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September 6, 2011

Volume 96 Issue 4


Recruitment reaches record high Leighanne Lockhart Printz Writer More than 400 women have signed up for this fall’s sorority recruitment at the University of Southern Mississippi. These women are considered PNMs, or potential new members, for USM’s seven sororities. Recruitment is scheduled to begin Thursday and end Tuesday. This will be the second year Southern Miss hosts a delayed recruitment, meaning it will occur after school starts instead of the week before. Junior marketing major Hannah Robinson, Chi Omega sorority’s recruitment chair, said a delayed recruitment provides more opportunities for PNMs to sign up and learn more about the USM Greek Life community before going through the formal process. “After last year’s results, it was apparent that delayed recruit-

See GREEK, 3

Justin Sellers/Printz

Jessie Stringer, a senior child development major (left), and Meredith Boyd (right), a senior marketing major, prepare for sorority recruitment. Recruitment begins Thursday, Sept. 8th.


C-A-L-I-E-N-T-E spells success Every Thursday night, Caliente Grille hosts a spelling bee for students and residents alike, which can result in some serious competition and fun prizes worth mucho dinero. Not only is Caliente an avid Southern Miss supporter, but they also often host events and give percentages of funds to different groups on campus. They regularly donate funds to the DuBard School and let sororities and fraternities host fund-

raisers at the restaurant as well. The spelling bee competition was started in mid-July. Every Thursday, students show up around 7 p.m. to sign up to partake in the evening’s spelloff. Scott Harrison, a senior international studies and history major, works at Caliente and hosts the bee. Harrison said that he asks contestants to spell words from many different categories. Some categories, including commonly misspelled words, counties in Mississippi, and Spanish words. This past Thursday, one round of the spelling bee was com-

prised of words of Slavic origin. Harrison explained that each bee consists of four rounds. The winner of each rounds gets a coupon for a free entree at Caliente. The winners then advance to a final round. The winner of the entire competition can receive an array of items, such as a $20 gift card to Caliente or Keg and Barrel, and a t-shirt. Harrison said five to ten contestants play each week, and it brings people into Caliente, boosting revenue. Kelly Davila participated in the bee last Thursday. A regular in the competition, Davila has




Justin Mitchell Printz Writer

Melissa McCraw/Printz

Scott Harrison, a senior international studies and history major (above), calls out words in the spelling bee on Thursday, Sept. 1st.





80/57 Thursday

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been a player every week since the competition began. Davila has never won the entire game but has won several rounds. Davila is a graduate student in the anthropology department at USM. While she loves Caliente because she likes to support local business, she also said she is glad the spelling bee does not draw lots of participants. “I like winning. I’ve got a hold on this place,” Davila said. Laura Yarka is also an anthropology graduate student and participate in the bee each



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All day Exhibit: Things from My Closet Library (Gallery at Cook Library (Learning Commons))

All day Exhibit: Things from My Closet Library (Gallery at Cook Library (Learning Commons))

All day Exhibit: Things from My Closet Library (Gallery at Cook Library (Learning Commons))

All day Exhibit: Things from My Closet Library (Gallery at Cook Library (Learning Commons))

All day Exhibit: Things from My Closet Library (Gallery at Cook Library (Learning Commons))

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Students voice support for VOX Sarah Hoffman Printz Writer

Many Golden Eagles delight in their extracurricular activities on campus. The same holds true for those few involved in VOX. The word vox, Latin for “voices,” is the organization’s inspiration for their official title, Voices for Planned Parenthood. Their aim is to promote sexual health awareness amongst the student body at USM. VOX hosts many events throughout the academic year, including tabling events each semester in the Union and Shoemaker Square. President of the organization Emily Hoxie stresses the organization’s focus

on sexual health education. “We have a sexual health forum every semester, and we actually have someone from the College of Health come speak about sexual health in general,” said Hoxie. “[We also] have a representative from the local Planned Parenthood clinic come to talk about different contraceptives to keep people safe from STIs and unplanned pregnancies.” Tabling events hosted by the group help disperse information on how to have safe sex, how to properly use condoms and ways and places to get STI testing as well as different forms of contraception. “We do a lot of education around sexual health,” Hoxie said. “We’re trying to expand our reach on campus by hosting tabling

events and other activities.” Events such as VOX’s Halloween Trick-or-Treat table may be familiar to upperclassmen. Each year, VOX members hand out bags of candy with free condoms and facts about sexual health. Facts include fallacies of sexual health as well as tips on how to remain healthy and safe while choosing to be sexually active. “I love being involved with VOX because it not only reaches out to the student body but the community as well,” said senior community health sciences and Spanish major Kristen O’Flarity. “I’ve met so many interesting people along the way, and I can’t wait to make this a career.” Student involvement in the organization is low, with seven

