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4 January 2012 – 10 January 2012


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2012: YOUR WISHES Happy New Year! Some of our readers’ dreams for 2012 are...


APPY New Year to my incredible wife Tamarah, Thank you for being the amazing person you are. May 2012 be even better than 2011 and can’t wait for our wedding in SA! Best wishes to all at The South African newspaper. Chris Packer, Beckenham, Kent (from Port Shepstone)


HHP: From Maftown to London Town | p7 HHP, better known as Jabba and arguably the single biggest rap artist in Southern Africa, recently visited the UK to rock some live shows, make some contacts, do the rounds at the radio stations and generally try to pave the way for African hip hop in UK.

Remember this festive season when you’re eating your dinner, smiling and laughing, that in another house there’s an empty chair where a hero should be sitting. They gave up their lives so you could sit with your family, so light a candle for the heroes who did not make it back and for those who are still serving out in Afghanistan. I currently haven’t served in Afghanistan, but I have numerous friends who have. I have however served in the Mediterranean for four months, so I know what being away from the UK and more important family is like. This time next year my unit 40 CDO will be on tour in Afghanistan, I just wanted my thoughts to go out to the families that are left behind and can’t hear from their loved ones. Louis Karovsky, member of the HM Royal Marines (from Johannesburg) I would like to see the release of the South African couple Debbie and Bruno Pelizzari by the Somali continued on page 3...

Better or worse: What I saw in Zimbabwe | p13 Zimbabwean Gordon GlynJones went back to Harare recently, where he witnessed the ‘Zimbabwe shuffle’, new houses for Mugabe and Tsvangirai, and some young people returning.

Nadine Gordimer at Southbank Centre | p8

From top left (clockwise): Louis Karovsky, Tracy Engelbrecht, John Mason and Chris Packer

South African Nobel Prize winning novelist Nadine Gordimer will be coming to London as part of the Southbank Centre’s Literature and Spoken Word Festival, which runs from January to March 2012.



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Zuma’s approval rating down New Year’s wishlists STAFF REPORTER

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma’s approval rating in metro areas has shown a slow decline since September, according to a survey by marketing group TNS. “President Zuma’s approval level for October/November stabilised at 48% of metro adults, compared with 45% in September in a year of greater

stability in the readings,” TNS head of innovation Neil Higgs said of the survey released last month. Higgs said that in 2009 Zuma’s approval levels were good when they averaged in the mid-fifties. The survey was conducted among 2,000 South Africans from the seven major metropolitan areas, face-to-face in their homes.

SA is a future renewable energy mecca


WITH 28 independent wind farms and solar power projects now on the drawing board – and national electricity supplier Eskom coming to the party – South Africa will soon be leading the continent in green energy, according to Media Club South Africa. The majority of South Africa’s new renewable energy projects will be located in the Cape with its abundant potential to tap into sun and wind energy. Of the 28 independent power producers of wind and solar energy who were successful in the first bidding process of the Department of Energy, 24 will be located in South Africa’s Northern, Eastern and Western Cape. The other four projects are earmarked for the Free State (1), the North-West (1) and two in Limpopo. With the new green projects a total of 1415 MW clean energy could become available for South Africa’s growing energy demands by no later than 2016. The IPP programme has a further 2 209MW in renewable projects available in the second window of allocations which will be concluded in March 2012. The South African government has set itself an overall target of 3725 MW of energy generated from large-scale green technology by 2025.

...from page 1 pirates. Secondly I would like to see Robert Mugabe arrested on his arrival in South Africa. John Mason, South Africa Wishes for 2012? That’s easy. How long have you got? As the founder of Young Mom Support, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting young moms in the Cape Town area, I wish for... More time to do what we do. I’m a single mom of two and I work fulltime at the day job – Young Mom Support is strictly a weekend and evening job. I’d love to be able to do it full time and still support my family, but we’re a long way from that yet. I wish for the lottery sometimes. More money to do what we do. We want to grow, provide training, educational and work opportunities for our moms, and continue to help out with emergency food supplies for families desperately in need.

I wish for a place of our own, with offices and a venue to hold our meetings. A comfortable, safe environment where shy moms can drop in for a chat, a cup of tea and a helping hand. I wish to recognise my family for all the hard work they put into the group – my parents, children, sister and nephew give their time and love to our moms and I can’t thank them enough. I wish for our moms to find themselves in safe, happy and healthy places – in their families, relationships, homes and communities. Most of all,I hope that in 2012 I’m able to continue what we started this year – sharing that love, support and hope that we are so blessed with. Tracy Engelbrecht, Cape Town To share your wishes for 2012, leave a comment on this story at



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MERRY AND BRIGHT: The South African ended 2011 off with a bang at its annual contributors Christmas party at The Larrik Inn, Fulham.

