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How It Works: How it works: 1. Read the advertisements throughout this gift guide. 1. Read the advertisements throughout this gift guide. 2. Select the participating businesses you would 2. Select the participating businesses you (minimum would like to3 like to receive gift certificates from receive gift certificates from (minimum 3 businesses). businesses). The maximum gift certificate awarded The awarded business will permaximum business gift willcertificate be $150. You mayper choose up to 4 be $150. You must choose up to 4 different businesses. different businesses.

3. at at and andclick 3.Enter Enteronline online on the “Holiday Wishes”Wishes” link. Or fill outOr the click on the “Holiday link. fillHoliday out the Wishes Form by Form listingby youlisting selections HolidayEntry Wishes Entry yourincluding selections the store name dollar amount for theamount gift certificate. including the and store name and dollar for the Dollar amount should notamount exceed $150 pernot store. You may gift certificate. Dollar should exceed use theper form on this page, copythe of this or apage, 4x6 $150 store. You maya use formform, on this card including name, phone, email your address, a copy of thisyour form, or aaddress, 4x6 card including store names and gift certificate amounts. name, address, phone, emaildollar address, store names and gift certificate dollar amounts.

4. Mail “Wish List” to: Holiday Wishes, c/o 4. mail “Wish List” to: Holiday Wishes, c/o The Southern The Southern Illinoisan, 710 N. Illinois Ave., Illinoisan, 710 N. Illinois Ave., P.O. Box 2108, P.O. Box 2108, Carbondale, IL 62901. Entriesby 4 p.m. Carbondale, IL 62901. Entries must be received must be received by30, 4pm Dec. 1st, 2017. Wednesday, December 4, on 2019. on Friday, November 2018. 5.One Onename namewill will drawn at random from eligible 5. bebe drawn at random from eligible entries. The winner be contacted phone orby email by or entries. Thewill winner will be by contacted phone Friday, December 6,4, 2019. Tuesday, December 2018. winner can pickcan up pick email by Friday, Dec. 10th,The 2017. The winner their gift certificates at The Illinoisan’s office up their gift certificates at Southern The Southern Illinoisan’s between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. office between 8am and 4pm Monday – Friday. 6. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. No purchase 6. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. No necessary. One entry per person. purchase necessary. One entry per person. 7. The Southern Illinoisan employees and their families are 7. The Southern Illinoisan employees and their families not eligible to win. are not eligible to win.

Holiday Wishes Entry Form Store Name 1.* 2.* 3.* 4.

Gift Certificate Dollar Amount

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Total $ _________ (not to exceed $250)

Name ____________________________________________ Address __________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Phone: _____________ Email: _______________________ *Must list a minimum of three participating stores. Maximum gift certificate per store not to exceed $150. Mail to: Holiday Wishes, c/o The Southern Illinoisan, 710 N. Illinois Ave, P.O. Box 2108 Carbondale, IL 62901

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The Hartford Courant‌

etailers preparing for Christmas are optimistic about sales and consumers’ buying power despite signs of a slowing economy and the impact of tariffs. The National Retail Federation said Oct. 3 it expects holiday sales to rise by as much as 4.2% this year, twice as fast as in 2018. “Overall, we’re in a pretty good place in terms of getting ready for the holiday season,” said Tim Phelan, president of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association. “Consumer confidence seems to be pretty good.” Black Friday, the traditional kickoff to the Christmas shopping season on the day after Thanksgiving, is Nov. 29. The National Retail Federation said it expects holiday retail sales during November and December to increase between 3.8% and 4.2% over 2018, to between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion. The numbers, which exclude automobile dealers, gas stations and restaurants, compare with an average holiday sales increase of 3.7% over the previous five years. That includes online and other nonstore sales, which the retail group expects to increase by 11% to 14% over last year, to

between $162.6 billion and $166.9 billion. Matthew Shay, president of the retail group, said the U.S. economy is slowing due to “considerable uncertainty around issues including trade, interest rates, global risk factors and political rhetoric.” Still, he said, consumers “are in good financial shape, and retailers expect a strong holiday season.” But consumers “will get out and shop for the holiday season,” Phelan said. The impact of tariffs remains unknown, Shay said. Some items such as apparel, footwear and televisions are subject to tariffs that took effect Sept. 1, and other products will have tariffs applied on Dec. 15. Spokeswoman Amanda Sirica said Westfarms mall in West Hartford, Connecticut, expects “very strong holiday sales.” Retailers are hiring and bringing in merchandise, she said. In preparation for holiday shoppers, Macy’s said it plans to hire about 80,000 seasonal workers for jobs at its Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s stores, call centers and distribution and fulfillment centers for the holiday season. Macy’s said it’s offering full-time, part-time and flexible positions “in anticipation of a busy holiday shopping season.” Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


