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1 AUGUST 2011

UK manufactured Carpet Cutting Machines


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Talking tough on Tesco


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Wool hits 25-year high

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Buzz builds for Harrogate Full house and rich mix for show pages 34-43


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Flooring Factsheet Adhesives



Flooring factsheet Underlay In a tight market for margins, underlay for carpet and laminate flooring offers retailers one of the best opportunities to add value to every sale – with good profitability, trade-up potential once benefits are understood and high satisfaction levels with customers.

But 50% of carpet is still sold without new underlay! Retailers should create an assumption that new underlay is always required, the only decision is which type. It’s also a good target-setter for sales staff. Setting up in-store demonstrations so customers can walk on samples with different grades of underlay and feel the difference has shown excellent results – some manufacturers offer point-of-sale units.



Goodunderlaywill... • Improve underfoot comfort • Increase appearance retention, reducing flattening • Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear • Improve thermal insulation and warmth • Increase sound insulation • Smooth out sub-floor imperfections • Last the lifetime of the carpet

Spongerubber The market’s most popular underlay is available in flat or waffle patterns in a wide range of weights for different applications. It performs well for comfort and has a durable spring retention. PU(polyurethane)foam PU foam is a relative newcomer to the market, typically made from recycled foam offcuts. The foam provides excellent comfort and performance levels with lots of thickness options – and its light weight helps handling. The product can be re-cycled again after use. Crumbrubber Flat and dense, crumb rubber is good for heavy footfall - offering maximum protection but a little less comfort (and very good over stair nosings). Laminateunderlay There’s still an opportunity to sell underlay with laminate flooring, improving the acoustic performance of the floor and helping the boards float above any imperfections in the sub-surface. Combination A rubber crumb base with a felt top layer offers a good combination of protection, durability and comfort. It also allows carpet with seaming to bed into the top felt. Underfloorheatingunderlay Always ask if there is underfloor heating. Most manufacturers offer specialised products. Underlay and carpet with a combined tog rating up to 2.5 can be used – which means the underlay would normally have a tog rating of 1.0. Felt This traditional (but environmentally friendly) underlay is made from recycled fibres – wool, jute and synthetic – to create a firm, dense pad with excellent thermal insulation. Still a very popular choice among contractors when stretch fitting woven carpets. Pre-tackifiedunderlay A self-adhesive single stick underlay in both needlefelt and PU. A removable system for heavy use when comfort is desired.


• Feel hard and unwelcoming • Reduce carpet life • Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots • Cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly • Not meet British Standards Howthick? A maximum of 12mm is recommended (working with gripper will be difficult thereafter) but rooms with heavy traffic will need a thinner, denser pad. The combination of thickness and density is all important as a thick underlay with low density may not perform well. Typically, the thicker the underlay, the better quality it will need to be – 11mm is often used for luxury installations with 9mm and 7mm the common domestic thickness.

Sponge rubber



PU foam

Specialists in pre-tacked underlays, soft fibre boards & Roberts Tools. THE STOCKLISTS August 2011


Flooring factsheet CarpetcareguidefromWOOLSAFE Housekeeping Tips for Carpets and Rugs Entrance or walk-off mats The use of entrance mats at all outside entrances to the house is highly recommended, as they will significantly reduce the rate at which the carpet will soil. They should be of adequate size to allow street dirt to be removed from shoe soles and must be cleaned regularly themselves.

Services for Retailers CustomercarpetcareHELPLINE If you have trouble dealing with customer queries like “How do I get red wine stains out of my carpet?” Just give them our HELPLINE 01943850817 and we’ll give them the correct advice. Simple. CertifiedOperatorNetwork For experienced, specialist wool carpet cleaners you can trust visit: WOOLSAFE RegisteredInspectors Solve disputes with customers with our independent carpet complaint Investigators. Just visit: and call your nearest inspector. WOOLSAFE ApprovedProducts Have confidence in the cleaning product you recommend, use the WooLSAFE Approved Products Directory it contains only safe and effective carpet cleaning products. For spot removers visit: CarpetCareLeaflets We offer to help you develop custom carpet care literature and we also offer generic carpet care leaflets designed to be given away with each cut of carpet. Correctcarpetmaintenance shouldstartfromdayone. WebpagesandLinks We offer to help you develop custom carpet care pages for your website or you can link to our website’s carpet care pages for up-to-date and accurate advice. Contact us by email, telephone or post to: The WooLSAFE organisation 49 Boroughgate, otley, LS29 8NR Tel: 01943 850817 E-mail: or visit TheWOOLSAFE Organisation– promotingqualitycarpetandrugcare since1991.


Regular Maintenance Regular cleaning will extend the life of a carpet and maintain its appearance. Vacuum clean regularly and thoroughly, which removes gritty dirt that can damage the fibres. Dealwithspillagesassoonaspossible, preferably the moment they occur. Beware of products claiming to be safe on all fibres, including wool. It might be true, but if it does not have the WooLSAFE Mark, it is not endorsed by most carpet manufacturers! Never use any detergents such as dishwashing liquids, soaps or other cleaners recommended for general household use. Although they may clean the carpet satisfactorily they will almost certainly cause problems such as rapid re-soiling, colour bleeding or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet. UseonlyWOOLSAFE approvedproducts WooLSAFE-approved carpet care products have been independently and scientifically tested and are safe and effective for cleaning and maintaining all types of carpets and rugs.

The Green WooLSAFE Mark identifies those products that notonly arethemost suitablefor wool and other quality carpets, but alsohavetheright environmental characteristics.

Periodic Cleaning When the carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could do with a really good clean, you can either do the job yourself, or you can call in a specialist carpet cleaning company. If you are considering cleaning the carpet or rug yourself make sure to useonlyWOOLSAFE approvedproducts. Look for the WooLSAFE Mark on the bottle or package. Itisbesttoengagethe servicesofaprofessional carpet&upholstery cleaningcompany. To get a really expert job done entrust the work to a WooLSAFE accredited carpet cleaning company. These companies are fully trained, have been in business for a considerable length of time, are members of one or more recognised professional trade associations related to the cleaning industry and have a reputation for top quality service. And they useonlyWOOLSAFE-approved cleaningagents on your wool carpets and rugs!

If you have a problem with a carpet or rug that requires an independent inspector, a network of carpet complaint investigators, trained and registered by The WooLSAFE organisation is available throughout the UK and Ireland. WOOLSAFE RegisteredInspectors have extensive experience in investigating the causes for carpet complaints based on their practical involvement with carpets and rugs over many years. They are fully qualified to investigate carpet and rug complaints on-site on behalf of carpet manufacturers, retailers, cleaning companies and carpet owners. They can carry out or commission tests where required, and will provide comprehensive reports. To contact an inspector in your area call 01943 462127, email:, or visit: / Private Householder / Registered Inspectors

WOOLSAFE The Retailer's single source solution for carpet care advice and services. THE STOCKLISTS August 2011

maintenance • cleaning • spot removal • protection • inspection

General Rules for Spot Removal

WooLSAFE Approved Carpet Cleaning Products

Treatments 1.

Blot with white kitchen roll or paper tissues


Vacuum clean


Cold water

Home of the Legendary Cleaning Product - Carpet Power

• Soak up liquids with white kitchen roll, tissues, toilet roll or clean cloth


Warm water

• Scoop up or scrape off solids


• Try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment – if unsure, use solvent first

WooLSAFE-approved carpet shampoo solution (diluted)


WooLSAFE-approved spot remover for water-based stains


WooLSAFE-approved spot remover for greasy/oily stains

• Always work from the edge of the spot inwards • BLOT,doNOTrub • Use small quantities of spot remover at a time, applied to a cloth, NoT directly to the spot; work into the spot with a small, soft brush or sponge • Take care with applying solvents to bitumen-backed carpet tiles


Absorbent paper or paper tissue and hot iron


Chewing gum remover (solvent or freeze type)

Life inspired cleaning innovations

10. Nail varnish remover or acetone 11. White spirit or turpentine substitute 12. Surgical spirit (ethyl alcohol or ethanol)

• When using solvents always ensure there is plenty of fresh air ventilation

14. Rub gently with coarse sand paper

• Always thoroughly rinse out water-based spotters with clean water

15. WOOLSAFE-approveddisinfectantor deodorizer

• Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer

16. Rustremover

13. Rub with a coin

17. Carpetre-colouringkit

The Clean Carpet you Expect... the Service you Deserve

(Treatments used by professional carpet cleaners)

More Difficult Spots Spot or stain

Easy Spots

Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd

Artificially coloured drinks 3





C/heating radiator fluid







Spot or stain

Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd




Felt-tip pen

7 or 11 12

Burn/scorch marks



Furniture polish





Glue/adhesive (plastic base)10


Candle wax





Chewing gum





5 15


Ink (fountain)


Ink (ballpoint pen)
















Nail varnish





Paint (oil)






Tar (asphalt)


Urine (fresh stain)



Urine (old stain)





Fruit juice



Gravy and sauces



Herbal tea



Metal polish





oil and grease



Paint (emulsion)



Shoe polish











Floor wax

Environmentally Aware for Superior Carpet Care




Red wine




These may require repeated attempts with stronger spot removers. Some stains you may find impossible to remove completely in which case the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner is required.

Vacuum Cleaners the Choice of Cleaning Professionals

British Wool makes a Better Carpet... Naturally

This information is provided with the support of WOOLSAFE members for the benefit of all carpet retailers and fitters.


Flooring factsheet BuyingGroups Why join? Contact: Glenn Harding Tel: 0121 683 1426 Contact: Rob Harding Tel: 01432 852000 Fax: 01432 852005

Buying groups have been a highly successful feature of the floor retailing scene in the last decade or so, giving independents the extra edge they need to compete effectively with the retail park chains. More than 1000 retailers are now members of one of the several buying groups which operate in our sector and the numbers are slowly, but steadily growing. While the benefits of bulk buying power are self-evident, the resistance to the buying group concept among nonmembers appears to be centred on fears of surrendering some control to a committee – and most particularly compromising long-established relationships and negotiated terms with current suppliers. The bottom line is the bottom line. A retailer selling across a broad range of products is likely to improve margins within a buying group – but you don’t need a leap of faith to join up. Ask the buying groups for answers...

Metro Group Contact: David Kipping Tel: 01204 393539 Contact: David Lewis Tel: 0118 932 3832

Pick the right one Howtodecidewhethertojoinabuying group–andwhich…

of the committee

Get a list of members and call up two or three for a ‘real-world’ view

• Establish your territorial exclusivity – where’s the next nearest member of each buying group

• Ensure you understand the financial arrangements, any fees that would relate to your membership, how the bills are paid and whether your fees are refundable if it doesn’t work out. Ask the buying group for a consultation to estimate your potential savings

• Review all the extra benefits and services to see what you would actually use

• Check out the product ranges offered including the Contact: Paul Phillips Tel: 01892 549050


Increasemargins • Group purchases to get beneficial rates • Rebates • Exclusive higher-margin products • Special promotions one of the key reasons to join a buying group is to benefit from the discounts they negotiate as a bulk buyer from manufacturers. The way discounts and rebates are passed on to members varies between groups so make sure it’s absolutely clear how this will be done. You’ll need to work out how this compares with discounts you have already negotiated locally with preferred suppliers. Increasesales

• ‘Best of both worlds’ proposition • Wider ranges and exclusive products • PoS, displays and merchandising support

Your customers will like the proposition that you are independent but with the buying power of a group – this gives them (and you) the ‘best of both worlds’ with personal service and competitive pricing. Most groups will also offer you ‘own label’ ranges and support with point-of-sale, merchandising and displays. Central stockholding may also be on offer. Accessprofessionalservices

• Evaluate all buying groups as they all work differently • Talk to the main marketing contact and/or a member

Associated Carpet Group Contact: Richard Moore Tel: 01942 825520

Key benefits

own-label options and the UK/European mix

• Ensure you understand any rules that may limit your

• Business services • Financial services • IT and internet support • Training and workshops • Professional bodies

Some buying groups offer an excellent range of other services which may be valuable to your business. Financial services include invoice factoring, credit, loans and insurance. Some of the more sophisticated groups offering marketing packages, software systems to help you run your business operations and customised websites ready to use. Relationships with professional and training organisations can also offer discounts. Networkwithotherindependents

• Members-only exhibitions with preferred manufacturers

• Regular meetings • Regional workshops • Supplier presentations • Helpline

A lot of retailers enjoy the buying group environment of being independent but not alone out there on the High Street. Groups hold regular meetings and some have their own trade shows, regional meetings and workshops to help you develop your business. The network gives you someone to call when you need advice on, for example, an unusual installation, a technical consumer complaint, legal issue or business dilemma.

flexibility to run your business the way you want


Flooring factsheet Carpettrouble-shooter COLOURMATCHING


Carpets are produced in batches - known as creels - and usually each batch produces between 500m2 - 3000m2 in a single width, depending on the creel size. Whilst the recipe used by the dyer remains constant, and is followed to the letter, in each separate production the colour reproduction will vary from batch to batch. However production is matched back to the original or master sample to ensure that the colour remains ‘within a commercial tolerance’.

