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March 5, 2019







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TU alum Sarah Elfreth just became the youngest woman to ever serve in the Maryland state Senate pg.7

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March 5, 2019



March 5, 2019

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Facial Recognition Comedy (FRC) is a group of stand-up comedians who identify as women of Indian, South Asian or Arab descent. FRC was founded to dispel the myth that “there can only be one” representative or narrative of minoritized experiences in Hollywood and mainstream media.




This year’s conference theme is Dream Chasers and will focus on highlighting community members who have followed a personal passion and/or realized a professional dream.

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Local author Christina Frey will discuss her writing process and the story behind her new graphic novel, Kate’s Really Good At Hockey.

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@OneBetterDay Towson lacrosse just beat #1 Loyola.

@CoachDianeRich Shout out to @CoachNadelen and Towson Men’s Lacrosse @Towson_ MLAX #1 in the nation in all the polls. The undisputed #1. #TUProud



@jausti_lax Towson is the best lacrosse team in Maryland. Don’t @ me

@kimschatzel I’m so very proud of our student athletes. In December: recognition as the top Division I athletic department in volunteerism. And now: #1on the lacrosse field! #TUproud



March 5, 2019

Crying wolves create doubt DYLAN BRENNAN Columnist

When choosing this topic, I was a bit worried actor Jussie Smollett would be too much of a low hanging fruit, or at the very least rotted away in the short memories of news corporations. But as I recalled, he isn’t the only bad apple in the past for issues like this. For those who aren’t aware, Smollett has been indicted and is currently being tried for falsifying his own attack. Smollett originally claimed he was assaulted by two racist, homophobic men who did everything from pouring bleach on him to placing a noose around his neck. Of course, it sounded a bit too perfect to be realistic, especially expecting two random, purported Trump supporters recognizing a star from the show ‘Empire’ in the dead of night, whilst holding the perfect tools of the trade. As it so happens, the Chicago police have determined that the crime may indeed be too perfect to be true, and have released the two suspects – who are both black men who worked with Smollett on his show – without charges, as well as investigated Smollett’s phone and financial records, which I must say look quite damning. The trial is still ongoing and he is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, but I hold the right to condemn him in the court of public opinion with evidence at hand. But as I said, while the news

media may make this seem like a phenomenon, it is anything but. In 2017, I can remember a big deal being made about the US Air Force Academy having an issue with racial slurs being written around the walls of the campus. CNN made a big deal about the Air Force commander’s speech about unity in the face of Donald Trump’s divisiveness about this heinous act. But guess what: it was an African-American who was writing the slurs. What about after the election, when a p ro - L G B T church in Indiana was vandalized with graffiti of ‘Heil Trump’ a n d homophobic slurs? Same deal: it was a self-identified gay man who claimed he did this act out of love for his community; to draw attention to a problem he knew of, but did not want to actually happen in his town. He of course admitted he was wrong about putting out more hate just to create artificial unity, but the fact remains he tried to exaggerate a problem more than was realistic or immediate. I am not at all saying that racism and homophobia don’t exist; and if I were, may nobody take me seriously again. It is just sad that through

confirmed liars like the latter two, in addition to suspected fraud Smollett, that with attempts to bring attention to real issues, they will almost always be doing worse for their cause. Crying wolf will only create more doubt when problems like these actually happen; it’s why sides were so split on the recent Brett Kavanaugh hearings about purported sexual assault. People are beginning to doubt even the most genuine of crimes both sexual and hate. Unless there is undeniable proof, some will always have a seed of doubt over the validity of the accusations. W h i l e these faked incidents are thankfully in the minority, they validate many political agendas that can rile up politicians and activists alike to the false idols. They are extremely dangerous as they swallow up the news cycles and stay in the memories of everyone who keeps an ear to the ground. Smollett’s case rides on the hot heels of the Covington Catholic incident only a few weeks ago, which through later evidence was proven to be misinterpreted. If Smollett indeed turns out to be a hoaxer, he’ll have done more for the political right than many of its own members.

Courtesy of Nuccio DiNuzzo

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was recently arrested for filing a false police report after he staged a racist attack against himself, allegedly, because he was unhappy with his pay on the show.

Breathe in, breathe out RAQUEL ALFARO Columnist

Anxiety in college can be difficult to manage considering classes, work and everyday routines, so it is time to prioritize your mental health with a few coping techniques. Build a Support System: It may feel lonely sometimes, but just know there are people who are there for support. If a college student is already working with a therapist for anxiety treatm e n t , chances are, a support plan for college is made. Students who are not seeking treatment from a therapist should utilize the Towson Counseling Center on campus. The services are free, and an appointment can be made by calling 410-704-2512 or by walking in Talking to a trusted adult can be difficult at first, but seeking additional help from someone unrelated can be easier most times. Even talking to trusted friends can be a good way to relieve anxiety. Involving family is helpful because they’ll most likely love and support their child through hard times. Including family members allows them to be there and come up with a plan to help with coping. The only exception is talk of suicide. If they bring up suicide, reach out to a professional and get help! There are hotlines that will keep the information private, but provide advice that will help the person in need. If you, a friend, or anyone you know is considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-273-8255 The Body is a Temple

College can be, in most aspects, exciting, but it can also be difficult balancing and maintaining healthy habits. All college students need plenty of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. Anxiety tends to increase with a lack of sleep. A helpful tip is to disclose with roommates your sleeping or studying habits, so that a healthy balance of sleep can be made. Essential Oils Try Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It contains ingredients from a natu r a l l y occurr i n g c a n nabis plant, b u t d o e s not contain THC. It is legal and has been proven to relax muscles and help with anxiety. This can be bought at a variety of stores such as, CBD Oil Supply Stores, Amazon and tanning salons. Just take a few drops as directed on the bottle and results occur within 10 minutes, and the body will feel relaxed. Breathe in, Breathe out Sometimes, the best tactics are done through coping skills right from your home. * Meditation Apps and Mental Health Apps help talk people through their anxiousness * Daily Exercise – Attend the on-campus gym for free * Journaling – write down any emotions on paper * Therapy Deep Breathing – Do this for several minutes to relax your mind Anxiety can be difficult most times, but it is time to talk about coping techniques, especially for college students that feel overwhelmed. These are a few effective tips for anyone seeking help for anxiety.