Last-minute Christmas shoppers at West Farms mall in West Hartford, Connecticut. 4 | Sunday, November 24, 2019






The mounds of advertisements for Black Friday savings can easily entice someone to stray from their budget and take advantage of plastic payments. However, depending on the cost of an item, it’s possible to find yourself paying for the same purchase when the season rolls around next year. Credit cards are great companions for emergencies or when offering points toward travel, fuel or cash-back rewards. But when you begin relying on them for luxury items, spending habits can quickly become harmful. When you’re Black Friday shopping this year, stick to buying items with cash instead of leaning on credit.

Credit card debt statistics

According to the United States Federal Reserve, Americans have $420.22 billion of revolving credit card debt. This epidemic in the country can be managed by spending responsibly and paying down current balances.

The average household will pay an average of $1,141 in interest annually. Overall, Americans with revolving debt face outstanding balances of $6,929, and both revolving and outstanding credit card debt account to $944 billion in America.

Save throughout the year

Learning to save throughout the year can lessen the urge you feel to rack up credit card debt for the holidays. One efficient way to ensure funds are intact for Black Friday is by opening a holidaysavings account. You can also get a better understanding on your spending habits to find areas where you can improve. Take advantage of applications that track where your money is going to visualize a better strategy for savings.

When credit cards make sense

If you plan to purchase high-cost items this holiday season, using a credit card that offers rewards can be great way to build points — if you can pay off the balance before interest is charged. Search offers from lenders for perks like travel, fuel and cash-back opportunities.

GIFT A GREAT GAME THIS YEAR! 529-5317 • 207 W. Main Street, Carbondale Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-6 GAMES & BOOKS




nesses, more of your money stays in town and benefits the rest of the community. According to the organization Independent We Stand, for every $100 spent at a local shop, $68 stay in community. Local business owners are inspired to give back to the neighbors who keep their doors open. Many shops purchase their products from other nearby sources and contribute to charitable causes to benefit their community. the busy holiday season that e-commerce retailers experience. Know what you’re getting Shopping local can actually save you Sure, one- or two-day shipping is a time and eliminate the risk of having to great option for last-minute shoppers, but explain to a loved one that their item is in what happens when the product is shipped the reshipment process during a gift exincorrectly or damaged? Claiming a de- change. The best way to know exactly what you Benefit to your community fective item or reaching out for a refund When you shop at locally owned busi- can be time-consuming, especially during are buying is to get it in person. GREEN SHOOT MEDIA

he convenience of online shopping is keeping more buyers at home as they avoid crowds at local businesses. However, buying in-person comes with many advantages, both for consumers and their community’s economy. One negative aspect often overlooked with online shopping is its impact on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates transportation of goods burns 1.1 billion gallons of fuel and creates one-billion metric tons of CO2 annually.

20 Anniversary

at the

du quoin state fairgrounds U.S. hwy 51

Open Nightly Thanksgiving through December 30th 5:30-9:30PM For more information visit M 6 | Sunday, November 24, 2019


Brick-and-mortar stores are no strangers to the competitiveness they face from online retailers. Check your local businesses for in-store promotions to find great savings this holiday season. One way to discover limited-time offers is by signing up for a company’s newsletters or asking them about deals in person.

During the first three weekends in December admission also includes


Holiday Lights Fair

In-store promotions

• • • • •

Food and Craft Vendors Free Live Music Free Train Rides Free Kids’ Corner Free Visits with Santa

• Free Door Prizes • Gorgeous Decorations • Model Train Displays

And Much More!

Exhibition Hall Open

Dec. 6-7-8 • 13-14-15 • 20-21-22

New! Model Racetrack and Race Cars Display Admission Paid at Front Gate Family Vehicle Commerical Carriers & Tour Buses

$10 $1 per person

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors!

