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4 October 2010




4 October 2010




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The essential report from the successful show 14 pages of news, reviews and comment from the event that nearly never was... pages 35 - 48

“Harrogate is to flooring, what Wimbledon is to tennis.”

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The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

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THE WOOL WEEK GALLERY 2010 Top companies show why wool is worth it! See for yourself on pages 54 - 62

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Flooring factsheet Carpet care guide from WOOLSAFE The WOOLSAFE Mark has gone Green! The WOOLSAFE Organisation has teamed up with ecolabelling authorities Green Seal and EcoLogo in North America, to enable those WOOLSAFE approved products that are ecologically responsible to be recognised and promoted as such.

Regular Maintenance Regular cleaning will extend the life of a carpet and maintain its appearance.Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly, which removes gritty dirt that can damage the fibres. Deal with spillages as soon as possible, preferably the moment they occur.

Periodic Cleaning When the carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could do with a really good clean, you can either do the job yourself, or you can call in a specialist carpet cleaning company. If you are considering cleaning the carpet or rug yourself make sure to use only WOOLSAFE-approved products. Look for this mark on the bottle or package:

WOOLSAFE-approved carpet care products have been independently and scientifically tested and are safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining all types of carpets and rugs.

The Green WOOLSAFE Mark identifies those products that not only are the most suitable for wool and other quality carpets, but also have the right environmental characteristics.

General Rules for Spot Removal

Housekeeping Tips for Carpets and Rugs Entrance or walk-off mats The use of entrance mats at all outside entrances to the house is highly recommended, as they will significantly reduce the rate at which the carpet will soil.They should be of adequate size to allow street dirt to be removed from shoe soles and must be cleaned regularly themselves. Protective treatments Many carpets come with a protective fibre treatment to reduce problems with staining and soiling.These treatments, while effective in many ways, are not bullet-proof and will eventually wear off. Quick response to spills and regular cleaning is still required. Carpets that have no protector applied by the manufacturer can be treated after installation on the floor by a WOOLSAFE accredited carpet cleaning company. (To find the nearest WOOLSAFE Certified Operator in your area visit our website: and go to the PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDER section.) Beware of products claiming to be safe on all fibres, including wool. It might be true, but if it does not have the WOOLSAFE mark, it is not endorsed by most carpet manufacturers!

Treatments 1.

Blot with white kitchen roll or paper tissues


Vacuum clean


Cold water


Warm water


WOOLSAFE-approved carpet shampoo solution (diluted)


WOOLSAFE-approved spot remover for water-based stains


WOOLSAFE-approved spot remover for greasy/oily stains

• BLOT, do NOT rub


Absorbent paper or paper tissue and hot iron

• Use small quantities of spot remover at a time, applied to a cloth, NOT directly to the spot; work into the spot with a small, soft brush or sponge


Chewing gum remover (solvent or freeze type)

• Take care with applying solvents to bitumen-backed carpet tiles

12. Surgical spirit (ethyl alcohol or ethanol)

• When using solvents always ensure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation

14. Rub gently with coarse sand paper

• Soak up liquids with white kitchen roll, tissues, toilet roll or clean cloth • Scoop up or scrape off solids • Try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment – if unsure, use solvent first • Always work from the edge of the spot inwards

• Always thoroughly rinse out water-based spotters with clean water • Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer


10. Nail varnish remover or acetone 11. White spirit or turpentine substitute 13. Rub with a coin 15. WOOLSAFE-approved disinfectant or deodorizer 16. Rust remover 17. Carpet re-colouring kit (Treatments used by professional carpet cleaners)


maintenance • cleaning • spot removal • protection • inspection Never use any detergents such as dishwashing liquids, soaps or other cleaners recommended for general household use. Although they may clean the carpet satisfactorily they will almost certainly cause problems such as rapid re-soiling, colour bleeding or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet.

They are fully qualified to investigate carpet and rug complaints on-site on behalf of carpet manufacturers, retailers, cleaning companies and carpet owners.They can carry out or commission tests where required, and will provide comprehensive reports.

To contact an inspector in your area call 0800 731 5688, email:, or visit: It is best to engage the services of a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning / Private Householder / Registered Inspectors company.To get a really expert job done entrust the work to a WOOLSAFE accredited carpet cleaning company. For information These companies are fully trained, have On a WOOLSAFE Certified Carpet Cleaning Company been in business for a considerable nearest to you, length of time, are members of one or more recognised A free copy of the Directory of WOOLSAFE Certified professional trade associations related to the cleaning Professional Carpet Cleaners, industry and have a reputation for top quality service. And A free copy of the Directory of Registered Carpet they use only WOOLSAFE-approved cleaning agents on Inspectors, your wool carpets and rugs!

• •

WOOLSAFE Approved Carpet Cleaning Products

Home of the Legendary Cleaning Product - Carpet Power

Life inspired cleaning innovations

If you have a problem with a carpet or rug that requires an independent inspector, a network of carpet complaint investigators, trained and registered by The WOOLSAFE Organisation is available throughout the UK and Ireland. WOOLSAFE Registered Inspectors have extensive experience in investigating the causes for carpet complaints based on their practical involvement with carpets and rugs over many years.

• Or just advice on anything to do with carpet care, contact: The WOOLSAFE Organisation 49 Boroughgate, Otley, LS21 1AG, Tel: 01943 850 817 E-mail: or visit:

Difficult Spots Spot or stain

Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd

Artificially coloured drinks 3

Easy Spots





C/heating radiator fluid


6 6

Spot or stain

Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd






Felt-tip pen

7 or 11 12

Burn/scorch marks



Furniture polish





Glue/adhesive (plastic base)10

Candle wax



Ink (fountain)


Ink (ballpoint pen)








Chewing gum










2 15




Nail varnish



Paint (oil)






Tar (asphalt)


Urine (fresh stain)



Urine (old stain)






Red wine




Fruit juice



Gravy and sauces



Herbal tea



Metal polish





Oil and grease



Paint (emulsion)



Shoe polish












Floor wax



3 5

Environmentally Aware for Superior Carpet Care


Cola Egg

The Clean Carpet you Expect... the Service you Deserve


These may require repeated attempts with stronger spot removers. Some stains you may find impossible to remove completely in which case the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner is required.

Vacuum Cleaners the Choice of Cleaning Professionals

British Wool makes a Better Carpet... Naturally

This information is provided with the support of WOOLSAFE members for the benefit of all carpet retailers and fitters.


Flooring factsheet Carpet trouble-shooter COLOUR MATCHING


Carpets are produced in batches - known as creels - and usually each batch produces between 500m2 - 3000m2 in a single width, depending on the creel size.Whilst the recipe used by the dyer remains constant, and is followed to the letter, in each separate production the colour reproduction will vary from batch to batch. However production is matched back to the original or master sample to ensure that the colour remains ‘within a commercial tolerance’.

Occasionally an odd tuft or two can work its way to the surface and stand proud of the rest of the pile. This is probably due to one end of the tuft being longer than the other i.e. J shaped tuft instead of V shaped. Remedial action merely requires that the offending tufts be scissor trimmed level with the rest of the pile. They should never be pulled out.

This process if not an exact science and a commercial tolerance is subjective but nevertheless is usually the professional judgement of the head dyer based on his/her experience.

Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at differing angles resulting in the creation of light and dark patches on the carpet.This will occur on all pile fabrics but can be more noticeable on plainer carpets because the shadows created by pile pressure will not be disguised by a heavy pattern or design.

A greater level of tolerance is required on blended colours (Heathers etc).To ensure perfect colour matching it is advisable that a single width be used in any installation requiring exact colour matching. N.B. Carpets which are laid with the pile travelling in different directions, even though they be from the same batch will appear not to match. For further information please check with the manufacturers recommendations.

SAMPLES The samples held by individual retailers may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

SHEDDING The original carpet tile

All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’. The effect varies with yarn type and may be removed without detrimental effect upon the carpet by vacuum cleaning. This excess fibre is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the carpet.


This information is given by responsible manufacturers to help you help your customer to make an informed choice.


• shedding • pulled loops

Pulled loops occur only in looped pile carpet where one or more loops in the continuous pile is pulled through the primary backing of the carpet.This is usually due to some local condition, possibly some sharp object which has caught in a loop in situ and has resulted in a pull. Pulled loops are easily dealt with by trimming the offending end level with the rest of the pile.They should not be left as this could result in further loops being pulled and developing into a ladder.


STATIC Carpets do not produce static but like other household fabrics and objects have the capacity to store it. Static is caused by the build up of static electricity upon personnel in a dry environment and is discharged when a person makes contact with an object which can conduct electricity (i.e. door handle or filing cabinets, etc). The static charges will vary in intensity depending upon the individual, air humidity and the contact materials. Static is more usually associated with synthetic materials as they do not retain moisture very well but it can and does occur with wool in very dry room conditions. Preventative measures include the introduction of moisture into the room or in situ carpet treatment.

FADING ON WOOL Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use. The degree of fade can vary depending on the colour chosen and the local conditions to which the carpet is subjected. Fading can be caused by exposure to ultra violet light which is found in daylight, but is accelerated when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet.This has the effect of lightening or “Bleaching” the colour just as exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair.Wool is after all animal hair. Protection should be given to carpets exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics. A complaint on fading would be considered justified if it failed to meet the required shade standard when tested to the British Standard BS1006 (1990).


• sprouting • shading • static • fading • pile reversal • shedding • flattening • soiling




Flattening will occur as a result of traffic which eventually flattens the pile particularly in the main areas of use. All pile fabrics will flatten to greater or lesser degree dependant on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction (tuft density/pile fibre/height/weight) of the product concerned.

Like shading, this occurs when the pile or nap of the carpet changes direction and thus reflects light at different angles showing the effects of shading which can become permanent. It is also described as ‘watermarking’.This can happen to every carpet construction be it Axminster, Wilton, Tufted, Hand Woven, Persian, Chinese, Indian or even Coir Matting. Like shading it can be more apparent on plain carpet because heavy patterns can disguise the effects. It can occur quite quickly after installation. A tremendous amount of research has been carried out over many years by many institutes to determine the cause of this phenomenon but none of it has proved conclusive. There is no commonly known manufacturing process which can cause or cure this phenomenon and therefore it is not a manufacturing fault. For further information please check with individual manufacturers recommendations.

INDENTATIONS When a carpet is subjected to a heavy point load, such as under the legs of furniture, it is unreasonable to expect the carpet not to indent. Usually, the longer the load is in place, the longer will be the time for the pile to recover. In the case of very heavy loads in place for a considerable time, the recovery time can be very considerable. It must be remembered that it is not only the pile of the carpet that becomes indented. the underlay will also indent and the backing of the carpet may also distort into the indentation in the underlay. Some underlay’s will recover well and some less well depending upon their composition, thickness, density etc. The use of cups below furniture legs can spread the load and the net result is a larger area of less deeply indented carpet. The ability of a carpet to recover from a heavy static load can be measured in the laboratory, using the test method described in BS 4939 and many manufacturers will have data on this aspect of carpet performance. In this test the carpet is loaded for 24 hours and the degree of recovery is measured after 1 hour and 24 hours. Since there are so many different underlay’s however, it is very rare for the recovery from a heavy static load to be evaluated on carpet and underlay. Often normal maintenance (vacuum cleaning with a rotating brush machine) will speed up recovery but in the case of serious indentations the use of an iron and damp cloth or a steam iron together with a blunt darning needle to carefully tease up the pile can be beneficial. Care must be take not to over wet the carpet, of course.

SOILING Soiling is usually the result of some local condition to which the carpet has been subjected to, or maintenance, or lack of maintenance programme. There is nothing we as manufacturers can do to prevent soiling in use. There are several types of soiling which are quite common:

Spillages - Liquids such as soft drinks, cordials or any drink which contains sugar, particularly hot drinks, is likely to leave a stain. In such instances, professional help should be sought.

Shampoo - if incorrectly applied, can leave

sticky soap residues in the fibres which can result in the soiling reappearing quite rapidly.


- which is carried on draughts can soil carpets in various ways, apart from the obvious soiled edges, at gaping skirting boards for instance, dark lines appearing on surface might suggest airborne dust vacuum-drawn through poorly fitted floorboards. Sometimes the shape of floorboards can be seen quite clearly. Air borne dust sometimes shows itself as spots on the carpet, this is due to the air carried on a draught under the carpet escaping through minute holes both in the underlay and the carpet, leaving dust deposited on the pile much like a filter action. In such installations, the use of a lining paper is essential as a preventative measure. It is the responsibility of the retailer to advise the consumer when the carpet is measured of any poorly fitting doors, skirtings, or floorboards and the consumers responsibility to ensure any remedial work to seal draughts, is carried out before the carpet is fitted, if a resulting complaint is to be avoided.

INSTALLATIONS Telephone National Institute of Carpet Fitters (NICF) for further information – 0115 958 3077.

This information is given by responsible manufacturers to help you help your customer to make an informed choice.



Flooring Factsheet Adhesives



Flooring factsheet Wool fibre THE BEST CARPET WOOL Wool carpets have a historic reputation for quality because as a fibre it is known to withstand pressure and have excellent appearance retention properties.The best wool for carpet production is ‘strong’ wool and this is grown on sheep breeds found in Britain and New Zealand. Most carpets will contain both British Wool and New Zealand Wool because British Wool is more bulky and resilient and offers texture and unique heathery shades to carpet, whilst New Zealand wool is softer and whiter and particularly good for plain, lighter shaded ranges. Combining the two within a blend for carpet yarn gives manufacturers the perfect qualities for carpet. 100% wool or 80/20 – 80/10/10 wool rich Wool has yet to be matched by any man-made fibre; it has superior strength and does not need other fibres to improve its performance. However manufacturers choose to use synthetic fibres within the yarn blend for a number of reasons.These include fibre flexibility, dyeing, heat setting, stain resistance, durability and cost. These wool rich compositions offer industry standard carpets which will perform well in the home. THE BENEFITS OF WOOL CARPET Practical Strong and Resilient – Wool carpet will provide superior performance over many years as it can offer unique resilience and long lasting durability.The natural crimp of wool offers valuable ‘bounce-back’ so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced – maintaining good appearance over many years. Easy care – Wool is a natural fibre that has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and its outer surface of microscopic scales and as a result additional anti-soil treatments are not necessary. Simply vacuuming the carpet will keep it looking good and whilst wool initially repels spills, prompt and complete blotting with white paper towels or an absorbent cloth is advised and will address many household spillages.



