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Corinthian 1992-1993

Building Towards the Future The Steward School Richmond, Virginia 1


Building towards the future Since 1972. The Steward School has been building towards the future . This year. we had a brand new pre-kindergarten class and we had ma ny new students In all grades. Also. several new courses were offered this year In the upper school and the new Math/Science buiJdlng was being built. All this In one year? Who knows what the future will hold!



Opening Pages ... ... ........ ... .............. . .....•......... . .. ... . .. . ........ 1- 16 Color Pages ... . . ...... .... . . . .. ...... .. ... ...... ..•...... ... . ... . .. •.. . . . _ . . 14 A-D or Pages ... ... .•. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . ......• . .... . . . ........... 17-41 uaUon . . .... . .. ........ .. ..... ... ................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 -43 es ......... ..... ....... .....•... . ......•.... ... ........... . ............. 44-67

Ues and Other Groups ................ • ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70-89 . 105- 1 14 .. . .. . ........... . . .. ..•................... . ............ ... ........ . . 90-104 . . . . . . . .. . . ........... .. . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . ... . . .... 115- 119 ng .... . . ... ............ . .. .. . ..•.. .... . ... .. . .... .. ... . .. .. . ... ......•... 120


Steward '8 Lower School Student Life


Middle School


Student Life


What really happens in Upper School




Tbl s year' s Class Clowns are none olher Lhan Calhy Cooper a nd Frank MaCrlna, bUl who couldn 't have gu essed Lhal.

Who In Lhc whol e Sleward School body has lhe most Spirit non e olher l haJl M ary Harvard Nolde and Frank Macrln a.

What students cou ld nlrt Lhelr way out of any slluaUon beLLer lhan Steward 's BIggest Fllrls Kevi n Butcher a nd Jamie Brock.



Who a re t he best lookJng people In

lewa rd? J amie Brock a nd Em lilo

Ara na .

When Il come lo school acUvllles. s porls. friends h ips. clc. Mary Ha rva rd 'olde. Michael Ma larkey. a nd Cheryl Maye rs a re th e Best a ll a round .

Wh ich sludents a re th mo l InlO recycling? Th e vole was u n a n imous: athy Coo pe r . Ca lhy Lell h . Cordon Miller . a nd J ason WoodIe . Ou r mosl nvlronmen ta lly aware group.



Steward has many well dressed people due to our slr1ct d r ess code. but nobody dresses better lhan Adrlenne Duke a nd Randy Morchower .

Who are the most unforgettabl e people at Steward? J eremy MLller and Mary Harvard Nolde. No more n eeds lo be said about either .

Who can play sports betler lhan anybody else? J amie Brock and Frazier Orgaln or course.



Steward has two up a nd coming Psychologists on our h a nds. T h ese are Beth Whltak e.r a nd Parke Rhoads. So wh enever you need som eon e to talk t o. th ese a r e t h e people to look up.

Want to hear the latest gOSSip? Be sure t o ask Wade Rubin or T a r a Gamer becau se Uley w1U definitely kn ow It.

Wh o Is most likely to Su cceed at Steward? St eph a nie M arm and Alex Mayers. Any ObJecUon s?


Steward at its BEST



The Class of '93 builds towards graduation!


" •• I








The Class of '93 are known as many things but the rest of Steward knows them as:

Sandra Amonldes Emllio Arana Cab Briggs Jamie Brock Kevln BUlcher Cathy Cooper Irby Dunn Debbie Farley Sarah Hebb Lewis Heindl Marshall Jamerson Cathy Lellch

Frank Macrlna Michael Malarkey Stephanie Mann Alex Mayers Randy Morchower Mary Harvard Nolde Mall Sackett Ben Spencer KrIsten Tyler Beth Whitaker Jason Woodle Art Wright


Sandra (Saapke Berber) Antonides

I w ould lIke to thank all the peopl who mad this year for me a grea AFS year. First of all Mom, Dad J ason, Laura, and Spicy thanks fa having m e this year , It was won derful Thank you. Anna thanks fa b eing such a great cou In an fri end, let路s keep In touch . To AF a great Thank You goe to : Sanna A strid. Marla, Anne, Emilio, Wli lIam . Carlo, Sam, Pa blo and every body I forgot. A special thank you t the fiel d hockey team. the basket ball team, the senior cia . coach Marshall, the Mann's and who eve thinks l owe them a thank you Th ank you everybody Includln Mr. Clungs, Elli Ann , Mrs. Shaw. And than k you Steward. I will al w ays remember you ... Sandr Hartelyk Bedankt (Dutch)


Emilio Arana


Cab Briggs

Hey Slick ... ' ha mp . " G" . . Ladles Man Rig .,: go .. KI k Ball wHh Irhy In the Senior L.ounqe flea h Wttks Cnbbrr . Mud Sliding at Strawbeny Ill1Is ... 9 Suspension s .. DYLAN . . Hey Ikhble. 1love yOll fro m Bob Luca •. Luca. luca.Luro, I.uca l.uca , Luca JoUy. hlttlnl-t8 p~nonllady Q.1lh a car Bud Bottles .•• Cancun - Senior Frog. Curios and Cha rlie. Fatl'ue!ldays. Banana I.~ ch. Daddy-O's, Up li nd l)own , OasiS. Cancl.Ill Pnlaer. Tequila Shots. lammers. Dos Equls. Coro na. Sex on lhr Ucnch (Mom U'sonlyu drin k). Teq uila La 110010, Cornln1!. ln 016 . T he chiCks from Oklahoma Stale lIey Kr1slt"n 1:Jolly lhr P'mand Ihepopt:ye ll1bule al the Cnlck IlouSf! . Hangi ng \~o'I lh Jason after school .7 l ie . Jlmm) wal ch Oul (or lhal window Ja.80n m) ca r 1.5 at )"our hOUM IlaT "Iupplng In Shockoc li p . Ji mmy huffel com'en durtn~ my wt'e.k of uspenslon M ike's I 0 Ortving to Washlng10n 10 J,tt"1 1 0 '!!II I i onging at Lulu'!!II oqavu . MIster l)<Iys In Geo~~lown ... Thanks Joson R.• Chrts S .. ~bbl~ F., Mil , Ben S . Jamlr B . and all my Colleglat~ buddlf!S. Dundee lakB Goodyear, Pen1111. Mlchlllan ) D1mosl. Mom. Dad . Cordle. Callt' . and Ikck v - Ilo\'t' you And miss you and nlwaY!!IIlhl nklng or you



I don't Lruck with no devil, sir , , , I feel like a motorcycle , , , JAN-A-INIA (hick styl e) ' " M .E.O .W .. ,. Spanish class (yeah) ,., co-pilot Lak e over pilot can ' t drive, He got his IIccnse out of a Kellogg's box ... Paille?, Patue? .. , Pony Pastures: do you s m ell someLhlnl! ... U of R dcbatc; that's a big man with a big walkie talklel .. , 1992, the year of th e h ospita l In c ldcnts '" ICHAWAWA!!! .,' CaLhy's lake house . , . don't s h oot II. , , tulip deslrucLion , .. gymnastics - It's so wrtnk led , , , tennis van rides and acting lessons .. , slate trooper? no Cathy Cooper , " M,H .'s ba emenl HELP!?I .. , Jamie, he' s gonn gel you while you' r e sleeping ... power tools , , . ew Yea r s; when? . " orry about th e shoe '" New Years '92 - I made It! .,. I don't lik e him a nymore ... what's wrong with this one? . .. Talking to r ocks In CaLhy' room ,.. trouble? call Trip , " Hock ey champs, " sorry about the picture, Mr. Jones .. . coach, thanks for beUevlng In me! , , , Mom , Dad. Matl. thanx for verything; It wa s rough but we m ade It; I love you. , , Lhanx to all my friends, I love you , , , It Is aVERill " Not enoul!h time , , ," - [ XS


Kevin Eugene Butcher

Va Clo ..~m .. olhl ng e l~ mBlleT'!l . What up? . \ e '9\ . detention rull!5 lIe-y. you had your ('hance . lime Yes I'm tanner Thf' 31'!!i CnSt'y ml~ht Jr, r nlghl lL won't ruin Illy night offic:-er Tdl Woodhouse llon' t C"ry dry \'OUT eye I loward 's party . 560 • Fnlsn " s Jeep .. Feci like making loy(" . . Ilcy. roolbHlllrnm . Go em.,,, The Blab. wha l tlflppenrd to II man' s spnrt Towlhcnd You' re 50 90210 What up G? . Oul hen .. Jealous again .. Do you lIkt:' h r r? Whal alT tonigh t'! Whyl II 's you r p rereJA8U\,('. you c..', " do whut)oo Spanish I three Urnes . Five year5 of Spanish Brn. \Io' t" did It CoUIl('f1 , les a long story Slo rt them oul young .. Prpe EI Oon ', rnllil a come back allensli got Il Jttp aut 0(11 Jluh The Boy . Art fag . Not \'00' ''''' so tough . II 's got to be da .. Thundrr Rnd lI~htnlng When: ls Steward? She dC)("Sn ', . 53 In a 35, boy I was luc ky , mlln ., call me . . Smllel Thank§ for " D'n m~" \\'e best friends"/, , I've got your yOIlI.l~ lhe man Cool Frid...,)' rill In lo ...e I~e wen' the days , l.e1'5 hack ~Jn!;! In And)" s Cavuller virgin dJlcquenes Carrol~ smell • Mumma Chandle r , dangerous ont' , " I ('an drt\'r the wn lf'Tbed the hot tub W I,., ",,11«1 rt ..,, If' ~olng to? MOII'l , !'vt' been In un aCCident , The thret' White men can Jump ri;:tM of ' 93 You , Captain of oo.bokr-tbo:dl and tennis T~asurer dlsdpflne co mmltt~ Thank God for gotragrs thr Hengll' ", I stopped III 130 mph, Irby, how fast thne ls II .. Ra l boy ., frank lhe mO.9ter hnpcnKInalor You need to throw a tan on them Ie¢' You .." n"o'h",~ Istdon ' ,fOfl!rl I'm 12 daysolrkrlhnn you PutaJlmml'nnl l , 'scoredtwo~als Ilo"'l!' myJec:p on ly; Do you WHnl to pl"y some Sc1.!a AI lined . CaJI me back in 10 mlnules Who's on lhe other , u-I' s wimming , You comi ng U\'cr. My Ix1:lls wamlcr " au spending t.he nlgh l? Nice ar Public: school su('ks " he r 1said III .. S A'T"s who needs them, ME , E , A I ley you nsleep You ' re Cr.I")' 4 day weekends i3ullds . Jefrs parll~ That weekend was to long Hadford fk't':pt'r , Nov . I .. My tattoo Nov . 13 whot a "Ighl 23,1991 .. , WhyurTyoul.rylngtostartsomclhlng . Theuntrnlnedpuppy he I' ''e words to say Good Lurk . I.. no Da na on ly :wr-I It .R bll~e'", I IRmburger . ThanK!I for the • y01.l wunna , • • My crf b .. I ley will yOll go wllh nle? '. Where? ' The Keys Spri ng Ureak ' 93 , Hood lrips Iloommutes PoLS and Pans Boy, In hond a rr always hartl .. Ying Yang I>O"'l':'r . . I will AI ",,,ys love' you . . Irby . w ha t arc W I" doing this ..",:ckend . Ne\'cr (reI'!' rwvt".r me It , n utt e r yourself . . , llest Il f' \'e r , . Gra.nadu .. IWE • w1~ Ollt Andy D. Hnd hl.s fl lnlt'ndo . Loll':' nl/-!hts a l bullets with t he c rew Sor ry to e\'cryo m ' I've dlsscc:i _. Ilea"l from my rnlstnkes, )' OU C()uld say I'm a knowlcdge<lble pt'11K10 " Love Is ilkI"' oxygen. lOO Ellis An n ... Why art you hounding me? . For n"al " Kevin wanna be • Untou hablc , Group hugs and Lram head bUll.5 be COt'! ky, Kevi n ., . s m ilf' . Life goc!'! on , 'J' n wan na sen.'w Ir hl' a nd 1'1 1$ birds U's good to wanl lhln!!S 1'.5 Thanks or cou pJc , . Swt"«:1

~ -:JI


, -.~ .,

Than k.s to everyon e who made lhls possible Spt'Cta1 than~s to Mom und Dad. 110\'«: you both Also lhank to Irb) , And), D" Core) 15h101l1O, usom. fnlsaJ (E AJ, Cha.ndler (l nd Cheryl 1\nol111'r sper.lallhanks 10 BMan , &--oll . BUlch . Guy, and hnsty 1Io\' ~ you alJ Miss Int' Ever one I'll mls..'i )'00 all



man), ElUs

Catherine Sydney Cooper

Coople . . patagonia mode.! 7th grade mud boW;ttnlt n!bels corruption .. sukldal cal J()('y lJuUafuco ., " let 'sJusl call Jac.k (rom Ic.nnesstt a IIqu ld' " Jr r " lIow's 1\11" •• Aboullhr color of thai bhtnket" .. I Looovt' It Emlliol .. Cassel - yoo nnd your ~ol . Keysto ne ... T-bl rd . . Doo ne's Farm . Aaron Ilamey's back . What 1.00 .. . Ski Weekend 92--93 with Debbie . • 0 ,",' w hlc.h moth teacher an: you In lovC" wllh1 . . Calh - I know you hale chr:ss. 80 wha!, s up'! . . love to tup. I ell. Mil , 11chuel M •• Ale)! , Ilcecu. and Cassel . Always Bnd espedalJy Mom, Dad. nelh and Cathrol Va know he'd be 1'1 poorer man If he never Sla W an engle Oy John l)eO\'er

Wish me lovc. luck and laughter J want the nl"'81 . need the ~nd .

nnd the third Just comes naturally.