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summer 2011 was pathetic: they included showing up at Clapham Junction a day late, talking about the man whose death started everything, and getting his name wrong. ROB BOFFARD And yet, neither major party is able to throw up a more suitable candidate. So the mayoral battle comes down to a spitting match GREETINGS to you in the future. I between a man who keeps newts, do hope that your jetpack is working and one who assumes that an endless as advertised, your implants are supply of epithets qualifies him to immune to malfunction and your run a city. communication with that spunky This is a battle which will be life-form on Pluto is coming along fought in that most public of arenas: nicely. You’ll forgive this amateur the tube. Livingstone promises, attempt at time travel, but I write this perhaps somewhat unrealistically, in very late 2011. The first edition to lower fares. Boris wants to of this newspaper arrives in your raise them, in the hope that it will holo-box on 4 January 2012, and modernise the tube and prepare it there is just no way I’m going to be for the Olympics. What they both recovered from New Year’s Eve by fail to realise is this: you can posture then. Sorry. and pose and promise Still, you’d be “You can posture and as much political forgiven for thinking poppycock as you that 2012 was a year pose and promise prefer, but it ain’t when time threw up as much political going to fix the tube. its hands and just poppycock as you You’d be hard plain gave up on the prefer, but it ain’t pressed to find a human race. You going to fix the tube” UK public service mean to say that Ken more dysfunctional Livingstone and Boris than the London Underground. Johnson are both the favourites It is gobsmackingly expensive, to win the London Mayoral uncomfortable, crowded, mostly Election…again? late and staffed by endlessly striking Bloody hell, I wrote about that workers who seem to expect back in 2008. I barely remember Londoners to sympathise with them what the world was like back then. for earning only £40,000 a year. I’ll Had we evolved legs? Was fire vote for anybody who can fix it. And invented? right now, neither Boris nor Ken is If you live in London, like it or not, up to the job. you’re going to be subjected to a Still, we’re getting one of them, public mud-slinging match between like it or not. Unless…what if there two men both eminently unqualified was a hung ballot? What if Boris to lead London. Ken did alright and Ken had to form a coalition? for a while, but after one too many Who would lead? Who would Venezuelan peace festivals and not be deputy? Would they share an enough actual dealing with groundoffice? A secretary? Would Boris level problems London sent him feed Ken’s newts cyanide? packing. They put Boris in his place Perhaps I should work on my – an inspired choice at the time, but time-travel technology. The future let’s be honest: the man has done sod-all. His response to the riots of might be brighter than I thought.

Shoot the mayor

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political and economic, pale in the desire to lose that weight, ride that bike, be organic – I think it’s a Zen thing. After the excess of the festive season, calm and restraint are the KAREN buzzwords – for a while. And therein lies the DE VILLIERS rub. It seldom lasts. Are we just creatures of little stamina? Old habits like winter blankets? Why do we find it so difficult to stick to just one of these choices we utter on Old Year’s Eve? On all counts guilty as charged. And worst BEFORE all else, Happy New Year! I hope it of all, I don’t wait for the dawn of a new year will be as plump and full of exciting surprises to promise change. I do it on a regular basis. as you want it to be. Normally the morning after the night before – The age-old tradition of New Year’s too much liquor, too much of everything Resolutions always lurks somewhere and I resolve Never, Ever to do it again. “Carrots and behind Santa and the The new me, I swear to myself, begins cranberry Christmas pudding. today. Carrots and cranberry juice will be Some made before the victorious over samoosas and vino – how juice will be clock strikes, others hard can it be? I am still mumbling the victorious over mantra today. And fail miserably. Oh dear already broken. We are so fickle. I read samoosas and abused body, if only I get myself to run somewhere that the down the road, with Adidas all over my vino – how hard body, rather than have to pull my stomach beginning of the year is the biggest coup for in when I see my hideous posture in a shop can it be?” gym memberships, window – bad person, weak nature. of which more than It is all so disconcerting. If I am so useless, two thirds will never be used after the first few and I am not alone I know, at sticking to small months. Along with the determination to sculpt changes, how can I possibly commit at the a new body from the lard beneath the skin, to beginning of 2012? Actually think the steps stop EVER having another drink which always are the same I promised to take last year, leads to a bottle, and the smoking thing, we and the last, and the last. Ugh! Maybe I have always seem to wait until the end of the season the blanket complex, or am just pathetic at to decide how to improve our lives. commitment on all levels. If one has to be honest, how often do we So, I have resolved – tee hee, that apart make resolutions that include becoming a from the Body Beautiful in the making, and kinder human being? Or working harder, the clean living, to set my sights on more joining a charity and giving our time to important issues. Like changing the world. volunteer somewhere? Have never heard World Peace. Making a difference in someone someone saying that their January resolve will else’s life – seems a lot simpler than losing ten be to clean up the planet or save the dolphins – pounds and sprinting up the Wimbledon Hill. not a chance. All the horrors of the past year;

The Odds – New Year Resolutions

7 | 4 January 2012 – 10 January 2012 |


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From MafTown to London town SA rappers HHP and Tuks Senganga hit London to pave the way for African hip-hop in the UK

