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Dear Trend setters, Being a woman… I often wonder… What exactly does being a woman mean? In today’s world where role expectations are changing and are often contradicting, where responsibilities are being added and no additional rights or benefits are being granted, are we being asked today to be women or superhuman? I dedicate this issue to all the great women who have truly transcended gender in their aspirations and hard work and yet have retained that which sets us apart, our femininity. Till next issue,

Zeina Mokaddam





“Dearest F, all that I am and all that I will ever be I owe to you. When I count my blessings I count you twice”. My mother has been the source of strength and inspiration in my life. Even though she is my mother, but she has nurtured and empowered many people around her as well. Words do not suffice to thank and express the true gratitude of having her in my life. To the strongest person and purest soul I know, happy mothers’ day and to all our readers, I wish you the same for the women in your lives. Don’t forget to peek inside our pages to get ideas on how to spoil them. Thank you all and most importantly, thank you mom.

The late fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” However, our culture is hostile to righteous, confident, strong women. The hypersexualized, dominant female is the archetype found in global media and entertainment. Female victimhood is celebrated and independence is shunned. Yet the reality that we seek to highlight is very different to this. The real truth is that every woman is unique with her own signature qualities. This is the reality that we celebrate.



We celebrate mothers’ day in spring because it is the season of freshness and rebirth. We emerge from the cold winter with excitement and anticipation for all we have planned for the upcoming months. Personally, I consult my beloved mother before I move an inch because she is my best friend and my most trusted advisor, and honestly she is always right. Becoming the new editor of THETALK was such a great accomplishment, and I owe everything to my biggest cheerleader. Thank you for all you continue to give me, Mama. Happy Mothers’ Day!

I am constantly surrounded by strong and confident women in my life, and every single one of them is special in her own way. They all remind me of the woman I looked up to as a powerful figure while growing up, my mother. She was a pusher, and she knew I had abilities that even I wasn›t aware of. Without my mother›s faith and confidence in my talents I probably would not have discovered a big part of my personality. I am blessed to have her in my life, and I would like to wish her and every other mother out there a very happy mothers› day.

THETALK / March / 2014


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THETALK / March / 2014


Harvey Nichols Kuwait is your ultimate

destination for brands. With a lengthy repertoire in prominent designer names, Harvey Nichols meets your needs in departments such as evening gowns, casual wear, shoes, bags, jewellery, beauty products and accessories. The store also features a fine dining destination, Veranda. Harvey Nichols Kuwait excels in its dedication to customer care by providing talented personal shoppers and highly skilled sales associates for an overall luxurious and flawless experience. The Harvey Nichols Kuwait buying team is invested in ensuring that Kuwait is always well dressed, which is why more than 450 brands have been cautiously selected. The team constantly tours the fashion capitals of the world to bring back only the best designs from a selection of international premium brands. Alongside popular international brands, the store stands out in Kuwait because of brands exclusive only to it, making shopping there an exceptional experience.

Harvey Nichols: at the forefront of fabulous

Situated on the first floor of the store is the lavish eveningwear department, well-stocked with names only Harvey Nichols Kuwait can boast, such as Kymira, Tony Ward, Mandalay, Tuvanam by Tutti, to name a few. In paying homage to the type of products it carries, the eveningwear department is glamorous, spacious, and its design rivals the spectacular gowns it showcases. The eveningwear department carries gowns frequently seen on the red carpet adorning countless regional and international celebrities. Celebrity lines such as Victoria Beckham can also be found in Harvey Nichols Kuwait alongside Maria Grachvogel, Jonathan Saunders, and Armani Collezioni. Naturally, no evening look is complete without the right jewellery. In the Prestige entrance of Harvey Nichols Kuwait, you will be exposed to a vast array of glittering and sparkling stones from pieces by Erickson Beamon, Ben-Amun, and Anton Heunis- all of whom are, incidentally, exclusive to Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Recently, wife of superstar Ragheb Alama, Jihan Alama,


THETALK / March / 2014

Notte by Marchesa

Notte by Marchesa

opened her first jewellery branch in Kuwait of her personal brand, Djihan which has made appearances in the Golden Globes, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Grammy Music Awards. The brand uses semi-precious stones combined with only the finest gold and silver

Sergio Rossi

to create distinct pieces which can only be found in Harvey Nichols Kuwait. The choices of exquisite diamond-encrusted pieces from the internationally acclaimed Theo Fennel are breathtaking, and one could spend an entire day just marvelling at the beauty and selection. Theo Fennel carries standout pieces, such as charms with diamonds set in fine gold that mimic the layout of a certain zodiac sign in the night sky. Octium, another in-store boutique, carries jewellery from Kuwait’s very own Sheikha

Vintage Chanel - What Goes Around Comes Around WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM



Anoud Al-Sabah, in addition to a set of carefully selected jewellery displayed in the boutique. There are also designs from the famous British jeweller Shawn Lin as well as the Lebanese designer Selim Mouzannar. Harvey Nichols Kuwait is all about bringing the most outstanding variety for customers to choose from. To set off every look, Harvey Nichols Kuwait carries bags from various brands. For an unforgettable bag to accent an evening look, Harvey Nichols Kuwait offers selections from Stark, Inge Christopher, Mawi, and Anya Hindmarch. These bags stand out with their colours, stones, glitz, and attention to detail. These statement pieces are restricted only to Harvey Nichols Kuwait. What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) is the pinnacle of statement- with the world’s largest collection of vintage Chanel; WGACA sets the standard for its revered presentation of vintage luxury. These classic, authentic, hand-picked pieces are available in the country only at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. If you are a connoisseur of retro glamour, this is your forte. The accessories department is a parade of vibrantly-coloured scarves and sunglasses. The scarves are only from the top renowned brands such as Alexander McQueen, Lily & Lionel, and Jane Carr. All the fabrics are hand-picked, durable, and timeless, and coupled with an alluring pair of sunglasses from brands such as

Kotur 16

Erickson Beamon

Fyodor Golan

Mikael D

A-Morir by Linda Farrow or Prada, you are sure to stand out in a crowd.

designer often remarked upon as a customer favourite.

The contemporary department carries various acclaimed brands, such as Needle and Thread, makers of fine, intricate dresses. Miele by Carlos Miele, Alice by Temperley are among other brands Harvey Nichols Kuwait can proudly say they are the only ones to carry. Recently, they introduced Elegant by Leila, which features the work of a local

Needless to say, shoes can make or break an outfit. The Harvey Nichols Kuwait shoe collection promises never to break any outfit, only enhance it. Exclusive selections include names from Sergio Rossi and Brian Atwood Cleofe. The latter made headlines recently with its gold-plated shoe, one pair of which is only available in Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Its epitomic luxury is the magnum opus of

Catherine Deane the most avid collector. Sergio Rossi also carries the Sculpture Heel, an astounding piece that is more art than shoe, as it is inspired by G. Crespi Golden Drop fine jewellery; all stones in the shoe are pure and raw. Rupert Sanderson, Aquazzura and Sophia Webster are all names recognized amongst fashion lovers. Each brand has its own identity. Casadei, Aquazzura, Rupert Sanderson are refined and elegant, whilst Sophia Webster adds more of a fun yet sophisticated approach to your outfits.

Inge Christopher THETALK / March / 2014

Djihan Boutique Brian Atwood




An exclusive personal shopping area is situated adjacent to the eveningwear department. Highly qualified personal styling experts are on hand to help customers in choosing the perfect gown. The personal shoppers are trained to provide an array of services and develop close client relationships. They can prepare a collection and deliver it personally to a client’s home. Harvey Nichols Kuwait personal shoppers have worked with many celebrities including Yara, Nancy Ajram and Maya Diab to name a few, and are always prepared to serve at the highest standards. Many cosmetics are exclusive to Harvey Nichols Kuwait, and most fragrances are often released to the store before others. House of Sillage Private Collection Tiara was a recent launch. The fragrance is emotive and sensuously magnetic; a modern classic. Vanilla and musk notes infused with rare and delicate florals create a sumptuously evocative fragrance that is further transformed by the woman wearing it. However, what makes the perfume stand out is its encasing - a solid gold bottle inlaid with fine jewels, a Harvey Nichols Kuwait piece. Harvey Nichols Kuwait stands out in its field because of its dedication to providing only the most luxurious and unsurpassed quality to its clients. With personal shoppers trained and qualified to understand the exact needs of every client, shopping becomes an entirely new experience. Because the Harvey Nichols Kuwait team knows that Kuwait is one of the bestdressed nations in the world, the buyers are on a constant mission to bring in statement pieces, and brands that are entirely exclusive. Its numerous departments stock the finest brands and latest fashions, accessories and pieces to ensure that the store is ahead of the game and has an advantageous standard in the market. Harvey Nichols Kuwait is all about luxury in its products and services, and its clients’ standout looks can attest to that.


THETALK / March / 2014



THETALK / March / 2014



Local Female interview

Ambition as Art Nadia Al-Ahmad

“I think it’s crucial

to inject as much culture as we can into our society because Kuwait needs art.

Nadia Al-Ahmad grew up with art

surrounding her. It follows her throughout her life and she always finds the opportunity to implement it wherever possible. Nadia is now a host on MBC’s Kalam Nawa’em, but her active lifestyle stretches beyond that. When it came to her perception of where women stand today, Nadia was very impassioned about what she had to say. What can you tell us about how Kuwait has changed since your youth in terms of women? In terms of women, Kuwait was one of the first Arab countries that spoke openly about women’s rights and about the feminist movement. In New York, the women were burning bras back in the sixties and we were burning abayas here. There were some very influential women from very big families involved in this. In terms of women, I think that we’re pretty set and we are in a better position than any of the other Gulf countries. As of late, I think we are seeing lots of young women who are speaking out, who are being more vocal about their leadership. It is a great time to be a woman in business, since the market is more open here and gender does not tend to get in the way of success. Your late grandfather, Ahmad Al Saqaf (may he rest in peace), was a poet. Did he have any influence on you? My granddad was an exceptional human being and just everything about him was so cultured and educate and aware, even though sometimes his views were dated. He hated that I would go horse riding, and he always scolded my mom for that. He was a very big part of my life because he took part in my appreciation of Arab culture, Arab poetry, and even though I am not as wellversed as I should be, I think I have the ear to appreciate it and to love it and to own it. Do you have a favorite poem of his? The majority of them are brilliant that I cannot say I have only one favourite poem, but if I had to choose, I would go with Ah’jazat Al-H’aqeeba.


