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The Affordable Health Care Act By Andrea Edwards

With all the hype regarding the latest health care bill and its long debated points, many young Americans are hard pressed to understand it. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, young adults account for the highest percentage of uninsured persons within any age group. Thirty percent of young adults are uninsured; three times higher than any other age group. One of the reasons contributing to the lack of health insurance held by young adults has been their parents’ plans do not cover dependents past a certain age or once they have graduated from college. Another reason for the lapse of health coverage, is young adults, with a lack of experience in the work force, take on jobs that do not typically offer them employer sponsored insurance. The Department of Health and Human Services further states that 1 in 6 young adults have a chronic illness, such as cancer, diabetes, or asthma which in many cases will cause financial hardship. In fact, nearly half of uninsured young adults reported problems paying medical bills. So, what does the Affordable Health Care Act mean to you and how can you benefit from it? Under the recently passed Affordable Health Care Act, both new and existing insurance plans offering dependent coverage must continue to provide coverage until the individual reaches the age of 26. If, however, the plan existed on or prior to March 30, when the law was signed, the

insurer is not legally not responsible for adding an otherwise qualifying individual, who is eligible for employer sponsored insurance, to the existing plan. Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, qualifying individuals who are eligible for employer sponsored insurance will be able to continue coverage under their parents’ plans. For now, however, young adults who qualify and were previously dropped will

“At 30 percent, the rate of uninsured young adults, is three times higher than any other age group.” have the opportunity to be re-enrolled. Simply put, individuals who re-enroll will receive the same benefits and price afforded to individuals who were never dropped, said the Department for Health and Human Services Neither parents’ plans can be denied to qualified individuals not eligible for employer sponsored insurance. Currently, the bill provides coverage for married and unmarried young adults up to age 26 and is extended to young adults not currently living at home. The Affordable Health Care Act is said to be established as a means of protecting young adults and eliminating burdens on families and businesses. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact their respective insurance carrier.

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Volume 11 • Issue 3 Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010

Kean Parking at a Standstill By Jaclyn Tuman

With an enrollment of 15,051 students and a total of 4,300 parking spots, questions have been raised as to where students and faculty should park when arriving on campus. Students are currently allowed to park in the parking lots at Harwood Arena, Kean Hall, Green Lane, East Campus, Hutchinson/Hennings, Wilkins, Bruce, Vaughn Eames, and the STEM building. There are 3,660 parking spaces designated for students and approximately 700 for faculty and staff, according to Kean. Although these parking lots are available, students and faculty are becoming more and more aggravated about the current situation. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Jenay Mike, a student at Kean, takes the University’s trolley because she can never find parking. She recalled one time when she was forced to park at the University Diner and spent the day worried that her car would be towed. “It’s an inconvenience for me to take the trolley because I don’t have any classes on East Campus and I feel like it just wastes my time,” said Mike. Recently, additional parking has been made available on East Campus. The tennis courts and softball practice fields have been made into parking areas, making 223 extra parking spots. The new STEM building also has a new parking lot which made 288 parking spots available, according to Kean. The school also encourages students, faculty and staff to use the shuttles on campus. “I have a half hour commute and always get here an hour early. I have no problem walking across the street,” said

Eric Specian, a student at Kean. People wouldn’t think that passing a girl in the parking lot, who mentioned she drove the blue Mazda, before class would be the best way to find a parking spot but one morning for Junior Lantz Jeudy it was.

Photo: Gabrielle T Matarazzo

The Tennis Courts turned into new parking lots.

“It’s like Guerilla warfare to get parking at Kean.” He mentions he gets lucky sometimes but usually has to play the game and be aggressive, which can ultimately lead to more accidents on campus. “It’s like Guerilla warfare to get parking at Kean,” said Jeudy. Some might wonder if accommodations to the higher enrollment in students, last year being close to 12,000, according to the Admissions Office, are being met. Although the school states that more than 2,000 students reside on campus, commuters at Kean account for 87% of fulltime students. Some students are also unaware that certain parking spots are intended for only faculty and staff. “I got a ticket for (Continued on page 5)


Safe Sex Gets Harder to Score at Kean University By Andrew Czirjak

Do you know where to find condoms on campus when you’re in that moment of passion? Well, you won’t find them in the dormitories. Since 2007, Kean University no longer supplies a free bucket of prophylactics to the students that live on campus. “It’s not that we are trying to deny students from having safe sex,” said Lori Purwin, a Registered Nurse and the Director of the Health Services Department. In fact, condoms can be issued at the request of a student at the Health Services Department. “We still provide them here. Students can come here and get a maximum of two condoms per visit, but before we hand

them out we try to counsel the students on other ways of having safer sex, including abstinence,” said Purwin. “The only reason the condoms are no longer made readily available in the dorms is due to cuts in the budget.” However some students worry that asking for a condom violates their privacy, and is inconvenient or embarrassing. Furthermore, some Kean students feel that the lack of readily available condoms could contribute to an increase in unprotected sex, pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. “Nowadays, safe sex is more important than it has ever been,” said Stacey Shaw, a Senior and Psychology major at Kean. “This is where life is supposed to begin for us, not end. It seems really silly to me

that the college doesn’t keep condoms in the dorms. I would think it’s the place that they are mostly likely to be used.” According to the Advocates for Youth, website that helps teens and young adults

“This is where life is supposed to begin for us, not end.” make informed choices about their sexual health, when used consistently and correctly, latex condoms are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV—during vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse. Latex condoms are also effective in preventing pregnancy and several sexually

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transmitted infections. Using condoms lowers women’s risk of developing cervical cancer, a disease associated with HPV. Consistent use of condoms can also help people clear HPV infection and/or reduce their risk of re-infection. Nevertheless, though the university may limit the supply of condoms to its students, the responsibility of protecting yourself relies solely on the individual. “I didn’t even know the school provided condoms,” said Rob Dietz, a Senior and Communications major. “But, I would think if you are in college or even if you are starting to have sex, it is always up to you to be prepared. Sex is fun in the moment, but without having a condom available, that one moment can ruin your entire life.”

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Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010 | The Tower

Castro’s Daughter Shares Her Story By Ernst R. Constant

The Association of Latin American Students, funded by Student Org, invited author and anti-communist Alina Fernández Revuelta to speak at Kean University. The event was held at the Little Theatre and was created to inform students about life in Cuba past and present. Fernandez initiated the event with a sip of water and introduced herself to the audience with her strong Cuban accent. Fernandez, who was born in 1956, shared her experiences using parallelism to Cuba’s revolutionary history; she is Castro’s illegitimate daughter who was raised by her mother Natalia “Naty” Revuelta Clews. Fernandez was a product of two revolutionary minded individuals. Named after Fidel Castro’s mother Lina, Fernandez was 10 years old when she was told Castro was her father. As she matured into a teenager, she felt the pres sure to be loyal to the revolution but was never fully convinced; she felt her fellow Cubans were Castro’s “lab rats” in the subject of politics. “Politics damaged everything, the first

In her mid-twenties Fernandez left Cuba. The authorities would not let her travel because of her identity. Therefore she obtained a falsified passport and a wig to disguise herself as a Spanish tourist

“Even though we’re a new generation with so many advantages, there is still a world out there struggling and needing someone to stand up for it.” Alina Fernández Revuelta.


institution that was destroyed in Cuba was the family,” said Fernandez. Fernandez was forced to watch her stepfather, Orlando, and half-sister flee the country after the revolution. After trying to convince Castro to allow her exiled family to return to Cuba, she tried speaking to him about the short rations and injustices taking place in Cuba. Castro never budged.

in order to flee to Madrid and ultimately America in December 1993. Fernandez felt “free, safe, and like a person again” when she entered the United States, and still has no regrets. “I was obligated to do certain things I did not like,” said Fernandez. The audience asked Fernandez questions about present Cuba and Fidel Castro both in English and in Spanish. Her answers urged the Latin American students

to stand up for their rights because the future is in their hands. The questions barraged at Fernandez were from the opposing viewpoints of students and staff. The Association for Latin American Students (ALAS) then invited Fernandez and the audience to join them for a traditional Cuban feast and other festivities in the UC. “Even though we’re a new generation with so many advantages, there is still a world out there struggling and needing someone to stand up for it,” said Sophomore Ahmad Anwar. Fernandez currently has a radio show called Simplemente Alina, Simply Alina, on WQBA in Miami. She is actively involved in human rights in the Cuban community in Miami. She also speaks at colleges across the US about her experiences in Cuba. She also has a book that was published in 1998, titled Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba. For more info or questions visit http://

Texting And Driving Don’t Mix By D.J. Jean

Texting while driving is an issue that has been addressed and brought to the forefront for some time now. Influential figures from Oprah to the Obama administration continue to crack down on distractive driving. Now you can put your two cents in when it comes to tackling “texting while driving.”

“texting while driving is an issue that needs to be addressed.” Robin Landa, a professor in the Robert Busch School of Design at Kean, and her publisher John Wiley & Sons, are holding an advertising competition called “Wiley Student Advertising Design Challenge:

Texting & Driving Don’t Mix.” This competition allows students throughout the country to voice their concerns about the dangers of texting while driving via print or video. “It was a Kean University student who brought this issue up during my Advertising I course,” Landa said. “His name was John Khalil.” According to Khalil, texting while driving is an issue that needs to be addressed because there is currently no official campaign. The contest emphasizes how dangerous texting while driving has become. Several laws have been created due to cell phones and currently 30 states, including NJ, prohibit texting while behind the wheel. Contestants can send a 30 second video or 8 ½ X 11 print ad related to the subject. Each participant may enter a total of two designs (two print designs, two videos, or

one of each.). In each category first, second and third place winners are awarded with American Express gift cards that

range from $100 to $350. When creating the print or video ad, “generate a compelling idea, make sure the idea is relevant to the audience, and determine the kind of story you’re going to tell and ensure the ad starts a conversation” Landa advised in the YouTube video promoting the contest. Khalil and fellow student, Jessalyn Rose, are working together to bring more awareness to the matter by promoting a print ad that reads, “Don’t be a Thumbass. Don’t Text and Drive” on forums such as facebook and http://dontbeathumbass. If you have any questions or would like to submit advertisements for the Wiley competition, visit More detailed information about the contest can be found at http://www.facebook. com/designchallenge. Entry deadline is Dec. 19.

Kean University Prepares for Middle States Accreditation Evaluation By Andrew Czirjak

How do colleges and universities become accredited higher learning institutions? The answer isn’t so easy. Schools must meet certain standards and criteria mandated by the regional college accreditation board. In New Jersey, it is the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that ultimately decides a universities funding fate. “I heard something about the school [Kean] trying to become re-accredited. But, I really have no idea what that means; or how that even affects me as a student,” said Samantha Evans, a senior majoring in

Communications. However, like many students, Evans is not alone. There are numerous students on campus who did not know that the school was going through re-evaluation this year. Nor, did they know how it will affect them. MSCHE is the governing body that accredits degree-granting universities and colleges in the Mid-States region. These states include New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, as well as some international locations. MSCHE, which is not associated with the federal government, evaluates each university or college from a third

party perspective in order to determine the academic process of each institution. The purpose of the accreditations committee is to understand if the school is en-

“If the college doesn’t get accredited, I don’t know how I’m going to pay for next fall.” suring that academic standards are met. Their findings are based on 14 standards of excellence each university must pos-

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sess. These guidelines help to determine what areas the university is doing well in and where improvements can be made. Unfortunately, if a college does not receive regional accreditation, the students that attend the university will no longer be eligible for state or federal funding. “It hard to imagine that I can lose my Pell Grant and TAG [Tuition Aid Grant] award based on the performance of the school as a whole,” said Malynda Robinson, a junior majoring in Education. “People like me rely on government aid to be able to attend school. If the college doesn’t get accredited, I don’t know how I’m going to pay for next fall.”

