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Luke “i heard nori was good for your hair one time and now I eat it all the time” Palermo When I was sitting in my first WVAU general interest meeting my freshman year, I had no idea how I was going to get involved, if at all. Then-art director Eel Fossil was outlining plans for a new WVAU zine and was urging the artistically inclined to get in touch with him. I’d always had a penchant for drawing shit in the margins of my notes, and it seemed like a cool way to wet my toes in the pool of college social life, so I meekly expressed my interest in joining this newfound staff. Fast forward 6 semesters, and now I’m sitting here proudly introducing the sixth gosh dang issue of it and I couldn’t be happier.

Sean “bagel boi/the motherfucker” Carolan WVAU has been the rock of my college experience. It’s gotten me through

Photo by Matt Francisco

tough times, it’s made the bright times shine brighter, and it’s where I’ve made the majority of my friends at AU. I love this station, I love this community, and I love that WVAU is a place where people can come and express themselves through their love of music. The Stream is a visual representation of what we offer this university, this city, this nation, this world, and this whole universe. Let WVAU flow through your mind and your heart as you read these pages and the words our beloved zine staff has written for you.

From the gang It is very difficult to express how proud this zine makes us. What started out as a tiny gang of five lil babies has blossomed into a populous and wonderfully talented staff that never fail to deliver the physical, tangible, page-turnable version of our musical community. The pages before you are the synaesthetic version of our collective musical love. Prepare to be dazzled, friend, and enjoy THE STREAM - ISSUE SIX!!!

WVAU DJ Sche Sunday


12am–1am Musicals You Didn’t Do in High School w/ Mercedes Blankenshi 1am–2am Slntd and Enchntd w/Jacob Sobel 9am-10am The Warehouse w/Matthew Francisco 10am–12pm Off the Beaten Path w/ Caroline Gorra 12pm–1pm Eclectic Essence w/Amanda Hodes & Ellie Klausmeyer 2pm–3pm The AU Era w/Anand Srinivasan 3pm–4pm Folk the System w/Olivia Donohue & Brandon Breazeale 4pm–5pm Undercurrent w/Delaney Balderas 5pm-6pm Refried Beats w/Megan Mowery 6pm–7pm The Garage w/Ryan McAvoy & Brian Schoener 7pm–8pm C.R.E.A.M. (Cereal Rules Everything Around Me) w/Kayla Eaton & 8pm–10pm D.C. Beach Goth Party w/Sofia Piedrahita 10pm–11pm Adults!!! (A Subsidiary of SNL) w/Luke Palermo 11pm–12am Life on Mars? w/Matty Henry & Meredith Bartley

12am–1am Heavy Hitters w/Brandon Ermer 1am–2am Age of Aquarius w/April Dietrich 8am–9am Captain Insane-o’s World Door w/Nicholas Cervone & Rael Griffin 9am–11am Soundtrack to Our Lives w/Rachael Ferroni & Hannah Solus 11am–12pm What the Folk w/Madden McDonagh 12pm–1pm Pacific Blues w/Emma Watry 1pm–2pm Happy Hour w/Chloe Kim 2pm–4pm i-NinetyJive w/Allison Desy & Jordan Miller 4pm–6pm Juiceless Orange w/Barbara Martinez 6pm–8pm Seanshank Redemption (A Subsidiary of SNL) w/Sean Carolan 8pm–10pm songs to water your plants to w/Shannon McDermott 10pm–12am The Shadow of Tomorrow w/Robbie G


12am–1am soft power w/Owen Robinson 1am–2am CBGB LIVES! w/Abigail Roberts 8am–9am Iántiān w/Lindsay Maizland 9am–10am Poetic Justice w/Alyssa Moncure 10am–11am The Hollow w/Caleb Gleit 11pm–12pm Real Talk with Tom w/Thomas Edwards 12pm–1pm The Jazz Constitution w/Austin Jaffe 1pm–2pm Radiotone for the Painfully Alone w/Ben Begas 2pm–3pm Troposphere w/Luke FitzHarris & Kyle Chandler 3pm–5pm Future Nostalgia w/Dani Rosen 5pm–6pm Avant Garbage w/Carolyn Schneider & Conor MacVarish 6pm–8pm Hearts & Charts w/Kathleen Lovito 8pm–10pm Pulmonary Poison w/Ali Newhard 10pm–12am I Thought There Would Be Cameras w/Will Goodwin


