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Adam Bouska & the NOH8 Campaign by Stephany Guerrero


Courtesy of the NOH8 Campaign


ith a simple piece of duct tape, the NOH8 (“No Hate”) campaign has created worldwide

awareness about Proposition 8, a law that prohibited same-sex marriage in California. In a silent protest against Proposition 8, Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley photograph portraits of anti-Proposition 8 supporters with taped mouths. Originating from a grassroots photo shoot movement for everyday people, the portraits now include high-profile celebrities. NOH8 has challenged the law by integrating the number of the proposition into it’s motto, reflecting today’s taste for short yet powerful messages and a testament to how our evolving format for media can be a cause for good. Originally from Clinton, Ill., and now a Los Angeles transplant, Adam Bouska spoke with The Spread about himself and his campaign. The Spread: How did you get your start as a professional photographer? Adam Bouska: It really started out as a passion of mine; it’s just something I always felt was a great way to speak out. I think you have to use your talent to help others, and

ESSENTIALLY THE NOH8 CAMPAIGN ALLOWS US TO DO WHAT WE LOVE TO DO EVERY DAY AND BE ABLE TO GIVE BACK. Actually, I initially went to school for computer science. I was kind of following my passion in that respect because I’ve always loved computers and design, so I always just focused on that. Taking part in friends’ photo shoots and being in front of the camera, I kind of fell in love with the photography scene. So I wanted more control over that to express myself. I transferred colleges from Chicago out to Long Beach; I was following my passion, and I just felt that was the right path for me. Not necessarily the most financially best situation, but I was rich in the aspect that I was able to do what I loved every day, and that is what mattered most. Q: Did you see yourself as an activist growing up? A: Not at all. I didn’t see myself as an activist until the NOH8 campaign. There were always different opportunities to use images to help others. Jeff and I created a calendar for the APLA (Aids Project Los Angeles) to help raise money in that respect. I also photographed a Gay-Straight Alliance out here to bring awareness that they were putting on the Laramie Project at their school. Through the NOH8

Courtesy of the NOH8 Campaign campaign, it’s really opened up my eyes to what’s going on in society, and we’re just trying to spread what we’ve learned with others along the way. Q: It seems like the simple aesthetic of the NOH8 campaign is really what has moved it forward; where did the ideas for the look originate? A: Originally, the duct-tape came from the fact that the majority of Californians weren’t able to vote on minority’s rights. So we felt that the minority was not being heard by their state, nor represented. The white on white, we were looking for a way to show skin tone and the diversity of their eye color. Essentially, because it’s a human rights/ civil rights campaign, we wanted to show focus on that. You see a lot of different PSA’s that were just black and white back in the day, and this gives us a chance to be a little different and make it stand out. The term NOH8 came from the hate that comes from Proposition 8. Keeping it simple has always been important to us. We want to stay true to the very first photo. It’s a simple and quick photo shoot, but at the end of the day, it makes a powerful statement. We want to show how easy it is to make a loud statement. Q: The prominence of the pictures is on the duct taped mouths, but the eyes of the people are also a big focus… A: That’s always something I’ve given special attention to in my work altogether, also an important role in the NOH8 campaign. When you are looking at these images, to see a subject’s eyes and see the NOH8 sign on the cheek – it makes the connection more real. Q: So how many rolls of duct-tape do you guys go through?

Courtesy of the NOH8 Campaign A: (Laughs) That is a good question! I know we have

transmit our message worldwide on a low budget. We’re

to order tape in bulk here and there. I don’t know how

a non-profit, and a new non-profit in a bad economy.

many rolls we’ve been through. But we definitely order a

So definitely our strong social media presence has been

hundred rolls at a time!

important in setting up the photo shoot. When we get

Q: So the idea of mass NOH8 photo shoots is probably no

out there, it creates an environment and network for

easy endeavor. Could you walk us through a typical day in

different NOH8 supporters to come out and meet each

this type of undertaking?

other. We host these photo shoots in LGBT centers, which

A: A lot of planning is involved and although it is a simple

can raise awareness to the fact that these exist in the

thing, we do a lot of online social media outreach to

community. So we always try to tie in different aspects to

promote where we are going to be to get the word out.

the photo shoots to show how NOH8 can apply to many

Social media has been a great tool for us in being able to

things. Although it is a direct response to Proposition 8, it

speaks out to all forms of discrimination. Typically, when

even considering her husband’s views, shows how every

the subjects are waiting in line, it gives them a chance to

individual has that voice and the responsibility to speak

talk to one another. We always encourage people to share

up. It’s not a party politics issue,

their stories.

right away with the first celebrity photographed?


A: Every celebrity definitely brings their own unique fan

Gay rights are becoming a hot issue in the 2012 campaign,

base to the table. Everyone has a background for why they

but we need to realize we need to start with human

want to pose for the campaign. Initially, Kristin Cavallari

equality, and that people need to be treated as full class

was one of our first celebrities for the campaign, but just


like with everyday people, once she posted her photo,

Q: Any other causes you would like to bring light to?

supporters of hers — friends, family — they wanted to be

A: AIDS/HIV awareness has been an important issue. The

involved as well. It all snowballed from there. When you

fact that there is still a gay blood ban; that gays can’t

actually know someone invested in this cause, it makes

donate blood because of sexual orientation. People can

it more real and easier to understand. So we’ve been

still be fired for just being gay. Gay adoption has also

growing the message in that respect and encouraging

been a big issue. But that’s the great thing about the

everyone to get their friends and family involved.

