavours. Handmade with love!”

CENTERPIECE FLOWERS HAD A SPECIAL MEANING Their flowers were classic, romantic and whimsical. Bouquets and centerpieces consisted primarily of blush peonies, David Austin roses, blush hydrangeas white spray roses, and carnations with baby’s breath and seeded eucalyptus. Bouquets were tied with burlap handles and boutonnieres (of seeded eucalyptus and baby’s breath) were wrapped with twine.

MUSIC IS THE SPICE OF LOVE Both Lise and Jay wanted something elegant but light for the preceremony and ceremony and chose to use a lot of violin versions of rock songs (by Vitamin String Quartet), thinking it would be fun for the guests to guess the songs while they waited. Their DJ, Lindsay, did an amazing job at capturing their vibe for the whole afternoon. The ceremony was outside, so they wanted the music to be entertaining and a bit less traditional. The bridesmaids walked in to the ukulele version of Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and Lise and her dad walked down the aisle to Rockelbel’s Canon by the Piano Guys. At the reception, the bridal party danced in to Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Radio Edit) by OMI and the bride and groom came in to Marry You by Bruno Mars. The first dance was to Today by Joshua Radin. Fatherdaughter danced to In My Life by The Beatles, Mother-son danced to 7 Years by Lukas Graham. They cut the cake to How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You by James Taylor. And what a cake it was. Lise got in touch with Jane at Dolled Up Cupcakes about creating a unique “groom’s cake” specifically for Jay. “Weddings tend to be more about the bride,” said Lise, “and it was important to me to have something that was just for him on our big day.” Lise sent photos of Jay’s firefighting helmet and Jane created a beautiful replica, including all the minor details. “It was so well done and exactly what I wanted!” exclaimed Lise. “Jay loved it and was certainly surprised when he saw it on the table!”

MEMORIES Lise and Jay are glad that their friends had told them to stop and really take in the day when they could. They made that a priority during the day and paused at times to just look around and said “Wow, these people are here to celebrate us.” Those moments are snapshots of an otherwise crazy day that they enjoyed laughing throughout with all of the guests. The funniest moment that stuck with them was when one of Jay’s groomsmen got severely sunburnt on only half of his face while out playing Frisbee earlier in the day. The fondest memory of the day is sitting at their king’s table, eating fantastic food, looking at all of their guests who were having a great time celebrating. “It made us so happy seeing our friends and family enjoying themselves.” Bride’s Gown: Reem Acra | Bride’s Boutique: White Toronto Bride’s Hair: Debbie Teixeira, POD Hair Studio Bride’s Make-Up: Karin Kaya Groom’s Attire: Coppley from Tip Top Tailor’s Jeweller: La Boutique Del Gioiello Florist: Donna Johnston, Bella Donna’s Flowers Ceremony Location: Nestleton Waters Inn, Nestleton Station Reception Location: Nestleton Waters Inn, Nestleton Station Photographer: Nikko Lim, Nikko Photography | 416.939.9618

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 17


Wedding Planner Tips for Brides on a


As bride and groom, you hope to create an unforgettable wedding day, not only for yourselves − the happy couple − but also for your family, friends, and your guests. However, your choice of venue, food, drink and even the favours could be the difference between blowing your budget and making the most of your money. Many couples have financial commitments that mean there is a limit to how much they can spend on their wedding. Some want to splash out on their honeymoon and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Others may be buying their first home, which they view as more of a financial priority. Mature couples, or those who are on their second marriage, may be uniting two families, and their extended family is probably already draining their finances at an alarming rate! How can you get the best out of your bridal budget? Here are three top tips from professional wedding planners.

Wedding Venue Packages Many venues offer a package price for a set number of guests, usually from 60 to 100 or more. This typically includes a set “menu” of options, such as 6 canapés, 2 reception drinks, a 3-course wedding breakfast, half a bottle of wine, a glass of fizz for the toast, and an evening buffet

for all your guests, as well as an in-house DJ to get everyone on the dance floor. The cost will vary from venue to venue, but a package could work out to anything from $100 to $160 per guest. Put like that, it’s a lot of money; you may not want to treat an uncle that you haven’t seen since you were a baby to a day out at your expense. Instead of the all-inclusive package, choose the venue’s “hire only” option, and tweak the day to suit your budget. Forget the canapés, and ask your caterer to put out bowls of nibbles instead. Offer one reception drink instead of two, and ask for the bar to be open immediately after the ceremony. After a free glass of Bucks Fizz, your guests should be happy to buy their own drinks. You can also reduce the 3-course wedding breakfast to one course, and choose all-time favourites such as posh bangers and mash, or fish and chips − simply request good portion sizes from your caterer. For a dessert, cut and serve your wedding cake as a sweet treat with tea and coffee. Have your speeches at the beginning of the meal, and ask for the fizz to be poured beforehand in champagne flutes. Remember that many people do not like champagne, and full glasses are very often left virtually

untouched. On a fully inclusive package, you will be charged for premium quality bottles of fizz, in which case it’s money down the drain in the truest sense. Serve a modestly priced Asti instead, or similar sparkling wine. Unless your guest list includes many people with Champagne tastes (and Champagne salaries), most of them will not know the difference! During the meal, offer a glass of beer or wine, or a soft drink to your guests, after which they can buy their own top-ups if they want to. Make sure there’s plenty of water available for dry throats. Instead of the evening buffet or barbeque that the all-inclusive package may include, simply serve low-cost sliders or pizza. A little goes a long way! For your evening’s entertainment, source your own DJ – who will probably charge you far less than the fee of around $500 that many venues’ all-inclusive packages include in their price.

Wedding cars and accommodation Even though you are being careful with your money, you may think about hiring a vintage car to take you to your wedding venue. You imagine you will feel like a million dollars as you step out from the comfortable leather seats of your luxurious limousine, as all your guests line up to take your photograph.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 19

Except it won’t happen like that. To ensure the bride can make a wonderfully grand entrance in her stunning wedding dress, most venues will seat the wedding guests in the ceremony room long before she arrives.

than tasteful. At most venues, each place setting will be laid with three sets of cutlery and three glasses. There will also be a side plate, napkin, water carafe, salt and pepper, and a table number holder or similar.

A far better option would be to book on-site accommodation, to which you can usually have access to from about midday on the day of your wedding. The cost of a wedding car is roughly comparable to the cost of a bridal suite, and you will get more value from the room than the car.

In addition to this, many brides want to add a disposable camera, tea lights, a table centrepiece, sprinkles and place names. All this makes the tables look cluttered. Generally speaking, there could be 8-10 people struggling for elbow room around each table in a pretty packed dining area, so the less you put on the table, the better.

If you do book an expensive wedding car, the only person to enjoy it will be you, as everyone else will be patiently waiting for their first glimpse of you as you glide down the aisle. But if you book the Bridal Suite at the venue, you can get ready in the room, while you enjoy a sneaky glass of something to steady your nerves. As a bonus, you also have what should be luxury accommodation for the first night of your honeymoon. That represents far better value for money than a few minutes in a posh car.

Wedding favours Many brides go to such a lot of effort to decorate their wedding breakfast table. But after spending vast amounts of money on favours, it often ends up looking more tacky

20 | Wedding Essentials 2018

You could spend hours concocting tiny jars of home-made chilli jam, or rolling melted chocolate in nuts, which could in all seriousness drive you nuts when you have a wedding to plan! Make life easy for yourself and save money into the bargain. People are more likely to appreciate your long-lasting (and reusable) tin of mints than two mouthfuls of melting chocolate. For your table centrepiece, find medium-sized glass bowls, place two or three Gerbera heads the same colour as your bridesmaids’ dresses in the bottom, fill with water and place three floating candles on the top.

At first glance, it is the overall effect of 10 or so tables, sitting underneath chandeliers, and dressed with crisp white linen and sparkling glasses and cutlery, that gives the “wow” factor to your guests. Keeping the tables plain and simple looks much better, and is less of a drain on your wedding budget.

This gives you a combination of colour and candlelight all at the same time, and means your guests can see each other across the table. It also makes conversation easier than if they need to dodge around a giant cascade of expensive flowers.

Key rings and shopping trolley coins are often popular as wedding favours, along with scratch cards, but you can support your local charity another day. These tokens are not really in the best possible taste at a wedding. A better option would be a small tin of mints for guests to keep in their car or bag. Very cheap, and there will be lots of cheering all round, compared to the predictable disappointment of a scratch card.

There are many ways you can make your wedding fit your budget rather than busting your budget to accommodate the wedding. Never feel under pressure to be too generous if it puts your finances under a strain and remember, your friends and family will enjoy watching you get married, no matter what, and will be happy just to be part of the day. It is your day, so make it your own and enjoy it!

Gold, Titanium or Platinum? Which is Best for Your

Wedding Band?

22 | Wedding Essentials 2018

If you’re in the market for a wedding ring, you do not want to make any mistakes. Unlike other jewellery purchases, this one is for a lifetime, and both you and your spouse will be living with the decision for decades to come. It is so important to research all your choices and weigh the pros and cons of each one. You can select a wedding ring in gold, titanium or platinum, and each metal has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Yellow Gold ›

Yellow gold is the classic choice for wedding bands– and still the most popular. Yellow gold is a great choice for both men and women, and its good looks never go out of style. Another advantage of yellow gold wedding bands is that they will hold their color through the years and stay looking just as good as new. With the right care, the yellow gold wedding band you buy today will look just as beautiful on your golden anniversary. Keep in mind, however, that yellow gold is less durable than platinum, so you will have to clean the ring regularly and care for its properly.

‹ White Gold

White gold is actually a mixture of pure gold and other metals like silver or palladium. It’s that mix of metals that gives white gold is distinctive shine and beautiful colour. White gold is very durable, and it is a classic choice for both men and women. White gold wedding bands have the same beautiful look as platinum bands, but their cost is generally lower. If you have always wanted a platinum wedding band but do not have an unlimited budget, white gold can be a smart and less costly alternative. At the same time, white gold is less durable than platinum. Like yellow gold, your white gold wedding band will need proper care to stay looking great year after year. White gold can also yellow over time, so your ring will probably be a bit darker when those big anniversaries come around. Also, keep in mind that some people are allergic to the alloys used to give white gold its distinctive colour. Be sure to have your skin, and your future spouse, tested for allergic reactions before you go shopping.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 23

‹ Titanium

Titanium is a very hard and durable metal with a silver gray colour. Unlike gold wedding bands, you can safely leave your titanium ring on when you go swimming – even saltwater will not damage it or cause it to corrode. Titanium wedding bands are known for their classy good looks, and they are definitely the trendy choice. Titanium wedding rings are also hypoallergenic, with none of the allergy concerns of white gold. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of choosing titanium for your wedding band is how hard the metal is to work with. Many jewelers do not have the equipment needed to repair or resize a titanium wedding band, so be sure to scope out your options before you buy.

Platinum ›

Platinum was not always a popular choice for wedding bands, but it has been gaining real traction in recent years. Platinum has several advantages over other more traditional choices, including greater durability, a stunning overall appearance and long-lasting good looks. Platinum is one of the most durable metals in the world, and easily the most durable among the metals used to craft wedding bands. Platinum is dense and heavy – if you work with your hands you do not have to worry about damaging your platinum wedding band. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people who are allergic to gold and other metals. If you choose white platinum, you do not have to worry about it fading or darkening over time. The biggest downside of platinum wedding bands is their cost. You can expect to pay considerably more for your platinum wedding band than you would for a comparable ring in white or silver gold. It is not always easy to choose the right wedding band, but having all the facts before you go shopping can help a great deal. From white and yellow gold to platinum and titanium, there are many metals to choose from, and knowing the pros and cons of each will make your wedding ring shopping excursion both easier and more successful.

24 | Wedding Essentials 2018

NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemum DECEMBER: Narcissus


Wedding Essentials 20 1 7 | 27

io’s Central Ontar

s w o h S l a d i r Best B S


York Region Bridal Show Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Cardinal Golf Club 2740 Davis Drive West, King City

York Region Bridal Show Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Cardinal Golf Club 2740 Davis Drive West, King City

Barrie Bridal Show Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Barrie Country Club 635 St. Vincent St. N., Barrie

BRIDES: Pre-Register at Toll free: (877) 803-2121 • Local: (705) 436-5066 • Fax (705) 436-4976 • E-mail: Wedding Essentials 2018 | 25

a real-life wedding

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A happy event can come from a sad one. Seven years ago, Catharine and Curtis met while attending a funeral. That chance meeting turned into a happy romance. Catharine is currently a stay at home mom and Curtis is a military officer. They were married at the United Church in Elliot Lake, Ontario, with the reception at the Curling Club. It took the entire year that they were engaged to plan the wedding. They made a stunning couple with Catharine in a gown from Etsy that she purchased online, and Curtis in his High Collar Whites. Their rings were from Peoples and the flowers from Elliot Lake Florist. Catharine looked after her own hair and make-up. The colour scheme of Navy, Burgundy, Plum and Gold suited the elegant occasion perfectly.

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Music for the ceremony was supplied by Amber from Elliot Lake, with Jeff being the DJ. In general, the music was a style that was traditional for Portuguese dancing. The entrance to the reception was to the tune of “Crazy in Love” by American singer Beyoncé, with the first dance to “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Jeff Chi from Chi Media Photography of Elliot Lake, provided stunning photographs with his attention to detail and ability to catch the right moments. Curtis said that the most memorable and emotional part of the wedding was seeing Catharine walking down the aisle in her wedding gown and for Catharine it was how emotional they both were during their vows. The vows were from the heart, not formally scripted. They also recall the humorous moments when their 2-year-old- daughter crawled through Curtis’s legs all through the ceremony. One of the things that Catharine and Curtis were glad they did, was to have the wedding in their home town. This made transportation easy, and permitted 300 guests to attend. Both Catharine and Curtis enjoy outdoor living with sports such as fishing, kayaking, skiing and four wheeling which is why they chose Colorado for their honeymoon.