9am–10am Cloud 95.5 w/Tyler Perr 10am–12pm That’s Beautiful, Dad w 12pm–1pm Chairman Meow w/Gab 1pm–2pm Eclectic Relaxation w/Me 2pm–4pm Basement People w/Alli V 4pm–5pm Spoops & Crepps w/Jenn 5pm–7pm For the Culture w/Tristan 7pm–9pm Psychedeldosa w/Nancy 9pm–11pm The Turnup w/Gabey Ba 11pm–12am Ton of Fun w/Ricard Va

edule Fall 2016 Monday


& Kashish Ali

12am–1am The Crypt w/Louis Potashnik 1am–2am Carioca w/Nicola Vigio 8am–9am Monster Mash w/ Bailey Cunningham 9am–11am Theme Park w/Natasha Quinones & Cate Pierson 11am–12pm B-sides & Barbeque w/Skylar Tucker 12pm–1pm Rhythm & Avenues w/the Blasian Duo (Sofia Kim & Kiera Waites) 1pm–2pm Musical Esperanto w/Nils Franco 2pm–3pm Dad Bod w/Amanda Jagus 3pm–4pm The Wrong Impression w/Julia Gollin 4pm–5pm Pass Me the Aux w/Calkie Fisseha 5pm–6pm Feelin’ and Healin’ w/Amelia Covington 6pm–7pm The Trap House w/Emily Langlois 7pm–8pm Onda Obscura w/Izzi McDonnell 8pm–9pm General Electronica w/Bella Lucy 9pm–10pm The Savage Patch Kids w/Patrick Haggerty & Brooke Evans 10pm–11pm Shades of Rebellion w/Emily Pound 11pm–12am Soundtrack, Reimagined w/Aubrey Gelpieryn


12am–2am Grim.Grind.Gore w/John Hackney 8am–9am The Black House w/Ryan Shepard 9am–10am Monterey GlastonRoo PaLooMan w/Emily Johnson & Charlotte Ruda 10am–11am Fess Up w/Meghan Nash & Hazel Martin 11am–1pm Sounds From the Verge w/Jose Alvarado 1pm–3pm Low-Fat K2 w/Maddy Thigpen 3pm–4pm Juice Radio w/Natasha Zastko 4pm–5pm Dizzy’s Northwest Lounge Club w/Matt Reise 5pm–6pm Chicken Soup for the Soul w/ Christine Miyashiro 6pm–7pm BEST IN SHOW w/Lauren Peressini & Tessa Dolt 7pm–8pm latent content w/Lina Alam 8pm–10pm Deep Sighs w/Ian Evans 10pm–12am MoMA of Truth w/Evan Greenberg

ry w/George Marschall + Eric Rosenthal briel Marcus elan Shannon Vega & Emily Carlson ny Bernardi & Calvin Ellison n Ralph & Caitlin Williams Chong aby Vasquez-Salgado


9am–10am ~Peanut Butter Jams~ w/Eowyn Fain 10am–11am On the Come Up w/Sean McCarthy 11am–12pm Endless Summer of Love w/Alexander Healy & Tyler Lin 12pm–1pm Stuck in the Asylum w/Brady Moore 1pm–3pm Bold Soundz w/Max Gowan & Erzsebet Helmeczy 3pm–4pm Why We Listen w/Alex Brown 4pm–5pm Hyphy Nation w/Eleanor Murray-Mendelson 5pm–6pm Psychadelic Nexus w/Sydney Morrow-Lea 6pm–7pm Finding Fergie w/John Oldham 7pm–8pm hannamix w/Hana Braverman 8pm–10pm Swingin’ Evenings w/Matt Bunce

Spread by: Suah Cheong

DJ Profile:

Sofia Kim & Keira Waites

“Keira Waites (Business and Entertainment Major with focus on film) and Sofi Kim (Film Major and WGSS minor) are both Sophomores and DJs for ‘Rhythm and Avenues’ playing every Monday 12-1pm.”

“Our show is about exploring the evolutio We’re celebrating the fact that while the s about the sound has changed from decad earthy dance-hall tunes to brooding atmos stayed the same.”

“We always gravita for how warm and part of who we all part of our relation and dancing, and s now to have a platf too.”

on of R&B from the 70s onwards. sound may have changed so much de to decade (sexy slow jams to spheric) the soul of the genre has

ated towards the WVAU community and we’re super grateful welcoming everyone has been. Music is such an intimate are, and such a huge community creator. Music was a big nship and how we initially bonded (we were always singing screaming over songs together) so its been really wonderful tform to get to share that with cool people who love music

Spread by Nana Gongadze & Scott Mullins

fia m

Jams By Suah Cheong

Music follows me around as if I were the protagonist of a crappy mid-2000s teen angst movie directed by a 40-something-year-old man who is desperately trying to create relatable material for youths. Everything I do is set to a soundtrack I can’t turn off. No matter how depressing, exciting, frustrating, or mundane my life feels, there are always a handful of songs that perfectly fit the occasion. Here are some of them. The first playlist I’ve put together is made up of tunes I use to motivate myself in the morning, and the second one has songs that help me wind down at night.