NOH8 campaign; it’s not just about marriage equality.

Q: Definitely! Personally, I found out Michael Emerson

These images can speak out to all different issues, and

(Benjamin Linus from LOST) was photographed and that’s

people from all different backgrounds can support for a

how I caught on…

variety of reasons.

A: Yeah, we also got Daniel Dae Kim (Jin-Soo Kwon from

Q: What projects are in the future for NOH8 in 2012?

LOST). We’re big LOST fans too, and it’s like that with

A: We already have tour dates scheduled all through

other shows. We have everyone from Weird Al Yankovic

August. We have more photo shoots scheduled right now

to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan; a variety of faces

than we did in the entirety of last year altogether. We’re

from extremely different backgrounds. They all provide

working to launch a big media campaign and hoping to

different ways to educate.

take many of our images and transform them into PSAs

Q: We also saw that the Kardashians participated as well,

on a national level and worldwide. It’s not just a California

which brings an even larger fan base in…

issue; the fact something like this could happen in

A: Miley Cyrus has also recently posed for the campaign

California shows the possibility that it could really happen

too, and that brought a large young following. It’s only


moving on and progressing from here, and definitely it’s

Q: What would you say to young people hoping to make

the early stages for us, but we have big hopes for where

an impact on the world like you have?

this can go in the future.

A: It started out with the fact that Jeff and I had taken an

Q: Probably the most influential of your supporters has

image in response to something like Proposition 8. But it

been Cindy McCain, being that her husband opposes gay

just goes to show that it doesn’t take an army, it doesn’t

rights, so how was the experience of working with her?

take a huge organization to make that difference. This

A: That was definitely one of our largest press days, an

is just two people reacting. Everybody has a talent or

awesome experience. Actually, it was an unplanned photo

something they can contribute. Even today, many people

shoot. We were in the studio photographing Meghan

believe the NOH8 campaign is this large organization,

McCain’s book cover for Dirty Sexy Politics, and Cindy

but there are only four of us working as a staff. Everyone

had accompanied her. But we had noticed Cindy was

needs to be contributing and making a difference now.

wearing a NOH8 pin. Meghan approached us asking if it


Q: Obviously, the campaign is much better-known today, but would you say awareness was something that multiplied

was okay for Cindy to take part in the photo shoot. The fact that she was able to pose and make that statement,

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GOOD-LOOKIN’? Story and Photos by Kayla Flam


ith Valentine’s Day being the major holiday this time of year (sorry Groundhog’s Day), I thought I’d dedicate this month’s column to the love-infused holiday. Like the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I also believe the way to a woman’s heart is through adorable things, like kittens, puppies, and ordinary things in unusual, adorable shapes (like these awesome measuring cups here). So how do you combine these for Valentine’s Day, you ask? Well, you make a nice meal…and make it all heart-shaped! Yes, what better way to celebrate V-Day that H-shaped food? Every year for Valentine’s Day, my stepmom, Karen (following in the tradition of her mother) makes a lovely meal with everything molded into hearts. I’ve outlined some foods that are easy to mold, but feel free to explore and make your own hearts.

VALENTINE’S DAY MEAL INGREDIENTS Hamburger patties, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad

DIRECTIONS For the hamburger, take the frozen meat, season with salt and pepper and shape each patty into a heart. Grill or fry in a frying pan until cooked all the way through. For the mashed potatoes, make either boxed or from scratch. To make from scratch, boil potatoes for at least a half hour. When soft, cool and peel. Place in mixer or large bowl and mash. For six potatoes, add ¼ cup butter and ½ cup warm milk. Salt and pepper to taste. Place them on a serving plate and mold into a heart. For the heart-shaped rolls, you are going to need a heartshaped cupcake tin. This time of the year every retail store will be selling these. A silicone one works great. Simply place dough in tins and bake. They will take the shape of the molds. For the salad, add whatever ingredients you like in salad, and cut what you can in hearts. We usually have spinach with croutons (my stepmom actually made homemade heart-shaped ones one year), cheese and a

pepper sliced long ways, since this makes a heart. We’ve also had chicken breasts that were cut into hearts before cooking. Meatloaf is another food easy to form into hearts. Broccoli heads can also be trimmed to take on a heart shape. Dessert is easy, since stores sell heart-shaped baking tins all year round, and it’s easy to cut a cake into a heart if you’re lazy and don’t want to buy a tin. A Mitchell family staple at any holiday is Jell-O salad. Red is perfect for February 14th.


1 box raspberry Jell-O.......................................................... 1 cup boiling water............................................................... 1 bag frozen raspberries, thawed and drained (so there’s no juice)................................................................................. 1 cup applesauce................................................................... ½- ¾ of a jar of sour cream (I know it sounds weird, but it’s delicious.)........................................................................ 1 bag mini marshmallows................................................... Boil water. In a large glass baking dish, add water to Jell-O mixture, until the Jell-O is dissolved. Let cool for a few minutes. Add the thawed raspberries and applesauce and stir. Set in fridge until the Jell-O is set and firm. Take out of fridge and spread the sour cream until the Jell-O is covered. Add mini marshmallows to the top. Press lightly on the sour cream and marshmallows so they sink in to the Jell-O a bit. Place in refrigerator for at least an hour and keep it in until ready to serve. Now you have a lovely dinner that will be tasty and impress your date! Bon appetit!


