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March 21, 2013

Habemus Papam: Pope Francis is declared new pope By Alicia Candela

During mid-afternoon on a busy Wednesday, students and faculty flocked to the television in the Student Center to await the news of the new pope. Excitement buzzed around campus that day when Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from Argentina, was announced as the new pope for the Catholic Church. According to CNN, Pope Francis is the first non-European pope of the modern era, the first from Latin America, the first Jesuit, and the first to assume the name Francis. As soon as the news of the new pope was announced, a yellow and white banner was placed over the doorway of St. Joseph’s Chapel to signify a Jesuit pope. A mass was held at 12:15 p.m. the next day for students and faculty to pray for the new pope. The campus community is still in awe over the news of the new pope. Senior Kathleen Harmon Photo by Alicia Candela expressed her excitement of the Christie Alonso shakes hands with Fr. Richard Salmi, S.J., after the afternoon liturgy in St. Joseph Chapel on Tuesday that celebrated the feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of Spring Hill College, and rejoiced in the installation of Pope Francis I. news saying, “Whenever I hear anything about the Jesuits I get happy I couldn’t speak. Not only was our new pope from Argentina, he really excited. I feel like I am part of the Jesuit family and to hear that we was a Jesuit. I could not be more proud as a Catholic and a proudly Jesuit have a Jesuit Pope is really exciting for me.” educated theology major,” Baine said. On the other hand, sophmore Juan Soto had other reasons to be Students studying at the Italy Center in Bologna, had their own excited about Pope Francis. “I am very proud that he is Hispanic and celebration. According to Salva Sanchis, students had the opportunity to Jesuit. This already is a big change in the church and I feel like it is only celebrate the news with Italian citizens in the streets of Bologna the beginning for a series of much needed change. I love that he is very Among the crowd of people watching the TV that day was Maureen humble and I am sure he is going to do great things to lead us back into Bergan, director of campus ministry. “A moment I will never forget I am the right direction.” so proud to be part of a Jesuit College, so happy to see so many students Although freshman Maggie Baine was unable to celebrate the news with proud too. A great day for our church, the Jesuits, and Spring Hill her fellow badgers, Baine was able to share her enthusiasm with people at College,” Bergan said. work. “I was still at work when I heard the announcement and I was so

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upcoming events 3/21/13

Altmayer Lecture "Hide-and-seek in the Haunted house of History. Cultural Representations of World War II in French Fiction and Film" Dr. Windish will examine representations of World War II and Vichy France in recent French fiction and film, looking in particular at the staging of feelings of national guilt and the relationship between fact and fiction. For more information email


Senior Retreat Campus Ministry will be offering a retreat to graduating seniors Friday, April 5 through Saturday, April 6. The retreat will include reflection on your time at Spring Hill and prayers for your future.  If you would like to attend, please contact Colleen at  There is a $20 charge for the retreat.  Space is limited and we will accept the first 20 seniors who respond.


Campus-Wide Forum: Report from the SHC 2012-2-013 Student Experience Study. We will be presenting the results from the 2012-2013 Student Experiences Study. Everyone is welcome to attend! We hope you will come with questions or to share your ideas for the future of SHC. For more information contact Jamie Franco Zamudio at



march 21, 2013

Outdoor drinking allowed in certain parts of Mobile entertainment district By Briana Collins

Mobile City Council approved a city ordinance last week that allows downtown visitors to drink outside in the city’s entertainment district. The ordinance officially went into effect last Wednesday. According to the Downtown Mobile Alliance, an agency that works to improve the downtown area, the ordinance requires that all drinks must be in a 16-ounce or smaller plastic or paper cup until April 1. After April 1, the cup must have a logo ID with either the establishment’s name where the drink was purchased or another generic identifying logo. Spring Hill students seem to have mixed feelings about the new ordinance. Senior Olivia Bourgeois says she thinks this is a great idea. “I’m from New Orleans so I guess I’m used to drinking in the streets,” Bourgeois said. Junior Joshua Rocha disagrees. “I think a lot more people will get caught for underage drinking. It’ll definitely be more obvious,” Rocha said. “I think the ordinance is a bad idea. Downtown can already be filled with crime and I think this will just encourage people to be drunk in the streets. It could be potentially dangerous,” Rocha said. According to the Mobile Police Department, the outdoor drinking is allowed to take place from 4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m seven days a week. Open beverages are not allowed outside the entertainment district’s boundaries. Drinks are not allowed along Dauphin Street between Cedar and Franklin where The Haberdasher and Alabama Music Box are located.

“ I think a

lot more people will get caught for underage drinking.”