Occasionally an odd tuft or two can work its way to the surface and stand proud of the rest of the pile. This is probably due to one end of the tuft being longer than the other i.e. J shaped tuft instead of V shaped. Remedial action merely requires that the offending tufts be scissor trimmed level with the rest of the pile. They should never be pulled out.

This process if not an exact science and a commercial tolerance is subjective but nevertheless is usually the professional judgement of the head dyer based on his/her experience.

Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at differing angles resulting in the creation of light and dark patches on the carpet. This will occur on all pile fabrics but can be more noticeable on plainer carpets because the shadows created by pile pressure will not be disguised by a heavy pattern or design.

A greater level of tolerance is required on blended colours (Heathers etc). To ensure perfect colour matching it is advisable that a single width be used in any installation requiring exact colour matching. N.B. Carpets which are laid with the pile travelling in different directions, even though they be from the same batch will appear not to match. For further information please check with the manufacturers recommendations.

SAMPLES The samples held by individual retailers may not be from the same batch as current production and therefore should be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

SHEDDING The original carpet tile

All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall onto the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’. The effect varies with yarn type and may be removed without detrimental effect upon the carpet by vacuum cleaning. This excess fibre is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the carpet.


This information is given by responsible manufacturers to help you help your customer to make an informed choice.


• shedding • pulled loops

Pulled loops occur only in looped pile carpet where one or more loops in the continuous pile is pulled through the primary backing of the carpet. This is usually due to some local condition, possibly some sharp object which has caught in a loop in situ and has resulted in a pull. Pulled loops are easily dealt with by trimming the offending end level with the rest of the pile.They should not be left as this could result in further loops being pulled and developing into a ladder.


STATIC Carpets do not produce static but like other household fabrics and objects have the capacity to store it. Static is caused by the build up of static electricity upon personnel in a dry environment and is discharged when a person makes contact with an object which can conduct electricity (i.e. door handle or filing cabinets, etc). The static charges will vary in intensity depending upon the individual, air humidity and the contact materials. Static is more usually associated with synthetic materials as they do not retain moisture very well but it can and does occur with wool in very dry room conditions. Preventative measures include the introduction of moisture into the room or in situ carpet treatment.

FADINGONWOOL Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use. The degree of fade can vary depending on the colour chosen and the local conditions to which the carpet is subjected. Fading can be caused by exposure to ultra violet light which is found in daylight, but is accelerated when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet. This has the effect of lightening or “Bleaching” the colour just as exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair. Wool is after all animal hair. Protection should be given to carpets exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics. A complaint on fading would be considered justified if it failed to meet the required shade standard when tested to the British Standard BS1006 (1990).


• sprouting • shading • static • fading • pile reversal • shedding • flattening • soiling




Flattening will occur as a result of traffic which eventually flattens the pile particularly in the main areas of use. All pile fabrics will flatten to greater or lesser degree dependant on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction (tuft density/pile fibre/height/weight) of the product concerned.

Like shading, this occurs when the pile or nap of the carpet changes direction and thus reflects light at different angles showing the effects of shading which can become permanent. It is also described as ‘watermarking’. This can happen to every carpet construction be it Axminster, Wilton, Tufted, Hand Woven, Persian, Chinese, Indian or even Coir Matting. Like shading it can be more apparent on plain carpet because heavy patterns can disguise the effects. It can occur quite quickly after installation. A tremendous amount of research has been carried out over many years by many institutes to determine the cause of this phenomenon but none of it has proved conclusive. There is no commonly known manufacturing process which can cause or cure this phenomenon and therefore it is not a manufacturing fault. For further information please check with individual manufacturers recommendations.

INDENTATIONS When a carpet is subjected to a heavy point load, such as under the legs of furniture, it is unreasonable to expect the carpet not to indent. Usually, the longer the load is in place, the longer will be the time for the pile to recover. In the case of very heavy loads in place for a considerable time, the recovery time can be very considerable. It must be remembered that it is not only the pile of the carpet that becomes indented. the underlay will also indent and the backing of the carpet may also distort into the indentation in the underlay. Some underlay’s will recover well and some less well depending upon their composition, thickness, density etc. The use of cups below furniture legs can spread the load and the net result is a larger area of less deeply indented carpet. The ability of a carpet to recover from a heavy static load can be measured in the laboratory, using the test method described in BS 4939 and many manufacturers will have data on this aspect of carpet performance. In this test the carpet is loaded for 24 hours and the degree of recovery is measured after 1 hour and 24 hours. Since there are so many different underlay’s however, it is very rare for the recovery from a heavy static load to be evaluated on carpet and underlay. Often normal maintenance (vacuum cleaning with a rotating brush machine) will speed up recovery but in the case of serious indentations the use of an iron and damp cloth or a steam iron together with a blunt darning needle to carefully tease up the pile can be beneficial. Care must be take not to over wet the carpet, of course.

SOILING Soiling is usually the result of some local condition to which the carpet has been subjected to, or maintenance, or lack of maintenance programme. There is nothing we as manufacturers can do to prevent soiling in use. There are several types of soiling which are quite common:

Spillages - Liquids such as soft drinks, cordials or

any drink which contains sugar, particularly hot drinks, is likely to leave a stain. In such instances, professional help should be sought.

Shampoo - if incorrectly applied, can leave

sticky soap residues in the fibres which can result in the soiling reappearing quite rapidly.

Dust - which is carried on draughts can soil carpets in various ways, apart from the obvious soiled edges, at gaping skirting boards for instance, dark lines appearing on surface might suggest airborne dust vacuum-drawn through poorly fitted floorboards. Sometimes the shape of floorboards can be seen quite clearly. Air borne dust sometimes shows itself as spots on the carpet, this is due to the air carried on a draught under the carpet escaping through minute holes both in the underlay and the carpet, leaving dust deposited on the pile much like a filter action. In such installations, the use of a lining paper is essential as a preventative measure. It is the responsibility of the retailer to advise the consumer when the carpet is measured of any poorly fitting doors, skirtings, or floorboards and the consumers responsibility to ensure any remedial work to seal draughts, is carried out before the carpet is fitted, if a resulting complaint is to be avoided.

INSTALLATIONS Telephone National Institute of Carpet Fitters (NICF) for further information – 0115 958 3077.

This information is given by responsible manufacturers to help you help your customer to make an informed choice.



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BedsFlooring Bedford 01234 341234 KellarsLtd Stockport 0161 443 0970 LeeFloorstokLtd Liverpool - see Floorwise p16 LeeFloorstokLtd Manchester - see Floorwise p16 MCAFloorwiseLtd Morecambe - see Floorwise p16 MyttonFlooring Norwich - see Floorwise p16 MillbrookCarpets Darwen 01254 703999

DMSFlooringSupplies Northampton 0845 643 5601 dmsnorthampton@ FloorwiseD&JLtd Southam- see Floorwise p16 JJWholesale&DistributionLtd Birmingham 0121 765 4994 RPSFlooring Mansfield Woodhouse - see Floorwise p16

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STSFlooringDistributors Watford

Carpet&Flooring Manchester 0161 786 6800 manchester@

VanguardCarpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@

WoodFloorSales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@

WoodFloorSales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@

08454 342000 see page 29 for details

WoodallBrothersLtd Shrewsbury - see Floorwise p16

FaithfullFloorcovering Suffolk 01473 822341 STSFlooringDistributorsLtd Cambridge Tel: 01954 781142 See page 29 for details VanguardCarpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@ WoodFloorSales Redditch 01527 511888 help.redditch@

South East AcornCarpetAccessories Bromley, Kent - see Floorwise p16 AFS Middlesex 020 8805 8620 See page 17 for details AshmountFlooring SuppliesLtd Tottenham 0208 808 2158 continued overleaf....



AreyouaWholesaler? If you’re not listed here, please call Diane Martin on 01482 659396.

The Stocklists WholesaleDistributionDirectory BedsFlooring Bedford 01234 341234

LittnerHampton London 020 8520 8474

Carpet&Flooring Bow 020 8525 5691

Potts&Ward,Woodcocks Ltd Brighton 01273 557211

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FaithfullsServiceCentre Kent 01322 285001 FaithfullsServiceCentre Walthamstow 0208 498 3040 FaithfullFloorcovering Suffolk 01473 822341 KentFlooringSuppliesLtd Chatham 01634 668668


Carpet&Flooring Bristol 0117 316 0555 FitwellFlooringLtd Redruth - see Floorwise p18 FitwellFlooringLtd Newton Abott - see Floorwise p16

HeadlamScotland North Lanarkshire 01698 831 000 NeilSmithLtd Glasgow - see Floorwise p16

Wales Carpet&Flooring Bristol 0117 316 0555

Rackhams London 020 8531 9225 See page 27 for details

SolentWholesaleCarpet West Sussex 01243 774623 See page 28 for details

Salesmark Lancing, - see Floorwise p16

STSFlooringDistributors Thame (Oxford) 01844 213555 see page 29 for details

VanguardCarpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet

VanguardCarpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet

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SolentWholesaleCarpet West Sussex 01243 774623 DMSFlooringSupplies Hemel Hempstead 0845 643 5344 See page 28 for details DMSFlooringSupplies Milton Keynes 0845 643 5320

South West

STSFlooringDistributors Orpington/Croydon 0845 434 1000 see page 29 for details VanguardCarpets Redditch 0845 601 1189 customerservices.redditch@carpet WessexFlooring Amesbury - see Floorwise p16 WoodFloorSales Redditch 01527 511888

WoodFloorSales Redditch 01527 511888


RomaFlooring Neath - see Floorwise p16

Ireland ProvincialFloorcoveringsLtd Dublin - see Floorwise p16 ProvincialFloorcoveringsLtd Belfast - see Floorwise p16 ProvincialFloorcoveringsLtd Limerick - See Floorwise p16

Carpet&Flooring Glasgow 0141 427 8456 C.K.DavieLtd Aberdeen - see Floorwise p16 C.K.DavieLtd Dundee - see Floorwise p16


floorwise NationalNetworkofFloorwiseDistributors AcornCarpetAccessories16 Bromley, Kent Tel: 020 8462 0422 Fax: 020 8462 0927

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Provincial FloorcoveringsLtd4 Belfast Tel: 028 9075 3202 Fax: 028 9075 3901

C.K.DavieLtd 2 Dundee Tel: 01382 226533 Fax: 01382 226544 FitwellFlooringLtd 20 Redruth, Cornwall Tel: 01209 214344 Fax: 01209 261112 FitwellFlooringLtd 19 Newton Abbot, Devon Tel: 01626 835935 Fax: 01626 834334 FloorwiseD&JLtd 13 Southam, Warks Tel: 01926 814922 Fax: 01926 817899 Floorwise(NorthEast)5 Ltd Birtley, County Durham Tel: 0191 410 7070 Fax: 0191 410 6116 LeeFloorstokLtd 8 Liverpool Tel: 0151 708 7420 Fax: 0151 708 7241 LeeFloorstokLtd 7 Manchester Tel: 0161 231 8080 Fax: 0161 231 8787 MCAFloorwiseLtd 6 Morecambe, Lancashire Tel: 01524 33517 Fax: 01524 381852 MyttonFlooring14 Norwich, Norfolk Tel: 01603 624387 Fax: 01603 612888

Provincial FloorcoveringsLtd9 Dublin 10 Tel: 00353 (0)1 626 3913 Fax: 00353 (0)1 626 3960 LoCall: 1850 445 746 (RoI)

1 2 3

Provincial FloorcoveringsLtd10 Limerick Tel: 00353 (0)61 227 100 Fax: 00353 (0)61 227 000 LoCall: 1850 445 745 (RoI) RomaFlooring15 Neath, West Glamorgan Tel: 01639 633001 Fax: 01639 646116 RPSFlooring11 Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire Tel: 01623 624198 Fax: 01623 620931


7 10



11 12

Salesmark17 Lancing, West Sussex Tel: 01903 750522 Fax: 01903 851111 WessexFlooring18 Amesbury, Wiltshire Tel: 01980 625888 Fax: 01980 676969 WoodallBrothersLtd12 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Tel: 01743 441584 Fax: 01743 441629





18 19


16 17


HEAD OFFICE Floorwise Group Limited, Floorwise House, 22 High Street, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2DA, UK. Tel: 0044 (0)1509 673974 Fax: 0044 (0)1509 674841









50/50 Nat Loop Roll Size Full Roll EQ* Description


30oz PP Saxony 45oz PP Saxony 55oz Saxony 58oz Saxony


50/50 30oz Twist 80/20 40oz 80/20 50oz


PP Twist PP Twist


Needle Punch Cord Needle Punch Loop Pile Cord Loop Pile Cord Loop Pile Gel Back


Excellon Twist 80/10/10 40 oz Twist 80/10/10 50 oz Twist 50/40/10 32oz Twist 50/40/10 42oz Twist 42 oz Twist 50 oz Twist 100% Natural 80/10/10 35 oz Twist 80/10/10 45 oz Twist 80/10/10 55 oz Twist 80/10/10 32 oz Twist 80/10/10 42 oz Twist 80/10/10 50 oz Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Twist Excellon Saxony 80/10/10 50 oz Twist


