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January 19, 2012

Volume 96 Issue 31


SOPA sparks online protests Rachel Beech Printz Writer

Washington D.C.’s newest proposed legislation SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and its sister act PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) created added conflict between online users and suppliers Wednesday after numerous websites “blacked out” in protest of the two acts. Numerous media companies have become increasingly frustrated with users downloading material illegally. Therefore, the two acts seek to create a law that will compel Internet companies to monitor their sites for stolen, copyrighted material. If passed, SOPA and PIPA would allow U.S. law enforcers to fight the online distribution and selling of copyrighted materials and would protect the intellec-

tual property of companies. SOPA would allow the Department of Justice and copyright owners to seek court orders, such as temporary restraining orders, against those accused of copyright infringement. In addition, SOPA would prevent online search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing from listing certain websites that contain free access to copyrighted material and would make it illegal to list such websites on search engines. Due to increased pressure from business owners who want to maintain the distribution of their products and trademarks, supporters of the proposed law claim it’s necessary that the U.S. government take action sooner rather than later. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the music, film, fashion and phar-

See SOPA, 3

Justin Sellers/Printz

Wikipedia “blacked out” its home page Wednesday to protest SOPA and PIPA legislation. Congress will vote on the acts Tuesday afternoon.


Grant to help fund new nursing building Justin Mitchell Printz Writer

Justin Sellers/Printz

Dr. Saunders speaks at the press conference announcing plans to begin construction on the new College of Nursing building.



The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation announced a campaign to raise $8 million to construct a new nursing building in a press conference Wednesday. At the press conference, University President Martha Saunders also announced that the School of Nursing at Southern Miss will be renamed to the College of Nursing. “The School of Nursing at Southern Miss is already a distinguished program,” Saunders said. “Nursing is recognized as the central profession of the future of health care.” It was also announced that the Asbury Foundation of Hattiesburg has


committed to donating $4 million to the construction campaign. The Asbury Foundation is a private grantmaking organization that began in 1984 and strengthens education and health in the Pine Belt and throughout Mississippi. “This new facility, pending college board approval, will be known as Asbury Hall,” Saunders said. “The Asbury Foundation’s continued support for USM and nursing has set a high standard, and their donation has raised half of funds necessary.” Bob Pierce, executive director of the USM Foundation and vice president for advancement, said that the rest of private funds needed will be raised over the next two years to begin construction on the $31 million project. “Every university needs friends like those Southern Miss has in the

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Asbury Foundation,” Pierce said. “The foundation’s gifts to Southern Miss and local community improvement efforts are strong evidence that the Asbury Foundation cares about the Pine Belt and wants to see it prosper.” Bill Ray, President and CEO of the Asbury Foundation, said he is excited to build a closer relationship with Southern Miss and the School of Nursing. “The nursing program here has been long standing and has a reputation of producing great healthcare professionals,” Ray said. Ray explained that the Asbury Foundation hopes that with the addition of this revolutionary building, more students will want to becoming nursing educators.


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Fashionable 5 __ Blanc, the Alps’ highest peak 9 Wintry mess 14 Prolonged unconsciousness 15 Confess openly 16 Like horror film music 17 Practice boxing 18 Luke Skywalker, e.g. 19 Postal service symbol 20 DUCK 23 The NFL’s Cowboys 25 Energy 26 Snake’s warning 27 “Can __ honest with you?” 28 2011 World Series champs, on scoreboards 30 Rogue 32 Ring loudly 34 “Othello” villain 37 Fits of anger 41 CRANE 44 Actor Davis 45 __-poly 46 Yours, to Yves 47 Presidents’ Day mo. 49 “__-haw!” 51 Any nonzero number divided by itself 52 Arafat’s org. until 2004 55 Remove, with “off” 58 “Key Largo” 54Down winner Claire 60 QUAIL 63 Not shortened, as a film 64 Suit to __ 65 “Joy of Cooking” writer Rombauer 68 Stiller’s comedy partner 69 iPhone message 70 Cowardly film beast played by 29-Down 71 Swashbuckler Flynn 72 Brother of Cain and Abel 73 “Ignore that editing change”


