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October 1997 • 25th Annlversarr Issue

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Roger Coulombe Hcadma tcr Sue Drzal Editor THE STEWARD SCHOOL

11600 Gayton Road Richmond , Virginia 23233 804-740-3394

The Blue & Gold

Celebrating 25 Years "Steward Style" Fo r five beautiful fall day in mid -September the many fri ends and constituents of The Steward choo1 paused from some of the acad mic rigo rs and business-athand to ccl ebrat a special landmark in the School's history-2 5 years of edu cational excclJence in the Riclunond cOlnmwuty. The festivities of the occasion were pectacular... and th re was something for everyone! Captain Scott O 'Crady was on campus for the ki k-off of the Distinguished Cuest eries; students and fa culty enjoyed a fabul ous birthday party on the athletic field ; Steward athletes of all ages took to the courts for a tennis tollnlament; St eward grads gathered with their families and fonner fa cul ty for reminiscing at the Al umni Barbecue; golfers teed off at Steward 's fir t C oif Invitational , and an elegant r ceptio n and the induction of Steward 's fl.fSt Hall of Fame members was concluded with the surprising and news of a $ 15 nUllion gift to the Scllo01from anonymous d onors. The ftreworks whim followed could not have be n more befitting of the explosive mood of tlle crowd , It wa a tim for all Steward support-

ers to refl ect on and take pride in tlle part th y had played in bringing tlus mall m ool nestled among tlle trees in Ricl1J110nd ' s west end to its mo ment of glory and to look ahead to a pron'll ing fuwr of growth and distin tion.

Distinguished Guest Series Kick-On Sets Pace lor 25th Anniversary /ly JeDn S,ftJ We dOli ) kllOw whalwe 're capable of lllllil we have to sIlrvive. Each of liS is stro"ger ,"all we kllO l Ih e h y is leamillg 10 lap Ih al power al will. - Sool1 O ' Grady

The Steward ScllOOl , tlvough a generous grant made pos ible by The Robins Foundation to fund a D istinguished C uest S ries, wa fortunate to have U.S , Air Force Captain Scott O 'Grady visit its campu on September 18 and 19 a th first speaker in the series . In jWle 1995, O 'C rady was hel ping to enfoJ1 e the ATO no-fl y zo ne in the skie over Bosnia when a Soviet- made anti-air raft nus ile slanuned into I'll F-16. After surviving six days in a barren and ho tile terri tory, O 'Cradywas rescued in a daring mission carried ou t b U.S, Marine . On T hu rsday eVeniJlg, September 18, Captain O'C rady spoke to trustees, faculty, parents , alun1J1i , and fri ends about his exp erien .

uptain O'Grady talks wilh Mrs. I telen Dixon, one of Sleward's founders and

amon8 the first inductees in the Sleward Hall of Fame.

he managed to live through the nus il e impact, tlle tecl1niques h e used to survive, and the real tory beh.ind the daring rescue. In a spe ial Friday monung assembly, he also spoke to Steward 's tud nts . He said that his defuuti on of a hero is u omeone who hel ps someone el e." He mentioned that fri ends can be heroes, that teamers are heroes, but that perh aps the greatest heroes of all are paren ts. He also said that "doing well in ScllOOI will prepare yo u for the opportwuties that yo u want to do later on in life," According to CaptaiJl tllere are three

His story focused on how

O'Grady poses with Sleward student. Io/an Kerr. and his uncle, Commandm8 Omcer Patrick CUrCIS, a member of che rescue leam

go t him through his experience-Ius fanill y, fai th, and love of his country,

Prior to his Thursday evening pres ntation , Steward 's facul ty, tru tees, and key donors had the opportwlity to per onaJJy gre 路 t O 'Crady at a beautiful reception in Iu s honor in tlle Smool's library and adnunistra tive offi ces . AI 0 attending the reception was Commandi ng Offi cer Patrick Cu rtis , a member of O'C rady's rescue team . Curtis is the uncle of Ryan Kerr, a new 7th grader at Steward. When Ryan's paren ts , Mi chael and Erin Curtis, learned ofO'C rady's presentation , they hel ped oominate the remuo n of the two hero es.

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between the various activities. Many students expressed the opinion that every school year should start off this way!

This is What I Call a Birthday Bash! This and similar phrases were heard throughout Friday moming, September 19, as students and faculty enjoyed a 25th birthday bash second to none for Steward School. The athletic field took on a carnival atmosphere with moonwalks , a juggler and balloon sculpturist, Ultra-Zone, the "human fly_trap" and a hot air balloon tethered over the field's center for entertainment. Thanks to Steward chefs Dave Mueller, Bobby Sanders , and Kenny Robertson (with assistance from several parent volunteers), everyone enjoyed a feast of hot dogs and hamburgers in

Honoring Four for Tllelr Senlee to Steward

I Dh What ANight!



SlUing Ibe Stage for a Tllrllllng Evening Friday evening, the Steward School Gymnasium was transformed into a beautiful setting of sunflowers and candlelit tables for the 25th Armiversary Reception hosted by the Parents' Association. Some 400 Steward friends enjoyed the delightful atmosphere with dixieland band music and an ongoing slide show of Steward's history. Thanks to Steward parents Nancy Gottwald and Claudia Lawton for organiz-

Pholos - I 10 r, lop to bo((om: Lower School srudenlS enjoy jU88ler Jonachan Auscin during che 2S ch ceiebra(ion. (L (0 r) Bran(iey Scou, Ashlee Healey. Elizabech Larus, Cai(lin Rossmoore, and Bo Wise prepare (or che U/lrazone

experience . Michael Sauerfield Iries ou( (he "Human Fly Trap ."