THETALK / March / 2014

The story behind this is that my grandmother would go to Egypt very often for vacation, and every time she left it was like a small heartbreak for him. He was so in love with her. One time, she was going to a soiree and she looked so beautiful that he refused to allow her to leave and locked her in the house because he was a jealous man. What has studying in Syracuse and USC given you to take back to Kuwait? So much. I think that everyone should experience studying outside, because even though I was raised here I spent seven years in the States and that helped to determine the person I was to become. I learned how to become relentlessly driven, and I am really hungry for ambition. In the States, it is really competitive because you are really a dime a dozen; there’s a million of you baby. I learned the kind of work ethic that makes a person stand out, but I could never learn that here. Kuwait is much easier to succeed in because you don’t really have to devote that much energy and effort to make an impact. I gained my appreciation for opportunities and making the best out of them, and I tend to apply that energy here. Would you encourage more young women to be educated outside of Kuwait? I think I would tell them to definitely leave. What ends up happening is that young women become encased in Kuwaiti society and thinking that there is nothing else. When you leave Kuwait and you see different places, different people, different things, you acquire skills that you wouldn’t otherwise learn such as how to deal with certain types of people or overcome certain situations. That adds to your human experience, and we are here on earth for a short time, you only get one life and you should really try to do the best you can. How do you think art plays in the everyday lives of Arab women? Not enough, unfortunately. These days there are more and more Gulf women who are

incorporating art into their businesses, like becoming fashion designers. In terms of the performing arts, its presence is not as prominent as it used to be. I remember back in the day when Kuwait hosted the Russian National Ballet, and now it seems there is no room for that kind of culture these days. I think it’s crucial to inject as much culture as we can into our society because we need art. The fact is, if you grow up without music and art, you are proven to have less brain function. Kids in public schools are growing up without the kind of education that makes for intelligent, creative people. How can we call that complete schooling? When you founded LoYAC in 2003, you had a specific goal in mind. Has this goal been realized today? I love the direction that LoYAC is headed. Now we have a general manager, Faisal Al-Haroon, who is a peer of ours and has helped LoYAC enter a new phase. When it first started, it was with seven beautiful mothers who cared so much and were distraught that the fact that there was a Kuwaiti involved in 9/11 and that killed them. So they started LoYAC as a show of motherly love to give youths the options of activities and projects, and now ten years later the youths themselves are thanking these mothers and taking over the reins. I think in the next ten years, Kuwait and the entire region is going to see incredible things from LoYAC. What about LAPA? LAPA is my baby. It is the LoYAC Academy of Performing Arts and it is so much fun. As we speak, there is a flurry of activity going on in preparation for two different shows at P2BK. I love being around the energy, and this relates to your earlier question about the role of culture in Kuwait; because I felt that there was not enough culture I put myself in this position where I could be constantly surrounded by music, acting, dancing, and the love of art. Everything I love, I incorporate into my work. My partner in crime, my mother, always said that use your love and use your fear. This is your thing, this is your



Local Female interview

work, and make sure that you use those different passions. LoYAC and LAPA is sort of like a home for misfits- we bring our passion and we combine it with our minds to produce positive things. Speaking of your mother, congratulations on her award. Do you ever feel like you are living in her shadow, or do you share the spotlight? I think establishing myself might have been hard because she is such a wonderful and huge person to look up to. Sometimes, I feel like, “wow, how am I going to live up to this?” but I am so thankful because she pushed me, and we complement each other in terms of our abilities. Where she is organized, I am haphazard and spontaneous. We are both very creative and we thrive on our passions for what we do. I think she drives me, and I don’t think there is a shadow over me. Even if there was, it provides me with shade from the spotlight.What can the world learn from women in Kuwait? Women here get more and more fashionable every day. But on a larger scale, I think people can learn relentlessness from us. Women here just don’t give up, and this is a shout out to the likes of Safaa Al-Hashem, who prove that no one can bring down a Kuwaiti woman. Arab women as a whole are among the strongest people in the world, because they are valiant. Because of this, I am really proud to be Arab and I think that the women I work with like the Tunisian, Moroccan, Lebanese, and Egyptian women all share the same kind of drive that make us equal. In moments like this I don’t find Jamal Abdulnasser’s dream of a Pan-Arab nation so difficult to realize. I hope the whole world learns from Arab women and not just Kuwaiti women. What is one message you want to leave all our readers with? Get happy! Go do what makes you happy. If getting married makes you happy, that’s great. If getting countless degrees makes you happy, that’s just as great. Do whatever it takes to make you happy, and stop caring so much! That is the most important thing.


THETALK / March / 2014



Local Female interview


Kuwaiti woman banker with Lebanese origins, Shireen Jury, is attracting attention by writing her very first book. There’s something about listening to Shireen Jury that makes a person feel relaxed; her winning charm and optimism combine to conjure a world lighter, brighter, and more manageable than our own — she is clearly a natural optimist, older and wiser, perhaps, but no less sanguine than before. Today she’s in a particularly good mood because we’re talking about her first book “Fear, Ego, and Love” – a novel based on profound inner powers with the intention of demonstrating how we can use the law of attraction during adversity and while struggling with our inner thoughts.   Tells us about yourself; where you grew up and what you studied. I studied chemistry and management in London University and then I came to Kuwait. I got married and I have three children. I have been in banking and marketing for the past 20 years.

Guide to Life: Fear, Ego and love Shireen Jury’s

“Life is not black

and white; it’s grey. You have to ignore people’s negativity and their judgment and stay on track until you get what you want. 26

THETALK / March / 2014

When did you start researching about the law of attraction? I read about it four years ago, but didn’t apply it right away. I started my research and I took some courses; one of them was with Bob Doyle – one of the prominent figures from the book “The Secret”. I joined his training course and then I took some NOP courses for my own self development and passion. What inspired you to write the book “Fear, Ego, and Love”? Last year, I wanted to do something different. So I thought about writing a book, but I didn’t want to write about the law of attraction because it has been done before. “The Secret” which is the book by Rhonda Byrne was one of the things that pushed me to write the book. I decided to write a novel about how people struggle with the law of attraction and their inner thoughts. So I wanted to portray this character in my book – Jade -with the other three characters which are fear, ego and love – how he struggles through life vis-à-vis fear, ego, and love.

Why would you choose to focus on those three components in the book? Those three components are the most significant in my life. Sometimes your fear and ego come in the way of something that you want because your pride is bruised and sometimes love which is your compassion comes in the way. So they are extremely real for everyone. What were your struggles and fears while you were going through this process of writing and being on Amazon? What kept you going? I wanted something to end my struggles. I wanted to end it, publish it, and go viral on Amazon. People can bring you down and those three components – fear, ego, and love – came in my way. I am not a writer; I didn’t study English literature and I have never published anything before, so I had to research on my own. The entire process took me nine months. I didn’t want to publish it locally; I wanted to reach the world. I was in England at the time of publishing the book and I called Amazon and told them my story and what I wanted to do and they gave me some instructions. I sent it to them and it was published on January 19th! My next step is to figure out how I’m going to put it in the market because right now it is print on demand, but it’s also available online. Aside from your aim as a publisher, what do you want people to know through your book? What message are you trying to convey? I want them to realize that life is not black and white; it’s grey. When you say people should always stay positive; it’s actually a struggle because

there will always be ups and downs and things will always happen. You have to ignore people’s negativity and their judgment and stay on track until you get what you want. Can you elaborate more on how “everything vibrates and vibration is energy”? Your thoughts are energy; they are waves. So when you are negative, your vibration is negative which is why when you enter a room full of people who are feeling down, they can affect your positivity. This is pure science because they proved that thought is energy. It’s all internal. How did this book affect you personally and professionally? I tried to use that positive energy at work and with my family. The thing is when you’re energy is close to diminishing, you have to recharge it again and again – it is not an ongoing process. I try and think of the good things in my life because I have to change the state I’m in. This book has brought out the artist inside me – I love psychology and art and I also play the guitar! What do you have in store for us in the future? I will be writing another book as an extension to what I am doing. I want to get the message out and help people stay positive. No matter what, if you put your mind to something, it will happen! And she is absolutely right! Shireen Jury turns out to have a lot of restless energy and numerous surprising projects on the boil. We’ll be watching her not just aspire to success, but to spread positive energy around the world. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Local Female interview


resh out of college, Noor Al-Nafisi has a lot under her belt for a woman in her twenties. She has owned and hosted the Noor Show on Al-Watan Radio and is currently working on developing her own brand. Noor is vocal about the female presence in Kuwaiti society, and she encourages each and every woman to step out of her shell and into a world where goals can be achieved. We know so little about you! Tell us about you and your radio show. I hosted my radio show for six months, and I ended it after our Ramadan season. That was when I went to London to study. Now I’m branching off to work with independent designers like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen in London. Everything is so dynamic in London, and it is so different from here so I have the ability to be creative. How often do you go to London?

Breaking the Glass Ceiling Noor Al-Nafisi

“I don’t want to be another local gown designer” 28

THETALK / March / 2014

on locally such as things that should not be worn or done. What’s nice is that there were just no boundaries and being open about everything allows us to be blunt about our opinions. It was nice, and people were admittedly shocked sometimes. We weren’t that censored, and we got such a great response from the public. Do you have a memorable interview?

I was actually born in London, and we lived there for a year or so. I grew up mostly in Kuwait, but we went back very often. I was going to do my Masters, but I decided that it wasn’t for me. I took several courses, and I am enjoying it but it is not enough. I usually stay at my friend’s place, and my parents are happier this way because at least I’m not alone and I’m safe. I love the little cafes and the splashes of culture everywhere.

That’s a very hard question, because I had a lot of fun doing interviews. Maybe Jenan AlFares was one of the crazier guests I’ve had; she is very charismatic, wild, loud, and she really brought a lot of life to the radio show. We had people calling from different occasions or openings happening, which gave the show oomph. People liked the random interactions from all the different people. The show still needed time to grow from the marketing aspect.

How was it hosting a radio show?

What is your next step?

