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Career Services hosts workshops for upcoming fair


news editor

On Feb. 13 and 14, University of Southern Mississippi Career Services hosted workshops to prepare students for the Career Fair, which will be held Feb. 21 in the Thad Cochran Center. About 90 companies and professional schools will attend to discuss internships, career opportunities and to provide students with feedback about their skills. The Career Fair will also give the chance for students graduating within the next few years to make connections with potential employers. These companies represent both national, regional and state opportunities with high starting salaries. IBM, Huntington Ingalls, Cintas, PepsiCo, Enterprise, Sherwin Williams and C Spire are attending along with numerous healthcare organizations, social services agencies and technology companies. The purpose of the interactive career fair workshops is to assist

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students in meeting and conducting research on organizations at the event for future job prospects. During the workshops, students learned how to develop a 60-second professional introduction as well as being taught strategies to professionally approach the employer’s booth and how to follow up after the event. Specifically, Director of Career Services Rusty Anderson said students should prepare questions to ask and treat each conversation as a mini interview and an important connection to the company. He said students should tailor their resumes to the employers that will attend and also doing your research on all of the companies that you are interested in. “To go a step further, you can even make business cards to distribute along with your resume,” Anderson said. During the first two workshops, students learned how to create an elevator pitch and discussed different strategies of how to connect with companies. Anderson said students

should go to the companies that potential employees are most interested in last in order to be more prepared for meeting companies of higher interest. He recommended identifying 5 - 6 companies and introducing yourself with your skills and goals. “ Having a game plan as you enter the Career Fair is highly encouraged, especially because it will be very busy,” Anderson said. To help with the potentially overwhelming atmosphere, the Career Services Department designed a free app to help navigate the booths which you can download from USM’s website. The career workshops discussed many aspects of professionalism, including dress. Business casual is appropriate for the Career Fair. Many descriptions of business casual can be found just by doing a quick Internet search. Anderson discussed the attitude that a student should have at the Career Fair. He suggested that you

show confidence in both body language and in how you approach potential employers but at the same time, avoid seeming arrogant. Showing a genuine interest in both the company and more specifically, the job that you are interested in, helps to make a more influential impact on the company, according to Anderson’s experience. He also mentioned basic advice such as making sure to stay off of your cell phone and be aware of your body language. “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you,” Anderson said while advising students to get contact information from each representative to follow up with them after the first meeting. He discussed following up by sending them an email or a handwritten letter thanking them for the opportunity to speak with them. There will also be a career workshop on the day before the Career Fair to go over everything learned for one last time. The Career Fair is set for Feb. 21 in the Thad Cochran Center from noon to 4 p.m.

USM student dies of ‘blunt force trauma’ JACK HAMMETT

managing editor

On Feb. 11, USM student and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity member Cole Whaley died of “blunt force injuries” at the DoubleTree hotel located at 300 Canal St. in New Orleans, according to Orleans Parish Coroner Jeffrey Rouse. NOPD reports stated Whaley fell through a closed 11thstory window and landed in an outdoor area located on the fourth floor near the hotel pool. “Findings from the autopsy performed by my office on Mr. Whaley reveal injuries consistent with reported circumstances including multiple skull fractures and subdural hemorrhage,” Rouse said. According to Rouse, Whaley preliminary cause of death has been classified as ‘blunt force injuries.’ Whaley’s final cause of death is currently under investigation and is pending toxicology test results. A spokeswoman for the the coroner’s office said New Orleans police had initially classified the death as unusual but later classified it as a Signal 29, or death. Vice President for Student Affairs Tom Burke said students may contact his office at 601266-5020 for related assistance. “Cole Whaley will forever be remembered as an intelligent, kind and valued member of the Southern Miss community,” Burke said. “As we all try to make sense of this tragic accident, the university will continue to do all that it can to support Cole’s Pi Kappa Phi brothers, his family and friends and all affected USM students.” Funeral services for Whaley were held Feb. 15 at Spanish Fort United Methodist Church.



