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EXCLUSIVE Former cop calls for Coal Creek speed reduction By Brad Lester

A RETIRED traffic policeman is calling for the speed limit at an accident hotspot at Korumburra to be reduced to save lives.

Wayne Beale is calling on VicRoads to lower the speed limit on the South Gippsland Highway near Coal Creek Community Park and Museum from 80km/h to 60km/h. He also wants the limit along the Silkstone straight, on the Leongatha side of the bends, to be 80km/h instead of 100km/h. The former Bass Coast Highway Patrol officer’s call follows a fatality and numerous accidents on the bends in the past month. The safety of the South Gippsland Highway near Coal Creek at Korumburra was again under the spotlight after a Melbourne man was killed there last Tuesday, November 22. This is the third serious accident on the Coal Creek bends in a month prompting calls for an investigation. On November 12 a collision between a truck and a car resulted in four people being taken to hospital and on October 31, another four people were treated in hospital after two cars collided. Continued on page 3.

Knockout blow: Leongatha’s Sullivan Herbert, pictured with his grandfather Dereck, has returned from Tasmania triumphant, after a win at the Kingston Boxing Club recently. Sullivan was one of 12 regional boxers who travelled to Tasmania to compete in the interstate tournament. See story page 42.

New ’Gatha road opens PAGE 3

PAGE 2 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 3

Next stop Bair Street by Tayla Kershaw THE official opening of Leongatha’s multimillion dollar heavy vehicle alternate route is a step toward redeveloping Bair Street. McMillan MP Russell Broadbent declared the road open on Friday afternoon. Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said construction of the $6.22 million alternate route had long been a priority for South Gippsland. “These works will see the hundreds of heavy vehicles which currently pass through Leongatha’s central business district each day being able to use the alternate route on Long Street,” he said. “This will immediately make life more pleasant for local businesses and will be an important safety improvement for drivers and pedestrians in the town centre.”

South Gippsland Shire Council deputy mayor Cr Maxine Kiel said more visitors will be encouraged to sit and have a coffee outside the shops in Bair Street with trucks taken out of the equation. The Bair Street revitalisation project is on track with the final design draft recently completed. The early stages of the revitalisation project will include more angle parking and more garden beds to liven up Bair Street and turn it into a town hub. “We want people to be able to stop and shop here and a pleasant environment may encourage people to fill some of these empty buildings,” Cr Kiel said. While the design process is still underway, grant funding is still required before council can start construction. Mr Broadbent acknowledged the changed route may take some getting used to. time,” he said. “This is the first set of controlled traffic lights “It will take some getting used to but it will in South Gippsland, so this is quite a historic be major tourist route with great economic advantages.” VicRoads operations manager Henry Lam said the intersection has increased safety for pedestrians – particularly for school children. “The traffic lights have made it easier for children to cross. It has taken sometime for people to get used it but we are confident drivers are being careful through the intersection,” he said. “Removing the trucks from Bair Street will give council the opportunity to redo the streetscape so the people can really enjoy Leongatha.”

Safety measure: from left, South Gippsland Shire Council deputy mayor Cr Maxine Kiel, McMillan MP Russell Broadbent and VicRoads operations manager Henry Lam said 600 trucks had been removed from Bair Street per day as a result of the Leongatha heavy vehicle alternate route. Mr Lam said VicRoads worked closely with the council and the community to ensure there was minimal disruption during the construction. The Federal Government contributed $4.66 million and the Victorian Government $1.55 million toward the $6,220,000 project.



Former cop calls for speed reduction Continued from page 1. The notorious bends have seen many collisions over the years and at least one other fatality has been recorded. Miraculously there have not been many deaths from the numerous accidents recorded there. However, police do not believe road conditions were a factor in the accident. The most recent accident saw a 2001 Ford utility being driven by a 33 year old Melbourne man travelling towards Korumburra allegedly lose control after negotiating a bend near Coal Creek at around 1.30pm. The ute was struck at the driver’s side by a 2001 Subaru being driven towards Leongatha by a 43 year old Melbourne man. The driver of the ute is believed to have died instantly. The driver of the Subaru was conveyed by road ambulance to Dandenong with non life threatening injuries to his face, chest and back. “I’m the last person many would have thought to advocate for more restrictive speed limits, however I’ve come to the realisation that I could be driving towards drivers as they lose control,” Mr Beale told The Star. “A reduction in speed limits is a cheap easy method of maybe preventing someone being killed or injured, and enable the limited road funding pool to be used in actually fixing the road surface.” Mr Beale suggested a fixed speed camera be installed in the middle of the dip in the Coal Creek bends. If VicRoads does not agree to a permanent 60km/h limit, Mr Beale raised the prospect of a variable speed limit, with 60km/h to apply during rain. “Suitably signposted and enforced, that process works very well on the highways in parts of New South Wales, is enforceable, and may just solve the problem,” he said. “Alternatively, lengthen the 80km/h speed zone east of the area, to enable the mobile speed cameras to be actually sited in an area of high collision and non-compliance with the speed limit, rather than on the numerous ‘unsafe’ bits of straight four lane highway. “This will at least ensure offenders will receive a fine in the mail weeks after they have put everyone’s life at risk and may slow them down next time they visit the area.”

Mr Beale said the same ideas could be applied to another accident hotspot on the Black Spur bends on the South Gippsland Highway between Koonwarra and Meeniyan. “Reduced enforceable speed zones, rather than those stupid ‘Slow down, too fast’ flashing signs, combined with actual enforcement after a period of education, could work, again with fixed or mobile speed cameras depending on the suitability,” he said. Sergeant Jason Hullick from Bass Coast Highway Patrol said the road was wet at the time of the accident. “We are still investigating the cause of the incident, however one of the things we are looking at is speed. We will be preparing an inquest for the coroner,” he said. Sgt Hullick said the police do not believe the condition of the road played a role in the collision. “There are some witnesses giving varying accounts of the incident, who will provide statements,” he said. “The road condition has been assessed as above average, the camber is right. It is a bend in the road, but people need to drive to the conditions and slow down. “If there is an advisory sign, follow it.” Sgt Hullick said speed limit has been temporarily reduced to 40 kilometres per hour due to vehicle fluids on the road following the collision. “We made efforts to wash the road and spread sand and sawdust, but with the weather conditions we have lowered the speed in the interim, until we can make sure the road is all clear,” he said. VicRoads Eastern Region regional director Scott Lawrence said all speed limits were reviewed on “a case by case basis”. “When considering a speed limit change, VicRoads looks at a range of factors such as pedestrian and vehicle numbers, the design and type of road, local environment and crash history,” he said. “VicRoads receives many requests each year to alter speed limits on arterial roads and these are considered on a case by case basis. “For requests on VicRoads managed roads, VicRoads consults with Victoria Police, council and the local community. “We encourage community members wanting a change to call 13 11 70 and we can help them through the process.”


10am - 1pm


Go slow: retired traffic policeman Wayne Beale is calling for a 60km/h speed limit to be applied to the winding bends of the South Gippsland Highway near Coal Creek Community Park and Museum, Korumburra, to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

PAGE 4 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Coast guard on the move By Sarah Vella THE Port Welshpool Coast Guard, part of the CFA’s South Gippsland group of brigades, is settling in to its new home at Welshpool.

and training and meetings will be held at Welshpool. “Port Welshpool will remain our base; all of our radio equipment is there. We are a major part of the Victorian marine repeater network as well,” Mr Maruzza said. Mr Maruzza said the coast guard faced ongoing funding problems, however the implementation of the marine search and rescue office (MSAR) was a positive step. “MSAR is trying to get money for us, the first lot by 2017-18, which will be interim funding until 2020, then hopefully there will be permanent funding in place,” he said. “Meanwhile, we have to operate like there is no funding available. We received a grant of around $18,700 earlier in the year for communication equipment for our vessel.” Mr Maruzza said he has applied for a further grant through the boating safety facilities program for new boat motors, which will be announced in early 2017. Two new members have recently joined the Port Welshpool Coast Guard and Mr Maruzza said a former member is returning to the crew later in the year. “It doesn’t matter how many members we have, it is still hard to get a crew. We are all volunteers and family comes first,” he said. Mr Maruzza said there had few incidents recently, most of them tow ins and one kayaker rescue. He said around 20 per cent of the rescues the flotilla undertakes were kayakers or walkers in trouble, mostly at the Prom. “It should be mandatory for kayakers to carry a personal locator beacon or an emergency position indication radio beacon, so they can be found if in Room to move: Port Welshpool Coast Guard flotilla commander Rocco Maruzza is happy trouble,” he said. with the new facility at Welshpool, which provides a home for the flotilla’s truck and other “It can be really difficult to locate them in open equipment and a great area for training and meetings. water, so for around $400, it could save their life.”

The former CFA station was recently upgraded and extended, to include not only the CFA but the coast guard as well. The building was officially opened recently. The brigade portion of the coast guard is trained to fight fires on the water, while the flotilla’s rescue operations will remain based at Port Welshpool. Flotilla commander Rocco Maruzza said the coast guard had been involved in a few fire call outs over the years, including twice at the Long Jetty.

“We were also involved with the Yarram fires a couple of years ago at the staging ground,” he said. “Our truck has been used for logistics during fires and in the ’90s, the coast guard evacuated people off the beach at Wilsons Promontory when it was on fire.” Mr Maruzza said the coast guard trains with the South Gippsland group of brigades both on the water and on land several times a year. From now on, the coast guard’s truck and a rigid inflatable boat will be housed at the Welshpool base

Council supports tower move THE Bass Coast Shire Council will support the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club to move its observation tower 60 metres down the beach. At the November ordinary council meeting, councillor Julian Brown put forward a motion in urgent business to support the life saving club, which was carried unanimously. The motion state the council will support the club “through the statutory approval process required to move the observation tower to a new location on new footings, designed for the changing coastal landscape and for minimal impact of vegetation at the beach end of the new track to the Inverloch surf beach”. Cr Brown said the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club’s tower at the surf beach has been significantly impacted by erosion over the past 10 months. He said sand has been displaced from around the

base of the tower, exposing its footings. “This has had an impact on tower safety. The club was recently given a building notice which has been appealed with the hearing date set for December 1,” he said. Cr Les Larke said he wanted to support the community and the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club without putting people at risk. “It is important to have the tower operational for the upcoming visitation period,” he said. “This (motion) is a satisfactory outcome if the surf life saving club loses its building order appeal.” Cr Brown said the motion he put forward was not seeking any funding from the council. “The cost will be discussed between the club and the council going forward. Significant money has already gone into building the current tower,” he said. Cr Brown said his motion called for a permanent

relocation of the tower, which would only require the tower to be moved once, rather than a temporary move. “The proposed location is around 60 metres from its current location,” he said. Cr Bruce Kent said the surf life saving club supports a lot of young people who volunteer for the organisation. “I have seen firsthand what those young people go through...there has never been a death between the flags,” he said. “It is important surf life saving clubs are well equipped and the tower is an important tool for them, as a community we should be supplying that tool.” Cr Brown said it is important the club, councillors and council officers work together to get a good outcome. “Engagement is very important,” he said.

per” a sp ew n y it n u m m co r ou Y “

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“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 5

Health service back in black A RETURN to surplus for the Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS) was one of the bright lights at the hospital’s 24th

annual general meeting last Thursday, November 24 in Korumburra. The surplus, before capital and specific items, was

Report: exhibiting the new 2015/2016 Quality Account document were Gippsland Southern Health board president Mark Holmes and chief executive officer Mark Johnson.

a modest $23,000 but this is a good result when you look at a projected deficit of $508,000 and an actual deficit last financial year of $1.363 million. Once depreciation and capital purpose income is taken into account the net result for the year was a deficit of $1.807 million. Chair of the Finance and Audit committee Peter Siggins told the 40-plus people in attendance the turnaround can be largely be attributed to increased revenue received for the organisation’s residential aged care facilities. This was achieved from higher occupancy rates and improvements in Commonwealth revenue receipts per occupied bed day. Operating costs were also contained during 2015/2016. Strategies which were adopted to improve the result during 2015/2016 have largely been completed. Earlier president of the

board of management, Mark Holmes, said the health service successfully completed a mid-year review to pass accreditation again. Three hospitals, at Foster, Wonthaggi and Leongatha are working in collaboration to develop a plan of service delivery. “We’ve got to increase our capacities and work together to fill gaps in our hospital network and bring more surgeons and specialists to our area,” Mr Holmes said. “Foster has a big area to service; if we can get partnerships going between the three it will ease some of the pressures.” “We’re having a comprehensive look at what and where we deliver and at what cost. It’s about a continuous process of improving our quality of care,” Mr Holmes said. “Gippsland Southern Health has a wonderful team of (how many) volunteers registered with us demonstrating this is a great community that supports us so well.” “The Friends of Hillside Lodge, the Lyrebird Auxiliary, the Leongatha Horticultural Society, service clubs in both Leongatha and Korumburra, individu-

Service recognition: retiring board members Lindsay Powney, left, and Garry Austin, right, receive awards from board president, Mark Holmes. als and businesses have all been a wonderful help.” Mr Holmes, who has served 10 years on the board and more than two years as president will be stepping down early in the New Year. Two other retiring board members were presented with gifts recognising their service. Garry Austin, who served 10 years with the board, and Lindsay Powney, nearly seven years with the

board, were both thanked for their service to the organisation. Sue Fleming and Catherine Pickett are new to the board, beginning their terms in July. The 20105/2016 Quality Account (previously known as the Quality of Care Report) was also presented to those attending. The Quality Account is designed to increase com-

munity awareness about GSHS and the things they do to ensure the provision of high quality care for its patients, clients, carers, residents and their families. Just some of the subjects covered in the report include surveys, accreditation, welcoming feedback, quality indicators to maintain patient safety, maternity services, and supporting end of life care.

Lodge fete a big hit THE annual Woorayl Lodge fete was held on Saturday, with plenty of handmade craft and cooking, plants and other great quality items up for grabs.

Inspired: from left, Margaret Denbrok, Joanne Denbrok, Debbie Gannon and Kim Coote found raising funds for epilepsy and to support those living with the condition a worthwhile cause to come together.

Standing up to help MARGARET Denbrok is no newcomer to fundraising; the five events she has held in the past five years raised some $10,000 for cancer research. Mrs Denbrok lost her mother Lorna and her brother Warren to cancer. Her brother John has leukaemia. On Thursday she once again welcomed visitors to her home, only this time it was not to raise funds for cancer but epilepsy. Her 39 year old daughter-in-law Joanne, who is married to Steve Denbrok and has two sons Blake 10 and Bayley 6, has epilepsy which is a relatively common disorder

which takes the form of recurring seizures. A seizure occurs when there is a sudden, uncontrolled surge in the normal electrical activity in all or part of the brain. Epilepsy can affect anyone at any age but most people with epilepsy will experience their first seizure before the age of 20. It is estimated that more than 275,000 people throughout Australia have a diagnosis of epilepsy and 65 million people worldwide currently live with epilepsy. From 11am until 2pm visitors arrived for delicious morning tea and contributed to raising funds for epilepsy by buying raffle tickets, jewellery and stationary, or by simply making a donation.

Woorayl Lodge ladies auxiliary president Kaye Warren said it was a great day, despite the threatening weather. “Everything sold really well, we had Devonshire tea in the front room and the manager Jo White was on the barbecue cooking up a storm,” she said. “The Christmas cooking was also really popular.” Ms Warren said the lodge had so many things donated for the sale, that they will be holding another one in January. “The quality of the items has been really great this year.” The fete is an annual event and normally raises around $6000 for the aged care facility. “Not a bad effort for a handful of people,” Ms Warren said.

Family fun: from left, Jenna, Abbey Coolidge, with their grandmother Dianne Coolidge and great grandmother Jessie Smith at the Woorayl Lodge fete on Saturday. Left, Lovely ladies: from left, helping out on the stalls at the Woorayl Lodge fete on Saturday were Judy Bright, Thel Rahilly and Rhonda Richards.

PAGE 6 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fish Creek’s newest fish THE sculpture made from two fish that lined the Yarra River during the 2006 Commonwealth Games was officially launched in Fish Creek on Saturday. The sculpture, designed and made by Fish Creek’s Andrew McPherson and Ray Jones, had been under construction for many years. The fish is located between the Great Southern Rail Trail and the old butter factory on Falls Road. Ian Bracegirdle, who originally designed the fish for the Commonwealth Games said Andy and Ray had done a “beautiful job” of repur-

posing the fish. The Fish Creek fish is made from two of the 72 fish that lined the Yarra River in Melbourne during the Commonwealth Games. Former South Gippsland Shire Council councillor, Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks was instrumental in obtaining the two fish for Fish Creek after the games. “Each council in Victoria hosted nations during the Commonwealth Games. South Gippsland hosted four small Caribbean nations of St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Montserrat and Anguilla,” he said. “When it was made known the fish were available, I was asked to put in a bid to get a fish which I did.

Then I was asked to get another one.” Mr Nigel Hutchinson-Brooks said Andy and Ray did a fantastic job to turn two fish into one. “The cost to the community of the project was around $12,000. The one in Cardinia cost around $50,000,” he said. “It has been a good community project for Fish Creek, it has taken 10 and a half years but it is absolutely amazing. “It is very satisfying from my point of view to see what the community has done to deliver what is sure to become an icon of the town.”

Fish is flying: from left, Ray Jones, South Gippsland Shire Council councillor Meg Edwards (with Alex), South Gippsland Shire Council community strengthening manager Ned Dennis, Andrew McPherson, Ian Bracegirdle, Peter Wilson and former South Gippsland Shire Council councillor Nigel HutchinsonBrooks at the launch of Fish Creek’s newest fish sculpture on Saturday.

Gardens opened to raise funds TWO Fish Creek gardens were opened up to the public on the weekend, to raise money for the 2017 Fish Creek Relay for Life on the behalf of the Miracles Happen team. Coral Ackland and Susan and Peter Poletti opened their gardens, Coral on both Saturday and Sunday and the Polettis on Sunday only. Coral Ackland has been working on her garden since 2000 and her passion for roses really shows through.

She said the garden has been opened in the past, however this year, the money raised on the weekend would be donated to the Relay for Life. “I like to raise funds for cancer research, it is a pretty worthy cause,” she said. Coral said the weekend raised $1242.60 from both gardens. Raffle winners were Madeleine Buckley from Coral’s open garden and from Susan and Peter’s, first price was Neta Watkins, second place was Tracey Marr and third was Bec Kranen. Top team: from left, Bass Coast Health interim board

Service record: Bass Coast Health interim board chair Don Paproth presented employee chair Don Paproth, CEO Jan Child and executive director Connie Strosser with a certificate acknowlof medical services Bruce Waxman at the hospital’s an- edging 40 years of service to the hospital at nual general meeting last Thursday. the annual general meeting last Thursday.

Hospital looks forward BASS Coast Health is hoping to put the challenges of the past year behind it and progress after returning a much smaller deficit than anticipated. The board budgeted for a $2.25 million deficit in financial position for the 2015-16 financial year. The final result was $972,000 deficit, which repGarden enthusiasts: Jan and David Piggin from Foster enjoyed a wander around resented an improvement over the prethe Fish Creek garden of Coral Ackland on Saturday, which was open to raise vious year’s result of $2.94 million. Health service chief executive ofmoney for the 2017 Fish Creek Relay for Life. ficer Jan Child said it had been a challenging year, but amidst those challenges its staff excelled in many ways. “We need to be clear about how we service the whole community, not just Wonthaggi. That is starting to drive some of our thinking now,” she said.

“We need to run the health service like a business, bring in the revenue and maximise opportunities for funding. The good news is, we are on the right track.” Ms Child said while the hospital had improved patient access, there are still too many patients being sent on to other hospitals. Interim board chair Don Paproth said the best thing to happen to the health service in the last nine months was the appointment of Ms Child to the position of chief executive officer. “To say she has done a brilliant job would be an understatement,” he said. Mr Paproth said the health service would like to be solvent, in the red and making a profit, but those things come second to safety. “We are a rural health service. We should be and will be a sub regional

health service, but we are not there yet, we have to prove ourselves,” he said. “That is where we should be; we have to be to service the entire South Gippsland basin.” Mr Paproth said while it had been a difficult year in many ways, it was also extremely rewarding. He said the people of Bass Coast should be proud of its institutions, sporting clubs, schools, council and health service. “I think that is super important. Not everything we do is done extremely well, but most of it is,” he said. “I am confident for our future.” Mr Paproth said the health service is looking forward towards accreditation in March 2017, building the Phillip Island hub, and progression to sub regional status.

Armed robbery heads to court A WONTHAGGI man faced Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court last Wednesday in relation to an armed robbery at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club on November 19. Money raiser: Coral Ackland opened her Fish Creek garden on the weekend, to raise money for the 2017 Fish Creek Relay for Life.

The accused was remanded to

appear at Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court for a committal mention hearing on February 23, 2017. Armed Crime Squad detectives charged the 39 year old man after it was alleged the man armed with a firearm entered the club on Graham Street about 11.40pm and stole cash.

It is also alleged the man attempted to rob the Wonthaggi Golf Club the same day. The Wonthaggi man was charged with armed robbery and attempted armed robbery. Police would like to thank the public for its assistance in the investigation.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 7

Trail blazing By Sarah Vella THE Great Southern Rail trail was relaunched at Fish Creek on Saturday, to celebrate the trail’s completion as well as its new branding.

Bike guys: members of the coasters bike riding group, from left Kerry Baggallay, Richard Baillie, Margaret McPherson, Ken O’Neill and Greg Davis rode in for the relaunch of the Great Southern Rail Trail in Fish Creek on Saturday.

Riding high: Foster North’s Ross West had his penny farthing bicycle out and about for the relaunch of the Great Southern Rail Trail in Fish Creek on Saturday. Ms Shing said she was already working on extending the existing rail trail. South Gippsland Shire Council mayor councillor Ray Argento said the wisdom and the vision of the community saw the project through to completion. “This council has a goal to create more community partnerships. The rail trail is an example of that,” he said. Mr Argento said the council is keen to support community driven projects, which could include the extension of the rail trail.

Three friends: from left, Alex Talbot from Fish Creek, Noah Nudelman from Foster and William Talbot from Fish Creek had a ball playing on the platform at the relaunch of the Great Southern Rail Trail in Fish Creek on Saturday.

The now 72 kilometre continuous trail from Leongatha to Port Welshpool features 15 bridges and travels through 10 towns. The trail was officially relaunched by Eastern Victoria MLC Harriet Shing, who said the trail is a fantastic example of communities working together to manage a significant asset. Ms Shing praised the efforts and energy of the volunteer committee of management for its efforts over the past two decades to realise the vision of the Great Southern Rail Trail. “This is yet another fantastic example of the tireless efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers from this part of Gippsland who have worked together to manage and further improve a significant asset that is loved and enjoyed by people from all over Victoria,” she said. The rail trail now features new promotional signage and material to help showcase this extraordinary regional asset and the communities that surround it. Ms Shing said the rail trail plays an essential role in improving the physical and mental health of people who walk, ride or run along it, helping to promote a stronger, happier and safer community. “The railways of the past connected people and communities within Gippsland and similarly, the Great Southern Rail Trail now provides walkers, riders, cyclists and runners with some of the most beautiful and accessible tracks in the state,” she said. “From donkeys, to dogs, to penny farthings, now everyone can enjoy more of Gippsland’s beautiful countryside.”

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Happy pollies: from left, Gippsland South MP Danny O’Brien, Great Southern Rail Trail committee of management member Bruce Beatson, Eastern Victoria MLC Harriet Shing, South Gippsland Shire Council mayor councillor Ray Argento and CEO Tim Tamlin were all thrilled to be a part of the relaunch of the Great Southern Rail Trail in Fish Creek on Saturday.


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PAGE 8 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lennie statue ready to ride THE Lennie Gwyther statue will be ordered and put in place in Leongatha by May, with the fundraising target almost reached. Boosting the total last week were Graeme O’Connor from Great Southern Outdoors and Stuart McNaughton from Browns Fertilisers, who donated $1000 each to the fund. They presented the donations to Lennie’s sister Beryl Ferrier and niece Julie Campbell, who were in Leongatha last Tuesday, November 22. Peter Watchorn from the Lennie Gwyther statue project committee said the group had

nearly reached its target of $40,000 required for the statue. “It will take four months to make and we want to have it in place by May at the latest,” he said. The life sized statue will be made from bronze and will feature Lennie atop his horse Ginger Mick. Ms Ferrier said the statue was a wonderful way to honour her brother’s achievement. “The biggest aspect of it all is what it will hopefully do for Leongatha in the future,” she said. Mr McNaughton said Browns Fertilisers is a

longstanding local business and thought a donation towards the statue was a great way to show support for the local community. “It is a great story and we are happy to be involved,” he said. Mr O’Connor said his donation was just another example of a local business supporting the community. “It is what we do, day in and day out,” he said. Mr Watchorn said everyone should know the story, especially young children. “The statue will give the whole town something to be proud of,” he said.

Reveal all, council urged THE new South Gippsland Shire Council was urged to change the culture of council to more be transparent, at its first public meeting last Wednesday.

Generous business: back from left, Graeme O’Connor from Great Southern Outdoors, Stuart McNaughton from Browns Fertilisers and Peter Watchorn from the Leongatha Chamber of Commerce and Lennie Gwyther statue project committee with Beryl Ferrier and Julie Campbell, Lennie Gwyther’s sister and niece respectively. Graeme and Stuart both donated $1000 to the Lennie Gwyther statue project last Tuesday, November 22.

Number cruncher: Gus Blaauw of Venus Bay believes South Gippsland Shire Council is guarding information too closely.

Retired accountant Gus Blaauw of Venus Bay said council had refused to provide him with financial information and called for council to be more open. He said council’s excuse for not handing over the information due to compliance concerns was “just dumb”. “Commercial in-confidence is used by certain entities to not provide information because it may provide commercial advantage to a competitor,” he said. “Council should not use this excuse to not provide information.” Mr Blaauw said council officers offered information provided he not use it to write articles for local newspapers. Not happy with that response, he did not accept the information.

Cr Meg Edwards said, “Most of us around the table are keen to see transparency but understand some items have to be inconfidence.” Cr Jeremy Rich said council needed to review its culture to be more collaborative with the community. Mr Blaauw said the State Government had given council chief executive officers “more power than is warranted” and the public service solved problems by “throwing people and money at it”. He said council’s management structure was too heavy and did not believe the number of council managers had been reduced to nine, as per the 2015-16 annual report. “There is a structure here that is too heavy. I call it fat cats,” he said.

College burglary THE Leongatha Secondary College was burgled sometime over the weekend. The offenders have smashed their way into various areas and gone through lockers and broken padlocks. An unknown amount of laptop computers have been stolen. Any information can go to Leongatha police on 5662 2285 or the CIU in Wonthaggi on 5671 4100.

Paint splashed A CAR which was for sale in Young Street, Leongatha had blue paint splashed on it overnight on Thursday, November 24. The criminal damage was splashed on the black Holden Commodore. Leongatha police is seeking information from the public.

No license A LEONGATHA man will receive a summons to go to court when he was intercepted by police early Sunday morning. The P2 license holder was caught driving on a suspended license.

Ice, ammo in car A MAN was intercepted at the Korumburra BP service station last Wednesday, November 23 at 3am and was found to be in possession of ice and ammunition. The male from Leongatha will be summonsed to appear in court at a later date.

Motorcycle injury A WOMAN from Loxley suffered a broken arm as a result of a fall from her Ducati motorcycle on the gravel section of the Mount Eccles Road, Mount Eccles at 11am on Saturday, November 26. The 54 year old, who was on an organised weekend ride, was taken to Latrobe Regional Hospital for treatment. It is believed rider error caused the accident.

Smashed police car A MAN allegedly drunk has smashed a police car through the windscreen with a star picket after be-

ing apprehended in the front yard of his home near Ventnor on Phillip Island at 8.15pm on Saturday, November 26 Earlier police received information from the public of a very badly drunk driver on the Ventnor Road, Ventnor. A number of police units attended and followed a trail of damage to fences, driveways and other vehicles. Finally the police were able to locate the man who was very abusive and aggressive. After he smashed the police car he was arrested and is now facing a number of criminal and traffic charges. He will appear at court at a date to be fixed. No person was injured.

Punchbowl fall THE notorious Punchbowl cliff near San Remo has claimed another victim. Although the man fell from the cliff on Saturday, November 26 while trying to gain access to an area to do some rock fishing, he was lucky to survive after missing rocks and falling to the beach. The Melbourne man managed to crawl away from the water and was located by three fishermen who alerted the ambulance, CFA and police. The man was airlifted from the beach by Helimed 5 and transported to the Alfred Hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Jet ski rescue ON Sunday morning, November 27 a male was left stranded after his jet ski broke down in the Anderson’s Inlet. The male managed to swim and drag his jet ski to the sand bank at Point Smythe where he called police. Police and SES attended the Inverloch Boat Ramp and noticed a boat from the South Gippsland Yacht Club undergoing a training exercise. The guys from the yacht club were only too happy to help out with the rescue and towed the male safely back to the boat ramp.

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Jobs first Council backs business over neighbours

By Brad Lester A KORUMBURRA South business will double in size despite neighbours concerned about their amenity. South Gippsland Shire Council last Wednesday approved an amended permit for Parito Quen Nominees Pty Ltd, allowing the company to expand its depot at 15 Korumburra South Road. The company will create extra storage by erecting six extra silos, operate for longer hours and be able to store up to 3000m3 of rock and mulch on the site, zoned farming. Council received five objections from neighbours worried about noise, vibration, dust, extra traffic and safety. Councillors commented on the challenge of balancing the needs of business and neighbours. “It’s just unfortunate there are winners and losers,” Cr Andrew McEwen said. “There will be inspections, there will be vigilance by the council officers. This is an existing use. It’s an anomaly the planning scheme has caught up with it.” Cr Lorraine Brunt said the site had always been industrial, given it was formerly a sawmill. Cr Alyson Skinner said she considered the needs of the business owners and the objectors, but with the business offering around 24 jobs, she voted for the expansion. Cr Aaron Brown said the proposal satisfied all criteria, and “builds on the business and creates jobs for the area”, while Cr Jeremy Rich said he was following the planning officers’ advice to approve the permit. Cr Don Hill felt the number of

recommendations would address amenity issues. Mayor Cr Ray Argento was the only councillor to oppose the amended permit, later telling The Star, “We need to take into account the residents who have had businesses imposed on them and we need to make sure their amenity is also considered.” Before the council meeting, neighbour Lynette Amor urged council to reject the permit application, saying council had not enforced the previous permit conditions. “We were there first and we’ve never been considered,” she told council. “We have put with dust, noise, vibrations and long hours of operation. “Every time an issue comes up, it is put up or shut up.” A teary Ms Amor then asked, “Would any of you councillors like to live near this operation? I think not.” The site may be fully operational between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and 7am to 4pm Saturday, with administrative, refuelling and weighbridge use permitted between 6am and midnight Monday to Friday, 7am and 8pm Saturday, and noon to 8pm Sunday. Within a month of starting operation, the business must undertake noise monitoring. An objector appealed the original permit at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) but VCAT upheld council’s decision to approve that permit. The amendment application was approved by council’s engineering department and South Gippsland Water, while the Environment Protection Authority recommended some conditions.

Spreading word: Cheryl Lamb and Tim Howard of the Leongatha Community Garden are teaching the community to eat healthily.

BYO kitchen far from ideal for volunteers THE late country singer Slim Dusty sang of a pub with no beer. In Leongatha, there is a kitchen with no cooking gear. The volunteers of the Leongatha Community Garden are seeking $5000 to buy appliances and cooking equipment for the popular kitchen at the garden, at the site of the former Leongatha Primary School. They’ve applied to South Gippsland Shire Council’s community grants program for the money and last Wednesday, council met behind closed doors to discuss all applications. The garden’s Cheryl Lamb, a Leongatha cook of note, runs cooking classes at the garden, and has been carting her own equipment to and from the garden kitchen, which takes up to six hours to pack and transport both ways. The community garden’s grant application would fund the purchase of a microwave, oven, stools, extractor fan and cooking utensils. “The whole philosophy with the food program

is to teach people to eat healthy food. A lot of people have not got time to prepare good food and we are teaching them ways of eating good food,” Mrs Lamb said. Cooking classes are so popular they’re booked out and Mrs Lamb has prepared a book of recipes of her own creation to help spread the word about healthy eating. The garden’s Tim Howard said the group works with Gippsland Southern Health Service to run a cooking program for older, isolated people at the garden kitchen, but all equipment is brought from the Leongatha Hospital kitchen. “We also have facilitators who work with young people to teach them about cooking and growing vegetables,” he said. Volunteers have even created a vegetable garden at Leongatha Children’s Centre and helped establish the Meeniyan Community Garden. The outcome of the community grants applications will be known on December 14.

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Sarah Vella

Taylah Kershaw

Lester launches 54th book HAVING just taken out the prestigious 2016 Dromkeen Medal at a presentation at the State Library of Victoria, children’s author and illustrator Alison Lester celebrated the national launch of her latest book at her gallery in Fish Creek last Friday. Hello Little Babies is published by ABC books in conjunction with Harper Collins, and introduces six new babies to the world. Follow the first steps of Alice, Ruby, Mika, Zane, Vikram and Tom as they negotiate the important changes that happen to them over a year. Hello Little Babies is Alison’s 54th book, in a 30 plus year career as one of Australia’s much loved creators of children’s stories. award winThe Alison Lester Gallery/bookshop recently ning children’s author/illustrator Alison Lester celebrated its second anniversary in Fish Creek with launched her new book, Hello Little Babies, at the launch of the incredibly popular colouring book her Fish Creek gallery last Friday. Alison Lester’s Wonderful World.