March 5, 2019


SGA votes to bring back straws NIC KOSKI Columnist

At the beginning of the fall 2018 semester, some of the dining facilities on campus decided to say “so long” to plastic straws due to recent environmental concerns. But on Feb. 26, the SGA voted on a resolution to reimplement straws in all Towson University dining facilities. Despite that straws are still offered with certain drinks and to students with disabilities, the resolution was proposed in response to student complaints about the overall removal of straws. However, other environmentally conscious students saw this resolution as a step backward. Although the straws being implemented (called “PLA straws”) were promoted as being compostable and made from renewable resources, some students voiced their concerns during the SGA meeting that implementing these straws in dining facilities is still not the best option. Since PLA straws will only break down under certain conditions at special facilities, the majority that are

carelessly thrown out with other trash just end up in landfills and waterways causing the same harm as plastic straws to wildlife, our ecosystem, and ultimately ourselves. Paper straws are one better option when it comes to compostability, but not so much when it comes to usability. PLA straws would, then, be best for the people who really need a straw, but not for widespread implementation. A day before the vote on the resolution, there was an online survey sent out by the SGA to gauge student opinion on the issue. Strangely though, the only options on the survey were ‘paper’ or ‘plastic’—no option for ‘neither,’ or ‘only in special cases’. As a result, about 217 of the roughly 330

students who voted picked plastic over paper. Another 199 said they felt ‘inconvenienced’ by the lack of straws. A separate student petition was created to vote against any reimplementation of straws on campus and gathered over 250 signatures before the SGA’s vote. Nevertheless, the vote was made and straws are s u p p o s e d ly coming back. No exact date was set by the SGA for the reimplementation of straws. They did note, however, that Susquehanna dining hall had already begun providing PLA straws for all drinks before their vote. As for other dining facilities, we will have to wait to see whether they continue to say “so long” to straws for the sake of the planet.

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Doctors: Stop harassing trans folks SAMUEL SMITH Columnist

Did you know, according to the National LGBTQ Task Force, 28 percent of transgender people are harassed in medical settings? That always seemed absurd to me. I’ve hardly received poor care from doctors or nurses, most of the time I dealt with staff being rude or not understanding, and that I could brush off. After all, staff such as secretaries usually aren’t the ones with my well-being in their hands. Except for a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago, during a meeting, I got a call from my endocrinologist. Except it wasn’t my endocrinologist. It was one of his colleagues, who was

unfamiliar with my case. Normally, what you do if you’re unfamiliar with a case is you at least go over why the original doctor is treating them. Not this time. First, it was my name. He refused to call me Samuel or he, insisting on referring to me as she and my legal name, or deadname as I not-so-affectionately call it. Then, when he looked at my laboratory results, he made comments about my results, including saying my testosterone is high. I don’t remember what exactly he said, but it was along the lines of “Your testosterone is really high!” with the implication he was reading it for a woman’s testosterone levels. He then asked me why I was seeing my endocrinologist. Or rather, what disease I was being seen for. The only problem was I wasn’t being seen for

a disease. “I’m transgender.” “Ohhhhh that explains the high testosterone…” he trailed off. I did report this doctor, and I did receive follow up and acknowledgment. However, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I should’ve been respected as a patient and as a person. That starts with respecting my pronouns, understanding the basics of my case and treating me like a person, not like I’m just whatever “disorder” or “disease” I’m seeing him for (side note: being trans is not a disorder, nor a disease). If you’re studying to be a doctor, please, I’m begging you, don’t do this. Your patients know themselves best. - To read the rest of this column online, visit

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March 5, 2019

At Towson University, we create opportunity where it doesn’t exist. We are bigger, braver and bolder than ever. It’s time our identity reflects TU’s extraordinary momentum.




March 5, 2019


TU alum makes history in state senate KARUGA KOINANGE Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Elfreth paces around her Crowne Plaza hotel room, with friends and family in attendance for her Election Day watch party in Annapolis to see the results of the 2018 Maryland State Senate District 30 race. Her campaign team pools results from polling places into a Google Sheet, so the voter count comes in live. The final results are in, but Elfreth stares at the screen in hope that there are more numbers to enter. “I actually ended up losing on Election Day,” Elfreth said. “It was pretty stressful watching the numbers come in.” Elfreth suffered her first major political defeat. Or so she thought. Due to some precincts opening late and running out of ballots, there was a two hour delay in the early voting results. With the official final count in, Elfreth won the race, becoming the youngest woman to serve in Maryland state Senate history at just 30 years old. “It didn’t hit me for a long time,” Elfreth said. “The pure adrenaline in your body after a campaign doesn’t really wear off until two weeks after Election Day. I couldn’t even sleep the night of Election Day.” Elfreth didn’t even kick off her campaign until July of 2017, fighting an uphill battle to compete in one of the most expensive races in the state. She was on the campaign trail for just under 500 days, knocking on nearly 12,000 doors to raise money and build a group of volunteers. But Elfreth’s mission to put her name on the political map didn’t come without some criticism. “Some of the Republicans said ‘Democrats have to be kidding themselves. They’re running a 28-year-old girl’” Elfreth said. “I thrive with that criticism. The kind of grit you have to find within yourself to push through that and the discipline to not respond makes me a better senator today.” Elfreth taught herself to remain poised through adversity at an early