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010


International Education Week By Laura Urban

Kean University’s Center for International Studies and the School for Global Education and Innovation will be hosting International Education Week, Nov. 1519, a joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education. This year’s theme is International Education: Striving for a Sustainable Future, said U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a statement on International Education Week 2010.

“More and more students need to prepare themselves for the global realities they are going to face upon graduation.” Director of the Center for International Studies, Timothy Torre, believes that the connection to this year’s theme at Kean is through providing students with information about joining the Peace Corps upon graduation. “Students go to a developing nation and not only provide technical assistance, but learn about another culture and bring that experience back with them to the United States to teach people here about the developing world, “ said Torre. “Not only do they learn, but they bring it back and teach, that’s part of the goal.” The week-long celebration of international education will feature lectures,

presentations, cultural celebrations, and other activities that emphasize understanding, friendship, and world peace. “More and more students need to prepare themselves for the global realities they are going to face upon graduation,” said Torre. “All the workshops and the presentations that we’re incorporating into this year’s International Education Week will help students challenge their worldview and expose them to some different ideas and different cultures that really might help them face these new realities with a better understanding of the world.” Throughout the week, students will also be given the opportunity to learn about short-term international education programs that are available at Kean. “The whole concept of International Education Week is to let students know about exchange opportunities, that’s built within the mission of International Education Week, and we are certainly involved in that,” said Torre. “We’re dedicating an entire day to letting students know about opportunities for short-term international education programs.” Travelearn is Kean’s version of a shortterm study abroad program. It offers participants the opportunity to combine their academic studies with short-term travel to various destinations that are typically not offered through traditional study abroad programs, as stated on the Kean website. Travelearn programs are led by faculty that are experts in the field of study related to each program. Faculty can take part in the efforts of ex-

Grant for 3D Projection Room By Stephanie Musat

David Joiner is in his office. He can’t hide when he’s there. The walls are glass. There’s no name plate on the door. No mention of how he just moved into his new office in the STEM center. No mention that he specializes in physics and particle dust. No mention how he is pioneering a project at Kean to develop at 3D projection cave that allows direct interaction with what’s being projected. The installation of the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment anticipated completion date in December or January. It’s a complicated process and Joiner is spearheading the entire project. The CAVE, a 7 foot by 7 foot room in the STEM center, was funded with $593,000 from the National Science Foundation. Think of it like the hologram in Star Wars, but better. Newer. Clearer. More interactive. A lifelike visual display is created by projectors positioned outside the CAVE and controlled by physical movements from a user inside the room. LCD shutter glasses convey a 3D image. The computers rapidly generate a pair of images, one for each eye. The glasses are synchronized with the projectors so that each eye only sees the correct image. The project is moving forward, though it’s still a few months from complete usage, said Paul Croft, professor of Meteorology who worked with Joiner on the grant. “What we need to do now is figure out how to improve upon that and build some

success,” Croft said. “And also we can now look at delivering other types of science exploration through 3D technology and things like that.” If Joiner is not working on the CAV.E project, he is meeting with a representative from Stockton College, who partnered with Kean on the project. Stockton developed a three dimensional computer system in conjunction with the grant.

“We can now look at delivering other types of science exploration through 3D technology and things like that.” The purpose of the project is to combine visual and hands on education. For example, in the CAVE, you can see how particles interact together and even can spin them around. Or, you can be in the middle of a hurricane. You are in your work, and that is what makes Joiner’s project innovative. There is only one other CAVE currently in New Jersey at Rowan University, and there are a total of three throughout the United States. “He loves his work,” Kroft said. “So, what’ll happen is, his work will become his passion. So all of a sudden, that means everything’s 110 percent. You basically get going with everything. That’s pretty much how his lab is at the moment.”

panding international education through discussing opportunities for developing exchanges with their students, said Torre. “Opportunities for faculty to host a visiting scholar that can come to campus and perhaps engage in some research or other scholarly activities that will open up the students’ minds to maybe a different educational system or point of view, teaching style, or to a world that we have never considered before. All these things are really going to expose students to what’s

happening on a larger scale, that’s international education,” said Torre. International Education Week is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year; today and is celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide, as was stated on the International Education Week website. For more information on International Education Week, please visit http://iew.

International Education Week Events Monday, Nov. 15 9am-2pm UC Atrium: Study Abroad Info Table 3pm-4:30pm CAS 106: Study Abroad Workshop 3:30pm-5:15pm Human Rights Institute Gallery: International Movie Series “The Milk of Sorrow” Tuesday, Nov. 16 12pm-2pm Kean Hall 225: “Fulbright Opportunities in Turkey and Beyond” 3pm-4:30pm Kean Hall 225: “Who are Sikhs?” Wednesday, Nov. 17 10am-2pm UC Atrium: “Discover India” 12pm-2pm UC 226: “Khajuraho: Beyond Erotica” 12:30pm-2:45pm Human Right Institute Gallery: International Movie Series “Defiance” 3pm-3:30pm Human Rights Institute Gallery: Discussion by the author of the

book “Defiance” 3:30pm-4:30pm Human Rights Institute Gallery: Book signing “Defiance” 3pm-4:30pm Hutchinson Lecture Hall J-100: “Peace Corps Information Session” Thursday, Nov. 18 2pm-5pm in front of CAS 121: Desserts, coffee, and tea from around the world served 3pm-4:30pm Lecture Hall CAS 106: Panel Discussion~International Opportunities for Kean Faculty Friday, Nov. 19 10am-11:30am Kean Hall 225: Celebration of new required GE course “Worlds of History” 10am-12pm UC Atrium: CEA Info Table 3:30pm-5:15pm Human Rights Institute Gallery: International Movie Series “The Last King of Scotland”

Stimulation Station: A Sex Survey By Celleste Valeanu

When was the last time you reached your personal peak during a sexual experience? This question might seem quite blunt, but according to The National Survey of Sexual Health & Behavior, 85 percent of men reported that their partner had an orgasm during their most recent sexual affair. Ironically enough, only 64 percent of women reported having an orgasm. So how does that translate to our intimate relationships? The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University conducted the largest and most recent sex study that studied the sexual behaviors of contemporary Americans. The researchers studied the experiences and condom use of 5,865 adolescents and adults ranging in age from 14 to 94. The results reflected the education of sexual behavior and over 40 different sexual practices that varied in each age group. Along with all its glory, sex is a complex subject and sometimes to others it serves as causality. In every aspect you might approach it; sex is a passageway into adulthood, coming with numerous responsibilities such as respect, and becoming aware of the sexual status of both yourself and your partner by getting tested together. The study was funded by Church & Dwight Co., maker of Trojan brand sexual products, and concluded that one out of three single individuals use condoms while only one out four in a monogamous relationship practiced safe sex. These find-

ings may suggest that the lack of safe sex practice and education is the cause of one out of four adults obtaining a STD in their lifetime. This statistic should cause quite a stir in all demographics, but especially among our younger generation. Sex at age 14? The age at which people begin having sex unfortunately keeps getting younger. However, throughout every college campus we as students are admired as the future, and our positive choices reflect the decisions that we make pave the way for generations that tread after us. The subject of practicing safe sex should not be a “taboo,” but rather a call to educate yourself through your intimate events and the importance of knowing your partner. On campus there is a variety of resources for you to utilize, such as the Health Services Department in Down’s Hall. All information is completely confidential so you should be fearless to reach out for guidance. What really turns an individual on is being educated. Knowing how to be safe will allow both you and your partner to be at ease and become closer, not just physically but emotionally as well. Communication and being comfortable with your partner allows you to freely express what arouses you, with perhaps mixture of a little foreplay; after all, costumes aren’t only for Halloween! Overall a healthy understanding of your body and yourself will result into a vigorous relationship with your partner.


Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010 | The Tower

Where Have All the Werewolves Gone? By Matt Marchesano

Ghouls, boils, witches, vampires and goblins- and no, we are not talking Harry Potter books or the Twilight movie series. These, and other figments of haunting characters, are increasingly popular in today’s culture, especially around autumn when the intrigue of what is commonly viewed as weird and scary, is something that brings everyone together. Kean University’s History professor, Dr. Brian Regal hosted a special lecture on Oct. 28. The event, entitled ‘Where Have All the Werewolves Gone?’ was held at the 19th century-built Victorian Carriage house on Liberty Campus- an ideal location to discuss the evolution of creepy monsters in American culture. “I don’t believe in werewolves,” Regal states. “And I don’t believe in Bigfoot either.” He is a Science historian with a concentration on human evolution, pseudoscience, the occult and ‘obscuranta and esoterica,’ as a past student of his had coined. The professor’s line of research examines what is sometimes referred to as ‘outsider material’ and with this, Regal smirks about the absurdity of a college professor speak-

ing about werewolves at a university. “The stuff that makes people a little uncomfortable ... the ‘fringe’ material that

time and its current status in mainstream culture. In fact, most of what is portrayed in the media and books about werewolves is not historically accurate at all. Early depictions of werewolves were quite pitiful and not necessarily scary, Regal exclaimed. These feeble bipod crea-

“Traditional werewolves wouldn’t be fighting over the girl character as a love interest; they’d be fighting over her for lunch.”

Event flier.


doesn’t really fit anywhere,” Regal said. “That’s what I’m interested in.” While focusing substantially on the traditional werewolf, Regal explained its origin and more importantly, the influence of the creature on society throughout

tures were known as Cynocephali, or dogheaded men, and were prevalent in texts as early as bible times. It’s possibly thanks to Charles Darwin, master of human evolution, to first cause the fearsome stigma of werewolves in the mid-1800s. With his research, he debunked the original idea of a ‘half-man, half-wolf’ creature by saying that a “halfway link” amongst species is not possible. With biological reasons tossed out the

window, people began to believe that the cause of a man turning into such a beast was to be of psychological nature. This psychosis that could cause such a physical and emotional mutation in someone is grounds for a haunted superstition. From this, the modern image of a crazed, hairy, blood-thirsty fanged werewolf was born. Some cultures adapted this fear of werewolves to apes, orangutans and other monkey-typed species. In the 1850s, when the fossils of primitive humans called Neanderthals were found in Belgium, some viewed them similarly as werewolves. “The controversy is not ‘where they went’,” Regal exclaimed. “It is with how we deal with it.” The mainstream idea of werewolves, their motives, their appearance and their origin have transformed throughout time. Rightfully so, Dr. Regal had a few things to say about our modern idea of werewolves in mainstream society. “It’s always funny to me hearing about the Twilight movies, because traditional werewolves wouldn’t be fighting over the girl character as a love interest,” he said. “They’d be fighting over her for lunch.”