MOST CREATIVE: these St Joseph’s Primary School Wonthaggi students won awards for the South Gippsland Water Week Poster Competition. Congratulations to Tess Wingfield (back, third right) and Oscar Hughes (back, second right) who will have their entries printed in next year’s calendar, and to all the year level winners.


Singer’s concert draws near

60 firing for Gooseneck Pottery

THE South Gippsland Singers are preparing for THE huge wood fired kiln at Kardella (in their annual Christmas the hills behind Korumburra/Leongatha concert on Sunday, De11. area) has now been fired for the 60th time. cember The singers were recently delight-

“The pots are cooling and as we delve into the chambers we are finding some rare gems and some beautiful pieces,” owner Robert Barron told The Star. “After having recently rendered the kiln, we find it has produced rich warm colours throughout the front of the kiln, subtle apricot tones in the middle and rich blue in the salt chamber. “It has been a very exciting process and a massive effort. A team of 20 people have been involved during the course of the five and a half day firing. Some helped out for a day or a few hours, others going for the entire marathon. “We fired to 1350 degrees centigrade, burnt Robert Barron: has just fired up the kiln for 25m3 of firewood and within the kiln, there are two the 60th time. You’re invited to call in the next and a half tonnes of clay made into pots.” two weekends at Gooseneck Pottery to view and In a firing such as this there would be between perhaps purchase one of the brilliant pieces. 2,000 and 3,000 pieces. These include cups, plates, jugs, baking dishes, mugs, bowl, bottles, large jars, plant tubs, platters, sculptural forms and decorative pieces. Visit the pottery to view these latest works, celebrate with the potter over a cup of wine and enjoy some cheese, olives and dips. PET CREMATIONS With Christmas just around the corner this is Leave your pet in the care of a local business when that sad day arrives the perfect opportunity to purchase some locally, handmade presents or to find that unique piece for Pearly Mates is a family owned business that has been operating in South Gippsland for five years. your own home. We offer affordable rates and a caring service. Rob will be demonstrating how to make pots Phone 0488 373 429 or visit on the wheel, and explaining how the kiln works MENTION THIS ADVERTISEMENT FOR SPECIAL RATES this weekend Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4 and December 10 and 11 from 10am to 5 pm. Gooseneck Pottery is located at 60 Kardella – Fairbank Road, Kardella, or phone Rob Barron on 0403 023 761 for more information. The pottery will also be open over the summer period. PEA2420005

Pearly Mates

ed to be reunited with their conductor Jen Holm. She had a break prior to the birth of her second daughter. Mrs Holm is now adding polish to the numbers being sung by choir members. They hope to see anyone in the

community who wants to come to the concert at the Dakers Centre, Leongatha starting at 2pm. As well as singing traditional and modern Christmas songs, you’ll also discover why they’ve called this concert Christmas LOL!

Welcome back Jen: from left, Margaret Atkins, Elke Monch, Joan Harris, Sheri Wright, conductor Jen Holm, Shirley Burchett, Vicki Bradley, Peter McAlpine and Lionel Wood at a recent rehearsal. LEONGATHA Lyric Theatre is seeking boys for its production of Hairspray in July 2017. The boys will be television show performers, and will sing and dance. Lyric will provide training. Boys aged 14 to 22 are preferred. Rehearsals start on January 22. Contact Ann Hemming via email for more information: DAIRY farmers are invited to attend a Christmas barbecue at Coal Creek Community Park and Museum on Sunday, December 11 from 10am to 2pm. There will be free entertainment, and comedian Beau Stegmann and musician Paulie Bignell will perform. The event is supported by Korumburra Leo and Lions clubs, and Need for Feed Disaster Relief. For enquiries, phone Katie 0414 414 055.

THE Dumbalk Christmas party will be held on Friday, December 2 in Memorial Park from 6pm onwards. Come along and meet people, and have a fun evening. There will be free jumping castles, Santa’s arrival, icy poles and sweets. Barbecues are provided but BYO drinks, eats and chairs. All most welcome. For more information contact Bev on 5664 4344 or Toine on 5664 1258. IT’S time to find those rubbish hotspots that need attention and register a local site for 2017 Clean Up Australia Day. So far this year, more than 750,000 volunteers have removed the equivalent of more than 16,000 ute loads of rubbish from 8205 locations across Australia. Registrations for 2017 CleanUp sites are now open. To register go to: www.cleanupaustraliaday.

GIPPSLAND South MLA Danny O’Brien is encouraging local community groups to apply for grants for projects that preserve and share stories of our region. He said grants of up to $15,000 are available under the Public Record Office’s Local History Grants Program. Projects that have been supported in the past through the Local History grants include the digitisation and preservation of newspapers, virtual exhibitions and websites, filmmaking and playwriting, historical walks and restoration of historical costumes. Applications for the Local History Grants Program are now open, closing at 5pm on January 31, 2017. For further information or to apply visit au/community-programs/grantsawards/local-history-grants

Vernon motivates Tassie graduates LEONGATHA Parrots Football Club coach Beau Vernon received a standing ovation following a motivational address at Work and Training’s annual graduation and awards ceremony in Launceston, Tasmania, recently.

Interstate experience: Leongatha Football Netball coach Beau Vernon (left) with Alan Brown of Wattle Bank at Work and Training’s annual event in Tasmania.

Work and Training is Tasmania’s largest employer of apprentices and trainees and also the largest private provider of training and assessment in the state. Chaired by Wattle Bank’s Alan Brown, Work and Training hosted an audience of more than 200 people at its annual event to celebrate the achievements of outstanding apprentices and trainees. Mr Vernon received a standing ovation by all on the

night. As a 23 year old football star, he was seriously injured in a football game and became a paraplegic. Five years on, Mr Vernon does motivational speaking to encourage others to never give up on their dreams. Mr Brown said that in his 50 years attending hundreds of functions, this was the first time he had seen such an overwhelming and enthusiastic reaction from the audience. “Not only was there a standing ovation but Beau was swamped by people following his speech, hoping to ask him questions,” he said. Mr Brown has been chairman of Work and Training for 14 years and is long time chairman of IntoWork Australia, another employer of apprentices and trainees.

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Hopes high for netball hub By Brad Lester THE Leongatha Football Netball Club is hoping it will be second time lucky. The club will apply for $100,000 from the State Government’s Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) Country Football Netball Program Round Two for its outdoor netball courts project. The funding will help build two asphalt netball courts, lighting, a shelter and fencing at the Leongatha Recreation Reserve. The club unsuccessfully applied for funding earlier this year. South Gippsland Shire Council has supported the application and if the SRV grant is successful, will also allocate $100,000 towards the project. The club will contribute a further $100,000. Cr Lorraine Brunt told council last Wednesday, “The club will have a significant contribution of $100,000, which will give it the opportunity to obtain external funding. I strongly support what will be of significant economic benefit in the future and end up providing a regional, quality fa-

cility.” One netball court was initially proposed due to limited funds but council’s engineers redesigned the layout of the courts to provide a more cost effective way of building two courts. Any project overruns will be the responsibility of the football netball club. If approved, the project is likely to be built in 201718. The courts will be located to the north-west of the recreation reserve. Council is also working with other clubs to apply for funding in the future. These are: • Fish Creek Football Netball Club: match court redevelopment; • Poowong Football Netball Club: netball court lighting upgrade; • Tarwin Lower Football Netball Club: females toilet/ changerooms development; • Korumburra-Bena Football Netball Club: court resurfacing. Will seek funding through council’s community grants; and • Toora Football Netball Club: social club and lighting upgrade.

Mirboo North set for revamp MIRBOO North residents have the opportunity to review the refreshed Mirboo North Structure Plan that identifies options to accommodate future growth in Mirboo North, and in particular the town centre. The new plan proposes some changes to planning policy and controls for land use, building and landscape, access and transport and open space. The existing structure plan required a review to respond to changes that have taken place since the last plan was prepared and to as-

sist with future decision making. People wishing to have their say can attend the community meeting at the Mirboo North Hall on Thursday, December 8 from 5pm to 7pm. Plans will be available to view at both sessions and the Mirboo North Library and South Gippsland Shire Council’s website during the consultation period from November 21 to December 16. Residents also have the opportunity to have their say by completing a quick survey at All community feedback received will be used to refine the final structure plan. The final plan will be presented to council in early 2017.

Standout feature: an artist’s impression of the cantilevered lookout proposed for Agnes Falls.

Lookout! Grand plan for Agnes Falls hinges on dollars

By Brad Lester A PROPOSAL to boost the tourism potential of Agnes Falls now rests with the State Government. South Gippsland Shire Council is hoping to build a cantilevered lookout that will protrude from the cliff and allow visitors to enjoy a better view of the 59m falls – the highest single span waterfall in Victoria, located in the hills between Toora and Welshpool. Council is also proposing to upgrade the car park, build a new entry path and signs, realign the path through the picnic area with new picnic facilities and revegetation, and upgrade the walking path to allow all abilities access to the water’s edge with repainted handrails and new benches installed. The projects total $700,000. Council last Wednesday voted to endorse an application for $350,000 to the government’s Tourism Demand Drive Infrastructure Program, as submitted on November 11. If that application is successful,

council will potentially contribute $350,000, although may work with the volunteer group Friends of Agnes Falls to reduce that sum. CEO Tim Tamlin told The Star council was willing to invest money into the falls, despite the Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve being a State Government asset. “It is unusual for council to do it but we do it. Check out the Long Jetty and the rail trail. Council sees values in delivering economic growth to the towns through these projects,” he said. Mayor Cr Ray Argento added, “Tourism is an area we need to grow and I believe this project can benefit the whole region.” Council also discussed the long term potential to link the falls with the Great Southern Rail Trail via a track that would the river downstream of the falls. Friends spokesperson Kathy Whelan last Wednesday told council the lookout would only bring even more tourists to the falls and broader area. “Before the friends group was formed, we would have had between 5000 and 6000 people visit. Nowadays the visitation has grown so much,” she said, noting 28,757 people visited the falls last financial year.

“We have so many visitors who are blown away by where the falls are.” Ms Whelan said when the friends group started four years ago, the falls reserve was in a state of neglect. “The grounds were overgrown and the falls were still a drawcard but not many people knew of them,” she said. Since then, the friends group has worked with Parks Victoria to install a new picnic shelter and toilet block in the grounds, distributed 22,000 promotional postcards, attracted sponsorship from Bendigo Bank and Evans Petroleum, and

created a Facebook page. Council has upgraded road signs to better inform tourists of the falls’ location. Cr Jeremy Rich flagged the prospect of a trail linking the falls with the Great Southern Rail Trail and Ms Whelan believed a path could follow the Agnes River Road, which was already popular with walkers, horse riders and cyclists. “It is just a marvelous walk and you have so many views of the river,” Ms Whelan said. Agnes Falls is the secondmost visited attraction in South Gippsland during winter.

Visionary proposal: Friends of Agnes Falls’ Kathy Whelan and vice president Peter Lee hope the State Government will back the proposal for a cantilevered lookout at the falls.

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Drive smart: Darren Chester, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, is urging Victorians to drive safely and be present around the Christmas table.

Road safety must be everyone’s priority IF we keep going on the current trend, there will be 30 more Victorians killed on our roads before Christmas. After decades of reductions in road trauma, Victoria is set to record the highest number of fatalities in three years and regional areas are suffering the most. I fear we have become accepting of road trauma as a price we have to pay for a modern transport system but I refuse to believe 300 people have to die each year on Victorian roads. For those of us who live outside the city, it’s alarming that you are more likely to be killed or injured on regional roads than anywhere else. Road safety needs to become more of a partnership between governments, police and the com-

munity. Each of us has a role to play as we push towards safer drivers, in safer cars on safer roads. As individuals, it’s time for us all to take responsibility for our own safety on the roads and the safety of our passengers and other road users. No more excuses for speeding, drink driving or checking text messages – we owe it to each other to adopt a safety culture every time we get behind the wheel. It’s also time for governments to work with motorists rather than blame them; it’s time for record spending on better roads; and it’s time for police to stop hiding behind trees and have an increased visual presence across the state. I fully support enforcement measures to detect offenders but a hidden speed camera has no influence on drivers’ behaviour until they receive a fine in the mail a

E D I T O R I A L Highway speed limits must be reduced THREE accidents in a month – one of them a fatality – is cause enough for a permanent solution to be found to improve safety on the bends in the South Gippsland Highway at Korumburra. The location in question – alongside Coal Creek Community Park and Museum – has long been a crash hotspot but recent incidents there could have resulted in more deaths. A man was killed during a head-on collision on Tuesday, November 22, and another man was hospitalised. A collision between a truck and car on November 12 resulted in four people being taken to hospital. On October 31, another four people were treated in hospital after two cars collided. There is talk of oil and diesel possibly being spilt on the road and contributing to at least collision, but this is to be confirmed. While drivers must always drive to the conditions, and that means slowing down on tight corners and in wet weather, people are people and make mistakes or are just plain careless. When the opportunity to make our roads safer, either by reducing the speed limit or roadworks to remove winding sections of highway, that opportunity must be taken by VicRoads and councils. Former highway police officer Wayne Beale is calling for the speed limit throughout the bends to be reduced to 60km/h and the limit along the nearby Silkstone straight also lowered from 100km/h to 80km/h. This would improve safety for sure by raising the likelihood of drivers, especially those unfamiliar with the area, slowing down and not sliding into oncoming traffic. The Silkstone straight, particularly at the Leongatha endnear what is locally known as Fisher’s corner, has also been the scene of accidents over the years. VicRoads should delay no longer and reduce the speed limits, as per the recommendation of an experienced police officer, to ensure police and other emergency services don’t have to attend further accidents. One man will already be missing from a dining table this Christmas. There’s no need for other seats to be empty too.

Letters guidelines ALL letters should be kept to 400 words or less. The Star reserves the right to edit all letters for length and style. Writer’s details, including full name, address and phone number (not for publication), must be included.

Letters to the Editor

couple of weeks later. A marked police car in a high profile location has an immediate impact and serves as a reminder to slow down and obey the road laws at all times. Last week the Federal Government announced a $345 million rural and regional roads package which will be matched by the State Government. It comes on top of existing funding commitments for highway duplications, road blackspots, safety treatments and heavy vehicle rest areas. It is a major commitment to building better and safer roads because we understand the link between a safe road environment and reductions in fatalities and serious injuries. We know that sober, drug free drivers who are not speeding will still make mistakes and we need to work with all levels of government to provide roads which offer more protection, particularly in regional areas. The need for ‘protection’ extends to the vehicles we drive. There’s a reason why the Coalition government supports the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) to crash cars and provide transparent information on the results. The ANCAP star ratings are an independent guide to assist car buyers – you owe it to yourself and your family to buy the safest car you can afford. It may save your life or the lives of the people you love. Road safety is not the government’s problem and it’s not a problem for the police to solve by themselves. The best Christmas present you can give your family and friends is to get home safely. Darren Chester, Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

Toilet thanks THANK you so much to anyone who supported my recent campaign for better sanitation as part of UN World Toilet Day. It’s not the most appealing cause, but of vital importance in the fight to eradicate extreme global poverty. The statistics are staggering: 2.3 billion people don’t have access to improved sanitation, 15 percent of the global population still defecate in the open, more than half the schools in the least developed countries have no access to sanitation facilities, and one third of health centres worldwide don’t have access to a decent water supply system, decent sanitation or even proper soap. The $1750 I (we) have raised so far in the community will be of some help in improving these statistics, and will certainly improve and save lives. Johanna Haasjes, WaterAid Australia campaigner, Leongatha.

Dangerous intersection ON SUNDAY night, November 20, a serious car accident occurred at the intersection of Sandy Mount Avenue, and Bayview Avenue, Inverloch, requiring ambulance and fire brigade attention. My family has lived in Sandy Mount Avenue for nearly three years and this is the second serious accident we have seen in that time. This intersection is dangerous because of the acute angles and blind spots, in conjunction with the high speeds drivers tend to take through the intersection. A roundabout at this intersec-

Email: Post: PO Box 84 Leongatha 3953 Fax: 03 5662 4350

tion is needed to save lives. Anything less is to ignore a serious hazard that is causing frequent casualties. I hope Bass Coast Shire Council will assign this matter its highest priority. Will Hume, Inverloch.

Innovating Korumburra I WOULD like to heartily congratulate all those people involved in developing the Korumburra Township App detailing businesses, organisations and events. It was launched at a highly successful event on Monday, November 21, with more than 80 people attending. The app is downloadable for free and is a state of the art way of locals and visitors understanding what is available and how to access services, businesses and events. The app was a proposal of Bronwyn Beach at one of the two future workshops the Korumburra Roundtable organised in 2015-16. Korumburra Community Development and Action (KCDA) sponsored the project, council provided some funds and the bulk of the hard work was done by Brownyn and Brad Beach, Pee Wee Lewis and Noelene Cosson. The Korumburra Roundtable is proving successful at identifying projects and facilitating their implementation. Projects now include entrance signage and township logo, formation of Korumburra Arts Group, co-organising Christmas event, a brochure on the 23 murals of Korumburra, music events, storytelling and arts events. Currently they have been

working with residents and organisations to finalise a Korumburra Plan, which will identify key priority projects to advance Korumburra. The app, along with Meeniyan free Wi-Fi and the Prom Country Tourism App, are taking the shire onto the cusp of the implications and potential of a digital approach to promoting tourism, businesses and community development. I believe we should be exploiting the potential and cost effectiveness for a common digital strategy for the shire and the potential to grow the already some 120 digital creative industry businesses in the shire. The draft Korumburra Plan identifies the opportunity for developing a co-working space for creative industries in Korumburra. Korumburra is on the move with the new bespoke bicycle shop and the arts space opening shortly, and the potential for the railway precinct, as a major new community, business and public space. Now we all have to engage in developing the new council’s four year plan in arguing for bringing forward the re-development of Commercial Street to 2017-18 and the construction of a community hub in the railway precinct. Korumburra pays some 14 percent of the rates of the shire, and deserves an equitable and fair share of council resources. Once again a fantastic job done by the Korumburra Roundtable, the KCDA, and the people who did the hard yards in completing the app. Cr Andrew McEwen, Strzelecki Ward, South Gippsland Shire Counci.


What sort of garden do you have at home?

“It can be a frustrating garden when it gets eaten by the possums and the wallabies. Mostly I have flowers and shrubs, and I have some potted plants on my verandah.” Jean Carnell, Hallston.

“I have a small garden in Inverloch with roses, lots of flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees.” Margie Keys, Inverloch.

“My garden has lots of roses, vegetables and lemons.” Heather Kaye, Narre Warren.

“I have a mixed garden with roses and native shrubs.” Valda Shellcott, Leongatha.

Viplus complaint unjustified VIPLUS Dairy in Toora has been defended by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, after China requested a review of the company’s products. In early November, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) received notification from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) requesting a registration review of Viplus Dairy. Viplus Dairy CEO Peter Cunningham said the review was completed on November 7 and confirmed Viplus operated a sound and robust system.

“DAWR has issued its official satisfactory compliance report to CNCA confirming procedures outlined under the Sino-AUS Food Safety Regime are being adhered to,” he said. “Viplus Dairy will cooperate with any further reviews while continuing to supply high standard and high quality milk formula to consumers.” A DAWR spokesperson said through investigation and audit, the department was satisfied there was no justification for the complaint, and verified Viplus Dairy was operating in compliance with both Australian and Chinese food safety requirements. “The department has no concerns regarding the ongoing safety of the dairy products produced by Viplus and have advised CNCA of

this,” they said. “The department has requested the lifting of any suspension imposed on Viplus and that it is permitted to resume access to the Chinese market.” The spokesperson said the department takes all allegations leveled at Australian manufacturers seriously and remained confident food safety systems in Australia continue to ensure the production of safe, high quality dairy products. “The department is working closely with CNCA to ensure restored access is provided to Viplus,” they said. Last Wednesday, a delegation of 30 Chinese salespeople visited the Toora factory, ahead of selling baby food by Viplus in China.

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South Gippsland Shire briefs Book praise THE launch of a new book celebrating the region’s farmers was acknowledged by councillors Andrew McEwen and Jeremy Rich. The publication, Love, Sweat and Passion, Producing Fine Food and Wine in South Gippsland, was compiled by Jenny O’Sullivan, Jillian Staton and Uri Fogel. The book celebrates seven farmers, Waratah Hills Vineyard, Golden Creek Olives, Ruby Hills Organics, Montrose Dairy, Terramirra Park Venison, Prom Country Cheese and Malabar Farm. The book was launched at Waratah Hills Vineyard on November 19 and again at Corrie’s Bookstore, Toora, last Thursday.

Spending review CR Lorraine Brunt has urged councillors to review their expenditure after the expenditure of the previous council was $9888 over budget. “Openness and transparency starts with us,” she told council last Wednesday. “If everyone was going to get their own car, we are going to run into trouble. Maybe we need to look at using the council pool car if a number of us are going to a meeting.” In the councillor expenditure report for July 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016, councillor allowances appeared to be $16,465 over budget. A council spokesperson said this was “an accounting profile issue, not an over-expenditure”. “The payments are paid

in advance of the month they apply to, which can make the profile of the funding look out,” the spokesperson said. “The amounts balance out to the correct amount by the end of financial year.”

Dr Mario Croatto for his dedication to the community. Describing him as a “local hero”, Cr Argento said Dr Croatto was a confidant for many in the community and for many years was the only Italian speaking doctor in the area. “He will be sadly missed by the community that he loved so dearly,” he said.

Gifts, donations discouraged • Cr Brunt.


Station spruce CR LORRAINE Brunt acknowledged the volunteers who had beautified gardens at Korumburra Railway Station recently. A plaque was unveiled at the station to recognise the volunteers’ efforts. The project was coordinated by community worker Shirley Cowling. “Council can be proud of what has been achieved there,” Cr Brunt said.

COUNCILLORS and staff are discouraged from accepting gifts and donations during their duties, under a policy South Gippsland Shire Council adopted last Wednesday. Council’s Acceptance of Gifts and Donations Policy now considers a gift to be valued at $60 or more, and requires councillors and staff to obtain approval from the CEO (for staff) and the mayor (for councillors) before accepting gifts valued at more than $250. Ultimately, the policy’s preference is that no gifts be accepted.

Road opening

• mayor Cr Ray Argento.

Mayor honours late doctor SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council mayor Cr Ray Argento paid tribute to the late

THE public will be invited to comment on a proposal by South Gippsland Shire Council to declare land it owns as a road. The land in Weymes Road, Mount Eccles, is required to be declared as a road to allow legal access to an adjoining property. Council will take public submissions until 5pm, Wednesday, January 4. Council will hear submissions or if none are received, will public the road declaration in the Victoria Government Gazette.

Ace Industrial leads the field IT was early March when Ace Industrial opened a store in the Leongatha industrial estate. Branch Manager, Trevor Arnold said he was so thrilled with the reception and support the business had received in Leongatha and South Gippsland, that he wished to thank their growing client base which extends from Phillip Island in the west to Yarram in the east. Ace Industrial understands the value of quality products offering reliability to Primary Producers, Engineering and General Workshops, which is why they stock brands such as WIA Welding Equipment, McMillan Air Compressors, Typhoon Hand Tools & Sutton Cutting Tools and many other brands recognized as the best available. To support the quality product range offered, ACE prides itself on having brought together a staff which has a first class knowledge of the industrial supplies industry. Proprietor Doug Reid first moved to South Gippsland over 30 years ago and has continually been involved in the industry locally for all those years. Born and bred in South Gippsland, store manager Trevor Arnold has 28 years’ experience in the industry and delivers as up to date and broad a knowledge as you will find anywhere. That is the quality that runs right through this business. Denis Holt grew up on a farm in Kongwak and he is the store’s go to man for sourcing products and getting them out to where they are required in a hurry. Sales representative Rowan Smith grew up in Archies Creek and is the kind of employee who just can’t help himself: he has to go the extra yard beyond the job description to make not himself happy, but the client happy. Doug Wilkinson is the most recent person to join the Ace Industrial staff as

Quality and service: from left, Denis Holt, Doug Wilkinson, and Trevor Arnold at the Ace Industrial store in McPherson Street, Leongatha, surrounded by some of the vast array of high quality industrial supplies available. storeman and delivery driver. Mr Arnold said, “He never stops. He is always finding something to do and if he has a personal motto it is likely ‘No-one is left waiting’.” Right now, with hay being cut and silage placing huge demands on resources – machine, man and woman – servicing the farm community is constantly drawing on staff’s combined experience, knowledge and desire to provide first class service. Ace Industrial offers an after-hours service for emergency breakdowns and is open right through the Christmas and

New Year period, except for the main public holidays. Make the store a must see for a Christmas gift for Dad, or whoever the man is in your life. There are tools for the workshop, compressors, pressure cleaners and perhaps he needs lubricants to prompt him to service the caravan or boat trailer before they set off for the river bank or ocean for that well earned break. Is your dad hard to buy for? Wait until you have visited Ace Industrial – it is easier to please him than you dreamed might be possible.

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Protesters welcome gas debate By Brad Lester MIRBOO NORTH residents were among those coal and coal seam gas protesters to welcome the introduction of legislation to ban the controversial mining methods in the Victorian Parliament last Wednesday. The legislation seeks to formally ban fracking and unconventional gas mining in Victoria, and will need to be passed by the lower and upper houses. Opponents say the mining methods risk contaminating water and threaten the viability of agriculture. Friends of the Earth community campaigner Ursula Alquier said, “We call on the Liberal and National parties to support this legislation and show they too stand with rural communities.” South Gippsland Shire councillor Andrew McEwen hailed the parliamentary debate as a victory for farmers. “Many people and communities have fought so hard to protect their health and farmland,” he said. “South Gippsland is highly productive farmland in one of the few climate secure areas in southern Australia. The concept of putting this at risk for du-

bious short term benefits was pure madness.” Whether the legislation is supported by the Coalition remains to be seen, with opposition leader Matthew Guy saying, “The moratorium is already in place and already operating, so why is (Premier) Daniel Andrews desperately pushing this legislation through when there’s a crime crisis and important legislation like our youth parole changes and the ‘No Body, No Parole’ to get through before the end of the year. “Instead of congratulating himself for following the Liberal Nationals lead on unconventional gas, Daniel Andrews should address Victoria’s emerging energy crisis. The closure of Hazelwood will not only mean the loss of thousands of jobs, it will hike up electricity bills by up to 25 percent putting even more cost of living pressures on Victorian families.” Nationals leader Peter Walsh said his party was committed to protecting the environment and water sources for farmers. “The former Liberal Nationals government took a lead on this issue when we established the moratorium on unconventional gas,” he said. “Labor showed strong support for fracking in the past, approving 73 exploration permits and 23 fracking permits before there was any research or understanding of the impact. “We will be carefully considering the detail of

this bill before we come to any decision.” The legislation could lead to higher energy costs and supply risks for energy customers, according to Energy Networks Australia. CEO John Bradley said access to natural gas was vital to enable Victoria’s transition to a cleaner energy future. “Blanket bans on gas development are a high risk strategy, given no other state depends more on secure access to this low carbon energy source than

Victoria,” he said. “This year the Australian Government identified a gas supply shortfall for Victoria and southern states over the next 20 years, so blanket bans can only drive up prices or increase the risks of a shortfall that threaten jobs and households.” Mr Bradley said it was appropriate for governments to introduce stringent environmental regulation and access frameworks to provide confidence to landholders.

Lights to fix intersection By Sarah Vella THE Wonthaggi community was given an opportunity to voice its opinion about traffic signals and a raised road safety platform proposed for one of the town’s busiest intersections last Wednesday. VicRoads held a community drop in session at the Wonthaggi Centennial Centre to discuss improving the intersection of Bass Highway (McKenzie Street) and Korumburra-Wonthaggi Road. VicRoads team leader integrated transport and land use Chris Padovan said while the traffic lights were normal, the raised platform was a point of difference for the intersection.

Taking a stand: Gayle Margaret and Marg Thomas of Coal and CSG Free Mirboo North (second from right and right) thank the State Government for its legislation to ban fracking and coal seam gas at Parliament House, Melbourne, last Wednesday. Intersection questions: Anne-Marie Adamson from Wonthaggi and VicRoads planning engineer Luke Bryant discuss the traffic lights and the raised road safety platform proposed for an intersection in Wonthaggi.

“It is designed to encourage drivers to slow down as they approach and travel through the intersection,” he said. “Based on the lower speeds, if someone makes a mistake it should minimise injury.” Mr Padovan said the design of the intersection aimed to provide balance between general traffic and equity of access for pedestrians and cyclists. “Providing that balance was important, particularly with schools close by,” he said. Mr Padovan said some people attending drop in session questioned the appropriateness of traffic lights, opposed to a roundabout. “The proposed intersection is better for pedestrians and the footprint of a roundabout would have impacted on nearby properties, which was not a great outcome for the local community,” he said. Anne-Marie Adamson moved to Wonthaggi around 12 months ago and said one of the appeals of the town was the lack of traffic lights. “I think VicRoads could work a bit harder to install a roundabout there instead. I feel for the long term benefit of the town, it should be something they investigate carefully,” she said “Roundabouts flow really well. You are not left sitting there.” Mr Padovan said generally, the drop in session was positive. “A lot of people have concerns about the intersection as it currently is, particularly around delays and safety,” he said. “People feel uncomfortable using it and avoid it, which puts a strain on the local road network.” Mr Padovan said VicRoads will continue to work with the local community, refine the design and work with the State Government for potential funding opportunities. “The project is estimated to be worth $3.7 million and we would expect it to take around two years to construct,” he said. “The first year would include underground relocations and the second year to build the actual intersection.” Mr Padovan said construction would be scheduled to avoid busy periods like Christmas. “We would work with the local community and the bass Coast Shire Council to minimise the impacts of the build,” he said.

Could be: an artist’s impression of the proposed intersection in Wonthaggi.

Mayor’s message Cr Pamela Rothfield

I’M just over a week in my new role as mayor of Bass Coast Shire and I’ve certainly had to hit the ground running! Whilst it was a week of firsts, it was also a week of many proud moments, and I thought I’d share some of them with you in my inaugural Mayor’s Message. Last Wednesday night, I’m very happy (and relieved) to say we, the new council, survived our first ordinary council meeting of our term. I’d like to thank the gallery for its patience as we worked through the meeting process for the first time, but I am happy to report that it ran smoothly. The next meeting will be held at the Cowes Cultural Centre at 5pm on Wednesday, December 14, so we hope to see plenty of community members there on the night. On Thursday night, Bass Coast was awarded not one, but two awards at the 2016 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards. Our Phillip Island and Bass Coast Visitor Information Centre Network was awarded gold in the Visitor Information Services Award category for the second year running, and Bass Coast Shire Council was awarded bronze in the Local Government Award for Tourism category. I’d like to congratulate all our tourism and visitor

information centre staff and volunteers for the wonderful work they do and the well-deserved recognition. The network has also been named a finalist in the national awards, which will be held in Darwin in February. We also received the great news council has officially been accredited a White Ribbon Workplace to coincide with White Ribbon Day on Friday, November 25. Over the past 18 months, the organisation has been undertaking training to create a safer and more respectful workplace. Council staff were out and about in Cowes, Wonthaggi and Inverloch on Friday taking ‘selfies’ with community members in special White Ribbon Day frames, and raising awareness of men’s violence against women. Council is also running free Mentors in Violence Prevention community sessions on Tuesday, December 6 at the Cowes Cultural Centre from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, and at the Inverloch Community Hub from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The training aims to empower bystanders and provide them will skills to confront, interrupt or prevent violence. If you’d like to attend, please contact Rebecca Scott on (03) 5671 2761 by Friday, December 2.

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New look: the Centennial Centre will continue to be a Wonthaggi icon with a new purpose, housing artists, businesses and volunteers.

New life for Centennial Centre THREE Wonthaggi community groups are soon to settle into their new home. Wonthaggi ArtSpace, Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association and the Information Centre volunteers signed the memorandum of understanding, and will be calling the Centennial Centre home. “ArtSpace Wonthaggi is looking forward to a bright future ahead,” ArtSpace president Ursula Theinert said. “A big thank you to all of the committee, artists and volunteers for your generous and kind support and forward thinking resolve to move ArtSpace into a new beginning. “The renovations have begun and hopefully by the end of the week we will begin moving in.” The centre will continue to offer information to locals and visitors through the professional, dedicated information volunteer team. Wonthaggi Business and Tourism Association will support local businesses from the new site and is looking forward to what it will be able to achieve with a designated space to work. It will be a great space used to link local art-

ists with collectors and provide a vehicle for the continuing pursuit of art excellence in the region. ArtSpace Wonthaggi will continue to operate from its current location in McBride Avenue until January 9 to help with the transition. Ms Theinert thanked ArtSpace Wonthaggi’s landlords Neil Rankine and Nola Maxfield for providing the opportunity for the gallery to begin its journey. “The Centennial Centre is a beautiful building and will make a stunning art gallery,” Ms Theinert said. “There is also a spacious boardroom for hire in the centre, which can be used to host a range of meetings, training, information sessions and more. “The alliance is looking forward to making use of the beautiful surround of the Wonthaggi Centennial Centre. The grounds make an excellent backdrop to any number of community, artistic and cultural events. It’s an exciting time ahead.” The businesses, artists and volunteers will work together to make the centre a dynamic community and tourism hub.