Deceptacon / Le Tigre Harry Dean / SWMRS Wake Bake Skate / FIDLAR Do You Want To / Franz Ferdinand One Week Of Danger / The Virgins New Song / Warpaint Like Smoke / Amy Winehouse, Nas I Used To Love Him / Ms. Lauryn Hill Complexion (A Zulu Love) / Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody I’m Every Woman / Chaka Khan, Lew Hahn Revival / Deerhunter Knock ‘Em Out / Lily Allen Valerie – Version Revisited / Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse Pedestrian At Best / Courtney Barnett Waiting Room / Fugazi Do You / Spoon I Have Been To The Mountain / Kevin Morby Waitress Song / First Aid Kit Soul Meets Body / Death Cab for Cutie Inhaler / Foals


Highschool Lover / Air Rose Blood / Mazzy Star Voilà / Françoise Hardy A Change Is Gonna Come / Sam Cooke Yesterday / The Beatles Avril 14th / Aphex Twin Some Unholy War – Down Tempo / Amy Winehouse Wet Dreamz / J. Cole Strange Fruit / Billie Holiday The Stall / Warpaint Modern Soul / James Blake Andante Spianato, Op. 22 / Frédéric Chopin Warm Waves / Observer Drift Reprise / Grizzly Bear I Can’t Get Started / Ella Fitzgerald Love Is A Losing Game / Amy Winehouse Oh! Darling / The Beatles Fade Into You / Mazzy Star Just Another / Pete Yorn A Case Of You / James Blake

In early November, just days after a stressful election, Meghan and I made our way to the Howard Theater to go see one of our all-time faves, L.A. skate-punk band FIDLAR, as well as opening bands The Frights and SWMRS. San Diego garage punk band The Frights was the first opener at the show. The band played both older songs and songs off of their most recent album, “You Are Going to Hate This”. Band members expressed their disappointment in the results of the election and encouraged the crowd to let go of politics for the next few hours. Next on the lineup was Oakland punk rock band, SWMRS. Fans roared in support when they saw the words “Fuck Trump” scribbled on vocalist and guitarist Cole Becker’s shirt. Between songs, he led the crowd in anti-Trump chants. During the final song, “Drive North”, Cole Becker replaced some of the lyrics with “I hate misogyny, I hate racism, I hate Donald Trump,” which was met with wild cheer. FIDLAR immediately had the crowd jumping and screaming lyrics. The audience was wild with spirit and dozens of fans stage dove during each song. Lead singer and guitarist Zac Carper chirped “thank you!” in a comical, high-pitched voiced between songs. He also expressed his frustration at the recent presidential election and led the crowd in more anti-Trump chants. The band played several fan favorites, including “40oz. On Repeat”, “No Waves”, “Cheap Beer”, “West Coast”, “Cocaine”, “Wake Bake Skate”, and “Sober”. FIDLAR’s set in D.C. was a perfect display of the qualities that make them unique and so wellloved by fans across the globe. The band’s simple, raw lyrics depict both complicated and mundane universal experiences. FIDLAR screams about frustrating life occurrences and their music serves as a healthy outlet for listeners going through the same situations. All three bands played fantastic sets and gave D.C. residents a much needed stress reliever.

Wise Words From Zac Carper Q: What’s your songwriting process like? Is it more of a collaborative process or do you guys write on your own and then bring it to the band? A: I’ll probably just make a demo, and then bring it to the guys, who can add their flavor to it– you know what I mean? It kind of just bounces around, from time to time. There’s not really a set way we do things. Q: FIDLAR has influenced a lot of up-and-coming punk bands. Who are some of your influences, either personally or as a band? A: I just remember having all these mix CDs of Cyprus Hill and Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys, and shit like that. A lot of those sort of bands were influencing me, a lot of hip hop and rock. The one band though that has stuck with me through the years is probably Green Day. Q: You produced SWMRS’ “Drive North”. In an interview with Canadian music blog AMBY, they said, “He found a way to abusively bring out the best in us.” Can you describe that experience from your perspective? A: Okay. Here’s the fucking 411 on that shit. These kids, nowadays, and look– I’m gonna sound like an old man here, but they’re like, “yeah yeah yeah Zac, we practiced it. We got it down man.” I get up there– and they don’t have the fucking song down! They’re all playing different things! One time, I was like, alright, just jam. And they looked and me and were like, “oh, we don’t know how to jam.” How do you not know how to jam? Like these kids nowadays man, they don’t wanna jam, they don’t wanna fucking put the time in, they just wanna be on fucking Instagram– get them likes and all that shit. But look, those guys are like family to me. I’ll always work with them and support them. They’re extremely talented, they just drive me fucking insane sometimes– mainly because I pushed them harder than they’re probably used to being pushed. It’s amazing that they let me do it. I feel like people in general don’t like getting out of their comfort zone. But to me, that’s what making a record is about. Q: Your last album, “Too”, came out about a year ago. Are you working on any new music, or are you giving yourselves more time to tour this album? A: I just started writing. I’m excited! Each record has like a different theme, and on each one we kinda try different things, you know? Some of these songs I’m writing now, I showed a manager the other day, and he was like, “dude. this is stadium rock.” Q: My playlists have been getting really stale. What bands do I need to check out? A: Have you heard of this band called Violent Soho? Cause bruh, your mind’s about to be blown! They seriously changed my fucking life dude, it’s crazy! This band is so massive in Australia. They don’t break in America, but they’re just amazing dudes. Check out their records “Hungry Ghost” and “Waco”. My other recommendations are “How to Be a Human Being” by Glass Animals and “Take Control” by Slaves. Spread by: Suah Cheong & Meghan Nash