It was a beautiful experience. It was a fashion talk show, so I spoke to a lot of designers and people in the industry. We would talk about more than just fashion: there was world wide news, current events, social issues, and trends going

I definitely want to go into the fashion field. After working with different people in fashion, I want to start my own brand but it won’t be based in Kuwait. I want to focus on casual women’s wear, nothing fancy like eveningwear. I feel like there

is a market that hasn’t been tapped into yet. I am not going to the whole Kaftan thing and call myself a designer, because that is overdone. I prefer casual, everyday clothes. Where did you study? I studied marketing at GUST, and I think that really helped me in creating my goals. I think that marketing and fashion go hand-in-hand and right before graduating, I got involved in the restaurant business. I did marketing and PR at Mustard, and being a partner with them made me very busy. Would you do the radio show again? Or would you move on to fashion? I think that the radio show was a stepping-stone for fashion. Getting into the field of fashion, I don’t want to be one of those people who Instagram what they wear. I want to be in the media, but it’s not that easy in Kuwait. Media in Kuwait has always been a huge issue. I would often complain about it and wonder who these people are because they do not represent us Kuwaitis. I was like, “let me think of something that would get me out there and get me into the



Did you ever receive negative comments or criticism? Of course I did! A lot of people told me that we talked too freely for Kuwaiti airwaves. It’s all part of the job; there are things you will hear regardless of how good or how terrible you were. There are things that make sense, and there are other things that are honestly only meant to hurt you. Who is your biggest supporter? My dad! My mom and dad, but honestly, my dad really pushed me and family is so important. There are moments when you really need a family to support you. fashion field.” That is where the radio show was born of. I contributed my own opinions about fashion and what I personally prefer and made sure people knew that I had something to say. It was my way of making my mark on the industry in a different way than the Instagrammers. I want to be the girl with the radio show. It is no secret that Kuwaiti society judges women who appear in the media rather harshly. Did you ever face any problems with this? My family was very supportive, but nothing comes easy. There were always difficulties, and getting into the field was no exception. My friends often told me to stop because they were worried about what I would benefit from it. I felt otherwise: it was good, innocent material and I would have as much fun with it as people would benefit from what I had to say. I believe in it, and I believe that it should happen even if it wasn’t


THETALK / March / 2014

me who would bring it to the table. I believe that girls should follow what they believe in, and disregard criticism. If you have the potential and the drive, go for it. As long as I had my family behind me, I could do it.

because I was already part of the umbrella company and I knew the tricks of the trade.

Do you have your designs ready for when you start your line?

What was it like going on the air for the first time?

Which radio station did you work with?

It was my first time and I really had no idea what I was doing. They made me get ready and they trained me well, and I was still terrified. I had a month to train, and then I went to London for a week. On March 7, I went live. I made so many mistakes the first few times, but I developed an attitude that was just oh well. It wasn’t easy at first, because they wanted me to stick to Kuwaiti Arabic and it was difficult for me to not speak a few words in English.I eventually got used to it, because I still had to change my dialect. If I was going to do it, I told them that I wanted to have freedom of speech and not follow a set script or allow others to determine the guests that I would be having. It was my show. They gave me leeway to do what I wanted, and I loved that.

When I went to London, I began sketching my own pieces. Nothing is produced yet, because there is so much to learn. I am the kind of person who has to start from scratch and learn everything about the field before I can immerse myself in it. There are people you can hire to do things for you like pattern cutting or sketching, but I still think that it is important for an up and coming designer to understand everything and really know how to do it. But I need a good basis for me to know if a certain piece is tailored well or not.

Al-Watan. They approached me because they heard about my work through 52 Degrees. They know me personally and they thought I would make a good candidate. They gave me one day to think about the entire concept through a phone call. Why you? At 52, there are a lot of people. What made you stand out in the crowd? Because before that, I did several collaborations and took part in Marie Claire’s shoot for Fashionista of the Month. From there, I got different offers from independent boutiques in Kuwait, and word of mouth made me known by many different people. Al-Watan chose me

What characteristics make your brand? It’s feminine, but sexy. It has a hint of masculinity, but I always believe that women should show more of their feminine side. I know that through my designs you will be able to see that. My top three designers are Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, and Victoria Beckham. I like

feminine, edgy, and powerful. I want to launch my brand outside and bring it back to Kuwait, and I’ll probably get myself started after 5-6 months. Where do you see yourself after ten years? Hopefully, I’d have my brand running in the Gulf and maybe aim for a more international presence. It’s not easy, because I know designers who have been at it for fifteen years and still haven’t made themselves known. I don’t know if it is good to be everywhere all at once. I would consider expanding to include children’s wear, but I don’t want to be an eveningwear designer. I don’t want to be another local gown designer, because I don’t think that there is room to grow as that. Besides fashion, what other hobbies do you have? I go to the gym, and I do yoga. I love yoga, and that’s something I’m very proud of because it got me into fitness. I am very passionate about marketing and PR, but it is not something that I get too involved in because I feel that Kuwait already takes good care of that. What is the one statement piece that you would keep in your closet? I invest so much in leather jackets and blazers. They are very important and versatile. They look great paired with anything, and I don’t mind splurging on them. What is the one fashion tip you can give our readers? When in doubt, always wear black! You should

never go with color blocking if you have issues with the way you look. Do your color blocking, but don’t make it so obvious, like stick to pastels. I also believe that black and white never go out of fashion. Those are the two shades that really make a statement no matter what time of day or year it is. Because it is our women’s empowerment issue, what would you like to tell our readers who have their own goals to accomplish? Don’t let anyone put you down, and believe in your dreams. I think that you can grow only with faith in yourself and you should never let society’s criticisms get to you. You are the only person you can depend on.



Setting Her Trends

Marc Jacobs at Thuraya Mall

Spring Fun! This season, explore new colors and silhouettes in a host of different textures and prints. Laser cut details, embellishments, animal prints, and ruffles abound in Spring Summer 2014.

Christopher Kane at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall

Mary Katrantzou at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall

Moschino Cheap & Chic at Al Ostoura The Avenues Mall Jean Paul at Limelight The Avenues Mall

Marc By Marc Jacobs at The Avenues Mall Or

Vionnet at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall

Ellery at Al Ostoura The Avenues Mall

Stella McCartney at Thuraya Mall

Love Moschino at The Avenues Mall Or


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Marc By Marc Jacobs at The Avenues Mall

Issey Miyake at Al Ostoura Zahra Complex Love Moschino at The Avenues Mall Or

Melissa at Limelight The Avenues Mall Or



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SPRING 2014 | THE NEW REALITY The essence is the same, the attitude has changed: Karen Millen is confident but smiling, strong but easy. This fresh spirit is encapsulated in Spring 2014. From our Shoreditch-based atelier, our design team wanted to convey modern, urban, intelligent design – Karen Millen’s house codes – but with a renewed sense of ease. This is the New Reality: the crisp white cotton shirt, patchworked denim, a hint of nautical, and our signature leather jackets reworked in fresh white, playful stripes or a pop of colour. These clothes are solution pieces; they are the building blocks of a modern wardrobe, each playing to the brand’s strengths of impeccable quality and attention to detail. Effortless ease also comes in the form of looser silhouettes with a luxury sports vibe: bomber jackets, drawstring waists, sweatshirts and t-shirt dresses are worked in mesh, laser punched textures, and sheer and opaque fabrics with a technical twist. This is our modern Karen Millen woman, in her wrap skirt and slim-slouch jumper, she encapsulates how we feel about everything that is sophisticated yet cool about London.


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STEPHANE ROLLAND Summer 2014 Haute Couture Collection

The new Stephane Rolland Summer 2014 Haute Couture burst of light. Between dawn and dusk, Stéphane Rolland sculpts material like never before, in a minimal palette of yellows and whites, subtly eclipsed with black tones. Each creation defies the rules of space in an organic, vegetal and adaptive way. The opening jumpsuits of the presentation are adorned with oversized suspended gazar and organza arches. Basques raise and reveal lichen embroideries; skirts veil and unveil the leg under organza windows. Ribbed foliage lands on the shoulder and wraps the leg, swaying the walk. Finally, every design is punctuated with vinyl and varnished leather sculptures. The silhouette is uncluttered, the cut is assertive and the look is sensual. Determined and luminous, the Summer 2014 Stéphane Rolland woman impresses a new modernity, delicacy and subtlety.



CH Carolina Herrera

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H&M Spring 2014 collection The urban style goes bohemian this spring with a collection full of playful and personal style. Snug patchwork jackets of leather and suede, graphic-printed and fake fur waist jackets, frilly blouses and long-sleeve tops in matt metallics are in this season. Delicate cotton voile dresses and graphic-print dresses are covered in fortune teller symbols for a sense of city mysticism. This bohemian feeling continues in to the woman’s accessory wardrobe with big jewellery, belts and thigh-high stretch suede boots. The #HMSS14 collection will be available in stores March 6 at The Grand Avenues – The Avenues.

Michael Kors

Marc By Marc Jacobs





Give your look a sophisticated touch with some of this season’s color block items! DSquared2

Marc By Marc Jacobs

CH Carolina Herrera


CH Carolina Herrera

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Emporio Armani


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Tods Miu Miu

Chloe Baylee Blue Python




Mulberry Marc by Marc Jacobs


Mother Dearest Paula Ka

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Victoria Beckham

Rather than giving your mom a lastminute bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, we are giving you plenty of inspiration to make her feel truly special with Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mulberry Tory Burch

Tory Burch Tory Burch Tory Burch


Hermes Michael Kors


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Miu Miu


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Miu Miu




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Chloe at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall

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Carla Amorim - Al Ostoura Jewellry Boutique at Thuraya Mall

Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifts It’s that time of the year again when you can shower your dearest mother with thoughtful gifts and dazzling jewels. Show her how much she truly means to you by picking out a gift from our round up of exclusive picks!

Jean Paul.

Damiani - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall - Avenues Mall

Damiani - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall - Avenues Mall

Carla Amorim - Al Ostoura Jewellry Boutique at Thuraya Mall

Carla Amorim - Al Ostoura Jewellry Boutique at Thuraya Mall

Damiani - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall - Avenues Mall

Marc Jacobs - Al Ostoura at Avenues Mall

Carla Amorim - Al Ostoura Jewellry Boutique at Thuraya Mall

Damiani - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall - Avenues Mall Moschino at Al Ostoura Thuraya Mall Nina Ricci - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall


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Carla Amorim - Al Ostoura Jewellry Boutique at Thuraya Mall

Alexander McQueen - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall

Stella McCartney - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall Marc By Marc Jacobs - Al Ostoura at Avenues Mall

Damiani - Al Ostoura at Thuraya Mall



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DSquared2 Miu Miu Tory Burch

Tory Burch Spring 2014

The easy glamour of the French Riviera in the late 1960s — inspired by Romy Schneider’s character in La Piscine and mixed with garden elements. Blueprint, botanical, lattice, Queen Anne’s lace & folly prints are paired with cleaner silhouettes & propotions in a fresh palette of green, white and coral.