3 news Laptop theft suspect identified By Emily Hill

The suspect in recent thefts that have occurred on the Spring Hill College campus has been identified as 22-year-old Kentari Devan Nettles. Director of Public Safety Todd Warren, after working closely with the Mobile Police Department, said Nettles is a suspect for the theft that occurred Friday, March 15, the theft the Saturday before that, one in February, and he could possibly be tied to a vehicle burglary as well. Warren said a report was received Friday, March 15 at 11:09 a.m. that two black men had entered two unlocked apartments in the Fairways and stole laptop computers and chargers. Shortly after that, the same individuals entered several unlocked rooms in New Hall where several laptop computers were taken. “When we got to New Hall, we weren’t sure if they were still in the building,”

Warren said. “We had nothing to prove that they had left the building. So at that point we shut down the exits of the building and did a quick sweep of the hallways. When Mobile police got there they sent three officers and we split up and went room to room making sure he wasn’t hiding in a room or something like that.” Warren said they found out the men might have left in a white or light beige Chevy Tahoe. Friday night there was a false sighting of the suspect. Video surveillance was reviewed and it was determined that the man several students reported they saw was not the suspect, so no door-to-door checks were made. Saturday, March 9, about midnight the suspect was going room to room looking for doors to be unlocked when he walked into a room that was occupied by a student.

Continued, see News page 4





march 21, 2013

SHC works with Mobile police on theft case Continued from page 3 “She kind of scared him off. He kind of ‘Oh wrong room,’ type deal and he left and then she, once she heard that there were thefts, called and gave a description,” Warren said. The student told Warren the time the suspect had entered her room. Warren pulled up surveillance video and, based on the description, was able to see the suspect walk into and out of New Hall Saturday night. “He had been visiting a student, it was actually a boyfriend of a student. He is familiar with the campus, he knew the routine and so that was how he kind of got his way around,” Warren said. “I think he knew the police were looking for him on Monday, and here he comes back on Friday so I think the guy could very easily come up [again]. Some of that is because he knows that we don’t have a police department on campus yet. Good news is that we are moving that direction.” On March 18 Warren sent out an email with a picture of the suspect carrying a bag, and asked students to notify public safety if it is their

bag, or if they know whose it is. “He came in carrying nothing, and then he was seen on video walking out with that bag. What we want to do is find out who lost a bag, get them to identity it, and that will help us in getting warrants on the other guy,” said Warren. The picture in the email shows a tall man carrying a bag and another shorter man exiting New Hall with him. Mobile police have warrants for Nettles, and have an idea who the other suspect is. “They have an identity, they just have to prove that that was him there,” Warren said. A total of 10 laptops have been stolen. Laptops that have been registered through the school have had their serial number put into police computers nationwide so that if any officer runs across the laptop the serial number will come up as stolen, according to Warren. Another thing students can do for added protection, said Warren, is download locator software such as Prey which keeps track of your laptop, phone or tablet when it’s

stolen or missing. However, Warren said in this case such precautions have not helped much because the computers have not been turned on. “These guys are good. It’s their job, that’s what they do,” Warren said. Sophomore Sawyer House had his laptop stolen on March 9 after leaving his New Hall room unlocked. “We were pre-gaming around 10 p.m. and we left around 11:30 p.m. We left both door of the suite unlocked and went to the apartments,” House said. “We came back around 1:30 a.m. I sat down, started drinking some water, looked at my desk and my laptop was gone. We then called public safety.” House said his iPod, laptop, phone charger and book bag with a rented text book inside were stolen. The book bag stolen is not the one pictured in the email sent earlier this week. House’s roommate’s laptop was also stolen. Sunday morning House called the police and they came to campus to question House and his roommate

are you interested in becoming the next student-editor of the springhillian? Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2013 positions of student-editor and assistant editor of the weekly campus newspaper, The SpringHillian. To be considered, interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter (including your reason for wanting to be considered) to the Division of Communication Arts, attention: Stuart Babington. The application deadline is Monday, April 20. It is recommended that the student editor be enrolled in the class CMM 400-401 during the Fall 2013 semester.

and had them fill out paperwork. “I used to leave my doors unlocked. Now, we lock them all the time,” House said. “I’m more worried about the fact that he would get into the hall so easy. That concerns me,” House said. House’s laptop is not registered through SHC, but is registered through Prey. FOX 10 News says Nettles has a burglary charge in Baldwin County from a theft case involving two stores in Daphne, Ala., and $35,000 worth of stolen computers. To register your laptop, or to find out more about location services such as Prey, go to Badgerweb, click on the Campus Life tab, then the Public Safety tab on the left side-bar menu, and open the Laptop Registration Program document under the heading Crime Prevention. If you see the suspects, please contact public safety at 251380-4444, the Mobile Police Department at 251-208-7000 to report a crime anonymously, or dial 911.

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march 21, 2013

Students could see change in cable provider By Emily Hill

Spring Hill College’s approaching deadline for a contract renewal with current television provider Comcast has sparked an exploration of television providers that could make students’ cable experience better and provide a new outlet of communication for administration and the Communication Arts Department. Vice President and Dean of Students Joe Deighton said the school buys a basic assortment of channels in bulk from Comcast. “We are looking for more ability to select a different package of channels. More freedom to pick and choose which stations we want for our students,” Deighton said. One of the components SHC is looking at is the ability to have campus channels for possible broadcasts, the radio station, informal bulletins or announcements. “These stations would run into your room and you could click on those. It could be SHC Communications Department and they could be broadcasting things that students create. It could be institutional announcements like the campus update, or it could be emergency announcements or weather-related announcements,” Deighton said. As far as cost goes, Deighton said it’s a matter of weighing what’s the better option for all the features you might want to get. “We are trying to keep it at a similar cost as what we are paying Comcast. And we might be willing to pay a little bit more if there are enough good features that help our students and benefit, maybe down the road, the academic department or give us a better way to communicate with students,”