Mayor’s message Cr Ray Argento

TO start this week’s Mayor’s Message I wish to dispel a myth I hear all too often within our community – that council employs far too many staff. Council employs 230 full time staff, not 600 as rumoured, many of whom work on the outdoor crew where some assist in servicing 2093 kilometres of local roads within our shire. This figure doesn’t include VicRoads roads which interconnect our towns. What is also impressive is that council’s valuable community services are supported by 900 council volunteers. Someone who knows a great deal about volunteering is my deputy, Cr Maxine Kiel. Her passion for South Gippsland and commitment to making decisions for the greater good are obvious and invaluable. She is driven by a desire to support every community and her connection with our volunteer community is vitally important. Cr Maxine Kiel – deputy mayor I am a Sydney girl having grown up in the inner western suburbs. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship after secondary school to allow me to further my education with a four year part time position in accountancy, at the same time working for the Australian Tax Department. I am a Justice of the Peace in NSW being inducted by Paul Keating who was our local member. I have two adult children from a previous marriage and moved to Melbourne after meeting

Colin on the Gold Coast. Here, we started Kiel Industries Pty Ltd, which is a plastic rotational moulding business, making large hollow parts such as pallets, playground equipment, motor parts and bins. Our daughter Jacqueline was born there and in 1994 we moved to Mirboo North with the assistance of the Mirboo Shire Council on a decentralisation program. The best move we ever made! I have been on school council, hockey club, scout and dance committees, and various business and development committees. For the last 20 years I have been part of the committee dedicated to promoting tourism and business in Mirboo North. I am heavily involved with the RSL, completing a history of their previous committee positions, along with a full list of the World War One soldiers from our area. I am also a member of the Mirboo and District Historical Society and the community foundation, as well as a shareholder of our community bank. But it’s not all business! I have a passion for older vehicles, being vintage and veteran cars dating back to 1912. We have a small collection and enjoy taking them out for a spin, especially when our wintry South Gippsland weather permits. I look forward in serving my region as councillor and supporting Cr Argento as deputy mayor.

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Music award: Newhaven College Year 9 student Imogen Price performed an original song with her band during the Newhaven Dux of 2015: Newhaven College’s dux of Top effort: from left, some of the award winning Newhaven College students, Ingrid Nunn, College presentation evening at the Senior 2015 Morgan Roney gave an inspiring talk Sports and Values; Nathan Foote, Values; Wil Vanderstaay, Values; and Mitchell Fallaw, School in Newhaven on Thursday. She was of life after school during the presentation Graphics; were presented with certificates during the annual presentation evening at the also awarded one of the top music awards for evening on Thursday. 2016. Senior School in Newhaven on Thursday.

Wonthaggi builders confirmed for multimillion Island college WONTHAGGI’S DAS Constructions was officially confirmed as the builder for the new $10 million Newhaven College Senior School at the college’s annual presentation night on Thursday, November 24. Wasting no time in making a start, DAS Constructions managing director Dale Sartori, Newhaven College board, project manager David Butt and college principal Gea Lovell attended the first site meeting at the Phillip Island Road Campus yesterday morning , Monday, November 28. Speaking at the presentation evening to the hundreds of students, teachers, parents and friends in attendance, Newhaven College board

chair Greg Price was thrilled to officially announce, “We have appointed DAS Constructions to commence the building of our new Senior Learning Centre and Specialist Arts, Science and Technology Wing. “This is the single largest phase of our construction program to date and will be the catalyst to combine our school as one. “The Phillip Island Road Campus will be amongst one of the finest regional educational facilities in Australia. It is a huge asset for our community and our children’s future. “It is an exciting and fulfilling time for our children to be a part of this historic moment, in the life of our school. “The new buildings will be completed in

time for the commencement of the school year in 2018. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our principal Mrs Gea Lovell for the many hours of detailed work involved in obtaining Federal and State government grants, which have been fundamental in helping us achieve our goals. “Mrs Lovell manages all of this, while still being charged with running our busy school. “I would also like to thank our hard-working board of directors who give up many hours of their personal time to contribute and work on the school board.” In her address, principal Gea Lovell praised the hard work of the students “who have achieved success on so many levels”.

She also thanked the board members, parents association, staff and teachers. Returning to the college for the evening, Newhaven’s dux of 2015 Morgan Roney gave an inspiring talk on her first year out of school and the struggles she faced moving to Melbourne to continue her studies and tackling her first year in medicine. While she admitted it was not all a bed of roses, she encouraged students to never be afraid to ask for help and to “be resilient”. Awards recognising excellence across the curriculum were handed out to students from years 5 to 11 during the night, and some of the talented music and dance students performed some beautiful songs and dance routines.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 17

State accolade for Gemma GEMMA Martin of Leongatha Secondary Collage was one of seven Victorian students presented with a Victorian 2016 Senior Secondary Leadership Award in the Queens Hall of Parliament House recently. The awards are presented to students who made a significant leadership contribution to their school and community. In the last two years, Gemma raised more than $18,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. She coordinated fundraising events such as the World’s Greatest Shave, and developed partnerships with local businesses and community groups to raise funds.

Gemma is a school leader and is involved with her local community as a youth leader, Beacon Foundation Ambassador and member of the Meeniyan Dumbalk United Football Netball Club. The award was presented to Gemma by Judith Grayle, Parliamentary Secretary for Education, who noted the inspirational role model young leaders such as Gemma present to the community. In her acceptance speech, Gemma spoke of her passion for leading younger people, and of the satisfaction she had derived from mentoring up and coming young leaders and being able to assist them through the insights gained in her own journey.

On the map: 14 students from Leongatha Secondary College participated in the 2016 Australian Geography Competition. Five students were awarded a certificate of distinction, placing them in the top 23 percent in Australia. Two students were awarded a certificate of credit. Back, from left, teacher Josh Peach, and students Jade Rhoden, Zac Scholte, Hannah Box, Grace Thorson, Alexandra Scott and Niamh Martin. Front, Shem Murphy, Irene Thorson, Amelia Riseley and Aliesha Wrigley.

Victorian honour: from left, Chris Wardlaw, chairman of the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority, Russell Ogden, senior school leader at Leongatha Secondary College, Gemma Martin, recipient of a Victorian 2016 Senior Secondary Leadership Award, and Julie Jacobs, student wellbeing and pathways support at Leongatha Secondary College.

Strong case: from left, the winning debating team from Leongatha Secondary College, teacher Alex Newbold, Hannah Box, Grace Thorson, Ruby Martin and teacher Josh Peach after their success in the Leongatha Rotary Club debate.

Debate shield returns to LSC LEONGATHA Secondary College (LSC) has won the annual Ross Pearson Memorial Debate held by Leongatha Rotary Club. Competing against Mary MacKillop College, the LSC team of Year 10 students Ruby Martin, Hannah Box and Grace Thorson were pleased with the result. After several weeks of preparation and re-

search on the issue that ‘technology is not assisting with good education,’ where the LSC team argued the affirmative side, LSC won the shield. With tough competition from Mary MacKillop’s Billie Quigley, Bridget Keily, James Rowley and reserve Jack Wilson, it was a close contest that saw Leongatha victorious. The award for best speaker of the night was awarded by to Hannah Box.

TWO men from South Gippsland are expected to be charged on summons with illegally taking a grey nurse shark at Corner Inlet. Following a short investigation, Fisheries officers from Yarram and Cowes, assisted by Victoria Police, executed two search warrants earlier this month in Koonwarra and Welshpool. Grey nurse sharks are listed as threatened and are protected under Victorian and Commonwealth legislation. They are also on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s red list of threatened species as critically endangered.

There are two main populations of grey nurse shark in Australia. The east coast population lives along the coast of NSW and southern Queensland and the west coast population in the southwest waters of Western Australia. In another matter, officers apprehended a Venus Bay man allegedly breaching a court-imposed fishing ban prescribed under the Fisheries Act. The man’s original ban prohibited him from recreational fishing after he was caught taking a large amount of squid for sale near Mornington. Anyone who sees or suspects illegal fishing activity is urged to call the 24-hour reporting line 13FISH (133474).


Shark catch lands men in trouble

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KORUMBURRA all wrapped up Feeling festive in Korumburra KORUMBURRA is aiming to be one of the most festive towns in South Gippsland as shop owners prepare to get all wrapped up this Christmas. Korumburra Business Association president Noelene Cosson said the group was keen to bring the Christmas spirit to the town by doing something a little bit different. She said the business association has asked all the shops to participate in the ‘Korumburra has your Christmas all wrapped up’ promotion this year. “We are asking them to decorate the outside of their windows, to make it look like it is a wrapped up window,” she said. “We thought we would go with something a little bit

different to our normal Christmas decorations. “It is always hard to put up decorations in the main street, so we felt this was a way to make the town look decorated and to have everyone contribute in a small but similar way with their own shop.” To add to the festive feeling, a nativity scene will be created by the St Paul’s Anglican Church in one of the empty shops on the main street as well. For the little ones, there is currently a Christmas colouring competition underway with two images available, one for children up to five, and one for six to 12 year olds. The children up to five colouring competition is also printed in The Star this week so you can use this form as an alternative. “They can also be picked up from some of the shops in

Korumburra, or people can contact the business association and we can email them out,” Ms Cosson said. “The schools are all going to be involved in the competition, which is open to everyone.” Completed pictures need to be returned by December 15 and they will be displayed in shop windows along Commercial Street in Korumburra. The town’s Christmas celebrations will culminate with a street party on Saturday, December 17 from 9am to 12pm. The day will include free Santa photos in the main street of Korumburra, giveaways, music from the South Gippsland Concert Band, two balloon artists and other entertainment. The winners of the colouring competition will also be announced during the street celebrations.

Friends of Hillside Lodge raise magic million ANNE Millar Mill andd husband h b d Eric E i Millar Mill from Friends of Hillside Lodge Op Shop are celebrating. Anne is delighted to let the community know that Friends of Hillside has just made its first million since opening. With all the money directly supporting Hillside Lodge, Anne, Eric and other volunteers ask the community to keep donating and shopping with this great

l l bbusiness i ll others th too. t local andd all Anne said they are the only op shop in Korumburra able to take furniture and they have everything you could possibly need this Christmas including some great retro bargains in-store. Anne urges everyone to “Shop locally where your dollar counts”. “All of us at Hillside wish to thank the community for its support and we will continue to work hard for Hillside Lodge this Christmas,” Mrs Millar said.

Magnificent effort: it may be hard to believe but Anne and Eric Millar, pictured, have let it slip that Friends of Hillside Lodge has now cracked the million dollar mark of funds raised for Korumburra’s nursing home which offers residential and respite care provided by Gippsland Southern Health Service.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 19

KORUMBURRA all wrapped up Simply White, simply divine By Jane Gardner SIMPLY White antiques and collectibles shop has moved to Korumburra, now located in the main street at 51 Commercial Street, Korumburra (formerly Hopwood’s Repairs building). Owner Barb says she is delighted to move her business to Korumburra from Loch and is currently working out the best days and hours to trade in her new location. Initially Simply White will be opening Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.30am till 4.30pm and Saturdays from 9am till 1pm. However Barb plans to adjust her days if the need arises and may extend her hours leading into Christmas. With great experience and more than 41 years trading in antiques, Barb and her husband Peter have a beautiful selection of quality pieces available in store including many beloved items from Barb’s own collection. Since her move into Korumburra she can no longer keep these items which

Worth a look: Barb, pictured, is delighted to have relocated her Simply White business into Korumburra. are now for sale. hard to find”. Barb has gorgeous antique linen in-store and Vintage clothing is also featured and there is a said “many customers travel from far and wide to stunning collection of estate jewellery for sale with purchase linen from her shop, as good quality is valuations. Striking and popular stirling silver jew-

ellery is also available, including very fashionable and sometimes hard to find Marcasite rings. Unique and interesting antique furniture is complimented by a few select new products available for purchase and together, these are sure to compliment any home. Be sure you purchase your antiques from a trusted antique dealer and you are guaranteed to be happy with your item. Knowing the providence of a piece is important and can impact any potential re-sale or perhaps just help in providing knowledge when gifting the piece to family members in the future. So whether it’s a small something you are looking for or a large distinctive piece, Simply White is a great place to find that special something for your home or loved one. Barb and staff wish all their customers a “simply divine Christmas” and hope you will stop in and browse, enjoy their friendly atmosphere and you may just find that perfect gift this Christmas.

Go orange for a cause MILPARA Community House is urging Korumburra residents to reach out to their neighbours and businesses to colour their neighbourhoods orange until December 10. Orange is the colour to raise awareness about the global pandemic of violence and to discuss solutions. Ways to take part include projecting orange lights and hanging orange flags on local

Festive feel at The Tiny Teapot Café OWNERS of The Tiny Teapot Café, Cherie Pritchett, pictured left, and Maria Arestia, invite you to enquire about their venue for your Christmas party. The café is now fully licensed and with great service and an inviting feel, The Tiny Teapot has a lot to offer.

landmarks; decorating businesses, schools and sports events orange; and turning your emails orange. The event is taking place between November 25, which is White Ribbon Day, and December 10, International Human Rights Day. For further details about how you can become involved in ‘oranging’ your neighbourhood, contact Milpara Community House on 5655 2524 or send an email to milpara@dcsi.

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KORUMBURRA all wrapped up Year 12s celebrate end of era KORUMBURRA Secondary College farewelled its Year 12 students at the annual valedictory dinner at the Korumburra Showgrounds Amenities Complex recently.

Friendly chat: from left: Molly Patten and Olivia Methven mingle at the Korumburra Secondary College valedictory dinner.

The wonderful celebration marked the end of the students’ time in school. The evening was hosted by Year 12 coordinator Orla McCarthy and the senior school coordinator Jo Parsons.

School principal Abigail Graham delivered the formal address. “Your legacy will last a lifetime. We are extremely proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Go forward, dream large and do yourselves proud,” she said. Ms Parsons acknowledged the students’ parents, particularly those leaving the school with their youngest formally completing school. “Don’t be strangers. The Korumburra community is strong because of our lasting relationships and just because this is your last child does not

mean your relationship with the school has finished, just changed,” she said. During the evening, a montage of photos of the students was shown, including their Year 7 student photographs and ending with their Year 12 photos. Students were also presented with a copy of a letter they wrote themselves at the beginning of Year 7, resulting in much hilarity and reflection. The evening was a wonderful success with students, parents and teachers all having a wonderful time reflecting on the end of a journey that is formal schooling.

Party girls: from left, Korumburra Secondary College Year 12 students Emma Reeves, Tash Play time: from left, Skye Twite, Eleanor McKenzie, Jacinta Tipping and Hannah Darts had Lacy and Chelsea Bennett enjoyed their valedictory dinner. fun at the Korumburra Secondary College valedictory dinner.

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All together: Korumburra Secondary College’s Year 12 class of 2016 at their valedictory dinner held recently.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 21

KORUMBURRA all wrapped up

Korumburra on the move By Stuart Biggins FOR those hungry for any news about the redevelopment of the Korumburra library, the adjoining vacant land and what might unfold like a spectacular piece of origami art on the prominent corner at the western entrance to the town, there is not a whisper. Director of development services at the South Gippsland Shire Council, Bryan Sword, said there was no further update since The Star last published a report on October 4. Meanwhile an exciting new initiative, the Korumburra Town App received a champagne gala launch at the Korumburra Federation Art Gallery attended by some 50 people on Monday, November 21. Korumburra is one of the smallest towns in Australia to have its own app. Burra Foods has got behind the initiative and will soon have the app logo on the back of all 35 of its trucks for everyone to see as they traverse South Gippsland and Melbourne. President of the Korumburra Round Table Peewee Lewis and members Bronwyn Beach and Noelene Cosson (Mrs Cosson is also president of the Korumburra Business Association) are excited about the app which they designed to support existing and new residents first and tourists second. The app has been developed with funds granted by Korumburra Community Development and Action Inc. (KDCA) (which publishes the Burra Flyer) of $900 and the shire $2800. KCDA has also undertaken to meet the $800

annual maintenance fee for the app. The logo of the app will be displayed below the town’s name at its various entrances with the words “Get the App.” Progress on the Korumburra Railway Station redevelopment is continuing and according to Mrs Cosson, the process of reviewing the many community submissions suggesting ideas for the station’s future use was going well. The association’s representative on the working group, Shirley Arestia, said a united decision has been made that the building would be multifunctional. Talks are advancing with an anchor tenant, a substantial business. The group will make a presentation to council at 10am on December 14 following which VicTrack will be notified that a viable use for the site had been found. Mrs Arestia said, “VicTrack is keen for the building to be put to good use.” The completed business proposal together with the formal application for VicTrack funds will be submitted in February 2017. Under the banner ‘Korumburra has Christmas Wrapped up’, this year’s street party will be more contained than it has been the previous couple of years and will take place on Saturday, December 17 from 9am until noon. There will be photos with Santa, lollies and balloon twist animals for children to take home. Colouring competition entries are available from most businesses in the town and must be in by December 15. The winners will be announced on December 17 at 10.30am. Coal Creek Historical Village members will be out and about in costume adding atmosphere to the

festival, and the South Gippsland Shire Brass Brand will be performing. The Korumburra Primary School choir led by teacher Tanya Jackson

will also put in an appearance so keep an eye out for that also on December 13 around 12.30pm.

Modern times: Mark Holmes (right) and Brad Beach discuss the Korumburra Town App, watched by Peewee Lewis and Korumburra Business Association president Noelene Cosson.

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KORUMBURRA all wrapped up Go solar at Blogg Brothers Plumbing RETAIL manager George Lomagno and the team at Blogg Brothers Plumbing have everything you need for the season ahead.

Committed team: retail manager George Lomagno is pictured with Michael and Susan Blogg, coowners of Blogg Brothers Plumbing.

Blogg Brothers are your stockist of the Neopower Solar Hot Water system range, which are a great addition to any home and a really cost effective way to cut power bills.

Korumburra meats back in town WANT quality cuts this Christmas? Look no further than Korumburra Quality Meats. After a tough year owner Geoff Whykes is pleased to be trading again in the great new shop and invites everyone to come in and get a great cut this Christmas. Geoff is now stocking fruit and vegetables

and is receiving daily deliveries from Joanne at Down to Earth Fruit and Veg, a great local supplier located at Loch. He has a good selection of fish and seafood on offer also. Geoff and his team are taking orders now for all your Christmas requirements and wish all their customers a fantastic festive season. So get on in and say hi, for the best quality meat this Christmas and every day.

All new again: owner Geoff Whykes and staff member Lauren White are pictured in front of their new and now fully refurbished premises.

Milpara Community House news I’M sure you don’t need reminding that Christmas is coming. As you may be aware Milpara does have an Emergency Foodbank, and we do plan on putting together some Christmas care packages for those in need. We also have a variety of donated gifts that can help bring the Christmas cheer this year. If you’d like to contribute to the hampers or our gift collection you are welcome to drop them off at Milpara 21 Shellcot Road, Korumburra by Friday, December 9. If you would like to be a recipient or know of someone in need of a hamper or gifts please let us know, ring 5655 2524 or please drop in. Responsible Service of Alcohol and Food

Safety Handling are scheduled for Thursday, December 1. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. Our next Hobby Painting and Table Top Gaming session is Saturday, December 3. If you’d like to have a go at Warhammer 40 K, or see how it’s done this is a great opportunity. We have a flower arranging workshop set for Saturday, December 17. You’ll go home with lots of hints and tips as well as a beautiful arrangement of your own. Anglicare Victoria provides vouchers to be distributed as Emergency Relief to individuals and families experiencing immediate financial crisis. This service can now be accessed from Milpara on Fridays by appointment, please call Milpara to book a time on 5655 2524.

Blogg Brothers also has a huge range of Davey Pumps and Grundfos at fantastic prices. Also, George said, “Don’t forget to get your wood heater repairs done now and beat the rush leading into winter next year”. The busy team wish everyone a very merry Christmas and looks forward to offering quality service to all their valued clients in 2017.

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Majestic country home Page 26

Mount Eccles

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Camp at the billabong T

HERE’S no Coolabah tree but plenty of shade on the huge rear entertaining deck of this fully renovated three bedroom home.

Located within the heart of the Meeniyan township and offering approximately three acres of well drained and productive farmland, this property is a winner from the start. Offering magnificent elevated views over the township and beyond to the verdant hills of South Gippsland, the spacious weatherboard home offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms, three living rooms, a study and a well-appointed kitchen with walk-in pantry, dishwasher and both gas and electric cooking. Freshly painted throughout and with new floor coverings, light fittings and ceiling fans, there is ab-



Welcome home.

Wednesday 12noon - 3pm and Saturday 2pm - 4.30pm or by appointment 5952 2150

31 McKitterick Street Landmark Harcourts Leongatha 5662 2292


113-115 Parr Street, Leongatha




solutely nothing further to spend. Just move in and start enjoying all this property has to offer. The home has both town and tank water connected, and is connected to the sewer. Eighteen solar panels on the north-facing roof generate 3.6 Kw of power into the electricity grid, ensuring winter power bills are kept to a minimum. The three acres (approx.) are subdivided into five paddocks with a central laneway system for ease of stock movement. Most of the paddocks offer sturdy stock shelters, and the water troughs are connected to both town and tank water. There is also a renovated dam to supply additional water to the property. A bonus for the astute buyer is an approved proposed plan for a three lot subdivision which will guarantee future capital growth.

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Weeroona is a stunning dairy ITH appealing facades and quality finishes, these units in Leongatha’s Allison Street have proved popular, with most already sold and occupied. Ideally positioned with wide level access and an easy 500 metre walk to the main street, the final three units are nearing completion. These offer three bedrooms, ensuite to main and a second bathroom, open plan living including a generously sized kitchen with stainless Westinghouse wall oven and gas hotplates, a double garage g g with auto door and in-

LEONGATHA 7–9 Allison Street Alex Scott and Staff Leongatha 5662 0922





EEROONA is a highly productive and affordable 300 cow dairy.

Currently milking around 300 cows, this excellent farm has room to expand and is well situated two kiIt is located in a high rainfall area close to and over- lometres to Welshpool township, six kilometres to Port We l s h p o o l looking Wilsons Promontory National Park. boating ternal entry. There are 576 acres in eight titles, to be offered as a for These units are well designed and ideally suit- whole and if not sold, these will be offered in separate and fishing, 20 minutes to ed to modern living. lots. The property includes 223 acres with two homes, Yarram and 45 A seven star energy rating is your assurance of dairy and shedding, 118 acres of vacant land with pan- minutes to Lecomfortable, energy efficient living. Elders Real Estate Come and inspect and find out for yourself oramic views, 107 acres of stockyard, shedding and ongatha. Weeroona views, 100 more acres of vacant land and panoramic Leongatha why these units have proven to be so popular. offers stunning views, and 28 acres with two sheds. Don Olden p a n o r a m i c The land has an excellent balance of undulating and ocean and Wil0417 805 312 rolling hill country. There is a secure water supply via numerous dams, sons Promontory views. springs and reliable rainfall. Contact An excellent 30 a side swing over herringbone Saturday, December 17, dairy with stall gates, 7000 litre vat, auto feed system Don Olden on 11am on site and three silos. Shedding is ample with a 60’ x 30’ lock 0417 805 312 for further inup shed and a 60’ x 30’ machinery shed, hay and calf formation or shedding. The farm is well fenced with an excellent laneway an inspection. system. There are two homes on the property. The main home is a three bedroom weatherboard with a large office, the second home consisting of two bedrooms and boasting panoramic ocean and Prom views.

New units will appeal




240 Slade Hill Road





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Come live the rural dream A

BRICK pillared entrance and a tree lined driveway seclude the surprise ahead.

The property name Terra Bella says it all, meaning ‘beautiful earth’. Views from the wrap around verandah are nothing short of spectacular from this heritage themed Harkaway home. This house is packed to the rafters with features such as 13 foot ceilings with ornate channelled cornice, ceiling roses and cedar windows. Gleaming polished boards are featured

throughout the entrance lounge area and the kitchen and dining. The kitchen has granite bench tops, island bench, walk in pantry, double oven and windows that take in the view. The second living area has an open fire place with French doors that open out onto the vernadah. All three living spaces adjoin the atrium styled outdoor entertaining area which is fully enclosed to allow use all year round. The guests’ end of the home has two big bedrooms, a bathroom with claw foot bath, separate shower, gold plated taps and marble benchtops. At the other end of the home is the master bedroom with a huge walk in robe, ensuite and a fourth bedroom/study. Outside the landscaped gardens are a pleasure to inspect, complete with a watering system which iss supplied by four water tankss and an ample sized dam. If you’re a shed lover thenn look no further with a 60ft x Stockdale and Leggo 30ft Colourbond shed with h high clearance and is ideal forr Leongatha your man cave. 5662 5800 This property is to die for.


7 Old Canavans Road





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Prime Leongatha blocks hit market Phone Ron for details on 5662 3336 or 0408 HERE aren’t not too many opportu142 703. nities to buy blocks of land like this so close to Leongatha’s CBD.


You now have the chance to purchase any one of these 12 blocks with the release of stage 3 of Hillview Estate off Brown Street, Leongatha. There are block sizes from 609m2 right up to 823m2 which means that’ll have no problem building a large home complete with sizeable garage. Blocks are very reasonably priced from $125,000. Many of the blocks afford wonderful vistas of the Leongatha countryside and township from their elevated positions. Watch the lights of Leongatha at night or sit back and enjoy the sunset from your balcony. All the hard work has been done too with underground power, natural gas connections, kerb and channelling, heritage lighting amongst many of the services already in place. All you need to do to secure your block is pay a preliminary deposit of $5000 with the balance due within 21 days of title office approval; release of blocks is expected early March 2017. Developer of Hillview Estate, Ron Burrows, who is also handling the sale, successfully sold stages 1 and 2 of Hillview Estate. He said the release of stage 3 has been 30 years in the making for him and he urges those interested to come and inspect the blocks to secure your position. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure land so close to Leongatha shopping centre and build your dream home in Leongatha.

Right, Great views: most blocks afford great views overlooking the Leongatha township Inset, Large blocks: these blocks are big enough to accommodate your dream home and a large garage.

Fully complete: all the hard work has been done include rollover kerb and channel, heritage lights, footpaths, underground power and the planting of ornamental pear trees.

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Worry free living I

N a prominent position within Leongatha’s The Grange Retirement Village complex, number five has it all. There is easy level access into the home and garage; direct access inside from the garage through a spacious laundry; two bedrooms, one with access through a two-way bathroom; two generous sized living areas; and back covered patio with lovely garden and plenty of privacy. All of this for worry free living in a safe and secure environment for mature aged people. Well presented and decorated throughout, the whole unit is light and bright. The front entry opens into a spacious lounge which has a reverse cycle air conditioner and further on is the open plan living room. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances including single drawer dishwasher, large pantry, breakfast bar and adjoining dining and sitting area. This north facing room also has a reverse cycle air conditioner and sliding door access to the entertaining area.

Both bedrooms cater for queen size beds; the main with a generous walk in robe, the other built in robes. While occupants in The Grange manage and own their own title, outdoor maintenance is made easy with front gardens and all common property managed by the body corporate. Gardens throughout the whole complex are kept tidy and attractive. Apart from colourful garden beds, the back yard has been fully paved so there is no need for mowing. A terrific community centre is available for socialising, with organised activities on offer should residents wish to pparticipate. p Purchase to enjoy a relaxed, s e c u r e lifestyle.

LEONGATHA 5/17 McDonald Street

Insight Real Estate 5662 2220





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The Good Life

Your LOCAL guide to Art and Entertainment

Singing along: members of the Mary MacKillop College choir rehearse ahead of Leongatha’s Carols in the Drome.

Singing in the festive season Also making their carols debut this year are IT’S not long now until one of Leonthe members of the Mary MacKillop Choir led by gatha’s biggest nights of the year. Elli Poletti. Carols in the Drome will be back and bigger than ever on December 10. This event showcases the exceptional talent South Gippsland has to offer. Hosted by local talent Russell Hemming, the night will feature a long list of guest soloists, including Kerryn Lockhart, Aaron Gale, Jackson Patterson, Ashley Geary, Marty and Hamish Box, plus performances by the South Gippsland Shire Brass Band, Beggs to Differ, combined schools choir, Mary MacKillop choir, combined churches choir, Leongatha Children’s Centre children and more. Making their carols debut this year are Marty Box and his son Hamish. Marty moved to Leongatha in 2001 and works at Leongatha Secondary College. A talented musician/singer, he is looking forward to singing on stage with his son at the carols. “I equally love the words and music of a song. It’s a great feeling if you sing a good song and can communicate that with the audience,” he said.

The girls have been singing together for a year now and comprise years 8, 9 and 10 students. The girls recently performed at the St Laurence’s fete and 30th anniversary celebration weekend for Mary MacKillop College. They are excited to be singing a couple of songs at the carols. The girls performing solos on the night will be Brooke Materia, Olivia Winchcombe and Tomei Dal Pozzo. The evening will start off with free activities at 5.30pm for children, including face painting, games, and a jumping castle. Carols will start at about 7pm with fireworks topping off the night at around 9.30pm. Food, coffee, glow sticks and candles will be available to buy. This is a free event so bring your picnic rug and singing voices and be ready for a great night of entertainment. Thank you to Safe Scaffolding that has been a long time supporter of the carols. It is greatly appreciated and their support ensures another successful carols event can be held this year. Thanks also go out to the United Dairy Farmers and the Victorian Farmers Federation for their generous donation. President Adam Jenkins of UDV said the VFF and the UDV supports farmers with policy and advocacy in agriculture, and is now proud to contribute to dairy communities through Carols in the Drome 2016. Please email if you would like more information.

Country music: from left, Leongatha Senior Citizens Club president Topsy Winkle and secretary Ian Rasmussen were thrilled to have John Howie, Gill Delaney, Wayne Horsburgh and Graeme Howie (front) perform at the Dakers Centre on Friday.

Country music thrills seniors

EASY listening and country music was enjoyed at the Leongatha Dakers Centre on Friday afternoon.

ten attracts up to 80 people. Next week there will be a Christmas luncheon and the week after will be carols performed by a group of local entertainers. The Howie Brothers, Wayne Horsburgh and Gill There will be a break over Christmas and the sesDelaney entertained an audience of more than 100 sions will return on January 16. people from 1pm. Senior Citizens Club secretary Ian Rasmussen said the musicians had a big following in South Gippsland and many people were excited to see the performance. “We have entertainment at the centre every week and we always consider ourselves lucky when professionals are able to come along and perform,” he said. “Not only is it a great afternoon, but it attracts new members as well.” Twins John and Graeme are the Howie Brothers. They have been performing and recording for 30 years and play a variety of instruments. They have recorded more than 30 albums, which were on sale during the performance. Wayne Horsburgh is a well respected country artist. He made his career in America before returning to Fundraisers: from left, Mary Jepson and Sydney. He often performs on cruise ships and has also Wilma Coates were busy selling delicious released many albums. Gill Delaney is a country music talent who has also local produce and bunches of flowers during performed on cruises. She is a well established musi- and before the Howie Brothers’ performance cian who exhibits amazing talent on a number of instru- on Friday. The stall helps pay for talented ments and knows all the good songs. musicians to come along and perform at the The entertainment sessions at the Dakers Centre of- Dakers Centre in Leongatha.

Bedtime Stories at Wonthaggi Library Wednesday 7 December 2016 5.30pm - 6.15pm Join us for an extra-special evening Story Time session inside Story Island: an adventure in pictures. Wear your pyjamas if you like. Suitable for children aged 0 – 5 and their families. Story Island: an adventure in pictures is a State Library Victoria travelling exhibition displaying items from the Scholastic Dromkeen Children’s Literature Collection.

How to book Family effort: Marty Box and son Hamish are looking forward to performing at Carols in the Drome.

Bookings free, but essential via: or contact the Wonthaggi Library on 56721875.

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Inverloch Christmas New owners: The Beach Box Cafe in Inverloch is under new management. New owner Robin Slavin is looking forward to seeing you all this summer and wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas. Pictured from left are Amber Starlight, Kaitlyn Nowland, Mel Smith and Robyn Slavin with chef Danny Bak.

Water sports: Shane Hemming of Inverloch Marine is pictured in front of the new 2017 Yamaha Wave Runner available for delivery this Christmas or choose from a great range of water sport gifts. Inverloch Marine can also detail your car, boat or caravan and now is the best time to book your service on the boat so you can enjoy a problem free summer.

Tasty meals: the team at A Slice of Paradise Bakery in Inverloch, wish all their customers a merry Christmas. Pictured are Zoe Allen, Dominique Brown and Lorraine Muir. Come in and place your orders now for Christmas for yummy bread rolls, fruit mince tarts and don’t forget its delicious family pies that can help your family enjoy a stress free dinner during the Christmas rush.

Summer sizzle

Travelling well: the Esplanade Hotel is proud to announce it was recently nominated as a finalist for Overall Hotel of the Year (Regional) at the 2016 Australian Hotels Association Victoria Awards. Dylan Clarke pictured left said, “We are THE Inverloch Community House is thrilled.” He and the team including holding a pre-Christmas sausage sizzle Annelise Van Rooye look forward at the Inverloch hub. The community is welcome to come down and to seeing you this Christmas. enjoy Friday night fun and a bite to eat with family and friends. It’s on this Friday, December 2 from 3.30pm until 5.30pm and a gold coin donation is all you need!

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Inverloch Christmas Celebrate in style with Chapmans By Jane Gardner DINNER will taste like a Christmas feast every day, if you shop with Chapmans Free Range Butchery in Inverloch. The shop is located in Bear Street and offers delicious free range meat including a scrumptious range of pre-prepared cuts ready to cook. Mouth-watering Otway Ranges Pork, Annies Angus Beef from Archies Creek and lamb from Koony Natural Lamb are just a few of the delicious cuts available. Owner Mark Chapman now stocks Mushiki Dumplings and a new range of Weyhill Farm Garlic salt rubs made right here in Gippsland.

