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Middle States Visiting Team says Kean in compliance, not yet off probation


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By Brian Konchalski

The Visiting Team from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) announced preliminary findings that Kean University is now in compliance with the four standards the university had violated in a closed door meeting on Sept. 14. While the findings of the Visiting Team may be welcomed news to the university, it is still not off of probation with Middle States. This is because Visiting Teams cannot make decisions on the status of the school’s accreditation. The ruling to take Kean off of probation will take place in November. “In the short term these findings are good for the students and the university,” said James Castiglione, President of the Kean Federation of Teachers, the university’s teachers’ union. “In the long term, it will depend on whether the university continues to conform to Middle States’ standards.” On Friday, Dawood Farahi, the President of Kean University, sent out an email to all faculty, staff, and students, stating that the hard work and determina-

tion by all members of the community is appreciated by him. A Middle States spokesman declined to comment on the current accreditation status of the university. The university was initially put on warning by Middle States, last September, for failed compliance with two standards, Standards 7, institutional assessment, and 14, assessment of student learning. The univer-

sity discovered it was in violation of these two standards, after the university conducted a self-study. In April, Middle States sent out a Visiting Team to investigate the two standards initially in question, but also noted that the university could be in noncompliance with two more standards, 6, integrity, and 12,

Emcee Turns Heads

“Be The Change” members with community volunteers.

Photo by: Norma Bowe

By Dasia Brown


Breaking the Cycle


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Long Hair & Bright Nails


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What’s with the Redesign?


general education. In June, the university, after a turbulent year, was placed on probation by Middle States. This decision was made because of the failure to comply with the additional 2 standards, 6 and 12. The university was now in noncompliance with 4 standards. Middle States then issued a statement stating that the

Kean volunteer group gets grant for garden project



Photo by: Lee Burrell

“In the short term these findings are good for the students and the university.”



President Fahari.

school must submit a monitoring report, and a Visiting Team will be sent out in the beginning of September to determine how much progress has been made since the last Visiting Team’s visit in April. Despite the fact that the university was on probation with Middle States, the school still remained an accredited institution. If Middle States rules again that the university is in noncompliance with the 4 standards initially in question, it will remain on probation until June 2013. If there is still noncompliance to the standards, Middle States could then suspend the university’s accreditation. This means that Kean has one year to show the Middle States board that it can comply with the standards in question; otherwise the institution can be stripped of its accreditation at the end of that year. “The faculty and staff of Kean University played a key role in helping the university come into compliance with the 4 standards,” said Castiglione. The university could not be reached for comment.

“This was an amazing experience. How could we not do it for the kids?”

The Kean volunteer group “Be the Change” is being allotted a grant from the Hess Corporation in the amount of $500,000 to help with Newark’s “A Hundred Gardens in A Hundred Days” project. This grant came after the July 7 memorial garden, named the “Rica Jenkins Garden”, located in one of Newark’s high crime areas South 14th Street, was created by Kean students who are volunteers for BTC and residents of the area. “A Hundred Gardens in A Hundred Days” is a project that BTC Dr. Norma Bowe and Newark city officials put together

in which they take a vacant lot and in one day transform it into a garden. “I asked the community what they needed and they replied ‘a safe area for the children to play in the middle of a crazy neighborhood’,” said Newark Councilman Darren Shariff. That is what “Be the Change” did when they teamed up with Councilman Shariff with the help of professor at Kean, Dr. Norma Bowe. “The children were excited to have a place to go that would be safe for them to play and the Jenkins family was so happy that this garden was being placed were their love one had dedicated her life” said Dr. Bowe. Rica Jenkins was an activist in the city of Newark for years and was known as the “mayor” by residents on South 14th Street due to how she took charge and helped the residents. Ms. Jenkins died last year and her death sparked a change in the community. The lot is the first to be converted in a day from a vacant space to a garden full of fruits, vegetables, flowers and playground toys for the children. “This was an amazing experience, how could we not do it for

the kids?” said Brian Pugliese, graduate student and participator in the “Hundred Lots in a Hundred Days” project. Councilman Shariff explained how the lots that will be created throughout more areas of Newark help with the physiological mindset of the residents in the community. “The areas are sometimes filled with drug dealers and crimes and having something that is beautiful in the middle of these areas can give people hope for change,” he said. “The gardens are my attempt to organize the community. A community suffers from job lost.” Hess Corporation has also joined with the councilman and Kean to help with environmental concerns in the city of Newark. As of now, “Be The Change” has four of the 100 lots done and will continue their help with making a change in communities that need it. The next lot that will be transformed will be on October 13th at 295 Morris Avenue in Union. If interested in becoming a part of the “Hundred Gardens in A Hundred Day” project go to


September 2012 | October 2012

September 2012 | October 2012

The Kean Survival Guide: studying, socializing & parking spaces

Photo by: Xirena Wormley

Students arriving on campus on the first day of the school year.

“Wednesdays they usually have activities and hand out freebies outside the University Center.” By Xirena Wormley

Freshman, transfer students and returning pupils alike arrived on campus Tuesday Sept. 4 for the first day of Kean University’s fall semester. The side-

walks were filled with new faces navigating their way to unfamiliar destinations. Many walked with their course schedule in one hand and a campus map in the other. The start of a new semester may make many students anxious, scared or confused but learning the ins and outs of Kean’s campus can help alleviate the tension. Freshman LaSean Hall admitted he felt lost, and slightly nervous, being a new student. “Honestly, being in a new environment and not knowing anyone or anything was hard,” he said. To make this school year both successful and enjoyable, Kean upperclassman and faculty offer the “three S’s:” Socializing, Studying and finding a parking space at Kean. College presents an opportunity to socialize and meet people. According to Diana Calle and Julissa Madrid, recent graduates from Kean and Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority members, the first place that students should go to is the Center for Leadership Services in the University Building. Calle also noted that getting involved in co-curricular activities is a great way to make new friends and get jobs after graduation. “Through community service you meet a lot of friends,” Calle said. “We joined clubs and the people we met invited us to other events, then we joined the sorority.” Joining a club is not the only source of entertainment on

campus. Kean hosts numerous on-campus events for students to enjoy. Psychology and biology major Nicole Hernandez said that students should check the theaters around campus because there are a lot of interesting shows and concerts. “Kean has a lot of great concerts,” Hernandez said. “Last year Fabolous performed at homecoming.” She also recalled the John Legend performance last year at Enlow Recital Hall. Hernandez mentioned that those on campus should also be on the lookout for free items and free activities as well. “Students need to know that on Wednesdays they usually have activities and hand out freebies outside the University Center.” Hernandez said. It’s also no secret about the daily struggle for parking at Kean. Knowing when and where to park can mean the difference between being 15 minutes late or 15 minutes early for class. According to Laura-ann Jones, a political science major, one way to beat the traffic and parking problem is to plan ahead and arrive early to find a space. Otherwise many people find themselves circling the parking lot waiting for someone to leave. “There are many lots available to park.” Jones said. “You just have to arrange to be there or be late for class.” In conjunction with student academics, Kean has an abundance of educational tools. According to Janette Gonzalez, a reference librarian at the Nancy Thompson Library, stu-

dents that use the reference librarian’s expertise and databases do better in their studies. The library supports nearly 145 databases with scholarly articles, e-books and more designed for student research. “It is imminent to work with a librarian because they are knowledgeable about navigating through the databases to find information pertaining to the student’s subject,” Gonzalez said. When it’s time to study there are plenty of nooks and spaces that cater to individual study needs. The entire library is a study safe haven for homework, especially the third floor Grand Study room. A psychology major, Christina Pruden said the ample table room and comfortable chairs make the Hutchinson lounge the ideal place to get some serious work done. “They are kind of a hidden gem,” Pruden said. “Many don’t discover them until second semester when it’s hard to find a place to sit.” As the first semester of the school year is underway many students will be faced with situations pertaining to the three S’s. Taking this advice from some experienced Kean students can offer some help in surviving as a Kean Cougar. For additional information about the resources and events on campus students can look on the Kean website www.kean. edu. Also go to the information desk in the University Center or the help desk in the Center for Academic Success Building.