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SPAS brings ‘Puppy Love’ on campus KAITLYN WATKINS

news editor

This Valentine’s Day, Southern Pines Animal Shelter (SPAS) brought puppies to USM’s campus. On Tuesday Feb 14, funds donated went towards EagleThon, an organization that promotes Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and raises money for Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson, MS. EagleThon hosts a six hour dance marathon that will be in the Thad Cochran building on Feb. 18. According to USM’s Phi Mu facebook page, the sorority will be supporting EagleThon on campus with a dance marathon. “Our chapter decided to put together a team and pledged to raise $500,” Phi Mu wrote in a post. “Our creed instructs us ‘To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand.’ We love supporting Children’s Miracle Network and will do so in any way we can!” The puppies returned the next day for the Puppy Love event and the proceeds supported the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization (CPGSO). All funds will go to increase access to mental health care for lowincome individuals. The organization advertised a suggested donation of $1 to relax, pet puppies and support the CPGSO. Students were able to cuddle the puppies

Shradha Bhatta/Printz on Weathersby Law while de-stressing and supporting mental health treatment. CPGSO hosts Puppy Love mainly to raise money to subsidize therapy and assessment services for low income clients at the USM Psychology Clinic. The event was created to provide an

opportunity for students to relieve stress and learn about the services available at the USM Psychology Clinic, as well as hear about volunteer opportunities at SPAS. The Shelter will receive a portion of the funds raised at the event, and they

can also communicate directly with interested students about their needs for volunteers and assistance. The puppies SPAS bring to the event receive socialization and play time, which can benefit the chance of a puppy finding a home, according to CNN.

“Puppy Love benefits USM students by providing them with a chance to de-stress by petting puppies and an opportunity to learn about the USM Psychology Clinic and the services we provide,” said Sarah Butterworth, a member of CPGSO.

Alpha Chi Omega promotes ‘Healthy Relationship Week’ LORA LAVIGNE

printz reporter

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter partnered with the Student Government Association, Title IX Office and The Shafer Center for Crisis Prevention to host Healthy Relationships Week from Feb. 13 17th. Alpha Chi Omega adopted domestic violence awareness for its national philanthropy and platform in 1992. Members have dedicated their time to serving those impacted by the issue. The “It’s on Us” sexual assault and domestic violence campaign’s Healthy Relationships Week promotes a series of events to define what healthy relationships are and how to spot abuse. The organization collaborates with the Shafer Center for Crisis intervention to help provide services and advocacy to those affected by sexual and domestic assault. During the week of Valentine’s, Alpha Chi Omega planned a series of events and programs, encouraging individuals to define what love means to them in effort to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. Alpha Chi’s Vice President of Philanthropy Brooke Davis said that the goal of the week is to describe to

students what a healthy relationship looks like. “Domestic violence affects one in five college students” Davis said. “By educating students on how to have healthy relationships and how to remove themselves from unhealthy ones, we are one step closer to putting an end to domestic violence.” This year, the organization focused on education as their main platform for getting this message across. Activities throughout the week included promotional items sent to collegiate chapters, social media posts and educational programs. The “Love is...” campaign was demonstrated all over campus as the organization encouraged individuals to fill in the blank and define what love means to them. “Domestic violence awareness is important for everyone to know and understand and know,” said Peyton Czerwonka, second year member. “It can happen to men and women regardless of age.” Sorority members took pictures of students holding signs with their definition of love and shared it on social media. Lollipops and promotional cards were handed out on campus. “Healthy relationship week has helped me to not only love myself

but to understand the love that I deserve,” Czerwonka said. To continue to promote information on healthy relationships, a trivia game was set up at Shoemaker Square for students to test their knowledge on healthy relationships. “I hope that students will look at all of the relationships that they are currently in and really evaluate whether or not they are healthy and beneficial,” Davis added. “We want to do everything we can to make sure our fellow students are in a safe place.”

In addition, the sorority will host a color war on Thursday, Feb. 16, and individuals are encouraged to

take the pledge in putting a stop to sexual assault and domestic violence in the community.



Students relive: V-Day from Hell DAISY STUTTS

photo editor

“My boyfriend was acting suspicious, so the day before Valentine’s Day, I confronted him about another girl. He told me that he had been cheating on me for two weeks and that he liked the other girl, so we broke up. Then he took her on the Valentine’s Day date that we had planned together. I ate the chocolate I bought him and watched movies all night.”

