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Quarterly Kids Paper • SPRING 2011

Need a reason to get up and get moving? Find out why fitness is important on page 2.

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A kid dancer plans a trip to Los Angeles to perform and learn more. Page 4

Spring is an excellent time to get outdoors and exercise. Learn what the area offers on page 5.

See how some local kids stay fit indoors. Page 6

2 • March 31, 2011

Expressions: Kids Get Moving


Get up and get moving Being active helps body, mind and soul By Tammy Kimberley Wave Staff Writer

Ah, spring. Not only are the days becoming longer, but the weather warms up so that more people come outside to play. There’s no better time for kids to schedule some activity into their lives. Some kids are a part of youth soccer and baseball teams. Other kids pound the pavement with Fit for Bloomsday runners. And some jump at the chance to be part of a neighborhood pick-up game. That’s the good thing about being physically active — there are a variety of ways you can exercise regardless of your size, ability and available time. Whether you love to be outside or prefer to stay indoors, kids can make choices to get moving and take care of their health. Many activities where you move your body, such as dance and taekwondo, also allow kids a positive way to express themselves.

Research shows that many positive things happen when a person becomes and stays fit. Recreation is good not only for bodies, but for minds and social relationships as well.

Exercise builds your body Being physically active helps multiple parts of your body. First, exercise strengthens your heart which is crucial to pumping blood throughout your body. It also builds strong bones and muscles. Certain exercises increase flexibility in addition to helping with good posture and balance. And when your body feels good, your mind and emotions tend to be more healthy and balanced as well. There are three types of physical activity that every person, including kids, should do. You should spend more than half your time in aerobic activities, such as walking, running or anything that gets your heart pumping. Muscle strengthening, which includes gymnastics, pushups or moves that build muscles, is another type of activity that

should be performed at least three times per week. Finally, bone strengthening should also be completed three times per week and includes activities such as jumping rope, running and most team sports.

Other reasons to stay fit Research indicates children should spend

30 to 60 minutes per day in moderate to heavy physical exercise. While that may seem like a long time, the goal is to make it fun and somewhat easy. Ask your family and friends to get involved with you. It’s also helpful to establish a routine or schedule to make sure you don’t forget. The positive effects of being physically fit are numerous. Exercise helps you

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Simple ideas to stay active

Getting exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be part of your daily activities. Listed below are some basic ideas to get up and get moving.

1. Take a dog for a walk. 2. Start up a playground kick-

ball game.

3. 4.

Join a sports team.

Go to the park with a friend.


Help your parents with yard work.


Play tag with kids in your neighborhood.

7. Ride your bike to school. 8. Walk to the store. 9. See how many jumping jacks you can do.

10. Race a friend to the end of the block. Source: maintain a healthy weight so that you can move freely and enjoy the chance to try different activities. It also helps to relieve stress and provides a positive way to vent any frustration. Those who are physically fit tend to sleep better at night and are able to concentrate better during the day. Exercise helps people have a more positive outlook in life, builds self esteem and lends to healthy friendships. Throughout this issue are lots of stories and photos to provide ideas of how you can become (or continue being) a physically fit person. Trying one of these activities might even help you discover something you are good at. The important thing is to give fitness a try and don’t give up until you find something you enjoy. Sources:,

On the cover Wave photos by Kelly Moore

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Jeff Sayrs (top) and Leah Syverson (bottom right) practice Taekwondo during the Mighty Mites class at The Mat in Liberty Lake last week.

Expressions: Kids Get Moving

March 31, 2011 • 3


Kids Tell it Like it Is Compiled by Tammy Kimberley at Liberty Lake Elementary School

What do you feel is the best way to get exercise? “Jumping jacks, because you make a star.” Madison Stayton, 7, first grade

Congratulations to Holly!

“Lifting weights.” Bradley Miller, 7, first grade

She’s the latest

KiDDS Dental

No Cavity Club winner! Holly won a $25 gift card and a photo session with Roessler Photography.

“Basketball. I like to run and shoot.” Riley Nyberg, 8, second grade

“Running because it makes you lose weight better.” Eden Albrecht, 7, second grade

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To schedule your own photo session go to

“Doing push ups. It makes you have more energy.” Keira Ellison, 7, second grade

“Riding bikes. Me and my dad can ride around the lake.” Jonathan Lee, 8, second grade

1327 N. Stanford Lane, Suite B, Liberty Lake 509.891.7070

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4 • March 31, 2011

Expressions: Kids Get Moving


Carlie Houn Age: 10 Family: Parents, Matt and Shelley Houn; sister, Amy Lived in Liberty Lake: My whole life Hobbies: Dance, soccer, art, reading, skiing Favorite color: Green Outdoor activities: Riding my bike, playing tag, games

Daring to dance

Carlie Houn (lower right) performs with her group from Dance Unlimited during a competition last year.

