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Carolyn Brandt: A true spartan




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The Steward School’s mission is to prepare each child for college and for life. Our core character values are honor, responsibility, and achievement, balanced by caring and respect for oneself and for others. Steward is committed to small classes and to small overall size, which allow for discovery and development of each student’s unique talents and passions, while providing more opportunities for individual participation. We believe an environment with a diversity of talents, abilities, cultures, and backgrounds provides the richest and most fully rounded educational experience.

crossroads Summer 2012

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The Steward School admits students without regard to gender, race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. The editors have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of information reported in this publication. We apologize for any inadvertent errors.

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Every year, each child gives

the world something that it did not know was missing. Our respon sibility as The Steward School is to discover, develop, and embra ce each student’s unique gift . In doing so, we are able to spark passion s, embrace individuality, and prepare for the future. As I look back at the 2011-2

012 school year—a unique yea r that we created together—I am remind ed to remain fully present and open to living one’s life to the full est. Learning to live to the full est may be the best way to prepare for the future and all that awaits us. There is no better example of

this type of life than Carolyn Brandt. e ways caused many of the pos itive changes in the history of the School. Her great strength is not only her understanding of the Sch ool’s mission and how it works in the life of each student, but also her forward-thinking and pra gmatic demeanor. We have been tru ly blessed by her steady, concre te, and centered nature throughout her years in this community. She has seen, lived, and in som

Just as we lear ned to adapt, adj

ust, and innovate to the unpred ictable changes of this year, we will create new relationships and discover new resources in the next yea r. I look forward to working individually and collectively to face these new and unimagin able challenges with you as Stewa rds.

Ken Seward Headmaster



Summer 2012

featurestory How do you measure the impact of one woman’s dedication to The Steward School? Is it 32 graduations, four headmasters, more than 500 college recommendation letters, over 5,000 handshakes, or countless trial balloons?

a true

No matter the answer, Assistant Head of School Carolyn Brandt will be missed when she retires after 32 years at Steward.

Spartan By Ginny Evans, Marketing and Communications Associate Crossroads

Summer 2012



we honored her loyalty to the School throughout the 2011-2012 school year, according to Athletic Director Janet Rice, we are not quite ready to lose “Steward’s most valuable player.” When Ms. Brandt moved from Ohio to Richmond in 1979 to continue her career in education, she did not give much thought to teaching at an independent school, much less dedicating 32 years to one. “If you had told me years ago that I ever would have spent all this time in one school, I wouldn’t have believed you,” she said. Ms. Brandt worked part-time at Trinity Episcopal School for her first year in Richmond; but, thanks to Steward Headmaster Paul Cramer’s relationship with the then Headmaster at Trinity, Steward hired her as a history teacher in the summer of 1980. Although she first signed on to teach history, she eventually became head of the History Department, then Director of Studies, then Head of the Upper School, and finally Assistant Head of School. She has now taught every history class the School offers for grades 8-12, government, economics, public speaking, and a verbal SAT prep class. So why has Ms. Brandt devoted over three decades to The Steward School? “The mission, first and foremost,” she said. After her teaching experience in Ohio, she was initially attracted to the wide variety of students at Steward and the mission of individualized attention. “It’s very satisfying to be at a school where you can really make a difference,” said Ms. Brandt. “One of the things that makes [Steward] unique is that we believe in each student until he or she believes in him or herself.” In her reflection of the school’s mission at this year’s convocation, Ms. Brandt said, “I have had the good fortune to sit on stage every June and watch students graduate who had blossomed as individuals here at Steward as they discovered talents and abilities that in many cases neither they—nor their families—knew they possessed.”



Summer 2012


This discovery aspect of the mission statement ultimately became her personal goal as a teacher. In fact, many Steward graduates have affirmed that their ability to blossom as individuals would not have been fully possible without the commitment and dedication of Ms. Brandt.

“It’s very satisfying to be at a school where you can really make a difference.” Carrie Morris ’03 remembered a time when Ms. Brandt helped pull her through a public speech. Carrie said, “As a classically shy introvert, public speaking is not a natural talent of mine. [Ms. Brandt] patiently worked with me as I white-knuckled my way through the class. ‘Slow down,’ she would say. ‘Breathe.’ And by slowing down and breathing, I was able to deliver my speech to an entire auditorium of people relatively unscathed. She is truly a stand-out teacher.” Ms. Brandt embodies the School’s commitment to individualized attention in the classroom. She knows students’ learning styles, what passions they pursue, and how she can help them achieve their goals. “She cares so much about getting students where they need to be,” said senior Lauren Saurs. “Through all the time that I moved up in administration, I never wanted to leave the classroom,” said Ms. Brandt. “I always found an excuse to teach at least one class, so I could continue to interact with the students.” Her passion for her students and their futures led Ms. Brandt to assume another role: College Counselor. As almost every Steward graduate knows, she guides and counsels Upper School students and families through the college admission process. She suggests schools, reviews essays and resumes, conducts practice interviews,


crafts beautifully written recommendation letters, and helps each student find his or her own dream school. “What amazes me most about Ms. Brandt is how much attention she gives to every student,” said senior Sarah Shimer. “She’s a rock in the whole application process.” Ms. Brandt’s belief in her students extends far beyond their academic performance and college application status. Despite her busy schedule, she never hesitates to throw on a Steward sweatshirt and head to the next Steward event. She makes it to many games, plays, art exhibits, and alumni events. “If the kids are involved, she’s going to be there,” said Director of Visual Arts Rugene Paulette. “She understands kids in a way that not many people do,” said alumna and Director of Technology Shahwar Qureshi ’90. “She thinks of the big picture, instead of the single grade.”

“What amazes me most about Ms. Brandt is how much attention she gives to every student.” - S arah S himer ’ 1 2

Among her colleagues, Ms. Brandt is known as a progressive thinker. Despite her deep knowledge and experience at the School, she never hesitates to try something new. She continuously crafts ideas and launches “trial balloons” in an effort to move Steward forward. In her own words, “trial balloons are ideas that I thought, ‘Wow! Steward would be even better if…’”

mapping, interdisciplinary courses, Advanced Placement and Honors courses, career fairs, computer courses, public speaking opportunities, and much more. Through her role in the wider education community, Ms. Brandt has also led many initiatives and committees to bring respect and accreditation for the School and its programs. The Class of 1988 dedicated the 1987-1988 yearbook, the Corinthian, to Ms. Brandt, saying “Through the good times and rough times, the report times and the exam times, the acceptance letters and the rejections, Ms. Brandt was right there struggling with us, supporting us, and keeping us active.” This simple statement subtly encompasses every member of the School community’s experience with Ms. Brandt. She struggles with us as a thoughtful and patient listener; she supports us with steady and organized leadership; and she keeps us active by moving us forward with the big picture in mind. Ms. Brandt does all of this while also celebrating each individual student, teacher, and staff member’s accomplishments. She works behind the scenes and never seeks public recognition for her efforts. In Shahwar Qureshi’s words, “She is the glue that keeps us together.” Although Ms. Brandt will retire from her day-to-day Steward responsibilities, she will continue to be part of the community. She will maintain friendships with her Steward family, offer advice when it is needed, write her letters of encouragement to the people who go unnoticed, and continue to celebrate the mission of the School. Finally, Ms. Brandt will always remain a role model for character, professionalism, integrity, and what it means to be a true Spartan.

Many of these “trial balloons” have now become engrained in the Steward way. She sought to meet the needs of each student by introducing curriculum


Summer 2012


A Year of Celebration Throughout the school year, we celebrated Ms. Brandt’s commitment and dedication to the School. These tributes express our gratitude for her unfailing loyalty and devotion.

• The Carolyn R. Brandt Scholarship was established, which will be awarded annually to a current Steward student whose contributions in the classroom and larger School community make him or her a true Steward success story. • Ms. Brandt was inducted into the Steward Hall of Fame. • May 24, 2012, was Carolyn Brandt Day to celebrate 32 years of dedication to The Steward School. • The College Counseling suite is named after Ms. Brandt, with a plaque handing outside of the door to remind students of her dedication to their futures. • The Peer Recognition Awards, which Ms. Brandt initiated, will now be named the Carolyn R. Brandt Peer Recognition Awards.



Summer 2012

• The Alumni Award, which is presented annually at Graduation by the Alumni Association to the senior who best exemplifies the spirit and commitment essential to the continued success of The Steward School, will now be called the Carolyn R. Brandt Alumni Award. • The Cramer Center Art Gallery is now named the Carolyn R. Brandt Gallery. • Part of the Eighth Grade Class Gift was a donation to the Carolyn R. Brandt Scholarship. • A stone bench in front of Wilton Hall was installed to honor Ms. Brandt’s years of service. • At graduation, Board of Trustees chair Don DeLaney presented Ms. Brandt an honorary diploma recognizing her as an honorary graduate of The Steward School Class of 2012.


Summer 2012


campusbeat Sweet Treats &

Cool Company Over 400 Spartans gathered on the evening of April 26 to enjoy delicious pizza and ice cream at the Parents Association’s annual Ice Cream Social. Although the event was moved inside due to weather, the crowd enjoyed the festivities and listening to DJ music by John McAlister. Once the clouds cleared, the event moved to the athletic fields for kids to play frisbee and tag. Afterwards, many in attendance headed to the Cramer Center to watch the Spring Musical, Little Women. Thank you to Carrie McAllister, Stephanie Hudnell, and their 18 volunteers for making the event a huge success!

Miles of Fun at Ironbridge Sports Park

On Sunday, April 29, Steward families enjoyed fun and games at Ironbridge Sports Park for the annual Family Fun Day, compliments of Kathryn and Tony Lucas. Laser tag, go karts, the batting cage, driving range, and miniature golf were instant hits with people of all ages. Thank you to the Lucas family for treating fellow Stewards to an enjoyable and relaxing spring day.



Summer 2012

Lower School Grandparents and Special Friends Day Lower School grandparents and special friends enjoyed a day of singing and dancing, as the Lower School performed In Grandma’s Trunk under the direction of music teachers Bonnie Anderson and Sarah Cafazza. Visitation on campus began at 8:30 a.m. with a coffee and breakfast reception followed by the 9 a.m. performance by the entire Lower School. Grandparent Horace Gray introduced the program by commenting on his fondness for

Steward, as witnessed by his family’s shared love for Steward and by his six grandchildren who have attended the School. Grandparents and special friends were invited to classrooms for a reception following the program. The day concluded with the annual book fair in the Lower School Library. Thank you to all of Steward’s grandparents and special friends who attend this annual event and help support Steward in many ways.


Summer 2012



Little Women Brings Big Cheers

When it comes to art: WaterWorks The annual Art Walk at Steward was held on Wednesday, April 25 from 3–7 p.m. This year’s exhibit was WaterWorks, which featured artwork created by all visual artists from grades JK-12 and some Steward alumni. Each piece in the exhibit pertained to water and the many effects it has on our world. As guests traveled from the Cramer



Summer 2012

Center Art Gallery, to Steeber Commons in the Upper School, to the Middle School Dining Commons, they enjoyed viewing paper mache fish swimming through waterfalls, frogs on the lake, illustrated books, marine gourd sculptures, a creative wired sprinkler from found objects, a hand-built long board, and much more.