Comfort Soft and Warm – Wool carpet adds luxurious underfoot comfort and warmth to the home and acts as an insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency. Peace and Quiet – Wool carpet absorbs sound and cushions the home against echo and room to room noise transfer. Safety Fire Retardant – Wool is naturally fire resistant, has a slow ignition rate and tests show that it is self extinguishing within seconds. It meets many safety regulations without additional treatments and is favoured in contract locations for this reason. Fall Friendly – Carpet cushions and so provides a softer floor which protects against serious injury in falls by the very young or the elderly. Internal Environment Indoor Environment – As a natural ‘smart’ fibre with a complex physical and chemical structure, wool helps to create a balanced atmosphere in the home. It breathes and absorbs humidity in the air, releasing it when the atmosphere becomes dry and helps improve air quality by absorbing airborne toxins in indoor air. Anti–allergy – The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold fine dust until vacuumed which helps to reduce floating particulate in the atmosphere. Wool does not give off harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria and wool is not a food source for dust mites. Eco/Environmental Natural and Sustainable – Grown on sheep, which graze freely, wool is both 100% natural and fully sustainable. As shearing is a necessary part of animal husbandry this means that every year there is a fresh supply of wool available for the carpet manufacturing industry. Energy Efficient – Wool is energy efficient in the home and also in carpet production. Biodegradable – Wool fibre is biodegradable in soil and will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients. Environmentally Assessed – Wool is an environmentally responsible fibre that has been measured in terms of its ecological impact. A Life Cycle Analysis study carried out by Leeds University to ISO 14040 standard for British Wool concludes that it compares favourably when measured against man-made fibres.



British Wool The Planet Friendly Fibre for Carpet THE STOCKLISTS October 2010


Flooring factsheet Buying Groups Why join? Contact: Rob Harding Tel: 01432 852000 Fax: 01432 852005

Metro Group Contact: David Kipping Tel: 01204 393539

Buying groups have been a highly successful feature of the floor retailing scene in the last decade or so, giving independents the extra edge they need to compete effectively with the retail park chains. More than 1000 retailers are now members of one of the several buying groups which operate in our sector and the numbers are slowly, but steadily growing. While the benefits of bulk buying power are self-evident, the resistance to the buying group concept among nonmembers appears to be centred on fears of surrendering some control to a committee – and most particularly compromising long-established relationships and negotiated terms with current suppliers. The bottom line is the bottom line. A retailer selling across a broad range of products is likely to improve margins within a buying group – but you don’t need a leap of faith to join up. Ask the buying groups for answers... Contact: David Lewis Tel: 0118 932 3832

Associated Carpet Group Contact: Richard Moore Tel: 01942 271315

Pick the right one How to decide whether to join a buying group – and which…

• Evaluate all buying groups as they all work differently • Talk to the main marketing contact and/or a member of the committee

• Get a list of members and call up two or three for a ‘real-world’ view Contact: Paul Phillips Tel: 01892 549050

• Establish your territorial exclusivity – where’s the next nearest member of each buying group.

• Ensure you understand the financial arrangements, any fees that would relate to your membership, how the bills are paid and whether your fees are refundable if it doesn’t work out. Ask the buying group for a consultation to estimate your potential savings

• Review all the extra benefits and services to see what you would actually use.

• Check out the product ranges offered including the Contact: Glenn Harding Tel: 0121 683 1426


own-label options and the UK/European mix

• Ensure you understand any rules that may limit your

Key benefits Increase margins • Group purchases to get beneficial rates • Rebates • Exclusive higher-margin products • Special promotions One of the key reasons to join a buying group is to benefit from the discounts they negotiate as a bulk buyer from manufacturers.The way discounts and rebates are passed on to members varies between groups so make sure it’s absolutely clear how this will be done.You’ll need to work out how this compares with discounts you have already negotiated locally with preferred suppliers. Increase sales • ‘Best of both worlds’ proposition • Wider ranges and exclusive products • POS, displays and merchandising support Your customers will like the proposition that you are independent but with the buying power of a group – this gives them (and you) the ‘best of both worlds’ with personal service and competitive pricing. Most groups will also offer you ‘own label’ ranges and support with point-of-sale, merchandising and displays. Central stockholding may also be on offer. Access professional services • Business services • Financial services • IT and internet support • Training and workshops • Professional bodies Some buying groups offer an excellent range of other services which may be valuable to your business. Financial services include invoice factoring, credit, loans and insurance. Some of the more sophisticated groups offering marketing packages, software systems to help you run your business operations and customised websites ready to use. Relationships with professional and training organisations can also offer discounts. Network with other independents • Members-only exhibitions with preferred manufacturers • Regular meetings • Regional workshops • Supplier presentations • Helpline A lot of retailers enjoy the buying group environment of being independent but not alone out there on the High Street. Groups hold regular meetings and some have their own trade shows, regional meetings and workshops to help you develop your business.The network gives you someone to call when you need advice on, for example, an unusual installation, a technical consumer complaint, legal issue or business dilemma.

flexibility to run your business the way you want.


Flooring factsheet Underlay In a tight market for margins, underlay for carpet and laminate flooring offers retailers one of the best opportunities to add value to every sale - with good profitability, trade-up potential once benefits are understood and high satisfaction levels with customers.

But 50% of carpet is still sold without new underlay! Retailers should create an assumption that new underlay is always required, the only decision is which type. It’s also a good target-setter for sales staff. Setting up in-store demonstrations so customers can walk on samples with different grades of underlay and feel the difference has shown excellent results - some manufacturers offer point-of-sale units.



Good underlay will... • Improve underfoot comfort • Increase appearance retention, reducing flattening • Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear • Improve thermal insulation and warmth • Increase sound insulation • Smooth out sub-floor imperfections • Last the lifetime of the carpet

Sponge rubber The market’s most popular underlay is available in flat or waffle patterns in a wide range of weights for different applications. It performs well for comfort and has a durable spring retention. PU (polyurethane) foam PU foam is a relative newcomer to the market, typically made from recycled foam offcuts.The foam provides excellent comfort and performance levels with lots of thickness options - and its light weight helps handling. The product can be re-cycled again after use. Crumb rubber Flat and dense, crumb rubber is good for heavy footfall - offering maximum protection but a little less comfort (and very good over stair nosings). Laminate underlay There’s still an opportunity to sell underlay with laminate flooring, improving the acoustic performance of the floor and helping the boards float above any imperfections in the sub-surface. Combination A rubber crumb base with a felt top layer offers a good combination of protection, durability and comfort. It also allows carpet with seaming to bed into the top felt. Underfloor heating underlay Always ask if there is underfloor heating. Most manufacturers offer specialised products. Underlay and carpet with a combined tog rating up to 2.5 can be used - which means the underlay would normally have a tog rating of 1.0. Felt This traditional (but environmentally friendly) underlay is made from recycled fibres - wool, jute and synthetic - to create a firm, dense pad with excellent thermal insulation. Still a very popular choice among contractors when stretch fitting woven carpets Pre-tackified underlay A self-adhesive single stick underlay in both needlefelt and PU. A removable system for heavy use when comfort is desired

Poor or old underlay will... • Feel hard and unwelcoming • Reduce carpet life • Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots • Cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly • Not meet British Standards How thick? A maximum of 12mm is recommended (working with gripper will be difficult thereafter) but rooms with heavy traffic will need a thinner, denser pad.The combination of thickness and density is all important as a thick underlay with low density may not perform well. Typically, the thicker the underlay, the better quality it will need to be - 11mm is often used for luxury installations with 9mm and 7mm the common domestic thickness.


Sponge rubber



PU foam

Specialists in pre-tacked underlays, soft fibre boards & Roberts Tools.


Are you a Wholesaler? If you’re not listed here, please call Diane Martin on 01482 659396.

The Stocklists Wholesale Distribution Director y National Fells Carpets Goole 01977 662211

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John Evans Ltd Manchester 0161 368 2563 Fax: 0161 368 3039 Mobile: 07850 935301 Kellars Ltd Stockport 0161 443 0970 Lee Floorstok Ltd Liverpool - see Floorwise p17 Lee Floorstok Ltd Manchester - see Floorwise p17 MCA Floorwise Ltd Morecambe - see Floorwise p17 Mytton Flooring Norwich - see Floorwise p17 Millbrook Carpets Darwen 01254 703999 Supertex Furnishings Lancashire 01772 457070 See page 28 for details Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@ Walkwell Flooring Supplies Manchester 0161 786 6800 manchester@ Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@

Midlands Carpet & Flooring Birmingham Birmingham 0121 421 9131 birmingham@ DMS Flooring Supplies Northampton 0845 643 5601 dmsnorthampton@ See page 25 for details Floorwise D & J Ltd Southamsee Floorwise p17 J J Wholesale & Distribution Ltd Birmingham 0121 765 4994 RPS Flooring Mansfield Woodhouse - see Floorwise p17 STS Flooring Distributors Watford 08454 342000

Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@ Woodall Brothers Ltd Shrewsbury - see Floorwise p17

East Beds Flooring Bedford 01234 341234 Faithfull Floorcovering Suffolk 01473 822341 STS Flooring Distributors Ltd Cambridge Tel: 01954 781142 See page 34 for details see page 34 for details

Supertex Furnishings Leyland Tel: 01772 457070 Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@

Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@ Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@

continued overleaf....


Are you a Wholesaler? If you’re not listed here, please call Diane Martin on 01482 659396.

The Stocklists Wholesale Distribution Director y South East Acorn Carpet Accessories Bromley, Kent - see Floorwise p17

Faithfulls Service Centre Walthamstow 0208 498 3040

AFS Middlesex 020 8805 8620 See page 20 for details

Faithfull Floorcovering Suffolk 01473 822341

Ashmount Flooring Supplies Ltd Tottenham 0208 808 2158

Kent Flooring Supplies Ltd Chatham 01634 668668

Beds Flooring Bedford 01234 341234 Belvedere Carpets London 020 8800 0740 Carpet & Flooring London Camberley 01276 672100 Columbia Flooring Middlesex 020 8443 3322 See page 24 for details DMS Flooring Supplies Hemel Hempstead 0845 643 5344 DMS Flooring Supplies Milton Keynes 0845 643 5320 Faithfulls Service Centre Kent 01322 285001


Littner Hampton London 020 8520 8474 Potts & Ward,Woodcocks Ltd Brighton 01273 557211 Rackhams London 020 8531 9225 See page 31 for details Salesmark Lancing, - see Floorwise p17 Solent Wholesale Carpet West Sussex 01243 774623 See page 33 for details STS Flooring Distributors Orpington/Croydon 0845 434 1000 see page 34 for details

Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet Wessex Flooring Amesbury - see Floorwise p17 Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888

Scotland C. K. Davie Ltd Aberdeen - see Floorwise p17 C. K. Davie Ltd Dundee - see Floorwise p17 Headlam Scotland North Lanarkshire 01698 831 000 Neil Smith Ltd Glasgow - see Floorwise p17

South West


Carpet & Flooring Bristol Bristol 0117 966 798l

Carpet & Flooring Bristol Bristol 0117 966 798l

Fitwell Flooring Ltd Redruth - see Floorwise p17

Roma Flooring Neath - see Floorwise p17

Fitwell Flooring Ltd Newton Abott - see Floorwise p17

Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet

Solent Wholesale Carpet West Sussex 01243 774623 See page 33 for details STS Flooring Distributors Thame (Oxford) 01844 213555 see page 34 for details Vanguard Carpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet

Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888

Ireland Floorwise Ltd Dublin - see Floorwise p17 Floorwise Ltd N. Ireland - see Floorwise p17

Wood Floor Sales Redditch 01527 511888 THE STOCKLISTS October 2010

floorwise National Network of Floorwise Distributor s Acorn Carpet Accessories 15 Bromley, Kent Tel: 020 8462 0422 Fax: 020 8462 0927

Lee Floorstok Ltd 7 Manchester Tel: 0161 231 8080 Fax: 0161 231 8787

C. K. Davie Ltd 1 Aberdeen Tel: 01224 820077 Fax: 01224 822344

MCA Floorwise Ltd 6 Morecambe, Lancashire Tel: 01524 33517 Fax: 01524 381852

C. K. Davie Ltd 2 Dundee Tel: 01382 226533 Fax: 01382 226544

Mytton Flooring 13 Norwich, Norfolk Tel: 01603 624387 Fax: 01603 612888

Fitwell Flooring Ltd 19 Redruth, Cornwall Tel: 01209 214344 Fax: 01209 21162

Neil Smith Ltd 3 Glasgow Tel: 0141 552 1141 Fax: 0141 552 0623

Fitwell Flooring Ltd 18 Newton Abott, Devon Tel: 01626 835935 Fax: 01626 834334

Roma Flooring 14 Neath, West Glamorgan Tel: 01639 633001 Fax: 01639 646116

Floorwise D & J Ltd 12 Southam, Warks Tel: 01926 814922 Fax: 01926 817899

RPS Flooring 10 Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire Tel: 01623 624198 Fax: 01623 620931

Floorwise (North East) Ltd 5 Birtley, County Durham Tel: 0191 410 7070 Fax: 0191 410 6116 Floorwise Ltd 9 Dublin 12, ROI Tel: 00 353 (0)1 4299455 Fax: 00 353 (0)1 4298529 Floorwise Ltd 4 Northern Ireland Tel: 028 094 34441 Lee Floorstok Ltd 8 Liverpool Tel: 0151 708 7420 Fax: 0151 708 7241

1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8 9

10 11 12

Salesmark 16 Lancing, West Sussex Tel: 01903 750522 Fax: 01903 851111 Wessex Flooring 17 Amesbury, Wiltshire Tel: 01980 625888 Fax: 01980 676969 Woodall Brothers Ltd 11 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Tel: 01743 441584 Fax: 01743 441629


14 17 18

15 16


HEAD OFFICE Floorwise Group Limited Floorwise House, 22 High Street, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2DA, UK Tel: 0044 (0)1509 673974 Fax: 0044 (0)1509 674841

Award-Winning Flooring Accessories






The Stocklists Carpet Company Director y Abingdon Flooring Adam Carpets Ltd Be Tu Tw W Ww

01274 655694 01562 829966

Bronte Carpets Ltd Associated Weavers Tw Tu Avena Carpets Ltd Tu Ww Axwoven Carpets Ltd Ax Be Axminster Carpets Ltd Ax Be Tw Bajong Carpets NV Tu Tw W Balta Industries NV Tu Tw W Ww

