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Serving Southern Miss since 1927

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Volume 93, Issue 5

USM investigating alleged hazing Football a Lesley Walters News Editor

The University Police Department has begun the investigation of an alleged hazing incident that took place Thursday, August 28 in the Kappa Sigma house on Fraternity Row. Two female students involved were admitted to a local hospital for treatment of alcohol poisoning. One of the students was released over the weekend, but the other is being held in the Intensive Care Unit at Forrest General Hospital for continued treatment and observation. University Police Chief Bob Hopkins said there is no open investigation of the USM chapter of Kappa Sigma, but that UPD is following up on a complaint regarding an incident that took

place in that house. Hopkins said there are several students involved in the investigation, including witnesses, possible suspects and perhaps more victims. The incident was not immediately reported to the UPD, Hopkins said, so piecing together the information will be an added challenge. He added that because of the holiday weekend and the threat of Hurricane Gustav, Wednesday was the first time students coming back to campus could be questioned. Hopkins said the penalties for hazing involve disciplinary action from the university as well as criminal charges since “hazing is a violation of the law.” Hopkins said the UPD is looking into violations of the university’s alcohol policy as well as criminal charges. He added that some of

the students may have been under the legal drinking age at the time of the incident. “Yes, they could be [underage]. I have not seen the ages of them but I would suspect, dealing with the number of people that we are, that’s a strong possibility,” Hopkins said. University President Martha Saunders said alcohol and drug education are a key factor involved in USM’s safety efforts, and that any incident of substance abuse is taken very seriously. “Our students are our treasure, and we place their safety and well-being at the top of our list of priorities,” Saunders said in a statement to the USM Department of Marketing and Public Relations. “Incidents such as what allegedly took place last week are unacceptable.”

In another statement to the Department of Marketing and Public Relations, Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Paul said that any actions that threaten students’ lives, including hazing, will not be tolerated. “We will not rest until we have secured every detail regarding this incident, and any persons and organizations found to be responsible will be held harshly accountable,” Paul said. He added that the university administration is in “close contact” with national fraternity offices now, and in any case of hazing. President of the Inter Fraternity Council George Napier, a second-year senior and economics and business management double major from Mandeville, La., said the IFC and the University of Southern Miss “do not condone

nor allow community alcohol, underage drinking or hazing of any sorts.” “We never want this stuff to happen,” Napier said, “and we’ve never condoned or accepted this kind of activity.” The university’s institutional policy on hazing states that “Individuals and organizations both must be responsible for ensuring that all activities exclude any form of hazing. While chapter members may not be present at a new-member activity, it is still the chapter’s responsibility to ensure the activity does not include hazing.” The university policies regarding hazing and alcohol on campus are included in the Student Handbook which can be found online at downloads/handbook0708.pdf.

Students return to class after Gustav Kate Hunte Printz Writer

The University of Southern Mississippi website announced on Tues. Sept. 2 that succeeding Hurricane Gustav, classes would resume and business offices reopen for Wed. Sept. 3. Although damage to Hattiesburg was minimal, some students did choose to evacuate. For them, one day without class may have been too few. “I feel like we should have had more time to let students get situated,” said freshman Orlando Brent who evacuated to Prentiss MS to be closer to family. “Everyone’s not back yet,” said Brent referring to his fellow residents in Roberts Hall who still have not returned, “because of family reasons.” President Martha Saunders responded that students like these will not be penalized for missing class saying, “I expect the faculty to accommodate those individuals unable to return.” The burning question for many students is whether closures for hurricanes will take away from scheduled holidays. “No, we will not lose a holiday

at this point,” said Joe Paul, “If we were forced to miss multiple days, that would have to be examined, again by the President and her cabinet.” The storm closed school for one day, which sophomore Jamani Johnson said he thought was “just fine.” Johnson evacuated to Jackson for the storm. “It was enough time for the people who left to be able to come back,” said Johnson. Traffic was a little worse than usual but still “free flowing.” “I think I made the right choice.” Many students believe that people overreacted in Hattiesburg, anticipating Gustav to be as devastating as Katrina. “I went to Wal-Mart and got stuff to cook on the grill,” said Karla Pendleton USM junior, who like many others thought Hattiesburg might lose power due to the storm. “I kind of regret it now because I wasted money on food I don’t normally eat.” Students in the dorms had to comply with numerous tornado alarms, which signal residents to go to the first floor hallway. “We all chilled in the hall with

pillows and blankets,” said Eyslyn Hunte, sophomore resident assistant in Pulley Hall. “It was actually [kinda] fun. A couple people complained but that’s to be expected when you wake someone up at 7 a.m.” Most agree that the extended holiday weekend provided time to catch up on needed rest, and

that in Hattiesburg the storm was fairly uneventful. As for other storms brewing in the Atlantic, President Saunders said, “ We have already begun monitoring them.” The decision for USM to close, said Joe Paul, Vice President of Student Affairs, will be made based upon “the severity

of the threat, the potential for damage and power outages to the campus.” Students are more uncertain than fearful at this point. “You never really know how bad it’s [gunna] be with weather,” said Johnson who like others will be paying close attention to forecasts during the next few days.

welcome escape for students Meryl Dakin Printz Writer

The Golden Eagles’ victory over LA Lafayette this weekend provided a stark contrast to the damage Gustav was wreaking in the Gulf of Mexico. As the death toll in Haiti reached 77, Gustav threatened hundreds of Southern Miss students’ weekend plans. For some, more was ruined than missing the 51-21 triumph at the Rock. Holly Sanchez, a freshman kinesiotherapy major from Baton Rouge, La., said that as a cheerleader, she was required to stay until the end of the game, but left early the next morning for home. “My mom didn’t want me to stay here by myself… she wanted me with my family so I went back,” Sanchez said. “She wanted to make sure the house was okay so we stayed there. It was worse than Katrina for sure.” Sanchez added that in Baton Rouge there were several tornado warnings, accompanied by flooding and fallen


We had lots of fun, but I left at half time when it started raining. The weather sorta reminded me of what was going on in the gulf.