stage in her life. She entered Towson University in 2006 to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science. She joined the Student Government Association (SGA) in her freshman year, jumpstarting her involvement in politics. Elfreth earned a position as SGA senator early on before transitioning to director of legislative affairs. This opened her up to one of her earliest negative experiences in politics, but she turned it into a positive. “At the time, there was a senator in the committee who is now in Congress...who accused me of voter fraud,” Elfreth said. “He attempted to scare me, but it had the opposite effect. I enjoyed the fact that anyone can come down and testify and participate in making their community a better place. I fell in love with that idea.” Elfreth got her first taste in policy-making in 2009 when former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley appointed her as the student regent for the University System of Maryland. She was essentially a liaison for student government/organization leaders, expressing the needs of students to the board while sharing with students what the board was doing to address those needs. Elfreth’s top priority was to solve “the pornography issue.” The same senator who accused her of voter fraud directed the university system to come up with a free speech policy regarding the screening of pornographic films on college campuses. After working with student government leaders from across the state, Elfreth helped convince the board that there was no way to create a policy on pornographic screenings without infringing on free speech. “We came to the conclusion that there really was no policy that would not violate the first amendment,” Elfreth said. “We couldn’t, in good faith, create such a policy.” Elfreth’s passion for politics resonated in the classroom as well. Professor Alison McCartney said that she always believed that Elfreth would be success in politics. This was especially evident in spring of 2009 when Elfreth served as a bureau chief

Brendan Felch/ The Towerlight

Sarah Elfreth got her start in politics during her time as a TU SGA senator. After that, she was a student regent for the University System of Maryland under former Governor Martin O’Malley. for McCartney’s ICONS course. Elfreth had to work with a wide range of students, a role in which she thrived. “She was able to handle it with ease,” McCartney said. “Sarah always got along with everybody. She knew how to work with a wide variety of students. Sarah is the all around woman for the 21st century.” After earning her bachelor’s degree, Elfreth entered graduate school at Johns Hopkins, looking to acquire a master’s degree in public policy. While in graduate school, she also worked in the school’s graduate affairs office and interned for Congressman Steny Hoyer for two years. Hoyer repaid Elfreth for her hard work, campaigning for her during her run for senator. Elfreth hopes to pay her work forward as she is working on a scholarship for Towson University that will help offset the costs of students looking to get an unpaid internship. “I started my career in an unpaid internship and really struggled to be able to afford everything, so we want to make sure that women who want to get through college don’t suffer through that,” Elfreth said.

Fellow Towson alum Ryan Assadi, Elfreth’s friend of 12 years, helped initiate the scholarship endowment three years ago. He said Elfreth’s victorious campaign and willingness to give back are signs of what’s to come in politics. “It’s renewed my hope in a system that seems very trouble,” Assadi said. “Sarah’s election speaks profoundly to what the future of politics should and will be; a young, capable, intellectual woman that is not afraid to advocate and fight for the challenging issues.” Following graduation from Johns Hopkins, Elfreth joined the National Aquarium as the government affairs director. Working within an environment where sea life was prevalent opened Elfreth’s eyes to the significance of the sea life economy and how it affects state residents. Thanks to Elfreth’s efforts, Maryland became the first state on the east coast to ban the sale and distribution of shark fins. Elfreth didn’t succeed in everything that she wanted, though. She lobbied for a bill that would crack down on fraud (mislabeling seafood), but failed. Instead of dwelling

on it, Elfreth picked herself back up. “There’s a joke in Annapolis that it takes one year to pass a bad bill and a couple years to pass a good bill,” Elfreth said. “It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can be frustrating, but you can’t be discouraged by it. You have to keep trying.” Elfreth’s perseverance helped her secure her spot as a state senator. Now, Elfreth is on the budget committee, which controls the state budget. This gives her the opportunity to deal with a variety of issues since most bills go through the state budget. She looks to learn the ins and outs of the $44 billion behemoth that is the state budget, while getting as many bills passed as possible. Elfreth said will have to use different skills as a senator than she employed as a candidate, but her drive to connect with community members will not change. “The key to campaigning is taking what’s important in the district, which are all of those issues, talking about them in a way that is personal to your life story and communicating exactly what you are going to be able to do as senator,” Elfreth said.



March 5, 2019

Task force to review sexual assault investigations AMANDA MURAYAMA Contributing Writer @amunders

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. announced the formation of a sexual assault task force to review Baltimore County’s sexual assault investigations at a press conference Feb. 25. The formation of the task force comes amid a class action lawsuit and complaints against the county for mishandling sexual assault cases. “I’m pleased to off icially announce the launch of a sexual assault investigation task force,” Olszewski said at the press conference. “I’ll be asking this task force…to meet over the next six months, examine the practices and policies of Baltimore County with respect


to sexual assault investigations and produce a set of actionable recommendations.” Members of the task force were chosen due to their expertise in sexual assault investigations and their awareness of the sensitivity of dealing with victims. The goal of the task force is to improve how sexual assault cases are investigated, making sure they are thorough and sensitive of the victim’s trauma. Members of the task force include the task force chair and vice president of the Abell Foundation Sher yl Goldstein, the BCPD Special Victim’s Unit Commander Lt. Brian Edwards, program manager wit h t he International Association of Chief of Police David Thomas and UMBC student and President of the schools We Believe You group Nadia BenAissa. “This task force is going to

work to bring a victim centered trauma informed approach that will encourage all individuals to report sexual assaults here in Baltimore County,” Goldstein said. The county executives transition team, which Goldstein also served on, recommended the assembly of a sexual assault investigations task force one week prior to its creation. The federal lawsuit pressing the need for this assembly alleges that Baltimore County police and officials mishandled sexual assault investigations by depriving victims of their civil rights and equal protection. The lawsuit alleges that officials purposefully “covered up justif iable complaints of sexual assault.” The lawsuit claims t hese cases are not isolated and represent a pattern of misconduct