01422 431100 01422 330261 0121 550 5788

+31 383 861 060

BIC Carpets Be Tw W

+32 56 23 54 10 01924 488882

Blenheim Carpets Ax Be Tw W Ww

020 7823 3040


0113 380 5333

Bond Worth Ltd Ax Brintons Ax Tu Tw W Ww

01562 745000 0800 505055

Tw W

Edel Telenzo’s Rembrandt


01562 828200

0116 284 1455

01924 262525

Creatuft Carpets Tu W

Cadogan Carpet Co W

01562 733610

Custom Carpet Company Ax Be Tu Tw W Ww

01737 830301

Dan-Floor UK W

01454 858014

Ax Tu Cavalier Carpets Ltd Ax Be Tu Tw W Ww Christy Carpets Tu Clarendon Carpets Tw Classis Carpets Tu W Ww Condor Carpets BV Tu

+32 56 35 4444

Domo International Be Pr Tu Tw W

+32 92 41 4511

01299 827477

01254 268000

Drury Lane Carpets Ltd Be Tu Tw W

01254 296829

E & WE Carpets W

01562 825952

019078 308777

Edel Telenzo Carpets Ltd 01675 433066

Tu Tw W

01422 374 417

0870 020 1725 Enterprise Weaving Co Be Ww

01562 745030

+31 38 4778911

Contemporary Life & Textiles Be Tw

01254 296829

Tu Tw W

Mohawk’s Cherbourg Check

Fells Carpets Ww Fetcham Furnishings Ltd Tw

Cormar Carpets Ltd

Brockway Carpets Ltd

01294 558400

Burmatex Tu

Carpets of Kidderminster

Betap Tufting BV Tu Tw W

Craigie Carpets Be Creative Carpets Ltd Be Tu Tw W

+32 56783250 +32 56 62 2211

800 223 6186

01282 862 736

01297 32244

Beaulieu International Group Be Pr Tu Tw +32 56 67 66 11

Bizspoke Custom Carpets Be Tw W

Be Tu Tw W

Couristan Carpets Ax Tu W Ww

01977 662211

020 8944 6220

01204 881 234

Brockway’s Vogue


If you would like to be included in this section or upgrade your listing, please contact Diane Martin on +44 (0)1482 659396 or email

Every time you see a web or email address in The Stocklists, you can click straight to it from our online edition at

KEY TO CODES: Be: Bespoke • Pr: Printed • Tu:Tufted • Tw:Twist • W: Wool • Ww: Woven Wilton

Fletco Taepper A/S Tu W

+45 96 60 3000

Lecaflor Ltd Ax Be Pr Tu Tw W Ww

0800 78 33 712

Leigh Spinners Ltd Tw Louis de Poortere W

Shaw Home Foundations Tu

01675 433 501

01942 673232

Tapibel NV Pr Tu Tw

01623 481 221

+32 56 393 386

Tasibel NV Tw

+32 52 499600

Furlong Flooring Tw W Gaskell Tu Tw W Gaskell Mackay Carpets Ltd Ax Tu Tw W Georgian Carpets Tu Tw W Godfrey Hirst (GB) Ltd Tu Halbmond Teppichwerke Be Pr Tu Heckmondwike FB John Lanham Watts Carpets Ax Tw Ww John Evans Ltd Ax Tu Tw W Joseph Hamilton & Seaton W Kingsmead Carpets Tu Tw W

01772 696 787

Lusotufo Tu Manx Carpets Tw W

01827 831525

01642 242 423

Mayfield Carpets W MID NL Be

01937 588511

0161 368 2563

01827 831400

01827 831 424

Lano NV

Le Tissage d'Arcade Ax Ww

+32 56 65 4300

01562 701456

The Sultana Carpet Co Ax

01299 822300

The Wilton Carpet Co Ax W Ww

0845 296 8850

Thomas Witter UK Ltd Tu Tw

0870 1128318

01480 479830 01480 471304

01827 831 450

Timzo Tufting Industry BV Tu

+31 38 385 4477

Tisca Tiara Tu Ww

+41 71 791 0111

Ulster Carpets Ax Be Tu Tw W Ww

02838 334433

Ossfloor UK

01675 433031

United Carpets & Beds Tw W Ww

Penthouse Carpets Tu Tw W

01706 341231

Victoria Carpets Tu Tw W Ww

01562 749300

Phoenox Textiles Pr Tu

01484 863227


08700 104484

0845 6528811

Westex Carpets Tu

01274 861334

Whitestone Weavers Ltd Ax Be Tu Tw W Ww

01429 892555

Pownall Carpets Tw W Roger Vanden Berghe.NV Tu Ww

Ax Pr Tu Tw W Ww

+31 38 851 8700

Mohawk Europe

Mr Tomkinson Tw Ww

The Grosvenor Wilton Co W Ww

01706 639 866

0800 526696

01924 410544

01264 335111

01827 831 434

01827 831430

+49 037 421 420

The Alternative Flooring Co 01388 664101

+32 56 73 57 11

Ryalux Carpets Ltd Be Tu Tw W

0845 652 8811

Sans Frontieres Ltd Be Pr Tu Tw W Ww

0844 5611977

+32 05685 4747

Wilkies Carpets Tw Woodward Grosvenor Ax Tu Tw W Ww Wool Classics Tu Ww

Bronte’s stand

01709 732 666

0113 307 9955

0800 526696

0207 349 1560 Tollgate stand

Cormar’s Berwick





Tex Loop Natural 50/50 Nat Loop


32oz PP Saxony 35oz PP Saxony 37oz PP Saxony 40oz Saxony 45oz Nylon Saxony 50oz PP Saxony 58oz Saxony


80/20 40oz 80/20 40oz 80/20 40oz 80/20 50oz 80/20 50oz 80/20 60oz


PP Twist PP Twist PP Twist PP Twist PP Twist


Needle Punch Cord Needle Punch Loop Pile Cord Loop Pile Cord Loop Pile Stripe/Wave Loop Pile Gel Back Loop Pile Cord Loop Pile Cord


Excellon Twist 80/10/10 40 oz Twist 80/10/10 50 oz Twist 80/10/10 40 oz Twist 80/10/10 50 oz Twist 42 oz Twist 50 oz Twist 100% Natural 80/10/10 35 oz Twist 80/10/10 45 oz Twist 80/10/10 55 oz Twist 80/10/10 32 oz Twist 80/10/10 42 oz Twist 80/10/10 50 oz Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Saxony


3/5 DAYS DELIVERY 100% Pure New Wool 100% Pure New Wool 80/10/10 60 oz Twist

Roll Size Full Roll EQ* Description BRANDED TOP END RUBBER SPONGE RANGE ELITE 11 m2 129lb Textured Rubber Underlay Waffle Rubber Underlay MAJESTIC 11 m2 135lb COLOURS RED 11 m2 135lb Waffle Rubber Underlay WILLOW GREEN 15 m2 90lb Waffle Rubber Underlay CRUSADER SUPREME 15 m2 100lb Waffle Rubber Underlay SUPREME LIGHT 11 m2 101lb Waffle Rubber Underlay UNBRANDED TREDAIRE SPONGE RUBBER AFS CLASSIC GOLD 15 m2 95 lb Rubber Underlay AFS SUPER GOLD 15 m2 80lb Rubber Underlay AFS STANDARD GOLD 15 m2 60lb Rubber Underlay Light Weight PE GRAPHITE 15 m2 WOOD FLOOR UNDERLAYS BOARDWALK (Timbermate) 15 m2 3.75mm ALL IN ONE 10 m2 3mm COMFORT SILVER 15 m2 2.5mm

23dB Moisture Barrier 20dB Self Adhesive Strip 18dB PE Foam + Foil


Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Contract PU

8mm 10mm 8mm 10mm 9 mm 11 mm 9 mm

DURALAY CONTRACT UNDERLAYS TREADMORE 11 m2 8.0mm SYSTEM 10 11 m2 10mm DURAFIT 650 15 m2 6.5mm DURAFIT 500 15 m2 5.0mm DEFENDER 15 m2 100lb HEATFLOW CARPET 15 m2 6.0mm HEATFLOW WOOD 15 m2 2.75mm TECHNICS 5 15 m2 5.0mm

Crumb Crumb single stick under 40m2 Double stick crumb Double stick crumb Flat sponge 0.80 TOG 0.75 TOG sponge carpet 0.35 TOG sponge laminate U/L Double stick sponge


PU Underlay PU Underlay PU Underlay PU Underlay

8mm 10mm 9mm 11mm


Contract PU Contract PU Contract PU IMO Rated


Wool/jute felt 8mm Contract wool/jute felt 11mm Felt crumb rubber

15 m2 28oz 15 m2 42oz 11 m2 74oz

AFS Unit 4 Baird Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 1SJ Tel: 020 8805 8620 Fax: 020 8805 6840 Email:

PLUS A VAST RANGE OF ACCESSORIES AND TOOLS FOR CARPETS AND LAMINATES Contact our sales office or your area representative for prices on any of the above ranges. We also offer a fast service on non stock items. Phone our showroom manager for prices and samples. Our latest price list is dated July 2010.


REP DETAILS: Ashley Best Nick Hart Karl Goult

Tel: 07976 916752 Tel: 07771 967609 Tel: 07957 685428

Zac Marsh

Tel: 07828 663325

Surrey , Hampshire, South London Essex, East London North London, West London, North West London, Middlesex, Herts., Beds., and Bucks. Kent, South East London THE STOCKLISTS October 2010



85% STOCKED Townshend Works, Puxton Lane, Kidderminster Worcestershire DY11 5DF Sales: 01562 745000 Fax: 01562 732827 New trade price list effective 1st September 2010

Berkeley Axminster


V.I.P. CLUB Call us today for a personal service that reaches beyond your expectations...

80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m & 4.57m Range comprises 8 Designs Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order 4.57m & 3.66 wide Viceroy 4-9074 Mid October

Variations Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 12 Designs Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order No Stock Green Valencia 1-9073 End October No Stock Green Khyber 1-9016 End October No Stock Khalabar 9-9100 Mid November

Precious Gems Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 5 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

✱ Buy one Axminster cut at your standard terms, when you place another within 8 weeks we give you an EXTRA 10% off! ✱ We guarantee our delivery dates. If we miss it by 7 days then you get 5% off the invoice value of the order! ✱ Access to the Managing Director and Sales Director 24 hours a day 7 days a week. ✱ Have a complaint? We guarantee to contact your customer with 24 hours.We will inspect all complaints regardless of age.

Wensleydale Axminster

✱ Order 16 linear meters or more in one cut we give you roll price!

80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m

✱ Exclusive first access to new ranges

Range comprises 8 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order No Stock Sherwood Moss 11-3527 Mid October

✱ Bi-Monthly News Letter

Cornell & Stanford Axminster

✱ Real Time Updates via Facebook & Twitter

80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 4.00m

✱ Dedicated Sales Line

Range comprises 5 Colourways in 2 Designs Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order No Stock Stanford Venetian Red 2-9300 End October Low Stock Stanford Wild Beet 21-9300 Early November Low Stock Cornell Lawnswood 1-9301 Early November

✱ Special Roll Offers

New Afghan Axminster


80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 5 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order No Stock Sultan End November

Romanesque Berber Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 4.00m

NEW UPDATED WEBSITE! Check out our new updated website at:

Range comprises 3 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order 22


For every step you take there’s a Carpenter luxury underlay In stock throughout the UK and Europe from a network of wholesale partners

Product Range ®

A general domestic underlay Density: 75kg/m3 – Roll weight: 10kg Thickness: 8mm


Product of the Month - ExtraStep A general domestic underlay Density: 75kg/m3 – Roll weight: 12kg Thickness: 10mm


For Luxury use domestic areas anywhere in the home Density: 100kg/m3 – Roll weight: 14.5kg Thickness: 9mm


For Luxury use, domestic areas in the home Density: 100kg/m3 – Roll weight: 17kg Thickness: 11mm


For Heavy contract locations Recommended for stretch fit or doublestick applications Density: 145kg/m3 – Roll weight: 16kg Thickness: 7mm


Firmstep is a 7mm thick, 145kg/m3 product designed specifically for the heavy contract market. Firmstep is the perfect answer to contractor’s requirements. It has a BS5808 Heavy Contract rating and can be used for stretch-fit or doublestick work, having been approved by the UK’s leading adhesive manufacturers. It also has flame retardant properties. Firmstep is made from recycled product and is manufactured in Glossop, in the UK.


For luxury use, in domestic or contract areas Recommended for stretch fit or doublestick applications Density: 145kg/m3 – Roll weight: 20kg Thickness 9mm


For luxury use in domestic and contract areas – IMO rating Recommended for stretch fit or doublestick applications Density: 145kg/m3 – Roll weight: 16kg Thickness 7mm


Carpenter Ltd are pleased to report that they have recently become members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This, along with membership of the Contract Flooring Association (CFA), will help strengthen their position in the contract market and demonstrates their growing commitment to gain further market share.

For more product information contact: JOHN HUGHES Northern Sales Manager 07788 924606

HELEN ROWBERRY National Sales Manager 07702 319748

SUE HOWLAND Southern Sales Manager 07795 823190

For details of your local Carpenter Wholesaler Partner Tel: +44 (0)1457 861141 Fax: +44 (0)1457 863242 Email: Web: Carpenter Ltd, Dinting Lodge Industrial Estate, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 6LE.


For heavy contract locations – IMO rating Recommended for stretch fit or doublestick applications Density: 180kg/m3 – Roll weight: 17kg Thickness 6mm


For luxury use in contract and domestic areas Recommended for stretch fit or doublestick applications Density: 180kg/m3 – Roll weight: 26kg Thickness 9mm

All rolls are: 11 metres x 1.37 metres + 15sq metres



The Leading Country Wide Carpet & Flooring Suppliers We can supply you with virtually any make of carpet and flooring at GUARANTEED maker’s list price....... Delivered direct to business premises FREE OF CHARGE. For a Speedy and Efficient Service

CALL US NOW!!! 020 8443 3322 Columbia Flooring plc

Trade Show Rooms Available • Specialist advice and terms available on contract enquiries • TRAFALGAR TRADING ESTATE JEFFREYS ROAD ENFIELD MIDDLESEX EN3 7TY


Tel: 0208 443 3322 Fax: 0208 805 2346 Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am to 12 noon THE STOCKLISTS October 2010

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our incorporation as a UK company on the eve of what proved to be a really successful Harrogate – so a big thank you to all our customers, old and new, who came along to our stand and gave us so much support. In recognition of this memorable occasion we thought we would allow ourselves to indulge in a little trip down memory lane on this page this month.

THAT WAS THEN… AND THIS IS NOW PRODUCTS We’ve certainly been around the world with our products over the years – does anyone else remember Brazilia (pictured right)? We’ve come back home now, with Delft (centre right) and Bakerloo (far right)!

EXHIBITIONS We had some intriguing ideas about how to promote one new range, Country Wool, back in the 80s – with a scarecrow and “bales” of “hay” (cubes covered in the carpet)! It’s a far cry from the business like stand of the nineties and more ‘sociable’ current approach!