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is key for small businesses GREEN SHOOT MEDIA

‌ lack Friday creates the perfect opporB tunity to draw attention to your small businesses’ products or services. Offering a deal that consumers can’t resist is also a way to gain new customers and remain relevant throughout the year. If you haven’t taken advantage of the influx in retail attention that occurs during the holiday season, here are some tips to get started.

Brag on social media

A recent study from the group Global Web Index shows 54 percent of social browsers are using social media to research products before purchasing. You can reach a broad audience by advertising Black Friday deals on sites that promote sharing and encourage commenting.

Don’t be afraid to boast about what makes your product or service different and how consumers will benefit from investing.

Offer a promotional gift

One way to bring crowds to your small business during a Black Friday event is by offering a promotional gift with every purchase. It shouldn’t be an expensive giveaway, but rather a small token of appreciation that they will remember. Consider branding the gift with your logo or business name to keep the thought of your service in the forefront of a consumer’s mind.

Skip the early morning

For the most positive attention, don’t try to compete with a large retailer’s Black Friday extravaganzas. Most of the community will be visiting their stores early in the

Shop Local this Holiday Season

Holidayy Gif Gifts for or yyour entire list!

• Lighted canvas art • Travel Cups • Festive Wall Signs • Unique ornaments • Red Truck Christmas Items • Art poles • Whimsical wall art • Farmhouse decor • Primitive candles Visit us at

One mile west of Rt. 148 in Herrin on the Herrin-Colp Hwy.

NURSERY & LANDSCAPE SERVICE 8 | Sunday, November 24, 2019


Mon.-Sat. 8-5 p.m. Sun. 12-5 p.m.


morning to take advantage of the deep discounts they offer for expensive items. Instead, try to avoid the early morning rush by scheduling your event in the afternoon. This gives exhausted shoppers a chance to catch their breath after the first wave of a shopping experience. Be sure to include the scheduled time in your marketing campaign by sending emails to subscribers and announcing it

on social media.

Reveal new products

Whether you’re advertising in an e-commerce market or a brick-and-mortar store, save product reveals for Black Friday. You can build anticipation by leaving fliers around your neighborhood or freshening your website’s product page with a countdown for the unveiling.

HERRIN DRUG Snowmen Bell Choir Wireless, lights up and replicates the sound of a bell choir

Holiday Wall Art Creative art to add cheer! Just in! Wind and Willow An assortment of soups, and hot and cold dips.

116 N. Park Ave. Herrin



on Small Business Saturday GREEN SHOOT MEDIA

Since 2010, Small Business Saturday has been a chance for small and local businesses to take the spotlight during the holiday season. Organized by American Express, it occurs the day after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday, with it falling on Nov. 30 this year. After the festivities of your Thanksgiving gathering, prepare to show support to the small businesses that make your community unique.

Look for deals

While your local businesses may not include their doorbuster advertisements in the same holiday newspaper as national chains, it can still be easy to find great deals. Take advantage of their social media pages or in-store promotions to find offers. Check with your favorite small business about signing up for their newsletter. Once you’re a member, they can email you about their discounted deals during the holidays

and year-round. Small Business Saturday is a great way to learn more about the unique shops in your town and find a new favorite shopping center.

By the numbers

Check out more reasons to support Small Business Saturday, from the company who created the event, American Express:  When you spend $100 in your local market, $68 will stay in the local community, whereas only $43 remains when shopping at a national chain.  In 2018, U.S. consumers reported spending a record high of about $17.8 billion at independent retailers and restaurants.  96 percent of consumers say Small Business Saturday makes them want to shop small all-year long, not just over the holidays.  There were more than 7,500 Neighborhood Champions who rally their community to celebrate the shopping experience in 2018.

Heirloom Quality Original Designs for your Holidays Exclusively at... Carbondale, IL


Made in Belleville, IL

Primitive Holiday Gifts...

