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2 w o N ! Days Over 200 participating homes!

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23403 E Mission Suite 101 Liberty Lake, WA 99019 509-892-5811

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The Splash

2 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

Dear Attendee,

Liberty Lake Kiwanis would like to acknowledge those who sponsored and supported our event! This event wouldn’t be a success without the thousands of people who come to visit from afar and those who live near! Five years ago we were asked if we would continue the tradition of the Yard Sales and we accepted. Each year we strive to make it better. This year we chose to have it as a two day event to hopefully reduce the traffic congestion and increase the overall sales for the participants. This year we also increased the number of portable toilets to make those ‘gotta go’ moments a little less stressful. Many of our merchants have also opened their establishments to the usual as well. Stop in and tell them thanks for us. Funds from the registrations and sponsorships go to pay for the porta potties, printing and distribution of this amazing guide and advertising. All remaining funds go to scholarships for Spokane area graduating high school students. This year alone we awarded 28 students a total of $15,000 which came from our fundraising efforts at events such as the yard sales, Barefoot in the Park Beer Garden/Car Show, concessions in Pavilion Park during the summer and the annual Father/Daughter Dance, to name the big ones. We just finished up raising money and feeding the survivors at the Relay for Life this last weekend along with helping with the Windermere Marathon keeping the runners safe in Liberty Lake. If you are looking to make an impact on lives of our children join us for one of our events in the park we are always welcoming new members and helpers! We meet weekly in the council chambers at city hall at 6:45am on Wednesdays. Again thanks for supporting the kids in our community!

Melissa Niece Treasurer Liberty lake Kiwanis

Welcome to the sales! Q&A for shoppers

Welcome to the 23rd annual Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales. For the first time ever as a two day event where more than 200 registered private sales and commercial vendors await you! This guide includes individual descriptions of these sales on the pages that follow. First, here is a quick Q&A to get you pointed in the right directions for this year’s event. . Give me the low down on what I am holding in my hands here. What kind of information is available to me in this guide. I’ve got shopping to do, so skip the flowery stuff and let me in on what’s really worth my time. . Understood. To the point, we designed this guide with you in mind, and we think you are going to find this to be an essential companion to efffeciently help you to make the most of this year’s event. The guide is only 16 pages on purpose and most of those are filled with invitations from more than 200 people listing items they have for sale in their yard, driveway, or garage. They are organized by neighborhood, and a master map showing every neighborhood (and thereby how to get there) can always be references on page 4. . Got it. So I can see on the map where I want to start my shopping. What should I be looking out for as far as traffic and parking? . It really depends upon where you are headed, but in most cases you should be prepared to find legal parking along the perimeter of the neighborhood and then travel the rest of the way as a pedestrian. In areas with heavily clustered sales, driving directly to a home will likely have you feeling like Capitol Hill — perpetually in gridlock. That being said, your two legs may prove to be as able transportation devices as any. There are sales in virtually every Liberty Lake neighborhood, and walking has the added perk of



being difficult to get stuck in traffic. . Are there areas I shouldn’t park? . Yes, and you’re going to have to use some common sense on this one and obey general parking and traffic laws. For instance, do not park in bike lanes, in front of fire hydrants, in intersections or blocking driveways.


Members of the Liberty Lake Police Department bicycle patrol and volunteers from Liberty Lake SCOPE will be canvassing the event to help enforce the law while assisting with traffic flow and any public safety concerns. The on-duty phone number for the Liberty Lake Police Department is 509-218-4899. . Where do I go if I have a question or an emergency? . As always, dial 911 in an emergency.


For general questions or lost and found, head to Pavillion Park and visit the organizers of the event, the Liberty Lake Kiwanis. They are manning an information booth along Settler Drive amidst the other vendors. . Pavillion Park? Why do you keep mentioning that place, and what’s with the Middle English spelling? . Very astute observation. Pavillion Park takes its name — and spelling — from the old Dance Pavillion that once attracted bands and merrymakers to the community and that was actually located on Liberty Lake itself. The “pavilion” structure at the modern-day park was designed after this original.


Pavillion Park has relevance today as the hub of this event, with information, sales and dozens of commercial vendors. . What else is happening in Liberty Lake today? . Great question. The event corresponds with the Liberty Lake Farmers Market, which runs each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Look for it on at Town Square Park, located just off Appleway along Meadowwood Lane.






The Splash

community is also nearby with several restaurants and stores to fill your needs. Of course, be sure to visit Liberty Lake all summer, whether it’s to attend a concert or movie at the park, to play a few of the community’s 45 holes of golf, or to return for one of our great events like the weekend long Barefoot in the Park Celebration in August or the Rotary in Motion Bike Ride in September (you can can learn more about these events and several other great local businesses and organizations in the advertisements found in this guide). To find out what’s happening at any given time, check in at www., pick up a copy of The Splash around town, or visit us this weekend in Pavillion Park. The local team that puts together The Splash also publishes this Yard Sale Guide and The Current, a newsmonthly for the greater Spokane Valley available at more than 220 locations between State Line and Havana. Learn more at www. Thanks for visiting Liberty Lake!

Q&A for sellers

The time has come. Thousands of people are descending on your community looking for treasures, and you have a few things you wouldn’t mind parting ways with. As Garth Algar put it, “It’s almost too easy!” Thank goodness for the annual Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales, right? .What?!? The annual Yard Sales are this Saturday? I totally spaced it with all of this nice weather. Is it too late to participate?


. If you’re reading this and the event’s not over, then the answer is “no,” but would you please be a good member of our community and go ahead and register. Wave upon wave of shoppers didn’t come to this community today because you decided to hit your garage door opener and put a few items in the driveway, so please support the future of this event and the great community service organization that spends countless hours making it possible, the Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake.