POINT-OF-SALE Oh dear! We’re pleased and relieved to see how far we’ve come from our earlier attempts at in store presentation and merchandising.


We think the new one reflects our brand style and qualities far more accurately.

It just goes to show that branding does need a regular review... amazing how dated that old Telenzo logo looks now!

OUR SALES TEAM Greater London as far as N. Circular on north side of Thames and as far as M25 on south side, Surrey, some of Bucks, Middlesex Berks, Oxfordshire. John A Constable T: 01622 685397 M: 07836 734322 Kent, Sussex, Hampshire Robin Croughton T: 01892 669699 M: 07710 393966 Lincs, Leics, Northants, Notts, Derbyshire Jim Osborne M: 07738 642934

South Wales, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire Andrew Jefferies M: 07831 457102 Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset Brendan Hart M: 07850 130221 East Anglia, Bedfordshire, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk, Suffolk Jonathan Hart T: 01621 817992 M: 07889 264466

YOUR HEAD OFFICE TEAM CONTACTS Operations Manager: Lesley Inman M: 07703 337989 E: National Sales Manager: Gary Prophet M: 07889 602234 E:


West Midlands, South Wales (Wholesalers) Paul Brewer T: 0121 4277117 M: 07798 745181 Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales Philip Hambleton T: 01925 740050 M: 07966 397676 Yorkshire & North Lincs John Alsop T: 01904 762471 M: 07860 572220 Lancashire, Cumbria & Isle of Man John Rostron M. 07973 733208

North East Rebecca Gibbons M: 07970 491215 Scotland Tim Tindal T: 01436 671421 M: 07836 705620 Channel Islands, Isle of Wight John Eastlake T: 01323 896141 M: 07885 398858 Northern Ireland Gary O’Boyle M: 07831 220675

Tel: 01422 374417 or 01422 371226 Fax: 01422 377452 Email: Edel Telenzo Carpets, 2- 4 Southgate, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 0BW


The Waterfront Centre, Wyboston Lakes, Great North Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3AL

CAREFREE - the stunning new collection available to view at Harrogate Stand C1

Best-selling products at every price point As a UK manufacturer and distributor, Furlong’s objective is simply to offer its customers the best of all worlds in terms of price, service and quality - a partnership that retailers can rely on and a comprehensive product range that consumers will respond to. Furlong’s wholly-owned manufacturing company, Regency Carpets, is one of the UK’s top three tufters with a modern plant located in Bangor, Northern Ireland. A long-term programme of substantial investment has created a major production facility for both 4m and 5m wide carpet and the new backing plant commissioned last year is now fully on line. As a result, the company can produce hundreds of thousands of square metres of carpet every week, covering all the key sectors – stain resistant polypropylene, wool twist, wool natural and many others. Being in control of its manufacturing means Furlong can control the cost base and the quality to provide a range of products that is competitive at each of the price points. Manufacturing also means they can manage stock more closely and respond to changes in demand so that the right carpet is always ready for dispatch.

Furlong’s nationwide distribution network operates across three depots – London, Preston and Newport – using a dedicated fleet to carry rolls and cut lengths to our customers usually within 24 hours. Furlong’s product development team has created a portfolio of products matched to the diverse needs of different customer groups, rooms styles and performance requirements. Regency’s stain-resistant ranges use their own ‘Carefree’ fibre which is bleach cleanable and offered with a warranty for absolute confidence. New ranges are introduced several times a year to keep the offering fresh and interesting and respond to consumer trends and colour shifts.

the aim is simply to offer customers the best of all worlds in terms of price, service and quality Furlong have paid particular attention to the presentation of their product range to consumers with market-leading point-of-sale systems incorporating the latest video technology. Furlong believes in working in partnership with their customers to provide products and services that ticks all the boxes.

Investing in quality and service

Extensive tufting expertise 28

Effective service systems

Large group stock-holding

Fast delivery fleet THE STOCKLISTS October 2010

All the products shown are available in the CAREFREE Collection Here are the people who try harder London & Home Counties JOHN AKIEN M: 07791 891024 S.W LONDON, SURREY (INS. M25)







South East

Seeing is believing Customers can buy with confidence when they see the Carefree cleanability in action with the new video units for your existing Regency POS systems.




Wales & South West


BEN THOMAS M: 07794 048809 S./MID & W. WALES




Wood Floor Specialists







3 quality 3 choice 3 availability 3 service 3 price

Yorkshire & North East



The Regency range of stain-resistant carpets ticks all the boxes:

North West


London Sales tel: 01322 628707 fax: 01322 698733


Preston Sales tel: 01772 696787 fax: 01772 311921

Newport Sales tel: 01633 283959 fax: 01633 275454



PENTHOUSE CARPETS Telephone 01706 341231 Facsmile 01706 860577

working for the independent retailer

Te l e p h o n e 0170 6 639866 “Creators of the Finest Carpets”

“The Harrogate Flooring Show was a fantastic success for Penthouse Carpets and Mayfield Carpets - many thanks to the hundreds of our retailers who visited our stand!”


Stars of the show were Penthouse Esprit, 75oz of pure luxury and Quartz our best selling range firing the imagination at £5.97sqm (£4.99sqyd) for a quality 40oz cloth on a jute backing. The classy new wall display from Penthouse was well received at the show and will be availabe to retailers this Autumn.

Catching the eye was Ecofelt, Mayfields totally recycled combination underlay which is made from our own carpet waste produced at our factory in Rochdale - very environmentally friendly and very comfortable underfoot!

Scotland - New representative Stephen Cawley joins Mayfield/Penthouse Carpets to cover Scotland, he brings a wealth of experience from many diverse areas of the flooring industry. He can be contacted on 07718 762236. Chris Davis (Representative) W. MIDS, HEREFORD, GLOS, AVON,WORC. & SHROPSHIRE M: 07753 983714

Michael Woodward (Representative) EAST ANGLIA & ESSEX M: 07801 538783

Darren Jackson DEVON, CORNWALL & SOMERSET M: 07825 171482

Chris Twinn (Area Manager) CAMS, ESSEX, BEDS, HERTS M: 07711 353982

Andrew Davys (Representative) S.YORKSHIRE, STAFFS, DERBYSHIRE, NOTTS. & LINCS M: 07801 357622

Stephen Cawley (Representative) SCOTLAND M: 07718 762236

Dave Arnold DORSET, HANTS, BERKS. & WILTSHIRE M: 07767 213236

Andrew Westwell (Representative) NORTH WEST M: 07974 141919

Simon Beeby (Representative) LEIC’S, NORTHANTS, OXON, WARKS, BUCKS. & BERKS M: 07775 913380

REPRESENTED BY: Robin Leiper (Area Manager) SOUTH EAST M: 07801 357601


David Bell (Representative) YORKSHIRE & N. EAST M: 07939 051608 Mike Williams SOUTH WALES M: 07919 047930

AGENT: Peter Steel NORTH WALES M: 07710 443589


“Check out my latest words of wisdom in our new Autumn price guide dated October/November/ December. Look out for an array of new products, new ideas and developments – and of course my end-of-year closing address!’





Revival Kreta Everglades

Gala Rackcord Scorpio Supacord

Designers Dream Le Touquet 4&5M Urban Life


The Arabica & Ceylon Wilton Collection 4&5M Parallel Lines Renaissance Ultimate Wilton

GRAPHICS / CONTRACT GELS Arena Sapphire Scala Senator Sentinel Statesman

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CARPET TILES Capital Plus Electron Magnesium Neutron Oxygen Positron Proton Quark Titanium We also stock Ball & Young Underlays, Accessories, Entrance Matting and offer a Special Order Service on products from virtually every flooring manufacturer in existence! 48 hour Delivery Service on all Balterio Laminate Ranges.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of two new prestige ranges at the end of October along with a revamp of our highly successful STONE FIBRE COLLECTION. NATURAL LINES : a heavy wool loop pile with an ultra luxurious feel. JACS : a re-colour of this popular designer tonal range to be available in 4m and 5m wide STONE FIBRE COLLECTION IN 5m WIDE : This very successful designer flatweave collection is being updated and will be available in 4m and 5m from the end of October Please ask your Sales Agent for details or give us a call at our sales office on 0845 644 9090 Tunis

Imperial Boucle

A heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

A heavy domestic loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

Queen Tweed

Royal Design

A fine heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

A unique two colour 100% Wool loop pile.


A chunky luxurious loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

A stylish heavy domestic tonal loop pile in 100% Wool, available in 4m and 5m widths.

Oklahoma A heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

If you would like one of our carpet display stands then please contact your sales agent as detailed below.

Las Vegas

Royal Velour A luxurious velour in 80% Wool/20% Nylon in 5m wide.

Sisal Boucle and Sisal Berber

Supreme Stripe

Natural fibre textured loop pile ranges in two styles.

A heavy domestic tonal stripe in 100% Wool loop pile.

The Stone Fibre Collection

Supreme Boucle

Our unique flat woven quality in many fashion styles and colours.

Our best selling level loop 100% Wool product available in 12 up to the minute colours in both 4m and 5m widths.

Orlando A chunky loop quality with a thick latex backing for a luxurious feel.

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4 October 2010


Harrogate Happy by David Spragg

New energy and enthusiasm at the Harrogate Flooring Show Harrogate was the happiest place to do business in September and a memorable occasion for the show that nearly didn’t happen. After a year of uncertainty, the Harrogate Flooring Show lived up to the best of its expectations with a cheerful feel and a positive new attitude. “People came with a smile on their face and left with a smile too,” said organiser David Wildman. “We’re delighted. It couldn’t have gone any better.” Visitor numbers were even marginally up on last year at 3,126 and business was booming. Most important, new business was being done.

The future! The Sunday opening meant families could leave their stores and visit the show. The exhibition was presented to a very high standard throughout including the demonstration areas (below).

The complete Harrogate news service

“People came with a smile on their faces, and left with a smile too” from The Stocklists

• National Floor Show Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 - 37 • Economic outlook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 • Voice of the Trade: David Wildman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 • Company reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 - 47 MORE NEXT MONTH

• Colour and design trends at Harrogate • More company reports October 2010 35


Harrogate Report



“We set out to give the trade the best possible chance to do the business and they did – it was a big success and I’m delighted by the way everyone rose to the occasion.” David Wildman, Harrogate Flooring Show

“David Wildman has done a great job. We have to build on this and promote it all year. The show deserves the support of more of the major manufacturers and I would like to see them all here.” Steve Elliott, Associated Weavers

continued from previous page Harrogate is often an excuse for hand-wringing about the miserable state of the market for flooring but this year there was little of that and the focus was firmly on the future. It’s tough out there but there’s a strong feeling that the only way is up. And the Harrogate Floor Show was a heroic personal success for David Wildman – the individual who the trade called in to rescue the show. New readers start here (or skip this paragraph if you’ve heard this a hundred times before!).The rescue follows the revolt in the trade after corporate organisers UBM tried to move the event from Harrogate to Birmingham. In the debacle that followed, the show was also switched from September to June, then there were to be two competing shows the same week in September and then the National Flooring Show got canned altogether to become part of a much larger Interiors show in January 2011. David Wildman’s return to organising a Harrogate Floor Show by popular demand was warmly welcomed by the manufacturers with strong support across the industry. But would the visitors come? Or was everyone fed up with the whole thing and too hard-up to bother? In the event, the halls were buzzing all three days.The new Sunday start was a stunning success with families and couples arriving in the September sunshine to make a day of it while their stores were closed. “Sunday was such a success,” said David. “We thought we’d experiment with the idea and it turned into an amazing day with lots

“The Harrogate Exhibition delivered in every way. A first class atmosphere and the organisation was superb. Thank you to one and all. Ann Shaw, Ball & Young

“Harrogate is a real networking show. There is a great mix of retailers, contractors and wholesalers. This is the natural home of flooring.”

Harrogate lived up to its billing as a great networking event for the trade and organisers added extra touches that made it more special such as the Yorkshire Sunday lunch (below) in Harrogate’s magnificent Royal Hall.

Richard Harris, F Ball

“The show has been a definite success. Sunday was a great start and we saw a lot of new faces and did a lot of new business.” Graham Harris, Manx Carpets

36 October 2010


2010 of new people and families – and, after all, they are the future of this industry.” Historically, three-day trade shows have a strong opening day, a mediocre middle day and a dismal last day.The Sunday start broke this mould with many exhibitors speaking of ‘two opening days’ – Sunday for the independent retailers and Monday for the ‘suits’ larger businesses, corporates and buying groups. And they were in for another surprise.The last day was brisk for business too with some exhibitors saying the event just got busier day-by-day. ‘Phenomenal’ was the word often repeated by exhibitors. The Harrogate Flooring Show was smarter in every sense this year under it’s new independent direction. The event was better dressed – the entrances were attractively decorated with large graphics to create a real sense of occasion, the catering areas were brightly branded and the demonstration areas much more professional than in previous years. The Sunday opening was an inspiration and was enhanced with a true Yorkshire Sunday lunch laid on in the Royal Hall. Drinks receptions and a new comedy night event added colour and were well supported. The halls were better laid out with a non-carpet hall and more open areas. Exhibitors had risen to the occasion with strong stand displays when it was feared many might do only the bare minimum in case the show stalled. Next year’s show is already in the diary for September 4, 5 and 6 and the organisers report strong interest from existing exhibitors in extending their space as well as a list of potential newcomers.


had a phenomenal show with the launch of their Regency brand’s new Carefree range of easy-clean carpets which is making a major impact on the market. A major attention getter is the video presentation system that Furlong has built into lecterns and wall displays which feature a compelling video showing stain removal in action with the very worst of spill coming clean. “We have had an exceptional show and really want to thank everyone who came to see us,” said Furlong’s Neil Valentine. “The video lecterns are creating an unbelievable amount of interest. Our aim was too make it easier for retailers to sell the benefits of Carefree carpets and we have had a tremendous reaction to that idea.” There are 10 ranges available within the Carefree Carpet Collection with ‘advanced wipe-clean technology’ in styles to suit all budgets

The video systems can be added to existing point-of-sale installations and there is also a separate programme for the Regency Wool Collection where the video tells the ‘Story of Wool’ and reinfrces the benefits of natural fibre. T 01772 316155

Carpenter is looking resplendent in their new colourful livery which has transformed the look of the PU underlay specialists. “We needed to look a little more modern and to bring the branding up to date in line with the quality of the product range,” says Helen Rowberry. The company has been successful in growing business with their best-seller Rich Step doing especially well. Higher density products at the top end of the market such as Power Step and Ultra Step are gaining ground too as buyers look to Carpenter for products at the premium end of the market. Currently there are nine brands covering a wide range of underlay needs but Carpenter say they are keen to develop new products to increase their market share. T 01457 861141

from The Stocklists

October 2010 37


Harrogate Report

Penthouse Carpets are increasingly recognised for their thoughtful and quality approach to the market and Harrogate saw the launch of a top end product that reinforces these credentials.