Submitted photo

Local girl stays fit by moving to music By Tammy Kimberley Wave Staff Writer

From the time she was a toddler, Carlie Houn has been moving her body to the sounds of jazz. Dancing is something she loves, but she said it’s also a way to keep her body healthy and in shape year round. Next month, Houn is traveling to Los Angeles to participate in an international dance festival called Dance Excellence. Described by Houn as an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she said she’s looking forward to learning about dance from other cultures and visiting some of the L.A. venues to perform. The Splash recently sat down with this fourth-grader to find out more about her love for dance as well as her upcoming trip to Dance Excellence. Q: When did you start taking lessons? A: My mom met Judy Reavis, the owner and instructor of Dance Unlimited in Newman Lake, through a

friend. So I started taking jazz when I was 3 or 4 years old. Q: How often do you practice? A: We practice every Wednesday for an hour and a half. I started with jazz and then added another dance, musical theater, last year. I also took ballet last year. This year, I added houn hip hop. Q: What types of dance do you enjoy most? A: I think I like musical theater the best. It’s basically the same as jazz except you’re dancing to songs out of movies like “Oliver” or “Hair Spray.” I just really like what my dance teacher puts together; she does all these moves. I’m enjoying it a lot and think I’ll be doing it until I’m too old. Q: Is there a particular type of dance you would still like to learn? A: Tap and lyrical. Lyrical is kind of like a mixture between jazz and ballet.

Q: Why is dancing good exercise? A: Because you’re working hard. We work on muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory when we do kicks and leaps and turns and jumps. We’re also developing flexibility when we stretch and do warm ups. Q: How often do you perform? A: We always have a performance at the end of the year in the spring. It’s a chance to show our family and friends our dance and how we’ve improved. We also attend some competitions during the year. They have workshops where you can learn more about dance. I think the farthest we’ve traveled is Portland. We’ve not done as many this year since we’re planning to attend Dance Excellence, but that is a greater opportunity. Q: Speaking of Dance Excellence, how did the trip come about? A: My teacher sent home a note about Dance Excellence. My parents thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so they surprised

me (by signing me up). When my mom told me about it, I got way excited. Q: What will you do at Dance Excellence? A: People from all different countries come and take classes together. There will be 225 dance studios represented from 18 countries and four continents. It’s a time of learning and being critiqued. I’m going to do two dance competitions and learn cultural dance from masters of different countries. I’m also excited to see Cirque Du Soleil and perform at Disneyland. Q: What are you most looking forward to during the trip? A: Almost everything about it! Probably learning some more dance. The African dance sounded neat. I’m also excited to go perform there, too. Q: Do you think you’ll pursue dancing as a career? A: I was thinking about it. You think about it with everything you do. Once I get more ability and experience, I’ll be able to see more. Q: If you didn’t go the dance route, what other things might you do when you grow up? A: I was thinking about becoming an architect. Or I have some crazy other ideas.

Expressions: Kids Get Moving


March 31, 2011 • 5

Spring into spring Liberty Lake provides multiple outdoor opportunities By Chad Kimberley Wave Staff Writer

Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to hop off the couch and spring into all the awesome activities provided around Liberty Lake. If you need ideas on what to do outside, you don’t need to look much further than our community. Below are several suggestions of how you and your family can be active together.

Summit a mountain.

While the 7-mile hike at the Liberty Lake County Park might not qualify as mountain climbing, it is a fun and challenging journey that will get you outdoors and moving. Make sure you pack some snacks, dress in layers and have good hiking shoes as you head out with the family. Along the way, be sure to take some pictures, enjoy the scenery and make some lasting memories of the adventure.

Play in the park.

Liberty Lake is home to great parks like Pavillion Park, Rocky Hill Park and the many pocket parks around the community. Take some time to go to one to shoot some baskets, fire off some tennis serves, run up the slides and down the ladders or throw around a Frisbee.

Ride around the city.

Whether you prefer to ride the trails or just around the neighborhood, the beginning of spring is a great time to air up the tires, clean off the cobwebs and get pedaling. Challenge your family and friends to a race or go out on a long ride. Either way, make sure you look both ways before you cross the roads.

Invent a new game.

What can you do with a playground ball, a fishing net, an old wagon and

an inner tube? Invent a new game, of course! Instead of sitting around bored, grab some friends and do some spring cleaning. Every game ever invented happened because someone decided to combine some different elements to have fun (a pole, old peach boxes and a round ball were the first aspects of basketball). So see what you can invent — maybe you will become famous.