Every four years when Leap Day rolls around I always feel it is a special day. What do people do with that extra time? Does everyone even notice we have an extra day? Should we have a holiday off of school? I think so! What about leaplings, or people who were born on February 29? They only have their birthday every four years, so any students born on February 29, 1992, will only be celebrating their fifth birthday this year. One way they can celebrate their leap day birthday is with cute leapfrog cupcakes! Don’t be shy in trying out this fun dessert recipe on the last day of the month.

INGREDIENTS Cupcake Mix............................................................. White frosting.......................................................... Green food coloring................................................... Marshmallows.......................................................... Chocolate Chips........................................................ Twizzlers...................................................................



Mix cupcake batter and bake cupcakes. When they are done, place in the refrigerator in preparation for frosting later. 2 Mix white frosting with green food coloring until you get a shade you like and top your cupcakes. 3 Cut a marshmallow in half and place each half on the rim of the cupcake. 4 Dip two chocolate chips into some leftover white frosting and place them on the flat side of the marshmallow. 5 Cut one more chocolate chip in half and position the pieces as nostrils. 6 Cut a twizzler so it’s one or two inches long and stick it under the nose. 7 Enjoy!


Dear Drake-haters: I hate you, and I’m calling you out. Last November, The Daily Illini published an article that completely trashed Drake’s “Take Care” album and the underlying meanings of his songs. The article stated that he is “a rap star fishing for sympathy from the recession-weary masses” and is “borderline pathetic.” Drake’s lyrics to “Marvin’s Room” and “Take Care” are brutally honest, and anyone who has ever been in a shitty, reckless relationship would understand. Frankly, the drunk-dialed conversation at the beginning of the song allows listeners to feel as if they are reliving an intimate part of life with someone that they’ve loved and lost. I’ll agree with you DI: Drake constantly sings and raps about his relations with women, money and fame. However, doesn’t every hip-hop mogul talk about that? Would you much rather prefer Meek Mill’s “House Party” or Big Sean’s “Dance (Ass)?” Songs like those emphasize women’s rears as thrones for the male genitalia. The “Take Care” album provides a central theme that our generation is incompetent at understanding the difference between love and lust. Backseat rendezvous are no longer acceptable for our society. We now rely on sexting photos of our dirty pillows and sausages. I guess backseat rendezvous and passing notes during class are old-school. “Thank Me Later” and “So Far Gone” also entail songs about our generation’s fear of establishing a relationship. We are all suffering from trust issues. All we’re looking for is someone to show us a good time, and that’s it. It’s over. Once the dirty deeds are done, we lead people to the door and send them off for their walks of shame. Drake often talks about the movement of life, that we, as people, are always changing with the style and the times, but he never fails to mention that there is always someone or something that pulls us back, that brings us back to who we used to be and where we came from. You can proceed to claim that he is tone-deaf and a wanna-be, ex-Degrassi rap star from Toronto. All I’m saying is that Drake’s always taken care of me. I guess you might just be on one.




by Taylor Odisho

We were rolling in the deep with songs that made headlines reminding us we were on the right track, baby. The Strokes, Girls and Bon Iver satiated the need for good music from independent labels. M83, Radiohead and Panda Bear blew us away with their psychedelic tunes. Curren$y, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake rapped their way into everyone’s Facebook statuses. These are just several of the hundreds of great albums that were released in 2011, but one mustn’t dwell on the past, and it is time for a new batch of music to take over the radio, iTunes and mp3 players. Impressive lists have already begun circulating of bands announcing their album releases left and right. This year is sure to give music lovers something to indulge in for every genre. Beginning with one of my favorite music genres, Indie Rock releases set for this year. The Shins will be releasing their fourth full-length album, “Port Of Morrow.” It’s been five years since they released their last album, “Wincing the Night Away.” During their break, Shins member James Mercer worked on his side project Broken Bells, which proved to be a great success as well. “Port of Morrow” is sure to be a chart topper for Indie music in the year to come. Another album I am really excited

excited for is from Arcade Fire. Their last album, “The Suburbs,” was, in my opinion, one of the best of 2010. It even won a Grammy for Best Album of the Year. With that being said, it is going to be hard to top such a monumental album, but I’m sure Butler and company will not disappoint. A few other Indie Rock albums to look forward to are The xx, Grizzly Bear, Best Coast and Vampire Weekend. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes recently took to their Facebook to announce that they are currently working on a new album. Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit, Animal Collective, Of Montreal and Yeasayer will also be releasing electronic albums for Pitchfork to drool over. In addition, Miike Snow, Bloc Party and Local Natives will also be releasing albums this year. Now, for a little pop music. Topping the list of must-listen-to-pop-albums for this year would have to be Santigold’s second album, “Master of My MakeBelieve.” It has been four years since she released her first, self-titled album. She describes “Master of My Make-Believe” as, “sonically eclectic, but with some epic curveballs thrown into the mix.” If she produces more hits like “Lights Out” and “Creator,” this is sure to be another album that people will fall in

love with. A band we haven’t heard from in a while will also be releasing some new tracks this year. Last year, was scheduled to release their album, but they felt the album was not quite ready. The band said on their website that they “don’t want to rush this album just to get it out…our only priority right now is to make sure that it’s the best album we could possibly make.” No Doubt has high aspirations, but they definitely have some stiff competition this year. Music legend Madonna is releasing her twelfth album on March 26th. However, it is already number one on iTunes due to preorders. Let’s hope Madonna’s new album doesn’t leave us at the borderline considering the hype it’s attained. Other pop/hip-hop/rap albums that will be released this year include work from Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Nas and T.I. And finally, nothing like a little rock music to soothe the soul. Soundgarden is back together after 16 years of being apart to release their sixth studio album. The group reunited two years ago when they performed in front of 150,000 Lollapalooza goers for the first time in years. Adam Kasper produced the group’s new album.