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 3

The cost to register is a mere $10, and the online registration link at www.libertylakekiwanis. org will still be up through the weekend of the sale. Your contribution helps with supporting the future of this event, and any proceeds are put right back into the community in the form of scholarships and other youth programs. . Perfect. I’m in. Anything I may think is OK but really shouldn’t do? . For one thing, selling food isn’t as easy as firing up a barbecue and putting up a sign. There are county regulations that apply, and health inspectors have attended past events. When in doubt a phone call or online visit to the Spokane Regional Health District should shed some light.


Also, public officials discourage you from inviting random shoppers into your home for any reason. Thanks to our public parks and to the Kiwanis Club for additional portable bathrooms, there are public restrooms available throughout the community (see maps throughout this guide to point people in the right direction). . When the event is over, how do I donate things I didn’t sell? . Unlike previous years there will not be a prearranged charity coming door to door to gather your unsold items. However, Goodwill will be manning a donation site at Town Square Sunday and Monday for your convenience in dropping off donations. .This is a great event. How can I make sure it continues for another 23 years? . First off, participate as an official sale. It’s $10, and the event must be supported to keep the tireless volunteers from tiring.



Second, don’t trash the town. See the previous question for proper methods of disposing items that don’t sell. Finally, give us your feedback. Do you have questions or suggestions for next year’s event? Email yardsales@ or talk to your favorite neighborhood Kiwanian.


Join us on a scenic elevation ride for cyclists of all ages and ability levels. The rides start in Liberty Lake and travels through Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Sign-up today. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: SEPT. 15

5MI 15MI 25MI 50MI 100MI




15, 25, 50MI & CENTURY



9.17.16 9.18.16


A few quick tips to make the maps and listings on the following pages simple to read and find. Refer to page 4: A map of the entire community is on page 4. On it, we sliced up the community to show you where in the guide you can find listings for a particular neighborhood. Simple as A to Z: Use the corresponding maps on pages 5-10 to zero in on the neighborhoods where you want to do your shopping. The listings that accompany these smaller maps are alphabetized by street name. “Mom, I gotta go!” Public restrooms are available


at strategic locations throughout the community, and they are marked by one of those universally recognizable blue symbols on the maps. Permanent facilities are located at Pavillion Park and Rocky Hill Park, and portable restrooms have been delivered to several other points throughout the community. Phew! Turned around? Questions? Lost and found? Want to check out the official vendors? We can help you with that at Pavillion Park, the official hub of the event in the center of the Liberty Lake community (see the zoomed-in portion of the map on page 4). The Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake, official organizer of the event, will be there to help point you in the right directions.

The Splash

4 • JUNE 10-11, 2016


(Use the map below as a geographic guide to zero in on yard sale locations and listings by neighborhood)



(Page 9)

(Page 5)

Liberty Lake Farmer’s Market

Trailhead Golf Course



(Page 6)

(Page 10)

Meadowwood Golf Course

MAP E (Page 8)

Liberty Lake Golf Course

Pavillion Park


Information and lost and found booth hosted by Kiwanis, plus

MAP D (Page 7)





MAP A (Page 5)

Located in the center of the community, Pavillion Park is the hub for many Liberty Lake events, including the Community Yard Sales. For event information, lost and found or any other inquiries, visit the Kiwanis concession area at Pavillion Park along Settler Drive. Several vendors will also be set up on the edge of the park along Settler, including:

EVENT ORGANIZER: Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake (information and lost and found) UNDERWRITING SPONSOR: The Liberty Lake Splash (event guides and publications)

MAP H (Page 11)

The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 5

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1018 S LIBERTY DR Lots of household and children’s items.

19802 E CAUFIELD AVE Tons of dishes kitchenware and home decor! Antique armoire and couch with sleeper sofa

20251 E DESCHUTES AVE Household Items, Tandem Kayak, FUN Kids Toys, Camping Gear, Craft Items, Plus More, Cash & Credit Cards (with Minimum Purchase) Accepted

19814 E DESCHUTES Three Family Yard Sale We have figurines, holiday items, books, clothes dishes and many miscellaneous items. Come see us!

19700 E SHANNON AVE Glass Ikea hutch with lights, Dvd/media cabinet, 40” Samsung LED TV, Toro leaf blower, plus more, all in excellent condition

The Splash

6 • JUNE 10-11, 2016


23312 E SINTO COURT Cloth diapers, home decor, toddler toys, maternity clothes, and more. Many items brand new. 23320 E SINTO CT. 4’ x 8’ Golf Cart trailer, Big Shop Vac, Heater, Decorations, Household stuff, Dishes, Collectables, Misc, too much to list. 23321 E SINTO CT. Something 4 everyoneLapidary,insulators,furniture,musical instruments,collectables,fish tank, truck & camper,kids & much more. 818 N TANGLEWOOD Great Bed/dining/ living Room Furniture, Nice Kids’ Clothes, Household items, sports equipment & Classic Model Cars 826 N TANGLEWOOD LN Wicker furniture, walking golf carts, 1013 N TANGLEWOOD LN office chair,electronic toilet seats,teacher supplies,beanie babies and misc items 1025 N TANGLEWOOD girls clothes infantadult,scrapbook cubes,nicknacks and more 1029 N TANGLEWOOD LANE adult bikes, Christmas decorations, 2 kayaks + equipment, misc. garage and household items 1103 N TANGLEWOOD LN Misc. household items, furniture, children’s items, etc.

SEE MAP E (PAGE 8) MAP C LISTINGS 23207 E BOONE Disney collectibles ,sofa’s, end tables,coffee table,ski’s,misc items

cheap, cheap! 1115 N MADSON ST Couch set, bikes, toys, Xbox games, scrapbooking items, elliptical, giant bean bag, and lots more.


23318 E BOONE AVE Amazing assortment of kids toys, clothing, kitchen items & other various & exciting items! Must see! Don’t miss out!