Study Abroad and Enrich the College Experience By Arkor Kolubah

Kean University’s study abroad program is more than twenty years old and in that time Kean has given many students the opportunity to enrich their learning experiences in other countries. Every semester, an average of 20-40 Kean students participate in the Study Abroad program, according to Donna Lowe Alexander, Coordinator of the Center for International Studies. These students have the choice of visiting one of the 31 countries that the Kean Study Abroad program offers—countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, India, and recently, Namibia. “Our purpose is to make students aware of the opportunities for students who want to travel overseas and to give them a global perspective of what it’s like to live in another country and experience a culture,” said Ms. Alexander

To be eligible to participate in the study abroad program, a student must be in his or her sophomore year, and has a 3.0 G.P.A “We look forward to students who demonstrate an ability to work with others of different culture or background,” said

“It was arguably the best experience of my life.” Timothy Torre, Director of the Center for International Studies. The students who study abroad generally report having a positive transformative experience, according to Mr. Torre. “It was arguably the best experience of my life,” said Baruti N. Kafele, a junior majoring in Political Science. Kafele spent the 2010 spring semester at the American University of Cairo in Egypt. Jaclyn Gemmarielli, a senior majoring

in Elementary Education, studied in Florence, Italy in spring of 2010. She said that her trip to Italy was truly a once in a lifetime experience. She said she formed lasting friendships and went on many excursions in Italy and across much of Europe. “We traveled to France, Spain, and off the coast of Africa to the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are beautiful. There is so much to see there,” said Gemmarielli. Many students are using the opportunity for professional growth. Ayana Gibbs, a junior Journalism major who will be studying in Worcester, England in the spring of 2011, said that she wants to use the opportunity for networking. “My friend and I are planning a styling business so we are going not only to indulge in the culture, but to meet people and establish a network,” said Gibbs. “We want them to succeed academically, and culturally. In order for society to function as a whole we have to learn about,

embrace and respect other people’s culture,” said Lilliana Rios, Program Assistant at the Center for International Studies. A misconception students have about studying abroad is that financial aid is not available to them. However, there is plenty of aid available through Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Smart grants, and scholarships. In many cases, students find jobs during the summer and winter breaks to save for trip. Both Torre and Alexander agree that studying abroad is a worthwhile experience, both personally and professionally. “Students become more culturally diverse and more culturally aware. We have come to an age where it is a good tool piece for your resume,” said Alexander. To learn more about Kean’s Study Abroad Program, visit

Jailbreaking: Is It Legal? By Daniel Dolocheck

How advanced are you when it comes to your Apple device? Jailbreaking, the process used to open the software of an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, is a tool now used to gain greater access to devices and install non-Apple-approved software. Simply, if you jailbreak your apple device, you can add software that Apple doesn’t offer in its stores. In the past, jail breaking was not only illegal but a very complicated thing to do. However, as of July 26 of 2010, it is now illegal to block the process from happening. The debate is still questioned on whether or not jailbreaking can be considered legal or not. It is as easy as visiting on any Apple device. Once at the site, it’s simply a push of a button and the device will be jailbroken. The only visible change on the Apple device will be an application

called Cydia, which allows you to download third party applications. Now, you’re probably tempted to take a look at the website and see what this is all about. The process is completely reversible if you change your mind, restoring your device to its original state before the download. The application Cydia also offers numerous entertaining and useful applications that are not offered through the Apple Store. Some interesting applications you can download after the process are: Winterboard Allows you to “trick out” your device and customize the device with themes, fonts, wallpapers, ringtones and much more. SBSettings Quick and easy settings toggles from within any application. Backgrounder Allows you to multitask on your device instead of closing and opening applications. MxTube Allows you to save your favor-

ite YouTube videos which can be viewed when working off line. This is also great for iTouch users who rely on a Wi-Fi signal.

iPhone 4.

Lockinfo Allows you to customize your lock screen with calendar, mail, SMS— short message service—and other device information. My3G Only for the iPhone 4. It tricks your phone into thinking it is connected to WiFi when it’s in fact on the 3G network. The My3G lets you make FaceTime

calls without being connected to a WiFi signal. You can now also watch high definition YouTube videos, Skype, or Fring. On the other hand, the battery life could suffer because of applications that may be running in the background. Jailbreaking your device may also cause it to become unstable and not work reliably. Unofficial applications can contain malicious codes or may be poorly written and therefore cause your phone’s operating system to crash. Furthermore, if you do jailbreak your device, your warranty becomes null and void; this can be avoided if restoring the factory settings before bringing it for repair. The question is still up for debate on whether or not to jailbreak your devices. However, if you are daring and wish to get the most out of your Apple device, give it a shot. It is a simple process that can be reversed if need be, it is relatively safe.

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010

Fire Safety Made Simple By Samantha Feller

It takes 25-30 seconds to start a small garbage can fire and about 40 seconds for the sprinkler head to activate, according to a the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board demonstration held on Oct. 21. The event offered information on fire safety and prevention through numerous displays. “It made me feel secure,” said Kean student Mike Mancini. Mancini resides in the dorms on campus, and watching the demonstration was

tendance, enforcing how to check smoke detectors, the reminding the crowd of the importance of keeping electronics away from water using power strips with an internal circuit breaker as opposed to multiplug adapters. “Use common sense,” said Greg Kirkham, a state fire marshal from the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety. “Get out and stay out, don’t go back in.” Kirkham explained that many deaths occur when people disregard things such as checking a smoke detector and

“It takes 25- 30 seconds to start a small garbage can fire and about 40 seconds for the sprinkler head to activate.” a relief for him because he was able to see how the fire sprinklers in the dorms work in case of a fire. For the demonstration, the Board started a fire in order to show the audience how it would be extinguished by a sprinkler head. The sprinkler system is activated when the heat reaches 155 degrees Fahrenheit, not because of smoke, a common misconception. An involved display inside the University Center, Sparky’s Hazard House, had simulations of electrical fires ignited from a spark as well as common candlelight and stove top fires. The displays also had a button that, when pressed, would release smoke. The state fire marshals were also in at-

carelessness of leaving candles lit and unattended. The NJFSAB handed out pamphlets with information regarding smoke detectors and sprinklers. An important issue at hand was the state’s decision not to adopt a residential fire sprinkler requirement due to economic burden. However, Lou Magliaro, Fire Safety Director at Kean, said a 12-year-old girl had written a letter to a past governor and was able to get a law concerning fire regulations to pass. The law states that all houses for sale or resale must have a working carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector and a 5 lb extinguisher in the kitchen. “There is a lot of stuff in a home that has to be kept safe,” said Magliaro.


The Social Networking Struggle By Rachel Rothspan

Cassandra Prott is the online networking triple threat—she has a Facebook, a Twitter, and a Tumblr account. “And maybe Myspace. Oh, and Livejournal!” she grinned. Prott is not a social anomaly; many people are taking hold of the online networking craze. Websites such as the ones listed above not only require only a name and primary form of contact, but also request pictures, interests and disinterests, and personal information. As these websites take a stronger foothold on the internet, some speculate that they aren’t enhancing identity- rather, they are destroying it.

Kean Senior Gordon Lienau has narrowed down his social networking experience to only Facebook. And even with just that, he is limiting his time on the site. “I feel it’s getting to be overrated,” he said. Lienau, a former user on both MySpace and, originally used the websites as a medium for finding romantic relationships. He said, when he was part of those communities, he found that people online who had more time to think about what they were going to say were much more open minded. “Everyone is really open online, but when you meet up they don’t say a word,” he explained. According to, Facebook sees over 100 million visitors each month, MySpace sees over 50 million, and Twitter sees almost 25 million. With all these people circulating over the websites, it is possible for people to recreate themselves in any way, shape and form. There are no background checks to see what information is correct and while there are options for reporting suspicious personalities or


activities, many people use social networking to prop up pieces of their identity that otherwise go unnoticed. But Prott sees these pieces as a positive enhancement to personality. “I feel social networking is more than just connecting with people you know - it’s about self expression and creativity that no other medium allows,” she said. Still, many others are finding it hard to establish the difference between who they are, and who their friends are, in real life and online. In the recent tragedy at Rutgers University, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after his roommate posted a sexual encounter he was part of online, left his last statement on his Facebook. And he’s not alone. In the last year, there

“It’s about self-expression and creativity that no other medium allows.” have been several news stories in which people have written their suicide notes right on their profiles. In less serious cases, people are finding themselves posting statements about the issues that they struggle with on their networking accounts, which are open for the world to see. With the rise of mobile internet technology, it can only be expected that social networking sites are bound to expand and increase. The modern user is suspected to evolve, but there is little anticipation or speculation on how the networking identity crisis will continue to grow. However, Prott feels that it’s worth putting in the time and effort to maintain an online identity as well as a real life persona. “Social networking can be fun - if you can keep up! With sites growing in popularity, and people switching from Myspace to Facebook, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what,” she said.

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parking in the faculty spots but I did not even know the yellow spots were for them, there were no signs,” said Jeudy. Professor Nicole Pace from the Communications Department drives an hour to get to campus and parks in a faculty/ staff designated area. Pace said she arrives at least 45 minutes earlier than her class in order to make sure there is enough time to get a spot. She said that she usually sees students parking in the faculty spots but has only seen a Kean ticketing patrolman once. “I think something needs to be done about regulating faculty/staff parking to prevent students from using these spots,” said Professor Pace.

There have been no reports of an increase of accidents on campus, only in the surrounding cities, but there has been a significant increase in tickets given this year, according to Kean Security Guard Josh Disano. “Over the past year, there have been a lot of tickets given out to students parking in faculty spots as well as overnight tickets distributed,” said Disano. The university promotes public transportation, such as buses and trains. Twenty-five percent discounts are available for any full-time students who use the train at Kean through New Jersey Transit. For more information on discounted train rates please visit


Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010 |

The Tower

Liberty Hall’s Secret Garden Samantha Feller

Everyone likes to get a little peace and quiet whether it is to do homework, have a snack, read a book or just have some alone time. You may be surprised to know that the perfect place to do any of these activities is right here on campus. The Liberty Hall Garden is beautiful, relaxing and seasonal, as it remains open spring through fall. The garden is quaint making it a great place to getaway. The beauty of the garden radiates in the European style with a maze that makes it feel almost enchanted. The old Kean house is right in plain view and the building is a sight as well. There are birdhouses, flowers, butterflies and bunnies as well as a small apple orchard. It was a hot day when I went to visit the garden, but I was able to find relief from the sun on some of the benches, which were placed beneath the trees. As I walked the pebbled path, I realized I was alone and it was very peaceful and serene. This is one of Kean University’s most under-rated features. It is a short five-

one is nearer god’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” Besides alone time, the garden can also be a lovely place to walk with a friend or to view some historical sites. There are

“The kiss of the sun for pardon the song of the birds for mirth one is nearer god’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.”

The Liberty Hall Garden

minute walk from the main campus and has so much to offer. Kean students can go to the visitor center and get a sticker that says, “Grounds only,” allowing the student access to the gardens.

What’s With The Gazebos? By Carlos Reynosa

As Kean students enter the campus, they may have noticed the new a Gazebo between the Vaughn Eames building and Wilkins Theater. Not only would this be the third Gazebo installed at the school but it’s the most noticeable, as it has taken the place of very popular tree.

ing at Kean in the summer when he saw workers cutting down the tree. “It provided an environment for making memories; campus dates and actual acting classes.” The point of the gazebo is still unclear. Exact information of the gazebos was not received at the time of press, however a standard cost of 28’ “Dodecagon American” in Sears that is similar to the design

“It’s an equal replacement to the tree [that once was there].”

Photo: Carlos M. Reynosa

The gazebo.

For years, students had been coming to this location to be sheltered by its tree. It was a spot where they focused on their studies, talked with friends, or even rested their eyes. Classes were sometimes held at this location as the teachers from the nearby buildings tried to enjoy some fresh air and cool off on hot spring day. Some students felt a connection with that tree. “It was actually a good thing that the tree was there,” said Siddharth Gupta, a Film major student who works in the Vaugh Eames Building. Gupta was work-

found on campus is $3,440 dollars, not including the cost for construction. “It was a waste of money in general,” said Hilary Graffox, an Art Education major. “It will eventually turn into a smoker’s lounge.” It has also been expressed by some that the money would be better spent on updating the building’s computers and evaluators. However, Gupta said there is a positive to the new addition, as she found inspiration from the gazebo. “It’s an equal replacement to the tree,” said Grupta. “As a film maker, I think the Gazebo isn’t really a bad idea. It’s actually a rare opportunity for me because I can use it for in my films.”

