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October 27, 2011

Volume 96 Issue 18


Obama announces student loan plan Ashton Pittman Web Editor President Obama announced on Wednesday a new plan to help lessen the burden of student debt on incoming college students and graduates. Starting in 2012, the plan will introduce a new cap on monthly payments, consolidate multiple loans and forgive remaining debt after 20 years of faithful payment. “As you young people are getting ready to head out into the world, I know you’re hearing stories from friends and classmates and siblings who are struggling to find work, and you’re wondering what’s in store for your future,” Obama said. “And I know that can be scary.” USM graduate Jeremiah Estes, who now works as a science instructor at Jones County Junior College, said he’s still paying off $80,000 in debts from his time at USM. “I’m eternally grateful to the taxpayers of this great nation for loan-

ing an 18-year-old enough money to start an education,” Estes said. “Sixteen years later I have a great job and education.” Estes said he’s glad he was able to find a good job that allowed him to immediately begin paying his student debts back. He still owes around $20,000, he said. “I do like that they cannot take more than a certain percentage out of your check,” Estes said. Under an act passed by Congress in 2010, borrowers will be able to cap their loan payments at 10 percent of their discretionary income. That was supposed to go into effect in 2014, but Obama’s new plan accelerates implementation of the new income-based payment plan, which was originally created in 2007 with a 15 percent cap. “With millions of student borrowers saddled with unmanageable levels of debt, these valuable benefits cannot start a moment too soon,”

See OBAMA, 3

Joe Amon/Denver Post

President Barack Obama greets the crowd before his speech about student loan restructuring at the Auraria Events Center in downtown Denver, Colo.


Greeks team up for annual ZooBoo Arielle Edwards Printz Writer The Hattiesburg Zoo is hosting its annual Halloween tradition with help from Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity this year. Since the mid 1990’s, SAE has helped organize ZooBoo with the Hattiesburg zoo. It’s an annual carnival put on for children during the last week of October. Junior sport coaching education major and SAE member Aaron Roberts said that they work to get many people involved. “We try to have all active members work most of the nights,” Roberts said. “Tri Delta has also been volunteering with us for many years.”


Junior marketing zoo, includmajor and SAE phiing “Prairie lanthropy chair Taylor Dog Dig,” Winstead is in charge “Tiger Toes” of planning and orgaand “Peacock nizing all volunteers. Luck” and “I have to make other activities sure we have enough focusing on volunteers for each the animals. night, maintain qual“We, as ity control at each staworkers, have tion and serve as the to set up the intermediate between stations,” Robzoo personnel and erts said. “We volunteers,” Winstead also help take Justin Sellers/Printz them down at said. Winstead also has The Hattiesburg Zoo and SAE fraternity will host their annual ZooBoo to meet with parks and with the help of Delta Delta Delta sorority for the remainder of the week. the end of the night.” recreation staff as well This carnival is put on for children in the community. The memas the zoo staff to make child receives tickets in order to play sure that everything is set up for the at the roughly 30 game stations that bers of SAE, along with members of event. have been set up throughout the Delta Delta Delta sorority, entertain and direct children while they are at With a small admission fee, each



WEATHER Thursday

81/54 Friday

63/41 Saturday

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the booths, whether they’re giving instructions or passing out candy. Kalea Lunsford, a sophomore speech pathology major and member of Tri Delta, was excited to help with the event. “The children’s faces light up as soon as they walk in,” Lunsford said. “I like to volunteer because I know how much they enjoy coming to the zoo and having all of the spooky games.” Senior public relations major, and president of SAE Brock Doleac said his fraternity helps because they love to give back the community. “We take pride in helping the Hattiesburg Zoo and offering a safe place for children to trick or treat,” Doleac said. “It is great to watch how



