12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp - Your guide to a seamless relocation

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12 MONTH BARBADOS WELCOME STAMP Your guide to a seamless relocation

YOUR TRUSTED EXPERTS in Barbados Long Term Rentals

The Terra Group is an established and reputable real estate leader with local and regional offices across the Caribbean. Comprising, Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury, and Blue Sky Luxury, the group offers clients a comprehensive suite of real estate, holiday rental and relocation services.

properties for the duration. We offer a wide selection of villas, houses, apartments and townhouses across the island suited to remote working and a 12 month stay. Our expert team of agents have an intimate knowledge of Barbados and are ready to help you with every aspect of your relocation. From finding your ideal on-island home and office, to helping you choose the right school for your kids, we do it all.

With the introduction of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp, non-nationals can now work remotely for up to a year, with the option of staying in one of our


How We Can HELP YOU 1

Each of our 16 knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents are ready to guide you step by step through the rental process to secure your new home in Barbados.


Assist you with school searches and connect you to our points of contacts in the preferred school’s administration.


Provide staffing for your accommodation from housekeeping, to wait staff and maintenance.


Introduce you to Health Insurance agents.


Based on your preference, we can introduce you to our point of contact in any banking institution on island to open a bank account.


Connect you with reliable car rental /leasing companies.


Help you to feel more at home. Introducing you to the Barbadian way of life as well as recommending restaurants, beaches, clubs, tennis instructors and hotspots for socialising with both locals and other expats.


Whilst the 12 Month Welcome Stamp allows you to be on island for 12 month, some of you will want to be here for a shorter duration. We have options that can accommodate midterm rentals.


If you wish to stay on and call Barbados home permanently, we can assist in that aspect as well.






How We Can Help You

Barbados Facts

Residency Options


09 SEP


Your Choice Of Homes On Island




Obtaining Your Barbados Welcome Stamp

Life In Barbados

How To Rent Your Barbados Home

Running Costs






Need To Know

Private Travel

Experience Barbados



Tips For Getting By

BARBADOS Facts GENERAL Government - Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy Head of Government - Prime Minister- Hon. Mia Mottley, Q.C. M.P. Governor General - Dame Sandra Mason, GCMG D.A. Q.C. Area - 430 sq km (166 sq miles) with a coastline of 97 km Location - Atlantic Ocean, north-east of Venezuela Population - 288,513 (est) Towns - Capital: Bridgetown, Others: Oistins, Speightstown, Holetown Average Temperature - 26.80 Celsius. Warm and Sunny Time Zone - GMT -4 hrs Winter; GMT -5 hrs Summer EST +1 Winter (Daylight Saving Time) Elevation - Relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region

ECONOMY Currency - Barbadian Dollar (BBD) 2BBD = 1USD Barbados has a market-based economy with both the private and public sectors actively involved in determining the goods and services made available to consumers Primary Business Sectors - Tourism, International Business and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Agriculture Tourist Arrivals - 680,269 (2018)

UTILITIES Telecommunications - Island-wide automatic telephone system • Fixed lines: 28,043 (2018) • Mobile cellular: 329,326 (2018) • Broadband Subscriptions: 89,340 (2018) • International country code - 246 • Internet country code: .bb • Internet users: 231,883 (80% of population) Electricity - Local Voltage - 110V Solar power via Photovoltaic Water - 99% homes with drinkable running water


TRANSPORTATION Airports - Grantley Adams International Airport. International Flights - USA - (35 flights weekly), UK - (16 flights weekly), Canada - (11 flights weekly), Frankfurt, Europe - once weekly, Panama - twice weekly, Dusselford and Munich, Germany (seasonal). Major seaport(s) - The Port of Bridgetown on the southwest coast. Marinas - Port St. Charles - St. Peter, Port Ferdinand - St. Peter, Careenage Marina - Bridgetown. Ground Transportation - Established public transportation system includes buses, taxis, shared taxis (ZRs & ZMs) and rental cars. Roadways - Total paved 1,700 km.

CULTURE Language - Official: English, Colloquial: Bajan (English-based creole dialect). Ethnicity - Predominantly black (92.4%). Food - National Dish: Cou-Cou and Flying Fish. Popular: “Pudding-and-Souse". A wide variety of seafood and meats are also available.

