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“Occupy Kean” student protest stopped By Lee Burrell and Daniel Reyes

Photo by: Daniel Reyes

Students at first Occupy Kean gathering on Nov 17.

Three students with a Facebook page called “Occupy Kean University” were stopped from protesting and distributing literature last month on campus grounds—a move that a Washington D.C. rights group said violates the First Amendment. The students, in solidarity with National Student Protest Day, were holding up cardboard signs, with sayings like ‘Robin Hood was Right,’ and were handing out information sheets on student debt to passing individuals on Nov. 17. The group’s Facebook account is the group’s main media outlet, and is linked with many other colleges protesting on their campuses as well. “Opening up a dialogue about things people care about is the first step to coming up with a solution” said Katie Arzig a student and founding member of the Occupy Kean movement.

Student paves the way for Amnesty International By Nicole Marie Padinha When Alejandro Vasquez transferred from Raritan Valley Community College in the beginning of this semester, he came to Kean University with not only an associate’s degree, but also a vision: To unite the students in an effort to protect and defend human rights. While at RVCC in 2009, Vasquez founded the ‘Social Justice Club,’ a group on campus targeted at tackling social issues. He wanted members to take on more significant role in social issue projects, so he converted the club to a chapter of Amnesty International, an international organization to bring awareness to social issues. “I wanted the Social Justice Club to have a bigger meaning,” he said of RVCC, and plans to create the same feeling at Kean. Vasquez, who is the Student Area Coordinator of New Jersey for Amnesty, said an official chapter of Amnesty International is on its way: “I manage all the chapters in every college and university in New Jersey, from Princeton to Rutgers Newark. I’ve sent out all the paper work and I am waiting for approval of the Kean chapter,” Vasquez said. Amnesty International is an

organization that brings together people from all over the world to fight for human rights using research, action, and advocacy, according to its website. Peter Benenson, a British lawyer

i am kean

who do not have a voice. Today, the organization pushes for its 3 million members to write letters of advocacy to persuade corporations, governments and others who

This article is the last of three in a series profiling Kean University community members.

Photo by: Nicole Marie Padinha

“If we keep silent, who is going to speak for those who can not speak for themselves?” founded Amnesty International in 1961 after hearing about two Portuguese students who were imprisoned for simply dedicating a toast to freedom. Benenson sought to free these ‘prisoners of conscience’ by having people write letters on their behalf, speaking out for those

hold power to respect human rights. Amnesty’s latest victory: the freedom of Dawn Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmesse opposition leader who was put under house arrest for 15 years after winning an election. Vasquez said that incident was the main reason he decided to

join the organization. “I wanted to contribute to free her and all the other countless victims of crimes against human rights, because if we keep silent who is going to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves?” By learning more about current issues, Amnesty International would help students ‘find their voices’ and use them for the better good, by writing letters to senators and other officials who have committed crimes against human rights. “It’s not just ‘only you,’ fighting, it’s you and a million other people who are fighting for the same thing. We are all human, so we should all care about the injustices being committed. As fellow humans, you must use your voice to free and demand justice for others,” Vasquez said. Upon approval of his chapter Vasquez states that he wishes to throw a Masquerade ball in the name of Amnesty International to reach out to new members. “I would like to hold my next ball here at Kean in honor of the people whose voices are silenced – that’s why we wear the masks,” he said. “We may not know them, but we will speak on their behalf. Hopefully this will inspire people to get involved.”

After about 50 minutes, University Center Director Kerrin Lyles invited two of the student organizers into his office in order to inform them of the proper channels they must take to utilize the University Center’s patio, one of the students reported. Lyles explained that the students must use Kean’s R-25 Live System, which registers recognized student groups to schedule events on campus. Kean’s website listing policies on campus use states, “No organization, group or individual may use University facilities or grounds without applying for and receiving approval from the appropriate University office.” But Adam Goldstein an attorney advocate at the Student Press Law Center in Washington, D.C., a non-profit rights group for student media, called the policy “laughable.” “They can’t legally say that,” said Goldstein, referring to Kean’s continued on page 2 p o l i c y.

Faculty firings, state funding issues discussed at Board of Trustees meeting By Trevor Conlow The firing of 12 faculty members and a shortfall in tax collections by the state that could affect public universities were big issues at the December 3 Kean University Board of Trustees meeting. Kean University President Dawood Farahi opened his report to the board on the potential lack of finances by the state in the coming academic year. “This is a matter which could potentially impact the university financially,” he told members of the board in his opening statement. “In the event that we do not receive what we are hoping for, we’ll do all the preparation we need to do in case this happens.” Quickly changing gears, Farahi said that Kean’s recent open house was the largest in the school’s history. “We tried to do the best job we could, but we didn’t anticipate that high of a number of attendees. I’m glad that people are noticing Kean and that so many parents continued on page 3



December 2011 | February 2012

A course on death leads to help for the living By Carley Jackson Valerie Avantagiato, vice president of Delta Phi Epsilon, was moved when she heard the troubles of her fellow student, Yanique Folkes, in their “Death and Perspective” class. So moved that Avantagiato, along with her sorority, Psi Fraternity, and Dr. Norma Bowe, the course professor, decided to step in to help this student in need. Folkes’ mother and other family live in Jamaica, and she lives here in Edison, NJ with her father. This past summer, her stepfather was murdered in Jamaica, and then during a storm her mother’s house was badly damaged and left with a huge hole in the roof. As a result, water leaks into the house every time it rains. Folkes, a junior at Kean, continued to say that it is hard to save money. Whatever she makes goes to pay her bills and then any little bit of money leftover is sent to her mother in Jamaica. “As Yanique told her story in class Dr. Bowe and I just kind of looked at each other and knew we needed to team up again to help,” Avantagiato said. “I approached my Service Chair, Brittany McCarson, and President Vanessa Ply along with the rest of our leadership team and

we all agreed that this is something we needed to do.” Delta Phi Epsilon and Psi Fraternity decided to give the money raised during its annual Charity Ball held on Nov. 15 to Folkes family. Yanique was the guest of honor and she attended with her father, Hugh Folkes. “Oh how do I feel?… I had mixed feelings…really overwhelmed,” said Folkes. “… I did not want to be a charity case you know?” Folkes contacted her mother and her mother talked to contractors in Jamaica, who came up with the amount of $2,000

tion, we are trying to make a difference in the day to day lives of this student’s family,” said Dr. Bowe, who is known for her

Photo by: Carley Jackson

Yanique Folkes and her father.

“Dr. Bowe and I just kind of looked at each other and knew we needed to team up again to help.” to repair the hole in the roof of their house. This became the focused amount to raise during the Charity Ball event. “At a time of such loss for the family and also given the violence in the situa-

work with the campus volunteer group, Be The Change. “It is a gesture that will show love and support to a member of our Kean community.” During the event there was music and food. Tables were set up all around with

white table clothes and center pieces with blue stones in water with a white rose on top floating. The event raised a grand total of $1,850. Avantagiato said that the money will go to getting a new roof, and that the event exceeded her expectations. “They [expectations] were exceeded. It is very heartwarming to see so many students responded when one of our own is in need. The sense of community that was shown that night was amazing,” Avantagiato said. But her sorority isn’t finished. She said they plan to continue to raise money to send Yanique home for Christmas. Not exactly the typical ending for what began as course discussion? Not in Dr. Bowe’s Death and Perspective class, Avantagiato said. “(The) class is really very different from other classes,” she explained. “You form strong bonds with the people in class because we constantly talk about our foundations as people, and what of anything has ever challenged that. You learn so much about your classmates, so when Yanique shared her story I felt like I was living that with her.”