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Thursday, October 27, 2011



Student Printz, Page 3

Karmin to headline Eaglepalooza Heather Baehler Printz Writer Ever since the Eaglepalooza headliners were announced at Friday Night at the Fountain, there has been hype going around about whom exactly is the group playing this year. Some people might have heard of this upcoming band from YouTube or on Ellen, but Karmin is definitely a band to be excited about. Karmin brings together the simplicity of vocals and percussion. Amy Heidemann, who brings more of a hip-hop and R&B feel to the band, mixes with Nick Noonan’s classic rock and jazz upbringing to make rhythmic harmonies. Nick and Amy met at Berklee College of Music in Boston,

OBAMA, from 1

said Rich Williams, who is the Higher Education Advocate for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. For recent graduates like Theresa Cardenas, who is continuing her political science education with USM’s graduate program, the plan is a welcome change. “This may be one of the only policies Obama has implemented that I actually agree with,” Cardenas said. “I have personally taken out student loans for undergrad, grad school, and will have to take out student loans when I go to law school. With Obama’s new plan, I can stress a little less about having to work in order to

Mass. by way of small town lives in Old Town, Maine and Seward, Neb. They began writing songs together to meet the demands of school projects but later took on the name Karmin to put an identity to their distinct writing style. With altered spelling in Latin, Karmin hints at “karma’” They have been featured on Ellen and opened for the BET Awards this year. “[Karmin] creates a high-energy and exhilarating musical expression,” said singer/songwriter Melissa Polinard. “Amy’s guitar chops, vocal gymnastics and control is unbelievable and mind-blowing. Nick’s musicianship complements with vocal harmonies, percussion, horns and keys. With their extensive musicianship and artistry, all I

can say is that these two mean business and that they’re absolutely not your average ‘Sonny & Cher’ formulaic combo.” The band’s biggest hit so far is their cover of “Look at Me Now,” originally by Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta

pay it back.” Even President Obama had a story about his and First Lady Michele Obama’s struggles with student debt. “This is something Michele and I know about firsthand,” he said. “I’ve been in your shoes.” Obama noted that neither he or she came from wealthy families; he was raised by a single mom and her dad was a blue collar worker. “So by the time we both graduated from law school, we had, between us, about $120,000 worth of debt. We combined and got poorer together. So we combined our abilities, not our assets. We were paying

more for our student loans than we paid on our mortgage each month.” Obviously, Obama said, they had been lucky to receive great educations and land good jobs with steady incomes — such as his current job as the President of the United States. But ensuring that college students and graduates that they be confident that their hard work will pay off is an important part of improving the economy, he said. “Keep in mind, college isn’t just one of the best investments you can make in your future,” he said. “It’s one of the best investments America can make in our future.”

families a fun experience while promoting out organizations in a positive way to the community,” Roberts said. “This is a great community outreach event. I am truly proud to be part of an organization that is associated so closely to this event.” Over 50 volunteers come out to support the zoo. “Between our actives and pledges and the ladies of Tri Delta, we are able to work in many different areas and have several booths set up.” Doleac says “ Working with the kids and running each station is easy for us and enjoyable.” Says Doleac. Admission is three dollars per child. Children under-two get in

free. I encourage you to take your families on this last night and give them a fun Halloween that is also family-oriented. Be sure to get there early though! Over 200 families show up each night for this great event.

Courtesy photo

ZOOBOO, from 1 much fun the kids have with it, and that is a big reason why we volunteer every year for this.” The men of SAE work with the zoo in order to make this event run smoothly. “One of our alumni works for the Hattiesburg recreational department and works with the zoo to put this event on,” Doleac said. “We usually meet with him several times a month or so before the even so that we can give as much assistance as possible.” ZooBoo started Tuesday and will be ending Oct. 31. Roberts said that they have one common goal. “We want to give the kids and the