23123 MISSION AVE June 10 5pm-8pm June 11 8am-3pm fiction, non-fiction, children’s titles, young adults. DVD movies

22855 E COUNTRY VISTA DR #380 Lots of furniture. Garden furniture. Radio Flyer scooter, Time OUT chair and so much more.

919 N MITCHELL CT Outdoor furniture, lawn mower, books, movies and assorted toys

22855 E COUNTRY VISTA DR #388 Avon Sell Out! Including Frieda’s Designer Jewelry & misc items and plants! 22855 E COUNTRY VISTA DR #451 “The Garage Gallery” Watercolor paintings, tea set, bench, King comforter set, antique canister set, c. monitor, copper ware, slider drape 22855 E COUNTRY VISTA DRIVE #492 Coach, Micahel Kors, and other brand name handbags and kids items 819 N. KNUDSON Girls, teen boys and women’s clothing. Handbags. Household items. Christmas village items. Cheap,

our Treasures!!!

PONTOON BOAT & JET SKI 23004 E OLDENBURG LN 18ft pontoon boat,with trailer. 40hp Evinrude,with 12hours, new carpet,upholstery & Bimini top. Seadoo Jet Ski with trailer..3 person 23018 E REMINGTON Lane If you need it we have it! Collectables: radios, cameras, typewriters, etc. Complete household items.

923 N. MITCHELL treasures! good deals!

23030 E REMINGTON LN African art pieces,sw art,Sydney Lawrence print 2001 Chev Cavalier $1250 white fair cond

1015 N. OAKMONT LANE Saturday only... gas BBG, full size mattress/box spring, misc. household items

23302 E SHARP Lawn Mower, tools, furniture, lots of misc. Good deals. come see us!


23324 E SHARP Saturday Only- No Early Birds! kitchen, Pyrex, small appliances, clothes, furniture, books, vinyl, lots of miscellaneous.

912 N. OAKMONT LANE Estate items, babychildren toys, crib, high chair and more, tools, furniture, yard items, 2011 Hyundai Tuscon Cash Only

DOWNSIZING, GREAT SALE 927 N. OAKMONT LANE Too much to list, everything imaginable. Just moved from a larger home and have to part with many of

1126 N TANGLEWOOD LN Household, yard, garage tools, camping misc. Wheelbarrow, sawhorses, lawn furniture, large gas grill with cover. Everything Must GO! 904 N WRIGHT BLVD Down Sizing Sale: Deck chair, fossils, books, tools, golf clubs, Bose stereo, couch, coffee table, and other stuff. 1011 N. WRIGHT BLVD Multi-family - great stuff!

DOWNSIZING 1221 N WRIGHT BLVD Furniture, china, crystal, other household items

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23124 E SINTO AVE baby things collectables some tools ladders dishes odds and ends 23215 E SINTO AVE Black/light brown kitchen table & chairs; new beige tile top kitchen table; blue couch & loveseat; Women’s Xl++ clothes


The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 7

Where Wellness Is A Way Of Life • Independent Living • Light Assisted Living • Walking Trail • Wellness & Fitness Center • Gourmet Chef • Cottage Homes • Swimming Pool & Spa • Assisted Living • Bistro

Daily Tours

Locally Owned and Operated by the Arger Family

Move-in Specials

• 509-922-3100 • 1201 N Evergreen Road, Spokane Valley •

MAP D MAP D LISTINGS 23602 E FIRST AVE. Patio Furniture, XL CAT Condo,clothes, AND Lots More!

5 FAMILIES TOGETHER 24303 E FIRST AVE Large selection of electric & hand tools yard tools,yard eq uipment,furniture,toys,signs,art,campi ng gear,tables,chairs, boat acc,

LANE BRYANT MGR OPEN 23310 E INLET DRIVE WOODLAKE APTS. Lane Bryant Mgr is Opening up HER Closet! Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, Outterwear, Mannequins, Fixtures, Boys, and Mens Clothing with Much Much More!!! 221 N KELSEA CT. Multi-family Sale, Plants, Kids Items


122 S MITCHELL COURT: Moving sale!!! Furniture and lotsa great stuff!!!

24024 E LAKERIDGE DRIVE Antiques from 1900’s to modern,household ite ms,furniture,books,tools,pictures,ele ctronics,tires,lockers,file cabinets,you name it!

208 S NEYLAND AVE #46 RV and camping gear. Lots of Christmas and misc items. Friday sale!

616 S LIBERTY CIRCLE Awesome sale - vintage, retro, collectibles, tools, art, pottery, books, yard art, jewelry, farm, furniture, glass, plants and more. Parking.

409 SOUTH SHORELINE DRIVE Teenager selling his kid stuff. Lots of miscellaneous.

5 FAMILIES SELLING 23911 E MAXWELL Pottery Barn deco; Gap and Banana clothing; jewelry, furniture, vintage hobby horse, mens XXL polos, toys, games, books, VHS player/tapes

GREAT PRICES! 106 S MITCHELL CT Shelves, Bosch dishwasher, light fixture, games, clothes, pillows, kitchen items, microwave, & more. ALL AT Yard Sale Prices!

617 S SHORELINE DR miscellaneous

SELLING OFF COLLECTIBLES 818 N STEVENSON CT. Huge Batman collection, Nascar diecast, Matchbox, random rusty yard art, wooden wagon wheels, car parts

MOVING SALE 23524 E THIRD Camping gear, canoe, tools, old wood wine boxes, lots of miscellaneous cool stuff!

OPEN FRIDAY ALL DAY 120 S VIEW PLACE Trees, Plants, Womens Clothes Size 14-18, Mens Clothes, Name Brand Childrens Clothing, Excellent Condition Baby-16, Housewares,toys, & Misc. 1ST AND VIEW PLACE Frivolous Paraphernalea Galore! Spring clean out every corner. Old books, records, music. Treasure or just stuff your choice.