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Jeweller: Peoples | Photographer: Jeff and Whitney Chi, Chi Media Photography | | 705.227.0062

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Wedding Flowers Affordable Arrangements, Alternatives and Other Ideas

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Floral arrangements are a huge part of any wedding, but flowers can also be expensive and difficult to procure fresh. It’s ingrained in our society for women to indulge themselves on this special day, which is why we invest so much in our ceremonies and receptions. This doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard with the expense of floral arrangements, though. There are a number of ways to amplify your personality and cut down on cost without sacrificing taste when planning your wedding, especially when it comes to bouquets, corsages and centerpieces.

the ground in most regions and braided into bouquets – provided you have a crafty and willing bridesmaid. There are hundreds of flower species that can be used in wedding arrangements without dropping hundreds of dollars on roses.

Art Flowers

Real flowers can come with a hefty price tag and a whole bunch of extra effort if you don’t have a professional florist in your camp. Art flowers are a personalized, creative and sustainable addition (or alternative) to fresh flowers. Art flowers can be made by your bridal party, a local artist or even yourself. They are endlessly customizable with origami patterns, paper styles and embellishments. You can use sheet music, comic books, prints of your favorite artist’s paintings, pages of a book or anything else that means something special to you and your future husband.

Go Green

Common and Unconventional Wedding Flowers

After a while, it starts to look like all traditional wedding floral arrangements are the same. That’s because the most common flowers used in weddings are used over and over and over again. They are:  Roses  Tulips  Lilies

Want to fill out your wedding arrangements without going overboard? Lean towards more green. Stems, leaves and ivies are fairly commonplace in wedding arrangements, but you can kick it up a notch with your own unique touch. Add herbs such as sage or rosemary for a varied look and calming aroma. Use hops for texture and quirkiness. Tie in some green grapes on the vine for a regal aura – and a snack if you get hungry during the ceremony!  Orchids  Gladiolas  Baby’s breath Six species of flower seem pretty limiting, so why not incorporate less conventional blossoms for a little flare and lowered expense? Succulents make a bold statement and look like little floral cacti. Daisies are inexpensive and evoke memories of youthful romance. Clovers can simply be plucked from


For another added kick of personalization, look to non-floral decorative touches. Keys, ornaments, beaded jewelry, feathers, ribbons and wire can all accentuate an unconventional bouquet or centerpiece. Not only are trinkets a stunning visual addition to floral arrangements, they can hold intimate meanings for the bride and groom that make your wedding that much more special.

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Fantasy Bridal Bouquets Blooming passion‌ choose wedding flowers that express your individuality

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Remember as beautiful as you wish for your bouquet to be, you will need to keep the function in mind. This will be in your hands, being passed around and need the ability to lay on its side without becoming crushed.

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Prince Edward County By Alanna Newman

Perfect for

Bachelor(ette) parties, mini-moons, and romantic weekends away

When to go

Wednesdays through Sundays (many restaurants are not open Mondays and Tuesdays) from May to October. Enjoy the fall colours in October or swimming at Sandbanks in the summer.

City distances Toronto  200 km Ottawa  270 km Kingston  80 km Montreal  360 km

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estled just south of Belleville on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario lies a growing center of wineries, artisanal crafts, and alpacas. With boutique hotels, rustic barns, and stunning beaches. Prince Edward County, or “The County” as it likes to be called, is a perfect romantic getaway for your mini-moon, or bachelor(ette) parties. With an extensive mix of secluded B&Bs and slightly larger hotels, you are sure to find exactly what you need. I can’t stress enough hot important it is to book your overnight accommodations in advance. Rooms are limited, and this destination gets more popular every year! For your mini-moon or a romantic getaway, I suggest staying at a Bed & Breakfast styled property (Like Compass Rose or Alanna’s Lakeside B&B) – the less rooms the better! After a yummy and filling breakfast either head back to your room, or head out and enjoy your pick of wine, cider, and beautiful stops along the way. Why not buy some bottles of wine along the way to enjoy on your 1st anniversary? If you are booking a bachelorette party, book in at The June Motel for the hotel equivalent to “Rosé All Day”. You and your girls will love taking beautiful photos, drinking glasses of wine (bubbles optional) and catching up on some much needed girl time. Don’t forget to pack some of your favourite “lotions and potions” for a DIY evening spa! We recommend bringing your bikes, or renting some for your trip, so that way every member of our party can enjoy the wineries safely. While the samples may seem small, they add up, and drinking and driving is never worth the risk. Prince Edward County Wine Tours offers several packages, including their Rolls Royce Ghost Tour. You can design the tour yourself for up to 4 people, and enjoy the luxury of being ferried around in an iconic car. Don’t forget to take a stroll (or a cycle) through Sandbanks Provincial Park for a chance to unwind and enjoy the sandy beaches that seem to stretch on for days.

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Where to Stay Compass Rose

Located in Milford, this hotel has two private suites, with a third set to open in Winter 2018. Situates on 100 acres of beautiful land, this is the perfect place to stay for a romantic getaway. The Sirocco suite features an oversized shower and bathtub – the perfect way to end a busy day sampling the region’s finest wines. Breakfast is included with your stay in their stunning old farmhouse kitchen. You can even host your wedding here and take advantage of their rustic barn and glass greenhouse. Can you imagine how beautiful your fall wedding photos would be with this as your backdrop?

The June Motel





Sandbanks Provincial Park


Located in Picton, this 16 room Instagrammable hotel evokes all of the 1950s Miami vibes that a girl could dream of. With a neon pink “Peace Love Wine” sign framed by cheerful palm leaves, and rose gold accents, it would come as no surprise to learn that they offer a special Bachelorette/Girls Weekend package. The package includes a bottle of sparkling wine, a banner, and an in-room facial kit for 4-5 guests.

Alanna’s Lakeside B&B

I will admit that I was drawn to this property by more than just the name (seriously, finding something else with my name spelt properly on it can be a struggle!). This “hotel style” B&B located in Wellington has three tastefully decorated guest rooms. Built in 1832, this B&B has all of the country charm that you could hope for. Accommodating children 15 and over, guests will find that this is a perfect place to escape with their partners, or best friends. And of course, breakfast is included.


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Things to Eat & Drink Sandbanks Estate Winery

Probably the best known winery in Ontario East of Toronto. I am a big fan of their “Dunes White”, “Summer White”, “Shiraz” and “Late Harvest”. Tasting is $3 to try 5 wines, or free if you purchase 2 bottles. They also have an outdoor picnic area that you can either enjoy your own picnic at, or purchase picnic items from their boutique.

County Cider Company & Estate Winery

For those who don’t love wine, or are simply looking for a chance of taste, don’t miss out on the County Cider Company. With peach, blood orange, and pear (my favourite!) ciders, among other flavours, there is something for everybody here. I would highly recommend stopping here for lunch. I stopped by last fall and was not only impressed by the menu but also by the atmosphere. The views are as delicious as the food!

Black Prince Winery & Canadian Cellars

With unique offerings of both wine and vinigars, and a restored barn, this award winning winery is a must-see on your tour through The County. I am a big fan of their Cabernet Franc Rose. Don’t miss their wood fired pizza on the patio every Saturday and Sunday!

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Classic 12 Gifts for

Groomsmen It’s just a month or two until the wedding takes place. But you may have postponed getting those keepsakes you want to give to your buddies, the groomsmen. Don’t get anxious. Here is a list of gifts for your pals that will make it easy to find just what you want them to have to remember your special occasion.


1. An affordable and universally pleasing idea is the Såk Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag or DrySåk for short. This great piece of equipment will be well-liked by most guys. It has: .• an exterior zip pocket .• a shoulder strap .• a reflective trim It is available on Amazon Canada for $104.05 + shipping and comes in a wide range of colors, even the ever-popular camouflage (much cheaper if you can wait for it to come from the US). The polyester vinyl-coated exterior keeps out moisture thanks to its watertight welded seams. Even the outside zippered pocket will keep your wallet and other small items protected from the elements. The reflective trim keeps anyone carrying it visible at night, a nice safety feature. Manufactured in a 10 Litre and a 20 Litre size, this handsome bag is fully guaranteed.


2. If your group of friends loves sports, what could be better than the personalized Folding Tailgate Cooler Chair from TheManRegistry site? At $57.95 US, it can be monogrammed at no cost. Not only for tailgating, this chair would be great for camping trips, soccer games, and much more. The chair component is black polyester with a comfortable backrest. Below the seat is a 25” H x 16.5” L x 11.5” D cooler that can hold up to 24 cans with ice added. The portable seating with cooler has handy storage areas for your phone, keys, wallet, and any other small items. And last,

40 | Wedding Essentials 2018

but not least, it is equipped with a padded, adjustable carrying strap. Finally, a chair that is easy to carry.


3. One of the grooviest gifts you could get for your attendants is a Group Caricature that can be found on the GroovyGroomsmenGifts site. For $30 per person, an artist will draw a group caricature of your guys with added props, like beer cans held high or cigars, for a small additional charge. When the groom sends in pictures of his best man and his groomsman, the artist begins the process and in 2 or 3 weeks sends a digital version of the portrait back to the groom. The purchaser may make as many copies of the drawing as he wishes and is responsible for framing, as well. This is a gift that, no doubt, will be hanging in each of your friends’ man caves for years to come.

4 4. The UncommonGoods’ website has several great choices for groomsman gifts, but one of the best is the Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool. This little gadget measures 8.75” L and 1” W and is fashioned from stainless steel and oak. Hard to believe that in one of these pocket-knife-sized devices is tucked a jigger, stirrer, strainer, bottle opener, corkscrew, zester, muddler, a knife, and a knife channel. This has to be is the handiest gift ever. The cost is $40.98 + shipping.

5 5. For the groom who is not afraid to make a fashion statement, the Etsy shop MaplePropeller has a 3-pair gift box of socks made in Lithuania. The gifts come wrapped and ready to share, and the socks are wildly beautiful. Nothing is quite as cute at a formal wedding as seeing the tuxedoed groomsmen walking elegantly down the aisle with just a peak of vibrantly-colored sock showing. This handsomely packaged box of socks guarantees to be an instant conversation-starter. They come in colorful patterns, are soft, and lightweight and contain 80% cotton, 15% polyamide, and 15% spandex. The boxed sets are priced at $39.38. These socks just might be the most colourful and entertaining thing at the wedding.

6 6. Whiskey aficionados are extremely discerning. When they drink their whiskey, they are just as picky about the way they imbibe as some wine-lovers tend to be. So, if you have any whiskey experts in your wedding party, or if you have any buddies who like to learn about such things, Whiskey Stones would make a terrific remembrance

and learning opportunity. Found on the Sur La Table site, the stones come in a set of nine and cost $19.95 US. They are carved from soapstone found in Vermont because soapstone has special thermal properties. Since this stone is made up mostly of talc, the rocks will not scratch your glasses. But the most important reason for using soapstone to cool the whiskey is that there will be no ice cube melt to water down the taste of the finely-brewed spirits.

7 7. For all those who have stood in the airport baggage check area and watched all the same black suitcases circle around on the luggage conveyor belt, this is the best gift of all. On the OwenandFred site, the company offers Character Monogrammed Luggage Tags that are priced at $25. The tags are impressive in their simplicity and are made of hand-dyed, hand-stamped US premium, vegetabletanned leather. They measure 3 ½” L X 2” H and include a stainless-steel cable clasp for attaching to your bag. The tags are brown leather. Don’t be surprised if your groomsmen are heard calling these little tags “lifesavers.”

8 8. The Knockaround site suggests that sunglasses make an excellent appreciation token for your best friends who will be joining you at the altar. The glasses are called Custom Premiums and cost $25 US (free shipping over $50). The style is flattering for most people, according to the website, and their special appeal is the myriad colours and combinations of style and patterns that are available. The Custom Premiums have FDA-approved impact resistance lenses and can be customized with UV400 or polarized protection. The fun of giving these glasses to your groomsmen will center on the varied and colourful customization options.

9 9. What about Scorzies? These nifty koozies that keep your canned beverages cold are a little different from the normal rubberized version. A Scorzie has two score bands around the top - one for the home team and one for the away team. Scorzie was designed by two guys from Denver who wanted to drink their adult drinks and keep an accurate score while playing their cornhole games. The rest is history, as they say. Use it for soccer games, horseshoes, golf, or any game that has a score that falls between 0 and 129. High-quality foam lines the inside of the Scorzie, and the outside is durable polycarbonate. The bottom is foam-lined to avoid spillage. The sale price is $12.99 US, so this is the perfect gift for a groom who asked his whole squad to be

groomsmen and needs to watch his spending. Find them on the Scorzie site.

10 10. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but most men, at least once in their lives, like to try shaving the old-fashioned way. And the Etsy shop DirtyDeedsSoaps has just the thing. For $45, the shop has fashioned a shaving kit that includes a beech wood soap dish, handmade beer soap (or your choice of scent), a starter boar bristle brush, a gunmetal Weishi doublesided safety razor, and instructions for giving yourself a genuine manly shave. Sounds masculine, right?

11 11. Every guy needs a handy pocket knife, and nobody does a better job of making knives than SwissArmy. On their site, they have a $66 CAN model called the Nail Clip Wood 580. It is so cool that it was awarded for being one of the best of its kind. The knife is multifunctional and sharp and is just the right size for actually keeping in the pocket. It includes a nail clipper, a key ring, a nail file, a nail cleaner, a small blade, and serrated scissors. The wood casing gives this knife a natural, almost artistic look. This may be the most functional groomsmen gift ever created.

12 12. This MarkandGraham Leather Charger Roll-Up would be a happy surprise for all the men in the wedding party. The leather comes in orange, brown, red, plum, racing green, and navy, and can be personalized. For only $49 US these rolls make for a stunning addition to a man’s travel gear. The soft leather is supple and luxurious, and when rolled flat, reveals three pockets to house cables, chargers, earbuds, and the like. Unrolled, it measures 5.5” H X 11.5” W with an 18.5” leather tie. The monogram letters, which can be added for no charge, are goldtone. When it is rolled and tied, the carrier will fit nicely in a briefcase or take-on bag. Every dapper dude needs one of these. Deciding on a nice remembrance for your friends can seem daunting, but, remember, your closest buddies will appreciate any gift that will send their memories back to your special event. Taking the time to find a gift that suits your friends and reveals your gratitude to them is important. A gift is not something to which you should feel obliged, however. since your friends are not by your side because of some reward. But thanking your crew in a kind way will not go unnoticed, and the feeling it gives you will be just another piece of this life-changing experience.

