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VOLUME 12 • ISSUE 7 • MAR. 29 - APR. 18, 2012

Channel your inner Kobe and Lebron with some Kean Blacktop Basketball By Justin West

Photo: Kean Athletics

Group of athletic trainers from last year’s Young Athlete’s Program

Special Olympics returns to Kean University By Nicole Marie Padinha Teaching a child to play ball is one of the simple joys of parenthood. But for many families of children with intellectual disabilities, the act of introducing their children into the world of sports and is often a difficult task. Children classified as having intellectual disabilities—

of conditions. “We as OT’s are going to do what we can to help people in whatever life stage or condition that they have to reach their fullest potential,” said Falzarano. “But we do it not through exercise, but through daily occupations.” The program builds eight foundation skills, including body awareness and fitness skills,

“We’re actually empowering families, by teaching them how they might adapt.“ which can include a wide range of mental and developmental challenges—struggle with everyday activities, such as reading or writing, or even throwing or catching a ball. To help teach the basic fundamentals of play, Kean University will host the Special Olympics New Jersey Young Athletes Program at the Harwood Arena, located at 1000 Morris Ave. in Union, NJ, on April 15 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The program is for children two and a-half to seven, who are too young to participate in the Special Olympics, which takes those over the age of 8, said Dr. Mary Falzarano, assistant professor of the Department of Occupational Therapy, and a coordinator of the young athletes program. The Department of Occupational Therapy will be running the Young Athletes Program in collaboration with the special education, therapeutic recreation and physical education departments. Occupational Therapists use therapy through daily occupations to work with a variety

“traveling” movement skills, stability and mobility skills, introductory ball skills, arm/hand and eye coordination skills, upper body strength and visual motor skills, lower body coordination, and alternate movement opportunities. “They are showing children how to catch. They might be showing children how to throw, how to kick, how to run, but they do it in a very social environment,” said Falzarano. However, Falzarano said that the program also teaches families how to properly assist their children in play. “It’s not just somebody teaching them, it’s someone teaching the families; the mom, the dad, the caregiver and the children in the family,” said Falzarano. “So as a family unit, they could all do it together and not just do those skills once a week or once a month, but whenever they can play. More than 100 Kean students, faculty and staff have volunteered to assist the young athletes and their families on the day of the event, after signing up and partic- continued on page 3

It’s March Madness for the college basketball world but some Kean students have gotten a head start on that. The Kean basketball blacktop has been filled with students showcasing their basketball skills on a daily basis for months now. During the day or at night you can find dozens of students playing pick-up basketball for hours. The majority of the people who play here aren’t Kean students though. Bijan an Economics major at Kean says “I come out here to play because I like dunking on people specifically. We play competitively and most of the time I come with my boys. During the summertime were out here for hours till 2 a.m. sometimes.” This court has become so popular that most of the students playing at any given time might not even be Kean students. During a five-on-five pick-up game only one person on the court could be from Kean. A local resident, Rich says “I don’t go to Kean but we come here to stay out of the hood.” He added “We play just for fun normally and to see the girls on campus.” Another local resident Sarah said, “We’re here every other day it seems but we don’t go to Kean.”

Although we have had a mild winter there have been some cold nights but that hasn’t stopped some people from still coming to the courts and playing ball.

If you’re not a basketball fan, this can also be a spot to chill and hang out with friends. Ally a History major says “I don’t really like to play basketball but I just come to watch my friends and

Photo by: Justin West

Join these guys for a pick-up game.

Many of the students that play on this court don’t really have aspirations of making the Kean basketball team or playing professionally but still look toward the court for fun and games. James, a mathematics major said, “I come here whenever I have free time from class and my studies. Playing ball here lets me relax and get away from all the stress of life. Its tough keeping focus during the school year, but this helps me.”

socialize with them. Sometimes I sit and do some homework, especially since the weather is getting nice out its actually pretty cool.” There are two basketball courts for anyone who wants to play. Normally it gets crowded toward the afternoon and night time. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant probably won’t be walking on this court anytime soon but there still is some good formidable talent here at Kean.

Middle States asks for report on integrity By Daniel Reyes The Middle States Commission on Higher Education filed a new request asking Kean University on March 1 about a possible violation of Standard 6 which includes the assessment of integrity within the institution. Middle States requested that the monitoring report be turned in by Sept. 1, 2012 and show evidence of three different criteria. The first requirement for Standard 6, as listed on the Middle States website requires the university to show the unbiased and consistent treatment of all parties within the university and to assure that all parties are treated fairly. The second part of the monitoring report must address the existence of an atmosphere within the university that fosters respect among students, faculty, staff and administration. The final piece asks for proof

of “the periodic assessment of integrity evidenced in institutional policies, processes, practices and the manner in which these are implemented (Standard 6).” This new action about the university comes after an independent law firm found that

out to faculty and staff, Vice President of Academic Affairs Jeff Toney shed light on to how this new warning came about. “More recently, we [Kean] have been discussing with Middle States the media coverage of accusations leveled by the Kean Federation of Teachers against

“It is important to emphasize that the university remains a strong, vibrant and accredited institution.” there were some inaccuracies on various resumes from President Dawood Farahi. The Board of Trustees announced on Feb. 15, in a seven to four vote that they expressed full confidence in Farahi’s leadership at Kean. There was one abstention. In an informative email sent

President Farahi,” said Toney in the email dated March 5. “The commission closely follows the media and also receives thirdparty comments. In these discussions, our Middle States representatives made it clear that the commission wants to reaffirm its visiting team’s finding of last year continued on page 2


March | April 2012

KFT Vice President: “I don’t think this thing is over by any stretch of the imagination” By Nicole La Capria The Kean Federation of Teachers is seeking an independent investigation of university President Dawood Farahi’s documents by the state of New Jersey. KFT Vice President, Charlie Kelly said that NJ Secretary of Education Rochelle Hendricks has been asked to intervene in order to obtain the full results of the investigative report on Farahi. The 18page report, that Kelly says verifies all of the KFT’s allegations, does not reveal the conclusion of the investigation. Page 19 of the report is blacked out, and “attorney-client privilege” is cited as the reason by the investigators, which were hired by the Board of Trustees and paid for with public funds. “The client is really the public, because the public has paid for this,” said Kelly. The KFT feels that the investigation was incomplete because the board only investigated specific allegations made by the KFT and certain documents were not made accessible to the public. “The whole investigation is tainted by its lack of comprehensiveness,” he said. “You would think you’d look further to see if he falsified any recent documents.” When contacted, the secretary said she would not intervene until the board had concluded their investigation. “When the secretary looks at this report, she will be struck by the evidence,” said Kelly. “I don’t think this thing is over by any stretch of the imagination.” The KFT hopes that the secretary will

create an independent academic group to investigate all documents and personnel records containing Farahi’s credentials. “They would put the truth of the matter at their focus,” Kelly said. The Media and Publications department at Kean said that Secretary Hendricks has received a copy of the report from the Chair of the Board. “The Board of Trustees has expended significant time and resources to ensure

States has also recently issued a new action about Kean for its violation of Article 6 “Integrity” after the recent scandal. “We don’t have the evidence that he’s doing a great job with students,” Kelly said. “But I think the evidence of his falsified credentials is clear and unequivocal.” However, the KFT was recently accused of using students as “cannon fodder” during the public comments session

“The client is really the public, because the public has paid for this.” that the investigation was thorough in its approach,” stated an official statement. “The board reviewed the report with the best interests of the university and its students in mind. Therefore, the board expresses its confidence in President Farahi’s leadership and his ability to continue the progress we are making at Kean University.” Kelly said that the faculty is very unhappy with the board’s decision, and disputed the board’s claim that Farahi is doing a good job with the students, using the Middle States Commission’s claims as justification. The Middle States evaluation of Kean cited insufficient assessment of student progress, which Kelly believes makes it impossible to gauge Farahi’s positive effect on student performance. Middle

at the Board of Trustees meeting on Mar. 5, where students and faculty alike stood up to show their support and disdain for the president. Kelly said the remark disrespects students and that they are independent thinkers. “If you can’t deal with an issue, you start calling people names that raise the issue,” he said. Kelly said that the KFT has worked with Occupy Kean, a group of students that organized protests over the Farahi scandal, but said that they are very “independent and rightfully so” and denies any control over their actions. “Each step of the way, they make the decision for their organization, we don’t,” he said. “I respect that. I find that very admirable.”

Two names, three talents By Aaron Mena Childish Gambino or Donald Glover to some, who has recently been under the radar, has become the recent buzz on blogs and websites across the Internet. The 26-year-old triple threat hailing from California not only sings, but also performs stand-up comedy and is an actor on NBC. His newest released CD titled “Camp” ranked No. 2 on the Billboards top album list. Gambino also studied drama, improvisation, comedy and play writing at NYU. He received his first shot at making a name for himself when he was hired as a staff writer for the television show, “30 Rock.” With the help of Glover, the series won two Emmy Awards for an Outstanding Comedy Series as well as an award from the Writer’s Guild for Best Comedy. Following his writing achievements, he was then cast to an NBC series called, “Community.” He plays Troy, a former football star with a witty personality attending a community college in Greendale, CO.