Program Assistant ends up at Kean after voyage from Cuba By Jaclyn Gryszka She came into the room, stylishly dressed in a long, earth-tone skirt, trendy beaded necklace, and brown stilettos, her hair done perfectly with the make-up to match. But her appearance as a successful professional belies a past of turmoil. Maria Ingelmo, the Program Assistant to the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, grew up in Cuba during the revolution and suffered under Fidel Castro’s oppressive rule. Growing up in a dictatorship, Ingelmo recalls not being a happy child. She and her family were harassed by police because she wanted to do things as simple as go to church, but in Communist Cuba, it was not allowed. And for infractions as minor as a six-year-old Inglemo refusing to join the Communist Party “Pioneers” in grade school, her family was targeted. Many times the police in Cuba would just enter her home and torment her family, she said. “I would see fear in my mother and father’s face,” Inglemo said. As she grew up things only got worse. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans were

killed, imprisoned or drowned in the Florida strait trying to escape from Fidel Castro’s dictatorship. Since 1959, a million Cubans have left their country. Ingelmo always knew she

said of her husband. She ended up in Englishtown in Middlesex County, then a rural part of New Jersey. Although relocating was an escape from the horrors of Castro, coming to a foreign country was not easy. Ingelmo didn’t speak English, which made it very difficult to find a job. The only work available to her at the time was working in a sweatshop. The work conditions were filthy; the hours were long; and the pay was too little.

a six-month course in word processing. Thanks to hard work, Ingelmo finished the six months of school and landed a job at Elizabethtown Water Company, where to her surprise she was placed in customer service – on the telephone. While it was not ideal for the accented Ingelmo, she found herself speaking English all day long. And she never had to worry about not speaking English well enough again. She worked for the company for many years, until it was sold about eight years

“Coming to a foreign country was not easy.” Photo by: Nicole Marie Padinha

Maria Ingelmo

had to get out. Fortunately, her in-laws had immigrated to the United States when her husband was a teenager. After waiting for two years for the Cuban government’s exit permit, the Ingelmo family was permitted to leave the island. Ingelmo, her husband and two small children landed on U.S. soil in June of 1981. “He was my ticket out of hell,” Inglemo

Working so many hours left little time for Ingelmo to share with her children, but she was determined to do better. She decided to get ahead, she had to learn English. She found that listening to American music made the learning easier. “ ‘On the Road Again’ by Willie Nelson is my favorite,” Inglemo said. “Listening to music and reading the lyrics helped me a lot.” She also went back to school, and took

ago. She then joined Kean, and said she enjoys helping students and working at a college. Today, her children are grown and have their own careers. Her daughter, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business, left a successful career to go to law school. Why? Perhaps not so coincidentally, she decided to become an immigration lawyer.

law enforcement careers made a point to stop by and tell the students that he supported what they were doing. On Facebook’s “Occupy Kean University” page is a list of upcoming meetings

port Occupy Wall Street. Currently, Facebook has 36 “fans”— meaning people who have clicked the “like” button on its page and students are posting regularly, commenting on posts

has recently joined the group’s Facebook account as a moderator, has expressed interest in bringing students together to start a forum of discussion. “A Student Advisory Committee sounds great in theory, but there are no meetings, no one advising students, and no real student involvement,” said Angley. “I think all students should know where to go to voice a concern or state an opinion.” Angley said at the moment the group needs to get the word out and set up times for unified student protest to occur. “Right now I think that just nailing down a concrete and convenient date, place and time for students to gather would be necessary to see who would show up and what they have to say,” said Angley.

F::LGP (Continued from page 1) “You can’t create rules more restrictive than the 1st Amendment.” In response, Kean’s Office of Media and Publications released a statement defending its policy. “The University Center and its facilities can be reserved by recognized student groups for a variety of activities. Event requests are processed by the University Center Administration. The University makes decisions on use of its facilities and grounds to support the safety and well-being of the entire community. Kean University encourages our students to exercise their First Amendment rights and express their diverse views.” During the brief protest, several students stopped by to show support. A New Jersey State Trooper who was on campus talking to students about future

“You can’t create rules more restrictive than the First Amendment.” and protests, an assortment of political cartoons depicting the current economic state, a video by the international hacking group Anonymous which is famous for initiating active civil disobedience, and a New York Times article, which states that the majority of the public sup-

and making ones of their own. “I have a really strong sense of people wanting to rally around our cause,” said Arzig. “I think people want to do something on campus, but they don’t know how. ” A graduate student Jess Angley, who


December 2011 | February 2012


Kean courses increasingly move online By Alexandria Addesso As part of the growing trend, Kean University is one of the many institutions to offer an increasing amount of online classes. Currently, Kean University offers 50 different online courses in subjects like accounting, health care, writing and education. This is more than 10 online courses available than the previous academic year. Kean does not offer any degrees as part of a complete online curriculum, but other colleges in New Jersey do—colleges such as Union County College, Raritan Valley Community College and Farleigh Dickenson University all offer some kind of online degree. Some institutions, like the University of Medicine and Dentistry offer online doctoral degrees that range from educational leadership to clinical nutrition. There are also “online colleges” like the National American University that have no physical campus. Online classes at Kean University are

nior who took four online Kean courses in art and history. He said the online art classes were difficult because he could not locate a scanner to upload his artwork. He said there was a lack of communication between

“History was easy, [but] art [is] not something you can really do on your own.” Computers in the Nancy Thompson library computer lab.

more affordable than traditional classes. The average cost for a class at Kean University is $260 per credit for instate students and $440 per credit for out of state students. An online class offered at KU is only $99. Some students say that while online

Photo: Alexandria Addesso

classes have some benefits, they can be difficult depending on the class and since the student is detached from the teacher and the learning environment. “History was easy, [but] art [is] not something you can really do on your own,” said William Birk van Ingen, a ju-

him and the professor. Birk van Ingen then took advantage of the access he had to taking online classes at Kean that incorporate in-class meetings. He said that this helped him better understand what the professor was trying to convey.

Recent problems with KUAir frustrate students during finals By Francesca Figalo Imagine sitting in the library with your laptop, surfing the web to find information that you need in order to complete your final paper when suddenly, the web page does not load. Some students at Kean have experienced just that. Whether in the library, in the University Center or in any other building on campus, they had problems connecting to the Internet during the past couple of weeks. Michelle Cannizzaro, a senior majoring in English, usually surfs the Web either on her iPhone or on her laptop. When connecting to the Internet with her smartphone, she links to KUAir Kean’s Wi-Fi service. “For me, trying to connect to KUAir can be very difficult,” Cannizzaro said. “It takes a long time to connect and for their








semester Winter session will begin on Tuesday, January 3 and will end on Thursday, January 19, 2012 —not January 20 as previously scheduled. The Spring semester will begin on Friday, January 20, 2012 and not on Monday, January 23, as previously scheduled. The university will be closed on President’s Day, Monday, February 20—no day or evening classes scheduled. Classes beginning at 4:30 p.m. will not be held as originally scheduled. Exam week is May 7-11 with all classes held as scheduled. Compiled by Stephanie Musat

log in screen to pop-up.” Cannizzaro also experiences problems connecting to the Internet when using the computers in the UC lab. “When I log on, it takes 20 minutes [for

in psychology, also shares her experience with the Internet service on campus. She says that it is not all the times when the Internet is slow. However, when Frias has trouble con-

“Whatever [Internet service] they have, it’s not strong enough to handle the amount of people that are online at one time.” the Web page] to load,” Cannizzaro said. When asked about the internet problems, a member of the IT department said they are aware of the problem and are currently looking into ways to fix the connection across campus. Vanessa Frias, a sophomore majoring

necting to the Internet, it is usually when attempting to log on to Kean’ website. “When I click at the Kean web page, it takes a while [to load], so I have to go through Google,” Frias said. For Eric Specian, a senior majoring in English, the Internet on campus has a

mind of its own. “It seems that it chooses when it wants to be on,” Specian said. Specian also feels that the Internet is especially slow in the Mac lab next to WKNJ in CAS. He suggests that Kean improves its Internet service. “Whatever [Internet service] they have, it’s not strong enough to handle the amount of people that are online at one time,” Specian said. Whether the Internet on campus is slow due to repairs or due to the service being overloaded by students researching information for their papers, students hope that the connection problems will be fixed soon because it is difficult to complete assignments, especially when Web pages do not load. “It takes longer to get my work done. It takes up class time,” Cannizzaro said. “It’s frustrating.”