By Kevin Christian

DOWN 1 IV amounts 2 “__ on Pop”: Dr. Seuss 3 “Lay it on me!” 4 Christmas song 5 Like the Grand Canyon 6 Higher than 7 All-nighter pill 8 Bale binder 9 Reel from a blow to the head 10 Wife of Jacob 11 Involuntary impulses 12 Eliot’s “__ Marner” 13 Obeys 21 Used to be 22 Upper-left PC key 23 Tippler, for short 24 Helps with a heist 29 Actor Bert (see 70-Across) 31 Carvey or Delany 33 Explorer Ericson 35 Moo __ gai pan 36 The “O” in SRO 38 “Time to move on” 39 Money-saving, in product names

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

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40 Downhill racer 42 Abstain from alcohol 43 Canines metaphorically exchanged for something desired 48 Prohibit 50 Goof 52 Nom de __: pen name 53 Solitary man


54 Hollywood award 56 Grecian urn poet 57 Cosmetics giant Lauder 59 Lesser of two __ 61 French franc successor 62 Deli counter call 66 One of the Stooges 67 Picnic undesirable

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Student Printz, Page 3


iSouthernMS app to get facelift Abby Loranger Printz Writer Over the past two semesters, a group of SGA senators has been working to improve the iSouthernMS application to make it more accessible and user-friendly for students. The decision to revamp the app came after senators Suzanne Smith, Jessa Mureno, and Ebonie Hopkins realized it was downloaded a few thousand times, yet it was hardly being used on a regular basis. Smith believes recreating the app would be a great way for students to connect more with the university.

“The app [would be beneficial] to better reach and meet the needs of a growing and diverse student, alumni and faculty,” Smith said. “Also, the app would be a great tool for prospective students and incoming freshmen to gain a better understanding of USM life.” Valerie Craig, manager of IT Advancement at USM, is working with the senators by providing technical support input. “We met with students, faculty, staff from quite a few areas of the university and collected survey data to find out what our people want,” Craig said. “It is not just about the data and information. It is about being a part of Southern Miss in a way that is meaningful to each person.”

Currently, the app features SOAR, news, athletic information, a map, important phone numbers, and, most recently, Blackboard. Senators are looking to add an up-to-date food menu, campus activities and a way to allow users to interact with certain factions of campus that interest them. In order to meet the requests and needs of students, the senators are currently creating a survey to send out via email. “We encourage feedback whether it be positive or negative in order to provide a satisfactory app,” Smith said. Aiesha Jones, a junior, is looking forward to the new app. “I have the current app

downloaded on my phone, but I’ve only used it a few times,” Jones said. “I think the change will get students excited about what’s happening on campus and they will feel more connected with the university.” The app is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry, but the senators want to extend its reaches to other forms of technology and make it more accessible. “We want the mobile application for students to become a mainstay on their phones, tablets, or iPads,” Craig said. “Even after [students] graduate, we want to have great features for alumni so they can stay connected to Southern Miss.” The senators are focusing on de-

SOPA, from 1 maceutical industries in addition to various high-end brand name manufacturers have expressed support for the bill. However, in the past weeks, SOPA and PIPA have received increasing public backlash from the online community who, as a whole, oppose the acts. Online companies that oppose SOPA and PIPA include Reddit, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, LinkedIn, eBay, Mozilla and Wikipedia. According to numerous media reports, such companies oppose the proposed legislation because they would limit Americans’ access to information. Additionally, detractors suggest the bill will unquestionably hinder a plethora of innovations, making Google and Twitter difficult to operate. Although the legislation was proposed in October, more attention is forthcoming due to nu-

merous websites protesting the acts and protecting the future of their companies. On Wednesday, Wikipedia and many other sites “blacked out” protesting the two acts and bringing the legislation into the limelight among the online community. Many technological companies assert the proposed legislation would infringe the right to free speech and stunt innovative growth. Wikipedia’s landing page featured a explanation to users who were unable to access the website due to the protest. “Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge. For over a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24

veloping the new Mobile Technology Advisory Board, comprised of students, alumni and faculty who represent different areas of campus in order to combine different views and ideas from a variety of sources. Certain board members would be appointed by the SGA president, and others would be representatives of certain organizations. As for funding, Smith said funding for the app would come from the same resources that provide for the current one. The board is also relying on students and faculty to help maintain and develop the mobile presence. The senators are looking to have the application and board in place by next fall.