NEW YEAR, NEW PLAN, NEW ME by F. Amanda Tugade


don’t know about you, but 2011 kicked my ass and then some. A naïve freshman, then I looked for answers at the bottom of every red cup and the soles of my 5-year-old, periwinkle Converse. From failing at relationships to failing tests to epically failing at life, here are twelve steps (and tracks) that I am taking to have a good 2012.

11 “Like a Record Player” --Brendan Kelly, Wasted Potential I will continue to deny that I listen to the bands my boyfriend likes. 12 “Beauty Fades” --Joe McMahon, Wasted Potential …and never admit that I like them, too.

1 “Where is My Mind?” --The Pixies While I attempt to stand on my head and have my feet pointed straight up at the sky, I will keep my mind open to new adventures without hesitation or regrets. 2 “To All My Friends”--Atmosphere I’m a journalism major, and I will always keep my Diane Sawyer dreams in perspective. 3 “Blackbird”--The Beatles For my ma and pops. I won’t forget to go home, promise. 4 “These Old Shoes” --Deer Tick “I will take these old shoes to get to you.” 5 “Doo Wop (That Thing)” –-Lauryn Hill I will not make the same mistake thrice. 6 “Spiderwebs”--No Doubt Avoiding confrontation will only create a spiderweb of problems. I will stop being a pussy, and finally, say what I want, when I want. 7 “Midnight City” --M83 There is no such thing as the right time. The time is now 8 “Dance (Ass)” --Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj I will dance responsibly to this song and this song only. 9 “100 Resolutions” --The Lawrence Arms I will continue being the best girlfriend I can be to the only guy that’s ever given me the right amount of time of the day. 10 “Feel it All Around” --Washed Out I will continue to deny I am a hipster...because I am not.

A Nod to the 90s by Taylor Odisho

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Livin’ La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana ...Baby One More Time- Britney Spears Macarena- Los Del Rio I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys I Believe I Can Fly- R. Kelly MMMBop- Hanson Fly- Sugar Ray Gin and Juice- Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre Ice, Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice Mambo #5- Lou Bega Jump Around- House of Pain




ex, drugs, regret and glamour – the main themes composing Lana Del Rey’s new album, Born to Die — and not much else. To those suspicious of the last six month’s hyped following of Del Rey (a.k.a Elizabeth “Lizzy” Grant), the emotional letdown of the singer’s second full-length studio album might not come as a surprise. But to those who were looking for a follow-up to what had been suggested in her previous singles “Video Games,” “Blue Jeans,” and “Born to Die,” it comes as a considerable disappointment. The January 30th release of Del Rey’s Born to Die arrived with plenty of expectation. Her first release, an EP called Kill Kill in 2008 under the name Lizzy Grant, followed by her first full-length studio album Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant in 2010, both warranted little following. It wasn’t until she signed with Interscope Records in October 2011 to release her song “Video Games” that she became an internet success. Following the release, Del Rey cultivated a large fan base through a stream of interviews and musical performances with mainstream media outlets, such as Pitchfork Media, MTV and The Quietus, building the hype for Born to Die’s 2012 release.

And, at the time, it was well-deserved. A “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” Del Rey presented a rich, breathy vocalist with intent on bringing back classic Hollywood looks. Her first two singles, “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans,” were captivating hybrids of emotional vulnerability and American escapism fantasies, all built upon melodic lines that highlighted Del Rey’s vocal range and talent. What really made these songs deserve recognition though was the commentary they seemed to have on modern American dreams and their detachment from reality. Mirroring the fall of her impressive live performance streak, with her Saturday Night Live debut, the disappointment of her album comes without warning. It seems as if Del Rey and her producers tried to recreate what “Video Games” delivered without considering what made the single so good in the first place. What happened to the potential seen within the album’s previously released singles? Nearly every song on Born to Die is constructed with the same orchestral strings, trip-pop beats, and chorus-delivered hooks, but with no substance. It seems the parts of the album that are on the way to ringing true to her original musical talent are only ruined

later by the album’s overproduction. In one of the album’s opening tracks, “Off to the Races,” the build up of verse is ruined by the chorus with Del Rey’s voice swinging its pitch so high that she sounds like an adolescent girl trying to sing in the shower. The major disappointment of the album is its lack of complexity. While the sexual, love-lusted naivety may be part of her persona, her music should at least attempt to go beyond that bubble, but it fails to even try. The lyrics of “National Anthem” are particularly disheartening (“I’m your national anthem, God, you’re so handsome. Take me to the Hamptons, Bugatti Veyron.”). The album tries to paint a romantic picture of escape fantasies but creates it so shallowly that it becomes unappealing and predictable. Maybe if Del Rey had taken more time to perfect the direction she wanted to go in, she would have crafted a better album, one with less production and more emotional depth. Possibly, with a third album, she can deliver on her previously appraised talent and potential. Or, alternatively, use her talents somewhere else. According to NME, Del Rey signed a deal with Next Model Management agency on January 4 – a career path she might be better off sticking to.