HUGE COVERED YARD SALE 124 S VIEW PLACE (IN CUL-DE-SAC) Cleaned out Barn, many Antiques from retired shop, small Primitive AND Rustic furniture, lamps, all eras Stuff, 90 years accumulation 108 S WRIGHT CT 2 families. Lots of kids and household stuff. Some furniture 117 S WRIGHT CT Recently moved in and lots of extra stuff needs to go! Clothes, misc. home decor, kids toys/books, etc.

The Splash

8 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

TV, stroller, kids bike, kids clothes and toys,much much more! 607 N HOMESTEAD DR Bowflex Ultimate weight system; Military Surplus - camping gear, footlockers, backpacks, boots, hats, gloves, etc. For Income-Eligible Children 3 or 4 Years Old by August 31

Call us to enroll today! FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO ENROLL YOUR CHILD: Central Valley School District .............. 228-5810 East Valley School District .............. 924-1830


619 N HOMESTEAD DR 2007 Honda Accord, Furniture, books, clothes, front plow blade for Craftsman mower, 5th wheel hitch, odds and ends

ANTIQUES, TOOLS & MORE 707 N HOMESTEAD Chain saw, wire recorder, bikes, tools, motors, electronics and more... 712 N HOMESTEAD DR Moving June 30. Everything must go. Kids stuff,tools,furniture, books,kitchen and house items. 203 N KELSEA CT Carpets, clothes, toys, dishes, sports cards, books, tapes, small barbeque, small appliances, Tupperware, sewing items, sewing machine.

MOVING SALE 604 N KNUDSON ST Everything must GO! Furniture, clothes, plasma screen, elliptical machine, entertainment center, and so much more.


Learn more!

MAP E LISTINGS 23120 E BROADWAY AVE Alot of Baby/ toddler toys,dining chairs,kitchen appliances,patio chairs,bar stools,furniture and more! 23224 E COLONY COURT Multi Family Sale! Collectibles, housewares, books, crafting, jewelry, and Lots more!! 11 N GARRY DRIVE Household Goods, Furniture, Tools, Clothes, Golf Caddy Cart’s, Dvd’s etc... 410 N GARRY DR Clothes-baby boy, maternity, women’s and men’s. Baby stuff. Tools, generator, pressure washer, lifted golf cart and other man stuff. 522 N GARRY DRIVE Emptying out the basement & downsizing! 45 plus years collecting antique & vintage 1930’s Pink/burgundy Johnson Bros. and Taylor Smith & Taylor Transferware Dishes. Lots of Railroad Memorabilia including Maps, Timetables, Books & Track Charts! Fabrics, Glassware, Electrical, 60s & 70s LP Records, Furniture and more! 502 N HOMESTEAD DRIVE Moving Sale! Open Friday at 2pm and Saturday open at 7am! Furniture, 32inch flat screen

604 N KNUDSON ST. girls Specialized 24” bike $175, tuxedo boy 8, upscale kid clothes boy 10 and girl12, Playmobil sets, ski coats/pants, boat tube 715 N KNUDSON ST Girls: Toys, Clothes 6-8, Sports Equipment, White dresser, Full Mattress, 8x10 Wool Rug, Wicker Chairs, Doughnuts, Hot Dogs, Coffee, Water 721 N KNUDSON STREET A little of everything-tools, clothes (adult & kids), ski gear, girls bike, etc. Stop ON BY 122 N MCKINZIE DR. 4 Blizzak Snowtires 225/65r17, Kid’s bicycle, golf clubs, bookshelf, assorted household items. 220 N MITCHELL DR Name your price yard sale! No reasonable price refused! Items include household, collectables, seasonal and much much more. Rain cancels.

GOOD STUFF 401 N MITCHELL CT Good Stuff for Sale *bikes *musical instruments *books and much more! 111 N MOLTER RD Ladies Bicycle, Misc household items. 205 N MOLTER RD We have tools, dog run, furniture, bathroom cabinets, construction material and much, much more. 23120 E RIVERSIDE AVE Crafts for sale!! handcrafted clocks, trivets, coasters, coffee mugs, tee shirts. Great Christmas gifts.


SEE MAP D (PAGE 7) 23205 E RIVERSIDE AVE Reclining sofa; refrigerator; desk; table & chairs; sewing machine w/cabinet; car-top carrier; vintage rocker, milk can, flatirons; jewelry; intarsia; miscellaneous. 22822 E SETTLER DR multi-family large yard sale with many, many items. 22915 E SETTLER DR Children’s Clothes, ages 4-7. Both Boy’s and Girl’s. Lots of toys and children’s wares. 22926 E SETTLER DRIVE Girls 24” Bike like new! Name brand girls shoes/clothing most size 10, great condition. Household, new Scentsy items, much more! 23002 E SETTLER DR 3 families! Household items. Lots of kids books. Snocones and popcorn for sale 23130 E SETTLER DRIVE Furniture, Electronics (dvd player, nice Canon Camera) etc... tools, books, baby items, toys, a lot of household items! 23229 E SETTLER DR. Girls’ books, toys, and clothes for girls’ ages 5-7. 23237 E SETTLER DRIVE Moving sale, lots and lots of great household stuff 903 N TANGLEWOOD LANE Pre-moving sale: Furniture; toys; housewares; YOU name it! 927 N TANGLEWOOD LANE Tools, Craft items, Mountain bike, Garden tools, Clothes, Misc items,


22925 E VALLEYWAY AVE Moving Sale with lots for everyone! Baby everything, Baby toys, Baby clothes,leather Reclining Couch & Loveseat,end tables,patio Set, lots more.

CANOE & HOME GOODS! 23004 E VALLEYWAY AVE All items in excellent condition--home goods, recreational items, canoe, elliptical machine, clothes. 23207 E VALLEYWAY AVE Multi-family sale: end tables, other small furniture, kitchen items, household goods, home décor, kids toys, clothes, craft supplies, and more.