After a brief hiatus, “Community” has returned for its third season. In addition to acting, he also founded “Derrick Comedy.” This YouTube channel features

Photo by: Mephisto Puck

Glover performing at Bowery Ballroom.

sketch comedy performed by Glover and four other actors that has now over five million views. It seems as if he uses his talents to explore every avenue of comedy and entertainment. Aside from producing records and acting, he also performs stand-up comedy. His first appearance was on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Special,” in March of 2010 after NBC decided to put “Community” on hold.

He also won an award for Rising Comedy Star of the Year Award at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Unlike many current rappers or hiphop artists, Childish Gambino brings something new to the table. He isn’t your typical artist rapping about money, women and materialistic possessions. He delivers punch lines mocking other artists and what the genre has become. His comedic personality is present throughout most of his tracks and really sets his music apart from the rest of mainstream music. He isn’t in it for the money or the fame, he raps because it is something he enjoys doing regardless of how other people feel about his music. At live performances not only does he perform tracks from his albums but he does stand up skits as well. In an unfortunate event, Gambino broke his foot resulting in the re-scheduling of his Camp Tour. He was scheduled to play Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, N.J. on March 21 but the date has been pushed back to June 26.

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related to Standard 6, Integrity.” This report comes on the heels of another monitoring report that Kean submitted to assure compliance with both Standard 7 (Institutional Assessment) and 14 (Assessment of Student Learning). If Middle States finds that Kean has not taken the necessary steps to fix the lack of sufficient evidence for fulfillment of these standards, the commission

warns that the institution’s accreditation may be in jeopardy. Accreditation is needed to transfer credits, go to graduate school and receive federal aid. Last year, the commission found that Kean operates with “a high level of integrity,” and Toney is sure this will be the case once more. “Once again, it is important to empha-

size that the university remains a strong, vibrant and accredited institution. Working together, we will emerge as an even stronger university dedicated to further improving student learning.” Both the University and Middle States did not return emails sent for a request for comment.

The Invisible Children Inc. speaks at Kean By Francesca Figalo The Human Rights Club at Kean University welcomed for the fifth time the Invisible Children Inc., a non-profit organization responsible for the creation of the viral video, “Kony 2012.” The event occurred on March 15 in the Wilkins Theater at 4:00 p.m., and it focused on raising awareness for the actions of Joseph Kony, a man who has abducted over 30,000 children in Uganda over the past 26 years. Kony forces these children to join his rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers.

Photo by: Francesca Figalo


Claire Pendergrast (left) and Sharon Proscovia (right) delivering their speech.

During the first half of the event, Claire Pendergrast, a full-time volunteer of the Invisible Children Inc., introduced “Kony 2012,” which was directed by Jason Russell, one of the founders of the organization, and which received more than 100 million views. Pendergrast also explained the message of the video and played it on the projection screen above the stage to an audience of students, faculty members and visitors. “The message of the video is that we want this war to be seen. We no longer want the atrocities of Joseph Kony to be unseen,” Ananda Robie, the east coast team leader of the Invisible Children Inc., said. “We want the international community to really come together with one voice and demand justice and demand that 26 years of atrocities and abductions end this year, so we are asking everyone who sees the film to use their voice to reach out to others.” During the second half of the event, Sharon Proscovia, a native of Uganda, spoke about growing up in poverty and living her life in fear of the LRA. She also explained that the donations from supporters of the Invisible Children Inc. allowed her to receive the opportunity to attend college and to graduate in computer science. “You transformed me from being invisible to a visible girl. The donations that you have been making have paid off,” Proscovia said. After Prescovia encouraged the audience to fight for the cause, Pendergrast spoke about “Cover the Night Event,” which consists of hanging up posters in local communities to raise awareness about the cause. “On April 20th, we want to remind everyone what we are fighting for and we want everyone to be involved, so we are asking people and local businesses if they can hang up posters, go around their college campuses, go to their churches and basically make sure that everyone in the community sees posters and is aware of who Kony is,” Robie said. The Human Rights Club has been inviting the Invisible Children Inc. at Kean since 2007. Originally, Janine Rivera and Katie Pagan, the continued on page 3


March | April 2012


KEAN | OCEAN COUNTY COLLEGE Savia answers the big question By Bruce Anderson Are you a current English major or considering entering the English program at Kean-Ocean? Maybe you write well or love to read but are unsure how to adapt these skills to a lucrative career. Don’t give up on making a good living doing what you enjoy just because you’ve heard that it’s hard to find employment with an English degree. The truth is, an English degree can open many doors and is often seen by employers as a strong asset. Leah Savia is living proof of the value of an English degree in the working world, and she brought an instructive and fun presentation called “What to Do with Your English Degree” to the OCC Bookstore Conference Room on February 21.

Savia currently holds a post as Student Life Coordinator for Kean-Ocean. She has worked for several large companies and famous authors since graduating with a BA in English from Kean University. Her highly informative and encouraging PowerPoint presentation took attendees through her own career arc as well as those of three personal acquaintances who used their English degrees to land great careers with excellent pay. Savia also gave examples of many celebrities with English degrees, refuting the “big joke” that an English degree equals no money. These famous English majors include Stephen King, Jodie Foster, Martin Scorsese, and Conan O’Brien. Getting down to practical application, Savia spoke of the particular

Photo by: Bruce Anderson

Leah Savia, Student Life Coordinator for Kean OCC.

abilities of the English major and listed over twenty job opportunities for graduates with these skills. She offered

suggestions for preparation while still in college and gave tips on finding suitable internships. Savia also stressed the abundant opportunities available on the internet. She recommends blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and online journals as excellent avenues to start a career or begin to develop an impressive resume. Savia’s presentation was quite encouraging and filled with practical information of inestimable value to anyone aspiring to a degree in English. If you missed it last month don’t worry —Savia intends to repeat the presentation in the near future. Keep an eye out for flyers and emails. This informative and entertaining, pragmatic yet humorous presentation is too valuable to be missed.

From rock radio to Kean By Meggan McGuire When we students think of our professors, we usually cannot picture them as real people with lives outside of the classroom. Professor Zaccari proved just how wrong our assumptions are. He lives a truly interesting life; he has worked in rock radio, writes “insane” fiction and is an avid music lover. Prepare to have your expectations obliterated because this professor unapologetically defies the teacher stereotype and redefines what it means to be an educator. When referring to his career path, he summed up its essence by stating, “My life is unexpected.” Before becoming a professor, Zaccari worked in the radio business for 14 years. He describes his stint in radio as “complete insanity, but a lot of fun.” He went to college for communication, which included television, film and radio. Describing his entrance into the radio world, Zaccari said “The first station I worked at was FM 106.3, which their slogan was ‘modern rock’ and I worked there for 5 years. It was really bizarre, and I mean Spinal Tap kind of bizarre, and at that time they were alternative before there even was alternative.” He did just about everything at the station, such as production, voice work and on-the-air work. He was rockradio’s jack-of-all-trades. After working at FM 106.3, Zaccari moved on to Magic 98.3, which is an adult contemporary station. Magic 98.3 was radically different in both music and formatting: “You had to be tight, and it was a real challenge. I re-


ally liked my experience there.” He took on the challenge with open arms and embraced the unfamiliar format as a learning experience. When it came to the station’s music choice, he remarked “I didn’t like the music, but when you

Photo by: Meggan McGuire

Ever the individual, Zaccari insisted on providing a self-portrait in place of a photograph.

work in radio you’re going to work in places where you don’t like the music.” His experience at 98.3 demonstrated that working in radio is not as easy as it sounds, and being a deejay doesn’t mean that you get to play your favorite music all day. Soon after working at Magic 98.3, Zaccari moved on the 90.5 the Night, which is located on Brookdale Community College’s campus. The Night showcases independent musicians who are

on the cutting edge of the music scene. Zaccari was well-suited for the station’s distinct tastes, being that he is an avid music lover. He even detailed some of his favorite music; “I really like classic rock, new wave. I really like things from the 70s, early 80s. I like a lot of dark music; Tones on Tail, Bauhaus, Plexi…” Although he has an exceedingly open mind, he draws the line at show tunes: “I absolutely despise show tunes. Like if we’re in a car and someone wants to play show tunes, I will throw down.” Even though Zaccari loved working in radio, he found that making a living from it was difficult. He joked, “Either I could continue in radio, and my future in a couple years would be pushing my belongings in a shopping cart around Asbury Park, or I could go out and get [another] job.” To help solve his career conundrum, he went to get his masters at Monmouth University. “My master’s degree was without a doubt the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it really gave me a sense of satisfaction when I was done” stated Zaccari. Once again, he was up for the challenge and succeeded. When asked why he chose to teach history, he said “I am one of those people, I love so many things. I love music, history, political science, philosophy, psychology and science. Well, history is the study of everything.” After achieving his masters, Zaccari went on to teach at Brookdale Community College, Ocean County College, and Kean Ocean. On the subject of teaching, he stated “the best thing about teaching is the reaction I get from students.”