Kean sophomore turning heads as emcee By Fatimah Sanford

Sophomore and Trenton emcee Jaryd “Lewie2Stacks” Lewis, has been kicking rhymes and stealing the spotlight since the third grade. Since the age of eight, Lewie was making songs about money, cars and nice clothes, until his brother, “Roc” sprinkled him with some wise words that gave him just the spark he needed. “They like you when you rap, but they love you when you’re real.” This insightful motto pushed Jaryd to generate a buzz so big

that he grabbed the attention of one of Philly’s most well-known hip-hop stations, Hot 107.9, which earned him a grand prize total of $2,000 after stealing the winning vote in a contest called “Beat Sixteen.” Lewie rocked the vote with a “makeshift” music video remix of “Got Money” by Lil Wayne and T-Pain he edited himself that ultimately bestowed him with an exclusive interview on Hot 107.9. But, what’s so special about Lewie, you ask? “I got star power and a good personality” says the sophomore media major. Lewi-

Kean University and the Chinese Government made huge strides when they came to the conclusion to build Kean’s first foreign campus at Wenzhou University in Zhejiang Province.  Branching Kean University to China has been an aspiration of President Dawood Farahi for some time. In 2006, Kean officials had begun working towards establishing a campus in Wenzhou.  It is intended that by 2016, the China campus will enroll 5,000 full-time Chinese students who will earn Kean University degrees. Kean has already begun hiring faculty members to work in China and a pilot program with about 200 Chinese students was set to begin this fall. “We have just begun a 2 year pilot program between  Wenzhou  University and Kean University. 208 students are en-

rolled in the program this year,” said Matthew Caruso, director of University Relations. “If the program receives the necessary approvals by both countries (Ministry of Education in China and the Middle States Commission here), plans will proceed on

Kean sophomore, Lewie2Stacks, performing.

“Journalism is the first rough draft of history”—Phil Graham Farahi keeps job for another five years

any “substantive change” to an accredited school.” On top of that, Kean’s campus in New Jersey is already in hot water with Middle States after the university was placed on probation and could possibly lose accreditation. Without the

By Brian Konchalski

“208 students are enrolled in the program this year.” The groundbreaking ceremony at Kean’s China campus.

a full Wenzhou-Kean  University.” However, Kean has never sought accreditation for the Chinese campus from the Middle States Commission. According to spokesman for the Middle States Commission, Richard  Pokrass, as stated in the Star-Ledger, “The University has not requested approval for this project, as is required for

approval of the Middle States Commission, the plans to build in China could be stopped dead in their tracks. One of Kean’s major selling points to the Chinese Government was that the university would be accredited. The Middle States Commission has taken note that construction in China has begun, as well as a newly appointed board

of directors for the WenzhouKean University campus. According to Caruso, as stated in the Star-Ledger, “The University does not need to apply for approval of the China campus until the program is more established and students are earning more than 50 percent of their credits toward a degree in Wenzhou.”

Photo: Kean University

e2Stacks strives for success using inspiration from his 1 year old son, Travis, who motivates him with the drive not to give up. This influential young father plans to get in contact with notable Philly DJ, Lazy K, in hopes to complete his mixtape. “I only need one mixtape, and if music doesn’t work out, I already have a spot at Hot 107 waiting for me,” said Jaryd, boasting about his “hook-up.” With hard work, dedication, and influences swaying from his son, mother and father, his big break is sure to turn heads.

“They like you when you rap, but they love you when you’re real.”

What’s the deal with Kean’s China Campus? By Christy Petillo


The Board of Trustees, on September 17, voted to extend Dawood Farahi’s, President of Kean University, contract with the university for another five years. The board voted unanimously on the resolution, 10-0, extend-

provements in 4 standards. “I am happy that the board voted confidence in me,” Farahi said, “And I’m ready to get to work another day.” The vote comes after a turbulent year for the school. During the summer the Senate Faculty voted no confidence in the president.

“I’m happy that the board voted confidence in me.” ing Farahi’s contract until 2018 at his current salary of $293,550 a year, according to numbers obtained by The Star-Ledger. He is still eligible for a $200,000 retention bonus at the end of his current contract, which expires July 1, 2013. The decision was also made 4 days after a Visiting Team expressed confidence in the university that it is making im-

The university had been placed on probation with Middle States for failure to comply with 4 of the organizations standards for accreditation It also comes on the heels of last year’s controversial decision to keep Farahi as president, after it was alleged that the university president had falsified documents on his resume.

Opinions mixed as Communication Department enforces camera purchases By Sonia Aquije

Kean University students have mixed reactions about a new policy being enforced this semester that requires those taking video production classes to purchase a video camera. The cameras were once allowed to be rented out but the ongoing cycle of damaging and keeping them past their due date has contributed to the decision. The communication department’s low budget can’t keep up with repairing or purchasing of new cameras as well. “There is a minimal budget,” said Christopher Lynch, chair of the communication department, “We’re still in a recession and state colleges get less funding.” Communication students with options in journalism, film and media are required to take the video production courses in order to graduate. A letter sent out by the communication department late this summer suggested the $300 Canon Vixia HF R200, available for purchase on However, the same cameras price range varies to an escalating $350, not including the necessary additional equipment. “I find it somewhat unfair, especially to students on a budget,” said Michael Buska, an undecided communication junior. “Not to mention we have to purchase an external hard drive, condenser microphone, and a text book.”

Media Professor Larry Tung is optimistic about the new camera policy. He is certain students will support it. “I think the students understand the policy. It’s like taking a photography class. If you want to take it, you have to have your own camera,” said Tung. Tung believes cameras now are more affordable than they were a few years ago.

“Not all students have money to buy one.” “I was a production student before and got myself a small camera for $700. This was 11 years ago. It was a very good investment. I wish it was this affordable back then,” said Tung. Tung also said it’s ultimately up to the student themselves to decide whether or not purchase the camera. In order to succeed in their course, he says, it is a must.

“If they want to become proficient in production, they have to get familiar with the equipment. Then only way to achieve that goal is to use it all the time. Practice makes perfect,” he said. Christopher Halasz a junior film and photography major believes it’s “outrageous” to purchase their own film equipment. “Because of student fees that they charge, students should be provided with it already. The faculty should be more careful about watching what students do with Kean equipment,” said Halasz. For students on a budget; it’s difficult. The definition of affordable varies among students. “Every student has a right to an affordable education and this too is not affordable to someone who is barely getting by,” said Halasz. “To make students pull more money out of their pockets when they do not have any to start off.” Victor Campuzano, a student, considers it a financial strain. “The only bad thing about it is that not all students have money to buy one, some (like myself), have to use credit cards or borrow money,” said Campuzano. Despite the monetary issue, Campuzano is optimistic that it was a good investment. “It is going to help us learn and practice how to make videos for school, our personal life and our future career,” he said.


September 2012 | October 2012

September 2012 | October 2012

Kean graduate affects change in the Dominican Republic By Andrea Parr

When Kean University graduate Edyta Drobniewska and her fiancée travelled to the Dominican Republic in June they were eager to see the countryside during their stay. It was then that she first encountered the discrepancies between life for those in a resort area and life not many see on vacation, that of the people who live below the poverty line. During a tour off the resort Drobniewska was shown a school built by an older man in a region that was designated for 200 students. Although the structure had been completed, there were no students in attendance for any of the classes. The guide said that this was due to the poor economy in the region. The founder had lacked the additional funds required to afford the necessary supplies for the school to operate. Basic items many students in the United States have, such as books, pens, pencils, bags, and notebooks. “As a new teacher myself, it broke my heart to see children in need of an education and unable to get it due to things we take for granted in this country,” said Drobniewska, who graduated from Kean with a BA in early childhood education and a minor in psychology. “As one of the leaders in a community service and activism group called Be the Change I decided to take action,” Drobniewska said. She partnered with “Be the Change” with the goal of providing all 200 intended students with the necessary supplies for the

Edyta Drobniewska with two students (above) and the school in the Dominican Republic.

Photos by: Edyta Drobniewska

drives, and the ongoing peanut butter and jelly project. For Drobniewska’s project, donations were accepted through the Be the Change website beginning at the start of August and ending on August nineteenth, giving them plenty of time to send the supplies before the start of the school year. At the end of the 19 days, Drobniewska and Be the Change were able to successfully meet their goal of gathering supplies for all 200 students. The supplies they collected and sent to the school include books, notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons and pencil cases; enough for each student. In addition, Kean University generously provided 200 string back bags for the students. “An education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty,” said Drobniewska. “Every child de-

“An education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Every child deserves to live a successful and happy life.” school to open and students to begin attending. The group gets its name from a famous saying by Gandhi. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Be the Change was formed in 2008 and is made up of students from Kean University as

Faculty and students remain hopeful about university’s accreditation By Christy Petillo

Although Kean University has been placed on probation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, students and faculty members remain both hopeful and positive that Kean has made the necessary changes in order to remain an accredited university, echoing statements from a Middle States Visiting Team that said Kean appears in compliance with the four standards. “I don’t think there is a faculty member or administrator who is not concerned about the accreditation issue,” said journalism professor Gabriel Gluck. “This is something the university has to resolve, and soon. From just a public relations standpoint, no academic institution wants the kind of negative press that this issue continues to generate.”