All of this practicing is new to some sorority members, like sophomore business finance major, Ashley Horn. Horn, a member of Phi Mu sorority, is experiencing her first time being on the other side of recruitment. “It has been a lot of work,” Horn said. “We have a couple more practices coming up but we are all really excited and looking forward to recruitment and finally getting to meet all the PNMs.” The USM Greek Life website lists several reasons why students should consider Greek membership including the home-away-from-home comfort, scholarship, academic requirements, leadership, community service, social life, participation in athletics and a lifetime involvement. Junior advertising major Ashley Taber has decided to go through recruitment this year as an upperclassman. “I’m very excited but also nervous because I’m going to be outside of my comfort zone,” Taber said. “But I know that in

the end it will have been a rewarding experience no matter what the outcome is.” Horn said the thing she is looking forward to the most for this year’s recruitment is Bid Day when she gets to be with her sorority sisters as they watch the new girls run to their house. “I remember running. It was total chaos but the best feeling ever,” Horn said. “I can’t wait.” Robinson said recruitment is all about “more sisterhood, more women participating in national and international philanthropies and more possibilities to impact Southern Miss’ campus and the Hattiesburg community.” USM has more than 1,300 Greek students in 21 nationally recognized fraternities and sororities, according to the Greek Life website. Robinson said the most important advice she can give potential new members is to relax and have fun. “It is a time to be yourself and come as you are,” Robinson said. “It’s not about something

actively involved, enthusiastic members, but Hoxie is hopeful about increasing student involvement on campus and within student activities. “Perhaps the reason our visibility is lacking is because we do many of our tabling events in Shoemaker Square and the Thad Cochran Center, which targets people who live on campus, people who go to the commons and to the union,” Hoxie said. When asked about his knowledge of the organization, junior Alden Bennett said, “I’ve never heard of them, but I think that it is vital that we have an organization on our campus that can help students with sex education. If we take advantage of this organization’s information, hopefully we

can prevent the spread of STIs.” O’Flarity further encouraged students to become involved with VOX and to be open to learning about sex education. “Our ultimate aim is to encourage healthier decision making among our peers. We’re in college now. Sexual health should no longer be taboo,” said O’Flarity. “We want students to be able to achieve their goals while at Southern, and we hope that VOX can allow them to do so by keeping them informed and protected.” For those who may be interested in attending, VOX’s next meeting is today, Sept. 6, at 12:15 p.m. in LAB 107. Hoxie can be emailed at

GREEK, from 1 ment was the key to reaching more people,” Robinson said. From 2009 to 2010, there was a 37 percent increase in women who registered for recruitment. The number of bids received by women from sororities increased by 23 percent, assistant director of Greek Life Lisa Moore said. The recruitment schedule includes PNM Orientation, Meet the Greeks, Philanthropy Day, Skit Day, Preference Day and Bid Day. Proper attire for each day is listed on the Greek Life website. Any incoming freshmen, transfers, or upperclass women were welcome to sign up and participate. To prepare for the recruitment process, sorority members hold multiple workshops that average around 10 hours per day, Robinson said. Most sororities held two workshop weekends this summer and held Spirit Week this past week in which days were designated for the women to represent their sororities with letter shirts and pin attire.

CALIENTE, from 1 week. While Yarka loves the small group atmosphere and better opportunity to win, she thinks more students would have fun if they came to the spelling bee. “I like the food and people at Caliente. I also like supporting local business,” Yarka said. Melissa McCraw won her second spelling bee this past week. Students should definitely check out Caliente Grille on Thursday nights and try their wit with some fancy words and some amazing burritos.

Justin Sellers/Printz

Brittney Rouse, sophomore marketing major, works on the set for sorority recruitment.

you become, but something you’ve always been.”