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founders of the club, learned about the organization when they attended high school together. After Rivera and Pagan transferred to Kean, they decided to invite the organization to inform students about the struggles of the children in Uganda. The club plans to invite the organization again next spring. Last year, the In-

visible Children Inc. spoke about rebuilding schools for children in Uganda in order to rescue them from Kony’s army, offering them the opportunity to learn and to approach a better future. “It’s a horrible thing to watch little children being forced out of their houses and taken in the middle of the night to do something against their will,” Isabel

He also went on to say “I’ve been really fortunate to work with some really outstanding students and some amazing people.” It became apparent that he invests himself wholly in everything he takes on—revealing a passion for life that is uncommon today. Zaccari has many interests outside of work, and one of his biggest is the written word. He revealed that teaching jumpstarted his writing endeavors: “From being a professor, I have done so much research, and I figured I should really streamline this and get some of it published academically.” Writing is no small hobby for this professor; he has already written a few short stories, and has a novel or two in the works. He describes his latest novel as “kind of like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy meets The Day the Earth Stood Still with a little bit of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It’s complete insanity.” With his eclectic mix of influences and background in History, this professor is creating his own brand of novel. When asked to give a piece of advice to current Kean-Ocean students, he said “Follow your dreams. People say that you’ve got to do something that makes money, but take it from me; you need to follow your heart.” In a world clouded with pessimists and skeptics, his sincere and encouraging recommendation is a breath of fresh air. Moreover, the stories he shared prove that he follows his own advice. Just like his writing, this professor cannot be boxed into a stereotypical cliché— his life is brilliantly multifaceted.

Molina, an active member of the Human Rights Club, said. “The video shows thousands of people living in the size of a classroom at night, so we were very moved by it. It’s very touching; it makes you want to do something.”

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ipating in a training seminar. Falzarano suggested that the experience of volunteering with the Young Athletes Program is thoroughly rewarding. “We’re actually empowering families, by teaching them how they might adapt for [their child],” said Falzarano. “We get more sometimes, than the people that we serve.”


March | April 2012


Board meeting gives floor to divided Campus By Avani Kapur The Board of Trustees held a scheduled, meeting on March 5 where they released a redacted version of the investigation report concerning President Farahi’s past resumes. The report details the findings of the independent law firm that completed the investigation for the board. Parts of the 20-page investigation, including the entire conclusion section, were redacted. The report states that the redaction is in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Records act which is a state law enacted to give the public greater access to information and government records. It also states that the law firm specifically investigated seven issues raised by the KFT “based on its review of various resumes bearing Dr. Farahi’s name, and his Kean employment application.” These included whether four of Farahi’s academic articles were submitted, accepted or published “by various journals as claimed in various documents,” Farahi’s claim that a text book was accepted for publication by Franklin Watts and whether technical reports he prepared were published by APC publishers. In the report the law firm also said they investigated whether a 1980 presentation was given by Farahi, whether he was “Acting Academic Dean” at Avila College from 1976-1983 and had “over 50 technical articles in major publications, whether he was on the Editorial Review Board of Public Administration Review and whether he was fired from Avila College. The report states that none of the issues investigated were referenced in the

2002 resume Farahi submitted when applying for president. The full report can be found on Students and faculty also expressed their opinions of the recent decision to keep President Farahi in a public comment session. All but one of 17 speakers voiced their opinion of the board’s decision to retain Farahi on Feb 15. James Castiglione, KFT President, said that research done by several faculty members showed irregularities in the vote in-

Photo by: Avani Kapur

Board of Trustees at the March 5 meeting.

cluding the abstention of a board member and some votes being recorded incorrectly. He also questioned if political influence affected the vote. “[There are] concerns that State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, who sources place in Kean Hall the night of the vote, may have exerted undo political influence in the board’s decision,” said Castiglione. He added that a re-vote is necessary and said that its result would be Farahi’s removal. Jose Sanchez, Executive Director of the School of Social Sciences, who has publically supported Farahi, said the KFT is using students as “cannon fodder.”

Board Chair Ada Morrell said that the vote was properly taken and recorded and the vote stands. Students involved in Student Organization and Residence Life spoke in support of Farahi. “His accomplishments out measure anyone’s in this room,” said Senior and Resident Assistant George Morgan. He also said that Farahi sees the students as his children and treats them like family. Senior Editor of The Cougar’s Byte Benito Nieves, who lost an election for Student Org. President last year, said that because he has lived far from his family he views Kean as his family. “This place has been my home; Dr. Farahi has been my first father,” he said. Another Senior and Resident Assistant, Liscet Duran, spoke in support of Farahi. “As I graduate I pray that Farahi continues,” said Duran. Before quoting a verse from the Bible she added that he has been shown no mercy. While a number of students and faculty spoke out in support, others spoke against last month’s decision. “Those who knowingly voted for [Farahi’s] stay is what is eating the ruin of today’s society,” said Gizeth Cruz of Occupy Kean University. Kathleen Henderson, president of the adjunct faculty union, said, “we are a laughing stock throughout the state of New Jersey; whenever I attend meetings on state level I’m almost ashamed now to say I’m from Kean University and I’m an adjunct who’s given my life to Kean.” Jaclyn Tuman and Nicole La Capria contributed to this report.

Human rights conference empowers women By Alexandra Waller Hundreds of guests gathered in Wilkins Theater March 9, for what was one of the largest human rights conferences in five years. Falling on International Women’s Day, the theme this year was, “Creating Opportunity through Education: Empowering Woman in the Developing World to Combat Oppression.” Among each of the keynote speakers, were so many accolades. Sheryl WuDunn, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, journalist, and author of “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Woman Worldwide,” addressed the crowd. Through her stories of triumph, she spoke about how women that are strong, make their lives better. Any acts that empower and betters oneself, are like a positive contribution, she insinuated. “Few things in life can elevate happiness, one thing is contributing to a cause that is greater than you,” she said. Her stories included those of an injured during childbirth Ethiopian woman, who emerged from such catastrophe’s of her own life and prevailed. Speaking of gender inequalities as one of today’s tremendous moral problems, and slavery as a problem of the same statute back then, WuDunn insisted that women get an education and break the status quo. Education is power and will improve the well being of any woman’s life. After WuDunn was finished speaking, the atmosphere seemed to shift. Before the second speaker Dr. Tererai Trent graced the stage, a video played depicting her struggle for life and for education. The video was previously played

on the Oprah Winfrey show, where Trent was awarded $1.5 million dollars to build schools in her native town in Zimbabwe. The roaring applause was heard around the theater as Trent made teary-eyed contact with the attendees, all of whom, had pride in their faces. Trent explained that she begged her brother to allow her to complete his homework every night, and it made her feel like more of a complete person. All she ever yearned for was an education. When her brother’s teacher finally debunked their schooling scheme, her father allowed her to attend school. At this point, she had already learned to read and write through her brother’s books. As a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show’s ‘most memorable guests’ episode, Trent found herself working hand-inhand building schools in Africa where 4,000 kids would be able to receive a better education. Her inspiration and passion projected and radiated the audience in her plea for educating and making a difference. “If you desire these things, you are defining the future of your life,” said Trent. The third speaker, Dr. Consuelo Bonillas is currently an assistant professor of health education for Kean University’s Department of Physical Education Recreation and Health. Advocating education as a whole and about healthy sexual relationships, Bonillas mentioned that ‘openness’ is key in any type of education. “When confidence is achieved,” she said, “women can look to the future and become stronger.” Not supported by her father, Bonillas and her sister made something for themselves. All with a college education, they looked to the future and got degrees. Proud of her accomplishment of se-

curing a five year state-grant to help decrease adolescent pregnancies in three high schools in New Jersey, the goal was to increase the level of knowledge dealing with communication between sexual partners and values that families share about sex. The fourth speaker, Westfield High School student, Olivia Pecora encouraged members of the audience to speak out and not hold their ideas and thoughts in. President of Girls Learn International Junior Board at Westfield High School, she has been involved for seven years. Pecora, now interested in becoming a part of education for women in the Middle East, has been part of the Commission on the Status of Young Women, where stories and struggles were told. The final stage of the conference was set aside for the distribution of six awards. The award for ‘Outstanding Human Rights Activist’ went to Dr. Tererai Trent. The award for ‘Outstanding International Human Rights Activist’ went to Sheryl WuDunn. The award for ‘Outstanding Human Rights Student Activist’ went to Olivia Pecora. The award for ‘Outstanding Human Rights Young Adult Activist’ went to Janine Rivera, the president and founding member of the Human Rights Club at Kean University. The award for ‘Outstanding Human Rights Community Activist’ went to Dr. Consuelo Bonillas. And the award for ‘Outstanding Human Rights Educator’ went to Janice Kroposky, a Social Studies teacher from, Monmouth Regional High School. The conference gathered many revered dignitaries, Kean University students, and other citizens of the Kean community together to recognize, educate and empower. One Kean University student, Ashley Jamison, a continued on page 8

Vending machine contraceptives spark controversy By Christy Petillo A university in Pennsylvania has started selling emergency contraceptives, condoms and pregnancy tests on campus, causing people to react strongly to this move by the school. Contraceptives like Plan B sells for $25 at the vending machine in the health center of Shippensburg University. Shippensburg’s student government endorsed the idea. An informal survey about health center services revealed that 85 percent of the respondents supported the idea of making Plan B available to the school through a vending machine. The

Photo by: Krossbow (Flickr)

No more Doritos at these machines.