ALL COLLECTIBLES 117 N. WRIGHT BLVD. Kings crown, Candlewick, cape cod, Am. Fostoria, linens, buttons, clothes, guardian ware, butter pats , salt cellars,glass shoes, toothpick holders, painted plates, small toys, lots of other collectible glass, sewing accessories, perfume bottles, vintage hatpins and holders, etc.

GRANDMAS CLEANING HOUSE 218 N WRIGHT BLVD electric guitar & amp, girls desk, framed picture, toys, keyboard, tent, christmas items, thirty years of goodies.

The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 9



Pumps, bassinets, baby carriers, swaddles, Harley Gear, nursery decor, & more!

MAP D LISTINGS MULTI-FAMILY SALE 24399 E AUTUMN CROSSING AVE Everything you need for your college apartment—we have two of everything and it needs to go! Come see us for appliances, furniture, home furnishings, bedding, some baby items, a fifth-wheel hitch, and more.


24819 E BERGAMOT CT Water skis and vests, electronics, pro audio racks, books, workout Dvds, snow blower, Christmas lights, outdoor dog kennel, golf clubs, roof rack.

MUST SEE! 24920 E BERGAMOT CT Name brand clothing (some brand new), toys, beautiful housewares, shoes, purses, and much more! 24999 E BERGAMOT CT Free play set slide. Kid/adult bikes. Toys. 1740 N COUNTRY VISTA BLVD Multi family Yard Sale!!! furniture, tv, electronics, exercise equipment, kids, women’s, men’s clothes and much more.

1980 N COUNTRY VISTA BLVD A little bit of everything! Gas BBQ, boy clothes, women’s clothes, baby items, etc.

ROCKY HILL COTTAGES 2105 N COUNTRY VISTA BLVD. Antique glassware & toys, lots of books, Dvds, Bluerays. Christmas decor, tools, housewares, electric sander, toolbox, quality home decor and more! 1840 N FOREST RIDGE ST Household items, toys, books, trendy young women’s clothes sizes M, L and XL plus shoes/bootsmiscellaneous. 1203 N KING JAMES LN. EZ GO golf cart, Phat beach cruiser bicycle,household goods, clothes, new born-toddler items and clothing, kitchen goods and glassware. 1111 N LANCASHIRE LANE Household items, Christmas, Books, Suitcases, Clothing Items, Some Toys, rowing machine, garden items SAT Only

(NAME BRAND BABY BONANZA) 25019 E LUDLOW AVE Pack and play, car seats, crib bedding, girl clothing (0-24mo),

24714 E MAXWELL LN Pinterest projects, reclaimed wood decor, shabby chic crafts, camping gear, flower pots, women’s clothes, household items 1304 N MURRAY LANE Slotwall Brackets, Glass Shelving, Clothing Racks, Sports Collectibles, Treadmill, mini Refrigerator, Gonzaga Licensed Products, Books, Sportscards, Vacuum, Nascar Shirts

RIGHT SIZING SALE 24399 E THORTON AVE Décor,electric snow blower, Flat screen TV, living/dining room furniture,chairs,lamps,most furnishings going. 1115 N WINCHESTER LANE Baby, toys, household items 1422 N WINCHESTER LANE Sale: Medium refrigerator, scuba tanks, propane tank, skies, walker, shower chair Teddie Bears, clocks MLS. 1422 N Winchester Lane. 1840 N WINCHESTER ST Kids bike, toys and clothes 1960 N WINROCK ST. Downsizing forces sale of furniture, elliptical bike, weight bench, weights, antiques, Cruiser bicycle. engraved gun cabinets, and much more.

2079 N WINROCK ST. High-end round dining table, name-brand clothing and more! 2120 N WINROCK Toddler bed, toys, vacuum, 50’s Formica table with 6 chairs, large & small tempered glass tabletops, live-edge cherrywood slabs and more.

JEWELRY & DECOR BY KARRA 1879 N. WOLFE PENN ST. Inspirational home decor and beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry, perfect for everyday wear or that special occasion. we also have refreshing beverages. credit/debit cards accepted

DID YOU KNOW? The Liberty Lake Farmers Market, which is located on the northwest corner of Map C, operates every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through early October and features dozens of farmers and other vendors. Adjacent to the site is land owned by the city that is slated to begin development this year as Town Square Park.

The Splash

10 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

MAP G LISTINGS 515 S ALPINE DRIVE toddler girl, misc. 24027 E BROADWAY CT Saturday only. Furniture, quilting fabric, sewing supplies, girls clothing/toys, Tools, store fixtures, X-mas & yard decor. Vintage Pyrex & Fisher Price, sunglasses, Mary Kay, women’s size 11 shoes. 22805 E CLEARWATER LN Pictures, Dishes, Books, Music, Vases, Ladder, DIY Shop Items, Firepit, Furniture - Many Great Items for everybody! Stop in and look. 24126 E CATALDO CT Electric trimmer, boy toys, DVD car video players, Skylanders, books, jewelry, helmets, rocking chair and lots more 24203 E DESMET RD. Saturday Only! Large variety of items - general household, clothing, decor, Christmas, yard and garden. 24208 E DESMET RD Teen boy clothing,entertainment ctr,older tv,pic frames, kids PC games, comforters, minolta Slr/access/tripod, misc 24248 E DESMET RD Selling furniture, kids clothes and toys, household items, salon sink and salon couch, Christmas items, home decor and much more!;


VINTAGE CONCERT T-SHIRTS 1109 N DUNBARTON OAKS LANE Business liquidation: $3 vintage concert t-shirts, bandanas, hats, buckles, sunglasses. Plus furniture, household goods and free stuff! G*EAGLE*809 N. EAGLE STREET Moving sale - One stop shopping - everything you need for your home. Furniture, desks, pictures, household, etc. 1306 N FAIRWAY RD Homegoods and baby stuff for sale!! 1407 N FAIRWAY RD Boys clothing, misc household items, chairs. 816 N FAIRWAY CT Hugh volume quality art supplies/canvas/frames/unopened Grumbacher oils (37 ml tubes), framed art, small antiques. VHS player/tapes, vinyl Lp`s, shelving, household, garden 1017 N MALVERN DRIVE Spring Cleaning Sale! Misc. items. furniture, books, toys, etc. 1221 N MALVERN RD Assorted household item, clothing, sporting goods and much much more. 1223 N MALVERN Miscellaneous items. :) 1021 N MALVERN CIRCLE RD. Yamaha Elec. Golfcart, seats 4-6 w/back rack for clubs. Dining table + other furniture; clothes, ICE Recumbent Trike with motor; nice other items. 825 N MALVERN RD Multi-family. Saturday Only. Leather recliner, baby gear/clothes, wooden crib, maternity clothes, women’s clothes, canoe, household items, books/ toys, More!