ROB BOFFARD SAYING the music industry can be tough is a bit like saying that the British winter gets a bit nippy. Trying to launch a career is tough. So is trying to get on the charts, record a hit single, decide on a band name – it’s all one big uphill slog. But hardest job in music? The one no-one has ever really accomplished? Trying to launch African hip-hop as a movement in the UK. That’s a bit of a doozy. Last week, South Africa’s HHP was trying to do exactly that. HHP is more formally known as Hip-Hop Pantsula, but hardly anybody calls him that anymore. To millions of fans, he’s just Jabba, drawn from his birth name Jabulani Tsambo. Jabba is Mafikeng–raised: a portly, perpetually smiling MC who is arguably the biggest rap artist in Southern Africa. He nearly singlehandedly dragged Setswana rap – or motswako, as it’s known – into the national music consciousness. He had come to the UK with his buddy Tuks Senganga to rock some live shows, make some contacts, do the rounds at the radio stations and generally try to make it as easy as possible for others to do the same. “We’re trying to pave the way for African rap music in London,” said HHP. “And if it means I won’t sleep for four days, hey, so be it!” He’s exaggerating, but Tuks and HHP still struggled. The former got



Africa Centre Comedy on Sundays Date Sunday 8 January 2012 Venue 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8JT The best in African and Caribbean Comedy from the UK and beyond featuring Paul Ricketts, Lateef Lovejoy and Joe K on 1 Jan, and Annette Fagon, Lateef Lovejoy and Nabil Abdulrashid on 8 Jan. £8. Details: uk/events South African Celebrity Ski Week in Austria Date: 21 to 28 January 2012 Venue: St Johann in Tirol, Austria Rugby legends Naas Botha and Bob Skinstad have been confirmed as the latest celebrities to join the South African Celebrity Ski Week in Austria from 21 to 28 January 2012. Join them, Kurt Darren, Elvis Blue and other SA celebs for a fun-filled week of exciting evenings and exhilarating skiing at St Johann in Tirol. Book on OR

grilled by customs officials as he tried to enter the country, and their first show – an industry showcase at a London club – suffered from poor sound. So despite appearances on BBC 1Xtra and a huge amount of networking, it was – well, it was tough. Still, if there’s one person you pick to do this job, it’s Jabba. At home, he’s managed the difficult task of appealing to both the 5FM crowd and the backpack-andhoodie-rocking guys outside the club, winning multiple awards and dropping eight albums in the process. It’s easy to see why he’s so loved: he is effortlessly charismatic, with a hugely distinctive, smoky voice, and fond of rambling stories and examples to get his point across. At one point, an innocuous question about a new track he’s on – ‘People Power’, which teams him with several other artists (including Talib Kweli and Angelique Kidjo) in a fiery song about climate change for the organisation – leads to a rich vein of stories and metaphors as he explains why, despite not wanting to be involved in what could potentially have been a “global, condescending, Kumbaya song” he jumped on it anyway. For Jabba, it would have been worse to do nothing. Jabba is known as much for his marketing skills and mastery of the business side of music as he is for his tunes – it’s part of why he got so big so quickly – and when

asked about who his audience is in the UK, all the stories vanish. He becomes disturbingly direct. “The people I’m targeting are South Africans away from home, who stumble on a poster and say, let me check this guy out. The South Africans here have been here for a long time – for work, or studying, whatever – and haven’t been home for a while. I’m trying to serve as an audio reminder for people who are feeling homesick.” There is a sense that, despite the setbacks, Jabba – and Tuks, who wasn’t able to make it to the interview – know exactly how hard their task is going to be. “I’m not trying to come out here and be an urban artist competing with Dizzee Rascal or D’Banj,” says Jabba. “I’m not trying to win over the UK that way. I’m trying to be a musician. “It’s the whole leaving school scenario – you have top marks, best rugby player in your team, and then you go to [university] where, yes, your excellence qualifies you to be within that space, but you are not excellent yet – you’ve just entered into another echelon.” Getting hold of either of their records – including Jabba’s new Motswafrika – is still a colossal pain in the UK. But the first steps have been made, and maybe – just maybe – the journey could be a worthwhile one.

An evening with Everest climber Cathy O’Dowd Date: Thursday 26 January 2012 6.30pm Venue: Haberdashers Hall, 18 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9HQ Cathy O’Dowd will be the guest speaker to support and promote The Wilderness Foundation’s “Wild Swans” programme for young women leaders. Cathy is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both its north and south sides. The years she spent on or around Everest were for her a degree ’in living’.Cathy is a truly inspiring speaker who is in great demand. Tickets £10 and under 18s are free. To book, visit www.