Rhymes. They have also covered “Mine” by Taylor Swift and “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga. “I think Karmin puts a really unique twist on covers and songs that a lot of people already know,” said freshman journalism major Hanna Schloemer. “I also think it’s great that were having an up and coming band at Eaglepalooza this year.” “I don’t know much of Karmin, but I’m excited to see what Eaglepalooza has in store this year,” said junior public relations major Brittany Blackmon. For many like Blackmon, SGA hopes to bring for more students to come out this year. “We just want the students to be happy and for it to be successful,” said assistant director of Eaglepalooza Jazmyne Butler. Karmin also has a wide vari-

ety of original songs. On Oct. 20, they released their first debut single, “Crash Your Party” which features many beats and charismatic vocals. Their first EP, “Inside Out,” was released in May 2010. Since 2010, they have had albums on iTunes for their covers and live performances. “We had many requests for us to look at Karmin,” said Eaglepalooza director John Barr. “They can do anything to appeal to a different audiences and we wanted to base our show around such a diverse group.” He suggested students check Karmin out on YouTube because what is seen there is exactly what is seen in person: “a wide variety of talent,” Barr said. The other headliner is Melanie Fiona, who has more of an R&B feel. More acts are to follow.


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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hub City offers Hall ween bar specials Justin Mitchell Printz Writer Hattiesburg nightlife is delivering diverse options in costume contests, live music and drink specials for Halloween week. Keg and Barrel is kicking off Halloween weekend today by hosting its popular Pub Crawl for students and residents to participate it. John Neal, owner of Keg and Barrel, said the crawl will begin around 5:45 p.m. because it gets dark earlier. “The Pub Crawl is costume themed, and the route is shorter

so we can spend more time at one place and get back before it gets pitch black out,” Neal said. Participants will bike from Keg and Barrel to Front Street downtown, where they will stop at Bianchi’s, Brownstone’s and the new Skylight Lounge. Rooster Blues, a cover band, will perform at Keg and Barrel after the crawl from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Diana Pennington, manager of Keg and Barrel, said the bar has events lined up for Sunday and Monday evenings as well. “The Pine Belt Pickers will start playing at 6:30 p.m., and we have a fun band that will be

announced soon for Halloween night,” Pennington said. The Frat House will be offering many drink specials to go along with their Halloween themed weekend. Jordan Dauterive, an employee at The Frat House, said the band MissUsed will be performing Friday evening. “On Friday, we will also have a ‘you call it’ drink special,” Dauterive said. Dauterive added that on Saturday The Frat House will be hosting its annual costume contest with super sized three-forone drink specials. “On Saturday evening, we will

be giving away bar tabs as prizes for the people who place in costume contest during the night,” Dauterive said. “We have many different categories like best dressed, most original, cutest couple, and an overall winner.” Ropers is giving away big bucks Saturday night at their costume contest. According to their website, the winner of their annual Halloween Costume Contest will win a $1000 cash prize. Sidelines Sports Bar in Oak Grove encourages its customers to dress in costumes Saturday night. Carter Road will be performing all night at Sidelines.

Friday night at The Tavern, Ca$h Fountain Productions will be sponsoring the Halloween Blackout Party, featureing DJ Haze, Discordia, Imbue and Mirrorface. Students and residents can choose to bike through downtown, listen to bands, partake in costume contests or dubstep the night away at local venues around the Hub City this weekend.


Haunted houses provide spooktacular thrills Abby Loranger Printz Writer

As college students, most of us are past our trick-or-treating prime. Therefore, we have to find other creative ways to spend Halloween. So gather your friends (two at the minimum to hold both of your hands) and lace up your running shoes, because it’s Halloween season and there’s nowhere to hide. Two world-famous Halloween attractions, the 13th Gate and Necropolis, are located in Baton Rouge and have been popular destinations for Southern Miss students for years. The 13th Gate is continually ranked in Hauntworld’s Top 13 Haunted Houses in Ameri-

ca, and for 2011 it was ranked number 3 nationally. It has 13 uniquely themed areas. The themes range from a hot and sticky swamp with live snakes, an asylum with grotesque and bloody patients calling for your help, a chain saw wielding killer (he amps up anticipation by revving his chain saw before he’s in view, therefore you know he’s coming but can’t avoid it) and, perhaps the most terrifying of all, a room filled with maniacal clowns and freaky dolls (which cautions users with heart conditions to exit early, for good reason). Necropolis, a cemetery-style haunted house across the street, made its first run this season. It has received rave reviews, already

