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GREEN FINGERS! Gardening Club has been really busy and enjoyable this academic year, with spring bulb planting and wild flower sowing around the school site to brighten things up. Before lockdown hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds were planted in preparation for a summer harvest, teaching our children all about germination and how to care for plants. All good practise for next year! Despite a sudden stop to our work the school garden looks beautiful and has produced potatoes, strawberries and broad beans, which is fantastic.

Keep a look out for exciting things occurring in our outside environment as we have lots of plans:  Wildlife dipping pond  Outside classroom  Woodland wonderland  Fire pit  New bigger garden/growing area  Native fruit orchard

Most of our children were involved in our tree planting project which saw 1,000 young saplings planted around the lower perimeter of the school site. The children did a fantastic job and we will soon have a beautiful thick hedge welcoming wildlife and nature and providing us all with a beautiful space to play and learn.



MESSAGE FROM MR GORTON Welcome to the 2019/2020 edition of our Shakespeare Primary School and Nursery Magazine. A year in which we started in classes and finished in bubbles. A year when children have not had all the experiences and learning opportunities we would have liked them to have. But, as our magazine will show, a year in which, despite all the exceptional circumstances, Shakespeare children have continued to show their talents, take great strides in their learning and to show themselves as fantastic young people. Of course, the year has presented challenges that have meant children have had to adapt in ways that we could never have expected. As ever, they have risen to the challenge. The children’s response to home learning has been brilliant and throughout lockdown we have been impressed with the quality of work they have produced. We know, however, how important being in school is and our journey back to ‘normal schooling’ will begin in September. We are already planning how we can accelerate the children’s progress and ensure they achieve the potential we know they all have.

One of the key strengths of our school is the tolerance and understanding displayed between the many different backgrounds, cultures and religions which make up our community. At a time when there is so much focus around the world on acceptance and respect of each other, I am proud that your children continue to set an example for the rest of us to follow. We are looking closely at our curriculum for next year to ensure our teaching on equality, diversity, respect and understanding is as strong as it can be. And finally, a ‘goodbye’ to our amazing Year 6 children as they progress to high school. Although we do not have the opportunity to give them the big send-off they deserve, on behalf of everyone at Shakespeare, I would like to wish each one of them all the very best for the future. Enjoy a look back at a very different year at Shakespeare.

Julian Gorton




2020 This year’s annual trip to Whitby was a tale of two halves. Sunshine for group one and a lot of damp weather and sea mist for group two but still lots of smiles and marvellous memory making all round!

We were waved off by parents and headed to Go Ape where we had to muster up our courage and summon our strength for the Junior Challenge course. The Tarzan Swing, tree-to-tree zips and the free-falling Plummet were daunting at first but we were very impressed with the bravery shown by all children. The next two days of our visit took place in Whitby where we hunted fossils, cliff walked, seal spotted on a boat and ate like kings and queens at the Youth Hostel. On our final morning we headed to Robin Hood’s Bay to hunt for interesting creatures in the rock pools and to enjoy fish and chips. All in all a brilliant week was had by all followed by a good night’s sleep to recover!





NURSERY (3 - 4S) We had a fabulous start to our time in nursery with our learning projects investigating all things animals. Farm animals, sea animals, nocturnal animals and many more. We loved being outside and have spent most of our time in our garden and the wider school grounds. Books, mark making and big, messy, collaborative art have also been highlights for us all in nursery. Our standout moment was when the Purple Pig Farm came to visit us at school and we got to be up close and personal with the gorgeous animals. We also saw the foundations of some amazing friendships being built and witnessed the children growing into confident, chatty learners.




We have had such an exciting time in Class RC. We started the year learning all about traditional tales and had a gingerbread picnic outside with our friends in RM and RO. Then we learnt all about Autumn with our ‘Who Lives in The Woods?’ project where we went on a nature walk and collected autumnal items for our Andy Goldsworthy transient artwork. After that we learnt all about reptiles during our ‘Why Don’t Snakes Have Legs?’ project where we had a visit from some real life scaly creatures. We all got to hold a snake, touch a lizard and stroke a tortoise! Our last project was the most exciting of all. ‘When Will It Hatch?’ focused on life cycles. Our most special and memorable moment was hatching our own ducklings! We all got to see the last one hatch on a very special Friday afternoon and we looked after them for a whole week, feeding them, cleaning them out and watching them learn to swim. We’ve had a brilliant year full of real-life experiences, challenging learning opportunities and lots and lots of fun!