Victoria Beckham

Marc by Marc Jacobs Nina Ricci

Tory Burch

Miu Miu



Mix and match your electric, colorful, and crazy accessories this spring - anything goes as long as it’s not matchy matchy!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Nina Ricci Mulberry Hermes

Victoria Beckham


Marc by Marc Jacobs 46

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Tory Burch Brian Atwood

Mary Katrantzou

Setting HER Watch TRENDS

Time for a change. Some watches aren’t worth even a glance. Others, you can’t stop looking at. A Balmazing isn’t the sort of watch that goes unnoticed. Combining Pierre Balmain’s legacy and the expertise of Swiss watchmakers, its openworked case is destined to attract all eyes, both in salute to its designers and in tribute to its wearer. Born in the exclusive world of Parisian High Fashion and founded by Pierre Balmain, the noted Haute Couture master, Balmain brings to time longstanding traditions of taste and elegance. Today its distinctively original spirit drives a watch brand backed by a leading Swiss

watchmaking group – the source of invaluable technical and marketing advantages benefiting Balmain timepieces. The above are joined by the imaginative design and skill of Balmain Watch personnel, apparent in the Balmazing watchcase housing a reliable Swiss quartz movement. 35 mm across and crafted in stainless steel or pink PVD. It features an openworked face plate featuring contemporary style arabesques, set with diamonds on some models. The result? Striking and memorable. Balmazing dials come in two versions: white mother-of-pearl with contemporary arabesque designs, some set with 24 diamonds, or else

polished black lacquer. A steel-cased Balmazing will come with a polished steel-link bracelet while pink PVD models sport a black or a white satin strap. Further broadening the Balmazing collection’s all-round styling appeal, steel and diamond-set steel models are presented in a giftbox featuring a pair of spare leather straps, one in white, the other in black. Whatever model you select, a Balmazing design brings to your wrist abundance of choice and sense of style.

Constellation Pluma

Distinguished by elegance and an alluring design The Constellation family has long been admired for its elegant yet understated design and with the introduction of OMEGA’s Constellation “Pluma”, the collection is enriched with timepieces combining a state-ofthe-industry mechanical movement with exquisite styling. These unique models take their name from the Latin word for feather, subtly hinting at the delicate design that accentuates the dial. Among the most striking design elements of these 27 mm models are their motherof- pearl dials that are available in natural white or blue - a hue that is created by coating the underside of an white motherof- pearl piece with black paint. A soft, wavy pattern cast from the iconic claws on the bezel is engraved on the dial and recalls the gentle lines of a feather. Complementing the alluring dial are eleven diamond indexes set in 18K gold holders.


THETALK / March / 2014

The luxurious dials of these Constellation “Pluma” timepieces are complete with central hour, minute and seconds hands which are crafted from 18K gold and coated with Super-LumiNova. There is also a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The white mother-of-pearl dial stands out from the luxurious diamond-set 18K red gold bezel mounted on a stainless steel case which is presented on a stainless steel bracelet with 18K red gold links. The model featuring a blue mother-of-pearl dial is available with a diamond-paved bezel, a smooth stainless steel case and a matching bracelet. At the heart of these exceptional mechanical wristwatches is the revolutionary OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8520. This exclusive movement is so reliable that the OMEGA Constellation “Pluma” is delivered with a full four-year warranty and is water resistant to 10 bar (100 metres / 330 feet).



Setting HER Watch TRENDS

SPRING LOVE BLOSSOMS FOR MOTHER’S DAY Spring is the season of change. Seeds grow and push up into the light, unfurl their petals and suddenly become flowers ... Mother Nature is alive with color and the world is filled with light. Inspired by spring and all change it brings, Swatch has created BLOSSOMING LOVE—just in time for Mother’s Day! Mothers know all about nature and change, because they see their children grow every day. BLOSSOMING LOVE comes hidden like a seed in the earth—it hides inside a flower pot, waiting to be discovered. The new Swatch Mother’s Day Special is a lovely Gent decorated with flowers, a colorful symbol of springtime and love. The strap is a light-hearted floral delight, and the dial a window open onto the beating heart of a Swiss Made wonder. The flower pot is an invitation to plant your own seeds, watch them grow and burst into colorful blossoms in Spring. BLOSSOMING LOVE—the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. GZ290 BLOSSOMING LOVE Model: Gent Dial: white with flowers and stripes print; multicolored movement Case: polished white plastic Bracelet: white silicone with multi-colored floral print.

Concord Concord pays tribute to the sacred bonds of motherhood with the Saratoga Lady Greyish Blue in Stainless Steel Bracelet and pastel pearl blue leather strap No gift could be greater than that we have received from our mothers – the uncompromising, unconditional love of the woman who gave us life. No relationship is as powerful as that between a mother and child – a fine line between love and autonomy, privacy and intimacy. No bond is more sacred than that which runs so deep between a mother and daughter – rooted in tradition, motherhood, and values. This Mothers’ Day, as a precious token of this primal love that can never be repaid but simply acknowledged from generation to generation, let the irreplaceable woman in your life wake up to a timeless Saratoga Lady Greyish Blue Mother-of-pearl dial with sleek stainless steel, 2-4 satin finish cross link bracelet, featuring polished bars and side walls – and the perfect complement to its recently launched pastel pearl blue leather strap counterpart. The Saratoga Lady timepiece– a gift to remember carefree joys and the making of ageless memories forever. A gift for all seasons – featuring a bezel set with 32 sparkling diamonds and six sparkling diamonds artfully set in a timeless mother-of-pearl dial. Housing a quartz ETA movement with a generous 54-month battery life, the stainless steel case features the trademark


THETALK / March / 2014

Saratoga case-back embossed with the emblematic racecourse’s timeless horse motif. Displaying a date window at 3 o’clock, dauphine-style rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and a rhodium-plated seconds hand, protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment, the Saratoga Lady is water-resistant to 30 meters. Saratoga Lady – the quintessential tribute to motherhood and its sacred bonds. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


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“Working in film lets me travel, which is one of my passions. I like to visit remote places and see real people. –Lena Headey ”

any recognize her as the conniving and stealthy Queen Cercei Lannister from HBO’s Game of Thrones, but the real Lena Headey is a compassionate advocate for animal rights and loving mother. The Libra was born to a police cadet and his wife on October 3, 1973 in Bermuda. Growing up, she wanted to become a hairdresser, but when Headey was discovered in a Shelley College production, she was asked to audition for a role in the 1992 film Waterland opposite Oscar winner Jeremy Irons. She won the part, and it was downhill from there.

The Queen of Many Realms Lena Headey


THETALK / March / 2014

At the age of 17, Headey focused on refining herself as an actress. On the side, she took up archery and boxing, but found her passion in Bikram yoga. Headey’s first feature film was the 1993 James Ivory film The Remains of the Day, where she was given the opportunity to work alongside accomplished actors such as Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. On working with Jeremy Irons she says,” I didn’t have much of a clue who he was. I wasn’t nervous because I didn’t have any expectations or think it was going to be my career. It was just fun to do.” From then, Headey went on to act in Disney’s The Jungle Book (1994) and Mrs. Dalloway (1997). She won her first starring role in the 2000 film Aberdeen, for which she won the Silver Iris Award. Headey established herself as a prominent actress with a wide range of roles such as a lesbian florist in Imagine Me & You, a slum lord in Dredd, and a Spartan queen in 300.

and dragon hunters don’t sit still that often.” Headey’s love for her son is what gives her the energy and drive to work long, grueling shifts. She notes that acting in Game of Thrones is one of the more challenging roles, because the script in itself is very dense and the plot can often prove difficult to follow. Headey says, “Wylie is the best thing, ever, ever, ever. He’s super. He’s walking, he’s talking. And he’s just… He’s the light of my life. Cheesy as it is. He’s the light of my life.”

In 2007, Headey married musician Peter Loughran with whom she had her only child, Wiley Loughran. Although Heady filed for divorce from Loughran, she remains a familyoriented woman and makes her son her top priority. When asked when she was happiest she responded, “At the end of each day when I sit with my son and he’s tired and I get to cuddle him. Otherwise, it’s impossible. Ninjas

Lena Headey does not have an exact definition for her sense of style, and it’s not hard to see why. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, which change as often as bimonthly. Because of her diverse film roles, she has been to equally diverse places for filming, such as India, the Czech Republic, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Germany. She describes her everyday style as eclectic yet comfortable,

but tends to go for more minimalistic looks on the red carpet. Headey likes to play dress-up in more glamorous occasions, and loves her costumes in her classical roles, such as the dresses Queen Gorgo wore in 300 and Queen Cercei’s gowns in Game of Thrones. Perhaps Lena Headey has a penchant for powerful women in equally powerful outfits! WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM



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celebrity wearing

Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada Gwyneth Paltrow wore the Prada Georgette Gown while attending the Goldene Kamera in Berlin. The Prada Georgette Gown is enriched with sequins.


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From shiny nails to ultrasoft lips, you’ll be glowing with Guerlain this spring season!


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Q&A with Marie Salamagne, Master Perfumer

“I was looking for a way

to bring a memorable signature to the top note of the fragrance & Angelica was the perfect partner for tuberose 60

THETALK / March / 2014

ow did the concept for Tuberose Angelica come about? The idea was to interpret the tuberose flower in a Jo Malone London way. I wanted to create a custom-tailored flower; modern and intensely sensual, simple yet refined, rich yet fresh. Tuberose possesses sumptuous femininity and angelica adds the unexpected twist.

What have you learnt from working with a natural tuberose? The main challenge was not to accentuate the natural opulence but to make it in the style of Jo Malone London, adding the unexpected twist to create femininity, power and a multifaceted signature. What I loved about this project was adding modernity to this addictive floral.

Traditionally tuberose as a natural is extracted using enfleurage. What is the difference in result when using solvent extraction, in the case of Tuberose Angelica? When using solvent extraction, the tuberose concrete is heated with alcohol to remove impurities and waxes, and to obtain the absolute. The heat changes the olfactive profile and brings new facets to the fore. While enfleurage highlights the white, creamy and thick side of tuberose, solvent extraction allows one to obtain intensity, character and complexity. All the facets of tuberose are sublimated: a green and heady floral with undertones of honey. While enfleurage plays on the petal roundness, solvent extraction gives an extremely sensuous scent.

What are the main differences between natural and synthetic tuberose? The synthetic one will open new territories, new floral sensations, lush in colour and emotion, more delicate and transparent notes. It is very important for the perfumers to continuously find and use synthetics to sublimate nature. But only natural tuberose has this exceptional strength, authenticity and richness. Its high quality and land of origin ensure a beautiful extract with a distinctive signature.

Why is tuberose extremely rare and expensive when used in perfumery as a natural? Every year, the majestic and elegant flowers appear on long stems from May to December but needs specific conditions to bloom. Tuberose needs a warm and sunny climate and a rich clay soil to give us its sensational, enveloping scent. This demanding and rare flower only blooms for one year in the same place. Moreover flowers are fragile and need to be harvested at dawn, very quickly, to obtain the precious elixir. It is worth it though; one of the most beautiful flowers to work with! How is tuberose harvested? Today, tuberose is cultivated and still hand harvested in India, and is also how and where the tuberose in Jo Malone London Tuberose Angelica is sourced. The flowers are picked every morning at dawn and then processed locally to produce the concrete. The flower is cultivated mainly in the province of Tamil Nadu where the finest and freshest flowers are harvested. The harvest respects the local ritual, where women wearing saris carefully collect the velvet petals both for custom ceremonies and use in perfumery.