Edel Telenzo were into stripes early over three years ago and aim to be ‘original and best’ in the field. The latest in their ‘Tube’ collection is Bakerloo which has a new design in three contemporary colours. Helping sell the concept are stunning new pattern books (pictured).

Esprit is a 75oz luxury carpet in British Wool that comes in two flavours – Esprit with a subtle fleck and Esprit Accents, a plain with an attractive range of subtle shades. “We are delighted with the strong reaction we have had from retailers for this new product,” says Chris Welland.

Just for good measure, Edel Telenzo also launched two other end carpets – Alpine, sumptuous luxury in 100% 2-ply New Zealand wool and then Verdi, a highly specialised soft synthetic product made using a unique manufacturing process in 66PA – the very poshest polyamide – in 12 contemporary colours.

Adding to the quality feel is a new wall display unit which will be going out into the High Street from this month. Produced with a quality wood finish, the stands favour a recess for pattern books as a tidier solution to hanging them out front – the result is a sleek and neat selling surface.

Pictured also are two of the key team at Edel Telenzo – product manager Marieke Van Dop and designer Annette Saunders. T 01422 374417

T 01706 341231

Victoria may be known as a wool house but they impressed visitors with the launch of their new EasiCare polypropylene with excellent credentials and a 10-year warranty. “We are pushing very heavily into the polypropylene market,” said Sean Lewis. “We have done a huge amount of research and want to take more share of this market. I think retailers who know us will be keen to see our portfolio expand.” An EasiCare twist, tweed and Saxony debuted at the show, Sean added that the new push would be done “in a very Victoria way” – meaning a bit more classy and a little less showy. But the company plans aggressive growth in the sector and will be promoting strongly through POS. T 01562 749300

38 October 2010


2010 Merryfield love the Harrogate show because they always sell several carpet cut-length machines to new customers – and then sell several more to people who already have one! “No one else does a machine like this,” says Merryfield owner Syd Merryfield. “People who have bought one always come back for more because they know we’re British and we’ll always be here to help them out.” Newcomers buy the entry level Eco-Wasp which is a major piece of engineering for £7,500 – handling 4m and 5m wide rolls with accurate measuring and square cutting – all from a standard 13-amp plug! Merryfield offers UK-wide after-sales service and a ‘buy-back policy on all it’s equipment. T 01422 373799

IVC have unveiled two new brands in Leoline and Avenue so the Show was a major part of the company’s 2010 calendar. Formerly Leolan and Domo, the new Leoline and Avenue collections were on display in their entirety for the first time and visitors to the show were keen to find out as much as possible about the new brands. The stand revealed new styles and displays, as well as a host of literature and marketing materials designed to boost the appeal of all floors to consumers. “This is a great opportunity to show retailers the complete package,” said IVC’s Ortwin Topp. “We want to focus on how the products are presented to people by the retailer.” Residential floors product manager Caroline Wille is pictured with the latest POS. T +32 056 65 32 11

from The Stocklists

October 2010 39


Harrogate Report

Economic Report The September floor show is a key time to take the temperature of the trade and analyse trading expectations as the busy buying season gets underway.The Stocklists interviews approximately 50 leading flooring people during the event. In general, 2010 hasn’t been such a bad year. All things are relative.This view is determined by how appalling 2009 was – and ditto how dismal 2011 is expected to be. 2010 is hardly a golden era though! January virtually didn’t happen as snow and ice brought the UK to a standstill and business planners started talking of an ‘11-month year’.The first half of the year generally was poor for most manufacturers. July and August trading picked up strongly however in many sectors and the all-important run up to Christmas is expected to be positive by many manufacturers. A fragile recovery in consumer confidence and the ‘beat the VAT rise’ campaigns are expected to encourage buyers.

Peter Kimmins of Georgian said: “ I am very optimistic at the moment. August was good with strong signs for September. Next year might be tougher but one thing we know is that January can’t be any worse than the awful start we had to this year.” Kingsmead’s Martin West: “There are fledgling signs of recovery and there will no doubt be much hype about beating the VAT increase which will carry things along for the rest of the year.” On the flip side, everybody’s almost writing off 2011 already as a ‘grin-and-bear-it’ year that needs to be gotten through as quickly as possible. Fears of double-dip recession, Government spending cuts, public sector redundancies and the VAT rise will all take their toll. A sentiment express by several main players was how difficult it is to plan your business in these conditions. Steve Elliott at Associated Weavers commented: “The biggest problem is that you can’t forecast in this market but you have to make some educated guesses to order yarn and organise your stocking and marketing.” The general sentiment is that while 2011 will be extremely tough, at least we’ll know by the end of it whether the medicine is working. If consumers believe the core economy is benefitting from the Government’s policies, then we’ll emerge from the year a little stronger and a very slow but more reliable recovery will gain momentum.

SAIF are set to become an important part of the UK carpet scene after a successful debut at Harrogate. “We are new to this market and were not sure what to expect but we have been very encouraged by the response,” said Arif Ansari. “The UK is set to become an important market for us.” The company – a family business - manufactures in India including its own dying plant and has a UK office. Specialising in rugs and broadloom, Saif majors on its environmental credentials with all its products hand-made from New Zealand wool and cotton. Saif has its own colour reference system so can guarantee exceptional consistency across a range of 24 broadloom designs. T 0787 0327423

Kingsmead say colour is coming back and have a sexy new range to prove it. Artwork is a very good looking wool collection with a palette based on colour predictions from Wools of New Zealand colourist Joanna Ramsden, that will launch in January. “We have a reputation for innovation and flair for colour. Retailers are telling us that more people are now looking for colour,” says Kingsmead’s Martin West. “This is the first time we have worked closely with Joanna and we are very encouraged by the results. This range launch marks the beginning of a new relationship with Wools of New Zealand which is very exciting for us.” Kingsmead is also making substantial investments in POS, aiming to increase its retail presence. Martin says the company has been too reliant on pattern books and new lecterns and wall units are set to conquer retail floor space in the months ahead. T 01827 831424

40 October 2010



Stairrods make, er, stair rods – so how come they come to Harrogate every year with a new product that gets everyone talking! A couple of years ago it was Easy-Bind for edging carpets – the most popular demonstration at the show. Last year it was the blissfully simple but previously un-thought of Easy Shims to make ramping substrate up to doorways so much easier. This year, Stairrods had a brace of new ideas – Skiffers to protect skirting board corners from close encounters with runaway vacuum cleaners and also the Universal Bracket – an innovation for stair winders that fixes a stair rod bracket with just one screw above to avoid snagging the carpet below. “Small things that can make a big difference to a fitters day,” says Jamie Adamson. T 01207 591176

Associated Weavers are a really pro-active company – constantly developing their ranges and looking for new ideas to boost the business of their retailers. New launches for the show included Carnival, a shaggy broadloom in 65% polypropylene and 35% polyester for a softer feel and interesting texture. Another newcomer was Sparkle/Valentine – thick shiny metallic yarn, sculptured hearts and, er, bright pink. OK, you have to be a teenette to go for it but that’s a sizeable bedroom market in itself. But more serious is a growing commitment to AW’s wool programme which is likely to see strong development in the months ahead to add to the five existing natural wool ranges. Harrogate’s newcomer was Cashmere Textures – a sister product to the Berber range launched earlier this year. The 100% wool content of Cashmere Textures contains 15% cashmere. T 01422 431100

from The Stocklists

Cormar are in the business of being the best at everything for everybody and two Harrogate launches showed just how extensive that range can be. Apollo is an entry-level polypropylene that offers flecks and plains across 15 colours in a bleach cleanable product. “The economic situation suggested we should extend our range to this level and we have had a great reaction to this,” said marketing director David Cormack who said a growing part of the business was polypropylene. But back in more familiar Cormar country was the launch of West Country, a follow up to Natural Berber and a clever 80/20 which is triple sheared using a unique process. “We have engineered a product with a different kind of look,” said David. Two weights – 50 and 60 oz – and a very contemporary palette of 15 colours make this look like another winner. T 01204 881234

October 2010 41


Harrogate Report

Mohawk enjoyed a busy show and, interestingly reported good attendance from the South East and South West on the Sunday. Front of house for Mohawk is the new point-of-sale system for SmartStrand and EverStrand, the flagship green brands that are proving to be highly successful for the company. UK retailers are offered – free on loan - the two new stands which can be used side-by-side (as pictured) or back-to-back. SmartStrand – described as the first new carpet yarn for 30 years - is the revolutionary fibre made partly from corn oil that is both soft and amazingly resilient as well as being totally cleanable with water. Everstrand is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The company reports strong interest in this environmental proposition that’s green and clean. T 01480 479830

F Ball started a year of celebrations at Harrogate for their 125th anniversary – a landmark few can match! But the company is equally interested in its future and continues to innovate across its range with the latest launch of Stopgap 700 Superflex – a fibre-reinforced smoothing underlayment with new cement binder technology that improves its performance. The new formula is more flexible – making it ideal for plywood floors – and is crack resistant. A long open time followed by faster setting means smaller installations can be fully fitted in a single day. F Ball is still strongly promoting its loyalty card scheme which, so far, has attracted over 1600 people to its range of member benefits. T 01538 361633

Vorwerk has been investing in innovation with new tufting machinery that delivers a unique high quality surface, especially for semishaggies and showed off new ideas from its Evolution Collection at Harrogate. The company has been taking its cues from the fashion industry with the launch at the show of Bahia manufactured from a polyamide yarn with a shimmer effect. “We have been looking for new ideas in the women’s fashion and soft furnishing sectors where this shimmer effect has been popular,” said Vorwerk’s Ian Hammond. “We have had a very good reaction to Bahia at the show.” Another debut was Sarando, a quality polyamide carpet with a strong collection of 11 colours. T 0207 096 5090 42 October 2010



Artwood is a clever company – offering over 1,000 products, with just one product in stock! The warehouse is full of top quality engineered European oak which Artwork finishes with oils, waxes, paints and metallic finishes to create a dazzling diversity of designs. Hand finished in the UK, Artwood’s finishing skills shine out of the product and take wood flooring way beyond the standard ‘pattern book’. With such a diverse portfolio of finishes, including striking metallic and high gloss tones as well as Farrow&Ball shades such as Pitch Black, Pigeon and Lamp Room Gray, Artwood brings stylefocused wood flooring to specialist retailers. Sid Azoo, Artwood founder explains: “The concept reflects how far the wood flooring sector has moved on. We know that most consumers have a clear idea of how they want their floor to look and with Artwood they are certain to find a match. What’s more, thanks to the quality of products we use on these hand-applied finishes, they can be assured of a first class floor that will last for years to come.” T 0845 519 2726

from The Stocklists

October 2010 43


Harrogate Report

Manx proudly displayed a Union Flag of carpet across the entire back wall to make their point. “At the moment, the Britishness of manufacturing is getting a lot of support and there is a greater awareness in this climate of the need to buy British”, says Graham Harris at Manx (pictured left). All the company’s 80/20 twists are UK made and two new examples made their first appearance at Harrogate. Nature’s Envy is a new 80/20 in British wool with a hessian and jute backing which the company has launched in 12 flecky colours in three weights. New Ashworth is a re-coloured range with its 20% in nylon helping to support a superb range of 21 colours including many fashionable aubergines, greys and pinks. Available in 40 and 50 oz weights, Ashworth is a very clean textured carpet that has found its way into John Lewis. T 01827 831434

Lano like the UK market and have a habit of giving UK consumers what they want. “You don’t have to launch 30 new ranges every time,” says Lano’s Birgin Karlsson. “You just have to get it right.” Getting it right means making a remarkable carpet like Fairfield Supreme which is Lano’s most successful launch ever – selling 300,000 m2 since it arrived in March. This star performer was given pride of place on the Lano stand floor. Available in 14 colours, this is a technically demanding product to make - a 35oz tenth gauge tufted pile gets an extra final shear to create a very fine finish. Pembridge Twist – Lano’s top UK seller – gained six extra fashion colours for the show including grey, aubergine and greens – and the company re-vamped the popular Startwist with a new lighter weight sister product X-tra Twist at 28 oz, primarily aimed at the house-builder market. T 0032 5665 4000

Ulster is about integrity and innovation – and being just a bit more special. So when they do eco, they do it with style and intelligence. “You need a lot of knowledge to do what we’ve done and we have had a great reaction to our approach,” said Dalreen Buchanan. What they’ve ‘done’ is create the Natural Choice collection of 17 patterned axminsters along with 7 plain woven wiltons to co-ordinate across a striking natural colour palette created only by blending undyed yarn. “Not all wools were born equal,” added Ulster’s Jeremy Wilson at Harrogate. Ulster Yarns, based in Yorkshire is Ulster’s yarn spinning mill and is the centre for all raw material which enables Ulster to have total control over the quality of wool and long term security of supply. T 028 3833 4433

Floortrain is set for a substantial increase in their activity as public funding has increased for assessing floorlayers to NVQ and City & Guilds standards. Up to 1,200 will go through the free programme in the next 12 months. “We are the market leader in this sector and will see a massive increase in capacity in the year ahead,” says Dominic Ormondroyd.“We have to be spot on and have very high standards – we are audited by four different authorities to ensure we maintain our credentials.” T 01709 780 505 L-R: Elliot Ormondroyd, Chris Young, Tony Mann, Dominic Ormondroyd, Tony Smith. 44 October 2010


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October 2010 45


Harrogate Report

Well done - we’ll be back Harrogate turned out happy for visitors with a high satisfaction rating from those who attended, a survey by The Stocklists showed. Our Flooring Forum survey conducted during and after the event recorded 84% satisfaction among respondents who said the show was ‘good’ or ‘very good’. And 98% said it was worth the trip and they would be back next year! Asked to rate the exhibitors displays, 39% said the products were ‘very interesting’ and another 40% said ‘interesting’. Just 21% said there was not much new and nobody ticked the ‘boring’ box. Visitors generally felt the show was better than the 2009 event although 15% said it wasn’t as good and 28% felt it was about the same. The main reason cited by visitors for attending was ‘seeing new products’ (43%) with ‘understanding trends’ and ‘meeting industry people’ the next most popular reasons.

“Harrogate is to the carpet trade what Wimbledon is to tennis.”