The Theatre Department presented the family musical Little Women, based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, from April 26-28. Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters growing up in Concord, Massachusetts in the 1860s. The warm, humorous story is told through the eyes of Jo March, played by senior Gracie Côté, who

aspires to be a famous novelist. The cast of ten Middle and Upper School students included Ben Zoghby, Stephanie Legg, Christian Rennie, Zach Barnard, Kendall Bendheim, Lydia Heitman, Liza Jones, Mason Patrick, and Anna Osborne. The show was directed by Craig Smith.

“Take me out to the ball game...” Several art students and their families attended a Richmond Flying Squirrels game on Sunday, April 29. Earlier in the year, Steward was asked to help make art pieces to help Noah’s Children, a Richmond-based hospice for children. Lynn Zinder’s fourth-grade students and three of Cindy Grissom’s eighth-grade students, Meg Trepp, Rachel Ragan, and Andrea Schwartz, made beautiful pieces to be auctioned at the organization’s gala event. As a thank you, the students and their families were invited to the “Honoring the Heroes” game. They marched in a parade, warmed up on the field with the team, and enjoyed watching a good game.

It’s Instrumental The Middle and Upper School Spring Instrumental Music Concert was held on Wednesday, May 16 in the Lora M. Robins Theatre. The concert featured the jazz band performing selections in a variety of styles, including jazz combo standards and big band classics. The concert concluded with performances by the Eclectic Ensemble, which combines the talents of the Upper School Concert Band, the Middle School Concert Band, and the Basketball Pep Band.

“Egg”straordinary Artwork The Steward School’s Art Department was asked by the Governor’s office to participate in the first Governor’s Mansion Easter Egg Hunt on April 4. A group of Middle and Upper School art students, along with three art teachers, painted table to paint children’s

faces with spring images. Those participating included students Cassandra Martinez, Mariah Montague, Morgan Schroder, Andrea Schwartz, and Meg Trepp and teachers Cindy Grissom, Rugene Paulette, and Lynn Zinder.

Chorus Doesn’t Miss A Beat The Music Department presented its Middle and Upper School Chorus Concert on Thursday, May 17 in the Lora M. Robins Theatre. The award-winning choirs performed songs from many different genres, including classic choral tunes, traditional spirituals, and pop songs.

Singing in the Park On Saturday, May 5, choir teacher Sarah Cafazza and 24 seventh- and eighthgrade students traveled to Busch Gardens to compete in the Music in the Parks event. Founded in 1980, Music in the Parks pairs choral, band, and orchestra adjudications with a fun day at a theme park. The Steward School’s Middle School choirs have been participating in these competitions for the past several years. At this year’s

Busch Gardens competition, Steward’s combined seventh and eighth grade chorus sang “Wade in the Water” arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram and “Cantate Hodie” by Mary Lynn Lightfoot. Out of the four Middle School choirs that performed, Steward placed first in the individual division and first overall in the Middle School division. The students celebrated their success with a fun day in the park. Crossroads

Summer 2012


“Cabana Bar” Acrylic on Canvas Zach Barnard ’12



Summer 2012

Zach Barnard’s

One Man Show By Rugene Paulette, Visual Arts Department Chair

“Like travel, a painting should be an adventure. It should feel vivid and alive, with a sense of mystery. When you see one of my paintings, I want you to feel fully immersed and experience a sense of anticipation of something new waiting around the next corner. I hope it draws you back and that when you visit again, you’ll find something more—something you didn’t see the first time. Like your favorite place, you’re never finished looking at it. - Zach Barnard ’12 Senior Zach Barnard exhibited a stunning collection of his recent works in the gallery space at Caféspresso on Gaskins Road on May 10, an ideal event to mark the final days of his enormously successful art career at The Steward School. The venue highlighted his acrylic works, emphasizing the excitement, emotion, and heart that characterize each of his paintings.

answering questions about his work and the opportunity to share his artistic experience. Zach valued and appreciated all who came to view his work and would like to send his thanks to his supporters. He looks forward to continuing his education at Columbia College of Chicago and all that the future may bring.

Zach’s work has the sensitivity of the Impressionists and the intensity of the Fauves, yet is somehow meaningful and honest in its own uncommon way. With bold brush strokes and vivid colors, Zach interprets places to which he has traveled and illustrates imagined environments he hopes to visit some day in the future. Zach loves to work on tall canvases, and some of his paintings measure as large as 6 feet by 4 feet. His works evoke a warm intimacy that takes the viewer to places of wonder and excitement. They are welcoming and they invite observers to enter a new space, offering transportation to the unique geography where Zach travels as he paints. Zach’s one-man show was a tremendous success, as a continuous stream of approximately 200 art enthusiasts made their way through the exhibit to view his work from 3 to 7 p.m. Guests were able to purchase their favorite paintings or matted glicee prints, which were available in three sizes. Zach greeted each person who came to see his work. He took time with everyone and enjoyed


Summer 2012


Fine Arts Awards Most Improved Artist: Upper School: Tyler Ludlam

Performing Arts

Most Attention to Detail: Middle School: Logan Glancy Upper School: Mariah Montague

Director’s Choice: Ana Leahy (Soprano)

Most Dedicated Artist: Middle School: Meg Trepp Upper School: Tyler Ludlam Most Dedicated Summer Portfolio: Jack Sims Most Dedicated Enrichment Assistant: Catherine Mares Photographer of the Year: Maclaine Ellis Photographer of the Year: Ann Marchetti

Visual Arts Fine Arts Award for Excellence in Art, Theatre, and Music: Zach Barnard

Acrylic on Canvas: Zach Barnard

Best Photographic Artist: Megan Frayser

Oil on Canvas: Sabrina Yang

Visual Arts Award for Excellence and Dedication above and beyond the classroom: Mariah Montague

Pen and Ink: Mathew Valentine

Most Professional Photographer: Harrison Mire

The Steward School Permanent Collection: Jack Sims Most Promising Newcomer: Royce Woolfolk Best Use of a Medium, Middle School: Clay: Robert Booth Graphite Pencil: Smith Blake Mixed Media for Altered Book: Meg Trepp Print Making: Rachel Ragan Wire and Plaster sculpture: Emma Zehfuss Glass: Julie Cochran Raku: Bahiyyih Agbaw Colored Pencil: Jackson Wellons Painting on Silk: Alex Jobe Painting on Acetate: Mary McLaughlin Best Use of Medium, Upper School: Graphite Pencil: Summer Williams Clay: Mason Butler Colored Pencil: Jack Sims Mixed Media: Cassandra Martinez


Best Photographic Artist: Buck Patterson


Summer 2012

Sculpture: Sarah Austen Holzgrefe Watercolor: Mariah Montague Most Prolific Artist: Middle School: Leslye Romero Upper School: Ashley DeConti Most Accomplished Artist: Middle School: Mary Jane Apostle Upper School: Zach Barnard Most Innovative Artist: Middle School: Robert Booth Upper School: Cassandra Martinez Most Innovative WaterWorks Project: Middle School: Kaleigh Burgess Upper School: Ellory Camejo Best Use of Color: Middle School: Savannah Ford Upper School: Annaliese Blank Best Use of Design: Middle School: Ross Arrington Upper School: Claire Kirchmier Perseverance to a Project: Middle School: Ashley Higgs Upper School: Lavinia Johnson Artistic Enthusiasm: Middle School: Tana Mardian Upper School: Zach Barnard

Career Achievement in Photography: Boyd Chambliss Art and Science Award: Kevin Liu Graphic Design Award: Elizabeth Gooding Graphic Design Award: Lauren Hughes Graphic Design Award: Abbey Twining Innovation with New Media Award: Daniel Simon Introduction to Photography Awardees Most dedicated photographer of the year: Virginia Hamilton Artistic Enthusiasm: Virginia Hamilton, Ashley Leahman, Jenny Chelmow, and Patrick Neale Perseverance to a Project: Virginia Hamilton, Sam Douma Best Photographer in Black and White Darkroom Photography: Sam Douma Best Photographic Artist: Zach Beigel, Jack Trepp, Litt Thompson Most Professional Photographer: Ashley Leahman

Choral Music

Director’s Choice: Claire Culbertson (Alto) Director’s Choice: Lydia Heitman (Second Soprano) Senior Awards for Excellence through the Years: Gracie Côté, Lauren Saurs, Caitlin Phelan, Chloe Pieters, and Sarah Shimer Sixth Grade Award: Ellen Harrell Seventh Grade Award: Emma Campbell Eighth Grade Award: Jonathan Beigel Instrumental Music Middle School Most Accomplished Seventh Grade Instrumentalist: Kendall Schroder Most Accomplished Seventh Grade Instrumentalist: Jake Maynard Most Valuable Player Seventh Grade Band: Patrick Kirchmier Most Accomplished Eighth Grade Instrumentalist: Simone Stein Most Accomplished Eighth Grade Instrumentalist: Julie Iuorno Most Improved Eighth Grade Instrumentalist: Eleanor Giordano Upper School Most Accomplished Upper School Instrumentalist: Kevin Friend Most Improved Upper School Instrumentalist: Omid Mahban Most Accomplished Upper School Jazz Soloist: Andrew Caldwell Most Accomplished Upper School Instrumental Soloist: Jacob Roca Most Improved Upper School Instrumental Jazz Soloist: Matthew Bush

Most Improved Upper School Instrumental Jazz Soloist: Adam Mickle Most Valuable Player Basketball Pep Band: Jacob Williamson Most Improved Freshman Instrumentalist: Henry Harrell Theatre Middle School Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Mason Patrick Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Anna Osborne Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management: Will Jackson Upper School Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Zach Barnard Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Emily Robinson Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Natalie Bendheim Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Christian Rennie Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Preston Huennekens Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Virginia Villani Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Ben Zoghby Visiting Director’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting: Courtland Lyle Outstanding Dedication to Theatre: Gracie Côté Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre: Katherine Fore

Exhibiting Greatness: SunTrust Art Exhibit by Rugene Paulette Middle and Upper School visual arts students compiled their favorite art pieces for the annual SunTrust Gallery Art Exhibit from May 4-24. Each year the eclectic styles and deeply imaginative approaches of the art students give the exhibit a unique flair, and this year was no exception. Everyone who visited the gallery commented on the abundance of talent in our student body, especially those who are able to visit the gallery on a regular basis. Every year we hear that the exhibit is a favorite of gallery visitors and that these individuals always look forward to the hanging of The Steward School’s collection of work.

sculptures of many media, plus the wide variety of pieces designed for the on-campus WaterWorks Art Walk this spring. A reception honoring the visual artists was held on May 4 from 6-8 p.m. in the SunTrust Gallery lobby. It was a very wellattended event, as many family members, friends, teachers, and administrators came to admire all the creativity and hard work.

Typically, at least 400 pieces of artwork by the Middle and Upper School students are on display. This year’s exhibit included a variety of media, such as fused glass, recycled books, collography, photography, clay bowls, 3-D paintings, raku vessels, graphic arts, painted collages, multimedia pieces, clay work, acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, watercolor on Yupo paper,


Summer 2012


Lower School

Have You Ever Wondered . . . Have you ever wondered why trees whisper, how spiders got eight eyes, or why turtles carry their houses on their backs? These questions and more were answered in Kindergarten’s production Folktales from Around the Globe, written and directed by Monica Moehring. From April 17-20, Kindergarten students entertained their audiences with favorite folktales from Estonia, the Philippines, and the Winnebago Tribe of Wisconsin.