“I can’t support something like that, as a health teacher and as the father of a little girl. It promotes unsafe sex.” machine has been easily accessible for students, faculty and staff of the university for about two years. Plan B is a pill that a woman can take— within 72 hours of condom failure after sex, in the case or rape or in the event she forgets regular contraception—to reduce the risk of pregnancy. The pill has an 89 percent chance of preventing pregnancies and can be purchased by anyone who is 17 or older. “At our age, Plan B and condoms are necessities,” said Tom Romano, a sophomore at Kean majoring in HistoryEducation. Ray Urbanski, a freshman and HistoryEducation major said, “Women have the right to choose if they should use contraceptives; I’d be for it.” Shippensburg is a secluded public university of 8,300 students located between Pittsburg and Philadelphia. Recently, federal regulators are concerned with the accessibility the students have to this contraceptive. The FDA’s sudden interest in the vending machine arose over religious rights and access to birth control. Amid the controversy over Planned Parenthood funding and the decision of the Obama administration to require church employers to provide birth control, Shippensburg has received criticism for the message it’s continued on page 8


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A woman of many words rocks Kean University By Melissa Heron A standing ovation and thunderous applause welcomed Dr. Maya Angelou onto the stage at Wilkins Theatre on February 28, as the Kean University community celebrated the end of Black History month and the beginning of Women’s History Month with a lecture by Angelou entitled, “The Woman of Many Words.” Angelou greeted the crowd with song. Fluent in multiple languages she sang

of being multi-lingual, telling the audience that learning another language is not hard and that anyone who has told them otherwise was spouting “bologna, no, I mean salami” she said laughing with the audience. The lecture also touched on the importance of education, poetry, respect and acceptance. Angelou acknowledged the importance of education explaining the difference between being educated and being intel-

who have yet to come, a number of those in attendance nodded in agreement. Angelou is known worldwide for her writing, which ranges from fiction to poetry. She was the second poet in history

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Photo by: Dwight Carter

in Spanish, French and foreign dialects, which while unfamiliar to some, were hearting-warming and riveting to the entire audience. Her lecture fulfilled a life-long dream for many, as the request for an encore to Angelou’s 2009 visit as commencement speaker for Kean University’s Nathan Weiss Graduate College was finally met. Angelou spoke of inalienable humanity, “If I had one thing to say, it would be, I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me,” she said. She delved into this statement explaining that once we truly ingest what this means we will become liberated. She went on to talk about the importance

ligent. She discussed the fact that obtaining a degree does not mean that a person has common sense, “common sense is terribly uncommon,” she said. The message at the heart of this event was about education as a tool for the universal enhancement of each of us as individuals and as a community. “When you learn, teach, when you get, give” she said. Angelou went on to discuss the purpose of being a student and going to school. She noted that the real reason students were in school was to make our country better. She continued by informing the audience that we had to prepare ourselves so you that we can pay for those

Dr. Maya Angelou.

to be asked to write and recite a poem for former president Bill Clinton’s inauguration. She was also chosen by the United Nations to write a poem for the UN’s fiftieth anniversary. She recited excerpts of that poem, “A Brave and Startling Truth” among others. She encouraged the audience to read poetry, stating the importance of poetry. “Poetry is meant to say stand up you’re just right. It is music for the human voice and should be a reward,” Angelou said. Before Angelou took the stage by excitedly yelling, “I’m so proud to be African American, whoo!”, she candidly relayed her life stories and triumphs to a few

lucky students, who had the opportunity to meet her backstage. Kayla Lott, president of the Graduate and Part Time Council for Students and Dare Thompson, president of Student Organization whose groups put on the event had the privilege to meet and talk privately with Angelou. As Lott exited the room she glowed, her radiant smile spoke volumes as she discussed her experience. “It was such an honor to meet her. I’ve always known the importance of education and planned to further my educational pursuits but, to hear it broken down by Dr. Angelou you get to see its significance from a whole new perspective, I know now that I must continue,” she said. While, Lott beamed with enthusiasm Thompson was silent, reflective and seemingly awe struck. When asked what about the experience of meeting Angelou and getting the chance to talk to her privately was like, he simply said, “she schooled me.” Like Thompson, the crowd in Wilkins Theatre was schooled. Dr. Angelou’s combination of humor, experience, intelligence and humility offered intimate insight and knowledge to aid in our connections, as well as our personal, professional and educational goals.

How to ace a job interview By Paul Blocklyn As a graduating Kean senior, chances are you’ve crafted a cover letter and resume and sent them off to a company with an advertised job opening. If you’re lucky, the company secretary has contacted you with an invitation to come in to meet your potential employer. Now you face yet another hurdle in the job-hunting process: the dreaded employment interview. As difficult as writing a resume might seem, the prospect of an actual face-to-face meeting with a company representative can be even more intimidating. But like everything else in your job hunt, you can demystify the interview by planning for it ahead of time. You don’t know what the interviewer is going to ask you, but you can prepare yourself for the experience. What to expect. Anything and everything. The interview may last for 30 minutes, it may last an hour, or it may go on all day. You may be interviewed by one person or by a group of people. The interview may take place in person, by phone, or by videoconference. Be prepared for anything. How to prepare. Do your homework. Research the company by looking at their Web site. Is the organization for profit or nonprofit? Large or small? What products andservices do they offer? What is their sales volume? Who are their clients? Their competitors? You’ll want to know as much as possible about the company before yougo. How to dress. What you wear will make an immediate impression on your interviewer. Dress conservatively and professionally. This usually means a navy blue or dark graysuit for both men and women. Baggy pants, miniskirts, and nose rings will not get you hired. Neither will tattoos; if you have them, it’s a good idea to wear clothing that covers them.

Be on time. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start. An early departure will lessen your chances of getting stuck in traffic and arriving late.

you see yourself in five years? A sarcastic (and purely facetious) answer might be, “in your job.” A more humble, more realistic response would be that you would like to develop your skills to the point where you can eventually be promoted.


The interviewer probably won’t take you early, but you’ll have time to compose yourself and go over what you want to say. How to act. Introduce yourself to the receptionist and tell them the name of the person you’re there to see. When you meet the interviewer, greet them with a smile and a firm handshake. Don’t sit down until the interviewer invites you to do so. Appear alert but relaxed, and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Their questions. The interviewer will ask you a number of questions. Some standard questions include the following: What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? Why do you want to work for us? Think about how you’ll answer these questions in advance so you’ll be prepared. One standard question is, where do

Another favorite question is, what is your greatest weakness? Again, you can give this standard question a standard, time-tested response. Try turning a weakness into a strength--for example, you can say that you sometimes become overly concerned about doing a good job. Your questions. The interviewer will also give you a chance to ask your own questions. Take advantage of this opportunity. Ask whether the job offers room for advancement and whether the organization provides further training and education for its employees. Even if you don’t have any real questions at this point, have a few on hand to askanyway. This will show the employer that you’ve done your homework and that you have a genuine interest in the job. Salary. Try to find out the salary range for the position before the interview.

Ask someone who works in the field or check the Web site for the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Occupational Outlook Handbook.” Put off any discussion of salary until the end of the interview. If the interviewer asks you what salary you expect, say you’re open and politely try to direct the question back to the interviewer. If you give too high a figure, you may price yourself out of the market. If you give a figure that’s too low, you may be stuck with that figure or you may give the interviewer the impression that you undervalue yourself. The middle road is the safest. Concluding the interview. The interviewer will indicate when the interview is drawing to a close. Before the interview ends, ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear from the company. End the interview as you began it--with a smile and a firm handshake. Follow up. When you return from the interview, send the interviewer a quick follow-up e-mail. This should be a short note in which you thank the interviewer for their time, tell them that you enjoyed meeting them, and say that you look forward to hearing from them. Once you’ve said this, the ball is in the interviewer’s court. The Career Development and Advancement Center here at Kean offers workshops that can help prepare you for your interview. The workshop on interviewing provides you with useful information supplemented by videos. After the workshop, you canparticipate in a mock interview that will help you to hone your interviewing skills. The Career Development and Advancement Center is located in Room 123 of the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success. Further information can be obtained by calling (908) 737-0320. Paul Blocklyn teaches Business and Professional Writing at Kean University.



One-take horror film fails to create an impact with genuine scares By BRYAN C. KURIAWA

At a quiet lakeside home, a young woman by the name of Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) is in the final stages of cleaning out the damaged properPhoto: ty with her father (Adam Trese) and uncle (Eric Sheffer Stevens). Yet for them, the final stages may prove to be far more critical than previously thought. While completing some last minute repairs, Sarah hears a series of unusual noises throughout the house. Soon she discovers that an unidentified intruder is in the property and all exits are locked. After finding her father badly hurt, with no phone and no one nearby, she must Photo: wage a one-woman fight for survival. Developed from a 2010 low budget Spanish horror feature, and staring the younger sister of teen idols, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, “Silent House” arrives on movie screens in the midst of an active March release season surrounded by high budgeted vehicles such as Disney’s “John Carter” and Universal’s “The Lorax.” Yet despite an interesting premise, and the casting of Olsen, who gained critical praise for her debut in the independent thriller, “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” this film suffers under the weight of internal faults that ultimately doom this feature from the start. The cast is mixed throughout, with the performers failing to contribute much to their performances or the film as a whole. As Sarah, Olsen is uninterested in the role, as her character largely wanders throughout, alternating between very direct monotone line readings and frequent, often annoying, bouts of screaming. Supporting Olsen, Trese and Sheffer Stevens are weak in their roles as Sarah’s father and uncle, both suffering from the same critical faults as Olsen, in terms of unemotional dialogue readings and a lack of interest in how their characters behave in comparison to the events around them. Production-wise, directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau are satisfactory in their direction, conveying both the onscreen action, while at the same time providing some decent scares throughout. For the most part, their camerawork is direct with a first person tone, yet on other occasions it often can become frustrating to view what is occurring due to the frequent shifts when Olsen’s character runs in a panic through the entire house. In regards to the feature’s gimmick of being shot in one continuous take, while this concept does work at times, the idea of an entire film shot under such circumstances becomes tiresome as characters wander aimlessly without any sense of emotion or suspense, to the point of padding. Sadly underneath the film’s many faults in terms of acting, storyline and production, lies a larger fault in terms of writing. The screenplay by Kentis and Lau, while it lacks much in terms of