NURSING, from 1

hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia.” After reading the protest, users were asked to contact their local representatives by entering their zip code and were then were given a directory of phone numbers and addresses of state representatives.

At a recent debate in New Hampshire, Republican primary front-runner Mitt Romney voiced his opposition regarding SOPA and the regulations that would potentially harm businesses. Romney then commented on President Obama’s stance on the controversy. “I don’t think the president likes business very much,” Romney said. “I love you. I love the fact that you’re in business.” However, President Obama is not responsible for SOPA or PIPA. Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican, along with lobbyists of media companies created the legislature. On Tuesday, the Senate will have a cloture vote on the Motion to Proceed to S. 968 (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011). In simpler form, the Senate will stop debate on SOPA and put the issue to a vote. Websites such as Wikipedia and Facebook are currently promoting public awareness to enable constituents to assist representatives in deciding whether to oppose or support the SOPA legislation.

“We hope that the other $4 million will come rather quickly,” Ray said. Dr. Katherine Nugent, director of the School of Nursing, expressed gratitude to the Asbury Foundation in a speech yesterday. “This building will give the School of Nursing at Southern Miss the tools it needs to make a difference to lives of Mississippi residents,” Nugent said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us this opportunity.” Nugent also said that the new College of Nursing building will transform USM’s campus. The building will include new innovative technology, a computer lab, clinical simulation lab, small study areas, student lounge, dining areas, large group rooms and a learning resource center. “This will allow more interaction and partnership within the community,” Nugent said. The new facility will be located on the western edge of Hattiesburg’s campus and will increase the college’s square footage by 135 percent. Pending College Board approval, the building will be named Asbury Hall. Michael Forster, dean of the College of Health, said that this donation could not have come at a better time. “Nursing is a pivotal heath care profession, and the need for more and more highly trained nurses is projected to expand dramatically into the foreseeable future,” Forster said. The School of Nursing at Southern Miss was founded in 1967.

Arts & Entertainment

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Travelin’ on with Adam Doleac Rachel Beech Printz Writer Meet Adam Doleac, former baseball player for Southern Miss, who’s putting it all on the line for his one love: Music.

What drives you as a musician?

“I have had a love for music since I was very young. Music runs in the family. My dad was a drummer back in his high school days and my older brother also played drums in college and dabbles in several other instruments. What drives me most is writing my own music and working to get that music to the ears of as many people as possible.”

Who/What are the songs about? Girls? Family? Friends? All of the above?

“The songs are about various things. Several songs are co-written by Travis Graves. The

title track on the album is “Travel On.” I wrote it in the Dominican Republic. “Travel On” means the most to me out of every song on the album. The song is about what it feels like to view the world from a different angle for the first time. I was able to look at different lifestyles for the first time. That experience made me put life into perspective. The song is about being open to life, the situations that arise, and allowing those situations to run their course. One line in the song is ‘The truth is, we all have a home, and the fun comes in findin’ where it is we roam,’ which sums up my ideas on life and the meaning of the song.”

What specifically made you choose your band members? Who are they?

“I met my drummer (Nick Manton) and my bass player (Kody Killens) first. The two have played together for years and came as a package deal. It’s a funny story


On display: Local art exhibits

with my lead guitarist (Adam McPhail). I had another guy that was supposed to play lead guitar with us back on our first gig in late August. He cancelled the morning of the gig and Nick said he knew a guy that we could use. It turned out to be Adam McPhail, and we have all played together ever since. It all just fell together, and it turns out it’s the most talented group of musicians I have ever been surrounded by.”