Fielding Fun Lower School physical education teacher Bonny Hajek organized her 16th Field Day for grades JK-5 on Friday, May 4. Students rotated through stations with their classmates, enjoying everything from hurdles and obstacle courses to potato races and high jumps. After the friendly competitions, students were treated to a refreshing popsicle break on the lawn. Thank you to the parent volunteers who manned the stations and helped make the event a wonderful day for the kids.

Minds in Motion On Saturday, May 5, the fourth graders joined approximately 800 other fourth-grade students in the annual Minds in Motion performance at the Arthur Ashe Center. This event is the culmination of the popular Richmond Ballet program that brings dance and learning together in classrooms throughout the city. This year the professional dancers joined the fourth graders to present “Banking on a Dream: the Maggie Lena Walker Story.� The performance told the story of the remarkable Richmond leader, from helping her mother deliver laundry as a child, through her years leading the Independent Order of St. Luke, to becoming the first African American woman to charter a bank in the United States. Not only did the students learn the history of our city, but they also witnessed the power of the art of dance in communicating stories and emotions.



Summer 2012

Reeling in Colonial Fun Fourth graders came to school dressed in colonial attire on Wednesday, May 16 for their annual Colonial Day. Students enjoyed class in the colonial schoolroom, wrote with quill pens, made horn books, cross-stitched, made cornhusk dolls/soldiers, made stew, shook butter, baked biscuits, played games, and danced the Virginia Reel.

That’s Just Beachy Beach Day was held on Wednesday, May 30 to celebrate another fabulous school year. This yearly event is organized by first-grade teacher Sabra Willhite and her talented committee members, Catherine Hathaway and Katherine Goodpasture. Though there were gloomy clouds outside because of rain, the building was full of sunny smiles. All grades enjoyed making bubbles with the art teachers, dancing with the Spanish teachers, playing games with the PE teachers, listening and dancing to beach music with our music teachers, and reading with the wonderful parent volunteers. At lunch, students were treated to a special lunch and enjoyed listening to a DJ. Lower School ended the celebration with an informative safety talk by Henrico County Police Officer Keith DeShazo.

Revisiting Mother Goose Junior Kindergarten presented Mother Goose Revisited on May 18 in the Lower School Dining Commons. The students did a fantastic job performing for their families in a showcase of theatre games and a dramatization of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. They ended the show with the song, “Little White Duck,” accompanied by Sarah Cafazza.


Summer 2012


Congratulations Class of 2019 First row, left to right:

Second row, left to right:

Third row, left to right:

Back row, left to right:

Mrs. Beverley Fox Ryan Pope Ben Marcia Tyler Steinfatt Julia Kabbani William Hobbs Trace Coles Liam Struminger Colin Goodpasture Carthen Smith Kristen Schlager Lizzie Parris Lilli Marcia Mrs. Becky Groves

Mr. Ron Coles Mihdi Agbaw Evelyn Dumeer Gracie Goodpasture Margaux Gaeser Jack Slyh Zach Venable Gracie Burress Alex Poling Sam Geissler Robert Marchetti Price Stevens Darrell Thomas Golding

Hal Gray Abbie Campbell Emma Fox Lexi Petronis Kayla Hudnell Audrey White Sam Hughes Aidan Gustin Cole Mier Zachary Cram Katie Define Chris Jackson

Lindsay Milligan Artan Jabbar Michael Fortune Charlie Cox Julian Amyx Abby Dwelle Bentley Mescall Jenna Montgomery Gabrielle Franta Jesse Hall Colin Whiting



Summer 2012

Not pictured: Katie Jobe

Lower School


Director of Lower School Melanie Casper and Headmaster Ken Seward pose with the Lower School Award winner Evelyn Dumeer.

Lower School Award Evelyn Dumeer Lower School Marshals Anna Reese Richardson, Will Eiben, Elliot French, Heath Humphreys Academic Awards Art: Lizzie Parris Computer: Katie Jobe Spanish: Price Stevens Music: Lexi Petronis P.E./Sportsmanship: Jesse Hall and Michael Fortune Presidential Physical Fitness Five-Year Achievement Award: Lindsay Milligan Theatre: Trace Coles Library: Gabrielle Franta President’s Education Award Abbie Campbell, Trace Coles, Charlie Cox, Zach Cram, Katie Define, Evelyn Dumeer, Abby Dwelle, Michael Fortune, Sam Geissler, Colin Goodpasture, William Hobbs, Chris Jackson, Julia Kabbani, Lilli Marcia, Bentley Mescall, Cole Mier, Lindsay Milligan, Lizzie Parris, Lexi Petronis, Alex Poling, Jack Slyh, Audrey White, and Colin Whiting Continued on page 22


Summer 2012


Director of Lower School Melanie Casper presents Trace Coles with his certificate.

Math Fact Academy Coach Lilly Brand, James Cox, Katie Define, Jack Ford, Sam Geissler, Ainsleigh Gil, Jack Grady, Channing Haas, Jesse Hall, Heath Humphreys, Anna Kilduff, Henry LandrySeward, Dabney Leverty, Porter Lewis, Anna Luger, Gracie McLaughlin, Caroline Moslow, Lydia Osborne, Anna Reese Richardson, Kristen Schlager, Jack Slyh, Callen Smith, and Price Stevens Oratorical Program Participants Anya Bhargava, Caroline Brumagin, Alex Chapman, Trace Coles, Ian Cox, Kennedy Crook, Kennon Cummings, Katie Define, Evelyn Dumeer, Will Elles, Ainsleigh Gil, Daniel Heitman, Olivia Hobbs, William Hobbs, Alaina Jefferson, Lily Jennette, Henry Landry-Seward, Walker LandrySeward, Dabney Leverty, Austin Levin, Anna Luger, Tommy Magnano, Dixon Mescall, Bentley Mescall, Cole Mier, Caroline Moslow, Lydia Osborne, Anna Pastore, Mary Pastore, Saara Qureshi, Sophie Shafer, the entire Third Grade, and the entire Fourth Grade Spartan Patrol Anya Bhargava, Andrew Bland, Georgia Cantrell, David Cheon, Elyse Cram, Jonathan Creager, Sofia Cristello, Kennedy Crook, Kennon Cummings, Tyler Ernst, Carter Fornash, Mike Frank, Will Frank, Harrison Gelber, John Wesley Hall, Ethan Hopp, Grace Inge, Luke Jennette, Stephen Johnston, William Jones, Ashby Lambert, Grace Marchetti, Casey McClendon, Baylor McKeand, Nicole Odibo, Ben Poling, Saara Qureshi, Caroline Ray, Mimi Reynolds, Cameron Robbins , Jake Smithson, Joshua Stein, Hunter Stevens, Calder Stutts, Grace Wagner, and Hailey Wharram Continued on page 23



Summer 2012

Student Council Recognition Katie Define: President Mark Carnes: Vice-President William Hobbs: Treasurer David Andrews: Fourth Grade Representative Carter Hogan: Fourth Grade Representative Anna Luger: Fourth Grade Representative Consistent Punctuality Grades K-5 Charlie Cox, Katie Define, Abby Dwelle, Gracie Goodpasture, William Hobbs, Kayla Hudnell, Christopher Jackson, Bentley Mescall, Cole Mier, Lindsay Milligan, Tyler Steinfatt, and Audrey White Mathematics League (Excellent Achievers) Zachary Cram, Katie Define, Evelyn Dumeer, Michael Fortune, William Hobbs, Sam Hughes, Christopher Jackson, Julia Kabbani, Cole Mier, Alex Poling, Audrey White, and Colin Whiting Spelling Bee Winners William Hobbs (5th) Mrs. Fox (also – winner of The Steward School “bee”) Evelyn Dumeer (5th) Mrs. Groves Aidan Gustin (5th) Mr. Coles Claire Gorey (4th) Ms. Goodpasture Mackenzie Jones (4th) Mrs. Koppanyi Dabney Leverty (4th) Mr. Tickle Jenna Odum (3rd) Mrs. Hayes Baylor McKeand (3rd) Mrs. Loyd Anna Pastore (3rd) Ms. Whitely

Director of Lower School Melanie Casper presents Bentley Mescall with her certificate.


Summer 2012


Cool Chemistry

Middle School

Amy Hale’s sixth grade science class made ice cream as part of its mineral unit. Students studied crystal structure, as well as practiced lab write-up procedures. As an added bonus, they got to enjoy the product of their experiment—some delicious ice cream made by each individual student.

Exploring History Seventh graders enjoyed a field trip on Wednesday, May 2. They visited the Petersburg National Battlefield, explored Brown’s Island, and watched Born to be Wild at the IMAX theater.

Skate and Slack Fiesta After school on Friday, May 18, the Middle School Board Sports Club roped off a section of the service road and held its first Skate and Slack Fiesta. Club members brought their helmets, skateboards, and longboards, sharing them with each other and some members who are new to the sport. The sidewalks around the tennis courts, as well as the speed bumps and curbs behind the Athletic Center, provided a course to navigate. The twelve boys also tried out the balance sport of slack-lining, where a tightrope is slung between two trees just above the ground. Former Steward student Carson Rice graciously donated his time to set up his slack line, demonstrating and instructing the boys on proper technique. The two-hour event was a big success. “It was really fun. It was awesome, actually!” said seventh grader Joe Beauregard.



Summer 2012

Art Accolades Ten of our Middle School art students entered their work in a juried show at Trinity Episcopal School’s Jazz and Art Festival. Two seventh graders received honorable mention ribbons. Of only five honorable mentions awarded at the show, Bryce Brown won for his glass work, and Alex Jobe won for his silk painting.

Unforgettable Field Day This year’s Middle School Field Day began with Athletic Awards in the Lora M. Robins Theatre. Coaches from fall, winter, and spring sports recognized their teams and gave special awards. Next, the students enjoyed a huge scavenger hunt style rotation of activities, which included playing tennis with Mark Nugent, throwing the frisbee with Chip Chapman, hitting wiffleball home runs with Seth Corazzini, and playing izzy-dizzy bat with Catesby Jones. A picnic lunch was served on Waddell Terrace, followed by a hysterical theatre performance by the seventh and eighth grade theatre classes. The afternoon also included a faculty-student basketball game and a dodgeball tournament that raised over $150 for the Daily Planet. The day ended with the annual tug of war competition, ice cream sundaes, and lots of splashing in puddles from the torrential downpour.