What an exciting year we have had in RM. It has been filled with fascinating learning projects from exploring the woodlands to learning about the animal lifecycles, with many wonderful first hand experiences along the way. During ‘Why Don’t Snakes Have Legs?’ we stroked a real corn snake, a tortoise and a gecko, and we enjoyed learning many interesting reptile facts. One of our favourite memories this year was hatching real ducklings during ‘When Will it Hatch?’ We watched the eggs with great anticipation each day waiting for a crack to appear and were thrilled when all six, very cute and fluffy ducklings hatched ready to be looked after! These experiences have made us grow into independent and inquisitive young learners!



RO What an amazing year we have had in RO – imagining, investigating and most importantly, making new friends. We started the year the best way, with a picnic of homemade gingerbread men and soup as we shared familiar stories. We even built structures for the Three Little Pigs and the Billy Goats Gruff. We continued to explore many fascinating themes through our child-led learning projects from ‘Who Lives in The Woods?’ to ‘Why Don’t Snakes Have Legs?’ During this we had some very special visitors – a real corn snake, a tortoise and a crested gecko who liked to jump! We made videos about all the animals we met. However, one of our favourite memories from this year has been hatching real ducklings during ‘When Will It Hatch?’ We sat quietly nearby their cage, singing lullabies and waiting patiently for a crack to appear. We were so pleased when all six, adorable and healthy ducklings popped out and waddled into our pond! I have enjoyed all our learning and I am so proud of how the children have developed. It has been a year I will never forget.




What an amazing time we have had in 1LB this year! We began the year learning all about dinosaurs where we had our very own museum and even made dino poo. It was very sticky! Then we learnt all about the Great Fire of London and had lots of fun making a mini London and setting it ablaze. After Christmas, our learning started with a bang as an alien crash landed in our playground! We got very creative in this project and made a great art piece of the solar system, moon buggies and even a clay alien! Our last project was the most exciting of all; ‘Rio de Vida’! Our most memorable moment was when we got to let our hair down at our very own carnival. We tried tasty Brazilian food and performed our favourite dance moves to Samba music. We’ve had a brilliant year full of wonderful experiences and memories!



1LH What a fantastic time we have had in 1LH this year, full of exciting and captivating learning projects! Here are the highlights of our wonderful year‌ A dinosaur visited our school and accidentally left behind her precious egg. We used junk modelling to build the city of London before dramatically burning it down to the ground to re-enact the Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys entertained us with his amazing and amusing facts. An alien crash landed their space craft in our playground! The Rio Carnival took place with dancing, music and delicious Brazilian food. Finally the children truly enjoyed performing for their special grown ups in our class assembly, with a perfect rendition of our class song to close.




We have had a brilliant time in 1MH this year! We kicked off the year by learning about some terrifying dinosaurs and we even had a dinosaur leave its eggs in our playground. We couldn’t believe our eyes! We then learnt all about The Great Fire of London with our ‘Bright Lights Big City’ learning project. As part of our learning, we made our own houses during Art and we then created our very own Great Fire of London by setting the houses on fire! A special visitor called Samuel Pepys came to see us and he taught us all about what it was like to live during that time. He was very funny and made lots of jokes! Our favourite project this year has been ‘Rio de Vida’ because we had a super carnival where we showed off our great dance moves and we also tried some yummy Brazilian food. It was the best day! We have had a fantastic time in Year 1!



2C What an amazing class! I am so proud of all of you! We started the year with our learning project ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ which included a visit from some real mini beasts including a real-life tarantula! After that came ‘Land Ahoy!’ We loved learning about pirates especially on our Pirate Day which gave us the chance to dress up as real pirates and even make our own treasure chest. Next came the Christmas production, with wonderful singing and dancing to create a spectacular performance of ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ We travelled back in time to find out all about castles in our learning project ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets”. We loved making our own castles and learning all about knights with Mrs Pickering. We then began ‘Beat, Band, Boogie’ with a music day, performing in our own marching band. In March we were given the news that school was closing, but that didn’t stop us and we faced this challenge amazingly, producing some fantastic work at home and continuing to show that we are fantastic learners no matter what. Well done 2C!




What a year! We began with our ‘Wriggle and Crawl’ project, where we learnt all about different animals and insects. The children had a visit from some mini beasts, and even got to hold them! The next project was ‘Land Ahoy!’, where the children learnt about historical explorers and pirates. The children loved our pirate day, dressing up as pirates, working in teams to find treasure and make a treasure chest, as well dancing to sea shanties. In the New Year, the children learnt about castles during the medieval times in our ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’ project. Finally, the children took part in ‘Beat, Band, Boogie’, where they learnt about different instruments and even got to make their own. They loved joining in with the marching band! This has been an incredible year with a class of wonderful children and I will miss you all!