9F8I;F=KILJK<<J(Continued from page 1) would consider Kean for their son or daughter,” he said. President Farahi also acknowledged the Kean University football team on their recent accomplishments during the season. (See Page 16, for the latest) There was less enthusiasm in the air when the public speaking section of the meeting commenced. The biggest issue of concern for those in attendance focused on issues of teacher layoffs and potential tenure for several faculty and staff. James Castiglione, president of the Kean Federation of Teachers which represents full-time faculty, addressed a growing concern that upcoming layoffs of more professors at the school would be detrimental to the operations of the university. “This year about a dozen of our untenured faculty will be fired. The excuse is that they lacked a sufficient amount of published scholarship and research,” he said. “Yet, one person being let go has over a dozen publications and peer reviewed journals.” Castiglione further explained that a lack of staff to support a university that is continually growing would be a disservice to the college.

A recently retired professor came before the board and challenged the university’s treatment of employees, citing an occasion where his email was blocked by the university and submitting a statement to the board on potential abuses of authority. Dr. Farahi apologized for the occurrence. “The disabling of the email should not have occured.” he said. “ was inappropriate.” Of note was a contract extension for Gourmet Dining LLC., the company which has been in charge of Kean University’s food services. In May, the board passed a resolution sealing a contract with the food services company for another 15 years, waiving the university’s right to publicly bid for a superior food service company. Ian Mukusko, a researcher for United Here, a labor union, asked the board to forego its prior decision and allow the public bidding process to resume, and he questioned Gourmet Dining’s reputation. “The University should take the opportunity afforded by the public bidding process to determine that the company can provide a larger capital investment to the

university than Gourmet Dining is willing and able to provide,” Mukusko said. Kean could also be tightening its requirements to enter the school of education. Board of Trustee Member Lester Aron told the rest of the board that he was excited to announce that Kean would soon require potential students to have a 3.0 GPA instead of the current 2.5 in order to be accepted into the education program. “This puts us in the top tier of universities in New Jersey in terms of requirements to enter the educational program, and represents the continued academic development of the University, “ he said. Aaron also announced the expansion of Kean’s nursing program to include a research-based PhD Program. Major components of the board’s agenda for the day’s meeting focused on the resolutions authorizing the university to seek proposals for new campus housing and the finalizing of the negotiations for the purchase of property in Hillside for faculty housing. These items were closed off to members of the public and were discussed in private.




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?FNKF><KK?<G<I=<:K?8LK<?FC@;8P?8@I By Brittany Irvine


989P#@KËJ:FC;FLKJ@;<#JF=@E;K?<I@>?K:F8KKFN8IDPFL8CCK?<N8P?FD<By Lee Burrell






“Wool is actually the only natural material that will still hold in your body temperature if it is wet.”

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When you’re deciding which jacket to buy this winter it’s all about staying warm, designers have an array of fabrics and materials to choose from to keep you toasty so you’ll never have to say “baby its cold outside”. The coat you pick has got to insulate you against everything a Jersey winter can and will throw at you. A good jacket will do two things: one keep you warm on the inside and two keep the elements on the outside. A good winter jacket will either have a shell to weatherize itself or it will have some type of slick layer on the outside. These types of jackets will last longer and are more multipurpose than any coat without an outer layer. The purpose of an outer layer is to repel snow and water; a good protective shell will also keep the wind at bay. And the role of the inside layer of the coat is to create warm air pockets that run off your body’s own energy. The problem that single layer jackets, Photo:

N?8KEFKKFN<8IK?@J?FC@;8PJ<8JFEBy Ayana Gibbs The Holidays are back. People are walking around filled with glee and singing songs of cheer - if only this were true! The annual awkward events of ex-

short, tight and barely there. Here are a few tips to help you keep the last strand of dignity that you may have: Under NO circumstances are you

closet and lock the door. For those of you who still believe that ole’ Kris Kringle still exists put down the elf costume or anything that


One way to make a statement is with these sweaters.

tra houseguests, unnecessary weight gain, and that uncle who loves to pinch your cheeks are here for the next couple weeks. Though we can’t control the normality of our household, we do have control over our outfit. The great thing about the holidays is the parties. They give us an excuse to dress-up. Instead of the usual “What should I wear?” Let’s look at what NOT to wear to these social functions. It’s not hard to look cute for our Facebook uploads or Twitpics—just throw on something

“Try to not wear anything red and green in the plaid print –you’ll thank me later.” to wear a Christmas sweater. EVER. We’ve all been gifted these hideous garments; some say it’s the thought that counts, I beg to differ. When Granny’s not around throw it in the back of your

resembles it. Don’t show up to any party donning all green attire and think it’s cute because it’s not. On the other hand don’t be a Scrooge. There is nothing attractive about wearing layers of

ill-fitting clothing and walking around like your mad at the world, the grunge —“I don’t care about the world” look ended in 2000.

Then we have the people who take the Holiday’s way too seriously and decorate everything from their house to their dog, but that doesn’t mean you should walk around looking like giftwrapping paper. Try to not wear anything red and green in the plaid print —you’ll thank me later. Those prints only look right on children under 12 and adults older than 60. Here’s a rule of thumb, despite the brisk weather outside, do not show up to anyone’s house in a ski mask. Yeah, it’s cold but there are plenty of other options to keep you warm like knitted hats or earmuffs. Those options will also help keep you out of a cop’s backseat; the ski mask is not the best first impression. With the help of a lil’ extra rum in your eggnog, you’ll have one of your most memorable holiday seasons…just don’t end up on Santa’s naughty list.


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E<NPFIB?FC@;8P:<C<9I8K@FEJNFIK?9<@E>8KFLI@JK=FI8;8P By Avani Kapur Winter break is fast approaching and the holiday season is already well under way. While some students take winter classes to catch up or get ahead, others might pick up extra hours at work or stick to the sleep-all-day-party-all-night method. Either way, it’s important to get into the holiday spirit by taking advantage of the annual holiday activities that most of us take for granted! As always the Radio City Rockettes are lighting up the famous Radio City Christmas Spectacular but this year’s show includes more than the traditional line up. The show will include the regular Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, the Living Nativity and extravagant special effects; however, new dance numbers by the Rockettes will also be added to the show as well as a live 3D scene. Even if your last memory of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular involves

you in being bundled up in dreaded children’s winter attire snacking on popcorn with your favorite grandparent, there’s no shame in enjoying the show as an adult! Although many of us are busy with jobs and other commitments during winter break, some students have a month to take it easy. The best way to see the Christmas Spectacular is gather some of your less busy friends and make a group reservation for a week night show. Although the prices vary between specific dates, tickets for groups of nine or more will save you an average of $20. Check out radiocitychristmas. com or visit the theater (on 6th Avenue between 50th and 51st Street) for more deals this winter break! The show is running from November 11 to January 2. If you haven’t seen the famous spectacular it might be about time to be entertained and experience the history of 79 years of the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City.