Anon If growing up mc:nns II would be

tx!nealh my dlgnily to c limb a

I'll nevcr ~row up

I~ .

not md

from " Peler Pan"





?(o. - II H splkt r . . . Art I think we are In Gilpon Cl Debbie pull over I gOl Lo pee • Bum after Ben 's Excuse me officer where 's Radfors? . .. orman, . Rag,gle .. . This lawn looks comfor table .. ~~ stile,,, es . . Your nat Kristen. Sarah . sland lBETTY 1 Sorry Danny I should have knocked .. , Who's perv n ed •.• Couch POlato ... OK . pu kedm .. You can 'l pul Wooilight on lea ther ... can take a len on a red right . Beach Week '" can beUeve I told my mom" Scraping Ocmy for Danny . Sharp .. M, eJcbrlly beat thm l'1nto . . Dunn Butcher on Patterson Where do the bubbles from?

. ,


thanks I' m drinking .

_ ~cond

chu nks . T hat 's nasly. gel n plun~er , .. ova , .. Wh ert' the h eck Is Mont Pleier?'n . . tractor .. Your mom 's In the next room .. Yar ...


had a headache. remember? . Fasler than a ticket (well almostj .. Sarah 's plastic bag , . will do It tomorrow ,. Make CiUrc II burns blue you drlnk It , . That Is n taJ l nagpole . NERD .. wanl 10 hear 11. • • • M tongue was stuck to my c hee k . - Itch . . Will you please move my car 1 need 1.0 gel tnack out , . . r:: ll zabelh . try nOt to puncture Mason II JUS! turned velllo,,,, ,'ou u'lth your leg . hrlSlY 'S and I. having a lale night smoke. bULLS ofr . . , Pull Pu n. I tan 'l fotlow lhat pencil ou keep on moving It •.. Pliers . , , Va l icathen Aunt Sarah 's with Ben . . Rudy ScI"...d.1 whose hand Is thai , . , The one on your t t ls min e . go to Co II ~e. Coll dge . College Kc\rln . Cha ndler . a with the l S I . .. I have a pillow and blanket ror period . Midnight Spaghetti •. . ScOll . POLl.. Danny I ca rn wal l to go cross country Art. Kurt , De. ScOll S .. Chris S. Kevin B .. Jefr. I Malt Jason C .. Christy. Huss. Ann . Chuck, and will m iss YOLI Oann '. Sarah. and Krio;l en I wtll fo~el ou, you arc m ' best rrlends ... Mom. Dad, I I' (I hope) ..


X路 PalMOl " IntI) 9 Summer of 1992 _ . Brldgejurnpln ' I..oVIE Uob Malukaluka AgaIn Irhy? Chubbles Ta. Tae. Ttt, Toe, Too _. Blow? Bermuda 90. 92 " Good Morning Vlr'Io!1nla"

ACjDC Fartley Kt'ysl,o ne 93 Hanky Dance? Clrl !Iove you Bubbl~ ' Tm from Weal VIrginia " fGldfordfMosaJco . "In Your Eyes" Chris enough Mid 3 -01"o8sc 621n a 45 "Christopher' s Pilot" "Baby ~t Back " Ja!'lOn. II 'S A public schoollhlng . Parking Ottk l~ letcher ' 8

RU II 92

Can LTouch Pudge Bull .

Oisncyland 90 .

Llndsry. Laura . andllayden. llovey"u

Va Bench

6/ 12{91

61h In l:>tslrtcUi ..

Scooble. Scooble , Pumpklnhcad 4 -tlJ)8 SOD'" Bunny SIIUT UP COOPER Mom and Dad, It W I\S worth It Ooes any1hln~ last forc\"cl'l . 47 quesLionsln 45 minute!' No Marcie. Kathie. Rnd Jul1e. Guess what? Liltle Farley Is out I know Mom. You ' re the mother, I'm the daughler ... Beth. what elM' can happen P J . _ Meow , Cm('kl Dad , "u a;waye be your " Llttle Turkey" Thanks everyone " liard Times Oon ' , I.ast bUI liard People 00" -

ElaJnf' Mallory

~'~I,,(~!OVtd. we are gathered he~ today to get through this thing


" " Day wllhoul l..nughler Is a day ~"35ted "


- Charlie Chaplin " We are youn~ Wandertn,.t lhe face of the earth . Wondertng whfll our dreams might be worth . Learning that Wf"rt: only Immortal for a IImllrd lime." - RUSt! "Frtt'l.e this momen' a little bit lon~er Make ench sensation a little bit stronger Ea:pt'rienc-e slips away - RUSt! "Tlmeslond slllJ -I'm notlookln~ back bull wanllo look around me now, set' mo~ of lhe people and the pluCC!J lhat surround me now " " WATCII AND WORLD'"

YOU ' U~







BE , PAin or TIIAT The Lltlh: MennaJd

Sarah Winnifred Hebb Krisl en 's par ties , , , lingerIe, , , my Bea t , ' , chIck en sou p , , , Kristen's dad drives a tor , , , your mom ha tes t hat man , , , Cole fath er , , , " You ow e me a new bUll bon e" , , should h ave list en ed to you '" my fath er always righ t , .. a tUtude posse .. , ho posse , Kri st en Is the lead er . , . Cole, my pImp , , , I my alti tude. , , Th e alJey at Cr amers , , , Ben . , , D&H , . , Irby, " What's a BNL . , . W eeken ds at Ferrum . , , 670 , , , place , , . n at bcd bu '" Joel and the Beast . , you can use woolhlle on leather ... stapl s , , my plasU bag " , J ame , I can't b II ve t hrew II oul t h e w In dow , , , Irby's credit K en -Kenny . , , Jack . fro your ha.l r .. . am not an ar t fag , , . Bob Ro , , , Thank you Mom , Dad , K risten , Cole, I Adam , MH , T h e Boutons I st, 2nd, and 4 til Mrs. Tu rn er, Mrs, Paulet te, Mrs. Revely, and peclall y James a nd whoever else I forgot , ..


Thomas Lawrence Heindl

'/, J •






J. Marshall Jamerson MUN '91. '92 .. . Baharaln , , . Mr. X, Y, Z, and friends ... Calls WI 3 a ,m . .. Trips to the mall ... Do you have change for a dollar? . .. I'm not a bad . .. SmUe ... Dog Stories . . . JMU visit . . . Guys in jeans .. . Wood-Baby! . . Photography cl ud??? . . . New Year's Eve '92 and '93 ... Dream dates from . . Beach week '92 .. . love bites , . . Steph, Kate, Beth, Sandra, Deedee, Liddie, Cab, and even Parke, thanks for being s uch good Mom , Dad, and Ann , Thank you for being there, . . WUl, I'm glad you were Steward with me . .. Coli n. you' re the best sister a person could ask for .. . all the people Who have he lped me along the way. Thank You ... I love you Good-bye and Good luck. "We've been together through the good times and the bad but through it all realjze they were the best times that I've had so whe n we go on to find a piece the world out on our own There is strength in knowing you'lI never be alone. - Anon ymous -


Catherine B. Leitch

yOUr!' ncht. '·\I·~lIlIn1!. Ih.11 L!iHtf"t.. 1.. n 1 I.!,lIhl K","'IIIII' Oil' Ihllllp.. II'r Cdthy-rn·.l!1t" (" 1 ~(1-,!',-I)l(:\ \\' lltO',",· 1JR \ \\ C IlO!-.S [J!{A \\ "')"11 l!ol,," '-.111 rllk.. ' j hut.d,·rblnl 11I .. ldnll, In 10\T ~)ur IMII-h kleJ.. I )Inl!.u IJlrtl"',rll!. In .tll III 'II.w... 11t",ul 11(1' 11'11' rI.lIn .. i II 11'1 .. ph nil tilt" It.'" SlIml1wn.I.1\ ",-lI1d.. h lflllll!!' ",trlh mnllin 11,1\\'.III,\{hl'ullln' I If!' I.. , I hli!hl,\"I' 110( kt'\" (')lolllll}lllIlo, ~JI ,Inil 'J:l ulh'lhhT dn\'1 1l1! homp.... ' Mlw rOt tnnl~hl ~h hI)( r<n lOo" 11 \.. m\,th.dl (0.11 II .uullhr h",ld HI .llhl,-llI .. <,4•• , m.1 IUlk drtll, .\ IUlk' (.111. IIlt'rI''' ~O 1111 In "our I ,It C.Il11plllt.! TIm. Morn .Hld 1J.,dd, - th. lnk .. lor klllnl!. IIlr ~. 111\ .. ,"11 .11111 "lIppllrllll~ Ill" wllh UllIlIndUlnll.lllll\t": I n", hll\' lut k\' ' .... m

(.ltIll\ ·Bul!.