2I What a fantastic time we have had in 2I this year! Our year began with a very exciting learning project called ‘Wriggle and Crawl’. The highlight of this was a visit from Lion Learners who brought a variety of different reptiles and mini-beasts into school for us to look at and handle. Some brave children even held a snake and a tarantula! Our ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’ learning project was very interesting. The children dressed up in medieval costumes, made a model castle and loved knocking down walls in science! Our class assembly took place during this project and I was very proud to watch how they continued to perform and use extra loud voices when all the microphones stopped working mid-assembly. The show must go on! I have had a fantastic time in 2I this year; they are a lovely group of children and I am looking forward to all of the wonderful things I will hear about them from their future teachers as they move through school.



3B Well, it may not have been a complete year, but 3B certainly managed to pack loads of visits and visitors into our time together. We started off at the beginning of September with a trip to Aldi to buy fruit for our smoothies. Soon after this followed Herd Farm – it was absolutely freezing but that didn’t stop us from having a fun packed day, including setting up camp, learning to throw spears and even catching a deer in the woods! There’s been a lot of ‘making’ including clay pots, flapjack and Greek vases, but possibly the highlight of our year was the day the owls came to school. Twit Twoo!




3L have had a wonderful year of learning! We started off with our Scrumdidlyumptious topic where we enjoyed reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. We designed our own smoothies which included a trip to Aldi to pick all our own ingredients! In Autumn 2, we learnt all about the Stone Age. We went on a trip to Herd Farm and built our own Stone Age settlement – we even got to dress up as warriors! Next, we learnt all about Gods and Mortals. We wrote our own myth and did our class assembly on one of them! In our Predator topic, we learnt all about food chains and life cycles. We also visited an Art gallery and met one of our favourite authors. Well done 3L – some great learning together!




What a fantastic time we have had in 3M! We have loved all the trips this year and have learnt so much. We kicked things off with a visit to Aldi to buy ingredients to make our own delicious smoothies. They were very tasty! For our next project we learnt all about the Stone Age on our trip to Herd Farm. We made our own tepees and dressed up like Neanderthals. During our Predators project, we all showed great bravery when we held a real owl (although some of us were very scared!). We presented everything we had learnt in our fantastic class assembly. We have had a great year and made some wonderful memories!



4B What a year it has been! In September, we went back in time to learn all about the Romans, creating our own helmets and shields ready for battle. Our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic taught us all about the digestive system and healthy eating. In spring term, we became underwater explorers in our topic Blue Abyss. We even wrote letters to Mr Gorton persuading him to use less plastic in school as we tackled plastic pollution. We have become eco-warriors on a quest to save our seas! The highlight of our year has been our swimming lessons. We have all grown in confidence so much and love learning new skills in the pool. Thank you for a fantastic year of learning and your positivity throughout it all. It has been a pleasure teaching you!




In this most unusual of years, 4D have still found time in school to enjoy many exciting learning opportunities and memory making moments. We have been extremely lucky to have not only two teachers this year- Mr Doyle and Miss Cartwright- but also welcome into our classroom an aquarium of fabulous fish. Don’t forget those fish-friendly voices! We have been Roman soldiers, discovering the history of the Roman invasion of Britain. In our Burps, Bottoms and Bile project, we learnt about the human digestive system and we delved to the deepest depths of the oceans in our Blue Abyss topic. We continued the aquatic theme by reading one of our favourite class novels, The Wreck of The Zanzibar. We have worked hard all year, trying to follow our golden rules to be the best that we can be every day. Well done! I’m super proud of you all.



4R What an incredible year this has been, a year unlike any other. 4R had many memorable moments and many exciting learning opportunities. We started the year off by learning about the rampaging Romans, where we made our own Roman soldier costumes and learnt to be fierce Celts. Then we learnt about the human digestive system and sewed our own T-Shirts with the different organs of the body. After that, we went deep into the oceans in our Blue Abyss topic and read our favourite novel, The Wreck of the Zanzibar. We had real fish in our class, learnt how to take care of them and they inspired us to make beautiful Batik cloths. In our Potions topic we learnt how to make amazing exploding concoctions in science and really enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland. Mr Ryan and Ms. Spencer-Milnes are proud of you all!