KFT discusses accreditation issues at Welcome Back meeting By Alexandria Addesso

The Kean Federation of Teachers discussed the updated status of Middle States and the possible outcomes of Kean University losing accreditation at their welcome back meeting on Sept. 10 in the Little Theater. “Kean is in crisis. That is a fact.” said James Castiglione, president of the Kean University teachers’ union. According to the KFT report on the meeting on Aug. 2, President Farahi had agreed that the KFT and his administration needed to work together on such issues as accreditation. The report of the meeting with Farahi also brought up the discussion of Kean’s low enrollment. When asked by Castiglione if the accreditation issue could be affecting enrollment at Kean, President Farahi replied,” It’s a logical explanation; it could be the economy, scheduling reasons, but to think that accredi-

tation status does not have effect on enrollment is faulty.” During a question and answer section of the meeting a professor asked how she should respond to the constant questions from her students about accreditation and what would happen to students if accreditation was lost. Castiglione recommended being truthful with students and that Kean has been given a twoyear probationary status from June 2011, when the initial infraction was committed. In the case of Kean University losing its accreditation, Castiglione said the school could close or more likely, “Merge with Rutgers-Newark, Montclair or maybe become a branch of Ocean County College.” Castiglione did acknowledge that courses or degrees earned during accreditation would return. At the KFT meeting Castiglione said that the federation,

“embraced the accreditation process,” and the whole room clapped in agreement when he suggested the best path for change was via new community leadership. It was also made known that through the KFT’s own self-study, violations 7 and 14 were discovered by the KFT before they were named as infractions by Middle States. Also discussed at the meeting was the list of accomplishments the KFT had achieved for teachers as well as all Kean staff. Castiglione reported that the KFT insured preservation of the five-year contract and a fouryear maximum contract for new staff members. After much negotiation, the KFT also reached a compromise of $40,000 for faculty. Castiglione also added that the KFT stopped faculty layoffs, eliminated the five-day teaching schedule, eliminated time sheets and restored three holidays to the academic calendar the following year: President’s Day,

Columbus Day and Good Friday. The crowd of KFT members also clapped in approval when Castiglione announced the elimination of union watchers. Among other discussions were the 2012 elections.

“Kean is in crisis. That is a fact.” “It’s no secret we are embracing Barrack Obama for president.” said Castiglione. Castiglione also endorsed congressman of New Jersey’s 7th district Leonard Lance and reiterated the importance of the members voting “yes” on ratification of contract from September 7-28.

Freshmen girls’ night out a sweet successs By Dominique Vinas

well as other volunteers. Drobniewska first joined the group after learning about it while taking Dr. Norma Bowes’ Death in Perspective class. According to the group’s website they are dedicated to serving the needs of the local, state, national and global community.

Be the Change “believes in a hands-on approach and building partnerships to affect positive change.” Past projects include the renovation of the Isaiah House teen shelter, helping after the gulf oil spill, food drives, toy

serves to live a successful and happy life.” Students interested in donating or seeking more information on Be the Change can access their website at www.

Students remain convinced that Kean will do whatever it takes in order to comply with the Middle State Commission. “I wasn’t really worried about losing accreditation,” said Jason Leavy, a junior communication/ film major. Kean has a student population of 15,939. With so many people enrolled at Kean, students found it hard to believe the university could possibly lose accreditation. “I’d be very surprised if the university lost accreditation, because then the school will basically shutdown,” said Alex

Institutional Assessment, Standard 12, General Education and Standard 14, Assessment of Student Learning. Nevertheless, students and faculty members seem to support the university throughout this recent hardship and are confident that Kean will pull through and overcome this challenge. “I am optimistic the university will address the problems raised by Middle States. There’s too much at stake not to,” said Gluck. “Just the other day, the Governor said he was being kept abreast of the situation

“Since we received the warning from the Middle States Commission, the entire campus community has put tremendous effort into fixing the problems,” said communication professor Wenli Yuan. “Even though there are areas where we can further improve, I have never questioned our university’s commitment to providing high quality education for our students. I am confident that we will survive this accreditation crisis.” Due to this recent accreditation issue, a common concern among the Kean community is whether or not this has impact-

“I am optimistic the University will address the problems raised by Middle States. There is too much of a stake not to.” Wisniewski, a sophomore journalism major. Kean was placed on probation due to a lack of evidence that the university was in compliance with four of its 14 Standards of Excellence. The four standards are: Standard 6, Academic Integrity, Standard 7,


by his staff. And while he made no indication his office will intercede, I don’t think anyone would want the situation to get to that point.” Professors at Kean are confident in the university and its determination to fix this problem.

ed the credibility of the university’s degrees. “At this point, I don’t think it has,” said Gluck. “I don’t think anyone is teaching any differently this year than last year. The faculty is still looking to turn out the best prepared students possible.”

What better way to bring girls together than a night full of sweets, Disney movies and nail painting? The Office of Residential Student Services organized an event mainly for freshman girls to come out and mingle with some of the upperclassmen and exchange some college tips!

winner of the quiz walked away with a $25.00 gift card to Barnes & Noble. A booth was set up where all the girls could go to get their nails painted while getting to know each other. Michelle Walburry, a freshman, said the event was a lot of fun. “I felt like a kid again, eating cupcakes, making new friends, and watching movies...all the

“I felt like a kid again.” The hosts of the event, Grace Campbell and Nia Phillips, are Resident Assistants of the New Upper Residence Hall and they worked hard to make the night a success. They put together a Disney Princess quiz asking various trivia questions about the movies and whoever filled one out got to enjoy cupcakes they baked for everyone. Also, the

upperclassmen gave me advice about how to manage my school work and fun, and how to make my freshman year a great experience,” said Walburry. “I’m glad I got to know them!” Both the students and the Resident Assistants  said they had a good time participating in the event. “It’s my responsibility and honor as a Resident Assistant to

Grace Campbell and Nia Phillips hosting the Disney girls’ night.

make sure we bring the students together and make them feel

comfortable where they live,” said Campbell.

Her Campus Kean, an online magazine for the college women attending Kean University, is looking for talented writers! If you’re interested, please contact the Campus Correspondent Francesca Figalo ( For more information about Her Campus Kean, visit Follow us on Twitter (@HCKean) and like our page on Facebook to receive updates on Campus News, Campus Celebrities, Campus Cuties and Campus Events.

Photos by: Dominique Vinas

September 2012 | October 2012

Fall prints & knit sweaters favored for fall fashion esting winter this year with more snow, so these sweaters will definitely come in handy. Prints are the biggest trend of all this fall. Designers such as Herve Leger, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs have all explored the wonders of print. “I’ve seen a lot of designers use so many different prints and I can’t wait to wear them!” said Jolene Real, senior Special Education and English major at Kean University. Maison Martin Margiela, creator of MM6, goes beyond the average print of checkered and polka dots by using a form known as storm print. It looks exactly like the makings of a thunderstorm.

“The key to wearing bold prints is confidence.” Fashions by Marc Jabobs, Karen Walker and Anna Sui.

Photos by: Getty Images

Listen up, Kean fasionistas and debonaires. Fall is swiftly approaching which means it is time to trade in your tanks and shorts for some new, warm fall digs. Fashion’s Night Out was the place to explore the upcoming trends and get a head start on your fall favorites. The New York City streets were flooded with fashion junkies of all ages as they met celebrities and shared advice on clothing. One trend that Janet Riley, a high school junior from Brooklyn is looking forward to this fall is the knit sweatshirts. “They’re so warm and comfortable.” said Riley. The knit sweaters come in varieties such as cropped, over-sized and even distressed. Seeing that it has not officially turned fall yet and it’s already getting cold, we might actually have an inter-


“The key to wearing bold prints is confidence.” says blogger Pritha Bhattacharya of Style Mantra. For those, daring enough to wear these bold prints, do not be afraid to push the limit and add a pop of color or another bold print. If you are still unsure how to wear-and-pair bold prints, designers like Oswald Helgason have done the job for you, by combining print and color on the same article of clothing, similar to an A-line dress. Most of all, this season’s color is orange. Phillip Lim along with fellow designers Preen and Mara Hoffman have incorporated this vibrant shade into their designs for fall. Brittany Robinson, a senior Sociology major, admits to not being a fan of orange nor having prior knowledge of such trends, but now looks forward to staying cute and warm all of the time.