being ranked by Hauntworld as “one of the Top 13 scariest locations for a haunted house.” Inside Necropolis, brave visitors walk through lifelike tombs and catacombs while being chased, grabbed at and frightened by the undead. Once inside the attraction, there is no outside view of the city; visitors are engrossed in the attraction, with the sky being their only link to the outside world with scares at every sharp turn. Although Necropolis just debuted this year, it’s easily just as scary as the 13th Gate, if not more so.

Buzz in the Burg LIVE MUSIC EVENTS: Thurs 27th Eric Woods Fri 28th Mississippi Shakedown Sat 29th Cowboy Blues Band


6208 Hwy 49, (601) 467-3500

Thurs 27th PWE LOVE R T Ladies’ Night IVATE PAOR HOST TIES ! NO COVER!! Fri 28th Matthew Lawrence Sat 29th New live music!!


Thurs 27th The Pimps of Joytime Fri 28th The Dead Kenny G’s Sat 29th Jimbo Mathus & Tri-State Coalition 142 East Front St, (601) 544-7757

120 Westover Dr, (601) 450-1041

Thurs 27th Ladies’ Night w/ Dj Sideshow Fri 28th Acoustaqrunk Sat 29th Madame Square 1605 Hardy Street, (601) 336-5376

Senior Makita Bueto had h e r first

experience with both attractions and was pleased. “I would definitely recommend it,” Bueto said. “It was well worth the money. I do not watch scary movies but I enjoyed these haunted houses.” Although she had an overall positive experience, there were definitely some down sides. “You are with random people in your group,” Bueto said.

“They make stupid remarks or grab you when they get scared.” Even if you aren’t easily

scared or faintof-heart, the attractions are worth seeing because they are visually stunning; every aspect of the haunts are exquisitely crafted down to every last detail. Both attractions are so impressive and hyped up that even on a cold, rainy Sunday night there was a crowd waiting outside in line for a true terror test. Do you dare?

HappyHaloween! from

TheStudenP trintz

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Arts & Entertainment

Student Printz, Page 5

Celebrities inspire Halloween costumes Hannah Jones Managing Editor Millions of Americans have stormed department stores, malls and seasonal emporiums this month on a quest for the perfect Halloween garb for trick-or-treating or, in the case of Southern Miss students, partying. Caricatures of celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are among the top trends this Halloween, according to a bevy of surveys across the “interwebs.” Since September, Spirit of Halloween, a year-round online retailer, has opened a total of 970 stores across the United States, including one location in Hattiesburg. Spirit acts as a seasonal branch of Spencer’s, a nationwide chain specializing in novelty items and apparel. The National Retail Federation reported that this year Americans are predicted to spend $2.5 billion on costumes alone. The NRF notes that $1.2 billion of that total will be spent on adult costumes. So, what costumes are customers buying for Halloween 2011?

Although booted from Two and a Half Men earlier this year, actor and America’s favorite train wreck, Charlie Sheen, is “winning” the race on this season’s most purchased costume. Spirit houses all supplies needed to impersonate the Sheenster—latex masks, sunglasses and shirts that say “Winning” or “Wild Thing” – Sheen’s character’s nickname from the sports classic, Major League. Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” are in luck this season. Ranging from her rubber, flesh-toned get-up from this year’s Grammy Awards to 2009’s Bad Romance VMA bloody crop top and hot pants, all of which are available for sale on the pop singer’s website. Another songstress making the rounds for Halloween is Amy Winehouse. After the loss of Winehouse this year, many are paying tribute to her by choosing to emulate the deceased soul singer by donning beehive wigs and assorted tattoos. Snooki and the rest of the fist-pumping Jersey Shore cast are also a force to be reckoned with this Halloween. Various