-Paige LeBlanc, Meridian

Rebecca Macias/Printz

Residents of McCarty Hall gather in the hallways after the campus siren was sounded during tornado warnings Monday.

University presidents look to lower drinking age Lesley Walters News Editor

Sebe Dale IV/Printz

The Amethyst Intiative is headed by 128 university chancellors and presidents who signed a public statement condemning the present drinking age. As of now only one administrator in the state has signed the statement.

Few things can catch a college student’s attention like a discussion on lowering the legal drinking age. In recent weeks, however, both students and nonstudents alike have been talking about the topic thanks to the introduction of the Amethyst Initiative, a campaign designed to spark debate on the 21-year old drinking age. The Amethyst Initiative, launched in July 2008, is headed by 128 university chancellors and presidents who have signed a public statement condemning the present drinking age as the architect of a “culture of dangerous, clandestine ‘binge drinking.’” The document calls for “informed and dispassionate public debate” concerning the effects of the 21year old drinking age. Though it is the responsibility of individual states to set a drinking age within their respective borders, the federal government withholds ten percent of federal highway funds from any state with a drinking age lower than 21. The Amethyst Initiative questions the wisdom of this policy, asking whether the practice “encourages or inhibits” debate. The full statement can be read online at www.amethystini- Among the university chancellors and presidents in Mississippi, Dr. Frances Lucas of Millsaps College is the only one who has signed the statement. Joe Paul, Vice President for Student Affairs, said, “Our position is that the determination of the legal drinking age for Mississippians is not within our purview, but rather is the business of our state lawmakers, who are entrusted to make that determination.” Dr. Paul added, however, that problems with alcohol abuse cannot be remedied solely by setting a comparatively high drinking age, saying, “There is certainly no single ‘silver bullet’ solution, but the national conversation coming out of the Amethyst initiative is a welcome one.” Whether or not the Amethyst Initiative is successful in persuading lawmakers to lower the legal drinking age, it has already provoked conversation among faculty, staff, and students across the nation. Nick Treat, a sophomore polymer science major from Hattiesburg, said, “The twenty-one year old drinking age doesn’t solve any problems. People disregard it all the time.” Whatever the outcome of the campaign, academia can prepare itself for a long, many-sided debate.

trees. Her family’s home lost power Monday afternoon and was still out as of Wednesday evening. Others evacuated from Hattiesburg to avoid what they thought might be a dangerous weather situation here. However, except for some amplified wind and rain, Gustav left Hattiesburg mostly in peace. When asked about the effects of the storm at USM, Jessie Fortson, from Meridian, replied “Has it hit yet?” Those who did brave the weather and attended the game were in for a treat. Jamie Hale and Olivia Chisolm, both freshmen cheerleaders, agreed that spirits were high. They said that the crowd was very responsive and everyone wore gold as instructed. Michael Gilmore, freshman drummer in the Pride band, said “The team had some pretty impressive plays - Lafayette got it handed to them.” Abigayle Simmons, native of Baton Rouge, says it was not at all difficult to boo the opposing team from her home state, even as the hurricane approached Louisiana. “I don’t care,” Simmons said. “I don’t have any ties at ULL. My allegiance is here now.” Though the game allowed for pleasant distraction, Gustav seemed to remain on everyone’s mind. Paige LeBlanc, from Meridian, said she had never been to a USM game before Saturday. “We had lots of fun, but I left at half time when it started raining,” LeBlanc said. “The weather sorta reminded me of what was going on in the gulf.”


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CAMPUS EVENTS Golf at Jacksonville State Invitational - Gadsden, AL

golf at Jacksonville State Invitational - Gadsden, AL

•4:30 pm-Lady Eagles Volleyball vs. Louisiana Lafayette - Lake Charles, LA

• 11 am - Lady Eagles volleyball vs. Grambling Lake Charles, LA

To day • All Day - Permanent Collection Exhibition - Museum of Art

• 7:30 pm - Faculty Recital-Stephen Redfield, violin, and Amber Shay Nicholson, piano-Marsh Auditorium

• 11:30 am - Golden Eagles Football - USM vs. Auburn - Auburn, AL

• 11:45 am- Wesley Foundation Thursday Lunchfree food and fellowship - Wesley Foundation

Saturday • All Day - Permanent Collection Exhibition - Museum of Art

Friday • All Day - Permanent Collection Exhibition - Museum of Art

• All Day - USM men’s cross country Golden Eagle Invite - Hattiesburg, MS

• All Day - Lady Eagles

• All Day - Lady Eagles

Sunday • All Day - Permanent Collection Exhibition - Museum of Art • 2pm-Lady Eagles soccer vs. Ole Miss-Oxford, MS Maggie Sanford/Printz Photographer

Majorette Erin Sorey poses after catching her baton during the Pride’s pre-game performance Saturday against the Ragin’ Cajuns.