23605 E MAXWELL DRIVE Like new scooter 278cc, lawn mower, Xerox copier, sports equipment, misc items 23621 E MAXWELL DR Multi-family Sale! Baby, Toddler, Home Goods, Furniture, Toys, 2014 Elliptical, Tools, Outdoors. Great Prices! This stuff needs to go! 23704 E MAXWELL DR. Yakima towers for gutter mount, quilting fabric, books, & patterns. scrapbook, garment fabric, men’s hockey skates size 12/ new.


23717 E MAXWELL DRIVE espresso machine, elliptical machine, kindle, prom & formal dresses, designer jeans,jewelry, petunia pickle bottom diaper bag, sony cool pix camera, nikon N-65 film SLR camera,gel manicure system, macy’s mens suit, hammock, garmin heart rate monitor, bistro table,women dress tall black boots, women’s clothes, holiday decor, kitchen, flower pots, backyard shade umbrella & more! 23910 E MAXWELL DR. Yard Sale & Moving Sale! loads of household items, decor, dishes and kids stuff. Everything must go!

MOVING!!! 24210 E MAXWELL Everything goes plus children’s items 1213 N MURRAY LANE Multi-family Sale -

for men and women. Enter off Sharp, to hit all the sales in the cul-de-sac!

MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE 1426 N OAKLAND RD Saturday Only! Come and check out our multi family yard sale! Clothes, toys, furniture, home made crafts and much more 1421 N ORMOND RD Clothes from young to teen and in between. Misc toys, books, games.

FURNITURE, BOOKS AND MORE 1314 N SAMANTHA RD Recent military retirement from Virginia need to empty garage. Bedroom set, other furniture, books and misc items must go!

MOVING SALE 1404 N SAMANTHA RD Everything must go! Hardware, drywall, freezer, office accessories, little giant ladder, shelving, speakers, Dvd’s, books, appliances, dishware, totes, misc. 23620 E SHARP CT Antique/vintage Glass, Bone China, Doll House Miniatures, Estate Jewelry, jewelry supplies & beads, Ty Beanies, Children’s clothing newborn-4t, and More 1020 N SIMPSON RD Lots of miscellaneous household items, games, toys, clothing, movies, video games, and bikes! Everything

priced to sell! Sat only. 1021 N SIMPSON RD Boys bike, BB Hoop, clothes, Unfinished armoire, misc items

GAS PUMPS & MUSIC ITEMS 1303 N SIMPSON RD. Two 1950s Texaco Gas Pumps, 1930s Oil Bottles and Rack, 1040’s Oil Lubester - Harley Davidson Theme. Drum Items and Music Stands, Misc. 1965 Buick Wild Cat Center Console Automatic Shifter, with all parts. 1965 Buick Am/fm Radio Rare. call Kelly at (509) 927-1580

FUNDS TO PAY FOR WEDDING 1323 N SIMPSON Multi. family moving and estate sale. furniture, sports, electronics,clothing, holiday, camping, Voip phones, rackets, beds, Much Much more. 24307 SPERLING COURT Clothing, Books, Kitchen Items, Etc. 24351 SPRINGDALE COURT Children’s clothes (age 10-12), toys, kids golf clubs, pitch back, misc. housewares 1207 N STEVENSON RD. Saturday Only! Getting rid of toddler/baby items! Toddler boys clothing, toys, books, changing tables, strollers, crib, desk, and much more!

The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 11











New homes in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Post Falls & Coeur d’Alene. gr


MAP H LISTINGS 604 S NEYLAND AVE Multiple Family Sale furniture,clothing, bike helmets,lawn sweeper,hedge trimmer,towels,rugs, misc. household and kitchen items.



716 S NEYLAND AVE Check us out! Toys, clothes, boating stuff, tools and even furniture! 812 S NEYLAND AVE. --stuff from multiple families-- some furniture, vintage items, planters, yard furniture, vases, other great stuff too.


224 N CHIEF GARRY DR All items in good condition. Something for everyone.

The Splash

12 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

a summer evening of fun for all ages!

Pavillion Park


Thursday, July 21

Information and lost and found booth hosted by Kiwanis, plus


Pickers Trot and Pit Spit “A Fun Run”


38th Annual Cherry



We will have live music, a variety of food, cherry pies and other delicious goodies. Plus, family friendly fun for everyone! A 6.4K (4 mile) run through Green Bluff's orchard country. 5:00pm - Registration Opens@ Church Center Food at various locations

5:30pm - Cherry Pit Spit @ the Grange 6:00pm - Tot Trot @ Church Area

7:00pm - Race Begins - New start/ finish line @ Harvest House & Church Awards will be given to the top 3 male and female finishers. Pre-register at http://www. html Thank you to our sponsors:

CS Motorsports

Building High Performance Smile Makers


* Specializes in all types of engines * Custom engine design * He can get your engine to purr

PAVILLION PARK Jamberry. Come sample the NEW way to do your nails! Lots of sheets on hand including all the new disney!

BAVARIAN ROASTED NUTS Spokane’s own Burly Babe Tender Meat Snacks and the Nutty Bavarian Roasted Nuts invites you to join us in the park!