Navigate through nature. In and around Liberty Lake there is a lot of nature to explore. Go down to the river and splash around. Build a fort in the woods or down by the creek bed. Try to get photos of deer in action or maybe try to spot a moose. Better yet, grab an adult, get your feet muddy and blaze a brand new trail.

Go outside.

The birds are chirping, the grass is turning green and the lake water is slowly warming up. It’s a great time to be active! Whether you play in a park or invent a new game, the important thing is to put down the remote or video game controller, go outside and have some fun.

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6 • March 31, 2011

Expressions: Kids Get Moving


Kicking, dancing and stretching for fun (and fitness) Local venues provide ways for kids to exercise indoors

Wave staff photos by Kelly Moore

Brook Broom, Kira Blake and Violet Erickson follow the lead of KidFit instructor Emily Erickson during the Princess Ballet class at the HUB Sports Center, 19619 E. Cataldo Ave. Kidfit holds dance and cardio classes for kids during the week at the HUB. For more information, go to or www.

Wave staff photos by Kelly Moore

Andrew Miller (above), Reese Urgin-Smith (left) and Colin Wright (below) practice their moves during the Mighty Mites Taekwondo class at The Mat, 21651 E Country Vista Drive, Suite B. For more information on martial arts and yoga classes for kids, go to

Nicole Achen, Samantha Barrie and Sydni Schaefer mimic Deanar Young as he leads the Kids Zumba class at the Liberty Lake Athletic Club, 23410 E Mission Ave. The class meets each Friday at 4 p.m. and is open for kids age four and up. LLAC offers a variety of classes for youth, as well as Fit Preschool that combines academics with fitness for little ones. For more information on opportunities for kids at the club, go to Wave staff photos by tammy kimberley

Expressions: Kids Get Moving

March 31, 2011 • 7


Spring into the Wave’s next contest By Tammy Kimberley Wave Staff Writer

To celebrate the arrival of spring, The Wave is hosting a contest. We’re asking kids to write an acrostic poem using the letters of the word “spring.” An acrostic is a type of poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase. It can be silly or serious, rhyme or not rhyme. You can use adjectives or action verbs, one word per line or an entire sentence. The fun thing about acrostic poems is that it’s entirely up to you! Need an example? Look at page 5 in

The Wave. Chad Kimberley used an acrostic to provide ideas for families to do in the area:

Summit a mountain Play in the park Ride around the city Invent a new game Navigate through nature Go outside The poem should paint a picture of spring using words. Entries will be judged on their creativity and use

Sponsored by:

of descriptive words. Prizes include a Papa Murphy’s pizza dinner and a $20 gift card to Great Harvest for the winner and a new release DVD from Safeway for two runners up. Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade who live or attend school in The Wave readership area are eligible to enter this contest. Only submit one

poem per person, please. Be sure to include your name and complete all information on the sheet. Poems can be e-mailed to tammy@ or turned in to The Splash office, 2310 N. Molter Road, Suite 305, in Liberty Lake by the April 15 deadline. Contact Tammy with any questions at 242-7752.

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8 • March 31, 2011

Expressions: Kids Get Moving


Wave receives slew of snowmen In the winter issue of The Wave, we asked kids to decorate a paper snowman in a creative way. We were pleased to receive several dozen original entries from creative kids for this contest! Our judges selected Kylie Forsyth’s entry of a painted

snowman with buttons and ribbon as first place. For her prize, 8-year-old Kylie received a $50 gift certificate to Toys R Us, courtesy of KiDDS Dental in Liberty Lake. Benjamin Coe, 9, and Abigail Dawn, 6, were selected as runners up. They each

received a $25 Toys R Us gift certificate from KiDDS Dental. Thank you to the many kids who took the time to enter a snowman, and be sure to see page 7 for another fun contest all about spring.



Submitted illustrations

Kylie Forsyth’s decorated snowman (above) was awarded first place in the winter Wave contest. Benjamin Coe and Abigail Dawn were selected as runners up. All three received gift certificates to Toys R Us, courtesy of KiDDS Dental.


Other cool contest entries

Corbin Forsyth, 6

Rachael DeBoer, 11

Jacob Coe, 11

Bri Kimberley, 9

Gracie Wohl, 5

Emma Pat, 8

Jack Rodgers, 6

Hailey Schmedtje, 8

Emma DeBoer, 9

The Wave index of advertisers Delivered free to every business and residence in the greater Liberty Lake area, The Wave is possible because of its advertisers. Following are the local advertisers in this issue of The Wave. Please consider them when offering your patronage. Calvary Chapel Christian School 5 Classical Christian Academy 2 Donna’s School of Dance 7 KiDDS Dental 3 Papa Murphy’s 5 STCU 3 Valley Christian School 7

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