In addition to these lines Mark and staff have beautiful vinegars, oils, syrups and sauces available and give great advice on how to cook it all. Chapmans Butchery has expanded adding three full time staff members in the last 12 months as word has spread throughout the district of the range and quality available. “The business is going well; we have grown so much we needed to keep up the very best service and decided to add to our product lines as well,” Mr Chapman explained. Barbecue packs, sausages and burgers are a popular choice in the warmer months, as are marinated roasts and Chapmans now offer a spit for hire, perfect for all your summer parties.

Christmas fare: the team at Chapmans Free Range Butchery, pictured left to right, Mark Chapman, Michael Daw, Rhyss Ashmore and Samantha Sheedy wish you a tasty Christmas.

Give the gift that keeps giving ADRIAN and Trudy Banks are enthusiastic about shopping locally this Christmas. They and many other traders are calling for the locals to shop locally and purchase from the diverse range of products and services available in Inverloch. Trudy said, “The money we spend in our town, stays in our town and helps to support our school, kindergarten, sporting groups, and so many other worthwhile local causes and ventures and not just during peak periods such as Christmas.” She is quick to point out all the money spent locally helps to support the district during the entire year. It is more important than ever to support our local businesses. “Shopping small means you are supporting all our futures and provides the important income needed for the business community to thrive and in turn be able to support the community as needed,” Trudy said. Adrian and Trudy have a fantastic range of Ravensberger puzzles in-store this Christmas, fun inflatables, gorgeous decorations, fantastic gift wrap and cards and other assorted and popular gift lines. You can find the perfect gift locally at newsPuzzled for gifts?: Adrian and Trudy Banks Xpress Inverloch; Trudy and Adrian have a great at Inverloch newsXpress can certainly point selection to choose from, year round and the entire team wish everyone a very merry Christmas. you in the right direction this Christmas.

Chapmans proudly supply the RACV Inverloch resort with beef, exposing visitors to the area to the quality of our locally grown meat. Mark couldn’t be happier with the diverse range of local products his store stocks and promotes. He said, “The local produce available is amazing”. Mark and the team invite you to come and browse this Christmas. There are so many gift options for hampers as well. The butchery is open 8am-4pm Tuesdays, 8am-3pm Wednesdays, 8am-6pm Thursdays and now 8am-6pm Fridays. Saturday trading hours make life convenient with the shop open from 8am-3pm. To find out more or to place an order call 56746818.

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Honour a community hero THE 2017 Bass Coast Australia Day Awards acknowledge those who make a positive contribution to the community. Nominations for Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year are now open. Nominating someone who goes above and beyond for the community can be a great way to help them see how thankful people are for their contribution. The 2016 Citizen of the Year joint winner Tricia Hogan said she was blown away when she was nominated for the award for her work in building up the Bass Coast Boardriders Club. “I had a really emotional reaction and I burst into tears. It was lovely and very touching that someone noticed the work we had been doing with the local children,” she said. “This accolade has certainly put the spotlight on our near defunct club. The Bass Coast Boardriders Club is now vibrant and flourishing. “The award has spurned me on, and given me the confidence to continue building and educating

the children in our club.” Ms Hogan encourages all community members to nominate a hard working unassuming ‘local’ for the 2017 awards. “We have so many wonderful community minded and worthy recipients within our shire,” she said. Nominees for Citizen of the Year must be aged 25 years or over on January 26, 2017, and Young Citizen of the Year must be aged 16 to 24 years on January 26, 2017. Nominations must be for individuals, as those for multiple people will not be considered. Nominations close on Friday, December 9, and the finalists and winners will be announced in the lead up to Australia Day. If you would like to nominate a local hero, you can download more information and the nomination forms online at au/2017awards, or have a printed version post- Legacy: the 2016 Citizen of the Year joint winner, Tricia Hogan (far right), pictured with ed to you by contacting Linda Ryan at l.ryan@ joint winner, Allison O’Halloran (left), and Australia Day ambassador, Elizabeth Chong, encourages the community to nominate worthy locals for the 2017 award., or 5671 2747.

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New citizens hail from across globe PEOPLE from Estonia, Kenya and Bangladesh are now calling South Gippsland home. Twelve people became Australian citizens at a ceremony held by South Gippsland Shire Council at the Uniting Church Hall in Leongatha last Wednesday. They were George and Catherine Rettie of Foster (formerly of UK), John Gatundu of Binginwarri (Kenya), Graham and June Knott of Leongatha (UK), Diana Dan of Loch (Spain), Janet Bradley of

Mirboo North (England), Richard Burton of Strzelecki (England), Tilia Lohmus of Allambee South (Estonia), and the family of Mohammad Siddique, Sabiha Zafrin, and Shayan Siddique of Leongatha (Bangladesh). The talented musicians of the South Gippsland Shire Brass Band set the tone for the occasion by playing patriotic pieces, including Advance Australia Fair. Mayor Cr Ray Argento read a message from Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Left, New Aussies: from left, citizenship candidates at South Gippsland Shire Council’s ceremony were Diana Dan, Richard Burton, Shayan Siddique, Sabiha Zafrin and Mohammad Siddique, with mayor Cr Ray Argento. Below left, Adopting new country: from left, new citizens at South Gippsland Shire Council’s ceremony were June Knott, Graham Knott, Janet Bradley, Georgie Rettie, Catherine Rettie and John Gatundu. Below, Aussie welcome: Tilia Lohmus (second from left), formerly of Estonia, became an Australian citizen at South Gippsland Shire Council’s ceremony, watched by, from left, friend Ted Bruinewoud, partner Marcus White and friend Andrea Jefferies.

New councillors love committees SOUTH Gippsland’s new councillors have put their hands up to serve on council and community committees.

Taser rollout: Wonthaggi Police are now equipped with tasers as part of a rollout to all 24 hour police stations. The tasers fire electrodes into an offender threatening police and shock them, causing the offender’s muscles to contract, rendering them incapacitated. An officer would be justified to use a taser if they felt there was a serious risk to a person’s safety or wellbeing. All officers have been fully trained to use the tasers. Pictured is Acting Sergeant Derek McQueen, equipped with a taser.

Appointments were finalised at last Wednesday’s council meeting. Those were: • Chief executive officer Review Committee: mayor Cr Ray Argento, Cr Maxine Kiel and Cr Jeremy Rich. • Audit Committee: Cr Argento and Cr Lorraine Brunt. • Australia Day Awards Committee: Cr Argento, Cr Kiel, Cr Aaron Brown. • Economic Development and Tourism Steering Committee: all councillors. • Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee: Cr Brunt. • Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan Committee: Cr Rich, Cr Brown, substitute Cr Alyson Skinner. • South Gippsland Swimming Pool and Sports Hub (SPLASH) Advisory Committee: Cr Don Hill, substitute Cr Meg Edwards. • South Gippsland Youth Council: Cr Brown, substitute Cr Rich. • Mossvale Park Advisory Committee: Cr Hill. • Toora Railway Reserve Park Advisory Committee: Cr Argento. • Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee: Crs Argento or Kiel. • Active Retirees Advisory Committee: Cr Rich. • TP Taylor Reserve Special Committee: Crs Skinners and Argento. • Corner Inlet Drainage Area Committee: Cr Argento. • Allambee South Community Hall Special Committee: Cr Hill. • Dumbalk Hall and Ladies Auxiliary Committee: Cr Kiel. • Foster Showgrounds Special Committee: Cr Skinner. • Foster Stockyard Gallery Committee: Cr Skinner. • Foster War Memorial Arts Centre Special Committee: Cr Argento. • John Terrill Memorial Park and Fish Creek Reserve Committee: Cr Edwards. • Korumburra Recreation Reserve Special Committee: Crs Brunt or McEwen. • Leongatha Court House Special Committee: Cr

Edwards. • Meeniyan and District Sports Stadium Special Committee: Cr McEwen. • Walter J Tuck Recreation Reserve Special Committee: Cr Hill, substitute Cr Kiel. • West Gippsland Regional Library Board: Cr Edwards, substitute Cr Skinner. • South West Gippsland Transport Users: Crs McEwen, Hill and Rich. • Coastal Agency Liaison Group: Crs Skinner and Rich. • Prom Country Regional Tourism Committee: Crs Edwards, Kiel, substitute Cr McEwen. • Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV): Cr Argento, substitute Cr Kiel. • Gippsland Local Government Network: Cr Argento, substitute Cr Kiel. • South Gippsland Community Weeds Taskforce: Crs Brown and Argento. • Alliance of Councils for Rail Freight Development: Cr McEwen, substitute Cr Rich. • MAV Transport and Infrastructure Committee: Cr McEwen, substitute Cr Rich.

• South East Australian Transport Strategy: Cr Rich, substitute Cr McEwen. • Australian Wide Rural Road Group: Cr Edwards. • Gippsland Local Government Waste Forum: Cr McEwen. • Leongatha Recreation Reserve Committee: Cr Hill, substitute Cr Kiel. • MAV Environment Committee: Cr Rich, substitute Cr Skinner. • Great Southern Rail Trail Committee of Management: Cr Argento, substitute Cr Edwards. • Leongatha Education Precinct Governance Board: Cr Skinner. • RoadSafe Gippsland: Cr Edwards. • Port Welshpoool Marine Precinct Reference Group: Cr Argento. • Rural Finance Counselling Service: Cr Brown. • MAV Planning Committee: Cr Rich. • Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee Gippsland Region: Crs Rich, Ewen and Skinner to share. • Tarwin Lower Recreation Committee: Cr Skinner, substitute Cr Rich.

Bass Coast celebrates young leaders BASS Coast Shire Council will expand the Bass Coast Young Leaders Awards in 2016 to include Victorian Applied Learning students. Over the past decade, the awards have been open to two students from every school across Bass Coast, with students completing Grade 5 to Year 10 nominated by their schools. As many students are now choosing VCAL rather than the traditional model of VCE, council has introduced the opportunity for each of the three Bass Coast VCAL programs to nominate a young leader. Bass Coast mayor Cr Pamela Rothfield said the awards celebrate leadership in its many forms. “Some students are leaders in the arts or sports, others are great friends and particularly kind or inclusive,” she said. “We recognise VCAL students often contribute and lead within their communities in creative

and innovative ways. VCAL programs encourage the development of community links and partnerships.” Chisholm TAFE senior educator Paul Boys said VCAL students work closely with the community. “The Abraham’s Lane street art project, the Youth Action Plan consultation and the recent digital media project are examples of this. The students were innovative and committed to these projects,” he said. “The Young Leaders Awards VCAL category will give students the opportunity to be recognised as leaders along with students in mainstream educational settings.” Young leaders will be presented with their awards in February, and will also participate in a workshop with the mayor where they will be invited to contribute to council projects and planning. They will also work on a YouTube clip exploring leadership. Cr Rothfield said the workshop was an important component of the awards.

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Clubs call for water access By Sarah Vella THE Foster Golf Club currently waters its greens with town water, which is expensive and impractical. Club president Greg Cox said they would like to water the whole course, but the cost of town water currently prohibits it. Last year, the club’s total water bill was around $17,000. In 2013, the Foster Golf Club and Foster Showgrounds committees approached South Gippsland Water, to determine whether or not reclaimed water could be used for irrigation purposes. South Gippsland Water completed a feasibility study in 2014 and found there was sufficient supply from the Foster waste water treatment plant to meet the required reuse demand. At the time, the cost of the project was estimated at $438,000. The Foster community voted to support the project at the recent South Gippsland Shire Council Community Capital Works Allocation session. Eighteen people voted to support the project as their first preference.

The capital works program will allocate $400,000 to the Foster community, however council is yet to determine how the money will be spent. Mr Cox said the council should consider funding the project, even though the land and infrastructure associated with it is owned by a third party. He said if the council does not support the project, the golf club and showground committees would need to seek grants from elsewhere. “The project will be of benefit to the community, whether it is on council land or not,” he said. “We will have to wait for the decision from council, although we are exploring other options at the moment. It all comes down to dollars, funding is the key. “When we first discussed the project and met with South Gippsland Water, the cost was the major hurdle.” Mr Cox said if the club could access reclaimed water, it would allow it to maintain the facility year round, while saving money. “The golf club is a valuable asset for the community and so is the showgrounds. There is tourism benefit in having a good golf course in the town,” he said. “It is not a project that would only benefit one user group.”

Perfect day for beach wedding THE majestic setting of Inverloch beach was the scene of the wedding of Benjamin James Robert Moss of Leongatha and Olga Olegovna Lievina of Moscow, Russia, on Saturday, October 29. The 3.30pm wedding was held among blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze, with the waves rolling in on a high tide. Ben is the son of Robyn Parfett of Leongatha and the late Brian Hall. Olga is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Lievina of Moscow, Russia. The bride wore an ivory

patterned dress with a silk overlay that was beaded and silk layered, with ruffles around the hem. She carried a bouquet of white roses and orchids, and wore a rose gold comb in her hair with a silk flower, all complemented by a rose gold necklace. Ben was accompanied by best man David Schroder and Kaitlyn Boyd-Moss was Olga’s bridesmaid. Kaitlyn wore a navy blue dress with a lace insert, and carried a bouquet of white roses and orchids. Ben wore a royal blue suit with an ivory shirt and tie, and David wore a black suit with a pale blue shirt and navy tie. They both

Beachside nuptials: Benjamin Moss and Olga Lievina wed by the sea at Inverloch on October 29.

wore a rose bud and orchid in their buttonholes. Robyn wore a navy blue dress with lace bodice, and an organza and satin jacket with a navy hat. Her jacket was made by her daughter Tenielle Bentley. Her corsage was a white rose and orchid spray. Tenielle wore a black pantsuit with a long beaded organza overlay and his brother-in-law Stewart Bentley wore a gray suit with a pale blue shirt and tie. His niece Louise Bently wore a cream and dusky pink dress with a dusky pink crossover overlay skirt. His nephews Jaylen Bentlee and Kellum Bentley wore dark pants with white shirts and black vests. Rob Parfett wore a gray suit with a sea blue shirt and royal blue tie. A reception at RACV Resort Inverloch with family and close friends followed the ceremony. The table was decorated with a silver runner made by Tenielle and vases of white carnations and gypsophelia put together by Olga. Louise Bentley oversaw the playing of music Ben and Olga chose. A two tier carrot cake decorated with fresh berries and two white swans was cut by the newlyweds at the reception and was enjoyed by all as a dessert. After a short honeymoon, the couple will be making their home in Sydney, New South Wales, where Ben is a pilot with Qantaslink and Olga is an architect.

Hopeful: Foster Golf Club president Greg Cox said a project to provide some of the town’s water intensive assets with reclaimed water would be a benefit to the whole community.

Children discover Canberra STUDENTS from five South Gippsland primary schools - Lang Lang, Nyora, Foster, Welshpool and Tarwin Lower - attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

fall of six metres and challenged a robot to a game of air hockey. Visiting Parliament House was a close second as some children were involved in role playing and

experienced the live workings of Parliament. They also now know how a law is made or can be changed and voted on.

Fifteen Grade 6 students were privileged to place a poppy as part of the ceremony in front of a large crowd, which included Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull. The students represented all Victorian primary school children. Some students felt nervous about the occasion, but were honoured to be part of the ceremony. It was a moving, respectful moment as they listened to military bands, and past and present politicians address the crowd. The memory of the ceremony will stay with the students for years to come. Among the other tourist attractions the children visited included: Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre, the Royal Mint, the High Court of Australia, Australian Institute of Sport, Parliament House, National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of Australia. Children voted Questacon as the most interesting place due to its National capital: from left, Tarwin Lower Primary School students demonstrations, and experiments Kody, Grace and Indy at the Australian Institute of Sport during their where students experienced a free- recent camp at Canberra.

Nyora eyesores demand attention SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has been urged to improve the state of Nyora. Resident Tricia Fleming has urged council to add drains and gravel to a pathway in Davis Street, north of the railway crossing, where the path is under water after rain. “The road is very narrow and is difficult for pedestrians to use, especially with the through traffic use,” she said. The V/Line bus stop, also in Davis Street, does not have kerb and channel, and is “a shocking mess”, Mrs Fleming said. “Kerb and channel and a footpath between the shop and the hotel are urgently required,” she said.

She also noted residents often mow the community park in Nyora, although council’s budget specifies it is to be maintained by council. “I have recently visited Foster, Leongatha and Loch and other towns in between. These towns are in great condition,” Mrs Fleming said. A council spokesperson said the pathway runs through a flat low lying area that floods occasionally due to limited drainage. “The open drains and path are difficult to maintain under these circumstances, however a customer request to carry out maintenance work has been logged and the maintenance team will do its best under the circumstances,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the grass in the community park was difficult to mow during wet months due to being low lying. “The area was recently mowed, by hand, because it is still too wet for the larger mowers. The mowing will become more frequent as the weather improves and the ground dries out,” the spokesperson said. “There are some areas the parks and gardens crew has been intending to mow but when they arrive it has already been mowed. It appears some community members are mowing the area before we get a chance.” Council’s engineering team will investigate the area to determine any potential solutions to kerb and channelling in Davis Street.

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Farming Insight Store sale Thursday, November 24

Steers: L. & J. Murphy, Berrys Creek, 12 x $1720; G. James, 5 x $1710; I. Gillbee, Wonthaggi, 4 x $1680; A. Dixon, Loch, 10 x $1650; D. & S. Howe, Warragul South, 10 x $1630; B. & A. Watson, Denison, 3 x $1600. Heifers: L. & J. Murphy, Berrys Creek, 6 x $1520; R. Cameron, Darnum, 3 x $1515; I. Gillbee, Wonthaggi, 2 x $1340; A. Wilkin, Boolarra South, 4 x $1340; I.F. Purbrick, South Yarra, 9 x $1300; L.C. & L.G. Chowan, Trida, 7 x $1290. Cows and calves: R. Cameron, Darnum, 1 x $2200; B.W. & A. Chapman, Toora, 7 x $2100; T.J. & S.G. Cuff, Jumbunna, 4 x $2080; S.J. & M.J. Ellis, Glengarry West, 2 x $1800; C. Verboon, Wonthaggi North, 1 x $1740; S. Paragreen, Cattle hunt: Tony Scarff from Mirboo North was looking to buy Foster, 1 x $1090.

Steer search: Doug McLaren from Leongatha North was at the VLE cattle at last Thursday’s store sale at VLE Leongatha, with the help Leongatha store sale last Thursday, looking to purchase fattener steers for his property. of Mario Arestia from SEJ.

Sale time: Clive Hollins from Kilcunda had weaner steers and heifMaybe buying: Brad Gale from Waratah Bay was considering the ers in the VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday and was hoping cattle at the VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday. for a good market.

• VLE Leongatha

Prices up and down in mixed market THERE were approximately 1150 export and 200 young cattle penned representing a decrease of 140 head week on week. The usual buying group was present and operating in a mixed market. Quality was good with a better selection of young cattle suited to the trade and a good run of grown steers and bullocks. There was a better selection of heavy weight vealers

suited to butcher orders and most trade cattle sold 4c to 8c/kg dearer and more in places. Grown steers eased 6c to 8c/kg while the bullocks held firm. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers sold firm while the crossbred portion eased 5c/kg. Heavy beef cows sold a few cents dearer while the dairy cows sold from 6c to 15c/kg dearer. Heavy weight bulls improved 9c/kg. Heavy weight vealers to butchers sold from 339c to 380c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 338c and

370c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold between 295c and 335c/kg. Grown steers to processors made from 305c to 320c with a pen to feed on at 327c/kg. Bullocks sold from 302c to 321c/kg. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers made between 266c and 275c with the crossbred portion between 280c and 306c/kg. Most light and medium weight cows sold between 182c and 237c/kg. Heavy weight cows made mostly from 219c to 270c/kg. Heavy weight C and B mus-

cle bulls sold from 269c to 294c with the dairy lots from 244c to 269c/kg. The next sale draw - November 30: 1. Alex Scott & Staff, 2. Rodwells, 3. SEJ, 4. Landmark, 5. Elders, 6. Phelan & Henderson & Co.

Prime Sale - Wednesday, November 23

BULLOCKS 15 D.P. & C.M. Brown, Mirboo Nth 731.3kg 1 S. Bartlett, Dalyston 600.0kg 4 G. Harris, Trafalgar 657.5kg 3 D.N. & J.E. Jessup, Moe 605.0kg 7 Coolaman Pty Ltd, Bena 751.4kg 1 J. Glasgow, Jumbunna East 660.0kg STEERS 1 L. & M. Overall, Waratah 415.0kg 1 M. Selling, Sale 405.0kg 1 M.J. Gardiner, Doomburrim 385.0kg 1 W.J. Rees, Kongwak 395.0kg 4 G.C. & G.S. Thompson, Doomburrim 348.8kg 7 J.B. & M.E. Lamb, Denison 452.1kg HEIFERS 2 L. & M. Overall, Waratah 345.0kg 1 M. Selling, Sale 350.0kg 7 M.J. Gardiner, Doomburrim 335.7kg 1 W.J. Rees, Kongwak 320.0kg 3 P. Barry & S. Macaulay, Wonthaggi 361.7kg 1 G.C. & G.S. Thompson, Doomburrim 330.0kg COWS 7 S. Tirpcou, Woolamai 504.3kg 1 Netherwood Pastoral, Burwood 735.0kg 1 Northside Pastoral, Inverloch 725.0kg 6 Mark & Robert Hunt, Newry 705.0kg 2 Maxray Nom, Buffalo 595.0kg 2 L.C. & G.L. Anthony, Meeniyan 712.5kg BULLS 1 French Island Trading P/L, French Is. 895.0kg 1 Oceanway Past, Inverloch 1035.0kg 1 M. Selling, Sale 920.0kg 1 G.D. & H.R. Foat, Bruthen 925.0kg 1 L. & T. Love, Narracan 720.0kg 1 T.J. & J. Watson, Glen Forbes 730.0kg

320.6 320.6 320.0 320.0 318.6 318.6

$2344.65 $1923.60 $2104.00 $1936.00 $2394.05 $2102.76

380.2 366.0 360.6 360.0 354.6 340.0

$1577.83 $1482.30 $1388.31 $1422.00 $1236.67 $1537.29

367.2 366.0 357.6 355.6 352.6 343.6

$1266.84 $1281.00 $1200.51 $1137.92 $1275.24 $1133.88

293.6 267.6 266.6 260.6 257.6 257.6

$1480.58 $1966.86 $1932.85 $1837.23 $1532.72 $1835.40

295.0 293.6 290.6 285.0 285.0 284.6

$2640.25 $3038.76 $2673.52 $2636.25 $2052.00 $2077.58

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Farming Insight

Dairy industry praises Max THE Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) has recognised the contribution and dedication of the late Max Jelbart, a dairy farmer formerly of Leongatha South, with the 2016 Pat Rowley Outstanding Service Award. The award was presented at last Friday’s Dairy Industry Leaders Breakfast held in Melbourne. The award celebrates the lives and careers of industry participants whose contribution has significantly shaped the dairy community and beyond for the benefit of the whole value chain. ADIC chair David Basham said Mr Jelbart was an admired intellectual who shared his time and knowledge freely. “Max was extremely passionate about helping to foster the next generation in dairy, and ensuring they had the right tools to grow their businesses,” Mr Basham said. “His readiness to share his expertise with industry and the community alike was inspirational. He was a tireless advocate and will continue to be remembered very fondly.” During his career in dairy, Mr Jelbart served on various industry boards and committees and

was a supplier of Murray Goulburn for 38 years and a director since 2012. A director on the ADF board for seven years and a past president of the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria’s South Gippsland branch, Mr Jelbart was this year presented with an Order of Australia medal for his services to the dairy industry and the community. A Nuffield Farming Scholar and member of the Nuffield Australia Investment Committee, Mr Jelbart was renowned for seeking out new ways to develop his capacity as a farmer as well as opportunities to give back. The industry has bid farewell to dedicated dairy advocate Mr Jelbart, who sadly passed away in June. “On behalf of the entire dairy supply chain, the ADIC celebrates the life of Max Jelbart and his remarkable achievements throughout his career,” Mr Basham said.

Industry praise: the late Max Jelbart, formerly of Leongatha South, received the 2016 Pat Rowley Outstanding Service Award at last Friday’s Dairy Industry Leaders Breakfast in Melbourne.

Dairy trainer wins fellowship GOTAFE National Centre of Dairy Edu- minded trainers, establish opportunities for colcation trainer Leanne Bunn received an laboration, develop her project and report writing international fellowship at a ceremony in skills, and keep up with industry initiatives. Melbourne last Tuesday, November 22.

Sharing advice: Graeme and Shaun Cope will open their Fish Creek Focus Farm to the public tomorrow (Wednesday).

Copes focused on the long term FOR dairy farmers interested in soil biology, succession planning or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of business finance, then the first Fish Creek Focus Farm open day is the place to be. Graeme and Jenny Cope bought a 408 hectare cattle property in 2008, investing heavily to turn it into a dairy farm. This year they are milking around 730 mostly Friesian cows Apart from the home farm at Kerrs Road, the Copes also have another 170 hectares spread over three turnout blocks. The Copes, who have son Shaun working with them, have entered the Focus Farm project with their use of Petriks, succession planning and improved volume in the vat as some of the main discussion areas. Petriks – the use of live microbes and green manure spread on pasture - has been a cornerstone of the family’s farming operation for 25 years. “We’d like to highlight the use of Petriks, try to show it off a bit,” Graeme said. “It helps improve the soil biology. We seem to get different benefits. In the summer when we get a little bit of rain, we seem to get a good response from the grass greening up again. It has water retention abilities.” The Copes have a split calving pattern (30 percent March-April, 70 percent July-November) with milker numbers peaking around October 31. Infrastructure on the gently undulating property includes a 50 stand rotary with auto-ID

and cup removers. There are good laneways and fencing, with water troughs in every paddock. Water is supplied via permanent creek with a network of 20 dams across the farm. The farm finances will be opened up to the support group as the family attempts to take a fresh look at how they manage the books. “If you saw the figures you would probably say we are right out there as far as borrowed money. But that’s what I wanted to do it and we have managed it so far,” Graeme said. GippsDairy regional extension officer Karen Romano, who is facilitating the Focus Farm along with OMJ’s John Mulvany, encouraged dairy farmers to come along to the open day on Wednesday. “The Copes are impressive farmers in many ways, but they are also more than willing to improve the way they go about things,” she said. “Through the Focus Farm support group meetings, we have already had some wins with improved utilisation of pasture during the spring and there are plenty of other areas where Graeme, Jenny and Shaun are being challenged to reassess their thinking. “Anyone who wants to have a close-up look at how an already highly successful farm business is trying to improve even further should come along to the open day.” The open day will be held on Wednesday, November 30 at 195 Kerrs Road, Fish Creek from 11am to 2pm, with lunch provided. Please RSVP to Karen on 0417 524 916 or email karen@

The 26th Annual Fellowship Awards for the International Specialised Skills Institute introduces new fellows and recognises partners and investors for their support of the ISS Institute. Ms Bunn, a dairy trainer based in Leongatha, will use the fellowship to pursue her research into ‘Embracing Information Technologies for Authentic Learning and Assessment in The Dairy Industry’. “I’m desperate to learn new innovative strategies that harness information technologies. A new, revived approach could lead to improved learner and practitioner engagement, increased retention levels, employer confidence in quality graduates and a more skilled workforce for Victoria’s struggling dairy industry,” she said. “My experiences as a secondary school teacher and eight years as a VET practitioner have fuelled my keen interest in developing engaging assessment strategies.” Ms Bunn, has 20 years’ experience as a dairy farmer, sits on the board of the South Gippsland Bass Coast Local Learning Employment Network and is a member of the GippsDairy Regional Workforce Steering Committee. The fellowship will allow her to meet like-

Forward thinker: Leongatha based GOTAFE National Centre of Dairy Education trainer, Leanne Bunn, will study the use of technology in learning in the dairy industry.

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public notice

public notice


FACETORS DAY 0900 December 5th

Clubrooms BOWLS CLUB Hughes Street, Leongatha All welcome LIMITED PLACES BOOK NOW To book contact Christine Rump 5662 2107



ANGLING CLUB 88 The Esplanade Inverloch Contact: June 0417 386 081

public notice


WOORAYL LODGE Hamper Winner - Shirley Lovie.

MARINE LICENCE COURSE Vic. Boat Licence with Jetski endorsement

INVERLOCH Saturday, December 10 1pm - 5pm BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Phone Bob: 0417 524 005 Approved TSV course ABN 43080057923


WARATAH HILLS VINEYARD extends opening hours Friday Wine Bar Waratah Hills Vineyard is pleased to announce an extension to the cellar door opening hours FROM FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2 The cellar door will be open EVERY Friday from 11am through to 8pm. LUNCH will be available. FROM 4pm the cellar door will offer a bar menu with wines by the glass and wine sales. Normal weekend trading will remain and WILL BE extended by one hour from 11am - 5pm. Summer trading will commence on December 27 with the cellar door opening every day through to the end of January.

WARATAH ROAD PAVEMENT REHABILITATION WORKS QR CONSTRUCTION (GIPPSLAND) Pty Ltd advises roadworks will be carried out on behalf of VicRoads during the following time period:

There is no need to be alone when our successful matchmakers know somany wonderful women & men all seeking love & happiness. You don’t need a computer, all you need is a telephone. Call & see who is waiting to meet you today. Ph 1300 856 640 or txt 'meetupvic' to 0450 345 300

Classified advertising closes 12 noon Mondays


QR CONSTRUCTION (GIPPSLAND) PTY LTD apologises for any inconvenience Any queries can be directed to Project Manager Andrew Cumming on 0413 702 571

public notice

public notice

2017 TRAINEESHIP Cert III Sport & Recreation Commencing January 2017 Job description can be obtained by phoning Sophie Taratuta on 03 5667 2200 Forward letter of application along with CV to: or Leongatha Secondary College Private Bag 1, Leongatha 3953

Applications close December 5, 2016


PUBLIC MEETING To be held at the Leongatha Croquet Club on December 12, 2016 commencing at 7.30pm The purpose of the meeting is to nominate no less than three (3) nor more than nine (9) persons as the Committee of Management for the Leongatha Agricultural Recreation Reserve for a term of three years. The current committee’s term will expire on January 14, 2017. All positions will be declared open and nominations will be accepted prior to or on the night. Nominations from women are encouraged. Further information, nomination forms and nominee declaration forms may be obtained by contacting your local Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning office or at the meeting. For further enquiries please contact the secretary, Frank Dekker on 5668 5285.

situations vacant

situations vacant

SALVOCARE EASTERN SalvoCare Eastern Gippsland have a number of positions currently available within our Homelessness and Support Services Program located in Leongatha.

Team Leader – Housing Support We are seeking an experienced and motivated Team Leader to provide direct program leadership, supervision and management of staff within the Homelessness and Support Services Program, Gippsland. You will support and develop the relevant program area that comprises the Homeless Support Program, Intensive Case Management Initiative and Initial Assessment and Planning program.

Senior Facilitator – Men’s Behavioural Change Program

on the:

Motorists can expect minor delays.

situations vacant


Commencing the week of 21 November 2016 for approximately 4.5 weeks (weather permitting) Waratah Road Between Stewarts Road and Vuillermins Road

situations vacant

Umpiring Administration Assistant AFL Gippsland, in conjunction with the South Gippsland Umpires Association, is seeking expressions of interest for an Umpiring Administration Assistant in an honorarium capacity for the 2017 season. If you have administration experience and would like to be part of a growing industry please email a copy of your current resumé and accompanying cover letter to: Nick Cullis – Umpiring Operation Co-ordinator at Applications close Friday, 9 December, 2016.

public notice

situations vacant

We are seeking an experienced facilitator to provide support and education to assist men to develop non-abusive, respectful behaviours and attitudes. You will offer assessment to determine their needs, readiness to change and suitability for the group program.

Case Manager - Family Violence Outreach The Case Manager in the Family Violence Outreach Service is required to have highly developed skills in engaging and responding to women and families in crisis. The Case Manager must be able to work collaboratively with clients to empower them to identify and achieve realistic goals, whilst maintaining clear boundaries relating to their role. For further information on these positions please visit

situations vacant

situations vacant

Federation Training

Notice of Annual Meeting The Latrobe Valley Authority has been established to work with the Latrobe Valley community to develop opportunities for the future, and to coordinate all levels of government to deliver action that will result in the most effective outcomes for local people.

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Section 3.1.18D of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, that the Annual Meeting of Federation Training will be held on

We are now recruiting people who can help deliver this important work in the following roles:

Monday, 12 December 2016 10:30am – 11:00am at Chadstone Campus 41 Drummond Street, Chadstone

Worker and Business Transition Team Leader Worker and Business Transition Broker Co-design and Engagement Manager Communications Manager Stakeholder Relations Officer Digital Communications Officer Budget Management, Reporting and Procurement Manager Office Manager Executive Support Grants Program Manager Grants/Finance Officer

The meeting is open to the public. Please RSVP by Thursday, 1st December 2016 to Corporate Directorate: c/o Patricia Reardon, Board Executive Assistant PO Box 3279 GMC, Morwell, 3841 Telephone: (03) 5120 4507 Email: ZO612429

Jonathan Davis Managing Director

Applications for the above positions close Thursday 8 December 2016. For more information about the Latrobe Valley Authority or these positions (including the application process) please go to

or call 1800 136 762.