Industry. As always, the Breakfast Indaba will offer a one-minute business presentation by each member present. E-mail to join up as a member or book a visitor ticket at

Breakfast Indaba (combined) Date: Thursday 12 January 7am to 8am Venue: Carluccio’s Putney, Putney Wharf Tower, Brewhouse Lane, London, SW15 2JQ This is a monthly business networking opportunity for South African businesspeople in London. The speaker will be Yusuf Timol from the SA Department of Trade and

South African Trade Event Date: Thursday 19 January 8am to 12pm Venue: Cannizaro House Hotel, Westside, Wimbledon Common, SW19 4UE With Britain gearing up for the 2012 Olympic Games, what are the opportunities for British Business in South Africa? At this exciting seminar you will: • Network over breakfast • Hear from some of the UK’s foremost experts on the opportunities in South Africa • Understand the cultural differences, businesses practices and opportunities in the market • View an exhibition of South African businesses in South London • Have photograph opportunities with the Olympic Torch Book tickets on

Please email your events to: For more listings, please visit

Private same day appointments Travel clinic Corporate services Private medicals Flu vaccines t: 0208 542 3105 e: w: East Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1YG


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Nadine Gordimer at the Southbank Centre Acclaimed SA writer’s talk in London promises to be a fascinating insight into her life and writing. STAFF REPORTER SOUTH African Nobel-winner and novelist Nadine Gordimer will be coming to London as part of the Southbank Centre’s Literature and Spoken Word Festival, which runs from January to March 2012. There are limited tickets available for Nadine’s talk on 14 March at 7.30pm, so get your booking in early. The 88-year-old writer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, and is widely recognised for her activism and for confronting moral and political issues in her writing. She was born in 1923 in Springs, an East



C A T ’ S




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Covering London, South East, Home Counties, South West, North East, Scotland and Midlands. With branches in London, Dartford, Bedford, Swindon, Bath, High Wycombe, Ashford, Canterbury, Nottingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Head Office: International House, 19 Kennet Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 4QN

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Rand mining town outside Johannesburg, to Jewish immigrants, her father a watchmaker from Lithuania, and her mother from London. She published her first novel in 1953, and has since gone on to publish short stories, plays and criticism in over 40 books, including The Conservationist, which won the Booker Prize in 1974. This is the first of a series of events with Index on Censorship, which focuses on the continuing importance of free expression across the world. Gordimer’s latest novel, published to coincide with this event, is No Time Like the Present. Book tickets on

COLOUR: Full Colour

9 | 4 January 2012 – 10 January 2012 |


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Everest climber Cathy O’Dowd in London The first woman to conquer Everest’s south and north faces will give a fascinating insight into her experiences at a talk in London.

South African mountaineer and motivational speaker Cathy O’Dowd

ON Thursday 26 January 2012 Cathy O’Dowd will be the guest speaker at Haberdashers’ Hall in London, donating her time to support and promote The Wilderness Foundation’s “Wild Swans” programme for young women leaders. A South African, Cathy is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both its north and south sides. She grew up in Johannesburg and has climbed since her university days. At 21 she took part in her first mountain expedition, to the Ruwenzori in central Africa. Towards the end of 1995, she was finishing a Masters degree in Media Studies at Rhodes University when she applied for a place on the First South African Everest Expedition, and was selected. The team followed the route made famous by Edmund Hillary. Despite being the novice


on the team, she reached the summit on 25 May 1996. It was, however, a harsh introduction, as 37 year-old British team-member and photographer Bruce Herrod died on the descent. In 1999 she returned to conquer the north side. The years she spent on or around Everest were for her a degree ’in living’. The insights she discovered about herself,

and about individuals and teams under intense stress in the face of overwhelming challenge, are ones she has been sharing with her audiences ever since. Cathy is a truly inspiring speaker who is in great demand. Her stories touch on themes of importance to anyone trying to get the best out of people, especially those seeking to grow businesses

and develop leadership. Cathy is a natural story-teller and her passionate delivery produces an inspirational tale. The talk starts at 6.30pm. Tickets are £10 and under 18s are free. Venue details: The Haberdashers Hall, 18 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9HQ. To book, visit www.

I Ba nte nk rn Ac atio co na un l ts


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Sello Thornton Director of Kudu Marketing Born: Nelspruit, South Africa How long in UK: 12 long yet rewarding years Background: Came to the UK after matric and worked as a office junior which led to me becoming interested in accounting since I was based in the finance department. Two years later I did an accounting degree, ACCA and a BA ( Hons) in Business Management, which sharpened my leadership skills, but I was not much of a ‘behind the desk’ guy and really enjoyed interacting with people, promoting events and taking part in all things South African. So after nine years of being the unofficial ambassador of my country I decided to turn it into a business and that’s how Kudu Marketing was born.

What do you do in your job? As it’s a new company, my role is very varied. At the beginning I was involved in all the aspects of running the company from the accounts to office admin. Now it’s more focused on getting new clients, negotiating contracts and building the Kudu brand. Most exciting thing about your job? Being part of South Africa, showing off its beauty and its people to the world, not to mention the smile of satisfied customers. Most challenging part of your job? I would have to say convincing the general public ( including South Africans) that South Africa and everything about it is a great brand despite some negative reports the media might portray. Also getting companies to spend with us in a gloomy economic climate, with more companies taking

marketing in house. Tell us an interesting story related to your job. Picking up Miss South Africa Bokang Montjane at Heathrow a month ago for Miss World, thinking she would have two suitcases, to my surprise she turned up with seven, which obviously could not fit into one car. With the next available cab an hour’s wait, we had to put her in the car with the suitcases taking all the seats, and I ended up having to drag one of the suitcases with me onto the Heathrow Express. Future plans? Looking to expand the company and not only focus on the Southern Africa market but to be more global, and that starts with us being involved in the London Olympics in 2012. Motto: “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” Margaret Fuller.