6 lines of candles: 1803,Black Crow,McCalls, Bridgewater,cheerful Giver and our own Raggedy Sisters Country creation dips Jelly and jams Montana Silver jewelry Custom built furniture Embroidery Thread & Blocks Handmade Goods

211 East Main Street Du Quoin, IL • 618-542-6644

Primitive Home Decor Gifts & Crafts

Tuesday-Friday 10-5 saT.10-3 sunday and Monday closed

Rt. 13 at Reed Station Rd., 618.529.5888 SHOP LOCAL GIFT GUIDE | SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 |


toy The best



BestReviews ‌

oys are one of the best parts of childhood, allowing kids to learn, explore their imaginations, and just have fun. Toys can run the gamut from simple stuffed animals to complex electronics and anything in between. What was popular a few years ago probably won’t be the hot toy these days, though. Finding just the right toy requires a bit of work and understanding about what’s available on the market now. That’s why we’ve created a buying guide to help you make the best decision. Our top pick is the Sphero Star Wars Robot, which encourages interactive play for the child alone or with multiple members of the family.

Considerations when choosing toys

such as electronics or board games. Other toys demand use outdoors, such as sports equipment.

Toys we recommend


Best of the best: Sphero’s Star Wars Robot

Once you’ve determined the overall categories you’d like to see in a toy, there are some types of toys you can consider:


Toys that involve game-playing can be board games, card games, sports games, or video games. Games are a versatile type of toy because they often can be played alone, with others, indoors or outdoors.


Figurines are popular toys for many children. Some won’t have a high price point, resulting in a budget-friendly gift. Figurines can include dolls, stuffed animals and action figures. They’re available in almost any size, and some will provide electronic feedback.


Group play vs. solo play


A free play toy doesn’t have any rules, allowing the child to use his or her imagination. A structured play toy has rules that must be followed. Both types of toys have their advantages.

Electronic vs. non-electronic

Many modern toys involve some sort of power source, allowing the toy to provide visual and audio feedback. Others have no electronic component, such as a basic doll or a basketball. Again, both types have advantages.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Some toys are only able to be used indoors because they cannot become wet or dirty, 10 | Sunday, November 24, 2019

Best bang for your buck: Anki’s Overdrive Starter Kit „„ Our take: For those who love little toy cars, this toy is the next step for-

ward, merging technology with toy cars.

„„ What we like: Allows players to build their own “battle” tracks, keeping

the game fresh. Multiple ages will have fun with this toy. „„ What we dislike: Some of the cars will lose their grip on the track if you generate too much speed.

Real life

We’ve collected a few categories of toys you should consider before purchasing one:

Free play vs. structured play

keep the whole family engaged ... even the family pet. „„ What we like: Includes both the toy hardware and an app for interactive play. Multiple settings are available to keep play time fresh. „„ What we dislike: Design would be better if there was a speaker on the actual robot toy, rather than just using the smartphone speaker.

Building types of toys can be fun for one or multiple people. Some building toys have instructions to follow to create a certain shape or item. Others allow for imaginative building, where there are no set guidelines. Building toys aimed at older kids can even involve creating working electronics.

Some toys are made to allow children to mimic real life. Kids can use these toys to pretend they are adults, trying out different professions, or they can act out scenes from their lives at school or on the playground.

Some toys, such as board games, are made for more than one person to play. Others are made for one person, such as a handheld video game. However, the majority of toys can be played with alone or with multiple people.

„„ Our take: Fun toy that you can use to

Kids’ toys that double as vehicles include tricycles, bicycles, scooters, skateboards and electric riders. Some of these toys help the child exercise, while others are made only for riding. These toys can be dangerous if not used properly, so always follow age-appropriate guidelines.


Another reason toys make a great gift is because there is such a wide range of potential price points. Some toys are as inexpensive as $1 or $2, while others can cost $500 or more. You can always find a toy to fit in a budget. Kyle Schurman is a writer for BestReviews. BestReviews is a product review company with a singular mission: to help simplify your purchasing decisions and save you time and money. BestReviews never accepts free products from manufacturers and purchases every product it reviews with its own funds. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


Choice 3: Peg Perego’s John Deere Tractor with Trailer „„ Our take: Kid-sized tractor has multiple

power settings, ensuring the child can drive it safely and stay in control. „„ What we like: Toy made for outdoor play, encouraging kids to put down their screens. Includes a trailer for towing small items. „„ What we dislike: Some questions regarding build quality. Needs plenty of open space to use it properly.