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situations vacant

situations vacant

situations vacant

situations vacant

for sale

MOWERS Freshzest is seeking a motivated and team orientated person to fill an

Freshzest is seeking a motivated and team orientated person to fill a



at its Pound Creek site This role includes some Saturday work and public holidays The successful applicant will need to be physically fit, productivity focused, keen to learn and seeking a career in Horticulture. No previous experience is necessary. Good references and own transport is required. Please email: for an application form and position description. Closing date 2nd January 2017

at its Pound Creek / Leongatha North site/s The successful applicant will need to be physically fit, and experienced in providing site and equipment maintenance & OHS / WHS knowledge. Experience in a similar role would be preferred. Good references and own transport is required. Please email: for an application form and position description. Applications close COB 2/12/16

CLEANING CONTRACTOR Tenders are invited from cleaning contractors to clean Inverloch Primary School Cleaners must be listed on the Department of Education and Training’s Contract Cleaners Panel and should attend a SITE INSPECTION and information session to be conducted AT 4PM ON WEDNESDAY, 7TH Dec, 2016 Contract documents will be available at that time. REGISTER ATTENDANCE ON 5674 1253 Only short-listed applicants will be contacted Contract applications will close December 16th contract will commence January 30th

Carer Recruitment Support Worker Home Based Care Program Youth Services Gippsland PART TIME We are seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic person for the promotion and marketing of foster care in the Gippsland region and for the recruitment, assessment and training of foster caregivers to become accredited caregivers within the Home Based Care program. This is a 0.9 (9 day per fortnight) ongoing position located in Leongatha. For further information and to apply please visit

We stock the largest range of New push and ride-on mowers in South Gippsland, including - Honda,Victa, Greenfield, Deutscher, Cub Cadet, MTD, Masport, Toro, Yard Machines & Rover from $149. Professional repairs and service for ALL mower makes and models. Also stocking a large range of parts and accessories. We also have a large range of secondhand mowers available.


Cnr Allison & South Gippsland Hwy, Leongatha. L.M.C.T. 2714

Ph: 5662 2028

situations vacant

BAKER/ PASTRY COOK Phone 0419 090 123 After 3pm


for sale

for sale

garage sales

CARAVAN Millard Monsoon 17’ poptop, island double bed, double lounge seating with TV, microwave etc. and front kitchen. Roll out awning with sides. 0419-122137.

FIREWOOD, redgum & local wood, Ph 0408980-711, A/H 56625175.

GARAGE SALE Saturday, December 3. Bric-a-brac, collectables, lots of different things. 65 McCartin Street, Leongatha, 8am - 2pm.

CARAVAN 1996 Regent pop-top, one owner, twin beds, full annexe, plus extras, ex. cond, $13,500 neg. Ph: 56723962. CLEAN quality cereal hay, no weather damage, northern Victoria. Contact Russell Byrnes 0429-693222. COUCHES - 2 X 2 seater white leather, VGC, $250 each, or both for $400. Ph: 56623650, 0409-623650. FIREWOOD - local messmate/stringy bark, cut, split, dry. Discounts on bulk loads. Free delivery available. Pick up or delivered. $100 per cubic metre. Ph: 0437-176187.

situations vacant WANTED Casual Cleaner for holiday house in Koonwarra, $30/hr. Some shopping occasionally required. Must be able to clean Dec 27, Jan 2 and Jan 25. Each year there would be 10 or more cleaning jobs. Email communication essential. Contact mcd.

• Administration Trainee (HR) • Information Technology Trainee • Finance Trainee

Better health, Better lifestyles, Stronger communities Diabetes Services - Chronic Disease Management Team • Expansion of the Diabetes Service • Permanent ongoing positions • Services are delivered across the Latrobe Valley As part of a suite of health improvement strategies for the community of the Latrobe Valley, LCHS is expanding their Diabetes Service. The expansion of the multidisciplinary Diabetes Service will allow easier access for those who are at risk of or who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The Diabetes Service is part of the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program. As a member of the CDM team you will have the ability to understand how to deliver services within a broader health environment and have a good understanding of how to work with other health professionals including GP’s in a collaborative manner. You will understand best practice service delivery and current evidence but will also want to be part of an innovative service that seeks to research new ways of improving outcomes. We are currently offering the following vacancies: • Clinical Lead • Diabetes Care Coordinator • Dietitian • Allied Health Assistant For more information please contact Petra Bovery-Spencer, Manager Primary Intervention on (03) 5136 5350. Applications will close 11pm, Sunday, 4 December 2016. ZO612421

Kick start your career and be mentored by experienced professionals. You will be provided with support, training and guidance to assist you in establishing a successful career. These entry level positions offer valuable practical experience in the specic eld whilst gaining a Certicate qualication. For more information please visit Council’s website Applications close 4 December 2016. Bass Coast Shire Council, 76 McBride Avenue, Wonthaggi VIC 3995 | DX 34903 Wonthaggi | PO Box 118, Wonthaggi VIC 3995 | 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211 | |

Southern Smiles Dental is now accepting applications for a Trainee Dental Assistant. The full time position requires no experience other than a friendly hard working attitude. Trainees will learn dental nursing on the job and at the completion of the program you will receive a certificate III in Dental Assisting. Your ability to work in a team environment is essential. Available position: Traineeship Certificate III Dental Assisting Location: Leongatha, Victoria Applications close: 5pm Friday 9th December 2016 For further information please contact Courtney Dyke on (03)5662 0040 Please forward a cover letter with attached resumé to: Southern Smiles Dental 25 Bair Street, Leongatha 3953 Or email to

SLEEPERS, treated pine, 200 x 50 x 2.4 $12.10 each, 200 x 75 x 2.4 $16.75 each, 200 x 75 x 3.0 $ 20.90 each. Free delivery for pack lots. Phone Joe 0417530662. THE Lady of the Swamp book (old edition) $100. Leongatha 5662-2518. TIMBER Kiln dried blackwood, silver wattle, cypress, celery top pine, most sizes for furniture and craft, also slabs and structural pine. Ph: 5681-2261.

livestock BULLS for hire or for sale. Friesian, Angus, Hereford, Limo or Jersey. All sound young bulls. Hire or sale. Phone 0447-331762. OLD PORT POULTRY FARM Delivering 20 week old Isa Brown laying hens to your area on Sunday, December 4, $21 each. 0438832535. SOUTHDOWN Poll Dorset and Border Leicester rams, flock registered, Brucellosis Accredited, Well bred from established breeder. Can deliver. Ph: 0428-356376.

used vehicles DAIMLER XJ40, 1988, auto, 148,000km, VGC, 3.6L in line motor. Elec heated seats, air, elec sunroof, 4W disc brakes, cruise control etc etc. On club plates (not transferrable) 60159H, $5,900. Ph: 0408-105069 or 56821757.

wanted to buy ANY OLD farm four wheelers, good or bad, 4WDs or trucks. Will pay cash. Phone Matt 0401194601. HAY - standing. Call Wayne 0429-471787.

Classified advertising closes 12 noon Mondays

garage sales

GARAGE SALE PositionsVacant GippslandPHNisafederallyfundedprimary healthcare organisationwithafocusonsupportinggeneralpractice,health planning,healthsystemintegrationandcommissioningservices inlinewithnationalandlocalhealthpriorities.  GippslandPHNcurrentlyhasonefulltimeemployment opportunityavailable: 

PlanningandCommissioningSupportOfficer Ouridealapplicantwillhavestrongprojectandadministrative skillswithprovenexperience,excellentcommunicationand organisationskills(includingtimelyfollowup)andattributesof integrity,professionalism,respectandgenuineness.  Ifthissoundslikeyou,viewourfullpositiondescriptionandapply online. 


Toapply: Visitourcareerspageonline.

The “STAR” can help you promote your event with our

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Embroidered cloths, brand new pillows, blankets, new shoes, jewellery, touch lamps, nic nacs, office equipment, material, Christmas decorations

25 Josephine Crescent MIRBOO NORTH From 8am on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3

birthday rememberance PORTEOUS - Viki. Special thoughts of Viki who would have celebrated her 70th birthday on 30.11.2016. Lilian and Sam.

marriage celebrant

Jenny Milkins All areas - 5672 3123

Jo Fennell 0437 465 399

engagements WINKLER - McKNIGHT Chris and Sue with Don and Cathy would like to announce and congratulate the engagement of Cindy and Ryan.

in memoriam CAFARELLA - Thomas. 8.1.29 - 23.11.01 Years come and go but the memories and legacy you left behind are infinite. Repose in pace. Your loving wife Connie and family. TROTMAN - Lorna. 24.11.2014 Wish you were here. Miss you more today than days gone by. Love Jodie and family. VAN BOVEN - Bette. 1.12.1936 - 29.11.2006 Where has the time gone, it’s been 10 years since you left us. Not a day goes by that you are not thought about or missed in some way. Love always Dianne, Geoff and family. XXX

deaths BOWMAN - Jason. It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Jay our beloved son, brother and uncle. Peacefully at Tweed Heads. Loved and cared for by partner Maryanne and Jake. I will miss you forever and a day. Joan Coulter. BOWMAN - Jay. Come to me in the evening and I will hear our music and smile. Love Fringie (Mum).

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deaths GRIMES Naomi Patricia. Passed away at Leongatha Hospital on November 23, 2016 aged 51 years, with Warren by her side. Many miles of happiness together. In my heart forever. LAWFORD (Grist) Kathleen Violet (Kath). Passed away peacefully at Carinya Hostel, Korumburra on November 22, 2016. Aged 91 years. Loved and loving mother of Irene, Peter and Raelene. Mother-in-law of Gary and Heather. Grandmother to 8, great grandmother of 10. Always remembered, sadly missed. Cherished mum of Irene, mother-in-law of Gary. Adored Nana of Tim, Matt and Melanie. Loved Nana Kath of Zaidyn, Reegan and Dakota. Love you forever to the stars and back. Forever in our hearts. Thank you Mum for the years we shared, the love you gave, the way you cared. You left a place no-one else can fill. We all loved you and always will. Loved Mum of Peter and Heather. Cherished Nana of Nathan and Leah, Jackie and Ben. Loved Nana Kath of Alanah, Rhys, Conor and Aden. Forever in our hearts. Much loved mother of Raelene. Cherished Nana of Penny and Adam, Scott and Tara, Natalie and Lee. Precious Little Nana of Jack, Rory and Emma. Forever in our hearts, forever grateful for everything you gave. Rest peacefully, your strength will be our guide. PHILLIPS Peter William - ‘Princey’. Taken too soon on November 24, 2016. Loved and loving husband of Pam. Adored father of Brendan, Andrew and Sarah, father-in-law to Sally, Tracy and Dylan. Proud Pa to Lachlan, Matilda, Sophie; Nicholas, Samuel; James and Laura. ‘Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Love leaves memories that no one can steal.’

Raising the Flags at Waratah Bay THERE was a sense of excitement and anticipation last Sunday around Waratah Beach Surf Life Saving Club in Sandy Point at its Raising the Flags event. The Raising of the Flags is a tradition that marks the start of the patrolling season for the club and this year the club re-instated its flag poles raising the Australian National flag, the Aboriginal flag and the club Flag. “We are raising the Aboriginal flag as a sign of welcome and paying respects to the traditional custodians of the land, said club president Rob O’Brien. “Being inclusive is a strong part of our club values and we want to

show that by flying the flags everyone is welcome on the beach.’ The event also marked the launch of the club’s new Community CPR Program and several sponsors were on hand to present cheques and see the new training equipment that was purchased as an outcome of their donations. “Our vision is that everyone in the community learns CPR skills that may one day save a life’, said Community CPR ambassador Natalie Ashdown. “The Sandy Point and local community populations swell significantly over the summer holidays and this is chance for the club to share our skills and to make a difference”. The program has received strong endorsement from the Sandy Point Community



GRIMES - The Funeral Service to celebrate the life of Naomi Patricia Grimes will be held at the Dakers Centre, corner of Smith and Watt Streets, Leongatha on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 commencing at 1pm. Private cremation.

PHILLIPS The Funeral Service for Mr Peter William ‘Princey’ Phillips will be held in The Bayview Room, Silverwater Resort, 17 Potters Hill Road, San Remo on Friday, December 2, 2016 at 10am. At the conclusion of the service the funeral will leave for the Leongatha Cemetery.

Group that has made a significant donation to enable the club to purchase training defibrillator machines. “We see this as an inspiring initiative,” said Anne Kinne, president of the Sandy Point Community Group, “and one that we were very keen to support and encourage the community to join in with”. Andrea Adams from SEJ Real Estate had her hands full with Baby Anne manikins that she personally donated to the club. “Being able to learn CPR to assist adults and children within the community is so important” says Andrea, who also acknowledged SEJ Real Estate for making a further donation for accessories. Chairperson of the Toora and District Community Bank®, Rob Liley and branch team member, Kate Whittingham also attended the

event and were proud to pass on a cheque that will enable the club to produce some marketing materials and along with a commitment to advertising the program in the branches. “You can see the spirit of the community within this project’ said Liley, “how all the different community groups including the bank have come together to make a difference, and yes, maybe one day save a life”. There was also a strong presence from the new South Gippsland Shire councillors with new mayor Cr Ray Argento, Cr Jeremy Rich and Cr Meg Edwards in attendance. The Raising the Flags event gave people the opportunity to tour the clubhouse, see the Marine Rescue Boat (another initiative that is being re-launched this season) and even try a nippers session.

Raising the flags: pictured performing this ceremony at Waratah Beach Surf Life Saving Club are, back, Adam Clark, and front from left, Jamaica Wake, Alyssa Clark, Nathan Ashdown and Andrew Ashdown.

Strong community: pictured at the season launch event at Waratah Bay on Sunday were, from left, Cr Meg Edwards, Ray Henderson from the Sandy Point Foreshore Committee, Mayor Cr Ray Argento, Cr Jeremy Rich and club president Rob O’Brien.

5952-5171 AFDA

Paul & Margaret Beck Proprietors

Caring for our Community, personal dignified service to all areas 5662 2717 Pre-need Funeral Plans available Office and Chapel: 24 Anderson Street, Leongatha MEMBER OF AUSTRALIAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION

Scott and Sharon Anderson With care & dignity we serve South Gippsland and Phillip Island Main Office: WONTHAGGI / INVERLOCH 5672 1074 176-178 Graham Street, Wonthaggi 3995 Fax: 5672 1747 email: PHILLIP ISLAND 5952 5171 15 Warley Avenue, Cowes 3922 (by appointment only) Pre-paid & pre-arranged funeral plans available CARING & PERSONAL 24 HOUR SERVICE MEMBER OF AUSTRALIAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION

Racing away: getting ready for a beach race Patrol team: South Gippsland Shire mayor Cr Ray Argento catches are, front, Nathan Ashdown and Alyssa Clark up with some of those on patrol duties on the weekend, from left, watched by age manager Paula Clark. Tom Wilkinson, Rory Carn, Jamaica Wake and Amy Veenendaal.

Record ambulance investment THE Andrews Labor Government will deliver a new ambulance service for rural and regional communities, including Venus Bay, to deliver quicker responses to local emergencies. The new service is part of a record $500 million investment over five years to employ 450 more paramedics, buy new vehicles and build new branches across the state. This is the largest ever funding boost for Victoria’s ambulance services in a bold new plan to improve ambulance response times. This new service, based on a successful model trialled this year at Wedderburn and Warracknabeal, will feature a paramedic community support coordinator and vehicle. The paramedic community support coordinator will be an experienced paramedic who can provide a local emergency response, while also training and supervising local volunteer teams who can respond to incidents.

The new service will commence in 2018. This will make a huge difference to ambulance response times in South Gippsland. Ambulance performance in South Gippsland Shire continues to improve, with ambulances attending 40.8% of calls within the benchmark 15 minutes – up from 40.2% in the June quarter. In order to continue to improve ambulance response times, our new $500 million package includes: • Employing 450 new paramedics over the next three years • Establishment of six new ‘super response centres’ supported by more than 200 paramedics to meet growing demand in Melbourne’s suburbs including the west, the outer north-west, the north, the northeast, outer east and outer south-east • Building or upgrading 15 more branches across the state, on top of the 20 projects already underway • 225 new paramedics to be located in 22 branches across the state, assessed as highest priority and in need of further resources to meet local demand

• Purchasing new ambulance vehicles and equipment to support the additional paramedic teams • Creating 12 new services in rural and remote towns with a local paramedic and vehicle, based on a successful model trialled at Wedderburn and Warracknabeal • Treating more patients in emergency departments sooner with a $50 million boost to hire more clinicians and open more beds This funding is in on top of the $144 million provided in the Victorian Budget 2016/17, which included the $60 million Response Time Rescue Fund to improve ambulance response times. Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing said “Local families in Venus Bay, Neerim South and Lang Lang can look forward to the peace of mind that emergency care is close by when they need it most.” “This is an exciting new model for communities where a professional paramedic is providing better access to critical care and training-up dedicated local volunteers to respond to emergencies.”

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Over the bridge with Lavinia ELEVEN first timers to Inverloch were among the 96 park runners and walkers who came along to experience the new course. Many people seemed to enjoy the new part over the bridge. This week there were 20 personal bests. Shirley Dell knocked off another four seconds making two personal bests in two weeks. Sherryn McDonald knocked off just under four minutes in her second parkrun. Congratulations to all who achieved a personal best. A massive congratulations goes to Lavinia Petrie who this week ran an age graded record of 106.2 per cent. This broke the previous record by a whopping 23 per cent. Lavinia runs in the 70-75 age group and set a blistering time of 22:03. Lavinia currently holds world records in several categories in her age group. Many more regulars have or are about to get their red 50 shirt. This week Sheridan White was presented with her 50 top and she is already wearing it proudly. Congratulations to Rebecca Dell who ran her 50 this week. Every week there is an amazing group of volunteers. Nathan Castle, Jacqui M O’Connell, Luke Reddie, Heather Sullivan, Neci Sutherland, Neil White, Lily Whitehouse and Addie Pykett

were thanked for their contribution. The results: Male placings: Cameron Stone (SM20-24) (unattached) was first over the line in 18:25 - first appearance. Bill Barry (VM35-39) of Wonthaggi Road Runners was second over the line in 18:30 - has been first to finish on 19 previous occasions. Glenn Sullivan (VM50-54) of Wonthaggi Road Runners was third over the line in 18:33 - has been first to finish on 39 previous occasions. Female placings: Georgia Burns (JW11-14) of Little Athletics was first (seventh overall) over the line in 21:06 - 37th time in 61 appearances. Elisa Mooren (VW45-49) of Westerfoldians, was second (ninth overall) over the line in 21:26 - was first to finish once before. Lavinia Petrie (VW70-74) of Victorian Masters Athletics, was third (10th overall) over the line in 22:03. The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores: Lavinia Petrie (VW70-74) was graded 106.20 percent for the time 22:03 (10th overall). Glenn Sullivan (VM50-54) was graded 79.51 percent for the time 18:33 (third overall). Georgia Burns (JW11-14) was graded 77.17 per cent for the time 21:06 (seventh overall). This week there were 96 runners, of whom 11 were first timers. There were representatives from 10 different athletics clubs.

Record holder: Lavinia Petrie posted was graded 106.2 per cent in her recent parkrun at Inverloch. Inverloch parkrun started on September 13, 2014, and since then 1795 different runners, including participants from 91 athletics clubs, have completed 10,014 runs covering a total distance of 50,070 km, and there have been 2016 new personal bests. The female record is held by Charlotte Wilson who ran in a time of 00:18:11

on October 29, 2016 (event number 114). The male record is held by Stephen Rennick who ran in a time of 00:16:36 on November 22, 2014 (event number 11). The age grade course record is held by Lavinia Petrie who recorded a 106.20 percent run (22:03) on November 26, 2016 (event number 118).

Give footy a try HAVE you wanted to give footy a go? This is your chance to be part of the inaugural Bass Coast women’s footy team in 2017. The team is holding two come try days before Christmas and welcomes anyone who is interested to come along and see if you like it. All ages welcome and no experience is necessary.

Just come along and have a go; all you need is your runners and a drink bottle. Women’s AFL Come and Try Days will be held on December 5 and 12 at 6pm at the Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve on Korumburra Road, Wonthaggi. For more information on the team, join the group Bass Coast Women’s Football Team on Facebook or contact Ella Angarane on 0438 722 639.

Right, Growing sport: pictured are Gippsland Power representatives from local Bass Coast and South Gippsland clubs who are coached by Kelly O’Neill, a member of the Bass Coast Women’s team.

Leongatha Small Bore Rifle Club RESULTS: 2016 TRV 50m BENCH Pennant - Section E Round 9: Leongatha B 714.015 lost to Kyabram B 730.027; Lake Gillear 707.024 (bye); Wangaratta 728.029 lost to Ballarat East B 737.027. Best shooter for round nine was Howard Jones (Wangaratta) with 247.013. Round 10: Lake Gillear 725.029 defeated Kyabram B 722.020; Wangaratta 726.022 defeated Leongatha B 688.015; Ballarat East B 727.021 (bye).

Best shooter for round 10 was Christopher Preston (Lake Gillear) with 249.013.

Ladder Ballarat East B ............................. 40 Kyabram B ................................... 28 Wangaratta ................................... 24 Lake Gillear .................................. 20 Leongatha........................................ .8 The club shoots on Wednesday nights at 8pm at the rifle club on the recreation reserve. Any inquiries, please call Rob Spratt 5664 2358.

Leongatha squash MONDAY night saw a great clash between Travis Strybosch and John Jones in a tight five setter. Trav starting strongly to win the first two games. With both players having to guage each other’s game it has taken both players time to get into the groove. Travis has a good eye and keeps his opponents off balance hitting tight reverse boasts and deep cross court drives but John started to peg back the deficit chasing hard and winning with great drop shots, and levelling at two games all. After wearing each other down it came down to grit and determination rather than skill and fitness but the result was a cracker, with Trav taking the

match 10-8 in the fifth, Trav three games 36, John two games 36, but although that match had the losing player having the same points. With the end of season competition finishing we invite you to Come and Try Raquetball each Wednesday at 7.30pm. Raquetball will be introduced and played, all equipment is available to use and our committee will run and organise the play, so come along. For the squashies we will be playing American squash with pars scoring to keep it entertaining. That’s all this week but anyone wishing to play at Poowong or Leongatha can call the club 0418 998 222 or 0409 613 664. Check us on Facebook.

Funding boost for sporting clubs SPORTS clubs have shared in just under $6000 of State Government funding under the Sporting Club Grants Program. Gippsland South MLA Danny O’Brien congratulated the Poowong Tennis Club ($970), Sale Maffra Cricket Association ($1000), Sale Tennis Club ($1000) and Leongatha Basketball Association ($3000) on their successful applications. The funds will be used for a variety of advancements across the clubs including new equipment, uniforms and training for coaches. Mr O’Brien said sporting clubs like these are a crucial element of communities. “Getting involved with a sports clubs has great social and health benefits,” he said. “The sporting clubs provide a great service to our community and I am delighted to see them receiving some much needed funding.”

Here you go: Gippsland South MLA Danny O’Brien celebrates a successful grant application with Leongatha Basketball Association president Dan Monaghan.

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Sullivan a boxing knock out By Sarah Vella LEONGATHA boxer Sullivan Herbert has returned from Tasmania triumphant, after a win at the Kingston Boxing Club recently. Sullivan was one of 12

regional boxers who travelled to Tasmania to compete in the interstate tournament. The win was Sullivan’s first in an Under 15, 54kg division in what was his second competition. From a family that has produced boxers since the 1920s, Sullivan trains with

his dad Dane Herbert and grandfather Dereck Herbert in the family gym, Lions Boxing. After taking up boxing around 18 months ago, Sullivan said he is really enjoying the sport. “I get to spend a lot of time with my dad and I like getting stronger and reach-

Family sport: Sullivan Herbert, middle, comes from a family of boxers and trains with his father Dane Herbert, left and grandfather Dereck Herbert at Lions Gym in Leongatha.

• Wonthaggi table tennis

ing my goals. The training has helped with my other sports as well, because I am improving my fitness,” he said. “I also get to travel a lot.” Sullivan said his win in Tasmania was one of the happiest moments in his life. “I was extremely excit-

ed, I haven’t really felt that happy for a while, especially because it was the first win of my boxing career,” he said. Sullivan trains most of the year and with the state championships coming up in February, he will have to train over the Christmas period.

“It is difficult to find boxing competitions in Australia, which is why we are required to travel a fair bit,” Dane said. “It is popular overseas, but with so many choices of sports in Australia, all sports have problems holding on to people.” Boxing is very much an

Well fought: Leongatha boxer Sullivan Herbert won his first fight recently in Tasmania at the Kingston Boxing Club. He was one of 12 regional Victorian boxers to attend the event.

individual sport, which can be tough on its competitors. “You can’t rest; there is no one else to rely on, no team behind you. The body, mind and spirit have to step up,” Dane said. “There is a lot of pressure in boxing and it starts from the get go.” Even with the pressure of the sport, Sullivan has dedicated himself to boxing and has even cut sugar out of his diet to help control his weight. “That is very challenging for a 13 year old,” Dane said. Sullivan trains every day, with rest days as required. “I train with dad and on non boxing days we do short, intense workouts. I am mainly working on skills at the moment, as well as fitness,” he said. In between boxing and training, Sullivan also plays basketball and competes in athletics and triathlons. Sullivan’s next fight is on November 26 in South Australia and the following weekend he will be in Auckland, New Zealand to compete.

• Korumburra Volleyball

Blue Tongues win grand final Young THE final night for the KVI winter/ junior volleyguns spring ball competition was at the Leonstep up played gatha SPLASH staon Thursday, for finals dium November 24. have been chosen to participate in the volleyball program at the Gippsland Sports Academy in 2017 and will attend their induction day this weekend. Rachel Chalmers represented Victoria in the Under 15 team at the National Junior Volleyball Championships

TIDES Here is an easy guide to tides in your area. To determine tides for a particular area, add or subtract periods of times as shown below. Earlier Minutes Apollo Bay ...........................25 King Island (Grassy) ...........10 King Island (Surprise Bay)....40 King Island (Franklin) ...........40 Lakes Entrance .................... 170 Lorne ...................................... 20 Mallacoota Inlet.................... 158 Rip Bank ................................ 15 Snowy River Entrance ......... 170 _______________________ Cape Schanck, Flinders, Mornington Ocean Beaches, Seal Rocks, Venus Bay, Waratah Bay, Woolamai ....... nil _________________________ Later Minutes Altona ................................... 195 Barwon Heads Bridge ........... 15 Carrum ................................. 195 Corinella ................................. 68 Cowes Pier............................. 50 Dromana .............................. 195 Frankston ............................. 195 Geelong ............................... 210 Hastings ................................. 66 Hovell Pile ............................ 195 Inverloch Pier ......................... 15 Melbourne ............................ 200 Mornington ........................... 195 Newhaven Jetty ..................... 30 No. 1 West Channel (Annulus)........................... 50 No. 2 South Channel Light .... 70 No. 8 South Channel Light .. 150 Port Albert Pier ...................... 90 Portarlington Pier ................. 190 Portsea Pier ........................... 80 Port Welshpool (Rabbit Island .................... 10 Queenscliffe Pier ................... 30 Rhyll ....................................... 60 Rosebud............................... 195 Rye Pier ............................... 170 St. Leonards Pier ................. 190 Sandringham ....................... 195 Sorrento Pier........................ 130 Stony Point ............................. 40 South Channel Pile Light ..... 190 Swan Island Dock ................ 120 Tooradin ............................... 105 Warneet.................................. 84 Williamstown ........................ 200 Welshpool Pier....................... 90

At Point Lonsdale

NOV / DEC Time

height (metres)

Add one hour for daylight saving

30 WED







0140 0715 1313 1921

1.50 0.72 1.31 0.33

0217 0757 1355 2000

1.56 0.67 1.34 0.29

0252 0835 1434 2037

1.61 0.63 1.37 0.27

0327 0912 1514 2112

1.64 0.60 1.39 0.26

0400 0947 1552 2145

1.65 0.57 1.40 0.28

0436 1023 1631 2217

1.65 0.55 1.39 0.30

0513 1058 1711 2250

1.62 0.54 1.36 0.33

All times shown in 24 hour clock 0001 - 1200..................AM 1201 - 2400..................PM

THE Wonthaggi Table Tennis A Reserve grand final was played last Wednesday and thrilled the spectators. The standard of play displayed by the young players exceeded all expectations. Better than the Best – the team of Archie Paxton, Malachy O’Flynn and Jack Duff – won the final match. The runner up was DMack – Kenzi Gardner, Dale Orchard and Jake Stivic. A Grade, A Reserve, B Grade and junior coaching have concluded for the year and will resume in February, 2017. New players will be very welcome. Social table tennis and the AAA program will conclude on Thursday this week. The break up barbecue and presentation of trophies will be held at the Wonthaggi Table Tennis Centre on Friday, December 2, from 6pm to 8pm. Players, family, friends and supporters are all welcome. Please bring a plate to share. Meat, drinks, bread and sauce will be provided.

Left, Grand finals: runners up Jake Stivic, Kenzi Gardner and Dale Orchard with winners Archie Paxton, (front) Jack Duff and Malachy O’Flynn. Absent: Scott Gardner and Matthew Wang.

In the semi finals, Clouds defeated Red Embers 25:22 and Blue Tongues defeated Blueberries 25:17. It ended up that the top two teams from the end of the season were in the grand final. In the play off for third, Red Embers defeated Blueberries 25:11. The grand final was best of three sets. While Clouds served well, Blue Tongues had good team play and were able to attack the ball more. There were some great rallies with younger players Aluah and Mason rising to the occasion. After a tight first set, Blue Tongues ran away with the second set and defeated Clouds 25:21, 25:17. It has been a good season for the juniors with a lot of improvement in skills and game play. The President’s Award was presented by Anthony Golding to Natasha Hibma and the P Triple C Most Disciplined Played was awarded to Emily Foster. Six young local athletes

played in Queensland in September this year. The senior volleyball finals series will be played over the next two Thursdays at 7.30 pm with the grand finals for both the A and B Grades being held on December 8. Beach volleyball at SPLASH has started, despite

the climatic conditions, on Tuesday nights from 6.30pm to 8pm. The annual Inverloch Beach Volleyball competition will be on Sunday, January 15, 2017. For all enquiries, contact Tom 5658 1043 BH or Mandy 5662 4395.

Opportunity: the athletes selected for the Gippsland Sports Academy Volleyball Program 2017 were, from left, Charlotte, Stephanie, Emily, Alexandra, Annika and Phillip.

Premiership team: from left, the Blue Tongues team of Emily, Alexandra, Stephanie, Phillip and Mason won the 2016 winter/spring junior volleyball competition. Absent: Eden. Right, Award winners: from left, Emily Foster received the Most Disciplined Player Award and Natasha Hibma received the President’s Award following the winter/spring junior volleyball grand final.

Korumburra volleyball A Grade: Champions defeated Nads (3:2) 25:27, 25:16, 21:25, 30:28, 15:12; Bugs defeated Golliwogs (3:0) 25:16, 25:21, 25:21. B Grade: Panthers defeated Gems (3:0) 25:14, 25:14, 25:17; HELP defeated Falcons (3:2) 22:25, 25:13, 25:18, 21:25, 15:12.

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| SPORT • Leongatha Cycling

New riders take on track racing

FRIDAY night saw a good field of senior riders and a new junior face at racing.

At the start of the night there was a cold wind blowing however that eased over the course of the evening. Following a week of cold and showery weather the track was also cold and not conducive to quick times and that was evident in the results of the one lap time trial with no riders managing to post a new season best time. Whilst the turnout was good it does not match the Wednesday training night where some 20 riders are keeping the club coach busy. On Wednesday night, two of the members who have undertaken the coaching theory tests were on hand to investigate the practical sessions. Stuart Smith was well able to contribute but Stefan Kirsch, new to track racing, found the session an eye opener. He was amazed the session went so smoothly when there is a big range of age groups and abilities all trying to log a productive training session. The first up time trial on Friday night saw Will Lumby clock a 31.40 sec followed by Austin Timmins on 31.72 sec. Steve Allen was not far behind at 32.63 sec. For Austin it was the first lap of a two lap effort that coach Tony Smith request he ride. To make matters worse for Austin he was pushing a big gear which he never really looked like he was able to push. For the juniors Felicity Waddell at 40.38 sec was marginally ahead of Kaleb Jans 40.52 sec whilst Caleb Murphy was an improving effort at 43.51sec. New rider Tyler Chadwick was a bit rough at the start and recorded a 54.64 sec so we can expect him to take chunks out of that time over the season. The 34 lap junior scratch race came down to an effort over the last lap and Kaleb Jans scored the win ahead of Felicity and Caleb Murphy. The senior eight lap scratch race saw Will Lumby

too quick in the dash to the line for Austin Timmins and Steve Allen. The riders had little rest before they were into the handicaps. In the junior one lap dash, the first race saw Felicity (10m) fly of the mark and round up all starters for a win ahead of Kaleb Jans (scr) and Caleb Murphy (25). After the handicapper looked at these results he sent them back out and this time it was a narrow win to Kaleb Jans (10) from Tyler Chadwick (85) and Caleb Murphy (35) so it is amazing what a small change does. In the senior one lap dash, Dylan Adams (40) was glad to chase down the outmarkers to take the win from a fast finishing Will Lumby (scr) and Austin Timmins (Scr). In the following two lap handicap, Steve Allen (50) kept powering along to round up the outmarkers and take the win just ahead of Oliver McLean (80) and Dylan Adams (60) with the scratch riders unable to bridge the gaps. The juniors were sent out for some sprint heats. The first race saw Felicity keep her sprinting crown as she secured the win over Kaleb. In the other heat it was Caleb Murphy showing new rider Tyler a rear wheel all the way for a win. The seniors were split into two teams of three riders for an Olympic sprint and save for a tardy start from Dylan the end result may have been closer than the 10m separation that resulted. The winning team was Steve Allen, Kevin Feely and Will Lumby at 49.48 sec ahead of Austin, Oliver and Dylan at 50.53 sec. Last races for the evening were another round of scratch races- the junior race over six laps produced another win for Kaleb Jans ahead of Felicity Waddell and Caleb Murphy. In the senior race over 16 laps, the pace was steady and Steve Allen up the pace around mid race and did three laps on the front of the bunch.