from Baltimore County, which is represented in the low number of sexual assaults that are reported. The plaintiffs of the case were allegedly assaulted by UMBC students and claim they did not receive the appropriate support from law enforcement agencies Concerns over how sexual assault investigations are executed are not new as the previous county executive, Kevin Kamenetz, ordered a review of over 100 sexual assault cases in 2016. Kamenetz’s review concluded the cases couldn’t have moved for ward with prosecution, but he announced changes to how sexual assault cases would be handled, including the inability of officers to label a rape accusation as unfounded. That is a task that, moving for ward, will be left to the state’s attor-

ney’s office. Edwards said that he’ll know the formation of the task force is successful if in a few years there is a rise in the reporting of sexual assault. “We know we only scratch the surface with the number of victims that come for ward, so I’d like them to trust us with their case,” Edwards said. Kailah Carden, the Assistant Director of Health Education at TU, feels that it is important for any institution that serves victims and survivors of sexual violence should constantly reexamine and update policies in order to meet the needs of those affected. “I commend this new initiative, and I’m looking for ward to seeing any updates or changes they make that can further support victims and survivors,” Carden said.

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March 5, 2019


Tigers travel to Annapolis seeking change MARCUS WHITMAN Staff Writer

Towson University and Towson University Northeastern campus students, staff, faculty and administrators went to Annapolis Wednesday to speak with members of the Maryland state legislators about key pieces of legislation during Tiger Pride Day. Some of the legislation addressed by participants throughout the day included the Student Debt Relief Act, More Opportunities for Marylanders Act and the Clean Indoor Air Act among others. These bills were highlighted as important matters concerning not just the students at Towson University, but all Marylanders. According to the Maryland government website, the Student Debt Relief Act will be enacted in 2019 and will allow Marylanders to deduct 100 percent of the interest paid on their student loans from their state income tax. The More Opportunities for Marylanders Act of 2019 is set to extend a 10-year tax credit for each new job that will be in a Maryland Opportunity Zone, according to the website. According to the Maryland Department of Health, the Clean Indoor Air Act was enacted 10 years ago and ensures that nearly all indoor workplaces and public spaces, bars and restaurants included, were smoke-free. Student Government Association (SGA) Director of Communications Beza Tenna said the SGA begins planning and brainstorming ideas for Tiger Pride Day early in the semester.

“Then, we have registration open for people who want to attend,” Tenna said. “Then, after that, we have training sessions for [attendees] to prepare them for the day. And, of course, we promote everything on our social media to increase awareness.” She also said that this year’s Tiger Pride Day had a better turnout when compared to last year’s Tiger Pride Day. “It has grown each year, and we’re able to reach more people,” Tenna said. “We touch on more bills affecting TU students and Marylanders as a whole.” Zach Runge, a senior majoring in communications and political science, said he went to Tiger Pride Day this year because one of his classes requires him to attend a certain number of events, and this fit into his schedule. He also wanted to discuss some of the bills with Maryland legislators. “I think the Clean Indoor Act and The Student Debt Relief Act are pretty important” Runge said. Towson University President Kim Schatzel was pleased with the turnout from members of the TU community and its supporters for Tiger Pride Day. “I am so proud of [attendees] and I am really proud of all the SGA leaders who organized it, and 20th anniversary and it was a special day, and they did an excellent job,” Schatzel said. Jennifer Potter, the department chair for communications studies, and other faculty in the communications department got students involved by encouraging their classes to attend the event. “I think it allows students to see government in action, getting to listen to hearings, having an opportunity to

Marcus Whitman/ The Towerlight

TU President Kim Schatzel, who attended Tiger Pride Day, said she was proud of the SGA leaders who organized the event and pleased with the community member turnout for the event’s 20th anniversary. meet with delegates and senators to discuss important issues and having an opportunity to just be in the environment are all really important things for students to see,” Potter said. “Learning how to advocate for something is certainly key for our students, but I think the most important thing students learn is just what government looks like, what a regular day looks like.”

Junior Spencer Vanderbeek, a communications major, said that although the day went well, it was also slightly disappointing. “All the senators and delegates were in meetings, but all the staff that were there were very nice” Vanderbeek said. Corey Bailey, Towson’s director of student activities, said that many of

the students who attend could go on to enact change on campus in their own way, even if they aren’t part of the SGA. “The opportunity for students to go and have this kind of experience can really shape their particular career paths or help them identify different areas they are passionate about,” Bailey said.

Get LucKy With CAB Asian Fusion March 7, 2019 Union Lobby 12-3 PM

Multicultural Expo March 9, 2019 Chesapeake I & II 5-8 PM

106 & Party! Tigerfest Reveal

Marcus Whitman/ The Towerlight

The TU community had the opportunity to meet with Maryland legislators to discuss bills that could affect residents of the state.

March 14, 2019 WVC Ballrooms Meet & Greet @ 6:30 PM Doors open @ 7:30 PM Show @ 8-11 PM

12 March 5, 2019

Arts & Life

“Weezer (The Black Album)” brings 90s sound to 2019 The band’s latest album follows their recent Toto-cover success TIMOTHY COFFMAN Columnist

Weezer has been one of the greatest power pop acts to come out of the 90s, with their first two records, “Weezer (Blue Album)” and “Pinkerton,” being crowning achievements of pop-rock that have been not been matched by any band since. Towards the turn of the century, Weezer did have a rocky run of records. While some records like “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” and “Maladroit” hold up sur-

prisingly well, others present a few good songs and not much else that you would expect from this nerdy ensemble. Recently, the band has gained attraction because of their meme’d cover of Toto’s “Africa,” which became an unexpected hit. With this new record, “Weezer (The Black Album),” how do they attempt to keep their momentum going? From the start, Weezer has decided to switch up their presentation of their power pop songs. Unlike 2017’s “Pacific Daydream,” their latest self-titled release focuses on an equal division of both keyboard and guitar to flesh out frontman Rivers Cuomo’s compositions. This helps give songs like the album opener