FAQ Q. What is a STEM toy? A. STEM is short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. So, a STEM toy will draw from one or more of these categories. Q. How do I find age-appropriate toys? A. Many toys will have a recommended age range printed on the box. This is a good starting point most of the time.

The best home tool sets Best of the best: WORKPRO’s 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Set „„ Our take: With over 300 pieces, this set probably contains every hand tool you’ll

ever need.

„„ What we like: One of the most comprehensive kits around,

containing quality chrome vanadium tools. Proper screwdrivers is a plus. Good range of sockets extends use into the garage. „„ What we dislike: This is a fairly large investment and may be overkill for some.

Sweet Treats & Goodlies

Cookies, Coco Mixes, Ginger Bread, Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Cider Mixes, Truffles and so much more! Now Open Sundays 12pm-5pm

Best bang for your buck: CARTMAN’s Orange 39-Piece Tool Set „„ Our take: This includes all the basic tools for the new homeowner. „„ What we like: Cheap 39-piece tool set has all the essential for small repairs and

other household jobs. Convenient case. High-visibility accents on tools mean you shouldn’t step on them or loose them. „„ What we dislike: Made for occasional DIY use only. Some parts might need replacing after minimal use. Choice 3: Apollo Precision Tools’ 53-Piece Household Tool Kit „„ Our take: Well thought-out set. Handy for a variety of home DIY jobs. „„ What we like: Very useful 53-piece home tool set has all the tools you’ll reach for

on a regular basis and nothing there to bulk up the numbers. Good value.

„„ What we dislike: Variable quality control. Case fit can be poor.

Flowers, Fine Gifts & Gourmet Rt. 13 at 1200 N. Market Marion • 618.997.9411

l l e S e W

h t m r Wa (618) 529-2313 222 W Freeman Downtown Carbondale, IL SHOP LOCAL GIFT GUIDE | Sunday, November 24, 2019 |


The best home tool sets Best of the best: WORKPRO’s 322-Piece Home Repair Hand Tool Set „„ Our take: With over 300 pieces, this set probably contains every hand tool you’ll

ever need.

„„ What we like: One of the most comprehensive kits around,

containing quality chrome vanadium tools. Proper screwdrivers is a plus. Good range of sockets extends use into the garage. „„ What we dislike: This is a fairly large investment and may be overkill for some.

Sweet Treats & Goodlies

Cookies, Cocoa Mixes, Ginger Bread, Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Cider Mixes, Truffles and so much more! Now Open Sundays 12pm-5pm

Best bang for your buck: CARTMAN’s Orange 39-Piece Tool Set „„ Our take: This includes all the basic tools for the new homeowner. „„ What we like: Cheap 39-piece tool set has all the essential for small repairs and

other household jobs. Convenient case. High-visibility accents on tools mean you shouldn’t step on them or loose them. „„ What we dislike: Made for occasional DIY use only. Some parts might need replacing after minimal use. Choice 3: Apollo Precision Tools’ 53-Piece Household Tool Kit „„ Our take: Well thought-out set. Handy for a variety of home DIY jobs. „„ What we like: Very useful 53-piece home tool set has all the tools you’ll reach for

on a regular basis and nothing there to bulk up the numbers. Good value.

„„ What we dislike: Variable quality control. Case fit can be poor.

Flowers, Fine Gifts & Gourmet Rt. 13 at 1200 N. Market Marion • 618.997.9411

l l e S e W

h t m r Wa (618) 529-2313 222 W Freeman Downtown Carbondale, IL SHOP LOCAL GIFT GUIDE | Sunday, November 24, 2019 |


Thoughtful gifts for the avid learner


his holiday season is your chance to give someone a whole new skillset. According to the Harvard Medical School, successful active aging requires more than being physical as challenging oneself to tackle new hobbies can enhance cognitive abilities and mental health. If you have a loved one on your list who loves to learn, consider purchasing lessons in these unique fields to promote brain activity and introduce someone to their new favorite hobby.

Lessons are important for beginners and those who haven’t held a brush for some time. An expert can show them different ways to express themselves and open new creative avenues. When choosing a location for a lesson, consider the recipient’s experience and confidence in their ability. They may be more comfortable with a private instructor or feel more at home in a public class where multiple painters partake and share their experiences.