Gene Sawyer (akes a break (0 enjoy che hoc air balloon ride wich daugh(er Nikki and Kenny RoberlSon.

PI•• 2

ing the event with dozens of Steward volunteers. Thanks also to alumni parent Linda Proffitt for her expen floral arrangements.

Four individuals who have played Significant roles in bringing Steward to this point in iL~ history were honored at Friday evening's recep tion as the first inductees in the Steward Hall of Fame. Beautiful plaques bearing their nanles were revealed and are proudly displayed in Steward's administrative offices. The honorees were also presented with keepsake bronze Hall of Fanle med allion . We are pleased to recognize these persons for their service to Steward . Mrs . Helen Dixon , who has devoted her life to education , was thatindividal who put the wheels in motion to begin Steward School.

She also served as a member of the School's Board of Trustees for a to tal of nine years. Today, sh is active in the development activities of the School and has 11 granddaughter attending second grade. Dixon Hall , the Lower School building, was nam ed in her hono r. Paul R . Cramer, wh o erved a Steward's headma ter fro m 19751994, was instrumental in the growth of Steward' p rograms and fa cili ties. He oversaw the suc essful ompletion of d Ie la t Capital Cam pajgn a de ad e ago a wel.l.

C . Thomas Taylo r was S leward 's Hrs t Chair man of the Board and served on th Board o f Tru tees for six years. Because of hls devotio n to the School, the Upper School building, Taylor Hall , is nam ed in Ius honor. M rs. Ta lor proudly accepted uus posthumous award n lu behalf. E. Ca rlto n Wilton , a wel.lkn own R.i clunond real estate developer, cam e to ul e aid of Mrs. Dixon and Mr. Taylor in coordinating the purchase of property for St ward at very g n 路 rous terms. Mr. Wilton has continued to be a trong supporter of Steward and was instrumen tal in the building of our gymnas ium in 1976.

Mr . G. Thomas Taylor accepts the Hall of

Hall of Fame induclee, f . Carllon Willon (/efl), lalks wilh 51elVard lruSlee Ann Carol Marchanl during th Friday evening (esliviUes.

symbolizing the gift, the rowd broke in to cll er and app lause. Crrun er, who had just beeJl ind ucted in the Hall of Frun e, berun ed wi th pride ... rul d righ u y o. It signifi d Ul realization of one ofhl s visions for Steward .

Exploding wtth ExcRement $15 Mllllon--Wow, Witch Us Grow Now! T h events of Friday eVeJting led to an even more exuberant mood a.mong the attending Steward supporters as Chairman of the Board Ferd Baruch and H eadmaster Roger o ulo m be revealed the recent do nati n of a $ 15 million gift to the School. Ba.rucll annOWl ed tha t the gift, a genero us vo te of onHdence in Steward' future by anonym ous donors, was made with the following stipulations: Steward must remain commjtted to its current nussion of "providing a hlghquality college preparatory p rogram that eneo urag stud ents of varied talen ts and abilities to develo p their wtique Strengtlls in academics, athletics , and ti le ru1:S , wltile instilling the values of res ponsible citizenslup"; onethild of the gift must be plac d in end owm ent; and a portion should be eannarked for a Fine Arts Center named in honor of Paul R. Crruner, the fomler head master of Steward who retired after 19 years of servi e in 1994. As Coul ombe ruld Baruch displayed a huge check

Not ulat it was pla.ruled that way, for the armouncement of the 15 ntillion gift was a wel.l-guard d secret, but the fueworks concl

Paul Cramer, $15 million

let" shares the gift

excitement of the

WIth Board Chairman Fcrd


Ule Friday evenmg reception took on a new meruting. The crowd , led outsid e by Ule dWeiruld band playin g "Wh en the Saint Co ; Ma.rclung In," continued to bask in the glory as a display of fueworks lit the skjes over ule athl etic Held . What a perfecuy symbolic conclusion to a uuilling event!

~amP. alVard on her husband's behalf.

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Women's Division - 1st Place Sharon Hard Am anda Macaulay Sally Parri sh Harriett Schnell

Tennis Classic

Women's Division - 2nd Place LouElien Blackwelder Debb ie Fifer Kim Bolgor Jean Segner

Still basking in the glory of the night before, Steward athletes of all ages , including faculty, trustees, students, and alwnni, took to the courts fo r the 25th Anniversary Tennis Classic on Saturday, September20. Thanks to co-chairs Lou Elle n Blackwelder and Jim Slabaugh , th event was a tremendous success and even the heat didn't damp en the enthusiasm of the players. Congratulations to the following winners: Men's Division Champion Ferd Baruch Finalist Jim Slabaugh Women's Division Champion Louise Robertson Finalist Alicia Souder

Thanks also to Jim Slabaugh and Don Steeber for being sponsors for this event.

Alumni Barbecue Approximately 35 alwnni , faculty, and friends gathered Saturday for a reminiscent afternoon of feast and fwl . Naturally, Ule co n versation turned to Steward's future with the $15 million gift. arUlouncemento-and the Richmolld Times Dispatch made a surprise visit to secure the group's reaction .