3/5 DAYS DELIVERY 100% Pure New Wool 100% Pure New Wool 80/10/10 60 oz Twist 80/10/10 60 oz Twist

BRANDED TOP END RUBBER SPONGE RANGE ELITE 11 m2 129lb Textured Rubber Underlay MAJESTIC 11 m2 135lb Waffle Rubber Underlay COLOURS RED 11 m2 135lb Waffle Rubber Underlay WILLOW GREEN 15 m2 90lb Waffle Rubber Underlay CRUSADER SUPREME 15 m2 100lb Waffle Rubber Underlay SUPREME LIGHT 11 m2 101lb Waffle Rubber Underlay UNBRANDED TREDAIRE SPONGE RUBBER AFS CLASSIC GOLD 15 m2 95 lb Rubber Underlay AFS SUPER GOLD 15 m2 80lb Rubber Underlay AFS STANDARD GOLD 15 m2 60lb Rubber Underlay GRAPHITE 15 m2 Light Weight PE WOOD FLOOR UNDERLAYS BOARDWALK (Timbermate) 15 m2 3.75mm ALL IN ONE 10 m2 3mm COMFORT SILVER 15 m2 2.5mm

23dB Moisture Barrier 20dB Self Adhesive Strip 18dB PE Foam + Foil


Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Tredaire PU Contract PU Contract PU

8mm 10mm 8mm 10mm 9 mm 11 mm 9 mm 11 mm

DURALAY CONTRACT UNDERLAYS TREADMORE 11 m2 8.0mm SYSTEM 10 11 m2 10mm DURAFIT 650 15 m2 6.5mm DURAFIT 500 15 m2 5.0mm DEFENDER 15 m2 100lb HEATFLOW CARPET 15 m2 6.0mm HEATFLOW WOOD 15 m2 2.75mm TECHNICS 5 15 m2 5.0mm

Crumb Crumb single stick under 40m2 Double stick crumb Double stick crumb Flat sponge 0.80 TOG 0.75 TOG sponge carpet 0.35 TOG sponge laminate U/L Double stick sponge


Wool/jute felt 8mm Contract wool/jute felt 11mm Felt crumb rubber

15 m2 28oz 15 m2 42oz 11 m2 74oz

AFS Unit 4 Baird Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 1SJ Tel: 020 8805 8620 Fax: 020 8805 6840 Email:

PLUS A VAST RANGE OF ACCESSORIES AND TOOLS FOR CARPETS AND LAMINATES Contact our sales office or your area representative for prices on any of the above ranges. We also offer a fast service on non stock items. Phone our showroom manager for prices and samples. Our latest price list is dated July 2011. REP DETAILS: Ashley Best Nick Hart Karl Goult Zac Marsh Steve Feher THE STOCKLISTS August 2011

Tel: 07976 916752 Tel: 07771 967609 Tel: 07957 685428 Tel: 07828 663325 Tel: 07771 616018

Surrey , Hampshire, South London Essex, East London North London, West London, North West London, Middlesex, Herts. Kent, South East London Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire 17







Townshend Works, Puxton Lane, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY11 5DF. Sales: 01562 745000 Fax: 01562 732827 New trade price list effective 1st June 2011

Berkeley Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m & 4.57m Range comprises 8 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

Variations Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 12 Designs 2-9101 Anatolia - Early August Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

Precious Gems Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 5 Designs Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

Wensleydale Axminster

The Boisdale Group specified a tartan axminster to compliment their baronial themed establishment. Set over two floors, and famed for fine Scottish food, whiskey and cigars, the establishment also provides a popular venue for live Jazz.

80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 8 Designs All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

Cornell & Stanford Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 4.00m Range comprises 5 Colourways in 2 Designs Cornell 1-9301 Lawnswood - Early July Stanford 2-9300 Venetian Red - Mid August Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

Woven 11 row, 3.66 widths, 80% Wool, 20% Nylon.

Camargue Axminster 80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 3.66m Range comprises 10 Designs 2-7103 Ventura - End August 4-7049 Cavalcade - Early September 4-7056 Charlotte - Mid August 4-7100 Andorra - Mid August Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order

New Afghan Axminster


80% Wool / 20% Nylon available 4.00m

1ST JUNE 2011

Range comprises 5 Designs - All Stock Stocked items Delivery 14 Days from Order 18




The Leading Country Wide Carpet & Flooring Suppliers We can supply you with virtually any make of carpet and flooring at GUARANTEED maker’s list price....... Delivered direct to business premises FREE OF CHARGE. For a Speedy and Efficient Service

CALL US NOW!!! 020 8443 3322 Columbia Flooring plc

Trade Show Rooms Available • Specialist advice and terms available on contract enquiries • TRAFALGAR TRADING ESTATE JEFFREYS ROAD ENFIELD MIDDLESEX EN3 7TY


Tel: 0208 443 3322 Fax: 0208 805 2346 Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am to 12 noon THE STOCKLISTS August 2011

Tel: 01422 374417 or 01422 371226 Fax: 01422 377452 Email: Edel Telenzo Carpets, 2- 4 Southgate, Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 0BW.

LETS GET ON WITH THE SHOW! Are you coming to Harrogate? We know trade is really tough but we are urging all our customers to make the effort to come to the Harrogate Flooring Show. We know all the exhibitors will be putting a lot of effort into new products and promotions in order to help retailers and that’s certainly the case at Edel Telenzo, where we’ve got a larger stand with a whole new look – our superb value 100% 3-ply wool low level loop Chelsea with Scotchgard will be taking pride of place as it’s been such a success. We’ve also got some exciting new designs in the pipeline – including Barbican, which can best be described as a variation on a stripe and 6 plain contrasting colours looking more like a woven carpet. We’re sure it will inspire some great window displays! Plus we’ll be unveiling at least one new Gelbac quality.

Wild Romance

OUR SALES TEAM Greater London as far as N. Circular on north side of Thames and as far as M25 on south side, Surrey, Middlesex, Sussex, Kent John A Constable T: 01622 685397 M: 07836 734322 E: Yorkshire & North Lincs John Alsop T: 01904 762471 M: 07860 572220 E: Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset Brendan Hart M: 07850 130221 E: Lincs, Leics, Northants, Notts, Derbyshire Jim Osborne M: 07738 642934 E: Hampshire, Berkshire, Bucks, Oxfordshire Niall Martin M: 07866 735772 E: South Wales, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire Andrew Jefferies M: 07831 457102 E: Lancashire, Cumbria & Isle of Man John Rostron M: 07973 733208 E: East Anglia, Bedfordshire, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk, Suffolk Jonathan Hart T: 01621 817992 M: 07889 264466 E: West Midlands, South Wales (Wholesalers) Paul Brewer T: 0121 4277117 M: 07798 745181 E:


Meet the team As well as meeting the UK team you will be able to be to meet some of the team from Holland – especially Robert Mulder (pictured left), our sales director. Robert joined Edel Telenzo four years ago as export manager, and as part of the management team last October, with specific responsibility for the UK. Robert has carpets in the blood, as his father had a carpet store in Holland where he would work as a teenager. A graduate in Business Economics, his previous career experience includes export responsibility for Vebe Floorcoverings and eight years in London running an upholstery sundries business. Says Robert: “I am very positive about our future. We’ve had a good first half year 2011, we’re ahead on budget and I believe this is 100% down to the efforts of our very professional UK team. In spite of the economy still being slack, I see this as an opportunity, not a threat! It motivates us to be more creative and resourceful. Edel Telenzo is renowned for its excellent products and outstanding service to the customer and we will continue this line in the near future, introducing brand new products in both wool qualities and synthetics.” Robert is looking forward to meeting you all – as are our product manager Marieke van Dop and designer Annette Saunders.

YOU CAN’T GET MAIL IF WE DON’T HAVE YOUR ADDRESS! Don’t forget we’re still collecting email addresses so we can keep you more regularly in touch with our goings-on! Just send a quick email to and it’s done! THE STOCKLISTS August 2011

Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales Philip Hambleton T: 01925 740050 M: 07966 397676 E: North East Rebecca Gibbons M: 07970 491215 E: Scotland Tim Tindal T: 01436 671421 M: 07836 705620 E: Channel Islands, Isle of Wight John Eastlake T: 01323 896141 M: 07885 398858 E: Northern Ireland Gary O’Boyle M: 07831 220675 E:

YOUR HEAD OFFICE TEAM CONTACTS Operations Manager: Lesley Inman M: 07703 337989 E:


We all try harder. We k Scotland




North West




Wales & South West





Wood Floor Specialist



The Regency range of stain-resistant carpets ticks all the boxes:


 quality  choice  availability  service  price THE STOCKLISTS August 2011

know you have a choice!

CAREFREE Carpets are distributed by

Yorkshire & North East










JOHN AKIEN M: 07791 891024 S.W LONDON, SURREY (INS. M25)





South East




Seeing is believing

Central contacts

Customers can buy with confidence when they see the Carefree cleanability in action with the new video units for your existing Regency POS systems. See our range selection in next month’s issue...

London Sales tel: 01322 628707 fax: 01322 698733


Preston Sales tel: 01772 696787 fax: 01772 311921


Newport Sales tel: 01633 283959 fax: 01633 275454

Email: 23

carpet with a twist

T 01827 831434 F 01827 831435 Representatives Bucks, Herts, Beds, Essex, North London, Norfolk & Suffolk Bob Collen M: 07799 772992 E: Kent, Sussex, Surrey, South London, Central London, Hampshire Rob Shergold M: 07974 310952 E: Leics, Warks, West Midlands, Northants, Cambs & Worcs Kevin Reynolds M: 07793 944160 E: Scotland, Northumberland, Durham, Tyneside, Tyne & Wear & North Cumbria John Binnie M: 07976 844792 E:

Castle Twist Essence 14 restful shades that is the essence of fashionable carpet. A restful and contemporary look can easily be created using any of the colour palette, which makes up this range and will complement any of today’s modern interiors.

Our range Belgrave Berber


Available in 2 styles Weave and Loom, 50% Wool 50% Synthetic, 4 and 5 metre width. Action backed.

Tufted. 80/10/10 British Wool/Nylon/Polyester. 2-ply, tenth gauge. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Lancs, Merseyside, Cheshire, South Cumbria, North Wales, Staffs & Shrop Gary Carlile M: 07778 260763 E:

Berber Design

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

South Wales, Avon, Glos, Here, Berks, Oxon, Wilts & Dorset Gordon Ballantyne M: 07976 641368 E:

Available in 40 and 50, 4 and 5 metre width, 80% Wool 20% Synthetic. Action Backed.

York, Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Cleveland, Wearside Tom Mackie M: 07971 485383 E: Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Channel Islands Tony Owen (agent) M: 07971 362087 E: Northern Ireland Matt McKillen (agent) M: 07732 263768 Republic of Ireland Tony Dunne (agent) M: 00353 872593060

100% British Wool. Rib & Wicker style. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Castle Twist

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Castle Twist Essence

Castle Twist Heather

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Causeway Twist

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool/Polypropylene 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Classic Pandora

Tufted. 80/15/5 Wool/Polypropylene/Meltbond. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Cobble Lane

100% Pure Wool, 4 and 5 metre width. Action Backed. 3 ply product.

Dalamere Berber

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool/ Polypropylene. 4 & 5m. PP backed.


100% Polypropylene (Stainfree). Action Bac. 4 & 5m.


Available in Twist and Supreme, 50% Wool 50% Synthetic, available in 4 and 5 metre width. Action Backed.

Nature’s Envy

New Ashworth

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool/Nylon (anti-static). 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

New Pembury

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

New Shoreline

Flatwoven. 50/45/5 Polypropylene/Jute/Wool. 4 & 5m. Hessian backed.

Pandora Plains

Tufted. 80/20 British Wool/Nylon. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Royal Berber II

Loop Berber. 100% Wool. 4 & 5m. Action Bac.


100% Polypropylene (Stainfree). Action Bac. 4m.


Tufted. 80/20 British Wool/ Polypropylene. Tenth gauge. 4 & 5m. Jute backed.

Ultimate Collection

Available in Saxony & Luxury, 100% Polypropylene, available in 4 and 5 metre width, Action backed. 2 ply product.


Tufted. 100% Polypropylene. 4 & 5m. Action Backed.

For more range information, visit THE STOCKLISTS August 2011


“CHECK OUT! My new website has been launched to wide acclaim, it’s being ‘hit’ rapidly! It offers everything we offer, in the most modern medium!”