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Wednesday August 27 • 31st Av - Disturbing the Peace - One state affidavit was issued for Disturbing the Peace and one for Driving while License Suspended, along with a verbal trespass warning. • Theater & Dance - Petit Larceny - A student reported a parking decal as stolen. • Hillcrest - Harassment - Incident report on file. • Administration Bldg - Petit Larceny - A staff member reported the theft of a golf cart key. • Payne Center Lot - Service Non-Criminal - Forwarded to Human Resources. Thursday August 28 • Marsh Hall - Medical Assist - AAA ambulance tranported a student to FGH ER. • Black & Gold Blvd - Disturbing the Peace - One campus citation was issued for Noise Violation. • Fraternity Dr - Traffic Stop - Incident report on file. • Black & Gold Blvd - Prop-

erty Destruction - A USM employee reported her vehicle windshield was broken, possibly by a rock thrown from a weed trimmer. • Southern MS Dr. - Disturbing the Peace - One campus citation was issued for Noise Violation. Friday August 29 • Pinehaven Apt - Citizen Complaint - Incident report on file. • 31st Av - Medical Assist AAA ambulance transported a student to FGH ER. • Black & Gold Blvd - Disturbance - One verbal trespass warning was issued to a non-student. • Bolton Hall - Harassing Phone Calls - Incident report on file. • Montague Blvd - Motor Vehicle Accident - MS Uniform Crash report on file. Saturday August 30 • Ferlise Center Lot - Motor Vehicle Accident - MS Uniform Crash report on file. • W 4th St Lot - Medical Assist - A staff member was transported to FGH by AAA

ambulance. • Pinehaven Apt - Citizen Complaint - Referred to Residence Life and Pinehaven managment. • Ross Blvd - Citizen Complaint - Incident report on file. Sunday August 31 • 118 Fraternity Dr - Vandalism - A visitor reported the mirror on his vehicle was broken off, along with damage to the rear quarter panel. • 4th St. - Vehicle Traffic Stop - One post arrest affidavit was issued for Minor in Possession. • 4th St. - Alcohol - One post arrest affidavit was issued for Minor in Possession. Mondy September 1 • 111 Fraternity Dr - Disturbance - One post arrest affidavit was issued for Disorderly Conduct-Failure to Comply and one affidavit for Minor in Possession. Tuesday September 2 • Service Dr - Hit and Run - Incident report on file.

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Repubican National Convention Monday, September 1: Serving A Cause Greater Than Self The Convention was somewhat shortened on Monday due to the impending weather situation. Speakers, including First Lady Laura Bush and John McCain’s wife Cindy spoke about America’s need for unity. They encouraged citizens to work together and reach out to those in need. Speakers included: First Lady Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. | Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain accepts GOP nomination Bob Worth Printz Writer

John McCain is expected to accept the Republican nomination for president tonight at the Republican National Convention, whose schedule was disrupted earlier this week by Hurricane Gustav. The Convention is being held in St. Paul Minnesota. The governors of the four states affected by Gustav addressed the opening session Monday via taped message, and President Bush postponed

his planned speech for Monday until Tuesday, when he said that McCain was “ready to lead this nation.” McCain spoke in Jackson Sunday, and on Monday declared that it was “time to take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats.” McCain announced Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate last Friday, making his only the second Presidential ticket to feature a woman as Vice President. The first was the unsuccessful Mondale - Ferraro candidacy in 1984.

John McCain currently trails Obama in national polling, at 43.9 percent to Obama’s 49.1. Prior to the Democratic convention, the two were in a statistical dead heat, and many expect McCain to receive a post-convention “bump” in the polls similar to Obama’s. USM alumni Kent Alexander, 22, of Saucier, former Vice President of the USM chapter of the College Republicans, said that “With the experience and knowledge that comes with McCain’s ticket, it will greatly help our economy and put our nation

back on track.” USM College Republicans member Emily Hoxie, an 18year-old Sophomore Political Science major from New Orleans, also stressed McCain’s experience, saying, “Since he has more experience, he can look at things from all the different angles.” She added that McCain has solid plans for the Iraq war and for increasing offshore drilling. The Republican candidate has won Mississippi in every presidential election since 1956, with exception of 1976, when the

state voted for Jimmy Carter. currently puts McCain at 52.9 percent, 10 points ahead of Obama. Matt Harms, 26, a Computer Science major from Picayune, is impressed with McCain’s national defense policy, saying, “He’s always been stable on National Defense,” and, “Palin has executive experience with defense.” The USM chapter of the College Republicans will hold a voter registration drive in the coming weeks in front of the fountain.

Tuesday, September 2: The Courage and Service of John McCain Tuesday’s speakers worked to emphasize McCain’s dedication to America, pushing his “country first” campaign. Senator Joe Lieberman called John McCain the “Original Maverick.” Also presented was a tribute to President Gerald Ford. Speakers included: Senator Joe Lieberman, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, and President George W. Bush (via satellite). Wednesday, September 3: Washington Is Broken and the Original Maverick Will Fix It This evening featured more presentations emphasizing patriotism and reform. Father Edward Reese performed the invocation. Speakers included Republican Party’s nominee for VP Sarah Palin, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Thursday, September 4: Thursday’s schedule is unreleased . Courtesy of Delegates show support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain at the Republican National Convention at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota on Tuesday.

Courtesy of MCT Campus

Opinions Student Government, USM Keep your printz handle Gustav well spirit up USM

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Serving Southern Miss since 1927 Andy Hess Executive editor Abby McMullen Web Editor Lesley Walters News Editor

Jesse Bass Opinions Editor

Eric Nagurney Entertainment Editor

Tyler Cleveland Sports Editor

Sebe Dale IV Multimedia Editor

Maggie Sanford Photo Editor

With the end of Hurricane Gustav’s reign of anticipatory terror, all of us here in the newsroom are happy that Hattiesburg was spared. We hope everyone made it through okay, especially those of you whose hometowns weren’t so lucky. Days before the storm, the administration along with state and federal governments started preparing for Gustav’s landfall taking the appropriate measures to correct their mistakes from Hurricane Katrina three years ago. In addition to university e-mail, phone calls and text messages from Eagle Alert, the state issued mandatory evacuations for residents below I-10. With images of Katrina still fresh in their minds Mississippi