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


SigEp and Kappa Sig return to USM Arielle Edwards and Jennifer Lowe Printz Writers Sigma Phi Epsilon and Kappa Sigma fraternities have returned to the University of Southern Mississippi this semester with newly-elected leadership and plans for each member to receive the most rewarding fraternity experience possible. Alden Bennett, a junior business management major, expressed that male students no longer see fraternities the way they once were. “The average male coming to college now isn’t looking for the stereotypical ‘Animal House’ fraternity, but more of a rewarding experience that can further their education, leadership and social skills,” Bennett said. Sigma Phi Epsilon is looking to recruit those males who want to be leaders and learn from the fraternity experience and brotherhood. In order to be reinstated as a legitimized fraternity on USM’s campus, SigEp passed a series of appeals. The fraternity ulti-

Sigma Phi Epsilon Crest

mately passed the appeal process and has since returned to its house on Fraternity Row. To ensure program stability, SigEp has dissolved prior traditions and, in turn, implemented new programs such as the Balanced Man Program. The Balanced Man Program is a continual learning-based program that is used to determine new membership. SigEp no longer requires members to experience the traditional pledgeship. Instead, members will complete

constructive challenges. After members sign their official bids through the Interfraternity Council, they will receive full rights as well as the ability to vote as active members. Junior Jeff Haeger has high expectations for the newest members of Sigma Phi Epsilon.“We have to recruit quality men and we have to hold our brothers accountable to our standards of membership,” said Haeger. “I want our members to not only have been made better by being members of Sigma Phi Epsilon, but I want them to leave SigEp better than they found it. If members are passionate about the fraternity, they will be rewarded with a variety of life experiences that they will be able to utilize in future life endeavors, and I believe they will not be able to find these experiences anywhere else.” Any male interested in Sigma Phi Epsilon is invited to attend the interest meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. on the second floor of the Thad Cochran Center. Another fraternity being welcomed back to Southern Miss is Kappa Sigma. In 2008, the frater-

Kappa Sigma Crest

nity was formally disassembled because of hazing. Kappa Sig is now returning, and changes are already in effect. According to Josh Schutts, Assistant Dean for Greek Life, Kappa Sig must meet a minimum requirement of 25 members to start a colony. Once the preliminary colony requirements are met, those members must meet specific criteria before the charter can officially be established. The pledge class that converts Kappa Sig from a colony to an

official chapter on campus will be considered the “founding fathers” of the fraternity. Kappa Sig alumni expressed that the men coming through this year’s recruitment have an amazing opportunity if they choose to take advantage of what Kappa Sig has to offer. Graduate student Reagan Bridley has hope that the colony will become a formal chapter. “If they can get a solid foundation of members initially, I have no doubt in my mind that they will be one of the top fraternities at USM in the very near future.” says Bridley. After the chapter’s three-year absence, Kappa Sig alumni offered their support for the return of the fraternity. “Starting a fraternity is no easy task, but the initial challenge will be worth the reward. Our alumni will help us in any way possible.” says Bridley. USM can now welcome the return of two fraternities. With a combination of hard work and determination, these two chapters will make a memorable return to the Southern Miss family.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Arts & Entertainment

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Is there an app for that? Ashton Pittman Web Editor Living in today’s technologically advanced society, the world is at our fingertips. Our friends at Apple seem to have acknowledged that and have amassed an impressive number of apps available for purchase. As of January, there were approximately 306,554 apps. So what do all of these apps entail, exactly? How many of these apps actually possess any form of necessity in our culture? Here’s a brief look at a few of Apple’s most “awkward” apps available. Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper is a really strange game for those among us who have a fascination with popping pimples. Except, instead of popping the ones on your own face, you get to pop them on the faces of others. A realistic squeezing motion sends pus oozing out of each pimple to the disgust of some and the delight of others. There is even variety in the kinds of pimples you can choose to pop. I suppose it’s sort of like nicotine gum for pimple popping addicts. Period Tracker

And as if that app wasn’t awkward enough, men who have desire to keep track of such things can use PMS Buddy. This wretched app uses a dial of red to green warning levels to alert him of impending cycles. It’s probably best, however, that he not let her know that he’s stalking her period. Hangtime!