Summer 2012


Congratulations Class of 2016 First row, left to right: Daniel Kovach Julie Iuorno Mackenzie Carnes Jane Elizabeth Wilton Abby Cartagena Elizabeth Fernandez Helen Russell Grace Yucha Mary Jane Apostle Mary Madison Andrews Josiah Armstrong Second row, left to right: Todd Kasch Trey Kelleher Taylor Leahy Will Define Quincy Rhodes Jonathan Beigel



Summer 2012

Whit Hathaway Meredith Hughes Rachel Ragan Eleanor Giordano Ashley McCreary Owen Carter Will Jackson Third row, left to right: Jackson Wellons Weston Popp Simone Stein Erin Ambrose Catherine Mares Leslye Romero Caroline Curry Zoe Dwelle Kara Bright Abigail Herring Haley Jobe

Katherine Chambers Sarah Sliwinski Robert Booth Carter Peters Jake Perrone Fourth row, left to right: Haley Cummings Andrea Schwartz Ellie Hall Bahiyyih Agbaw Morgan Ray Sydney Tinker Meg Trepp Kaleigh Burgess Chris Jones Brandon Perry Cameron Simpson

Back row, left to right: Gray Redmond Edward Blake Avery Maestrello Owen Giordano Andy McDonnell Connor Parrish Andrew Farlow Mason Patrick Garret Toler Conner Bleyl Clayton Leep William Cox Not pictured: Julie Cochrane

Middle School


Assistant Head of School Carolyn Brandt presents Daniel Kovach with his certificate.

The Steward Award Presented to that student who best exemplifies the characteristics of integrity, commitment to academic achievement, high moral standards, and sensitivity to others that are most desired in a Steward student. Congratulations to Meg Trepp. President’s Award for Academic Excellence Grade 6: Connor Engelke, Henry Ingram, Connor O’Brien, Aaron Stein, Parker Wright Grade 7: Emma Campbell, Sam Fortune, Ashley Higgs, Tana Mardian, Dharaa Rathi, Kendall Schroder, Morgan Van Davelaar Grade 8: Jonathan Beigel, Will Define, Eleanor Giordano, Daniel Kovach, Clayton Leep, Quincy Rhodes, Simone Stein Highest Academic Average Daniel Kovach Grade Level Achievement Grade 6: Rebecca Aldredge Grade 7: Cameron Armstrong Grade 8: Robert Booth Subject Excellence Awards These certificates of excellence are given to students who excel in the respective disciplines, as chosen by the department heads in conjunction with the faculty. Art: 6th: Bailey Scott; 7th: Alex Jobe; 8th: Rachel Ragan Continued on page 28


Summer 2012


Continued Subject Excellence Awards: Computer: 6th: Parker Wright; 7th: Emma Campbell; 8th: Will Jackson English: 6th: Henry Ingram; 7th: Anna Osborne; 8th: Simone Stein Spanish: 6th: Molly Herring; 7th: Morgan Van Davelaar; 8th: Meredith Hughes Latin: 8th: Daniel Kovach History: 6th: Aaron Stein; 7th: Sam Fortune; 8th: Will Define Mathematics: 6th: Parker Wright; 7th: Dharaa Rhati; 8th: Daniel Kovach Choral Music: 6th: Ellen Harrell; 7th: Emma Campbell; 8th: Jonathan Beigel Instrumental Music: 6th: Matthew Whelan; 7th: Jake Maynard; 8th: Simone Stein Science: 6th: Nikki Leopold; 7th: Ashley Higgs; 8th: Mary Madison Andrews Theater: 7th: Joe Beauregard; 8th: Mason Patrick Physical Education: 6th: Caroline Laibstain and Aaron Stein; 7th: Kendall Schroder and Michael Maranto; 8th: Meredith Hughes and Jonathan Beigel President’s Award for Academic Achievement Grade 6: Emmie Curry, Elizabeth Fix, MacKenzie Grady, Ellen Harrell, Scotti Harrison, Will Ingram, Carter Patterson, Bailey Scott, and Kyle Sims Grade 7: Bryce Brown, Glenn Frank, Berkeley Galstan, Andrea Lindgren, Jacqui Marchetti, and Matthew Sorensen Grade 8: Mary Jane Apostle, Caroline Curry, Haley Jobe, Ashley McCreary, Andy McDonnell, Morgan Ray, Leslye Romero, and Will Jackson latin exam These certificates are given to those students who have shown outstanding achievement in the introduction to Latin exam: Sam Fortune, Dharaa Rhati, and Anna Osborne Also receiving awards for the Latin Exam are: Will Jackson and Clayton Leep (Cum Laude); Mary Madison Andrews and Haley Jobe (Magna Cum Laude); Quincy Rhodes and Jackson Wellons (Silver Maxima Cum Laude); and Eleanor Giordano, Daniel Kovach, and Simone Stein (Gold Summa Cum Laude) Continued on page 29



Summer 2012

Headmaster’s List Congratulations to the following students, who—by getting an A- or above in each of their classes for all marking periods and both semesters during the 20112012 school year—have earned the honor of being on the year-end Middle School Headmaster’s List. Grade 6 Connor Engelke, Connor O’Brien, Kyle Sims, Aaron Stein, and Parker Wright Grade 7 Emma Campbell, Ashley Higgs, Andrea Lindgren, Tana Mardian, Dharaa Rathi, Kendall Schroder, and Morgan Van Davelaar Grade 8 Mary Jane Apostle, Eleanor Giordano, Daniel Kovach, and Simone Stein MS Honor Roll Congratulations to the following students who earned a B and above in each class for all marking periods and both semesters during the 2011-2012 school year and are, therefore, named to the Honor Roll. Grade 6 Becca Aldredge, Jack Caldwell, Logan Cox, Emily Curry, Elizabeth Fix, Matthew Frayser, Sarah Fuhr, Ellen Harrell, Gray Hathaway, Molly Herring, Henry Ingram, Nikki Leopold, Esteban Marmolejo-Suarez, Melissa McDonnell, Madison O’Neil, Carter Patterson, and Caroline Willhite Grade 7 Kip Ambrose, Ross Arrington, Tucker Diveley, Savannah Ford, Samuel Fortune, Glenn Frank, Griffin Gayne, Caroline Glancy, Connor Hughes, Adam Kimbrough, Thomas Kowal, Jacqui Marchetti, MaryAnn Neale, Anna Osborne, Gabriela Ruiz, and Landon Smith Grade 8 Bahiyyih Agbaw, Jonathan Beigel, Kara Bright, Owen Carter, Will Define, Zoe Dwelle, Owen Giordano, Ellie Hall, Meredith Hughes, William Jackson, Haley Jobe, Clayton Leep, Morgan Ray, Gray Redmond, Quincy Rhodes, Leslye Romero, Sarah Sliwinski, Meg Trepp, and Jackson Wellons


Summer 2012


Upper School

Awards Extra-Curricular The Nolde Scholarship was established by the Nolde family, Mr. and Mrs. John Nolde, and their daughter, Mary Harvard Nolde. The Scholarship was created to recognize a rising Senior with demonstrated leadership qualities, who is very involved in extra-curricular activities. This student embodies the spirit and enthusiasm of The Steward School. This year’s recipient is: Mary Leigh White Athletic Richmond Times-Dispatch Athletes of the Year: Each year the Athletic Department nominates two athletes to the Richmond Times-Dispatch to receive this award. The students are recognized for exceptional performance during the 2011-12 season and for demonstrating the qualities that exemplify leadership both on and off the field or court: Sarah Shimer and MinhKhoa Tran Service to the School and Community Alumni Association Distinguished Young Alumni Award was created to recognize a member of the junior class for outstanding service to the School and to the community: Mariah Montague Admissions Ambassadors selected by the Admissions Staff and the Upper School Administration to serve as Admissions Ambassadors. These students exemplify the spirit of the School in attitude, academics, and/or leadership abilities: Elizabeth Cosby, Lucy Davis, Carolyn DeCredico, Nic Enright, Matthew Gelber, Henry Harrell, Lydia Heitman, Allison Mitchell, Jackson Pieters, Jack Trepp, Sam Trepp, GJ Apostle, Lindsey Lubin, Cassandra Martinez, Craig McLane, Jimmy Phelan, Hailey Marie Ragan, Andrew Caldwell, Maclaine Ellis, Katherine Fore, Kiera Hintz, Ana Leahy, Stephanie Legg, Charlotte Levering, Macky Marcia, Michelle Napper, Morgan Penberthy, Emily Robinson, Michael Sims, Mark Tharp, Lucy Anderson, Molly Carter, Gracie Côté, Khalil Fredericks, Kevin Friend, Preston Huennekens, Ryan Johnson, Kaki Patterson, Caitlin Phelan, Patrick Phillips, Logan Pryor, Lauren Saurs, Sarah Shimer, and Daniel Simon Student Philanthropy Initiative (SPI) are junior and senior students who were asked to serve as representatives for the SPI by the Development Department and Alumni Association. Philanthropy begins before a student graduates from Steward; and these SPIs were successful in increasing philanthropic awareness among their peers. These students are also instrumental in fostering a closer relationship with the Alumni Association: Maclaine Ellis, Greg Lindgren, Continued on page 31



Summer 2012


Upper School Rally for the Earth During the week of April 16, students in the Upper School participated in a variety of activities to celebrate Earth Day 2012. • At the morning assembly on Monday, students shared facts about paper usage and recycling, and challenged their peers to commit to a specific action to make a difference. • Throughout the week, students wrote their commitments on paper leaves, which were pasted to an Earth Day “tree.” • On Friday, the film series Planet Earth was played in Steeber Commons. • Students were urged to go “Styrofoam free” by using compostable drinking cups in the Middle School Dining Commons. As a result, more than 100 Styrofoam cups were diverted from landfill. In the afternoon, students read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and planted a tree on the site of the Bryan Innovation Lab.

Carolyn Brandt Day=Field Day Carolyn Brandt Day, also known as Upper School Field Day, was held on May 24. The students enjoyed watching the movie Dodgeball and a Jazz Band concert and participating in three-legged races, powderpuff games, ping pong and corn hole tournaments, dodgeball, and tug of war. The Music Club also sponsored a mini music festival. Students were able to go to different stations to participate in music trivia, a dance party, drumming, or Guitar Hero. There was also a music cultural exhibit that featured samples of music from Indian, Latino, Russian, and American cultures. A delicious lunch was served on the lawn, at which Dan Frank honored Carolyn Brandt with a plaque that will hang outside of the College Counseling suite.