Holocaust Resource Center Announces Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity has announced its Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest 2011. This annual contest - now in its 22nd year is designed to challenge college students to analyze urgent ethical issues confronting them in today’s complex world. Full-time juniors and seniors are invited to compete for awards of up to $5,000. The prize challenges students to indentify, define and analyze contemporary ethical questions, issues or dilemmas. It is open to only full-time undergraduate juniors and seniors enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university in the United States. First Prize is $5,000; Second Prize is $2500, Third Prize is $1,500, and two Honorable Mentions at $500 each. For further information and applications, please contact Helen Walzer at 737-4661.

Photo: Samantha Feller

The garden also has some words of wisdom to offer. By a group of benches closer to the main house there is a little stone with writing that said, “The kiss of the sun for pardon the song of the birds for mirth

guided tours of the grounds, which may be beneficial for students or anyone who likes history. I highly recommend visiting or stopping by the garden at some point because it shows a serene yet lively atmosphere in the fast paced hustle and bustle of campus. It is always nice to get a breath of fresh air in a beautiful place or to share a memory with someone while viewing nature.

Sweeney Todd at Kean in Spring By Casey Murphy

This spring the demon barber will be coming to Kean stage, but first the Theatre Department is on a search to find him and his neighbors from Fleet Street. They announced the spring 2011 musical will be “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” and auditions are open to all Kean University students. For the audition, each student is expected to have 32 bars of music - generally one verse of a song - prepared to perform with an accompanist. A selection from “Sweeney Todd” is preferred, but students can also prepare a selection from a similar musical or a piece by Stephen Sondheim, the composer of the musical. If students need help finding sheet music, the Theatre Department and library have selections that students can borrow. If students receive a callback, a second audition, they should be prepared to read scenes from the script and sing some songs from the show that will be taught by the musical director. “The first audition usually only takes about five minutes per person,” said Holly Logue, director of “Sweeney Todd” and Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. “If the students are called back, then they probably stay for two to three hours so they can be seen at their best and given an opportunity to read, sing, chat with me a little, etc.” “Sweeney Todd” tells the story of Benjamin Barker, who was exiled by judge Turpin on a trumped up charge, all because the judge lusted after Barker’s wife. Barker returns to London, under the alias of Sweeney Todd, and haunts his old home on Fleet Street, trying to find out what happened to his wife and daughter. Finding out his wife committed suicide and his daughter is being cared for by the judge who exiled him, he seeks revenge on the judge with the help from his old neighbor, Mrs. Lovett. The 1979 musical is based off Christopher Bond’s version of “Sweeney Todd” the play. It is composed by Stephen Sondheim, who also composed “Assassins” and “Into the Woods.” There were several productions of the show after it opened in


Original Broadway Sweeney Todd Poster

“It’s vocally challenging. It has a strong book, minimal dance and we haven’t done a Sondheim in a long time.” 1979, but the most recent stage revival in America was in 2005 at the Eugene O’Neil Theater in NY. It was performed with no set and the actors played instruments on the stage. One of the most well known productions is the 2007 Tim Burton movie, starring Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. There are several reasons why “Sweeney Todd” was chosen as the Spring 2011 musical. “It’s vocally challenging,” said Logue. “It has a strong book, minimal dance and we haven’t done a Sondheim in a long time.” Auditions will be held Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in Wilkins Theatre. A signup sheet will be posted on the callboard on the first floor of Vaughn Eames across from room 119 in mid-Nov. Callbacks will be held Dec. 2.

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010


How to Win Friends & Influence People By Melissa Jewels

As college students, it is imperative that we learn how to deal with people, especially in the business world. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People is a book that creates “a driving desire to learn [and] a vigorous determination to increase your ability to deal with people.” First written in 1936, the book is separated into four main sections. Each section gives one main principle to teach the reader how to deal with personal experiences such as with their spouse, children, and coworkers. The section titles include Fundamental Techniques in Handling People, Six Ways to Make People Like You, Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking, and Be A Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment. How to Win Friends & Influence People teaches patience and encourages the reader to form new habits, rather than merely reading to acquire information. The book

how and why others think the way they do. These principles are applied through the author giving everyday life examples as well as examples from great successors such as former presidents and personal narratives. Throughout the book, references to famous psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner are used in order to help the reader understand human be-

“… a book that creates a driving desire to learn [and] a vigorous determination to increase your ability to deal with people”

should be a tool to apply self-analysis abilities as well as a looking glass into

Motor ways: luxury in the form of a Hyundai

opportunity in which they’ve engaged in the key teachings of the book—including both successes and failures. How to Win Friends & Influence People is available wherever books are sold as well as online at

By cellestE valeanu This V8 packs about 385 horsepower, which is enough to put the Audio A8 in its place. The Equus also makes the effort to reduce driver errors. It comes complete with a hard drive-based navigation system that includes full maps, XM NaviTraffic and over 5 million points of interest on an eight inch VGA screen. This makes it nearly impossible for a driver to get lost. Also, you can say goodbye to unsafe lane changes. Hyundai installed another neat feature in the Equus that is specifically for drivers that seem to forget the concept of

“Hyundai finally gets its priorities straight by trading in cheap and mediocre for top quality and splendor.” alike” Bentley will soon be competing with the big contenders such as the Mercedes Benz S-class, the Audi A8 and the Lexus LS 460. The interior of the Equus is designed to go that extra mile to ensure comfort and elegance. It looks as though Hyundai did its homework when splurging on the small details that encompass the feeling of luxury. One of these little surprises is the al contara suede headliner and sun visors. According to, this particular suede is “normally reserved for high end luxury and sport cars.” Of course the Equus couldn’t pull off this new luxury theme without having plush leather seats that massage, heat up and cool down for optimal relaxation therapy. While passengers in the rear are enjoying this mobile spa treatment they can also watch movies on the rear built in DVD entertainment system. Hyundai didn’t forget about the adrenaline junkies either. When the driver pops the hood, he or she will be gazing at 4.6L Tau aluminum V8 that has earned a “10 Best Engines” distinction, according

havior such as criticism and understanding others along with your own needs and wants. When referring to Freud, Carnegie insists that in order to get a person to do something is to have them want to do it— and it’s possible to create a sincere drive in them to want to do it. Another important aspect stressed in

beauty marked: Lovely lashes 101

By charley falkenburg

When people hear the word “Hyundai,” they think “cheap.” To many, Hyundai is a perfectly sensible choice for the average commuter who is on a limited budget. However, to Hyundai, this image simply isn’t good enough anymore. Apparently Hyundai is tired of going unrecognized. The car company is revamping its image and morphing its newest car, the 2011 Equus, into the epitome of luxury. The 2011 Hyundai Equus is a shocking yet pleasant surprise from Hyundai. Hyundai finally gets its priorities straight by trading in cheap and mediocre cars for top quality and splendor. This “look

this book is that all humans have a desire to be great and important. Since people are interested in what they want, not what the population wants; honest appreciation and praise towards others feeds this need and is much more effective than criticism. The back of the book has a section called “My Experiences in Applying the Principles Taught in This Book.” In this section, the reader is encouraged to write down each

Have you ever wondered how to get instant dramatic wider set eyes? Almost all my clients are in hot pursuit for this look and most have deemed it impossible to achieve. Following the Lovely Lashes 101 trend, it is time to introduce a sweet and simple tutorial on false lash application. For beginners I recommend purchasing a pair of Ardell brand falsies that can be found in most beauty supply stores for $2.99. Duo, surgical glue that stays put and dries semi-clear, costs around $8 and works like a charm. Be sure that you are not allergic to latex because it is the major ingredient in this product! The final tool that will come in handy is a pair of small safety scissors for a quick trim of the lashes if needed. Time to gather your supplies and practice!

Note: If you are applying eye shadow you want to apply lashes last.

“Brushes are a must in completing an effortless well blended look” Brush Bargains Make up goes far beyond brand or color; the tools used to create your style are much more important. Brushes are a must in completing an effortless well blended look. Here are few brush kit bargains that will get you started on your blending endeavors: Sonia Kashuk Double Duty Brush Set This four piece dual sided set conquers every need for your face and eyes. Priced at $21.99, it delivers simplicity and quality. This set can be found in Target department stores.


The 2011 Hyundai Equus

using blinkers to indicate lane changes. When the car veers out of a lane without a blinker, it triggers a warning light, an audible chime and the seatbelt tugs the driver’s waist. The best part about the Equus is that Hyundai is selling it for a bargain price. A press release from Hyundai estimates that the Equus will cost around $55,000. At first this seems pricy, but don’t forget this car is up against competitors that aren’t usually sold for under $90,000. According to, this car is selling for $96,000 in the Asian markets over the years, so Hyundai is really cutting America a big break. There will still probably be people that won’t take the Equus seriously just because it’s a Hyundai, but the Equus should be recognized for its huge advances in quality, comfort and elegance. With a car like this, it’s quite possible the US will be seeing more of Hyundai in the luxury market.

Step 5: You did it! Now that you’ve got them on, you may complete the look by applying a gel or liquid liner to conceal the glue.


Step 1: Curl natural lashes and apply one coat of your favorite mascara. Step 2: Carefully remove lashes out of case. Being too rough will cause the lashes to bend making it difficult to blend with your natural lashes. Place one lash right above the lash line and measure the fit from inner to outer. If the strip of the lash passes the corner of your eye then you must trim them using the safety scissors. Step 3: Use a toothpick to apply a thin layer of Duo to the strip of the lashes. Allow about 20 seconds for the glue to get a little tacky before you place the lashes on. Step 4: Place the strip right ABOVE the lash line as close as possible to the lashes, but NOT directly on your natural lashes. Gently press down on the falsies by using your thumb and index finger to get a close fit.

Photo: Celleste Valeanu

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Brush Sets (above) Every holiday season, Mac launches a collection of three different brush sets that reflect the current trends displayed in their signature clutches. These sets feature a mixture of eye and face brushes and one set that is strictly for eyes. Sets are priced at $49.50. Get a head start on your holiday gift giving or even treat yourself, you deserve it! Coming up in the next issue, the basics on brushes and holiday gift ideas for the makeup fanatics in your life.


how to reach “the other shore” By casey murphy

fans have eyes for “red!” Comic book movies seem to be quite the trend in Hollywood, the latest installment being DC Comics’ new production, Red. Based on a three part mini-series comic from Wildstorm (now part of DC Comics) the story follows a retired government agent, Paul Moses, who becomes targeted by his former employers. Constantly pursued by agents trying to kill him, Moses goes on an inevitable killing spree himself to find the truth behind the hits. The big screen version is slightly different then its comic counterpart. Certain modifications are made because the story is adapted to fit a feature length film. The movie follows Frank, a

By Brian Konchalski

Greg Scalera walked from class to the library, worrying about midterms and a myriad of other problems. While he seems like your average Theatre major at Kean, he is anything but. He is the sole musician in the Agony Family, a virtual electronicrock band. Scalera wrote, recorded and produced all 21 songs on the album, “Yourself United.” “The Gorillaz are a huge inspiration of mine,” Scalera said. “They are part of the reason why I created the Agony Family.” Scalera is the mastermind behind the music of the Agony Family. With the help of his friend Amber Adeline, another Theatre major at Kean, he has created something unique—a band of animated characters to perform the music. When The Agony Family plays, it conFrom top to Bottom: Jesse, Rex, Peter, and Claire sists of four members: Peter, the lead singer who also plays the piano and guitar; Claire, who plays bass; Jesse, the lead guitarist; and Rex Agony, the drummer. Each member has their own unique and individual personality but all have been created by Scalera. “I love making characters come alive,” Scalera said. “I made each of the members a twitter feed that I don’t control.” Scalera has no formal training in music and taught himself how to play piano, guitar, bass and drums. “I took about a month of piano lessons,” Scalera said. “And the only thing they taught me was classical music and little me was not having that.” Scalera played keyboard in a pop-punk band, Moraine, while he was in high school. After touring the country with Moraine, Scalera decided to leave the band because he was “tired of living the broke and starving artist lifestyle.” He then came to Kean and found his passion in theater. Scalera’s goal has always been to record his own album. “I said to myself that before I turn 21, I’m going to write and record an album,” Scalera said. “It was a long and hard journey writing the album and balancing school.” He started recording the album using a midi-keyboard, an electronic keyboard, to create melodies as well as his computer. With the melodies finalized, he could add riffs on the guitar, bass and drums. “Sometimes I would be in class and a melody would just pop into my head and I would go home and try to figure out how to play it,” Scalera said. It just goes to show that inspiration can strike anywhere. The Agony Family’s album “Yourself United” was released on Sept. 14 and is available through iTunes, Amazon and other digital distribution services. It can also be found on the bands’ website,