Grindr This is sort of like Track My Mate, except it’s proba-

bly more useful for old men looking for young guys in the area. Grindr is an app where gay guys can meet one another, chat, trade pictures and exchange GPS locations. You’ll under-

stand why this one is awkward when that old man who shows up at your door looks more like Mr. Herbert from Family Guy than the chiseled model from his profile picture.

Jump in the air with this app and your iPhone will tell you how long you’re airborne. Apparently, people are using it to time how long their iPhone will stay in the air before it comes crashing back down. I’d suggest against chucking your $600 phone in the air, but that’s just me. Anyone who breaks an iPhone with this app deserves a Darwin Award from Steve Jobs himself. Annoy-A-Teen

Exactly as its name implies, this app is designed to irritate teens before they irritate you. It generates high frequency sounds that most adults are unable to hear, thereby, as its description says, “targeting teenagers and other dumb animals.” Track My Mate This application is designed to keep track of women’s menstrual cycles, fertility days and more. You can even add notes as you go. I guess it’s really only awkward if others get ahold of your iPhone and go through your, ahem, personal information. PMS Buddy Honestly, if you’re in a relationship where you deem the use of this app necessary, I feel sorry for you. Track My Mate will deliver messages to your phone pinpointing the GPS location of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now you can stalk your significant other, whom you apparently don’t trust at all, 24/7.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Student Shout-outs

So just because I eat lunch at lunchtime makes me a freshman? Bonus Bucks no longer tax-free? Turrrrrrible. It makes me want to cry when I see all the empty faculty parking spaces on Friday morning... when I have to park off campus. They should have a few student spaces up front - it would be like finding the golden ticket! There is no other college I would rather attend then here at USM!!! SMTTT thanks student printz for keeping it real in the pinebelt! continue to work! xoxo Regarding the soonto-be enforced designated smoking areas, I’d like to point out that smokers are still free Americans and should have certain considerations on campus as well as non-smokers. Okay people, stop getting your panties in a wad over an article that is truthful. Nike shorts, over sized shirts, sunglasses with the fishing cork’s what’s “in” right now. If you like it, own it, and don’t get frustrated with someone who expresses their dislike for those styles.

To see your anonymous comment in The Student Printz, submit it under the ‘Contact’ tab on

Gays barred from giving blood Rachel Beech Printz Writer Any man who admits to having intercourse with another man is banned from donating blood— forever. An anonymous columnist for shared his dilemma. Let’s call him Johnny. Johnny is a gay male and regularly gives blood. Like many of his fellow gay men, he lies when blood associations ask the questions. He gets tested regularly for HIV and other STDs. Johnny is in a committed, monogamous relationship with a partner who also gets tested regularly. At his last doctor’s appointment, his doctor said that his risk of contracting HIV was almost zero. Poor, poor Johnny. Before giving blood, all men are asked if they have had sex, as little as one time, with another man since 1977. This rule has been mandated since the early 1980s, when there were no tests in existence for identifying HIV-positive blood. What’s the risk? The Food and Drug Administration said those men are at increased risk of infection by HIV, which can be transmitted to others by blood transfusion. The ruling, which forbade men to give blood, is the derivative of a 1983 prohibition intended to counter the proliferation of HIV via transfusions. Men aren’t the only victims of this ultra-taboo subject. Gay women are barred from giving blood 12 months suc-

ceeding sexual engagements with another woman. The confusion behind the calamity lies statistically: More gay women carry STDs than gay men. Have the tables turned? Are men getting the short end this time around? Believe it or not, before the 1980s, the Red Cross was not fully aware of the risks of HIV/AIDS. The Red Cross was merely a business, which lacked a dynamite team of biologists, (and the AIDS epidemic hadn’t spread quite yet.) Robert J. Nesselhauf, investigator and auditor for the Red Cross, explained his expertise and experiences with the FDA regarding the controversy. “In the early AIDS days, particularly after the mid-‘80s, my team began inspecting every blood bank, every hospital that collected blood, every blood center in the Red Cross, every plasma center every year,” said Nesselhauf. (So, it was pretty intense.) Basically, there was little room for risks. Thus, the feds felt the need to exclude an entire class of people from donating blood, and the targeted community just so happened to be gay. Even though not all gay men have HIV, AIDS or STDs, the federal government decided prohibiting gay men from donating blood was beneficial to society. Sure, a result of the verdict is decreasing risks of spreading the AIDS epidemic, but the ruling also goes hand in hand with blatant discrimination. Since gays aren’t the only class of people who carry HIV, how is it spread? answers several questions college students may be embarrassed to ask a physician.