Mixed - 1st Place Jane Young Dav id Butler

Mixed - 2nd Place Marshall Norton Bob Larus Mary Watt New Mia Norton

Omer prize winners includ ed: 251h Anniversary Co ·Chair I.oufllen Blackwelder and Ray Tale al Golf Invilalional

Gollinvitational Brings Celebration to Close It was as m ough the weamer was mad e to order a ooler man seasonal temperall.tres moved in for the 25th AIuuv · r ary's fUlal event -m e Golf Invitational held on Monday, September 22 . Thanks to overall 25th Co-cllairs LouEllen Blackwelder and Ray Tate for organi zing this event and to Sharon Hard for her assistarlce. The winning teams were as fo lJ ows: Men's Division - 1st Place Jack Cullather Steve Pittman Bobby Duke Ron Jackson Men's Division - 2nd Place Richard Laib stain Steve Denneht Bruce Baught

Closest to Pin Closest to Pin Longest Drive Longest Drive


(Men): (Women): (Men): (Women):

Curt Nichol! Sharon Hard Peter Flem ing Mia Norton

It wa through the generosi t of orp orate and pri ze spons rs mat Steward was able to offer this evem as part of its 25th AllJuversary celebration.

C orporate S ponso r s BEl Medical Sy tems Central Fideli ty

Crestar Bank l&H/Mar h & Mclennan

Old Dominion Glass. Inc. S&!( Famous Brands. Inc The Todd Organization of Irginia Bro\\11 Distributi ng ompany. Inc

Prize Spo nsors Ferd Baruch C1dmus Bob & Rila Lannon

This was a great opportunity for alumni to gather and discuss activities being planned for the future and to reconnect Witll their alma mater. Those alwnni who had not been on campus recently were amazed and excited to see the construction o curring at Steward .

John Murphy Randy Sledd

Central Fidelity lim Slabaugh Gate\\ray Travel Old Dominion Glass Ulcrop's

Par 3 k:i & pons hop Enjoying the Golf Invitaliona l are alumni (: landing I 10 r) Bo Sleek '87, Stewart Jones '88, Robert Bonif. '8, Bill C1l1iol/ '88, (sealed I 10 r) urI Nichols '8 , and Chris hmidl '87

The Todd Organization of A

Steward Welcomes New Faculty" Stan Steward is pleased to welcome nine new facul ty and staff members to its dynamiCfor e. In early swruner, Jenn Sgro joined the staff as D evelopment Associate. A graduate of H ollins College, Jenn was previously affiliated with development function of Fox roft Sch ool in Middleburg, Virginia. Jumping head-first into many a tiviti s of th School, Jenn was instnmlental in coordinating tlle Scott O 'Grady campus visit as well as other aspe ts of the 25 tll AlUuversary celebration. Noel Wilson joined the administrative teanl in Augu t as the new H ead of Middle School. H aving earn d her BA. and MA. degrees al American Univer ity, she brings to Steward 25 years of independent school administrative experience in vario us sch ools throughout tlle COlUltry. Noel seem s to have settled in to the Steward routine; however, he and several anine and feline ompanions experienced a "n ot 0 great" move from Minnesota to Virginia. O nce the moversfillnlly delivered their household belongings , however, adjusunems were made easil . H er daugh t r, Lisa , is a chool psychologist in Illino is. Marsh Powell Hayes joined tlle Lower School fa ulty this year as a third grade t eacher. Marsh, a native of Riclunond (and a swruller newlywed! ), earned her BA. degree at Moum H olyoke Colleg and taught school in the City o f Richmond for four year before coming to Steward . Canlping, bird-watching, and joggin g are am ong her spare- tim interests . Gail Heaton is Steward' latest addition to the foreign larlguage deparunen l, teaching French. She earned her B.A. and M.A . degrees at Presbyterian Coll ge and

Middleb urg College, resp lively and, being in a military officer' family, has lived in nunlerou locations . Gail' husband , Maury Hancock, i a theatre teacher at St. Catherine's Sch ool. Beside TWIlling and travel, Gail enjoys music and sing with Im promptu, an a appel1a ch orus. In the Upper School, a good thing came in a pair. M att Caron and Kriste n Kawa came to Steward from Kildonian School in Amenia, N ew York. Matt is a graduate of State Univer ity of New York (B.A.) and California State Univer ity (MA .). Kristen earned her BA. and MA . degrees from H obat & William Smith College

Cindy Wiltshire , a re em graduate of the UniverSity of Virginia, is teaclling biology and anato my. Cind is also a newlywed , having married Will Wiltshire (son of Weezie Wiltshire, H ead of Lower School) in May. Her interest in scien e is obvious-she spent two weeks last sununer at Mountain Lake Biological Station in so uthwestern Virginia working on salamander and fish behavior! AI Cad aret, Steward ' new computer wizard (Director of Teclmology), is also a grad uate of the Uluversity of Virginia (B.A. and M .B.A. degrees). Formerly with Chri tcllUrch Sellool and an IBM system engineer, AI and Ius wife,

Sleward' new faculty and sla(( (lefl 10 ';ShO Cindy WilLshire, AI Cadarel, )enn Sgro, Marsh Hayes, KIISlen Kawa, Mall Caron, Diana Slrea! and (sealed) Noel Wilson. Missins from pic!ure 15 Gail Heaton.

and th e ewhouse Scllool of Public Conunwlication at Syracuse UIUversity. They are not only starting new car ers in Riclunond at Steward , but will also begin a n ew life together as th y plan to wed in }wle of 1998 . Matt is tea clung history and econonli ; Kri ten is as i ting in the Learning Re ource Center a well as teaclling English and journalism . Matt is an avid marathon runner and Kristen especially enjoys writing and traveling. Sh was plea ed to have had a r em article publi hed for Richmolld Parellts .