TOBACCO does not stray far from the electronic norm in his most recent album Sweatbox Dynasty. He opens the album with dark, influennal electronic beats and robooc vocals that seem to vicariously live on through every song in the album. He balances the dark beats with upbeat synths and rhythmic tape machine sounds. Much of his work radiates a retro vibe as if it could fit perfectly in the background of a video game. Many of the beats were beauufully put together whereas others seemed to give off too much of a scratchy sound that jumped Recommended Tracks: 4, 10 & 11 around. Overall, this album has the ability to encapsulate mullple genres into one RIYL: Arca, Sam Gellaitry cohesive work. and Com Truise Album Review by Ezra Herrera

Album Review by Melissa Weinstein

Recommended Tracks : 2, 4 & 9

RIYL: Damien Jurado, The Head And The Heart, Blind Pilot

Spreads by Rebecca Sakaguchi

Sweatbox Dynasty

Meet the folks who made this zine! Rebecca “???” Sakaguchi studies comp sci and graphic design while sleeping with the koi fishes in the basement of teaism

Elly “Ellykah Badu” Murray-Mendelson is a freshman from San Francisco, California majoring in communication studies. She spends her free time taking photos, finding underground hip hop, and napping. Her favorite artists include Anderson .Paak and Kehlani

allison “lizard dad” desy is an soc student who spends her days doing makeup and playing with her gecko named bean!!

Suah “¯\_(`-`)_/¯” Cheong is a chicken product made from either meat slurry or chicken breasts cut to shape, breaded or battered, then deep-fried or baked

Caleb “Leb” Gleit saw Capital Cities in concert. It was dangerous - but he came out Safe and Sound

Meg “bigdaddymeg, young cochina, the niña that loves to feel, meg i have lice.jpg, the littlest adobo” Mowery has been small and writing for as long as she can remember. being supermodel thin comes with some complications around strong winds, but she makes up for it by weighing herself down with hoops in her ears at all times. she’s a gal who loves jazz, funk, disco, and a piping hot peppermint tea

Nana “Tina Belcher” Gongadze is a PR/art history major who has managed to achieve a lot despite the fact that she can’t afford Photoshop

Bella “what case are numbers?” Lucy is in her third year of perfecting avocado toast. She may or may not have run her fastest mile chasing after a dog

Izzi McDonnell Izzi is a PR and Spanish student who eats way too much avocado, loves dystopian novels and ecofeminism. In an alternate universe her parents would be Frida Kahlo and D’Angelo, and her cool aunt would be Margaret Atwood

Kyle “lives on the roof” Mendelsohn everything’s on fire,baby!! Meghan “still in a time loop” Nash is fastening her seatbelt Rebecca “owns more paint sets than shoes” Callaghan is a 22 year old woman from Philadelphia suburbs. She enjoys wasting her money on art supplies, and dressing in clothes that tells everyone “Hey, I either ride horses for a living or I steal suit jackets from very tall men”. She thinks more people should listen to The National. It sounds like what your brain probably sounded like in senior year of high school, which is sad and profoundly incomprehensible. Rebecca assumes everyone was sad and confused in high school. prove her wrong. or don’t. she doesn’t care

Claire “a ghost lives in my backpack” Osborn is a design major that needs more sleep and an apple juice. She hopes to one day dissolve into the abyss

Scott “this lighting is awful” Mullins is a retired high school student finding his true self in the halls of MGC

N O H LOP ted and

CO s crea reativity a w e is zin and c

th ove l h t i lks... w o f d e e t n cura ese fi zine staff!! h t m fro 2016 l l a F he meet t Caleb


Photo by Matt Francisco Design by Bella Lucy












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