Big finish: in the senior one lap dash, Dylan Adams (40) was glad to chase down the outmarkers to take the win from a fast finishing Will Lumby (scr) and Austin Timmins (Scr). However, just after he finished his turn, Will Lumby jumped out and in initiated some further action. Austin quickly covered the move and the others were left trying to close the gap. They almost closed down the break but another turn of pace from Austin broke the determination of the chasers save for Oliver McLean who made contact with a lap to spare before the last lap. Austin set up his winning move with good track craft and once he made the decisive move it was all over as he cruised to an easy win ahead of Will and Oliver. Now the club is hoping several of the new riders

training Wednesday night will make the step of racing next Friday night or swap their “ride” licence for a ‘racing” licence. The Wednesday night efforts are showing some riders with lots of potential if they can switch to racing. The club has a range of bikes available for anyone to come and try riding at the track. Often people think that it is hard and they cannot manage the step but most find it is pretty easy and quite a buzz to speed round the track. Come down to the track of a dry Wednesday night at 6pm to whet your appetite.

Doubles champs: the winners for section two were Darcy Methven and Dylan Beck (left). and the runners up were Seth Cummins and Sebastian Toomey.

Pennant doubles: the top pair was Xander Broadbear and Flynn McMahon (right), and the runners up were Jesse Condron and Micah Condron (left).

Allambee Mirboo & District tennis L E O N G AT H A NORTH and Inverloch were the big winners on Saturday in Section 1. Greg Marshman had a trip and a tumble on the court at Leongatha North. We hope he can make a quick recovery. Nurse Neil was on hand. Leongatha had no answer for Inverloch. In Section 2 Koonwarra won all the sets against Gold, with two tiebreakers Gold was not able to win.

Hallston was very pleased winning against the top team Baromi. Berrys Creek with a 6/3 win over Outtrim take top spot this week. Korumburra had a good win against Green. Our eager beaver Zara Littlejohn stepping in to help the team and is always ready for a game. In Section 3 Baromi won by 11 games against Hawks with tiebreakers in this match both going to the Hawks. Mardan is playing well to be on top of the ladder. Eagles played well in a close game, a six game win

Mirboo North and District junior tennis association ROUND eight: November 26 The season passed the halfway mark last week. There are only six rounds to go with three before Christmas and then three more after. A Grade: Mardan four sets, 33 games defeated Fish Creek two sets, 27 games; Leongatha North five sets, 34 games defeated Djokovic -Leongatha one set, 21 games; Wa w r i n k a - L e o n g a t h a bye. Ladder Fish Creek ..........................36 Mardan ......................... 33.40 Leongatha North ......... 31.50 Wawrinka-Leongatha 20.57 Djokovic-Leongatha ...16.75

B Grade: Barty-Leongatha four sets, 29 games defeated Williams-Leongatha two sets, 27 games; Federer-Leongatha five sets, 30 games defeated Baromi-Black one set, 14 games; Baromi-Yellow three sets, 27 games defeated Nadal-Leongatha three sets, 24 games; Mar-

dan six sets, 36 games defeated Kerber-Leongatha zero sets, 18 games; Fish Creek bye. Ladder Mardan.........................37.5 Fish Creek .......................37 Federer-Leongatha.........32

to Mardan.

Results Section 1: Leongatha North 8.67 d Koonwarra 1.32, Inverloch 8.70 d Leongatha 1.40, Phillip Island - bye. Section 2: Koonwarra 9.72 d Leongatha Gold 0.39, Hallston 6.55 d Baromi 3.51, Berrys Creek 6.57 d Outtrim 3.51, Korumburra 7.66 d Leongatha Green 2.41. Section 3: Baromi 4.47 d Hawks 3.36, Mardan 4.40 d Eagles 3.34, Parrots - bye.

Ladders Section 1 Phillip Island................65.0 Inverloch ......................56.0 Leongatha North .........40.0 Koonwarra ...................31.0 Leongatha......................26.0 Section 2 Berrys Creek................63.5 Baromi ..........................61.5 Koonwarra ...................54.0 Outtrim ........................52.5 Hallston .........................47.5 Korumburra ...................29.0 Leongatha Green ...........19.5 Leongatha Gold.............17.0 Section 3 Mardan.........................45.0 Parrots ..........................43.0 Baromi ..........................36.0 Eagles ...........................33.0 Hawks ...........................27.0

Juniors star in tennis tournament

THE Korrine and District Junior Tennis Association held its annual tournament on Sunday, November 20, in beautiful Great effort: Jameison Schmidt and Levi Patter- conditions. son (right) won the section three doubles against The tournament was open to players from the Ben Comerford and Harry Butcher (left). association including Phillip Island, Westernport,

Grantville, Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Korumburra and Leongatha. Junior players displayed great sportsmanship Section three singles: the winner was Harry and showcased fine tennis with some very close Butcher (left), who played against Cailen matches. Lone (right).

Barty-Leongatha ............28 Baromi-Black ...................27 Williams-Leongatha .........24 Kerber-Leongatha ............23 Nadal-Leongatha ...........22.5 Baromi-Yellow .................21

C Grade: Fish Creek six sets, 28 games defeated Tomic-Leongatha zero sets, two games; MurrayLeongatha three sets, 21 games defeated Mardan three sets, 17 games; Tsonga-Leongatha four sets, 24 games defeated Berdych-Leongatha two sets 15 games. Ladder Fish Creek ....................51.5 Murray-Leongatha .....25.5 Tomic-Leongatha ........24.5 Tsonga –Leongatha .....23.5 Berdych –Leongatha ........22 Mardan .............................21

Doubles: the winners for section five were James Lone and Karter Kosena (right). The runners up were Evie Say and Gracie Newman (left).

Good hitting: the section four doubles winners were James Gilbert and Jack Jarmen Section pennant singles: winner Nathan Singles: the section two winner was Dylan (left). They played against Kate Little and Harris (right) with runner up Caleb Cum- Beck (left). The runner up was Dimitri Van mins (left). Oss (right). Katie Harris (right).

PAGE 44 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Single Stableford: Col Stewart had a win on Thursday with 34 Dynamic duo: Saturday winners Bob McGeary and Rod Matthews were points. congratulated by captain Peter Riddle.

Meeniyan golf AS the season is coming to an end, board events are being finalised. Saturday, November 26, saw Rod Matthews take out the Captains Trophy for the most consistent player over Saturday competitions, winning on a count back from Paul Robinson. Congratulations Rod on your year of golf. Players found it hard going during the week with scoring hard to come by. The course was definitely the winner, however this turned around again on Saturday with Rod Matthews and Bob McGeary taking out the 4BBB competiton, proudly sponsored by Bruce Betts, with 42 points, on a count back. Good scoring by all teams. It’s good to see Peter Wilson about the club more now, and playing very consistent golf. Likewise Phil John-

Meeniyan Ladies THE 2016 season for the Ladies came to a close on Wednesday, November 23 and to mark the occasion we held our Captain and Presidents’ Day: 15 holes of golf with a couple of twists. The overall winner was the president’s team under the guidance of Jan Trease and out going captain after three years, Veronica Park (neither of who played – perhaps they had seen the forecast). It was fantastic to see a great gathering of former players join us all for lunch. Congratulations to all the winners over the year of competition. There were two main board events for the Ladies: the Ray and Heather Poletti Four

Leongatha Golf SIXTY FOUR golfers contested a Stableford competition on Saturday in which Trevor Moss had the best score of the day of 41 points to win C Grade and the overall. A Grade was taken out by Peter Walsh with 39 points and Will Norden won B Grade with 40 points. Andy Bassett won the Super Comp with 39 points in a countback. Balls were won by Andy Bassett, Frank Gill, Barry Attwood, John Fraser, Fred Debono, Barry Stevens, Malcom Gin, Peter Wa-

ston is back from holidays. Former member Ian Warman popped into the club during the week, visiting from Bendigo, and about to head off on a trip around Victoria and South Australia. Ian dropped in to see life member Jimmy Cusak home from hospital. The club wishes Jim all the best for a speedy recovery. Saturday’s prize for the most unusual shot (or two) went to Phil Hutcheson who we are told tried to climb a tree to hit his ball during the game. However, as the fines after the game told, Phil was not too successful. Results: Tuesday, November 22: Single Stableford. Winner: Lloyd Hemphill (24) 32 points. Runner up: Will Bullock (13) 31 points. Nearest the pin: second Will Bullock and 14th Bob McGeary. Ball Better Ball which was won by Jenny Cope and Irene Holm who de-

Best nine: Col Stewart, 17 points on a count back from Peter Wilson. Thursday, November 24: Single Stableford. Winner: Col Stewart (26) 34 points. Runner up: Peter Wilson (20) 34 points. Nearest the pin: fifth John Hyett and 11th Col Stewart. Best nine: Bob McGeary 19 points. Saturday, November 26: 4BBB, sponsor Bruce Betts. Winners: Bob McGeary/ Rod Matthews 42 points. Runners up: Frank Piele/Phil Johnston 42 points. Pro pin: Brian Dewar. Up the line ball: Lloyd Redpath/Winno Reilly 36 points. Members draw: Phil Benson, jackpots to next week. The annual general meeting of the club will be held on December 7 at 7.30 pm in the clubhouse.

feated Faye LePage and Belinda Angwin; and the Lorraine Eddy Singles

Winners: Jocelyn Howson (A Grade), Louise Schache (B Grade) and Lianne Adamson (C Grade) shared success on the Leongatha golf course.

Leongatha ladies

Tuesday winner: Lloyd Hemphill took out the Single Stableford competition.

Top golfer: Rod Matthews received the Captains Trophy. Board Event which saw our outgoing captain Veronica Park win over Sue Hoskin. The Ladies would like to thank these great sponsor’s for their ongoing support.

Gracious: Meeniyan Golf Club Ladies captain Veronica Park Win win: from left, Jenny Cope and Irene Holm chose not to play on were among the winners of Meeniyan Golf Club’s Wednesday at Captain and President’s Day. Captain and Presidents’ Day on Wednesday. ters, Alan Kuhne, John Eabry, Geoff Maher, Ron Paice, Nathan Wardle, John Moor and Kevin Castwood. NTPs were Ted Bruinewoud on the 14th and Chris Leaver on the 16th. On Tuesday, Ian Murchie won A Grade and was overall winner with 40 points in a countback. B Grade was taken out by Mike Street also with 40 points in a countback. Balls were won by Jim Arnott, Bill Bittlemann, Ian Baker, Barry Stevens, Warren Dummett, David Forbes,

Colin Bear and Frank Smedley. Andrew Smith provided the hi-light of the day with a brilliant eagle two on the par four 17th hole. NTPs were Ian Baker on the 17th and David Forbes on the 16th. Thursday’s Stableford competition saw Ted Rudge score a very good 43 points to take the overall honours, but only in a countback from the very unlucky Frank Smedley who also carded 43 points A Grade was taken out by Jeff Brewer with 39 points and Keith Go-

dridge took the B Grade honours also with 39 points and also by countback. Balls were awarded to Frank Smedley, Peter Horman, Rob Martin, Chris Leaver, Kevin Scott, John Eabry, Ian Barlow, Geoff McDonald, Peter Hobson, Peter Waters, Terry Chipman, Wendy-Anne Parker, Jon Smith, Geoff Maher, Gerard Mooney, Walter Taberner and Brian Fennessy. NTPs were Martin Edney on the 14th hole and Paul Luck on the 16th.

THE women’s captain Shirley Welsford co sponsored last weeks’ stableford event with Julie Howard. Despite the recently

Woorayl golf THIRTY SIX players played the November Monthly Medal this week, putting up with more tough conditions. Wind, rain and cored greens and no one managed to break par. The trophy donors for the day were Kev Riseley and Graeme Fixter and Reggie’s homemade sauce, that was offered as a trophy, was keenly contested. The A Grade runner up was Rob Gourlay with 74 net. A Grade winner, backing up his form from his win in the B Grade championship was Tom Ryan with 72. Tom is now firmly ensconced on single figures and is playing great golf. The B Grade runner up was Pat Wallace with a good score of 72. The B Grade winner and Monthly Medallist, winning on count back from Tom, Pat and Grant Ennoss, was past president and passionate member Rodney Goodwin. C Grade runner up was Geoff Forrester with 73 net. The C Grade winner this week was the unlucky Grant Enoss. Grant is a new member and has the swing to play A Grade. Once he gets his short game sorted out he will be a force to be reckoned with. NTP on eight went to E. Poole and 17th G. Fennell. DTL went to D. Lim, G. Young 73, G. Fennell, I. McLennan, 74, G. McKinnon, D. Clemann 75, and B. Hogan 76 count back from three others. Raffle winner “Spider” syndicate. This week culminates in what has been a busy time for the club being the end of golfing year. Friday night was the presentation night. A small but great crowd learnt about the exploits of the board and championship winners for the year and an enjoyable night was had by all.

cored greens there were some very high scores recorded in both the mid week and Saturday competitions. Jocelyn Howson (23) took out the honours in A Grade with 40 points. Louise Schache (30),

Sunday was the Closing Day mixed and congratulations go to Ian Balfour and Sue Wakefield winning the day with 69 net. Straight after closing day was the annual general meeting of the club. The good news is that the club is travelling nicely. It is very secure financially and has some exciting projects coming up. The committee next year will be mostly unchanged with the notable difference of a new captain Gary Young and a new secretary Geoff McKinnon. Good luck to both for the coming year. Next Thursday is the first night of the Christmas raffles. They will be run every Thursday for three weeks leading up to Christmas and there are lots of hams and other prizes to be won. Come down for tea and get the cheapest steak in Gippsland cooked by qualified chefs to your liking for just $17 with the beautiful salads prepared in the buffet the best beer and wine in the district and the friendliest staff around. Come and have a merry Christmas with the club.

Woorayl ladies THE changing spring weather greeted players on Wednesday, November 23, for the day sponsored by Heather Sullivan. Play started with an American Foursomes Stableford format with rain threatening. The rain finally came which unfortunately forced an early finish when the greens became unplayable. Many players were unable to avoid the downpour and were ‘well soaked’. The competition was reduced to a nine hole event. The winners were Pauline Lancaster and Lois Young with 18 points and the runners up were Jo Fennell and Faye Maynard with 17 points. Next week is the Meeniyan Social Day being played at Meeniyan.

continuing her steady form, won B Grade with an excellent 38 points while Lianne Adamson, currently on a winning streak, won C Grade with 41 points. Down the line balls were won by Marg Berry

Korumburra THERE were 40 players on Saturday, November 26 for a par competition, with trophies supplied by Neil Spargo. A Grade: (11 hcp) N. Spargo +2, S. Harland +2, I. Gibson +4, S. Bromby sq, D. Vanrooye sq, T. Herbert -1, L. Webster -2, R. Ludenia -2. B Grade: (17 hcp) R. Gallagher +3, K. Spokes -2. Nearest the pin: 1st M. Bull, 7th no one, 10th R. Crawford, 13th S. Bromby. Tuesday’s winner was Rod Spokes 36 pts and Thursday’s winner was C. Tyler Marotti 39 pts.

Korumburra ladies UNFORTUNATELY, last Wednesday turned out to be very wet so the scheduled Richie Beecroft 4BBB Stroke was not played. It has now been postponed to Wednesday, January 25. A new timesheet will be available for pairs to sign up for that day. Most girls stayed at the clubrooms and celebrated president Kath’s birthday with a delicious cake provided by Jenny Blackmore. There was no competition last Saturday. The women’s presentation afternoon is on Wednesday, December 7, and trophy donors are asked to have their awards (numbered please) to Judy before that day. Committee members will provide light refreshments after golf in the afternoon. Betty Thomson is collecting the dinner money and the Kris Kringle gift for the Christmas break up on December 14. It would be appreciated if ladies could contact Betty as firm numbers are needed well beforehand.

Foster THE course is drying out after a very wet period. The green on the eighth has undergone a

and Dot Stubbs 37 points, Nan Meagher and Pat Pease 35, Sue Woods, Glenyce Mc Robert and Wendy Parker 32, Marianne Leaver and Nancy Sperling 31 and Jan Brownlie and Glenys Day 30 points. Pat Pease and Sue Woods (2nd shot) were closest to the 14th pin and Marianne Leaver and Fran O’Brien (2nd shot) on the 16th. Marion Chalmers won the nine hole event with 17 points and newcomer to the game Cheryl Borg won a ball down the line with 11 points. Saturday, November 26: Winner: Jan Brownlie 40 points. Down the line: Kerry Hogan 38, Rebecca Wilson and Anna de Bondt 36. Nearest the Pin: Marg Berry.

th b




major facelift and the club held its annual presentation night on Saturday night. A good crowd was on hand to give all the yearly winners a clap and cheer. The club is currently running a special gold ticket promotion; this is the last week to have a chance to win a gold ticket, so come in and make a purchase. Don’t miss the mega Christmas raffle. Tuesday, November 22: Washout. Wednesday, November 23: Stableford Winner A: Gayle Tyer 30 points. Winner B: Barb Fuller 39 points. Runner up: D. Williams (27) and Mary Ellis (35). NTP: sixth G. Tyers and 17th D. Williams. DTL: Viv Reid (33), Di Berriman (32) and Merle Barham (32). Second shot: fourth D. Berriman and 13th A. Heywood. Thursday, November 24: Stableford. Winner: Stuart Canning 40 points. NTP: fourth P. Dight and 17th P. Coad. DTL: J. Mathers (38), P. Walsh (38), A. Howell (37), P. Dight (37) and P. Spencer (36). Friday, November 25: Chook Run – Stableford. Winner: Jake Chaseling 21points c/b. DTL: G. Watkins (21) and B. Amesreiter (17 c/b). Saturday, November 26: Stableford. Winner A: Peter Dight. Winner B: S. Barwick. NTP: fourth T. Jones, sixth S. Barwick, 13th N. Cooper, 15th K. Flett and 17th P. Dight. DTL: T. Price 40 points, K. Esler 37 points, N. Thompson 35 and G. Buckland 35. Nine hole: Trent Price 21points. Course Condition: course drying out. Temporary green now in play on the eighth hole. See: local rules.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 45

| SPORT Lang Lang golf Date: Tuesday, November 22. Event: Stableford. Field: 27. Winner: Steven Bray (17) 42 points. Runner Up: Bob Sandiford (15) 39 points. NTPs: Fifth David Lovie 293cm; Ninth Keith Stockdale 310cm; 12th Bill Merrigan 380cm; 15th David Lovie 510cm. DTL: 1 Ball Alec Hamilton 38; 1 Ball Noel Welsh 36 ; 1 Ball David Fahey 35; 1 Ball Ron Constantine 35; 1 Ball Keith Stockdale 34; 1 Ball Richard Oldham. Ladies results: November 23: Stroke and Play off for “Medal of Medallist” Div 1 - Paula Sweeney (21) 75 Medal of Medallists. Div 2 - Ros Dubuisson (39) 79. NTP: Maureen Hams. DTL: Di Fraser 79; Cheryl Stockdale 79; Carolyn Cripps 82. Date: Thursday, November 24. Event: Thursday 2BBSTB. Field: 51. Winner: Will Christensen (21) 41. Runner up: Vyv Bennison 40. 4BBB Tony Ambrus and Will Christensen

46. NTP fifth Ben Hall - 182cm; NTP ninth Dave Austin - 189cm; NTP 12th Bill Merrigan - 420cm; NTP 15th Kevin Cresp - 127cm; 1 Ball Bob Sandiford 38; 1 Ball John Roberts 38; 1 Ball Tony Sweeney 37; 1 Ball Grant Johnson 37; 1 Ball Ralph Stewart 36; 1 Ball Neal Birrell 36; 1 Ball Fred Skepper 35; 1 Ball Michael Colley 35c/b... Saturday, November 26: Event: Stableford. Field: 170. Foursomes winners: Pete McNeil and Vyv Bennison 77 Gross. Grades A Sean Henderson (8) 37. Grades A George Morozoff (13) 35. Grades B Les Harrison (19) 38. Grades B Gary Wigham (19) 38. Grades C Terry Davis (22) 43. Grades C Thomas Condy (36) 36. NTP fifth Peter Caust 19cm; NTP ninth Laurie Burgess 107cm; NTP 12th Perry O’Connor 57cm; NTP 15th Dale Gude 65cm; NTP 18th Thomas Condy 87cm Ladies winner: Patricia Randall (22) 35 points; NTP fifth Sue Purser 300cm;NTP ninth Leanne Marshall 400cm; NTP 12th Jennifer Sullivan 750cm; NTP 15th Pat Randall 330cm; 1 Ball Andrew Grant 38 ; 1 Ball Jacob Taberner 37; 1 Ball

Scott Walker 37; 1 Ball section. Wonthaggi Cal Gray 37; 1 Ball Robyn Wilkinson Laurie Burgess 37; 1 Ladies won A Grade with (21) Ball Noel Welsh 37; 1 FOUR seasons in one 32 points. Ball Bill Stainsby 37; day: torrential rain that Notable other scores 1 Ball Daniel Robson eased after the Ladies committee annual gen- today were Donna Van 37; 1 Ball Kevin Cresp eral meeting allowing Veenendaal (45) 33 37; 1 Ball Steve Fuller 22 players on to the points, NTP on the sec36; 1 Ball Darren Hilcourse, out with the sun, ond hole Annie Tschilard 36; 1 Ball Chase back with the rain, jack- derer, Pro Pin on the Blackwood 35; 1 Ball ets on, umbrellas down. eighth Marg Johnson Jason Filip 35; 1 Ball The day could not and NTP on the 17th Andrew Wellwood 35; make up its mind, how- Anne Walker. 1 Ball Michael Garrett ever, Lorraine Peters BDL: Donna Van 35; 1 Ball Andrew Cavmade up her mind to Veenendaal 33, Sev Piaimprove her golf and igan 35; 1 Ball Thomas she came in with a great sente 31, Anne Poulton Cowan 34; 1 Ball Dale card of (28) 36 points to 30, Delores Harvey 30, Gude 34; 1 Ball Mibe far and above the Anne Walker 30, Pam Four seasons: from left, B Grade winner Lorraine Peters and A Grade winner chael Colley 34; 1 Ball best round on the day Hanley 30 and Susan Robyn Wilkinson were on the ball at the Wonthaggi Golf Club but the weather Anthony Sparkes 34; to take out the B Grade Jagoe 29 on count back. did its absolute best to make it a more challenging day than usual. 1 Ball Ralph Hendrich 34; 1 Ball Bob West 34 Runner up Bennison, Vyv 40 4BBB Ambrus, Tony & Christensen, Will 46 NTP 5th 5th Hall, Ben - 182cm; NTP 9th 9th Austin, Dave 189cm; NTP 12th 12th Merrigan, Bill - 420cm; NTP 15th 15th Cresp, Kevin - 127cm 1 Balls Sandiford, Bob 38 ;1 Balls Roberts, John 38; 1 Balls Sweeney, Tony 37; 1 Balls Johnson, Grant 37; 1 Balls Stewart, Ralph 36; 1 Balls Birrell, Neal 36 ; 1 Balls Nationals: young athlete Vu Skepper, Fred 35; 1 Montgomery qualified for NationBalls Colley, Michael On track: Charli Burns competed at the AV Shield event in the 1500m. als in javelin. 35c/b

• Wonthaggi Little Athletics

Wonthaggi athletes compete LAST week 39 Wonthaggi athletes travelled to Casey Fields to compete against the Cranbourne Club. This inter-club meet has become an annual affair with athletes enjoying the experience of running on a synthetic track. Vu Montgomery broke the Under 12 Girls 60m Hurdle record again this season, clocking 10.38 seconds. She also achieved five personal bests for the day in 60 Hurdles, 100m, Long Jump, Shot Put and 800m. This week we revert back to our usual program at Wonthaggi.

The following athletes all performed well with four PBs for the morning: Under 8 Boys: Felix Bathgate, Long Jump, 60m hurdles, Discus, 70m. Under 8 Girls: Hope Oats, Shot Put, Long Jump, 60m hurdles,70m. Under 9 Boys: Riley Rutland and Tyler Duell, Long Jump, 60m Hurdles, Discus , 100m; Jeremy Kelly, 800m, Long Jump, Discus, 100m. Under 10 Boys: Archie Terlich, 800m, 60m hurdles, Discus, 100m. Under 12 Girls: Maya Fraser, 800m, Long Jump, 60m Hurdles, 100m. Under 15 Girls: Elin Gray, 800m, Shot Put, Long Jump, 90m hurdles.

Competitors: Maya Fraser, Rachel Aitken, Vu Montgomery, Saher Biggs and Isaac Shaw took on the Cranbourne Club at Casey Fields last week.

South Coast stars enjoy success SOUTH Coast Athletics continues to attract athletes young and old. On the weekend of November 20 there were two amazing performances. The first was from one of the youngest participants in Vu Montgomery qualifying for nationals in the Javelin with a huge throw of 30.17m, to the oldest member Robert Gray competing in the 15km City to Sea Fun Run. The club congratulated both athletes on these performances. It shows the range and versatility of the athletes. Seven athletes competed at the Athletics Victoria shield event on the November 20 with the results as follows: Open women: Sarah Lewis 400m 65.89 1500 5.12.3. Women 40 plus: Beth Montgomery Javelin 14.74, Discus 14.91. Under 18 women: Aleisha Wrigley 100m 13.85, 1500 5.25.3. Under 14 girls: Vu Montgomery 100m 14.80, 80m Hurdles 15.25, Long Jump 3.90, Javelin 30.17; Georgia Burns 100m 14.75, 400m 68.78, 1500m 5.33.4, 2000m Steeplechase 3.51.1, Javelin 13.68; Charli Burns 100m 16.34, 400m 85.50, 1500 7.34.9. Open men: Brenton Taber 100m 12.61, 400m 59.88, Long Jump 5.39, Javelin 30.74. The local meet on November 22 was held at Wonthaggi where the usual cohort of enthusiastic

athletes had to battle mosquitoes and cool conditions. It was a delight to watch the friendships developing with these young members, competing in a relaxed and friendly environment. Everyone was commended for their inclusion and support of each other’s talents. Results are as follows: 200m: Matt Merrilees 29.68; Harrison Clark 38.26; Georgia Burns 31.78; Vu Montgomery 31.54; Charli Burns 36.89; Beth Montgomery 56.22; Courtney Clark 39.58; Naomi Merrilees 48.34; Brenton Taber 28.84. Discus: 750g Harrison Clark 10.78; 1kg Charli Burns 10.06, Georgia Burns 13.63, Naomi Merrilees 11.37, Courtney Clark 10.89, Vu Montgomery 17.09, Beth Montgomery 16.23, Matt Merrilees 23.39; 1.5kg Rob Gray 15.88; 2kg Brenton Taber 24.09, Ray Slade 15.88. Triple jump: Charli Burns 7.26; Georgia Burns 8.23; Matt Merrilees 8.76; Vu Montgomery 8.66; Beth Montgomery 4.66; Ray Slade 6.99; Courtney Clark 6.55; Harrison Clark 6.83; Brenton Taber 10.35. 400m: Courtney Clark 1.35.39; Vu Montgomery 1.24.59; Charli Burns 1.30.11; Naomi Merrilees 1.34.56; Georgia Burns 1.09.79; Matt Merrilees 1.12.04; Harrison Clark 1.23.48; Brenton Taber 1.07.62.

PAGE 46 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

SPORT | BOWLS Tarwin Lower bowls IT was a great week for Tarwin bowlers with three out of four teams winning their matches. Tuesday’s Section 2

team won all rinks against Wonthaggi but unfortunately Section 4 went down to Corinella away from home. Both Saturday’s pennant games were played against Corinella under very difficult conditions at Tarwin with some opposition players asking if it was always like this. No, they don’t always have to battle such blustery conditions but lately it has been the norm.

Keeping dry: Tarwin Lower bowlers had to duck into the shelters to avoid the wet weather.

Winners: the Inverloch team of Wayne Parkes, Michael Raman and Steve Snelling won the Wednesday Triples competition at Tarwin Lower.

Leongatha TUESDAY, November 22 saw our Division 1 ladies travel to Phillip Island and could not come away with the overall win, losing to the Island ladies 55 to 78 shots. M. Pearson’s (s) team lost 16 to 31 shots, R. James’ (s) team lost 17 to 28 and Trish McCormack’s (s) team won 22 to 19 shots. Division 3 ladies travelled to Korumburra and also were unsuccessful on the day, losing to the Buffa ladies 67 to 94 shots: M. Jepson’s (s) team lost 28 to 31 shots, B. Thompson’s (s) team lost 14 to 37 and M. Rayson’s (s) team lost 25 to 26 shots. Tuesday, November 29 sees our Division 1 ladies at home to Korumburra and Division 3 away to Phillip Island. Wednesday, November 23 saw the monthly triples in action with the winners being J. Newcombe (s), R. May and G. Cornell with four wins plus 24 over 28 ends, runners-up the team skippered by P. McPhail with four wins plus 24 over 24 ends. The best last game went to J. Pendergast (s), J. Richards and Ewan Coulter with plus 17. Sponsor for the day was Bendigo Bank and the club thanks it for its valued support. Saturday pennant saw Division 1 at home to Phillip Island White and took the overall honours winning 74 to 62 shots: B. Anderson (s) lost 21 to 24 shots, J. Hall (s) won 28 to 20 shots, and R. Trotman (s) won 25 to 18 shots. Division 3 at home to Port Welshpool again were winners overall, 78 to 65

shots: A. Rayson (s) won 31 to 20 shots, L. Wilson (s) lost 21 to 30 shots and G. Drury (s) won 26 to 15 shots. Division 4 travelled to the ’Burra to play against Korumburra Maroons but lost the day 61 to 84 shots: R. Symmons (s) lost 20 to 28 shots, J. Kuiper (s) lost 15 to 36 shots and M. Carnell (s) won 26 to 20 shots. Round eight on December 3 sees Division 1 at home to Lang Lang, Division 3 at home to Foster and Division 4 away to the Island. Until the next report, good bowling - ‘Jackhigh’.

SGBD Tuesday pennant bowls ROUND 8, November 22 Division 1: Inverloch 16/90 (30 shots) defeated Korumburra -/60 (L. Dowson 31 defeated M. Goad 21, C. Hughes 27 defeated J. Nicholl 22, J. Brown 32 defeated J. McVeigh 17.); Corinella 14/64 (8 shots) defeated Wonthaggi 2/56 (J. Carter. 27 defeated M. McBain 15, C. Lincoln 20 defeated K. Simpson 15, M. Hoy 17 lost to P. Wintrup 26.); Phillip Island 14/78 (23 shots) defeated Leongatha 2/55.( R. Eames 28 defeated R. James 17, P. Francis 31 defeated M. Pearson 16, J. Dyer. 19 lost to T. McCormack 22.); Foster versus San Remo washed out (8 points each.) Division 2: Tarwin Lower 16/77 (28 shots) defeated Wonthaggi -/49. (S. Browne 26 defeated J. Kellow 16, H. Marshall 22 defeated S. O’Connell 21, H. Twite 29 defeated S. Hamilton.12.); Port Welshpool16/80 (24 shots) defeat Lang Lang -/56.(L.

McLaine 24 defeated B. Kitchin 16, B. Crawford. 28 defeated J Prowd.21, M. McDonald 28 defeated R. Geyer 19.); Toora versus Inverloch washed out (8 points each); Meeniyan versus San Remo washed out (8 points each). Division 3: Mirboo North 14/68 (4 shots) defeated Fish Creek 2/64 (D. Stein 30 defeated M. Bath. 9, A. Plowman 25 defeated N. Van Dyk 20, M. Briscoe 13 lost to N. McKenzie 35.); Korumburra 16/94 (27 shots) defeated Leongatha -/67(M. Hams 26 defeated M. Rayson 25; M. Brown 31 defeated M. Jepson 28; S. Martin 37 defeated B. Thompson 14.); Loch versus Phillip Island washed out (8 points each). Division 4: Corinella 14/81 (56 shots) defeated Tarwin Lower-/25. (J. Brown 55 defeated V. Martin 9, E. Johnston 26 defeated J. Coates 16.); Inverloch.12/49 (6 shots) defeated Wonthaggi 2 /43 (M. Paynting 32 defeated L. Stanes 19; V. Muir 17 lost to G. Mitford 24.); Foster versus Phillip Island washed out (7 points each).

