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I have to admit I’m coming into fall kicking and screaming. The streets may be filled with traffic and August may be re-dubbed “Smaugust” around these parts, but the departure of the warm days of summer for me is always a bit tough… even when September proves to be as sweet as this one has so far been. But we do have a bright spot to bring you as the summer days wane: The rollout of our Fall Style edition! Our guest designer, the talented Euijin Gray, is back with a hip take on looks for the fall. Combined with plenty of “Top Shops” ideas from our local advertisers, there’s lots to digest in the style department. Plus, Rep. Emerson Levy visits us on this week’s Bend Don’t Break podcast, which we turned into a Q&A and an update on Alyssa’s Law in this week’s News section. We’re also giving you the details on Bend Roots Revival – the fest that celebrates local music in its many forms in this week’s Sound, and in Outside, hear from some of the “trail angels” who give Bend a great reputation among hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thanks for reading!





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to live deliberately.” – Henry David Thoreau. The woods in our area are really something else! Make sure you get your fill before autumn arrives! Thanks to @jaydo_ventures for tagging us in this amazing photo. Don’t forget to share your photos with us and tag @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured as Instagram of the week and in print as our Lightmeter. Winners receive a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

“I went



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to the woods because I wished
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Amid Rising Costs of Living, Should We Spread Transportation Fees Around?

In a city where a burger without fries is around $18 and costs seem to be rising for residents every day, it’s tough to go whole-hog on the notion of a transportation fee being tacked on to Bend residents’ water and sewer bills, to the tune of around $180 per year. The City of Bend is pondering that as a solution to help pay for the costs of maintaining and fixing roads — something not covered by the massive Transportation GO! Bond voters approved several years back.

On the one hand, those potholes that crop up in the winter aren’t going to fix themselves. Roads need maintenance, and that costs taxpayers money.

On the other, the costs of paying for infrastructure and maintenance are already pressing down on people who live here, where the median listing price of a home is nearing $900,000 and local salaries are not keeping pace. With tens of thousands of tourists visiting Bend every day in the summertime, it’s not radical to wonder whether those tourists could be footing some of the bill for a portion of the use, too. Is there a middle ground that doesn’t put all the costs on the backs of strapped residents?

A transportation fee is one of several tools municipalities can use to pay for things. Another one: A gas tax. Voters in Bend shut down the idea of an expanded gas tax in 2016 when it came before them, but that type of revenue would have been better spread out among the users of the roads – including the tourists who use them. Of course, that option has diminishing returns in a world where electric cars are becoming more of the norm – but in the short

term, as in, over the next decade at the least, that would have diversified the income streams. During that process in 2016, the political will was first toward a gas tax, and then swiftly reversed to be against it. Voters just said no — and as a consequence, lost out on the potential income that could have been gleaned from all those tourists gassing up their RVs and adventure rigs when they come and go. Now, while the City of Bend is offering roundtable discussions about the transportation fee to gauge residents’ support, it doesn’t need the vote of the people to move it forward.

If our roads and their maintenance are in the dire shape that necessitates a transportation fee, it would appear we need to utilize all the tools in the toolbox to address the problem. Spreading out the load seems appropriate.

Those who are concerned about the issue have two more opportunities to share their thoughts with the City Council and to help them consider all the tools in the toolbox — though the City has not made the times and dates necessarily convenient for the people for whom an added fee will affect most: working people.

The next two roundtables about the proposed transportation fee are Sept. 13 — from 9:30 am to noon at the Municipal Court building on 15th Street, and Oct. 11 at the same time and place. Both of these roundtables are during the middle of the week and smack-dab in the middle of the workday, but they’re also available to attend via Zoom. If you normally work that day, hopefully your boss cares as much about transportation fees as you do….

360 NE QUIMBY AVE • 541-382-0741 •
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After reading an article about Global Warming in “The New York Times,” I thought I would send some figures reported in the article concerning environmental emissions. As Bend is one of the top four fastest-growing cities in the U.S., we are likely one of the top four causes of global warming from the “built environment” in the U.S.

"The Built Environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. Of those total emissions, building operations are responsible for 27% annually, while building and infrastructure materials and construction (typically referred to as embodied carbon) are responsible for an additional 13% with a grand total of 40% CO2 emissions rate, quoting the NY Times. What does that tell those of us living in and wanting to move to Bend? That Bend is one of four cities in the United States that is tearing up land, cutting down trees and producing CO2 at an alarming rate. Are there any solutions? Yes: “Reuse, Reduce and Sequester.”

Please read the article “What You Can Do at Home to Help Stem Climate Change” by Debra Kamin in the NY Times 9/10/23.

How can we make Bend AWARE of the consequences of all this tearing up and building?? Being a long-term resident of Bend, it devastates me to see the uncontrolled pattern of growth and gives me deep concern for the future of our children. Maybe it's time to let the voters decide on the growth issues?

Thanks for listening. I hope The Source can make a report regarding the truth of global warming from “The Built Environment” in our beautiful city.



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Arlo, my dog, was bitten by a Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, and it caused paralysis. He lost the ability to walk, eat, drink and use the bathroom. It was a scary experience, and he is still in recovery. Today is day 11 of Arlo’s recovery.

Arlo woke up one morning and didn't want to eat. He tried to get up and was shaky, and off balance.I thought he had pulled a muscle in his rear legs. The next day Arlo couldn't use his front legs. Right then, I realized this wasn't a muscle injury.

I took Arlo to the vet and they discovered he had a 105.5 temperature. (106 is fatal in dogs)

He was treated with shots, antibiotics and a 1 liter of IV fluids. He now can walk again but only for 10-15 minutes per day. He goes for two short "walks" per day now. His appetite is getting stronger as well. He is now eating, but not as much as he used to. He is making progress each day; that points to a healthy recovery.

I want all the local people with dogs to know that this tick paralysis is a real thing. The more you know, the better. Hopefully, I can get the word spread to the people with your help. Thank you for the opportunity to spread Arlo's story.


When I moved to Bend 35 years ago, I was pleased with the community-based medical systems available. Bend’s only hospital was caring and responsive to its growing clientele. As population grew, specialized services were added. What a great hub of medical care.

Now, in the face of your consideration of dropping thousands of clients

covered by Medicare Advantage Plans, you are no longer the caring medical community you once were. In fact, you are just the opposite.

I am single, of limited income and of Medicare age. My insurance coverage, PacificSource Medicare Advantage, has met my medical needs while making my care affordable.

I am distressed that you will take that away from me and thousands like me. This year I was well-served by PacificSource and The Center when I fractured my wrist. I have never experienced problems with PacificSource. In fact, I know of no one with this plan who has.

My plan includes coverage for dental, hearing and vision, each at reasonable cost. Should I have to revert to Medicare plus supplemental, I will either have to forego coverage or endure much higher premiums.

Read again: Dental. Hearing. Vision. These are health concerns for every aging person. Let’s add increased prescription costs. We seniors will be hurt the most should you capriciously decide to disconnect from Advantage Plans.

This is your community. We seniors are a growing and influential part of this community. Why are you even considering eliminating our cost-effective Advantage Plans? Why do you want to make our remaining years in Bend so difficult? I ask, Do Not disconnect from the Medicare Advantage Plans.


Visit Bend estimates that 20,000 tourists visit Bend every day of the year. [Editor’s note: See clarification below in Letter of the Week.] Those people stay for an average of 2.8 days while sightseeing with their cars. Seems fair that they pay at least 20% of these fees. Add it on to vacation rental and hotel charges.

Letter of the Week:

Geoff: I believe 20,000 is the rough figure for summertime, but not year-round. Still, point taken. It’s a lot of people; a lot of use of the roads. One could argue that we use their roads too, when we visit their towns — but hey, it’s been a long time since I vacationed in Clackamas or Albany. Come on by for your gift card to Palate!

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O Letters
—Nicole Vulcan

Mayor Addresses Growth at State of the City City of Bend holds community event for its annual review

The City of Bend held its State of the City in the form of a community gathering on Sept. 8 at Alpenglow Park. In addition to offering live music, food trucks, activities and information on various City departments, Mayor Melanie Kebler spoke to the community about City goals and priorities.

Kebler discussed the future of Bend and how its leaders will attempt to address and meet the challenges of growth. During the speech she focused on the city’s triumphs and goals regarding affordable housing, keeping the community safe, improving city transportation and conserving water.

Bend is expected to see 40,000 new residents over the next 20 years, Kebler said. “It’s vital that we plan for a sustainable future, one where everyone in Bend has the chance to thrive, with a place to live that they can afford, a job that pays the bills and a community where they feel welcome and safe,” she told the crowd.

With Bend’s median listing home price hitting $895,000, yet another record this summer, Kebler addressed concerns many residents have around the cost and availability of housing. “We need more housing, and we need housing that people can afford,” she said.

The City, according to Kebler, has taken several steps to address these issues and will continue to do so, recalling the City’s support for the creation of nearly 1,000 deed-restricted homes since 2021 and changing codes to allow for easier ADU building.

Kebler listed the issue of homelessness in the community as a top priority. With homelessness increasing every year in Bend for the past decade, Kebler showed her support for the city’s current efforts to house people and help them out of homelessness, pointing to the acquisition of shelters offering services to those who need it.

Additionally, Kebler applauded the city’s efforts to conserve water and expressed a need to maintain and

enhance its conservation efforts.

“Though Bend uses only 2% of the water in the Deschutes Basin, we must continue to plan and conserve our water,” said Kebler.

“If there’s one thing I know about Bend, it’s this — we are a community that has always adapted to meet the challenges of our times,” Kebler said.

Stevens Road on Track for New Neighborhood

The City of Bend may soon annex the Stevens Road Tract into the city’s UGB to add more affordable housing

The City of Bend is close to annexing more land into the city’s Urban Growth Boundary, aimed at adding more affordable and workforce housing inside city limits.

The concept plan for the 262-acre Stevens Road Tract includes roughly 147 acres for affordable housing, as well as space for employment, commercial services, open spaces and a multi-modal transportation system, according to Senior Planner Damian Syrnyk.

The plan for Stevens Road Tract was introduced in 2021, after HB 3318 was passed in the Oregon legislature. The bill provided the opportunity for the area to be included in the city’s UGB with the goal of creating a community of affordable and workforce housing. In order for the City to bring the land into the UGB, a City summary from 2022 suggested that it would need at least 20 acres of land set aside for affordable housing.

The City has been working on a concept plan that would satisfy the terms of the bill, said Syrnyk, focusing on the development of deed-restricted housing.

The property is currently managed and owned by Oregon Department of State Lands and sits right next door to the 382-acre Stevens Ranch, which was brought into

the UGB in 2016 and purchased in 2020 for development.

The amendment to include the Stevens Road Tract in the UGB will need final approval from City Council at its next meeting on Sept. 20.

The area, once approved by the City and County and master planned, will then be available for an individual or a group to come in and develop the area. The city will hold an open house on Oct. 18 at Caldera High School to answer questions from residents about planning amendments.

Considering the addition of these areas into Bend’s UGB, it’s important to look at what other changes can be made to the UGB in the future. According to Syrnyk, new bills and programs coming into place are paving the way for Bend to have new ways to evaluate and amend the UGB yet again to expand Bend’s housing options.

House Bill 2001, which abolished single-family zoning in the state and makes it easier for cities to make decisions related to increasing housing, could make the process of amending UGB’s less lengthy in the future. According to Syrnyk, Bend will restart the UGB evaluation process in 2026 once they have new rules and updated housing data.

Mayor Melanie Kebler speaks on stage at Alpenglow Park. Julianna LaFollette
The map above details the Stevens Road Tract, pictured at left.
Photos courtesy City of Bend

The Rollout of Alyssa’s Law

Rep. Emerson Levy assumed office


Jan. 9

which improves safety protocols in schools

Emerson Levy is an attorney and politician serving as a member of the Oregon House of Representatives for the 53rd District, which covers the north side of Bend, Tumalo, Sisters and the southwestern part of Redmond.

Levy championed an effort she called “Alyssa’s Law,” which passed as part of House Bill 5014, giving $2.5 million for Oregon Schools to install panic alarm systems to alert first responders to all type of emergencies in the interest of keeping schools safer.

The law mandates that all public elementary and secondary school buildings are equipped with silent panic alarms that directly notify law enforcement. The law is named in honor of Alyssa Alhadeff, a student who lost her life in the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School shooting in 2017.

Levy joined us on our Bend Don’t Break podcast recently to talk about the rollout of the law.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity

Source Weekly: What is Alyssa’s Law and why did you find it important to take this on as a first-year legislator?

Emerson Levy: Alyssa’s Law came to me through Alyssa’s mom. We met through different people and our worlds connected. So, I was working on this before I even came into the legislature, and it's just such a passion for me that our kids be safe in school, but I'm also a pragmatist at heart. I thought, “What can we do that's realistic, that we can get everyone behind, that we can do now that's cost-effective and doesn't make our schools look like a prison?” That was really important to me.

I think when people hear “panic alarm” they think of like something under your desk that you push and like the FBI runs in. That’s like an old-school version. Maybe the concept is the same, but the technology is quite different…it gives the exact geolocation and then it alerts every single person and authority.


championed Alyssa’s


SW: Once this comes out and the funding is available, what’s your vision for when you see this implemented across Oregon?

EL: My guess is next school year. There are other schools that already are getting a leg up…It just depends on the school. Our hope is by the spring, that schools can start deciding what vendor they want to choose from the couple that are available. And then, who do they want to be on the contact list. Those kinds of things.

SW: How would you talk about your experience as a freshman legislator? Were there things that you weren’t expecting? What surprised you the most?

EL: Now I feel like I really know what I'm doing. So, I'm gonna do it again. And I feel very loyal to the people in House District 53… I am here only by the grace of the people, and I will stay with them as long as they'll have me.

SW: What do you say to other people interested in getting into politics who have similar aspirations?

SW: What is the timeline? Is there a timeline?

EL: There is. What we're doing right now is the rulemaking, which is done by the executives. What we're going to do is probably follow Texas, which did a grant program. You just say, “hey, we want this,” and you get the check. But, it's better for the state to do a couple contracts with a couple vendors. It brings down that cost a lot and then they can pick.

SW: What was the vote on the bill?

EL: It was interesting. Because of the walkout, I went to the speaker, and I said, “This is the most important thing to me, this is why I came here. I'll let go of the bill, will you put it in a budget note?” … We were able to take basically the bill and put it in a budget note. We'll come back in the short session and just put it in official statute, but it is there in the education budget.

EL: I say just go for it. I mean, just swing for the fences. That's always been my motto, just try. The worst anyone ever can tell you is no. Also, you don't have to run for office to make change, either. I would go in clear eyed that it is a full-time commitment. You might even lose money on the job. It's an incredible burden on your family. But if it's what you love, it's wonderful.

SW: When you stepped into that role, was it what you had expected?

EL: I privately was dealing with cancer at the same time as my race. I didn't find out I was cancer free until the day after I won the election… I just had such perspective that no matter what happens from here, I'm going to be OK. And it let things wash off in a way that I think it ended up being like, a mitzvah to me because it kept me grounded in a very different way.

541.749.9980 | Celebrating 27 Years! Sept. 22-24 933 NW
Dr. Cochran • Dr. Westbrook • Dr. Kinnear Dr. Cuthbert • Dr. Nicol 541.389.1540 | | @TumaloAnimalHospital JUST 10 MINUTES FROM DOWNTOWN BEND! It’s Toothy Time at Tumalo! 20% off Dental Procedures October is Dental Month - Felines, Canines and Equines! Make your appointment now.
Photo courtesy of Emerson Levy Bond | Downtown Bend Featuring: Johnny Was, A.S.98, Dylan, Dear John, Liberty Black



Alcaldesa aborda el crecimiento de la ciudad en su informe anual

La ciudad de Bend organiza un evento comunitario para su informe anual

La ciudad de Bend realizó su informe anual en una reunión comunitaria el día 8 de septiembre en el parque Alpenglow. Además de ofrecer músi-









códigos para permitir más fácilmente la construcción de unidades de vivienda adicional (ADU por sus siglas en inglés).

Kebler enumeró la preocupación de las personas sin hogar en la comunidad como su prioridad principal. Dado que la falta de vivienda va aumentando cada año en Bend durante la última década, Kebler mostró su apoyo a los esfuerzos-

da, señalando la adquisición de refugios que ofrezcan servicios a aquellos que los Además, Kebler aplaudió los esfuerzos-

mentar los esfuerzos para la conservación.

“Aunque Bend utiliza solo el 2% delmos seguir planificando y conservando

“Si hay algo que se de Bend, es esto: somos una comunidad que siempre se ha adaptado para enfrentar los desafíos

Julianna LaFollette

How would you describe your style?

Distressed Grungy Boho Witchy with a little glamour, and needs to be comfortable enough to dance hard in at any moment. I love statement pieces, whether in jewelry or clothes, it's all about how you put it together. I like mixing fancy with casual. Like a casual outfit, with fancier accessories, or a dressier outfit with sneakers and a beanie.

For this fall, what fashion trends resonate with you?

Fall time for me is all about layers. I love hats, scarfs, oversized sweaters/jackets, coveralls/overalls, and big chunky boots and sneakers.

What local styles will you favor or recommend?

Local styles I recommend are jewelry from Divinia Jewelry, beautiful statement or simple pieces to go along with any fall look.

Also, big wool, wide-brimmed hats that dress up any casual outfit. I like the ones they offer at Lost Season Supply.

For this Fall Style issue, we reached out to two locals that exude unique and funky "festival" vibe for their take on fashion trends. These looks are a fusion of Caroline Kim and Tehwehwas (Teh) Sanchez's perspectives for this fall, featuring their favorites from local shops and designers paired with their own favorite go-to pieces.


Acupuncturist at Stone Forest Healing Arts, and mother of two young children.