Deighton explained. Another change that could occur is the ability for students to personalize their television preferences. “You could probably add some premium stations to the mix and students could then pay for those stations independently. They would bill you if you wanted HBO. So that’s another possibility with one of these companies,” Deighton said. The school currently pays Comcast a certain amount each month and this cost is built into student’s room and board cost. Deighton said part of the exploration process is talking with Comcast to see if they could possibly offer some of the features the school is looking for. A decision to stay with Comcast or select a different television provider must be made before August, when the school’s contract with Comcast must be renewed. Spring Hill, according to Deighton, has had a contract with Comcast at least since 1995. Although specific cable providers the school is considering were not mentioned, the University of South Alabama has College Cable Services and Campus Televideo is a popular provider as well. College Cable Services, according to the company’s website, offers more than 142 channels, a customized channel line-up along with local channels, satellite radio, an information channel and emergency alert system among other features. Campus Televideo, according to their website, seems to offer similar services. “By the summer, we should know which direction we are going. In the fall, students should have better cable services,” Deighton said.



What is going on in the world? NASA reports that the space rover Curiosity that landed on Mars on August 6 has new findings that the red planet once had water. The rover weighs 2 tons and is about the size of a small SUV. The mission costs $2.5 billion. The reports uncovered that Mars could have hosted life on its planet. Lee Young Hee, Executive of Samsung is working on a Smart watch while its rival company Apple is also working on a watch secretly as well. Apple has sold iPhone 5 at record sales this year and Samsung was reported as in second place with Galaxy S line phones. The immigration reform bill is close to being done. The House and Senate have been working diligently and are close to having a pathway towards citizenship in the United States. The Republicans and Democrats are working together to close the deal so that President Obama can sign the Immigration bill. Harvard University’s new research links sugary drinks to 180,000 deaths worldwide. The researchers used different studies published in medical journals and 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study that uncovers death and morality around the world. The Detroit Electric Car company is building a twoseater sports car powered by a battery. The new sedan will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto show on April 3. The car company reports that it will create approximately 180 jobs and expecting to build 2,500 cars a year. A contractor working for NASA was arrested on the suspicion of stolen top-secret files from NASA. Bo Jiang had been working as a contractor and purchased a one-way ticket back to his homeland. FBI is currently doing the investigation to uncover if any espionage occurred. Jiang was arrested at Dulles International Airport. The Senate confirmed Jack Lew as Secretary of Treasury on February 27. Lew was confirmed with a 71-26 vote. He replaces Tim Geithner, who left office in January.

Volleyball team to participate in Women Build program By

In conjunction with Habitat for Humanity Southwest Alabama, the Spring Hill College volleyball team will participate in the annual Women Build program on Saturday, April 6, 2013. Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Alabama (HFHSWA) is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry located in Mobile. HFHSWA is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing as a matter of conscience and action. Habitat builds simple decent houses

in partnership with people in need in the community throughout Southwest Alabama. Through donations of time, materials and investment, Habitat houses are sold to families at no profit, financed with affordable no-interest loans. Freshman Ginny Hicks expressed her enthusiasm about participating in the Women Build saying, “I feel like as a team helping out at women build is fantastic! We get to reach out to our local community and work as a team. The

volleyball team is known for being close knit and family like, so it is awesome that we get to have the chance to help another family because I consider the volleyball team part of my family.” Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity program for women who want to learn construction skills and build homes and communities. Women Build brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide.





march 21, 2013

Model United Nations to possibly appear on campus By Briana Collins

Spring Hill College may soon have a new club appearing on campus. The Political Science and International Studies Club is attempting to start a model United Nations. Freshman Jeremy Buckner is attempting to drum up interest for the new club. He was a part of his high school’s model UN and believes it is a good simulation of the real UN. “It’s a great opportunity for people to get involved,” Buckner said. “I was disappointed to hear they didn’t have one at Spring Hill.” Buckner said the club is still working out details because no two model UNs are the same. Therefore, this one must be built from the ground up, but Buckner has big plans for it if it comes into fruition. If the club gets enough people interested, Buckner said they will first have an

introduction meeting where people can bring food from different countries and meet and greet with one another. “We would also have open forums, which is what the real UN does. They talk about real world problems and potential solutions,” Buckner explained. In addition to this, the club also wants to hold an awards ceremony for countries that demonstrate the best problem solving skills. Buckner also wants to get other schools involved, and possibly have the club attend the regional and national model UN. Interested students should contact the advisor Robert Harding at rharding@shc. edu or students Stephanie Harris and Jeremy Buckner at or Jeremy.e.buckner@email. “Don’t be afraid to come out,” said Buckner. “We need participation. Just come see what it’s about.”