and Louisiana residents took the warning heavily and followed the instructed mandatory evacuation. Hurricane Gustav was the first serious threat to the Gulf Coast and Louisiana since Katrina and have put their revamped hurricane plans to work. Nearly 2 million people were evacuated from Louisiana and around 14,000 people had been evacuated from lowlying coastal areas in Jackson, Hancock and Harrison counties prior to the storm according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. It goes without question to give praise for how Mississippi and Louisiana handled the situation. Mississippi governor Haley Barbour, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin along with Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal did everything in their power to make sure the residents of their state were prepared as much as possible. Hurricane Gustav was the first real situation where Eagle Alert was used since it was

created. Eagle Alert works - and works well. It was nice to see the university produce something functional, easy, and highly practical like this that worked as well as it did when it needed to. As far as we know, everyone who signed up for Eagle Alert’s service received both telephone and text updates from the university regarding Gustav’s status. When the higher-ups decided to cancel university operations for Tuesday, we received the decision shortly thereafter. Eagle Alert, for now, is the best, most useful system our university has in place to alert students, faculty and staff of emergencies affecting the university community. Obviously you hope that we would not have to use the system again, but should the need arise, we’ll be prepared.

This is a column of opinion written by the Student Printz Editoral Board. Comments can be sent to printz@

Brandon Phillips Circulation Manager

Crystal Scretching Graphic Designer Publications Manager Maggie Williams

The Student Printz is published every Tuesday and Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. Printing is done by Signature Offset of Hattiesburg. The first four copies of The Student Printz are free. Each additional copy is 25 cents. Accuracy is important to everyone on the staff of The Student Printz. Please report any factual inaccuracies to the executive editor of The Student Printz as soon as possible. Opinions are expressed in The Student Printz are those of the writer and not necessarily those of The Student Printz, it’s publications manager, USM, the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning or the USM Board of Student Publications. The Student Printz is located in the basement of Southern Hall Room 013. Applications for employment are available and should be returned to the office. How to reach us Newsroom: 601-266-4266 Executive Editor: 601-266-6431 Publications Manager: 601-266-6746 Newsroom Email: Advertising Manager: 601-266-5188 Advertising E-mail:

Thanks for showing up Southern Miss. All 32,792 of you. As former s p o r t s Andy Hess e d i t o r, Executive Editor nothing makes me smile more than a sea of gold in the stands. It’s been a while since you have been this determined to support your team. You came early, stayed late and were a little too obnoxious (booing the opposing band is a little much, no?) even with the rain in the second half. Oh the times have changed at Southern Miss. The boring days of Bower ball are out the window and a new era at Southern Miss has been ushered in along with our 633 total yards. Instead of offensive complacency, we have our spread ‘em out, runand-gun, high octane offense that proved unstoppable against Louisiana-Lafayette. But our first real test is Saturday against a very good Auburn team. Both teams sandblasted their opponents and look to keep a full head of steam into the weekend, but it’s not always about x’s and o’s. I’m a huge believer in the ability of the 12th man -- the crowd for those who don’t know the lingo -- to be able to singlehandily change the outcome of the game. The best example

that comes to mind is our game against Memphis in February when the game came down to the last minutes of the game before future first round pick Derrick Rose took over the game. If the Southern Miss fans had not come out for that game, I doubt it would have been as close. Crowds give the athlete something to play for other than the school on the front of their jerseys. I’m not smelling upset yet, but I’m always a fan of the underdog. Last season former conference USA opponent South Florida upset Auburn in overtime early in the season and went on to have program changing accomplishments last year with the team rising up as far as No. 2 in the polls before ending their year in the Sun Bowl with a loss. While I’m not expecting a Bowl Championship Series appearance from Southern Miss, we have some things to definitely build on. Our rushing game looks better than it has in the past few seasons and while our quarterbacks our young, they have tons of potential. With all that said, load up your cars this weekend with people and caravan over to Auburn this weekend. The drive is a little long, but if we had enough gold in the stands you never know what could happen.

This is a column of opinion written by Executive Editor Andy Hess. Comments can be sent to

Letters to the Editor Corrections/Clarifications

The Student Printz values accuracy and works diligently to check facts before publication. However, if inaccuracies occur, we want to know. Please report errors to the editor at or by calling 601266-6431 or 601-266-4266.

Back to school with style Samantha Scott Printz Writer

Like life, style is what you make it. Style is more about confidence than about what other people think of you. If you wear that crazy headband with certainty, others will think it’s cool. It’s the crazy things people wear that eventually become the style. Tomorrow morning, when you’re debating whether or not you actually need a shower and staring at your clothes, pick out something exciting. Don’t limit yourself to what’s “in style.” Wear those funky shoes you have hidden in the back of the closet and create your own style. And take a shower. My big sister Rachel in Delta Gamma wears pink every day. Pink is her style, her signature color, her entire closet. You look inside of her closet and you see pink. Seriously, if you stand a few feet away, you see no other colors. Light pink, dark pink, hot

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pink, tickle-me-pink, pink polka dots, pink stripes. She even owns a pair of pink earmuffs, with little pink dog faces on the sides that appear to grow from her ears when she puts them on. She’ll proudly tell you that she has worn them to class. When I stayed with her during sorority recruitment, I brought with me only two articles of clothes and both happened to be pink. As soon as I hung them in her closet of pinkness, I lost them. I had to really focus to see them again. The next day, Rachel was confused. “Sam, are these your pink shirts?” I had to explain to her that other people wear pink too. Sophomore Bob Pruett is another person who knows his own style. He has many polos and nice button-down shirts in every color. Bob’s not an outfit-repeater. Every day it’s something different, and that’s quite an accomplishment for us college students. (Most of us simply rotate through our T-

shirts all year.) Before I left for school, I made a pretty daring style choice; I got my hair cut incredibly short. I suffered through post-badhaircut depression for a while, but then I started having fun with it. I tried out pigtails one day and decided they were pretty spunky. My sister, however, advised me never to try them again. I ignored her advice and wore pigtails my first day back at USM. I got quite a few compliments. I wear them all the time now, regardless of whether Seventeen or People or my sister would deem them stylish. So when you finally roll out of bed tomorrow, experiment a little bit. Wear that pink, wear that polo, and wear those pigtails. Wear what you want, and make it your style. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.” This is a column of opinion written by Staff Writer Samantha Scott. Comments can be sent to