by Latifah Al-Hazza


rying to find the right music for a romantic evening can be a total hit or miss. Remember, this could make your evening one for the books or one that you wish never happened. If you’re at the beginning stages of your relationship, you have to be extra careful as to which songs you select to put on your romantic playlist, but if you abide by these songs you’re sure to make the right impression: “No One” --Alicia Keys “Nothin’ On You” --B.o.B. ft. Bruno Mars “With You” --Chris Brown “Just The Way You Are” --Bruno Mars The six month couples are the most difficult. You don’t want to play too serious of a song in fear of freaking your significant other out, yet you can progress past the beginner’s stage. These are the perfect in between songs: “One Love” Trey Songz “Made To Be Together” Trey Songz For those of you that are in a serious long-term relationship, these songs really express just how much your significant other means to you. On a dating scale, these songs are meant for the couples that have been together for at least a year: “Dontchange” --Musiq Soulchild “Together” --Ne-Yo “We Belong Together” --Mariah Carey “Life Itself” --Chris Brown

If you’re not the romantic type and would rather just get down to business, you are in for some luck. This playlist is the easiest to create because there are no limitations, you can get as frisky as you want with it. These are my personal top 10 DTF songs: If you’re just looking for a hook-up, nothing more, these songs are full of energy and sexual sensations that are sure to satisfy all your pleasures. “Motivation” --Kelly Rowland “Sex Room” --Ludacris ft. Trey Songz “Ride” --Ciara ft. Ludacris “Down On Me” --Jeremih ft. 50 Cent “Wet The Bed” --Chris Brown ft. Ludacris For more intimate relationships, it might be best to steer away from the more upbeat sex songs and stick to the slower, sensual songs such as these: “Love Faces” --Trey Songz “I Like” --Jeremih ft. Ludacris “No Bullshit” --Chris Brown “Neighbors Know My Name” --Trey Songz “5 Senses” -- 50 Cent ft. Jeremih Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!



alentine’s Day, as it explicitly says, is a celebration of in-love couples. For couples, you can always plan a day, making it a very special date in your relationship. You may buy your other half a gift. Valentine’s Day’s coming, and retailers will not miss such a good chance to make profit out of your love. Many brands are indeed having promotions on Valentine’s Day related products. Some have major sales and some grant you the free shipping. It depends on the retailer. For instance, Swarovski isn’t giving discounts on its Valentine’s Day crystals, but it’s giving you the free gift service, including the gift bag and a personal greeting card. Online stores also have more options. Many of them have put up the gift guide for you, a list of possible gift ideas you may like to buy for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Macy’s also has a red sale, giving an extra 20 percent off certain items. Its online store also offers a guaranteed shipment by February 14. Don’t panic if you think you are late. There’s always a way out. In the worst case, you can still run to Macy’s in Champaign’s Market Place Mall or Green Street’s Urban Outfitters. Valentine’s Day this year is a Tuesday, so the stores will have regular weekday hours. Some say Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. You, as a single, can also have a Valentine’s Day with your buddies; watch a movie or have a drink if you are 21 or above. Valentine’s Day is just another ordinary day for the singles, but it could be a good excuse to meet other singles. It’s never wrong to meet more people. You may come to meet the one for you, you never know! If Valentine’s Day is just another ordinary day for you, then just be yourself. No one is forcing you to celebrate it. You can walk around the house naked or order wings and eat it as messily as you can — or do both at the same time. And, since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, you can also order the wings for half price because Buffalo Wild Wings has 50 percent off on wings on Tuesdays. Or, just for fun, you can join a Flash Mob on Valentine’s Day. No matter what you choose to do, have a happy Valentine’s Day!



Picture and story by Michael Hoffman


n the mischievous month of February, we are caught between the desire to ditch the icy winter and capture every wisp of the virgin spring air. Chilly flurries, from here on out, are but unwelcome reminders of the bitter past. This year an April-esqe mist and soft sunshine have arrived early. With this unexpected freshness we can sense a fertile curiosity for new treasures to find. And this month provides just the day! Many claim no sway towards the holiday of love, St. Valentines. True, we all express intimacy differently — maybe you’re a newbie, a bi-curious Butters, straight-laced, or are simply enjoying the single life down at The Clybourne. We’re all surfin’ love’s channels, and as your vibes specialist I suggest the first thing you do is get outside and absorb the fluttering pheromones.. Oh, and lest I forget that tendency called A.D.I.D.A.S. For those unfamiliar, I’m talking about games that we play to get laid. Below you will find some mating suggestions that can be applied to a diverse range of situations. We bust our asses day in and out, and relationship calculus only seems to exhaust emotional energy. But hey, aren’t games supposed to be fun? In the art of romance there are hardly ever winners or losers — it’s all about how the game is (fore)played. If you choose to embark on the eternal journey of love, whose destination is passion with a significant lover (or better, the ever-coveted dual-orgasm), here are a few notes from my travel log thus far:



To understand the mysterious and, at times, uncontrollable forces of attraction, we must first pay our respects to the power of a setting. Habitual curiosity leads to improvisational thoughts and meeting new people is effortless when you are unhesitant. Don’t forget the wine,

and if you didn’t, then I’m sure you mingle at Krannert Center’s Wine Tasting on Thursdays. Tailor your evening of free wine and jazz with a little semi-formal elegance amongst the Urbana sophisticate, and if you’re under 21, ask a buddy to grab a bottle from the speakeasy. Go ahead, a glass a day keeps heart disease at bay.