Morgan Penberthy, Jacob Roca, Mark Tharp, Sam Cummings, Sam Henderson, Preston Huennekens, Mackenzie Kirchmier, Caitlin Phelan, Patrick Phillips, Chloe Pieters, MinhKhoa Tran, Logan Pryor, Co-Chair, and Kelsey Wright, Co-Chair International Student Ambassador Program is a small group of Steward students selected by the Admissions and ESL Departments to welcome new international students into the Steward community. These students are responsible for assisting international students with geographical, cultural, language, and academic transitions. The ambassadors plan and organize orientations, dinners, lunches, and social/cultural events with the international students: Carlos Cevallos, Claire Culbertson, Katherine Fore, Emily Robinson, Jacob Roca, Molly Carter, Audrey Gallagher, and Logan Pryor Outstanding Beadle: The Steward School Beadle serves the School by performing tasks for many people, accomplishing these duties in a cheerful and respectful manner. This award is given to one student who “stands out” in his or her service to the School: Kelsey Wright Richmond Alumnae Panhellenic Association Book Awards Program: The Association recognizes an outstanding junior class female who demonstrates strong leadership skills, who participates in philanthropic and community service, and who is an academic achiever and exhibits a positive attitude: Morgan Penberthy The Network of Enterprising Women (“N.E.W.”) Scholarship is awarded to female high school students who have maintained at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, demonstrated a strong work ethic, exhibited strong leadership and citizenship, participates in extracurricular activities, such as music, drama, athletics, and completed an essay in response to the question - What business woman do you admire most and how has she personally influenced the direction of your life?: Caitlin Phelan Student Council Association (SCA) Representatives: Grade 9: Cameron Bachman, Carolyn DeCredico, and Allison Mitchell Grade 10: Sarah Dickson, Claire Kirchmier, Anna Fuhr, and Morgan Schroder Grade 11: Carlos Cevallos, Ann Marchetti, and Mary Leigh White Grade 12: Kaki Patterson Officers: Maclaine Ellis (Treasurer); MinKhoa Tran (Secretary); Ellie Iverson (Vice President); and Camille Gilbert (President) SCA ABCD Student Award: Each year a member of the SCA is chosen by the SCA and the organization’s sponsor to receive a special award for “service above and beyond the call of duty:” Camille Gilbert Continued on page 32


Summer 2012


SCA ABCD Faculty Hall of Fame Award: Each year this award is voted on by the Upper School student body for the teacher whom they feel has gone “above and beyond the call of duty:” Douglass Griffith Honor Council: Held in the highest esteem by their peers for their integrity and honesty, these students embody all of the standards, principles, and responsibilities of the School: Virginia Hamilton, Lindsey Lubin, Andrew Caldwell, Morgan Penberthy, Sarah Shimer, Caitlin Phelan (Vice President), and Preston Huennekens (President) Leadership Council: This Council consists of both elected and appointed members. Each grade is represented by elected members. Members of the Leadership Council are expected to be the model citizens and leaders of the Upper School: Jacob Williamson, Mason Mire, Susan Mire, Forrest Andrews, Jacob Roca, Michael Sims, Sam Henderson (Vice President), and Heth Owen (President) Civitan Honor Key Award: Presented to a senior whose qualities of leadership, scholarship, and sportsmanship best combine in one individual the characteristics of exemplary citizenship. This student represents the School at the Greater Richmond Civitan Club’s award banquet and competes for the Citizenship Award Scholarship: Sebastian Vera Brain Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Awarded to a student who possesses strong leadership skills and is patriotic, dependable, and involved in community service: Kaki Patterson Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY): A Certificate of Recognition is presented to a sophomore, who, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrates great leadership potential and an interest in community service. In addition to developing an understanding of leadership and identifying their own leadership strengths, the HOBY Ambassadors are challenged to complete a minimum of 100 hours volunteer service annually: Clara Cooke and Ben Campbell The Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond Award: Recognizes a student for outstanding qualities of character and values and for fostering good relationships among different races, religions, and nationalities: Ellie Iverson The College of William and Mary Leadership Award: Presented to the student who best exemplifies the spirit of The Steward School—for inspirational leadership, outstanding scholarship, and unwavering loyalty to the Upper School and community: Andrew Caldwell The University of Rochester George Eastman Kodak Young Leaders Award: Given to a junior to honor outstanding achievement in leadership at school and in the community, academics, and extracurricular activities: Jacob Roca Continued on page 33



Summer 2012

A full plate of adventures The Alumni Association hosted the Class of 2012 at the annual Senior Breakfast on Wednesday, May 23. Graduating seniors and their parents enjoyed breakfast while listening to Dr. Rebeca Heidbreder read her hilarious senior predictions. From living in Paris, France, to Boulder, Colorado, many adventures await this year’s graduating class.

Making Memories Downriver On May 23 seniors headed to the James River for the much anticipated rafting trip and Headmaster’s Holiday with Riverside Outfitter’s. The crew traveled from Pony Pasture to 14th Street downtown and battled class IV rapids along the way. While the weather was questionable up until the day before, the trip turned out wonderfully and the seniors enjoyed one of their last days together as a class.

General Academic Awards Summer Residential Governor’s School Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, Instrumental Music Program, at Radford University applicants consist of the top public and private school students who are selected at a regional level, and who then go on for review and selection at the state level: Jacob Roca Headmaster’s List Congratulations to the following students, who—by getting an A- or above in each of their classes for all marking periods and both semesters during the 2011-2012 school year—have earned the honor of being on the year-end Headmaster’s List. Grade 9: Bowen Chen, Megan Frayser, Matthew Gelber, Ashley Leahman, Jackson Pieters, Rebecca Salvioni, Jack Sims, and Virginia Villani Grade 10: Baxter Carter, Michael Cevallos, Lexi Chen, Sarah Dickson, and Lindsey Lubin Grade 11: Andrew Caldwell and Blair Carnes Grade 12: Lauren Saurs, Sarah Shimer, and MinhKhoa Tran Honor Roll Congratulations to the following students who earned a B- or above in each class for all marking periods and both semesters during the 2011-2012 school year and are named to the Honor Roll. Grade 9: Cameron Bachman, Matthew Bush, Jasper Charity, Jenny Chelmow, Ethan Cohen, Lucy Davis, Christopher DeConti, Carolyn DeCredico, Will Farmer, Eren Graesser, Virginia Hamilton, Lydia Heitman, Lavinia Johnson, Allison Mitchell, Patrick Neale, Megan Norman, Elise Taylor, Jack Trepp, Sam Trepp, and Sabrina Yang Grade 10: Forrest Andrews, GJ Apostle, Natalie Bendheim, Ben Campbell, Benjamin Cardwell, Bryce D’Surney, Anna Fuhr, Will Grattan, Mary-Kate Kelleher, Claire Kirchmier, Cassandra Martinez, Susan Mire, Hailey Marie Ragan, Morgan Schroder, and Matt Wolf Grade 11: Ryan Burnett, Carlos Cevallos, Maclaine Ellis, Sarah Austen Holzgrefe, Lauren Hughes, Stephanie Legg, Courtland Lyle, Ann Marchetti, Mariah Montague, Morgan Penberthy, Emily Robinson, Michael Sims, Jung So, and Ben Zoghby Grade 12: Mackenzie Kirchmier, Kaki Patterson, Logan Pryor, and Sebastian Vera Brain Continued on page 34


Summer 2012


The President’s Gold Award for Educational Excellence: This award is presented to seniors who demonstrate high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities and/or exceptional judgment: Lucy Anderson, Molly Carter, Audrey Gallagher, Sam Henderson, Carter Norman, Caitlin Phelan, Chloe Pieters, Logan Pryor, Lauren Saurs, Sarah Shimer, MinhKhoa Tran, and Sebastian Vera Brain Academic Honors The President’s Silver Award for Educational Achievement - This award is given to those students who are recognized by faculty for working hard, and giving their best effort in School; and who are recognized for their tremendous growth, improvement, and commitment to learning: Andrew Gary and Ellie Iverson The American Classical League and National Junior Classical League presents a Certificate of Honorable Merit and medal to students recognizing their outstanding performance in the National Latin Examination. Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medal: Baxter Carter and Charlotte Levering Summa Cum Laude Gold Medal (which means this student scored in the 95th or above percentile nationwide): Jackson Pieters, Rebecca Salvioni, and Elise Taylor Hollins University Creative Writing Book Award: Presented to a sophomore or junior female with at least a 3.2 GPA, who, in the judgment of her English teachers, has shown a serious interest in writing poems, fiction, or creative nonfiction and has produced original work of good quality in one or more of these forms. The recipient automatically receives an Alumnae Referral Scholarship towards her first year’s tuition if she chooses to enroll, and a scholarship towards the Hollins’s Summer program: Blair Carnes Randolph College Classics Book Award is presented to a high school junior who is academically strong in Latin or Greek and who is interested in studying Classics in college. The recipient is receiving The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World, a wonderful reference book that we hope the recipient will find helpful as this student continues his or her studies: Charlotte Levering Randolph College Book Award is presented to an outstanding junior selected for his or her achievements in academic excellence and leadership: Stephanie Legg The Randolph-Macon Book Award is presented annually to a junior student who not only demonstrates excellent scholastic ability, but is also a well-rounded individual who excels in the classroom and is an active participant with leadership roles in extracurricular activities. The recipient Continued on page 35



Summer 2012

Where are they headed? One hundred percent of the Class of 2012 were accepted at one or more of the colleges and universities listed below. The asterisks indicate the schools in which our graduates are enrolled for fall 2012.

Bates College Baylor University Bridgewater College Christopher Newport University* Clemson University Coastal Carolina University Colby College* College of William and Mary Columbia College Chicago* Concordia University (Canada) Davidson College Denison University* DePaul University Drew University* Drexel University East Carolina University Elon University* Ferrum College* Flagler College Franklin and Marshall College George Washington University* Georgetown University* Hampden-Sydney College* Hampton University Hawaii Pacific University

High Point University* Hofstra University James Madison University* Lehigh University* Liberty University Longwood University Lynchburg College Marymount Manhattan College* Meredith College* Methodist University Michigan State University* Old Dominion University* Pace University Pennsylvania State University – University Park Radford University* Randolph College* Randolph-Macon College* Regent University Roanoke College Sarah Lawrence College Savannah College of Art and Design St. John’s University* Shenandoah University Suffolk University* Texas Christian University

University of Alabama University of Delaware University of Florida University of Georgia* University of Kentucky University of Mary Washington University of Maryland – College Park University of Montana – Missoula University of Pittsburgh University of Richmond University of South Carolina* University of Tennessee University of Vermont University of Virginia* Virginia Commonwealth University* Virginia Military Institute* Virginia State University Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University* Virginia Wesleyan College Wofford College* Worcester Polytechnic Institute

of this award is automatically eligible to compete for a renewable scholarship ranging from $7,500 to $15,000 should the student enroll at Randolph-Macon: Carlos Cevallos University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award is given to the student who exhibits outstanding academic achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science: Andrew Caldwell University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences: Recognizes a student who exhibits outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and a demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues: Parker Leep

A Touching Celebration Baccalaureate ceremonies were held on Sunday, June 3 in the Lora M. Robins Theatre. Attending guests celebrated with the senior class, as they listened to readings by seniors Sam Cummings and Logan Pryor and an address by Upper School Director Dan Frank. Musical performances included senior Gracie Côté singing “The Distance We Have Come,” the Senior Ensemble and Select Ensemble singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and the Senior Instrumental Music Ensemble playing “Big Noise from Winnetka.” After a brief intermission, the audience enjoyed the Senior Slide Show, created by

seniors Kelsey Wright and Alex Gary, and the Faculty Reflections. Prior to the program, each senior asked a member of the faculty and staff to speak on his or her behalf. These reflections were then compiled into a video format and presented to the audience. Each reflection demonstrated the mission of the school, as it portrayed what a small school and individualized attention can mean for the student-teacher relationship. The audience was awed by how the speakers were able to capture and articulate each student’s unique talents and passions. The video will serve as a great memento for all the senior families to remember this year’s celebrations.

