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Cornell provides a collaborative, creative, and diverse environment in which students can pursue their passions in an interdisciplinary manner. As a celebration of these students, this piece highlights senior leaders in the fashion, design, and media communities at Cornell. These seniors, who have been heavily involved during their time on campus, exemplify the diversity and strength of both the students and the programs that Cornell offers. Three important clubs have helped shape the fashion, design, and art communities here at Cornell: Cornell Fashion Collective, Thread Magazine, and Cornell Fashion Industry Network, formerly known as Careers in the Fashion Industry. A unique blend of fashion design and fashion management, CFC is the primary organization behind the professional runway show at Cornell that allows students to both design apparel and manage the operations of the event. Thread Magazine provides students another creative outlet where they can engage in editorial writing, photography, marketing, styling, business management, event planning and more. As Cornell’s premiere fashion, art, and lifestyle magazine, Thread has established itself as one of the leaders of Cornell’s fashion/creative community. Cornell Fashion Industry Network provides students with the opportunity to enter the fashion industry by connecting them with professionals and exposing them to new career paths. Their annual Fashion Speaks Gala connects Cornell alumni in the fashion industry to current students. The senior leaders and designers of Cornell’s fashion and art community featured in this magazine are quintessential examples of the spirit and strength of the University’s interdisciplinary approach to learning.

CORNELL FASHION COLLECTIVE Jessa Chargois Jacqueline Fogarty Sloane Applebaum David Wild Emelia Black Olivia Friedman Emma Seymour Riley Jameson Thread Magazine Kristina Linares Brenna Louie Hebani Duggal Cameron Pollack CORNELL FASHION INDUSTRY NETWORK Jackie DeVito

CORNell fashion collective

Jessa is a Fiber Science and Apparel Design major from Saugerties, NY, with a concentration in Product Development and a minor in Female, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Drawing upon her areas of study, Jessa is passionate about exploring the “intersection of fashion and feminism fundamentals”, striving to inspire more women to step into leadership roles throughout the fashion industry, breaking down gender barriers that define our current world. Jessa recalls a vivid moment within freshmen year when she knew she would want the chance to run the Cornell Fashion Collective, joining for the inspirational and collaborative environment the club presents. Four years later, as Cornell Fashion Collective’s current President, she is proud to represent “a diverse and talented group of dreamers,” and she is working towards to securing Cornell’s reputation as “a strong contender within the apparel and design community.” In the past, Jessa has interned for Supima Cotton as a runway intern and with Peerless Clothing International, the largest manufacturer of licensed tailored clothing in the world, where she will be returning to work post-graduation in New York City as a member of the sales team. Additionally, she will be traveling between Montreal and California, training and working within a menswear factory “in order to develop a deeper knowledge of the tailored garments.” Beyond her work life, Jessa, born in the Catskills, harbors a fondness for the outdoors. She values the simple things in life such as unapologetically happy people who radiate confidence, autumn leaves, freshly brewed coffee, and her favorite black beret that she “borrowed” from an Airbnb in Italy. Jessa was a recipient of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund in 2016 and 2018, as well as the National Retail Federation’s Next Generation Scholar in 2018.

Jacqueline Fogarty is a FSAD major with a concentration in Fashion Design from Charlotte, NC. Cornell’s unique FSAD program brought her to Ithaca. She has found that the interdisciplinary nature of the major has allowed her to get a taste of the academic as well as the creative sides of design. With this, Jacqueline has enjoyed taking classes in art history and entrepreneurship and working in the Cornell Costume and Textile Collection as a research assistant. As a two-time recipient of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund award and a Barbara L. Kuhlman Fiber Arts Scholarship, she is working to push the boundaries of the design process, bringing conceptual story to a high fashion customer. This drive has continued through her internships in women’s design at Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kenneth Cole. While at Cornell Days as an incoming freshman, Jacqueline attended the CFC runway show and knew it would be an influential part of her experience at Cornell. Each year Jacqueline has showcased her work in the CFC annual runway show, was VP of Publicity in 2016 and currently holds the position of VP of Designers while also presenting her senior collection. CFC has given her the professionalism and refinery to enter the working world and she will pursue women’s design in NYC after graduation.