Who are your favorite local designers or shops?

Annie Cattabriga-Alosa

Simone Amelie ImOneCreations

Lost Season Supply

Dutch and Bow

Revival Vintage

Sustainable Fashion is something I've been trying hard to practice currently. At times, when I get bored of my clothes and want something fresh, I've been going to consignment shops and clothing swaps. However, this past year I've tried a clothing rental company online called Nuuly and loved it. You get to pick your own clothes that are your style or try different styles that you wouldn't normally buy, wear them for a month and then return them. It comes in a canvas bag with a zipper, no plastic or garbage, and you return them in the same canvas bag. You can keep the clothing item if you love it for a discounted price because it is used. In the end, I got to wear way more high-end fashionable clothes for less money, less garbage, and didn't clutter up my closet with items only worn once or twice. I highly recommend it for anyone who gets bored with their clothes quickly, or is trying to change up their style.

PhOTOGRaPhY BY MeGan BaKeR Teh's Hawaii suit and vest from Revival Vintage. Caroline's hat, blouse and jacket from Lost Season Supply, pants from Cosa Cura, and glasses from Dutch and Bow. All jewelry from Annie Cattabriga-Alosa of Divinia Jewelry.

Tēhwehwas (Tēh) sanchez

I am the co-owner of a Turtle Island coffee shop in Downtown Bend @turtleislandbend. I also run an LGBT event coordinating company. @queer_by_nature

How would you describe your style?

I enjoy a lot of functional comfy clothing that is gender fluid and has lots of patterns. I look like I'm headed to a festival most days.

For this fall, what fashion trends resonate with you? Comfy oversized bright overalls.

Who are your favorite local designers or shops?

I can't say I have a favorite designer but I have a few favorite go to-spots that source some rad clothing options. I really like Revival Vintage, revivalvintagebend. com, and Silver Dollar Style Co., silverdollarstyleco. com. Wild Fang, wildfang. com, would have to be my favorite overall clothing option, but they aren't local.

What local styles will you favor or recommend?

I would recommend wearing what speaks to you. Not so much a trend, but wear what would express who you are and your style. I'll favor bright eccentric colors.

Dress from Dutch and Bow. Hat from Lost Season Supply. Jewelry from Annie Cattabriga-Alosa of Divinia Jewelry Overalls and Vest from Silver Dollar Style Co. Hood cowl from ImOneCreations by Simone Amelie. Earings by a Pit River Woman. Hood cowl from ImOneCreations by Simone Amelie.
Caroline's top from Dutch and Bow, her favorite jeans by One Teaspoon, and hat from Wander+NW. Teh in her go-to Pendleton vest with beanie by Topo Designs. Caroline's top from ImOneCreations by Simone A, jacket by Levi's, pants by Atelier Delphine. Alpaca scarf Caroline picked up from travels. Jewelry by Annie Cattabriga-Alosa of Divinia Jewelry. Jewelry by Annie Cattabriga-Alosa of Divinia Jewelry.


Embrace Small Businesses this Fall!

Explore a wide array of products, enjoy personalized service and discover a distinctive sense of style. By choosing to support local businesses, you contribute to the vitality of our community. Whether you're seeking high-end fashion, exquisite jewelry or unique home decor, you'll find it all right here. Dive into the profiles below to get acquainted with some of Central Oregon's most cherished establishments. From meticulously crafted to thoughtfully selected, you might just stumble upon your next beloved boutique in Top Shops.

Happy Shopping!

Somewhere that’s Green

1017 NE 2nd St. Bend, OR 97701


Voted “Central Oregon’s Best Plant Shop” 4 years in a row, Somewhere That’s Green is a magical escape for all your indoor house plant needs. We have the largest selection of indoor tropical plants and desert plants in C.O., as well as a massive selection of pottery, terrariums, home goods, local goods, and ‘planty’ decor. We are a fully Bend grown business. Also, check out our event space as well for plant workshops, classes, theater, and more!

Instagram @Somewhere_Thats_Green

The Greenhouse Cabaret

1017 NE 2nd St. Bend, OR 97701


Central Oregon’s newest performing arts venue within a plant shop, The Greenhouse Cabaret is an intimate theatrical space which opened in fall of 2022. We have our first full season of mainstage productions in 2024 after our successful runs of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “The Old Man & The Old Moon”. Our current production is “Little Shop of Horrors” running Oct 20-Nov 14. Be sure to check out our 3rd annual Magical Markets of Merriment in December which runs for 4 weekends.

Fancywork Yarn Shop

200 NE Greenwood Ave Bend, OR 97701 541-323-8686

Discover exceptional yarn, swoon-worthy accessories and gifts, wooly inspiration, classes, project support, and cozy, warm community in our colorful shop. Fancywork specializes in hand-dyed, independent and American yarns as well as carefully curated selections from abroad for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and other fiber crafters. Located in the Bend Central District.

Join us for Sip & Stitch from 5-7pm every First Friday. Plus: a special pop-up shop with Wool & Palette, naturally-dyed Shaniko Wool yarn from Portland, OR, September 30 & October 1.


124 NW Minnesota Ave. Bend, OR 97701 206-947-4440

Artisan goods for the home, outdoor living, clothing, apothecary, gifts & more. Grand-Mère begins with iconic goods from local and international communities of inventors, makers, and artisans. Our curated collection of quality, sustainable housewares and lifestyle goods are perfect for everyday use. The store shelves are lined with ostrich feather dusters, hedgehog shoe cleaners, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies made for over 100 years in France. Grand-Mère values time honored craftsmanship exemplified by our vast selection of brushes for your face, body, kitchen, and floors made in Sweden and Germany. We are excited to greet you with a cup of tea, sample of Swedish fish, and a warm smile! Instagram @grandmerestore


High Desert Frameworks

61 NW Oregon Avenue, #101 Bend, OR 97703 541-647-2191

Come Frame With Us!

For 20+ years we have loved what we do, and we love doing it well. We are Central Oregon’s premier custom picture framing and fine art and photo printing shop. From simple yet elegant to custom mirrors, shadowboxes, original artwork to fine art prints, and posters - we do it all - 100% archival, 100% reversible, 100% awesomeness, 100% Frameworks! 100% Seriously Great Framing.

Through September 2023, receive 25% off photo luster photo printing with Promo Code: “TopShop2023” at


Mon-Fri 10-5:30pm Saturday 10-2pm Sunday Closed

Desert Rose Cactus Lounge

50 SE Scott St Bend, OR 97702


Visit Bend's most unique plant shop, specializing in unusual cacti and succulents, hardy and unique houseplants, rare hoyas and aroids, modern and colorful planters, and gifts. Step up to the in-house Potting Bar and create your own terrariums and desert gardens or have our helpful staff pot up your plants! Shop online for gifts, gift cards and local delivery. We're located in The Ironworks Artist District, alongside Furnish Hope, Gathered Wares, The Workhouse, Cafe Deschutes and Mudlake Studios. Shop local for everyone on your list!

Voted Runner Up: Best Indoor Plant Shop in Central Oregon

Cosa Cura

2735 NW Crossing Dr Suite 101 Bend, OR 97703 541-312-2279

Since 2006 Cosa Cura has been providing Central Oregon with a one-stop-shop for locally made goods and sustainable resale fashion. Shop local this holiday season and by supporting local artists you support your community. We are loaded with clothing and gifts for all the women in your life! Locally made jewelry, beauty, home decor, cards, gifts, and more.

New location in Brookswood Plaza coming soon!

SHOP HOURS: Tue–Fri 11–4pm Sat 10–3pm

John Paul Designs

1006 NW Bond St. Bend, OR 97703 541-318-5645

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For over 20 years, Bend based studio jeweler John Paul has been creating original objects of wearable art. He combines precious metals using rare gemstones that blend together in raw elegance. Each piece is made one at a time with hammers and anvils, files and saws, like the artisans of old. Each hammer blow revealing textures that can only come from hand forging metals into perfect imperfection. Thoughtful gifts for your special someone this holiday season...Find us downtown on the corner of Oregon and Bond.

SHOP HOURS: Thurs-Sat 10-6pm


mission to combine ultimate comfort with stylish designs. That’s why we handcraft each piece using only the best materials and meticulous attention to detail. With fur niture and decor for every room in the house, La-Z-Boy can create a seamlessly beautiful home.

B e n d a n d Medfo r d , O r ego n | L a- Z -Bo y co m





Lovers of art, rejoice! A chance to support local BILAPOC, LGTBQ+ artists, musicians and poets right in the heart of downtown Bend. This beautiful exhibition is held as part of Welcoming Week 2023 and will have activities offered both in Spanish and English. Wed., Sept. 13, 4-7pm. The Environmental Center. 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. FREE.




Grammy- and Academy Award-nominated rock band Counting Crows will play its soulful mix of enchanting rock ‘n’ roll on Thu., Sept. 14, 6:30 pm. Hayden Homes Amphitheater. 344 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr., Bend. $45$99.




Canada-based pop group, Bombargo, is known for its captivating live shows and unmatched energy. Fans of classic pop and incredible sing-along anthems come out and party until you drop on Thu., Sept. 14, 8pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub. 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. $15.





Music Together-Central Oregon offers an early childhood music and movement experience, fostering musical development for youngsters aged 0-5 and the adults who adore them. Introduce your child to the amazing world of music and help them grow into a confident and talented music maker. Registration is required. Sun., Sept. 17. 10-11am. Sisters Firehouse Community Hall. 301 S. Elm St., Sisters. Free.



Grab the popcorn, get ready for laughs and enjoy a screening of the one-of-a-kind indie cult-classic followed by a moderated panel with the stars of the film. Fri., Sept. 15, 8 p.m. Tower Theatre. 835 NW Wall St., Bend. $51.50.




This family-friendly event will feature local brews, food trucks and a kids’ zone filled with bounce houses, face painting and even more! Come on out and have an amazing time with your family and the local community while supporting the Heart of Oregon Corps. Sat., Sept. 16, 3-6:30pm. Bend Park and Float. 1000 SW Bradbury Way, Bend. $25 Adults, Free for Kids.




Prepare to be captivated by an extraordinary evening of live music and artistry! Join Georgia-based singer/ songwriter Pony Bradshaw for an unforgettable night of swinging soul-yearning vocals that will transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder. Sat., Sept. 16, 8pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub. 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. $17.




Hailing from Northern California, Decent Criminal has played to waves of fans dancing between genres that range from alternative and power-pop to vintage ‘90s punk. If you like raw talent combined with heavy riffs and lyrics, then you won’t want to miss when this fourpiece band takes the stage on Sun., Sept. 17, 8pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub. 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. $22.




Immerse yourself in the blissful synergy sound baths have to offer. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in this unique experience as soothing music envelops your senses, taking you on a harmonious voyage of relaxation and self-discovery that promises to elevate your inner peace to new heights of serenity and balance. Sun., Sept. 17. 6:30-7:45pm. Unity Spiritual Community. 63645 Scenic Dr., Bend. $15-$25.




Jamaican-American musician Stephen Marley shared historic stages with his legendary father, Bob Marley, and toured the world with his brother, Ziggy and sisters Cedella and Sharon, The Melody Makers. Now you can witness this Jamaican legend performing his solo tour live on Tue., Sept. 19, 8pm. Midtown Ballroom. 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend. $28.50.

9/13 – 9/19
Tower Theatre Instagram Bombargo Instagram Counting Crows Instagram Decent Criminal Instagram
10 “JUMANJI” Free Books and Movie SEPTEMBER 22
Pony Bradshaw Instagram
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Put Bend Roots Revival on the Calendar this Weekend

Local music festival celebrates its 17th season with eight stages and 120 musical acts

What is known to be a grand celebration of culture and live music in Bend, Bend Roots Revival, takes place this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Located in the “Midtown Corridor” the festival has coordinated eight different stages: Three at the hip hostel Bunk+Brew, four at the lively Silver Moon Brewing and one stage at the beloved Deschutes Brewery Public House on Bond Street.

Founded in 2006 by music educator Mark Ransom, Bend Roots Revival has grown over the past 17 years to include over 100 Central Oregon artists.

“The idea of a ‘Revival,’ instead of just a festival speaks to the educational aspects of roots,” Ransom told the Source Weekly. “This event is intended to encourage

a sharing of musical experience and wisdom. The ethos of the whole event is geared toward passing this wisdom along to future generations.”

The spark for a “revival” came from Ransom and singer-songwriter Brent Alan. “We were sitting by the Colorado Street bridge (where the surf wave is now) looking at what was then a fairly ‘new’ amphitheater. The year was 2005. There were several big acts starting to come to town but not much emphasis on the local music scene,” Ransom shared. “At that time Munch & Music did not showcase many locals, either.”

To put it one way, Ransom and Alan were determined to respectively start Bend Roots as an intended counterpoint to the capitalistic Californication of a

community. “…Which today is clearly gripping us by the balls and not letting go,” Ransom said. They decided to start an event that would honor the local music community, to remember who we are. In 2006, Ransom and bassist Pat Pearsall officially produced the festival as a celebration of the authentic uncorrupted creative soul of Bend.

Bend Roots Revival showcases youth acts, family bands and young artists affiliated with local schools. You could say this festival is the ultimate way to expose and introduce your youngins’ or family to a safe music festival culture, right here in the neighborhood. The festival is free and volunteer-based. Last season, the Roots Teaching Collective, another element of the effort, worked closely with students at Westside Village School and Realms Middle and High School.

Scottie “The Box Kid” McClelland — the mind behind the HomeGrown Music Festival back in April, the creative director of the High Desert Music Collective and Box Kid Productions —helped launch this year’s festival with Ransom, programming the bands alongside Jeshua Marshall and Tom Hudson. “Local sponsors play a big role in helping Bend Roots operate, being that it’s a free event.”

McClelland continued, “We are beyond satisfied with our community’s involvement and could not do it

without our faithful sponsors, many of which we have had a working relationship for years.”

This year’s lineup includes local solo artists and full bands ranging in just about every genre, along with two outof-town acts, SiMPLE from Eugene (previously a Phish cover band turned jam band) and The Frankie Hernandez Band from southern Oregon. Local acts include Night Channels, Amargoso, Call Down Thunder, Billy and the Box Kid, Pete Kartsounes and Not Your Ex Lover, Bend’s latest all-girl punk craze I wrote about several weeks ago. A featured act includes a performance by Mostest — lead by Ransom himself. So many bands to list and so much music to be heard right in our neighborhood. Did we mention it’s free?

The kick-off party takes place Thursday at Boneyard Pub, and and the festivities officially begin at 4 pm Friday, ending Sunday around 9. Then, an after party take places at the Domino Room Sunday night, featuring The Hasbens and Blackstrap Bluegrass at 9pm.

Bend Roots Revival

Fri., Sept. 15 - Sun., Sept 17

Midtown Corridor: Silver Moon Brewing, Deschutes Brewery and Bunk+Brew Free admission

Night Channels — playing Friday night, the first night of the festival, at 8:45pm on the Boneyard Stage at Bunk+Brew. Billy and the Box Kid — without a doubt a local band that’s hot on the scene, will headline the festival’s official kickoff party at Boneyard Pub on Thursday 9/14 from 7-9pm. Free admission. Courtesy Night Channels Courtesy Billy And The Box Kid




30 - Oct

Seventh Mountain ReSoRt

Seventh Mountain ReSoRt Live MuSiC

July live MuSic

5-8pM. Free. All Ages new OutdOoR StAge [lawn chAiRs welcOme]

5-8pM. Free. AlL Ages new OutdOoR StAge [Lawn ChAiRs weLcOme]













october 26 - 27, 2023 get tickets: two day gathering for speakers, films, creativity & conversation for designers, changemakers and the curious.



13 Wednesday

The Yard at Bunk + Brew Jongleur Gems

Please join for an evening of music featuring Linda Quon and Terrence Neal. These two fine Jangleurs will share the stage for two hours of song swapping and storytelling and will certainly have some collaborative moments accentuating the evening. 7-9pm. Free.

Cabin 22 Trivia Wednesdays Useless Knowledge Bowl Live Trivia Game Show! It’s not your average quiz night. Team up to win gift cards. It’s fun and free to play, with Locals’ Day featuring Crater Lake and local craft beer specials. Get here this week! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Sing your heart out at Corey’s! Grab friends and drinks for some Coreyoke. 9pm-Midnight. Free.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Comedy Open

Mic Sign-up 7:30pm. If you’ve ever wanted to try stand-up comedy, this is where you start! 8-10pm. Free.

Deschutes Brewery Public House Head

Games Trivia Night Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Deschutes Bend Public House every Wednesday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

High Desert Music Hall Jen Howard Live

Join for an intimate night of acoustic and singer/ songwriting with special guest, Jen Howard. Lounge opens for happy hour at 4pm. 6:308:30pm. Free.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke Steal the show solo, or sing a duet with a friend. Karaoke night with KJ Alana at the Hub City Bar and Grill. 9pm-Midnight. Free.

JC’s Bar & Grill Trivia Nite with Trivia Girl Compete with your peers and test your knowledge of current events, music and other random categories while enjoying 75 cent wings! Also, JC’s trivia separates themselves from the rest with a physical challenge! 7-9:30pm. Free.

Kobold Brewing / The Vault Taphouse

Trivia Night Trivia Night at The Vault! Come test your knowledge and drink top notch local beer! 6:30-8pm. Free.

Kobold Brewing The Lair Trivia Come join for trivia night and enjoy quality craft beer and food! 7-8:30pm. Free.

M&J Tavern Open Mic Night Downtown living room welcomes musicians to bring their acoustic set or turn it up to eleven with the whole band. Bring your own instruments. Goes to last call or last musician, which ever comes first. 21+. 6:30pm. Free.

Northside Bar & Grill Accoustic Open

Mic with Derek Michael Marc Head down to the Northside Bar and Grill Wednesdays to catch local artists perform live. 7-9pm. Free.