II WI /.!,!"I In .. \ 1..k"1\\ f'"I'11

no .... ,IUd ","I ... unllnr-T I II mj'j'l \'1111 on ttll' lk'.lI'h III Yon 1,11)( 1 '\to 11 (.II,h up 1111'11 Cdlll\ \1 II ,Cln(h LIf'rlc" I1t-hhh;'. ,J,IUlI,. Ih. M.II1UIt't ... , Ik'lh, Fr.lIlk, C ......·, LIm:. L. lu n·n .\nll IlilO!if'r - Villi n' •• 11 m ul,' 1lI1' \\11 111 .101 'lUd I'll •• twin .. 11.1\'" "our Irlt 1111.,1111' In 1m IW.lrt ,J·th,·rt' h,I\'''' ht·, II '011 m,U1\" IIIlIt' .. \ttU\',' krpi m\ 111',1(1 .tlJ!l\·,·lIlI' ",lIrr , I know \'011 Ildlwd\,.,l:H'!J\· m\ "Ilh' Mr.. t urnrr ('0.;11 h Cud Mr .Jtmt·' Mr-. n"'.111111 .1!1d \lr U"lnm ·lh,lOk \'UlI Mlr h,u+llwn' v.1I1 ,-tIWJ\'" 1M /1111 ami I ,lIul tilt" 'Iro'/' WI' k"JlI ,.,11"1, IIthrr "'Iilm' t m 1111 k\ tl) h.I\.'· fnund .1 pl.ll T" tkt" SI~wdr'd·1 wllI.II ....·.t\, ... rt'ltlrlllhc'r \I 'i ItI .., Ih,. br,lr nl'II........ 1I11· .. IIlf' I.!Il,.NI olt· b.lrr Iwt,..... lIh·.. ,Ilf1!c·1 .lhu\l1 lour """mi'" .trlll Vllllr .. I nit· I IIlr,ln till' hhlr Ill" ' .... .,1\" ... tllI'\ n' rTlllllwr lloll llr,'" tile lWdr nn ....... !lIe· .. I' III.. II.tlIN' till' Il"dr


Ip"" lhJI brUIl!

look l(jr\\dnl 111 IIM·,un .. rl"l ....,o 1(1 1, d lUi "III,'rl.lln \·t1ur IflllI'f"t hnd "'01\ IIN'<'I' j.!,., \\," hu~ In't· ..

milk,. Irll'n,l .. \\Uh InTrIU'11 ,1111 1 UIl! I·rt.llnlh ~.

rt""lllln .. thk




Tltf"tT'lurt' Iw ,\1 pr.H(· wlilt {.otl \\ hJI('\'t'f \'1111111111 ("'\ I 111m 101M' dril l Wh,lh·\t'f vour 1.100,..... ,1111 1 ,l.,plr.lllmh In thl' nnl ..\ tIJlllu .. \un ullll,' Kt'I't) pl.II c· with \"lJur .... ,111 \\"lIh ,*1111" ..,tMI1l dmclt.!(·n- 0.1111 1 hmkl'n drt·.I111.,. II .. 11111".1 bl.1II111111 \\l1rld Ik' f ht'I'rlul 5 111\'1' 10 hc" h.ljJJI\ - M.I' Lhrm.11I1I


Frank L. Macrina III




Pearl crea m ... Rem ember we parked by the Day Inn . . . China? . . . a k ed. .. uts . . . Small aquati c a nimal ... I love It ... Batmobil e .. . Nice!! .. . Haaay. I got you .. . I think It will ny . . . Supply of underwear . . . ightbladlng . .. The Hill . . . bolted brake . .. Big l)onkey . .. Danger Boy ... Leave it to Beaver ... 3 rd PeriodzH ell .. . yevy ch evy ... Bu tcher. what I e can I say .. . OWELX . . . Ren Ten Ten ... Woodhouse, Thunderblrd ... T ell 'em what th ey've won Gary ... Al got a bookbal!'i' .. . Duke of . . . M att Reed ' Poster . .. Quam . . . 6th Str eetmarkel ... Awesome . . . I did not know that .. . Deta . . . Wild . . . Shennayn ay . . . John Clair a t FricndJys, John Clair ever ywh er e .. . Qu ee n Cr azy . .. Hours of video game fun . .. Emilio iSjust nuts! . .. Clinton beat up m y g ra ndmoth er ... Death DomInion ... Grizzly Death ... B3 42 12 ... Th e 7 t eps of halr preparation ... Thanks Alot J aso n Woodle. J ohn Cla ir, J aso n Ba ne. Alex , M att, J ohn. E mIlio, MJk e. a nd my fa mily t hroughout the year . . . Class of '93 . . .


Michael Kiernan Malarkey 8 10ngyearsl , would J lie 10 you'!

but very social .

Hollowern Night

Go N{lV}' . Beat Anny Jac.k. my "enn~ friend. a liquid 85SC!t . Demented and sad, the Luy truck M) dclsel. Monty you know you ' reJea,loU!l the Bronx It's bttn . rm out or bert Mom. Dad. Erin . Ilovt: ya ' lI Brlh. C8lhys. Jamie,

real, II's ~n fun. but II brts not b«n ~I fun Thanka 80 much Frank you're crazy

" I only procrastinate' so "U have


to do tomorrow." -


"And tht Mn wiU grant each man nrw hope". B!'I sleep brings dreams." Christopher Columbus ·'Nature. to be commnndro must be obeyed •• -

Si r Francis Bacon


Stephanie Elizabeth Mann

Act out the Icky part . Wood-Baby! _ Mr Smyrdlt'y n}'l n~ oul of the ho~ window 0,- V('" The Phantom of the Atllc Thr Bull PlClures I MI k('y Ru les - The Lil lie Merma id Jewish Nun . The: a llRek lng nt In Les Mil; The nylng chaJr Stt:phanle U Walking down th(' road &uador' . . Magellan with a dipper . &auty and lh(' Beasl , .: Fly that n ntow book ? Unfi n ished Sp."\,C,helli picture Mlssl np, Items I n ~ D . lunt 路Talent Nigh ts Seward School . OUUUrM . . arian Dowl . Aladdin Subordinate: claust's Thanks Mommy. Daddy. Dttdtt. U Thomas. Ci ndy. Karla. Emilio, M n~hall. K~l lt'. J](>lh. Mrs. Anderson. M Paulette. Mr [miMe, and ('\'eryone alSte .... ard who has made my pa!'tl 3 YJ Y speciaJ

If yOti reach for the moon If you aim fOt the sky Then Ihe moon and sky Can be yours - come on and tryl -

Oon OIock and

To try when your arms are weary.

To reac h Ihe unrr3chable star! Thai Is my quest. 10 (0110\11' thai star No maltrr how hOp<'h'ss, nn mailer how far - Ma n of La Mancha

Believe:: In tht magk and soarl whole ntw world A n('w fa nl astlc JX)ln l of view No one 10 lell U~ 110 Or where lO go Or sny wr ' n: only d reamlnR A



Tim Wier " Aladdin "

Ke\"l n Cra}'



Alexander Reid Mayers


Randolph Lee Morchower

"When co nf ronted with 2 ev1ls, a \v111 always choose the prettler" known''If you aren't going all the way, why go all " - Joe Namath -

" Nice guys finish last" -


DUlrO(~ h .

"I don ' t drink: I don ' t like it - It me feel good" - Oscar Levant-

" Clothes make the man" erb -



Mary Harvard Birdsong Nolde Dipsy-Dumbster ... Your name is too long .. . Hockey Ch ampions twice . .. Party? What party? .. . M.H. can I aSK you a personal question? .. . Drool Cup ... Lusti!! . .. side salad . .. Coach I thought you'd like that .. . The Bethster breaking the law . .. To the senior -follow your dreams and thanks for the memories ... Big Bad thanks for the confidence and HELP . .. Keep Rockln ' and Rollin ' ... Michael Brost Dingo Birdsong says seniors thanks I'll miss you thanks for your constant caring . .. Corbin hang tough I'll mlss you little sis. Twins keep smlling becau se you al way make me laugh . .. Cathy and Ginny thank you for bei ng you and always being there for me . .. Carrie the talks Greatl . . . LLf thanks .. . Coach , I could not have done It without you. You are my In piratJon ! ... To Mom , Dad, and John-you've always been my fam ily t hrough thick and thin . Thank you for your nudges and your constant love and upport. I Love You I Thanks for the Urnes that you've given me The memories are all in my mlnd and now that we've come to the end of our rainbow there 's something I must say out loud: Thanks to all I will miss you



Matt Sackett


Benjamin Spencer Three-MLy , , , we sale fresh meal , , , Big Pa rty tonight , , , Becau se you ca n have, , , Busch '92 Head for the mountains , , ' wou ld you lIk e a ny condiments with your Big Bite? , , , DO\vntown , , , Tim Abell a nd th e Grudge M atch , , , Inter sta Le Inn , , , J ack, th er e' s a piece of Black celery In Lhe Ba thtub; so wh at Lher c's music comln 'out of th e wall sock et , ' , Indoor Soccer '9 1, '92,93' , . , Hold on , Isn ' t high h ool supposed to be 4 years .. , T h e n ever ending soap opera .. , I want you . " hut up J eremy. before I k ick you In the face , , . 3 car s down, who kn ow s how many more to go ... Hey Cod How about a 12 cou.rse m a l erved on th e st arshlp Enterprise before Christmas .. , After school fourUes ... flip you on the ca tc h side , , . They sUlI ca ll It the White House. but th a t 's a temporary condlUon ... New Year 's Eve has com e a nd gon e my 0 m y , . , Redsklns .. ' Moh ado T r asero ... Hey K Yin, 5 years of Spanish , .. Jimmy Hendrix on ly drinks Milk and waler ... t.earlng up Jonathon s river h ack .. , Sweeltalkln hlppla , . , Po Pete, . , Not eve n ... Wh al kind of wh at? .. . Big Bad al n'tlhat Bad, , , Lel's Rock n Holl . , . Barefoot Jenny B.nd CDS ... Hampto n , Ch arlote, Cop Center, Atalanta, and RFK . , , Poke Smol. Leave It to Larry , .. Thanx everyon e, take It easy or whatever seem a ppropriate, a nd r em ember "too muc h of everyth ing Is Just enough ," "You don ' t need a weatherma n Lo know w h ich way the wind blows" "


on e h ere gets ou t a li ve " -

Bob Dyla n

Jim Morison

"Fare and be well now, leI you life proceed by Its own deslr Th e Grateful Dcad


Nothing to tell now . Let th e words

be yours I am done with mine." -


Kristen Michelle Tyler

V r oom . Vroom ... h e kl sse like a liza rd ... weekend w1 Super T a nd SFP ... I love SFP. no I don ' l hate him I'm 01 Wh al ' Kri slen dOi ng . .. I n eed l O lake a walk . . . Low Rid ... M lrash lrU k ... T h e Ho Posse ... Sarah's a nd m y lo r ta lk s . . . 1-900-555 -22222 . .. Ken . Ken-n ey ... I hit B.K .. Dwa l . ... A nJ:!le. Laqul ta; Jerc?me. LeRoy. and Bu k w h ea t . BNL . . . Ode-ire-dirt . .. ara h s Beast -Box . . . Jefrs house . GraduaUon '9 I . '92 a.nd '93 ... Woollte doe clea n lea th er . Lt.1' Dinky ... Sara h . thi s p lace Is a nunnery ... I ~ave him Vien n a sausages and a roll of l ollet paper . _ . We re p lay! d r ss up ... The n at-bed bus . _. The Senior Slum p ...


T ha nk to all my friends but especially Sarah. Irby. Donn Ton a . M .H . I will mls a ll of you . Sar a h a nd Irby than k s being there. I will miss you both . Mom . Dad . Gra ndma. a nd cou r se C r andaddy - T ha nks for all you r love and upport made It can you believe It? To the teach er s at Stewa Tha nks for a ll the support. (EspeCially you Big Bad). To t academic commlty - t h a nks for l he 2nd ch an e. I'm rea not as bad as you aU think . I on ly wi h you knew U,at . John . I saved you for l ast. I kn ow how ha r d It \\1 11 be to s good-bye to you. It will be h ard as hell. but I know th at It only a temporary good -bye. Whal look u so long? W knows! The Importanl facL no w is how muc h I love you al ways will. Good Luek to everyone In the clas of ' 93. I gue I will see you all tn 20 y ",-,>rs . maybe.

s. Beth Whitaker

Everyone of us has promise for Lhc future

Even those who gel dIstracted along t he way If we h ave d reams and a w1ll to make them ha ppen And If we refuse to let doubt lead us astray.

So set goals and work hard ' W you achieve th em Believe you " can " and others will believe t he same Have faith that you can make a dIfference And set your Ight as high as you ean aim . By- Beth Whitaker

I want to thank my mom . dad. and brother for all of their love and uppor t. You wHI always hold a specia I place In my heart. I also wan t to thank my very best fri end Robert Brlghtu p for givIng me so much hope for the future and showlng m e that dreams really can come true.