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burgundy by Caroline castigliano Celebrating Romance Collection

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A wedding gown is much more than a beautiful dress. Her perfect gown reflects a vision of herself that a bride has cherished for a long time. The moment when the bride is first seen in her wedding gown is very emotional and is often greeted by tears, including her own.

in my dreams by Caroline castigliano Celebrating Romance Collection

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kori, style number 3237 Morilee wedding dresses by madeline gardner Julietta Collection

Kori Wedding Dress, Style Number: 3237, has a flounced full skirt and a corset style back to complete the look.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 45

bukowski dress by laure de sagazan Laurent Nivalle

46 | Wedding Essentials 2018

wagner jumpsuit by laure de sagazan Laurent Nivalle

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olvi’s White Loft Bridal Collection

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Wedding Essentials 2018 | 49

Details to Make Your Wedding Gown

Perfectly Unique What do you want to look like in your wedding gown? If you’re like most brides, you want something special. You want to look beautiful, bridal and absolutely amazing. You also want to be unique, and that can be the hardest part. Trends in wedding gowns come and go. Your mother may have worn puffy sleeves that stretched toward the ceiling. Your grandmother may have worn a hippie style gown with flowers in her hair. Today’s dresses also tend to follow specific trends, and the bridal salons seem to be full of the same old styles. However, you can find a dress that speaks to your soul. The trick is to focus on details. Finding a bridal gown that is perfect for you starts with determining the shape and style that makes you feel comfortable. Once you have a general idea of what you like, start looking at what makes each dress special. Sometimes you can even add to or take away from a gown during alternations. This gives you a dress that is truly one of a kind. Here are some elements that can make your bridal dress perfectly yours.

L Colourful Embroidery

If you’re looking for a wedding gown with a pretty, whimsical feel, try on a dress with embroidery along the bodice. You could have a row of colourful flowers or something more subtle in a pale pink or blue. You could also add embroidery to the skirt. You can find wedding gowns with embroidery details, or you can have someone create a unique design just for you.

50 | Wedding Essentials 2018

L Handkerchief Layers

Add some drama to your dress by choosing a gown with flowing, airy, asymmetrical layers on the skirt. You could go with just a few layers or really make a statement with volume. This look is romantic, light and beautiful.

L Something Borrowed

Do you have a sentimental personality? Add a bit of someone you love to your gown by incorporating fabric from a piece owned by someone close to you. Use the lace from your mother’s gown as an overlay on your bodice, or even have a piece of your father’s t-shirt sewn into the lining of your dress. You can make this detail as visible or as private as you’d like. It’s a wonderful way to honour someone important to you or someone who has passed.

L Undercover Color

You can bring energy and a spark of fun to your wedding gown by adding a bright colour underneath the skirt. Either have the dress lined with a bright, beautiful fabric or wear a flouncy petticoat that can be glimpsed as you move.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 51

middle of your skirt is stunning as you walk down the aisle.

L Stunning Sleeves

Many contemporary gowns don’t have sleeves, so choosing a gown with gorgeous sleeves will make you stand out. Delicate lace sleeves are a popular choice. Make yours unique by adding some sparkle. Also, try a flowing satin fabric that is attached at the shoulder and again at the wrist. Other choices could include layers of tulle or a silky fabric embellished with bracelets or cuffs around the top of your arm. You can do many things with sleeves. Use your imagination.

L A Brilliant Back

Most of your wedding ceremony will probably be spent facing away from your guests. Take advantage of this by accentuating the back of your dress. Some gowns will have a cut-out in the back that is filled with a lace pattern or crocheted design. Dresses may also have beadwork or even hanging rhinestones. If you choose a dress with an ornamental back, you will want to pair it with a short veil or no veil at all.

L Pants

A bride in pants is an unusual site, but you can make this style look bridal and feminine by choosing the right outfit. Full pants look pretty with a traditional bodice and mimic the look of a skirt. Also, consider pants with a lace overlay for a hint of romance. Of course, you can opt for a traditional pantsuit, great for brides who love a tailored style.

L Subtle Cut-Outs

Cut-outs in the fabric of your gown can make your ensemble more sensual or even overtly sexy. Cut-outs may be across the stomach or at the hips. Try a cut-out in the back of the gown to show off muscular shoulders, or look for sophisticated cut-outs in the sleeves.

L Beadwork

L Pick a Print

You can find traditional wedding gowns in a print fabric. These are often very subtle floral designs in ivory or pale pink over a white gown. Some gowns offer a bolder print just on the bodice.

L Show Some Leg

Do you want a wedding gown with a hint of sex appeal? Look for a long skirt with a slit up one side. It can be short, showing only a little bit of your leg, or you can choose a style that goes all the way up.

52 | Wedding Essentials 2018

L Tailored Top

Surprise your guests by combining two very different elements into one dress. Wear a fitted, white jacket over the bodice of your gown and pair it with a ballroom skirt. The result is unique and gorgeous at the same time.

L Golden Glow

Gold is a beautiful colour against white or ivory and will instantly add interest to your gown. Look for gold applique details to be sewn onto the bodice, skirt or around the waist. One large gold piece running down the back of the

Delicate beading takes a wedding gown to the next level. Most beadwork is on the bodice, but you can also find dresses with beading in unexpected places. Strands of beads falling off your shoulders are lovely, especially when you walk. You can also use beaded strands on the back of your gown or as part of your veil.

L Cape Covering

Add elegance and personality to your wedding gown by choosing a cape instead of a veil. A faux fur or heavy cape is beautiful at a winter wedding, and a lace cape can make you look as if you just stepped out of a fairy tale. Choose a wedding gown that expresses your personality and style by looking for details that are special to you. Use these ideas to help you get started.

alcoholic at a bachelorette brunch party, mimosas will do the trick.

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a real-life wedding


& Tim

THIS WEDDING STARTED WITH A WEDDING The love story of Annie Charles and Tim Morris actually began at the wedding of a friend of Annie’s. Tim was the wedding photographer, and Annie was sitting at the table with his sister, who she knew from school. A few casual snaps added to Tim’s schedule turned into a “much more focused” relationship. Annie knew from that moment that Tim was the one. She says that Tim is a comedian, so his response to anything about her usually has a funny twist that appeals to her sense of humour. Tim had taken some photos of Annie and, a few days later, he reached out to her to deliver the photos. The romance had begun. Tim, a materials handling specialist for the Armed Forces, does photography as a side-line, and Annie is a Clinical Coordinator. After going out for a while, they decided to make their relationship eternal.

PLANNING WITH PRECISION Planning a wedding can be time consuming and stressful, but Annie and Tim managed to do it in 4 months.

54 | Wedding Essentials 2018

They give a few of their secrets:  Consciously decide not to get stressed.  Keep it simple and do not to get too many planners involved.  Set deadlines for accomplishing planning goals. This is imperative to make sure that nothing gets left to the last minute.  It is important to be flexible, but not to make too many changes from the original plan.

A FORMAL WEDDING The wedding was very formal and attended by lots of family members and close friends. Tim is with the Canadian Forces and wore Military Mess Dress. Annie’s dress was a formal white dress from JJ’s Bridal House. Rev. Karen performed the marriage ceremony at Two Hearts Chapel in Niagara Falls, followed by the reception at the Sterling inn & Spa, also in Niagara Falls. The photographer, Dwight McClashie, captured the moment as they walked down the aisle to the traditional wedding march, commonly known as “Here Comes The Bride.”

THE RECEPTION HOLDS THE FONDEST MEMORIES The reception was the time that holds the fondest memories for Annie and Tim. It was a time where they could congregate with all who attended, and shared stories and laughter. Annie said, “Our wedding was unique because it was small and intimate, included family and very close friends, and was very meaningful sharing this lovely day with them.” The silver glasses, supplied by Hue Imports, housed the tea lights that illuminated the centrepieces which consisted of white, green and yellow artificial flowers. These centrepieces complemented the other floral arrangements. The yellow flowers were also a part of the wedding cake, which was a Caribbean style rum cake with white icing from Sandra Pastries. Because the music planned by the happy couple was saved in the incorrect format, panic ensued. But Tim stepped in and saved the day, collating some of their favourite music for each phase of the proceedings.

THE RINGS The wedding rings are a symbol of eternal love and were supplied by Epic Casting House. Annie’s wedding and engagement rings are white gold and diamonds and Tim’s is grooved white gold. Every time Annie and Tim gaze upon their rings, they will remember the good times and love that filled the day of their wedding. Bride’s Attire: JJ’s Bridal House Groom’s Attire: Andrei Master Tailors Florist: Jennifer at Hue Imports Wedding Rings: Epic Casting House Reception Location: Sterling Inn & Spa, Niagara Falls Photographer: Dwight McClashie, Tracy Reker Photography | 905.246.3511

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Combining Form and Function with

Cute Wedding Flats

56 | Wedding Essentials 2018

That all-encompassing day in a woman’s life, her wedding day, can take a lifetime to dream and years to plan. But finally it happens. The ring fits like it was meant to live on your finger; the trousseau has been selected; attendants and guest lists tweaked; and all elements organized for one absolutely perfect day. And yet, when it comes down to every perfect detail in place, guess who is the only one to remember them all the following day? That’s right, the bride. However, what began as a fuzzy daydream of the most perfect day in the history of existence can turn into a painful memory teeming with regret if you choose the wrong shoes.

Those Tantalizing Trends Colours and heel size changes are ongoing trends to keep up with from year to year, but they don’t need to be followed exactly. While sky-high stilettos may be jaw-dropping gorgeous, they can make your dream day a total pain. Even platforms, wedges, and classic pumps can cause more trouble than they’re worth. Flats, however, may transform a pending Bridezilla into Bambi. Not only are they adorable, they are also always trendy for several reasons:  They can offer a unique bit of whimsy to the stoic perfection surrounding the event. Never mind that your parents reserved the Four Seasons ballroom for your eventual wedding on your seventh birthday. That doesn’t mean you need to suffer in a stunning pair of six-inch

Jimmy Choo’s all night.  The bride can either make or have her flats tailor made to express her personality. This is often difficult in higher heeled shoes. Having a beach wedding? Who says you need to go barefoot? Contemporary barefoot jewelry acts as wedding flats to create a whimsical and memorable splash of fun.  They can also, in turn, be dressed up with adornments to match the formality perfectly. Modern wedding flats come in metallics, can be adorned with pearls and gems, or can easily take on the tone of the day with a few simple tweaks.  They may offer more convenience and allday comfort than heeled pumps. Whoever heard of a bride *not* taking off her shoes at the reception? It’s almost as stereotypical as riding off into the sunset in a cheesy romantic novel. Flats can make you the belle of the ball as you dance the night away without worrying about honeymoon blisters.

Tips for Worry-Free Wedding Feet The last thing an already nervous bride needs to be in tears over just before walking down the aisle is the fact that her shoes are two shades brighter than her dress. There’s an easy way to avoid that mess. After choosing the perfect gown for your special day, request a fabric swatch of your dress from your bridal store or dress maker. Even if you’re going with a traditional white dress, it’s still far too

easy to mismatch shoe coloration. It simply doesn’t need to happen. Everyone will see your dress, but most people won’t bother looking at your feet. However, you’ll know every detail of what you’re wearing, and your sweetie will eventually as well. Show off the goods - within reason. Every bride can and should have her dream shoes. Just be sure to match the shoes to the dress as it’s often tricky and expensive, if not impossible, to do the opposite. Your ceremony will last a half an hour, but you may be on your feet most of the evening. Even when opting for stunning wedding flats, feet sweat and swell - especially when you’re on them for hours. Once pain sets in, the entire mood changes. Stay in control by providing at least two pairs of shoes for your special day: one for the elegant walk to your beloved, and another to party the night away. Flats can easily work for both purposes. But in many cases, brides look as though they’re clomping down the aisle when they go completely flat footed. A tiny, delicate kitten heel can fix any issues there. You’ll still be comfortable and secure as you join the love of your life. Try your shoes on and practice walking in them before your wedding day. Get a feel for how your feet move and breathe in them before committing the most important day of your life to their care. You’ll be much more confident and have one less thing to worry about on the big day.

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Unique Locations for an Overseas Wedding Ceremony

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Couples looking for a unique wedding ceremony are increasingly looking to get married overseas. Although more expensive than a wedding at home, getting married in another country can help make your special day even more memorable. It can also cut down on the need to send out invitations to every family member, friend and acquaintance you think of to avoid offending them. If you’re getting married abroad, it’s likely only the people closest to you will be interested in making the trip. With that in mind, here are some of the best and most unique locations in the world to get married.


A ceremony on the beach in gorgeous sunshine is something many couples dream of when planning a wedding overseas. Jamaica offers this, as well as a unique cultural backdrop that is perfect for your post-ceremony honeymoon.

South Korea

A traditional Korean ceremony is a sure way to guarantee your wedding is different from any you’ve previously experienced. It involves the wearing of traditional Korean dress, or hanboks, and a lot of bowing on the part of the groom. One thing your guests will certainly enjoy is the massive buffet of delicious Korean food that typically follows the ceremony.

Las Vegas, USA 

If you don’t want to bother with inviting guests to your wedding, there is no faster and easier way to get married than to do it in Vegas. Vegas famously offers many locations where you can get married in an instant, even including drive-through wedding ceremonies. If you’d rather something more elaborate, the glitzy desert gambling city also offers plenty of locations for grander ceremonies.

Dominican Republic

Another Caribbean destination perfect for getting married on the beach, the Dominican Republic offers some of the most beautiful sun, sea and sand in the world. Of all the Caribbean islands you might consider for your wedding, the Dominican Republic is arguably the most beautiful.