We also asked our survey panel who did not attend Harrogate, why they didn’t come. 43% said they couldn’t afford the time out of their business and another 38% said it was too far away. A whopping 85% said they would attend if the show was nearer to them. One comment left on our Soapbox was: “I did not go to the show this year due to manufacturers being split between Birmingham and Harrogate and then at the last minute it getting changed all to Harrogate. If it had originally all been planned for one venue I would have made the the journey even all the way up to Harrogate.” For next year, one retailer commented on exhibitors who had stayed away: “Do your best to get all manufacturers showing. Those who did not go this year missed whatever small upturn there has been in trade.” We also asked this group of non-attendees whether they would be going to the Interiors show at Birmingham’s NEC instead and 24% said they would.

How was Harrogate for you?

84% 98% 57% 43% 64%

84% said it was good or very good The friendly atmosphere, the quality of stand presentations and the demonstrations were the aspects of Harrogate most frequently mentioned by survey respondents when asked what made the biggest impression on them. One attendee left the message on our Soapbox system: “Harrogate is to the carpet trade what Wimbledon is to tennis. A big ‘Well Done’ to Mr Wildman for keeping the show alive, and giving us a Grand Day Out!"

98% plan to come again next year

57% said it was better than last year

Another comment was: “Harrogate is a great social gathering and it’s the place to be to see and be seen.”

43% came to see new products

When asked what visitors thought was the mood of the event a reassuring 64% saying it was ‘optimistic’. The rest said ‘cautious’ but it was encouraging that none of our respondents felt the atmosphere was in any way pessimistic.

64% said mood was optimistic

One respondent commented however: “The manufacturers tried to be upbeat but the retailers told how it really is, tough and getting tougher.” This person also commented about the show: “With 22 stands, do Headlam really think they can fool us with their pseudo brands?”

46 October 2010

The Stocklists polled 404 retailers throughout the UK and at the Harrogate Flooring Show during September 2010. Replies and comments are recorded anonymously. Many thanks to all those who took part.


2010 Triple-King demonstrate the real benefits of trade shows – presenting new point-of-sale products at this event that are the result of enquiries and ideas from the 2009 show. Examples include the sophisticated new laminates stand for Cavalio and a clever service for laminate ‘pattern books’ that converts planks into user-friendly swatches. Triple-King set themselves apart with a full service merchandising proposition that extends from the design and manufacture of high quality display products to on-site service for sampling and merchandising in retail stores. “We are growing our full service business and Harrogate is a great opportunity to talk to customers so that we can give them what they really need rather than what we think they want,” says Ian Peers (pictured left). T 01274 582056

Ecovise has arrived in the UK with a uniquely attractive new concept in environmentally sensitive carpets – 100% natural. “A to Z we have achieved 100% natural production” says Kamran Saeed. (pictured above). “These products are 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and 100% sustainable – but they are also 100% quality – you don’t have to compromise,” he says. Ecovise are offering 16 stripes, 16 runners and 15 plains in 3.66 and 4 metres – all manufactured in all wool with natural jute and latex backing. “We do not use any chemicals or synthetic material in our carpets” says Kamran. You don’t have to compromise on colour or design either even though all the wool is undyed - clever blending has created a colour palette of 15 shades. “People haven’t seen anything like this before and we have had an excellent reaction at the show,” adds Kamran. T 07766 49 40 60

Drury Lane Carpets made a welcome return to Harrogate after the company was rescued from oblivion by the Contemporary Life group at the beginning of the year. “It is a very important business for us,” says MD Steve Evans (pictured above). “Drury Lane has always had a good reputation in the industry and we want to build on that.” The star performer is Drury Lane Twist which has now been re-coloured and the company also launched four new loops for Harrogate with a velvet to come. On the other side of the stand Contemporary Life were showcasing their new bespoke carpet manufactured under the Tollgate brand. Luna is a luxury ‘rope’ velvet with a four-fold natural yarn to create a smooth velvet with texture in 20 colours. T 01254 296829

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October 2010 47

OF THE TRADE David Wildman Organiser, Harrogate Flooring Show

How does it feel on the opening day of the show when you have no idea how many visitors will attend?

How surprised are you that retailers choose not to attend shows?

We were very optimistic given that we had around 2000 visitors pre registered and had sent out 845 exhibitor badges but you are always nervous until the halls begin to fill.

Do I need to go? What’s in it for me? Have I got the time? Will there be anything new? These are the questions that most retailers ask themselves before setting off to a show and depending on the quality of show that we portray is whether they decide to come.

How did it feel at the end of the last day?

What did you enjoy most about organising the event? Virtually everything that’s involved in pulling off a successful event, from working with the venue and the contractors to the actual building of the show on site.Talking to the exhibitors, trying to help in achieving their goals and aims from the show. Having Ruth,Wendy, John, Danielle and all the ladies in our accounts team supporting me.

What were the best bits of the show for you?

The overall ‘up beat’ feeling that the show gave off. Everybody seemed happy to be there and left with an overall sense of achievement and wanting to come back next year.The seminars and demo areas went down really well and we will look to extend them in 2011.

What is it about Harrogate that inspires such affection/loyalty?

An interesting question. Some would say the town itself, hotels bars and restaurants - others the facilities of the conference centre being so close that one can walk everywhere. For me it’s all of that plus a tradition that goes back some 50 years of our industry meeting once a year. I think that its so important to have a stand-alone event for our trade.

What scares you most? Getting old and cynical. It’s so easy to get into the ‘grumpy old man’ syndrome, complaining about everything and anything that’s new is completely un-called for. I met lots of young men and women both visitors and in particular exhibitors at the show that were enthusiastic, bright and above all keen to bring new ideas to the event.

We had over 3100 visitors this year and 895 exhibitors, collectively 4000 flooring folk. I hope next year it will be more but we can only succeed with the backing of our manufacturing and distribution network, and to the companies that didn’t join us this year, please come on board in 2011, to make our show even better.

What was the best compliment you got? We received many compliments - three stand out, from an exhibitor who at the end of the show who said ‘Thank you for putting the magic back into Harrogate’, another from a visitor who came into the organiser’s office on Sunday to say ‘Thank you for the lunch, it is really good to know that we are valued by you and the exhibitors’ and finally from one of the staff at the conference centre who said ‘We are all so pleased to have you all back again, as we look forward to working with the people on the flooring show, they are always such a pleasure to work for and with’.

Exhausted but absolutely delighted with the whole event. Everything that we planned had been supported, Sunday lunches, comedy night, seminars and demo areas had all been a great success.

As tough trading is predicted for 2011, do you think this will impact on next years show?

I am not sure whether you could count 2010 as a good trading year either but we still had a great turnout and serious business was done. I look forward to the next event and feel that what ever is happening within the economy, a good value for money, well organised show will be more than worthwhile for everyone concerned.

How many years do you personally want to do this show?

I am 58 years old , some would consider that ancient but others might say that I still have a few more years left in me yet! Whatever, the simple answer is that I will continue to run the event for as long as people want it.

“Call me an old softie if you like but I really am very fond of my industry and the people within it and it has been an absolute pleasure this year to run an exhibition on their behalf.” 48 October 2010


Simply Ryalux is a straightforward collection of good quality, affordable and dependable carpets. They’re perfect for a first home or any room that simply needs a smart, reliable and comfortable floor covering. Available in Twist, Velvet, Loop and Texture options, all at one simple price. For more information, please go to


A natural yarn All the wools used in the manufacture of an Ulster carpet are carefully sourced from an environmental point of view and are grown predominantly in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Ulster Yarns, based in Yorkshire is Ulster’s yarn spinning mill and is the centre for all raw material which enables Ulster to have total control over the quality of wool and long term security of supply. Jeremy Wilson, Ulster’s Residential Sales Director says; “A wool rich carpet has many benefits. Not only does it add sophistication and elegance to your home but its’ inherent quality will ensure it withstands the daily impact of modern day living. Wool is a great insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency while the softness it offers provides comfort and luxury underfoot.” He also added, “Wool is a natural product that is renewable, sustainable and completely recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle, and therefore has a minimal effect on the environment.” Made from 100% natural undyed wool Ulster’s latest collection Natural Choice comprises a variety of textured designs inspired by nature that are complimented with a range of plains. T 028 3833 4433

Interiors next on show The new flooring section at interiors is taking shape with companies such as Bond Worth, Brintons Fine Carpet, Brockway Carpets, Crucial Trading, IVC, Leica Geosystems and William- Armes all confirming their stands within hall 2. Most recently, Furlong Flooring, Blenheim, Oriental Carpets & Rugs and KJC have also signed. The new flooring area is placed next to accessories, furniture, soft furnishings and lighting at the NEC event. With over 7,000 visitors having previously attended the show with an interest in flooring. interiors offers exhibitors access to over 25,000 international visitors, including those operating within both the contract and retail sectors, over 8500 independent retailers, over 3500 interior designers as well as thousands of property oevelopers, wholesalers, distributers, buying groups, facilities managers and those in the Public Sector. In order to incorporate the new flooring section, interiors 2011 has appointed a new sales director with a solid background of working in the flooring industry. Nicola Archer (formally Shrigley) helped grow National Floor Show to its largest edition during her four years as Sales Manager, so brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Nicola commented: “I’m thrilled to work on such a well-respected event and aim to strengthen the show’s core areas for the next edition..The flooring section is a natural extension for the event and I am looking forward to catching up with as many people as possible in the lead up to interiors 2011”. Flooring at interiors takes place at the NEC, Birmingham from 23-26 January 2011. T +44 (0)207 921 8415

Sunny Patel has been the ‘face’ of the National Flooring Show for several years but is leaving UBM for major publishing house Centaur. Ever cheerful, she will be missed by many and thanked the trade for its “warmth and hospitality. This industry is truly unforgettable,” she said.

Tel: 01372 841467 Email: Web:

The best of carpet & fabric stain protection is now combined with the acclaimed wear resistant Allergy Shield & Hygiene product (Actigard®). For extra sales & profits, check us out at: 50 October 2010



AW-some service Woolsafe changes heads After almost 20 years in the role it has been announced that Paul Bakker has retired as managing director of The Woolsafe Organisation. Dr Agnes Zsednai, formerly the technical director of The Woolsafe Organisation, has succeeded him. Announcing his retirement from the day-to-day duties of The Woolsafe Organisation just after his 70th birthday, Paul Bakker will continue as Chairman and will still be involved in a number of projects. Dr Agnes Zsednai has been technical director of The Woolsafe Organisation for some 8 years and within that time has gathered an in-depth understanding of the Organisation, making her a natural successor for Paul Bakker.

Rhys Davies Carpet Logistics and Associated Weavers are delighted to announce the extension of a partnership that has been in place between the two businesses since January 2005. Following an initial 5 years of successful collaboration, the commitment has now been extended for a further three years. Because carpet handling and distribution is such a specialised area, Rhys Davies established a storage and distribution infrastructure to ensure that the length, and width of the product was considered and catered for. Gary Phillips, Commercial Manager of Rhys Davies Freight Logistics said, “To handle the carpets we cannot use a standard fork lift truck and must use specialist booms to take the weight of the carpet.” The firm has depots in Birmingham, Cwmbran, Haydock, London, Scotland and Wakefield. Rhys Davies also established a two-way EDI link with Associated Weavers in Belgium which allows Associated Weavers to track deliveries.This details how many carpets have been received and are in stock, which carpets are out for delivery and how many carpets are planned for delivery the next day.This allows the Associated Weavers’ service team to provide a rapid response to any customer queries. Steve Elliott, Managing Director of Associated Weavers, commented: “Rhys Davies’ drivers know our product and become regular, trusted faces to our clients,” Steve said. “They know the delivery points and how each particular client likes the carpets delivered. It is all about that extra attention to detail which means we trust Rhys Davies to represent our company.” T 029 2081 0587

Fit for fitting The Woolsafe Organisation has developed over the years to become a single resource for the specialist care of carpets and rugs. From technical and advisory documents, through to the Registered Inspectors and Certified Operators network, it is now an invaluable industry service. In June,The Woolsafe Organisation brought all the chemicals testing for its Woolsafe Approved scheme in-house to its Otley headquarters and this has necessitated a review of operations.The result is a far more efficient model and the new structure will also allow the addition of several new carpet specific services to be included from October of this year, such as testing of appearance retention, durability, colour-fastness, dimensional change and structural analysis. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the helm of The Woolsafe Organisation,” comments Paul Bakker. “ It has been a pleasure to meet so many great people over the last 20 years and I am taking away many very special memories.” T 0800 731 5688

Eletile, the company behind the revolutionary floating vinyl plank system eleEase, has launched an ‘academy’ course for fitters. Said Mark Taylor of Eletile: “We started the courses in February so we can demonstrate the full benefits to fitters and show them how simple eleEase is to lay. It has so many benefits, such as time reduction, being a clean method of installation, and needing no sub floor preparation.The courses have attracted a tremendous amount of interest.” Phil Sinclair - an approved installer with 40 years in the trade, 20 of which were exclusively in the LVT market – is running the courses for Eletile. He said: “We’ve run a number of courses so far this year and all the fitters have found it an easy product to get to grips with.” The day-long course involves a presentation, practical demonstration then an opportunity for the fitters to try out the skills they have learnt until they feel confident handling the product. Courses are held at the Eletile headquarters at View Logistics, Hartlepool, for a maximum of six people. For larger groups, classes can be taught at alternative locations. Prices start at £140 for a group member, £150 for an Eletile stand holder and £200 for an independent. For more information or to book onto the course please contact head office. T 01429 892540

52 October 2010


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October 2010 53

The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Wool Week Gallery 2010 The festival of natural fibre has arrived - and with 70% of wool in the UK used for flooring, that means a carpet campaign like no other. Wool Week runs from October 11 to 17. Prince Charles is the cheerleader and Saville Row in central London will be grassed over and grazed with sheep to get wool noticed. Brintons have woven a wool carpet in front of the world’s press that will be auctioned at Sothebys to raise money to boost the campaign (see opposite). “The Prince wants this to make a real difference and for our industry to take advantage of a major promotion,” Bridgette Kelly told Harrogate visitors to a Wool Week seminar at the show last month. Retailers are encouraged to major in wool during October and to create special displays using the campaign’s distinctive point-of-sale material. Wool features across the home interest and fashion press should also boost consumer awareness. The campaign was announced by the Prince in January this year as a response to the pressure on wool growers of falling prices and the rise of synthetic fibre. He said the campaign should “set out the impact of the seemingly trivial decision to buy a wool carpet or its man-made equivalent.” He said: “The sad truth is that around the world, farmers are leaving sheep production because the price they get for their wool is below the costs of actually shearing it. “Sheep farmers are the lifeblood of the rural economy.The idea [of the Wool Campaign] is to explain the benefits of wool in a simple and creative way.” Apart from extensive media coverage, consumers will see wool window displays in major retail groups such as M&S, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Selfridges. High Street flooring outlets are being asked to follow suit so that they can benefit from this extra awareness. In addition to in-store banners featuring the distinctive ‘Campaign For Wool’ branding, there are also swing tickets with the slogan: “All we are saying, is give fleece a chance!”