SOCIAL SERVICES Education - The educational system ranges from pre-school to university. School is compulsory up to age 16. Nationals do not pay tuition fees at Government primary and secondary schools. Educational institutions at the post-secondary level include colleges, a university, vocational and technical training schools. There are also special schools for the mentally and physically challenged. Health Care - There are two major hospitals which both provide several specialist services: the state-run 600-bed Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the private care Bayview Hospital. In addition, there are several well-equipped clinics, health centres, nursing homes and a fertility clinic. Service Clubs - International: Junior Chamber International, Kiwanis, Lions, Optimist, Rotary, Soroptimist International, The Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA.



Non-nationals looking to call the gem of the Caribbean home should consider two very appealing residency options. The Barbados Welcome Stamp allows non-national individuals, couples, and families with children the option of living on island for up to 12 months. The Special Entry Permit (SEP) designed for those looking to stay longer than 12 months enables non-national individuals, couples, and families with children to obtain their residency status. Who can apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp? A non-national who is: Employed in a country other than Barbados, produces proof of an annual income of US$50,000.00 or more which is generated outside of Barbados, and holds valid health insurance covering the period for which the stamp is granted, can apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp.

Applications can be submitted on behalf of an individual applicant who will be engaging in remote work in Barbados or an individual and his/her accompanying family and dependants.

How can a person apply for the Barbados Welcome Stamp? Applications may be submitted online or via a local service provider. Completed applications should be


submitted together with the following supporting documents:• The bio data page of the passport of the Applicant (and any accompanying family or dependant(s)). • The birth certificate of the Applicant (and any accompanying family or dependant(s)). • Proof of relationship between the Applicant and the dependant(s)). (via submission of the aforementioned birth certificate(s), marriage certificate(s), adoption

documents). • Entry visa (*if the Applicant comes from a country requiring an entry visa for Barbados).

What are the associated costs for the Barbados Welcome Stamp? There is no fee due and payable on the submission of the Application. On the successful approval of the Application, individual Applicants shall pay a fee of US$2,000. Where the Applicant is accompanied by his/her family, the fee will be US$3,000 for the applicant and his/her members of the family group.

Are there any restrictions/ prohibitions attached to the Barbados Welcome Stamp? Holders of the Barbados Welcome Stamp shall only engage in remote work and shall not engage in employment in Barbados. It should be noted that Applicants are required to declare that neither they nor any member of the family group shall accept any employment from or offer any services to a citizen, permanent resident, immigrant, work permit holder or any person or entity carrying on business in Barbados.

How long is the Barbados Welcome Stamp issued for? The Barbados Welcome Stamp is for a maximum of 12 months from the date of arrival on island. During that time, holders of the visa will be able to travel to and from Barbados at their leisure.

Are income taxes payable by holders of the Stamp? Non-nationals who have been granted a Barbados Welcome Stamp shall be

deemed as non-resident in Barbados for the purpose of income tax and will not have to pay income tax in Barbados.

/herself and/or accompany family member(s) /dependant(s), it may be justification for refusal of the grant of a Barbados Welcome Stamp.

Can the Barbados Welcome Stamp be revoked? Yes. Holders who fail to comply with the provisions of the Act may have their Stamp revoked. It should also be mentioned that if any Applicant provides any false information, misrepresentation or omission of facts on the application form or during the application process either on behalf of himself 7

The Barbados Welcome Stamp is for a maximum of 12 months.

Obtaining Your Barbados WELCOME STAMP 5 Simple Steps


Visit https://www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/apply/


Submit all required documents and apply for the 12 Month Welcome Stamp.


Receive confirmation email of application being submitted.


The processing of the application will begin within 48 hours after submission.


You will receive an email confirming or denying your Visa within 5 working days thereafter.


Special Entry Permit (SEP) The Barbados Special Entry Permit (SEP) was introduced in 2012 and makes it easier for non-nationals to live, work and retire in Barbados or to visit the island often and stay for extended periods of time. In order to be eligible for SEP, applicants must be non-nationals and satisfy one of the sets of criteria set out in the applicable sections on The Immigration Act. These include:

US$5,000.00 for an indefinite permit granted for persons over 60 years; person under 60 years and retired, the fee is US5,000.00 for a 5-year permit. Note, spouses and dependant children of HNWIs can apply for and be granted a similar SEPs.