Crossing Abbey Road until the next big release By Darian Maduruh

With music, it’s always important to go back to the past…Especially when nothing new or exciting is out at the moment. That’s why for this month’s music review, I’ve decided to review an old album… not just any throwback, but one from the greatest band ever. No not Led Zepplin, or the Rolling Stones, I’m talking about John, Paul, George, and Ringo… The Beatles. In 1969, the Beatles were quickly falling apart as a band. But in their turmoil they recorded their final album, named “Abbey Road” after the recording studio where they made most of their music. The Beatles are Photo by: Apple Records known for releasing several classic Cover of the Beatles’ Abby Road Album. albums, and this is without a doubt among their best. For those who aren’t obsessed with the Beatles, you might be asking: “Why does this album deserve so much praise”? Well, I will tell you. First off, it starts with one of their most iconic songs. “Come Together” is a blues inspired jam with a groovy bass line, simple, yet very effective rhythm guitar, a steady drum beat, and some of the coolest keyboard and guitar solos, on top of a anthem-like refrain. All this is impressive considering that the lyrics are seemingly about nothing in particular. The second track has one of the great love ballads in music: “Something”, written by George Harrison. From the lines “Something in the way she moves” until the very end, you are treated to a mellow and very well constructed pop song, one of the Beatles’ most definitive songs. The third track, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” is weak in regards of lyrics and subject matter. Admittedly, it’s pretty silly, but the song is redeemed through the unique sounds produced throughout. Utilizing moog synthesizers, organs, and even anvils, the song creates a mood that was pretty uncommon for its time, and is pretty uncommon even now. The song “Oh Darling!” has a very memorable performance from Paul McCartney, and “Octopus’ Garden” is basically the feel good sequel

“Basically, if you haven’t heard this album …you really should.” to the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine”, both sang by drummer Ringo Starr. “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” features a moody, hard rock sound, as John Lennon powerfully repeats the same words over and over. It’s easy to get into this song, but don’t get TOO into it, as it has a sharp wakeup call at the end of it. For those old enough to remember vinyl records, this is where “Side Two” begins. When The Beatles catalogue finally ended up on iTunes in 2010, “Here Comes the Sun” was the best selling song, despite the fact that it was never officially a single from the album. Listening to the song, it’s easy to see why. Once again, the criminally underrated George Harrison shows up the other three Beatles with a bouncy, positive track. You can’t help but feel sunrise and see it in your head when you listen to this song. The instruments on the track are used perfectly, from the acoustic guitar to usage of synthesizers yet again. Synthesizers also play a role on the next track “Because”, creating a very trippy atmosphere along with the three part harmony vocal from John, Paul, and George. From then on, we listen to what is often called the “Abbey Road Medley”. The Medley is a collection of songs and song fragments used to close the album, creating one of the greatest conclusions in music history. Individually, these songs are called “You Never Give Me Your Money,” “Sun King,” “Mean Mr. Mustard,” “Polythene Pam,” “She came in through the Bathroom Window,” “Golden Slumbers,” “Carry That Weight,” and the appropriately titled “The End.” Even though these songs have different styles, I felt they somehow meshed perfectly together. The last three parts are a perfect climax to the medley, and “The End” features a three man guitar solo and Ringo Starr’s only drum solo. Basically, if you haven’t heard this album…you really should. characterization, and a general sense of suspense, suffers during the final twenty minutes. During this period, the script and corresponding visual action becomes increasingly convoluted, leading to an ending that not only fails to satisfy audience expectations, but also reduces previously seen events into nothing more than speculation by the lead character. Overall, Silent House is a poor horror film that fails to take an interesting concept and develop it into any kind of memorable or enjoyable experience for audiences seeking a weekend escape. Despite several decently suspenseful moments, and a straightforward sense of directing, this feature ultimately lacks a hold on potential viewers, and sadly proves to be the first misstep of the 2012 film season. Final Rating: 4/10.

By Eric Albuen

It’s been a long five years in the making, but Bioware finally released the final chapter of its epic Sci-Fi RPG, “Mass Effect 3”. The threat of the Reapers has finally reached Earth and now it’s your job to take the Earth back before every race in the galaxy is wiped out. The game starts you off at an Alliance base in Vancouver. Reprising your role as the iconic Commander Shepard, you have been relieved of duty for some time now after your work with the human supremacist group, Cerberus. In the meantime, the Alliance has been losing contact with some of its outposts and colonies in space. Suddenly, Shepard’s warning about the Reaper attack is more just speculation at this point. Before they could even determine a plan of action to prevent the Reaper arrival, the attack on Earth happens before anyone could even start to panic. With the task set out by your superior, Admiral Anderson, you’re force to leave Earth to build up a force to stop the Reapers. However, while trying to oppose the Reapers, your find yourself

fight for their own survival. It’s your job to unite them as one. A lot of things have changed since the last game as far as gameplay has gone. The combat mechanics are well refined with a new melee system as well as a better system for taking cover against enemy fire. Multiplayer has also been introduced into the series as well. The task is

Spring Fashion Etiquette

shocked to see how much of an impact some of my decisions made, whether it was keeping my team alive through various plot elements or deciding to extend a hand and talk with a crazy fan. I could easily recommend this game to anyone and for that, I give this game an .

simple that you fend off several waves of enemies with other players online, but multiplayer plays a minor role in single player as well. Photo: Depending on how you do being pit up against Cerberus as well. in multiplayer, help gets your This task won’t be easy though. The oth- military force ready in the single player er alien races seem to have something campaign. While it isn’t necessary to against each other and are trying to do multiplayer, the more prepared your

fashion It’s spring and its time to piece together your wardrobe for the season. Spring is the rebirth. And so we bid Goodnight to the blacks and grays of winter and say good morning to the pastel yellows and sky blues of spring. It’s time for bright colors and whimsical patterns. So, what are the staples of a spring wardrobe? Well, a spring wardrobe doesn’t differ much from any other season. The same components one would compose for Winter one would compose for spring, but rather exchange the drab for the bright and get rid of the layers and make it breezy. We’ve all seen the whole “formal is the new casual” trend laden on every runway show for spring from Michael Bastian to Giorgio Armani. Well it seems as though it might be sticking this season. There are a lot of light knit and plaid suits walking around in this beautiful weather as of late, mostly city dwellers of course. It seems as though some of Kean’s students are opting for that “I just rolled out of bed and can’t wait to be able to wear nothing, but flip-flops look.” The flip-flops are paired with pajama pants of course. We have also seen that “let’s recreate whatever our favorite celebrity is wearing” look. You do know what power and influence can do to fashion, e.g. Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator. We’d hate to see too many five-panel caps paired with Hawaiian shirts this season. Nor, do we want to bump into lime-greenwool Ugg boots paired with fatigue cargo shorts. Damned celebrities, well that’s a conversation for another day. For reasons both good and bad you should remember there aren’t many rules in fashion these days. People wear white after Labor Day and steel-band watches don’t go with everything. However, matching your shoes with your belt still is a pretty good rule. Much like the child prodigy said to

force is, the better chance you have of defeating the Reapers. The series has come a really long way and the third game doesn’t fail to deliver in an amazing narrative as well as satisfying game play. For those bringing over data from the previous games, those decisions will play a role in this story as well. Decisions you made back in 2005 playing “Mass Effect” will have an impact on this game as well. I was honestly

“It’s your job to unite them as one.”


Mass Effect 3 Review


By dewayne harper

Neo in the Oracle’s living room you must realize the truth, “there is no spoon,” fashion translation “there are no rules. Your imagination can run wild while piecing together your favorite spring/ summer looks. It’s good to know that all budgets can work to achieve the perfect spring wardrobe. A lot of street-style websites/blogs have retail guides that you can visit to help you along the way. Just remember, in every sophisticated closet one should never opt for style over substance, for true style is a frame that sits atop a strong foundation of substance. Ok, that last line was pretty pretentious, this is fashion, who gives a damn about substance.

“Spring is rebirth.”


Top: TommyHilfiger (left); Hermes (right). Bottom: DKNY (far left); Bespoken (Left);DSquared2(Right).



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THE TOWER Department of Communication

#ACTIVISM By The Tower Editorial Board You know what’s the cool thing to do right now? Being an activist. Standing on street corners in the cold with signs, shouting your opinions on what’s right is “the thing to do.” But when the cameras are off, and the reporters have already gotten their stories and move on to the next one, are you still on the wagon or has your support for the cause waned as quickly as it became popular? With each current problem comes a solution, and for right now the solution is to post viral videos on the internet about it. Take KONY 2012 for example, that Invisible Children video went viral in probably just hours. How many of your friend re-posted the video on his or her Facebook page? Or reblogged it on Tumblr? The whole point of the video is to get you to donate money to the cause, buy the bracelets and stickers and post them EVERYWHERE. Ask some of your new KONY 2012 activist friends if they can tell you about Joseph Kony. If the first thing they do is recite the words rom the video, then you should probably just ignore what they have to say after their rant about how horrible Joseph Kony is – snatching children from their beds at night and giving them guns to be soldiers. It’s even funnier to watch their faces turn gray with horror as you begin to poke holes in their logic. When they can’t answer your questions without drawing information from the video, the blank stares while they scan their brains for some kind of new information are priceless. Take a step back a little farther, say to winter of 2011. Remember the occupiers in Zuccotti Park? Are you still all about taking down the one percent or did you jump off that bandwagon already? What will be the next bandwagon you jump on? Maybe it’ll have something to do with the poverty level in America. What about illegal immigrants? Or maybe the next big “revolution” will be a combination of all of the above. Regardless of what your next cause is going to be, you should read up on it first before you get on your high horse, and put stickers on garbage cans, lampposts and mailboxes.