Prague, Czech Republic 

One of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the Old Town area of Prague is often visited by brides and grooms looking to take a perfect wedding picture together. The gorgeous old buildings and statues here provide the perfect backdrop for a magical wedding ceremony.

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Few countries are as packed with beautiful historical cities as Italy. From the grandeur of Rome to the stunning artwork and architecture of Florence, the canals of Venice to the gorgeous coastline of Cinque Terre, Italy offers a huge number of beautiful locations in which to get married.


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Most of the suggestions so far are for locations that offer beautiful beaches or gorgeous historical architecture. Spain has both of these in abundance. Whether you’d prefer an intimate ceremony in a small town or on an island, or getting married against the backdrop of a stunning city like Barcelona, Spain has a huge variety of options for couples looking to make their wedding ceremony special.

Sri Lanka

Another perfect destination for a beach wedding. Sri Lanka is exotic, beautiful, and has a wide selection of luxury resorts perfectly suited to catering for your big day. Sri Lanka is a country that is off the beaten trail for even the most well-travelled individuals, which makes it a unique and memorable destination for a wedding.


Wales may not seem the most obvious choice for a romantic wedding ceremony when compared to the lush beaches offered by some of the previous destinations, but Wales has an abundance of medieval castles which can be rented out for truly unique wedding ceremonies. If you’re based in the UK, it might be a cheaper option than some of the other suggestions, as well as being a lot easier for family and friends to travel to. If you’re coming from further afield, a castle in Wales may be just as exotic a destination for your wedding as a Caribbean island.



The final destination on this list is another European country with an abundance of beaches and beautiful historical architecture. Greece has architecture and history to rival anywhere on Earth, as well as some of the most stunning beaches and island resorts on the planet. These 10 destinations for an overseas wedding ceremony should give you some ideas for planning the perfect wedding. The setting is of utmost importance if you want to plan a uniquely memorable wedding ceremony, and there are few places in the world as perfectly suited for a wedding ceremony as these.

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A great place where you can discuss, ask, sell, buy or research all aspects of your wedding with like-minded friends in Ontario. Proudly Canadian, we thrive on lending a helping hand. From the ‘Yes!’ to the ‘I do’ this group will be there for you every step of the way which will make things that little bit easier. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day! Group Member May 24 at 1:04pm My fiancé says his biggest concern about our wedding is the first dance. He feels he is an awkward dancer and doesn’t like the idea of the two of us being out there alone on the dance floor with all eyes on us. What can I say to give him more confidence? And what exactly is the etiquette of the first dance? Like  Share View more comments Wedding Survival for Ontario Couples The first dance is a highlight of the wedding reception, and one of the most memorable parts of it. This dance tends to be the quick off to others partaking in getting on the dance floor afterwards. In answer to your first question, what will give your groom the most confidence would be taking a few dancing lessons before the big event. Go together for lessons and after you have mastered the basics, ask your instructor to coach you both, using the music you have selected for the first dance. Then practice and practice some more. This investment will give you both added confidence so that you can enjoy this romantic and memorable dance to the fullest. These dance lessons should be fun and light… don’t get involved with anything to difficult. Choose dance steps that are easily achievable so that once comfortable he can allow his character to shine through as well. As for the etiquette of the first dance, after dinner has been served and cleared, the first dance belongs to the bride and groom. It is usually a slow dance, however many have chosen to liven things up a bit with surprised choreography. If he is still nervous on the day of be sure halfway through the first dance, to invite parents and attendants to join you on the dance floor. Your father can have the second dance with you, followed by groom’s father and then the Best Man. The groom, meanwhile, dances with his mother, then your mother, then the Maid of Honour. The DJ or bandleader should let guests know the appropriate time for everyone to join in. Be sure to discuss with the announcer what you plan is in this regard. Like • May 24 at 10:38am

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Group Member June 18 at 9:24am I have two daughters, aged 6 and 11, from my first marriage. I don’t want my girls to feel left out on my wedding day. What can I do to ensure this won’t happen? Like  Share View more comments Wedding Survival for Ontario Couples There are many ways for your children to participate in your wedding. You may want to include them in the wedding ceremony as attendants, or perhaps they could walk you down the aisle. If they enjoy being on stage, they could sing, or read a poem or light a candle during the ceremony. They could be in charge of greeting people and/or monitoring the guest book. The key here is for them to be involved in whatever way makes them (and you) feel comfortable. The important thing is that they feel just as excited and special about the day as well as the planning leading up to that day. Perhaps, keeping them in the loop of the planning stages will help for you as well as them to see what appeals to them and where they would like to place themselves to feel special. Like • June 18 at 10:24am


Group Member April 2 at 12:34am Both my husband-to-be and I are very close to our parents. Do you have some suggestions on little touches that would show them how much we appreciate them? Like  Share View more comments Wedding Survival for Ontario Couples What a lovely idea! How about this? Immediately after you leave the altar, you could remove a flower from your bouquet and give it to your mother, then another to your new mother-in-law. Or at the wedding reception, you could present a small bouquet to each of them. After you have done the ceremonial cutting of the cake, both of you could cut slices for your parents. Traditionally, you would serve his parents, and he would serve yours at the same time. Otherwise a great time for a special gift to them might be during the speeches. Like • April 2 at 8:29am


Group Member July 12 at 4:19pm Some people have their rehearsal or bachelor parties the evening before the wedding. What’s your advice on how to spend the evening before? Like  Share View more comments Wedding Survival for Ontario Couples Enjoy some quiet, unstressful activities. We’ve all attended weddings where there’s been a little too much partying the night before. After all the weeks or months of planning, the key participants end up just trying to make it through the day. They also didn’t look their best. The parties shouldn’t be held on the last evening before the wedding. That should be for calm activities – not only for bride and groom, but also for all attendants as well. The bride should ask her attendants, and the groom his attendants, to take it easy the night before. A well-rested wedding party will not only look better but also be better able to enjoy the wedding day. It can be a nerve-wracking evening, so have a few plans. Perhaps a dinner and a movie or a night in playing games. This is a very special time to savour before you start off on the adventure of your new life. Like • July 12 at 5:32pm

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How You Can Spice Up Your

Wedding Invitations Photographic inserts | Ribbons, Lace or other inserts | Exotic papers, metallics Couples planning luxury weddings have premium budgets, but they also have highend tastes. If you want your invitations to match the tone of the rest of your wedding, you need to make changes or additions. Here are several ways you can make your invitations more high end.

important part of the invitation, they’re also the first thing guests see. First impressions are everything, so invitations need to say “wow” before they’re even opened. Having impressive envelopes can help set the tone even before the wedding begins.

and accuracy of the lasers, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to create completely bespoke invites that are unlike anything your guests have ever seen. With laser cutting, you can bring your designs to life in a new way that’s sure to impress everyone.

Impressive Envelopes

Laser Cutting

If you’ve ever seen a laser cut wedding invitation, you’ll know why they’re so desirable. Lasers can create precise and intricate patterns in paper that were previously thought impossible. Laser cutting is often used on the front cover or opening of the invitation, acting as an eye-catching window to the text inside. However, you can use laser cutting in any way you like to enhance the uniqueness of your invitations. Why not create an ornate laser-cut border to glue to each invitation, or make laser cut embellishments to adorn the card with? Given the precision

Fancy Calligraphy

When it comes to luxury invitations, no stone should go unturned. Everything needs to be amazing, right down to the envelopes the invitations will be sent in. When you’re designing these envelopes, think about how you can make them the buttercream icing on the delicious invitation cake. This could include lining the envelopes with a coloured paper interior, embossing the addresses in gold, or bringing a vintage feel with hand-stamped wax seals. Even though envelopes may seem like the least

Services are now available that will allow you to have the addresses on your invitation envelopes (both the outside mailing ones and the reply envelopes) written in fancy calligraphy. While some are actually printed from a list provided by you, they can also be hand-written by expert artists. The actual names on the invitations can be similarly enhanced. Other ideas for enhancing your invitations include photographic inserts, lace and ribbon decorations and exotic or metallic papers.

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e v a S ig B

ll i t S and he t e v a H ng i d d We r u o Y of s m a e Dr

The average North American couple spends a whopping $30,000 or more on their wedding, and this doesn’t even include many of the pre- and post-wedding expenses. Fortunately for the budget-conscious, there are several ways to save big for your day and still have the wedding of your dreams. When figuring out the wedding budget, make a checklist of what is and isn’t important to you and your future spouse. Is it important to you to have your dad’s best friend’s mother’s cousin at your wedding? Keep in mind that you’re not automatically obligated to invite everyone you know. Even narrowing down your possible list of people to invite by 10 or 15 can save you hundreds of dollars. Besides that, here are a few tips and tricks to save your wallet on your special day.

 Rethink the Dress Almost every bride has dreamed about the perfect white gown, the one that would transform her into a dazzling fairy princess. The dress and all the accessories that accompany it are also one of the biggest sinkholes for your budget, with the average woman shelling out thousands of dollars on it. Fortunately, there are ways to cut corners in this area and still have the dress of your dreams. Consider renting your wedding dress, and you could save big time. Dozens of websites like Tradesy and Oncewed are

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dedicated to reselling or renting gently used, like-new wedding dresses for a fraction of the original cost. Browse online stores like Etsy, Ebay, and even Craigslist. If online shopping isn’t your thing, consider perusing local thrift shops or consignment stores to see if they might have what you’re looking for. In your quest to stay within budget, be careful if the price seems too good to be true; many overseas websites display a photo different than the actual dress being sold, and instead send you a rip-off dress that is poor in quality. If you have a friend or family member who is handy with the sewing machine, consider asking her to make the wedding dress as a gift for you, provided you supply the materials. The Internet is filled with unique and flattering vintage wedding patterns, so your options are virtually unlimited.

 Alcohol Yes, it’s a party, and there’s nothing wrong with alcohol in moderation. Hosting an open bar at your venue can eat up thousands upon thousands of dollars. Fortunately, even if alcohol is a must, there are several ways you can hack away at the otherwise staggering cost of providing booze. Offer one or two exciting signature cocktails per guest and call it quits after that. You can even vary the type of drink depending upon the season, think watermelon vodka cocktails in the summer

and rum-spiked eggnog in the winter. Most people drink significantly less during the day, so consider nixing an evening or nighttime wedding and have a morning or early afternoon one instead.

 Flowers They look beautiful in pictures. They smell nice. And they eat up cash like greedy trolls. Swap out flowers as centerpieces for something more inexpensive (and more creative), like colored rocks in water, lighted tea candles floating in dyed water, seashells, old books for a vintage flare, herbs, dried leaves for an autumn twang ... the list goes on. Instead of the usual overflowing bridal bouquets, think of alternatives like wildflowers or even fragrant herb bouquets. Many brides are incorporating fruits or vegetables into their bouquets for a unique look. For a fun and different approach, throw out flowers altogether and go with bouquets of balloons or exotic fans.

 Hair and makeup Having the hair stylist make a house call will rack up the beauty bill quickly, so if you must have your hair done professionally, pay a visit to the salon instead. Nothing says you must pay for your bridesmaids’ hair care either, so don’t feel obligated if your wallet is gasping. If you have a friend or family member who has

some talent with makeup and hair styling, ask for some help. Chances are, he or she will feel pleased and flattered to help you look as lovely as possible for your big day. Alternatively, you can watch some tutorials ahead of time and experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks on yourself, to get an idea of what you like and can do.

 Food You can still feed your guests gourmet food without blowing your budget. If you enjoy cooking and planning, the least expensive option would be to cater your own wedding, a seemingly momentous task that becomes more manageable if you enlist the help of friends and family members. If self-catering is too overwhelming, consider hosting a cocktail-type party or going buffet style instead of having a formal sit-down dinner. Local family restaurants may be able to offer you a lower price, so call around to get some quotes and a feel for what you like. Use seasonal foods and cut out expensive fare like lobster, or if it is a must, serve small quantities elegantly. Rethink popular classics; mashed potatoes can be made into a gourmet delight if they are served in small glasses or cups with a selection of tasty toppings. Inexpensive foods such as deviled eggs, a garlic-roasted hummus with crudités, fruit salad, and like foods can be presented elegantly and taste delicious. The average fancy white wedding cake costs upwards of $400, so consider fun and tasty alternatives, like a pie bar, an ice cream bar, or a stand filled with individual cupcakes, doughnuts, or even homemade cookies. If you are hosting your wedding in the morning, consider going brunch-style with waffle desserts and an assortment of toppings such as fruit compotes, toasted nuts, ice cream, syrup, and whipped cream.

 Music To maximize frugality in this department, connect your favorite playlist of songs to some speakers and have a friend act as a DJ. If you want a live band at low-to-no cost, consider rounding up whatever family members or friends you have that are talented with instruments and asking them to play at your wedding, either as a wedding gift or at least at a discount price. Call up local colleges, where musicians who are just starting often offer their services at only a fraction of the cost of professionals. If you do go the traditional professional route, make sure to set the time for how long the DJ or band should be there, you will be charged for overtime.

 Photography Hire a student photographer or a newbie professional photographer and your cost could easily be cut in half. Just make sure to check out portfolios along with prices to make sure you like what you’re getting. Have a friend or family member who is talented

with photography? (And yes, that means more than taking pretty sunset pictures with their phones; this is the most special day of your life and you want memories). Consider having your wedding on a weekday and you may get a slight cut on price. If you do get a professional photographer, cut superfluous expenses by setting a specific time limit for them to be there, shortly before the exchange of vows, during it, and for an hour afterwards. Make sure to book as early as possible, preferably within a month after getting engaged. The dress, hair, makeup, music, drinks, food, and photography constitute a the bulk of the wedding expenses. Another roundabout way to save money for your wedding is to opt for a less expensive or nontraditional honeymoon

and use the money you would have spent on a more costly honeymoon on the wedding instead. If you’re infected with a cast of international wanderlust, investigate Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and Valencia or Barcelona in Spain. If you and your spouse are more outdoorsy adventurers, grab your backpacks and head deep into the rugged Wallowa Wilderness in Oregon or trek across the breathtaking wilderness areas of the Canadian West. The United States and Canada are packed with lovely wilderness spots and have no shortage of places to travel and spectacular sights to see, so your wallet can rest happy in your pocket and you can still save on your honeymoon and have the wedding of your life.