What is your goal as a musician? “To get signed by a record label!”

to be successful is something I am willing to do.”

What is your major?

“I was a business administration major at Southern Miss.”

What should Hattiesburg expect from the Adam Doleac Band in the future?

What kind of audience “We play at bars, weddings and does your music appeal to?

parties regularly. We definitely lean on our Hattiesburg fans for support. We couldn’t be happier with the amount of support we have received from people during the recording of our album.”

How long have you played Do you think you will build music? your career upon music? “I have had a drum set since “A career in music would be a dream come true. I definitely think our originals are good enough to make it in the music industry. It’s just a matter of them winding up in the right hands at the right time. It’s a lot of hard work, but music is something I love and the work it takes

“We are recording under an alternative country label. However, it can best be described as a head-nodding mix of Southern rock and country with the type of lyrics featured in some of the best Americana releases out there.”

I was two. I have always played drums in various bands and loved music. I have only been playing guitar/singing for about a year and a half.”

“Our music is a mixture of southern rock, pop, country, and blues so it touches on all genres in a sense.

How can we buy your album?”

“Albums will be sold at the release party on Jan. 20 at The Bottling Company and will also be available on iTunes.”

How would you describe the genre of the Adam Doleac Band?


“Tromboteam,” Guest Artist Series

Mannoni Performing Arts Center, Southern Miss Jan. 17

“Robert Long-Works in Clay”

Lucille Parker Gallery, Thomas Fine Arts Center Jan. 19- 31 For more information call: 601.318.6528

“Manifold Greatness, the Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible” Sarah Gillespie Museum, WCU Jan. 19 - Feb. 16 For more information call: 601.318.6170

Television’s bestkept quirky secret

Connoisseurs Series

Marsh Auditorium, Southern Miss Jan. 31 Hannah Jones Managing Editor Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen’s and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein’s indie lovechild sketch comedy Portlandia premiered its sophomore season on Jan. 6. For the most part, season one flew under the radar of small screen junkies and DVR addicts. However, with its current availability on Netflix, Port-

landia is now at the forefront of television super-stardom. In the fashion of season one, the quirky sketch comedy continues to feature shorts that lovingly satirize the burgeoning counterculture of Portland, Ore. and other like-minded indie culture hubs (I’m talking to you, Austin, Texas). Whether viewers want to admit it or not, Fred and Carrie’s antics hit close to home. To truely “get” Portlandia, it’s impossible to not tap into your inner hipster. Additionally, the show acts as an ironic ode to the 1990s, as seen in season one’s sing-a-long, “I Dream of the ‘90s.” Portland’s misguided Reggae bass playing Mayor (Kyle MacLachlan) returns in season two in addition to several new guest

stars including Jeff Goldblum, Sean Hayes, Tim Robbins, Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig as well as musicians Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Annie Clark (St. Vincent). In comparison, season two appears to have a bigger budget and, so far, a clearer focus on today’s sacred indie counterculture. In just two episodes, Portlandia has featured a Battle Star Galactica marathon, a cameo from a certain Pearl Jam frontman and an Allergy Pride Parade. Remember kids, “We can pickle that!” Portlandia airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on IFC. This was an article of opinion by Hannah Jones, a writer for the Student Printz. Email questions or comments to hannah.jones@

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Student Shout-outs


Student Printz, Page 5

Da Silva inspires school spirit Michelle Holowach Printz Writer

To you who anonymously turned in my brown wallet to campus police with all my $100 still in it. Thanks. if you don’t want a cash reward I’d still like to hug you. Everyone should come play ultimate Frisbee in the Rock at 9pm every thursday!!!!! Wait, what? Roll Tide? LS-Who CARES? Show some pride in your Golden Eagle Football team, y’all Sheraton Hawaii Bowl champs and top 20 BCS ranked team (at the END of the season, too. Take that, State)!! SMTTT!!!! The only reason students were “tremendous in being responsive” with bringing the tablets in, is because WE WERE HARASSED WITH EMAILS and bullied into giving back the tablets that were supposed to be ours! #LforLAMEUSM Thanks Wikipedia I had a paper to do today! Wish i could view my pay check on the new USM app! If WUSM played more music that a majority of people like, more students would tune in. Hey you, yea you, the girl with the brown hair who had on that cute, sexy scarf, that I sit next to in bio 103, I think you’re gorgeous. Wanna go out? #beingsinglesucks Student Printz to the Top!!!!!!