By Dominique Vinas

Photos by: Dominique Vinas

Long hair and bright nails are the rage for lady Cougars

Sophomore Nayadira Pacheco rocking zebra sally hansen nail strips.

The verdict on Campus trends is in and more eccentric then it’s ever been. With everything from funky hair styles, bright nail designs, to smoky eyes and red wine lips, girls on Kean Campus are mimicking celebrities and taking risks with their beauty. Stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry are rocking fluorescent hair colors and they’re not the only ones. Here at Kean, the girls are experimenting and being adventurous with their hair as well. The brighter the better, especially colors such as blue, pink, and bright red are very popular around campus. What used to be considered “weird” is now the fashion norm. Popular hairstyles include highlights, ombres and colored hair in general. It is rare that you will see a girl on campus who doesn’t have their hair dyed, one simple color has become boring and is a definite “fashion don’t” according to the Cougar ladies this fall. If you’re confused about whether to cut your hair or not, Kean trends suggests you put the scissors away. Long hair with dipped ends or highlights is becoming very popular compared to last year when chopping your hair was in. “You can be versatile with different looks and styles with long hair,” said Brianna Sanders, a sophomore. “Not everything works with short hair and it be-

comes boring very fast, not being able to put my hair in a ponytail every now and then irritates me.” Another plus about long hair is that the sophisticated high bun look is in, and if you have a lot of hair you can really make that work. Straight hair or curls with a wand or iron are way more popular now than the wet curls or scrunched hair. Every girl has their lazy days though explained Alyssa Trapasso, a senior. “I usually keep my hair nicely straightened with the flat iron, but some days when I’m busy and don’t have time I just put some curl gel in my hair and call it a day, I think girls are allowed a lazy day every now and then.” For girls with short hair, extensions and weave are also very popular here at Kean including the interesting weave known as Brazilian Body wave (virgin hair). “It lasts really long, you can wash it, it doesn’t shed at all and it’s only $140 a pack and it lasts for up to 6-7 months,” said Rasheedah Russell, a sophomore. Not only is keeping up with hair important, make up is essential. The four trending brands consist of Mac, Sephora, Bobbi Brown and Avon. Mac, though high in price, is great mainly for their eye shadows and wide selections of eccentric and funky colors that are very in this fall. Some students aren’t willing to shell out the extra bucks. “Not only is Sephora cheaper than Mac, the eye shadow palettes last longer, the color is richer and I find their selection to be perfect for any outing, not just evening events,” said Nayadira Pacheco.

Avon has become quite popular among Kean girls mainly because it’s easy on wallets and their wide selection. The organization was known for their foundations but research at Kean indicates that most girls have stopped using them because it looks fake and unnatural, simple is better and much more pleasing this fall. When it comes to complexion, two products for face wash that students here recommend are Biore and Neutrogena, very popular and great for all types of skin. Girls at Kean also believe that nails are an essential part of their beauty. What makes this trend fun is that girls have stopped going to the salon and paying so much money for manicures, pedicures and tips. Natural nails with funky designs and colors such as mint green and sugar daddy pink have become quite popular, and Sally Hansen nail strips are a new nail epidemic that is slowly but surely becoming the fuss. With no dry time, girls just need to peel, stick, and file, and it can last up to ten days. Tips seem to have fallen out of favor with everything from polka dots, animal prints to favorite sports teams all being put on nails, creating a unique manner for girls to express themselves. Brands including Essie and Sally Hansen happen to be very popular. Nayadira spoke out about Essie and swears by its greatness. “They have every single color from bright to nude, even glitter; it lasts longer than other nail polishes and dries a lot quicker.”


Kean gamers anxious for fall’s video game lineup

With summer almost over, gamers all around Kean are anxiously awaiting the release of fall’s biggest video games.

Like most summers, this year did not  have many big games, although there were a few. Max Payne 3, the long awaited sequel to Max Payne 2 was finally released to rave reviews from critics. July also brought us Kingdom Hearts 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, which sophomore Allan Pereia had been “looking forward to the continuation of the story [in the Kingdom Hearts universe].” While big releases during the past summer were few and far between, fall 2012 promises to be a grand year for video games. Starting this September and going into November, games that will be released include Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed III, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, just to name a few of them. Borderlands 2, the sequel to 2009’s hit, Borderlands, is promising to bring back all the action, violence

and guns, along with new additions that will please fans of its predecessor. The game will feature new characters and classes, along with a storyline that changes itself based on the way one plays through the storyline. Releasing November 6th is the highly anticipated Halo 4. With previous developer Bungie no longer at the helm and 343 Industries taking over, many are anxious to see how this Halo entry will fare. “I’m looking forward to a new perspective from a different company’s eyes. It should be interesting and worth the wait.” said sophomore Justin Sequeira. Another sequel being released is one that is different from other games released before. Assassin’s Creed III, releasing October 30th, takes place during the American Revolution.


The Frank, the G.O.O.D, and the Ugly Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”: The man formerly known as Christopher Breux has had a long journey towards making this album, which happens to be his first studio-based one. First, he moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans, working as a songwriter with artists such as Justin Bieber. Eventually joining the Hip Hop Group known as Odd Future, which features members like Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, and Earl Sweatshirt. Chances are you’ve heard of the group and their somewhat controversial style of hardcore hip hop. After releasing his first mixtape and the single “Novacaine”, he found himself working with Jay Z and Kanye West on their “Watch the Throne” album. Of course, let’s not forget Ocean’s announcement that he had once fallen in love with a man, a revelation that opened up discussion about homosexuality in the Hip Hop field. Don’t let that particular controversy distract you, Ocean’s debut studio album doesn’t need the attention grabbing headlines because it is an excellent R & B album. The album features seventeen tracks of Ocean’s soulful voice, and will leave you impressed with its strong production and varied themes. One of the standout tracks on the album is “Super Rich Kids”, where Ocean sings from the perspective of….a super rich kid, engaging in a hedonistic lifestyle of drugs, sex, and expensive cars. “Bad Religion”, a song about unrequited love, features an especially powerful vocal performance from Frank. This album is definitely worth checking out. 9/10 The Ugly Club’s “You Belong to the Minutes”: For the past two years, this local Union County band has been working to make a name for themselves, and have recently released their first studio album. This album is filled with


By Bryan C. Kuriawa

Resident Evil: Afterlife: 4/10. Three years after Extinction, the Resident Evil video game franchise once more translates onto the big screen, and with the return of series director, Paul Anderson. Alice (Milla Jovovich) finds herself confronting the overly powerful Umbrella Cooperation and trapped with a group of survivors in zombie-populated Los Angeles. Their only link to the outside world rests on a series of broadcasts of safe-haven aboard a coastal freighter, codenamed Arcadia. Eventually the group realizes their only chance is to escape, yet any option must be weighed against their enemy, the reanimated dead. Despite the return of Anderson, Jovovich’s real-life husband, and the successful performances of Milla Jovovich and supporting cast-member  Boris Kodjoe, this entry fails to find its purpose and success. Anderson is energetic and quite capable at action sequences, with several notably competent 3D sequences to his credit, if only the script and narrative could

We have seen games that take place during the twentieth century and with international locales, but rarely do we see an action game that takes place during Colonial America. No fall game preview would be complete without Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Many gamers will pick up this sequel just for the multiplayer, but if you are into the single player campaign, the storyline picks up where Black Ops left off. Also added are new Strike Force missions and a standalone campaign featuring zombies, which will include an eight-player option. Other big releases during the fall, include, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Pokemon Black/White 2, Resident Evil 6, Little Big Planet: Karting, Epic Mickey 2, NBA 2K13 and many more that will delight gamers of all ages.