“It was a long and hard journey writing the album and balancing school”


Camaraderie and team spirit permeated the air as the cast of the Kean Theatre Department’s “The Other Shore” united together into a tight knit circle during rehearsal. The unity the cast showed during the warm up portrays the unity they needed in order to stay true to their performance. Unlike most shows, the storyline of “The Other Shore” does not rely on a single main character. Instead, all the characters band together to tell the story more gracefully and efficiently. “We don’t have individual characters,” said Steve Sharkey, who plays Shadow. “They’re all part of the show.” Those that have been in a theatre production before have an idea of what rehearsals are like. For those who haven’t, most rehearsals consist of running through lines, analyzing the script and trying to get a feel for the character and what he or she is doing and feeling in each scene. Of course there are some shows, such as “The Other Shore,” that are different. “The rehearsal process is nothing like I’ve ever done before,” said Samuel Spare, who plays Father in the production. “Instead of delving into the words, it’s just us. As a dancer I thought it would be easy, but it’s finding what tells the story and there’s no music to help.” Natalie Bailey, who plays the Card Player, found the different rehearsal tactic challenging at first. “It’s working backwards,” said Bailey. “I like to work with the text, but here you just go and do. You get the emotion and then read the text.” “The Other Shore” was written in 1986 by Gao Xingjian. It’s a complex show because it’s made up of several scenes that don’t necessarily connect with each other. Instead, it is a show that is up to the interpretation of the audience as well as the actors. “The audience can look at everything and connect it to their own lives,” said Cathy Garcia, who plays “Dogskin” Plaster Seller. “No one can be excluded. No one can say, ‘I can’t pick up anything from this.’” “The Other Shore” will be performed in the Zella Fry Theatre in Vaughn Eames in room 118. Tickets are $10 for students. Show dates for “The Other Shore” are Nov. 12, 13, 17, 19, and 20 at 8 p.m., Nov. 13, 14, and 20 at 2 p.m. and Nov. 18 at 5 p.m. with a question and answer session with the cast after the performance.

music that won’t leave you in agony

By brett williams

targeted retired agent, played by action star Bruce Willis. On his path to find the truth, he assembles a team of retired agents played by movie legends Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren to find the truth and ultimately unravel one of the biggest government cover-ups in history. The film itself is a well done, actionpacked flick with a couple laughs on the side. Willis delivers his signature top notch edge-of-your seat tough guy attitude, while classic actors Malkovich and Freeman bring the laughs. Full of eye popping gun play and witty catand-mouse action, this film does not disappoint comic fans or eager action movie buffs.

Surprisingly, not only do many movie goers gravitate to this film to see lead actor Bruce Willis, but to also see the longtime popular actress Helen Mirren in action. Fans can’t seem to get enough of tough gal Mirren ripping apart bad guys with her massive sniper rifle.

“It’s Helen Mirren and she’s a secret agent in an action movie, how can you not see it,” said Nicole Grant, moviegoer and longtime Helen Mirren fan. Much to Grant’s anticipation, Mirren’s performance delivered a good watch and much more. Red is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a well-produced all-around action flick that includes a little something for everybody. Explosions, fight scenes, great laughs, top acting and of course Helen Mirren with a sniper riflehow can any thrill seeker turn a film like this down?

Amber Adeline




music gamE history—know your peripherals

By Eric albuen

Guitar Hero: a music game craze that took the world by storm and swept them into the waters of rock and roll. However, true music game fans would know that this isn’t where it all began. It began in 1999 when Konami, the Japanese company responsible for Dance Dance Revolution, created GuitarFreaks. To date, they’ve released nineteen different versions of the game. On paper, GuitarFreaks and Guitar Hero have a lot of similarities. While Guitar Hero has a five-column fret track, GuitarFreaks uses a simpler system that uses only three buttons. GuitarFreaks’ fourth “wailing bonus” column, where players tilt their guitar up to receive extra points to their score, mirrors the same motion that Guitar Hero players use to activate their star power. GuitarFreaks’ different accuracy ratings range from perfect, great, good, poor and miss makes gameplay much harder when compared to Guitar Hero’s “hit or miss” judgment system.

Music games in the arcade. Left: GuitarFreaks; right: Drummania.

allow up to three players to play in one session, each playing the same song and collaborating to clear that stage. Unlike Rock Band’s four drum set up from left to right, Drummania’s game is styled more like an actual drum set with the cymbal, snare, low tom, high tom, high hat and bass pedal all in the traditional places. Overall, Drummania is slightly harder to play due to a more authentic simulating drum set and GuitarFreaks’ accuracy ratings only add more to the challenge. Despite sounding exactly the same, these games all play radically different in their own way. Guitar Hero and Rock Band don’t strive to make the gameplay extremely difficult. They want their product to appeal to a mainstream audience where anyone could pick up the game and play. GuitarFreaks and Drummania aren’t as forgiving and require a certain amount of skill to do well. The soundtracks of the games play a huge role in their appeals as well. While Guitar Hero and Rock Band license numerous American and European artists for their games, GuitarFreaks and Drummania use more in-house music with Konami artists and popular Japanese pop and rock songs. In the end, Konami shot off the whole instrument peripheral video game craze, but it wasn’t until Harmonix came along to help bring this whole craze to a mainstream audience.

“Despite sounding exactly the same, these games all play radically different in their own way”

Today, both games still run strongly in their respective countries of creation. Despite the competition between the two forces in guitar simulation games, Activision, the current developer for Guitar Hero, and Konami worked together to create a Guitar Hero game for the arcade. Konami being experienced in the arcade business, the company worked with Activision so they could create Guitar Hero Arcade without violating any patents that they held for GuitarFreaks. Ultimately, the games find their own audience among gamers. Perhaps GuitarFreaks failed to hit the US mainstream because of the unrecognizable Japanese pop and rock songs, as well as Konami’s lack of effort to get GuitarFreaks noticed. It wasn’t until 2007 that US audiences saw a drum peripheral in music games. Harmonix, the creator of Guitar Hero I, released Rock Band. Unfortunately for Harmonix, GuitarFreaks had already beaten them to the punch with its unique connectivity to the drum side of the game. Along with GuitarFreaks, Drummania was created in 1999. In arcades, this would


By ayana gibbs

“mama proud” to know her son looks presentable. Guys, if you’re fearless with fashion, grab a pair of oxford boots and a fitted trench coat for a debonair James Bondesque look. These simple pieces added to your closet will create the bare essentials needed to be effortlessly stylish. Check out these fashionable students around campus that are strutting their stuff down the cougar walk. Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” To see more photos visit Don’t be a follower and check out http://www.thevonimanaffair.wordpress. com for more fashion looks, tips and trend forecasting.

“Whether living in the dorms or commuting, students love to dress to impress.”

Photos: Aana Gibbs

Higher education: classes, studying, professors…fashion? Sometimes college can seem like a giant runway. Sitting around campus, some of the hottest styles can be seen from some of your classmates. Whether living in the dorms or commuting, students love to dress to impress. It creates a presence and makes you stand out above the rest. Why don sweats, UGG boots or tennis shoes when you can put on a great pair of fitting jeans and a nice tailored jacket? Getting dressed everyday helps you prepare for the work world and develop your time management skills. Not only does planning the perfect outfit help create great first impressions, it also motivates you to wake up earlier. After all, being presentable takes time. Make sure to pick out your clothes ahead of time so that even if your alarm “doesn’t go off” after a long night, it doesn’t look like you just rolled out of bed. When you look good you feel good! When you take pride in how you look, it makes the day go by smoother. Just because winter is approaching doesn’t give you the excuse to be lazy! Ladies, invest in big oversized sweaters and chunky connected scarves; they are the perfect accessories. Love skirts? Wool tights will not only keep you warm but bring a chic flair to your outfit, just stay away from PETA unless you’re a fan of red paint. Don’t forget to buy a good pair of neutral shoes. Biker boots are in this season, adding a stylish yet edgy touch to any outfit. Try a dainty dress, blazer and biker boot combo—why be plain when you can be crunchy?

school daze—are you campus chic?


Top left: She looks ready to strut her stuff; Above: These students keep it simple yet fun; Bottom left: buttons that add a unique style.

Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgot you. It’s time to take the training wheels off and find your inner style. A clean cut look never goes out of style. Deconstructed jean jackets worn with nice slacks and loafers will make

to see more campus style visit


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The Tower Department of Communication


Kean University Center for Academic Success 1000 Morris Avenue Union, NJ 07083 Telephone: (908) 737-0468; Fax: (908) 737-0465 Email:;

We tweet on Twitter, post on walls on Facebook, make videos for YouTube and send an e-mail to let our professor know we just got into a car accident and will not be in class. We’re growing up in an age where people are “too connected.” Smartphones such as the BlackBerry and iPhone have allowed us, or in some cases enabled us, to be connected at all times throughout every day. Remember the days when we would call our friends to see what they were doing instead of checking FourSquare? What about the days when we ordered duplicates when our film was developed so we can hand them out to our friends. Now it’s as simple as a tag. By the way, if you are completely lost so far I praise you; you’re one of the few. For the past year I’ve been annoyed at the fact that our university’s website is out of date. It looks real snazzy with its front page pictures and clean layout. However, trying to find events on campus have proven to be an uphill battle… Until this year. Did you notice we now have a “COUGARLink” where flyers for events are posted on a virtual corkboard? Facebook pages have been made for departments such as Campus Life, Alumni Association, Student Financial Services and Athletics. Kean has even made it to Twitter. I thought The Tower was setting the stage when we set up a Twitter account, but much to my surprise, Kean University had beaten us to the punch. (Well, some departments had.) November hosts the Thanksgiving holiday where we give thanks for the people in our lives, events that have brought us happiness and for what is to come. Well, I’m thankful that Kean has finally joined the band wagon and given students the opportunity to be more aware of what’s on campus. However, it would still be helpful to click around the university’s website and not get an “http error” or an updated date from 2007.

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His name was Noah, he was only 21. He was a friend of mine, a person who will forever haunt my childhood stories as a member of a life I once belonged to—we were campers together, kids together. He is in my favorite picture from high school, smiling and laughing on the back of a hay ride in the middle of some farm that I will probably never find again.

feel trapped in. But it seems like a silent gunman is slowly picking away at my childhood, taking one person at a time. He won’t be caught, he won’t be stopped. He’s merely the instigator—he holds the weapon and it is his victims whom are pulling the trigger. Somehow, over time, drugs have become a right of passage in college. The sad realization that I am

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“I know that drug use often feels like an easy way out, a mental vacation from the world that we sometimes feel trapped in.” Photo: Rachel Rothspan

Noah and the writer as kids, on a hayride in 2003.