MCT Campus

According to Planned Parenthood, HIV is transmitted in blood, bodily fluids, and breast milk. The most common ways HIV is spread are by having sexual intercourse without a condom with someone who has HIV/ AIDS, sharing needles, being deeply punctured with a needle. Babies born to women with HIV/AIDS can get HIV from their mothers during birth or from breastfeeding. HIV is not transmitted by simple casual contact such as kissing, sharing drinking glasses, or hugging. Gays have missed out on a Mecca of opportunities in life, such as joining the Navy or Air Force. Gays are still barred from reaping the same benefits as other individuals solely because of their sexual preference. Here are a few provocative questions: How many people have actually contracted HIV from blood donated by a gay man? And, if gay men aren’t supposed to give blood, what if they simply lied on the questionnaire given prior to the blood donation? If gays can’t give blood, how come other people who are

just as susceptible to contracting diseases have the right? The government has decided that gay men can’t give blood simply because they’re too much of a public threat. In that case, why are prisoners allowed to give blood? Could it be because they’re not a threat to public welfare? Or is it because they’re under the mighty fist of the federal government? Zach Jones, a senior English major, expressed his point of view about all this fuss. “What are we going to do? Hook people up to polygraphs to find out if they’re telling the truth?” said Jones. “I understand where they are coming from, because a homosexual lifestyle is portrayed as a reckless and promiscuous lifestyle. It’s easy to divert attention from heterosexual’s secret sexcapades by pointing the finger at homosexuals.” Naturally, people are concerned about the risk of HIV when donating blood. Health care providers and hospitals in the United States are extremely cautious. Syringes are never used more than once. Blood is always tested before it’s banked. So, today there is practically no risk of getting or spreading HIV by giving or receiving blood. In a perfect world, the question on the prerequisite would be: “Have you ever had sex with a person since 1977?” That would indubitably wipe out a vast majority of blood donors. It’s true. The gay populace has come a long way in the past few decades, but their equal rights are lacking. It’s up to everyone— collectively and individually—to stand up for such a valuable commonality of humankind. This was an article of opinion by Rachel Beech, a writer for The Student Printz. Email questions or comments to rachel.beech@eagles.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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On campus

DIY: dorm décor made easy Heather Baehler Printz Writer When you think of four walls masked in painted cement and old Command strip tidbits left on the wall, one might think, “How could I ever make my room look homey on a college budget?” Here are a few ways set any dorm room apart. Note that these five decorating ideas are “do it yourself,” which makes things a lot cheaper (especially since being a student means borderline destitution). The focal point of the room is primarily the bed, seeing as it’s the biggest piece of furniture. Mix and match bedding from Target, TJ Maxx or Overstock. com. These stores and websites are ideal considering their vast availability and affordability. Comb through thrift stores for fun accent pillows, and don’t forget about that quilt you got from grandma; it might be chic now! Canvases are all rage now, and becoming an impromptu artist is just another step in showing individually in one’s dorm room. Find a print or picture, and print it out. Trace it onto the canvas, and use paints that contrast with the colors of your bedding. For example,

if your bedding is white and black, paint the picture red. Make the pictures stand out as much as possible. Pre-existing artwork such as prints or postcards can also be utilized and framed inexpensively. One can find vintage postcards at antique stores for pennies on the dollar. Also, one of the cheapest things to frame are color swatches from a local home décor store. They’re free and a great way to spice up any room with splashes of color. Another area of a dorm room that is typically neglected, the ceiling, can also be personalized. Hanging decorations from the ceiling is becoming more and more popular. This decor idea is gear toward a more DIY-savvy person, but the end result is cheap and stylish. Styrofoam balls in varying sizes, yarn in any color, small pins, ribbon, tape or tacks are needed. Find the end of the skein of yarn and begin to wrap that end around the Styrofoam ball. The Styrofoam will “grab” the yarn, making it easier to get the wrapping started. Continue to wrap the yarn around the ball, making sure to evenly wrap for good coverage. Wrap until the Styrofoam is sufficiently covered, and voilà. Allow six to eight inches of yarn to hang, then cut the remaining yarn. Take the excess yarn and