By Darian Maduruh

musical concepts, which the band has successfully managed to merge together. One of their tracks, “Let’s Sleep Around”, starts as a smoldering Prince inspired track, which eventually shifts into a number which reminded one of doo wop. Upbeat tracks like “Loosen Up” will have you humming along to the song and tapping your feet. The band is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Egan, guitarist/vocalist Joe Stasio, Keyboards/Vocals/Trumpet player Taylor Mandel, Drummer Ryan McNulty, and Bassist Rick Sue-Poi, all GOOD music’s Cruel Summer. of whom make for a great combination, each leaving their own impressive mark on the album. If you’re a fan of local indie music, chances are that you’ve heard of this band already. Those that haven’t should look for this album wherever they can find it. 9/10 GOOD music’s “Cruel Summer”: Now, technically…I’m not supposed to be reviewing this album, because as of this writing, it hasn’t come out in release. However, this album has leaked all over the internet, and even has websites streaming it, so I took a listen to Kanye West’s first foray into the “group label album”. Featuring rappers such as West, Pusha T, Big continued on page 10 Photo: Def Jam Recordings

By Iman-Jazelle Bond

By Nick Mojica



September 2012 | October 2012



A look into cinema, past, present, and future

find any similar balance. The screenplay by Anderson lacks development and strands its cast and characters in a sea of clichés and uninterest. Overall, an unfocused action movie with much violence, yet no charm. Resident Evil: Retribution:  4/10. After being recaptured, Alice

(Milla Jovovich) discovers her location as Umbrella’s research facility located underwater in eastern Russia. With the assistance of a nonUmbrella operative (Li Bingbing), they make their way to a rendezvous point where Luther West (Boris Kodjoe) and his team will take them to the surface. Soon, Alice realizes Umbrella has many tricks up their sleeve, and escape may prove a challenge. After the lackluster Afterlife, Retribution proves to be slightly superior to its predecessor, yet lacks much that could make a capable feature. Once more, Jovovich proves to be the better actor, with capable supporting performances from series veterans Michelle Rodriquez and Boris Kodjoe. Paul Anderson once again delivers the visual thrills through an energetic and fast-past direction, yet his screenplay feels similar to his last effort, introducing and reintroducing characters in an uninteresting fashion, some removed without being given a name. Overall, superior to the forth Resident Evil, with bet-

ter direction and action, only to fail in other areas of cinematic value. Taken 2 Preview: Recommended. Four years ago, audiences thrilled to the action film, Taken by Pierre Morel, an English-language French production detailing the story of a C.I.A. operative (Liam Neeson) trying to find his kidnapped daughter. Under the reins of incoming director, Oliver Megaton, whose previous credits include Transporter 3 and Columbiana, Taken 2 is to be released October 5th. In this followup, Neeson’s character Bryan Mills, receives a visit from his daughter and ex-wife while on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey. Soon, Mills is taken captive by a group of gangsters working for the Albanian Mafia and its head, the father of a former gangster killed by Mills.  After his wife is taken hostage and his daughter flees, Mills must stop these criminals without mercy. It’s recently released trailer does show off the film’s action, yet distinguishing this film completely from its predecessor is necessary.

September 2012 | October 2012

September 2012 | October 2012

By Dan Reyes

“Yeah we’re student journalists, but we’re damn good ones.” finish my last semester here at Kean and leave behind an “adequate” newspaper. It’s time to rock the boat. Let’s all be honest here; we don’t have as many readers as we’d like. “But wait Dan, I read The Tower,” said almost no one ever. I joke around that it’s my goal to see just one student reading it before I graduate, but in order to make that happen things need to change. While most of you were sipping fruity drinks in some tropical paradise, or fist-pumping your way across Seaside Heights, The Tower was undergoing a pretty heavy facelift. In addition to the new layout, will be next to change as we switch to a new website layout over the

next couple of weeks. “But why make all the fuss about a newspaper you claim no one reads?” Well, unknown person who’s asking me all the right questions, because I see the potential. Kean University is at an interesting juncture. We just extended the contract of a man, who last year was being protested by students to step-down from office over reported resume inaccuracies, our sports program was hit with a slew of post-season bans and fines by the NCAA, we’re on probation, our accreditation may be at risk and four years later it still takes me forever to find a damn parking spot. The Tower has covered all of this and more. We have reporters with interests that fall across the board. From music to fashion, and news to sports, each of our writers is fully invested in bringing you the news on campus. Kean isn’t just a place you come and go from, whether you like it or not, this is your home and The Tower wants to tell you about it. Take a look around this paper and read these articles. Yeah we’re student journalists, but we’re damn good ones. I’m proud of my reporters, my editors and my paper. This is a new era for The Tower, so hang on and enjoy the ride. Daniel Reyes Editor-in-Chief of The Tower


What the hell does a guy have to do to get fired around here?

By Lee Burrell

Our dear leader has been re-elected! Well kind of; the Board of Trustees, in their infinite wisdom, has deemed it fitting that President Dawood Farahi should stay here to continue his fine work by extending his contract as president for five more years. But what did you expect? Change? Leave that to Obama and accept your fate Kean. After allowing the university to slip down the quality slide far enough that Middle-States launched an investigation, a resume scandal and a sizable disapprov-

the rule book now and our man is honest as Abe. At this moment in the article it may seem like I’m picking on Dawood but for some perspective let’s check out other similar cases. Way back in the stone age of 2001, Notre Dame’s coach resigned (what a guy!) only five days after he was hired, for lying on his resume, he called the fluffing of his resume “inaccuracies” he forgot to change. Sound familiar? Much more recently in 2010, Texas

“ lists Dawood’s resume controversy as number one in their 10 Worst Resume Fibs in Academic History.” al from the faculty large enough for the Kean Federation of Teacher to ask him to leave, Dawood Farahi is staying. These problems come up but our man Dawood beats them down like Rocky. So besides the majority of the professors wanting you to leave and breaking the academic integrity policy of your own school, what the hell does a guy have to do to get fired around here? After that resume slip up most people in the Kean community thought Dawood was done for, but much like Neo minus the slomo, he dodged that bullet. lists Dawood’s resume controversy as number one in their 10 Worst Resume Fibs in Academic History list. In all of academic history! Wow this guy is good, so good that after breaking the policy code he just had it changed so it didn’t include him anymore. Check

A&M University saw the resignation (I’m seeing a trend) of Alexander Kemos the number three administrator after several confirmed misrepresentations were discovered on his resume regarding his academic and military credentials. Damn it’s good to be the king… Now I’ve got a word limit on this article that I’m fast approaching so I can’t list all the cases in which University officials were fired or resigned because they lied on their resumes (Yale, MIT and NJCU just to name a few) but just Google “resume lies in academia” and you’ll find something. But maybe this is all just a big misunderstanding. Maybe if Farahi receives the $200,000 bonus he’s up for next year, he’ll buy us all a drink and tell us what really happened.

The Tower is an independent, laboratory newspaper of Kean University’s journalism option in the communication major program. It is published monthly through the regular academic year and supported by advertising and the Department of Communication. The Tower is not responsible for claims made by its advertisers. The Tower is a public forum and is free from censorship and advance approval of content by the university administration. The Tower staff is responsible for its content.


No it’s not just you. The Tower isn’t the same newspaper it was last semester. Everything needs a little sprucing up from time to time, and I suppose college newspapers are no different. When I was made Editor-in-Chief this semester, I didn’t want to just hold the lines of college media. I didn’t want to

Kean University Center for Academic Success 1000 Morris Avenue Union, NJ 07083 Telephone: (908) 737-0460; Fax: (908) 737-0465 Email:;

By Dasia Brown

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Reyes Managing Editor: Lee Burrell News Editor: Nicole La Capria Features Editor: De Wayne Harper Arts & Entertainment Editor: Justine Clini Sports Editor: Ryan Gaydos Copy Editor: Bryan C. Kuriawa online Head Online Editor: Francesca Figalo Online Editor: Aaron Mena

Online Editor: Eric Haftel

STAFF Alexandria Adesso Thomas Antonelle Sonia Aquije Keanu Austin Iman-Jazelle Bond AMelissa Jewels Dasia Brown Dan Canova Trevor Conlow Raymond Gurbisz

Mike Jago Brian Konochalski Darian Madurah Nick Mojica Andrea Parr Christy Petillo Fatimah Sanford Dominique Vinas Justin West Xirena Wormley

As the school year begins so many students are embarking on a whole new journey of life. From the freshman who has no idea how to wrap their head around this thing called college, to the senior who’s trying to figure out the world after graduation. At some point in time we all need a little guidance. Freshmen life can be the deal breaker for some individuals. This is the time when students get to figure out if college is where they really want to be finding themselves in a mist of temptations, and for many trying to figure out their place in this world. College is also a chance to make friends for life, join clubs and explore the world. This guide is simply designed to help make that freshmen journey a little easier as far as the social life is concerned. Being at some point in time the upper-classmen here were also freshmen embarking on that same journey, it’s only right that the knowledge learned is trickled down. First thing to always remember is to know your limits. For many freshmen, this is the first time away from home and parents. Don’t go buck wild. If you’re under age and drinking, that’s illegal and can get you in trouble here at school because this is a dry campus. Dry campus means that it is against school policy to consume any alcoholic beverages on school premises. For the freshmen who is of age just know when to put your glass down and keep it down. Getting drunk can cause harm to you and others. If you are going to drink, make sure you are not driving,

Display and classified advertising Deadline for space reservations for display advertising is two weeks before the publication date. Ads submitted after that may be used on a space-available basis. All ads are run-of-the-paper unless an extra fee is collected for a paid position. Deadline for art work and copy is one week before the publication date. Classified advertising can be submitted up to the Thursday before publication as long as the payment is made at the same time. Call (908) 737-0461 or email for a rate card.