You’re Getting Married

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Can You Afford To Be A

Weddings are the most special day of a bride’s life, and she wants it to be perfect. Many brides believe the bridesmaids should foot a long list of bills. It can get out of hand, and you should be told how much you are expected to shell out before you accept the offer of being a bridesmaid. There are wedding traditions that have been in place for many years that are being ignored by newer brides. Just what should you be paying for if you are asked to be a bridesmaid?

Old Wedding Traditions

For decades, the bridesmaid has been expected to purchase her dress and shoes for the honor bestowed on her, but her bouquet was paid for by the bride’s family. Usually, the bridesmaid contributed to a group gift from all the bride’s attendants

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and sometimes also gave a personal gift. Bridesmaids worked with the bride’s mother to organize a shower that included family and friends, but the cost fell to the parents of the bride. Bachelorette parties didn’t enter the scene until the 1960s along with the sexual revolution. Almost immediately, the cost of being a bridesmaid increased.

details of the party, but her attendants pay for it. Bachelorette parties may include the expense of a trip. More often than not, brides want their parties held in places known for extravagance. Montreal, Boston, New York City, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City are popular destinations, and the expense falls to the women in the wedding party.

New Wedding Traditions

Before you accept the position of bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, find out what she expects of you. If it is going to require you to use all your savings or neglect some bills, just say you can’t afford it. Be honest about it, and don’t put yourself in debt for someone else’s wedding. If the bride isn’t asking for you to pay for anything beyond your gown, shoes, and a few dollars for a fun evening out, say yes and have a great time. You may even catch the bouquet!

The modern bride may expect a lot more from her attendants than in previous generations. Some brides fit the nickname of “Bridezilla” due to the incessant financial demands they place on their attendants. Bachelorette parties can easily cost up to $3,000 or more by the time you add up the limousine bill, the initial restaurant and bar tab expense, hotel, food, and drinks for all of the attendants for a weekend. Quite often the bride dictates the

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Things Every

Newly Engaged Couple Should Do

You just got engaged and life is full of dreams and excitement, but reality hits all too quickly when you think about wedding planning. Where to start? The prospect is frequently overwhelming, and buying wedding magazines or looking at online checklists often makes things worse. There is so much to do, and you can feel way behind before you even begin. Thankfully, there is good news because you don’t have to plan everything at once. So, sit back, relax for a moment, and bask in the thrill of your engagement. After all, this special time with your fiancé only happens once in your relationship. When you are ready to begin planning, here are some things to focus on first.

1. Announce Your Engagement Tell your parents and close family members about your engagement. Share the news in person if possible, or plan a special phone call or other special form of communication if they are too far away. Once you have told your family, begin spreading the word to your friends. If you have close friends that you want to tell yourself, make sure to do so early on because news this exciting spreads quickly.

2. Spend Time Dreaming Plan a time to sit down with your fiancé to share inspirations and ideas about your wedding. A candlelit dinner is an ideal setting, but any place you feel comfortable together and have time to talk works well. Don’t try to be realistic, just let your dreams, ideas, and schemes run wild. Think about styles that interest you, whether it’s modern, eclectic, classic, vintage, rustic, or any number of other styles. Begin to think about settings too, from a formal ballroom to a mountaintop or the beach. Don’t worry about the cost at this point, just dream together.

3. Hash Out a Rough Budget Unfortunately, money enters the equation all

too quickly. Spend some time talking about money and create a bottom line. Find out who wants to contribute to the wedding and how much they are able to contribute. Discuss how much you and your fiancé can add as well, and figure out what your total budget will be. It is often difficult to discuss money, but being realistic at this point and setting up a budget you can afford is important.

4. Consider Timing Think about what season or month you want for your wedding. Weather, holidays, work and vacation schedules, and travel season should be considered when picking a time of year. Choosing two or three possible dates in the month you are thinking about is a good way to start narrowing your options. Having a month or possible dates in mind gives you a time frame to work with and gives you a reference for how quickly you need to plan the rest of the wedding.

5. Begin the Guest List The guest list is important to tackle early on because the number of guests at your wedding influences which venues you can use and the cost of the wedding. There should be a few guest lists at the beginning; you, your fiancé, and both families can create lists, then compile them. This initial list will likely need to be cut down, but it gives you a number to start working with. Wedding planning has begun! Getting started is often one of the hardest parts, so hopefully you’ll feel less overwhelmed after finishing these five items. If not, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you through the rest of the planning. Although wedding planning can be stressful at times, this is a special phase in your relationship so try to enjoy it and set aside time to spend with your fiancé doing fun things not related to planning.

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How to Survive Your First Few Months of

Marriage Now is the time to form habits and routines that will help you get your marriage off to a great start!

The first year of marriage is often described as the most difficult. Trying to rearrange your life to include another person in every aspect of it can be hard for most couples. Though many couples live together before marriage now, it is still a period of adjustment. Marriage is a big commitment that can change how the relationship feels and how it fits.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 73

Newly married couples can spend their time tip-toeing around areas of friction until it builds to an unbearable level and one or both of them explodes. This is a large part of the problem in the first few months as you readjust to each other in your new roles. For each couple, there will be different tactics that will allow you to cope and work your way through these problems. But these tactics are something you’ll have to discover for yourselves as what might work for you wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else.

Work on communication. Even if you’ve been together for years before getting married, it’s after you’re married that communication becomes even more important, especially in the first few years. This is where you’ll develop

the habits that will follow you through your marriage and will impact on the rest of your lives together. Though you can always fix problems further down the line, it’s best to start off on the right path together. Learn how each of you fights, make ground rules and try to diffuse situations as they come up.

Take time away to be your own person. It can be tempting to lose yourself in your relationship or your spouse but this isn’t healthy and can hurt your marriage. Before you were married, or before you were in the relationship, you were your own person with separate interests. Even if your spouse shares most of your same interests and hobbies, they won’t share everything and you shouldn’t expect them to. And as well,

article 11

74 | Wedding Essentials 2018

don’t expect yourself to love everything your partner loves. Allow yourselves to indulge your interests without the other. Keep up your other friendships and don’t lose your independence and your individuality. You’ll resent and regret it later. This first year of marriage is where habits and routines are developed. That’s why it is often described as the most difficult. This is where the friction and uncertainty can be the highest. But you need to address situations as they arise and not let them fester. This is also not the time to lose yourselves in each other, but at the same time, don’t let yourselves get so bogged down in the new mundanities of your life together that you forget to spend time bonding and enjoying yourselves as a married couple.


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Whether it’s a corporate meeting or barbecue, wedding, engagement photo shoot, birthday or family get-together, we are the perfect setting for your event. Indoor, outdoor, big or small, call us to discuss your event and arrange a site visit.


PHOTOS: By Jamieson Dean & Sarah Wiggins Photography

a real-life wedding


Maryann and Richard met when they were in college. Maryann was 18 at the time, and Richard was a year older. They were attending a residence party at the college, when someone said something funny. They don’t remember what was said, but they both burst out laughing. Suddenly they realized that nobody else had heard the remark and were solemnly looking at the two of them with quizzical expressions on their faces. The sense of humour that both of them shared, drew them together and the romance flourished. They finished school, and then were engaged for three years. It took a year and a half to plan the wedding.

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THE STYLE OF THE WEDDING REFLECTS THE STYLE OF LIFE Maryann and Richard are serious, but they don’t take life too seriously. Their wedding reflected that lifestyle: Formal but Fun. The wedding took place on the lawn at Stone Willow Inn in St. Mary’s. The day was a beautiful September day with just enough breeze to make the leaves rustle. The white chairs and wedding arch stood out against the green of the trees that acted as the backdrop for the ceremony. Derek McIntyre’s expert guitar playing created an atmosphere of elegance as he and the DJ took turns entertaining the guests before the ceremony. Derek played an acoustic version of “All of Me” by John Legend, as Maryann walked down the aisle. He slowed the tempo to make it appropriate for a processional and it was extremely effective as Maryann glided to her place at the front. After Jen Culligan led the service, the documents were signed at a desk that was appropriately placed while Derek kept the guests entertained. The photographer, Vanessa Reilly from Woodstock Ontario, orchestrated the pictures with the families and the bridal party, while the guests moved to a spacious tent on the patio. The colour scheme of grey, blush pink and white was highlighted by the centerpieces of a baby blue container and dainty flowers full of colour. The tea lights that flickered were flameless, due to safety reasons. Maryann and Richard created and arranged everything themselves. The bombonieres were from Chocolate Barr’s in Stratford Ontario. They were chocolate minties, wrapped in blush pink foil in a small cellophane bag with a bow.

Wedding Essentials 2018 | 77

The guests rose to their feet as the bridal party prepared to enter. Suddenly the DJ, Jason Gloor, from Dewys DJ, turned up the music and the pounding beat from Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” filled the area. With the lyrics sounding in their ears, the guests were surprised that, instead of the usual formal march, each of the bridal party danced their way to the head table. Then, there was a pause and all eyes were turned to the entrance for the Bride and Groom. To the delight of all, Maryann carried in Richard, piggyback style, while he waved to the crowd, much the way The Queen does. That set the stage for an enjoyable evening. The first dance was “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis, followed by the father/daughter dance to “Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder. Maryann’s bridal gown was from Sophie’s Gown Shoppe in London Ontario, and Richard’s Tux was from Moore’s. Their rings were from Peoples; white gold for the bride, tungsten for the groom. Nina Muller looked after Maryann’s makeup and her hair was done by Andrea Achilles from Salon Expressions in Stratford. The wedding cake was a rainbow chip cake. It blended from purple to pink and white at the top. It was made of fondant and they topped it with married LEGO people. Stone Willow Inn provided the cheesecake for dessert. The fondest memory of the event was when they were announced as husband and wife. “You feel like you can finally breathe,” Maryann said, “and all the fun for the rest of the day started.” And they set the tone they did by immediately High Fiving. When they look back at their wedding, they said that there is not a thing they’d change. “We feel as if the day went as perfectly as it possibly could have,” they said.

ADVICE FOR BRIDES Their advice to brides – hire a planner. They were glad they hired Haley at Plan it Right Events in Kitchener. “She remembered things we didn’t even think of and kept us calm throughout the ceremony.” They also remind brides to ask your bridal party for help. “Don’t feel guilty for asking for assistance, that’s what they are there for.” Maryann chuckled. “Things will go wrong, but you will be the only one who notices.” Maryann and Richard had registered their wedding with Gulliver’s Travel and will be off to Greece for the Honeymoon. “We are leaving in March,” they said, “because we didn’t want the fun to be over all at once.”

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Bride’s Boutique: Sophia’s Gown Shopper, London | Bride’s Hair: Andrea Achilles, Salon Expressions, Stratford Bride’s Make-Up: Nina Muller, Freelance Stylist | Groom’s Attire: Moore’s, London | Jeweller: Peoples Ceremony and Reception Location: Stone Willow Inn, St. Mary’s Photographer: Vanessa Reilly, Vanwalk Photography |

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What the

Officiant Will Want to Know

Finding a dress, deciding on a cake, choosing colours... a multitude of details must be cared for while planning for your upcoming wedding. Of course, the central event of the day will be the ceremony itself. Recruiting your officiant and coordinating the details with him or her are of primary importance. Otherwise, there won’t be a wedding at all, only an expensive party. Religious ceremonies are usually performed by the minister at the couple’s church. If you are not part of a local church, ask friends for recommendations or contact the pastors of a few churches in your area. Because different pastors may have specific expectations, be sure to ask about any unique requirements (such as premarital counselling sessions, church attendance, or compatibility assessments). Alternatively, you may choose a civil ceremony. Check within your jurisdiction for a list of legally recognized wedding officiants, such as Justices of the peace, or clergymen who will perform wedding ceremonies at reception locations. Once you settle on the officiant, set up a meeting to discuss specifics. Even simple wedding ceremonies require some customization. Some of the topics to cover include:

1. The facility. Where will the ceremony take place? Even if the officiant is the pastor of a church, do not assume the church building will automatically be booked for you. Confirm the reservation and inquire about any additional arrangements (including fees) that must be made for a sound system, sound engineer, and custodian. If the officiant will be traveling from outside the area, verify that he or she is credentialed to solemnize marriages at the wedding’s location.

2. The vows. Will you be writing your own, or do you plan to use traditional vows? Will you recite them yourself, repeat them with

cues from the officiant, or simply respond with an “I will” at the end?

3. The rings. Not every couple exchanges rings, so the officiant will want to verify your intention. If the exchange will be part of your ceremony, will there be a ring-bearer? What procedure will be used to place the rings on the fingers? The officiant may have some suggestions regarding this. 4. Giving the bride away. Some find this custom offensive or irrelevant. Inform the officiant whether this will be part of the ceremony or if it should be omitted. If it will be used, who will do the “giving away”? The father, mother, father and mother, or another influential person in the bride’s life?

5. The participants. How many attendants will be in the wedding party and what are their names? Who will be the maid of honour? The best man? Will there be a flower girl? Have you recruited ushers? Have you made arrangements for a pianist, organist, or soloist? Remember to work out details pertaining to the processional, standing arrangement, and recessional. 6. Decorations. If the officiant oversees the facility, determine when it will be available to be decorated and when the decorations must be removed. You may also need to coordinate the delivery of flowers with the florist. 7. The signing of the marriage license. You are responsible to acquire the license yourself according to local laws. Discuss with the officiant when and where the license will be signed. (Often, the signing is incorporated into the ceremony itself.)

8. Optional ceremony elements. Communion, a wedding message (sermon or homily), special music, a short video, a candle lighting ritual, or other personalized elements may be worked into the ceremony as desired. Much of this will be influenced

by how formal and lengthy you want the ceremony to be. Unless your requests violate personal beliefs, most officiants are happy to accommodate.