Kristy Bruister/Printz

Students in dorms come up with different ways to make their rooms their own.

wrap it around the ball. Tuck the yarn around the already wrapped yarn until it’s secure, making sure the end yarn isn’t sticking out. Then, attach the ribbon for hanging. Determine where to hang the balls and how much yarn is needed for each ball. Take the ribbon and pinch it together at the end. Making sure

the ribbon stays folded (pinched), push a pin through the end of the folded ribbon down into the ball to secure. Push a second pin in for reinforcement. Then, hang it from the ceiling. For more of a floating effect, make the lengths of the ribbon differ from each other. The last and final tip is less is

more, especially when it comes to a dorm room. In a small space, it’s not always about jamming it full of decor. Sometimes simplifying one’s possessions is what actually makes a living space more livable. Lastly, always remember to have fun and be creative!


Student-owned boutique offers designer deals Justin Mitchell Printz Writer Hattiesburg’s fashion scene flourishes with an array of boutiques, liquidator stores and vintage shops. The University of Southern Mississippi’s fashionistas can always count on numerous venues to find that perfect outfit for any occasion. However, USM student Macie Malone’s new boutique, Mostly Macie’s, is something that Hattiesburg has never seen before and offers a new way to shop in the Hub City. On September 3rd, Mostly Macie’s celebrated its grand opening in Turtle Creek Suite, located behind Turtle Creek Mall. Malone, a senior marketing major, said she opened the consignment shop because she has had a “passion for fashion” since a young age. “My mom always said I always talked about opening a boutique when I was a child,” Malone said. Mostly Macie’s is stocked with consigned designer clothing for women, men and children. Malone said her shop is different from other

boutiques in Hattiesburg because it targets every demographic. Mostly Macie’s offers a broad range of brands for women, such as Seven for all Mankind, Citizens for Humanity, Gap, Guess, Steve Madden, Alice + Olivia, Juicy Couture, Ya Ya and BCBG. For example, shoppers have the option of purchasing a Gap dress and a pair of Rock and Republic jeans all in the same location. For the fashion forward man looking for a fresh, inexpensive outfit, Mostly Macie’s carries clothing from Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap and The North Face. Jennifer Lopez’s children ‘s line, as well as clothes from The Children’s Place and Gymboree, can be found throughout the racks as Mostly Macie’s. Aside from clothing, Mostly Macie’s offers sorority and fraternity gear, formal wear, dresses and gowns for prom or date parties and home decor. USM student Brittany Valkenburg’s one-of-a-kind wall art pieces are additionally available for purchase in the consignment shop. Malone expressed that all of

the merchandise available in the store came form various sources around Hattiesburg. Steven McB’s, a boutique located in Oak Grove, offered to help Malone after the annoucement of the store’s opening. “McB’s donated several pieces of unworn clothing to the store,” Malone said. In addition, Malone donated a large portion of clothing from her own closet to stock the store. Three sections of Mostly Macie’s stock came straight from Malone’s own wardrobe. So, how does consignment work at Mostly Macie’s? Customers may call to set up a formal appointment with Malone. From there, Malone will price selected pieces based on the quality and brand of the clothing. When an item sells, Mostly Macie’s will keep 60 percent of the item’s selling price, and the donor receives the remaining 40 percent. Donors’ unsold consigned items will remain in-shop for 90 days. After 90 days, the donor has the option to either donate his or her items to Mostly Macie’s or pick up

Mary Alice Truitt/Printz

Mostly Macie’s, a new consignment boutique in the Turtle Creek shopping center, celebrated its grand opening despite dampening rain showers on September 3, 2011.

his or her items that were not sold. Hartley Domergue, an employee at Mostly Macie’s, recently purchased a pair of PRVCY jeans from her place of employment. “The jeans I bought for fifty dollars here retail for hundreds of dollars in department stores. You literally pay half price or less for clothes

when you shop at Mostly Macie’s. Consignment is the best secret,” Domergue said. Mostly Macie’s is open TuesdayFriday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Those interested in clothing consignment may call 601-366-2008 to schedule an appointment.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hrapmann, Acosta kick Eagles to victory Special teams and defense come through in season opener