Legally Speaking: Appeals


: I appealed against the denial of my visa application and lodged an appeal at the Visa Application Centre in South Africa BUT now heard that it will not be considered as one can only lodge an appeal in the UK? Is this true? What must I do now? : It is true that as from 19 December people will need to lodge their appeals at the Tribunal in the UK. Appeals lodged at any of the overseas visa application centers will not be accepted. As your appeal has been lodged


before this date, it will still be considered. Take note that people who want to appeal against a decision notice dated 19 December 2011 or later will need to pay a fee which will apply to most categories of visas and decisions. Any exemptions to the fees will be outlined by the Ministry of Justice. Take note again that this will not affect any decision notices that are dated before 19 December, as in your case. Please contact our offices for further assistance.

JP Breytenbach – Director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd or

Breakfast Indaba returns on 12 January THE first Breakfast Indaba of 2012 will be on Thursday 12 January 2012. This is a monthly business networking opportunity for South African businesspeople in London. The speaker will be Yusuf Timol from the SA Department of Trade and Industry. As always, the Breakfast Indaba will offer a one-minute business presentation by each business present. Date: Thursday 12 January 2012 Time: 7am to 8am Location: Carluccio’s Putney, Putney Wharf Tower, Brewhouse Lane, London, SW15 2JQ Please let us know if you will be attending

by Tuesday 10 January 2012. As you may be aware, as a member should you miss three Breakfast Indabas without representation or notice, your membership is liable for cancellation. Therefore if you are unable to attend, you are allowed to send a representative. Membership costs £150.00+vat, PLUS £120.00 for all breakfasts. Payment can be taken over the phone. E-mail events@ to join up Visitors can attend the Breakfast Indaba twice, thereafter to attend membership must be taken up. To attend as a visitor, it costs £10. Book tickets on

11 | 4 January 2012 – 10 January 2012 |

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Tips to the top: Resolutions vs. Illusions


: Let me know how to make a resolution and stick to it

: 1. Focus on priorities not weaknesses Ask yourself: What do you enjoy most about your role and how can you do more of it? What change of behaviour will get you want you want? By focussing on what you can and want to do, you’ll be more likely to achieve it, rather than telling yourself what you should or shouldn’t do. 2. Create directional not binary resolutions These are resolutions that have a simple ‘pass’/‘fail’ outcome such as get promoted to CIO. A directional resolution describes a way of achieving the goal, such as ‘raise visibility with key stakeholders’. Keeping your reasons clear for the resolution will give you the goal combined with the freedom of movement that a binary resolution mitigates and be more motivational. 3. Remember the power of small steps Enthusiasm’s all very well but it becomes difficult to sustain if you

set your targets too high. Don’t underrate the power of small steps. Get some small mini-actions in place to gear you up Alison Kemp, Communication and Transformational Creativity (also at Blake Hall Business School THE Programme in Creative and Innovative Leadership Tel: +44 (0) 20 7252 2033 Email: enquiries@

If you’re interested in how to increase UK-South Africa trade you can’t miss this seminar on 19 January WITH Britain gearing up for the 2012 Olympic Games and with the South African Olympic Team selecting South London as their pre games training camp, what are the opportunities for British Business in South Africa? How can businesses exploit the links between these two great sporting nations? Plus, with the Rugby World Cup being hosted at Twickenham in 2015, there has never been a better time for South London to develop long-term business relationships with the ‘Rainbow Nation’. At this exciting seminar you will: • Network over breakfast • Hear from some of the UK’s foremost experts on the opportunities in South Africa • Understand the cultural differences, businesses practices and opportunities in the market • Learn how to diversify your income by accessing new markets • Discover how other businesses have become more competitive in the UK by exporting abroad • Understand how growth through exporting is achieved by thousands of small businesses


Making money while you sleep?

South African Trade event in Wimbledon STAFF REPORTER

Business PHocus

every month and how you can do it too • View an exhibition of South African businesses based in South London as well as sources of help on South Africa and Olympic advice • Have photograph opportunities with the Olympic Torch • See a live link to UK Consul General, Chris Trott in Cape Town Speakers include: • Linda Taylor - Chair of Go South Go • Yusuf Timol - South African High Commission in the UK • South African specialist - UK Trade and Investment • Professor Dick Fisher - Head of pre-Games Training Camp, St Mary’s College • James Durrant - Indaba Breakfast South African Business Leader • Diana Sterck - CEO Merton Chamber of Commerce Event Details: Date: Thursday 19 January 2012 Time: 8am to 12pm Venue: Cannizaro House Hotel, Westside, Wimbledon Common, SW19 4UE Book tickets on www.satickets.