• Retired property owners who are 60 years and older and who own property with a market value of approximately US$2M. Those persons can apply for an indefinite permit - fee of US$5,000.00;

• Non-nationals who have special skills that are critical to the growth and development of Barbados may also qualify for a SEP. • In addition to the above all applicants and dependants over age 16 must satisfy security checks, submit Police Certificates of Character, provide proof of adequate health insurance (with cover of not less than US$350,000 for persons under 50 and US$500,000 for persons over 50) and provide evidence that they are able support themselves and dependants.

• Retired property owners aged 50 - 60 years who own property with a market value of approximately US$2M may qualify for a SEP for a period of time up to age 60 and, upon reaching the age of 60, they can apply for a - fee of US$5,000.00 for a 5 year permit up to the age of 60 years; • Property owners under 50 years and who own property with a value of US$2M, can be granted a SEP for incremental terms of 5 years until reaching the age of 60 and thereafter for an indefinite period - fee of US$5,000.00 for a 5 year permit up to the age of 60 years;

Work Permits for SEP Holders and HNWI SEP holders who wish to engage in employment in Barbados, must apply for a work permit - the work permit fee is US$1,500.00 per annum.

• High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) who have assets of not less than US$5M. They must also own substantial residential property or investment in Barbados of a value of at least US$2M. Fee of -


Your Choice of HOMES ON ISLAND

Whilst the picturesque scene of sitting on a lounge chair on silky sands, in front of your beachfront villa overlooking crystal blue waters is everyone’s fantasy, Barbados has an array of options to suit you. We can find you exactly what you’re looking for from gated communities, golfing resorts, country stand-alone homes, beachfront condos and villas, apartments and studios across the island.

Both the South and West Coasts have fabulous beaches, restaurants, cinemas and entertainment spots. The West Coast, popularly known as the Platinum Coast, is home to high-end luxury homes, while the South Coast offers a variety of properties to suit any rental budgets. If you prefer a more inland residence, we also have some excellent communities to offer in those locations.

Average Rental Price 4,500 4,000 3,500 3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000 500 0

All prices quoted above are in US dollars for average rental rates on: • 2 & 3 bedroom apartments on the

South Coast Vs. the West Coast • 3 & 4 bedroom homes on the

South Coast Vs. the West Coast • 3 bedroom townhouses on the

South Coast Vs. the West Coast South Coast

West Coast

South Coast


West Coast

South Coast West Coast





4 10


In addition to St. Lawrence Gap, you will find other restaurants, clubs, a movie theatre, a drive-in cinema, additional shopping malls and other wonderful amenities on the south of the island.

Whatever your individual interest, from swimming with the turtles to fine dining, you are sure to find it in Barbados. Completely surrounded by glorious turquoise seas, life at the beach is not only suited for those wishing to relax but also persons looking to partake in an adventure. Surfers, paddle board and water sports enthusiasts and divers alike are welcome. Boasting an eclectic range of food options, Barbados has it all. Go from a 3-course meal to a divine fish sandwich from a beach shop and trust us you’re sure to not be disappointed. Dining from home is now an option too, with delivery services available island wide, note prices will vary based on location.

There are a variety of fully stocked supermarkets across the island offering Barbadian, as well as popular international products and brands. For high-end shopping, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is the place to be. Located on the West Coast of the island Limegrove offers luxury brands such as, Longchamp, Michael Kors and Cartier to name a few. Directly across from Limgrove, First and Second Street are home to a vibrant nightlife, numerous restaurants and entertainment. Between these two streets one can enjoy scheduled live performances and a diverse selection of cuisines. St. Lawrence Gap on the South Coast offers a mix of dining, partying and lounging. 11

Bridgetown, the islands’capital, mainly consists of retail stores, several business places, commercial banks, restaurants, a few art galleries and markets for fresh local produce. The Original Bajan Walking Food Tour by Lickerish a fan favourite, teaches you how to eat like a local while visiting various monuments, public squares and churches, learning in tandem about their captivating history. There are numerous activities one can engage in whilst living in Barbados. From informative lectures and exciting sporting and cultural events to sipping cocktails at a beach club, sailing on a catamaran, playing golf or tennis and even enjoying dinner all the while being serenaded by a jazz band.

HOW TO RENT Your Barbados Home 1

Set up a call with an agent to discuss your relocation needs.