Seven Nightclub & Restaurant The CO Show The CO Show is a free comedy showcase!

Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm! Central Oregon Comedy Scene and Karaokaine productions have teamed up to bring this show to you! It’s co-hosted with multiple hosts, co-produced for Central Oregon! 8pm. Free.

Worthy Beers & Burgers Game Night at Worthy Beers & Burgers Join every Wednesday for Mario Kart, Amazon Luna games, card games and board games (feel free to BYO games). Grab your friends, grab a drink and let’s play! 6-9pm. Free.

14 Thursday

The Ballybogs and Friends Grab a pint, relax and enjoy live music by an amazing group of artists that brings the best Irish trad music in Central Oregon. Every Thursday at The Cellar. 6-8pm. Free.

Austin Mercantile Live Music Every Thursday Join at Austin Mercantile for live music every Thursday. Offering a light happy hour menu — daily flatbread, chili, charcuterie, soft pretzels and more! 4:30-6:30pm. Free.

AVID Cider Co. Taproom Last Call Feud Night Another fun weekly game night at Avid! Wrangle your teammates and join the host and other groups as everyone competes to name the most popular answers to survey questions. No abstract trivia knowledge needed for this game! Lots of prizes and laughs to be had. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Bend Elks Lodge #1371 Bingo Bingo at the Elk’s Lodge. Win cash prizes. 6-9pm. $23.

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Thursdays UKB’s live trivia game show is like no other. Team up to compete for gift card prizes! Brews, ciders, mixed drinks, pizzas and food truck options. Indoor and outdoor seating. 6-8pm. Free.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Sing your heart out at Corey’s! Grab friends and drinks for some Coreyoke. 9pm-Midnight. Free.

Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards

Dancehall Days Rock out to rock n’ roll from the ‘80s and ‘90s with Dancehall Days! This dance band brings the stoke and energy for a live music dance party! 5-8pm. $35/adults, free/children 12 and under.

Hayden Homes Amphitheater

Counting Crows: Banshee Season Tour with Dashboard Confessional For more than two decades, the GRAMMY and Academy Award-nominated rock band Counting Crows has enchanted listeners worldwide with its intensely soulful and intricate take on timeless rock ‘n’ roll. 6:30pm. $45-$99.50.

High Desert Music Hall Open Mic Comedy Night with Special Guest Paul Brien Come tell your jokes, every 2nd Thursday of the month. All are welcome to perform. Sketch, improv and musical comedy encouraged also. Second Thursday of every month, 7-9pm. Free.

Hub City Bar & Grill Karaoke Steal the show solo, or sing a duet with a friend. Karaoke night at Miss Min with the Hub City Bar and Grill. 9-Midnight. Free.

River’s Place Wrong Warp Pop and Indie covers done with a fresh new sound and amazing vibe. 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Trivia on the Moon

Come down to Silver Moon Brewing for a night of trivia! Teams are welcome to show up in groups up to 8 people. Silver Moon also offers seating reservations for $20 donations that all go to F*Cancer! If you would like to reserve a table please contact the Trivia on the Moon Facebook page. 7pm. Free.

Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Music Series: Fluffalove

Enjoy live music from Fluffalove with award-winning beer and great food at Sunriver Brewing’s Eastside Pub. 6-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Bombargo with Dive Bar Theology Bombargo is a Canadian based international touring band that drops a vibrant splash of soul over their distinctive vintage-pop sound. Well known for bringing unrivaled energy to the stage with sing-along anthems, double-brother harmonies, and a powerful message that makes for one of the most captivating live shows ever. 8-11:59pm. $15.

15 Friday

Bend Cider Co. Popcorn Trio Jenny Wasson, Joe Schulte and Nicolas Miranda bring foot-stomping bluegrass with their band Popcorn to the Bend Cider Stage! Family and dog friendly venue. Snacks available, outside food ok. Follow for updates @bendcider. 6-8pm. Free.

Bend Poker Room Friday Night Poker Tournament Come on in for the Friday night poker tournament! $80 entry with unlimited rebuys for the first hour and an optional add-on for $40 at the first break. Patrons pay a $10 entrance fee. No money bet in any game is collected by the Bend Poker Room. 6-11pm. $80.

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Awkward Turtles Comedy Show Come laugh with these awkward turtles. It’s a night celebrating the weird and dark. Honesty has never been so hilarious. 8-10pm.

General Duffy’s Waterhole Summer

Kickin’ Concert Series: Jackson Michelson

Catch Jackson Michelson perform live at General Duffy’s Waterhole! Gates open at 6 pm and the family friendly show starts at 7 pm. Raised in Corvallis, Oregon, Jackson Michelson kicked off his country career on the West Coast, carving out a sound that blended the rootsy twang of the American South with the sunny, feel-good spirit of the Pacific Coast. 7-10pm.

Hardtails Bar & Grill Stage 28 Karaoke

Come out for a night of Stage 28 Karaoke with your host Miss Min! What’s your go-to karaoke tune? Come to Hardtails for a fun Friday night and sing your heart out! 8pm-Midnight. Free. Hub City Bar & Grill Dj Music A night of music and dancing with a hardworking DJ making sure the party doesn’t stop. 9pm. Free.

Big E’s Sports Bar Karaoke Night Central Oregon’s most fun karaoke venue! Karaoke is hosted by A Fine Note Karaoke Too and DJ Jackie J. Delicious food and drink and a friendly staff. Come join the show where you are the star! 8pm. Free admission.

Riverhouse on the Deschutes Barringer and Baker Bob and Mark perform on the outdoor deck overlooking the Deschutes at the Currents Restaurant. Electric violin/guitar and vocals: unique and inspired arrangements of music from the '60s, '70s and '80s. 7-9pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing SoMuchHouse 2

Year Anniversary: OFIER Ofier is an Israeli American musician, DJ, and producer hailing from Los Angeles. Renowned for his house music productions and live performances, he seamlessly weaves deep, driving grooves with ethereal, dreamy overtones, all while adding his distinctive live guitar riffs to the mix. 9pm-2am.$10

The Capitol Beef Beef: Brought to you by Cliché is a recurring queer pop-up night club event where you’re invited to come dance the night away and socialize with members of the LGBT+ Community in a safe space. While queer oriented all are welcome to have fun! 9pm-2am. Free.

Thump Coffee - NW Crossing Thump

Music Series Join Fridays for live music, amazing pizza and a variety of drinks at our York Cafe location (549 NW York Dr.). Pizza and drinks start at 6pm. Music starts at 7pm. Check social channels for more information on who is playing. 6pm. Free.

Unity Community of Central Oregon Motivational Jazz Concert with Lady Kiah and Friends You’re invited to an exciting evening of community and jazz music, featuring guest artist Lady Kiah from Kaua’i. Lady Kiah brings a joyful and elevating sound through her trumpet, aiming to lift up hearts and deepen community. Dave Finch will accompany Kiah on piano along with other local musicians. 7-9pm.

16 Saturday

The Barn in Sisters Use’ta Do A night of roots-country, bluegrass, pop and rock tunes. Always fun for everyone. 6-8pm. Free.

Bend Brewing Company Fall Concert Series

Fall Concert Series @ BBC! Saturdays throughout the fall 5-7pm Sept. 9. Dive Bar Trio, Sept. 16. Rubbah Tree, Sept. 23. Brother Gabe & Friends, Oct. 7. Scribbled Rhymes, Oct. 14. Sleepless Truckers, Oct. 21 Amargoso 5-7pm. Free.

Bridge 99 Brewery Stage 28 Karaoke Come out for a night of all ages Stage 28 Karaoke with your host Miss Min! What’s your go-to karaoke tune? 6pm. Free.

LIVE MUSIC & NIGHTLIFE > Tickets Available on Submitting an event is free and easy. Add your event to our calendar at
Andrew Sleighter’s casual attitude and witty remarks are bound to fill the night with laughter at Open Space Event Studios on Fri., Sept. 22 at 8pm. Don’t miss the fun! Courtesy Andrew Sleighter Instagram

Craft Kitchen and Brewery Hot Box: Intimate Show with Big Talent These performers are some of Bend’s hottest. It’s a night combining comedy (stripped down), burlesque and drag! Bring those $1 bills and let’s raise the temperature together. 8-10pm.

Crux Fermentation Project Live music with Desert Wheelhouse Central Oregon Cover Band playing classic rock, country and pop! 5-7pm. Free.

Hub City Bar & Grill Dj Music A night of music and dancing with a hardworking DJ making sure the party doesn’t stop. 9pm. Free.

Maragas Winery Maragas Winery - Live Jazz

Live Blues and Jazz on Sat.- Sun. from 1- 4pm. Seating inside and outside on the patio and lawn. Visit our website for more details. 1-4pm. Free. Northside Bar & Grill The Tangents An evening of classic rock. 8-11pm. Free.

Open Space Event Studios The Night Light Show The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley & Magnificent Guests is Central Oregon’s beloved and longest-running variety show. It is a wildly entertaining collaboration featuring an array of talented artists, musicians, comedians, business owners, community leaders, and all-around awesome folks with an ever-evolving lineup. 6:30-9:30pm. $12-$25.

Open Space Event Studios The Night Light Show The Night Light Show with Shanan Kelley and Magnificent Guests is Central Oregon’s beloved and longest running variety show. Join host Shanan Kelley and a truly fantastic lineup of Magnificent Guests for an evening of laughter, conversation, art, music and of course, prizes! All are welcome, though some content may be better suited to a mature audience. 7:30-9pm.

River’s Place Bobby Lindstrom and Friends

An evening of blues and rock. 6-8pm. Free.

River’s Place Saturday Jazz Sessions Joseph Mammarella Trio is heavily influenced by fusion greats like the Tony Williams Lifetime, Chick Corea and Steps Ahead. 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Gainon and DJ Wicked with The HardChords This is a rare performance involving an all-vinyl DJ along with spiritual levels of lyricism, coated in some psychedelic guitar topped with a little Live belly dancing. It is free and supports the music programs in schools. All ages welcome. 8-9pm. Free.

Testimony Wine Bar Bike Night Block Party

Enjoy a night of live music by Soul’d Out, great beer, cider, wine and food. All proceeds from the raffles and a portion from the food/ beverage sales will be going to Central Oregon Veteran’s Ranch. Park on Cedar St between 6th and 7th. 5-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Pony Bradshaw

No matter the venue or town, Pony Bradshaw will be Pony Bradshaw, leaving listeners sad but hopeful as he asks tough or even unanswerable questions in beautiful ways. 8pm. $17.

17 Sunday

The Astro Lounge Local Artist Spotlight

Sundays This is a chance to listen to Central Oregon’s newest and upcoming local artists. They have earned their spot to perform a two-hour show, changing weekly, every Sunday. Support local top notch talent! 7-9pm. Free.

Bledsoe Family Winery Bledsoe Family Winery: Fall Release Event Taste through the newest releases from the Bledsoe Family Winery portfolio featuring its 2021 Cabernet Franc and 2021 Merlot. Enjoy freshly made pizzas from God of Pizza with live music from Bill Keale. Noon-2pm. $25.

Cascade Lakes Pub on Reed Market

Sunday Spins with Drift Along DJ Aaron Dance away the Sunday scaries with a live set from Drift Along DJ Aaron on the Brew Deck at the Pub on Reed Market. Bring your friends, grab a beer, and enjoy some of Central Oregon’s best views from the Brew Deck. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Corey’s Bar & Grill Karaoke Sing your heart out at Corey’s! Grab friends and drinks for some Coreyoke. 9pm-Midnight. Free.

Maragas Winery Maragas Winery - Live Jazz Live Blues and Jazz on Sat.- Sun. from 14pm. Seating inside and outside on the patio and lawn. Visit our website for more details. 1-4pm. Free.

River’s Place Trivia Sundays at Noon Trivia Sundays at Noon, with UKB Trivia, at River’s Place. This is no ordinary contest, this is a live trivia game show. Bring your bunch and win gift card prizes for top teams! Indoor and outdoor seating available. Great food and drink options available. Noon-2pm. Free.

River’s Place The Angelic Noise Easy listening pop music. Acoustic versions of original songs, and classics from Frank Sinatra, The Eagles, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, and more! 6-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Not’Cho Grandma’s Bingo Silver Moon is partnering with the YOUNI Movement to guarantee the best bingo experience in all of Central Oregon! Not’Cho Grandma’s Bingo is the OG of bingo, high energy bingo that promises to entertain from start to finish! 10am. Free/GA, $10/early entry.

Silver Moon Brewing Open Mic at the Moon

Get a taste of the big time! Sign-up is at 4pm! Come check out the biggest and baddest open mic night in Bend! 5-8pm. Free.

Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill Summer Sunday Nights at the Saloon Join us for Summer Sunday Nights at The Saloon on the patio! Free every week, and all ages are welcome. 6-8pm. Free.

Volcanic Theatre Pub Decent Criminal With a sound reminiscent of ‘90s alternative, punk, surf and power-pop, Northern CA’s Decent Criminal offers catchy, upbeat songs that mercilessly collide with abrasive and often melancholy undertones, to bring forth a style that is both playfully compatible and inadvertently raw. 8-11:59pm. $22.

Wild Ride Brewing Erin Cole-Baker Erin Cole-Baker’s timeless, stunning songcraft is guided by her gorgeous voice, reminiscent of greats such as Patty Griffin, early Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris. 1-2pm. Free.

18 Monday

The Astro Lounge Musician’s Open Mic

Designed for musicians that create and make music, originals or covers. Pros to first-timers all welcome. Very supportive hosts and great listening audience. Guitars can be provided. Hosted by the Harris Blake Band. Nancy Blake and Danny guitar Harris. 8-11:45pm. Free.

Bridge 99 Brewery Trivia Mondays UKB’s live trivia game show is like no other. Team up to compete for gift card prizes! Brews, ciders, mixed drinks, pizzas and food truck options. Indoor and outdoor seating. 6-8pm. Free.

The Yard at Bunk + Brew Bunk and Brew Open Mic Monday Please join on Monday evenings from 6-8pm for Open Mic Monday in the Yard at Bunk and Brew. Guaranteed 3 songs/15 minutes. Covers or originals. Minors welcome. Food and beverage on site. Sign-up at 5:30pm. As the evenings warm up we will go till 10pm. 6pm. Free.

High Desert Music Hall Trivia Night: Rotating Mondays Gather your team and join for a fun night of Trivia, every other Monday. Prizes awarded to the top teams. All ages. Every other Monday, 7pm. Free.

On Tap Locals’ Day Plus Live Music Cheaper drinks all day and live music at night, get down to On Tap. 11am-9pm. Free.

River’s Place Monday Night Football 6 big screen TVs. $3 pints, each week featuring a different local brewery with your chance to win free SWAG. Specials from all the food trucks. Let’s kick the week off right! 5-8pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Beertown Comedy

Open Mic Enjoy Beertown Comedy Open Mic every Monday Night at Silver Moon Brewing! Sign-up starts at 6:30pm and closes at 7pm, when the show starts. They have 15, five minute spots available. 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

Silver Moon Brewing Comedy Open Mic Comedy open mic every Monday at Silver Moon Brewing in the Green Room. Sign-ups at 6:30pm. Presented by Tease Bang Boom Productions. 7-8:30pm. Free.

Worthy Brewing Head Games Trivia Night Eat. Drink. Think. Win! Head Games multi-media trivia is at Worthy Brewing Co. in Bend every Monday. Win prizes. Teams up to six. 7-9pm. Free.

19 Tuesday

AVID Cider Co. Taproom Last Call Trivia Get ready to stretch your mind with Last Call Trivia! Grab your team (or come join one), and head to Avid Cider for an array of categories and themes, while sipping on your favorite beverage. Free to play and prizes to win! 6:30-8:30pm. Free.

The Commons Cafe & Taproom Storytellers Open Mic StoryTellers open mic nights are full of music, laughs and community. Ky Burt is the host. Sign-ups start at 5pm sharp in the cafe, and spots go quick. Poetry, comedy and spoken word are welcome, but this is mainly a musical open mic. Performance slots are a quick 10 minutes each, so being warmed up and ready is ideal. 6pm. Free.

FIND DEALS HERE SAVE 20%-50% on your favorite local businesses Purchase discount gift certificates online at
With astonishing musicianship and an ever-expanding repertoire, the band, Dancehall Days, is sure to thrill. Catch the show at Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards on Thu., Sept. 14, 5pm. Courtesy Dancehall Days Instagram
All Ages Live Tunes Local Eats Fresh Brews Hosted by: 20+ OREGON BREWERIES PRESENTED BY: (FREE TO ATTEND | $ FOR BEER) GET YOUR TICKETS: (ONLINE PRE-SALE ONLY) $35 = EVENT GLASS + 10 TOKENS (ONLINE PRE-SALE & AT THE DOOR) $30 = EVENT GLASS + 5 TOKENS Music by: Food From: Bend Pizza Cart Chasin’ Tots Coco Loco Norma’s Tacos

The 11th Annual Sisters Fresh Hop Festival, hosted by Three Creeks Brewing Co and Oregon Brewers Guild, will showcase Fresh Hop Beers from 20+ Oregon breweries alongside live music and food trucks at the Three Creeks Brewing Co Production Brewery & Tasting Room in Sisters, OR on September 24th from 12-6pm. In previous years, the event has raised over $10,000 for local charities. This year’s proceeds help support Ronald McDonald House Bend and Circle of Friends.

What is Fresh Hop Beer?

Beer is only considered "fresh hopped” if the hops are picked, then brewed within 24 hours. The only time it can be created is during harvest season in late summer, early fall. Think of it as an herb: Dried vs. fresh. When it's fresh, you can taste the difference. The PNW is one of the largest hop producing regions in the world, so the Sisters Fresh Hop Festival is a place to celebrate some of the world's finest fresh hop beers.