Technology has brought us into constant communication. Take it this way: You can’t not use email as a student, and only true techno-rebels don’t use texting. Use these omnipresent gadgets to the advantage of your love life. When you have fantasized scenarios of your partner tempting your working mind, send a love note up to the satellites in space and they’ll deflect them back down into the recipient’s pocket. Make the message a creative, charming and colorful addition to the cauldron of romance. Know the power of a seductive spice.... then Stir It Up.


If you’re trying to score, you have to realize there are 4 quarters. The best-conditioned players make the big plays. Passionate sex is a gradual process, and the build-up needs to get your body tingling. Chocolate with strawberries, lingerie, biting, R. Kelly, candles, oil massages, and letting that beat build slowly will create a holistic experience so you can take it to that next level. Reflections I’ll leave the final thoughts to my trusted travel companion and confidant, who has held many a bosom: The best love making is when it’s done for the other person, and when you concentrate on him/her/them, it becomes about the process itself; only then is it beautiful. And it was the best I ever had.




It’s almost time. There is a tingling in future alcoholics’ stomachs across campus that grows with every day that passes leading up to March 2. If you don’t know what March 2 is without reading the title of this article, you don’t deserve to know what it is. If you just went back to read the title of this article and still don’t know what March 2 is, you have terrible skills of deduction and should seek help. March 2 is a holy day in the calendars of most degenerates as it is Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day here at the beautiful and sloppy University of Illinois. I’m not sure about you rookies, but for the past three years I’ve woken up at the crack of dawn, 5:02 a.m. to be exact, and began to eat, drink and rage like a champion. If you think that Unofficial is just like any other day this article is not for you. But if you are not delusional and understand the glory that is Unofficial, read on and stay thirsty my friends.

NO-TO-REHAB BREAKFAST First off, you are going to need to start off your day the right way, with a breakfast of champions. If you think that this consists of beer and leftover pizza you would normally be right, but on this occasion you are going to have to step up your game with some next level breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you are going to have to lay down a solid foundation of food for the flood of booze you will be unleashing later on. What you’ll need: Bailey’s Irish Crème Godiva Chocolate Liquor Champagne Orange Juice Chocolate Chips Pancake Mix Honey Nut Cheerios Water Fresh Fruit The first thing you are going to do is pour yourself some Honey Nut Cheerios into a bowl and douse them in Bailey’s Irish Crème. Now eat. This will shock your body into getting into game mode. It’s tolerable in taste and will eventually grow on you. Hopefully. Eat the Cheerios as you make the pancakes. However, trade out some of the water needed in the recipe for Godiva Chocolate Liquor and add the chocolate chips to make some choco-licious pancakes that taste a hell of a lot better than the Cheerios in comparison. Mix the champagne and orange juice together to make some mimosas and toast the rest of the day that you will not remember. The fresh fruit is for actual nutrients that will hopefully make

your hangover the next day not as bad. Now that you have a base layer of food in your stomach, it is time to up the ante, get your drink on and get into rage mode.

ROOFIE JUICE Woah woah woah. Pump the breaks. No actual roofies or date rape drugs are involved in this recipe, so no need to be alarmed. Now get alarmed again because this drank is so powerful that you’ll think someone slipped you something. If you wake up on the roof of the Union with your mattress speared through the weather vane on top, you have been warned. I first invented this drink in 2009, in response to the KoolAid that some people claim is “jungle juice.” Over the years it has been improved until it became the beast that it is today. Deceptively tasty, this concoction should be drank with care and caution. It is also cost efficient, giving you bang for your buck. What you’ll need: A fifth of Everclear or Gem Clear A fifth of Citrus vodka A 30 rack of Keystone Light (you want to watch your figure don’t you?) Three frozen cans of concentrate (raspberry lemonade is suggested) Your favorite type of Kool-Aid Minimal amounts of water First make the three cans of concentrate, but only put enough water for one and a half of the cans. This will give you a syrupy liquid of pure alcohol masking flavor. Then start popping open the Stones and pouring them in there. If it begins to turn into a foamy vile liquid you are on the right track. After the full cube of Keystone is poured in add both fifths. This will hopefully fight back the foam as well. Then stir the shit out of the mixture. Taste it and be amazed by how surprisingly not terrible it is. If it’s a little bitter for your taste add some Kool-Aid but be warned the foam will rise again. Just one cup of this should-be-illegal substance will start a fire in your belly and the more cups you drink will take you farther and farther away from the light and into an inevitable black-out. Drink with caution and be safe. Fist pumping has been experienced. For legal reasons, The Spread does not promote underage drinking or binge drinking but have a good Unofficial party people.



by Kayla Flam




It may surprise you, but as my fourth Unofficial approaches, I’m happy to say that I’ve never celebrated it, nor do I plan on it. You’re probably thinking, “She really is a crazy cat lady…what normal college student doesn’t want to participate in a day devoted to drinking?!” In response, I would say that you are right; I am crazy cat lady (please refer back to my “How to tell if you’re a cat lady” article from the last issue of The Spread). I would also say that I’m a pretty normal student at Illinois. I skip classes occasionally, I am semi-poor, I live in the Chicago suburbs and as a senior I am currently taking tap dance.