Confirm your preferences: Budget Minimum Bedrooms Location Special requirements (e.g. pets, pool, close to the beach, etc..) Preferred lease start date


Review listings, identify your favourites and request virtual tours for a better look inside the properties. Note - live video tours are available upon request.


After viewing virtually, confirm a short list and identify your preferred new on-island home.


Submit an offer through your agent which will include the monthly rent, start date, duration and any special requirements such as utilities included in the rental rate.


Your agent will facilitate the negotiation with the landlord.


Once rental terms are agreed, your agent will prepare a standard lease for approval by both parties.




The lease is signed by both parties and an initial payment is paid by the tenant. The initial payment usually comprises first month’s rent plus a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent (2 months total). Some landlords require first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit equivalent to one month’s rent (3 months total) to secure the property. Your agent will formally introduce you to your landlord to set up or transfer services such as electricity, internet, phone etc. into your name. Standard forms for these services will be provided by your agent. Your agent will coordinate the handover of keys and ensure you are settled into your new home.


Running COSTS Cost of living and rental cultures varies from country. to country. Our aim whilst you're on island is to provide you with all the necessary information to make your stay enjoyable, hasslefree and productive.



Accessibility to high speed and uninterrupted internet will be pertinent to working remotely. FLOW and Digicel are the two telecommunication companies on island which provide fiber broadband speeds up to 1,000 Mpbs.

Barbados' electricity rates are approximately US$0.07 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). A typical monthly bill for a 2 bed condo with ACs is US$62.50. A typical monthly bill for a 3 bed house with ACs is US$80.00.

Not included in your rental rate


Unless specified by your agent and property description, the rule of thumb is all utilities will be for the tenant’s responsibility. Most rentals come with garden and pool maintance included in the rental rate, the latter if applicable.

Barbados Water Authority bills for domestic customers are calculated according to four rates blocs and the charges are determined over a 30-day period. The rate blocs are as follows:

Included in your rental rate Pool and garden maintenance are usually included. To understand what your monthly utility spend will be, we can provide you with our utility calculator.

• US$1.24 per m3 (0-8 m3); • US$1.55 per m3 (9-20 m3); • US$2.33 per m3 (21-40 m3) and • US$3.89 per m3 (over 40 m3). A typical monthly bill for a 2 bed condo is US$20.00 A typical monthly bill for a 3 bed house is US$30.00

Renting A Car The cost of renting a car will vary. Below are monthly quotations in US$ inclusive of unlimited time & mileage, a local driver’s permit & taxes.

Active domestic customer accounts now attract the Garbage and Sewage Contribution(GSC), calculated at the rate of US$0.13 per household, per day for sewage management, plus US$0.63 per household per day for garbage collection on behalf of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA). This amount is added to your monthly water bill.

• Economy - US$889.00 • Sedan - US$1441.00 • SUV - US$1631.00


To understand further what your monthly utility spend could be, request our utility calculator from our agents.

Gasoline fluctuates monthly, visit https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/Barbados/gasoline_prices/ for more information. The site keeps an up-to-date status on price per litre, octane-95 along with previous rates over the past quarter.


Need to KNOW

For contact information surrounding each of the categories below please go to the directory on page 17.

Healthcare & Insurance


One of the attractions of living in Barbados is its good health care system, ranked among the best in the Caribbean. Local healthcare services in Barbados are easily accessible and of a high standard. There are two main hospitals on the island, various medical centers, well-equipped private and public clinics, medical laboratories, pharmacies, and a large number of private doctors in practice.

Daycare to Tertiary Barbados follows the British schooling system and offers both public and private schooling. Several schools offer bilingual education as the expat community continues to expand. While on island persons utilizing the 12-month stamp have the option of sending their children to either private or public schools. The cost of attending private schools versus public will differ.

There are numerous options of well established insurance companies on island with brokers equipped to handle all areas of General, Life & Health Insurance. Persons looking to relocated must have health insurance either locally provided or from their place of origin during their 12-month span on island. If traveling with a family, all members must be insured.