Cheryl , live in West Point, Virginia. They have five grown cllildren an d now relish tlle joys of grandcllildren and long weekends to the beach or mountains. Diana Streat taught at Grove Avenue Christian ScllOOI before joiIling the Steward math department late tlus sununer. Diana earned her B.S . degre at Radfo rd and did post-graduate work at VCU . With two cllild ren , ages 15 and 2 1, there is little par time, but h doe enjoy reading and sewing when the opponwlity ari. e . Page 5

year. The Paulettes have hosted Joining us this AFS students in the past, and now year through Stephen is thinking about going American Field abroad through AFS as well . Alex Service (AFS ) are Mai Imoto, from said he has adapted well here in America. Everyo n ~ here at Steward Japan, and Alex is v ry fri endl y. "My teachers give Concha Aguirre, me extra help after class whim I from Chile. Mai arrived in August really like." Alex is from a small town in northern Chile called and was placed Copiapo. Alex commluucates with with a welcoming home every so often tllIough Ehost famil y, who Mail . Steward is very fonunate to also happened to have both of tllese enthusias tic and be our very own Kerry Blum (fIft.h outs tanding stud ents as members of grade) . The Blwn our studen t body. AfS sludents Alex Concha and Mai Imoto in fronl of Sleward~ enlrance. family has been kind enough to share Mai wit.h tlle Pearson fanill y. Camberly Pearson , a senior along , witll Mai , is tluilled to have Mai as a new classmate but also as a part of her family. When asked how III SetJII MIHI&Uf6 III Kdst6H Kltn classes are going, Mai replied, "The are very nice, but it's hard team ers To everyone who has recomIn September The Steward to understand classroom discusmended a student to us this past Scllooi said 'J\rl-NyOllllg!" or sions. " Mai describes herself as a year, keep up the good work! Your "Hello!" to two new studen ts from curious p rson witll a very positive efforts are truly appreciated and are Korea. Eun Young Hong, or Mai said she feels very attitude. most certainly paying off. Our "HalUlah ," is in the tenth grade. lucky to be a part of the Steward Admission Committees were very Her sister, Su Ji Hong, or "Susie," family. busy, even through the sununer. attends tlle eighth grade. Both girls Enrollment is up roughly 13%. We Alex arrived just in time for live with tlleir aWlt and uncle in accepted 93 new students and soccer practice in August. This is Riclm lOnd . Susie has alr ady opened the doors on September 2 where he met jUluor Stephe n compared her new home to home in with a record 322 students . Paulette who took an interest in Korea . She tl1irtks Korea is like having Alex join Ius family for the Virginia only in t.hat boli have four Most of our new Middle & Upper smool students , witll very few exceptions, had made ilieir own i decisions to attend Steward , and they articulated lie maracteristics about Steward that had drawn them here. The reasons were as diver e as lie students iliemselves. It is gratifying to me to hear them speak: "I feel so safe here." "I'm on t.he soccer team! " "My team ers are cool. " Parents tllat I have followed up with so far seem very pleased as well . They are reporting to me t.hat these small classes are what their cl1ild has needed. "Homework is being done, they are getting involved." Steward is proving to be the right " matcll " . Well , it's great to Hannah Hong shO>"6 Jeffrey Kern whal his name looks like in Korean chara lers as Ihey ma ke an hear this, because tlus is what Asian wall hanging ., th Fine Arts fair held al Slewarel on Seplember 27. Steward is all about.



Steward Enrollment Sets Record

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Steward Welcomes Two Korean Students

seasons. "But Korea doesn't look like Virginia," writes Susie. "Korea looks like New York. Very high building[s], many car[s) and taxi[s], many people, subways, bus[es) , many signboards and everything," she writes . Despite ule comparison , both girls find tJl people at Steward to be kind and tJle Richmond area beautiful . For Susie, the chance to com to Steward gives her tJle opportunity to "experience tJle peciallife and the broad world ," she writes. HalU1all 's goal is to study piano, and she hopes to at tend tJle Julliard School in N w York City when she graduates from high school.

Lower School on to Busy Start lJy W~u/~ WlHshlm The race for Governor is n ot m e onJ election going on in Virginia tltis fall . The Lower School Studen t Cowlcil elections were held on September 26. FOUrUl and fifth graders made posters, created flyers, and wrote sp eches as part of tJle canlpaign . On the day of tJle election , each candidate spoke to m e Lower Sch ool students specifying ways they would hel p make tJle Lower School a better place. The Lower Sch ool Computer Lab served as tJle voting booth . Thanks to Mr. Adam Cohen , the Lower School computer teacher, the computers were set up so the children co uld vote in high tech fashion . Pictures of each candidate were on m co mpu ters to h el p ule younger children identify tJle candidates and cast their votes. Congratulations to the new Lower Sch ool Student Council officers and represen ta tives:

Morgan Hutchinson President Vice Pres . Katie-Beth Kurilecz Sarah Newcomb Secretary Treasurer Rachael Meyers 5th Grade Representatives: Artis Mills Noah Schnoll 4th Grade Representatives : Mason Camp-Crowder David Parrish

Annual Second Grade Tea lJy HlIlJln HIt:k6lts On Friday, September 26 . tJle second grad e hosted tJleir armual tea party. This year m ey invited tJleir motJlers . many of tJle School's admirlistrato rs . and former headmaster Paul Cramer. This was certainly an occasion to show off m eir good marUlers as tJle hosts and hostesses greeted tJleir guests and in trod uced m ern to their fri ends. Refreslunents were served WitJl SODA (Stud ent Organization on Develop ing Atti t udes) members from m e Upper School assisting.