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology recognize junior students who exhibit a demonstrated strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and are proven to be high achievers in this area: Katherine Fore Departmental Book Awards These awards are given each year to the senior who, in the opinion of the faculty, excels in the respective field. English: Molly Carter Visual Arts: Zach Barnard Performing Arts: Kevin Friend Foreign Language: Sarah Shimer Social Studies: Lauren Saurs Mathematics: Sarah Shimer Science: MinhKhoa Tran Special Recognition Awards West Point Leadership Award: This award is given to a rising senior who demonstrates exceptional performance in the areas of academics, athletics, community service, good citizenship, and leadership: Michael Sims The Richmond Chapter of the University of Virginia Alumni Association – Jefferson Book Award: The Jefferson Book Award recipient embodies the Renaissance characteristics that were part of Thomas Jefferson. This student demonstrates leadership and honor both in and out of the classroom: Emily Robinson Junior Marshals: It is tradition at graduation for the Faculty and Seniors to process and be led by two juniors. The honor of serving as junior marshal goes to the two juniors, who in the opinion of the faculty, best exemplify the goals of a Steward student: Andrew Caldwell and Emily Robinson WRIC Best-In-Class Award: This award is given annually to the senior whose academic performance places him or her at the top of the graduating class: MinhKhoa Tran


Summer 2012


Congratulations Class of 2012


First row, left to right:

Second row, left to right:

Back row, left to right:

Mackenzie Kirchmier Samantha Henderson Kendall Bendheim Jessica Pennington Ryan Johnson Caitlin Phelan Carter Norman Ellie Iverson Kelsey Wright Samantha Cummings Sarah Shimer Chloe Pieters Audrey Gallagher Lauren Saurs Molly Carter

Camille Gilbert Kaki Patterson Kevin Liu Zach Barnard Andrew Gary Fabio Villa Heth Owen Logan Pryor Ethan Maestrello Alexander Gary Khalil Fredericks Daniel Simon Preston Huennekens Lucy Anderson Gracie C么t茅

Sebastian Vera Brain Ben Williamson Alec Williams Tim Marino Kevin Friend Josh Bruce Mike DeCredico Mason Sizemore Kendrick Peters MinhKoa Tran Peyton Jenkins Boyd Chambliss Harrison Mire Patrick Phillips


Summer 2012

A Heartfelt Tradition Every year at Commencement, members of the faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees come forward to present their children or grandchildren with diplomas. This emotional, time-honored tradition always provokes a few tears.




2. Choral Music teacher Bonnie Anderson presents Gracie Côté with The Michelle Anderson-Haigler Performing Arts Scholarship Award.

Presentation of the Class of 2012 Gift to the School: Heth Owen, Senior Class President, presented Headmaster Ken Seward with a monetary donation towards the purchase of additional Upper School patio furniture.




6. 1. Middle School Counselor and Health teacher Meredith Mire with son Harrison. 2. Book Store Associate Andrea Pieters with daughter Chloe. 3. Board of Trustee member Steven Henderson with daughter Sam. 4. Annual Giving Associate Karen Huennekens with son Preston. 5. Board of Trustee member Dennis Pryor with son Logan. 6. Assistant Director of Admissions - Lower School Jane Carter with daughter Molly.

Graduation Speakers, chosen by members of the Class of 2012: Lauren Saurs and Alex Gary The K-12 “Lifer” Award recognizing those seniors who have attended Steward since Kindergarten: Lucy Anderson, Kendall Bendheim, Preston Huennekens, Peyton Jenkins, Tim Marino, Carter Norman, Heth Owen, Kendrick Peters, Logan Pryor, Lauren Saurs, and Sarah Shimer The Spartan Club Scholarship Award is given to student athletes who are recognized for major team contributions, who have inspired fellow teammates, who have made significant contributions to the School community, and who have demonstrated leadership qualities: Lauren Saurs and Ben Williamson The Brantley Blair Scott Leadership Scholarship is given to the student or students who have demonstrated an appreciation of The Steward School Mission, an involvement in extracurricular activities both at school and in the community, an enthusiastic school spirit, and the ability for accepting additional leadership: Kevin Friend and Caitlin Phelan Continued on page 38


Summer 2012


Ian Coddington presents Zach Barnard with The Ian M. Coddington Award.

The Ian M. Coddington Award honors Upper School teacher, coach, and Dean of Students Ian Coddington, who retired after 26 years with The Steward School. The Coddington Award is given annually to a member of the senior class for whom the decision to enroll at Steward was key to better achieving his or her potential and who has shown the most academic, social, or behavioral growth since his or her arrival. This senior exemplifies positive attitude, integrity, honesty, and dependability: Zach Barnard The B. Lee Healey Award is presented in honor of the service and dedication of Upper School Division Assistant, B. Lee Healey. The Healey Award is given to the member of the senior class who exhibits excellent character and reflects the values of Lee Healey and the philosophy of Steward, demonstrating a care for oneself, for others, for the School community, and for a cause larger than oneself: Chloe Pieters The Michelle Anderson-Haigler Performing Arts Scholarship is given to the student who most exemplifies the enthusiasm for performing and love of music that characterized Michelle Anderson-Haigler, a member of the Class of 1991: Gracie C么t茅 The James V. Buis Athletic Scholarship is given in memory of James V. Buis, Class of 1992, to a junior or senior student in good academic standing who has made a significant impact on the athletic program at The Steward School: Lauren Saurs Earlier this year, the Alumni Board voted to rename the Alumni Award in honor of Mrs. Carolyn R. Brandt in recognition of the many years of dedication and devotion to her students, past and present, and to the School. Continued on page 39



Summer 2012

The Alumni Association is proud to dedicate and name this award in Mrs. Brandt’s honor. The Carolyn R. Brandt Alumni Award is presented annually by the Alumni Association to the senior who best exemplifies the spirit and commitment essential to the continued success of The Steward School. The first Carolyn R. Brandt Alumni Award is presented to: Logan Pryor The Faculty Award is presented annually to those members of the senior class whose unique combination of positive qualities makes them a joy to teach and a source of inspiration for the faculty: Molly Carter, Preston Huennekens, Lauren Saurs, MinhKhoa Tran, Fabio Villa The Academic Award is awarded by upper school faculty to those members of the senior class whose outstanding academic achievement places them in the top 10% of the class: Audrey Gallagher, Sarah Shimer, Lauren Saurs, MinhKhoa Tran The Stephen Daniel Pless Award is given annually to that senior student who, in the opinion of faculty, best exemplifies in his or her life at Steward, the spirit and perseverance demonstrated by former student Stephen Daniel Pless: Harrison Mire The Dixon Award, named in honor of the late Helen F. Dixon, the founder of The Steward School, is presented annually to the member of the senior class who has made outstanding contributions to all phases of The Steward School. Mrs. Dixon’s son, Kenneth MacDonald Dixon, was present for the ceremony and presented the award to Sarah Shimer. The Headmaster’s Award is presented annually by the Headmaster of the School. The criteria for receiving this award cannot be measured. The award itself cannot be sought. The criteria are subtle, for they reflect the collective heart of the senior class. These are individuals who have done what they have done, not for awards or recognition but for the satisfaction that comes from doing something as well as one can, just for the sheer joy of being fully present and engaged in the moment, of being utterly one’s self: Alex Gary and Ellie Iverson


Summer 2012



Tennis Boys Varsity Tennis Season Record: 14-5 The boys tennis team completed its most successful season in 2012, going 14-5 overall and finishing as runner-up in the VISAA Division II State Tournament. Sophomore Baxter Carter earned first team All-State honors going 11-7 in #1 singles. Junior Andrew Caldwell went 14-4 overall, playing at various spots in the lineup. Freshmen Jack Sims and Henry Harrell combined for 25 singles victories. Steward’s trip to the state final is the farthest any tennis team has made it in the history of the program.

Girls Varsity Tennis Season Record: 5-4 The girls varsity tennis team performed as an independent team this past spring, which meant they competed against new and unfamiliar opponents. With many of the matches cancelled, Steward ended with a 5-4 record. Steward had some impressive wins over public schools (Goochland and Essex), in addition to knocking off former VCC rival BlessedSacrament Huguenot 5-4 to close out the season. Junior Mary Leigh White played #1 singles for most the season, while classmate Maclaine Ellis posted



Summer 2012

the team’s best record of 6-3 in singles. Juniors Lauren Hughes and Sarah Austen Holzgrefe played admirably at #3 and #4 singles. Junior Claire Culbertson and eighth grader Andrea Schwartz swapped time between #5 and #6 singles.

Baseball Varsity Baseball Season Record: 16-6 The varsity baseball team had another impressive season in 2012, reaching the VISAA Division II State semi-finals for the fourth-straight season. Coach Bruce Secrest’s squad had plenty of highlight victories, including wins over Benedictine and rival Collegiate. Freshman pitcher Nic Enright and junior catcher Michael Sims both garnered first team VISAA Division II All-State honors, while first baseman David Pierce earned a place on the second team.

JV Baseball Season Record: 13-3 Steward’s JV baseball squad, led by Coach George Bland, had an impressive wins over Collegiate, Woodberry Forest, St. Christopher’s, Christchurch, Trinity, and Fork Union.

MS Baseball Season Record: 2-4-1 Middle School baseball highlights include wins over Central Virginia and St. Anne’s Belfield and a tie with Collegiate. The team was coached by Lee Everett and Barry Pierce, both in their first year with the Spartan program. Eighth graders Jackson Wellons and Carter Peters helped lead the team that showed great competitiveness throughout the season.

Lacrosse Boys Varsity Lacrosse Season Record: 6-9 Coach Clay Tharrington’s third season at Steward featured a second straight trip to the post-season, as the Spartans qualified for the VISAA Division II lacrosse tournament. Steward won its first ever meeting with Mills Godwin High School, defeating the Eagles 8-5. Brothers Andrew and Alex Gary led the Spartans offensively, while sophomore Lewis Gray anchored the defense as goalie.

MS Boys Lacrosse Season Record: 10-7 Coach Chip Chapman’s Middle School lacrosse team battled through a tough

schedule to finish the season 10-7 overall. The Spartans had a highlight win over Collegiate and participated in the Ware Invitational, where they went 2-2 against strong competition and defeated Highland School and Walsingham Academy. Thomas Kowal, Chris Jones, and Patrick Kirchmier were a few players among many who helped make it a successful season.

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Season Record: 4-5 Though Steward’s girls varsity lacrosse season was cut short due to injuries, Coach Susannah Taylor’s lacrosse team was ranked as high as #2 in the VISAA Division State Poll. Steward began the season with a 17-15 victory from behind over LIS foe Covenant. In the next game, Steward outlasted Patrick Henry High School of Ashland, Virginia, 17-14 in another offensive shootout.

MS Girls Lacrosse Season Record: 2-10-1 Coach Morgan Hutchinson’s lacrosse squad played through a tough schedule and had to deal with attrition, as some players were pulled up to the varsity team. Steward dominated Weaver Lacrosse Club 17-1 and managed to knock off Highland School in the Ware Invitational.



Varsity Golf

Girls Varsity Soccer

4th Place VISAA Division II

Season Record: 5-9

Steward’s golf team finished fourth in this year’s Division II state golf tournament— the team’s best finish in five years. Eighth grader Owen Carter earned All-State honors.

The girls varsity soccer team competed in the very tough LIS conference, compiling a 5-9 overall record and playing predominately Division I schools. Sophomore Morgan Schroder scored 27 points for the team and earned first team All-LIS and first team All-State honors. She was not the only offensive weapon, as classmate Mary-Kate Kelleher scored 27 points as well. Coach Chris Green’s team also came up with hard-earned wins over rivals Covenant, Fredericksburg Academy, and Christchurch.