Jason Boatwright Woodle

Ridiculou s. w eird. wacky. cr azy. wild . I.nsan e. ludi crous. n uts . . . don 't spill Lha L gasoline ... I'm naked runder my c1 oLhes) â&#x20AC;˘. . M all ~ box baseball . . . Ca l hy. you hI! what with your car'l . .. Old t hat church re t rea t help you as much as It helped m e? .. Would you like La go on a picn ic? .. F'razer, lh a t was th e best k a rate k ick I ha ve ever se n ... Camping ... the lak e h ouse ... the bea ch ... Of cou rse I am a nreflg htcr . . . Frank . no man on earth carries a round d ea n u nd erwear Uke you do . .. Al ex , riding bik es na k ed Is nulS ... studyi ng In Ule mlcldl eof th e road for exa m s . .. calhy. I Lh lnk lh a t ca r Jus t h it us . .. Krls pce Krc m e ... J wou ld lik e B ch oco late milk sh a k e ... Girl. you' ve got so me big h lpsl . . . Touc h m y m onk ey ... Charles Ma n son for Pres id ent? ... T uck ah oe Vo luntee r Hescu e squad a nd Goochl a nd Vol untce,r Fire a nd Rescu e ... I ho pe I made ~ln Impress ion a t Stew a rci ... Oh w ell .. . TO.k e m y c loth es you w o u ld look good In my cloth es ... M o nty Pyth on .. . Pa ramedi cs sa ve Lives. E ,M .T.'s sa ve Pa ramedi Cs . .. Co nve ntion a nd Ba nq uet .. . Drew. 13 y ea rs a nd co unlfng .. . Chip a nd Seljl. Tha nk s ror eve.rylh l ng . .. M om a.nd Dad. thanks ror s Licking wilh me . J m ay Jus t turn out La be som eth ing afte r a U ... Hey Fra nk . remember we pa.rked by th e Days Inn ... Was tha t a ca l ... May hem. Maybe ... Ca lh erlne. the S ummerday Sands will ne\'cr be th e sa m e w i thout you and I ... AI a nd F'rank . sl rcakJ ng th e school cou ld n ever be betLer . . . Um mm . Yes . .. I feel kinde B leh ... Wh y do peopl e clap a t LIl e end of m ovi es ... T hanks so mu ch l o Frank . A l ex. Debbie. J a mie. M .H . Ca lhy C .. BeUl . a nd especial ly D ltherlne l.eltc h 3lherln c. Ula.nk y ou for ma king m y life whal lt 15 now I love you . " Wrapped up In th e wa rm t h of you W rapped up In yo ur sm il e Wra pped In lhe raids or you r alLc nlfon ." ~ J e l hro


"Cloth es m a k e th e m a n . I ak ed m en ha ve IItt.1e or no Innuc nce In society ." ~ Mark T wa in

'~ 40


.. . Wln le rg reen 89. 90. 9 1. 92 . 93 . . . Hal loween Bash 1992 Parm·· ... Hit It. Oh It's Adam ... being kicked ou l oflh e LII,' ~cn r.•• '; Pa.nlc s how. tha.nks Ben . . . The Punky Buda Club bear . .. Brads fa.1i . . . need a care package ... If you lurn lights way down Lhey look like stars . . . dork Jumping wilh old folks at 12:00 p.m . ... The e ndless summer aLlhe river Will's parties. I n ever felt so bad . .. Cole Lrle I what wlns a ... the go-carl wreck ... Jack. are you sure s h e 10sL lhe . . . Hey De. we arc He rdy Gerdy and Tweed . .. T h e bus from lo Denver. Scoll's In c harge . . . Rob' drea.m . It's t way through the window. move .. . Cab 's pa.rty . . . My n evcr again . .. Roll up lh c window. Role up the Window for the blunted .. . GOing home wlLh Cab a.nd Rob afte r covered In mud . .. I h a le g irls with big fore h ea.ds . . . of lras h ... I saw Greg on our drive . . . Kurt can lalk a li Ight . .. Ma.rk driving lo 7·1 I .. . lrbyan d his crash wilh Mason . Looking a t the stars wiLh Ben In the middle of the road .. . AI remember this. Ahb. Umm. Ha. wh a t .. . Wendy .. . yo u Da . . . special Lhanks to Ben. Rob. Kurt. Adam. Jack. Irby. Cab. De. AI. J ames. Cole . Will . Scotl. a.nd Randy. I lhank Mom. Dad. Cryslal . Trey. Gra.nny. a.nd Un cle Buddy.



-/ 41

GRADUATION LOOK TOWARD THE FUTURE Cathy Leitch receives t he Dlzon awa.rd from Mrs. Oilr:on . Sarah Hebb proces~ LO t h e f ronl row . Th e gym held l11 o r~ than n \'c h u nd red people. Stephanie Mann c hal.s before th e ce remony. Art Wright spea k s 10 th e class. Mr. Cramer wilh Speake r br.