Ladders Division 1 Inverloch .......................88+73 Leongatha .....................75+34 Korumburra..................65-58 Foster ..............................63-14 San Remo ........................58-67 Wonthaggi ......................56+59 Phillip Island ...................54-28 Corinella ...........................53+1 Division 2 Port Welshpool ........ 104+187 Lang Lang......................67-29 Toora ................................67+3 Wonthaggi .....................60+14 San Remo .......................59+41 Meeniyan.......................52-102 Inverloch........................52-105 Tarwin Lower....................51-9 Division 3 Leongatha .....................80+71 Phillip Island...............76+123

Some great battles were seen and all bar one rink were winners for Tarwin. Comical scenes were witnessed at the Wednesday Triples competition with some players clambering onto the seats in the shelters while others raced for cover as the heavens opened and the rain bucketed down. The Inverloch team of Wayne Parkes, Michael Raman and Steve Snelling was the winning team of the day with Toora’s team of David Legg, Mal “Function” and Mark Rigaldi runner up. Thank you to Bendigo Bank for sponsoring the day. The club’s thoughts are with its players or their partners who are battling health issues. As well as visiting those in hospital it would be great if members could support the loved one at home, especially Mary who doesn’t drive and is sorely missing her Geoff. Good bowling everyone and hopefully we will enjoy a warm start to summer bowling. Korumburra.................71+38 Mirboo North ................63-31 Loch .................................57-54 Fish Creek .....................37-147 Division 4 Corinella.....................77 +121 Inverloch .........................66+1 Foster .............................61+17 Tarwin Lower................54-58 Wonthaggi .......................39-40 Phillip Island ...................39-41

South Gippsland pennant bowls Results Round 6 Saturday, November 19 Division 1: Wonthaggi 14/74 (15 shots) d Lang Lang 2/59; Phillip Island (B) 16/98 (38 shots d Inverloch (W) -/60; Inverloch (B) 16/85 (35 shots) d Phillip Island (W) -/50; Korumburra 14/74 (17 shots) d Leongatha 2/57. Division 2: Wonthaggi 12/68 (5 shots) d Loch 4/63; Toora 12/70 (3 shots) d Corinella 4/67; San Remo 14/68 (9 shots) d Tarwin Lower 2/59; Fish Creek 16/92 (43 shots) d Mirboo North -/49. Division 3: Meeniyan 14/85 (30 shots) 3 Leongatha 2/55; Foster 16/86 (27 shots) d Wonthaggi -/59; Phillip Island 12/78 (8 shots) d Inverloch 4/70; Port Welshpool 14/92 (28 shots) d San Remo 2/64. Division 4: Phillip Island 9/71 drew Inverloch 7/71; Korumburra (M) 14/76 (16 shots) d Corinella 2/60; Leongatha 16/84 (32 shots) d Tarwin Lower -/52; Wonthaggi 14/84 (30 shots) d Korumburra (G) 2/54. Division 5: Meeniyan 14/76 (3 shots) d Toora 2/73; San Remo 14/82 (31 shots) d Fish Creek 2/51; Inverloch 14/95 (32 shots) d Foster 2/63; Lang Lang 14/75 (25 shots) d Loch

Winners: the Inverloch Thursday social bowls Close competition: Inverloch Thursday social champions were Bruce Corrigan and Bryan Hensley bowls runners up were Peter Campbell and Ron ‘Pud’ Kee (skip). (skip).

Inverloch bowls WEDNESDAY social bowls brought 17 players to the green for two games of 10 ends. There were three teams that won both games. Coming in third were Rita Everitt and visitor Ron Eckhardt with four shots up. The runners up with six shots up were Veronica Muir, Yvonne Kee and Rhonda Davies. Congratulations to the winner with 16 shots up Elaine Miller and visitors Yvonne Eckhardt and Diana Patterson. Raffles were won by Laurel Lee, Edith Perrett and Shirley Phillipson. Social bowls is on again Wednesday, November 30, with a 12.30pm start. Thursday social bowls on November 24 saw 28 players contesting two 12end three bowl doubles matches. 2/50; Mirboo North 14/79 (15 shots) d Phillip Island 2/64.

Ladders Division 1 Phillip Is (B) ............. +110 Inverloch (B)..............+52 Wonthaggi ...................-14 Leongatha ..................+62 Korumburra................... +7 Phillip Island (W) ........-43 Inverloch (W)...............-63 Lang Lang .................. -111 Division 2 Fish Creek ..................+48 San Remo ..................+51 Toora ...........................+80 Corinella.....................+45 Wonthaggi ...................-19 Tarwin Lower ..............-21 Loch ............................ -34 Mirboo North ............. -150 Division 3 Foster ..........................+49 Meeniyan....................+90 Port Welshpool ..........+21 Inverloch .....................-18 Phillip Island ................-24 Leongatha.....................-22 San Remo ................... -42 Wonthaggi ....................-54 Division 4 Korumburra (M) .....+35 Wonthaggi ..................+13 Phillip Island..............+28 Leongatha ..................+39 Korumburra (G) ............ +4 Corinella ......................-24 Tarwin Lower...............-51 Inverloch.......................-44 Division 5 San Remo ..................+84 Toora .........................+165 Inverloch ..................+103 Meeniyan...................... +8 Fish Creek ..................+38 Foster ............................-50 Lang Lang ...................+27 Mirboo North .............-160 Phillip Island ................-54 Loch ..............................-16

78 60 58 53 47 35 33 20 68 64 61 60 42 41 37 11 72 64 57 47 44 38 36 26 60 60 54 52 49 48 32 29 72 70 62 58 55 50 48 25 24 16

SGBD Saturday pennant bowls ROUND 7, November 26 Division 1: Inverloch (W) 12/71 (4 shots) defeated Lang Lang 4/67; Phillip Island (B) 16/95 (52 shots) defeated Wonthaggi -/43; Inverloch (B) 16/95 (37 shots) defeated Korumburra -/58; Leongatha 14/74 (12 shots) defeated Phillip Island (W) 2/62. Division 2: Wonthaggi 16/75 (11 shots) defeated Fish Creek -/64; Toora 14/69 (18 shots)

Winners, with 35 points, were Bryan Hensley (S) and Bruce Corrigan. Runners up, with 30 points, were Ron ‘Pud’ Kee (S) and Peter Campbell. Thursday, December 1, is when the next game is played. Sign on by 11.30 am. Saturday Pennant, round seven: Division One: Inverloch Blue 95 defeated Korumburra 58. Best winning rink: M. Coram, A. Rowe, D. Roberts and G. Hardy. Inverloch White 71 defeated Lang Lang 67. Best winning rink: G. Butler, D. Muir, N. Van Grunsven and P. Davis. Division Three: Inverloch 62 defeated Foster 60. Best winning rink: J. Miller, T. Hancock, A. Moule and A. Johnstone. Division Four: Inverloch 82 defeated Korumburra Gold 74. defeated San Remo 2/51. Tarwin Lower 16/71 (13 shots) defeated Corinella -/58; Mirboo North 14/72 (8 shots) defeated Loch 2/64. Division 3: San Remo 16/78 (17 shots) defeated Meeniyan -/61; Inverloch 14/62 (2 shots) defeated Foster 2/60; Phillip Island 16/85 (35 shots) defeated Wonthaggi -/50; Leongatha 16/87 (31 shots) defeated Port Welshpool -/56. Division 4: Wonthaggi 12/70 (4 shots) defeated Phillip Island 4/66; Korumburra (M) 14/84 (23 shots) defeated Leongatha 2/61; Tarwin Lower 14/91 (16 shots) defeated Corinella 2/75; Inverloch 14/82 (8 shots) defeated Korumburra (G) 2/74. Division 5: Mirboo North16/97 (39 shots) defeated Loch -/58; San Remo 16/91 (47 shots) defeated Phillip Island -/44; Inverloch 12/75 (11 shots) defeated Meeniyan 4/64; Foster 14/73 (13 shots) defeated Lang Lang 2/60; Toora 15/82 (19 shots ) defeated Fish Creek 1/63.

Ladder Division 1 Phillip Island (B) .......94+162 Inverloch (B)................76+89 Leongatha ....................67+74 Wonthaggi .....................58-66 Korumburra....................47-30 Inverloch (W).................45-59 Phillip Island (W) ..........37-55 Lang Lang ................... 24 -115 Division 2 Toora .............................75+98 Fish Creek ....................68+37 San Remo .....................66+33 Corinella.......................60+32 Wonthaggi .......................... 8-8 Tarwin Lower................... 57-8 Loch ................................39-42 Mirboo North ...............25-142 Division 3 Foster ............................74+47 Meeniyan......................64+73 Inverloch .......................61-16 Phillip Island................ 60+11 Port Welshpool...............57-10 Leongatha........................ 54+9 San Remo .......................52-25 Wonthaggi ......................26-89 Division 4 Korumburra (M) ........74+58

Team work: the winners of the Wednesday Social Bowls at Inverloch were Elaine Miller, Yvonne Eckhardt and Diana Patterson. Best winning rink: H. Nation, B. Humphris, G. Dunlop and B. Corrigan. Division Five: Inverloch 75 defeated Meeniyan 64. Best winning rink: B. Growse, K. Cousens, R. Pritchard and P. Campbell. This Friday, December 3, is Friday meal night and intending guests are advised to have their names on the board by Thursday to avoid the ‘fully booked’ sign which has appeared several times recently. The club Christmas

party will be held in conjunction with last Saturday Pennant on December 17. Please watch the noticeboard for more details. Check out the Christmas hampers raffle; a big thank you to Lola Marsh for the generous donation of the hampers. Also a long time bingogoing regular has made a selection of wooden items that will be raffled. Tickets for both these raffles are available at the club.

Wonthaggi ....................72+17 Phillip Island................58+24 Leongatha ...................54 +16 Korumburra (G) ............... 51-4 Corinella ........................... 0-40 Tarwin Lower.................46-35 Inverloch.........................43-36 Division 5 San Remo ...................88+131 Toora ...........................85+184 Inverloch .................... 74+114 Foster .............................64-37 Meeniyan.......................... 62-3 Fish Creek .....................56+19 Lang Lang .....................50+14 Mirboo North ...............41-121 Phillip Island ...............24-101 Loch ..............................16-200

(WWL) 15 3nds, third Joy and Joyce (LLW) 10 ends and fourth Toni and Peter (LW) 10 ends. It is a busy time with Christmas breakups. The last bowling night / Christmas party at Buffalo will be on Wednesday, December 14. Social bowls Wednesday, 7.30pm at the Buffalo hall - all welcome.

Buffalo indoor Wednesday, November 23 AN enjoyable night of bowling at Buffalo this week with four pairs, and Peter and Rod cheering from the side line. Three games of eight ends were played with some top bowls delivered. In game one Charlie and Mary Tumino bowled steadily winning five of the eight ends, beating Toni Heldens and Peter Tiziani 12-7. On mat two Bill Wolswinkel and Carolyn Benson combined well and after scoring five out of a possible six on one end beat Joyce and Joe Occhipinti 15-5. The second game saw Bill and Carolyn with another win 11-7 over Toni and Peter, and a close low scoring game between Joe, Joyce and Charlie saw Charlie and Mary win 7-4. In the third game Charlie and Mary ended Bill and Carolyn’s winning streak with a 10-7 win. They scored the maximum of six on one end. On the other mat Joe and Joyce scored their first win over Toni and Peter 7-3. At the end of the night Charlie and Mary were declared the winners as they were the only team with three wins (WWW) 13 3nds, next Bill and Carolyn

Meeniyan bowls MONDAY, November 21, was the Invitation Fours sponsored by Leongatha RSL. Very warm conditions prevailed. The winners were Tony and Marianne Studborough (Croydon) with Trevor and Robin Henn (Mirboo North). Runners up were Tarwin Lower’s Steve Graham, Arthur Newsome, Bill Massier and Paul Griffiths. BLG went to locals George Fairweather, Les Godkin, Bruce Lelliot and Wes Logan. Spring didn’t spring on Tuesday with Division Two being washed out at home against San Remo. This week it is the reverse round with an away match against Inverloch. Saturday pennant was played in windy conditions with both teams away. Division Three at San Remo had a close game going down by 10 shots with no rink scoring points. Division Five at Inverloch had two rinks up but went down by 11 shots. Next week threes are home to Wonthaggi in the reverse round against Wonthaggi. Fives are home to Lang Lang. Coming events include Farmer’s Day on Monday, December 12, and the Christmas break-up on Friday, December 16 (names needed). Upshot 2.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 47


Pub cricket a smash in Nerrena PUB Cricket came to South Gippsland recently, with the Gasometer Hotel Quokkas taking on a Nerrena invitational 25-over game for the second-year running, at Nerrena. Fittingly, the game was played to raise money for Movember and raise awareness for men’s health, which is the reason pub cricket was started. Originally started as a means of getting the regulars from various pubs away from their barstools for an afternoon, the Yarra Pub Cricket Association has been running for more than 20 years and comprises teams from 18 pubs. Since its original inception, pub cricket has

become a great way for people who are interested in having a game, but are in no way committed to the rigors of regular training or being good at it, to have a bat, bowl and a beer. The Quokkas, appropriately named after the least threatening of marsupials and looking for a break from the astroturf wickets of Fitzroy, brought their own brand of social cricket to South Gippsland, definitively demonstrating the difference between availability and ability. Being put in to field first, The Quokkas quickly took a wicket. The early break-through seemed to help Nerrena, with J. Beckwith going on to retire on 40 off far less deliveries and N, Battersby aiding along the way.

Beckwith’s retirement preceded a couple of lucky wickets to the Quokkas, before Nerrena was able to comfortably introduce and retire batsmen, ensuring everyone got a go. Special mention must go to M. Watton, who played flawlessly for 39 through the off-side. At the end of the 25 overs, Nerrena had put on 166, a good total but certainly viewed as manageable by the city slickers in maroon. The Quokkas started well, with one of their openers adopting the ‘Dilscoop’ to great success, until it got him out, caught in the gully. This wicket followed the old agage and brought another two wickets for few runs, whereupon the tourists found themselves

• Gippsland Cricket League: Senior

The home side won the toss and elected to bat. Leongatha saw out its allotted overs and posted 8/250, with opening bat Daniel Mock virtually single handily propelling Leongatha to a winning position with a mighty 150 off 162 balls. Mock played freely despite the scoreboard at one stage reading 3/26. In a completely dominate display, the rest of the Leongatha side was forced to play second fiddle with the next highest score (and only one over 20) being Shane Dole’s 43, who put on 139 with Mock for the fourth wicket. The Warragul bowlers persisted as the onslaught continued, with James Williams finishing with figures of 2/24 and Toby Codd who bowled five maidens in his 10 overs and claimed 2/33. The Warragul response was positive, with another handy innings of 20 or 30 from

one of the top six possibly the difference in the end as it was bowled out for 213 in the final over. Sam Batson topped scored for the Wild Dogs with 66, and received good support from Fraser Duncan who made 31 and Jason Croft who scored 28 toward the back end of the innings. Shane Dole completed a good all round day by taking 4/34 with the ball, whilst others to contribute with wickets were Charith Keerthisinghe who took 2/32 and Madura Weeresingh Silva who was taken apart by the Warragul batters but still claimed two wickets to end the day with 2/65 from 10 overs.

SENIORS LEONGATHA & DISTRICT d WARRAGUL & DISTRICT 1st innings Leongatha & Dist D. Mock c. R. Holdsworth b. J. Croft............................150 J. Markland c. D. Healy b. T. Codd ...............................0 D. Newman b. J. Serong ............3 A. Rose c. J. Croft b. S. Batson ............................1 S. Dole c. D. Healy b. J. Williams........................43 M. Weerasinghe Silva c&b. J. Williams .....................3 J. Guinan lbw. b. L. Radford ......9

T. Wightman c. J. Croft b. T. Codd ...............................9 J. Sheerin n.o. ...........................16 C. Keerthisinghe n.o. .................0 Extras ......................................16 Total .............................8/250 (cc) Bowling: L. Radford 1/40, T. Codd 2/33, S. Batson 1/45, J. Serong 1/22, J. Croft 1/52, R. Williams 0/30, J. Williams 2/24. 1st innings Warragul & Dist D. Pandolfo lbw. b. D. Newman ........................6 F. Duncan c. J. Kennedy b. C. Keerthisinghe ..............31 R. Holdsworth c. J. Mason b. C. Keerthisinghe ..............10 S. Batson stp. A. Rose b. M. Weerasisnghe Silva .....66 L. Radford c. D. Mock b. M. Weerasisnghe Silva .......8 R. Williams c&b. S. Dole...........0 T. Gardiner c. D. Newman b. S. Dole..............................20 D. Healy c. T. Wightman b. S. Dole..............................14 J. Croft n.o................................28 T. Codd c. A. Rose b. T. Wightman .......................4 J. Williams c. T. Wightman b. S. Dole..............................14 J. Serong n.o...............................0 Extras ......................................12 Total ..................................10/213 Bowling: J. Mason 0/12, D. Newman 1/11, J. Kennedy 0/19, C. Keerthisinghe 2/32, M. Weerasinghe Silva 2/65, S. Dole 4/34, T. Wightman 1/35.

Leongatha triumph over Traralgon The GCL Under 16 team played at Yinnar on Sunday against Traralgon. The toss was won by Traralgon, which found itself in early trouble with Jack Hume picking up two early wickets and a great run out from Joel Brann to have Traralgon three for seven off eight overs. Jack Hume finished with the tidy figures of 2/17 off seven overs. Alex Geyer was the other opening bowler who also had tidy figures of 1/13 off his 10 overs. Traralgon’s middle order mounted a fight back lead by E. Foley 41 and T. Hourigan 13. Brad Monson entered the attack and kept the wickets falling in Leongatha’s favour. Brad finished with figures of 3/30 off nine overs. The other bowlers to take wickets were Josh Willams 1/26 off seven overs and Joel Brann 1/11 off six overs. Aaron Bardwell had a busy day with the gloves taking five catches and being

in real trouble. Thankfully, the Quokkas’ number four and five started soaking up deliveries, before hitting out and

building a base. The drinks break provided a predictable break in concentration, leading to a Quokka-collapse

on the other side of the break. The visitors ended up 30 runs short, of the 166 total, not that the result

mattered in the end. It was all about enjoying the game, sharing the experience and having some fun.

• Leongatha Little Athletics

Leongatha’s Daniel Mock smashes 150 in GCL win LEONGATHA got the better of Warragul in a high scoring match played on a tricky pitch out at Korumburra.

Laugh a minute: members of the Nerrena and Quokkas cricket clubs enjoyed a social game at Nerrena recently.

involved in two run outs. 33 wides helped Traralgon reach a competitive total of all out for 121 in the 42 over. It was Leongatha’s turn to bat and there was early trouble at three for 28. Drew Herbert made 10 of these before he knicked one to the keeper. Alex Geyer 22 and Jack Hume 14 steadied the ship before Jack was out LBW and Alex out one run later to have the game in the balance at 5/71. Jakob Lamers and Brad Monson made sure the Leongatha boys got the win with Jakob losing his wicket with only three runs left to get with a well made 17. Brad Monson finished off a great game for himself with 24 not out making sure Leongatha secured a berth in the final. Joel Brann was four not out also. Traralgon also had trouble with the wides, bowling 26 of them. The next game is on the road down to Bairnsdale on December 18 and a win there will leave the boys undefeated on top of the ladder.

Zeb breaks records IT was another wonderful week at Leongatha Little Athletics with 136 children competing and 183 personal bests achieved. The morning started with president Ben Cruickshank awarding certificates to the following athletes who achieved club records last week; particular mention to Zeb Anderson with four club records broken. Those athletes are; Mikayla Richards U6 G 300m 1:31.085min; Zeb Anderson U6 B 300m 1:05.34min, Long Jump 2.63m, 200m 42.11s; Ella White U7G 300m 1:11.95min; Xavier Bolge U11B 1100m Walk 7:15.36min; Mia Burt U11G 1100m Walk 8:27.15min; Georgia Burns U13G 1500m 5:34.59min; Jasmine Woods U14 G Long Jump 4.74m; Paul McKeown U15 B 200m 25.63s; Merlin Gammon U16 B 1500m 4:53.94min. It was also a week of personal best for the athletes. U6G: Mikayla Richards Shot Put 2.89; U6B: Frazer Livingstone 100m 21.59, Vortex 12.80; U7G: Ruby Katz 100m 25.64, Long Jump 1.74; Madison Mills-Cutts 100m 21.55, Long Jump 2.08, Shot Put 2.72; Tallarah Murdoch Long Jump 2.34; Ella White Shot Put 2.50; Mia Yates Long Jump 2.43, Shot Put 3.72; U7B: Jacoa Cameron 50m 10.32, Long Jump 2.89; Cohen Harrison 100m 23.40, Long Jump 2.13; Tyson Tumino 100m 23.51, Vortex 10.27; U8G: Ana Heneghan 400m 1:36.72, Long Jump 2.57, Shot Put 3.30; Amelia Le Serve Shot Put 3.50; Willow McGannon Long Jump 1.46; Lily Reid 400m 1:50.00; Clara Wilson 400m 1:56.24; U8B: Jacob Bolge 50m 9.67, Long Jump 2.69, Shot Put 3.68; Jackson Commadeur 400m 1:52.74; Manning de Gooyer 400m 2:27.97; Max Fowles 400m 1:39.15, Shot Put 4.33; Tejamshu Gaddam 400m 1:31.18, Shot Put 3.37; Thomas Larmour 400m 2:09.85,

50m 11.72, Shot Put 3.52, Eamon Reardon 400m 1:35.49, Shot Put 5.57; Lincoln Russell 50m 12.17, Long Jump 1.85, Shot Put 3.94; Ned Sheahan 400m 1:57.60, 50m 11.24, Shot Put 4.28; U9G: Melisse Bath 800m 3:41.43, Long Jump 3.01; Tennessee Crimp 800m 5:26.69; Amber Rickard 800m 4:03.45, Long Jump 1.98; U9B: Isaac Bolge Discus 12.19; Indie Cameron 800m 3:26.27; Mitchell Cooke Discus 7.80; Thomas Farbus 100m 21.29, 800m 3:40.64; Jordan Fisher 800m 3:39.70; Billy Horskins 800m 3:23.72; Angus Livingstone Discus 10.16, High Jump 0.95; Jack McNaughton Discus 10.84; Benjamin Mills-Cutts 100m 23.74, 800m 4:57.48, Discus 11.18, High Jump 0.90; Connor O’Loughlin 800m 3:35.49, Discus11.35; Zackary Roberts 800m 4:54.02; Max Sheahan 800m 3:24.69, Discus 14.12, High Jump 1.00; Jasper Shone 800m 3:54.71, High Jump 1.10; Jett Tieman Discus 14.29; James Tuckett Discus 16.02, High Jump 0.95; Patrick Wilson High Jump 0.95; U10G: Phoebe Collins 800m 4:19.06; Cecily de Gooyer 100m 17.66, 70m 13.08, 800m 3:55.74, Long Jump 2.96, Turbo Javelin 6.96; Emma Mark 100m 18.04, 70m 13.46; Ashlyn Matheson Long Jump 2.87, Turbo Javelin 9.45; Hannah McKeown 100m 20.57, 70m 14.71, 800m 4:02.28; Allison Tuckett 100m 17.97, 70m 12.84, Long Jump 2.52; U10B: Zac Evans 100m 21.97, 800m 3:55.31, Discus 11.69; Reuben Gammon 100m 16.75, High Jump 1.05; Ryan Marshman 800m 3:12.25; Connor Richards 800m 3:19.40; U11G: Erika Allen 70m 13.03, 800m 3:38.29; Mia Burt 800m 3:23.41; Madeline Herbert 70m 14.58; Stella McGannon Discus 9.26; Lucy Patterson 100m 18.98, 800m 3:56.69, Discus 10.60, Long Jump 2.80; U11B: Xavier Bolge 100m 15.57, 800m 2:58.40, Javelin 14.09; Hugh Livingstone 100m 20.26, 800m 3:58.11, High Jump 0.95; Scott Mackie 800m 3:08.72; Oscar Mur-

doch 800m 3:01.16; Tyler Roberts High Jump 0.90; Chloe Caithness 100m 19.09, 800m 3:34.17; U12G: Nevada Crimp 100m 16.80, 800m 3:21.62; Georgia Hamilton 100m 18.96; Zara Kreutzberger 100m 17.12, 800m 4:02.06, Javelin 8.40; Harper McLennan 100m 16.42; Abby Osborne 800m 3:34.17; Ella Snell 100m 15.29, High Jump 1.25; U12B: Mitchell Bath 800m 3:13.37; Harrison Clark 100m 18.67, 800m 3:15.68; Eddie Colwill 800m 3:05.65; William Croatto 800m 3:19.82; Jacob McRae 100m 17.04, 800m 3:06.64; Tyler Richards 800m 2:57.42, High Jump 1.15; Dylan Shone Javelin 14.90; U13G: Charli Burns 800m 3:30.11, Triple Jump 7.23; Georgia Burns Shot Put 5.96, Triple Jump 8.52; Lily Caithness 800m 3:24.37, Triple Jump 7.61; Rebecca Mckeown 800m 3:30.92, Triple Jump 9.11; Bree-anna Roy 200m Hurdles 45.94, 800m 3:55.24, Shot Put 5.35; Meaghan Stothart 200m Hurdles 36.66, 70m 11.50, Shot Put 5.73; Heidi Tieman 200m Hurdles 37.71, Triple Jump 8.38; Tahlia Zizic 200m Hurdles 43.01, 800m 3:39.57, Shot Put 5.38, Triple Jump 7.00; U14G: Evie Bath Triple Jump 8.17; Charlie Brewis 200m Hurdles 37.35, Triple Jump 8.18; Autumn Crimp 70m 13.32, 800m 4:10.82; Ella Osborne 200m Hurdles 36.60, 70m 10.75, 800m 3:39.28, Shot Put 5.48; Jasmine Woods 200m Hurdles 32.28, 70m 10.11, Triple Jump 10.20; U15G: Erin Clark Triple Jump 6.26; Maddi Cruickshank 70m 12.13, 800m 4:12.51, Triple Jump 8.74; U15B: Paul McKeown 70m 9.61; Angus Ritchie Shot Put 5.72, Triple Jump 7.41; U16G: Jemma Caithness 70m 11.55, 800m 3:48.40, Triple Jump 7.89; U16B: Merlin Gammon 800m 2:26.99, Shot Put 6.29. With three weeks of competition to go before the Christmas break, the club is looking forward to many more personal bests. The last competition date before Christmas is Thursday, December 15.

Record breakers: Xavier Bolge, Mikaela Richards, Jasmine Woods, Ella White, Georgia Burns, Mia Burt, Merlin Gammon and Paul McKeown shared success on the athletics track last week. Absent: Zeb Anderson.

PAGE 48 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016


• LDCA C Grade Division One

OMK remains the team to beat OMK had a convincing win in C1 cricket on the weekend making 3/164 to defeat Club 152. Three batsmen put this game beyond doubt with some good run making. Peter Millar made 26, then Murray Gow 38 while Paul Harper finished with top score of 45 not out. Runs were scored freely and the Diggers took just 46 overs to reach its 164. Best bowler was Beau Van Agtmaal taking 2/29. Town proved no match for Korumburra; the Scorpi-

ons managing only 62 chasing Korumburra’s 9/140. The two Town openers, Marcus Kreutzberger, 15, and Jareth Goss, 10, had 22 on the board without loss but when they departed all other bats fell away. Evan Allaway snared 3/6 while Peter Churchill took 3/11. Korumburra now moves to second on the ladder. On the back of some solid innings Nerrena 6/152 won well against MDU 9/99. The opening partnership netted 36 before Ben Croatto was run out for 26. His opening partner Brian

Gannon went on to make 36. He shared in a 75 run partnership with Gavin Giliam who reached 50 before being dismissed. Satish Gaddam finished 23 not out. Anthony Howard bowled the best, taking 2/22. Inverloch 96 in reply was no match chasing Phillip Island’s 9/277. The highlight on Saturday was the five wicket haul by Peter Cleary who finished with 5/27 with Peter Francis taking 3/15. Opening bat Rob Hughes stuck around well for the Stingrays making 35. KORUMBURRA d TOWN

1st innings Korumburra 9/140 (cc) 1st innings Town M. Kreutzberger r.o. .................15 J. Goss c. M. Wrigley b. P. Churchill.......................10 N. Hodges c. H. McNeill b. M. Wrigley .........................6 M. Warren c. T. Morrison b. M. Wrigley .........................0 N. Tuckett lbw. b. P. Churchill.........................2 R. Edwards b. E. Allaway ..........7 D. Hume c. b. P. Churchill.........................1 D. Goss n.o.................................6 M. Luscombe b. E. Allaway.......0 M. Luscombe b. E. Allaway.......2 Extras ......................................13 Total .........................................62 Bowling: H. McNeill 0/12, M. Patten 0/3, P. Churchill 3/11,

M. Wrigley 2/16, E. Allaway 3/6, C. Mileto 0/9. NERRENA d MDU 1st innings MDU 9/99 (cc) 1st innings Nerrena B. Croatto r.o. ...........................26 B. Gannon c. J. Phillips b. A. Howard ........................36 G. Giliam c. D. Thomas b. C. Brown ..........................50 M. Waltom b. C. Brown .............1 S. Gaddam n.o. .........................23 R. Baudinette c&b. A. Howard ..1 M. Patterson stp. J. Phillips b. J. Brown .............................4 D. Grigg n.o. ..............................0 Extras ......................................12 Total ....................................6/152 Bowling: C. Cary 0/9, K. Brown 0/7, A. Howard 2/22, M. Hoober 0/12, J. Phillips 0/24, B. Cantwell 0/11, S. Riley 0/5, J.

Brown 1/21, C. Brown 2/37. INVERLOCH def by PHILLIP ISLAND 1st innings Phillip Island 9/277 (cc) 1st innings Inverloch J. Belli b. P. Cleary .....................9 R. Hughes c. G. Grace b. P. Francis ..........................35 R. Sparkes b. P. Cleary ...............2 N. Bradley lbw. b. P. Cleary .......0 J. Dennerley lbw. b. P. Cleary ....3 M. Woods lbw. b. P. Francis .....15 A. Sparkes c. M. Christopher b. P. Francis ............................2 C. Bulter c. B. Quirk b. S. Cox.................................1 P. Harmer b. J. Grace .................0 J. STrickland n.o. .......................8 M. McCaughan c&b. P. Cleary ........................2 Extras ......................................19

Total .........................................96 Bowling: P. Francis 3/15, S. Cox 1/10, M. Cleary 0/5, P. Cleary 5/27, B. Quirk 0/27, J. Grace 0/4, J. Excell 0/3. WON CLUB def by OMK 1st innings Won Club 152 1st innings OMK M. Gow b. J. Brann ..................38 P. Harper n.o.............................45 P. Miller c. M. Cadwallender b. B. Van Agtmaal ................26 S. Matthews b. S. Van Agtmaal.................17 G. Lomagno n.o. ........................5 Extras ......................................33 Total ....................................3/164 Bowling: K. Dudley 0/25, J. Brann 1/32, E. Dempsey 0/17, B. Van Agtmaal 2/29, M. Cadwallender 0/21, J. Dempsey 0/9, N. Dobbie 0/20.