We have had an absolutely marvellous year in 5AB this year! Despite the lockdown curtailing our time at school, we have had some wonderful learning opportunities and some fantastic memories too. We started the year by studying the Ancient Egyptians, learning about everything from pyramids to pharaohs, mummies to mummifying fish! Additionally, we visited Leeds City Museum to see real artefacts from the time. We then moved onto studying Charles Darwin and his incredible life. We created masterful sketches in his style and we got hands on with a host of strange and interesting creatures. After Christmas, we began learning about the Victorians in our Revolution topic and we also visited Armley Mills and got into character as a child work force; it was terrifying! We also ‘enjoyed’ an afternoon pretending to be Victorian children in school. In our final topic before lockdown, we learned about the heart and even dissected one in class! Incredibly, this year we helped create a 3D replica model of the local area which has been used to discuss local area projects led by the City Council and we all planted a tree on the school boundary.



5F September 2019 dawned and with it, The Pharaohs. 5F began the year learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. This project involved mummifying a fish (don’t mention the smell!) and a visit to the Leeds City Museum where we met a real-life Mummy. As the clocks went back, we began to find out all about Charles Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. Mrs Fox (for the second year running) became OBSESSED with the Blue-Footed Booby whilst the children pretended to investigate different birds’ beaks when really, they were nibbling on Wotsits and raisins. In 2020 the revolution began, the Industrial Revolution. 5F spent the day being Victorians at Armley Mills. The schoolteacher was very fierce, but we survived. Our Victorian Dragons’ Den in the parlour afternoon was a hit with all the parents. We were also inspired by William Morris to create our own floral printing tile and wallpaper. In our last project before lockdown, Blood Heart, we learned about the importance of a healthy heart and enjoyed sprinting around the playground to record resting heart rates. What a fabulous two terms in 5 FANTASTIC!



5L We have had a brilliant time in 5L this year. Although shorter than usual, our time in school was still full of many exciting learning opportunities! For our Pharaohs project in September, we visited Leeds City Museum where we particularly enjoyed getting to see a real-life mummy. Next, we stepped back in time again to the Victorian era and discovered what life was like for Victorian children at Armley Mills. Just when we thought all the excitement was over, we had the chance to become scientists and dissect a sheep’s heart for our Blood Heart project. We definitely won’t be forgetting that anytime soon!




What a year it has been! Mr Feather’s first year in Year Six is not likely to be one he’ll forget. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the growth of the class and the rest of the year group, creating memories that will last forever. The Year Six corridor is always full of energy and this year has been no different, with everyone working hard to reach their goals. The year started with some amazing trips to Whitby and Eden Camp, and ended in lockdown, with a very different way of teaching for both the children and the adults. Anything that has been thrown at this year group, they have taken in their (ever increasing) stride and it has been a privilege to be a part of this portion of their journey. It is safe to say this has been another year I’ll never forget!



6M Back in September, as the siren sounded, we packed our boxes, left our loved ones and we were evacuated to safer places. Luckily for us, we were only acting in role as evacuees and we were back just in time for a trip to Eden Camp. When the war ended, we celebrated in style with our parents at our own VE Day party! It is safe to say, ‘It is a Long Way to Tipperary!’ For many of 6M, we will treasure the action packed three days away we spent together in Whitby. From conquering our fears on Go Ape, to heading out on a very wet and rocky Pirate Ship, the trip provided countless laughs and screams but most importantly, new friendships were forged. Back at school, what a treat it was to explore the galaxies without even leaving the school hall in the Aurora Planetarium! We successfully completed our mission to build a Lego Mars Rover. Spring term certainly provided plenty of new challenges. Creating our Day of the Dead masks and taking a very close look at mini beasts, not to mention putting on a showcase of our Hola Mexico learning! A Mexican Hat Dance, Eastenders, and ‘La Bamba’ on the guitar...what a performance 6M! Learning from home was a new experience for us all. Despite the challenges this year, you have all made me feel very proud and you will be greatly missed.



6P What a year we have had in 6P – we’ve laughed, we’ve sung, we’ve done a Mexican hat dance and we’ve cheered and supported one another throughout it all. Over the course of the year, we have zoomed off to space, been evacuated during the Second World War (some of us panicking we’d left our toothbrushes at home) and got up close and personal with some creepy crawlies! Together we have forged unforgettable memories at Whitby, adventured back in time at Eden Camp and escaped to distant planets in the planetarium! What a journey! This year has been a strange one and there have been lots of challenges along the way but, despite it all, you have shown real determination to be the best you can be! I am so immensely proud of the team spirit you have developed, demonstrating true kindness to one another and a sense of togetherness in everything you do. #Team6P – it truly has been one I will never forget.