“Can’t Knock The Hustle” and “Too Many Thoughts In My Head” the rock edge that seemed to be missing from their previous release. Cuomo has also written songs that are much hookier, like “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” and “Byzantine.” The greatest example of this is “High As A Kite,” which is the full realization of Weezer’s experimentation with Beach Boys’ style rock that they have been experimenting with for the past few years. The lyrics on the record are far more succinct than expected on Weezer releases, with “Byzantine” being a cute romance song and “I’m Just Being Honest” being about Cuomo trying to keep himself in line and

not make a jerk out of himself when he’s in the public eye. There are some pitfalls that this album falls into though. Songs like “Piece of Cake” can come off somewhat lifeless by comparison to its accompanying tracks, and the album closes on a very confusing note with “California Snow.” This track sounds completely out of place on this album and drives the album to a screeching halt. If the penultimate track “Byzantine” was the final track, this album would maintain a lot more cohesion. These two songs feel like filler tracks on an album that’s a little over 30 minutes, which is not complimentary to Weezer’s track record.

The problem that I have with this album is common of most recent Weezer releases: the album is lopsided. While there are some songs which are fantastic, there are others that pull the project down to only average status. There are a few meaty chunks on this record, but there is also some fat that needs to be trimmed from this thing. While by no means a terrible record, this is probably going to be one where fans are going to pick and choose their favorites and put them on a playlist instead of hearing the entire record, and I can’t say I blame them. Here’s hoping that Weezer refines these problems in the future.

Resurrect and revive your 2019 New Year’s resolution Why the beginning of March still isn’t too late to get a fresh start MARIAMA TUNKARA Contributing Writer

Now that January is long gone, are your New Year’s resolutions gone too? A new year symbolizes a new chapter in life. A resolution is a promise to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad, beginning on the first day of the coming year. A New Year’s resolution can be anything that you want to improve about yourself. It should be personal and specific to your life experiences and abilities. Two of the most popular New Year’s resolutions consist of eating healthier and exercising more or losing weight. Other resolutions include saving money, quitting cigarettes, reading more or learning a new skill. Despite what you have chosen your resolution to be, they require

self- discipline and self-control. Setting too many goals may hinder this, and setting an unrealistic goal increases the likelihood of fully abandoning the resolution early in the year. According to Business Insider, 80 percent of resolutions are abandoned by February. Within just a few weeks, many people have given up on themselves and decide not to carry out their promise to be a better, healthier person. Many resolutions fail for a number of different reasons: -It is being treated as a sprint, instead of a marathon -It is not specific enough -Progress is not being tracked -Impatience -You don’t know why you want this change

Here are some tips to keep you going strong with your resolution:

-Don’t try to take the easy way out and settle for a quick fix. Understand that the resolution is a journey to be carried out through 365 days.

-Be specific with what exactly you want to change within yourself, and make a plan designed especially for that task. -Conduct bi-weekly or monthly checkpoints with yourself. -Create a written log where you can write down your progress. -Create a personal timeline with stages of progress. -Determine your motivation for wanting this change and your desired outcome. -Use a friend or support group to help keep you disciplined throughout your process. Prepare for difficult days. Have a plan set for when you feel the urge to relapse or not follow your original plan. New Year’s resolutions do not have to be a grand gesture of change - they can be small, sim-

ple adjustments you make that contribute to a bigger change. If change is difficult for you, try making smaller resolutions with shorter time constraints. For those with health and nutrition based resolutions, start with evaluating your current diet and exercise routine. This makes it easier to determine which behaviors need to be adjusted in order to achieve your goals. This might include cutting out saturated fats from your diet, or making the shift to more nutrient dense foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beverages without added sugars. You can also seek help from a professional, whether it be your primary care physician or a registered dietitian, to assist in designing a plan for you to follow. Lastly, remember it is okay to have a lapse. It’s never too late to pick up where you left off.

Arts & Life

March 5, 2019

Afford to love the skin you’re in

Drugstore brands launch quality skincare KERRY INGRAM Arts & Life Editor @Glaminista08

I have always been an avid lover of skincare products. Why? Because nothing is more personal than the physical flesh (cue cringing from that word) that covers your entire body. Your body’s largest organ is important, and nourishing it can not only help it to stay in its best state, but can help you to feel pampered and relax too. There’s a commonly believed myth that the more money you spend on skincare products, the better they will work or be for your skin. I feel that this is only true half of the time - there are some pricier products worth every penny, and then there are the complete rip-offs. Despite this, many people continue to preach the idea that only the bougiest people who spend the most amount of money, buying hundred-dollar moisturizers and thousand-dollar facials, can have the best skin. Not only do I want to challenge this idea; drugstore brands are looking to steal the spots of prestige skincare in the bathrooms of all shoppers. There have been a ton of new skincare launch announcements made within the beauty industry over the tlast few weeks, and I decided to do .some research and compile a list of yfive recent skincare launches made hto give you the best skin of your life - minus the wallet pain. - Wet N Wild’s New Rose Line h- Wet N Wild is primarily a cosdmetics brand and one of the most