Sloane is a Fiber Science and Apparel Design major from Wayne, NJ. She was initially drawn to Cornell’s Fiber Science and Apparel Design program because of its unique focus on the history of fashion and aesthetics through a scientific and business-oriented lens. Sloane was excited by the opportunity to study fashion, a longtime hobby of hers, in an academic setting while simultaneously exploring other educational interests, including finance, anthropology, and economics. Through the FSAD department, she has participated in two global study trips to India and China, where she learned more about the global apparel production industry and studied the ethics of apparel manufacturing. These trips initially piqued her interest in supply chain management, which is what she will be pursuing following graduation as she joins Procter & Gamble under their Supply Network Operations department. Prior to this, she has also worked at the Boston Consulting Group as a Digital Ventures Intern, and at Chanel as both a Digital Marketing Strategy Intern and an E-Commerce Operations Intern. Outside of her classes, Sloane enjoys exercising, reading, and watching football with her family. She has been selected as the Fiber Science and Apparel Design Sophomore of the Year and Junior of the Year, as well as a YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund recipient.

David is a Fashion Design major in the College of Human Ecology and hails all the way from Berkeley, CA. He came to Ithaca to pursue the mix of academic and creative opportunities offered by FSAD. In addition, he joined CFC to get his ideas out there and promote his work to a larger audience. Since arriving on campus, he has taken to designing clothes and bags for himself and others. These designs are informed by various internships that have exposed him to different design techniques and approaches. In the past, David has interned for Small Trade Company, Toogood, Magnolia Editions, and Geoffrey B. Good: an extremely influential designer in the field. Next year, David will be moving to Italy to work with Good. There, he wishes to begin to “slow down the way we consume� and potentially realize a future in a fashion that is more individual. David is a 2016 recipient of the CCA Biennial Grant.

Emelia Black is a FSAD major from Snohomish, WA. Although she had seen herself attending hardcore design schools such as FIT or PRATT, she ultimately decided to attend Cornell where she has tapped into innovative work with protective and functional apparel. Outside of academics, Emelia is a vehement advocate for environmentalism and, from living in an eco-minded cooperative on campus, has acquired opportunities to do research for the Performance Apparel Lab and Fiberizer textile recycling team. She is also a Co-Director of Cornell Thrift Initiative. To balance her scientific side with her creative interests, Emelia joined CFC to fulfill her urge to design fashion and compliment her efforts in academic research. She has interned at Final Frontier Design in Brooklyn, True North Gear in Seattle, and served as Head of Student Costume Design at Village Theatre in Everett, WA. In the future, she hopes to introduce a greater sense of responsibility and awareness to the field and facilitate the transition away from fast fashion.

Olivia is a FSAD Product Development major from Mount Kisko, NY. Ultimately, the Cornell’s unique FSAD major brought her to Ithaca. Here, Olivia enjoys taking classes in business, design, and the liberal arts all while pursuing a Bachelor in Science in Apparel Design---one of only three programs like it in the northeast. In addition to FSAD, CFC has provided her with an invaluable community of creative innovators as well as the opportunity to showcase her work. She is confident that upon graduation, Cornell will have equipped her with the skill set to succeed in the professional design world. In the past, she has begun to practice what she has learned at internships at top designer brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, and Cynthia Rowley. Olivia is a 2018 YMA Fashion Scholarship recipient.

Emma, born in Narbeth, PA, a fiber science major in the College of Human Ecology, arrived at Cornell with a vague sense of what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. Cornell’s broad umbrella of areas of study and research opportunities has allowed her to integrate research into her academics and take everything from FSAD labs to bio and nutrition labs. Although she entered Cornell as a biology major, Emma is now a Fiber Science major. After designing for CFC’s fashion show, she discovered her passion for design. When she’s not studying, attending music festivals, or sporting navy nail polish, she’s working at places such as the Body Scanner Laboratory, Valley Eye Professionals, and CollegeFashionista. Next year, Emma will be in New York City hoping to work with textiles for medical applications. When asked where she thinks the future of fashion lies, she responded: “I believe the fashion industry is working to be a better force in the world. More humane. More sustainable. More responsible.”

Riley Jameson is a FSAD Fashion Design and Management major from Los Angeles, CA. His three passions: business, design, and science. Cornell just happens to amalgamate all three into one major: FSAD. He has accomplished so much here---graduating from the College of Human Ecology this past winter with distinction is just one amongst a multitude of other great accomplishments. Previously, he has held internship positions at JWALK, the fashion brand n:Philanthropy, and Away Travel where he worked as a brand marketing intern. Outside of academics, Riley helps run CFC’s annual spring fashion show: the largest student run fashion show in the nation. Otherwise, he’s eating food, listening to music, or keeping up with any and all Boston sports teams.