JV Golf Season Record: 3-4 Steward’s JV golf team went 3-4 this season, defeating Trinity Episcopal School twice and Nansemond-Suffolk Academy once. First year coach Chapin George was pleased with the progress his team made throughout the season. He said, “We won a tough match on the road at Nansemond-Suffolk, which helped give the kids a taste of success in difficult conditions.” The future of Steward’s golf program is bright according to Mr. George, who said, “the kids know what a little bit of success feels like and that will just turn into confidence for the future.”

Correction: In the spring issue of Crossroads, VCC All-Conference honors were listed incorrectly. Sophomore Jackson White earned honorable mention for varsity basketball. Congratulations, Jackson; we apologize for the error.

MS Girls Soccer Season Record: 8-3 If this season’s Middle School season is any indication, the future of Steward’s girls soccer program looks bright. The Middle School girls team finished with an 8-3 overall record, improving from two wins the previous season. Seventh grader Kendall Schroder scored in all but two contests during the season to help lead the Spartans. Steward had victories over St. Catherine’s, Collegiate, and St. Anne’s Belfield.


Summer 2012


Athletic Awards Girls Tennis Most Improved: Andrea Schwartz Coaches Award: Maclaine Ellis JV Baseball Coaches Award: Jimmy Phelan Most Valuable: Drew Barker JV Golf Coaches Award: Griffin Gayne Most Valuable: Andrew Farlow Varsity Golf Most Improved: Cameron Bachman Most Valuable: Owen Carter Coaches Award: Jack Dennis JV/Varsity Awards JV Swimming Coaches Award: Bailey Scott Coaches Award: Chris Dellosso Varsity Swimming Most Valuable: Henry Bassett Coaches Award: Ethan Cohen Coaches Award: GJ Apostle Varsity Diving Outstanding Female: Keaton Busser Outstanding Male: Sam Fink JV Volleyball Most Improved: Jenny Chelmow Most Inspirational: Bella Metts Most Valuable: Meg Trepp Varsity Volleyball Most Improved: Cassandra Martinez Most Inspirational: Caitlin Phelan Most Valuable: Myia Jones Varsity Boys Soccer Most Improved: Michael Cevallos Most Valuable: Ben Williamson Coaches Award: Tim Marino Varsity Cross Country Most Improved: Walker Stetinnius Coaches Award: Ben Cardwell Most Valuable Newcomer: Matt Wolf Varsity Field Hockey “The Wall” Award: Lauren Saurs “Watch Out” Award: Keaton Busser 110% Commitment: Ellie Cosby



Summer 2012

Varsity Girls Basketball Most Improved: Virginia Hamilton Most Valuable: Morgan Schroder 110% Heart Award: Sam Cummings Varsity Cheerleading Senior Award: Caitlin Phelan Spirit Award: Morgan Penberthy Rookie Award: Lindsey Lubin JV Boys Basketball Most Valuable: Chase Johnson Mr. Hard Hat: Kevin Cameron Defensive Player of Year: Justin White Varsity Boys Basketball Most Valuable: Josh Bruce Mr. Hard Hat: Royce Woolfolk Top Defender: Kendrick Peters Varsity Girls Soccer Most Improved: Chloe Pieters Coaches Award: Lauren Saurs Most Valuable: Sarah Shimer Varsity Girls Lacrosse Most Improved: Casey Dellosso Coaches Award: Virginia Hamilton Varsity Boys Lacrosse Most Improved: DeMarco Nelson Most Valuable: Lewis Gray Coaches Award: MinhKhoa Tran Boys Tennis Most Improved: Garrett Toler Coaches Award: Jack Sims

10 Varsity Letters Tim Marino, Sam Cummings, and Lauren Saurs 110% Award Tim Marino Coaches Award Lauren Saurs Middle School Awards MS Boys Blue Soccer Coaches Award: Owen Giordano Offensive MVP: Will Cox Defensive MVP: Jackson Wellons MS Boys Gold Soccer Good Hands Award: Nikki Nadolski Offensive MVP: Gray Hathaway Utility Award: Cameron Armstrong MS White Volleyball Most Improved: Jill Kovach Most Valuable: MacKenzie Grady MS Gold Volleyball Most Improved: Emma Campbell Most Spirited: Gaby Ruiz Most Versatile: Taylor Walker MS Blue Volleyball Most Improved: Glenn Frank Most Versatile: Kendall Schroder Most Hustle: Caroline Curry MS Field Hockey Most Improved: Lily Henderson Most Valuable: Meredith Hughes Coaches Award: Julie Iuorno

MS Girls Blue Basketball Hustle Award: Kellie Fonville Offensive Leader: Taylor Walker Defensive Leader: Kendall Schroder MS Girls Gold Basketball Offensive Leader: Madison O’Neil MS Boys Gold Basketball Most Improved: Kip Ambrose Hard Hat Award: Gray Hathaway Most Valuable: Cole Bassett MS Boys White Basketball Most Improved: Esteban Marmalejo-Suarez Most Valuable: Connor O’Brien Coaches Award: Parker Wright MS Boys Gray Basketball Most Improved: Hunter Thompson 110% Award: Gavin Booker Most Valuable: Henry Ingram MS Boys Blue Basketball Hard Hat Award: Will Define Most Valuable: Trey Kelleher MS Cheerleading Most Improved: Erin Ambrose Most Spirited: Kara Bright Coaches Award: Kaleigh Burgess MS Girls Soccer Most Improved: Becca Aldredge Spirit Award: Meg Trepp Most Valuable: Kendall Schroder MS Baseball Most Improved: Hunter Thompson Most Valuable: Jonathan Beigel MS Girls Lacrosse Most Improved: Bahiyyih Agbaw Offensive Player of the Year: Caitlin Allocca Defensive Player of the Year: Taylor Walker MS Boys Lacrosse Most Improved: Davis Mohar MVP-Offense: Clayton Leep MVP-Defense: Edward Blake

parentsassociation Letter from the presidents Summer is upon us, and it is hard to believe that another school year has come and gone. It has been a busy year for the Parents Association, and we continue to be amazed by the talents of our parents, which have been given so generously and enthusiastically throughout the year. These contributions of time and talent, along with the unwavering support of the Steward administration, have been instrumental in helping us evaluate and shape our mission moving into the future. With the Bryan Innovation Lab on the horizon and the on-going improvements to the facilities of the School, the Parents Association is well placed to work in tandem with the administration and the Board of Trustees to help shape the future of the School as it moves further into the 21st century. Our main priority continues to be creating opportunities for members of our School community to come together for fellowship. Through the Back-to-School Social, Great Tailgate, SpartaFest, Gala, and spring social events, we hope that all families, both old and new, will have fun, whether it is playing with their children on the sports fields or sharing stories over a meal with another family. There are so many ways for our parents to get involved with these events, and we heartily welcome anyone who wishes to get involved. With the 2012-2013 year approaching, we are pleased to introduce the next Parents Association President, Melanie Goodpasture (mother of Gracie, Class of 2019), who comes to the position with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. She not only has a professional background in corporate communications, but she also has held numerous positions on the PA Board over the years and is well versed in all aspects of life at Steward. We are leaving you in very good hands. As we step down as co-presidents of the Parents Association, we thank each and every one of you for supporting us during our presidency, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in the new school year at the Back-to-School Social. Cheers! Mary and Mark Andrews Parents Association Presidents


Summer 2012



Classnotes ’80s Cary Hall ’88 is married with two boys (Carter, 11, and Charlie, 7) and living in Richmond. He has been working for Capital One as an IT Portfolio Manager for three years. Graham Hickerson ’89 and his wife, Barbara, are pleased to announce the birth of their second son. Tucker Steele Hickerson was born on April 2, 2012. Everyone is doing well!


Whitney Hajek Richman ’98 recently became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to work with children on the autism spectrum. Whitney has also completed many marathons and running races in the past year. She was the female winner of the Chicago Lakefront 50-mile race and beat the female course record at Hawthorn Half Day 12-hour race with 66.6 miles.


Elizabeth Muldowney ’90 and her husband, Chet Herbert, welcomed their first child, William Asher Herbert, on June 4, 2012.



Summer 2012

Chris Stanley ’01 and his wife, Ashley, have a new baby girl. Chesney Lynn Stanley was born on January 26, 2012, seven pounds, two ounces, and 21 inches long.

Mike Edwards ’03 graduated from Virginia State University with a master’s degree in sports management and has been named Steward’s varsity basketball head coach. Will Christian ’05 was married on June 30, 2012 to Rebecca Olander. The wedding took place at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia. The couple will reside in Richmond. Tyler Harris ’07 competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska for an opportunity to swim at the 2012 London Olympics. Tyler is a member of the U.S. national team and will be in a United Airlines commercial that will air during the games this summer. Cameron Taylor ’07 has been accepted to Oxford University Law School for the 2012 Summer semester to study Islamic law. Cameron is currently a student at Regents University, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in government and a law degree. He attributes much of his success to

the foundations in education and goal achievement and the opportunity to be individually well-rounded which he received while attending The Steward School. Kelsey Mohring ’08 graduated Magna Cum Laude from James Madison University and was named Outstanding Public Relations Student of the Year. She is now living in Alexandria, Virginia, and working as an Account Coordinator in the Washington, D.C., office of CRT/Tanaka, a leading public relations and marketing firm. Kelsey discovered her interest in CRT/Tanaka after a week-long internship in high school, as part of her Steward internship requirement.

’10s Patrick Coker ’10 is attending Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York City under the Alvin Ailey/ Fordham Bachelors of Fine Arts program. Patrick was the first student choreographer to have his piece included in the Alvin Ailey Spring concert show.

Kelsey Kurdts ’10 is participating in a Leadership Program in the Caribbean via sailing on a 50-foot sailboat for 30 days, sailing 500 nautical miles, with five other students. She will earn multiple IYT sailing certifications and discover Caribbean culture on more than 15 unique islands. She will be studying theories of leadership, group dynamics, and motivation. So far, the crew has sailed to St. Marteen and St. Barts, where they enjoyed snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking on the islands.

Hillary Lane ’10 is working at Kaleidoscope Camp in Williamsburg, Virginia, this summer. She returned from a semester abroad in London, where she studied Egypt in the United Kingdom. During her semester, she enjoyed seeing the Diamond Jubilee, the Queen during her parade to Buckingham Palace, and the Highclere Castle where the popular BBC show Downton Abbey is filmed. Zach Corey ’11 is studying abroad for the 2012 fall semester with Semester at Sea.

Celebrating Generosity

Nancy and Rick Patterson

Brian and Lisa Tharp, Edie Ragan, and Corbin Orgain

The annual Founders Society celebration was held on a warm May day at the home of Katherine and Mark Busser. The beautiful pool-side setting created an atmosphere where supporters of Steward gathered to celebrate the year of giving. Annual Fund Co-Chair Linda Santini

addressed the crowd of approximately 100 leadership donors, especially thanking members of the Annual Fund Steering Committee for their efforts. Trustee and Board Chair Don DeLaney, along with Trustee and Development Committee Chair Scott Frayser, also remarked on

Ronald Johnson, Charles and Martha Marchetti, and Terry DeLaney

the achievements that the School has made over the year and the many gifts that Steward has received from generous donors. Thank you for the contributions from our community! The Annual Fund has continued to make progress towards the $400,000 goal.