blogs have offered tutorials on tips for morphing into the orange-hued, teased poof train wrecks that live inside us all. Thanks to the year’s biggest sex scandal, Anthony Weiner, the former New York Congressman who sent inappropriate photos via sexting, is an alternative costume option for those who like to keep it political. Various online costume venders are offering a Weiner mask for $25, complete with a pair of blue boxer shorts and a “white-t.” offers users ideas for creating a grab-bag of celebrity costume “how-to’s,” including media figures Duchess Catherine and Prince William, Nicki Minaj and the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As previously reported by The Huffington Post, a Kim Kardashian costume is available for consumers via The description on the online retailer’s website lists the various “accessories” that accompany the Kardashian caricature. “Accentuate your assets as this Hollywood hottie. Show off your

sexy strut in this stylin’ socialista’s Kim Adult Costume Kit which includes: Glamorous thick eyelashes, long, luscious black wig and a voluminous foam butt.”

Whether one chooses to be a housewife, royalty or a mischievous politician, thanks to Hollywood pop culture costumes abound.

Top costume trends

Adults: Witch, pirate, vampire, zombie, Charlie Sheen and Angry Birds. Lady Gaga: A current “monster” on the pop charts. Warning — be wary in dog-dense neighborhoods if wearing a meat dress. Katy Perry: Another top-selling pop songstress. Warning — be wary of flammable materials if fireworks shoot from abdomen. Steampunk: A literary subgenre inspired by futurist authors like H.G. Wells and Mary Shelley, according to I blends modern technology with Victorian-era clothing. Star Wars: “Darth Vader is the No. 1-selling mask and will probably be for all eternity,” said Greg Reinke of Reinke Brothers Store in Littleton, Colo., on Harry Potter: The boy wizard and friends are still hanging in there, especially with the upcoming DVD release of “Deathly Hallows, Part II,” according to both and Sources: Simply Unforgettable Party Store, Spirit of Halloween, National Retail Federation, the Washington Post,,


Round 3: Paranormal Activity still scares

Third movie premieres just in time for Halloween Ashton Pittman Web Editor Just in time for Halloween, Paranormal Activity is back. And this time, the scares are totally retro. Paranormal Activity 3 is set 18 years prior to the first two films in the series — in the year 1988. The protagonists of the first two films, Kristi and Katie, are still little girls. When strange things start happening in the house, their mom’s boyfriend sets up video cameras across the house. The cameras capture many strange happenings, including doors closing by themselves, beds moving and chandeliers shaking inexplicably. In other words, typical Paranormal Activity fanfare. And then, a seemingly normal right of passage for almost any child — the imaginary friend — becomes a horror for everyone involved. Kristi has an invisible friend called Toby, and when images of her speaking to Toby in the middle of night are captured on film, the family becomes even more terrified.

From the movie Paranomal Activity 3

At times, the film’s horrors seem to come slowly. It’s not quite as scary as the last fifteen minutes of Paranormal Activity 2 (which far surprass any-

thing in the original film), but it is easily the creepiest in the series. The introduction of the 80s talking doll toy sensation, Teddy Ruxpin, sets up for some

truly creepy moments. By the end of the film, viewers have a better understanding of the events that transpired in the first two films but are left

with even more questions. If you’re looking for a creepy experience this Halloween weekend, Paranormal Activity 3 is definitely the right choice.