Children will be required to obtain student visas (which are granted for 1-year) to attend school. Families should therefore engage a local service provider if they wish to obtain student visas for their children.

around the island. Banks in Barbados offer a range of everyday personal and business services, and a host of ATMs for added convenience. The banks accept all major international credit cards. To open a bank account on island requirements will vary from bank to bank. The below highlights the minimum amount of documentation needed:


• Bank reference and statement from current bank • Proof of address on island • Two forms of ID

Barbados, has a variety of commercial banks in operation, with each bank having multiple branches


Getting Around

Cargo & Moving

Car Rentals / Driver’s License

Whether you're relocating from Canada, USA, Europe or the Caribbean, there are several global freight handlers that operate within Barbados that can assist. Though your home on island will more than likely be furnished, you may want to carry some remnants of home with you.

There are several car rental companies willing to provide a number of long-term rental packages for your preferred choice of vehicle. Once you have a valid National or International Drivers License, you can obtain a Barbados drivers license. Car rental companies can also issue driver’s licenses under the same conditions. Please note a 2-month permit costs US$5.00 whilst a 1 year permit costs US$50.00 In Barbados, we have three main types of public transportation - Barbados Transport Board, Mini-Buses and "ZR" vans. Your travelling experience will vary depending on the mode of transport chosen. The Barbados Transport Board is government owned with large blue buses. The mini-buses are slightly smaller yellow buses and are privately owned. "ZR" vans are the smallest, white in colour and are also privately owned. The standard bus fare is US$1.75 and does not change with mode of public transport used, or the length of the trip. It is wise to have your bus fare in hand as it must be paid as soon as you enter the bus before you take a seat. There are also taxi and limousine services available across the island. There is no standard fare for these types of services. The fare for using a taxi depends on the length of the drive from point A to point B. If you desire to tour the island using a taxi, it is best to ask the driver to indicate the price beforehand. The cost of limousine services depends on the company you choose and will need to be reserved prior to the time of the proposed trip.

To make your stay feel more like home, international online shopping is also a possibility, but one should note that there are incurred costs to be considered.

Staff & Nannies From help around the house to caring for your children during the day or night, one should consider employing a housekeeper or nanny whilst on island. There are a variety of groups able to provide contact information of vetted housekeepers, nannies, babysitters and even tutors.

Pets We understand that bringing your four-legged companion is a priority and whilst there are a few steps to follow migrating with your pet, it’s possible for them to join you for your 12 months in Barbados. For more information visit https://www.pettravel.com/immigration/Barbados.cfm



Located at the Grantley Adams International Airport, M Jet is the premier FBO and private aviation service provider in Barbados, priding itself on providing customers with an unmatched experience on their journeys too and from Barbados.

All-inclusive, M Jet offers a variety of services such as customs, immigration and port health clearances, ground handling, aircraft maintenance, hangarage, charter arrangements, fuel supply, exquisite in-house catering and so much more.

Whether it be for business or for pleasure, M Jet takes care of all of its guests needs on a 24-hour basis. Contact Information T: + 1(246) 622-4020 or email: contact@m-fbo.com

Aiming to be seen as an industry leader M Jet constantly seeks to exceed the expectations of all its travelling guests.


TIPS for getting by

COVID Related

Island Specific

• • • • • •

If you have symptoms of COVID 19, you must first contact the Hotline (246-536-4500) for guidance before going to a medical facility. Any person with a temperature over 100.30 or 38.00 C and above shall not be permitted in establishments. Upon entering an establishment, you will be subjected to a temperature check. The Government asks that you wear masks once outside of your home. Dining in at restaurants is now permitted with 3 feet apart physical distancing protocols for non related patrons. Children 5 years and under are excluded from testing. Any person who contravenes this Directive, without reasonable explanation, is guilty of an offence, and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of US$25,000, or to imprisonment for a term of one year.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Updated information on the full list of protocols and special directives can be found on the GIS website at: https://gisbarbados.gov.bb/covid-19/

Electricity In Barbados is 110 volts/ 50 cycles. The electrical supply is reliable with the occasional outage. The standard plug types are flat blade (2flat blades) and flat blades with round grounding pin. Hang out clothes rather than using the dryer to save on your electric bill. Although Barbados is relatively safe, be mindful of your surroundings. Gas stations are not self-service. Don’t wear camouflage. It is illegal. Keep your distance from the monkeys. Beautiful creatures but they can be aggressive. We have left hand driving and the speed limit is 37 mph/60 kph except on the highways (55 mph/ 80 kph) and in Bridgetown (20 mph/32 kph). You cannot turn on a red traffic light. Seat belts are compulsory and failure to wear one can result in a fine of US$250. Drinking and driving is illegal. It is illegal to drive or operate a vehicle while holding and using a cell phone. Beware of the caustic Manchineel trees that line the West Coast beaches. They have small dark green leaves and fruit that resemble small yellow/green apples. Beware of the caustic Manchineel trees that line the West Coast beaches. They have small dark green leaves and fruit that resemble small yellow/green apples.