Boorne Cwton. Excha nge .!il udenLS Sandra Antonldea a nd E milio

~~~J~~.~~N~ ~~ll~j{

MIDDLE SCHOOL AWARDS 1992-1993 Sch olar ship Awa rd -

Hlg hesL Academic Average JUlJan JOhnllOD

Subject Awa rds Art English -

Lainle Haakell Lalnle Haskell

Hislo ry -

George Cauble George Cauble Michael M.azaroe

MalhcmaUcs Muslc -

Science -

Lainle Haakell Lainle Haskell

Thea tre -

Kate Hulcber

PE/ HcalLh Mosl l mprovcd Awards

Gra de 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 T h e Steward Awa rd

Taylor Collier Camberly PearllOD Keltb Just

George Cauble John.OD


the HIgbest Academic A yer. .e Award from Mn. 8ra.ndl.

The future . What does It hold? With piped-In al r-condlUonlng blowi ng. the a udience of more than five hundred grew lIent a the Reverend Gale Cooper, parent of Senior Cathy, began the proceedings with a prayer for the future of the senior class. Headmaster Paul Cramer spoke of growth and prosperity for T he Stewa rd School. a nd successful college years for t h Cia of I 93. The Girl.' Ensemble sang " Now Is the time to follow the wind . to walk lone .. . " Senior speakers Michael Malarkey, Mary Harvard Nolde a nd Art Wright lal ked a bout what their fulure seem d to be when they a rrived a t Steward. and what the possibilities a re tha t now a wall. Speaker Dr. Bonnie Gulton, Dean of the Mcintire School of Commerce a t the University of Vi rginia. c haBen 'ed the Sen ior class not to let humble beginn ings. poor g rades. or small faUures sta nd In the way of their future. he co ncluded with Headmaster Paul Cramer'. words of wisdom. " Re membe r t he threc sens : humor . ba la n e. a nd pers pecti ve. " As the Class of 1993 received their diplo mas. wide s m iles and t a r of JoY lhroug houllhe gym howed tha t t his g roup wa s not gOing to be a lone In their lrek toward tomorrow. The Girls路 Ensemble sa ng words to echo the sentiment of the day: " and as we part .. . you laug hl me well. you gave me s lr ngth . you s howcd thc way: I'll not forget you." We w1ll ml you Cia of '93 . .. Good Luck In a ll you do!

Cathy Leitch, Debbie Farley, Ja80n Woodle a nd Jamie Brock confer befo re the ce re mony. Michael Malarkey receives t he Tralnnr Award from Mrs. Nolde, Paren ts路 Associa tio n presldenl. S tewa rd 's lar gest g rad uati ng class yet (23) brings al umni lotalto 223! I II~hcs l

Academic Average: Stephanie Mann

Subject Awards Art -

Sarah Hebb

English Fr e n c h Ilislory -

Beth Whitaker Beth Whitaker Debbie Farley

t.aU n M alhernaUcs Music lel1cc= -

Elizabeth Mann JamJe Brock StephanJe Mann Debbie Farley

Spanish Theal rl" Dixon Award -

Stc'p banle Mann Stephanie Mann Cathy Leitch

tlea dm aster' s Awa.rd -

Pless Award -



Mary Harvard Nolde Michael Malarkey

Trnlnor Award Unh'erslly of 1{lch mond l:Jook Awa rd Peyton Jone. Unlverslt o f Virginia J efferson Book J\ward Jason McLaurtn A l umni Awnrd Mary n.a..r-..rd Nolde

LOWER SCHOOL AWARDS 92-93 ClLlzens of U,e Year Kinderga rten Gra de I Gra de 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 -

Jessica Gray receives The Lower School Award from Mr. Cramer. Mr. Ro..moore a nd Mrs. Fox present award to Lower hool s tude nts.

Mallory Atkins Kendall Tate Molly Hlckeraon Trent McLaurin John Stln80n BoWlse Grade 5 Hunter Lansing Michelle Reeae Head of Lower School Award Blalr Jacobsen T he Low r School Awa rd Jessica Gray

Juniors are glad to know that they only have one more year 'til college.


Mon tagu e Agee Bria n Brock J ason Burford J ean Paul Cosse

Adri enne Duke Peyton Jone Lau ra Krumbeln J essie M cCollough

J ason M cLa urin Grey M agill J er em y Miller T onya MaUey

Thom as Payn e Chrlslopher Sh arp Scott Sirles Benja min S\\~ rt

Na Lha n Da n iel


10th Grade: Only two more years 'til their lives really begin


Corey Carden John Ferguson Tara Garner

Vlcloria Hunl-Pollto Jennifer McComas Cheryl Maye r

Gordon Miller Da vld Moeser Frazer Orgaln

Forrest Perrl.n Parke Rhoads Da vld Slokes

Anne Tyson Wood le


9th Grade builds towards 3 mor years of high school. r:::::;:;:':


Corbl.n Adamson Ann e Bixl er Elisabeth Oavl Andrew Duggan

Ma rgar et Fry Ric ha rd Hask ell Debor ah M an n EII •.a belh Ma nn

Keith Marshall Ellis Ann McClun Molly M cM unn Helen Mundln

BenJam!n Relf George RJcherson Wade Rubi n EII •.abeth Schroeder

Dea n Smith Amanda WlenckowskJ


8th graders build towards 9th grade and their last years at Steward.


Asheley Ashbrldge Josh Barkley Jeffrey Barton George Cau ble

Paul Douglas BUJ Fitzpa tri ck K rlsU n Gal nous Hilton Grah am

Lalnle Hask ell Kat e Hulcher Keith Just Peter La wson

Shawn Lewis TraviS Nlda Sam Profnll Daniel Sheperd

Emily W olff


Seventh Grade is moving towards Eighth Grade



Roberto Aliberti Parker Ayers Matlhew Brock A ndrew Cosby

Christopher Drzal Adam Graves Chrlstoph er Hagy Ellza belh Heywood

SCOll Howard DusLin Johnson Cabell Jones Lindsay M cCormick

Eddie Mann Will Pasco Stephanie Paulette Camberly Pearson

Sara Rossmore Wellford Sanders Gordon Smith Laura W ard

C lad Whitten


6th Grade is building towards Upper School almost.

• • J

•• •


Richard Adamson Scan Baskervl lJc Jonh Blankenship David Buxton John Canington

Taylor Colli er Courtney Cox Amanda Craig Harry Easterly Thomas Fllzpalrtck

MatU,cw GOllwaJd David Hagen Jllilan Johnson Steven Just J nnlfer Latourelle

Lisa M cCom as Ashlelgh Mclaurin Syrlla Major Mich ael Ma zaros Joel M azl1lanlan

Matthew Myer s Sleph en Paulette Fahad Qureshi adya Rafed Nicole Rudolph

James Schroeder And rew tiLL Ruth Willi am William WI e


Finally, the 5th grade builds towards being middle schoolers


T h om as A shbridge K atherin e Barr Murat BlIgln DanIel Bow er

Alli son Ch asen TIffa n y Cr eam er J essIca Gray Ch ad Heal ey

Blair J acobson Travl J ohnson PIlUp Keiper Hunter Lan sing

Nedlnla Miller J esse Pellow Adam Rafeh Mich elle Reese

Abby Rtn aca Ali son Rlna ca Mic hael Saltern Id J oshua Spain

Rach el WhItten


Fourth Grade


ChrlsUne BeU Ted Benson Susan Braunshleyn Ichola DcRuosl Alexander Duty

Danlelle Fitzgerald ClayLon Haskell Ashlce Healey Romaine Hunkeler Cynthia Johns

Jared Johnson Lindsay Lan sing

Eliza beth Larus Thoma LePage Danny McLemore

John McMUllan WLili am Paolello Willi am PerkIns James Reed James Rose

CaILlin Rossmore Laura Slabaugh John SUnson Bo Wise Ben Wolff


3rd Grade building an educati the Steward way


Nicola Aliberti Femand Baruch Ramsey Bsat

Thomas Carrington Adam Chasen Jennifer Gray

Willi am Hession Pamela Hutzler Sara Komblau

Carollne Long

Chrlspopher Maszaros Trent McLaurin

Samuel Moore Catheri n e-Leigh Sh elton


Second grade building towards 1994 and their 3rd grade year




PaUick Grady Molly Hickerson Alison Hord

Bria n M eyer s Sarah Peterson Aus tin Pillman

Carter Sau nders Philipp S hmldt-UHrlch Andrcw Shclhor e


Ann e-Clalbom e Shc.l ton AJllson Slrtckland Russell Tate



路 ~II

.' ~./'.,

Andrew Ware


The First Grade builds a name for themselves at the Steward School



.,\-. ,~'\' , â&#x20AC;˘



, ~p

Tarlk 'AI-Jarboa Amblka Bedl ordlc Briggs

Nathan Chasen Jordan Effron AusUn Hamilton

Ida Henley Mell sa J acobsen Andrew Lawton

KrisUn M cKI s Ick A lyson Pittman Amy Stickla nd

Kendall Tate William Way Walker Williams


Kindergarten the building blocks to Steward's future Mallory AWns Carla Bame Ian Blazek -Gulnan Ford Fisher

Leigh Greene Laura Handy Jasmine Major Sleven Major

Rachael Meyers Sarah Newcomb E lizabeth Peterson Andrew Ro e

Thomas Warthen Annie Wise


Pre-K J a bart Abramson Kathl een An hrtslopher Sml U,


Here's the members of our hard working faculty Da nJelie Ash bridge Joan Ba.rnes Carolyn Br a.ndl


, . ".

;. ~ l

.""' .~

MJchael Bro t Dorts Bur ba nk Ian Coddington

Jane Edwards Beverley Fox Estelle Oro sman

Shelby Holland Ro s Hotchkiss Gay Hur t

Ryan lmlrle Catesby Jones Alicia Leroux


Bellsle MJlIe r David Mueller Rugene Paulette

Chrlsana Reveley Robin Rlckelts Ed Rossmoo re

leslie Roughley haron Olson Sandra Shaw

MaryS mllh Brenda Tu rner Jane Whitely

Woody Woodhouse Palll Woodle

Membe rs not pictured are: Bonnte Anderson. Virginia Campbell. Virginia Chalkley. Robe rt Clark. Paul Cra mer. Palrlcla Linda Dunvllle. Rac hel Grlmn . Pamela Hall. Anita Harbaugh. Jane Leitch. Marga rel Maclin-Snead. Lynne Ma nn . orva . J a nel Rice. Cheri Wolff. nol Pictured: Carol Buller. Carolyn Dandridge. Cynde Llmck. Karen Lukhard. Melanie Rodriguez. Phy llis Slonaker. Pa ula . Linda Stocks. Jane Walker.


1992-93 ACADEMIC DONORS. Upper and Middle Schools

Junior Marsha ls Laura Krumbein. Jason McLaurin S t ude n ts who a chieved Honor Roll a ll year Io n ': David Bunan. Amanda Cralg. Thom Fitzpatrick. Matt Gottwald. Jill Johnson. Mlcliael Maszuotl. Ashlelgh McLaurin. Stephen Paulette. Fahad Qureshi. Chris Dagy. Cabell Jones. Sara R .... moore. Chad WhItten. George Caable. Paul Doaglas. Lalnle Haskell. Shawn Lewis. Corbin Adamson. Anne Bixler. Wade Rubin. Jennifer McComas. Cheryl Mayers. Jason McLaurin. Marshall Jamerson. Stephanie Mann. Beth WhItaker. Excelle nce In hemls try La b Kevin Butcher. Ben Swift E)(celle nce In Biology La b Michael Malarkey. Art Wright Math Works hop pa rticipants Jllllan Johnson. Michael Maszuotl. Chris Dagy. Sara Rossmoore Model United Nations Awards Best De legate: Cathy Leitch Mos t Valua ble Participant: Michael Malarkey VCU Stock MarketGa me Sleward was lhe sprl nJ! wfnner for th e second year In a row. T he team was Kevin Satcher a nd Ben Spencer. AI l-Academic Confe re nce Awa rds Ala Mayers (golf) . Corbin Adamson (Lennls). Randy Morchower (te nnis). Ric hmond Times-Dispatch Schola r-Athlete Awards Jamie Brock. Ala Mayers Preside ntia l Aca demic Fitness Awa rds Asheley Ashbrldge. George Cauble. Shawn Lewis. Debbie Farley. Stephanie Mann. Alex Mayer•• Beth WhItaker Smith College Book Awa rd Jenny McComas Pea rl Buc k Book Awa rd

Cheryl Mayers Da ughte rs o f lhc Am erican Revo lutio n Cood C ILI ze n Awa rd

Michael Malarkey Nat"! Council of Chris tians a nd Jews a nd the Inte rfaith Council Brotlle rhood Award Beth WhItaker Th e Stewa rd School Alumni Sc hola rs hip Cathy Leitch

Activities and

Clubs Lower School Student Counc il M embe~ ; Fron t. IA<c : Ted 8en.on . Vler · Pres.; Llndaay Lansln,. 4th Grode rep .: Blalr . $ecrr.lary. Ba ck: Mr. ROMmoore, a d visor ; Hunter Lansing. Pres.: Je..lca Gra, . 51h Gr..tde rep.: Jo.b Spain. Trcas .: iii... , Fo&. udvlsor. rNol pICllln'f.I: Mrs. MlUer, advisor).


David Moeser tells new s tudent Alec Kean about the dres code


Student Council members (elected afte r last year's vigorous campaigns) have been hard at work being a voice for the students. Food drives, open fo rums, fund-raising, dances, and the constant fight to c hange the dress code were some of the issues addressed. USSC pres. M.H. Nolde and MSSC pres. Bill Fitzpatrick were working towards the future by taking studen t-generated issues to the a dministration and gently gUiding them into seeing things the RIGHT way! USSC: L路 R: David Moeser, Gr. 10 rep.: Monty Agee, Gr. II rep. : Ellis Ann McClung. Gr. 9 rep.: Cheryl Mayers , sec . treas.: M. H . Nolde, pres. ; Jason Burford, vice pres.: Mr. Woodhouse. advisor.


PresIdent Mary Harvard helps a n AFS tudenl.