Arena Endurance Sapphire Scala Senator Sentinel


Agadir Ancona Autumn Sunset Country Treasure 4&5M Challenger Berber Craftwork Berber 4&5M Delft 4&5M Gold Fields Hopscotch Ivory Coast London Life 4&5M Marrakesh Natures Writing Promenade Rustic Treasure San Salvador 4&5M Shetland/Shetland Design 4&5M Town & Country Tweed Woolweave 4&5M


Chamonix Cleopatra Eminence Half Century New Century Nobility Splendour Supreme Elegance Tennessee

CORD, NEEDLEPUNCH & ENTRANCE MATTING Bedford Gel Bolero Explorer Hippo Mat Gala Magnum Mat Magnus Mat Scorpio Supacord



Balmoral Chislehurst Clyde Desert Twist Deluxe 4&5m Dublin Twist 2011 Easy Heathers Fairfield Supreme 4&5M Heathertwist Supreme 4&5m Helmsley Moorland Twist Mystery Twist Pembridge Twist Portman Rhapsody Salt ‘n’ Pepa Startwist/Startwist Supreme (2010 colours) 4&5M

Blackjack Casino Royale Chequers Eclipse Medley Mojo Puregrip XL Suregrip XL Thunderball

TWISTS - WOOL Discovery 4&5M Eden Twist 30/40/50 4&5M Iconic Twist 40/50 4&5M Paramount 30/40 4&5M Rosemount Twist Super Sixty 4&5M The Berber Twist Collection 40/50 4&5M Ultimate Textures 4&5M Ultimate Berber Twist 4&5M Ultimate Twist 40/50 4&5M Ultimate Tweed Ultimate Luxury 4&5M

VELOUR / VELVET Designers Dream Urban Life

WILTON The Arabica & Ceylon Wilton Collection 4&5M Parallel Lines Renaissance Ultimate Wilton Oakland

CARPET TILES Bedford Cord Capital Plus Magnesium Neutron Positron Proton Quark

Call now to receive a copy of our latest Summer special price guide!

We also stock Ball & Young Underlays, Accessories, Entrance Matting and offer a Special Order Service on products from virtually every flooring manufacturer in existence! 48 hour Delivery Service on all Balterio Laminate Ranges.

Stop preSS – SUMMerS Here! – Stop preSS And everytHing’S bUzzing At rAckHAMS! new Website, new ranges, new Faces! Happy Holidays! Area Sales Executives Ian Pullinger London N, EC & E postals, Essex & Middx (within M25) 07881-502506 Simon Brenner London SE & SW postals, Kent, Surrey & Sussex 07881-502507


Mark Euesden London W & NW postals, South Middx, Western Surrey, Berks & Bucks 07875-714269 James White Herts, Beds, Essex (west of M11) & North West Middx 07881-502508

Paul Henson Essex (Outside M25), Cambs & Suffolk 07837-295379 Antony Stapleton Sales Director 07881-502505/020-8498-2845


Solent Wholesale Carpet Company Ltd CARPET, FLOORCOVERING & ACCESSORY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Telephone: 01243 774623 Fax: 01243 533636 E-mail: Website: Zola Park, Barnfield Drive, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 6UX.

CHECK STOCK, PLACE ORDERS AND MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT 24/7 ALL THROUGH OUR WEBSITE Oxford, Berks, Bucks, Beds, Hants, Middlesex & Herts . . . . Ian Cardrick,, Sussex E & W, Surrey, South London & Kent. . . . . . . . . . . . John Robson,, Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucs, & I.O.W.. . . . . . . . . . . Adam Ayling,, Accessary Sales and IT Specialist (All Areas). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Luke Crooks,, VICTORIA Berber Stripe Castillion Celtic Heathers Crown Twist Duchess Elite EasiCare (Twist, Tweed + Saxony) Gaelic Heathers Imperial Velvet Kelso Natural Accents Natural Companions (Sisal, Chenille, Ridge) Regal Twist Rustic Jewels Tudor Twist Coll Tudor Manor LANO Bolero - new colours Campus X-treme Chiselhurst Heathertwist Coll Pembridge Twist - new colours Scala Scala Tonals Sentinel Startwist Coll Twilight Coll Wilton Naturals BALTA Berga Colorado Springs Desert Twist Deluxe Diva Fiesta Fusion Happy Days High Flyers Gala Cord-all options in stock Moorland Twist Nobility Rosemount Shetland Shepherd Twist Stainsafe Favourite Super Wiltax Techno Twisty LUSOTUFO Celtic Horizon Mandaly Tangier Titan Diagonal Unique

CORMAR Apollo Berwick 40/50 Buchanan Home Counties 42/50 Malabar Oaklands 32 Oaklands 42 Oaklands 50 Primo Plus West Country BROCKWAY Amore Avanti Cavendish Craftsman Elite Cresta 40/Cresta 50 Montrose Orion/Orion Major Radnor 30/Radnor 40 DOMO Absolute Luxury Auvergne Cabaret Festival Twist Heather Twist Mountain Peaks Legacy Playground Portofino Scorpio ITC Belgravia Concerto Consul Heritage Collection Kreta Palace Ultimate Oak QUICKSTEP Solent Wholesale now a Quickstep stockist. 5 day delivery service on all ranges, very keen prices. TAPIBEL Cachet Melody Nevada Reeds Sysoltex Homested/Aran/Crofter Toscana

mobile: 07973 406329 mobile: 07973 898453 mobile: 07973 406799 mobile: 07966 664379

BEAULIEU carpets Adventure Twist Athena Dublin Durham Twist Explorer Endurance Fashion/Gallery Grass Collection Heavy Tread I-Twist Isis/Mentu Mars Motor Car Natural Life Pronto Selections Sweet Homes Yucatan vinyls Arte Del Ceramic Celtic Stone - NEW COLOURS Chess Comfort Grip Jazz Sherwood Oak Studio Sonata Texalino Supreme Urban laminates Essentials (previously Casa) Cottage IVC Comfylux Extra Expressions Fantasy Fusion Master Grip Planet Precious Metals Presto Ultimate Oak Victoria MISCELLANEOUS BAJONG Sahara CAVALIER Country Collection Hamlet Parish and Village LEIGH SPINNERS Atlas Velour THOMAS WITTER Innovations C&H Homestyle LVT - planks and tiles PARAGON Toccarre Carpet Tiles MOHAWK CARPETS Century Half Century

We carry other products not listed above, and can also provide a swift special order service on non stock lines. Our reps and sales office would be pleased to answer all enquiries. Our last Price List is dated July/August 2011. 28


DID YOU KNOW? STS Flooring Distributors Ltd stock a large range of carpets and carpet tiles via our 5 depots ORPINGTON • CROYDON • WATFORD • CAMBRIDGE • OXFORD (THAME) 08454 341000 08454 342000 01954 781142 01844 213555

NEXT DAY DELIVERY STS GOLDLINE STOCK CARPETS Abbey Twist 30/40 Aston Twist Bernwood Twist Bernwood Supreme Bernwood Heather Supreme Blenheim Twist 40 Blenheim Twist 50 Cherwell Cord Chislehurst Fairfield Supreme Gladiator Supreme Harrier Felt Harrier Gel Heathdale Magnum Gel Medicare Multicare Classic New Valley Twist Orinoco Opus Twist Ravensbury Twist 32/40/50 Scala Supersava Elite BALTA STOCK CARPETS New Shepherd Twist Gala Cord EDEL TELENZO Fleur Hercules Orinoco Puma

PRICE LIST DATE JULY 2011 LANO STOCK CARPETS Bolero Chislehurst Fairfield Supreme Heather Twist Supreme Pembridge Twist Sapphire Scala Startwist Startwist Supreme CORMAR STOCK CARPETS Apollo Berwick 40/50 Malabar Textures Natural Berber Twist New Oaklands 32/42/50 Primo Plus Primo Tweeds Primo Ultra Town & Country Forest Hills BEAULIEU INTERNATIONAL Bellini Dublin Elite Ranger FIBRE BONDED Supacord Ecocord

CARPET STOCK TILES Ascot Beckenham Cheltenham Clipper II Croydon Croydon Stripe Heuga 727 Keston Latour Saturn Selsdon STOCK UNDERLAYS Goldtred Collection Cirrus Cumulus Nimbus Silver Lining Cloud Nine Contract Cloud Nine Super Contract Durafit 500 Durafit 650 Cosi 8mm & 10mm Heatflow Collection Roma Blue Heaven Willow Green Tredaire Elite Treadmore

STS Area Managers Regional Manager Rachel Sherwood 07801 762724 Area Manager Dave Lowman 07500 847758 Area Manager - Retail Phaedra Duncan 07738 329714 North/East London, Berkshire, Beds, Bucks, Herts, Middlesex, Northants, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire


Steve Osman 07919 128401 Essex, Cambs, Suffolk, Norfolk

Paul Jones 07801 762719 Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol & Birmingham

Paul Jeffery 07717 218024 South/East London, Kent, E Sussex

Sales Area Managers Dana Baldock 07801 762725 South/East London, Kent, E Sussex, Part Essex

Mirka Mihulcova 07500 847566 South/West London, W Sussex, Berks, Hants, Surrey

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Weston Hammer UK 16/17 Byford Court Hadleigh IP7 6RD Tel: +44 (0)845 644 9090 Fax:+44 (0)845 644 9191

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest display stand showing all our collection on one compact unit. If you are interested in having one of our free stands please contact our Sales office or your local Sales Agent. Jacs Designer tonal loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths. Natural Lines Super luxurious 100% Wool loop pile available in 4m and 5m widths. Tunis A heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths. Queen Tweed A fine heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths. Denver A stylish heavy domestic tonal loop pile in 100% Wool, available in 4m and 5m widths. Oklahoma A heavy domestic berber loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

Supreme Stripe A heavy domestic tonal stripe in 100% Wool loop pile. Supreme Boucle Our best selling level loop 100% Wool product available in 12 up to the minute colours in both 4m and 5m widths.

Imperial Boucle A heavy domestic loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths.

Las Vegas A chunky luxurious loop pile in 100% Wool available in 4m and 5m widths. Royal Velour A luxurious velour in 80% Wool/20% Nylon in 5m wide. Sisal Boucle and Sisal Berber Natural fibre textured loop pile ranges in two styles. The Stone Fibre Collection Our unique flat woven quality in many fashion styles and colours available in 4m and 5m widths.

Orlando A chunky loop quality with a thick latex backing for a luxurious feel.

Bespoke Design carpet from Hammer Carpets You may not have heard of them but Hammer Carpets in Denmark are the worlds largest manufacturer of Colortec bespoke design carpets in the world. Colortec is a state of the art tufting machine that uses computer controlled technology to manufacture any design in a maximum of 8 colours. This tried and tested manufacturing method is up to 10 times faster than Axminster and exactly replicates the appearance, unlike a printed design carpet. If you would like more details of this type of carpet and to find out how competitive and easy to use it can be then please call your Sales Agent or our Sales office who will be happy to help.

OUR UK SALES TEAM Mr Ron Fewery Tel: 07976 244892 London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire. Mr Steve Acton Tel: 07957 836207 Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset. Mrs Jac Hayman Tel: 07815 785801 Contract Sales East Anglia. Mr Gary Foster Tel: 07515 283872 East Anglia, Northamptonshire. 30

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Please visit our website at for online cutting requests and more information on our products, or telephone 0845 644 9090 (local rate) to speak to one of our telephone sales team


1 August 2011

FlooringNews Jubilee celebration Kidderminster's Brockway Carpets has announced a major new product launch which sets the standard for its Classic Collection of traditional carpets. Jubilee is a range of top quality wool mix carpets available in forty colourways and three hardwearing options, extending the versatility of the carpet and making it ideal for almost any location. The Jubilee range features 80% pure new wool, 10% nylon and 10% polyester meltbond, which together help ensure a hard wearing, long lasting carpet with clearly defined good looks. As well as an extensive choice of on-trend colours to choose from, purchasers have the option of three levels of luxury: Silver, for general domestic and moderate commercial use; Gold, for heavy domestic and general commercial use; and Diamond, the maximum luxury option for heavy domestic and heavy commercial use. "The launch of Jubilee, following on from last year's introduction of our Designer Collection, sees Brockway setting a new standard for our traditional, Classic Collection of carpets," says Brockway's managing director, Charles Annable. "This is a major product launch for us and we're going to be supporting it heavily with new point of sale units and photography, and we anticipate it will generate a lot of interest amongst retailers and consumers alike." T 01562 828200

Prime time Cormar Carpets, has re-launched its popular Primo Plus easy-clean range with 11 brand new plain colours - increasing the total offering to a choice of 18 fashionable home furnishing shades. One of the most successful easy-clean twist carpets of recent years, Primo Plus is stain resistant and bleach cleanable and comes in 4 and 5 metre widths. Manufactured using fine tenth gauge machinery, Primo Plus is made with Excellon fibre - polypropylene renowned for its stain resistance and hardwearing properties and now also comes with a 10 Year Stain Warranty. Said David Cormack, marketing manager of Cormar Carpets: “We’ve had great success with our ‘family’ of easy-clean carpets over the last few years and so it made sense to re-vamp our original plain twist, which has remained popular with independent retailers and contractors since its launch 10 years ago.” All Cormar’s easy clean, wool twist and wool loop ranges are produced on site at its Lancashire mills and distributed in the UK and Eire via its own delivery fleet. T 01204 881234