Middle School Classes Elect Onicers lJy NII~I WllslIlI Grades six, seven , and eight elected class offi cers at m e first class meeting of the 1997-9 school year. Grad e 6 elect ed tJle following offi cers: President, Heailier Hajek; Vice-presiden t, Sally Summerson; Secretary, Kristin Parrish ; and Treasurer. Lisa Marston . The sixili grade Student Council Representatives are Ida Henley and Jimmy Atkinson . Seventh graders elected the following: President, Robert Fritzman; Vi e-president, Philipp Schmidt-Ullrich; S cretary. Morgan Valentine; Treasurer. Alex Benson; and Studen t Co un il Representative Juliana Sumner. Grade 8 elected President. Eliza Bullock; Secretary. Jennifer Gray; Historians are Sara Kornblau . Ashley Pinney. and Trent McLaurin . The two Stud ent Council Represen tatives are Jennifer Gray and Zac Sears.

Fourth graders were asked by their teachers to comment on the 25th Anniversary and how they enjoyed celebrating the occasion: Steward means math. history. science. teaching. art, music & fun . Siobhan Restorick, Anne Logan Taylor & Daniel Klein Captain Scott O'Grady is a good pilot who is brave and never gives up. Anne Borum & Mason Com~owder The moonwalk was pushing. laughing. flipping. and having fun . Louisa Kendig &Philip'M:lod The balloon was very creative. The magician did tricks with cards and juggled balls. Allison Fine, Betsy Tosh & Ryan DeLaney Over the years Steward has grown and improved by having programs that we can have fun with. Ashley Robertson & David Parrish The sunshine and music blended with a happy atmosphere. Katie-8eth Kuri/ecz & Afton Bartlett The day was hot. breezy and exciting with puffy clouds. Whitney Haynes &Chris Lingerfelt The food was delicious--the music awesome. Harper Early & Coburn Clements

Paaa 7

Socials Get Middle Schoolers in Swing III M.,M1II MM:l11 Shortly after tlle start of m e new school year, paren ts of th Middle Schoolers, led by Ramo na Miller, hosted two socials to provide an opponwtity for new and retunting Middle School rs and meir parents to get togem er. The first so ial was held on Friday, Septcn1ber 12, and was attended by over s venty students, paren ts , and teachers who ate box up per and enjoyed each otller's ompan . Because September 12 wa m e fir t night of sixth grade otillion , a second social was held on September 26 for m ose who ould not attend the first. A grand tim wa en joyed by all !

Middle School Spirit Teams Competition Kicks on Second Year III Pit Gill" The Spiri t Team ompetition is in full swing once again tlti ch ool year. There are a few chang wO rtll noting: the team fo nnerl y known as m e Gr en "Ii am-headed by Mrs . Brumberg- is now known a Silver; and Mr. Cuneo ha tak n over as Ule fa ulty advisor for Ul e Red Team, m winn rs of las t year's second ro wld. To increase schoolwide enthusiasm, all available ntiddle school fa ul ty mem b 路 rs (as weJJ a Mrs . Wilson and Mrs . Shupe) have join d m e various teams as honorary members. They have done a great job of roo ting m eir respective team on (and even parti ipating in m different activities) so far tJUs ear. Finally, twocaptains from each team will be in lose conta t wim Mr. Cuneo Page 8

uuoughout the year to decide upon wltich a tivities m eir fellow students will enjoy m e most. Be sure to check in up oming i sues of ule Bille 1I11d G old for more Spirit Teams updates and results .

Library Also "Dressed lor the Party" III Rldll GIfIIII teward School' li brary was dre ed in full pany gear by paren ts C indy Young, Malinda Taylor, ha ro n Wilton , and Susan G reene to commemorate the School's 25 th birtl1day. Books about birtllda were displayed to park stud ents ' interest in reading about m e different ways people celebrate birtlldays. Many ulanks to th e parents for decorating our library so festively. Lower School students are being encourag d to read and enjoy man books utis year. T he visit m e library on e a week wim Uleir r p ctive classes. If ul ey futish m eir book before th e next class visit, uley may bring uleir book in and clleck ou t anom r. Tlti has been wo rking v ry weJJ . Steward students are b coming avid reader ! Watch ~ r up ontin g new about m book fair to be held m e fir t week ill May.