EXPERIENCE Barbados Seaduced Luxury Charters Escape aboard one of our luxury catamarans or power boats! Choose your guests and we will take care of the rest! Focused on facilitating a truly seamless tailor-made holiday for discerning clients, Seaduced Luxury Charters comes equipped with a highly trained crew, talented on-board chef and a passion for showing the island in its best light. Contact Info: T: +1 (246) 432 8387 • E: chris@seaducedbarbados.com

Barbados Golf Club The home of Golf in Barbados Affordable, The Barbados Golf Club’s 18-hole championship golf course is beloved by locals, businesses, and visitors alike. Promoting an avid sense of community, The Barbados Golf Club is by far the most socially acclaimed golf club on island. Additionally, it is the only public driving range facility in Barbados. A favourite amongst families, the course is easy to play and incredibly enjoyable. Contact Info: T: +1(246) 538-4653 • E: bjleacock@barbadosgolfclub.com

Bushy Park Barbados From your office to the racetrack in just 60 seconds. The leading circuit-racing facility in the Caribbean, Bushy Park Barbados was designed and built to host a wide range of activities. Offering unique office spaces overlooking the racetrack persons can now work and play in an instant. Whether you are looking to learn how to drive a race car, hone your skills or spend time with your family - Bushy Park has an Experience for you. Contact Info: T: +1 (246) 537-1360 • E: experiences@bushyparkbarbados.com




Flow Ryan Wickham 1 (246) 230-0014 ryan.wickham@cwc.com

Providence School Stacy Altman 1 (246) 429-4120 stacy.altman@psbarbados.com

Digicel 1 (246) 530-3444 bds_customercare_external@digicelgroup.com

The Codrington School Samantha Lorde 1 (246) 832-1222 samantha.lorde@codrington.edu.bb


St. Winifreds School 1 (246) 429-3661 secretary@stwinifredsschool.net

Scotiabank Rico Layne 1 (246) 230-1745 rico.layne@scotiabank.com

St. Gabriel's 1 (246) 436-6078 stgabrielschoolbarbados@gmail.com

Republic Bank Sharon Sealy 1 (246) 431-1262

The Ursuline Convent Kim Somerville 1 (246) 426-2636 saprincipal@gmail.com

Royal Bank of Canada Kavita Singh 1 (246) 467-4000 kavita.singh@rbc.com

Wills Primary School Nicole Wills 1 (246) 418-9833 willsprimaryschool@gmail.com

CIBC/FCIB Damian Griffith 1 (246) 419-8401 damian.griffith@cibcfcib.com First Citizens Bank 1( 246) 431-4594 kellyann.codrington@firstcitizensbb.com

Lockerbie College (Canadian/American/British Cariculium) Julia Hanschel 1 (246) 252-0270 schooldirector@lockerbiecollege.com

Pre School & Montessori

Water & Electricity

St. Nicholas Liesje Cole-Pragnell 1 (246) 266-8536 liesje@vividview.com

Barbados Water Authority 1 (246) 434-4292 customercare@bwa.bb Barbados Light and Power 1 (246) 626-1800 customerservice@blpc.com.bb

St. Luke's Academy Ana Hernandez 1 (246) 262-5818 office@stlukes.academy.com


Barbados Immigration Department

Attorney at Law to assist with immigration needs Herritage Chambers 1 (246) 436-6226 lms@heritagechambers.bb

Consulate of Cuba 1Â (246) 271-9209 embabdos@caribsurf.com Embassy of Japan 1 (246) 538-5700 barbados@rt.mofa.go.jp


Shipping items to Barbados

United Stated Embassy 1 (246) 227-4000 bridgetownfacebook@state.gov

Calvin Alkins Customs Services Inc 1 (246) 435-2826/27 Calvin@cacs.com.bb www.cacs.com.bb