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August 2011 31


Forest growth Commercial flooring specialist Polyflor has reinvigorated its Forest fx heterogeneous range by adding seven, design-led wood effect finishes. Along with the seven most popular existing designs, new finishes such as Stained Maple and French Walnut all contribute to a varied and authentic wood palette. “Forest fx has been a huge success but we have developed a number of new, quality wood decorations and we wanted to offer customers the best of the previous range along with our fresh, exciting new designs,” explains marketing manager Simon James. “Excellent durability and maintenance benefits mean this new range is able to provide a high quality, environmentally friendly and realistic wood finish for heavy commercial installations. We also hold large volumes of stock for excellent availability.” Forest fx features Polyflor’s class-leading cross linked and UV cured polyurethane reinforcement (PUR), which protects the floor during installation and handover and facilitates a polish-free maintenance regime. The range achieves BRE A+ certification for major use areas (ENP 415) based on a life cycle analysis approach over a building life of 60 years and is 100% recyclable. Forest fx is suitable for recycling through the Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme. T 0161 767 1111

Make it real Tarkett has introduced a new innovation - the brand new Safetred Naturals and Wood Range. This contemporary safety floor collection offers a variety of Wood and Stone designs inspired by the subtle beauty of nature. Featuring a high quality print finish, the new collection offers a standard of realism never before seen in safety flooring. Safetred Naturals offer a sophisticated stone design in nine different colourways, including limestone and anthracite, while the Wood collection features stunning surface finishes based on beech and oak. Flexible and easy to install, Safetred Naturals and Wood are designed for all heavy duty commercial applications where decorative slip resistance is required. Manufactured to EN13845, they provide sustainable R10 slip resistance. As with all Tarkett products, Safetred Naturals and Wood feature a PUR surface protection. Safety Clean XP PUR offers improved stain resistance and ease of maintenance, helping to keep cleaning costs to a minimum and protect the environment by consuming less water, energy and detergents. They are made with a minimum 32% recycled material content and are 100% recyclable, further enhancing their environmental credentials. With very low VOC emissions, they also contribute to better interior air quality. T 01622 854040

Hard decision Eliminating the slippage, leakage and lack of visibility hazards associated with dust sheets, Packexe film provides protection from spillages, scratches, dirt and debris during building, renovation and decoration projects. This film can be vacuumed, swept or mopped to keep the work area clean. The protection products are coloured coded and black is the key colour for hard floors. Its medium-strength adhesive grips securely to hard floors but is easily removed without leaving a sticky residue. The self-adhesive qualities of Packexe films mean that all users can be confident of a secure hold to the protected surface without the need to use tapes. Unlike dust sheets and similar reusable protection methods Packexe films are laid down clean which means there is no dirt transfer and less cleaning required after use. All films in the Packexe range are fully recyclable with European Fire Safety Standard of EN 13501-1. T 01392 438191

32 August 2011


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August 2011 33

Show preview

Buzz builds for Harrogate The build up to Harrogate has begun and the show is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and diverse of recent years. Exhibitor booking raced ahead of last year’s performance to ensure that a wider mix of flooring companies and many newcomers will be on show in the event – the UK’s only dedicated floors exhibition now – which takes place from Sunday, September 4 to Tuesday, September 6. Last year’s inaugural event under the new management of organiser David Wildman saw a record rise in attendance to over 3,000 visitors and great acclaim from those who made the journey to the North Yorkshire spa town. We asked some of the visitors to that show why they felt it was worth coming again. “The show has changed over the years and it has never been better,” said 2010 visitor Biran Blackburn of Lambourn Carpet Company in Lincolnshire. “Although it is sometimes difficult to find the time, it is worth the effort to visit trade shows. It is a great chance to see exciting new products being released from the manufacturers and make new business partnerships as well as reinforcing current ones.” Time away from the store is often cited by retailers as a reason not to make it to the shows but another visitor, Ruth Ollet of Rosegrove Carpets commented: “I think attending the show is time well spent, especially as the show is now open on a Sunday. As a small independent business, we find attending the show very useful to 'catch up' with people and stay upto date with the latest technology.”

What our retailers say:

“The show has changed over the years and it has never been better” “I believe that we should attend all trade shows,if at all possible, particularly in such difficult trading times.” “As a small independent business, we find attending the show very useful to 'catch up' with people and stay upto date with the latest technology.”

And the sense of community that is such a strong feature of the flooring sector has never been felt more keenly. “I firmly believe that we should attend all trade shows if at all possible, particularly in such difficult trading times,” says Ken Whitworth of Ward Brothers in Doncaster. “Suppliers have gone to a lot of time and trouble to be at Harrogate.We should support the suppliers who support retailers. And apart from the exhibition, let’s be honest, Harrogate is a lovely town and is well worth a visit.” The 2011 event is expected to be strong on carpet and rugs of course with major displays and launches planned by market leaders such as Mohawk, Cormar, Furlong, Fells, Edel Telenzo and Vorwerk. But the diversity is more marked than in some previous years with majors players such as Karndean, Cavalio, Deco Tile and Adore making the running in smooth flooring newcomings in wood and laminate products such as Shaanxi Aoke Wood Floors, New Floors, Anbo International and, more locally, Yorkshire Flooring. “We had a good start in 2010 when we re-launched the show,” said organiser David Wildman, “and now we have gained more strength with a rich mix of participants across all sectors to make this a real something-for-everyone event this year.” In addition to the exhibitors, the event has a long list of demonstrations and seminars and full details will be published in The Stocklists in our September issue. See pages 35 – 41 for the latest from exhibitors about the acitivites at the Harrogate Flooring Show 2011.

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The organisers will be building on many of the new features that made the 2011 show such a success. The Sunday opening meant families could leave their stores and visit the show. The exhibition was presented to a very high standard throughout including the demonstration areas.


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August 2011 35

Show preview Tropical island As the Esprit Home Island collection begins to roll out to retailers across the UK, Vorwerk Carpets will use the Harrogate Flooring Show to unveil the full impact of this new way of thinking about residential flooring. Vorwerk Carpets will show the point-of-sale unit that brings a new level of brand awareness to floor retailing, as well as innovative carry home packaging that finally turns flooring into a desirable element of interior decoration. The tiles can be lifted, rearranged and replaced time and time again meaning that homeowners can interact and engage with the floor in a way that hasn’t been possible before. “The Esprit Home Islands collection could really help independent flooring retailers to raise the bar in store, bringing a recognisable high street brand that will add kudos to their product line-up while attracting a new wave of design conscious homeowners looking for flooring that can fire the imagination,” comments Ian Hammond, sales director UK, Vorwerk Carpets. Each box of Islands contains eight carpet tiles, covering an area of 1.5m2. T 020 7096 5090 Hall M - Stand 3A

Crowning glory For the first time, visitors to this year’s Harrogate Flooring Show will be able to bask in the regal glow of the stunning Crown Floors carpet collection. Crown Floors will display all 10 of its striking ranges, designed to blend quality and performance with exceptional value for money. Including the wool-rich Wakehurst Place and Castle Hedingham, the current collection features 100% polypropylene easy clean twists and shag piles in colours ranging from vivid pink through to subdued neutrals. Each aspect of the Crown Floors brand, from the display units through to leaflets and window artwork has been developed to promote Crown Floors as a premium offering with an image in keeping with household labels, while the competitive pricing across all ranges are sure to meet consumer expectations for value. “Harrogate is still the key event for the residential flooring industry in the UK and as such it provides an ideal platform for us to tell retailers about Crown Floors,” comments James Caldwell, sales coordinator. “The collection is taking a highly coordinated approach to carpet sales, looking at each aspect of the process and calculating exactly how best to keep consumer interest at a high. From the use of clear icons and emotive imagery to a striking display unit and a website with ‘where to buy’ functionality, the whole sales exercise engages and entices the consumer and with collections aimed at different entry points, there is a Crown Floors carpet for everyone.” T 0800 0773301 Hall M - Stand 4

36 August 2011


Show preview Smart show Alongside the 100% post consumer recycled Everstrand carpet collection, one of the most talked about ranges of recent months will be on hand at this year’s Harrogate Flooring Show in the shape of Mohawk’s SmartStrand® carpet collection. For the first time, retailers will be able to witness the extraordinary softness of the collection that almost defies belief given the carpet’s durability and ease of maintenance. Using 37% renewable content derived from corn, SmartStrand’s fibre represents a new generation of yarn that looks set to change the face of the carpet industry. Featuring a lifetime stain, soil and pet warranty, the SmartStrand collections offer a range of colours and textures to ensure widespread appeal and the range has already been adopted by retailers throughout the country. “SmartStrand is a true innovation and perhaps the biggest one the residential carpet industry has witnessed in 15 years or more,” says Howard Lindsay, vice president UK, Ireland and South Africa. “Retailers intent on visiting Harrogate should make our stand a destination during their stay as we really encourage you to feel just how luxurious the carpet is, despite its great environmental intentions. SmartStrand really has to be felt to be believed!” T 01480 479830 Hall M - Stand 15

Trio treat It’s a hat-trick for Cormar Carpets at this year’s Harrogate Flooring Show where the company will showcase its three latest carpet collections. Cormar will be displaying new Glendale, Primo Plus and the recently updated Avebury. Each range offers something different - from value-for-money wool, to easy-clean or patterned carpets. Also on show will be it’s popular in-store display systems. Visit Stand A17 to see Cormar’s comprehensive range of carpets or online at T 01204 881234 Hall A - Stand 17

Expert - ease At the 2011 Harrogate Flooring Show Mapei will be showcasing their comprehensive product systems for the installation of resilient, textile and wooden flooring. Mapei will emphasise their commitment to the development of sustainable products and practices and their long-standing heritage of involvement with sports stadiums and venues around the world. New products introduced to the Mapei range in 2011 including fibre-reinforced smoothing compound Ultraplan Renovation Screed and primer Eco Prim Grip will be demonstrated alongside Mapei’s existing system solutions including screeds, levelling compounds, primers, surface membranes, adhesives and sealants. Technical and promotional literature and samples will be available on the day alongside exper t technical support. T 0121 508 6970 Hall B - Stand 27

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Show preview Avenue appeal The stunning Avenue collection of style centric flooring will be on show at Harrogate for the first time. With a collection of the most up-to-date and fashion-led flooring designs, Avenue Floors will unveil a stylish array of striking floor designs on its stand during the September event. By combining innovation in décor with underfoot comfort, ease of maintenance, and durability, Avenue is determined to make consumers realise that it also has the style to make it a big hit in the home. Avenue will show the diversity and design flexibility of the latest generation of flooring, displaying stand out ranges such as Ultimate Oak and the Precious Metals collection in a unique format sure to wow visiting retailers. “Avenue is all about style and they way it can deliver interiors attractive fashion-led flooring that also meets the practical demands of today’s living. New products have been developed to go beyond that of mere imitation, delivering a great alternative to other floorcoverings such as wood and ceramic,” says Caroline Wille, product manager Avenue Floors. “The place we need to start this message is with the retailer, encouraging them to treat Avenue Floors as a serious design focused floor. With the styles appearing in the growing collection that have never been seen before, we really do feel that those attending Harrogate will be easily convinced and will see the potent mix of style, performance and value as one they must offer to their customers.” The Avenue collection includes striking contemporary collections such as Splash and Café Noir, as well as the Touch of Tiles, Pure, Precious Metals, Expressions and Ultimate Oak ranges. T 00 32 5665 3211 visit Hall M - Stand 25

Invitation to the Ball Enjoying it’s 125th anniversary, F. Ball and Co. Ltd. is continuing to combine experience and innovation to produce cutting-edge products for the flooring industry. Visitors to the Harrogate Flooring Show 2011 will get a first look at F. Ball’s latest product launches. What’s more, to celebrate the company’s milestone anniversary, F. Ball is extending an invitation to all exhibitors and visitors attending Harrogate to join in the celebrations at a drinks reception. The reception will take place in the Royal Hall at the Harrogate International Centre from 6pm onwards on Monday 5th September. Members of F. Ball’s Sales, Marketing and Liaison team will be on hand throughout the show to answer any questions, and to discuss the company’s product range and new launches. Moreover, flooring contractors that visit the F. Ball stand will also be able to sign up to the company’s industry-wide Contractor Loyalty Card Scheme. The scheme provides a variety of exclusive offers and benefits to members, including competitions, cashback promotions, and priority booking on training courses at the F. Ball Training Centre. Commenting on the up-coming Harrogate Flooring Show, Marketing Manager at F. Ball, Richard Harris, explains: “Harrogate is the perfect place to celebrate our 125th anniversary and we are delighted to be able to share our celebrations with colleagues and customers alike. Each year we look forward to exhibiting at the show as it has proved an excellent platform to meet with existing customers, form new relationships and showcase our latest product innovations.” T 01538 361633 Hall B - Stand 1

Long life and happiness Retailers keen to use the Harrogate Flooring Show to develop their knowledge base should visit The WoolSafe Organisation to discover a range of value-added services that can help them to provide better service levels to their customers. The WoolSafe Organisation will be on hand at the three day event to help retailers understand how the correct maintenance can extend a carpet’s life by up to 40% and how passing on this knowledge will breed customer loyalty through satisfaction.