ROBERT Kiyosaki shot to fame with his best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Now, if you haven’t read that book and you are interested in being wealthy, it’s a GREAT place to start. When I read it, I was working as a PI Broker for a global brokerage in London’s financial sector... and it completely blew my mind! He introduced a concept that I had never heard of before. That was “passive income”. In essence this passive income is income that is earned without having to swap your time for money. He labelled it a secret of the rich. Until then, I had believed in order to be financially successful, you have to get a degree and then get a high paying job and swap your time for money. He spoke about leveraging your time to make money. Earning passive income from property or learning to invest in the stock market or building businesses and building multiple streams of income was his way forward. With the world changing so quickly, his way of thinking is attracting more and more people. Granted, learning to trade the markets, invest in property or building businesses is risky but so is driving a car if you don’t know what you are doing. PH If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at

Diana Sterck - CEO Merton Chamber of Commerce


SA added 59,000 jobs in Q3

The number of people employed in the formal non-agricultural sector of the South African economy increased by about 59,000 ( up 0.7%) from the quarter ended June 2011 to the quarter ended September 2011. This is according to the Quarterly Employment Statistics (QES) survey released by Statistics SA last month. The mining and quarrying industry reported an annual increase of 16,000 employees (+3.2%) in September 2011 compared with September 2010, IOL reported.

UCT business school ranked tops

THE University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business ranks first in Africa and the Middle East in the latest Quacquarelli-Symonds (QS) report on the world’s top 200 business schools. The University of Stellenbosch Business School ranks third, while Wits Business School ranked fifth. The report surveyed the impressions formed by recruiters at major international companies of applicants with MBAs from the world’s leading business schools.over a 21,4% stake in Sishen.

CATCHPHRASE: “Khaki-collar crime””

ACCORDING to the Cape Times, a new expression has entered the South Africa lexicon: khaki-collar crime. The phrase has been coined to describe the involvement of game park staff and vets in the lucrative crime of rhino poaching – ironic that some drawn to work in conservation have now become destroyers. Rhino horn is worth its weight in gold to those who believe in its mythical medicinal qualities.

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Zimbabwean Gordon Glyn-Jones went back to Harare recently; here is his very personal snapshot account of what he saw... “JA there’s lots of young people coming back these days” I hear this over and over again. Certainly there are people eating chicken salads at the Borrowdale O’Hagans. Does this signal a mass return? Maybe. But with housing prices at US$120 000 for an average two bedroom home, I’m not so sure. Mugabe’s got a new pad, but so has Morgan Built in Borrowdale Brooke, replete with four-metre Chinese dragons outside: I drove past the cerulean-topped pagoda walls that go on for literally miles. Oh yes and there’s a highway being built straight from the airport to this house. Tsvangirai’s also got a new house in Harare, with workmen swarming all over it. Its big, but not THAT big. Everyone you meet does the ‘Zimbabwe Shuffle’ Basic service delivery is still very patchy, which means when people get home at night they have to: ‘Fill the water filter, stoke the water heater for a bath, refill and start the generator...oh and harvest their own vegetables. The Chinese have arrived If you drive out on the Chinoye Road you can see huge 200-strong dedicated housing complexes being built for Chinese workers. Embrace the ‘Zimbabwe Dragon’ or don’t

bother coming back. Surprising that Zimbabweans are so keen to be colonised again, but there it is. People are still starving When you drive through places like Gweru and beyond, the true scale of the poverty is tangible. Lamp posts hang like deadwood on the side of the road, rubbish has not been collected for years and lines the streets and people eke out a living any way they can. Zimbabwe is potentially on the edge of a revival, but the spectre of two fearful events

lurk in everyone’s minds. The Election – the people simply see as a time of impending violence. ‘Indigenisation of big business’. Talk to anyone on the street and they will tell you; this is simply further theft of the economy, which might otherwise sustain them. The people are still warm and friendly Despite attempts to destroy them over the last ten years, the Zimbabwean people are still warm, tolerant and funny. How they do it I don’t know.

‘Kim Jong Il was a lovely man and a great friend’ Mugabe mourned the demise of a good mate

STAFF REPORTER IT was reported in the Daily Mail last year that Didymus Mutasa, secretary of the Mugabe administration, described 69-yearold North Korean Kim Jong Il, as a ‘lovely man’, who ‘was chosen by his people and regularly conducted elections’. Mutasa told Zimbabwe state radio: ‘He was our great friend and we are not ashamed of being associated with him.’ The North Koreans were instrumental in the training of the notorious 5th Brigade that allegedly massacred over 20 000 people in Matabeleland in the 80s. The Koreans were also responsible for a huge statue in ‘Heroes Acre’

in Harare, a memorial to celebrate the move to independence for Zimbabweans. The statue caused major controversy as the figures

allegedly looked ‘too oriental’. Later attempts to Africanise the features apparently ‘made them look mixed race.’

Zimbabwe Community



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- travel time!