“All of my friends wanted to go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I really wanted to go, but I was so broke that I had to go home and eat what my mom cooked.” “Not a recent story, but in the eighth grade, I broke up with my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day because my mom had paid for his gift (a box of chocolates) but she wouldn’t buy me one too. I really wanted that chocolate. We started dating again on the 15th and he gave me my present anyway, but alas, I had eaten all of the chocolates.”

“My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day. The way he did it was by coming out to me and telling me that I had been a cover up for the past year and a half. Not sure if he is out to anyone else yet, but let’s just say he’s very close to his roommate now.” “My best guy friend who is now by boyfriend’s best friend tried to give me a teddy bear and roses at the bus stop, and I ran away from him onto the bus. He chased behind me holding the bear, [with his] arms fully extended, and I felt terrible for not accepting it afterwards. #highschool” “I walked into Walgreens because I was sick and stressing out about a test. I’m in the nursing program so school is kicking my butt, plus I’m single and basically dying. All of the employees were crowded at the front yelling ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ at everyone who walked in. On the outside I was friendly, but on the inside I was feeling pretty crappy.”

“My mom insisted that I let her take me to eat lunch on Valentine’s Day, so I met up with her. She gave me huge box of chocolates and said ‘you should post these on social media and say a boy gave them to you’. I think my mom is a bit more concerned about me having a boyfriend than I am.” “When I was in high school, I used to ride to and from school with my boyfriend every day. On Valentine's Day he dropped me off at my house after school (he would usually come in), went to Walmart and came back with one of those obnoxiously large stuffed animals of two dogs hugging. He then tried to come in and hide it in my room without me knowing, but I obviously saw him because I had been back and forth between my room and the living room since he dropped me off. Then he tried to play it off like he had purchased it ahead of time and it had been in my room all day. I constantly talk about how much I hate giant stuffed animals as gifts so it was pretty tragic in my opinion.”

“So there is this guy that I have been talking to since last summer. He lives 30 minutes from my home town. We text all the time and when Valentine's Day got close, he started asking what my plans were (this was like two weeks before Valentine’s Day). So, he said since I was free, we were going on a date. He said he would pick me up at six for a movie and dinner. So at five he tells me he is on his way, so I got ready for the date. 6:45 came around and he still wasn't here so I texted him to ask where he was. His reply was ‘I was joking the whole time, I was never going to take you on a date.’”

“I got dumped on Valentine’s Day, and he had a new girlfriend hours later. The entire interaction was over text messages.”

The University of Southern Mississippi presents the


distinguished lecture series featuring

Jasmine Guy

NAACP Image Award-winning Actress, Director and Author

tuesday, february 21, 2017 7 p.m. • Bennett Auditorium

Presented by the Office of Multicultural Programs and Services, the Honors College and the Dean of Students Office



Lee-McNelis takes indefinite leave


Southern Miss Sports Southern Miss Women’s Basketball Coach Joye Lee-McNelis Taking Leave of Absence Due to Personal Health Matter The University of Southern Mississippi’s women’s basketball coach Joye Lee-McNelis announced Tuesday that she will be taking a leave of absence due to personal health reasons for an unspecified amount of time. Late last week, Coach McNelis was hospitalized for chest discomfort and tests revealed a small mass in the upper left lobe of McNelis’ lung. McNelis was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma that is contained. She will undergo further testing and is expected to have surgery as soon as possible. McNelis will not travel to Florida

this week and Assistant Head Coach Kiley Hill will assume interim head coaching duties during her absence. “I am really proud of how this team has overachieved this year and how they’d fought extremely hard,” McNelis said. “In return, I will have the same fight as I face this adversity over the next few weeks. I know that God is in control and, with the prayers of many, good things will come. I have the utmost confidence in Coach Kiley Hill and my staff and know they will lead this team in a way that would make all of our Southern Miss fans proud. Our community is blessed to have great medical resources and people who will help in any way possible.” Southern Miss plays at FIU on Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. CT and then at Florida Atlantic on Feb. 18 at 4 p.m. CT.