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Page 5|Opinions | Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dress for succes: how clothes can make sex hotter Ashley Stephens Printz Writer

Okay boys and girls, it’s time to put on your big kid undies. This article is a little racier than last week’s column. When you think of sex you probably think of clothes as an obstacle to achieving your primary goal. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the sexual appeal of clothing. There are many ways to use clothing in the bedroom to enhance sexual sensations and build up anticipation. Try these tips on for size. For the ladies: • High heels are an excellent illusionist piece of clothing. High heels help sculpt the body by making the legs appear longer and bunching the muscles of the calves to improve their shape. • Stilettos in the kitchen (nudity optional) are a nice surprise for any man. • Short shorts in cold weather are a nice way to call attention for his warm touch on your thighs. • For those formal occasions, use his tie to blindfold him. • When undressing, whip off his belt, fold it in half, and friskily smack his rear. • After sex, slip back into lingerie. It’s like you’re his perfect fantasy girl. • Slip off your panties, but keep your skirt on for girl-on-top action. • Gently bind his ankles with your bra. This move is good for those who want the thrill of dominance. • Speaking of dominance, suits made of leather, plastic, or PVC (polyvinylchloride - think catwoman) are sexy. They cover everything but conceal nothing by exposing every flattering body feature. • Stand behind him and slip your hand into the front of his boxers while kissing the back of his neck. If this isn’t suggestive enough for him... oh well. • Unzip his pants, but don’t pull them off. Do what you will with his anatomy. It’s a rush for him to see that you go for what you want.

• Strip down naked except for a long string of beads. It’s arousing for him to see them roll across your breasts. The way the beads feel between your bodies during the act is especially sensational. • Beads are also good for giving him an all over massage. Start at his back then work your way down to the stomach, then his thighs. Lastly, give his member a soft tingling massage. For the men (Sorry for the lack of information on your behalf, but clothes are more of a chick thing.): • For the sake of the effort of trying to impress you, don’t just rip off her lingerie. Indulging in the arousing image of her in the lingerie makes it worth the investment. Plus, it’s a turn-on when you finally touch her naked flesh. • Lacey, silk, or satin panties are good for oral sex. Start by working through the fabric. Eventually move them aside instead of removing them and finish the job. For the both of you: • Grinding back and forth with boxers and thin shorts on for as long as possible is an excellent foreplay technique. This delay of gratification increases anticipation. What does this mean? – More intense orgasms all around. • If you’re into doggie-style, keep the bra on. The back of it can be used for control. Think of the horn on a saddle. • Ladies, wear a sheer bra and let him lick your breasts with it on. By the time you take it off, the feeling of him licking your breasts is sensational. I hope these tips help you with your healthy sex life. You’d be surprised how much these small tweaks will improve it. So, next time you’re in an intimate position, think of clothes as an adventure instead of an obstacle. This is a column of opinion written by Printz Opinions Staff Writer Ashley Stephens. Comments can be sent to

Recycling finally made easy

Brandon Drescher Printz Writer

As most students and faculty have noticed, USM has new blue cans just calling you to place any and all recyclables (with the exception of glass) into them. In every classroom, dorm, office, and building there should be a small blue recycling bin for used paper, plastic bottles, aluminum, and even newspaper. The new Southern Miss Green Initiative along with the Physical Plant has provided the campus with these bins in response to increased recycling efforts and awareness here on our campus. I know many of you signed a petition almost a year ago asking for better recycling efforts, well here it is! It has taken a while to get this done and some of you have asked “What’s being done?” or “What good was the petition if nothing is happening?”, but finally our efforts have paid off. Face it, it takes time to get anything done anywhere. At least our university has gotten things started thanks to major efforts from the Southern Miss Green Initiative, support from students and faculty, and the backing and administration through President Martha Saunders. This program aims to increase participation from students and faculty on campus when it comes to recycling. As a result the amount of waste from USM transported to landfills should drop tremendously in the com-

ing months. Also, USM will save money by not having to contract as many dump trucks to haul the waste away. I have mentioned in the past that the average time it takes to fill up a landfill is about 7 years. Landfills are massive, taking up enormous amounts of land (Fresh Kills Landfill, New York – 2200 acres), and to fill one up in just 7 years or even less is nothing short of alarming. This goes to show how wasteful our society is and how much change needs to happen. Our new recycling program is considered by many to be amazingly easy. The custodial staff services all offices and classrooms, so a student simply has to toss their recyclables in the recycling can located in the classrooms or hallways and then walk away. This is too easy to ignore!! What will also be too easy and too good to ignore is the University’s purchase of the new EcoEagle bikes. Through something called the “Free-Share Program”, students may use one of these new bikes to get around campus. How this works is that when you see one of the EcoEagle bikes (hard to miss since they are bright yellow), you ride it on campus and only on campus, and then leave it for someone else to use. These are nice bikes and part of another major effort developed by the Southern Miss Green Initiative. The recycling cans and bikes are being supplied by the University; therefore, everyone has an obligation to utilize these items properly to aid our environment. Let us not waste this opportunity to better ourselves. Go Gold. Go Green.

This is a column of opinion written by Printz Opinions Staff Writer Brandon Drescher. Comments can be sent to

recycle your printz.