If you’re looking for a more active way to get into the holiday spirit this could be the perfect year to finally give the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center a try. Most of us at Kean are long time residents of the New York and New Jersey area so it’s likely many of us have taken for granted the New York City Holiday traditions that tourists flock to the area for every year. Tickets to get on the ice located off 5th avenue between 49th and 50th street will run you $21 during the holiday season (November 18 – January 6) and skate rentals are $10 per session. For $75 the premium pass tickets include admission and skates. And on the bright side, with the pricey tickets you get immediate access to the rink so you won’t have to stand in the usually crowded holiday lines. You’ll also get a chance to check out this year’s newly designed igloo while skipping the line. While it might seem ridiculous to spend $30 to wait in line for the same


experience you get for free at a number of local parks, scratching your blades on the rink at Rockefeller Center is a New York tradition worth doing at least once. The ice skating rink is open Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. and Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Enjoying a session on the rink will give you a chance to check out the tree wrapped with five miles of wire holding 30,000 LED lights and topped with a sparkling Swarovski crystal star. If you decide you’re not much of the figure skating type, checking out the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is still worth a night in the city especially if accompanied with holiday window shopping. Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel are just some of the major festive window displays along Fifth Avenue with large crowds looking to catch a glimpse of the glamour.

K?<KFG,>F$KFGI<J<EKJ=FIK?<?FC@;8PJ<8JFE By Brett Williams Every year there are those certain items that everyone goes crazy for during the holiday season. Everything from action figures, dolls, electronics, and video games are all the rage during the holidays so here’s a list to recap the hot gifts from the past few years so that you don’t repeat any old hot ticket items. 5. TVs Always a hot item for the holiday season, it seems every year during Black Friday the hunt for the biggest, best and up to date television is on. Makers like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and even Vizio have buyers racing to their local department stores coupons in hand, trying to get the best deals. Flat screen TVs pushed out the version years ago, but TVs are always high on the gift lists.

Tickle Me Elmo.

4. Tickle Me Elmo Can’t ever go wrong with toys during the holiday season, and seeing the popularity of toys like Tickle Me Elmo and Power Rangers in the past it’s easy to see why. Every year there seems to be that ONE toy out there that every kid can’t wait to get their hands on and its Mommy and Daddy’s job to find out what that is. Could it be a Furbie? Barbie’s new dream house? This year’s hot toy is Rock Elmo, a throw back to the 90s popular toy. 3. Clothes You don’t have to be a fashionista to know what’s been hot the past few years when it comes to fashion during the holiday season. Everything from Ugg boots to North Face jackets have been on the hot list yearly, having shoppers fill the malls. Got your eye on a new leather jacket? Or what about a peacoat? No choice seems to be wrong when it comes to brands that keep clothes the hot item to get. Designers such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Louis Vuitton remain at the top of the list keeping us and our loved ones looking their best each and every year. 2. Video Games Even if you aren’t a gamer, 9 times out of 10 someone you know wants an XBox, Playstation 3, or the ever popular Nintendo Wii under their tree. With some of these systems breaking sales records it’s not difficult to see why game consoles are at the top of our list

Apple’s iPad.

Photo: Apple

“Everything from action figures, dolls, electronics, and video games are all the rage…” of “can’t-go-wrongs.” The Wii alone has remained a must-have system for all ages and has parents and kids alike rushing to grab it and all its features and newest games. But don’t think that it’s just the systems that are hot when it comes to the season, the actual video games are just as popular. In the past games such as Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden have flown off the shelves and placed under Christmas trees so keep your eyes out for the must haves. 1. Apple Products The last, most important and top of our list item to grab of the holiday season is none other than products from Apple. They are so hot we had to


group them in one spot because five of their items alone can make this whole list. Each holiday season going into the apple store is like a visit to the DMV, because there’s no telling when you’ll ever get a chance to talk to someone to get what you want. Products like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook remain kings of the holiday season every year and buyers lose their marbles in stores just to get their hands on them. This year alone the iPhone 4s has created a buzz like nothing else and that was only a small upgrade from the previous product! Even with the death of Steve Jobs, the company’s driving force, Apple still seems to be leading the competition in sales.



ow that the holiday season is in full swing, we are all a little self-conscious about packing on some pounds during this time of cold weather and scrumptious food. With all the holiday goodies it can be tempting to go overboard; however this is a joyous occasion, which only happens once a year so have fun and enjoy yourself. Counting each calorie during this time doesn’t sound very enjoyable, but spending time with loved ones is; so take pleasure in enjoying each other’s company and eating a little of everything and anything you want. Why skip on the casseroles or the stuffing? They are the most appetizing parts! Along with the holidays comes unlimited eating and incomplete workouts, but this year, you have a choice to stay fit by keeping track of your portions, staying active and discovering new healthy seasonal recipes. Manage your drinking; alcohol is such an easy way to consume more calories than needed or desired.





he holiday season is upon us—bright lights, festive tunes, good cheer, and of course, high levels of stress. Finding that perfect present for each loved one can be an arduous task, especially on a budget. You want to see your mom, dad, friends, and significant other tear off that colorful paper and break into a smile, without breaking the bank. Creative, thoughtful and affordable gifts are hard to find, especially if you’re fighting your way through overcrowded stores without an idea in your head of where to start. Here are some suggestions to help ease your panicking this season.

MOM: #UISINART )CE  &ROZEN 9O GURT )CE #REAM AND 3ORBET Maker $45, Not only can mom satisfy her sweet tooth, but she can get creative by inventing her own funky flavors. She just adds her ingredients, flips the switch and this little gadget will pump out a quart and a half of her favorite frozen treat in just 20 minutes.



“Counting each calorie during this time doesn’t sound very enjoyable, but spending time with loved ones is.” Avoid mixed cocktails and pass on the eggnog, the calories are usually high and unnecessary. Instead try the Sleigh Driver, a tasty cocktail from This scrumptious non-alcoholic punch adds pears, cranberries and vanilla to a traditional hot cider, and it only has 169 calories, making this drink perfect for the upcoming holidays. For the recipe go to Another great tip to follow is to make sure that you do not skip meals. Skipping meals is not going to make you lose any weight; it actually might make you gain it. It may be tempting to just because of whatever horrific indulgence you may eat later; just remember to stick to small meals. Controlling your eating habits around the holidays can be tough, but these tips are sure to help you stay on track. Staying fit and eating healthy this holiday season while not depriving yourself of all the fun is a goal that is certainly not far-fetched.


DAD: 0ERSONALIZED .EW 9ORK 4IMES 3PORTS "OOK $65, This highly-personalized gift is essential for any sports fan and is even embossed with your dad’s name and a message. The keepsake book is full of articles commemorating his favorite sports team’s most impressive milestones and will be a one of kind treasure.


GIRLFRIEND "ARE -INERALS &LIRTY AND &ABULOUS %YE #OLLECTION $35, Nordstroms This all natural make-up kit will add sexiness to her stare without the harsh chemicals. Complete with eyelid primer, eye shadows, liner and volumizing mascara, this set will subtly enhance any brilliantly beautiful eyes.


BOYFRIEND: -INI &OOSBALL 4ABLE $36, Perfect for his bedroom or dorm, this tabletop foosball game is great for killing time between classes. Lightweight and easy to set up, this great gift is a sure way for you to score some points of your own!


“Finding that perfect present for each of your loved ones can be an arduous task, especially on a budget.”

GIRL: (ELLO +ITTY 7ATER #OOLER $20, Target This adorable cartoon kitty will not only delight the little girl in your life, but she also encourages healthy hydration. This charming water dispenser holds eight cups of water -or any other liquid - for thirst-quenching fun. Photo:


FRIEND OR CO-WORKER: $ESIGN A 3KIN $20-$30, This useful and creative gift idea adds personality to smartphones, laptops, IPads and Kindles. Choose any photo, graphic or image to spice up your friend’s electronic device with a personalized skin. Design-a-Skin attaches in three simple steps and includes residue-free removal.