Travis Thornell Sports Editor As both teams and fans battled the rain Saturday night, Southern Miss kicker Danny Hrapmann fought cramping. After his first attempt was blocked in the first quarter, the senior booted a 38 yard field goal late in the third quarter to give the Golden Eagles (1-0) a 10-3 lead over Louisiana Tech (0-1). The always reliable Hrapmann was then stricken with cramps, forcing him to sit out until they went away. Hrapmann blamed his cramps on preparation, saying, “It was just lack of preparation on my part. I guess because it was raining, I just assumed I wasn’t sweating. You don’t feel like you need to drink as much and that’s what I did. It came back to get me.” After Louisiana Tech was able to tie the game on a kickoff return for a touchdown, the Southern Miss offense got into field goal range. Hrapmann was still unable to play, so redshirt freshman Corey Acosta stepped in to kick the 25-yarder, giving the Golden Eagles a 13-10 lead in the early part of the fourth quarter. Acosta knocked down a 42-yarder after the Bulldogs scored a touchdown that was set up by a muffed punt by USM. Louisiana

nailed the next one. It says a lot about what that kid did tonight, too,” said coach Larry Fedora. Southern Miss got the ball back and took advantage of pass interference call on the Tech defense to set up the goahead field goal from 49 yards out. Hrapmann made his way out and hit it through the uprights to give USM a 19-17 lead they eventually held to take the season opener. Fedora spoke of the win, saying, “We’ve got a lot of things to work on. We’ve got a lot of room for improvement. I’ve never been Justin Sellers/Printz in a situation Danny Hrapmann, No. 34, kicks the game-winning field goal against Louisiana Tech Satwhere you have a urday night in the season opener. blocked field goal, Tech was ahead 17-16 midway know. But all he did was go out you drop a punt through the fourth quarter. there and kick two in a row. I on the one-yard line and you let a “To be honest, I didn’t even called timeout because we didn’t team return a kickoff for a touchknow that (Acosta) was out there. have the personnel right. He down and you still win the game. It’s probably better that I didn’t nailed it and then came back and It says something about the re-

solve of these players. I’m proud of their effort tonight. The Golden Eagle offense was not able to get much started, but the debut of 4-2-5 defense looked tough to go up against. With Louisiana Tech starting a true freshman at quarterback, the defensive line was able to get after him. The defense did not give up many big plays and the one touchdown they allowed was a one-yard scamper. “We definitely told them [the offense] that we were going to pick them up [tonight]. There are going to be plenty more games that they are going to have to pick us up. It evens out. We know what our offense is capable of doing,” said Cordarro Law, who picked up two sacks on Saturday. Law went on to show appreciation to the more than 22,000 fans who showed up for the rainy game. “We were pretty amped up. With the weather, we weren’t expecting that many people to come out. We would like to thank our fans for coming out, especially the students. It was kind of crazy how they came out to support us,” Law said. The Golden Eagles will be on the road for their conference opener against Marshall Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The game will be televised on CSS.

Football vs. Louisiana Tech

19 Southern Miss Box Score Football:

9/2 vs. La Tech W, 19-17


9/2 vs. Southeast Louisiana W, 3-1


9/2 at Iowa State L, 3-0 9/2 vs. Iowa L, 3-1 9/3 vs. Arizona State L, 3-1

17 Scores from C-USA Saturday

Houston 38, UCLA 34 Tulane 47, Southeastern Louisiana 33 UCF 62, Charleston Southern 0 (12) South Carolina 56, East Carolina 37 UTEP 31, Stony Brook 24 (OT) (24) Texas 34, Rice 9 (1) Oklahoma 47, Tulsa 14 (8) Texas A&M 46, SMU 14 (24) West Virginia 34, Marshall 13

Southern Miss Sports: Upcoming Games 09/09/11 1:00 p.m. Volleyball vs. Marquette Milwaukee Invitational

09/10/11 2:30 p.m. Football at Marshall (CSS) Huntington, W. Va.

09/09/11 4:00 p.m. Soccer vs. Lipscomb Hattiesburg, Miss.

09/11/11 11:00 a.m. Soccer vs. Ark-Pine Bluff Hattiesburg, Miss.

Homecoming Court & Mr. and Miss Southern Miss Applications are now available! Pick one up in the Student Activities Hub, 2nd floor. Applications are due September 9, 2011 Primary Elections will be held on September 27, 2011 Runoff Elections will be held on September 29, 2011



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