affordable and beloved by the budget-beauty community, so it came as a shock to discover they were launching skincare products this year. The line consists of a toner, cleansing water, oil and serum, all infused with rose flower extract to help hydrate and clarify the skin. These products are currently limited-edition, and each are less than $8. Talk about a wild deal. REVOLUTION Skincare CBD Oil - Makeup Revolution is still paying close attention to the trends. The beauty brand recently expanded into skincare, creating REVOLUTION Skincare as a way to market towards those looking to fix their skin’s flaws, as opposed to covering them up. The brand recently launched a series of oils and serums for their consumers, but I think the smartest choice was the launch of a drugstore CBD oil. CBD (cannabidiol) oils are on the rise - the oil is one of the compounds that comes from the cannabis plant (although it isn’t the same as THC, so it doesn’t make you high), and can be used for a variety of reasons, from helping with anxiety to easing muscle and joint pain. In the context of skincare, CBD is a great ingredient for fighting acne and dryness, and at REVOLUTION’s price of $14, such a product definitely deserves some recognition. Pond’s Cleansing Balm - If you are even remotely into beauty, you have most likely heard of the classic Pond’s Cold Skin Cream. The company’s oldschool cream makeup remover is getting an updated sibling, in the form of a solid oil balm. Like the cold cream, Pond’s new cleansing balm is meant to be

e r

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massaged into the skin in order to remove any makeup, dirt and impurities, but unlike the former, this new product provides its users with deeper hydration and more ease in removing waterproof products. For only $10, this cleansing balm seems to wipe away all pricier competitors. Physician’s Formula Vitamin Shot (Brightening)- Another makeup-brand-gone-skincare, Physician’s formula decided to hop onto the vitamin trend this year. - To read the rest of this article online, visit


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Wet N Wild is just one of many affordable drugstore brands that p decided to branch out into the quality skincare realm for 2019.


14 March 5, 2019

Arts & Life

Quick makeup to look “normal” when you’re sick What to do when you sneezed on the beat and in turn, got sicker KERRY INGRAM Arts & Life Editor @Glaminista08

It’s that time of year in which everyone is spreading their germs, so it’s only natural that you should want to prepare for the inevitable

sick-days to come. As busy college students, sometimes taking a day off isn’t an option, no matter how awful you feel. This infographic was made

to help you fake being well until you can actually get better (because they say when you look good, you feel good...and also because catfishing

people into thinking you’re not sick will make them way less likely to accuse you when they catch a cold... just saying). So, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want people to stop asking you if you feel okay, here’s what to do: Apply concealer underneath your eyes and set. Your eyes are usually the first sign of being ill, so adding back brightness and radiance will do 80 percent of the work for you. Fill in your eyebrows. Again, things that frame your eyes are super important when it comes to showcasing your sick-status, so by drawing more attention upwards towards the brows, people will be less likely to see any darkness/slight puffiness of the eyes or any redness towards the center of the face. Add back some color. Apply bronzer and/or blush to the cheeks to add a rosiness back to your complexion. Your face usually gets washed out when you’re ill, so adding this will change your appearance tenfold. Highlight. Being sick usually means being dehydrated, and that can lead to dull skin. Highlight the high points of the face to look more alive, even if you feel like a corpse. Apply mascara. This opens the eyes, and gives and overall finished look to the face. Apply a new chapstick to help keep your lips hydrated (because mouth-breathing will definitely dry them out) and keep that chapstick as your go-to lip balm for when you’re sick, that way you don’t spread your germs to other products. Using these different steps willl help you to look a little more alive when you’re feeling a little more dead than usual. Although I am a makeup lover, I also encourage you to only do this if you want to - don’t ever try to change your appearance because you feel as though you have to. You’re sure to look “sick” either way.

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Puzzles Puzzles

March 5, 2019 March 5, 2019

Crossword Sudoku

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Towson Place 1252 Putty Hill Ave. Across from Walmart and Sports Authority, next to Subway 410-337-0857

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Towson University Students!


Any Haircut Service Must show Towson ID. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at Sport Clips Towson Place. Men's Regular Haircut Price: $18

16 March 5, 2019


Tigers defeat loyola for top spot Canto, Sunday highlight victory over Greyhounds as team moves into first place JOHN HACK Staff Writer @johnhack10

Wednesday night, the undefeated Tigers faced their toughest test of the season: the No. 1 ranked Loyola Greyhounds. In front of a crowd of over 2,500 people packed at Johnny Unitas Stadium, the Tigers (4-0) did not disappoint as they pulled off a 12-10 upset of the Greyhounds (3-1). “I’m excited for our program to earn a win against a top team in Loyola,” said Head Coach Shawn Nadelen. “We were fortunate to make quite a few plays down the stretch.” Towson’s offensive pressure was applied right from the opening faceoff and it didn’t take long for the team to break the deadlock. Senior midfielder Grant Maloof tallied the opening goal less than three minutes in. Two minutes later, senior attack Brendan Sunday added to his scoring total by split dodging right to left and beating the Greyhound goalie at the far side post. Despite a Loyola tally that cut the Tiger lead in half, Sunday, and senior midfielder Timmy Monahan added a

goal each to stretch the home team’s lead to 4-1. During a quarter in which the Tigers struck the post four times, the score could have easily been more lopsided. Unfortunately for Towson, the second quarter was a different story. Despite an early Sunday goal to stretch the lead to four, Loyola was able to string together three of the game’s next four goals in under four minutes. Just when it seemed to be the home team’s night, Towson took a slim 6-5 lead heading into halftime. Loyola was able to eventually even the game up at 6-6 early in the third quarter. Offensively, the rest of the quarter was a struggle with both teams failing to capitalize on man-up opportunities, turning the ball over in transition and sometimes struggling to clear. “I didn’t think either team was especially sharp at points during the game.” Nadelen said. Sunday responded with a goal to put the Tigers ahead just before the fourth quarter. Just 29 seconds into in the final frame, redshirt sophomore attack-

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Liam Beard/ The Towerlight

The men’s lacrosse team mobs junior goalie Tyler Canto following their 12-10 victory over Loyola. The win propelled the Tigers to the No. 1 rank in all three major polls for the first time in program history.