Always have a designated driver. It’s always good to go out in a group for safety and comfort, but if you leave in a group, try to return home with that same group. For the freshmen who want to join a lot of oncampus activities, know when you’re pushing your limit of school work vs. activities. Sometimes you might have to only partake in one extracurricular activity instead of two or three. Same goes for if you are deciding to work and take classes. Make sure there is enough time in your schedule to study and do homework.

their way into being your friend to a meal. It happens more than you might think. The last two important things to remember are to have an open mind and to have balance. Having an open mind in college is the best way for meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and places. It can open oneself up to a whole new mind. Don’t stay within your set group of friends. Sometimes the people that you think you might not have stuff in common with are the ones that turn out to be your best friends.

“Don’t go buck wild.” The second is not to be afraid to say no. Yes we have all been told this since we were young, say no to drugs, but seriously say no. If you don’t want to do something you should never be afraid to say no. Saying no is not just for drugs, but also to other pressures that may come up such as sex. Don’t let anyone pressure you into having sex with them if that is not what you want to do. Say no to going out on a night in the town when you have classes early in the morning or when you have work to do. Also remember to know when you’re being played for your meal plan. A lot of upper classmen know that freshmen have the best meal plans. Some people will befriend you so that they can use your buddy pass to eat or your Cougar dollars. So be careful of the hungry ones that can ease

Having an open mind also involves going to new places and trying new things. The first step to being a well-rounded individual is to have an open mind. College is full of fun. Have balance and never forget what you are here for. Education is the most important part of this experience so make sure that whatever you do, whomever you do things with, and whatever you do, never lose sight of the bigger plan. Stay safe and remember these words of advice. It will come in handy while you’re on this new journey. If you have any questions or concerns about anything that you would like advice about please send an email to You’ll be advised the best way is with truth, Remember that it’s strictly anonymous!

Wellness versus prevention or promotion?

By Dr. Josh Palgi

The current emphasis on wellness in the United States began around 1958 when Dr. Halbert L. Dunn introduced the concept of wellness. Wellness was viewed by Dr. Dunn as an ever changing lifelong adventure- much more than the absence of disease. In the 1960’s wellness was supported by President John F. Kennedy. The term “New Wellness“ had its beginning in the 1980’s with the interest of the couch potato” when he appointed Arnold Schwarzenegger as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. He said that each person can be a leader in the physical fitness movement and the 1990’s indicated that. Wellness is a way of life and an ongoing process. The definition of wellness varies from person to person. Some measure wellness by quality of life, others by being disease free. It may mean feeling good when you get up in the morning, or getting a good score on a test. In general, the term wellness encompasses a dimension of health and involves all aspects of a person’s lifestyle. It includes: Intellectual Wellness: The ability to learn and act on information effectively.

Social Wellness: The ability to interact successfully with people and one’s personal environment Spiritual Wellness: Provides meaning and direction in life and enables one to grow, learn and meet new challenges. Emotional Wellness: The ability to control stress and excess emotions appropriately and comfortably. Environmental Wellness: The ability to promote health measures that influence the standard of living and quality of life. The vision and mission today is to promote the understanding of the dynamic factors that contribute to health and well-being as they emerge through research and practice. The idea is to to share and develop strategies to positively influence those factors that support healthy balanced lifestyles, and to serve the professional organizations that promote optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities. It should be our responsibility to achieve a high level of wellness through lifetime behavior. These include regular exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, weight control, an absence

of smoking or drug use, and maintenance of a satisfying emotional and social lifestyle. It is time that more Americans realize that good health and wellness are a responsibility that we have to ourselves, to each other and to our communities.Wellness is a matter of making intelligent decisions. It demands commitment, and involves changing ones’ attitudes and belief Therefore, through emphasizing health promotion instead of disease prevention, we help to maintain and strengthen our independence and productivity in our quest toward becoming optimal functioning individuals in today’s society. Now is the perfect time to start incorporating wellness into your day to day routine. For more information about the Wellness Institute: E-mail 715 342 2969 Dr. Josh Palgi is a professor in Kean’s Physical Education, Health and Recreation Department

How to look for a job

Opinion pieces and letters to the editor The Tower welcomes guest columns and letters to the editor from any source. Such material should be submitted to or left at The Tower’s offices. To verify sources of written material, submissions must include the writer’s name and contact information. Students should include their class (sophomore, graduate, etc.) and major. Faculty and staff should include campus title or position. On request, names may be withheld from publication if The Tower staff determines there is a legitimate reason to do so, but no anonymous letters will be accepted for publication. The Tower reserves the right to edit, and refuse publication of any submission.


Freshmen do not fear, advice is here

Department of Communication


editor’s note

Out with the old, in with the new




By Paul Blocklyn

If you’re a senior at Kean, you know the time has come for you to start looking for a job. Your job hunts will carry you from the relative safety and security of college life to the roughand tumble uncertainty of the world of work. Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. At first glance the prospect of job hunting may seem overwhelming, but you should try to think of it as a process, not an event. Think of the words of the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Start early. Job hunting may seem like a monumental task, and human nature being what it is, most people tend to put it off. But you can’t put off the inevitable. The early bird catches the worm. The sooner you start, the

sooner you’ll reach your destination. Know yourself. Socrates’ words of wisdom hold true for your job search. Ask yourself this question: What do I want out of life? Maybe you already know the answer; if you don’t, ask yourself some more questions. What courses have you liked? Do you want to make a lot of money, or do you want to help others? Do you like taking risks, or do you prefer feeling safe and secure? Do you like working with others, or do you work better alone? Answers to these questions will help determine the kind of job you’d be good at. Taking a personality test such as the MyersBriggs Type Indicator may also be helpful. Network. You’ve heard it before: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

To a certain extent, that’s true. You’ve got to meet and get to know the people who can help you get the job you want. The Internet has transformed the way we work with others, and job-hunting is no exception. In the past, you met people at conferences and other face-to-face networking events; now you can meet them online. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the premium professional online networking site, with more than 175 million users in some 200 countries. You need to be one of these people. LinkedIn is similar to an online resume. You create a profile for yourself that tells people who you are in terms of your education and experience. You can even include a photograph of yourself. continued on page 11

September 2012 | October 2012

September 2012 | October 2012

Kean Women’s Soccer starts off season strong By Ryan Gaydos

Photos: Kean Athletics

The Women’s soccer team in action. Raymond Gurbisz

The Kean University women’s soccer team kicked off their 2012 season with a bang, sporting a 5-1 record through their first six games of the new season. The Cougars, coming off a solid 10-4-3 campaign in 2011, are trying to live up to the high expectations set by many surrounding the team. If they can keep up their current play, things seem like they may go according to plan. The Cougars first game came against Elms College back on August 31st, where the Cougars scored an impressive eight goals to kick off the season by dominating the Blazers. Starting off the season hot is a plus for any team and the Cougars demonstrated that with their 8-1 win in the opener. September has been very kind to Cougars. Things seem to keep bouncing their way as the Cougars try to keep momentum in their favor. Not all of the Cougars success has to do with good bounces, however.

“Out of a poll of roughly twenty students at Kean, more than half are rooting for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl.”