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“Remember that consumers rarely replace all their carpets at the same time and so breeding loyalty will help to secure valuable future sales,” says Steve Bakker, marketing and promotions manager for the organisation. “Through The WoolSafe Organisation’s range of services, you can not only give them great impartial advice on how best to look after their carpet, but also be there when their need is great particularly with services such as our Certified Operators network of professional carpet cleaners.” T 01943 850817 Hall A - Stand 19



01827 831525 SALES OFFICE FAX:

01827 831508 All prices are nett of VAT. Valid from1st of January 2011.

See the new Neapolitan range at Harrogate: Hall A Stand 22.

August 2011 41

News Show preview Innovation on show Lano Carpets has announced a raft of new innovations that will be visible on Stand 19 in Hall M, including new product introductions in the Easy Care and Technic collections, new point-of-sale for luxury Ultimo brand, as well as an overhaul to the Landscape artificial grass group. The runaway success of the Easy Care collection is to be upheld with the introduction of two new carpets in Heathertwist Design and Linea Deluxe. Heathertwist Design is based on the existing Heathertwist Supreme quality offering 10 colours with a graphic design in a 40oz weight. Linea Deluxe comes in six colours, available in a stripe design with matching plain colourways. Based on the successful Fairfield Supreme (pictured right), the carpet is available in a 35oz cloth. Both carpets benefit from Lano Carpets’ 10-year stain resistant warranty and will be on hand at this year’s show. As part of the Technic collection, the new Infinity is suitable for commercial environments and the soft graphics design is available in hardwearing nylon with nine colours suitable for a wide range of commercial and hospitality interiors. Continuing the Technic theme, Lano will also introduce the Scala Design collection, expanding the existing Scala collection in a range of designs and targeted specifically at the healthcare market. Moving back to the residential aspect of its business, Lano will also launch the much-anticipated display for its luxurious Ultimo collection. With the unit rolling out to stores after the show, Harrogate will be the first time retailers can witness the new stand for themselves with eight high-end wool, wool-rich and manmade products featuring. T 00800 5266 5266

Hall M - Stand 19

Recycling wins business Waste carpet take-back schemes that divert material from landfill for recycling can help retailers win and retain business; enhancing their customer service while also reducing their environmental impact. Carpet Recycling UK is promoting this strong sustainability theme at its Harrogate Flooring Show debut in September. The industry-backed association for recycling and reusing waste carpet is raising awareness among retailers that fitting waste and uplifted old carpets can be recycled. Carpet recycling specialists will also be present to explain their services for retailers. CRUK has expanded its UK-wide specialist recycler network from six to 24 in the last two years, enabling retailers to find an alternative, cost-saving disposal route to landfill. A seminar at 11am in the International Centre’s Queen’s Suite will focus on how retailers can participate in waste carpet take-back schemes and promote this to their customers. “In general, consumers are more environmentally-aware and would prefer to see their waste carpet recycled and put to good second use, rather than just landfilled,” explains Laurance Bird, CRUK Director. “We’re informing retailers that, with the collection and recycling facilities in place, they can improve their customer service with a commitment to waste carpet recycling - and differentiate their business from their competitors,” he adds. Latest CRUK figures reveal 42,000 tonnes of carpet waste - 10% of the 420,000 tonnes of carpet waste arising each year - were diverted from landfill in 2010. This is a 60% increase in landfill diversion of the material compared to 2009.

GO to the SHOW September 4 - 6 42 August 2011

CRUK’s 2011 targets include diverting 50,000 tonnes (12%) from landfill and increasing recycling outlets to 40 across the UK, conducting further collection trials and attracting additional funding to support technical work on end market development for carpet waste innovations.” T 0161 440 8325 Hall C - Stand 34A


News feature

Design with distinction Luxury vinyl has quietly been gaining market share amid the mayhem elsewhere in the flooring sector and amongst a host of new players, Cavalio has set itself apart with a distinctive offering to retailers. Cavalio have been developing their position by stealth since a low key launch three years ago with an intelligent, selective approach to the market – learning what retailers really want and building a product portfolio and infrastructure to meet that need. “Now we’re ready to make some noise,” says MD John Wakefield. “Harrogate will be a major change of gear for us as we aim to introduce a wider audience to the brand that we have been building. “Our aim is not to be number one. We want to be the supplier of choice to a select number of retailers,” he said. “Our ultimate aim is to give ultimate service and for retail partnerships that really work. We want a brand that is widely recognised for all the right reasons.” Cavalio expects to develop a retailer network of some 500 stores and is targeting independents who are looking for a more personal touch than is typically offered by the rather corporate approach of the major players. The company has seen steady growth in the three years since it was born – three years of selling into the worst crisis of

Ceramica Calico with Natural Almond grout

consumer confidence the High Street has seen for decades. “We launched at a difficult time but that means the only way is up and meanwhile we have learned a lot and developed a very efficient business model,” says John. The product range is exceptional with 30 distinctive decors each in the best-selling Terreni and Vittara ranges – both offering wood effect planks and stone tiles, with bevelled edges in Vittara. But the unique character of Cavalio comes out in the eye catching designs of the Italian Artigo range of rubber flooring and the unique Ceramica collection of vinyl tiles that are designed to be finished with conventional grouting to emphasise the authenticity alongside the benefits and warmth and non-slip of vinyl. “Our job is to give retailers the kind of products that win consumer attention and to make sure they aren’t having to compete with someone up the road or on the internet with the same offering,” says John. Marketing manager Wendy Hearn says the Harrogate show this September will be a key moment for the company. “This will mark a step-change of our profile and in our product portfolio,” she says. “There will be a much bigger offering including three new launches at the most competitive sector of the market where we will have new ideas to talk about.” Cavalio, based in Staffordshire, takes it strength from its parent James Halstead – the Manchester flooring major with 30 years of history and a turnover well in excess of £100m – which is perhaps best known for its Polyflor brand. “We have the best of both worlds,” says John. “Big company backing for a small company team that’s passionate about working with our retail partners to deliver something special. So far it has been quiet determination. At Harrogate, we want to start getting noisy!”


44 August 2011

Visit Cavalio at Harrogate on Stand B20



“Our job is to give retailers that kind of products that win consumer attention and to make sure they aren’t having to compete with someone up the road or on the internet with the same offering” MD John Wakefield.

Peak FIT-ness Industry adventurers raised over £3000 for the Furnishing Industry Trust (FIT) when they tackled the infamous Three Peaks Challenge. Starting at 4pm on July 2, a six-strong team - John Jones from Dreams, Luke Palmer from Orangebox, Russ Evans from NHC, David Fielding from Vita Cellular Foams and Deni Shaw and Chris Robson from Multiyork - tackled the highest peak Ben Nevis (4,409 ft).


From there, organiser and FIT board member Andy Corbett (commercial director at Vita Cellular Foams) and work colleague Shaun Rumball drove the group across country to climb Scafell Pike (3,210 ft) in Cumbria and finally, Snowdon (3,560 ft). Said Andy: “It was a fantastic, high spirited group. We met as strangers and completed the challenge as good friends, bringing people from right across the industry together. Although the weather conditions were perfect, the team battled through sore knees and feet, but continued to encourage each other throughout, smashing the 24 hour target by 50 minutes!” Following the success of the day, each team member has pledged to encourage another company team to enter for next year’s event. Said Andy: “I’d like to thank the entrants for their tremendous hard work and to everyone else that has helped us to raise such a fantastic amount.” The event was sponsored by Vita Cellular Foams who donated £1,500, United Fillings, Platt and Hill, Multiyork and AMF Lettings.


Anyone interested in taking part in the challenge next year should contact Andy on 07774 145838.

The Furnishing Industry Trust is calling for a sponsor to save the charity’s longest running fundraising event, the annual National Golf Championship. The ever-popular event, which celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, is due to take place at the prestigious PGA National Course at The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield in September and will raise vital funds for the industry’s only dedicated charity.

Artigo Zero

Said FIT chief executive Charles Kerrigan: “It would be a tremendous shame for the event not to go ahead after so many years – it has always been a significant date in our calendar of events raising over £7,500 last year. It is an enjoyable day out and offers a great networking opportunity for industry colleagues.” T 020 7256 5954

from The Stocklists August 2011 45

Business News

Wool hits 25-year high

United we succeed!

Wool prices have hit record levels in the UK and international markets with a 25-year high in prices following increased demand, falling flock populations and flood problems in Australia.

As the High Street is hammered in every direction, one major carpet retailer is bucking the trend by successfully adopting a franchise model - and United Carpets and Beds says it’s anticipating continued growth.

The British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) says prices last year were double those in 2009 which, in turn, were double those in 2008. As the first clip went to auction last month, prices rose still higher. That 2008 price was 33p/kg and last year it hit £1.02. BWMB projections based on sales so far in 2011 suggest average prices will be £1.14 to £1.38 dependent on breed.

Rotherham-based United Carpets is the UK’s biggest franchised flooring retailer, with 85 stores across the country. It was a familyrun business until it listed in 2005. Mark Prior, who has just been appointed Franchise Business Development Manager, believes the franchise model is a recipe for continued success.

Global demand has been increasing especially in Asian markets at the same time as wool production has hit an 85-year low - a result of huge reductions in flocks around the world following decades of declining wool prices.

Mark joined the carpet industry after leaving business school and worked his way up the ranks in sales, management, field management, marketing, purchasing and property.

The price hike has stopped the production fall with sheep populations believed to be finally on the increase but supply problems have been exacerbated this year with flooding and droughts in Australia - the world’s largest producer of wool.

“The extra commitment and passion they bring to their businesses is making a real difference, and we are seeing the results even in these challenging times.”

In the clothing sector, commentators have forecast the return of the ‘shiny suit’ as wool costs add at least 10% to the price of a garment. With 70% of UK wool being worked in carpet, the increases have resulted in an increase in 50/50 wool blend offerings and increased activity in the synthetic sector to compete at the higher end with more quality, wool-like products.

Mark Prior, United Carpets and Beds He then became Managing Director of Carpetworld, where he successfully concluded the company’s sale to Carpetright. “At United Carpets, what you have is a small management team with a great deal of experience, and an agile company structure that can move very quickly to take up opportunities,” he said. “Many carpet retailers are heavily corporate and run from the top, with managers doing as they are told. “Because most of our stores are run by franchisees, they have a vested interest in the success of their stores which makes them motivated and involved.”

H&V Carpets, manufacturers of all types of pp carpets cut and loop piles will be showing at The National Floorshow in Harrogate between September 4th and 6th 2011 We will be situated in Hall M Stand M18. We look forward to seeing you! For further details please contact PAUL HUGO on tel 00 44 7813 714 498 or JOHNY PEETERS on tel 00 32 475 71 08 69 H&V Carpets, Zuidkaai 8, B 8770 Ingelmunster

United Carpets and Beds franchisees receive major support from the company, including back-office functions such as accounts, and targeted TV and press advertising. Mark will be working with the franchisees to develop their ideas even further. Meanwhile, the company is looking to take on more franchisees across the country. “Our franchisees are from all walks of life and have many different kinds of experience,” said Mark. “With our training, and the full support of the company, many of them are doing exceptionally well – in fact, our Doncaster franchisee is already through to the regional semi-finals of the Franchisee of the Year award. “The extra commitment and passion they bring to their businesses is making a real difference, and we are seeing the results even in these challenging times when retail giants are being brought to their knees.” T 01709 732666

46 August 2011



Boost for landfill diversion Some 42,000 tonnes of carpet waste were diverted from landfill in 2010; representing a 60% increase in landfill diversion of the material compared to 2009, trade body Carpet Recycling UK has announced. Currently around 10% of the 420,000 tonnes of carpet waste arising each year is being diverted from landfill. Of this 10%, 3.5% is recycled with the rest fed into energy from waste schemes, delegates at CRUK’s third annual conference heard in July. “Such progress is very encouraging and we are on course to achieve 25% landfill diversion by 2015, however it is important to keep the momentum going,” said CRUK Co-ordinator Jane Gardner, of Axion Consulting, which manages the industry-backed association for recycling and reusing waste carpet. “I feel our third CRUK Annual Conference provided a platform for members from across the carpet value chain to network and gain increased awareness of recycling outlets, current achievements and, of course, the challenges that still lie ahead,” she commented. “Additionally, we welcome WRAP’s (Waste & Resources Action Programme) decision to focus on textiles in their new three-year Business Plan as a further driver that will help us to achieve our goals.” Targets for 2011 include diverting 50,000 tonnes (12%) from landfill and increasing recycling outlets to 40 across the UK, conducting further collection trials and attracting additional funding to support technical work on end market development. Well over 100 delegates from across the carpet supply and recycling chain, including Europe and even Australia, attended the two-day event at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in Birmingham. It covered key developments in tackling carpet waste, including latest recycling technologies and new outlets for recovered material, design for recycling and workshops on tile re-use opportunities, ID equipment, legislative changes and environmental regulations. T 0161 440 8325

Simply smart

Grandeur jury

Polyflor, has introduced the SimpLay range following growing demand for an attractive, loose lay luxury vinyl tile product.