A few weeks ago, he overdosed. Now he is nothing more than a memory. Less than a year ago, I had another friend from high school, Sarah, who was found dead after she and her boyfriend used some bad drugs. I am a college student. I know that we are under a lot of pressure and stress, pressure to graduate, make friends and be socially accepted, stress to get our papers in and study for our tests, and somehow become the citizens we were raised to be. I know that drug use often feels like an easy way out, a mental vacation from the world that we sometimes

trying to come to terms with is that this will not be the last drug induced death that occurs, and that it will not be long before it happens again. In Noah’s memory, however, I hope that as drug education increases, people will start to make better choices about their drug intake. I hope that stress release will come at much less of a cost. And most of all, I hope that the number of people who are mourning for people who they’ve lost to drugs will decrease, so that less people will feel the suffering of knowing that they will never see their friends again. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, contact an authority or drug abuse hotline and get the help needed.

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Kean Scenes

Photo by: Gabrielle Matarazzo

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010



Having spent nine months out of her 10-year life span on John Hurtado’s elbow, is it surprising that Hazel can finish his sentences? Yes, I just spoke in the third person, and no, Hazel is not a talking baby. Rather she is my over-sized pit-bull. The once shy soft-eyed pup I had met nine months ago has now become an illustrious name on the block of Adam’s Avenue. Whether the name Hazel is being shouted by myself or by five random men trying to help catch her—as she finds escaping out of the backyard a game—we’ve all had our encounters with Hazel. Full of life, energy, and love, Hazel is the ideal dog who has a nose for sme lling fun and a sweet tooth for seeking adventure; sometimes one sweet tooth too many. Despite the fact that not a bone of anger runs through this pup, one can’t deny that Hazel appreciates the everyday adventure. Take it from a guy who runs two miles every morning to say that this dog’s stamina

for fun is worlds ahead of anyone. Her idea of fun consists of dipping and dodging cars going 60 miles-per-hour down the road. Parks? Forget about it! Parks are Hazel’s sports ground home field advantage. She uses trees for hiding places, and she even makes time for leisurely activities such as chasing a couple of jogging pedestrians. When it comes to Hazel and her leash, they both share a special bond. The only thing my hand and her leash share, however, is the mere fact that we cannot seem to stay together! We’re like two positive signs on a magnet, impossible to meet. In her arsenal of tricks, kissing is by far her greatest of attributes, and my goodness, does she do it well. No tongue so soft has ever graced my lips, accidentally of course, so lusciously that any doubt of love being in the air is simply just unacceptable. No eyes so gorgeous have ever been gracious enough to lend themselves to visit my face as she

sits adorably on her four legs waiting for a treat. The “aws” and the “oohs” seem to always find themselves intoxicating the air as Hazel uses her charm to impress a room. Yes, the manipulative, full breed pup

“Hazel is a walking reflection as well as a personified life lesson on a leash.” can make the sternest of tight faces soft and even the narrow eye-browed expressions happy. Through her, I must say, I not only learned how to run faster, thanks to chasing her, but also how to care; to care for others, like Hazel, whose life is dependent on my care taking skills. Whether I wanted it or not, my stern heart was planted

with a seed of affection the day that we had met. I share her sense of adventure. Her arrogant and wild spirited character is dissected into her personality, by none other than me. I cannot look at Hazel’s face and somehow not see mine, for I once was, and still am, the loose cannonball she reflects today. No matter how wild or stressful she may be, Hazel is a walking reflection as well as a personified life lesson on a leash. Full of life, energy, and love, many have had their share of encounters with the light brown, hazel-eyed, brindle covered puppy on Adams Avenue. And whether we are chasing her or petting her, she has never failed to put a smile on our faces, even when we end up having to chase her. She’s one in a million, and she is also my love, my dog, Hazel Hurtado.


It’s madness. The noise surrounds you, louder than a hundred fire engine sirens. No, this isn’t the sight of five-car pile-up, you have just entered the Dairy Queen. The small storefront is packed to the gills with elderly couples, families and children —so many children. Their voices start at a calm murmur, and increase to frantic shouting over one another, until you can’t hear yourself think anymore. “CAN I HELP THE NEXT CUSTOMER?!” A sea of prepubescent soccer players stare back at me, dumbfounded. No one moves as the shouting increases and then one of them approaches the counter and asks if we sell hamburgers. Is it so hard to read a menu? Everything is spelled out crystal clear, in pictures! The job of an ice cream server is least to be desired. Glorified to some, many think we just sit on our bums all day and eat all the ice cream we want. Sadly this is not so. First, there is not a day that I do not go home reeking of ice cream. Delicious, you

say? Sure, if you think the smell of dried milk is appetizing. Every day my uniform is soiled from head to toe. I cannot bring a nice pair of shoes into work if I desire to

Oh no, you must grin, bear it, and scoop that chocolate ice cream like it was your mistake from the beginning. Complaints; I think people complain

“She turned her head towards me, in utter disgust: ‘my milkshake tastes like milk, I want my money back.’” keep them decent looking. I have ruined many good pairs of jeans there as well and it’s not just my wallet that suffers. Dealing with the general public is hard enough, but food service is by far the worst. Not only must you have a sunny disposition when serving a thousand calorie sundae, but you are a slave to the customer’s every whim. They are free at any moment to change their mind. You can’t say, ‘you just told me you wanted a small vanilla cone with sprinkles and now you’re telling me you wanted chocolate?’

Photo: Nicole Marie Pahinha

A satisfied customer enjoying his sundae.

more about the aesthetics of their ice cream than anything else. Of course your ice cream doesn’t look like the picture, do I look like a robot? Your soft serve sundae is melting because of the hot chocolate you asked me to pour all over it. And my favorite has to be when customers ask if there is real rum in the rum raisin ice cream. Honey if that were the case, I’d be eating it every time I worked.

Just when I think we’re in the clear, a teenaged girl pushes her way through the crowd with a look as though things have not gone her way She slams down her medium shake cup and looks up to my coworker ”Can I speak to your manager?“ I speak up, “How can I help you?” She turns her head towards me and in utter disgust replies with, “My milkshake tastes like milk, I want my money back.” This is what I’m talking about people. I don’t know what planet some of these people live on but on earth, milkshakes are made with milk. It’s even in the name. I rather enjoy my job, as crazy at it seems. I’m a college student. I have bills to pay, books to purchase, and I need gas and coffee to fill both my tanks. Nothing comes cheap nowadays, so working at the Dairy Queen is both a blessing and a curse. Part-time jobs are a necessary evil for college students everywhere. I am the happy employee of a small ice cream parlor in Central Jersey; happy because I love my job and the people I work with but the customers… they are another story.

TALKING TO THE PROS By Christine Valdez

Have you ever wondered what it would be like having the opportunity to talk to the athlete or celebrity that you admire? For most, it seems like just a dream, but for some it may actually happen. Like for me. I was sitting in the UC cafeteria with my laptop, catching up on the latest in sports when the professional NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin appeared on the screen. He was having a live chat with his fans and I figured I’d join in and sent a question. To my surprise, I got a response. The one little response from Denny truly made my day, to know he took the time out to respond to his fans.

But that wasn’t the end. In fact, the same thing happened with Kasey Kahne, another NASCAR driver. A few days later, Joey Logano, another professional NASCAR driver, responded as well. Speaking with Logano felt like a one-on-one conversation, like I was just one of his friends. He happens to be one of my favorite drivers so I was excited to hear him answering my questions. Unfortunately, we were not face-to-face but it felt great hearing his voice answering my questions. Talking to a professional athlete or a celebrity that you admire may seem impossible, but today it can be achieved. You don’t have to wait on long lines with millions of people at an autograph ses-

sion where chances are your time will be rushed and you’ll just get one or two words from them. There are many websites available where athletes and celebrities chat with fans. For

“Talking to a professional athlete or a celebrity that you admire may seem impossible but, it can be achieved.” example, ESPN hosts several athletes, actors, and journalists who respond to people throughout every day. You may even

see your favorite celebrity on their website, hosting a video or audio chat with their fans. With Twitter becoming a popular spot to find celebrities, you can try to contact them there too. I have heard of many instances where fans receive responses from their idols on Twitter. For example, comedian George Lopez and WWE superstar MVP respond to fans on their Twitter page. George Lopez even posts his fans tweets on his late night show on television. Talking to the rich and famous isn’t impossible; but don’t take my advice, try it yourself. You may be surprised to see your question end up on online or television.


Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010 | The Tower

If Only There Were Mute Buttons in Real Life By Brian De Joy

The first match Kirsten Garner, a student at Brookdale Community College, played on Halo: Reach went over without a hitch. The second and third rounds went well, but the fourth is when the gender targeted responses poured through the virtual world. Paired with a group of seventeen other strangers, Garner plugged her headset into the controller and simply said “Hey guys, what’s up?” That’s all the other players needed. Within seconds she was bombarded with comments such as “Are you a prepubescent boy or a girl,” “What are you doing out of the kitchen” and “Make me a sandwich!” Some days she fires back; other days she ignores them. “The best defense is the mute button,” said Garner. Online discrimination against gender bias and homosexuality has become a topic of concern in the gaming industry. For most consumers gaming is a hobby; a relaxing way to escape the trials and tribulations of daily life in a realm of fantasy. For some gamers, this hobby has opened up full blown angst.

“Trash talking is expected but it has gone well beyond mere words,” Garner said. In her experiences, like many others, derogatory comments and gender related slurs are commonplace. “It’s gotten so bad in some instances I’ve had to mute every player in the game and

“I’ve met some very cool people and made some good friends playing online and I don’t intend to stop playing due to a few unruly people.” now I almost always choose not to even use a microphone because of the comments,” said Garner. Ricky Plant, a gamer from Montana, is an openly gay gamer. Almost immediately after signing online and joining a match the insults begin. The amount of verbal and physical abuse has become a hindrance to his online experi-

ence. In some instances he has received an influx of hate messages via the online gaming message system and has been harassed both with words and in-game actions. “I’ve played a few games where after being abused verbally the game starts and my teammates turn and start [shooting at me and killing me]],” said Plant. “I’ve been blocked and unable to move for the whole game.” Plant is on the receiving end of a trend that is being seen more and more in online games. The verbal assaults on openly gay gamers in pre-game lobbies are followed up with physical actions in game. Players gang up on the victim and either kill them repeatedly or blockade them into a corner impeding play. As a result newer games have begun to implement the ability to remove players that attack their own teammates. While it is impossible to control every facet of the player’s experiences, companies such as Microsoft have implemented within the Xbox Live menu, the ability for a player to report abusive or disruptive individuals. Initially, Microsoft did not allow player profiles or gamer tags to state religious be-

liefs or sexual orientation. However, that changed in March of 2010. After receiving feedback from players, Microsoft allowed the use of words indicating sexual orientation in gamer tags and profile information, according to, a popular website for gaming news. Microsoft also bans accounts for committing any form of discrimination online. In some instances, however, this has created more problems. An Xbox Live user, Josh Moore, was recently banned for simply listing his hometown Fort Gay, West Virginia. After numerous phone calls pleading his case, the incident was resolved and his account was reinstated, according to a story by, a CBS news outlet. “Where most of the online community is generally tolerant and polite it takes only a handful to ruin the fun. It makes it more difficult to truly feel like a part of the community, but I haven’t lost hope,” Plant said. “I’ve met some very cool people and made some good friends playing online and I don’t intend to stop playing due to a few unruly people.”