man Luke Fromert scored off a feed from Sunday to make the score 9-7. The play of the game came with 10 minutes left in the game. Loyola had the ball and made a pass to sophomore attackman Kevin Lindley. Lindley was wide open and sitting on the edge of the crease to the the right of Towson junior goalie Tyler Canto. Lindley faked a shot attempt before moving laterally to the right of the crease, with Canto, because of the fake, falling to the opposite post and completely out of position. Despite this, Canto stuck out his stick to make a desperation save from his knees as he somehow was able to place his mesh right where Lindley was planning to score and made an amazing save. “I was just trying to watch his stick the whole time,” Canto said. “I knew he had to shoot and I was

already on the ground, so I just “It’s a big win for our program,” threw my stick out there and I was Sunday said, who has now produced lucky enough to get it.” back-to-back four-goal performances. With just over five minutes left to “It’s nice to know that we can hang play, junior attackman Brody McLean with teams like that.” notched his 12th goal of the year After dethroning the No. 1 team to extend the Tigers’ in the nation, the lead to 11-8. Tigers were rewardThe Greyhounds ed with the top spot I’m excited for our themselves. scored back to back goals in under a minTowson is now program to earn a ute put Towson to ranked No. 1 in win against a top keep the game close. all three major team in Loyola. Senior midfielder Division-1 collegiate Alex Woodall won lacrosse polls for the the most important SHAWN NADELEN first time in program Head Coach history. face-off of the game with just over two Next weekend, minutes left, giving the Tigers time the Tigers will fly south to Charlotte, to drain the clock. Woodall won 20 North Carolina, where they will take of 26 faceoffs in the game. on Jacksonville on Friday, March 8 Junior midfielder Jake McLean put at 5:30 p.m. and Cornell on Sunday the game in ice with an empty-net March 10 at 1 p.m. in the Crown goal with just 7 seconds remaining. Lacrosse Event tournament.


March 5, 2019

strong split Gloninger, Martinez lead the way as Towson returns home CYAN THOMAS Staff Writer

The Tigers won their first conference game of 2019 against Hofstra on Saturday, claiming a 5-2 victory, but were outplayed by NJIT on Sunday in a 6-1 loss. The doubles pair of senior Lucy Gloninger and freshman Jessica Assenmacher took a handy win 6-1 to start things off on Sunday against the Highlanders (10-1). Following closely behind, sophomore Alexa Martinez and senior Yevgeniya Shusterman clinched a 7-5 victory in their doubles match to win the doubles point for Towson (2-5, 1-0 CAA) . The NJIT singles players swept the Tigers to claim the singles point, but not without strong resistance from Martinez and freshman Amelia Lawson, who both forced three sets in their matches. Head Coach Jamie Peterson was candid about the reasons for the loss. “They are a very tough team with only one loss,” Peterson said. “We fell short in singles because we got a

bit tight and couldn't execute on key shots and points.” On Saturday against the Pride (5-5, 0-1 CAA), Martinez made a valiant effort in her singles match and ultimately came out victorious after losing the first set. Shusterman and freshman Themis Haliou both pushed their singles matches to the third set, but narrowly came up short of the win. However, Lawson, Gloninger and freshman Phoebe Collins all dominated in their singles matches and took victories in straight sets to ensure the singles win for Towson. Doubles pairs Martinez/ Shusterman and Lawson/Collins both handily won their matches to gain a doubles point for the Tigers, with 6-2 and 7-5 wins, respectively. “The girls competed so well, played clutch tennis and showed a lot of positive team energy,” Peterson said. “The doubles point was huge as we won a very close doubles point that helped us set the tone for singles.” Next, the Tigers will be playing Rutgers at Coppermine Racquet and Fitness in Baltimore, Maryland. Game time is set for noon on Friday.

Courtesy of

Sophomore Alexa Martinez waits for a return shot in an earlier season match. Martinez won three of her four matches last weekend.


The Capitals are heating up at the perfect time GLENN KAPLAN Staff Writer

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup title last season after being the number one seed in the Metropolitan Division. Following their 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers on Sunday, the Capitals have moved into first place in the division. Even if Washington doesn’t get the one seed, getting a number two seed is still good news. Ever since the NHL switched to a different playoff format in the 2013-2014 season, the top two seeds in the Metropolitan Division are a combined 10-0 in the first-round of the playoffs. The Capitals have been the number one seed in that division

for the past three seasons, and they could very well be one again this season. Washington keeps hanging around and could be ready to make another deep postseason run. The Capitals seem to be a lot better after acquiring winger Carl Hagelin and defenseman Nick Jensen at the trade deadline last week. Those players aren’t super stars, but they will be important role players in Washington’s effort to win back-to-back Stanley Cup Titles. With it being the final month of the regular season, Washington needs to keep its foot on the gas pedal because of how tight the standings are in the Eastern Conference. It’s a way tougher conference than the west.

This team is too talented, and they are on a mission. Winger Alex Ovechkin has scored 45 goals and recorded 30 assists so far this season with a plus/minus of 10. Wingers Tom Wilson and Jakub Vrana each have set career highs in goal scoring with 18 and 19 goals, respectively. They will both be pivotal role players down the stretch. Braden Holtby’s record so far this season is 24-16-4 with a .909 save percentage and a 2.94 GAA, along with two shutouts. I have a gut feeling the Capitals will find a way to be the number one seed in the Metropolitan Division. Even if they don’t get the number one seed, it is very possible they will have home ice in the first-round, and that is a big deal.

18 March 5, 2019


towson makes history in boston Tigers set a new school record with third place finish at ECAC Championships MUHAMED WAHEED Assistant Sports Editor @MuhammedKWaheed

Towson had a school-best third place finish with 50 points in the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championships (ECAC) this past weekend at Boston University’s Track and Tennis Center. Towson was the highest placed Colonial Athletic Association program at this year’s ECAC Championships. The team placed 12th at this event in each of the last two seasons. “Love the energy that we had at the meet as a team,” said Head Coach Mike Jackson. “We were very supportive of one another, competitive and showed that they were one of the best.”