On June 21, 2011, the Regional Court Düsseldorf, Germany, announced a judgment in the patent litigation of Pergo (Europe) AB (hereinafter “Pergo”) against Spanolux – Div.

SimpLay, featuring eight authentic wood planks, six natural stone tiles and two weave pattern tiles, is the perfect choice where quick and easy installation is required. “We have developed and introduced SimpLay because we have identified the potential for future growth in this relatively new market,” commented Simon James, Polyflor’s marketing manager. “Whether you want hassle-free installation with the option to change the floor quickly or simply lay a new floor over a sound existing surface, this striking loose lay collection is the answer.” SimpLay is mainly focused at the office and retail sectors but is also ideal for across the board commercial interiors. Featuring a 5mm gauge and 0.7 wearlayer, the range meets the demands of the toughest commercial spaces while offering the flexibility to highlight specific floor areas and easily change the floor design if required - eliminating prolonged disruption. SimpLay also features a PU surface treatment to assist ongoing maintenance and reduce life cycle cleaning costs. SimpLay allows access to underfloor heating and cabling while the product gauge facilitates a 9dB sound impact reduction, an added benefit for offices and multi-level commercial buildings.

With this judgment, the Düsseldorf Court fully rejected Pergo’s claims for alleged infringement of the German part of Pergo’s European patent EP 1 276 941 B1 and confirmed that Balterio’s product “Grandeur” does not infringe Pergo’s patent. Further, the Düsseldorf Court decided that Pergo has to bear the statutory costs of the legal proceedings. The judgment had been preceded by extensive court proceedings in front of the Düsseldorf Court, one of the most experienced patent courts in Europe. Already in October 2009 Pergo had started the litigation against Balterio with regard to Balterio’s “Grandeur” product claiming infringement of its patent which relates to a flooring material with specific joining means. With the recent judgment, the Düsseldorf Court confirmed Balterio’s legal position that Pergo’s claims were unfounded from the start because Balterio’s “Grandeur” product uses different joining means. Consequently, Balterio may continue to freely market the “Grandeur” floor panels in Germany without infringing Pergo’s patent rights. The judgment of the Düsseldorf Court also fully confirms Balterio’s IP policy to respect the intellectual property rights of third parties but at the same time to vigorously defend itself against unjustified claims for IP right infringement. The written judgment with the reasoning of the Court will become available in about one month from now. The judgment of the Düsseldorf Court can be appealed by Pergo to the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf. In case of an appeal, Balterio will continue to defend itself and is confident that it will also prevail there. T + 32 56 62 80 81

T 0161 767 1111 48 August 2011


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August 2011 49

Flower on Flooring News News Flooring the IT demons Flooring retailers are losing their staid image by increasingly embracing the benefits provided by new technology. With the pace of technological advancement continuing to gather momentum, this is increasingly encouraging involvement from all areas of the business world. Kährs - Oak Nouveau Charcoal

more!' he says. Growing demand to work online with customers and suppliers means businesses unable to provide this will suffer. 'With the ability to email customers and suppliers directly from the Carman system in seconds, users find they have more time to chase existing quotes to maximise work output and increase profitability.' Modern flooring retailers are looking to install cost effective IT solutions to assist them and Carman is the tool that will help run their business efficiently at the click of a button, England concludes. Laser Measure's Nigel Welsh says that technology, specifically estimation software, and flooring businesses have previously reacted like oil and water. 'What is encouraging for companies like Laser Measure UK is the value flooring companies are now placing on estimation software, lasers, tablet PC’s and the latest buzz word “The Cloud”,' he says. Without question the manual process takes skill and a certain talent for both sales and planning. Technology, however, raises the professional bar, reduces mistakes, increasing efficiency and collaboration. 'The bottom line, customer experience is paramount during any sales process and why not use every tool in the bag to make a business stand out in the crowd?' he continues. 'Laser Measure UK’s parent company, Laser Measure Australia, have successfully introduced planning and estimating software to all of the major flooring groups and many commercial companies over the past four years.'

Harvey Booth, Kährs (UK) sales manager, says the content of both e-commerce and info-only sites is improving, as are the more generic sites which serve as research tools. 'Although websites can increase presence and, in many ways, create a level playing field, research into what’s behind a site should also play a part,' he says. 'Our website has transformed over recent years. It now includes a library of professional resources, as well as a virtual showroom. A powerful, new dealer search mechanism is also helping to drive sales to our customers’ showrooms, which is essential in the current climate.' Computers for Flooring's Chris England highlights the benefits of dedicated software, having searched widely for systems during his 16 years as a flooring retailer. 'I searched for many years to find the right system, not only to assist in day to day company activities, such as managing fitters or controlling stock, but also to allow my company to grow with the added efficiency data collating and filtering provides. The Carman management system does just that and

50 August 2011

MasterPiece Systems agrees that technology take up is now considered essential among forward looking retailers, creating a lean, streamlined operation. Aside from the obvious time savings from automated planning, estimates, fitting sheets and printed plans, the MasterPiece system can also generate more business, says the company. Measuring up, planning and quoting on a tablet PC in the customer’s home, combined with immediacy of data retrieval for return customers creates a professional effect, as does amending quotations at speed. Emailing estimates directly from MasterPiece is efficient and makes the retailer stand out from the crowd, the company states, with many more advantages included. Floor Estimate Pro from Laser Measure



by Dennis Flower

“Technology, specifically estimation software, and flooring businesses have previously reacted like oil and water. What is encouraging is the value flooring companies are now placing on these systems” 'Most flooring retailers compete on two points: value for money and customer service,' he says. 'Where prices are already matched, or profit margins are so low that prices alone cannot guarantee sales, customer service is the key to repeat business and word of mouth recommendation. When a customer finds a floorcovering they like in store, they want to know there and then what the availability is and when it can be delivered/fitted.' MasterPiece - Commercial & Contracts

For the contract flooring organisation the benefits are different but no less profound, helping companies to compete more effectively. MasterPiece dramatically cuts the time to take off measurements from a PDF floor plan or digitiser and also reduces wastage. Uniquely, MasterPiece enables the job to be quoted in the format based on ‘rates’ demanded by the large commercial customer, the company explains, and also allows multiple permutations for the same job, including plans and costings. The scalable, modular solution can be tailored to individual businesses and adapted as they evolve, says MasterPiece Systems. Neil Gilmartin of Reflex Data Systems states that technology uptake is increasing, particularly among multi-site retailers who are looking to manage stock across different locations. uses Explorug technology

Technology enables retailers to immediately give the customer all of the information they need to commit to the sale. Allowing a customer to leave a store on a Saturday with a promise of a phone call on Monday or Tuesday to advise on availability and fitting date will now almost always result in a lost sale, he concludes. Richard Mathias explains how combining software with rug manufacture has enabled his company to offer its services on an international basis. utilises exploRUG and Galaincha software for design and pre-processing work, providing customised hand knotted rugs. The high quality representation provided by the software has enabled the company to communicate flawlessly with customers, he says, boosting confidence in the process and providing further sales growth. Manufacturers are able to use their own factory colour sets and accurately estimate consumption, while designers can view designs in different colours and finishing options prior to weaving. Retailers can also work with clients to customise product to create the ideal design, then simply email this to the manufacturer for production. 'The software and what we manufacture has enabled us to become one of the leading hand made rug manufacturers in the world,' says Mathias.

For more information about featured products: Kährs • • 0800 587 2027 Laser Measure • • 01254 916139 MasterPiece Systems • • 01739 355831 Reflex Data Systems • • 01482 881152 Rug Maker • • 01727 841046

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August 2011 51

52 August 2011


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August 2011 53

The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Wool Week Gallery 2011 Wool takes on a ‘modern’ theme for this year’s Wool Week – the showcase event of the UK Campaign for Wool. A major exhibition of Wool, titled Wool Modern, takes place in London for much of the month of September at La Galleria on Pall Mall, and sets the agenda for a promotional opportunity across the retail flooring sector. UK retailers are being encouraged to create their own “gallery” of the best in wool carpets by featuring natural fibre in window displays, point of sale and promotional campaigns during September. “The whole UK industry has a lot to promote with some stunning stripes and florals on offer and many fabulous twist products in some very current colours,” says Ian Hartley, CEO of the British Wool Marketing Board. “This is very much a multi-faceted promotion and all levels of the wool industry from growing to processing to making and selling will stand to benefit,” he added, Branding display items for retailers are available from the Campaign for Wool to give a coordinated feel to this focus on wool – contact for more information. The London La Galleria exhibition will showcase the best of design in wool in fashion, carpets and insulation, and aims to include work by many of the world’s top fashion designers, and carpets by some of the great manufacturers. It will include wools from around the world, and is intended to inspire and educate. The Campaign for Wool is a cross-industry initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010. The Prince believes the natural, sustainable origin and highly technical structure of wool can offer fashion, interiors and the built environment many superior benefits.

Many of the leading design and textile colleges have already booked to bring classes of students to Wool Modern, which will, of course, also be open to the general public. Wool celebrations during September also include London Fashion Week and Decorex, the leading interiors event in Chelsea which runs from September 25 to 28 at the Royal Hospital. A stunning wool showcase was presented at the Grand Designs Live London event in April this year with the word ‘wool’ carpeted in a 10m x 3m 3dimensional display.

WOOL WEEK Workshop - see page 58 The key benefit points to trade consumers up to quality wool carpets

Princetown - Picasso by Axminster

Castle Hedingham by Crown Floors

Redefining contemporary pattern carpets, the 100% pure new wool Picasso features the signature Princetown berber fleck combined with an oversized pindot motif making the carpet perfect for modern homes, balancing contemporary structured influences with the soft edge of natural tonal variations. The Axminster woven carpet is available in eight natural colourways, is rated suitable for Heavy Domestic Use and comes in 3', 12' and 15' widths. Picasso joins the Princetown collection along with two other new designs in Matisse and Mondrian.

Castle Hedingham is made from 80% British Wool for a wool-rich twist carpet with a beautiful berber fleck in a range of 12 stunning natural shades. Woolmark Blend Interiors certified and with a 15 year wear guarantee, the carpet offers the perfect blend of quality and value.

T 01297 630650

54 August 2011

Available in both four and five-metre widths, Castle Hedingham is perfect for living areas, bedrooms and hallways and stairs. T 0800 0773301


The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Boulevard by Adam Carpets ‘Boulevard’, a beautiful, wool rich, contemporary patterned carpet, has an 80% wool/20% nylon construction, which gives it strength and keeps it looking better for longer. It is available in 4 metre and 5 metre width, meaning less need for seams on those wide rooms. ‘Boulevard’ is available in 14 colours and we mean colours. Whilst it offers the very popular naturals tones, it also has some very vibrant shades to complement the ever growing demand for more strong colours. T 01562 829966

ASK ABOUT CAMPAIGN POS Many manufacturers are supporting the Campaign For Wool with Point-of-Sale displays so ask your rep or sales contact if they have material for you. And you can email British Wool for a POS pack which includes a triangle stand, leaflets, a showcard and poster:

Grange Wilton in Lowry by Ulster Carpets Grange Wilton is a new luxuriously dense, high twist woven wilton range from Ulster Carpets. Available in 24 colourways this range is constructed from tightly woven 80% wool and 20% nylon, plain and heather yarns. Available in 5m, 4m, 3m, 2m and 1m colour matching widths, colourways include warm mineral tones, greys, beiges, green and reds - all inspired by a timeless ‘heritage’ palette. Grange Wilton effortlessly creates warmth and practical luxury in any interior scheme. T 028 3833 4433

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August 2011 55

The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Country Classic/2 from Heuga

Lupo from Cavalier Carpets

A traditional look and luxury feel, Country Classic/2 works perfectly anywhere. Made from 100% natural wool with 63% from New Zealand for extra comfort and 37% from the Highlands of Scotland for greater durability.

Meet Lupo, a geometric design that gives that sophisticated ‘Brussels Weave’ look and offers superb value for money.

This loop pile collection is available in 8 contemporary colours, in tiles sized 50 x 50cm. Complementary colours also available in cut pile. Country Classic/2 is a climate neutral flooring collection. T 01675 433070

Made using 100% 3 ply New Zealand Wool Yarn which gives this carpet superb resilience and is available in 4m & 5m widths and 6 natural colourways T 01254 268000

Oasis by Lano Beautifully crafted from 100% pure New Zealand wool, Oasis features a three-ply yarn that provides exceptional durability and pinpoint definition. The carpet captures 12 brand new colours in a luxurious berber loop pile that enhances the natural appearance of wool. Rated suitable for Medium Domestic Use, Oasis is part of Lano Carpets' stunning Ultimo collection of high-end residential carpeting. T 00800 5266 5266 Wool Week celebrated by Chelsea Harbour Design Centre last year.