BOY: !QUAPOD "OTTLE ,AUNCHER $31, The Aquapod is a one-piece water bottle launcher that requires no assembly - just a 2-liter plastic bottle, some water, and a bicycle pump. It shoots bottles up to 100 feet in the air, and is sure to leave any thrill-seeking boy awestruck.

Photo: Ayana Gibbs




December 2011 | February 2012

December 2011 | February 2012

Holiday Guide KFG=FLI8C9LDJF=)'(( By Darian Maduruh

to the fact that he doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional rapper.

It’s that time of year: The time of year where everyone does lists for practically everything. With that in my mind, I have my own list of the top four albums of 2011. Normally, there would be a top five list, but I honestly couldn’t find a fifth album I absolutely loved. Now, onto the list: 4. “EP” by Childish Gambino Donald Glover is an actor, standup comedian, and writer who has worked on TV shows like “30 Rock.” Recently, he even had his own Comedy Central Special. But what caught my attention most was his rap career under the stage name “Childish Gambino”. Childish Gambino had previously released the mixtapes “I am Just a Rapper” and the sequel “I am Just a Rapper 2,” as well as albums “Sick Boi,” “Poindexter,” and “Cul Del Sac,” which were offered on his website as free downloads. A few weeks ago, he even released his first Studio Album “Camp,” which you should give a listen. That said, it was with “EP” that Gambino reached new heights. The EP has only 5 songs on them, but each are worth a listen, as the EP has Gambino rapping about fame and how people perceive him due

LP. It’s a rhythm-heavy track that felt like disco crossed with glam rock. My head tells me that this is probably my true “#1” album of the year, but I have to go with….

3. “Suck it and See” by the Arctic Monkeys As far as I’m concerned, Rock and Roll is dead. But sometimes, it shows flickers of life, like with the fourth LP release from the British indie band. Released in June, the album felt perfect for summer, with melancholy-tinged guitar riffs and songs of romance. Standout tracks include “She’s Thunderstorms,” “Reckless Serenade,” “Piledriver Waltz,” and the title track.

1. “Watch the Throne” Jay-Z and Kanye West

Photo: Rock Nation/Def Jam

“It’s that time of year... when everyone does lists for practically everything.” 2. “Strange Mercy” by St. Vincent Probably one of, if not the most intricately made album this year. Texan songwriter Annie Clark A.K.A St. Vincent outdoes herself on her third album. Her 11 song LP is layered with all kinds of strange, interesting, and

entertaining riffs and sounds, all this in addition to her sweet, yet haunting voice. I was very impressed with the unique way she plays guitar on tracks like “Northern Lights,” and “Chloe in the Afternoon.” My favorite track on the album is titled “Cruel,” which happens to be her second single off the

At this point, you’re probably saying “Finally, an artist I’m familiar with.” Several major artists dropped albums this year, most of them had major hype behind them, and most of them, in my eyes, failed to deliver on that hype, and don’t even get me started on The Carter IV. However, HOVA and the Louis Vuitton Don delivered. This album is brazen, crass, egocentric, and slightly crazy (or is that “Cray?” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself), which only adds to the entertainment factor of this album. Some will judge this album based off singles like “Otis” and “N*ggas in Paris,” and it is true that the album is filled with references to being obscenely wealthy. However, the album is not merely about bragging about wealth, it’s about two men commenting on what wealth means to an African American in the United States, their lives as entertainers, and where their lives are going next.

A@D?<EJFEËJNFE;<I=LC:I<8K@FEJI<KLIE@EK@D<=FIK?<?FC@;8PJ By Bryan C. Kuriawa In SmallTown, a young man named Walter (Peter Linz) has always had to deal with the fact that he was an outsider in a largely human world. With the help of his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and the always present re-runs of “The Muppet Show,” Walter has found what he considered to be a place in this world. On the 10th anniversary of his brother’s relationship with a local school teacher, Mary (Amy Adams), Walter accompanies them as they prepare to visit Hollywood, in particular the Muppet Studios, which has fallen into disrepair, and is in the sights of a ruthless tycoon named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper). With the help of Gary and Mary, and a familiar Muppet superstar, it’s up to Walter to save the Muppets from complete ruin and obscurity. Created by Jim Henson, and famous for their television series and six feature films, The Muppets have become one of the most prominent childhood pastimes for many, in particular actor Jason Segel. Largely known for his work in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “I love you, Man,” Segel seemed an unlikely choice for developing the first Muppets film in 12 years. Yet underneath the many concerns, Segel along with Nicholas Stoller develop a satisfying tribute/re-

turn to “Muppet glory.” In the acting field, the cast is superb throughout, with all of the performers contributing much to their characters, and the general tone of the film as well. Segel and Adams are excellent in their

often saying “maniacal laugh,” when he plans to laugh about his intentions. In regards to the Muppets themselves, led by Steve Whitmire as Kermit, their distinct personalities and character tones are perfectly captured, especially Eric Jacobson as the overly melodramatic Miss Piggy. Production-wise, director James Bobin is excellent in his direction, creating a warm-hearted tone in a film,

vast musical numbers, all-star cast, or in this case multiple celebrity cameos, and a positive structure throughout, in that regardless of the many difficulties, their will be an uplifting ending. Underneath the film’s many positive factors lies a series of faults throughout. The largest and most prominent is the self-awareness by the characters of being in a feature film. While this assists the narrative at times, on oth-

“The Muppets” is a delightful family-feature which is not only memorable, but the perfect holiday film.”


lead roles, largely due to the general sense of chemistry between them, and their own internal dilemma, which is one of Gary growing into an adult for the sake of the relationship. At the same time, Cooper also succeeds in his performance as Tex Richman, who is largely portrayed as a stereotypical villain, with his character

where atmosphere is one of the most important aspects of the storyline. His camera-work is fluid and is able to capture everything throughout, including the manic antics of the Muppets and the large-scale musical sequences present. Adding to the direction is the screenplay by Segel and co-writer Nicholas Stoller which not only works as a tribute to the legacy of the Muppets, but also as a tribute to the warm-hearted musicals of the 1940’s and 50’s, with its

er occasions, it becomes somewhat annoying as the actors are being a little too over the top in breaking the fourth wall. Overall, “The Muppets” is a delightful family-feature which is not only memorable, but the perfect holiday film. From its star-studded human and Muppet cast to the many entertaining sequences throughout, it’s a fun film for the emerging holiday film season. Final Rating: 10/10.