By Tyler Hartlage

Decision about new sorority to be made soon By Emily Hill

After three sororities visited campus over the past several weeks,one sorority will soon be recommended by the Panhellenic Extension Committee to join the community in the fall. Sigma Kappa, Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Omicron Pi have been interviewed by the Panhellenic Extension Committee and have presented themselves to administration and students. Student Involvement Coordinator Kathryn O’Hagan said many campus sorority members attended

I really think anyone the Extension Committee chooses will be a great part of the community.

the presentations. “They (SHC sororities) really tried to get to know them, knowing that one of them might be coming here,” O’Hagan said. After Spring Break, according to O’Hagan, the committee will

meet to discuss each group. The Extension Committee will then submit their choice to Student Affairs which will forward the name of the group to the president. “I really think anyone the Extension Committee chooses will

be a great part of the community,” O’Hagan said. She said by mid-April the chosen sorority will be notified. The group will then most likely start to prepare materials to advertise their sorority for when students return in the fall. “All three of them really showed how their values aligned with Spring Hill College. The National Panhellenic Conference is full of amazing organizations. The three that were brought here are just a tiny piece of amazing women’s sororities,” O’Hagan said.


springhillian 7 opinion Carnival Cruise comes crawling back to Mobile for help march 21, 2013

By Emily Hill

Before watching a video on YouTube last week, the usual ad video popped up before the actual video began. The ad video was advertising Carnival Cruise Lines. I immediately took the commercial as sarcasm, and laughed to myself. But it was a real advertisement for the cruise line, and I could not believe it. After so much has gone wrong with Carnival, why

would they be advertising beautiful luxurious cruises? All I can think about in association with the company is stranded people eating onion sandwiches on a stinky boat. I recently read an article on that went into detail about all of the troubles the cruise line has had. Monday Carnival Cruise Lines temporarily closed its Grand Turk port following a virus outbreak on the Turks and Caicos Islands that caused 25 people to become ill. At one point there were issues with the Carnival Legend’s propulsion system, and on March 14 Carnival Dream’s emergency generator malfunctioned in the Caribbean. The incident that is on everyone’s mind still is when on Feb. 10 an engine room fire disabled the

Carnival Triumph and forced emergency docking in Mobile. Out of all of the incidents, this one really hits home, in a sympathetic yet comical way. Its been about two years since Carnival Cruise Lines announced that they would no longer cruise from the homeport in Mobile, Ala., after seven years of operating out of the terminal. I am very sympathetic to all of the people who were stranded on the Carnival Triumph in early February, however I can’t help but think it was like a slap in the face to the cruise line. The ship gets stranded and Mobile, who the cruise line left (and in a sense, stabbed in the back after years of working together), came to the rescue. It’s sort of like

Mobile was saying, “Oh, so you need me now huh?” And of course, being the goodhearted people Mobilians are, we helped out the cruise line. And guess what? The Carnival Triumph is still dry-docked in Mobile waiting for million-dollar repairs. In the end, yes Carnival Cruise Lines was an amenity while they cruised out of Mobile, however I think Mobile is now realizing we really dodged a bullet. With all of the controversy surrounding Carnival, I think Mobile is better off without it. If Carnival Cruise Lines was still cruising out of Mobile, with all of the mishaps, we would be looking at the Carnival Cruise video ads in disgust. Now though, they provide a nice laugh.

Banning products will not help I feel that having a ban on junk food or soda is not going to help the obesity problem in America. The only thing it will do is anger people. Also, the products are not the problem, it’s the people. People choose to buy these items and it is their choice. I think that the government is stepping in on our freedom here. We have the right to buy whatever food or drink we want. I am aware that obesity is a big problem but I By Alicia Candela think that if people are more aware According to CNN, “A state of what they are eating , then maybe trial judge on Monday blocked New they will be more conscious about York City’s plan for a maximum food. 16 ounce size for a high-sugary I think restaurants should follow beverage.” what McDonald’s did with their CNN states that if this ban were food products. If they haven’t to go in effect, it would apply to done so already, I think that every restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums restaurant should put how many and mobile food carts, but not to calories are in each dish on the supermarkets or convenient stores. menu. This ban does not make sense My point is that it is your body to me. First off, if you are going and the government should not tell to ban something, it’s either all you what to do with it. Instead they or nothing. What I mean is either should just help us out by making ban sugary drinks in all stores and us aware of the nutrition facts in restaurants, or do not ban them at food and drinks. all.

By Efren Flores

Editorial Policy The Springhillian is published weekly from January to April, except during examination periods and vacations. The views expressed herein do not represent the views of Spring Hill College and are not the views of the faculty, administration, staff or students, but are the views of the individual columnists.

around the hill 8



march 21, 2013

Photo courtesy of Ginny Kosteck Above: Badgers in SHC’s Italy Center take a break from their studies to explore their beautiful surroundings. Below: Freshman Kelly Dolph, Lauren Ritcey and Marie Darnell enjoy the nice weather by sitting outside the Student Center.

Photo courtesy of Joshua Rocha Above: Hayley Vierling, Joshua Rocha, Tatiana Gonzalez and Germain McCarthy show off their “alter-egos” for Saturday’s TKE theme party. Below: Efron Flores, Sophia Santalo and Chelsea Audibert soak up some rays between classes.

Photo by Summer Ranaldson

Photo by Summer Ranaldson


march 21, 2013


9 around the hill

left: Adam Bernot, Skip’s and Viragh Hall ‘s Area Coordinator, during SHC’s Common Grounds. Friday night faculty and staff spent the night in boxes on Rydex Commons to simulate the experience of the homeless. Bottom left: Students at the Italy Center visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Photo by Robert Robinson

Below: Badgers pose after the MS walk on campus Saturday morning.