The whole of Shakespeare enjoyed a fantastic week centred around World Book Day. Our mini-book worms enjoyed a World Book Day assembly, a book competition and the chance to meet a real author. The week began with an assembly presented by Mrs Fox and the wonderful Reading Ambassadors. The theme of the assembly was ‘Being Different.’ The RAs read the story of ‘Beegu,’ and talked about celebrating differences and the importance of being a good friend. They inspired us to read as they always do. Instead of dressing up on World Book Day, we decided to decorate potatoes as our favourite book characters. The number of entries was overwhelming. The charac’tater competition was a huge success with winners receiving chocolate eggs and bookmarks. Also during this week, each phase had a special visit from an author. Nursery and Foundation Stage welcomed author of the ‘Baby Goz,’ series, Steve Weatherill. KS1 enjoyed a visit from Phil Earle who made everybody laugh! Author, Harry Heape came to visit Years 3 and 4. Harry was REALLY impressed that we had read his books. Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have Liz Flanagan in school to entertain them. Shakespeare’s Year of Reading has included 70 members of staff choosing a child to champion in reading. This means that the teacher and their reading champion will meet weekly to talk about the books they are reading and get excited about books! We’ve also enlisted the help of Mrs Fox’s dog, Stanley to be our Shakespeare Year of Reading Champion. The Stanley Challenge is already underway for many of our young readers. The first ever Shakespeare Family Library took place on March 6th. Several Y3 families joined in the fun and borrowed books from our superb school library. And finally … All the Shakespeare staff are sharing what they are currently reading and what they enjoyed reading as children through library displays, parentstaff book swaps and email footers. It’s the Shakespeare Year of Reading, so we had better all … keeeeep reading!









LEARNING THROUGH LOCKDOWN Whilst learning from home was never part of our original plan for 2020, it did once again show the strength of Team Shakespeare. Parents, children and staff partnered brilliantly throughout to make sure that our children still had daily opportunities to learn. Every child in school and nursery received a home learning pack- over two hundred of which were hand delivered to children’s homes by our staff team. Our virtual learning platform DB Primary was transformed in order for all teachers to be able to offer home learning tasks and speak with their class directly during every day of lockdown. Daily timetables were published to keep us in a routine and working

as a team. Stanley our reading dog set daily reading activities, The PE Team created challenge videos to keep us active, teachers read their favourite books on our YouTube channel AND we all trained to run a mile without stopping!The school building may not have been accessible for most children, but learning certainly did not close down. Weekly newsletters showcased the wonderful work being sent in by all year groups. We are so proud of how well we worked together whilst staying apart. Here are just a few photographs of the lockdown learning that took place. Well done Shakespeare!









OUR PARENT VOICE GROUP Throughout the school year we have lots of opportunities for parents to come into school: class assemblies, meet the teacher sessions, phonics workshops, stay and play mornings- the list goes on! Parent Voice is different as it is an opportunity for parents to be listened to not just listeners. Our sessions run each half term and our January 2020 session saw over 140 parents in attendance. Parents set the agenda and we usually cover 2-3 school topics such as reading at home, school uniform, after school clubs, annual school reports etc. Ideas, suggestions and queries are collected and then we set to work on how to put them into action. At the beginning of every session (after coffee and cake), we give a ‘you said, we did’ update. We really value the views and opinions of our parents and see them as crucial partners in making Shakespeare the best it can be. Here are just a few of the Parent Voice ideas we managed to implement September 2019-March 2020:

  Traffic issues regarding Beckett Street crossing were

raised with the council and we now have a crossing and effective timings for periods of high footfall

  We hosted our first family library complete with

parent requested new book genres

  Parents wanted us to send home less paper

and more texts so we invested in a new text messaging service

  Parents asked for opportunities to volunteer locally

which many then did with Burmantofts Senior Action

A favourite part of each session is meeting representatives from local community partner organisations who share how their provision may be beneficial for parents and families. Here are some of the organisations Parent Voice hosted during this shortened academic year:   Leeds Refugee Forum   Touchstone   Burmantofts Senior Action   Learning Partnerships   Money Buddies   Bridge Community Church

  We hosted an NHS job shop with 50 parents in

  Leeds Citizens

  In December we held our first ever parent volunteer

  Community Connectors


  Catering Leeds

lost property shop

  Several parents attended Highrise Project parent

art workshops after expressing a wish to have an opportunity to make their mark in the local area

  We hosted four in school ESOL courses   Changes were made to the structure of the meet the

teacher sessions as suggested by parents


  NHS and Leeds City Council

Recruitment Team

  Zest   Better Leeds   St Vincent’s   Leeds South and East Foodbank



Here at Shakespeare we believe that our children are the most important people and we strive to give ALL children many opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being.