About Three Creeks Brewing Co.

Three Creeks Brewing Company was founded in 2008 in the Central Oregon mountain town of Sisters, with the mission to relentlessly pursue crafting classic Northwest beers of uncompromising quality and consistency. Operating a family friendly 10 bbl brewpub and 30 bbl production facility, Three Creeks has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including the Great American Beer Festival’s “Brewery Group of the Year” award in 2020. Three Creeks Brewing Co. cans and draft beer can be found throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California.



Bend Ronald McDonald House

Every year, thousands of families find themselves far from home when their sick or injured children require specialized care or hospitalization. For more than three decades, our Oregon Ronald McDonald Houses have offered these families comfort, support and a beautiful “home away from home.” Every family that we host and help has the opportunity to benefit from home-cooked meals and fresh-baked cookies, activity programs and free services, beautiful indoor and outdoor play spaces and the loving support that kids (and their families) need to heal. Together, we are working to ensure that every child gets the medical care they need (with a heaping dose of love and support!), and that no family has to be separated from their sick child, regardless of where they live. Nestled at the edge of the St. Charles Medical Center campus, the Bend House has been a comforting and peaceful “home away from home” for seven families every night. With a playroom and expansive backyard featuring a basketball court, our Bend House has been a place of fun and joy during long hospital stays for thousands of families over the past two decades, and we look forward to the next 20 years of keeping families together while their children are receiving medical treatment far from home.

Lauren Olander, Chief Development Officer for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon shared:

“...our role is to help provide a home away from home for families needing medical attention for their children, and providing compassionate hospitality during some of the most difficult times in a family’s life.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities are all about keeping families together. Instead of having to worry where they would stay in a town unfamiliar to them, where their next meal would come from and how to be there for family members during tragic times, the Ronald McDonald House provides a community of support filled with compassionate hospitality for the entire family.

Circle of Friends

Bend, OR Sisters, OR

Circle of Friends is a revolutionary mentoring program, transforming lives, one child at a time. Transformation takes place when we connect Sisters most vulnerable children with trained volunteer mentors. Circle of Friends will stay with our children kindergarten through high school graduation no matter what!

Circle of Friends offers every Sisters’ child or youth in need with a trained mentor who provides a consistent, long-term, meaningful relationship. Working collaboratively with Sisters School District, community service providers, and parents, Circle of Friends develops and implements inclusive plans and support systems for mentees. Circle of Friends works to provide children and youth with positive experiences and opportunities that contribute to their current and future success.

Oregon Brewer’s Guild

The Oregon Brewers Guild is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and protect the state’s brewing industry and the common interests of its members through advocacy, education, and events. Founded in 1992, the Oregon Brewers Guild is one of the nation’s oldest craft brewers associations.

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival 2
Amazing musical violin stylings matches powerful lead singing vocals aside jamming guitar strings. You’ll want to dance and you’ll want to shout. acoustic spin on some classic favorites from Grateful Dead to John Prine to Don McClean and beyond. Huck Finn Yacht Club Tony Lompa

Bend Brewing Co.


ABV: 6.5% | Hops: | Hop Varietal & Farm: Simcoe, BC Hop Ranch

Our signature IPA is brewed with a balanced malt foundation, and a special blend of Simcoe and Mosaic hops that gives this beer its unique tropical and piney character.


ABV: 7.2% | Hops: | Hop Varietal & Farm: Strata, Goschie Farms

Brewed with a base layer of Pilsner Malt and a generous addition of Wheat and Oats, this hazy IPA drinks fruity and tropical, while remaining a clean body. The additions of Strata and Mosaic give this beer a luscious and enticing character.

Bevel Craft Brewing



ABV: 6.8% | Hop Varietal & Farm: Luminosa (Goschie Farms)

A collaboration with Deschutes Bend Pub, 100lbs of fresh Luminosa was added to the whirlpool. A fresh bright kick of fruit and pink lemonade jumps out of the glass.


ABV: 6.6% | Hop Varietal & Farm: Citra (Cornerstone Farms, Yakima, WA)

Our yearly fresh hop offering focuses on Citra. 100lbs of fresh Citra was used in the whirlpool giving this beer a massive citrus punch!

Boneyard Beer

Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Boss Rambler




ABV: 6.5% | Hop Varietal & Farm: Fresh Hop Hazy IPA ft. Fresh Mosaic & Citra Hops

Order up! We "smothered" this Citra-hopped hazy base with tons of Liquid Nitrogen "Shattered" Fresh Mosaic Hops from our friends at Coleman Agriculture. The result is an insanely juicy IPA "covered" in ripe tropical fruit notes with a hint of dankness from the freshies.



Breakside Brewery

Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company


ABV: 4.9% | Hops: | Hop Varietal & Farm: Crystal / Goschie Farm

We put our spin on this German classic with a heavy dose of fresh, whole-cone Crystal hops fresh from the Willamette Valley. Pungently floral with mild spice, backed by high-quality pilsner malt leaves a balanced, slightly-sweet blend of Oregon and Germany.


ABV: 6.2% | Hops: | Hop Varietal & Farm: Strata / Goschie Farms

Strata Momma features fresh Strata hops direct from Goschie Farms in Silverton Oregon. We brought them back and put them immediately into the brew locking in the natural sage, grapefruit, and berry aroma and valley fresh flavor. Extremely limited!

Ecliptic Brewing


ABV: 6.5%

The brightest star in the constellation Aquila, Altair uses fresh strata and centennial from Roy Farms to celebrate the annual hop harvest.


ABV: 5.5%

Astro, originating from the Greek word for star, shines with sterling and both regular and fresh McKenzie hops from B&D Farms. A crisp, clean lager to celebrate the annual hop harvest.

Fort George Brewery


ABV: 6.2%

Fresh IPA is a yearly release featuring a fresh hop variety from the late summer harvest. This year, the brewery chose Centennial Hops from Crosby Hop Farms in Woodburn, OR.

Giglamesh Brewing

Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Pelican CompanyBrewing Sunriver Brewing Company


ABV: 7% | Hops: Warrior, Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe | Hop Varietal & Farm: Centennial, Coleman Agriculture Alluvial Farms Enjoy this version of our flagship IPA brewed with freshly harvested Centennial hops, provided to us by our friends at Coleman Agriculture Alluvial Farms in Independence, OR. These wet wonders deliver big notes of grapefruit juice, lime blossom, and pine needles.



ABV: 6.4% | Hops: Nuggest, Strata, Mosaic, Citra | Hop Varietal & Farm: Strata, Goschie Farms

This version of our award-winning Bondi IPA features freshly harvested Strata hops, provided to us by our friends at Goschie Farms in Silverton, OR. These amazing freshies drop huge notes of ripe tropical fruit, strawberry jam, and freshly harvested cannabis.

Three Creeks Brewing Company


ABV: 6.8%

Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Crux Fermentation Project Deschutes Brewery



ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 55 | Hop Varietal & Farm: Centennial hops from Coleman Farms Fresh Coleman Farms Centennial hops added hot-side highlight this single varietal IPA. Pine, resin, floral and fruity.



ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 45 | Hop Varietal & Farm: Strata hops from Goschie Farms

Big tangerine and pineapple flavors complimented by tropical fruit aromas from hot side Fresh Strata hops. Dank, pungent and juicy with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel.

GoodLife Brewing


ABV: 5.5% | Hop Varietal & Farm: Citra Hops, Hollingbery Hops - Cornerstone Farm - Yakima WA

It’s the time of year when the days slowly become shorter, the Central Oregon Nights become Colder as the frost threatens our gardens and of course, The annual FALL HOP HARVEST! 150 Hippies is a celebration beer, to the anticipation of the year’s crops. We used straight off the Vine, Citra Hops in this year’s Fresh Hop Pale Ale! Citra is one of the top hops used varieties in America with a very high oil content. Citra hops have a signature orange flavor and citrus aromas, with a pleasant fruity finish on the palate.


Brewery is still working on their beer description, visit the festival for their big reveal!

Our annual Fresh Hop IPA features 300 pounds per batch of fresh-from-the-farm Centennial hops direct from BC Farms in Woodburn, Oregon. The hops go from farm to brew kettle in 4 hours. The abundance of hop resins create a spiciness, along with the classic orange-rind & floral notes of fresh Centennial hops. Fresh Hop Season is the greatest! Cheers to this gold medal-winning Fresh Hop Beer at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival!


ABV: 5.5%

We made one more trip to BC Hop Ranch in Woodburn to load up on their first-ever harvest of Experimental Hop #1019. This newly developed hop surprised us with distinct aromatics of lemons, oranges and herbal tea, followed by delicate flavors of mango, pineapple and lemongrass. There’s also a pleasant kick of hop bitterness within this slightly hazy and light-bodied pale ale.

Wild Ride Brewing


ABV: 6.3% | Hop Varietal & Farm: Strata, Crosby Hop Farm

Description (two sentences): This Fresh Hop IPA uses Strata Hops, creating intense tropical, citrus and dank aroma & flavor. Expect all these flavors to be blended and balanced, which will take you and your taste buds to a new stratosphere!

Fresh Hop Festival 3
NW Cider Co.

Three Creeks Brewing Co. wants to thank the incredible sponsors, breweries, bands, vendors, volunteers and all the community members who help make Sisters Fresh Hop Fesitval happen year after year!

Food Trucks: Social Media:

Bend Pizza Cart

Chasin’ Tots

Coco Loco

Norma’s Tacos

Live Music:





Tony Lompa Huck Finn Yacht Club (ONLINE PRE-SALE & AT THE DOOR)
$35 = EVENT
$30 = EVENT

General Duffy’s Annex Tuesday Night Trivia in Redmond Genuine UKB Trivia is no average quiz night, it’s a live trivia game show! Meet up with your pals and team up this week! Win stuff! 6-8pm. Free.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Karaoke Night At McMenamins -Father Luke’s Room For those of you who always have a song in your heart, please come to McMenamins for Karaoke Tuesdays. Hosted by A Fine Note Music & DJ JackieJ. 7-9:30pm. Free.

Midtown Ballroom Stephen MarleyOld Soul Unplugged 2023 Beginning his lifelong musical journey at the age of six, Stephen shared historic stages with his legendary father and toured the world with his brother Ziggy and sisters Cedella and Sharon, The Melody Makers. 8pm. $28.50.

Worthy Beers & Burgers Head Games

Trivia Night Join for live multi-media trivia every Tuesday night. Win prizes. Teams up to 6 players. 7-9pm. Free.


Al Stewart The Scottish-born singer-songwriter has released nearly 20 introspective and lyrically powerful records featuring brilliant backing musicians. He will play his old favorites, like "Year Of The Cat," "Time Passages," "On the Border," "Nostradamus" and "Roads To Moscow," along with selections from his deep catalogue. Sept. 14, 8pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-0700. $62.50-$74.

Know Language: Singer Erin

Cole-Baker Performs on Guitar Erin Cole-Baker’s timeless, stunning songcraft is guided by her gorgeous voice, reminiscent of greats such as Patty Griffin, early Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris. Sept. 16, 10-11am. Downtown Bend Public Library - Brooks Room, 601 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-312-1062. Free.

Singer Erin Cole-Baker Performs on Guitar Enjoy timeless songcraft and a gorgeous voice. Erin Cole-Baker’s timeless, stunning song-craft is guided by her gorgeous voice, reminiscent of greats such as Patty Griffin, early Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris. Sept. 17, 1-2pm. Wild Ride Brewing, 332 SW Fifth St., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1029. Free.

Sunday Brunch and Karaoke Wake up right with brunch and karaoke! Sundays, 10am3pm. General Duffy’s Waterhole, 404 SW Forest Avenue, Redmond. Free.


Argentine Tango Classes and Dance

Join every Wednesday for Tango classes and dancing! Your first class is free. Tango 101 Class from 6:30-7pm, no partner needed! All levels class from 7-8pm. Open dancing from 8-9:30pm. Wednesdays, 6:30-9:30pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-7283234. $5-$10.

Line and Swing Dancing Lessons Line and swing dance lessons every Thursday night at The Cross-Eyed Cricket! Thursdays, 7-9pm. Cross-Eyed Cricket, 20565 NE Brinson Blvd., Bend. Free.

Salsa Classes! Sexy, sassy Salsa classes spice up the fall! Beginning class at 6:30pm for newbies and intermediate at 8pm, if you’re solid with the basics. Both are a 4-week series.

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Through Sept. 27. Bend Dance, SW Porcupine Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-410-0048. $50.

Scottish Country Dance A chance to socialize and get a bit of exercise, too. Beginners are welcome. All footwork, figures and social graces will be taught and reviewed. Mondays, 7-9pm. Sons of Norway Hall, 549 NW Harmon Blvd., Bend. Contact: 541-508-9110. $5.

Soul in Motion Movement & Dance Come move with what is moving in you, in community, putting a little more life in your life!! No experience necessary... guided and facilitated to support you to sink down from the chatter of your mind and into your body... inviting it take the lead. Mindful movement and dance... drop in. Wednesdays, 6-7:15pm. Continuum, A School of Shadow Yoga, 155 SW Century Drive, Suite 112, Bend. Contact: 541-948-7015. $20.

Tri-County Dance Support the disability community and the Japan Project while raising awareness for people with disabilities. Enjoy family-friendly fun and awesome music. Sponsored by Good-2-Go Oregon. $7 suggested donation per person. Sept. 15, 7-10pm. Redmond VFW Hall, 1836 SW Veterans Way, Redmond. Contact: 503-990-1325. $7.


“Coco”- Film (Shown in Spanish w/ English subtitles) Tower Theater will screen the film "Coco" in Spanish with English subtitles with a pre-show happy hour for Unpaid caregivers to join early for an opportunity to mingle with other caregivers and to have one-on-one time with service providers from the Council on Aging, Partners In Care. Please book your tickets in advance. Sept. 13, 6pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-0700. info@ FREE.

Benefit Event: Dammed to Extinction

The film explains why removing four dams in the Snake River system could be a game-changer for the salmon, orcas and the people who love them. Writer/producer Steven Hawley and other guests will discuss the issues with the Lower Snake River dams and the hopes for future thriving salmon runs. Sept. 14, 7pm. Sisters Movie House, 720 Desperado Court, Sisters. Contact: 541-5498833. $16.

Napoleon Dynamite 20: A Conversation with Jon Seder, Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries This unique evening includes a full screening of “Napoleon Dynamite” followed by a lively, freewheeling and moderated discussion with fan-favorite cast members; Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Efren Ramirez (Pedro) and Jon Gries (Uncle Rico). Sept. 15, 8pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541317-0700. $51.50.

Vámonos al Cine Vámonos Outside is excited to present the inaugural Vámonos al Cine –Vámonos Outside Latino film fest. This cultural event will take place at the Historic Tower Theatre in Downtown Bend. This event will be free to the community, with an optional donation. Please RSVP at tickets-and-events/vámonos-al-cine Sept. 16, 3 and 7pm. Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-317-0700. Free.


9th Street Village Makers Market Join for the 9th Street Village Makers Market hosted by Bevel Craft Brewing, Cultivate Farms and DIYcave featuring five rotating local artisans each week, alongside demos by DIYcave, nonprofits, food carts and craft beer. Every Sunday. Rain or shine. Family friendly! Sundays, Noon-4pm. Through Sept. 24. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: 541-972-3835. Free.

Contemporary Realist Open Gallery

and Studio A Contemporary Realist, David Kreitzer paints in the tradition of the old masters, and is known for his raking light and tranlucent

water paintings. The Kreitzer Gallery and studio are filled with master stunning images in oils & watercolors. Fridays-Sundays, Noon-6pm. David Kreitzer Fine Art Gallery and Studio, 20214 Archie Briggs Rd, Bend. Contact: 805-234-2048. Free.

Forge Viking Knife from Raw Steel: 2 Day Blacksmithing Class Learn to make a Viking blacksmith knife! The knife and handle will be forged from one piece of repurposed steel. The blade is hardened and double-tempered while the handle is left unhardened and resilient. It makes a useful tool that is customized to be more ergonomic and fit your hand. Sept. 19-20, 5:30-8pm and Oct. 17-18, 5:30-8pm. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. $389.

Little By Little: Building Community

Through Art Teafly will exhibit a collection of their work from the last 20 years of living and working in Bend; including large scale versions of Source covers, their pieces “My Body Is Not A Democracy” and “Act of Love”— which have gone viral online. They will also exhibit new work. Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6pm. Through Oct. 28. Scalehouse Gallery, 550 NW Franklin Ave, Bend. Contact: Free.

Paint and Sip Join local artist Kristen Buwalda of Chalked Creative on the riverfront patio at Va Paino Vineyards in the Old Mill for a painting class hosted by Chalked Creative. She will expertly guide you through a painting while you sip on a glass of Sauvignon Sept. 19, 6-8pm. Va Piano Vineyards Tasting Room, 425 SW Powerhouse Dr., Bend. Contact: 805-801-8328. $55.

Sisters Farmers Market Join for opening day of the Sisters Farmers Market in the heart of downtown Sisters! Shop from over 35 local farmers, ranchers, artisan food producers, and makers. Live music with Sugar Sweet String Band at 11:30am! Sisters Farmers Market is presented by the nonprofit Seed to Table. Sundays, 10am2pm. Through Sept. 24. Fir Street Park, Sisters, Sisters. Contact: 541-904-0134. Free.

Woodworking Class: Furniture Making 101 In this 4-week class, you will learn how to create a piece of furniture. Starting with rough lumber, you’ll learn what to look for and how to select wood for your project. You will gain advanced skills in project planning and use all the tools in the shop. Mondays, 6-8pm. Through Oct. 2. DIY Cave, 444 SE Ninth St. Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-388-2283. makeit@diycave. com. $499.


