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Greetings and salutations, Welcome to volume nine of The Stream! Volume nine–WOW! I can’t believe we’ve already come this far! I am unfathomably proud of my hardworking staff and their impeccably designed zine spreads. You might think that it’s an easy, breezy thing to draw a couple of doodles and write some sentences about music, but I can tell you firsthand that this is not the case. From start to finish, creating spreads for the zine requires a great deal of creativity and dedication. It is a true miracle that we manage to pull this off every semester! So reader, I really hope you enjoy flipping through our pages. We had so much fun putting them together! Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to take a well-deserved break and then get started on volume ten. In the meantime, don’t forget to tune in on See you soon!



Cover art by Suah Cheong, Oakey Daskas, Cam Diagonale, Nana Gongadze, & Elly Mendelson

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A note from the Art Director A letter from the GMs Spring 2018 show schedule Veteran DJ profile: Anying New DJ profile: Laela Diet Cig concert review Six tiny playlists for six big moods Girlpool @ Black Cat Rackspin review: Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue Rackspin review: Born Ruffians First thing in the morning What are you most ashamed to have in your library? Sonic prozac So you like surf rock? I’m still not over Amy Winehouse Photos from ‘All the Stars’ Prom Rackspin review: Soccer Mommy Photos from Capitol Boogie A spotlight on WVAU’s 2017/2018 freshman class What is your favorite song to sob to? A forest fire: Lorde & Mitski tribute Brent Faiyaz @ Union Stage Fruits as songs Songs about growth Brockhampton concert review (Our second) Diet Cig concert review Colophon


Dear readers, What better way to showcase the immense creativity and talent in WVAU than our zine. We are constantly overwhelmed by the passion of the zine staff and our beloved art director, Suah. WVAU has been lucky to have such an incredible artist in charge of our graphics and zine for the past year and a half. This semester has gone by too quickly. Prom, Capitol Boogie with Ravyn Lenae, and the Black Panther listening party were all incredibly successful events and we could not be prouder. Further additions and improvements have been made to the station including a new amplifier, logo, and stickers. Now we have the Stream Volume 9! None of this could have happened without the dedication of all WVAU executive board members and the enthusiasm of the WVAU community– you! It feels like yesterday when we were applying for our first shows at WVAU. Through WVAU, we have no only found best friends, but also a healthy relief from some of the pressures at AU. It is an organization that allows us to share and create musical content while helping in processing this transitional point of our lives. Had we not found WVAU as first year students, it would be difficult to imagine how different our lives would be today. Since our arrival, however, the station has evolved. We hope that we have helped encourage this growth by planting seeds that our successors will nurture and turn into beautiful plants and flowers. As our time comes to a close in this organization, it is our hope that people continue to find a home in WVAU. So please look at this zine! If this is something you find interesting or would like to contribute, join WVAU! It has been an incredible honor to lead the radio station this year. Thank you for the privilege, Ian + Emily













Girlpool is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California. They have released two full length albums (Before the World Was Big & Powerplant) and one EP (Girlpool). Here they are at Black Cat on February 7th, 2018. Photos by Brian Harrington














Amy Winehouse is my favorite singer of all time, and– if we’re being honest– probably the longest friend I’ve ever had. Since I first discovered her music when I was ten, she has never let me down. No matter what painfully specific mood I’m in, I can always find a relatable Amy song. If you’re not super familliar with her music, then this is the playlist for you! Here are (in no particular order) some songs you definitely need to hear before you die:


On Saturday, March 31st, 2018, we all headed over to Uptown Arthouse for WVAU prom! The theme was “all the stars,� so we dressed up as our astrological signs (or as celebrities who share our signs). Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!










2017 / 2018 Freshman Class

Say hello to WVAU’s 2017/2018 freshman class! Julia, Matthew, Milo, and Pedraam became DJs as first semester freshmen, and we think they deserve to be celebrated! Flip the page to read more about them... 39

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri Notable accomplishments: My initials are basically JZ, so I am, in turn, basically Jay-Z. I went to state– for clarinet– every year in high school. Also, if there was a diagnosis for being addicted to going to concerts, I would have that disease. Social media: @juliaw_z on everything I’m currently listening to... way too much of The Smiths, per the usual for me, but also Denzel Curry weirdly enough, Beach House, Wild Nothing and SURVIVE Show info: Phantasmagoria Sunday nights at 11 p.m.

Notable accomplishments: 12 bands and counting Social Media: @Sumfortypun on Insta, trevors.regret on Snapchat Hometown: Darnestown, MD I’m currently listening to... Alone by Thee Headcoats Show Info: Thee Trashcan, Tuesdays @ 5 PM


Hometown: Westport, CT Notable Accomplishments: best music historian in a 5 foot vicinity Social Media: @matthewchinitz I’m currently listening to... the moon and Antarctica by Modest Mouse Show Info: Old Time Rock and Roll, Sunday at 6 to 7

Hometown: Washington DC Notable accomplishments: Owner of a Coogi sweater, lead singer of a King Krule cover band, was followed by Lil B on Twitter before following him Social Media: @capfaicon on Twitter, @juugapatow on Instagram I’m currently listening to... Daniel Johnston, Chris Travis, Candlemass, U.S. Girls, Velial Squad Show Info: WITCHING HOUR, Thursdays (technically Friday mornings) from 12-1AM 41






Brent Faiyaz is an R&B singer and a native of Columbia, Maryland. You probably recognize his voice from the song “Crew” by Goldlink! He performed at Union Stage on February 9th, 2018 as a part of his “Sonder Son” tour. Photos by Aaliyah Lambert








Maya Acharya is a senior and if Grim, Billy, and Mandy were one person.

Ruby Baden is from Baltimore, Maryland. She is double majoring in journalism and unemployment.

Gwendolyn Bishop is a sophomore studying public health who loves to play ukulele at 3 in the morning. Maria Carrasco is a junior that claims she listens to a lot of music but really just exclusively listens to Mitski and Car Seat Headrest. Suah Cheong is a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. Maddi Cole is a sophomore studying the art of the taco instead of her real major, Political Science.

Allison Desy has been tired since 1997

Cam Diagonale is a sophomore from NC who has an undying love for rice pudding. 54

Nana Gongadze is a sophomore art history & indie rock wonk from Washington, DC.

Every time you read a news article describing a ‘crazy Floridian man’, that’s Israel Herrera

Elly Mendelson is a San Francisco native and comm studies major who listens to a lot of r&b and naps too much.

Camille Perrault is a sophomore working towards her goal of staying in every friday and saturday night

Thea Persaud is a sophomore who loves photography and stress naps Born and raised in LA, Sofia Piedrahita is passionate about justice, Latino political engagement, music, n’ thrifting. She has still not learned how to smile properly for photos nor how to style her hair. Ann Schmidt is a bird of paradise attempting to make it through the winter

Emily Shelton is a rose bud soon to bloom and a true corgi enthusiast.

“Fish are friends not food.” –Anand Srinivasan 55

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