High Commission of Canada 1 (246) 437-7436 bdgtn-cs@international.gc.ca

Cargo BGI 1 (246) 537-2244 office@cargobgi.com

Embassy's of the people Republic of China 1 (246) 435-6890 chinaemb_bb@mfa.gov.cn

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. 1 (246) 436-6102 info@ehshipping.com

Embassy of Brasil 1 (246) 427 1735 brasemb.bridgetown@itamaraty.gov.br

Kestrel Liner Agencies 1 (246) 435-5165 Jnedd@kestrel.com www.kestrel.com

Embassy of Venezuela 1 (246) 435 7619,8062 embavenbdos@gmail.com

Laparkan 1 (246) 436-5322 customerservice@laparkan.com

Delegation of the Eurupean Union 1-246-434-8519 Marguerite.SPOONER@eeas.europa.eu

Tropical Shipping 1Â (246) 426-9990 customercare@tropical.com

New Zealand High Commission 1 (246) 622-7800 nzhcbarbados@mfat.govt.nz

Ordering items directly to Barbados/ Online Shopping

Embassy of Argentina 1 (246) 537-1800 doy@mrecic.gov.ar

Bajan Pack Gabriela Godoy 1 (246) 836-5498 gabrielagodoy@bajanpack.com

Guyana Consulate in Barbados 1 (246) 537-2767 guyanaconsulate.bb@mission.gov.gy British High Commission 1 (246) 430-7800 ukinbarbados@fco.gov.uk


Malls / Shopping Centres

Lady C’s 1 (246) 436-3464

Lanterns 1 (246) 271-0069 info@lanternsbarbados.com

Bio Beauty 1 (246) 435-9306


Sheraton Mall 1 (246) 437-0970 office@sheratonmall.com

Krave Hair Studio 1 (246) 622-1747 naomi@kravehairstudiobarbados.com

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre 1 (246) 620-5463 info@limegrove.com

Victor Olivier 1 (246) 833-1208 juliemcnicoll@live.com

Colonnade 1 (246) 431-0936 colonnademallbarbados@gmail.com

Habit on the Avenue 1 (246) 427-4247 habitontheave@gmail.com

The Walk at Welches 1 (246) 622-1304 schenai.armstrong@terracaribbean.com

Zena & Co 1 (246) 435-8364 info@zenandco.com

Quayside Centre 1 (246) 429-9080 quaysidecentre@caribsurf.com

Babtsitters / Housekeepers / Nannies

Sky Mall 1 (246) 430 8004

Island Sitters info@islandsitters.com


Tutors Melissa Fisher 1 (246) 266-3007 melissafisher@hotmail.com

Coral Reef Spa 1 (246) 422-2372 reservations@coralreefbarbados.com

Caribbean Tutors 1 (868) 398-8990 caribbeantutors19@gmail.com

Sandy Lane 1 (246) 444-2000 Singita 1 (246) 438-5577 hello@singitawellness.com

Extra Curricular Activities Sydney Lopez - Tennis 1 (246) 250-4142

Loft Spa 1 (246) 622-5638 theloftbarbados@gmail.com

Flip Gym 1 (246) 235-5934 Barbados Children Directory 1 (246) 822-9874 barbadoschildrendirectory@gmail.com