2023 Waterston Desert Writing Prize Award Ceremony Join for an evening of literary excellence. Dr. Thor Hanson, author of "Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid" and "The Triumph of Seeds," will speak. 5:30-6:30 pm –Reception in Rimrock Café. 6:30-8pm – Program. 8-8:45pm – Book signing. Sept. 14, 5:30-8pm. High Desert Museum, 59800 S. Highway 97, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4754. $10.

This hardcore-rock group from Orange County, Calif. has been touring in support of its latest album, Dark Sun. See what hard-nosed rock should really sound like at the Volcanic Theatre Pub on Fri., Sept. 22, 8pm.
BENDTICKET .COM SOMUCHHOUSE 2 Year Anniversary with OFIER at Silver Moon Brewing FRIDAY, SEPT. 15 AT 9PM THE NIGHT LIGHT SHOW at Open Space Event Studios SATURDAY, SEPT. 16 AT 7:30PM UNCORKED Sunriver Style 2023 at SHARC Event Space FRIDAY, SEPT. 15 AT 3PM
Courtesy Dayseeker Instagram
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 28 SPIRITS • BEER • WINE • CIDER • CIGARS & MORE Stop in beforeyouheadout! 20516 Robal Rd. #130 541-306-3747 Find us on Instagram and Facebook Sun 11am - 6pm Mon - Saturday 10am - 8pm The Bend Sustainability Fund is a grant program investing tourism dollars into projects that protect, steward, and create sustainable experiences in our community. Grant applications accepted September 1 - 30, 2023 APPLY NOW!


Bend Ghost Tours Join for Ghosts and Legends of Downtown Bend Tour and hear all about Bend’s permanent residents! Your spirit guide will lead you through the haunted streets and alleyways of Historic Downtown Bend where you’ll learn about the city’s many macabre tales, long-buried secrets and famous ghosts. Wednesdays-Sundays, 7:30-9pm. Downtown Bend, Downtown Bend, Bend. Contact: 541-3500732. $25..

Third Thursday Open Mic at the High Desert Music Hall Spoken word open mic night for all poets, storytellers and writers. This is an in-person program. Join us at the High Desert Music Hall for a spoken word open mic night the third Thursday of the month. All writers and readers and word-lovers invited to attend and read. Every third Thursday, 6-8pm. Contact: 541312-1063. Free.


Bend Institute of Comedy - Class in Long-form Improvisation Unleash Your Mind with Long-Form Improv classes at Bend Insititute of Comedy! Dive into the fascinating world of improvisation, where “brain scans reveal heightened creativity” (Neuroscience Today). Boost your well-being, channel your inner genius, and join the next six-week series! Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm. Through Sept. 18. Open Space Event Studios, 220 NE Lafayette Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-410-5866. $295.


Author Event: The Secret Lives of Glaciers by M Jackson Join Oregon author, M Jackson, to discuss her book, “The Secret Lives of Glaciers,” an exploration of “what we may yet find with glaciers: hope for humanity, and the possibility of saving this world’s glaciers.” Sept. 14, 6:30-7:30pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541306-6564. $5.

Mad Lit and Other Word Play with The Forge Join Forge writing program founders Irene Cooper, Mike Cooper, and Ellen Santasiero for word fun and games on the patio. Natural wine, cocktails, grandma-style pizza, full pastry case and coffee bar offerings available for purchase from Cafe des Chutes. Sept. 15, 5:30-7pm. Cafe des Chutes, 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Contact: 718719-1896. Free.

Poetry Workshop: Fall into Form The poem must find its form, but how does that work, exactly? Join Irene Cooper in exploring how form can help generate a poem, as well as be a tool for revision. You’ll read some poems and get a start on some of our own. Sept. 17, 2-3:30pm. Becky Johnson Center, 412 SW 8th St., Redmond. Contact: 541-312-1062. Free.

RAB Middles Book Club Join the RAB Middles Book Club! A discussion of Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea. Sept. 18, 6-7pm. Roundabout Books, 900 NW Mount Washington Dr., #110, Bend. Contact: 541-306-6564. julie@ Free.

Writers Writing: Quiet Writing Time Enjoy the focus of a quiet space with the benefit of others’ company. This is an in-person program. Masks are recommended at all in-person library events. Bring personal work, read a book or answer emails. Come when you can, leave when you want. Free, open network WiFi available. Tuesdays, 1:304:30pm. Deschutes Public Library-Downtown, 601 NW Wall Street, Bend. Contact: 541-312-1063. Free.


Let’s Make Herbal Orbs on the Feast Day of Hildegard de Bingen! Moonflower Medicine will guide you in making rose & nettle edible herbal orbs based on some of Hildegard’s favorite herbs. Snack on treats and enjoy different herbal drink preparations while learning herbs. Sept. 17, 11:30am-Noon. The Peoples Apothecary, 1841 NE Division Street #150, Bend. Contact: 541-728-2368. $45.


Bend Adult Volleyball Bend Hoops adult open gym volleyball sessions offer players a chance to get together and enjoy some competition. To sign up, go to and RSVP. Bring exact change. Sundays, 7-9pm and Saturdays, 7:30pm. Bend Hoops, 1307 NE 1st St, Bend. $10.

Cascade Lakes Canoe Tour with Wanderlust Nothing says summer in Bend like paddling on the beautiful Cascade Lakes! With the sun shining above, hit the water, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and begin your canoeing adventure. Saturdays, 7am-12:30pm. Through Jan. 1. Juniper Preserve, 65600 Pronghorn Club Dr., Bend. Contact: 866-320-5024. activites@ $130.

Central Oregon Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge The Central Oregon Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge is a self-paced hiking challenge up six iconic peaks in beautiful Central Oregon. Explore new mountains, test your limits and level up your outdoor experience, all while helping support outdoor nonprofits. June 21-Oct. 31. June 21-Oct. 31. Contact: $50.

Community Birdwatching Trip Join Think Wild staff for a family-friendly bird identification walk at Haystack Reservoir. Learn to identify native Central Oregon birds by sight and sound. Binoculars and field guides are provided. Sept. 16, 9-11am. Haystack Reservoir, Forest Road 7130, Culver. Contact: 541-241-8680. sadie@ Free.

Girls AllRide Fall Mountain Bike Programs Girls AllRide Mountain Biking Programs! Junior Shredder Girls AllRide 5-week Camp: Sep. 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3 and 10 from 3:30p-5:30. Ages 9-14. Senior Shredders Girls AllRide 5-week Camp: Sep. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5 and 12 from 4-6pm.

Ages 11-14 Tue, Sept. 12, 3:30-5:30pm and Thu, Sept. 14, 4-6pm. LOGE Bend, 19221 SW Century Dr, Bend. Contact: $250.

Redmond Running Group Run All levels welcome. Find the Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook for weekly run details. Thursdays, 6:15pm. City of Redmond, Redmond, Or., Redmond. Contact:

Yoga, Hike and Brew Join for an unforgettable guided tour and insider’s experience of Bend culture at Pilot Butte! Experience a grounding outdoor yoga class, a professional guided hike with history and culture of Central Oregon and a local craft beer. Reserve on their website. Mondays, 8-10am. Through Sept. 25. Pilot Butte State Park, Pilot Butte State Park, Bend. Contact: 503-888-3674. wildlandguidingcompany@gmail. com. $42. Join for an unforgettable guided tour and insider’s experience of Bend culture at Tumalo Park! Experience a grounding outdoor yoga class, a professional guided hike with history and culture of Central Oregon and a refreshing, local kombucha. Reserve on their website. Fridays, 8-11am.

Through Sept. 29. Tumalo State Park, 64120 O. B. Riley Rd, Bend. Contact: 503-888-3674. $65. Join for an unforgettable guided tour and insider’s experience of Bend culture at Smith Rock! Experience a grounding outdoor yoga class, a professional guided hike with history and culture of Central Oregon and a local craft beer. Reserve on their website! Saturdays-Sundays, 8am-Noon Through Sept. 30. Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne OR, Smith Rock SP, Terrebonne. Contact: 503-8883674. $95.


Global Climate Strike in Bend Climate action groups all over Bend will be striking on Sept. 15 as a part of the Global Climate Strike. Take to the streets with thousands of supporters to demand climate action! Bring a sign, lots of water, and a friend. This is a peaceful strike! Sept. 15, 5pm. Bend City Hall, 710 NW Wall St., Bend. Contact: 541-904-5235. ameliadubose137@ Free.

Volunteer with Mustangs To The Rescue Volunteers wanted to help with daily horse care at Mustangs To The Rescue. No experience necessary. Call and leave a message or email. Ongoing. Mustangs To The Rescue, 21670 SE McGilvray Rd., Bend. Contact: 541-330-8943.

Volunteer, Feed the Masses! At Family Kitchen, the mission is to serve anyone who needs nutritious meals in a safe and caring environment. They have tons of volunteer needs - servers, cooks, shoppers, and more. Groups and teams wanted! Monthly or quarterly opportunities! Visit to fill out a volunteer interest form. Mondays-Sundays. Family Kitchen, 231 NW Idaho, Bend. Contact: Free.

Volunteering in Oregon’s High Desert with ONDA Oregon Natural Desert Association is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting, defending and restoring Oregon’s high desert for current and future generations. ONDA opened registration for its spring 2023 stewardship trips. For more info, visit its website. Ongoing.


Autocross Club Meeting Join the Autocross Club of Central Oregon and drive your car in low-cost high-performance driving competitions around Central Oregon. Come to the meeting to learn more about this season’s events at Deschutes Co. Fairgrounds, Hoodoo Ski Area and Oregon Raceway Park. Second Thursday of every month, 6-8pm. Through Sept. 15. Deschutes Junction Pizza Grill Taphouse, 2940 N. Hwy 97, Bend. Contact: 541-325-2114. taureaudor@ Free.

Desert Wheelhouse, a local cover band performing captivating renditions of timeless classics from the realms of rock, country and pop, will hit the stage at Crux Fermentation Project at 5pm on Sat., Sept. 16. Courtesy Desert Wheelhouse


Bend Pinochle Club Come join this group for Single Deck Pinochle in the afternoon. $5 for non-members. If you have any questions or wish for more information please call 541-389-1752. Thursdays, 11:30am and Fridays, 11:30am. Golden Age Card Club, 40 SE 5th St, Bend. Contact: 541-389-1752. Free.

Bend Ukelele Group (BUGs) Do you play Uke? Like to learn to play? Beginners and experienced players all welcome to join the fun every Tuesday at 6:30-8pm at Big E’s just off 3rd street near Reed Market. Go play with the group! Tue, Dec. 6, 6:30pm and Tuesdays, 6:30pm. Big E’s Sports Bar, 1012 SE Cleveland Ave., Bend. Contact: 206-707-6337. Free.

Board Game Social Club Join every Thursday for Board Game Social Club! Come in and join other gamers in the game library. Whether you’re new to town, board gaming or both, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with other board game players! See you there! Thursdays, 6-10pm. Through Dec. 1. Modern Games, 550 SW Industrial way #150, bend. Contact: 541-6398121. $5.

ConnectW - Munch and Mingle in Bend

ConnectW is connecting professional women over a limited-seating, monthly noon meal every second Thursday of the month. Business sharing, social networking and, yes, friendship. Attendance is capped at 12 and registration is required to save your seat. Admission is cost of meal. Go to URL to register. https://connectw. org/events/category/munch-and-mingle/ Sept. 14, 11:45am-1pm. The Phoenix Restaurant, 594 NE Bellevue Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-410-1894. Cost of Meal.

Redmond Chess Club Redmond Chess Club meets Tuesday evenings at the High Desert Music Hall in Redmond. Come join for an evening of chess! Everyone is welcome. Sets provided or bring your own. Contact Gilbert at 503-490-9596. Tuesdays, 6-9pm. High Desert Music Hall, 818 SW Forest Ave, Redmond. Contact: 503-4909596. Free.

Ribbon Cutting and Celebration for Come celebrate loanDepot’s newest location in Bend! As a local business for nine years, they are excited to celebrate the growth of their team. Bleu Bite Catering and beverages will be provided. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 4:30pm. RSVP recommended to Katie at Sept. 14, 4-7pm. loanDepot, 721 SW Industrial Way Suite 120, Bend. Contact: 541-382-3221. colleen@ Free.

Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration for Urban Waxx Join in a pre-opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony for Urban Waxx’s ninth location! Urban Waxx is a full body waxing and sugaring salon focused on excellent customer service and a warm, inviting environment. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 10:15am. There will be beverages, giveaways, Sept. 15, 10am-Noon. Urban Waxx, 1474 NW Wall Street, Suite 2, Bend. Contact: 541382-3221. Free.

Toastmasters of Redmond Become a confident public speaker. Do you want to become a member of an organization that provides a safe and supportive environment to improve your public speaking skills? A place that fosters community, socialization and builds your self confidence. A place to have fun. Newcomers are supportively welcomed. Tuesdays, Noon-1pm. Church of Christ, 925 NW 7th St., Redmond. Contact: 541-292-6177. $60 for 6 months.


2023 Festival Kick-Off Party Join in celebrating 20 years of BendFilm! Get excited for the 2023 festival with a night of food and drinks, music, entertainment, film and fun! The theme is black and white with a touch of the ‘20s. Tickets include 2 free drinks. IndieWomen members receive $25 off ticket price. Sept. 15, 7pm. Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Dr., Bend. Contact: 541-323-1881. $75.

Oregon‘s Get There Challenge is on! Oct. 1-15 Join or create a team. Log trips + remote work. Win prizes & get recognized! , N.D. bio-identical hormones natural menopause support • annual exams 715 nw hill street bend. or 541/389/9750 20 years experience

Ninja Elite Classes Fast-paced and designed with challenging Ninja Warrior obstacle-based circuits, kids will learn new fitness conditioning techniques, parkour moves, and dynamic climbing and gymnastics movements. All levels are welcome. 6-week series, multiple days / times of the week to choose from, age 8 - 12, drop-off. Mondays-Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-2413919. $135.

Now I Become Myself: Workshop for High School Seniors Senior year is a pivotal time in a young adult’s life, fraught with complex thoughts and emotions about the next phase in life. In this four-week workshop series, high school seniors will engage in deep reflection about their hopes, fears, anxieties and goals for the upcoming school year, and beyond. Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm. Through Oct. 3. Hanai Foundation, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact: 978-771-4635. $150.

Endless Summer Nights

The annual Endless Summer Nights fundraiser, hosted by R&H Construction, and held at Bend Park & Float, is a family-friendly event featuring local food trucks, Cycle Pub races and outdoor activities for all ages (including a dynamic kid’s zone). Proceeds benefitting Heart of Oregon. Sept. 16, 3-6:30pm. Bend Park & Float, 1000 SW Bradbury Way, Bend. Contact: 541-633-7834. $25/adults, free/ kids under 12.

Footloose Fundraiser: High Street

Party Band M Perfectly is thrilled to bring one of the most sought-after cover bands on the West Coast to one of the most beautiful venues in Oregon, all in support of a very important cause. Join for an evening of fun, fellowship, and fundraising! Sept. 16, 5-9:30pm. Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards, 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr., Terrebonne. Contact: 541-526-5075. events@fhcvineyards. com. $25/adults, free/children 12 and under.

Fundraising Carwash Come out to Redmond Gymnastics Academy on Veterans Way and help support your Redmond competitive gymnast team for their 2023/2024 season with a fundraising carwash! Donations accepted, 100% of proceeds go to the RGA Booster Club non profit. Venmo accepted. Sept. 16, 10am-2pm. Redmond Gymnastice Academy, 494 SW Veterans Wy. Ste. B-1, Redmond. Contact: 541-788-5126. Free.


Oregon Festival of Cars Show and Shine Free to the public, visitors will view world-class performance cars, one-of-akinds, and classic cars from around the state, backdropped against the historic Reid School building. For more information contact the Deschutes Historical Museum. Sept. 16, 10am-3pm. Deschutes Historical Museum, 129 NW Idaho Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-389-1813. Free.

Soil Builder Compost Giveaway This locally-produced compost enriches soil, conserves water, and promotes healthy plants. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your garden and support sustainability! Perfect for your garden’s needs and open to all. Aug. 21-Sept. 30, 7am-4:30pm. Republic Services Deschutes Recycling Facility, 61050 SE 27th Street, Bend. Contact: 541-388-1910. chris. Free.

Zorba the Greek Food Truck PopUp Zorba the Greek food truck will be at the Redmond Farmers Market every Thursday from Noon-7pm. They serve three varieties of authentic Greek gyros, a village Greek salad, Greek potatoes, a delicious feta dip and house made baklava. Thursdays, Noon-7pm. Through Sept. 14. Redmond Farmers Market, Centennial Park, Redmond. Contact: 541-674-8766. $7-$23.


Adult Ballet Come learn or rediscover the art of ballet on Thursday nights! Adult Ballet is an open-level class for adult learners and dancers. All levels of previous experience are welcome, and no previous experience is required. Trial classes are available, for more information visit our website! Tuesdays, 6:45-7:45pm. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Price varies.

Fantasy Ballet Children are delighted to dance through all of the magical places while using their newly learned ballet steps. This fantasy-themed ballet class is designed to cultivate your child’s creativity, individuality and artistry while discovering ballet terminology and culture of discipline. We have 2 classes listed, sign up on our page! Thursdays, 5:30-6:15pm and Saturdays, 11:05-11:50am. Through June 15. Academia De Ballet Classique, 1900 NE 3rd St #104, Bend. Contact: 541-382-4055. Price Varies.

Kids Ninja Warrior: After School Camp

Drop off the kids for the fun-filled Ninja Warrior Camp. They’ll get their energy out and get their exercise in! 6-week series, age 6 - 10, drop-off. Wednesdays, 1:30-4pm. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $199.