FLOAT SPOKANE Come see us at Float Spokane and Live Life New!

IMPORTED PLANTER SALE High quality imported pots. Can winter outside ... Lots of shapes, colors and sizes.

KONA ICE!! Come enjoy some kool Kona ice!!

MAC DADDYS GOURMET GRUB Amazing Gourmet Mac and Cheese. buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich pulled Pork Sandwiches!!! Old Fashion Kettle Corn Company: Kettle corn in 3 flavors and sizes,fresh Squeezed Lemonade in 3 flavors and 2 sizes

STOLP VISION CLINIC Visit with Jeanine Stolp, OD from Stolp Vision Clinic 6405 W Pointe Pkwy Post Falls, ID 83854 (208)618-5034 Eye Care with You in Focus! Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake - Information, lost and found and Splash - Come meet those who put it together and pickup the latest edition or get another copy of the 2016 Yard Sale Guide!

DID YOU KNOW? A Goodwill will drop off location will be

LULAROE TARA CAEL Lularoe is Comfortable unique clothing in fun patterns. Lylo’s Teriyaki Mobile Food Truck:chicken teriyaki,fried rice,stir fried noodles,& egg rolls

located at Town Square Park Sunday and Monday as a convenient drop off spot for unwanted and unsold items.

The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 13

Liberty Lake Yard Sales to feature two-day spectacle By Mary Anne Ruddis Splash Contributor For 23 years, the community of Liberty Lake has been hosting a massive yard sale with homes in various neighborhoods showcasing the best in bargains and rare finds. This year, the event features a double bonus. The annual Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sales is set for Friday, June 10 from 3 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, June 11 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For the first time, the event will cover two days. “This is a well-known event with people coming in from Canada, Montana and down south,” said John Niece, one of the event organizers. “The population of Liberty Lake more than doubles in size drawing 25,000 to 40,000 visitors. People make it an annual tradition.” Organizers feel congestion should be cut down by spreading the event over two days. “And there are so many sales, you can’t see it all in one day,” Niece added. Niece says that there are typically 250 registered sales and a matching number of unregistered sales, ensuring a

great deal of variety. Those who register their sales for a nominal fee of $10 benefit with listings in a yard sale guide and map to identify their locations. The Kiwanis Club appreciates those who register their sales because the revenue helps to cover costs. People don’t typically like having strangers using their restrooms and with that many people coming to town, portable restrooms are essential. The registration and vendor fees help cover the cost of 17 portable restrooms, ads and printing of maps, as well as security costs. With the extra day added, there will also be overnight security. Niece expects 15 to 20 food trucks and vendors at Pavilion Park and possibly other strategic locations. This is the fourth year the Kiwanis Club has been running the event. With costs running about $3,000 and lacking a major sponsor, the net proceeds have not been that high in the past. The influx of so many visitors and customers creates a boon for the local economy. Local merchants benefit greatly from the increased business during the event and Niece would like to see more community sponsorship

involvement. He said the event is an opportunity to rally the community to support the work that the Kiwanis Club does, helping everyone to prosper. “We’ve given out 28 scholarships totaling $15,000,” Niece said. “And eligible students can reapply multiple years. Twenty-six of those scholarships have been for $500 and two of them were for $1,000.” Another change this year will be that homeowners/sellers will be responsible to dispose of any unsold items by arranging for charity donations or otherwise taking care of those items. In the past, arrangements were made by the organizers of the event for local charities to pick up unsold items. That is now the homeowner’s responsibility. Check out the Liberty Lake Yard Sales Guide for registered sales. Once again, The Splash is a proud sponsor of the event. You can also visit the Liberty Lake Yard Sales page on Facebook to get up-to-date news. As one post promises, “This will be the biggest sale ever.” Feel free to visit the page after the sale and leave a note about the experience. To learn more about the Liberty Lake Kiwanis and the work they do, visit their website at www.


FARMERS MARKET L i b e r t y

L a k e

Every Saturday 9am -1pm Visit us at or find us on

“ IT’S


In WASHINGTON Click or Call Two Business Days Before You Plan To Dig

1-800-424-5555 or dial 811 Inland Empire Utility Coordinating Council

The Splash

14 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

Need to refuel and re-energize?

Proud to play a part in a Liberty Lake tradition.

Here are the places to grab a bite or get some coffee right here in Liberty Lake


River City Pizza & Pasta

Taco Bell

Hay J’s Bistro

4707 N Harvard Rd

22312 E Apple Way

Otis Grill

Domino’s Pizza


1400 N Meadowwood Ln PRSRT STD ECRWSS

U.S. Postage Paid Permit #010 ZIP CODE 99019


Publisher of the official event guide for the 23nd annual Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales

Now 2 Days!

Over 200 par


21718 E Mission Ave

Don’t forg your 201 et to ma ke contrib 5 IRA ution.

Fieldhouse Pizza & Pub

Scott Drape r, AAMS




r 23403 E Mission Liberty Lake, WA Suite 101 509-89 2-5811 99019 F-A-A1 MKT-5894

1332 N Liberty Lake Rd Piccolo Artisan Pizza Kitchen

ticipating hom


Ding How

www.ed Major wardjon MemberSpons SIPC

Event Organ

1235 N Liberty Lake Rd


Twisp Cafe and Coffee House Community Newsmagazines for Liberty lake and the greater Spokane Valley


23505 E Appleway Ave San Francisco Sourdough Eatery 23801 E Appleway Ave

True Legends Grill

Honoring local communities and encouraging citizen involvement

1803 N Harvard Rd Palenque Mexican Restaurant 1102 N Liberty Lake Rd Barlows Family Restaurant 1428 N Liberty Lake Rd White House Grill 1611 N Molter Rd

21902 E Wellesley Ave Pryor’s Restaurant 24706 E Wellesley Choo Choo Tortas 21121 E Wellesley Home Plate Bar and Grill 1803 N Harvard K & H Mexican Restaurant 21121 E Wellesley Ave

Fast Food Jimmy Johns 1429 Liberty Lake Rd Taco Time 1421 Liberty Lake Rd Subway 1336 N Liberty Lake Rd McDonald’s 1306 N Liberty Lake Rd Carl’s Jr Restaurant 1317 N Liberty Lake Rd

Find us on Facebook!