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Arts & Entertainment

Thursday, October 27, 2011

on campus

Fall Dance Concert set for this weekend Leighanne Lockhart Printz Writer Before going out to one of the local bars or hanging out all night in a coffee café, plan to put on those classic autumn weather dresses, scarves, button-downs, sweaters and shiny shoes, grab a friend or significant other and come experience a genre of the arts right on campus. The University of Southern Mississippi Repertory Dance Company will be having its Fall Dance Concert this weekend, beginning tonight and ending Sunday in the Mannoni Performing Arts Center. “The audience should prepare themselves to take home a new enlightenment on the broad variety of modern dance,” Lee

Brooks, a senior dance education major, said. “This concert consists of nine completely different works that showcase the many faces of a modern dancer’s and a performer’s agility.” Featured pieces include Key, choreographed by Charlotte Boye-Christensen, artistic director of Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The work is inspired by the life and work of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould and was performed by select USM company members during a weeklong residency convention with Ririe-Woodbury. Senior dance performance and choreography major Jamie Fisher got the chance to work with the choreographer during a technique class. “I have to say it was definitely

News in brief:

“Rule Britannia,” tonight at 7:30 in Bennett Auditorium The University of Southern Mississippi Symphony Orchestra will present its second concert this season, “Rule Britannia,” tonight at 7:30 in Bennett Auditorium. The performance will include the music of British composers such as Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten and Sir Edward Elgar. Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance March”

very pedestrian with an abstract sense of movement quality.” Space in Between is a duet representing the balance of equality among individuals. Relative Triptych is a trio divided into three sections with three different songs to show the various ways one can work with the number three. Nocturna will feature seven dancers who will portray support and reliance on one another. Creed of Fools is a large ensemble piece inspired by a few classic musical selections. “I hope the audience enters the facility with a receptive mind and leaves with much inspiration, whether this be being moved by the movers on stage or having an increased appreciation for what we, athletes, train to do every day,” Fisher said.

an experience in that her way of working and her movement aesthetic is intense,” Fisher said. “It consists of a lot of dynamic changes, quick floor work and acute detail.” The concert will also feature four works choreographed by faculty members. These include Space in Between by Kelly Ferris Lester and Meredith Early; Relative Triptych, also by Kelly Ferris Lester; Nocturna by Elizabeth Lentz and Creed of Fools by Meredith Early. Fisher, Brooks and senior dance performance and choreography major Josh Frazier all identify Early’s Creed of Fools as being their favorite piece in this show. “I am a performer in this piece and dancing it feels like everyday life,” Frazier said. “It is

will open the show, and Williams’ “Pastoral Symphony” will close the performance. “Variations on a Theme of Purcell” by Britten will also be featured. For more information about tickets to the event, contact the Southern Miss Ticket Office at 601266-5418 or visit www.

Four student choreographers will also be showcasing their works, which were selected through a strict judgment process. Included are works by Brooks and junior Kristen Rizzuto, Fisher’s Fester and Frazier’s Back to the Forth, which will be featured as the opener of the concert. General admission is $15, $10 for faculty, staff, seniors and military and $6 for students. Tickets are available at the PAC box office, by calling 601-2665418 or through Shows start at 7:30 p.m. and also include a matinee at 2 p.m. on Sunday. There will be a choreographer presentation at 1 p.m. prior to the matinee.

Rocky Horror “Let’s do the time warp again!” The Hattiesburg Saenger Theater will be presenting Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. A pre-show costume contest will be held at Southern Fried Comics. Following the show, Bianchi’s Pizzeria will host Rocky Horror Picture Show’s official after party and will feature the Thomas Jackson Orchestra beginning at 10 p.m.



BUFFET & DRINK Offer valid until 12/31/11 at listed location only. Not valid with any other offers. Tax not included. Must present student ID to redeem offer. Dine-in only.

5040 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS

601-261-5900 Buffet • Dine-in • Carryout • Delivery • Pick-Up Window

STORE HOURS Sunday - Thursday 11:00am - 9:00pm Friday & Saturday 11:00am - 10:00pm

P I Z Z A S • PA S TA S • S A L A D S • P I Z Z E R T S ®

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Student Printz, Page 7

From Mean Girls to morgues What will Lohan do next?