9. The rehearsal. Often, officiants prefer to do a run-through of the complete ceremony the night before with all the participants. This helps everyone become comfortable with their responsibilities while providing an opportunity to foresee and avoid many potential mishaps. A simple dinner is typically prepared to follow the rehearsal. 10. The reception. Not all officiants want to attend the reception, especially if there is no prior relationship with the bride or groom. However, an invitation should still be extended. If you would like him or her to lead in a prayer or say a few words during the reception, make those arrangements in advance.

11. Photographer and/or videographer. What accommodations will need to be made for photographs or video recordings? Will those attending the wedding be allowed to use flash photography, or should an announcement be made to request that only the official photographer use flash?

12. Odds and ends. Will you need to print a bulletin? What will be the dress code? Are there restrictions regarding the use of confetti, food, or beverages inside the facility? If the wedding is to take place outside, what is “plan B” if the weather does not cooperate? What kind of honorarium or fee does your officiant require? Each wedding is unique, so carefully consider the special circumstances pertaining to your situation. By conducting a thorough exploration of your expectations and those of your officiant, you can be fully prepared as your ceremony approaches. Rather than worrying about what details you forgot to cover or what surprises lie in waiting, you can relax and enjoy your big day to the max.

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Planning a formal wedding can cause stress in the most serene of women. But you can plan yours with a minimum of frayed nerves, thanks to this FREE book from Wedding Essentials. The Bride’s Survival Guide gives you detailed instructions on planning every aspect of your big day. This 128-page manual (a $39.95 value) offers insider advice on the engagement, the advance preparations, the budget, the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, and your first home together. You get tips on saving money, answers to your etiquette questions, solutions to tough family problems, and ideas on how to make your wedding unique. Plus …we show you how to get the best deals from suppliers. Without sacrificing quality. This unique manual has helped more than 70,000 Ontario brides over the past 20 years. Let us send you your own personal FREE copy. Mail the postpaid request card opposite this page. Or complete the form online at We’ll be pleased to help you remain calm every step of the way to the altar.

Wedding Essentials Your wedding. Your vision. Your choice.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing

Chocolate Fountains 84 | Wedding Essentials 2018

If you are planning a party or event and are looking to for a “wow� factor to impress your guests, an elegant, flowing chocolate fountain with an assortment of snacks and desserts for dipping will be just that. From a kid’s backyard birthday party to a massive, elegant wedding, chocolate fountains can be a smash hit at any party. Until recently, chocolate fondue fountains have mostly been bulky commercial appliances that you needed to rent for large special occasions. Today, you can purchase smaller, personal sized machines that you can use for any occasion. With so many sized fountains with numerous different features, it can be a struggle to select the best one for your needs. If you are looking to purchase a chocolate fountain for your next dinner or party, below are ten different areas and features you need to consider when choosing the right fountain to make your event a rousing success.

Price For home or kitchen appliances, the more you spend, the more you should expect it to be a quality and reliable machine, and this is just as true for chocolate fountains. If you are looking for a tool that you will use only a handful of times a year for small dinners or get-togethers, a cheaper machine might serve your purposes. Good value chocolate fountains typically range between $30 and $50. Fountains at this price are small but have much higher quality than machines priced lower. Chocolate fountains at large events and special occasions must be great at serving lots of people and running for longer periods. Higher priced devices in the $50 to $100 range will have stronger motors and better heating elements that will run much longer. For your next large party, spending a little more will get you a model machine built to last.

Size Chocolate fountains come in all shapes and sizes. Before choosing the right fountain to buy, consider where you are going to use it and where you are going to store it. For intimate parties or homes with little storage, think about going with a small machine. Some models can be as petite as a flower pot. At parties with lots of guests, or at outdoor events where there might be a risk of someone knocking over the fountain, a bulkier machine would be a better fit.

Materials Machines will often come made of one of two

materials, plastic or stainless steel. Plastic fountains are typically cheaper than stainless steel machines but are not as sturdy and durable. Stainless steel machines look more elegant during a special event, cannot crack or snap like plastic, and are easier to clean. Plastic chocolate fountains, while less sturdy than steel ones are still strong enough for home use.

Feet An often under looked feature of quality chocolate fountains is adjustable feet on the bottom of the machine. When the chocolate is flowing, if the machine is not completely level, the chocolate stream will wobble causing an unsightly effect and potentially a big mess. To avoid having to stuff matchbooks under the fountain to make it level, search for a model machine that has adjustable feet.

Capacity Different machines hold different amounts of chocolate. Most smaller, home-friendly fountains can hold 2 to 4 pounds of chocolate. To know what size to buy, you need to consider how you will be using the fountain. For family use, small parties, or romantic dinners, a 2-pound fountain will be sufficient. Special events such as weddings or large parties will need a higher-capacity machine.

Preparation Never assume that all chocolate fountains work the same way. Some models require you to preheat the chocolate in a pan before pouring it into the machine, while others are designed to melt the chocolate chips itself. Unless the box or specs list mention that you do not need to pre-melt the chocolate, you should assume that you do. No matter what machine you end up choosing, always read the instructions on how to prepare the chocolate before using and follow it to the letter. Any minor misstep can ruin the chocolate.

Liquids A great feature of some machines is that they let you use food other than melted chocolate. Just because it might be great at melting, pumping, and circulating chocolate, however, does not mean you can use other liquids. If you want to use barbeque sauce, nacho cheese, melted marshmallow, butterscotch, caramel, or any other sauce, you need to check with the manufacturer. Using a liquid other than chocolate in a machine not designed for that can potentially damage or ruin the fountain.

Assembly Good, quality chocolate fountains are easy to assemble. Choosing the best chocolate fountain often requires picking the one with the least hassle during use. The best machines come apart in three parts: the base, basin, and tower.

Noise All chocolate fountains use motors to pump chocolate, and all motors make noise when running. Cheaper fountains have weaker engines in order to save money on manufacturing costs, which means they have to work harder to pump the chocolate. These machines tend to burn out quickly after extended use. When you purchase a more expensive fountain, you have a better chance of it having a better, stronger motor. It can be difficult to tell how loud it will be without turning it on first, but there are two ways to get that information. First, check online reviews to see if others who purchased the same machine report that problem. Second, if you are buying it from a physical store, ask an associate if you can plug it in and test it. Many stores will be glad to help.

Cleaning Chocolate fountains are impressive to look at and fun to use. One downside, however, is cleaning it afterward. Every company will say their fountain is easy to clean, and unfortunately, that is not always accurate. A quick way to determine how easy the machine is to clean is by checking how many separate pieces comprise the unit. The more pieces the unit disassembles into, the smaller and easier the pieces will be to clean. Check to see if the machine is dishwasher safe, as this will make cleaning even easier. A good chocolate fountain can be the hit of the party, and a bad one can be a major disappointment for your guests and you. Before you decide on a model to purchase, you should consider all of the above 10 aspects and features. Researching the perfect chocolate fountain can save you money, prevent future messes, and make your next party a success.

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Art Decadently delicious concoctions figure prominently in wedding celebrations. Cake bakers, chocolatiers, candy makers, and other creators of edible art produce gustatory and visual masterpieces. Here is a sampling of feasts for palate and eye, sensational treats designed to delight and dazzle while tantalizing taste buds.

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Your theme, style and colours venture onto your desserts as well. From the minimalist cakes, decadent chocolates and the ornate edible art designs‌ on your wedding day you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

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Why Choosing the

Perfect Caterer is a Vital Part of Your Big Day

Hiring a caterer who brings something extra to the table will create fond memories of your special day for you, your spouse and your honoured guests.

Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life – the culmination of your relationship and the public statement of your love. Whether you are planning a small get-together or a huge country club wedding, the food you serve is a vital part of the celebration.

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If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you know that there are a lot of things to do and myriad details to work out before the big day. From selecting the perfect wedding dress for yourself and the most flattering gowns for your bridesmaids to choosing a great florist and wedding photographer, you have a lot on your plate in advance of the big day. No matter how busy you are, you should not let the food for your wedding fall through the cracks, nor should you treat the catering as a mere afterthought. You and your new spouse will be the star of the show, but the food you present will still play a vital supporting role. It does not matter what kind of wedding you are planning or how many people are invited to the ceremony – you need to think carefully about the food service and choose a caterer

92 | Wedding Essentials 2018

who is up to the task at hand. Not every caterer will be able to pull off a big wedding, and it is important to look at everything from menu plans to the price per person. Hiring a caterer who brings something extra to the table will make your special day even more memorable for you, your spouse and your honoured guests. The advantages of hiring an experienced caterer for your upcoming wedding are many. The caterer will know how to prepare the most delicious food for your wedding, but perhaps just as importantly they will know which foods to serve and how to create a menu your guests will love. A good caterer will also be able to work with you to accommodate any special needs your guests may have, providing an array of options you can choose from and delivering a creative and delicious menu when the big day finally arrives.

No matter how elaborate your wedding or how long you have been planning it, at the end of the day your guests will remember a handful of things. They will cherish their memories of you in your sparkling white wedding dress. They will marvel at the towering wedding cake and the reception hall resplendent with fresh flowers. Last but certainly not least, your guests will remember the food that was served. With such fond memories on the line, you cannot afford to risk bland cuisine and an unimaginative menu. You have a lot of things to think about and a host of tasks to accomplish in the lead-up to your dream wedding, but you should not let the catering fall through the cracks. Hiring a great caterer is a vital part of wedding planning, and making the right choice will make your special day even more so.

In some cases your dress nightmares can be caused by your retailer. You can protect yourself at the outset by dealing with stores than have been in business for a long time and have a solid reputation. The best way to find out whom you can trust is to ask your friends. If your wedding gown is to be custom-made or heavily altered, you should insist on a written contract.


Table Numbers

Key points to look for: The date the contract is signed. A detailed list of specific items and prices. The date the gown is to be delivered. A list of payments including the initial payment that is made Trydeposit. to useHow something will not (cheque or credit card numbers). The date make your reception resemble an the balance is due. A statement of the industry lunch. policy. Framed numbers vendor’s cancellation (Example: are nice, asif are having is the numbers What happens the wedding called off or the painted vendor backs out?) Price escalations. on leaves in the middle of

the centrepiece. Or avoid numbers

Never pay the bill in full before you have altogether and useIf animal names to and never pay cash. the dress store like sud“Zebra” denly closes its doors and like you have or flower names “Rose.” no record of payment, you could be left out in the cold. Keep cancelled cheques If you use table numbers, put all the as proof of payment or — better still — numbers on one sidecard of the payeven by credit card. Many credit companies offer a degree room, all theyou odds on theofother. It protection the vendor not to provide makes should it easier for waiters direct the goods as promised. Check with your people. credit card company for the nature of the protection it offers.

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Newly Married? Make These Smart Money Moves Now Getting married is a major milestone in life. If you are newly married and embarking on a life together, being on the same page financially is important. Money problems are a leading cause of divorce, so learning to handle your finances wisely and as a couple will be good for your marriage and your long-term happiness. There are a few smart moves all newly married couples should make. From getting your health insurance in order to choosing the right investments, taking the right steps now can pay big dividends throughout your marriage.

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Health insurance is one of the most important considerations for newly married couples. If you get your health insurance through your employer, you would normally have to wait for open enrollment to make any changes. Fortunately, you do not have to wait for open enrollment to put your new spouse on your policy. Now is the time to examine your coverage and that of your spouse. Compare premiums, deductibles and other factors to determine which coverage option is the best deal. Family coverage is often less costly than coverage for two single individuals, so you might end up saving money in the process. If your new life together includes a home, you will want to review your homeowners insurance. Now is the time to make an inventory of the home’s contents, including a list of both spouses’ possessions. The easiest way to make a home inventory is with a video camera -- just send the video to your cloud storage site or place the camera card in a safe deposit box or home safe. Chances are, you and your new spouse both carry a credit card. If so, you will want to know where you both stand. Pull a copy of both credit reports and compare credit scores. If your spouse has a poor credit score, adding them as an authorized user on your credit card could lower your score and hurt your chances of getting a loan or mortgage. The better option is to build up the dinged credit score by acting responsibly. Keep in mind that the bad actions of one spouse will reflect negatively on both partners, so keeping the lines of communication open – and the debt to a minimum – is important. You and your new spouse will also need to discuss bank accounts. Hopefully you have had this conversation before the wedding. If not, now is the perfect time. A growing number of couples are taking a hybrid approach to the traditional joint account. Those couples open a joint account with the names of both spouses, but they also keep smaller separate accounts in their names alone. This option provides both spouses with spending money and can minimize disagreements about finances. Just make sure you and your spouse are on the same wavelength when it comes to spending limits and paying the monthly expenses. Starting a life together can be overwhelming, especially when finances are involved. Talking openly and honestly about money matters is one way to solidify your relationship and make your marriage that much stronger.

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Thoughts Tip: behind the colour!

Apportioning the Cost

About half the cost of your wedding will be easten up by the reception. Add meaning to your choices You may wish to floral spend moreby onchoosing flowers that represent your birth months. some areas and less on others. It’s important to begin with an average JANUARY: Carnation and individualize according to your FEBRUARY: Violet preferences. MARCH: Jonquil

■ Food/Drink 50-60% APRIL: Sweet Pea

■ Flowers 10-17% ■ Bridal Attire 3-17% JUNE: Rose ■ Photo/Video 5-15% JULY: Larkspur ■ Music/Entertainment 3-13% AUGUST: ■Gladiolas Invitations 4-6% SEPTEMBER: Aster ■ Miscellaneous 5-7% MAY: Lily of the valley

OCTOBER: Calendula NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemum DECEMBER: Narcissus

Jamieson Dean Photography

your H appily EvEr a ftEr starts HErE ElEgant & uniquE wEdding vEnuEs for

Your Special Day

H istoric H Eintzman HousE

135 Bay Thorn Avenue 905.944.3800 x6609

m arkHam musEum

9350 Markham Road 905.305.5970

Book a sitE visit today! WeddingEssentials Essentials202018 97 Wedding 1 7 | | 27

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Wedding Traditions You Can


Weddings are no longer about going through the proper motions so you can end the day as man and wife. Today’s weddings are a celebration of you as a couple, and they can reflect that in any way you choose.

ceremonies. For some it’s a traditional classic, but others find it trite and boring. Besides, you know that all of your guests will be humming the alternative words in their heads as you walk down the aisle.