Going Through the Motions By Eric albuen

Wireless game controllers are convenient but what about a gaming system that just watches you move? Microsoft has

the controller. For this, there are no extra wires, no extra batteries to replace, just the Kinect device capturing your every move to simulate it on-screen and in real time. Along with a built-in microphone,

a new experience for gamers. With full 3D motion capture, facial and vocal recognition, Microsoft wanted to be a force to be reckoned with in the motion controller field. Ironically that year, PlayStation

“With full 3D motion capture, facial and vocal recognition, Microsoft wanted to be a force to be reckoned with in the motion controller field.” The Kinect for XBOX 360.

released their latest development for the XBOX 360 console. Simply named Kinect, this product, as claimed by Microsoft, is a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience.” What makes the Microsoft Kinect unique, unlike its competitors, is that the Kinect peripheral will allow you to become

the device can capture your speech and translate it into commands that the XBOX 360 console will understand and execute. The Kinect device was introduced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or simply E3, in 2009 under the codename, Project Natal. Microsoft demoed their device that year saying that it would “be the birth” of

announced that they were releasing their own motion controller and dubbed it the PlayStation Move. Sony’s small problem was that many claimed that it looked like Nintendo’s Wii Remote. The motion controller wars, with the release of Kinect will heat up each system’s developer’s competition amongst each other. Nintendo started the motion craze

with its Wii Remote in 2006. Three years later, they released their expansion on the controller with the Wii MotionPlus. With the release of the PlaySation Move this past September, they have a lot of ground to cover in-terms of catching up with the Wii Remote in sales. Many gaming websites praise Sony for making their device accurate for gamers to use for playing. With minimal mistakes in their initial launch the controller’s movements sets a standard for a lot of games to live up to. However, Microsoft is ready to strike back against their competition with the release of their new motion device. The new controller allows people to play games ranging from dancing, taking care of virtual pets, and even commanding a console to do what you want it to do by just speaking. The Kinect seems to have a lot of potential to break ground in the motion wars as well. Only time will tell whether or not the full body controller has enough power to dominate in the motion field.

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010

Academic Calendar: 11/11 2:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Secretaries: More than Taking Notes, UC Greek Lounge 3:15pm Fit To Be Kean, D’Angola Gym Room 191 11/12 3:30pm Leadership Workshop Series: Lets Get On The Same Page: Goal Setting and Inspiring A Shared Vision, UC Greek Lounge 11/15 International Education Week 3:20pm IRB Trainning Seminar By The Office For Research and Sponsored Programs, CAS 238 3:30pm Greek Senate Meeting, UC Greek Lounge 4:15pm Leadership Workshop Series: Greek Life 101: Greek Policies and Procedures, UC Greek Lounge 6:00pm NJSBDC at Kean University Workshop: Motivating and Managing Employees in today’s Economy, Clark Public Library 303 Westfield Avenue Clark,NJ 11/16 International Education Week 2:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Let My People Grow Recruitment and Retention, UC Greek Lounge 3:30pm Street Fighter Tournament, UC Game Room 11/17 International Education Week 11:00am Farmer’s Market, Green Lane 10:00am The Cougar Fair, UC Atrium 1:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Cougar Link- A Student Group Leaders Best Friend, UC Greek Lounge 2:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Leading By Example, UC Greek Lounge 7:30pm eXpresso- Informational Meeting by Chi Upsilon Sigma, UC 337B 11/18 International Education Week 12:00pm Blood Drive, UC 228           3:15pm Fit To Be Kean, D’Angola Gym Room 191 3:30pm Leadership Workshop Series: Second in Command: The Vice President, UC Greek Lounge 11/19 International Education Week 3:30pm Leadership Workshop Series: What’s Your Style, UC Greek Lounge 5:00pm Student Org, Student Council Meeting, UC 228

11/20 9:00am Breakfast and Cartoons, UC Atrium 10:00am Thanksgiving Day Craft Workshop, Liberty Hall Museum 11:30am Community Foodbank of New Jersey, Buses Depart VE Parking Lot 11/22 4:00pm Bake Sale Lambda Theta Alpha, Hutchinson Hall Lobby 11/23 3:30pm Chess Tournament, UC Game Room 3:30pm Psychology Club General Meeting UC 337B 11/24 11:00am Farmer’s Market, Green lane 11/25- Thanksgiving Recess No Classes University Closed 11/26- Thanksgiving Recess No Classes University Closed 11/27- Thanksgiving Recess No Classes University Closed 11/29 3:30pm Leadership Workshop Series: Fundrasing 101 UC Greek Lounge 3:30pm Greek Senate Meeting, UC  Greek Lounge 11/30 3:30pm Pool Tournament, UC Game Room 4:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Leading Through Service: Community Service vs Volunteering, UC Greek Lounge 4:00pm Bake Sale: The Accounting Club, Bruce Hall Lobby 6:30pm Contemporay Issues in Global Business Lecture Series, Kean Hall Conference Center 12/1 10:00am The Cougar Fair, UC Atrium 5:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Dollars and Sense: The Treasurer, UC Greek Lounge 12/2 3:15pm Fit To Be Kean, D’Angola Gym Room 191 4:00pm Leadership Workshop Series: Conflict Resolution: Listen, learn, Speak, UC Greek Lounge 12/3 3:30pm Leadership Workshop Series: Room Reservations 101, UC Greek Lounge 12/4 11:30am Community Foodbank of New Jersey Bus Departs VE Parking Lot 12/5 3:00pm Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Buses Depart From Wilkins Theatre Bus Stop 12/6 3:20pm IRB Trainning Seminar, CAS 238 12/7 12:00pm Blood Drive, UC 228 12/8 10:00am The Cougar Fair, UC Atrium

Kean Stages: 11/12 8:00pm Acro Ensemble Music From Across The Pond, Enlow Recital Hall 8:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 11/13 2:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 7:30pm State Symphony Capella pf Russia 50 Vocal Ensemble, Enlow Recital Hall 8:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 11/14 2:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 3:00pm Magik Theatre’s Alice and Wonderland: A Rock Opera, Wilkins Theatre 11/17 8:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 11/18 5:00pm The Other Shore Followed by Q&A with The Cast, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 8:00pm The Music of Samuel Zyman, Enlow Recital Hall 8:00pm Department of Music Wind Ensemble, Wilkins Theatre 11/19 8:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118

11/20 2:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 8:00pm The Other Shore, Zella Fry Theatre VE 118 11/21 3:00pm Department of Music chorale and Concert Choir, Enlow Recital Hall 12/4 2:00pm New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble’s The Nutcracker, Wilkins Theatre 7:00pm New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble’s The Nutcracker, Wilkins Theatre 7:30pm Sharon Isbin Multiple Grammy Winner, Classical Guitar, Enlow Recital Hall 12/5 2:00pm New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble’s The Nutcracker, Wilkins Theatre 12/6 7:30pm Department of Music Percussion Ensemble, Wilkins Theatre 12/8 7:30pm Department of Music Jazz Ensemble, Wilkins Theatre

Kean Students Can Go To Europe With Communication Class Kean University students can spend spring break in Europe—visiting Dublin, Wales, London and Paris—and earn college credit along the way as part of a course offered by the Department of Communication. The 10-day trip is also open to participants who simply want to take advantage of an incredibly good package that includes airfare, hotels, all inter-city rail and bus transportation, breakfast and dinner, museum fees and tips. The course, Communication 4880, is one of several Travelearn courses being offered by the University this spring. Students who qualify for financial aid can apply their aid to the trip provided that they enroll in the course. The trip includes visits to some of the most famous museums and historic sites in Europe: the Book of Kells, Trinity College, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe¸ and more. For 10 days, participants will be immersed in European culture. Students will learn how the American press was shaped centuries ago by philosophers who paved the way for what was then the revolutionary idea of news free of government control. Students will visit international news organizations to learn first-hand the challenges facing these operations and how they are responding to the sweeping changes brought on by technology and social forces that have undercut American newspapers.

Space is still available on the trip for both those wishing to earn academic credit and those traveling for pleasure. Friends and family are welcome. Flyers with more trip details are available in CAS 402 and on bulletin boards across campus. Anyone interested should contact Gabriel Gluck, an adjunct professor in the Communication department, at The program fee for the trip is $3,137. All participants need to register and send a deposit to ACIS( to lock in price. Full payment is due by Dec. 1 but may be extended to Jan. 24 by enrolling in payment plan. Prices do not include any academic course fees or tips. Participants must also register with Center for International Studies in Kean Hall. Those wishing to go on the trip should contact the Center for International Studies(CIS) in Kean Hall as soon as possible. Students utilizing financial aid must get their paperwork in immediately. There is also a $150 fee to CIS. University forms may be downloaded from the CIS website (http://cie.kiean. edu/~cis). Payment for the trip is made directly to ACIS, Students wishing to register for the academic course, which will meet on several Monday nights during the spring semester, should stop by the Dept. of Communication office, CAS 402, for the necessary registration information from Department Chairman Dr. Christopher Lynch.


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Cancer is a class of diseases in which a cell or a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, (division beyond the normal limits) invasion, and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are selflimited, and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor but some like leukemia, do not. The branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer is oncology. Cancer affects people at all ages with the risk for most types in increasing with age. It caused about 13% of all human deaths in 2007. Cancers are primarily an environmental disease with 90-95% of all cases due to lifestyle and environmental factors (tobacco, obesity, infections, radiation, stress, lack of physical activity, environmental pollutants) and 5-10% due to genetics. Breast cancer is cancer that forms in tissues of the breast, usually the ducts (tubes

It is a myth that men do no get breast cancer that carry milk to the nipple) and lobules (glands that make milk). Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the U.S aside from skin cancer and the second most deadly cancer in women after lung cancer. There are several different types of breast cancer that can be divided into two main categories- noninvasive cancers and invasive cancers. Noninvasive cancer may also be called “carcinoma in situ”. The two types on noninvasive breast cancers are ductal carcinoma in situ and lobular carcinoma in situ. Noninvasive breast cancers are confined to the ducts or lobules and they do not spread to surrounding tissues. There are several kinds on invasive cancers. The most common types is invasive ductal carcinoma, which appears in the ducts and accounts for about 80% of all breast cancer cases. There are different stages (stage 0 - stage 4 and the lower the number the less the cancer has spread) of breast cancer based on size of the tumor and whether the cancer has spread. Knowing the stage is the most important factor in choosing among treatment options. Gentlemen, it is a myth that men do no get breast cancer. Males, like women, are also at risk for breast cancer. Although not very common, there will be close to 2,000 new cases of male breast cancer

diagnosed in the U.S this year and according the American Cancer Society (ACS), an estimated 400 males are expected to die from the disease. The most important thing for men to know is that such an entity exists and can have all the ramifications that affect women. To predict when and in whom breast cancer will occur, scientists are looking for clues. These clues are called risk factors. To identify risk factors, scientists continually examine various trends and patterns among women worldwide who are diagnosed with the disease. Studies have found the following risk factors for breast cancer. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Age Individual and family medical history Genetic alterations Race Economic status Environmental exposures to pollutants Being overweight or obese after menopause Lack of physical activity Drinking alcohol Being a woman Having high breast density on a mammogram Having a previous biopsy showing a typical hyperplasia Starting menopause after age 55 Never having children Currently or recently using estrogen or estrogen plus progestin hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

The above risk factors help the scientists predict with some certainty a woman’s or man’s odds for developing breast cancer. It is important to note, however, that this is not an exact science and that such predictions are not definite. But, knowing the personal risk factor profile and understanding what it means will help plan a course of action. There is no proven way to prevent breast cancer, but you can improve the odds for survival and the best defense is through routine screenings, annual breast exams, breast self- examinations, mammograms, and education. Less than 50 years ago, breast cancer was hardly discussed in the medical community. Now, it is the most visible disease around, especially in October, when pink ribbons are all over in honor of breast cancer awareness month, now in its 20th year.