• LDCA C Grade Division Two

Killy Bass defends 119 KILCUNDA/Bass has remained in the C2 top four after successfully defending 117, bowling Club all out for 90 on Saturday. Blake Egeberg was the destroyer of dreams, taking 5/18 from 14.1 overs in a masterful display. With Zac Crow taking 3/5 the Killy Bass boys were deserving of the win. Darcy Brosnan smacked 37 of the 90 runs and Matt Schreck 30 and it looked for a while the Workers’ bats were going to cruise. But a dramatic collapse saw the tables turned. Town had a well deserved win over OMK with the Scorpion lads bowling out the Diggers for 183 to secure a 31 run victory. This contest was in the balance for a long time with the top four bats for OMK all

getting going. Donald Wylie made 38, Craig Walker 22, Danny Elford 43 and Michael Whiteside 25. But the Town bowlers kept plugging away and wickets fell at the right times. Rob Shields 2/5 and Kurt Newton 2/21 led a multi-pronged attack. In its second innings Town didn’t fare as well with 7/57 not too flattering at stumps. The Island managed to get over the line 9/191 to defeat Koonwarra/Leongatha RSL by 14 runs at Rhyll. Carl Muscat top scored with 42 with John Johnston making 39 down the order and David Kenter 27 in a solid performance. Shane Moore was in the thick of the action and he took 4/59 and Callum Buckland 2/24 for the Cougars. In the final match Poowong/ Loch made just 8/105 in reply to Glen Alvie’s 5/256;

Leongatha District Cricket Association Umpire Appointments EVANS PETROLEUM Round 7 - December 3 & 10 Home team Grade A1 Phillip Island Town Inverloch OMK Grade A2 Koon-L/RSL Glen Alvie Won Miners Foster Grade B1 MDU Kilcunda-Bass Nerrena Won Club Grade B2 Korumburra Imperials Poowong-Loch Foster Grade C1 OMK Town MDU Phillip Island Grade C2 Won Club OMK Glen Alvie Koon-L/RSL Kilcunda-Bass

Away Team



v v v v

Won Club Nerrena Kilcunda-Bass Korumburra

Cowes SP 1 Inv Turf Outt Rec

G. Wightman J. Curry T. Rogers G. Laird

v v v v

Poowong-Loch L Turf C. Salmon MDU Butch W G. Goss Imperials Won Rec L. White Bye

v v v v

OMK Inverloch Town Phillip Island

Dumb Bass 1 Nerr McMhn

v v v v

Koon-L/RSL Glen Alvie Won Miners Bye

Kor Rec N. Barnes EC I. Richards Loch Rec B. Bek

v v v v

Inverloch Nerrena Won Club Korumburra

KSC SP 2 Meen Rhyll

G. Coulson N. Grayden V. Baskerville I. Thomas

v v v v v

Town Phillip Island Korumburra Poowong-Loch Bye

WSC Velo GA Koon

M. Wishart K. Scrimshaw TBA TBA

A. Stride A. Jordan N. Grabham M. Heenan

Any person interested in umpiring contact Graham Laird 0408 454 741. Please note all games start at 1pm.

it was always going to be a tough ask. Neil Hancock batted through the innings for a fine 58 not out for Poowong/ Loch but he didn’t have anyway else to build a partnership. Ben McRae took 3/12 and was the only multi wicket taker for Glen Alvie. TOWN d OMK 1st innings Town 214 1st innings OMK D. Wylie b. C. Dowling............38 C. Walker c. N. Fixter b. L. Kleinert ........................22 D. Elford r.o. ............................43 M. Whiteside b. J. Pouw ..........25 J. Cuman n.o. ...........................16 S. Dyason b. K. Newton.............1 R. Paterson lbw. b. L. Hickey ....2 A. Newton c. J. Pouw b. K. Newton ..........................6 J. Whiteside b. R. Shields ..........0 R. Wyatt c. b. R. Shields ............0 Extras ......................................31 Total .......................................183 Bowling: L. Kleinert 1/43, C. Dowling 1/54, T. Stybosh 0/14, A. Hanily 0/7, J. Pouw 1/18, K. Newton 2/21, L. Hickey 1/10, R. Shields 2/5. 2nd innings Town N. Fixter c. b. A. Newton ...........4 N. Hanily b. J. Cuman................0 L. Hickey c. b. J. Cuman............0 M. Harry b. R. Wyatt..................6 R. Shields n.o. ..........................25 L. Kleinert c. b. S. Dyason .........0 A. Hanily c. b. S. Dyason...........0 K. Newton b. S. Dyason...........16 Extras ........................................5 Total ......................................7/57 Bowling: J. Cuman 2/9, A. Newton 1/11, R. Wyatt 1/19, S. Dyason 3/14. PHILLIP ISLAND d KOONWARRA-L/RSL 1st innings Koonwarra-L/RSL 9/177 (cc) 1st innings Phillip Island

W. Paterson r.o. ..........................0 C. Muscat c. b. S. Moore .........42 D. Kenter c. b. S. Moore ..........27 J. Walton lbw. b. P. Buckley .......7 B. Caile b. S. Moore.................17 D. Stevenson c. b. S. Moore.......4 Z. Wagner b. S. Moore ...............1 R. Young c. A. Stanley b. C. Buckland......................25 J. Johnston r.o...........................39 A. Thompson n.o........................3 Extras ......................................26 Total ....................................9/191 Bowling: P. Buckley 1/41, I. Smith 0/22, J. Woodman 0/24, S. Moore 4/59, C. Buckland 2/24, A. Stanley 0/6, B. Manicaro 0/1. POOWONG-LOCH def by GLEN ALVIE 1st innings Glen Alvie 5/256 (cc) 1st innings Poowong-Loch N. Hancock n.o. .......................58 A. Johnson r.o. ...........................3 P. Regan c. M. Grieve b. J. Newsome ........................3 J. Knox c. M. Grieve b. K. Hull................................2 A. Sheedy b. L. McRae ............10 T. Sheedy b. B. McRae ..............1 B. Ruyter b. B. McRae ...............0 B. Regan c. L. McRae b. B. McRae ...........................0 S. McKinnon b. M. Hull ............9 H. Sheedy n.o. ............................2 Extras ......................................17 Total .............................8/105 (cc) Bowling: J. Newsome 1/15, D. Hale 0/27, K. Hull 1/20, D. Hynes 0/8, B. McRae 3/12, L. McRae 1/7, A. Newsome 0/10, F. Gheller 0/1, M. Milnes 0/1, M. Hull 1/2. KILCUNDA-BASS d WON CLUB 1st innings Kilcunda-Bass 119 1st innings Won Club K. Dutchman c. G. Burchell b. B. Egeberg..........................3 D. Brosnan b. S. Burchell ........37 S. Roche b. B. Egeberg ..............2 M. Schreck b. Z. Crow .............30 F. Brosnan c. H. Grace b. B. Egeberg..........................0

D. McGuirk b. B. Egeberg .........0 B. Harvey b. Z. Crow .................0 H. Dobbie r.o. .............................4 S. Liddle b. B. Egeberg ..............1 S. Joma c. J. Reilly b. Z. Crow ..............................0 J. Baker n.o. ...............................0 Extras ......................................13 Total .........................................90 Bowling: B. Egeberg 5/18, H. Grace 0/30, S. Burchell 1/34, Z. Crow 3/5.

• GCL Cricket

Close match for U/18s Leongatha Under 18s took on Sale Maffra at Inverloch, but unfortunately could not get over the line. Leongatha won the toss and batted first. Jack Keating and Jai Asbury opened the batting with a stand of 44 and were broken when Jack Keating was caught for 22 (four fours). They then lost Ben Perry, caught for three, and Koby Brann, caught for nine to be three for 65. When Jai Asbury was bowled for 19 (one four) they were four for 73. With the loss of four quick wickets, Damon Ginnane four, Elijah Cousins five Hayden Funnell five and Jacob Beckwith run out 16 (two fours), the score had slumped to eight for 104. Nick Battersby 7 and Josh Hastings

added 31 for the ninth wicket. They finished all out 137 with Nathan Trotto 1 not out off 45.4 overs, not as big a score that they were hoping to get. Main wicket takers for Sale Maffra were Hughes two, Rowley three and Carman two. Dessent and Hurley opened the batting for Sale Maffra. They lost Hurley early run out for five. Dissent went on to make 27, Durrant was 61 not out, Anderson made 23 and Hughes nine not out had the score at three for 146 off 39 overs with Koby Brann and Elijah Cousins the only wicket takers with one each. The next matches are in Leongatha in January with three 20/20 games at the Leongatha Town ground on January 15 between Central Gippsland, Warragul and Leongatha, which will decide the finals.

Delivering: Cam Dowling sends another down for Town in the drizzle. He finished his 13 overs, taking 1/54 and helping Town secure the win. Photo by Mark Drury

LDCA ladders A Grade Division 1 Inverloch .................................36 Korumburra ...........................48 Town ........................................42 OMK........................................42 Won Club .................................30 Nerrena .....................................30 Kilcunda-Bass ..........................30 Phillip Island ............................18 A Grade Division 2 Poowong-Loch ........................60 Koonwarra-L/RSL .................42 Won Miners ............................30 MDU ........................................30 Glen Alvie ................................30 Imperials ..................................18 Foster..........................................6 B Grade Division 1 Phillip Island...........................66 Town ........................................56 OMK........................................54 Won Club ................................48 Nerrena .....................................30 MDU ........................................24 Inverloch ..................................12 Kilcunda-Bass ............................6 B Grade Division 2 Korumburra ...........................54 Poowong-Loch ........................48 Koonwarra-L/RSL .................36 Imperials .................................24 Won Miners ..............................18 Glen Alvie ................................18

Foster........................................18 C Grade Division 1 OMK........................................54 Korumburra ...........................48 Won Club ................................48 Nerrena ...................................36 Phillip Island ............................30 MDU ........................................30 Town.........................................30 Inverloch ..................................12 C Grade Division 2 Phillip Island...........................60 Glen Alvie................................36 Kilcunda-Bass.........................36 Poowong-Loch ........................36 OMK ........................................24 Koonwarra L/RSL....................24 Won Club .................................24 Korumburra ..............................24 Town.........................................24 Under 16 East Zone MDU ........................................48 OMK........................................36 Korumburra ...........................24 Town ........................................24 Nerrena ...................................12 Koonwarra L/RSL......................0 Under 16 West Zone Glen Alvie................................36 Poowong-Loch ........................36 Won Club ................................24 Inverloch .................................24 Phillip Island ............................24

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 49

CRICKET | SPORT • LDCA B Grade Division One

Club and Sharks share success THE Wonthaggi Club took a huge win over Inverloch after the completion of the two day match. Batting first, Club left the field 9/282 the week prior, and Inverloch could not compete. Star batsmen for Inverloch were David Harris (19 runs) and Dean Cashin (17 runs) but the fielding side had the upper hand. Three wickets each from bowlers Scott Williams, Alex Geyer and Luke McGuirk secured the game for the Workers. Inverloch was all out for 77 after 55 overs. Another resounding win was taken out by ladder leader Phillip Island. Nerrena had its work cut out for it when the Island finished its innings 7/247 – secured by Jai Asbury’s 102 run effort – but could not meet the standard. Fourteen runs each from Ashley Harrison and Michael Croatto, supported by an additional 13 runs from Shaun Helms, was the highlight for Nerrena. Phillip Island’s Clint Wilson had control of the match, taking out six wickets after bowling 16 overs. After 40 overs, Nerrena was all out for 73. Nerrena opened a second innings, which ended 3/23 af-

ter 24 overs. Helms batted nine runs before he was caught by Zach Brown. OMK took a win for Kilcunda Bass, declaring the end of its innings after 60 runs. Batsmen Aaron McKinnon and Jacob Lamers made more than 50 runs each, putting OMK in a comfortable position. Kilcunda Bass’ Shaun Tapscott took out three wickets during the innings, but OMK had out classed the opposition. With Kilcunda Bass all out for 113, OMK took the win 9/169. Kilcunda Bass opened its second innings and made 2/62. Ray Gardiner was the highest scoring batsmen with 19 runs and was not out when the innings was called to a close. Wickets were taken by McKinnon and James Paterson. A close match was battled out between Town and MDU, but ultimately Town took the points. At 8/259, MDU had secured itself a handy lead, but Town was determined to take the win. Opening batsman Warren Turner had Town off to a great start with 75 runs before he was caught by Troy Sinclair. Jack Hume matched Turn-

er’s efforts, making another 75 runs later in the innings. He was not out at the end of the match. Sinclair took two catches and Craig Hoober took two wickets, but Town met its target. At the end of 75 overs, Town had pushed over the line 7/282. TOWN d MDU 1st innings MDU 8/259 (cc) 1st innings Town W. Turner c. T. Sinclair b. P. Vine ..............................75 S. Fixter b. C. Hoober ..............44 J. Schellling c. S. Benra b. M. Kewming ......................6 J. Hume n.o. .............................75 J. Bolge r.o. ..............................19 Z. Trease c. T. Sinclair b. C. Hoober ...........................7 J. Hume c&b. J. Bright.............34 A. Hickey c. P. Vine b. S. Benra ..............................0 M. McKay n.o. ...........................0 Extras ......................................22 Total ....................................7/282 Bowling: M. Patching 0/46, P. Vine 1/43, C. Hoober 2/79, M. Kewming 1/62, S. Benra 1/27, J. Bright 1/3, M. Damanin 0/5. PHILLIP ISLAND d NERRENA 1st innings Phillip Island 7/247 (cc) 1st innings Nerrena J. Beckwith c. C. Andrews b. B. Christopher ....................4 A. Harrison lbw. b. C. Wilson..........................14 S. Helms c. S. Boyack b. C. Wilson..........................13 J. Kelly c. J. Asbury b. C. Wilson............................0 C. Baudinette b. C. Wilson.........2

Focus: MDU bowler Michael Patching in action against Town on Saturday. N. Battersby c. T. Hornsby b. A. Samarawickrama ...........3 C. Dougherty b. C. Wilson .........0 M. Croatto c. J. Black b. S. Boyack .........................14 S. Murphy stp. J. Asbury b. C. Wilson............................1 B. Martin b. Z. Brown................8 J. Battersby n.o...........................0 Extras ......................................14 Total .........................................73 Bowling: B. Christopher 1/5, C. Andrews 0/14, C. Wilson 6/14, A. Samarawickrama 1/28, Z. Brown 1/1, S. Boyack 1/0. 2nd innings Nerrena J. Beckwith lbw. b. C. Andrews.........................3 A. Harrison b. C. Wilson ............1 S. Helms c. Z. Brown b. A. Samarawickrama ...........9 J. Kelly n.o. ................................2 C. Baudinette n.o........................1 Extras ........................................7

Total ......................................3/23 Bowling: C. Wilson 1/2, C. Andrews 1/5, S. Boyack 0/1, B. Christopher 0/7, Z. Brown 0/0, A. Samarawickrama 1/6, J. Black 0/2. OMK d KILCUNDA-BASS 1st innings Kilcunda-Bass 113 1st innings OMK K. Kerr c. R. Gardiner b. D. Bettles............................0 A. McKinnon b. S. Tapscott .....59 R. White b. D. Blackney b. D. Bettles..........................27 J. Paterson c. S. Tapscott b. D. Blackney........................0 J. Lamers c. A. Batty b. S. Tapscott ........................51 J. Greenwood c. D. Bettles b. S. Tapscott ..........................6 D. McMeekin b. C. Elliott .........9 S. Jenkins c. S. Tapscott b. C. Elliott .............................3

R. Dixon r.o. ...............................0 E. Lamers n.o. ............................1 L. Walker n.o. .............................0 Extras ......................................13 Total .............................9/169 (cc) Bowling: D. Bettles 2/36, R. Duff 0/3, S. Tapscott 3/49, D. Blackney 1/22, T. Smith 0/14, C. Elliott 2/33. 2nd innings Kilcunda-Bass P. Mohascy c. D. McMeekin b. A. McKinnon....................13 S. Tapscott lbw. b. J. Paterson ........................12 R. Gardiner n.o.........................19 J. Rosenow n.o. ........................14 Extras ........................................4 Total ......................................2/62 Bowling: R. White 0/6, R. Dixon 0/6, S. Jenkins 0/1, D. McMeekin 0/9, A. McKinnon 1/1, E. Lamers 0/4, J. Paterson 1/2, J. Greenwood 0/7, W. Dowel 0/14, L. Walker 0/11.

INVERLOCH def by WON CLUB 1st innings Won Club 9/282 (cc) 1st innings Inverloch C. Fisher lbw. b. L. McGuirk .....8 R. Thomas lbw. b. A. Geyer .......3 D. Harris c. B. Evans b. S. Williams .......................19 A. Mujtaba c. M. Davey b. L. McGuirk ........................0 J. Bowring r.o. ............................9 D. Cashin c. D. Herbert b. L. McGuirk ......................17 S. Hayes lbw. b. A. Geyer ..........5 P. Roberts b. A. Geyer ................0 B. Phillips b. S. Williams ...........0 J. Courtenay b. S. Williams ........6 J. Williams n.o............................1 Extras ........................................9 Total .........................................77 Bowling: S. Williams 3/18, A. Geyer 3/18, R. Geyer 0/4, L. McGuirk 3/23, B. Evans 0/8, D. Herbert 0/0.

• LDCA B Grade Division Two

Tomada triumphs JUST shy of the 200 mark, Koonwarra/Leongatha RSL took the win over Glen Alvie. Having dismissed Glen Alvie for just 113 in the first innings, the Cougars went in with the aim to bat all day. Brendon Tomada continued his great season for the Cougars, belting 94 runs. Caught by Peter Roberts, he fell agonisingly close to

triple figures. Adam Rockall was the second highest scorer with 20 runs. Joe Burke kept the pressure up by taking four wickets during his 20 overs, but the game was settled. After 68 overs, Koonwarra/LRSL was all out for 194 and won the match. Poowong Loch amassed a score of 184, which proved to be too much of a stretch for

Foster. Foster opening batsman W. Davy set his team on a positive path with an early 21 runs. However, he was the highest scoring batsman on the day, followed closely by David Thornell, who made 19 runs. Five wickets from Scott Head and three catches from Geoff Birnie had Foster rattled.

Effort: Glen Alvie’s Daniel Gilbert watches the ball after sending it down the pitch.

Foster was all out for 116 after 61 overs. Playing out a one day match, the Wonthaggi Miners took a win over the Imperials. The Imperials won the toss and elected to bat first. Mark Lafferty was the stand out, making 65 runs. He was not out at the end of the innings. Tom Evans also batted well, making 24 runs. Three wickets within seven overs from Leigh Granger helped the Miners dismiss the Imperials. The Imperials were all out for 127 after 34 overs. The Miners stepped up to bat. Forty runs each from Wayne Chapman and Trent Nelson stole the game. Chapman was bowled by Lafferty but Nelson was not out at the end of the innings. Lafferty successfully took out two wickets during eight overs, but the points were handed over to the Miners. After 37 overs, the Miners were 4/132. Korumburra had the bye this round. IMPERIALS def by WON MINERS 1st innings Imperials K. Gray c. M. Donohue b. L. Granger ........................13 C. Mondal c. M. Greenway b. T. Nelson ............................0 H. McGannon c. L. Granger b. P. Loos ................................5 T. Evans b. W. Chapman ..........24 J. Ballagh b. L. Granger .............1 M. Wardle b. L. Granger ............0 H. Marshall b. M. Greenway .....5 M. Lafferty n.o. ........................65 M. Portelli b. A. Hall..................2

Great performance: Brendon Tomada lead Koonwarra/LRSL to success after knocking up 94 runs against Glen Alvie. Photos by Mark Drury. M. Morter r.o. .............................2 Extras ......................................10 Total .......................................127 Bowling: T. Nelson 1/32, M. Greenway 1/6, P. Loos 1/7, L. Granger 3/13, A. Hall 1/39, W. Chapman 1/25. 1st innings Won Miners A. Honeysett c. b. M. Lafferty .......................17 L. Jones b. J. Ballagh .................0 W. Chapman b. M. Lafferty .....40 T. Nelson n.o. ...........................40 C. Gooch c. C. Mondal b. M. Wardle...........................5 G. Peters n.o. ............................14 Extras ......................................16 Total ....................................4/132 Bowling: H. McGannon 0/21, J. Ballagh 1/12, T. Evans 0/21, M. Lafferty 2/11, H. Marshall 0/22, M. Portelli 0/14, M. Wardle 1/9, M. Morter 0/14. KOONWARRA-L/RSL d GLEN ALVIE 1st innings Glen Alvie 113

1st innings Koonwarra-L/RSL L. Enter c. J. Hull b. B. Cox ................................0 D. Clark c. J. Hull b. P. Gardiner..........................4 D. Baker c. J. Thomas b. B. Cox ..............................17 B. Tomada c. P. Roberts b. J. Burke ............................94 A. Rockall c. J. Burke b. R. Slade ............................20 J. Rockall lbw. b. J. Thorn..........4 J. Geary c. D. Tiziani b. J. Burke ..............................2 K. Thorne c. J. Hull b. J. Burke ............................18 J. Pickersgill c. R. Slade b. J. Burke ..............................3 A. Drury n.o. ..............................1 Extras ......................................31 Total .......................................194 Bowling: B. Cox 2/18, P. Gardiner 1/6, J. Burke 4/55, D. Gilbert 0/5, J. Thorn 1/40, J. Thomas 0/34, R. Slade 1/23. FOSTER def by

POOWONG-LOCH 1st innings Poowong-Loch 184 1st innings Foster W. Davy c. G. Birnie b. N. Allen ............................21 J. Pilkington c. T. Allen b. S. Head ...............................1 S. Emanuel c. B. Knight b. S. Head ...............................6 M. Da Costa c. G. Birnie b. W. Walker ...........................2 L. Edgelow r.o. ...........................1 D. Thornell c. B. Hall b. T. Allen .............................19 P. Jervies c. M. Allen b. S. Head .............................13 T. McWilliams b. S. Head ........17 S. Roffey c. G. Birnie b. S. Head .............................12 B. Cripps n.o. .............................0 Extras ......................................24 Total ....................................... 116 Bowling: S. Head 5/26, M. Allen 0/15, N. Allen 1/20, W. Walker 1/6, J. Hibbs 0/12, G. Birnie 1/13, T. Allen 1/11.

PAGE 50 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016


• LDCA A Grade Division One

Inverloch move to top INVERLOCH is now leader of the LDCA A1 ladder after a successful defence of its 173 run total. The Stingrays held Wonthaggi Club to just 166 thanks to some superb defensive bowling from Kit Rotthier 4/42 off 18 overs and David Newman 3/25 off 19 overs. It was a slow start for Club and it slumped to 4/39 before Ryan G Thomas restored some order with 42 runs. Lochlan McLean made 20, James Sherrin 36 and Mark McCall 20 as Club edged closer. With three overs yet to be bowled and only eight runs to win, Club lost its last

bat despite some determination from McCall and last in Z Macdermid, not out 7. Despite its loss Club sits just outside the four and will live to fight another day. Town relinquished its ladder lead after being all out for just 83 in a disappointing effort against Korumburra’s 242, the Cobras moving to second and Town now third. Matt Davies opened with 15 for the Scorpions but with three players falling with the score rusted on 19, Town was in all sorts of trouble. Matt Smith in the middle order scored 22 and Thinesh Sivatnanam 19 but Town had no chance of reaching the target, all out in just 35.4 overs and an early start

to drinks. Luke Zanchetta took 4/24 and Shane Dole 3/12 for the Cobras. OMK is in fourth spot after a solid win over Kilcunda Bass. Chasing just 124, OMK resumed at 2/64 and seemed to be well on top of things. Luke Jones went out for 21 but Adam Millar, who resumed on 40, continued on to make a fine 87 to set up the win. With Jamie Dewell making 20 and Jake Cochrane 37 the Diggers ended the day 8/213 from 56 overs. Phillip Island all out for 85 was no match for Nerrena 7/213. The Island started the chase badly on Saturday when openers Lachie Clee-

land out for 2 and Jake Keating out for 5 setting the Sharks back on their heels. Mitchell Kinghorn hung around for most of the innings making a valuable 43 but not one other batsmen could get into double figures. There were plenty of stars for the Red Caps bowlers with the best of these Josh Trease 4/31 and Tim Wightman 3/15. KORUMBURRA d TOWN 1st innings Korumburra 242 1st innings Town M. Davies c. D. Salmon b. K. Dorman........................15 D. Burge c. D. Salmon b. L. Zanchetta .......................4 A. Ratnaike c&b. L. Zanchetta ................15 M. Weerasinghe Silva c. M. Giles b. K. Dorman..........................0

M. Smith c. b. S. Dole..............22 M. Borschman lbw. b. L. Zanchetta .......................2 S. Browne lbw. b. L. Zanchetta .......................2 N. Mahendrakumar c. b. S. Dole................................1 T. Silvananam c. b. S. Dole ......19 L. Smith n.o................................0 Extras ........................................3 Total .........................................83 Bowling: L. Zanchetta 4/24, D. Wyhoon 0/11, K. Dorman 2/23, S. Dole 3/12, N. Arney 0/10. NERRENA d PHILLIP ISLAND 1st innings Nerrena 7/213 (cc) 1st innings Phillip Island L. Cleeland c. b. J. Trease ..........2 J. Keating c. b. R. Clark .............5 M. Kinghom c. b. N. Trotto .....43 E. Richards c. b. J. Trease ..........3 B. Insall b. J. Trease ...................3 B. Johnston c. b. T. Wightman ...2 C. Keerthisinghe b. T. Wightman ......................6 M. Wright c. b. J. Trease ............3 S. Kirton b. T. Wightman ...........0 J. Cox n.o. ..................................1

D. Johnston c. b. J. Hoy .............1 Extras ......................................16 Total .........................................85 Bowling: J. Trease 4/31, R. Clark 1/11, P. Matheson 0/6, J. Hoy 1/5, N. Trotto 1/6, T. Wightman 3/15. KILCUNDA-BASS def by OMK 1st innings Kilcunda-Bass 124 1st innings OMK A. Rose b. D. Mock ...................7 L. Jones c. J. Markland b. A. Wells ............................21 D. Lloyd lbw. b. D. Mock ..........0 A. Miller b. A. Larcombe .........87 J. Dewell c. A. Wells b. D. Mock ...........................20 N. Creed lbw. b. J. Mahood .......8 J. Cochrane c. J. Tregear b. A. Wells ............................37 N. Cant n.o. ..............................13 P. Dell lbw. b. A. Wells...............6 N. Audino n.o. ............................3 Extras ...................................... 11 Total ....................................8/213 Bowling: A. Wells 3/44, D. Mock 3/32, J. Dakin 0/44, A. Donohue 0/12, C. Peckett 0/23, J.

Mahood 1/28, J. Tregear 0/15, A. Larcombe 1/9. WON CLUB def by INVERLOCH 1st innings Inverloch 6/173 (cc) 1st innings Won Club D. Britt lbw. b. D. Newman .......4 K. Brann b. K. Rotthier ............15 M. Thomas c. D. Newman b. K. Rotthier..........................0 R. Thomas lbw. b. K. Rotthier........................42 D. Turton c. W. Taberner b. L. Rankin............................0 L. McLean lbw. b. K. Rotthier........................20 J. Sheerin c. W. Taberner b. D. Newman ......................36 R. Birkett b. L. Rankin ...............6 M. McCall c. B. Debono b. B. Thomas ........................20 J. Thomas b. D. Newman ...........0 Z. Macdermid n.o.......................7 Extras ......................................16 Total .......................................166 Bowling: L. Rankin 2/31, L. Anderson 0/22, D. Newman 3/25, K. Rotthier 4/42, B. Thomas 1/29, E. Cousins 0/11.

• LDCA A Grade Division Two

Sam Hughes delivers for Cougars OPENER for Koonwarra/Leongatha RSL, Sam Hughes spearheaded a solid victory for the Cougars with the round’s highest score of 132 not out.

Well done: with applause from his teammates Jack Hale salutes bringing up his half century.

This match was won comfortably in the end for Koony, chasing down MDU’s 9/249 to finish with 251 for the loss of just two wickets. Hughes and Jack Hale (83) made a fantastic stand of 176 runs. When Hale was dismissed, Koony was 2/185 and the match seemingly there for the taking. Ben Perry and Hughes ensured the last of the required runs would see the Cougars home to victory. Koony is now second on the ladder with MDU just hanging onto fourth. Imperials all out for 93 did its best to make this a contest but in the end a win to top side Poowong Loch who finished with 146 in the chase. It was pretty slow going for the Poowong/Loch boys with opener Colin Knox making 24 with top scorer being Jacob Bardwell 28.

Quick single: Sam Hughes calls through for a quick single on his way to a top score of 132 not out to steer the Cougars home. Photos by Mark Drury.

Patrick McCaughan took 4/29 for Imperials Foster was chasing the Wonthaggi Miners mammoth 330 total and there was no hope for the Tigers of getting close as they finished on 113. Graeme Watkins made 46 of these and Nathan Clarke 21 but too many of the others were out for ones and twos. Jonothan Rumbold 3/20 and Jayden Loos 3/26 were the two best bowlers for Miners. POOWONG-LOCH d IMPERIALS 1st innings Imperials 93 1st innings Poowong-Loch C. Knox lbw. b. Z. Price...........24 A. Bardwell c. A. Meyer b. J. Ginnane ..........................9 W. Pollock c. R. Higgins b. J. Ginnane ........................10 J. Bardwell c. R. McLennan b. D. Ginnane .......................28 K. Miller c. D. Ginnane b. P. McCaughan ..................18 R. Greaves c. R. Higgins b. P. McCaughan ..................15 A. Fisher c. A. Meyer b. L. Wright ............................9 B. Monson b. L. Wright ...........10 A. Jenkins c. D. Ginnane b. P. McCaughan ....................8 M. Hancock c. J. Ginnane b. P. McCaughan ....................1 M. Loader n.o.............................1 Extras ......................................13 Total .......................................146 Bowling: Z. Price 1/20, L. Wright 2/20, T. Sauvarin 0/3, D. Ginnane 1/16, L. Rogers 0/19, J. Ginnane 2/33, P. McCaughan 4/29. MDU def by KOONWARRA-L/RSL 1st innings MDU 9/249 (cc) 1st innings Koonwarra-L/RSL S. Hughes n.o. ........................132 J. Guinan c&b. C. Harris............3 J. Hale c. T. Harris b. D. Mathews ......................83 B. Perry n.o. .............................16 Extras ......................................17 Total ....................................2/251 Bowling: J. Mason 0/36, C. Harris 1/33, N. Eddy 0/63, T. Corry 0/12, D. Mathews 1/47, S. McRae 0/23, S. Arnup 0/32. WON MINERS d FOSTER 1st innings Won Miners 7/330 (cc) 1st innings Foster M. Lynch c. J. Rumbold b. J. Loos ................................2 M. Jones lbw. b. J. Honeysett.....4 G. Watkins c&b. J. Rumbold ...46 H. Buckland lbw. b. J. Loos .......9 N. Clarke b. C. Honeysett ........21 R. Johnston b. J. Rumbold .........2 F. Griggs c. J. Honeysett

Big swing: English import to Koonwarra/Leongatha RSL, Jack Hale, hits out in his 83 run score, sharing a 176 run partnership with Sam Hughes.

Toiling away: It was a long day for the MDU bowlers, taking only two Cougar wickets. Darien Matthews is pictured in action. b. J. Rumbold .......................12 J. Weston c. J. Rumbold b. J. Piasente...........................1 D. Lacasa b. C. Honeysett ..........1

H. Griggs lbw. b. J. Loos ...........8 G. Tanner n.o. .............................2 Extras ........................................5 Total ....................................... 113

Bowling: J. Loos 3/26, J. Honeysett 1/28, D. Loos 0/4, C. Honeysett 2/18, J. Piasente 1/15, J. Rumbold 3/20.

“THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - PAGE 51


Off and racing at Woolamai PLENTY of punters turned out for the Woolamai Racing Club’s first meet of the season on Saturday. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Woolamai always draws a crowd determined to make the most of the beautiful racecourse. Considering the overcast weather and the showers that passed through during the day, the club was quite pleased with the attendance. There were quite a number of businesses having their Christmas parties. The racing was good with Matthew Corbisiero winning the last three races for trainers Michael Templeton, Kevin Southey and Tania Maddox. Danni Walker won the Ladies Bracelet, sponsored each year by Paul and Heidi Kramer in memory of a friend who died of cancer.

Danni was a successful and popular picnic rider before taking a couple of seasons off when she had her first child. It was her first ride back and she was absolutely thrilled to win. The horse, Cinderally, is trained by Bunyip trainer Kasey Wilson. The club is now gearing up for the New Years Day public holiday meeting on the January 2. This meeting is going to be full TAB and fully televised race meeting which is a first for a Picnic Race Club. The club is very excited about this as it is a wonderful opportunity for the jockeys who ride at the picnics and also to show the rest of Australia what Victorian Picnic Racing is all about. The club still has some group bookings and race sponsorship available for the day.

Fast finisher: Punton Bernardini was ridden across the line first in race five by Matthew Corbisiero at Woolamai on Saturday.

Christmas party: celebrating the festive season at the Woolamai races on Saturday were Phillip Island girls, from left Hayley Paynter, Amanda Collins, Emma Denham, Bianca Obst, Hope Watcham, Brooke Burchell, Laura Stevenson and Carly Bond.

Good form: Punton Bernardini, trained by Kelvin Southey has shown impressive form since the start of November, proved by a win in race five at Woolamai on Saturday.

Fun group: Nick Hulston, Victoria Coburn, Rachael Green, Anna Couch, Anna Stanley, Michael Sauer, Louise Jaimoson, Emma Craven and Marlee Davidson from Melbourne were rocking a disco theme at the Woolamai races on Saturday.

PAGE 52 - “THE STAR” Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Prime position: from left, Dannielle O’Loughlin from Berrys Creek, Heather Walker from Mirboo, Jenny Price from Sommerville, Billy O’Loughlin and Tex the dog, Camille Shaw from Mirboo, Sharon Irvin from Mirboo and Meg O’Loughlin and horse Chilli were enjoy- Good job: Woodside rider Peter Boddy tries to guide the heifer around the pegs during the ing the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club campdraft held at the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club campdraft held at the Dumbalk campdraft ground over the weekend. Dumbalk campdraft ground over the weekend.

Dumbalk does drafting PERFECT conditions for campdrafting across the weekend saw hundreds of riders and their stockhorses gather at Dumbalk for the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club event. Results are as follows: Saturday maiden: first Graeme Rozyinski on Hooker; second Vicki Hiscock on My Flurry; equal third Russ Bradley on Romantic Acres, Tanya Rand on High As A Kite, and Kennielle

Beachz on Slamming Pepto; equal fourth Michael Hiscock on Twirl and Marnie Hamilton on Summer. Saturday novice: first Matt Holz on Scoot; equal second Russell Lawrence on Shandon, Zac Svetlick on Alvin, and Matt Holz on Babe; fifth Graeme Rozyinski on Hallelujah; sixth Charlie Hengstberger on Basalt. Saturday open: first Peter Bolton on Bobby; second Vicki Hiscock on Bamalan; third Vicki Hiscock on Steph; fourth Dean Cameron on One More Buster; fifth Glen Park on Jewel.

Ready to compete: from left, Kelsey Pavlou and Bailee Pavlou with Tuff were at the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club campdraft held at the Dumbalk campdraft ground on the weekend.

U/13s: first Angus O’Loughlin on Oakie; equal second Lane Bowman on Jet, Zoe Adams on Moonshine, Charlie Adams on Scarlet, Millie Lamb on C That, and Jade Fulford on Delight. U/17s: Laney Towns on Boss; second Charlie Goff on Maria; third Charlie Goff on Opie; fourth Rachel Boyce on Buster; fifth Kealee Hamilton on BB. Sunday maiden: first Michael Hiscock on Twirl; second Peter Boddy on Kumar; equal third Tanya Rand on High As A Kite and Glen Rand on Mando; fifth Ethan Park on Iron Man; equal

Ready to ride: Sale rider Sonya Ford and her horse Ford’s Extra were competing at the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club campdraft held at the Dumbalk campdraft ground on the weekend

sixth Matt Holz on Traditionalist, Matt Holz on Catwalk, and Lincoln Adams on Dixie. Sunday novice: Peter Bolton on Stuart Little; second Peter Bolton on Reflex; third Clint Rand on Larry; fourth Kathleen Reid on Smart Dog; fifth Kathy Reid on Nic; sixth Lincoln Adams on Dixie. Sunday open: first Peter Boddy on Lolly; second Darren Bowman on Mojo; equal third Darren Bowman on Tassie and Ethan Park on Flame; equal fifth Karen Sotherland on Rattle And Hum, and Wally Ingram on Digger.

Cowgirls: from left, Hayley, Katie and Alyssa Blackshaw from Leongatha South and Sophie Kenney from Dumbalk were in their element at the Meeniyan Golf Club and Stony Creek Football Netball Club campdraft held at the Dumbalk campdraft ground on the weekend.

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The Great Southern Star - November 29, 2016  

The Great Southern Star - November 29, 2016  

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