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It was hard to miss the unfurling of a large banner over the heads of dozens of Southern Miss students in M. M. Roberts stadium’s stands every time the Golden Eagles scored this past football season. The triumphant “Nasty Bunch” banner was inspired and constructed by James Bueno da Silva, a sophomore sports management major from São Palo, Brazil who has coined a new way of showing true school spirit. By making a commitment to attend all 14 Southern Miss football games, both home and away, da Silva’s devoted school spirit lifted the hearts of fans and football players alike. “I just thought there was something more that I could do to help the team, be there for them,” da Silva said. “I’m there to support. I’m shouting every time. I’m there to encourage and try to cheer for the team.” Da Silva said that he made a goal to attend every game of the 2011 season during the third game of the 2010 season. “I was like guys, I’m going to do this. I just kept that in mind, never let the idea die and made it.” In the beginning, da Silva said he was paying to attend games. However, as the season progressed, he began receiving donations to attend away games, as people offered generous contributions. “When we picked the Hawaii Bowl I thought I really want to go, but there is no way,” da Silva said. “But with last minute donations, I made it.” Junior business management major Joe Stieffel said he knew that da Silva could achieve his goal. “James figured out a way to make it to every game,” Stieffel said. “He made friends along the way who only helped him even more to get to other games.” Da Silva kept every football game fueled with a spirit that can sometimes be hard to find. Da Silva’s idea for the large “Nasty Bunch” banner that accompanied him to every game came to being because he felt like there was something more that he could do to promote school spirit among students and fans. Additionally, da Silva said in South America it is customary for fans to fly enormous flags at their favorite teams’ games. While creating the flag design, da Silva researched old Southern Miss mottoes and settled on “Nasty Bunch” because of its aggressive connotation. The banner is twentyone square feet, 80 percent satin, 20 percent cotton and made entirely by hand. It took da Silva five weeks and

Courtesy of ESPN

James Bueno da Salva, a sophmore sports management major and creator of the Nasty Bunch banner, cheers on the Southern Miss Golden Eagles at the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl on Dec. 24.

a lot of help from eager friends to complete the iconic banner. “The Nasty Bunch flag has become a banner literally under which almost all of the students can stand together and show support in a way that not only is fun for us, but looks great in a TV shot, too,” said John Caleb Grenn, a junior biochemistry major. Senior psychology and exercise science major Sam Carter said the flag symbolized positive energy for the school and praised da Silva for his hard work. “He is undoubtedly the best person to be in charge of anything and everything supporting Southern Miss,” Carter said. Da Silva said that he wanted to be the Silva opening of his flag to be “epic,” and according to outside sources, it was certainly that. “I’m usually under the flag, so I don’t know how much of a reaction it is,” da Silva said, “But friends on the other side said that the first time it came up the whole other section of the stadium, the opposite section just went crazy. The whole stadium was like, ‘Ahhh!’ The football players just went nuts is what I heard from my football player friends. They all loved it. It was pretty cool having that reaction for the first time.” Brittney Taylor, a second year graduate student majoring in dietics, said da Silva is the epitome of a true fan and an inspirational person both in the stands and around campus. “I believe incorporating the banner into the student section gives the students a sense of pride for our school and our football team,” Taylor said. “It keeps everyone into the

game, and the second the flag gets ready to go up everyone gets extra hyped up. I also believe it does a lot for our football team as well.” Da Silva plans to take his Nasty Bunch banner to as many Southern Miss sporting events as possible, and he hopes to inspire students to be dedicated in supporting Southern Miss athletics. “James attending every football game last season demonstrates a certain amount of dedication to our football team and athletic program that makes all of us students

look at ourselves and ask whether we could put that much into it as well,” Grenn said. “In turn, we all at least put a little more ‘umph’ into our home game cheering.” Carter said he has never seen a more loyal and excited fan than da Salva. “James’s school spirit is ridiculous,” he said. To all of his friends, to the Southern Miss campus, and possibly even to the country, da Silva now stands as a symbol of true, undying school spirit.