Mini-Ninja Classes Your children will develop important coordination skills, improve balance, and build confidence as they tackle Ninja Warrior obstacle courses designed around a weekly theme. 6-week series, age 2 - 3 plus parent / caregiver. Mondays-Wednesdays. Through June 19. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. $125.

Moms + Groms Meetup Moms + Groms is officially back @ Boss Rambler 3-6pm every Wednesday! Moms, it’s simple: show up with your grom(s) to socialize and drink beer (or whatever you want) with other moms while the kiddos make new friends! All moms get $1 off drinks! Wednesdays, 3-6pm. Boss Rambler Beer Club, 1009 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Free.

Multicultural Art Exhibition / Exposición de arte multicultural Join us at The Environmental Center in downtown Bend for a Multicultural Art Exhibit. Experience live poetry, music, and creative arts by local BILAPOC, LGBTQ+ artists. Attendees can also tour The Environmental Center’s Learning & Demonstration Garden and participate in educational activities offered in both Spanish and English. Sept. 13, 4-7pm. The Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-508-5410. Free.

The Language of Music with Music Together Central Oregon Grow your child into a confident music maker! Registration is required. This workshop is intended for children ages 0-5, and all children must be accompanied by a caregiver. Music Together-Central Oregon is an early childhood music and movement program for children ages 0-5 and the grownups who love them! Sept. 17, 1011am. Sisters Firehouse Community Hall, 301 S Elm St, Sisters. Contact: 541-312-1062. Elsah@ Free.


Cook Like a Pro 1 Cooking is easy when you know the techniques. In this action packed 4-week series, you’ll learn fundamental techniques. The topics covered in this class will include knife skills, stocks, soups, and sauces. Mondays, 6-9pm. Through Sept. 25. Kindred Creative Kitchen, 2525 NE Twin Knolls Drive, Bend. Contact: 541-6400350. $220.

Fried Chicken Thursdays Fried Chicken

Thursdays at Flights Wine Bar! Dine in with a 2-piece plate with sides and a biscuit for $18 or take an 8-piece bucket and a bottle to-go! Upgrade to the “Balla Bucket” to get a selected bottle of champagne. Thursdays, 3-9pm. Flights Wine Bar, 1444 NW College Way Suite 1, Bend. Contact: 541-728-0753. $38.

Sunday Brunch Sunday Brunch featuring fresh local, seasonal ingredients and beverage specials. Sundays, 10am-1pm. Eqwine Wine Bar, 218 SW 4th St, Redmond. Contact: 541-527-4419. Free.


Bottle & Board Mondays Join on Mondays at Bend Wine Bar for local, small batch Oregon and Washington wines at the Box Factory. Take $5 off any white wine and cheese, salami or charcuterie board or $10 off a red wine and board. Tasting room for The Winery at Manzanita. Mondays, 2-9pm. The Bend Wine Bar & Winery Tasting Room, 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 194, Bend. Contact: Free.

Café des Chutes Cocktail Hours

Friday and Saturday, enjoy relaxing evenings on the patio or in the air-conditioned lounge with live music, open mics nights and Grey Duck ice cream!

In addition to the usual menu of pastries, French-in spired baguette sandwiches and craft coffee, they have Grandma Pizza, tasty specials, natural wines and specialty cocktails. Check their website for spe cific music and event offerings. Fridays-Saturdays, 8am-9pm. Through Sept. 30. Cafe des Chutes, 50 SE Scott St., Bend. Contact: 541-668-6114. Free.

Industry Day Mondays!!! Relax and let us serve you for a change. $5 well drinks, $5 beers, food specials and raffles. Show OLCC permit or Food Handler card to be entered in our weekly raffles for gift cards, knife sets and other great prizes! Mondays, 11am-9pm. Sunriver Brewing Co. Galveston Pub, 1005 NW Galveston Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-408-9377. Free.

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Performing at Silver Moon Brewing on Fri., Sept. 22 at 7pm, Jah Yogi and Farmacy Dub will ignite its audience with infectious rhythms, soulful melodies and a deep-rooted groove.
Courtesy Yah Yogi Instagram


Catching Up with Erin Cole-Baker

A chat with local a troubadour who’s blazing trails

Reed Pub

Erin Cole-Baker's musical journey is a tapestry woven with threads from different corners of the world. Her childhood saw her move from California to New Zealand, a transition that left her feeling out of place and searching for a piece of the world she could make her own. Her love affair with music began early, as she spent her school years playing piano in jazz ensembles, often alongside her brother. These shared musical experiences laid the foundation for their collaborative spirit, which shines brightly in Cole-Baker's music. “I started on piano and played in a jazz band when I was younger,” said Cole-Baker, “ brother knew the guitar and taught me some basic chords and I was really taken by it.”

With the landscape of independent musicians continuing to evolve, I caught up with Cole-Baker and discussed her drive and latest inspirations for not only writing new material, but for crafting songs that stand out against the sea of her contemporaries.

“All creativity feeds into all creativity,” Cole-Baker said, “there’s inspiration from everything around us, it's all in the same spirit.” She hopes this spirit can be both heard and felt in her soon-to-be-released material, which she has been patiently working on in her home studio over this past summer. “Collaboration is where the magic happens,” she says, “...and I always want to dig into that.”

As her musicianship continues to evolve, Cole-Baker promises that acoustic sets are not going to become a genre in which she feels trapped. “I got my first electric guitar in 2018, and a Jazz-master guitar in 2020. I’m exploring the world of looping and soloing and overall, just trying to expand my knowledge of the guitar, which has been really exciting and fun.”

Fans of Cole-Baker know that while her sound and voice are truly unique, her inspiring forces are never far away. Listening to songs of hers, you can hear the cooled rock influence of alternative bands like Deep Sea Diver, and the lamenting Americana folk tones of Watchouse, an indie duo who Erin has been listening to lately.

This performance is more than just a concert; it's a celebration of life, resilience and the power of music. Cole-Baker's stage presence and heartfelt lyrics will transport listeners to the heart of her journey — a journey that encapsulates the beauty of both Central Oregon and the world.

As Erin Cole-Baker continues to expand her musical horizons, she invites you to join her for an unforgettable live performance for the Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Music Series on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 6pm. “I’ll be playing a lot of originals on both acoustic and electric guitar, and of course, playing a few of my favorite covers,” said Cole-Baker. The stage is sure to come alive with the melodies and stories that define her artistic voyage.

Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub Music Series: Erin Cole-Baker Thu., Sept. 21, 6-8pm

Sunriver Brewing Eastside Pub 1500 NE Cushing Dr., Bend Free

Erin Cole-Baker has been quietly working on collaboration material in her home studio. Photo courtesy of Erin Cole-Baker
c • o • m • p • a • n • y 1141 SE Centennial Ct #1 (541) 312-2800 FULL BAR & LOTTERY FREE POOL Sunday’s 1 to 8pm and Wednesday’s 7pm to close JOIN US FOR NFL SUNDAYS free hot dog with beverage purchase (limit 1 per customer) $2 GOURMET JELLO-SHOTS $3 BEER ALL DAY EVERY DAY • Established 2003 • WHERE LOCALS GO TO AVOID THE DOWNTOWN TOURISTS HAPPY HOUR DAILY 4pm to 6pm


Learn From the Best: Mixology Lessons Don’t know your Old Fashioned from your Moscow Mule? Would you like to learn how to craft a great cocktail like a pro? Taught by renowned mixologist Cody Kennedy, these classes will help you master the art of cocktail-making!

Wednesdays, 1-2pm. Juniper Preserve, 65600 Pronghorn Club Dr., Bend. $25.

Locals’ Night with The Bluegrass Collective Monday is the day to be at Silver Moon Brewing! Come on down and join the local family all day every Monday! Silver Moon offers $3 pints of the core lineup beers and $4 pours of the barrel-aged beers all day. Come down and sample what’s new while also enjoying the brand new food menu! It’s a steal of a deal that they won’t be chasing you out the door for! Mondays. Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend.

Locals’ Day Come on down to Bevel Craft Brewing for $4 beers and cider and $1 off wine all day. There are also food specials from the food carts located out back at The Patio! Tuesdays. Bevel Craft Brewing, 911 SE Armour St., Bend. Contact: Free.

Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC Locals’ Night at WaypointBBC! $5 draft beer, $8 house red and white wine and $8 specialty cocktail. Tuesdays, Noon-10pm. Waypoint, 921 NW Mt Washington Drive, Bend. Contact: 458-206-0826. Free.

Show Your Concert Ticket, Get 20% Off!

Get your concert nights started at Viaggio! Located three minutes from the amphitheater, show your ticket for 20% off your bar bill! Promotion starts 2 hours before showtime (ex: 7pm show = promotion runs 5pm to 7pm). Exclusions: bubble bars, First Fridayevents, Coravin wines, bottle sales. Tuesdays-Saturdays. Through Sept. 14. Viaggio Wine Merchant, 210 SW Century Drive, Suite 160, Bend. Contact: 541-299-5060. Varies.

The Walls Wine Tasting Join Valerie Kern, to enjoy 4 fantastic wines! $20 tasting fee, members taste free. No reservation needed! Tasting fee waived with $160 purchase of showcased wines. Sept. 13, 4:30-6:30pm. The Good Drop Wine Shoppe, 141 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend. Contact: 541-410-1470. $20.

Uncorked Sunriver Style 2023

Sunriver Owners Association presents Uncorked Sunriver Style 2023, a two-day wine event featuring PNW wineries, art, goods, live music. Sept. 15, Noon-6pm.). Contact: 541-323-0964.


A Journey Back to You-A One-Day

Women’s Gathering “A Journey Back to You” offers women a chance to celebrate sisterhood and share moments of serenity. Engaging activities such as guided meditation, sound baths, art, journaling and cacao ceremony, will guide attendees on a journey of self-exploration and renewal, allowing them to come home to their authentic selves. Sept. 16, 10am-3pm. Hanai Foundation, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend. Contact: 541-647-7053. $99.

Bend Zen Meditation Group Bend Zen sits every Mon, evening at 7. Arrive at 6:45pm to orient yourself and meet others. The group has two 25-minute sits followed by a member-led Dharma discussion from 8:05-8:30pm. All are welcome! Learn more and sign up for emails at www.bendzen. net. Mondays, 6:45-8:30pm. Brooks Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church, 469 Wall St., Bend. Contact: Donations accepted.

Capoeira Capoeira is a dynamic expression of Afro-Brazilian culture. It embodies the spirit of community, personal growth and liberation from social and personal constraints. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 7-8:45pm. High Desert Martial Arts, 63056 Lower Meadow Dr. Ste. 120, Bend. Contact: 541678-3460. $15.

Crystal Bowl Didgeridoo Reiki Group Meditation Classes Join Amy Kowalski LMT, Cht Tuesday evenings from 5:307pm for group meditation classes. Drop-ins are welcome. Call 541-330-0334 to reserve your spot today. Amy will guide participants into the present moment through centering breath work and attention to the body for grounding and relaxation. Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm. Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 NW Louisiana Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-330-0334. $15.

Kirtan: Celebrate With the Bend Bhakti Collective Kirtan, sacred song, dance and community. Celebrate with the Bend Bhakti Collective. Thursdays, 6-8pm. First Presbyterian Heritage Hall, 230 NE Ninth St., Bend. Contact: 541-382-4401. Free-$20.

Outdoor Yoga Classes Join outside in the fresh air for this all levels adult Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class built around sun salutations and creative

Overeaters Anonymous The fellowship focuses on 12-step recovery from disordered eating. Meeting entrance is the door on Staats St. closest to Kansas St. If door is locked, please knock. For information, please contact Lorraine at 805-801-8212. Saturdays, 9-10am. Bend Church United Methodist, 680 NW Bond St, Bend. Free.

Prenatal Yoga Classes Rejuvenate, relax and recharge as we move, breathe and build community with other expectant moms! You’ll reduce common pregnancy discomforts and tensions, prepare your body for birth, improve your postpartum recovery and bring mindfulness to your daily life. All levels and stages of pregnancy are welcome. 6-week series. Saturdays, 10:30-11:45am. Through June 22. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@ $125.

Sunday on the Green Community members volunteer their esoteric services including tarot, intuitive art, astrology, reiki and more in the spirit of community healing and spiritual connection. Please bring cans of food to donate to Neighbor Impact and enjoy services free of charge under the trees at Cosmic Depot! Sundays, 10am-2pm. The Cosmic Depot, 342 NE Clay Ave., Bend. Contact: 541-385-7478. Accepting canned food for Neighbor Impact.

The Vance Stance ® Fall 2023 Class Series Tired of being in pain? Not had lasting success with other efforts? Unhappy with the results of aging? Get to the root of why you are tight, crooked and standing and moving behind gravity, not in its flow. Learn to correct posture and enhance mobility in a new class series. Mondays, Noon-2 and 6-8pm, Wednesdays, 6-8pm

Tween Yoga Classes Connect with other like-minded yogis as you learn yoga flow sequences, strengthening and balancing yoga poses, as well as stress-reducing mindfulness techniques. We also incorporate journaling and fun mindful art and craft projects. 6-week series, age 8 - 12, drop-off. Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm. Through June 20. Free Spirit Yoga + Ninja + Play, 320 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 150, Bend. Contact: 541-241-3919. info@freespiritbend. com. $135.

Unity Event Journey into your Purpose: Sound Bath Activate your expression and deepen your relationship with yourself and your purpose. More info contact Clare Kubota at 541-280-5040 Sept. 16, 1-3:30pm. Unity Community of Central Oregon, 63645 Scenic Drive, Bend. Contact: 541280-5040. $33.

Vedic Meditation Society of Bend: Yoga of the Supreme Divine Mother Sunset silent meditation of relaxed self-surrender to the Supreme Reality as the Divine Mother. Vedic meditation opens the ecstatic vibrations of the Goddess (“divine intoxication”) in the body spontaneously and without self effort. Email first to join! Fridays-Sundays, 7-8pm. Riley Ranch Nature Preserve, 19975 Glen Vista Road, Bend. Contact: Donation/No One Turned Away.

Women’s Embodiment Circle These circles offer nourishing practices to melt away tension, move, nourish and deeply replenish. Every Thursday evening you’re invited to drop inward and connect with your breath and the earth, in community. Recharge and come home to your body in a safe and sacred, women-only space. Thursdays, 6-7:30pm. Through Dec. 28. Tula Movement Arts, 2797 NW Clearwater Drive Suite 500, Bend. Contact: 8084824212. meghan@ $22-$40.

Experience the raw energy, catchy riffs and soulful lyrics of local bands Statusfear and Superball. Performing at Silver Moon Brewing on Fri., Sept. 22 at 7pm, these two bands provide an electrifying night of classic rock and roll. Courtesy Superball Instagram
WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 34 Sandwich Week SEPT 28 - OCT 5 7 DAYS $8 SANDWICHES Featuring unique sandwich creations from local spots New York City Subs Life & Time Cross eyed Cricket The Tin Pig More signing up each week! Participating Restaurants Win money for eating sandwiches! LEARN MORE >>>

Farm-Fresh Food Year Round from Agricultural Connections

Local entity is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry

Shifting seasons and the winding-down of local farmers markets doesn’t have to mean eating lower-quality food shipped in from faraway locales. Fresh, seasonal, authentically and organically grown, custom-harvested food delivered year-round is a possibility, thanks to Agricultural Connections.

Founded in 2010, Agricultural Connections is a specialized food distributor working with local and regional farmers. Its primary farm partners are all located within approximately 125 miles of Bend with over a dozen right here in Central Oregon. Produce, meats and eggs are harvested and packed on the farms, transported to the Ag Connections warehouse in northeast Bend and handed out within 48 hours, guaranteeing freshness.

The small but mighty Ag Connections team is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry, honoring the farmer, the consumer and the land equally. Think of them as the connection between the farmers and kitchens of all sizes, bringing fresh foods to Central Oregon tables all year long.

Ag Connections Retail Coordinator & Lead Leslie O’Neil explains: “We’re a regional food hub and we connect local and regional farmers and ranchers, organically and sustainably focused, to our local restaurants and our local community members.” O’Neil emphasizes that farmers are the heart and soul of their work as they strive for the successful evolution of the regional food system.

Working with a constantly expanding list of farm partners, Ag Connect (the nickname often used by customers) offers a 24/7 online portal where its customers can order high-quality seasonal produce and other foods three times weekly from those farm partners. Consumers can be individuals and families as well as restaurants, food carts, grocery stores and other commercial clients.

What’s unique about it is that it’s not a CSA. “We’re very flexible compared to your traditional CSA because every box, every week, is a different rotation of seasonal product. We’re pulling from all the different farms and ranches that we can and making sure that we’re getting something seasonal, something as local as possible, also something organic and sustainably-minded and we’re rotating our nutritional content,” O’Neil says. There’s no pre-payment required; customers pay only for what you order each week and can take a break whenever they want. The weekly Ag Connect harvest boxes come in three sizes, offering flexibility and variety thanks to its partnership with numerous


Bo’s Falafel Reopens in the Century Center

farms and ranches. All orders are available for pickup or home delivery each week.

An item to note is that Agricultural Connections became a cooperative in 2022, which means it is owned and operated by its members — the people and organizations who grow, serve, transport and eat the food. Any excess profit is distributed to the member-owners. The thinking behind that shift is that a cooperatively owned entity would best serve producers and be all-inclusive to producer members and serve all people in the entire system.

Sales & Fulfillment Manager Miguel Mendoza works closely with partner farms and ranches, even helping them with crop planning to meet the needs of local restaurants, chefs and markets. A Western Culinary Institute graduate, Mendoza grew up on an Eastern Oregon ranch and has run kitchens in some of Bend’s most well-known establishments over the past couple of decades. With that background, he’s the perfect liaison between the growers and the consumers.

“We have an adaptable program to accommodate everyone from small mom and pop food carts to posh fine dining restaurants to even bigger places like large golf resorts,” he states. “Our big push in the last couple of years has been to offer our service outside of Bend proper to communities such as Sisters, Redmond and Sunriver.”