When it comes to your wedding, it’s up to you to decide which traditions are meaningful and which are not. Here are some wedding traditions you can consider skipping if they just don’t fit in to your vision.

Instead, consider a song that has meaning to you and your future spouse. Many popular love songs are beautiful when played instrumentally.

Diamond Engagement Rings The diamond industry scored big when it convinced the world that a diamond is the only appropriate symbol of lasting love. Today’s brides are getting wise to that fairy tale and choosing stones that reflect their own tastes and personalities more accurately.

If you need more options, don’t hesitate to ask the pianists or other musicians you’ve hired. They will be happy to provide suggestions.

Pew Bows There was a time when every wedding featured large bows draped over every other pew as a decoration for the church aisle, but modern weddings often go on without them.

When you go shopping for wedding rings, don’t feel you must choose a diamond. Pick a style with your and your partner’s birthstones, or just choose something you think it beautiful.

Take some time to consider if bows really fit into your wedding plans. Many brides use candles instead or nothing at all. The natural wood of church pews is often more beautiful on its own.

Hiding From Each Other

Aisle Runners

Many brides and grooms find that it isn’t practical to avoid each other the day of the wedding. They may have things to discuss, or they might find that it makes more sense to take pictures before the ceremony.

How many wedding fail videos have you seen that feature problems with the aisle runner? That special fabric is hard to get straight, and somebody is probably going to trip over it anyway.

Instead of waiting to see each other at the ceremony, some couples stage a first look moment with the photographer. This involves capturing the reaction when the couple first sees each other dressed up for the wedding.

The Veil

Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” Otherwise known as “Here Comes the Bride”, this music is a staple of many wedding

Some brides love the idea of a veil as part of a wedding ensemble, but to others it’s just an extra expense. You don’t have to wear a veil to look like a bride. Some brides choose beautiful barrettes, hats, headbands or tiaras instead. You can also walk down the aisle without anything on your

head at all, especially if you want to show off your gorgeous, bridal hairstyle.

A Formal Bridal Party You can definitely have your sister and your three closest friends in matching dresses beside you as you get married, but you don’t have to. Wedding parties no longer need to be equal numbers of men and women with a flower girl and a ring bearer thrown in to round it out. You can have as few or as many people standing up with you at your wedding as you want, and either gender can fill any role. Instead of filling traditional roles, consider who you want to be part of your wedding, then find a place for each person. It’s okay if you have three flower girls and even a flower boy. Your brother can be your Man of Honor. You can even pull your dog down the aisle in a flower covered wagon. It’s completely up to you.

Guest Sides Traditionally, the bride’s guests sit on one side of the aisle while the groom’s sit on the other. Unless you are expecting the two sides to rumble, there’s no reason to do it this way. It’s a hassle for the ushers, and it can look weird if one side has significantly more people than the other. You’ll probably have your parents in the first row. Aside from that, reserve some seating for special people in your life like your grandmother or your godparents. Then let everyone else seat themselves.

Unity Candles A unity candle ceremony is a lovely idea and symbolic of joining the two families together,

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but it has been done so many times that it has lost some of its meaning. If you like the idea of a unity candle but want something different, consider putting a fresh spin on it. Many brides and grooms like the idea of pouring sand into a clear container. Foodies might choose to blend their favorite spices into a unique mix. Some brides and groom mix their favorite wines or beers, creating a drink that is theirs alone. The new drink can then be served at the reception. You can also introduce a special moment into your wedding ceremony by taking the unity candle a step further. After you have lit the candle, pass the light on to every member of your wedding party and your guests. The room will glow with soft candlelight, representing the love of everyone present.

The Receiving Line This old tradition is a way for the happy to couple to greet and thank each person who has attended the wedding. However, it can create some serious problems with the flow of guests from one place to another. The kissing and greeting can be a little awkward, as well. Instead of a receiving line, you can go from

100 | Wedding Essentials 2018

table to table at your reception to greet your guests. This is a less formal way to offer hugs and say thank you for coming, and it ends up being a lot more meaningful for many brides.

Assigned Seating Assigned seating at the reception can be a lot of trouble. You must map out where to put everyone, keeping in mind which guests get along and which don’t. Then you create a system to help guests figure out where they are supposed to be. You also risk hurting people’s feelings because they weren’t seated in a preferred place, and you might inadvertently ruin a good time by putting people together who can’t stand each other. It makes sense to unburden yourself by letting guests sit wherever they want. Have a special table for the bridal party and another for parents and close family. Then just provide enough seating for the rest of your group.

First Dance Some people love being the center of attention and welcome the idea of sharing a first dance in front of all their friends and family. Others are filled with anxiety at the thought. You don’t have to do a spotlight dance

with your new spouse if it makes you uncomfortable. Your guests probably won’t notice if you skip this tradition completely. You can also share your first dance with your wedding party, your parents or other married couples in the room.

Bouquet and Garter Toss Many modern brides and grooms find the bouquet and garter toss distasteful. You don’t have to single out the singles if you don’t want to, and you can definitely skip having someone climb up your dress to remove your garter. If there’s a special person, married or single, you’d like to have your bouquet, give it as a gift. You can also take individual flowers out of your bouquet to give to your wedding party.

Send Off You don’t have to leave your own wedding in a flurry of rice or bubbles. It’s likely you’ve spent months planning the perfect party, so stay and enjoy it. Your wedding is all about celebrating you and the person you love. Don’t get caught up traditions that aren’t important to you. Keep what you like, and skip what you don’t, and you will truly create your own special day.

a real-life wedding

Sarah & Kyle FROM WEDDING GUESTS TO HOSTING A WEDDING THEMSELVES Sarah and Kyle almost didn’t meet. Neither were originally on the guest list of a mutual friend’s wedding, but gladly accepted when they each received a last-minute invitation. They were seated at the same table, and by the end of the evening, Kyle asked Sarah out to dinner. She said “Yes” and plans were made for the next weekend. Their wedding day was in August at Trillium Trails Banquet & Conference Centre in Oshawa, Ontario, for both the ceremony and the reception. The theme for the wedding was “Rustic” and the location fit the theme with rough elegance, enhanced by the colour scheme of lavender with rustic accents of wood and burlap. The centrepieces were Mason jars with baby’s breath and wood table numbers. For wedding favours, Sarah and Kyle chose to have a popcorn bar from Kernels Popcorn, with four flavours, allowing the guests to help themselves. Sarah and Kyle planned the wedding for one year and four months and the planning paid off. “We wouldn’t change a thing – it was perfect” said Sarah.

Photographer: Enspyre Photography

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Nino Sazon from DJ Nine, played “Come to Me” by Goo Goo Dolls as the bridal party walked down the aisle. Sarah walked down the aisle to “Marry Me” by Train. “What Love is All About” by Johnny Reid was sung, and the recessional was “I’m on Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. Sarah’s wedding gown was Enzoani from One Love One Dream Bridal in Courtice, Ontario, with her hair by Santo Ferrara Salon and her make-up by Brittany Ferrara Boutique. Sarah’s rings were from People’s and Kyle’s was from Ben Moss. The flower arrangements were designed by Marcy Kuzemonak from Blooms & Bliss in Hamilton. The wedding day was a true reflection of Sarah and Kyle as a couple, with a few special touches that personalized their event. Their dog, Zoey, walked down the aisle as a “Flower Dog”, they had a popcorn bar and wrote their own vows. The vows were significant, because they were able to say how much they loved each other in their own words, and they made their own special promises. Sarah and Kyle said, “We are so glad we hired such a great team to capture the day. It was truly the best day ever and we love being able to look back at the photos and video to relive it again and again.” Their photographer was Elias Damouni and Giulia Ciampini from Enspyre Photography and their videographer was Carson Nimmo and Matt Romer from Nimmo Videography. It is hard to pick just one moment that makes an exceptional memory of the wedding, because the entire day was very special for the bridal couple. “It was the one day we could have all the family and friends who mean the most to us, all in the same room together,” said Sarah. They could feel the love and support in the room as they started their life together as husband and wife. All the music at the reception was carefully chosen to be meaningful to the participants. The couples entered the reception area to the tune of “Cheerleader” by OMI. The first dance was “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. The mother/ son dance was “A Mother’s Song” by T Carter Music and the Father/daughter dance was “Dance With My Daughter” by Jason Blaine. The dessert was supplied by Rachel Fay from A Sweet Life in Richmond Hill, and the cake was a gift to the wedding couple. It was cupcakes on a wooden tower with a small top cake to cut, and a wooden topper. After the dinner, the speeches were definitely the high point. “We had some really thoughtful speeches, but the best man’s speech had everyone, including us, laughing out loud,” Sarah said. When Sarah looks back, the advice she would give to other brides is to take time to be with your husband. “It is such a busy day that flies by and you spend so much time with guests that it is important to take a minute and appreciate the day.” They stepped out after dinner to go for a walk, just the two of them, and it is a very enjoyable memory. They celebrated their honeymoon at their cottage. It is a favourite place where they spend a lot of time with their family, including Zoey.

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BRIDE’S GOWN: Enzoani | BRIDE’S boutique: One Love One Dream Bridal, Courtice BRIDE’S HAIR/MAKEUP: Santo Ferrara/Brittany Ferrara | GROOM’S ATTIRE: Moore’s, Ajax | Bride’s Jeweller: Peoples | Groom’s Jeweller: Ben Moss Florist: Marcy Kuzemonak, Blooms & Bliss | Dessert: Rachel Fay, A Sweet Life, Richmond Hill Photographer: Elias Damouni and Giulia Ciampini, Enspyre Photography | Videographer: Carson Nimmo and Matt Romer, Nimmo Videography |

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The of Matrimony In this era, we often hear about the impending irrelevance of matrimony. We are told that divorce is on the rise and that young couples are increasingly reluctant to enter into the bonds of marriage. There is no doubt that the married state is no longer viewed as it once was, when matrimony was a guiding star and a treasured jewel within the life of our society. Nevertheless, it’s clear that matrimony still exerts a powerful attraction for the majority of North Americans. Following are five insights into the reason for that attraction – the enduring beauty of matrimony. 1. Matrimony speaks eloquently of the possibility of faithfulness. Many critics doubt that faithfulness is possible in an era when people live longer and longer, and in a society where individuals have more and more freedom. Nevertheless(needs a comma) the couples lining up to enter wedding chapels and churches have their unions blessed obviously believe that such faithfulness is still a realistic option. 2. Matrimony is testimony to the power of love. It is the quintessential proof that human beings have the capacity to step outside of the orbit of self and focus fully on another person. As such, it is the basis for the construction of a loving community and a caring society. 3. Matrimony is a sparkling moment of optimism in a time of anxiety. Despite all

the frightening developments of the twentyfirst century – including terrorism and environmental degradation – matrimony continues to bring unalloyed joy to participants and witnesses alike. We are drawn into the circle of hope and promise felt by the marriage partners. 4. Matrimony is a clear representation of the symmetry of human existence. We read in the Bible that “it is not good for man to be alone.” Where there are two people, there is the possibility of the growth of community and the introduction of future generations. Matrimony banishes the solitary, sterile life and opens up the possibility of fruitful companionship. 5. Matrimony demonstrates the human willingness to build something beyond ourselves. Marriage ushers in an array of plans for the future and hopes for tomorrow. It is dynamic – the wedding is a confluence of forces just barely controlled – but orderly, extravagantly material yet focused on transcendent spiritual realities. The newly married couple and all who witness their joy believe that good things result from pure love. The beauty of matrimony inspires everyone who participates in or witnesses it. Despite the manifold attacks on marriage and the predictions of its demise, matrimony is alive and well. While those who have been married for many years know the discipline it requires, the allure of matrimony is undiminished and its promise is undimmed.

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Planning Ahead is Key to a Perfect

Wedding Cake

You want your big day to be perfect, every bride does, but planning a spectacular wedding creates a lot of stress. After all, there’s the dress, the shoes, the flowers, the music and, WHEW!, so much more! Did we mention the cake? Don’t let it make you crazy. You can plan the perfect day, and the following tips will ensure you have a fabulous cake to go along with it. So now you’re thinking: Wedding cake, hmm. It must look gorgeous and taste great – obviously! Oh, and it needs to feed two hundred people and it should be six tiers and... can I get this all for a hundred bucks? After all, my dress was expensive Perhaps your cake can’t be quite all that, but it can still be a beautiful showpiece for your wedding. Let’s look at what you should focus on to have a no hassle, top-notch cake at your reception.

Order Early!

This is an important point and one that can’t be overstressed! Giving your preferred baker as much lead time as possible is beneficial to both you and them. First, it gets the cake off your plate (pardon the pun!), and allows you to focus on other aspects of your day. Secondly, it gives your baker more time to plan and schedule, so they can meet your needs and deliver your cake without a hitch. So how far ahead should you be thinking? It’s recommended that you try to make cake arrangements at least three months in advance. Then relax and trust your baker. If you’ve chosen well, they won’t let you down.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Your groom is tall, dark and handsome – that’s why you love him. Without a doubt, you’d like your cake to be the same.

 Definitely! I need six tiers minimum! Tall cakes are impressive, but consider your desired type of cake. Dense, moist cake will need more layers to achieve the same height as light, fluffy cake. More layers mean a heavier finished cake, which is harder to move, and may want to lean. You don’t want a cake that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa; unless, of course, you’re having an Italian themed wedding! Conversely, light, fluffy cake will not support the weight of dense upper tiers. As you can see, it’s a bit of a compromise to find the right balance, so consider carefully before ordering. This is one area where a skilled, professional baker can offer valuable advice.