Tuberose is seen to be quite a seductive scent; why is this? More than other white flowers, tuberose captivates. Its apparent fragility and virginal whiteness contrasts with its voluptuous and narcotic sensuality. I love this duality it’s highly desirable. What is it about Jo Malone London’s interpretation of tuberose that is different from other scents on the market? Tuberose has been historically associated with warm spices or with a floral bouquet. This kind of structure is now a bit “vintage” and so we moved towards a contemporary story enhanced by the woody base. Tuberose Angelica revisits the classics but, for the first time, it turns the warm and spicy tuberose into a fresh spiciness, with the addition of angelica and pink pepper. Vivacity and modernity is added without hiding the voluptuous sensuality of the flower, which is deeply supported by amberwood in the dry-down. Tuberose with angelica is an unexpected combination. How did you arrive there? I was looking for a way to bring a memorable signature to the top note of the fragrance. I needed something vivid, different and unexpected to disturb the tuberose. Suddenly I found it! Angelica was the perfect partner for tuberose. Angelica essence is earthy and aromatic, with a herbaceous peppery edge.

I love the masculine side of this plant that contrasts with the extroverted femininity of tuberose. It’s sophisticated and contemporary. How does the scent develop from first spritz? “The queen of the white florals” - I love this definition of tuberose. The flower really is the star of the fragrance. From top to drydown, it unveils its uncommon sensuality through different facets.First, an intoxicating freshness through the aromatic angelica, and the sparkling burst of pink pepperand mandarin. It reminds me of the green characteristics of fresh tuberose. Then, a sumptuous floral sensuality built around tuberose, sophisticated by jasmine sambac and gardenia. This white floral bouquet reproduces the natural sensuality of the flower. Finally, a voluptuous woodiness based on the warmth of amberwood, and associated with creamy sandalwood and intense cedarwood. I chose these woods for their incredible power, and to increase the captivating strength of tuberose. How long did it take to create Tuberose Angelica. How do you feel Tuberose Angelica fits into the Cologne Intense collection? Each Cologne Intense fragrance is more textured and richer than the rest of the Jo Malone London collection. And that is Tuberose Angelica. A sumptuous floral richness, twisted with an edgy spicy green hook. What other Jo Malone London fragrances would you choose to combine with Tuberose Angelica? Oud & Bergamot for both its sparkling citrus and its mysterious woody character. Peony & Blush Suede adds floral opulence and luxurious sensuality.






THETALK / March / 2014



Local male interview

I’m at Samovar Carpets & Furniture at al-Tilal

Complex, standing in the middle of a retrolooking checkered duplex that looks like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. The brand was originally owned by Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, New York. In 2000, the company filed for bankruptcy and was sold to Pleasant Rowland, founder of American Girl in 2001. In 2008 Rowland sold MacKenzieChilds to Lee Feldman and Howard Cohen, part owners of Twin Lakes Capital. Since then, Mackenzie-Childs has purchased through retailers such as Saks, Harrods, and Neiman Marcus.

How did you start your career? NK: I studied Finance in Denver. I still work in Global Investment House where I head real estate. This is a side project. What inspired this idea? Why MackenzieChilds?

Check Mate

“Nasser AlKhaled and Haidar Hindi tapped into New York’s Mackenzie-Childs design history to bring its aesthetics to Kuwait. Injy Refaie is entranced. ” 66

THETALK / March / 2014

NK: My side of the story is that when my wife gave birth, she ordered Mackenzie-Childs for her birth reception and I thought it was a unique brand. I thought this would do very well in Kuwait. That’s when the interest started. Haidar and I have always been friends and this idea was fueled when he told me that he wanted to diversify from rugs to furniture and accessories. He wanted to add something different to his family business and that’s how we met halfway. HH: Nasser brought this brand to my attention and he had already purchased items from New York and London and I always admired it because it was so whimsical and quirky! That’s why we wanted to get the franchise to Kuwait. They have agents in Qatar and the

UAE, but they are not open yet. So it’s quite an accomplishment for us to open it here, to have sold almost 60% of our stock in a short period of time, and to have so many people engaged on our Instagram page. Will you add your own style to the collections? NK: Right now, we only import them without changing the designs. However, we are thinking of doing oriental designs with them such as the ceramic checkered Mabkar and we wanted to launch it exclusively for the Kuwaiti market. HH: We want to help them cater to the Middle East market by adding some of our own oriental touches to the pieces. The courtly check pieces are the signature pattern for Mackenzie-Childs; what other collections do you have? NK: We have the courtly check, the flower market, the green house line, parchment check, and butterfly line. However, most of the stuff here is the courtly check which is the signature pattern for Mackenzie-Childs. The launch was called “the launch of the courtly check collection”. We wanted to focus mainly on that and then with every season, we will introduce a different pattern from the existing lines. HH: Clients can come in and order whichever collections they want. We do provide it here, but we thought of focusing on the main collection first. We’re limited to what we can get, so we decided to split up the collection to be fair. So next season we could focus on any of these collections. You’ll have to stay tuned!

Were there any obstacles that you faced? NK: Initially there was resistance and they weren’t interested because they are a very small firm that distributes through retailers such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Harrods and not in the Middle East. We communicated with them and then finally we reached an agreement and we flew to New York to meet them. The entire process took about 10 months to the day we launched which was Sunday the 16th of February. HH: We thought the brand wouldn’t be well known here, but you’d be surprised! I have people calling me from Qatar and Saudi to make orders! The number one market we want to serve is the original Mackenzie-Childs fans. Why did you choose to collaborate with Samovar? HH: We’ve recently changed the name to Samovar Carpets and Furniture instead of carpets and antiques. So we wanted to diverse into the furniture business so that people can mix and match with their purchases. NK: I partnered with someone who understands this industry. I am basically riding on this infrastructure and legacy that they’ve created as a family. Although they’ve achieved so much, they still feel the store is a work in progress. This is going to be fun. The paragons are ready to take the next step. Future plans include adding their own designs to the Mackenzie-Childs collection and introducing the other lines. It sounds exciting. It sounds like a plan.



Setting HIS Trends

BOTTEGA VENETA Following the success of Initials online through the brand’s e-commerce store, Bottega Veneta is pleased to extend the service that allows you to personalize your handbag or accessory with your initials, by introducing it in select Bottega Veneta boutiques around the world as a permanent service. Previously offered solely online, availing the service which unequivocally adds another dimension to Bottega Veneta’s famous motto, “When your own initials are enough”, in store reaffirms the brand’s commitment to providing a unique shopping experience. Initials combines the beauty of Bottega Veneta’s handcrafted intrecciato nappa with the elegance and individuality of a monogram. The program offers select products in a choice of four colors, with a further range of hues available for the letters. Women can choose from two intrecciato nappa shoppers, an array of wallets, cases, and other small leather goods, and a belt. For men the options include a tote, a messenger, a cross-body bag, two wallets, and a belt. The Initials service is also offered for a selection of luggage and


THETALK / March / 2014

travel, including a trolley, duffel, carry-on bag, document case and toiletry case. Every piece is hand-woven of the finest quality nappa leather and back-lined with suede on the interior, making it lightweight as well as distinctive-looking. Bottega Veneta is renowned for its unique and unusual palette, and color plays an exciting part in the Initials program. Both the leathers and the letters come in rich, desirable hues. The process works as follows: Once you have selected your product, you then choose from four different colors of leather. For women, the colors are nero, ebano, blood red, and antique white. For men, there is nero, ebano, a deep, celestial blue, and for small leather

goods, vermillion. Luggage and travel items are available in nero, ebano, celestial blue, and vermillion. The letters are available in eight shades: white, nero, ebano, indigo blue, sunset yellow, blood red, antique pink, and Irish green. Use one color for all the letters or mix things up, as you prefer. You can also design a product with just two initials (a particular benefit if you’re purchasing a gift and don’t know the recipient’s middle name). “I’m pleased to offer Initials because it allows us to take the customer-centered philosophy of Bottega Veneta one step further,” says Creative Director Tomas Maier. “The service is truly personalized and the process is fun. The best part is that the products look great.”



Setting HIS Watch TRENDS

Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon, a new era in the world of Grand Complications In 1907, Jaeger-LeCoultre laid the foundations of what was to prove a key element in the dentity of its watches. That was the year when the association between Paris-based businessman Edmond Jaeger and Swiss watchmaker JacquesDavid LeCoultre gave birth to the world’s thinnest pocket watch featuring a blend of aesthetic refinement and horological sophistication that only a Manufacture uniting the full range of skills under one roof could hope to achieve. Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre confirms its ability to anticipate the future of Fine Watchmaking by unveiling the Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon watch, the eleventh creation in the Hybris Mechanica collection and the first ultra-thin Grand Complication model. Eleven, the number standing for inventions and exceeding expectations. Hybris Mechanica 11 watch. A new era – that of ultra-thin Grand Complications. Extreme innovation Think-tanks composed of insatiable visionaries and tireless developers: such is the very nature of the teams at Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre. It enables them, just one year after the introduction of the Master Ultra Thin Jubilee, to present an authentic pioneer in the field of Grand Complications. The newcomer bears a name revealing a set of technical feats that are bound to stimulate the imagination of Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs. And rightly so. The Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon stems from research on two iconic horological complications. It is indeed the slimmest minute repeater in its category at just 7.9 mm thin. This watch capitalises on eight separate patents, six of which are entirely new. Its entire development 70

THETALK / March / 2014

GRANDE SECONDE SW Côtes de Genève The subtle mix of cool elegance

process was governed by two watchwords – ingenuity and performance. Its quintessence lies in a successful bid to achieve extreme slenderness while making no compromises on reliability. Hybris Mechanica 11 is equipped with an original tourbillon, a high-performance new balancespring, a peripheral automatic winding system, a retractable single pushbutton, as well as a new minute repeater equipped with a silent-timelapse reduction system. As the latest addition to an illustrious and fertile saga of Jaeger-LeCoultre striking watches, this model consolidates the brand’s leadership in this field.

The Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde is immediately identifiable by its two off-centered dials that describe a figure eight with great purity of line. A uniquely incomparable timepiece since its inception, it is regularly reinterpreted by the brand’s artisans. In 2008, Jaquet Droz launched the Grande Seconde SW, a sporty reworking of this iconic model that has only become more successful over the years. A new version will enhance the line in 2014, complete with alligator leather straps and new Côtes de Genève decoration to give the Grande Seconde SW an ever greater aura of luxury. The famous Côtes de Genève ornamental pattern typical of Swiss watchmaking has been used on the dials of a new model in anthracite gray. A series of regular lines, the pattern highlights the watch’s features and gives it unprecedented depth. The traditional rubber and metal strap of the Grande Seconde SW has also been replaced by the fine luster of an alligator leather strap in a color to match the dial. Jaquet Droz is delighted to unveil the several other variations of this watchmaking icon at Baselworld 2014.