MSSC: Back: Welly Sanders, Gr. 7 rep.: BlU Fitzpatrick, pres.; Taylor Collier, Gr. 6 rep.: Lalnie Haakell, vice- pres.: Josh Barkley, Gr. 8 re p.: Front: David Bwrton, t reas.: Sara Roa.moore, sec; Fahad Qureshi, Gr. 6 rep. ot PIctured : Mrs. Woodle and Mr. lmIrle, advIso rs

Lainie Haskell prepare fo r a da.nce, above. wh ile the rest of the MSSC holds a m eeUng. left.


Alternate Program Alternate Program Is two weeks of fun new experiences. This year. many new portunltles were offered. WIth tri ps to rope and Keystone. opportunities to work campus. and various cia ses to take on pus, everyone had a great time.

~~rlS Orzal does ink rolling .. . - - - - - - -........~~_EI'_

... in Mrs. Pauletle' class.


Small classes w ere taken .

"Cooking for One" class was held al Mrs. Olson's house ... Greal eaUng for onc. loot


The Yearbook Staff EditOr. Kri t en Tyl er . h a rd at work .

Staff member s A sh eley Ashbrldge a nd K ristin Ga lnous paying close aLlen tlon to their duties for th e day.

Sta ff Member s: Kristen Tyl er [nol pictur ed). Hilton Grah a m . Ash el ey Ash brldge. Kri stin Gainous. Kale Hulch er . M a r shall J a m er son . Anne-Tyson Woodl e. Jenny McCom as. Laura Krumbeln . Jason McLaurin . George Cauble. Sh awn Lewis. a nd Mrs. Olson [Nol Pictured). T o my staff members: Tha nk you al l so much foran U,e h a r d work a nd effort you all have put Into this yearbook. I know all don't think I r ccognlzed your work but I r eal ly did . Without you al l thi s yea r 's yearbook would have been n othi ng. Luck lo EVERYONE. Kri st en


Photography Club

Ann e T yson Woodl e. Mic hael Ma la rk ey IPre Ident). Am anda Wl en ck owskl. Hun l. EIHs Ann McClu ng . Ann a Slater . Mrs. Pa ulelle IAdvlser }.

U7.anne Joy n er . Vi cki e


Deborah Ma.nn has a dlsrusslon wllh JamJe Reed and classmates




E S San.h Hebb a nd WUUe Paoietto IIslen La Tommy LC-page.

nght. and abovr. Janet Rice ('Onducts a lr'cllnlng


S.O.D.A. members met frequently with Grade 4 to discuss situations which may arise in their future and to brainstorm appropriate resolutions.

Ted &eDltOn. John McMUllan. Lind . .,. La.nsing. uud Lawa Slabaugh talk wllh Dcbor&h Mann .

Back : Amanda Wlenclto •• Id. David Moeaer. Jette McCullough. Wade Rubin, Janet Rice, (udutso r ). Catherine Leitch, Tonya Motley . .... ronl: StephllDie Mann , Ell...beth Mann, Ma.ry Harvard Nolde. Deb· Drab Mann, Sarah Bebb. Krl.ten Tyler.

Model United Nations

This year many new delegates got the experience to role- play In t he Model U.N. conference. Everyone seemed to have a real good time. although no awards were won. It was an exceLlenl experience.


Volleyball hits Steward with a vengeance! It's a sh a m e th a t vollcybalJ Is on ly a club offer ed durIng activIty period o n FrIdays. becau se lhls gorup cou ld get vl clousl The co-ed team m ember s l earn ed how to p lay the game. h ow to lead . how to follow. a nd above all . how to ha ve a blast!

Wh er e Is th e bal l?

The volleyball team h as to decide wh o wil l be th e cap ta In of lhe tea m . Who Is better suIted for Lhls Job th a n Scott SI rl es and Ca b Briggs?

Cab Briggs and Irby Dunn discuss who will gct t h e ball.


- - - -- - - --

- - - - - - --

- - --


- -

The Art Club

M emb er s In c luded : Chris Drzal, Laura Ward, and WIU Pasco under Mrs, Paulette's direction ,


Chess Club

Mr. Woodhouse and the ch ess club are h aving fun playi ng chess during activity period on Friday.


Honor Committee

Row: Corbin Adamson. Peyton Jones. Kevin Butcher. Marshall Jamerson. Michael Malarkey. Parke Ilo;aa:s . Back Row: Mr. lrnlrie. Mrs . Turner. and Mr. Jones. Not Pictured : Ben Swift.


The Pep Club flourishes at Steward

K ate Hulch er. Kristin Gainous. A shcJey Ashbrldge. Hilton Gr a hma n . MaU Br ock . Drew Cosby . L1nds.,y McConnlck . Cambcrley Peason . Kri sti n Wa lton. Ca therin e Woody. Lisa McComas . Paul Douglas. J oel Ma ma nlan . Andy StiLL. Brannan Heywood. Not pictured . Adviser Mrs. Ande rson .


Andy Dugan d0C3 ··the po:;e" in the pouri ng mi n . Krbt1a GaJ.noua and Kate HuJcher grt~ .

Cast L.ISI ! 0011 Lock wood


Una l,.amon t

R.F'. Simpson

RoSf..'Oe Dexter

Sid Philli ps

~Id.'\ ~~~eJers

Olga Mura ~'I ary Margaret Rod 151 A ssistan t

2nd Assistant " Wardro l~ !..ady·· ·' Person " Miss Dtnsmorr DlcLlon Teach e r " Sound Engl nttr"

Andy Duggan Stephanie llano


Corbin Ada.mson Stephen Paulette o.Yid Buxton

Camberly Peanon Kate 8uJcher

StephanJe Paulette Llaa McComu

Taylor Collier


Jenny McComas MheJey MhbrldCe Debbie Farley Deborah Mann Jennifer Latoure1Je

Supporting CO!!I : A..m.blka Bed.l

1'fathan CIlue.n Jordan Effron lela HenJey lIlAy Jacobeen AlYlOn Pittman A..m.y Stric.k.l.and

Kendall Tate All Hord Austin Pittman Carter Saunders Anne-Clalboroe Shelton AlUson Strickland AdamChuen

More SupporLlng Coast :'t.e~~::Iu 8aTa Ko.rnbtau

Jay Moore Catherine- Leigb Sbelton Ted Be.naon Lind. .y Lansine

Danny McLemore John McM1lUan Suaan Braunsbteyn Romaine Hunkeler Cynthia Johns Ben Wolffe JeuicaGray Chad Healey Olns MUler JeuePe1low Allaon Rinacs

TUfa.ny Creamer BlaLr Jacobeen Abby Kinaa

pace 108 for Tech crew Ust and photo

!'fOTE: Sc:c

fur rtghl. Stephanie IIIIa.nn 05 KaLhy Selden. Below, len Andy DugQ:a.n and MOUy McMunn Roet a lesson rrom Deborah Mann, " The DlcUo n Tea her." Cente r. Stephen Paulette as Dex y(':l15 all-Ina (Kristin GainoUliI while JeJUly McComas and MheleJ Aahbrldee do her h all' j),nd make-up. Right. Ben Wolffe and Cynthia Job.n.a as young stant.

They called the.m " BeauUrul Girls."

Horace and Millon taJk to their 'cas . a ngel about her wings.



OUR WAY OUT OF IT! Once again Mr. lmirie and t he theatre department have proven that quality shows do not h ave to h ave a complicated set or cost a fortune to produce. An Evening of One-Act Plays was presen ted to houses of flfty to slxty people each nlght. "Some of My Best Friends Are Smiths" furthered the hope for a fu ture where prejudice does not exist. and "Rest In Peace" made light of what happens when you die ahead of sched ul e - or Is It a dream? T he cast of " ... Smit hs" Included Lisa McComas as ShIrl ey. Stephanie Mann as Miss Jones. Stephanie Paulette as Miss Smith. Jenny McComas as Miss Brown . and Kristin Gainous as Mrs. Blake. "R.I.P." was acted by Stephen Paulette as Horace Wilmerding. Taylor Collier a s the Doctor. Chris Drzal as Milton Herberts. Sara R088moore as Hazel Wilmerding. Camberly Pear80D as Hazers Mother. and Kate Hulcher as Bascomb . The productions were stagemanaged by Andy Duggan and lighting was contro lled by Adam Graves.

"AN EVENING OF ONE-ACT PLAYS" Below. th e cast of " .. . Smiths ." Bottom left. A ten e moment a s Miss Sm ith Is as ked to leave. Bottom right. Miss J one reruses to aIlow It.

The Will and the Spirit


B. V . DeBrl f s (Steven Juat) show s th e h aun ted bouse t o Rudy (Fahad Qureshl). Babs Kristin Walton).

Cast: Steven Juat .. . . .. •. . • .. . . .. . B. V. DeBriefs Keith Just .. . . .. . ... ... .. . .. . Nell Downer Kriatin Walton . . . . . . • . . . . . . Ba bs Sheph erd Fahad Qureshi . . . . • . . . . . • . . . • . Rudy Ba k er Sara Roaamoore . . . . • . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . Pam Laura Ward ........... .• . . .. Mrs. M ortage Chris Drzal ..... .. .•. .. . . . . . . .. . .. Kent Stepharue Paulette . . . . . .. ... . .. . ... Lan Taylor Collier .. . . . ...... ..... .. .. Gh ost Jennifer LatoureUe . . . . . . . . . .. Aun t Chovle Andy Stitt . ... .. .. . . ... ... Gilbert Sull iva n Stephen Paulette . .. .. . ... ... Lewi son Clark Amanda Craig ... .. • . .. ... .. ... . F BI agent Ruth Williams . . . . . .. .. ... . . .... FBI agent

Stage Ma nager

Run c re w Lighting . Sou nd . Director T echnical . Artistic Coordina tor

ell (Keith Juat) and

Kate Hulcher James Schroeder John Carrington Will Wise Adam Graves

Mr. lmirle Mrs. Jane Leitch . Mr. Imirie . . Mrs. Paulette


Mr. Imirle had an opportunity to dIrect adults In a musical oUlSlde of c hoo!. so Mrs. Jane Leitch agreed to direct th e spring production of " The Will and th e Spirit. " Set tn a h aunted h ouse. the play described Nell Downer (Keith Juat) and the terms of hi uncle' Will. Neil had to spend th e night In Lh e h au nted Do\vner esta te h ouse. and o. accompanJed by h is two fri ends. Babs Shepherd (KristiD Walton) a nd Rudy Bak er (Fahad Qureshl). th ey arrived at the hou e on (naturally) a dark a nd stormy night. NeWs lawyer . B. V . DeBriefs (Steven Juat) I · ft them until six o'c1ock t h e fOllowi ng morn ing. During Ihe night. Nell m et th e Gho t (Taylor Collier). who h ad been 'ghostl ng' for SO long h e r eal ly hop d that ell would spend th whole nigh t. breaking th e 'Downer Curse: and setllng the Gho t free. However . to k eep his m ember h lp In th e Ghost Union . th e Gh o t had to continue sca ring the oth er people In th e house. Through th e night th e ghost m ade furniture move. IIgh lS nick er . pictures ratlle and fall off th e walls. tables ri se. and doors and windows n y open . Of course Ttl favorite occupa tion was pufnngout his ch eck s and glO\vlng green . Other people enter th e scen e: th e crooked rea l esta te age n t (Laura Ward). th e stranded motori sts (Stephen Paulette a nd Andy Stitt). th e helpful n eighbor (Sara Rnasmoore). th e r eporter s (Chris Drzal a nd Stephanie Paulette). the m edJum (Jennifer L a tourelle). and the FBI agents (Amanda Cralg and Ruth Williams). The effects of thi s show w ere quite r em ark able. The tech cr ew. led by stage m anager Kate Hulcber. did a nne ;::,trf c rea ting a haunted f fect. a nd the crumbling. old m ansion was very effectively cr ea ted by Mr. e and Mrs. Paulette. Directing the play was ea ler tha n sh e thought. accord.lng to Mrs. L eitcb. although she was very nervous a t first. Sh e had never directed a play before. yet th e actors were r eceptlvc 10 h er : a nd sh e found II. fascinati ng th at aU aspects of U,C producti on were design ed accord ing to her vi sion of th e play . AnyLhlng sh e wanted In th e p lay. h e cou ld h ave. This su ccessfu l play pr oved t hat guesl dIrect or s ar c Importa.nt for the growLh of stud ent actor s. and Steward Theatre w as fortu nate to have h ad Mra. Leitch to add som e spirit t o this production .


4th Grade Play Cast Members Sus.... n Urnunshtyn

Trd Ik n80rI

A I ~..:


Ashlee I leuJey Homalne Il unketer

Li ndsay Lansing

Duty luyton I la!l keli

Cynthlll John5 JHn:d ~Iohnso n Elizabeth Lnrus \ III Perkins Jamj~ Rose John tlnl50n

llen Wolff

lkHuo I

Da nl Fltzgt:'m ld

Tommy LePage DUnn Lemarr: John M 11111an W IJI Paolella Jamie Rt!Cd CmUn Rossmorre Lauro Sl a ll b.路ll~ Lindsay Wise

Steward Theatre offers a 'TakeOut Theatre' program. which this year was comprised of taking the Grade 4 play, " Alice In Wonderl and" on-the-road to nursing homes. nursery schools, and. as shown on these pages. to the JewIsh Community Center 's Russian Tea Room, Everyone helps with the set. props. and costumes as they are set up and taken down, Response was al ways superl


Alice in Wonderland





~~ F ALL AND E======-=--=---.J WINTER SPORTS


Varsity Soccer 1992

M ich ael Malar key and Emilio Arana defen d th eir goal.