Rachel Beech Printz Writer Last Wednesday, actress Lindsay Lohan was led from the Los Angeles County Superior Court in handcuffs and ordered to post $100,000 bail after a California judge stated that Lohan violated probation in her shoplifting case by failing to show up for community service on nine occasions. The following day, Lohan showed up almost an hour late for courtordered morgue cleaning at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and was considered a no-show. The actress, 25, is due in court on Nov. 2, when it will be announced if she has to face jail time. Many folks view Lindsay Lohan as Hollywood’s infamous attention craving whore. That very well might be true, but let’s be honest here—her parents are the ones to blame. Many students at Southern Miss blame her opportunistic parents. “It’s absurd to throw kids into the spotlight at such a young age,” Southern Miss student Terri Gratia said. “Haven’t parents learned from what has happened to other child stars? Michael Jackson? Punky Brewster?” “It’s the kiss of death. I wish

these parents would peer into blame for their children’s epidemother situations and learn from the ics of insecurity, scrutiny and, in destruction exploitation can do to Lohan’s case—kleptomania. people,” Gratia said. When Lohan showed up at Many people feel the need to point fingers and blame Lindsay for her impulsive behavior, but for many, psychological disorders are developed as a result of so much attention at a young, crucial age. Take a look at Michael Jackson—When children are stripped of their childhood, the results are oftentimes dangerous. It isn’t a laughing matter. It’s child abuse. If it weren’t for Jackson’s fame obsessed father, the King of Pop wouldn’t have had so many deep-seated issues. It isn’t rocket sciMCT/Campus ence. I view the situLindsay Lohan attends her probation progress report hearing ation like lyrics from with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, left, at the Airport the latest Jay-Z and Courthouse, Wednesday, October 19, 2011 in LA,.California. Kanye collab. The lyrics are about Jay-Z and the LA morgue to perform her Beyonce’s unborn son. Some chil- judge-ordered community serdren don’t have a choice but to be vice Oct. 20, she proved her exploited, but many situations are blatant disrespect for authority easily avoidable: and humanity. “Sorry junior, I already ru“It’s hard to respect others when ined ya / Cause you ain’t even you have the mentality of a child,” alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya.” said Marshall McNeese, an audiMiley, Britney and Michael’s ology graduate student at USM. parents, among others, are all to “It’s hard to have values or cop-

ing skills when your parents aren’t demonstrating positivity in the household.” McNeese’s statement rings true in many instances, especially for those who raise their children in a loving, positive atmosphere. Dr. Robi Ludwig of agrees. “She’s a very talented girl who has an addiction and probably an undiagnosed mood disorder, but having two fame hungry parents doesn’t help,” Ludwig said. Lindsay’s friend choices are questionable at best. “If someone disagrees with her, or tells her she’s out of line, she cuts them dead,” the acquaintance tells the New York Post. “She is surrounded by sycophants who are hanging on the coattails of her notoriety; she is still very naïve and trusting and she gets exploited a lot.” One friend says it was all in her upbringing. “She has been exploited for most of her life, so it’s unsurprising she doesn’t have much grip on reality,” the pal said. How does the beloved child star go from Parent Trap to police trap? It’s easy. Mix immature parents, childhood exploitation and irresponsibility, and there’s the recipe for bad behavior. It’s sad, but that’s America, y’all. This was an article of opinion by Rachel Beech, a writer for The Student Printz. Email questions or comments to