Great Tailgate save the date

join us September 28, 2012 Crossroads

Summer 2012




Summer 2012



& Farewells

Each year, the Parents Association hosts an annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon to celebrate the end of the school year, recognize exceptional work, and to say farewell to those leaving Steward. This year was particularly special because it was dedicated to retiring faculty member Carolyn Brandt. Peer Recognition Awards

At the end of each school year, faculty and staff are asked to nominate co-workers who have gone “above and beyond the call of duty.” Congratulations to the following recipients for a job well done. Susanne Casey

Center of Advancement of Learning (CAL)

Donna Jackson

Middle School Grade 8 English teacher

Katy Koppanyi Lower School Grade 4 teacher

Lyn Lunsford Lower School Grade 1 teacher

Chris McKee

Information Technology Department

Mary Ann Taylor Lower School Grade 1 teacher

Carrie Vandervelde

Upper School Department Chair, Foreign Language and Social Studies teacher

Lynn Zinder

Lower School Visual Arts teacher

Bill Cavender

Bryan Innovation Lab Program Director

Elizabeth Coleman Upper School English teacher

Shayna Cooke

Middle School Science teacher

Seth Corazzini

Middle and Upper School Science teacher; Middle School Resource Coordinator

Barbara Daniel Tutor

Ginny Evans Communications Associate

Elliott Gravitt

Lower and Middle School P.E. and Health teacher

Chris Green

Middle and Upper School Academic Technology teacher

Amy Hale Middle School Science teacher

Morgan Hutchinson Teaching Fellow

Allyn Linas Tutor

Emma Moyer Lower School Grade 2 teacher

Lynn Ramsson Culley


We wish these faculty and staff members well on their journeys as they leave Steward to peruse other opportunities. George Bland

Upper School Dean of Students

Carol Butler

Upper School English and Health teacher; SEED Coordinator

Melissa Sopher

Lower and Middle School P.E. and Health teacher

Service Awards

These faculty and staff members are honored for their years of service at The Steward School. Here’s to many more! 5 years Joe Dillow

Plant Operations

Dan Frank Director of Upper School

Sara Montgomery

Executive Coordinator of the Headmaster’s Office

Mark Nugent

Middle School Mathematics teacher

10 years Kourtney Boughey ’05

Director of AfterSchool Program, Lower School Liaison

Joan Cameron Middle School Division Assistant

Jane Covington Lower School Grade 2 teacher Lower School Librarian

Donna Jackson Middle School English teacher

Nancy Loyd Lower School Grade 3 teacher

John McAlister

Middle School/Upper School Instrumental Music teacher

Robin Oliff

Associate Director of Admissions, Middle and Upper School

Robin Williamson

Martha Romero

AfterSchool Program Director

Human Resources Coordinator

Terri Shelton Upper School English teacher

Craig Smith

Upper School Performing Arts and English teacher

Martha Villavicencio Plant Operations

20 years Louise Robertson

Middle School Academic Dean, Middle School English teacher

Lee Healey Upper School Division Assistant

25 years Phyllis Slonaker Tutor

Robin Ricketts Technology Coordinator

30 years Catesby Jones

Middle School Dean of Students, Middle School History teacher

Betty Enright

Jennifer Walker

Lower School Spanish teacher

Beth Shamburger


Spending more time with family lies ahead for this retiring member of the Steward community. She will be greatly missed. Carolyn Brandt

Assistant Head of School, College Counselor

Plant Operations



Summer 2012


Welcome New Faculty and Staff Laura Akesson is joining Steward from Henrico County Public Schools to teach physics in the Upper School. Laura has 11 years of experience teaching mathematics and physics in the United States and abroad. She has bachelor’s degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Richmond and a master’s in applied physics from Virginia Commonwealth University. Jennifer Blanco will be a Lower School Spanish teacher. She joins us from Fairfax County Public Schools in Arlington, Virginia. Jennifer has taught Spanish to children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 for the past 12 years. Beyond her classroom experience, she has studied, traveled, and taught in various Spanish-speaking countries around the globe. She received a BA in Spanish and International Affairs from James Madison University and her MEd from Florida Atlantic University. Monica Casper ’07 will join the Upper School as a teaching fellow. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University this past spring with a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. She will be working with the History and Technology Departments, as well as Upper School administration. Christina D’Angelo will be teaching Upper School English, along with coaching varsity field hockey, girls lacrosse, and girls basketball. Christina graduated from the University of Richmond in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in English. While a student, she was a starting defender for the Division I varsity women’s lacrosse team. She later earned her MEd from the University in 2011. Since 2008, Ms. D’Angelo has been teaching English at John Marshall High School and coaching the school’s girls soccer team that she started. Dena Dickson joined Steward in May as the Controller. She had previously been with Yount, Hyde & Barbour for 12 years. She holds an accounting degree from Cameron University. Ms. Dickson is the mother to two children and spends her free time in Oxford, North Carolina, renovating her family’s farm house. Christen Fratter joins Steward as a Lower and Middle School Physical Education teacher and field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse coach. She earned her bachelor’s degree and MEd from Virginia Tech, where she was a four-year varsity lacrosse player. Ms. Fratter taught in Roanoke, Virginia, before moving to Richmond to coach



Summer 2012

field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse at Collegiate and work with Overtime Athletics. She has additional coaching experience with Geronimo and Tally Ho. Elizabeth Gibson will be teaching English in the Middle School. Since graduating from James Madison University in 2007, she has been teaching at the middle school level and serving as a gradelevel and department chair in Chesterfield County Public Schools. She and her husband are the proud parents of a new baby who was born in June. Susan Holt joins us as the Lower School Dean of Students from Elko Middle School, where she was a Reading Specialist for three years. She has a wide variety of experiences in educational settings and has worked with every age student, from children to elder adults. Before becoming a reading specialist and instructional trainer, Mrs. Holt spent ten years in the business and advertising world. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and MEd from Virginia Commonwealth University. Eric Latourelle joins Steward from Wilder Middle School to teach science in the Middle School. He earned his BS in biology from University of Mary Washington and his MEd from the University of Richmond. He is the son of Upper School teacher, Susan Latourelle, and a passionate photographer. Prior to earning his teaching certificate and master’s degree, Mr. Latourelle was a microbiologist for Wyeth Pharmaceutical Labs. Lisa Moore joins us from Henrico County Public Schools as a second grade teacher and field hockey coach. She received both her BA and MAT from Sweet Briar College. Lisa has been working in the public school system as a teacher, substitute, and assistant teacher since 2004. Her coaching experience includes Merestead Sports Camps, Weaver Lacrosse, and New World Sports. James Stancil will be teaching history in the Upper School. Previously, Mr. Stancil taught world history and psychology at Hanover High School and government and African-American history at Collegiate School. He is an avid chess player and a professional DJ for parties, weddings, school dances, and social or corporate events. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and MEd from North Carolina State University.

Heather O’Toole-Jeter is the new Director of College Counseling. She comes to us after thirteen years at Hampton Roads Academy (HRA) in Newport News, Virginia. Mrs. Jeter brings a wealth of experience in counseling as well as in her roles as an English teacher, student advisor, and club sponsor at HRA. In addition, she has been active in college counseling professional organizations on a regional and national level. She has served as the coordinator of the annual conference of Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admission Counseling (PCACAC), an organization of counselors on the high school and college side from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and DC. She is currently serving as the chair of the Editorial Board of the Journal of College Admissions of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). EJ Watkins is the new Lower and Middle School Physical Education teacher and basketball and soccer coach. He is moving to Richmond from Potomac, Maryland, where he has taught physical education to grades 3-8 and coached soccer, basketball, and lacrosse at The McLean School. Mr. Watkins earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from Emory & Henry College in 2009. As a student, he was the goalkeeper for the varsity mens soccer team and a member of the varsity tennis team.

SAVE the date! October 26, 2012


Summer 2012


trusteenote Dear Steward Families and Friends, The 2011-2012 school year came to an end with the graduation ceremonies for the Lower, Middle, and Upper School Divisions. On June 4, we graduated 44 seniors, including 11 Steward “lifers,” and one very special Honorary Graduate. We believe that the 11 lifers, defined as those students attending Steward from grades K-12, are the most in our School’s history. We congratulate the graduates and wish them success in their college journeys. It is our sincere belief that in the spirit of the mission of The Steward School, we have prepared them for college and for life. We hope that we have helped them discover and develop their unique talents and passions. We also celebrate the accomplishments of those Lower and Middle School students moving up to Middle and Upper Schools. I had the special privilege this year of presenting Carolyn Brandt with a diploma, recognizing her as an honorary graduate of The Steward School Class of 2012. For 32 years, Carolyn has touched the lives of countless Steward students and families and has personified the values expressed in the mission. We congratulate Carolyn on her retirement and thank her for her tireless dedication and work on behalf of Steward. She will be deeply missed. Your Board of Trustees is committed to the success and mission of The Steward School. We are blessed with dedicated trustees who freely give their time and resources to support our students. I would like to thank those members of the Board whose terms have expired. This year, Robert Brooks, Gene McKeown, Susie Scott, and Brian Tharp completed six-year terms on the Board. In addition, Martha Fink, Scott Frayser, Gary LeClair, and Bill Waddell completed their terms. I want to thank these devoted trustees for their time and efforts. We welcome six new trustee members to the Board for the 2012-2013 school year. Former trustee Don Steeber returns to the Board, along with Tim Burress, Laura Fornash, Debbie Hanger, Charles Terry, and Susan Twining. We are very grateful that they have chosen to serve with us, and we look forward to working with them. The past year has been a time of great energy and excitement at Steward. In this issue of Crossroads, you have read about the special achievements, recognition, and awards earned by Steward students. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and celebrate their success. This year we broke ground on the Bryan Innovation Lab. The facility will be completed in the spring of 2013 and will provide a 21st-century learning facility not yet seen in the state of Virginia. This new learning environment will revolutionize the way we educate students in the future and extend our mission of stewardship. This “living classroom” will be available to students in all grades and subjects. We have worked hard this year in preparation for VAIS (Virginia Association of Independent Schools) and SAIS (Southern Association of Independent Schools) accreditation visits next year. The decision to join SAIS and to seek joint accreditation is a significant step for Steward. As one of the first SAIS schools in Virginia, we will be the first to experience a joint accreditation. We look forward to the new school year with gratitude and appreciation for our history and great hope for our future. We will be very busy this year with re-accreditation, Bryan Innovation Lab construction and curriculum, and the business of strategic and financial planning. On behalf of your Board of Trustees, I am privileged to welcome you to the 2012-2013 school year. Best Regards, Don DeLaney Chairman of the Board of Trustees



Summer 2012

Celebrating Carolyn Brandt

“Carolyn is the glue that keeps us together.” - shahwar q ureshi ’90

We appreciate your support of the 2011-2012 Annual Fund. It’s for Steward students! Our passion is helping students discover theirs.

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