(Continued from page 7)

Sean, Cyhi Da Prince, 2 Chainz and other guests, “Cruel Summer” is an average album. The problem is that if you’ve been

Solid goaltending has been a key for the Cougars during their recent surge. Since the season began, the Cougars have scored a total of 19 goals, while their opponents have only scored a combined total of 4 against them. A large reason for this success is due to freshman goalkeeper Samantha Blair. Blair has been a nice surprise for the Cougars this season and has been seeing most of the time in the net. Blair was also named as the New Jersey Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week after helping the Cougars take down No. 15 ranked Stevens Institute of Technology back on September 9. At the time of the award, Blair ranked second in the NJAC in save percentage (.867). Senior forward Carly Seidel has also found success in the first few weeks of the season. Seidel currently leads the Cougars in shots on goal, goals scored, and points. Seidel has contributed four goals on the season to go along with her team-leading 10 points. Alongside Seidel, sophomore Shelby

Pedersen and freshman Deanna Columbia both have three goals each to add to the team’s efforts. The Cougars have yet to be severely outplayed in a game this season, having their single loss come to New York University in a close 1-0 game in which an early goal proved to be the difference. Aside from the loss, the Cougars have demonstrated great poise in the first halves of their matches. Through the first six games of their season, the Cougars have scored 10 goals in the first period while they only have three against them. Also in the opening period, the Cougars have tallied a total of 59 shots on goal while opposing teams only have a combined 17. It will be interesting to see in the upcoming weeks of the season, if the Cougars can keep the fire beneath them lit as they continue to try to start games off with a strong first period and keep things going they way they have been as of lately.

NFL Season Preview 2012 NFL Season Preview 2012 The NFL season is here and once again our favorite professional football teams will take the field every Sunday for the next 17 weeks in what should be a very exciting season. Some of the tops headlines include, Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning making his return on the field with the Denver Broncos after sitting out last season from neck surgery. Rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III look to have success in their first year of action. The New York Giants look to defend their title despite having the toughest strength of schedule in the NFL this season, and the New York Jets experiment of quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Kean University students favor either the Jets or Giants. Even though neither team plays each other this season, their always seems to be a rivalry going

on. James Lewis an undecided sophomore says “The Jets will do better than the Giants or they will finish with the same record. I want the Jets to win the Super Bowl but I expect the Baltimore Ravens to win.” The Giants look to bring back most of its solid core that helped them win a championship last season. Third year wide receiver Victor Cruz who took the world by storm with a franchise record 1,536 receiving yards and his entertaining salsa dances will look to improve even more this year. Olaoluwa Ogunyemi sophomore mathematics major said”The Giants are the best.” As for the Jets, they dominated headlines when they acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos this off season. Mark Sanchez is still the starting quarterback but this only creates a controversy with the fan favorite Tebow on the roster to challenge Sanchez for the job.

Tebow’s old team the Denver Broncos signed former NFL MVP Peyton Manning. All eyes will be on the older brother of Eli this season, as Peyton shakes off his neck surgery and competes for a Super Bowl title. According to’s rankings, they ranked all the NFL teams to this season the Green Bay Packers despite losing to the Giants in the playoffs last season, are still ranked as the best team in football. Power rankings change from week to week but many still believe they are the team to beat this season. Teams on the rise include the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. The New England Patriots are always favorites as long as former NFL MVP Tom Brady is their quarterback. Out of a poll of roughly twenty students at Kean, more than half are rooting for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl this season. “The Giants will clearly domi-

nate,” said Andrew Joseph, a sophomore film major. Some students can’t decide between the Jets and Giants and see both as evenly matched up teams. Jeffrey Mense, an undecided freshman said “I’m very excited for the season. There have been many interesting trades and draft picks but as for the Jets and Giants, they both have superstar teams.” This season also will also feature replacement referees to start the year. “We need the regular officials back, the replacement officials stink, and they’re not official enough,” added Joseph. This season should shape up to be one of the best ever because there are a number of teams that could meet in the Super Bowl this year. There will be plenty to talk about at football parties as the year goes on.

keeping up with this album, you’ve already heard nearly half of it. Even worse is that the already released songs (Including hit songs such as “Mercy”, “New God Flow”, “Cold”, “Clique” and

the remix to the Chief Keef song “I Don’t Like”) are the best songs on the album. The album isn’t unsuccessful otherwise, however, as it has tracks like “To the World”, which features

R Kelly, A Kid Cudi solo performance called “Creepers”, and a song called “The One”, featuring singer Marsha Ambrosious. Being one of the few event albums of this year, it deserves at least

one listen through. But considering that this project involves Kanye West, I expected to call this album “awesome” instead of just “decent”. 7/10

By Justin West


Spring Sports: A success in 2012 As you all know, once May comes that average college student does one of two things; sits down and studies or tunes out the rest of the world in preparation for the summer months. If you did either of those two things you definitely missed an interesting end to the spring sports semester. The Kean baseball team has always been good. If there is one thing that the athletic program is known for, it is having a very good baseball team. Showing its natural prowess, the team finished with its eight straight 30-win season and make its fifth trip to the College Baseball World Series in the past six

years. However, the team was eliminated by Webster University by the score of 8-7. Multiple players won collegiate awards. Among others, outfielder Shane Alvarez was named to the ABCA/Rawlings Mid-Atlantic Region Gold Glove team, pitcher Kevin Herget was named to the NJCBA Division II/III 1st team, head coach Neil Ioveira was named ABCA MidAtlantic and NJCBA Division II/ III coach of the year and pitcher Ryan Zamorsky racked up a bunch of awards being named to the ABCA 1st Team AllAmerican, 2nd Team All-American, ABCA MidAtlantic All-Region 1st Team, Mid-Atlantic Region 1st Team, winning the

NCAA Division III Mid-Atlantic Tournament Most Outstanding Player, ECAC Metro Pitcher of the Year, NJAC Pitcher of the Year, NJAC First-Team, and NJCBA Division II/III Pitcher of the Year. Baseball’s polar opposite, softball, finished with a 24-19 record making the NJAC tournament but losing to The College of New Jersey. The team produced a young gun on the mound with pitcher Courtney Yard. She became the program’s first recipient of the NJAC Rookie of the Year award with an 18-13 record and a 1.68 ERA. Fellow rookie teammate Ashley Geiger became the second pitcher in the program’s history to throw a nohitter. Geiger did it April 19.

Photos: Kean Athletics

The men’s lacrosse team finished up a 10-win season of its own. The team made it to the Skyline Conference championship with a 5-1 record but lost to Montclair State 17-10 in the final. Nick Angrisani, Richard Cheifitz, Rob Child, Jonathan Foss, Russell King, John Marcelli and Zach Williams were all named to the Skyline Conference All-Team. The women’s lacrosse team made its fifth straight Skyline Conference tournament with a 9-9 overall record and a 5-3 conference record. However, Farm-

“The team finished with its eighth straight 30-win season and made its fifth trip to the College Baseball World Series in the past six years.” GO COUGARS!


(Continued from page 9)

Here’s how LinkedIn works: Once you’ve set up your profile, you invite peopleyou know to “connect” with you, that is, to join your list of contacts. Once these people accept your invitation, you usually have access to their contacts as well. Thus your list of contacts grows exponentially. You can join social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace as well as LinkedIn, but LinkedIn should be your first priority. Career-hunting sites. Sites such as and can behelpful to you in your job search. So can company Web sites, which often list current job openings in their organizations. Don’t overlook newspaper ads. Newspapers are often dismissed as old media, but every job I’ve ever gotten has been a job that I saw advertised in a newspaper. One caveat about online networking: it lets you greatly expand your opportunities for job hunting, but there is no substitute for face-to-face contact. You should still try to use job fairs, conferences, and other real-world venues to make as many contacts as possible. Employment agencies. They can save you time and effort by helping you with your job search. Employment agencies have a large database of contacts. Just remember that these agencies charge a fee, and make sure that the agency you choose is established and reputable. Unfortunately, some employment agencies are fly-by-night enterprises that will take your

money and run. Internships. You should make every effort to land an internship, which you can often get through a professor or through the Career Development Center. Internships are invaluable opportunities to gain experience and skills in your chosen field and to make important realworld contacts. Internships can also lead to full-time positions after you graduate. This is also true of part-time, temporary, or volunteer work in your field. Remember, any experience is good experience. Contacts. You can use family, friends, former bosses, and especially former teachers to help you get a job. Here’s a wellkept secret: Believe it or not, your professors are your friends! They often have contacts in business and the professions, and if they like your work they can give you a letter of recommendation. The Career Development and Advancement Center at Kean can help you at every step of your job search. The Center offers job fairs, a Career Planning Guide, and a Job Skills Workshop with hints, information, and job search strategies to help students in their job hunt. The Career Development and Advancement Center is located in Room 123 of the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success. Further information can be obtained by calling (908) 737-0320. Paul Blocklyn teaches Business and Professional Writing at Kean University. He can be reached at

ingdale State knocked Kean out of the tournament defeating the Cougars 21-5. Lyndsey Cannon racked up the awards for the team being named to the IWLCA Boardwalk Region FirstTeam, Skyline First-Team, and the NJAC First-Team. Although no major championships were won, the spring sports teams had a great year and will look to improve upon their efforts come the 2013 season. Let’s hope that the fall and winter programs can follow suit.