Sugar Cane Club 1 (246) 422-5026


Recommended Restaurants

Lone Star 1 (246) 629-0600 info@the lonestar.com

La Cabane 1 (246) 256-2131 info@lacabanebarbados.com

Primo 1 (246)573-7777 primointhegap@gmail.com

Tides 1 (246) 432- 8356 thetidesrest@caribsurf.com

Salt 1 (246) 537-7258 simon@saltcafebarbados.com

Fusion 1 (246) 271-1258 reservation@fusionrooftop.com

Tabu 1 (246) 826-4132

The Mews 1 (246) 432-1122 info@themewsbarbados.com

Eco Lifestyle & Lodge 1 (246) 433-9450 reception@ecolifestylelodge.com

The Cliff Bistro 1 (246) 432-0797

Cocktail Kitchen 1 (246) 622-3017 info@ckbarbados.com

Sea Shed 1 (246) 572-5111 info@seashedbarbados.com

Apsara Samudra 1 (246) 420-5454 apsara@caribsurf.com

Open Kitchen 1 (246) 622-1819 openkitchenbim@gmail.com

Blakey’s On The Boardwalk 1 (246) 228-5284 blakeysbar@gmail.com

Champers 1 (246) 434-3463 champers@champersinc.com

Open Kitchen 1 (246) 622-1819 openkitchenbim@gmail.com

Tapas 1 (246) 228-0704 bookings@tapasbarbados.com

Golfing Barbados Golf Club 1 (246) 538-4653

Buzo 1 (246) 629-2896 buzo.barbados@gmail.com

Sandy Lane Golf CLub 1 (246) 444-2500 golf@sandylane.com

Nishi 1 (246) 432-8287 nishirestaurant.com@gmail.com


Beach Club

Drive-A-matic 1 (246) 434-8440 - ext. 4002 valencia.boyce@carhire.tv

One Eleven East Beach Bar 1 (246) 622-1870

Go Rent A Car 1 (246) 228-4646 ryan@gocarsbb.com

Cruising Club 1 (246) 426-4434 barbadoscruisingclub@gmail.com

Honey Bee Cars 1 (246) 231-9933 rentals@honeybeecars.com

Yacht Club 1 (246) 427-1125 byc@caribsurf.com

Stoutes 1 (246) 416-4456 info@stoutescar.com

Royal Pavilion - Fairmont 1 (246) 422-0118 royalpavilion@fairmont.com Copacabana Beach Club 1 (246) 262-2672 info@copacabanabb.com

Top Car Rentals 1 (246) 230-1224 / 435-0378 topcar@caribsurf.com

Harbour Lights 1 (246) 436- 7225 rfarmer@harbourlightsbarbados.com

Scooter/mopeds Rentals

Catamaran Cruises

Bike Caribbean 1 (246) 269-2811 bikecaribbean@gmail.com

Calabaza 1 (246) 832-7348 sailcalabaza@gmail.com

Voyager 1 (246) 429-0762 frontoffice@voyagerbarbados.com

Cool Running 1 (246) 436-0911 info@coolrunningsbarbados.com

Major Supermarkets Massy 1 (246) 417-5200 customerservicebb@massystores.com

Seaduced 1 (246) 436-0911 chris@seaducedbarbados.com

PriceSmart 1 (246) 417-6278 memberservicebarbados@pricesmart.com

Cat and the fiddle 1 (246) 434-3353 luxury@catandthefiddlebarbados.com

CostULess 1 (246) 537-8201 Barbados@costuless.com

Car Rentals Coconut Car Rentals & Tours 1 (246) 437-0297 reservations@coconutcars.com


Tours & Taxis

Island Tours

Suntours 1 (246) 434-8430 info@suntoursbarbados.com

Island Safari 1 (246) 826-7682

Local Delivery food/groceries/retail

Number One Bajan Bus 1 (246) 230-6736 info@bajanopenbus.com

Carib Grocer caribgrocer@gmail.com

Vet / Groomers

Shopping Concierge 1 (246) 253-4306 shoppingconciergebb@outlook.com

Central Vetinary Clinic 1 (246) -436-3530 info@cenvetinc.com

Hopscotch 1 (246) 236-9729 hello@hopscotchfetch.com

The Vetinary Clinic 1 (246) 437-0478 thevetclinic@live.com

WiFetch 1 (246) 264-8994 info@wifetch.com

Main Medical Clinics Sandy Crest Medical Centre 1 (246) 622-4070 medicalcentre@sandycrest.net

Island Direct info@islanddirect.com

Coverley Medical Centre 1 (246) 627-1000 medicalcentre@sandycrest.net

Busboy 1 (246) 842-3375 service@busboybb.com

FMH Emergency Medical Clinic 1 (246) 228-6120

Surfing/Paddleboarding/ Watersports Barry's Surf School 1 (246) 256-3906 barry@surf-barbados.com

The Sparman Clinic 1 (246) 624-3275 officeadmin@thesparmanclinic.com

Hang Ten Adventures 1 (246) 262-3435 hangtenadventures@gmail.com

Urgent Care Mobile 1 (246) 538-3838 info@urgentcarebarbados.com

Bodie's School of Surf 1 (246) 256-0191 BarbadosSoS@gmail.com

*Variety of contact in different medical fields* visit https://medical.directorybarbados.com

Waves Watersport (jetski rental) 1 (246) 838-8601 Â


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