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Pat Winters-Lauro

With the spring months here and in total effect right now, senioritis is in full-effect, and I am not immune to it. So, instead of going in depth into something important, I’m going to take the “cheap way out” and do a list of the things that I’m diggin’ right now. You might be into the same things, and if so, let’s talk. Friends are good to have. “The Millennium Series” by Stieg Larsson For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” book and its sequels. The books are so well written that I’m easily able to read them in hours instead of days. Not to mention they make me want to solve 30-year-old mysteries. BBQ season is around the corner I’m a sucker for anything grilled, charred and smoky. Let’s not forget the delicious accouterments that come with BBQs—potato salad, ice pops, chips and dip and my all-time personal favorite… AVOCADOS They’re in season this time of year, and are by far my biggest craving. The fact that they’re in season makes them less inexpensive, so instead of paying five bucks for one teeny tiny avocado, I can get a whole bag of them for like half that price which excites me. Ham and Gruyere Breakfast Bread at the Sheraton on 53rd and 7th Street Earlier this month, some of the editors and I had the opportunity to attend the College Media Advisers convention in NYC. That was fairly exciting on its own, but the highlight for two of the days was the breakfast bread at the lobby café. Flaky, cheesy, meaty and buttery in every bite. It was a perfect breakfast to grab when we were late getting into the city (which was almost all three days). Yapple Yogurt in Westfield, NJ Frozen yogurt has become my newest obsession - original tart flavor to be precise. These fro-yo “buffets” have been popping up like dandelions. Similar to the concept of Cold Stone Creamery, the customer picks a flavor and then toppings, which range from fresh fruit to raw cookie dough. But instead of paying per topping, you pay per ounce. So feel free to load your cup with all toppings and barely any yogurt or go all out and get 30 ounces worth of your favorite flavors. For the moment, these are the things on my mind and for the most part it changes just about every day. This weather could not come at a worse time. I’m finding it harder and harder to concentrate on anything school related and with this being my last semester, a little concentration is desperately needed. If you’re reading this and find that you aren’t having trouble focusing, then you deserve a break. Go get some yogurt.


Bill Kolbenschlag

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HUMAN RIGHTS (Continued from page 4)

(Continued from page 4)

sending to students. “I can’t support something like that as a health teacher and as the father of a little girl. It promotes unsafe sex,” said Kean University Health professor, Alexander Sepulveda. For a reduced price of $25, as opposed to off-campus pharmacies which sell Plan B for $50, students can easily purchase the contraceptive which some religious organizations consider to be the equiva-

lent to an abortion drug. The price of the drug isn’t covered or subsidized by the school. The price at the vending machine is set by the school’s cost to the pharmaceutical company. “If you’re Catholic, like I am, that’s tough,” said Sepulveda, “Something like this could come to Kean because Kean is run by the state. We do not have a religious affiliation.” Shippensburg University appears to be

one of the only universities selling the contraceptive through an easily accessible medium like vending machines. Sepulveda stated, “Obviously if you’re at Kean, you have a high level of understanding as to how the world works. Actively having unprotected sex is not a smart thing to do.” “We’re not dealing with uneducated young people. There’s no excuse.”

senior communications major, considered the event to be phenomenal. “Very good speakers,” she said. “Dr. Tent was very inspirational.” And that lasting impression, which the speakers left, will carry on the tradition of Kean University’s human rights conference for years to come.


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Good news: EDU meets EDM By Nicole M. Pace, M.A. When was the last time you heard some really good news? Everyone loves hearing something positive and uplifting, right? Well, being a Professor of Communication, I strongly encourage self-disclosure through “good news” during the first five minutes of every class I teach throughout the semester. Students volunteer to share anything positive in their lives, and the quick announcements range from a new job, a good grade on a test, joining a sorority, or something simple like the weather is great or they found a good parking spot. As long as it’s good news, I want to hear it. Typically, I share my own good news as well, which is usually related to my weekend trips to popular New York City nightclubs to photograph and write reviews of world famous DJs. My students are open to learning about the music I love, but typically don’t understand much about my life as a “househead” and my incredible love of EDM: electronic dance music. This usually sparks other standard

questions including, “Oh, you mean that techno music?” or “So you’re one of those fist-pumpers like on the Jersey Shore?” Even though we always have a good laugh about these things, I use the opportunity to open the door and inform them about a genre they typically don’t know anything about. The fact that college students don’t know what EDM is shocks me every semester! When I ask my students if they know who Tiësto is, one of the most famous dance music producers in the world, sadly there are only a few who say yes. This really shocks me! In the four years I’ve been teaching, I have had less than a dozen students who have attended the Electric Zoo Festival over Labor Day weekend in New York like I have. This semester, thankfully, I have a good handful of students who know the popular house music and EDM DJs like Avicii, Kaskade, Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, and deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”) due to their growing mainstream popularity and sing-along anthems heard in every club, shore bar, and even on some FM

Photo by:

Tunes from the artist deadmau5.

radio stations. Although, it is somewhat of a relief that many students do know who David Guetta is because his music is often heard on top 40 pop stations. Guetta is currently ranked number one on the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, and

Tiësto is number three, FYI. When you’re in college, and all of your homework is finished, you should enjoy a study break on the weekends and go out dancing with friends. Don’t college students like to dance and let loose? Well you can’t dance without dance music. Throughout the semester I even offer suggested artists, tracks, and places to go enjoy EDM to my students. I simply encourage them to open their minds to house music (not “techno” or “dance”, generically) and try something new. In my class, there’s nothing wrong with improving your communication skills and your musical horizon in the process. If my 63year old Mom knows who Tiësto is, so should my 22-year old students. By the end of the semester my students not only know what EDM is, but have a newfound appreciation for it, and that’s my kind of good news. Professor Pace is an adjunct professor in the Department of Communication at Kean.

Heartburn = Acid Indigestion By Dr. Josh Palgi About 42 percent of the United States population has had heartburn at some point. About 30 percent of adults experience occasional heartburn, while 10% experience heartburn every day. About 25 percent of pregnant women have heartburn or related symptoms. So what is heartburn?

the LES does not close completely, and if the stomach produces too much acid, and the acid moves into the esophagus, heartburn symptoms can occur. Heartburn is usually associated with regurgitation of gastric acid (gastric reflux) which is the major symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The LES may not close completely thus allowing stomach acid into the esophagus for a number of reasons.

“Many cases of heartburn can be prevented by simple lifestyle modification in diet, activity and habits.” Heartburn (often called acid indigestion) is a burning sensation in the chest, just behind the breastbone. Despite its’ name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. Some of the symptoms however, are similar to those of a heart attack or heart disease. The esophagus is the muscular tube through which food passes. It goes from the throat to the stomach. To reach the stomach, it must pass through the diaphragm, a large horizontal muscle that seperates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. There is a hole in the diaphragm through which the esophagus can connect with the stomach. That hole is called a hiatus. The food we eat travels from the mouth to the stomach through the esophagus (food pipe). Before entering the stomach, food must pass through a tight muscle at the lower part of the esophagus called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES prevents food from traveling backward into the esophagus, and keeps the stomach acid in the stomach. Once in the stomach, stomach cid digests the food. This acid is very strong and can damage most parts of the body. The stomach is protected from its’ own acid. The esophagus, however, isn’t. If

1. Certain foods and drinks are known to loosen the LES. These include chocolate, peppermint, coffee, fatty foods and alcohol 2. Position of body, such as lying down or bending over 3. Certain medical conditions which include hiatus hernia, diabetes and autoimmune disease 4. Prescription medication including certain blood pressure and heart medication. 5. Spicy foods, citrus fruits and juices, cigarette smoke, aspirin and more. Many cases of heartburn can be prevented by simple lifestyle modification in diet, activity and habits. Watching what kinds of and how much of foods you eat can influence your symptoms. Paying attention to body position after eating, limiting alcohol intake, quitting smoking or losing weight can influence your symptoms as well. If you have not found a remedy that manages your symptoms, talk to your health care professional and seek assistance. Dr. Palgi is a Professor in the Physical Education, Recreation, and Health Department.