Photo by Ariel Leary Below: The ladies of Tri Delta held their annual Cajun for a Cure Sunday. All proceeds from the philanthropy event go to benefit St. Jude’s.

Photo courtetsy of Salva Sanchis

Photo by Annie Kinler





march 21, 2013

Guide to being fashionable on a student budget Dirt Cheap (Airport and Schillinger)

By Kat Jakuback

Popping Tags

Going to Dirt Cheap is always an experience. For those of you who have never been, it’s an enormous warehouse packed to the gills with all the merchandise that department stores don’t sell. If you have a chance to drop by on a day when they’ve recently restocked, you might find some of your favorite name brands for as much as 75 percent off retail price. On the day I visited, there were four racks of brand-new clothing straight from Urban Outfitters and I was able to pick up a dress, a purse, and a skirt with only $20 in my pocket. While I would highly recommend shopping here for a cheap wardrobe update, I would advise thoroughly checking your outfits before purchasing to ensure there are no defects, as all sales are final.

Goodwill (Airport and McGregor)

Plato’s Closet (Airport near I65)

Let’s be honest—whether at parties, in the shower, or in the car when we think no one’s looking, we’ve all been guilty of jamming out to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” The Seattle-based artist’s hit single has spent weeks at the top of U.S. music charts and has influenced a revival in the economical shopping practice called “thrifting.” His catchy hiphop lyrics boast rocking such finds as “flannel zebra jammies” and green “gator shoes,” and he disparagingly describes people who spend “fifty dollars on a t-shirt” as a “hella’ don’t.” So just how viable is this new shopping craze in Mobile, Ala.? I hit up some of the well-known thrift stores in the area and compiled the results below. Following Macklemore’s advice, I swung by the Goodwill first and was pleasantly surprised by some of the items I found there. They were well stocked with an almost-new arsenal of shoes that were being sold at less than half their retail price. In addition to fab footwear, their prom dress/ formal gown selection was incredible—I was able to pick up a David’s Bridal gown (with the tags still on!) for $6 that was originally $149. If you’re looking for a last-minute buy for a formal event that you don’t want to spend a fortune on, check this Goodwill out before you run to a boutique.

Before heading back to campus, I stopped by Plato’s Closet to get a higher-end perspective on the thrift shop industry. In addition to selling gently used clothing, Plato’s Closet buys back used clothing for later resale. I was impressed by the colorful displays of current fashion choices, but not so thrilled with the ring that they were trying to sell back for $12. The selection offered was almost overwhelming, and the neatness with which they stocked their shelves took away from the thrill of looking for a “come-up.” If you relish the “thrifting” experience, stick to Goodwill and Dirt Cheap. If the thought of rifling through disorganized piles makes you nervous, Plato’s Closet is the place for you.

Celeb’s bank accounts hacked, could you be next? By Summer Ranaldson

A hacker can steal your identity in just 10 minutes, which is why it’s essential to make computer passwords complex and to not answer unknown emails. Hacking is when someone uses their knowledge of computers and programs to break down computer systems and networks to retrieve valuable information about someone or a company. People who take over your computer system and make it respond to their demands using simple commands to the computer system to retrieve your information are called hackers. Hackers break into weak computer systems and retrieve social security numbers, credit reports, credit cards and personal and business checking accounts. They often do hacking through emails, networks or different websites. According to ABC news, hackers have stolen social security numbers, banking account numbers, phone numbers, previous addresses and credit reports to post on websites to reveal information about high profile people. The list keeps growing. So far Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Tiger Woods and Sarah Palin have all been hacked. Hackers have accessed information about

these individuals and exposed it to the World Wide Web. Equifax has confirmed that four high profile individuals information has been accessed but would not provide the names of the individuals. Equifax is a credit reporting agency responsible for reporting if individuals have good ratings with credit borrowers across the country. ABC News asked President Obama if the first lady’s information was accessed and he would not confirm it, but President Obama advised that everyone should be alarmed and aware that their information can be accessed by hackers. According to USA Today, a website using a Russian address had a Twitter profile linked to the web page that included an anti-police message in Russian. The website, which was up on March 11, had a headline titled “The Secret Files.” This was the website that had posted all the high profile officials and celebrities personal and confidential information. Bloomberg BusinessWeek stated a six character password can be cracked in just 10 minutes while a nine character password takes years to crack. Time varies for a hacker to crack your computer based on your password’s length and character. If it is uppercase and lowercase

it takes 10 hours. If the password is numbers and symbols then it can take up to 18 days. If a person’s password is nine characters in length and lowercase it can take a hacker up to four months to crack the password. Glenn Bell, department of IT, said strong passwords include a variety of characters such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters (%, &, etc.). Never share your passwords, change your passwords regularly and use different passwords for different sites – email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Never respond to an unexpected email or website that asks you for personal information or your login details no matter how professional it looks. “Make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer. Be aware that you’re particularly at risk while connected to a public wireless network,” Bell said. These are some good practices gathered from different sources. This doesn’t guarantee your account won’t be hacked or identity stolen. A company’s internal network can be hacked and other information stolen. This has happened to Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites. There is nothing a user can do to prevent that kind of hacking.