HOWEVER, I DON’T DRINK. AT LEAST, I DIDN’T DRINK UNTIL I WAS 21. Sure, I tried stuff before I was 21, I didn’t want to be a total noob when I was able to legally order a glass of wine with dinner. But I never “partied,” I never had more than a glass of wine, and I still have yet to be drunk or throw up or black out from drinking too much. And that brings me to my first point as to why I don’t celebrate Unofficial. An excessive amount of drinking is very unappealing to me. Why would I voluntarily give up my fine motor skills, put myself at risk of liver failure, brain damage or having to get my stomach pumped? Why would I give myself a better chance at being placed in a situation that I don’t want to be in, like an unfriendly stranger’s bed or the back of a cop car? Why would I want to spend my hard-earned money on semi-good tasting liquor instead of delicious food? Sure you might say excessive drinking is bad. But you don’t have to drink a lot to participate. Yes, I would reply,

but up until this year, I was still underage, which is why I never drank until I was 21. Because it was illegal. I’m not a goody two-shoes who’s never broken the law (trust me, I’ve sped and jaywalked before), but why would I want to put myself in the situation where I could get in trouble? Logically, it doesn’t make sense to drink until you’re 21 because it can result in fines, community service and other lame things that I can easily avoid. My third reason for not celebrating Unofficial is that


They weren’t getting enough business on the real St. Patrick’s Day since it collided with spring break, so they decided to move it up a few weekends so they’d get the business they should be getting on the 17th. As Tobias Funke would say, “Douche chill…” My final point is that there have been too many accidents the first Friday in March, and I don’t want to celebrate a day which has lead to several deaths. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but it is sad. Plus, the day attracts tons of kids from other schools, and it just makes the University of Illinois look bad- both literally and figuratively. So take some time to think over the points I’ve made here. I’m not trying to say I’m better than you for not drinking or that you’re terrible people for wanting to overdrink (my brother thinks this every time we have this conversation) I just want you all to be the smart college people that I know you are. Sober IS sexy.



by Ben Kohler


his year’s offseason has started with a bang. Two of the biggest contracts in history were signed. Several managerial changes were made, and a new playoff rule will prove to make the already electrifying atmosphere of October even more intense. With spring training right around the corner, this year shows promise of bringing some excitement to the monotony of the 162game MLB season.

SUPERSTAR SHAKEUP Just a of couple months after winning the 2011 World Series, three-time National League MVP winner Albert Pujols shocked the baseball world by leaving the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that he had spent his entire 11 year career with, and signed with the Los Angeles Angels. His tenyear, $254 million deal is the second highest in the history of the major leagues. About a month later, another prolific slugger left town. Former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder agreed to a nine-year, $214 million contract with Detroit. After the Tigers lost their star catcher Victor Martinez to a torn ACL, a drastic move like this seemed necessary to save their chances of a playoff run.

MANAGERIAL MOVES It seems that just as many managers as players have been moved around this offseason. After Terry Francona and the Boston Red Sox parted ways, Boston’s front office made the decision to hire 61-year-old Bobby Valentine as manager, which was met with significant amounts of criticism. After a World Series victory this past season, legendary coach Tony La Russa announced his retirement, leaving the NL central division without arguably its best manager, and its two best sluggers in Pujols and Fielder. After their 2005 World Series win, the White Sox have had little success. This prompted their hot-headed manager Ozzie Guillen to take his talents to South Beach and join newly-named Miami Marlins. Robin Ventura, the longtime White Sox great, took his spot, looking to turn the team’s

woes around. Other managerial changes include veteran coach Bob Melvin, who agreed to a deal with Oakland, and rookie coach Dale Sveum as the Cubs new skipper.

RULE CHANGE In late November, the MLB signed a deal with the players union which could resulted in a new format for the postseason – as early as 2012. According to the rule change, two extra wild-card teams will face off in a one-game playin, and the winner will advance to the divisional series. This means that the divisional winners will receive a bye in the first round. According to Commissioner Bud Selig, this will add an extra dosage of excitement to October. The multiple-game series that existed prior to this season grew old and was starting to get stale. This rule change breathes new life into the early stages of the postseason.

TEAMS TO WATCH Philadelphia Phillies- Their star Ryan Howard may miss the entire season with the torn achilles tendon, which he suffered during last year’s playoffs. The organization recognized this loss and added former Red Sox closer Jonathon Papelbon to their already dangerous rotation which includes Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Sounds like the league’s all-star pitching rotation to me. Texas Rangers- After a tough loss to the Cardinals in the 2011 World Series, manager Ron Washington looks to capitalize on his contract extension and lead his team back to the fall classic. Even though they lost their ace - CJ Wilson to the Angels - they recently signed Japanese pitching phenom Yu Darvish to a six-year, $60 million contract. The Lone Star State also recently announced that the Houston Astros will be making the transition to the American League next season, which could increase the Rangers’ motivation. We may be getting teased by this warm February weather, but I know that I am not alone in saying that it is greatly increasing my anticipation for this year’s MLB season. Stay tuned.


THE NBA by Arik Wonsover


BA fans were delighted this holiday season when they woke up to find that Santa stuffed their stockings with the gift of an NBA season. With an off-season chock-full of drama that no one really cared about, it’s a relief to know that the future of the NBA is secure for the near future (knock on wood). With all the legal mumbo jumbo now in the past, it’s time to look forward to the New Year in basketball.