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HEALTH & FITNESS K8BFKJL9F:8I;@FDPFG8K?P49IFB<E?<8IKJPE;IFD< By Dr. Josh Palgi Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as transient apical ballooning or simply stress cardio myopathy is a type of nonischemic cardiomyopathy in which there is a sudden temporary weakening of the muscle of the heart. Because the weakening can be triggered by emotional

tack but with no artery blockages. Most victims recover within weeks but in rare cases it proves fatal. Broken Heart Syndrome is a real health condition. Abhishek Deshmukh of the University of Arkansas used a federal data base from about 1,000 hospitals. According to that research, reported at the American Heart Association Conference

“Unfortunately, at some point in life we all experience a broken heart.” stress, such as divorce, death of a loved one, romantic rejection, or constant anxiety, the condition is also known as “Broken Heart Syndrome”. Japanese doctors first recognized the “Broken Heart Syndrome” around 1990 and named it Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Takotsubo are octopus traps that resemble the unusual pot like shape of the stricken heart. It occurs when a big shock, even a positive one, like winning the lottery, triggers a rush of adrenaline and other stress hormones. This causes the heart’s main pumping chamber to balloon suddenly and not work correctly. Tests show dramatic changes in rhythm and blood substances typical of a heart at-

of 2007, out of 6,229 cases of Broken Heart Syndrome only 671 involved men. After adjusting the data for high blood pressure, smoking and other factors that can affect heart problems, women seem 7.5 times more likely to suffer the syndrome than men. It is unclear at this point why women are more susceptible. One theory is that men are hard wired with more adrenaline receptors in their heart cells and may be better equipped chemically to handle the sudden flood of adrenaline associated with shock. Another theory suggests that men simply are less emotional. Unfortunately, at some point in life we all experience a broken heart. Our hearts

are strong and the love that exists within our own heart will mend a broken heart. While we are experiencing pain, it is sometimes helpful to read broken heart quotes to help us express to ourselves and others what we are feeling. Here are some examples: “Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go” —Author Unknown “Love is unconditional, relationships are not”—Grant Gudmundson “Sadness flies away on the wings of time” —Jean De La Fontaine “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” —Samuel Butler “Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes…just be an illusion” —Javan “Tears are the silent language of grief” Voltaire “The cure for anything is salt water-sweat, tears, or the sea” —Isak Dinesen “To forgive is to set a prisoner free

and discover the prisoner was you” —Lewis B Smedes “I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you” —Author unknown “Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either” —Golda Meir “What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul”—Jewish Proverb “Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need to know of hell” —Emily Dickinson “Love is like a puzzle. When you are in love all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken , it takes a while to get everything back together” —Author Unknown Using your creativity to express your feelings is a great method for helping to heal a broken heart. Sometimes the words of others help us more than our own. If you have fallen down, today is the day you can get back up and try again. Dr. Palgi is a Professor in the Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Department.



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THE TOWER Department of Communication

@EK?<JG@I@KF=K?<?FC@;8PJ#>@M<8C@KKC<<OKI8 In this issue of The Tower, we have packed it with as much holiday cheer as the pages could hold. From movies to music, The Tower has compiled the best of the season to take you down nostalgia lane. The holiday season has an unnatural power to reduce most people to an 8-year old version of themselves on Christmas morning, as the excitement of what’s under the tree is unmatched by any sensation. But the holiday season, easily classified as gluttonous, has its own silver lining. When you are gorging on Christmas ham and Hanukkah latkes, it is an important time to remember those who don’t have the luxury. Many groups on campus are doing charity drives to support the less fortunate in the area. From book drives and clothes drives, you have the ability to make the holiday season a little bit brighter for someone else. The Salvation Army has an Angel’s program, where you are matched with an underprivileged child, and asked to buy them a toy and a new outfit. Those clothes will serve them for years, and will give you the satisfaction of the season of giving. The idea of giving to others is nothing new but hardly practiced to a substantial degree. Every little bit helps, and in the spirit of the holidays, you can help, too. Happy holidays, and happy New Year – may it be the best yet. Until next time,

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Occupy—insert noun, a buzzword that has taken so many meanings since Occupy Wall Street took over society’s psyche. College campuses are the perfect environments to breed these kinds of movements with a charged student body rallying behind a cause. Occupy Kean reached campus last week with a small showing of students advocating for assistance for student debt, following the footsteps of other colleges who kickstarted their own movements. With the right amount of organization and direction, Occupy Kean has the potential to affect change on campus. But before tackling national issues like debt, Occupy Kean should focus on local issues plaguing the campus, like transparency in the administration and hiring more full-time faculty.

“Developments and new projects on campus should ultimately benefit students, and it is hard to see how a new upscale restaurant will benefit the student body.” The Board of Trustees met only three times this semester, including one meeting on a Saturday. Decisions are made, like cutting athletic post-seasons, without informing the athletes. Adjunct faculty outnumbers resident faculty in a shocking proportion. In fact, the number of full-time faculty is at a historic low. By focusing on these issues, Occupy Kean has the potential to prove the power of student organizations. The administration can’t fix a national debt issue. But they can respond to parking complaints and academic standards. Accomplishing things at a local level will garner attention and support from other students. The movement needs a stronger student following and the only way to do that is to listen to student concerns and push for change on campus.

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OP ED A<IJ<PJ?FI<M<IJLJ:?I@J:?I@JK@<1N?F@JDFI<A<IJ<PFI@<EK<;6 By Michelle Cannizzaro I don’t always agree with how Governor Chris Christie spends our money or with everything that comes out of his mouth. But here’s one thing we do agree on: We need to stop supporting MTV’s atrocious reality show, Jersey Shore. In September, Christie blocked a $420,000 tax credit that the state’s Economic Development Authority had previously approved because he doesn’t support Jersey Shore, ”a show that “does nothing more than perpetuate misconceptions about the state and its citizens,” Christie said. New Jersey residents agree that the show is an offensive misrepresentation of the Garden State, yet an enormous number of residents still watch the show along with the millions of other Americans who are all contributing to the continued chart-topping success of the show. While people may think it’s entertaining to watch a bunch of young people make fools of themselves on national television, we have to think about the negative consequences of these kinds of mindless indulgences. The show does more than depict a false representation of New Jersey by conveying the message to its viewers that the destructive, offensive, and downright reckless behavior seen on the show is not only acceptable, but is celebrated with fame and money. With Jersey Shore continuously ranking at number one among younger viewers, as reported by the New York Times, consumers of this type of media garbage are contributing to the deterioration of American culture and need to be conscious of the message Jersey Shore and shows like it are communicating to our youth. Episode after episode, the girls on Jersey Shore are binge-drinking , which inevitably leads to additional emotional issues. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that the last thing we need on television is a group of people who are celebrated and rewarded for their out-of-control binge drinking and partying: About 90% of the alcohol consumed by youth under the age of 21 in the United States in the form of binge drinking and the proportion of current drinkers that binge is highest in the 18- to 20-year-old group. In a recent episode, Snookie had a hysterical, emotional break down after an argument with her boyfriend over her lifting up her already-revealing dress at a night club. So how did she decide to make herself feel better? According to Snooki, all she needed

ADVICE J?FLC;8E<NC'M<@EK<I<JKA<FG8I;@Q<8E<O@JK@E>=I@<E;J?@G6 By Dasia Brown “I met this guy and we started to date. We really like each another but it turns out that one of my close friends dated him last year. I really like this guy and think he could be a potential boyfriend. Should continue to date him or should I stop because my close friend dated him before?” —Friendship Breaker The old saying “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” applies to this sticky situation. The saying simply

has been dating someone that you dated. Now imagine the anger and hurt that can come along with this revelation. But there are always pros to situations such as this one. You might just be with the man of your dreams and it might just end up being something or go further than your friend did with him. Your friend might not be offended and actually not mind the fact that you are dating him. Or everyone might just come to one big understanding that what your guy and your friend had was what they had. If their relationship ended on a bad note and was very sad for your friend, consider

“Dating someone that a friend dated is normally considered off limits.” means that you should treat people how you would want them to treat you. Think of the friend that you could possibly hurt, and how you would feel if she was dating a guy that you used to date. Dating someone that a friend dated is normally considered off limits. It causes drama and ill feelings between friends. It sometimes even causes friendships to end. Guys normally call this big no-no the “code”—it is at all times unacceptable for a friend to date anyone that another friend has already dated, liked, crushed on, or had a relationship with. This same “code” should also be used for females. It should just be a universal understanding between sets of friends. Imagine yourself as your friend and you find out that one of your close girlfriends

that when making your decision. But ask your friend the seriousness of their relationship. Maybe it wasn’t a monogamous commitment; maybe they were just going out enjoying each other’s company. The most important thing you should do before making your choice to stay with the guy or not is to talk to your friend and ask her how she would feel about it. That will at least help with the tension that could arise. But be mindful of the saying to “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. If you have any questions or concerns about anything that you would like advice about please send an email to thetower@ I will advise you the best way I know how, with truth, Remember it’s strictly anonymous!