march 21, 2013




Badgers explore Europe to find new life perspectives By Bridget Fleischut

This semester the Hill has been missing some of its Badgers who are currently studying abroad in Italy. A group of students are in Bologna, Italy which is located in northern Italy in the Po River Valley. In the program, students get the opportunity to take classes, meet Italian students and travel around Europe. Even though students are only half way through the semester, the experience has already changed their perspectives on life. Bologna is not one of Italy’s most traveled cities, yet students believe that makes it all the better. “Bologna is a great place to study because it is not extremely touristy so you have to really use the Italian language and become one of the community!” sophomore Olivia McNulty said. The students are taking classes at the University of Bologna, recognized as the oldest university Photo courtesy of Ginny Kosteck in Europe, and are living in a dorm with Italian Italy Center students at a authentic Rome vs Bologna futball game. From left to right: Salva Sanchis, Megan Davis, students and students from other colleges in Hannah Howland, Olivia McNulty, Ginny Kosteck, Jose Mario Antelo, Nicole Pembroke and Esteban Angel America. “The opportunity to meet all of the other The students are not only just over there having fun, they are also people within our program has been amazing. It is going to be really difficult to leave it all behind,” junior Megan Davis said. adapting new perspectives on life. “I came on this trip knowing I was experiencing something completely out of my comfort zone. I have learned Bologna is known as a college town with about 100,000 college students. so much about the world around me. There is so much going on around When the students are not studying for one of the 20 classes offered, us that often slips away,” McNulty said. “I would recommend studying they are able to travel to other cities. “The best thing has been to visit abroad to anyone who has the chance, because it’s the only thing you will all of Tuscany... Florence, Pisa and Sienna are beautiful,” sophmore Salva ever pay for that makes you a better person in return!” sophomore Ginny Sanchis said. Weekend trips to the most beautiful and historic places in Kosteck said. Europe are a regular experience for the Italian Badgers. Most students rave about the program and urge everyone to try it if Most people’s concern for studying abroad is missing family and friends back in America, but with modern day technology a student does not have possible. “My experience here in Bologna has been absolutely amazing. It sounds so cheesy but I’m seriously having the time of my life. It’s almost to go a whole semester without seeing them. Little access to Internet and technology is not always a bad thing. “It was really hard leaving my family like being a kid again, everything is so new and different that it makes even the simplest tasks so exciting,” Kosteck said. and friends but thanks to Internet it is somewhat easy to communicate. If you are interested in studying abroad in Italy over the summer or for a However I take advantage of the little communication to really immerse semester contact the Italy Center at myself in the culture and have a very personal experience,” McNulty said.



2013’s spring break essentials



What are your plans for spring break? Megan Dahl “For spring break I am going to Ft. Walton, Fla.”

By Briana Collins

Over caffeinated, sleep deprived college students across the nation always look forward to Spring Break. It’s a time when students take a break from their studies and spend a week partying, relaxing and enjoying time on the beach. SHC students seem to be ready to get away from the books and do just that. Whatever you’re doing, it’s a guarantee that at least one of these tips should be able to help you enjoy your spring sabbatical. Download some helpful apps. How to Text a Girl, Near + Now and Spring Break Panama City Beach are all great apps for spring breakers. If you’re feeling nervous about striking up a conversation with that girl (or guy) whose number you just got on the beach, use How to Text a Girl to get conversation starters and examples of text messages not to send. Near + Now provides a list of restaurants, gas stations and nightclubs in your vicinity. The lists get more personalized as you like and rate the places you have visited. Spring Break Panama City Beach is an app you can use to see what’s going on in PCB. It also lists special deals and attractions for tourists. Try something new. If you’re getting tired of sunburn and sand, see if your vacation spot has an outlet mall or a segway tour. Check out any local hot-spot eateries, movie theaters, arcades or tourists attractions. Look into renting jet skis or going zip-lining. Try the new zip-lines at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores if you’re staying in the Mobile area. Don’t over pack. This is for the ladies especially: don’t pack a pair of shoes for every outfit and don’t pack a different outfit for every day! While I’m guilty of this and this is easier said than done, try to stick to the essentials and pack two swimsuits, two cover ups, and some nicer outfits for going out. Keep the shoes comfortable and at a minimum since you will most likely be doing a lot of walking. There’s nothing wrong with a stay-cation. If there’s no money in your bank account for a beach front get-a-way or if a week long party isn’t your thing, there’s nothing wrong with going home or staying on campus. Spend your Spring Break catching up on rest and your favorite television shows. Go to a movie you’ve been meaning to see, read a book everyone’s been talking about and enjoy your rest and relaxation before you delve into the last month of school. Music is a must. Whatever you do, make sure you have an amazing playlist for your Spring Break soundtrack. Make sure it includes your favorite hype songs for beach time, driving around and getting ready to go out. I’ll definitely be playing Icona Pop’s “I Love It” on my drive to the beach.

march 21, 2013

Taylor Hardentenstein “I am going to Savannah, Ga.”