Annual Giving Brealdast Kicks on Making a DiNe/ence Campaign III Sudl86/I. On Thursday, October 2nd , The 1997-9 Annual Giving Campaign , Making A Difference, kicked off ill Steward 's library wi til grade captains and leaders alike writing shon notes to feJJ ow parents about tile ilnportance of supporting the Annual Fund . Steward is very fon.unate to be the recipient of the magnificent $ 15 ntilJion anonymous gift, but tilose fund s are eannarked for securing Ule School's future tilrough endowment and for Ule Paul R. Cramer Fine Arts Center. Our Annual Givillg Canlpaign must go on. We till n ed to raise tilose dollars necessary to bridge the gap between wha t it a wally costs to educate a cltiJd at Steward 31ld m e cost of tuition . Now more tilan ever, we need to show tile COIlUTlUnity Ulat ulere is great suppOrt for utis remarkable cllOOI. Steward 's ] 996-97 e31l'l paign concluded wiUl 311 all-tUne ltigh total of 133 ,088 . 25 . We Ulank all donors for their wonderful suppon. Wim m e exceptional giving of las t year's CaJnpaign, Steward 's D velop ment Committee has set tile goal at $ ] 40 ,000 for ule 1997-98 31npaign . Listed below are utis year's Annual Giving leaders: Co-Chairmen Ray Tate Jim Slabaugh Faculty Chair Rugene Paulette Grandparen t Chair Mrs. Helen Dixon Alumn i Chair Curt Nichols '86

Thealer leacher Paula DeLeonardis enjoy the O'Grady rcceplion In the 5choo/~ Library

If anyone would like to volunteer for devel pment even ts please all Sandi Dollar or ' enn Sgro.

Fall Athletics Update III Cllch JIJIIII RlcI

Vanity Soccer The 1997 varsi ty soc er squad has had a terrific start to the season. After 10siJlg five tarters to grad uation , Coach Coddington and Coach Caron were oncerned about this year's team . With the addition of two new stud ents Justi n Bowma n and Alex Concha at the midfield and fo rward positions , respe tively, the teanl has outscor d their opponents 4 1 goals to 9 goals . The overall reco rd of win and 2 losses fo r play throughout the month of September hows the power of Steward 's offen e. Co ncha i the team 's lead ing corer with 17 goals, an average of 2 goals per gam e. Murat Bilgin and Stephen Paulette anchor the defense and also generate the offen e by di tributing the ball up to tlle lnidfield ar a. Fr hn an W ill Perkins is developing into a fm e player who can pia most any po ition the oachulg staff wants him to play. Anotll r freshman Al ex Duty has shown great promi e at tlle halfback and fo rward positions. The team began the season by wiruliJlg the 10th AJU1Ual Steward Invit.ational by defeawlg Grove Avenue and Belmead . The team's two 10 ses were to Huguenot A ademy. The e two teams were in the Virginia Commonwealtll Conference fmals last year. The Rebels from Huguenot won the 1996 title. teward wants to avenge that los I!! Gooel luck for the remainder of tllCsea on.

Coach Janel Rice

lalles Slralegy wilh her r",1d hockey leam .

Vanity Field Hockey Th 1997 field hockey squad 's record stands at 5 -5-1, but that record does not tell the entire tory. Th St ward d fense is anchored by Laura Slabaugh at the sweeper position and Jess ica Gray as the goalke per. Gray has anlassed 85 goalie "saves" so far. T he defense held first place team Trinity Epis opal scoreless for 67 mUlutes . The Titans eventually won in ovenimc. This same Trinity teanl had outscored us 5-0 in our first contest with them. Steward has b aten SL Margaret' and Fredericksburg Acad emy. T h team began the season participating in the Trinity Invitational Tournament. At that tournament, Jennifer Gray and Ashlee Healey were selected to the All-To urnament team . The teanl hopes to conquer its scoring problem. Once the offense can match up with tlle dd n e, the t am will be a force to contend with.

match witll Covenan t. Her tim of 25:28 minutes (fo r 3. 1 nilles) is the b st time fo r a femal e rwUler since cross country was resumed at Steward . Mike Congdon finished in 2nd pia e from a field of 18 ruJUlers . His time of 20:56 IlliJlutes is Steward 's best tinl for male runner . Against Collegiate's jV team , Mike Congdon finished in first place among tlle male runners. Good luck to Coach Serr and tlle team.

Middle SeilNI Soccer Thirty players are currently on me middle sch ool occ r team . A lot of enthusiasm and effon has been displayed by tlle members of tlle team. Clearly, tllere will be two middle school teams next fall. Coach Cohen and Coach Stottlemeyer are encouraged by tlle team 's comrnitment to tlle sport. Their overall record w ough tlle first week of October stands at 2-3. Eightll-grader Matt Porter is tlle team's pivotal defender from his position as goalkeeper. He has 35 "saves" tllUS far. Good luck for me rest of tlle season.

Vanity Cross Co.ntry Th cross ountry record stands at 0-3. helly Giglio finished in 2nd place out of 7 runners in the

Note: Athletic information renects activities up to October 7 when the Blue & Gold was sem to press.