Rock 'n' Roll – Alternative Flooring

Romanesque from Bond Worth

Rock 'n' Roll is an award-winning collection of 100% wool stripes in ten vibrant colour combinations designed by renowned interior stylist Melinda Ashton-Turner exclusively for Alternative Flooring.The innovative and exciting collection brings colour and pattern into any room.There are now five new colours for the stripes with great names such as Purple Rain,Tainted Love and London Calling.The stripes have been teamed with specially coloured linear Wool Cord plains. Rock 'n' Roll is 4m wide and Wool Cord available in 5m widths.

Romanesque from Bond Worth features a delicate interwoven scroll, leaf and acanthus design set against a gentle Berber ground.Warm reds and rusts accent a graduated apple green. Manufactured with 80% new British wool/20% nylon the design is also available in two colour ways; plum red and blue.

T 01264 335111

54 October 2010

This range along with our classic axminster portfolio is available to view online. T 01562 745000


The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality Weaving a classic for campaign

Bakerloo (Tube Collection) - Edel Telenzo Bakerloo is the latest addition to the best selling Tube Collection from Edel Telenzo Carpets. It’s a hardwearing 100% wool 1/8th gauge loop pile, available in 4 and 5m width, with an Actionbac backing. Scotchgarded, anti-static and anti-flam, it’s suitable for heavy domestic and heavy contract applications. Available in three colourways – naturals, with a plum (shown) or mulberry stripe. T 01422 374417 Brintons believes superior quality is best achieved by marrying the finest wools with the latest weaving technologies. As one of the largest users of British wool, Brintons is supporting the Campaign for Wool and one example is an auction at Harvey Nichols in London which aims to keep wool high on the consumer agenda by donating all proceeds to the Campaign for Wool. Brintons carpets and iconic Scottish design house Timorous Beasties have pooled their extensive design skills to launch a brand-new custom carpet collection. Brintons has donated a bespoke 12ft axminster room square woven in its Kidderminster factory to the Campaign for Wool for the auction during Wool Week.The room square is inspired by the Tree of Life design, a contemporary take on a Timorous Beasties classic. This exquisitely drawn and beautifully detailed leaf and branch forms an image that is both classic and modern and contemporises a whole new look for the interior space.

ASK ABOUT CAMPAIGN POS Natural Choice from Ulster Made from 100% natural undyed wool Ulster’s latest collection Natural Choice comprises a variety of textured designs inspired by nature that are complimented with a range of plains. All the wools used in the manufacture of an Ulster carpet are carefully sourced from an environmental point of view and are grown predominantly in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Many manufacturers are supporting the Campaign For Wool with Point-of-Sale displays so ask your rep or sales contact if they have material for you. And you can email British Wool for a POS pack which includes a triangle stand, leaflets, a showcard and poster:

T 02838 334433

from The Stocklists

October 2010 55

The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Abingdon’s Wilton Royal

Vitronic from Kingsmead

Wilton Royal is a wool brand rich in heritage and famous for quality.The newly re-launched Charter Supreme Gold is a 60 oz product that encapsulates all that is best in a heavyweight British made wool twist.The 15 strong colour bank is a combination of natural berbers and soft heathers that would be fit to grace any room in the land.

The name Vitronic, the origins of which are a bit obscure, has become synonymous over the years with value for money, reliable quality and an outstanding collection of colours. Manufactured in Great Britain utilising British wool both New Vitronic and Vitronic Traditions are favourites with independent retailers and national housebuilders.

T 01274 655662

T 01827 831427

Mondrian from Axminster’s Princetown Collection A range of stunning contemporary carpets, the Princetown collection is beautifully woven from 100% pure new wool. Featuring as delightful berber fleck the Princetown collection balances contemporary structured influences with the soft edge of natural tonal variations. Available in three colours Mondrian is also joined by Picasso and Matisse as well as existing designs in Gem, Moorland Crest and Natural Plaid. All carpets come in 3’, 12’ and 15’ widths. T 01297 630650

56 October 2010

Cashmere Berber - Associated Weavers The Cashmere Berber range is a classic 80/20 with an extra twist - the British Wool content has 15% cashmere yarn woven in to create a silky softness to the touch. The 50oz carpet is available in 9 colours and three widths – 2.5, 4 and 5 metres – and benefits from a 10-year wear guarantee. T 01422 431100


The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

The Wool Collection of Regency Carpets

Town & Country by Cormar

Regency launched their wool collection at the beginning of 2010 and enjoyed an enthusiatic response from the trade for the affordable quality of their 80/20 twists.

Celebrating Wool Week is Cormar Carpet’s re-launched 60oz flagship wool twist collection,Town & Country (pictured in colour London Stone). Made from 80% British wool, 10% nylon and 10% tuftbond, it is a top of the range 1/10th gauge heavy weight twist, retailing at circa £32 per sq m. Available in 20 plain and heather shades and 4 and 5m widths, it offers great value-for-money and is normally delivered by Cormar within 2 – 3 days from order.

Broughton Twist and its berber sister range Carleton are UK made with British wool and available in 40 and 50 oz weights and 4 and 5 metre widths. T 01772 696787

Wooltouch from the Ultimo collection by Lano With the luxurious feel of velvet and made from 100% pure New Zealand wool,Wooltouch brings a touch of class to the home. Available in 12 natural tones with a neutral edge to ensure widespread appeal, the carpet possesses a 1,890gm/m2 pile weight for the ultimate in luxurious underfoot comfort. As part of the Ultimo collection,Wooltouch comes in both 4 and 5-metre widths. T 00800 5266 5266

58 October 2010

T 01204 881234

RHS Classic Florals from Brintons Brintons and The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announce the launch of the new ‘RHS Classic Florals’ collection inspired by the botanical artworks from the RHS Lindley Library, which holds over 23,000 originals. The Brintons design team have created six exquisite carpets which capture the essence of nature at its most charming. New designs include sweat pea amethyst, poppy dusk, allium celadon and chrysanthemum crimson. T 0800 505055


The British Wool column Leading retailers set to celebrate Wool Week The largest ever retailer event to celebrate wool will happen this month (11-17th) with wool products hitting the high street in a major way. But already, leading retailers are feeling the impact of the Campaign for Wool and wool promotion following the support of some of the UK’s most widely read consumer magazines. London Fashion Week, held in September is often a telling indicator of future trends for interiors and there has been a noticeable increase on wool on the catwalks and fashion editors have been positioning it strongly. Harold Tilman of the British Fashion Council said: “The emphasis on eco and sustainability is penetrating fashion and wool has all the right credentials being both natural and luxurious.” “It is well known that fashion clearly influences interiors and whilst many retailers may not be feeling the impact yet, it is likely to filter in to the carpet stores in the coming months but we really hope that retailers get on-board now and take advantage of all this opportunity.” All the major carpet manufacturers, the Carpet Foundation and SMG buying group are supporting it. Retailers who want to know more about the Campaign for Wool or want a pack of POS for their store, should email

British Wool go 100% Platinum with new logo British Wool has introduced a new logo this September at the Harrogate Flooring Show to highlight 100% British Wool in products and as a partner to their existing Shepherd’s Crook mark. The Platinum logo will be available to The new Platinum logo introduced by British Wool. manufacturers that are buying 100% British Wool through the British Wool Marketing Board’s (BWMB) Platinum Certificate, which traces the wool from the wool auction through the processing chain and is signed off at each stage as 100% British Wool. British Wool bought under this scheme qualifies for the BWMB’s environmental Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) accreditation IS0 14040. Ian Hartley, CEO of the British Wool Marketing Board said: “We have a growing number of manufacturers that want to produce 100% British Wool products and make use of the environmental information and data within our LCA.The trend for both British origin wool and eco-credibility is very strong and we wanted to offer them a visible marketing statement to support their products in store. “The new Platinum logo is simply an extension of our existing certification system that has been there for many years for the trade. We believe that many manufacturers now see this certification route as offering real marketing opportunity at consumer level particularly now that there is a growing emphasis on Green issues.” The new logo which will be available as a carpet label and a swing ticket will also be accompanied by a promotional leaflet which will define the 100% British Wool story for retailers and consumers. Further information is available from the British Wool marketing team on 01274 688666 or

Support ‘Wool Week’ this October.

Ulster Carpets offers Natural Choice Natural shades are still attracting a huge amount of attention due to the growing interest in environmental matters. Certainly, many carpet manufacturers are looking at ways to address this but there is probably no better example than Natural Choice by Ulster Carpets which showcases how clever spinning, blending and stunning design can combine to produce something truly amazing without using dyes. Made from 100%, natural undyed wool, the Natural Choice collection comprises a variety of textured designs inspired by nature which can be matched by a range of plain carpets. The yarn is manufactured in Ulster’s own spinning mill in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The Ulster Design team used a variety Chenille in Natural Fawn from Natural Choice of shades from by Ulster. British breeds and other wools to create this beautiful collection, which shows the innovative way that the many shades available in British Wool from British sheep breeds can combine to offer a luxurious and stylish product for the home. Composed from natural, renewable elements Natural Choice will be completely recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life cycle and therefore have a minimal effect on the environment.

The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

FLOR by Heuga - Country Contemporary

Carnaby by Brockway

Shown is a rug design of FLOR by Heuga's luxurious Country Contemporary deep cut pile wool range, in colours Sea Salt, Black Pepper, and Juniper Blue. Country Contemporary is made of 80% New Zealand wool, 12% polyester, and 8% polyamide. Available in 8 on-trend contemporary colours, in tiles sized 50 x 50 cm.

The dazzling Carnaby from Brockway Carpets' new Designer Collection encapsulates all that’s best about Britain. Carnaby is an eye-catching, one-off loop pile carpet in red, white and blue with an interesting red/blue stipple feature stripe. In luxurious 100% new wool, it's available in a 4 metre width. Visit to see Carnaby and eight other stunning new ranges that make up the Designer Collection.

T 00800 4384 2266

T 01562 828200

V&A Twist Collection by Ryalux

Cavalier’s ‘heart of wool’

The V&A Twist Collection from Ryalux offers a sumptuous, elegant palette of 70 colours, inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum’s magnificent jewellery collection.

Wool is at the very heart of what we do at Cavalier Carpets - it's the one common denominator at the core of the Cavalier product range. For us every week is wool week because nothing can rival wool both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Typical of our commitment to wool is our latest addition, the stunning ‘Woodland Heathers’ which gives a more sophisticated feel to that ‘Cottage’ look. T 01254 268 000

Available in any width up to 5 metres in two superb qualities and made from the finest New Zealand wools. T 0845 6528811

60 October 2010


The Wool Benefits Series from Wools of New Zealand

Natural Partnerships Natural Beauty, a key benefit of New Zealand wool, underlines why the natural whiteness of the wool makes it the natural choice for dyeing all shades in the colour spectrum, perfect for the most stylish and fashionable interiors. It is for this reason that Kingsmead Carpets specified New Zealand wool to produce its new ‘Artwork’ collection, to be launched in January 2011.

The Artwork Collection not only epitomises the superior properties of New Zealand wool through its range of beautiful colours, but it offers consumers a new and creative decorating medium. For the best in contemporary floor décor, ‘Artwork’ offers 20 plain shades influenced by fashion colour trends and 5 co-ordinating ‘Artwork Stripes’ inspired by shirting fabrics. Available in two hard-wearing qualities, 45oz and 60oz, the range satisfies all tastes from the conservative to the modernist. The plain colours are available in 4m and 5m widths and for versatility the stripes are available in an additional 1m width to augment styling options for hallways and stairs. Joanna Ramsden, Colourist and Creative Manager at Wools of New Zealand, adds: “With the growing interest and available choices in interior décor, it has never been easier to use and live with colour. Colour is back – it is the most powerful element in decoration and plays a significant and subconscious role in our lives. It affects our senses and can alter our home by enhancing the mood and improving the quality of life within. Viewing the floor as a blank canvas is a great way to inject individual creativity into the home. Carpets can make as much of an impact as any other decorating medium – not only embellishing a room but also making a focal statement. Being instinctive and following your individual preferences is key to making a house a home. Paint, wallcoverings and furnishings have been influential for interiors for some time. Floorcoverings can now play their part.

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‘Artwork’ is a prime example of how to transform floor space using a mix & match styling concept.The collection endorses all the natural benefits inherent in New Zealand Wool – Beauty, Health, Comfort and Integrity. Additional reasons for buying a Wools of New Zealand carpet include non-allergenic, soil repellent, fire resistant and insulating properties, as well as the renewable and sustainable attributes. The twist pile collection made from 80% wool, 10% nylon and 10% Kingloc polyester will be the first under the refreshed Wools of New Zealand brand logo. All branded carpets are independently tested to meet the stringent performance requirements associated with the Wools of New Zealand mark. This reassurance further enhances the desirability of branded carpets.

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The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Esprit by Penthouse Carpets Esprit represents all that’s best about wool and was the star of the Harrogate Flooring Show. The carpet is 75% British Wool and comes in a full range of contemporary colours - 12 beautiful plains and 12 heather colours.

Saxony by Bronte Carpets 100% wool Saxony is available from Bronte in 40 standard colours but also any colour of your choice via their special dye service. It’s also any width up to 12m with no joins - or there is a made-to-plan service.

Available in 4 and 5 metre widths.

Bronte offers 17 qualities including four 80/20 twists and a hand-crafted border collection is also available.The company have been established 28 years and pride themselves on using only the finest quality 100% wool.