DIAPER DANDIES From Kobe Bryant’s return to greatness to the Knicks stinking up the Garden, this year has been full of surprises. Maybe the biggest shocker of them all is the surprisinglycompetitive rookie of the year race between Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio. In a draft class short on big name bluechippers, Irving has emerged as a sure-fire star. He is the first number one overall draft pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers since the self-proclaimed “King” James; oddly enough, Irving’s numbers have been remarkably similar to Lebron’s first year. Lebron’s rookie season- 20 points, 5.5 assists and 5.5 rebounds per game Irving’s rookie season (thru 19 games)- 17.9 points, 4.8 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game.

PLAYER TO WATCH Irving is in good company in his rookie of the year race, as my “player to look forward to in 2012” candidate Ricky Rubio has mesmerized audiences. Last season you’d probably find as many empty seats at a Minnesota Timberwolves game as you would find at a WNBA game. But Rubio’s flashy passing skills and adept feel for the game forces fans to tune in. He’s filling the stat sheet with 8.8 assists, 4.6 rebounds and 2.3 steals per game early on this season. His stats don’t even begin to explain how special this kid is, you have to see it to believe it.

ANTICIPATED MATCHUPS I simply cannot wait to see what the 2012 playoffs will have in store. Will the Bulls make it past the Heat? Will Lob City dunk its way to the title? Will Lebron win one of the seven championships he promised? With the playoffs set to begin after the end of the regular season on April 26, we unfortunately won’t be able to answer those questions at the moment. So for now, I’ll give you my two most anticipated matchups that might never actually happen. Bulls vs. Heat- This one’s a no-brainer. Ever since the Heat beat the Bulls in five games last season, I’ve been seeking revenge. After a controversial 97-93 Heat win over the Bulls in Miami on January 29, I would do anything short of cutting off my own arm off to see these teams lock up again. The Battle for L.A. – This past offseason the Clippers spurned the Lakers by acquiring Chris Paul. This matchup has hardly been a rivalry in the past, but with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as the co-mayors of Lob City, the Clips are making the Lakers sweat. Kobe won’t give up his city without a fight, and this matchup fits the bill. The 2012 offseason will see teams lineup for a chance at acquiring superstars Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. With Brook Lopez suffering a foot injury that will keep him out most of the season, the Nets chances of extending Williams and acquiring Dwight Howard are deteriorating. The Nets don’t exactly have much of a pitch considering they’re an annually sub-.500 team; even a move to Brooklyn doesn’t add much appeal. For Howard, the Lakers continue to look like a likely target, but the Celtics, Clippers and the Bulls are still in the mix. If the Mayans predicted the calendar correctly, this could be the first and last NBA season under the new CBA. I’m gonna watch this NBA season like it’s my last. You should do the same.


THE NHL by Steven Wear


his year is predicted to be the end of the world by many cultures, including the Mayans. I’m gonna go out on a limb and predict this year is going to be just as exciting as if it really was the end of the world as we know it. Not because of an eminent doomsday, but rather because of another fantastic year of hockey.

Although he’s already a big name, Washington Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin has had a pretty terrible season to say the least. He’s playing nowhere close to his many 100+ point seasons in the past. Don’t expect Ovechkin to say down for long, as he’ll have the fire and motivation to get back to wheeling and dealing next season.




It’s only a month into the New Year, and exciting things are already happening in the NHL. February 27 is the trade deadline and teams are already making moves. Defenseman Tim Gleason was one of the top potential trade targets until he just re-signed to a four-year contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. Gleason is currently ranked sixth in the league in games played, the Hurricanes were not going to let Gleason slip through their fingers. Speaking of slipping through Carolina’s fingers, forward Tuomo Ruutu is going to be on the market as an unrestricted free agent. Its possible Ruutu will leave the last-place Hurricane’s without their top scorer. The Vancouver Canucks are set with Roberto Luongo in the net but may be losing their terrific backup goaltender, Cory Schneider. Schneider is only making $900,000 right now, so he’ll be looking in the market for a sizable pay raise.

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THESE GUYS The first and foremost player that you should keep an eye on this year is Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the absence of Sidney Crosby, Malkin has put the team on his back. The Penguins entered February with an eight-game winning streak with Malkin responsible for three gamewinning goals… and that’s just in January. The Nashville Predators’ goaltender, Pekka Rinne, is another player to follow this upcoming year. Currently ranked second in league in saves, he’s only improving with experience.

If this happens to be the last year of human existence, at least the Stanley Cup will be a great one. In the Western Conference, it’s mostly going to come down to between Detroit and Vancouver. I would love to say that Chicago is in it to win it, but their winning momentum has slowed down. The Vancouver Canucks are hungry to have a shot at the Cup again this year, but the Detroit Red Wings aren’t going to make it easy for them. They function well as a team and the talent runs deep into the third and fourth lines. Expect to see the Red Wings representing the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup finals. In the Eastern Conference, the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins are neck and neck. The Bruins are looking to make a repeat appearance in the Cup this year, but the Rangers are on top of their game. New York is going all out to win the Stanley Cup. The Rangers have been working well under pressure and have hardly let up any goals recently. Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist has been keeping the net closed for business, and the Rangers’ defense has been flawless as well. Regardless of who makes it to the Stanley Cup this year, this season has been an impressive display of hockey at its finest across the board. In a time of professional sports showing compromised intentions (aka the NBA lockout), the NHL has shown that it cares for its fans and for the sport as whole. Expect great things from the NHL in 2012.

Feb. 2012  
Feb. 2012  

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