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New movies create college caricatures Cory Taylor Printz Writer

During the final days of August, a rare thing happened in Hollywood: two movies were released together and both addressed the subculture of college life. The first, released on August 22nd, is entitled “The House Bunny.” The film follows the meanderings of a Playboy bunny who, upon turning 27,

is kicked out of the mansion. What’s a poor bunny to do? Become the house mother of the most unpopular sorority on a college campus, that’s what. Sorority life is the main target of “The House Bunny,” specifically the “skills” needed to get enough pledges and fulfill superficial standards set by people just as desperate for acceptance. Is this a real look into Greek life or just a Hollywood

Courtesy of

The latest release to feature college-bound high-schoolers, College doesn’t break the mold.

fabrication? The second film, released on August 29th, is simply entitled “College.” The film follows three high-school seniors through a weekend at a university they hope to attend after graduation. After awkwardly discovering that the dorm room they were assigned is occupied by a sex-crazed fiend, they stumble upon frat row. From here, they spend the entire weekend getting drunk (throwing up on the Dean’s windshield) and high (sucking the helium out of balloons). Again, I ask, is this an accurate picture of college life or simply an alleged viewpoint caricatured for our entertainment? The simplest answer I can think of is that it depends on the student. It is true that the girls in “The House Bunny” eventually realize that they don’t have to be carbon-copies of Cosmopolitan models to be accepted. However, they only discover this epiphany after they have

transformed themselves from who they really were into who everyone else wanted them to be. This is just an age-old tale, right? What about the boys of “College”? Regrettably, the filmmakers had no alluring epiphany for the characters, but a uniquely clever revenge for the damage already caused. The movie concludes that the best and only way to really experience college life is to “live it up” on a nightly basis, getting as plastered as possible. While the first movie does not fit my gender demographic, both films perfectly fit the targeted age demographic. On a sociological level, what is Hollywood trying to say about college life? Surely not everyone involved in Greek life are self-serving socialites. Surely college is about more than just tomorrow night’s party? Considering how Hollywood hardly ever correctly portrays any given demographic, I would say no.

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The House Bunny, starring Anna Farris, led the box office on its opening weekend.

New collaboration by Byrne and Eno admirable Eric Nagurney

Entertainment Editor

When it comes to criticism of a musical legend’s new work, there’s no real good side to be on. For the legend, their new music will surely be compared against what made them legendary, generally decades-old work. For the critic, it’s far too easy to either turn a blind eye to the faults of your idol or dismiss a new work as unable to live up to prior greatness. The new collaboration between Talking Head David Byrne and influential producer/solo-artist Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, inspires feelings nowhere near these two extremes. It’s certainly

no disaster, nor does it rank along with either artist’s best. To get the obvious comparison out of the way, there are few similarities between Everything That Happens and the duo’s last direct collaboration, 1981’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Everything That Happens is a record of pleasures far simpler than the groundbreaking glitchfunk of that classic. Much of the record’s core seems to revolve around fairly straightforward guitar-driven compositions with occasional electronic flourishes. Though not exactly the direction most might expect from the duo, it’s not without its successes. Nostalgic opener “Home” sounds like a piece of distorted

Americana that gradualOvertones,” the singer ly grows into something pinpoints the album’s bigger. The pleasurably problem when he says, ornate “The River” re“This groove is out of calls the ornate pop of fashion, these beats are John Cale or, for a more twenty years old.” recent comparison, PatIronically, “Strange rick Wolf. Overtones” is possibly Despite these sucthe album’s most excesses, there’s someciting track and one of thing a little disthe few that captures heartening about the the bountiful creativity album’s complacency. of its creators’ heyday. While neither Byrne With its bouncy conga or Eno have to prove rhythm and bridge of anything at this point, electronic squelches, Courtesy of the song feels like a their lack of innovation here makes the album’s Everything That Happens Will Happen Today far more substantial more straightforward failures the album’s biggest duds, By- journey than its four-minute more painful. On “My Big rne manages to sound maud- length suggests. Similarly imNurse” and “One Fine Day,” lin and dull. During “Strange pressive is the bubbling, horn-

laden funk of penultimate track “Poor Boy.” Unfortunately, the creepy “I Feel My Stuff,” one of the record’s most promising songs, manages to disappoint, as it unfurls into a stale rock song. Compared to countless embarrassing attempts by artists far past their prime, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today can be considered a success. While it may not rank with the best work of either of its creators, it does exist as an interesting and worthwhile entry in their discographies. Still, the fact that the album isn’t a great step forward for two of pop’s greatest innovators makes for a somewhat unsatisfying experience. | Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Volleyball defeats Kennesaw State

Soccer starts season off with three wins Special to the Printz The Southern Miss Soccer team improved to 3-0 with their third win in the last six days as they defeated Arkansas- Little Rock this afternoon 1-0 in the final day of the Bulldog Invitational hosted by Mississippi State. Today’s win secured the title in the inaugural Bulldog Invitational. The Golden Eagles had not won three consecutive games since the 2005 season and had not won three straight away games since the 2002 season. With a 3-0 start, head coach Scott Ebke become the first Golden Eagle Soccer Coach to win their first three games. “For the third straight game we had a great team effort,” Ebke said. “We are getting better as a

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team every day.” Goal keeper Holly Cox had another good game between the pipes posting her second consecutive shutout with five saves on the afternoon. She has not allowed a goal in just over 230 minutes dating back to the season opener vs. South Alabama, the only goal she has surrendered this season. “Our back line was tremendous again today, we rotated in six players who all played extremely well helping us post the shutout,” Ebke added. Pre-season first team All-Conference USA selection Sarah McFadden scored the games only goal, her first of the season and 18th of her career, which ties her for sixth place all-time. She fired from about 20 yards out on a free kick for her first goal of the season.