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Contemporary Life Contemporary Life are proud to be supporters of 'The Campaign for Wool'. Using only wool or wool rich fibre in production, they create masterpiece products such as their Lyndhurst 90 velour featured and remain committed to the environmental and aesthetic benefits that only wool fibre can bring to the market. T 01254 296829

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“All we are saying, is give fleece a chance!” FlooringNews

Flower on Flooring The changing face of rugs The UK has an established affection for rugs that has continued into the 21st century, greatly assisted by a number of innovative manufacturers and suppliers.The utilisation of new materials and manufacturing technology has been put to good use in many instances, maintaining interest in this highly adaptable flooring option. Flor by heuga is one supplier that continues to innovate and its latest product is aimed at satisfying the need for a luxurious feel underfoot.The company has accordingly launched the Country Contemporary in floor tile format that can be assembled to create a rug of any dimension. The climate neutral cut-pile carpet tiles offer all the benefits of richly-textured wool flooring but with the added advantage of a practical easy-to-lay tile format that needs no underlay, no specialist fitter and no fear of spills and marks, the company states.Any affected tiles that cannot be cleaned can simply be replaced. It includes eight colours, ranging from classic naturals such as Sesame to the rich nut brown of Pecan and crimson, Pink Peppercorn, designed to suit every décor style.The 50 x 50cm tile system allows those who want to make more of a feature of their floor the opportunity of incorporating a graphic design using two or more colours from the range to create stripes, checks or borders, and can be laid as a single block or with a graphic pattern.The company's second carbon neutral range, any unavoidable carbon emissions are offset via a programme managed by Climate Care, which finances renewable energy schemes and similar projects. Flor by Heuga states it is matching parent company InterfaceFlor's focus on environmentally friendly procedures.

by Dennis Flower The latest news from Rugs With Flair is that it has purchased a new 120,000 sq ft facility in Glossop that is expected to be ready for business in the middle of 2011. Located 10 miles from its current Denton site and less than 30 miles from its Oswaldtwistle premises, the company states it will give all 85 staff the opportunity to relocate. It plans to adapt the new site to include a new showroom. “This is a significant and exciting point in the company’s development,” said Neel Shah.“Everyone is very excited about the move, which will see the whole company united in a building designed for us to maximise service efficiency for our customers.” Established in 1984, Rugs with Flair is a family run business specialising in the design, import and distribution of quality rugs. In the last five years it has supplied retail chains, large independent stores and other retail outlets across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Another supplier of rugs reporting growth is Saif, which states that its European market – including sales in the UK – have increased. 'We have made a good start in sales of our top end silk and viscose range of carpets and rugs,' says Eram Asim, Saif’s UK spokesperson.“We are having to educate the market on the term viscose - which is still associated with the artificial, man-made product.” The company states that Shaggies continue to do well, with designs also including combinations of viscose and wool twists woven onto a bed of wool or felt.“We feel that Kelims will make a come back and are well placed with our stock of traditional designs,” said Asim. Via sister company ARS, Saif is also able to offer colour reference systems and display products. Colour differentiation continues to be important with designers in particular appreciating the choice of nearly 1200 colours, the company states.

For more information about featured products: Heuga • • Intl. Freephone 00800 4384 2266

Huega’s Country Contemporary floor tiles

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Celebrating recycling September 2010 marks the first anniversary of the nationwide launch of Recofloor - the UK’s first vinyl flooring recycling scheme. It was founded by leading flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor to tackle growing volumes of waste sent to landfill. Recofloor is a unique example of two major competitors working collaboratively to promote the sustainability of their product - a major achievement and an important step for the vinyl flooring sector as a whole.Vinyl flooring waste is recycled back into new flooring products as well as traffic management equipment such as cones and sign bases. In the past 12 months, the industry-led take-back initiative has collected and recycled 155 tonnes of uplifted vinyl and safety flooring and off-cuts. Around 175 tonnes is projected for the coming year, representing a 15% increase year on year. Recofloor’s 242 active members across the UK and Ireland comprise flooring contractors, drop-off sites at flooring distributors and waste transfer stations, as well as construction projects at schools, hospitals and leading retail stores. Recofloor Project Manager Jane Gardner of Axion Consulting, the scheme’s agents, is delighted with the success saying: “Having created a free-standing industry scheme, the next challenge was to develop a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient collection system.This is now a reality with large volumes of flooring being diverted from landfill - benefiting the environment and reducing waste disposal costs for members.” T 0161 355 7618

Fast and furious Cavalio’s care kit Cavalio’s range of modern and exceptionally stylish luxury vinyl tiles are perfectly suited to a contemporary living space, be it a kitchen, living area, bathroom or dining room. Cavalio flooring is hard wearing and exceptionally easy to look after, and making it even easier and fuss-free Cavalio has produced a Complete Care Kit that includes every product needed to clean, maintain and care for every type of Cavalio floor. The Cavalio Complete Care Kit includes: Metallised Floor Polish Stripper - A heavy-duty ammonia-free formulation for the removal of all types of emulsion floor polish; economical to use and incorporates low-foaming surfactants with excellent rinsing qualities. Matt Finish Floor Protector - A heavy-duty sealer polish for use on all Cavalio floor surfaces; designed to protect and preserve showroom condition. May be used neat or with up to five parts water.

The proven Rapid Adhesive for PVC floors has been developed into a fast-track solution for project works. Uzin KE 2428 is a fast dispersion adhesive with a very high final strength for PVC tiles, sheet and cushion vinyl.The wet adhesive is solvent free but its high initial grab and the strong thread formation will remind the user of former solvent based products. Professional floorlayers particularly like its short open time and its higher coverage per m2 of what enables them to save time, material and also labour costs. Uzin KE 2428 has developed to be one of the most widely used products in the field of floor covering adhesives in Europe. Due to its enormously wide range of uses, its extremely high tack and its excellent transfer to backings (even with difficult coverings), this dispersion adhesive offers the user the greatest possible reliability even with difficult installation conditions. Uzin KE 2428 is classified as an adhesive with low flame-spread characteristics, has an IMO certificate for marine equipment and is therefore provided with the Wheelmark label. T 01926 436 700

Orange Cleaner - Orange combines the natural cleaning power of pure orange oils with other powerful agents to make an all-round friendly cleaner; Orange removes general grease, grime and dirt from all Cavalio vinyl floors. Usually used with warm water, it can also be spot-applied in a stronger concentration for stubborn stains. Furniture Protectors - Perfect for protecting floors from damage caused by heavy furniture, a large rectangle (suitable for custom-cutting) and two sizes of dense fibre adhesive-backed circular discs ensure Cavalio floors have their own cushioning. 21 Protectors in total. The Cavalio Complete Care Kit retails at £24.99 T 01782 569840

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Cinderella has a ball The tenth anniversary of the Carpet Foundation Red Carpet Awards took place recently at Claridge’s in London.The Awards, which are a seasonal highlight for the media, attracted 142 of the key players from the media and the Carpet Foundation. 19 magazines were represented, with 12 editors, together with The Sunday Times and 20 freelance journalists.

Carpets with cubism Picasso is the latest in a new range of designs from Princetown by Axminster Carpets, a collection redefining contemporary patterned carpets. Featuring the signature berber fleck of the Princetown collection combined with an oversized pindot tonal square motif, Picasso is perfect for modern homes, balancing contemporary structured influences with the soft edge of natural tonal variations. Made from 100% pure new wool, the new design has been launched alongside Matisse and Mondrian, combining with the existing Gem, Crest and Natural Plaid to form a powerful collection of contemporary patterned carpets. Available in eight natural colourways, Picasso is rated suitable for Heavy Domestic use and comes in 3’, 12’ and 15’ widths, accommodating hallways and stairs, smaller bedrooms and large living areas with minimum wastage. Steve Upperton, sales director explains, “The Princetown collection is designed to bring the beauty of Axminster weaving to a new generation, dispelling the myth that patterns produced using this traditional technique are fussy and old-fashioned. ”

Introduced in 2001 to encourage greater editorial coverage for carpet, the Red Carpets have proved one of the most successful initiatives for the Carpet Foundation. Considered one of the most prestigious Awards in the home interest market, they are keenly contested with journalists setting out to win an Award. The panel of judges this year comprised: Andrea Maflin, Sunday Times expert and freelance designer; for the tenth consecutive year, Sir Nicholas Lloyd, former editor of the Daily Express; John Smigielski, former editor of 25 Beautiful homes and Louise Anton.

Caption? Verecundus catelli insectat matrimonii, Concubine adquireret oratori, et concubine

Rupert Anton, Carpet Foundation marketing director, who presides over the Awards ,commented: “Yet again we were blessed with superb support, from all echelons of the media. Carpet has never had so much written about it and this is one reason why. We regularly generate north of £1 million of free editorial exposure for carpet and are fortunate to enjoy unrivalled links and relationships with journalists. T 01562 747 359

With Picasso available in eight colourways and Matisse and Mondrian in three colours, there are 14 new additions to the 100% wool Princetown collection. T 01297 630650

Solent on show Solent’s Open Day on 16th September was very successful with a good turnout from customers.Various suppliers exhibited, Ball & Young, Winning with Solent (l to r): Adam Ayling (Sales Rep), Simon McHale Interfoor, Stairrods, Mapei, Spotnails, Packexe, Sweeney Todd, Morley metals (Managing Director) with Richard and Debbie May (Griffith & May). and the NICF. Help was also on hand from Derek Allnut from Victoria and Ian Foster from Balta/ITC who were available for any questions on their new ranges Solent are due to stock soon namely Imperial Velvet(Victoria)/Happy Days(Balta). Solent moved to their new building in 2007 and it was the first time that they had opened their doors to customers, showing off the new state of the art cutting machine through a viewing window in their new impressive showroom. A fitting demo was organized in reception showcasing Homestyle from C&H which is Solent’s very successfully luxury vinyl tile.The rain held off and customers enjoyed a lunch time buffet. Customers were entered into the free prize draw and the first prize was won by Griffith & May from Poole who won a 42” LCD TV. Pictured above right: Adam Ayling (Sales Rep), Simon McHale (Managing Director), Richard and Debbie May (Griffith & May) T 01243 774623

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Elegant inspiration A stunning new Camaro Flooring Collection of luxury vinyl tiles has been unveiled by vinyl flooring specialist Polyflor. The collection of 30 authentic, creative and practical floor coverings has been developed in conjunction with a team of commissioned artists and experienced product designers, each unique product is based on the natural allure and beauty of wood, stone, slate and marble. “Our inspiration was simply the elegance and attraction of natural materials from all over the world and the collection has been meticulously developed to replicate this,” explains Polyflor marketing Manager Simon James. “First-class aesthetic appeal, combined with the ultra-hard wearing and easy to clean product construction, makes the new Camaro Flooring Collection the new stand-out luxury vinyl tile range on the market.” Camaro comprises 15 wood effect finishes and four different plank sizes while the 15 stone effect tiles are divided into three vinyl tile sizes.The range also features Polyflor’s strong polyurethane surface treatment to assist ongoing maintenance and reduce life cycle cleaning costs.

Kiddy carries on

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Fitters go for gold The Golden Steps Fitter of the Year Competition 2010 has been announced and fitters are invited to submit their entries to win the coveted trophy, £250 prize. Stairrods (UK), which is sponsoring the event for the second time, hopes the competition will give due credit and publicity to the numerous fitters and their employers, who do an outstanding, professional job. Entrants will be judged on their carpet fitting skills, and all entries should include use of Stairrods (UK) decorative accessories, in some way. Retailers and contractors can enter their own fitters, or fitters can enter themselves, by simply submitting four photographs of their chosen project, which should show their work close-up and the completed installation. The competition is open for six months from September 2010 to March 2011, providing ample time for fitters nationwide to take the opportunity to enter one or more projects. John Raine, Director of Stairrods (UK) says the competition will put the spotlight on talented fitters and their companies: “At the end of the day, it is the skills of the fitter, which ultimately determines whether an installation has that star quality”. T 01207 591176

68 October 2010

Carpets of Kidderminster has been rescued from the receiver with a management buy-out - but the workforce will be halved. The company went into administration in August blaming tough trading conditions but the then managing director David Watts said then that the company could have a “long and viable future” if the right “remedial action” was taken to improve profitability at the Worcestershire site. Mr Dewi Thomas, newly appointed managing director and a shareholder of the buy-out company, said: "I am delighted that we have secured a future for the business. Clearly, the last few months have been difficult for us but the administration has allowed us to re-negotiate unprofitable contracts and put the business on a sounder footing. "We are now one of the few remaining specialist carpet businesses which manufacture carpet in the U.K. I hope that this deal will prove beneficial to our customers, our suppliers and our employees whom I would like to thank for giving us their support." Carpets of Kidderminster was established in 1934 by the late Lionel Rowe, a renowned figure in the local carpet industry.

Performance gap widens There is a real mixed bag of company performance in the UK floor coverings industry at the moment according to new research from market analysts Plimsoll which indicates that with 157 companies in trouble, 420 others powering ahead and 231 set to be taken over, the market has never been more fragmented. Analyst David Pattison, author of the new Plimsoll Analysis - Floor Coverings, said, “ I am surprised at the gulf in performance in the market. Despite all other factors, success still comes down to how well a company is run.There has to be further, more radical consolidation in the market. Strong companies will be buying up distressed competitors in the next 12 months”. T 01642 626400


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Sharpen up your fitting skills with fita Are you working in the flooring industry but need further skills to widen your client base? Or perhaps you are a new beginner in flooring and need training to go one step further? If so, then why not contact FITA, the Flooring Industry Training Association. Co-founded by the Contract Flooring Association (CFA) and the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers (NICF), FITA has courses to suit not only real beginners just getting started in the industry but upskilling courses aimed towards seasoned professionals too!



FITA has a fully equipped training centre at Loughborough in Leicestershire. Our wide range of courses are presented by experienced instructors with specialist knowledge of the flooring industry. All course content can be used as evidence towards an NVQ in Floorcoverings.

Visit for details of all FITA training courses available along with our booking form which is available for download. CALL TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION ON:

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FITA - kindly sponsored by

Fita Training Centre Loughborough Unit 10, Windmill Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 1RA.

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ATTENTION CARPET SUPPLIERS Turn those remnants into cash! New and reconditioned carpet/rug whipping, fringing and taping machines available for immediate delivery. For further details contact

DAVID ALMOND LTD. Union Works, Bacup Road, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancs. BB4 7LN Tel. 01706 214817 Fax. 01706 214819

SINGER SEWING MACHINE 36-4 2 Sewing Heads (Extra Frames)

FOXISuper Plus The Rug Tamer! Keeps Rugs In Their Place COMBINATION UNDERLAYS NEEDLEFELT UNDERLAYS For orders and further information, please ring P&R Ratcliffe (Underlays) Ltd. Burnley, Lancashire BB10 3BH Tel: 01282 421026, Fax: 01282 412321

£6,000 ono (Leeds) – Telephone 0113 2521794


Flooring stores don’t generally need elaborate websites – most of the time, visitors are just trying to find out your phone number, your opening hours or where they can park! Or they’re just checking you out to see how professional you look. Here’s the quick fix! Check out our dummy site at

Plug-in an ‘instant’ flooring industry website branded for your store or business for just £390 set-up + £90 per year

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The UK flooring retailer's favourite magazine

The Stocklists - October 2010-  

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