to do to mend her broken heart was, drink heavily, dance provocatively and have sex with another cast member. Incidents such as this play out week after week and repeated exposure to these outrageous behaviors results in the normalization of these harmful and self-destructive activities. Furthermore, while many New Jersey women are bothered by the big haired, orange-skinned, animal-print-loving stereotype that the show promotes, it’s no laughing matter. Actually, the clothing, hair and make-up choices of the cast shed light on

“Episode after episode, the girls on Jersey Shore are binge-drinking , which inevitably leads to additional emotional issues.” more than just their cleavage; research suggests this type over sexualiztation of girls has negative effects on mental health. The American Psychological Association named the marketing of increasingly provocative clothing to young girls as one of the cultural contributors to the sexualization of girls, according to a report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls in February, 2007. The research linked this type of sexualiztion of girls to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. While all girls may not feel compelled to start wearing tight zebra dresses like Snooki, the cast’s obsession with looking sexy communicates a narrow gender identification role that is focused on outward appearances and objectifies women. While mature audiences may watch the show to analyze the so-called “social experiment” that it is, like one of my professors does, or to indulge in the show’s base entertainment value , young audiences who watch the show are left with the impression that partying, drinking, having sex and making a fool of yourself on television will make you famous. So, here’s my message to New Jersey and the rest of America: whether you like him or not, follow Christie’s lead on this one, and change the channel!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR November 29, 2011 The Tower Editor’s Desk via email: To the editor, I am a research analyst for UNITE HERE, a labor union that represents food service workers across North America. Our union encourages best industry practice in campus dining. Recently I have been talking to Kean students to learn more about student opinion of Gourmet Dining and to inform the Kean community of Gourmet Dining’s record in the food service industry. On November 18th The Tower published an op-ed from Melissa Heron regarding Gourmet Dining’s contract with Kean University. Ms. Heron expressed her opinion over the Kean Board of Trustees’ decision to waive a competitive bidding process and to renew the University’s contract with Gourmet Dining for up to 15 years. While I applaud Ms. Heron for getting involved in this issue, I was misquoted regarding the situation with the food service workers at Manhattan College and would like to set the record straight. Here are the facts regarding Gourmet Dining’s record at Manhattan College: Gourmet Dining took over the food service contract at Manhattan College in May 2011. Gourmet Dining failed to rehire approximately 75% of the workers who had worked for the previous company that provided food service at Manhattan College. A number of those workers who lost their jobs when Gourmet Dining took over had been working at the College for over a decade. I cannot, nor did I, speak to the actual compensation Gourmet Dining is providing to any of the workers who it has employed to work at Manhattan College. Gourmet Dining has not told us how it made the decisions about which of the former employees it rehired and which it did not. I did not say, “The workers that they let go were the ones who had insurance benefits and received higher wages, while the 20 percent that were allowed to keep their jobs were the workers who were ineligible to receive benefits and were being paid the minimum wage.” Ms. Heron mis-quoted me. I came to Kean University to give students information about Gourmet Dining and to let students know that they have a choice when it comes to their campus food. UNITE HERE believes that students deserve a voice in campus dining decisions—and that the food industry will change for the better if more students have a role in such decisions. Gourmet Dining’s decision to not rehire most of the campus dining workers at Manhattan College raises an ethical concern that I believe Kean University should take into account when making this decision. Sincerely, Ian Mikusko UNITE HERE Contributing writer Melissa Heron stands by her article.


December 2011 | February 2012


Negotiations end 2011 NBA lockout, mirrors 1998 NBA lockout By Justin West The 2011 NBA lockout is over now that both the players and owners have come to an agreement to start the season on Christmas Day. This is the league’s second longest lockout compared to lockout during the 1998-1999 season in which the season didn’t start until February 5. The foundation of the lockout was the same then as it was this time: basketball related income, the money made by the NBA and how it will be split among players and owners. The NBA lockout during the 1998-1999 season lasted 204 days making it the longest ever in NBA history. The lockout went into effect on July 1, 1998 and ended on January 20, 1999, completely wiping out any basketball during the fall of 1998 as the season was supposed to start on November 3. The league was forced into a 50 game season during 89 calendar days marking it the shortest season in NBA history. According to, in 1999 the players were waiting to see if they could be paid during the lockout. The waiting kept them from negotiating seri-

NBA Commissioner David Stern.

ously with the owners which is a reason why it stretched out for as long as it did. In the end they did not get paid during the lockout. The NBA eventually started its 50game sprint to the playoffs. Some people think the shortened season made the game more interesting to watch. The San Antonio Spurs would eventually win the NBA Championship over the New York


Knicks four games to one. The 2011 lockout ended after 149 days. The players agreed on 51.2 percent of all basketball related income, according to Like the last lockout the NBA is planning a shortened season. The league normally schedules 82 regular season games for each team but this season their will only be 66 games. The two sides reached agreement just days

before Christmas games would have been canceled as the players were attempting to take the owners to court like the players union did during the National Football lockout earlier this year. Things never got to the point where a “drop dead” date was in effect to cancel the entire season, but numerous times owners and players didn’t think a season would happen. NBA commissioner David Stern said, “Despite some bumps Friday evening, the greater good required us to knock ourselves out and come to this tentative understanding.” This newly agreed CBA will expire on July 1, 2017. The NBA season will start December 25th on Christmas Day. Pending any changes in scheduling, the league is expected to open with a triple header. The Boston Celtics will be traveling to New York to take on the Knicks. Then a rematch of the 2011 NBA Finals as the Miami Heat take on the Dallas Mavericks. The night will end with the reigning league MVP Derrick Rose and his Chicago Bulls taking on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Photos: Laura Urban

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Bernie Fine puts Syracuse Men’s Basketball in the midst of scandal By Ryan Gaydos Former Syracuse Orange assistant coach Bernie Fine is accused of molesting three ball boys sometime in the 1980s and 1990s, the second major sex scandal plaguing a university sports program to emerge in the past month. A few days after the media blew up Jerry Sandusky and many different scandals within Penn State were uncovered, we all found out that another scandal was about to be uncovered at a dominant basketball school in Syracuse University. The first accuser to come out was Bobby Davis. Davis mentioned to the police in 2002 that Fine committed these actions but according to the police, the statute of limitations had passed and nothing could be done about it unless Davis found recent allegations. Davis and stepbrother Mike Lang, also a former ball boy, are accusing Fine of inappropriately touching them. Davis said


Bernie Fine.

the abuse started for him when he was in seventh grade and the abuse continued until he was 27. Fine claims that the accusations are “patently false” however on November


27 an audio tape of Bobby Davis and Bernie Fine’s wife, Laurie, was released by ESPN. In the recording, Laurie Fine says that she knew what was going on and said

that Bernie Fine had an eye for Davis. She said that she knew what was going on and that Fine always needed that male companionship that she couldn’t give him. She tells Davis that it was wrong what he did. The next day, a third accuser came out named Zachary Tomaselli. Tomaselli claims that Fine touched him as well. Tomaselli, however, is facing sexual assault charges in Maine to a 14-year old boy and even his father thinks he’s lying. The one thing you will not see is Syracuse Men’s Basketball head coach Jim Boeheim stepping down. Boeheim, unlike Joe Paterno at Penn State, is not part of a culture of cover-up. As of right now, we do not know if Boeheim witnessed any of this and it seems likely he did not. Syracuse University assistant coaches, except for Fine, are innocent in this case.