Adriana Garcia/Printz Head women’s basketball coach Joye Lee-McNelis will be missing time from the sidelines indefinitely due to health reasons.

Softball opener answers early questions KYLE WILLIAMS

printz reporter

Southern Miss softball officially kicked off its 2017 season Thursday against McNeese State with a weekend-long invitational including matchups against Ball State, Iowa and No.11 Louisiana-Lafayette. The Lady Eagles gave fans a preview of what is to be expected this season. A main concern was the Lady Eagles’ pitching staff acquiring transfers Kim Crowson and Jade Lewis and freshman Peyton Carter. With the return of veterans Samantha Robles, Danielle Block and Jillian Johnson, Southern Miss’ bullpen now sits at six pitchers total. Any worries regarding maturity, experience and chemistry were silenced with the past weekend’s performances. Crowson, Johnson and Robles saw time on the mound, and all but Robles recorded a win. In Crowson’s first start of the season against Ball State, she pitched four innings, recording one run off of five hits before being relieved by Johnson, who recorded the save. Crowson’s performance was a relief for fans questioning this season’s pitching; Carter’s performance impressed as well. In a doubleheader against No.11 UL-Lafayette, Carter and Crowson saw action on the mound. Carter pitched 2.2 innings, recording two hits with zero runs allowed, and Crowson pitched one inning, allowing no hits nor runs and collecting the save. Crowson and Carter both came in after Robles and were able to solidify the Southern Miss win, 4 - 3. Another question surrounding the Lady Eagles was their efficiency

Courtesy Photo | in accumulating points with hits. Last year, the Lady Eagles had no problem hitting the ball, recording a .278 batting average and 421 hits. Southern Miss only allowed their opponents to score 26 more runs than themselves, but those runs proved valuable. Southern Miss having nine

shutout losses could potentially mean big-time wins. In this three-day span of games, turning hits into runs was not in question for the Lady Eagles. Southern Miss recorded 26 hits and total 24 runs in the five games. The production of runs led to a win in four out of five games, and in

every game where the Lady Eagles recorded five or more hits, a win was produced. Not to say that this hot hitting will be present all year, but if it is, Southern Miss will have no worries, especially with their production on the mound. This weekend’s contest has been a great showing of this year’s

Lady Eagles. If Southern Miss can continue to build this momentum and chemistry, an above 30-win season is reachable. The addition of new faces at many positions has not seemed to effect the Lady Eagles. Southern Miss is currently 4 - 2 and looks to gain its fifth win Friday against Nicholls State.



entertainment editor

1 No one’s listening - I repeat, hurriquake.

Disregarding the fact that I’m threatening your imaginary world with an equally imaginary freak storm, I think a decaying horse is the least of your concerns in this particular scenario. I know that most likely, you’re already thinking of the “likes” your comments have received – of course, there will be those select few who stop and admire your twig swing. Some of those people have probably swung their own twigs. But that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a hurriquake coming, and you’re wasting valuable time on something very trivial. Plus, when the freak storm does come, do you really think any of those people will stop to help you?

2 You’re only harming yourself.

I know you feel as though your hateful rhetoric will somehow dismantle the opposition, but…. You’re beating a dead horse with a shoddy twig in the midst of a hurriquake wildfire while the rest of us are running for our lives. Need I say any more? This will end badly for one of us, and I don’t need a math major to say that one is most definitely you.

3 Most of your arguments could be dispelled by a simple Google search.

The funniest thing about your comments is that they’re ridden with questions. Do you know what we millennial do with questions? We plug that junk into a search engine, and then we analyze results to make sure we don’t fall victim to fake news. I’ve never Googled whether or not I should beat a dead/decaying horse with a shoddy twig in the middle of a hurriquake wildfire, but I’m sure that if I were to, I’d see numerous sources warning me against the practice. By the way (because I’m disturbed by how many people think otherwise), fake news does not encompass opinion pieces. Opinion pieces are OPINIONS. Fake news is PROPAGANDA. I’m emphasizing this because I was left speechless by a comment that decried an opinion piece for not being “objective” and proceeded to bash the integrity of our paper. IT’S AN OPINION. BEING SUBJECTIVE IS THE POINT.