By gina allen

An apple a day keeps the doctor away —at least that’s what you’re told growing up. However, have you ever thought about how you’re eating fruit? It might come as a surprise to learn that there is a wrong and a right way to eat fruit. What, you may ask? Isn’t eating fruit good for you, no matter when you eat it? Many fruit consumers eat one or two pieces after each meal. However, according to, the

when your stomach becomes filled with air or water and your belly tends to swell. The fruit mixes with other foods like a fruit machine to emulate and putrefy them. Graying hair, balding, nervous outburst, and dark circles under your eyes are other symptoms that may occur if fruit is consumed incorrectly. According to researcher Diana Post, M.D., an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a member of

correct way to consume fruit is before a meal. Starting a meal with a serving of fruit helps detoxify and energize your system for weight loss and other activities.

the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, acidic fruits such as oranges and lemons become alkaline in the body, so there’s no worry about fruits being ‘too acidic’ when taken on an empty stomach. Many college students are on a time crunch, therefore, if your only source of fruits is through juice, make sure to drink fresh fruit juice and not the kind in a can. Try to stay away from fruits that are cooked as well, as the cooking process destroys all vitamins. Also, don’t think that your breakfast of Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops counts toward your daily serving of fruit. If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness, and normal weight. So go ahead, grab that apple or fruit of choice and tell that doctor you have better things to do.

Photo: Gina Allen

“A surprise to learn that there is a wrong and a right way to eat fruit.” For example, if you were to eat a bagel and then an orange, the bagel would be blocking the fruits passage through your stomach and into your intestines. This is because fruit digests faster than bread. Therefore, if there is a blockage in the digestive path, the entire meal will ferment and turn to acid. Eating fruit after meals produces gas and will cause you to bloat because the food in your stomach spoils. Bloating is

Life is calling. How far will you go?

Dr. Josh Palgi is a professor in the Department of Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Department.

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Men’s Basketball vs Steven’s Institute of Technology Women’s Basketball vs The College of New Jersey Men’s Basketball vs The College of New Jersey Women’s Basketball vs DeSales University

45 Kean graduates have served in the Peace Corps!

The Tower | Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010



Tennis Student Makes Most of Her Time on Tennis Team By Matt Chin

Tennis is one of those sports that require a unique blend of athleticism, patience, and dedication. It’s not a sport that anyone can pick up and learn easily. However, 25-year-old Kean student, Annie Ramos, did just that as a junior in high school. Ramos learned the sport of tennis at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle, NJ. “I played my junior and senior year of high school. It was something to do in the fall and the only female sport other than track at my high school,” said Ramos. After learning to play tennis in high school, Ramos decided to take her talents to the next level. In the fall of 2003, she joined the tennis team at Kean University. “I came in as a freshman through the Exceptional Educational Opportunity program. I just signed up,” said Ramos. In 2004, Evelyn Alfaro became the head

be the last person on the court. I’d call her Steady Annie,” said Alfaro. Ramos was eager to learn and easy to coach, said Alfaro. Ramos worked hard to improve different aspects of her game to help out her team.

“I knew being 25 and not playing with the tennis team for six months was going to be a challenge.”

Photo: Kean University

Annie Ramos of the women’s tennis team.

coach of the Kean tennis team, and Ramos immediately impressed her. “In my first year with Annie, she would

“She’s improved her drives a lot—her strategy and where she places the ball. Specifically, her greatest improvement has been at the net. She’s been very aggressive at the net, just putting it away,” said Alfaro. In 2008, Ramos earned an internship with Disney in Florida, requiring her to leave the team for six months. It kept her

busy and often made it difficult to keep up her tennis skills. “I played a little tennis while I was there. I was only able to play here and there though,” said Ramos. Upon returning to Kean after the internship, Ramos realized it would be an uphill battle to get back into tennis shape. “I knew being 25 and not playing with the tennis team for six months was going to be a challenge. It really helped me keep focus on my goals,” said Ramos. With a lot of practice and dedication, Ramos ended her 2010 season on a high note after placing third in the New Jersey Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women tournament. “It was a huge accomplishment for me since I’ve never done anything like that. Just to finish off my year, being honored for that, and receiving a plaque felt good,” said Ramos.

Football: Violent or Physical By Nicole Von Gonten

CALLING ALL CARTOONISTS put your inner cartoonist to work for The Tower If you think you have what it takes, send a pdf or jpeg of some of your work to:

“Ready, set, hike!” And just like that they’re off. Players are focusing on their assignments and the play that has just been called. The quarterback drops back to pass with protection all around him to throw. He finds a receiver down the field for a 30 yard catch and the receiver is looking to gain more yards, but before he can there is a defensive player knocking him to the ground. Those in the stands can tell that the hit was no normal hit, and that the receiver has not moved since he was tackled to the ground. Now the players begin to gather around and the medical staff comes out. Before anyone can comprehend what just happened, the player is being carted off to the hospital with a possible life threatening injury. This is a story that has been told too often lately when it comes to football games. The sport is a fast pace, hard- hitting game where players walk onto the field and do what they are taught to do. There are rules in place now that protect the “defenseless” players, such as receivers and quarterbacks, but some of these players sustaining these injuries are defensive players due to the way they tackle. As players prepare for the game, one would not think that they go out on the field worried about getting hurt. If they were worried about getting hurt, they probably would not play. “I can only talk from personal experience, I never thought about it,” Dan Garrett, Kean University head football coach and former Montclair State University defensive end and linebacker, said. “As a player you can’t think about that. When you do, that is when you will get hurt. It is a fast, physical sport and as a coach, you

don’t want to see anyone get hurt. [Getting hurt] definitely comes with playing the game, but as a player you can’t think about it.” So does there need to be more rules in place to protect a player from these hits, or does it have to do with the player’s techniques of tackling? “The NCAA rules and safe guard committee has had three or four new rules imple-

“it is a fast, physical sport and as a coach, you don’t want to see anyone get hurt.” mented over the past four or five years to help protect players, but there needs to be more emphasis on the players techniques being used,” said Garrett. All of this talk of injury has been brought back into the spotlight due to the latest injury to Rutgers University defensive tackle Eric LeGrand. LeGrand suffered a spinal cord injury on Oct. 16 in a game against Army. He was rushed to the Hackensack University Medical Center where surgery was performed to stabilize his spine. LeGrand currently has no movement from his neck down. In this situation, no one person can be blamed. It is unfortunate what happened to LeGrand but it is something the football community can learn from. They can realize that there needs to be a focus on tackling technique. “Develop ‘good’ habits that can help protect you from serious injury. Especially keeping your head up on contact, bulling the neck, keeping your eyes up when making a tackle; those are all things that will help protect your neck and spine on delivery or impact,” said Garrett.


Nov. 11 - Dec. 8, 2010 | The Tower


Mid-Season Fantasy Awards

TEAM CHIN By Matt Chin

We’re at the midway point of the season and some players have lived up to their hype while others have not. Many players have been inconsistent while others have performed on a daily basis. It’s been a completely unpredictable start to the season. Biggest Surprise Player Arian Foster gets the nod here. He literally ran over the Indianapolis Colts in the first week of the season gashing them for 231 yards and three touchdowns. Since then he’s had only one game that didn’t reach double digits. Most Underrated Player Somebody want to ask LaDainian Tomlinson if he found the fountain of youth? He’s averaging five yards a carry this year and he’s the lead back for the Jets when everyone thought he’d be the third down, change of pace back. He’s playing like he did in his record setting season a while back in San Diego. Maybe all he did need was a change of scenery. Most Overrated Player This one goes to Tony Romo. Yes, he’s a good quarterback, but that’s not all that is required of the position. He’s not a great leader. If he was, then he would have found some way to will his team to more than one win this year. Biggest Bust Ray Rice wins this award. He has one touchdown through seven games. He was supposed to be the main rusher in the Ravens’ offense, but they have used him very inconsistently. Also, with the acquisition of Anquan Boldin, the Ravens have become extremely pass happy. Most Frustrating Player Randy Moss takes the home the prize here. Now that the Vikings have released him, he has become pretty much useless. He only scored two touchdowns with the Vikes this year and has yet to have 100 yard receiving game. Maybe he’ll be less frustrating in the second half of the season if and when a team decides to sign him. Rookie of the Year This one unquestionably goes to Sam Bradford. If he’s not the Rookie of the Year at the end of the season it will be an absolute travesty. The Rams now have four wins (more than they have had in a long time). Bradford was the right choice for the number one overall pick this past year. Comeback Player In his second season back from an ACL injury, Osi Umenyiora is back to his old self. He currently has eight sacks and seven forced fumbles. With Mathias Kiwanuka on injured reserve for the rest of the year, Umenyiora has helped to given the New York Giants’ defense an identity. Most Valuable Player This was probably the hardest one to pick with no one separating themselves from the pack. But after much thought and consideration I’m going to have to give it to Tom Brady. The Patriots are currently sitting pretty at 6-1 and he’s the main reason for that. They lost Randy Moss, their defense is mediocre as is their run game, and the only reason for them having the best record in the league is Mr. Brady.

“It’s been a completely unpredictable start to the season.”

TEAM DOLOCHECK By Daniel Dolocheck

It’s hard to believe but the 2010 NFL season has reached its mid point. This year we have already seen plenty of bizarre and unpredictable games, with star players fading and new ones emerging. Its time for me to give out my fantasy football awards for the first half. Biggest Surprise Player This award has got to go Brandon Lloyd. He has 35 catches for 709 yards with three touchdowns, and is well on his way to a thousand yard season. His best season before this was in 2005 as a member of the 49ers when he totaled 733 receiving yards. Most Underrated Player Nobody thought LaDainian Tomlinson had much left in the tank, but he has proven everyone wrong (including myself). He has almost 500 yards on the ground with five touchdowns through seven weeks. Also a skilled blocker and excellent receiver, LT is filling the void Thomas Jones left when he was released by the Jets. Most Overrated Player Jay Cutler receives this award for his inability to not turn the ball over. At week seven he has seven touchdowns and seven interceptions with an alarming 27 sacks against him. He has a monster arm but needs to read the field better if he hopes to become the quarterback he once was in Denver. Biggest Bust Brett Farve wins this award by a landslide. After having one of his best seasons ever as a pro last year, he has regressed exponentially. Through seven weeks, the 41 year old gunslinger currently has seven touchdowns to his 10 interceptions with an abysmal 68 quarterback rating. Most Frustrating Player I like to refer to this award as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde trophy because you don’t know which player will show up on game day. Randy Moss wins hands down. This guy either has a monster day or is nowhere to be found. Its no wonder the Patriots shipped him off to Minnesota. Rookie of the yeaR This award has got to go to Sam Bradford, the number overall pick and starter for the St. Louis Rams. He currently has more touchdowns that interceptions (9 to 8) and is bringing stability to a team that has lacked it in previous years. He’s not yet a fantasy stud but could emerge at the end of the year with more experience under his belt. Comeback player This was a tough one for me but I have decided to give it to Michael Vick, because he essentially stole the starting quarterback gig from Kevin Kolb. His off the field issues have been well documented but he’s been impressive on it, throwing six touchdowns and zero interceptions while running at six and a half yards a clip. If it wasn’t for an injury in week four, his fantasy football stock would be through the roof. Most Valuable Player Two words. Peyton Manning. Take him off the Colts and they become a mediocre football team. Manning is having a terrific season throwing 13 touchdowns with almost 2000 yards already, while only throwing two interceptions. If he stays on the field, he’s a sure fire bet to win his fifth MVP.


Jade Coney Senior, Business Management

Brian Cowing Sophomore, Industrial Design Major

Brian Dowling Sophomore, Major Undecided

Erica Furman Sophomore, Early Childhood Education

“Italy because my grandparents are Italian. What country better than the country that has the city of love.”

“I will say Spain because I visited in high school and I like the type of lifestyle.”

“Italy because the food is delicious, the architecture is fantastic, and the culture is indispensible.”

“Italy because I have family there and because of the food, architecture, and culture.”

Photos: Arkor Kolubah

INQUIRING PHOTOGRAPHER: If you could live in any country, what would it be and why?

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