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From the Parents' Association

Big Box Tops for Education'

" Sill. LIIIII/ml. A big thank you to Na n cy Got twald and Claud ia Lawton and the many volwueers who assisted in preparing th.e absolutel y beautiful reception for the 2 th Arutiversary elebration. It was a spectacular evening for everyo ne. The Parents' Association is off to a dynanuc start \ovith tremendous response to th e call for volunteers and involvement in all areas of Steward life. We have many activities plaIUled to affo rd yo u that chance to "get in th e thick of things." Our biggesta1Uluai event, di e Auction , is scheduled for Saturday, April 18, at the H ernu tage COlmtry Clu b, and planning i already in progress. If yo u would like to help with this event or have an item or service to donate, please ontact cochairs Sharon W ilton (740- 4392 ) or M a rion Baronia n (750- 17 14). Th e Riclunond Parents' Council is a tremend ous group bringing together constituen ts from all area private ScllOOls to mutually benefit from program and speakers. If yo u would like more information about this orgarlization and how to be involved , plea e contact Connie Pearso n at 74 1-9985. The ScllOOI S tore still needs volunteers to work during lunm and breaks. This is a wond rful way to g t to know Steward stud en ts while yo u volunteer yo ur tim e! Please let Ann Masza ros (784-5274) kn ow if you can help . . With increased erlrollm nt and continued efforts to "COlrul1wucate" widl all Steward constitu ents, th e offi ce co uld use vollJJlteer help for mass mailings and o dler general duties. If this inter'sts you, let li nda Dunv ille at scll ool know!

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: ,


Starting September I and continuing through March 1998, you can help earn up to $10,000 for Steward, courtesy of General Mills. Simply collect box tops from Big G cereals and other General Mills products including Yoplait multi-pack yogurt and General Mills snacks. Send your box tops to us at I 1600 Gayton Road. Richmond. VA 23233 . Another way you can help Steward provide the best education for our children.

The Parents' Association Cookbook $1111 In Ihe Maklngl Yes, yo u still have time to get yo ur name in Steward's cookb ook as a contributing m ef! The goal for A Tas te 0/ S teward i 600 recipes. We still need more of yo ur favorites to meet di e goal. So ... Steward fri end s (especiall y new parents!), plea e send us YOllr speCial recipes. The revised pla.n is to have the cookb ooks ho t off ul e press and available for first sale at this ears Au tion. Th ey will also be available at Grandparents' Day. Send yo ur reci pes to An n Masza ros at Steward ScllOOI.

Editor's Correction: In the 1997 Graduation Issu e of th e Blue & Gold, there was an inadvertent omission in the honor roll list. The following 1996-97 sixth graders achieved honor roll status fo r marking pe r iod 'I, the final semester. and for the year. Congrat ulations to both. and sin cere apologies fo r the error.

Philipp Schmidt-Ullrich Hunter Sears

25th Commemorative lIems on Sale at Student Store Celebrate u le 0 casion all yea r! Get conmlemorative 25 m Armivcrsary t-shirts , ClI p , and golf towels at Ul ' Steward Student Sto re. T hese items are on a first-corn e, first-served basis while supp lies last.

Fine Arts Fair September Attraction On September 27 Steward's Fine Arts D epartJllent held m eir aJUluai Fine Arts Fair at the mool for cl1.ildren in grades 4-8. App roximately 65 stud ents attend ed, widl 2 1 Upper SmooIers ass isting in di e effon . Eacl1 student had m e op ponuJuty to experience 12 different crafts during di e fair, including woodburning, glass painting, learner tooling, a.nd printJnaking.

Welcome New Steward Students for 1997-98 Kindergarten

Grade 2

Grade 6

Grade 9

Grif Avery Nathan Baggs Billy Belt Samantha Bisger Allie Byers Zachary Cooperstein William Drews Allen Edwards Samantha Goodman Sophie Hawkins Jordan Kocen Ben Leahy Worth Lewis Whitley Menges Samantha Spangler Scott Taylor MaryTaylorTepper Shelby Thompson Todd Thurston Elizabeth Tyson Brendon Wilberger Alex Williams Charlie Williamson Nathan Wolff Natalie Wong

Will Garner Allyson Holt Ben Sauer Josh Stafford

Alexandra Frayser Grace Frayser Berkeley Halperin Allison Harris Lisa Marston Joe Matthews Brent Mclane Carter Miller Mic hael Sledd

Collin Ackerman John Biddle Elena lantosca Divam Mehta Virginia W intermeyer BoWise

Grade I Bobby Ball Kevin Fine Alex Goodstein Laura Wright

Grade 3 Jonathan Brickhouse Nick lantosca Sarah Nelson Nikki Sawyer Kelly Valentine

Grade 7

Ryan Delaney Alli so n Fine Whitney Haynes Katie-Beth Ku rilecz Chris Lingerfelt Logan Taylor BetsyTosh

Preston Cottrell Carter Henley Megan Hodges Tony lantosca Ryan Kerr Lyney Minardi Den ham Pasco Matt Strader Morgan Valentine

Grade 5

Grade 8

Sam Cates Ruth Fuller Kate Garner Thomas Neuschul Stuart Sauer Lacy Slabaugh Cary Thompson

N ic kyAliberti Peter Binns Susie Hong Pamela Hutzler Cristina Meredith Ashley Pinney Clay Tharrington

Grade ..

Grade 10 Justin Bowman Michael Congdon Hanna Hong Coventry Snell MichaelWilton

Grade II Alex Concha Peter Congdon Catherine G ibrall Grade 12 Mai Imoto

We're glad to have you here!

Wallace Young

Share a Bit of Steward's History Paul Cramer has been commissioned by the Board of Trustees to write a history of The Steward School. He is currendy in the process of gathering information for this publication to be released in the spring of 1998. If you have photos, anecdotes, or memories you would like to share, please send them to the School. Alex Concha, our AfS student from Chili, and fifth grader Thomas Neuschul work together creating an ajos de Dios a l the Fine AIlS Fair.