Asia Hudson “I am not going anywhere special for break, but going home.” Jacob Choplin “I am going to visit a friend in Tampa, Fla., this year for spring break.”

Where to find Badgers over break Some student’s reasons for going home are Destin will be filled with Badgers looking interviewing for a potential job, working to take a break from their busy college to earn some cash, friends from home are life with a group of close friends. Many also on break, plans fell through and they students rented condos and houses with did not want to stay on campus. Instead, friends for the week. Destin offers a they plan to spend time catching up with perfect combination of relaxation and fun friends and family who they have not for students wanting to go to the famous been able to see much or at all during the Florida’s Emerald Coast, but not looking semester and even finally catch up on all to travel for long hours. Hanging out on their late homework (maybe). the beach isn’t the only way a student can Panama City is known for enormous, spend their time in Destin. Students can crazy beach parties during Spring Break go to the outlet mall, fish, golf, jet ski and season, making it the top Spring Break walk on the boardwalk. The beaches of hot spot amongst college students all over Destin are sure to be filled with big groups the country looking for a week of nonof Badgers tossing the frisbee on the beach stop partying. The beaches and pools are and boogie-boarding in the waves. crowded with students sporting only their Miami’s gorgeous beaches and club swim suits and sunglasses looking to let scene are not the only reason students loose at a concert on the beach during the are making their way down to Miami. day. After a long day of partying in the Ultra Music Festival, an annual outdoor hot sun, spring breakers ditch their swim music festival, attracts people from all suits for clubbing attire and hit the bar over the world looking to jam out to scene. Students with plans of partying on popular electronic musical artist. Avicii, the beaches of Panama City are in for a Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, wild time with little to no sleep ahead of Swedish House Mafia and many other them. fan favorites fill the 2013 line up. Badgers Gulf Shores is the best option for attending Ultra will spend their spring students not wanting to travel far or spend break rocking out to their favorite songs lots of money. Groups of students have on the beach. These students will be easily rented condos with friends with plans of spotted once back on the Hill as the relaxing on the beach and beating their students without a voice, hard of hearing friends at go-carting. Gulf Shores can also and wearing their favorite band’s shirt. be made into a day trip for students who Home is where the heart is and this year are staying on campus and want to feel the many students, for a variety of reasons, are sand between their toes. spending their week at home and opting out of the typical college Spring Break. By Bridget Fleischut


march 21, 2013




Play through the pain By Matt Bosarge

Now that the spring semester is nearly a month in, Spring Hill’s tennis team is almost ready to reveal its new look. Senior Tara Montegut has built a strong résumé in her first three seasons at SHC, but she hopes to build on that success under new head coach Eric Sajowitz. Montegut has a reputation of dominating the courts with her partner senior, Shelby Fritscher, as they went 10-3 on the No. 1 Doubles court last season. While she’s confident that this will be a successful year for the tennis team, she’s not 100 percent healthy coming into the season. Montegut sprained her TFCC ligament, the triangular fibrocartilage complex, last October. Luckily for her, it was just a sprain. Montegut said, “If I had torn it, I would have never been able to play tennis again.” The wrist began to get worse once she attempted to heal it through physical therapy; therefore, she decided to take some time off and put her wrist back in a brace. “Then in January, I went to a doctor in Houston and got a cortisone shot so I could play this semester,” said Montegut. She added that, “It will probably wear off in a few months, and I’ll probably have to get another one in the middle of the season.” Montegut is not going to let this injury bring her down, and she’s especially excited about the new approach from first year head coach Sajowitz. Montegut said, “I’m really excited as he’s really big into conditioning, which is something that is very important for tennis. I think it will get our players to be a little more serious.” Last season was not without its major accomplishments, as Montegut and Fritscher took down William Carey 8-4 on the No. 1 Doubles court. When asked about that particular match, Montegut said, “Every year coming into that match we’ve lost to them really badly, like we always got swept by them. So beating them was awesome.” Montegut expects to have

Photo courtesy of SHC Athletics Senior Tara Montegut returning a serve during a tennis match at the University of Mobile.

another exceptional year in doubles with Fritscher, and even though singles is not her forte, she plans on being Spring Hill’s No. 2 player. When asked about her own personal goals for the season, Montegut said, “For singles, I really want to improve and win the matches I can.” Montegut boasted a record of 8-5 in singles last season. Born in Houston, Texas, Montegut plans to graduate with a degree in Marketing and Management after she completes a few classes over the summer. After possibly taking some coaching sessions as a counselor at Texas A&M tennis camp, she hopes to get an internship in Austin, Texas. Her career plan is to work at a marketing firm. However, before that point in her life arrives, Montegut has a few more tennis matches to win as a Spring Hill Badger. SHC takes on Loyola in the season opener on Feb. 8 at the Mobile Tennis Center at 3 p.m.