Hybris Mechanica 11 watch resolutely confirms that excellence and surpassing existing limits are second nature to Jaeger-LeCoultre. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM


Setting the car trends

Lexus to Unveil the Aggressive New Lexus “RC F” Performance Coupe at the North American International Motor Show Aerodynamics Drive Styling of Dramatic New Lexus Performance Coupe Dubai, UAE, January 14, 2014 - Lexus will unveil the aggressive new Lexus “RC F” performance coupe today at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit, USA. The RC F’s styling highlights the vehicle’s optimum high-speed stability—essential for the most powerful ever Lexus V8 performance car. Based on the spectacular RC coupe that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in November last year, the RC F features wider wheels and tires, an active rear wing, air scoops, cooling ducts and carbon fiber components—all delivering Lexus ‘functional beauty’. “The form of each component is carefully 72

THETALK / March / 2014

designed to contribute to performance”, said RC F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi. “Unique air outlets in the hood and rear section of the front fenders contribute to optimum engine cooling and vehicle handling stability. They create an aggressive look that immediately conveys the expectation of a dynamic driving experience.” According to Nobuyuki Negishi, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, “Engineered from scratch, one performance layer at a time, the newest F model promises a bold, gritty experience synonymous with the famed Lexus F heritage showcasing an

aggressive exterior profile and a striking cockpit to deliver uncompromising performance. The new RC F is an impressive symbol of Lexus’s F portfolio which stands for true high performance based on motor-sport technology derived from a pure passion for driving with a unique Lexus perspective on extreme driver engagement. This iconic model is another demonstration of how Lexus is redefining luxury driving by pushing the boundaries of design, innovation and craftsmanship.” Exterior design The signature Lexus spindle grille dominates the front view, with a subtle “F” motif embedded in

the mesh below the Lexus symbol. Meanwhile, a higher hood that helps create a powerful flared profile and ducts beneath the front bumper and fenders, and strategically placed aerodynamic stabilizing fins, all combine to further identify the vehicle as an F. Air outlets at the rear of the front fender form the shape of an L when they merge with side sill extensions, while stacked trapezoidal quadoutlet tailpipes at the rear further the aggressive look. Design cues have been taken from the Lexus LFA supercar: An active rear wing deploys from the deck at 80 km/h and retracts at less than 40 km/h to enhance the coupe’s lines at standstill. Three variations of 10-spoke 19” forged aluminum wheels are available by grade. Interior design The striking cockpit-like interior complements the aggressive exterior. Unique components include the meters, steering wheel, seats, ornamentation and pedals. The instrument panel is dominated by a switchable central dial

on which information, display color and text size changes in line with the driving mode—four in total—selected. The RC F prioritizes occupant comfort through such features as a Lexus-first elliptical crosssection thick-grip steering wheel with optimum

placement of paddle gear shifts and all-new, high-back seats, embossed with an F on the headrests, styled to resemble form-fitting athletic sportswear and to offe similar levels of support. The seats come in five available leather trims, each with contrast stitching. WWW.THETALK-ONLINE.COM



THETALK / March / 2014



Setting the car trends

From Virtual to Reality? Toyota FT-1 Concept Sets the Pace for Future Design Toyota created a stir at the North American International Auto Show with the reveal of the stunning FT-1 sports car concept which was first devised by Calty Design Research in the Sony PlayStation Gran Turismo game environment. The Toyota FT-1 represents the pinnacle of a long-running endeavor by Calty, which marked its 40th anniversary last year, to create the ultimate sports car. FT-1 stands for “Future Toyota,” and the number “1” represents the ultimate. According to its designers at Calty Design Research, the FT-1 Concept builds upon Toyota’s rich sports coupe heritage dating back to the 2000GT, Celica, Supra, MR2 and most recently Scion FR-S. 76

THETALK / March / 2014

The project started nearly two years ago and represents a labor of love by a passionate, dedicated and gifted Calty design team. “The FT-1 is a dream-project for a designer and car enthusiast like myself,” said Alex Shen, Calty’s Studio Chief Designer. “Our team was heavily influenced by Toyota’s sports car past, especially Celica and Supra, and we sought to capture some of that history. It is an aggressive, track-focused sports car concept with a presence that has been amplified for shock and awe.”



his style icon


oronto-born Aubrey Drake Graham, or better known as Drake, came into the music scene in 2009 with his single Best I Ever Had. Although his musical success is certainly undeniable, Drake was an actor before a rapper. He was a star in the popular Canadian Television series Degrassi: the Next Generation, but he was not always living in the fast lane. Drake reveals in a 2011 interview, “I’ve seen a lot, man. I’ve seen a lot of life, put it that way. I’ve been with the most blessed kids in the world. I’ve been with people whose life is right at the bottom of the barrel. I was on a TV show, I went to art school, and I went to hood schools. I’ve lived. I’ve lived a full 24 years, man.”

Started From the Bottom Drake

“I had to become a man very quickly and be the backbone for a woman who I love with all my heart, my mother. ”


THETALK / March / 2014

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, is a drummer and his mother, Sandi Graham is a teacher. They divorced when Drake was 5, and he went to live with his mother in an upper-class part of Toronto. Drake was noticed by a friend’s father and was given the role of Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi, but Drake recalls that this was not a well-paying job. Around the time of his casting, his father was incarcerated and his mother was ill, and the family had very little means on which to survive. In 2006, Drake released his first mixtape Room for Improvement but began to lose hope in his discovery, and commenced his job hunt which would prove to be difficult since he had not graduated from high school. Fortunately, prominent rapper Lil Wayne heard his mixtape and asked him to join him on his tour. From then, Drake has released four albums So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, Take Care, and So Far Gone. He has also worked with artists such as Beyonce, Young Money, and Nicki Minaj.

to this point single-handedly…She’s the most important person in my life.” He often brings his mother to red carpet events and loves to spend his days hanging out with her in Toronto. Drake takes pride in his mixed heritage, saying that he enjoys being an African-American but having a Jewish “twist”. Drake’s personal style evolved from 90’s street style to more sophisticated Versace prints and Armani suits, but Drake admits that his favorite things to wear are his sweaters. He loves looking polished on the red carpet, but when it comes to daily life, he dons whatever he feels comfortable in. Drake reminds his fans in We In This, “Hope you don’t judge me. Cause me and you are not all that different. You made me this way, you made me famous. You all assisted.”

Drake credits his mother for his success. In an interview citing his fourth album he says, “”I talk about her a lot on this album. She’s brought me




The Dopp Kit Essentials In the early 20th century, German immigrant Charles Doppelt set foot on American soil and opened a leather goods shop in Chicago. The store enjoyed reasonable prominence, but it was Doppelt’s nephew, Jerome Harris, who came up with the first Dopp Kit. The Dopp Kit is a satchel typically made of canvas or leather with a spacious interior and many secret pockets and compartments for men to store their toiletries when travelling. They became a national staple when the U.S. Army issued a Dopp Kit to each soldier in WWII, and soldiers continued to use them when they returned from the war. Parents would buy their sons Dopp Kits when they came of age as a sign of manhood, and it was traditional to pass them down from father to son. What do you put in your Dopp Kit? The Essentials:

The essentials include anything you use on a daily basis, including your toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, a small bottle of mouthwash, dental floss, q-tips, and nail clippers. Be careful though, your Dopp Kit has limited space so make sure you get travel sizes of everything

Shower Works

Because you are the jet-setter with countless plans and very little time, Axe Total Fresh 3 in 1 is the product for you. It acts as a deep-cleansing body wash, conditioner, and shampoo with that irresistible Axe scent. That way, you will save space on having three separate bottles for everything.


When you are abroad, you are constantly hopping from one place to the other. Naturally, you want to capitalize on your deodorant and stay fresh all day. We recommend you keep Mitchum Advanced Gel for Men in your Dopp Kit because it keeps you fresh for 48 hours, fights odor and odor causing bacteria, and leaves no sticky white residue.

Bio Oil

Bio Oil is the #1 scar and stretch mark product in 17 countries around the word. It is an excellent nongreasy oil that leaves your skin nourished and better healing, which is great if you are planning on going somewhere you are bound to get sunburned or cut in a trekking adventure. It also helps with hyperpigmentation, aging skin, and dehydrated skin, making this a Dopp Kit staple.


THETALK / March / 2014

Shaving Kit:

Some prefer electronic shavers, while others opt for safety razors. It all depends on where you are going and how long you are staying, but to play it safe, we recommend the Gilette Fusion Proglide, a vibrating razor that ensures the closest and smoothest shave, nick-free.

Survival Kit Make sure you get the most functionality out of your Dopp Kit by dubling it as a survival kit. Keep one compartment reserved for things like a Swiss Army Knife, extra USD bills, band aids, wet wipes, painkillers, and whatever else you feel like you won’t be able to travel without.




Which Vitamins and Minerals Should You Be Taking? As we age our bodies require an added dose of supplements to cater to our physical and mental needs. Just as we need to gain a couple of pounds every five years after the age of forty, we need an extra boost of vitamins and minerals as the demands on our bodies alter. We have comprised an easy to follow guide to track you on your healthy pill-popping path! Twenties Calcium

Prevents bone loss and promotes stronger skeletal health

Vitamin D

Helps the body absorb calcium

Vitamin E

Keeps the skin radiant and fights the telltale signs of aging (wrinkles)

Vitamin A

Strengthens the white blood cells/

Thirties Anti Oxidants

Rids the body of harmful toxins and slows down aging


In case of pregnancy, keeps the womb strong and safe for the baby


Gives you energy and helps replenish the blood

Vitamin A

Protects from sun damage

+ Forties Strontium

Improves bone density


Heightens energy, better night›s sleep, provides mental clarity

Hydrochloric Acid

Prevents indigestion and bloating, as well as keeps the skin youthful


Minimizes the risk for UTIs for women above 40


THETALK / March / 2014


Turks and Caicos Islands If you hop on a 90-minute southbound flight from Miami, you will find yourself on the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Although situated on the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Islands boast soft white sands, azure waters as far as the eye can see, and relatively low tourism.