Love Thy Flavor!

Taste is frequently overlooked in wedding cakes. The focus is so often on making the cake visually stunning that flavor is sacrificed. If you don’t want a dry, flavorless cake on your big day, planning ahead is a must. Choose the right type of cake and a complementary design, and you’ll have a cake that looks and tastes amazing! A word to the wise – don’t over-do fondant.

 But I love fondant! Why shouldn’t I use fondant? I don’t care – I’m having my whole cake covered in fondant! Fondant! Fondant! Fondant!

Don’t misunderstand, fondant is an excellent tool that bakers employ to increase a cake’s attractiveness and stability, but it’s not all that appetizing. So, hold the fondant wherever possible. You want your cake to be yummy!

Don’t Sweat It!

A final point to consider when planning your cake is the weather. Think about it; lots of receptions take place outdoors. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception for the middle of July, you might have more than just sweaty relatives to contend with. There’s the very real possibility your cake may melt.

 But I must have my reception outside! I need to be free! I need fresh air! Besides, I already rented one of those portable dance floors. Outdoor receptions are no problem if you plan accordingly for your cake. In warm weather, a series of low, small cakes might be a better choice than one big, tall cake. Work with your venue or wedding planner to keep your confectionary masterpiece refrigerated for as long as possible. This will ensure it looks and tastes its best. Your wedding cake is more than a dessert; it’s an expression of the love you share with your partner. When done right, it represents the life you are embarking on together. Planning ahead can go a long way toward creating a beautiful, and delicious, centrepiece you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.

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Reception Reference Guide

A quick chart to help you to compare Ontario’s finest upscale wedding venues. All information is subject to change without notice. Some offerings may be available only on a limited, seasonal or by-request basis. Unless otherwise noted, alcohol charges, gratuities and taxes are extra.




Included In Price

Ceremony On Site

Outdoor Area

Special Menus

CHATEAU LE JARDIN CONFERENCE & EVENT VENUE 905.851.2200 30-1300 $75-160

A B F I J M N, open bar, antipasto bar



F G It P

CHRISTIES MILL INN & SPA 1.800.465.9966




Ca Ch G H In It Ja K P V




Ca G In It Ja P V











Ca F G H In Il P V

THE BRIARS RESORT, CONFERENCE CENTRE & SPA 905.722.3271 Ext. 2730 up to 150 $125-135




Ca Ch F G H In It Ja P V O

WOODINGTON LAKE GOLF CLUB 905.936.9523 Ext. 232 Page 13 15 PAGE




Ca F G P V

Included In Price

Ceremony On Site





SHARON TEMPLE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE AND MUSEUM 905.478.2389 0-88 Page 61 TABOO MUSKOKA 1.800.461.0236 Ext. 5796 Page 13







DEER CREEK GOLF & BANQUET FACILITY 905.427.7757 Ext. 300 50-540

Page 9

$ $75-125



Outdoor Area Yes

Special Menus F In H Ja V



Included In Price

Ceremony On Site

Outdoor Area

Special Menus






Ch G H In Il K P V







F G It Ja P V O







Ca Ch F G In It Ja K P V O







MARKHAM MUSEUM 905.294.4576 Ext. 3171 Page 75 THE EGLINTON GRAND 416.485.5900 THE OLD MILL INN AND SPA 416.236.2641

108 | | Wedding Wedding Essentials Essentials 2018 2 017 108


Ca Ch F G In It Ja K P V O


Ca Ch F G In It Ja K P V O


Ca Ch F G In It Ja K P V O




We welcome all caterers.






Ch G H In Il K P V






H It P


Ca — Caribbean Ch — Chinese

F — French G — Greek

H — Halal In — Indian

It — Italian J — Jamaican

K — Kosher P — Portuguese

V — Vegan O — Other


E. F. G. H.

Dinner wine Champagne toast Chair covers Disc jockey

I. J. K. L.

Wedding cake Hors d’oeuvres Bridal suite Gift for couple

Late-night buffet Non-alcoholic punch Limousine Engagement photo

M. Chocolate fountain N. Sweet table O. Limited bar included P. Tasting for two

Q. R. S. T.

U. In-house wedding co-ordinator V. Wedding invitations W. Centrepieces

Valet parking for two Late night coffee/tea Wine and fruit for bridal suite Breakfast




Included In Price

Ceremony On Site

Outdoor Area

Special Menus

ANCASTER MILL 905.648.1828






BANQUET ROYALE LTD. 905.238.5335






H It K P V O

BENMILLER INN & SPA 1.800.265.1711 PAGES 25






Ch G It V Other-Celieac




� V Other-Custom

CAMBRIDGE MILL 519.648.1828 Ext. 2












G H It P V







G H It P V

up to 375

wknd rental







Ca F G H In It P V

COWAN PARK BANQUET HALL 519.421.0030 Ext. 34

DELTA LONDON ARMOURIES HOTEL 519.640.5054 20-180 FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON LONDON 519.681.0680 Ext. 8208 50-500











Ch G H In It K P V






Ca Ch F G H In It Ja K P V O







V Other-German

KURTZ ORCHARDS 905.468.2937






Ca Ch F G H In It Ja K P V







H In K V, Vegetarian

MOHAWK INN & CONFERENCE CENTRE 905.854.2277 20-130





NORTHRIDGE MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE 519.756.6345 Ext. 211 50-160





It V







G H It P V



� $99-250




G H It P V














THE WINDERMERE MANOR 519.858.1414 Ext. 432






V Other-Custom






WESTOVER INN 519.284.2977 WHISTLE BEAR GOLF CLUB 519.650.2327 Ext. 2

$45.00 170-440



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Page 39 Page 105

THE STRATFORD WEDDING SHOW Stratford Rotary Complex 353 McCarthy Road 519.272.2385

WELCOME WAGON HEAD OFFICE 211 Telson Road, Suite 1 Markham, ON L3R 1E7 905.474.5190 110 | Wedding Essentials 2018

Page 21

THE BRIDAL SHOW BURLINGTON/OAKVILLE 28 – 2006 Glenada Cres. Oakville, ON L6H 5P5 905.337.7362


AREA PRODUCTIONS PO Box 23023 Barrie, ON L4N 7W8 877.803.2121 705.436.5066

Page 53

ANCASTER WEDDING SHOW 50 — 145 Rice Ave. Hamilton, ON L9C 6R3 905.385.8785

Page 75

LOVE, POETRY CORSETS Toronto: 647.284.2497 London: 519.719.2004


Bridal registry/gifts

PAMPERED CHEF Anne Brown 705.286.0450

Page 25


Bridal shows


Bridal attire



JOY OF DANCE CENTRE & TEACHERS COLLEGE 95 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON M4K 1N2 416.406.3262

Page 93

DERM EFFECTS 1560 Hyde Park Road London, ON N6H 5L5 519.472.2929

Page 81

Beauty, Health


edible art

GENERATIONS WINE COMPANY LTD. 178 St. George Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 2M7 416.968.7070 Ext. 234

Page 19


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PHIL & DEBBIE Markham, ON 905.294.1141

CRYSTAL FOUNTAIN 60 McDowell Gate, Markham, ON 905.513.1900 deer creek golf & banquet facility 2700 Audley Road North, Ajax, ON L1Z 1T7 905.427.7737 Ext. 300


Page 93

photography & videography

BOX OF PIXELS Mississauga, ON 647.529.6010

Page 9 7 Page 3 Page 39

compass rose suites 575 Crowes Road, Milford, ON K0K 2T0 613.503.5752

Page 53

DEE DEE JAYS DISC JOCKEYS 215 Drummond Dr. Maple, ON L6A 3C1 416.757.0641 1.888.971.2414


reception/ceremony locations

Page 2


music & Entertainment

Page 9

Page 25

TIM CLARK’S FLOWERS 97 Main Street, Markham, ON L3P 1X7 905.294.2651 1.877.378.1966


DURHAM BANQUET HALL & CONFERENCE CENTRE 559 Bloor Street West Oshawa, ON L1J 5Y6 905.434.1444

Page 7


floral & decor

CMV PHOTOGRAPHY 647.990.6418

MARKHAM MUSEUM 9350 Highway 48 (Markham Road) Markham, ON L3P 3J3 905-294-4576 Ext. 3171

Page 75

PELICAN CATERING AND EVENT MANAGEMENT 804 Ritson Road South Oshawa, ON L1H 5L4 905.728.5167

Page 6

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Page 4/5

your home


Page 67 Page 97

back cover

POMPANO BEACH CLUB – BERMUDA 516 Acorn Park Dr. Acton, MA 01720 1.800.343.4155

STOCK TRANSPORTATION 128 Wellington Street W, Suite 201 Barrie, ON, L4N 1K9 705.737.9847



travel & honeymoon

MARKHAM STOUFFVILLE HOSPITAL 381 Church Street PO Box 1800 Markham, ON L3P 7P3 905.472.7000


Page 115

page 13

SYNERGY 7453 Victoria Park Avenue Markham, ON L3R 2Y7 905.604.6275 1.855.314.6275

TOWN CRIER HOSIPITATLY & CONVENTION SERVICES 1 Town Crier Lane Markham, ON L3P 2T9 905.472.3122


WOODINGTON LAKE 7110 4th Line (Mill St. East) R. R. #4 Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0 905.936.4343 1.888.265.1987

CITY OF MARKHAM CIVIC CENTRE 101 Town Centre Blvd. Markham, ON L3R 9W3 905.477.7000

REQUEST BRIDE’S SURVIVAL GUIDE Available to Ontario brides and it’s absolutely FREE! Request yours at

Page 82,83

THE CRANBERRY GOLF RESORT 19 Keith Avenue Collingwood, ON L9Y 4T9 1.800.465.9077 (Weddings, Ext. 253)


unique wedding services

Page 65

TABOO RESORT 1209 Muskoka Beach Road Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1R1 705.687.2233


Page 15

SHARON TEMPLE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE AND MUSEUM 18974 Leslie Street Sharon, ON L0G 1V0 905-478-2389

Page 61

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“I was exhausted planning my wedding” ... so I went to

The busiest wedding website in Ontario






www .wed




ls. c


FR Com EE p Bride limentary! ’s Su Guid rvival

e See page 82



UR Tips IDA L Fee For Lo LO O ling o Am king & K azin g



B Wit OU Tha h Gues R M A t Th t G ifts RK rill S



Sum mer LA Y /Fal l UN TI L 201 4 NO VE









R 11 $5.9 , 20 5 14

Cove r ph ot Othe o by DI r co VINE M ver cred ETHO its se D Ph e pa otogra ge 14 phy


Go Cak rgeou es & s Go Swe wns • et T reat Fabulo s•D u azz s Flow ling e Déc rs or

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Wedding Dress to Consider for Your Big Day It finally happened. The love of your life proposed and you’re getting married! Congrats! Now it’s time to start planning, and one of the most important tasks you face is to find the right wedding dress. The question is, what dress design is right for you? There are so many styles, traditional and nontraditional, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You want a design that flatters your figure and makes you look fabulous, and, ultimately, your dress has to be something you love. Read on to discover six styles that will help you look your best on your big day.

#1: The Sheath

#5: The Mini

The sheath style is sometimes called a column dress. It has a curve-hugging design that’s best for women with a traditional hourglass figure. It’s tight, tube-like fit can accentuate flaws, but also lengthen the appearance of your body. Shorter brides may enjoy the heightening effect of this design and can increase it by pairing a sheath style dress with four to six-inch heels. You’ll especially appreciate this if your groom is much taller.

The mini is a non-traditional design that is gaining popularity. As the name suggests it is a short design, roughly the same length as a cocktail dress, and exposes the legs from above the knees. It can have a floor length train in back and often pulls design elements from a variety of other styles, including the sheath and ball gown. This is the perfect dress for brides who work hard to maintain their figures and want to flaunt it on their big day. You’ve got it, so rock it!

#2: The A-Line

#6: The Mermaid

An A-line, or princess, dress is ideal for women with a pear or apple-shaped figure since it does not highlight the waist. Instead, it softens and blends the waist with the rest of the body. Its long design employs flowing fabrics that cascade from the shoulders, or below the breasts, to form the shape of an “A.” Slightly larger brides or those self-conscious about their figures will appreciate the A-line’s ability to conceal.

#3: The Empire

The Empire gown is inspired by the dresses of Victorian England. It features a raised waist which circles the body just below the breasts. Similar to the A-line, the pattern then flows in one long line to the floor, flaring as it goes. This has the effect of reducing the appearance of the waist and accentuating the bust line. It is ideal for pear-shaped brides who wish to conceal problem areas below the waist.

#4: The Ball Gown

For all those brides who loved Cinderella as a

114 | Wedding Essentials 2018

child, the ball gown is the dress for you. It looks exactly as its name implies, with a tightfitting torso, snug waist and flowing fabric that flares from the waist. The skirt typically consists of multiple layers to help create a beautiful full flare, and can easily diminish the appearance of wider hips or a larger bottom. It also has the added effect of narrowing the waist, so if yours is tiny, a ball gown dress could make you look amazing as you walk down the aisle.

The mermaid is another very sexy style that can highlight a good figure. It consists of a form-fitting torso which stretches to the knees and flaring fabric below. This creates the impression of a mermaid’s tail, and gives the design its name. If you have an hourglass or athletic figure, this dress will make you look stunning by hugging and accentuating your breasts, waist and hips. It’ll make a big splash on your wedding day! The important thing to remember when choosing a dress is that it’s your dress and your day. No one need like it but you. Listen to trusted friends and family members as they’ll surely have suggestions, but in the end, choose something that’s right for you. If you find a dress that makes you feel beautiful then you’ve found your dress. There’s nothing so alluring as confidence, and making a grand entrance at your wedding in a dress you know is perfect will make you glow as you march down that aisle!

expansive visuals SIGN RGY BE SEEN

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Wall Coverings



Pull Up Banners

Traffic and Parking signs

Golf and Event Signage

Store Signage

Cut Vinyl

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