Kristina is an Economics major from Westport, CT. From the first month of her freshman year all the way to her senior spring, Kristina has been involved with Thread Magazine in roles with increasing responsibility. As the current President, she looks forward to continuing to increase Thread’s presence and influence on campus, with the hope that it will become one of the prominent leaders in college publications. Kristina believes that Thread has given her the opportunity to partner with and lead some of the most talented, creative people at Cornell. The determined mindset and strong leadership Kristina displays as President has helped her land a number of impressive internships at Data & Marketing Association, JOOR, and Merrill Lynch. After she graduates, she will be heading to New York City to work for Ernst & Young in their Business Advisor Program. However, she plans on feeding her passion for travel beforehand by enjoying a trip to either the coast of Italy or Greece. Kristina, who studied abroad in London last semester, loves to travel and explore different cultures. She views studying in London and traveling around Europe as one of her favorite experiences of her last four years.

Brenna is a Fiber Science & Apparel Design major from San Francisco, CA, studying Fashion Design Management with a minor in Business. Fashion has always been an integral part of her life (just ask her about her current shoe collection), as she recalls being fourteen when she knew she wanted to work in the industry. Fast forward to today, and Brenna is serving as the current Vice President of the Thread Magazine. Adding to her impressive list of credentials, she has also worked for brands such as Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet, private equity firm Marquee Brands, and London-based progressive branding company Wolf & Badger. Her creative background has also led her to pursue other passions beyond fashion at Cornell, such as hip-hop dance. What truly drew Brenna to this campus was the collaborative and diverse environment in which she was able to “draw on many different knowledge bases,” and to “meet people who were so diverse from [her] educational background who still wanted to be in a creative role.” Through her involvement on campus, she has been lucky to connect and build friendships with people who share similar passions and interests.

Hebani is an Information Science major from Milford, CT. Although she claims she “had no idea what she was in for” at Cornell, she is enjoying the flexibility and breadth of her major, which allows her to explore different sides to statistics and programming. Her previous work experience includes an internship at American Express, where she will continue to work next year in New York City. A deeply creative person, Hebani enjoys expressing herself through makeup and beauty, and she joined the Thread Magazine as a way to engage with other people who share similar interests. She is inspired by Instagram aesthetics and bold eyeshadows, and she strives to create content that people can relate to. Reflecting on her Cornell experience, she acknowledges the fact that it can often be hard to exercise your creativity if you are in a major that demands most of your time and interactions. However, she has come to value this aspect, as it “pushes you to find other ways you can express yourself creatively,” whether it be through clubs or project involvement. In addition to being the current Beauty Director of Thread, Hebani also holds the Class of 2018 Award and the worst Uber rating of anyone you will ever meet.

Cameron is a Government major who currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, although he is proud to also have roots in Fiesole, Italy. His decision to come to Cornell can be summed up in one picturesque scene from a movie: a prospective student sits on the overhang above the cocktail lounge, eating a Hawaiian pizza bagel and reading underneath the sunset. And just like that, Cameron knew this was the place for him. As an accomplished photojournalist who has worked for both The Philadelphia Inquirer and 88.5 WXPN, he is always surrounded by vividly meaningful snapshots of life. Cameron’s mission behind the lens is simple - he strives to tell stories in new and creative ways, while still keeping people “informed and also sane.” A deeply empathetic person, he is inspired by watching the people he cares for pursue their passions. Reflecting back on his time at Cornell, Cameron says, “This place is obviously such a great incubator for creative people and new ideas, but studying government also instilled me with a huge spirit of public service as well. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have both of those experiences.” In addition to being a photographer, Cameron is also an aspiring pizza chef and an avid fan of comfortable shoes.

cornell fashion industry network

Jackie is a Fashion Design Management major from Larchmont, NY. During her freshman year, she joined Cornell Fashion Industry Network in an attempt to gain experience and mentorship. CFIN quickly became her most valuable resource, as the older students helped her network with industry leaders and even secure her first internship. As the current President of CFIN, Jackie now has impressive work experience at brands such as Andrew Marc and American Eagle Outfitters, where she will be returning next year to work in Merchandising. She has also held internships at an integrated marketing firm and advertising agency. In this leadership role at CFIN, she strives to create a supportive environment in which members can “explore their interest areas,” “realize their aspirations,” and “connect with a multitude of students who share similar goals.” Although fashion is a major part of her life (she will never stop hunting for the perfect leather jacket), Jackie also has a deep-rooted passion for traveling and immersing herself in different cultures. In fact, it is this passion for people and cultures that initially drew her to fashion, as she sees expression through clothing as a way for people to tell their own stories. Additionally, Jackie is also a Research Assistant for the Cornell Costume and Textile Collection and the Cornell Student Ambassador for the National Retail Federation.

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