THETALK / March / 2014




The Turks and Caicos Islands slip just under the radar, which translates into a more secluded and private vacation. The island has all the lethargic luxury of a tropical island, but with the comfort of American currency and English as the first language. Because of trade winds, Turks and Caicos Islands have a stable temperature all year round, but hurricane season makes it difficult to visit from JulyNovember. December-June in the Turks and Caicos Island is a serene time with little to no rainfall, cloudless blue skies, and enticing breezes. The capital, Cockburn Town, maintains its 18th century Bermudian architecture and long, cobbled streets lined with quaint shops and restaurants the specialize in local cuisine. Because the Turks and Caicos Islands are composed of 40 islands, 32 of which are uninhabited, there is a great diversity of activities for tourists to choose from. From parasailing, to helicopter tours, to underwater scuba adventures, snorkeling with stingrays, and so much more, you’ll need at least one week to do it all. The Middle and North Caicos Islands are renowned for their lush greenery


THETALK / March / 2014




and marvelous ecosystem. For one of the greatest fishing spots in the world, visit South Caicos to take your own skiff out into the water and return ashore laden with lobsters and a diverse array of fish. The biodiversity includes octopi, turtles, crustaceans, barracudas, corals, manta rays, sharks, whales, and countless others. It is a small wonder that its vast array of flora and fauna is the site of biological research. There you will also happen across the famous boiling hole and flamingo ponds. Depending on your personal preferences, you are able to choose from several accommodations. The Grace Bay Club is the 2014 Travelers’ Choice Winner in Luxury, but at 425 KWD a night, it could be a bit of a financial hassle. The La Vele Resort affords you grandeur while leaving your money free to be tied up in other island adventures. Make sure you visit Porter’s Island Thyme in Salt City for an unforgettable gastronomical experience in

local seafood. The renowned Caicos Bakery will replace Magnolia or November Bakery as your ultimate dessert destination. The Turks and Caicos Islands is the perfect getaway. Whether you’re going on your honeymoon, a family vacation, or an escape with friends, you will be surrounded by the beautiful calm. Book your next vacation a few miles south of Miami and Cuba, and your Instagram will be the envy of your followers.

Turks and Caicos Islands Guide Climate: Tropical Maritime Population: 47,754 Capital: Cockburn Town Airport: Providenciales International Airport Language: English Religion: Protestant, Roman Catholic,


THETALK / March / 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: United States Dollar Time Zone: UTC-5 Dialing Code: (+1649) Power Outlets: North American



Kuwait Exclusives

Brazilian Beats Urban & Exotic: The Aigner Leather Collection Spring/Summer 2014 From street culture to the Amazon: The Aigner Leather Collection S/S 2014 takes you on a journey into the heart of Brazil – to the vibrant metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. The luxurious bag creations of the Munich-based leather lifestyle brand were inspired by fiery samba rhythms, the sweeping exuberance of the famous Brazilian carnival and Rio’s urban exotic flair. The collection also embodies the beauty and power of South American women in the exciting city. Senior designer Christian Beck combines this urban joie de vivre with Brazil’s exotic nature. Elaborate embossing patterns on the leather reflect the country’s lush flora and fauna: The surface structures of crocodile and lizard skin, raffia texture, handcrafted braided elements and Saffiano leather symbolize the richness of the rainforest. In the Collection S/S 2014, Aigner’s signature traditional craftsmanship meets modern design elements and big, bold colour blocking. Sophisticated details such as zippers, studs and clever closures turn these bag creations into very special luxury pieces.

DEAN & DELUCA wins five medals for exemplary culinary skills at HORECA 2014 DEAN & DELUCA has won a gold medal, three silver medals and a bronze in the globally renowned hospitality and food exhibition ‘HORECA 2014’ recently held in Kuwait, raising the bar for international culinary performance in the country. DEAN & DELUCA chefs were among 150 diversified chefs from 25 establishments who competed in both live cooking and display competitions under the supervision of renowned judges from Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut and Kuwait. At the annual exhibition held at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel, DEAN & DELUCA once again demonstrated its unmatched skills by taking home the gold medal for its preparation under the “Live Sushi” category. DEAN & DELUCA chefs were also pronounced proud silver medal winners of the “Live Pasta,” “Cold Sandwich” and “Arabic Mezze” competitions. The “Three Plated Dessert” bronze medal winner also hailed from DEAN & DELUCA. 90

THETALK / March / 2014



Special Offer

Kuwait Exclusives

py p a H y a D s ’ r e h t o M

GUERLAIN THE EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN KUWAIT. The House of Guerlain, a laboratory of scents and creativity. 68, avenue des Champs-Elysées. A magical address. The House of Guerlain is home to a legend – the legend of a company that has been fired by the same creative passion for more than 180 years. With more than 790 scents to its name, Guerlain is indeed the proud possessor of an unparalleled fragrance heritage, a rare collection synonymous with luxury, excellence and sophistication. Guerlain’s know-how and art de vivre are exemplified by its uniquely uncompromising philosophy: exclusively noble ingredients, ultimate attention to detail and incomparable craftsmanship are allied with an unerring instinct for anticipating its customers’ desires. Guerlain showcases a unique exhibition at Harvey Nichols at the Avenues Mall from February 19th to March 11th.

Mawarid trading company, the exclusive distributor of sensai cosmetics, a super-prestige cosmetics and the leading japanese skin care brand launched with its new productline, cellular performance lifting series. On this occasion, a press event took place at missoni hotel with the presence of mrs. Yuriko homma, the marketing manager of sensai, during her visit to kuwait and other brand representatives along with the media and vip invitees to be the first to be introduced to the series of the new skin care products and obtain an exclusive firsthand experience. During the event mrs. yuriko homma explained: “everyone has a beauty that is uniquely their own, based on their innate nature and the life they lead. Sensai respects this individuality and is ready to help you enhance your unique beauty.” the new cellular performance lifting seriesinclude, lift remodelling eye cream which restores firmness and radiance around the eye, it helps minimise dark triangles and targets hollowness for skin that appears beautifully plump and revived. Lift remodelling cream, an effective cream that restores youthful firmness and resilience for a beautifully lifted appearance. Re-contouring lift essence, an effective essence that delivers a clearly defined facial contour. Finally deep lift filler, which is an intensive care product that restores the appearance of volume for beautifully, plump skin. Lead a life of beauty with Sensai. 92

THETALK / March / 2014



2014 / 448 / `g-ä

*Offer valid from till end of February, only for individuals - Terms &conditions apply


Made in Japan

• 6 Cylinder


• Rear Camera

• Rear Sensor

• 7 Seater

M-6 • 2500 CC

• from 0-100 KM in 7.8 Sc.

• 185 HP • Best in class ENSURE


FREE Golden

Comprehensive Insurance for 1 Year

Years FREE Warranty Unlimited Mileage

• Best in class fuel consumption

FREE Service Up to 20,000 km

Find us at:

Al-Rai, 4th Ring Road Daily from 9 AM - 1PM and from 4 PM - 8 PM Friday from 4 PM - 8 PM

w w w . k a i c o . n e t /Kuwait Automotive Imports Company

Kuwait Exclusives

Kuwait Yacht Show 2014 Marina Crescent, 2nd - 7th February Although only in its 2nd edition, the Kuwait Yacht Show has already made its mark on the regional marine scene. Advantageously positioned as the first regional show of the year, for 2014 a bigger and better show was promised - and KYS delivered. With on-land and in-water exhibition space three times that of the 1st edition, this year’s KYS was able to truly stretch its legs in terms of brands, products and exhibitors. For 2014 products exhibited were worth in excess of US$50,000,000. The show welcomed a vastly increased regional and international presence, and saw three Middle East premieres; those of Azimut’s 55S, the Azimut Atlantis 34 and Boston Whaler’s 350 Outrage. The largest vessel on show was Gulf Craft’s 121ft Majesty. Kuwait has a traditional connection with the sea and indeed, even today, one in every 44 Kuwaitis owns a boat. Exhibitors reported strong selling and healthy order books with more than 15,000 visitors passing through the exhibition during its five public days. Of particular local interest was the first public appearance of the Journey of Hope, an 88ft yacht built by the Kuwaiti manufacturer Jassim Al-Omani. She is the largest yacht built by a Kuwaiti company and was subsidized by the H.H Emir to the tune of KD1,000,000. The remainder was raised through charitable donations and the Journey of Hope will be used to take people with Autism on a journey from Kuwait to Boston, USA, accompanied by Kuwait Navy.


THETALK / March / 2014




the street styles collective A new season and a new dose of inspiration! This time we have hit all the major capitals around the world; not just London, New York & Paris but Copenhagen, Tokyo, Milan and more. From local to international, we are bringing you an assortment of fashion styles and combinations. As with every season, do not miss out on the fun of experimenting!


THETALK / March / 2014





THETALK / March / 2014





THETALK / March / 2014




Kuwait street styles Time and time again we bring you Street Style inspirations from across the globe. However, we cannot steer away from the fashionable crowd here in Kuwait. Whether it is how they dress to work, lunch, events or parties, whichever the occasion, these trendsetters always look stylishly chic!


THETALK / March / 2014





THETALK / March / 2014




Tory Burch Celebrates Her Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening Tory Burch hosted a party Tuesday evening at her newly opened boutique on Rodeo Drive, her first flagship on the West Coast. Guests danced to music deejayed by Q-Tip, sipped MoĂŤt & Chandon and watched an evocative short film directed by Lisa Eisner. Emilia Clarke, Jessica Alba, Jaime King, Hailee Steinfeld, Kiernan Shipka, Rashida Jones, Alice Eve, Isla Fisher, Emmy Rossum and more attended.

Isla Fisher in the Talia Dress from Spring 2014 and Daisy Clutch from Pre-fall 2014

Rashida Jones in the Ronnie Pullover from Pre-fall 2014, Alaina Skirt, Robinson Satchel.

Camila Alves in the Edna Gown and Candelaria Necklace from Spring 2014 with the Brownen Pump

Emilia Clarke in the Patsy Top and Top Handle Bag from Pre-fall 2014 and Tory Burch


THETALK / March / 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target Dinner with NET-APORTER.COM Peter Pilotto and Target held a private dinner to celebrate the launch of their collaboration, available exclusively online at NET-A-PORTER.COM, the world’s premier online luxury fashion retailer. A drinks reception and private dinner was held at the Dairy Art Centre in London on 29th January.

Alice Eve in the Clarissa Dress from Spring 2014 and Frete Clutch in Navy

Brooklyn Decker in the Trixy Dress, Laken Opaque Clutch and Sadie Slingback from Spring 2014

Emmy Rossum in the Liana Dress from Pre-fall 2014, Coral Stud Earring from the exclusive Rodeo collection and Laken Minaudiere

Hannah Simone in the Dahlia Dress and Coral Stud Earring from the exclusive Rodeo collection and Frete Clutch in Ivory

Guests dined on Carpaccio of Golden Beetroot, Roast Fillet of Salt-marsh Lamb with Wild Mushrooms and Perigord Truffle Gratin and Poached Rhubarb and Blackberries with Yoghurt Sherbet. The exclusive collaboration by PETER PILOTTO for Target comprises of 38 pieces including ready-to-wear, swimwear and accessories and will be unveiled on NET-A-PORTER. COM on 9th February, offering customers in 170 countries this limited-edition collection.





Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, Giorgio Armani and Roberta Armani

At the end of the evening there will be an exclusive seated dinner specially prepared by chef Davide Oldani. “Paris is the undisputed capital of couture – fashion in its highest and most distinctive expression. I have always presented Armani Privé here. With its understated elegance, the city never ceases to inspire me. After having taken One Night Only around the world, it seemed only natural, if not a duty, to dedicate one to the Ville Lumière. And, in this magnificent setting, I think that the Eccentrico exhibition finds its most natural and proper place,” says Giorgio Armani.

Livia Firth

Christopher Lambert, Sophie Marceau, After Tim Blanks, who curated the first edition of armani. com/live for One Night Only New York, this event will be edited by French director Loïc Prigent and will offer special editorial contents on One Night Only Paris.

Giorgio Armani and Chiara Mastroianni 108

THETALK / March / 2014

Roberta Armani and Beatrice Borromeo

Elena Perminova and Roberta Armani

Afef Tronchetti Provera

Alain-Fabien Delon

Giorgio Armani and Ziyi Zhang

Kristin Scott Thomas



Restaurant REVIEW

Olio Every once in a while, a restaurant comes along that resonates on your palette. This month, our team ventured to Olio for a sample of what turned out to be sumptuous Italian dishes. Olio, meaning oil in Italian, is situated on a second-floor terrace at the Jumeirah beachfront. The elevated seating provides a spectacular panoramic view of the lush Jumeirah garden and the azure water. The mood was set by a loop of Italian beats and melodies, giving restaurant goers a promising impression of Olio. We were greeted by Chef Francesco, the new head chef of Olio. Although Jumeirah has yet to announce the arrival of the international chef, the Talk obtained this exclusive news for our readers. Chef Francesco has an impressive background in gastronomy: as a child, he followed his father around the family’s three restaurants in Napoli and learned the trade. His passion to cook took him around the world, most recently as the head chef of the majestic Four Seasons in Alexandria, Egypt. Working in many restaurants with many different people, Chef Francesco is culturally sensitive and aware of respective demographics’ various needs.


THETALK / March / 2014

Chef Francesco personally prepared the menu’s best dishes, as well as items that have yet to be added. We began with appetizers that were almost too pretty to eat. We soldiered through, and indulged in the Mediterranean flavors. We began with artisan breads and extra virgin olive oil accompanied by a sharp black olive spread, and tangy sundried tomatoes. The appetizers, or antipasti, were three distinctive tastes. The Caprese salad is a fresh array of vibrantly red and black tomatoes contrasted by deep green pesto and rich buffalo mozzarella. The arancini is an irresistible soft crab interior and crunchy exterior. Of course, one cannot go to an Italian restaurant and not have pizza, and Olio delivers a real delicacy of a pizza. The margarita pizza is your basic cheese, but when it is composed

of homemade tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves, and a generous amount of buffalo mozzarella, it is really anything but basic. The entrata brought different proteins to the table. The lamb chops are encrusted with pistachios and made to your personal preference; and in our case we were happy with medium-well. The bold lamb flavor is complimented by savory sauces and grilled

vegetables. The salmon is zesty and grilled to perfection, and it lay atop a bed of dark lentils. As with pizza, pasta is a rudiment of any Italian restaurant, and we were not disappointed with the selection. The tortellini is a daring seafood medley with a sweet and creamy sauce that really satisfies seafood cravings. Finally, the creamy spinach maltagliati is an aromatic dish served best with a heart serving of parmesan. Dessert is a very important part of any meal, and Chef Francesco wanted to make sure we left with all expectations met. The tiramisu is blissfully soft and you will not want to share it. The layers are creamy, soft, and crunchy all at once, and the perfectly circular shape is so skillfully constructed that one would think Chef Francesco has a degree in architecture. The chocolate caprice cake is gloriously fudgy and maintains a perfect bit of tartness that is accompanied with fresh banana ice cream. At Olio, food is all about the overall experience. Certainly, this was one for the books.




The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan The Joy Luck Club constantly manifests itself in different book clubs and reading circles because of its unique take. Four Chinese immigrant women start a Mahjong club for themselves, but when one of them dies, the remining three invite her daughter to replace her mother. The daughter, who identifies as an American-born Chinese, is estranged from her mother but finds herself drawing closer to her with the help of the Mahjong Club. The tale is written in eight vignettes- four from the point of view of the immigrant mothers, and four from the perspectives of the American-born daughters. Although the tale deals with everyday life in America for Chinese women, the underlying theme throughout it all is the strength of the motherdaughter bond that can develop further even after one has passed away.

Books For mom Unless - Carol Shields

Bossypants - Tina Fey Tina Fey is a renowned comedian, writer, and now- mother. We have seen her as Sarah Palin and the Weekend Update Anchor in Saturday Night Live, we have seen her as Liz Lemon in her acclaimed show 30 Rock, and now we see her as just Tina. In Bossypants, Fey shares her life story in lurid detail, and manages to remove herself from the pedestal of celebrity and into the world of ordinary people. Fey devotes a large portion of her book to motherhood and her daughter, and how she has come to understand more of herself after becoming a mother. Despite Fey’s captivating rags-to-riches story, the most prominent part of Bossypants is the humorous yet touching A Mother’s Prayer for her Child, in which readers learn what Fey wants for her child. She also reveals how parenting changed from the Fey’s youth to her childrens’, and which aspects of her mother she finds herself emulating. 112

THETALK / March / 2014

Unless is the final novel Carol Shields published before losing her battle against cancer in 2003. The novel paints a perfect picture of an upper class family living in a large house in the Toronto suburbs. Suddenly, the protagonist, Reta’s, daughter Norah drops out of university to become a silent beggar on the streets with a sign around her neck that says, “goodness”. The novel is marketed towards middle aged mother who are having a hard time understanding their racuous teenage children. The novel is clean and concise in its writing, which serves as a good foundation for selfassessment. The tale reads as a mudane dayto-day chronology, but in its detailed writing, readers are able to see Reta come to terms with her daughter making her own decisions instead of following her mother’s footsteps.

For One More Day- Mitch Albom

Gate of the Sun - Elias Khoury Lebanese writer and winner of several “book of the year” awards Elias Khoury explores the concept of family when it pertains to Palestinian refugees. In his acclaimed novel Gates of the Sun, Khoury sets a fictional context to tell non-fiction tales of heroism, survival, and loss that Khoury himself gathered throughout his travels around the modern world. The book reads in a Shehrezade-type manner, with short stories that depict the plight of Palestinians throughout several generations. To Khoury, however, the one story that stands out the most is that of Salim, who remembers his mother carrying him through fire, but being separated shortly afterwards. Salim spends most of his adult life searching for his mother in all reaches of the world despite that a small part of him doubts her survival.

Mitch Albom maintined his New York Times Bestseller status for several months with his two novels Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven. However, in For One More Day, Albom strikes chords with a reflection on a desolate man who is allowed to spend one more day with the mother he had lost eight years prior. On the brink of suicide, Charley visits his childhood home one last time and is startled to find his mother waiting for him. It is there he is granted one day with her, in which he learns stories of his past, family secrets, and comes to know of the great sacrifices his mother made for him when he chose her father over her in the divorce. The tale seeks to rectify broken relationships, and reminds all sons that their mothers will always be tender and patient.

Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Mom - Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile The creative duo Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile return for another hilarious book of maternal misadventure. In Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms, the authors collect information obtained from hundreds of interviews with mothers who are finally confident enough to come forward with all the mistakes they made as mothers. The confessions range from small-scale accidental bites to bigger-scale regrets about not supporting children during critical moments in their lives. The purpose of this book is to remind other that they are not alone, and all mothers are human. Mistakes tend to happen, and there are others they can turn to when they do. At the end of the day, motherhood is a serious of adventures that has its ups an downs.



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300: Rise of An Empire Cast: Sullivan Stapleton, Rodrigo Santoro, Eva Green Director: Noam Murro Genre: Action, Drama, War Synopsis: Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.




Need for Speed


Cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet

Cast: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi

Cast: Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker

Director: Darren Aronofsky Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Synopsis: The Biblical Noah suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.

THETALK / March / 2014

Director: Neil Burger Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance Synopsis: Beatrice Prior, a teenager with a special mind, finds her life threatened when an authoritarian leader seeks to exterminate her kind in her effort to seize control of their divided society.

Director: Scott Waugh Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Synopsis: Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His expartner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.

Director: Joe Carnahan Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller Synopsis: A chauffeur takes a job for a billionaire who makes his life hell.

Cancer, you are feeling very nostalgic this month. As your childhood and past joys dwell in your mind, you will forget about very important events happening this month. Maybe now is the best time to start keeping a planner


(July 23-Aug 22) You have had a very selfless month, but it will turn sour when you and your boss have a fight. Despite this setback, you will take a welldeserved break but be wary of petty crimes in the exotic country you will surely venture to.


(Sept. 24-Oct. 23) Your psychological health will suffer if you forget to give yourself a break. Your significant other will give you all the TLC you crave, so make sure you show them the appreciation you deserve

Happy birthday Pisces! This month, you will find yourself starting out on low spirits, but your friends will come through for you. You’re a dreamer, and although your dreams will not be realized this month, don’t lose your drive. Things will get better


(Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

You are the feisty one in your clique, but you’ve been in a slump for a while. Snap out of it by doing something completely out of the ordinary- which is only ordinary for you. Your new job is an exciting opportunity, and make sure to make your mark

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) Typically headstrong and creative, you are suffering from a lack of self-confidence. Your love interest is turning out to be not-sointeresting. Try to be as gentle as possible when you let him/her down since they’re totally crazy about you.

TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) You are spending a lot of time with your best friend this month, but make sure you don’t neglect other friends. Money will be tight for you, so it’s okay to be a bit stingy this month

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23) A romantic encounter will encourage you to evaluate your physical appearance, and around the 19th you will emerge with a completely new wardrobe, hairstyle, and outlook. Your second impression will take very far

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) Be smart with your finances, because you will assert your independence very soon. You are both anxious and excited for your upcoming plans, but don’t forget to sort your affairs before you take flight

ARIES (Mar. 21-April 20) Overworked Aries, find some “me time” for yourself. The workplace is flurrying with rumors about an upcoming promotion, so stay on top of your game. Your family will prove difficult to cope with, but you love them anyway.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Communication between you and your partner is strained since you are feeling neglected. Put together a romantic surprise and you will reconnect under the influence of candles, flowers, and a great setting


(Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Not having enough energy to get through the day is a direct result of all the unhealthy food choices you have been making. Eat better, and you will feel better. Once you get back into the action, you will ease into your old self




THETALK / March / 2014


THETALK / March / 2014

Issue 60 march 2014  
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