If your New Year’s resolution is to do something active or see somewhere new, try skiing, rambling or cycling... KAREN DE VILLIERS THE Christmas festivities are over. Ate a little too much, drank a little too much – in general, indulged a little too much. But with the New Year comes the usual resolutions, not so, and travelling and getting back into shape is top of the list for me. With Europe on your doorstep, a few days skiing is a brilliant option. Right now there are packages available to just about every European destination. Look for the snow first, and then decide on the venue. Some places are yet to receive their first flush of the white stuff. You may choose to select a fly/ ski and accommodation package, or take your own car across the Channel. Euro Tunnel is one option, but there are plenty of ferry services available. A quick surf of the internet will overwhelm you with options, venues and accommodation if getting fit and having fun involves a trip down a mountain. Just remember the travel insurance! No skiing? Cycling perhaps? Not talking Le Tour de France sort of stuff and most of Provence is shut for the winter, but how about tripping over to Bruges for a weekend of moules and frites; and the chance to hire bikes and discover this charming place. Cycling over the prettiest of bridges, along canals, churches and taverns, you will feel as if you are on the set of The Sound of Music. Very quaint. Perhaps something a little more sedate is in keeping with your idea of getting into shape? In England, walking is like a national sport. The public footpaths pencilled across the countryside are an invitation to brisk exercise. Known as walking holidays, you can select day walks, bespoke walking itineraries, group walks, whatever you fancy. Combine this with a choice of excellent Bed and Breakfast establishments along the way. Take a look at www.ramblers. for ideas. This is also the perfect time to get out of the house and take a few walks around London. www. will give you some fantastic ideas for walking

along the River Thames, from source to sea. For guided walks, try, choose the one you like, simply turn up at the designated Tube station and for £8 you will have two hours of entertainment and learning more about this great city. Not too taxing I should think. Not quite ready to strut your stuff and burn off those calories? Thinking of something a little more leisurely and romantic? What about Paris? If the Eurostar will not flatter you into a trip across the Channel, then look for a cheap flight. Paris

will be chilly, but the brioche and coffee is toasty hot. Paris is made for walking, well directed and let the river be your guide. The Seine runs right through it. Travelling on the Metro is not difficult. Find the nearest bistro and savour the pot-au-feu, a classic French stew. Consider this a gentle way of getting in shape – ambling along the streets of such a cultured city. Wherever you choose to travel over the New Year, you will not struggle to find offers now that will suit every pocket. But travel you should. A wonderful way to start the year.

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Is SARU continually getting it wrong? ARGENTINA – check. Australia – check. New Zealand – check. South Africa – nothing. Why is it that three of the four teams who make up the all-new Rugby Championship all have a coach ahead of 2012... yet South Africa does not? France – considered to be notoriously disorganised – had a new coach before the 2011 Rugby World Cup even began. So did Italy. Underfire England already have a new caretaker team in place, with South Africa’s very own Nick Mallett – possibly with more South Africans in tow? – the clear favourite to take the post on a full-time basis in the middle of

next year. Simply put, a case of South African red should be winging its way to one B. Lawrence, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand in time for Sunday, December 25. The reason? To thank him for shouldering the blame of a disastrous World Cup campaign, equal worst in history, whilst the good ship SARU spins merrily along. But Lawrence’s performance masks a litany of errors by the national body which unfortunately seem to be carrying on... starting with the uncertainty over Peter de Villiers’s successor. It’s more futile to talk about the

past than the future but the failure to successfully address the Springbok coaching issue in 2010 and the first half in 2011 came back to bite the nation. These included the Springbok coaching staff (remember the blame of De Villiers’ assistants rather than looking at the root of the problem?). Others would be the continued reliance on player power – which came back to bite them as they overrode the Rassie Erasmus dropgoal plan for the quarterfinal, the increasingly bizarre selection of the beleaguered John Smit, as well as the other selection errors. Why was Rassie Erasmus not used enough during the RWC? One of the most severe was the use of technical consultant Erasmus who despite doing a lot of the work with the main squad did not have a say in selection. As dignified as De Villiers was in the World Cup, the lack of appreciation of technical expertise, as has been the case since his appointment, was to cost the Boks dearly. It was an oversight by SARU that they didn’t intervene more directly or with a firmer hand. Instead, they ended up with a management team made up of people all uncertain as to their exact roles and power. That is in the past but unfortunately it threatens to get worse. Take for example the handling of the appointment of the new Bok

coach. The announcement is set for January 27, 2012? Why on earth? It’s not like the impending change in coach was a surprise. The franchises have been pleading with SARU for six months to hasten the process for the sake of certainty. Succession planning is an imperative in any corporate structure. France and Italy did theirs, to no ill-effect, before the World Cup. New Zealand had theirs sorted by the middle of December in a drama-free process. All this while SARU goes on holiday for a month and we wait until the end of January. The exception to the seamless transition is England, but they had an ‘in contract’ coach who stepped down unexpectedly. What this means, thanks to SARU’s prevarication, is that whoever is appointed will have to do another competition as coach of another team before assuming the Bok reins. If Smal is the favourite... why wait until the end of January? Gert Smal, who seems to have become the favourite, will have to complete a Six Nations as Ireland’s forwards coach before he can be appointed. Both Allister Coetzee and Heyneke Meyer, the other two on the rumoured three-man shortlist, would have to complete 2012 Super Rugby duties before taking over. Whether this means that they will pull off their Stormers or Bulls

tracksuits for the England tour and then re-don them once England have left is not clear. The franchises appear to have the attitude of ‘if you want to wait until January 27 then you can’t have your cake and eat it’ (and in the process take our coaches). Unless, of course, the Bulls release Meyer given he is not a day-to-day (on the practice field) coach. Officially that is. The fact that Smal appears to be coach elect, when SARU officials have let it slip, and it is common talk in Ireland rugby circles (both officially and within the media), makes the January 27 appointment even more odd. Why wait if you have already decided? Everyone craves certainty – it’s only fair to the franchises, the players and the affected coaches (including potential assistants). And all in the interests of decent planning for a monstrous 2012 season. But to have your newly-appointed coach coaching another team when he should be poring over every game of SA teams in Super Rugby and England, having one-on-ones with his team, getting his head around his potential squad and all its medical, conditioning and mental issues and planning every detail of the England tour and the Rugby Championship. It’s not going to happen, thanks to SARU’s prevarication. What are your thoughts? Let us know on