Special to the Printz

David Jackson/Printz

Elisha Tarbel a freshman forward/midfielder from Mandeville, La. goes to receive the ball after a pass. Tarbel has one shot on goal for the season.

The Southern Miss volleyball team defeated Kennesaw State, 3-0 (25-18, 25-12, 25-12), to capture the Air Force Academy Tournament. Southern Miss placed two players on the all-tournament team, Stevi Cherry and Maia Ivanova, with Cherry earning MVP honors. “We were happy with the way the freshmen played in their first college matches,” coach Ricci Luyties said. “Our seniors played well also. They all stepped up. Maia was steady all weekend. I am happy with where we are right now, but we still have a ways to go. We have to continue to improve from match to match.” Cherry finished the tournament with 32 kills, .358 attack percent-

age, two aces, 11 digs and eight total blocks, while Ivanova had 30 digs and three aces. “Stevi had a solid weekend,” Luyties said. “She was steady and played with a lot of consistency.” Angela Hlavaty led the way with 10 kills and six blocks against Kennesaw State, followed by Cherry with nine. Ivanova finished with a team-high eight digs, recording her 1000th-career dig in the process. Southern Miss finished the match with hitting .309 as a team with 10 service aces and 16 total blocks. The Golden Eagle defense held the Owls to .000 hitting. Southern Miss was scheduled to play Southeastern Louisiana Wednesday, but the team experienced travel problems as a result of Hurricane Gustav. The match will likely not be made up.

Sports Eagles prepare for toughest week of season

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Tyler Cleveland Sports Editor

Well the cat’s out of the bag: Larry Fedora’s offense works, and it runs as smooth as an engine on a freight train. After amassing a school record 633 total yards of offense in his USM @ Auburn

Saturday, 11:38 a.m. TV: Raycom Series: 16-5 Auburn Last meeting: Sept. 25, 1993 35-24 AU

head coaching debut, Larry Fedora said that he “doesn’t expect that record to last long.” But after whipping UL-Lafayette to the tune of a 51-21 blowout, the Golden Eagles now must turn their attention to possibly their toughest game of the season, a road trip to SEC foe Auburn. Monday, Fedora said he was happy with the team’s win Saturday, but knows his team hasn’t reached their full potential. “Overall after looking at the game film and evaluating it, we still feel the guys played with great effort Saturday night,” Fedora said. “I am very proud of their attention to the details, we had minimal missed assignments and got after it pretty good. We still have a lot of room for improvement and need to get much better.” The Eagles will look to start

So. Miss. named team of the week Tyler Cleveland Sports Editor

The Southern Miss football team picked up two national honors this week coming off the teams 51-21 season opening victory over UL-Lafayette. named the Golden Eagles their National Team of the Week. The website stated the following: “Questions swirled over the state of Southern Miss football ever since Larry Fedora took over the reins. Yet the first-year coach wasted little time in showing that his Eagles are ready to contend in C-USA. “It took USM just four minutes to part the way for Damion Fletcher and an early lead over UL-Lafayette. USM rolled on to a 51-21 win over the Cajuns as Fletcher and company rushed for a team total 427 yards and five scores. Austin Davis shined under center; chipping in 206 more through the air on 14 of 21 passing that included two more touchdowns. “Congratulations Southern Miss Golden Eagles, National Team of the Week.” The Golden Eagles edged out week three opponent Arkansas State, who went to Texas A&M and upset the Aggies 18-14 in new head coach Mike Sherman’s debut, for the national honors. Also this week, Fox Sports featured its top 10 Heisman trophy hopefuls and junior running back Damion Fletcher was listed at No. 7. Fletcher rushed for a career high 222 yards and scored two touchdowns in his season opening effort. On his first touch down run Fletcher eclipsed the 3,000 yard mark for his career becoming on the fourth Southern Miss back to reach the milestone.

that improvement against a Tiger defense that ranks among the top defenses in the nation. Auburn allowed UL-Monroe just 224 yards of total offense in their season-opening 34-0 route of the 11 little Indians. The Tiger defensive line, which averages just 269 pounds-per-man, makes up for its size with speed and strength, and Tiger linebackers Craig Stephens, Chris Evans and Tray Blackmon make up one of the most talented units in the country. The trip to Auburn will mark the first true test for red shirt-freshman quarterback Austin Davis, who showed a steady hand against ULLafayette. Davis completed 14 of 21 pass attempts for 206 yards and a pair of touchdowns while running Fedora’s new high-powered offense. On offense, the Tigers’ Brad Lester and Ben Tate provide a 12 punch in the running game. The duo combined for 184 of Auburn’s 321 rushing yards in week one. The chink in Auburn’s armor, however, might be their passing game and the inexperience of junior quarterback Chris Todd, who was named the starter for week two after sharing snaps with sophomore Kodi Burns last week. The Tigers managed only 85 passing yards against UL-Monroe, half of which came in the fourth quarter with Todd under center. Southern Miss defensive coordinator Art Kaufman should be familiar with new Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Kaufman and Franklin have coached against each other for the past two years, Kaufman at Middle Tennessee State and Franklin at Troy University. When talking about Franklin, Fedora didn’t hesitate to admit he’s not exactly excited about having to stop his offense.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he does. He has proven to have a very good offensive mind wherever he has been and I am sure he will continue that at Auburn,” Fedora said. “Defensively we will have our work cut out for us because he does such a great job. He gets into the tempos and spreads it out a lot just like we do, it will be interesting to see what the differences are.” The trip to Auburn will mark the 45th year in a row that Southern Miss will face an SEC team in the regular season, and the 35th time in a row that the Golden Eagles have gone on the road to do so. The Tigers lead the overall series 16-5, but the last four games between the two teams have been decided by just 22 total points. As rowdy as the Rock was on Saturday, Jordan Hare Stadium will be at least twice as loud on “the Plains” this Saturday. “Traditionally it is one or the loudest stadiums in the country so we will have to prepare with some noise during practice this week,” Fedora said. “We will also have to do a good job with out snap counts and the way we handle things. It will take some extra concentration on everyone’s part.” The best news for the Eagles is that almost everyone on the team seems to be healthy. Red-shirt freshman linebacker Tim Green is the only player currently listed as questionable, and Fedora said that there is a chance Tory Harrison makes his return to the lineup on Saturday. If you can’t make it to the game, you can still catch it on the tube. The game will be broadcasted by Raycom Sports (that’s channel 10) starting at 10:30 a.m., with the three Daves (Dave Neal, Dave Archer, and Dave Baker) handling the play by play.