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HATTIESBURG LOCATION 6117 US Highway 98, Ste. 50



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The Student Printz

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Student Printz, Page 7


Golden Eagles seek statement victory over Thundering Herd Jeff Haeger Printz Writer On Saturday the Golden Eagles will put their Conference USA leading 16-3 record on the line against the visiting Marshall Thundering Herd in a contest that will help determine conference supremacy. The Thundering Herd enters the game on a five-game win streak with a 14-5 record. They are atop C-USA with a 4-0 conference record. Southern Miss comes in at 3-1 in conference play, their one blemish courtesy of a 58-60 road defeat to Memphis. The loss put the brakes on an 11-game win streak, but they are coming off a 59-55 bounceback victory over conference opponent UAB. If the Golden Eagles can secure a victory against Marshall, they will match the Thundering Herd’s conference record at 4-1, giving this mid-season conference

Southern Miss Box Score Men’s Basketball: 1/11 at Memphis L, 60-58 1/14 vs. UAB W, 59-55

Women’s Basketball: 1/8 vs. Houston L, 56-49 1/15 at UCF L, 65-47

in a hard-fought 56-62 loss on Dec. 6. Syracuse is now ranked No. 1 in both national polls. Southern Miss had a “quality loss” of their own on Nov. 27, as they battled into double overtime with an undefeated Murray State, coming up short 81-90. (Murray State is still undefeated at 19-0) and boasts the No. 10 ranking in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll. The key to this Thomas Pearson/Printz matchup will be Senior guard Maurice Bolden takes a shot on the glass, as the Saturday against UAB. Bolden has been Thundering Herd averaging 6.2 RPG. is the third best rebounding team in matchup late-season implications. The Thundering Herd is not the nation. They are also first in a squad to overlook, as they took the nation in offensive reboundNo. 3 Syracuse down to the wire ing and rebounding margin, so

Southern Miss Sports: Upcoming Games 1/19/12 7:00 p.m. Women’s Basketball vs. Memphis Hattiesburg, Miss.

1/21/112 1:30 p.m. Men’s Tennis vs. Alcorn State Hattiesburg, Miss.

1/21/12 5:00 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs. Marshall Hattiesburg, Miss.

1/22/12 2:00 p.m. Women’s Basketball at Rice Houston, Tex.

it would not be a surprise to see junior forward Dennis Tinnon collect his 10th double-double of the season. The Golden Eagles are led by junior guard LaShay Page with 13.4 points per game and a CUSA leading 2.9 three-pointers made per game. Southern Miss will look for his hot shooting to continue in order to ignite the offense, while USM big men Maurice Bolden 6.2 RPG and Torye Pelham 5.7 RPG will look to limit the forwards of the Thundering Herd in second chance points on the offensive boards. Marshall enters the contest

at a respectable mark of 4-2 on the road, while Southern Miss looks to improve to a perfect 11-0 at home. This game will be an excellent mid-season test for both teams until they square off again in their respective season finales on Mar. 3 in Huntington, W.Va. Southern Miss head basketball coach Larry Eustachy and the Golden Eagles will take on the Thundering Herd on Saturday at 5 p.m. at Reed Green Coliseum. The game will be televised on Comcast Sports Southeast.

Page 8, Student Printz

The Student Printz

Thursday, January 19, 2012

THE NEW EAGLES TRAIL new owners & new management

apply online @ EAGLES TRAIL.COM upgraded amenities coming soon:

upgraded pool area & new sound system + upgraded barbeque grills + new pool furniture + upgraded fitness center new sand volleyball court + upgraded computer center + upgraded tanning bed + new leather-style furniture options available

601.264.6404 • 8 Eagles Trail amenities are subject to change