Burger King 1421 N Liberty Lake Rd Pizza Hut 1330 N Liberty Lake Rd

Coffee Spots Twisp Cafe 23505 E Appleway Crazy Beagle 22026 E Country Vista Dr. Starbucks Coffee 1342 N Liberty Lake Rd Peet’s Coffee & Tea 22121 E Country Vista Dr. Dominion Trading 623 S Greenridge Dr Red Cup Coffee Co 1730 N Madison St Tanim 23505 E Appleway Ave Ste 100

Thank you for joining us for the 23rd Annual Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale. We hope you found some great buys and had a wonderful time. Please come see us again next year!

Keep more of what you earn with tax-free bonds.

Edward Jones Celebrates the 23rd annual Scott Draper, AAMS® Financial Advisor Libery Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale.

Keep more of what you earn with tax-free bonds. .

23403 E Mission Suite 101 Liberty Lake, WA 99019 509-892-5811

Scott Draper, AAMS® Financial Advisor .

23403 E Mission Suite 101 Liberty Lake, WA 99019 509-892-5811

1235 N Liberty Lake Rd Suite 107

Member SIPC

Member SIPC

The Splash

JUNE 10-11, 2016 • 15

FARMERS MARKET L i b e r t y

Sept. 17 & 18

5MI • 15MI • 25MI • 50MI • 100MI Five beautiful routes, one unforgettable experience.

Join us for this elevation ride that explores the beautiful areas of Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Green Bluff and Spokane Valley. Cyclists of all ages and ability levels are welcome.

L a k e

Saturdays • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 14 to October 8

Whether looking for fresh ingredients, grabbing a burrito or just catching up with good friends, there’s a reason to come visit the market, now in its 14th season. Come see us at Town Square Park!

August 5 - 7

Join in on a weekend of fun. Friday night car show, live music, barefoot soccer tournament, BubbleBall, dancing, food, beverages and family fun! 509-755-6700

(A 501c3 nonprofit organization)

The Liberty Lake Community Theatre provides live, quality theatre experience at reasonable prices to the people of Spokane and Kootenai Counties and the surrounding communities. Check out our schedule of fantastic shows! 509-869-9624

The Friends of Pavillion Park is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the sense of community in Liberty Lake by providing safe and affordable opportunities for recreation, education, entertainment and the arts. For information regarding this year’s Summer Festival Events, please visit:

We provide events that have a positive impact on youth and the community! Check out activities for all ages, year round! Have a ball at the HUB! 509-927-0602

Interested in having The Splash delivered to your mailbox? The Splash, a monthly publication for Liberty Lake, offers the visual storytelling, eye-catching ads and community coverage readers have come to depend on. This free newspaper is available at numerous high-traffic locations around the Liberty Lake. Purchasing a subscription allows the convenience of having each copy mailed directly to your home.


Subscriptions for U.S. postal addresses cost $12 for 12 issues(or $24 for 12 issues to addresses outside of Spokane or Kootenai counties).

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*All information is for internal use only and will not be shared with third parties. Checks can be made out to Wick Enterprizes. Mail subscription form to Wick Enterprizes, PO Box 363, Liberty Lake WA 99019.

Wick Enterprizes

Publishing House

“Honoring local communities and encouraging citizen involvement

509-242-7752 |

The Splash

16 • JUNE 10-11, 2016

Our motto is, “Having fun while serving the community.” We meet Wednesdays at 6:45 a.m. at Liberty Lake City Hall. Please join us! LIBERTY LAKE KIWANIS COMMUNITY YARD SALES 23RD ANNUAL

The volunteers of the Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake thank you for being a part of this event Net proceeds from the event bolster the many community organizations and activities supported by the Kiwanis Club of Liberty Lake. Since its founding in 2001, the club has raised and donated thousands of dollars and committed countless volunteer hours to causes such as: Liberty Lake Kiwanis Foundation Scholarshipover $175,000 given to kids area wide (28 this in 2016) Friends of Pavillion Park

Fourth of July Parade & Fireworks Young Children Priority One

Kiwanis International Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Area wide Paint-A-Helmet

Liberty Lake Elementary Tree of Sharing Liberty Lake & Greenacres Elementary Schools PACE Youth Awards

Friends of the Liberty Lake Municipal Library Ronald McDonald Bench

Christmas & Thanksgiving Families





Mica Peak High School and SPARK Food for Thought

The Salvation Army Local Food Banks Inland NW Baby

“Everyday Hero” Awards Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout Pack 463

Liberty Lake Elementary Staff Appreciation Breakfast Book Bank Program “Success by Six”

SIGN (Surgical Implant Generation Network) Project

Centennial Trail Sponsor

Greenacres Middle School

Meals on Wheels

us say thank you HOME Help to our sponsors:

Liberty Lake Community Theatre Sponsored Youth (Liberty Lake Elementary K-Kids, Mica Peak Key Club)

Union Gospel Mission

Liberty Lake Elementary Citizenship Award


Liberty Lake Elementary Back to School BBQ Hearth Homes

Heart and Hand

Writers in Residence (EWU) Father-Daughter Dance Greyson House

You are invited to be a part of one of our annual fundraisers, including: Summer concessions at Liberty Lake Pavillion Park events Liberty Lake Community Yard Sales Liberty Lake Fourth of July at Pavillion Park Father-Daughter Dance Liberty Lake Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Golf Scramble Barefoot in the Park - Car Show/ Beer Garden

2016 Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale Guide  
2016 Liberty Lake Kiwanis Community Yard Sale Guide