4 If you argue that your opposition consists largely of people seeking/possessing higher education than you… …Are you even listening to yourselves? In your vile comments, many of you like to ask what we learn in universities nowadays. One of you even said that we shouldn’t blindly listen to our professors just because they hold esteemed doctorate degrees. In our hurriquake wildfire metaphor, this is the equivalent of continuing to beat the horse while a friend calls to your from a much larger hill with a viewpoint that allows him to see the coming storm. “What do you even see on that hill? That hills sucks. You won’t understand until you’ve beat your own horse,” You grunt back, before shaking your head and continuing to swing your twig.


The more people who stop to beat the proverbial horse, the faster the hurriquake consumes us all. Enough said.

If you are at all familiar with the interwebs, you know that there can be dark, ominous places housing all manner of disgusting garbage fires. As a communications student with a penchant for controversy and alarmingly self-destructive tendencies, I enjoy seeking those things out, and I guess it was only a matter of time before they began seeking me. In the past month, I’ve noticed a massive influx of comments under Student Printz articles that aren’t unlike those found in various other places online. As an editor, I am notified every time someone makes one. I love the little notification bubbles that pop up, and I’m always excited to hear what readers think. But lately, I’ve noticed that online comments tend to lean less towards thoughtful and engaging discussion and more toward flamingly fearful vitriol. I have some issues with these comments – not because they generally express opinions different from my own, but because they express needless, hateful and aggressive views better left in a pre-2017 world. (Or, you know, a pre-21st century world.) However, I know that most people who leave those comments are unaware of just how needless, hateful and aggressive their commenting might be so I’m going to utilize my attention-deprived English major side and give you all a simile to put things in perspective – here’s how aggressive commenting is like beating a dead, half-decayed horse with a shoddy twig in the midst of a hurriquake wildfire.



‘Fifty Shades’ portrays fantasy, not reality ALYSSA BASS

printz reporter

On Friday, Feb. 10, the second film in the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy by E.L. James, “Fifty Shades Darker” was released to theaters. Though the books and movies have been wildly successful since their release in 2011, critics of the series claim that it is not romantic – rather, it’s an example of abuse. I cannot say that I have ever heard of women wanting to see these particular films because they were romantic. Women go to see the films because they need a good laugh at the awkward sex talk or because the idea of being sexually dominated is exciting. Regardless of why the audience finds “Fifty Shades” appealing, one can most definitely create or find a list of abusive behaviors exhibited by leading man Christian Grey. Though most everyone is aware Christian Grey is fictional character, many are worried about the multi-million dollar serie’s impact on real-life.

I did not realize how much doubt women harbored in the critics of “Fifty Shades” until I read an article by Roxane Gay. Roxane Gay, known for being a writer and editor for The Rumpus and author of “The Bad Feminist,” tackled the issue of “modern-day Prince Charmings” like Christian Grey in her essay published in The Rumpus, “The Trouble With Prince Charming or He Who Trespassed Against Us.” Gay, a self-proclaimed skeptic, criticized classic and modern fairytales, hoping to alert female audiences of the possible underlying, consequential messages. While Gay utilized rational reasoning when she said the movies unconsciously affect our cognizance and behavior, she gives all moral responsibility to the entertainment industry. This reveals that Gay disapproves of her readers’ rights to enjoy fictional works. In a terse summary, Gay outlines Christian Grey’s problematic behavior. Striving to make young college

student Anastasia his submissive (and questionably lover), Christian buys her expensive gifts, takes her virginity and tries to convince her to sign a contract to become his exclusive submissive. Ana, wanting a normal relationship void of legally-binding contracts, constantly argues with Christian about their conflicting ideas of romance throughout the trilogy. Gay spends the rest of the article attempting to awaken women from their BDSM-filled, wannabe Ana dreams. Gay said, “’Fifty Shades of Grey’ is about a man finding peace and happiness because he finally finds a woman willing to tolerate his bullshit for long enough.” While that may be true, Gay seems forgetful of the power moments Ana had – like negotiating the rules of the contract with Christian, leaving town to visit her mother and finally walking out of Christian’s life at the very end of the first film. If that does not give Gay a bit of empowerment, then I do not know what will. To me, Ana only came across as a