For more information on Heartburn, go to: American Gastroenterological Association 4930 Del ray Ave Bethesda MD. 20814 301 654 2055

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse 2 Information Way Bethesda, MD. 20892-3570 800 891 5389



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Who’s a slut? Kean reacts to Rush By Jackie Tuman Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host and Republican commentator, started a firestorm after calling a college student a “slut” and “prostitute.” The student was attempting to instill a policy mandating female contraception be covered by insurance. The Georgetown College student, Sandra Fluke, testified in front of a Democratic panel about women’s right to coverage at her school and Rush Limbaugh’s opinions about her stirred up controversy. “What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford


Rush Limbaugh.

contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex,” said Limbaugh on the air. He followed up the statement on his next show with, “If we have to pay for you to have sex, then we want something in return. We want you to post the videos online so we can watch.” In a poll reported by, 53 percent think Limbaugh should be fired, 42 percent say he should not, and 5 percent are unsure. 30 percent of Republicans said he should be fired. “Limbaugh’s statements simply display an extreme degree of ignorance about how hormonal contraception even works,” said Ryan McKee, an adjunct Health professor at Kean. “Clearly he isn’t someone who should be considered an expert on women’s health issues, or health issues in general.” More than 40 advertisers have removed ads from “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” according to Ad boycotts broke out via twitter to urge advertisers to pull from his show and a few companies did so such as Proflowers. Limbaugh continues to make announcements that everything is ok with the show and wrote a page on his website about ad misconceptions circulating. “His statements were far out of step with the values of most Americans and really out of touch with reality given that about 99% of sexually active women have used contraception at some point in their lives,” added McKee. McKee went on to say that Limbaugh conveyed a societal attitude which furthers the tradition of making a woman’s body and decisions something men have the right to inappropriately comment on. “These statements are attempts to shame women who are sexually active,” said McKee, “and contribute to the misconception that being responsible about sexual decisions is somehow wrong or immoral.” Senior at Kean, Peter Cullen, mentioned how consequences need to be made for people who are not doing their job properly.

“Being that he is a well-known, and one could only assume, well-paid talk show host specializing in politics, proper research should be conducted before commenting on any matter,” Cullen said. “His politically incorrect comments and responses resulted with lost money in the end, and I feel the repercussions were just.” Women spoke out via social media outlets and on the web. There is an online petition trying to aide the Republican Party to denounce Rush Limbaugh. The petition reached over 300,000 signatures when launched, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website. Over 800,000 have added their name to the “fight the Republican war on women,” as stated on the website. “Mr. Limbaugh did not just call Sandra Fluke a slut; he essentially called every woman who uses birth control a slut, which is assuredly false,” said senior at Kean University, Cait Beier. In court, Sandra Fluke spoke of a woman she knows who could not afford her birth control anymore and had to have her ovary removed due the formation of a large ovarian cyst. “As a woman and regular user of birth control since the age of 18, I am outraged at the misogynistic view that birth control is used solely for the purpose of having a lot of sex,” said Beier. Women are prescribed hormonal contraceptives for a number of health reasons such as regulating the menstrual cycle, treating acne, preventing ovarian cysts, reducing the risk of ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ovarian and endometrial cancers, said McKee. “I use birth control because of polycystic ovarian syndrome and I am highly insulted that he would make such a generalized statement,” said senior, Laura Sutlic. As advertisers pulled from his show and more women became insulted, the Republican Party urged Limbaugh to issue an apology. A statement was made on his website where he admits his word choice was wrong and he did not intend to personally attack Ms. Fluke. Some Kean students disagreed with Limbaugh’s consequences and some were less affected by his words. “Everyone uses the term loosely in an everyday manner, but a celebrity uses it and it’s out of line? That’s ridiculous. “He can’t be denied his opinion just because it went public,” said student Dominick Santopietro. Santopietro does not believe celebrities should be held to a higher standard. “Honestly, I was not offended because in my opinion now a day’s unfortunately that word is not that controversial,” said senior Ashley Lopes. “However, everyone preaches safe sex and now everyone is going to start criticizing it? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he had a poor choice of words.” Limbaugh also made a personal apology to Sandra Fluke after the Republican Party urged him to make the first. Fluke has been tweeting with the hash tag “We Will Not Be Silenced” and “I have a say” often for the past few weeks and has been adamant about continuing her efforts. Fluke also tweeted things like “birth control can cost $1250 a year, at least $3000 during law school,” and has encouraged women to speak their minds about personal issues with birth control through a coalition to protect women’s healthcare website.

Top six strangest fitness infomercials By Justine Clini Okay so it is 3 a.m. and what a surprise, you are wide wake and the only thing on TV are those annoying yet appealing infomercials that promise you great results with a 30 or 90 day guarantee. Fitness infomercials have been around for ages and now more popular than ever before. They supposedly ‘assure’ you fast and fantastic results within a few times of just using their ‘groundbreaking’ new products. Starting off with the Sauna Pants, one of the most bizarre ways to ‘sweat’ your way to a slimmer you by helping shed excess water weight; for targeting the lower body (thighs, buttocks, waist and hips) just simply put on the large, ‘one size fits all’ puffy attractive bright orange shorts and wrap and relax! Did I mention it comes with a long, bulky cord that is for the heat dial so you can adjust the right temperature for your comfort of ‘swamp butt?’ How about the famous Thigh Master, originated in 1991 this torture contraption consist of two metal springs that are covered by tight cushions that work not only your thighs and legs, but your upper body as well. This 15 to 19 minute workout a day ‘promises’ you thighs of steel? How about promising an uncomfortable experience? On to number three, Slim Away, a waist band that instantly ‘slims and trims’ inches off your waist to create that beautiful fake appearance. This fancy adjustable 5 zipper device is so comfy that the makers recommend wearing it all day every day, even when working out! Come on, who

does not love even more pressure while working out? This next product has to certainly be one of the most ridiculous, outlandish weight loss products out there. Sensa Weight-Loss System supposedly helps you lose weight by sprinkling the ‘special salt’ on your food and magically the unwanted weight comes right off! Wow,


Slim Away ad.

so if that is the case, why is our nation’s obesity rate at its all time high? Dr. Alan Hirsch, creator of this miraculous ‘special salt’ believes it’s not our stomachs that make us want to eat, it’s in our minds. Really? We have all seen the commercial and frankly, how can you not laugh when watching it? The Shake Weight assures you that those ‘chicken wings’ all so known as the ‘jiggling flapping wings’ will soon go away within a week of doing this exercise for about 10 minutes a day. This 2 ½ lb. weight requires no batteries or motor, just you tormenting yourself with a bizarre weight. Lastly, we have one of the most ancient exercise machines continued on page 11


Men’s Basketball 2011 - 2012 season recap By Maya Brown Kean University’s Men’s Basketball team ended their season on Feb. 22nd with a loss to No. 13 William Paterson University in the New Jersey Athletic Conference semi-finals. Under the lead of head coach Rob Kurzinsky, the Cougars held a record a 7-20 record this 2011-2012 basketball season. This is Kurzinsky’s 5th season with the Cougars and a very different season in contrast to his 18-8 record last season. After Kean’s early season wins vs. Delaware Valley College and Rutgers-Camden, they suffered a ten-game losing streak. Within that ten-game losing streak Kean lost to rival Montclair State University with a score of 77-63. Sophomore guard Michael Burton

from Irvington, N.J. scored a total of 320 points this season and was a frequent high-scorer throughout the season. Burton earned the honorable mention all start title from NJAC. Not far behind was freshman forward Kyle Latorre from Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. with 244 points and was also a frequent high-scorer. Latorre also led the team in rebounds. For senior guard Andrew Kirey, he finished his final college basketball season with 201 total points. Kirey was the top scorer in two of the 27 games played this season. As Rob Kurzinsky prepares to enter into his sixth season with the cougars, he says goodbye to the other senior, forward Leigh Keenan from Bethlehem, P.A.

Was it worth the wait? By Raymond Gurbisz It had 1 million subscribers within the first three days of launch, making it the world’s fastest-growing MMO ever. MSNBC also named it best multiplayer game while PC Gamer named it the most valuable game to own in 2011. Three months after its release, “Star Wars: The Old Republic” has lived up to the hype and given its fan base exactly what they were expecting. Over the last decade, “World of Warcraft” has dominated the MMO scene. There is no question that WoW is the largest game out there with more than 12 million active players. However, as of recent, WoW has lost around 2 million players to it’s now arch rival, SWTOR. SWTOR has been a unique change up from most of the MMO’s out there and has done a great job of delivering a fresh new look to the MMO scene. From the minute you start up the game, you will immediately be drawn in by a great cinematic scene, witnessing the battle between the Empire and the Republic. This foreshadows what is to come later on after you create your character and log into a server. The unique thing about SWTOR is that every character’s story is completely different depending on what faction and class you choose. Also, when leveling your character, you will embark on your character’s storyline and pick up five companions along the way that will follow you in combat and help you complete quests. As far as the combat system is concerned, it is pretty much the same as most MMO’s with some slight adjustments, the most notable one being the disapperance of an auto-attack feature. With no auto-attack, combat can get a little frustrating when popping moves with cool-downs. No auto-attack means you are then forced to fill the gap between cool-downs with basic attacks. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it does

get annoying at times for players. The player versus player system in the game has a new twist to it. Warzones give players the opportunity to go into battle against enemies and compete in fun games to gain commendations and valor. Unlike most WoW battlegrounds that just turn into two sides clashing in an endless bloodbath, SWTOR warzones have specific purposes and objectives. With games such as capture the flag and territories, it is easy for players to get drawn into the player versus player aspect of the game instead of just focusing on the player versus environment part. On the flip side, with every new game that is released, there is always a list of things that can be changed, but SWTOR does a good job of limiting the number of things that need to be taken out. One thing that needs to be changed is end game content. End game content is almost non-existent and there isn’t much to do after the level cap of 50 is reached. BioWare will surely release a patch or expansion in upcoming months and include new content for players to enjoy. Other than end-game content, there have been many issues of character’s getting stuck throughout the galaxy, quest’s being bugged, and occasional player versus player warzone lag. The game is slightly glitchy at points, but BioWare will work out most of the kinks with time. Anyone who has played SWTOR and powered their way to the level cap already will tell you that the game isn’t completely “finished,” as most big games right after release usually aren’t. The one thing that many people look for in a game right after a release is not particularly how good the game is, but how much potential the game has. The one thing that SWTOR certainly can say over any of its competitors is that it has more potential than any other game out there at this point, which is exactly why anyone who is thinking of picking up a copy should do so.