Music Lessons

Learning a second language can be a rewarding experience for someone. Whether they use it to propel their career or simply challenge their mind, it can be a gateway to researching and understanding different cultures. You can find in-person lessons, online tutors and even programs that use software to teach users. Consider your loved one’s schedule to ensure the type of lesson you gift them will work with their lifestyle.

Learning to play an instrument doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. Most entry-level guitars, keyboards and drums can be found in value packs with great savings. When purchasing this type of gift, it’s a good idea to start with an inexpensive option in case the recipient loses interest in the new skill. Another gift you should consider is a professional music lesson. This will help

Learn a New Language

someone with little knowledge of an instrument learn at their own pace. It’s easy for self-learners to overlook the beginning steps when learning an instrument and moving too fast. Leaving behind the basics of music can hinder the progress they

experience with their new venture.

Painting Lessons

Becoming a quality painter can provide an artist with a stress-relieving outlet and even turn into more than a hobby.

Bundles of joy: Gifts for expectant parents I

f holidays aren’t joyous enough, choosing a gift for parents expecting a new baby can add to the excitement. From interactive toys to smart gadgets, the new parents on your list will love unwrapping a gift to prepare for their newborn’s debut. When searching for baby products, the American Academy of Pediatrics urges us to buy new. Investing in used items like cribs, strollers or car seats can put a little one at risk if it is past the expiration date or was mistreated by a previous owner. This year, pledge to only introduce goods that are still in the box to ensure they meet the strict safety standards set by its manufacturers.

12 | Sunday, November 24, 2019

Futuristic Swings

A baby swing provides infants with a peaceful, soothing motion, but modern technology has stepped in to change the way they relax. Parents can take advantage of preset sway settings to find their child’s favorite swinging or gliding motions. Many modern swings offer Bluetooth to stream music from any smart device. To provide premium comfort, look for options that offer different recline positions and a plush or breathable cushion.

Convertible Car Seats

A convertible car seat can take a child from infant to booster, all in one purchase. The AAP suggests


kids should rely on additional support from a car seat or booster until they are between the ages of eight and twelve or have reached 4 feet, 9 inches. Since most convertible seats are built to support older children too, some require an additional insert, often sold separately. Avoid gifting a car seat that isn’t ready for the trip home from the hospital.


For active moms and dads, consider gifting them a stroller that’s suitable for jogging. Daily use options make navigating tight corners at the grocery store easier and many include waterproof pouches, so the rain won’t slow anyone down.

Fabulous gifts for the sports fanatic


oes someone in your life bleed the colors of their favorite sports team? If so, finding a gift to make an impression on them can be easily done. From gear to memorabilia, sports fans take pride in presents that remind them of their team and proudly showcase their love of the game.

may take some research and efforts to authenticate, so make sure you begin the hunt long before the holiday arrives. A good place to start your search is at a local collectible shop. They can point you in the right direction of reputable sources for items like signed balls, posters and team pictures. If you decide to venture to an e-commerce outlet, make sure they have Attire great ratings from other users and have An easy and popular gift for a sports a proven record of quality transactions. fan is a licensed jersey recognizing their favorite player. You may have to do a little Custom art pieces more digging to source a throwback jersey, For many professional sports teams, but it can be a rewarding experience that there are photographs which capture hisfamiliarizes yourself with a loved one’s torical moments and are easily recognized passion. If the vendor allows, you can by fans. Consider printing these images make your present even more personal on high-quality paper and framing them. by ordering their last name or nickname For a more customizable option, commison the back. sion a local artist in your area to reimagine the moment. If you are unsure where to Memorabilia find these talented creators locally, conAutographed pictures can be welcome sider stopping by a local art gallery or visit accessories in offices, man caves or she an event where artists show their latest sheds. Finding legitimate memorabilia pieces. © ADOBE STOCK


Holiday Christmas Festival Bring the Entire Family! amily! • Free Parade • Free Concerts • Free Shuttle Rides • Free Photos with Santa • Free Hotdogs for Kids Under 12

For more information call 1-800-373-7007

Saturday December 7, 2019 Sunday December 8, 2019

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This Coupon Good for $10 off an Annual Family Membership Ph: (618) 529-5431 1237 E. Main St, sp. 1048, University Mall Carbondale IL, 62901 Limit one per customer

Expires: Jan 1st, 2020


. t S n o t g n i h s a W 119 N. rbondale, IL Ca 8

0 3 3 7 5 4 ) 8 (61

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14 | Sunday, November 24, 2019


Purposeful gifts for the resolution guru


nce the busy holiday season is over, Americans set their goals and expectations as they welcome the new year. Find out what your loved one is committed to accomplishing as the calendar turns to find them the perfect gift to assist them.