The integrity and authenticity of local food is of paramount importance to Mendoza. “At the time you’re seeing a product in our newsletter or on our website, the inventory is still in the ground while you’re shopping, so it’s coming direct off the farm for ultimate freshness and amazing shelf life.”

A current box from Ag Connections included: sweet corn, broccoli, huckleberry potatoes, orange honeydew melons, lacinato kale, cherry tomatoes, baby eggplant and easter egg radishes. For those with the holiday season already in mind, the Fall harvest box is chock-full of beautiful produce perfect for Thanksgiving dinners. Restaurants, chefs, grocery stores and other commercial businesses are invited to see what Ag Connections can do by calling or connecting online anytime.

Think of Agricultural Connections as a one-stop shop for local, healthful food available any time of year from nearby farms and ranches. Those farms and ranches include Boundless Farmstead, DD Ranch, Fields Farm, Rainshadow Organics, Sungrounded Farms, Deschutes Canyon Garlic and many others. Check out the Agricultural Connections website for a complete listing of its farm and distributor partners.

Agricultural Connections

20780 High Desert Lane, Ste. 1, Bend 541-903-2502 IG agriculturalconnections

ans of Bo’s Falafel Bar have had to sate themselves with occasional popups and promises of a new location since April, when the spot on the corner of Galveston and 14th closed its doors in anticipation of a new space. That wait is now over, after the new location of Bo’s Falafel opened this month in the Century Center. Bo’s is located in the space most recently occupied by Bend Izakaya Ronin.

The new location for Bo’s includes the favorites that made the place popular in the first place: falafel sandwiches and bowls, chicken and beef bowls and wraps and bagels, along with new menu items that include a loaded “big fries,” a meatball sub and a chopped and Caesar salad. Different from the last location: most seating is now indoor, with outdoor seating also available.

Bo’s Falafel Bar

70 SW Century Dr. #120, Bend Open Wed-Sun 8am-9pm Instagram @bosfalafelbend

More Teacupfuls for Bend

Colorful, indulgent drinks from Teacupfuls have been available at its downtown location for quite some time – but now Teacupfuls is a franchise and has two new locations in Bend. A west side location opened in July in Westside Yard, and on Sept. 1, the new eastside location opened on NE Cushing Drive, near St. Charles Medical Center. Each location offers decadent bubble tea drinks with boba, jelly and other fillings –some topped with wild items like cotton candy, candies and other sweet treats. Also available at the stores: a selection of Asian candies and treats.

Originally opened in the Brookswood Plaza in south Bend in 2018, Teacupfuls’ flagship store is now located at 744 NW Bond Street in downtown Bend. Four stores are now listed on the business’ site, including one in Medford, and franchising is available.

Teacupfuls new locations:

Eastside: 1500 NE Cushing Dr. Suite 120, Bend Westside: 1288 SW Simpson Ave. Suite B, Bend

An example of an Ag Connect Fall Harvest Box.
Amanda Long @amandaphotographict
Nicole Vulcan Ashley Sarvis
PSILOCYBIN TREATMENT 101: WHAT IT MEANS FOR BEND SEPTEMBER 21 11:30 A.M. AT TETHEROW RESORT REGISTER AT CITYCLUBCO.ORG posters WIN TWO PASSES at! Offering: Cowboy Copper, Icey Balayage, Gloss Boss, Curls, Color, Extensions Green Salon with a fashion focus 541-675-8801 | 1288 SW Simpson Ave, Bend Come experience what everyone is talking about! Central Oregon Community College The COCC Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships to students each year Foundation Scholarships APPLY ONLINE Submit an application online through Oct. 20 $ $ $ AWARD AMOUNTS Up to $5,000 per year CRITERIA • COCC student enrolled in any program • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA • Enroll in at least 6 credits per term • Submit a FAFSA or ORSAA Change your life forever! COCC is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

SC May the Source Be With You: September Edition


Crossing the Streams of Netflix, Peacock, Disney and more

For last month’s May the Source Be With You column, I gave you some ways to become less overwhelmed by the sheer staggering number of podcasts and tips to cut through the noise and find the ones you actually want to enjoy. It’s even harder when trying to parse what to watch on streaming services, as not only are new things being added every day, but the already voluminous amount of content is now shifting between the streamers on a monthly basis. For the first time ever, HBO Original Series are now available on Netflix! It’s the Wild West out here. While I don’t have a login to every single streamer, I do have most of them, and am constantly bombarded with too many options for things to watch. While finding genuinely great content on all the services is mostly trial and error, it’s also easy to act like Netflix and the rest are just filled with garbage, which isn’t quite accurate either. With that said, here are a few solid options to dig through on most of the streaming services.

Now Streaming


The real find on Amazon Prime are the originals. “The Boys” is unlike any superhero movie/series ever made with its unique blend of unpredictable mayhem and operatic drama, “Good Omens” is one of the best literary adaptations of all time and “Fleabag” is still legitimately one of the greatest shows ever made. As much as I’m not a fan of Jeff Bezos, Amazon has such insane, Scrooge McDuck levels of money that they take chances on interesting filmmakers that no one else would. Check out Boots Riley’s visionary new series “I’m a Virgo” and tell me I’m wrong.


The real treat on Hulu is all the shows from FX. Whether it’s the brandnew limited series spinoff “Justified: City Primeval,” the endlessly hysterical “What We Do in the Shadows," the mind-bending lunacy of “Legion” or the groundbreaking innovation of “Atlanta,” FX continuously deconstructs what we can even expect from a weekly television show. Just go to the FX section of Hulu and pick a show at random and you’re unlikely to be disappointed.


It’s super fun to watch the 75 years’ worth of professional wrestling in this streamer; obviously, but the real joy I’ve discovered is the library of NBC shows from the 1970s and ‘80s. Watching classic episodes of “Columbo” and then new episodes of Natasha Lyonne’s “Pokerface” is an absolute blast because it shows you that no matter how much things change across the decades, even more stays exactly the same. It also shows that there should always be a gravelly voiced detective haplessly stumbling across murders on our televisions.


Apple is kinda the quietly great streamer that doesn’t get enough credit. It has three of the best currently running sci-fi series with “Invasion,” “Foundation” and “Silo,” easily the most gripping spy thriller with “Slow Horses,” my current favorite show on TV, period, with “Severance” and the sweetest and most life-affirming show no one’s watching with “The Big Door Prize.” Apple carefully curates the shows it produces and it’s easy to tell that they care way more about quality than quantity. That’s the lesson most of these streaming services could learn: we don’t need lots of bad and mediocre shows, we just need a few great ones. Apple gets it.

It’s so weird to me that, of all the streamers, Max is the one flailing so badly in public, because, honestly, it probably has the strongest catalogue of content. This is the home of HBO shows including “Succession,” “House of the Dragon,” and “The Wire” as well as the spot for HGTV, Discovery, Food Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network and Studio Ghibli. What other service can you go to and watch either “The Sopranos” or “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?” So many choices!


I know everyone has been watching “Suits” on Netflix lately and it’s genuinely surprising how funny and intelligent the show actually is, despite its Meghan Markle-enhanced popularity. If you’ve already managed to push through all eight seasons of the show and are looking for something similar, I would suggest “The Recruit,” which follows a rookie lawyer for the CIA who gets in way over his head. It’s breezy and unpredictable, while also taking the time to create interesting and dynamic characters. It has already been renewed for a second season, so check out this one before Netflix dumps another batch of episodes out with no fanfare.

Criterion Channel

For hardcore film nerds like myself, The Criterion Channel is a bottomless well of cinematic treasures. From Kurusawa to Corman, this streaming service treats film like the art form it actually is. The rabbit hole I’m into right now is the Hal Hartley retrospective. Hartley had a huge influence on me as a teenager in shaping my love of independent film, and having access to all 13 of his features and 17 of his shorts is a priceless resource for me. Start with his film “Surviving Desire” and go from there.


I love Disney+ mostly because it has every single episode ever of “The Simpsons,” but I keep the service for the nearly 100 years of old Disney movies. You really never know when you’re gonna need to watch “The Apple Dumpling Gang,” “The Black Cauldron” or “Treasure Planet,” so it’s good to have access to its entire library 24 hours a day. That’s just smart thinking.


While Paramount+ has a great library of classic and modern Paramount films, the reason I use the service is because it has the exclusive rights to all things “Star Trek,” including “Strange New Worlds” which is the best new “Star Trek” series since maybe “The Next Generation.” Also, the P+ original series “Evil” is the best paranormal investigation thriller since “The X-Files.” Just sayin.

HBOMax Just in case you needed to see Aubrey Plaza as the Mad Hatter in “Legion.” The brilliance of Boots Riley’s “I’m a Virgo.” Photos courtesy of IMDB

Have a burrowing rodent problem? Who you gonna call?

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Bend, A Trail Town

Making an impact on the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiking community

Spend time around Bend at all in the summertime and you may notice an influx of dirty, skinny, disheveled-looking people carrying backpacks around town. These are thru hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650-mile trail that spans from Mexico to Canada. Nearly 1,000 people from all over the world set out to do this hike every spring, starting at Mexico and crossing through California, Oregon and Washington, eventually finishing at the Canadian border. The entire journey typically takes about five months and is extremely challenging both mentally and physically.

One of the things that motivates hikers to keep going and makes the PCT so interesting are all of the town stops along the way. Hikers typically hitchhike into nearby towns every few days to shower, laundry, eat, or take a rest day. After long days in the wilderness, nothing feels better than a hot meal and a real bed!

Bend, a Trail Town

Bend happens to be one of the most anticipated and popular stops along the entire PCT. The trail passes through the Three Sisters Wilderness, and hikers typically hitch hike the 30 minutes into Bend at Elk Lake resort or Santiam Pass. Bend is a popular spot for the incredible beer and food options, of course, but more than that, it has an amazing reputation for being one of the most hiker-friendly towns along the trail. This can be attributed to businesses and kind locals.

Local businesses offer free beer, discounts, and gear repairs to thru hikers, though the hidden heroes however are the ones you don’t typically see or hear about. These are the people I want to highlight: They’re called Trail Angels (and for good reason).

Trail Angels in Bend

When the trail has taken its toll, this special group of people can be a huge blessing for weary hikers, dedicating time, money and energy to help out hikers by offering rides, food, drink, a place to spend the night, laundry, showers and more — all for the joy of it, with no expectation for payment.

There is a whole Facebook page of Central Oregon PCT Trail Angels who make themselves available for hikers.

One trail angel, Leslie Brown, said “My husband and I were looking for a new way to contribute to our community. We believe in making someone’s bad

day better, and we believe in helping people. We have enjoyed meeting people from around the world and sharing our knowledge of our unique landscape. We have only been doing this a short time but have reveled in being the right person at the right time. For example, there are many more foreigners on the trail this year. My husband’s first language is French. As we picked up a hiker in adverse conditions in a remote area, another

hiker, a Frenchman, approached us trying to get more information. It was such a wonderful coincidence that we were there and able to communicate with him in his native language," Brown said. "The long journey on the trail will present challenges to the hikers tackling the PCT. You never know if the spare gear gathering dust in your garage, your detailed knowledge of the trails, the languages you speak, etc. will be the piece of trail magic that will transform the Oregon miles into a fabulous experience for a fellow adventurer.”

A current PCT hiker who goes by the handle, “Ted Talk,” shared her unexpected love story with a trail angel. “Back in August, a local trail angel drove me and my trail family around Bend to mail our packages, grocery shop, go to REI and run other errands. In the process, we became friends and stayed in touch when I kept hiking. I visited again on my way back to the Sierra Nevada from Washington, and that visit pretty much solidified the fact there was something between us.”

A former thru hiker turned trail angel who goes by the name “Sneaky Pete” shared his reason for wanting to help hikers.

“For me, it's giving back. I hiked southbound along the Appalachian Trail back in '71. There were a few times when we wanted to quit. And then, lucky us, we stumble upon two angels, an older couple at the base of Mt. Washington. They were grilling hamburgers and had cold watermelon slices and lemonade, too. It's what we needed. They said they were proud of us for getting this far. Being a trail angel now, I get to help out and be a morale booster myself.”

Current PCT hiker Erica Ess shared their experience of community.

“I got a ride from Michael at the beginning of my journey in Oregon from Bend to Elk Lake, where I went northbound til’ Cascade Locks. Michael is going to drive me from Sunriver to Bend today (he’s the trail Angel taking me to get pants at REI) so this is the second time he’s offering to help me on my journey. I could not have done it without this community, and plan to pay it forward whenever I can!”

Kerry Witterschein, a local trail angel, shared about why she looks forward to hosting hikers. “It’s so exciting to be part of PCT season each summer. Bend is an awesome town, and we are so happy to welcome them in to our homes and town and be a part of their trail experience.”

Bend is a popular spot for the incredible beer and food options, but more than that, it has an amazing reputation for being one of the most hikerfriendly towns along the Pacific Crest Trail.
- Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee- Uniquely Bend- Discover the Difference -
Daniel Maggiora
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Heart of Oregon’s Endless Summer

Soak up summer before it’s too late with this family-friendly event

SKI SWAP Skyliner

As we bid farewell to the lazy days of summer and embrace the vibrant colors of fall, Heart of Oregon’s Endless Summer Nights festival promises to be a grand finale to an event-packed summer. This year's celebration not only provides an opportunity for families and friends to come together, but also a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of future generations. Mark your calendars and enjoy all that summer has to offer one last time on Saturday, Sept. 16, at Bend Park and Float for a day of fun, food and fundraising.

This festival, the final of two fundraising events that Heart of Oregon puts on throughout the year, is shaping up to be its most amazing yet! Leanna Williams, one of the organizers of the festival and member of the Heart of Oregon, said, “The best way I could describe this fundraiser is that it’s a family-friendly street fair with local brews, food trucks, bounce houses, face painting and a cycle pub relay race with our gold level corporate sponsors.”

While all the food and our favorite beers may sound like reason enough to support the event, what makes Endless Summer Nights stand out is the power of community collaboration that shines through beautifully as the festival's organizers and volunteer team consists of dedicated individuals from all walks of life.

The festival is undoubtedly a celebration of summer's end, but it also carries a deeper purpose, with proceeds of the event benefiting Heart of Oregon, the local organization dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of community members. The funds raised directly support HOC's outdoor conservation groups, opportunities to work for the U.S. Forest Service and the chance to earn GED, or undergraduate credits while building affordable housing.

“The focal point of our events is truly all about bringing the community together and spreading the word to benefit our programs,” Williams said. HOC offers six different programs in the local area, offering those between the ages of 16 to 24 opportunities in career planning, educational resources and professional skills development.

“I’ve been with Heart of Oregon for two years now. I knew I wanted a job that felt rewarding and was rooted in helping my local community, and when I became a part of Heart of Oregon, I knew I had made the right decision,” Williams offered.

Endless Summer Nights Sat., Sept. 16, 3-6:30pm Bend Park and Float 1000 SW Bradbury Way, Bend $25-Adults, FREE-Kids 12 and Under
Endless Summer Nights offers wholesome summer fun before fall arrives.
Courtesy Heart of Oregon Corps. artwork by June Park
gear online by 10/9
14 • 2023


Deschutes’ New Brown Ale is its Old Brown Ale

In 2008, craft breweries were still on the verge of tapping into beer’s wild and wooly past. Historical styles were truly all the rage. You literally (not figuratively) weren’t guaranteed to find an “India Pale Ale” on taplists! So-called sour beers were on the cusp of becoming A Thing. Alla gash Brewing in Portland, Maine, built the U.S.’ first coolship to allow for spontaneous fermentation, the primary hallmark in creating funky, Belgian-style lambics. Search hard enough and you’d find a light, tart Ber liner Weisse. In 2009, the equally tart Leipziger Gose, marked by a kiss of salinity, became its own category at the Great American Beer Festival competition. But 2008 was particularly special since that’s when Deschutes Brewery reached back into 17th century Belgium as inspiration for its new Flanders-style brown ale, also known as an oud bruin, The Dissident.

Alas, 15 years of interesting, international beer styles in American craft brewing has largely descended into lumping all of these unique flavors, recipes and techniques into the catch-all “sour beer,” characterized by their lactic acid, and sometimes acetic acid, produced not by standard brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces) but by the holy trinity of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. These yeasts and bacteria are commonly referred to by brewers as “bugs” and “critters.”

The name oud bruin simply translates to old brown. It’s slightly better known as Flanders Brown (or Flemmish Brown) as it hails from Belgium’s northern region of Flanders. It has a cousin, Flanders Red, but no one calls that Oud Rood, despite being a stylish sobriquet and rad rhyme.

Deschutes’ barrel program manager, Dustin Jamison, explains that they initially ferment with a “clean” (not wild or souring) Saccharomyces strain before transferring to “Oakland.” Not the city across from San Francisco but, as Jamison explains, “our wood aging and processing area.” Get it? Oak land.

“For secondary ‘bug’ aging,” continues Jamison, “we use foeders in a Solera fashion for Dissident.” A foeder is significantly larger than a standard oak barrel that holds 31.5 gallons. “Our 100-barrel foeder (315 gallons) was first filled in 2017 and inoculated with a blend of Brett(anomyces) Lambicus and Drie strains. Each year we pull a portion out to age on fruit and replace that

volume with a fresh brew. Before fruit our foeder base is pretty Brett forward without a ton of acidity. We haven't isolated what is in there. But with the fresh fruit referment toward the end of aging I am sure we bring in a good deal of Lacto(bacillus) and other native flora off the fruit.”

As for that fruit, The Dissident takes on an addition of Montmorency cherries—compulsory for Belgian Krieks, but visit Deschutes’ production facility and you’ll find iterations aged on marionberries and raspberries, too.