March | April 2012

Men’s Volleyball continues undefeated run By Thomas Antonelle The Kean University Men’s Volleyball team continued their winning streak with a pair of victories March 10, while on the road. The Cougars faced Lancaster Bible College in the first match up where they ended up winning three straight sets (25-19, 25-9, 25-18). Just a couple hours later they defeated Stevenson University in a long fought battle (11-25, 25-17, 16-25, 25-19, 15-12). The squad’s success has come in large part from Junior, Steve Vahalla and Freshman, John Cunningham who have been selected as the Skyline Conference Men’s Volleyball Player and Rookie of the Week. Cunningham had a combined 17 kills and nine digs in the two recent victories for the Cougars while Vahalla recorded 19 kills and zero errors in 30 attacks for a 633 hitting percentage. He also contributed eight digs.

Freshman Kyle Farley put up 16 kills and eight blocks in the victory, while rookie setters Alex Barnhard and Ron Dunn combined for a total 82 assists in both matches. Christian Portera also recorded impressive numbers with 13 kills and four assisted blocks against Stevenson alone. The Cougars have only practices to lined up until March 20, when they arrive in Pennsylvania to take on Philadelphia Biblical University. Kean’s squad will compete in the Springfield College Tournament for four games at Blake Arena spanning from March 23-24. The Cougars have improved to a 17-4 record, with an impressive 11-0 in conference play. Sitting comfortably in first place in the Skyline Conference, Kean currently has a six game win streak. With only 12 games remaining in the season, three of which are at home, The Cougars look to continue their winning streak and win a championship in April.


INFOMERCIALS (Continued from page 10) RUSH (Continued from page 10) around. The Gazelle, created by the famous blonde, tan ponytail man, Tony Little. This total body all-in-one workout promotes cardio and strength training while gliding and soaring through the air. How does one NOT fall off this machine? You are basically just asking for trouble and some face time with your floor.

The Rush Limbaugh Show is the highest rated radio show in America and reaches over 600 radio stations nationwide, according to the shows website. “I think his comments hit home for a lot of people and made them realize that there are people out there who value politics, and TV and radio ratings more than


they value women’s health and autonomy,” said McKee. “These are people who want to politicize women’s doctor visits and medicine cabinets. I think when many people heard about his statements, they said enough already!” he added.

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sports The Trifecta: Kean’s trio needs to step up for a third consecutive NJAC title By Darien Evans-Raines Before the season began Kean Softball got news of being ranked third on the 2012 NJAC Coaches Preseason Poll. Last season Kean finished in the Standings Sixth but made an improbable run in the NJAC Tournament to make it to the NCAA Regionals. Yet again the consistent Rowan Prof’s are at the top of the poll, with the College of New Jersey in the way of Kean’s hopes this season. Coach Margie Acker who has back-to-back NJAC Championships is striving for the trifecta this season. Last season Kean finished with a disappointing 17-27 record and pulled off a miraculous run. They look to avoid the suspense this year and handle the

By Ryan Gaydos

Photo by: Kean Athletics

Kean Women’s Softball team.

on the scene as a freshman. As a freshman Sandra made the all NJAC Second-Team. She finished the year with an impressive .360 avg., 25 Rbi’s, and 2 Hr’s.

to repeat. But the beginning of their schedule is tough with 13 of the 16 games out of state. The games will be played in states like Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

“Coach Margie Acker, who has back-to-back NJAC Championships, is striving for the trifecta this season.” in Conference matchups. For these things to fall in place Kean needs its three best players. First of the trio is junior third-baseman Courtney Melchionna. Last season Courtney hit for a .328 avg., with three homeruns and a team leading 28 RBIs. Second is sophomore outfielder Sandra Binkiewicz who burst

Last but not least is Junior second baseman Katie Schuh. The Junior second baseman started every game last season and is multi-talented playing volleyball in the Fall Season. She finished the 2011 season with a .289 avg, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 21 rbi’s and made the NJAC second-team. Kean Softball has the pieces

There will be no home games for the Cougars until March 29th, when they go against DeSales University. With this tough start the Softball team plans to hit the floor running early this season to achieve what they want at the finale of this season.

Women’s Lacrosse beats Manhattanville, 17 - 12 By Eric Haftel The Kean University Women’s Lacrosse team (2-1) scored five straight goals to break a threethree tie and never looked back as they defeated the winless Manhattanville College (0-3), 17-12, on March 9. Lyndsey Cannon, Julie Knodt and Marisa DeAngelis each scored four goals apiece in the win for Kean. Junior Maggie Howley led the Manhattanville

Women’s Basketball successful despite controversy

College Valiants with four goals of her own. The Cougars started the game off with two quick goals, first coming from sophomore Ciara Mastrodomenico followed by a goal from Cannon. After the Valiants tied it at three-all, the Cougars scored five straight as junior Stephanie Tocko scored the first and Knodt finished the run to put Kean ahead, 8-3. The streak ended when Valiant player, Melissa Goncalves, scored a

goal just before the half ended. Going into halftime the Cougars had a 8-4 lead. In the second half with the Cougars ahead, 15-8, the Valiants went on to score four of the game’s next five goals, but proved too little too late as Kean held on for the win. Junior goalie, Jules Keeley, got the win with seven saves while Mary Rose Morrison suffered the loss with seven saves of her own.

Kean Women’s Basketball is one of the top programs in Division III of the NCAA. The team did very well this season despite suffering a key loss to their team. The Lady Cougars finished the season 22-6 and made it as far as the NJAC Championship game but lost to Richard Stockton College 79-69. The team earned a berth into the Women’s Division III NCAA Tournament. The Lady Cougars played Messiah College but lost 73-50 and that’s where their season ended. Kean also was able to earn national rankings on the D3Hoops. com Top 25. The Lady Cougars were able to achieve all of these great feats even with the dismissal of former head coach Michele Sharp.

Sharp was dismissed Jan. 19 even with the team having a 15-3 record. The punishment was from when Sharp’s program committed four violations. Among the violations was some of the team’s players getting extra benefits from a trip to Europe and changing the grades for one of team’s top players. Although the terrible controversy to the team affected the players’ morale some of the players were able to have great years. Naimah Clemons led the team in scoring with 23.1 points per game. Clemens was named to the’s all second-team. The women had a great season and should be proud of their accomplishments. Like the old saying goes, there’s always next year.

KU Men’s Lacrosse team rebounds after tough loss By Raymond Gurbisz The Kean University Men’s Lacrosse team rebounded in a big way from their tough loss to Drew University last week, as they edged Elizabethtown College in a 6-1 non conference victory Saturday afternoon. The Cougars went up early with a goal from senior Nick Angrisani. Later on in the quarter, sophomore Richard Cheifitz scored, brining the Cougars to a 2-0 lead. After a scoreless second quarter of play, the game remained close going into the third. Sophomore John Marcelli scored at the 14:20 mark and extended the Cougars lead to 3-0. Elizabethtown College marched right back after junior

Cory Boushell buried one in the back of the net. The goal came only two minutes after Marcelli’s goal and brought the Blue Jay’s to within two goals. Up 3-1, the game remained close, however the Cougars started pulling away late in the third and scored the final three goals of the game. The Cougars finished with 29 shots versus the Blue Jays 21. The Cougars also dominated in the faceoff category, winning 8 of 11. Freshman Jonathan Foss won 7 of 8 faceoffs and picked up five groundballs. Junior goalkeeper Lane Zierten also faced 10 shots for the Cougars. Marcelli ended the game racking up two goals while Cheifitz added two assists to go along with his one goal.


Kean shuts out Eastern Connecticut, 5 - 0 By Nick Mojica Coming off of an extra innings win against SUNY College at Old Westbury, the Kean Cougars picked up their eighth win of the season with an excellent outing from Junior pitcher Kevin Herget.

Herget pitched a gem, going eight innings, while striking out nine batters and only allowing six hits. Herget is now 3-0 and has not allowed a run yet this season, as Kean improved to 8-2 for the year. The Cougars got the scoring started early as senior Steve

Sanguiliano got on base with a single. Sophomore Joe O’Connor moved Sanguiliano over to third with a single. Sanguiliano then scored on a wild pitch. Senior Dylan Laguna picked up an RBI double to make the game 2-0. Kean kept the scoring going with a sacrifice fly

from O’Connor, which scored Vinny Galya. Kean added the final blow with a two-run home run by sophomore Shane Alvarez in the seventh inning to make for a final score of 5-0. Pitcher Kevin Herget biggest trouble of the day came in the

eighth inning, as he let the bases get loaded with one out. Herget managed to strike out the next two batters and kept the shutout going. Dylan Laguna finished the game going 2-for-4 with 1 RBI, the only multi-hit player for the game.

The Tower - Vol. 12, Issue 7 (3/29/12)  

The student newspaper of Kean University

The Tower - Vol. 12, Issue 7 (3/29/12)  

The student newspaper of Kean University