Rough start for men’s basketball season By Quashon Davis

Dec. 7: Women’s Basketball @ DeSales Dec. 7: Men’s Basketball @ Scranton Dec. 10: Women’s Basketball vs. Messiah College Dec. 10: Men’s Basketball @ Steven’s Dec. 14: Women’s Basketball vs. Baruch College Dec. 17: Men’s Basketball vs. Elms College Dec. 20: Women’s Basketball vs. Marymount (VA) Dec. 20: Men’s Basketball @ DeSales Dec. 28: Women’s Basketball vs. Bridgewater State (in Daytona Beach, FL) Dec. 28: Men’s Basketball vs. Farmingdale State (in Ashland, VA) Dec. 29: Women’s Basketball vs. TBA (in Daytona Beach, FL) Dec. 29: Men’s Basketball vs. TBA (in Ashland, VA)

The 2011-2012 mens’ basketball season started off with a bang for the Cougars. They spanked Delaware Valley 70-50. Sophomore Kyle Latorre had a careerhigh 23 points, and Kean never trailed. They were 1-0, and riding high. Kean then traveled to Lancaster, P.A. for the Franklin and Marshall Rotary Tip-Off Tournament. Expectations were running high. Unfortunately, Kean hit a major wall. They dropped three in-a-row, including an embarrassing 20-point loss to Oneonta State. The Cougars and Red Dragons played a close first half, with neither team leading by more than six points. But it was in the second half that Oneonta found a way to widen the gap, using an 18-9 run over the first 10 minutes of the period to take a 15 point lead (59-44). Perhaps a bright spot is Latorre, who has played well despite Kean’s 1-3 start. Also, sophomore Michael Burton has posted good numbers. He had a game-high 21 points against Oneonta State, and followed it up with 11 points against Neumann. In the game against Neumann, Kean was winning late in the second half before the Knights came back and tied the game with just a few minutes left at 4141. They pulled ahead by 6 and never looked back. Neumann slowly chipped away and after knotting the game at 41-all, scored six points over the next two minutes to give themselves a small cushion that they

Photo: Ant Gisbon

The men’s basketball team is having a rough start, with a 1-3 record.

were able to hold through the conclusion of the game. While it’s still early in the season, a 1-3 start is always causing for concern. The team is still upbeat in practice and they appear confident. With plenty of games to go, there’s plenty of time to turn things around.

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JGFIKJ Kean loses heartbreaker to Salisbury in first ever NCAA tournament By Ryan Gaydos The magical run of the Kean Cougar football team has finally come to an end November 26 with the tough loss against Salisbury 43-41 in triple over time. With 45 seconds left in regulation, the Cougars were able to score to tie up the game with a 2-yard run from running back Darius Kinney. That score put the game into overtime. In the first over time, Kinney would score again from one-yard out but Salisbury would answer with a 25-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Dan Griffin to Ross Flanigan. After no one scored in double overtime, Salisbury would score first in triple over time off of a Randal Smedly touchdown run. They would convert the 2-point conversion and put themselves up 49-41. Kean would come back and answer with a Tom D’Ambrizi touchdown pass. However, to tie up the game Kean would miss out on their two-point conversion chance effectively ending their magical

Cougars end historic season with best record in football program By Christine Valdez

Photo by: Ryan Gaydos

The football team ended its successful season after a stint in the NCA A tournament.

playoff run. The defense did not do a good job at holding Salisbury. They allowed Smedley to score two touchdowns and rush for over 200 yards. Griffin also scored four touchdowns as well. As for the Kean offense, Di’Ambrisi threw for 271 yards and three touchdowns but did

throw three interceptions. The great season ends on a less-than stellar note however, this could be a good building block for the future. The Cougars are only graduating 14 students from the team and will be able to build on their great success in their first ever NCAA Division III playoff game.

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The Cougars football team ended their 2011 season on Thanksgiving weekend with a post season run and with its best season record. The Cougars ended its season with a record of 10-2 after beginning the season with a five game winning streak. Kean went on to be undefeated at home with a 6-0 record. “This group had set their mind back in January that they were going to be NJAC champions,” said Garrett. “They put the work forth, everyday in the classroom, in the weight room, and in the community to be the very best they could be. All if it paid off and I am extremely proud of this team. I have never been as proud of a team as I am of them.” Some of the season highlights include the Kean’s win over Montclair State University for the NJAC Championship. This season the Cougars also made history when they advanced to the NCAA playoffs after their NJAC championship game. Kean made it to the second round of playoff action until their 49-47 triple overtime loss to Salisbury University on November 26. Kean maintained on top of their division this season. Throughout the NJAC Conference the Cougars kept an 8-1 record. During the Cougars playoff run Coach Dan Garrett was se-

lected as NJAC Coach of the year, his second of his six years at Kean. Coach Garrett is also in the running for Liberty Mutual Coach of the year. In just six seasons, Garrett is already the program’s alltime winningest coach with 42 career victories and a .667 winning percenage, and has guided the Cougars to the program’s first appearance in the NCAA playoffs. This season, the Cougars have matched the single-season win total with nine victories, tying Garrett’s 2009 squad and the 1987 team that captured the program’s first NJAC title. Along with Garrett’s recognition 14 players were also recognized by the NJAC division and were placed on NJAC all-star teams. Thomas D’Amrisi, Dave Vermeuel, Ray Wegrrzynek, Bekim Bujari and Jamahl Williams were named to the NJAC first team all-stars. Meanwhile Chris DiMicco, Scott Davis, Billy Daniels, T.J Denehy, Chris VanFectmann and Brett Yajcaji earned second team honors. Other players who received honors were Chris Suozzo, James Pratt, and Brad Higgins who were placed on the honorable mention squad,. Meanwhile Matt Clerk earned NJAC defensive rookie of the year, the first athlete to do so in the football programs history. “We will not be looking to rebuild, but to reload what we have started,” said Garrett.

Lady Cougars pouncing on the early competition By Darien Evans-Raines Kean Women’s Basketball has gotten off to a swift start this season. The Cougars have a 3-1 record currently. Kean has huge blowout wins over GywneddMercy College, Salisbury University and Lewis & Clark College. Their star point guard

up the stats sheet for the Cougars this season. Clemons is getting help from junior Simone Smith. Clemons and Smith are a nice one-two punch. Center Simone Smith is replacing Angelica Bermudez another key player from last season. Angelica Bermudez went on to get drafted by the

to hit the road with three out of the next four games being away. New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) games begin in this road trip as Kean faces Rutgers-Camden and Ramapo. With the track record Michele Sharp and her Lady Cougars have, they should have no problem playing away from home. Luckily, Kean will not have to face No. 4 William Paterson until later in the season. Kean will have a tough road leading up to that game including the Land of Magic Classic. The Cougars are off to a plus .500 start and they have big expectations this season after a heart breaking exit last season in the Sweet 16. NCAA Tournament Champions is the new goal of these 2011-2012 ravenous Cougars.

“Women’s Basketball has gotten off to a swift start this season.” Naimah Clemons is carrying the Lady Cougars. Coming into this season Clemons had to step up to replace an All-American Tiffany Patrick. Clemons is leading the team in scoring averaging 26.0 points, five assists, 4.8 rebounds, and six steals per game. She is an all around player and really filling

National Superior Basketball Female League in Puerto Rico. Simone is a big compliment to the quick Naimah Clemons. Simone is currently averaging 15.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, and is shooting just a tad under 50 percent from the field. The Lady Cougars have a tough road ahead as they start

Photo: Kean Athletics

Naimah Clemons is leading the women’s basketball team in scoring.


The Tower - Dec. 8, 2011  

The Tower - Kean University's Student Run Newspaper

The Tower - Dec. 8, 2011  

The Tower - Kean University's Student Run Newspaper