Oud bruins have returned to the endangered list but thanks to their “cellarability” (it ages well), vintage bottles of Crux Fermentation Project’s Freakcake are still available at Crux. Likewise, Deschutes has various vintages (and fruited variants) of The Dissident for sale dating back to 2014. Unlike most beers with a “best by” date,” The Dissident includes a “best after” date. In true Oregon fashion, The Dissident and Freakcake have undergone secondary maturation in Pinot Noir barrels.

To experience what The Dissident tastes like along its bottle-conditioned journey, I cracked three vintages on the air—OK, on the Soundcloud, while recording a new Source Weekly beer podcast called Grand Craft Beer, with food editor and podcast veteran Donna Britt.

The Dissident 2023 pours a burnt orange with next to no head. The initial whiff is of sour cherries jubilee and balsamic. At first sip, it struck me as a Manhattan-like cocktail of orange peel, mashed Bing cherries, Pinot noir and spices. Britt, more of a wine drinker than a beer lover, seemed floored by the beer’s complex, vinous character.

A 2019 vintage curiously seemed brighter, fruitier, and more effervescent, while the 2015 bottle I had in the back of my beer fridge really showed some age via oxidation (despite bottles being dipped in wax to prevent oxygen seeping in) but as such revealed notes of leather and tobacco as you’d expect from older bottles of sherry or cognac. It still had an acidic kick, but raisin and date flavors washed over our tongues as it warmed, segueing from Pinot to port. Being foodies, we discussed how the beer would go with powerful, pungent cheeses, and small game like rabbit or fowl, or anything Belgians can dream up for dessert.

—Find the Grand Craft Beer podcast:

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Crossword “Thine Print”



1.  Talk a big game

5.  Man of the house

10.  Acronym in learning

14.  Operation that sucks, for short

15.  Heady stuff?

16.  G

17.  Reasonable day of laundry?

19.  Decaf containers

20.  Like some wired houses

21.  Go against

23.  Some activity watches

26.  Piece of direction?

27.  "Yoo-hoo!" (waves hand)

28.  One going through the motions?

31.  Some moles, perhaps

32.  ___ throat

33.  King Charles's throne

34.  Biz

35.  Flannel pattern

36.  Stage in bread making

37.  Ignoramus

38.  Groups between kingdoms and classes

39.  Believe it!

40.  "All right team! It's on!"

42.  Car once called a "tin Lizzie"

43.  Complete fraud

44.  "La Danse" painter

45.  Light in a club

47.  Kitchen gadget

48.  State that hosted the first professional football game

49.  Contemplated 'bout gold or lead?

54.  Brain fog feeling

55.  Big name in loungewear

56.  Mules carry it

57.  Blown away

58.  At the tippity top

59.  Milk producer


1.  Crunchy sammy, initially

2.  "Umbrella" singer, to fans

3.  Keep America Beautiful Mo.

4.  Makes a cartoon robot noise

5.  He washed his hands free of guilt

6.  Nose wrinklers

7.  Growing concern?

8.  Pile of paper

9.  Various

10.  Drunken state

11.  Tossed out some singles bars pickups?

12.  Periods it takes for, I don't know, let's say, mammals to evolve

13.  Creative spark

18.  Middle East dignitaries

22.  Character piece?

23.  Relating to money

24.  Foist (upon)

25.  Money won for brewing the Best Quenching Beverage?

26.  Concierge's rooms

28.  Ever

29.  Canvas holders

30.  "Community" actress ___ Nicole Brown

32.  In a sneaky way

35.  Game played when trying to reach somebody

36.  Send another way

38.  "No ___!" ("A snap!")

39.  Family marker

41.  Whooshed away

42.  Stock holder?

44.  Latest fad

45.  Kind of cracker or bread

46.  Sign of spring

47.  Bona fide

50.  Objectified woman?

51.  Stubbed digit

52.  Clarifying name letters

53.  Allow

Pearl’s Puzzle

Puzzle for the week of September 11, 2023

Difficulty Level

We’re Local!

Questions, comments or suggestions for our local puzzle guru?

Puzzle for the week of September 11, 2023

Difficulty Level: ●●●○

Difficulty Level: ●●●○

Email Pearl Stark at

© Pearl Stark

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters exactly once. HERON LADY

H E R O N L A D Y exactly once.

Fill in every row, column, and 3x3 box with each of the letters

H E R O N L A D Y exactly once.

The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “He has a heart of gold… ”

The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will complete the quote: “He has a heart of gold… _________.”

Dorothy Parker

Answer for the week of September 4, 2023


The highlighted letters read left to right and top to bottom will “He has a heart of gold… ”

- Dorothy Parker

Answer for the week of September 4, 2023

“I wonder if you can refuse to inherit the world.”t — Bill Watterson, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

“I wonder if you can refuse to inherit the world.”

- Bill Watterson, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

© Pearl Stark

“I wonder if you can refuse to inherit the world.”

- Bill Watterson, The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

© Pearl Stark

★ ★ ★ ©2021 Brendan Emmett Quigley (
- Y L O E A D N O R H L A E N Y A R E H Y N D O R A H R

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): The Virgo writer Caskie Stinnett lived on Hamloaf, a small island off the coast of Maine. He exulted in the fact that it looked "the same as it did a thousand years ago." Many of the stories he published in newspapers featured this cherished home ground. But he also wandered all over the world and wrote about those experiences. "I travel a lot," he said. "I hate having my life disrupted by routine." You Virgos will make me happy in the coming weeks if you cultivate a similar duality: deepening and refining your love for your home and locale, even as you refuse to let your life be disrupted by routine.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): My hitchhiking adventures are finished. They were fun while I was young, but I don’t foresee myself ever again trying to snag a free ride from a stranger in a passing car. Here’s a key lesson I learned from hitchhiking: Position myself in a place that’s near a good spot for a car to stop. Make it easy for a potential benefactor to offer me a ride. Let’s apply this principle to your life, Libra. I advise you to eliminate any obstacles that could interfere with you getting what you want. Make it easy for potential benefactors to be generous and kind. Help them see precisely what it is you need.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In your history of togetherness, how lucky and skillful have you been in synergizing love and friendship? Have the people you adored also been good buddies? Have you enjoyed excellent sex with people you like and respect? According to my analysis of the astrological omens, these will be crucial themes in the coming months. I hope you will rise to new heights and penetrate to new depths of affectionate lust, spicy companionship, and playful sensuality. The coming weeks will be a good time to get this extravaganza underway.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Is it ever morally permissible to be greedily needy? Are there ever times when we deserve total freedom to feel and express our voracious longings? I say yes. I believe we should all enjoy periodic phases of indulgence—chapters of our lives when we have the right, even the sacred duty, to tune into the full range of our quest for fulfillment. In my astrological estimation, Sagittarius, you are beginning such a time now. Please enjoy it to the max! Here’s a tip: For best results, never impose your primal urges on anyone; never manipulate allies into giving you what you yearn for. Instead, let your longings be beautiful, radiant, magnetic beacons that attract potential collaborators.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Here’s a Malagasy proverb: "Our love is like the misty rain that falls softly but floods the river." Do you want that kind of love, Capricorn? Or do you imagine that a more boisterous version would be more interesting—like a tempestuous downpour that turns the river into a torrential surge? Personally, I encourage you to opt for the misty rain model. In the long run, you will be glad for its gentle, manageable overflow.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): According to the Bible’s book of Matthew, Jesus thought it was difficult for wealthy people to get into heaven. If they wanted to improve their chances, he said they should sell their possessions and give to the poor. So Jesus might not agree with my current oracle for you. I’m here to tell you that every now and then, cultivating spiritual riches dovetails well with pursuing material riches. And now is such a time for you, Aquarius. Can you generate money by seeking enlightenment or doing God’s work? Might your increased wealth enable you to better serve people in need? Should you plan a pilgrimage to a sacred sanctuary that will inspire you to raise your income? Consider all the above, and dream up other possibilities, too.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Piscean author Art Kleiner teaches the art of writing to non-writers. He says this: 1. Tell your listeners the image you want them to see first. 2. Give them one paragraph that encapsulates your most important points. 3. Ask yourself, "What tune do you want your audience to be humming when they leave?” 4. Provide a paragraph that sums up all the audience needs to know but is not interesting enough to put at the beginning. I am offering you Kleiner’s ideas, Pisces, to feed your power to tell interesting stories. Now is an excellent time to take inventory of how you communicate and make any enhancements that will boost your impact and influence. Why not aspire to be as entertaining as possible?

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Aries photographer Wynn Bullock had a simple, effective way of dealing with his problems and suffering. He said, "Whenever I have found myself stuck in the ways I relate to things, I return to nature. It is my principal teacher, and I try to open my whole being to what it has to say." I highly recommend you experiment with his approach in the coming weeks. You are primed to develop a more intimate bond with the flora and fauna in your locale. Mysterious shifts now unfolding in your deep psyche are making it likely you can discover new sources of soulful nourishment in natural places—even those you're familiar with. Now is the best time ever to hug trees, spy omens in the clouds, converse with ravens, dance in the mud, and make love in the grass.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Creativity expert Roger von Oech says businesspeople tend to be less successful as they mature because they become fixated on solving problems rather than recognizing opportunities. Of course, it's possible to do both— untangle problems and be alert for opportunities—and I'd love you to do that in the coming weeks. Whether or not you’re a businessperson, don't let your skill at decoding riddles distract you from tuning into the new possibilities that will come floating into view.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Gemini author Fernando Pessoa wrote books and articles under 75 aliases. He was an essayist, literary critic, translator, publisher, philosopher, and one of the great poets of the Portuguese language. A consummate chameleon, he constantly contradicted himself and changed his mind. Whenever I read him, I’m highly entertained but sometimes unsure of what the hell he means. He once wrote, "I am no one. I don’t know how to feel, how to think, how to love. I am a character in an unwritten novel." And yet Pessoa expressed himself with great verve and had a wide array of interests. I propose you look to him as an inspirational role model in the coming weeks, Gemini. Be as intriguingly paradoxical as you dare. Have fun being unfathomable. Celebrate your kaleidoscopic nature.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." Cancerian author Henry David Thoreau said that. I don't necessarily agree. Many of us might prefer love to truth. Plus, there's the inconvenient fact that if we don’t have enough money to meet our basic needs, it's hard to make truth a priority. The good news is that I don't believe you will have to make a tough choice between love and truth anytime soon. You can have them both! There may also be more money available than usual. And if so, you won’t have to forgo love and truth to get it.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Before she got married, Leo musician Tori Amos told the men she dated, "You have to accept that I like ice cream. I know it shows up on my hips, but if you can’t accept that, then leave. Go away. It is non-negotiable." I endorse her approach for your use in the coming weeks. It’s always crucial to avoid apologizing for who you really are, but it’s especially critical in the coming weeks. And the good news is that you now have the power to become even more resolute in this commitment. You can dramatically bolster your capacity to love and celebrate your authentic self exactly as you are.

Homework: For three days, love yourself exactly as you are. Don’t wish you could change yourself.

WWW.BENDSOURCE.COM / SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 / BEND’S INDEPENDENT VOICE 44 Whole Health Psychotherapy We (almost) always have the Choice to take a Chance for Change in life. We all get stuck in a rut and need more motivation. Support + movement works & YOU’RE WORTH IT. Specialties: Anxiety, Addiction, Relationships, Grief & Trauma for Children, Teens, Adults & Couples INDIVIDUAL & GROUP WHOLE HEALTH Jennifer Murphy LCSW, CADC II, CPT, RYT (971) 727-5012 Accepting New Clients Licensed Psychotherapist | Certi ed Personal Trainer | Registered Yoga Instructor


Not So Kinky

My partner has some ideas about sex that just aren’t a fit for me. He recently shared that his kink is being a sexual dominant. He wants me to be his submissive. I guess he’s experienced this in the past with a former lover and really liked it. I get it that it’s hot for him, but spanking, ropes, choking and other types of BDSM play just aren’t arousing for me. I can participate, but it feels like a distraction from what I really want — deep, pleasure-filled intimacy. Even though I want to please him, that kind of sex doesn’t turn me on at all. I love my partner, but I don’t love his kink.

What should I do?


Not so kinky

Dear Not So, I hear about this kind of thing all the time in my practice. It’s hard to know what to do when your partner’s turn-on turns you off.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “kink” as “a person’s unusual sexual preference.” Our sexual desires are highly personal and very intimate. For many people, the word “kink” brings up ideas of leather, ball gags and floggers. Of course, many couples experiment with frisky spanking or other Fifty Shades of Grey kinds of activities.

But it doesn’t matter how common this type of sexual activity is for other people. You wrote to me because, in your relationship with your partner, the idea of being his submissive isn’t hot for you. You want another type of sexual connection which is just as valid and just as sexy as what he wants.

So, what can you do? Believe it or not, this kind of conflict doesn’t have to drive you apart; it can actually bring you closer together as a couple.

Here’s what to do:

1. Discuss sexual desire as a whole. When one of you brings a new desire to the conversation, it’s a good idea to talk about what EACH of you finds exciting in the bedroom. Many of us go along day-to-day without thinking about what we want sexually. It’s only when a partner brings a request for something new that we recognize our own desires. This is a good time to talk about it all.

2. Negotiate your interests. As you discuss what turns you both on, think about what you’d like from your partner. Is there something you’d like him to offer you as well? Would you like more kissing? More foreplay in general? Are there things in the bedroom that you’d like to experience more frequently that you haven’t mentioned? This is the time to discuss your desires.

3. Find a compromise if possible. How can you create a compromise that will let both of you feel alive, loved and celebrated? This could look like scheduling different types of sexual activities together — some that are more oriented toward what he’s interested in and others that are more focused on you. It could include exploring classes or other resources that would help you both understand the others’ sexual interests. Compromise takes hard work, but it can be worth it.

4. Decide if you’d like to change your relationship (or end it) in order to accommodate his kink. Some couples decide that their kinks are important enough that they decide to end their relationship. Others explore ethical non-monogamy so that they can maintain their relationship. This means your partner would find another kinky partner. ENM is a challenging relationship style which isn’t for everyone. It can work but only when all parties communicate very openly.

5. Realize that sexual desires may evolve over time. It may worry you to think that you’ll never be sexually compatible because you have different sexual desires. This isn’t necessarily true. He may want you to be sexually submissive part of the time. You might decide that you enjoy his dominance. Be open to change.

I hope this helps. If you need support with any of this, reach out to me or to another sex positive professional. This stuff matters.

You got this.

Xoxo, Dr. Jane

—Dr. Jane Guyn (she/her) is a wellknown relationship coach who received her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and is trained as a Professional Sex Coach and Core Energy Coach. Send her your questions at

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Gen Z: The Next Generation Is Making Moves in the Housing Market

Generation Z is eager to put down their own roots and achieve financial independence. As a result, they’re turning to homeownership.

According to the latest Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report from the National Association of Realtors, 30% of Gen Z buyers transitioned straight from living under their parents' roofs to owning their own homes.

If you’re a member of this generation, and you’re interested in pursuing your own dream of homeownership, here’s some information you may find helpful on why and where your peers are buying.

The Reasons Gen Z Want to Become Homeowners

A recent survey by Rocket Mortgage identifies some of the top motivators driving Gen Z buyers to purchase a home:

“Of those surveyed, 34% said that starting or growing their family was their main motivation to buy a home… Along with growing a family comes establishing a home base.”

Another key reason the survey says Gen Z wants to buy is because homeownership can give them more stability (20.8%). That’s because buying a home allows you to stabilize what’s typically your biggest monthly expense: your housing cost.

When you have a fixed-rate mortgage on your home, you can lock in your monthly payment for the duration of your loan, often 15 to 30 years. If you keep renting, you don’t have that same benefit, and you won’t be protected from rising housing costs.

So, if you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life or if you’re craving more stability, know that your peers feel the same way, and those motivators are why they’re turning to homeownership.

Gen Z's Next Stop: Where are They Making Their Moves?

If those reasons have you feeling ready to buy, here’s some information on where your peers are finding their homes that could help you with your search. According to a recent Lending Tree survey, Gen Z buyers are focusing on more affordable areas to help boost their buying power and offset the challenges that come with today’s mortgage rates.

Many Gen Z buyers still want the convenience and excitement of city life, but also value the affordability, open air and space more suburban areas offer.

Jacob Channel, Senior Economist at LendingTree, explains: “…They want to live in a city, but they also want to be close to nature.”

Locating a home that offers both of those things requires expertise. Working with a trusted real estate professional can help you find a home in your budget and desired area. Your agent will know the most affordable neighborhoods to search in. They can also highlight the amenities and features that location offers and how those are aligned with your goals. They’ll also be able to walk you through how things like remote work can help you cast a broader net for your search.

VOLUME 27 ISSUE 37 / SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 47 Get noticed in our Real Estate section contact REAL ESTATE FIND YOUR PLACE IN BEND & 541.771.4824 ) Otis Craig Broker, CRS Kelly Johnson Broker Bend Premier Real Estate 541-610-5144 “Love where you live!” Licensed in the State of Oregon TAKE ME HOME By Keeping Current Matters Care of RE/MAX Key Properties
Photos and listing info from Central Oregon Multiple Listing Service HOME PRICE ROUNDUP << LOW 61595 SE Quill Place, Bend 3 beds, 3 baths, 1,945 square feet; .08 acres lot Built in 2022 $615,000 Listed by Nancy Melrose RE/MAX Key Properties MID >> 127 NW Revere Ave., Bend 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,078 square feet; .06 acres lot Built in 2019 $799,000 Listed by Veronica Theriot & Ann Willis, RE/MAX Key Properties << HIGH 1185 NW Singleton Pl., Bend 4 beds, 3 baths, 2,639 square feet; .18 acres lot Built in 2023 $1,750,000 Listed by David Quiros, RE/MAX Key Properties