Mbalula determined to implement 2012 sports plan Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula wants to spend next year putting the government’s ambitious sport plan into practice. SPEAKING at the Beyond Sport Summit in Cape Town at the end of last year, he said that the past year had been about “sharpening tools and planning”. Next year, those involved in sport were going to have to “walk the talk”. “We have a plan that will assist us to align ourselves, corporate South Africa, the public sector and athletics federations,” Mbalula said. “It is exciting, but the challenge of implementation is what is going to be with us next year. We will be implementing and implementing the whole year.” The national sports and recreation draft plan, which was distributed at the sports indaba in November, is expected to be endorsed by the government in March.

Sport federations are expected to provide the ministry and the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) with a detailed development plan of how talent in their codes will be identified and nurtured. Sascoc and the Sports and Recreation Department are to develop a clear monitoring and evaluation mechanism that will hold all federations accountable. Mbalula has invited federations to inform the ministry about the number of players that will be included in the codes from March

2012 until March 2020 on an incremental basis. One of the aspects of the plan is the reintroduction of physical education as a subject in the school syllabus. Mbalula wants the R200-million funding for the school sports programme to come from the National Lotteries Board. “We have worked hard to sharpen our tools and to bring content into sport,” he said. “Without a plan you can never achieve anything.” Sapa


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2012:WHAT ACTION LIES IN WAIT... With 2011 being the ‘World Cups year’ and us Saffas having to somehow find a way to move on through the disappointment, here’s hoping 2012 will see our sports teams moving onward and upward in these fixtures. We look forward, with beer and biltong at the ready...


SA Athletics Olympic team could be best yet STAFF REPORTER

IRB SEVENS 3 February – 13 May SIX NATIONS 4 February – 17 March SUPER RUGBY 24 February – August VODACOM CUP 10 March – May TEST TOURS: June 2012 v England August 2012 v Argentina September 2012 v Australia v New Zealand November 2012 v Ireland v Scotland v England CURRIE CUP July–October RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP 18 August–6 October

PROTEAS v Sri Lanka (home), January v New Zealand (away), FebruaryMarch v England (away), July–September v Australia (away), November– December v New Zealand (home), December–January 2013 DOMESTIC T20: February–March SuperSport Series: Oct–Nov; Dec– Jan 2013 1-Day Cup: November–December INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS IPL: April-May World T20, Sri Lanka: Sept 18– Oct 7 Champions League T20: October

AFRICA CUP OF NATIONS Equitorial Guinea & Gabon: 21 Jan - 12 Feb EUROPE Europa final: 9 May, Bucharest FA Cup Final: 12 May, Wembley Champions League final: 19 May, Munich Euro 2012: 8 June–1 July, Poland & Ukraine OLYMPIC FOOTBALL London: 25 July–11 Aug


MAJORS US Masters: 5–8 April, Augusta, Georgia US Open 14–17 June, Olympic Club, California Open Championship: 19–22 July, Muirfield, Scot US PGA Ch’ship: 16–19 Aug, Oak Hill, Kentucky

THIS year’s London Olympic Games could be the best ever for South African athletes on condition they get enough support at home. Marathon runner Hendrik Ramaala believes the current team of athletes is capable of surpassing the 1996 group. Team South Africa came back from Atlanta in 1996 with gold and a silver. Ramaala is one of South Africa’s most decorated long distance runners – the New York City Marathon sitting among many of his achievements. Based on our athletes’ showings at this year’s IAAF World Championships in Daegu, Ramaala expects more Olympic medals next year. Many encouraging performances proved South Africa to be a strong force. Among the women, some of the 2012 medal hopefuls are former world 800 metre champion Caster Semenya and javelin thrower Sunnette Viljoen. Ramaala says he sees more potential in the men’s team, though and is pinning his hopes on veteran Mbulaeni Mulaudzi in the 800 metres as well as 400 metres hurdler LJ van Zyl.

Khotso Mokoena

Ramaala says, “Let’s give our athletes moral support, medical support, provide them with camps, maximum support for the next six months.” Long jumper Khotso Mokoena has a good chance of winning the gold medal that has eluded him previously in major events. “You can always get a suprise in the marathon, like Josiah surprised us in 1996 coming from nowhere and getting the gold,” Ramaala said.

The South African, Issue 444, 3 January 2012  
The South African, Issue 444, 3 January 2012  

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