teward vs. Grove Avenue Won 6-3 Christchu r ch Won 7 - 1 Sl. Christophers' JV Lost 2 -4 Sl. Ann ' 5 Lo t 0 -2 Collegla t J V Lost 0 -2 ew Com munity Wo n 3 - 0 Sl. Vincent DePaul Lo l 1-4 St. Anne ' Lost 0-5 ew Community Won 7-1 BenedlcUne Lo t 0 -4 Blue Ridge Lost 0 -5 Sl. Vin cent de Pa ul Lost 1-6 T imber lak e hrl lIan W on 2- 1 Chrl urch Won 4-2 Collegia te JV Lost 0 -4 S l. Vl n ent de Paul Lost 4-5 (2 01'"5)

Row: Ben Swift, Wade Rubin. Michael Malarkey. AJex M ayers. Dickie Haskell. David Moeser. Row: Forrest Perrin , Tay Payne. Frazer OrgaJn . Frank Macrlna. Kev in Butcher. Jeremy Miller. Coddington .


They may be young

BUT • In L fl. w e c onlrol l h e b a li aga Above. Stephanie Pauletf e h a rged by Thom F itzpatrick.


future this team will

ROCK! THE TEAM: Front. L-R: Stephen Paulette. Thom Fitzpatrick. Paul Scott Boward. Shawn Lewla. Joel Maamanlan. Pete La ....on. ~'_L'_­ amBOn. Back : Coach Woodhouse. Daniel Shepherd. Will Wise. ten. Josh Barkley. Bill Fitzpatrick. Sam Proffitt. James Schroeder. anle Paulette. Coach Jonea.

Middle School

SOCCER vs. vs. vs. VS .

vs. v• . v •. vs ,


St. Edward's

St. C hristopher's St. Michael's Co llegia l . II Ta nd em Co lleglal e I

St. Mi ch ae l' s St.. Edward's Rich mond ChrfsUan


St. C hristopher's Co lleglale II Colleglale Il


Ric hmo nd

vs. v• .



los t losl IOSl

won won IOS l

lost tied losl los t. W O,D


0-4 0 -7 0- 1 2- 1 3- 1 0 -7 1-4 I -I 0-2 0 -2 2 -0 (OT) 2 -2

Chli slla n lost 0 -6 51. Michael's los t 1-4 OVERALL RECORD . 3-9-2 RISSL CONFERENCE RECORD . 2 -8 -2

Josh Barkley lakes lhe ba Ii lo wa rd lh e goaL

Is there a

FUTURE for this team? You Bet Your Lainie Haskell wa ll

HOCKEY STICKS! Jus t iook at these staUstlcs:


orlolk CoIlt!br1ate


~il a~mounl


St. ert.rudt" St. Anne's Marymount S1. Margru1: l's I Cathertne's JV Tandem VES

V5 . V5 .

v. "s v . "!II. \ '8.

CoUL'glatr •A '


51 . Gert nlde


vo, vo.


T andem VES Christ church

Marymoun t


51. Margaret 'tII Trinity


Collegia te .JV

vs. VS .


51 . Margnn::l 's



lost los'

2 -1 0-2 0 -3




'../' ,. • -


2- 1 0 -3 0- 1





3-0 4-0 2 -0 3-0 4-0 2 -0

(US loum) 1992

Re(U.lar Seuon and

Tournament Champion.

TEAM : Fron l . L-R: Corbin Adamaon. Elizabeth Mann. Sandra AntoMary Harvard Nolde. Catherine Leitch. Jamie Brock. Deborah Mann. BWer. Back : Coach Janet Rice. Cheryl Maye.... Elli. Ann McClung. Ili....ttethDavi•• Elizabeth Schroeder. Keith Marshall. Lainle Ha.kell. Vicki Molly McMunn. Tara Garner.

....... \...

I -I

2 -1


OVERALL RECORD . IS-5 - 1 Dlrlaion U . 6-1 - 1




OTHER ST ATS: 1. Goalie Saves .. 77

2 . Goals scortd by Steward .. 4 5 3. scored by opponents .. 16 4. Ended scason wI t 0 game w i n ning 8lJ'Cak 5. Trinity InvlL AIl·Tournament Team: Jamie Brock. M. H. Nolde 6 . LlS All·Star Team: Jamle Broc., Ellia Ann McClune Elizabeth Mann , M. H. Nolde 7 . Steward Gonls Sco red: Jamie Brock 13 Cathy Le.ilc.b 10 Keith Yanball M. H. Nolde eUu.beth Yuan 9 Belen Muncl1n Corbin Ad.a.maon 8

2 2 1

Need We Say More?

M.H. Nolde. Catherine Leitch. and Coach Rice dJscuss s lra tegles. Ahh . lhe sweel smell (an d wea rin ess) of vlclory! Jamie Brock hugs Catherine Leitch a fte r a to ug h game. We ' ll miss t he seniors!




is great when you

jump for it in

A hush fal ls over the crowd as James Schroed er relaxes before a foul s hoL

Middle School Basketball

"A " Team : F'ront: Chad Whitten, Key Euterly, Shawn Lewta, Georlle Cauble, Paul Douglas, Steven Just. Back : Coach Brost, Matt Brock, Keith Just, Hilton Grabam, Eddie Mann, Sam ProCfitt.

"A " Team

vs .

St. Vin Ce n t




los t


Pau l vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.

vs. vs. \' 5 .


vs. vs . vs . VS.


vs .

1~lch m ond

Chrtsllan Collegiat e 7-A

losl Ric hmond lost Chrls l.lan Rock Chu rch losl l. Vincent d e won Pa ul St. Edwa rd 's (7th) 1051 I-Ierllagc Chrl sUan 1051 Coll egla le 7-/\ los t Rock Church won OVERALL RECORD " 0 " Team T8_ndem " B" lost C rove A" tm u e losl St. Edwn rd 's 17lh) losl Colleglal e 17-61 lost Am elia A cademy lost

Collcglnt e 17-81

los t

G rove A ven ue Tandem " 6 "


29-60 34-46 24-35 35-31 44-68 41 -43 43-4 8 49-23 3-7


10 -30 8-15

I I -53 15-30 4-42


14 -41 2 1-25 I ' 路57 OVERALL RECORD . 0.-9

losl He ritage Ch rist ian lost

"8" Team : F'ron t: Stephen Paulette, Will Wise, David BOIton , Dickie Adamson, Matt Gottwald, Scott Howard_ Back: Coach T omul , And y Stitt, Matthew Myers, Taylor Collier, Dustin J ohnson, Daniel Shepherd, Jamee Schroeder_

Boys' Basketball In t he Steward tradition the Boy s' Basketbal l team had a terrific season. This year, Steward 's team had two new team m embers who added a lot of spi ce to the game. However. th re are some sad aspects of nex t year's team and that is that two key players are leavIng, Thank-you Irby Dunn and Kevi n Butcher for a Job well done. Steward will mjss both of you.

a pep ra Uy th e Slewa rd leam proves Lha l leam s hlp Is the key for a s uccessful

Row: Coach Jamie Spencer. Frazer Orgaln. Irby Dunn. Kevin Butcher. Coach John Thomzack. Row: Chris Sharp, Ben Rlef. Wade Rubin. Corey Carden .


The Girls' Basketball Team THE CHAMPS!!!

The team gives Coach Rice th eir goodbyes a nd their congratu)aUons.

The gi rls pose for thei r team picture Tara Garner. Cheryl Maye r . a nd Jamie Brock proudly s how off their eer·urrea ••


COLD OUTSIDE? Get heated up


INDOOR SOCCER Indoor Soccer players are strong, mlgh ty, but just a bit weary after a UrIn,g season . Morn ing pracflces before s unrise and late nig h t games couldn't even wlpe these guys out! This may not oe the spo rt of the future, but with a team Uke this,



LOSE? Th e T e a m : Fron t , L-R : Gustavo Kishimoto, Sam Proffitt, Jeremy Miller. Second Row: Dickie Haskell, Frazer Orgain, Forrest Perrin, Marco Jiminez, Back Row : Coach Coddington, Tay Payne, Erwin Ludmann, Alex Mayers, Michael Malarkey,

Forrest Perrin demonstr ates how to " stop on a dime " and double back on your opponent.



In ddilion to lhe awards night. an assembly was h eld to dlslr1bute letters. pins. and cerUflcates.

ATHLETIC AWARDS NIGHT Athletic Department' . RiChest


110"" A ....ard . . . ..... .... . .. .. .. _ .. _ . . . . . . . . . • . .•... JamJe Brock Coacbetl' A_ard ......•. . . •• . . .•.... . • • ..• . • • • Mary u..r-vard Nold e

Middle School Cbeerl~dLta, Mosl lkdlcoled

Sara Ronmoore: Wade Rubin ChrisS.b up

Gld.-' Bukelball

=:~ ~r~~~~

Conches' Award

Van1ty Soccer Most V"luabl~ Coach es' Award 11 0% Award

Middle School Soceer Most VaJua b le Defender Most Vaiuablt! Striker M ost OU1..!'ilIHldlng

Co.... ch es· Award

EmlUo Arana Michael Malarll..e y Wade Rubin

8Ul Fll2pOtrlc:.k Matt Brock Sam Proffitt Daniel Shepherd


Most Oul5tandlng Couches' Awurd Val"!llty Ch eerleadlng

Most Dedlcnt((!

Head Cbeerleader I Leader.hlp Award

Lainle a..keU Ma.ry Ban'ud Nolde JamJe Brock Cathy LeItch

El1ubetb Schroeder

Middle School oaalletbaJl " 8 "

M08l Impro\.ed Coil Mosl Impro\'ed

Tca,m DustLn Johnaon

Sam Proffin Ala; Mayera



Glrb Tennla Most Improved

M06l OuUltandlrtg

Jeule McCulIoup Corbln Adam.oo Mary BarYard Nolde

JV Lacroue Most Impro\ped Oul1itandl~ MS player Outstanding US Player

Coach hangs oul wllh th e girls. f rom left: Elli. Ann McClung. MB Nolde. Jamie Brock. Ellza6eth Mann, Sandra AntonJdes. Deborah Mann, Coach Rice. Below rig h t. Jamie and M .B . sha r e a moment.


Boy.' Tenn"

Coacht-s' AWArd

Debbie Yuley . Beth Whitaker


Middle Scbool Bu.ll:etball " A" Team Most VaJuable Cauble Shawu Lew!. Coaches' Award Chad Wbltt.en Most Ou15tandlnft

Coaches' Award

Fjeld Hockey

Mary Holde

Cberyl Mayen

Eddie Mann Man Brock Fnur O'llalu

The Steward School Cheerleaders Middle Schoo l Cheerleaders. Front Row: Jennifer Latourelle. Sara Rossmoore. Courtney Cox. Second Row: Emily Wolf f . Camberly Pearson. Stephanie Paulette. Third Row: Ashlelgh McLaurin. ot Pictured: Trlcla Duke. Coach

The Middle School Cheerleaders how lhelr school plrIt as they practice before a pep rally.

Uppe r S c hool C h e e r l ea d e r s. F ront Ro w : Ama nda Wlenc kowskl . D e bbi e Fa rley . Beth Whitak e r , a nd Je Ie McCo llough . Second Row: Corbin Adamson . ot Pi ctured : Sand y Sha w. Coach .


r~ J

Leg s tretches and pu h -ups are pan of the rouUne .


LAX Even though the final outcome of the Lacrosse team 's season did n ot present a worthy record , this was a rewarding year. With the leadership of Coach Plumhoff a n d the talent of the younger members of the team made the upperclassmen work even harder a n d consequently developed a strong team both physically and mentally. Having no seniors on the team means none were "los t " due to graduation, so the future looks promising. When thls outstanding crop of talented players returns next year: some taller, some stronger, some wiser - expect results! Lacrosse requi r es coordlnaUon a nd learn ef for t.

v . Collegiate JV lost 3- 12 vs. A lbermarle JV lost 2-4 vs.St. Christoph er 's JV los t 5 - 12 lost 4 - 16 vS.Blue Ridge vS.Chesterfiel d JV lost 5-7 vs.Sl. Anne's JV lost 4-10 vs. Charlottesvi lle won 4-1 vs. Albemarl e JV lost 2 -4 Hen ry Collegiate JV won 8 -7 vs. Ches terfi eld JV lost 5 -8 vs. A.lbemarl e JV 10 t 5-8 OVERALL RECORD = 2-9

The Team: F'ronl. L -R: Daniel Shepherd, Matt Brock, Eddie Mann, Thom

Fitzpatrick, Drew Coeby, Scott Howard, Chrla Hao, Pete LawllOn . Back Row: BUI Fitzpatrick, Jam.,. Shroeder, Alec Kean,-Cordon Miller, Fra%er Orgafn, Monty Agee, Tay Payne, John Ferguson.





"llJl vee

BOYS'TENNIS vs. vs. v . vs. vs. vs. vs.

Hugu enot Acad my South a mpton Academy St. Vln cen l d e Paul New Comm unity Coll e~l a te


Chris chu.rch Marymou n t VS. TIdew a t er Academy vs. T rin ity vs. ew Com m unIty vs. Pri n ce Edward Acad emy vs. Ma'Omounl VERALL RECORD

"4lJl VCC

los t l ost lost

..on lost lost

..on lost 10 t

..on l ost


= 4 -8

VB . St. Margaret·s vs. Marymounl VS. Huguenot Academy vs. Southampton Academy vs. New Community vs. St. Catherlne·s vs. St. Ma~arers vs. Chrlslc urch vs. Collegiate v •. Tidewater Academy VB. Trinity vs. New Community vs. Prince Edward Academy vs. St. Vincent de Paul OVERALL = 12-2

3-6 3-6 0-9 9-0 2-7 4-5 5-0 4-5 0-9 7-0 3-6 7-0

Boys· Team : Fron t: Kevin Butcher, Randy Secon d Row: Steven Just, David Bunon, Dickie Adamson. Back Row: Coach Brost, Andy Duggan , G e o rge Richeson, Coach Woodhouse.

won 6-3 WO'D 7-2 WOD 9-0 won 9-0 won 9-0 lost 2-7 WOD 5-4 WO,D 6 -3 lost 4-5 WOn 9-0 won 9-0 WOD 5-0 won 5-4 won 9-0

Girls · Team : Front. L -R :

Je.sle McCullough, Jamie Brock, Cathy Cooper, Mary Harvard Nolde, Debbie Farley, Cberyl Mayers. Back Row: Coach Brost, Keith Manhall, Helen Mundin, Corbin Adamson, EUsabeth Davis, Coach Woodhouse.

Shawn Lewis clubs hIs way out of a sand trap.

GOLF Spartan

Clubbers Hang Tough! AIel< Mayen a l le mpts to s core low on Ul e nnal leg of the cou rse.

V9 .

Brunswick Academy



Southampton Academy Sl. VIncent de Paul Prince Edward Academy BenedIctine Kenslon Forest Benedlcllne

losl won

vs. vs. vs. V9 .

vs. vs. V9.

losl losl IOSl IOSl

Southampton Academy lost

Huguenot Academy won OVERALL RECORD =3 -6

2 00路 204 2 3 0路 178 2 0 0 路21 3 24 0路 168 200-1 89 224-21 5 209- 199 2 2 0- 16 2 202 -228

The Team : F ront. L-R : Coach Jones, Ale" Maye rs, Frank Macrlna . Back Row : Gordon Smith, David Hagen, OUBtin J ohns o n, Shawn Lewis, Sam Proffitt.