PIle 11

From the Headmaster

To say that there is a new wind blowing at Steward in the last few weeks is an uJld erstatement of major proportions. As yo u all know, our enrolbnent has increased from 285 to 325 stud ents; the Honor Code, Code of Responsibility, and dress code are all contributing to a more serious and acad emic atmosphere; and the new fa cul ty have joined veteran faculty in providing a challenging and productive program for all our students. And , the Board ofTmstees has come together with one mind , has clarified the mission of the School , and has committed itself to building a dynami and exciting place where students will receive the best edu cation that an be offered . This becam e apparent when the Board stepp ed up and conunitted $2.4 million to our $6 mjlJi o n Capi!llI Campaign .

Then caIne the armoun ement on September 19 tha t an anonymou donor had contributed $ 15 million to the School. While th e gift was given with certain u re trictions," in reality the gift accelerated Board plans and thinking tha t had been developed in the Strategic! Long Rallge Plan . We are now more secure with $5 milli n being add ed to our end owment. The Fine Arts Center, in h onor of Paul R. Cramer, will allow us to develo p a Fine Arts progralll that will be the envy of many. The Center will also house a top quality Middl e and Upper Sclloollibrary. Of great and Page 12

equal inlportance, Steward will continue the mission that has served the students and falnilies of RicllJllOnd for 25 years . What is the meaning of the gift to us alld what is it not? The gift does not mean the end of ally process. I t does not mean that Steward will n ow fall into the trap of becoming a big ScllOOI. I t does not meall that our mission will challge. It does not mean that the personal alld caring atmosphere that prevails at Steward will disappear. It does n ot meall that we are now a rich school. I t does not mean that our Capital Call1paign is over or Ulat Annual Giving is not important.

It does mean we will be able to retaul smaller lasses that. will allow us to provide more attention to individual students. It allows Steward to get its message out to the COlllJllluuty, to tell the story of Steward 's success over the years. It allows us to renovate the Lower and Middle Scllools to provide classrooms, computer labs , alld tutoring spaces for all students. I t allows us to possess a uleater that will provide a platfonn for the taleJlts of our students; t.o produce plays that are now impOSSible because of linlited space and theater tecllJlology; to invite resident artists to perfo nn alld to teach for a semester o r year at t e ward ; and to b egin plans for a swnmer ans program where our own faculty and visiting scholar artists will provide prograJu s attracting students during a part of the year when concentrated and fo used stud y Call more realistically be practiced. The gift means that we are now just beginning-a lnIe commencement-to move to ule next level of Steward ' grOWtll . It meallS Ulat we are beconung, not a different Steward , but a BETTER Steward . As !,'Tad uation is a commencemeJlt of a new life for seniors, so too is tlUs a conunencem nt of a new era for Steward School as a whole.

The successful ompletion of our Capital Calnpaign is absolu tely necessary in ord er to aclueve renovation of tlle Lower and Middle Scllools . When we build the Fine Arts Center, if we do not reJlovate the UleJl vacated AdnUnistration areas in Dixon Hall , and Ule vacated theater and an/musi rooms in dI e Middle School building, tl1 en we have not really progressed. We will have inlply moved certain fun ti ons arowld. The uccess of ule Cap ital Calnpaign is directly related to tl1e accomplishment of these reJlovations. Also , because o f Ule real gap ula t exists between tui ti on and U1C COS t of edu cating a Steward stud ent, III ffeet alI0Wlllg ev ry stud ent at Steward to be on partial scll 0larslup . meeting ourA.llJlual Giving goals will allow us to m et ule shonIalI in ul e operating budget. allow us to keep a lid on tuition levels , and to onWlue to provid e an exceptional ed ucati on for all our students. When one looks at tl1e end owment of o ther nearby or regio nal independen t scllools, ne can readily see tllat. Steward has not become sudd enuy a ridl chool. Now we are more se lire. and we are able to be less tentative and more bold in our tlli.nkiJlg and plarmulg for more d namic progralllS for tlle Stcward Sdloo l o t VIC flllllrc. Thus

we have all to drearll . and to make ule dream become reality. We have tl1e opportunit. to bring all parts of the Steward conullunity toge ther, to work hard . and to aclueve a BETTER Steward for present al'ld future g 'n ratio Jl ' of stud ents . We are all fortunate to be part of tlUs important tim ill Steward's history, and 110 k forward to wo rkillg witll everyone to best serve alld meet. tlle needs of aU our stud en ts.

The Steward School 25th Anniversary There's a party going on right here. A celebration to last throughout the year. So bring your good times and your laughter too, we're gonna celebrate and party with you. - Kool and the Gang

Pholo : (Top) Dave Mueller, Kenny Robertson, Gene Sawyer (da ugher Nikki al his left), and Bobby Sanders rake a break from their duties al th 25th Anniversary festiviues. (Middle left, 110 r) Chris Drzal, Andrew Rankin, and Adam Graves provided the music for Ihe birthday bash. (Middle right) orr O'Grady autographs his Newsweek cover for alum parenl Mike Swift. (Lower left) The hOI a ir balloon soars over Steward's athletic field during the celebralion. (Lower middle, I 10 r) Eliza Chenault and Amanda Taggart (Lower right) Aaron Payne and Whitney Hajek. (Hollom) Studenrs pose in front of the 25th Anniversary balloon which adverlised the occasion to those passing by


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