submissive in the bedroom. To further deconstruct the unrealistic, “Fifty Shades of Grey” dream, Gay goes said E.L. James, the author of the series, was not accurate in her portrayal of BDSM relationships. Gay misinterprets James intentions when she says, “… people who know not of what they speak have made wild, lazy, insulting or inaccurate conjectures about BDSM all because a writer, who is not terribly familiar with the lifestyle (she did a lot of online research, don’t you know), thought kink would be a nice hook to hang her Twilight fan fiction on.” Here, it can be inferred that Gay believes it is the responsibility of not only “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but also other fictional works to be as realistic and accurate as possible. Gay fails to realize that most fictional work is created for entertainment, which is exactly what James intended. In an interview with Metro, James

revealed the trilogy’s purpose by saying, “It’s all about the fantasies.” In the fantasy world that James has created, the sex is hot and flawless, and it is the audience’s responsibility to recognize that any aspect of life is not like the movies. Therefore, if a “Fifty Shades” fan became interested in BDSM through the movie and/or book series, it is their responsibility to educate themselves on the complex topic. While Gay’s intentions are certainly in the right place, her analysis ultimately makes her seem like she’s undermining her female audience, which is a pattern with most critics. The movies we watch can definitely affect our ways of thinking, but in an age where social justice warriors are constantly pointing out what is problematic and where Google provides the answer to any question, I believe that a very small percentage of women will use Christian Grey as a model for their ideal lover.

Love, politics, pants: The Grammys’ biggest moments TICHINA WILSON

printz reporter

Here are some of the biggest moments you may have missed from Sunday’s Grammy Awards because you were watching “The Walking Dead” like myself or because you were just downright uninterested. One artist professed her love for another female icon, one pop duo took off their pants and, of course, someone had to talk politics. Let’s get into it. Chance the Rapper took home Best New Artist, the first award of the night. “Glory be to God,” he said during his acceptance speech.

Courtesy Photo |

Chance also thanked his family and hometown of Chicago. The rapper later won best rap album, making him the first artist with a streaming-only album to win a Grammy. He gave a shout out to German-based streaming company SoundCloud, who gave him a portion of the money for a window of exclusivity for “Coloring Book.” Pop duo Twenty One Pilots stripped off their pants and took the stage in their underwear. The gesture had sentimental value for the pair, who explained their actions telling the story of how they said they’d watched the Grammys on television before their fame. “As we were watching, we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear,” singer Tyler Joseph said. “[Josh Dun] turned to me and was like, ‘If we ever win a Grammy, we should receive it just like this.” Singer Adele and the late David Bowie won big at the awards show: Bowie won five Grammys for “Blackstar,” and Adele took home Song of the Year and Record of the Year. While accepting her awards, Adele decided to profess her love for none other than Beyoncé. Adele was not afraid to admit she has admired Knowles since the Destiny’s Child years. “I adore you, and I want you to be my mommy,” Adele said. Adele said she felt Beyoncé deserved the win. “The artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this album to me, the ‘Lemonade’ album, was just so monumental,” a teary Adele said to Beyoncé, who

mouthed “I love you” from the audience. “I was completely rooting for her, I voted for her,” Adele said. “I felt like it was her time to win. What the f*** does she have to do to win album of the year?” Adele later performed a George Michael tribute. But that was not the shocking part. The 15 time Grammy winner cursed and stopped her slowed-down arrangement of Michael’s “Fastlove” after a few verses. “I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him,” Adele said. “Can we start over?” The audience responded with a standing ovation after she powered through the song. Probably the most anticipated moment of the 59th Annual Grammy awards was the promised appearance from Beyoncé. The singer had previously announced via Instagram she was expecting twins. No one was shocked when the performance was centered around motherhood. The singer’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, announced her daughter’s appearance. According to NPR, Beyonce’s performance’s production design referenced the Virgin Mary, Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I. Later, as she accepted the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for “Lemonade,” Knowles said her work seeks “to confront issues that make us uncomfortable – it’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty.” We shall see what’s in store for next year’s show which will be held in New York for the first time since 2003.

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