The Members: L-R: Amanda Wlen c k owskl , Ben Relf, Wade Rubin, Deborah Mann, Coach Coddi ngton , Ellzabeth Mann , Sandra Antonides , Molly McMunn.


The canoeIng group prepares for Its annual ridIng of th e ra pids o n th e James RIver over the Me morial Da y week e nd . Alu mnI a nd frie nds ofle n Joto to lhe fun . Safely al ways com es nr I so nobody EVER ca psIzes the canoes. 103

Mr, Imlrle Is In front to cue missing lines of Lh e Grade 1 play, a rrator

Amy Strickland assig n s p a rt s to th e oLher acLor s. The Grade 1 play, "Danci ng Prtncesses," h as a dance on an underground Island.

Kathleen An, a Pr e- Kind ergarten student, h old a lelter In th e Kindergarten play, "Th e J o lly Postman. " Ch orus gr oups have to pracl.lcc a lot for mu Ic performances u ch a Grandparents' Day.


Rhett Tate and Andrew Ware com ma nd Lh front row during the Fathers' and Special Friends' Day performance.

Allison Strickland a.nd Brlan Meye... Ing duro Ing Fathers' and Special Friends' Day.


ACTIVITIES The activities pictured on these pa~es include: t he Kindergarten play, [he Grade 1 play, the Grade 2 play, Fathe rs' and Special Friends' Day, one of the fifth grade plays, and music cla88eB.

In th e Grade 2 play. "Th e Young Wom en a.nd th e

ea.:. Molly Hickerson

a.nd Allison Strickland huma.ns trapped by Osh In a huma.n bowl.

ea.rly ev eryon e had a solo to Ing In Lhe

Fathe... â&#x20AC;˘ and Special Friends' Day progr a.m . The th eme was. " Only Love Is Spoken Her e."

Mrs. 1"0"' . Grade 5 play took place In Mother Goose's house "On ce Upon a Shoe." Shown Is the 'shoe' set.

Laur a Ward. Stephanie Paulette. a.nd Andy Stitt ar e part of t h e 6 -7th grade fal l m usIc theory class with Mrs. Anderson.


The Upper School Girls' Ensemble sings at the Holiday Program In s weats hirts created by Mrs. AnderaoD.

Michelle Reese, AlliSOD ChaseD, a nd Josh Spain play pa rents and an only ch ild. Tlffany Creamer, Ted BensOD , Laura Slabaugh, Philllp Keiper, and B1a1r Jacobsen a re orphans under Jeaaica Gray's care.

Chrl. Drzal , Courtney Coz: check lasl minute recorder musl .

a nd Stephen Paulette Lakes a quick napl Abovc. Pbllllp Keiper

a nd Lindsay Lansing pracUce


the conccrt.

T he Lower School Choir s ings their part In front of the surreaU Ue Dream land setllng of the Holiday Program.


more ACTIVITIES The a ctivities shown on these pages are lhe HoUday Program, Lhe Middle School Fine Art8 Fair, and StuntTalent NlghL JamJCl Reed creates a cloy 8na kC' and Ruth Wll11a..aa crea l ~ a ta~ of hC!raclf 1!i1~I"I! In somt: or Ih(' many acUvttles offend during Ul(, I"IDe AzU


of the hlghllJ!hls of Stunt-Talent Night was lhe perfonnance by the Little of Stewa ra . with Mrs. Anderson a nd lhe Glrla' EruJemble dressed as

Phillip Keiper sLruts his sluff In a solo number.


Deborah Mann and Annie OWer enjoy the Signet Bank artista' reception.

The Grade 4 cia.. project during lhe Ezplorer's Ezpo was a salli ng s hip with which to explore unknown com e rs or lhe world.

Mra. Paulette shows Linduy McCormick

the proper way to c reate a collage with meaning.

An actlVlI)' for the non-theatrically Inclined Is bac.ut.,e work (or a producUon IIerc, the Icch crt'" of "Sl~l n ' In The Halo"



with their ' (a\'oMte" stage prop Ihe crew memlX'rs arT L R Cb.ris OrsaJ. BW

FllZpetrlcll . E I.lla An n McC lu n' lstagc ntanagt'rl. Will Wbe. Jame. Schroeder. Amanda Wtenc.ko ....:l fin Window). Wade Rubin , and Drew Cr .

more ACTIVITIES Left . 8UJ Flapabic.1t competes In the Private School Division Df lhe Regional SpeUlng Bee. I;lelow . Carter

Saunden a.nd All Hoed eat a t lhe Spaghetti Dinner.

Jaso n McLaurin and his pa rents atlend a reception for artists hosted by Signet Bank . Select Stewa rd artists had their wo rks displayed In the ba n k .

hool declared a Jane Edwards' Dsy In honor of our retiring leacher. Mrs. Edward's Idndergartcn clus wrote a Book about her and read Il aloud with Mrs. Wolffe. Pre-K teac her.

The activities shown on these pages are: the Explorer's Expo, art classes, the S ignet Bank artists reception, technical theatre opportunities, Jane Edward's Day, the Reading Incentive Spaghetti Di.n ner.


more ACTIVITIES The activities s hown on this page are Discovery Course, a pep rally, and Lower/Middle New Games. In addition. s ome special visitors are shown .

At n ht. Jason Laney. WWBT - 12

meteorologIst visits Grade 4 . Far nght. Japanese czebange studenta visited with S nlo r fo r a few hours.


Adam Graves and Eddie Mann pull Dustin Johnson up " the wall " at the Dl&covcry Course. JennlCer Lato urelle pulls a " stomach roller" In the New Games.

Well, Bandera and Adam G,..~ teamwork on Il1r Coa.tee. Below, CUd. Wbitten at. rally-

LeSe FIELD DAY Blue, Red Green, Yellow Whom did you root for? Al lefl, Sarah Newcomb, Austin Pittman and Jared Jobnaon hula hoop. below len Daniel Bower, Travis Johnson and Mrs. Riclr.etts rest. and below. Mrs. Mll1er ails out names for the event.

Will Way, Ida Henley, Llndaay Lansing find their next event. Josh Spain finds Urnes between events to enjoy the cool grass.

Will H_ lon, Nlclr.y AUbertl, Ramsey Baat, Trent Mc Lanrln and Jasmine Major climb the poles dunng lunch break.



The Spring Music Program this year was titled, "Grandpa, Tell Me 'Bout th e Good ole Days. " It was presented to parents and friends at night. the n to Gra ndpa rents the next day.

Grandparents' Day Spring Music Program Below , Racbel WhlttCd , AlIl.o n Strickland, Allis on C haaen. a nd MoU, HJclleBOn (Ire the gni lldchild re n who have tome If' vtslL

Above, Amanda Keck wOI15 eXpc!Cl1l n lly In the holl fol'" ber entrance. AI right. the ..... hole Lower School lakes R bow


1~lghl .

Au.tLn Pittman. Allison Strlcltland , A U Hord . and Cordle Bnus do the " Achy. Rreaky Henrt:' Below, Ihe Klndec,artcD clan WItS barnyard animals. Tht:: Grade 1 cl... wus a washboard ond spoons band.

CELEBRATE A NIGHT OF STARS 1993 FINE ARTS BANQUET AND AWARDS CEREMONY Theatre Department Awarda Best Actor In a Leading Role Stephen Paulette. " RIP" Best Act ress In a Lead ing Role Stephanie Mann. "Rain" Best Actor In a Supporting Role Taylor Collier. " Spirit " Best Actress In a Supporting Role - Sara Roaamoore. " RIP" Best Actor In a Minor Role Stephen Paulette. " Spirit" Best Ac tress In a Minor Role Lisa McCnmaa. " Smiths" Besl Actor In a Cha racte r Role Taylor Collier. " RIP " Besl Aclress In a Characle r Role Laura Ward. " Spirit" Best TechniCian Ellia Ann McClung. "Rai n " Dtrector's Choice Adam Gravea. for year-lo ng errort Award of Special Recogn ilion Mra. Jane Leitch. "Spirit " Music Department Awards ~lI ghes t Academic Average faJ I - Stephen Paulette s pring - Mlchael _azaroa Most Accomplished Instrumentalis t fall - Stephen Paulette spring - Mlchael _azarol. Lisa McComao. and Thom Fitzpatrick Mosl lmproved Instrumenta list fa ll - Syrlta Major s pring -

Most Improved VocallstMo t Accomplished Vocalist -

Matthew Myers

Elizabeth Schroeder Stephanie Mann

Art Department Awards

MosllnnovaUve Artist -

Parke Rhoado. LaJnle Halkell

M ost Pr omis ing Newcomer -

Jason McLaurin. Alheley Alhbrtdge Sarah Hebb. EmUy Wolff Anne Tylon Woodle. " Watercolor " Brannan Heywood. "Graphi te Pe ncil " Pcrservcrancc to a Project Cathy Leitch. Stephanie Paulette Most A compllshcd Artist - Sarah Hebb. Brannan Heywood Artistic Enthusiasm Anne Btaler. LaJoie naakell Award of S pecial Rccognili on " Co ntribution to Lowe r Sch ool Art." Sarah Hebb Best Usc of Color Best Use of a Medium -


Stephanie Mann

an y set dressed to the hilt. ate barbecue. gol nervous wards. laughed at th e Bent Nail A ....ards. and I ClJrd 'l t:Q the Arts In stylel


The Mann Family

Congratulations to my Senior artists: St ephanie. Sarah . F rank . Cathy L .. lrby. Cathy C. Art? K evin ? You wil l be mJssedl Thanks to my other artists for a gr eat y earl Rugen e Paulette



Good Luck to my Seniors Art, Frank, Marshall, Louis, Alex, Jamie, Mike, Randy

Congratulations to Beth and the Class of '93

It was a good year.

The Rossmoores


Mrs. Barnes

Congratulations Yearbook Staff on ajob well done! Mrs. Olson

"Yes, Jason , we always knew you would! " Love , Mom and Dad

"Best Wishes to our Graduating Seniors" FroITl Mike, Kris, Molly, and Mike McMunn 114





- --



Congratulations .~





to the Class 01 1993 115


HEXCELLENCE IS MORE THAN COMPETENCE . .. IT IS STRIVING FOR THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE STANDARDS " Thank-you for your hard work and dedication. Love,Coach Bucket . .. Cheap Motel I and U . .. Caboose . .. Arby's booth . .. I smell Crab . .. Coach , I don ' t understand . . . lUke dis one ... I like dis one, too ... Coach, Coach. I broke my nail ... RHYTHM ... SIU, BTB, KGM, GO FIGHT WIN!!! . . . Kicking Hiney In 1990 . .. GET UP LEITCH ... NEVER. NEVER SETTLEI!! ... Leitch's bunny hop . .. Get with Itya'll . .. Cordless Power Tools . .. straws .. . Need toilet paper, Coach? .. Wild Women ... Hockey practice lectures (101 ways to win) . .. ABBA tape . . . The van for Hal loween . .. Model UN van ... My baJls .. . M and H Religious Supply . . . Tara, Where are the keys for the van? . .. Skid - lnbounding the basketball ... ''In her face , Catherine. In her face." ... Where's the key, Coach? . .. This field is a rainforest ... My Ding-a-Llng . .. Maybe, It'll swell . .. Helga Hockey . . . Christchurch 1991 - Who Is MH? " . McDonald's Playland - " Coach Is playing on the sUdel" . .. 666 at Richmond Christian .. . IT'S SWEET TO REPEAT ...

1992-93 FIELD HOCKEY AND BASKETBALL REGULAR SEASON AND TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!! To the Hockey Team: As your captalns from your '91 and '92 seasons we wish ya'lI the best of luck for the next few years. Keep working hard and strive to reach the goals you ' ve set as a team and for yourself. Than.ks for the fun memories and always carry on the tradition that Steward hockey isn'tJust competition, but an opportunity to understand the true meaning of teamwork . We'll miss you and good luck!! Love you r ca pta ins. Ma ry Ha rva rd aide a nd ca thy Leitch

To Coach : RenecUng upon the many years of being athletes under your coaching we now understand the frustration wh ich we once saw as pure anger. We see now that your "anger" was often the motivation that pull ed us through . Thank-you for the many lessons you have taught us. Love always, M .H . and Leitchy


Best Wishes Class of 2000 Mrs. Fox and Mrs. LeRoux

"We Buy Books & Libraries"

Dan Pellow Lydia Pellow Jesse Pellow

P.O . Box 102 Roc kville. VA 23146 804-749-4536

" Life's a dance; You learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, Sometimes you follow. " Love, Harbie




Congratulations Class of 1993

from the Blazek-Guinans

EICELLENCE. Central Fidelity Meml>er FDIC


Thanks for the Memories! Mrs. Leitch

We are proud of you -andWe love you Mom, Dad & Tim

Congratulations to the Class of 1993! Best Wishes for the future and Welcome to our Association! Sincerely, The Steward School Alumni 118



Congratulations Catbird!!!

Love, Mom, Dad, and Beth


BUILDING TOWARDS THE FUTURE Whether Steward is adding new students or adding new buildings, it is always building towards the FUTURE.


Yearbook 1993 Vol.19  

The Steward School yearbook from 1993

Yearbook 1993 Vol.19  

The Steward School yearbook from 1993