56 August 2011


The Campaign for Wool - a showcase of quality

Chelsea from Edel Telenzo

Pastimes - Red Jacobean from Bondworth

Edel Telenzo Carpets will once again be supporting Wool Week and working with retailers to promote quality wool carpets such as Chelsea, which is currently working wonders for many customers. An elegant low level loop, made from 100% 3 ply wool in eight irresistible, natural colours of the moment – sea salt, driftwood, ash, graphite, cream, sand, mud and cork – Chelsea is also fully Scotchgarded and accredited for being insect and rot proof; and light, wet and shampoo fast.

Pastimes reflects a return to our creative design heritage combined with the flexibility of patterned spool axminster. Not a carpet for the faint of heart but flooring with which to make a statement!

T 01422 374417

Woven from 80% pure new wool and 20% Nylon, available in 3.66 wide, sumptuous details, complimentary colours all display the very best of the carpet designers’ art. T 01562 745 000

Dotty in Damson from Alternative Flooring Quirky is a new range of British-made wool runners and carpets. An on-trend range packed with pattern and full of colour. The four designs, Dotty, Fling, Tess and Skinny are fashionable and graphic. Colours eccentric and elegant. Quirky is made in the original way on looms in narrow widths, which is perfect for runners or can be seamed together for rugs and broadloom carpet. Composition: 80% wool and 20% nylon. Width: 69cm wide. T 01264 335111

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Sheep in the City – Exmoor Horns on Savile Row during Wool Week 2010

August 2011 57

The Wool Workshop - selling benefits Wool carpets are close to the heart of the UK consumer but with prices rising and increasing competition from synthetic fibres, wool has to work a little harder to justify premium pricing. Here’s our ‘Wool Workshop’ - a selling aid to help to trade consumers up to premium products by selling the benefits of natural fibre.


Practical Strong and Resilient – Wool carpet will provide superior performance over many years as it can offer unique resilience and long lasting durability. The natural crimp of wool offers valuable ‘bounce-back’ so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced – maintaining good appearance over many years. Easy care – Wool is a natural fibre that has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and its outer surface of microscopic scales and as a result additional anti-soil treatments are not necessary. Simply vacuuming the carpet will keep it looking good and whilst wool initially repels spills, prompt and complete blotting with white paper towels or an absorbent cloth is advised and will address many household spillages. comfort Soft and Warm – Wool carpet adds luxurious underfoot comfort and warmth to the home and acts as an insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency. Peace and Quiet – Wool carpet absorbs sound and cushions the home against echo and room to room noise transfer.


Safety Fire Retardant – Wool is naturally fire resistant, has a slow ignition rate and tests show that it is self extinguishing within seconds. It meets many safety regulations without additional treatments and is favoured in contract locations for this reason. Fall Friendly – Carpet cushions and so provides a softer floor which protects against serious injury in falls by the very young or the elderly. internal environment Indoor Environment – As a natural ‘smart’ fibre with a complex physical and chemical structure, wool helps to create a balanced atmosphere in the home. It breathes and absorbs humidity in the air, releasing it when the atmosphere becomes dry and helps improve air quality by absorbing airborne toxins in indoor air. Anti–allergy – The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold fine dust until vacuumed which helps to reduce floating particulate in the atmosphere. Wool does not give off harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria and wool is not a food source for dust mites.


eco/environmental Natural and Sustainable – Grown on sheep, which graze freely, wool is both 100% natural and fully sustainable. As shearing is a necessary part of animal husbandry this means that every year there is a fresh supply of wool available for the carpet manufacturing industry. Energy Efficient – Wool is energy efficient in the home and also in carpet production. Biodegradable – Wool fibre is biodegradable in soil and will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients. Environmentally Assessed – Wool is an environmentally responsible fibre that has been measured in terms of its ecological impact. A Life Cycle Analysis study carried out by Leeds University to ISO 14040 standard for British Wool concludes that it compares favourably when measured against man-made fibres.

the BeSt carPet Wool


Wool carpets have a historic reputation for quality because as a fibre it is known to withstand pressure and have excellent appearance retention properties. The best wool for carpet production is ‘strong’ wool and this is grown on sheep breeds found in Britain and New Zealand. Most carpets will contain both British Wool and New Zealand Wool because British Wool is more bulky and resilient and offers texture and unique heathery shades to carpet, whilst New Zealand wool is softer and whiter and particularly good for plain, lighter shaded ranges. Combining the two within a blend for carpet yarn gives manufacturers the perfect qualities for carpet. 100% wool or 80/20 – 80/10/10 wool rich Wool has yet to be matched by any man-made fibre; it has superior strength and does not need other fibres to improve its performance. However manufacturers choose to use synthetic fibres within the yarn blend for a number of reasons. These include fibre flexibility, dyeing, heat setting, stain resistance, durability and cost. These wool rich compositions offer industry standard carpets which will perform well in the home.

58 August 2011


Come and see us at the Harrogate Flooring Show Stand A26

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August 2011 59

News Survey

Every little doesn’t help Retailers turn on Tesco The biggest-ever response to a survey in The Stocklists has been prompted by the Tesco Carpets online announcement. Predictions of demise for the High Street are balanced against a strong sense that the supermarket will not succeed in the sector. And Tesco have achieved the unthinkable – the status as a retailer that is more unpopular than Carpetright among the independent trade! In our survey, 95% of respondents said Tesco’s move was bad news for the industry and although many reckon the supermarket will struggle to make a viable business of carpets, 19% expected it would have a major effect on their own trading and another third, a ‘substantial’ effect. Asked to choose who they would rather were not selling carpet in their town, 58% said Tesco versus 42% for Carpetright. Loathing of Tesco’s drive for world retail domination was rampant in our survey. “Tesco will not be happy until the High Street is dead’” said a Merseyside retailer, a typical comment. “Tesco's selling carpet on line is yet another online retailer diluting another slice of the retailers business, every bit of carpet sold online makes the poor old High Street retailer weaker,” said a store in Sussex.

Check out Tesco 95% say Tesco is bad news for the High Street 92% say manufacturers should not sell direct 72% would not fit a carpet sold online 58% would ‘prefer’ Carpetright to Tesco

And the greatest fear is that the move is the thin end of the wedge. “If Tesco get this right as they have with insurance, then all the big four, ASDA, etc., will follow,” said an Essex retailer.

10% say internet sales don’t affect their business

“How long will it take them to realise they are not competitive at their present prices online and go all out for selling in-store and picking up redundant Allied and Carpetright sales people,” said one. “I expect it is only a matter of time before John Lewis sell carpet through their posher Waitrose supermarkets,” said another.

The Stocklists polled 864 retailers throughout the UK during July 2011. Replies and comments are recorded anonymously. Many thanks to all those who took part.

But there were many, many respondents who feel the Tesco approach is doomed because of high prices and lack of service. “The ranges are limited and overpriced. Next, Habitat, Homebase (Laura Ashley) and M&S all failed in the past, Tesco will fail too. Supplying and fitting carpets is too complex for these multi-nationals,” said a store owner in Surrey.

obstacle. “Who’s going to sort out any problems afterwards,” said a North West retailer. “Tesco’s aren’t going to be interested. It’s a brave retailer who wants to take the blame.”

A North West retailer commented: “The fact that Tesco have to tell people how to measure their carpets themselves and provide contact details for fitters in their local areas is just ridiculous.”

72% of our retailers said they would not fit a carpet that a customer had bought online while 24% said they would, but would charge considerably more.

“Quality of service and after sales support has a huge impact on purchasing decisions. Small independents will always score highly in these areas,” said a Midlands retailer. “The recent economic climate has proven that the large multiples are far more vulnerable than independents. I think Tesco will dip their toe in, and little more.”

The involvement of Victoria Carpets in the project came in for sustained criticism - although a few respondents were more pragmatic. The strong prejudice in the independent trade over carpet manufacturers working with online retailers was borne out in this survey with 92% of respondents saying it was not OK for UK manufacturers to sell direct to consumers via the web.

Many respondents said that service issues would hamper Tesco’s sales. The difficulty in measuring, arranging fitter and, especially, resolving after-sales problems was cited by many as a key

“For commodity carpets, what difference does it make if Carpetright sells it or Tesco?” “Tesco will not be happy until the High Street is dead.”

60 August 2011

If Tesco get this right, then all the big supermarkets will follow. FlooringNews

Business News

82% said manufacturers involvement with Tesco would affect their attitude to those suppliers. “A manufacturer selling direct to the consumer is breaking the unwritten golden rule of the supply chain in this trade,” said a North East retailer. “I feel that the UK carpet manufacturing industry should have collectively resisted supplying Tesco,” said another. “How manufacturers can supply Tesco and expect support from the independents is beyond logic!” said a Berkshire business owner.

Retail recessionary rollercoaster • SCS launches almost 100 carpet departments • United Carpets predicts growth • Carpetright closes stores but boosts online Interiors retailing is becoming a battleground of the recession in 2011 with a roller-coaster of news in the sector. While Carpetright announced store closures following a slump in pre-tax profits by 70%, sofa specialist SCS said it is to add carpet departments to all of its 97 stores nationwide and flooring franchise leader United Carpets has said it’s ready to roll out new stores to increase its 85-strong portfolio.

But other retailers were more charitable. “You cannot blame Victoria for going after this business. Most companies who want to stay in business in the next few years must go after every bit of custom they can,” said a Leeds store. “If Victoria hadn't done this, some other manufacturer would have. Good luck to them.” “It’s a little unfair to target Victoria and Tesco. With a bit of Googling, you’ll see there are already manufacturers who blatantly sell direct,” said a North East retailer. A Yorkshire store said: “It is a logical development. The retailers allowed this situation themselves by keeping being 'old' style and not innovative. As for commodity carpets, what difference does it make if Carpetright sells it or Tesco?” And many recognised that the internet is simply a fact of life. 76% of our respondents had a website and 19% already sell products online. While over 40% said they regularly bought goods online, only 8% admitted buying big ticket items such as electrical appliances and furniture. “The internet is huge, it’s out there and more and more people are using it to research and purchase online. All stores need to think about their online presence - if you don’t embrace it, you will be left behind,” was one comment.

The SCS initiative is headed by former Carpetright managing director Charles Coombes and is being launched in the group’s North East stores next month with the nationwide introduction planned over the next year. SCS chief executive David Knight said: “We’ve carried out a lot of research into what our customers want, and found that most people typically replace both their sofas and carpets at the same time. So it seemed logical to bring both purchases together under one roof.” The store group has said it plans to open a further five stores this year with another 20 locations on their ‘wish list’.

And there is recognition that the High Street retail carpet sector industry is better protected than many sectors against internet erosion of their sales. “The e-tail revolution will lose it’s shine in our area. We’re lucky that the fluffy stuff is not that suitable to sell online,” said one respondent.

United Carpets says it too is bucking the trend and anticipates growth. Business development manager Mark Prior says the franchise model has been highly successful for stores battling the recession. “With our training, and the full support of the company, many franchisees are doing exceptionally well,” he says. See also report on United Carpets & Beds on page 46.

Several retailers indicated a trend to own label retailing to avoid the “internet showroom” problem for the Hight Street and instant price comparison.

This upbeat approach contrasts sharply with Carpetright who saw their share fall more than 20% last month after revealing pre-tax profits had fallen to £6.6m in the year to April 30th on a sales decline of 5.8 percent.

And a final comment from a sanguine Scottish retailer: “Maybe we should all ring up Sony and start selling TVs!”

“UK manufacturers should have collectively resisted supplying Tesco.” “The fact that Tesco have to tell people how to measure their carpets themselves is just ridiculous.” from The Stocklists

The retailer reduced its store list by 24 to 679 outlets over that period and has indicated that leases that are due on 94 stores in the near future would give the business the chance to “re-shape the portfolio”. Carpetright is known to be pushing its landlords for rent reductions of up to 20%. Neil Page, the group’s finance director, said "We're not expecting to see any short-term increase in profitability." He added the near-term future for the sector remained bleak. "It's worse than we've ever seen in the flooring sector. It is tough. It'll be at least another year before we see an uptick." In a significant footnote, Carpetright has also indicated it is to increase its online profile and will be looking for a greater e-retailing contribution to revenues as “non-virtual” stores close down. The second quarter of 2011 was described by one commentator as “Nightmare on High Street” as major retailers like Thorntons, department store TJ Hughes, fashion retailer Jane Norman and Habitat joined Carpetright in announcing stores closures.

August 2011 61

62 August 2011


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Established, independent flooring distributor Sales Agent required for London / South of England. Roll Sales of Exclusive Heavy Saxony products plus Clearance Carpets & Vinyls. For further details contact : Haydn Boocock tel 07966 557804


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