Kean Football off to a slow start

Photo: Ryan Gaydos



Kean Football. By Dan Canova

The Kean Cougars have started off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the 2012 football season. After coming off of a year where they were in the NCAA Tournament and were pre-season ranked 14th in the entire nation, they have lost their first two games to begin the 2012 year, including a blowout loss

to the number four team, Mary Hardin-Baylor. Mary Hardin-Baylor scored 21 points in the first quarter to put away Kean early on, and ended up winning the game 34-7.  Kean’s first contest this year was against Albright College at Kean Alumni Stadium.  Kean led the game at one point 26-7, before Albright scored 22 unanswered points and defeated the Cougars 29-26.  Looking ahead to the end of September and October, Kean has a rough schedule ahead. When looking back to this start at the end of the season, players, and coaches will be saying they could easily have been 2-0 or 1-1 at the least.  Kean will be wrapping up the month of September against The College at Brockport, and Morrisville State College, two teams that are currently out of confer-

ence. Brockport has been riding the hot hand, undefeated so far heading into the game against the Cougars.  Morrisville State College on the other hand, has no wins, heading into a home game against SunyCortland and then Kean.  The Cougars could split these two games, which would put them at a record of 1-3 heading into October.  In October, they have four total games, two out of conference games, and two in conference against arch-rivals William Paterson University and The College of New Jersey. Even though the Kean Cougars might be holding their heads in their hands after two disappointing losses to begin the season, they still have plenty of hope looking ahead.  One game at a time, one win at a time, that’s all they can focus on now.

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September 2012 | October 2012



October Sports Schedule 01: Field Hockey @ TCNJ 02: Women’s Volleyball vs. Ramapo Women’s Soccer @ Stockton Field Hockey @ FDU-Florham 03: Women’s Tennis vs. William Patterson 04: Women’s Soccer @ Marywood 06: Women’s Tennis @ NJAIAW Tournament Men’s Soccer @ Methodist Field Hockey @ Vassar Football vs. Western Connecticut State 07: Men’s Soccer @ Mary Washington 09: Women’s Tennis vs. Stockton Women’s Volleyball vs. Rutgers-Camden Field Hockey vs. Mercy 10: Men’s Soccer vs. Montclair State Women’s Soccer @ Montclair State 11: Women’s Tennis vs. Ramapo Women’s Volleyball @ New Jersey City 12: Women’s Volleyball vs. Muhlenberg Women’s Volleyball vs. Manhattanville 13: Women’s Volleyball vs. Alvernia Women’s Tennis @ Baruch Women’s Soccer @ TCNJ Field Hockey vs. Stockton Football @ William Patterson Women’s Volleyball vs. NYU-Poly Men’s Soccer vs. TCNJ 16: Women’s Volleyball @ Baruch Field Hockey @ Susquehanna Women’s Soccer vs. Western Connecticut State 17: Men’s Soccer @ NYU 19: Women’s Volleyball vs. Bates Men’s Soccer @ Rowan Women’s Volleyball vs. Baptist Bible 20: Women’s Volleyball vs. Hamilton Women’s Tennis @ Rutgers Camden Field Hockey vs. Rowan Women’s Volleyball vs. US Merchant Marines Football @ TCNJ Women’s Soccer vs. Rowan 21: Men’s Soccer vs. Rochester 23: Women’s Volleyball @ City College of NY 24: Women’s Soccer @ William Patterson Field Hockey @Montclair State Men’s Soccer vs. William Patterson 25: Women’s Volleyball @ Stockton 27: Women’s Volleyball vs. Rosemont (@Langhorne, PA) Football vs. Cortland State Women’s Volleyball @ Cairn Field Hockey vs. SUNY New Paltz

Kean Athletics receive NCAA Sanctions By Mike Jago

“The sanctions come at a time when Kean is no stranger to controversy.”

Kean University athletics have been dealt a huge blow, as the NCAA handed to all athletic programs a probation that will be in place until April 18, 2018. The women’s basketball team in particular has been banned from any postseason play for the 2012-2013 season. According to an earlier Tower article written by Ryan Gaydos, all athletic programs will need to send annual reports to the NCAA, as well as send representatives to regional seminars. Failure to do so could result in further and stricter sanctions. The sanctions come at a time when Kean is no stranger to controversy. The University is currently embroiled in accreditation troubles. The sanctions came about when it was discovered that the women’s basketball team was giving special benefits to their athletes. According to the NCAA public infractions report, a special three-credit hour course was established for the athletes in connection with their summer trip to Spain. The former head coach, Michele Sharp, was also involved in providing an athlete with a plane ticket to Florida for a tournament the athlete did not have to pay for. Other instances included changing an athlete’s grade in

The 5-1 Women’s soccer team.

a Women’s Studies course from an “F” to an “incomplete”, which raised her GPA above a 2.0, allowing her to play in a January game. Sharp was dismissed as the head coach of the team, and Kean was told by the NCAA that it was to vacate all records of Sharp for the 2010-2011 season, during which the team had posted a win/loss record of 24-5 and reached the NCAA Tournament. The report stated that Sharp “failed in her duty to promote an atmosphere for compliance in her program.” Chris Morgan, Kean’s Director of Athletics and Recreation, has stated that the University has no plans to fight the sanctions

Photo: Kean Athletics

the NCAA has given them. He said in a statement, “…We will comply with all of the NCAA’s directives in a spirit of cooperation and true sportsmanship.” It seems lately that Kean can’t escape controversy. The women’s basketball team, which had one of Kean’s more successful athletic programs in recent memory, received the harshest penalties. The rest of Kean’s athletic programs must now cope with the postseason ban they received as well, even if the program did nothing wrong. These penalties come at a tough time for Kean, and the programs will need to bounce back in a big way to achieve the success they once had.

Who’s Hot & Who’s Not in Kean Athletics Kean University relies on consistent academic results every year; however, the start to the 2012-2013 year has solidified the Cougar’s presence over the entire spectrum of success. matchup in the NJAIAW Tournament next month. Much of the success comes off the racquets of Junior Jaelynn Lee and Junior Debra Dress.

By Thomas Antonelle

WOMENS’S SOCCER The Kean University women’s soccer team has kicked off this athletic season with one goal in mind; to win a championship. The cougar’s, 5-1 overall, are boasting a 4-0 record at home, while only losing one game on the road. Having shutout their opponents three times already, they have only allowed three goals against. All nine of the cougar’s conference match ups come at back half of their schedule, where they look to put themselves at the top of the rankings. The squad utilized their home field advantage during the Cougar Classic earlier this month, but split the series when they took part in the Ninth Annual Stevens Engineering Cup. WOMENS’S VOLLEYBALL Women’s volleyball have begun their season at 6-3 overall and they have no plans of looking back. With a long season ahead of them and a 3-0 record at home, the cougar’s play 11 of 16 games at home during October. Kean will host the Kean Invi-

The 2011-2012 Women’s Basketball Team.

tational on October 12-13 and the Cougar Classic on October 19-20. The Cougars will look to take advantage in this stretch of home games and add more wins to their already stellar record. FIELD HOCKEY The Field Hockey team is currently sitting at .500 overall with a 4-4 record. Freshman Katie DiCarlo was given the honor of New Jersey Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week. The goalie is leading the New Jersey Athletic Conference in save percentage, which is a .864.

Photo: Kean Athletics

One of the Cougar’s strengths looks to be their play on the road, where they are sporting their 3-1 record. Having already played in their Spartan Tournament where they walked away with a win and a loss, the team will look to finish the rest of their season in standard games. WOMENS’S TENNIS After a rough season opener on the road, the Women’s tennis team followed up that performance with three straight wins. With a 3-1 record overall, the Cougar’s will try to take advantage of their remaining five matches at home and their

MEN’S SOCCER Sitting at just over .500 on the season, the Men’s soccer team has come away with a win each in both the Sonny Carter Invitational and the Blue Jay Classic. Having only played, and lost, one conference game, the squad will look to add tallies to that win column. FOOTBALL Sophomore Erickson Simeon and John Londono have really started to shine early on in the season. After a successful end to 2011’s football season in which the cougar’s were New Jersey Athletic Conference champions (NJAC), they have been off to a very disappointing start to the season. They are currently sporting a 0-2 record and are still lacking a matchup thus far in conference play. The Cougar’s, 0-1 at home, will look to claw their way back when they match up against The College at Brockport at home on September 22.

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