Student Shout-outs

I made a comment on the Eaglepalooza 2011 FB webpage showing my disapproval for the bands, I come back the next day to check it and its been deleted?! Is the SGA really partaking in CENSORSHIP!?!?!? Guess I’ll go see the Avett Brothers at MSU instead of going to Eaglepalooza. To The Pride’s trumpet section: Ignore Tuesday’s Shout Out about your playing in the upper register! This is the best sounding trumpet section I’ve heard from The Pride since 1986! So keep it up with those screaming high notes! (from a Faculty Member) Just when you think eaglepalooza could not outsuck it’s self, it does. I guess since they could not get a real artist they get a youtube artist haha next year it will be soulja boy’s cousin, Prciousway headlining, god save us all. Anyone who likes a Thrill should hang out between the fountain and the library at lunchtime on Halloween. We’re gonna terrorize y’all’s neighborhood. Dear girl in my GHY 105 class, please stop asking questions. Thanks, your entire class I want to thank my advisor for not advising me. Thanks, I’m still confused. If you’re going to save seats in the student section and then leave after half-time in a drunken stupor, then don’t give me the stink eye for ignoring that the seats are “saved.” Get over yourselves. This is college not high school. To all the Zoomba instructors that led us Tuesday night for the ZOOMBATHON, YOU GUYS ALL ROCK HARD!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! To the guy who doesn’t like being called ‘dog’ by the servers in the caf: maybe that’s wat you are? To the people that made the library stop checking out headphones, I hope you catch an STI. To the very nice woman who returned my phone to the front desk of the library after I left it in the ladies’ restroom: Thank you! You single-handedly restored my belief in human kindness and decency. I hope the karma fairy bestows you with cookies in the very near future!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ranked Eagles look to soar past Miners Josh Seabrook Printz Writer

Saturday’s game will mark the first time that USM faces an opponent as a ranked team since November 2004. USM heads into the game as the No. 25 ranked team in the nation. The players and coaches are ecstatic about finally getting some national recognition for their dominance on the gridiron. “It’s good to be recognized for what you’ve accomplished at this point, but at the same time, you have to understand that there are a lot of people who have been in the Top 25 that aren’t there anymore,” said Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora. “So, it’s nice to be recognized but we still have a lot of work to do.” The Golden Eagles are coming off one of the team’s most impressive defensive showings under Fedora. Last Saturday, the Eagle defense held SMU to only three points and 330 yards of total offense. Southern Miss has the No. 34 ranked defense in the nation and will be matching up against the formidable running attack of the UTEP Miners that ranks No.

20 in the nation. The Miners are led by head coach Mike Price, who has a 40-45 record at UTEP. If the Eagle defense can stop, or at least slow down, the Miner run game, they should be able to handle the Miners fairly easily. “I know they are running the ball pretty well and have a running back that can go,” Fedora said of the UTEP running offense. One of the problems the Golden Eagles have faced this season is holding onto the ball on offense. Southern Miss is -1.2 in the turnover department per game and has been working hard to be more careful with the ball on offense. “It bothers me a lot because I know that’s why we are sitting at 6-1,” Fedora said. “Its going to continue if we don’t get it straightened out. It can be a major factor for us. We have to get it straightened out. It’s something that we pride ourselves on here, to be really good in the turnover margin. Right now, we’re struggling.” The Golden Eagles will be facing a tough task against the Miners. They will be making their fourth trip to the Sun Bowl Stadium and hold a 1-2 record there. UTEP took

Football at UTEP

Thomas Pearson/Printz

Golden Eagles quarterback Austin Davis prepares to throw during the game against SMU last Saturday.

the last meeting between the two teams in 2008, 40-37 in two overtimes. In that game, former Golden Eagle running back

C-USA games this weekend Thursday

Rice at Houston


UAB at Marshall SMU at Tulsa Tulane at East Carolina Memphis at UCF

Southern Miss Box Score Football:

10/22 vs. SMU W, 27-3


10/21 vs. Memphis L, 2-0 10/23 vs. UAB W, 2-1


10/21 at UTEP W, 3-0 10/23 vs. UCF W, 3-2

Damien Fletcher rushed for 260 yards on 34 carries against the Miners’ defense. Fedora is 0-1 against the UTEP and is look-

ing to even his mark against the C-USA foe. The game will be televised on CBS Sports Network at 7 p.m.

Southern Miss Sports: Upcoming Games 10/27/11 7 p.m. Basketball vs. Loyola LA Hattiesburg, Miss.

10/28/11 6 p.m. Volleyball at Marshall Huntington, W. Va.

10/28/11 4 p.m. Women’s Soccer vs. Central Florida Hattiesburg, Miss.

10/29/11 6 p.m. Football at UTEP El Paso, Tex.



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