Junior Michella Obijiaku placed second with a 16.10 meter toss in the shot put while senior Phontavia Sawyer finished in fifth place, throwing 14.80 meters and giving Towson 12 points on day three of the meet. Obijiaku won the weight throw on day two of the meet as she recorded the top-two tosses in this event’s championship. A toss of 19.76 meters won Obijiaku the event and her toss of 19.27 meters was the best when compared to other athletes in the event. “Michella is an outstanding athlete,” Jackson said. “[She] has some great leadership qualities and we’re seeing that begin to blossom.” Freshman Crystal Johnson timed 7.54 seconds in the 60 meter dash final and earned a bronze medal. Johnson was two hundredths of a

second away from placing first. “Crystal Johnson just is a special talent,” Jackson said. “God has blessed her with amazing ability and it’s my job to work on trying to cultivate her abilities, and we’ll be talking about her a lot over the next four years.” Senior Liz Reid finished fourth in the 400-meter dash final on day three with a time of 54.88 seconds and also earned five points. Reid timed 54.86 seconds in the 400-meter dash preliminaries and finished third on day two qualifying for the event finals. Reid finished fifth in the 200-meter dash final timing 24.26 seconds while she placed second in the event’s preliminaries to qualify for the finals with a time of 24.16 seconds. “She continues to get better and better every single year and she was

supposed to win,” Jackson said. “She just ran like she was one of the best and she is and she knows that. She ran with attitude.” The 4x800-meter relay team of freshmen Kylie Anicic and Olivia Janke, sophomore Paige Keefer and senior Shelby Bobbie timed 9:09.32 placing eighth on day three in the event’s finals. “Our four by eight did a great job breaking a school record by over 13 seconds in the relay,” Jackson said. “They all ran special and this is the first time we’ve ever had a four by eight at ECACs and they showed that they belonged.” Freshman Hayley Horvath placed first in the pole vault, earning a gold medal on day two. Horvath was the only athlete to have an attempt hit at a greater number than 3.95.

“This was Hayley’s first championship meet for us as a freshman, but she always brings her best when the pressure is on,” Jackson said. “She definitely made some noise and made a statement for herself and Towson.” The indoor track and field season has come to an end, but there are already high hopes for next season. “The next step for indoors next year is to get to indoor nationals,” Jackson said. “I think we’ll have a great chance to do that in the field events potentially in the dash.” The outdoor track and field season will begin with two meets. The Doc Anderson Invitational will take place on March 15 and March 16 in Troy, Alabama while some athletes will compete on March 16 at the Maryland Invitational in College Park, Maryland.




March 5, 2019

The window is closing for Lakers’ playoff hopes Tyler Canto Men’s Lacrosse

Courtesy of

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James rests during the team’s 118-109 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Saturday. James is at risk of missing the NBA postseason for the first time since the 2004-2005 season.


Despite the blockbuster signing of forward Lebron James, the MVP candidate-led Los Angeles Lakers are slowly falling off a cliff. After a season of suspensions, injuries and trade rumors, the 2019 iteration of the Lakers is having one of its worse skids of the season at the worst time. Sitting at 30-33, the Lakers are four and half games back of the eighth seed and are coming off a stretch of losing consecutive games to the top seed Milwaukee Bucks and the lowly Phoenix Suns. Considering their playoff dreams are riding on winning out through one of the league’s toughest schedules post All-Star break, Lakers fans will look at recent losses against the Atlanta Hawks, Anthony Davis-less New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies and now the Phoenix Suns as games that were difference makers. To make matters worse, ESPN’s Basketball Power Index gives the Lakers a 99.1 percent chance to MISS the playoffs. That means despite James being “activated” and young guys like forwards

Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma balling over the last few games, ESPN still believes that they do not have enough to get over the hump. The Lakers are staring at the schedule with discontent as their next five games include an in-state rivalry game against the Los Angeles Clippers and matchups against the second seeded Denver Nuggets, the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors. One could easily say that with this loss to the Suns, dropping any of these games against top-tier talent could lead to the official send off of Lebron and the Lakers. On the other side town we look at the Clippers, who everyone, including myself, wrote off and thought they were going to start tanking after trading their star player in forward Tobias Harris to Philadelphia. Despite all our assumptions, the Clippers have been playing at a high level and it seems as if they are more focused on reaching the playoffs than retaining their top 10 protected pick. With a record of 35-29, the Clippers significantly are holding off both the Lakers and the Sacramento Kings for that final playoff spot as they have won three of their last four.

As a hard-nosed, gritty team led by the shooting of guard Lou Williams and forward Danilo Gallinari, the physical presence of forward Montrezl Harrell and the elite coaching of Head Coach Doc Rivers, this squad has been able to stay afloat and put the Western Conference on notice. Between their aggressive style of play, ability to shoot the ball and underdog mentality, this is a team capable making some noise in the playoffs, especially if they can overtake the San Antonio Spurs and/or the Utah Jazz for the sixth or seventh seed. With the expectations heavily weighing on the shoulders of a young head coach in Luke Walton, an even younger core group of players, a few rental players and James in his 16th season, it looks like the pressure may be too much for the Lakers this season. There are less than 20 games left in the season and anything can happen, but as far as I’m concerned the Lakers should start their free agency marketing campaign a little early this year. Shout out to the Clippers for holding the city of Los Angeles down in the Lakers’ absence with the NBA playoffs officially being around the corner.

Junior goalie Tyler Canto was a key contributor to Towson’s victory over No. 1 Loyola. Canto made 14 saves on the night, including a remarkable save on a wide-open net that preserved the Tigers’ two-goal lead in the fourth quarter.


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