Our Pupil Voice children represent every child and they support the adults in making key decisions around learning, health and wellbeing. Some of the ways they have done this are:   Improving school meals   Supporting younger

children in small groups

We have lots of ways that the children can do this formally. We have representatives for:

  Organising sports

  School Council

  Ensuring children

 Reading Ambassadors  Arts Ambassadors  Mindmates  Digital Leaders  School Sports Organisers  Eco-Warriors

competitions in and out of school are recycling in their classrooms, around school and the local area

  Organising fundraisers for

local and national charities

We are so proud of every single one of our Pupil Voice representatives!

 Food Ambassadors



THE ARTS AT SHAKESPEARE At Shakespeare, we LOVE The Arts! Children have been involved in lots of amazing opportunities including artwork, drama, dance and musical performances. Not only have our talented children produced wonderful pieces of artwork but they have also had the opportunity to enjoy live performances ranging from folk bands to rock!

Throughout the year, each learning project has been Art focused and the children have researched and designed their work to understand the meaning and inspiration they can take from others.The quality of work has been outstanding and we cannot wait to display them all!






AFTER-SCHOOL SPORT CLUBS Shakespeare always has one of the best offerings of extra-curricular sports clubs across Leeds. This year has once again seen an abundance of children involved in Shakespeare Sports including table tennis, football, gymnastics, dance and netball among others come rain or shine. Many of these have led to children competing in inter school sports competitions and taking up sports outside of school. Every year we increase the offer of sports for the children and this year has been no different, yet the children still want more, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting developments in the coming months!



SHAKESPEARE SCHOOL COUNCIL Back in September, after a nerve-racking campaign week, the votes were counted and verified and our new Shakespeare School Council was announced! However the class representatives did not have long to celebrate before they were given their first job of deciding which local organisation should receive our Harvest Festival donations. Harvest Festival 2019 was a record breaker! Our School Council collected an incredible 138 tins from our generous families; there was so much food, Leeds South Foodbank had to make two trips!

The School Council’s fundraising efforts did not stop there. They worked tirelessly selling Pudsey ears and organised a ‘Spotacular’ non-uniform day for Children in Need, sold poppy items for the Royal British Legion and designed posters encouraging pupils and staff to wear Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. As part of an exciting week filled with Sports Relief fun, the Year 5 and 6 School Council members ran a fruit stall in the playground selling bananas and apples to promote healthy eating and in turn raise money. The fruit stall was a huge success, plenty of fruit was eaten and the money raised was added to this year’s Sports Relief total of £200!

Amongst all the fundraising this year, School Council have even found time to speak regularly in our Pupil Voice Assembly and meet each term to discuss pupils’ suggestions to improve our school through our red post box.

One of the highlights of the year was when the School Council were asked to make a poster for governors, to answer the question ‘How are we listened to in school?’ This gave the children the opportunity to show how their voices and opinions are heard. School Councillors had so many different ideas including the use of chatterboxes in each classroom and the various pupil voice groups across school. Year 5 and 6 representatives delivered a confident presentation and the governors were very impressed. Abuwaqid, Year 6 School Councillor said ‘The School Council was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other pupils and see what it is like to be part of an amazing group. I have never been more proud to be part of an outstanding community, it has definitely been one of my favourite years! ’ Well done to Shakespeare School Council for your fantastic efforts and hard work this year!



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With one of the best offerings of extra-curricular sports clubs across Leeds, this year has once again seen an abundance of children involved in Shakespeare Sports including table tennis, football, gymnastics, dance, netball among others come rain or shine. Many of these have led to children competing in inter school sports competitions for school and taking up sports outside of school. Every year we increase the offer of sports for the children and this year has been no different, yet the children still want more! As we look towards next year, we have dreams of developing more intra-school competitions and the opening of our field in the not too distant future should see even more opportunities for sport at Shakespeare. The school also passed our Healthy Schools Assessment this year with flying colours, which was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase ourselves and show how amazing we really are!

Shakespeare Primary School and Nursery Lincoln Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS9 7NP Tel: 0113 535 1000