Erica Sherrill Owens/Printz

Redshirt freshman Austin Davis drops back to pass during Saturday’s game against the Ragin’ Cajuns.

Cleveland: New coach defies expectations WOW. That’s all I can say after Larry Fedora’s coaching debut, a 51-21 blowout of LouiTyler Cleveland s i a n a - L a fayette last Sports Editor Saturday. Count me as one sports writer who was impressed with the way Fedo-

ra backed up all the preaching he’s done about attacking with a product on the field that is genuinely exciting. But you can’t say you didn’t see it coming. Anyone who watched the Eagles in practice and in the spring game could have told you that their offense is as potent as any in Conference USA or the country; and Lafayette, with the exception of quarterback Michael Desormeaux,

looked like Hattiesburg High School. We all knew Fletch could run, the only real wild card was quarterback Austin Davis, and the freshman showed that he is more than ready to lead the Eagles on a Conference USA title-run. Now the Eagles prepare to take on a different kind of monster in ninth-ranked Auburn. (If you think Desormeaux was dangerous, wait until you get

Courtesy of Julian Vu

Students and fans celebrate as the Golden Eagles score their first touch down of the game. The Eagle’s went on to win 51-21 against ULL.

V-ball rescheduled The volleyball match against Southeastern Louisiana scheduled for tonight has been postponed because of team travel problems associated with Hurricane Gustav. A new date has not been set. The Golden Eagle team had to be re-routed to another airport and could not get out of Colorado until today. Southern Miss (3-0) returns to action in the McNeese State Tournament, Sept. 5-6. The

Golden Eagles open tournament play against Mississippi State at 11:30 a.m., followed by a match against Louisiana-Lafayette at 4:30 p.m., and close out tournament play against Grambling State at 11 a.m., Saturday.

Did you know?

The Southern Miss football team set a school record by earning 633 yards of total offense against UL Lafayette last Saturday. The offensive output netted Southern Miss the second ranked offense in the


country behind Texas Tech, who amassed 639 yards. Damion Fletcher also ranks second in the nation in individual rushing yards, with his 222 yards Saturday. Navy’s Shun White, a Memphis native, was the only back in the country to rush for more yards, with 348. The once maligned, oftpicked on cornerback C.J. Bailey showed his improvement Saturday by picking off a pass, recovering a fumble and recording one tackle-for-loss.

a look at Auburn running back Brad Lester.) And now, boys and girls, here are seven predictions for Saturday: 1. Damion Fletcher will rush for 150 yards, causing Tommy Tuberville to go into a fit of hysteria on the sidelines. The Auburn defense is stout, that goes without saying, but it’s going to be too hard to slow the USM passing game down without letting Fletch get loose a few times. 2. Fedora will make sure that DeAndre Brown gets a few more touches than he did against UL-Lafayette. Brown showed his athleticism by catching four passes for 92 yards and touchdown last week, and if Southern Miss wants to hang with Auburn it might be a good idea to get him involved early. 3. Gerald McRath will have another 15-tackle game. Auburn was woeful passing the ball in week one (13 of 27 for 85 yards and one interception), and I wouldn’t imagine they will want to test the waters again against USM’s ballhawking safeties, so McGrath may have his hands full with the Tiger run-game. Which leads us to... 4. Auburn quarterback Chris Todd will throw at least two interceptions. Eddie Hicks and the rest of the Golden Eagle defense have practiced

all spring and fall against the spread offense, then played against a spread in week one. That combined with the fact that Auburn’s quarterback is a step down from Brandon Cox (ouch), could be good for the Nasty Bunch. 5. C.J. Bailey will get tested early, and often. The moans and groans started after Lafayette’s first play last week, when Bailey was flagged for pass interference (which probably saved a touchdown), but Bailey recovered to have a decent game, including a tackle-for-loss and a pick. Don’t think Tuberville won’t go after a defender like that, because he will. 6. Southern Miss will do better against Auburn than Mississippi State will next weekend. The Bulldogs can’t stop the run, and turn the ball over habitually. That combined with a hungry Auburn defense may spell a goose-egging for Mississippi State. 7. The Eagles will hang with the Tigers, but eventually fall just short. I hope it doesn’t happen, but Tommy Tuberville is an unbelievably good coach, and the Tigers are 45-0 when scoring 34 points or more. It all depends on the Golden Eagle defense.

This is a column of opinion written by Sports Editor Tyler Cleveland. Comments can be sent to

Sports Schedule Friday 11:30 a.m. Women’s Volleyball vs. Mississippi State in Lake Charles, LA 3 p.m. Women’s Cross Country at Golden Eagle Invitational 4:30 p.m. Women’s Volleyball vs. Louisiana-Lafayette in Lake Charles, LA

Saturday 11 a.m. Women’s Volleyball vs. Grambling St. in Lake Charles, LA 11:30 a.m. Football at Auburn Sunday 2 p.m. Women’s Soccer at Ole Miss Monday All Day Men’s Golf at Scenic City Classic in Chattanooga


The Student Printz - Volume 93, Issue 5 printed on September 4, 2008.