Getting in Shape

When your recipient plans to improve their health, show your support by providing them with tools to enhance their efforts. Look for workout clothing that they can wear while they burn extra calories and socialize at the gym. At-home workout equipment is another idea to help them stick to a new physical lifestyle. Affordable options like dumbbells, pull-up bars and informative workout guides are great ideas to consider. Also consider a cookbook that lays out recipes for quick and healthy meals they can prepare to help their body recover from workouts.

Travel More

Many Americans make a New Year’s resolution to leave their comfort zone and travel to see more of the country. They can benefit from prepaid credit cards, books

about the best places to visit, and new clothing to accommodate the weather of their planned destinations. If you have a credit card that racks up mileage points, talk to your cardholder about transferring your rewards to help them hit the road. You can also consider investing in luggage for their trips like suitcases with wheels, carry-on bags with plenty of storage and cases to hold all their gadgets.

Appreciate Nature

Spending time outdoors can give people an overwhelming sense of awe. Witnessing the natural wonders like mountains, canyons or lush forestry gives us a new perspective of the world we live in. Help your loved one along on their commitment to enjoy nature by gifting them with gear like tents and cooking tools. You should also consider items to keep them safe while navigating the trails. Some high-end options include GPS systems, satellite communication equipment and fire-starting kits. Ensure those who are committed to becoming in tune with nature have the resources to reach out to others in times of emergencies.

Savory gifts for the wine connoisseur


or many, drinking wine is more about the experience rather than having a glass to relax and settle down for the evening. Some appreciate the exquisite combination of pairing it with the perfect food, while others are satisfied by checking out local vineyards to learn about the process. An exciting adventure to give your favorite wine lover is an all-exclusive trip to nearby wineries. Try to schedule it for a weekend where they are hosting live events like music or special tastings to get the most out of the experience. Don’t forget to be responsible by appointing a designated driver or hiring the service of a party bus or limousine driver to make the visit even more luxurious. For the at-home wine fanatic, here are some innovative ideas to take their tasting to the next level.

Wine Preserver

Preserve the freshness of an opened bottle of wine with a preservation system. They work by sealing a bottle to air-tight conditions to keep oxygen and taste-altering bacteria out for a fresh glass, every time.

Digital Thermometer

Different wines perform best at their ideal temperature. Your gift recipient can monitor the condition of their favorite bottle with this thermometer that mounts around the neck. Its compact design makes it easy to store in any drawer in the kitchen or as a pleasing decoration on a wine cooler.

Decorative Wine Holders

Every proper wine enthusiast love displaying their favorite bottles as a part of a home-design scheme. Consider someone’s current home aesshower beer, but for wine fanatics there your loved one with this fun gadget so they thetic to match the new centerpiece to the Shower Wine Glass Holder hasn’t been a solution to enjoy a relaxing can bring their favorite drink with them in same color temperature and type of material. You are probably familiar with the glass in while rinsing off – until now! Gift the shower or tub. SHOP LOCAL GIFT GUIDE | Sunday, November 24, 2019 |


Marion IL





11/18/19 through 12/31/19

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16 | Sunday, November 24, 2019


Thanks to our vendors, toys supplied for kid testing and Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, products sell out early or fail to arrive on photography are now in the hands of children in need. schedule. Prices/product descriptions are subject to change. © 2018 The Good Toy Group®.

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Southern Illinois Shop Local Guide - 2019  

Check out the 2019 Shop Local guide and don't forget to enter our Shop Local Contest at WWW.THESOUTHERN.COM/CONTESTS.

Southern Illinois Shop Local Guide - 2019  

Check out the 2019 Shop Local guide and don't forget to enter our Shop Local Contest at WWW.THESOUTHERN.COM/CONTESTS.