5k “Run of the Hill” to benefit Immersion Program The immersion trips are during Spring A 5k run, presented by Campus Ministry Break and Mardi Gras break. This is a and the Office of Alumni Programs will time where students can learn from other be held on April 14 at Spring Hill College cultures and give back at the same time. Students have the opportunity to build and will benefit the International Service Immersion Program. homes for families and perform good works around the world. Students pay Senior Emily King is the student director for the run of the hill race. The for food, board and flight but there are expenses that students need help with. The registration is $15.00 for SHC students, trips cost over $100,000 and the proceeds $20 for community and SHC Alumni. The cost for youth (11 and younger) will go to materials that help build homes for be $10. The race will begin at 8 a.m. at the families and arts and crafts. King said that she was able to go to El Avenue of the Oaks and will end at the Avenue as well. Pre-registration is available Salvador and Nicaragua and witness some aftermath of the effects that the civil war at There will be awards given to SHC students, youth had on the countries. “In theology classes, the professor would talk about social and Alumni for the race and a post-race justice and what it means to accompany party with refreshments. Campus Ministry provides the someone and I never really understood what that meant until I was able to go an International Service Immersion Program immersion trip with Campus Ministry,” that offer trips for students to practice their faith and help with the social injustice King said. around the world. By Summer Ranaldson





This Weeks:

Sports Highlights

march 21, 2013

Q&A Jake Lyons By Summer Ranaldson

Senior Jake Lyons holds a 15-17 singles record and a 13-16 doubles record in three years at Spring Hill College. Lyons is a two-time SSAC AllAcademic Team member and 2012 Daktronics-NAIA Scholar Athlete. He was also a SHC representative to the 2012 SSAC Champions of Character Team.

Q: Where are you from? Jake: I am from Jacksonville, Ala. Q: How long have you been playing? Jake: I have been playing for 7 years. Q: Who is your favorite tennis player? Jake: Josh Schultz and Serena Williams are my favorite Photo courtesy by SHC Athletics


Q: Who taught you the game of tennis? Jake: My high school coach, Red Wilder taught me how to play the game of tennis.

Q: What is your record year to date? Jake: My record is 3-3 year to date. Q: What is the team’s record? Jake: Men’s Tennis record is 3-6. Photo courtesy by SHC Athletics

Q: Who helped you improve your athletic ability? Jake: Michael Kreider helped me improve my athletic ability during my sophomore and junior year.

The Springhillian staff wishes everyone a safe and fun-filled Spring Break! Be sure to pick up the next issue on April 11th Photo courtesy by SHC Athletics


march 21, 2013



march madness bracket



1 LOU vs 16 NCAT/LIB 3/21 6:50

1 KU vs 16 WKU 3/22 9:50

8 CSU vs 9 MIZZ 3/21 9:20

8 UNC vs 9 VILL 3/22 7:20

5 OKST vs 12 ORE 3/21 4:40 4 SLU vs 13 NMSU 3/21 2:10 6 MEM vs 11 MTU/SMC 3/21 2:45 3 MSU vs 14 VALP 3/21 12:15 7 CREI vs 10 CIN 3/22 2:45 2 DUKE vs 15 ALBY 3/22 12:15

5 VCU vs 12 AKR 3/21 9:45 4 MICH vs 13 SDST 3/21 7:15 6 UCLA vs 11 MINN 3/22 9:57 3 FLA vs 14 NWST 3/22 7:27 7 SDSU vs 10 OKLA 3/22 9:20 2 GTWN vs 15 FGCU 3/22 6:50

1 GONZ vs 16 SOU 3/21 4:10 8 PITT vs 9 WICH 3/21 1:40 5 WIS vs 12 MISS 3/22 12:40 4 KSU vs 13 BSU/LAS 3/22 3:10 6 ARIZ vs 11 BEL 3/21 7:20 3 UNM vs 14 HARV 3/21 9:50 7 ND vs 10 ISU 3/22 9:45 2 OSU vs 15 IONA 3/22 7:15

1 IND vs 16 LIU/JMU 3/22 4:10 8 NCST vs 9 TEM 3/22 1:40 5 UNLV vs 12 CAL 3/21 7:27 4 SYR vs 13 MONT 3/21 9:57 6 BUT vs 11 BUCK 3/21 12:40 3 MARQ vs 14 DAV 3/21 3:10 7 ILL vs 10 COLO 3/22 4:40 2 MIA vs 15 PAC 3/22 2:10




march 21, 2013


1. The new city ordinance says all beverages outside must be in a _____ ounce or smaller cup 3. A 5k race is just over _____ miles 4. The name of the new pope 9. Carnival Cruise Lines closed this port after a virus outbreak 11. Singer of “Thrift Shop” 13. If NYC’s beverage ban goes into effect, it would not apply to supermarkets or _____ stores 14. Campus _____ provides the International Service Immersion Program for students 15. Former homeport of Carnival Cruise Lines 16. The pope hails from this country 17. This is a new attraction to Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores.


2. A credit reporting agency 3. Economical shopping practice 5. Outdoor drinking is allowed downtown _____ days a week within the entertainment district’s boundaries 6. Someone uses their knowledge of computers to retrieve valuable information 7. Habitat for Humanity program for women who want to learn construction skills 8. This software will locate your electronic device if it comes up missing 9. How to Text a _____ is an app that gives you tips on striking up a conversation 10. Dean Joe Deighton promises students will have better cable service by the _____ 12. Bologna, Italy is located in this region 13. SHC currently buys an assortment of channels from this cable provider

Pu Ba zz dg le er r

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